Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Mart 1849, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Mart 1849 Page 4
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MEW YORK HER ALE ?rtfcw?lt fonicrof Knllon mid Kttun at JAIHKN OOHDON BBNNRTT, PROPKIltrOR. TBS DAILY HERALD.? fit- r* cilnoM, t c?i(* per e wy per ammm. The MURStSU RUlTlUHu publiekeTal 3Vet* A. M and dtmti ilnUcd tninrelirmklaeti thr Jlril AFTIillXlK WDITIUS e n Lt k d ut ike wmbcvi at 1 o'clock; and I oeeend ?i U ?...?( 1 oclack. P Al. THK ItKKKLY HERALD. Jot txr ulation rn (Aw (lei WWW. u puldiekrO ever u Smurii y. at 6\ rent* per copy or } /ur rirctUafrou u Kttrope, and printed in lYee mnd hnylLk. at OS emit per ropy, or *4 per annum ; Ike latt prtru io include ikeyaoln ye. dl.l. I.UTTER if hy m"U. tor euoeeoptuin. or tenth adoi tmemmte. to he jot patd, or the p etaie mill be .leductcd J re the money remitted. VVLUNTAR Y I IIRKLSEUMUCNCR. crauaitttneimporta nm 4M4rrtfc* trmm ,.n* quarter nt Ml ?nor#? ; i? UberuUy paid for. NO NUTH.E taken of unanymout communie attune. vh>i ever u intern icd for ? ?r /mm mmet be uutkeoti ated by the *a? <and add re ? of ?Ar writer : not nvceee erVyfor yuUwUwn tn &e n fwAr/Mify of hie uood faith W* eannot return reject* noenweunieatum* JPl KKTMKMKNrs (renrtotA *v*ry marntnf. ' fvHhkrd i? the mummy ml a fit r man rAttmn,.) at fpricee ; to he written in a yl in eeihte manner ; the propneto met reeroneihlejorerrorein manwecript PMI^TIMi of ?U ki?de exmuten hrautifuJty, and wit J? t*k f trSera r?t mid tit the office THK HhtULD KSTaHUMMNTU optn throughout mitit ~AMUiloBNlS TBIb SYENlNO. MOWtxr TOMaTRB. Mowocy?Ma?lb Era-Uncus J oh BBOaItWnf Br?4*tv-Hn?to?a an If ah or W*pti>? I?hih I'orr?itLtBMsa aru CIUiiii, BATIONAA THEATRE. Ohabbaa m?h>-Viij.aob Ph*i to* - tow* Lir.1 m Damosii?Slashes aru uaashsb SUUTUl MlI.U. URTOICB THUTHI. Ohambmrtrsst?Domiev in Son JNbbtovi Ma* ahu Mar or Nmta MKfflANIW MBIili, Broadway. mi BlO?a> Ombmtt MmruA SOCIETY LIBRaRY, Brood way? Ifaw Oblbahi Bbbdii om BROADWAY CIRMU8, 6bt ftro?dw???Hoahchakihip, f< NT l>0>A AN* DuiOlia Boil*?BTUKia Ai*NT UO. tkovpb. aOObOGICAX HALL. Baverr?Taw imvMi ft Oo.' IftlHU. 0B1NBI HUBBUB. BP flmdwAT?Oxurcai OrBioarra BnJTVBAAWT IMITITUTK, Bro?4w*j-T4Nir** Hiu.' Corns Uoi vti, HIM BR v A rooms?HON*. ADWIBN. Basic AN* FKU.ii* nrr law tork.TuriMlay, IHan.A 13, 1B4-B, The Rloralo of Office Sttklug, It would be repeating a twice told tale ;to refer at thia late day, to the nuno<-r id which Genera Taylor was first put forward as a candidate tor th Presidency of the United States. The who! world knows that he was taken up in the firs place by the New York Herald, represented by thi iournal as h til rw*rKOri fn tintmihv th:*t HiMiinfruuh.. J . ? ? r- ----- position, and that the movement thus commenced was followed up by the inde|>endent press in othe cities, and persisted in until it was reduced to moral certainty that he was the most suitable c all the men that had been mentioned, to fill th office tor which he had been designated. This is matter ot history, and is well known ti the people. It is also a matter of history that after Genera Taylor had been thus selected to fill that higli office, and when it was reduced to a moral certainty that he would be selected as a candidate, and would, in all probability, be elected, despite all opposition, different cliquesot politicians, whon we designated at the time as office seekers?wht had nc motive in supporting any candidate but thu of forwarding their own srlfish views, threw them selves into the current, and notwittistaiidmg thei well known ptefeience for other candidates, turnei round very suddenly and espoused the cause c General Taylor. There were two cliques or cote ries of this description in New York?the Wu street one, which held its meetings in L&layett Hall,Hiu Broadway; und the other clique, whtc assembled semi-cccastoually in Military flail, ii the Bowery. Knowing the men who com.iosci these coteries, and ot the motives which actuate* them, as wellH8 those which compelled them to tur; round and support the netoof liaena Vista fur tin Frruidenct, we stated our belief at the time, am directly accused them of being purely selfish 11 ihrirsupjiort of that distinguished man. We wen aot, however, alone in this opinion?utlierjournali followed our example, and, in answer to what we L..J t. A ~..A 1 ..f tlmmuulirsa m lidCJ mbiru, WIIU UJ ?*aj UI iruc r lUg hk nia .Mca ui ihe suppici* n thut they were in anarch of ofiice he Courier and Enquirer, which is the organ o the Wall Btreet clique, stated that the members o that clique clairied nothing, asked for nothing and expected nothing, in case General Taylo were elected. The following is the langusg which that journal used:? [From in* t/Ouriti and Knqutrer, Jan 18. 1848 ] In regard to calling this i.otodwl Weob'a mreitdf! It 1* rtn.ply iDUauro as a slur upon 'hoss woo bar united lu tbe call, uni who whl participate ta ih proceedings. It iidojk not us, nor can It povibly at noy tbe friends of Oem-rsl Taylor, who well know tha -we claim nothing, wak for notning. and aspect nc tbtnn except to labor with tbe people as one of tb multitude who desire to elevate to the presidency a honaat and Indopeneen' man. Here is the jn-nnunrlamento issued by the W? street clique, who cume into the field in the Taj |or ^cauee eniphacicully " at the heel of the hunt, in justification of their motives for eupporiin that distinguished man for the ofiice whicl he now occupies. A perusal of this extra ordinary document would convince any om not acquainted with political manmuvres, that tin 'Wall street clique really and honestly intended t< support Geueral Taylor, simply because he wen M an honest and independent man but it wouli make quite a different impression on tbote wtv Anow tlie way in which such things are managed .Now, in the face of thia positive renunciatioi m advance, of all claim to the SDoila in case c General Taylor's election, by this Wall strrc clique, what do we see 1 Do we see Col. Wrbl the very embodiment of this clique, standing i the bock ground, and disdaining u- teek office Do we sea hm coadjutors in that " sober, secon thought," do the some ? Let the facts speak fa themselves: Col. Webb himself, has been an ap plicant for a foreign mission?to Derlin, or Ma dnd, or some place else, ever since the election hisrow/>trts, Prrscott Hall, Hoffman,oh tries King and others, are applicants for various fat oflicet under the new administratton : and many of then are. now at Washington, pushing their claims to what they are in search of. Now, we put it to each and all of this clique whether they can consistently aecept o/ficc ttndci the administration of General Taylor, under tin -circumstances, and with this prnnuneiamtnU staring them in the face, in editorial type, in tilt columns ol their especial organ 1 How can thej remain at Washington, begging and bcseechinj for a portion of the spoils, when the Courier aw. JHw/utrtr expressly declared, as above (ao doub speaking tor the coterie), that it claimed nothing asked nething, and expected nothing We sub mit the esse to the new President. We put tin question to them with the understanding that w have a few more, of a similar nature, to ask b and by. Enslish Liberty.?The English press and tli English people are continually prating about liberty the sacrmcea which they have made for it, And th rwt ifiinti in u'lii/'li fh#? at tiin li #*rl aaapn think fh# I>oa?eee a. We give the following extract froi the Jtvltim FrfrmaWt Journal, showing what 1 fceriy is in Kngland or Ireland i? " Jamxa Kox.wb* pleaded guilty toaebargaofhaw'n ri d end ri>m? powder in bla poeeaealon wa? lot tenred 10 b* imptoi,n?d tor a wtrk from the beglaain of ih? ec mmlraton " Here in liberty with a vkng? nnce ; and tf tlua i the kind of freedom which ta boasted of so rnuc by our trHiiHatlnniic ntMt<hi>orB, we wish themjo of it. Well might th?* lri>h poet exclaim? " Ob ! Krin. will It e'er ba nilaa To wreak iti* *fou??ln battlu line; To lift o.y T.oter bead Bud rex ' Tfej bllie, tby lull*, tbj ??lti j? frc?? A M?ht of tb*? Ik all I orafa Untwteb mI labor* and the gram " Al im.In I me nla under Hie New N<lmlulatrr lion Mr Hnltp OreeUy, It la eatd- baa been nnralnuti Calient or c.f ibe < n-ioioaat bo?tun V r n-teier dWabiler tt la raid baa b'?n natnlnatt J>lairier1ttt"r??-j, at iloaion. | Tit* Charter Kloetlon. a ohort ti me a j l* ** utjif 1* /act-tks | ^ people of New York will be called upon to aelect j officers to conduct their municipal affairs for the ensuing year; and as yet they have hardly cirei a thought to the subject. This apathy is really un*7 accountable. We cannot, for the life *t us, con*N ceire how a people so notoriously business-like, will ' w allow a clique of politicians of each party to rule si and rum this great city as they have done from Jh lime immemorial. It Is singular that men '** will look complacontly on an increase of taxauon from year to year, and allow a few paltry politicians to aeaeas taxation at an exorbitant rate, ? and waste the city funda after they reach the trea? eury, without raising their votcea against the inU lquitous system. But so it is, so it has been, and id so it will ever be, we suppose, unless some great f change takes place in the nublic mind whir-h ? ur do not anticipate. In a few days the politicians A will, aa usual, assemble in the grog shops und oyster cellars around town, arrange all the political " machinery, and propose to the voters ol = New York two seta of candidates for Mayoralty and Common Councilmen; and the self-cheated n and humbugged people will vote for men, as they ? have done in former years, who will give us dirtier streets than ever, assess taxes greater than ever, < and whose career will be characterised by more waete, extravagance, and corruption than that of _ any of their predecessors, whig, democrat, or native. This will be the case in the year 1819, as 's it has been from time immemorial. We have abandoned all idea of the tax-payers * ever stirring themselves in the matter of reforming our municipal government. We have come to the ? conclusion that they cannot be moved?that they will submit to anything that is imposed on them, '* no matter liovr corrupt or extravagant; and have determined to cease making any appeal to them in 1 future. We have a few words, however, to say to the politicians and wire-pullers. They have it all their own way now, and we advise them to "put it on thick" this year. Let them manage their cards so that the very worst men oi both parties will be selected. No matter who they are, they will and must be elected?one set or the other. , Let the democratic wire-pullers select, as eandi,1 dates, men who will not scruple at expending live e millions of dollars instead ef three; let them obtain e pledges, before their nomination, that, if elected, it they will give fat contracts to their friends?let the B whigs do the same. One or the other set will cerd tainly be elected, and :hey may, by agreement, I, divide the spoils between them. There is not the r least danger of such a scheme succeeding, for the a tax-payers of New York care not how much they ,f arc assessed. Whatever it is, they will pay it n To be sure, they will grumble and growl a little. but they are so inured to that, that it would be a d pity to deprive them oi the luxury of doing so. They must not stop at any length. They nifty be | the means of driving a few thousand poor people ! to Brooklyn or Williamsburgh, but what oi that? A poor man has no right to live at all, anywhere. We beg of them, especially, ihat they will make it . a tine qua no*, that after election the candidates i will not have the streets touched with a broom ) during their term of oilice, while during the same I period they will levy at least half a million of dol. lars for street cleaning; that they will grant leases r of the ftrry rights of the city for nothing, and pay d the lessees something handsome in addition; and ,t that they v ill, in every other respect, fleece the .. people without compunction. Tho unfortunate II short-sighted tax-payers will taKe it in good part, e atd will, no doubt, continue them in office for h the j ear afterwards. ? Go ii, politicians and wire-pullers, but when you j do go it, go it strong! ^ The Si-tno Shot?We perceive that notice has l,een given, in our Legislature, of the introduction j ol a bill prohibiting the sale or use of the instrument known as slung shot. We hope that the 1 measure will be lollowed out, and the manufacture, sale, or use of that weapon be made a penal ofience. j. This movement has been made in good time ; and it the proposed bill should pass, it will be one j of the most popular measures that ever was enact( ed. Carrying weapons of any kiad ?whether slung shots, piBtols, duks, or knives?is a cowardly u-ac - ..... Ko.l .no..1 r ot d? ath resulting Irom their use, that the voice of the moral portion of the community is against it. None but a dastard or a coward would habitually r wear weapons of any description, unless he were * in dread of assault from a man more physically l- powerful than himself, or that he considered his life in danger. Even in that case, we would not ie tolerate, if we could prevent it, the use of the slung n shot; for that is a weapon with which death can be ij inflicted without noise?withwut causing even a ,m gioan from the dying victim. If a man acts in .. self-defence, and is compelled by the instinct of ^ piesetvation, to take the life of unother, or lose Ij his own, the law will justify the act, and it maybe done ojienly and above board by shooting down K the assailant. But the cases in which the wearing ? el Wf apons and the using of them is justifiable, are } exceedingly rare. We live in a land of law, and g the ministers of the law can protect those who canI side r themselves in danger. We would unhr si tatingly set down a man who makes a practice of carrying weapons, as a coward and a poltroon. It n gives an undue advantage, which none but a coward would take. If a strong man were to beat >t and abuse a weak one, he would be marked as a j poltroon ; and the case is precisely s milar of an armed man attacking one who is unarmed. 1 Another objection against the wearing of any j kind of weapon, is the danger that it may be r used with fatal effect, in a moment of passion or cxh citement. Few of us weak human beings have not been 60 much excited, at some time or other, as to indues us to take life had we weapons about our persons with which to do it; yet, on calm reflection after reason and composure are restored, we would j re forry lor me asp, ana n we escapea ine penally r which the law lafKcts for unnecessarily shedding a brother's blood, we would suffer for the act the remainder of our lives. Hut (or this practice of ' carrying weapons, Timothy Shea would now be , alive, and Mrs. Walker would not have been sent , out of existence in the prime of womanhood?our , juries woald not be compelled to pass on the lives f of (he aggressors, nor our judges to pass senj tence of death on the convicted. A man bereft I of reason, and in the time of excitement, is a det umn, and no one who known the frailties of his nature, would carry a weapon, except in case of self defence, as before adverted to, unless lie is a ? coward, a poltroon, a murderer, in his heart. e We sincerely hope that the bill noon to be mtroy duced into our Legislature on the subject, will be* come a law, and that the use or wearing of slung e shot may be made a penal offence. Ir, Major Robert*, op the Kiri.ic*.?We notice in ie the proceeding* ol the Iowa Legislature, that a y bwuro nan oern unanimously voted Major Roberts, ii for his handsome conduct in the late war with j. Mexico. It hits also made him a very appropriate vote of thanks. We are hsppy to see this well g merited compliment to an officer so greatly distiii' guished as Maior Roberta. His regiment bore the * hrunt of every battle from Vers Crua to the c ty of Mexico, and although the length and breadth of 9 4><- land has been filled witn the story of its well h earned fame, too much cannot be said in praise <>t this officer, who commanded the advanced guard on the glorious field of Contreraa, and led the bicrniers of Twiggs' division, that, under the galIt. nt Quitman, fiiat carried the srriiieaand stars of our country into the city of Mexico. For his greatlv distinguished gallantry at the storming of Cb. pultepee and the cspture of the cite, General Qimman selected htm to carry into the capital, m d isise there, the first banner of freedom that i? cu r flouted above the haila of the Moutezumas? Thiowssthe flag of his atormers, from Smith's "1 brigade, and was carried by the picked riflemen i I r<?n the rifle regiment That flag, and this officer, "a j arr truly covered with glory. | Cbaxlss Gsvam Dorrr?There can be bat oat opinion ot the eoarne which the British eovern meat boa panned, and te puraumg, towards the patriot, Charles Gavan Duffy. Me was arrested nice months ago, and has been confined in prison ever since. During that period he has been indicted on five several occasions; his health his suffered severely from bad and unwholesome food, and trouble and anxiety of mind unspeakable, from the circumstances connected with his situation In addition to all this, his business, which was very prosperous at the time of his arrest, has been entirely uestroyrd, and he has been made a bankrupt by the government, having lost some forty thousand dollars in consequence ot his persecution. Mr. Duffy has recently been tried for the crtire (1) which he has been charged with, but ine jury wnicn were emp&nneiea m me ease could not agree, and were discharged without a verdict. This was evidently a disappointment to the government, for a steam vessel, ready for sea, was waiting for the conviction and sentence, to carry him beyond the seas. it would be supposed, that after failing in several Indictments, and on a trial to secure their victim, the government would have been magnanimous enough to cease further persecution, aid order Mr. PufTy's liberation. But it did nothing of the kind : so far from it, a motion to admit him to bail was denied, and he was remanded back to prison, to be again tried in the month of April next, when, no doubt, the government and its minions will exercise all their ingenuity, in the use of blood-money and jury packing, to secure & conviction, and set rid of Mr. Duffy, for it is apparent hat t^ueen Victoria's throne cannot be considered safe, unless he is got rid of in some way or other legal or illegal. Climate op California.?We have received meteorological tables of the weather and thermometer lit Monterev. Tinner Halitornia k? T?l. Lot H. Greeie, Esq., a merchant, at Monterey, during the space of a year, viz: from March, 1815, to February, 1816. From these tables, a pretty good idea may be formed of the climate of California In March. 1845, the thermometer averaged 65 at noon. There was no rain; the sky generally clear. In April, same degree of heat; five rainy days, four F'ggy, the others clear. In May, the thermometer at noon never rose higher than 64, aud never fell lower than 08; weather clear. In June, the highest noonday heat was 75; the lowest 60; weather clear. In July, the highest heat at noon, 74; lowest 60; clear skies. Iii August, greatest heat at noon, 72 lowest; 63; clear skies. In September, greatest heat at noon, 73; lowest, 61; clear skies, occasional togs at 8 in tnc morning; rain once only. In October, greatest heat at noon, 70, lowest, 59; fogs in the morning, days clear; rain three times within this mouth?a little rain in the night on two occasions. In November, greatest heat76; lowest60; weather generally clear; rams in the night occasionally. In December, greatest heat 66; lowest 57; clear weather; rain on tour diflereut nights this mouth. In.lunuaiy, 1816, greatest heat, 62; lowest 18; in'"rc ram hub iii?'inn muu me luruicr moiiuia. In February, 1H16, average heat at noon, 62; loweat, 60; clear skies; rain on three different nights. A pretty general idea may be tunned from tht.-of the clirnaie as to waimth. It appears to be remarkably mild and temperate This is the result ot the (acts, not a conclusion of mere opinion. Marine Intelligence. Another Labor Suit Launch.?Another large ship is to belannohed this day, a few mlnatee before twelra o'clock from the foot of Sixth atreat. East Hirer. She le of 1000 tons bnrtb-n, and is named Gay MannerioR. She is Intended for the Llrerpool trad*, and le owned by Taylor a Merrill. Thi Pacific Mai.*. Steamer* ?The attention of those on the ere of starting for California is direstsd to an edrrrttsement|tn aneiher column, ef the departure of the mall staamere from Panama fer San Kranclseo. City Intelligence. Health ok the Citt ?The Mayor reeetrsd no report from quarantine yesterday, and it Is tberefors we bare no choltra. we have to report the arrival at quarantine of the British ship Cambria, the same reseei that put in nnd*r the protection of the Delaware Breakwater a few days since She brings one hundred and fifty passengers venty- eight deaths have ocnurred en board, and she has now onboard llfty-two sick with ship fever. Run ovkh ev an Omniri's.?Manuel Shapp, a lad, wue run over by an omnibus. No. iiso. Murpay's line, on Sunday. He had one of his legs broken, and was taken to the City Hospital for surgical treatment. Death op Thomas Moitais.?Thomas Morris, Esq., for many years United States Marshal ot this dlstrtec, and son of Ilobert Morris, of Philadelphia, died at his former residence in Sixteenth street, yesterday morning. Mr Morris bad reached a good old age, and was bigbly respected by bu fellow-atliiens Th? Pugilists ? It la reported among " the fancy" that Y ankee Sullivan sailed tor California on Saturday, in the ship Mary Ann Jones. The M. A. J oleared for Havana Thomas Hyer, the sucoessful competitor In the late pugilistic encounter at Pool's Island, has goae to Bai timers, to stand his trial for alleged aggressions committed against the laws of brsskieg the peace, and engaging in a personal coafi.ot within the boundaries of the State. Si'icint nv Hanging.?The Coroner held an laquost yesterday, at No 60 Chatham street, on tbe body of a Uern an by tbe name of Jaoob K-lraeo, egad il years, who nas found yesterday afternoon hanging by the m ck In the garret of tbe above named premises It a|>fpm mo ueceaseu lies ueen misting tlnct mil ay lut. nsd bis employer thought It was rether strange that be *11 absent, as be had left bis oep and seat behind him; on seareblug the house, the deo?ased was found In the garret, banging by the n*ek, with tee silk bandkerobiefe tied together. where he badertdently concealed himself on Kriday last, for the purpose of self-dettruotlon. V erdict, that the deoeaeed oamo to his death by suicide by banging. Police Intelligence. A Cvritui Arrrbt. ? Und.r this head, we notloed In Sunday's Herald, the arrest of a young girl named Mary Krancts. alleged to nave been bound out by the Aims House 10 a Mrs Bowman. keeper of a house of d srepute. Suoh we learn Is not the feet alchingh stated to be so on the police returns We are now credibly Informed that the girl was bound out by the Commissioners to a Mr I'ratt; and from Mr. Pratt's honse, a few weeks ago, she was taken away and oouveytd to the house of Mrs Bowiaaa, wbers, after a diligent search made by the Commissioners of the Alms House, she was found and removed to reepeoi able quarters. Jim IVthh Under Arrest.?The notorious Individual, oalied Jim Wabb, better known In Philadelphia tnaa In this city for ex'snsive operations in robbing express agents, executing forgeries coneoctlog bank robberies, &o , was arraated yesterday, bv offl cer Bowyer. and brought before the Cblef of Pslioe. This man, wa understand, has three indictments against him In this elty; and, we believe it is possible tbat be may be wanted at Washington respecting the loes of the government Jewels. Webb ie a man a lout forty or forty five years of age, considerably bald, light, fancy and grey heir pale face, nostrils somewhat extended randy whiskers under the cbla; on the left ehsek, near tfce nose, he bee a small wart or mols; ba Standi about b fast 0>f Inches, and rather slender make The prlioner was detained by the ohlef for the present. iff/ore Juetice Me (Jratk.?The prisoners brought in by tne policemen yesterday morning, wars of the email potato order, 'the lirst one called was Kilen Keany, who was rather good looking, only ornamented with a block aye and a small red spot on tbs tip of her ooie, evidently the reenlt of nobbing It too often over the rum bottle. Offloer Jenkins charged her with being drunk asd disorderly In K'm street. Oa her promise to mend ber ways and put more water Into bar it juor, un juauca (uonu dm do go. i do uuxi prisoner dm Sarah Walab, who at .od charged with tba una offence '1 be mtgU rata naked bar what aha did for a imng; when aba gave a ?rj axpreaaim amila. aald down her hi ad, and amid, la a very low voioa, I take in aawmg." " Yf?," raid the magietrate, " I anppoaa poo do; but it ton (Ira onroffloara any mora trouble to bring you In I rball lead yon to the penitentiary for alx; tan oan go tbla time." And off aha etarred without etna told twloa. A young man, with raddlah looting free and about tbo tame colored bair. waa ca>lrd up for Judgment. Ha gam bla name aa (Janrga Joboaon Pclicauan Howal. of tba 6th ward, *ntd ha foaad him. dnrlng tbo night preeloue, In Lluane airaet. running along aa If eonie ona waa running altar htm. aod whi.a endeavoring to gat away, ran againet a lamp poet and a cart wbaal, kaock<ng hunaalf down In tea gutter ? Tba officer picked him up, and found ha wai rathar rum eraay. Maoutkxtb- What do yon do far a living T Paiauaaa?I am a clerk in a atora down town bi?ni?TB*Ta- Wall. I auppoaa yon era; bat howlong do you repeat to remain In your iltaetioa If yon gat drnnk ami roll about the atraetr T No wooder yon aaw roma one run af'er you; It wa* old Klag Alcohol; and J on may rert aaaurad that ho will be tare to trip you up Tba hart thing yon ean do la to quit drinking, or you will eery roon beenna n mgnbond I will allow joutopo thin morning, bnt If you are eeer brought brfnia me again, I thall put on tba full extant of tba pubtrrm-tt. auger at /.at*. ?A young men by the name of Oaa W. Butler. e? aua twelve ?r fifteen month* ago. broke ten a trunk and etole a daguerreotype apparatus, valued at 19011 Setm after b? eeeaped iron tbo elty. and bar been abrant ererelaeo, ua t| the la*t few dev*, when be retm n.-d to tba oity, euppnelng the ceaa had fforgothotntK, cfflodr Com* n il ga. one of < or expert police eplad bun travalllag up Vanrk etreat when be at once put hli grappling* on him ain conveyed blm before Jnrtloa MtOralh, wbo locked him np for ttlai. TkMltkM an* ltwur Thutu -t??w ? ' ? "<" ??? pr* rant laat eweniag. on the oceaaiod prodno'.len ot tba Daw place,-Eagi* Eye," whloh >u m."*4' perfwotly ueeaaafnl Tba primal pal eharmatara la It mra, Olahontaa, or Lag la Eye, tba bara ?f tba plaaa play*! by J H. HaU| Stanlay, a ploaaar, by N B Clarkaj a half breed Indian, by Stowana; a half brae 1 ladUu g rl by Mlaa Wrnyn; a Yankaa. by Wineo*; a negro ay Jordan; and a eomlc part, tba faakwa'a wife by vlra Gilbert. Thia pt?ca bar b?*?o In preparation for a length of time, and we moat aay tbat th* atago no poluimenta reentry. fc? . rrflwot tba erreteat aradtt on tba uaiabllabmant; thay are all naw for tba crtatcr, and tba aoanrry la arranged In a moot b?a<ulfu' and pletureeque mannrr Tba prlmolati faa'ure* to tba drama, baaewar, are tba equestrian feata pariormed by Mr J H Halloa hi* eteed \rbaoea. a atrat ip'an did blaok bona, wbleb gaaa torou?h a numbar of fea't calculated to aatoilah e*ery bebuldar. W* had no Idea tbat Mr. Hall waa snob an excellent rqtira'riao at be baa prnwed hi tor elf to be; ha manager hi* atead with moat perfect ?a*e. altbangh there la neither aaddia nor bildla naad on him Of all the eqneatrtao drama* yac produced, we tbtuk this Is destined te take the lead. We would notice the per for meter* of some ot the other character* : Wiuans and Jordan, aa ths Y*?k-ean<J "nigger " were excellent,the flret one far more ao then we expected as hla etjle of votoa, we thought waa sestet ly fitted for aoch parta. but he proved to be a Brst rate Yankee notwithstanding. Mr?. Gilbert aa the temperance pledge keeper Mr* {t'slth was very comic; her draeaing of the part waa moat amu.iiuc w* need not ray that Mia* Wetnyea, Steven*, and Clarke. *11 played well; tbey alwaya do that. rhs piece *111 be repeated ihie eventb(, as will alao the other entertalnmenta or laat eveolrg. Broadway Thkatrc - Since the daya of Tyrone Tower, the board* of New York bar* net witneaaed any delineator of the oomio pecuViaritiea of the Irlak ohe raeter anperlor to Colllne, and very few at all equal to him. And aa to Iriah aong, we believe that nothing of the kind could be referred to in all our. thnatrioal experience equal to Colllna, In hla humeroua Irish aong* Last night thia talented gentleman commenced a fteah engagement at the Broadway, and appeared la hi* twe far'rite parta of Sir Patriot O' the " Irish Ambassador, and Teddy the Titer, In the piece of that name. KamlUar aa these two piece* ara, tbey assumed all the garb an J oharms of novelty laat night by the rare oomio bamor and genuine Irlak spirit of Mr.Colllns. The bouse was crowded and ev'deoced the highest satisfaction at the performance giving such a reception to this great Iriah favorite aa must have been highly gratifying to his feelings. Mr H Piaoide. anetaer great tar and powerful attraction, also llaverraok, lu the play of " Napoleon's Old Guard " To those who are fond of the lachrymose and the sentimental,rbis piece wee a rich treat, and aff>rd?d * striking and singular contrast to tba rollicking fun and hearty merriment of the great Iriah comedian. Pla oide is very great in thia part, and proves the rare vereal&Uty and contract of talent which he pce-ases. 'I be other performers were excellent in their parts, ' and desei ve erpi-olal notlue. which, that tbsy reoeive it of all things? that enemy of human beauty and en , joyment? Time Mr Collins' engagement aaanot fail to be highly productive to thie great and beautiful theatre. j National Tmratrb?We never laughed more hear- i tlly than we did last night at the new farce of "Your ( Life'a in Danger,'' whloh was played herelaat evening , with much sucoesa. The story ie, that John Stroug. (Booth.) nn English footman, who has strayed to Gar- J many,in search of a plaoe, is mistaken for a proscribed j Baron by some of the Baron's politieal friends; they | think Jehu Is the Baron in disguise, and every one ' poor Jobr comes in contact with, keeps en warning ' him that his '-life's in danger," until h- almost bslieves ' it. when the soldiers ooma to arrest him; luckily. how 1 ever, the true Baron gets out of the scrape he was in ' his friends find they have been mistaken, sad all being 1 explained* John In made happy by knowing bis Ufa Is net in danger any more B 10th was very laughable as 1 John, and Herbert and Dawes,as the pompous and eluding burgomasters, were rnuob applauded dlashsr 1 and Crasher " another most laughable farce, likewise I passed olf merrily, as did tbe remainder of the bill. j We regret to bear that Mr. Chaufrau Is quite lndiHp s 1 ed; ae soon as he recovers. " Moss in California" and ! 'Tom and Jemmy" will be played again We were j also sorry to bear that Mrs Isberwood was in disposed. Miss Gordon and Mrs Woodward p ayed her parts last ' night. Tht same bill will be repeated to night. j Boston's . Thcatiii ?The spirited and talented t manner Mr. Barton exhibits toward the publio In bis | never tiring genius, in oatering for the taste of his j1 numerous admirers, by tbe produotion of pieces whloh t never fall to delight the audlenoe, meets with the ap- c probation he so justly deserves, in filling his house with f the tlite of tbe city. La?t night the perf >rmanne com- j mmced with tbe ever plessiog drama called " D imbsy t and Bon." This pleoe has always been a grast favo- . lite, and after a lapse of tome few weeks It really ? almost becomes a new pleoe; the reason possibly for , this is in consequenee of tbe excellent style in wblob ? it is put upon tbe stage; we mueh doubt if any one oau a persons'e the character of Cap'ain Cuttle like Mr Burton; he is tbe old sailor to perfeetlon; and Toon, g by Mr. Itsymend has no equal In tbat particular char- ( acter; Major Joe Bagxtook. by Mr. Brougham, together r wlib bis Jack Buasby, Is most excellent; Mrs Brougham as Susan Nipper, Mrs Vernon at Mrs Sk~wten. sod. 0 in fact, all tbe performers eonneoted In this beautiful piece, a e very good; take It altogether, we know of no other piece where the oast is so perfect; they alt appear * o have a part adapted exclusively for their particular 1 talent. 1 he piece went off with nobouoded applause, to a crowded bouse, and well it may, for It Is one of * sterling merit. Tbe entertainment oouoluded with * the farce ol i be ' Nervous Vlan and tbe Man of Nerve " 1 ana a very laugoaoie piece it Is, and la the hands of 1 Mr. Burton and Brougham, it sustained Its full char act?r. The same pleoes are to be played to-ntgbt, ? therefore we may expect to see another very orowdod hoope. V Bboadwat Cincus.?This Is one of the best places of ? amusement in this city, to while away an hour or two ( The pertormrnoes of Mr Sand* and his children are in themselves snfiioient to attract crowded houses ore- ? ry eight The extraordinary feats of the fairy steed t Cinderella. and the flgbtiug ponies,are also features of ^ a very amusing obaract?r. In short, between posturtug slack rope evolution*, tuinhilng a-Hs of horseman- t ship Ste an ereoiDg oan be passed at this amphithea- , tie with mnoh enjoyment. ^ Sioeoa Baium ?This distinguished artist, at ths re- c quest of several fumili* s who were de'igbted at the per- t toixranre of Feltoien David's grand musical oomposl tlon, will glvs his second conc-rt at the rabnrnaoie, i to-morrow evening. Mis* Julia Northall whose sweet b tones have roof en been beard by ourolttxnns withdsllght and admiration, will sing the part wtiioh. at the b iternt ooncert, had been sustained by Signor \rnoldi. e I bis Is evldrntly au attraotive feature, as Miss North all Is justly a general favorite, and will likely drew 1 many to bear ber plaintive, melodtuue warbling* W* p are also informed that the reolted pvrt will he deliver- ( ed in the English instead of the French language. B%- 1 tilt deserves well, end we therefore hone his festival v will be folly attended. Gssisd Conuebt.?We learn, with pleasure, tbitS'gnor Marini, Signers Steffaogni, and Signer Polooial, ill give one or two oobotrU, wheu they arrive In this cltj, irrvloue to their departure for London. This, Indeed, will be a rich murical treat. Christy's Mibstnels.?The "Voyage Musical#," pro- > bably a? amoeing and well played a burlesque aa has ever been prodocei. still oonttnuea to height the crowds that nightly resort to Meebaolos' Htll to hear the far-tamed < hrtety's band. Though this burlesque is of I*t?li entertainment enough, and m >re then enough, for tba money, the Christy'# hare brno means cuitauod their programmes of any of th-ir other bright spots, on the contrary, they are always add>ng new beaut<es to their already long list or oaot'al songs. They will glee a first rate oonoert this evening New Oslbahs Sebknadkss. One would think from the energetic manner In whloh the " man with the wblie hat on" gets burled In it nightly by his autajonlst in the Italian Soena. as played by these fa u ius Uiln'trele. that it wno'U take him a week to get eat of It egain, but it Is far from that, as ersry evening they are punotoaily on hand to meet their frl-sds who rrowd to hear them, aod every evening tneir singing, bnrlesqnes mnsleal panorama, anu all the features of tbeir ooncerts are given with ln?r>*srd f-rvor,li we any so term It. They are well worth bearing. Chis(> Museum.?The wonders and onriositlss o China, as well as the every dey habits of this remarks ble people, are fully illustrated In this splendid ooliee tlon, which hss been visited by * mauy of our oitlsens with such sattstsction Suoh a ecliaotion has never before been got together, and it forms a museum wrll worth the attention of every intelligent mind. M. Aukieis, the great magtolau ef the dry. ie pna* r.l>ng the good felka of ibis otty most amusingly by his 0 very remarkable feats of legsrdemaln. The etberlai v run melon of tbe young lady if certainly one of tbd fl most extraordinary teats ever b'hrld. and f? cannot m imagine bow it can bo managed by vf Adrian. l'bet _ It la te I e done, however. alt ean satl-ft them-elves of, by a vieltto bis perlormance this evening. when tha }, great magician will do thia as wall aa many other of hla , tart tncka. j' Hiimitn Bi:i*rvoi.cieT Sociktt ?Th? oonnert an- n nouacea to hae* taken place this evening, for tha ha- <1 tffit Of this society ha* bran unavoidably postponed fr to I'ueeday evening next, in con rqttrooa cf tha India- V p? alitor of one ot the a'tlsts as alao to giv?tlinnte a< omplete tbe arrangements. so as to maka It ona of tha H greatest concerts ever given in this city. i; Mrs. McLean Is playing at Petersburg, Va. tl Mr Murdoch su taken end lenly ill, in tha first aat {" of tbe p'ay at Walnut street, an Krtday nlgbt, .' and sui obliged to leave the Stage p (lourt uf (lymand Terminer* *' Before Justice k.tfw?ru?. Ad-iinen Hmtleid and Dodge. ? Msscm 17.?Vr? signed.?William Pierce a i ?d a'teut I? or 2b years of sge. Indioted tor tha inur t?r of Lsuls Muttsh sn Itallsn b >y,lo tbe msB'b of L)aea'ob-r Ua*., H by sttiklrg blm on the naail with a billet ot wood. Tha prs' a-r p eaded not gul.ty Hlstlsl was pat off till c, Apr I nest, c( Manhtvi Weed, Indleted for the mnrdar of bis wife, by adminlstarlac pol-on to bar, was next arraigned, and pleaded not gaily, His trial >< fixed for Tuesday, the 2bh last Tbe i.'onrt then adjourned H Ju ige Komnnds than took np tbe epaolal oslendar and bis honor was occupied In bearing motion* tbo ti remainder of tbe day o ? .. n fiaprstns tonrbw1|itrUI Trraii s Much 11 ? .'inn .'/..guwa flsivrll ? K4wnr4 H. s< Afsrweff ? Uteres of Olvoice granted Cwiirt Calendar? for Tula Oajr Cia? tit (yotiev 4 10, 11 #1. 8b 7*7.6.1 6?, 61.1,97, p 7*.ei,8il 8.1 iiH it H) P7. to ln4 looinalve d Cnereio* Pi nts i-'lrst part? 77. el, 17,10 91. 03 96 97, P? 1(1 IBB H6 l(-7. 100 111 Seoond part-48, lotl, 108. 110, 117, 114, 118, 120, l'it, 174. tl gUl-W WMMMWWW? ('umrnv* Cifitatdl, fioAko or AlokuMkn Viytlh I i. -''lk? Bi>4*d M?t at I o cltx k. Tb? l'r?/>tdrnt, ,\?<?-ruian Kuoklla, la Um ehair, ?kd quorum of pn^al TMn utti of the preoeding ? ? n*4 ?< l)N?N4 Pritiimn$ ? Quit* a lioWl of petHidne pm* relenred to committees, to bo reporfwd on Too Ved'cal Boafd Of Be'ievua sent la a ommuoU setiooaekli-g forth# ippniitatgt of Or Oacgbatf m MlitaK physician at thi> pauper aur# rise on Randall's l? aa?. 1 k? appointment ??? made. I ho Boatd received an aad aoeept-d invitation to at* tand ao entertainment to bo <iv*a on tb* 'JVttj t notaot bp tha lath H>i<aiil N. V Stata Militia at the Aetor Piece Opera Hour#, for tha benefit of tha food to bo applied to iba araetloa of a mouumaot to tha manor/ i?l <-ol B ax tar and other heroee from thia part of tna State, who were killed during tha war with Maxlio ? Al-o. lDTltatioa to visit tha Homo for the Frieodl'M ) Wednesday next A aomnoainatioa wa? raoeieed iron the Ma/or in relation to tha petition etgoed by 16 COO persona, a?klna for tha supp'eseton of tna Sunday liquor trafflo Tha Mayor naicati tha ra?1don of the proeant ordinance, and tha eutoro-mmt by :ha fflo ra of tUa olty government of auoo judioiou* awe aa nay ba enacted The law. tha Mayor *UKKn*ta, night ba framed ao aa to bring part of tea lio rose bolder* under tha same restriction* ea are laid dowa m the 8 ata law. lor tha rvgnlMtioa of inna or taveraa, altbfpaolal regula'looef r the krapara of porter houaaa, (roorrles, ho ; th?- llnsnse* ol tha lat er elaaa to oou:aiu a clause especially providing tiat they aha l not mil liquor on Sunday, rbi# o'.a*-Ideation, tha Mayor '.hixks, will affeot the datirtd reformation. Tha d >nuu?n> waalald on tha table, ordered to be printed and rehrted to the committee on laws aad applications to the Legislator*. Hrjiorit e/ Commit Cert - Tha Joint Committee on tha Fire u.p;rtu>ei,t reported ou the subject referred to bam, arking for a n? * 11 e Llarm bell in tba K**ex Market tower. Tba committee proponed a resolution providing for n new bell b-lug plated In aald tower; aaigbt ot ball to be P,HjO. Tba report wee accepted tna resolution adopted. Seme committee reperted in favor of ordering n new Wlinb fna UrvAb aawt#4 I a<4<lww I'aws-uww M# * Th* Committee on Arts Sole none. tin . reported in 'avor of pre eating a stand of oolore to tb*31 regiment, Id Brigade ?r New York).State Militia, ana that $200 be ipprepilated for tt.e tame Bauie committee reported la favor of pa) lag to T Mateson $60, paid toy him for frame to Mayor Haremeyer'a portrait Resolution la favor of paying the amount idoptcd From Committee on Roada and Caaala, with rssolulion and ordinanee to build a sewer in 20,h street, Mttween 1st and 2J avenues, Question oa oouourreuee This Braid oooo'ir. Same eommlttee. in favor of building sewer in Pearl itreet, from Beekman to Kaltoo street Concurred in. Seme oommluee, witb|res?la>ioK in favor of oonourting with Board of Assistants, in resolution and ordinance providing f.>r building sewer in '27th street between 2d and 3 J avenues. Referred baok to same oomBlttee. Committee on Wharves, Piers and Slips, oa oononrrenoe to extend piera on the east and west sides of Walnut street slip Concurred in Same committee. in favor or exMndlng pier at foot >f Fulton street, 160 feet, aad widening present pier to Ifty leet, at en expense cot te exoeed $0,000. Report accepted, end resolution adopted Pujitri f iom Hoard of .fwaiunfr ? A nnmbxr of papers were reoeived from the Hoard of Assistants, and sera referred to committee* of this Board 'l bs Board took e reoess for one hour, in order to get :beir tee The Board, having disposed of their evening meal, returned to business. AUi.Uk Khh?t seated to the Board.that having been n Albany on a late occasion, he discovered in* et veral jil ? Led hern presented fur action by tbe State L~gfSaturo. which were ohji c.tiunaldii He read a bill which irovided tor the appointment of lea governors of tbe Munhoues Depsnmsut. who w?re to hold thair offices ndepeiidnnt of the Common Council, and who are >nly to be impeached by that body, aud presented to ;he Supreme Court, and only subject te removal by :btii Court; the Sheriff of the couoty to have no control over the prisons of tbe oily, Sto. fco Another bill, sh oh would probably be passed, unless remonstrated igalnst. give* the Williamsburg Kerry Comoany toe widest license in respect torutininr butt*? la fact, ;iertoi?tlng t h-m to run just where thsy please, and granting them a lioense for twenty live year*. Anither act still provides tbat tbs ourporatlou of Williamsbutgh or Brooklyn |one or both, wo do not know blob] may eu or npou trny lands wttbln tbs State of Sow i ork. for the purpose of procuring pura water ( his ao' way materially tsenoh upon tba rights of our >ity, and tbu Croten water works. Aid DeF. stated ;bs< bo bad mat with tbosa bills while be was oasuslly neklng over the papers at tbaoapitol. He bad no doubt bsre ware twenty wore <f the same sort, before the Legislature In view of tbosa fasts, tbIs Board appointed i select committee ol tbroe, toaotiuconvert with aaiml ar committee appointed by the Board of isslstants, to epsir immediately to Albany, and look to tba in'eresta >f tbe city, and to use their intluenoe to prevent the issssg* of ctyentlooabl* bills The ('resident named tldormoD May nam Hatfle d. and De Forest Aid daynsird asked te be excused, and tbe President, berefor*. appointed Aid Smith to serve in his plaoe, e obairman of said committee. Tbe President of tbe luard was added to tbe oowmittea. The counsel of be Corporation wan. bv resolution Instructed to draw ip a remonstrance against tbe passage of tbe above, .nd all other like objectionable acts Aid. Mavsisd moved to take np report of tbe Ipeoisl Committee adverse tn| letting the Tank s ip and it and street Ferries to Messrs Charlock A Co. Tbe eport was acoepted and resolution adopted Board adjourned till next Monday evening, at five ''cUok. Boasd or Assistants.? A resolution appointing t'ichda* B Laban <om-ml?slouer of uooks la the os-ni of rhinea* L Winner Adopted Petition- Of Margaret Lyler. fir compensation on conunt of the death of ber bu?baud who was killed on be 2d ot Do, ember laet, by the breaking and fall!eg ipon blm if an iron awniog poet, erected at the cor. tor of Chambers street aad Broadway; that said awning iost was ereuted in pursuanee of the ordinances of the imputation, and that the ocoopaors of the building, nowtng the insulUoieiicy of ruoh awning poets, apilied to the proper authorities for leave to ereot braces ortreng'ben the same, which was refused an contrary o the laws and ordinances of the city Ueferrcd to the lommittee on Finance. Petition?Of Mos i S. and Alfred B Beaoh, fur parti shiod to eiaot posts for telegraph lines through ceraln itreet*. said telegrsph to extend ?o Boston and rVasbingtr n. Referred to the Street Committee Petition- Otdamee Harrison and others, praying that be ordinance In relation to the bulk head between ourtland and Liberty streets, for tbe tn sing and reiaviDg if West street, whiob bad recently passed, tight be rescinded. Referred to the Street Comint'ee. Petition?From several citizens of the 5th ward, prayng for a Cee hydrant in North Vloore street, between ludsou and Greenwiob streets. Referred. Petition- Of John Stewart, Jr.. to have returned to Jm a portion of tbe assessment paid on lot 15 Stats treet, fcr the sewer therein Relerred. Kepotts?Ot Hinsnce Committee, on petitions of the rmrtcee for *he Corporatism of tbe Methudlst Kpliooai Chnrob. for relief from taxation ?Concurred In )f tbe Finance Committee, on the m-aimrtak of tbe lelaware and Hudson Canal Company, for the use of rbsrfnnd pier in front of their depot at Oouewrneur treet?Adopted Ot tbe Committee on Persies, in avor of leasing tbe outer end of tbe north side of tha ewer pier at the toot of Canal street, to John Cocks nd Thomas E. Hulse, for tho purpose of running a env from thence to Greenwood Cumeler* dock, for .ICO ? Lout Ot Committee on S'.reers with re-million* ?t d oroicanoe to flag the southerly aide of I'wtnty.third street, between Second and Third .venues - Adopted. Of the same conimlt'ee. to pave fwenty ninth street, between Fourth aad Ytadi*r>a venues?Adopted Of same c-mmtltee to t'enos vaoant et* south *ide of Twenty eeven'h street, b-tween leeona end Third ireiun; also, the lets en Sscoad .venue, between Tweoty-slxtb and Twenty seventh treete.- Adopted Of Have oomutttee, to flag the ouiherly ndewalk of Tweut)-fourth street, b-tcween 'irat and Seoond evenuea? Adopted. Of the sane ooroiilttee recommending a onoourrenc* w>tb tbe Bosrd if Atdvrmen in the resolution aad ordinance to fence aoant lota on the northerly si le of K-tenth street tear .Slx'h avruue - Cooourrsd in. 01 the Commislonsrs on Koeds and Canals, recommending a oonurrstice with the II- ard of Aldermen In their re-elulon and ordinance for a s? wsr in White street, from lharch Lb Broadway ? Concurred In. KsaerotloDs, That the eouussl of the Corporation e, and u hereby dusoted ro prepare a remnn-tranoa (tint tb? passage of an aot now before tbe House of issembiy of the State. In relation to tbe Alms llouee, ppointfos two governor-to rake obarteof the same, nd to cause the said remonstraoce to be sent, after ue authrntlcailon to the Lvalslature, In tbe Lame, nd In bebnif of this Corpora'ion -Cononrrsd In. 'hat thai part of WIHsm street reoently opened, and ( ending frem Frankfort street to Chatham, he, aad Its same i? hereby, designated as North Wtlllam street, nd ihat tbe Stier.-t Comaii*?ioners eanse the requl-lte ireet signs to be imnitdiataiy put np on tbe corners f that portion of said strest - Concurred in. That ourth stwft, between La'atftte place and the Bowry be lig* ted with gas, and the Superintendent be, I nd is herthr. lu-trn ted in earr* the ?ame 4nr.n afT^ef. Coneomitla. 1 bat the digging In tbe mreral atbwaje In tlte r?M of the City Mall, out of repair, be llaid under the direction of tba Street Commlealoaer, ohourrrd In. I'bar Grand atreet be renumbered unit tbo direction of the Street Coamlaeionere?Cenurr-d in That a committee of three proceed ImoMletilw to Albany to take ehatg* of auch btlla now bene the Legle ature, aa relate to the elty of New orb. the I'reeldent of the Board of Aldermen waa ided lo the number Tbe w her three are Alderuaen It-bard, Herring and Krankltn?Adopted. I'bat the omptri ller be dlren'ed to putebaaa a lot of grnnod In ,e Kourteentb ward, aultable f<-r the rile ol' a elation irer for the feur'eenth patrol dlatrlet. the preeeat nuee being nnOt f r tbe purpoae for wblnh It was In* tflrd H*ferred That a oroee w?<k h* latj aor <*a ey etieet at Broadway; alao a eroea wtlk be laid von Fulton arreet, on the wear, aide of Broadway, r-der tbe direction of the 8treet Cominiaalonera? dopted. A me.'ion that the matter relatlre to Mr. Aekar ba Id on the table, hawing beao carried Aaaietent Aid ibbatd mowed that rk# wot* be publiabed In tha newtipe>e, Tbe dlrcueetwn upon tb.ta motion wa? pro. edlug, whan nn edjeararaeut waa mowed and arriad. Supreme Unurt-General Term Mabch 12 ? Preaent, Juatioea Jonea, Kduionda and urlbwt. In iht Ualltr of Opening El-truth ttrrrt ?The moon in ih<a matter weareauiued thla at rni:ig, and eonluded etM-nt 10 n olo k. when eauae No 1 on tde ge eial - elendnr. whieh w?auonateooadnn Tnraday l*et. ae taten up, end waa not concluded when tltu Court djiurued. ? it in o i, pira?. BeXire .1 .dge tlm\J Mrni'li 12?Vu/iele* K'ttrllvr Juhit Ptnnilf. ? Ao* ire for money had aud ree?i*?d. Verdict for defenent. Before indue llleho* iT?r. IVulte* II h'ttOon-t re, M'r?, Hcuilp iin4 nt hrri\oi<-n tii drr ll'ii l.rn law. Vcraiut lor piain'.iff, $74. : TKLI GRAPHIC INTELLI6 Imanii *1 James E. P^k-Bli Rserf tlou at ?|WMh?a j4LT| ' oss, Varoh It, 184#. The Southern mall baa ai-rioed. sod frlenda bsd intni at Charleston, fM rectired by tbs authorities sad entertained at . ***4 dinner. Ex Secrets j Walkar was present. A gtedf dm; toasts won glean, and peeohei mads, by ssrsra Clt>Z> O- ai'O luV llf II ko - 8. I ll. -'J -IK ullK grand affair. Mr Polk made a rpseob, In wVeh bo complimented the citizen* of Charleston for tholr lltsratnra. enterprise. Intelligence and patriotism and i reevlrsd maob applause Ha la to pr*oeed to Saraisnab. where extensive preparations wste making to raoeivo him , Political MoTimvnti, dM. Phicacblphia, March 13 IMS. Samnsl D fPBtterson. Navy Agtot, whose eoa?lil?t ' cxplrea oa the I6tb lust., reoei ved dhIm tbta as oral of j tbat a successor would be appointed. Widiaa A. SlotDilii", puMishi-r of Sarlatn't Magazine, lb original i Taylor man, is raid to be appointed. The mall south of Baltimore has failed. Called hcaalon of the Senate* WtiHi.iaTos, March 13 1849. Mr. Wibitu iatrodoc d a resolution ea'lia? upea 11 tba President to communicate Mr. Banoroft's lostrastione relative to alterations in the navigation laws, whioh was adopted. i COMMUNICATIONS FROM THI PB BAIDBRT. Saveral Executive oommaainations were here reoelved from the President, by tbe bands of his private reoretary, Colenal Bliss. Tbey were supoosed to refer to various nominations; among others, it was said that Mr Pendleton, of Virginia, was nominated as Minister to Chill, and Mr. Brady at second Auditor of tbe Treasury Department. RXP.CUTITIE SBISIOe. On motion, the Senate bald a short Executive session. CASS OP ORRBSAL. CHIKLDI. Ths select committee of five, appointed toinvesti- I I gate tbe eligibility of General Shields to a seat in tba ' U. 8. Senate have not reported, but were prepared, it was said, to rsport unanimously against it. NEW YORK L.KGISL.ATURK. oAriA i n. AlbikTi March IS, 1841. REDUCTION OF D0CB4OR AT ALBAXT. A petition wm prtwoUd from tbe alt seas of Ifew York in created in tbe of tho Hudson Mirer, for tbo rsduotion of tbe rate*of doekag* a Albany. the court or affeais. A petition was preBonted from member* of the bar i attending tbe Court of Appeal* now held at 3ob*n*otedy,inetatl future termeehell be held at tbe capital of tbe State. Such a course would euabl* oause* to be brard wttb greater despatch, and better mean* would be prorlded for investigating the law. It 1* atgntd by Joshua A. Spencer, Samuel Beardaley, Murray Hoffman, Samuel Stevens, and others. THK ArrOIXTMKMT Of RKFKREKS. The bill to appoint referees in New York was referred to tbe Committee of the Whole again, Mr Fine contending that it wa* teo important a bill to be passed without debate. SAFETY FUND BANKS. The subject of refanding t? certain safety fund bank* orsr payment* made by them to that fund, was bronpbt up and referred to tbe appropriate oommiteee in Senate. FLANK ROADS. Mr Geodes, chairman of the Committee on Road* and Bridge*, made a unanimous report in faror of th* bill laying n tax on,the town of Canton to build a plank road. Tbo report says the oommlttoo hare examined oarofullr tbe rariou* remonstrances signed by many of th* most raapeetabie oitisens ot the Stat*, a irreat proportion of whom are not land owners In that town. It rsriews tbe history of th* purchase of lands there.? lands 01 Iginally being Maonmb's purchase, and bought j at one shilling per sore. They escaped taxation for ma*y years. Tbe settlers upon them made made built school houses, and fertilized and oivllized the land* In consequenou of all these improvement*. they roce to six and seven dollars par mora. A p'aok road ia to ba placed on the same footing as other roads, fo* whioh lands ara allowed to ba taxed, in aaoordsnoo wiih countless precedents. The committee aea no reason in making them an exception. They belisv* that non-resident land-owners will be benefitted by them. They report therefore in faror of the bill. The bill was ordered te a third reading This ia the bill tbat was remonstrated against by a large number of New Ycrkera. Til K COOK or FRACTIOB. An Important report was made from the Judiciary Committee, on the Code of Practice, by Mr. Fnati. It says that the oode must remain the basis of all oiril proceeding* under the constitution of tho State They t either desire nor expect to alter this. The report re. views st length tbe situation of the revisers of tho code, stating tbat great and sweepiog changes were expected by tbe people, but it had been fonnd very difficult to oarry through the neoessary reform with simplicity. Consequently, In respect to tbe oode. there bad been too great a diversity af sentiments cherished In tbe community. Opposition to it had sprung from the belief that perfection was attainable. Th. ?nn,mlll.. ?I..J .V . ?" - - u -uv >mun?l lUi> ooas though tbey, at the same tine, recommended uiij luesdments. The present mode of arranging terse it de?med pe culiarly ohjeotlonab)*. Recently, the Cenrt of Appeals bad adjourned because the profession tree ovtrbartbeced with engagements on slmultaneoua oircnits. Tbey recommend that it be left to the discretion of the judge* to exchange with other judges, so as to fix on the judge* of each circuit the responsibility of doing tba work, each in hi* own otrcult. The committee think that the present provisions in relation to remedies at law and equity, may be materially amended They recommend that tba plaiallfT be compelled to state the remedy be seeks at law or equity and that his osute shall not bs prejudiced by a mistake, bat that he hare liberty to amend. They recommend a change In the provision, that t. stlmony, where tlie witness re. sides more than a hundred miles from tht place where the court Is held, may be taken by commission, so as to favor oral testimony, wblcli bee long been proved ts betbe beat manner to further the ends nfjustioe. The committee Introduce a bill ooverlng all their ohangsHla code. Tbey decline acting on the report of the revisers relative to the praotloe of orlmlnal jurisprudence which is put over till next session. NEW TORE CITV CH&ETKI, A bill to emend the charter of the eity of New Tort, was reported by the seleot committee. It embraces many amendments?among whloh is ons striking out the provisions for submitting the oharter to tho people of Now York at a apodal oloction oa tho soeond Tneeday of April. Tho report waa laid on the tablo. witices or thr iupbkmc uovkt. Tho bill laoreestng tbo number of Justices of tho Supreme Court of New York, wai made thaapeoial order for Wednesday noon. suspension oaiooa orna niaoaea palls. Tho bill anthortalDg a now suspension bridge over he Niagara at Lewlaton, waa reported aa ready for a bird reading. DEATH or SKNATOS WILLIAM!. Senator Hall announced the death of Senator Wtlilsme A oomtelttee waa appointed to prepare sult ble resolution!, end a recess wis taken to 4 P. M. [Senator Williami died at Ithaca at 5 A. M. oa Tuesday. He left here in good health a week since* He was a merchant in abluent elrouinetancea. He waa a decdtdly religious nan. and of energetlo baslneie I WakUa fan lata t?- ah. a - . ? ma iwa iue IOWO or UD03* lOM* OU Of her moot valuable ltd ur-ful elmane. For mts; )>irabibwbMi connected with the tranaporta'.loa bUtlBCII.] A98BMBI.Y. Al?4?Y, Mnrch 12, 1940. A large number of petition! were presented, orjlng ibe Lfftif lotore to adopt the plant far the eap.irrHon if the Alma H???? aepartm nt In Now Yor* e 1y, jropoaad by the bill pa??ed In the Senate, the dtUl'a of wb cb were ecmmuntoa'ed on Saturday Then, petition* ate Hlgned by many ofthn mitt eatlrent ciiiatn* i f New York. 1M> rueiM or union coi.l.inn. A retolntlon fit adapted oa.lii.g ..n U nlaa College to renoer e tnll neemiat of all it 1 fun1?, Itt Sta'e ati ck. how lopp bold, to ahat pwrpoMM appr ipria'ed, nd a pa tie. el ereount of it* fioauo'.al niro'i.n .tancebt a BHiM.K *r BOUaa't null, 1.4 k k o h a n. The b II allowing a bridae over l.ake Lham plain, at houee'a Point, wet brought up egela. V.r KneiiuuH pr.pobvd to amend It ee to at the biiigv fL.iuia tot b" u.ed, even after it li built, until

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