Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1849 Page 3
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V 4HBBgggg ) prtee; bat they '?? ? rt??l la thia elty whieh Umj cannot eneceeefully eoaptu with. Tbt FIuim Com ml'tee of the lower hone* of thi Leglalatnre of Virginia here reported o bill, wblob woi mulnogel; ordered to lu eegroeement, for the (re dul redemption of the pnb'.ie debt of the State. It prop ear a the repeal of the not ereotiag a elnklng fa?4 and the ceo celling of all t*e certificates of StaU atoek pnrchaeed by the Cornmlaalonera,aad that thetatercet tooeaee on the let of Jan., 1849; It aleo propoeei that the boade of the Jaaee lUrer and Kaaawhe paay, gaarantled by the State, and heretofore held by the Commieeionere of the Sinking Fund, be traaefbrred 'to and reated la the president and direotoraof th' Board of Publio Worka, eunj?et to be dlepoeed of at owawi af a ha fnnil fnp infaPnal ImnPAwamanffl If hlafl proposal tbat tha ram of on* hundred thousand dol ljara ba annually ret apart and paid orar by tha warrant of tha auditor, to tha order of tha Beard of Public Work*, to ba applied by tha board to tha gradual redemption af ao much of the public debt aa shall be duo or redeemable from time to time. And if, in any year, tha fande in the treasury shall be insufficient to -supply tha annual appropriation, tha Board of Public "Wirki shall ba empowered to raiia by temporary loan so mnoh as may bo necessary for that purpose. In Ilka manner, If tha annual appropriation to tha gradual redemption of the publio debt, be Iniufflolent to redeem any oertlfloate# of publio debt falling doe, and payment he demanded by the holders, the Board ol Pnblie Works shall be authorized to ralso by temporary loaas, on tbe credit of tie Commonwealth, so 'gnash si may be neeereary to effnet such redemption and all state stock so redeemed shall be eanoelled and filed in the treasury offlo* of the Commonwealth. Than is no doubt but that this bill will pass both houses of the Legislature, and tabs sffeot immediately. Nothing tends so mueh to raise the oradit of the la' deb ted States, both at horns and abroad, as suoh erldanoas of a determination on tha ptrtof tbe people through their representatives, to provide for the 11 nal and prompt liquidation of the dehta as they reach maturttjr. The report of the Albany Saving* Bank, for the year 1848, givee a very favorable aoeount of the Insti tntlon, ana it* condition at the olose of the year. Alunt Savimus Bask? 1848. Amount due depositors on ttie tit Jen. 1544.$707,686 82 .Amount reoeivcd from depositors from 1st Jannary, 1848. to l*t Jeuuery, 18t<J 802 290 43 Amount oiediteu to depositors for Interest from let January, 1848. fol?t January, 1849 30 301 48 1 010,187 51 Amount paid to depositors during the year 1848 807 082 48 733.125 U5 .Amount invested on bond and mortgage.,, 65,000 00 Amount Invested in stooks of the United Stales, Uni>ed States Treasury notes, bonds of the Corporation of tne city of Albsny, stocks or tnl* State, and other States, aoourdlng to lasr 314,830 01 Amount on deposit in the Commercial Bank in this oity, on the 1st January, 1?48. . . 853,185 04 733.126 05 Thera are 8 201 aooonnts open, the greater part for less than on* hundred dcllars. The payments to depositors for tb* year, eaceed the receipts $4,772 93. The great number ol depositor* is a favorable feature la the operation* of this institution, and is an evidenoe of the thrift and eoonomy of the industrial olasaee of Albany Savings banhe exert a wonderful intluenoe upon the wrecking olaeaes. The facilities they afford for the safekeeping of email earns ot money, whore they oommenoe drawing Interest from the day of the deposit, oreates at disposition to aeeumuUte, and in this way forms the nucleus of small fortunes. The foot that the Indus, trial classes oommenoe and extend their deposits In those institntlons, glees them a greater interest in the government under wbieh they lire, and makes them totter members of soolety. They have a greater interest In the preservation of peaee, and the moral Influence is therefore Immense.' It should be the aim of aur rulers to enoourage the formation and growth of these banks ; and sueh is the disposition of nearly -every one, that when a nucleus Is is formed, the desire to inerease it becomes stronger the greater the amount accumulated. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity of eaoh deeorlpUon of lea exported to the United States from -Canton, in eaoh ot the past f-ur years : ? XxroBTATion or lea To thc Unitico Stats*. Year <adt?s June 30. iMJ. 1,446. 144/ 1811 Yoaeg Hi sen, Ike... 9,'62sel 8 633 931 H 3 6 1141 8,n24,425 Hyson..., 36C913 90>16s 731,702 041,383 By son 8k In 1 2 654 -69 2 688 916 1,301.013 2 45i(u2 Intake; j 49 A 1,014 Mi 9.13 690 ,'mieliai 674 9T? 61 MS U.'4 414 973,061 Unnpowdcr 941,066 1233(66 1.3.4,3-0 1,103330 roLeuoag a Cenguu.. 6.2L41'90 6,092 132 3,049,034 8,033.693 Pouol.ciw 1,316 73' 9IS.M5 436 (30 344,2:1 Vocvo 61906 22 147 77.4(8) 4.27J Ones a Feeco 19 7ol 14,2*1 17.3,330 862810 .<tolo?.? 290 031 220.291 44X2SU0 619,708 Total Gr en 13,cl2 0W9 14 23M-2 13.43.3,'32 16 316'lSO Total black t>,s?i; 4? uoiw 4.t>0 4Sf> 3,yyji>l7 Total 2l(t7li26AS lb,Mi S?? lH,l7l,?ld 19..W1647 The variation* in these aggregates do not amount do much ; but tbe fluctuation* in the quantity of oartain detcripllona one year, ecspared with another, hare, within the period inoludad in the above table, heea neoeiderable The bulk of the tea consumed In the United Statea is composed of the different varieties of green. two thirda of the aggregate importation being that description In Great Britain, it ia jnst the reverse. Blaelt teas are there largely consumed, instead of green. The eoneumptlon of black teaa la this oountry in decreasing, and ol green Increasing. Stuck Kxciluiigc 3. 6.<i0 U B6'? lu67 ill */)?:.? tantcn Co |10 3SW 26tfl do lhAd lHX *:-> do <pg 30W Treaserj Kotea ir<s? 1A0 do bOO 39 KUWO do btk) irvjt 1W do 38\ dJK do lOPi? Ml do SrtX Stop do in'4 ?*) do b90 SJ>2 HUP Ohio 6'? 1F60 1( 3'? Z7.1 Harlem R B 6?H 1UUUU far aojlTaoiaCi C H Ado do bdm 61 u*?(? do ?) b"* ? do A9K l7hi IHinoit. Tnt Bde, (6U n 3At? do ?)<? UHUeUMAone-Treat tf .-<7 do pier, foil Oik 3*11*1* bud Canal tcrip 147 4<M) Long Itlaad B K 95>i 3Wi fanner*'Treat toil do Mm * DO do bS) 3>)i ISO da MU 21* 360 de 34H Hi) da ill 8 1U0 ?e bio Mid 1AU de III S 60 de WW 3A It*) de MS IS you de ?*> da 16 100 da 34th U=0 da KM 36 160 do bSO 34* 180 do ?M ti\ aw do MW 36 1U0 do ?30 14 S 110IfetTia Canal n*> 1U H*l Baaing B R o60 Sis I4W 00 |trv iu 'iw uv *6 * HO 44 MU do 3il?a 75 Erie R H, pew, fall 51 no do :iv. Hi da CO* SM do Si 10 Radeon Rio R R 51 6U do 3:S idUliliao* Behenco 118* flu N Tor It k N Uav R R h" f?M?d Hoard. fFfO Pern rylviniaS'e MU .ha Harlem RR SJ'. B tlil iiit 'n ft Runh K R ffl SO do e*0 W to ft York ? ft bar R R ?7K 2" <? do L\?< 550 Heading RR .1) 60 Canton Ce atu .1? ?? do S(Jd 1U0 do Sm>! 1(0 Lota I land R R V( \ 25 Morria Canal 10 lio do UJt IDTIRriSKMBMS RKIIRWKD ETKRY DAY. RBWAHDI, rjpWO DOLLARS REWARD.?STOLEN, fi( M M BiOAD J. way, a pedaeta' ngn p.iatel nine with "Jona Ctttuaoh, Trwak Haannctni?r," la voilow lottora She abort reward wri be given to any perann who will give anoh information u will 3tad V> the recover) if tot i ign, ur e nvieiit n of the thief. wv an'i't. W'aNTRD^ABITIjATION AS PUHT5R iSTsf^^TORR Tr by a reapoolable man, tht toot reference giv.ta, or tooant) If required. eddrma tra.. ha tit raid elite, et corner of Haotei aad All- n. at Mi. Hole' aa'< awre. "117 ANTED?A VO0NQ TdRNuB GIRL AWT DTI KEN vv yrere ol agi, to setUt la taking eare ef chliorta in a (sail tie* II) toMdia* at Ne is 'Ttrite .tte^t. "117 ANTHL- VI A 81NUE GBVTLFMAN f'ARD IN i TT private fain11'. < t.ert thtre tire but few 1 n vrg location between Bro..m>'as i ~ i> itre?U; rtfereucua ci imaged. Pleaei addreta K It, Ueiald ilioe. _ 117ANTID.-A UOUSEKR* 'Ell. BY A VI Do HER I.I VINO T? near U.e eity; a ivn-etable Protoetaat woman: one ol good oban. iter and domett I tab to. ma) have a g .nd and i?rna neat home, a European pt ferrH. Addicts paid, U X., U oral.. OfBee WAttlft-d Pi ll ATlON.Bt A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Vf woman, to do plain (..'eoktnq; I* a good waalw >nd Ironar won Id take a Cbamb. rinaid t Kite., or ?e do genota' (1 liework The beat i f rrdatenee ran le tfraa. Enquire at M.. V Prinoe oerner ef Matt atr et. 117ANTED ?A MTl'A iUN AS CtiOl BV A MIDDi.1 vT age. woman, wto Ludoraianda her bnainott thoroughly. ii every dei.rtiaei. L ? i.ieti will appear by her r?> react. llei rlanakier wante a r "?* da teamatr tea- it a tint ret. uiettmaker I Roto would go with oao family mono o?.intrjr. t iin call > Ji Slits A re duo, In tho hull Mow fTtO COMTRACIOM-R ANTED, A BITVaTI' N A3 CLE UK X or ojorir.'enda u<< wnter (vn?1t_* Ma ? *?._ ut puhlii Orrrlu a niiil-r of rnaro. A. Id rata, A shanu. N?w Vo?*. 4?ry <u.n or. WANn.D for nvt CAES 7j5 I ,U'H; on noon .imlarod f tloataie At 7 pit int. lj tig boo. tho city of Now Tori; ooat orhon re )p*rtr wn not wont, ball \rtat it la Mag lot .tfooon'. Itianow ton plod I y the pr aent ownrr. who 1* lu .on to ni k? many I? prorweuonta on mid-mpar'v. Aidrov* W. K . tbll oifion. A PARTNER31 THEE AOTIFBOI JtlUl/U or*- ni. wi ih n oapltol at fVi.O, In n Hotlaoa* thm vtli pay rack * prrflta* to return th* onpltnl Inc ited In It Ir f-lgiiLoaw moi Uia ui eftnrthot pay n prat of to 33),uikj ay??r, ta tho ndrrrtlo-r atu oMw to nap on? having tho oapital nrd dt*p?w4 to taho hold ot n ?'* and pr?dtakio buMaoaa. Ad Own A. ft* Now V rl r ot Oftor, Mating whoa and whon aa |ftorr<ow oaa hoba l.wht'h will boatrotiy op'JdeoAal 1NUBMM1AD ROOMS ANTKf?.?A 8INQI.B QENTLEr maa wloboo a gontanlly fumUkad pir'er and ootatnooler.-lng bad rootn, with olcota ottaehod-ln t private 'aniilg When n? Aoanlor* nro kopv-Trlth ><T*?kf*otnad too oaroadlit Ulaown room Adorn**. with tonuo i.ud portftilnio, i J. T., at thll ?floa. % VO LNV. g&O UPrrAND POSSESSION OfTEN IMNFTHATBlXX Apa-Unaato for roinoo'aiiiv laooi^alot. Tno hoooo* am *1 lilted or. 'bo watt id* tor th* Plrut Avoano, Wwoae 18th and Jgih ta. Agrly to T. M-rf.rlnn, No. 17t TornA itreou Bern tfca Third Aetna*, iroatk tat C. M. t BP ICO 14L lOTIOW. Fmvr ward. thk dbbooratic hieuiuoii n.? ) tono( thr f nl WmI in ikjmmiIu bui nt II* Bros! straoi llouaa. oorstr of Broad and rear a'.r o'a, Friday er.n tag. Mnxt-b 16th at M >'e oo?, for Mm pnrp-oo of lolectfar ta< Kominatii ( i ommit'oo fur Die nemmaiioa uf Charter OAoon aid Bukpluw etaet Convention*, t JOHN L BTPNK, Chairman. vL'nr' 1 *? *?'"* ' 1\1 OBTU AMBM JAM TIDfT AND BANKINO OOMPANT l" Mvtioo is h. reby given, that in parmttoe of too rendu i mi . passed at a mtounf of tka dtooknuldors of tba North A mer e m Tiustand basking company, haU at tbo ftty Uot.-I N. Y.,. the 3d met, I d ' hereby ovli f r tba peyuiett of an taatsluieut ol x tenia, on each share of tho capital stock of mid Company reproaotaOat aaid matuax 11m 3tnekb?ldon pronator r pro1 aonud at aaid nnfn oill p aaaa pay tho a ha to inatt'mout to GEO. P. NKLbON, tho "eoicarv. hi A Nail street, on or bef.<r? 1 Uio 10th mat. Datad March 14, 1849. I JUA B. ANDBEBON. Chalrmaa COPABTNB98BIP NOTICK.-TBIDMDBK91QNBD HAVE l> ratau ap rtntrohip. u-dir tbo naaaoand stylo of *?f tlUa a Ki.|ik to." In the Uene el Imp rung and Deal i or in Wiaea, Biandie*, (to., and have taken tba atora No. 109 (Tatar nrar Wall street, from tbo lat of M?y next Dutlng tbo iaurim they can bo lonnd at No. 101 (Tatar street. WIt.MAM EN1\ TBOHA3 MEANS. TDK Sl'BSCklBRBS llATS FORMED THIS DAT A OB partnership under the Urm ol R. (Tolfaoha A itrlixmaan , for tmnarctiiig Importiog and Commirxion W 11 ixm Mreot, up stair*. IOWaHH WOLFJOIN, 1 N?w York. Marcfc 18 ltXT. MOiUTZ ?EUO?ANV HUDtON B1VBB RAILROAD COMPANT.-UOAN.-NOtioo is betoby si von that $628,000 of tho Loan on tho S >ndo of tkio Company, oflerod by proposals Issued under data of 18th Infant, I ao boon taken ap , To i (ford all itoekholdero an opportunity to aoeuro tholr pre etnptivo right to Bonda oonverUblo intoSWnk wbioh tbov obtained i nnoer tba orsinal subscription. it la oonaidarod pro par by too Iron tboee aiookholder* who have not already aubeertbed or takaa thorn. ahah bo eitended to 30 daya Ibon tho publioatiea of thu ootioe, via., to tho Slot day of Maroh, HHP. After that dav tho ' tight will tout and te loot to tho original onbooribora and tholr aaaigna Up to that date Inolualvt, perauaa now holding Stook of tho Company may subscribe far Bonds to tho amount ot their i Stock an paving downS par o?nl when reoolptowill be given to thorn oeourihg the original preemptive ru -t, and on the came tenna In all raapeeto that wara given to takera of Honda on tho Kith of February Tha amalleat Bond loanod being iAUO. Stock holdera of a loan amount will be allowed to aoquit* other Stoak by trnnaftl. to make uj> eaooch for a Bond. The ratoie par ft Honda bearing mvea per oent Internet, and 191S per aoot for Bondi bearing tut portent, both oenvartiblt within fivey art from their date is'o theitookof the Company, according to tl? amount actually paid for Mem. Agent* may apply for Bonde for Stoekholdera, in amount* net let* than (A,MM) in the aggregate, and tha Company. aa offered by the proooeele of tho ISihTebruary, inatant, wfll pay auoh agent! aoommlaaion of one par cent. J. M HOPKINS, Treaaurar. N. B ?Tha above aotioa auparaodaa thejedvertiaemant iaaued roaicrday on thia auhjeot, whiah waa unavoidably drawn up in haste, and waa pobiiehod with soma ty pographianl arroia. New York. Maroh Lft. imp. ADC riOflS. Auction wotioi.-palb or valuable turn i ru at, thia day, at half-pant ion o'olock, in the .core of Jajob 3. Matt, corner of Plntt aud Bold otreeia oompriaiog adeairahlt va, riety. Alio Count!nghouae Desk) apleudid Piauoforte, (took cane, it me fiie Paintinga, Cr>>ok*ry to. Alan. Dry (J "da. At half paat e'even o'clock, a valnahle oanaigi.meat of apie-idid Watehna Jewell* Ac THOMAS HELL AuoHnc-r. LtUhMTUKh SALE?THIS DAY, AT HAbf- P.tSf TBN X o'o ook, at tha store of J. S. > latt, kg Piatt alreet. a good aaaortment of Bouiehold Fnraituie; al.o, a anlindid rowwood Pianoforte beantllul Book Uaaa, Prenoh Bedateeda, Meiretary Desk, valuable I aiotinaa. Table Liaon, tto At half paat eleven o'clock wilt be eold tha remnant ataak of Watehea Jewelry, Mo. Sale pea'tlve. TBOMAB BELL. Audio- #?r. JW. BBOWN, AUCTION!Bs.-AU TIOM NtJI'l !K.~ > Tl 0 aalo of Cabinet Furniture. Daaks, Be, ndvertiood to take place on Thnradav, at No kin aero id way. ia 'in oonaaqueuoo ol unfi rotable weather) postponed until Saturday, Maroh lStn, at halt past lit o'olock. ?1?H liUiK. FOB 84I.I.- A LARUE MANUF acto JY, DRYING 3bl 1-3, fco, erected fur dyeiig and Sniahiug hact< r/ levtber, with Font double cottage bouses *ud about boron Acres of good band, situated le the village of tVe?tport, Fatrtlold county, Uonneotiont. Tbo manufactory nod ooitagea ata luralthed with an inex hauatible supply of rata aoft water. The out agsa are lane, intruded for two families, and pleasani ljr situated on the raatorn turnpike read Fur almost any manufacturing bunoeaa, thi proptrty has great advantages, from its supply of pure water, and Its being within two ho ire ride of the oity by the New York and New baven railroad. For price and terms, apply 0. H. KEWrKK, on the property, or to. UAlQHr,HaLsiritCo..No. 170 Water etrcet. For sali-thi bou r and lot no. 0 doycr streei?It being in aoentrallocation itean slwajs command email tamiliK aa tenants and pay a ftir p r otntage. A'ao, wanted by a prao'loal nie? hatno (a carpenter,I wbe haa oooaids rable le rare time, the a?e-o> of one or mre tenameuta to oolleot rents, (to. Aa the admrtiaer la partly sngevei in this busiueeaat pre,en', be oould attend to mora: nudoubted reforeniei glren. Addres C(. J. McOBl. 11 D>yer strut. For halr-thb o< od trill, and fixi-urr* or tub O'd esubliabed Bakery. MM Brooms street aatlsfaotor) r?a sons given lor leaving. For further paitioalara inquire ont, e premises Statin i?l?ni> pkwpirit for saii?turii rbaidenoea, replete for families connected with the business of tie oity: alao severs' sites for residences, n nstsing'grsxl beauty of location. Apply to LIiVIS l.ym AN, t liftoa, s. i, For bale-oi to let, on rodirati tcrus-a first olaM three story atiie Honsr. fashionable brown atone Iront, or IIaitison avenue, between S'th and Slat atreeta near Mad icon square. The bona* teplotol with every oonvaaia-ioe, haa the ( rotoe. hot and ooid, throughout; gas fixtures, Ac. The front parlor is 44 feet deep with an ornamental trust aoroia the oentre. with n t>n r-om 16 f et. Tka eeeond story bav four rooms, extensive pantries. and n bathing raom; the tea room is flr.tmrf itn fnr A (KinmTYBtnrv Th? third (Lmv kta fimp Art<4 th* 6m. fire room*, wnh pnutriee to each floor. The honta i* sot rurpaared for eleg*noe aud eorktranehip by *ny of it* rue north of Fourteenth. tr? t '> te adjoining lot, together with ono in tha rear, out ha had with tha houaa loqaire of W If. It i ONN Ed, IS Ann atreet, eornar of Naaaan. Tha premlte* can be aaan by calling at tha adjoining bona*. COUNTSV RESIDENCE AND FARM FOR SALE ?ON tte aaat aid* of tha Uudron Hirer at Sloyreiant or Kinder book Landing 20 milei troth Albany. Tb* dwelling houaa ia plaaoaatly attuated tl.e rlrar. of which it command* A On* new about one mile irom tha Ste<mboet Landing, and within half that d atano* f the t*parted depot of the Hudson Hirer Kali road. Tha land (53 ?cr**l i* of auperlor quality, wi>h a farm tou a. two barn*, fcc. Apt ly to B. F. Butler No. 10 Wall a treat, New York, or to A. A. Van Aiaa, Stnyrenant Fa ll, Columbia oouny N. Y. FOR Sal E OK TO LET,?A BOUSE. STORE 81 ABLE. AND lot of ground. In good repair at Pina'i Bridge, on tha border* ol Croton Lake, .earth* Barlare Railroad, at Ktaua,w*ll calculated ftr aboanliag-eataM ahinanL Paaaeaaiongiren immedately. Tarmi rery lew. Inquire of Mr. Ball, lunkaepar, at E Int. depot FOP SAI BOB TO I KT?A PUBLIJ HOUSE W ELL AUI I'ED for a barman Board! g Heu-e, ko , aitua'oJ ia tie Tillage of Tianpkineriila, ttnten l<>aoi Immediate poaaaaaioa oau bo firan. aa.the pteratt proprietor i* going Souih, Alan, rarer*) rg* and email Loitagei to lit, ia the villages of Stapteton and Tou'ikimrille. Apply to P. WOLFE Temptininil*. tg- Building )ot> for rale in both rilLgea. Pop sale or to let, bouse and lot zi suasex atreri. Jermy Uty. Knr particular., inquire at tb* Com' mrrotal Hotel. 73 i ounlardta-ier t, New Y. rk. HCTEL FIXVUAES?EIOHT YEARS LElFE?GOOD WILL and stock for ea'e. Price molera'e, runt low, immediate i poiwraion, ana if tot told before, the aame will bcao d br ana 1 tlon on Friday the lbth, at iUo'cltok A. k., at No. 4 Rooaaralt I itrcat. AWIM. AND LIQUOR STORE FOR BALE W B')L??al* a~-d retail ?say pcrean wishing t* enter into thit busier**, will And It a firet rate o poruiatyto ilo to. and one that aoldMn offuta. The retail buiiDea* mere than paya all expe> are. and the who eeele hat k hint late ulata of ouatomer*. Ad i dr?>Crnitn. ne. Heruld . Iflre 1.30R 8 A 1.1?A FINE RAY B.IRSE, SIX YEARS OLD. IS Jl tarda high, a hai d ome bay,with black lege, tnaue aud tail ptifeory eonnd and kind in liugle and double nam"**, . | * on d make a tine hora-to match, or * tood aiogle boras for t* mily nae. Can he ?-en at Ba an"S Stab'e. ft* Franklia ft For sale-a .span <?r young mules, lately prom the country; we'1 brolen to any kind of harneM. Can bo kkd [ j for thro* daye, at Vi Mnlb>rty tent. _ Ijtor sali-a fine pairhf black.uim-ej switch tal'i carry tl en' up well; thoy ?r? alx .een han la high.eouml 1 and kind in rwgle trdoublo heme*#, ri^tit ycorerld, itui rent i go< d traveller*. Al?o, a immlot "I good atcgle one* at B(OLEMAN II A* D I'S Stable*. 114 Waa'eingtoo *treei. Boiiek for hall?a mmall locomotive boiler, cotnp'ote, and la gaod oidor. Alio. Sw\r? Boxee, Toole, , ; and Maehinrry, Wet'chea. fco. for tbo ma.ut'netnrirjr ol Rattan , I for Umhreilaa, at*o Chair Seating Tho abore trill b? told cho\p. i Apply to KaLOMAN m. 8 * A ttT, Whalebone Mannf loturern, I 40 Hot* atrnet, corner of Dnat A A SHARE IN TUB NEW YORK SOCIETY LIBRARY, for Ml* low. Apply to K. E. 8IT,WELL. | U. ?. Courta. Patk CBEAP DRY GOODS.?THE SUBSCRIBER 13 NOW SELLtnc the remainder of hie etook at very raduoed prioee; the email article* at one half the uenal prion. SroRE TO LET ?A tiret-rate ehnnee olfari to any ptrain dj eireneof entering Into the *'>ove tnuineet, a* the etore la wall rtunted, with an nacelle it ernnnetioa. 1. B. W alSTELL 88 Hud ton atrntt. MUSICAL. INAUGURATION mlJADRII.LC. AND ROUUH AND READY 1 Ptlka, o em pored by Jneet Uaag'l and performed by hum at the InanaaiaUon Ball at Waehlngten. Inei publia ?d end for tale, . at BCBARfENttfcgtj A LUIS, 181 drtaeway. Musical instruments.?the subscriber, impor ter and Mannfaoturer, keepa ennetaniiy on haad the lamet ateortieent of Mnaical In trustee te in the city. Conatry MerPtium requeued to nail, before pnruhaaing tie where, at 41 , Yalten atieet, eoruer ?f Gold. ED P'D BaaCE. MUSIC 1-TBE PIANO WILL BETAUUHT BY A YOUNG lad),who bar a <h?rongn knowledge of Mnetc, and who r ean (Ire the mat uTtexeaptlnuahlo reference*. Term*, for be KinrBTi, yi? |*[ i(uNir.r - unit mtbicw bia ?upiI w j, i._ I Herald effica. I llIICILliAIBOUS. MAPES' WORKING PA WM BR?TIIB NUMBER FORTBI 16th of Mairb, m promptly laaand yuatarday. let 10 quarto pagaaaoBtalBartialaaof piaaeot aad practical ralua toarery > man ?ho tilli ?u aero ??a:a 50 sent* a yaar. Mlails aumbtr ftM ibiiN. In-dloatiOB office, Clloton Hall. cornv of Beektnan | tad Naetau etrata. AINOIAlf ft CROSS. HVBRA - N TUB MOST SUH^ToVrltb AMD BUT fciad I r tarda, alloya Mar bui.d.naa. toaamenta, fcc., it loo l ortliolom- - Patent Son atopping Cbildr a eta lot leave than running, n -r break tfwm they ?o not bum pipe; ar? oaaily re; rairad wit i >?t dtagiaf up. Batlda'i, Uouaa ogonu. a.d Irohi(acta, aliovi.l .-.oUact * in the Pnimbor for the Bar.hoi imaw Uyuraat. Mart of the Plr.mbart haro them. C^HAM >' ? A ')(M O ASS'. VTMENT OP BN'OMdVI C?i J mol* lur aadabv aBRaBAMBBuL k SON. 117 fultoa at FAORBT f. A MB W* AND HOTEL"..-WO d A III HA1IGH WGUT, f (oil i nd 9aR hi >edway, harajuat raoalrad a large aaaort , id*it af i.tuua table wart, toilet war*. k)*** wara, jailary, Dlumd rara adnr iTka, k x, lampa, lanUm*, ihaedstl-ra, ar? all aKI. clen af a f.-.r furataMng a'otmara ted hotala, Imported with opeeia: ifer->r.i j to thlt bt*i.< li of our t'adc, aud foot on aiaanraa Hm'. wl btirfdr a oorioiont and pri ? *, thay can fdr* the beat ' mu<rvoti<-i) STATW* ISI.ANB tBKBV.-lBAVR NSW TOW AT U, il. I, 4 aad <1 aVdaok. lean PaodarbUVa Landing at n, W |1m.I4 a'alaoh I U AT BEIT) TaT fclil t?FOUR BBAUTIFUL 4 TUN ' , M a.<l i" r*. ralatd and uttaiied h, Mr. fla'tay * ' n TouipkluaOa , thai are lar o|,*rlor,io anything that ha* b?*n offered i foi aala in tin* market ti.i* wa an To taaolloa Saturday, March 17 h, at No. 45 aad 47 FeJtnu Market, ky GOkNCLlU.J KANT. ago. r- bm io*a?itii'?iii. Mutter atdTeal. f.'AT BUT' I IT Btiri-rOOR BKAllTirtU. FOUR jrai* old 3t?ra. >ai? <1 tad ftnat od by Mr. Halaay k Sob. ! Tom| kit a Co.. thojr aialar lupanorto anything that haa baaa . ' of.rod f?r aak .a mtrtatthla naakon. T* be ao d eU Saturday : MmiI. I7th,at >?. I.'landll < antra Matke.. i j BR If AN LAWr HkMB. Aito. toDi# BiagnlUoent Mutton a id Veal. AMimBMRMTS. BUWIIT THB4TBM-?VMIDA Y IVINIIO. MARH ii> will beached the Mir ud orictoal iruu ?M lltiU ' >1?Cbatke duu'ijf. Mr. N. B. Clarke; John taitn. Mr Wi I mm: Bob, Mr Jordni.; Sol Daeia. Mr. Stafford; U Baau Mr. hteyeaac Mra John Smith, Mm.Gilbert; Muth Smith. Mra ftnth'r land; GUbouta*. Mr. J. H. Hall; Tauieuaud, Mr. Moore; Shm i'oona, Mr. Oouldecn: ? alUlah. Mr. Mat/ouarahy; C>>ju m, Mtm Wemyaa. Bad Hard. Mr. Duff Prarlomati whioh, SKBTCHiS IN I* Lila? ir Mai hew :cnut Mr. Gilbert; Tarn Tap*. Mr Wiieie; fall> Niu?i Mi,a Mary Taylor Beeoa, H aaata; 1 it 19k cent* Cailery. 1IX oanta. Deore open at 134 o'tioek, ' MKmaBM ail. /^BANllAU'h NAT1QNAI.TI1EATBR.LATK ClllTBAMvy Far well be eht i f Mr. McFar aad?iru'ay eraaiua Mao* 1', will b- aoed tha farce of MR. AND M4& WM1TB ?Mr. Peter * hit- Mr * B Cratman; Mra Peter White, Mue C. Meaiavr; Widow White. Mlea F Gordon Aftar which. MOSB Iff CatlFOHhle- Moee. Mr. Chanfrau; Sykrat. Mr. Sayaanur Lieo, MiaaB. Meeiajar To ba followed by CKAMO.nD Bdli-KIa* Jatuaa. Mr. ferry; Jock Howiaoe, Mr. P. 0. Cuaatnaham: Tibbie ilowitop, Mra a. Charaien: Marian, MlaaQtrdon. To aonalnde with MILITABT BXBCUTION?Henri Dueal: Mr McFarlamt I owiee Varnet. Mi,e Mrelayer. Boaea 2ft oanta: Pit 12)4 orate. Doore ap, n at 6\ o'alock?curtain wlU r'ee at 734 HROADWAY CIRCUS, W BROADWAY, NBAB PBINC'B MJ meet?Friday evening. Mareh 16. the new ead epWuCld ). hurm (III oe Beautiful dieplay or bureoroanihtp by Muui VhiIm Sanda Mr Gardner will uppear aa M< aa an horaabmaa. Tie tight an Poaiaa Fearful aad bri final Evulutiona on tha Flying Ceid, by Mr. Hugplea. Mr. W. Sljut, aa tha Rider of tha uippodmina, ou lour bonaa Maat.r Tom Neville, la hla great piacipal art. Mr. B. Gardner aa tha Brigand Chief The alole to oonolutle with tie comle aftrrpnoe af Uarlequie an 1 tie l-hnat. Allen wo performance on Saturday, at two o'olook. Admieaion to every part of the buuaa, 25 oenta? ohlldraa half pnre MECHANICS' BALL, 472 BROIDWAT. BETWEEN Grand and Broume atrenu. Open every night during the weeb. The original and wall kfenwm Chriaty'a Mlnatreli. organ iiao 1B42 the oldaat eatabilvhed band la the world ; who claim, aad oan vahaaotiate the lame, of being the fleet to harmoalaa Neero Meladiaa. at d origmaicre of the preient popular atyle of Ethiopia tatartaiameota. [A premium of (MU will be paid te any other Oo ataay la axiate nee, who oaa ptoduoe evidanoa of a Juat right to the above dietuotion. ] Whoea Conoerta la thta oltj, for a period ol three ream have been received with groat pa'roi iga atd favor, anpreoedented la the anaala of imblle auuenmoutein thia great metropolia and ooi tinua to be nlahtly reoeived with approbation hv large ai d highly raepeotable audieee a, a aaoatoouviuciue evidence of their euperior merit and attrtotivaneaa 1 hey will have the honor ot introducing a great variety of now and original Melodiea, Burleequo Op-ratio Chora* aaa ronge Chataoteriatio Dai oea. ho., in a manner frequently attempted by nnaiareue imitator*," bet -'not with the lama re 1111?" that have crowned tha efforte of thia " original" and "inimitable' eonipeny. who challenge competition la every department of Ethiopian repreaen'ationA the oompany eeealata often perfnrmera under the eirretioo and management ef E. P. Chriety. ilie a.hole oomprielng a eorra of unequalled vereatllltv aad ta'ent. Admieeion 26 cento. Children nud-r 111, half prioe. Door* eren at 7? t.oi cert will oommeroe at 8 o'clock. An afternoon I'm e??t ?r> Senrdav. eon m?,e1i>g at 8 P M. HE 88. FHANCK9 REM VLB BUTuEK WILL READ. 86. ITJ turd <y Evening, Maroh I7ih.'The Merchant nf Vonioe." at tli* CtujTiaa't Id* itute, at u'olock On Monday morning, Maroh i9 12 i/clink,el e willre?d "At You Lika It." Ticket* to 1* had o> Mr. Pilmaon, Janitor of the Inetitnte; attha Aaior I'oeae, tha Irving U< nee; the Union Rotel, and at Br. Iianela' nd Mr.Crowe ' Roohate-ev Hnoe St. BY GENERAL REQUEST, BABIU'S SECOND J KAN D MITrcalFea'liml, at the Ant >r Hai e (>p?ra Huiiee tlile dav. Maroh 18. 1819. LB DISCST of Felloiea David, in the original Fronah language with Mir* Jult* Northell. will be performed. with ISO muiioiana, the boat talant in tha olty. The cborat will oonaiitof 100 voioca, am can vrh'oh aevtral diatinguial ed ama'aar* hare kindly vdunteiered, aid all the member* of tha Ameritan dud aal Inatltui*. the oreheatra will be ootopendnf 90 muawiaoa. an ang which ibeweole of the Aa'or Plane I tali* Opera. Thewkole under the ditaotion and leaderthin of Slgnor Barlli. The Three Bolea by M aa Ntrthall. Ti e apeaa i part will ha delivered in Br gllah by Mr. I yt.aa. Tha Opera Uouse will be on ttve oooaatnn splendidly Illuminated. Seata may no aeouradat the Opera House, or at Hall's Mna o Store "roadway ooroai of Park lace Ae mit'i'a. let and Jd tiara. SI: amptibaetm, "9 oeota. Tabes* acuB?mr. Dempster, iospdjer op thb ' May Queen," " Latnei t of the Irian Eoilgran'," ''Blind Boy," Co , tiaa the honor to announoe Mi intaution at tirirg hi* drat original ballad utertainneet* thi* teaaon at the I abaruaola, on Wermeedsv oremag. Maroh 21*% in lading the foil iwieg songi: The Uditn e t> mplalnt." ' Oh ! why dnee the white mau follow my path 7" "WlMthi nig't wu.d bewaileth" "John An driaou my Jo." " Lonely Auld * iin," ' A Dome in the Heart," ' of the Irirh Emigrant" "Death of Warren," "Blind H' y' " Emerald lale." 1 in alons, a 1 alone," "Tak yor mild o o> k about ye." a d hie popular cantata, " Th? May Queen," in three paito lie beta 90 oeuta Dour* open at 7. to oommenae at 8 'clock. IN Rah KLIN Til BATH K. CHATHAM SQUARE?PROPSJr etor, Oeoige Lea Door* open at half.pact ft? prrtormaai t commence at half-past 7. Bonce 28 oenta; pit Ilk eeata. Orand tierforn nice eery scaling. eoi.etatli g of the Female r and ol Ethiopian Persuader*. Classic Statuary, with a variety of eeleot entertainment*. CASTLE OASDBN.-THB ABOVE WELI-KNOWN SUM mer reaort can now be ongmd for Bvening amuaoment* dan ing tha etivair g soeeon. For further partioaiare, end term*, opply at the f Iflloe on the preml**R or by Mtter t re at paid) directed to the proprietor*. FRENCH E REISER. i/tiiirunnin. FOR BAH FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA DIM COT, VIATOR Strait* of Magellan, the saw and substantial ataataahip 0 0 RON.t apt . Abn. kaoekar.ol 24t'teneburthan.Syeanold, builtin bhiaeity.o' the beat material, copper fastened, and newly oopoered, boilereentirvly ooer, and I* uo w undergoing thorough re pain for aaa arrvioe. and will potittveiy aail on or about the l??tb of March. Bar aalooo and oabia trill bo haudaomaly fnrniahad lor oaa* aad comfort; and a more profitable opportunity eaauot bo offered to thua* daatrnn* of going to fe'alilornia. She *111 b* diapoand of hy 100 abarre of a took, at JAW each. .'to owner of aaah ah are will be entitled to bit raaaage to San Fran aoo, aad hi* equal undivided altar* of the ehip. and all anpurtanonoe* thereto belonging, and of the prifita and earning* f *aid ship. after bar arriral at San Francieoo. Eaoh tan of a took will bo made transferable A p. plieauon *>0uld bo mado aoo a, a* already orer oaa half afthe atook i* taken. For particular*,apply to AUSTIN ft WATKINS, Mo. H booth etre-t. up (tain FOR VAN) OUVtR'S ISLAND, SAN CRANCISOO, R&Tht Britiah *tMtin*hip UNICORN, 680 to a* eurthaa, will tall from Jeney City on or about 6'th day of March fttoior PAM?aa la oabin. In teoraga. Ror Rio Janeiro t'l> U Valpataiao RIO 160 Ban Iranclwo 660 WO Vancouver'* laland M0 4U0 An ea|?iianced lurgecn will aoeomrany th * veueL for paaaaga, apr j to B. CUNAVD.38 Broadway. 'lite Unioorn had new boilers in (Slaagow last April?ia now undergoing a thorough refit, and har oabin and atoeraga will be vert ootnUrtable and wall ventilated. FOR 86N FHANCI9CO, CALI'OMNIA.?THE SPLENDID lint olaas Naw York built ahip AN . t.l IQUC, Capt Wind*or. will have Immediate dispatch aaabove, ibia ahip basal* fact ttateromn aoeommodation*, on nn eatiralyoaw plan, b .th u tbapo p cabin and in tba tpacon* naloo. between d-okr, with la al? In ftha thrAnf innt.. Rid a-tinnHeed With>t Wnaiti a(am pott llghta, fee. t! i iniY retaliation 'n the warn latitudea. Tnete 1. alio a ncparat. cabin fur iadiea. T. a well kno?n nailing qonlitire of thii ehipwtU aaeurr paaaengartuf a aafeand apaedy vovaae. Per parnage or freight, apply on board, at Pior - , Beat River, near the loot of * all ntteet, ?r *o R nlQWARDSON It CO.. a Voth .tr?et. FOR 8a!? FRANCISCO. CaLI'oRmIa, via LaRR N4?A ragna.?! hrougb in Gil day.?The reeved veaanl of thif line will leave New York ou the6th April, for ran Joan de Nioaragua faeeopgere are onnvryed up the river, a d aer?re the lake, te Granada, Iy a'eaniboet, from thence by n g?ed road to Reallio. on tiie t'Hciflc wheta a veaarl la expeotod for San Fiannteoo, diapecoiied by an meant of th>? line. The haihore ol K?a iio and San J nan are aafe and eaay of adMHS, ard the run'a healthy and mtereitiag. Fnewgr thmwth tn San Fraaeiaej, loelndlrg provlaions, camp tqiripueata, fee Svlfi. For paaaage or Infermetion. apply to WM C. UHi.BORN. IDG Front at, or to VII GOODRICH fe CO.. IIA Market at.. Phtta. FIOR CALIFORNIA, * IA cUAh RIS.-TI1 B UMTRl) r Stater Mail Stcamthto Fill Ox will leave New Fork on Tlnr-dey. 19th AptiI, I r Chagrea with the United State. Mail! fit tie Pa-i-c, iff ringjo piae i ger? the euieat tueanicfoonneotion wi'h t a mail (teen.ere at P.n. ma. famine in ete-e to cheg'ci $it'l Dr. i eoond cabin 1.1 Do. HO Fieightcn epecie. oar p-r rent The pueengera' lid li now open. For freight or paaaage, apply to M. 'I. ROBIBTR, U81Tr.trt.reet Fob caii form a. via hates' buute tihouuu Irxaa. t ooke and Grahams',from Kl Paao on the Rio Qranle, to Sim bit go on the Paoitio. aod Framout'e do en the Joaquin to ihe ninuih of the Sacramento The Third Uiviaiun of tne araon A(a< elation ia new 'ormlng for thia cheap, qntok, aafe aod f.vor 1 e mote, aod will bo d the r Second Pub io Meeting Saturday lren'tg, March 17th. at Half-past Seven o'cl<ck,at An ere to Hull tT> remittee Rom Br ed way, corner of Oraid a tree*. Namri curd ed end tnll parncoUra given by O. HoUUH, Jr., 1 Froi teireei, Piepidect jr tern. i/OR SAN FRANCISCO.?THR CLIPPER BARB RISING r SUN ieolenrrd end reedy fir era. A lew very ftne etato pitnir, and * ill gle herti a can he I ad It applied for immediate y. Thlavreaal ia but Ave month! old. and of the moat approved mode), aa a oca boat Maeetigara by her will not he die apjio Died in ra. ard to a qui?k peerage, and in enjoying, on board, the comfort! ard luturieaof a Iome. Apply to Cap aio Hooper, on b'.erd, at Pier No. IP E. U. or to iS a A : r s Ml TIT. 1?ll WaH et.. opr. nf Froat. SLIP SAMOSRT, TOR CALIFORNIA, VIA VALPARAISO ? Pateri aere will be on hoard, at p er No. 9 Beat river, oe | lue-dey 20th iuat. et 10 A.M , at which time a ateamhoat will I take her to aaa. All baggage muat be aent down on Monday. 19th. aa Bona can be received on the day ' railing. A law mora bertha i. U. HITrOW, 119 W?n at. eor. South, or J NO, OOBBN, 116 Wall itrvet. Pixnnn will o?H at tha oflioa and tat tlair tl ikata. For san francuoo and rutrsr'j fokt.-th* ,new Baltimore nipper brig ORBIT, Uuaalag. tr.aatar. will po ntirclt tail on tha 20th March. Afewmnie pa< mngere eaa be taken in the eabia-fbio $110?and a id a II amount of Weight. Ar-plT oa board, foot of Maiden lane or to J a Van BHUnT, and* J. B. MURRAT. 12 Old Blip. Saw faanlisvo, via chau^BS, UTH april.-the new and up aodid ttaamahip uRBSCIMT OITF, 1,600 toil Chariot rtoddard. maaiei, will laart lor Chtarto direct, I from hordvok at pier 4 North river, oa Toetdap. 17th April, at , 1 o'i lock. i'atrengeta for ( aufonla will 6n<i thu the m-?t expo d ti< ua and p oatant route to roach tba gold regiona; and aa the 1 Crractat City g? a dinot to Ch'gret, without ttcppioa at iumr mediate porta, tbiy will, wthoutfail, arrive at Panama in tuna for the Pacific mail tteatner of the lat tf Map. 1 ha earner Ona to now on tha river a*, (. ha prior, tad paeaanpera will tod an an pla auptlp of eanotr and mulea iooohoj there promptly to Panama. Paeaaaa in tha altar aalooa. $1641. do in forward at Ion*, $116; do in lower cabin, $116; do in atetrage, $gl; Bight cubfo feet of baggage allowad each cabin paaaarger. and t'X do do each ateonge patoorger. Pieight on tpaoia. I par oant; oa extra baggage, 70 oeate par loot. Forfraightnr poeaaiga, apolp to J. howard a bon, 7S South it ("4 > i.i form a mbat and fruit prubkvaa-louis J BONNARD. Frontb Cooh. hat tha tooor of annouooug to Crrona leaving lor California, that they will And at hia atoro. 11i ' rt? afreet, a vari'd aawrtaoat of I reterrat. of all kiada, ready for ahipment. Thoao preaervrt art made oo the Fruioh plr A aad are ackaowledged hpall tha oitiarna of thiaooootrvao the hett aver oold. M. B. brga the-a who art n?t peieonally an quainead with him not to miaiahe hia eiora for ttioge of oeraln Icraorawho have triad to imitate hia praaarva. Tha naoar aigned hat been krowa In New Vcrk irr tha laet ntna yearn and i bag* tl-oia who with to patroaiM him to rraork that overp box of prtirroa aoW hv him tx ara a label of nraoe upon wlilcb in a* am fed, In the Pre noli larguage, the nam# of tf. Inula Bonnard. aid Ue (iMlaaatioa of tne cot tenia of the box. M. Bonnard ti'po ? an atronmont of aen-ral rtior artioleo?raoh u Fruit* froth Pttt. Mnthroom* tto. *tl?H tmateora. Fob Fa? fbanci^o and PLTrtB'd fort-thr fbot ratlin* olippir Vol t of'rf'Btr liBRBKAli VO?TH, wlU roil with drrpttnh. I'or freight ?r fvmg*. tpp j to Of LICK k bOLMBA. I Kit knot rtdtit. Ku!li.? k MaLutTf, 37 OU Slip, ot f t plain, ob botpt Plot M, N. B. fPrE NI? AND Fast ftvll.IKO BARD OAUMD0 t. 8. 1 k?, nilttr, htloni'nn to iho Ffwatx caliiortla Aorooiatics It oloorod b?4 toa-l j i> t *i Font mm ohato* wiil be told fot litu raeh- will pr> i'thij eatl in a few days whether eharoi old or bet. Apply ob board,foot of r<rorott attoot. or to _ B81TT fc VOMt. 1M Booth otroot C~~Al.IFOHNlAl.irB INSUBaNC B.?THB MUrUAL MFB 1 artraf ot Ci mptLy of Baltimore. cffloo M H aU atroet. Now York,eoBttoua to iaturo Iha live* of pernoae gotr* to UaU. foiaia at aa extra jremlum of thro* pet oeat. TBOJ.M. ABBBTT, Proofdoat Thob. B A ha wo, Aotaarj. Arrai In Now York. JnflK LIVJ.VOSTON, M Wall timet, SP?( 1HU 8 OF CALIFOWtlA GOLD, AT TUB OANCHA looaa r rpet,.V. Uremia xt.? AooBoral iaeitattoa uoitob, to ' D? ovommeat uf rttain ? >"l, h.-eujht frora CaHaorala by Mr Mellua Tho latraet. wotxaln< botwook flro aad ota oaaooot valin d at alaotr dollan. er?TaaJly rwnfcaaad of aa ladlaa for a red but, it well worth* i .aiaaaMea, to itoeatalaa a britttaat ganed. AMOSBHBNTS. Bhi'AbMAY 1 UEATAE ?E. A. MAESI^I^PItOrtMl trr?Inday eeealna. March 16. will be anted the comedy '.I.BOhN TO COOI> I Ui E?Paudreo l/Maflorty; Mr. Colli at: Maiquin Ma>f acl, Mr ftedcrteha; Coo?MM Mdinca, Mralnhnr cod T. he followed by Um ANaTOMIsT?Moar, 1* Modlcln. Mi. II. PIkMi ; Cnt|>in. Mr. Badaway; Mad la Medeeia, Mra tnlaraird Alttr winch, 1119 IaIT L105?O'Callaahan. Mr < ollina; Mr Blvoia Mr Mathe?e| Ml* Lanka Mirn Thntnpina; To e....rluda ?ill. TURNING TBI TABLES Mr. Erebba, Mr. Man ewe Jack tluapbraya Mr Badaway; Miaa Enbba, Mra a i mi. I?r*ai C reie and Parquetta. ?U a; Faaallr ftrola, Baa 0'aU?rT, UH orate Door* oy*a at 7; ooamaane ?t 7X. MlTCllVllI OLYMPIC THIATBI?MR. HOLLAND'S Pulcacll Manctlt?rilday acoDtor. March Id, teoommanoe with Ilia laua cal ertrnvngaoia ol UMBO AND LSSNDtl? loudir, Miaa Mary Uai n??; flulojmaa A aha, Mr. Nloh aaoa; Hare. Mim Hot-art* Bacrhua Mr. Blecker; Vanua Miaa Nlonia aim: I a?y Joara. Mr. An old. After whloh, the oomia drama of LaVaTKR. 1 Ml PHYSIOGNOMIST? MOar Batman, Mr. BoL land: Jo ? nrpar Levator, Mr. Nickinaon After which MRS. BAKU IS-Mm Banla Mr Holland. To conclude with ADaT All IK IBB WADDING?Jerry, Mr Holland; poll*. Mi* Mary Carper, Pirae Cirela fide.; Upper Bona* 2So.; Pit UX oar la. Prate open at 7; ! ** nt IX' BUIlOti'B TB1ATRE, CHAM BIBS STREET.?PBIDAY oveainj. March Id, will ba P> rformod the popular drama ct ST. PATRICE'S EY|?Prrdario the Paoond. Mr Ltl ua: uan. L'otnt GoiLa, Mr. ( hriatiaa; Major CDrgharty, Mr Brouihnm; I'M*. Omtarua rchrafcf t, Mr. Jordan; Cnpt Brandt, Mr. Hen; Sujcaut Erant. Mr. Mayer; B lta, Mr. Jobaatoo. Pr Mnuobar, Mr. Hamilton; Praroia Baron Trauok Mr. Mean; Catharine Mrr. Knmht, Madama hohonleldt, Mra Dowline; Meohi.Miaa Murine; Mn Bli'i. Mil Vornon. To oonalada with TBE TiK>DL18 ? ! ciuiviii/ ivugit r Dirwa: an. iimetur 100014, 3irL Vrrecc. Dr?H Circle ud Parqnrtte 60o.; Family Urol* 26o. Poor* op? at 7; curtain rl*e* *1 TX. B* KNUM'B AklUOiN MUSEUM.?ENTIRE CHANGEOf Moeeitiea! Splendid ptcfofouoH, every afternoon ati aad ove-y evening It7s e'oleok. Th# Manager boa igmad tbemoet wonderful ounoaity ia exieieao*?a Female weietungftiw pounds meaiuriag (even foot round lb* waittl 81 taohoo around u>* arm? Tbie remarkable lady U muoh more of * ourioatty than the r* di wned Daniel Lambert. 8b* may b* m*a at all boat*, with Tiulib, th* Fairy Oueen. Th* oelebmeed La* Family; th* great Fqoilibriit* aad Eaeter* Juggler*, bare alao been (apftd Alto eagtnd, Pet* Morria, Mr. Chapman. Mr. Copaland, Him * ret, Mre. Mooell, Mre. Averil), bo., bo Living Ourang On tang. Madam* Rockwell, th* fortune-taUer; Admienon 36 *onU| ohitdr** under 10 yean, 1JX cent*. 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" ft** hnvan'a 8>n phoay 1b A," " )d*nd*i*ohn'a Unlaw no," Manehntr'* ? am10 re " a boio ob thn Bora by Denr Snalt*, and a grand Ouatt on t* Planarurt**, by Mean*. Hoarlenberg aad Draaai, will ba potturn ( d. Bubec nptinn for the aaaaoa. f> 1<>. araooiata member* gi, hureivi d at Ssarfeaherg fc Lull', 483 Broadway; 01 at the Bee ittaro'a, 4kti Broome itraai. By order JOHN A. KYLE,R*oretary_ TOWNSEND ANDORRA MAMMOTH PANORAMAS Of tbe Uudaen Rtrar and the oity of new York, new on axhibi(iob at the New Large Ball, 11 t ed upexprotaly for them fainting*, at No 3Ufl Broadway, aoruer of Walktr (treat. Door* epen at 7. Panorama will eommenoe moving at 8 o'olook. Ttekata, AO oent*; children halt prioe. Tiakota admitting a gentleman and two lad'ea gl. There will ba an Afternoon Exhibition avert Satur date af a noon at gu'olook, for the aoaommodatina of Pamilte*, Prhoole, and thoaa who oannot make it convenient to attend evening*. Tub gibat cbinbsb museum. 539 broadway, bb twitn spring and Prinoe etreete. and the only one in thia oountrj, oeneitta of a great nnmher of life rite figure* of Chtoe-e, of til ol*aae?; etveral hundred Chinoea painting*; apartment* in home*; store* and vemet*. modal* of peaodaa. temple* and bridge*, iparimen* of Chinaae manufacture*, tbeir agricultural and meohaaieal implamaat* inetrumenr* ?f mnaio. Ian tern*, a a.. *0. Open fiom nine A.M. till tan P M. daily. Admittaaoe, 21 0. lit*; I hlldron under tnelve. bait prior. _ _ Trbnty-fourtb annual bxuibition or tub National academy of Dengn. Tbe room* of the Academy are now retdv for the rrcaptioa of work* fur lb* Twenty-fourth Anaual Bxbibitiou, wkiob will be < pei ed on f br flrat of April. i. U. 811 EGOLUE.Car. Secretary N.A.D. Last or pr. dods lectures.?dr. dod-s will lecture at d experiment thle (Prides ) evening, at the Call being poatuvel) bia laetleeiure but one in thieoity. Gymnastic bxircises, no. is-fullers qymka. t urn le open daily, for exerclaing therein, at No. 18 Court Lidtmitt. Tl a room la furntahed with all tti* necetairy appara'u* for then healthful and Invig rating raeroiraa Far tnoao who canno' attend dorirg th* day, the Uymnaainm will ba open tlrre night* in the w*ek, Monday*. Wedneadaya ai.0 Friday*. UALikOHKlA. rbROTBCTlVB OVERLAND COMPANY. VIA mnpim MT 16 cla)a. for S l4l. But a few T? caneii t lemaia. Poiaona matt leoore their paaiege by the tilth iuetant Members will eattle lir paiaage by that data, at the af floe, ii 1 Wa'l at. _ CALIFORNIA Lire ASSURANCE.?THB BRITISH COR mercinl Lile dMMMi Company uf Loi.doa (up tal three million dol.ara) oomlauai to take Hrat o aaa riaka oo lirea of peraonagoing to California. 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It la chiefly. noweeet, thoao who haea tut ferad from a curtain olaao of people, who aaa pro pad, ?v?rooi -V Ua etreioaa In etrtotuie, rr-m fta tret, or laetptonK to (tamaca edeatiood and dtrtreeel >J dMU (ftaaa nnooiasn-D ad sea total aad a eery -iitanMua praodrAJ ha mm aftbad a rapid, may, and radical out* wt.nh, ha haa (mand taa ttaMaa, aaa In ohtalaad frewi am ??n octane la Amealan MBDII'ALOrn R.-1IR JOHNS'IN, Id OU\NB 91 RP IT tear Chatham treat p.. well known u --.e moot anoocwihil croo-iiJooeriB New Ye?k. In the tatauaoator saner**: dieeeoea. The Do-ier". reputatlec fereki I la ihoeecld ha f. nr.-d once-bat beee enet d fer joara la preeminent Cleat. .trutore. ulor.-e o|x* the h.dy or ia tho tbpat ar note, peine la the head ar.d ooeoe ef tho legs, cSortua'.l? oared Conetltutl >u4l weakness, brought oa b> e aw ret habit indebted la by young Ben. o?ua-ae lenclTl'-ua dreaa e -nd nirhtly emim'ona p M-ieoH p??enWA Recent oeta oaaed (n Tourdaja, wlthoat maronry. Noalurat.oa -a diet r pronation fr m haataaeA DR. OLOVRR IB CONSULTED DURIM11UR DATAJTR i train*. et hie oflioa. No. 1 Ana atcae (now Ma It) la thoae d iSoali aad profewotod annee of daSaam . A, vera thai haea allied the akili o( phydeiaat Veto oipor e, .o. Hit oatraetw lot-aelv Ohel o, Ra, may hehede; h eeiatn, la fsvch Pneate tafcaaro ttuougn the to fey to th- ciAoadaat. I INTELLIGENCE BT THE MAILS. United States Senate, WiiHmoTM, Mar oh 14,1M9. Oill or <JBI? SHICLDS After the reading ef the journal of yesterday, Mr Wsbsteb roae and said, that aa It had been au| Reeled that the reaolutloa of yeater lay, deolartng vol the eleatlon of General Shields, of lUinoia, to a teat i the Senate, needed a word or two to eiplela the hmi teg rf it ; It ibia be so, and the Senator from Mmsi< elpptniu withdraw hla motion to poetpone, we me; a*d the explanatory worda required, to make deflait the judgment ef the Senate. Mr loot. not withdrawing the motion, The question waa announoed on the poatponem'i of ibta whole subject till the flrat Monday in Daoambai next. Mr. called for the yeaa and naya. Ordered * Mr Dicxinaon-Before the question la taken, we deal re to know whether the gentleman moat lntereated desires It. Mr. Rusk thought that it would be agreeable to the Senator from Illinois, bat that ha wouid not Intirtere with tba aetlon of the Senate. Mr Atchison aaid he wu willing for the pov'ocn* nest. If Own. Shield# desired it. with the prospect of pndoelng furthsr testimony to support hi* olaim. if be did not dealt* it, *od with tbia new, that* ?o^.a u, no advantage is tb* postponement. Otn Smiklos roe* in bla place and aatd.ha never should return, aniens be returned wltb tb* moat inooataatibl* testimony in support of bis olaim, The message wblob be sent to the oommltte* bad failed by an aooideat ol the messenger. They bad mad* out their report with ont it; ana his deoislon was aoeordingly taken, to sub mlt quietly and passively to the dseiaion of this honorable body. Mr Siwaan was opposed to the postponement, unless General Shields desired it. and unless it was distinctly understo< d that be desired it wltb tb* view of procuring further evidence in aupport of bis olaim to a seat in the Senate. Mr ifstus suggested another form of a resolution, simply declaring General Shields ineligible, instead ol drolailng bis sleotien void. Mr Skwaan resumed?He was against tb* postponement, unless it osn be understood that Gsn Shields is of tbe opinion that be can prove be bas been nine year* a oltlzen up to tbe 4th of March. 184W. If be oan prove that, It is due to bim and the State of Illinois, that lb* sutjeot should be postponed. [Col Bliss bsr* brought In a message from tbe President of tb* United Stat**.] Mr. Dvvului said bis colleague hoped to prooure tb* mostInoontestlble evidence of his eligibility; and that if he failed, be should never trouble this body again, unless he should oome with a new eleotlon or n new appointment. Mr. Srwiiu said ha bad ae little respect for this ooustitutlonalqualification of nine yeare eititensblp to a seat in tbe Senate as any man; and yet, there was out on* path of duty her*. *od that wu, to follow the requirements of th* cokttltution. Mi. ! out e *u glad to hear that the Senator from Misstuil, and th* Senator from N*w York, war* in favor of th* postponement, It itwouid couduoa to th* evidence required ; and he appealed that the opportune y be given, by poatponlng th* whole sutyeot till next December. Mr. Wehsteb?There is only oa* way oonsletent with duty, and with reipeot to the gentleman direetly interacted, and with reepeet to the State of Illinois, and with regard to the rigbie which *h* possesses, and that la our duty to th* conatitutten. No dealr* haa been expressed by the Senator whoae intereata are at a'ake, for delay. And It la atrang* tbathla ooheagu* should argue the raae a* if there were a dealre expressed by Gen. Shielda for a postponement. Mr. DoLtiLASsiaid he had argued the postponement fr< m what he considered to be uue to the State of 1111nota, and not from any intimation from hla oolleague that be desired a postponement. Mr. Webster- Well. 4 then, th* Senator urge* a postponement whioh the gentleman moat lnteroated doea not think will be uaeful. Mr. Dovuuti- I do not admit that Mr. Webster?Wall, air, 1 do not want a postponement unlesa the Senator acta it. Mr. Kootk intimated that he should not hare moved the postponement, unlesa with soma tacit understanding that It would meet the wiah of Gen. Shields. Mr. MTkbsteb ? He baa not asked it. Mr Fuotk?Well, but a man may change hla *plnlon. Mr. WaatTEa?The question la a simple one. Th* Senator was naturalized in October, 1840. He has n >t been nine ) t ars a ottizeo, and the election la, therefore, void, because be la not oorapetent to enter upon tbe functions ct Hi* offloe. The only evidenoe yet unprcduced <a, that the parent* of the Senator were naturalised *o long age aa to include bim in the act; but be baa given us ne it ttmatlon that heoan produoe any proof of that sort. Our duty 1* aa plain aa a turnpike read. The mere opinion of the people or Illinois, if they were all here, ia uotbing The ideation la befere ua, and our duty i* plain If we entertain the opinion that the gt ntieman la not eligible, we ought to aay ao. Mr. Halic aald he should rote agalnat the postponement, unlesa the gentleman ahouid state, unequivocally, or some friend for him, that he expects by further time to obange the state of the evidenoe. Tbe Senator from New York has said that he has but little respect for tbat clause of the constitution requiring this citisensblp of nine ysars. Now, sir, I doreepeot It When nearly all other of Its provisions have bean violated, this one, at Iraat, has remained aa a green spot, and assush I should wish It to remain In.tolate. (Jen. Shields rose to speak, but gave way to Mr. Cii Horn, who aald that It ia certain th* eleotlon la TLld where the Secatoris not eligible to hla seat, lie was oppised to tbe poetponement. unless th* Se nator alleged that If farther time is allowed he can eatabllab hla eligibility from the dth of Maroh No such allegation, however, la made. It Is das, therefore, first to th* constitution; and It Is da* to the Senator from IndianaMr. Douo lass?Illinois. Mr Calhoun?The Senator from Illinois, that we should act upon thla question. Mr. Douolais? But th* Leglilatare does not mast till January again. Mr. C?lhoi;i?-January again. Still it la our duty to aot; ao thai If tba (Joternor oaanot appoint, tb?ra will bo tbe nrooaaarj time afforded for tbe meeting of tbe Legislature before the Orat Monday in December next. It la a duty to Oen. Sbielda He mil gain by tbe oonrae indicated; be will loaa py tbe courae adrlaed by bia friend*. Aoaumiug tbat tbe question of eligibility oommencea wltb tbe beginning of tbe term lor wbiob tbe Senator ia elected, Mr. Calhoun meted to amend tbe reaoiution ao aa to read tbat tbe election it void, tbe Senator eleot net having been tbe required nine yeara a nitlaen?a,at tbe eommenoement of tbe term tor wblcb be waa eleoted." Mr WtaiTra-1 bate no objection to that amendment. Oen. Shiild*?Tbe Senator from Mississippi offered his motion to postpone without consulting me, and without my oonsent Mr. Foots?1 certainly did ao at my own option, because I thought tbe aubjeot too delicate upon wbiob to coneult tbe Senator; and at bia request i cheerfully withdraw tbe motion. (Jen Shikuo*?Mr. President, I now resign my seat as a senator of tbe United States from tba State of 11linois Dir. vrKBiTrii (ido>idi iouigniiitj-1 ui tor in* question ujon the amendment ei til* Senator from South Carolina. Ot-n. C*s?? I mow you, Mr. President, to lay tha whole subject upon the tab:* Mr Beittit' That tahe* the report with it. A Voice?Ye*, it came* th? report to the table. Mr. Wkbitcr?The ayes and no** for the motion lay* the report of the committee on the table. The motion to lay on the tat>l? *?i lost -18 to 34. quectio.v on THE ?MI*umk?T, Mr. F ootk asked the reading of the amendment with the resolution declaring tt<* eleotion void. U*n. Shields not having been nine years a ol'.iaen '-from the commencement of th* term for which he wan elected." Mr. Foote epoke at some length and with muob earnestneea, In opposition to this resolution, on th* gronnd* tbatit would stultify the unte that it would b?an Intuit to the State of Illinois that it wou d be unjust to a worthy man, and (h?t it wuuld encourage the spirit of inceadia:lsm which, a few years ago, burned dawn ohurches and exoueda atateof oieii war among th* people. Mr. Walker submitted an amendment simply declaring that (Isi. shield* Is men* bin, as s sunstuut* tor the original resolution deflating in* election Told. Mr. Doum.ass insisted with uuyie ding seal, that the resolution ot the committee, in declaring the eieatton void, would lease the >tate < t llliuoi* uureprean'e.d fur two years,except at the exp-c-? of au extra **? > >u of (be legislature the (iovetnir having no pov?r to appoint where there was uo * a?aacy In the resignation of uen. Shields every thing wa? accomplished n.oeasary to vindicate the senate Mr. Hslk nevrd to postpone th* father oons'dsra tleo 01 the subject till to-morrow and p ceded tbet It waa duo to tba ordinary .our'-oi-a ?aiuug gentleman that tba iceignatton oBered ebould ba reosired and li lecelrtng It ba thought ihat no further aotlon would be requited. Ha ba pad tba Senate would not Insist on ejecting a men altar ba bad reelgnrd. Mr wiiitii-Ota word. Thai Senator from Hitaole (Mr. Douglass) baa doua hie friend ae serried lu bts statement ia It not obrtourly a raoanoy; and If tbe election is void, tbe re la ao place to reelga. Howtm y<u nay decide, tka qneatlen muat atitl ba, 'wae tbcr- not a recency before thie ao called resignation took place just aa cleat it aa after it." Mr. Doom ??e- The Senator from Masaeaohuaette aaya my courae baa done my friend noeervioe. Now, air, I muat be tba judge of my owneourae for myaelf. Mr Whutii ? Oloourae. Mr Dovolass reiterated that the report of tbe committee, If adopted, would dlalranohiae tbe 8tate ef 111noia. Mr. WaasTiea?How ao? Mr. Tiotioi.Aea? By declaring thla alaetloa void; and tbe honorable Sena'or argued with ooaaiderable foroc, that tbera waa no asoeeelty for declaring tbe eleetioa >oid ?bm tbe object of tbe Senate could be aa well attained by some other eeurae. ( .Mr. I alhona, at thla atage of tbe proceedings, la busy ooantlug out the products of hia pay aod mileage by laying out one by one, tbe gold eaglea oa bla desk?a eery interesting employment?440 and M are 4<K>. and 10 arek70, bo ] Mr. Dot ijuasi contended that If tbl*eleetioa la rold, there bae been no election; If no election, there la no vacancy: If no vaoanoy. ibara ia ne power In the fiovernor to return a Senater, and In tha? erent. tbe election fall* upon 'he Leglala' ore. which net meeting for two yeere to ceme. wOi occasion tbe eoetofane* ra faeeion, or th? dlafra jnhls-'maut of Illinois for two yeara to come; that's bis argument In a nutshell. uVr Koo rr followed la support of Mr. Douglass, and Intimated pretty broadly, tbatparhapa one object tn this revolution waa to get ademocrstio Senator oat of u.? w.T Mr. Brriikk took proclrrly Ik* tuit rl?? of iho (abject ( Mr. XVabeter ?oil Mr. Calhoun lb* oomtita. tU ool ctyi ctl a w?k clear, and our nr?t duty woa to ??, pott tti? ernetliutlon. No action, and 10 delay of aotlco, nan el ?n? the (tote of tho font*. Mr. D<rrot./i*f milled l<> Mr. Harries, reiterating hla farmer erg omenta. Mr girri.t.e r ul.raltted, that If the Senator war not eligible ? the 4th cf March, there le no rand title at ail Mr. tfei aawoto argued that ?ho:r no ueqc*.<Uy Cor farther Mtloi aft or tha realisation ?f Dm g.B t(ac, ad (eoonded tbr motion to pootpoa* tha farther roaatdaiattoo of tho aulyeot till to-morrow. Agreed to, 24 to 23. During the debate Oen 8hielda had written oat hie H latter of leelynatloa and laid It on tha table if* HlL* ro01?d that It he takeo op sod reed. j not that looluded in the poetpene0 The Chair decided that it wae aot. The letter of Uea Shield* wee then read &e followa:? . ,, . S"??, Vlareh 14 184? J Mr PaariDRNi From the time that my right to a teat In thie body beaame a tubj-ct of inqniry and la earliatlOB. I determined ? ab.teio from entering latoaay eonreet In relation to tbet right, and to tnbmit nabeeitntlngly to the oe'inn of the Senate At there r la now n proepeot of debate and ointeet on thlt Tie I lotion, I will re lie re the Senate by tendering my reetgnalloa and referring the matter book to my ooaetltuente. I therefore nereby tender my reelgnatlen. JAMES SHIELDS. Mr. Halk mored that the Chair be reqaeeted to inform the Eieeative of iUinole of the reelgnetlon of (Jen. Shielde. Mr. SeneiEir mored to loy the motion on the table, but charged it to a motion to poetpono till to-morrow. Agreed to. And On motion of Mr. WtiiTii, the Senate went Into F.seontlre eeealon. Appoint mente, Nomalnatlons, IHoeeneente, H ' I die., of Uie New Adiiiliilltratlon. Henry V. Hrnwu has been nominated as Kegieter L of the Land Office at Green Day, Wisconsin, vtct ^B G. 8. Fitk, removed John Gayle, of Alabama, to be Judge of the Dibtnct Court of the United States, (or the northern and southern districts of Alabama, in the place ^B of William Crawford, deceased. ^B Archibald Williams, of Illinois, to be Attorney of the United States for the district of Illinois, in the place of David L. Gregg, whose commission is about to exi ire. ^B Palmer V. Kellogg, of New York, to be Marshal of the United States for the northern district of ^B New York, in the place of Jacob Gould, whose ^B commission is about to expire. ^B John Pettes, of Vermont, to be Marshal of the ^B United States for the district of Vermont, in the ^B place of Jacob Kent, whose comiiussioii is about ^B expire. ^B Samuel D. King and William Thompson, of ^B Washington, to be Justices of the Peace tor the ^B county of Washington, iu the district of Columbia. ^B Collector*of the Cu?tntn* ?Joseph T. Nye, Suco, ^B Maine, vice Ichabod Jordon, whose commission expired. Thomas Hedge, Plymouth, Massachusetts, vice Wm Morton Jackson, whose commission expired. James Donaghe, New Haven, Connecticut, vice H Noma Wilcox, whose commission expired. H JNuval Officer.- Charles Hudson, Boston, Mmi.k. ??. ur n ??? ?? viiuBcun, vice win. l armenier, wnoee commission expired. Survevort of thi Cxutomx?George, How land, Tiverton, R. I., vice Ann Gray, whose commission expired. Wm. P. Greene, Providence, R. I., vice D. F. Seamana, whose commission expired. [Correepondaaea of tha Phil. North Amorloan ] Washington, March 14, lJUB. 1 find under the general telegraphic head in the North Amervan of this morning, the following Malt mem, which has doubtless appeared in all the Noiihern papers:? " Kiecutive communication* wore rscaived, whioh are supposed to have bosn the nomination of Mr. Pendleton as Minister to Chili, and Mr Brady as Ssoond Auditor of the Treasury." No such nominations have been made or war* authorised to be reported, and I am induced to notice the lact, principally lor the purpose of correcting all misapprehension as to the diplomatie appointments. Applicants lor foreign missions have been infoinied at the Department of State, and the information is equally accessible to the public, that no selections will be made until the clove of the present fiscal year; unless a special emergency should occur in the foreign intercourse. requiring a confidential agent at some particular court, or it should become necessary to fill a vacancy. The reason for this policy was fully explained la a recent letter, which by a coincidence happened to appear on the very day upon which the foregoing announcement was made. It is suggested, also, by considerations ot delicacy toward th? iucutuLh nis who are now abroad, to enable them to rttne before the 1st of July, without imposing upon ihe administration the necessity of positive recalls. It is to be hoped they will profit by a degiee of forbearance which their political friends have never exhibited when in power. Should they negltct the suggestion, it is hardly probable it will be renewed in so acceptable a foim. The foreign service, during the last tour years, has been conducted in a most discreditabls manner, and agents have been employed who have seriously compromised the character of tbe government. Uf course, there are exceptions to this rernaik; hut they are few and far between, as will MS* ar whenever Congress shall call tor full inIoAm iruin ihepublic archives. Nut only have no diplomatic appointments been made by the present administration, but no assurances have been (liven in any case, of an intention to appoint. Tina policy was adopted after mature deliberation, and with a view ot presenting the claims and qiiHliiicittions of the different ? applicants to the President, upon an equal looting, at the proper tunc No exception ought to bo taken to such a rule, because it ia just, aud ?thuds equal protection and consideration to all. If nominations were to be made under lha existing pnssure, exception might properly be takea by tha applicant at a distance, who, with as much merit, do not enjoy the same influence that is exerted in b? hell < i those u ho are repiesented by distinguished members ol Connie**. The public has already been informed, through my telegraphic despatch, ot the nomination ot Mr. bloanaker, at 1'tnladelpbia, as Navy Agent, aud ot Mr. Evans, of Maine, Mr. C B Siuitn, ot Indiana, and Colonel Paine, ol North Carolina, aa Commissioners, to adjudicate the unsettled Mexican claims It is understood that the Presid<-ucy ot this Commission was tendered to the Hun. John Sergeant, and was declined, tor prior reasons, connected with his professional obligations. A secretary and clerk are to be appointed by the boaid. Various oilier nominations tor vacancies in minor custom houses and post officee, were transmuted in the Senate, and referred to appropriate committees under the tule. Mr. McClintock Young, the Chiet Clerk of tho Treasuiy Dei ariment, has tendered hta resignation, but will continue in oifcee until the appointment ot a successor. It other incumbents, wha have as little claim to favor, would mutate this example, thev would save the Secretary irom Hit ] discharge of an anpleaaaniAbut necessary, duty. I Tli#- uHmmihtrxtiun is entitled to surround itself with friends, in all the confidential relation* of official intercourse, and if the individual* occupying these positions are insensible to the propriety of resignation, they ought to be admonished by removal. The vacatev of Register of the Treasury will probably be filled to-morrow or neat day Mr. Hall, editor of the NatKviUe ff/iig, and Mr. Smith, the former incuinbeat, are among the most profit ment competitors who are urged for tho appointment Mr Rockwell, of Connecticut, brother of tho member from that State, is most favorably named for ihe new office of Commissioner of Custom#, created by the bill establishing the Home Department. i'litOADRLPHM, March 15, 1849. Funeral of tht Ae'r Thirtnai J). Grovtr?77m C<mtfriwy Cat*.? Gvmg'l, trc. Notwithstanding the disagreeable state of the weather, tlw remain" of the late Tbog. D. Grover were followed te the grave by a very large concourse of citizens. The Commissioner of Southwalk, the Board of Guardians of the Poor, the Southwaik Library", Weciacoe Kngine Company, and nearly all the native American asaociations of the city and cour.'y turned out. Hi i remains were interred in the family vault, at the Union burying ground, Souihwiik. His estate is valued at about $200 000, and much curi?ai ty is felt as te what disposition haa been made of it. | The Hinchm.<n conspiracy esse is stdj a subjeoC i of much curiosity, and the court room is densely crowded by perrons anxious to hear the eyidenea. ' The testimony tor the plaintiff is still going na, ' and varies but little from wtist baa preceded it, showing that Vr. ifinchmvn was a shrewd man, oloce in hie dealings, and managing his farm iu a I | maun' r to m?ke it aa productive as possible, i The Corouei is engaged in ioi.u nug into the death ol a new bom in'ant, found tin* morning ia ! an alley nr or Spruce and 8th strr efs. Ggnt'l gave nialirst conceit la<t evening, and, ' notwithstanding the unfavorable weather, Had a I rii-pteuiLJe audience. Ilia second entertainment lakes place to-morrow. I.atm from Maxico ?By an arrival from Vara Cn>/, we have received files of papers to the lhih ult. They are piincipaiiy occupied with details of tlie measures adopted to out down the insurgent* ol the Siernt Gord<?. In all the enoounters with the rebels, the government troops had proved victorious; hut at the last accounts, one Col. Marques, whoe< mmanded a body of men ander Rustament*, had detar hed himself from the government and d<* clared for Banta Anna This unexpected event crested & great a* nsation, and is said is be tha prelude toother and wore serious outbreaAs. Tim Mexiesn paters state that an American armed force bad taken possession of certain villages and l< ** r.a in thu lA-pHttmeni of Chihuahua, and cosnII sir. of the act us s gross violation of the treaty of Gvatlslupe. We know nothing tbe merfts of tha stlair, and the testimony relstioe to tt comes exclusively front prejudiced sources.?If. O. ??, | filarihl.

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