Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1849 Page 3
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Hava r, rnvrd lately at Baltimore. By a lettei fpciii Cept Gr?y to Installer, ?> learn that they had had the cholera ?>u himd, a id that they had lo?i Six passenge rs, but it hud entirely disappeared at file time she was epek'ii The following are 'the I)utilee of ihoer who do d:? Cspt C L Kslsbt rsmiaij oaifa; RDbsrl Connor. lUwird; L Oresm-r. ?e*o?jd ciMd; vt I) Cox. flr-t osbln; t A Higiiiiis eecusd cabin. C. D (iiifflu, ssoond bin. The steamship Fanny leaves'his morning at 8 o'clock, tor Corpu- Cnri-'i. i.iKing down, amongst others, Mr. Cha lea H Bears, and ihirty-th ee other young gentlemen. deet ued for the gold regions of Caliioima. i ?n'eachiug Corpus Christi, they will be joined by thirty-five others, already there We burn that this c>mpaay is composed of able-bodied and expeneuc d men?Home of them having already " wti 'he eleptMnt" in Mexico The route designed to be pursued by this band of adventurers,isTruiu Cm; is Unrisu to San Diego, (or the Rio Granfe, ju-t abuve El P.tso,) tad thence, by land, to Smu Finucieco. This is deemed the more practicable route ihm by the way of Monterey, ?altiiln. Parra* and Durango to Mazatlan, which was a' fiist thought of. We learn from Mr. Bears, that the rou r now to be pursued is as fully ascertained as that to iVl zatlan, while it materially lessen* the line of travel. Our best wishes go with the " Kinney Ringers." inasmuch as it is .not altogether convenient, piat now, for us to accompany them inpeiecn?N. O. Picayune, February 17. The (ollowing is a list of the passengers in the steamship Globe, which cleared at New Orleans, on the 17th in?t., lor Oaliforma, via Brazes danlago:? Masm Brent. Pearos. Oil). H Smith, Hawkin*. Pasture, Pleroe, Lawienoa, Harding. Johnsoa Biota, Fisher, Heath, Ha-ues. Verritt. Jarles. MeQilvaey, Hall. Dr Soott. Kvana White Ur others Oargn, Stewart, Swan, Marlins. Bevvrs. Brown. Drlyga Clapp, Van Harlnger D?Dal<lson. lough Bebcook Chew (Jtlmore, Hopkins, Soule. Kddlu*-. John F Storer. West, Dr. Baldwins. J. P Gat*s, Martin, Adams. Paulding, Shell, Thompson. Swain. Kendall. - Total. 60 The following in a list of the passengers in the Srig Jennette, tor California, v a Vera Cruz, which eared at New Orkai s on the 17th inst :? John O'Connell David Gibrt, Jamie Lane. John ri. ferry John Clark, John A Winemtller. O. V. .Hetty, Daton Hamer K C. Kelly, Wm Harrison, G. Reynal, W W Aod<rinn, Charles K Klein, Alonio Green, H U Redfleld lienrv Kagare. Jno Foster, Kdw. "Weithe. J M Jenkins. Joseph Dohb. Miohasl Sullivan, James Wilson. John Ueoo. Wilson J. Lvons. 8 P. Paris. Arthur Gadolpho. F?leh ranean. H Y. Drerser, John Elliot. Rsinbart C. H-afield.?Total, 81. A company of Cultforinaus, 40 in number, are forming at Little Fort. CANADA. The Torcnto Colimint ol the 20th ult., says:? A party of young men left on Monday last, for California, and others are preparing for thejourney. A.vessel of 150 tons burden has been purchased at Quebec, by a party ol young men, and will leave as soon aB navigation opens. Akbival of Specie?The Dee.?We learn that British the steamer Dee. which arrived here on Wednesday,at 3 o'clock P.M., left Vera Cruz onthe 15th met, and escouutr red quite bust-rous winds. The amount of specie which she has on board is about $3,000,000, nearly $200,000 of which is tor litis city. She has ulro oh board several hundred package* of c cluneal Her freight and passenger list is altogether the most valuable, we are intoimed, that has yet been brought from Vera -Cruz on this line The steamer Forth, which was recently wrecked at the Alacraues and abandoned, has been completely stripped by the wreckers. Her hull was lying hign and dry where she struck. The Dee brought her mails There was no news of importance at Vera Craz. Paredee had been ' bought off" by the government, it is said, and was residing in some remote narf nf thsa irifasrinr At Tampico every thing was quiet. Alter the above was in type, we received the following, which gives a inure particular and somewhat different statement: The Royal Mail steamihlp Dae, from Vera Cms to Mebile, Havana and EogUnd. Left Tampico on the 14ih lost, Vera Cms on the lOtb, at 6 FM . to a strong nortber, and hare experienced a strong g?l? to M bile. The Dee ha* the following oo freight? Speole for Mobile and New Orleans $104,100 ' Havana 130 000 ? Kngiand 2 230,000 For England also 740 bales oochinaal. Passenger* for Mobliv and New Orleans 12 u Havana. 10 " England 20 The Dee ha* ero?"*d the bar of Moblla three times, and the least water carried over with the late strong fcortbere was 21 Upon the previous occasions of ller croesing she carried four fa'honm WLLIAM ALLAN. Commander of the Dee. The Dee left for Havana yesterday, at noon.? Atobtie herald, Fch 23. Naval Intelligence. The bark American, wmoh arrived at this port this morning, rtprrte at 8 A VI y??t-rd?j, Caps Cod N VV. 40 miles, saw the frigate Savannah from this port for the Paclflo. We understand that Commodore Tartar will be relieved on the 5th proslm*. try -laptaia Tatoail, in the oammand of tba Navy Yarl en tbia station, having been erdeted to the command of the home equadron. Tba flag sblp frtga'e Rarltan is no# ready for set at Norfolk. Commodore Wiiklusso was ordered to command the home squadron, but owing to the state of bie health be was relieved from that doty.- Rotten ?wr. Journal, March 3. Lieutenant E. O. Tilten, wba was ordered home by Commodore Storer. has sailed for Rio Janeiro, to resume the oommaod *f the U S brig Perry. Camada.?Triumph up the Ministrt ?The ministry (liberal*-) h?vr carried the motion, in the Canada Legislature, to go into committee on an indrmnny to be paid lor rebellion losses, by a vote of 56 to 20. The debate ou the question lasted from three in the afternoon to eleven o'clock the next morning?twenty hours. The Mmtrtal Gazette announces, in c nn-ction with this result, the arrival ot the " rebel Wm Lyon Mackenzie" in Montreal, and informs the Governor and his advisers that he mav be found at the Exchange 'Hotel in that city ?Button Traveller, March 1. News far Europe. The steamship Europe, Captain Lott, leaves this I -port en Wednesday nest, for Halifax and LlverpooL The Weekly Herald, printed In Frenoh and English, srifl be published at nine o'oloek that morning. It will be ready in wrappers tor the malls. Tl?e I.att-at for California. Tba steamship Falaon, Captain Thompson, will leave IfllW |/VH, VU 1UM1PU*/ I ?"l I on o UO Will MHV oat tbo mails for California, The Weekly Herald will bo ready on that day, in time for bar mails. Those haying friends in California will find the Herald an xcelltnt remlttanoa to that K1 Dorado. A Nnmmoth I.mfy, of Over 500 Pnandl 3r?ight,n Uj be cih.b ud a. h M *un tu d sy. .ihriaagestar eailodiy Ih n it* i?uowi,?n D?uul tamhert, a d will, doubt.est, attract great er<>? if?? rri She h lot her levoes during tlw en 'r-d?> sin esei h *, end ihe D'Oiure Koniueut.r tainmentr, which comprise sp-und peifn man. a* by trie l.ea Janily- fwsmlei i. 4 rqui lhriftr-e. < i there, tike p ace at 3 nadhalf paet7o'c:ick s aadriru net'. High)> Iiiterratlii|(i?Tiiei aiiwacrtber woald tetpictiullj 1 Tile tie at.mite a <>i i.te uu tomer- and other* te A roust beaut li l o <f d|?r? til awn. .. ? reoeletug ? The. vrr made 'y una ?f 'h? h**- Oatioive ib Eutafi, - it h all tteeat improvements. an ar* anpe ior < any *?er impirted to it.ia country. M ' l<a. Opiirtan 4: J Broadway Or?>* Hlssst* of every deieriu'iou hired out on reuenabl* tcame Moroemntihlilp ?An Hxcellent Opportunity rfS*1* lot those go ? ho err u i well skilled in tr.emmly art of borion anil.ip tomske th-iese HI ? >. and trt'isfm i .|u?? jiai ar DIsBnott ni \n, z i r. uroi aveiiu* will cootit ue his ateDltln* olaw ere;y rveii u til ite's'.ni May. Tsrroa for a coana ol II lessons, oi ;y f-9. Ls.JI*- Is-s dilly ssuoiel Hold Peimiti.rt XX etcho.?I'lte celebrated Aiaiaoud I ointed Rim ellt u i.ol.i ten* reKn.wlediird t? iw tne beat In lie Wi.rel. P g. tt i r -Uh a ipl-md d avuh of U .1.1 and 9Uvsr Wats'*', tor me en l.. |.. ,-d rem I fir e.i-h. hy J y. Sari ge, Jr., 18 Walla re t. w atehea and Gold Fen* re paired. Broodtt iiy Motel, I nf lirnnitivny and iPark i last, I.pp *!?? the City Ha l Hark end fountain. I. llHalb i, i I rM. K. i'.o,.r etnr. California itlfle, Pistol uml Kowvllng-pleea ecnihned in U1 e arui Can n* loot d in limes in ttir.*i mlant * Ad'P'td to over trd ?Xieiillnii*. Iti t en y avVsn p u ida la weight. V arrau id te ill. oi Zth v?rds Htguly v?|uml Vy U.S. jtrmi andir.vy. Firaelene 't>* ph St dart 74 da den lane. 93T thiupen ee guing tn Calif, r ti wll consult their interest by o llliigen the stiosoribcrS h?f r ms'lnd tiieir pm'i ii-i, II a DAItr.,-4 Maiden line (OMKiftClAk A K K A f R S. noKmv makkbt. hnt.ray, Mart It 4?0 P, SI, The atrek narVe*. during th- put week has beta very much unrettleiJ. and in rather a fewer.*h oooil tioa. Sp<* have been anxiously waiting the movements of Cotigre**. lu hopes that measures woald lie ad plod to release th- public deposits and remove tha d?prerrlor. tbe asoumu'att >n of epoeie in tha subftreasvry produced in tbe atoek market. Tbe tran*ao4.i<ns in stocke have been large but prices, with one or two exceptions have been wl.bout any material alter* <ntton Tbe amannt of specie on deposit In the bands of the neeletant treasurer of fhle port last night was fi.4AO,tOO This will he ptrtiwlly withdrawn during lbs present week by drafts, already issued , but tha wonrsa tbe now bead of tbe Treasury department will pntsoo, lo a matter ol so much doubt and unoertaloty ' that it ia Impossible to form any opinio* relative to tbo fntura Tha future, however, look* eaeonragiag Tbe hope* of those in favor of an expansion in our financial and commercial affair*, ara high, and th* anticipation* formed ara. at all event*, calculated to give an impetua to the movement* of oommeroe gene! railj. Tha Treasury department ha* fallen into the ''and* of a Pennsylvania*, au Indlrldual thou flato* elal talent* and wbote view* relative to the policy heretofore adcp'ed by the two political partia*, ara littl* knew*, and vntil be, or the President, give* pnblloity to the plan* in contemplation, we sh?U all be ia a fog. Tbi* doubt will by no mean* be injurious to any important interest of the oountry ; bat it may favor tha bear stook speculator* in Wall street a little, and keep the boll* in an unesmfortable suspense. Tha arrangement* reported a* baying been made by Mr Walker, to anticipate the payment of the Meiloan ndemnlty, may be repudiated by Mr. Meredith, and tha pay mrot of the indemnity put off nnttl it falls dan. This, however, will make very little difference, esoept ?o far a* it ecneern* tbose interested In the payment of this Indemnity, e? tbe outstanding instalments dnecnthe last loan amo*nt to about the same sum. and it would ba merely the receipt and disbursement of so muoh money. A la-?iepart of tbisindemuity is dueto oar oitisana. and but little of the amount due the Mexican government would go oat of the conntry; and as the balance dua on the laet loan would be drawn principally from oapt tal'sts in tbis city. It would, by tha paymant of tha Indemnity, be returned to the same channels, and the movement have so little effect upon the market as to be hardly notieed. So much for th'? lod-mnlts, whiob ba* been considered of so mnoh Importance by the bull stock speculators of Wall rtreat. Tbe adjournment of Congress i* of itself, an event calculated to have a favorable lnfiueuoe upon tbe money market. So long as Congress is In session, everything connected with oar financial and commercial 'ystem* 1* unsettled. Tbe proposals from time to tima made (or ehangee, the reports of committees relative to the tarifl. tbo publio flnaneea, and a dozen different things, keep the publio mlad in a feeerleh eondition, and it ie a great relief when an adjournment baa sentall the members home, where, if they cannot do their constituents any good, they caunot do them muoh harm. We rhzll sow have nine months breathing time, and that will be sufficient to strengthen the prosperity which baa recently developed itself, and enable all interests to bear any alteration in the poliey of tha government affecting them. We have too muoh legislation in this country, or rather too muoh of a certain oharaeter. We find fault with members of Congress for 'uch an inexousabie waste of time; but It Is, after all, better that they should do nothing than to be continually making new laws regulating financial acd commercial matters, or making alterations in those already in operation Tbey send these laws Into the world half made up. in such an imperfect state that they require c ntinual tinkering, and even with that are never perfect The refusal of the Senate to eoncur with the House in the passage ot the bill establishing a breach mint in this elty, is only another illustration of the narrow minds and sectional prejudices of many of the Southern Senators. This is the third or fourth time this bill has been defe; ted in the Senate, and we have nearly abandoned all hope of sueh an important measure ever becoming a law. The bill authorizing the coinage ef gold dollars and double eagles, p ssed both houses. The gold dollars should be made thin and as large as osslble, to prevent those mistakes which will f.equsnt|y happen if they are made of the tbioknsss and size of five cent silver pieces. The two dollar and a half pold coin is so near ten oent sliver pieces, that they are often passed as such, and in the dark are not readily dlstlrguished. except by weight The ooinage and circulation rf gold dollars will do away, in a measure, with the issue of small bills by our banks, and relieve the market from a vast deal of this paper traal, which so often infliots heavy lossea npen tbe poorer classes. It wonld be a good move for the legislatures of eaoh State to prohibit the issue of bank hills below the denomination of five dollars, as It wonld muoh improve tbe currenoy. and oontraot the circulation of paper money very materially. Whether the legislatures of the States adopt such a measure or not, the people will regulate the matter pretty effeotnally i oa >DD??a siaiement exni Dice tne quotations la thin nirkrt for tba principle speculative stocks, for each day of the paat week, and at the oloae of the week previous:? QuouTieaa ron rat Paiivcir&L Iroou in tii Niw Yoaa Mitnr. Hat. W<m Tues Wed 274s. IH But. Iteasnrv Noteeir* 11 % llrag 11% it?x imx 1U?X 111 New York Stat* 6a, 60. llW ? ? - - ? 11(1 itiwi-'i >if'H ? ? los* wsx loix ? Kentucky O'a 1(11 X 10'X MIX ? ? ? ? 'enueylTaula S'a 80X 80X ? 8?X ??X I Unoia 4?X - - - 46 - 46* Indiana State Fa.... 44 64 ? ? ? ? ? Ketdirg Kh Bonds.. 474; 48 49 61 60 ? 60 Readme *'taaee Den da 67X ? ? 62 61 60 63 Reeding Railroad 2o 28 IPX 31* 31 31X 31V forwiohh Worcester.. .17X ? S^i 39 ? 37X 38 Erie Railroad, old... . 68 ? 69 ? ? ? ? *n? Railroad, new.... ? X 62X ?2X "X 82 61X 61X Uariem Railroad 62 61 62 61V 6 k 61 64* Dona Inland 26 36 27 X *'X *>H 26V 27 M< haw k 82 ? 86 - - ? 82X New Haven 32X 93 91 91X 93 ? 93 Rtonlryton 6<X S4 64X *1 StV 61 ? rannera'Loan 37 ?X 3' 37 .*>X 3"X 37X Canton Company 41X 41*4 42X 42V 42 43 42X WnrHs Canal 9X ?X 9* 19 ? 19 Urited Stdte* R?nlt... ? ? 3X ? ? ? ? North American Trnet 8 ? ? ? ? 8X ? A comparison of prloea currant yesterday with thoaa rnlirgattha close of tba previous waek. exhibits an ad ran ce In Treaaary Notea of X per oent; Reading Bonds, ?X ; Reading Mortgage Bonda, 4X : Raiding Railroad, 4X ; Norwich aod Worcester, X; Harlem, X ; I-ong Island, 1 ; Mohawk, X ; New Haven, \; Fawners' Loan, X; Canton Company, 1; Morria Canal, X, and a deoline In Pennsylvania 6'a of X; Ftle Railroad. I Tba amount of money on depoatt in tba different depositories of the government, to the credit of the Treasurer oa the 28th of February, subject to draft, was <6 668,267 81. of which % 1.693 790 was in the hands of tba Assistant Treasurer of this port. Sl.480,174 20 In New Orleans, and #893 113 26 in Boston. The valne of merchandise Imported into this district, during tha month of February, in each of tha four years laet paat. and the amount of apeoia received, are a* follows:? Commbcb or tub Port or Naw York - or Imforts. 1HK. 1*47. IH4X. IRI6. Fm rocd* $1*4.160 2RR,1<8 14'.R? 265.1'7 Dutiable *oedr 4.177 652 6.8HS 1-7 6368.396 8.247,781 Tital mncbaDdiM.S4 642.1i2 8,174 81.1 6.7H7 9M 8.542W.I 8[?cie v>779 1,211 122 46.5.2 21111 Total* $4 749H91 7 *"8617 9757.440 R 544.22'i Duties received... 1,225651 1,466,7 6 2 416,467 2,071)417 It appear* by thin, that there ha* been a falling off for the month, tbl* year. In the value ot Import*, oompared with the Fame mon'h I ant, of Si, 103,214 and a decease In the duties of $348 060. The Import* and experts fur the month of February In raoh of the paat three year*, present the annexed comparative statement: ? COAIMBBOE or THB Po*T or NbW Y*BB?ImP*BT* AMD Eipobt*. Frkruary. 1847 1648 1840 Import* $7 4)19.637 0,786 440 8 864 .906 h.xport* 8.467 800 2 8.16 443 2 640 878 Kxeee* of Import*. ,S8 941 828 6 OOu 057 5 915 848 The reduction In the exoes* of Imsorts over export*, for the month, thi* year, oompared with last, la not qulta equal to tha falling off in import* a* exhibited abo'e, thera having been a slight deoreasa In the ex porta. The receiver* of the American Ineuranca Company have declared a fifth and final dividend of three per cent on It* enplial. equal to 01 50 per ahare Tha 4>mml**ioaere of the Canal Fund of the Stat# of Ohio In tbelr report for the past year, make the an nexed statement of the financial condition of that department:? Fivanck* ?r Ohio 1848. Total amount t f the tumid debt of the State, exoloslveof the school an Tru*t Fund, on the 16 hof Nov., 1847, wa* $17 714 105 47 Of unpaid temporary loan* 201446 50 Total $17,677,551 #7 Total an nunt of tha debt of the State, reported herein. I* $17,323,694 80 8ho?tng a reduction of the debt of the 8ta?a from Nov. 16, 1847, to Jan. 1, 1846. ef 647,887 IT ! Oroe* *monat of toll* received from Publie Work* In 1M8 786 984 80 Oroe* amount expanded f?r contract* at d repair* 888,620 06 Net amount renelved from Public Work* $111,864 71 Amount < f rale* of Sjhool and Canal Lar d* . 113 645 45 Amount received from taxea 824 ?"8 40 Miscellaneous receipts 6 359 09 Total amonot of Canal Fund appllnabla to the pay me r tnf thelnterect and pria* Ipal of the Piibde Debt (exuiu?iv? of surplus revanuei $1,366,174 92 Tb? total amount of prooerty entered for taxation In the Stata. according to the report of the Auditor if State, I* I or hundred and tv*nty-en* mil'lona. *1*1 y tevrn thousand, aloe hundred and ninety one ! dollar*. I IPVRRTIUBMSVIN n:\RWRP EVERT WORWTlie. loit. 1wst-on the etbninq of tutidiy list, febj tuerj 27th. in lai no le i'leoe or ht na'ki pu<? iilb i victoria*. 'ihe htiiitr will be lib-rally revtrdrl and receive tha tnatka of loair, by taring the iuu at 3n> aowcry, abiva fourth iwi, near vananall uaiden. warts. i %jlr anted?a man h'llo understands tub manuft feu ureof fa. o) eoap id ell in i reuohoa. to oee who ie prop- rlj qualified fair wagea will be given. n. b. ? nouo othjre mm a; l 'y. addreen a note to tble fli-e to f. Wanted?by a respectable younq (jiku a sitution a* i hambt-tuiaid or nurae. boat of rafereno >a from plac a ahe baa livid ie. fleaee apply at no. ii cre. ewiuh aveuuet tor i.f. Wanted by a respectable you no u1rl. a situalicu aa nunc a> 4 chambermaid or doing m etal bonaw'?k iu a amtli family; hae no oijectoo to go in the ooumry. apt 'y 1 '.*> fir t avti ue, third 11 ior, bark r>nm. Wanteo-by a respectable younq 01 ku a si. teat on aa lauudtere or oambeimaid, or ganeral homework. al'plvetn" li h amity place Wantld-a younu man in the lace and hoaiery irade?one who haa aome knowledge uf the builneaa ptcftrrtd. abo, aiouth lftorl8)eara of age. apply to th tm?8 evan-*. k7cat'atlt.eatroet. cl/ antbt?a m ri at ion by a ri8pectau e younq m t*i n an, to aeeitt in the ganeral koiiaeaork or the o lainberwotk, waebirg and ironing, or to lake cire of obi'dreu. a id do the waiting < f a private fetu'ly have no cblootlon to go a a'lor*. dietan'e iu o< untry. ti< od city men. fieaae call at 42 i eadr a'raet, corner of broadway, room !>. Wanted.-by a younq m \n, a situation as ci achman < r groom?can bo well recommended from bif for.1 or placet; would have no objection to go to the o un'ry. oa-i iw en. by a| ply t g to mr. fhoa wuker, saddler, m broadway, teit doit below the glebe hotel. Wantid-a situation by a respectable girl. to do ti od '' g, bakiog. wmailing and ironing, or nouee aidchinifnr work boat o> alty reo >mmnndatiota no objeotion <> go in (ha oonniry. fltaae call at 223 bow-re. Information w ant ed of john drouo ht. n ati ye of the city of dublin ireland, who left new york on f.e 23d of april. 1848 fordanbury; hae not ainee been heard of. any lut- i mutton will ?? thankfully received by his brother, No. S Beaver It, Newark, New Jersey. Danbury papere pleaae oopy. 8FKCIAL NUTICB8. National loan fund life assurance society, ?f L"udnr?General Agent's Office, 71 Wall street, Now Ycrk, .Id Kerch, 1X49. Aotivo hoard or Directors, for March. C. Edward Babicht, E?q, Ch'a. John J. Palmer, Esq., Aquila 0. Stout. Ian , Fanning C. Tuoker, Erq, Baobe MeEvtrs, Esq. Ha Medical Ixaminara ncetasilv. at 1 o'otnek P. M. J. LEA N1 BR STaRR. General Aceni VULTUB EST IN DUX ANIH1 RACtlBMS-AT TWO o'e ock this fi th day of Uarcb. IW9. we commend you. In the D'lie and power of the Giaid Svgamo a f lie Minorca Order if Owh, Hi as-emb'e |u aacnr'anor w th (natural) diapo aition. to rather at tlie roost of Saolitm Wilson. 17 street, old quarters ot the order. t" appear *< aibte and merry, and hoot out of rxi>teaee cosmopolite ow a and destructive doinap-gues, ui i a'ural owls bed te -iured Xi'd", at d ieHi?h pohtlos' a-piraats whose i liberal and g-asping d spo-it on would defray any and everything to xrati'v the-r own |>rtonal aggrandisement, even tot'i aestrnetion of thecon?ti'ntlon and government of this onr native rost. Grand tonbe ' the Order, FOX OWL OF TBIS MOON. D1 ^SOLUTION.?Till CO-PaRTNERSiir HERBTOFORK axis log between the undersigr ad subscriber*. under the tirm of AUGUSTUS BURD Ik CO, la this oity, is this day dissolved by mutual content. AUCUBriJS HURL. New V wk, March 1.1X49. HENRYS B HENCRANTZ. The undersigned will eootir ua the business of Drogue', on hia own account at No. (d Cortland AUGUSTUS UURD. Hollers or Illinois internal improvement Bonds and dorip arc hereby notified that the time limited by law for "refunding" the State debt, expires on tha 10th proximo.- Now York Fehrnaiy 2H, 1S49. JULIUS WADSWOHTB, Agent or tho State of Illineis, No. tilt Kxehange plana. Atiue regular annual meeting of the hem hereof the German Soo ety at New York, held at St. Mathew's (h ureb, Kvb. V 2, I He it, Messrs. J. L. Burchard, G. L. Ueuser, F. Home, F Karok. Geo. E. Runhardt, H. 1. Ludwlg, A. Rodewald, F. U.backmia. F A Sotumact cr and A W. Suss were eloeted officers of theacciety; and at a subsequent meeting on February 21, said ofhoere e acted among themselves, for Preside it, Mr. Geo. E. Run hard t; Vice Pieaid int, Mr. A. Rodewa'd; Secretary. Mr. H. E. ludawig; Treasurer. ??r. F. A. Schumacher. IIv order of the President. HERMANN E. LUDEWIQ,Secretary. Hudton RIVER RAILROAD iOMPANY.-LOAN.-Na tire jv hereby given that $52H00t> of the loan oh 1 he Bin da cf this U onvpany, offered by proposals issued un4i r date cf IHtk Instant, r aa been taken npby the anbaotiptioni ol the following parties: t*< t* r Lorillerd $39 0(10 Mynd. Van Snhaiok.... $10,090 John David Wolfe 91 DUO O. G. 11 inland 20.UUH W A. t pernor 15.HI0 Japhet Bishop 2>(*kl O'orge Bruce P'.CXJO Tuomaa Huffarn 2(J,UUI Peter Schetmerhorn... G.OUO J. W. Hammeraley fcr Moms Tailor Ilium) Jas Hooker and others 751*19 W W. DeF re.t 61X0 Bdwird Jonea fiUHO Adam Norrle 151X 0 A. (X Flagg 4.1*10 c. V. 8. Roosevelt 6.ixo Math. Vassar 10,000 Jaa B. Roosevelt 31x0 W. A. Devtas, for self Alex. Marvin 5,1**1 and others 14 IW0 J. B.Johnson 1,500 Geo. B. Outer 2,500 J RnuMtian lOOJOO Ward fc Co., for sundry Elieha Peek 10,000 persons 15R000 Torlfurd nR Rtoebholders an opportunity to secure their preemptive right to Bonds convertible into Stock whioh thev obtained nnarr the or ainel guheeTiption. it is oont'dered proper by the Board that the time for receiving subscriptions for suck B >nda trnrp those stockholder* who have act already so bsc riled or taken them, shall be extended to 30 days from the puhlioatlen of this DStioe, via., to the Slat day of March, 1849. After thatdav tha light will ocaac and ha lost to tha original subscriber* and their assigns. Up to that date inclusiv,, parscus now holding Stock of tha L'ompaov may snbscrtbe far Bonds to tha atnonnt of their Stook on paying down 5 p?ro<nt. when rtoeipta will be given to them securing ihe original pre-emptive rig it, and on the same terms In all rcspec'a that were given te takers of Bonds on tha 36th of Ft hrnary Th* smallest Bon ' issued being $500, Stockholders of a leas amount will be allnwed to aoqulre other Stock by train ft t to make up enouah for a Bond. The rates par f r Boi ds bearing seven par cent interest, and 91*4 per cant for Bonds hearing alx percent, both convertible within bre y are from their date la'o the stock of the Company, according to tl a amount scually paid for t> etn. Agents may apply for Bonds for Stockholders, In amount* Bat la-a than $5,(i0t' hi the aggregate, and tl e Company, as offered by the proon-ala of tha I3ih February, instant, will pay auch agent* aeon mission of one per ieit. J. M HOPKINS. Treasurer. N. B ?The above nntiee supersedes tlie>drerUnmant Issued yes'crdav cn this putjret, whiah was uonvoidably drawn up la baste, sr d was pub latu-d with torn* tj pographloal errors. New Ycrk. March lit 1849. Tilt OLD BROADWAY HOUSE RE OrENSTHIS EVEN log". JOHN MOOPE, Proprietor. AUCTIONS. Br JACOB >. PI ATT.-hard WARE CUTLERY, BOWIE Knivea ted Pit tola, part ot a etock of tanc. goodi au elegant (fFortment of (old and eilwr watcl 3 caaki trace olaina. for nocount of u- derwnter*. eundry I ardware gnoda. by order of aaitgt eee. entutg "Inch aie7<> tond head plated brace and bitta one oaak trunk ha' dire. po Uh. dc. ? ectewnut atigera, >f Joseph II. Allan'e manufacture, hone aoythee, rlfl-a, aptcoe. br.??e oend eatiaka, en. r*t aprtna pjdh cka Japanned tluah bolta. 4 to 21 Inchon hand rail K-r. wa ta l b. Ite im lo.ka and lat.baa. I'utea and hand a|x one, enrrt c> rote, o tj made oloth, hair, and hat bruahea, whi ewtah, tuat ng, ar.d ahoe do., tape meemtre", p dlock Alao, a la rye assort* in* of ne?- table cu'lery. Tin irorr, In SI piece eta, I lvorj de.-at-tta aelf tip tabl.e and do-art', bl tck tip anl ahite hone tocov a> d et<cdn.,and oaryeraof (Tory end eeif tip. ele", Aintrl n table tutlcy, part of whioh la Imperfect. Alao a Urge t a-tr'u cntof |>ock?t and panktlvea on carda, suit.hie f r ciinntrt dealere and city retal'era. Alao, one eao SkeSeld, and ai|nsatU> or o ty made bo* in knlvte, some with silver ham Clta atog, ivory f ur, kit. onto, in lot| to unit rufoha-e-a. 2*0 la'r piatota Alao. Id Savsgt's elegant pearl and ah? I I audio, three blade. ht'BTe ti'ter tLOHt ted, aelf p'ouotirg krivce Alao, P II dot Orrmnn ailvet Ann corob*. A'ao, fancy g.-oda tIi: but too a e lit ,'soil gr, powder flaake, purses, tenth brusl ea, rai r boxee P'tk't er d O'ta-ir g coniha, tetntetit cn mcda'a rtaor strops, th t rg e- ai A'd ortatr/onret wire, t alwlla, tinder hoxes cares, y ntft a and hewa be. also at 17 o'o ook. CO .n'd and elver pitted gilt, and other vatebei. ell of which will be warrtnted asr p resented, and among them three of the d uble t mekeenera. with ahtut d* ie?rl. each, it d the etteition of these wishing a go ?d t trekei jer ie diiected to thla aale. AUITION NOTICE - HOUREpOuO FURNITURE.-THE catalogue ol Furniture, to he eold on Monday Mar oh 5th. at H tett III o'oook. at No St Oreenwlch street, ta now ready. GERARD It Bh.nS.Nc. 1(M Wall atreot. FOR IALR. For sale-a pair of ruler, nix tears old, lately In frtm the country, with harneee, well broken to any work. Can le aoea at No. 71 Ring atreot, any time for the apace of Iwn day a For nai e-a patent foa a newly invented sinale barrelled gun, with oar ridge tola, holding 23 eha-goa and e TVeyer, acting aa a eelf repeater Can be loaded in tre same ap roof ime aa any other gun, end doea not weigh heavier than the U N rifle. A pplteatlon, poet paid, to be addreiJtd toll. C., box Sit Poat Office. CONTINUATION OF THE GREAT SALE AT 52 CANAL a'reet.?On Monday and following dava. Ubedell A Poire.n will clow out the balance t f the gooda damaged in eonaeqneno j of the fit# wotch occurred on tke 21 t ult. They will alao ..(Tar th e day 2UI pireee rich at d faaMmable plaid a Ike, whioh will be aacri fleed at 3a hd per yard. 1110 pieces very rich faney a Ika, at a propet-mate reduction; I0H pieces very cl o ca hl-ek Qtoe tie hhioe, ennallv cheap. ?lao. SnO piecca rtoh and fashi-make Bategee The above bete anata nod uo injury, and will be sold S3>? per eent bel * tie original coat. TO LET. TO 1.IT?TRE STORE AND HOUSE NO 100 OBATBAM root. The aune ia an exoallent etand tor doing a large retail hu-inees. If d-elred bv a got d teneat, arrangemeata might be made for dty.ding the atoie into two. Apply to WM R J AN E IF AY. No. WO Maiden Una. TO LEI.-THE THREE STORY AND BANRUBNT BOUSE N?. 3* Oiry Hall Place Having a ar>e tard, and (implied With Croten water, and conveniently loce ed for pert-ma doing baauteaa down to- n fences ion given i-nu ediately. App'y to WM. R. JANEWAY. No 100 ReidC't lane. BANIMENT TO LET.?THE BA5EME>T OF THE NTOBS No. 112 Bread wet. en the oa't rde aecond dtorabove LCxtrtf lire** 23 feet front by fS dtep, orv and wen lighted. Apply to V. Ii.WY''ROFF. 149 Broadway, onr. Liberty street. TO LET AND I OAS ESS ION GIVEN lgy MAY?THE lower part t.f the two etory Dwelling Hoeae N... 17 Aeetor street, to a small (emlly? r?nt. S200 App y on the premises. OLOTHISO. I / t ast ?rr clothing and furnitciii?ladies and ; Vy Gentlemen i erin* enperflunna affect* to diapoee of, wmrtni apparel. Ac.. tan obtain a Air prh for the Mm*, by tending for I the miheoriler tliron*h tho Poet office, or otherwise, who will attend at their reeidenoe. Indies attended to by tire, ijovwietyn. J LEVRNBTTN, 4M Broadway, noataart. COhHETS Df PARIA.-NRW PATTIt*NS. LiTCST Feel ion a'npted ?* Pari* amon| the nin?t f**ht.>nabl* lad ? - mrtt to., forte) ie atid areooful for the form, >e we I ae for be liberty thry effort! in the movement* of the perron who make* me of ft em To be h?d *nly o Malawi ' r<>?p*r* AS Canal ?ti*et. HD iUite n?nr Broadway N. B. - rhe I dt*e wi I find a iwe etjl*. ?et> oomforttblefor nnriin*, newly art i red from Parle, at a eery mod. rite f.ttce. SI 1 MO Kiel* A NHIiUS. S"IOPIaN1"< IIATIl', JfftK IIKltA Dt* A V.COR.N F.Ri)r W Al,Iter 11riot Tb? tnberrtb. ', at tne r ><|oe?t of h'e former parroea and t> e pualio, bee v in it Br ted inow '.la nrteneive ta. thin* tehli.ln.ri.t r.thiuperior accoBin.ot1ati .ua It lenuwi.ll 11?h ted ano voi. til ted, ami | evnry inia*itie>le laeility lor onloiity to too fni-eateaten* tho luxury of a bath Tit* la io?' tail ?te lined op ?lv.. ta*.e. e 0**000 and 00 of..rf, and cannot fail it. (>va ui.i?*real eetlalMt'.ee to all 111 fair patriae Slfclftlt IIUIID FIBBT.?I lAt'K NEW TURK AT ?, , I '.s atd H o'clock, I/Cave Vaoderbut'e Land n* at K, If. f and A o'clock C'Aft to ? b. lilts IB CO. INFOPM Tdkld FitlBNDt AND / t|<? inhilo that thtlr reptin gr'-.pia again >n fall < poratmn t'haidl flilo ttr??t, a*, and that iffiw f? th* ir-orri i? ?i if. tioni atioat, wbtru ail <rdera will be paoinpUy attended to. utpmuuiin> BowwYTHxTriUk-bsmurir or hr. tuomas area -Monday evtutny, Marubfi. to kiidimi with an APPEAL Tt'TllE I Ut Lie Mr. Fe la Aoeeatary, Mr.Oiluact; Mr. Jsreiaish I 'I Wiry, Mr. Jordan; Mr* Jeremiah Bilberry Mr*. Herbert After whirh TOM AND JKKKY. OK el KB IS LONDON-Tum tri .Mr Ihoniae Ujr Kt Sprightly, Mr. Tbaupen; Sam Swift, Mr W inrow; Corinthian Torn. Mr. J. H. Hall; Jerry ll?wt-iorn, Ir Steve": Coiinthian Kate Mine M Taylor Toooeeluln wUh GKNkVlEVF. or nilABANT?Ueuevirvo, Misa C. Wetnvst; rr'tur, Mr. N. n. ( lurk.*; 1'e.ry, Mr J. II. H?U: Marialetjuil leono, Mr. Kt'. ffurd, Margutrita. Mr*. tlsrherL Boaoa SOx; Pit Jbo : roller* 121(0 Door* oproit ih O'o'oek oommonoaat T. pHAHFKAUB NATIONAL THEATRE, LATE CIIaTHaM W - Monday Evening, March & will to a)toa die faruo ut A Ml'TaKKN STORY- Mr. Pickaninny, Nr. Pauley: Mr. Jaines eoiith, Mr. lilton; Seraphb a Mary Aana Piekauiuny Mrs U. thai to an. After rOM aNU jem my?Conaeotlont Tom, Vr-l'lantrau; Emerald Jemmy, Mr. 8t*vmour; Susan Oourhnnt, M re E. M<-suyer. Alter which MOSE IN CALIFORNIA?Moae, Mr i. fcaiifran, 8t kery Mr. Sot moor, L'.ie, Mlai R. Meatayar. To c. naluoe with sLakJ EK AND ckas itEK?Mr. Slaahar, Mr W. B i barman Mr (rasher, Mr. Dawet.; Mr. Benjamin Blow ha d, Mr Fatties: Keen, Mrs laherwoud. Ilexes lie., Pit 12>(c. Doors open aa (\ t.'elecfc? curtain will r'ee at 7 W Broadway circus.ut Broadway, near prince stra t? Monday evering. March J. tha Chinese Feetival, I by tl.e wl.olu triuie. Beautitul display of horsemanship by Mastsr W altar Ayuiar Sparc* of llurou es by Moasrs. Stout and llauk ra Four horse Aot, b* Mr. W. Float. Mast r Maurice Sands will aproar In a principal act. Tha ahala Co oonoluda, for tha i.iuth time here, with c><e bnr'eedue sporting eeen*. enI titled.TUe PONY RACES, OR UMON COURSE IN MISIA t'UKE?More, Mr. II.Gardner Widdy MoQowan, Mr. Penlland; Pat Mr. Hanklrr. Italian Grinder Mr W. Aymar. Afternoon p'ifonr.aioeon Sa'nr' Jo'c'ask. AdmieNon to every part of the hen** IS*.?children half yfio*. MBi BAN1C&* BALL, 471 BROkDWAT. BETWREN Grand and Broome itreora. Open every night during tha I week. The original and well knuwu Chiisty'a Minatrela. organ I I.,<nn ... . _e. - -- .. ?< * ? o?v?u'uiicu driiu iu me vuim ; wnooiaiin, and 0*11 niletantiate the iac #, of being t.h* ft rut to harmonise h ?rm Me edies ai d origin*', rs of the protest popular style of Ethiopia* ei.trrtairment*. [A pr-uiiumof $'*W will bo paid te any other Comiany iu eiisUm-e, who can ptotluoa cvideuoo of* Juel right to the ?K.?e distinction ] Whose Conoerts in this oit), for a period ol three years have bocn raaatvod with great pa'roi aid favor, anprtu edented in tho sunals of puMio auiuaen.oata in tins great metropolis and oo tinue tohsnlsht'y received with appmbation. hv largo ai d highly respectable audiei.e. , a mostoouvtneiur eviihnoe of their superior merit and attractiveness 1 hey will have the honor ol introducing a great variety of new and oriaisal Melod ei% liurlssquo Up ratio tdnorue tea rorga Cha> arteriole Uai ces. So., in a manner fre>i?ently attinpt-d by " nuoierei s imitator1," but ''not with the sane resn'u" that hav> orswied the efforts of this " oriainaJ" and "Inimitable" oompany, who challenge competition la every departmentuf Ethiopian reproaen atioua 'Ihe ooinpany eeaaiata of ten perl'< rmcra, under the oirection and tnan-gement of e. P. Christy, llie whole comprising a corrsof uuequ lied veroatilitv and ta ent. Admieeion 2,1 cents. Children under id. half prioe. Doors oscn at7?Coi oort will at H o'eleek. An afternoon Corccrt on Batnriiav. oon mot cing at S P M Love and minstrelsy.-a lecture on love,witu musical Illustrations, will b* delivered at the Society Library Boon a orrner of Leonard street and Broadway,on Tuesday evening. March 8. at eight o'rlnoV nree snly, by Leioeater P. A. Buckingham, Esq..(of London,I assisted by Miss Fanny Fraaer, (of the Italian Opera,) aril Mr. Freduriok A Dassett, (from the London Concerts). Admittance 2Ac. ACABD 10THKPUi?LIC-A FALSE REPORT of THE Elephant Bolivar being captured liy his keeper, flaiu.l lloffman. is In circulation. It la truutne Elephant waa looae, ar.d his keeper waa afraid to venture near him, he only being a fen weeks in the buainct. Pe sent after Mr. adler, the keeper of Sands St tent's Elephant, who bravely volunteered a-ooinpa ni d ty Mr. Syrett, late camel keeper to Bauds b Lent. They puramd nit r and captured htm at a late hour, for which duo ptaire is given to the two bold and adventurous keepsrs, John Sadler and Samuel Syr> tt. UAiiirutiiiiA. FOR CALIFORNIA AND OREGON?Hth MARCH.?THE United State* Mail St cam ah ip Company nereby give notice, that in pursuance of their oontraot witli ths Navy Department, the splendid new and spsoions steamship FALCON, Captain Thompson, will sail from this port for Usvaua and Chagres, on Thunday, the 8th of March, at noon, from pier I North Hirer, With the mail* to tba Pacific. Persons wishing to take passage to California, by the way tf the Iathmu* of Panama, will find it to their adraatage to avail themselves of i his opportunity, as to the opinion of the uodetsigned, agent of this oompany, moans of transportation up ths coast of t siiforuia will he louad at Panama. It is eip' oted that the Falcon will artive at Fhagrrs in time for pasaengeri to take the Pacifie Mail ateamen of Msrch and lit of April from Panama to San Franc'sco. Persons I aving tickets tor those steamers, shuuld seoure their passage immediately, in order to avoid diiappointnnnt. Be tote the arrival of tho Falcon at Chasers on this voyage, the road serosa tie Iithmus will be to far improved that no danger or difficulty need liu expeoied in arousing. No eag age meat for passage will be binding en thiseompa-y unless tin same be sanctioned by the undersigned ; lfiU lbs. baggage allowed. 7? oents per tout tor freight. luformatieo reocntly reeelvcd at this office, will oonvinoe persons about to visit California, tha* ths route by the mail line, via Chagres, has great advantages over any ether, in point of tieed, lately and economy. Thi departure ol the Fa'oon li fixed at a data to avoid delay at Parana. The parsonger Hat Is new o|?en. For ptumaar or further particulars, apply at tha nffioe of tha Company. 118 Walt afreet. M O. ROBBHTS. tint. POK BAN I KAN CISCO, CALIFORNIA DIKEJT, VIA THE Strait* of Magellan, the saw and substantial itaamehip B URON.) apt.Alim. bancker. nt 24Utxins burthen, Syesrt old, bniltln thieeity, of the beat material, ooppar fuateved, and newly ooppered, btlh re an tip ly nave, and iano* undergoing thorough repair* for aaa atrvioe, and will positively rail on or about i health of March. tlar saloon and cabin trill bo handsomely furnished for eaae aad comfort; and a more profitable opportunity oanuot be offerrd to those deiirouaof aoiug to California, the will ba d ipoeod of by (CO aharea of atock. at $60U eaoh. The owner of aanhabare will ba entitled to biepanaage to San Pranciaoo, and hia equal undivided share of the ship. and all appnrtananooa thereto belonging, aad of the pri fits and earnings-f aaid ship after her arrival at Sao Pranciaoo. Eaoh abate of atook will be made traneferablo Application ahould ba mada noon, aa already over one half of the atook la taken. For partioulara,apply to AUSTIN k WATKINt. No. H Renth street, up atam lb or san francisoo.-to sail iotu march?tub f eteamihip SENATOR, 7M torn burthen Lieut. R. Bsohe, U. S. New, commander, will poattlvaly eail aa abave, at 10 A, If., item her berth at Burling slip She waa built in July let, by Wm. 11. Browu, Rap ot thia city. to run on our ooaat. between Ronton and St. John'e. N. B? where the haa been wel> tried ia Borne rf our heaviest northwest galea, and proved herself a spleadid era boat. Numeroutt adtfitionaandaltiratiaat have been mada, at a heavy expense, to perfeot her for thia voyage, and har accommodation! for passenger* art very superior. She will go throngh tha straita ot Magellan, touching at Rio, Valparaiao, Callao, and Per tin a. Price or Pamaoe ? State Raoma $000 A'tor Cabin, wltbont atate-rooma DUO Forward Cabin, orsw'a fan 4> 0 Deck do 9U0 3W) lba batgaga allowed let clae* passengers, and ca freight taken. Fox further particular!, apply to WOoSHULLB MINTURN. 87 South street. L*OR CALIFORNIA.?PAS<AOE ONLY -THE BARK OLAr RISSA will tail on Wedaaaday, Matoh 7th; oargo all on board; oan aooommodate 4 paa eogera in the earln; prise law. Enquire ot JkSdUP A FOX, 178 South atraat. 134)11 SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.?TO 8AILON thi lbth March.?An aaaociatloa, to oonaiit o 48 members, have purchased tha new and faataaiiing bark SUSAN. Captain S B. Luthrop. el 3141 tool burthen, ooppered and copper faatenad. now fitted np in a euperior manner, both for oomf,.rt and oonvaoianoa. A tew araroa are yat ta be had at WW) eaoh. including tha vested, and complete outfit for two yea re. Two oarpeutera and a nlaekamith would ba preferred among tha number An experienced phi a ci an haa born engigtd. Apply on board pier SEE., foot of Coentieaalip or at M Wall a reet Mcetini he d evarv evening at Westchester b ouaa, oorn'r of Broome and Bowery. at Ho nlook, FOR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA.?TUB FAST aai'iog o'lppar bnilt aoboonar OEN. WORTS, will nil on or before tha Cih March For freight or peerage, apply to N. I*. NcCready k Co., Sfi South street; and Gulick k iiolmee, IMS M eat street; or tha Captain on board, pierS N. R , foot of R 00 tor a tret N. B.? 1 hrea mora membara wanted to oompleta thia association. Paarege S12fi. Apply as above. T'HE BRIO ROBERT. FOR CAl IFORNIA. WILL POSr t'Vely tail on Tliuriday, March Nth, at I'd o'clock. Four shares remain nneold. Appi) at IIS 8outh atreat, or ta tha Captain n boaid, foot, cf Clinton street E R. IjHlR SAN FBANCISCO, CAM I ORNI t. - THE SACRAmento Mining and Assaying A-socialist] will hold an adjourned meeting at Stonnall'a Motel, l.jl Fulton stnet, thia evening. atS o'otock. Membara are requested to be punotualia their attendance; and thoae who have not ptld tha balance of their inatalments are desired to make payment an or befits Wednesday next. By order, WM. brtU.lR, FreS'dent. HO! IOR CALlFOKNIll-SlllPSALRM?FIRST VR35RL for :an Franctaoo, to rail next Wednesday, Five addtU >nal aharea, at (2HU each, fir rale, or five pts-engirt at filSO each, can be accommodated ; the original abates -being SIM), and ae| aeired ?? meet the deficiency. The aharoho d*rt own the ship, (New Yerk bunt) ane yeai's provision! of superior quality, ml ning implementa tools, acowa, teats, ka. Passetwers will be allow id tonmatn on the ahip one week, after her antral at San Frwo Ro. Tula ship ia very fiat, commodiaus and better ventilated than any veerrl for ( aliforma. Al) bills against this ahip are icques'ed to ho prevented forthwith, and shippers are desired to pre* at their bills of lading lor signature. The memb ra and patsergeraars requested to been hoard at 10 o'oloon, We'n-eday mori ing wren the ahip will he towed to sen. For sharer or pre Mge. apply on board, at eier V) East River, foot ol RooseveltsL For ban fiancmco and sutter-j fort.-thr new Ualtimors Olipper brig OKB1 Gnnniag master, havi.ig ad b<r fialght in. is ready to sail st two days'notloe. An aasoeia ion of 3b to 441 will betaken on liberal terms. A pply on board, toot Of Market street, or ta J A. VAN B <U ?T,70 Sooth st* _ ??<? B. MURRAY. H Old Slip. FOR CAL roRNIA. via TEXAS and the rrpohtcd Gold Kaaious of the Oil i and Joaquin. starting positively M .r.h Mb, in the fine a 1 bark Noruabega. Members of the peoord d vis an of t a Carer,n A*soeiati?n that have not paid th rpsaga are particularly request d to do so this day. Tka as* otat an meat tt Is eventag at hair past 7 o'clock, at tha Ame I lean ilall Committee Room, Broidwav, corner of Grand atraat, .. n irnrnu i. i w~-? -> Pratidanl SAN FRANCISCO ANDTIIKOOLD REGIONS, VIA M AUEI* lan Rtra-t??1The fait ni'ing and new oopperad and oopper fattened bile JULIA MOCLTuN, Waring, mailer, will nail on or about the Hub hha-er. $IS0, which eatitlta tba holder to a abut* i'i tha aawel, mining implement!, atd eighteen u.onthi' jrnvlaioni. for trrtkir paiticolarr, appl> to Mr. Joel Hammia, tiaaiurer. 103 Catherine itreet, or on board, at pier 3U. Kelt Klver. Ihe anociatinn will meat every evening at 7X o'clock, at W eetoheiter H utile, oomer i.l Bowery and Broome >110011. PA *8 AO K TICKET TO CALIFORNIA.-A FORWARD Cabin Paamga Ticket la tin iteimer Cal-fornia, or will ?a. rnra a paeaaae in any 0 her of D > a < line or S teamen from 1" fan franaiion, f..r eila. Addn e? P A , lerild office. Nkh siuoomi, & m. rox. for California diteot. will raealva tri Ight only until Tnoeday. Sth init. Can like 'Mil bbli. more, tad hai wtill aarthi for tour mora puteangera. hei aecnmmedatioai ire not equalled by any r< nal In port. For freight or pemage apply on board, at Pier II North rirer. or ti F. ft D., *6 W oat at. N. B.?Will go around Cape llorn, and ihippara will be enabled to Insure hi- her at at h-w ratei ai hv any other reianl. FOR CALIFORNIA VIA CRAURES?THE SUBSCRIBER wlb deapntoh for Cfeagrai. without delay, tha luparicr rary faat aaiHng Baltimore built brig CeL Howard, Darken, matter. She la .131 tot burthen, newly oopperad, refitted and pat In pan foot order. U?r aoeoamndationi for paaaengara are of tha Aral oiaaa, having Jhet bran oomplated at great eipento. Flret cabin, SAC, aaci no da Std. Tha balk of ill banal* freight allowed to aeh paraenewr. true of ef.arru For Iniaht or p Ullage apply on board, foot of Bertr attaat. or to Fomand* Wood, lii] South etrset, corner ot Dover. Ka'atngera by the Col Howard will have tha preference of paries* from Panama to San Fraaoiaao, la a vaaaal exproied 10 rail thanea in April next For cai iFobNia.?a m ajoritv of the mersirs of tb* Umaa Sacramento Mining Aaaoeiation hare f.r uad hi maelvi r into a new comyny called the Sacramento vavigtl iagt.onpary, aa? haae made arrangement* to bny the Iron 1 ropeller boa. McDowell. to Uka pawaege and freight from San Framiico 'otl.e gold miraa?iha company to go by to* way rf idka Meat-ague To eirry oat iha above plan, it will ha neceiaary to have a ece.pany of forty membcri, at S3 blotch? winch wi I be inffloiaat for all purpoai*. The u-'daralgt.el will be ethia i.fBre 73 f tc Broadwey o< roar Market atrial, fr.m 8 'olcck A. M , till 8 o'H'n P M and at tha evening meeting* of the com' any alter 'X o'clock, nt the axma piece, to giva aay Inioitnatxin t* Uio.e a nh'i g to become memb. r?. LBATEMWPRTB'S IMPROVED OOLn WASHERS WILL icpamte thegcldfrom tha gvnael latter%thau nny rauh ni jel Ii.vtnnd. and without ?a*ung t .e water Aid every da rovtpfion of California toola wtgone, mimpe. pi eke, h >r*e p iwart, no., fto., at tha agilonltnral implament and amd atora of e. 't Af.i.fcN ft CO.. I fit and IW Water atraat. New Tork. For California - a. vt, ?n*s ft < o. vi mai >>. * Let* have a erge aiaortwant of Hifl-i. Oniut, Pie'ola rtow-a Ki.lvi e l, and cpadei Alio, (Janemlttn'articka < f ert ir kird. for miking avd re|?iring Shot Bei'a Pow'or Kb Ike Collet Mould* Cutlery, and Hardware, at tha loweat a hi lata a | ncie. I 1 UKOADWATTHE.ATBB.-r A- MA t> SHALL PBOPHIR> D tor -VnMi) Evening, Maioh 5, will be anted ti.a oouiody of I TBK SCHOOL FOR SCAN.?AL-Sir Peter Teaxlo. JL I I Isctde; Btr O'ivrr Surface, Mr. Vaehe; Joan pi Su-is m Mr. Dyott; t liarli-a Burl* *, Mr. Loiter; Sir Seajuoin Bnoki'e Nr E.fbae; trehtree. Mr. v . K. Blake; Careless, Mr. Mi)-, u N I Trp, Mr mDn.all; Lady Testis, Mim F. Wallaek. To oosotude , with the re roe ?f SLASHER AND OR A 90MB? Slasher. Mr. lUdawar; Ulonhard. Mr Vaoh-; ClMhar. Mr I. 8hnw; Lieut. I i'T?' Noorhooae; Rim. MO* Him Telbin Dress Circle if' J Hf"*' 40 ?*U; r???T Ck.-rie. is oeatai Oaliery. UK | ?*?<* Pooriepaa kaKpawt C; sommencaak7. Bumone theatre, chambers strict.?binSFir ot U.a f'Biily lat. tcttui d Simpson. |..|.?Monday vening, March 8, will bo piayod TllK RnKaCB Of PROS I SI ? fclcuiivr Mr bur <>?; Mr. JabUr Mr T JoIi'iraws Mr iiiish1,mnni^'li enih^t * MU'Vs- ChM,,QIM1 Afur wh oh \ 1 111 SB INOAOkMBNTS?Tim HifTerty. Mr. ilr uifrhim- Mr M'C?rthy, Mr Jordan; mill, M m Ckapmtn To oonolurle'with TOUR LIFE'S IN DANGEI?John Stroig. M, Burma bhpow nrnlurg Mr Johnston. Krakwiti. Mr Ren; Count-ss Looadortt Mrs. brougham; Madame Schp ouenbrrg, Mr* Vernon; Jennv M as Chapman. Dress irele and Pniquette Wc.; Fauiilv i lmi* 2fto. Poms 0|>en at f>K; curtain rises at 7. MITCUIIL'8 OLYMPIC THIATIE?MONDAY EVE una. March 6, to onmmenoe with HU? Til KY DO AT WASUIhGTUW-S Hopk ne Warblabottnm. Mr. D. Marhla: CoL Schuyler Far*. Mr Arnold Tapii, Mr. N-okln?>n; Mr. Warring, tun. Mr. Rrynoldr; Virginia Vernon. Mia* Nlekinsen Alter which tl.a far o nl THE PEOPLE'S CANDIDATE-Isaiah Shaw tuck. Mr. D. Marble; Mr. Nola>n, Mr. Ilcury; Mr. Crmuaton, Mr. Arnold; llenr. DabTflla. Mr. Reyc-Ids: Mtas Jalia Nation. Win Phillips To oonrlnda with TUB KINO Of T I E PEA COCKS? Argus, Mill Clarke; Eloriaal, Miss Phillips; Prinoc J-a aan y, Mr I?vcrs. Dreaa Circle We.; Uppef Boxoa lis.. Pit 12<^a. Doors apou at 7; commence at 1%. BaKNCM'S AMKKI.'AN MUSEUM-ENTIRE CHANGEOF Noveitits! Splendid, er.ry af.ernoon aid. aud eve y evrnirg at7H o'clock The Manng, r haa eugtged the most wuudmfu! curiosity it. wiatMMt? a Female weighing.'. D pounds, measuring acveu foct n uud the want! .11 ii.ohes around the arm'.! This icmarkaL'e lady is muoh more of a curiosity titan the ran wnod Iiauiel I.suihcrt. She nsv bs seen at all hours, with Tit tills, the Fairy Queen, the celebrated Lee Family; the great fiiuilibriats end Bittern Jugglers, have also beep engaged. A'se. mil bo exhibited at each |icrl..rmsnce, themsgellioent moving i'arirrm&of London! Also engaged, Pete Morris, Mr. Chapman, Mr. (' peland. Mias Wnet, Mrs. Mot ell, Mrs. Averill, Iko.. An, living Oorang Outang Madame Riokwell, the fortuna toiler. Admiaiinn 2!> esMa children under Id years, IKK cen'a. sTUYVISANT INSTITUTE-MR HILL'S LECTURE3AND Kutertair u.ents for Thiee Evenings ?Mr U. H. Hill. Coma d en, known ny thefamiliar cognomen of "Yankee Hill." will g h*vo the honor of giving hamorouK Iz-oturee ard Entertainments, ? at Bti yroaant Institute, on Hoi day, Wodnoeday, and Friday u Evminga, March f-th, 7th, and Uth. For partoulnra no pro grammes Ticket* to admit a lady and gentleman. .VI oenta: (inale tickets .Nl <enta etch. Miy be obtained at tlio Irving Qou.e, *1 Row Yoik Hotel. and or tlio Janitor at the institute Door* ti open at quarter to 7; Lecture will omnienoe at 7X o'olook. ri Wallhalla, nu.:? canal street, near ovory erenins, at 7. aud Wednesday aud Saturday afternoon, at ,t o'olook, w ith a oompauy of female artiate. Ethio- , pian eertnadera, and a trnupe of morel artiate, who appear in a , variety of eoleot and oholce entertainments. Admission, Orchea " tra Boats. .17 X oenta; t'arquetio. IS oenta e BAHH'S GRAND MIMICAL FESTIVAL WILL TAKE a p'ace at the Tah> rnaolo, on the 8th inat, on which oo anon g 1/9 Deceit of Felicien David, will lie performed by 15lt mualaitna r, under i he direction and learieiehipol Signer Ant. Barill. Tiokete $1, to bi had at the principal hotele and ntusi? itoraa. Tto mualo, * with Englitb wot da for eale at the dot r, at Ri per oopy. Q Monsieur adriens varied and extr.aordi. t< nary Exhibition o' rroat wondeiful and astomshing novel- gi tiee, eviry evening at half paat aeven o'oloo*, at Hinerva Hall, a No, 4116 Broadway. Aduiimon, fillo.; obildren, 2Sn. ^ - d VAL1KUKN1A b A NUMBERof YOUNG men UAVK ASIOCIATR it TREH. f, eelveeforlbe purpnte ol proceeding to California, via Capo , lion , and are willing to rough it on the voyage, ae wvllaatake * hold of anythine wh'ch may offer the least ehance of looeao on | " their arrival. They have bought a large A IX aohooner of ?up rior si aaidor qualities. and with uxo-llenticoninmodationa for I# sltaru oi h-ddeta and 16 pats' ngcrs. 8ha es $5im. Hasaenvera $FKl and /i b und. 1 revisions tor 16 months F?r an association about for n- . ine this will prove a capital opportunity. Puritan wish to Join Will please lose no t'rne in addressing bis 1,961, t'ost offioo. (CALIFORNIA MUTUAL BENEFIT AND JOINT STUCK > Aeeicijlinn ? Peelings of tt.ia Ae ociation. oomprl Ing a eoleet compai y of moral and rellgiou* peiaon*. will no lei I on Hon. 7 day. Medi tisday, and Friday evenings ol this week, at the otfioe of the ccmpany, hastment of ISA Fulton etroet, when every nettle ary ii formation wtl lie given to tloso who wish to unita with Bate laaooiation. For freight or naesare apply to tho ag nt, Then, a srdl* hn bouth itreet. or on board the thip Arkaunae, foot uf Heiden Isna. W 11.LIaM HILTON. President pro tern. N01K e.-1M1.OT AND FINK NAVY BREAD, SUITABl.e for tha California trade, for sale at tha lowest market ptioa, la quantitiee to anit purchasers, by l: WEEKS & E0U0LAS3. No. 1(1 South at. " g (California daguerreotypes. -persons about J to visit California ?.,/ /?Iron. ?- I..? .v.i- ill. 11 with their friends, would da wall to eall at Brady's, Noa 216 and c *17 Broadway, where, by raaeon of raoent improvements and addition* to his establishment, faithful and true likoneaaea may be t obtained at the horteat notice. DANCING. Mr. johv park eh w ill gi v k a u rand in augur a- i Hon Soiree at the North Atnerioen Assembly Rooms, this ev.nlng in honor cf " Ole Zeok." Tlcketa one dollar, may bo obtaintd at the door. Dancing to commence at o'clock. 1 HKD1CAL. J Magnetic powders, for toe destruction or 1 ctckroaahea. tied buna, flier fleaa, eiotha anta, mumjuitoea ' at d various other ioaecta; alas, Pil a fur the dotiruotiou of rate k aid mice. Warranted without poieon. Certifloates from the u mi at eminent physiolane of our city, mar be aeon at the olflae. . N. B. There articlea reoeived tho highest premium, at tha late Fair t the American Institute. JC. LYON, Ureal* ay. k OAK ORCHARD ACID SPRING WATER, GENESEE CO, 11 New Fork ? Thia remarkable and valuable mineral water ia o now used, a. d f>und very auooeaaful in relieving tho rarioua it ohronio diaordeiaot tho digeatlve, urinary and pulmonary organs, h, auoli aad)a|?raia, d'airhma, hemorrhoid, or pilar,ohrm o die- 0, re his, gravelly complaints, chronic brinchiiia. No It is also lound vciy ethcaciou. in aom" of tha diaeaseaof tlieakin. and ti ' bo the teet antidote lor the poiaoni ui efficta of lead among pain tere. Also In some of the diseases peculiar to famali a iil a-b un nl uicd, and la i ighly re ommended by a> m? ,?f the moat raepestible )\ irectitionerr. Foraa eby DELATOUR * CO, 25)? Wall at. c| All ON 0 THE MANY BLEAS1NQ4 ATTE V OANT UPON j. Improvements In tha aooial onnditioo, ai d tha advanoeaof , ourrao, in Intelligence i?tbe prolongation of human life. Witb the itortnae of innlllgenca has grown up a kuiwla ige of thesis- F menu of health, and a regard to tiem. aut c uim iiuur.ite y with t< the strides of science have we acquired the means of erreatug v diieate, and averting its ravages Notwithstanding thn progress * we lave made, etatistioa show tint even now, ona aiith of tie _ whole population die annual I v of consumption. One ol ihemoat Important duooverlesot tne age in ameliorating * the condi' ion i f this large olaaa of infTorirg humanity, ia * DR. WISTAh'S BA1SAM OF WILD OBKttRY. t [ Fmm tha Fall Hiver Mouitor, Vara ] j This madlcli e. prepared by a long eipsrieiieod and akilful phya'. t eiai, tested and approved by a great numter of intelligent, die tieguiehid, and n apectable pert' na in various parts of the country, ia now received and used wl It entire aonlidance uud aita ' treat tuccria, by thoae alliiolad with pu monarv couipDinta. It e ia also rt com mended aa a valuable medicine fo( mh r diieaa-s. t> such as oolde. ocugha and nartienlar diseaaas w bote ter.doney is tc corsuumpt on. Should its eflloacy oontinue aa it baa thui tar laovedib various obstinate cases, it wiii iud.ed boa moatiovaloab e medicine. * N oneaobuine unltaa signed I Butts on the wrappsr. f F< r rale, wholesale end retail, iy Mersra. A. H k O. Sands. 101) I Fulton at., cor. W llliam ; 273 Broadway ?Irving House, oorner Chtmbeis at.; 77 Ea?t Broadway; Havilaad, Keese Ik Co, tttl g Maiden Ian a, and by tha Drugg'eta generally. 0 DYSIEPMA.-NO FLUID OR MEDICINE 1IA* RFER been distnverad which to neatly resembles the gistriojuiea ? ! or saliva, in deoon poring food, awl a.rohgtbeuing the organs ef diaeatioii.aa this t>r* Deration of tl.reanariila. a BA.NK I)IPAIITMK>T, dl.HADT, Mtylh, H45. 0 Dr. 8. P. Towniend: Sir? I have been aflliute i fur aarartl ;i ui with the Dy>tc[eia in lie wotat furroa, altenco.1 with K.urnem <>f itomich, lotaol ?p|wti>e. ixtren.e heartburn, and a great a vend >n I t? all kinds of fund, and fur wank* (what 1 aould eatj 1 hara bran | niabla to retain hut a email portion on my atomaah. I triad tha ufual remedies bat tl.oy htd Utile crno offnai Id removing tha complaint. I wta induced ahout two monlha aince, to try your Ixlract of garaaparilla, and I mui' aay with little confidence; but alter ueti g nearly two tottlea, I found m . appetite restored, ar.o the heartturn entirely removed : and 1 would aatueailyre oun mend the uaa of it to thoee wba have boon afflioled aa I hara been. Yture, ho. W. W. VAN Z.lND'J. Principal (ffice, 120 Faltoa (treat. Artificial eyes.?just imported, a la?qi and interior lot of " M reau'a" oelekratad manulao'ara. which 1 can ha iusertod and worn without aay pain or operation; and aa ' they mora 1 ke tha natural era. the alooeat obaerrer oanaot da teotthem. DR. POWELL attends, as u<u?l, to diaoaiea of the > ye and Ear at !>8I Broadway, entrance 1 ti W arr a arrest, where can be had hia popular Booh on the Bye-l*rioeSOe?nt?. DR. ? BEELRR OCULI ST, 29 UREE * Wi' II hTKKB r, DK rotae hia exclueire attention to dlaeaaea of the Fye. am iovuea th'M who are in waai of Artificial Eiesto call upon him, hivux Jut Imported a moat beautiful leleoti m from raria, and with the arranxeroanta made f,r a rayular eupp'y. the faculty will be furnlahad on low tenna. he obargea far iaiertion. Uffloa hi ura from 8 A. M. to 1 o'clock P. M. A cure warranted for one dollar.-privatb Medical Offloe, No 3d Orange street, ( Fire point*) Durtor 1 ahard'a Franoh Mixture, price $i par bottle, la warranted to ouri all caaee ofa prtrate nature in a 't? day*. N B.?T .la offloe haa born established orar thirty yiara fur tha oura ot all d;(a?aeaaf a i 0 private nature. h TAR. RALPH, AUTHOR OF TOE "PRACTICALPRI FATE JJ Treatun," Aa, 88 Craenwlnh street?offlee beura II to IS A. M? 8 to 9 P. M (Rnnday eaoapted). Thoee who apply ia the early Itucee will be inrprieed at the rapidity and little laoo nreaienee ? attaudinx their oura. It la chiefly, however, thoee wba have rat ' tared from a certain olaaa af people, who oan properly appreot te hia oervioea. Ia atrietrure, from its first, or incipient to ltd mora advanood and diatreaainx etaxan (from aneammon advantaxe# O and a very extenaive praodoe,) ha oan afford a rapid, easy, aed radloal oura, whioh. ha haa mound tat akaatax. aaa ha obtained tram no other aoo roe fn Ameflaa. DR. FAWCEITCAN BE CONFIDENTIALLY CONSULTED at hia offlce, SI Oey street on all private diaeaaaa. Tha meat obstinate yield to hia mode ef treatment, whioh ia on tha noamercurial prfnaipla. Ririoturaa cured on tha moat approved plan. The victima of solitary indulxanoa oan aleo apply, w>h a ooriaiaty of oura. Offloe. SI Day treat. NO CURB NO PAY.?DR. CURUITT. H) JbAhlk St. I mam Oar of the Royal College of Snrgnoiu, Iiondon, trav be eonaulted ia treatment of delieata dlaeaaea No matter kawlsMg I yon may have had gleet, ataara upon tha body or in tha throm vr , aoec, paint in tha head and baaaa of the legs. A praetiaa rt leortoan yean, devoted to venereal diaeaaaa enable* Dr. 0. to oura , tha wont form of thia dtaeaae. Raoent aaeea ourad in four daya No mercury need. Striatum cured in ana or two weak* with eareely any pain. Thoee individual! who have Indulged In a eertaia loathsome habit eaa pari lively be raetotad to haalthar.d eoaiaty- 1 DR. MORRISON CONTINUES TO BE cONSULTID ON \ Private Diaeaaaa Oleata Sirtaturea, Vaaaraal Ulcere. ha, 1 he ourta where othece fail Raoaut mm ourad ia a few daya Nervoua and Organta Debility ha warranto to aura Sea hi* London diploma in hie offloe, |P4)f Fulton atreet DR. OLOVBR IB CON8ULTBD DUR1N TUB DAT AND | evening, at hia office, No. 3 Ann atrro (now No. 12.) in ' thaae difficult and prouraetad oaaaaof dalioate tiaaaaeathat irava baffled theekill of phyitainno o? Uaa aipar anoa. Hia axtraotaf i Cepacia, Cnbeba, Re , may he had at hia store, in front. i*rlva? ?trance theamdi the an try M the offloe dear I MUST EXTRAORDINARY WURE-TO TbR MARRIED i or thoar contemplating marrv?xa ?Dm Married Woman , Private Medical Companion, by Dr. A. M Maunoaat.. Sixth adi- ; o Hon PrtoaSl. Thia work la maating wltn moat Mtouadmg talei d (Jt,?K)oopwaluyyingalready been di.poaadof.) Every Inmale l? ? totting a oopy whatoar a arriyd or aomwrriad, aUbnugh it i? iw t j, tended aapaeially for the married, aa II diaeloeae iraptwr-M -. eooroia whioh ahouli be known to them particularly. Bore vwry famam ran dl#o.,?ar the onuses. aym?tonH, and the meet efficient rem* ,iee. and moatoeraiu mode of cur' in ovary oaao. For tale at 214 Br adway; at tha peMkhinxoKc, 1 l.ibarty atroat. New York) T B Patterwm, No. P^t'haennt ?tr?-t Pldladelpbta; With h Co Albany; W R. Dhvm, Boeton. On the reoaipt of SI, * copy wtli ha tranamUted by mail. fr<a of po -ax*, to 81 part* of tna United sutoa. All lattera mu?t bead* ceaed, poat paid,to Dr a. m. malrk'eail tn 1.1t< N.w ver <ltv Offloe )ao,Mr tr etvee* A MIDI' INE CUE T IN A U\l.F OUN B VIAU-DR. Buatar'e ded I>n pcuree a 1 prleata diM? ea *tthou any r* airiction in the jat ei.K liabna In Irooo S tv 8 daya. The ilea t?rt?a I l?iene?r?. S Uiyiw/O itraat, l?.tho unly |4ace where it oan [ la I ad $1 only. INTI-LUtxKMF BY TIlK MllM. I AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON. I W Asiii.Nti ton, March I. 1&M>. I The Nrw Cnbinrt?The ClMMlf Scmrt-Obi Dy I nasty?Tki Crauxit in H'aJimgton, fyr. I All Speculation as to thr complexion of the new I :abinet is at length at au end. T.a programme u I illed up, and anleaa OM|MI pass % 1 u? <re mnjj I he office ol Home Secretary, ihere rein una no sal- I ationfor the many di-api*>iiited expectants" whoa# I oieB have hern orosxed." <>l course there ia I raong them abundance ol b'tiernesa nod mortifi- I atton, which will nlro, u*m vttor of cour-e, spr on up I k a plentiful crop of opposition All tho ho-'lie shredf H nil patches of the party will douhtlssss range then- I sires under the conduct of XIr Clay. It Is entirely ' rivoiousfur the friend* of the letter gentlemen to say le will not be In opposition. Suoh a declaration. t tkng alt the otroumrfano** into consideration, ** absurd. <er what else does he g*> into the Senate ? An lasalable thirst for public life, that the froet of more than levvnty wiotere he* aot been able to quench! It nouid be unoourteou* to think so To support th? adniri traliuu' Anybody who knows any.QiDg of Mr. disposition will hardly supper* euou a thing rhere ia no diagu* dug the fa :t, that every da* from th e lime forth will shn.e ihe opponuoj int i form, ?t<vn< h lod magnitude, Ocntral Parlor's administration luu-t jot be lulled into a f*i?- security I'ue appetite ot tn* vhlgs for office, a* Mr i1 oote aeid thin evening, t* the ippctlte Of a starving man and th* di'ajpoinmd, It I* laturai to suppose. will take mean* to ?bow the r diaippolntment. It would be erroneoue to suppose that General Tayor'S cabinet ia formed a* be had at flret intended. There have been of nroetsity many change* It i? atogether a whig cabinet, and it i* much Matter that it bould be so than a piebald adalr. male up of me a of a?y principle* of both panie* The poiloy of toe oninet wi 1 at leant be oomirieut. Itia but fair that ih-y should have an impartial I rial Th?y will have full time before nest December mature their pnlioy. and prepare their plan of opeatione. No difficulty, I preiume, will be mad* about i tie conflrmatli n of the cabinet appointuiente Mr. Polk's last levee was ht-ld last evening and from ' Be mean* adop ed t* All the room*, attraoted a very irge crowd. A rumor was industriously circulated 1 bat General Tey lor was to b* present, and of oourse very body desired io see the meeting between him and lr i'olk. In addition to this, all t ie offi cers of the rmy and navy w?re drumm-d up. and couimandej by n orderlrom the department* to attend io full unfirm. The clerkH ilciub.lens, received a similar order, nd tbua were Mr. Polk's drawing room* Ailed to overowing. I do not believe that, at any previous time, Washingis has oontained such a uutnbir of human beln.n s now swarms tbr< ngb the loss's Tne ho els ace lutted. The avenue is as thronged as Broadway in 'ctober. Caniages are at such a premium that til* rivers ask Ave dollar* an hour, seventy Ave oenta | sing the usual fare in the hails of the notel*. th-rs re piles ol baggage that o m Bad no plaoe Within le last few days strangers are oh.lged tn board at lexandrla, and eveu at Baltimore. At Wtilard'e, hare General Taylor etopa, there is an incessant .ream of visiters, and the dining-room is Ailed tore# r four times in the course of the aiternoon. Fba enerai'a reception room is on th-s-oond story and is time ia aimoit entirely occupied in receiving calls. N. Washington, March 2,1819. Vie Cabinet?Arrival of the Hon. Abbot Low re net and Mr. Meredith?tremor of O(finals?Oml>rm and California?Chances of an Extra Session? The Bad*?The Inauguration?Levees, ete. Nothing luitlicr has transpired to-day regarding te cabinet, ttnd it is now almost universally beeved that the list published yesterday is correct, luch a lull is there here to-day, that not even a eotaiy rumor of any kind has been current. If thn . abinel has been tormed, it is more than probablo hat no further notion will bs taken as to hands of bueaus, kc . till after the inauguration. Thn Hon. Abbott Lawrence, lady and daughter, arived this evening, and have taken rooms at Willard'n Intnl. Mr Meredith. tb* rumored Secretary of the Treasury, d*o arrived here tbls eve*.log. 'l'he Union of tbls morning is down upon the new inbinet like a thousand of brick, and ha* half flightmvd to death all there unfortunate deinooratlo offloaloldrrs, by it* declaration that the nest admtm-tra inn win he an ultra- proscrlptiv* one. judging from the nown character of at leant one of it* member* ? Tooj*b Kwmg Now, we would advise, In all klndceaa, be venerable editor to keep cool, and let hi* hair row. When prosorlptlo* I* begun, it will b* time nough for indignation articles. We do not bslieva bat an indiscriminate clearing oat of official* here le Ither Intended or will take place, though we are free > oonfeae our impression that all thoae gentlemen whe old office merely beoaune they are demejrat*. without ie iota of olaini aside of this cogent reaaon will, and >gbt tob? given leare of abeenue There are doaena official* here now. who are notoriously ina>mp*t-ut; od purely euoh men should not be retained, espmisl' when the olty la full of wry competent and very amoroua gentlemen of the true atrlpe Nothing will be done for California this sssiion?that i evtd nt. The llouee to night. b? a rota of 1U0 to 14, ptruck out the Senate amendment to the appronation bill, extending a government to our dxtant rriltory It is determined to bare the Wilmit prolan. and nothing but tba proviso, to any m?a*ura bleb la attempted for ths eatabll'hmeat of a governlent to that golden Und. rhe Sena'e, parhapa may gree to It; but tbe President, If It pa**** both boaaet, nil, of coorne give It Its quitiue at onoe. It 1* now hougbt, that In caae no bill 1* passed. tbe n-xt admlilatiatton will uphold General i'ersifer Smith'* miliary goTernment in preference to calling an ax ra eeeIon of Congrr**. Tuerelaa moat unfortunate preaIge about extra aepRlona, and their attendant extra xnenaea, and it will only be adopted as a dernier recrt. The grand Inauguration ball room, Judlolary square, ras lit up for tbe ttrat time to night, and prelected a plendid appearance When filled with the ' oongreated " beauty of the Union the coup d'atil will ha Dagoificent. * 1'be preparation* for th* grand ball, without diatinelon of Faity. to be held at Ja<k<on Hall, are a.aog ting n with great aplrlt There will aUo be a military ball at Caraai'a, on lonoay evening The weather throughout tbe we*k ha : be*n very wet nd disagreeable,and It la feared tbe sun will notahine n General Taylor upon the day he takes the <>ath xtibfully to admtnlater the government of tbe souatry tr the next four y-are. We tbtnk all auoh tears rcuiidlrsa. for It cannot be rea?onab y imaglued Old lol " will d'apley *uch had taste as not to be present at be Inaugniarion of " Old /aak " Notwithstanding that this has b?en deoidtdly tha oral day w* hare had thia week, raining ino-aaeotly he who* time, the I'reaid-nt eleot'a lev e was tn tr* lie wiled tod y than at any ptevlou* <oca?toa Crowds jf ladle* and gentlvmeD Contiouad to pour In fur several hour*. Tbe General stand* it eapuady-ti perfectly at home, and ba? a kind word for every one In lUSttoe to the Meaara Witlard, we may roeutloi that be Las expressed himself greatly pleased with th* aeiommodst.ona and attentions bestowed on him by the nortby bo*ta. Colonel Taylor, of Baltimore, (tbe General's brother.) and daughter, arrived in town to day, and hava giksu apartmeoia at Wniarda Mr Poia and family leave lb* White House t >-mtrow l'hey will atop at tbe Irving Hotel nil Tuesday t ornisg when tbey will leave for the South. aie.'Silaoltd by the Hou. Robt, J. Wa'kerand Major Graham, it present Register of the I'reaaury The Major, by tha ray, baa resigned bis offlos, aod retires to hie p aa'aios near Na b<ille, Tensea-ee. He la a gentleman if the old school and duilng hta official career beta, innoucted bis offio* with muoh ab ll .y. He leaves rlth the klr.dly rvgarca of ail wbo hava the plea ars f hie acquaintance, and the regret at parting wrteh i inseparable wh?r* esteem aod respaot are ooinblaetL WASUI.NOton, March 2, 1819?6 P. M. he Negro tyueit uoy?'the State of A fain to- laf. The atateot uflsirs to-day. in the cap tol, hasbeea ( interest extreme, and of importance paramount, 'he amendment of the Senate, moved by Mr. talker, ot Wisconsin, extending the revenue, tha Hid laws, the Indian laws, the navigation laws :c , us far as applicable to the new Territories Vest of th* Rio Grand* to the I'solfio, Is now bifocs d? rtouae, u an appendage to tea oiru aad dipiomaua ppioprlnlion bill. Tba negotiation* In tba Senate. in arranging tbla mendment. may daeer *a parting raraark. It a at laant* d by a Senator of tbe South, and at hit auggeetlen ettial Southern Sanatorr agreed to anient Mr Walkar, i jouDg man from Wl'ooniin, aa tha Northern man la .ropore It to tha 8rnata, In order to glaa it tbt oemilexion of a Northern idea Mr Koote, vir. Wartoett, md Mr. E>owne, warn among tha mott ludaatrloua In itla arrangement. > Tbe appuoatioa of tha amendment la mora extanetrn ban pttMa/acir. It would appear to be i'lnt ot all, tie icuipi r?ry dlaoretioat propueed. are to apply only o tba 'i'eiriiortee Weft of tba KtO tirauda, wmoa mount.) to a virtual aurtonder of tha two-third* of sew Mexico including Santa Ka, tha eaptiol, lying oaat it tbetiv>r to tbe State ol I'rxai T'ba amendment, btr. fore. in?ol??a the eeitlataent of tha boundary of saw In favor ot Taxaa, a* a preliminary prop>itten In tbe next p!aoe. the amendment, from tba extent f tbe (llraretlonaty pnw*r? conferred upon tba fraalent. pre auppoeaa that ibay will answer all tba eaia of rrttu ar leril onal government, and that ih?y may e continued until tailfii ma la competent for adinieloneeaState into tbe Union. It li auppoaed that, illb ?uoh tegiilaiione. tbe p?,t|so may be rhut off on be grtutid that tbe ex a.lng dWoruiloat tu ilv Bleedive will antwer all tba purpoee.n of a rerritorlal law, nil ibat a I eiriioiial bill will be aomparati'oiy eaey if defeat, einbra' log tba provlao. with toe regu.atom* f lllf amendment a r-aly in f >rae, wher?av, wuuool bin, the provlao migbt .'oice I'.eeil mrougt". at the neat mot, fri'ffa the tecereille* of the caea. Toe do*lgn of tbe amendment, therefore la to pror.da *uob diestatloi i ry power- for < auf- ruin ae in -ay ?i.iH >e for na lover o me lit until it liial ?e* t he aumii ted ?? a S ate. la wblob eot?iiiigene^. 'be adftileeloa or exoiii'toa a#

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