Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 5388. 1.1 et of Ai-ts Puisert, BIuInaTiru II* ran house of hit pr kskv tativcs at THE 2o SEtsHM* OF TH* 3UrH C9*(iNRrtl An act fi r the relief of loehua Barney U S ag?nt. An set for the relief of B. O Pavae. of Albany, N Y. An art forth* ret'ef of the oltlsens of Cednr Bluff, in the Stat# of Alabama, and for other pnroosee. Ad art to authorise Ihr judge of the eoart* of the United SI a' es of tha 6th circuit court to bold elrault eourt for the district of Kentucky. An act none* rnlng the selection of jurors In certain cuits of the United States. An act declaring Fort Covington. in the State of New York, to ho a port of delivery, and .for other parposes. An act to transfer the towns of Vinal Haven, North Tin ten. and Ilephnroiigh from the collection district of Penobscot to that of Belfast, in the State of Maine. An not. f.-r the relief of Joel Thacker An set to provide for the payment of horees and other property lost or destroyed in the military ecrviaa of tha United States * An act for tha reliaf of Mary O. Laveratt. An act for tha relief ot James Morehead. An act tor the relief of Major Charles Larrabee. An act for the relief of Cast. Alexander MnKwan An act for the reliaf of David Thomas of Philadelphia. An ant far t)>. wll.s .t i.*. p oh.... ..j .k_ legal lepreientatives of leaao (ir??n. An net for the relief of Dr. Adnlphua Wlsllsenus. An net fer the relief of Win. Uoi t. An set to authorise the coinage of S30 and fleMl pieces nt the Mint of the United State* and it* branch**. An act for the settlement of the elaims of New lla.npahlre against the United State*. An not tor the relief of Kiward Quints. An not for the relief of George Neeton. An net forth* relief of Robert Ramsay. An act for the relief of Kitsahetn S Cobb*. An net for the relief of Dauiel Rnhlneon. An not for the relief of Jesse Washington Jackson. An ant for the relief of Mre. Anne W. Angus. An ant for the relief of Rtlsibeth May*. An act for the relief of Nanny Tompkins An not for the relief of fames Glynn and others. An aet for the relief of fames II. Ceily. An aet for the relief of Jeeee Young. An aat for the relief of Stephen Chamnltn. ? An aet for the relief of William De Buys, lata postmaster at New Orleans. A n aet for the relief of William Fuller and Orlando Saltmarah. An aet for the relief of F.ather Russell. An aat for the relief of lleoben Perry andJThomas P. Ligon. An aet for the relief of the owners of the Spanish brig Reitaurador. An act for the relief of Anthony Beasee. An aet for the relief of O. K. de la Roche and Wo. P. 8 Sanger. An aet for the relief of Xllplia White. An ant for the relief of Hugh Riddle. An aet for tbe relief ot Thomas Badger. An eot for the relief of Arohibnld Bell and L. S. Finch. An aet for the relief of Noah A Phoiphe. An set for the relief of Uharles Waldr<?n. An aet far the relief of t'ol. Robert Wallace, aids-da amp to Gen. William Hull. An aet amendatory of the aot entitled ''An aet amen* detory of the aet entitled ' An ant to incorporate tue Provident Association of Clerks in the Civil Departments of tbe Government of the United States, in the DistTtot of Columbia." approved March 3, IMS. An aet for the rel<*f of James B. Davenport. |; An aet for the rellel of Klhha Thomason. An aot for the relief of James P. Sexton and Joshua Holden. An set to confirm Elizabeth Burriss, her heirs or assigns, in their title to a traet of land. An aet for the relief of Siraon Rodriguez. An aot for the relief of Marous Fulton Johnson. An aot supplemental to tbe aot approved the 8th day of July, 1842, entitled '' An act confirming oer tain land ol?lm? in Louisiana." An act for the rel1nf of Joaaph Bryan. An act for the relief of bb? heirs of William Evans. An aot for the relief of William Fuller and Char lea Savage. An act for the relief of John Percival, captain in the navy of the United State*. An aot granting a pension to John Morrison. An aot for tha relief of John llibbart. An aot for the relief of William Harding. An aot for the relief of Sarah D. Caldwell, wife of James H Brig ham. An aot for the relief of John B. Smith and Simeon Darden. An aot for the relief of A. C. Bryan and other. An aot for the relief of Capt. Dan Drake Henri*. An aot for the relief of Eliza A. Mellon. An aot to extend oertain privileges to the town of Whitehall, in the State of Nee York. An aot for the relief of Philip J. Fontane. An aot for the relief of Levi 11. Carson, and for other purposes. An aot for the relief of G. B. Cogswell. An aot for the relief of James Y. Smith. An aot granting a half section of land for the use of tebools within fractional townships, nineteen south of ranee eighteen west, oounty of Lowndes, State ef Mississippi. An aot to aid the State ot Louisiana in draining the swamp lands therein An aot to supply defloleneles In the appropriations for the service of the fiscal year eudiog June 30 1819. An aet te provide for carrying into exeantiou, in part, the twelfth article of the treaty with Mexioo, eoneluded at Guadalupe Hidalgo. An aot for the relief of Thomas T. damage. An aot making appropriations for the support ef the Military Academy for the year ending 30th June, 1860. An ac? making appropriations for the support of revolutionary and other pensions of the United States liar the year ending 30th June, 18S0. An aet making approprirttons for the payment of navy pensions for the year ending Jnae 30, I860. An aot for the relief or daisy Darby, of llandolph canty, and State of Georgia. Am aet for the relief of Charles Wilson. An act granting five years' half pay to certain widows and orphans of officers and non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates, both regulars and volunteer*. An aot to establish an additional land Office in the State ef Missouri. An aet for the relief of Solomon Davis. An aot la relation to the Fox end Wisconsin river reservation In the State of Wise-main. An aet lor the relief of Peter M. Grant. An aot for the relief of 8izur B. Caafield. An eat for the relief ef the legal representatives of Captain George It. Shoemaker. An aot to make arrangements for taking the seventh census. An aet for tha relief of Charles Banna. An act for the relief of James Norris, and for other purposes. An aot for the relief of Charles MeLane,*f Missouri. An eet for the relief of James Fugate. An aot for the relief of John J. Yenng, a commander In tb* navy ofthe United States. An aot for the relief of John Campbell. An act for tha relief of John Savage. An aet for the relief of Wm. H. Wllsen. An aot for the relief of Andrew Flanagan. An aet for the relief of Wm. P. Younge. An aet for the relief of Lowry Williams. An aat for the relief or Mary Bnek. An aot for the relief of Amelia CouviUier, of Louisiana. An aet for the relief of John W. Hoekett. An aet for the relief of H. Carrington, executor of Paulina L* Grand, deceased. An aet for the relief of Peter Shaffer. An aet for the relief of Polly Aldrieh. * An aet making appropriations for esrtain fsrtifioationa of the United States for the year otadlng the 3Q(b Jnne, IBM. An aet ffer the relief of Eve Bogga. An aet far the relief of Jaines if. Noble. An set fne Pstlief mf Harvav innsfi Am tot for the relief of Sitterlee rhurk. An set for the relief of Daniel Wilson. An net to sottlo the tlUo to certain tracts of lsnd in tb* Slats of Arkansas. An not to tatsl ttas net satUlad "on net supplemental to tho not for the admission of tho Status of Iowa and Florida Into the Union." An set to incorporate the Oak Hitl Cemetery in tho District of Colombia. An net for the relief of the President and Directors of the Union Bank of Florida. An act for the relief of Sidney Flower, of Louisiana, and for other purposes. An aet for the relief of John T. Ohl. An act for the relief of Manriee R Simmons. An aet for the relief of Catharine Clark. An aet for the relief of Polly Dameron, widow of Charles Dameron. deoeesed An aet to authorise the citizens of Ozark eonnty, of Mitsnurl, to enter less than a quarter section oi land few the seat of justice in said eonnty. Au aot making appropriations for the eerrioe of the Tost Offl -e Department for the year ending the SOth of June, 1850 An eet 1 or the relief of Samuel A Orler. An aet to provide for the settlement of the accounts Of public officers and others who may bars received moneys arising from military contributions, or otherwise, in Mexico. An aet to extend the provleiona of all laws new in three relating to the carriage of paeeengersln merchant weasels, and the regulation thereof. An aet requiring all mom ys receivable from customs nnd from all otber sources to ba paid Immediately into the tressury, without abatement or deduotion, and for other purposes. An aet toeetabllah the Home Department, and to Srovlde for the Treasury Department on Assistant ecretary of the Treasury aud u Commissioner of the Customs. An ant making appropriations for the support of the urmy f?r the year ending the SOth June. 1860. An aot making appropriations for the naval service Jhr the yeer ending the SOth June, 1850. An eet making appropriation! for the current and contingent expanses of the Indian Department, and fbr fulfilling treaty stipulations with the various Indian tribes for the year ending June 80. I860 An act making appropriations for the civil and dlplo matte expansee of government for the year andlng the BOth Jnae, 1850, and for other purposes. An aet to extend the revenue laws of the United ,, States over the territory nnd waters of Upper Callfornla. and to create a collection district ttaeteln. An aet deolaratory of the aet for the admission of lbs Mate ef Iowa Into the Union. An aet to extend the previeione of an aot. approved the third of Msrob, eighteen hundred and forty seven, fk?*>r]i?| Ute elect the existing eviajieoU with tfcs E NE MORI Males of Alabama and MivtiNlppi ?ith regard to [K? five prr cat tuud aud school reservation* An not to continue the tight at Samls i'olut, on Long Island. I An aot to amend an aet snttt.led "An aot fr an- , tbsnticatlng certain reoordi," approved February 2J, 1MB. An ar.t making aoproprlatlon for light-hone*. 11* t boat*. buoys io and providing far the creation and establishment of the same, and for other purp ism. I A > aot for the better organisation of the di<trlot i eonrtofthe United States, within tha Stats of Lout- < siana. j An aot oonceralng tha pay department of tha army. An aet to establish the collection diitrlot of lirtzoi da Santiago, in tha Stata of Texaa. and for other purpose*. An aot autboriaiog the payment af Interest upon ! tba ndvanaos mad? by tha Staie of Alabama for tha 1 oca of tha United States government in the aanprea- 1 ion of the Creek Indian hostilities in lS3ti and 1837, in Alabama. I An am to authorize the Secretary of War tnraika ( roparatioD for the killing of a Caddo boy by volunteer troop* in Texas An aot to authorize the Issuing of a register or oarolmeat of the ship Annie Telt. An set in addition to the aot entltlel " An aet to 1 inoorporate the Wanliington, Alexandria, and ( I town steam packet company ' ' I An aot. to cause the northern boundary line of the i State of Iowa to be rnn and marked. An ant to continue the oflloa of toe Commissioner of Pensions. 1 An aot to grant the right of way to tha Mobile and Oblo rail oad company. A n aot to provde for an ioare*** of the msd'csl I ' staff, and for an additional number of cbaplatas of tha ! I army of the U?ii*c States An not to (jptins tfin fWPIftH n f riiufehllit ?r ilia nrvast.l it at- I . on cei turn bidders tor mail o infract# ] An ant t^ grant to the Atlantic and Guf Railroad ( Compeny the right ol way through the public lands of the United Stales J An act 'or changing the location of the land offla# in 1 I the Ubipovwaw land district, and (??r?t>li <hiag an ad- 1 dltiuual U nd dietrlet in the State of Wisconsin. I An act for authenticating certain reoords I An tot to establish the territorial government of Mlnesota. j An act to carry into effeot certain stipulations of f Vi j j treaty between ibe United States <if t merlon Mt tho repub) c of Mexico, of the 2d day of February. IH48. 1 AU set to provide for tile float settlement of the ac- 1 oonnts of Abraham Edwards, register ot the land office * at Kalamazoo. Michigan I An act fi r the relief of Alexander Montgomery, cap- ? tain and assistant quartermaster of the army. t An aot fer the relief of Thomas W. China and others. I An act for the relief of James F Sothoron. An act for the relief of Peter Capetla. administrator 1 of Andrew Capella dereusrd arid for the relief of Joba 1 i.alio, and for ihe relit f of Eli^U Petty and Hannah I Petty, his wife, heirs of Jehn heardon. deoeased. An act for the r lief of James (J * arson. I An act for tbo relief of Henry D. Garrison. ] An aot for the relief sf the owners of the sohooner , Tleonio. An aot for the relief of P. Chontean, jr , and company. An act to provide for the final settlement of the ao- ' counts ct Tbomae C. Sheldon, late receiver of publio ' moneys at Kalamazoo. Michigan I An aot fcr the relief of Nebemlah Drnsh. I An aot for the rulbf of William L. Wigent. ' Ad act to allow subsistence to eertaln Arkansas and other volunteers who have been prisoners of war in { Mexloo. i An aot for tbe relief of William Hummer, exsoutor of Starkey Armistead, deceased. 1 An aet for the relief of James M. Scantland. 1 An net for the rvllef of James tiotshkiss An aot continuing the pension granted to Patrick i Walker. An act for the relief af Timothy Cavan. I An not tar tbe relief of Thomas Talbot and others. An aot to compensate John M. Moore. An aet for the relief of Mary Mae res widow of Lieut. Col. William Macrea, late of the United States Army, deceased. An aot for tbo relief of Jeanettc C. Huntington, widow nnd sole executrix of William 1). Cheever, deceased. An act fcr tbe relief of Creed Taylor. An aot for tbe relief of the forward offioers of the late exploring expedition. An aot for the relief of Joseph M. Caldwell. An aot for the relief af Thomas Bougies, late U nlted States Attorney for East Florida A aot to provide for the settlement of the elala of Henry Washington, late a deputy surveyor of the public lends in Florid*. ' i A* act for the relief of George Center. | A* act for the relief of the heirs of Jean F. Perry, < J oat ah Bleakley, Nicbohwt Oimt, and Robert Morrison. An *at granting peaelen to Bethia* Healj, widow of George Healy, decerned 1 An aot to relinquish the reversionary interest of the ' United Statee in a certain Indian reservation in th* 1 State of Alabama. j Joint resolution, granting to the 8eeretary of the i Trea?nry further time to make tbe report concerning \ the sale and entry of certain lands in Cincinnati. Joint resolution relative to evidence In applioatbn* . for poLslons by widows of deceased soldiers, under the aot of July 81st. 1848 Joint resolution for the relief of George R. Smith. f Joint resolution for the purohase of oopies of the I General Navy Register and Law#. I Joint resolution concerning the settlement of the t accounts of Win. Speldrn, purser in the navy ot the I United States. Joint resolution lor the relief of J. Melville GilUss and others. , Joint resolution authorizing a settlement of the so- j counts of Thomas M Howe, late pension egent at Pitts* 1 burg.upon equitable principles. t Joint resolution for the relief of John B. Nevltt, of 1 Adams county, Mississippi. I Joint resolution for the relief of H M. Barny. I Joint resolution for the distribution of the Official ( Register or Blue Book among the several States. Joint resolution authorising the Secretary of tbe ? Seriate and Clerk of the Hours of Representative* to 1 subscribe for l orn) oopies of a further pnblicatioo of ? the debates and proceedings of Congress, and fur j other purposes. i Join-resolution for tbe relief of the purser* in tbe t navy as to expenditures made in pursuanoe of orders r during the war with Mexico. j Joint resolution directing that the government of Russia be supplied with certain volumes of the Narrative of the F.xploring Expedition, in lien of those wblch were lost at sea. A resolution for tVe appointment of regents in the f Smithsonian Institution. I A resolution relating to tbe compensation of persons appointed to deliver the votes for President and Vise c President of the United States to the President ef the c Senate. . A resolution authorizing the Secretary of War to furnish aims and ammunition to persona emigrating * to tbe Territories of Oregon, California, and New 1 Mexleo A resolution to authorize tbe Secretary of the Trea- r nry to make an equitable settlement with the sureties of Robert T. Lytic, late Surveyor General ef the die- f txlet of Oblo. , A resolution to defray tbe expenses of certain Chip- . pewa Indians and their Interpreter. A revolution to flx tbe meaning of the second section ot an aot for changing the location of the land office 1 in tbe Chippewa land distrlot, and establishing an ad- < ditirnal land district in the State of Wisconsin. A resolution relative to the public printing. t A resolution respecting the claims of A. 0. and A. t W. Benson. ? The BUI Relating to California. J An Act to extend the reveaue laws of the United States ! J over the territory end wetera of l/pper California, 1 and to create a eolleotion diatriot therein. Be it enacted by the Senate and ilouae of Repreaen- a tatives of the United Statoa of America in Congress assembled, That the rarenne laws *f the l'nlt?d S-ates be and are hereby extended te and over the main land andwatera of all that portion of territory, ceded tb the United Stater by the ' treaty of paaoe, friendship, and limlta, between the United Statoa of America and the Mezioun Republic." conoladed on the 2d day of February. in the year 1M8. heretofore deaignated and known aa Upper California. fieo 2 And be it tuitheeenaeted. That all the porta, bar bora. baya. rivers. and water* of the main land or the territory of Upper California, ahaU eonatitnte n collection diatriot, by the name ef Upper California, and a port of entry shall be and la hereby eetabltehed for raid diatriot at San Kraootaoo. on tbo bay of San Fiancleno ; and a oeMeotor of tha ouetom* shall eo appointed by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and oonaant of tha Senate, to reside nt said port of entry. See 8 Ana be it furmer enacted, That porta of dolirery shall be and are hereby established In the eolleotion diatriot aforeeald. at San Diego, Monterey, and at soma convenient point within the territory of the United States, to be selected by tha Secretary of tho Treasury, aa naar aa may bo to the junction of the rivera Oils and Colorado, at the head of the Onlf of Calttornie. And the eolleetor of said diatriot of California ia hereby authorized to appoint, with tha approbation of the Secretary of the Treasury. three deputy collector!, to be stationed at the porta of delivery aforesaid. See 4. And be it farther enacted, That tha eolleetor of said diatriot shall be allowed a compensation of $1 6(io per annum, and the fees and oommlselons allowed by law; and the said deputy collector! shall eaoh ho allowed a compensation of one thousand dollars per annum, and the fsea nnd ootamieeione allowed by law. 8eo. 6 And belt further enacted. That, until otherwise provided by law, all violations of the revenue laws of the United States, committed within the disfalct of Upper California, shall be preeeoutad in the diatriot of eonrt of Louisiana, or the supreme court of Oregon, which oonrte shall have original jurisdiction, and may take oogulsanee of all eases arising under tha revenue law? in the said diatriot of Upper California, and ahaU proceed therein In the same manner and with the like " u?'1 oddee had arisen within the dietriet o* territory where the prosecution shall be brought. gee. <J. And be It further enacted, That thie sot shall take effect from and after the 10th day ef Maroh next. Swoho TO Gkn. Snrzt.Ds ?Gen. Shields has sent a letter to Gov. Seabrook, of South Carolina, | acknowledging the reception of the sword voted < iuai Ipy Ute Legieltfuio o< that W YO NliNG EDITION?WED The (JUim or the TUIrtlrtli rnnvrcal. (Kiom the National Intelligencer] The Its. day's sitting of the roeoud session ?f the Thntieth t'ongress was extend -d, with the exception of a brief recess ot an hour or so, from eleven o'clock on Saturday morning until sunuae yceterduy morning. In the preceding columns will be found a lint of the Acta patted during the eesstou, believed to be entirtly correct, but in which, ll nuy error be discovert d, it wjll be noticed and corrected tu tomorrow'* paper. From thin list it will be perceived that all the annual appropriation bills have become law., though, mh we had foreseen, not without severe conflict, as well in the committee* ol conference as in the two lion es, in w.iich more excitement and uopleanunt feeling were nuuiferfted than his, perhupe, evtr bt lore been wiiaesseu at the close ol a seenon. We do not d' t-cend to particulars, which cuii be but ol minor anri transient interest to our readers. It is peihups enough to suv, that the heats sod heart-burnings of the evening, the night, ftgrl the morning, were chiefly the frutiB of the c ?litest between th<- two houses, in relation to tu-* several propositions rdhtive to the governmei.t of ihe p-cviocrs lately Nct|nired from Mexico. I'ne general impropriation bill wis baiely saved, ut the latest moment, through ?hts persevering -ml lialiiotic eli'mls of those gentlemen in both h'iu*es who wrie not willing to see the wheels of the government Btopped <>>r at leaet imne()e<l) hy wiihholding the supplies necessary to keep them in mo1MB. f-uch was yeMerdny the complete exhaustion, as well 11 the oflicers of the two lioutes as oi o if re potters, that it has been impossible for us to offer 10 our readers to-duy anything like a regular ret?oit of the proceedings in eithei house during the titling ot Saturday. We must content ourselves, therefore, with stating the results of the most ioi[Mu tHtit questions left lor final decision on that day, js follows:? 1 No lull was passed providing a government for either of theterntioriesof New Mexico orGaJtrorma. These measures fell through liont the liability of the two houses to concur in any propositions fm the purpose. At the lust moment, hnwrver, a bill liom the House was taken uo and { mussed by the Senate, and has become a law, for xienditig the levenue lawB of the United States ;o those territories. 2 The bill to establish the Home |Departineat ihs become a la.w, having passed the Senate alter x long, arduous, and rather stormy debate; and a tew and valuable department has than been added i :o the government. 3 The bill tor creating a territorial government j n Minesofu hns also become a law, the House ot , Representatives having receded from its amend- i lie lit proposing to postpone the operation ot the I till to the 10th ot this mouth. 4 A bill wns passed in reference to the next ] rexsus, directing the. heads et some ot the depart- | tnenis and the A'torney General to prepare and leport nt the next session ot Congress u bill to au- i thorize the taking ot the seventh census oi the | United States. Much business of a miscellaneous character was transacted; and, after having disposed of the civd ai d diplomatic appropriation bill, the Senate, at about six o'clock in the inornmg, went into executive session, when Mr. Seuutor Hanuegan, of Indiana, was nominated by the Presideut, and confirmed by the Senate, to be Minister ot the United States to Berlin. From Texas ?The steamship Palmptto, Capt. smith, arrived yesterday from Galveston We hnve paints ftoni that city to the 22d by her, but ind little in them to copy. Oh the night of the 2(*n a fire broke out in th? t*am corn null of Kichard Jones, on Post Office itreet, which in n very short time destroyed the ntire building, it was but recently erected, and ;o?t about $1,200. Mr. Jones, the only sufferer, ost his all. The steamer Far.ny, which arrived at Lavaca >n the 21st instant, had on board a ?ompstiy of California emigrants, lumbering forty, under Capt. Walter Harvey, ot Georgia. They were armed j ind equipped with the exception ot mules and , torses, which they intended purchasing at Corpus ! Christi. The company from San Antonio, for the gold I region, will start between the middle of JMircli I tnd the first of April. Major Chevallie declines he oommand oi the expedition. A large company I also organizing in Victoria, to start about the tame time. One gentleman in San Antonio in ii/la takinff hta ivitp nlnfitr until Kim tn Gen Worth, it is thought, will leave San Anonio tor the Paea about tne l&t of Nxay. A paper entitled the " ffVtyan /fanner" will ihortly be published in Houston. This pajier will >e the exponent ol the Methodiat sect in this State, ind will be edited by the Rev. Chauneey R Ichard'on, a gentlemaD eminent as a divine, and favora>ly known (throughout that community.?N. O. Delta, Feb. 25. We mentioned some weeks since that the French colonists who settled in the Cross Timbers set year, had become discouraged, and were about ;o return to France. It appears, however, that mother colony, with more ample means, and of superior numbers, is soon to succeed them. It is stated that the third pioneer division of the Icarian lolony, under the guidance of M. Mazet, has darted from Havre for the colony in Texas. The sext division was to follow them in October. This :rmpany will be under the direction of M. Pepin, ["he colonists are well supplied with fire arms, provisions, dec., and will take with them a quan ity if grain, garden seeds, and agricultural ltnplenents. Thev will also bring some choice shepteid dogs. We infer from this that th?y intend to ngsge in raising sheep.?N. O Ortttenl, F\:b. 21. Mexican News?From the New Orleans Piay\tne, ot the 23d and 24th, we gather the foJlowng, its Vera Ciuz dates being to the 16th:? A large party ot Americans for California, set iut Irom Vera Cruz about the 6th ins'., to cross the ountry to Mazatlan. They numbered about 100, irmed to the teeth. Similar parties have since folowed, and are following. Apparently, no oflence s taken at their presence. There is sstd to he no difliulty in finding shipping it Mszatlan for California. We leHrn, verbally, that the proposed Mexican a riff is likely to pass Congress with important inolifications, to some of which the Minister of Filance is strongly opposed. The Monitor nns details of successes gamed on he 29th June, by Gen. Ursga over the insurgents >f Sierra Gordo. The same pa|>er, of the 10th Feb., mentions the irrest of several soldiers of she National Guard, :rying, " Viva el General Santa Anna!-' There ire various indications of a feeling in favor of the x-President, but the government is rigorous in its nensureB against individuals and papers in his merest. t A letter from the Pope, detailing his trials and filictions, addressed to the P.esident of Mexico, las been read in Congress, where it produced a ively sensation. From Hai.ifax.?The British brig Halifax ar lved at this port yesterdRy, in 412 hours passage I rem Halifax. Papers brought by her contain bo J lews of special interest in this quarter A destrnclve fire occurred on the night or the 28ih ult . dea- | roying a block of four buildings in Lower Water i treet, and rendering house lets from twenty to j hirty families. The small pox is said to be rife it Yarmouth, N. S. Dozens of patients are now 1 lufiering from its effects. The Hal fax papers | itste that the steamship Niagara, hence tor Liver100I, which arrived on the 23d, had encountered nuch ice off the port. It extended, in fields, 80 niles E. of Capo Sable. A brig was in the ice 2-ltb, tO miles outside of Halifax. So mieh ice, it is ?id, has not been known within the memory of ho present inhabitants.?Button Journal, Mar. 8 Public Land Salss ?The late President anloiaud the 4th day of J une next, as the day of sale ?t pvbhc lands, at the offices of Sault St. Marie, md Ionia, Mien ; Tall of St. Croix and Mineral Point, Wis.; and Fairfield, Ind. He has also ipxuited sales at Sault gt. Mane, Mineral Point, md Dubuque, on the 18ih of June. On the 3d day if September, the mineral lands between Lake Superior and Montreal river, and oa Isle Royale, Idish., at Sault St. Marie, and on tho same day at St. Croix, the mineral lands of Wisconsin, on tho It. Crow sad Mississippi rivoro. Sraiotrs Defalcation?To prevent exaggerated statements, it is proper to say that a defalcation lao occurred in the funds of the James River and Kanawha Company, to the amount of about (11,810. We are pained to hear, as we are sure he community will be, that both the lato President ind the Secretary are involved in it. The latter ia> fled?the foimer is in hisgrave. It is believed, lowever, that the estate of Mr. Chittenden will he luffieient to meet the amount. Inquiry hua been nade at the office of tho company, and we Hud that the directors, since the session on Friday rvenlng, have been diligently engaged in investigating the accounts, and can discover no other delegation than $11,162 ? Richmond (K?.) fPAig, Fib. 20. (t rk i NESDAY MABCH 7, 1 Supreme Onnrt.?i?nfr?.l Term Before Justices Jonss, Harlbutaad Kdm-">n?l*. m?kch 8 - In the Mailer at Optmn* the Blonm'nfdalt Rood from the Seventh jivenne to the Tenth desiltl' ? The reecrt of the t"noimt?#ion?ra of Ks'irnate and Assessment la the above entitled matter -?an presented to the court for onolrmatloB Counsel having app-> ar d to oppose the same. It was ordered to stand over until Thursday next.

The following order was then entered on the minute#:?Ordered. Thet the oonrt will, on the second Tbiireda; in term, bear any cause* en the calendar. In which the ques'inos have already h? -u d?cld>< by this ecort or th? oonrt of appeals; and a notice of four days shall be siren of the intention to more such causes, aud of the oasrs in whinh suoh question* eh til have been decided Pause number 1 on th calendar was then taken op and is now under argument. No more rhau thirty causes psr day during the term will he called. Superior Court. Prefect, the Chief Justice. Justices Vanderpoel and 8?uford. ffancN 6 - Present?The t h sf Justloc, Judges Vail derroel and S*ndinrd The v'arch term of tola court cotnmen <sd to-day. arguments ouly will be beard during the trrm. Mssch rt ?The argument calendar was called, and the cause of Brady or the Mayor <fv. of ti. Y., taken upanu .8 uuJt-r aratiment Circuit Court. Before Juatlce K J wards; March 0.? After the court war Opened, hie Honor proceeded to call tbe calendar, but ao cause being ready, the court wan adjourned Wupit iiir Court?<i|*s-cl>il I'ttrni, b?-(or? Juetlne Jones Dilutee.? K, !, 7'twiisrml vi. P. Townteiiil ? Divorce a viuculv mul' iimmii. CENKKAT. TERM. Before Juetlorie Jones Hurlbut. and Edmonds. Ma Hi i< 6.? Tbe March term of the oourt opaned to- ! day Motions net* in order, and cnnup'ad the entries day In the matter ot opening Eleventh etr>et a motion was made to confirm thecommissioners' report After eoroe discussion between oount.el ou b.rth ai lea, it war allowed to ?tarid oyer Tba examination of applioaptc for adnrlaalnn to practice *? atturuevs fcc of the courts of tbii State, will take ptsoe on Thursday. the Hob instant. In the court room, at ft o'el ok, P. M. Examiners?Messrs Cootran Litchfield and Liv Livingston. Theru art four hundred and twenty eanaea on the calendar. common I'liriM?8|i?<-imI Term, B? tore Judge Inirraharu. De< t'jiofiv ? Billing) ye. II ijt ? Judgment for plaintiff and decree for rale of mortgared premises, and distribution ef prooeeda. Franklin ye MoCarthy? Or dered that it be referred to Philo T. Ilu/gles, E?q , to take proof of faata The lleotor. fee., of Trinity Church ya Bogart and another?Referred to Murray H 'lf uiato take proof of facta. KeMer and another vs. Oraha-n ? Ordered that pWlutifls beat liberty to bring an action upon the j'ldgmei-t agalmit defendant, or that an issue to try the validity of the dieoharge In benkrup;oy mentioned in plaintiff ' affidavit be dtreoted S Buckinod. by hi> next friend, ya. C I'opa - Ordered that Isaac Brumby ba appointed guardian of plaintiff pending thir auit Leraone ye. r.euden and wife Ordered that reference be granted tiaiplu and another ya. Richmond and othera-Judgment for plaintiff on demurrer aa frivnlooa Vanderpoot ya. 'Carbon, et al ? Judgment for defendant on demurrer, with $12 ooets. Barnum ya. Barnttm-- Divorce a vinculo matrimonii. Common Plena?Ucneru.1 Term. Before Judge Ulshoeffef. jn>y?> tivyt va ituvci ci Ul.? I UiniD All ItCblOIl en a promissory note for $1,500. The note w-n mule by Jume* Jones & t'o.. anrl endorsed by defendant. It was given by Jumes Jones Ik Co. to a pm son named MoMillan. To raise money on it VIcMtitan passed it to a wan named Biirrell, and from hi-n It o?m? into the hands of the plaintiff The d fenoe is, tbat neither James Jones It Co. or the defendant received any consideration for it. an d that it was applied to purposes other tbnnthoee for wh I oh it was given. Adjourned to to-inorraw (this) morning. Mince 6. - The March term of this court commenced to day, for the trial of records Two courts will be held; Judge Daly presides in (he first part, and Judge Ulshotffer in the second. A trial for slander, in which a person named Claughly was plaintiff and a man named Fly on was drfeudaut, eatue on before Judge Ulshoeifcr It arose eut of an election squabble in the Eighteenth ward The drfcndant charged the plaintiff with having thrown a hsadfuliot ballots into the ballot bos plaintiff being at the time an inspector of i elections. It did not upbear tbat defendant charged him with doing so while in?peotor of the charter election. primary elections. Tbs tatter) not being recognised bv law, the words were not actionable. The case resulted in a verdiot for the defendant. (Jeuernl Session*. Before Judge Daley, sad Aid. Doming and Stevens. Miles 5 ?This Conrt met for the despatch of business, but in consequence of there not bdnga sufficient number of grand jurors present to form a quorum, adjourned till 11 o'clock to morrow. The following ! a llet of the offences sst forth In the calender? Murder. 1; rape,2; robbery, 4; assaults. 2; forgery, 1; hmglary, D, grand latceny. 6; receiving stolen goods, 1; obtaining goods by false pretences, 1; misdemeanor. 1; indictments, 12; abandonments, 6; bastardy, 2?Tstal 40. Thin court sat yesterday, wben the following gentlemen were swrn as Uand Jurors:? James Brooks, (foreman.) Isaao Foster, Albert Uannsev, John W. Howe, George Marshall, Bertrand MoOufre, John Mci.ean, John 11. Herrick. Stephen Maribing John M. Seaman, Lyman Taylor, ( buries Wright, William M. Witraoutb, Henry F.. Iloyt, Stephen Valentine, George D. Haydock Edward M. Day. Thomas M. Small, and Henry S. Mitchell. His Honor then addressed them in a most eloquent strata His charge was tha production of a learned, an acute and an elegaut mind. He said It become the Court, on the emoannelilng of a Grand Jury, to instruct them upon the nature of their duties, and to oall their attention to those statutes which the Legislature bad thought proper in ite wisdom te pass. Their duties were threefold; they might be classed under three heads. First, they might prooeed by indictments: secondly, by presentment, where an offence had been committed by some person unknown; and lastly,the making a prereatinent relating to the public Interests and ofwtiieh the public authorities should be made aware. It was neoessaiy to the finding of a true billl that twelve of their body should agree; bnt if tbat member should not agree, then the bill was not found. Inthatcase, it might bo returned to tbe District Attorney, who mlgbt perbvpe submit it to the consideration of another Grand Jury; but It would not be laid before them again. There we e tbree bill* for capital offences. and an unusually large number at a single term of the Grand Jury. One of thera was agai net Wood, for poisoning hie wife; the other againet Pierce, for the murder of the street musician. It wan proper that he should call their attention to that branch of their duty, la 1 nrestfyatina those cases, they might seek the advice of the District Attorney, or ot the Court. His Honor then read the words of the statute defining murder, and showing wherein it differed from manslaughter. It was, said his Honor, of consequenoe that they should go into those cams as soon at possible, as the Court of Oyer and Terminer wa then in session. The second bianch of their duty was, where they proceeded by presentment. To that he was more anxious to call their pariioular attention. Where any matter originated with < bemeeives, that was a presentment; but when the case had gone through a preliminary stage before a magistrate, then the mode o proceeding was by indistment The Grand Jnry might present an individual for t'-.e commission of an ffenoe within their own knowledge, but that privilege should be exercised with great care and caution, because It was divested of thoee safeguards which the law bad devised fir the protection of Individuate from unfounded aoousstlon. The accused, when before a magistrate, had greater advantages. There he wae before hie accuser, aad it wae the duty of the magistrate to reduce the accusation to wrltli?7, and to Instruct htm as to not committing himself But before the < irand Jury these privileges were in a great degree dispensed with. Ihey acted upon experts statements, whlsh might snt\)eet an individual to a severe accusation, and to all tbe painful oonseqnences of a public trial. Grand jurors, without saying any thing disparaging to them, bad not the practical knowledge whioh magistrates possessed. They were not acquainted with the rales of evidenee, nor were they so expert and skilful In sifting the truth, er In the application of thoee tests which experience had taught and sanctioned. It womld be both wise and prudent not te exerelse the power of presentment, except In epeelai eases, to be determined by the exercise of a sound discretion The magistrate sat in public; what he did everybody knew; It was spread far aad wide by the public pres<; aad there was no epportunity, evsn if tbe disposition existed, for eorrnptlen, unfairness, or Impartiality.? The magistrates were elected by the people, and, therefore, their responsibility was eahaaaed by the nature of tbe tenure of tbeir ofhee Tbe law wae tender of tiie reputation as well ae the liberty of the eltissn.and it woald not unnecessarily or unjustifiably expose him to the edlum of a public trial In this community, the rights and Immunities of Individuals weie so clearly detned by charters and lunnm< reb'e statutes, tbe laws, feeliags, and political action tending to the devising of means for their nreservatlsn, that there wae no ground for apprehending that they would be abridged or trenched open in aay way. The last branch of thMr duty was of so comprehensive a character that it wae somewhat difficult to define It. It wae not regulated by any vlatnte, but rested on usage The power exerted by the Giand Jury grew oat at the lustitnUoa Itself. It was an aneient one. and had Its origin at a remote period of tbe history of F.ngHsh law. His Honor then went Into an elaborate acoount of the origin of graod Juries, of the Introduction of the feudal system by the Normans Into V.ngland; shewing Its despotic effects upon a people whose political condition, previous to that time, was comparatively free. It was their duty to enquire whether any violations of the lot ery law have taken plane. Tbsfieelllng of tickets, or advents leg 01 insurtug them was a misdemeanor, men the arury law* claimed their atteattoa. No greater sum tbau seven per cent wae allowed by law, tbe viclatlo'i of which wer alsoa miedemeaa >r. There was another subject which wa? entitled to tbe bigh-st eoa*td-r?tlen from ih?ro. vi? ; the -lection laws No bine was te vnio*e*t, aaeii noOueg of aespvr oeussqa* use, utaa ' fEHA 849. : tbe purity of tbe elective franchise. upon which was ! baaed tbe national honor Sometimes. In tbe oourse t H?-roe party s'rtfe, thee barriers tons* ca'eguardfl bleb the Legislature had erected, were throw n down; but no part of ?h?ir dn y >?? more anxiously regardsd by tbe public tban that which rendered It Imperative upon them to pio-erve <uraot, and In all Its puri'J [ and integrity, that mighty privll- go. the elective : ehi?e. by tbo exemplary puuishm-nt of those who would abuse It The violation of tne tire law was also a subject of moment The duty of firemen was a voluntary one; but the law had set a proper estlm ite ou I the lives of those adventuious men who, lu their x-ul for tbe public service, fell Into those flames which they had endeavored to extinguish They tne Uraad lury, j shculil see that law. with rssppot to the propsr think- 1 ness of the wall* waob'.yet 1 n many instances, wnere tbe building bad not been erected with suffloieot strength tbe most meleuoboly results were experienced by the fltenien. The Legislature had devinsd it Us 1 duty to prohibit, within certain limits, the erve'ton of | wi odeo bulldlrgs; but' his metropolis had Increased in i Importance so repidiy that these limits had been oxU oded to a nmoh grester degree. It should not be forgotten that tbe Legirlsi lire had prodded punlshmoat lor esses where the buildings were of brick, but the walls of which were at of the dime neons prescribed bv the law. Tie bad addressed them at greater length tban b* bad intended; but be was anxious to shew , tb< m tbe dietlucMou between an indictment and a pre ' sentment, the latter of wbleh should not be bad re- ; course to. except in extreme cases, to be, as be had al< 1 ready ssld. determined bf around discretion The Greed Jury then retired t? tt??ir room, after . which the Court w?? adjourned until Thursday morning, at li o'oiock Court of Ppeclal .Sessions. This C'ouit held tin usual silting yestsrdsv. The I ease? were made up or pout larceutes, whioh, generally ap*ek)og. were ot *u unlets! siting character there wa* one or two however, which w* shall mention An elderly man. named Brady, was charged with ateallng a pair of paDteioi'D* 01 the value of four dollars I Her* waa auother proof of the dreadful agency of rum which po unerringly clave ita victim* The accused pleaded gulliy, but said he was nit >xtc ited at the time. He w?? co orazy a* not to Know what h? was doing With afaltertug voice, he elated the', he had been a tre'ehmun In Albany (?e we utnJ-r?tood) for eixteeu yeaie. nod up to ' h* time In (jueition his character waa eielnleae He had a wife and three ohildren la the State of Gonneotiout aud if ha waa t rgtven be would not remain In the city half an hour. His recital caueed a cen-atioa The Court found him guilty, but mrrnlfully euepended htntence. The unfortunate mutt bowed reepeotfully ue he retired, and seemed deeply > grail tied for tbe narrow escape he had had from a cell. , Surely, it will he a lesson to mm for the remainder of bie daye aDd Induce him to make a holy reiolve to dash forever from his feveied llpi the liquid tire wbieh had , reduced blm to the disgraceful p iclcion ot a oouvicted , felon It la to be honed that others will take warning i from blm. A miserable dejeated looking female, named Catharine Speeh. wee charged with stealing a hat A* r;,e stood at the bar. her eunken ?ye her pallid cheek, and her ragged garment*, rendered her an object of deep comniipeeration Tbe convulsive bearings of her bosoui. sou t'ie workiug ot her features, showed what waa go'ng on wlrhin >H*r "iniad was racked by donbt. hope, and fear." Her anxiety to learn bar fate was overpowering, and she trembled as she awaited tbe i flat of justice The prosecutor was called, but he did not appear, and thus the poor creature was saved. I This Court is not. most assuredly, tb* place to see the bright side of poor human nature* It Is a melan- I oboly evidence of the lax state of morals of a certain i class In this great city. Tbe part assigned for tbe no- i eomm? datton of the prisoners presented, yesterday, a thronged appearance hoys, aud old men, and eg <d women, maids and matrons, white and oiiored people, wers mixed together,andformed a very glonmy spectacle. Some appeared to he case-hardened, aud lost to every sense of shame; others tbe unwilling accomplices of crime. There were some who seemed to feel their disgrace, upon whose countenances vice had not as yet, set its broad, and irrevocable seal. All this was painfui to witness The gentleman who Alls the Important office of Judge, would endiavor to llnd ont, in the cases ot the nubs; py creatures brought before him *ome extenuating circumstance thai, weuld justify him In I returning them to society, which. In the language of i owper had " shaken her enoutnbered lap, and thrown I them out ? Some eases there were in whiah he could ' and did exercise bi? humanity? a noble yuallty In the ! character of a judge But there were others to whose teartnl appeals he could not respond. With them the I law took Its course. Court Calendar?'J 111* Day. CixcfiT Coiht-26. 26. 28. 20. 30, 31,32.33,34, 86, 36, 87. 88. 89. 40, 41, 42. 43. 44, 46 Cowuo* ri EAt-Jst Part?11, 31, 86. 80, 41. 43. 46, 47, 40, 61, 63. 2d Tart-26. 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 60, 62, 64, 58,60. Common Council. Boasd e* Aldxumch. Maroh 6. ? The Board of Aldermen met at 5 o'elook en Monday. The President, Alderman franklin, In the ehair, and a quorum of members preeent. The minutes of the preoeding meeting were read and approved. J'tiiiiuw.- Quite a number ef petitions were present ed, and referred to appropriate committees. Jf uyor'i Vrto.?The Mayor baa re toad the bill providing lor application to the Legislature for privilege to bbild a bulkhead from Dej to Veaey street, In the North Hirer, and to build a new market to l>e need Instead of the present Washington market. The communication was oidered on file. Reports of Cummiiltti ? Thejoint committee on Fire Department reported in fever of pnrohaslng a lot in 224 street, between 1st and 2d avenue, for the purpose of building a tower for a Ore alarm bell, providing that they can be bought for $1,100. Reportaooepted, and the resolution adopted. Same committee reported in favor of granting to engine company number 11, $00, for loes sustained them in burning of their engine house In 1847. Tax fur 1810.? A communication was received from the Committee on Finance and Comptroller, making known the amounts of money require d tor the expenses of the olty for ths year 1840, accompanied by the draft of an eet to enable the supervisor! of the county to raise the meney by tax. Reports from Committee on Lamps and Gas, were received and approved The retnrn of the Chief Engineer for the month ef February was received and ordered on file. The City Inspector's report was received; also that ef Alms House Commissioner. Ordered to be printed. The Aldermen went to tea at 7 o'olook, and res a mod business at 8. The committee on the snbjeot of restoring the free system to the offices of Register and County Clerk, was read. It in adverse to restoring the fees, instead of a stated salary. The report was adopted in the Board of Assistants, and this Board oonourred. Dr Seeley's bill, amounting to *10, for visits paid to persons in the 12th ward station hones, and elsewhere in the 12cb watd, was presented, having passed the Board of Assistants. Mote time was occupied, and more gas burned while the matter was in debate, than the $10 would pay for. Superintendent of Whtrvtt and Piers.?The appointment of Geo. Paulding to the office of Superintendent of Wharves, Piers, ho.. passed in the Buard of Assistants, was concurred In. Heioluiioni ? A resolution passed both boards, providing for the application to the Legislature, for a restoration to the oity treasury, (instead of the treasury of the State) of the auction duties levied on goeds sold by auction in this city. Aid. CseLius off-red a resolution, providing for the coiifirnciiuu vi a deuib wwk iiuui ?u? nan pivpnt to the old e'ms bouse, or new Cltj Hell, so an to afford a convenient passage Oram one building to the other. Aid. Dwom**t elated that the Crotoa water pipee were laid aid prepared for a jet to a fountain, whioh wou:d be Intetfered with by thia walk. Thereaolatlon wae withdrawn. A vote of thanks was passed to the Hon. F A. Tallmsdge, member of Congress fiom this eity. fir his advocating in Congress the passage of a bill to establish a Branch Mint m this city. The extension of William street from Spruce to Chatham street, Is to be sailed " North William street." A resolution was adopted in this Board, providing for Inquiring into tbe proposed bridging of (,*k* < namplain, and if said bridging would bnve tbe effect to divert travel, and the cari iege of freight froai its present coarse to this city, and rend it to Boston, tben all I honorable means are to be used to prevent the ecoornplshm> nt of the project of brt iging said lake. The Board adjourned to meet next Monday oranlng at 60'dock. Board ok Aaiiitasts ?March />.? Cirtululitn ?f (He Daily Pa pert.?Whereas, it has been a source of great complaint by the owners of property in the etly, to the eff?e'. tbat they not properly notified of proposed Improvements, or of the proceedings of the Common Council; Whereas, by the action of both Boards,the advertisements for objections to contracts are.published in but tw - papers which seldom find their way to one-tenth of ' propet 1 y owners; Whereas, a great proportion of the oontraets are given ont. and the work progreeelng before one-half of tbe owners are aware of any sneh improvement, and then it ie too late to hand Into the Street Commissioner's cffloe tbe < bjectlon or approval, and? Whereas, there at# otbere papers of as large or larger circulation, and which are dally read by a large majority of three interested In real estate ; and Wbeteas. also, a good and faithful person should be appointed by tbe Common Council, whose duty ehould be to notitj the owners (by'printed notice) ef all and every proposed Improvement Involving an assessment, Immediately upon its peas-ge. or reference, and whose ealary sheuid be fixed by the Common Coanell; Therefore Resolved that it ba referred to a special committee of three from ibis board, to ascertain and refiort as eoen as possible two papers that have the argest etreutatlon in tbe el'.y : and also what will ba the probable eoet for printing the proceedings In full for each ward and all advertisements for contracts, ho : and nlto for the appointment of n person whose duty It ehnll be to notify owners of Drote-rty ofiatendvdor contemplated liapruvessenu prier to the time of final notion thereon by either bostd, adopted 1 he above preambles and resolutions wsro offered by Assistant tldertnan -Ulerton of the tllghieenth ward ferf/fewt.? Of John Nettoa. lesse of Peek 8Mb, to have rente excavated to Its proper depth Referred Tbat 81st street from l.exiogton to the Brd avenue, me v l? twmed'ately regulated, and the curbaad gutter ion* set. t LD. TWO CENTS. I Report' *1d <ptri ? Of the Omm't.tse on l.amm In I fnvor of lighting the 7th awoue brtwssn Uresnwteb I an! ."J i strsets with gas Of Committee ob "it'aets wl*h re">luUoa? and OTdl- I nance, to Ireguia'e kd5th street bet seen Second and I I.?xingtf n armue I Or same f'ommittee In favor of. concurring In the I res'lnfirp of the Rcard of t'Hwtim 'or 1.(3(114 aide I walk* or Jefferson strtetfrom Cherry te South street. I Of**me Committee recommend!* if aooouurrcnoe In r f lutlon and rrdlnanoe ad >pte<i by the Board of M Aldermen 'O regulate and grade 37ch street between I 10th and llfh streets. for Making a <r?ll In Blooming- I dale Read between 1< 7th noil I08'b street* and for paving AroDue C between 1 Ifh und 13th s'reat* Jtstu/u'iunv?That 4th avenue from 29'h to 82d I ?tr #ts, and 23d ?treet. from 31 to ftt.h avenue ha I li?ht?>1 wl<h gas. Ad pted. That the ea?r?r!? side of I Mart'son Avevu*. from 3Mth to 33d s'reets, be (1 tggad, I und.r direction of the Street Committee. Referred. I That Moody i n mine bo. a a l I* hereby, appointed <1 Sunerllitenilent of Wharves and Slips, in tho plaoe Of ll fhlllp Mebrie. Adopted |l The Torre foy IMvi - liep.rt of Una one Committee I od (he eo?BnaloaMea <f the ComptvoUaff relating tc II the amount to be raised by taxation. I City I nti* I itg? 1.10. II ThkWkxthi h - The w<-ath> r ves)?rday was Of the II ''Invitation to commit suicide" kind It threatened II to rain In the moreln? di I rain In the afternoon and wane* gloomy a* need he |n the evnntng The thar- | mometer ranted from 80" to 40?, making a mnrky. an- | pleasant, and abundantly disagreeable time of it all | through The weeping aky ??< responded to hy the | reeking streete which sent Sp cloud* of pestilential I vapors from the fllthv ina.eea which are now displayed I to the very best advantage It is a most foituna'.e I circumstance that nature has favored us hy the gens- I ral prevalence of a most healthful a ino** phere, fir were II it otherwise, we ehnnld have fevers of all shades and I typee, and malignant and infeetiou* disease of all I kind*, In the greatest abundance; and all th|?, too whan, on account of It* natural posirioa,'>ur <j|ty might ba mort easily oleaosed With a d?*n?nt towards tha K?*t river on on* *ld*. aid to the North river on tha othar. there Is no reason why our s'reet* should not ba kept as clran as thoss of any city in tha world. ' AnoTHtn Ei.epiiawt Visible ? Tha *aaond alophant promenade of tbr season cam* olT ye-terday oiornlaf, when nnaof tha huge animals, kept, at th* tlm* at Corporal Thompronn on Broadway, near Madison square, took it into bar head that a little larger liberty would be mors agreeable than her pent up quarters No sooner had she resoltrrd, than she hegsn to execute her design* She did not stand npon the order of her going, but went at once, and went right ahead. Fences, carts, gates, railings, were no hlndranoe* to her Some of there obstacles she brushed aside with her trunk: others she stepped over, and others sgaiu she heeded not at all, but went ahead, notwithstanding them, as a person walks over a field of a summer's morning, notwithstanding that many silken spider thread* may oross hi* path, suspended In in mulien talks or timothy beads. The route pursued by th* elephant on this oooasicn. was through Twentieth street, to the 10th avenue On her way, she saw a balcony in the rear of a house In lflth street, and this architectural ornament net pleasing her. she approached it and sans ctremnnit, demolished it She also upset two or three squatters' hentlea, and played the deuce generally till she reaohed the corner or 10th avenue and iOth street. She wa* here lndo?ed to turn hir steps homeward. Having reached her quarters she partook of her morning meal with a good appeti'e. and settled downqnletly in If she grsatly preferred hei abode te the'' freedom of the olty." AtoTiu:a Attempted Suicipc ? AtabuutlO o'olook on Sunday night, an Irish girl, sixteen years of age, who gave her name as Mary Taylor, was found in the lower part of Greenwich street, suffering extremely Irom what appeared to be the effects ol poison. Her unfortunate condition being observed by policemen Nelson and McCarty, they conveyed her to the office of Dr. llikriley, where she reoelved. proper medical i treatment, and was oonveyed tU?nne to the poltoe station houtr of the district. During the night she relapred Into convulsions.and continued to suffer great- ! ly until about it o'clock on the fallowing morning. On Tneadny morning she appeared much better, and continued to improve daring the day. The girl dose not make known what kiudof poison she need In fact, she will give no acoonntof herself at all. or divulge the reason which induced ber 'oresort to this dreadful attempt to destroy her own life S> young, and yet weary of life ! Alan' it induces sad reti?otlous upon the rnggeduess of the path whioh It hi the lot of our raoe to tread. Accdidbntj.1. Death.?The coroner held an Inquest yesterday, at No. 13 Gerrok street- on the body of vVm. II. 8nlllvan. aged 41 years, a naMve of New York, who came to hi* death by the accidental falling of a spsr in the ship yard of Westervelt aod M'Kay, and In it* fall It strnok the deepen d across the back. Infllotlag injuries whioh canaed the death of the deeeava 1 in about three hour* alter. Verdict according to the atnve faots. Moiitalitv os Boahp Ship Cambria.?The steam propeller Sea Gull. Captain Dnenell from Baltimore, which arrived yesterday, touched at tbe Delaware oreanwaier ivaptaiu uuudfii report* inn otw on* huDdf-d or the pas.eogers of the British ship Cambria, had died of ship fever. Ill' MOR OK ClIOLRRA AT QlTARA K Tl * B.?'The flhlp Liverpool, Capt Kldridge, arrived at Quarantine, from Liverpool, yesterday We learn that thie vessel left Liverpool with 400 passengers, forty of whoa have died on the parangs and there are many others remslntag sick on board. We umleratand that the Health Officer haa pronounced tin oIssue to be cholera. The ve*sel, orew, and passengers have all bean detained at Quarantine, and we are informed that the most rigorous measures will be adopted to prevent the spread of the dia*a?e. There had been several eaves of measles en board the ship Ktohard Cobden, from Liverpool, eleven of which?ten obtldren and one adult?had died. Police Intelligence^ ] Important Jlrmt of a Counterftiter.?Mvsts. Hays, and Fpsrka, members of the Independent Folios, No 0 Wall street, have bean busily engaged for the last faw weeks >n accomplishing the deteotioo of an extensive operator la oonaterfeit money. It appears that a uiao oalung himself William H. Boyden alias Windsor, fotwarded a latter to this olty through tba express, directed to anlengraver of this city, likewise enclosing a three dollar bank note, on the New England l acltlo Bank, North Providence. State of Rhode Island. Upon receiving this letter, the engraver, not kncwlng how to ant. took legal advice, and the officers of the Bank about to be forged upon were aotiflad of tba faet, and upon consultation It was agread that the plate should be engraved as per order, and about one thousand dollars worth of the bills printed. Accordingly, when the plate was execute 1 and the bills printtil. being an exact far timile of the original bank note, the aceusd was notified by the engraver that all was ready, and yesterday, according to appointment, Boyden cams on for the plate and note* already printed. The ptice wae paid, acnording to agreement, for the engraving, he, and off be started with his plate and bundle of bills under his arm; but scarcely had he walked a block before his progress was oheeked by the gentle touoh of Messrs. Hays and Welch, who eonduoted him ptlltely bt-fore fustic* O-borue, whsre he was committed to prison for a further hearing. We understand that the b?nk authorities have given, or Intend to give, ffSOOfor the detection af this bold countarfUtar. hiruttno a JVatrh - Officer Garvin of the 6th Ward. arrested, yesterday. a man, oalh-d Prluoe Oaoaebeek, on a charge of (toiling a watch. valued at $60, tn? property of John Watts, steward on board the ship London. Justice Osborne committed bis to prUoa for a further hearing. Compounding a PV/eny ?Some few weeks ago, a sailor hy the name of James Deleny, was swindled by the game called " watch stuffing," and the rogues who thus swindled Mm obtained some $70 Subsequently, however, by the ingenuity of Captain Wiley, of the 1st Ward police, one of Ihe rogues was caught, who called himself Win. Jackson. This man was aommitted to prison for trial Since the arrest of thle prisoner, great exertions have been made 1b eider to obtain his liberation oa hail, bat without eirest The Meads of the secuied. outside, havlng'fatled to obtain bail, bare succeeded in bribing the complainant, by paying bin $100 to leave the city and not testify against hla, and thus after the expiration of two taraa of the court tha accused be set at liberty. Captain Wiley, on ascertaining th> sc facto, made dl.lgeat aearob for Deiany,eod succeeded in finding hit wbmeabou's at Troy. A telegraphic despatch waethenaeattooffljar Phtppe. of thai el'y, charging Deleny wi'h compounding a fetooy, which la a State ptlson offence On this charge the cUlcer took Delany late custody and detained him until an officer errlves from tbts city to bring bio baok for tital. The chief drtp etohed an uiH Jar to Troy at cnce for the prlsener. fa.w..r Fall* T?km* -Officer CroMtt, one of the vigilante of the Third ward, arrested, yesterday, a man by tha nam# of liugb Hom, alia? Henry vtomaoa, keeper of a grocery store la Rlvtogtoa street, oa a charge of passing broken hank notes, with an latent t? cheat and dsfkaud A $2 bill on tha ' ity Trust and Banking Company be passed on George fhrooby, In Washington market, for some market stuff: also, the earns kind ot bills on Sarah Sn^edeo and Mary Jane De Pew, and tniny others, who have received It In market for produce, suppislug the money to be good. Justice Osborne bald him to bell in^tlie sum of $M0, to answer the charge. rtr rrsf on Huiptcion.-Oue (I the effloers el the Third ward police, arrested, on Monday nlgm, an Individual railed Mora Wallace, rn eusplolon of stealing $$0 from the room No 9. in the Broadway Hotel, corner ef Park P.ace and Broadway. The money belonged te one of the boarders. The evidence against the aocu-wd being rather doubtful. Alderman Libby discharged the prisoner from custody. Jirrti of a Hoitl Thief.? Officer Huthwalte arrested on Monday ulgbt. a young man eal'.ed George Clerk, rn a charge ef breaking open a trunk, at tha Breooh Hotel, la the Bowery, and stealing therefrom a suit of olotbee rained at $34, tbe prep- rty of Joseph Gallagher. 1 be pileonar la likewise charged with stealing a piese of alparea from a store la Cedar street. Toe itiiglstr n*e committed the no a u ted to ptlson for trial. ffrrsst of a Lunaitc ?A man calling himself John Blanay, was picked out of tha water foot of Robinson treat oa Sunday nlglit, where he hed order in destroy hut life having first endeavored te cat hie throat with a dull pocket knife. The prisoner assigned no reason for the attempt, and Justioe Osborne committed btm to ttte city prtson for tha examination o? Cct' wi^iAtt. i