Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 5394. THE DOUBLE HEFtALO. OTIOK TO ADVBRTIIBHS. ?W oTcUiiit In Ncw?|wp?r Advertising. Th? Htouln wtebltolinitnt of tbo New York Herald h w* complete la all it* porta. During the lMt tow MiUm, vast Improvements in the construction of now machinery, nnd other details, have been mads, whiob ta*olT?d to expense to the proprietor ef forty thousand dollars. Those eminent maohin* maters, Messrs. Hoe It Co., ha** furnished us with this new machinery, en d new plan; and It is, we believe, without a parallel, in tt'tber Europe or Atavr'ea. Messrs James Connor k Bon. type feundsrs, are now engaged in finishing a new font of type, which will oorae Into operation inn Isw days. These Improvements will enable us to print, with equal facility, a single or a double eheet, at the ratio Of nearly (en (AsusuniJ eofiietftr hour. Our daily edition, of nearly twenty-five tkoueand copies, can now Is easily printed in about two kourt and e half. No other newspaper establishment in the world, with the exception of the London Times, oan command ewoh machintry, or prodnce such results in dally journalism. These are the means and Inetrnments with which we now go to work, to improve and enlarge the capacities of n daily newspaper. Wo aro enabled to offer bo the business community of nil elaaooa, advantages, hi tbo way of advertising which no other journal in the eountry oan present to their eoniideratlon With the preient form of our issue -a single sheet?our eapaelty has been limited, much to the regret of a large portion of the business community, who have, again and again, wished to publish their advertisements inn journal possessing the comprehensive oireulation Which the Herald has among the mercantile and business people of the country, not only in New York, but in every oity and State in the Union, and throughnut Europe. We beg, therefore, to state to the publlo, of all elaeses, that we begin the issuing of a double sheet, for whioh we shall receive advertisements, at e reduction of fifty per scut /'rem the raltt now that-god in the tingle sAeet?all suoh advertisements to be inserted la the double sheet, along with the reading matter that will be necessary to fill up the Journal* The existing rates for advertisement* In the Inside of the single sheet, and the plan ou whioh they are received, having reoeived the approbation of the public, will remain as they have been for the last few months. That this plan and the. rates for advertising in the single sheet, have been satisfactory to the community, we entertain no deubt, from the fact that sinoe we commenced that system our advertising patronage has doubled, and In numerous instanoes more than doubled. The distinct proposition whioh we now make to the business community of all classes, will, we hope, be dearly understood. We oan publish a double sheet every day, with the same facility with which we now publish the single sheet; but the introduction of an extended and obea per system ef advertising, whioh the double sheet will provide, must have a beginning be fore its advantages oan be realised by the oommunityand of course we Intend to begin the new movement In this of advertising, by first collecting ? sufficient Bamtxr ot advertisements mt tbe proposed rotes for the Aoabte sheet, end of issuing tbmt sheet only when that sufficient' number shall bore been obtained. By this process we shall first pnbllsh a double sheet, with this new class of advertisements, onee a week, aeeerding to the patronage offered by the public, and as that patronage Increases and presses on us?whleh we have no doubt it will?we shall be enabled to publish a double sheet twiee a week, and gradually extend It, nntll we shall publish a double sheet every day In the week. When this point is reaehed, the Jftw Yark Herald, double sheet, at two cents per copy, will be This we conoelve wlU be the easiest end moat practicable method of Introducing tbie extended system of advertising, which we contemplate, to the consideration of the buslnees oommunity of New York and the enrronndiLg cltiee. The first doable cheet of the New York Herald I* published this morning, end we beg to eall the attention of bosinese men ef all kinda - merchants, shippers, Jobbers, marine and ineuranoe companies, associations, book wllers, renders of medicinns of all kinds, dry goeda dealers, faney store keepers, and in faet all olaasea engaged in the diversified business of New York and the adjaoent cities and towna to it, and to itate that we are prepared to receive their advertisement e at our effloe, on the northwest corner of Fnlton and .Nassau streets. |# 11 inserted in any fnturt douAls eheet, mi fjty per tint less in pries (Aon (hue arAicA tor publish in thr inside of ike single iA?t-n reduction which Is of the grsateitlmportanee te the business classes of this great elty. Those adwartlsementa will he displayed In a reasonable way, ealnolated to attract the attention of the reader. TO FARMERS AND MAllKE T GARDENERi. Prtpakt u i>uMi at o>k canr pea pounis-itc unhid ctll S'tei.tion to the lollowio* certiflcatei ?'I n-ed Huer He. "t I'rri sreS u'uauo tn he aore of oate. an-t ob'aioed Ht Lnshr nrn>ua:l> > nod. My rye is worth I2?? cents per huihel m' < than that I * .w a "y owirr miieum. i unsa it on ojrn >ul noteieee with dertcrd xdv,ntago. On garden vegetable*, it la en vttitt to all alter ma* area for p* ton tieee, it haano equal" t. DURaNO. Clinton Bieeaeo , S.J. "1 hive nid f"r ptrod Unirn, tVndiette. ?nd very rtrond yard konr manure, all o? eifterent fin e* on 'he tame le d of ttemia tonne The PrepiredUnaao produced ihe Largo it crop, and I am a, tii Ire no manure exoee< l it l? tart Uty." 81*0?* IhP^HSOLU Aetoria, L.I. And nnmerena oUnr ceytlcav.oen be wen. Tor tale by KRN11SII a CO.. 40 feck alip. s. Y. Aarnta wanted in all towna. A liberal eummirion allowed. it h IS-it To i.hT-ibl LahOl tl<?i SB, NO. 11 BAK LAY ST, which ean t e rem front 4 n ft o'clock, P. M. Apply par aoeally or by note, at No lii (fatten etreot. _ _ mhul dt* in <R SALB.-AN W. D BaTABl IthSD DRUG 8TO*B, DOf log a*?od hW?'n?t?. in a urntral ooatien. le a tare ehaaae ferone wh > w. bee to inlh the practice of medicine, with aala af dinar, a ppi> et nl all (on t.reet. Or Folger'e offioe. mh)3 It* i OVlBb. TBCTTONS AND FANCY GOODS. CHY *NP < *>I>NfwY M1BCII aNI>, rko flat! Uia bk?t M orft cot ol Yukw **<1 Forcijn Notion*,*** kl Mm low**t ?M**'LAUD d. St Nm?? .Moot, B,BANDk.HMr ilD MH TONEU INIttnum-'U IB th* duind s a t* cm bj im m< foe i.l* M 1h*au.t*?rU JA'tolftM Chathaa ?tr*?t, to(kth-t with a rati* ty of low priotd Bujoa Bkkjo ?n*ht ?y a M? BB4 ?rMn?i ytii m. _ ??" " Ban ro taCOBI I* tkn lw?!>nf, Br an bx.-a rimed piajkr, on *>.te?kUo [and air al plan. wkiranikd to (ftto aatirfaotion. A grmt rarlktf ?f TOM IIYER'S OHK/VT FKiHT WnH hlllivam has induoad th? jUB1CRT?*R in gf?i ?a? ? Hrt* tpin. With A Jr* ?*2Jf aoTio fkM. Okll at M Ml.kthas *?r-*t, and WU Canal i?c?lj ??.? ??? kMHk tho?,t??k?hkr ?l>h B kh-itok a*Burtm*al kf AocrdoM-r, Until **. violin*. Flute*. Clarion** Fln***l*tA Flfr* *ud vnltar*. Inftrnotton Imtif.r trery 10* ro noat. and JkcoU'ck'CifkVtd l**tm?t-ioa Uoohkfkr Uik Akoordnon, Jewklry nd I'mm 0??i-* jto. d oar *tj mi hand. AMard on tau*ht. tuitd k*d ropVTcd. Qlek nl mMS Ilk U J*_ ? IRON 8AFK IVAHRHOUSK. Hk, 1(7 ann (30 WITH STBBBT. HILAS C. HERRING. DBALFR II* Au. AlNDi OF IMOn BaftS AND VONST TIMMM4 BMkUk kfkt kf Mm Kkkktkk - Pk tout Salaokan dkme |%fC ' - - hand Skfkk kf kibtr nkkm, tn*h haolnc (M tkhko In art iul th* io*l Sklamaadki, for *Al* *? than on* ha* {iktcktv plJ Stn no E NE MO] CALIFORNIA. L1CHT COLORBD ntlBBEB GOOD?.?OaV S3 OOATlaaat ?tM iarn'W raaanlhetariiig triaianM qntnitioa ot Tjer A Aalm Me ?.lie Vulo?oli" J Rn ?ber. whio i, unlike the Black U(?(, dwa not ft ttrftot the wn'tnji. Mo lead it need m dat this latent and the goods wfl' itu4 much highef letups rarort thai an> mi before made. V. rtv artarle aaede aoiordln* to this new p.t-uc, ?il have the rabecrtber'i mama ftftd dale of the yatc t Jcnua > ISIS mh 13 tin CALIFORNIA OUTFITS. MM HaM tm .ui'.bio liiptrilH ol 1 Z. 3. 4. 6 or any greater mib N rof peraaaa,itad oanrtote (ata*e-y lew pri w>, with evtrt e.centu. nuru lieqtwite iu rooking aed ? itiog trici, aueh at koivea and forks gtiolroue, tin pifttoa. Ua oust tea aed e< flte |-o*a. trj eg puts fuuiKlerb, samp he ilea, ladlea. fee, el c. orpiireu 1l iniftll apace, au rVto lie caaiiy transported ea a lau'c'a l> <k a d a 1 weighti a mil aUut 30 pounds. A In kepi on Mud at our store MINING tOOldi. auoh a' hammer puke piokaxee tuatwek pick a crow lets, drill hautnerr, getd w.Ktcrs, atneei, sheathes (or kairae, atrel spades, steel aho. vela he clan, ractaei a dilating fleska, cocored with wl'Inw, leather and be l nn)t> I. Oaair cniuui n.d Camp i'natai, walking aftoo chairs tnu'eeua of ercry dom-r pti. a, leiaie an?etluf Ute beat euaL'.y at the lueei.1 lnamet pr.uss, tnr sale bv J. B. WINDLE fc I'O marlMlt* f ity ?i?(6ti) Matd'U Lens.'h.ur doors tram William. CI tUtUuMi >??. tKd.?1 UK HU UBUItlBK.t CiUi^ Till J Atu nii?u i t po etui und *swHn..iinA* lug to CulifirniA, to Vinon't i e BUokiuitlh una Vol** ml Hollow* eouilnutd, for uneli m* und a*m) i.ig gold; ut bo uoi out a>or? mtlout li'n rii w it in w oti or rum. i h?v ure very impee , id r*eu id u*o f ur jeur* und pruuounood tSe I wot in inurket. b .id *lioleiul* iuu re mil, by K. KL?iLKg, ml 13 It nolo Manufacturer III W? ur ?trw-t. NEWS PbiN riN?, HOOK, win riNO HARD fir AEB AND WRAPPING PAPKR PEKSSE aNU BROOKS, PAPKR nANUr AC I'liRKKS AND DEalLRS. \t AkUlnl'SK tfi ANU 07 N?IMtt> tTHttr, N.I. Mi II* ut kv tod. or Link i Conn TBe ittlioriiltfi iut* ooumaiitl) < n bond a la'ge aerortmeut ut oil luud* i.l'Ki ? book, W ritiag, Hardware And wrap. pagl'Aitr* nod trunk, etraw uud "onnet Boatd* <iI All kind* und i|ti?i.Ut?, LullAblo botli for loo Now Vork und Southern iL*r>rt. = - . Tie i'upbr mknofkcturd At tletr MU'a <? Aqtutl to any other new* pru.ui g In U.U iLAikot, ul ttroug Mature And, And el tihiloriu col? r. lb ir aiiaii.event* with otlier nannfkcitmr* *r? *unh A* will eoAb o llictu infill oruci* lor uny kind uf paper d**ued t y their cotton tr* At lie ?l.*ri??t Atoiuo. BtlilS-It OEHi.ES AND DOKTS 10 LET. TltO LAIIOJC OfKXCeA, AND TWO UAND8DM LOTTS, ?.*bti.oigiii loet deep And ooiltd, to lot in tka new tire iroot i tire, No. ID C lifl > rout, near 'o Job a utrcet Apply to luhU-^w K. IS aTfcV ION, 47 Johne.rcet, up? aire TO LET, AT KEYPORT, N. J. A largo now two-dory UOUcJt, formerly uocupied by Captain w tehe, wi n 1)4 >?> ol bona, attending 10 the w,tor. with b-ihii g liosre. Ito. Tbi* piaov ia brauufuily kitnatod on tfe Day, about n?. minutee waik treat tt# eieaiuboat lauding. A p. k)j to h A? aLYa. It flMlilf, li.y I rout ,U, at, N??r Turk from It to 1 u'coh. ml3 It* FOh bult A BEAUfttULrLAlB AT r'LUaiUNO. L.I.? ll.e hoooe ia ntodcru nod repleie with (Tory oouveaieuot? Willi gcod oat ouldiugm auon oa barn, Ooao' and lus tfuaae, a Tory tiLo Harden and p ?otjr of Pratt. If hot told, it will bo lot to a good moaot Apply to _ B.hUt-St THOMAS H. I.EQOETT, 13 Betkroaa at. EDWARD DUN1UAN & BROTHER, bo. 161 rut Ton oi'HUT, Bart recently paldiohod tl.o gioat liiab Novel of tho day. MiANDY McGUIRE, on men uron ritiitLiii, Being a nory ot tho north of Ireland, by Paul. ftrrt.GMiig Eecp Price, in two parte. at at papor binding, nfty oouta; In hat, da mo grton 0 oth, 76 oouta. THE Plot it uiainiy laid in 'bo county I). naegal, and tho ohorauurutij lift ot that beaut.ful oountry ia pi woefully portiaytd. li.t fair and tbe hahting, the ganger and the illloii atlll, tl.o orargemou and tibbonmeu, trie greapug agent and tho patient m tuning oouager. are moot tuov. aatauy told. ''Aitoiy ol treat inten-u m whtoh tho wit of Lover, and tin r< licking pen of v. bar lea O'Molly, an happily waited."?Mow 101k Truth lelkr. ' a ver, iu nuig bo Jk. and wo adviio Uiooe who are gloomy aed dikpititea to purulieoe the werk, and legale ihoatoeivea over 11 "?hi k'ton t olly nine#. ' Ibikiaa atory of iutcreet, descriptive of life, in poor old Ireland, wbioli alweyo awaken, the ry n. puUile* of the democrat tbe Wieo world o*c?.' ? llemociatlo ok view. " borne of thy ?,eni-a arc oa naturally and vividly dona oa tho hoi of the u'lleta telea, or the moat i> tonao ol the etorma of (Jerleton. W a know of no a meticau writer of note that oould pro doce ibo tijukl ot fhen. j M'tini.e. Ttetela too much rtlmioak di ouiaioii, but,kip all tint, on n< vol raaoer! aod Here ail reu am toa.e giowing p.oiurce uT lriab hie and character, paluted by a mau I abd.ty, ant a aaru ay w painter lor tho autt.riug and Outrigad. Tout it waa a literary curiouty, and wo read tnroigh the woolo, to. rid and prelate, creed, argument, and Botiw. with mueli pieotore ? Orion I at. nh 13 TO TAILORS, DEALERS IN GLUTH, &c. HENRY til bMM UfcOi LKaVE TU aNMIUNOS fO I'UB credo, Ibk' ho boa utkou lofia No.CI W illlan atroel. Maw 11 rk, when he i.ha opened, and ie daily reeeiring. a oboioo ooloe tion of Liftro, iteoatui t oaieiaita, Yaahngn, he., maaulootarud rx|.Rira*y lor the Tailoring T?ado. aloo, ratios. Serges Talien' i r. turning a. ho.; wbioh bo offere f?r aolo a abaca under tho lo treat market price. FOR CASH OB APPROVED NOTES. Country In,era partioulatly, would do well to examine hio goode, where they ecu hove ibe privi (go of to.oolingfrom a freob .took, in liret btado. he. HEN MY Kh.EdU, mhllXm* Mo. el William, near Cedar ccreet. New York. TBI LITKMAMY MOdLD-A WBBMLf JOUR Ski, OP M pagan, gte, erat'lotng the lugeet amount of original leading niaiur of any weekly puoli.bod in tho United Atatee, embracing original Efoayound Sketches; Meviowawiih Entrr oteof kit New rub icktione; paoeogeo in advance ot publ.cation from wotke of intoitet; o>,d oarti and full tatoiiigooao on all mattoro connected with literature and tne line aria embracing aritreiemi ia niw bnildinge, Pie tut ea he. ' Tbe v.olonel'0 Club"?Thil iineo of pa pare will bo continued in every number, gl per et num, iu advance. liftoe of pub nation 167 Broadway. milSlt SH1NU FAhHHIh IS1V NOW KIAOY ? U.NSirKf'ASdED by any bi> utaotorcd iu thia cite tor elekA^oe durability or cnrapneia at, the one ytiea ?mro, IJ6 Cauu treat. livery artic.e VerruLWd o jiti satisfaction. J. W. K.1LLOQU. uilnSm CA8T OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE. LAlilkSand OertJemen having adparfluona i (Toots to dispeae ot, Wearing A[perel, fc.e. into obuln atmr prwe for tha an ty aerding for tba nibteribtr, through toe Foal Office, nr other* iao ?lio will at.and at ttiair rosidenoe. Ladiaa attaadad to by lira, lyreaalyn. mb 13-11* J. LKVEN-TYN.iSfi Broad tray, op stairs. SHIRTS MADE TO OBDBB, CUT BT MtlaUBB, AND WABBANTBD TO PIT, BT MRS. E. C. BEVfAN, Clinton Hall. 170 Namau tlreet Hew York. [Established in 18411 TO BE BEMOVELi uN Tdi tor Of MA" NEXT, TO No. 1 Aeu r lli'U a B.oadway. a"to-rof V a y street. Rib*', aon oiuv dee's. addiai 1'eafca'a aad other Fanaly l.iumu,and loik Milia Mtehn, a ways far tale. Mrs. B. it the inrantog aad cnly manufacturer ?f tha < elebva-ed BEMAN COLLAR. I tided Eoaome, the beat aad rieteat eaiurtacoot arer offorad for atla in the Vn tad bt tea. bee ma Embroidered corded Ran, fcr. of moia,lhao fifiy,diffe ant patt rn'.Tor SametraV Work on Shirt a, Mr. Birnan n p*>ltg the highest price* e?ar paid by any Si irt hetxblishmeat in tha world, lor Linen a, Mra. 8 paya ao high ea thue do i>ra a tard?priueararely paid by any of 'hd toyal or?x rnysl families in Earopa. Por erirta, aha thai* a* from lwa to hixU'.en Liollara a pltoe. Ihc aioat expensive ar* g- narally Wtdeirg ytii-ta. No Q-ntltmek iu tha World. it laa**', wa*r aa rah ti o liiLdeou ? Shim aa the gentlemen of hew York. At Six to t?t f? houra a tie, Mrs B will at any time gat up Shirti to order, cot by meaanre aid war anted to at. Severe! hundreds beet Stitcbera ci nitai.tly en.pioytd. Arte ketcrencee Mia Bauian can point writh aobAdenoe and Kiac to hi r Otdet Boot. |,. which ate the original autographs of iw< en tw > ai d three thousand regular aaaiomara. amnig whom aie tbo Biiite of Fro.identa and ?x fretident* of be-tibliea, Ambaaeadnra et end froai Foreign Court*. Senators and Member* of Cong'ear,Ct.Tiraore and Ccneuli. Ue.ara) Officer* ot the Army r d h *v> Edit ra, Poets, Orator*. Marehaata. Law. era, Doctors, ard gentlemin of diattnetioa is every grade of Military. Naval, Bipktratic, and Oivil Life. mh 3 It JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. M A MUrAt TUREftd W AkEflQUoX. 91 JOHN STREET, _ New Yoiji.?A complete staortiaeot, aad larg* stock of every 01 "too* wen auuwn ana roputar pon*. eouetaatty o* hand, trcether with holder* aad the cheaper deecilptioai of pane lor rale to the trade. marl.3 81 Notk.e-to ship masters, hotel and boarding boner Proprietor*, Private Pemil e*. Ike. Denrttlc fined Frnitaof ever; deeeription, via:? I rfed Applet Dried IUepNirri*>, Dried Quince*, Peer*, " BlaeJtberriea, < Currant* " Peaehe* " Wb'.rtieoerriie, " ft 11 lie*. "*. " Straw berriee. Pitted Oberriea, Alto, a general iFiortirint of diet .juai.hy of Oreoertea, Shaker*" Sweet Corn, Eoalieh Split Pe?a. bird >eede. *e W holeeele end retail, at the Domitio Dried Trait Depot 410 P?nrl etrtet mo 13ft A CAK.D. TO STRJNOERS VISITING THE CITY OF NEW YORK, \\. U. a. ( n again intei nie eaid of Uaska, aad an tf irritation to the EMPORIUM OK ARTS ROOM, AND FREE OAL LERY OF FINE ART8. A'o 864 Bmadiny, Third Comer Jibtre the Park. (Fotmerly known e* CoimanV Literary Ueoaaa, No. 3W R rend way, | where OLD and NEW BOuES, i* almoet every department ef litemtore, it riodiojc the uott P< puler N .w PnblionUuna, an to be had at Uit loweet pnee*. lltny Lund red hi e Oil Pair tinea by ancient and modern artieta, BEAUrirUL liNURAVINQd, Of evtr/ Variety of mljeot, many ef which bat-j |qw]| jf ao( Superior to Palntiuge. LIBRA RIEo Supplied upon the beat term*. Guide Boot* Vltwe of Citlf*, Travelling Rape,aad Paaey 8thtit nary era to he had bet*. br. etili ia dteircu* of 4h poling ef hie entire bwaineee apcn ttrme. t? m. A. Greene. Me boeh keeper, haath* privilege ef trenenetlag luHiniw on hi* eet ieconut, at hie etore. ah 13 I.riOK AT THIR I A LL THAT WANT BUUTS OR SHOK8, A FIX C ARTICLR, l\ lateiftrtilt, itiu ohrapaa yon can gat a aoaiMua artlaii elwwkera. I'laateiaU at ;*i7 h Midway, #a? doar abara fraatlia meet (a 18.1?t?) B. CAHILL. FOR OALWAY. IRKLAND. THB BARKSCLARKNCK AND CUollLa M AOHRK* WILL mil for tla ?<or? pf rl on tha lat of April. PadMca la and hem Oil* ay, aaa bo nomad h ai r laailoti to Uihl88l FEBStiB k BMUOH, W and<17 Naaaao at. Noval and tbhiujno sight at tbr moral f'oi tra of >ba Htrlloatnal forll Id# Naaaao alaaat?ttUWO a< an ?a uf i-ooka iu? ,?ul, a . tt at half ariaa. anbraaiac arary mbj.ot ifcatit. r enganad Ua itteilaet, froaa tha radb n rule of I aowlo-iga la tha par ay prima* la tha moil axtaonra * '?> I'IHMtia. Ilia 'itarary pabiie, and boob bojara of afar; kn d will Irani aritk aatebiahaieot tad gratMoatloa that tha rubwriitr, aft,r hatirg Jiui rrplatiahod Maatoab by thaadditioa f ib.unt aaar rnlamea ii d rpowax nt Ilia whale at lata thaa half b,- atn*l pilcaa Every aaihatiu inlwiora aaa aaa ba liad al ti.ia ui.'i|aa trtabliriime 1 from tl a aarliill maamar a?r t* tha nut pr-note pt, tngrth r with many of tha holy IfOld likroiaa all tha amhnaieata who hawa broaobjd * J* ora:j tit a, regularly downward from *lnoa Maaaa la Joanta bout' cut Jo* Smith led o d dIil.r, Tha rol'aloua p ibha, innl'l- ?M or aapaoialiy in trior: ad, w hilar thaoa dlMttwilad will, Iinrnt nrruf amenta eon proeara woiki (iota* rataahla hint a for M? Rotting up at now m in, iy tba ranval of old hmmii*. I> tmit, thm la no anbtaut wliioh oaanot ba fowod in tha Ma?l fewtro of tt a lotaluoraal World, wlioh Ii taa iraat point of at'ttati n fi r a I ihe mrn of lavarawho oiall Naw Yafb Ooma. that,, tbo whole anny of hook bo yarn; eoma oa. man of nrtaa'n akiayioor, rdllora, Inwytrr, d-etor., morohonla, farmatl airaaa. a> d bil.linmaniaia ?to tafrmh yaar toala with al loan ariaw of tin. ran and raloabla bo ki an.iaii rd la Ik la *?itlbaia of ba Rural. JOHN DOYLB. Ofctip Anrknt and Hodirn booker ller. Moral Coalra af BI 18 It'I Ilia Intfll.atral II "rid, ltd Natnna it, N. T. ...M. w ro RNING KDITION?TUES LIFE A 8 8 U it A N C K Nation <> i. 1.0 a n funl> Lire awu<\"ftc so^icty' OF LONDON' ?[ txrowM kd nv ?t?<?ial,Aot or HaRlnm?t.]-? apitai. JLAQMAJU or tlfV.U.UUu.?Chtof ufflco ?of ?mrc?,)l VmlMmt i Y r? UNIIT.D STATK.9BO \HD OFLOC \L DIHEC TORS. k 0. kdffakd HaKI ht, Oiaikman. ,U| New York UMM H; John J. r*lo ?r, Bnroiwl M. T-x. j; Jimti B""rni?r, YilHua Vao Book, ... Oeugae n? relay. A'lutlatl. stoat, ap^ Suutl S, UutfUod, Cvbhtu Toakor. 0 Bvahe Htlvtil ,jj( THI MIILIlWint tm AWOUG TI1K aOVAMTAaU OITCItKU BT THIS IN1TITUTION. Tin auerarty if a largo capital.In odditesto t'l u unui j tics of premium* The i-oruliar tori 8t?leourod to theaeaurtd bj tie prtacipla of Mm Loam L'eparto out The payment i f p. emiurar. half }early or quarterly, by partita era itisrol fi r whole tons of lif . * Tl e 'ravel'irg 'eeve la b. th entenalve aad I'be rat , The New Vork Branch of the U. d. Oooal Hoar f moot ovary Wcdeeaday, at their Ofllce in W% 1 orreet, whara a'I ha-i newooopiMrd with the S<.e>ei)'a opcrati >t?in America la triactotoU? effoidirg tlitiab) every p aetbl. advantage of proraptaee* and ah a tci.tlon to ptriiea la oaaoa of leave to travel, loan*, eetthimeut of clan a he.So. heraopo ncurvd for life, oan. et tl o com men earn* at, honow half en.< out of annual premium. an* olaiai the earn* prlvd'eg* for five euco* aatve years on tour own note and d*p>eft of rmlior. t art of the Capital ie piru, aaeuUv it v?it,d In tee United State*, in the pemer of tbreeof 'h Luoal' lt?etnrr, aa Trait*** ' 'ihirtv day allowed after each ptt meat of p euiuui b ooma* 1 due, wl-htnt fotfetturecf policy. , No at arte fora'amp duty or f r Mndioal aiminttoi. The Society being founded 'a the Ma ual and Joint itiok pais- " I eiple p.rilca n<ai |*riioipaui in the proB'* nf the bosinty, two. C th rdi ot wtituh are divided an,on* tboaa aaenrad f >r ilfa, aa the T: lartioiratioaacula ' The Agency n the United State*, of tHe laaiitntlan, differ* 5* widely fr nui agency ?a commonly conferred hy panto* Iuettru tin a elf id. Ine ''hairtaao of tha hooai Board. and the'iuroial ?' ? Agent in New Teak, act tinder Powera >1' Attorney, aaaouad J1" hy tl e I oi don Board of IMrocion which Power* are recorded iu 1 tie Hfiitier Othca in tbtoity ol New Vore. ? ? Mrd ft I Exanih.ira attend daily, ar i P. M., at 71 Wall (treat, end at the nflh ra nf the d.detent I ooal Board* and \ garde*. tlrliforils Riika taken at extra rata# ot piemium affiled by remluti' ca of the I.aeal B' ard. Pro l'?i tuaea ooo til nit g full inlnrmat on, and tahlea of rale*, tbtaiccd on application at 71 Wall a tract, end ot areata wj If n 13 J. LltNnta star*. Oaaera' Aganf. V THE EA GLE FIRE COM PAN Y . orsir* Tl W.-LL BTRt BT. hat CAPITAL $300,00#, AND * I. A AO ft apHPLVt, ? CONTINUE < to iBMireacaiiat low or damu;ii by lire, oa tbo W moit favorable terme. A. 0. STOUT, PreaHant. *' Thomas CcoraB, Feeraiary. mhlSBt STEAM REFINED LO\FSUGAR CANOIES, *?i or vkrv avraatoH qum.ity ro? itrfliTtTino pui MADE VEhY (.AltB, I'XI'RESSLY TO STAND AT T:1E ?r South, in ever) variety. at reduced p>ioea. < * (ndm >??' prompt))! exeouted. and put op <n IS to 110 lb hoxeo. aaaorttd aa det'red, and (hipped to aay part of the l!uit< d S'atca < r Weat India ldanda ffooda at laavt t<(i?l ? to the bit. If uniti'urd Mipatior to any other. tor sale low, by ak Oil WART It BUSSING, Wholwele ( onfeotionert ? n?h 13?im d!8 Pearl at met, New York. *a. Steam k* fined candies at ifiiolesale. ?r? A 1 kUda atiok eaodiaa. .14 a lit lb aad papparmiut dropt 14a. butar AHnondi 16a, " Sugar Plump 14). a Herat do 14). " Moetota 22 * We. ? Kich Lean n Cream Prope.. '4 a 14o. " l.oxenrea TJ >4|(. aj Ktok t 14al6o. " Boarhonod . Iltte. V GREENFIELD fe CO. No. lOAHth A'tnue. Ad mhl.b-ft Between Uith aad Itith a>r<wta N> w York. n J. GROSS GARELLY & CO., iki a) Wii.ijam Dtk kit* Up Stat a a it Manufacturer! and Importer! ?/ fYinvn. Uunpi. Cordi, and So Tan la, Embroidery g U-aidi. buttonI for Latin' Urate!. boa HAVAJuatre-nvao a beauuful aaaortioaat of i arasol. Dreaa, alip aad Mai title Trl-g*i; tt.e aewwt aad moit laalilonable a air lea or Anttont for I adwr Draoeea; China Trim a-id 'Jrgeuti ie ? bilk : Lot doc Dye; Patent Woaud; all of which will be told by tha package, at tha Icwtat mrrhat Pt'ece. mh 13-im it (SRaEL'S UEKOI.D.-'SDirAI) BY IAID'IR BUSH?THE Co J. brat German Weekly Paper la tne Uaitrd Staiae, derated _ to the rcltticue aeotel ud literary in'areeta of the Jtwa, willap- I paar every Friday, heginmrg ou the Slth of Mareh. Itwilbede . Peered to the eabtcrber* at SSperaeaem. Pa'men tin adranoe, takon for 3 or 6 wontba oa?y. The prutpeataait given gratuitous- p ly at thia office. Thote ?liMnx to snheorbe la New fork, will ya etliac tie editor be eallirg at nil offioe, 419 Grand atreet or Hi 'I1 met their eommaoieatWMaad lettera of rubaerp'.ion to larael'a _ i B ere Id Offi-e mb 13 *' ??. aa T^OTICE TO rlTY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS?'IS AS. J In March of tha lei goal rawrll la th? o!.e,[?ot and ohoieoatdo* *n mtetic cotton (oodt, to ilntr exteioir* *>? ? -n. BauMulimtmt, **' on the comer or Broadway and Pine et., where they wiU dud hrown ? aadbleaobed aheetinga. yarne. bate, wieaa, twiuoa.w*rpa fce.. in ( great variety. C. A. W. St Co. would particularly oall the attention ol merobanta to many brand <.f beary cheating* in thiaatoek. (ax e naively m der their control) which, eince i heir origin, have atood entlirly upon their merit* aa a enpeiter i laaa and esyle of heavy G iheetinf a Tbcae who have not already tetted theee g (it, and who deeire to bui eheetinga valued fur their remarkable uniform* ' *' ity. weight, and beauty aa we.l aaeheepneaa?which a more ub- 111,1 vt< ?* when compared with otliera in thla market?art invited to bar axaaiie ter themaelvaa, at the atore of the aubaonbera. No. MM '"I1 Broadway, aorner of Finoatreot, aaooad Sour, entrance either mo< aide. mhlS It LEVI CHAPMAN, ' t No. 102 William ttrret, Ntu> York, *'J MANI FAOTUBIB OP THE OiLBSKATED UAQIC RA* J arrl tfoja of four aid a. a)ao Poekat Book a. It allot*. S|*otacle and Banker* Caata in averwarietv. an the moat exumiivaaoile. I Medium tint from $18 to$<i'i pergrata, A Dajrntrreeiy pe Carta t Quarter " 80 " 8t ' ** (naif - - 82 " 1M " o* Xnta and Praterrexa ef all kinda J ? OEO. DABBS, ) . 11W mh 18 It JaB. CKEMER, } V?nll No ? Oh THH DOUBLE ACTING ROTARY CHUllN. IN BKINOINQ THIS EPF* TUAL ANO SIMPLE OUUKN ikto u e, t*e proprietor#, fkeiing euabdtaoe m i-a eapaMli. tie* do notbeattate t> prouiuieu it the beat Churn aver offered to the public. They have taken an olB.e at yo 77 KULTON 8 I'Rt.K t\ NEW YORK, And In er<:et to eoavinee the ir.ereduiona and aatiafy the enrlooa at 11 o'clock dally, a Churning ?Ul be road*. 1 he pub to are it vited te call and axaanine the meohlne, and ree ita utility tetttd. It eombinea the foll.wiua valuable uoall tiea: ? lit. It produeca butter In Imi time thus any othor Churn, making it end gathering it from eweet milk In from three to _ 'nl t mii.utce, and irom eieem in much lee* time. I 2d. 11 pri duoeetnore butter from thecoma amoant of milk or -* ntin, than thaordinarv method, it doe* iti work in a mm M< thorenib and eriratifte manner. *m 3d. It ie tho cheapen, etmpleet, and meet convenient Ohorn ' * aver it vet tea, embody ii g the true pbiloeophieel prlnoiplee of tn< bntter tonkin*. 101 4th. Hew Milk, after being churned, ieeweet and eui table for 'hT femllyn.a, Jt e 6fch in eft ad ef feeding the ealf with milk direct from the now, ' ! cliurr.ed eweet milk will aaawer every purpvae. By tbie pro- em oteithe hotter it ail pr< lit I in; W a t.fTir it npon the fotlowiig terma : If the Chnra doee not fBC prove aa recommended, it may te returned, and the money wlU nerefrndrd nee a liherm diteount made to tbMe who buy to Nil again. ,l1' mhlSIt '?? REVERSIBLE FILTERING COCK, rti? rrnirfino watkH. PATENTED 1M7-IT TOOK THE MEDAL AT TBI LAST Fair of the Amrr oin Inititnte.?IF. H. B WEI T. cole earner 1 of the tbove Fil er. wluch rettdera turbid water part, by removing u i ai> eubeu near not eoluhle in water * I The Keveriible Filter ie neat and durable, and la not attended , w 1 h the incoBTeni' nee incident toother ftiteri, at it ie cleaned t'v< I without belt g t.etaehed fro a the water ripe, by men ly turning Bt0 ! the key or har die from one fide to the other. By tht? oirnplc and c*l) | oaay proreet, the ecurte of the water ieehanzed, and all .'Menmnta- ." tione cf i? pure tube tanvce are driven off, aliaoet tnetantiy, with- , | out uneotewing are revi reirg the filter. W,B I It atno poeeeeaee the advantage of being a etop-eock, aud, ?4iaeh, will in man) eatee he very convenient end economical. It ran be attached where there leant mature, high or lew, to a ?,d eaek. taak, tuli. He., with eaea. Can ba Lad, wholesale and retail, J c< I at kit ( anal etreet. t?t j Alto, large one* for manufacturing purpoaee requiring pure tttter. f' BTir~ In all eaeee ef infringement of the above patent, ruite will ln' be lurtitnted W. H. fkltr. ceo el etreet. **? N. B ?The nght of the above Patent kilter wonid be cold for loncStaue Uouth and Weet mhiS it rtl ! ~ IN VALUABLE "and indispensable.~ TO Til Jr. PIJHLIC. TBI SUBSCRIBE* Had INVEnTIS A NEW DISIN- _ footing agent, which may he uaod either in dry or liquid \ I etale; and from the orrtiflcatee in hia poeoeenon ef the phyeioiana and enrgarne of all the hnrpitala in thte neighborhood, the pro- *'] ; pr:eiort 01 mi principal i.ot?u :n wn cuy, irq a lam mr or imp- " m ; bidtirimbd uwudi of rarioi a attamcra and nillag tmmu. ha fce!ivimit?d to tar that them la bo better praparatjod of the i kind, far tha parprar ofttaiilatiiif, pnrtl>log, aad guarding againa! m , obucxtout 01 dfoagreeama odora, to be f und in lhia country or buropa. ihift dtinteotibk 1.1 quid ought to ba al haad In every ?j private or public home. on boaid the imps. ia evtrr tick room, and j-1* I the benefits to br derived from it are mora rataa*le than all too "J1 earthl> treat area 7be liquid la quite cheap?withia the meaaa pni ! of every family. apply to i be. lewis fbuf htwanger, mblsh no. 18 coartlaadt at act i gardner's inimitable liquid hair dye. <"> Naw you. p?pt. a lha-mr. r. g. (iardner-i have iwia la the habit of dyeing my, for the lut tan year*, and i have need tha d iferent preparation! ma- a in thla city and e!m- ?ei a, and finding none ?f t cm to anawer the parpnaa. i waa re l' eoa mended to trj youra; *?d, after uelig it. i muet any it la the ,,e' i beet ar iole i hare eeer uaed. it doea not ataln tha akin, nor i waab pff, avd !c;?ea *? hair aoft and tatnral la appearanae. j" tend me two bottias of tha brown. yonra raap-etfolly. . .. . a. woodbity. hh thirteenth ilreat. to ha had, wholeaab and ratanl, of tha iaeantor, 179 b foal way, *'i new yerk. mh is-lt* . * _ . tha all who dee ire health, read! rorrl'on'8 ixtract op barsapahilla. "ffed'ene. at titnea. ia aa ueererary to hea>th, pnrtioolarly where a,., (he blcod la dlaordered, aa feed ia required to aapport the animal tha ftonetiora"?aiwearnr. j tr tbi tthrlsom! bar8aparill a ?thla la no atw artiola, nor kre iel (bit preaented to the pwbllo with a relay announcement or (?n fli.uiiab of nrntrpela la hta e-mree ot hnalnata in the bmg and wedkino l ine, now extendi. g oet i n purled of f.rty yanra in now york, ho u|i* propored thia bam act or baaaaraainla, from n f formula, much ated ad admired hy our i,v old standard physicians. b?? By thdla ft ia htably re.etnmanded to tha public, la nllaamplninla and aorrnptltbiiaanttaatl iho blood M ayapepoia, want of appouta, gam affection ot the i.ieer, mental ocpreadone, fli f leroluia, oetr uao of mrrcnrj, ulcere and can a era. ,bu, general i>aarmna?are?'t of the ay.tern, conauaaption, pita weakt am of tho bony, paine in the kidney a the f nlpitnrt. n ol the heart, sournean md ot tha stomach, and chroalo d<o.aaaa. and all compmnte. ti.ei to riiatia, tin i. ...... k. h.ld la huh encuch animation, a trial of aa artlele k. . it tatter than ao mo-ran' end fhte la *11 that I# r quired In thn ' at* ?f MORRISONS LXTRACT OF SARSiJPARUJ.A. T to prcira to the t>nhl:? th' l Ma la a mate* auwtSa, far woat m B([ ai noiarntaa. made 'roan fan Snail Sanaparf.ia, at a price where <aea?BJ It too Maed aqua 11) wi.h I aalth. Tha b> ttka an ..f the largaet raa. aaU at aalrBBV BNTT- p MVS CENTS E&CH, OB FOUK DOLLlBft PEE HALF- Dra E07.BN. l?r E??rniter lha wall kaawa old aatebllalimaat, whan it la an- htai fat ad and told. JO* "4 o. MOEKIEON, B Apothecary and Dnnriat UH ',r*ea?leh (treat, Bb 15-131 Earth Hirer 3.4a. Maw Tart 80,00# WINDOW SHADES! WINtOW SHADES MANUFaCfUteKD AND BOLD Iff T1 ertn eerletj of at}la and par em, and of tea haet mown H alt, that win notawrl ar adnata la an} ail-. ata, by EBLTY a r" o IR E?. rarlaatra Wlwdww Bteede maewfaaiwr?n and dealeia at 2 , 131 Chathaa tin at. New Teth. Marohaata aad o.hara wanna* shadra, ar Bateria'a fnraakinR ar haaRiof Ahadea. aaa Sad tha " latfttt, kaat, aad (bean* aaaortaaaat la the United Btatanaa j C ail and ratlnfy ItaraalTtB Ell5Oi* l*r RK I i ( DAY, MARCH 13, 18 BY COOLEY & KEE3E. Sltrt, Ko 1HI lirnadmay e irwrr uf Dey llrtit. 1I'RBDaY BVINING, Miirii IS, A hill-uart- ? ?l. c>, at li.ii au -ku lXT*v-H K 1,11.1 V,. n?hl? ?KUI A I. LIB i AtiV.?ConHoooi I'm I he >*Id of thrt kit I<?kI nf t'?o l?i? Dr. Livjug* iKct. milfi-<t THURSDAY IVRMLNG, lUrvh IS. ? . H? md Tultl*., I 0>l.? UO bl .1 ,u U< B'l rxrt Boo*?, n rod n,i*'err. I rmug i fli ? iuivdHki of vilmblo w>r o. I o'tnirvi'n t ?>; run uul'eotl t of K'louuttc ??ik?, im.ilu wp'-t ?(rh. won't nnicnof i. goueriil litjroiuro, ko.; add ilhutrotfd wrrVi.fcf ko 'iMuii AvsmMU, Karon ju. At hiilt'i*rtb o'clock, ul u.u Auction K> ojn, 1? fxtfbTf, ciuiti) i>o m .uahlr aoilccuoiiof ?h lioa and rata |b>, reiotina to the dUrowrry ol?il ill pilltioa' Malory, i?o |ht. He, of North and Smith Araer ca thi U'itod Stxtoa t Ii?1a Ac. Jto. antra-in* a large collection of bo-iki ?t at va'ue at d ?!?rc<tv, curl' u>> w-orke, traota. *o. on tho United t ?nd U k Work* id th? car ten ir rellara in Auicriox. At?'' guta mil bo re- ' - f. ? dera FBI DAT, March 33, 8 o'clock A.v? coot n e-i daring the whole ot the earning week, law York Trade 8aU>- i?, .. ?uo of tbt? teoat exteuive I mi oitart aale la now r?. d> for dla tl'ntioii to tlio >rade. It traiea larrc invocea trom neir.yihe entire pu'oIiaMng omit?i'y thr rgl oat tne United State, and off re to bo ikeol'o a tioarii. and iiitrchanta cone alle, tho rirHt opp rtuaity lor i pinhkan and rap' of their a'oeki. fboooosian otf ot ftath'i rrv ire vxcv di gly Mrg- , varied and Taluarle, b'uo i g ev?r> toinx in the I ne. ft ea'tebtion of piibhihereaiid the trade generally, ii pnrtien It exile' to the important a d ixtr naive e dltetiou id' stereo>e p'-atra t: be offered nt line aile, embruoi g over a hnn4red e-i it-* tnoet ataadard aid populartrorkaand oopyrigbtata i market. i i.e aoir of Stationery will onromenee on Friday, the 2VI o' .1. b. The kale of bnnka will b> etnnmeiioed on datnrdav the h, at 11 o'clock M. with t; o vain-hie Invoice of Nooa'W. D. Ap lotk t'o. ai o the ailo Will to noufnueo thereafter ? rernlar lot tbronxh the catalogue amtl nil iaaold. The aale of Stepao* Platen taken pLoe on Tlmraday, vne YOtli o: March, at 1< lock M Iho ? holt aale ia offered on a credit of alx mowthv, ntl.1 w. a."carter, auctioneer AND COMMISSION MERCHANT. AV 7 Ntw afreei, |nrur kfuli alreel.) 17 ILL give hie peraonal atteatieii to theaalo of Heal Batata. V ko at tie e't-h mt*'Exchange, at d f< nui Ma rxpe<it- cola i Miangoinant of aalea of Douaahold Furniture, itoaka of Crom? fcim "nicia-o .a gmorauy, ao tc.u u.o pot. jo* l ? ria'f aalaaatauo lan. ml3 It* I LkNOIL) KOttKttOOD PaKlOK FUK>1TU?S *rtAUtt lion?llrai wttk In April?Dixon t 8toLoy.j6.V>aHr >a<.way, II ? II their entire at ok < f rioh roeewood parlor turoit .re. 8 at ek in Aprillbetntlttii<K ef tola* tere-ate'en arm tod imrlur tit* entile nnifpi o- litre, unci >nf? table* kc., ?c, is j'Ool riety, Tl.o njliolateMi1 wrkw 11 be told in mueliu, en that 10 urn can irke their choice f oovcriitg. The luraituio m the moat recent f> <i? and enperlor workmaaehip. and rnnet eoid '? eurieqiie' oe ?f a dieeelution of ptituerehip. Ptu. ni*??P< r tale,hereafter. I i.l3 2t* DIXO.H It 8T9NKY. 8M Broadway. ah nnn-A PA* ** wanted-IN A ?AL IUiVVV/ Eau.te ruruhttbO, tin roeuit or widen uau oe hi.otuiuy p.-?T. n. wil- jlfld a net profit of <10,000 within tlx e ra To an} pulton baring $ 0,000 to, one-half of u,c tlta will be given, with undoubted lootuity for the amuuutin. '<d. *nd pron in thereon, Adire a Box T417 Poet Office. ilk If __ 17AKTBO-?2,OOOON CITY fKOfERTY NEAR BfQGfTB r Arenoe ana Tort 1*1 h * trout. wurtn dou'U me a<n<>aat. J-' " al leeariiy II required. Addre eO. P. O, at toil oilije. ihlllt [OilCK-lO ALhtettliM IT MlY CUNrKttN? IA ME I on eliore on the oeuth aide of Long Ia'and, In toe violnitj of ntuuk Light houee, on the lat InaL, a vee.el'e Long float, dald it ia tereiiUea lectin leogt',apnir ntly about two year a old, ;bi!y, but otberwlae lo jo a condition oh 13 It CltuhOK fl \ND, IVreck-nja nter. DR. POWELL, OCULIST, AURIST, ETC., cflnea hit rrttt oe ta u-u..l. to u.e.a??a et t. e aye ntd Car, at 201 liiuudwuy, fiilrunrc lli H'urrtn ttrtrl. )R. TOW kLL'a TUTELAR "TRK.\T13B ON THIS EYE," prior 6t> ointr, can be proei rod at Ida offlo*. Tlia little tk deeoriher, In teina that all cm v doratand, the enatomj, yeloiogy. n.d dlrta.ea of the a] r aontaiua ruiea for tie preeert.on a?d impiovemtnt of rlaron and biata lor the a.- eetioa of MtarlM. 1p uii liUt aan aliobe bad Ire* of ooet, deacriMng Dr. Powell's a and highly iuccesilul method of tren(ihcnuiK ireak tjrti, d rratonmg the sight. Ion iDii'oit.d, a very Urge supply of lliolan's heiutifu' art!al ejoa, wbioh oan he married without auy pain or operation; d they move hie the natural eye, the oloeiat observer mot dneet tbi m. ml J It* :llkkhugh's or gos8AMER WIOS, SCALPS, AND LADIES hub dreiser, TAND pre emist at above all ou era it ti e world. Am oxaraiaitica wtll prove 1Mb bo erotiatlesl boeal. their peculiar it. ventilating Bed ?ommet nhaiao rr; toelr being snap, d and sd to tie beed exactly ae the natural hair grewaertrr hair mg the appearance of issuing fiom therkln, their elastioicy, eiLrity of material anci woikn>ana"lp; their e-yle or flnun ami de oi irraagement, firm euch a combination otimpriremrnta, rait competent Judgee have prtnouoeed them Perfect Seadi data tranter*ate Invi'ed to lnineet them, whether Atom cerioeity or ih iLterttoa to putobaae. Priori moderate. hlS lSt* IT* Aneedway. opetahn. eppoett* Howard Hotel. TO DRuooisrs. GERMAN APOTHB* AEY AND CHEMIST. SO YEARS L ?f aae, ii deetaoua of getting a eitnauun iu a wholeeaio rxteaeive retril Ding Store, for the flrtt of April next. He been employed in thie city thoee iwo year*, ipieki the Bug. h language'iul e well, and oan give the beet oliy re eien iea i.Heoi innate (" the Hcuth. Letter!adojeeeed to M. SMITH, Houston aireet eorner of Aeeex, will be immediately allied to. _ mh I.Vjt SAND ? ' S A R S A r A RIL D A , IN QUART BOTTLES, R FCRIFT1NO THE BLOOD, AND FOR THE CI"RE OF (cnort'LA. Mxaouaiai. luteaic*. rhivhatiim, cutanix)u? eruptions, biuhbobn ulcere. liver complaint, iivbpepbia, bronchitis, halt mhi i'm, consumption, psver soaxs, ?-?:mai.e complaints, ERYSIPt I.Alt r-OBB OP APPETITE, F.MPI.SS, Ml.At, GENE ,AL Dknil.lTV, fee. VbE ppnThlaTORS have spent much time la bringing thli meDAratiop of Sarsaparilla to it* pieae..t state of aarfestion: i tie i xperiance of foureea jean haa fumtihed them the meet pit opportunity te ntudy, In their rart?n? fori e the 'lie iteee whioli It te lacenunended, end to adept it exaotly to thilr teller I evre fntleota who with a really good e ere Inrited pre It a trial, and aatiafy tbemeelreeef itaiuparlnrity, and the ahtakle rreperty it p?aaeaaaa t.f arraating and carina diaeaen. I b- tile bae teen enlarged to hold on* Quart, and In Ita preeeat tToiod f<>im m? y aafelj claim to te the beat and ohaapcat medie ?f the ate. Iteprorreea to the tame it baa attained may be etd by a long lin- ot laeta and cure, that atand aa land matin I beacon for the loralld. pointixg the way to the ha ton of dth, and what It baa already done for the th u-aooa who hare d It. it it eapablo of dolea rot the mlllioaa etill aufi?r| .g Md barling with diareee. It purl Sea, olaanaea aad atrangtheaa the .tela iprlnga of life, aad Infnaee new rigor throughout the oie anla-al frame DYSPEPSIA CURED. he folio* lag testimonial, trtm a gent cmaa ao well known aa Cox, toquina ao conuntat, aa it reeoarmanda ltaalf to all ilarlj nfluotedt? New Voan, December 18.1848. [carta A. B. It D. Bawrat-GeuUemen?Baring eipenanced mi at beneficial eflbcta from the uee ol yonr Sareaptrila, It me plearnie to add my witimory to Uie n timer out apontnuaeffuaUnaot grateful benrte which yen ooatiaually are re It cmj wu dyspeptic, ot rather I may term It, a weakneee of dltts'.ite orirana. tor mot* Uiaa a y*ar. I was troubled with id upon my '?* ach and it* frequent eructation, together with dneing a ipadiBodlc contraction of the hovrt, often gar* me eh annoyance. After ttjing variour remedle* without avail, I the**, too, prescribed by on* of onr most emiatnt phyilotana, iminen *d with jour Sarxaparilla. b*for* I had used half a 'I*, almost > very symptom of this disagreeable oomplaint had ial.ed and in a few week* It* oontlaned ute effected a compete e. 1 theielore eoafldently re* mmend it to all person* attested he same manner, and have reason to beliert that many who snBi r n* under a supposed disease tf the heart, if they would e your rareapaniU, in a few week* would tnd themsulro* tored to health lu both miad and body. 1 remain your*, very truly, JOHN y. COX, 93 Lexington avenue. SAND 8 8ARSAPARILLA IN PRUSSIA. Le proprietors of tki* valuable medicine have jut received an er front our eo emed fr.t nd and correspondent, Theodore il i, borio ary of LcgiiIon to U o Court of l'ruria, for the use *f sember 11 the Rojal family?a copy of which we herewith lay sie our readers.?ma Journal. "U B. Ln'isriow, Bkui.iw, Nov. JO, 1848. OrsTLrvov-1 with you to *end two doseu bottle* of your rapanlla. for tho nso of hi* rojal highness frineo ITaldimir, t rumia, to this legation, ae ?o< n as possible. it I* atoessary t he shou'Jrooolve it immodiatolt: therefore, please send It Irst rteemer. lb* bUl ean be made out la the mam* *f the ice and seat with it. Your obedient rervant " TRIO. & f AY." he following certifies to from Col. Hamoel G. Taylor, a gentle ol high steading and exteatlve ae<a*alatoaee throughout the thttn States and lately appointed loaful to MewUranada, imcndi itself to tb? attention of nil New York, Jan.7,1848. tars. A. B fc D. Pepp*:? EhTLEiiKnbaring uiad tnd witn<**ad the effect* of your client pru station of dam pari lia ou different persons Invar! pits of tho tenthera country, vix-:?Virginia Loilitaaa, ; s and Mexico. 1 fool much pleasure la ttaung the high oplnenteriatncd of Ita great moditr aal value la my own oa*o it d almost like a ohaim, removing epoodily the tiarreted state ^e ejtkrm, knit xtiling la the most sgmable manner, a tonic I iav.gtrsiing icfluexea. , < ar barest aril's highly approrsd and extensiTtly used by United btates Army la M*xico, and my cousin, General t..r>T><i..e ku fov the rust Ave tear* been ia the habit of X it and ttcommeodi the lima; be Md myeclf adopted the lele at iht tame that, and li U aew ooneld.rod an aimeet inMBthtla rennMte la the army. '? eonellaloa I Woo d lay. t ie tetter it ie taown the more hit hly it will be prlatd, and rat that I,a healtn r??t<>rirg?trtnte will make it generally wn throughout the lei.rth ead breadth of oar widely extended ?ry. Your. r.ry reepieifully. ^ Q fkYWR, United Btatea Coaanl to NewOraaada. be fellowleg lalereeUna mm ie preeenud and toe render ltd te itec*.re ul pemeJ. tomaaeat ea ineherideaee la anNew Yoait. April*. 1847. aaaa a. Jam*Gentlemen?Ha\ mg iong beea afllieted with traleebiiity, weakmeae. loeeel appeal*. *?.. rooalyfaab-M t. mtbe tanmii remedlee preeetibed. I eoaoladed aeout three itbe eiace to uieae am ef jour lltnienila I now hereitho litre of it for liable you that 11a anewi n?Tt vrvu ?*wiuo? kiMMit reeulte la reeturlat my health. Ul 1 an tadueed ta my tf?timi ny to the nam* etbara you alraady piaia; aud to n ItniBR further ieformetiea. I will pataoaoUy eve tha pat lata ?f my eeee. and tha effee of Una iavaloahle medlotae, elltaa aiiWBowery, New Vorb. Voamm^UjU^ hie ettUSet that Kite Jaaat Bela'eeh lakaowa Uaatai a bat af the t hurah, la ?< edetaadu ?, aad worthy of aaaMaaaa. J S. SPIMCKB, Paatar af Saaaad rreabyterka Ctmrah, Brooklyn, re pared aad told, wbolaaa'a and rat ail, by A. B. It D. BAN D*. rte ar d Dm mlata, 1(? raltoo at real rotaer of WIllUm, Naw old aba by Urn nut a iranarmlly tArouaheut tha Ualtad ie.? aad vanadaa fiUa $ i |*i battle; all bottlad ftr $V hl3 lit pTHTTA Y, SOAP MANUFACTURER, Not. 2M. SfW, Ml. t'Maaa* abdUM MonaoaSra. AS an hand, aad la aoralnatly making af in pari >r i|uaHty, . ti t lallowtac aoapa: ?Nu. I Broon, hatta No. I, Palo Ultra 1 > am'l), T aebit'l latMoaed Droon Soap, Paasy Son pa la U.attTitMty; alio Bait Water d ep fuPar'a Soap, ?>t wootlaa Lttettnreia; ?an alaa tared at apart aoteaa; all of wbloti artiatea for tale, at th? low eel pnaaa aada daltearad at all pcute af the otty, Brooklyn aad telllUmo%, (ha af aarta(a. aalS It* [ERA ~ - - y-ir 49. DK. TOWNSEND'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OK 8 VRSAPARILLA. WntllK* AND nlEfalNIl OP THE AOK TBB ROBTiX'RAORDlNAKT MKI/K'lNIt IN THE WORLD Thit Extract is put up in Quart Bottles: it it six tin ft Cheaper, PleaseWet, and warranted tupariar to any told. It curat without vomiting putting, sick mint or debilitating the patient. THE great leant) and mporl'ntt of t"le ia nii a?llla or? a'l o'hernodioiie, ia that w>ile it rrvlioatot -.ho duetae, it la vigirateetlw bodv It |? ot t of thv ?err beet HPRINO AND SU'MvjEft viEblCINES ?r?r known; it nit o ly pnritiet <he whole ayateie end aweegtSeni the per?on, tut iteree'ta uew puraeni tieh blood tpn.crp* ae*etd by no other irudtoiBe. And in this lire 'lie grand Morot of ito woneiful luooria 1> has petformed witliie th. luat dre yeare owrr than HDMiO" onrra ofievore oaere of d'tsaui: at loaat 1 Vi?k) ?.rerevelderrd inrumhie. lihvetv'd the Uvea ?f more tb;an A.M Urbildn-n duel g the iwo part eretoge. 10,0i'0 Cases of Ifms'u/ lubibty arui Want of Nervous Ene< gy. Dr Towneond'a S?rrop?ri>)a mv'gora ea (he whole eretrra |>er mtBently. To thoeo who ha?-loot tft-ir oioaruUr nneray by tin rflWe et mi'diei' e or ind aeration eoinnot'ted myouth or tin ex eeaaire indi I :ence et the iWMlona, and brougl t < n a gone .1 p'it aleel pr- a'ration ol the tarrona iii'ei, lata tude. win or auii> Poo. faiolirg arnaatlnra prematnro dveay aud, hia'oimg toward* thai faUl diaaaaa, ooaumd inn. can bo onti eiy rritoied by ihia plraaaat wi> tdy Tbia SatrapiriMa ia firaupnrior to buy INVIGORATING CORDIAL, u It renew* ai d invigorate* tha ayatcm. g vac aotiritjr to tha llinbe.*tid hlitt|ib to tha miaonler ayateur, iu a uioat extra irtilllj degr. a. CONSUMPTION CURKD. ' Icanie and Strengthen. Conanuption can ba anrad. Brm. ohitia, Cut >on)piti v, l.ivar ? ouipNi it. aolia, oatterii. a ngha. aatlima. aplttli gof bpod. aoronaa in toe I'hcat. hoe tie On th. n the iwi ai*. dilliuolt or p'oiuaa hipeetnratiun, pain ia thoaida, ad, Uta bton and aan b> cured. SriTTINO BI.OOD New Von k, April 28, 1817. Cr. Town Mod?I rarity believe that)nnr anup-irill* baa b-o'i th* meena,throui h r*videuc*. of Having my I fa. I haro lor teveral yrara had a had oengh. It Ucimc ?f>r*o and wurao. at liat 1 retrod iaraa quantifier of blood, bad night awaata, and waa greatly delimitated ai.d raduord. and id uet. expect to lira. I have only uaed yonr hartaparilla a ahoi t tin,a and 'beva ban a wt nderlnl ohai |e be n wrought ante. lam now abio *? walk all ivartbaoity. I reee no blood, and nayeough fa* 'oft ma. Ton tan wall imag tie that I am tbaukful for thaaa raaulta. Y our i bad > ort aai van t, Wl .?UB- KLIa?5 Catbarioa attack FKVKR AND AGUK. Dr. Townaend'a Harropanlia ia nnequalh d in ca.riof tlia f'hllla end Fever and Aguo The f'Mowing letter ia only ona < f hundred* t< at we have received from tha 8outh and Watt of lika okaiaatar. Oawcoo, Miah..Oot 2i, 1S47. Dr. Town??:nii: Dear Sir? I purohuaad for uiy wtia two botfraof naieapaillleof yonr agank Mr. MoNair. ofKaUmaaoo to try It lor tba Forar and Ague. Bafore I bad ll.iiabad ibe bratbottla, it appeared to warm tha blood, and arery otliar day when the Chilla and Fever appeared, tbry ware loaa violer. t; and l-efjre iiv iinu iiuwiivu his ut ?% (!. bud ?bi cDt.m/ reueveu, ana line VH4 much botttr than the had been before (he took the Ague. A led; that had been eery lick with the Chilli end Fever, but lied broke thru with Quinine, ana wee left in very weak end d'tirwsing lUte, And troubled nxneediogW with the Ague Cake toeing the eltect that it hat > tny wife, tna tint and procured a few bottles, at d it rettored her in a tow weeke to oomp ete heAJah. Vuur Sartaparilla it, withent doubt. uotonnlled in dinette* ine dent to Ut West, And it jou think that t hit eon inuuicAtiou will be of use, ytu are ut liberty to ute It at you ehooee. I Toort, reped fully, CHARLES H. 81FAI1T. RHEUMATISM. Tbit It enly or e of more than four thousand oaaes of Rhernnailttn that Dr. Townteud't flarsapanlla hat ourod. The moat to ere and obronio oa tee tie weekly eradicated by itt extraordinary vin net Jatret Esq., one of tho a.Mfatante in tlie Lunatio Atylum, Rlaekwul't Island, it the gentlemantpoktaol lathe follow iLg letter: Hl.APK WEI.l. t I.Tl.Alt D, Sept. H 1?47. Dr. Towttrr.ten: Dear Sir?1 liavn tntfured terribly fir nlno yeart with the khemnatitm ; 01 ntidertble of the time I oould not tat, eleep < r walk, 1 had the utmott diitreeuing palnn. aad my llrnbe were temhiy twollen. 1 here am d four bottle* of your Sarraperilla and ihey have dune ate more than onethuniaud dollare worth uf good. I atn to muuh better?Indeed, 1 am entirely leilavtd. Yon are at liberty to ute thta f>r the benefit of thealHietod. Yours, r'tpeotfally. Jakes cueminqs. fit8! fits! fits! Dr. Towntend. not having tee led hit Bartaparilla in cases of Fits, of course never recommend) d it. and was surprised to reteive the fullowitg from an iateiligent and rttpaetabte farmtr In Pon rut am, Auguat 13.1947. Dr Townckkd: Dear Bit?T have a little girl, wren yoAf of age, who hat been wreral jeara afflicted witn Plia; we tried ai* moat ovorjthing < r her. but without tuocew; at laat, although we eeu:d llnd u* rteommeadatfon in oar circular for aaaea like here, *e thought, aa ahe waa in very delicate health, we would give her tome ot jm Sarcaparilla, and are eery glad we did, for it net mly reaturtd her aitei gih. but ahehaa had no return of the rite, to i ur great ptaaauro and aurpruw. She ia faat becoming rugged aid hearty, for which we feel graiafal. Youre, reapwfullr. JOHN BITLlfl, Jr. FEMALE MEDICINE Dr. Town'erd'a Sarcaparilla la a eorrreigo and apoedy cure for Incipient t'omun, jitloi,. Bun eni.can Prolapana Utori or Pal i.g of the Wnnb, oeatieetieaa, Pit a lutuo rrbua, or Wei'en,obttruotod or difficult Menetruatum, lucontinenee of Urine, or involuntary dicebarae there f, and for the general proairatlon of me eye teen ? no mailer wl.e her tlie reeult o' inherent cmum or eauate,pro3uMd by 11regular.|). tl'aeia, tr accident. Nothing ean be mate aerrniini than lie invigorating afleotcM ibo huoina frame. t'arcona all maaaaaaaand laaattude. fr< tn taking it at anna bcawna wheat and full of em rgr. tinder I 'a iaflueaen. 11 immedia ely tt.n oracie the nercaleranemot the feeaalo tiumn whioh ia tha gnat oaino of Bnrrenteea It will tot be tiptoud of na. ia onaea of to dalioete n nainre, to exhibit <?rli flea tea ol onrea performed, but we una nature ihecSUotrd, that bundreda of onaea ban been Toptrted to an. Thonmndc of eaten, where tamiiiee hare been without ohlldrin, aherat ?r a tew lottlec ef thie invaluable medicine, have boeu bltaaeu with toe. t ealthy oBapring. TO MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES. Thta li'met of Aateaparilla haa been exprewly pr-pired ia reference to tea a'e complaint*. No female who haa ruaten to anppotc the It appioaohlng that critical pern d, "The turn or life," i.ould negWot to take It, ae it la a certain proven live foe any of the nnmeyusard horrible diaeaaen to which fetsalei are aubjact at U"i line of lite. Thin period may he delayed for aevtral learu, by mm* thla nedieloe. Nor It it law valuable lor thorn who aro approachingwomanhood. teitig oaloalatcd to qoickraiug the bio<d a?d InvieimUtig the ivitem. lodood. this mtdlelnt- U lnvaiuable for all the deliuatodiaoaaea to which women art nhjaot. It m?? the whole lyateu. r?rewi permanently the natural aae glee, bj rtm?ving tbe impuritiee of the body, uotaofareti mul bug a? to produoo euberqueat relaxation, which ii Ue oaaa of neat medwiaee when for fumble weaknee* and dlaeaa*. By uilug a fow bottltaof M ia medicine, many aevero and painful gurgioal operation* may bo prevented. GREAT BLE8SINO TO MOTHERS A CHILDREN. It 1* the aa'eit and moataffootual medicine for purifying toe >ya tarn end telirving the inObrinnatiandant upon child-birth, erer dlieoearrd. ltatrengtheaa both tba mother and ob Id, prevent* lain and din aae, Ineiewea and enriciee the food; llioae who hare need it think it I* IndltpeneaMo. It ii highly aaoful boih before and af'er eonflaemeat, a* it prtveata diaetiea attendant up in obi dbuth?InCoitieeitaa Pilot. Cramp*. 8-eliag of tri* Feet. Peepoadeaey, Heartbo<a. Vomiting, fain in tb* Back and Loina Falre l ain*. Remorrhaga. and ta regu'atinx tbe aooretiooi and eqaaliung the oiicnlation, it baa noequi-l. The great bcan'y of tt.ia medieina la. it It alwaj tale, and tlio moat dalioatu nee It oat moeraalully; eery few eaae* require any other medioina la game a Ui tie eaa oroit, ar magneela, 1* uecful. Excrniae la the open air, aid l ght food with thii medicine, wiil alwajra enaur* a aale aad eaay eenflnemcat. NOTICE TO THE LADIE8. Ttoie that lmiiate Or. Townaend'e Saraaparillabar* Invariablj calleo their attff a gieat remedy for famalea tto , ka,*n? bare copied oar bill* and eireulart abieb relate to tb* oumulaiata if winca, ward for word?other mta who pat ap mediclue, bare, ii.ce the great too eai ot Mr. Tonnatad'a dartaparllla in aimplaint! lteldeat to femalee, rooom mended their*, although pre vi> luly U.iy did aot A cuinoer 01 these mixture*. pill*, Ma. are tajsriiua to female*, utiij aggravate dtaoaaa, aad nadannia* the aonatitatiou. SCROFULA CURED. Thl* eertiScate ooooloeivalv prove* that thla 8ar*ap*rilla haa perfect control ovtr the meet obaitaate dlieaaea of tlM blood. Thrte peraoaaemied la ona boare ia unprecedented. THREE CHILDREN. Dr. TowneawD? IRar Sir: I have thapleiaure to Inform yon that tlirr* ot my children have been enred of the eerofola by Uio vie olyeur excellent medioiae. They aem afliioted vcry eeeerely wlib M>d tore* have taken only foui bottler. It look them away, for whioh I feel nyieil under ireat obligation Your i reaiieoMnhy. 1ft*A" W. CRAIN, 1M Woeeter atreet. OPINIONS OF PHYSICIANS. Dr. Towniead I almnt dtlly receiving ordeia from PbraioiaBf in diferttit p.rta of the L'nlca. Tc It ia tu certify. Oat we, tlie undtralgned Phjtloiaaa of tha City ot A,ban*, bete, m nnmerou. caeee proecribed Dr Tuwaacad'a Siraererille and it to be one of u< meat valuaile [rtHt>Uu.iu U>?aiikil D.l'. HUL1NU, M.O. J. WILSON. N D. ?. B. BBIQUS. MD. Ai.hak v, April 1,1847. P. R. RLMRNiXlRP, M D. CAUTION. Owing to the greetanceete end in.menee able of Dr. TowBoend'a PerfepMile, b Leiuber of men wko were formerly ouregoute, have ocma; otto* d n,aHe* Saraopanlla Ei.raot*. Eiiaua, Hit tore, litreete of Yellow Deok. tie. They generally put it up in tbe nemo tlepid bottke, Bad aome of them lime atole Bkd oopitd etir adveitiermente. They ere only worthleee lmitatione. end ehoniB ie avoided. Principal tffiee, 126 Pol ton atreet, Fbb Building. NY; Red dingb Co.. H State atmt, B atoa; Dyett blton*, 132 North Soeoae etrtet, Philadelphia; S. 8. Druggiet, bel imore; P. M. Cohen, CI erleett n wrijht k Co, HI t hni tree e rect N O, 11*5 fomth Pnarl atreet, Albany and by all the pr ne pal dntfgi.t* and renol i nt* generally throng tout tie Unit.d etatea, tCeet In d!ea and tlia Caaedae. mil It VARNISHES. TDK SUBS( Rlbi.R reapcoifailv lol rme hie enetotner* and oibnre, I (loo,era ia. ana thota u.iug u e above article#,) that he haanow < n hand an exte'tiva aawrtuentof all k a'a of Vac nirhta aliieh he wi'lwarrant U ifcf ..a-nted, and aellat reaeonalle ;*i<ta in quaatitita to anit pnrubaarra. KLHNt aHV MaVRR, Manwao.urer and Dealer in all klnda ofVainithee Office HO Bcakinan it roe t, rub 1.3 It* TO TI1K PUBLIC. TrEtrlgieal and genuita Magical I'aia It tractor, told by Con elock fc Co., 21 Ciurtlendt atreet, ia a aoverelgn romady for Burne, Scalds, Son Lye., and Nipple*, Rryapilaia, Barber1* I ch. Cat*. tropin na of'he Bt in. be. 9tf~ Caanaa.- Dalle) < rigiael and nly genuine Magical Pais Extractor, t?ld only at21 Courtlandt etrtet. Conn oca Htwii1 N???? and Bona Lucimrrt, and Indian Vrcieta?i.r Ei.itia, la vanaiiUd to ear* any o*m of Rbeumakam. Uout, Coatiaotod Cut da and Murelea ot i-tiff Joieta atrebgtl.enA W eak "-'itrnl tat Mr* tkoae who are ailopled to walk again. Uaa thia artlvla nad be tuied, ot go without It, and aufltr igneu pleaaa. OwrtiUabx of curaaby ilia hurdreat tin ba taan afW Coartlaadtami, wkm thia at tick- la mid only genuine HAYS' LINIMENT FOR THE PILES. The want attauka ot the Pile* era effectually and p.-rraaraaUy en red In a ahttt time, by the una c t the genuine Mays' Liuiaeafc. HuLdradaef our drat citiaena throughout tha country haea naad thia with ? apietc aneceaa It la watraatad to euro tha moat aggravated caaa. Bold at 21 Conrtlai d? ai mh!1-lta The rigid application or certain principles la li Medical ProfeaaloB doubtleaa melutalaa a dieUnot Una at demaikattca hetweaa tha ialtiatad aad men preioaderai; but It la notoriaua that tha publloity wl.iah the aRala thriogh tdiertiaiig, caaaaapanaata aaff. rtn* from FARTICPLAR DltEAtl*. ta aeak adricefrom theae wbaaa haowladM of madlafaa laaaaaa. aarlly limited: tha aaeHffea ef health art Ufc la aonenjuaa^r ertrad A Phyeiataa of (org etaadtng end eitenalTe ptaotieein thiaeVty, hat fortnme time Aet. ImpneMd w.? the conr-otlou that tail' a* ovtl? haea heme ariaea. to a anataraaa olaaaof pa tieata- bat ba hat Htfcwto allowed profhaaienat etujaette to ovarroaer the areapkaea wblah aiaeat daily praatlce ? agitated. He can, howeeci^l e lo. ear wlthataad a ataae of datyiTnt wlohlng te ooafe-a at far aa praetieable ta tba (poetic pe tee atriet) prodee aioaal tea oai, ba eon only offer hlaadeioa thruagh tha aadlata af thaaaar. Theea wtahlrg to trail theaealrea af legitimate treat eatia lhatalaaaef dlaaaee tba netaraaf whiah naad aotka artefally treelBed, may addraaa ale'ter aoatainlag rail pnrttenlara at tha eaae, ta feoa 2t? I. foot Office, New Tork. It le alcmet aeedlai to ata'.a, that thaec leltcre only, which contain Uwnaaal ph) ticlaa'e fee, will itcelTe a'te ii| >u. mhll * LD. r- i._ .a ? _ * TWO CENTS. DR. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC BELT8? BRACELETS. NK KLACES, AltD MAONKTIO FLUID, FO? TBI REMOVAL AND ''KKMAMAVT CUM OF ALL, Nrrv oa Dae-ita anaiiy from an unpaired, woakonod, or OBl-raithy t'sic < ! the Ntrnna or Vital yarew Tley are uuii ? it perteut end oor -a -mm la all taail of U ENEE A L >t E BIL I T Y, | from vlioitri'i uauar-a it may arae, iU? g ru ntag tha weak mad a m 111. at d iu?ikotar ux tha h dj. Fit*. Primp fhoaiua loar ai oto i r ' i.i ui la, A pi epa.v. Ltimhagn Fan ljaio, Kaley, ludigoeMon. oyvPKPPi A, rotuoiia ?TirraEes or jminti, rArjrrATio* Or THK lir.AUT .PDPI.EXV, NBU IAI.OIA, PAIAO IN TIIB curm AND SIDE, 1.1 VKK POM FLA 1 ?T, Dieeici of lh? Ridnaja, Si iuai and Corratare of tha Mai.e II i> ' miilaiiii .'naaraa and all NKKVOUs diseases, ailio ftom ore >in,|>. d >a A "ERASUEMEHT UK TUB SEKVOVS SYSTEM. No drug baa, nrcaalntve, aay odaM ..a tham aioopt to I i urn It lltoiliHai* f? ( dni|i* Mil a.a1 oi tn? lyiutii; wane aador ttfea iKbt In iua -l'fTiiyiDg. viialia>n< i tUnnee of Galrauiera. health atKcw tla diaaaao ami tke pabu t is raat.ied to hhi no and y 1 or aal?i? by alio oo.wara apportion of OR CBKliTlfS (. AL> aMC BEL i. 'too feu.ianiyai.d-ree> boauty ..f VHKISlIi'miALVAMiJ J.NU AUUSETIC CURATIVES OOkrlb t I ltl? f Oil *i they CUBE bit KaSK Bl OUTVYagO ArPLlRAriON, in? t??d of toe uruol nude f drugging *ud phi (inking Dm patient till eahauaieo nature *i> lis u d>r th" i< n otion THKt ?r? CNGTHK > THUOHilUltRU; A power posaeneil by du other torn uul ageutexeeut U ALV \\HV1. SicM thslr Introduction Into Mia Uul red Ititoo mors than TIIIHTV THOUSAND PKHSOIfe, Including thildr b, and ladies of all oljioes, uero boon the recipient* ol their benefits. To Illustrate ite una rappoee the wi oik ponvn itllioiud with that bane at oiriliiitlon, Dvnpui'sia. lu bruiUAiy oases, aunnilm Is kro tnten, which b? ihsir M ioa oa tlio nerve ??d niuicle* w' tlio at. roo-'li, afford temporary m lot. but which lckvo lha patent in A iionr kiotr, end with injured fsouiutt. i Iter the aoiion thus exoited hiHoasael. Now aotupere thin with theefftet result! tlio sppllnntioa of its UAtiVANlO liBLT Take a dtapepu* sufferer. svsu in the worst symptoms of en abtAik and umpiy lie the belt around t.n b id*, ualog ?he tntgautie tiuid a* directed. in a abort priod the inseusiko perapiraien will aei mi the poaitive olstnout of no bolt, thereby sousing a galvanic cirou mivn, wmoh will pais the nega.t*e. and t mooe bout again to the (maitige. thua keeping up u oontiouonegaivanio eirouiatiun ibn ngbout tno system. Tnua TbE HUal SAVEitA OasKi uK DYSPEPSIA AU PEMMaNENTLY CUMab. A few dkja are often uiupiy suthuunt tociiultoate the dtaaaos of year a CKBTIFICATKS AND TCITIMONIALi, from the mtsi raaptotaneaouruea, regarding tha WbNbBolM SU UEdS Abi) e.fS'1 ;IENUY OP 1>R UtlBISTlVv OAUYANU BELT, could la given, eufllo ent to till ovary oo uinn In this paper. Wo uiako a few itlrotu nr. Tkabrrt ami EXTU AORDIN ARY CASE, and eonotaEooip pm**o that " lnnh ia atrangor than fiction." be following letter, narrating one of tue moat remarkable avi nts la tha natal* ur Ecdieel ocieuce, ia from tiia RKV. OR LANb 8, A CLKRtiYMAN of New J assy, of d >tin?uiahad attaitiiii^te ml exaltoi raontation:? Hio.vgv N'sw J racy. Juli 12, 1807. On. A. H. Chii mtib?Dear ai. :- You wish to know of mo wkatbasbaon tliereauli la tuvowno to. of 'he applicatl >a of TBI OaLVAMC belt A.VU nE^KlaoE By reply ia aa foiluo*:? for abont twenty yaaral had basn loffo lug from Dyapapdn. Every year Do > hi pi me I eoam?* worse. uoroou.q i ooiai.i |nr maami from a ,y onm of moeioal ireatinaal whatever. About fourteen yearn Muce, 1 became rulgcott., a to ere .hroaio nli. uuftuam. wham lor year alior vatr ojuae.1 me lad Mrififtble auguuh 'J he et ill of m> phy>.010110 mm-t men ealirded mo r.vit rami) but tliie ri iief woe only touip riry. Farther: 'u iho whaler el '*S ftau '4'>. 1 wee attacked ?. the Brooobitia, whieh eom be?i me aoeevtre as 10 i?<(Ui ? an Immediate sea penal ea of my p*evorol labors My ic viuiijii m *? bow tootou/hly prostrated, and ft* m> Rroaohltie bc-ane *? ?. to alei did in/ Dysiupaia an4 Hheumat 0 affeoiiou. Hyiulfuioga woe indued eivere, aftd I bad ue ptoapso oe. or tbau being ft no too dlaohargeut those d't es aad tie p?rf rin.nce (thus labors, 1a abnh my eoul haa ever lou d the ingbeet of lie joyt. But rta?..?ir| fioiu i Ifci to ouu.e 1 001 eluded tnat thv Nervine Byat rnuat bo roaebei before euy hope ooold be indulged of my obtaining re let rum the A move dietre.aifte maladies; rvor> thing toat 1 had tried ficthiu purpose had oompietely fellad. At laet, (though with ao v.ry sanguine ho pee <>r Vteir efficiency,) 1 de'eiwined to t y the etttet of t ie app Button a the UdLTthlU BKi.. A ? ts Ngi-KLViE. I hie was la June, I8?l. TOMVOBEAT ASTONISHMENT IN TWO 1)111 MY tlYNFEFBIA HAD HONE IN E1UHT DAYS I WAN EN A Hl.EO TO BESt/Mcl MV FASTO HA I. l.AHOKS NOR HAVE 1 BIN Ct OMITTED A SINOI.R BEI. VICE ON ACCOUNT Of THE BRONCHITIS; AND MV HEUMATIC ArVEC'riON A1AO CEASED TO TaOl'BLKMC My Dyipypjia has never returned; the Kbeuuiattsua "uoe t a w'ile VIan ms, b. t tot acvueiy, am arrestrd ads manifestly being drlvct ft'm it-I hold upo my system. an my Br 'nuiiaiaToitioA is eutiiely ontad Bueh ia the wonaenul end happy results ot the UMiiant 1 bavatee mm id ad tbe BtLrond P. IIID to many who have been I ilea lie inhering troa nee aloe affiauone. Toy save tyed them, with haffy I siurvns evey cake I am, doar air, viry taspeouul v y< era, ttoBf.KC W. L4NDI8. RHE JJMA TISM AIV D a ES PEPSI A. CBitltTiVs UALVAMC BEdI' wUi aura avery oaee, ne matter how eevireorchmnle. 1 ho fs,l?wiag letter la from Mr. a Ion so ?, Fuller, of Kingston/ M. Y., agoaUamaa of big- napeethbUitt aud ladueaea,? Kiacstom Ula or vlo. N. 7.. Jan m, INJ8. Ta Or. A- H.Chnetia?about the Or>t of Novsmbar last, tootled at i our effioo aid purcbaaed aue of your t.a.rauie Belie, aad i am happy to tay that it haa trade a tew man of wo tot yea.a, I hkte htm tioubled with rht amaiisui, very severe, aad a general weakteiB ot t e whole By i tem and ve-y nerv n? witn pain to the bead, re severe tbet I weuid have io to my bed three erfoar titncBftday. M) fileade are aamuiilied at tne p-rf et and wendeitul curs wrought ou ma. I aover was better in my Itle uian now, ana 1 know that U.ia it altogi ther oemg to your Ualveet* Bo t, Itrl bad had the lest phvsieiaus, aud had wled every thing trtenoua io using it * ithi.ut tlKot. e a Very leerectfully, AL >V Ui D. FBL.TSK. DR. CHaiMMK'B (JAL V AN It; NK KLACKS Are worn for all cniaplaints afloting tue throat "t head ?for any IMLlMMiTION OF I HE THaOaT, Baadanhe, Diitiatas ot t- e t-eau, Brouehtt s, Neuralgia la the fats buteiig or roaring la th vara, Doafi see. wluea ta nerveue (when the organ il not injured) isalwayB coral, DR CHRIS I'lK'ri UaLVANIC BR VC5LETS, Are applied to the wrlau < r ankles, ?nd are used in all ateea of RHEUtta I I'M affedtiDKthehmbi,for itraii.t, treo.or. of tbe baoda,orany norvr.urn enn nlmnt. klTkC'ilAf t)i? i?ifd (if lrmf. Ou? lit Mr ,rn nn aaaK wriit er.nhle, aad Uic Maguet.c Fiuid ia applied to the p-rt particularly iiffertad, tluecauaiog acoueuatraUon of the inB inuoc at the dm. rod aput. SICK HEADACHE. P.O The following i-rrtifloato ia tr .ai ilia Ldy of Capt Jobs F. Strain. oi a of the moat na|- ctau ci.i/,iu?<.f Albany, N. Y. IbUrttte iau be given to iuai.y cih.ra, u? atiy ladiea, woo m? peculiar. V afloeiv U witli ihia malady. "Tbia ia to certify that I hare baaa afflict: d for aercral yaara paatwi'h the bleb Headache, whicheiatr aeiugcomp aiaihaaovnhmd me 10 tl.a led from oae to two <uy? in tne weak, during that time. For one month port. I bare aero l>i. eJhriaue'a tialvaaio Necklaic, and ocojs o, ally uod the Msguutie Fluid. I aui happy to eay that 1 have not btea tr-uhUii whh tic riak neadaoae. Mate. ANN F. Sl'iaAIN, 67 Oewitt at Albatjr, March 2, 1M7. I'ALSY AND PA tt A LYSIS. All phye'eiana acknowledge there terrible dteeaaea aro eauaeu by a dilicn ncy of i ervoaaeueigj lu the aifMiel pacta Dr. Cr.nne'e lielvai lo aitwlra will eupply th dudctent power, and a. oe tuple to and entire cute ie tnua aflec ed. ONK THOUjl vND tJASES of pa1 ay and paralytir here been teportrd to Dr. Chriatle and hie agei la within tl.e laat two yearn, wh:ob hare boan entirely rastoitd. iTtT Captain Androw J. F Toon a or Brooklyn. N.T., had not be< u at.e to walk aaitp ier i ear lour year-, and waa ao nelpleaa that be had i o lie fed. The moat celeb..led phyeiciaoagavt him np. In tire da]a uf it lie commenced ng tlie ga vouio belt aad brattiete, i.e waike aeroea the rot m and m three weeke be we* roooveitd to petfeot health. Captain Totnei taaeveuty year* A CELEBRATED PHYSICIAN. The lollowlag it firm one of the u oat di.tinguiabed phydelana in Btauin, Mas..:? KOll ALI. WHOM IT MAY CONCLR.V. I, the undersigned without too ieaat heeitatwin, do feel warranted in attendee that the galvanio jrtt-lu. loren>ed ay Dr A. U. I.brittle contain rary raluab e pr pirtiea. part cularly in ataae o> afiDil lonipaiuM. rpeatu. iiio tootr.o'l. u* aad unaUmof the aervaa: ala> la eara ol epoplexr a-.d p.lepwj die. Tney hare Ueu uead by many of my pe lieu la, who na?e rdbefaed eaaeo'lbl ttntltt fr. in them. 1 here cob*, raid wIJi maav who lire dw e tied lo me tbetr perftot ?onfld*no? In than, eepeeia .y le rneuDaiieaffeatioca hie la cot unlikely. ae rueamaaaa ie certainly a die.and it e aetroua < h\ract r and it it in a me m/etedoan eonnaetlea with the r crane ef the human ey lam that the reaiaibabic tHicaoy of thcae artielta ie owing. Although I can oof a plain 'he rationale ol tha heaeli: af tbriatde'a lareateoae tvll o many authmiL eate? hare eon# under my ueeiee. that ware I other who diap ecd. 1 tune- gire lu?f ir " eneiag ia WtWrin*." IS? erieteo of Phydiology baa maty exraeraiaary faela to ha explained, and t. cm new medioal dimoreriea are among the moot trance ead imaortaui. J. B. aolalON, II. D. K< ?ton, FealS, 1847. pricks or dh. christib's galvanic cwutivbs. The Oelraaie Beit. Tnree Dollars The O-leaa'0 Necklace Tw) Dot1 an. The Utlreate Btaoeli te Oae dollar eaeh. The Magnetic Fiatd One Dollar. PARTICULAR CAUTION. 09- Beware of eouatatfeltart aad wagthlem imitabioae. Th* name of the authorised agent ie at tt e bottom ol thig eh til. Dee* ? hem the genuine articlee earn alwaj be obtained Ail order* or letter! regarding agtueiaa or tad nam with Dr. Chit*tie, moat be addreaaed te D.C. MORBBBAD. H.D., Oeneral Age at for tha United State* marU-lmo '82 Broadwey, New rorlt. ONLY A COLD! <<r\NLY ti'HI what womldyoo hart Mortomof The pfc?wto W *r-AUrntthy. The mother ul all tii* d>aordar? Ttat on health ud oa lift uo marauder* I* " onijr B cold I" Obi; b nolo, too of Adam. Only b cold, Mm'I Malamf Did you aoy ooly * c.?d ' Btlieve a t, a eelda tha foundation Of foil halftho r tawu in tbo BBOioa; n ?? it ?uB woald lira to Oo old. C book U at ones- wbilo 11 u ajr bo eontrotlod. A temedy a pro IT. rod, Tho aattraroOewd. . Aid bow (or In oaao and l.opUoo wbora Ha Mid. Mb a fravia'a Com Ca.idt-you'll Had tboaddMi ? praad far aro wide In tbo aawapj nor prata; tut Irat?on for*#- It tl.o r amber III aay la IwBB?:d?vrfiTV Swa?.bo location Broadway. And arareb tbrr uih tbo wldo world - tho aow or tba oM? Y ob'ii Had bo iuoF aura for a caufh or b Cold. Bold wbolwBlo and retail, by Mra. W JIB71 & 37? roadray. on roar * bin aireet I Mra. Hay, a 1M Falto* at, Brooklyn^ aao a. Id bt druciittt .oiemllr ?? variably .Ic-rd MB* V. J RAT IB. Baanra to oak for Mra JRRYira ( old Candy. Cat op la paekaxto of la. U, 4* , and * I aaeh. " tcTa discerning public. Ir You Wai?t thi Onimiai. ano Out* ttiaviar DALLKY 8 MAGICAL PAIN EX I'RAC TOR, awn to avom IMPOSITIONS AND COUNTER)CITS, arrtv at tnb Proprietor'^ Only iJRPor. 416 Broadway, Cantor ?f ianaaard Hlrtil. h. dalley, Investor and Bole Pro aria tor of DalUy'a Mitltal Pala Extractor. mh IS 111* DR. WBKKLBP. CI'LInT.MORXtNWirn ITUir, BBtot*a hi eiehiMve attention ta diataasa f tbo Bye, awl Invitee Mi m who an la aaat of ArtiHctal iju to oa I ouoo mat. Laving jnatraeetved a aioot beautiful etie.iM?n from ram and >ta ib* aaanwmen'o made for a nraKroipp'y, mm faculty will lo furaialMd oa loo tirma No Charcot tor knonttoa. vXRcn k'orrl|''H> x I o'olrok P. It; miiU H*

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