Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 17, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 17, 1849 Page 2
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w , NEW YORK HERALD. | IsilfeNllt ?? of rnlton ?nd Muwa (th J Alt KI WIHiWII BMNBTV, PROPRIETOR. ( rwm DAILY UMRAUX-iV?.<ihiiM, 1 yr ?:jyy? XJK. mmd imrAvttd (mi*t? krtakfutt; t At Jim iTTklWHIN mtnTIOH <? bt I d a f tSt uuiUyi at 1 o'clock; urnd tht ~md " p~"' "I o ctork. P II. TWf WKkKLY HKK.ALD, /or driUaho. o? (?. Ui* M*. * yublukM retry rfai?rXty, at 6M c**?* iwr cam or >S M ciftnilft*h Sur<jy*. undmrmitadtn Praneh M* aiuwcm . tkalntw fTimU MuA* tlUwurtuf. XIX LKTTKKlf by mail, tor lubaertphoiu, or mmA aXoor? k? yo-J ynx. or fV 0 (?*? Mitt bt Aaducttd from MB hmrm remitted. rVLOOTXA r CitRKKHPDNDMNVK. toMaminf xmr>rtmt MM. NtlcM , ram .any ynartor at tAc wor/X ; </ ?c?X. Mitt ho Atrafy vrvirf /nr. WO NVTR.k Mkt* a/ananymoiM cotmmmnicittxan*. WW Mar m fcitmioX /or ir>tM mitt to mMcXi '<W by tto X oXatrma oj >to vHbr : not mwharity for foWaobw Mat KirMrail) #/ Mj rooX /mO. if. ???( rot?r? rajatUd XMUiUCMCNTS THIS ITININO. BOWZKY THllTU Bontry-Xaarenat in Unu-I*aj in. IIOADWtT nitTtt. BramrfwM?I?I*M Ahbaiiibm? Misroy* Man a- d Bai? or Naara-Pooa Pn.uo dot. wxnoNAJL rauru. otoM? ?UBF*A*D ?Wmu'oBy HvrOAfD-Hu-iTAbT IxnowTion. BUVTOITB THXATAB. Utouabota IHMl St, Patrick* ?lkivrr <>B I?ur. MBCBANItftT HALL, (mtnit mm toll OMMtfl Kmhm BOOlfTT LIBRARY, Btotirij-Niv Orljcaa* BuniBROADWAY Cnt?UB. 887 Brood war-HoaannAwaaor, N t R?0??, Ann Dahoiho Hor*m?Bt RAJiua. AlBrtT a Uo. Tmnvra. ZOOLOGICAL HALL, Btwxy?TAB Amaobob A OA'* InitniL CHINKS MU8BTTM. Hi BMs4?*r~Owumni Otrmowna*. HINB&Va lOOiS-Zim. Auntcx. Hasio atb Philm**wv. New Dork. Rttnntajr, lUroh 17, IMS, The New Administration?Premonitory By rnptomi. The premonitory symptoms of the Presidency of General Teylor, are beginning to develope themselves. Things thus far look well. Some lew scattering appointments, to fill vacancies, have been mad* by the President and his cabinet; but no general sweep seems to be encouraged in that quarter at all. The Preaideat seems determined 4o carry out, as far as possible, the pledges which he made before his election, and which he renewed so boldly and honestly in his inaugural address. Pot this city, it was announced, yesterday, that Zttbedee King had been nominated to the Senate for the office of Surveyor ot this port. This nomination has given oflence, we understand, to some small cliques here; but we are perfectly satisfied it will be approved of by the great body of the people, and particularly by those who brought forwaid and supported General Taylor for the indcp* nd?nt and noble qualities which they expected he would bring into power with him. Mr. Ring's j* a good appointment, and will give satisfaction to all concerned. He is " a whig, but not an ultra whig"?a moderate, fair, discreet man ; and will perform the duties oi hi* office with perfect honesty and impartiality. He comes up to the rule laid down by the President for the making of appointments. This appointment is the first indication of the President's taste in making his selecMens tor this city, and thus far it is quite satisfactory . The rabid office beggars are displeased; but the amount of their displeasure is nothing,compared with the satisfaction of the great bulk of the community. Similar nominations?but not many, as yet? have been made by the administration to fill vacancies in other portions of the country. We see it stated, even, that a democratic Postmaster in .Richmond, and also another of the same politica pinions, elsewhere in Virginia, have been reappointed lo the offices they before filled?their for mer cororr issions having expired. Some little eN fervetcence among the office beggars in Virginia haa been created on account of these appoint menta ; but the strong hold which the independent character and good sense of General Taylor has upon the people of Virginia, aud of the whole countiy, will be the safety aud salvation ot the ad ministration, if it persist in iollowing out the ca H er thus tar irdicattd during the first month of ,tsrxi*t< nee. We hud in a cotemporary, another similar premoniloi> symptom, which also -speaks lor itself, and that of a very favorable character. It is as follows:? fine of the good storisi of tba day, and ana moat creditable to tba Pre*ident and aamlnietration, i*eon nrotrd ?i>b tba application for the restoration of two nildabi) men dismissed hy Mr roik for being engaged in a dual. l'b?- Secretary of tba .Navy, in oastnat nesting tbii morning, informed the President that ha bad lead tbe petition and considered that tba mtdeblpmen ought mat to be restored So thought the cabinet "I am very glad of it," raid the President, "for it the w) nit c.bmei had tboogbt otherwise. 1 would not have ecnaen'ed to re-appolut thaaa gentleman. I hale duels I hate fighting, I bate wars, and will have no due'ilj g men about me, If 1 oan be p it All tins looks very well, and is very encouragirg in regard to the purposes of the new administration under the Pieeidency of otir new chief tnagibt Lie. But while the people at large, and those who desired to see an elevated, honorable, and pure government at Wellington, are delighted null rvii h things, we yet liod symptoms of opposition in certain quarter*, which spring up more from the < (lice-begging mama than irom the generous dene to n e tiir able and impartial administration ot General Taylor. We hud in our cotem( oraty, ihe Lcurxtr Q- Enquirer, the following I nragteph:? Great efforts are making ta rennrs the ra-nomination ot ih- Nery .Agent at N?? Turk tot ttin brother of the laeon font with other parties are now here urging r HKbliitini for hie retrntlon Without knowing an>thug of the merits af tba individual, cbt dor compels me to say thai a system *n?h as Is prrpo-ed by those interested In this ensa sad others, If adopted i nd puirued would net be calculntfd to atrsvgthtv the odmhiiitroHon This nominal oil was not made?Mr. Leroy, ol l}na city, u brother-in-law ol Mr. Webster, has lie< n the lurky man, it is traid ; but yet, we vm d r rk, why should not the re-nom'natton ot lie pTesent Navy AgeUt of New York be as well calculatid to exhibit the principles of the present admintbtralion as the re-uppointment of the former PfiB IllaM' r at Riehninnrl or of fK? ????? ? Navy Av?nt at Norfolk'! Tire administration o' Gent rai Ts)lor stands in no need of the old hackneyed cliqin-s to make it strong; all , t baa to do to he powerful and strong among | he |ir?at bocy of the |>eep|e( iS to earry om 1 the pledgee n ad? before the election of the Presi- 1 <h n?, ai d aince renewed in his inaugural?to make *?boneet>, lideluy and capacity" the standard of I appointments, and the waul of these qualities the cawae of removal Thus for the premonitory inon me ills of the forthc<*ninp o|>po#iuou to the new administration are principally to be found in the Washington Union, Ae Albany /itlat, and the New York Courier and Enquirer. We congratulate ourcotempo rary tip<>n the company we may soon find hiin in, if he doe# not trim hie sails in a different hape to what he has already given some indications of doing. rim I rsciaior*.? We perceive that Judge Ctiuich, of the Supreme Court of the United 8ta?*a, haa decided that Rain'a telegraphic apparatus i? j not an infringement on that invented by Professor ( Morae, anil therefore that it can be pateated and i need in the Uuited State* A* no one ean fake a 1 patent for a principle in nature, ihia deciaioo will J enable Mr. Bun to uae hia inatrument an treelv n , he plea* a. Aa tar aa the ic.tereaia of the public i are concerned, Una deciainn will have H Vrry h?ne ' ficial effect, and it aeema to he grunted on princi- , plea of justice ; but Protnaor Morae c moot b- ] deprived ot the merit of flint practically applying t the principle, and making it subservient to the cm ' venien> e of man. We hope that b vth veil! b>' en | rouraged. ' Tax Arrnoaciiino Cbastes E lectio*.?Tha grog shops ud oyster oelliN an again iliw; gin nlinga and brandy cocktail* are freely called for ia every n?m shop about town; lor the politictane and wne pullera?the real dt facto rulera ot the coramer- P cial metropolis?haveemergrd from their aaatinea** ^ and are once more i n motion, prepared to select ' our municipal officers for the ensuing year, and place them m power by the votes ol the victimized c tax-payers. The whig wire pullers are the first 1 in inoiion, this yesr, in regard to nominations; 1 but in adjusting the wires and fixing the ropes, the I democrats have, as usual, taken the precedence, f In this respect--that is in preparing their stomachs I and smacking their lips, in anticipation of receiving I a proportion of the immense sums which are annu- ' ally levied upon our patient and long Buffering 1 citizens, without their getting any return, save 1 dirty streets and every thing else that ia bad aud hbonanable, to Bay nothing ol canvaas-back ducks, done rare, and regaltaa in the supper room?the whigs have taken the atart ot their opponents; but in laying plana cunninvly and judicioualy, ao aa to follow the advice of Mra. Glass, aud catch their fiah before they cook it, the democrata, aa they call themselves, (but preaerve ua Iroin auch democracy !) ere adopting their usual tactics, aad will pethups b?at their opponents in the race attar the spoils. We shall see, however, and report the. progreaa of the two parties. It has been intimated, in several quarters, that the fbinous mileage member, the genius who has figured ao extensively, within the last few months, aa ihe member wbo took "them booka," and whs wished to hornly the people of the United States against tbe present mileage system, by showing ' iliam li/iUf hn lm>lr nourlai faro kiiMi^vo<I am I mileage between this city and Washington, while 1 his actual expenses did not exceed twenty?this * Bondescript, who,while advocating squat h, bran 1 bread and farina as the best articles ot diet, would ' discus* a beet"teak or a mutton chop with excellent j gusto?this specimen of the gewus h-mo, with a boot on one loot, and a shoe on the other, to make himself that is, in attracting notice? this "plain Horace Greeley," it has b en inti* n a ted, will be taken iu hand by the whigs, and run aa their candidate tor the Mayoralty at the approaching charter election. Now we do not know, in view of what we have heretolore said on the subject of the next charter election, why "plain Horace Greeley" would not make the beat Mayor that we have ever had in this unfortunate and much to be pitied city Our annual taxes are enormous: they would certainly be heavier under his administration. Our streets, as eur citizens will no doubt admit, are somewhat dirty : they will be dirtier it he be elected. The system ol contract-giving at present in existence, is corrupt : it will be more corrupt if he be elected. Our city treasury has a very big leak in it: it will be bigger ii "plain Horace Greeley" be our nextMayor. t In tine, look at the municipal government in all its t ramifications, and the conclusion is irresistible, that if "plain Horace Greeley" be put forth, nomij i ..t--... J .1? -?. M 1 .1 imicu) ouu cicvir? as uir nrAi cviayur ui iuih grctti 4 metropolis, the tuxes will be just as high as we want them to be (say five millions per annum), tie j streets will be as dirty as we wish to see them, r Sty fit! lest deep Ol mud, instead ot three, as at pieeent, and the whole of the funds collected for * city punioses will be expended without even a show of r? turn. Now, we have given up all idea of obtaining re- , form or economy in our municipal government.? i We have harpea on the subject uuttf we have become tired ot it, and we mean to change our tune. 1 and come out in Bupport of any party or any set ot men, who will make it their study to inquire and I aicertain the exact length and breadth of the patience ot the people, and assess gthem to the utmost limit, pocket the taxes, and give no return. Massa Greeley, or "plain Horace Greelev," is the best man tor this purpose that we can find ; and, ] therefore, we nominate as candidate tor the Mayoralty of the.great commercial city ot New York and its dependencies, "plain Horace Greeley," quash, bran bread and all, with the conlidence hat his coadjutors in tbejegislative branch ot our n city government will be ot the same calibre as himself. Mr Greeley will, when installed (i. e. provided he be elected) succeed, no doubt, in curailing the mileage ol the niembersof the Common Council, by vetoing their omnibus fare. He may > ucceed in stopping their pog, in shortening their allowance ui chuvubs dbcks hdq Amontillado* but ? hey will make it up another way, and swell the taxes to five millions of dollars, to a certainty. Later from the West Indies.?By the arrival 1 of the British mail Bteamship Trent, Capt. Norton, ' we have files of papers from St. Thomas to the 3d inst., and from Bermuda to the iOih. I The staam pr< peller Hartford, Capt. Lefevre, which It ft this port on the 20th ult. for San Fran- < Cisco, put into St. George, Bermuda, on Sunday, 1 the 1th mat., in distress, having, on the 23d ult , in lot. 3G 27, Ion. 67 35, wind at north-east, lost howsprit, lore and mizenmast, and sprung the main- 1 mast. Took a pilot off the Weal End on the 27th 1 ult, hut during the strong pale on that night, she y was driven neatly 100 miles to the westward. On ( the wind changing, she again reached the land, and anchored as above stated. t The 11 lost her bowsprit, foremast, top ol ? mizen mast, and sprung hei mainmast. Some ot a her machinery also gave wav at the same time. Ii ia probable she w ill return to this port. Her i as-engrrs wnd crew were all w?l|. Several of the b former reiurned to this city in the Trent. The U H. ehi|>s Germautown, Com Lowndes, and Albany, Captain Randolph, sailed from St. Th?ma? on the 4dt mat., en a cruise?all well. IB IIO MI*WI III fh? St Th.tinaa narvoso (>ur dates hy the Treut are, from Demernra. to the E lhth Fe?>ruary ; Trinidad, 20ih ; Barbados, iHth ; An'-gua, March 2 ; Nmsbhu, N. P., 3d ; 8t.Thomas, 4th ; Potto Kico, 4th; and Bermuda, to the 10th met Pi r shipping intelligence and passengers, see *' PtOpCI head. n Later from Havana ?We are in receipt ot * files oi El Ihant) dt a Hahiina and the Induftnul to the 8th instant, by the steamer Isabel, <j at ^avnnnah The good folks in Cuba had made c the most of their carnival days before the com. * mencement ot the season of Lent, as the papers 1 all agree that more gayety had been displayed this 0 year than ever before. The Italian Opera was rlostd ; and in another column of this day's paper it will be seen Unit many of the best singers have * arrived in Una country. We annex a letter from ? our correspondent in Havana, which gives what A littie newt is stirnng there:? ^ Havana, March 8,1849. j, BtUtencnt Movant* it?(Jyrratu: MrvtmaUi? Marktlt r We are waking up here?the government seem " lo liave become persuaded of the truth of the ** maxim, "in time of peace, prepare tor war," and b m> our army and navy are being pat through their o mo-emeui* with a vengence A grun ttmniarra v wan held about three miles from the town, where ihe eeveral regiments were all brought out; aud j M h? ii g divided into two (thai! we say) armies, kept ! ' up lor about five hours, a continued aeries of I j> ciuv ? ' ?<? Iifsiv>uii|| irurum, (| cannonading, and small arm exercise, limbering T| 01 Kim-and uulimh* ring, and all the ether m<>ve- . ii una 11 h< trio rs on the fi?-1d of battle, until tae men werr well worn out. and had hemty a|?petifes * tin their aupper* Ail this while we had a moat I* villaiion* mu ll ot aalt|? tia. A'(he aame time the p< inyrte Isabel '2d, corvette Louisa Fernanda, and m brig Habaneto, were playing the same game outsiue the Moro, keeping up a tor years inoat uokeatct at (iii 'lie Spnmah navy) exeruiaing of the rii? n at the suns. The internal din aeemed to turn ur usually quiet city into a brl igerent town. h} Have you Yankee a any tbing to j,, wlth M (>ur Uja-ra N ??en la over, and a great part ot the company leave by the . Isabel, on the preaent trip: *? airnxg ihetn g?s unieerMlly regrett.d, st tT.inoni and Marini. Will they returul Dou't let them leave your city without showing their powers ?tell Y? lh?m " no song, no nupper." The New Yorkers r, wiiib? d? lighted; we Habaneroa are mumc-m ?d with thttn. Btdiali, our stage manager, goes with them, having ample powers from Marti either 01 o bung them bai It, or bring, at any price, othera of "? \rn gr ater name We won't put up with any m mall fry, or let any opera on thia aide the big *? d er abme alongside ol us. t, lite Swedish brig Swea, from Cieotuegos lor hia joit, was loat on Gape Sao Antonio oa the IHth ult The captain and crew wen aaved by be H|Mini?h achooner of wsr fteinproniana The rovernmeut ere ptndting forward the lifM-hnitse >i. thia cape, as well as several Othera at different r? iam.ii on the island. with a most commendable diligence. TKLKtiflUPlUC UTKUJtikftCh * 1 B?mmiry. 1 Aa the err si on of our Legislature advaoc *a, th* r roccediops become more interesting, rielow wi!'. > >e found very full deiiitchu from Albany, of * vh'ch the following is a brief synopsis i? 1 la Senate, remonstrances from a number of m-r. bants ot this city, against the proposed Pilot law. , sere presented. A resolution ot inquiry iatu the f iflaira ot the Wiliiumsburgh Fire Insurance Com < >any, was adopted. The lollowiup bills were uu-sed :?One, amending the Plank Road act; the nil authorizing the construction of a suspension ' iririge over Niagaia river; the bill allowing the undmg of money borrowed by railroad compa- ] lies; the general Free School bill; the bill defining , he reaponaibihties of stockholders of banking corporations ; the bill allowing joint-stock asaocia;ions to be sued by serving process on one of their < fficere. The bill authorising the British Consul to hold real estate, was ordered to a third raading 1 Hie bill alleviating the severity of criminal punish- 1 nent was lost; also, the bill to re-organise tho Su- 1 >erior Court of New York. 1 In the House ot Assembly, the most important , tenia of business were as follows!?The bill for iridging Lake Champlain was passed ; also, the < >ill providing for the sale of lands for taxes, in the | ;ounties where situated. The Ten Hour Labor ? nil was ordered to a third reading; a bill was in- < iroduced to define the duties of the Commission- ' irs of Health of the city of New York ; the Rail- 1 oad Committee reported adverse to reducing the are on railroads; a resolution of thanks to Gen. 3cott, for his distinguished military services, was tassed ; the Judiciary Committee reported a bill < egulating the assessment of property; the bill to mforce the responsibility of stock holders of banks, ? eras passed; and the bill for the mitigation of 1 eiiminal punishments was lost. < i affairs In Washington? Cho Riw Adnslnls. tratlan?Appointments, die. y Waihihotov, Marsh 16, 1849. Ona or two village postmasters were confirmed to* lay in the Senate. It fa expected the Senate will final- \ y adjourn on Tusidsy next. I Mr. Webster thinks thev will hua mnwmm t*. norrow. Ho appears to bo oUZwk'a right bond man i n tbo Sonoto. ] Col Webb hasgons bom* In a rage. It Is said that , Mr. Ewlng offorod him a clerkship I Tbo cfflos-eeektrs are clearing oat. They begin to y tall Old Zaek a humbug Mr Col lamer, Poe tin eater Oeaeral, aayo ho will aot \ >n tto rule of oapaoity. fidelity, and bouooty. 1 It la said that Mr. Ewlng bas appointed Col. Hughes, a >f Ohio, to tbo Pennlon Ofllee In plaeefof Mr Edwards. ] Meaera. Fillmore and 8eward bare oaoh their Now fork friends to look after. Mr. Seward le supposed to hi ahead? free Boilers gat along pretty well with the i ablnet < We understand Old Zaok saya that Col. Medlll, hongh appointed by Mr. Polk, will do for the Indian *; mean. t Called Session or tbo Senate t Washington, Marsh 19. The Vies Pbkudbbt being absent, on motion of ' dr. Mieous, Mr. Atebison, of Mlaeonrl, was unanl- 1 oouely appointed President yro lem, and oondnoted to 1 he cljalr by Messrs Case and Mangnm. ' niCCVTITB ibssios. ' Some farther unimportant bualnesa was transacted, 1 ebon, on motion of Mr. Wcsitbs, the Senate went < a to Exeeutlre session, when the following appolntnents, among others, were eonflrmed, rli ' James E. Norfleet, Collector of the port of Edenton, N. C. John H Cross, Surreyor of Pawtuoket, R. I. ( Edward Boyle, Postmaster of Annapolis, Md. < There were several promotions In the rifle regiment, j farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of Penney!- * aula. 1 Hasrisbvbo, March 10. Oovernor Johnston has signed the Farmers' and 1 deehanies' Bank bill,and It Is now a law.| >KW YORK LEOMLATURC. , SKNATS. 1 Albawt, March 10,1849. t Immediately after the approval of the journal, the < enate proceeded to the third reading of bills. thr si lot law. nemoasTranoes xrom large number or the prlnol- i >al merchant* of the city of New York, against the ' iropoted pilot law, were presented by Senator Fbost. i WILLIAM SI SON rise INSUBANCB COMPANY. ? On motion of Mr Hall, of Broom* eonnty, a resola- j ion of Inquiry as to the oapltal paid In. and the losses ' ind investments, and aggregate amount insured, an ler policies issued by the Willlamsbargh Fir* I us a- j -anoe Company, was adapted. < plans hoadf. t Among the bills passed, was a general bill amending | he plank read act, which designates those who are to | ic exempted from the payment of tolls, and authorises t tranches of the plank road to be made when agreed to 1 iy two-thirds of the stockholder*. The capital to b* F ocreaeed. and main line to be extended. t A bill authorising a plank road t* be made In the r own of Trenton by a tax on the town, was also pass- t d This bill received a rote of 18 in the affirmative, si nd 4 in tbe negative suspension saiuoa oris thb niaoaBa bites. The bill authorising the construction ol a suspension * ridge over the Niagara river, at Lewiston, was passed, p be eapltsd to be $100 000. bailbuad affairs. Thi hill all*viae tnonntr h?*iK- saaiUa.J - ? 0|?* to be funded into (took, thus allowing sompa- * lento apply their earning! for dirldonda, was alio * Mted. THE GENERAL FKK (CHOOI. BILL. The general free ecbool bill, proeldtag ,for free ^ ebtiola all over the State, to be eupported by a geneal taxation, wan pasted. It reoelred 31 afflrmatlee tl ote*. y. inmiMi irrtm, ( One of the great measurer of the aeeelon?the bill leflnlng the reeponeibillty of atookholdere la banking y orporatione, alter January, 1850-wee pained by a 8 eta of 16 to 4 It baa paeeed a* reported before, glr J ng a general remedy, rateabiy, agatnit the defaulitug i orporationa; not a epeoiflo one * rumeiiHKNT roe cbimb. J| A very Important bill, providing for allerlatlng the ? averlty of erlmlnal pnnlehment, prepared by Jadge o 'Ine. of St. Lewrenne nnnntv ?? l??i R.-?? w..? n 0 otee ia ite farer, aad requiring 17 to make it a lav. " t natioa to re-eoniider waa mad* aad laid oa tba ! w iblf. Tba Mil proeided tbat In all eatea ao? panuh.d ' y death, axcept wilful murder, araon la tba trat da- | B ree, when daath rraulted. and trea.on. imprlaonment ' p< >r lift ehoald b# .nbittluted ; that when tba lowaat ' ^ irm of yeara ia by preaent atatate* two yeara.itaboold b' a oaa; tbat where It U lud at aat laaatbaa taa jaara, ai re all all be tba limit; where It ia aaraa, to ba three ; j ^ bare flee, to be two Burglary la tba flrit degree ar- j ' >a la tba aeooad degree and forgery la the Brat do- | t< rro. hereafter to be panicked with not more tbaa tea ' d are, nor leaa tbaa flee Fetlt laroeay to oonalat of thing to tba amount of >50 or ander. On aeooad eoa- t, ettoa far petit laroeay, laataad of, aa now, aenteno- o ig to State prloon, tba court to baea dlaoretlon to ^ ad to the eoaaty jail, flaa, or aaad to State prtooa. |, will ba aotioed tbat tbe bll. eoatemplated eery im- w trtant modifleatlona of tbo law of paalahmoat " r, ay yet beoome a law; bet tbo proapeot la not eary facable for aaab aa eeeat at pre teat 0I jome irooi aaeooiATtowi 01 Tbe bill to allow Joint etook aaaoelatioaa to bo nod * ' eerelag prooeaa oa oao of tbo ofloore thereof, waa n aaad. m . ... .. mm .ur.aiea eouit tl a tmi aa-aaoAitis.Tiow ar tnb .oraaiaa aouar m or waw voaa. ti The hill to re orwaalea tka Bnnerlor Court of New tl "rk Uckod oh toU?fb*li|pHNl A motion to kl ounOor *u pnt on tho toblo. Tk* kill provide* lor |y i judge*. Urn now onoo to bo olootod ot tbo olootlon I* t tho ***ond Tn**doy of April. Tbo Judge* to bo ''J 1d*d Into tbr?? eltoooo, going oat ot oltoraoto ,, oond J?*ri Tbo n?w Judge* to dorot# th*m*olro* *' r*t to cUortog ofltha pre*ont ool*nd*r Tr>* g*n?r?l mi moy be h. lo by ouy two ?r tbo Jadgoe, and ipoolol w >nr? tj oao *t TM* tl.NlOT H??l* The bl-l po^lnp -tp*n*e* of eee?v?tlar tho tibia J hi ofln, ?or lit l*<t oriiorrd to Im ongrooroi for h tAlra 'h* >%'* ?< Mr Hmrh mil :be :?,? ??..? a (.'for on* The '? : f"-' V-I"d, -' ' M:? t.nt * ,jj k ^ rt of tbo Mtll, tbo only foult ?f tk* iltf of Ubooy wo* tbot Ik hod *>?r ?lt*opt*4 I* supervise It rb? bd't wm oro???nry for tbo builne** of tKe Erl* nol. Tbo H'tU oioy bnlld ? now booto ot Troy, or 4 Ko?t Albooy. or ?b*r***r Ik plooeeo ; tbo basin*** of bo eonol will pr otloolly bo don* through tbo botio ot Ubony. Tbo Assembly bill providing for tbo eoostraotlon of l bridge over L*k? Chsmploio, ot Roueo's Point, woo itoscd, rooclvtng tbo strong rot* of 79 In tbo o Br moire. Tbo bill providing for tbe oolo of londs for tosso. In inuntlee wh?? situated vu passed. It pntMn that n b Mlri shall bo longer be hold it the oapltol nadir ,h dltMtloi of tha Comptroller, bat that Mate shall he raparad by tha Comptroller, and transmitted ta i ; atant ooaatkaa. thi coua or raacTioa. Tha Sonata again eonaldorad tha bill revising the C da of Praotloo. blr Fine aa'd thry mlatook greatly, who thonght that it would be enough ta make man good lawyara to etady t la eoda? amended or not, thry would find that the .ewe bad, erer alnee the formation of thaeode,te be itndled thoroughly. Mr. Cobnwbll objected to that eeetiox which gives unlimited Jurtedlotlon to the oourta In the elty of Now Pork. If the auaomona oould ba aarrod personally on the party when In tha elty it would oonoontrate all tha basinets arialng out of aotlona on eourraet in the elty f New Yrrk. Ha never would awallow thla eoda right lown without examination, ae be did that of laet year. His amendment to modify tha eeotion of whloh ha oom plained prevailed. ASSEMBLY. Albany, March Id, 1(40. THE CLINTON COWNTET FBIION. The Houre determined, la their oenaideratlon of the Clinton prlaen bill, not to make any appropriation to enea in the ground and add now building*, and to desreaeo the appropriation necessary for Immediate par poae* from $40 000 to $31 0C0. end alao added to the bill sertaln aeetloa* of another hill providing lor the re mo ral of eonvlot* from one St*:* priaon to another. All thle eeem* to indicate that Clinton priion la to be dieoontlnued. THE VOTE ON UHlDOINa LAEB CHAMPLAIN. The New York delegation voted thie morning on a bill authorising the bridging of Lake Cbamplaln, aa 'ollowe:?Messrs. Parley and Taylor, for tb* bill; Messrs. Campbell, Brewer, Cornell, A. Gilbert, Hudson Stryker, 'nd Varuum, agatnit it; H.J Allan, Bookman, Bo wen. Dodge, Folger, M'Klnkey, and Van Orden, abeent. It alll be remembdred that, under the provision* of the new constitution, an adsenea eounta ae an adverse rote; so the bill mnat have 66 vote*. Btfer* the final rote *ll taken, the 8rinii moved to smead the bill ae m to eompel the Ogdensburgh Railroad to esrry freight deetined for the Hudson river, is ohtap per mile ae If bonnd to Boeton; hut the fieuee refueed. tni tbit hod* labor bill. The tea hour labor Bill | was ordered to a third ending. ommiiiionibi op health op thb oitt op hew tore. Mr. Ratkob, of Buffalo, latroduoed a bill more oleery to define the dutlea of Commleilonere of Health of he oity of New York. reduction op parr or railroads. Mr. Varnum, from the Railroad Committee, reported idverte to the htUa referred to theproviding for the eduotion of fare on railroads. The report Is able, and ihows the foroe of that provision of the general railroad bill, whioh prescribes that the fare may be three seats i er mile, when it appearr that the oompany are not making over 10 per cent profit. The committee recommend that the railroad eompanies do not In future make their annual reports to the Seoretary of State?but to the State Engineer, who shall oondensa them for the use of the Legislature The following resolution was adopted unanimously : Resolved, That the thanks of the Legislature be. and kre hereby tendered to Major lieaeral Wiafleld Scott, for his gallant and meritorious oouduot daring he late campaign in Meiioo. as exhibited net only by sis bravery on the field ot battle but by his prudence ind humanity la looking to the preservation of the ;aiiant cmorrs ana aoldiers under bta cowmand. The lecond revolution prendre that the OoTeraor hall forward the revolution* to General Soott. iicw tohk ?hihfioi,tO The New York wbarfaae bill, whieh regulate* the ate* of wharfage, waa made the apeetal order for Wedivvday neat, and the bill In relation to the health iflloerof the port of Nee York war made the epeoial >rder for Thursday next. AifBiiucNT or raorxBTr Mr. Bavlkv, of the Judiciary Committee, reported t very Important bill,.providing for new regulation* la eapeot to the aaaerament of property-to authorise laaeeaor* to g o to the reeidence of any peraou, and samine him under oath a* to ike amount of hie >roperty, hla atook*, bond*, note* and all equitable nterest*. If the paraon la not found at heme, the aaeifora may set him down at a groaa asm, auoh aa they udge will cover hi* property; and if they eanuo: lolleet the tax from the property found la their own own, the aaaetaor* may iaaue an exeoution to any dace In the State where the party dofaulting hat iropsnj. idi hkmioti srs to b? sworn aspeotaily o dtaobarge their dntias. Om very equitable provision Inserted intended to remedy s great lajastioa now rivaled. Stack in corporations is not to be taxed wica; thus, if a person owns railroad stock, and the lined is enbjeotto taxation in tbs several town* which it passes. that stork is not to be conIdertd at part ol the man's taxable property. sill! rslsCII. The bill to enforce the responsibility of stoekhold rs in Banking operations was read a third time and aesed, as was also the till to establish free sohools. ihi immimal rURISHMKNT bill. The bill to lessen the severity of orlmlnal punishlent was rejected eu the third reading A motion as made to reconsider It, whloh failed, and the bill as laid on tha table tit) Inusiiigriioti St Pstbicb's Dav.? !'o oay neing St. Patrlck'e day, ill be celebrated in ibe neual manner by the various neh societies la the city. The Hibernian B B and be Laborers' U B societies, will march In prootion tironsh Prince street. Bowery. Ihird \ venue, Twenty, bird street, blibih avenue. Hudson street, Broadwsv, hambers, and other atiewte. Oh a ho s or Muaota. ? The Coroner h'lil an Inqnset fitridat. at th? Hit* Hfthniihi ? ? lorphy eged 40 yeara. a na'.tve of Ireland, who o?m* n hi* denb by being rubbed In nn affray with a man f tba renin na n* it appear* from the evidence b? nre the ' erouer, that the deeeeaed and the aoouaed 'era working at boat- making together -a the night of be ilt'th of I art month, lo the rbop of Thomaa vleOalre, in V7 Leonard ?tr?at, under the Carlton Hone* ana dirpatearoe* between them respecting a email piece f leather, and during the alternation one oelied the ther a d n eon . ho ; and from word* they ?n came to blona, which reeulted In a rough and amble fight; and the Ueeeared en getting up found he aaatahhedin the groin The blood iotred profneely am the wanod and It wee found neeaeeary to oonvey Im at oaea in the boepttal A eharp-potntad aboolaker'a knife la miaelng from the ehop, tabieh la tupoaed to haea been ured In infl ettag the wound The irj rendered a eerdiot that tba deeeaeed aame to hie rath from tba effeeta of a wan nd in tba groin, infl'etad , y Patrick Murphy. an the areniag of toe hOtb of Feb., j t the henea of Thomaa MoUulte, 97 Leonard etraat. I bla oar# will probably terminate in a eharge of man- 1 aughter againrt the prieoner Attinit t* AM?Miw?tg.?At an early hour yea- ' itday morning, n man named Nathaalei Kneonr a raWr la periodical* aad pampblete entered the etore r Merer a Dewitt k Davenport, and appeared to be | lokisg tor aome per*on Having looked far aomatlmo a left the prrmlrer but retnrned again abont nine | oloek carrying a new a>e bundle. He approaohed Ir Davenport, aad aa quick aa thought atrn-ik him a loleut biow oa tBe head, aeoompaaylag It with a vlont and unaeemly expreeoton. Mr. D la aerloualy ounded. It I* rup pored that tba man I* innane and roper mearure* win be taken to keep him from per penile g further mieohievonaaota. AccmrnT mu Lo>* or Lira.?A dLtreaelng aoeident ' icnrred at the North Point foundry, in Jereey City, ! B Thurrdey evening It auaeare that rfur ea bad dc p* with ill* turcaoa for tb* d*y, tw* lab* r* united K?ll\ and Nnl*n, pr*o**d?d, under th* dlctloa of Mr. John M*1lor tk? fort ma a of ih* n*tam inherit, to thro* tb* ribtii a cf tba anial fr*n in furnace mto \br itn?t Tb? ktouihI, ?her* tb* oltap or* waa thrown, *u rom**bat damp, wliiota n.**d tb* nr>*tal lo eiplod* and eoattnr i* *?nry dtrcoub. Tb* three m*D ?? r- badly hut end nod Kelly m alan* died cf thn lnj?r>*n r?o*lT?d. N*lsa, It t* ild, ban l*>t op* eye, and both h? au l Mrllor ar* eadbarct In tb* fae* ana upper part of tbrlr bodie* It fenrnl that Nolan trill in-a tb* other eya Itialgbt im b?*ti txpeoteu tba' mm who arn familiar with -b* amour of b?at?d metal woo in bam aroid*d nuob *:i irirtmt, lij eant onaly keeping the I-ob from wat 'Mil d It i* a.waf* daBfi*rno* to aliew each oontaot, id tb* chano** am tqnai tbat ?n *zpt?<i<>a may tat* mm at any time tbai metal I* to poured oat. Tbl* III proti a lerera tbat will not be forguttaa la a day , tbn Naitb f'olut f> uo'lry. An imm ranM SriaiT Ua* K.irLoiton,?Abaat ilf pa*t nine n'mock no Thursday molti# a* tba [motet .Mr Latrrnnoa, No. 11K t'hlrd anon*. wat In* a mall lamp rba, by actua mnaun In to- fl .inn toe imat tb* noptalalngth* ga*. blob lb* auterplcdrd ?l*ba laud r?port, burnt in* tt.a oan and irnwlcr tt * Injutx all o*-? tha rO " 111 and h*r pnr*on H?ol*>, on kra<li<? tb* report, rueh*<l iot? tb# room. m4 by a powerful effort bar down and pat out Ike Iibm. bat ant before aba war o*rt dtadfilly burned Medical aid van promptly brought to bar rwliaf, and aftrr bar wound# war* dreoaed aba waa takaa tetberi>y Hoapltal Tha d?aai? d<o* to tba premt*?? aliaht but la putting out tba Baatbehaada of Mr. Hat lay vara Injured The MrtTaHiK* or Ceime ?An examination of eoneld-reble IdHmI In about to ba madn by tba Corapar ?f tbla eeuo'y Tba b'dy of a woman who dial, aa b?r frtenda thiot. puddecly, nod la reepeet to wh.-?an daatb e1rcum*tanoea of lata oeairraooa bare caa-ad eaeplrlnn that foal play baa ba- a u?ed, I* ta ba disinterred and a atrlot >nv?wttg atloo made. la ordar ta allett all poarlbla Information relative ta tba auhjaot. Tba public pood prrranU ua from Baring any hi op mora at proeent, than thatsaeh aa loquUltloa la to be inetltnted. Shad - A (bad, tba Brat of tha aeaaon takaa la tbaaa wet-re voa brought op to tba elty yeaterday mom lap, la tba Stolen lalaad farry boat. Wi bar# not 1-nrn-d wt ether tba old euatam of eendlug tha Brat (bad of tba aeaaon to tha Mayor of thla elty prerailad an thU oeoaeion Apt Thido to Make ah Homer Li rim.?4 poor man Id tbalewor port of tba elty, being oat of work. Bd roll citing employment aad remuneration, applied to a (eatlemao wbo <h>*irou? of teatlog tba trutk of tba man'a oaaartlon that be wai willing to work offered to emp'oy bim far two daya at oaa dollar par diem, tba ta?k of tla I > be that of playing the part of aa angler, flaking off the Battery. The man accepted tba prapoet Ion. and la now engaged with rod and line Intent npon earniog bit money. Ho alto aa rnmplaoeotly at bia work aa If ba weio about to reap a rich reward fa trout or lake boat, or boom other Baby delicacy. Id order te prevent any unoautlooa fleit from being hurt the book In covered by a large potato. The angler look* like patience oa a monument, he. lndtmvdtiit Partt in Broorltn.?At a meeting of tbe " frlende of lev and good order'' in the olty of Brooklyn, held la tbe Brooklra Inatltute Waahlngtoa etreet. laat err nine, a oouimlttae of Bra waa appointed to retire and nominate oandldatee for Mayor and Aldermen. Oa their return to the room, the meetiog being called to order, tbe ohalrman of the committee eta ted that it vw the uaanlmona wleh of the cimmittee that the Hon. George Hall be nominated to the oflee of Mayor; which nomination waa reeelred by the audience with aeolamatione. The report of the oommittee waa reeeived and tbe nomination accepted. Circuit Court. Before Judge Edward* March H.?Hueiilt **. HorixU - Thle oanae waa reenmed thle morning, and tbe teatlmony on both eldea oloaed. after which the oounael for tbe defendant rummed up and the court adjourned Conned for plaintiff euma np to morrow (tbin) morning, when the oanae will be given to the jury. Supreme Court? General Term Prerent, Jnetlcee Jonea. Edmonda and Hnribnt. March lO-t'auee No 19 waa oonolnded. No. 06 waa tahen op ent. of Ite order Court Calendar?Thle Day. Circuit Court.-18, 14.81.89. 40,41, 0T, 78, 98 te 101, Inolnalva; 104 to 110 laelnelre Commow Pl? a?- Flret Pert 101, M 88.116. 186.119, 189.141.143. 146.147 Seoond Part64,188,134,114,130.148,160.168, 164, 108. ^UII^C. I U AUVtlt I ISLK3. THK DOUBLE HERALD. The second double aheet of tba Nete Ytrk Herald will be pcbUabed on Tneaday morning next. Adrertlaori will ptoMO band in tbeir advertisement* before 10 o'olook on Monday nigbt. Tbo advantage* of adTortialng In tbla ab*?t ore apparent to avery ona. THK WEEKLY HERALD, Tba Weekly Herald will be pnbliabad at 9 o'olooh thla morning. CONTENTS! The detail* of the Foreign Int-lltgeno* reeemtly receired by the Steamship America; the Proceeding* ia the Call id 8<Miiea of the United State* Senate; Appeiatmaata nnder th* New Admit tratloa; Proceeding* la th* New York Legislature; reerat Hia tory of th* Prot eol; Movement* of Bx-Pratident Polk; Cironlai of Irstroetfoni to enatom Hon** Offloera; Affair* la Canada: the Movements of Kmigrante far California, with j^awa then" fr?m; Iitercating Foreign and Dome,tie < orreapondeoo*; Fall Paitlonlar* <T the Attempt to Extort $50,000 flam Va. B After: Thratrioal and Local New*; Editorial* ; Commero'al and Bhipp'og Record for the Week ; th* Lateat Ta'.egraphlo Intelligence from all part* of theoonntry, ho., Iko, bo. Single oeplea, in wrappera, alxpence; annual aubaoriptien $8. Hatn for Spring Kaisblona.?Knox, 1SS Walton *treet ia a comitate artiit ia hie 11 a He ia a practioal hatter bTOnfht tip regularly te the built.**?not a 'yr? at eorioe. leer? mat te n'a tr ide, ai d Knox -nderatand* hia He poeeaaaes Ira wenoerfnl degree the power of fltti'g a bai to anit th* fao* of th* wearer, which e?ery pretended hatter doe* not nndarataad. One pnrcbaae will be onnvlucng proof of the fhoV Genln'a Spring Style oF Hall For 18A9.? There unrivalled hate are In greater demand than ever before at thi* acneon t f tl.e year, bnt tba ruheorihar'a manufacturing fabilltiea are anoh that ba ia enabled to keep hie etooa aonatantly nil end hie immeta* aalea neoetaarlly keep ftennatantly fahionable. 1. fltMN, aid Broadway. Hold Pen* and YVatohei?The celebrated Diamm d Polete'* Rie'alirn fluid Pen* wtih a largo aaanrtmaatef gold and ai var - eeoila?an o, aa axtenaira at. ak of gold and alitor Watrhre, fnr aale by J. Y. Ra-age, N*. It Wall attaot. Watoho* and Gald Pan* repaired or exohenged. Notice.?O. Stewart moat respectfully an. son- co# to th* Indira of New York and pablio generally, that he haaopen d, today, tba rora No. 445 Broadway, batweenjlownrd and Grard atree'a where he will offer for file, a- redn -ed prtoea. Black Silks. Manilla* Cnt-in material*, Ltnnaa Hoatere, flloysa, whit* and etiaw good* of th* lateit end meet approved sty Lea. Portable Dressing Catsee, flanafbetared by the ma.criler*. will be Uneo, on ooaaau all that v oxiiiD r mr fB'wmtn wnei in toe smallest passible spaoe. Tha article* an ssleoted with at:lot Teaart to quality. and art warranted. Q. SAONDRdl It SON, No. 147 Broadway, ooroar i.|Uk?rn at., sad 987 Broadway. Plnmbc'a Life-like Dayntrratypii ere an wa'l known and so hifthb spprovid tliat It dooa not eotn n??? aart for a* to ad 'la- retaona * hn want a *o?d picture to an whtar ti e; taaj bo aura of (ettli g what thay want, at Ml Broadway. ? Hew York In Hilras."?Tlsa Publishers of tha Sui.dav Ciurisr annoutioo that thay ham mad a an arraogem ntwith tha autt< r <>f tha popular akatohaa la the Trlbun-, u i dar M ia Ufa. fi r a naw ssrl a of " alloos" for their papar. blica No. 1 ' Tba Sham Shops." will appear to morrow. Tbem $5 Suits? another lot Just come to haad?A m-at aleaa. t lot of Oroth Coats "'See men Pasta and tiacy Veata. Oar atoak U lr>ah and js.i laid la for tha Spring trade. Overcoats and Cloaks very aheap Hummer oln-hlag eherpandtashionable. $9 bull Stoie, ooraec Nassau and Baseman streets COHKKKCI&L A F P A IRTT HOBBY INARKRT. Friday March 10?6 P. HI. There was a alight reaetioa to-day la the stock market and a part ef the depreciation In prios*|r-al!ied within tha past week, baa been recovered. At the first board there were large sales, and purnhaaera appeared to he in better spirits The bears r applied them freely with stock, notwithstanding which, theopeatng prices wore sustained Treasury notss advanced X par cent; Farmers' Loan. 1; Canton Company, ??; Harlem Xi New Haven. X- Long Island, J*'i Krle Railroad, Xi Reading Railroad. XAt the second board the transactions were to a limited extent, without any material alteration ,u prices. Treasury notss and Harlem Improved X pet cent each. The money mar et is in a very ontnfort-ble condition. Tha banks dlssonnt llberallv hni the etreet rate* for goo4 piper ring* from nlni to fifteen per cent The decline In quotation* for faociei bu been to rapid lately, that there If erary probability of is Improvement to noma iztnt. 8'ock* genenll ire now in itronfer kin ill, and tbo idemoe will bo more permanent. Tbo government depoaita it tbo oloeo of bnainoaa today. amounted to 93.140.000. The bill to onforeo tbo peraonal roaponafbillty of itockholdero In banking eerporation bu pined the Senate. We bare reeelradtba report of tbo Now York ind Erie Railroad Company, dated Mareh 1149. and haw earetuUy permed It. It renew* the operation of the paet tee yean, and giro* a more oatbfeotory exhibit tban we eoneelwd pooelbke for tfle company to make. Tbo preiont pooltlon and proepesti of the road are glean In a fair and eandld ohape, e? tbat thooe Intereoted may, from tbo otatemento made, draw their own conclurioni, and eirefally analyae the eatfmatoo of the management. On the tth of Febrnary, 1844, a a little more than flee yean age, the loot report waa I#rued, and tbat report emanated from the Board ot Director*, in power praelono to the organfoatlon of the new company, under tb* new act. In that report. It wee itated that the receipt! of tb* company, toui in ooniBtiNlMiii up ( lOAl fllW? WAT# (M IV* nard Rroelptafrom ita capital atoak ..fl.B01.9M U frocvda of Mtate Loan of $8.000,000 2 600 AU 01 Ktvn til otbw 01.700 M f4,188 115 62 IndeMtdnarft Incurred In proaaentlon cftbawcrk 673 814 80 Total $4,736 060 01 In that report It m eatiinated that the road eon id be uoBp'atad to Lake Krl# at a ooat af $0,000,000; mar>bin?ry, Ita.. far eomaaaolnf huainaaa, f 1,000,000 Total, fT.OOO.OOO. In ay. 184A. tba praaant manaffam?nt aaaumed the aontrol of tba work, tba company wna re organized and tba completion of tb? road waa doterm nad upon Tbay unfortunately tba abora eatimaia, and la the flrat addrraa to tba pnblln adopted tbat aa tba ba* rbflir fntnra aub-erlptlon* Injnattaa to all partial it rbonld ba atntad tbat tba eberaoter of tba road l>aa ba?n matar'ally aoatmed and tba ao-t of aoaatruotlon o< n??q"?ntly n<atirially laoreaaad. In addition to thuae deriatiob* fi'in tba plan original'/ propacd in tagard to tbe extension of tbe rood, tb? liiibtd port required moot titouln alterations ud nptln. Mile* cf that rood ?tr? lUadliif no pile* tad k'(b trestle work, la o decayed statu. which hod to be flliod up, requiring la BM) cases expensive oulverte, with long oad hoary rBbwkatnri The road botwooa tioehea aad Mtddletowa. mtoi I mllro la length. brought lata moo ia o parti all 7 flunked rtoto. oad belonging to an oaaooletlon of gentlemeu of tbo latter place. war bold by tbo company, under an ((tttant to roa It. Tbla bad to bo purohaoad oad pat la order, like other portion* of tha road Tbaro baa been expended for these ehjsote. aad deemed absolutely oeoearary, tbo aom of 421 Tbo eempeay, ot that time, and for aoma time thereafter, woro entirely dependent upon ohortarlag aaab rteamboats aad berxea aa tbay ooutd (procure. to do tbo bnainoM ooanested with their ferry, (t wai therefore considered expedient, aad that tha tree interest rf the company required tham to owa aad ooatrol the steamboat a and berxea aoaaaaary ta do tbo bust move of their rood, whloh woe every year besoming more and mote Important The purchase ot tbaaa, and expenditures connected therewith, including those at their pier, bare coat $134 322. In tbo estimate of tho sort of the work, tbo Nowborgb branch, about IB mlloi la length, extending from Cboetor to Nawburxh, was not taken into aa eoiai. Tbia branch ra'lroad the eompiif wim rej quired by the tot of 14th Ms), 1846, to build, M om ' of tho condition! of the rolooao of the Stnto lion By tbia brooch, tide voter la reached aone 21 nllee neoro* than ot Piermont. It la now nearly graded, and vHt probably be completed during the eomiog fell. Than have been expended on tbia branch, and for object* connected therewith. $202,807 Tbna it will bo neon, there hna bean expended eaat of, and for obJeete other tban the addition to, and extension of the road weat of Middletown, the aam of $840 303 Making In all (lnoludtng the amount expended on the Newburgh branch) $1,202 700. In the extenaion of the road weet, the obataolea to be euimonnted from the nature of the country through which the line wpa marked out, were fonnd much greater tban anticipated. The Immense rook and earth excavations- the d< ep ravines requiring high embankment* and maerire walla, aatlafled the maaagement that the coat of oneatruetion would largely exceed the moat liberal eatianatea. Aa an inatanee of tbia. It la only neoeaaary to refar to that portion of the line along tha Belaware, which coat on an average for 23 mllea morn than $100,000 per mile. Weat of Port Depealt, at what la oelled the ' Gulf Summit " an exonvatlon lor about ono mile, will eoet, when completed, tiOO 000. Tboao Interested will be able from those ata'ementa, *o farm aome Idea of the dlffloultleo under whek tha oompany and the contractors have labored, in toe eoastrnotien end improvement of the road from Piermont to Blngbamton. We now eome te a very important portion of the report?that part relating to the financial eondition of the oompany New York and Eair. Raii.itoai) CoMratv?Irs Fina.v" citL Condition lat. The State mortgage bonda, payable in 1800. . . $8 000,00$ 24. The aecond iaauo of do do. 1860 4,000,u00 3d. The certificates of an old indebtedness, exchanged for these of a similar oharaoter, pa; able in 1864 600,00$ 4th Tha old and naw stock at nraaant stand* thus:? Old stock, number of share* 8.041 New " " 46,741 6,488,409 i 6th To which may be added, a* an nsi tlmsts of the emounl of stock wbioh may be used to advantage In payment to oontraotera, purchase of locomotives, ears, machinery, he . by the time the road shall be extended to Hornelisvilie, say, shares 6,814 681,400 $18,600,000 From which aggregate liabilities should be deducted the amount deposited with the Comptroller, to pay Intel est on the State mortgage bends, till ths 14th May. 1861. Although this amount is not immediately available to pay off tne debts *f the company, It is of the same value as If deposited In bank for n speeillo purpose, 8626,143?sey 600 000 Total 818000 000 This, it Is estimated, will complete the road to HoruaUsvlUa.a distance of three hundred uud eighteen miles from Pl?m??t. ??? .?a ?vi_t? 11m to eompletn before reaching Lake Erie. It will be M*a by this that the company will not bar* exhausted Its reaonroea, bnt will have 46 000 shares of its capital eteok on hand, which, at the par value amounts to $4,600,000 Tbl* sum will be, U Is estimated, ruSolent to complete the mad to the Lake, and provide the whole Itne with all the machinery necessary far the mcst extensive operations. The total liabilities of the company for the whole road from Plermont to Binghamton, Including New* burg branch, amount to $? 803,483. which represents ihr\pioperty of the oompany as follows200K miles of road, extending from Biermontto Binghamton, in dad* Ing equipment, vis.. 27 looemotives, 20 passenjer ears, 400 freight ears, machine shops, maohlaery In sh?p?, depot bulldints, he ha , $60 000 per mile?$10 036 000. Two steamboats, three bsrgss, improvements at pier, he. he., $136 832 Newborgh branch, IS miles in length, nearly graded. $202,307 . 5 300 tons railroad iron, $60 per ton, $266,000. less amonnt advanced 'hereon, $136,000, making $130 006. Amount expended oa the road wert of Binghamton, before the preennt managers assumed the control of tho work, whleh amounted to nearly.$2 CC0 POO, and is n?w worth to tho crmpany. see rdlng to the estimate of thn Chief En* glneer. ray $f00,000 Amount expended by the pre* rent Board In purchase of right of way depot -rounds, engineering, he , he , on nccount of thn extension of the roaa wert of Blnghemton during thn past year, (ths property purobasod being renreen vd by this rum ) $122 383 Balance In the hands of Comptroller to pay Interest on the $3 000 000 mortgage bonds till May 14 1861.3626 143 Value of *>- k---? nd paid for say >80 000 Total, *11 832.19 * Dj comparing tfe? aggregate amount of HabUitiM with a fair end *ef* valuation of the property of the company It will be seen tbat there ii an exoes* of about i*o million* of dollar*, over and aber* all liabtlltie*, a* a surplus in favor of, or as a bonus to, the stockholders For the purpose of extruding the road westward a* rapidly aa prssble, the compaey bare deWoilord to make a eeeond i?ena of rooi Va* bond*, to th* amount of $4,0<i0 000, payable la tea year*, with Interest at erven per cent, and mrured by a mortgage upon the whole road, from I'lcrroont to Lake trie, and all It* appnrtcnaaoes, subject only to the lien created by the first moa'gage bonds, of $3 000 000. The objects to b* secured, by this Irene of mortgage bends, are as follows : -l?t. the funding of the floating debt; 2d, the payment required under the contract, firm Biufhamton to Corning; 3d, the extension of th* read from Corning westward, to conueot with th# Hornallevilto and Buffalo Railroad, or with tba Attioa and HorneilrvlUe Railroad Immediately upon It* completlon, whlah, w* are infoimed will probably ba within igbteon month*. Thece bonds we hnv* included in the above table to make ?p th* aggrogat* ooat of the road to HornallsvtUe. Th# aeenrity offered for the bond* is considered by the rcmpeay sufficient to guaranty a favorable nago| tlation of them in the market Tba ao*t or the road ; comnleted and nuhluri u *?' < ?. -? ?' ? - - + , ? r"w ? ? fto^w,wu?| i m follow?:? Coat of oonplotlag road to II or naU* Tills, aa befnra mention** 313,000,000 Coat of constructing road from Horns IlsTlllr to Lnka Erie 3 ?00 000 Add for conMrgrnclte. 600,000 ToUl 310 000 000 Tha only mortgage oa thla road, taking proaadaooa of iha aa* glrea (ar tba seecdty ?f tha second laana of bond*.!* that for tba 30 "00 000, this ! ?*??, after paying tha Oral mortgage property ??lu?d at 313 000.000. to seen r? tha payment ef 64 000,000 of binds, or In annthar law af tha matter, property rallied at 310 000,000 la gtran for tfceaaourltj orbonda amounting to 37.000 003. Tbla la not tha only ?aanri'y thay hare. Tba In so ma of tha company la Ilkaly to ba vary larga, and whan tha road la completed, tha oat re ran us according to tba most r*aeonab'e estimates. all! ba Inrga ansugh ta not only pay tha in ten at on tha dabt and a gud dividend on tba ?tnek hnt leave a aurpla' for tha formation of a rlaklna fnad larga anongh to pay off a larga portion of tha bond* aa tbay raaob ni vurlty Tha anoeted aatimata of tha company, relative to aarnlnga, whaa tha ra*d 1* cotnplatad to Laka Erie, la not aaaeb, If any* thing, hajond tha mark:? New Yomr ann Ram Railroad ? FsTiMtrao Rtanians Estimated earning* *h"n flolabad $t,0uOnQ0 Deduct for e?pi niee I 600 (100 Nat reran tia 31,600.003 Interest on 3T 0"" 000 mortgaga bos de, af T par can* M*0 000 Do <to 600.003 eertlloetse at 7 par n?rt 35,000 Dividends o? 0,300,000 stock, T par M , cant 010 000 - 31,166 00T, 1 turp'na 3316,003 It v. Ill ba ta^n by this statement, that tha net aarat

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