Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 17, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 17, 1849 Page 1
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TH WO. 5398. Called Beaeloa of the VnltnctJCUtei Senate. WkuHiifSTOH, March IS, IMS. Attt prayer*, inl tke reeding et the journal of yeatot day, ri<* Vu1 k Fdiidikt not fled the 8enate that it wee nene', >od? day* Wrote th* oi'Hte of the eeeeiea, for the Pree?e<*at ef tb* 8*Data to vaoate hie plaoe In ordar that, a -R -rdia* to tba eoaetitutloa, a Praeldeui jtro Um. might be ebo^-en, to provide for any ooatlngaaele* of tie i> it> r.*dum Mr An*'M.t. Mr. John Davie, and Mr. Miior, pretested pelllione. the cats or ar.n. iniilm TMi enSpeet came up, a* tne uuflule&ed baiiaeaa of yeeterday Mi. rVtrti moTrd that the revolution of Mr Hale. request!* g tie presiding tmiwr to enneuuoe the restgratien of Oca Mhielde to the Governor of I'dinols, bo dkntf ?ir. WtLiti ioumM that tbt re wort twa branches to ibit buiiiiof; aod 'hat that whioh took tbt precedence In oruer. ?a? the report of the committee. and the 'Senator from South Carolina (.1 aula ring the eleo tlon vo d He b' p-d therefore. that this bra no h of Ibe subjrct aeuld be flmt considered. Ma y?I bare biot??1 to take op the resolution to Inform the Governor of Illinois of tbta vaoaaay. because I tbu k, that in dlip'idar of that motion, t? pnt an end to tfaa whole queetiun. We hare reaeiTod the reetgaatteo of Genvrel 8l>ielda. There (a w a Osoanev; and all proceeding* now toward doStaring the eleotion Told are perfeo'ty uealaea. Mr boots coucuired mo>t decidedly in the viewsof the nator ft n> leouenee he oere fs fairly dismissed; h ?d we have no jotisdletton'of the ease after 4c Is %tke? out ot the oonr'.* however, there wer# those pieeeat ?bo ike vultures had their talons in their victim.and ere not diepo*?d to let bin go Mr Wili?h -1 4n set knnv to whoa the Senator allndee In speaking of the vulture* with their talons in their vlot>m uor do I oere muoh to know. Mr Fiorc-d snlalmnd the slightest alluilon ta ths Senator from Wisconsin Mr W'ai.kkh was grauled to knew that the figure was not I ate ode 1 to apply lohun. Ha p'.aaded'that it was the proper pol'cy to set upon the report of the eoumUtee ?b'eh would decide the question, whereas, by aoting elaoe upon the la ter of resignation. the quej'ton of The el nihility of General Shield*, should he be ret' ned by the Governor of Illinois. would still ens up fur settlement. It was better, therefore, for nil pat U*s, to settle the question at onee. Vr DoooLsse wished this question daeided on its rea metiie. end that there should be no delusion in thaw cieei'io* T;here was no recency in this oase on Um lourih of March General Shields wee admitted as a S-uHtor; has aeted as -su ib; ne has enjoyed all the fen t one if a S-nator Kr<m yesterday, there eras a Taeaaoy, up to yee'erdey there was none Your own e fee erd yonr own eye.Mghttell yon there was none. H rvslgred and walked out But gentleman say he hnd nothing to resign Ye*, he had a scat here; be baa V :rd with the rest of the Senate; he has been dt facta ^ ?'*? | ?v ui?m *? ui* 'nuras ?nu rbj vueiu wmm ft <inmj *11 tk? tiiM. suob no idea In opposed by lh< laws of the iud, by the decisions of nil th* court* of < bneteod-m; by the pltlnMt priaui '?? of oommon tansc; and by iwry o<>a?ise ration of public policy. Mr. Douglas* argued hi* o*?? with remarkable earneste?u ability Mr Waliks replied, that although General Shields ln<i been acting as a Senater, II waa undsr a void SlNtlSB. ilr Foot* dispntad tha poaitlon. Mr. W alias rejoined that it was void according to the decision of tbe committee, and that that was prop?-rly the question for the action of th* Sonata Mr -Hals: destrad on* word. Thar* was no aeowwlty for say ether proceeding than to inform tbe Uoe?raor of lil noie of the vacancy la thn 8*oat* by th* reeignation of Qonarnl Shields. Thar* was no neoj-alty of iasiraotiug (b* S>nt# of Illinois wbnt It is to do It con bare no binding effect upon bar, whatever laatruottons w? may attempt to give gb* will net, ia any aveat. aocordiag to her oea d is oration. Mr. Hi sa supported tbe views of Mr Hale. Whatever wa may do now oan have no binding effeot upon tbe State of lllitoie And as for tbe necessity of n decision it is already mad* by the constitution. Mr Maoush argued, that this was not a qnsstlon of C*urt*->, hut a *onstltutlonal question. H* should rot* against th* resolution ?>f th* Senator from New Henipehire. and in favor of the report of the committee. If this election Is a nullity, taere Is nothing to rss'gn. It tb* seat be* not been rightfully tilled for a intent, uie resignation iu?u it 01 no mora force than if it had net been made. And it do?a apprar tii at the seat bae not been tighfully Hied a tingle iaatant Mr. ilouoiass-He bae been a Senator de facto bin ace have been valid and be poeeeeaed tbeaetonlrights of a Hi na or till Dw res igtied. Mr Uiiiei*- It be wee a Senator merely by hie corporeal ?o<-upat<on of the chair to vacate It. it vac only asosa-.ry toat he should get np and walk out. Mr; s? But he occupied hit eeat under at 1cn a ci or . 1 riehi Mr. Baoeta?Bat it appeare, on examination, that this c?l< x 01 light is ao light at all. Mr ratMJLAM Not so. Mr. Baneca?It appear* so from the report of the committee. Mr UuvuLAse? But It ie not adopted. Mr. B?D?en?I am a?aumlog that it la adopted for the argument. It would then appear that what la Crime facie a title Is do title at ail. aad that there ha* sen a vseeney from the 4th Marsh. He objected to th* rraointtou toneMng the raslgnatien, for it preaumistebaae the offloial action of the Ooveraorof IUlno a epon it, a* if the resignation vac a bona fide act of a o ember rightfully holding a seat. The true course wee to eot upon the repot t of the committee. Mr. Ri>x oootended that tbis esse vac, in point ef fact, ti e same aa the caae of a dead man, upon which there could be no possible neot-siitv of action The R-uetor b?? r'lliiird and there ie nothing upon which to not. and tber*foro no aotioa i? neceiearj Mr Downi in hi* uaoai animated atjie. pleaded the plea of Mr Dongtasa, Mr. Foote and Mr. Hala, and M>gg?rt-d that ? eourne of g"?Deroui notion wae ana to ?en. Shield*, oho had eo freely poured ont hie blood in tht bu tier of the country. Mr. JtrraitsoR Oath aubmitted to the Senate that a n>ere mliinaiinn to tble bo.iy wae of no effect. The SttfornenMUn to the State ef llllnoie, and not to thia Senate. Nat having made the election, we hare r? i uthority in the matter of a reeignation. Nor dcee the resignation In tola oaee affeot the power of the Senate to net bpoo the report of the committee. Tie propriety may be that no notion ia aeeeaeary; bat tte power I ik it 1* clear. The aeritaol' the question ax nit changed by the reeignation. In eoaolaaion, Mr. Davta moved to iay the motion to take vp Mr. Heia'e re.ioiutljo on the table. Mr. Calmou > ?What dees the Senator propoee to lay on the table? Mr Dati*?I propose to lay the whole enbjeet on the tabic Mr. Cai moun?Then. fir. I deelre to ray a few word*. Mr ?aeon D^vie?The reaclatlon of the Senator of New H* mpr hire iionly now before the Senate. 1 ebell move to lay the report upon the table when it comer up Mr Calhouw eat down. The qoeftion wee at length taken to lay on the table the mut'Ou io take up the resolution of Mr. Hale, antheming the Vice Prertdent to inform the Oovernor of liiiooie nt the resignation of General Shields Ai d ihat branch or the enbjeet wae laid on the table 33 to 16 Mr Mason ? 1 undrretend now. gir, thet the report rf the e< m tuHter end the amendment of the Senator ft. m 8' U'b CfcK liDn, ma before the senate, vir D?uiiL*<s railed a question of order. Ttr i.H*iK decided that the subject came up as the g htfh.d bnslrrs* of yesterday Mr. siasoiv?Tbo question ta purely oooatltntlonal. It is a coLnitu ioaal quratlaa upon a given etatoof facts nothing wore. The amendment of the Senator from Sooth 1 arohna leaves the resolution precisely a* it name from the committee; hat as the amendment aiaie It* mauieg mor-i elpltol', Mr Maeonaatd ha eht'O.d. This election appears ta the committee cloarlj to be vat 1, a ltd that which Is void la the beginning, e?n never r>? made good by postponement or evasion. 1 he tep. r ot the committee i# not In the (lightest d-u.e der'sati ry to the gentleman lmpiica'sd. Nor csn bis Irttsr operate upon this qterm n In the s ightest degree No rsslg. nation of a seat bare oau he aiade to this body It nud be. made to the appointing p twer. The resig pation I*, theref-re of t o effect, and the r.j?tt of ttje h< U? & hs Valid liefftte toe b'etut# aa If this t?.?lg vatirc bad not been made. Or Mason e>ao exhibited that the ad-ptlm of the report deoiaring the election void, would not at e l in aoy *?j interfere with the filing ' f'.Ms ?a ansy by the Gov-rnor nf Illinois. ST. s'Hl persisted that everything that was required m u. ?as eoo.unplitbed in the resignation of ids el.teIds. Mr Jarrarvow Davis pursuant to hla promlea to move to lay ib* rept.rt with its resolution aud tmeucin-n' upon the table, now moved to Uy them IB the laMe roe question <M put and the motion lost?10 to <2 as tolows ;? Tnss?YCeisrs <aar, Chase, r?vi?. ef MUcwdppt. Donglsn Dueie, f ir,pstrok. rime, dale. Jones, Noma. Rusk, Soata, Itur ' u 'lu per lf?ik(*ir(4, ni Vain?IV. P Ava- M MT" Bad set, iaid vi,, Hall, Barnan. Borlai d. Brad lar> Bt (l>t, Kuvar Callmao, < larte, Cooper, Corwin, Davli, of H?.,iuliuMttn '>??<>n. l> oki K>? Kol n Uratha, Hao.lm, Hun> r. Mai m Maid'. V" i:ler. Morton, Pbaua, reward Souih, tpriiacec ?ala?. *?Uar. Walittar. and W Mtoomh?34. Mr Tviin <aKiidi>4 not to vote on this question; ?d r?i i?tpan hi that tb?ta *m no norai mtjact iipoo at'irb to ant tin If the senator were dead It was mere abstraction whlvh ?? to h* fallowed up in Tl'tittioa ol nil past oeagMof that body. Mr Torr?> Unfit upt'D the men ertonf services of Genaral ht.iald' and thnrght tba- this was an exceedingly noJ net ?m ura* to a a de an An-oneon eltlsen Mr btTLta- But be ha* not been a oltlien for nlna jvarf ,>t Tusnar? Agreed ! Agreed! It la just, than, iha dlff-renoe between tweedledee and tweedtedua. I rVali rot part i.lpate In thla proceeding I waah my hat d? t It It la nothing intra than noting upon n pTpr a1'ton of persecution Mr. W? urn-(faestisn oa the amendment. Mr. Dofoaaai? Geo. Shield* la truly an unfortunate Kan. H# Is * eet> d to the 8? Date Vou relaaa to Mt h,p atay, and you rofuae to permit him to raaign. Tho tjmate. if would appear are pertlnaeloualy resolved tre* b* shall not go out till he la kicked oat- el ting a nnm'wr of casts In wht h reslgaatioaa af Hanalora were made to and received by, the .Senate; and urged that In thla ansa the Senate ware pursuing a system of 0'>ae|lt|rn ,aU. kseaufaa? 1 eaii tLa heuatoi to aider, j E NE MOR Mr. Foot*? I call the 8?iitnr Ave North Carolina to ctdtr It 1* ?vt?B of ptomtiot. Mr Maeovm? I oall to rrte Mr Foot*- It l? * ry stem of peraeoutlon. and every nan ?>t think It so; ana I trill maintain It hora and atrrj ?h?ra. [Mima woid* bara pn?ted Vtwacn Mr. Foot# and Mr. Mangom. not distinctly heard } Mr. Dove lam resumed and evidently highly asoltad. rvn-oDMra'i d with unuiraal ei.erity upon this proposed nation wl t"a 8?na'a a* ce-emblli g a pr?oeealng of p?-raaentu u r f <j?ner?i Shields In oonolntion. he bagged tba p?rd< n of the Sennte tar anything diseourteous or otor baety, which, In the excited xtaie of tl? ferllnge, migl t bav* escaped him; hatha did believe that taia efOttnip atad net wouid ha a flagrant wrong to the Sta'e ot Illinois and to General Sb>a)da Mr. Footk next took the floor. Ha waa trident!? in noiate i t high excitement, and the aroaded gallariaa foresaw that h* wee g-lng to wake some very daaidad expression* of cnnncmaatton Ha eommeaeed by a 'lofty en eginm of the bnrnlng sentiments and tha high toned patriotlem or the lrraaiattble apaeok of tha Senator tram Illinois (Mr. Doogiats 1 and, at ha waa preceding. Mr Hamlin, a bo Mta behind Mr. Foota, madvercantly began to laugh In a low obnaklo Mr. hoctb waa indtgnant 11* waa not to be deterred by unmeaning laughter or rldieule, by moo who hud not the bold manly trout tn tale a mora decided course of r|ryi'pn i\ irjm . pvv?? ?vrn wc?% via b* iut ur? bua? d ta nr. In a most peculiar end ak'raordlnerr precondemnation of ibe Senate, t?< of tbe anathemas %itb wbleb the 8en*t? w. a.d be eltticied. if they should adopt tils report of oh# commute* Ho wont book to ibo birth of Jrsna Christ. when tbo Jews nM. ''nothing good cooiO oooto out of Nooorotbaad tbero woro Jaws, not boro. but elsewhere. who believed tbot nothing goon oomd oeme out 01 iroiood This noi la o native bvin Irishman A SkooToo (aside to Mr. Bodgor)?DM bo ooy o "naked" torn (tubman! Mr Kootk jotborad fuel to bii Ira m ba want olang. Ht denounced thl- contemplated proceeding oa o persecution. oruai ond unjuat. There woo ton* bidden molignlty to be appaaacd ogolnat U*n 8b.elde.ood tba cry woe "Crnctty bun cruelly him!" Pea* tbia reaoIntion now, wb?u It ia rid oulou* aud absurd to suppose it nsevsaaiy, end it will be regarded oa on not of lawless,rank, and mallgt ant persecution It arill bo an tot wbleb will dl-grace tba Senate; and well boa t be Senet< r Irom Tenn?sees aoid ba woold woab bla baeda of tba transection Mr. Font# Increased it a temper of bl* remcnetronoe. as ba still continued; and. a- illustrative of tba text, we glee a few extracts : "Maligiaat aebeme of persecution," "treacherously instated, ingeniously contrived, and eloquently matnleinrd," ' oare tbea U> tnia unjuat act of disgracing a meu.ber no longer )n tbls body." ibe eouotry will became too bet ta boiu tbem." -They will not oare to oroaa tba Atlantic," "tbay *111 ba r?ent?-d by the aonaot freedom In 'be old world," "tbey will be laoked upon witb acorn and contempt by every noble mind;" "it la a scheme of meditated ataaaination?it ta worse than tnk ng bis lire, tor it aim* a einaiotWe binw at bia repu tt t n, "shed bia preeiooa blood in the battles of onr u.uLtry. like water." "8uch an aet wauldboeamoa Veaican ( oogresa * bioh passed paonliar honors u. on disiii gi.lsh, d men bare lor vladieating tba aaemv'a cause in ft Just and rights* ue war " "And If there be those ie>* who refused supplies to m armies, tbon cold htarUd Irtends * f ft foreign fee will now be found to TOtf tor ihl* net of ostracism;" '-the day* or aneleut Kiaie " '"the Tsrpeian r?>ck,'' '? naatle near the Emp*ror?s pe ace?ex> cute him," 'cUIsvuj aotellowit," ' had to remove h'to far aw?y." "I would warn Secants that they are on ibe verge of a precipice-they tie on the very edge of Niagara'# cataract? (laughter i* the gallerw ) - and if ibey dare to make the ltarlul plntge into the abyia, tbey must be drowned in the boiling vatera. or eruebed to fragments among toe rock# at the bottom " 8ueb ware ?uoe of the many extraordinary condemnation* of this unaccountable speech of tr-e learned Senator from Mississippi. When be bad oonaioded, Mr Bur Laa rose and said, ba did not know how fhr be might be implioatad in tbe profuse, extraordinary, and aeenmniated censure of this body this morning. Mr. Foot* disavowed implicating tbe Senator at all. Mr Diitus waa surprised at tbe excitement wbiob this question bad awakened There appeared nnottwin lor it at all it waa a simple question of tbe constitution nothing more; and tbere were Senators, and be among tbea. whose sympathies ware with Gen. Shields ; but the constitution admitted of no accommodation htie. He war astonished to bear the Senator from Illinois (Mr Douglass) say that tba Senate ap?tared resolved ta kick tba member out of this house. only wish the Senator from North Carolina had iaetsted upon his call to order. And if Gen 8blelde had been permitted to take the oonxse which hie own Jndgment dictated, mneh of thle trouble would have boon avoided What 1# tbe question? We propoee to ao- ! knowledge the reaignatian of a seat which the member never held. Mr Foot*. Mr Dawes, and Mr. Rusk, here severally, not all simultaneously, pot a queetlon to the Senator on the Soar. Mr- Bun xa Insisted that It waa a simple queetlon of fidelity to the constitution He desired to reply to the Senator from Itllnela: be bad no reolv to make ta I the Senator Irom Mlnlaipul; ud lie meant 10 disrespect, especially a* that Senator tu a relative. Mr Fool k vaa glad to bear It. We are ot the came nee. We are both Impulsive; and what be eau excuse In ire, 1 can allow to kin. Mr Bl'tlib bore testimony to the great services of Gen.ttbitld* to tbe country, but appealed that the oentliluiional question here admitted of no aet of genrroatty except tbe act of adhering to Ita requleitleae. Mr Whitii-Question en tbe amendment. Mr Us ds swoon next teok tbe floor, la a cloce and ne'hrdiea) argument in support ef the view* of tbe minority?that tbe resignation of General Shield* did away with ibe necessity fur aay farther proceedings. He gave nay. at length to Mr Wcasitn. who moved that this subject bs laid as de tih te-morrow, and that tba Senate go into Executive session. 1 te moMon was loet?16 to 20. Mr. UnocawooD resumed end finished his argument ?tlat (ftmral Shields was admitted as a Senator; tba-,as susb be bad tbe right is resign; and that, in resigning, tba re was nothing else sft bat his resignation upon which to set. l'be election was voidable, buti otvild till so decided. He bid an amendment, wb eh. at tbe propvr time, he ehotud oiler, for tbe modlflesHoa of the n solution. Mr. Dawson, of Grorgie remarks d that he bad not iLtvndvd to sey a word during this extrn session, but ibst tbe extraordinary cbaiaetsr of tbe debate to dey S.H I. An..< ... 4...... SKI. ...ftl 1,4 Inn U. ... -.4 areurtcined lo pit quietly, and ImUd tj ehurgea of a ryalem 01 peireoution, In which he migat be lmplitktii. To let them go unanrwered to the country, it might be conpideitd that there >u tome ground for 'Fun. He utterly dieoiaimed all mon imputation*, and g> ntlrmen ?h?uid not make a eeemlng imputation which ?nr t ot. ndmlralbleaf a direct application. Mr F or*?Doe- the Senator refer to ma? Mr D.w*on- I do Mr Fuotk?I hold myielf rarporelble for all that I raid, and tb* rearan that my charge* were general, auc not direct, was. that tb* latter coune would be unper.ianen'ary. fitt if in wbat I acid any Senator ftele tl at it ?111 apply to him, ao let hiui take It. Mr tiAwaoN? 1 Den. if left to ibe judgment of our conacianiaa, the accoaationa of the S? aatcr will net ap I oly to me nor to aoy oiber Senator, fur tbia act moat i appear to the mcjirity, a* it apptara to me. a etmple I conatitntioiial duty Mr Oawcon compared thli CMC ! to ao uulawinl marriage Tha marring* may ba ton. run-mated, but. *ban found to ba Illegal, It 1* void frtmtba beginning Mr. Footk?Bat topper# the partier have been mar- . rie d a number of yeaia, and hava children, ara tbeaa children tilegiilmate? (Laughter.) Mr. Luwroit? I bat qnertion la aniwered by tha plain prlnotplea of the common law. Mr. Footi?Then the children arc nulli filii ? I (Linger.) Mr Diwaoir?Exactly re; and the 8enator from Gecrgla argued out bla point, that tha election being void, no reels;nation could be made, and tbat there war r. o other queation tban the mm pie conatatntional obligation which tbe care prerented. Mr. Wmr a? Qnertion on the amendment Mr tJanaKw. od rejoined maintaining that the election w?r n< t void tin to declared to be; and that while It waa competent to declara the Senator InaliigtM* to bl> >e?t It waa not conrirtent with the nature of ttriage to declare the election void. Mr. Vino* In reply, pieaent.d the plain language of the ofnrtituti< a "No gerton ahall be a Senator j who La* net been *!heytbtt * *0. "No | perron pbail be a Senator''- tkU i? Ibe eOnrtitntlon, and thlegentleman Set having been nina yeara a oaunot be a Keat or Mr. (?* ?, after lemaiklag npoa tha learning and ability which bad been exhibited in thlr debate, to watch be bad liatetred with Interkat. It not with luriruftlou aal<i thai ha mavcly roe# to daciara tbat be thould not vote on thlr rerolution. n*ii<'T>i7f( mm a? uiu. wun ?. ?! ovonur iruu Tui'fifH- ihot U ?u i Btrt tbtlriet qne-tlan, of no iteolioai Importation; and that the Heaat<r about to b? judged baring might a* wall pam upoa the o a'tn to a *e?t here ol any other citizen of tha Ur I'ec Rtatee Jan ? SbMde. Mr. WmeT?a?Qoeatton o? tha amendaaent l ha an. tod me r>t of Mr Calhoun to the reeolution of tha ccBia.itt?e waa ? pried to. Mr. WtaiTi t-Queetlon on the raaolntlon Mr fatten iion mured to amend by declaring In tha retolutli n that J*m?* Shield* i? not entitled to a aaat, tmtiad of declarltg the Mention rotd Mr WtttTii- Qintkin on the amendment. Mr Uebaewneo called f< r the ayee and no**,ondth* ?*- 16 to !I8 e* fnllo?e:? ?>:* -Mian g?eM*m. Btxlhaiy,fki*a, Deri* *f MMaairpI, Ttiagata. Iiowea, Fetch, FlU)at'tfk, Feer?, Jeeea Barrla, hnafe, tone, hiarginn, Ure<r>nrd, led Yo'aa?16. Neva?Oce>ra Re.tpr, IMdata. >Vh Herrlae, Borlard. Bright Buileij- ? bei.r, i Ink , Cm.jre, Capua. Daei*. at Mem*nanret'#, peewit. Dicku.e< n, Orerea, ? *?. Baatar, Mat etna, *?? ! Miller Mtrtn. trdpa. Seward, Staieb, fpraanaa, l/phata. * alee end * thrtet- ft. So tha matlan of Mr. Underwood, to amend, waara >eted Mr DnvaiiM mored to amend the raaolntlon, by atrtkltg ?int all after the word " terolrad." and (ubatitntltg an aathority to the Viae I'reel dent to report to tha tiorernor of IIIltola, that Jam*a Shield* ha* rarig tied ht# teat In the Senate of the Uoltad State*, and that a vacancy ha* thn* been created In the Senate Mr Cat.Hoaa ralaed a qnaatlaw of ardor Tha nate bate deetdtd agaiaat a almllar raaolntlon alroady to-day. The Chair decided tbo nation In order. It woe nn merriment 1 ha quaittoa today waa an n aeparate retfewireu, 0 VY YO NING EDITION?SAT1 Mf. JtrFruoR Dtfn th?o(bt thin m ae t?'w >n tkl# imidorat It did net alter tie tent* la the ear*. It tw ibe dutr of tbo Senator <n no' iti o< not to retlgn to tbU body, but to tbo appointing power. The Senate bad nothing to do in that malier. Mr DoL'6L?Moited MToratrooent omoo in whlobrertg nation* bad b?ea mad* 10. and raeoir, 4 ' y and totto upon by lb* Senate. Tbr iBtndwnl of Mr Doogtaee. proponing to lafrrni i be Governor of lllinoia of tbo resignation of G?p. Shield* wae rejected -IS to 82. a? follow* Tra*? Hear*. Cat*. Chaae. bonglna, Do?na, rtti^Mriei. r Mr, Junta. Ruak Hou:*, 8'nrr> ue b'udwwooa uad YuIm? IX Mays attar*. AteMioa, Bade r Baldw'e, ' !*. Union 'lor laad Bradhrry Biigh'. But er. Talboun. Clul a U-'opet.Oo--in. Dat *, oteilouuaitu. I IVI ?t H.fuarp'i. Dawaoo. O laann. Orttre. f ar.'lt, Bva'er Mamnn. M l a, Millar. tf> 01 1 b*h *, Seward, BtniU, fpraaace, Uphaa, Wales, Walker ad ? eUte?M. Mr Wiiitii.-Question ?n tb* mohiUoB. And the (violation of the committee, u amended n notion of Mr. Calhoun, was vie* twee adopted, wflIowa :? P etched, That the election of Jeraea Shield* to be a Sane hie o' tie I tiltea Btaua waa ?>, he not having beea a eiuieu of tVi 1 ailed *ut>* thi urm of rear* re<inirad a* a qnahftuabion to ' ? a fewaiorot the Vnittd State* at the ccmmeroemtnt of the term lurwliich he waa elected. Mr WniTia ?I not* that a copy of this resolution be eenmnnleatod by the preeidlnit ofBcerofthie holy, certified by I bo Secretary, to the Kxeeatlve of the State of llllnoie. Mr Foot k declared, that he should not join in nay farther proceeding*on the subject. The notion of Mr Webster war agreed to. Mr. Benucn ?1 cote that the Senate adjourn Mr Jnraaaoit Davit.?Oh! no. Let no go into Exeootlee btuineae. Mr WiBitn noeed that the Senate go Into E* entire eeatlan. About helf-past 4 P M., the Donate eiened their (Voore, to act on carta!n nominatione eont In for confirmation, by the Prealdent of tho Unite! State*. Affaire lit Mexico. [From tho Now Or lea as Croeoent, March I ] We have received our (ilea ot Mexican papers to ihe 10th ult. We find by these papers that there is a very general impression pervading the publ.c mind that Santa Anna entertains a design of leturtiing to the republic. A primumaammto in his lavor had been made by one ot the officers ot Bustameuie'satany, which threatens t<>assume a formidable iharactet . El Monitor ot February 8d, tbue speaks ot the Santanista movement, in an article headed "Alert:"?"Tho tyrant?the vanquished in all hia encounters with tbe Americans, Gen Saata Anna, hasde'ermined to return to the republic. Be on the alert, then, Mexicans I dis before per* nutting this fatal man?this eause of ail our misfortunes and our humiliations before the enemy, to povnn us. To his vanity and inability alone, Scott owes all his triumphs." On the 2Mb of January, a revolution, headed by Diar. Norisga, broke out in the 8tate ot Jalisco; but it was discovered m time, and by the vigilance ot the Governor and Commandant General, it was soon suppressed. The rebellion of Temascalteuec has also lost its alarming character, and its leader, Estevan Leon, returned to hia alleiriance. On the 25ih of January, the Congress ot the State of Jaliaco closed its session. Petition* against the toleration of religious sects continue to come in. One was received trom a number nt the Indies nf Oaiaen Official news trom the army operating against the Indiana ol the Sierra had been received, bringing intelligence that on the 29th ot January, Gen. Ui spa hud an encounter with the uuurgeaU, in which he completely routed thtra?killing and wounding a number, and capturing a quantity ol provisions. The Indians of Durango continue their depredations, which, as usual, go unpunished. The tobacco monopoly appears to be very unpopular. The government receives many petitions ptaying for its abolition. sr. Antonio del Rio, a man well known in Mexico for bis liberal opinions, died lately. The Monitor say s that late news from Mazatlan describes the gold fever as raging to great an extent at that place, and the emigration produced by it ao great, that the populat.oa ot the town has been very much diminished. On the 15th of January i Mr. Parrot, American Commissioner, arrived at Mszatlan, on his way to California, where he is to rBiuDium a mini ior coming me vaei amount 01 gold which in daily extract*-d from the earth. In the Chamber ?f Deputies, ?n the 27th of J angary, a resolution was adopted, requiring the Trea ujy Department to lay before Congress copies of the instructions given to the Mexican Minister at Washington, relative to negotiating the $800,000 loan. We have, referred above to the Santanista move* ments which are going on throughout the country. El JMuntiur, of February (Jili, contains the following letter from the distinguished Genetal, directed to Col. Saurez y Navarro:? Ki ks*toi*. Dee. 21. 1818 My Esteemed Friend:?When will my enstnls* oess# to calumniate and Intuit mo? Art they oat sstlstud with the iojnrlee they hare Inflletad upon mo since 1844. and with seeing me on n foreign soil, at such a distsncs? How do I oflend thorn? What do they wish ts impose upon mo? Ah! bow mnnb misery and dishonor it the lot of our country! I have iron that, for want of pretexts to areatl me, they Invent new ealumotea. and aesert that I Invented tbaaapedlrnt of procor ng the accutatlon of Gamboa, whan it is evident bow that occurred The despatch, of whteh there ha* been so tnnoh said, csma by the diligence ronte. and contained only too aoeuration of that good lawyer, and 1 interfered In the aflair fitly on account or the reepeet I owe to tba rrptmrn'ttiiti of the nation. When Tehuaoan ?ai tnrprin d by the Amrrioane. with the view of oaptuilrg wr, I ?a< forced to wandor orer the aouutry with my poor family alncet op to the moment of o>y embarkation. It *ai lor thte r?a?on I reeereed the lafoimatica for a time of tranquillity, and that I brought with me the document* relating to it, <ie ear natural I wirhed to ecnd the Information by thie packet b it it wae impoealble. Sueh ie the canning of Otmbo*. that it haa t>e?n acoeaeary to write a htetory B? the next packet, then jou ah ail hare it, together with the celebrated degpa'cb. Yen are at liberty to publiah what I may and have wiitten In defence of joetice and my boaor ANTONIO LOPEZ DE SANTA ANNA. Marl a e Affaire. T. . . , T... ? ..... It........ T........ _Tk.>? 'teamaMp Tennessee mad* her first trial trip yesterday, and we were exceedingly well pleased with thla re seal bar Bailing, the working of her anginaa, and everything alaa aonnaotad with har. Sha left the Novelty Works' loot of Twelfth street, at a few minutes past four o'clock, P. M , and ran down, at a gallant rate, aa tar aa the Narrows, at which point har head waa turned towarda home. Sha reached the city at about aix o'clock. In point of beauty of modal, speed In eatling, as 17 control by the halm, and abaaaoa of all disagree able or tremulous motion frsaa the angina, aha is, wa think, unsurpassed For the convenience and **mfait ft passengers, the Tennessee la one of the bast of steamship*. Everything that oould tend to make a sea trip agraeaM# la provided, and nothing, in the least or most insignificant respect, is omitted Hareabtnanr* fori.lebed In a stylo of great beauty and magnidooneo The dimensions of this beautiful ship art nsfoliowe:? Length of main desk, 210 feet, breadth of beam, M it 1 depth of hold, 2'i feet. She Is propatlsd by a powerful engine, bnilt by 8ttllmao. Allen, C* , at th* Novelty Work*. Ilor eyiiader Is TO laches tn diameter, with ltd ilrou. Tl? shin ?u pout by Wh. M Webb, who diNtrM 111 credit tot the motion la wbleh b? baa accomplished bis paitif the labor n??wu; to not afloat npca our water* oao more of those ioeoantlr* edthoea ol splendor, tor which oar harbor la laat becoming #eltbikttl. Hot aabiaaata fitted ap with e-peelal refe rence to II* ooa,f. rt of pnwagera, 200 hundred of whan oaa be eeoommodatrd on board The eofas, settees, aid chairs are of modern style and elegant coaitrUcUon the tisibia wood work of the eebiasWfcich ecnaleta, fur the meet part of pane a and email cjIudidb? la VttBtered witb rosewood uad corieU maple, polite ed to the highest degree. 1 he raotliatloa la exoellent. and each state room l? well lighted and furntabed wilh waur. wh'eb mar be had lor the drawlag. The mat a cabin* have large ventilator* to tba centra, lraoiun to tba open apnea abow. na<t *o arranged tbac fr**h air ma j be admitted rhaapaon between deck* i* aeren and oni-heir f*?t Tba arraagn mania loi tne ebip'a offlecr* bave bean wail attended to?ample aec< mmodatioca bring provided for tVa in lb* kaoaee npou deck. Grant attention baa baau paid to tba arrarigemmUi lor cooking and preparing tn* mcab for table Th* fttewurd'* room I* *applied w tb all convenience*. among which la an abundant *nppiy of fraab water?twelve hucdred gallon* per day Mu( arenred from tbe evaporation*. and obtained from tba coi detaer Tba *b p la. In fact. compU 'elj equipped; and paatenyarg * bo embark In bet may do ao with per ecr eonfldenoe, and an aaauranea that they will be aa comfortable a# careful thought and preparation for tbeir cotiieolenee can make tb?m Judging from her trial trip yeeterday. we ahonld ?af, without baeltatlon ibat the Tenoiee* will be a faet boat. 8b* aama la at pier No t North river where aha now Ilea In bar oerth l la Tebne>?*e la Intended to ply betwaan tola city and Saram ah at regular and e'alaJ Intateala; an I w* will be much eoipr aed If abe do not become a faeorite ?l>b not ODly tba trarelliag publie of tba North, bat our friend* of the couiheru Kintet She will lono a o.iiinectlii* link between tboae two aecMona of tb * country, and will, wa bare no doubt encourage and promote 'he mutual good underetaodtog wbiah Be* Miwaya eale'ed between tbe Nor1 h and tbe South She will, it la espe'ted. go on bar drat trip on tVedneaday neat. Kbe will be under tbeo-mmand <>fi:apt>ln Coltine, a gentbmaa wboaa aklll aa a navigator and ur hanl'y ?.f mai.ner ?rd d*p< rtment ar proverbial He fe.rmeiiy aornn at.U- d be Liverpool packet ablp lloae'ua Kgvs fHOM I'guir ? VVe learn tint the Pern* vian g?ive rnii eni liatrnM the war M'umrr Riitwa, under Coniinaiidanie Viilliccetn, to the nonet <>i (".* I.rorrna lor rtier pruet rum of ita nuby-cta, who | |UUC UM iC A** C? ibeiiU Vl |MiU< | >RK E LTRDAY, MARCH 17, If Tli??trl(*l and Hndrali Boviit Thiitii.- Dating tb? put WMt thla hooM kn been well attended erary nlng, and tba m* pteee of' Eaple Kye." with nil tta grand nqnMtrlnn featnraa, bna been raoatrad with grant npplnoaa. Wa hnaa on aeveral reoaatena nllndad to tha excellence at J. H Hnll'a perl rmnnee In thla piece. nnd tha daahlng tqneetrtaalaoi ba dieplaya. Hla part, nnd the faata ha go. a tbrongb on hla beaattfuletoed Arbaoea nra, doubtlee.. tba main fantaraa of tha pieoe Still, tha otbar notora ndd annb to tha ganarnl intaraat bp tha axaallant ma nnat in wbtoh tbay play. N I. Clarke, aaBUnUy, tha hardy frontier pi*near. Winona. na tba euta Ynnkaa tradar: Stereo*. na the half braad, nod Duff, na tha la dinn eblrf allaetintba meet admirable manner; whllat Mtee tha balf-breed Indinn girl, la na effretiTe aa ?wr Wa muet alao notlea the admirable tononrr In whleh tha Intrlonta aeanary of the piece ta arranged Mr. Steven*, tha ataga nanatar, baa ahown hlmaelf quite equal to the ta?k of bringing nut thla apaotnela In tha moet brilliant manner La?t night the little faree of " Sketehea In India" preceded the dra inn. and Mr nod Mra Gilbert. Mia? Taylor. Winana nnd Jordan, kept the hnuae In n perfect roar nil tha time. Tba inaaa bill will ba repented tonight B*?af>w*v Theatre ?A greet variety of pieces w?re presented at this theatre laet night. perhepe t x> mn; at ome tin*, toeioure excellence in all; bat the splendid acting and rich comlo humor of the Iriih comedian, Mr. Collins, fully eompeneatf d for llttla miner defleleueiea. The house ?ai crowded from the boor te the celling, and Colllai held the Immense mul tltnde la a oeatlauooe etate of merriment, laughter, aad hillanty. lie Brit nppear*d in the Ilealr pinoe of "Born to flood Luck." and gaea two of hie eongi In an unequalled style of humor. Hie Irleh Jig. done with Mile Chleete, waa ro much admired ae to be loudlr end raptnroufly encored. Thta evening Mr Cotdne takra hie henetlt, and it le the laet evening of bla praient anointment. On thle occaalon he will appear In the admirable farce of the 41 Nervoue Man and Man of Norve." and also lb the " Irleh Ambaeeadoe Mr. H Placlde. himeelf a boat and a great favorite of the nubile, will play the part of the Nereoua Man. Thia aflhrde. with other neveltlea great attraction, and we haoptak fer Mr. Collins a orowd eomm*ainrate with hie tare talenta and genlua ae a comedian andoomlo lager Natisival Theatue ? Mr. McFarland'e benefit, lait evening, waa well attended, end the variona plaeea announced were well played. "Mr. and Mre. White," the firet one, la about aa laughable a faroe aa wo have evevaeen, and Chapman and Mlaa Moatayer, aa the intereotlng eouple, gave rise to mnoh fun and mirth.? We were glad to weioome hook More to the California grid digging!, aad tba foika aaemad to relish hia adventnrea all the more for having beaa deprived of the pleasure of seeing them for romaovenlngi poet. Nest Monday evening, however. Mom. Syke-y, Tom nnd J*?my, Lis# and Jenny, will ail be on hand again ? For to- nlgbt the hill Will eoni-let ?<f three very popular ? trees. via : " Jack Sbeppard.'' with Mini Mestayer ea easy Jack; the amoving force tf >'Who'o VIy Hueband T" In whleh W. B. Chapman, a? poor Mr. T^otiea, get* ao bambnotled by Mri O. I'; and the drama of " Military Ezaoution" will ooncluds the entertainments. BuaTon'e Theatre <?Aa a very appropriate piece for the date, "St. Patrick's Eve" waa played last evening. Tbla drama waa written by Tyrone Power, and th. ?. ) U.I.. ? ... ?" gr??w>|fw )> *) ?^WI N/ UU?Uft?J, WH IMVUHM om with him. The story la dated Is the time of Frederick II., ssd tuxes on the strictness with whleh that lemons martinet In military affelrs adhered to thd let. ter of hla orders. Major O Dogherty, In his desire to keep his word of honor, whleh bad been passed to a laiiy: Is Induced to break the order of the day; and the subsequent difficulties form the Interesting portion of the dtama. Brougham play ed the Irish goatloman and soldier ndmirsbly. whilst Mr. Lynns. as Krede.iok, fu. filled most p< rfeoUy the deseription of the o'd dieelpllaarlan. as f.anded down In history. Quite a variety of pretty musts was Introduced la tbe coarse of ibe first act. and sung with great taste by tbe eostpa ay. Tbe whole p eoe was reoelved very favorably, and, we see, will be repeated this evening The burlesque of "Beauty and the Beast," with Barton at the I in n ortni Aldgate Pump, will be the afterpiece to-night lisuwsi Ctscus. - Thte place of emosement w?s well attended loot evening. Tbe entertatmnenti at ibis establishment are improving nightly Tbe brnotlf ul display or borsemenship by Mester Send* ap peered to astonish toe whole audience The cimlcal scene exhibited ey Mr. Usrdaer, as Moss on horseback, brought down renewed applause. Tne fighting penles were, as usual, very attractive, exhibiting. great sag a ally The four horse not ay Mr Stoat, w-s a teat of great ezo*llenoe Many other great feats and aots ot horsemanship were exhibited, reoeiviug renewed applause. The whole of the performances Coaoluded with the laughable and oomical afterpiece called "Harlequin and the Ohost," which brought from tbe dellghiod audience renewed applsuse. Te day a performance will take plaee at 2 o'clock. Orrsa Hot-SB.?Tbe grand musical festival given by 8lgcrr Bartli same eff lasr evening bef ire a Urge and taebioneblw audience, and from tbe eommeaoement to tbe was one eontinuoua strain of sweet and melodious sounds whleh were breathed forth with such softness, exceeding rrelody, and no unbroken link of 1 aimony. as to call forth tLe mest enthaetasrie cheers. Miss Julia Nviiball as usual, w?? In nxoe lent voice, eid she tendered ibe three solos with great musical prec-slc n end In tbe most plaintive, touching tones, which delighted bar beaters Tbe spoken part was not deliver*d by the distinguished artist annowneed in the hills scd this, we might say. was tbe only drawback to the entire performance However, all pa?sed eff with tbe greatest ielct, and wes ably managed by the eminent Wader, Signer Bar III Hkbskw Bksevoi.smt Society - One of the most atIrartive concerts of tbe sta-on will take plane at tbe Teb>rnacl-, en Tuesday evening next, In aid of this benevolent association. Near y all tbe leading and mest eminent artists will appear. Among tbem we pircelvetbe names of Signorlna Borgbese. Mada-ne La Lords M Laborde, S-goo I Corelll. Tsffaaelll, Novelll, and Sarqu rico. tog*f her with the solo virtuosos Miss Ade'e and Charles Hohnstook, aooompaoied by tbe grand orchestra of tbe Italian Opera, under the able Af U A Ua* U.a-la-b k.. ? J aeveial beautiful pl.ce* expr?s?ly for tha festival if variety ! the seleeiion of both vooal and musical talent of the highest rook be ta attractive feature, w# h?lle*e the Tabernacle. on that evening, will present the largest assemblage of our oitUtna avar congregated wi'.bln ita walla. Cmhuit'i Minamat a will glv* two fall coDoerta today ait : at 8 and HP M. Id both of tbem they will introdure all their lateat oroltloa. which have prored so very satisfactory to tha vast number of patron* when they can tackan on aa thalr ateady soppertera. 'I be weather now la ao flna and aprlng Ilka, that a vlait to their ooncert rocrn. either by day or evening, ean be made hy tba moat delicate. Ni.w Orleans Serenader* ? Aa nanal with thee* performer* every Saturday, they will to- day give two concert*- one in the afternoon, at 8 P M , and ona at tb# banal hour in the evening. Tha perleetlon to which there aingera have brought their parformancaa I* a proof of bow mnoh nclene# and practical aktll combined will do to obtain tha anacesa whleb, wo are b?ppy to atate, thie company eontlnuaa to moat with nightly. Stltveiant Institute.?Tha inimitable Yankee Mill will giro ona of bia reading* at tba above plaee today at noon, for the accommodation, and by requaat *f caveral fnmiliaa. cnimit Museum.-We ean fully racommand thia exhibit!*:n to the attention of all eltlaena, aa It la, oe-> yoad a qceatto: . the moat axtanalva and perfect * flair of tb* kind that baa owr yet beta breaght from I China; and w* doubt if ever aneh another ona will bo crlli-eted. It 1* open to visiter* from # A. M to 10 P. M. 1 here la enough to ba teen ta heap ona bnay for <me time at it Oaitb Operatic Festival.?Tha Italian Opara troupe, recently perfoimiog at the Tacoa tbaatra, at j Havana attired in the laabel yesterday, and wa are i bappyto perceive that the mosioal public of C bar baton ar* to have a taeta of their quality on Wednesday I a'pnuiiu. imrovv. ?au D i n", H1 v . tuts* of a very Mgh cider ofmrrit. and elicited the mm epirobstio# of the muoleel critic* In .Now York lest summer. whits8ign?r V lei tinso admirable tenor. AS It is seldom ws srs favored with the presence of s? sn-ng en errey ..f mO'ioel tslent, ws hope that g'loh Irrtuceiverte will be held out to them a? will sire as is opportunity of heertn* en entire opera performed la a style mprrlcr to anything we hare witnessed of late years.?C'Aei/?ten Mercury March IS. Sthanoe Story.?A terrible suspicion, Implicating the hung and the dead, was current in Sta e street, jeti?rday, that the Iosh <>t the shipPrank? lin, wreckrd a fortnight ago on WtlDert beach, was not an accident. The captain and several others wtre drowned. A person smpected of having mitten letter* ta the captaiu advising him to cart the ship nwajr, has "str.-pnf out." The l? lure, it is said, were found in the captain's valise The preserve*)** ol the letters, however, is a ttrootr circumstance in tnvor of the captain. 1 he supposed writer formerly had an interest m the thip In add tion to the above, we learn that the rdf'n eg who have insured the above vessel aid (might, have got possession of a number of leren hy J. W. W , iii? initials ot Mr. WiUon, . nm (li it., i,users, who lives in Charlealown and :n which he writ* a t?. ihe captain ih*t he h?ia k?t rvrryih'py well inenred ; and oxiirceaeB euriiriae ihrt ni- hue net !??>t her helore, and ?-xf>?ctB hr WtTI do bo the fii*t rpOi?ui?*?y ; and b^vb that Mr. Craft* i" lor>kiii|t ov* r a* h* write*., tVo Tarn Mr. Cr?Mf rend** nt South Hoaton, ami haa hern arrro'ed. Mr. Wtlefln is miennit The in* iranee i fli* *e Hh determined to ferret out thi ? whole rnnti-i.Hiid hhvr ?rnpl*)r d Iftful coiiiiiu'l 111 the eve. There are the current rtimora which hive tr<rnpireil in Stale a'reet to-day.? Hilton TruviUtr, yinr< h 16. Judge Craarh. rf the V K tlle'rtrt r.'nnit at Haitian*. hkB dectdeil tu taenr of Bkiti * telegraph that it I a kv> ikM.J I Ubtcv . pit'.Ct. [ERA 549. 0?nml (fUloni. Before tb* Bcoordrr and Aid Adams and Downing. curious c?m or fraud.? pifth day. Th* clerk* In th* I flee "f the P~npl*'s Line ofS'eaiu bent* baring refused to prduc-a the war bill ?>f tba I At of June let on which tbe real nam* of the accused we* entered and not n fictitious on* a bad b-?n aliened by 4 fn? r a r ub( oe t- a w a* let ued fur their production; but In is net ban eg bad tba deaired eft-et, the court gate petenpti ty order* to bar* b*n> produned immedia'v . In a>b?rt tin*, th* el*rk arrived with tb* way bid. The nan* of Chondler was on it, and not tbatof Chandor. but that wee explained In t Is way. that th?ol<-rti o< tb* steamboats are In the babit of writing down tbe T*m<* a* they are pronounoed Tb* name* of tba whole of tbe passengers were rend orer by tbe clerk on (be rtand. bnt tbe nan* of Waabhonae. whinh tbe prom cutmg wltneaa bad raid, la hie direct osamloatloo. that be bad gone by to Albany, at tbe suggestion of the accused. wee not *n"ng them. Naecr Maemaaao wai examined nt grent length She eatd that rhe rseid?* at 330 Hudson rtreet; Chandor le bar brother in-law. the lirnd In hi* family In (tiny and Jnn* lart; knowa Afner, bad lean him at tb* hooseof Cbandor several times; tbe laet tine ebe eaw bin tbere wae tbe Slat of May; it rat at night, betw. rn tbe boure of eight and ten o'clock; he tang the bell; nobody waa with bin; Cbandor war up stairs in tba paner; witness opened tb* d<>or; Afner asked her If Cbandor was within; witt e*i replied that be waa. that be waa up stair*; ka then asked her to cell him down a* be would like to re? hi id; wlte?sa tb-n went up rtaii a, and told Chund'? 'bet Afi er wanted to it* blui; Chander cam* d> wn ttalis and entered mtoacouvrrniioa? th.(l nt-r m th* entry; soine tun* after, vlr Cbandor called aitniAi to give him the kt y ot tbestore; witneesgare him tbe key. and then went away; ?h? guessed she lime, Mis. Chansor irvth r o oeil Cbaudor Co supp r; witness * sot to call bim. he #* sitting in the tors smoking ? setter with tftsr; witness first loto a roi m id tb? r?*r ot the smce *twu nhs b aril n ?i nver>-atl<>n betwt-en ths parties; It wss as r<ii osc "Mr. I Cbandor " said Afarr, * will y?.u -are me? Wnl you give i u.e a roam to live <u for seven day s ? Will you go secants foi mo if I should foil in trouble f" Cbood r asked wkst ?m the matter with him? \fnsi said: -Mr. ( handor, I will tsli you the truth; I was this af eraoon in an oyster cellar, and the people spoke about my Dome and my matter" Chandor asked him what was the matter ? Aft er raid. ' I ba*e been in Vienna, whees I made oO,t'lll (U'.lder frrgiog actt s;" fat is, that le had eoiruutted t'rg-ry to that extent; Chandor then said that he could not ?ave htm. that be nsald not hnve him. and that be could not m'x with suoh athiog for 110 money In the world. That was alt the conversation ; wit nets heard no more; she had seen Afner several times at Cbendnr's hour*; be then went by the natue . f Isener; Afner had said that the people were after him front Vienna; when she went Into the store she to d Cbandor that supper wae ready; that was before she heard the oonverratlon! Cbandor did not oome down Immediately to snpper; witness did not eail him antic; at that season of the year it was snstomary to dine at 6 o'clock and to sup at 9 o'clock ; when Chai:d>r came down te sapper, Afaer went away; was qu'te suie that Afner had oome to the house alone, and not w.tfc CIaider. Croifttumivtd by the Dietrict Jtttorney ?The witness refused to snswer the flrat question pnt to her, whether she ever bed a child. She knew a person nsmed Catherine Cassldr [Catherine wes here brought frrwaid, and recognised by the witness; and as she . w.s returning to her sent, the accused's oounset da- , sited her to stop, ss he wanted to look at her ] Chanter bed been married to her sister three yeere; witness , had bm? been married; knows a man by the name et Latlsiaus, it wae Mr. Chaador'e name InOerman; did not know whether these two names were in bis passport; he took the name of Cbandor before be left Hungary: witness is a milliner, went into business In May last at 846 Hudson street; could not tell what the veine of her stook in trade was; it might be $9 000, or $1,000. or $600, eoald not tell; Mts. Cbandor had the business before witness; she bought it from Mrs Cham'or; witness oould not tell how much she had paid for It; she had paid Mr. Cbandqr; he had t sen in the habit of coming to the iters enoe e day; he would comein the morning about nfue or ten e'uioek ; Mr. Cbandor dla not live at her house; he did not live fer from her store; had removed from Hudson street to 236 ( ermine street, about four months ago; she boarded at her sisters; Chomder, his wife and children. were all the time at her store; they weot to the money drawer; (the learned oouotel added, and helped tl'-; the witness told him that be ooaid take It just as he liked;) witness bought her goods et different pieeea. She again dtoilned t? answer whether sheerer hed any children cbandor bad two children, and no more [The learned attorney was pressing the question. when the counsel for the aeoused onisated to sueh a If re of oroe? examination. Phe meoolog of It was, 10 t ndearur to ehu* thot cbandor had other children than those be had bp the witness's ?tater Ha 'might bar* fortj featured near the country for ought ho (tuo learned oouniel) knew or eared. bnt he objected to the (juration ta being in proper, and painful to the feelings of the wltneee ] One of the oonnsel for the prosecution made a remark to the gentleman en the ether aide, whioh did not rrarb ua. but the retort was, ''that if he war a pte> lag mm he would ark for bit salvation," (laughter.) Crrii-rueMilige rnumrd ?Waa net (tsk when the girl Catharine Cars dp woe a servant In tha house; I key had been obliged to tarn her out aa ahe waa drank all the time; when ehe entered the room to call Chanaor she beard Ainer sap, "help me," and It woe that which had Induced her to listen; coald not iell how nianp minutes aha had remained listening to the oonveilatlrn; it might bare been Are minutes; did not know the dap on which Cbandor went to Al tany. she gnesaes he went In June; he eame book the Ud tf Juoe; the thought he went >?n the bra of thet month; had not mentioned to him that she had heard the conversation between Mm and Afner; had told Mrs. i hen dor that she had heard It; could hut sap whether Cbandor had asked her ab ut It; the did not know; itf guesres that he asked her tsspeoting it alter his arreet. but not before; paid him 9 I'd a month for her b trd; had notecelpt; aid notwantanp. 1 hie witness being one ef the accused's bail, the District Attorney objected to her taking the ttand 1'ne cobLiel for the acavsed said be would go through the term of sntrendermg him That was aooordinglp dene, and I c *oe ordered Into custody Fsannt PrMUL was celled to prove thst Laiiflaus In (jet man Is Loeslo In the Hungariso language and that Alexander la tha Oeruian ot Cbandor. L. P Kick examined We did bu-lnes* at H Maiden i lane; hceaaan Importer of watcbea, and waa axtea slvely cngagrd to that way; be km Cbandor ; bad < bad dealings wltk him to Mm amenntof between its i iid erven hundred dollars; knew no'hlDg mere of bis i character then what be bad learned from their bnal- | neea irane ctions; eo far aa be bad knewn htm. nie character for integrity wa? good; be bad always enaeavirtdto meet bta engagements The cross-examination or ibe wttneae did net elicit anything to inrelidate bis direet testimony. GiLBthT K. Hiita one ot the Independent pollen, wae Mie next witness. He said he knew Malame Ber tie; be was tben arked to state what the nature of the Intimacy was which was between ber and Cbaodor. This was objected to by the oouusel for tbe prosecution. The Cocbsel for the accused said that he proposed to show, by this witness- that Afaer bad been seen walking arm in arm with bar through the street la wet weather, and wht.u tbe snow wee knee deep; that be bad beea seen opposite tbe house beckoning to her to come out for whtcb be bed got tbe title of me tiinter fit m tbe boarders; and tbat Afoer and she had sen eeao to go Into an improper plane Mr Us ah am followed on tbe same side He said tbat be and bis aisoclate bad a most responsible, a most tetlous duty to discharge to tbeir client, from wbioh ; ibsy could not. duret not shrink Thaw did not wish to gire unnecessary pain to any one. but no mm bid sense of dslicaey should present tbem fr-un do|o< a l that was fairly and legitimately in tb*irpi?er for the ] men wb< se character and who*e liberty were at stake I be truth mm t be told, no matter whose fealiogs It W<nnd*d I 1 be ei-nrt overruled the question. I Ejapiitartvn rnumtti Loag befoie tbe dICl -nlty, be I thi.t glit tbat sti intimacy exi-t-d between Afner aad a lady wbcm witness had afterwards found ont was dtstane Bertie. 1 Cress-rramttifd-Had never lived with Afoer; bad never ate witb b>m and bad nerer slept at Ws house The ccanrel fur the secured objected to tbielineof ttor xamination. ibe cpjeut btiog. said be, to show the Jury tbht the witness conld not know of bis own knowledge whether Afro raud Madame Bertie bad been on in'In ate itrn>e or ret. Bswjamik B Browstti., examined? Ha* known Ctandor since last \1ereb twelve months; witness bad lost a parcel containing) gold which Changer bad found end brought beck in him; be bad not advertieed it, tbetdr bad not arki d for any reward, but witness had (fitted Mm compear atiou (icii-?r?*isif.-Hls name end eddies* were on tbe peter I, end )l# it ua ?aa from lune U> Bve hundred Collate; li bad been sent irom Newaik,and bedreeoU. ed the city. bur. it appealed tbat tbe boy to whom tbe Lxptsst n en had gi*ru It. hart on, it, bad notkn->wn the' It wa- In Cfandor'e possession until be hal brought it beek to h m be iold witness tbat be bad picked n up t? Nes?aue'revt; ibe address on ibw per veieepB b Brum-lle 40 Ann elr??t, jewe ler; It wis not g eaisr In else than tbe book now held up. witness would I ct >*y aujihHg agaiaoi M . Cboaaor. bo oon io?ii 4 h.n on ii< uh) n?a Md H *w tmrj hmoil u tu Unit would boio l> o'ii<ht boob tbo pareol. KovraJ ?Hr?oi<?* .pnk? kent f*? roM> of tbo iminJ ro for m Wcj bid know n him, through tbo medium of tt rli bn*irtrOt'fooll n ?. A wltr.oio oon?-d liua hir. otot'U tbot bi had lot a moo iiraxl soiidoikio boor lima tfe< wood dollar*, and 'lot Cboodor hod glvoahtm. oo ool otrrob orouv"* for tbo mm?ot of f -i run , o oitlo < Aoenwoit, ?l loh bo ( bold#/,) bod told bin wu i o Inh-il.o: e? wi'b lb o- thnu?ond fill' ion bat wb'eb tb? oitmii b*d di-corir?dto boraiur. loo*; h? hod (>p?btil It la tbo prooonoo of tbroo or four pctiPro. *.r*?t-t*rmtr,rd - Hond'iHo hod rooolrod tbo iaon?y t on. wIimm. but bo ?8?rdo*blo) hod told witaooitbot ibiti or ew?d bin ll? u?"??t 1.1-r ii* am' !? n**1 -*?n-l?i?4 ? ?h* oold oho hod b Ob to ibo J|> nnatbo, hod liiod mono at with Coco-, oiid tbo |o?i<Jic?uit i'U o?y good tor bin. 1 in t* atli d?r <>l U'O wu Bt'? ?n?1? uo? iu*olr*d o . rl "o , apina''?u upon b" m ril rhariotor audio, oeoi' In. to i or 10on of dolloary, nnilt for pnbllootloa. Mr l?mh?m "old, <f ooebotidooco ?* wo* to bo roeotoid If m a dWobargod Ooroant no qh'i obarootorwiiiato Ho wonia no* d-grarir biaioolf nor mlull 'to jury by <r <.? ?xamlnlDy ouob a wt'.uoao. i"TU till fl tbt iMJtr ') iU* i.j*t ?bo i 1 LD. TWO OKNTS. ocBVoiie'VfDt of tba trial, wapt mora bitterly k!Ui the I art ettnera had hereTi.1?no? ] AMMot t) Thill? awara lu the rae?t poaltlva teres, that < has dor ana Knarathal had iitg* to hta hasaa, ard that tba 'ornrr bad offered him ten haolr?<l dot iur ii nr ft'U'a fimr ror aim in me earne wsy that Hor?ntbalead Ipltier were u> swear. Crwt-fTumiiird - Had never told in? parson directly or Indirectly, tb?t tl Cbandor bin (200 hn would i?ir f< r bint Tbn witness, In answering these fanHum. btrtDi nach exalted. Wttorrees were called who swore positively that Thaller bad told tiiani that If Chandor would giro him a>< tn j b? weald swmr tor bin) Hoeenthsl ?m dnnirnd to taka thn 'land again ; ha did >o. sad ivort la thn most vehement una nor that be had never gone with Cbandor to tbo hoaas of 1 bull*. One of the wltnninn for the aoonsod not understanding English, a polios officer, who tan Osrman. was sworn Interpreter, bat hi* translation was not deemed satisfactory by tbe counsel for thn aeanvnd, npd ba'old blm that If bn could not peak Kagllah better than tbat, some other Interpreter moat be ap* piloted The o flloer becme Indignant raid be had been Inrultrd. and tbat be bad trantlated the eeldona# of the witnere a* he bad given it, and according to his (tbe Interpreter's) oatb. It was agreed by tbe eooasel on both ride* not to am up, bat to allow tbo ease to go t> tbe Jary as it tot d Tbe Conrt tbrn adjourned at Ave o'oloek, until tomorrow m-ming at eleven o clock United Intra Cwnimlenlniiar'a Office. Bei< re Mnorge W. Morton, Esq. Char ft af Maailmughttr ? The cane of Joseph Bvder, *ro<pd mats of tbo ship Roioiu, charged with the homicide of Philip .Smyth, was pottpoaed ontll Monday next. A female paarenger was exam* Ined who rworo sba saw Rydor strike tbe deceased with bi* flat, but It was soma considerable time before h - died The pestponrmsnt was had to give tbe t/ottad States District Atroraey an eppor<anity of bunting np soma witnesses which ha was unable to find to- day. Police Intelligent)*. C karat af .ft son is tht f\r ( Uafat.? A b'aok naS) calling himself Alsxander Jones was. arrested yastardey mcrnng, between one and two o'oioek. by officer < oi niu. of the Stb ward, on a charge rot setting (Ira to Ibe premiers No Kb Mulberry etieet. occupied oy (*b0mar and James Webb It appears tbat between tha hours above siatsd. Thomas Webb was awoke by hi# wife being alarmed by some one paselng by their dvor ai d going up into Ibe garret Webb caWed ua hia brother Jiibm, and they opened the door, and both went np to the ladder landing to the gat rat and, than an* i fir*. A i K?n aa the negro saw Weob be endeavored to areata, and for that pnrpoaa made a rash down stair* James Webb attack at him with a hreom handle and on passing by they both seised hold of him and a severe fight ensued The negro, after a derperae atiuggle. got away from them, but was naught again by the Webbs In the alley, aad tnere tbe negro, after a bold fight, slipped out of his e?et, rest sad shier, and obtained bis liberty in tbs street. An alarm was given r.f murder and stop thief; the poltse came and stopped tbe negro as he was running awsy, by a Might tap on the bead with hia olub. failing too negro to the ground. The Weoba mado tho obargo against the negro Just at this time aa alarm of lira was giren,and a great amoks war seen toemaoa*# from tbe gairet. from which I be negro bad endeavored to essspe After some considerable exertion tho fire was pxtiFgnlrbed, and upon examina'toa It was evident lbs file bad been the work of design, as two places were flied, one by the feet of the ladder and tbe other near the roof,whtoh burnt th ougn the aMagtee In the pocket of tbe negro was foaad a combustible mixture of powder, matches and a large knife. This fire was. beyond a doubt, the work of an tno-ndlary, and from the feet or the negro being cangbt In tbe garret It It vary evident that the prisoner is tho culprit This gairet. a week ago last r ouredsy, was rat on firs by some parson; and tbta time, Mrs. Webb,healing some ane pat* up s'atra.feitpertain that some one was going to set it on fire again, as tbtfenbsequent facts nave clearly developed. This case presents ons of strong guilt against this negro and should he bo found guilty, the puu'shinsDt for suaa orlm* la death Justice I.othrop coram it ted the negro to prlaoa for trial Char/1 of Robbing the lira A ? Officer Van Vontraad, of the lower police, arrested yesterday, a woman by tbe nave of hebeeea Myers. alia* Dana, aim VViiaou, on a charge of tteaJlag a feather bed two quilt* a gold Outer ring, aad aamrrone other artinlc*, vetoed la all at gil6 the property of i.haries Bray doo It appear* from the affidavit* b?f re the police court that Kllaebe th Bray don la the wife of Mr Bray do a, who la a era faring man; and that on the lath December last he left and went to era. leaving her a room of furniture and (80 in money On the third of January f< 1 Mrs. Breydoa died at her reeidaaae, No 8 Mnlb?rry street After Mrs. Bray loo died the scented roak possession of tbe property. vjr Irafloa waa at Ma at tbe time. On taking pooeeaaioo of the property tbe prl-oner expelled from the bouee a yoong woman by the name of Luey Martin, who engaged to ait upon the deceased The prisoner, afcer taking porevsrinp of tbe household property, took from the finger of the dead body a gold rtng and placed the unn in a pawn office. The butbaod on hie return from ?ea round, to bla great sorrow, that hi* wife waa dead, and hi* property had been stolen by tbU winta, Myora On the arreetof tbe sconced, the ticket fhrtho ring ? a* found on her person. The magistrate, on tho feete before the aeuit,committed the accused to prison for trial. Notice to California Kmlgra la. Was OarsBTieaeT. March 14. 1849. The followleg regulations will govern in iaantog arms and ammunition under the reeolntion of Congress, approved March 3 1MB : ? 1 K.aeh applicant must *snd to tha War Department an affidavit that it ia hie bona fedi Intantioa to emigrate to Oregon, or California, or Mew Mexico, as tha ear# may be, and muet state distinctly what arms and ammunition be requires. 3 On reoelpt of an application and affidavit a* above ata'ed. avaffloienr supply of tbe a-m? and e-nmieitim designated by biro, to arm and equip raoh applicant, may he delivered to him. or bla order, on payment of the coat thereof: provided tb# government bee each aim*, and the aameean be (old without detriment to tbv pnbilo service; and, if not, tbea tha applicant may receive ?ueh 'tberarm* and ammunition as he shall teleet, on the tame condition*. 8. Arm* and ammunition furnished as above, will he lellvered to each applicant, or t? his authorised agent, it tbe nearest or roost eonvan'ent arsenal where tha irm* may be Tbe place nf delivery desired by tha ippUcant should he d<**t? nate,i OLO. W CHAWKORD, 8*oratary of War. Political lnleUlgeaMt W. Hill la the whig candidate for Mayor of Toledo, Ohio A.F Pitta declines being a candidate for Congress Nora the Aocnmao district of Virglnta The New Hampshire election reeultod In tha election of demoeiatio Si ate officer* and Legislature Tha entlid free soil tlakat was elected in Lynn, Mass., an Wednesday laet. Li-Governor riprlgg. ex-Hovernor Pratt. Hoa. Deal. Jra'fer. and J J. Speed. Keq.. are mentioned by tho Maty lend papers a* suitable candidate* for tbe Sanatoria) teat made vacant by tha resignation of Ravardy Johnson. i 01 wiiiian tiv Cell ih b??n nominated m oandif?t? for Congrtaa from the wound dmtriet of T*nIIHN, 'William B Clark*, of Waahlngton eounty. la talkrd of aa th* wfclg oandidat* for Gorarnor of Maryland. Movement* *f In<tt vi?l ml*. Major Gaiirral f*cott haaarrirad at WMhiigtoa,ia| paid bla napaota to th* Pr?*ld*nt. Col. Jark Hay* lait Now Orloaaa on th* 7th laat far Washington. Ha aaja Gen Worth will out tha troop* In motion from El Paao by th* middle of April taking tb* rout* from San Antonio dtract Th* Colon*! tblnks tbi* will, In tlm*. b*omn* th* gnat root* of trnrrl for Nrw Mrxloo and California Got. Jane*, of T*aa****o, waa at Clnolnnatl on th* I2tb in At, en tout* tow Washington. Mr A. J. Olof?h*riin bM re.lgned hla elerkeblp (a tbe Hrnce Batata of tbo Department of State, whieb took rfleet oa the 4th tut. .?* Pfeeident PoJk arrived tt Savannah, Oa., oa th lOtb, tad Mft oa ?ht 13th Iaat. Hob Stvphen H Cbaee. formerly Pr.ildrat ofth Senate af Maine. hat at art. d for California. Among the reeent trrWtla in Washington are General Soott. tba ormimender of the army. aad CemBiodcra Party, i he former paid bla reepeote ta the Prt.ldent oa Wedbeaday. Hla health la entirely rentrated. ' Naval InlalllgraMi Tba United Sii'm eloope o* war < lermabtown, Coot* Biasder Lowed.a and Albany, Capt. Randolph, aalled from St Tbomaa. aa the 4th I net., oa a erulee. The brig Kara. Captale Ryder, arrlred at Salam, bring, the fdloolng latelllgaaoe from the Afrleaa iqoadron The U s brig Daiobridge for Brare aalled from Port Piaye January 1 The U 8 abip Tarktoe a. Var.toa. baarlag tb. bread pennaat of Commodor. Carper, arrtrad at Part Praya Jeanary I, I root B< ?U n ?la Mtd.lra Tbe U 8 brtg Porpotae, Oordoa, nam Monrovia, arrived at Port Praya January 4. Capt. Ryder left at Port Praya. Jan. 10, tba Yerfctova, for tiemkla aooa: tbe Port.m.utb Armstrong from Liberia, drtttpatlea naoertaln; the Porpolae, for Madalra. la a few day* Tbe health of the pqaadroa waa rxeefdlBg y good tbare being no atakaaee ahn'aver ta a. ?--? Th. fu. latt-r kua tenia rha IT 8. eblir VMkh ?B, PurUmouih. ud DMtlar, ?*4 bil^B Porpoiee rod Balnbridga. \t iliut from a latter raeeieed from an offloartn tba MtdltrrntriB. tkit ik? U 8 uhlp JtaMtovo irrltil t Bpaaia earlj in February; IkU Coca and ore Bolton tracif?rTed hl> Am to the ?teem*r AII*ah*oy, and relied far 0?B' o. where both the J* meat** a and Allegheny ?iN ob tb? lltk ( February. They m? to rail la a few day* for Leghorn AI1 wall on board both blpa. Doiueatle BlM?llanT> Tba itiaarti Bay State audi'. VanderWIt had a raaa an Tuaaday la?t. whan It aw prnwad tbalr apaod wae about equal, the faraier aatlai 10 aad tba lallM VI reeolut'.oi 10 iba mion a. Kreihrbari rold la Ttaatoa N. J , on Tharrday, ft* .17 H ceatr eaeb. I be floret oor af Vermont bar appointed tba 1Mb tea) ut .?r?u *- * n?e?w04 lw?L

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