Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1849 Page 3
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CQHBftCIAL I V V A 111, i OHKY NARKKT. i WMlnetdtjr, March '41 6 P. o: {^notations Ibe stocks f?U off to day a f motion. Th? t] market cxklblti no activity, mod thing* la Wall atr**t * at* la a wry ouriecs ?tat*. At tb* flrrt hoard Farmers' ft Loan declined 3d per ?ent, Canton Company 3d, Har- ? 'em 3d, Long Island 3d, Anbnrn and Rochester 3d, Erie tl Ball road, new, Reading Mortgage Bonds advanoed ? 3d- Operators, both for a rise and a fall, are very mnoh B In want of news of seme kind from some sonro*. The a] i halls are anticipating an importation of spool* to some 0i extent, frrm Eurooe. and tb* nroeoeet at orssent is. h that their anticipations will be realised Sterling exchange baa nearly reached epecie importing points, <j and unlets something trantplrea to put np rates epeole f, trill aeon he flowing in upon na. The arrivals of specie * from California must be large and frequent. The line B of steamers is now in eucoeseful operation, and we shell f, noon have aocounta from San Fracolsoo np to the lat ? of March, and after that every two weeks. By the 1st Rl of June we shall reoelve advloes in about three weeks 4 from San Franoiseo. Every steamer from California to Panama, will bring large amounts of gold; and we 'earn that applications were yesterday made in Wall I !. 'treet, for insurance on $300 000 worth, but no offloe would take the risks, all being full. The President and Trustees of the Mlohlganand Illinois Canal Loan, paid, yesterday, the baok interest due, and fonr per oent of the prlnoipal of the $1,800,000 loan. The sale of the balance of the oanal lands Will leave $100,000 surplus, after paying the entire loan; thus securing the prompt payment of six per cent per nnnum Interest on the oanal registered bonds. 5 The last annual report of the Comptroller of the 1 olty of New York has just been presented, and exhibits (? the flnanoial operations of the city for the year ending ^ December SI, 1848. The aggregate indebtedness of the it Corporation, at the close of eaoh of the past two years, 11 Was as annexed 1C Finakcei or thi Citt or New Yo?x?Amount of ( Debt. j January 1,1849?Aggregate ef debt from Stocks issued , , .$14,848,783 00 < Dsduet stocks and city < bonds held by Sinking _ Fnaii M 981 001 00 Balance in bank and in A ' treasury 44,649 74 _ 8,085 650 74 ~ Total redeemable from Sinking Fund, January 1,1840 11,021,333 20 w 'Total redeemable trom Sinking Fand, 1 ? January 1,1848 12 010,350 70 ?e Decrease since January 1,1848 $389118 50 = Besides the aaaets stated above, and the large amennt of real estate owned by the oity, the Commla- j aloners of the Sinking Fund for the redemption ef the ^ oity debt hold real estate and bonds and mortgages in belonging to the fire loan aocount, and also bends and r mortgages taken for sales of real estate, amounting, in *he aggregate, to $479 819 82. ob This debt is redeemable as follows:? q WAcn Redeemable. J per cent Public Building Stook... .1850 615,000 00 '? >< Fire Loan Stock 1851 600 000 00 *f. 6 '< City Stooks of 1820 k 1829.1860 250.000 00 I1, 8 11 Fire indemnity Stooks... .1868 375,088 00 ? 6 " Water Loan Stock 1858 3,000 000 00 f 6 " " ? 1800 2.500 000 00 ifi " " " 1870 3,000,000 00 '* 8 " " ? 1880 1747,011 00 be 8 " CrotonWater" 1890 480,000 00 tic 7 " Water Loan " 1852 889,207 00 eoi 7 " " " 1867 990,488 00 e " Temp'ry Water L'n, before 1850 899 989 00 14,048,783 00 Less Sinking Fund 3,025,650 74 Amount to be redeemed $11,821,232 26 J* The stocVs and ceourities held by the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, for the redemption of the oity An fh? flrat at .IknnkTT 1 RdO wara m an tiatst\ B< 6 per oent City Stock, of 1820 due. .1850 $ 3 400 00 tb 6 " " of 1820, "..1850 12 200 00 n* 7 ? Water Loan Stock, " ..1852 5.150 00 rii " ? " " "..1868 29174 00 ? ? ' " " ? " . .1860 206 820 00 $1 A " " " ? "..1870 28,188 00 tb 5 " " " ? "..1880 1,747,011 00 t? 6 " Croton Water Stock, ". .1890 480,100 00 26 8 " Public Building " " . .1866 17.875 00 ?>? A ? Fire Indemnity " "..1868 135,188 00 **1 A " Fire Loan " " . .1851 6,000 00 ? fi " Washington Square, iron *j railing etook. due 1849, ao 1850, 1851, 1862, $6,000 each 20,000 00 !?' 4 " Revenue Bondi, due , .. .1849 290 000 00 ,, $2,981,001 00 ye Balanee in bank unlnreated.$14 881 18 (a Warranto outstanding (leee). 1,850 00 J Balanee uninvested $13,47118 I Xonda and mortgages taken lai on sales of real estate by su Commissoners of Sinking Is* Fund 324,027 11 = Good and mortgages taken from insolvent Insurance v Companies in 1880, and for II will en the " Fire Loan ? 8toek" wee issued 101,893 71 2JJ Bonds and mortgages taken fc, on sales of real estate bp ? Commissioners of Sinking Fond, belonging to " Fire ~ Loan Aeoonnt" 43,800 00 T steal estate belong to " Fire x Loan Aeoonnt," estimated as worth 10,000 00 479,810 83 93,474 293 00 Di The reoeipts of the Sinking Fund during the jear, in- = eluding the balance on hand the 1st of January, 1848, ^ weae 8081,727 18, and the Investments and paymenti T for the same period, $010 006 00, leaving a balance on pu >hand, January, 1849, of $14 821 18. (a The funded debt of the oity, redeemable from taxa- w tion, amounted on the 1st of January, 1849, to $370,000. This debt is te be paid in annual instalments of s < $56,000, and the first payment to be made In 1819. The estimates of expenditure on aooount of the oity 0< government, the payment of interest, Instalments due " on building lean, common sohools, See., which have ~Z Ibsen submitted, are as annexed I SSTIMATKO EXrCXDITURCI OK THE ClTT OoTERSMEXT, U 1849. g For expenditures of the city government, of exolustve of "police" and ."lamps and ~ gas" $1,426 880 00 T For police 479,000 00 g, Fer lamps and gae 210,609 00 r? Total for city and county expenditures, t" subject to the control of the oity an- H. 4Ve^4taa mwisl fftp whiflh rn.nnllno.tinn V must be made to the Legislature, for an- 1 I thority to lory $3,115,880 00 Ti F?r Instalment on building w! loon i)took No. 3 $50,000 00 Vi For Instalment on With- J" Ington Square Iron Boll- r, Ing itock 5,000 00 For common schools 150,000 00 I Frr deficiency of internet *. Mt city dolt 337,000 00 J) $543 000 00 Tor defleleney-df tax of 1848 187,175 00 Making for city and oonnty purposes.., $2,841,664 CO ^ State tax 127,100 00 JJf Total. 1840 $2 971,664 00 ~ Total, 1848 3,721,450 00 J Inerersr, 1849 $360,214 00 ui , Tbo valuation of real and personal eatate In the Bl ?ity of New York for the year 1848 was, aooordtng to kI the official aseeosment, $254,193 527 IS. The amonnt jjj of tax levied, $1,716,610 26, equal te $1.07.80 on eaeh tu Ion* hundred dollare. Thla year the rata will be increased, hut much depend* npen the valuation of pro- B I p?ty There la a great field for Improvement In the re , mode of assessing the valne of property. Under the 'J I present system, the npper portion of the ieland bears a f? greater part of tee taxes, in proportion to tns actual ;f or comparative veins of property, than the lower and in middle part; and there are nuoerone instances of pro- ^ party la the lower part of the olty being aeeeeeed for Ta only about one half lte aotual value. We hare known th of many eases where holders of property In and near Broadway hare refused to admit the fall ralae of It, ai 'earing the assessors would hear of it and tax it aooordlngly. The prlnolple upon whleh the et valuation of real estate has heretofore been made, ? is vtry unjust In Its operation, and throws the P burden of taxation npon those least able to bear it?we w mean owners of nnlmprored property in the upper part of the city. The lneome desired from real estate N should be taken Into consideration, more than it appears to liars been, in appraising its ralue for the asBessment of taxes. This would rollers owners of on- C< produotire property, and be a more equitable system ^ oftaxstlon. It would be a step towards an lneome ^ tax, which, after all, Is as fair and Just a methsd of n ralelpg rsrenue for a government like that of this ni clt/ as any other. The rate of taxation Is annually U iLbreasing, notwithstanding the increase In the ralue l I of real and personal estate assessed; and unless 'some- j thing is done to arrest this accumulation of burdens el upon property holders and residents, we must expect to i ee eur neighboring towns and oltles Increase In popu- * 'etkn to the Injury of our Island. n The annual expenditures of the Corporation of Mew York amount to nearly three millions of dollars, a sum b ' greater than that expended in the administrate of ^ ll.e ttfeii* ft t?*s Sta'.s. Inoludimr the in?????' ' tki pablio debt and repairs af the publis rerka. The expenditures <f this 'Up. annually, ? re equal to one-tenth of tboee of the government ? f the United States, with ite legion or oSee-holders, p! he army and navy, and the Innumerable items ef ipenie. We de not believe there la a olty on the 11 me ef the earth, with the same population, and the jy, use value of taxable property, where the rate of tana, as Ion is so onerous as lathe olty of New York. And ? hat do the people ef this city get In return for the ? illllons of dollara annually drawn from them in the \ aape of taxes ? Do they get a quid pro quo, as In all ther elties ? By ao means; tut on the oontxary, irty, filthy streets, a defeotlve polios system, the most VJ xtravegant expenditures and abases 1 n the alms house ^ epartment, and a hundred other evils, dally seen and ^ ilt by every oltisen. There would net be so muoh 11 omplalat, if we derived any benefit from suoh enor- jy, tens expenditures; but when it is well known that bm irtunes are made every year by those who have the y we# 4V.. ss? ?Va albes IBuagCUlVUV Wi Itfl 'CBUtlig UO|>MkUl?UkB Wi ?UO UIV/ ^ ovemment, It is fall time something tu dose to pat prs own such an enormous system of swindling. Stock Kzehsnge. V 10,060 0 8 6's of'62 106 76 shsres Morris Csnel 10 wt, 1,000 do '66 104X 26 Crie, new, full 69V L0i 6.000 Treasury Notes 189V 100 do b6*l 6U)j Df> I8.W0 do bl6 1U9J4 176 do 60 60S ? 600 OhioTt 102V 10 do 69V *1 4.000 do 6's '56 101V 60 do sSO 61 <4 v 1,0(0 do 101V 60Harlem B t 69V fan 4 000 IndlanaState 6's 04 100 do 59)2 >v 6,000 Penn 6's 60V 100 do M0 6>* Br 6,000 do blO 80?-, 50 do 69V ? IO.IHIO do 80)4 160 do 60 V 11 10,(00 do s60 80 360 do 69?, T 2,000 FtaJing Bonds 63V 100 do rre'd sop >30 100 of i 5,(00 Reading Mtg Bds 60 V 25 Auburn fc Roch Rb30 80V in 3,000 KrieTa Bonds 94'., 20 do 80V ? 1,(00 Brie sew Bonds 78 28 do 80 V U stares Manhattan Co 96 V 250 Long Island RR 26 v ID Merchants Bank lot 160 do 14 V L* ? do 104 V 20 Hud River RR 61 ?ci 10 Ohio Life kTrust Co 86 80 N York H N fl RR 87X " >0 Fanners' Loan 35 60 do sl2mos 86 V 10 do 36V 60 Canton Co 39V \ 10 do 35V 15 Is'er * WorRR 36 V1 10 do blm 35 V *1 Second Board. ii 0 share a Harlem RR 69 50 ahsrea Canton Co 39 V v 0 do 60 60 Nor Ik WorRR 36 V J?o ? do 69V 100 Farmers' Trust 86V 'ft 16 Erie, foil 69% SOU do 36 V fro 7 do old 68 260 do 36V ? (I N Y k N B RR saw 87 V 200 Long Island RR 18 X} 10 do 87V ' en DTERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETERT DAT. gf . vio FOUHD. ??? jlOUND?ON THE 7TU INSTANT, IN THR RTATB OF ^ ' New Jertsy, a Yawl Boat, 22 feet long, lately repaired. Any ii rson oalling and proving property, and paying exponsea may V ,vo her, by applying to 11. w. MINUQll, Commnaipaw, N.J. ^ | - ? twe 8PKCIAI. NOTICES. Brt O. OF O. F.?THE R. W. GRAND LODGE OF THE \1 State of Now York, will hold a regular adjourned session at .J' e Grand Lodge Room, National Hall, to morrow I Friday) oven- f~ I, at 7 o'olook. By order, BEN J. J. PBNTZ, Grand Sao'y. B IV niNBV vavn DIVPIISD n? onrvrvm ??? mv, v I EI . ..ohv wn?v/J*?n, vc, mill, W1 deliver a l?otur? betora the Williamsburg Lyoeum, tble _1: ening at 1% o'olook, at the leetare room o< the Preabyterian r moh. corner of South 3d and 6th atraet. SuMoot *mnnm>nt? city HHE FIRE IN ANN ST ?T0B NEIGHBORS OP JOHN tha L Locke, No. 47 Ann etrcet, whoso bnilding took Art at 2 .. dock on Wednesday morning, tako tble gmethod of retarnlng \\ elr elnoere thsnki to Henry Rnek, Insurance watchman, for . ring the alarm, and being the ct use of the apeedy extinguish, ant ot the flemee. tlz \FFICK NEW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD COMPANY. A /No 45 Wall itreet, Maroh 19, 184>.?The Stockholders are * , roby informed that the Direotori have prepared a full report of ," e oondition and promote of the oompaey, oopiea of which may ? had at tho office. From the fact, that in thie report no men- t i in ia made of the payment of intereat on the e'ock, in July next, U nc may infer that it will not be paid. The Dlrectora take thli t p, portunlty to aaeure the Stockholder* that it la not their inten- The in to depart from the terme of the orUtnal subscription to the ick, but to pay the intereat on the flrat of July, on both the eld d cow stock. NATO A MEL MARS II, Secretary. ? IUD80N RIVER RAILROAD COMPANY.?LOAN.-NO. ? ttee la hereby given that $618,000 of the Loan on the Bonds r? this Company, offered by propoeal* issued under date of 18th JD riant, lea been taken np- 50 g To afford an Stockholder* an opportunity to soenre tbolr pre- Kct Stive right to Bonds oonvertible into Stock whioh they obtained ? er tho original subscription, it is oonsidered proper by the D rard that the time for receiving subscriptions for suoh Bonds AJ rm thoee eteokholdere who have not already enbeeribed or taken tioc BUI) HIMi VIUIWWU ? BV u?;i HUH IUQ HQUlHIUtll OI Ulll XI I tioe, Tin., to the Sift day of March, 1849. After that day tha ohei [Ut wUl ooaje and to lost to tha onrinal aabaorltora and thair pad Bigot. Up to that date inoluaive, prntH now holding 8took of and a Company may intoerito far Bond* to the amount of their tut ook an paying down S per ot.nL when reoalpta will be given to tea am teeming ine original preemptive rigbt, and on the same blea una In all reepeota that were riven to taVart of Bonds on the Ian th of Fetrnary. Tha amaUeat Bond* taanod being gSOU, Stock- pen ildera of a leas amount will be allowed to aoquiro other Stook by una anafrf, to make un enouah for a Bond. doai The rate is par fr Bonda bearing seven par oant interact, and pen ilK per eant for Bondt bearing ox par eenk bath eenverttbla alro [thin five y ara bom thair data into the a took of the Oompaay, pint cording to the amount actually paid for tbem. nerl Am ota may apply for Bonde for Stockholder*, la amonnte net not a than $6,7)00 u> the aggregate, and the Company. aa offered by a'el e propoxate of tha UthFebrnary, instant, wnl toy aooh aganta ISO t lomnWaalon-of one per cent. J. M. B0PX1N8, Traaenrer. tor: N. B.?The above notice anpereede* thatadvertteement leaned ? eterday on this entyeot, which waa unavoidably drawn np in C' ata, and was pobliabed with soma typograpkiaal errors. O New Tork. March let. 1849. Mn! Mm PEMOVAL.?C. J. WALLACE, SUCCESSOR TO FEOST L % ViIIsm IfowkEnt Tsilnrn hss fmm K1 -1 ie to 186 Broadway, ever W. H. Beeeba It Go.'* Hat Store, up X lire. The buelneae or the late firm will bo eottlod at eame place, < on 1 Broadway. oft ^ MUSIC Al.. ? Jt U8IC1-THX PIANO WILL BB TAUGHT BT A YOUNG w Ix Lad}, who bae a thorough knowledge of Unite, and who HP n giro too moot unexceptionable reference*. Term*, for bo- x mere, $8 per Quarter?thooo mere advanced SIX Apply to S. 0? Beq erald office. tioi ? riel DAN GIRO. jllKST GRAND "NATIONAL" BALL WILL BB GIVEN ? at the Apollo Rcoma, on Tuetday evening. Maroh 47th. Tlok- f1 i $2, whiehcan be bad of tfce folic wing Committee P. 8. vy taulrau, B. L. lilton, B. Da woe, J. Seymour, D. Uuderhill, W. c< 1 Petoreohen, Thos. Bowlce, W.O. Bwen, T. 0. Booth, J. Squire* Pai A. Cabin, W.H. Hamilton. J. Ghanfrau. G. H. Smith, or of the thii rector, A. H. Purdy. Ticket* are limited. sim eioi M9GKL.LANBOUS. > MARTIN, H0R8E BHOER, NO. 104 SBCOND^STVBVT ?'1r let Avonue, return* hi* belt thanke to hi* frlonde and the D0I< blic, tor the,very liberal eupport he ha* reoelved la hi* buelnaee, = ud from a number of yearr experience ie re*peolabia e?t*bli?kint* in Bnrope and Amotion, together with hu unremittiog at ntion, and hieiyatom of ehoeing being on the laceet improved \l inciple. wbioh will be found to prevent contraction, come, and " her nnmerone diaeaaee eo frequently topee to merit occi lontinuinee of that rapport. Ibere will attend eaoh day at and ie ceaabliebmenb from lb to 12 o'clook, A.M.,* Veterinary Bur- and on, (Dr. Bran*, formerly Veterinary Burgeon to the 3d Drag >oa thei iarda.1 who can be conauped on any dleeue or ailment attend- gan tin the Boree, and who will make the neceteary arrangement* rcure with the own ere. _ E S OM PL1MENTART.?THB PROPRIETORS OF THB i,? > principal Botele. and eome of the moot eminent Dhvaioiat* >? tie city, have mm Mr. E. Lyon, 4ft) Broad way. a eertift- crei U o! the exoellenoe of hia nreparationa for tbo doatruotion of ?0. ita *td Mice, and all kinda of annoying insMta. To th? truth ?their virtues we alao oan tcatify.? N. V. Tribune. jjt 1YBKANTR-THB MOST SUBSTANTIAL AND BEST ofC hind for vards, alleys, rear butldloei, tenement* kc.. ia the Hth irthrlomow Patent "elf atopptog Children oat, not leave them aa<j nolrg, nor break them; they do not burat pipo; are eaaily re- opt dred, without digging up Buildar* houee agent* and arahl mlj eta, ahonld contract with the plumber for the Bartholomew pn ydrant. Meat of the plumbera bavs them. ? TAVANA AND PRINCIl B SEOARS.-JAMES SADLIBR, F 1 No. J24 Broadway, third door above the American Hotel. I all ia advertiaer would reepeetfully inform oitlieneand atraogera lu ho tray dtaire to rnrchaae eiUer Havana and Prlnolpe Soy art, he irginia, Cavea dish, or Book lug Tobacco, that thay will dad at at t a establishment. at all timet, an extecMve. choice and wall re- ot cted stock of both Bogate and Tobacco, ot the favorite brand* the ricoa extremely low, at either wholesale or retail. w| >ABIS GREEN. S BRAND, OF UNEQUALLED VALUE J,!' for Venetian BUnde.Ship Painting, tto., dry and ground In 0f k in gradei ringing from to 38d per lb? and in cane and ar. 'ge, from 8 to 25H lbs., for aale at No 32 Burling shn, by hn THSO.B'JHWARTZ. 3AY WATER?10 BHDS. OF VBBY SUPERIOR, MAD1 IpP J bvO. Dnclero, Esq., Gcayaraa, Porto Rloo, just received by lg Montrose. A conatant supply of which, In wood and alas* ay be found on .tale, at AT WATER, MULFORD A Co'* ? 135 Front street. wji Jt EN'S1, WOMEN'S, AND CHILDREN'S DAOUBRRKO- ,* rj. types.?Tbo Likeneaaea takan at the great rkylight are (hat uk vivlng the public confidence, and improving the taate for ar- haa itle pieturea, to little thought of by the blunderingdaabe ia tTZ, road*ay end about town, who aek themaelvea up for nrtieta, ith little to praise them hnt a (kill for extorting high prioea, id the blowing of tlieir own dollar trumpete. The pnblie have ?,h rn earicatnred, humbugged, and viotlmlaed ao mneh by tbeae L egnlfieent model artiata, that their dayr are ehork. if good piorea will aeoompllah ihe work t which may be obtained at rev Jj , nab e coat, conaiating of large CamUy groups, portrait* and iL iuiaturee. of ail tiaes. at tha great skylight eatabliahment of ARBISON k HOLMES, Lafargu Building* No. 280 Broadway, j i,m u. 01. nni DOUBLE ACTING HOTARV CGCRN.-IN BRING- T" L Ing thin tITrcttklatd simple Chvrn into tin, th* proprietors A ilir.g confidence is It* capabilities, do not hesitate to pronounce Wit tlie best chontover offered to th*pablie. The? hare taken an BU0 Pice It 77 Fulton (treet, New Vork, and In order tn convince th* nai credulous and eatlify the carious, ?t IP o'clockdaily, a ohurning ~ 111 be made. The publio nr* invited to call and examine the II achlne. and see it* utility tested. It eombine* th* following ' ' ilnable qualities:?let. It prodnoe* butter in less time then any J?* her ohnrn, making it and gr.theriag It from meat milk in Irora recto eight minutes, and from cream in mneh leu time. 2d. ? prodnoe*mc *e butter from the same amount of milk or oreatn, Jte n the ordinary method, as It does it* work la a more thorough . id scientific manner. 3d. It i* the cheapest, simplest, aad moat ov aventent churn ever invented, embodying the true philoaophl I*1 ,1 principles of bntter making 4th. New milk, sifter being inroed, [(sweet and suite'I* for family ase. 5th. Instead of -? cding the calf with milk dir*et from the oow, churned sweet r ilk a ill answer every purpou. Bv this pteotsa th* bntter it all ,TTV oft. * e offer it npen th* following tor me?If the ohnrn doee , >t prove as recommended. It may be ruturoed, and the money ?, Ill be refunded. A libera) disoonatmade to thou who bny to Jv, II again. Orders for Churns, (postaga paid) or applioation for ? ,e right to maanlhetnro and sell In tbo State# of Now Fork and 1/ ow Jewry, addresead to T. DOUGLASS, Agent, 77 Fulton it. A? ew Vork, will meet arithpTompt attention Ca' r BROWN, 8TONB SEAL BNORAVBR AND HERALD Vj e Painter, 251 Bioud way, corner of Murray itroet, np stairs. I eat* of Arm* engraved; Udiu goal*, Signet Ring*. Penoil Caul * graved with Ann*, Crest*, lie. Coats of Arm* round and palntad " cm 12 upward* Book* of Heraldry with MaOOOnaaea la- l? rmatlon given In Heraldry. iWILLINBRY.?MRS. CORDBLL. NO. 8 PARK PLACE. F VI will open on Thursday. Maroh 22d. Pari* aad other Millt- tt >ry, to a* examination of whioh (ho invltoe th* attention of th* to die* ofN*w Tcrk, and strangers. mP Lf ONIT TO LOAN ON BOND AND HOITGAGE FOR A U VI term ef years, la mall and largo sums. Wanted, on a Caaa- ? ' aSeirnurie, tevoral thousand dollar* title perfect. Apply, for >tr ther, to H. A. MOTT, Att'y at Law, U Park plan*. di* [3 EENCB PAPER HANGINGS AND BORDERS,.?SOLAMOM fr aad Hart, 243 Broadway, opposite th* Park, are now roootv- re ig their spring *> sortmsnt of Fr**oh Papers and border*, of th* AI oat beautiful designs and tiyles. comprising evsry variety, front eis most elegant gold, silyer and fresco pspurs, to th* leu t costly rtiele. For sale, wheleoal* and retail, on the moot reasonable cms ^ ^TATEN IsU.oNU t ERRY.- I R ,t it fl * * YilfK All v |T * t *' d 1 'V ex. Lea.* * ortu ? I ? I .i* ?. 4 ! 11 wants. riNTia-A SITUATION. BY A BBSYBOTABLB KID Y dk kfad won aa u thoroofth Cook, wbe will riot over/ tletauticn to bar employer; the beat of oily refereeoe cu be en. Pleaea call at Mo. 271 17th (treat, between the 9tk and 10th enure. ir AKTtn_ht I a situ.tihw i V Aft Chambermaid and Vf altar, or Plata dewing, or to M*it in Mhiag cr Inaiu, Hu no objection! to gaaeral homework la mail family. Haa the twit of oity rufereuoe. fleaee call at 171 ureot ?tract corner of Houaton. 1b the baaemeat. tan ba a for two day a VJ AMID.?A CORNISH MINER, TO DO TUB PIT ? work and timber work in a mine not far Irom Now York, aa need apply but thoaa foil* oomnetent; one acona tted with air ng mineretoola prefer rtd. Apply to ETEllBTT Ik BROWN, South etreei. tfanted-a situation by a respectable girl, " aa I hambermaid or Laundraaa in a roipeotable family; i bo objection to the country plaoea Apply at no. 8 Fifth toi Can be eeoa for two day* the beel of referecoee. it antbd?salb8mbn, to tilayel in thb country V to effect anion ct an artiola in nairaraal una, 'or which a r per cantaga will ba paid. Nona but thoroughly oapabla man >o apply. 1 t quire at ? Broadway. 17 ANTBD?A SITUATION BY A RE3PECTABLB GIRI, ? Aral rata Cooh, good Waaher and Ironar; or wonld geaa iaibermnid and Walter, or 4o central lioueawork; the oeuntry far red. The beat of oity raibramcea from her laat plaoa Pteaaa sail at 41 Wa'Uetreet 17 ANTED?IMMEDIATELY. A SITUATION AS COOK OR T Houatket par, by a reapeetable middH aged German woman, o baa lived iu the tama oapae ty with aonM of the lire: German bio ftmlUee, wb'Ch can be proved through the bait ef teetimo l?. Frr further cartioulare, apply at No. 7 2d avianv let 11 tor. 17ANTET?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN,~A f al tuition aa Chambermaid, or general houeework f?ra email lily. Haa no oljection to go to the oountry. Good raferenoe <" Pletee call at the ocrner of Hioke and State aireeta, xklyn. 17 ANTED.?BY A RISPBCTABLB YOUNG WOMAN, HiV" t iji|?)nnuiTa?uiniui i rnoiaon HViinuno. DMI | . f. rt'lm c?n W *it?n. Bu bo objection tocos short dlatanoe tho cmpiry. Aadre? 386 Grand street, In the rear. 17 ANTED.-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A8 f plain Cook: ebe la Waahcr u< Ironai, aleo an excellent gndreae. Good oitjt reftrenoe. Please oall at 191 EUxabath, ir Priaoa street. Can ba awn for two daya. 17 ANTED?A 8ITUA1ION BT A RESPECTABLE YOUXGI f Girl, as Chambermaid, or to do honaawork la a small pri:? family. The beat at city ttferaaoe (Iran. Inquira at 23U Mott cat. second floor. Can be arm for two daya. 17" ANTED?A SITUATION BY A BESPECTABLI YOUNd T woman, to do good Cooking, Washing and Ironing. No ohtioca to do the general Homework of a amall private family, e beutof eity leierenco giroa. Please oall at 2il Elisabeth at, nt room, op stair* Can be eren for two darn 17 ANTED.?A YOUNG HAN WUO HAS FPRTBE PAST seven years bean ana aged as bead olerk and book-keeper in not tie piluoipel Tillages on tho Hudson rirer, nishaato ae e a altuation at atleaman In aoino good and flonrahin( wholei or retail bonaa in tlila oity, (a wholesale domeaHo houaa pre. red ) where a reaeonableoompentallon will beallowe I for eerre and enstomrra haa aaomewhat general acquaintance In the intiaa ot Ulater and Lhitelxaa; the beat of referenova can bo en. Per further particulars addreaa Commeree, at thia oflioe, lay and to morraw. [T ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A r situation at Nurse, first rata teams1 rose; ao objeotlon to go die country. Good reference can be given. Can be aeon for idayt; pleaaeoall at the corner of flicks and State atreete, oklya. TANTED-A SITUATION IN A'PEIYATE FAMILY, AS r Cook, or to do general housework, by a yoang woman. Tho i of city reference given; apply t?No.6 Wail street, third floor, k room. RANTED?BY _A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as ceaiuairesa, or to urn care 01 cmiilren, In a lata lamily. where aha would make haraall geoorallruseful ch not so much the object aa a comfortable home. Ths beat of reference will be given; tomato of tha Agent at the office or Irish I migranttoclety, 211 Spruce etree?. New Vork. 7 ANTED?A SITUAT.ON BV A KK2PRHTAULV YOUNG r English woman, with afreah b riant of milk. Wishes to got > a resjiattable family. The beat of olty relerenoe given.? ate inquire at No. 26 Marlon at .0 In the rear. RESF ROTABLE H Kf II AN ICS DAUU UTElt WANTS TO . Live out in a Gentleman's family. She is betweeu twelve i thirteen years of age. Inquire at 2H1 Atlantic street, Brook, near Smith, in 4tlantio. PPER PART OP A HOUSE-WANTED, BT A OBNTLEman and his wife, the upper part ot a house, consisting of trior, bedroom, kitchen ana garret room, at a moderate rent beat reference will be given; address A, at the otbu# ?f this r. AUCTIONS. Y JACOB 8. PL ATT?WATCHES AND JEWELRY? Pawnbrokers Weekly Bale.?This Day, at half-past 11 o'olook, old and silver watches, new and second hand; a general assort it. Sale peremptory, rain or thine. T JACOB 8 PLATT.?HARDWARE AUCTION NOTldlJacob 8. Piatt will eel'. This Day, at 10 o'clock, at ths auo i room, K Piatt street, the remaining part of the Aeaignee's -dware, consisting ot niee, eompaasss, butts, frame pullios, it and door locks, saws, rat traps, pocket and pen kniyei, brart lock*, curry tombs, paint brushes, bolts, spool stands, hooks eyas, hair brushes, lead jienolls, hammers, bills, brushes, -h< r knivts, angei bitts. bullet moulds, trunk leeks, table end spoons, spectacles, blind fasteners, shovels aud tonga, thim, sadlers I and 1 hlrges, needles, on* oase dolls, oae case Row. 1't mill saws, two oaeks sad irons slightly damaged, rasor and knife bones, raror strops, a case or assorted fanoy goods, a nttty of glassware, vis.:?tumblers, deoan<ers ko ; also, 600 en resorted table knives end forks and 600 eards cutlery, ef knivts, scissors, r&zora. fcs., suitable for retailers and pedlars; i, pistols and bowls knives; also, aa involee ot wairaated beet :eo, on German silver, table and tea spoons, and table aud dee. , forks, of superior worhmanship-of whloh retailers will take ice Watches and Jewelry?Peremptory Sale?At half put 11 i-ok, by order of and for aeeount of a pawnbroker, oonslsting ot old and silver watches; new aud second band. Sals ptremp. t? .. rANDABD ROBES AT AUCTION.?A SPLENDID S1LRCtion of Mom, Perpetual, aad Bourbon Bomi, to bo sold bj ller, Auctioneer, ooner of Wall and New streets, today, roh 22d, at half past 10 e'oUob. URN ITU RE BALES.?THE SUBSCRIBER WILL GIVE bis personal attention to the gales of Furniture at the roil oe of owners. Me will alto reoeire at his store, the fnraiture hues wishing it removed for the convenience of sale. 7. W. BROWN, Auctioneer, No. 101 Broadway. - PUBLICATIONS. iHE ERA-THE PROHERTT Of AN ASSOCIATION OF writers for the public press, to be edited by Thomas Plet'-n . (The Juvenile" of the "Spirit of the Timea") The publioai of this new weekly newspaper, devoted to the Turf, the Trot, Id Sports, the Stage, Literature, Local and General Informs t, will com men oe on Sunday, April 8th. Carriers oanraieera agents will find it to their advantage to call at the temporary as of the "Era ' No. 22 Spruce street, dally from 11 to 1 o cl or. LIMES! CRIMES!) CBIMRS! !!?TBI NATIONAL POlioe Garotte of this week, now ready, oontatae a riob expose ho thieves end police of Philadelphia, and a review of Judge eon's charge; a most lingular and ourions ease of divorce in i city nedertha new cede; horrible murder In New Orleans; liar to the Richard P. Robinson murder of this city; oonfes i snd elocution of Andrew Ball aad Piracy O'Donaell at y, for murder; awful tnutder in the Paeifio, on board the brig ells bound for California; besides an unusual qeantityof orb a! new* from all parts of the world. Offloe 108 Nassau street. 1 everywhere. ft)B BAJLJB. ~ J ILL BB POSITIVELY BOLD ON MONDAY,MTU I NIT., > at Miller's betel, ctapletoa, Stateu Iriand, the premlma apicd by ;be lata Archibald Gordon, situated on Bay atarsel, runt ing through to the Richmond road, being 130 feet front, an average dtrth o! 430 feet. Bcuide* the dwolling house, re is n email cottajo on the Richmond road a ?table, a good Jen, nn d a qnsntitv if fmlttrece and shrubbery. BUILDING LOTS FOR BALK, FOR ONR THOUSAND dollars, on the stage route in Wili aintburgh. The corner lot rell situated ftr agr .cery etore, it the corner ef Bushwlck cue and Venat it,met, near the new MethodlitChnroh and the tsrosds; title warranted. Inquire of QEO. SQANDEriELD, 4.T8H Br*dway. ARM FOR 8ALB.-TBAT BEAUTIFULLY 8ITU.ITRD Farm la the town ofltllp, Long leland, formerly the -eeidenue ieoryetharp, Erq. Bald Farm centaiee about ISO acres of t rate land, on the premise! is a good two iter; dwelling hooae I other neoceeary out bnildinga Said Farm ii|*ltaated directly nil te of Fire Island Inlet, btu- dod on the bay, and about five ee fiom the Long 1 aland Railroad. Apply one mile weet of the to. J. H. MILLER. I ARM AND COUNTRY BEAT TOR BALE-TUB ?UBtoTibar offere for sale hie valuable Batata situated on Long tad Bound, about one and a half mile from the Village of ITaib, on the White f tone Road; or if more agreeable to purchasers, will divide it into three oetaue, the property being io situated bo render this practicable, giving to tack from HO to 100 acres land, and every eonvenieaee ss to bouses aad outbulldiags ,t oaa be desired. The lands, fenoes and everything connected h (he property are in the higtrast order, with asunesabundanee very description of fruits that eould be eoileetnd. the place ing been the Summer rei'dence, and had the personal attention the ewner for the last twenty five years, wilhoat regard te K The distance from New York is about 10 mi'oe, and ate amis aad stagei make almost honrlp tripe to the eity, which rens the locatien particularly desirable to men of bunneee. As It resumed no one will purohsse without viewing the property, tire referred te Mr. G. G. Weeks (overseer (an the premiMs, oibelBtwriber. G.G. BORLAND, Jfo.lM South street, {S* e'pry), New York. OR BALM-OR TO LET, OM MODE RATI TBRMS?A Bret elaae three story attio Bones, fashionable brown etene at, on Madison avenue, beeween 90tn and Slat etreeta near JlL? ? ? am. U mnlata wllk uinnluM the Croton. hot ami ooU, throughem* pa fixture* ho. Tbo ot parlor la 44 foot loop, with km ornamental trust aoroao tho tro, with m to* room 10 foot. Tho Mooed otorp hot four bo, oxtonhTO poatriei, kid * both to* room; tho to* room io d up for * conaarratorp. Tho thirl aterp hu four, knd tho h 8to room* with poatriok to ooeh floor. Tho houte ii mot r?Bool for oleganoo ami woihumohip hp amp of its Biso north ronrteenth i tract. Tbo aUoiaia? lot, tofothor with omo lm tho r, cam bo hal with tho konta Inquire of WE 0. CONNER, 38 Am* otroot. oormor of Naonm. ho ptomiMo Ma bo atom bp tailing at tho adjoining home. O HOTIf, KEBFER&? FOR SALE OR TO LET, A SUMm?r Hotol, at a faahlonable watering pi moo. rorapmon h torn or fifteen thouaanl dollaro oapitaJ, a eortaia proipoot of oom It oibrtd. A Id root L. Z., box ijHJ Foot Oflloo. with roal a* ltd rooidonoo, whlah will bo attended to Immodlktoip. [ OTBL FOR BALE?THE FURNITURE AND FIXTURES I of am old ettabllahod Hotol, mow loimx a profltahle buiincoa 1 particular* applp at oormor of Battorp Plato and Warning otroot, up naua IV1N HUNDRED ACRES OF THE BEST OF LAND> situated in tho woat port t f tHohigon.for oalo at am extreme price, for otoh or gocda Borne of whleh la deairable, for oltp pro ty. For particulaio sr quire of 11CHARD OARLT. No. 3 Brool (treat. OR SAIJ-A FINE YOUNO ROAN H0R8E.FIVE TEARS old, tonal ami kind. ami a atpllah driror, with or wltkout a it road wixon. In good ordar. together with a aot of lilror uatod harneet but little uatd, tbo pcopartp ot a geatiemam, and 1 for waatof um. Arnlr at Coxxwello Lirarr Stable. 133 ryetie (treat, a few doorr above Biwae. for Salk?6,ouo ions of ice. bnouirm of d. ? beeley, S7 W eat itreet, or by latter, to H. Tu Steembaigb, tab III. New York. Cow* mere will And a bargain by apply fag nitber plaoa within tan day*. Hi BOAT CLUB8?FUR 8/tLK, TWO CLUB BOATS. IN complete order, with fnrnltnre Re., ona four oared bane, I a eonll boat for 9 or font pair* of aculla. Together with the id will of an eaooilent boat bouee ia a very eenraniaat looatien. rniimo'erata Addrraa bo* 174h. P.O. ?OR RALI-TUB NSCI/KNOWN OT8TRN BABOON NO. an Bowery (cornet of Bayard (treat). A?r peraon wtihlng encage In the Ixiait eta will ifnd thie a raia oppMPtonlty. Apply A. P. Florence, oonn of Cbetliara and Kottitreetai or I nert B. Bird. No. 10 WaeMnrton martial TKAM INOINR FOR RAl.R^ FOR SACK, A V SI J NTT hi rie horizontal Stoam Ingine, 18 laoh cylinder, 41 I nab ola, with too boilera, etoh two flue*. ItW feat long, 4 feat in unaler, made In IW, and which haa not been rnn bnt a few aba. It ia atrong and thoroughly made. a<id ia <11 red for ail a nofbult whatever bnt beoauieit ia no longer reed d. water aer having heen en lieti tutad. Itqniia of IF A .til BU KM, HOOK [ O., Woroeeter. Ma#'. ru i.p.v J Ol ICR TO ntil'lMBHS ?TO l.*T. TUB HA f <>? T I I li,.i .a Mi M >? lllei all ' t "I " vir ??r ? : ttr.t ot" i' 't rr tewthar. I?f?t? ?* >? w?olmiim ill ??fcjwiii AMVHdim BOW 1ST THBATBM?TBOB'DAY BTEN1NO, MABC S. will be aotod the new u4 oriel**! iiuu called 1*01 1 * B?Chariot 8 tea ley. Ml. N. B.CIuk?; Joha Smith. Mr. M ?rr Boh, Mr. Jordan; Sol Dan*. Mr. rtuAord; U Sou. ? Bteoenc Mm Job* Smith, Mri. Gilbert* Bat* Smith. Mr* Bathi lud; Otehonta* Mr. JTh. H*ll; Tamotiaod, Mr. Moore* Ski Hood*. Mr. Uouldaon; *ll*l*n, Mr. MeConarohy; Coouam. Ml Wamym; Red Hand, Mr. Doff Pretnotu to whloh, TBI KAt MaN? Mr. Uurhoo Mr. Gilbert; Edward Hug he* Mr. J. I Ball; Skylark, Mr. Wiaaoc Batty, Mtaa Mary Taylor. Ban M oeata; Fit, UK ooat* Gallery, Wi oeaU. Deer* opt* I IX e'olooh oom moaoo at IX HANFBAC B NATIONAL THEATRE, GATE CHATHAM v> beaofltof Mr.Tiltoo ?There! ay evening. Maroh it, will I acted tho drama,, mod Will H 11 TtiE KINO?King Boat IV. of Fraaoo. Miu Meatayer; Amelia Bra rille. Mra Iabo wood^ To he fallowed by MO-EIN CAGlfORNIA-Mooe, M vuni irae; oyaeey, Br Seymour; Br. Adoiptiui riiiunroas, Br. * B- ' hapmao; Uh, Mlu B. Ueiujer After wblob, TO B AN JEMMY-Coi asctioet Ten, Mr. Chanfrau; Emerald Jemmy, M Be-motr: Bnsan Doughnut, Him K. Msstayer. Teoomelude wi( MaVMICB TH* ?roODCl'Tra??Maurioe. Mr Tilton; Meri lire. Word* ard. Roses 25 ovate: Pit UK oeate. Doore opt a I 6)4 o'slook?ourtain will r'ee at 7)4 DROADWAY CIRCUS, 057 BROADWAY, NBAR PBINC EJ street? Laet week bet one ? Thureday areolae, Mareh 2 Grouping, Mounting. and Posturing, by the Rivers family, wt bate been enlaced for a few evenings. The celebrated Clowi Bam Lathrop. >111 appear la amoral acta, aad dell rer hla famti MampSpeeoh. Mr. K Hands will perform hia favorite peny Oil derella: and alao the trick ponie*, Damon aad Pythian Hon maiablp by Means. T. Neville and B. Gardner, and the aooon pUebed Jnrenile rider, Mbetor Maarlee Bands Tbe whole I conclude with afavnte afterpiece. Aforaocn performance c Saturday, at twe o'clock. Admission >5 eante?obildrea ba Idee. ITALIAN OPERA. ASTOR PLACE.?MAX MARBTZB has tbe honor to annonnoe to tbe public that he hat mac arrat gemaate with M'Ue Borgbeee, Signer! Cotalli, Taffsnell Novell!, and Banquirioo; and, naving leaaad thia ratal liehmcnt. for ashert period,ho will offer a oeriee of represent tlons, in whloh the above distinguished artists will sustain tl principal ol.araottre. On Friday evening. Majoh IS.will be pr rented Bellini's opera, in 4 acta I PURITaNI?Elvira. M l Bergheae; Enriohetta Sig'ra Avogadto; Arturo, Big. Corelli) Ri oaiao,81*. Taffsnelli; Giorgio, Big. Novelli; Valton, Big Oiubile Ilrato Sir. Piamonteai. Parquet. let and 2d Tien, II; Amph theatre. M coats. Doors open at 1%?oommanoe at II o'olook. MECHANICS' II ALL, 473 BROADWAY, BETWKK; Orand and Brooms street*. Open every night daring tt w*uk. The original and well Inowa Christy a Minstrels, orgai i/ed 1M2. the oldest eatabllahed band in the world ; who obun end can eabetantiate tha tame, of being the first to harmonii Negro Melodies, and originators of the present popular style i Ethiopian entertainments. [A premium of $51X) will be paid t any other Co urany in existence, who oan produce evidence of Just right to the altovs distinction ] Whoso Concerts in thi city, for a period of three yoars. have been received with gres patronage and favcr, nnpreoedented in the annals of publl amusemoets in this great metropolis, and ooetinne to benight! reoeived with approbation, by largo and highly roopeotnblo and MiACIL ft moitniiliYinfiiiiff EviiLnnAiif thsiw iiinafin* niApif Anil A*. Tb?y will hnit tho honor ot Intrcduoing a gnat ti riety of now and original Melodies, Burlesque Opt ratio Uhorm Ma, hongs. Characteriatio Danoes, tto., In a Manner frequently a temptedby " numerous Imitators," hat ''not with ths lama r< tultl" that bare orowred tho efforts of thia " original" and " in mitable" oerapany, Who ohaUoege competition in every dopar meat of Bthioplan representations. Iho company connate of to performers, under the eireotion and mauagemsnl ef K. P. Ohrh ty. the whole compridng a oorpaof unequalled versatility au talent. Admiadon 26 cent*. Children under 10. half pnoe. Deoi open at7?Conoert will oemmonee at ti o'elook. An aftemoo Coneert on Saturday, cotr metolng at 3 P II MRS. FRANCES KEHBLK BUTLER WILL READ tqur! day Evening, Mareh 2t, the play of " Henry IV," at ?h Btuyveaant Inetitute, at 7K o'olock. Tickets to be had of M Po man. Janitor oi the Inetitute: at the Aetor Uouse, thelrvio Bouse, the Union Hotel, at Mr. Frands' and Mr. Crowen'o Bool a tore*. Prloe $1. Apollo rooms, ?ioand?i2 broadwav.-thrfari well Conoert of Lulgl Elcia, tho young Violinist, aged 1 ytara?member of many Philharmonic SooletTea, and of the Cot serratoirra National, Paris, Turin, and lately elected a member < the New York Philharmonic Society. Be will be aiisistod on tbi oecadon by aeveral eminent artists of New York, and by hi brothir Annlbale, a Fianiat eight yean: of age will take place o: Saturday evening, March H. Tloketa Bfty oenta. Town8bnd and orr'8 mammoth panoramas oi the Bndaon River and the olty of New York, now on ealiibl tion at the New Large Ilall, fltted up exrresaly for thoae Paint Inge at No. 396 Broadway, oornar ef Walker otreet Doore opei at 7. Panorama will commence movie g at H o'olock. Tioketa, 61 cental children half prloe. Tickete admitting a gentleman an< two ladies $1. 1 here wlH be an Afternoon Exhibition overy Sv tuiday afternoon at 3 o'elook, for tho accommodation of Famitlei School*,and thoae who cannot make It convenient to atteni evening!. Mr. doqenvs lecture, at tbe tabernacr ot Friday evening, March 23, at eight o'clock. SuMeot?"Th Social and Political Condition of Ireland." Tioketa Mi oenta, a the door. flaetle garden.?the above well-known bum v ???'*? 'wt niDuiii|juuoi]iHaimm ing the ensuing teuon. For further particulars, end term*, epp) at the Office on the premiese, or by Utter <p? it paid) directed t the proprietor*. FRENCH it BI1SU. OAUVOHHU. CAN FRANCISCO, VIA CHAOSES, 17TH APRIL?TH 0 now end splendid oteamihip CRESCENT CITY, 1,000 tot bnrthoa, Charles btoddord, mooter, will leave (or Chains dlreo bom her doek, *t pier 4 North river, on Tuesday, 17th April, * 1 o'clock. Pomengere for (. allfornia will And this the meet expi None tad pleooont roots to reach the gold regions; and as thi CresoeatCitjr goes direot to Chegres, without stopping at intei mediate ports, they will, withont fail, arrive at Panama in tlm for the Paoiflo mail steamer of the 1st of May. the eteame Orna is now en the river at Chagree, sad passengers will find a ample supply of oanoea and moles to oonvey them promptly t Panama. Passage in the after saloon, $100; do in forward si loos, $115; do In lower oabia, $115; do in steerage, $80; Righ oubie feet of baggage allowed eaeb oabia passenger, and six do d eeob steerage passenger. Fi eight on specio, 1 per oent; on sxtr baggage, 70 cents per foot. For freight or passage, apply to J. BOWAB D fcSON. 75 (tenth si FOR BAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA?TUB BRITIBI tteanishipUNICORN.fiSO tons burthen, will sail bom Jerte City on or about first of April. Pntcn or Passion. Inoabin. In fore cabin. Insteeragi For Rio Janeiro $2U0 $150 Valparaiso aro Md 150 Ban Francises 650 500 900 An experienced surgeoa will aooempanv this vesstL For passage apply to R. CUNARD, Jr, 38 Broad wry. The Uaiaora has double engines, had new boilers in Slomot last April?is now undergoing e thorough refit, and her oabia an steerage will be very eomlertable and well ventilated. tfOR CALIFORNIA, VIA CHAORR8.?THE UNITCi J/ States Mail Steamship FALCON will leavs New York fo Cbagrea, via Havana on Thursday, 19th April, with the Unite States Mails for the Paeifio. The saloon will arrive at Chagres ii ample time te deliver the mails and passengers for the Pacitl mail steamer Oregon. Passage to Chagres in stats room* $15 Do. do. lower after cabin 11 Do. de. lower forward cabin 10 Do. do. steerage 8 Freight on spocio to Chagree. on* per rent. For freight or pu sage, apply te If. O. ROBERTS, 118 West street. yuK c'AuruBNiA.?iikbt suit- run ban francis F co.? The stauuoh and splendidly fit tod op ahip B alan ci having keen unavoidably detained. will positively Mil Satarda) Mitch 24th- a few mora bertha mar be eecored. Separate ladiei eabla. Pea-age 1160, in cabin, and found with beat oabln fan a ppljr on board, root of Oliver afreet, pier 3D East River, or to bai kecpera at Loveioy's Hotel and Tammany Hall, or to COOK A SMITH, 110 Wall street, J. B. PAPER. 120 Wall attest. SHIP 8AM08MT FOR PALI FORNIA.?PAS3ENPBR will be on board at pier No. 9. Kaat River, at 12 o'clock, M to day, (Iliuiaday.) A few more bertha sen be (beared if at plied for early, at 119 Wall street. TWO VOUNO men W19BINO TO PROCEED OVKRLANI t> California would be glad to eater into an arraugemen with any reapeotable organised company who may be leaving fo the above meatioted place about the middle of April. Addrea prepaid, to A. B , Herald oBoa Fremont association, overland to oauporni/ via Galveston, Teiaa. Through in 45 daya; will leave on th '-6th Inst. A few more membera will be tat en, if immediate a| plication la made to the Prerldent, who will be In daily attendeno at the Minerva Rooms, 406 Broadway, where the whole outfit on be teen. ISAAC BROWBR, President. PROTECTIVE OVIRLAND COMPANY TO CALIFORNIA via Corpus Christ!, in 46 daya for $158 and found?deaig aaillna Doaitivolv 26ti lost. Parties within* to loin moat do a without dolsy. Mem ben will meet dailj itlP. M. at the offle 101 Well at California, via yiracbuz city of mbxioo ani Maiatlan.?A company is forming, to sUrt on the With iaet by the above route, whtoh en braces economy nad despatch, an ennblee mem bere to arrive at the mi nee la euoh a condition u t ensure tholr rucoeea The prinolplss open whioh this company I founded are most sup-rlor, as enquiries will prove. Those wh desire fuitber information are nqu*sted te call upon the Caput between 1 ard 4 P. I, at the Westchester House, oornerof Broom *t. end tie Bowery. Members will pay their instalments st thl evening's meeting, at half past 7 o'clock. Harlem and New Hi vtn ears pass the door. Mr. ROBINSON is requested te call s the Captain's bonne on pnrt'onlnr business. j. C. b41tbrsly, Cap! of Company. CALIFOBNIANS CAN FIND AT TDK STORK OF Ttfl undersigned every artiole of provisions neosasary for thoi use after thur arrival at San Franolsoo. All articles putupii a manner te keep, and to warranted. Printed rations for iadl vlduals and assooiatlons furnisbod gratuitously. A. K.KMP. IIS Wall street. Now York. CALIFORNIA GOODS.?M. A. NIXON, 1(13 WILLIAM ST near John, up stairs, New York, has every srtlole neoeeiar< for California outfits. Tents, Blankets, Mattresses. tilothing, Bo, CALIFOBNIANS?PURK WATKR CANNOT RKADILY Bl obtained in California, or on yonr Joursey thither, without the use of n good Filter. Then are not always wait where you are going, and the springe are distent from the plaoers Yon wl'l net have tune to go to and return from them; but will (without a Mtsr.) In the extremity ?I seed, drink the undlteni water of titers, creoka, Be., and though the result be loss of health will continue so to drink, booauso no other water oan be obtained Medicines would be Ineffectual, because, while taking them, you by drinking Impun water, continue the disease which they an designed to remove. Tkroughout Mm world, water as it falls (iron: the clouds is pun; but it subsequently beoomee unwholesome caused by oontact with decayed vegetable matter, ho., or bj holdinr In msmasinn earths rmrtisloa. or the minute seeds of do leteriono pUnta, or by pulrfiylitg when s'agnant cn marahj land or wboa confined la enaka at ma. Ho. Tb# anbatancca thu? ab 01 hod, bates natural It foreign to water, and w parable from I by filtering, caoae, whea taken ioto tbo human fyitem,dysentery fereri, ko. Cor fllten, by remerloj all nob anbatanoea, easMi th?M?bo om them, to obtain wator of a uniform parity In al elimatea, thua Braiding tbo principal diaadranragenf a change o toaidMoa. Prlco W Wnaoh. I* J. BCftK B k CO, No._7Uffaaaaaatreot,np atalra. CALIFORNIA DAOl'IRBROTYPEa?PERSONS A BO 111 to rlait California, and dnairona to loart their liken' ami ?itl their Met da. would da well to call at Brady'a, Noa M8 and Hf Broadway, where, hy reaaoa of reoent improremeota and add! tlona to hla aatabliahmant, faithful and true Ukaneaneamay b? ob alnod at the ahorteat aoHM. shipping. THi BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN R. M. STEAM eh I pa. hetwMn Beaton and Ueorpool and bet wean Not Tark and Llrarpool. oaUlng al Halifax to land aad rooaira mail "tte^.TlSpl C. H. Jndkind, Hlbernia Cnpt. W. J. C. Laaa AM?a.A.Rjrla, Niagara.. * J. Btono, Amerioa. " N. Shannon, Canada.. " W. Harriaen, Sorcna.. - B oTtott, Cambria. " /.Laltoh. Caledonia ** W. Dong'aa. Thoaa reaaala carry a elaar white light at maat head, green ? aUrbenrd bow. aad rnd oa port bow. America, Capt Darriaon, irom Boaton, Wednesday Slat Hani Canada. " Judkiaa, - N.York, do 4Ui April. Niagara, ' A. Syria, " Boaton, do 18th ' Rurcpa, ? R. O. Lot*. ? N. York. do Id May. Cambria, " N. Shannon. " Boaton. do 9th " An eapericnood nrgoon on board. Freight will bo ohaagad a rpeeta, beyond an amonnt lor poteoaa 1 oapnaana. AU inttern an newrpapera mm t paaa through the poat ofBoa. Pnamgo frot Pew York er Boaton to Liverpool, Ant cabin, $13>, anoond cabti U. Far ftelght or paaaaao apply to C. CTTNARD, Jr SS Broadway. Packets for bavrr-sbconr line-the sai Oneida.John ?illard maater, will anil on tho lat Apr ___ BOTP RHllt kfn Agc.iU.u't Wall at root. Ba KB. CHBSTKE PHOR NBW OMLBANS-COMMUNEI hy thla rwaei are totyaeetod to c?|| ni tho office of tin ?u Itrlbara and uian tic avcraen nond . and all lighten or other vn el tli.i! n ay here picked up suy of her oaf^o. jetaooed wbll nabtlO on Ac.ei cm, wi I repot t Immediately to LAWSON A OHAHaH. Ieanranoo Broke:a 81 Wall y < V k. > INQ LINK f? A I.UlN Y AND T-tOT-T! aV> n 11 Yk 1 Ih K, Captain df. W, lup,a-. ?iU laaeaj* I AatnmMn^ tH ' DHOADWAT THEATRE.-!. 4L i D tor?Thnreday ?mih *?"' H T^ViIldli ft- IK1PH ATTOaN EY-Hervo OU?r? Mr. Uoljn* Mr. Fioldli It. Mr. Pop* Ml'* Ubarloota. *?* ATOrUL r- Alter woteh, TEDDY TO ? TIL IE-Toddy tbeTlly. Mr. LoUlr a. Lord Doaderford. Mr. Mathaw* Lady "*V. i?l m wood. To be followed by TBB ANaTOMISr-Moajjoor e Mrd IT da. Mr. H. Plaoidt; c rtepio. Mr Hadaway; k. Ieberwood. Teooaohid. with LEND Ml ?IfE EHILUNO* m, Mr faoltchtly. Mr. Uadaway. Mia Mh)or PhebbM Mra. Abbot It Dree* Cirola aad Perquetla. Mlo.; family Ofrala. Bo-i a?B? XJH ooata?Dooroepea a*7; eommoaooat TH. I DUETON"B THEATRE, CBAMBII8 STREET.?THUR! >o Jt> day ereaiac. Maroh 21 will ko promatdd tbo faroo oalla ry WHO BPBAE.8F1R9T f-Capt i'hari?a Mr. Jordan; Mr- MlUtaa] r- Mr. Warden; Mra. Militant. Mia Ealchtt Smart Mlae ' HI" t Alter which. the new verdon of MACBETH?Macbeth, Mr T. Brooch am; Maodufl, Mr. Johnston; Banqao, Mr. Raymond; Dun D ran, Mr. baallton; Maloolw, Mr. Warfen: Lady Macbeth. Mr r. Borto.; Herat [ Mile Gharman; lit Witob. MnVer sh aon- 2d Witch. Mra KnigbL To 'onolude with the feroaof HOE * TO PAY YOUR WASHERWOMAN?Midteth. Mr. Havmond it M.ry White, Mlee Chapman. Dreea Circle and ParquatU 80a Family Glrale 26? Doom open at7; onrtaia riaei ?t u. WW 1TCBELLE OLYMPIC THEATRE?THURSDAY EVE 2. m nine, Maroh '12, will ba performed the oxtraeacaiua of IN 10 ANTIW l*l!t?Alfnnen Mr A.anldi i. iaaoii; Caliban, Mr. Censver; Ariel, Miss Mar7 Gannon. To b is followed b* the f'niee ot PARSON'S NOSE?Mr. Bubb. Mi a- Mitchell; Dr. Chittandan, Mr Nlekiuson; Madeline, Miss olarkt a- After which, the farce of the TURNED BEAD?Dick, Mi > Mitchell; Ferdinand Fi Wiggins, Mr Arnold; Laora.Miei Plnllirv -0 To conclude w'th the oomio drama of WBICH 13 TUB KlNu> m Henry IT of France. Mire Phillip# Amelia Branville, Miss Nlok If inaoe. Drew Circle fi()o.; Upper Bout 26 oeata; Pit UUoenti Pocr> open at 7; w?me at Tjj. K d Tu*n 1UIM'AHY BENEFIT TO O. II ANDRd A3 Otll ' vv to.i- tlui:dli f( ?The pereonal Mends and proton mmn idmi rcrs of Mr Goo II. Ardrewa. will recollect that thu ii the tec >- i inK appri timed by both, aa a tribute to hia talons end outer a- price Snoh a tosiinx uy is honorab'e and well merited and thi le i-otrrtaii moiite will ba auch aa to give uaeiinivooal aaUsfaocioi jv to all. 0 |? A KNUMB AMERICAN MUSEUM.?MORE ATTRACTIONS il; MJ Splendid performances, every afternoon nt & and evoiy even 1 ing at 7)4 e'olcok. The Manager ha* engaged for another week, the moat wonderful oarloelty in existence?a Female weighingSftSlba. measuring aavon bat round the wauti SI laobaa around the ana! N Thia remarkable lady Umuoh more of a ourioaity thaa there >a at weed Daniel Lambert. She may bo teen at aH houre, with i Tit ml*, the Fairy Queen. The oelobratod Lee Family; thi a, mat Equilibrists and En torn Juggler*, have aleo been engaged e for another week. Alio engaged. Great western, Pete Morris, Mr. >f Chapman, Mr. Copeland, Mil* West, Mrs.Mouell, Mrs. Bernard. * Illy his nd Mammoth Hoys. Max Supiiture Statuary. Medama a Rockwell, the fortune-teller. Admiaalon 26 oentai ohildren nndai la IB years, HKceota. io CJTUYVE.VANT INSTITUTE.?MK. BILL'S ENTERTAINy kJ menta?Third Week?Mr. G. U il ill. comedian, known by l- the familitr cognomen of Yankee Bill, will give three Lectures t- and Er terteli ments, at Stuvvesant Uatitutn, Moudxy, Wedne*. I- day. and Friday Evenings. March ISRb, 21st, and 2,'ld. Tiuketa 21 a cents each; no hall price, Fi>r further particulars, sen pre t- grammes Tiuketa may be obtained at the Antor Il<ni"o, Irvjpg a- Bouse, New York Bote), and of the Janitor of the Institute. Is Dooti open at 7?to commence it 7 H o'clock. n rpABER*ACLE.-MR. DEMP8TEB. COMPOSER Of TBI s- X " May Queen,"" Lamest of the Irish Imlgran*," "Blind ,d Boy," bo, lias the honor to announoe his intention af giving hia p tret original ballad en tertainmaata thia season at the Taberoaole, D this Thursday evening. Maroh 2M, including the following songs: "The Indians Ccm plaint," "Oh I why does the white mantel low my path?" "whoa the night wind bewalleth." "John An i- demon my Jo." ' Lonely Anld W He." " A Borne in the Heart," io " Lament of the Irish Emigrant," "Death of Warren," " Blind r. Boy," " Emerald Isle," ' 1 m alone, all alone," " Tak yer auld g cloak about je," and his popular oantata, " The May Queen," li ( three parts Ilckets 6(1 cents. Doors open at7, to oommeneo a 8 o'olook. [ 1k| R. t KMP8TEB WILL SING AT HUTOERS INSTITUTE 5 ivJ. Madison street, on Friday Evening, March 23; end at thi i Brooklyn Ieatitute, Washington street, B'ooklyn. on Saturday >f Evening. Maioh 24, commencing evoh Evening at 8 o'olook s Tickoi|60conta-to be had at the do?r. _ a H/fONSIEURADRlEN. THE REAL AND INOOMPARABLI IT1 French Msgiolan, wtll continue his extraordinary Soirooi every evening this week at half pact seven o' the Minerva f Rooms. No. 406 Broad* ay. where he will give a grant Magioal , and Egyptian EuUrtaiiment. Admission, 60 cents; children, 26 i oenta 5 rpni GREAT CBTNE8I MUSEUM, 639 BROADWAY, BEI X twtan Spring and Prlnoe streets, and the only one in this oonntry, oensists of a great number of hfo sixe figures of Chinese, i of all olassee; several hundred Chinese paintings; apartments in 1 houses; stores and vessels, models of pagodas, temples and bridges, specimens of Chineee manufactures, their agricultural and mechanical implements instruments nt musio, lanterns, no., 4 bo. Open ft om nine A.M. till ten P M. daily. Admittaaoe, 26 ' 1 17O BROADWAY. tX H I BITION Of Oil- i'a I NT1NUS, lit/ by oid masters; till the 10th of April. Open from 10 tj ft o'clock. Admittance 2f> cents. e- rjVul LEASE AND MXTUhBsoir tub PLACEOF AMU*sy X mmt known u the Vru.klin Thrstre, are llnl let tale at A ? low price, the proprietor havingotbir bnalueu to attend t j. An ply to DR LB A, III Orange Ht. DBD1CAL. B FIB. WDEILKB, 29 GREENWICH STREET, DEVOTE; ? XJ hie exclusive attention to Dlieaers of the Kjo, and invltei I those who are in want of Artifloial Eyes to call upon him, hi 'j having jost imported a most beautifnl eeleetion from Paris; an< with the arrangements mads for a regular supply, the faculty wil 1 be furnished upon low terms. Office hours irom 8 A. M. to ; o'olock. P. M. * T-VB. POWELL, OCULIST AND AURIST, DEVOTEE Hti J XJ attention, as usual, to diseasoo of the Eye and Ear. at 2ti ? Broadway, entrance IK Wemn street, where can lie had hli "Treatise oa tho Eye, price CU cents; also, a pamphlet, free o I sharge, which d esc rites his new method of strengthening weal ? eyes. Just importid. a large rupply of artificial eyes. * IV! A DA ME SBAIL'S VENUS PILLS?(THAN if.ATEC lvx from the French.) A de>idera<um hai bees gained in thi I notice of medicine hitheitounattafnal'lehy the modmtl faculty; I the want of a remtdy for diseaseeof the Oeuital Organs has Inns J teen feltsnd long sought. Madame Shall, regular Uraduate nl ' the Female Obeteirloal Institute, Pane, claims for herrsll ths , distixoiioa of havirg disooverrd a simple vegitab'n substanoe which she has prescribed for the treatment of those diseases with invariable success, and knowing that a large portion of the 00m munity are alliioted with diseases 1 f ths Genital Organs, snd with ad tbs ooniecutive evils whioh diseases of those orgaus are sure ' to produce, she has, by the advice of her friends an! the prayers _ of net patients, for the heretit of ethers. In en isduced to bring a them before the publio. To thote whs have debilitated themselves by that fearful practice, self pollution, the sices ? f which are very evident by the sunken eye, the sallow color of the face, attoau re rniiA fitpm atrriinn tn fclm RrtchitV of Wfimftn. but vbATn eII. ihfi r bifgerd l?-k whloh the oonaoi. nsneea of impito'cy tump* on the 4 counter at,oe-(inipo'cncy, tl.e eorie of mankind, whinh her n canttd mere to commit suicide and meh uebidden into the pree snreeof tbeir Maker then all the other iniafortnneo of life)?to those I reeommcnd my Pill*. By their use the sparking eye aad 0 bit om of health will again adorn aid Udtghtyon, andthenoble 5 work <f the gnat maetr again with tenacity will ollng to life, 0 and In hia proper epliere beootr.e the natural conoomitant to a 0 me toe! enjoyment. fnr.wtenliruledlvss'edofiUaexnalenjoyment, n day are looked forward to aa years, and y ears to sterol ties. How many th're are who would enter the connubial atate but for a conMlonaneie ot lmpo<eacy, and bow n.aay there are married who lire In oooftent miaery and disappoinUnemt by reaeon of their Incapacity to perform the requirement* of nature. But now the married, for yeara, and In face for lift, can continue to anjoy an ' umlnUrrupUdhonaymoon; aid thoae who had given up the nope ' of htTingchlldroe. either to Inhorlt tbelr wealth ortooemfort ? end tupport them in their daollning yeara may aow with conlldtnee look forward to the dey when tfey will see tlieir firedde ram undid with aamiling offspring. Theee pilli are a safe, certain and apeedy tare for all the vtrie'ies rf aemlnal and physical debility rf the generative organ! ef both sexes, whether connitug t'onal or acqnired. Tl.e Indlwretions of voutb, which produoe rach irjnrione effect# both upon mind and body, can he rcoilfled, and the nerrcua system healthfully invigorated, where the qnali flcationa of manhood have been impaired. 1 hoae pills are put np in email boxes, and can be eent by letter to any part of the UoltD td State* or Canada*. Trie* ore dollar per bow. To be had t genuine and direct from Paria.ef tho followlcg appointed egeat* r 192 Broadway, corner ef John etreet; 878 Broadway, corner of 1 Chambers alreet; iSS Broadway. . orner of Howard .treet; S3 Bowery, eoraer of Walker etreet- Zri Grand street,oor. or of Alice itnet 114 Canal street, opposi- eit Broadway; 90 Tlodeon i street, corner ol Leonard. * JAR. JEFFRIES' ANTIBi ri I rilt MOST EFFECTUAL ? 1J preparation (old for Go ai d other disorder* ot the g sexual organs. Longaxwrei.* ved that It will radioally ct re any case. This desirable re.iult is obtained in from two to tee days, and as it neither creates nausea nor offends the palate, and renders nnnceeeeary nay deviation in diet or interruption t* a uaual punulta.aound (Imp, or boaltoy digaatina. tha nuiaaao* ii o tbu* removed a* ipeedlly Ml* eoatiateat with the>* of a thorough and jwiaucnt earn. It* iagrodlanU an entirely vegetable, and no lajurioaa effect, althor onnatitationally or looai ly, ean be oauaed by ita ei*. i'rto* $1 par bottle. Sole Agent foe S tela oity. C. H. HINO. llilBroadwar. corner John atreet. d rtH, JOHNSON. 18 DUANB STRKKT-dO WKLL KNOWN o mJ in the treameat of dalicata duaaaea. The Doctor'a reputaj tion for sic ill in than hall cured oaaea that hare oxlated for year* 0 it pre-eminent. Constitutional weakaeta, brought on by a nont n habit, tffeotuahy eared. Kooaat taaea cared la fear day*. ? rbR. QLOVKR IS CONSULTKD DURING THE DAT ANB l. MJ eraniag, at kiaofllo*, N*. S Ana atreet. (now No. 11) hi .? thoeedifflcalt and promoted oaaea of deSeate daaaaaa that Hits baffled the akill of ph/niolan* of les* experience. Ilia eatraot of Coperia, Cwboba ho , nay be had at hit store, in fieat, Private an trance throach tha entry to tho offloo doee. "VFlTvaiclAN or long standi no and kxtrnsfve 1 1\ practice In the city, taa bad a'wwt daily opp rtumtioa of 1 witi" Ming the aril* which ate entailed on pat eat* who place th-nia?lrea under the treatment of thore who. through oonetant pub iclty, Impieis the rati.da of their rlot.m* with the Idea that they an eduoated praotitlonora A strong rente of duty hat alone Induced the ateaeat dararture from tho eatabliahed rul* of ' theprofession, and thoie who ma ,? oaecun proper treat' mettcn the** diseases which n* 1 t? t la nu.ri iuli> tjoeitled, 1 uiay addiera a latter, ecntainiag r I patter art ti >1 ? oate. to I box J,082, Poat-cfBce, New Turk. I r.n . . !vi t. r pr ' ring tho Incognito will be fully appreciated; and d'atant, at well ae local , patient* cm be aa efficiently treated through o< rreipondence ai i hy a personal interview. To aaard agaiuit Uopoeltlon, only t .t . I.J .. ... .,... MM,.I .J.c.i umiw imie? c?a DD ?H?luoh W wm?? ??u?iu wv uiUM [ olfcr'i ft 9i. , |Y?t COOPER. 14 1)0 ?NE StHCUT UAS, f OR THE LAST 1/ fourteen jeert. oonflned bii practice to the treatment of Mar > ourial and other Dlrtwi of a delicate natnre. He ean cure the ) moat afjpavated carte of trie diaeaaa, and mild caaea removed in i two to Bra dajra. A perfect euro or no oharxo. : iftfli MARRISD WOMAN'S PK1VA1E MEDICAL COM JL pnn'on, by Dr. A. M Manrloeau, Profeeeni of Dltcaae* ol Women. Sixth edition. I'no. pp. 250. Prioe $1. 60.8U0 oipiat ' told in tlx mot the. . Vonr* of tuffoilng, of phyeloal ud mental angnith to many an atlcotlonate wife, and pacuniary difficulties to the bnabaad, might J havo lieen aparad; thousands now poor would hare enjoyed oom tetenoe thoniandt now broken in health would hare enjoyed U ! hundreds now in their grave* been (All alive, by a timely possession of thli work. It is tnunded e*p*oia])y for the married, nr thoee oontcmplatlni merriest. ai It dteoloaee important oeoret* which ahould be knowi [< to them partionlerly. , To theao whoee health doe* not permit of an Inornate of family r it ii of eireelal importance. litre, also, every female?the wife, the mother, the oneeithe budding into womanhood, or the one in the decline ot years Ii whom nature contemplates an Important change?ean dlroove the caneee, eyrop'oma aid the moat efficient re aedlea, and mot certain mode of onre, in every torn plaint to wltion her lex ft tab I net. Tor enle 12] Broadway, and at the Pabllildng offlee, 129 Ubei ty street, N. Y ; Little k Ce. Albany; W. E. Davit, Bolton; P. 0 t Peterson, t* Chetnut street, Philadelphia. . On the reoeipt ot Si, a copy will be transmitted by mail, free o ptstage, to any ;.art ot the United States. All letters mutt bead , dieatbd, poet raid, te Dr. A. M Manrioeau, Box 1,224 New Tori city. Cflee IN Liberty a treat. NO CUKE NO PAr?DI. COBBITT, 19 DUASB STRUT maybe consulted an the trtatmeatof certain delicate di? cant. A practice ot an teen ytari, devoted to tbo treatment oi ? delicate dimaaee, enables Dr. C. to cure 'bo worst form of thit disease. Recent cent emsd In three days. Nn insreury use*. _ 1 V22 noon w ajjp ob pnma mw.... . real nInert and ernptlnaa he onrae whan othera fail Heoenl eeeea cored in a few Java. Ntrvora and organ I o d ability ha w aril rantdtoourt. 8aa hia Lou dan diploma la hi* office, 3MX '?! 4 ton afreet. _________________________ ? t\R ?'AWC*1T t-A.V 01 COMII USMTlALhY l.O.N.iULT. i, If rd at hla office, ! Pay atreet, on all prlra'e dlaeaeea. The moatebaUna'ayield tohiamode of treatment. which la oa the aoo-meretirlal nlsalpla. Smctaiaa ruaed oa the moatapprorid ~ plan The vio'lrua ol enlitaiy Indulgence cm aloo apply, with a j oar ralaty ol tare. (Htloa 51 Pay atreet. |\n. kalrli.autuobo* rn? mit-miai phitati If TroaWea," aa., ? l-reenwiab ttr-wt- -oftoe heart 9 to If A. IS If, ?to?r. M.,'%uidaynaeeptedl. Three who anply In the early b- ftagoo Will be auepnend al the rapidity aid little Inoo amnion to ? attandlB''hair cart It to nhlefly. however, thoae u he have ami la ft rod I'taoi a terrain r'ajeef pernio, who oan properly apareet da hie eorvicva la etvi< tarn, from I'm Brat or trelpi.-nt, to Ita man adrti.c^i and d . trc r ; ?te<-e, 'tr. pi i?i.<',pin.>no edvAuVegM ?nu a -iitt eatoreire prv'ne,) be <ee ?.m?vl a raped. "a y and * aol'li'?ata,wh:-X Im ha?^r"nn' ?-r vvraltc 1M >?9ht?wM n ow. .o?_i'.;?.^y. Ant lima H m.-JLjifla.-aKagst-t rj n,i w^??^ I INTELLIGENCE BT THE HAILS. 1 hi Washington, March 19, 1M9. I * Tft? PrtndttU and bit Cabinet?A Rupture o( I >?; Hand. I 1 ' We advised you by telegraph, to-day, of the re- I !. jection by the Senate of Mr. McGaughey's nomiaa- I h tion, a. Governor ot Minesota. Thi. wasQyuWJ I ' The nomination took every one by surprise. It was I T bid in every aspect. Mr. McGaughey is a young J man of the most mediocre ability, if indeed he can I 1 I be accused of possessing such a quality at all, and I |B a moat violent ultra whig. We are convinced ' the President neminated him upon the representar. tion of some member of hia cabinet, without in> quiring into hia character ; for we ean never believe that Gensral Taylor would countenance any > man who could get up, as Mr. McGaughey did, in , the House of Representatives, and declare that sooner than vote a penny to the support of the brave army which was then struggling against raatch^ less odds in Mexico, he would let every soldier I starve. This barbareus and cowardly sentiment, i. so disgraceful to any man ; so unlike the spirit which animated the whole American people, was . uttered in the session ol '46, by McGaughey, and as a just murk of the detestation with which his conduct was regarded, his constituents indignantly refused again 10 send him to Congress. I suppose, > therefore, that General Taylor was aware of this man's character, is to imagine what cannot by any , possibility be the case. The nomination was re jected by a considerable vote. ' President Taylor has declared, and daily re! peats the declaration, that the cabinet are responsible for every appointment, and that he will | hold them to it. People who know him best, deI dure that he will bear no humbug; the moment i ho finds his advisers are olavint' him false, he will , I Bend them to the right about. We have no means of knowing the truth of this, but assuredly no greater deception can be practised upon him, than this McGaughey's nomination. The rejection of a person nominated by the Executive, is always a mortifying act. but in the present instance it in ; rendered doubly so, from the fact that it is a reection of a nomination made by a " moderate" i administration, upon the ground of the appointment being so ultra that even the whig Senators themselves could not stnnd it. It has caused much dissat sfaction, and the fesli ing is dully increasing, from ihe large number of ex-members of Congress who are receiving offices. Men who have been laid on the shelf by their constituents, are daily being nicked up and comfortably stowed away. We do not accuse the Presi[ dent of doing all this; but he is responsible to the , country f> r it. As friends of Gener d Taylor?and t we have supported him from the first?we confess we look with great anxiety to the pro, gress of his government; not that we doubt in the i slightest his singleness of purpose, but because we 1 know that a few false steps, unavoidably taken, may drive from his support a host of people who , are now willing and anxious to regard him fa; vorablv. i We "have heard rumors of at least one member of the cabinet pursuing, already, a course of policy ! anything but in keepiug with the spirit which per{ vades General Taylor's letters aud speeches* Wn ; have heard of "family compacts," and manmuI vrings, and inklings. We know not how far they I can be believed ; but we do know that already a feeling of disappointment and discontent is spreading. There is but one way of putting an end to all this; that way is clear, and we believe the President will pursue it. Hut let nothing surprise you; and, least of all, a rupture in the cabinet as at present constituted. [ Far more unlikely things have happened?and we i risk but little in the asaertion that it is more than possible Mr. Crittenden will be in Washington i before many months, if not weeks. B. \\T........... M.f.I. 1U lOIII j nAWinuiun) 4u??v.?i i>7, lotj. I Tlit Government Organ?Meters. Gales and Seaton ! Scattering of the Office-teekers?The Cabinet and | the Appointments?The Nere York Pott Office, I 0-c., &c. The National Intelligencer has been formally i adopted, by the cabinet, as the government organ. J It had been reported that Mr. Bullitt, one of the 1 New Orleans editors, and Mr. Prentice, of the JjonisviUe Journal, were to establish a new whig i paper here, under the auspices of the administration; but 1 understand that if such a project was entertained, it has been abandoned. Although Gales and Seaton, as editors, are quite behind the oge, the respectable manner in which their paper has always been couducted has given them a standing and reputation which it would be difficult for nnv new editors to reach. Their personal popularity and well-known liberality, as citizens, with their great political experience, gives them great advantages over any who might attempt to compete with them at the seat of government. The late Congress passed a resolution to subscribe for one thousand copies of Gales and Seaton's reports of congressional debates, at $5 per volume. It is probable that. the number of volumes will exceed twenty?so that this subscription by Congress will amount to over one hundred thousand dollars. It would be curious to ascertain how many thousands or millions o( dollars have been paid them as public printers for the last fifty years, during most of which time they have enjoyed the government patronage. Still, I presume, they are both behind Blair & Kives, or even Mr. Ritchie, in their pecuniary circumstances, notwithstanding the much greater length ot their career as printers for the | national government. < The crowd of oflice-seekers which was seen here during the last two weeks, has very generally dispersed, and but few of them are left behind.-? Old Zack seems to have lut upon a plan to scatter them, (by referring those who trouble him to his cabinet, without distinction,) which has proved : quite as effectual as were his operations at Buena Vista in scattering the Mexican army. Some of | the office-seeking gentry go off in a rage with the President and his cabinet, threatening to come back with stronger papers and documents, whick | the heads of departments will be compelled to read * and consider: others declare Old Zack to be a | humbug; while some know not what to make of lnm, and endeavor, in vain, to find out what influence moves the cabinet whose advice the Presij dent has thus far followed I believe in every inI stance. I Disinterested persons cannot fail to approve of the course pursued by the President. Being unacI quainted himself with i^e political and social 1 I standing and fitness for office of most of the numerous candidates, he refers them all, without re| gard to personal friendship or regard, to the cabinet, for decision as to their claims, F ersonal ap; peals to him are therefore not only of no avail, but ; absolutely injurious to the applicants. Were he to i pursue a different course, and attempt to decide between conflicting claimants for office, his inexperience in the affairs of civil government would ; lead him into numerous and irretrievable error*, and the formation oi another kitchen cabinet, as in the days of Jackson, would be the probable re' suit. The people will now hold the cabinet, as the constitutional advisers of the Executive, re: sponsible for the appointments to office made by this udministration., The heads of department*, i 1 believe, may be relied on aa eautiousand shrewd , men, who willendeavor .o act for what they believe to be the best interests of the country. So far they have acted with impartiality between the original Taylor men and those who preferred Clay, Scott or Webster, giving to the friends of each a share in the offices dispensed. The appointments for Philadelphia have excited a great deal of interest. F*r Collector, Peter Skeu Smith considered his claims paramount to all oth' ! ers; but his appeals to old /Jack have been inefi fectual, and the Philadelphia whtgs are bitterly I opposed to Gen. Smith asu candidate for the nigh : office he seeks. He will, probably, get something . I however, for his efforts in causing the union be' tween the natives and whigs in Pennsylvania. [ Gen. Ditlard, Albert Ramsay, of Hamsburg, and j Mayor Swift, are named as competitors with Gen. Smith for Collector J oh a C. . | master of Philadelphia under HarnsonjmdTylen [ stands well forre-appointment. Redwood Fisher r nlno WftDtfl flit offiCfl lit jPtlllfluCiPltlfle . II It is understood here that for Postmaster of - Ne v Yerk. Elijah Paine, a lawrer of your city v and a personal friend of Mr. Collamer, the Post'. master General, stands a fair chance. He wont f home, 1 understand, fu.l of confidence of success. - New Yorkers here say lie will not be sntisfaet#7or Collector, Gov. Young stands ahead a* present but some of your citizens express the opinion tiiat neitherof the candidates named will answer. Why do not the whig merchants of New i. .........i,l? uml leirommendacandidatef Such | IU1A WBm.u'w .... .. ? ? a man would, doubtless, succeed, if fairly brought forward. Aw Omh???. Washington, Marsh 20, 1849. 1 ' The Ruected Nomination. Wc were mistaken in asserting that Mr. McGaughey's rejection, as Gov. of Minesota, by the Senate, was nearly unanimous?it was strictly party vote. We, however, know that the feeling in favor of his rejection, was almost unanimous; and nothing but a desire not to embarrass the adrair.iteration, induct d lour-filtlis of the whig senators , to vote in furor ol the nomination. Indeed, no seeist .s Mhsf 'his teeliog to-day?a leeli ng, as j si train Irwin unquestionable authority, partici- j tat d -i it- the ifiotiav lal nfsl .?i J

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