Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 15, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 15, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YOWC HERALD. florthwctl fwMriif fuiutit and Nhhb iU. JAM*:* tHIMOOS BKNNBTT, rmiPHiuroR. THK UAH. Y Ht.KAi.LJ. ? Ft' niutons, 2 conte per ? ny?V ?raM(n IV MitRftlSfi KOlTIOyi it jfithliehccl at .1 u ridht A- ti and diet rtLtUcd before hrtohlntl; ih, Jlrtt AtTKKS< >< LX MO ITHJ ft ft Lr k d of <tr uetmhteyi tU 1 o'clock; and the oecoud ?i W ?.. / 2 o'clock. H M. THK W hit.K L Y liKKAI.n. for circulation to thit Uont* meta. it pubLehnt tvr.u c.uurd y. at (>>? cent' ter copy or (3 p?r oiuim ; /?r circufiilum ui Kumjir. 'Itui printed in French mod Knylo h. at cm f per ropy, or %i per annam ; (A* bitter mrico to include ttryaatnye. ALL LKTTF.Rlt hp Jar tubrcrtjilionr, or with adver tUraxmti to tie r?> ( fitd. or the petave toill ho deducted Jroot the Rumry remitted. YOLUSTAK YCilKRkSPOVOKXCK. cootaimnpimport.sot motor i mm .. ny ijtraiter ?/ the ton rid ; if tuod. will be tibernlly fuiia lor. XIJ NllTH f. in km o/'iiumymiKi com mimic orient. Wh? I Otter u irtlrt. rd Jmr i m tinn mot! be nuthci.ti ated try the an me mud oddrett of ' V writer ,,at neeeee.irity for publication but me a of hie ooi.d faith. W? eatmat return rejected J lit KK riSKMt?l*'t'H (rrnrwtA entry mornmt, and It be MMiaW in the morniut tin altemoon edition*,) ut remtmnbU price* ; to he u-ntin, in ? ,?/ in ffbt* manner ; th* proprietor not retvonuitle for error* in mnnuicript PUSriSfl Ot nil hti-dt ern tuea beautifully, and i*Uk dtepn trh. Order* rrrmnt nl the office THK HKHAI.P KS'I'AHLIhHUKST it open throughout th* might ANUoEDENlB THIl EVENING. BOWEBY TBI?TKE Btrwetr?Iaols Kyh?If atiohax. otta?i>? fiono ta CtOci a ann SionoB nbri. IRIMDWAT rMkaTft rr*<adway? kouy O'Ioki-NaMb roB ah Bouh? ns Sma*. * RATIONAL TRlATtE 'liathtt tgho-LnTi th Hvmblb bri?Which Amonr- Owbethhaiti Ann Witu. BOWTONB THAAiAE utiobmnmHSowar* ahd Son? TnaTjom M BBCBaNWS" ball. Broadway, bmw Broom*?Chahtt'i Miner* hi a SOCIETY UBRaRT, Broadway ?Nrw OluiRI BbBHHAokas. BBOADW aY OIBtfCS. #?T Brondwa*? Hn*amtAwa*ir, Pow* Aaoia ami Dahoihs Doim-lY oaaua uuerr m Ua-'i TaOVTL AOOUKUCAL Ball, s?w?ry?Yah Amm B Oa'a aw as*i. ib. uhjnemjc MtlMElIB. or Broad wat?Ohzhmb Ovbtomyibb. btuyvlnaht IMiTTTnrB. Broadway?maa. Bvtlbb'a JUaumi r Siiafcariai. a. MINERVA BOOBS?Bona AnnlCH, Basic ahd PmLMOm. PANORAMA HAL'. Corker Br"?d<r?yend Wfclkar-TJWH?r i)IOnnpA?d?A??ir -h? Kith. Ren tnrk, 'lliuuimy, Qorelt 15. INAU. Tbe Tariff?The Next Ureal (turitlon. "We hnvr. within the past lew days, given extract* fiom paters published in diffeieut parte of tbe couutry, representing different interests, relative to ibe tariff In this day's paper will be found seveial atticlra from Eastern papers, the organs of tbe manufacturers of that section. There is, at present, every indication of this being the great queeUon hetwem thejtwn great political parties; but it is with much sariefuction we observe a moderation, on the pari of the protectionists, which will solt?ndowu the opposition very materially, and conduce veiy much to the perfection of a system calculated to satibtv ah interests, much more .than tbe one now hi operation. We shall give the views of hoih police, in our columns, with our own ideas relat ve to this imp->rtaut measure. The Danish 5 at ion ami the SuhleswlgMolkieln War. In former times, ti.e Danes played a distinguished part in tbe great d ams of worldly transactions. They conquered E.igland, and held the throne of that country, which was possessed lor a series of yeuttby Daniah km^t. Among these warCanute'he Great, who is fatuous for the rebuke he gave to his flat'erers and courtiers on the sea shore. The Danes hI.-o conquered Norway, and held possession el that coui.try lor many centuries. They # were gieat navigators, and were masters ot the Baltic Sea and Geitnan Ocean, and frequently laid waste the shores ot France, Germany, Eogland and Scotland, whither their victorious and preda. toiy fleets olten repaiied. Such were the Danes? a geat people But lor some ages past they have slumbered and reeled in what may be called, in Carolina parlance, a "rnaaterly inactivity," quietly Joofcinp on upon the troubles of the world around vtfaem, and wisely taking little part therein. But at the present moment the Danes are w aking up, and ?re pre| unrig, as we deein it very probable, to place themselves at trie head and in front cf a movement likely to kindle an extensive war on the continent of Europe, and lead to revolutions and pertuibations ot which do political sagacity can calculate the c< Dstqueucet. 'J he loiiow iuk ib a burr ana laminar statemen1 of the causes w hich ii-?ve led to the present state ?f aflaiis iu Germany, iu which the Dane, routing (ike a lioo, from a loi g sleep, stands erect anl shakes his shnugy mane, and breathes out detiance and destruction sgaiunt h>s Germ tn neighbors. Iu tl c year Ibl6. a number of great men, and zmuisteis, and aiphni-tiibts, representing in their persons iheeinierors, kings, princes, dukes, and all the hereditary sovereigns of Europs, met to. geihrr at Vienna to bslanca accounts, and settle and bhuie the Eumpean world amang themselves, after recovering from (he disturbances Napoleon bad caused them. It was a kind of "c'eartng house," I ike ibai ol Tfresdoeedle street, L*ndoo, at which |<e< pie, sud nation*, and kiugdoms, were passed lr< ni baud to hand, and bartered and exchanged among ihess kinuH, in an incomprehensible and magic maimer. At this general scramble dor all snd whstrver could be got?where princes and pcu ntntes Hete i? be seen scrambling, fight<u>g, and jostling one another, all in regular diplomatic style, like a lot ol school-boys among whom a bandtul ol |esce h is been thrown for the fun of seeing th? m scramble for it ?at this scramble, Sweden g? t Norway given to her, and Danruark, inati a/I Mntusv unt a onunfrt? in . *' """/? b"* ** 7 ?" v?riui?uf# dote to her t.orders, etxIJcd Scbleswig-IIoUtein. But ike Geimuns oi fh lutein did nut like this, bectute they did not like the Dines; and the j Dane* did nut relish it much, because they did not like the Gemmae; therefore, as the old addge runs, ihere was no l?ve lost ?u eittier side. Ever since that t rue, Denmark has lieid possession of this German province as an integral part of its own kinjidi in and dominion; and in the distribution ot -office and employ meut* throughout the province* has, naiuially enough, always favored the Danes, filling the country with Danish officers of every grade, to ihe entire exclusion of the native Germans, v ho thus saw themselves overrun by Danes, in all th lucrative offices and honors, and excluded from any paiticipstton in them themoelves. For a loug urne, the Germans ol Holstein murmured, tub rnto, agaiiut this state ol things, but saw no chance of remedying it. The Congress of Vienn . had settled it all for them, and all the powers ol Europe were combined to support the arrangements made by that Cougress. Patient aubmietion was the only resource. Rut m the memorable year of 1848?the year of revolutions? people in Europe, loin wing the "lampie ot the French, began to think they were people, and had some rights. The fcver spread nil over Europe, and at last rer ch?-d denies wig-Holstein, and the r!a? n( Iis. floirn,u>i Sfafp nriri f)ii/*hv nnur An. ternnurd to !>? Daiiir!) fiibjftti do intgcr, but tobn what they were buo'e-a German independent State. S?v.'< it tnc ht.jtr of the question wrjich now agi* tates < n rm?), ?i.o threatens to leai to a gcnerri war. Th- Dc..?r are tip in their fury, arid are determined to bold potitesMon of the country, whila tfhe (.eiti diix, on the oiher hand, nr.- determined 10 V 'rmtiir, and to be ensk.v-.-d by the Danes bo longer. M?tutinie, the an,n,any haa been going on inert an ng. Several bloody engagoneota have already bien 'ought; aud at length it hati com? to anch a pilch that Danes and German ate liow oppoaed to each other, with a national hatrtt1 irmtthiug line the bitternefa which once ?x:at< d lx tw?tn Oiangemen and United Irinh men. The war has been g"ii g on some tim , ami eyctj Dane, in every pait of tht world, laV'? pirt jk iih i.i* country ngr.inet tho 1 rr.itw.?D a -yi- j ni Hud a seal of |talrii.'i?m and love ot country not to foe Kurimt-a^d, or oven e?nceived. Aiauecdote illustrative of the spirit of ihe Din's, h-ts ' lato'y come ?o our knowledge, which we will re- 1 late. The gorerrim< hi, it seems, has sent wo-d 1 10 the Dniiirb Consuls iu nil parts ot the w >rld, ' io rail iipcn hII Danes to go home and aid in the wer. Now, there is a Dane io New York?an old resident, wiih a large family grown up around him?who, when he heard the patriotic call, was so grieved that he could iiot personally res,?ond to it, that he hat actually hired a man, a bellicose Ir hrnin, to go to Denmark as his representative, .md to fight sgainat the Germans, tooth and nail, for him. For this purpose he has paid the Irishman $200, who has accordingly set sail to join the Danish aimy. Of this fact there can he no dou'it. Such is the enthusiasm of the Danes in the cause of their country, that ibey are all flocking home to Join the aimy, io hopes of whipping the Germans. So wags the world. What a sight! what animosity between nations, and for what idle causes ! Even the Danes themselves?and we conversed the other day with two highly resectable, intelligent, and educated gentlemen of that nation, who thus expressed themselves?confess that, aostractly, the Germans are in the right, and have a right to assert their liberty. But who, now-a-days, cares for right, when a lucrative office is in viewl Such is britfly and intelligibly a fair view and statement of the great Schleswig-Holstein affair, which has given so much trouble to Lord Palmerston, to Prussia, and the great diplomatists ot Europe, till at length the parties are now going to fight it nut among themselves, in good earnest. New York Journals in Philadelphia.?Under this head, we alluded, a few days since, to the opinion of Judge Parsons, recently del:vered in Philadelphia, to the effect that news venders were responsible for what waB printed in the respective newspapers v hich they disposed of. We termed it, at the time, a most singular proceeding, and we have had no reason to alter our mind on the subject since. The case which called forth this remarkable opinion from Judge Parsons, was the airest of the agent of the National Police Gazette of this city, at the instance of a party who, it is said, left Pnii delphia before the trial came on. On the trial, the same position was assumed by the Judge; but we are pleased te see that the jury thought proper to look at the matter in a different light, and not make a news vender responsible for what he is entirely ignorant of, and accordingly brought in a veidict of not guilty, in favor of the defendant. This is precisely what they ought to have done. It is in direct opposition to the charge of Judge Parsons; but it is in accordance with good sound sense. There is another remarkable point connected j with this cane, which we desire to call the atten- 1 tion of ihe public to, as a specimen of what Phila- , delphia law is. The defendant was arrested aim- i ply because the pap^r was sold by him, and be- ! cause the editor and proprietor, who lives 111 New i York, could not very conveniently be proceeded against. Judge Parsons might have kuown the fact, that the paper in question was published in New Yoik. Yet he charged that, in the absence of all proofs that it was published in New Yoik or any placs else than in Philadelphia, it might bo interred by the jnry that the article was written by the news vender himself. This is ceit inly very singular and startling to a citizen of New Yoik, and in our opinion, a doctrine at variance to not only common sense, but common justice. In another part of his remarkable and curious charge, Judge Parsons, in alluding to the injury which might be done to citizens if the agents of papers, or news venders, were not held responsible for what the journal which they , dispose of may contain, said that if the law 1 did not point out the remedy in such cases, j persons libelled would probably seek their own < vengeance, and bloodshed might ensue. It is ! customary with prosecuting counsel, when appeal- i ing to the jury for a conviction, (whether the j party a> cused be really guilty or innocent, which is too otten done in this city aud elsewhere,) to pour, i tray scenes ol bloodshed and vengeance, in order to have the detited etfrct, and induce them, without reference to the (acis, to convict; but we would ask ,f there is no danger that vengeance and bloodshed might ensue, it an honest and industrious man who supported himself and family by selling newspapers, were held responsible for what he was as ignorant of as the child unborn, and lest he might have auy, the least, chance of escape, that it imghi be inieired in the absence of proof, that the papjr ?i ....i.i,. k..a i. Dk;i..j?ki <u -i nao uui I'uviioijcu tu a uuaucipuia, mc ai llUiC ur I objectionable mailer was wri le#by the poor newj ! vt Drier h mceit 1 "It la a bad rule winch will not work boih ways.*' The effect of auch doctriae is 1 easily sein. A newspaper in New York may consider it a duty to hold up to the exposure and acorn 1 if the woild u man who has outraged the. , proprieties of life, by, f t instance, seducing th- ' only daughter of aged and respectable parents. For J such a heiuous c lue the law cannot infl ct ade* i quale punishment; but the well deserved chastise- ' nont which the law cannot inflict, is adininia- , i red by the Irer and independent press, which 11 'raiksthe criminal, follows ins to.itsteps,and ooa- [ tu nta him wuh Ins villany, wherever he goes.? ? The pi per containing this exposure is sent to th<5 , ugular Hgent; and no matter how trus the eircum- s fcittuctaniH) be, and no mailer how muchsnever iu-i fiable the m<.lives of the publisher may have * been, the jioor agent, or news vender, who never < read it or heard of it, is made responsible for it, ^ and by purposely keeping troin the jury proof that > ihe paper was published out ot the ftate, the jury J are to inler that the aitiele was written by the c news vender. Atrocious! We have heard a g?o J 1 t'? al of Philadelphia lawyer-:, who may or may ( not be so hard to puzzle as they are represented to / be; but Philadelphia law goes ahead of anything we ever heard of?even of justice itself?ia our " opinion. o it cannot be concealed that the lite proceeding! ? in Philadelphia are aimed at tha freedom and in- ai dependence of the preas, and deaig ied to prevent P' the sale and circulation of New York journals in f| that oity. The parties conccra-d in it may Hod ti out before long, if they have not done so already, J| that they are knocking their heads against the ?, w?ll, or gnawing a file. Vsl.UI, SCRITT, AMD EpriClRMCT OF TMR MsO- |? nmc TiitaRAPM?We have obUiued the follow- ' ing statement from the New York, Ahany, and n Buffalo Telegraph Line, in order to show to what pi ceiiainty the telegraph system haa reached:? 'J Nkw Ynaa. Mareb 1849. The New York Albany and II u if so Tel'tvsph Line, T. 8 Kaitoa, UUea President. was In goad sorting crd?r dotltg the >e ?r lhS8 m fellows ' From New York to BufUlo 500 miles. Wldeyr. " " Rochester. , . .48*4 " U1 " ?* " Ntiusu SSI ? Sol M *' " title* 2T8 u an ?? u Troy J 7T ? SIS " ' A'Vaay 168 ? 813 " Tl The long rrparte yon got f m AlhenvaratiacetnltUd h< in Ires than an hour. fi K MAKEPt'.I. E. ln Oporator New Tork | It appears by this that tin; telegraphic w res, on well eatablislx d linea, arr iore r? ? tar, surer, and " more raliable than the rna.l, as a n.enna of trans- ox nutting communications !r?in ana ,:i?y or town to another. With the lncreate of lines and ox.if- " mnce ol the operators and copyist?, the utmost accuracy will be attained in messages over the Hi wires, and the uae of the mail will lie, in a mea?ure, diapensed with We ?x(*ct to ace the day when the JVVv? Yatk Htrnid, with the exception of 41 he editorial and city newt, will be tilled with tclo- n graphic dee|?>ches liom all parts el the Union, u conveying the latest iMelh^ince front all corners ol the globe. Then we sinul be com celled f? head the m wm ? Two ho'wa," or " Three hour*" later, imtead ol 'One week," or" Two weeks," as #e tow do. j: Thratrlctl anil MuatraU. Bmim Th?.i?? - We vera g i4 t? m? * fill ?'Uf? hat* laat taming. on tha ngnajiig of th* b?en tt of tlii fta<lj of th? l?t? J M. Saott, m a w >rth|nr ti than tha drecwl lam trod tha board* of a ij It duk( bars bnao gratifying to hw ftoti y to bo*a ttso tucb a raUy of hi* (Vistula. l'o? (t-ilormiu>a cODtbbd of tha C(nr?tU of tha ' Na'.t >aal imm d.'1 woicb *u piaynd Id ami >(nall>ii( ?tyi-. Tblf pi?c? ii a rnr> fa tori in ooa at tba Bowsrv. aid a? ar? a lad to ana that It la t? bi repsatad tbla araoiua Aft?r tba op? rt, Vigo?ra Ciocca aodSginr Neri appnar? d ano daoerd tha I'olta Na'.loaa'n in du??tjl?. Thtra eaonn* arn al*ays hUhiy applauded aad d'S-rr edl> ao Tba Stgeora ta ona of tbn moat haudoianijr foiMiad wotoao oftba day, aod bar dinting t* a'*?M ebaianiat rn d by great graoe and nlnganne. 3><nor Nrrt la Mbe " ?" a oapital daooar. Ufa hope that me anal-' 1-rp her- tha plna-nra of anntng t1<a ample p-r form at <hn Bowery. Toe sua dra-ua of K?gu? K*e" core uded tbn performance*. It la a miat cpUnlid ptrrn. and tba fnat* of bnrantnahablp Ii It eurpwa eeen tha far fimed onti la Patnam. It wl>l be played ag tin tbl* arming. bioiunii Thuth ?Laat arenlng waa emphttl cally and unquestionably tbc araning of tba aaanoa. It nee not a atream. nor a rlrer. nor n lake, bat a lown r'ght aralanobe of buotan balnga, tbat ruahed la har? w.tb it re i ir tibia force. Long before tba oartain roe tKete waa not atandlag room, and tba bant waa ao Intmi-e, arm at thia tenion, that we warn almost in a aia'a tf feal<-n. Weahould not bo ?arprl*od to knar it trt-ry uaa t/bo waa prerenl la labouring under a p?io iu ire nun, in DiiDmjuiBiir 01 un du ?i itogaur into kieli tiv) * ( itiowi fun tbe eoaioinno-maat t > llit IttBliitlloo of tb< Mr Culliue lad >tr H. Ileride Mill have to anrwer fer all the dameRe have don* t? the kealtfc rf the Rood people of tble ouy lu common jurtiee tbey ehould relmbaree those who may be rbl'gvd to bare medlral advloe Kor our part, we c?u ear that wo bad aeier laughed so mu ib to the vtoie court* of our life aeon tble oecaeion. The play we.-' Kcrj O'.VIcore," Mr tolU-na waaofoouree Kiry, end admiiab y be did tbe part. Hie broad Irah av oeoi; lie Humor, fun, drollery, "outeoeM," aad hel luoluatiou*. were all la character; aad were given wltl Ipowrifui ?ITeof. He lea capital Irishman Hieetory cftbe- outeneee" or tbe Irieb tux,wbleh he eald" oeuld tale tbe rhla off tbe Knglieh fox without the other fellow knowing if," drew forth a etorm of applaua*. Hie crnge tbe -'Low Beaked Car," and tbe "Cruukeea Lawn," wete eung la true lr>eh etyle, aod were a* tbey deceived to be. encored. Mr H. Piaoide rejavaen'ed to tbe 1 fe. end with all tbe faataatlo aire aod ge-tloulaflon* <1 a trenebmaa. tbe obaraeter of Oe Wetlekto. whom Kory O Moore aalled Mr. Wllklaaoa. or Mr Devilakin Tbe roete wbere Rory made him (at Into a Boar bari al. t?r tbe purpcae of eonoeal!ng blm, ooavulred the b'luee from centra to oiraumforeaoe. Tbe repiatad rAviawB1 ivu vi ue naxraiu," ii'irj, juu Kn a?a f UDiy fallow." hIwsjh caused a bur at of merriment. In flap so iplendid a night has not boon too a here for long time. The music ?u Tory flno. Tbo orertoro wis compered otrevere! Mloetlono fromlrlsh pieces,ooarirtiug of "1'etrtok's Day,'"-Oarry Owen," fto. Miss Chapman. ?r Biddy Casey was most exoellent; and Mrs. Abbott, as Kathleen, the drarly beloved of Rory. was mild, lubduod. and interesting Wo congratulate the managers and the proprietor upcn their good fortune, tbe two loading aotors upon tholr signal suroess, and tho publio upon their appieoiation of the efforts made to entertain them. National Thkatrb.?There was quits a good house hers last STsnlng, and the performances went off well The first pisos was '* Jack Sbeppard," Miss Mestaysr taking the part of the ranownad Jack Ws ballses the version of Alnawsrth's novel wtiloh is played at the National is different from other versions; at all rvsntr, Ira dmuuimeut is mors calculated t? place the Teata of Jack Sbeppard in a light loss apt to aaptivsts the imagiaation of youth than tha novel itself doss. Mies Mrrtayer's Jack Shsppmd Is a oapttei piaos of ictiog. and in the dress she wears she looks like a rery handsome boy Ws regret to hear that Mr Dbanfran is otlll quits siok; ws hope he will sooa be able to appear on the 'tags, as hs oenuot be wilt ipeied by bio patrons. To-mgbt lbs favorite drama it The Wreck Ashore" will be played, with Coapman a< tba immortal Marmaduke Magog, and Booth as Jemmy Starling. Tbe drama of Love in Humb'e Life." aud tbo comedy of "Sweethearts and Wives." will eonolude the performances. To-morrow ev?n a< Mr MoFarland will take his farewell benefit. We are euie tbe requesters of tbe National will regret that his engagement has eoneluded. Boston's Thsatbs ?Tha nnprseedsatsd suoosss with which that most touching, sweet, and beautiful place of ? D em bey ft Son " is nightly grsstsd at Bur ton (theatre, is a proof both af tha good taste of tbs people of our city, and the sound judgment of Barton In bringing it forward. It is oae of those pieoss which, unlike the ephemeral productions of thedsy, is not oal cuiated only to appear for* womeniead then to di-ap p?er, It is a piece wbiob will bearNpMM ex*mlu? tios. and. In faot, the beauties of which cnonot rightly be nppreoUted or understood by mocc seeing It It ku not jet been represented ? often as M MiaU Citato" wm nt the Broadway, and yet, truly rioh, beautiful, and magnificent a- that apeotacla wa?, we consider - Douihey St soa " a* far more deserving popular admiratloo. and we beliere, too, It tar more popular Our own opinion la, that, like Banvard'a Panorama, or a painting by Waat or Rafael, u weuid 'and f r a permanent atuaction aed a eubjict of atlliLioiabed admiration an IndaQnite lengtn ?f time. - Lnoy did Sbam Amour " la alao added to thl* great ittraotlon- a piece which, by liself a one. la oatouiated .0 d? light the crowda which nightly flock to witnsas Burton's fascinating representations biotdwit Circus.?It has often been said, and with truth, too, that it wae a remarkable feet that a e Irons waa a p ace of amusement very difficult to estabiub in thiseity; and one of ibe principal reasons was the troub'e in keeping It orderly and leepsotabla. Sands, Lent A Co t however. have completely overcome the obstacle, by establlsbingaoirou?,that,both lor beauty and order, caanot be surpassed The performaeoee nightly ere of the first class. The lighting ponies. Mom oo boueback, the daring evolutions on the flying o >rd, the beautiful f< a's of borsemsnshlp by Ma-iter Maurice Sand*, eannot be excelled The performeooee ojoclooed with the sporting burlesque of " The Union Race Cour-e," which Is certainty one of the most oomiral and laughable we ever witnessed, almost killing Ibe audience with langhtsr. fl a rim's Grand Musical. Festival ? Felloien David's pubiime musical composition, which was recently per Krmsd at the Tabernacle, with the obaars of a delighted audience, will be repeated at the Astor Plaoe Opera Hcu-s, on Friday evening Signor Uariu do Mtv?s well tor the splsadid arrangement of the last concert; and when It is known that singing part eili be this time sustained by the accomplished r )o*lIrt, Julia Noribali and that the spoken pert will be delivered by Mr Lvune. whose eieoutinnar* MS.Fi tie wrll known in thl* city, we have little doubt but tb?t tbla omcftt will be attended by alt lb? mimical leutry of thin oily. Tna orchestra will be ooinpoeed >f oaa bundr-daud flfty niuaioians, aad the oboruv art will ba ru rained by one buolrad vocal lata. We tifh Barill tb<- -uoceee hia talent deeerve*. Mr Dkmpst . k ? Tbla celebrated and favorite ballad leper, whore plaintive and effectivestyle of atating tan bet n rulr?ited in every city of tba Union, la woluh a fang hie favorite composition* will give bla ne'erainnieatat tba Tabernacle, on Wedneeday evening, he Ulet ioat Hie doottieh ballade, eu 'b a* " John inderaon my Je ho , are much admired, aa alio the Lament of '.be Irian Kmigrant," " The May ttueoa," nd the ' Death of Warton." Siueoaa Biecacciawn ? Tbla talented lady, of whoa re haTe coor auti* epokea to oar rvadera tor the last wo monihe giving tbe narration of the great euooeee he haa met with elne# rbe recovered from her long llneea. arrived on Monday laat In oar oity, in ver* ccd health end we dope aba will eoeo find aa oppor unity ef appearing before tbe numerous admirer* abe laa Utt am on, ue We understand that *h? ha* ma :? ,o arraeg. i . i t ?ith Mr He'ton tba ealabrated voallat, to t)a>?i Smth. and give eoooerta. No doubt bey will aiuet wiia the aueoeaa they really deeerve Avon.* iiouNt. ?The farewell ooaoert of Luigl liana, th* y<>ua> vlollalat, will take plan*, at tbe ipollo liovioe, on oaturday e>ening. the 24tii laat. CHBiatv'a '-.iiv?ttiu ?The perforata* oe* of theae ilastrel* a e aa flr?|f gg over, and nightly they elog o orowda 11 not, Their ooaoert room D mow due J p aowel aodeomoiy. that it ie not to be aur aeed fct < 3mn,odativn by any other pabue plao* in I >wn. 1 a , whf. witn tea excellent entertainments nd pleat* ut aooomojodationa, no one ean rail to be leered by a vlait to Ct risty'e. New OkLcana Smiimiikii ? The wide extended tma whiou theae alugrr* have gaioed. baa aeeured for lam a flrit rate mur.d of patioaage In tbla elty. and try woikherd to maintain It, aad there la no doaht try will ooatlnne to reoalve it for any length of time, < ihey arc alweye on tbn watoh co Introduce doveltle* lib# moat aanalna kind. Their programmaafor thia t eek are eery eicelltat ( Ytntr Hu t will give another of hla rery popular t o nrea to-morrow evening, at the Svjyri-tant la- ! Mate. CmnaiaMi iKt-u ? Tht- vaatcoileotion I* attracting * uoh atraatloa trim our citleaan. It la a ooaip'.ete ictnra of Lbinear life In every depre* and we nan ralu uiet d the whole aihlltlon ae one of the moat investing and Ineituotlre ever shown 1m New York. 1 Missava Beoan?Mcrrt'iua Anxrew. ?Th'a rVIHful * agician oonpT ge'ea nighty arouo J him a naamus ( idienoe. which aeem to be delighted with the aclen- | Be and phyan al experlmeM offered to thi a by the . Jebrated neat mt> ur. M. Adrian la repeatedly tv- 1 arded with great applam*, aad he deeervit It, tor wa t > not irrnembor Laving ever veeu a prof *a#r f if^vp>mala and (oura d':d'. (tit At A> tiful eA b ? la. . buugb M. A rpeaka but tbu fNllfeWMfQag*,ba ta far ^Iter eg,, M Avery, who traaf late* bii- ocujh ui t the moet ai cwr ite atyle, aa i4utek a* wore* are ntred by M Adrian. ^ unvrunt or 7 ? UC9V1IF It-1TKF.?,\II ID9 pi?'*ma a it )<t ??|.:b tod in New York 1 b-?? of oallti. far dlatt u*? and i iinparatlral' uaktnwu to h r oiVii'M. and j*t tb?y h??? bfi?n ?*e.-lr?d iritk , * wrooai fktor br pi ? at o - a, oxJitMtlng a*.' h>? >i mvr of Brooijwi. . tad VV'i it r rtraot, In of Um> H od? ib hi it ! N. w Y( city and ih*r?f.'r? litatu. bv (till 0 or* iBirrvaMog t>> all Na* York .rf. Ti pr-'abt ?*- , Mttnv li tho?or <n?Bn(!in?rcof an-rldx'if ijinurin i< it ii It H ??dy '?c kinot U In ilc- t in i.n tni'.tn**" of stall ary a'mltar ? xMMiton lb tli# world, a emjto ?r? may t'? m?d? i.i to tk? aiaanttt ! < of ??alr oa Mob I* la hob* I )>? ">\tnk ooinmanoaa aw tag j, '??p iTta'rn at 'gtat o'ctook. ftnonMt ?T>wnr-ad and Orr'a mammoth p taora aa of thr llndrcn lttvrraaJ Clip of Nnwfi k ar? 0 nw fcrltg txbltmrd at ttar iarga ball, did Broadway. f .Mr VIUob tb? Fi'tohwrgiUrjWaaatMoaUomrrj, ? 'a ,oa :?) ftb lu't. Tlio Monplilalra *r? at Vle'ottr. I Fa mioent Tavi.i a li .i rcco?nist<i Rjtrib) rrrrt fiwrrt rr. I n il ot thr I opttbhc i " tuhL<'ftior tht I'M' o! I riUdtlpuia. i rtaWftAPHM INTKlXllrKIMK. Kurntiv* Apl>ol <*_iinm. Shield* and i lit* 8**i?ti?III* Wi?hi*uioii, Martli II 1*40. WtllltD Sl'mkirln b?*i eosiifiitil In hi* avn'D*li?l Nttkl Ait**', it Pklltdtlpbli, * b-nh "fflm ; had uc ae eaoated by lin.l iuod. h* bat b?eo aid : rd considerably la hi* appointment by Cnthallo la- i ttuonce. which w*? brought to bear agalnat P.tar Sken ' Snil'/i, fcl* opponent. I Jud>? rtsy ton. of Georgia ha* baca nomlna'ed a* ' aerond Auditor of the Treasury, la place of Ocacral McCallc. Several Laad Office noralaatloae were eeat la to-day; ae, alio, a ebange or two la the territorial affiner* for Vlneaota, whloh hare been made to aailefy Clonal Baker. The nomination* for offioera in the city af Near York, will be held back for a day or two. Oea-ral Ta>lcr proceeds cautiously, and with olxsam/peotlon, in these matters. General Shields, to-day. (after ha hal daelarad hi wi Ungates to stand by tbe decision of tba Senate,) mada Mr. Webster a lltlla angry, by sending in bia resignation during tba debate upon ble eaie. Mr Webster will probably ineiit tbat iha report deolaring the election void be noted upon, and we may tnerefare expect another long debate la all the higher appointments, the Senate are < lspof ed to sdd old Zack. lie will not pfbaeat any large quantity at this session. Interfering Proceedings In the United States Senate? General Shleida's Cats. Waihihiitoiv, Marab 14 -P. M. The consideration of General Shialds'e oasa was resumed. Mr. Calhoun moved to amend the resolution of tba oommittee, by adding thereto, as a modification cf it (bat General Shields Is ineligible to hie seat at the oom mencement of tbe term for whioh be was elaoted On this motion a long debate rprung up. whloh wa* participated In by Mr Webetcr, Mr. Rask of Texas, Mr. Atebison, Gensral Shields, Mr. Seward of Now Yoik, Mr Douglass, Mr. Foo a Mr Hale, Mr. Calho in Mr Berrisn, Mr. Butler, and Mr Underwood; la th* oouree of wblob. several otter unimportant modifications were anggesti d. Mr. Foots, at the request of Oeneral Shields, withdrew his motion to postpone the eubjaot until ths next scrslon Ueoernl Shields here tendered a letter of resignation. Mr. Wksster objeoted to its reoaptlon. He aaldthat tbe gentleman had no power to resign. Mr. Cass moved to lay the /bole eutyeot on the table; wtloh waa lost, by ysas 15, nays 34. Ths debate waa then continued as to whetbsr, If Gensral Shields resigns, ths Governor of Illinois ean fl 1 the vaeaney. Finally, n motion was made to poet pone the luhjeet until to morrow; whioh was oarrled, bp J(U 24, Blji 23. On metlon of Mr. Htu, General Shield*'* letter of rselg nation wee rend. Mr. Hili then moved thnt the President of the Sennte Inform the Governor of Illinois of Oenernl Sbielde'e reelg notion. Mr. Bkbbier moved to postpone the farther ooml deration of the euhjeot; whioh wae agreed to. K1CCUTIVB tiuion. The Senate then went Into Eseoutl e session, when eeve'al unimportant nominatlone were reoelved. Ve?terdaj'e nomination* were all confirmed. Another Uettiui tlvw Kirw at St. John?One Hundred Buildings Destroyed. St. John, N. B., Wednesday?9% P. M. Scarcely had our oltlien* recovered from the turc.oll occasion, d bp the recent fir* In King etreet, beft't* a* are called upon to reoord a etiU n ore dleaotroua one, wb'ch baa befallen our devoted oltp. About three o'clock thla morning, the inhabitant* were aroneed trom their alnmbera bp the alar a belle from the lurid glare, which at that earlp hoar waa visible, it waa evident thai the fire had made considerable headway, unseen bp mortal eye When first seen, the flames Were ruaniag along the roof of the barn In the rear of tho hone*, owned and occupied bp Captain Thee. N. Smith, in George* *tr**t, whioh raplJlp ex. tended to th? adjilnlug buildings, and in n short tint* tb* whole range of dws.ling house* situated on that street, and oeeupied by Mr Johu Brydsn, Mr. John Thompson and others, wste on Are. A strong wind, which prevailed st tbe time from the north, dross the flames on the range of buildings fronting en Union street, and econ enveloped them in on* sheet of lurid flames, wbiob shot up its spiral forks towards hsasen Illuminating tb* darkness to a great distanoe ? The fire sot n eyriad to tb* large rang* *f buildings frottirg ?n Mill street, sweeping both sldat 1 on tbls etreet,and runnirg down into Drury Lane and Smyth street. It la Impo-sible for us at this hour to ascertain the name* af the principal sufferer* by this ' calamity? or even to ascertain with eertalnty the 1 number of houses destroyed. The description of the boundary will, however, give some Idea of the extent ol the conflagration. Note Haui|?hise selection. AoaToif, Mareh 14?10 P. M. | Tbe returns, as far as reeeised. show that Dinsmore, j the democratic candidate for Governor, bat been eleoted In tb* third Congressional district, by a large ma < Jorlfy. 1 be returns indicate that Wilson, whig, has | been re elected by an Is erased majority in tbe first district. It Is doubtful whether Took, whig, is r#? < elected, in ton towns, all that are yet received he has \ lost 424 sine* tbe laat election when he was ohoson by about 1 6(0 majority. New Devclnpcmrnt* In Itelntlon to the Lost ) or th* Ship Franklin? \rreat of One of * the Ownexs, Charged with Being Coneirn* I td In It. Boston. Mareh 14,1849. | One cf tb* ownsra of tbe ablp Franklin lately wreaked near Prevlnoatewn, has been arrested In tbls city, i - _ _ . v_r>_u. vl uiv Huuviniiieir, ?uu omigv HIIU with writing sundry letter* to the cnptaln of the Mid hip to run her arbors. Letters to this effect hare been ' found >n the cap talk.'* retire. The owner denle* the < obarge, and gave ball In the *um of $10 0)0 to appear 1 for examination The other owner U not to be fonnd. On* hundred square-rigged reeerl* arrived atthta port 1 to-day. The Slam, from Manilla, and the Saxoarllle ] and Alesto, front Caleutta are among the number. ( Arrlrtl Of the Southerner. c cmab1.bst0r, MlTOh II, 1841. ( The steam-hip Southerner arrlred nt the wharf at J nine e'oloek this morning. j SouUtern Kewa ' Baltimobb. Mareh 14,1MI. 8 The Southern mall baa arrlred, by whleh wa learn ti the arrival of the steamahtp Faloon. There wai nothing t| rise of importance. a NRW YORK LBUHLATHRBi e Albany, March 14.1149. 8 sgnat*. j thb canal barb op al8ant. b Mr. Cobnoll made a further report, aa minority of he orient ecumlttee for inreetigatlng the affair* of the I1 'atal Bank diaaentlng from *ome ofthe legal opinion* ? xj reued In Mr. Bokee'a report. 1, 1 he Senate ordered to be prtated flre times the li unal number of eoplee of both report*. ^ A TBICD qrClTIOK. I p Mr. Wn.eiw ?IM for tbacoaaidrretioa of* prlTllegad a luartion, whatbar person alee ted a* repreaeotatire K !? ;ongreM can bold a Mat la tba Legislature Hi m^-d t] hat there waa nothing la tb? ocaetltniton which forlid* It. It waa only whan tba p?raoa to elected be I w u toon waa elgalSe-1 Ma aoMpUae? of iba poauloa, ?J bat dl? -(ualtli jotloa ukea piano, a A spirited political debate antral batw -in Me*er*. Vilkln aad Floyd, as to tho eeaporntlr* dot. ooraay of ai ba two great pmrtiae * Mr. Wi'aii* offered a rear lotion, that Mr. Bokae, h* 1*. gb aleetad a repr*<eatatieo of the Sec -nd Coa- v rMslea?l Dlatriot, waa aot d'sqaallCed i>oui holding n> iaaeatia tba Sonata aiitll be ahaold ?Un"> ooceptnoa. tt Mr. Hew., of Broom", moved fo lay the ree'jutloa It t> tba t..:.le, bat the Senate refilled A 'lire it e?ri 1 '*e taHea on tho resolution, nod loot; A/ee, 10? iaya, U. at oariraL ritni>MM*aT. Ir The Sonata than want Into n eoaeMaretlon of tba lr III to leim ?ba MTirlty of criminal panlitaenl. " Mr. Oi.noaa moved that when n p'.reon 1* emvletei JJj f murder, h?- ibail be placed In aoHtary confinement (i| i?* an* ;car, and then the Governor rtell hav# purer , o order the execution to tale plaaa at fala dbeteloc. I i Mr t nrriw, of Dotabeaa, laada n forelbia appeal la eba'f of th? hill 1 be Menate refused ta adopt Mr. Gaoees' amend- " mmt. )i( lie billp t.poeea to sbAleh UiepunlAhMtal of death ,-a 'or Setting lira to latibl'td hnn?N la the sight list Mr WiLim bellowed if any orlma la tha catalogue rhould be put. If bed by dnatD, It should ba that oaa. Mr. Ji>H<tn* ennelderrd ar>?s of dwelltog* In the nlgbt time a much mora appellteg crime tbaa deliberate a nidi r lie n an ?lo Is tie dark sees asd qutat rf sight appllsa tha torch to a dwell!ok vhea deep loop la as tha Ismatea la out of the lift of ord nary ?r<mlaalf. Tha murderer might, for tha peaoa of toatety, hatter bo released Like ptraoy oa tha high leaf, it wee crime beyond ordinary meligoity. The Senate refu-ed to rtrike out the pruwlalon. Tha hill waa ordered to a third reading A detail eflt? prowl tic as will baglraa whan It oomat ton third reading, cottar MtTTaai. Tha hill to Incrraee the number of Juttiost of the Superior Court. Naw York, w unreported oompiete, aad order* d to a third reading. (hi tllkdi caical lilll, A report wae recelred from tho CaaalCommiaaianara la relation to the propoaed maw oaaal heals just abora the oity of Albany. Tha Senate passed tha bUl regalatlag plank rand*. preaoiibing the rata of toll of parties lirlag along tho lias ot raid road, aad drolaring whs rboald bo osamptad from paying toll, auoh as porsoai going to raligtous meetings. Jurios, ho. ifima ifattiri, Tho till enforoing tho responsibility of stockholder i |S banking eeiporntiona, after Jan anry, I860, waa than debated. The only new point elioiUd, vu the declaration by Mr, Hiv.'U(. (a free soil member,) thet to provide n> the b>ll aid for n rntnble liabilitv only according to tbe shares held, was not to aocerdanee with the eon rtitntion. wbloh prescribed fall responelblllty to the whole amount of etook ; so that If a hank failed, it might happen that the pro rata liability would Impose on stockholders holding a thousand dollars of stock only $40 or $60 of liability, and a largo part of it might be unattainable betig imposed on foreign stockholders, the debts would remain unpaid, while stockholders hare not eontribnted to the payment of |ts debts an amount equal to the amount of their stook, whioh is at variance with the constitution. The Senate ordered the bill to a third reading, by a rote so strong as to leave but little doubt that this bil the most important of the session, will pass the Se hate as it probably will the Hours The Senate commenced the discussion of the Code and tha question was debated whether the Court of Appeals shall have its terms permanently located at the capital. It was lost in oommiitee by a vote of? ayes V, nays 10. ASSEMBLY. Albany, March 14, 1810 takino oca oirr fathbbs to task. The following resolution wee adopted, on motion of Mr. Pkblet, of the Oth dl?triot of New York oity ? Resolved, Tbet the Comptroller of the city of New York he requrrted to report forthwith t? tali H)aii the amount of money paid from the public treasury of tDatott) for rxpenrtaiueurred by committees of either domu 01 too (.ommon uuuootl lo Tl*iung \lbany or WMbl(gt?i, or any otbar pUoe, atooa tb? 1st af May. 1M8.- slating tba names of tba members of suohoonmil tees, tba amount paid for t no expenses of aaxn cimmittre and oftaoh member thereof, and tba bjeot respectively bad In view in tba appointment of snob OllBBitttN. RKW TOOK UNIVBBSITV. Mr. Pavvif. on behalf of tba Lltaratnra Committee, reported that na further investigation *s> necessary in tba ease of iba New V jrk University. THB BSIDOB OTIiM LtXI O..AMrLAIIT. After several ameadmants bad been proposed, and a ery animated speech made by Mr U?rr, of Cssex oouaty, against It, tbs bill allowing tba Ogdensburgb Railroad to build a bridge aorosa Lake Caeinplatn, at Rouse's Point, was taken from tka Committee of tba Whole, and ordeted to besnjeroseed for a third reading THI CXS1L BAKE. A resolution was adopted, oalling on Andrew White, Esq , Reoefver of the Caaal Bank, Albany, far fnll par tleulars of all debts compromised by him? the amount the parties, to. THB ALMS HOUSB DBVABTMBIVT. Mr. Bowin nportu la far or of a bid n-orgisiilng the aim* houao department la the eity of New York. ill* rassKD. Among the loeal hlUe paesed era* one to amend the eharterof the WU Umsburg Fire Insur>noe Co , and another amending tha eharter^of the Dry Oook Savage' Institution. new (om and wiLLiAMiavao raaaiae. Ia the afternoon eeeaion, the Honae bill paaeed, incorporating the Williamsburg ferry with power to run ferries between New York and Williamsburg, now known aa Peck Slip andOraad street ferries, and suoh other ferries as they may establish between New York tnd Long Island, provided that nothing herein contained shall interfere with the rights of the oity of New York. The oapitel stock to be $150,000, with power to Inorease to $100,000. The corporation to oontinue ten yeara from the 1st of May next. thk alms hovsa and rBISON dkfaatmknt The bill re-trgeaising the Alms House and Prison Department patted It was amended from what it was when it passed the Senate, by substituting Simeon Drsp-r, Jacob A. Westerve.t, James Freeborn, it L. Siukh, Sohnreman Malsted, and Timothy Daly, lo p'aoe of W H Coventry Waddell, Rensselaer Havens, Ambrot e C. Klngsiaad, T. S. Woodruff, J J. Rpoeeve t, Charles H Marshall, as having been first agreed upon by the delegation. Tfce remainder of the session was oeoupied In the Uscusslea of the bill providing that lands shall be sold 'or taxes in the oountles where the lauds are situate i. Markets. PirrsHuanH, March 13. 1840 Flour?The market, wim moderate badness. is In raver of the buyer. Sales at $8 60 to $ i ti'JX, to the mount of 500 obis Kslee <>f prime red ahea. at 0ij to 70c.; yellow corn 86c ; eats, 36o. Oiooar-es?Sate# it New Orleans sugar at 4^0 to 4%? ; New Orleans uo.aeiee at 28o. per gallon on time; eblskey, in boli. i itlfio Provi?ions-Thvre is do activity In any artiole -previsions are steady The weather eeatmuss pleamat. There ie 7 feet of weter la the ehenael. From tuk Wxi>t Indian.? We have received 'ilea of the Burbadot Mercury down to the 30th >f Januaiy, and news itotn St. Vincents to the Kth of January. The Barbsdoa papers are mostly filled with potties! articles, entirely of a local character. Tne Legislature commenced its session at Bridgetown in the SOth January. Sir Wm. Colt-brook adIressed the legislative body on its opening, eon;ratuluting them on the prospects of an abuudant tarvest, and recommending many useful reforms, le thinks that public provision should be made or the establishment and euppoit of schools; that i bank tor savings should be established; and hopes hat the Legislature will give their earliest attenion to the subject ol warehousing goods, building . lighthouse on the South Point, &c.. Arc. Tlie Legirlaiure ol St. Vincent commenced its ession on the 9th <>t January. They were conidering the propiiety of accepting the governnent loan anil t etublirhing a bank with it. At St. .ucia and St. Christopher they had come to the ante concluaion. \Ve copy the following paragraphs from the [ingston Gsaetie:? By tba last paper from Dominies, datod tho 27th of lec.mber, we peioMvo that arvp->rt bad boon airouitod there, (bat the peasantry meditated a revolt amitr to the outbreak of 1M4, on Christmas ovo. attribution te the carrying ?ut of Lbs summary ejootmont ot. Eeory prooantion was taken by the cxeautleo o?rt, by fco.ding tho mUitin and troops In readiness, ad by swearing In ryeolsl tonstablos; but tbo eppreead?d outbroak ended in smote-ao symptoms of letoibanco worn manifested; not evon a gathoring of te people In unuruai number* to. k piaoo Tbo Clover i or In < ti'-ef of Antlpun had loft for Novit, bore bis presoono It said to have twen mndo'od ne'tsary; ' i nt what ih* cmee of u ttmlty Is d?e* not np-ar. frubably a revolt similar to that of D unties. ksrthqvtti* -Several fhoeks of vary severe earthjshe. bare been experienced here doiln* the pa.t bd present week. ?>? Monday morning, inertly after o'clock, a chock, the ?*verlty ot wbloh oa* only beon iralUl.d by that of Peitrnery. ISU, wss i*talti-il. tie vibratlone appeared tone to procee 1 from Kan to 'est., and ear d weil.nt, n three story, felt ae If etroag en bad .udd-niy *.ie-d It by tbo four oj-n?r? and eked it like an Infant's cradle! Th *h?ck t.oa?i*t much alarm and several person, ra.tied from i-lr dwelling, and fell upon tbefr knee* la ta? (tree ?. Is raid thai In tba gouifrterre quart, r eligtit (hooks 'eaztbqoako am felt several time dally. Narrow E?-cape ritom a Li>?.?F t ono of the ores on Comm-tcia! wddtf, u lion, Ittuly received out Alnc e, is kept in a ca<e. Yed-rony, a ein ill ( ijii wim m? tmp unMv i| waii'iefa into mi; ote, Hurt in ?onte wi< placi d i t* hack again*! c h.?/n of the rug*. The I'oii, n< thing loin to 1 ake a alight luncheon, ?er/.ed tiold ot liie jacket | the little follow, who being ternnly trightmed \ efkt, ?et u,? a I nun cry i.n help Two men, who ( d to lie neural hand, took hold ot the Md Willi a hearty p?tiI. reecuod him ft# n ih I ' epi l Ike lion, tindam <jT'd ta person, though * uh the loea ol a portion of hi* nether integn- | ertn. LurliiJy tlie b >?'e jacket >?? la'ge Hiid butti I'd, O' tie m gl<i not hive e* japed eo ( #|jy.?TnwHltr, Mitrrk 1.1. I ? f I Kcw HuiiMblN Klfctton. The Mditwitltid o^nveted ntuufron | the NeW HkmpetlUe etaotioa. trliniwlTldlllt Ckamh-rUin. Diifmtri /ferry Neelua. 813 M : NoAvilto 3um !t AotiurM 149 141 21 Memoiaok 141 110 I < OMitkU?kia.r Diitbiot. Ttek. JCiltridtt Dover T44 4(H I Kpp'i | I'M 111 ritlils* M? 71 en THIBU DMTBICT. (Chmh. r*M Neebne. 618 S& Naehvllle 211 lit MerriuBok. 141 IK 038 641 Nathtnlel Baker, den . vu aire ted Moderator o Concord over Aia Fowler, whig. k; 11 votee. The following repreeentaUree to the State Legtala tun; were elvetrd Naehua? Edaval Parker, Naham WilHeme, Jeffer aon Kockwood, Aaron F. Steveaf-latter prob.blj whine. ii MuTiiif? Auikuuu niigawi, rerayoa n StlUOlwbigs. Mrrrlnuk - Whig Krprrrentatlva eleoted. Platrtow L?n B. I'uoker. dour. Drvnr? No aboio* on tu Urn ballot; tbo highest oa the whig tlekat looked 8 row of an niaouan. Kpping? John P t . baa*, tree roil. Brentwood?j s. r outrun whig. fciatar?Two wblga and faro aoll. Atkinson- One democrat Great Rejolcliigr-lH cunttqucnce ?t Uxt Lt|iiuti i? at cvuUi v atuiine i aving r> uewed the alia tar of ?u hmige i var he bavanaaii rtvarat tleiuuuig aud adgueta mm buude a aed or gixal u* uer*. Uouty A ulla and Juha Muku ma for 14 fears, to unionist oe the *>tn Deusdtuer. IMS?aw i una el euu I aviug xpirtd au iha lath?IB wfcioa was to is are gtaa'ly to, ouoto, ua an oiirain, put Co a uu ua loat imag u ohur a if fir pitman-,cr,?a Ires .n iaa. de>? >u toe arrive, oi Mr. ttbultson Ttiureuay evsuiLg, ike it-th ula. in la oara trm Cbarleeton, hawaa n at by> of oar ui at r, wldi a baud m uiuito, who greeted bu im?i wito every uennsatrau a of J j aiid reiptet Mr. 3 .alia unmed.atul) plaoud inoiaaif at Uw ku?< of the proo lain, aad witn an -lira braaoh la m hand maimed to the cootie It Uie bridge, by a ay ot .uklig poa sesalouot ibat part to Bouih Carolina, ai d tout returnee ant paiwei up Marktiibd I autre aireete to bia hill? wueri ilte ta ui of a twelve p uudri tie tatua una that >p?aii tooaiy tr-nt ihi> eminence ta former day ) pat fur.h ltv Jay fit au?inU*i at St rout do?ltd aticiaai table, oua uuuarrd leet lalengil waa tpiaad, with au aboudaaoe of wiaaa liqoore, aud fruiu,o W bud, ail pretent, uuinberii g tlvo ur an Ouudr d, ware i..?iiat to partake. Among the number, wa to toed oieay fro-a Au guaia, w> u add, d to itio lula lt) aud ei'Jnyueut of ane i.e.uud u Mr.Sia.U gave a ?pt>lil luvicatloti la every nul yuaa Uamoaig tu u. me aaa of |,ie gone orangw,ftn aiupg wi h then fir '.tie goou Uit a at b ma It addi luu to the above, ttie wh >ta <11, i.ait a Wile la laofia wa tp.ebuu'ly iilemuiet d auu a heaeti u1 diepay of 4m worn a?d d greatly to the titlatity ot the ueuasiun Uw wka'e of wbio te'tuioated wi'Oout ihe lea*', occurrence to detraat fr<a th ei.Joy u,i ot Iha oomruverey now (Mud ug in the da pre mo Jut' or ihe lit ittd St? lee in relatio., to taie iriaga in winch Hour M u te aud othera are pleiuUtta and tha o.ok o' the State et Qvurgla and o rot re at o oeteudaui , amo tuts to aaariya ^iniua o' dona a ithae been in oontruvariy twmtv a ve.i ycark Tin toll l.aie be, u cent tip ittup,r a mum. lu orlur toal "u? r.aoeru may pua,ai> tba tullvet iul,.rm?ti 'u lareleiioa ta ihur rhaiurot the .\uaue.a Br dga. lately granted to d?Biy nbu u a> a iota Mrtt.ii.Lie. we euipola ibi following paiagra. ha up a this aubjcot i? t a let'er from a gen'lumen i a Columbia. d?t?d 7?* a t ?-A lew a'gbte ago your M. Sauiu appeared beture a Ju.ut Cin>mtt<er ot uu cenate a.o 11 uea up.,, tne eu J ot matter ul hie memorial, and 1 am pleased t eey, proa a a the neppwuf iflVot. n. i oi ly upon the, out toe bye aa>n-rb isoeaietiat nt mm v k,..?ri.A.k -- hradverted, d reeling?4i pur- pratewrma mmumiu uriagt c tee to be luilt, nho bona it, u d a dor ?rn*i d n uriglti oro.D>aui ui and nine Um ppruative nod aroi.nry maker l>> whieh ho w.? diverted 01 hia poaaeieioo. thai im t ad up|?aed from time to ttuic to ho trioaoa a o tbo oui.uiry, bnt bod noi leak able en rindiaata tie rgiuj .ha' hia oa>? wan peu,;l?g n. <t.a ruprenia tuurt of tbi liuited h ater, run. bo prayed bad a , tnat Jail oo. hint wriMbeid Would btneud at to blur. Mo al.o advt tied to ? * many x- na rour note ha i ad <1 no tor the ?adroid Uumonuy. in gtWea thrta load without "m-uey ana without pn e" on waiati *.> oroot their dtpa'a, he., aua that ho thnuglt that oowpaby ht1?? calm wuaia?<i to ttia Bride# ohariar. In a word, euro woo the eDcot pioouoed b) Mr elulta. that botn, i uud~i. ataud, wit ideurt unnnimouidy th> tueor. and ute oanaral .nt. pieaai u Mil to l a that the pay t of i.i? mtgaorul w(ll paar Ure Loaulaiuta witlnui at ) a.tAcuiyy, Vuiua to " "In the Sonata on the lata u t. qai<a in iotreatingde aM coouir< d re aura to granting Mi. eciiulti n in-charier of uia bidhc, connecting Hamburg alth dug una. Mr. Mnaycn tkuugnt tliki it ought i,kt tu ba done premnturny and ?itv>a> n true, maut, aa the iaterrau ol the Soutn Ouro In* R.ilroid Conpa >y to'kin ba aflcoied o> lby auch action on tba purl of ar La, a atna. ' ?*r. Morea adeocaud tha grant, a* aa act of Jaetioa t > a man Who had huirt up ilia piueperity ul a larit teetiou of tha In a at tlia coat of lur aw it pnralo toriuue, by tba a<eotiuu of tnat or 04a. Ua aiiudad to the eigta wrtloe of cue f under of daub irgli teuna :T r^*r~zi lair;:*!?, and ptjyie upon fa donate in# ire pio r tRjr ol delay 1. a, for in on,e. I. in, po.^-ataoo nf g? .0 of junior. Mtkria hi d-1 and tie eauiavuw. Mr. W poo> a ao oaimly anpp rtad tha grant. 4 1'i.a u t? upon the prop.eiwin iadioaiod oary a rmg'v th feci, ug in bin f ivur?It atoi d S' ayoa to ft noae.' ? [ Hamburg (iC.) JotnaL Jan.&l Hew 101k, Blurcti 7lh, I84U.-J, H. Willi* tak r M 0 ? near it?We. the rtudi nia if your oobool of mid', erne and .urgerj, 1 nu with Joy the uom ng fauuthar anmr rm<), ' which g tea ua tha iip.iuituuicy ul ozpr oamg ur nigh r garo fat jr. u per-una l>. and our ualeiguod eatiafautiua foi yuur earvioei? lour I'Uto ual aud oaroted at tntien aa a teao or of ma , a aa. W iih all our bearta ua in toy net you hiva dim lorgod tbaaiduuua daueaufa private luatruotor to tha u 10 i.t of 0 tr a. pte atiii, ana with nouoi e.f end yo r be . tou aa a aa. lha characur yon iuotli auaialainaoa notu-ngy. In plane ilia its ptoia. light ha world wa have on y ti aivert o tba fact, that, year a ler year, nobl, and a entodyeneg ui.i ft a .aa aavi ral hut aa ul una glori ua Union nl?il ia itiea oanf gnu. Aibl. n aud Canada ooi g>g.tatu your bnl, to be iaduotad i?te u e i.uine anu eurgery wnea ?e li-ik ?v?r b i* v^btcit . ?ad behold the mmy fuouiuet fir in t at< ry I reouie w ich 11 rite the inoiperte oed > onto, end eve on* U.en witli the i nit mo lou wion your many yetri uf t id/ttd p w tiOo ?o a mirellr qu?l fr you to lmpirbwe m m eearj'y up o >uui growing oneno fo> n.-oeti-euon-w even more t lei nyuiahed tree ibet elM wLi h forte e hte ever fave.od .too. In lottiminyof our rnepeo; entbeiiuirenon for th re In eilrctnai facult ?e erlu.b render yoo eminent ami i< he meoiot |>bilo?< p .err 01 t e age, end ?e en exoreuion of ourgrtte tui r men 1 ran e of the raiue ot your tuf riietion we ee l itymr e teptanor ot tbo roluuiee wbioh eiocnip n> our me uoml. In bMoing I'.rtmeil, peimit ne t > eaprsre the eernoet wie 1. hat ?*u nay lo. g live to prouuitate tue doctrlnei of the nobleil of tit tcienrre ni d enjoy a reputation, wnlcu ie the r.eiwet raWarl of talent* utefull, ouccted Vour eincere friend*, I. T Abetnathy, Alabama; Neil M?r.ieo 1. New York; Andrew Welti our. Oetrgu; J< lir. a. Mo mine N.C.; H. kuoeid, S CU Jo.eih lutein bu.rer. Oenn; Henry W. Hill Mi*<; bverett b. rviDiUik New Yoea; V. W. Voyt, d. ui John di.eypioir, New * rb; M nlieni Kueweid, No* Jeroey; J. T. Ureut, New YVrh; J. F.UiUa do; Unadiah do: Th mat dti(iit la.ada, F. C. bintum, Ne? Turk; J L Je.lnca, .0:0 C. O'bilo , 00 . L. A. ti'Maiey. IVne ; i. P. FleeerU, Ireland. R> ert t . Dump or, New Bruia-ick; W m T. Aver It, Mom . U J. 0. Irw.a. Heine; beilee A. rn opera. New Y >rk; T. G n<gi?. d >. K. brerke. Oonn : J. T. Aelioyg. Niw Vor?, .. R .eon hit', DoMii; J K. but I em New V urk; T. dim h. do: Joan W. Tan dy. Alebeme; icoi idee Fern I, Uritgte, H. Glert. New York; j.K Henry. N.C.: Albert F. Im-.t, Arkere a Jem** tf. Cnehnee, Indiana: Wet k iiolky. New IIto>|itlire: lluLter. New Yoik; Henri D Boe'wyuk, liuti., ii T. Cierk, I eun : T K. Cond.ct, New Jerte . F. ? Hytt', New for ; A lb B?ie. f nglaed; U. k. Keid, New Fink: Iteury Y. Br'We, Uo.; O. Urffin Heine; If. T. lleide,*~m. Mt-*?un, d. Wok.y, Nov* 1001 la; t). Moriie. Rhode It aea: S. iharleto.; do.: O r. Qui on, do; W. b. O'Utleii. a C j I) T. Uieen Alaiauit; R T. Pulton, Men.; H. V. Wiinetne. Mitt urt, John Wtwuuiomh, New Yon; J. W. Ken edy. do; D It. GrU ?n. do. He ry Y. Pert ue. do; B.C. t rt ft i.New Jtraey; B. V. 1/ ol, Naw York. R. S| anldi 'A do; Ji'uh J ot.L ton. I liuoic Win. Aodorma I di .1* w ilu?"? Irwin. Yigiola; kiehntd rag* do.; Mali rt Petto eon. eo iti?a<N Thou ti lij, Ireland. *m tawtow. New Yore: Janoh Fritoll, do.; bobert K yo oft, do.; <Vm hlder, do ; .eaa*ue Mrrogh, do. Gb*ti uite- It it dlfWoeilt for mo to fled worde |i eiprni the te tto w< 10b i art*Kate ol tho kiediH to ol Lhia reoopt on end of Ith c rd.e '# r ol ?he lontimenia ' y?er eJJrea-, a, d y?h how one I lev I turpr 1 d at the euihuiiaam wuton y-,o have e ineed. w 11. I uu aeon, o .a- 1-./- 1 ?- ?' Ul fitru'i who h?t# * > ofita ylr ii u pr. .ft >f their .hmIhiihI' Such V *t y< u hare raid o<i the to J-ot 01 n v -u wm mutt be a en'ed 10 the p?r.l?l't nf ft en'rhip; bn? ?o . f rctb aUn<(ii?** Mm ot It mml?iad if yo? kbit mrey ajnti in preoiiia al ay * im I the totp wn ill y ohn ti n. y i ,i Id ,-jl loan w 10 rater* that di-p.r n,?n t of it > deal in.amotion n w.ieh 1 >a tell grd. I i*. iad??d itmlemen, oiiMPDg aa? DaauraKinc in ar? ii td ? I am at t.u di tai ( pnrnid iwal t? ooiifr ia 111 hat ardr tad iht t*i of a uttir of inedimar, to o Try with a* nmeoihrateo f jout tpjro?i?tiou the urnrarM of ynorbrl? il.rt ui> fdti re lali ri vitl l> nn i?m oo?4tiolva thaa neret> Iota to tlswnJfar of thr ki olcil tin Irnt. I aoovpt year healann a eat amer ue.i't with warn tr? ifleatiun. a la* n.e ge? t'etxien, to entire ynt of my hmrtfi't crailndo and ardor at retire', and with is one withet tor yoar happlneta atd prieierity, bid ivt fa twail J. H WMITTtKIB, 10 Broadway. Romrthlni about Halt, not not Uialr Hid* t tj -Kb' X. net or, 12* Faitu (treat, ia of opiaton that it it f r??y lit tl? irap'Wtaii e to Do rtnt whether adaoi - "Ii b a'* or a Into at. tont.d irtlrw oori orrd r.eo.ih.r of "o J> (nil ilo'hrt. or' If ft'.r I'lrer niekid a pn-kef pint ltd pt pern" Hia bow ttylooflt>rio( Hate it boa nifai, aa *Oil attoo* Hire Itini a oail aiuu n ilalty. John IV. Utnln, HI* ttmaiwajr, Informs thine ot hie fneada aho werennaMe tn na* ttair or1 ft t tei !?d to laa a?ek. that I ale t ow fully (applied With hi. roar ib lar Sp-ire Stym of <.eetlea>ei>'t Ha a and that retry order aid *a inaptly alUvdtd to. tad ?vttry oa.l te?p udad to. Portable Dnuing Caava, Saimfkcturtd bp the rateariloea will bo l-u.o, oa at it. n lOattiu ai1 'tat it deaiiab a for a yentlenitn't toihn lu me mu.iU .i aeemble oiw. i lha artleloa art eeleoted with etilet ret.H tn oa.lity. ant art wairaatrd. O ?AUNDl? k tot. No. 147 Broadway, corner nfUkariy rt.. tad SiJ Ur^adway. vui? r<m ?> Kaicnti _ t ne eelcnraiMi Dian d 1'on.isd Hiuim itn U*u Pent, wiiti a great ???? ? *f Ouid end Silrvr tioldsra toeetket witl a spleu lid xik 0'?ld id ffnesr * strh?s. tirw ? bj J. Y 3 \ Vaijk, 1$ ffilt nr. Watobes and <>eld >* rrp tired or . ler.siig.d. California Besots far the UMd Region, warwow d tu weer ?*< years wittiosi repttri k. l?ue w>l<ud riding bosts for tlioee guii g?ve-tai.d err to be f?aua ?t tiuf full Vf.'i, Olkrl Fulton >1 <1 f *?ao etrrni. Pre. rh ,;*|r hno'e. *> S" Use OaJf from a.100to$d< Patent Leather hojte 'is tta ke. T 1* DM Tiitt. C 0 i M K ft C 1 A L AFFAIRS. IONICV MkHKRT. Wednrnlay, II a re ii 14?0 P. Iff. Tbera ba* been a very alight improvement la ton quotation* fir stocks to day;bat It bat not brougjl au'an si ra number of shares. At the first bom! V. 8. bo HOT. went a p H par oent; Treasury Notes t-;; Long Island Si Canton Co fti Reading Rallroa i Erie Railroad )f. Harlem fall off Too marks', c ?sed a ll'tlo firmor than It opened, bat It continues very muoh onootUad Tba balls feel oonfldent tier a la a better time eomlag, and th- bears appssrto be latirfted wttb ?be preeent naetustiona la q io->ttlons. Tba ape end doom* enable them to ma'ca ooutraota to deliver at high prices, and take la tbalr aborto at a p oflt of on* and two yeraeut, wbiob, In thes? feverish ilmea. Is as moah as speonUtars with me ferula vlawa sspeot to raba on any rrdlcitry oprratloi. The b ills lie not satisfied with snob r:u?H pt >Gta, ths later est being genifally against theie, th?y look lor a Urge* [*r cent to mate up tha pay mints on that aaoooat. Weaie virj much In aa'tt of later news from I'tHGrain. a-J It la piubtbls the itsamshlp N.rtbwac

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