Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1849 Page 3
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r ? ??m????? awkit U large, and tbe prospect at present if that as importation of specie *111 soon ommsnse. The leading feat ore* of the kill reported by the Senate Committee on Bank* and loeuraeae Companies, J Which peered that breech of the Legislature on the * lflth Merob, are as annexed : i New Yoaa Beneinc Syitkm ?Indiyioi'al Rksp3n*ibi- J Cltr or Stucihuldsss. I Section 1?Provides chat stockholders shall be individually responsible equally and reteably. for tbe amount of any debt or liaiilitv contrasts 1 after the 1st day of January. 1K60 with iaterest to tbe amount : Of their respeetive shares or stoek t Section 1-Defines what constitutes a stockholder | In any corporation or asHociation; also th? reaponsibl- i llty of guardians or other trustees, la making Invest- * insntafor miners or of trust fui ds J Section 4? Names and residnnees of stockholders, J With the number of shares owned by any individual, a ball bo kept subject to publie inspection. a Sections 5 and 6?Point out the oourse to be pur- t mud for the recovery of any demand against any cor- 1 poration or association Section 7?An injunction may be Issued against ] any corporation or association which refuses to pay b any demand exceeding one hundred dollars. t Section 8? Provides for the investigation of ths af- ' v4 m*Mj uutputai/iuu? uuurr au iu juuunuu Section 9?Provided tor th? tppomtaiBiit of ? r?- t ?elver. In tbe event ef any corporation proving inaol- ? Tent. ia Section 10? Any one or more stockholders owning * stock to the amouat of os? twentieth part of the oapl- I tal, may. at any time, apply to any Justice of tbe Sa- *j from* Court for an order declaring euoh corporation naolvent, or in imminent danger of insolvency; and c if, on the faota presented such justioe shall deem it A necessary, to prevent fraud. Uo , he may issue an la- " junction and examine tbe allalrs and books of tha oor- J poration, and if necessary appelnt a receiver of the ( property of ruoh corporation. o Section 11?Define tie duties and powers of receiver* appointed under an Idju notion Section 12?Regulates tbe sale of assets of insolvent j corporations L 8ection 13?Provides first for the payment of bills )i or notes hold by bill holders, who shall have presented J the same. Any surplus shall be divided and paid to the ereditora having demands founded on auy debt = contrasted after tbe first day of January, 1850, in proportion to their respective d-mancls and any further " urplas shall be paid to all other creditors, in propor- I ion to their demands. Ul Sections 14 and 15?Deiloethe duties ofthe receiver r B relation to all dabrs unsatisfied. which were oon- L, raoted after the 1st of January. 18S0, after the assete f tbe corporation have been exhausted. Inhisreport Z O a Justioe of the Supreme Court, hi shall set forth the j i mount of oash real zed by birn. the expenses and m illowances claimed, all payments that he may have ii made, to. lie shall, at the same time, submit to eaoh !' justice a true and aocurata list of tbe persons wbo, *1 lines tbe 1st of Jauuary. I8f>0. ware stockholders of each corporation, tbe nominal amount et stock held by eaoh, 1 and the residence of eaoli so far as ean be ascertained, u; Section 18?Said JusMcs shall appoint a referee, With directions, after giving notice to all persons concerned. to apportion the deb's and liabilities ofeuoh t'| cerporatlon, contracted after January 1st. 1850, and remaining unsatisfied among said stockholders, rateably, in proportion to tb?ir s'onk. Section 17?Provides fur notifying stockholders, and I for the publication cf tbe namss of stockholders who v. may reside out of the county whero the business of the ii Insolvent corporation was oon lusted uj Section 18?Gives the relen t) power to hear proofs a Of all parties interested in the matter and particularly Z to ascertain the persons who are chargeable as atoek- (. holders for the debts contracted as aforesaid, and the h< mount ohargeablo to each 0 Section 19?Provides for the extension of tlae, If b? necessary, for the examination and liquidation of the 11 allalrs of any insolvent corporation firrTIAM 1(\ Whon thn rnnnvt t\4 vafavaa hon Vsaw - ' confirmed by t Justice of the Supreme Court, said at order of confirmation shell be Quel as a judgment, si nnd executions may be issued against any of the Z stockholders, the same as uooo a judgment in the j (Supreme Court, and the money collected on such o! executions shall be paid to and received by the receiver ii of said Insolvent corporation Section 21 ?Money eo collected shall, after deduct- Cl lag all expenses, be divided emong the creditors of S such corporation. (l Section 22?Regulates the compensation of re- U eeivers and referees n Section 28?Stipulates within what time dividends ^ shall be made to creditors. " Section 24?Any surplus, ater paying off ail the g' debts and liabilities, shall be divided among the stock- ti holders In equal and just proportion to the sums con- te tribute d 2i Sections 26, 20, 27, 28. and 29 - Relate to the course ^ to be pursued upon an appeal to suspend or delay w execution, or from any order or determination of the g< Justice of the Supreme Court w? Section 30?Relates to every security taken under w the provisions of tbia act, and the disposal and enforcemeat of the samo '? Section 31.?Acy creditor who shall have neglected J, to present bis demand to the receiver, before tbs first or any subsequent dividend, and who shall present v< the same before the second or any other subsequent '' dividend, shall receive the sum he would have been entitled to on any former dividend, before any distri button be made to other creditors 1 Section 82?Every is<u < of fact or of law joined In Any Is suit against any corporation or association, described in the first section of this ao'.. upon any debtor liabi " iity contracted after the first d?y or January, one thou- = rand eight hundred and fifty, or against any reoeiver of such corporation or association, or by any such re- ? ceiver under the provisions of this act. shall have pre- 1 ferencs at the court at which it shall be notloed for n) trial, to all other oause-; and evury oaso made, speoial t] verdict rendered, bill oi exceptions and demurrer to >t evidence taken on such trial, and evsry Issue of law pi joined on the pleadings in any such suit,and every 01 appeal from any order or determination, judgment or ?! deoree, made or rendered under tbn provisions of this , act, and evsry special motion relating to any proooed- 1 Inge nad under ime art. ennii navu a preference in tue u bearing and argument thereof in any court where the 1 came may be pending. 1 This bill ia framed for the purpose of enforcing the ^ i esponeibllity of stockholders In certain corporations _ and associations, as prescribed by the constitution, ?nd to provide for the prompt payment of demands ^ against sneh corporations and associations. This bill will probably pass the lower bouse without any mate- > *ial alteration, and immediately become a law. There c js considerable anxiety among stockholders in the ^ lauks ef this Stats relative to the operation and effect ! of the provisions of this set?the general impression | being tbat it will tend to dep'eoiate the value of bank , 'took, aud restrict the movements of those institutions. ? It is very probable tbat at first the value of bank stock i will ba depreciated; bntwe do not think it will remain \ long depressed. It will create a cautiousness on the J part of those entrusted with the management of banks, ? And keep them within proper and rate limits; the stockholders will be more eareful in the election of officers, l And exAinlButlona and investigations be me e frequent- I jy made. The system of puHio credits will be muoh im- n proved, and the discount line much reduced This taw will have a very favorable Influence upon lndivl- j dual credits, and deprive many of those favors which l have heretofore been at times so freely extended, for . tbe purpoM of promoting speculation. Tbe Individual ' responsibility system, If properly enforced, will aot as t cbeok upon expansions, which must hare * very fa" vorsble Influence upon the currency, and npon the 1 movements of trade generally. All the laws which 7 bare hitherto been made hare failed to prevent the * moat diaaatroua expansions and eontractlona In the y, hanking operations of thia State The plan of making quarterly reports was utterly useless, and the law reoently passed for the regulation of returns has proved ( an abortion. We have repeatedly urged the propriety * ?f compelling the banks to make avsrage monthly re- t ports; but the ,Influence of these inetitutions in the ? Legislatnre has been eufflcicnt to defeat the objeot we had in view. The law, a synopsis of which ws givs ?bevs, Is oaleulsted to regulate these corporations ? mors effectively than any previously reported, and we m therefore give it our hearty support. The constitution " unjoins it npon the I.egislnture to pass euch a law, and N we trnst that the lowar houre will at ones oononr with & the Senate. I Stock Bxchnnge. J U50C0 OS6-?,18C7 blU 1111. .? *no HR, nld ikOfV M J; Jnoo do ll'ls Hi" do, new, fall b.10 00 B lllOUO do 1.16 II", 25 do Mil fO>f ti HOO do 1111* 15 do s3 60 Y IdOOO do. 1K68 pl2m 111 6.1 do ftl1, 4 10 do, oonpoa 112K 2 (1 do hi) 3CO0 Kentucky 6's 101X .'HI <0 ft1, ? Sum do 101 too do ?60 so r 1000 OhluG'e, i860 lOflJf :v*t Barlem PR OIK 60(0 Reading M Bds 61J, 1ft) do O'K V a.00 Brio T? Bd? W. 160 do Law b X . 9 ihi Bk of Amnio* 1-fi 460 do G))< A 10 I?e* Mannf Bank !' S Id Anl.urn 5; Booh RR Kl% A 1(0 Fonnors' Tiuit ,V>^ 111 do HI A 60 do fc.'? 3'H 70 do HUX S <60 do 3A?f K tludao HlrOf RR 61 r 60 do b30 3d ?II Lo-? labod KB S'i !2?0 do MO .V.?< 25 do 25'* .( 60 do bill 86 60 do bl5 25* . 160 Ckftton Company 4n 1.50 do 25* r 60 do ?30 l"V 161 P.e*dlrR RR .V2'? ? 26 do 40 60 d,. (39 .tUt b aj do ?i d* a?S f ao N T ft NII RR Ml A Second Bunrd. ? J65P0 O 8 6'o, 1867 1U!. 1.5 itn r.inn Tr oil 35# r MM) do hSO 111 >4 10 1 Curt u to bid 4'l# > 6000 do *10 111 121 do X'H t M (hi HTtNItK IW do .16 sub, 260 Fwmon' fc Tiu.t S-'S 6o R"*dtoR lUllrood :u# , IT.1 I in H.'.V 250 Al.ll.m R*ilr,.*d v 1 MO do biiu I Ml do " " (10 Bjoj J AMI do 8AH AMIITlSBIBIIfS I8KIWII KTIBT DAY. ' MMif, * Lost-a ob * ft fob t*o hiivdbbo avo forty ' Dellari. Lew A H*.?n<n^b?r or, payable by llonigrberyer k Brother*, tr the .rirr of A Tihrr< !> ITfluihror i?'tJ t at FI'-m Qtrmany, on cr about trt Arh day of Nevenbor. IMS. 2 I'trieM ire e.nii' re.l l.ot to ormflato toe mid droi t, a? a fettle- t ment hu tlmory h, en made h? the port -re. noV 105T.?It A18 FIVB1IAHS sNOBi.X MONTH*OLD 1 If Had on kn ol.l giai?d run I. *ek r-lotli Janl.e , Lght O.ilnMd J ykti'i boote, kiid woollen ytocklaai lit ' ' l.k'r, nine oyer, and fell eomflexlon?li Inteii *"ni, kirn nnino 1 Franoie K. Sn<?t, { e Any infor?ailoa rcecen ing 1, m will rm thankfully ro-aiV"d by ' Hi {MtkU. Ilwirg e? M Wmnnt etriet. SK.Kt, * rovnoi VVWWV^e.^VN.VOIA.V W ^ v wVWWWWVWVVVt Vt\ | FODBB-ON THB 7TII IMiTdNT, IN Til it ISTaTA OF ? Mew Jtr.ey, k Yawl float, rl >e ton*, lately repaired. Any f Mm tailing nad proving fgnpertr, and pating ejpnoeei may t I dat* bor, by apply in| to U. ?. Ill NUJU, Oimraaaiptw, N. J. \ auctions. By joseph bkqkman, AUCTIONS TIII3 D it, fednoadar. Waroh 2'at. >t ldo'olook, A. M.. At the Sana Ho?m. No 191 Waahiarto* (treat, Brooklyn, new and el gint roeewoodund mahogany furniture. te be mid without reietr* to dor* a eonre'r. Aleo a variety of rood revud hand fuaiture. klao, to be aold at IS o'elcck, one harcucbe, two light wagon*, ird ore fertn wagon. Fale p nitive, w tli >ut regard to wea'her. rbureday, March 22. at lOu'olO'k, A.M.. atlS1 Jay, oereer of Mae au *t? Brookl) n, a general aswrtinent of ptrlc r, chamber, and liichen furniture. Catalogue" may he >-*<1 at the aalee -non At auction-tub celkbkm'cp k..wn man-ic* Quarry, In Weatohea'-er eounty. New York Admiuiatrati* lale. Ha rob 23d. 1M9 ?On the premiaea will be aold, by ord r of A* Surrrgate ol Weatrbtaler 0"un'y, this Quarry. *o oiteus.vely inowu thrauyhont tie United Stale* at yieloing the beet white larblefor builiirg. menuinental and other purp aea. The aopi ior oharae:er *1 the material ia eatabliahed by the fiot, that all be great public edifice* bnlit of whit* marble witbiu the laat 31 'tare, from Ntw York to New Orleana.harelteunoonatracttd of t. In thin lint may be enumerated the old MerohaoU' Bachange. dettroyrd by the fire of I8B5.) the nreaent Custom Houae. erected it a root of atx_ut two million* of dollar* Stewart * ilroat Store, ,nu omerouiLairK* in we ciiy 01 flow York; the Port OBI a in he city of Waabiagton; the City BUI. >n tho city of Brooklyn; he CniUm Bouie. in the city of New Orleans. B >th tLe lait acntloted ere In the eoane of oonati notion; other publio bu 1<1ui ere alao in oontemplailon. The above premiaua, dnriog the ire time ef the inteetate. yielded a very lane annual ioeom and eirg in fall working order, require no outlay of capital beyond he price paid for litem, to coratitute a very productive fortune, 'file marble laarnated on the aurfaou.and iu quantity la believed o be li ethauetible. The quarry la aituet- d at Tuckahoe. ia the rea'ti ieat agricultural oounty efthe State, aix'oen milea from he oity cf New York, on the Har'em railroad, whioh oouveye the lateriitl direct to the o'.ty from the Quarry itaelf. in naaiueaot the traeet lira A large number of bnlldinga. oeeupied ae dwelling), rork ahora, he , are on the prem'aee to te aold, and ooaatitute a ortion or them. The above sale will poaitively be made to the Ubeat Udder, on the 23d day of March inat, at 12 a'clock at con, on the premiaea Title indiapntabla. For further particulate, apply to SAMUEL E. LYhN, F,*j? ouoaellor at Law, White Plalna. or JAMES M. MILLER, Eaq., .m tioreer, aterc 85 Maiden lane. N. Y. ni'RNITl'BE 8ALIS.-TBE SUBSCRIBER WILL GIVE " liia peraonal attention to the aalea of Furniture at the red ecoe of ownera Ue will alro receive at hia atnie, the foraiture f thuae wiahing it removed f ir the oonveeienoe of eale. J. W. 11 BOIVN, Auctioneer, No. 102 Broadway. AUCTION NOTICE .-PAWNBBOKBR'S SALE OF a Watchei and Jewelry, on Thureday next, March 22.-W. eeiik ( o , 187 Chatham atreet, will aell at 11 o'cleok, a very uyo aiurtment of Gold and Silver Watohea, Silver Plate and ewelry, of every deacrlption. SOLOMON l.U\Kr, Pawnbroker, 481 Pearl atreet. RPKCIAL NOTICES. 0. OF O. F., LIBRARY ASSOCIATION.?A CONV'EM I tiona. meeting will bo held at No % Canal street, on Wrlwday, the 21st iuotant. at half past seven o'clock, F M? fir the iiiI'Mt* of receiving the report of tie Ex-ontiro Committee, edge committees *111 bejmnotual in attendance. ALFR*D LANCASTER, Secretary. pro, ten. [AIRE DEPARTMENT.?A MEETING OF Till ENGI c nocrs, allaa I'iro Wardena and Foramen, ia to be held at Fireien'a flail, on Tburtdar, to m.rrnw evening, at 8o'oloek, to take ito ci ncidermtlon the disgrace which la to bo attaohed to the detriment by the passage of a law payiDg the engineer a $100 par anuai. VT A NESTING OF THE CONCERT COMMITTEE OF the Hebrew Beuuvo'.tnt 8-oiety, held March 19, it wat aanimonely IL solved, That the thaeka of thli committee bo,and are hereby r.dered to Madame and Monaieur Laliorde, tor thoir oommendae generosity in volunteering their gratuitous service* to sing at concert given last evening in aid ol tins charity. Extract from the minutes. ADOLPfiUS 8. SOLOMON, Hen'ry Secretary, "T LOKIA IN EXCEL81A?JOHN COFFIN KAZRO, URIEL, of Jerusa'oni, Dei 0 rati a Royal Prince and Priest of Jeho ih, will pioaoh t) ia evening, at 7 o'clock, in the New England latltiite, Bend street, to the Goddamned oit*, (" Gotham.") [ion God'u Kit gdom, npon Earth as in Heaven, and there will be contribution. AFFICE NEW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD COMPANY. J No 45 Wall street, March 19, Id 19.?The Stockholders are rohy informed that the Director* have prepared a full rep lit of ie condition and proa>eota of the company, copies of which may ? bad at the cilice. From the fact, that iu tlda report no menon la made of the pijment of interest on the a'ock, in July next, une may inter that it will not be paid. The Directors take this pportunity tu assure the 8tuekbo'ders that it is not thoir ictanfin to dpiiurt from thn tflrm* t\f th? rav?i ?<*,?! s..k.ft.uu^. *. * ? -o<i, litit'to lay the internet on the first of July. on boththe eld ad pew stock. NiTDAMEL MAKSU.Soor.tary. L| UDSON RIVER RAILROAD COKPANT.-LOAN.-NO. .A bee it hereby siven that $628,000 of tho Loan on tha Bond* r this Company, oflertd by proposal* i**u*d under data of IStk s'mt, t ua boon taken up. To afford all 8 tool holder* an opportunity to aeoure their peenptive right to Bond* convertible into Stock which tb*y obtained uoor'fco original subscription, it i* coniidcrod proper by th* oaru that the time for receiving subscriptions for auoh Bond* cm thou stockholder* who have not already vubMribed or taken lotn, shall be cxtendod to SO day* from the publication of thia stioe, vis., to tho 31?t day of March, 1849. After that day th* ght will cease and be lost to the original saSecriber* and their wigna. Cp to that dste inclusive, person* now holding Stoek ef >e Company may subscribe for Bends to th* amount oi their took on paying dowu 6 per cent, when reoeipt* will be given to cm seourihg tho original pre-emptive right, and on the saute mi in all respeota that were given to taker* of Bond* on the ith of Fctrnary. Tho smalieet Bond* leaned being $600. Btookilders of n loss amount will be allowed to aoquire other 8took by amfcl, to make up enough for * Bond. The rate i? rar for Bond* bearing seven per eent interest, and 'IV per cent for Bond* bearing ni per eent, both oeuvsrtible ithin fivey an from their date into the stookof the Company, icordhig to the amount actually paid for them. Ageulemay apply for Bond* for Stockholder*, In amount* net sb vi;*n $6.uOO in the aggregate, aed the Cempnny. a* offered by te proposal* of the istn robruuy, instant, will pay aooh agent* commission-if ore per cent. J. M. HOPKINS, Treasurer. M.B?The above notice supersede* thejadvertieament Issued isterday on tiii* subjoet, whieh was unavoidably drawn up In iste, ard was pub'igiied with soioe tjpcgraphioalerror*. NewTork. March 1st. 1848 YKMOVAL.?C. J. WALLACE. 8UJCE3S0R TO FROST V A Wrllsce, Merchant Tailor*, ha* removed fiom 61 Maiden ce to 166 Broeilwap, ever W B. Beeebe It Co'? Bat Store, up air*. Tht bridntss ot the late firm will be settled at tame place, 6 Broadway. TO LET. ."U'RNISHRD APARTMENTS. - A RIGBLY RK3PRC . tablo private family, would let two or three handaemely furihed parlors and bod-rooms, (without boatd,) to single gen emtn, from the first of May. The house is situated in Cham sera root. Dear Church street, and the room* are well finished sod enact. Also to let, a front basement, ruitnble for a phyei dan dentist. Undoubted references givon and requital. Address, I e raid. Chambers street. bo* 1490 Poet Office. \ N ELEGANT BOOM IN BROADWAY, CORNER OT "V Grand street, etcellcntly arranged for balls, concsrta, and nelints, cr act purposes requiring apace and convenlsaoe. Ably to JOHN HOOPI, Broalway Bonae. wjotice TO BUTCHERS.?TO LIT, TOE BALE OF THE . v Bouse Ne.SU Wlllet street, and hair of a Slaughter House in lie rear, separately or together. Inquire on the premises. BIBCELI.AKEOVS. itBE PATENTEE OF A NEW DISCOVERY OFTEN BEcimea suddenly rich. The new featute of " Shadows, or Adentures, by Day and Night, about New York, with the Chief of 'oliro and bis Special Aids," which the proprietor of "The People's 1st" baa hit upou. must make a fortune lor that newspaper. The rat chapter ia now ready in this week's number, which can be tad, for only do a onpy, ot all the news agents; and, wholesale it d I' ta l^ at tb? < fine, 47 Gold street, nONVEBSATIONS FBANCA18KS, OR FRENCH TAUGHT VJ on the opal aysti m. eaahilng to speak from the first lessons, nd ensuring cart and fluency to pupils more advanced, but delilent In speaking Private tuition at homo, El per month; ditto nclaeees. $?. kamiliesand schools attended. P.ease address Iota DE ?T PIERRE, Uotel do Paris, 30d Dread way. PARIS GREEN. 8 BRAND, OF UNEQUALLED YALUE for Venetian Blinds,Ship Painting, lao., dry and ground In >il; in grades ranting from li'H to .Hdd per lb., and in cans and cga, from 8 to 'Ml lbs., for aals at No 32 Burling alio, by TBEO. SCHWARTZ. Bay watir-io hhds. of very superior, made by O. Dncloro, Esq., Gu&yama, Porto Rioo,juat motived by rig Bontrore. A oonaLant supply of whieh, in wool and glass, say bs found on sale, at AT WATER, HULFORD & Co's, 135 Front street. 2TATEN ISLAND FERRY.?HAVE NEW YORK ATE, J 11, 2, 4 and 6 o'clock. Leave iVanderbill's Imndingmt 8, II I. .1 an* A a'olnek niMliNT.-WARRANTBD or TBI BUT QUALITY.? The Newark and Kosendelo Lisa and Cement Company's late White's) Hadranlio Cement l.itna eaic'd axl grnnnd plu or, marble duet, tur sale at U>e s i-' agents b-r New V?rk, BKtDNm. BKI.i, K CO.. 7i < N. Tort Havana and frinci: r hi sars.-jambs sadlier, No. >3t Broadway, third door above the Amerlnan Hotel, he advertieer would respectfully inform eitizeneand strangers rho may deeire to pnichaee eltler Uavano and Prinoipo Sogars, irglnia, Cavendish, or Smoking Tobacco, that they will tied at is aitublirbment. at all timet, an eztenaive choice and wellsescted stock of both Scgats and Tobacco, ol the favorite brands, rices extremely low, at cither wh hsala orr<t?:l. ^ RAP* VINES-ISABELLA AND CATA WBA-SOOO TOREK J year old; JOCO two year old, SOW) one year old. Theee vinee re very line Alto, my extensive oolleotioa ot Rosea?csns'sting f the most (elect kinds?Hy brid, Perpetual Bourbon, Bengal, ca, Niiiotte and Prairie Roses I offer the above at reduced rices, on anacunt of clssirg my bminesa JAMBS B. WKIK, Ir rist, oorier of Second avenno and Twoa?y eighth street. rO TAILOF-S ?TOOSB WHO WISH TO OBTAIN A COM r'etc method of Catting all the varlout steles of Garments i worn at the present time, would do well to pnrohtso Stincmet'i lew W< rtc on the subject, as it Is 10 perfectly explicit thet nny ne, in a few houra' study, can pro eed to Imtnedia'e practice, tdcope with tho most experienced. In producing elegant Oarlente. r rice per copy, oomplste, R6. To be bad of the Author, lo. 173 B-nndway, or at Who-ier's. Reporter ot Faeliions, fco., c? No. i Coortlandt street, New Ynvk. BRONZE row BER?PliRC GERMAN, OP TB* MOST brilliai t colors, in a variely of lrt qualities and shades, nitch M- tal, Prcrch and Florence Gold Leaf, Ultramarine lue and Green. Fir sale at factory prices at tic mannfae. irera Genf ml Dennt. No 31 Fnltnn. nnronr of Hold atr*** K,v ' rk. BHIPflNO. rDK BRITISH ANP NORTH AMERICAN K. M. STEAM- ! hip*, between Button and Ijvcrpool and between New ork ana I.Uerpool,caUitg at Halifax to land and reoeire raailn i d I tPOjngers: fia t.apt. C. H. Judhin*. Ulbernia Capt. W. J. C. Lang, frica. .. " a.Kyrie, Niagara.. " J. Stint. n.erioa. " N. Shannon, Canada.. " W. Ilarriaon, ,ct pa. . " E. O. Lott, Cambria. " J. Leitch. aleoonia " W. Deng at. Thctereaarla carry n clear white light at mat head, green on larboard bow, and red ou port bow., I apt. 11 at nun, Inm BuftM, Wednenday Jlft March anada, " Judkiri, " N.York, dv 4tli apriL liagara, " A. Syria, " Boston, da lrtth * Iwrops, " E. G. Iiott, " N. York, do id May. Inrablia, ** N. Shannon, " Boston, do 9th ' in mperierced aorgecn on board. Knight a ill he oharged on pecie, brjoi.d an atnom t tor peruana expenses All letieta and cntiarora mm t p*?? through the post offo ?. P niff from r-w York cr Boston to LUirpool.tlrat cabin, SIak, eaonid cabin, III). Tct freight or pannage M'P'i ''> *. i : Ntrlti. Jr :H Broadway, PA'KETS FOB BAVH18SCONS LINE-THE IOf Oneida, John Vr iliard'er. will sail on tho tat April. OFT h HINC1BW Ag??tM8 vtallatront. BaPK CliErI EK, Kh"M NEW ORLEANS COMHOffllt l y vo,n i uro rei|iictt?d to <allu' tin ofTi a of tlioanbiritoif and pip ii tho average bond; &ni ail li< err- or otter vo? tie that n nv l h\r tiii ki-d linnov of her car a ntjobed walla tore on A t??i i m, ?i 1 u x< i't lir.niedUloH' UK MN 81 M A HA V IBWUBCO B?>t > kI W ' W. VuRK AND ?AVANNAU STJt\m NaVIOAti jIi ? otriony -Th o??' and mii?,n flcem ?t*tiTi ?l.ip Toa?mk JuhniolIuK cnntmottdar, will mil <n W?ioe?a*jr it*xv Mb iuI, ffOtt f Kr No, i Nortl It Ivor, ?t i o'clock, P. V. Kor rciphtot I'Ulfr, I *\Irg onquilled eor mmcd *p|tlp to bAUC'.L L MIT* HBLb. IW Kr nut Hot IMi KtlLi) TUB ItkAlkUAl I'-iuTa- iVAflUi *1 e le ? itKrtrnw n Irom too Nee ItUTghrnn'e l\e etefnho tt ilK<kH ? II MAftB ft?or*My kutvi hnferii lin'>* iianll tin r< T?d It'viog Leon Imtiiinpcc, redttod ?. d luri.l>lt?d. lino ?*? wit ti??' i tttlci it cn I ft gt.*rne, > 1 J m pilot of ootul >ft, *nd o?p ?n<n to U.? beoborgli root*, U kki?i>>! oi ly to til Th HBM 'mill I"" ?cvtiii?trv.tnt Icliw. POxtU,, ttl.MA.iKUi Ik O Nt* Votk, Mtrol. At, lf'49 Km bi * rti-itb ??d I-inM.HI, ln-riirg it V?n t'onribu dt'* f I'eok) it I | Ad I *T I'Orlil, I'O dl|Tl ' Ori Ot't KlitlB OIMJAMA, llpt 0 t? w ooho T, v- II o-vwntHoo* ? ?>>nve r< tn tl? I orplputr, Ifd ot M nrrin *t etrnry nl ornoon ?% 4 loci. (.-on' ?> IM'*| led I 'hit <I*T Merit Ai, Iff Noturmnfe tiil UiTtt Ne* t urgh ?i 7 o'clock. A it. f WANTS. WANTKD ?BT A RF.SPICTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION ? Chambermaid and Waiter, or Plain Sewing. ortoanmetin Wadiing or Ironing. liar no objections to general housework la a email f.u.ily, Has the best of oity reference Please ca'l at 174 Laun-re street, corner of Boustuu, in tb? basement tan ba ? ci. for two da>a 117" ANTS A SITUATION. AS COO J, OR FAR GIN ERAL " Hmaowork. a youtg woman wbo baa reread ia both capacities No objection to Brooklyn or to New York. Inguue for A B . at h70 Broadway. WANTEU-BY A ReSPli .-TABLE WOMAN, A SITUAtiou tr Cook. Waaler or Ironer. that folly iinderitanda bar bor'Dirt, and it willing to makeberaalf uaoful, has good raoommeDdations. 1 lease call at 713 Washingt >a street, trout roym, on the ?r?t ll'.ir. _____ WANTED?A COSNISU BINE A TO DO THE PIT woiktnd timber work in a mino not far trom New York. Nor.^ need arply but those folly oomiwtent: one aooaa'nted with aimer's tools prelerrtd. Apply to EVERETT A BROWN, 6b death street WANTKD?A PROIESTANT WOMAN, TO COOK. WASH and Iron fori in.aH family of two peraone in Brooklyn. She innet understand her bum err anc bo well reoommended Apply at tl Livingston itreet, between Smith and Hoyt streets, Brooklyn. _____ WANTED?AS NURSE, TO TAKE CARE OF OB ILD REN, a midd'e aged Pr itestant w oman. None other need apply at lha Globe Betel 2U1 Fnlton itreet. Biooklyn. Wanted?a good watch-MAKER. to go s0ut2 Inquire of Fellowa and Schell'a, SI Maidsn lant. Wanted-a situation by a very competent rn. with good olty reference. to Cook, Wash and Iron, or would do the entire hcusewnrk where only one girl it employed; would go to the country, i'ltuae onll ?t 71 6th avenue, in the B oo t ttore. WANTKD-A SITUATION BY A VERY COMPETENT girl, with goodoity reference, to Co#.k, Wash and lcnlor u private famil, or would do all the houaowork, whero only one girl it employed. Please call at SUt> 8th avenue, corner 26th, over the grocery WAKTID-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, at Chamturmaid or Lanndrett in a rospeotable family; liat no objection to tlie country placet. Applv at No. U Fifth street. Can be teen for two daye; the butt of refereccet. WANTED-A SITUATION A3 CLERK IN A DRUG Store, wholesale or retail. No objection to go South.? Addrett I rugt leik, llerald Gtlio . WANTED?SALESMEN, TO TRAVEL IN THE COUNTRY to effect sales ti an article in nnivtreal use, for which a fair per centage will be paid. None but thoroughly capable men need a[ ply. Inquire at 28 Broadway. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testantyoung woman, to do ohamberwork, and Waiter, or P'aia rowing. PI tare call at 208 Centre atroet, front room, up attire WANTED-BY A MAN AND HIS WIFE, A SITUATION ?the man aa Hotel Carpenter; the woman at Pastry Cook. They understand tbe~above'bu>ii.esiiea oxaotiy?no troub e. Tho be ft of city rcfertr.ce at to honeitv and long experience. The advertiicreoan be seen every day, and all day, at 253 Mulberry troet. No objection to oity or country. Easy terms, but n steady p'ace. 117 ANTED?A BITUATION A3 COOK, BY A SMART, f? active fweman; of lo?g experience; underttanda pi.-klea, prcferves. aeupa jellies, pastries, and made dishes, the bnking ?f laney, and household brand. Ia n teetotaller theae several years. Good city refrrenov t can b? given. Ia only n few daja disengaged. Ho objection to a private boardlrg house or hotel Can bo seen for thrte days, if not engaged. Please call nt 263 Eleventh a troet. two doers above Murphy's atahlea. WANTED?BY A GERMAN GENTLEMAN, WOO studied the Wat-r Curo Treatment At Grafenburg (Austrian Pilctia). in tt e establishment of the colebratod Dr. Vincera Prici etiti, and who la well acquainted with tba whole euro method, aud the English languaro, an employment inaninati tute of the sums kind in this country. Please address " Water Cure." in the Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE E\a- ! litli girl, na Waiter or to naaiat in taking atre of children. { Good reference from her litet place. Apply at 12.1 Court atrect, Brooklyn. WANTS A SITUATION AS GARDENER A MAN WHO tully enderatanda hla Purines*, willwoik on a farm, if required, and make himself generally useful. Can give aatiafaoturj inference ?r< m hialnit place. Diraet to A: B . Herald office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A Sitnation. Ia a good Plain Cook, a good Waiher and Ironer. Will go aa Chambermaid and Waiter, or do gen oral Housework in a rnapeotable private family. Enquire at 3d Pnnoe street, second floor. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PROteatsnt Girl, aa Chambermaid and Waiter, or Washer and Irrrer, rr do general Housework. Good oity rtforenoe given. Please call at SS> Thirteenth street. Can be aeon for two day a set end Moor, bank room. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Lady, in a reepeotsMc family, to do general H .usoweek or Chambcrwork. Una no objeotion to go a short way in the ocunry. Pleaaa call at her last place, whete she can get the Pert of city reference. No. S3 Hammond street. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, , first rate Cook, good Washer and Ironor; or would gnas ; Chambermaid and Waiter, or do general Housework; thoeountry ! rrtfotred. The bett ol oity roferenCoi her last place. Please I to call at 41 Wa'ta street- | WANTED-A SITUATION BY A YHUNO WOMAN. AS j Chambermaid or Nurse,or to do the work of avoryamall ismily. lias do no objection to travel with a lady. Good oity Ieftrei ces. Apply at Carmine street. WANTED?BY A RESPICTABLk YOUNG WOMAN. A situation in a private faiplly, to oook, wash, and iron. Can erme well retcmtzcndid from her last situation. Plea*? to call at oh East Broadway, second lloor, front room. WANTED-A H IUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG wemnn, as good plain Cook, good Washer and Ironer. evonia aogentrn noniewcrk rora email tannic. ucod reloronoe. Fltaac apply at ?Z>Tw?tty>fir?t a'rof t in the roar. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A HESPECTABLE YOU NO, S? Chambermaid. and aeatat in washing and iron ing. or take oare of a baby, aad do plain at wing Baa tho bett of city references. No objection to the country. Can be aoen for two day a. Fleaae call at lufi Thompam a rent ttrrd tl > r. WANTED-A SITUATION A3 WET NURSE. BY A your g healthy woman. Apply at 143 Duane street, in the rear, ur (taira. WANTED?BY A BESrECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A iltcatUa, la Cook, Weahtr and Ironer, or Chamberwork or floe wathing. w ith a rtupectable fainllr. The boat of city roforence given. Please apply at No. 206 Ninth a trout, between Flrat avenue and avennr B. WANTED-11Y A BESUE.TABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A aituation aa Laundress, or to Cook, Waab, and Iron in a private family. Can give the best of city reference. Apply 191 Mott street, fonrth floor. WANTED?100 AGENT 8, TO DISPOSE OF AN ARTICLE that will command caah in all parte of the United Statce. An active person can make Irom $90 to $100 p r month. A small amount of capital required. Call at No. 1 John street, baeeeaeut. A carpenter is alio wanted. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Women, to do the plain eooking. washing and ironing of a respectable private family. The beat of city can ha given from l er lest piece; Fleeeecallat 219, corner of 12th atroet and let avenue, on the third floor. fir ANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG vr wttran, ea Chambermaid and 8enmetreee the latter alone nrticrrtMl. Can be seen nt!44 Vceev street: reference at 21 Faxk . Place. WANTED?A SITUATION BP A MARRIb? HAN. 26 yean of ace. as Clerk or 4Mittent Book-keeper in A w ??'e sale try Goods, Crockery, or Boot and Shoe Store; employment for the support of himself and family being hit object. Good refeiencc given; addtese Harford, Herald olliee. A SMART, INTELLIGENT &HERIOAN GIRL. 13 OR 14 years of age. wants a situation to take oare of ohildren, and make herself generally useful. Can be reen ior two days at 124 Lew it street. B'st of oity reference oan be given. A YOUNG WOMAN 19 DESIROUS OF OBTAINING A situation in some respectable family ae Chambermaid and Waiter, or Chambermaid and take car* of chtleren. The very best <f city reftrenoe oan be given. Inquire at 6.'18 Greenwich street, for two days, flret Hoot, free t room. A RESPECTABLE MEt IIANIC'S DAUGHTER WANTiTO l.ive out In a Gontlaman's Family. She is betweeu twelve and thirteen years ol age. Inquire at 281 A tlantio street, Brooklyn. near 8talth. in Atlnatie. CANADIAN TRADE.-A TOUNG GENTLEMAN from Mtntreal.who his lived many yean in one of the largest and meat extensive wholesale dry goods houses in that city, is anxlons te make an sngsgemont with any house desireue to cultivate a Canadian trado and where his personal acquaintance and great influence with the Canadian bnyera visiting this market, would bo appreciated. Address J I D.. 114 Leonard st INIOBMAHON WANTED OF CHARLES IIEAGERTY, A i stive of Ireland, parish of Couobough. eounty Cork, by Ms brothers Timothy and Jeremiah. Any information reapeoting hiin will be thankfully received at 262 Stanton street UPPER PART OF A BOUSE-WANTED, BY A GSNTLBman and bis wife, the upper part of a house, consisting of ! a parlor, bedroem, kitchen and garret room, at a moderate rent. The beet reforetoe will be given; address A, at the ofioe ef this perer. BOARD WANTED.?A YOU HQ GENTLEMAN IS DflSIroua to And eonitorlablu Tlooma and partial Boatd, with a 1 private feroilj', in a plcamnt open liluatim at Brooklyn, if po?- 1 aitle near the Height*, ILftrencta given. Addreia German, thlj office. riio FU FRIERS.?WANTED BY A YOUNG NAN, JUST j J- arrived from London, n eltnation in the above trade. The i advortieer ha* ao ebjaction to accept very modorate wagea for the i firat tweve month*, immediate employment beieg deaired. Ad- i drer* iJ. C., No. 2 Front street, N. Y. i WOK BALK. CTOR BALK-OK TO LET, ON MODBItaTE TERMS?A ' J- firat claee three story atlie Bonaa, faahiouable brown atone ' front, on Madlaos a venae, between Nltb and Slot atreet*. near 1 HaJiaon W|iiare. The honne I* replete with every nonvenienee, 1 ha* the Croton, hot and cold, throughout; ge* flxturoa, fee. The J front parlor ie id feet deop, with an ornamental treat aoro** the oentre, with a tea room 16 feet. The (eeond atory hat fonr room*, cxtenaiv* pantriea, and a bathing room; the tea room t* ' fitted np for a conservatory. The third atery ha* four and the : fifth five rooma. with pantriea tonaoh floor. The house ia net rnntaared for elegance and workiranahip by any of it* aiie north of Fourteenth i tree t. The adjoining lot, together with one in the rear, can he had with the bona* Inquire of WM. C. CONNER, 75 Ann atreet. oorner of Naaaao. The prcmiaca can be aeen by callit g at the adjoining honae. I fi]TU HOTEL KhKPKRS?FOR sale OR TO ltt, A SUM- t JL mrr Hotel, at a faahionable watering plaoo. For a peraon with ten or fifteen thonaand dollars capital, a oertain proa|ieot of | ancocir lacfiertd. Addreat l. bokJ.Hdf boat Office wi h real name nr.d rraidi-w " v I :-h will lie attended to immediately. I | OTEL FOR SALE?THE FURNITURE AND FIXTURES ' II af an old eetablial ed Hotel, now doing a profitable huaintva | F<T particulate, epp v at corner of Battery Plaoe and Waaning Ion Hftet if ififia i COUNTRY BXB1DBNOB for sale-the subscriber offt ra for aale hia pretont revidenca on tte waat aide of Mar' let at reet, i" (I ? Viliepo of Poughktopiaia The lionae ia of brick, | 77 Let by ?0, t lirca ator oa high, with a basement and two back p,i?riea. oomtrni.din* fine views of the river and mountai< a The let la K Icet fitM and rear, and ahont. too f, ct deer, nnd ia stock ed with a choice variety ol fiutt trcea and liawnrn, and with an cxteriiivc grapery Friee. $f> Hit). C.w. SWIFT. I I oghhil paio, Mrroh 17. ?>~-?!?. mt.Tn lt? IA O R SAL F? 6,1 *11 108 OF IOE. ENQUIRE OF D. 1 Nhee'ej.W W tat atreet, or by loiter, to R. Van Steonborgh, t aUkill, New York Comnmcra wIL find a bargain by applying at either place within tan daya ff*0 boat clubs ?For so.f, r?o cl> b boats in X complete or car with Ac. one four tared barge, ai,r a acnll boat for 2 or four pin ol aenila. Toguther with the nod wil of an excel lent boat hnwar in a Tory convenient location. Tern.a mo crate. Addro*? hog 17OA. P. o. |AOH SALE? A FINE BaY HORSE. SIX YKahs OLD ; lfi A hand* M*h: a handicme hay. with black leg*, n ana and tail, leiftctl} ttoid and kind in an gle and dnuliln harnaaa. would n,a?? > nil* h'rie to match, ot a to a rlngi* horn* for family t an f* n+n at B' RH'A AtaM*. ft'i Pre. klin a'tw-t L>G? H-l.R-A NRATGOAT Id KIO, WIIIOU Wll.bMVI r milk ??'r.T" on* wtck. nnderneaih the Prenhyteriaa Choroh In lir.onton no', below the Bo?*h. SA1 K 11IF. Hill KNOWN OY.1TK < MLOOV NO. H..n-?ry (oorntt of B?j aril atriet) Any per* m withing t- ci-fagr In tte haatrfae will Hod tlna a ?are nppirimitt*. App y in A t' Fl'tono* of <;h?tham and Nott street*, ot Fraen nn B. bud, No. 1M W aaliiDgtou market AUVUmaUMTU. BOWEMT THEATRE?WEDNESDAY EVENINCl.MAEOH II. will b<acted the new aad original drama called EAGLE BYE?Cbarlcc Stanley, Mr. N. B. Clarke; Jehn Smith. Mr. Wlnana; Bob, Mr. Jordan; 8 >1 Dana, Mr. Htaffocd; La Bean. Mr. Steven* Mra John Smith, Mr*.Gilbert; Both Smith, Mra Bather land; Otnhontea Mr. J. H. Hall; Tnmennud, Mr. Moore; Bkla hoora, Mr. Gouldron: Wallalan, Mr. MoConarohr; Cequeae, Mim Wamyaa; Bad Hand, Mr. Doff. PraTiona to whioh, TBI PAST MaN? Mr. Uuahva Mr. Gilbert; Edward Huzhea, Mb J. Q. Ball; Skylark, Mr. Winona; Batty, Mlaa Mary Taylor. Boxea, 24 cent* Pit, lJX cent* Gallary, 13% oenta. Doora open at S\ e'elcak. ooromenc* at ?X. /IHANPBAU'B NATIONALTHEATRE, LATE CHATHAM? Vv Wed Lead ay evening Maiob 21, will be acted the faro* of JACKETS OP blue?Jack Hudderly. Mr. Hie Id. Harry Vyao, Mr. Seymour. Mra. Sauipaan, Mra Chapman. To be followed by MOPE in Cal 1 FOBn 1a? Moae, Mr. Chanfrauf Syaoay. Mr. Seymour. Mr. Adolutiue lYImhrund. Mr. W. B. Chapman; Uae, Mlae B. Mratayer. After nhteh, TO d AND JEMMY?Counaotiont Tom. Mr. Ctarfrau; Emerald Jemmy, Mr. Seymour Suaan Pou|bDUt, Mlaa E. Meatayvr. Toooncluda with SIMPSON fe 00 ? Mr. Sin,peon. Mr. ( bapman; Mr. Bromley, Mr. Tllion; Mra Simpron, lira Woodward; Mr* Fitiallin. Miea Gordon. Boiea 24 oenta; Pit oenta Doora op.n at b\ o'alook?onrtain will feint 7M Broadway ciicus. am bkoadway, near pminci atroet?Laat veck but oue ? Wednesday evening. March 21, G miring, Mounting, and Featuring, by the Hivor* Family, who have been engage! tor a few evoKinga Tbe celebrate i Clown, Sam Lalbroy *111 appear in aevoral acta, and deliver hli famuua -?? r >i4. n oauun mil [*riorm nu iKToriH p?ny wn* dortUa: anil sin th? trick ponies, Damon and Pythias, lloreomsnebip by Ueeers. T. Neville and II. Gardner and the accomplished juvenile ridur, Master Maurice Maud l The whole to cuuclude with afnvnto afterpiece. Afteraoin pcrtonnanoe on Saturday, at two o'olock. Adiniaaion 3d oeute?children half prioe. 1TA1IAN OPERA, ASTOR PLACE-BENEFITAND LAST appearance of k'tne Laboide, and the only appearance ot gig. Bvcevantaao, who has kindly conaentcd t > aius on tbia oooaaion? Wednesday. March 21, will le given for Madame Laborda'a bene tit, Roetiui s rotnic o; eta, in three ante, IL BaRBIBRB DI BIVIGLIA?Rosina, Madame Laborde; Marvellina, cignora Ave padre; Alnaviva. Mma Laborde; Tigtro, Big. Beneventano; Don Bartolo.bigwr Ssnqutrfci; Bail Ho, Signor Giubilei; Fiotella, dig. Piamontcai. Alter which, tie tirat act oi' Bellini'a oelebrated opera of NORM A?Norma, Madame Laborde. Parquet, tat and 2d There, II; Amphitheatre, Id cento. Doors open at half put 7? commence at V o'clock. MECHANICS' BALL, 473 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Grand and Broome etroetA Opan ovary night during the week. The original and well known Chriaty'a Minatrels, organ ired 1842. the oldest established bend in the world ; who claim, and oat. substantiate the same, of being the flrit to harmonica Negro Melodiea. aad origiuatera of the pTutent popular atyleof Ethiopian entertainment*. [ A premium of $5HU will be paid to any other Oo utany in exlitcnoe, who oan produoo evidence of a just right to the above distinction ) Whoso Concerts in this oity, for a period ot thrco yeara, have been received with great pa'rot ago and favtr, unprecedented la the annate of pnbllo aniueemonta In this great metr< polio, and oot tinue to be nightly received with approbation, by large aad highly respectable audieno? a, a moat oouvinoiu* evidence of their superior merit and attractivencso. Ihoy will have the honor ot introducing a great variety of new and original Melodies, Burlesque Opt ratio Chorutaea. bongs. ChoTuctoiistio Dai res, ho., In a wanner frequently attempted by " nnmtrona imitators," but " not with tha tame results" that have or owned the efforts of this " original" and "inimitable" oonip&ny, who ohallouge competition Ta every department of Ethiopian representations. The oompany constate or ten performers, under the direction and management ef B. P. Christy, the whole com prising a corps of unequalled versatility and talent. Admission 26 cents. Children under 10, half prtee. Doom open at7?Concert willoommeaao at 8 o'elook. An aftornoon Concert on Saturday. oonmorclng at 8 P M. MRS. TRANCES KEMBLE BUTLER WILL READ TUURSday Evening, March 32, the play of " Uenry IV," at the Ptuyveaant Institute, at 7X o'olock. Tickets to ha had of Mr. Po man. Janitor ol the Institute; at the Aator Bouse, the Irving Bouse, the Union Hotel, at Mr. Tranoia' and Mr. Crowen's Bookstores. Prioe $L Mb. doqenvs lecture, at tub tabernace on Friday evening, March 23, at eight o'clock Subject?"The Social and Political Condition of Ireland." Tickets SO cents, at i ho door. _ Miracles and jugglery -challenge.?dr. dod's and Theophilus Flak are invited to a lecture, illustrated by a great variety of entirely novel experiments, on Mental Hallucination, improperly called Electrical Psychology, brought about by ncrcotice, nervous oongertion, fumes, Ac. sc., on Wednesday evening next, Maroh 21st, at 8 o'olcok, at Clinton Ball, by Dr. K. H. lollyer. who will expoaothe obarlatanry, and demonstrate the faire pietcnaiona and otter fallacy of thedootrines advocated by the above lecturer*. Admission 25 oonts three for 60 cents. INTERNATIONAL ART UNION.?FREE GALLERY, 280 Broadwsy.? Messrs. Goupil, Vlbort, & Co., with a view to extend over a broader Uold a taste for the Fine Arts, beg to inform the public that some or the leading pictures forming a part of the International Art Union will be sent to Boston, Provineuoe. Phi ladclpi ia, and Baliimore, for fico exhibition. Several splendid new Pain tinge will shortly be added to the Gallery in New York. Open from 8 A. M. until 0 P. M. UALIFUUDIA. FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA CHAGRES.?THE UNITED States Mail Steamship FaLOON will leavo New York for Chagres, via Havana, on Thtmdsy, li'th April, with the United 8'ntes Malls tor tho Pacific. The faloon will arrive at Chagres In pie time to de iver the mails and passtngers for tho Paoitto mail steamer Oregon. Passage to Chagtes in state rooms $1(10 Do. do. lower aftsr cabia llfi Do. do. lower 6 rward cabin 100 Do. do. steerage 80 Freight on specie to Chagres. one per ecnt. For froight or passage, apply to M. O. ROBERTS, 118 West street. 1,8OR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA?TBE BRITISH steamship UNI CORN, 650 tone burthen, will sail from Jureey City on or about flretof April. Prick or Passage, la cabin. Ia fore cabin. In steerage. For Rio Janeiro $200 $150 Valparaiso 300 250 150 Ban Tranciace 650 600 300 An experienced snrgeon will aooimpany th'i vessel. For passage, apply to E. CUNARD, Jr ,38 Broadwty. The Unloorn has double engines, had new butlers in Glasgow last April?ie now undergoing a thorough refit, and her oabin and steerage will be very comlertablo and well ventilated. SAN FRANCISCO, VIA CHAGPE\ 1TTH APRIL?THS new and splendid steamship CBE8CRNT CITY, I,5ij0 tons burthen. Ckarles btoddard, master, will luavs lor Chasrea diroot, tromherdoek. at pier 4 North river, on Tuesday. 17t,n April, at I o'clook. Passengers for t aitfornia will find this the must ex tie ditdnviR nnd nlAifint rntitn in r?noh thi?. irnld rnfions' End am t.h? Cnwnt City goes dirict to Chigres, without tapping at inter mediate porta, thiy will, without tail, arrive at Panama iu tima for the Pacific mail atcamor of the 1st if Hay. The steamer Otus is now an the river at Chagret, end pissengors will find an ample supply of canxs and mules tooonvs) them promptly to ! Panama. Passage in the after saloon, $160; do in forward sa loon, $ 115; do In lower cabin, $115, do in steerage, $80; Eight cubic feet of baggage allowed each oabin ptasanger. and alz do do eacb steerage pesferger. F>eight on spacia. I per oent; on extra baggage, 76 cents per toot For freight or passage, apolv to j. HOWARD fc son, 73 South ?t FOB 8AN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. DIRECT, VIATOR Straits of Usgslian, tho new and substantial steamship HURON, capt. Abm. Rancher, ol 340 tons burthen, 3 veers old, built In tbis city, of the best material, oopper fastened, and newly coppered, boileri,entirely now. and tsnow undergoing thorough repair* for sea service, and will post lively sail on or about ihoROthofMaroh. Her saloon and oabia will be handsomely furnished fob ease and comfort; and a mot* profitable opportunity oaanot be offered to those doairoue of going to California. She will be disposed of by IdO shares of stock, at $500 each. The owner of each share will be entitled to his passage to Ban Fran, 'boo, and his equal undivided share of the ship, and all appurtenances thereto belonging, and of the profits and earnings < t said shir, after her arrival at 8an Francisco. Eaoh share of stook will '.be made tranaferable. Application should be made soon, as already over one half of the stock la taken. For particulars, apply to AUSTIN It W ATKINS, No. 8 South street, np stair*. FOR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -THE SPLENDID first class New York built alilp ANO CLIQUE, Capt. Windsor, will have immediate dispatch as above. This ship has elaj^nt stateroom accommodations, on an entirely new plan, both m the p0'pdfcia? 1"' in the spaoions saloon between decks, with single births throngocnt, ads fjupllod with patent ventilators, port lights, Ac. to insure ventilation in the warm latitudes. There It also a separata cabin for ladies. Ti s well known sailing qualttirsof this ship will sssure paasengsrs of a aafs and speedy voyage. Fer passage or freight, apply oa board, at Flor ?, East River, near the foot of Wall street, or ?* e. UICWA RD3QN a CO., 81 South street III OR BAN FRANCISCO AND SUTTEE'S FORT-THE fast sailing slipper built seboonsr GENERAL WORTH, will rail with despatob. For freight or passage, appiy toOULICK a DOLNE3, 183 Weft street, KRIDkK a mallatt, 17 Old Blip, or Captain, on board Pier P. N. R. FOB CALIFORNIA.?FIRST SHIP FOR BAN FSANClSco.?The staunch end splendidly fitted up ship BALANCE, having been unavoidably detuned. will positively eall Miturdsy, March 24ih. A few more berths may he secured. Sep irate ladles cabin. Fasiage $160, in cabin, and found with beet cabin fare. A pply on board, font of Oliver street, pier 83 East ri var, or to barkeepers at Loveloy's Hotel and Tammany Ball, or to COOK a SMITH, 110 Wall street, t. b. qager. 110 Wall streot. FOR CALIFORNIA.?TWELVE GENTLEMEN A H E K K t dy to ooutribute $1,'OH each, for an e?i?dlt.lon to California. Any <nt who i> disposed to join esch an association In order that tie number may be inures ed t? bitten, will ploate epply at room No. 76 Globe Botel, Broadway, between the hours Sf 11 A. M nnd li P. M , where thsv will reoeiva a description of the plaa proposed. It is baliovea that any one who values socUl advantages, i-imMned with completo and effi dent arrangements fer mining, bated upon renent private information, will be pleased with the company. PROTECTIVE OVERLAND COMPANY to california design sailing the 26th Inst for Corpus Cbristi. Parties Wishing te Join most dt so without delay. Members are ret] netted to meet at tke office, lul Wall street, daily, atdo'olosk P.M. IAOR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -THE SACRA r mento Mining and Assaying Association will bold an adOurmd meeting on board the berk MAGDALA, this af eraooa. tt 2 o'clock. By a resolution of'he Aiso-iatlon, the memberi ho bate not paid the balance of their Instalments, muitpty the tame at this meeting, or they must forfeit. The members are ill hireby notified to be present at this meeting, and drew for hsir bertha H'll. bit JB, President. California?a company of hardy men is form log, to start on the 3Uth instant. Tee most expeditions ad eocrcm .a! route baa been ehosou. Intelligence and capital it-cure tho luocese of this enterprise. Experience enables the r.r tn h,rs nf tlili ecmnanv to rtrosnrvn thnmottlves from the frandt practised In the organisation of California companies. The eap sin will be in attendance, frnra 1 till 4 P. M? at ttia ?Featohee?er diuse,coiner of Br?on>e street an<l Bowery. Regular meetings n tt e lift and VJd, at H past 7 P. M tlarlem and New Haven are nan* the door. Instalments will te paid in rn Thnradar even rg the Zld. 1. C BATTEK8BV, Captitn of the Company. FBEIIONT ASSOCIATION. OVERLAND TO CALiroaNIA via Galveston, Test*. Threugli in 43 days; will leave on the 6tl. inat. A few more member* will ba tatao. If Immeriiatt ap plication ia made to the Pre idea', who will be In daily attewdenae it tlia Minerva Booms, 4DC Br adw?y. wbero the whole outfit can e aeen. I81AC IlkOWBR. Pr-siiant i y AL1IWAM AI--1ENT8 AND M A* MOCK4 OP ALl. Si/.BS I ' lor salo, and made to order a' 'he ehortcit mtire, at *6 d ert strict, up stairs Aaaoctationa are inrited to call and eit n no i. i .re purchasing elmwhore. Ct AI.IFOKNIA LIP* ASSURANCE,?T1IE BRItldH COBt nurctal I, fa Afturinee Company of London (capital three uilliO ilotlem) oontinoes to take tirat o aas riakt on Itri a of per una going to California. FBKuBKI K riaLROMSiiV, General Agent. il9 W a'l street. tt al iroumanb- I'lH* WATAH Can ?.?i IIbadilv hi J obtained in California, or on your Joaraty 'hither, witnjut the UfS of a good Filter. There are not alwn>* we la * hi re t on t ro, and iha sprlnra are dstint from the pi teen i'< u wi I sot hare time to go to ami return from them; but will, | without a hlter | in the ei'remlty ot reed drink the iinnltarod eaicr ol titers.ereek? (be. and though their-ult bo loa* of h'&ltn will contini o so lodrink, because uo other water oaii bo obtained. Medicines wt uld be Ineffectual, bacanae, while taking toem, von, ht drii kiny Impure water continue th? disease wh ah thsy are letlgrt d to romi re Throughout the world, water as I' fall* from tleoloudaia purr; bin It. *uhre<|nently hono urs nowholeeo ie paused by contact with decayed vegetable matter, So.. or by no ding in susper.e on tartliy partielea, or the ini.uto see is of doetericuo pUnta, or by putniying when stagnant on marshy laad, r w In n em fined in cask* at aea ac The subattm-e* tons ah loileri. being naturally foreign to water, and separable fr >m It by filtering, oanae, whea taken into the human system,djina'try Feveia. Ao Cur A ters. by removing all snob su beta noes eulbte it,ear who use tbvni tool.tain water of auolhicwt parity in all ol mates, tins aveidleg the principal disadvan-a^ of a change ol lYHcaiittv. rrw wrwiu i* i, *? I'f v?"*" ?*Wt. op outro CtAl.IHiaMa.-TNO OA 1*9 A99<)R CD u ,A 11 MUK.1 / in dasimhlo oolan for nilu wnrv ch??p at K(? at BR i*rMt;*9, Ntfra ?'r*af. CUUHMCUII1 VAFi n.NI) Al' nit gTiitl Ut t > / undrrafpnad ?T*ry *rt*M? of pmviaioi,* nnoaoanrr ioi uta nfttt thnit nrrival at Ann Fr*n??*n. All nrtielaa put up to n nitnncr to knnp, nnd r.o warranted. I'rint d rntiona for Indl vlanala nud anociatior a furniahari nratnilninljr. A kUP, 116 (Fall a treat, Now Tor*. 1 i i? urn ?? I ABtUSKHBNTB. ' D tOADWAT THEATRE.?A. A. MARSHALL. PROTRIK i JD tar?Wedneaday areolae. Maroh Jl. will ba performed KINc I O'NEIc?LovltXV, Mr. Frederick*; General Count Dillon. Mr Dyotti Cant. (/Nail, Mr. Collin* Countaaa Dillon. Mr* laherwood. To ba followed by tha NERVOUS MAN AND THE MAN Of | NERVE?Mr, Aapen, Mr. B. Plea Ida, MoShane. Mr. Collin* Vi rtan, Mr. Matthewe; Borniak, Mr. Baker; Lord Lounge Mr B. Shaw; Lady Leach. Mra Abbott After which, TBI LADDER | OF LOVE?The Chevalier, Mr. Shaw; Scaetohal, Mr. Fradariok* , Franco!* Mr. Hadaway; Merchlonee* Mra. Abbott. Dree* Clrole and Parqnette. We.; Femtlr Circle, Mo.; Oallory, Utf OOAtAPoort opaa at7i oommaaooat 1%. M ? ? vm mriv rauru? w ivhuua r ft r l> aing, March VI, will be performed the extravagant* of I pl'88 IN BOOTH?pum in Boot*. Mr Conover Ralph, Viu K. I P*??0"- To be followed b? the faice ot PA RSON'S N03E-Mr. Mitchell; Dr. Chittenden. Mr. Niekineon; Madeline, MisaClaike. After which, ae operatio lirama. entitled ESMERALDA. or the Bell Ringer or Notre Dame?Quasimodo, ,Mr. Niokinson: Giingoire. Mr. Conover. Esmeralda. Mist M. Gannon. To ooncltide with the oomlo drama or WHICH IS THE KING' ? Henry IV of Prince Mire Phillips: Amelia Branville, Mill Niok. intoe. Dree* Cirole SOo.; Upper Boiee 2d cento; Pit UK cent*. Dmb hm at 7; m?ewe at IKBUETOM'8 THEATRE. CHAMBERS STREET.?WBDNEs" day evening, March 21. wHl be prvaented the drataatio version of DOMBEY AND BON?Mr. Dombev, Mr. Lyme; Mr. C'arker, Mr. Jordan; Major Joe Bagstook, Mr. Brougham; Mr. Toota, Mr. Baymond; Captain Cuttle, Mr. Iturton; Sol Uillal Mr. Hamilton; Walter Gey. Mr. Mean; Jack Bunihy, Mr. Bronx ham; Boh, Mr Bae; Brag toy, Mr. Chrietian; Edith, Mra. a. Knight; Florenoe Dombey, Miss Bill; Mrs. Skewtim. Mrs. Vernon To conolode with PAUL I'RY?Col. Hardy, Mr Lynne; Pen! Pry Mr. Bnrton; lillix Hardy. Miae 12x11: Mre.Suht'e M.-e. Vernon. Droae Circle and Pirouette Olio.; Family Circle 2Ao. Doore open at 7; ourtai* rises at 7K? BARNUM S AMERICAN MUSEUM ?MORE ATTIt tUTIO.NS. Bplcndid performer oie, every afternoon nt X mid oroiy evenirg at 7K e'oiock. Tlie Manager haa engaged for another week, the moei wonderful curioeity in oaiatonoe?a Female weighing &7olba. measuring teveu feet round the want! SI inohea around the arm '. Thia remarkable lady ia uueh more of a curiosity than tho rem wncd Daniel Lambert. She may he aeeo at all hours, with Tittnia, the Palry Queen. The celebrated Loo Family; the great Equilibrists and Eastern Jugglers, have also been engaged for another week. Also engaged, Great w eatern. Pete Morns, Mr. Chapman, Mr. Copeland, Mim West, Mra.Monoll, Mra. Bernard, Hi.Mind Mammoth Bnya, Max Scpiiture Statuary. Midline Rockwell, the fortune-tailor. Admission 23 cent*; ohildren under 10 yearn, 1VK cent a. Tabehvacle ?MR. DEMPSTER, COMPOSER OF THE ' May Queen,"" Lamoit of the Ir'eh E-nigran*," "Blind Boy," Re , hue tlie honor to announce hit intention af giving hie tiretoriginal ballad entertainments this reason at the Tabernacle, vii ? vvucnuj cvi-uiBf, mm on Bi>rt 1 attuning trio renewing songs: "Tho lcdisn s Cfmpl.iint,"' Oh ! why does th# whito man follow my pathf" " when the night wind bewalleth" "John Andemon my Jo." ' Lonely Auld Wile," " A Home in the Heart," " Lament of the Irish Emigrant" " Doath of Warren," "Blind Boy.'- " Emerald Isle." ' 1 ni alone, all alone," "Tak yer auld cloak about je," and his popular anntata, " Tho May Queen," in three paita tickets 60 cents. Doors open at 7, to ooininenoo at 8 o'clock. STUYVIVANT INSTITUTE.?MK. DlLl/d KNTEHTAINmenu?Third Week ?Mr. G. U. llill comodlau, known by the familiar cognomen of Yankeo Hill, will give three l-eoturaa and Erterlnii menta, at Stuyvreant Institute, Monday. Wodneeday, and Friday Evenings. March 19th, 2let, and Z'ld Ticket* JS cents each, no hall (nice. For further particulars, aoe pro K mines Tickets may ba obtained at the Aator Uoiise, Irving use, hew York Hotel, and of the Janitor of the Institute. Doon open at 7?to commence at o'olock. Monsieur adrien, the real and incomparable French Maaioian, will continue his extraordinary Soireos every evening this week at half past soven o'clock,at the Minerva Booms, No. 408 Broadway.whore he will give a grand Magioal and Egyptian Entertainment. Aumiosion, SUcents; children, 16 oents Tiie great chtnbme museum, bw broadway, between r firing and Prince etreots, and the only one in this count!j, consists of a groat number of life tiro figures of Ohioeso, ... ... ...... rauicvmu |>mu iuij.oj I|m>giEIIK ig houses; stores and vessels, models of parodas. torn plus and bridges, specimens of Cbinsao manufactures, tlicir agricultural uud mechanical implements inatrumentsof music, lanterns. do., tto. Open fiomuinu A.M. till ten P M. daily. Admittance, 21 otnts; ( hildren under taelvo. half pnoe. TOWN81ND AND OHR'8 MAMMOTH PANORAMAS OF the Ondson River and the city of Mow Turk, now on exhibition at the Mew Large Hall, fitted up ax erectly for tbei-o Paint irga at No. 398 Bioadway, corner or Walker "'root Doors open st 7 Panorama will commence moving at S o usk. Tickets, M cents; cl.ildrsn balf prfoe. Tiokst* admitting u gentleman and two ladies (1. There will be an A'urnoon Exhibition every 9atuiday afternoon at 3 o'alook, for the accommodation of Families, Schools,end those who cannot make it oonveuiont to attend evenings. ptASTLK GARDEN.?TUB ABOVE WILL-KNOWN BUM v mer resort can now bo engasad for Evening A iMuaoraent# during the ensuing ecaaon. lor lurther particulars, and terms, apply at the office on the promise*, or by lotter (p- st paid) directed t* th*proprietor*. i KENCU Ik BRIBER. _____ CALIPOKNIA, FILE ARMS FOR CALIFORNIA. -TH1A1.S ALLOWED-Double Guns, with one barrel r.tied: double and single Rill a, and a variety of new and lenond h?> d Uune and Pistol* far sale low, at WALLER'S Gun Stors and Sho..tiug Gallery, 28 Breadwsy N. B ?Guns Ac., bought or taken in exnhan-r* ("AALlFOhNIA GOODS.?M. A. NIXON, LOB WILLIAM St, J near John, up stairs. Now York, has every article necessary forCalilornia outfit*. Tents, tllsukete, Mattress* s, clothing, Ac, (aaliformia daguerreotypes ?persona aboi,t J to visit California, and destrons to Insve thoir liken' sues w ith their frierds. would do well to call at Brady's, Ilea SUB ttl Kl Broadway, where, by reason of reoent improvements and addi tieus to his establishment, faithful and true likenesses may be oha'ned at thu shortest notice. POB?n?t Til E CELEBRATED FIGHTING PIG, PAPS, TOGETHER with the culehtated Dog, Crib, and tho imported Slut, Kate, Will bo exhibited on Wodnesday evening, March it, at Mayer's Csncert Hall, lui Elisabeth street, at half past S o'clock. Also at tLe same time, the imported Bellicose Badger, Cisco Pat, will be drawn prize, a silv.r collar. With other canine amuwm.eats. N. B. This is the last exhibition of the Fighting Pig previous to his departure from the eity. Tickets fit) oenta. to be had at the door on the evening of exhibition. Thie Pie nan he ...n i'ee_ tcr & Conner'?, No .'XI Boeery, drat door above, the Theatre, any time between I. ar d h o'clock in the evenina. TO SPOATSI1KN.-A FIOKON MATCH TO COKE i>FF ON the Cricket Oronnii at Boboken, on Thursday, the 22d. Two or three intcrott'ng matoljoi, aid immediatalv after the Sweep (takca a gotd turn out warranted, ea there ia plenty or Birds. MUSIOAL. All ERICA 1.4 MilBICAIj FUND SOC1ETY.-A SPEJIAL meeting of the above Society will take place at the Apollo Balocn, (entrance on Cai al street, 1 ou Thursday, March 22d, at 1 o'clock, P. M. A punctual attendance of all the members is requested, aa buaineaa of importance will be traniacted. By order, JOtlN C. 8CHKYHF. See. MUblCI-THE PIANO W ll.L BE TAUGHT BT A YOUNQ lad), who baa a thorough knowledge of Music, and who can give the meat uuexooptlooabla reteronoea. Terms, fir bo cinuevs, fO par ouartor?those mare advaatced $12. Apply te 8. C., Ilerald office. niKmuiUi. Dr. wbeiler, ?9 greenwich street, divotks hie exclusive atten'ion to L'lieattS of tha foe, a:id invites tlioie who are in want of ArtifieAl lyes to call ufon him, hj having jnst imported a noil bsantifnlseleotion from Paris; and with the amrgrpcn's n ade tor a re/ular supply, the faculty will he furnished open low turns. Office houii irom 8 A. M. to 111 O'Olonk, p, u, For the pace and srin-cuur a<s vsirtarlr Lotion, a highly vatuab o coauiotio for eradicating pimples, blotchea. letter tan, freckles, aad my worm. The um of the lotion f r a short time will establish a brilliant oomplosion. Sold in brittle n at 7Soent? each at D8 Bowery, ooroer Spring strait. Q/Wl nnfl BOTTLES AND OTER OK DEWITT C. OvUjUUU Kellingor'sLiniment have beeo sold, without a murmur; rhtumatJo pains frem 211 to 60 years standing bare been cured; alao, old faver and mercurial urea, aad nerd rwsllingF of every oteracter; ithas not been knowa to fail giving immediate relief in all spasmodic affcotions. diarrbroa, and paina of every nature; It la the only liniment need by the elite-the Qrinr.elia. Irvinge. C'cstars. Janewaya, Motrine. Ludlowe Ilea Lord laids, Livingstons, Seharmerhorna, Bradhuats, Ho. ha ho, to gather with thousands tf ether astounding refereneo, oan be seen at the depot 23U Pearl street; Tatteraaii'a, Broadway; tlie Harlem Raiiiead offices, Reading h Co.. Itoeion; ol the druggists. groceries, and aaddlingocerally. CO cents, $4 a doten, $42 a gross, 10 irrai, at S3* a gross JNTEM PER ANCE ? WE mould CONSCIENTIOUSLY reci inn-end >11 those who are aniiootto get rid of drunken habits, lu get Dr. Cook > Remedy f ir Intemperance from67 Madl Hon si tool, ii onvngia u.o cnnaiTion 01 me aiomaon, so 11 to male liijuor ofTenaive to the tiate or smell. The onru is go ea?y *nd to certain that we cheerfully rec jtnmead it to all who are in favor of temperance. Nt charge for advice. Oiliee open day and evening. Price ML Brewsters rosE tooth elixir and dinthific* 1 ha acknowledged excellence "I thoeu prepiretiona for tae teeth and gum*, are known by all who have travelled in Europe. Bnfliof It to aiy, tint the artiole, prepared hy a former cmployoe of the inventor, la to ho fonnd op town at Hi. K. DUPU I'd, 00J Brcadwij; downtown at 1M Broadway. DR. JONES, DENTIST, 7 BLIK-JKER ST MEET, NEdR the Bowtry Icaerta whole and half aeta of teeth, ou a newly dleocvertd principle, and warrante them thirty percent bettor and cheaper than anythingot the kind made in the city,-meat! catim heinr re ndered quite eaav hy Dr. J 'adieeovery. DR. MORRISON CONTINUES TO RE CONSULTED confidentially on private dtaeavea. Oleeta. atrioiur a, venereal ulcert nnd ornptiona be curea where othera fail. Recont aaea cured in a few day* Nervoue and organlo debility ho warran ta to euro. See hi* London diploma in nta offloe, 204^ f niton atreet. Dr. Ralph, author or thh practical pkivatr Treatlae," Re., 88 OtMnwiah etriwt?office honra 9 to II A. H., t to V P. M. (Sunday excepted) Tnoae who apply in the early Itagea will he aurpriaod at the rapidity and little inoo nvenienca attend In t their on re. It la ohiefly. however, thoee who have anE tared from a certain elaaaof people, who oan property apnea ita hlaaervleeA le atrloture, from ita flrat, or incipient, to Ita more *lY*oc?d and aiftrwmnjc ate*** (rrvm unoomny>a ad ran tag?# and a rary eifcontice praotion,) he oao afford a rapid, easy, a*d radical euro, whiefc, ha haa ground 'at mi ha ohhUnad ftOMl MiHtmraMlfM In Atnovios NO CURE NO PAY.-DE. COMBirT, 19 OUANE ATKSET assy he consul ted on the treatment or oercafn delioate dtsonaoe. A practice ot sixteen yean devoted to the treatment of drlkate dteeuree, tnthlte Dr. C. to cure the worst form of this disease. Reoent esses cured In three dayt. No mercury need. Dm. homer u-.srvAica, i.e rukee on diseases or thu (ienlte Urinary Organs.?Author ufa Completv Practical work on the nature and treatment of Venereal Dtse teee. Stricture and alt diseases si a private nature. Quarto, 77 spleiidid ulatua Id Edition Extract from the Button Medloal and Surgical Journal ?" It may be said, fearlessly, to be equal to Rtcord'a or Ac tout works on the tarns fain ily of diseases nod fat superior to any thirg of the kind ever published in this country. Price $111, Author of n work on Seminal Emissions, Impoteuoy, Me., caused by Solitary Vice. Seoo*d Edition, 14 plates. Pries SI. Tor sale at the Publishers Stringer M Towasond, 222 Broadway, and bv the Anthor. NH Broad* ay.^ 1 DR. COOPER, 14 DU iNE STREET- HAB tOR THE I,AST Itiiirfcrn jsars, oonQned hie praetioe to the treatment of Her curiel and other Diseases of a delicate nature. He can ours the most sygrsvated cases of this disease, at d mild coses r-moved in two to hvo days. A perfect ours or no chants. Dr. OUIVBRIS consulted lil kim. ii)It DaV aND evening, at hisofftoe. No. 1 Ann stroo (now No 12.1 in those difficult anil protracted easts of delioate -.moanes that have baffled the skill of physicians of less txpsrenos Ills as tract of Oops via, C a bobs. Mo, may be had at hit stem. in front Privats an trass* throush the entrv to the nffles door DF.JOHNFON 16 DUANR STREETWEIJ. ENOWN In the treament of delicate dt-easea The Dontot rep-latlon for skill In tbeee halt eared asset tnat have existed lor yesre ie preeminent. C< natitut oual wsaksees. brougit on by a seoret hshil i ffeotually cured. Keooni cse-a cured in l"*r days. M( ST EXTRAORDINARY WORM-TO THE MAREIED or those eon tern plating marriags.?The Married Etonians I Private Medical I nmpat-l-n, by 1 r. A M_ Maurice-u tlon. I nco tl. Thle work la meeting aith most asicnndlna sales, (M lno copiei havln* alr-dy l*?n map *<! ot . mnrjnmm e m mltim a copy. ? hetl?i't m'.r led or unpiarned, nlthoii?li II it intended l?Uy for ibamarned. u it d<Ml<?t? impprt.ntaooretd whleh ehnnld he lit own to item partioulnrly. Here eriTj female con dleeovrr the oavna* ajmpnua, end the moat etna ?nt remedie*, and moot certain mi ea of rnio In ayety oaeo For anla at XiM Bn adway; at the ubltahini office. 12' Uber'j atreol. New Tort; II R Catterenn. No. KM t heanut atrci t. Phil?d?t[dilt: Little & Co . Alhnnt; W. R. OnTA, Bonton. On t c receipt of $1. a copy will l>? tmnaoiltted b' mall, free of potta**, lo all par 4 of the United Stolen All lettera moot be addreaaed, pom '/Aid. to Or. A. M. MAUUCBAU, boa 1.221, Now York oity. O^oe 122 L'.bertj ?u?k INTELLIGENCE BY THE MAIL8* Washington, March 19,1949. The Adminnlratum. Rut for the gold mines, we should have beea swamped. Tney have vastly relieved the admialhtration of the political diluvion of dnft, which wuuiu nave oten Drought down upon ub otherwise jo an overwhelming extent, with the advent of OU Buena Vtsta. The gold mines have operated aa a eort of waste weir, draining off the immense surplusage of unemployed enterprise from the flesh pots of the treasury to the dry diggings of the Ju. ba, and the other golden tributaries of the golden Sacramento. The amount required to prosecute for an oflice in a personal visit to Washington, wilj take the petitioner to California, and thousands who, a year ago, were calculating upon the miaera. ble profits ol a miserable clerkship in the prospecI tive, i re now making a voyage half way "a tow du mcmde," to gather in a month the gold for which a I lifetime in an auditorship would not yield an equivulant. And yet, with the advantage of this waste weir ?this scape-pipe? this salety-valve?mis god-send of the gold region, there is yet left a very enterprising swarm ol expectants and active petitioners for the spoils of the Treasury ; and there are men from the States whose patriotism is so excessive, that they would willingly agree to vegetate in Washington indefinitely at the minimum of n thousand a year. Nor would they feel the slightest inconvenience in turning out a tamily here and there, to starve, to make room tor themselves. Your genuine oflice beggar has neither sham* nor independence, nor has he a sense of feeling for any other creature than himself. Without the boldness, he has something of the rapacity of a highway robber?without the generosity of character, he has all the duplicity ot a gambler?without the frankness, he nas the subserviency of a mendicant, and without the industry, hehtsths impudence of a clock-pedler. These are the customers, in all their various degrees of comparison, with which President Taylor and his cabinet are now surrounded and confounded. But, among these men there is one here and there who may be of advantage to the administration as an oflice holder?there are families and factions, individuals and cliques, who have a certain I Xtentof nolltical influence: nnfl fn aeenre it th-v must be rewarded. On the other hand, olonel Polk has bequeuted to General Taylor a number of beneficiaries, who can be ot no possible service in supporting and giving tone and solidity to a whig administration. The policy, then, to be onrtuea is manifest The unprofitable locos must ba ejected, and good whigs substituted, as tar as practicable with the platform of moderation. Wa regard this talk of the administration of Washington and our earlier Presidents as Ivtiind the times. We live in another age. It is the ago ot ad valoremt. Patriotism In the days of Washington, was a sacrifice ot everything tor the country. The times required it. Now, the greater the patriot, the greater his cost to the treasury. Ho must be paid for on the ad valorem graduation; and whether the man has served on the stump, or jn the Mexican war, the rule is fixed, that if not paid lor according to his services, he has been cheated. In one word, with all his well meant promises nnd expectations of reviving the good old simpli| cities of the days of Washington, our friend, Gen. i Taylor, has found the experiment to be out of the question?and that the expedient is an absurdity. The rule is established that "to the victors belong the spoils," and he has acted and will have to act il. ?.l.. a: up/u u. lir, IIIUDH-Iiiici niaac lino tt WiliH dUUliaiBtrat 1011, or Tjleri/e it. In ?.iiher cannot j expect to be supported by the locos, ana in the lat| ter, he will certainly be mamfeBtoed by the whigs. His course, however, is already taken. He is a whig President, his, is thus far, a whig administration. His appointments, though not in each i case an " ultra whig," have still been decidedly | whig. But his confidential relations with Mr. I Webster, distinctly understood and definitively j arranged by Mr. Clayton while yet in the Senate, | prove conclusively that the policy which ib to be j pursued is to be whig. j We have yet another indication. Tne. appointments ol Mr. Ewingi and Mr. Collnmer in the cabinet, the appointment of Mr. McGiiiighey, of Indiana, for Mtnesota. and of Mr Collier, of Ohio, for Collector ot San Francisco, and other tree soil Northern appointments, superadded to the apparent fact, that Mr: Wehsterts the administration leader in the Senate, afi >rd good and plausible data lor the opinion, that General Taylor's administration is very favorably disposed, 1. For a compromise. 2 For the application of the Wi'mot proviso to New Mexico and California Briefly, then, we conclude, that the administration must be whig in Us policy and in ts appointments ; that it cannot command the elements lor a third party ; that it cannot xpect the supiort of tne loco foros, and must ely upon the whigs; that it will do what t can to (oncilinte all extraneous affil a'toiis, who have been and may be of some service ; that it will dist OBe ot as many unprofitable locoloco office holders p.b possible, and leward deserving wings and welldisposed outsiders, aa fust us it can, tor the Bake of peace, for the saKe ot unity, and tor the aaks of having a powerful party to support it bstore the people. And we also conclude, that though General Taylor may recommend a compromise of the slavery question, he will endorse the Wilmot proviso. It is understood to be his present inclination to retire at the end of four years; so that while he has nothing to lear, the whig party has nothing to gain or to lose by his administration, and therefore every motive to erect it to their advantage. I ?17 Wasuimoo:*, Mitrch 19, 1&19. Matters Utid 'things. Rumors of appointments continue to be circa' lated as industriously as ever, notwithstanding that a large propoition ot the office seekers have tak< n their departure; many, however, without peying their tavern bills. We send you the nominations by telegraph, as soon as they are presented to the Senate, and it is hardly necessary, therefore, to spin out pages of mere rumors, which, tor the most part, are started by the parties interested, merely for effect. The very latest case of the kind is a rumor in one of the Raltimore papers, that * clerk in one of the departments has been offered an office which is worth some six or seven thoaeand dollars a year, but that it is veiy probable it will be declined, itec. Fudge! We see it stated in connection with the nomination of Mr. Collier, of Ohio, to the Collectorsnip at San Francisco, that the office is only worth $1,500 a year. It is worth fifteen hundred dollar* a year and fees?this, latter word making it one of the best offices in the gift ol the government. There is a good deal of grumbling at the appointment on account of its heinv oiven to ()hin Cher* was an equal amount of grumbling about the appointment of Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, because ii was given to Pennsylvania. The President is rapidly approaching the predicament ot the drummer, who, hit high or low, couldn't please the fellow he was thrashing. Every day renders the fact more apparent, that the President is opposed to removals, except on the very clearest evidence of incompetence or dereliction ol duty. The removals to b? made, will be the work ot mature and impartial lnvesugat on, and it is therefore highly probable, that the Senate, at its present session, will merely be engaged in confirming appointments where the time of the tormer incumbent had expired Mr. McCulloch, first Comptroller of the Treasury, has not officially transmitted his resignation, as has been stated. He merely gave an oral intimation ot his intention ot resigning Mr. McCulIoch is a gentleman ol great ability, but frequeut c unplainlshave been made against him, of 001 being sufficiently ex|ieditious in his decisions, or carslul ol the papers placed in his chaige I Poor Mr. Boils has been headed it last. I esce to his ashes. C. L Carter, Esq., has b< eni nominated by the whigs of Richmond lor the district lately represented by him Tiie Richmond /07m*1 hi an has been pounding Mr. BotH lor.. long time I back, and ihe result is seen in Carter s nomination Botts' friends ?the Clay whigs ? do ! not intend, however, to give up witnout a struggle, and declare their determination to run him at all hoards. In this Btate or affairs, Mr James Sea! den will run on the democratic ticket; and if the ' triangular fight holds out, will run in. We are sorry for Mr. Potts. Can it be, indeed, that we are 1 never to hear his sonorous tones in the lobbies of ihe Il< use, reciting to a host ot sag> r listeners how I he inrant to head Taylor (not Tyler) or die 1 Is il,.. t.inrv of the hoots to be for ever hewatter ' buried in oblivion 1 Congress could bettitf spare I some better man. j Mr. G. W. Cutter, one of the sweetest poets , America has ever produced, is at prnsent in thia <ity, and, we uuderatand, will shorty visit New Vo;k. lie hai published a volume, of hu poetry under the title ot 44 Buena Vista, and Other lVrmt." Hie 44 Bong of Steam,1' and " Song of Liehining,11 have already oh allied tor their gifted . author a world wide reput <u<<n. Blackwor?d*i Mngaztue hue declared that 44 he ha? written ttte I lyric <1 the reniury, and <ill? the vacant aiohe be| twecn Milton ana Byr-^o," ?u encoinium wh ich i can be beth r appreciated when it is remembered the.t it is paid by iui Kngneh periodical ot high j standing and stioiig prejudices, to an American. i

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