Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1849 Page 2
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(remt?d every mommy, ,1 ** vm pohttshrd in the nun nitty < nd afternoon editions,) at reasonable prices ; to be written tn n pi in >eyih/e manner ; the proprietor not responsible tor errors in manuscript AMllaLMkiHloVo-MUdhOM AVBNIN9. BOWERY THIATU. BewwT?Baai.E ITI-J*SIIV*H BROADWAY THKtl'Kt. Broadway?Tma Ibphhtim NATIONAL TUMaTHR, OhalhaAi Winrvi. Mo?. new ?Mo*k in caur '??ia?*" AieDJawanr?Who Bi'baki tuirf all ETON'S TBMATKE. Cfcambara ittrt-D smoky AND Bow ?MB. ahd Mb*. B?< ?HH. MMUHANIW ha 11., Broadway, mw Brooma?Ohrujty*? imtku SOCIETY LJ BRaKY, Broadway?new Oai.aaiea baaehaoca*. BROADWAY CIRKITH, SOT Broadway? HoBiotAwaar, fori* Raoba Ann Daacino Bottt*-Br Oaalw, lbtt M. Oo.e TaoupbAOOLOGIOAL BALL. Dowry?Yaw Akbubsh ft Oo.'a mimn. ? <;oiNBBB MUSEUM. 5? Broadway?OMnran OvRioamm Ml NARY A BOOMS?Bow*. Adhibn, Maoio awb Pwh.mowhv. PANORAMA HALL, SM Broadway?Fawoaama or ni ht'nson rita t. TABERNACLE, Broadway?Mr. Dempster'* Compart. BTl'YVEBANT INSTITUTE, Broadway?Yarxeb Hill'i xlvtprt i1wmkrt K?W York. Sunday, ISarab S4.?, 184-9* The RnglUh Steamer, The Bteam ship Canada had not arrived when we went to press this morning. She may be expected at any m< ment. She left Haluax at 12 o'clock on Thursday night, and is therefore over fifty hours out. We shall probably be enabled to give the lull details of her news in to-morrow's Herald. The state of Europe* We placed before our readers, in yesterday's Herald, a summary ot the foreign intelligence received by the steamship Canada, which is two weeks later than what we were previously in possession of. That summary came to us direct from Halifax, Nova Scotia, by special express nnd telegraph, at a great expense, and created some commotio* in the community. By this intelligence we learn the astounding fact that the whole European continent is on the eve of witnessing great events. There is scarce a country in that region that is not agitated to its centre, and in which revolution, war and bloodshed may not be expected to break out, without a moment's warning. The signs of the times are indeed portentious of revolution, war and violence. The Emperor of Russia is, according to every indication, about to make some great movement, which may produce a general war in Europe. While this is going on, however, the progress ot reform seems to assume a more active spirit, and to be at work, undermining the foundation ot every monarchy and despotism there. In the absence of our files, we caunot eater into the details of the news. We shall probably receive them this morning ; and in our issue oi Monday, we shall publish the news entire, together with our correspondence. The most striking facts received by thir arrival, are the account of a sanguinary battle between the British forces and the Sikhs in India, the con tiDuance of peace and order in France, and the growing belief that the republic is safe. Tha battle, it would seem, was fought with grea, jury and bravery on both sides, and may be attended with very important consequences. There seems to be little room for doubt that the victory of the Seika was complete, from the fact that the British acknowledge the loss of twenty-five hundred men and ninety-three officers, as well a* tome of their guns and regimental colors. This loss, we have no doubt, is much under-rated ; and this impression is confirmed by the doleful tenor of the remarks made on the result by the English press. On the part of the British, very different results were anticipated. Vast preparations were made, not only to attack and defeat the Sikhs, but to annex the Puujaub, and make it a portion of British India, in pursuance of the policy which that power has always hdopted in that region. This repulse?thi- decided and important result? may change their plan of operations, and may yet end in a series of disasters to British power in India, which, if they do not annihilate, will seriously weaken it. II such be the case eventually, it will be a retribution not wholly undeserved, and may be the precursor of the downfall of English dominion throughout the world. The immediate effects of this Indian intelligence will be, to inspirit the dieallected in England and Ireland, aud especially those who are opposed to a further contiuuhnce of the existing state of things in Canada. France, we are pleased to see, is calm and " imci. x tie ixa we are luiurmra uy our | despatches, are disposed to lrown down all who ere inclined to disorder. The government ol JLouib Napoleon is as strong at could b.-desired, ond seems to possess the confidence ot the welldisj-osed portion of the community, who, we are happy to say, evidently constitute the great bulk of ihe jrople. Indeed, it would seem as if tne French y*ojle were deteimined to live down, an J act down, the multitudinous slanders winch were heaped upon them by the English press, and to convict their ill-wishers as false prophets. There are, we think, some undercurrents tn political mutters in Europe; but we cannot speak ol them until we receive our hies of English and Continental exchanges. The movements of Russia ate very significant. Camfoknia?Cor. Benton.?California conti nues to he ui;>erniuet in men's minds. Every piece of intelligence from that celebrated region is read with the g eatest avidity, and there is much anxiety manifested for the receipt of some ol the gold with which it abounds. Our readers are aware that Col. Fremont, sonin-law of Col. Benton, Senator trom Missouri, some tune since left for California, and that his lady took her departure lor the same region a lew days ago. Col. Benton himself will Boon follow suit, ostensibly with the view el seeing the gold mines himself, and getting ocular demonstration ol their wealth and abundance; but really, we believe, for a different purpose. It will be recollected that Mr. Benton indited a letter to the peo taken a great interest in the affairs of that country. From present appearance*, there u every probability that ihatcouniry wnl soon come into the Union as a Siatr ; and kh Mr. Benton'* term of *ervice in the United Statea Senate will *oon expire, and a* tin re la but little chance ol ni? being rr-elected by Miaeouii, we wnuld not be wrp.iard if Mr. Benton liaa an eyt to bung returned to the Senate by the nt-w blate cl Calilorma. This view is strengthened, when we conatder the course which Mr. Benton liaa h??n, for aome tune back, pursuing in regard to California?hi* wilting a Inter to the |?eople tfit re ; hie attacks on the administration of Mr 1'olk, in connection with the mme subject; the emigration of hm I bin i y; In# own contemplated ?tt j.e.iture, and ihe approaching exjnratioa ol hi# a fiice ha Senator from Missouri. 'J be amount ol i migration to th- gulden i regions of California, from tnis part of the country, amount* already to nearly tweoty thousand persons, the real bone aod sinew ' of the nation. The number from the whole J Union will probably reach to nearly thirty thousand; ( and including those who go thither fro/n Europe, 1 hvm the preeent time up to next May, it is highly j probab'e that the emigration from the whole world to that wonderful countiy, will, by next summer, amount to fitly or sixty thousand persons Such an emigration from the United States and Europe will have a very important bearing upon the future hirtory of thHt territory. The first thing done by such a population will doubtless be to improvise a government, and to establish some sort ol public regulations, in order to preaervs peace and good order in society. The emigrants from this part ol the country are the best kind of population?the moat intelligent and moat enterprising. They are also the best acquainted with the forms belonging to a republican government. Also, most of them are free soil men; and there ia no doubt one of the first principles they will establish in the government of California, henceforth and tor ever, will be the perpetual exclusion of slavery from all its borders. By this means the question of the Wilmot proviso will be terminated, and thus we shall save many unnecessary and irritating debates in Congress on this subject. The effects of the emigration to C&litoraia, in the sailing and fitting out of vessels, and the shipping ofT provisions and other commodities, have been felt very extensively in thiB region of the country, among our financial and commercial cir cles. It Iihb ueen geneiany rsiimaieu uiai inia Cnhfornia movement has absorbed nearly twenty millions ot the floating means of the capitalists and men of business in New Yoik, and the other Atlantic sea ports. This has created, as was to be expected, a pressure and stringency in the money market; but this effect will be removed as soon as the gold returns are received for California, cither here or in Eur< pe. Great anxiety, therefore, is manifested for gold from that country, and every arrival by way of Panama and Chagres, Acapulco and Veru Cruz, is expected wilh extreme avidity, by all classes ot our population. Railways in Canada?The Parliament?System or Internal Improvements.?It seems that the excitement of the Parliament now in session at Montreal, on trie bill to pay for losses during the rebellion, is subsiding, and the attention of the members, and the assemblage of citizens at that place, is about being turned to a mere profitable account. The subject ol improving the country is now beginning to engross their minds. A meeting has been held by a general railroad delegation assembled at Montreal, from all parts of the province, and they have devised and recommended to the government a plan for extend ing a Dane line irorn i^ueoec, aiong me norm snore of the St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario, to the head of the lake at Hamilton, and thence along the line of the Great Western Railway, to Sand- . wich on Detroit River, opposite to the city of Detroit, This plan, which it is understood is favorably received by the ministry, and will probably be recommended to the Parliament, contemplates that when companies are organised along this line, and Bhall have expended one-third of the amount necessary to complete the section of the road which the company is incorporated to construct, to the satisfaction of the government engineer, the government will lend their credit to an amount sufficient to complete the other two-thirds, and will hold a preferred hen on the whole for their security. This is t scheme of doing up the business with system and efficiency. It seems entirely practicable, and if adopted will lead to a regular plan, which has been much needed in the United States. Had New York made, or aided its citizens in making, one great base line from the Hudson to the Lakes, leaving to individual enterpiise to construct lateral railways radiating from it, we should not now be vexed with the caprices of seven different corporations, and their sinuous railway, diverging and bending from a direct line to satisfy property owners in small villages along the way; nor would the Legislature be constantly harrassed with applications for parallel roads and Btraight lines to shorten the distance. The government of Canada has already nearly completed a line of improved navigation, by means of canals, from the Lakes to the sea. If they now tollow it up with this plan of railways, the settlement of that country will be accelerated, within three years after its completion, more than half a century. Lateral railways and plank and macadamized roads, will soon connect the great line with th j whole interior of the province. The system proposed is truly worth their adoption. It is worthy of a young, growing and advancing country. Through the length of the Great Western Railway, extending from the suspension bridge, at , Niagara Falls, to Detroit river, they will be on our great highway between the Eastern and Western | States, and we can pass across the peninsula in | less time than by any other route. We shall, in- I deed, give thein a passenger traffic which will 1 make Uiat part of their road very profitable. This line of railway, toe, will connect Moutreal with ] Portland and ifoston through the Atlantic road. There seems to be nothing in tne way of carrying out the system, if adopttd. For individuals to furnish one-third of the means, will not be oneroue. The government can, with great safety, furnish the other on the security of the whole, and uncer the eye of the public engineer, see that it is proj>erly expended. We say to ourCanadian neighbors, you are right?go ahead. Making railroads ,s mote profitable than making revolutions, ualess you follow the example of the old thirteen States. What Doks not Dar.nrbnnkss Do? ? The General Sessions, which have just terminated, furnish the solution of this vitally important question. Many are now within the cheerless and dismal halls of a felon's prison, bewailing in sorrow and shame the bitter and desolating effects of the rum-bottle. A man is found guilty of an outrage upon a female, who, in the language of the learned Re I... .. I.Ml. n.rm.n rri rl U. ib asked what he has to say why the strong arm ot the law should not lay hold of him, and arrest him in his career? His answer is, that he was excited by liquor at the time. Another is convicted ot forgery , and his answer is, that for two months belore he had committed the offence, he was overwhelmed in liquor. Another 'is convicted of robbery ; and the answer of the convict in, that he was drunk at the time and, with tears m his eyes, he implores the mercy of the Court for the sake of his three motherless little children. We might go on almost ad infinitum with, this painful recital ; but we have said sufficient to show the dreadful dominion of the liquid and maddening fire over its subjects. At the Special Sessions, day after day, husbands are broaght up fer the most savage assaults upon their poor, bcoken-heartad, but forgiving wives ; and when asked why they had acted with such barbarity to the partners of their bosoms, the answer is, that they were drunk, j and bad no recollection of what they did at the j time. The Recorder has represented to them, in the moat forcible terms, the sad results of the great moral critna of inebriety, and has advised them, in the kindest and mildest manner, to guard against it for the remainder of their days ; and if they be not incorrigible, and utterly lost to every sense of feeling and compunction, his honor's ndI monition must have found its way into their l hearts. Most earnestly do we hops that It has. nuiNtu I i > i i m iin ~i1 e iwnai unai in h ThMttkvl Mid Siblcal. Bowiii Thutk ? Daring the punt two weeki, tbu iilMMlu 4nai of " Kifl* K)?" ku Won tki grand ktimtloD nt thie bom*, end eerp lirgi eadleuoea horn wliDeeted lu perfnrmenoe. It ie written bp Mr N. B. ClMke, nnd bli not log in one of tbe promt eent ohereo tore of tbe pint it n thj planting f~eture in It. run pieee en* written with view to afford nn opportunity to introduce tbe aptrudid.p irnitel taoeet, Aroeoef tbe P'oprri) of Mr J H Hah. on toe >fn<e, end ooa<* queatp muoh of If* lotrreet depend! nn wnet 1<? ueukit) teimod " utio iffni." Veat bone ruoa >ir<i ana etiuoed teperimip for 'be pi-o*, nod ell the eeemo rrt-ufo*' of the rrttk ifbinnnt if" brought into u-e to giro fail plap to the b irae eeeuee. Mr Hah, long a tin rit? of lb* B *?rj auaieooes, m e omundtin of a orcMoery trerit hoi ebiiwo bi?i?eif e moat derm; aud OerbiLg tqoerir en boo her Rented additional reptpa ion by fbn eej te which he be" managed hie beautif jI atetd. The me n rtory i t tbe pleue r*?ta ou tbedoiuga of tbe youtig O'eboniea. (Haii'r part.j ota deaira t > revenge bit father a oee b, hl? lore lor Cnquene, { YtiM Wt ni>e? ) e beautiful pouug helf breed end b e diteppoiniOH-et In iteinirg her affection* wblob ere gtmo to Cberlee Stanley (Clarke) There ie en under plot of n amnio mat, wherein Mr John Smith, (Wl oeot ) a negro i-ervtut. (J?rdeu ) end Mr* John Biatth, (Mr* Ciilbeit.) ttguie rerp emutiORip Che ptaoa bet been rnp euooeeeful, end will be piuped, we preauma, for eome time to cme Cbeo imedp of the " Kelt Via a" bet aim- been placed teveral timet during tbe week It i? an amueing affair. hur rather too Knglith in atorp etid character)", to be well appreciated in New York BaoantvAV Thiith.- Four placet,each one of them a beautiful nine cim-iy 01 risen, were performed at tde above splendid last night, in Which tbn great dciinator of liish character, Mr Collins, and the great American coimo actor, Mr. U. Plaoide, both ap peaied drawing in their train,like two metsorio comets, an immense tu-rruiti af'? of delighted hearers and admirers Mr Collins, as Pierce O'Hara. the irrb attorney of 1770. rir-w dns'u r"ars of applause at a'amat eery step ha took aid almost every word he uf-ere i Mr.PlHc.irte as Sain Hi tides. in t he 'Nabobfor an Hour," evinced the mtoul-hDg powers and genius with wbicbbei gifted in a surprising manner Mis. Watts and Hadaway also played well in the same piece. Che former lady is. in lie, one of t he brut and handsomest actiesre* on these board*, and plays with beautiful elegance end ahandon. We have often seen ber of late, aud In every part ehe plays, she exhibits more tbaa ordinary talent and aomlo genius, and deserves more notice tbaa she has hitherto received The other parts were not quite so wall, though quite respectably, sustained Toni'now evening, after a period ot long preparation, and study, tte grand operatio spectaoia of the "En cbantress" will oe produced not only for the drst time in ibis theatre but also in Amerioa, and In order to givs full effect to an opera ot the most traosoemiaut merits, whether regarded as a spectacle, opera or drama, of rxqulsiti I) brilliant, una thrilling interest embraoiug the flneet composition a? Well as the latest, ef Quito, it will bring betore the public the rer.oii-cti 'o of thore days when the iSeguin* tirst charmed us in Ida author's enchanting composition of the ' Bohemian Uirl." these accomplished vocalists assisted by Mr. Heaves, whose proisssional crW hntv h*? extended all ov?r Kuropo a* well a> tbia continent, together with the talented an quirs-mtnta of Mrs. Phillips, Messrs. Holmau ami Lrecb, have heen selected to give full efficiency anil of foot to tho repieseatation of tb'egvrgeousaud brilliant Optra Tbe flowing ami florid style of Mr" S'guin's to?alir.atlon <n tbe " Bohemian (Hrl." "till eohoec In our oaiej and wild equal anxiety we aatinlpaca eimllar enjoyment In tho important aoana* and snugs aisigaeri to bar bora Wo can safely aaet-rt that neitnor pains or legitimate expense baro boon spared to rondar tha attraction complete To do parfact ju-tios to an entertainment that combines spectacle,opera and drama an outlay of eonaldarablo and. to might add, ofinoredib'a expense, in eoatuniaa propartlea and maihinory, &o , waa Indispensable; and economy In these departments a* wall aa in tba organisation of a oomplafa and aff-ctive ballet, waa Haver couaoltail. To the taate, enterprise and auparlor management of Mr. Blake tba oubho are deeply indebted lor tba gorgeous display that will be presented ou Monday evening There are tew raanagrrseo well uumiflrd to carry tbia serious undertaking to a sBtlstantory conclusion, and wa may cordially ton grntulatehim on bis undoubted success It la not, then unreasonable to expect tbat tbe eatne tariff of sdmn Ian to tba boxes and perquatte should axle under sir cumetancta of auch an expansive combination of ell tbat la necessary to give etbcacy and effect to tbe opera and wa are persuaded tliat tbe pub'io wtd h? pleased to learn tbat to tbaaa portion* ol tha house only the ad mission will be seventy five cente, while all the other patta It will remain as hereto'ore. \fter the first reptesectatlon we will enter more fully into tbe merits of tbe periormauoa National Thkathc ? We bava but little new to my about tbe doings at this house during the week 'I hey have been of that amusing aud attractive n tore which always oharaoteriges the enti-i t?ium#ut? here. " N'osaln i aliforrls" and ,l t'om aud Jemmy,'' have been in great request every evening, and ciiau frau and Seymour have acted their parts in these laughable burlesques with ail that sacineee for which they have beaomo ao famous in this Hue of character Tbe local druina will always be a mrst favorite enter tainuient. whilst nave suoh capital representatives ol the characters. Hield. who has lately returned to tbia theatre has been vsrv wall received lnrie?d; ho is a most careful actor, and does everything he under takes Weil. Mr rtlion took a benefit on Thur'day cvhlIob acd bad a very Rood hones. Miss Metayer. Mrn. labor wood, Mra Chapman. H. B Chapman. T. Booth, aud the o'ber mem tiers of the company, ham all appeared to ninch advantage in mrnrnl now farco* during the pant work " Which in tbo King t" '* Who Speaks First ?" and several othera, war* played. Boston's Theitii,-Tba celebrated oomedy, In three aota, by Poole?'" Paul Pry, or, 1 hope I don't Intrude,"?wan performed laet night at thia elegant theatre, before a eery faabionable audience, rfhd waa played With much effect and humor. The fanny oharaoter of Taul Pry, whtob in peculiarly fitted for the kind of hi)trlonic talent of Mr Burton, wan rendered bythisoo median with a great deal of oiigineltt.y and wit As for the other artiste,they acquitted th-mieiven with all their good powers of the rn.-peotirn toltt allotted to them. Messrs Lyune, Jordan aud Hamilcou, aud Meidamea Hill. Veruou, and Chapmen. were excellent In short. Paul Pry " ellil'ed much laughter, aud Burton wan capital. " I.a Jota Aragonena." danced by Mures Walter* and Morgan, aud MM. Frederic and rnrnloe. we' giveii with a'l ire peculiar character, and receiyed with much applaueo. Thn new ver-ton of " Mr and Mrs Macbeth." by Dr. W K Nertbali. gave occasion to Mr Hartou aud to Mr Brougham te ga ther many plaudit.' and excite much merriment ? Lady Macbeth, oy Burton, i* the funniest piece of aitlog ever eeen; his lace, bin voice,bla countenance, and hie readTge are luiroiiable As tor Mr hes pioved himself an excellent, mime for he initiate*, to perfection. Kean Korreat, Macieedy and even ticby. as well as the ferocious and bloody combe'.* ever rrpresented at the Bowery theatre. The line theatre of i hambers street deserve* patronage, for the manager is a very enterprising getitltmao Italian One a.? We last evening repaired, from the drrary interonu/sa of life, which more or less exists in all laige cities, to while away an hour er two within :be musical wads of the Aster Plaoe Opera House. The piece selected was " I Purllanl," ia which Slgaortne Borghese displayed the various beauties of vooallsttlon to the utmost delight of an audience of the moat b'll. liant and fashionable character. V* the evening wore away, and the r< tre-hmg air and coolness of the night pervaded the theatre the artis's seemed to possess more vigor, and to excite the etidisnoe to marked ma ntfeatations of the pleseure and aelight they eojnycd while listening to the limpid eadentae which the inimitable Bergbese rendered with remarkabls pati'y, roundness, and awrstnesa of Intonation. Her vocal strains do not startle or strike with wonder, yet thev display, in an eminent degree, great art and natural ability. Many vocalists astonish by tbelrsxecution; but the plaintive, heart touching tones < f Bigonnnn Bergbese do more than thia. for her sweet warblinga find an avenue to the eoul. and excite within the minds of the audience the most refreshingand delightful emotions She was called out after the second act. amid the reiterated cheers of the entire honse. who testified their approbation by throwing at the feet of the fair oantatrlre several beautiful bouquets. Arturo, by Signer f.erelli. Rteordo by Teffaneill, and Olorglo, by Novelll. were well sustained; but we mi'sed the rich melodlcua tenor tones of Bsnedsttl, as also the round and well cultivated baritone of siguor Raneveatano. The theatre was well filled, and the andienoe s*emed highly pleased with the efforts cf the respective artiste. Ar? Rooms?The farewell conoort of the young and talented violinist, Lulgi Klrna. took plaoe last evening at. tbe ah?ve Rooms, to quite a numerous and fashionable sod lines The fantaisle on the pisne. or "Roberto d' F.vereux." performed by Annlbale Klena, a talented hoy of only eight years of age. was brilliantly executed. Tbe a<r. sung by Madame Oorla Botha, was <uug with mueh taste and expression -nunc reincnau npiemurg,' f>) ?u>m? unrta Both*, ?w r< oalred with great appiaoae, ml do wu the oaratina ' I'm Queen of Ut? Kalry Bond." whteh *t< eung with *xquleite teate. The concert concluded with a eery troll executed fkilwiaon the rlolln by Lulgi Kl-na, which brought down from tho delighted audieooe greet ipplauee Thi' talented boy la deetmed, no doubt, to M a etoord Kororl. BuriDnir Ciuli'i ? Setid?, Lent Ik Co 'a eataMlahnent ho* dene a moat apiandtd bualneia here daring ho part oeeoot, end boo boon patronlard rory exteoil'rly by our ottliena. Tb? ooutp!rt?no"0 of tbolr ooo< rn a rehire them to glee the moot full and plotting intcrtatDmonta that oan bo tmoglrrd. Tbolr highly reined Bind of horoea. elegant equeetrlena, corneal downa, beautiful f-m of equilibrium, and all tho great eatureo of a flr*t-rato eqixitrlao company are enough n aatiafy all Tba coming ?e-k w ll be their laet in hi? otty Tho broihera Rlrera will introduce aldii< nal teatf and everything will be done to make It a noet brilliant week. Ma DKMrtTta will glra ona of bla delightful onnicrtr to-morrow arming at the rrbernacie Mr U toe long been known ae probably tbn beet dinger of iroteb union that hoe ever netted oar eoantry j but It o not alone in ouch muoio that h? otandi pre-eminent; n <5a?rrlpt1re hailed ouch ao the ' May Queen " the ' Irloh hmtgnnt a Lament," " The .ompialnt of the Indian," nna ot her olmtlar pI'c-'O hi* lo m>idrolled In to motrow eri pin*'* unTertamiuent he wllllntrod-ise all hia nioet popular jdarea. ffiamv'e vnooiino The nonarrta r.f thooe alnl ruble ungate continue aa | enular aa er?r. I her onrairily ate a bar,I working b ind, a- tb?y C nt'tlHollj ire. Iniridio i |t n v lft-a nod .vlditlc no to their proframiDea ro a? to uia'ia t.rm the Re ?<? ullr i of httiojiuu Rii ft'chy. N?.? "ni.,?\ 0?aar*l J-ick*?n mail \<w (>r?-?u? r*wuu? h? tin ar<rlik> 4?ni? in ?rth vl-st ]tj < 1 tl>~ i r<:?n?nt Cliy. I it thu i,*t, j . i .s?f?t>? t-rc ?re et?aMi| < ? inooh ? l k ?'-uf?Mnn m.on * u? iVr? l ukiii as Jtci oo i CiiUJanluiji <i i t;.' wimt. UBMKt.M mjut ?? .<? ... r* BrUtali; only tb* *?D?atlnn thay ar*ata la a ^aa otrahjo no Th?y ronttoaa their noiioarta al?DUy w4b immrwi moon?. Yamkf HiLi'a L*?T r.NTKaTtiautKT ? Tfcla a labrat'd camrd aD, ?(.? hnH? th? flrat rank la bU llw, wrl ai" hia l*-t cooiio olio, at th- iteoreaaat la atttntn. to n o ir* fvBiDj Mr Hill la a *aa?ral f.Torlfa and ?a h?f? n-<t"uhl bat that tb- eharaot-r ot hta aoitarUliDcal, nada up aa It la of aaeh ?tri<4?. outt bI*ay" Rtvi* the u'uioat plaaeura to tho># ?bo patron!** htm Hta aepaatrnltlai and ready ?it ndctol to hta pouiiar and rarlad phraseology, art ue equalled. Bcokpit Ball?Tt-e frl?ada of Mr. Wall. th* hit a 4 h?r,?r hndltx that hia conorrt waa a failure. hara e*eit?d tbeir Irfloeooe with their i^ttainuri -t? la net ru ?|i* t*'1 wbtrh centre off oa Monday eeralaf a' TaBiWHDf Hall. Ills hoped a;apathy and !> ? ?<?burr wilt prompt all tbore who viatt anob plaeea, to patrosiae tbla poor man on Monday arming nait Mr. Klemlog. trio tragedian dii arrived to mu elty, alter a successful ecutborn tour. Jim. Kumiy Ktuiiilc Itutier'a lUadlitfi ot Sn?hi|Kari. Qulntillan aayo tbat when bo beard Plata, bo oeenwwl to hear oot a man. but a divinity ; and Cicero bad ennb an eoteeui for bio, tbat, in 'bo enthu*latia of { aaegyrlo, ho aald?"Krrarr. me Utrcule m*l* cum ''totour, ijvam rem litis vrra teniirr." ' By Hereulos ' nuld rather err with Plato, tban acknowledge tba truth on the side of hi* enemies " Wo oannot aay that wo have hoard a divinity, but wa bava hoard Sbskeprare. and uioro, wa have beard biai hit thought* and sentiments, expressed by this lady, with atrtking force and beauty, with all the aide tf an aec.u(>1 obeu education, and all the grace el a flalsUsd necu lon The loteroet wbioli tie aunouaoeoient Cut ebe Intended to give throe rr.adtagt ovni.ed bar leer kept up and preserved troru hr?t to l?t; and tbie |e moot omul/lime nt try to the retinr.l end cultivated taote of the pec pie of thi* oity. The large, brilliant, and learned audienceo that have crowded the 8tii> voeant ln*titut? a'.'err two thing*: - hr-t that tba tLiiral giandeur. the Infty Idea* the pure philoimpy. the mhlinio creatlnnH ol a mind endowed by it* Ciea'ot with tbo choicest end the beet gift*, and the tarciusting nnd eloquent I uguege In a bian ib*y ate clothed, rie thoroughly apprenta'ed in this oeuutry, nod. secondly, that they oan appreciate genius, whlnh In air wit0 1' addiiinnat Interest from the tact of It* possessor being a fair lady, on wbooe name the great and urouiiied fame of her family reflect a lustre which time will not aim but render the wore reeplsw d"*ut The r<|iitKrii<ii ?i|i| depth It Intellect with which she Ik b -sr. )>m enabled her to perrotm the great task with the lighest ho or to letteis, and with the lullest credit to b*-r proteselnnal standing. I.*?t nwang,

ber |>< wt rs were exertul In the leading of the magnificent play of Julius ' war"?a theme wcr%y of tt.e majestic mental ri-sources of "Nature's pet." This wmk tor ot her happiest effort* as great stops was aflo deu for ibe exercise of the qualifications which tut- Indispensable to the interpreter ot ->liall?pHnre, aud of which she it the uudoubted possessor The laiicus speeches were spoken with due ell-ct In vo t e b?*r re, and ge-Uiiulstlrn ehe was admiral ;< ; aud the exclamation, " tt tu, Bruit," was untred with such emphasis. and Id such a pe ouilar tone of voice, as to represent the sgmy of pi rd. as well e? i f body I u which ' to?ar wee when he pronounced the cut iog rebuke. The audteuoe. we nitd not eny tree enraptured, end, we ma/ add. ohsriued. Thrii unbroken slleuce whilst this eminent ?i man led captive their sensbs. and held thum, a* It were, spell bound, aud then the outburst of applause which did bomcge to her delineations showed h'w tnoy rewarded the euhject. and the oapabllitles of the per *? u by whom It ens handled It is hut just to th* wrr p< Me janitor Vr Polman to eay. that on all oecastooa he h?? evinced the utmost willingness to afford ev?ry accommodation iu hi> power, and to consult the oomfort and convenience ?f the public Sptirtlng Intelligence. The season of st ort on Long Island is near at hand, and great pre; arat oils arc int.king for a brilliant seasen. The advertisements of the proprietors of the Union and Centervllle tracks show a disposition to enter into the syiing business with great spirit. The entries for the Crntreviile olpsn ou Monday, and those lor the Union on Saturday next. FHnhliuisble Intelligence. r.irhi-r'r grand exhibition ball will take plane at Tamilianj Hall, on Wedresfay evening next Great preparations are mahirg tor this exhibition of grace, aud it is thought that the affair will b? a very pretty one. Murine Afl'atr*. toskaoc dues l!X PliSZIUISN posts. Tonnage dues, per ton 600 rein. Knteriug in ballast und sailing with cargo. . . 460 '' fcnttring wiib cargo and nailing without.. , , 460 " (entering in bal'ast. end calling iu ballast.. . . (Tree. In tiauqnia, to try rhrt mnrkit or r -cetve orders. hating discharged or taken no cargo, daily, per ton 30 rsis. On the third and subsequent voyage- within a venr. liar In,' on 'd dues r.n the tvo Dre vious nni ivals. Free. With part of cargo for the port and part fer a foreign port, without receiving any cargo.. 450 rata. I'arsvogt-rs going to Biazil should be provided with a pair port Veeetls intending to atop at any port In Bratil for provisions, will do well to take a bill of heaitb, to prevent iiuarantine Tariff of fee* on Brazilian oonsulatea Manifests of the cargo of a vessel $0 Do in ballast 2 Bill of health 2 Crew list 1 I'aseporte 2 1'ulltc liitvllltpeiKia. Char/;e of Ot untt tatttny.' Officer MoManas, of the Keurteenth ward, urreatrd, yesterday, a black man oalled Abram Titus, and Margaret Titus hia wife, on a charge of stealing $60, the property of Mr. William N. Nilea residing at No. 10 Beach street The accnaed parties were taken before Justice Timpaon, and eomnil,ted for n farther hearing Char ft of Robbery ?Officer Smith,ef the Fifth ward, arrested yesterday. a tiion by the nume of James Wil ?<>n, on a ciiarve of e'ealinga watch from J. Dangley, No. 1S3 Thompson street The case bmug investigated before Just-no l.othrop, the accuse* nu discharged, as no evidence of felooy was vl-ible Chargr of Caunt erf tiling Moiuj.? Two men by the t tree at Kncolph lortzer and Niemur were arrested yreiertiay by the police of the Seventeeth ward on a charge of connteifeiticg money Justice Timpaoa ecu mlttad the amused tor a further hearing | Change of kit ultra (iffioer Hart, of the 14th ward, aireeteo, yesterday a man by tde4nauie of Cater K?nns. dy, ipo Julia, his lYifn, on a charge of stealing (30 belonging to Aun Mallory The magistrate detained the accused parties lor a further {in- viiir Change of dsrrriiy -Offlest F.dwardt, of the 3d district police, and Mr. Kelyra of the lad-pendent poles. ar'ested, yes erday. a man by the name t J. II iiut-ihins. of Tl Liberty streit, oa a eburge of laioeny, under the foilowiog ciconm'ta' O-e :It seeira. from the >-iiluavit of Mr, Richards, the c-unpla<nsnt, tba" 'he <Jetend?nt hutchtos was indebted tc htm about (fOO borrowed mauey and after being put off fr< u time to tluis. Richards flnslly insisted upon toe payment O' his claim without flirt her dolav ? Whereupon liu-cblos told him to write ont a receipt and ho wr.iiid pay lila- by giving him a check tor the ii onej This was dote nnu the reo-ipt baode-1 to Huichins No sooner was this done, than lha latter seized the check which be had drawn, and destroyed It,and tbvn walk-<? off "vi'h the receipt given by Mr Itlcbaids On this state of the facta tlutnhlns was bold to by Justice Osborte I utile sum o! (1000 to answer the charge iitui rat. bcs.laiuBefore the Recorder. and Aid. Adams and Downing. Stiirtly after tne su ing ot tne'1-art LvaaIo <ibandor who sun found goil'y lost week cf having obtaiu-d property In money end Jewelry, from a auto named Afnsr. t the amount of (1 Ofw, by false pretences, was h ?li>lil unf. TK, ..M (I? r-??.s I.eo the |.< wm of Fenamg htm for three yeer* to the S a o itl'on, but taking Into coo* deraloo nil fhi fsct* Of the case that the prn<*oatnjg wirna?? hvd tird fiom lila creditors and com < here with their m-iii a, end the onn'raolctorj obnactor of the evidence, the ser'stir* of ib?Coott ?i< that the prisoner hs confined el* rrontbein th? peniten'iary. Samuel Ccruell, tin on Ihorsday laat ?a? conv-oted of grind mrienv, wae sentenced to lite je ire irnprfeonmeBt iu the State prison fiur/irry.?The trial of John Clarke alias Clarkvon, ?! then re>tuned; but all tbe facte connected with It tavii'g h?? n alrsad . preseot-d to < he public, it li uone ceeevij o repeat tbern a? no new 1/ht was thrown upot. th> rn.jThe rave for the pioaecu'l m having <1 >?-d t.Le ae.cuaid'e rouoeel made a powerfal speech to the jury on hi- behalf ionic part* of whien were eo toorh ini ae to afeetthe prisoner to tearv A f-evhoe-e, and ahtuh moral tone pervaded It?the foundas ou h'tug stuns cenitnnn ?enve the characteristic. Hooordlog to the detinitii'O of the Kenan orator, of true *1im|'tenon. I'hla speech wae certainly a masterly union of IO|?'? and law philosophy and rhernrh-. The learned gent leman paid the nioo Implicit obsdtanoe to the i njnnrtloa contained in the worde of ton Latin poet" hi vti rn? 11 re dolenduin evt Tr retire, Ipsi i.M." ? If yon wivli to attent others, yon don' drat he affeot-d i yotr elf The calm so etnii, and deltberatv mod- of i his reasoning which waa < ocsn onnl y relieved b* fl*?h e? of wit, in?de a visible Impression upon the minds of ] the jury. The speech of the District Attorney, In reply. wn- an able effort i Hie Hoien then rharped the jory, who had not I agreed at 0 o'clock lest night. I i lor (/tiart?ln Batten. < Darnices 7\>Aiu? adim. Shaw tt at?Motion In ar- * rest? Judp 10' nt dented I Brtirt.ii, liar, in Motion dented without eoets I llatmntty t . Btnehnm .lodgment fer plaintiff on d-aotirter. with leave to the d>f*udent to wt'.hdraw t his piss and p'ead answ, on payment of coata In ten < deys after notice of th-a rule h'ntlfr. jila,nttJ) it, ?v nr, ra. Ifefhtrrpttn sf af.? I tTlile..,.. t ?lfk .. ? ....I I i < Mvnrit.? Judgment of the court below reiwtnl by I.rv-xi < iarhr. Ordered that tbejiattee who triad thia rnn.-c> * return of ail proceeding* therein, la t n daji nfier *mtIi:? of nffldeert end notloa of thle rule Wednesday IlieWh Vereh Inat day for filing nottcee ol Ireue in h? Niif-r or Court Halra a.oiaitnlaalrtnrr'a Ofllrm. J B?fore Uardloer. Kaq drreal nf Counlit/mm ? Tarn men, ouo named 1 ChrUMat Neltnei and the other Hudolph I'roted. were rrerle<t thl> morning, on a charge of counterfeiting the c in or tbe United Statei A complete eat of <iol?iliir ?| | war fmied on them. They were ooatmlt'eil In default of hall, end will be brought up on ! Tuerday next for examination. (Ity InlrillttM*. otrt Num. Tki tM| Tr*m is* **-% *tr4# 1i tH? city. ti IW lro*4?*f Hxm t* P'ff" ** ? (, fa* Ik* yaryi M MKtliH t f?sau?i? t'* tba *?y valty, t? k? ??i?l hr by lb# M?a at tba a?K< * *' ? * ova. atlM. taaaittli. If I Jaaaa DtHtbary, l>Wt I l aula*. I H 24. Jrrra Krlly fabaN.*a?ar Tb-< ? * BOay M J'rrmy L loa, La?i f wia-tB. > ? ? M M?b Ml. (tb Marty laoylii, < baa Ck*a?rlalk, B B. WIBim. th Aba im?m, Jr, Om W IrttiM, J*a B. Tiybf Tib Wa U ArIftw Wil.iaa Tytt far I Trrry bib Wa U Paab J%? ? -ia lay Wa N *r.t, kaa>'al I wtraft Jab* Pw?t, J?Um>m Atlff* Iraiay if 1 IfUftali Mtk. ? ?U.a? Jaaa Vr^tt m?MM Ma rul Ittb. MvybaH Kaapi faba I. Mtwa, Tk ? Daaay lTlh ((??<? M?a.fti I 0 Vaa?? J O Fiaataay. l?lk N?>taan Wii*a Ua?H tr*m?, lia W Altar* aa Klabara Varaaar la a aaa Il4?a ft* a JaBgatMy la ib. iMN i ourt A liaata lumttti** ?r a Diati latitia ? WWW Ikt atrart * ? ? < ? rura?>a? ibttt l??*a?W vara ytt.auay la liberty au??? tM, HwayHtaaai oi aiiti aiirb ia aayaaiaaaa BBM*4> w? ati? Kiatr A aba'.k ? baa bai taai?at?a taa h-?4 aa4 a pair of ddapiaaUd bw-te tb? loo* of A ? ? vti plMwi i*?r U<* i <S bet m4 (fet at?a h|i biy punted a* lu?.r p ton aedtaa'ing ta? a?a? mii to the Riin?t1nU?Ueni of n?ki>< 'i?U end ?li?tax ip wtiii ib? imxiii it nan of >api '**4 p??tf; ? " li"W ih?p? lit* trait aba a*l> M r?at VI ith all tba Cliy garbaga ? bt* weanf" Mai. KiaaNiW'i CtLirtatii fmaiiitt ?Mw kariibaio ii ab< ul la f?| 'r bar irraif?<M*U br rai|iiU?|iai.iiU<jriii aliit>f aba ? ? s-ai earn pany ot unmarried Itailw f?ti af tba aaa.tay ar* ri|iliiil and llti I' ItatM taa ally I at lama on Tw??d?>, t?> i" U'j> ?' bar law uia? r?*p* fbla aaad of Sitlara ol Mat j for a bat 01 oar ana* tattoo da tbay dra rr? ' will aail la the hip Abn*'>'fW* a taa aaaaal of MX1 toar burthen ha < de. mnly At .1 ay witb lyaelrua atit* inoma wfe eb an w.|i <aaU a H aal pra Tided aiib bathing apparatus aad wiaf utbae lilila bcnvriilaaoaa l ait u tied forrader a ton# aaa a-paga aa plraaaut at pmeibie, ill ceaduniee to baoita aaa ai mlor' Wn ara much Ibo AB?*i'<|un will talooledtir w.tb great Interret by (ba raai iaatala the far -B goldta r-n'oo, and welaomed heartily abaa aba amtit at Sao kranciaod. Pari rat PumthMnni i* 17II Niw Yaaa ia mi Oinrir Tima -- That elo?ii?at rolarua Vaientlae'a Manual <>f iba Cammon Counrll-tar tba praaekt ?a?r contama many eurloua tbtagR *a 'ha farm of eitraal* from tha old recurda of pobna ?IA<-e? Among tb?m are cop.a* of pro-reding- la tba ai imiaal anuria f rom Iturr papari ll appear* tba' hura'ng uaed to ka t lan tita o-i ting) of path riufi-it r ipitai puatakmeat. Wa gire a eaiuplr cf the-* ree .rd# ' Alt a < curt tald for ujrnl of aagro aad Ikdlaa elavaa at lha City Hall of Naw Yatb oa far-dap, the 16tb (Jay of April, Auoo Domini 1712 Dura Keglua ii, Tom tba nrpit mat rlava of Niobola* Kt. rriWEt, Caleb Heatbecte. Wliliana saitk kdwarg ?IrkP?. Kri|i* Justice t^uur ? I ha d-feadaat. I' m tie id.' brought to the bnrr, and haelug B 'thlag ta aay for hilar elf why judgment of death rknuld uot paei againat him. according to tba ??rdiot. to , It la ana aiderr d by tba Ci urt that ha ta eairyad fluai haaaa to the plaoa iroin wbaeoa ba aad from tbaaua ta the pla-aof esrouHon iuiI thara ba buruad with a aloe Are, thut be may continue In torment far right or taa bourn, and continue burning In aald flra until ba ba deed m.d coneunied to aabrR." Hrra ta another of tbaaa reccrdR: Horn . Region e? Kumla, the negro man rIbtr of Roth Sh< paid.- I hu drtendaut. t urate, baiuc brought to the barr, and baring nothing to ray for bim?alf wny JadeDient to puffer diuih nbould not pae? aga'nat hlat aaocrding to Urn rrrdlct, bo., it ia uoneoieit 4 hy the Court that he ba eairyad trotn benca to tba p aw frein wbanro ha camo and trotn thtnc* to the plane of aia cution sod tr.?re lie but tied with Or* until ha ba deal wud c-iu urn-d to arhea." A Bt|iio iran mm named Mara. *u triad nt about tbi! raixia tuna lor committing an aa-aiiltaod '-attary upon the [eiroti tt coo Kpnratro hrrws lla war found guilty and. raja tbo reoccd ' Therefore It l? considered by tliw court that tha aald o> aro Mara, on the -nxih dry of Augurt. efjra aid. between tha hnura of tan arid twelve in tha forenoon of tha Rama day, ba rtilpped from tba middle upward?, and lyed to tha tall nt a out nt the City Hall and b? drawn from than#* to Broadway, apd frbm tlisnce to tha Cu?tom Hon??, thence to Wnll atraat. and from thanoa to tha City Hall again, and that ha he whipped upon tha naked baok tan laabaa at (be corner of every etreet he shall pe?e, and tbat ba be al'terwai da discharged from bta Imprisonment, paying fees to " Three slaves. named Clause, Robin Queso. and Rem. were tried and conviated of tba muidnr of Adrian Hcgblandt. On cnnvletlon tba oonrt eantenoed Iharn ?? follnwa:? 'Ciauea to to broke alive upon n wheel, and ao continue languishing until ba ba dead and hta head and quartnre to be at tba Queen'a diipoeai Kobin to bo bung up In ohaina alive, and ao to continue without any Mieteaanoe nutil be be dead Quaro to be burnt with tire until ha bo dead and uoatumed, and Sam ta bo handed by tbo nock, ke " The Spiuno Trade Sale) ? Tboro aro at praaant a large number of d-elria in booka and stationary fur various qti niters, holding n temporary resi Jeaoe la tbo city for the purpose of attending tha trade aaloa whiah are about to commence here Tboeo trade sale* are always look d upon with great Internet by tha trade. They afford an excellent opportunity for publishes who have an overstenk of any particular kind of good* or hand, to dispose of them, and prnoare, in tbeiratead, other articles in demand with tbetr customers Thaaalaa commence to-day and will continue nntll tba bookseller? and s'attoners have equalized their stocks and retired for tbo proseoution ot their home business. As IzirRnvi'.D Hose Carriage.? A magoiflnant hoeo carnage, Intended for Hose Company No. 8, ban mid furnished by the Corporation. and was turned oat tor tbe Arst time yesterday w< rning. A number of Improvements have been introduced in lbs oonstruotioa of this cmriagc. tbe principle of wbich is, that it can turn it a olrrlo the dismetrr of which shall only be equal to its own length: (toother and important lmorcvement is. a ctpabtlit.v to carry twe've lengths of t ore, instead ot eight, wbich is the n'ual compim-nt. Th'S beautiful apparatus is from :be manufactory of James Pine Siace the Introduction of tbe Croton water Into our city, there hose carriages have received additional importance in tbe fir* department. Tbey are much raoie convenient than the engines, nni in many instances are quite efficacious fir good In tbe important work of extinguishing flier. Hose Company No. 8 have their house in Centre, nearly opposite Howard street. NxwStkamkr t oe ink Erin Raii.road hiss.?The Ktie Railroad Company have pmobased tbe steamer Then us Powell, which, it will be remembered, used to ply between This city and Newburgb The T. Powell will, therefore, hereafter run between tbe otty and Piermont. This steamer used to be considered ae faet a boat of the fastest on the North River. Accinrsr.?Last evening, n man named Walker, whose its deuce aud place ot business is at 311 Oratid street, wss crossing tree his bouse to tbe opposite side of the street, when be unfortunately ran against an omnibus, by wbich accident lie wss thrown backwards upon tbe pawioent. and severely injured. He was taken up and carried into bis house. It was thought tt at tbe man would speedily recover, nnlees some internal injuries should prove to have beeu received. Dvath er Bumsino.?The Coroner held an tuquest yesterday st the City Hospital, on the body of Catharine Fallen aged twenty-three years, a native of Iraland,who cume to her death under tbs fooowing oircnmstances. tt seems that about a weak eg >, the deceased was in the employ of Mr. R. T. t,s*r?no?. No. 11}, Third avenue, and was engaged in Ailing up a Ibd>p with canipbine. while tbe raid lamp wa< lighted; tbe dame bavlr.g caught she camphlue In tbe oao, the whole exploded retting tbe deceased on Are The alarm brought assistance, and tbe Are was extinguished after some considerable trouble, but net until the us fortunate young woman was burnt most terribly en the face. reok. throat and arms Sbe was taken to the City Hospital, where she lingered until yesterda*, when the expired. Verdict aooerding to the I VI r IHULd. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kdwarde. Kitvari A. Conke atirf nlhen, v$. A. P. Judtnn.? Thi* wa? an action of trorcr. to reonver the vain* of furniture end hardware, retained by tba defendant under tbr following clrnumftanee a It appeared that two hereon*, one named I'oet and the other Crawford, torn rrly carried on bueine** a? dealer* In hardware and fu.-mture, under the name and Crm of Toet k I'raaford, in tbl* oitv and in Brooklyn la the eonrae of their biuine** they eold good* to Crawford'e brother for which he gave hie note*, endoreed by l*o?t k Co.; the note* afterward* name Into the hand* of plaintiff* Poet k Co dieeelved partnership and Poet continued the burinee*. He went to J. W Crawford, aed called uptn him to turn out the furniture, or he would ietue a writ of replevin, and take it out of 11* poeaeeilon ; and, at the came time, gave him to understand that the note* were In hi* poiteession It waa dually agreed that J W Crawford should deliver the propertj to the defendant, to heboid Jointly for then* until the note* weie paid. The property *M accordingly delivered to Jndr-ou J W. Crawford In few day* titer dice veied that the note* were not lo the baud* rit Co*'., but b*d been trtntferred to other p?rtle* upon which te made an assignment of the good* to the pUinttfT*. in trti?>, to pav off the no;#* In August, 1647. the plaintiff* notified Judton of the assignment, ind mnde a demand of the property, whloh ??' refused The defence wa?, that there were outstanding tecounta between Poet v Crawford and th%f the property wae delivered te lnd*on. to he held nntll the eeteunts were adjusted: and that they Were not yet *etru-d It wae also alleged thai the assignment we* rraudnl-nt. The Jury rendered n verdiet for plaintiff* : 'or *361 S3-100. ^ ^ ^ un nn no'iKin vi. ./ jmri i?k ?*u? nu action to recover $7' 00 tha balance of a prnmtaeorj note It appeared that defrndnit pnrehaeed quanItty of railroad atock, for which he gave hie aom f?r 927.(dH) The atock waa delivered. and 920,000 paid on tccount of the note, I earing a balaooe of 97.000, which waa bow Fought te be recovered The defence w.a, that the contract entered In'o between lh- parties at Ibellmeot the purobnec and rtallrery of the at .eg, wa* broken bjr the plaintiff Vardiat for plaintill. 97,017. nprttne oouri?(O ntrel Term. Crreent, Ju, 'ioee Jonea. Kdmond*. and Hurtbut. Ctiu?e No IS ia evnclnded. No. 4? Leaveit, receiver, to., va De l.auny, will be taken up on Monday mora* low No 80 le the hiKbaae number >at ranched In ra<vlar order on the calendar. bdinmoii Plena. Hef'Te Judge Iflahoeffer. F.lnm llurd or. Utmgr M?ntgtmtrg ? Action on two pn.BltMtj noiee. I.M -iioe, want of consideration. Verdlot for plaintiff, 9764 SC. r?r?i?i i u to- vai. tu 1 TKLfctnAriiH iNTKixitiisscfca Imaiaryi (Hir telegraphic 4NPMM r?c'Vfd yreterd \f H are rather tnraitre. Below will oe fo'ind a enad< report ? l ihr iimcmlingi in the LegiaUutre The wK-i i'i the .Vaate wtt devoted principally H in the rotwideraiion of >tl|e ?f t private chtracter, and other matter* of minor importance. Ia the lli>?*e,tne bt i iiinkini; ap >ropriatione lor tbeClinta n |.n-. B ?o la^M-d ; th^billtn continue in ? flo.e toe Owmnioiuirii on Practice aad Pi?-ad.i ??; and a Kill ino< rporatiDf the Albany Hospital. Neither ho?*? held ait evening aeaaion. Depart ura ut itir Klr?? hot Uaat or tha H aaawtt. Antnr, March 94,1849. | TIM rtoawhcat Indiana left thU af'arnoon, with vki tt ut i?? to?ti hha takea the flrat tonr aaat ft- Albany Ul* aeaaon. IKW tUltH L.KUULATUHC. H UNIlt. ALitei, Mareh 94, 1849. Mr. Cnaeweti repotted a Mil la favor of paying tha ti^tM iituamiti UM i)??r?BUu remoral quoaI atUaai. IIKTOKI. The bill fnr the dietnbutioa of ooplao of tho Natural Htelory of the blalr of > ? York. idod| certain mb4*otM ?w,?a oxita taken up read a third time and km n?e vaireaaiTr. Tho oat# of tho kiutto, on dieaffrealoff to tho report | of tho eoamittee i f tho W huto, on tho bill for tho re! ?aJ of tie ModiauM^ aloeretiy, eev on' eenetdered , pending tho ditp.Moiiou of tho bill, tho ipeeiti oitrr of in* day, ha I'rirata cla in bill, wad taken op aod la aot under rooeldorailun, ante 01 NOiOHHtea aeu eMITH. Mr t It r H e i l reported o bill for tne roll of of llotc-bklee and intth, of Nee Verb, on neooun*. of o)e<ne i n th*?, mentored by the Sine Sing rrieona wbirh report eapraoaeo bledoubuoeto tho propriety of the paaeago ot the bill. tat ?r itieer ocmmiTtco. I The t enndlee ?.t the Whole took up the bill fortho pt} Of IM MM loaaUUi or III* OB lu l^BBrti l M r>meval lh? oipouree of watoh eommlitea BDk?t to |1 Iff, BBil paeetd the MB* wlihoat BB?n4Bftt, ut It * erimd to ttirJ Ntllif The OB Bit t to* cf tbo Whole alio took np tho bill rrpruK t y Vr Hall, for tbo relief of Meaere Hototikie* aid aaitb and oftor o abort deba'a. rooo mod roperiod "tho root of tho a.oralDg woo devoted to private oiatiuo. OVMtailLY. Mr. >?iL> ofloro 1 arooviuttoa la favor of ratalaf a velvet committee to Inquire tat# tbo matter* tog rooted hp a meeting to tbto ottp loot evee'ng. la relation to tbo eoaduet of oortaia judicial ofleere ooaaooted with tl,a Caaal Bat k. Albany Attor ooma do bate, the reeolatioa vao leid evor. ardor tbo rale. UM.II MtDlll Mr Ba ittoo laid oa tho tahla rooolatlear to prooaat gold medal# to tho ourgooao and ehaplalao from thte S alt aba ooivad la tho laio war with Mtxleo. Tbo bill makitg B|pr< prutlone fat tbo Cllatoa Prifob. oa* pa?ood ba*tag boon amoadod bp atntlbg oat tho f*rtloa rotative to ho rvmovaiof eeavlete fromoao I nrx to aae.ber. Aioo. tbo ptoveina ebolldllag tbo rontrael from tbo Avon I *ro bod abd Haitiag tbo ap> I r< prtatlea to |41 U*t> or ?o marb # (ball ba deemed oereooary. (SMMIIIlt'ltl ?? rltCTIO **t rir*DIMU. Tbf btll to ron'lnan I* Soo tho < ommi*doom of rroellro tid vitU tho lot of t'obmnrf, IBM. udUm tho work onUortad to thorn in tooftor eoonplntod, Oil pot oof. Tbo bill to Irn rporntn tho \lboop Hoopltol, u4 ftpprop* lailor fit OUl In ibr-n ift/tnimnftU of pk.OOv onoU, ?u r??d, bp o< B?#ut. and ponnnf. rtoioMioa ovplio orriooao. Mr. r>mn. if N?w York, pnoo notion of n bill to pnni-b fobiir fflp?r* irtnoinf to iHrooftUo fr?oi tbo Logioloiuso lor internal < . nooio or Tb# tOBOlftdor of tfto oro-loo Oil daootod to ft 4ftbftto Oft tbft Mil toornet >bo n?u?t| ?f Pott-mon fno |H locftlUit thro n*r nod rnpartod prottnon 1 hero nil b> no ftftaiooo > mhioii to dtp, In plthof H Ilouoo. H lhl|i|ili>g ini*tllg*nco. H |rt< tmaiHir lt?*m ) AoTft tno- Bid Lmt'iii, Moio. iicnu-nrr J?-< ft lock. onntno i in r?i?ni tlni *aot?bid til. Old Mr ' <> ! < b fork. Coon-Air Mi?no?r Onoi'io. BM .nil# drf ood Pnrft dot Job* B Do ti'clla. Inrontr),, Woo /oolnod. 'TilWft Cotton b Vorb. Pillwlli. Boko. l imTTi, job 10- nrr lot ion. Ronton. Bid 11th. Atooto B? b'Oton olft : t Mown* 'dth. Dolpn.a. con*ninn. do. Citio?tld tMKOPonrlo Ur-.kabi i irdu aid tfamft, ticono?VM Cototot. JoirPt Fopnn.nod ioaCroooo NTnrk. H I.'iai ?krr U iiOc.i. N Voik door, bYnrk bid Hronlota, Bo* t?n: Bidmo ifrua Bnidoilood I on" Cloaot (to a Moooontkak If Yoik. Cos brown, do; ftnliM Croat l.-naot,). Hoonn I hit i n > b till. on. b?r o'? iiruooid, N York (on Lulft. fur-tit In, I h Yr-rk. Fai.miji th-b d "Alnm>." M'nrk. On * Ai tab?Art I'O'OoiInn NYork. OnnOA??rr M*r?n otm. ftnton. (>HAvritMi? Arr <n?<a, ITM| mill Wel'rr, Hoetir Aid ? '? will, N York. Vt'iu-M kimrweil NYcrfc RiMiirio- Art De'ollat d, NToAl *eee. , ITolk. ' liri TOkT-Arr Lotilo*. hY-tk Aniirode. MYoik. llAvaa? An S? Nicholas N Vork, Moroli 4, DenhaoM d'Oileoi.e Pi<-harde.o, do, 17 days Lekaaou, Dt?e, do. M Si Drooie. ODdSpkeuid M nrk. I.ivbb root.?Art hia*ero (ey.hoeioe. vie Belltkr, f1ln>li Wilthe*. dn; Hartal i>eNY<fk: Wiaaoaala. Mnwlufd. 0*. Waflbligtoi! Irv n* kl'iw haryer). do. rid A* ?. Herbert. Asglo iMrinkimmi, and (eeca b ok n. lorkk Miner*. Cole*, t'lk. Cokdmik. BreoOrr hlriatre Wm^r><n * JMfA Pok lick hour)', JoTk Arete.lo d i! Call > uo Matt Plinm. onMk Bern Turk Waterloo hrtoka. Derek Loeioe. I rm. JelkkA Z, Fniokl; Goo I nn, me t)?> ee of Uio ?i ?t, b Y<dkIdknon?Md too ?, Nl ork. PoHTaaioir Bid fraoo Alkott, aid Deronahlre (kethWoM Lordoai.N York. Pobti awn. off?b**a. Do (tarda, fr MY ork lot braiai.| Bi.igo? Air Noaamkiqae. Pavolktleu, NTnrt for DekMe. Bavgob, Jaa l?? Hd 1 amok, tan. bootee. lVtfc, liaikap, (kriir do. Rmtbka?Arrktaaford Bootes. Pmaoohoi?Arr Joba Cooper, NTrrk. Sid Doa 14, TmiHIA MYork, via ? bomfxa la port Zaer fcia. tor da. Arrisij.e?M4 TauoOkko aad Aaldotak, N Turk. Trills Arr Maria MTmL Tfi?*ts?Art Jordce Bo k. NTork Wabbbh Point?Bid t)rdln, Mfml United kiaici IXstrict Osait Brtoro Judge Boiu. Mabch 24 - 7Vt'?I of J?tr/>k Kydn fmr kfoaotaugktdr ?Thd trial of Rj??r wai rmaaal till a MeraiaA AintM'kk Mooes eianlsed for tho dafaaao ? Witnero WAi Ant mete of the Reaalao last rnyage. tr# had 420 paeeeDgera ou board, raw the dsooaaad while bewaaalok; it wee a part of witaeae daty aa Brat rfflorr to oee that ha was attaadod ta, vltaoaa waa aw deck lb* ptgbt of tba Brat difficulty, dikauaad same on dtok; bo aald be had wry bad ooraa; duownd'e ?at?h waa only celled that Bight, ta a fee aigfeti afterwardo all bando were oalled io abort*a oeli, aoM of the met reported ta wttDeoa that Malta, the Ae o*aaed, bad atowed bfmoalf aeajr aa I on tar oe ordered tbearoond n.ate to look for htm; wftaeoa wewt with the aeeoad Mate; bath bad ligbta, Ryder feuad darearad la tba forera tie aad ea d to turn Com# eat of that, what are you d"tbg there ?" wneeeo wewt aft, and ahortly alter Met deaeaaed eoatec ap, awore at htm. and aald be d*?err*d e good eBippteg, b* t?ld witaoea he waa alck with dyoeatert, wtiaeee baked him if the mndlelba b? bad giooa kta bad daaa blm good; ba (aid yaa. bat tbat ba bad got fiaob cold. liivtBi do bod elothoa, bat taat it brawght it oa mm; dacoaaod Jnia#d tb# roaoal la Mrorpai<( ?lta(M did aot mm blai for aoma tiaa ait ntrii, aw hiai arat la tb?- for.caatM, aboat t#u ? ??! twd? wo imm la Naw York; bo waa.ljia* tboro, w ta-oa caUad to blm to eoaio aa doek, aad to id b<m bo had to eomo. any bow; wltaaaa ordorod tbraa of b? aataa brlag him ay, tbry laid ba d of blm. aad ba aaa aad to be vary bad. aad oplt biood; wltaooo taa . atamiaod him; fouad bit iataailnaa owl a ly tbraa Uaaa; wltaoriatamlood hi* hammock. atdMuad it w?t ?y tba loakag* l f "? witaaoa pr.?o dad a b d tar blm, aad pat blm tarn tha ai.acago, r-pxtad to tba captalb that ba waa rink, aad tba latt*r nadolol wtt beaa to atlrod to blm, an dooo raa Mm oaaaaaoaauy, ba coatlnurd ta pin# aa?y until hr ill. d, witaaoa raw oa hiiilM.0 or mark, aa dro- a**d'n aido f < < mamol- think* it war tour or (ra lay* a'lor wnlrfl Titrrpnid tbal drr?a?rd firat nompMa-4. ba war thru i.a duty, aad c ii*iou*d la do doty ?fior ap to ttr tlnir tb# .moi d nial# ami I wait d m ta bl a. tkr nlubt I wtat dooj? with Itjdof. wo aoparaiad at taa lorr batch tV ii,i mm I'?1 Mil, mnimi-iff r J.faar. l? -ar;.*?. t.r nt thr ; raw !Santh an u' IU or 14 mian'oa bnlor# br di.d ; raw bun fr.qnr ally wailo ba aa air a. oun nlptil. witoraa and tbr doctor ororaaol.d bim la bi# h?B, mock ; thr doctor *ak? I Mm a bar* ho ?. ?f frotrd j hr pi,11*4 un and p it. hi- hand on bio-uta and arid tbrr aa# whirr bo loll hod , aitoooa tta ai r or hr of null ocr ail tiia prraoD although ba Mm a. ad blm. Thr ea?r for thn drfrnn# r?ot? d h"?o Dr. Ramon war nail.d and oi?iniaad for tba pr?<*. outfiiu ? W iter# liar barn, tor b-arly tomtf y?nr< a I hynlolan; bar bi rti Coroner of tbr nn inty and el'y f hi ? York n I Smith Wild ?lTaot?<l ?ltn iltMB'-ry ? nJ .h? i limit Pi lb* b- ????g ren?l??d acooUra'a ' A.? It would tirpt fit uiior t! ? p?f-of i(t-> n >4 r n? all'ill tha loj'ifidd <a. la In Km tail , Injuria* Iodic ? I ?o tha il? at- mom iI-Bihuj. 'h?n on tha limn, h .? heard ?h? efMnnco 'a to** nau-a , tNt th< kli klffi ???ra to w>?ld ?p th? of d'nnv t,\ ; h?. fcnoKa <>R<b to b* pmilo??d hi Mr do in jio i?b, ? Ithoul i?ivlnir ?tiv um i? irx-, , *?? man ilia Iroto n bi?? on ' ba ha id 4<hI tbara *w? u -1 : ?r <i?l i fcrh ; a*?mina<li? woman who h< l n*a riht h?o*?n, 1)4 fotard lb an i).? In r. and y?i tiwa uolndlCM li ft 111 ? ? 'atU II tn laIIDO |'l.iif?i(li he* OB a all)ad ? ad hara fj 1 land tint ttin . ?-o fviom' o ?ip ilia jurj iflft ? brl'l cturja if jul | tha Jrtdgt*, ' iittittod It* | lomt. , ( I