Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1849 Page 1
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Jf ???W?????gM*???? TH NO. 5385. IIIB LATEST PKim TIIH IS Til BPS. ARRIVAL OP TIIE STEAMSHIP CRESCENT CITY. EI6HTEEN DAYS LATER. , INTELLIGFMK FROM CtLlFORJM. , Hm Couditicn if Tlii :gs on t ie I? l mus. The Departure or Passengers for California* IBB IATBBI FROM ri in i a am />piti m a i aajpniA* " { &r. Ac Ac I Tne steemship Crescent C'ty, Captain Stoddard, j ar?ived r IF this port on Friday evening, and reached the city In a enow atorin early the tollowj ing morning. [ She 1?ft Chagres on the 17th, at half pist one 1 ?'cl< ck P. M , and reached fitvuna on the 221, at live A. M Alter taking on board her coals, she I i ailed lor New York on the t *enty.fourth, at tour | P. M. precisely. The steamship F?lcoa sailed the j me day, at halt past one o'clock P. M , for New ; Y. ik. The C. C. has experienced heavy weather and | constant head winds. On the t veniy-eighth, rari ried away jibbuom, head-ra Is, and damaged figure i head. There is no news of interest from Havana. The California fr-ver had commenced raging there, in I will, in all probability, for some time to come, until the young and enterprising portion of (he inhabitants and transient residents are disposed of. Among the passengers by this ship, is a Mr. Gilmun, direct from San Francisco, via the Isih-mus, who brings $1,500 worth of gold, specimens from ihe wet and dry " diggins;" he left San Francisco on the 10th of December. Our previous accounts from that place are to the 25ih of December. Mr. Gilman's news is, therefore, quite old. It will be recollected that Mr. Atherton left San Francisco on the 10th. The steamship California sail&d fro n Panama on the 2d ultimo. She carried nearly one million of dollars in specie. The b?irk Templeton left Chagres for New Yotk on the 14th of February, in nompany with a brigantine, name uuknown. The Templeton curried out the surveying party, and arrived at Cnagtfti on the 6th ult. The i>arty had proceeded up the river and encamped nvar Gorgon a. Our readers will hud some interesting shipping intelligence under the proper head. Annexed is a list of the arrivals at the port of Chagres, from 27th December, 1849, to February 16tb, 1849, a period of SI days : ? Dme. Ham*. Clin. Where from. Pantngtri. U49m S7, FVcor, Stonier, New fork 193 - 29, J. UuLton, B?M. " 0(1 1849 Jar. 2, Cr??cent City, Meamcr. " 180 " 9, Loader, H-?, New Orleans til " 12, Nanus, Scl'ooosr, " 30 44 13, Or OH, fcuanitr, NSW Tbtk 14 44 i?. Iet'-inns. " " SS 2", J*t nr ? >. Bri*. " S3 " ft, H. Baribtt, B rk, " M " J1'. Boerreitn, Bri*, Baltinor* 6J Tek. 8. Ill rice, Berk, >e?rOr?me 80 " fl, Ttimplctoa, New Ton ti'l 0, Pkwtoa, 8c,in#a?r, *' 7 " % Marion, Bri*. PhUvlnlp* ia .... 8 " 14, F-loon. Itonmer. New York 817 - 14. rnorettCll?. " " Si? * 14. Meretta, Bark, " 100 " 10,, tti|i " 00 Total r. 1.003 Tfce following it Oar lattimat Correspondence. Ciiaukks, Feb. 17, 1849. The steamer Crescent City arrived at this port oa the 1 4ih, after a short and delightful passage of ntne days, all on boa'd in good health and spirits. The Fa t ?n arrived on the same day, having sailed five da)S before us, only touching at Havana oa ber passage duwn. Immediately on our arrival, a committee of six, previously appointed at a meeting held by the passengers, were sent on shore lo procure canoes tor the conveyance ot the baggage belonging to our passengers to Gorgona. This was done lor the purpose of having union and to prevent competition among ourselves; also to prevent imposition being practiced upon us by the Bharks cn shore. And here let me advise all persons landing here, to act together, for in union there is ctrength. Appoint a commut e in whom you can repose confidence, abide by their decisions, and y<u will get along far better than when all parties or persons act for themselves. Our committee made au ag'eenirnt with a Mr. ltamos to convey the baggage belonging to the passenger*, 0*05 in numner.) to Gorgona. for the round sum oi ? dioiauce 43 miles Tuts was a veibal ugreeiui-nt, made in the presence of all ike committee and the first officer of the Crescent city. The next morning, a'ler our committee had left for Goignna, Ramos retueea to fulfil his rug element -declared to those left behind iba' he h id mide no such ag-eeme-nt wiili our c mnMt-e; but that if we could piudnee h written bantam to that etfeit, bearing ins signature, why he would abide by it. Tnm our passengers wrie thrown upon the tender mercies of this man. The manly and decided stand taken by Capta'n Smddard against thisKimos, no doubt saved all from being perfectly fleeced; as ii wa*, they had enouuh ol it. The writer ot ihis saw one partv pay $400 for a single cin?e to Gorgona. While defending his passengers against ihese impo-itions, Captain Stoddard wis afk?.d by Ramos why he took such an Interest in the mstteil His reply was that they were his countrymen and passengers, and sooner than me them thus imposed upon, he would arm hiscre-v and take the town. This threat had some effect in brin(jriiitr his canoe* down Imm hi outrigcoui to | *11 exorbitant u;ic? Tin* Knmo9 act* U9 ttlC agem t?.r the Hritirh steamer*, und, from till eeoniitp, HC<|Utt9 hi nitw it in *uch a manner as to give t ie minuet aniisiaclion t his employe!8, and lb# greatest dieeatietaction to the Arncncaoa. Tbe American* generally cn tc-ti*v to ihe dealft.gaof una ru*u, particularly (he 709 th it lan led from the Crescent City and Falcon, lie owns -t large, qnnnMy of land in unrt around Citigree, und the native*, ninny ol them, blindly ortey him. In brightc?ntratttothia llam<>e,etande ">enor Parchm, th" cornm indent ot ihe p Tt--a perfect gentlemen, and a ln?tid to our countrymen, utd oje who consider* his word a- good hh nis hood. He Iim always done everything in hia nwer to a-eiat the Americana in getting urotrthe l-ohmna, and even given them hn canoe* grataito i*'y, and on this j ctcnni' tt ttnvp nia own CaHOc* "t t!j? IjyvOit p tee, ] HBMwtr d our people oy totrrpreti-ig tor them, get- | ting cm noes from the nutivea, giving inform tuna, i Arc. H?w mi,-errant it ic Out our governm-nt ' should have aor.-.e h<>neai biain.aa p-Taoa at tins joust. to look alter the intercut ol itacitizens ! Hi should he one who rpe ika the lun/iig-, is ad ill- I routed, and one ? ho ia perfectly ao.ju nuk- J with ] tbe diepueitini of ihe people. Since the 27?h December, 17:KI Am ?ncan h ive landr d at Chagree, and pr-h ihly not over twenty oat tit thip number could ape?* the 3,nnuh Unfit age. Tho*e not speaking the Uniting-, are obliged to employ an interpreter, who m ?y or m iv not be in the inn-rent ol K imoa.or, il he pret'r<. h-* C?n bargnin with yotirii; Karon*, who *i?-ak* [vig|ieh. arm who mux ban arm* lather. Thia flam -a, alter ihe firat d?y ol oar arrival, clored hia doora efaiui-t ihe Amnion", and won i not admit the n into hm arore, and thia, too, alter ifeutuig ihciri in the shameful m he did. Tne government, or the line of steamers rnnung here, should apiem.t an avenr, a go-*-he*d man. who would provide <t*noe* im n-ifTici'-nt n.irooer to all JUfiVi i h?r , to u??f E_NE' |(|>I a Ul l/'Urrr, ol miMii)Ulil< prin t-, .tij.l -Van 'lis- i jmtch. ril?* ?frwM?t?r * (JrijH " |8 u<it 4 prop-r Vfiimfl . to run on the Chatires riv--r H*r drift of *vit-r IN too It Or) lire* H P'rlrntlv rt it-bo-to<TP*d bouts, with a hiftt?l?- wheel at the Ntrrn, H'tniltr to I those running on to*- Ohio -tad our southeri river* , diirini: the to v water wasou; ??r if pruiwlled hv . tide v? heels, they should be d ?oOfin"cteri, no thar one can ho worked inH pendent of th- othnr.? ' Own* to ihr tortuous cimriT ot t*-e r v t, this tr- i raiipemenr ot the whorls in v-rv neoe***ry Toe l Orun. however, ohd rin IS or 20 -rules mi ih<* river. At this point, yon creohlured to r*-?hip your body 1 Htid lupirape into a canoe, and thus proceed to (rory-na. I would advise obttinm; c-t to s at , Cn?ures at the start By so d uug one wdl stve mueli tronhlr. and it m v he e*p isor--. From Dr. Hivn. who |elt Panion on tb* night olthellih, we learn that the "C tlifor i?a" sailed troni Panama for S.n Francisco on the 2 I, with 376 passengers?IO Peruvians among the uu nb r whom she hrmght from ^alp-trna". H-r net proceeds. Irom this single trip. would only 1 n rit i<i $66 WO! Aechooier, bouththy OhrU Lilly aud party, sailed 011 ihe I hi with 26 ms-enger* Fa* ship Philsde'ph'asailed on the 12 '1 wuh 251 pitsengers The ship* hive g ev dilli :uliv in o valuing water cark* They were solium n P-id-t'n i lor 40 cpnts per gsllou by measurement Th-British bark John R-irson sailed <> i me 13m wi'h hit lf)0 passe ?!*? r b Tn?* hrig U -Rust was u >.au 1 wou d s ul in u T'-'W days. lull of passengers. F.iu*ma was healthy ; boird at the American Hotel, iwr siugl- d>y, $|; per week, $1,400; French Hotel $1 50 oer d iV T ie atVice to ell, ii to rent rooms, which ctn be oh la'iietl Irom 2'i cents to $1 |er w-rk, anil t ten to keep bachr I'ir'a hall. This mode prove* far l-*sa expensive and more agree-thle than living at a h tel. Heon. P. F. *?mith lived in this m iu i-r while hi Pan-itna. It waaentim ited ih it th-re wo ild oe jroni 100 to 200 Americana at Pin-una. and ihe route across the Is'hmus, alter the * tiling ol the uhi ve named v? a.-i le Add to thin, ler <U*wui City,5-;05; Fa'eon, 317 ; hark M trie la, 100; l> ig Million. 8; brig L idora, 00 ; and the number n >w waiting lor pissage to 8m Fmneii-co. 'mounts to neurit, if not quite. KKK) peraoia. vVith this I send a IibI ol pissengers and vmels arrived at rhagree since the 27th of December u,i tJ 17th Ftbruary. The great source of Wiffir?'i|ty to persmalanding atChugree, e tue inoidmate qiantuy ol bigvtg* they hrmg wnh thein, and the inconvenient form in which it le picked. S-me will have large Dotes, weighing from 300 to 800 Ihs , others two, th e-t. aid lour large truuks apiece, weighing troni 150 to 300 pounds; and some with hirrels, weighing lioin 200 to 400 pounds, h-s'des ctrpet bags, valises, tents, &:c. It is not uucommnn to s*ea sa -heed with a bundle ut tent poles, on which he will pay freight to California, just as if there were no mate rials for tent ikvIcb in that country, solittle thought and intelligence have many of those going Bcrm-B the Isthmus. Mow, a light mule load is 150 lbs.; 200 lbs is a large load, and lhO Ihs. is considered tie proper weight for a good mule ; and this, il possible, should be divided and pliced in canvass, or uomother material, so that one hall will rest on etch side ol ihe animal, something in ihe form ol a pair ol saddle-bags. With their baggage in this form, liersoes could cress the Isthmus with much m ire comfort and rapidity than the in ijonty do at present. Send your Height and heavy btggugehy the way of the Horn. A mule from G rgoia to Panama will cost from $7 to $12, so that ths C illloruia emigrant can count the taking his tent poles and freight by the way ol the Itihmis. There is no sickness at present on the route trorn Chagres to Panama, nor do 1 think there ia any danger in crossing here tor the next three mouth', and very little after that time, to those that will takecaie of themselves. If peraon* will expose themselves to the night air, and gorge ihemu-lves with fruit they are unaccusu>m-d to, tney must make up their minds to suffer ihe couse ' * l i .1 j _ qurucrs. i io.uv do less in-ill a nozen cocoa iiuib from aa many different persons in one hour after landing, the worst thtug a stranger here can eat. It, after eating of these, and a due quantity of halt ripe bauHnHH,aud exposure toihe night air, they are taken sick, they curse, the climate end country, never once thinking that they are in theleaet to blame. Then, to cap the c imax, btck cornea to the United States a long statement concerning "deaths by cholera," "deatns in the m >uutsinc," "heart-rending acnes." the number of i-harks that chased ttiem when landing at Chagres, iV c , &c , &. c I wish to call the attention of those going to California, and of those in particular who hare, nnd who inteud to purchase, preserved m-ats, to the tacr that all those shipped on the Crescent City were a total loss ; some were ?hrown overboard liefore teaching Chagres, aa the smell of trie in ct uld not be endured; the balance were left on the beach, at Chagres. Inclosed, L send you certificates to the amount of $311, is b-ickers of what I have s?id, should it be doubted. You will oba-rve that one |mriy certili- a that his cans,marked "mast beef," on being opened, were to tud to contain potatoes. Persons leave New York in the b-lief that th?y have plenty of provisioiis.ot the best kind,and belore they have accomplished one-ei.hth of their journey,they are obliged to depend upou theeonutry through whicn they ravel for subsistence, ut the vety highest price, and thts, too, after being swindled out of their provisions, freight money, ice., by those they leave behind them. \?i|| vou show dp these proceedings lor the benefit of those who may follow 1 From Mr. Oilman, who left San Francisco on the 10th at Drcemoer, sud Panama <-n the 13.h of this month, we learn t int the reports lr<un C dttorn-a Hie not exaggerated, and that, it anv thing, the whi le of the t uth lias uot yet b-en told. He re)M>its that the U. S. store ship L'Xtugtou s tiled , itom Sbii Francisco for Valp untso an-uit the 1st , ol December, and it was understood ihat she had onboard o\r r $300,000 wonhof Calif irnta gold. At Valparaiso, the larger portion of the gold would he shipped on board the Mritodt steamer to Panama, thence across the Dthmui to New York?the 1 I iilumr was to be eeut ar--iind the Horn. The ' K?glish steamers sail t om Valparaiso tor Panama , on ihe 1st ol every mouth. The l^xiugton lett Sau , Francisco on or abmit th?* 1st of l)-ceinh-r. and if , stie n-HCbed Vah>araiso by the 1-tol February, i (which she stsod no more than an even chance to i en) the gold would teach Panama hv the 23d or 1 21th ot this month, hmI if torwa'ded d reel, would 1 leave Chagres on ihe 2^th of saute month ft it did not leave Valparaiso until tile let of i'ch, then the Crescent City, sailing from N-w York on the 15ih r f ihe sume inomh, would he i t , just in time to receive unit bring it to New York. Mr. Oilman brines $1600 worth ot California gold, ' specimens from the wet ..nd dry diggings. Mr. Puredee, the commandant of the po-t of J Chacree, is ni t the agent ol the English steam-re, ( ss stated by one of your correspondents. Abrotiier , ot his who irstdes at Panama, acts^as the travelling j belli and specie agent of these st-amers , between Panamaaud Chagres. Personslanding at ? Chfigies. and who are obliged to remain there { over night, or wish anyifpng in the ration Imp*, are ndvised to patronize an oln negio by the name of ( I ion Lows? hii honest old fellow, who speaks , English, having livid in England, and who liven | in the only decent hou?e m the place. He will give 1 you a pta-n sohstaiitinl Yankee breakfast, dinner, jilifl lodging. ai h icasonuhle price, find if you are j J rick, lie miii hot ? !?? ?;v: jpu cure uqd -u i \ trillion, lu.d not rob you ?t V"ur last rent His house is known by rhe nime of the Crescent City ^ Hotel, the old tellow hnving run n,i a sign to that j ?tl? cf, Slid of which he H? ems to be quite proud j (]ne word in r'giid to the nrmn-r Crescent : City, and I bring this to u clone. Everything good I said ol thin ship is irue. The praises be-qowed 1 upon her are wf II merited: ahe is mi excellent seabout, slid u fine sailor. j Hei Commander. Capt. Stoddard is every inch , h Bsiior-k ind und attentive to the wvits and earn- i lorts ni those with linn, and u perfect gentleman. I would mlviee all who desire comrort and speed 1 to lukv passage in tue Cr< scent Cite. , ivl. E. R. , ci;ba and central America. ' (Jr.r dates fr* in Havana are l*'u days later than " i*? vieub Mies. Nothing of interest in them. Accounts to the l()'h February, from ."dm Silva- ^ dv>r and (TiiHtr mala, had been received at llavirni. The lollownig paragraph, which is somewhat inte- i resting, appears in the (Jarthi of Salvador, of the Mh Lb ctmber i?A charge d'afftires from Worth America arrived laie y 111 the city of Guatemala. It is a pry he has amv?d at tins particular morn# til, wh# n the count!y is ao distrected with civil di-tei Mnns aa t<> be almost in a atate of anarchy. It is to be regretted that his commission did not ?x'end to the oth? r States of Central America, as it would l.e much to the advantage of liolh countries, and San Salvador would be the first to eater into arraiigt ments on various points of mount interest. England has Axed her attention oa the Isthmus, und, in tin ss latter days, hid more iear'y Ulin W YO SUNDAY MORNINl t-vt-r shown, in her disputes with Nimwm, ti?r I Inns lor taking possession of the prineipil points, where that plan, so important to a I maritime nations, of joinii g the two oc-ans, is most feasible ; but the policy employed by ner amenta has been of each a nature th it, far from meeting i* ith favor among the citiiens of the country, it has created a feeling of doubt nnd jealousy toward their operations, which increases every day ; and whilst England can by orce alone obtain the advantage* requisite for carrying out her project*, the North American Union can, on the score of friendship and her good i ffices, obtain all the advantages required to carry out a p'un so replete with advantages to bot e continents. Such is the present fee ling among the governments of Honduras, Nicaragua and Salvador, which States are situated in the centre of the republic, and are the ones most immediately interested in these territorial questions. Oust* Rica has sent an agent to England, Nicaragua his sent another, and we are yet 10 know the result of these missions, and every American government ought to watch them cl >aely, as the cause is one in which they are all interested. The (iaieta nf Salvador likewise publisher the following ofiicial notice ' The steamships forming the hue between PdDtimi and Sin Francisco, on the Pacific, are to go free of tonnage dues ( is far as ihis government is coucerned) lor live years, provided that they lou'h at Bonn port in the Union, either that ol La Liberia*! or Acajutla, and thiynre to be received with all that attention which the flag they curry merits." In Nicaragua, as also in Coeta Rica, the utmost quiet pievailed. Interesting to California Kuilgranlt. Tlie toil owing; letter, Ir m ttie Witna/fton U*ton, will be touud tuteicBtiug to Calilurma emigrants :? N(ik Fost Smit >, February 13, 18?9 We htve just r-c-lma tbu oew* ot the app >ta mi at of sn eeort t>f Uiirij moo to aonnmpaoy the e aip ?o*s tn i-?llioidis front ibl* point It p itas us very ui lit to res the interest manifested for our welfare br Senstor Her and. sod tb? reciprocity wlti which It Iv received by IDs Sroretary of War I tiavu no aoubt last It will te the source of niuah lafurtnatluu *o tb- go rnnieiit. for we ebsli master hers aod st Van Buna -bout t-n thousand em grunts, and this will b< a sunt- I (limit force to proieot tbu escort and enable It t? go an) woere through the Indian country in suarob of lbs i best route. There are a largo number of mu ss earning In from Vlisrouti ?nd th- Cherokee s-iueuiuuts Pask tuulrs will cost $*0, and a good saddle inula $8J tVagnuv canont bs puicbaeeu on r*a?onab u terms A shlomiut at this time would be a profitable lavas'ment Miner 1. Waiisoe bt Ward, and vie banes, James, Scott- aud others, have large stocks of merobandisu on bant at Van lluren, wbere, I think, ibe northern emigiaot w II find the best onmotog grouods It would be useieS' 14 bring fLur Scott's aud other Missouri mills supply Van lluieu with large quantities The emigrant. If as ooines by water. (wb<cb is tbe best route from tne O io river, or New Orleans ) tbould b ing his baeio. It hs j want- a very nice artlo e- something like our Virginia hams Each emgraut will need I up pounds at least. I I'bey ougbt to bring all tbeir weapons witb them. Oar inert fashionable will be tbe rifle and Arkansas too.hpick. It emigrants are disposrd to pnrobose tbelr males In Ksntucky or Oulo their best plan will bi to Ian i at some point in Missouri, say St Louis; or, still better, Jeflerson eity. Tbey cue go tram Jeff-rsoa ilty to Van buren ta seven days, aud from St. Louis in ten d*ys, end by wagons In twenty days from St Louts, and nfteen iroin Jeflerson oily. Tne road I* a itoid western ridge road, aith some mourn tains of tn*onsid?r*ble a n to crossover. However, there is a packet - tbe Alert No 2-runnin* irom Cincinnati to Little Rook aud ; tbe pa-ket Industry, from Memphis to Little Koor, { wine ihe Oeila, James M. Day. and others are ptfiog between Little Roek, Van Bursa, ana Fort S nub. Kmigiente will pay $16 to Vau Uurun aod Fort S uith ttom Cincinnati, and about tbe nametiom vlainebis. Tbeie Is alse a mad Hue of steamers running three times a week from Napoleon, at tbe mouth of tun Arkansas, to Little Roek Pa-sage from the m >uth to Van Buien $13. Should th? trav-1 be vastly Increased, tbe boats will be increased al-o, and there wl 1 bs grea'or competition among ihnm, which will briog tbe faredoen toprooably $8 to Van J urea Fort Smith te oniy Ave miles from Van Buret, end I think tbe latter the best oeupiug greuni, b-o?uae tue society Is more pe<manently e-tablisb-d. Tber* am a | number of wealthy ottlseua, and it has a large loterior ; trade At Fort Smith we h?ve always more or less of dl-charged soldiers, who are uniiiliy dissipated and tbe people are a ni'xlure ol every La i n The peop e at Van Buien are mostly Northern moo, and veiy ludustiiou- and orde I wonld advise every one kaviog land wtrrants, wbo mi) be goiog to California, not to part wita tb*m. Ibey will ba worth six times tbelr value tn Callfora a, as soon as tbe laod laws are sxvndnd over that country; but even now we heve learned that they command $u('0 in gold dust. The gold diggers would laiber-xebaose tor tbem thaw risk tie carriage of the old; and ca?-a have a>rrady oca irred where toe laud ?nnt hu?i,m. h.nb C.i>l?I. a ... old. after baring been Uded to California to tff.-ot ibis MlkMp Iie.MJrH the Vao Buret) and Fort Smith companlea, tbsie ip a company of t.allf. rnia-migrants eijoipoing t ClaikfVilli , in tbti Sta'e, aud amo at Utile Hock all tn?pe eod^aiiirx Itbinklt in likely that reverai p?cl-roui- eompsntra will be miinar> d of bo a 1,0 lUi men each. It aill be the moateip-ditiou* and dtltpbtlu mode i f travel By the route proposed by tbe Lilt e Rock ei input y the time for performing ttie trip will not exceed tn.rty da<a Thin reuto ia from Lotto Ruck 'o i hapiLuu'n I radlog h earn, tour innea b're the noiih t ik ?f the > anadian river; from Uenoe to LuinttdM'a I railing h>u*e, oa Lit*le river; Item thence directly between the nor h and eoutb f ik-i ot tbe Cacao an river to Santa Ke, trom thence , on tbe route travelled by lieueral K-uro , to h< San ieiqii n and >?er?ni> nu>. tira'n and vater abound on tb>? ii-ti'a moat of ilie year. 1 ne> d not (peak of the ad r.oUges of the luul roata It ?lil linpnr vigor and rtreogtn to lb- lunbe ant put Qeeb on 'b- bank of every emigrant. D luipbuu's re ilartl le the beet proof of thin 1'b-re were lenn de?:ht t>> 0>eei,ee in tcibautu any other in .Mexico; whim, aith all thulr fatyu-? and privation.", they made a due pppearaijca at tbe p-riod of their dteoba'ge iVn<-u cur men reach < auternia, they ?ill be inucel to toil and exponure; and,If unfortunate iu readying their ,?ldee dreaur, tbey will be in a rim oh belter oondt'lon nt body iben tbe pent up chip cm grant to buffet the iterm by ata, or a return upon their o?n mu'.as oy laud California. tC migration. MOVKMItATS 1 ti NfcVV you*. The bark Courier, Cu?tuiu Gurdner, the second iceer 1 ol the Lfiepetch Liue .? (J.ilitoruu, l<-li the what! at one o'clock, on Stturdey, amide tti,het r? ot hundred* ot t tends and relation* ot the aneiigets The bteattier left her bcloiv Goverjof's Island, and ahe etiled bruutifnliy duiv i the inner with a fieeh t.orth wind. The |Meeeri^era arte in high glee, be nu well aatieticd with the noniptin 86 ot tbe Iliepatcb Line. Tne Courier u> loted a* a fast 8 tiler, and will, no dmb , tn ike i ahott pa see go. Tne following gentlemen went >at in hrr an iiasfcnaers: ? Cabin Favfangera?Dr. Simonaon. Dr If D. Apple- 1 oa. K. D. AppisiOD, A. ti Pr de. Lortn Orumuad Jaemieh Howaid, llcnry vnji?, K M Viuoeut, Mr i tvcbicghauien, Mr. Bo'mto, R A. P.rJe-, Ccarl . -ohie necond uab'n ? Wiliiam tV*t on,''h?rle* vly. | r?. J Kreig K. Seybert. H Nochtiogul. ? uSuia, i I N Coitnuy, I-. Wa^tiif Adr au Conic, J. Dtvu, ? K. Fi?barf r. C?. Br>?e,': Mag if, *i Led-ringer, rbomaa Wrtgh'on. vira "Wr gitou Mr*. fj?epuine lei main. Mine tformain, (J l.lpa. O. R*b u?on Ooariaa IV. Ityeu Levi Jonaa, A. 8. Cbare Pieroe Runantio. Hi. Bulia Mr Kurd. W. a Ford, Samuel M.toultl, lobn C. Clayton. D.ulei F VjVmi (J.-nrge W| Imui i ilia ttoutlivr*. E H Vate?, John II ?rra, Henry Unit ivte. Joeiph tlent tvre Wm Morton Franm* Walts. Wm. Cooiey, V. P. Hazard, P, t: Pin'in.m It ibart timry u rnompton Iliebard Sialmay, iinuH 8e?im?. <Jbart?* Kmltik. Lnnaar.I Ko>l<l*. Iu.?1hiii1 <; WllroD, Joraph King, r?t?r ktrritt, Milium II?iiin oiid, laajfx vjorriv John Kruabargor. Mm. B (imd'Di-r nib^trf.-Total, flfl wr Imi d tii*t the tinrk ku/efiu, which left here n January i?et for V*ra <Jruz, with a U tje numbir it prtSrunine, ou thrir way to (/tli'uruu, arrived >ui in a very aliuft pa-targe. Tue pitaeager* tr; i?t li lt Ver* tJrnz lor the interior about .Vh F. b iir-ry, Tnt Eugenia watt reudy to eail lar Near Vol a on (tie 12tl> Fbruary. Annexed ib a 1st of the plungers in the birk Veinou, Capl. McK.iy, wnicti Bailed on Tiursdiy lor ban Kitticiecoi? Mm John MoKay and ton; Mr lohn M B'.aikbirn r>t PoligbktapMa, Mr WiuUm Be?*y, ol I'n i (<ik*p-'a, V.f. ?>?n. e; Huhiaton; Mr Aacire* ,"t. C laron, of Vx v >ork; Bir Alrxatxier McKtin. Total. 7 The Peerleae, Capt Coucklio, for Point Ipubel, tuKi out the following pva*e tigers lor illgold itfiona, vi,i the iirazoe, \'c , under tbc gui dm ce ol Copt. Dirk:? l.lirha I, t.urUi-. UaiUtoa Hprlo<* X V ; II II Bn BlanaB. Modal*; Charlaa K. Van Antwerp. B ooKUn, NY.; O C. T. Stake*, Nf* Y<>r*; N. It. .t.any. Jobti ilbnpmaa. Pft?r Ujlibxr Jubo W. Ui u?f Hmji aaii ti Wi nn't??<J It L. ?uoa A' ia<io, AMltaia l\i >rn?r. Marbl-b??d Ma** ; It i**?l H?*tb. I.ltll* rati* N V.; A. J. \h>-p?riUon. BulNio N. V.; K. K. Hitter L. h. HtxiXp, eaaihrldg*, vt*aa.; t. T. Uro.k* I. B. t.hri'ty. Bu'toa; Wil.taw llohb*. H'??hau N. Niovii* i.karlMi?*n Mar*.; J*ui-? O-l-ty. W ,iw >ur *, Vt , W. I). Hem. K-fl N V ; l.?vi Par on* II" k>wtr oouui j, N. k'.j L*wla i). Uaa.xi*/ sal l**j. RK I-] 3, MARCH 4, 1849. Fpatn; Jrha V. Oooghlln, P. B. a"i?rv, fohn Anton S. II. Rovia, S'?* York ?Total. 31. Advices from C ii>'a>n spring, under d ite of D?e. Rib. confirm the report of the Rule of hi* shin, and Hild ihnt he wiis then a passenger in the Huntress, bound to Valparaiso, with about tw< hundred lhoio-uiu) dollars in gold dust on board. Ctptain Spring hoped to find ih~ fyxinaton at Va'piruUn, Bnd ship his funds by her, returning h?nnelf hv way oi Panama. His sua and yo ing D i*m aecoinpaiiied bun to Valpuraiai Ev?ry one bat tf>e>.r two and his first offi?er, Mr. Norton, hid Mi him The command of the Huntress had been given to Mr. Norton. ThMtrlul and Statical* Bowery Theatre.?Last evening Maasr*. Wlnrow tad rho?;w?n took a bsneflt hero, and had quite afa'r boat*. Tbe performanae* ooo?l?t?d of the Bow faroo of " An Apaval to the Public." wbloh Want off with muob fun. Gilbert ood Jordan exoltiag the laughter of the endive es m?*t ami fingiy. Mr. Hyer and Ms assooUtes appeared to great advantage la " rout en l Jerry." and bow tba' they are a llitle uinre f%"?tlUr with the an 11 eaoe they ir?t on floelv I n their huMnitino In th" > >xin< oean of tht* mn*t amusing extravagant* Mr Mvnr will takr bin benefit to morrow evening. when, la addl tlon to Messrs Tbo ooson and iVinrow. Vie l)>rJ**r nlll nlen appear The einib'tlon wi 111 doaSt b<?n? 'b'ries'iug to the lover* of piltftitMH The no* fare* of ' A a Appeal to the Publto" and --Oeo'vleve of will milr up tin- ?nt-rtHtam?n'<i Wo psro-lr* eeverel i r* pioi'p* sr* In rehearsal. aad have heard th st grmt things may be expected Of them Bhoiuwh Theatkk.? L??t night was witnMeedi it tbie splendid tbeetre. suih n triumph of comio .kill nnd r?r? genius, m It seldom felli to tbo tot of tb* crltio to pirtrey or the happiness (f the public to enjoy. We allude to the performance of the famous and difficult eh traitor of Jerse Rural, by Mr. Blako. It was a complete triumph ot Ic'eil-OIUMI power euuh a* New York lias not elcwcned ou tbe boaid*of ?uy theatre for m-tay ytre part Much a* we nev? heretofore admired Mr Bush, lor the Kenlue he Invariably displaye la every part which he undertakes, yet we oonie-e we were not pre pa>ed 'or such an extraordinary display of com o tel-ut aid pitfeoilen a* we witnreeed Iuc evenin<. Vtr. hiake de-erven henceforth to be r okooed among the etair, atid to be o<>a*id>-red one of tbe brightest that rblne upon our tbeatrloal h iriz m Any piece like thtt of last D'ght, which duly pu t In re jatettinn an I calls into plsi tslent of the btgbe?t order, camvt fall, we a-e o uv't se l, at any time, to draw oro*d*d houses. Tbe whole strength of a very t'rong and unrivalled company was drawn oat lest night, In tbe biauiful coned) ?t "Old Heade and Voting Hearts," while Jrsre Kutal, though be reigned supreme. wa? not the only bright -tar abloh denied tne eye of the b-holder eudt-book'bu ribs of the delighted la llei with hearty laughter. Mr Lester, as Littleton Lok?, was alinira ble ludeeii tbie gentlemaa Is a host of himself,for clare'e end e'egaut anting; and we have seldom seen l.lin 1o more advantage Iban as be appeared last night. Need we fcd-1 that with such performers, besides these two great ones. ae Uyott., Frodmtck*, Shaw and ithers, this hesutlful noinedy was u??re than successful?it was a perfect eplend d triumph thr ugh-iut We eeanat but or>miDend tbe judicious conduct and good taste n' the management of tbie magnificent and delightful theatre. In returning again t* classical and sterling ot meoy Such pleoes as that of last evenlug and p'ayt d. to It sise played, with each ex<iatslte talent combined by a1! the performers, mod wltn such a proDiluent ee'or as Blake apoearing in the chief character, rsncol fad at any time to produce houses overflowing sub a charmed and delighted audience National Thkathc?We witnessed tbe faree of "Slasher and Craebor" at this hr>u-e, aed eeldem have lnugted more heartily than we did on this occasion.? Tbe faroele. we believe, written by the author of" Bex and Cox," and Is Diore amusing still than oven that piece. ( hapuuiD and Dawes acted th* t vo oowards most eomloally. and Chapman's frantic exelamati-ias when driven lo desperation by tbe fear of the music stool wrrv most amusing. Their fight, an i bravadoing old Blowbard, too, was mo*'- faroieai. The andieaoe applauded tbe piece long and loud throughout the whole pertormeuew. " Moe? la California " an t the drama of "Ke-iua Meadows " eonolnded tbe evening's entertainuirnte To-morrow mgbt e very rich burlesque, written by no less an author than Shovel and Spsde. will he proouo d Itisenii'led ' Tom and Jemmy." and will, no donbt. create quite a sensation. Mose will continue hie travels during thi week. Buxton's Tiikathb. Chamiikrh Stxket?The continued run cf at'rentlons, nightly presented at this beautiful plane of entertainment, Is the snhjeot of re mark and adr-l.-atinn by all the play-going population of tbe city. No tconrr lr one novelty ln'.rodao?d,then It Is succeeded by another, equally. If not more, attreofive By 'h>s means the en erpri*tog manager. Mr. Burton, and bis able coadjutor Mr. Brougham have secured for tbie theatrs a reputation whioh has mads It tbe nsort of tbe lovrc of fun and comic noting. Last night tb* en<rrteiomenta commenced with the fitst cor of the original burletta ft Thi California Mires 'which afforded, ax It always has donn au inex beu-tihl-i routes of amusement. To this succeeded tbe new aomedy, In two sets of the - Fast Visa." Kit \ fftd?k?et Wall / iWP RynnnthonaV ?vUF. Ml? / ? a. bad little difficulty I setting the bo'JM in mere of )?>'gh'rr The character of the Ke*t elan wo* adajlrahlyruaHlned end gore a brief, though a little tooexegg? rated. Id*a of a character that ie to he found more in que oily on the other etde of the At antle than here. We ?re ti o cl e? y bound up with 'the people of Mainly f ahtfi" to liaia many ''b'hoye" of tbaj klad, playing their prank* among u? ; bnt there ie a floe motel to be drawn from the piene, and It abounds with n immenrefund of humor. The antertntnment.* of thee?eil"g concluded wl!b the n?w eom'oal original miie'cal extravaganza entitled ' The King ef the r?eeock?." wbiuh went of with great applauee. Oa Von day evening the heeeflt of the widow and nrobati* of the lite Ed Slrrpeon of the Park theatre, will take place when a meet attractive hill will be presented. American r teci i ? There congregate* erery night a large andietoe to wrtoeee the elogeat perf Ttnenoe* offered to the p' b'lo by the able rnanagere. Meaera Send*, Lent & Co Toe great acte of hora.iuan-hlp bf Meeere Waller Ay mar. Stout, liankiDa,aad otbor diatlagaiebed iev\rm. **i?>nlrd) all beholdere The nleyer and grateful gyronertlc* of Mr Send* and none are alware aoitreciated. and bring down great applauee The eenrliidlog | leer of the " Tony Itaee*. or Union Cowee in Miniature."!* very comical and the wit and play of the o<nwn* eonvulre the audience with laughter. The Broadway CIrour I* decidedly the moat genteel ever opened in thla elty. and the company which fre|>t?nt It are highly >a pe?tnb'e We advi?e all who wi?h to ree Vau'ifui b<T emauehip aad spend a plea*ant pvnnIoir. to *i?it the place of entertainment of Medtr*. Band* and Loot. Ch*istv'> Mi??t*ri.* ?The elegant manner In which the hall where there celebrated performer* give their concert* hue been fitted up of lata, ha' male a yl?it to tnem an affair of even more pl-atare than ever They keep on innr-a'ing their attrteulnna every week, until now their bill le completely Ailed with yo > I thing*. George l briery'* daoolog I* a* much admired a* ever, and the grace and elegance of hi* movement* have been the envy of many a young buck Their Voy*g* Mnrloale" ie likewbe a* popular a* ever. During the coming week they will alert tbnm'elve* to the utuixt. Nt vv Orl>?*i SrtciDtii' ?Tht* excellent hand of voaalM* a-o beginning to be duly apareritt?J by thnae who delight In pure melody aud thrilling htrnony. Who havlog once beard Uolllne I x the Inimitable ballade, " Kelly In onr Alley," -Thou art goae Imm mr gaze." " Molly Bawa," and varlnu* o her plaintive and heart-touching eoog* can reaiet the temotetloa of going again to the Society Llhr.rv? Mr Swetnelta *) m awret alngar; hi* eong < f Would 1 we e e l> >y again " le rendered with the rich, round tone* of an xcllrnt tenor voice Knea's. too I* a great addition ro mi* r>a a in raer au arc cievpr. w w.lisr a'm'HeUni or v.>eaM?t? The* p-vforra to-uino* evening t Rnt|rn> Id* Itnte The a4 lltlon of th? n?w Instrument the Meiophoni" which I* pnnuharty ?w?*t In tin*, river a flnUb to tbe eat r* p.-rforintaou of ih a bin-l of minstrel*, Yasrv.k Him will give ore of hi* hnnorone enterIbloueoU at ibe Htuy*??*ut I u? tit at* tn morri* ivvuiDR. Ho will give hi* tuoet rany Y ank-s ?tori*? end peculiarities. lie ) alwaj* wcleome to a Nee Yoik audit nee. M A mm km ? Tbla celebrated magician will commence bl* in lei tnlr merit* to morrow evmlof, at ih'.i Miner** Rotui* Broadway. He I* eon-Mered tie b-*t la hi* Iln* that ha* ever appeared la til* O'UiUy la the flr*t pert, h "til iniroJnie na'ural phllnip-iy. sleight of hand Morion*. in?eli*nio*, tr?n?f(lrfu?cloa* hi., wh'ob will b* followed b7 th* ie-lal hi p-i'loa of Ni?d*mnleell? Kll-a, which hat h-*?n ro favorab'y rpoKeo of in Tarla. Tb? great n -**lty of thfr performance will, no doubt, attraot many to the Minerva Room*. Roirirt op Skvkv Thousand notxar-s.?Yesterday, hi noon, n mufct during robuery was comrtiilft 'ilin front at th* Uaitnl Si a tea mint. Toe finn of Ludlow nnd Reebe, South Tuird street, had ocohbmiu to rend two huge of t old coin to the mint, in charge of a porter. Wiule the porter \v is depositing one of the batfe in the building, a m*n who evidently knew the content* ot th- bag*, eeiz'dthe remaining one, conttining $7,000, ami mnde off with it uf fall h.teed, concealing th-: plu.idr rund?r hie rlo-k Fortunately two carp'titer*, employed opposite the mint, observed him in the net, nnd immediately rained the cry of "atop thief." He bad only ruarhea Broad street when he drop,>ed the gold, Hiid continued hi* speed, hut before he rrached another square be was captured, anil banded ?vt r to the j>olice. SuSseipiently, lie wis brought before Mayor *wift, who com rutted him to answer the charge. Upon his person were lound a (told lever watch, a hunch of key*, six silver pearls, ?lien |Mu ket knives, pieca of candles, &c. The above T'lblwry in certaiuly one of the boldest petpetrnted in Philadelphia lor some tone. It i* ei|ual lo the Chester CountyB uik alliir?PitiUviil j>hm Injuvtr, J\b. *|. [ERA Folic? Intelligence. | *1rrtit e/e t. - \ nj'to oy the nani* of Win. Barry wa* lodged tu the city prtaoq y?.te'<lay on hit way to Albany for trial on a eharg* of burglary, h? baring been arretted la Ba?tou on tbo oharg?. aid delivered up to tba authorities ou a rejuUttioo fio-a tbe (lover nor. Pol'oe matter* hare been rather d ill within th* Imt few day*. The Coroner uope&'a to i>? tilting the lead a* murder ntn* to b* ou the lncrwate ranst fearfully. Chart* af Jlrt?? -On the 22nd uU? at th* watoh return* before Juetlo* Lothrop. offl i?r Rtlay brought Into eoiirtab'eck man by thu uim^of lo?ejh Wnii* u?, on a charge of having eat (lr to the dwelling noun* ntuated In Orange *tr?et opooelte h'rantlto *tr*?t r?i? bout# I* occupied hy Pete William*, the black prince of " Almacka." in which he keep* hi* b >?t of yellow billet girl* for th* dance and varlniy other pluiti^ pnr.n. One of tbe npper room* waa dlaoovt-red on lire at tare* o'clock yenterday morning which en a1 armed the yellow danmel*, that a general ruth wa* made for th* treet. without reaped to dr**<, and ?uoh a eoiuloal eight o??urr?d?aoaie ruou'og out way and ?om? the other, each paying but very little attention to p,auing the email qoautity of drapery orer their per* >n? wnlnh uuDgt ruuno iDPir vuuj uin wt%p outa c''ni'o(ii and tragical. and j?t withal. eery laughab * tog.e thn?e yellow gtrle scamperingoff with ?nlT oue thin garment on, and B portion of tb?t drawn up undtr oue inn. to make room for t rapid fl'ttht. The offl ?r sta'ed chat be busrd tb* alarm of fire o>u* from tbo room this black man wit In. Ho ran up e'alrs, and ibo in m-iot be forced open tbe door, the bud and tin aidn of the room buret out Into flames fills black man hero, waa tbe only one to the room wh?u be op -ned tbe d >->r Tbe bore wae fl*?d to the hydrant the drums a oaue, and tbe flames were eoon extinguished Vii;htk?h:.?Wnet bare you to eay to this charge, Williams' reieonaa - Judge, If you will pleve hoar ma, I will tell jou all about it; aa I tin g dug to b gin. 1 will to.I j out be truth; you moat know u>* I tell* the truth: my woman, I mean my woman 'oau<? I keen* bur; I pays her board She and I wa? in Cute Williams' daooe. and I wauted b*r to aome bo u? ?irly. aid the wouldn'c eome. and ebe and I bad a lew word** and I left, 'oauee I wanted to go to h-d ea-ly, ? I bad to go to work early the neat morning. I tbenwent into tbis lodging house and eaw I'.ueline (pointing to a yellow igtrl sciojtog near bi.n ) and laid I."I want a bed aione." 'cause I had oaly money enough to pay for a tingle bed" "Very well,'1 | said l.mellne, "you nan hire a bed." S > sht git n light, and ehoced mn u j etatre Into this room; rho th >n put tbe light dowo by the bed"I le. and eatd "foe I'll coma up again lu fifteen mtuuteeanl see you;" and when she left, ebo shut tb* doot uo l looked it on the , oatelda. I then went to b id, an > fdl a<le>'p. aod woke up again hy tbe emoke in the room. I het In my sleep, tumbled tbe bed olothes on to the caudle, and tbe b> d olothes and the paper on tbe wall weraon fire; as soon a* I eaw the Mr,. I tried to put It out by throwing a bowl of water on it, but finding I could not encored I ran to the door to get out and found it looked on the outside with a pail'etc; the emoko was then so tbiek It almost oh >ked me I ran to tbe window, pushed It up. and cried nut tire and help; he polloeman bioketu tbe dooraod I tbeu gotout, but as for settlog tbe place on fire I did'nt do it; thia young woman put the light by the bed and the elothea accidentally oaugbt fire. 1 earn* very neat being burnt np myself. ManitTRsTc- I do not sen from your (tory and the statement made by the witne-s that you diff-r much. It all amounis to the same thing, that you was looked up In tbe rooui, and that the bed olothes aoeldentaily took fire There don't appear to be any mitln for ?our setting fire to the bouse b*?au?e men who w Ifuly fire a bunding would never run the itak af burning themselves up at tbe same time Joseph, you are discharged, and bo more careful In lutnre tint you don't lodge In a room again where the laadlady locks you inTba nrgro thanked the judge, and laughing left the eourt, saying, " dat'a a fact " Movements of Individuals. The following formed a eonnlderaole portion of the reoent ariirals at the un lermeutioned hotels:? Aunnicsff-Wlnthrop Pickering New Haven; C. Cll son, Waehington; K Douglas, Philadelphia: I) Fileston, W. Lane, Boston; J A Tuele Washington, C. Peaselee, Wheeling; Too mas Kimball, B >.ton, Usurge Lampkina, Georgia, W II Thomp<on, Norfolk: VV A. Cornwall. Albany; W. I).>dge. vtaaaaehusotta, A Barnard. Boston Anion ? B K.Greene.Troy; r. BottomI* Uuaa.linu.II.. n. U..J ? a-- " - v' "??| W*. Ituu Iironuu, irujr; </?pb U Eldrldge. ship Hotel us; T. War.sna, I'hlla ielph a; C. O. Lortng BoctHQ; K. B. Ettoa. Baltimore; H C. II latir, u 8 N ; A k. Rum Gen. George Rust, Virglais; ur. Mcllvalne, Baltimore; J. Muoron. r'aris; 0 Stackpoole, T. Matohek, Boston; H E Baldwin. 8. Dowoaid, Ky.; George Parker. Ron O >ona A. Fi<n B is to a; I. farcell. Richmond; J.L Dix Geneva; J J Clapp Button; Cirv-L J. Fleming, Florida; i Idler. PutiadelphU; C Fills Rlnhr.?ond; J. 0 Peters, HaMaihj-utts; .V Roe swell. Connecticut; J. Keen*. South Carolina; J W Wortbtogion, lliiti' is. Howard-B Humphreys, Mtsslaflppt; It II Downing, Philadelphia; L S i-p"?er<l. W Waxward, W Short, Memphis; W I'resoo'.t, B >s- i ton; R Wheeler. Philadelphia; T. Johnson. North j Caroline; N. Browne, Alabama: D. Mid.iletou, Nds Jersey; J. A. Clarke, California; R Allen Philadelphia Ihtisu iluusr.?Hon. C B. Stewart, Albany; kloo. J. R. Coamltgs. Warren county; J. H. Simpson, Top. Eogs ; II Hunt, Troy; T Seymour, J K, United States Army; Mrs. P-ter Parker, Mrs. Dsae in, Boston; J Cumoitngs, Canada; S. O Applston, vlri. Fanny Kemble Butler. Boston; Wm D>cken*on, Vir?lota, J. F.dwurds, Kentucky; J Stevenson. Virginia; Ion J A. Collier. Albany; James Rogers, An SabU Folks; E T Johnston Mlddietoo; E. Crehao. Boston; 11 W 8l?t?r Providence; J F Emory. PorMaod; T. Washburn. Fell Hirer; J Ganlsoj, S P. Will'raoks, Joe Lea. Philadelphia; George Chaptn. Providence Mr. Tbemas C Reynolde, I tte Secretary of Ligation at Madr d, arrived at Cbarleet-u. 8 on the liotb ult In the steamer Isabel, troei Havana. The Shlelsls and Brecse Affaire W.rsinooro* February 18. 18(9. It le with inuob rslutaoee I feel compelled to obtrude on the notice ol 'he pu-illc a statement exp anatory of a private letter addressed by uio a lew days ago to the Hon SiJney Rreese, and publlebod by him. with comments lo the Iaitllig>tnrrr of this day. Pno facts are tbere: ?Mr Kress* has been for many months engaged Industriously Id disseminating the roost lojurl rus roports concerning me, the only ostensible mottva being that my friends had brought ms forward as his c >mretltor for election to tbs .Senate of the Uolted States, bed been, ever sine* my viait to this eity lat summer, cognisant of his efforts, uneoslog, uorsmlttlng, and reckless, to blast roy character and rob me of the only wealth to which I can lay claim?a reputation, tbsnk God. without a blot Immedta sly on ray arrival bete. I wrote bim the letter be has published accusing him of his bareness That let'er written und r the Influence of no ordinary emotisns. was oouohed la language which aodet other circumstances I would not base used ; and. upon reQ-otion-and by the advice of my fr'ends, I authorised two honorable Senators formally to withdraw It. Mr Breosn declined to jMd It up. and the use he has made of It shows by what moitveabe was actuated. That nnrtiiin nt mv l*?tts?p wh^h Via hit rllifApfd.1 Into a threat of uetaetiuaMon. I null briefly notice. The uinti bo u^ed to prevent my election were of each a nature that the competition b-tweun u* became a personal Mrugglc. ami. a? hi* trlump'i w >ul<] hare been an rndorrem* nt of bia ca'umoief. my character and poettion worn Involved in the ieeue I detormland. therefore. a* intimated in m? latter, to render aaeh a triumph unavailing by a thorough expoenre of bla el aracter and conduct, tbus turning into a moral pillory the pocition if Senator of the United S.ate* wbicb ha would bare ar?j uired by the vile-t uil?rcpre eutalion*. The iiiterpn-tati >11 he hae put Upon thl* threat?that le, that i bad atoned to aefttenlnate him ? ie to absurd that itwoill hi ei|>ially prepoeteron* on my part rcl mgiy to repudiate euen a moaning That any rano man can liellere I would hare a'?a-*inaied Mr Br??ao. I bare no apumhi-n-iou That Mr Breer# bimrtlfoTer drtamed of ancp a tniag, U total1/ lr.piislbia. For the oontroverey In which Mr Brvece would In- I voire tue on otbar iu ail a re, I bavo no rei-h I do not think mypclf wairanted ei-iept a* in toe cine of the j above abatement for fell defence In toraetlng my p"rfonal cnnncma on the uo'l :e o' tbe public. befol -r that theeouire.Mr Brr* ? hiepurni-d In relation to j my letter, dlrentitie* him to that e meideratir n which might Induce ine under oth-r clroim<ta*c?iS to , reply to hie remarkc J \?F.S glllF.LDd. Political Intelligence. ' Wlllictu U Coo* la an Independent candidate for Congrer* In the A'dnc ton dictriot of Virgiuia, aud R. K. Meade for tbo Dinwiddle dlitrtat, A eouimltien of the i.'onootleof Richmond. Tc,. hue been appomttd to extend to Mr I'vlk the hovpttaliUe* of that city on the blh Inmt. Brlen II Smliheon andll ilyS. I.1 Ungten are ho h annonnccd a* diieiooratlc candidate* for Uoverj.-r of Arkat act. In Delaware sottntr. N V,M ftm col and a whig Snpervlfore bav? been elMOted. In I, iWr-inc# c inuty. but one town, O/, leur.bu.-g, hat been board from, wuich hae elected a whig. A mee'iog wac held In Ric/imin J. ?n the 27th nit, by the whig*, at whicn rviointlta* were paetod to *upport the Hon John M Bo t?, as a oandldato for Congre?? from that diairiot. Robert M Hmltno whig, ha* been <-l*ate<l to the Virginia Legiflature from Botetourt suaiy. to -op iiy ibe vacancy ocoaalotied by the doa'-h of John IV* Th?mp*on. Jnfpph C Guild has been elected Mayor of Tnscalonra, Ala. The free roll State ownven'lon of Flbcd* Maud ?i Thur-day laat. made the f'ollowinc oaniloa'ioa? : - F.?r flovtrnor. K.dward Harrl* For Lieutenant ilivcrnnr, Jacob I) Babeook For Secretary of State Samuel R Jackson. For Attorney r??o?r?l Uha'le* Hart For Oeneral rrea*nr?r. Robert It Carr. For member* of Conare'C. F.a?teiu Dmtriot, John Bo/den Jr. VVcatern Dietrlet, LaurlMnn Hall The town ehrt'on* to I.ewlc county. N. V , ha* reexiled to the ohoiuw of a wotge, ft free ?otl. and I hunk er I n N:?ut> n enuotv. 17 whig*. an I 0 f<*ee *oll. la Cortland emntf, 7 whig" 4 tree aotl, I 'matter. and a tie In JtlT-rron county. 10 wmgi ant 8 Uemaorcti A II. Ilevey la the frva soil ? an lidata for .Vliyorof Sytaouee. Levi A.Ward le the whig candidate fir Mayor cf Itiirhestcr and Hiram Barton thiwbig Candida* for M?J?r tf B'Jff UC. ? i i .jmmmmtm LD. TWO CKNTS. Itiliyliin* IktciiiKt-nec, riLinna run titkcH - 4tta, -1 Monday in Lent; lltb, 8J Nonii?jr Id I.nnt; 18th 4h HuuiUy ia 36th. the idouii of V. >1 ?rj and V.h Buadoy ta Leet. A lot*or from \ep'?? <U??d feaaory 33d. itkUi that tie Dev. Dr. Weinwr'ght. ?>th Mr. K. B. vHatura. of tbia clt). rapeoUd to nt nut the neat day fur l*rd<aIrtfl. The Ro*. Miinare. Br wu end Peres latendedlil a f-? day* to nut K?m>. Mr. Browu'e health la laplovxl tbouph Dot restored. The Rlcht Her. Dr. McVolly. Roaaa CathaHo Bishop of (Jlogber. has aleo taeued a eiruutar to hta eterpy. sogaretioir erreDaewoie tor i?eualary eoetribilllous lor the Hope Dr M'Neliy beada the subooriptlon hat to ble dtoceaa oltb ?6<> To? Bishop of CoDDeotlout anooaneea that ba la raaoy to toot-tve the gao" ol elorsytifO <T3U doiire to go ? niissHiiinrlss to t elUar.ithud to reo-ura ftm peritbe* and from todiv.dusis pledges far tb > support ol those who m?y br n?ut On Sunday tha llih alt . at tbe ohorah of 3t Xhvl*r fct. Louts, tb?i Right R-v J Veaderelde, lata Provincial of tha Jommh iu tb* iVat was <i'<a nor e'-ed Bi-hop of Chicago, luluou. by toe vioit Rev Vrobbtshipof 8t Louia. assisted by tan R.ght R*v Bmbop Lota*, cf Dubuque Bishop vtula, of Nashville Tana., ; and B'rbnp da ol Calais of Viecnou**. la. ' | Twob'sbcps have lately bvvn eoaaaoratad In frannn for lbo rloaraia of S'Degmibi* sua tie two liiiattt. Tbe cimale is >o spevail) fatal to Kuroaaao* that tha two have basn sent la ord-r thit triat int-sioa should not b? 'cfc destitute uy the death -f a slug, a pralata. M Kobee. of ID* uiocsse ul Srs-burg kaouaofthaa considered, and la probably the youugesi bub-ip now 1 living Ha t* hut 2U yiarn old if psasattoa baring ! tern granted bi n on l #scorn of age Tha Vloar of West r*l/ua>oii'b hiving rained toal! low a grandfather to aot as *p >uaor fur bis Infant grandron, tha Ut-hnu of Ktetar has lutiaiataii that M tha lawa of the oh urn a do not warrant suou a rafuaal, the graodfafb'raiust bs a I uitted aa spnn-or ? of coarse uppoaing bun to ha a eoinrn juioaut, aa required by the canon Tha Rar. Atsxacdir Cruin n?ll. a otloral oWgysitn of Maw York, la usw eipp-J and gowae-i" in tha Ualraralty of Cambridge. Ha w-utout to fCngleud to gat fund* in aid of bla ubur b. an 1 souia o-nev>leaC p?r>oti or ptriuuf hare put hliu ma pr'wui p mil it to enable him to qualify himself better for tha w*rk of tha ministry Bishop Wlttlogbam la expected to hold an Ordination In Trinity > butcb, mi* ui raiug nvx',. au>l in tha craning, to adminl-ler in* rita of couttruiatiou, in the Church of the Kplpbeuy. Tha aileron to the K?lltr* has not yat bran entered on ; but on tha Keest of tie Auaualetim, wbiob baa been appoiuiid a? u day of ga cecal thanksgiving tor tha ep.edy aud suicasafui termination of iba war. and for whlcu iu? timo-ip bad drawn up n speolai form of ferric*, a co iwutlon was uiile throughout tba Uiooesn toea de a uii?loa to Ml* baathen By the latsst mf riuetiuu it app-ere loat 'neBishop waapiceant at a u**tmg o*tw*au the Ksfll.-Caiaia a< d Sir H. Smith, at King William's Town m tha 7th of Ootober. when tbc foil >?log ai?>ogu-< .< ijitdI: ? ' 'lb* UeiKUNija?Hera is tbe 0 shop frno Capetown, who rode ninety mlia* y*?urd?y on purpose to be at this meeting Ha ban b*an aaot out by tke good people ol Kugiend to teeoh you tne railgion of tbc Queen of England. Thin is the man tb*'. tee-towa mc tbc way of eaiTatien,aud Atn oona to use wist be can do for you in teaching'you tha way to ba Caristtans. This Is tte great cn *f of t*aob?rs. yat aciti regards tbo smallest cbild. au l the meanest in ta, wao la aCbrlt'lan wUb tba same irgaril as iba I ultoao In| kulu,' (Greet Chief ) Ha wleliai to establish so tost8 , ' for the eduoatlou of jour ohi d an Can none of yoa I assist bim in any w?> 1 Caa uona gira a ar a little corn 7 Sball your daugners go naked, j and lie down to Idleness lu the b'i'D** ilgsoairaa? il be (iovaroor here edcrceed biui-?lf to fan I'* J lave jeu nothing to aayT V o bare been in England, arm the great wotid tbers. aud you saw that uo man thire rata the bread ol idleness; au t yat, 10 it. you daledlojoln wlib tba Kaffir- inaiiist tan power of tae Queen. Hare you enylbiug to say to toa Lor I Bishop, lor the furtherance of ?duea-iun among jour oeuntrymen ! Jaw Tzarzoc?The Bishop is ? great and w!?e man, and the great obial has alr-a ly raoiaria I cn it I a n a fool Haw, tbi'lelora can I gi ?a any tiro- upon tais subject? But wu ortnoiy r>q nr? tsaibmg to r-moea cur ignorance Tbe L<rd B.auop wui best knew now to eooomplieb this. Oovkk.nok? t'be I.ord B (bop wishes to spep't a few words Lonu Biinor.?Chlef'slns, I era g'ad to meet yon nil htie tbls day. As ibu grsat an ei o?s toidyOJ, I role jeeferUay all tne way f on if ah tin s I'owu. that I might be proei ut at mis m**tiug. of wn on I oa y beard tba da) brloie I urn b**u toll tba Bishop of tbe bngdsb CDurun in 'bis ptr. of ui World -of ihatcbuicbio wbion our Q i?eu belonx'i end I wish now lo as-ure you of tb* latmnst. in* d <*p lutarrst, whtcb I f?*a in you sod your oiud'tioo. aus to tell you of my *arnrst d*eir* t do y->u avy g >"1 m my power. 1 be great os *f nas ca fc-d t>? y >u ebfJt (he tducsilon ef your cf I Iran I it n ra?<Ir to asust yon in ibis good work tor I fu*l that by *djo?tioa yonr own pesos tnd 1 applli-s* will b- grsaf.iy proin >*?d 1 em el.o most snzious 10 send a ooug-t you iu cist'ra of Uod who may teach you tb* sr,y of i.fa au I bring you to 1 be know i. tig* of lb* tru* <l.ii and fosus Christ, whom he bath s-nt. B* a- ur-d tba'- tb- ? s". w.r to piomoto your owu bepptn*** in ' ois wo id and in that which is to com*. Is ny b'cmi.iog'-hri-tians --by racsivlnjt as your I.ord and ffod'hit bl?ss*d Siwionr in whom we. who ure now Chn tmue p'a ? all our trust and all our hope. Aud now I srtil not k*np yon any longer; but I t*p*it I sbeil beg ai todo yoa aaygond, end I Ik.j." you will tell m- bow I n in do It Philadkophia, Ffb. 27, ISO. Tht Fjifavtttt ? f/ieir Ikmir'.wt fir H.unt ? The IVeulher, Mukeit, tfC. The Lsiuytite Guards leave the city this afternoon, highly delighted with the hospitable muiner iu which they have been entertained by the military of our city, and the French and 'erm in nsidinte. They attended the ball at the M iseara building, and with the other gay uniform* present, contributed to tender the scene a very brilliant one. The dance was continued to a very early hour in the morning, when the Gua>ds retired. This morning tiny have been uliown the lions of the city. At 1 o'clock they vimtrd Independence Hall, and were welcomed by Mayor liwift M L*Glter, ; the President ol the Fietieh Benevolent .-'octety, of New Yoik, made a Ita.pv response While I ant writing, they are partaking ot' a sum ouous entertainment iu the armory, at atx'h and Prune street', provided lor them by the com 11 ttee ot' French Htid German residents. Tne interchange ot sen! timeuts. and the draining of goblets of wine, is i now proceeding meirtly, hut .vill soon hive to ba \ brought to a close, as the hour ol departure is drawing very Utah. Tney nre to b- ci-cottid to the upper patt ot ihe city hy ihecommittee, in cttixenrs' dries, where they wi I he put in ?>mrnb tses to proceed to the Kensioston depot Tne oulv driwback to the pleasure of their visit, has been the wreteh?d weather that lias prevailed, and tue regret is general that they cannot delay their dep irture. There is but trifling business done to d ty, tho ' wet weather repressing the disiiositi 'n t?tru istct j busineps. About 800 bales cotton cii ingul hands ' at 7 to 8i for Upland* and Orleans. The advance j is about jc 'font the rates cu reot before the He amer arrived. Fiuur is steady at $"> fur com141on, uiid for g?"d Trie U'tec tstu limited j demand, liye flour, $3 12^; aud meat, $2 I Wheat is '|uift. The demand ??r o??ru is fur. I 5,0<i0 bushrls yellow sold at 57^c p;r weight. Groc nee? The Thtes ate firmer, ns the stock is elmori exhuuned. with the exception of in .Usees Provision* are quiet; the sales amount to 101 000 lbs. short middles ai 6 ; 7 has been ollered for Urn' middles, umJ refused Clover seed is plenty, and the market dull, quotrd at $3 to $15 75. Lead ? COO pig sold, at $4 75 # i'mm, March 2, 1349. The IVtnlhtr- Huetntt*, 4*c. March is already playing ilie lion, though his c\Ur(c yeatetduy waa very lamb-like. A snowBtnrm from the north-east hi* been playing hob with the calculation* of those that fancied that spring has actually made hi* //chut. Pohn tfcho'lield, employi d us watchman in a mill on the Wiaeahicaoii, was found dead this i morning. lie has a large family living in England, and had just made arrangements tor their |K!*sitfie to this country Oumorwaidiug houresanticipnte an early op>ntng of the canals, and, in cnaecpience, will c >minenoe on Monday receiving goods destined lor tne W-st. Tne infiui of merchants tr >rn the Su <th a id West h is commenced earlier this year than usual; probably having been induced by the inauguration at Washington to start, ao as to accomplish both objee'B From a record kept by Messrs. McAllister Jc Co., it appears that the average of the wi iter just psbt is the same as fur the 1 tst inri l?c wiulcrs. Immense Areival or Specie.?The British mail s'laniet Dee arrived at M.ihile I'oi it from Vera Crur. on the 21st ult. She brought 42 p useng-rs for New OrlcuuH and 10 ior Mobile, and $ t.000,000 in r(?ecie, part of which is for M-oile She was to leave on the following day for Havana. A resolution ha* hern ado?t?.\ bjr iha L*claiatars *4 loalana.'DMnieiliiR th-jadlcar j o >?aniitlsa to sajalre tu?o lbs eipedtsaoy of so Altering !> I?*? to render tba marrlaps asrsnant r id at th? option of IM psitiss. A horrible stataof ?o-?i*. traiy. aval liit<lllK?iir?i V, ft, etcnjjjrr Auajbuny was at i*?gon. Iff last, I

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