Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1849 Page 2
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ML FEUX GOCJRAUD* 1TAT UN XBDICAlfcD S-OA.P. Tlua Tnluabiermolieut ieaaw by oMBoa cuneea rated A No. 1. ?a ? reaoepy for ttlotoliea, rim plea. > uetulea bcurt, Ton FiackJoe. Sunburn. oil kiudoof eiuptirna. and retry apwira of diro lorati?n of the akin. AH oom petition hoo koto wnp'tu)> diatamed by thia tnealuabta com rinNtlra the detra d tar which i-l*ltia fha loot ill montha hat increaaod mora than flw hundred per cent, and ia atill tnoreaaiag. The c learner. and lrcahn*aa wtno tla use impart! to the com* pleiioa have rendered it proerikial ae a beMtifier of the Ski*; aad no dree< ing'room can Ui oouaicared fimiabed with a proper toilet thit ! (! OOl'BAl-'D'S ITALIAN MEDICATKD SO AF. It la alao a delieioua shaving compound, and can be uaed in aait water?and ia a fret ign ana ioataotaneona remedy for the bitaa ot lnaacta If lieanty be, aa ia aaaerted, only hkin hi:nr. it la t'la more Important that tba f.ln oovering in whtoh lortlineaa resides ahculd be kept in ite rreaent and moat attractive state. Dr. Q. KWB1HWUI ? mlUQ WHUICI1 bat he thinks that tho eilroordi sry number or certificates which bare been published tfiionghnut the Uuion, at the coet of sevtrsl thousand of dollars to the Doctor, from eminent Phytieisua CleiKymen, Here here of Congress, Certain! of Ships, Officers or the Army, e?d a but of Ehotiogaobod Ladies, the origloelof whiob oar al? aye be teen. U nquin-d, ere, the Doctor thinks, sufficient to oonvime# any one not wliruUj blind. If 'bere beany eueh.tbe Doctor might apply to them the Inngu'goof Sortptu-e. aad lay, ' II ye believe sot Mom and the prophets, neither would ye balieve though <-n? reeofron. the deed.' AMONG POPULAR ERRORS There U (wobebiy eo ene mere mischievous tlma that which Supposes that cutaneous eruption eaa be removed bv deluging the stomach with eo called aaroaparilla, aad other wiehy washy do ooetions, pillo. electuaries, ho. The error is notonljM ixoMdiacly ptrmioiout iDtwnuch M fcfco ?lop? lot only ciiiw I largo drain Vpon the pane, bnt actually tend to Wtmfeiht deformity tliey wend to curt The me diet 1 ftoulfcy have, time and again, dec on strtted that dittaaet of the tegument c in only bo r? moved by outward applieslion. esrooially by washes, and that for >-M? puipoio noth'ng is eo pre-eminently raiuatle as Dr. Ootmaunfi Italian Medicated Soap. Indeed, the usefulness ot this exquisite emelient, 'n softening, clarifying and whitening the cnticle, ha* paewd into a proverb. If the natural nwctioiv of the ikln are doproMod. and the barstony of action whicb should exiet between the external eu-face of the btdy end the vital machinery within, le thui destroyed, the of the charge are u-ually developed in the form of Pimple* Blotches, Pustules, or same more spoolflo firm cf Cutaneous disease. These disease! be'ngessentially local, require only a local rxiucdy; old having all of them, sxoepttu the roLtagieua virnloi t oioaa a oommon origin, one remedial jutes t will seffioe f- r the cure of all PHILOSOPHY OK WORMS IN THE SKIN. Many y. an, pvrooi t? eepccally tliooo of full habits, or these who indulge in rich fnud?arc vert muoh annoyed by the appear once of block spots upon the sides of the nose, on the upptr lip, the ehin, the forehead kc. resembling grains of gnnpawder sticking in the skin, to hen the skin la roughly squeeied, a small worm Ilk a substance pruts udea having a block head The supposition, however, thmt they are in reality worms, is erroneous. Tbses spctssre ooosiioaed by an undue accumulation of the fatty matter which lo separated from the blood for the purpose of lubricating the skin, ai d this overplus chokes up the pores an I coicreua. Tie dust floating in the air adheres to tne greasy and (ante* ti e block spook. This gives the fouc a dirty >nd disgusting appearand, and the remedy of aquecring, eo uni* M-rnaJly rescr-ed 10, is not only painful nut frequently useless. Vtry o:tea theovir distension of the pores uaueosinflammation and poinful pimples. 1 he only certain remedy for this affection is to wash the lace with waim water end GOURAJDS ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP. Mother* should a way* ute it in washing thoir babies. It is betides delicious for shaving, as it ran bo used in hard or salt water as veil as soft Is is moreover, an infallible remedy for icurrv and no talilomian should go to sea without a supply. Dr Uoutaud rcfeie to Mr. Kabineau the celebrated proprietor of tho New Tilt tali water hiib.i. in pri of ol the Utter. CERTIFICATES. Tlit fallowing, from among a bout of similar tcntimoc ials of the extraordinary virtues of Ucuraud's Italian Medicated Soap are selected for tl eir brevity:? f Extract of a letter from Petersburg, Vs.] Dear Doctor Ooi ravd:-Arc jou aware that there are dangartusitunteifvitMd your celebrated ITALIAN MKU1CATE1> SOAP afli ct In the South a. d Vt eat? i have intt leturucd from a tour, and met with many permoloua oom pounds purporting to be "Medicated Soapa"?itcnveii save the mark 1 Surety you ought to do everythii g in your power 10 put the publio on Its guild against the vlte impoiitlous Yiu will wonder, perhaps, why I am so earnest in praise of yooi excellent Soap, but when you loarn t.iat through Its means u y oldest alrl. lHyears.has lieon completely cured of a face full I uastv pimples and freckles, her brother aad sioter, t and h years, of ecalu head, which they oaught at sofaool; and my wife of adangoious outbioak f salt rheum, which extended fiom the hi acre ot the rght arm to th' aho ilder?your surprise will cease; fuse no thins else, nor want anythitg better for shaving. Tours, as ovor, JOBS MAR DEM, Na-ir York, April 17. Dr. Cot ?avi>? Sir Gratitude moves me to thank you very ranch h r the benefit 1 have derived from your Medicated Soap for the psat two yean 1 have been mors or leu troubled with email trupiiui.s, irritation on my breaot? or chest, if you please .o call it ao which tormented mo past all endurance. I applied' Poer Man's Piaster, with uo etteoi; ointment atd other ehoap re medics J used abundantly?all weie wor.hlesa. da a last rcnou?ct> I risfed, rather liolia' l> fa'i for six quart bottles of larsaptri'la I it uocntly swallowed the whole, and became quite dshilitiited, witlicut the slightest abatement of the Itohiag. At length a friend, to wtom i mentioned my case, exclaimed?"Why don't you get a half ctdlsr case uf the famous Medicated Soap of Dr Gi uiaud '? 1 took b s advice, and with one oake washed the sktu. 1 im not only tntirely relieved from the Itching, but also have the plcasnje of fouling that tin re is a briskness and smoothness to the whole surface ot my tkis 1 never bofur experienced. Plcvee atnd ty the iearir ha t a doz.n oakra, and one over, for $1; I want to take them le Jamaica and oblige. Turn, UENlsY JOHNSON, iO Woostor street, N. Y. Dr. Couraud?Bn?For aser es of years,my faee and forohoad have leen coveted with unsightly blotches aad pustules, nui, to aggravate the matter, my nose gradually assumed the redness of a peons; in short, 1 liecaae an object of disgust to myself, and ricicule others, ma muoh as my aftl otlon was attributed to an undue use of suuusns I have proved the oontrary b> using your invaluable MadioaUd Soap through the. influence of whioa 1 sm entirely Heed from the aforesaid nuisances, and my thin lies looome ss whiteatd clear salt svas was in the days ol my l,oy. hood. I oi nccive this public teetim-oy to bo eminently your dao, sad yousrequi'u welcuiae ta make what use of It you ploase. hesutcUully ouin. JNO. JEFHUK3, Printsr,True Sun Buildings. Te Dr P. Gouraud?Among the encomiums which yourinvatn ahlo heap la daily rtcuvii gi have thought that a mother's praise may not oe oni ot paoe roar mediojtcl soap has. under God, teen tht meats of pruierviag my darling babe tr?m much aufforicg. 1 hmo put him out to 1 urea and torough the careleasiioeeof the worn in who Lad him in cnaige. hia delicate aklo under the aruiB, behind hia rara ai.d around hia stomacli, waa abafnd to tho reduce* of raw boe?. Fora whole month-durio? which I waa abient tn.m the oity?the little dear eulfered there torments. Os my return I used your deikioua soap freely while washing him, and now he ie at plump whita. playful, at d free Irom chafe-aa an) child Ievereaw A o mother who Tallica tho health aad comfort of her intact ibould be without your soap Truly yours KU/a BLACKMAN, No. It Catharine at root, near Secoad, Philadelphia. The merit# of Gouraud'a Poudres Subtiled. for eradicating mi)?rtlaoua hair, have been atteeied by ao many thouaaud people that to eu login it at the pteaent day aaema almoat a work ot ?u)>ereri ration. Nevertheless. there may be some who hare mot beard ol Ha fame; and those are earnestly requested to read the following testimonial, selected from many:? New Yobk. Feb. 1.1813. " I hare bad an opportunity ' f obaereing the operation of Dr. Ft lis Oturaud'a preparat'on fur the removal of aupartiuoua hair, and am perfectly euti-fi d of ita singular atiicaey. After an aualyaia ot the o> n. position f those powders, I can, without any hesitation, pronounce them peifeouy harmless, and in every way infinitely eupi riot te any preparation of the kind ever oflarod to the pubfio. I have pleasure iu giving them my roeommondatien, being thus fully oonvlnccd of their value. - JAMAS A. HOUSTON, M. D? "Editor New York Lancet." Teetimonv of ncraona to whnm the ? UaUm line been imince tlj serviceable, and to whom Ox. OOUBAUD it at liberty to refer Mr> luiit, tie lady ol the Don. Edward Curtit. Mra. Lawrence, the lady or the Hon. Coraeliu* W. Lawrence, ex-ma) or ut Mew Vork Bernard Meencroie, *f|.. Alderiran of tho Tenth Ward. Bon. K. U. Hoi erte, Member of uonyrete. Bit. tocpkint. Mo 118 klunbeth etreet, New Ycik, cured of a red and punn ed face. Jcteph ball. Idti f nl on meet, New York, of tan and freckle*. Gccrfre Cvrtia Id Henry ttreet, of dark and diecolorart akin. Felix MoGte. IhU Onuige tireet. New York, of ecald hoad; hi* three children do. Hannah E. t?. Weiiter, Divieicn street, of a dark tanned face ard red core. John Bithop. 523 Grand itrcet, of chilblains, and eruption* on the face and look. William Nath. barber, in tho Bowery, of worm*in th* faoe. Mra John#. Ligl ibudy, 6tBne Bourbon, New Orlcnn*,of a *overe rirgworm on the check, which had defied ordinary remedies ; nt.d furttier, tne appllcatianof the Boap removed all hot taa and trrckka Mia Fearnhead, of Bellevlllo, New Jersey, of taa and freckle*. ike bio. bta. Be pariieular to bear in mind that Dr. FELIX GOl'K.WD'S preparat'ona can only he ol> Ainod, le.m ink, nt hie depot, 67 Waiker atrect, tint duer wait of Broadway, New York. m 13 13t CANCIIALAGI'A TRIUMPIIANT?THE ANNEXED letter,from an eminent made public by the pro, prictor et Oey'ei anchalearum. at a Jn>t tribute to the extraordt nary elrtuea of thia California Plant:? Nowthampton, February 7,184 H. Dkar Bib?I have Ion* wished to eee van. that 1 might give yon an ?ocurst* acc-m t of the remwrawhie ? ?r ? - dnughur. bl a violent caee of eetofula. She la new nlmeet three yeart ot age In February Ja-t, puu id iorei upon the lipa. faeo and glandt mace tl air appearance, ad inoreaaed with fearful rap.dity; on* ol her eyea became to hadlj ulcerated that to all appearanceH < ould never again be reatond. Thia oontinned for six weekt, the child being a moat borrii le aight, and the heart! of her patrat! ala oat broken. Dehor the whole of thia period era need Saraaparil a in large i|innuuee, but the diaeaar waa aot arreated In the leant. While the diaeaae wee atill at I ta height. I happened one day ; > all at the autre of your very g'n'lemaniy agent ia tbie place, and relating the manner in whiob our child waa arti cled, Le adviocd me to make a trial of yonr Canchaleyua. I took but one bottle, baaing no oo> tldem e ia it, bnt commended girths it nccording to your direction*, atopptng all other medicines at onoa- and in Juai See daya the (welling nimbly deereiaed, the uloci tegan to heal, ?nd she improved rapidly lor three weeka, and to cmi very great Joy waa apparently cured?loaa than two bottles havhg teen need, homing thia caae ta aemc of our inrrtduloua tricnea, they aeemed to think the cure moat ia part bare been enacted by tba dm of the Sarsaparilla, and it waa rot eaty, urder the oiicumaiaoata. to argue agaiut that epinior; but now for the proof. When the child apieared to be perfectly cared we atopied givirg i tr evtract .uppoaing all wasaafe; I utia twenty tive oay> the same erui tinna, running at the eye, and aw elllng, began to return. We waited five d.ya to leo if it would anieuiit to ary tnig etrtun-. Itincr oacd rapid y aa he. (ore. * e again commrncaa giving her your m dialog, and in lice ?tay?, the Mine period of time a< twfure, the began to grow letter and in abomt two weeka waa well again; we coniinncd the i?tract for three or lour waeka I ugcr and then utopicd iu ute i otiie'y. Frtni that day to thia th*- child hie b cn perfectly well and ia 1 ow a* tii-e a p oturt of health at wu ever ie?n. not a tear or pit ii training t> mar her beauty Hy lather, ieaac HoOcrt of Forth Adama Mats.,a poya cino, came te aee ei with the inUie lion of |f aciibi g for h? r Mit at we were utiug your maeioina withtncceei aid thachi'd icpn t lag rapidly. he did not ennUmt it but left hla own ptvte Iprna to be naad ia caae yonr extract failed. It iapeedlear t" add that wa had no oecaaion f, t It and 1 a of i ute he will anw recommend your medicine in aimllar ea aa. Aa for myaelf. I aak of every one who haa any aliiiotion of thlt kind, lo make a trial of year Invaluable Canehalavaa. and I am certain U.ey will he rewarded tenfold. HOKACI J. HODGES. To Frederick A Oay, Er<t, pr< prietor of Ony'a Cnnehnlagun, 36 llnedway,Wew Tork. p. inripal Jortilt.? Muahton. Clack A Cn . J 1 W i gniuM a Co. Ilatilaul Kretek o ; A I kb.tudi For eale t.y the leadir t apotheoarle* mtr ' 101 'I'1' Tim PUBLIC.?MA DAM I NBWSTADr TAKIS THIS 1. method of It form tag her friend* end the puMlo ta general, thot oho te now trrparvd to meet to order* for cmhreidery la alibi, ntrateda gold end i leer, together with fancy needle work te ell He veriout tranche*. at ha reeleenoe, No. t Thorn peon etuct. corner of canal. where * U order* will be thankfully re oeleed endoromntly at'eodcd to Regalia* and Maeoae'Aproa* roade 1> erd?r at the .hortort aotio*. Idadem* Newrtadt return* her aincert thank* lor the kind and liberal patronage heatowed unon her elnc. her retutn from lor ope, and hope* for a con 53 tinder hi* oar*, bo matter how loegetendlnr or afflotine Pa. tteota ere Invited to Me OtepeneeVy. No Twrlrton e?met. M tbouNued* are cored yearly, by ht* practical e.pnrUne, a.d\^eat reined tee. f treagere aed other* who here Wc? uof?i?t?..?a? l? the eelrotloa of a ph,aM?n. am E?Iu d j?t*r file R*d Drop acta III* megte In dieeaeua of thla clae* Read and reflect Th? afBtotad would do wall to reflect Mitt troaUna their health, liapptn*** ai d, la meay oaaea, their Uvea, in the hand* of phyeteinn* Ignorant of thla oleaa ot maladlee It la oerta nlr Int. poaatble for ooe Bean to U'dereUnd ail tho Ilia the hnmaa femlly art robjeet to. I'trj reepeeaabla phyeiclaa baa hi* partloelat breach, la which he I* mom i ucoeaefnl than hie brother profoaaote and. therefore, to thai he devotee mom of hie time and etude I r Heater ta known to bo the moot raooeaefitl practitloaer In tholTaiUd Btatea. in mercurial and ronereal dtaeaaea $1 per vial, with di motion* and amidioal book gratia Remember thla I* the only ?l*a* where kle great rented'. J r Hunter'* Red Drop, oaak* had. It la bow kaown all ever tbi* eooatry a* the oaly thing that will really onre. mhlMt* GREAT SPRING MIDlfMNR. OAT'S EXTRACT OF CANCHALAOCA, A CALWOBNIAN PLANT Ol rare medicinal virtue*. PIBUCLY ADMITTED BY ?R. TUWMIXND. MANUFACturer tf "TowotBiid'A Per* parti la," . To U hf bet tor then Sareaparilla," A CERTAIN HliriKTUt AND CC K I OB CONSUME ION. ComIii, CeM* Infill) oxe. a?thma, Bronchi tie, BerofuU, Gout, Rheum Mtinn, N<ui* *? - Erysipelas Lumbago JParslytif Plaurt*/, Jauadire, Dysr*psia. Costlvaaaia. Dymnury. Drmy. Lirar Com plaint* Plies, Bilious ComplaiaU, Nervous Affection* Cutaneous Were. FEVER AND AGUE, fever* In general. Hrmorrahagce. Fluxe*. ohetructiona, Inctued Difcharge*. Depraved end Detective Apii;tite?, IndigeiUou, end ell dlaeaeee originating in CUSBTIHATIUV l if THE RUWELH, OR IMRI KITY OF THE Hl.OUD, or which tend to enervate the ey mem. It givee tone Bad vigor to the Dieeetive Orxni.a end ie remerkelve for it* Auimating, Sire net)) en irg. aid hertoretive Power*. Taken In the epriug or fell of the jeer, it ii in valuable a* A Family Medicine, la preparing the it.Mem to eoatein the change* of oar climate ai no mineral liibetanee whatever enter* Into the competition of Uie modioli*, it may bo offered to the meet dull oat* female, or youageat ohild, without apprehtneica An immenro number ot poggona bare ngod thetelebrated Can ebnlegna of California, rince lte very rooent introduction into tku country by Mr Qay, and they nil eonour In rtatiag that one of Hi moot aetonithii a pruportie* it ita immediate and kivkctv al actnal upon the blood. A freer and more rapid olroulatioa it at one* produced, and the aUghtett wound will roadily prove bow liquid and pare the blood at oaoe become* Ita notion it fait threngh every vein of the body, with moot invigorating power; it la not like bleeding, which rolievee ti e eyetom by conveying from it onlv the purer and more limpid blood, and leave* iu at agnant and vitiated particle* behind; nor like traaefuHon and irjection, whiek add to It a fluidity, at the cxpeate ot ita quality; but it create*, aa It were, a new and healthy blood, and Impart* new me ana rccod 10 every per* ox u.e eoay. so long as trie blood U pore and healthy, no iuf-ctloa, kuwovar malignant, on talco dtep bold of the system. and the RPASMWDIC CHOLERA may. through ita use, b? dejrived of ita malignant character. The tntrot of fever and ague, is creating the Isthmus of Panama aid at tba GOLD REGIONS 110 longer to exist, for a single bottle of tbe Canohalagua a ill break u|< and indicate tint dreaded diacaaa, even II of long standing. A tingle bettlo of the tame will be found teeontaln one third more dmea tvau a ijuart bottle of Ssmpirllla, whiltt from its concerned form, the might on ths earns will not ba own sgvrtii at nnch; besides tbit it oontaini no lyrup or ingradieat likely to ferment and soar in warm climatea CANCHALAGUA v?. SAItS AI'AHILL A. The annexed letter, from an eminent lawy or, i* made publio by tbe proprietor of Gay's Canohalagua, at a Joat tribute to the extraordinary virtuet or thia Calitomia plant Northampton-, February 7,1849. Drar Bin.?1 have long wiihed to tee you, that I might give you aii aoeuiute account ot tLe remarkable cure of my only daughter, of a violent once of scrofula. the ia now almoet three yean otage In February Ittt, putridaoreaupon the lipa. luce, and Itlandt. made their appearance, and inennaed with fearful rapidity ; one of her 03 ct became ao badly uloerated, that to a'l appearance it could never again be reatorud. Thit eontinuedfor tix weeks. the child being a meet horrible tight, and the hearta of her jeircntj almeat broken. During the whole of thfi period we used banaperllln in lane uuuntities but the dioenee was not arrested in the lentt. W bile tbedueas* waa atill at it* height, I happened one day tocall attkeatore efynur very |>ant!onianly agent in thit place, and relating the manner in widen our child waa afflicted, be advised ink to make a trial of your Canokabcgua I took but om bottle, having no confidence in it, but commenced giving it according to your diitctioi.a, (topping all other medicines at once, aid in Jnat five daya tho twelUng viiibly dcopeaaeJ, the ulcer b'gan to leal, and alio Improved rap'.dly for three weeks, and to our very great joy waa a| parently cured?leta than two bottlea havUg becu una. Naming this oaao to some of our increduloui trionds, they seemed to think the onre most in pnrl have teen effected by the use of tho BarsapariUa, and it was not easy, under tbe citoutt stances, to argue against that opinion; but now tit the proof. Whan the child appeared to be perfectly cured we atoned aivica bar vonr sitiam -n ?- - ?,_ twenty-live daya tho htmo eruptions, runtiug at the eye, and eweilirg began to return. Wu waited live days to aoe if it would amouul to anythiig eorioui Itincraeed rapidly aa be fare. We aiain commenced giving her your medicine, and in live day a (the same period of timo aa before,) alio began t? grow better; and in about tiro wvekt waa well again. Wo oontinued giving the ex tract lor 'htoe or four vu:ke longer, and then atopped ita uie entire!). From that day to thir the ohild haa been perfectly well, and la now ae flue a picture of health aa waaevereeea, not aaoar or pit remalniEg to war hor beauty. lly faiher. Ieaao Uodgoa, ol North Adama. Maaa , a phyaiclan, oamo to ace ua, with the intention < f preteriblng for hor, but aa we were uairg your medicine with auooeaa. and the ohild Improving rapidly, he did not condemn it, but left hla own preaeriptlon to be used in caae jourextraet felled. li i> r tedfoea to add that we had no ocoaaion for it, and I am anre he will now recnmniend your medb inc in similar casos. Aa fur myself. lark i f every one who has any afthotion of thia kind to make a trial f y onr in valuable Cancbalagua, and lam certain they will be rewarded tonfcld. HORACE J. HODGE3. To Fnirrmru A.GA),Ee|., FKpiietor ol Gay** Cahuhalagua, Sfi Broadway. New Kork. From R. H. Winmlou, Esq., Banker, <12 Walletroet. Nnw Tohk, Bept. 14,1318, To Frederick A Gay, Esq. I By. Dear Sir:?I cheerfully comply with >onr request In aoIkncwlcdgirg with others, the benefit whtoh I have derived from the uie of jour Extiact of Ctncualagna, or t alifornla Plant Itacffroia upon my system are evident and gratifying, and have Induced toe to recommend ite uee to my friends: and 1 am pleaa d toaiiuro you, that in no lnstanco have I been diaappointed lu Ite i Hiracv 1 do i.ot heaitate, in my cunfldence in ita remarkable medicinal qualities, to state that 1 believe It will te ftnnd to he an excellent retned\ tu moatcieee of diaottaof the liver and kidoeya, in pultuonar) aflectione, and alao in the purification or tha blood, ho. Tbat your merit in the introdution of thia invaluable Plant at) b: appreciated, la the sincere wiih of Yinn.dncercly, B.U. WINSLOW. [From the Snnday Timer,J Gay's CAncHAi.acuA.-If Mfxioo l ad never produoei anythirg intro valuable than the plant from which thia preparation liirade. we ahouldnot be inclined to deapiae it, for we are aatiaflod that Gay'aCanchalagua ta ono ol the molt valuable medioinea which haa been added to the pharmacopeia wi'bia the pruccat century. We mean what we aay-ftr ita effecta have been teatod nrdtrcnrrwn eye, with the moat anrprlaiug and beneficial reiuIts, in a caae of ooBiirmed bronchitis. DEPOT? 36 Broadway; whuleaale agents, Pnahton, Clark ft Co; A. B. 1k D. Sands, J. ft W. Tenfold ft Co-, Haviland, Kectc ft Co. Sold at retail by the leading apethecariea in Broadway, and throughout the oity. mh 13 SO H E NCK 'S PULMONIC SYRUP. Toe only medkiae which ha? stood the test of I.XPIRIMBNT IN ALL CASES OF 'ULMOnary DISEASE,-THE ONLY MEDICINE of THE KIND THAT CONTAINS NO CALOMEL. OPIUM. OR ANY OTHER DELETERIOUS DRUG.?THE ONLY MEDICINE THAT OAN BE USED WITH SAFETY ANDADVANTAGE BY CONSUMPTIVE PATIENTS, AND OTHERS, SUFFERING UNDER THAT CLASS OF DISEASES GENERALLY THOUGHT INCURABLE BY TUB MEDICAL FACULTY. Tbe element* of which thi* Sytup it composed are ample Herb* and Root*, the medicinal properties of which purify the blood, strengthen the system, aad give a healthy ton* to the Long* and Bigeetive Organs. It* operation upon the *y*tem 1* mild, yet efficacious; it looien* the phlegm, which oreate* *o mnoh difficulty when tight; it raliore* the congh; it aaeitU nature to tipel from the system all dieeaecd matter, by expectoration, which if re tainea produces Coneump'ion; it ripen* the matter la an abeoees or tubercle, and then cause* it* expulsion from the system, at the tame time soothing the irritated parts, heal ins the laoe ration, aad producing a healthy action; it ragulates tbe bowels without ths aid of purgative medicines; it allays the most troublesome cough, without Injuring the tyatem a* other medietas* generally do. DI8TOEY OF SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYEUP.-In one Important particular, tbe medicine here offered presents stronger claims to public attention than any other preparation professing to hare similar remedial rlrtuer; inasmuch as Joseph H. Schenok. ths proprietor ol this Syrup, was actually restored be it from the last stage of Consumption to sound health, as may be aeea from tbe following abridged history of hit case. A more particular aoccunt of his cure it contained In n publication oalled "A History anu Description of the Character and Variety of consumption, which is distributed gratuitously from the principal offices and agencies ol Mr. Sehenck, in almost every part of tbe country. From ths (sots hers stated and certified beyond the pessibility of cavil, it will t* observed that there is nothing merely theoretical or specu'ntive in the curative properties of this Syrup. Nothing is taken for granted; the proprietor offers in sdvnnoc of a mass of evidence, hie own oate, which is remarkasle, hot by us means without a parallel la the history ef this medicine; for other cures Lave been performed by it equally Baptising am a* well authenticated. It may be rrmaraod in pastdag. ntwevar. that the annals ot medical acieuoe do not turaieh a (ingle imttenee wteecin pulmonary disease had boea allowed to p.-ooeed eo far as la thojoaae rf Mr. oobeaek, and was then cured by me<liml treatment; in I act, themoetenilneat writer* among tbe regular faculty bare stated that each a result is Imponible. By n* medicines whatever, either regular or irregular, exoept Schv.ecu's Pi l mow ii' S% n i r. has such an extreme cans been reooeeofally treated. I The isadtr li here called on to observe that the testimony offered ' ty Mr. hefcenck in hie own oaae and in others, differs m - tens'ly from the -ce?tiflo*t? system," in general nee among the venders ot pateat mtdieint*. The penons who oertlfy, subscribe aad tet '? fy on oath to the merits of this Syrup, are real persons, many ofwhom occupy high station, eooisl and political, a? will clearly nw itvni nu v?mi.ih< mwh vi wv |mm|>ai?i mcrxta 10 nova, and alaoiromwhat rollout In ttoyear 18.H), Mr. Bcheack, then retidinf In Philadelphia, wat declared by accural mlMDt physic taa*. among them Itr. Fant/h, to be in eaa of the ohat.Baw atagaa of falmoner/ Cob aumpt ob. The aymptoin* wen appalling inoludingan In jeaaant rough, rnioing ot blood, urate run in the breitt, luetic for jr. light (weito.ond In feet nil the indication* of apptoiohing death. L'ureocvcy mi anlveraally deemed impoeeiMo, when with b view to rellevt the divtreadngaymptoim, without prnmaaing to kdu.'ge In th? hope of h core, ho eonuntBoed the at# oflhietaedi olto. IU binefklal tffeou were immediately eeer. The expao torwtion be'Binecopiouf en inciedible <|uaitity ol yellow in titer mlied with clotted blood hi diacbanred frwn the luaga, after whloh hit i onvateacc: o woe ripid, a.d to the am-z ment of all hie ic'iuaiwtanrtr, inoliidtng the pbyaieiane, la about thnewieke hie health waa perfectly netored. Sixteen year* have pa-enl away and there ha* teen no re torn of the dioeaoe, and Mr. Bctenrk la now enabled to attend to hla active dotiea with a* mach rigc r raatany time in hla pr-eisaa life. Tor a mere particular acconnt of thli attentat Interne, ooe Mr. Sehonob'a pamphlet, pig**, where the teetimony ofmany cfthe principal inhabl. taataot the neighborhood when be lived, iaolnding member* of Cong eao, Judgeacf the Cuorl, other gtntlouien la high office, meuboraef the bar. p-yaiciane. merchant*, ho., to., le addnoed t eotablirb the whole train of facta oo that not the leaat doubt can i vinnia in the mlodt of the moot akepiical. The lan e if thla cure, which waa aim oat rationed miraculaue, fcon eatet ded to a great dfateece, and Mr Soheack hat tag become powiohor of the original recipe, ard highly Improved it la the mode ot prepaiotion, had oo many application* for the medicine. tl at I o woe at laot obligee to devote hio whole time to the naiolacinr*. It war found that repeated aapertmente, in every varitty i f pain ot ir dieraoe. confirmed all the oxpociationo whien the 8m op had raioed,and proved that it< vivtnes wore more ai* tcnvively ai pltcahl* than had teen antic pated. A great variotr ot diaaaoea. acme of them proLourotd incurable by tl* moat ex partesced ond ikiiful doctora yielded to th* gvntlr, yet pJWuriul, influenii: ol the Pulmonic Sytup It would rr.|ulra a volnme to contain aeon a brief outline of th* ntmicroui cere* which have been efftotod by the medicine. Tie followii g eiamyif* ato aclccted from the pamphlet prepared by Mr. Schcnck for rtatnitona circulation ? BRONCHITIS. Mr*. Sarah Dvaar, rtatdieg at Wo SSJ Race etreet, Philadcl phia. abent four year* ago ?aa attaoVad by th* moat dlnrreajt.g i) trip.on of bronchiUb?| ain in the hreMt, tronbloiovno couih, aore throat. Ac . aad alter th* lap** of a y. ar the dlaoao* oaanmod a moat threatening end tatal eppexnnca. She had aovor* paint in tor a ila and atomaeh, het tl roat waa in a dreadlulaooditioa. bo prre that sho oou'u Konrcrl? art! ulat? * avium, mv. w.j . hkh lew erery day. Ytoteot headache, cmepUy ohtlla. and pro. fuae night aweata She waa alee afflicted with total loea of appetl<e, coetivenea^aod aeaeraldahiltty. Ber pbyalcan deapatrel of giving her Mf relief, aa Be food or medicine would rmtii ea her atomaeh At thia time the l i|iu th* me of 9C0EN0K i ll'LIIOMC SYRUP. which immediately broke thecoiuh and waa the liret article which her oiomaoh would rotata otaeo tho eoitii Of comoBt ol hor illneea. A aatnrai and hoalthy warmth w*t reetoted to the extremitiea which hadlauly booaint u cold u n.arb'e, the ox|?ct?raUoa war Iran, and noon maarid entirely. But What eurpriaed orery one waa, that altar ntttig aeveral boitka of tho 8ymp, tha affeoted aide aad bneat bidc ou11b aliowt twaaty large Mloo by tho dtreliarge of whirb the diteere waa oxprllod from hor eyatom, aad aha waaaona r< at' icd t<> porfeot health, which aba taa aioaa eojoied withoat iBfennptioa. Hor cure waa permaaeat Bra. Daarr. wLoae oertitleata may bo aeon at oar office la I hi adal|>hia. likewiae toati. baa to aeveral other c><rea rot laaa rurpi iaing thaa her own, whioh ?h? haa known to be w rfirn cd t>y tnlaSyrnp 8bo wl I aati fy all in piitl'tatliotre'tdenceahnairiontiored. Thlaeaaeeihui'i a)oruiiatit) cf the hyrup. In eleanetrg tha eyatom, emnntimea by i e> p. <-'a aloe, aad aometiare by eru|itioea and outaneoua die11 argoa. Th. riiiwrk kytno la prepared by J. B. S"QIXCK, He. 32 South Birth ttreet, Phllt delphia. BRANCH DEPOTS Biw bonn-BUSH h CLI dChMvM Barclayatraet. BcnroM- MHUINC. a CO., h Mala ntiaet. Bei.fiwbaa-S. K. Bull II. run Buildie?a J WR'-WTa <}ii, ill Ohartreaafraa*. I MILK f I i^sr toit'f, c.f il\ bottk? fvf mhlJ Ul idr isacc 8. 8mith s patent medicines. TBI *uhtcriber hat tat vaaufactured Dr. law 8. SeaiiA'i Patent Family Midicue* lor blm tor upward* uf twalrayaaru provioua ta hi* leaving tlia ally, would gi?e untie* to hi* aumer or* patiert* tbtt they caanot proeu't the genuine at amy othei plane, be hat tag appointed me biiaaia agent to inai a and *all hit Aatlmeicnfia! Sytnp, or Indian Panacea. Bother*' Cordial, Fa n ala Ptreacthening Strrp, Aati bilious Pill*, trgethor with all kia Family rtUat Medieu.e* m'.l MRS I*. WOODBUrr, IS Went llroadway, DR. JEFFRIES' ANTIDOTE It THE MOIT KPEECTV*L rHEfAKATIOH 10LU FOB (IONOK aiio a ami OTHra oitoanaai or the ACtl'AL OatlAN* Long exikrienck has proved that it well rud.rally cure any care Tl iJ deniable reault i* obtained in trom two to tea dayr; tad a* it ne ihcr ornate* nausea. nor uffeodi lb* palata. and render* unceoeataryuny deviation im dial or Inter rnpt on to 11*11*1 lurmnla, ecurd a'eep or healthy dige* i in, the nub aance lathu* removed ar rpaeelly a* la conrl*teat with the produc tion of a thorough rod parmanrni ccro. it* ingredient* ar* eatiiely vegetable and noirjariou* effect, either conatltutlonally oi lot ally, can he can Mil by It* u*e Price $1 per bottle. Sole ageal for thu oity, G. H RING, 193 Broadway, oor. John street. marlS-lSt* List of lkttbrs remaining in tub nbw tohjk Port Mkoo. March 10, 18tf. OmoULLT FU1UHCK) I* THB PAPM HATlna m U1?HI cibovlatior. ffmm mention the date of the List law tilth tbay art advertised LA DIES' LIST A Abel Maria Andrew# E iaabeth H Alemeyo Jane Akely Man Armatroag Helen M Antrum Mary Altai to Mltf M ' Adams Mary Anne Andsrson Anna Charity Allan Mar^ Austin Pauline Bradahaw Mira C A Br. wa Anne* Brennan Margaret Batfotd I.oulia BogirtMltsEF Braeaaban Julia Brady Eliia Brown Lydia Bliss Mrs M Bragg lliiabetA BoydBitan Brian! Charity Bagan Roee Blood Mist E L Brigham Barak Barnrtt Fbebe Bowen Margaret Brier Ann Bradford Boaanna BobLet Madame Browning Kate Baatakle Catharine Burden Mr* H E Brown Mary Ann Blakelock Carol,i.e Buttcrkra (WateratBoathe Mra Dan A Bn water Harriet r Buckley Marion Bow la Mary Bnkman Emma blumerfeld Sophia Boatwiok Mra L S Brennan Bridget Byneilary Bourke Barbara Brenan Mary BarLneaAnnalkSamiiuri/C..? U*TY Bernatein Julia Brodshaw Martha Brook Margaret?1 Bernhardt Clara Branwhlta Mr* f Bogg Mary BUlt Martha A Bradley Aun Borland Maty Biglin Catharine Baker Amelia Brown Catharine Blwop Margaret L Bradley Emelin* Boyle Mra J F Brown Emma Barnat Isabella Booth iaabella Bowne Sarah H Baiter Bridget Bure* Catharine Bogardua Mary A Barry Eiiia Buraey Amelia Bourohior Mary Bell Flora Bruner Ann Brown Marat ret Brady Margaret Byrne* Bridget Brown MrsCapt BennJnn^A Calligan Roee Coyle Anne T.oary Rliia Carroll Franuea A Crote t aroline Cleary Margaret Carder henriuttn Cotte Clara Chittenden Aaning 8 Carmer Mra E F Cook Mra (irdth itreet Celt Mra Clap|> Sarah M Cmnniughara Ellen Connolly Ellen Carey Mary Anne Cummirgi Emma Ceby Harriet Caffry Ellen ChambcraMn Wash Coffee Ellen Carroll Bridgett ten Cronouae Anne Clements Anastatia Carney Mary Cooler Mary E CrcavanAnne Clark Julia A Cormioan Catharine Chrlaur Khen Crandell Lydia Ann Cbeuqult Madame Cochran Jane Caruten Mary J Cook fyraah Cogfwell Andaluaia Canthera Margaret Churchill lArinna Conueil Elizv-2 Callaahan Ellen Cooke Miss (Bkoad'y) Corrigan Ellen Clark Marr^A Daven port Mra Chaa Donoho Margaret Dering Qerdrude Daanoibe MiaaM J Donaldaen Caroline DegrawAnno I'arey Margaret Dud ley Eliza D?lany Fanny Dana Mra E M Dubois Ruby A Dodaon Hebeooa Doming Sarah A Dullee Rabecoa Boraa Hannah Dewaa Mil Dully Eliza Donagby Ann Doretta bylrania Davit on Mary A Doberty Anno Derany Mary Day Mra O Donoho Bridget Dtcring Mra Dalit y Sarah Duaouburr Loulan Dioteua Margarot A Darnel Sophia Dudgom Mies E Dow Htn L Dcsendorf EHta Ann Duruvan Allen Dookstaltcr Raohael Deakin Mary Duffoll Elisabeth B Came Catharine Kvarte Mary M Emerson Sua an W H Ely Ellen Ely Caroline Fantanri Anna Fltr.gerald Mia* (Hea- Freooh Mrs (MoDouFarrell ? tor a tree! gal street yarnham Eliza Foot* Mary M iriea Amanda Flemirc Cells M Flynn .Margaret?3 Fluchin Ellen Feraeraon Fhebe Fraser Catharine Finl* Henergeta Fitengrls Maraaiot Falts Catherine W FUld Cltaa Friem Catharine Freeman Luoy Fltiell Catharine Fish Julia Fulton Agues* Fowler Matilda Finn Ann ^ Cray Lyda Orinated Mra(8thar- Geer Angellno D Catvin Ellen enue Oertnona Jane 11 Oraliam Mrs D Glover Josophine Gill Uanaah Uafnet Kuua Gould Mr* M Oidey Mrs Daniel Gale Mary Ophelia UueM?lmda OilbayMary Gregg Mr. W T Oray Mre M 0 Olever Julia George Ann GayMreJeeae a Sarah Gnodrieh Ann Uilbert Olive L Gaaein Josephine Gormly Mtry Ginndct Magdaliia Oallagher Mary OuyAbbyS ft Ball Harriet Bl'.cboook CarolineM Balmgret Anna Hoverty Cjnthla BewLovica Ualliday Mre (Amity Harris Sarah M Holisben Maria etreut) Hswos Almira A Hon.ts Margaret Begarlon Barwooo Ellen Hotchkiiw Grace C Beiae Benryetta Hall Mrs Edward Hogau Bridget IUoky Ellen Bay t Mary E Burlbnt Mary 0 Hltobcook Mr* B bale Lucy 8 Hunt Jaee M Hera Benrictta Banawin Sarah aad Btxen Luorutia H at Mary Susan Hawk Laura II oran Catharine Ball Care line Ban kins Margaret M Howard Olivia Heiicnatcln Katba- Hayden Sophie Bolman Maria M 0 rjM Hawxhnret Mary Holmea Lv inia Hen ion Ana llagerdon Margaret HuffMary Befleiuen Mary Hamilton Mr* A P Hutching* Susan?3 iiigligatee Caroline Hsgert^ Mary^ Irish Jane Jolineon OUvia Jehneton Virginia B Jackson Georgeann Jarrie CarolineB Johnsen MieeM It Jenircs Caroline Jacob Anna JoyPalema Jcyee Elisabeth Lx. Kaufman Fanny Kirker Martha Kenny EUiaketh Kavena Bridget Kiuse Mre (It'.ili it) Kills Anne Marr Keecan Ann Kranu Mre (Oaviaon Kingsbury Connen A Kendall Harriet L street) Knight Adeline Ktnney Mary Kuirney Mite A 6?2 Kimble Margaret Knight Jane D Kelly lfaij-2 KyexSegaa King Fredrika Li UtSarah Lowry Miee J O Leonard Ann LaBerty Biddy Lothian Mrs KS Ling Naney Lavery Mrs (Bulbor-Low Pbeko Ann Loekwood MmFH ry street) Loekwood Caroline Lorraine Margaret I Land Mr* (Cherry et) Ludlow Sarah N Loekwood Phebe Lea Ada Lyaoh KUen Long Margaret USww mitm uuorgo aaiun uium senses* Lellua Sarah Lendte Mary Lloyd Mia A i Llff Mra< Mulberry st) Law Mrs (BerTOw It) Lyons Mrs (TboapIiTenworth Mrs (7th Lara<iue Mademo son stfiet) street) Lewis Mary Lynch Anns Long Mnry Lsry MrTLyon Meson Ann Moffot Mn William Masks Mery Messon Msdsme Moere Catharine Mellcn Bssenne T Meson Mery O Morgan Mia M Miller Hennsh Mebony Mary Mnrphy Mrs James M Milles Ann Mertin lienneh M Mulvsy Mrs (Orengs Miller Adeline Msiks Mery street) Mordeoel Allen Meeily Bridget Murrey Bridget Monies Jane Mettlsr Mrs II Murrey Mery Morris Maroelle Miller Elisabeth Mayo Mary A Montgomery Mary Mitohell Mery Ann Meek Dorothy Morry Mrs Millet Imma Meoky Margaret Moody Neosy Michael Elisabeth Meruu Mery Mulhearn Bridget Morris Ann Magree Angelina Murdook Mia J it B Moitn Mary Manor Mia B Mulligan Elisabeth Me MoArnorry Sarah MoOillen Jens MeDonnongh EliseMoBnde Roeanse Mellow Mrs (Lew ksth T McKummiakey Mery reueo a MeDougel Nancy Mclatr Margaret McManns Ellen McDonald Mery Mot oy Mery Ana MstfeansMery McEvoy Mery McClaffertyCalhtrinsMrAlear Bridget MoUleoghUn HathaMoDossid Msrgent MoMehoa Mery rins MoDougnth Mery MoColgan Margaret McLean Mia Jasses NckvuyAney MoCarth? Catharine ME MoOunnigle Clan B MoC'luskey Bridgst McHentis Bonne MoCrovey Ante MoUerk Ann MoEinnoy Catharine Narin Bridget Nettol Lnsien NioholMrsfF ) Natters Mia C Saoghton Catherine Nettlsihip I e Nichols Mrs Wallace Norman Catherine Newkirk Mat V Newltt Mrs John O O'Rottrkt Mrs(Qem- O'Donnoll Batty Olror Elisabeth 11 tons treat) O'Bullivan^Bridgat Feaco Jane Powell Mrs Perklnt Mary JosePtrkino Rhode A Pe w era Laura Louisa phJae Peters Mery Aen Pises Maty B PhlUips Adalins Peyton Adslle Peterson Marie Phillips Suan Peanry Mary Jane Phelis Mary Jaao-3 Pore her Nancy Pike Lu<se Ptndergast Mrs (1st Porter Jeaa L PInw Uaa V Ma.!. M? ? Kne Margaret ^ Qoinn Mite > Q"11 * * BadcllR.JaH. C *?7^^ * RJSSU Ml* (KJ. RlfllAnn Maria ?J?? "*w ridge it , . Rice Catharine SIjm.mC M Rookatt Catharine R| win Ann Ra4d Henrietta RoMnaon Maria <***.?* RSt^lU? * Ro# Hid AlUe. P'VVtWm'Vlth T * W ' K.??SXfe * Rhode. Mr. Wm SSJfflT BSiK<??v Hmith Hannah Bteleen. Mr. (Hit a vz^A^SSSt '?* ftsr.MnuB ?oEtai?wWw** tssiXr isHSr"' SKSBJ 8GtS'2i? SfiSfe.. SSSSSSV ?l IlUhL BhTW Smith Uirv Sherman Mr* Joemh !j!!?5|f5^ Boott Bar.-let H Mat.I Ami. Miriti B Seolland Alii. "si""" m?Sr., issas'Ke tSSXt.* K?iS.W a?? Himonda Maty AM gi Taylor Matilda T^bridre#A*n ?io?P.<*? Mri Henry Taikwry ? ? tKJLM? (IrSity tad Jane K?iruS&? "pK-Vi-i.1. SSSSK. Srffig *?**- ' Th?Vd?*?* Tre^-ott Aarah C UtfcrMreJ y . . ... Tan Dereeort Mary B Via Baatwood LuorslU ^ Waldron Maigatettn TiUett Aa^ SuSneetSa Margaret ?arc Mam.retC WiUon M? U M w j.Ua Ana wI??nM^a* Wateri Mary^'4 Whlnayiadf Mary :;r?-s5, ?w~?? aWj-jWtffjB? Whaley Mi* B H Wyan Bridge. " u?e ruin z Mti Cilhitiu QBNTLEHKN'S U9T. AdavaJ w Adam* J II AdamaN IT ill* Aehla Addim. Abraham A it* * ?" Adania Wm H Abbott 11 B An2?V? *S2 Ph Up Ahrra Wm A ItaWii.K Alder Jacob AlnrMonal i n Allan Robt Allan Wm An? Tl m?p i/iT??*?'**** Alatoa John J A'" J, I , i n il,oh > Allan Jahn T rNit mj n Anblct Thtl Allen Adam J Atl-MtMi'li'5B,1bwra^r0hMW AI lor T If A V. Aliard -mm *aa?m Jfciun ind-Mon^na * i"?** P A aim Mr| Mr. adwa. a?. L i? f* * Andcrron Ja?

Aiidiaa ? J " T ' i i Anatm John W saasr ?M" nfa.'b'lVer "^r."*nor ?'"!> Peter i ^v- ?rvnc ?S.V Daniel S^T ? rVov.'rijii.n w. ;;;v: lv-v m hater (.?<. H. ll.i.MHO falneUM Sat? Job. - ^ __ BitiuA Bailey 8 C BtBtHn I I Baler Kin*than Bine; A L Baiirard John Bui y A C Blale C'kw B Baler Wtm Btilt) C C Baler Dan I P Blake C r Blak. t?m Balowia a Jc Bailey Heller I Bkneartar John Bailey (J ti Baldwia HenrT Bartklav Jaa Bartal Oaa Bapp Mattnae | Bar bar J T Barton 0e? Barnea ftine U barae) Swoon W bartal P Barratt "atat Barlow l bit Birtelay Samuel Barry 1'J IT Barry BtiiJ T Barrett John W Barr A H Bar 11*tt Cap! 8 Bartietl last J Barnard Ileal B(t<?r 1 U Bi>kc t R w Bey lie Jaa Baler Albert Bataa Allied 8 Baty John Ban ford Jaa Bra} ton Albert 8 Bater Sidney bailee Jaa W Barueti Jaa W Bauer Jaa W ISallir Jai V Barret Mattiiiaa Bieakell Thoa i Beatt) P M bebre M Bckwicu J 1 bearmh J 8 bi*oe Mr Bret) a Alvah Bar tee Jerita It (l Beach Maaey Brcliea Jaa Co Btach J W Been ropt John Beck Joseph D Badali Vfh'mora belleuat A Bei edict K Beri > ? Kotcat ltergia Marka Ball John barmiuahani W? Ihn drt Mr brennaB Miehael Bellhaap K BrannaaJohn . Ben t Ji.a W Ben an hi lay Baanatt Stent D Bender V Benjamin Wm K Bellowea If VQ Bell bci rr Berdrin Cbaa Bennett B 0 BetgenM J BealaJohaB Brewer Cbaa Bant er Jaa beita Pierre T Brenner h A Bannock J H Bukler I'etar Brum Ueao A Brim John H Briaya Geo 3 Bngham E j BndgbamJoba Brian Jehn Bed on I" 8 iHIluaa Edwin Bllla Alar, eon BrialanBJ Bissau Kern BirderU Thoa Brimley J 8 BirdaallJ M Bruit r it obt Brieooe P Bluer 1 nscn Bisaall D J Bubop A B ?... i.?a.enA . II II,.,.i. Mill Brcdtrtok Ju Blondgiod F Brotate ? Wm BoUnd Anthony Brooks Nathan Boot* Kdw Brookr Htephen 0 Bold Jatnei Bolnnd L T Bolai.d B?tk Boot** Jul Boyian Pat Bourgcolr Edw Beetwiok B 0 Brown Capt Bo* let (J L Brouahton Mr Brown LowllM Bnet John BooiUard Jamei Brown T U Boxc*t *1 homaa Brown Bonry Boyle Francii G Brown Moeee Bowman D W Bowiean Benry Brown Wm If Brown Wm If Brown John B< jnton Alpheaa Bower* Aug Brown iiohard Brown Wm BownJame* Btjdf fl Brown J A Brown OH Boyd Wm Brown Baml Brown lanyer Brown Vlnoent Bowon Br M m Boyl* Cant BrotnwoU Wm Bouteird Bona B Bnurtlor Moni Brown .tndnw Brown Ungh Browor Char Buokman N E_, '-.him J Butler John BnumuHO unim'w J Bragaeman It Wei Budd John SS&'tt liXuChM Buck hart Mr Frock*. n?,P, L?. krfni BullardOM Buo> loy O H Burr Joo A Burnett Wm Burden John P Burr Joo_A g , Burr * Thoo But or Warren 0 Burro.. CDM 0 Butler Jaiaea Borne Jul BrughLewil Bryant 1. W Bum U Burn* Joe Burbank Geo W Butlur E It Co Bueh NO Buri ieter Goo Burgee* < apt Biitehor Jm II Burghoim V Brandt t rod A Butter W1' . Buck man J W BamtonJ T BurfcoLawr Butler Otia A Bunker Mr BushChao Bullk Cbaa Bym or J Bryco W ickliff Bryant Wm Barnoy Simeon W C Cramer John H Cady Bonbon Craft J Cam peon Jaa Campbell John H Camp C H Chan plin Wm Chadwiok John I Oagnatd Mona Caldwell Br U Crane Jaa Cahn Adolnb Callioun U A Campboll Thoa Campbell Chaa 0 I amely H T Chaffer Cyrtu Colegrovo A C Campbell D Y Cart Fetor Claeoon Hoary c* l Carmiohaol Coo B (aatleton Eug Cline D B Caady B O Clark HP Clark Benj Clark Hownll Chapman C B Cart Jaa Clark Itiohd S Clurk Mom U Co Caetollo Eugeno CaeeyJao Clark Enooh Clark John?I Carroll Mloh Clark Matthiaa Chapiin Wm ChaileoJohn CarpoaterQ W CavaaeghJaa CavanahJ CaearlyEdw Carnal n K Clark DC apt ClarkH Caawcll kt Duncan Carpenter M T Clark Uri Clark II P Hot Carroll Pat Carllale Capt U Card Geo H Clark* ? B Clark Edw L Chapman B Clapp Rev D Carter Perry CbappcllSaml CaaeTboa Carter H t Car|>eatix Bona Carpenter Chaa Clark John laaaWm Carter Be^l Clark A' Clark Alonto Caxalla Bun* Cavanagli M Caatado 3 V F Chant*y J W Cleat eland Nah Caapede Big J It Co Ceeke TtRHT Cheakt W U Cbrietal fa* Ceur Jacob Cleveland 11 M Chjaholm Saml ChltetruTS Criewy ? t Cole Danl Colliaajjr Collumn H'm H olatd Mom ColumtuaA ConveiaUr Conlen Arthur Conroy Mathaw Colbura John T CoIiinaJohn Conway fatk Coooron Miohl Comb* BR CoaieJaa Colby Km Cole* J Coati Andw Conradl Bob Connelly Jobs Cron A Cobb A U Ceil W H Cobby Abm Colgate S B Coimel Corn Comeidon John Cohen 8 Collar Chaa B Conahy Bteph Cometook B ConkitTim Cody Mr Cohen L Colony Chaa K Cochrane Jaa Conroy John Colean Jaa Uolea Allloman Cometook Albert Collin* R F Conrod Ik Moberta Comatook B Colling* Mr Conklln Bnoch Colmua Jaoob Cobb A D Conway H J Coib Harvey Coegrove Tboa Cook John C Coib Benl B Campbell A B Cooper PC CroptoyJ Cornet John Croaoy Aaron 8 Casein Or J M Corcoran Miohl Costelio John Coombr Edw Cornel laaac K Covin Walter 8 'Copney Bev G ( ooper Uua A Carlett Robt Cress Alfred Q Coa.erCC Corson Riohd Corn Jos CovillJAH Ctuao Albert Cope John C rowley Jaa B Conoh John F Courtney T B CcughlwJaa ConPatk Cotton Levi CowellJohn Co vol Jaa II Cowlea A Coulter Win Carboy 11 Cownn Ife Biokinaon Crump Bnml Cunningham S M Mwara t t ik.u r e n r..n*?ui n 2 1 Church O F Carry F M Curtii A Cutler John Chrystlo W F?2 Curtii Connell CtmbtsHJ 1 D Only Henry Delnmntte Lawrenoe Drake Lepolet Daley T E Dalrjmple Oeo Dailey W j F Degnia K K Davioa kit Thoi Dame Capt Supply DaTid Ieaac L Davey John R DarroT Oliver j Davie Thus J Danfortb Quo W Davenport Jai M?1 Day Hiuiy Draper Dr D Fisher Davie. John jr Davii OeoS Delamarter Abram Dreper Jean Mouse Deinbard Gottfried Denbigh Aldama Delany Patriok : Docker Oeo Deonen Rodney De La Centura Da j BeAgueroSerD Dulanoy John F Fernando Miaial Daly Hugh?2 Dree. Kev (Fill Dredger Wm Defamator Kdaai Deoor Nicholas H Delany Chas II C Dentsbnry 0J Devlne Geo 8 Dey John Derrick 8 R Deyer Henry H De 8t KennyXdward Dcnnlion Chas C Dumpier J Derrct Lewie Dewing Capt 8aml Dlxson John Derilen Marion DewtttPM Dennis AsaphC De Witt OfaaiF DeVibnyerH Dennis Richard DuvineJoe Dimier Monsieur De Wolfe J Dickmeon Orlando Dieterieh Mr Diok John Dickinson Wm?1 Dickinson Jimmy Dillon Xdward Dimend John Dlson Tbos Dioksen Wm Diaon Mr( Amity st Dmsmore 8y Ivan us Divtae Isaao Doch Geo Dipall D Diru n Areonrob Bonsell John R DoeslraU David Dodds Rev R J?1 Dougherty Mem A H Dombrowski Jos A Donohue Patrick it Bon Dotigoerty Nicholas Donevaa John Dowling Jas W Dougherty Chas Donlen John Doud Patrick Dornero* B J?2 DinighanJos DoaohoJas Donley John DeaurJoba Donson Robert Donoho Michael Dorr F 8 Dot lery Franois Downey Robert Dow Jas Dougherty Henry Donnoly Thomas Duraad Louis Duncan John Donahoe P Duke Phillip Dwyer Martin DuehnmpJB Dnnlap Jobn If Duuey Wm Duola* Vigors Dubnison G W Dully Robert Dutofaer Wm A Dni wm Dunbar Samuel Dull/ fells Dunlery F Dyle Miohael Drur/ Samuel Duohr Wostty Dumont Capt L G DuchUeoF DurnoutTD Dumean Hubert C Dunn Uuyas Delamatte Lwnee Dull/ Patt or lui Durkoe Dwight Defintc Wm Deaimon Henry Dumnbur/ win Enson Herman Kmbkr John W Kunia Stephen Elliott Geo Satan Mr Xaetoa Walter Eaton Samuel Egan C C Eaton k Bryan Eaeton J obn Elk sett er George Sekhart J ohm Enter rblllp Eaton America ElllngbawsenWmfcCP Khltger Htrrmaun Edwards F S Baston A Edwards Win M Ellsworth Jos EgaaWmorJoe Eldrldf J Oimr?3 Ellott Mores Elliott Capt S C Edon t spt J obn Egan Patrick Re tee B II Ergetbc Gee Eaton Gee 8herman Evans Joseph Emanuel ilern Ewatt William Ettlea Mr Emery Capt Wm Eskeieon ThoodJ Ewing Samuel Emory John B Eimaj I moo Emery Capt Wm 3-2 Farran Bernard Trader M Tamil Miehael Tales fe' W Tlagg John G?2 Flack J Eraser W M FligTer E Farr GhrUtephsr Fanuoli T Fare am Dr J W Frank Capt Andrews Tarline II H Fraiso Arehibald Talsonier Maro (a Flagler H Faniuerer A K Teely Mr (Caaal It TegertJ Thoe Tellowe D W Fredrick Mr Freeman Da rid V Tram Monsieur Freeman Gee 0 French Jonathan W Freuoh J FiUom Ferry Km a Frey Benjamin Ferrie Ueorgor Fernan B W Fannoll James?2 Ferrandrie 0 La Fletcher John W Frenoh Capt Joelak Flaming Francis H Frledlander M Fields Daniel FrieMrd H-ury Triage Charles FUbenJohn Fitch A Fisher John Fishjoha Finacvan John Fitt Henry Fisk Caleb Fitepatriek J at Flaoh Kolas M Fisk Samuel Fischer A Frlsbe Philip FUn Michael' Fitzgerald John Fisher Capt Asa Fisk Theodora Flsoher F Fisher Dr Ueo J FolktrsJoha FriggattEA Falsam P V Foley JasB Frost Johannes Forbes John W Fori** Jamea Fo?t*r * uallay rox w*o Fowler John J Ford jinn K Floyd J mm FcrdenhimeM Fo*t*r Frederick I Froat Alfred Ford Gaorgt Fo? Joaaph K Foylnd Jomjitfu Fon(* J H Ford 11 R Footer Theodore Fullerldward Finery Peter Flyna J Flynn John Flynn Dnjhl ^ Oracia Manuel Garry Jao Oabenal Flerre F Galeae John Galley limothy Gardiner JnoB Gail lard J B k Boa Graham II M Orantland 80* tea Graham Win Qlack'n Patrick Gaga 8amI Grant Gilbert A Gray Wm Gall Edward 0 Gale Da 0 ray Sam or 1G GtaoeJnoob Gray Jrdiab Gate* Tho* G Gray Geo G.yl.rJ Otay W OataaAW Cray John Owen Jo* GrayJaaJ Gately Fati Green Jao Gray Leaaderi Otdw y Saml Green E M Green A Co Qeer l to W Oelber Batholome Goaumo J P Gregory Robt Goorae Panl R Oleaaoa Ja* Crenelle Julian Griffin Wm A OeraghtyJat GeU Chriatorher Gilbert Trrner fc Ce 0ribbon Adam Oillmoia Addleon R Glhaoa C D Gilliam Andrea* G.fluid Jca R Qllmartin Andw Gilbert J 0 Griffin Mr (Monree at)Qllley ( apt Jaeoa OlbaonJa* Gile* N.chola* Billet'Ralph C Griffi a Patrick Oibaoa Robt OilmorWW GlbbaJa.Bry Oilhey C?pt Caleb Olllon Tnompeon 2!110?..? . Gilmer Datld Oliroe*ht Ja* OiTenCaptWmS GiUeold JaaC GUIwneJno Orilley Garry I, GoitaT Goodrich DrrinaN Grlawold Danl Oroefrelitr F Goldiheaan Tho* Godfrey Geo OonAW Gordon Jno R Gottfried Bry Goodwin Ja* OroreeOM Gordon Jao Goodwin Mr Cordon Capt Jo* R GoodohildJi* Goodrich E Wllbcr Groeer Eliphalet J* Goo* Or?o* W Goodrich E U Gould Tho* P Oon* DJom Aoetcdo Gonld Lrwell Oordon Geo B Goedleh Ata A X neodwiellreC Grodrieh Harrer GnmanJnn K Ghnardln Jo* Got* Albion B Goodwin Tho* Gruten Wm Guil'emot Charto* 0*od win Tho* X OmChtlB Qnliok Chi* P Grunwald Mr (Wit OuCk n Jno Gul*nn Fraari* lettatreet) Oni cnfrt Ftanool* Guirj Patrick Grnbb Geo Ounll Jno H Bamnaran Jno I) all Dot id Htanewjno D Hamilton Fayette W Hall Dfekaon Uu^bnn Banapthan Wm lumi Wn Batwatan Jaa Hanouoh Ex hard TR HeUTboi Hall Wm Ilamlioe IUt Lconl Haneman C Haaoook Wm da* L Ball Kcdm Baeaon Wm Bantkan Jaa Palm Carl Hall Ormal A Bailor* Mr llagamaa k Dunham Hall Fraderlek Daarlain J<lm Hamilton T J HallJameaD Hair B J Hamikon Timothy Hamor low Hail Waller Ball A O Halaht Dry Hairh Wm?2 Hall J lllihoy IIalary BenJ 8 Balttid Norri* R Ilanrock Wm Hand Jo* Barlow Jn* Hardy Jldtey W Halle Patrick Bart Wm HaabrnnrkTL Hart G Hame*t*a Mr HaakoU Goo O Bart The* 0 (Broadway) Herdon Dexter llart&ee.ion Bank J D HabirH Harray J I tlarrlaop Jaa Bart t< 8 Haatinra Danl Bart L D Baatltya Saadford B Harvey Ja?G?2 Barol Jno D llayn ard Rnbher Co Hawaii fl?-rman I Hajea Dr Jaa A BaiwatdJaaW Hadna Urian Batrb Jno Batch Ch<tt? dor llateh Bboa 7. Bay HrCD Patra H n Hatch Cant Harrey Hrak) Patrick Hal I orri ao Harden J F lleatn Jaa II llnaddoan CantWm llaywaid lh?* IlcfaartHry Baald llry il Hnadtn Jno Hethhiklr Mornaa>et Morudca boiao A Hebron W B Jnmo Hwrca'x| MarHn LeriMotra Haory Jaa llemmlaaway Rbt Hintj 14 T Benty Mitohaol lleokecallddl Frdk Hciity Jaa Hamria K I. Henry i;en| HaaaBataakar Bampaf r Cao IT IlaaArtokOm D Bririck Hry W Hrwitt M T Undanw Darid Biltot Jm bieimau Mart O Hw Jaa Bill AJ BiMioiJttkCo Bui A Bioka Brj B? ] Hiun.rd He* T Hield fa Bill A dean IlireuChriatlaa Hibnaad Aagaatiaa Hine Neiaoa M Uodaea K Bolaaa Ik Co SluniBL Juaou M Bolat Ury A Hofman t ir?? J? II0O1J10 Il-lliater Jaa H BoifltrCh Uo'm Oampball liocan Jobn Bi.lai.-t K B WriRkt uJaactbaad B H Holland T W Bo,a.. Jaa Bofioaa mad liadRokin Haul .1 B<*ao Mlokaal IKlli.ur A W Hoadley CI at?d Boier Fr*drio Bolt Bi> Bolaouib Friend?] Hock (Fin 8 Bolbrook la aac 8 Fepp- r Frwdi t Bnpkiaa Uiy Bidgea David Hood dm A Bopkiaa Sterling A Bill I r Heart?I B<u*landJ Howlaad Cbaa B or too I'apl 3 B Iluuaa U?o Buvoy A Bcpkiia Cant Joi'al. Buoea Ik Co Buuafctou k Farker Bo.ej Elm D 11-yt Thna Jr Hover 0 T?2 HcveyJA?2 tiowrcaa I'airiok iiuuel Cbaa HeaaidbD HoytC Bunt Peter Bc vatd Win Iluuter Holt Ilut Saral Buntingtcu JGcrton Bull J A Hubbard Chaa ?T Batata Jaa Bull H B But Mac* W? U Hua'iuitoaA ?a liu'chii aen J M IiuuRerf-id O Hunt Vodrcy I urlOut h Provoat HubbaJobaC ButcMnaJH _ r J D Uuu-itaaon Joba N Hunter llei ry U Haeeluue J Kdvd llu te Samuel Hunter James Huntington John F Hunt Uun,i>hrey HutchinsonArthur B Uutohisgs Joseph Hymen Eiektal DuUhnion Mi Brown Hudson Jonathan (Asmt) HlnrickiJA Trumbul Hinckley San.1 L ^ Irwin H Irwin Junta lrdel Conrad 1th Allied lngalla Wm Indira Mr (Pearl at) Ivce David J leaeos J I ^ loglisbce Auolphus M Jacob Beuedickt Jackson John Jackson Lewi* JscnbslhssH Jackson CsptT J JsckscnOF Jackson tieo B James Henry S Juokeoo A Walker JudiiM id U Jsyne Hsuiuel Jarvis Z ft luueiJvba Jenke Hubert W JewittIiuo T JeweitJJ Jemi J I* Jenkins Wm Jr J Ink in I Joseph Jokneon John Jenninge Ruitell Johnst n James Johnson A Johnson Chat John A|Ut Johnson Qn Johnson Wm Johnson John Johnson A Jones (loom Johnson Alonso W Johnson B 8 Johnston Kobt J Johnson John 8 Jones Altjah M' Johneen David 8 JontsJohn Judd Jerome Jo use T Jolding II JoqnillettAO Joint George C Julius Adolph Jones flso Jones BetJ Joyce Thos Jones W h X?t JoneetlearyB J<>>,niton Chas W Johnson A lei Jones John Jackson W V K KsgegaManh Mr Knapp Hern bard Kahetaer L?2 Kramer Michael Kane James Kays A Co Knnpp Dr Kane John A Knapp John Katr I A Brothers Klein H Kay Edward Kasson William 8 Kellogg Franois Kelly H Keet'cr klenry W Keareo John KoiiyJohn Keiran Joints KenttieldCapt John Knease Nelson Kont Wi.linm II KerleJuhves Kenny William KoircdyS Kennedy Lanehlan Kendall Thomas , Kcicl em Georgo Kilcnn Mr Kieiuan Patt Kil'man ("apt Dan-3 Kirby 8 K Kipp Barnaul C?2 , KlngtliyB B?It King Hobert 0 Kninard Jamo* Kinsman 8 J Kirtiey Charles L Kiroh Jacob Kenney Franklin Kohn Joseph?3 Kirk land Cl\>r'e? King William Know let Joshua A Kookum Chariot P Kccb Mr (Hangin it K>le 1> Kurchitt Dr Keanin John L Kemr William L Krugltr Job Rod Kradlcr Philip ^ Lapptm Patriok Lodgo Indopendont Look OaV>t Hiram La point Joseph Q Court 2 Loomli J W Lave) Claudia Lock wood Olivor Low i apt l-'avid Lamb Btth Lone Wm H Longhman If Lafrlcrc I) Victor Lord Charles A Ladlow Chariot Lawton Geo W Loomlt Chariot Ljnoh Michael Larocho Peter F Lloyd Rolt If Laborde Moneiour Largdrn Henry Lowott Isaac Law Alexander ; LanoJohnJ Lyle Thomas Lansing Capt D F , Las pen N P Luoian t T Laif leu Thomat , Lam John Laooit Mr (Sullivan Lanier Charles , Leoraft Danl street) Laurence Thomas Leeeh Jonathan Lamb D Lamar Capt Chariot Lee Goo lane Debet Langborne Jno Head Lelsnd ItoLt W Lamb Wm Lano Am T Ledwith James W Lawrenoe CantFrank- Letebry C LentO LampkinAw [lin LoggattTbotJ Lcvett H Lawrenoe J B Lee Knfns K Lewisfarepta A Lansing Dr Edwd S Lee William H Leslie Jamet T Legrand Montis ox Leifrnger Lonit Lewis J K ? Co Lee Wesley If Lee Obatlet A?2 Lincoln Ira P Leelaar Thomat Lennon Thomat Ltbhey James K Leland Capt T H Lewis Martin Livingston Wa Van Leavitt Richard Lewis L Nut Leavenworth Fran- Loot W G Lodge Harmony U oit P Linaaon Peter " Schiller 7 Lewis Benjamin Lin to J Q " Warren 283 Lewis Freak P Liscomb B C " Ark 28 Leonard Capt J B?3 Looke William " Binoerily 231 Levitt Wm H Loula Francis " Grand Lodge A Llndon Patrick Loevington B O of G F Lincg Honrl Louche P " Mt Movlah 2 Locawood A H Longmore Robert " Chryatal Fount Lookwood R A Lott Christian Teat Loekwood Hsnford Lyon Henry M " Manhattan 20 Lortna J Lyman Henry B '* Covenant 35?2 M Max well Jaoob 0 Mathewa Mr, of Geo Mathewi Sheadriok Mntbowa Peter Mathews Jaa G Mathewa CcrneUnt Mathia Tboa Maxfald Joseph Mathewa Chaa Mayboll John Matbewe John Mint MeeohderfHD Maudo Junes eotta Meehan B HcrouryJas Merritt John Median Michael Mead Cyrus Meehan Christopher Merrntt Jeeaee F Melvin L fe Co Mtlbnleh Alex Mohan Itaao Merrificld Tnunan Mental! Wat Merry Jonathan Holey Patrick Mueoinf Joh Mehler Ludwig Meldronc J at Merrett Mealy Miller Thoe Mercier Allied Miller Jamoe Miller R A Miller John Mlebal Frank Miller Albert F Minkin Mr Miller John M Miller John Miliigan Geo A Madden Morgan Madden John Miller Barnard Mace Wm Maeaab Chief Maey Paul B Mague Vlotor Magender Mr Mai Cudwig Mann Edward Mann M li Uagary Wm MaherJaa Maney Mr Mahatacap Mr Menemy Tfcoa Mann A B MaionJaa Maloy Miohaol Mann Anton MalloryW M Mageo Wm Magtnnis Bernard Mann Walter Maatin John Mariinee Valentine Mann Haml R Martin Mr Martina* Peroiral Maaon Arthur B Marina* Archibald Hatfield Joseph Maraton h Brothers Maaaette Joeeph Mason Jabea Maatcr* Juatioo 9 Maiong Frederick Mason Joseph Geo Mason Ezra W Mart a Capt John Mastorsoa Wa Based B Mason Wm Marr Wm Metcalf Wa Miller John Milor Hugh CnnMicnaelsWa Millar ChnsF ningbam Mitchell John A MicheU Wm Q Millm;:an J T Morris Barman Morgan Jas Merri Bona Meafert John Morriaon John Morris Greg A Co Moron John Moorey Wm B Morrison Sam G Mower Horace Morrison Wm MoncriefCajpt J Mora D H Montray B A Morgan Y JicrnanMorgan Wm B Morgan Jae doa Mono ? T Moras IssacS MorseChaa WiftK Morrison John H Morrioe Wm Morris Wm Morley J H M on tag J Mnnaell Wa Morwcll R L MottGoo M nilliili > TTHlMl Morgan JnoT Morgan John fi Mnldoon Patdok Mo sea Michael Morris Robert Mailer Wllh Murphy Owen Murray Ales Mailer Wa MurdcckJasB Murphy Edward J MaJoahyJa* Mullet Jaaea MullordDB Mnlherne Nathl Murphy Patrick Myera P Bamilton Mnldoon John Mnlloid A Co Mullet T Murphy Hiram Murphy Jebn-3 MuhrFred Mullor D P A Co Mulvany Joe W He MoBryde David?2 MoWaney John McFaddenOaptOdoW McAlnallv Micbl MeCabe Patrick McCabe Michael MeCann Michael MeComberBL MoCafly Nathaniel HoBride Jamas McCutchoon F A McConkey Wm MoCov Capt Jno MoCuskar Fergus MoCulley O K McB James McCormlck C McDormot Hugh MoAlby David McCunangh James MoDowell David Mclntire Fran's C Mc AulifT oornel'aC-2 Mc Jrakin Ould Boltu MeGuonJ MoBuglies John McGhran Patriok McGcc Tkoe D McWhutsr John MoKlcn James . MoMahon Wm MoMohen James McKanaie Alexander UsVlelnKa IfnPanahsll Tak. Batalak HUAfvwwu avvBugiivii f uuu avvnm rsirivi t UcNnltyChfW Monetises Harvey McKntireJohn , McGuebian John MeKeeour Jamee MoMarin Patrick 1 McKinley John MeOnieol John MoKonna John f KcOarrv Michael MelleanJobn MeMartin Farley , KoNieol James i W MaahJosP Noe Michael NorriaThoiF a Newborn Mr NaptnJaa Neal Wm i Newell Wm Nowall Alvah Nelaon Gilbert r, NewcombA Nicholaon J W Newkirk David If r NewlttJobn Newton Moses G Newman Conrtia B Newell W 0 Nei Smith Benjamin Neweomb Bret Pal- r Nioholt Saml Night Richard mer Y j Niter J T Nowatay Vincent Noble Albert If 1 Norton Can#Beth Nerrta Wm Hunt NorrlaThoaJ v Norton NBC Nolan Patrick Noble G W i O f 5'Brlcn Patriok O'NellJamea OrtonThotP W?2 1 5'Brien Timothy O'Brien Cernelina W Orontt AM 1 ^Connor Bodgor F Overton Henry C On John I)"Connor R t Oleott Joseph K Osier Charles 0 S Jnnenaettet John Orden Richard L O Neil Daniel I 3keson D b^MeU Joseph O'Reiley MeaFfcll laklrvfleoW Oaborn J U Oatrom Hhonherd i iiAM. Oetorhoad.nenr, 0*oodBWB 1 ?rrl Bpss?"!" s fSS-iM Pain.^red gSj^T 1 Pao?ard John A, ilf',,* PiIm Metwi 1 Parker John E*i "Reub?i FnrU Her M 1 Paine George? 5i^OiiT? Paige George Parker Jemoe P?K*0"w phmJim C Parker Jok* EMT.Tloh. PtllerMa A ' Paine Ci?pt p^tu" CtM*-! Paaletu Boadwt F Kw.' PS ESat * T MiohkC R??V &-??"- ?fc {mss, ??'* \i Pend? Miohaal P? 8*?*? p,ry Frank B C PentktonFraneli rwtoyJ?j? PerrrSB ^ 1 >reaton Robi 0 Femdlekoo Cjrnr I f >en?lato. Capt S* Fauria. Jowr^ prtU?iP !< tare Baitholm't PbiUlpI B I ? ltgI?ao Rgga PMU^Johnll , v 'croor toito or Ono CjJLT'gkikiar p?tbhonJH e ' well Mather Fitten Eboneeot w? ? owaall John C row??.?Fnnet poww0,0r * 'ope?e?T jv?>~rT Brother S Fonge Joeaph c ollejJobnB V*VV" Wm Poieetl J 8 _ 0 atwrnj Uenrj PodbieUki Moner i -] 5?v?w Egg*- fcfc?p-? 1 >o]oa Moeeteur putnnm^n"? 1 , (algktfhoroM goimlen Timothy Qnlek fcnior 0 C d |ana fl.oroee R tablnnan Chae 8 ESS^T" t ? s &!CL ErShD ss&i 3 IWKffSfti Searo Iheodcre E $??' ?w g???* Ki^rro-2 ?, &?? SSk4r"A ssiasss' b sssrs-, K2.T-. ksbo Uchtrr 0?b 11 Began J 8 ssa 7A? . *?Jr> -ar^":'" ? lohlwaCej't W H ?~a?n J-"? T toMnionWmG RobblaaCL Roaera Cant Win P * lodeer iR Booker R?t W J Robineon Ri third 8 C IneeR Mom Mr IhMmm Hear? f lourke Th<mM Bom Rev Peter > hUW . loona? Id ear d A Romiin B K Rottinaan Jacob 11 I< ?d Mil k Co Hoi k? Lo<l*U Roorkr Patrick Ion T. Inurnment Rooutj Tlioraaa Rcnn Patrick maker Roman H Roaan Henry U . loaeJotiehB Rem Robert S Ro enteM A 1 Ijan iHnaia > neboti ugli Ceo Bnwdtcr'i'K i< Ijan Uettd Ruuel llr Bnll.ti Met Emil?2 V lyan Edn < i.d Rjroo (J U Rykect i'hrrmi a indil h H ) ecler fcuigeJF Kami ta Jemee 0 . Ivan Br Hue. el Bei j P loeml Joii (at Piter Her mood L herlre Ryan O'UalliKt'd? 2 lavPraacieA * K I. aye BE-1 fohanRf,li R hefl .r Carl 1 luiir Cornelian> tailimtank Ja'ea ' 'atx 1II Ml) uei I nalu I.'tiny P U M. din .1 ti j, ih I'} fui.hid Pnlii.ikle Jim ph Bnlmtn I ea rl eltir * in H ?t Job it H I. bind, re A H >1 Jul a I'll Swim In r| Sooaltvi lohn 6 'iii'irJU S m m> m in mm aimmn V " u.uu r?i. i rl Sonant 'in e l an liii.i? ?M f inridiifibielJ be.r.rT-* f'.nki, rate ok J teiay* M #.?11 th y it Jiaac RbjV **? t Itra tmayrr Cea 1 Sharp Om P BearliMOee > lhaw liamai A Star* Jamea Sawyer Jea,Sair layleaA-. Sevaae Hugh Btraua Sigma *1 IteateJehaY BohaumUao Barn (dead Satignj Auguat B SedeaThusaa BchneidirIre 4 \ tiling H Beilar Bmaa el Sweeney <n\ j Ihiiu a Wm B Baalden ?4ward Seek; Pilar iwaeaey JoLa Sleeper *a Bwaaaey Jamb Schneider P huiHW BheBaU W Ichntli Jamaa Baaii t.eurre Bwctt Beaj knit Bcui Seamen laaas N Bte-.biua tVm,Jr tieen 1 homaa or BH- Bee.-r John B 8pearl W J /abeth Buiwirt laaao A Co Scheock John Scheuer 6. orga Slephaa Qea twvru Uirnu Johermerburn Atra Ben rmcr C F A Bteoert John l.aa-2 bliciau Heary O Scerntrbora M 'htratrJoln Baa-ioa John Sperbaea Kobert Sb< rwcod liei j flierw<x?l a on(K* # ?iu J ulioa etaugc place) BpeueerJoha ichcrii.eri.ern UO?2 Sheimen Juaiali Inrppard Hiihtrd Sherman Geo W Sherman CM She ruin #iaJ Jowph Bcermerhorn Ahrv Spur.tog Gee Spillan Dailt haiu U hoeppard P W Simiou Jan ea Bchiehall Gen Swindle-jurat Willira Sail, id ( B Binder I Mlenael Bprlugor liar iaoa rlUerlon John Schmidt M?J Sinclair Jamea Side,IJ F SUuauu all! II tiaip on Ueo W Itilei K Siuipeou J. mei Bpiuk Brunei SimaThotB Sirnw a m I H.itlmin H A Sua.ay Ferdinand Himpt.>n John Binnnr KicharJl/oha Sniidt L> W blin.ena Jainea butt. Day A Ce Smith John C Biaimom leimnel BmiUi ttobt Spier M'm Bmitb A A Bwi'hJ.>hn B Sml'b Mr Bmitb John T Smith I'hoi J Smith lit* J Bmitb 'ilreo l?r Smith Sylvan ua N Smi'h J P l-iuith J B B.niti Pr.uoia If Smith John Smith Homeyne Hmittj Cnae A Smith r W Bmiili kt'm Bmitb John Smith Michael Smith Mm Bmitn W a Smith J J Stmt i Leonard Cap* Mnith A Butler (Fol Bi. lib At drew Bmi h John T Ion ft) Smith John tb Smithli^M Vf" Bl'i to V^'0,or A Smith Mhort J Sit ton Geotge Bm| " ?i>r SmiwUrrot Smith J lloiden S.ithAI* David C ttcbouJohn th?B 5" ISO It Ro'urt MchoU.] So? ?"n :4 8h?wll Com Pond*John 5 i*M Soott *mO stonO" bonj J. "* " ? 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Mail Found ?The Natchez Free Truer, ot the 21at ult., gives the following particulars it the finding of a stolen mail near that city"A ad found, on Thursday last, near the old Spanish art, & number of letters, which had been opened, le immediately took them to Mr. Kendrick, the nail agent, who went with the boy to the spot there the letters were foand, and after an xamination several others were found, to~ii.... ? I .v :i ?u:?u ?J i ' wiiii a icainri man imi;, wuitii iibu uoru ut open and the lettera and papers taken ut.. The bag was found buried in a bayou. ?he whole was delivered to Major Kdward, the 'ostmaster, who informs us that he found the ray-bill among the papers, which was so much amaged by the mud and water that he could carcely read it. It was dated Memphis, Tennesee. Nov. 2, and shows that the bag was directed > tne poet-ofhce in this city. The lette-s were jr distribution in Mississippi, Louisiana and Vzas. In the envelope of one of the letters, for >xae, was found seventeen dollars in bank notes -one ten dollar bill on the branch of the .State lank of Alabama, (Decatur.) a one dollar bill on lie same bank, a five dollar bill on the Bank of the lie State of Alabama, and a one dollar ill on the Lawrenceburg Bank, Tennessee. Tint Bi'Rnino of the Strsmf.r Cottvoy.?Loss ip Life.?We regret to learn that the fine steamer Jonvoy, Capt. Garrison, was entirely consumed y hre on the 27th ultimo, near Natchez, and that wo passengers were drowned. We learn that japt. Garrison was not on board at the 11111 *, the irst trip he lias ever omitted. The following letrr gives the particulars of the disaster!? Nstchs/.. Fsb 27, 18-11). Tbis day, about 10 o'oloek. whan owning through airchild's Chnto. aftar wooding at the head of the land, the boat took Ore In the hold, from what cause re oannot say. but It la suppoeed from tha ' ash pan;" nd. t afore discovery, tba flame a bad pregresse 1 so r*r tat It proved to be entirely unmanageable. 11a al rea run tbeboat aebora ard chained her up tha men ?Itrmlng to tbe trera to do ao. There vi< no dry <nd In eight. All were fared, except two nasaangers. booh* tod papers were saved, and all tha oash exact J800 In specie In a v?rj sb rt time the boat urned to the wa'er'a edge and commencing v?ry r%. a el> to (III pot ao heavy that she broke the chain*, and tilting down the shore about* mile, rank la nine feet raier. She hsd on board 8,171 balescnttoa a* d 819 rcks of ere. Of tbe two passengers lost, ope was V. r. II Pr'or. K't| or cotlle |,nu stana. end a Usrmtn, alj< t nknos u ?A tu Or/tarn C'"w. Traita, Hittick'A,