Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 15, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 15, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 5396. The New Cabinet and the Protective Pulley. iKruiii lb* B-uioe AUM, Vitrei 18 J The 8|i?-ci)Uiroii8 upr.u the course*, which will bs tfufrtt o by G# n-ral Taylor and hia cabinet, arc aa many > nd almost an varied a-i the number and the opit tone of nil 'he patties in the Union, great and mm all. The free trade paity?cum>>oeed ot the foreign itniMirting merchants ol New York, and a ftuiteu of the Southern cotton growers?atf-ct to ?ee, in 'he selection ot Mr Meredith a9 Secretary ot the Tieaeury, a strong lenong to their favorite theory; and iheir oi|>an, the Jmrnul of Cnmmrr e, is chuckling over what it d rim the disappointed expectations ot thoae who think that the country tit laige has some interest in other things than cheap calico and dear cotton. We ha'e not the least desire to disturb their complacency on the occasion, hut we apprehend that they will be sadly disappoint'd if they expect, as they evidently do, to sec ihe new Secr<:t.:ry lol owing in the footsteps of his''illustrious predecessor." A writer m the J.ur*<W draws comfort fiom the fast that General Te) lor gives the precedence 10 agriculture, when he speaks ol protection to all the great interests of the country; but doeB he suppose, or do hts party auppoae, that when we talk of protection as a whig prtuciple, we mean protection to oue interest to the injury of another 1 It may be a question whether any amount ot protection afforded to one branch ot industry is not, in (act, protection to the whole; but that is a point which we do not p opose to discuss at present. The protectiou that we contend for?that the whig party contend for, ua<, demand at the hands of government, as a right? is, protection lo our own labor, not as employ# d in agriculture alone, or commerce atone, or inainilacturrs alone, but ia all combined. Tae man ol money, the capitalist, can take care ot klinai.ll I'nr him uio nuiilms uaulr nor nob u n n other lav or th?n he cau derive from th? general pros partly ol the whole jieople; but we do seek and ask from the government such measures as will pionuce that general prosperity. And we aay tltal that ih a |ioor policy which drives all classes of jnt-o into one occupation. Agriculture is the great interest of the couu'ry, the base upon which all the others rret; and our idea of the true method to protect that niterest is, so to raise up other iut>*rexis that it shall find a better market for its raw productions, and shall not be overdone by producers. II foreign tonnage is to carry our produce foreign manufacturers are to supply us with all we consume otmuiuiuctured fabrics, then it is clear that we shall be reduced to two classes?one great class employed in cultivating the soil, and one very small classernoloyed in importing and vending foreign tabacs As we are situated relative to other nations, this is tree trade cairied to its ultimate result; and, we ask, is this protection to any bodv except the very small class employed in importing foreign rti-rchaudize 1 Hi derthis scheme, will not the products of agriculture b'come so abundant, and the prices so cheap, that the whole labor ot the country will be depressed to the lowest possible point at which men Can live 1 We advocate then the protection ot commerce, our fisheries and manufactures, not on the g-ound ol protrcingany one ol these interests tor itself, but because sucn protection en ires to the bent fit of the whole labor of the country, however it may be employed. And, therefore, we would shut out foreign tonnage from our great coasting trade: because, by so doing, we lurnith an immense amount of employ tor a great number ot hands wno ate thereoy turned into consumers, instead ?-,< producers, of all that our soil can yield. This putting out is protection to commerce; without it foreign competition in the shape oi cheap foreign labor, both in building and railing ehipv, would render our coasting navigation worthless in five years, and insi?ad ot being onr own carriers, and keeping the money paid lor carrt nig among ourselves, we should become dependent on loreiuaers lor this labor, and pay away millions unuualiy which woula go to enrich others, while it would make us poor mdtfd. On the same principle, and (or the same reasons, we would shut out foreign tiah from our markets. No man in this country works s<> hard, endures so much, encounters ro many perils, as the hardy anti adv< mutous fisherman; no man, in the best state ol the tithing business, gets lees pav for his labor; arid yet tor two years past that labor has been Mill fuither depressed by the almost free ad* mission oi loreigu fish, caught on the mores of the Br tibh ptovinccs, at an expense ot outfit, so small in comparison with ours, that it the same system is pursued, we muBt ultimately abandon the business, and turn our "nursery for seamen" .into a nur-ery tor tarmers. The same reasoning applies to manufactures. Politicians may split hairs about high tan lis, aud low iMiifl*, but we care not whether a tariff is called high or low, it it protec Ameiican labor. Whatever is sufficient fjpr that purpose gives all we a sit, far it produces that salutary divisiou of labor winch prevents one branch ol industry trom being crow ded to excess, while others are abandoned. It enables us to use our own raw productlouK, with a saving ot all the labor which ta requisite not only to produce them trom the earth, hut also to coiiveit them into the various torma which are necessary to prepare them for consumption and use It protects ihe rnasa ot the people? stumps a value upon their daily toil, which euables them to live us Ireeinen ought to live?prevents the unw hobs*me aggregation ot wealth in the hands ot the few, and the approach ot poverty to the homes ot the many; and finuilv, it makes us, as a nation, too# pendent ta lact as well as in name. With such a system ot p otrction as we have thus hastily and crudely lined out, every interest in the country will flourish, and none mote than that threaten of all our interests? egiicultuie. With such a system well established, the balance of trade would no longer run Bgstnet us, and we should cease to look lor the arrival of each steam packet with feverish anxi?ty tor the e fleet her tidings may have upon our business affairs and our money market. We could stand alone and walk alone. It would be a matter ffilir?lv MHPiinHHrv in nttr Pfinai^rtarinn u/hpfhor England would or would not buy our bread, or lake our Slocks mi pay onnt lor calico. Wedioild have a great .secure, growing home market lor all the productions ot our labor. t-uch ih our ideas ot projection, and we are well eiiislitd ii>Ht tren Taj lor and the ab:e mrii whom he has called to his council, will exert their iull i?nee le give lite and v t^iiy to this idea. We have no Par that ihry will udopt or recommend any plan which will close our workbhope,*<ii mutactore e, and mini e, loin our commerce and destroy rur fi heriee, and drive oiii" WnoS population tuto the two classes we h-ive before named. T/"' "vst? m ? e advocate can never roit the few but Vfty rlsm? n us inriporlers ot foreign merchandise, who make thrmselves heard through the Jnimal of i iifutnrtte; toriheir patriotism is confined to their ? wn p< ck els, and they want n > protection to any inteirst bur their own, which, unfortunately, conflicts with the interests of the multitude. ArrturT at Murmir --Jesae D Qnnntnll, just sci vrd cut a long term in the Pennsylvania penitm'i'.ry, for forgery, made an attempt,?n Tuesday ew r. ng hu-t. to ion drrthew fe of ArthurCowton, f;,() , prt p irtoi of th-* United States Hotel, of this place QiiHiitiill was at one time the husbaud of Mrs Cowton. hut, durteg his imprisonment, she (tinnn <da civoree, hhu married the gentleman who is at ,4> sent her husband. On his arrival in the cars on Tuesday last, he made his way to the U S. Hotel, snd inquired of a female servant in aiter.dHtice. for the room of Mrs Oowton. The seivast, not knowing who he was, led him direct to h' r Hiwittment. He enteied the room quickly, and locked the door after him, and began the assault upon her. The bar-keeiier, hearing that he wss in the house, immediately went to the room of M rs Cow Ion, hut finding it b eked, and hearing aii i nusunl noise, broke open the door, and caught him in the act ol (hiking her to death, after having fmli d in his attempt with knife and pistol.? The ( toy waa immediately rescued, without any serious injury, and Quantrill was commuted to ail ? Vumbntii*fi ( W</ ) hf-mmtatnetr, March 10. J ? An Infernal Ori-haue; of the most brutal cui.nge* wan p?rpr tinted io ihe town of Brutue, on Saturday Uet, that ever di-grnced thin county. It See iii? Itiat a respectable young lady tif Weedaport ?tart'd 011 foot for Jericho, about two milcndiatant. She war perceived and followed by two ruffiaau from Wecdvptt't- When ehe had entered a umrr between the two place*, she wan aelz?d by them lid boine into the woods. Her cnee of "murder," however, were fortunately overheard by two gentleman who hanpeneri to he p<nsing at the time, and who eanie to her aid, but not until the iafiimotin wretches had accomplinhed their hellish ptnpoeee upon her per eon She returned to Weeda)ori, hi d, while making a complaint, she reco*allied the inffiai a paaeintt the office. They were ni once a treated, and, after undergoing an examination, w?re committed for trial. WetriMtihey may atone lor their horr h'e crime by a ten years service la the State Prison.?Autmr* (AT. Y.) "jlverttur, March 10. Th- yenerat approprUtt?a Mil lanrvaaaa tha ealary of eaaln' cf ill nee and medinlBttn imported at tlila afv. own aeo to *2 000 j*r annum, and allows him a ?i?ar. E NE MOl Cant'ilan Affklri. fFrom the Montreal Herald. vtaroh 8 ] Rhiu ion Luuii Meeting* continue to be bald, throughout tbe rrortnee, wltta referenoe to tbn pro pm# uttltlltl rebel pa?tig ae?itr? Ho porta of wb? of thra will be four d to oar pr?aent |**ue; bat wa flod It Impartible 10 pub Uh nan half of (bote pant, and an tbe reauluMoa* are all la >he earn* epirit. It t? CDDfernarj to do mora than mention the placet at wbieb they ware adopted ? we gait botany all tor. In credible although It nay appear, at one meat>nir la Upper Canada (at tiuelpb) the majority pratent declared their wil lugoeru to allow the prwou' niDlitri to make wbateear ore af the pnhlln filed a the? might aonatdrr " expedient and aeenwary''?whether jaatand eentlUaUobal i? a metier of minor Importance? 8> B a ti<i at the pb aauie la an (net. Of beitgcr.eaten, i.a t > cheat! la Lower Canada tow. tba minlater* olalm a tort of vietory. 4 la St Dante? two nirettage baring bean bald at St. Jobne, 'be oae proteallag egelnat tba other apptOTlpg cf tba mleitteriai ahleel St John* baring been tba cm're of the rebellion of 1838. and ita neighborbcod baring, eonreguantly, bean pretty e??er?iy | should ehuok it a little <n the prospect of. as vtoore I argue*. RtiifUit ' romp ple??ur?, for their punish Bftt " At 8t. I kitliiM ? lir|? meeting of the lo babi'ante *f the Nigara district ?w bald ea ths'16'h U't.. at which tie ministerialist* attetnp *d to (lucipb tie resolutions bat In ula. tbr great majority being apposed to tbo dootrtn* of ' expediency." ! Ksrex. too. oa the 2td ultimo. tbe free bolder* met do joined their rolre* with tboae of tbelr fallow citisea*. lu earnest eondemnatloa of tba insulting ana siulttfylrg principle of one day oalliog upon the people to suppress rebellion, aud the next, taxing tlem to pay the losses of thoae who rebelled It I* la rain tor member* of the ministry. and tbelr organ* of tbo prose, to *a*k to d?eetve too eoirntry a* to tbe force and extent of tbe feeling of Indignatlpp t *eir meaoure ba* given rite to. Tbey would fa'n bare it believed that tba movement i* a mora fee'-lou* and patty ona, and that tbe majority of tbe aem*titu<tnales who pieced them lo fiioe are. like the *ub*ervient Oueipbttes, ready to support them la aay measure of aspedteaey, however r nju*t la principle#. [Kn m tbe BiilWb (tjuebeo) Whig, Marab ] Each mail bring* us tome frerh tldlog* of tba att'mp'n of the oontervative party to make polities! capital of the trench rebellion lo*ee?; but it doe* not ?p pear that tbelr effort* bare been very auocee-fal. Misting* have txon held evriy where, nt whioa fleroe decimations have been made of a firm Inteatlon never le pny there la#*e*. hut the** meeting* beve not been very generally attended, and eoaseqoentiy r.hev can only be considered a* tbe vole* of tbe oonrervatire party. A Toronto paper (tbe Mirror) #o bappiiy expresses our sentiments. that we prefer using lie words to cur own:?"Tbe tory leader* have completely overdone tbe work. They b?v?. In tnair first ebargs, ao thoroughly exhausted their powers, tbat it will be qui * loipouible for tbem to sustain the onRetot their opponent*, when the contest approaobe* tbo oloae. Had tbey aoted with more ooolaea*. and with a stricter to trntb and rational patriotism, tbey might ultimately lave attained more *er.ou* advantage* tbun we *bou d buve wished to *e* them secure. But we know little, indeed, of tbe habit* of tbougot and action of the people of Western Canada, u a fret tied outburst, sueb a* that which bas just taken p ace among our tory follow sulgrot*,shall end in anything but tbat listless laaetity and sluggish ind>(Terenoe Into wbieh tbe unrefiectiog multitude nre sure to lapse, when once tbe imprearlun made upon their ps'sino* by an undue, premature stimulation, has subsided." j From tbe Toronto Examiner, Maroh 7 ] In a letttr addreered by Egarton Ryerson to the editor of tbe Cunado Ckrttlian jidvocait dated tbe Itttb February last, we find tbe fullowiog passage relating to ue diivuo'IiiDfi uDotr waioD inn present Ultrg; R? reive Act wat patted Tht tact we bad orten noticed before, at indicative of tbt drbeaament to which ntoa t nth* c>f tilt j? ople of thlaoolouy have been tubjeotod by ihitinfamtut and ancouttitutional measure; but we nevtr gave tbe tertinionyof awitnett who hod been pieeent in Lt gland at the lima; who knew well what look p ace, and who protected, he taya, on bthalf of tbe acuta Conference, agolott the peerage of the n<eaeuie while in ita progreea through tbe Imperial Pardtmant. l'bit protatt, howerer, it it manifest wat net made by tbt* crafty traitor to tbe people of thla Provlct* beoauee tba bill war nnjurt in principle, bat brcsu** th* Conterenee of the Wetlsyan MetbodUt Church wat net inotuded among tbe reoipieutt of tbe plunder. He remark*: ? 1 Lord Sydenham'* blfl. after bavlrg boon concurred In by both branch** af the Upper Canada Legislature's* tent t? England ?wat opp< red by the but opt; and Lord John Rcsaell, instead of aavitlng tbe royal aerent to be given to Lord 8ydenbam't bill, agreed with the bltbopt to bring In sncther bill (July, 1840) into the Imperial Parlimeut? a bill wbieb bat become tbe preaaat Clergy Reserve Aet." Thi* It one of the innumerable aett of high treaeon again*! the peeple. of wbioh tbe infatuated ruler* of tbe empire reeioing In England have beep guilty townrdt tbe oolonittt. Not content with the txeroite of tbbte general powers wbioh nttrteerlly devolve upon n parent State having niiineiona oolonitt, they have, at in this eare, grseped from the oolon:*ts the very power given tbem ueder tbe constitution of the eountry; they Lave violated tbe rights inberent to our Legislature, to manege our local affairs; tbey have dweardtd the wall known wlrbea of nearly a million of British tnhjsots, upon s queitiou of local concern; and they havs ?*tt,?d it according to tbe d>ctum of about two dosen of men in lawn tleeve*. bolalrs teat* in tbe Brittnh Home ot Peere ! !- two doaen ot men in klngland, etrangrra U our ceuntiy, it* people, and Ita law*, outweigh, a* to legislative power and influence, about one million of auljeetaln tbi* colony I?two doian of mon interested iu ibe maintenance of an anti-Christian usurpation, bare successfully lerli-ted the unttad roloe ut ten hundred thousand Anglo-Saxon* In a eolony bordering on a republic. who demand deliverance from it!?two doien of men who are rioting In luxury upon maana wrubp J rem a down-trodden and atarrlng people, hare influenced a corrupt minlater to thrunt upon na a State pilesthood, with all ita abominationa; and hare euecesaful'y restated the ela'me of tba people of tbla eoli nv. to equal rights, privileges and immunities ! ! They bare, In abort, successfully resisted their demand for deliverance. In tbe middle of the 10th oeatary,from p. liliral proecripiiea. on aoconnt ef rellgtoua opinion ! And there are men In the present adoilolsrvtim of tbi* province, and in Parliament, who tell n* that this I* a fettled que,lion ! Twenty four Knftlisb Bishop* i ere rlrtnell* disfranchised the whole population of Canada, upon the meaaure relating to the clergy reifltif, inu bare dicta ed aud carried a acherne of ib?ir own in tbe teeth of pubtie opinion, and in rio'.alion of oor mort reotrd right-; and yet some who prof? >a ta reepect public trniiment and to priaa public liberty. Intuit ua ly saying, after all, It la a fettled quettlen! buob 11 justice cannot ba tolerated mneh longer. The people will never net until tbla a?t la repealed, and trery religious community In the province la ' planed npon one po ltlcal Irral. The A'aamtner. of tbe eame date, tpaahlng of the ; tODOii'.t ol ? ol Pitnce toward W. L MoKeml*. eaye: i. ol Prinra ba* acted wrong ta til n-ing Mr. MoKenila. 1 A brave man should raepeot brarerr ta another rahal though ho may hove born Of nil th? rebels In Upp?r or Lower Canada Wll lam I.yon MoKentle ?u ibe on j con wl o rxbibued decided plnek.aud his landing on Navy leirno nod natlng there In the faoe of the large armed tores nod?r Sir Allen MeNsb, is n proof of this net ersu a. And again. while Col. Prince aits in tr e seme Acembly with Mr I'aploeeu. nnd sometimes rotor with htm. who, a greater rebel than Mr. McKensls, tan n?n on ths first appearance of danger, hs I might cutely tol> rate vbe presence of Mr MoKsnsie in :S Uhffirj tp wblJh. a* ap ?? member of the lcglslatme, hs had tree sua lege'. aides*. i Hart tie Iiitelllpeure. On llutNi. B.hi IVmplctos. > 1 Hssnoa or Chsouss, Ksb. 6,1MW. ) To Capt. J. O 8TSTaa:? Dkam 8ia?In theabneaes of nay other mean* to exjTres cur high regard for yourtslf, and to return thee he for yoar untiring energy in promoting our comfort on oar late voyage from New York to this port, permit us. in tfce name of all your passengers, inure pertfculariv of tboee connected with the pro}ior?d ruivey of too I'anama Raitroad, to head yon this otter. Most of na are old travellers; bat never has It bee a onr good fortune to fall la the band# of a maa who. wbtiet be commands oar h'gh approbation of hta merits as a sailor and an efflcer. bas attached every one to btm b> a tie tbe most enduring that oan bo fslt ? tdalimion for bis nnflioehlng and esempiary moral ehaioeier. and this ?vid*noe amidst soenea that often prote too trying for the strongest characters. The rueeess tbat has attended na In making one of tbe shortest paerapts on reeord between Now York and Lbegrre, and tbe eecuraey wtth which the several points arrived atbave been attained bear tbe strong est testimony to your skill aad ability as aa officer: end having andsrvtood tbat It was yoar Intention te continue tanning to this piece, we only hope tbat It may be oar good fortune to return to onr bomos age'n nnoer y ear eberge,whenever onr duties shall have been finished en the letbmus. Wll.LI AM MORRIS. Principal. LLOYD TILUHMAN. 1st Assistant. Tbe U 8 aloop-ot ear 1 orhtuwa. Portmnonth, and brig Porp?l>?. war* at Port Praje, Africa, oa the loth January USwrr ltd tnti til wtll L b. Terraaa eatter <i wing froia Naw York fnr Call firtla*M tp< hen. no data, la lat 11 N.,lo? MM. by a K|-e*ieh brig abieb artlted at 81. John, P.R ,oa the he alt. Political Intelligence George W barra haa b*aa reelected Mayer of ChatWttewa, Meeeocbaeette. H. W. Pored I* rpntm of at the whig candidate for Governor of T? atcoti. f. w Blrgham (democrat) haa beta elected Meyer of lletelaao, Ohio. Jndg* Wick, of Indiana, dccltace a re-election to Ceagieeo. Gen. H A 8. Dearborn haa been elected Mayor of Koibuiy, Maee. The Ml??rnrl Legtrlaiur* ha pa*?rd an act an'.herleleg the city of Louie to aohecrlba half a million or Collate to tba ht Loale and Clneionatl Railroad. The exertion flrat to be enbaritted to th? cltiana* of 8t Ltalc. W YO 1MNG EDITION?THU1 Maracaiiio. January 18, 1819. Outrageous Conduct of the Venezuelan Government Towards Americans?Seizure of an American * Veiul? Tt c Mi entity of fie ided Ac l ton on the ^ Fart of the American Government, Qc. ?? Under the impression thai you h<?ve no corres- jj I oi dent at this place, I take the liberty ?>t add re ns- g< ingjou this communication, which I hope wih _ not be the ?ese considered on account of ihe aiguature, as the writer haa no desire to figure in a oi new s paper. Uu ilie thirteenth of November last, the brut n Mount Vernon, ot New Orleans, Dercey, master, 11 sailed Irom Curacao for Santa Martha, in ballast, * ami having on boards letter Irom A. Jeasuruue, ^ Esq , agent ol the Venezuelan government, ad- ti Pressed to the commander-in-chief of operations, *j Arc., supposed to be off the bar at this lace. Ou m the I4ih, the brig was oil the bar, where she Uy y ofl and on, in night ol her Hritannic Majesty'? shin m Lleclia, lor the space ol iweuiy-uiree Hours; and on the 15ih. crossed the without intei rupiiou k from any source. Alter euteriug, they louud that [' t'ie hmhnr was st II in possession ot trie Co-z party, who furnisned theni with a pilot to proceed up the lake, for the purpose ot obtaining a cargo, ci but objected to ilim u?viug any communication y wi;h the government authorities, who were yet ? in possession ol the city. Auaiu?iihis interrup- * tion, com) laint was riiuue to the l' S5. cou-.ul ol u_ ttna p.ace, and in a tew d-iys a't-r. the Captain re- ^ porit d his vessel at the custom house, to which no ? other ohjrcllou was made lll.iu LUal she lay too Itr ,) trom allow an entry fetuusaioa was r, asked ot the Paez party, who were in lull posers- u mm ot the entire lake, to allow the vessel li an- d ehor nearer town, oo as to enable her to enier at t) the custom house, which they refused, and threat- " eued that, it an attempt to do so was mad", she e< would tiie into her; but, in despite ?t tins threat, . tlie captain got Iiih vessel under Wdy, ami Anchored within a tew liundted yards of the custom 0i h< use, where he again reported, paid his port ,j chatges, and having enteied his vessel in due b h i hi, obiaiued ihe permit to proceed upth. Uke, take on board cargo, and to depart with it to p New (JiUbiis or Vera Cruz. Under the authority a ol this neirnir. the hriu wm phuuuvS m ii a - ? v O m1 ?vw?f IM5 -ta go ai La Cieba, a place in the potHrgM^u oi *' i!> - government authorities, when, on the Slot ol ' Dtctmber, the was seized by the Venezulian l( schooner ol war Intrepid, ana sent to this place u without delay, by ordei ot General Bresuiia, Commander-ui-Chie! ot the government land and it naval forces, Arc , they huvmg entered the lake m ana routed the Paez party a tew days before. <h When the veesel was seized, she had on board ' about filu en hundred quintals ol cocoa and cottee, 11 bring about ont-hult u cargo, and uue-tnird ot winch was on a joint accouut with the vessel; tne m balance belonged to foreign merchants. There u were.ulao, at the time, three agents in the interior, u sending forward the remainder ot the cargo, d which would have been completed in a few days ? had she not been interrupted. d On the arrival ol the vessel at this place, the 11 captain informed the United StatesConsul ot what J, had taken place, and entered h a protest again mi such | receding*. Application was made by the q mrrchanta who e-hippe-d the cargo on board, mid u w hJch was to be delivered at the (>ort ot N"w Or- b leans, to have h delivered here, to them. Bresinia and CHriilio.thetwocoinniaudingaeiierals.divided y thereepensib-lity of acting in the matter, the former b retaining jower over the fate ot the vessel, and h the latter, being the partial and particular Iriend to " the parties who claimed the cargo, gave orders to P have it delivered to them?thus forcing the vessel into n vUilttlinn fti h? nnauti?>?? - . ?- - . V? M?v vvaoimg uauc. \J II HUB being known, the captain called on the Amerio ,u Consul, who came on board with htm, saw the di hatches closed, and placed the United States 8 teal on them; the consequence of whieh whm ? an impertinent threat trom Governor Castillo, thsl J he would break the seal?this was on the B instant; and 011 the Uth, an armed force carpe oa a, boatd, under eidersi Ironi Castillo, and in great Pi derision and exultation broke open the hatches. 1 This done, Bresima transferred the whole matter * into the hands of Governor Castillo, who, having 11 gone so (hi, did not know how to proceed tur- '* ther. He finally came to the usual conclusion at those who represent the government, (as they call b it,) to wit, that he would act as he pleueed in ih? n matter, and let the government be responsible for ? it. Accoioingiy, the vessel was,yesterday, brought *> to 1 he whart, and a party put ou board, who hav? '? disc hareed her cargo, without regard to freight, or 0 the wirhes of ihe cwuaul,captain,or supercargo. Tha 11 vessel, they say, they will send to Porto Cabello, J as a prize. They seem disposed to delay doing so, until they can get their squadron to the wind waid, lest a United Stales vessel of war bhould come that w ay and inquire into their piratical conduct. Tnr bbove is a true and iaithiul statement, as at things transpired, and I may add that no other 1 pern ns hie so hariassed and |>ersecuied by tnoie people, as the citizens of ihe United States. PJ Kowland Dubs, Esq , U. S. Consul at this place, ib tuliy competent 10 the duties of his oftiee, but h his government has been entirely inattentive to t7 him. He has suffered many indignities, which si should be enquired iuto, and prompt and ample r.- tfc drerr insisted on. The api>earunce of a single ves- *' sel of war belonging to the United Slates would tb cheek, if not pievrnt, the numerous insults and periecutions wnich its citizens, above all others, are eubject to. It they have no vessels that could tii r'fri.a ihf hap fttiht/?li 1 j ' ??* ? U ? \ - ?1 c vw...... MIVH to HV? ?UC d riUO,) ill til w ?r might anchor outside, hs the English veuaels lb do. ?i A short time ago, an English merchant of this b> plate (Vlr. Harris,) conipiaiued to hia government " ot impositions practised against him by the go- ** vrinniint authorities here; ihe consequence of which was, in the course ol a few weeks an Eng- e, liah brig of war, conunauoed by the officer who ?r disiwguiahtd him-eli some time ago by de- at ttnviig the Columbian squadron, was an- ?r anchored outride ihe bar. The English Coaaul, u' 011 hearing of this, notified Governor Castillo that b8 he won d allow him three days to decide in Mr. " Harris's caer. The hint was attended to prompt- lt ly, and Mr Harris released from the eztorttons ,b and impositions attempted to be practised upon t.i him. tuch wus the eflect ef this one little vessel, <)> evtn lying outside the bar. Ttiey are far more elo- ?* qurnt ana ffictent diplomatists with such people, ri than ihe most distinguished ol our statesmen would be. Had not citizens of the United States J* taken part in op|K>tiiii; the faez pany, tne government would never have j?ot possession of this mi inArj ivi ,u;cir vw|i jieopie are sucn continued I r? cow aide they wou'd never cross the bar. it not I \Y utgto by the foreigners among them?principally " Ainei>can?? who suppitd them with veaaels aa ? well us men, notwithstanding which, all who ate in power, m ihe service ol the government (as Tl betoie Haled) especially single out the citizen a ot the United States as objects of persecution Yesterday, in ihe piesence ol hundreds of people, a physician was denied liberty to go ou board the T1 brig in question, lor tbe purpose ot seeing some of ? the crtw w bo weie veiy sick. Such conduct, even in the opinions ol some cl the natives, wasconai- tll derrd barbarous, the doctor himtell being one of Bi thrm. H The foreign consuls at this place, without ex- in caption, are ol opinion that tbe brig having laid oil pi the bar to long a time, without seeing auy of what ?' wsa termed the blockading suuadrou, committed c* no lault by entering; and that if it weie otherwise, having been admitted to entry at the custom house without soy objection, iemoved|tt,it there had been a1 any irregularity in her entering the port. Ales, pi . that to release the p.operty on board, which alio- gi I gether belonged to torei/yaers, from detention, I whilst the vessel, which was acting by virtue ot I the same permit, is detained and ordered to Porto Cabello us a prize, is solely on account of the desire to injuie and oppress citizens of the United n Stales?esiio one, (even among iheir naval ofli- m cers) believes that ihe vessel can be confiscated, C( but en the contrary, assert that hsavy damages ^ will be obtained on account of it. * la conclusion, this has been aent you at the * suggestion ot several persona here, who know the character and influence ol your ixiwerful JUraUt, in hopes that you might glean si mcient Irom it to totm an article for publication, by which the at- ** untune! tbe State and Navy departments might be drawn to tbe matter. All teanorts that have a re- ?' preientative of th? Ulltrfl Strifea ehould be visited i uiw Hi d then by some of the government vessels 1 he if are now v?n-elp in this port, drawing over twelve ft't, that crossed the bar without difficulty; aid to anchor outside is by no means as had * . lyup outride of the porta of ihe Cult. It Uuele ,, sun blot faded the pons of this villanous goverorii nt for three months, they would be the better for it lor thirty years: and three email vraaelseSn h eerily Co it. And, indeed, they are iu ?speaiatidn n of It at this place--ao well aware uie they bt v having desetvrd chastisement from the United n states. si It is tnid th t .ho new republic of Home will J' not fce governed h> a President, aa in Fmuce aad , An.erica, hot by three Consuls, as in the aucu nt (l vs U?^ iw^ULi'C* RK E EtSDAY, MARCH 15, 1 City Ii tolllgcnr*. I Mclikcholt Cmi.-Ai a |{?ii'lMin?n wn walking bo, with a raltaa in hl? hand. war hurrying torongii lot thorough'are at a ??rj rapid ra ? and at. tha riak hia ne?k Aa ha waa alwaya onneidarad a atald and iber man- one of tha oooleat of our bu?ine*? man to rapidity o< hia gait and lo<v>berenny of hia nnooar iiueid tha gentleman to Inquire of him wharo ha waa ilag. Warhlngton, my dear boy," ha rapllad; "all wrong derll to pay- country ruin-d ? no tlnm to talk" ? "Futwhat takaa yon to Waahingtno? Sorely, your aainaaa cannot carry you there?" Inquired tha ib? r. "All wrong, 1 toll yon! Tha country. I aaanre you, la lined-loat-iriatilovably loot! What will thay aay i Kurt p*?"' At thia point of tha eonveraatlon lia thought all aa not right wttb hia fr'euri'a Intallaot., and bo waa inbrmed m hia auapietoa by the glare of bin aya?. ?od ta iratlaaatiO'a of hia man oar With tharlew ofaeoerlining what waa lb? matter, ha detained btav tuuib <*u.ei hie will tiro few momenta longer, to try ?od b'aln tome cine in tha myatrry that waa alluded to h ob moat bare been of great Impirtanee to loJuea man like him to leaee bia buatoeaa and trarel to i'aebington at tbia aaaaon of the year aapeotelly hen ha alwaya had been arerae to traralllng "I tell yen?yea, ruined-foela, all of ibem? Walker new all about It-be knew wa ahould "ant flea miltna more and 'longre?a. d fooU. would not giro Yea, air, the administration, tha oountry, all tlnad.'* t>y dint of paraareranea. the gantlaman at length btalntd frem hie friend the object of hia eia<t. It ap eared that he waa aura that at-Secretary Walker'* itimatee of the reeeipia Into the national esohequer oold not be eufltoient to carry on tba goeerotuelit ntll tba meeting of Cougreaa; that tha negl?at of ongrera to paaa the flea mi.lion clnuee. whieii waa pro Me4 to bo attached to t he general approoilation b'll r tb? purpoae of providing agatorl oontlogoijciea ? airiek to embarraea tbo no* adailoUttatidn ao-l lin tho oied.t of tbeoountry He won going to Waab> gion toeaeikt In gelling General T*jl?>r and bl* eabt at out if the reilooa d Iflculty In wtrch ho iaagtued ley noio placed, by aopgrrtiog a plan by wbloh the beela ol g< vornmrnt would bo kept iu motion till Doimter next It ia a u.uet noedloaa to add tbat tho poor follow had at bio rraaon. and tbeio to too ranch ground to be ero that It will noeer ba rootored to turn; for. to thylnion of bla nodical attendaora. the di*oa*a ha< loan Itarlf In aucb a form aa to precede almoataoy i jo of reooToiy. Accidiat on i iik HitLtu Kaii.ho?i\ ? At abon'. ha'f tat alx o'clock yeeterday uionlug as a freight tr-do rawn by tbo looooiouva rut nam w?? ptruing through lo tunnel at Yorkrillo, tbo augtus run up m a large cio wbicb I ad fallen upon lbe Hack. The conou*ou eaueed by tble aorldent war great at to throw it ergtna off tbo track; two or three fre'ght oara fob wed. and were broken to piece* The emriao being ?der full headway, bounded like an anraged m -cster lainet tbo we?t?rn wall ol tba out, ?ai oapslaed. aud a progieaa. if courae, afopped; tbo engineer and tire an leaped from the oar at tbo flr*t lucunv ioa of theli ii genua petition, wblcb waa when tbo flint e,incutou took place; fortunately they eaeaptd without %n> 'jury of moment Tbo loaa to tbo oompany bythta icident, It la anppoeod. will amount to rome $3,000, ol no regular eaiimale bar aa jet been made. The lining tralna were detained br tho Injury don* t<t to itad, and tba Impediment thrown lu the way by io erorh A la'go force of workmen were immediately 1 rapatchtd to tbo rcene of tbo dira tar, and by tbroo '(look P M ,ono track was cleared ofruhblrb, aod tho ilapidated rnglne waa placed upon iruoaa ready for 'asportation whenever the other track rhouid borop-eted This waa probably done before daylight hi* morning. Drai m ii* Ini km pur an en.?Tba Coroner held an Inue?t yeatotday, on the body of John Klngaf.ird a na lea of Kng'ond. aged A* yeara who came to bia death y Intemporanca. Verdict accordingly. ukath ?* Drowning.?Tbe Coroner held an Inqaoat eateiday at tbo aim* houre. on tho b vly ef a Unrmai y the name of John Kbear, aged 2T yeara. wh<? name to is death by crowning It appear* tbat the deo-a**d >11 irtotlo deck foot of Delaooey rtiaot, tba night revioor, asu oeinre ue wan got out ma wil extinct, ' (diet accordingly Police Intelligence. Th* Voting Hague Cong hivv e u lloedj la yester Herald. tbe errest or a boy by tbe name of Vlbsrt biek. on a cba'ge of r< bblag bis employer. .Mr S# lOBcr, of $26, sod then accusing m poor 1<s Teat -irbmso of bavlug rubbed bin. bj snatching tbn uoey from bis bauds. Tbe boy. afur IjlDg la prison all Igbt, eoufessed bis gallt la iha morula*, ar.d j-sier ij sfflcer Sbaobtlt went with htm down In Hxabange isue, and rtaoveied tbe money, a *10 ol I and I s, wbmb tbe young rascal had seoreted bubiod a ater gutter; and then lo >rdrr to c-iake bis employers link be bad been robbed, be positively accused an laocent man, and was willing to swear to it before ae magistrate. He was remanded again to prlaan. Failing /alt* 7'olfiu ?A woman by the name af fidget burns, was arrested yesterday,'-a a oharge ot isnicg a SI bill on tba Long Island Bank, altered to 1 (10 by pasting on nothing next to tbe ona ou tbe ii); sbs parsed ona on a man In West Hmadway soma m days ano, and yesterday tbe tried to pass an ither ne of tba same kind cn ibe same man, nad was deleft d; ibe bad also on ber person n broken bank bill Itb the wotae Itabwey Bank, N J , patted on. Juste McGialh committed to beir prison for trial. Couit of Aionisttoit Pleas. Before Judge Daly. Mabch 14 -jm, Until si jua? k'mdall. - Tbls was Daoiionrf repievm. toiecover abet p s.sioguaahine. beplalbtlfi alleged that tbe machine belonged to bio, ad thai defeuoant sold it. Tbe plaintiff failed in roving bit allegation, and the jury found a verdict for i# defendant. _ IV) a > c h if.- unan scrtontr an4 Ulhtnv Kdwa< 4 H 'hut ai-d Ulht* i.? 1 bia waa an acilea to recover $101 r? tit < I pieonae* ft the oorner of Kront end vV*t-r reet* Tbe defendant Wbite aet* op a-a defenea. tbat e i*rti)triblp betwrr n him and i bo othar dafaodaoti it futoltid bttoi* lb? r?Di accrued aod tbtt upon ? dl-roluurn tbe iRaiia of tbo pir'nerrbi- w.-re ! bund up. Adjourned tib to morrow, (tbi* morning.) Before Judge I.'libooQcr. Utlhew J)lien v$ Aon A Ji. Lhitdt- Thlt wit in ae?a on contract. Tbe pertie* were in p*rtn*rahlp in ? dtrtllling buriDee* which ibrjr earned on la tbo ! th itnut Tbe plaintiff bad $4 OtO io tbe eoouera. id In 1847 agreed to retire; tbo defendant giving , ma morigtge on certain lot* to eeouie tbo ?4 uuo, id a??one<-uitd bi? bond a? the pnneipai aeourity, 1 d enter* d into a covenant it at plaintiff waa to aot bl* gram broker to purcbaee all gtaio which ?ai to , vied in toe dirtlllery. and to receive half a c-nt for try bnebtl which ba purchaatd. Tbe d-fendaot terwarde refueed to alio* tbe plaint ff to paroba?a ij grain, or in any manner to reoognire bia at hi* ett or broker. The latter bring* the nreientau't rrctver tMO, being the at.m he oialaa for hi* fee*on .ill# burtr li> of frein. purchaied aod u-ed by defend , .1 at tb* dlrtl l?r>,at the rate of half a oent per irbvl Tbe d?f*na*i>t aet up two defenoea - flrat, , at be had paid off tbe bond and n>ortga*e. after whioh e egiermi nt cre?? d ; and. eeeondlv. tbat the plain T r?fur?d to receive the delei.daut'a inatrnetirna in eputobaae ol the grain ; the defendant having In- , meted bin to purckaae by ramp!*, and tb* plaintiff , lutrd to rveeive eueb lnatructiou*. Upon the Urat ' , fecee, tbe couit charged tbe jury, tbat ti the de- ! . ndant wlihed to ruperrrde tbe plaintiff after tha j \ iyment of tbe Vond and m r<g?g:, be oq^ftt te have teud to do an ; not having done to, th* plaintiff < i uio bate a right to go i n. if no < tber objection waa tred. Up< n ib* etbrr defence be toid tbe jury that . 6 T1 -'-' f! wan entitled to recover tbe amount from ( fclidant until r the atlpuintlon in tbe agreement. Doll tbnt npoB|tberr<iue*t of ibe defendant be refused ao> a* brrler, and to furniib rumple* a* directed. i be jur j bad not agreed when the court adjourned , Circuit Court. < Beft re Judge f.uwarda. 1 Mi*ch 14.? Hrny /. hurlzle ti Sihtlla Horltlr? * biaie aaolt under tbe new code.Instituted by tbe plff. 1 at net deft.,lor a dieoiee Tbe plff . In bin complaint, 1 1 lege* tbat ha married tbe defendant in 184)1; tbnt ' ey raaided tug*tber in Oreenwlob avenneilno* tha l 1 me until 1848, when tbe defendant diaooeerad. i* be ' u gee. tbat eba bad oommit'ed adultery wltb one ] enry 't ophmen, e grocer, reeld'tg la tbe rine atreet, ' i lM7,ead r? pea tea lt,at vartoue time* during tbe early 1 irtot 1MB. 6*veiai wit nerrer were eiamined. who | 1 ovrd tbet they frequently aaw Dophaan take lade- 1 uv iiittiik* vim ariiw nvfiKiv, Auuiuer wiiana i i cm that be raw the | artiee go Into the wooda at Pa- I 1 rrrn N. J . hv tl cilm lt>?. and continued ibara for | 1 ,r*e qu*rt>m of ao hour, Tke drfeudaut put la h?r newer denying the adultery and charging thai tha , 1 alrttiff *at hlmeelf guilty of adultery with oan Marurtt Bowman. 1 be eaute Ii adjourned till to-morrow **!?? | United Haiti teumii?lunar'i Ofllco. lit lore Ueorite W. Morton, Keq. Char ft of Manoluufkitr.?Jtoph Hyder, eeeond | iate oi the farkat ?tip Hoieioa, eat arraated lb it lornlng ebaiyed with the homicide cf Philip Smith, a rioted man, one of the band*, on tba paeeage tram I Imrpool to tbt# j.oit. and held to bail la ttieaumof WO. An examination of tba oaaa will ba had ea rlday aast luprtmi lours- Ventral Term. Ireitni. Jurttceg Joneg and Hurlbut. Mttm 14.?'Tra following order wa? ni?d?:-Owtng >tba in beta rf Judge Kdmoada, tha Calaadar will not r eallrd. car any dalaalia allowed, and only aaeb mate aa aoontrl may content to argue before two idgta, will be b?ard No 7 eti tbea taken up. Court Calendar?.'I bin Da/. CfteciT tiaouiT.?13 14, ill, cb, 40, 41, 67, 78, 88 to jl ttelurlee; 104 to 110 CoMMoe Pi kAi-flrrt rart-101,164, 107. 180, 1U, J 41.1)3 114,117. lib 121 123, 124, 127 Seooad ait-14. 18. 84.128.1*4. 188.138 140. 142. 144. Tbk Nsw Brazilian Mimbtkr ?The National nttthtnxtr, ot the 13th mat., tjwfckiog ot Clirvan Ct fdacioo, the new Mil liter I mm Brazil,who >-hi )iff rrbtrd to the i'rer i?le nt on Monday luit, a> n o? the late Minuter i?Whilet ihe n?-w iei>rtrMeiive ul l(>?7il in \?i Ictun'd ua ho ouuht lo h?d out eountrv. il it r faurrr of niifeign* <1 regret i .1 who havr l> noun hi* pirdrcensor,iliat thr-y will rnreltilh D>i?h bun in the circltB oi Waeliiu^ton ifit'l. [ERA 849. Uettarnl Mtwlnnt. Btf?re til* Krmiii.r *.,a Aid. AO a at a and Denning. CUHILllt. C'A'.K OJ? rKAtll)- IHIKl) DAY. Max ii 14 - Mr*. L. nr. ?m tb? ttret ?n?fM colled ; ebe flat. (1 thai ?la i?iIJpk at Caoal atraat; alia hbowa the trained ; it? him at bar bullae on iba lit of Julie, The nideora of thli wit near *ae to the of* lac' toot Mr Afbar bad raald'd In art homa ; .u aha bad kn< ekrd a* bia daor to ascertain whet wae the matter; that ha lied replied be wee to tiouhlt ; that the accu/ed bad oaitrd upon bar during vir Afuer'a ebMt.ce, to know It aba bad rea?'i?.| any word or aiter trim A'ner for him aDd the accuaed wee to bare the obaraa i>l Atuar'a roain wutJ* tie wea aha.ut. wblch would b? for ttvti or all aeeka ; aha atae m?w<1 that the bad TieeWtd a letter for tba aooueeJ. which aba had gl*? b to him on tba cooaHion af bin aaoood call Od bir on'tt a'ton. aba eald aba could oi>t naf whether Mr. Aloar and tba hat left the. buuen together; '.bay La J lett bar ro >tu together e'te-r Mr M.HV, uau |>n <J ui- IClib, ?UII L?Hi HV WUIb PUO IllOUl when *bi> raid at the polio* oflloe ihut they had left tu? bout* tojt< tter Tb? CooUpi-1 for the aroused her depyeitinua. bftwrfn ?hlrb Hi) I her sta'enipnt thorn mi dli-eiepaney whioh rbe explained to tho foregoln; manMt. Mhimihih ()*u.' m wan the next witness.?Ho said I? an* a merchant, ana reflurd at Hd ' rmjib?-r? tin el, be knt* Mr. Aluer. and the aoeuaod also, bad bad a (U bftrratiur with tbe accused at D?luioniuo'? bile). i.bout Mr. Afner; it wan Ills laot of Juuo or ibo b?a) lining ot July; tba ouoverraiiou net oomainrtU by elll'lf asking biui tbe rim*; taotooKout h?. wati b ana toid him ii w<> two ?>'cioak; witness tbe u rain lu biiu that be knew ihn watch and aakod hi ui *bw lio bad it i rum, be nnsweied bun that be bad It In eaebeugo for otber ihiugs, that it ooat biiu bio, or raiber nothing, (bat be bad got it from ibntioti Afner; attrr that, witness want boine; be liT?dlb<nin llobohm; Mr. Afoer lived there aim at that time; in teo or tbrte day* alter witnoea uiet tbe secured. baeirg In the tmautiue tren Atner and (aid to bin., "Cbrtuder laok here; Mr Afner has told ma tbat tbet watcb l* bir; tbal he bad not exchanged It at alii Hal J <m bate obeated blm out of It and other Jewelry aid money, amoabliog to klooo, be (aid ha gave you tbi* money to .elite wit i hu creatine, nnd you bate kept It your-t li " Tbe aaiuaed eneweied, "Poesiblp!" Witness then (a d to blui "Cbomoer, look here; if yon bate kept tbia mouey without | ay lug ibe oreditura, I do not oare; it la uooe of my huribeta." "but,'' the accused (aid, -"twill give yon a chanoc to make money bo.Mia ime. in a leguiar way," wtineaa paid to bun. aa the bills were bete, and as be bad nut aettled item, if ale would tell wltue. a wbo.e tbey were be would buy ibem. and eell tbem a^ain to Mr Aruer, and gite bun (the accused) a tery liberal oooialsalon '1 he aceured replied lbat be couid not 1.11 Dim where tbe bills ware loramtluun of dcliaie; wlineea thensald tbat be knew the acoured iikeu to make money, but aa .. ..V.roi) "VUIU BUI nil UU1 WUele in III* wire, that provid to elm that the whole out was a hen.bug. Tie acoured then Mill It witneaa wanted to make money. let him put Mr Aiuer under the unpiea eiou thatlheie were biila. and that there e*i danger, aha iu that way he (the witness) ooulu make money lVltutM leplitd that if the bilia were m t furthcoming be would nut do aa the aooured ruggeatr d; but if tuey aeie produced be aoold b"y tbrui obtap; but Witn humbug be would have nothing to do. The aoeu-ed aid It waa nohnmbug. Witness aaid It w??; the accused repeated that it waa not and that If he (wftnaee) flia not believe It, Le might do an he pleaeed The ao tuned told bim the bills were to the hands of a lawyer named Lionel Levy, whe bed aince died. Witness met the aecutedeome tune after that, wnen the latter aaid ihat te did t cr. want to tpeak to bt<n; he had thougut that Le wae hia h lend; witnaaa met him again In Wall itreet, whe u ha itha accused) again teld him not to tptaaiolilm. Vt lme*a haa rpoken to him elnue Atter the piuceeainga at the police utflae, he a*k*d wl.nena wbj Le we* a wltnera againnt Mm and remarked that be (the accueed) had never dune hi it any barm, and that it would be heller for mm (tie witness) to b? on friendly lerme, and' meke" butinera togetner. W?tueen eaid he aaanoiry Lluiaelt to have auy tblug to do w> h thia natty huniuei a, hut be ouuld uot help it; he bau uee n aub, ceuaed, and he bad to make (he) a witneen. and with regara to huvineta. be (witness) had uo money ; since I bet the accused had met him aeveral, and bed utleri a buu come busiuea*. but witneaa lold hiui lLat be had uo money and he wanted no ourloena; he had a(ier?aida n>ei the aoenred at (be St. Chariea Hotel, and in a laughing manner, be tald thai fool Atner had got a warrant ngalnot him tloseutborpe, a'jd Spnier, but he had not been arrested. J he elmmr underwent a tremendous orurs extml natu h. wbirb last. 4 lor some houra. He eaid he wa* from Hungary; bad left In IMi. In April; bnbadoome ibriugh Auetna, oeru any, and Kogiaud, had travailed lor hi* pleasure; bed plenty ot oapital; bad earrled on the bufinem ol a produce merebant; had dealt out lobactoaad grain. Wilaers being naked hi* age, aaid be would not answer auoii a uumtuin u mo o-?-? be was a bat beior. |Uu(hl?t ) Bj the decision uf to* (ji utl, It no? * ? d iouu t* *w past 30 )t?(i Ji t had reined o* busiuerk lu Austria Italy. and Usruiaoy, Lb 1*4 cimnie need burlier* In Italy lit January, 1144. be ? ? sr bed what neplial On had, and whitrtt ha jut It; tb* vitsers ralu thai ?ai at impertinent qunaut.u, the cuue?*l talll It Was, but lawyers w*r* di?pcred tl at ttj, Hi* Hue us taid be oould not ?* what th* transactions ot ite witness lu lialy had to du with tb* present question. I b* btl'Mtt tor th* accused said b* wanted taahow Ut ti'tt'ilk bi?iru? to the jury, aod betore b? w*a dt n* wi. h bltn he would do ao. Ha (the learned oi unf?i; kttw tumrioiiig ot hi* history; he bad again Hit o Llui b-ioi* ano he would prove that ha was not tMibi fit bt11 g bt lu vtd Mr. Whitish agreed that great latitnda war allowed to eounrei in crost-examining a witnnc, but insinuations ti'bvtn msvo kgalnst the witness wnicb should but be twlrratid m aCbilsiiau oooiinuu ty. An a tempt bad kttt aiao* to luipraoh the evioeuo* of every witova* who bad apptarwo ou th* ttaud, lor the purpose ot luftbtriag the t bda t t justice The liiunti L tor the aeoured raid that h* wantel to tbow the otaikCier < t lb* wttne** to the jury, and that c< uld not be oMi* but hy a searching cross titmititu n H* ('bs wit bets) bad staled that he was a uier. rbant A uierchabt stoi d jusl.y and d servedly high In this community, and be (the learned counsel) altbeo to know win th.r the Withers was en tilled to ')* Ibl bed au.i eg that tou< rebl* booy of men and whether be appeared betore the jury r amped with that degrr* #1 i-ieo buity which Wruid give us duo weight l? his it stimi ny Vr M hii if u f?.Id that the rule in Kugiand was?aod t would b* s*ip'>d in this country b?cauf? it was a :rn men rut* one-thai no question should be put a notes ?i?i?r> ne sbs ?.ui ihutiu loktiiwer 'I be learned outrtl on the oiber eld* might Kpk the witness wn?t >'r purrui's bid fctro. ho* he bad iteed or if be had obhta a cbuich, tut the question ba had put to him ia to ?tn? be had B-t hit capital to euabio bint to ttt )| a business. w?s out a proper one aod should not b? iu set red As to lb* word merchant, why they war# uluriebants trrm the blackest Afrioao, aod squirt* :<c; the; ??t ???'} 'bltg. He was reminded of a dia<gi.e that bau ouc*. taaeo plaea beteeeu t*o bojt. upon the subject of their father's prefttseiouel title*. Lite said : 'Aiy father Is a squire" ' A squire." remind the ott er, 'abj oiy lather is a merchant, a turkey ati let ant '"|Lt no l? ngli'er.) According to the ancients, 'ene ol the it (tu (h> y bad tow but eat y few merchant* hotnietly lb? teilit nieiobant meant a person who bought grrde te a f> reign cuuutiy? one that imported Ibem lo bla own rblpe Tbey bad turkey merchant", a trrbuLt tellers and travelling oieiubauia, (laughter) sho wire ri me'lr. a* rulleO pedlars. J be Wimt' sane that the e? uuetl had iosul ted him, baiiig pul an iinp? r.icentquestloD to him. The learned t.'oiMt L paid be would pre?s the quaelion fie never t<ok bats what be raid, in editor iiit of court. 1 he (Joi st iul?d 'bat the question oould not be put. TbelrsinrOf ers?BL for the accused tbeo said 'bat is witbtd i he querticns to be pot dawn I* writing, els: sbat amount > f capital the wltuees bad when ne Qrrt it sheorrd hue i.ees in Italy, snd wbers be bad got be capital, fur tne purpose of shoeing moral rurpitude >n the nstl of tbo Witness ?that Was u?ttn??l aaH icoidljto flow that til* reeollrcluD ooud not be l?j* ndrd upon The learned er>i.n*el nocludnd by ajing tbel ibe rouit bed orer-ruiad, eaa lie end tale itetciete t zoeptrd. Tie eioeseiaruieetlon wen then retained?Wee la ocfiotM a I eiy ibree months, from mere be went to Hunteiy, ibeice to VI?Dte: bed gone by I be itmt oittilirt ii h. re, fn.m Vienna bo went to Berlin, Irt ai tbeoe? to Heu buiy, ibeuee to Huii la V orkeblre; Lb* a to Ltwrp.ol end alter ibet to ibia fr?et country [loud Wv*bt*i); bad been Id lbs ladiee' mat bualaete, in tbie eity. i<* 8 month*. atur tbet be ftjugbt maret-enuite, e< trl-ntg ot itd shawls nnd lere, in New Dneart. eid teok ibun to Meileo; tbey bed been I actio >p to two bel-t, be eeme back to New Orleem, endbuugi < no r? go?dr,eud returned to .Vlex oo; bed retorrid" N>w Y?<ik le?t Jute. ai d bed not been la ny bom er* since; be reelded et 114Chamber* street; bad st< < u-t a< queinttd wtib the aoctieed about two silt eiitr hie i*it tees'a, arrival hale; be eeme up to ?!tr.?? in ibe Kit-bang* aod seta be wet e Hungarian, e it a et bit (> be accused's) bouee one*; be bed id< iteu him t? pejisk* of a peeulter d**cr-prion ef pie bub H?> bad in Hungary; it wee like Irish beeh; bed usnr nets a propositi! n t? turn round and swear b i the ac< urtd, If Le could get one hundred dollar*, bid i>vtr liid to I Kat.nne -? ?? sa- v_i ? * _ - - v. w o*hu?ihi? tuti am U1U ;tM? th* city, *<)% to b? out cf tbo way, U I t ccii.d n?t cm huadrtd dollar*; bad aartr tuad* ur* ot ktim to that aflrot [ I'ba witaaaa aaaarral Ibefe tad (|cv*tloB* In tba nrgatlr*, wltb aa air ?f tod<gtatt acuta Ha treated tba laflnuatioaa roeontriuptuiorly, that ba told tba learaed maanel tbat ba Lia.ia)t d t aot brllare tbat ba (tba witaaar) oould bate n.ada any rueb pioporal*. Wbllr ba than apoke, tba tjyirnlia it bta counter area ib?*'d tba diagaat bafntatlta baipg euppaaed tbat ba eoaid baea aoo crirrd tt eh aa Idaa J Hr b>a>m? aaqualotad wltb Afe?va rlovt Ha a after bla arriral in New York; ba aaa oat (deadly wraa with bla; wbaa b?(aUaa?*, t ft. bur tLa billa from tba aaauaad, ba bad aboat gUd.r 6160. An a! It nipt waa wad a by tba aaawaadl'a oonnael to latptoch tba tratlaiouy of Mr. Aforr, by aboatag tbat bla natrarat* at tba poller ((Tica and la thla eoart weir diDaiaat. A ioag aad elaborate argnaent fat. lewtd. ?bi*b *aa scat ably aiudataed on both atdaa. 1 ba liUtnet Attorney contended tbat ha bad a right teeth Mr Ktnart. taa elrtk of tba poitee ofllea, ta boa thattLa MatroivDt ot tba proaaeatlag wltaaaa before tbr porter tnaglr>rataa ard tba aoart waa aub>t?i.tlally tba raioa Tbla waa ma?t atreanoualy railr t. J by tba rovorcl for tba aertirad. J La ( OU T ruled that tba Diatilot Attorney had a 1 LD. TWO CKNTS. HfhttA uk Mr. Stuart ts# amin*lt of tha Eio?? ronr y wltn*?? k?1 or h?d not b??n rand or?? to no nfur ii bad born prapared. Mr N m ?m *M then called and >h?n a>k?< If tha flldi alt had boen read nrer in rb* p-n.^cu-lnif oltnaaa tier It bad b?en executed h* r?piM ihat h* emld o<t iraniUet whttbar it had or bal not bean rand o**r to bim. It haitif no* after three n'elook, tha ooort a Ijoornad until citron o'clock tbla day. Movements t?r California* PkO.M MW IOKK. Sikamohip CkbscKNT Cuv?The steamship Ciric'tui City, Captain {3i?>dd*id, leaves this day, at I o'clotk, lor Chagrrs. Amnnjr her paedefigera me Mr*. hit moot, wile id Colonel Frcmopt, and 1 Mr. Jacobe, fcon-lu-law of lllr Hno Thonns H. H? won. a company from New Hampshire, called J the"N.H K. M Mimou nnd ('ramus Oompiny," also (<o in Annexed ih a liat uf their names:? Captain J. H. Jaek<oo. <ieor*e Onlnr R b?rc f. ; rhtppa Samuel Smith, Benjamin Norton. O Uw !'iokamy. J Kumlett. jr . Krt . I M.ulton George Stokly, Nalbl. Dor noil J N Coffin. a. I Coffin. i 0 llraan, Janet T Wheeler, Joaepli B \dtma. N T. Moulton, 1 lr Alfr-H XI U I. .... ^ i * - ? """ji ??? a ut'.j iioam, t.b?D liuturl*. H Kuoneli vl. H Goodrich, B. F. Maeon K.Di<ch Cofllo. J L .tahl.-y 'I he hHiooner Splendid, Captain Baker, cleared on the Khh iiifctHiit for Cltogres. She took out the following passenger*: ? C. A. Dousherty, W. S Mir?h, Dangaok, R Norwood. J. W Marsh, Jobn Strung. I ll-oortr. M Gibbs, W in Norwnod.jr, Ely Peek K.Hart, l?. T Newton, Geo H Sad*ri?er. J. Shoemaker I. Knaluw. S F. Torrtj. T S Keotno, J K Marsh, H Benedict Mr. York, K. and J Grtdley, W It Sioa'aer, Silas Storer, H. Acorn, C. 8 Cbadwick ? Total, 'id. MAMAOHU8RPI. The ship Ilenry Adtor, Uapt Jov, sailed from Nantucket ?>u the lii'h met, for Sua Francisco. The following are the names of all who go oot in the ship; the slewed and cook are uot members ot ihe Astnr Company, hut go on wages ? Geo F. Joy, oaplato ; Ale reader F Cofllo, mats; I Ob?d Fo?dtok 2d mateijjobn G Gbaae. 81 orate; Jsaao Ibiinpein, phjrteian ; Timothy Hiaokley, Alas O. Super. Daniel bland-d, S?uiu?l King, SM?r*rd M. Burtl? tt. John R Baitlntt. H-obeii P. Kldridge. Benj. F Hay. 2d; Cbtrlti H Ulbhe Joeapb H Perry. Wm. T H'gbt. Uidron W-rth. Kdaard A. S?ala. .Samuel Wrodmrd, (l-orge F. Bunker 2-1 Al-iaoler J. M?ad> r. Stephen Loea. Benjamin F Ray, Italah Gortiaui. William 8 Arthur. William 8. Barnard, Simeon L Ctffln, I tar leu A. Taber GaorgeO Mlroo William K Starbuck, Allen C. H'norley, Gearga Wmslow, KdwatO H. Bemiclt, Tbotuae J. Cathca't, Oend B. Cat heart, Aleiatder W. Iliown. Joeepk C. Coffln, c.harlse 8 Bunker, Cbarle* A Oramier. John W. Hurler, Robert >> trailer, 8i i?e*ter D Bloant, Jamas r. i uavn iu, nmun 1/ noun** IMto I" HIIOlKf, Willi*m W Allan. Charles B. vijrlok, Joaapli Drown, and IImiI Catchall. 1 barla* L (?fO??*. ?ta<a?r<l, P?ul U iirm, cuok Paasengar*- Kd?*rd I* Cefflu, Cnerlas O. Laggeahall, And row (tarda ar, JnaUb Mturteeant, Henry I' MoClaaae, George K Aiiay H?nry Coleman, A)a>?oder M. Myrlck. Jauiea K Swato 2J and Seth Kuiger. ho bare aaaoalatnd ib-mrelvaa t*geth?r. far the purpoa# or mining, under tb? didc of the 8b#rburt a Mining Company; and I'taugut B. M Kontar, Nathan P. Cartland Ororg* VVmliloglon Lewi*, Geo. ii. Mitchell. Frederick H Mitobail and Win H. Hoffman Total, 07. CONNECTICUT. The following la h lift ol tin? officers, crew, and ib oi the schooner Al'red, Gapt. Harris, winch tniicd Ironi New Loudon on the 11th tnat., lor San Francteoj? John L. Hariia, captain. New London; ElUtu A*ery, l?t mat*, Uroron; K hi Cotuauck 'it mate Ljma; Jaiad '1 uroar. Jr.. anpaieargo, Montailla; Jamns B. Latimer New London; U. W Spaidiug. Sath >4 'lady. W. J Cedy.W H Piey Ourdi n B and R-ub?n Payne, Edwin Ston*. Jama* Or****, N Young, 0**11 Turner, taaa K cal'.ay. Killlnui) ; Wui C. Allan, G-o 4 Oorrai ca Geo C Alien Br-okly n; Alesaouar Back, Jonn <1. Buck. Pimfrat; Cbarla* IVok, New Ha??n; Moras Wairm. Kaat Ljme; Edward E. Mattaion Griawoid; John B Burnett, Hampton; Wa W. Mattba aeon, Woodstock; Andrew Harrey, Lebanon; Eaek Aldrtob, . R. I - Total, 28. MARYLAND. The bug St. Andrew, Cup'ain Paul, sailed from Bsltin.orr on (be 12th tuaUui, lor (Jhagrea. The following is a lint ot hrr pubsrugrrs:? R Mentham. wife, aad dauabter; Mra. Ann Grubar, Mra. KlitaSbanka, Jama* H. Drawn* Robert tl Hall, H A. Suniwalt. H R Bowia. J M. B >wia, H anil to a hrwia, Granville 8 Outlaid John K. Spaac* W. C. Bracb. W Illcbardron C. P. Ste*?BM>n, O MoDiaald, M. Stilllngar. C. J R>a*r***, R. r; Cbancaauiaa, NatEUii 1' VVi'.ri n, Da no la O'Connor Mr. Phelps, and Mr Bwteny, ol Workington ? Total, 24. MISSot'Rl The following is an retract of a letter published by the Cincinnati Vummeutui, of the lOih lust., uiidrr the dale il Frmu?ry R "Tliere will bra I.,. - .......I.. . .1 .... I. : -L-. .am ? >< vi jrrirniir uric ill irie spring, In go to CnMoruia, variously eaniioitrd at from 10.000 to 60,M 0 A good many g??,,ds will be taken by this n utr. Ii i* true the excuse of carriage ih much mnir ?hnii l?y m h, but it la very likely tnat by the iline the rung, get lo the head waters of the Snriairo Mo, that the p acer's will he found to exited there, and they will he at work high up the rtvi r, Hiid even if this should not be the eaae, it stnkt s me, from the inflated state ol everything iliete. slid the great demand there will be at Sin Fmiiiscotor tiaiisportntioH to the interior, that exoibitant price* will have to be paid to get 'p ight even astaras sutler's Fort? perhapseqmvaUrt to the charges across from here. Peraoua w i.{ freight In re, and are ollering to do it, at trom 26 to SO cents per pound. It will b>- adviaihleto take provisions for a yeui's eupoly. Tne lind unite this Bering, on ucdtiht of probtbility of cholera on shij hoard, Would be the moat preferable. 1 do m t believe that cholera can exiat on the plains?the aiiiioepttre is loo pure." We hainfrim the same source that the number ol cuiile lost by the government contractors, by the r.unicane, s|M<k? u ol b> Col. Kiemont, was 33,000, is sir ad of Hi,000, as published. MisaiM.m. The Concordia 1 itUmmttr of the 3d inatant, ?v)s: A c< nipsny, thiity or loity strong, leaved Natchez in the t trainer Princess, No. 3. this afterin on, in ti vti to California. It 0|*ua the journey ut Cinptis Chrisli, and approaches ihe Pacific at .-an Diego. It is compi s? d oi healihy and enterprising lion, and ihe best wishes ol tneir ft-llow<-it.7.1 in-si t'om|iany th> mm then severe but pro- , nnsmg hcvi ntuie. Our Blai k River fr.enda, good n i n siid true, blurt in the ?arly part ol next week, procssdu g np "he Ouchita to I'.Hindea, thtnee tvcilund to unite with the Fort Smith party. LOUISIANA. The stenmship Maiia Hurt, Captain Breath, hence fur Chngns, in going dowu ihe river on the night of the Ini instant, inn into the.biuR of the liver doling a heavy log, alid received aucfl damage s as made it necessary for her to reiarn to this city (or repairs.?AT. O. JbtUu, Muck6. Ti.u P. .. - i ? a nr. i bi/wi/ in IliR ? ! IC?MSMI'PI.? A Wl*ffTBpn\G H?h|hi(h Itom Union Kuuge to trie New Orleans (rii>r?/,ol Hie (iih iiiht , myh " I'ne rivt-r has bn km ltd*.ut;b the It vee m i wt> dili-rt-m plaeee, each 40 ) arde wule and about IJoyzrdn *i?tri. Ttie neper one in ?<t I'jvi-t'n ball roim. The Church, | KuklannV Molnison'f, Gnl. dtewart'a. Soniat's, I <ti d I'm trick'* plantation*, and other#, under water. 1 here in at le0*t eight fret Ull Ironi the river, and I the r?or*.et dinger i* nppr? heuded. The Mayor ol Baton Rouge i,h# juet returutd I rum the scene, and aay a a la an awlul eight. A Com licit on?An utilo lunate error occurred in our leht?.p to the rank ol the Chevalier de M-tctde. Minister Irerii Brazil, who waa otficnily pretenled to the Fieaideut on Moudxv laat Hisemnmikeicu ia (hut ol Minister Plenipotentiary anil Li.voy LxtraordiLBiy. instead of unt ot Cuirgc o'Atitun e, by which ine Lwpi e ot Brazil preViouely lepierented id tl.eUiiiod Stales.?Nutwnal Jnlilligrvit*r, Mm * K 14. Court HefRs.? We are requested to state that the PltslOrlil Will heie?ller rtceive VlblU ol (jour ift> hHwfi n the hour* ot twelve and t<?? o'clock on Tu? rd?) a nod Friday* ?Auiitma' li*ttUixencer, MunhlA. Domi?tk lllltctliaiir. Tbf Al?a Houm at Hrdron V . w?a dtatroyad by bic on hi-day taat and tbrw Iimm p-raoaa buraad to doatb Ob Salrrfay lait, 1,6(1 yaraona paart d over the New Harm Kailioad. A Data trial*!*! to C. A'HIo'on, of Himhart, S. C, tit da iboit liiua nice la birth k> ihtta cam. A rsiror prarall* that me af tba ? niraia of Oakland emit} . Michigan. baa drcanpad ?ltb$4UU0of tha prrpir a not ay. To lalilornia. of ooara-. Tba pinotii.! of eottoa waa commcaetd la Alabama en tba *o taat. Tba body raraatly found wardered oaar Alexandria, Va . baabten Idtntifiad aatbatol T. W Huge, ?rNatUigtaat, bid. Mltn nil baa adapted tha rrformad ptaetloe of tba law la It**, prapaitd aid pat la torea la Ntf Yctk. Be* Tl.r aar H. Stoakton. cf tha Mrthodlat Proteatant ( it'rh hw traa rlrcttd Praaidtal of jllami lOblo) Unitrratty. Odd la ?r-t?l to bara raeeatly bora dlaaoaarad In larj.a quantum a, on tbe abort* ot Big Plettamar, Me. A (matt eotBntlUad aalalda at Clnelaaati oa tha I'Tfclyrt ?J

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