Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1849 Page 1
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| T H NO. 5408. JOHN KEESF, Auctioneer i STEREOTYPE PLATE8 AND COPY RIOHTS; COOLIY ft KIBSB WI LI- 8ILL AT THBIR LONO ROOM. N?. 191 Broadway. onThuridar. March *9, at IS o'clock M. M ilanonthi' malt, for approved cndorood nowa, the following vol tab Stereotype PltKi aod Ctpj ri?hu: ? BIsnolTM Plitci of CorlanB. bw HuUmA A* SfcAisl M- iM. I I Dm in French. I Also, the pis tec of Fiociolo, pp. 702. 12mo. Also. plates et the ftistorv of the Decline ui Fell si the I Bobu Xmpire, bj Edward Gibbon royal 8*0. With a finesteel portrait of bibboa. Pp. 1 Si.*. Coat la out ?844 sterling. 1 Alio,plates ol tie hUtorioal work* of Wll'iam Poborteon. B. D, ? With afire portrait of 8 r Joabua Reynold^ royal 8vo. pp. 1,125. 1 Ceet of stereotyping ia cash. ?824 sterling. Also, plates ot tbe works of Nathaniel Lardner, D. D., 10 eels. Bvo. about 000 page* to eaoh volume. Cost of stereotyping ? 1,200 I sterling. , Also, plates of the miece'laaeons works of Matthew Henry, 2 I Tola royal 8 vo.. about 1,100 pp Cost ?1.164sterling, i Also, the eopper plates of the Muses Royals (168 in all), formI ing aeolleetion of line engravings front the Gallery of the Louvre; ', imp. folio. ', _ Also, plates of the Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, by 8ii Walter . Beo.*, 2vels.8ve.rp 1,17* Aleo, plates of she Adventures of the Chevalier do Fsublaa? A picture of the Anoient NobUity prior to the Revolution. 8vo., Cut*. . Abo. the stereotype plates of Social Sports, or Holiday Amuse ' meats, full of engravings, 18mo., pp. 218. I Also, stereotype plattsand oopyrghts of Fcsaenden's New Am. J Gardener, pp. 906. i2mo. Also, stereot) pv plates of Fesseaden's Complete Farmor, pp. ' 946, llmo ?subjeot to a copyright if 6 cents. * Also, eteieotype plates of Buok'e Religious Aneodetee, pp. 614, II 12mo. t Also, stereotype plates and copj right to Manhood, pp. 292 lHeoo. I Also, stervoivpe plates andoopyrigbtof Wilson's Americas Ornithology, pp. 746, erowu octavo, wish 26 pages of steel plate?. ! This work est to eiereetype, and to engrave the plates, nearly $9.0101 I Also, stereotype plates aad oodj right of Bradford's Wonders of the Heavens, 4to? with nil tbe steel plates,and the or ginal wood cuts in nodinon to thoso stereotyped in tbo work Cost over $4,000. Also eteieotype plates and copyright of Hints on Bti'inette, pp 160. 12mo. 1 Also, sureetyne plates and ospyrlgbt to Maxima Of Agsgos, by H. W. Dsy. two mh plates, t? be (old together, pp. 151, Umo. d Alio, stereotype pistes of Souths;' Life of Cowper. pp. SOU. I , to s llmo. .' Also, stereotype p'stes sf Prositntion in Paris, pp. 362, 18mo.? ,1 lubjeot t<> s ? pyright of 6 oents. Also, store- type pistes of (stories sud Studies, from Chrosloles > siid Bistory. by Mrs. 8. 0 Hallsod Mrs. J. Foster, Ml pp. limo., , with nun erots fine engravings on wood. London, 1R49. Also, stereotype pistes ol the Musiosl Spelling Book, or Now * Method of Instruetton snd Musiosl Recreation, by M. Ives. 4th edit-on. Also, stereotyns pistes ot the Musicsl Resder. s New Method I of Instruction in the Rudiments of Mario, together with hymn tunes snd ohoruase*. snd the Musioal Album. By M. Ires. Also, stereotype pistes of the Beethoven Coleotion of Snored m Musis, new snd improved edition, by E. Ires, W. Alport, snd 11. C. Timm. I A lev, stereotype pistes of the Musiosl Wreath, s collection of Eoigs, by R. Ives Also, stereotype pistes of First Lessons in Orsmmsr, by Jsoob : Abbott. Aleo, stereotype pistes snd blocks of Grandmamma Xssy'o Pie. to rial Toy Books 12 kinds; cose $!H2 60. I Alio, pistes of tee Challenge of Bsrletta, by Mssino D'Aseg Uo. 11m o. pp. 174. * Also, plates of the Citines of s Republic, by Anseldo C?bt, s Genoese Republican of the 16th oentury; llmo. pp. 100. Alto, pistes of the Floren ine Histories, by Niooolo Maohisrelli, Eeeretsfy ol State to the Florentine Repnblio; 1 Tula. llmo. pp430. , Alio, stereotype pistes of the ratty ling, for 18411, entirely new and original, with 12 beautiful engraving a by N. Barony; 12 ' mo pp 976. Also, pistes of the Naturalist's Library, royal ootsvo, 400 engra' Tings. I Also, pistes of the Lives of the Presidents of the United States, 1 vol.Kvo, 600 pp, with s portrait of eaoh of the Presidents 1 Also, stereotype plates of the Gem. for 1849,18mo. with 8 steel i engravings, pp 262. Also, siereotype pistes ol the American Juvenile Keepsake, ox l Gem, lor 1649, i8mo. 10 steel engrtTings, 256 pp. Alee, stereotype plates of the ooinplete works sf Henry Kirk White with an account of hit life, by Robert Sonthey, LLD, 1 I vol 8vo with steel plate, pp 420. Also, steel slates of the Young Man's Book of Knowledge, 1 1 voL llmo. pp.996. I Also, steel pistes of Lacoa, or Many Things in Few Words, by Rev. C. V. Col ton, A. M., limo. pp. 604. I Also, steel plates of the Poems of Osslsn, llmo. with fins steel i engravings, pp. 492. Also, pistes of the Poems of Wm. Cowper, 1 voL 12mo., with Itssl plates, pp. 491. i a teg plates of the Croley's British Posts, 12mo. steel plats, I Alio, plates of Milton's Poetical Works, 12mo. with stool plates, PP WU1 Also, platteof Pollook's Coarse of Tims. 12mo. with a life of the Anther, 0 engravings, pp. SUI. A loo, plates ol the Puetioal Vt orks of Thomas Campbell, 32mo, i steel plates, pp. 300. , Also, plates of the Poetical Works of Robert Boras, two volumes in one, with steal plate, pp. 368. Also, plates of the Book of Common Prayer and Administration , of U e Sacraments, l2mo. 42 engravings, pp. 3M. Also, plates of a Cone- rtiance to the iloly Bcriptnroi, by Rev, : Jobn Brown, 24mo., pp.272. Also, plates ol the Mew Testament, with ths references ant marginal readings of the Polyglott Bible, 32mo., pp. 712. a bo, plates ot the Beauties of Flora, with litbegrapnio stones, 36 beaotifa) engravings, Hvo. Also, plates ot HolituCe, by John Q. Zimmerman, 12me. pp. 290. Abo. plates of Milton's Poet cal Works, IHmo. Aho, plates of the Course of Time, by rellook. 32mo. pp. 338. Abo, plates of t-vneh's Cc mio Songster, 24mo. pp 260. Abo, p etes ot week's Rit, or Sunday Might In the Forecastle, 24m o. pp 260. j Iso, piatrs of the Voyege and Ailvsnturae ef Captain Robert Boyle; alio, the txtraoretnary Trials of Rise Vitlars, and their wonierful esscce from slavery la Uarbary, 24mo., pp. 23d. alee, plates of the Life and Adveatnres of Robinsea Crneoe, lOrno., pp. 31*6. Alio, plates of E ollday Tales, 1 vol., lGme. Abo, ptatea tf quotations from the British Posts; IHmo. Also, pla'es of ibo Lives of ths Reformers, l8mo. Also, |)ates tf the American's 0?n Book; or, The Constitu ti me of toe United dtatea. by Bigilow; hvo , ; p. 1115. Ale", p'?te? of tbe Boy and the Birds, by Cmily Taylor, with designs by Lsndseer. iquare IHmo.. pp 94 Also, plates of the Horal Library for the Voting, in 6 vols. IHmo. containing the following 1. Litt'a Mill Dam, i8mo? with engravings, rp. 140. 2. Merita, witb engravings pp 14". 3. Eerieveranee Under Difficulties, ho , IHmo., with engrav ings. pp. 140. A The Ltttie Uardener, IHmo., with eagravtage, pp 176, 6. Benry of Riohenfels, ho., IHmo., with ouu, pp. 144. Abo, lates ft Marco raol's Travels in the Pursuit of Know- I ledge, by Abbott. 6 vole. IHmo., etntsiulne? 1. Marco Paul's Trave l in the oity of Now Terk; with out', pp. 144. 2. do. do. in the eity ef Boston, pp, 144. H. do. do. In the State ef Vermont, * 4. do. do. on tbe Iris Canal, " A do. do. in the Forests of Maine, 139. ff. do. de. in toe Springbeld Armory, 144. Abo, platea of tie Book of the Season?a gift far the young, with new engravings, IHmo , pp. 268. Also, U copper plates of maps, forming a complete Atlas of Groat Britain, Also, p'a'ea of Waverlsy, by lir Walter Scott, 2 vob. IHmo. Alio, pi ales of Aristotle's Works, IHmo, 260 pp. Alas, oleics of "Ths Rtcrnnl." by Robert Philip. 480 pp. Alto, turner'* Rivera of France, from drawing* by, E.A ,60 ateel plat**. Alio, a ict of abmt 80 copper-p'ato* tor a Quarto Bible. Alio, atoreoty pe plate* ot aoenaa of American Wealth and Indwtry, If mo. Alto, plate* of John Smith'* Let tera iteel engraving*. a l*o, pia'ea of floloier't book of drill* to, a Wo, ntrw'j pe platoa and o py right of Maiieal ABC, in pp., ]6mo., by B. I Tea jr, being the tint of the aerie* of Ivea' Muaioal warn. a l?o, ?t?T*otjpe plate* and eopyrlght ol the Greeoe of the Greek*, 2 vole, l2uio? about SOt) pigea, by Q A Pardicaria. Alto. ptaL* and oopy right of Hon tetania, 3 vela, lino , about 660 pagrt, by Idwara Matorin. Alio ttareotTpe plate* and copyright of Prairladom Bamkle* and Scrambles In Texaa, 168 ptge* 12mo., by Southron. Alw, etereotype plitea to Movicnr'i Puliiioai liooiomy. Alto, rtereot\ [? plaf for Moore'* Melod.ta IHmo. Al"o. *t*r*ot\|i* plate* of the Military Memoii* of Wellington, Murray'? Knglttb orammar. and Harp of Zion. Alto, aterautype plate* and of the Fable* ofLafontaine, 2 volt.Wvo., pp. 4.03 Do. do., IStr.o . pp. SH. mh?7 It SPLENDID ROSEWOOD PARLOR FURNITURE, AT AUCTION. FIRST WEEK IN APRIL. DIXON & 8TUNEY, 666 saoADWAT, WILL toll ih?ir entire *toek of rich roMWord Parlor Furniture, flratweek In April, oeniieti** of Sofia,Tete e tete*. Arm and Parlori heir*, en ?? t? etageree Centre aed SofnTablea ho , ?o, h> great variety. Tbe upholatered work will be told in ma lm, to that puiebaaert oan ieliot their choice of covering Tbe foraitnre i* ot the molt recant itylo* and inferior workmanship, and mmt be *iId la aeoacq uenee et a diatolutlon of pertnerehtp. Particular* of tale heieamr. DIXON A SKiNKT, 656 Broadway. n. h 13-2.* . , ."e,o il Ha* B TO MORBOW OF SPLBN0ID*nd8atwta..l'i \Jf HonMbold Furniture.?II. H. Lead* A Co. mill toll at auation, on WMmeday, March 28th. at 10 o'clock, at tbe rrddtneeof toe la't David Gardiner, B?q , No. 43 Lafcyette place, a general ae ottment oi coetly and faihionable Furniture, oompriaing carved torrem d en mite, of the atytea of Lonie XI P., Loni* x v 1., end fclmattth, made to ordir, trom oho'ce material*, by the ftrit maker*, aod a* good ** new; tapoetry velvet, and royal Wiltoa ciip u; purple eud ortmeon velvet eurttina, aad cornice*, ma* nigeeut mantel and pier glaaeat; earrtd rueewoed grand notion p<no, coit F'.IH'; be* painting*, rtatoary, and work* of art; f figcrv*. btoi re* and bijouterie. rch mint*' and other ornament*; c'o k* ai d heavy gilt ntwiitos plateau; extendon dining table; earvd roiewood aed mahogany bedroom furniture: china and glarae arc he. gc no. Can be rxaoiiued to-day Ticket* of ad tni-a on and catalogue* can be hid at our rfUco, So.8 Wall ttroet. NOTICE.?1 he partrerahip htratofireexlatln* between TIIOJ. V. HOW K a KliBT. H. JAQUH3, >y diaolvsd nn the lat of F.hiutry, I Ml. The business will be continued, and all order* received, at No. 90 Orolaid ttrett, by ROBERT B. JAQOB3. N. B.?A pair of at rata Horaea tor aale; Koekaway Waxon, II reera. ritirk Carts, bo , be. For partioulaia, inquire at No. 90 flroliasd street. mhT7 8i* NOT GONE TO CALIFORNIA. AN Atlt similar to oora hrvirg appeared in a Hat of California paia?tgfra >ma few weeks, haa lad many of oar f needs to smppoea that we had a?ns to the Pnclfio eoaat. This la n<>. ti,e oaae. W a removed trom No. 123 Fulton street on the firat or Frhruar and are now prepared with an naaortment of flablng Taetlo at wh> leaale and retail, at N?. 103 Fulton atreet. n)Jt ist JOIIf J BROWN b CO. \1/ANTIB-AT BIKB.'ALLd AOKNC'Y, NO. 422H BKO\D w? way, nesr Canal atreut, .-Ituaticna for aomn excellent DometUe t?er*ints, with aood recommendation*, wis: Ceolo, N urine, Chamkaftnalda, bo. mt7 lt.a EJtr ANTED?A MTUA'I ION, MY A YOfiNO WOBAN, AS f? Nurie an I 8. knpmesr; also, by another, ai Cook or far Tout snort Both have eaer leat refer ncea Please enquire at bo 8S Mi,th av"> ne oorner Eighteenth street. raff It* ert c ill lit -b am ei>?a partner, either aoiive ?<F?vJ"vF or *| eeisl, w ilh au.ipital of 86,'ffllll 11 a harness t lu. t win pay such a profit ite to retnrn the eap'tel Inreeted mlt In eiehtt-en months, and efter that pay a proflt of ttft.lUO or p.fl'.i Uli a seat as Uks sd*< it ler oen the > fa iry one harm* the oil ita', er.d dlepoetd to take told of a safe and profitable bustneia Addr se A. W? N wVrrk ' net OIHoo, staMag when a d wl er* am Intcnltw may ha had, whioh will be Ifrictly couhfeutlnl. a IT I'* J/. * IWWI a FORtitnB ( an be KKtl.l/euin A ?tFyv'"" few yxtrs hy maratm* this amount In a safe loan is, either as fprol or eeilTe Ai.dreta Boa 17(0 yptOEa i wMefc will h ear fid nttal. m27 It WANTED.?MEDICAL. A MIDDLE ACEl> MoN, wl.o has aor > Artwledx# of dreys, or a u eflleal stud- -. t w ho la somewhat acquainted witii ooin a mid r? o.edeisen A'ldre.e, h> ;e t?r, Vox lfil'J, -Via York Pastflfllca siatlun unal'ttostinna. bo. nih Zl It* I " WATCH MOVEMENTS. AI.OT tf London msda. received dinoi f.ane Hie mstnfvi to fee's, ard lor an I* by roh |7 |t* Tf. S flERY lf.0 Wete- street. MIMA I'l RE SOLAK LAMPS. MALL, ' ?*l r end Ftcrt Lamps f?!r*n.l<.--s Find I tm.w. ,yO. S'fh 'll'.n.! Can p' "io III II 'I 'tii i II m l, -noleeww end retail at Ah a. JtAMJW UsR, Si R?we>y, E NE MO] REAL ESTATE AT A BARGAIN The subscriber offers to exchange foe city property, or loll at a recuoed price, any part, or all of the Mfnwing paroeu or property, lituetcd in the pleasant and thnv ins villi gt of Nee ton Falls, Trumbull oounty, Ohio. and lying bttw w a the two branebea of the Unboning river and on the Ohio at<* Pennsylvania Canal. via:? First Paroel?A Mill on the Weet branch having a front ol 153 feet t n the etreet and ea the river, nanin per ie 63 net deep, propel ed by water rower and by a double boiler engine: occupied for the last eight years as a Paper Mill, but suitable tor a Flooring Uill, or for any Factory purpose requiring a power equal to that of fonr run ef stone. Also?A large, handsome, and beantifolty situated Cottage Bowe, sis rooms on a floor, with book building, stable, and everything suitable for a genteel family. Also?An Mealiest Saw Mill is good order. Also?A good frame how* and thro* acres of land. All of the above are si'uated contiguously on the Weet baaeh, and have bet n erected during the last e'rtt yearn at a coat fit dopcadet t of vaiue of the water power.) or... SVM). Be offers to rent the whole for $60U. er to eell for $6 OHO. Seosnd Panel?A Griet Mill, situated on the East branch. 10 feet equate, with a first rata water power, tnoae better in the eaunty,) three ran of (tone in operation, with 13 feat overshot water wi eels. The water whoe Is and running gear have been all made new daring the laet year i the frame is old but seasd. This mil) wss sold ten vears ace for WlSfMSI. It U now offered, torntber with a (mall hone* for tht Miller. end two tod a halt acres of land, for the sum of 8.01X1. Third Faroe!?A Warehouse on the Canal, else 6"*40 feet; three floors, with Canal Basin and Dock, and with a store room attached, furnished with counter, drawers, shelves, (to. Alto?A p'at of around adioisios it, containing 30 retail lota Also?A small two stery W a rehouse or Stors, on the Canal, a few rods from the other, not entirely hois hod. estimated value $9,400 Ibe Warehouse Is otiered torrent at $200. The entire pareel for sale at $'.900 fourth Paroel?A large Mansion House, main part 48 by 40 feet, with two wings eaoh 20 feet,and oolonnede piaiiaof 88 feet. The whole bonsa is thoroughly finished, papered, and painted iatide and out; cortatea 20 rooms, bseidst pantries, oloeete, bath room, and halls; 4stacbs of chimneysaud 1* flreplaoea. Thtre is coaconnesttd with It by oraamenta) tide buildings, a two story rear building, with (tone baeement #8 by 30 feet; the whole forming n quadrangle, aoeasnrtng on tho outside 468 feet, and enoioiieg na tea or eonrt, planted witb wall fruit and grapo vines in tail bearing. There, extensive outbuildings and sheds, and alarge ioe-house. In the grounds attached, there are. In addition to n MO grape vines In bearing, over 1,100 young trees, (fruit, ornamental, and shrubbery). All of the above buildings are new, havii g been rccentlv completed at a oost ol $8 277 The whole Is now offered for sale for the sum of 6.DO Fifth Parcel?font square* ol village lots, eoi taining 32 quar tar tore bnildlz g lots, tronting an tevcral of the moet central and eligible streets. Alio?four other squares adjoining, eon taining about the tame lumber of lota 1 he above Mansion House occupies several of these lots, aud the whole of them, if desired, will be sold in eon neetion wltb it The value of these lota at the proseut stl log price ef $180 per lot, it $!' 600 The who.'e tab as together.are offered at 6.0(0 Sixth Paroel?A goud two story house, 36 by 20 feet, with two quarter act* lots attached; situation central and pieataut price $1,000 Eeventb Paroel?A neat and camniodions two story house w^th ?? ?vis ivto IIVUWUR wu vuc (twwiiv tK{unro; |'riu?. Eighth Parcel?Seventy six quarter aere lot*, tnaty of them < the Centre of the village plat; ael,log prioe Irom $lrO to $*10e*oh Estimated $'1,400 Ninth Parcel-Also. 100 village lota, varying in also from 1 to J aerea and held at dlff.rant prices, Atom $100 to $100. Averaged estimate ....$15 000 Both those parcels are offered wholesale for the sum of... $15,000 In addition to the above, the subscriber offers to tell at a reduced prioe, several small houses and shops In the village. Also?A number of large out lots skirting the village plat, and two rmall farms in the vicinity, adjoinirg one another, and oontainlsg about 160 acres. Terms of sale easy, and any of the above pirce'a will be exchanged for oitv property. Address Do Bols ft Vandervoort, 87 Water street New York, or the subscriber, at Newton Falla (mh20 8tl HENRY A. DP BO 15. FOR BALI A BEAUTIFUL PLACE AT FLUSHING, L.I.? The bouse Is modern, and replete with every convenience? with seed ont buildings, such ss Barn, Coach ana lee Houm, a very tine Garden and plenty of Fruit If not sold, it will be let to a good tenant Apply to mhlS-St* THOMAS H. LIGGETT. 23 Beekman st TO LET, TBI LASOE HOU8I. No. 11 Barclay street which can be seen from fonr to five o'cleok.P. M. Apply personally, or by note, st No. 12 Warren street mhlJ-2t? TO LET?TBI GINTEEL TWO BTORY BOUSE. NO. 149 Liurens rtreet between frinee and Houston streets. Likewise. the very desirsb e stand for busintM on the northeasterly corner of Broadway and Canal streets, together with the three upper stories, and a large basement baviri 66 feet front on the two S'rests. And also a large room, having an entiaaoe on Broacway. Apply to P. DICKIE, No. 166 William st mh57. TO LET, WITH STEAM POWER-ROOMS AT 45 ANN street well lighted. PoMession Immediately, if required. Apply to W. FULLER. mZ7 It" J| OFFICES AND LOFTS TO LET. TWO LABGI OFFICES, AND TWO HANDSOME LOFTS, eighty-eight feet deep and ceiled, to 1st in the new fire proof stsro, No. 20 Cliff street near to John street Apply to mhlS-l4t* R. 8 STENTON, 47 John street, upstairs TO FARMERS AND MARKET GARDENERS. weDDDsBbit nrravik at rtm? ovuv d*b dchrnrfk A would call attention to the following certificates ?''1 u.ed three lbe. of I'rcnarcd Guano to 'he note of oate, and obtained <2 bushel* nnaemally good. Mr rye is worth 12X cents per bushel more than that 1 raised by other manatee. I need it en corn and potatoes with decided ad ran tag*. On garden vegetable*, it Is superior te all nther manure* Forpeaoh trees, it has no equal" X. DUBaND, Clinton. Btsez co., N. J. "I hare need Prepared Onaso, Pondrette. and very atrood yard houssmannre, all oa different places on the same held of Russia turnips The Prepared Onaao produced l he largest crop, and I am positive no manure exeeecs it in fertility." SIMON IhGERSOLL, Astoria, L.I. And numerous other eertieatee oan be seen. For sals by KINTISH It CO.. 40 Peek slip, N. T. Agents wanted in all towns. A liberal oommiation allowed, mb lS-4t* TO DAIRY FARMERS, CHEESE FACTORS AND DEALERS. WARDUF8 ENGLISH AN> ATTO it now for the first Unto offered, at d will enable the American Cheese maker to oompete with the finest dairies in Europe, whets it has been extensively uied for the last twenty years, (specially in the oountirt ef Chester, Oloneester. Stafford,Salop, Derby, Leicester, Durham. it ilrs, and the principal dairy districts. It imparts a rioh golden tint, from a pale a traw to .a deep orange, and it warranted to retain itlor any period. Prepared by IIUOB WARDLB, Manufacturing Chemist, Btaten Island. New York; and may be bad of most of the wholesale Druggist* in the eity, with cine tione for use, bearing the pr?rri> ton fac simile. mh 20-41 TO FARMERS AND PLANTERS] Inno BAhRSLb NBW A IMPROVED POUDRETTE, jVvt' made by the Lodi Manufacturing Company, for sale in iota te init purcl.nmt; freshly msnufsotured, and of superior strength. it e defy competition to prodnco a CBKAFER and more fartdliaingmancre tor wrn than oora. Two barrels ($3 worth) will manure an aere ol corn in the hill, and procure a better erop on peor land than any other manure in the world. The L. II. Co. mttr to some of the first farmers in the Union, and point to the large capital at riak In tbelr buaineaa, and a reputation of 10 yeara' atsudirg, aa in some sort gusranteeitg the worth of their article. > rices-1 barrel, $2: 3 barrels, $6; 0 barrels. H9 60 and any larger quae tlty. $1 AO per barrel. Delivered in the city free of aa tra (barges 'or barrels cr carte ge. Office r.f the Company,61 Liberty street. mh27 It* ANGLER'S ALMANAC FORTI849. ~ A USEFUL little pamphlet,of interest to the Angler througa. opt the season, containing timet of tide*, whore tottsh siatist'es of Angling Ac. Also, a lnli assortment of Ueoks and Lines ef?lld*rerlptiott,forteleby JOHN J. BROWN ACQ, mb27 13c At the At tier's Depot. 103 Fnlton street. nor a nt'er eTiioI.-a im tup oitv 200 Bowery. and 106 Fulton Street, FOR Piper Baagtnetand Window Shades. anltahle for radon, bsdiotme haJla. at. rea ho., alio Curtain materials of ovary deacrlptiOD, Lace and Embroidered Muslin Curtains. Window CoTKicca. pure Hair and other Mattreasee Feather Beds, with every ankle in the upholstery lme, wholeaall and retail, at pdoea iOporosak lower than any other or aMiahatatin theolty. All.It R. da VIId, Upholsterers, mh20 dt* 200 Bowery, and 166 Fulton street. nnft-CODNIKY III RC B ANTS AND ALL yptPjvlVsU others aro informed that the subscriber has reluovta to the spacious store No 279 Greenwich Street, * hem he will at ail times be prepared to aerre tho publlo with even thins in hia line, at prions not lower, than any oth<r establishment in this oity. Bia stock embraces every variety et Parlor. Stand, Beading aad Band Lampe; Chandeliers, Ac., for oil, campbine, aplrit and phoagene gas. Also, assort ment of Table and other Cntlory, Ulasewaro do , Oil. Camphioe, Spirit Gas, Phosset o Gas, Lamp Wicks, Ac. Purchasers are invited to rail before makls g their eeUotions. mh2U I3t? OB AS. FULLER, No. 273 Orecnwloh, between Warren and Chambers ets. BABY JUMPER? THE PATENT INFANT GYMNASIUM. USE BAB PHOliUC ID A CONVICTION OF THE MERITS of this novsl Invrntion. More thaa Thirty Thousand af tiism have been need without the eoenrrenoa of a sing's aoeident The moat eminent Vbysisiana daily reeommend them for the hee.tbfu) sxerels* of little children. Every beby should be provided with an article to condarive to lie beal'h tad hspplnoaa. MERCHANTS VISITING THE CITY should not hail to pnrchaao a large lupplynt Baby J ampere for proiii to themtelvos, and the benefit of those cue,enters to forinnate as to bars a taby Also, PATENT B? ING3 for Children rf all agea, to bo had Wholi sals and retail, at tha established depot of ?l? 13t* 0. W. TUT1LE. 311 Broad wav. New York. WOKaM A HaUGIj WOORT I1AVE TliE PLEASURE TO Infrrm their rortcmera that they 'aro now rooolving from sl>,I Oneioa M\osolioand Argo. lately arr vod. a 1-rge assortit cm of Fienrh China, btlng the entire ovaioata of a la'ge aatah I t) ment In the I hint trade. In Parle, b'ught at a great esorifloe hy ihelr agei t in France dnrlna the Revolution there. The ae irtmtct rmetrte of more than thirty patterns c.f fanoy Dining He's T?a Beta Dessert sets and Toilet Bete; very pretty Diaii g Seta for 12 persnnr, as lew at DO to |7S; olsii, white Dining feists low se >.1". Gc-ld Band do of the first quality china, fit 60 The assor ment ormprhoa aimoei evi-ry article of Freaoh thine, from the plsineet stylet ot plain*, to the rieheet r- iiitcd pattern! Tire first three tmva't as above, aro now nady for ex! lMtion at our Wi reioome. v cram A BaUQB WOOftT, 661 and 663 Droadway. irb 20 3" STEAM REFINED LOAF SUGAR CANDIE8, or vfrv ItmtiOl quality ron exportation. Made vii.y bann, expressly to stand at tbe South, in every variety. At reduced prices. Otdria ei eloen caan prompt I) (located. and pnt npln 25 to II0 lb boiet. inert'd k dmrrd, and ahipprd to any part nf tl.? 1,'nitt d hutee or M fat Il<K? Irlanda flocda at leaat equal to the h t?. It a-" l> erd fvpfth r lu any other, tor aalo low, by hi F. W A hi k BUB8LNO, Wholeeale ( onfeetionera. mh 1.1? 4i* IW Pearl(Meet, New Fork. LEVI CHAPMAN, Ao. 102 IViUiam itiett, Nur York, MANUFA'7LKKR OF 1 UK CELEBRATED HAOIR RAifrttrca. of four aldi a alao I'ocke' Boole,* alleta 8|eotaole ana Bankera Caeta. In averv variety, an the moat eitentlveaaitle. JMrdlnm an. a, Irom JH to JKHI per irooa, Quarter " " Hit " M ' naif ' " 82 " 144 H ataia ana rretcrvtia ol all kinda CEO. DABBR I Annta mh 18 J AS. CBEMEB, J**'** NOTICE. TO AM, WHOM IT MAT CONCERN.?Came on ah ore on the aonfh aide ul l.ona lalar.d. In V>e vicinity o4 Montaok Liylt ll.rnao or too let toat, a v aael'a Iobr Boaf. Bald ooat la at vtnlren fret i,. Inotth, apparai.tly about too yt are old, aligbtly at've, bnt oUiervlia In yooo condition. lb 11181 OaifnCE HAND, Wreekmaeier. H. KAHN, laroaria or tfRIKKCH ARTIFICIAL ?LOWKRI, FEATHERS, r awn Marram.a rna rtowrn araitrn.e, *\o. iti <+? 'UUSf ?U7-H* InTou. W YO RNING EDITION?TU1 LIFE ASSURANCE. National loan fund uri amurancb socnrrr, OF LONDON.?[Bmpoweasd by itroialAct orPili.iamrmt 1?Ca pit a i., XAUU.WW or $LiOO,WW?Chief OAo* lot As eric a, 71 WallitrMt N. Y. UNITED 8TATE8 BOARD Or LOCAL DIRECTORS. O. EDWARD BABICBT, Chair ha IV. Nbw York Branch; John J. Palmer, Bamnel H. For, Jibii Bcvrmeo, With am Van Book, George Barclay. AqoUaO. Stoat, bamnel 8. Ilowland. Fanning Cobham Taeker. BMbe McKrara Til* rOLIhWlKO arb ahong thr adtantaqu OrrBRBD RV thii woriTUTioie. The guaranty of a large capital, la addition to the aoottmulation ol premium* The peculiar bench to aeenred to the nature d by the principle of the Loan Department. The payment if piemlume. half yearly or qoarterly, by partlae it anred for whole term ol life. Tt e travelling leave la both extendve and liberal. Tbe New York Branch of the U. 8. Loaal Board meet every Wedoeedny, at tbair Offloo In Wn'l atraet, where all buaineae eonnreted with the Seeietj'e operationain America ia transacted? affcrdirg thereby every pomiblt advantage of promptaeee and attretlon to pertiea la eaaea of leave to travel, loan*, eettlement of claim*, ke ,ko. fereone inrared for life, oan, at tie commeaeement, borrow balf amonnt of aannal premium, and claim the tame privilege for Ave inceeaaive year*, en tbeir own note and depoait of pulloy. fart of the Capital ie penraieutly Invent d la the United States, in the timet of three of the Local Lirretorv, aa Trustee* Thirty dayt allowed, after each payment of piemium btoomea doe. without forfeiture of policy. No ebarge for stamp dnty or for Medical aiamination. The Society being founded on the Mutual and Joint Stock principle, p? relet may participate la the profile of the Booiety, twothirde ot which are divided amona thoee aeeurod far life, en the participation ecale The Agency in the United State*, of thie Institution, differ* widely from an agency** commonly conferred by parent Institu tiouo ntro*d. The Chairman of the Local Board, and the Ounoial Agent in Mew York, act under Power* of Attorney, executed by tl e I or. don Board of Director*, which Power* are recorded in the Regbter'a Office in the oily of New York. Medical Kxoniioera attend dally, at 1 P. M.,at 71 Wall street, and at the office* of the different Local Board* and Agendo*. California KLk* taken at extra rata* ot premium affixed by reiduttoua of the Laeal Beard. Proepectueea, containing full Informat'on, and table* of rate*, obtained on application at 71 Wall (treat, and of agent*. ^ TchlSit J. LEAN Dig 8TAEE. Oenetai Agent. T HE EAGLE FIRE COMPAN Y. OFFICE 71 WALL STRUT, capital $300,000, and a labor arapLus, CONTINUES to insure again at lea* or damage hy fire, on the most favorable terms. A.G. STOUT. President Thoma* Gi.ovkr, Secretary. mhlSflt IRON SAFE WAREHOUSE, Nas. 187 anis lay Wim Strict, SILAS C. HERRING. Dxalkm in all kinds OF IRON SaFIS andmonry < hosta, and Manufhoturer of the genuine * Patent Salamander Safe ' Seecmd hand Safe* of other maker*, inch having been taken la pert payment forth* teal Salamander, far tale leie than one halt first coat. mIS ISt PORTABLE IRON HOUSES FOR CALIFORNIA. THE Galvanised Iron Honeee constructed by me fur California, ha viae met with so much appr val, 1 am thus induced to oall the attention of thoee going to Celi'ernla to an extmiaaUon of them. Tb* troa i*grooved in euoh a manner, that all parta of the nonie. root ana uati. glide together, and a home 20*1# oau be put up id loie than a day. Tbey are ft r cheaper than wood, are dre-pvoo^ and much more oomfertab e than tsnts, A h< um of the above aiiecau be ablpped in two boxes, 11 feet long, and 2 fret wide, and 8 inches deep, the freight on whtoh would be about $14 to San Framleco. There will alto be do trouble In removing fiomone ertot the country to anothtr at the house can, ia afew hours be ken down and put up. By calling upon the subscriber, a home of the above slxe oan be aeen. PETER N A YLOK, 13 Btone at. mbiUSm CALIFORNIA FIRE ARMS. AW. BPIKB It CO., ill MAIDEN LAN I, IMPORTERS and dealers in Piro Arms Invite the attention of '.'alitornians to 'heir stook of United States Rifles. Carbines, MuskoU, Short Hi ties, double and single barrel Quua, Revolving Pistols, Bowie Knives. Pouehee. Belts, Ro fee , having tr.e largest stock of artiolet of this description, which thsy offer wholesale and retalL march 27 3m _ STANDARD FASHION?SPRING 1841) LEAHY R CO. will offer their (trie for the ensuing season for inspection and delivery, March 2d. genuine beaver hats. An experience ef nearly twanty years, under eireumetanoee well calculated to teat the justness of their views eueblee hisev R Co. to assert that this nniivalled article it peon iarly adapted, from its rare combination it utility, beauty or finish and artistic taste, te the habits and wants of their oastomera. L. R Co.. while keeping a careful watch over the improvement* of tbe Preach Metropolis, have rtjeeted every axeggeratioa of fashion or stylo, and are confident that tba perteetion of thsir present issua is la obaraotoras wall with ths ta.te of their sua. toners as with thsir house, with whoss asms a gsntloataaly hat hasbecons son or jm on*. leary r co.'s fine moleskin 8ilk hat, Of th- finest quality and latest fashion, embracing all 'he most reseat improvements and unexcelled by any heretofore pro dnced, will be sold at four dollars each. Tbe additional preparations mads for the manufacture of this article, the increased reetlitlee eijoj ed for procuring from Franoe and fa this market the ohoioeat necessary materials and ths greatly extended sales anticipated by L R Co.. warrant th im la tordlnr the artiele as above. LEAKY R CO., m2U Nee. 3,4 sod 6 Aster tloaeo, New York. gentlemen's hat8?spring fashions. MK.BANTA. 94 CANAL CORNER OF WOIMTEK STa KET, Is sailing moleskin sad Nutria HATE at $3 his bast quality moleskin and nstria Hats at $3AO. Reoeat improvements in the manufacturing Department enable him to offcr Hats euperiet to any heretofore manufactured by him at the above named low prices. mil) 2t? SPRING FASHION 1849 NOW READY.?UNSURPASSED by say manufactured in this ellv tor sloganeo durability or beapnsta at tho oao pries store, 118 Canal streoL Every article warranted to give aattsfactioa. J. W. KELLOJU. mk 13 I3t rtl / iTT if mn Sfr lirif/ \t ri -v ? t re L/LiUlIllilU AX WIlUliCiOALlj. WE are now read* wi'h a large and elegant ttoek of Fuhi enable Cluthiag, for the Spiing and Summer, tuitable far the Southern and V eat era Trade, which will be offend at enoh prioee ei eball induoe tboee who nap favor ue with a eall to make their aeleotiona. Our prices are full 19 per oent lower than thoee of tine housea and fur variety and itylee, our etook will eon pare favorably with at y other ia the city. D. k J. DEVLIN, nihil) .'m 33 and 56 John St., cor Nassau. ~TO TAILORS, DEALERS IN CLOTH, Jec. Henry rlemm beus leave to announce to the Trade, that he hae taken lofte No. 61 W illiaa etreet, New York, where he hae opened, and ie daily receiving, a ehoioe eeleo tion of Clothe, Doeekin lindmetre, Vootinge, ko? manufactured eipremly for the Tailoring Trade. Aleo, Mtma Sargee TaUen Trimmings. he.; which he offere for tale a ehaae under the loweet market price, TOE CASH OE APPROVED NOTES. Country bujera particularly, would do well to examine hie goode, a here they ean have the privilege of eelecting from a freah etock, in firet hand a fcc. HENRY KLEMM, mhlt 13t* No. 91 William, near Cedar street, New York. A RARE CHANCE! AT 202 BROADWAY. FLINDID AND KA?H IOICX II.E CLOTHING, AT COST. THE Proprietor^ the "City Cach Tailorino Kctabi.ish ment" beitg about to make exconaive alterations in bie Store, wonld announce to the pablio bit intention of telling off hit entire etoek oi Superb and Fashionable Clothing AT COST! Comprising la lit aieortmenl every arliole required for a Gentlemane Wardrobe, mannlaetured I rem the tin est fabrioe, and adapted to the preeent eeuon. EDWARD FOX 202 Broadway, n>27-lt Oppoei'e the Pranklin Honee,New York. CAST OFF CLUTHING~AND FURNITURE. LADIES and gentlemen having auperffoue efleete to dupoee of, or weiring apparel, kc oaa otitain a fair ptloe for the earae, by mailing for Ue subscriber, through the 1 ott Office or oioerwtee, who will attaad at their reetdeaoas. Ladies attended to by Mrt. Levetetyn. mh27-lt* J. LEVENSTYN, 404 Broadway, ap etaira. 600 CHALLENGE. NOTICE TO GENTLEMEN WHO WANT THEIR CLOTHES TO LOOK LIKE NEW. CALL at tbe Cleanii g, Dyelag, Tailoring, end Repairing BetaWish ment. No. 66 Oold struct, where you aan est all grease exirsckd at U.e shortest notice, by J. B. Nt AH, 66 Uold etreet, two doort from Beekman street, New York. mhJ7 It* o TI I 1) v a U 11 1 IV J. O MADE T# ORDER, CUT RY MCAAURE, AND WARRANTED TO TIT, IT MRS. E. C. BEMAN, Clinton Hail, M9 Nassuu itrett, tfrw York. f Eetabliahed id 18*3 ] TO BE REMOVEL< uN Tafc Irr Of NAV NEXT, TO No. 1 At tor B?.n o. bioedway. eorm r of Va-v atrwt. Riohn". hod ?> o Owfen'a. ' odd ?I Feiitou's And othar Family Lmena, nod loik mil* knalin. a waya lor aula Mr*. B. i' the in-entot and call manufacturer ?f tbn uelabrmtcd BEMAN COLLAR. ktiched Boaotra, the ben and rtcheat aaaortment erer offered for i?)o in tto Vn too tt tea. ton mt Embroidered i.orded Rod, kr, cf n.iiie,thao flftj.difU entpott IM^TNItHBlRMf Work oi bbirte, Mr tUBRB le P?J li g the higbeat pr ow ewr piid by any Ptlrt Eattbllehmemi m tl.o world. 1 or Llueaa, Mm. S payt ao high hi thna doiRn A)aid?[ticca rarely paid by any of ihe royal at ?* royal rainiliaa In Europe. Tot Chi tie, iha ohar at from l wa to Sixteen boilnra a plioa. 1 li? mort axp-naive ara g-ne rally Wedding M.ii u. No 0 atlemea in Ma v? orld, it la tan , wear to tiob and Mtdmtne Sbirn i a the ol haw York Atrttx to tat'TO houra n Doe, Mra B will at any tunc getip Shlrat to order, cut by meawnra and wariautad to fit. Perertai hnndreda beti Biiiohert donniktly employed. Aatr reUteiitea Mia Beman ran point with eonfldenae and Eride to her Order BooV. In which are the original aniographa of eiwien tW" ai d three thonaand regular cuatomere, amour whom

are the namea ol b re.ittela and ex Eretidenw oi a-vbl.oa An baeaadora r t ar d from Foreian OourU, Henat,re and Member* of Congieae,Oorernora and Conanla neural Offloer* of th'Army aide are Edit la, F oela Oratora, Merobanta taeiara, Oootora and gentlemen of riiatinetion ia erery grade of Military, Naval, BtpliRiatic, and Clril Life. mh .113k TO DYERft AND BLOCK PRINTERS^ DRY EXTRACT OK ANNATTO. PRF.FABEL by HUoH WARDBLL Maiiuf.o'uring Cheat eta, North bhure. staten laland. Thia omgae pee.wration If Are i.mea ihe tirei gth of t o beet I'ara Aanetto, aod can alwaya ba reUe' on. Hcfereneea(Irirg to pa'tiea nowuaiugit aadaample* aunt gratnitonily to ant (art of the Union, by dlrceMng to the mai nlao u or Ann a fin Naw York. M. WARD k CO., RS Maiden lane. ?) dt* new caiu'ET warehouse. WIILIAK N'UKOi r, NO. l3?triUM4.l? STRUT, (Between Fulton end lohi, inreta.) orroai'ik iiik wamiinoton i>t?>krs. Tie ml?iribir l ae taken the new end rp mono atar*. No. ISA V lliiani atnai, ahtrt he oflrra. nt *ho?-al* aid retail, a large atd foil aM0iti?.~al of the d.fler> nt a< ylra of CAHPKriNO AND Oil. tll.OTHSJ frum the n> " re tbrated mat u'tcttinra; and iaooaetantty roeoir. ina ft'in enetlai ,a large aaior'anei t ot the f lioat, y y,v>d?:? Wlltm Tairittj. Three Ply. Super Ingram harping. low Ghee, all wool, and totlun and wool; Venetian Mimr do ; Oil oth. Nat it fa, Rugn Ma*a, Ao ko., end ail lb: Tarh.oe aty lea of WINDOW SHADKS Tit R.rtierd the Merry Paa'oraot CI ureh a. Ileadeof 1'harl telle ard Literary inatitu'Hii.a dealt wiih oar* n table tertnt, M h? r 'i.loie. ?r,i~ taah Jolleta and thore about forniel ing Flotela, ''to>m t ? n,'| n i tthhr HaVa a d I t n r r ?< ilura nr? . h r'n t hi t d tall Mil ta'i'a; 'l?o Oo h, L.cli ?l.i1? bji.. | mtTn)\ VILLUH irQROKTT. j iRK I SSDAY, MARCH 27, If ODD FELLOWS' HALL, CORNER OF GRAND AND CENTRIC STREETS. BROIBIRS PERKINS, GRATEFUL FOR THE VRR7 LI betel patronage already extended to them. and which haa exceeded their moat laagtune antioipatiena, beg leare to any that their PRIVATE SUPPER ROOMS far the reception of Ladiea accompanied by Gentlemen, are now, fir ihe diet time, comple'e. They are confident of their ability to pieaae the moat taetidioos, aartiemen of competent experienoe and taete in anoh matte re nariae aaanred them that their aaiooa ie not exoailed in Londaa or Fane for ooaviaieaca for nxTatmT, for uonnnouenKia of DnconaTion, for the perfection uf ite cviainc, and for ita prompt and poHto attai dance Ita LARDER ha?alvareerery edible of thoNiwTork market*: and In ad dltlon. I'BMt dolly contribution! ofluxurtee, by all the (twnm, fnm ibe tropical rexlona Mid from Europe. Th? ir VAULTS AND STORE-ROOMS III lap, lied with the choice-t bread! of WISES. LIQUORS AND SEOARS, relee-ed here or pteonreo diraotly by importation ; md their charm rll be found u reaaonahle a* any reitaurent ofitaehetarter In thla city orr'erwt.ere. nth 27 HAVANA SEGAR COMPANY. TBI UNDERSIGNED having been appointed Agent for the aale of the CXI.BUB ATM) BIGABa Or THB HAVANA SEOAR COMPANY, ia now prepared to offer the following brand* at the exceedingly low pi lore of (16 per M. VAONPtt BONUS, SIS per M. EXCELSIOR. There Began are handiomely pot up in convenient package I, and are warranted equal to the lixrr xvkb impobtxo. The price r caa be maintained at there extremely low ratal only by a itnct adherence to the CASH PRINCIPLE, precluding the receeeity of good euatomert paying for loeeee Incur ltd by aalea to bad onea to the Tnanx a lmieral iimooviot. A large aopplv of Began of different braade, direct (Tom the manufaoturua, always on hand. J. I. THRASHER, Central Agent for the Havana Sugar Company. mhSO ISt V7 Sail (treat, Now York. J. GROSS GARELLY & CO., 9U William St met. Up Staire Mnnvjncfv rcr, and Importer of fVinpee, iiimpt. Cordi, and TVni'li, Enitiroiderv-i; hi aide. Hut tone for L.'idve' Dm ael, HAVk juet received a beautiful eaeortmeut of faraeol. Dreoa and Maetilla Fitigne; the neweet and moet laehionaMe eiolea of Buttone for I adieu' Dreaoee; China Train and Organiina Bilk; Let doa Dye; Patent Wound; all of whioh will bo eold by the paohngc, at the loweet merbet priaoe. mh lS-3Ut* PIANO FORTES, MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. THE 8UBBCHIBEB8 OFFER ICR BALE AT WHOLRSALR and retail, new and eoeond hand Piano Fertea Mneio and Hurlral Ii etiun ente, ooneletlng in part of Vlolioe, Violoncello!, QoitaiaFIuUs. Ac Re. Alio, the beet quality Italian and EngHeh Violin, Violoncello, Guitar and Barp dtiiuga, all ol which they offer for aale on the uiiwo u>rraiierinr. n.u.utiua uu.,.v? nroUDi). N B.?New and Second Bind Piano Fortee, of th? most aprr erg webera. nona antly on hood lor hire mhMI4t* PLaNOS ri- R 8aLI AND TO HIRE. AT 7 BARCLAY ST., cppoilte the Alter Bouo, from HJdto7 ucoavea, iu roaewuod and mahogany cuts. JAMES THOMPSON It CO. m>27-13t late Tallmnn A BandaU. A NEW FLYING MACHINE HAB Just been invented to carry people through the kit to GallfornU, hot before yon itart lor tAs Gold Regions, dou'tfnil to call at the original Chatham stn e t Baiaar. SI Chatham, directly oppeeite Chamber! atreet. where yon will find a large and Taxied aaaorttaent ot aneorJenea. flotlaaa vlolina, ftntea. elanouete. goitara, banjos, picoioe. flageolets, fifes. torn bo ri ties, an t in slrucfcon books far etery Inurnment. I oan eell yon a good accordeo* tor $1 76, better ooee for $.1 $5,910 and $11. Ooly call and aeeibcm. and Professor J aocbs will play the money out of year poekeu by a proeeia peouliatly htaown. If you don't want mniio, he will aell you a gold or direr watoh. gold ring*, tr aetplna, guard ohatna, aarrtngi, keys, leaU studs, necklaces, allrer combe, thin, blea, chains. darts. fine (iltohalne, oombe; hair, tooth, and abaving hiueheo; mora pocket booka, porta moanaiea, I urate; .gold, ai rer and at eel apectaolea, goggles, and other articlea too auntroua to mention. Old gold andaitver bought or exchanged; Accordton taught,; tuned, and repaired Banjo taught and repaired Call at Jacobs' aid aland, 65 Chatham, oppoatto Chamber! ttreet. ml/ lt?g ROMANISM'?A LECTURE ON THE PRETENDED Infallibility of the Church of Roma; eontiaated with the writ inga of the k,thers and euoh paraagea of Boriptura aa the Popi h Chuiet o'aimB for the rule and ataodard of her faith, will be de I.ruled on this, Tuesday, evening March 27tb, at 8 o.nlock, in the Corgregational Church, (Rer. B.T. Cheerer'a.) in Chriatie atreet., rear Delancy atreet, one block from the Bowery, by Rer. E. Lea bey. turn eriy Monk oi La Irappe in franca, and late ot Albany, N. Y. The lecturer will appear In hia monastic drees. Ladies and gantlrmen admitted at a eaeh. FREE MASONRY. ALLYN'B RITUAL OF FREE Mr BON BY. llloetrated with aumeroua engrarings. Also, a Key to Odd Foliowahlp A lew of the above scarce bock J oat procured, price $5. Also anew edition ot Platoon the Jinmoita iiy of the Soul $1 23. For sale by WM. UO VANS, mhS7 ft? 17H Fulton atreet. New Yerk. NOVlli AND TH HILLING SIGHT AT THE MOSAL Centre ot ibe Intellvoiual World, ltd Mima street?MU.OUO volumes of book* now lelliig iff ot kali pride embusing every subtest tbet ever engaged tee bureau iatelleot, fr>m the rudiments of knowledge in the pot ny primer tu the moat ozcouoito enoyclepscdia. The literary puojie, aud book boyan of every kind. a ill lean with aih.atabu.eiit sad gratification that the nbaeriber, alter bavit g }utt replensheJ hli stook by tiio addition of 18,000 hew volume! ia d'apuatni 01 the whole at Ian than half the usual prieea Avery author in existence aan now be bad at thii uniiine eitab.i?hme> t. from the ear lint meemerlser to the moot profound poiloeopber. together with many of the holy fathers, ai d likewise all tha auibuaiaeta who have broached hties.e- t? every age, rvgululy down ward from Rlmon Mamie to J<anoabouti-eot, doe Smith and o d Miller, Tha religiose p ibHo, therefore, wlH be eepeclaliy intereitcd, whilet thoee diseatiafled with present arrangemente can procure worka glviai valuable hint* tor the getting up at uaw eejta, by the revival of old heresies. Ii truth, there ta no subject wbloh oaasot be foatd in tha Mo.-ai Goatra of the Inteileotaal World, wkioh ii u.o groat point of tiiactioa for all the men of lovers who visit New York. 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The om gated Rocker end Tret Pare. k.tihbatd'e notary force t'owrv eptr-ived of and tiken to Onli*orriiH by t) irty two different Mining otn|i*nlQe thet hevr left tl m pan; turd *u hoard many packet* ead i'"?ra<t?, end lo'ely ?ilo|ie<ie? frcrh weter pori.p oe omrii ot U S ahtpe; wntnh will illl convei ieuty about i-tfeet, mid will t er very "tell, Hi* teeter > bend p< ntr to en ek vatic h of morn tiien IKI f et. leather I raiting and Htmtl >t Hone, tro.i end ooppur rirottod; icka, bpadre, Derla. end other Wii ta? aptilianeee. Allot u e ebove ere menutaotnred by the etihtcriher and for ttlicd et mennfertureia' ptioea Cotnpnkiee ere fitted ont by WAITER d.tllHWM, Proprietor, e.i0 3t 349 Broadway, onrncr uf L- nerd, N. N. MISCELLANEOUS E F F E C T S, eticH ae (' OBU'tlKS, <?M?TLF.MK*?? Ilk [.ADIES* LRFT OfP VV PARING APPAHRI,, Jkwri.UY, SILVER FLAIR, FIKK Ahiw?I. Ft'ft.MitiRK tV;c BCUOIiT HY il, I El K.4*1'- (Jlhcti, No. t t'*rk flAO*, oofiter ot S Y. GowtK-v cii o- oi htvinp nifvrt'tif \.A fft r f I r\ nir-.L 'ftfliif i ' ,o t * , it! i rt i, i i i i I tK^tr <-? ly a ivkiatw wn* Ord?r* thvon** r.*e <*Hy 1>*| I I [slekFtH, ee Hisiwwe, wEI mkZ7 I I ERA 549. BRANDRETH'S PILLS ARE A SURE CURE FOR INFLUENZA. TBIB COMPLAINT HAS BBOOMKSO P RBQUBVT,TS IT thera are few perron* who hove not had > t mv> ral time*. It i* a kind of malignant oontagtoua eold nttcadel with much fever. and great iiroetration of atrengih. So wm aa piaaiMa, wallow aix or eight Pllla; a large doee la aba .lutely ntccatary to relieve ttie brain, that o-aan appearing to ault?r treetiy in tbia con plaint H hen they have operated uiell put your fcetand lega in bet water, er take a hot bath. Be aura and be purged, ken re you o?e any meant of ineraaaing the circulation or yanr liiemay be the f> rfeit. Now go to keif; and. when ia bed. take two more pill* and tome not beaeeet tea catnip, or balm or beleam, or acme water gruel?any of there warm driake will an ewer, and which may be left to ohoioe?either >f mum witi help to real ore inaenaible perapiration. and thla method will geierully ore. Bbtufd, kowrrer. the patient, after the pin* ai.d *hi - after treatment, not ba better in the morning, let him take another Ma, tight or ten pilla er more aeeordiag to uneaoy oi atnipmnia and the warm drinka and toot or general bath, at aigbt My uperlenee hi a thown ma that the th.rd day generally dodi the pa Meat nail, when thia plan bae been adopted In the beginning. But. in any event, tha oontinnanoa of the treatmeat ia the beet that eaa be adopted, whether It takea one day or twenty to elfuet the core. However had tha baad may be. never let blood be drawn or leeohae applied; wo want nil the blood we have. Inetoid ef loaiiig thie "life of our fleah." let ua take more pi da, wlioh will take the death principle from ns leaving eur blood relieved, and ready to mllj all ite life power* for our reatoration, eo aocu a* the purgation hat left it free to effoot thie object CHOLERA. Thia terrible dlaeaae hu roeiated nearly all tb? effort* of madi. adnata ankt i u pragma, but Bmawubeth'* Pima almo* immediately they are aw allowed. exert a bent fatal influence the} carry oulof the ayetom the irritating matter* upon wtrcb thadtaaai* depend* tor it* oontinuanea; they arone* the rttal power*, and re*tore warmth to tf>* aurfeoe, prerioualr ohilled by the eoldnee* ol approaching death. Tber* I* no oeoaalon (or tear, prortded BrandreuTe fill* an on hand -eady for immediate nee; their prompt admlniatratlon will vnnm ?h the malady, and re tore the htalth, Uee them a* directed in tho diaeaae* ennmeratad below. YELLOW, SHIP, TY PHUS, AND ALL FEVERSDYSENTERY AND DIARRHCE A. In the commencement, It ii *f nbaolute importance, In riew *f a tpeedy aura, that a foil dee* of pilla b* taken at onoe, becauae the humor* whloh produce dieeatee ol thie elaaa, an alwaya of Uti mi tt malignant, poiaonou* quality, and n* safety to lrm cxlatr while any portion remalnt in the bowalaarthe blood. Should the Hrat doaa not cun, b* Lot alarmed, but reiterate the doea Should the eeacnationa be eery putrid, of bud odor, unnatural oelor, lie.. fco? fcendea uiiag four or eix pilla twice a day, take alto, a teaipoonlul of powdered o arooal, in water, eeary day, while tbeae *yn ptenia eontinu*. Let your diet be light, and of aaar dlgeatiun. a* *1 row root, rice /uouing lodlan meal gruel; alao, heep'a bead broi h with rice and a piece of cinnamon boiled in tt, or eaivaa t oad broth, bheep'e head max.'* the beet diet if it be boiled umil the bona* are olaan. A* a rule, the tirat doee of pill* enrea when timely uied. bometimae three or tour dcia* may n* neeaaeary. There are eaaee in whioh it takea waeha to oura; but tb?y do not occur one* In a thouaaod timea In any arant, no Dcrioin* cr plan or treatment ia better than that above recommanded, or will aoonar earn. So ? on a* tha irritating matter* are removed, *o toon you will b* well, and net before, anodyne* and aattinien tahave a deleterioua , fleet; bacaute they oeoaaion the retent ion of that death prtnoip!* whioh alone oauae* dyeentary, diarrhma, abolara, and all other diaaate*, aeoording to ita excea* over tha prineipl* of lite But Brandretb'a Pilla ar* op. pored to thie a* water Je to lire, or aa beat it to oold; and whan ttey are taken into a man they go to woik boldly to thie death principle hom the body; and all they oan do?but if there be work tor fifty doeee. one dote mnet not be expected to do the week of lift} And thia truth ahouid alwaya be kept in mind. Let not the pntiont* frighten tbeoualva* with tha idea that thay are too weak to oearmoeh purging; but bear in mind that thee* mildly oparating Pilla of Dr. Bntndreth put* not wtaknaat into the frame, but orawe weakneea out, leaving atrength la it* plaoe, ... B..v. n*vy at Bigot, tna u appetite to wiiih any <oo4. OBSTRUCTIONS AND IRREGULARITIES PECULIAR TO FEMALES. When yonng women are liok much after tlx teen ytan, and who have not Income regular, i.avmg either too muuh or too tittle? wnen In too great quae lit lee?there ta nothing to be done but to lake the ptlia aa dreattbed lor coeuveuer* being careful to make email doeea be taken when the time la expected. With thoae ta whom the ease ia different?namely, who hate not enough, or are irregular, or with whom it ia altogether ! topped? let them fellow the direotioaa relative to eoetivenoaa a Wo, bat with ttna mfference: tnatead of the an all doe a be oarefnl to BO order | it that the lurgeat doeea are taken aoont the time the tarn ia expected. And if irregularity la uot tbua removed, aa it may not the Arattime; the next t'me. bealdea taking the la'ge coaea of pilla for aeveral cay > preceding, take a large enp of atrong pennyroyal tea, cold, when you gel up in the morning of the day you expeot. 'Ibeae direction a followed, will be aura ana produoe the effuou CHANGE Of LIFE. Uee the pilla aa directed in Coativc neae, and all the very unpleaaant fee toga will diaapgear. Freeh air. and change of aoene will much help in the cure. Bat the nille will be ali-eutBeient, if peraevertd in, to tffeot a fall reetoration to health. SPECIALLY TO MOTHERS. The eoetlveneei and the aiekneaa rf atomaeh which eften prevail! at a certain intervener period, are greatly relieved, and ultimately cured, by the nee of haxni>kkth'i Fh.ia. which abould be need oaee ei twiee n week during the whele time. They tneure an caey and aafe time, and. what la the with of every mother, they aeonie a healthy, good-tempered etHld. It ia aramarkable fact, that thoae lad in whe have been in the babitof nalag B?AwuKrrH'i Piux, have ultimately beoome ao healthy, ane the babit oi the aj efom ao changed, that ao eiokaeae ol etomacb, or other unpleasant aymptom naa prevailed mora during tLe intereeting period then at other timet. Dr. Bmndreih hat it ia hia power to give p-raomal rate ansa te eatabliah thie proot of the woaderfnl poweraof tne Bxixuhxth Pii.l In exactor Duimtv, WcxxNExe. WASTinna, Dm.inch,on OwwnifiM IWMHWnia, te Wld be ueoexMry to commauee with email doaea. Begin with one pill gdog tobd; next night, two pille; eo Uiie altcrnateiv lor ti.rce or f..iir i"-? " BO ai tntiio takua place. then I-.creuu a pill each eight until Ave tre>x pille M* used then decrease krone piiLdoau to ooe pill. bkiuid Buy tereriah lymptoa Brio*, then take strong dose* nntil the lever la induced. W hen uob i* done, the patient may drop down to *uoh coeee a? their own judgment ihali determine; being caicful to hetp the drain npon the impure humor*; a*then are removed, *o villi be their advancement to ioand health. ANK.UR18M, OR ENLARGEMENT OF THE HEART, ARTERIE8, FILES, He. to. Uee (he pill* two or three tiirea a week In doses sufficient to puree freely; and nbtn a par- xyim oomei on, a fear)'** uae of the pill* aunt i? maee; dona with nx or eight, and In a little while repeat the do**; do U.i* until the bowel* are strongly purged. Thiaelreoted, tie oan*er I* over fur that attack. Ang-na pcotori* aad atone In the gall-bladder are treated In ti e tame manner; and although ronticered lacuiabl* by the medical proleaaiun. ere i ured by the use ot bnannaetii's hi i s. Pilea are emed by BnitDtmi'i Pii.i a In eevere atucke the done* must be fall: six or eight for n few niglite t> geu er will euro the worat etisee whenever thia die esse eomee on In the tiemmcnt of other diseases, it iaagood tiin; uie Lathing but the fill* end. ne an oatward application, told cream or lard, and make frequent uee of cold water locally. Where there have been peotoral alftcMen*. a* a-thmi, coeaump tlon he., p> rteveeanoe will be required with the pills to afloat n permanent cure. But any other oourae will aaauredly bring on the pecurnlefleotion* ?r. Brandeth wenld call ipeolal attentien to tfce following letter from ARNOLD BUFFUM, THE PHILANTHROPIST. New York, Third Month. Jfl, 1848. " Dr. Brandretk. my dear friend, if to lie good and to do good U the higl nt doty of man; and if to do good ia the beit evidence a man can give that he iagood, >ben IfeeThound to addreee tbeo aa one who l.aa eon e up to tie mark of mae'edfattny, " A> a teeumony that thie ie not ra n flatten, I give the following bref Match of my own experience:? ' Vt hen 1 ww twenty years eld. I was vary uiek for about two months. with wnat my physiolan oalla l ( ew fever,' during which one 1 look mneb medicine; from thuttim*. for thirty four jists I was wry often aiak and under the care of a physician. About twelve gears ego 1 had a very severe attack of Ioflimmatory Khtamatiani. daring which I wu attended by Dr. floor*, ol Philad Iphia I then regarded mywlf ?< an old man with a broken dowo constitution.ewlftly deacending to the gave. Soon alfarwsrds, hi wever. I purchased n box ot Urandeth ill la and 0. ding them <a trial to hi more effectual ie removing disease than ai y medicine I bad ever tried be'ora. I replenished mv slippy from time to time. a* M ail n requ red Bine- that time I have ipent three year* ia toe western country, where 1 wu very ron'h expos d to vicU-ritwfe* likely to produce dioeaee; twice I have crossed the Atlantic Oe-an, and I ave now spent the last f>ur year* m an i So* in thie* ok y oitv. Unce, while trivelltng in { the neat. 1 was taken suddenly very ill. The Irlend at whose I hmn I *tcr|?d, oallad ia e pbyncian, wh>made a vervNNhi I cxamMation of my Mse end then proponed to eommenoe a process which he itatcd wnu'd ?o reduce toy system a* to *r nflns me to the house for eh If ait tlx week a hut I d el. no-l ma pfeeertp I tiotis, took a dose of Brandrrth I'illa, culled ths next day and paid the physician lor his visit, and porsu'd my travel, and this { la 'he only it-atanr e of my bmeg visited hy a physician al -co I pur- j ol need the flr-t hex of Htandrath Pills, twelve yean ago. "My health ia now vastly better then It ha* bean for thirty | f'-nr yaati hcto cl o- mmrniwi tha nee of tbeae They have be. n mt ocnatae' con pant-n win raver I havo best., by leod or , by sea. and my only melieirt. I am now ten p -undj r savior tlian ; 1 w aa before I used them; when i take n oold now, I litre no j cotigb; an* I attributed thiscbanxa. under Ood for the aubetl- | tst-' ? if BranCieth pill* for ti,e frequent bieoding and the oalo- , mil do*mg to winch I we* before inrjvo.ed. My wife, too, by the 1 mo a tana eoj'ji the rame uninterrupted good health. Out dootr r'? Mill l?r both of hi hav* aot *ni'>uiit?d to Ave dollar* la twelveye*r?. Whoa w* And our health impa red from any rtwi, we tale a lei of Maiidreth PH>t ml ti ? d ITinulty ia nmivel; | and Jndgit * Ir'm nij oa-o exper'onot 1 heli*?p if avery family ihoeld adopt the tent pra-tln? the health aad the longevity of the ci mn.umty a on Id be ireatlv promoted. ' Hoot reepeetfullj thjrfilend, AtNOLD BUFrUK." TATIENT8 Mrnotle toeof on reminded that. In all obeMnate earn* lartet ricwcand |erirvtr*ace wilt tn*l y eSrct a eare.exmpt in thoae e*ee? a here in ture ii al . (other exhausted, belom b.ii uitdiolue of hening po??tt a a* uied. For further information are pamphlat on legation, by Dr. Brn dtelh, whioh may te had aitheiit otarte, fro.0 the agnate for the oa e of the fd'le, which prove* that he drawing the lm;uril>t* oat i f the fian.o by mean* of Brandrolh'a Pilla, 1* the naly r >eeibleaieanaal iirlbm* the root of all d.eeaaan; thai mabing every ope that are* the to tiieir own phytiman. Tlie barbaroa* and inhuman |>raetloe rf hlwdipg. cupping, leeching. It i* hoped, will be aooa exploded, aa exp*r#;o?ha* provtd that wahava to do nothing but naa Bran-ireh * Fill*, which lake the imperilled cut of the ayatam alnae,leaving the gerdblcod ? hoi Id and ifarengthen the body; while, abotraatia* the flood take* it* good aa well *a fa bad parte Weinou, in a few hour* reeovat Itom an txceafve purgation with Braadtwih'* Pill* but it iahe* wool* to reeovtr from a Mag!* bloodletting Be aatuibW, and never he bled. The Brar.dreth Fllla ere fold at 2d centa par b?x, hy one agent in ever* town in ibe United Smief.aadtn alm?*t every eliy *hro>ighc at. the a n,td. Let all beorofol wltare l*?y hav. or they will *btaina ceantolfelt Bayaa'yal atan boaa oharae'eti yti tnew t?. he ahove i* n>e?a an a*M"* a* *o tell a tu rn far tb* tone UnadrelL'a Pill*. llbaerve the ?l* ilgaalaiaa ef Dr. Mrandreth oneaait bax. miNCIPAL BRANDRKTHIAN OFFICE, NO. Ml BROADWAY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. mrn- aama *11 mtuer. aoaaeraiag agewotee at adv aa, m bg. I Brandt eth, a* abort. AU imB ioMor* mail be peat padC MW If I* LD. TWO CENTS. I np rumeTnr'ar!ArirtvT/i y^vt fcj viau v altlvj dcjui 9| BRACELETS, NECKLACES, awd magnetic fluid, Fo* tbi removal and fcrmanint 0'. u Or all nervosa dtaaaaea artalng from an unpaired, wakened, orsahealtby it at* of tha nervosa or vital hyetem. they an uaed with perfeot and oartafa auooeai la all waa ad GENERAL DEBILITY, from whatever eauaee it may arlaa, atrongtheaing tha weakened ayitcm and invigorating the body. fite, cramp. rhesmatdam acute or chronic, ipilepay, lumbago, faralyala, pajay, indignation, dyspepsia, tremora. attrrnaaa er joint*, pai.pitatior or thi heart, apopi.exv, neitraloia, pair* iii the cheat and hue, liver complaint, diaaaie* of the kidneve, spinal complaint, and cnrvatan of th* brine, ifip complaint, npaama, and all NERVOUS DISEASES, a rial from one ilmple eaaae:? A DERANGEMENT of THE NERVOUS 8YUTMM. no drug haa, or oan have, any efleot on them axeapt to inoraaaa the diieaae for drugi but weaken the eyatom; while aader the etrrnethening. lite-giving, vitaliiing influeoe* of oalvaniaaa, health aueeeeda diaeaae, and the potion tie reatoied tobloim ana vigor eolely by the outward application of DR. CHRISTIES GALVANIC BELT. the peculiarity and croat boautv of CHRISTIE6 (1ALVASIC AND MAGNETIC CURA"iTE8 coeeiot is the Lot tint they CURE DISEASE BY OUTWARD APPLICATION, Inntend of the oiuil mode of dragging and phyaieking the paUeftt till emanated nature Hioka ueder the initiation. THEY OTBENGTMBW TMB WHOLE ITtTEiq a power poeeeeeed by no other remedial ngontexeopt GALVANISM. Sinee their introduction into the Usited Statee more lima THIBTT THOUtAND rxXeORl, including ehllditn, and ladlei of all olaaaen, hare been the reeL pienta of their benefice. Teillnetrate ite nee. ennpeee the eaae ol a peraon a filleted with that bane of eiriliiation, Dver Erain. la ordinary oaeee, itinralante are taken, whioh. by their nation on the aervea and mate lee of the etcmaeh, afford temporary reMefi but whioh leave the patient is a lower etate, and with injured facultire, a fter the notion thne exeited haa oeteed. Now eompue thla with the effect resulting from the applieatioa of the GALVANIC BELT. Take a djepcptle rufferer. even in the woret eymptoma of an attack ana timply tie the belt nronnd the body, ueinn the megnotle liuid aa directed. In a ehert period the lneeneikle perepiratiou will aet on the poiitive element of the belt, thereby eandiag a galvanic circulation, whiob will pane to the negative, and thenoo back again to the potltive. thua keeping np n oontinoonagalraaio eirculation throughout the oyitcm. Thua TBE MOST SEVERE OASES OP DYSPEPSIA ARE PERMANRNTLY CORED. A few daye are often amply anffloient to eradioala the itlieaei of year a CERTiriCATEl AIVO TElTIMOKIALf, from the meat reepeotable aoureee. regarding the WONDROUS SUCCESS AND EFFICIENCY OF DR. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC BELT, conld be give n, lutfiolent to fill every column la thU paptc, We make a few oeleetiana. The drat la an EXTRAORDINARY CASE, and cenelnAvely prove* that "Truth la tranter than Fiction." 1 he following letter, narrating one of the moat remarkable evente in the annate of Medical Science, le from the REV. DR. LANDIS, A CLERGYMAN of New Jereey, of yitingwiahed attainment* and exalted reputation;? Sidney , New Jrrney, July 12, 184?. I Dn, A. H. Chbhtib?Dear Sir:?You wiaa to know of me wknt hae been the reault in uivownojee, of the application of TBE OaLVANlC BELT AND NECKLACE. My nply it M follow*:? For about twenty yeara I had been lufibring from Dytpepaia. Every year ibeeympume tooame worea, nor eould I obtain per ninneBt relltf ftcui any eenree ef medioal treatment whatevwr. About fc or teen yeaieeinoe, 1 became lubjeetto a aerate Chroaia khtuinatiem. whiob for year after year, oaueed me ladeaaribaMe anguith. The ak 111 ef my pbynoiaue oomotimee afforded ma great rtltri; but tide relief wae oi>ly temporary. Faither: In the wlatac of '48 end'46, 1 wae attacked by tbe Bronehitie, whleh eoon beaide eo aevire aa to reiimre an ImmediaM euapeoelen af my paetoral la bo re M, te'voue eyet? m wae now thoroughly proetrated, and a* my Brouobitie became woree. eo aleo did my Dyepepala and Hbenmatio affection. Myioflbringe were indeed aevece, aad I bed no proepeot ot? or than being entirely laid aaida from the dieeharge ef thoee dstiea and the perfurmanen of thine Inbun. ha which my tool haaevar foutd the bigbant of her Joya Bat reneonlra horn i ffrot to oauia I nninOnAJto. w?. I Tcui bysti m must b? reached. before any hope could be ladalgod 1 of my obtaining rener from tbeee 'mot* -r-tai maladies; even thisg thai I had tried tit thia purpose had oomplaMly failed. At last, (though with ao very aenjcuiae hope*of their efficiency,) I determined to t y the eflbot of toe app'ioatlon ef the OALVaNIO BBLT A?? NEiKLaCR. Thia waa mdone, 1840. To MY GREAT A ATONIIIIMERT lit TWO l)Af S MY DvarBPOA HAD ?ONE;lN EIGHT DAYO I WAS ENA ULE1) TO RBOVMe| MT FASTOHAli I.AHOHA NOR HAYE I SINCE OMlTTMDj A B1NOLB SERVICE ON ACCOUNT Or THE BRONCHITIS; AND MY ilHSIWATIO AFFECTION AI AO GEARED TO THOUR1.E ME. My DylpopMt has never r?turned; the Rheumatism onoo ia a while visit* me, botaot severoly, and a easily arretted. aad Is maalfeetly being drives fri m its hold upon my system, aad my Broaohial aaestioa la satitely cured, buch Is the wonderful aad happy results ef the experiment I have reeemm-afed the BELT and PIUID to maay whs have been lilt*lie tuffering from neutalrrio efleouoaa Taey hare tgied them, with hai'Py k esi'lts, 1 rei.ieye in eyby casb. I am, dear air, very respectfully yours. BuBERr W. LANDIB, RHEUMATISM AND DYSPEPSIA. CnsibTIE'S galvanic BELT will sure every ease, no matter bow tome or chronic. Hie following letter is from Mr. Alono B, Puller, ef Kingston, N. V . a geutltuiaa of liigt rtipeotability and lufiueaoe,? Kingston Ulster Co.. N. T? Jan Id, 1848. To Dr. A. H.Chrlette?About the first of November last, Ioalled at yeur othoe and purchased one ef your Gairank) Belts, aad I am Lappy to ray thai it baa made a new man of me. For yean, I have beta troubled with rhtumaiiam, vory severe, and a gmetal w all rip of t! e whole system and Tory nerv ua. with pain la the head, ee severe that i would have to tike to my bed three or four times a day. My friends are astoalrhed at the perfeotaad wondeilul cure wrought on me. I never waa better la my life than row, aad I know that Una it altogether owtog to your GalvauH Belt* fori had had the beat physicians, and bad triad every thing previous io uring it without effect. see Vory icepectfuliy, ALONZO D. FELTBR. DR. CHRI8TIE'S GALVANIC NECKLACES Are worn for all complaints affecting the throat or kend?for My INFLAMMATION OP THE TMnOAT, Headache, Disilates of th.o Bead, Bronchitis, Neuralgia la the face, bur tug or roaring ia the cars. Doafneua, whlon Ti nervosa (when Uie organ 1* not Injured) la always oared. DR CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC BRACSLET8, Are applied to the wrists or ankles, aad are used la all eases of hHEUMATKM tffeoting the limbs, for ttraint, tremors of the haads, or any nor vein complaint affecting the logo or arms. Oae Is worn on cash wrist o*ankle, and the MagnoLe Fluid ia applied to tbs pert particularly ii(footed, thee canning aconoontraUou of the influence at the desired epot. SICK HEADACHE. A3" The following ecrtiiloate is from the lady of Capt John P. Strata, ore of the moat rwpcotable oitit-ne of Albany, N. T. Refcrcrce can be given to meny nthere mostly ladies wbe seem pecoliariy affcoud with this malady. "Tbia la to certify that i have bean aflliotcd far aeventi yeara paetwith the t'leb Ocaoaohe. which elstrrsalog eomplalatbasoonliiicd me to the bed from one to two daya in the week, during that time. For one month past. I have wora Dr. Christie'* Galvanic Necklace, end oeoae^i ally iiaa d the Megnetie Fluid. I am happy to iny that 1 have not been troubles,with the risk headaehe slice. ANN P. STRAIN, 67 Dewitt It. Albany, March 1,1847. PALSY AND PARALYSIS. All phye'eiene acknowledge that these terrible diseases are eaueeo by a dtflowacy of tarena# eaergy lathe alfeotod parte Dr. CI re it'e Qelvai.ic ei Mel?i will ?k.? ?? ?a. a>u pitta and entire cute la thuaaAeoiai "" " ONE THOUSAND CASES of pa'ay and para'yaia hara been reported to Dr. Chriatia aad hia aS'id Wlthtn tft* 1*"t 'wo yaara, whteh bare beau aatarely roW Captain Aidrew J. F Totrea of Brooklyn. N T., had noa if V,? 10 f l?r ia?r lour year.-, and waa ao balplaaa , . 0 ''A Tha Boat celebrated phyaioiaoayaee him p. In lire daja altar ha eommeuoed wear n? the eairanie belt aad hracoleta. h* walhe- aaron the room. aad in three nela ho *" reooratad to perfect health. (Japtain I'ooaee ia eereoty yeara of tga. A CKLEBllATED PHYSICIAN. | T>e lollowie* ia frem one of iho u'oat dletingulehod phyateiaaa la Boaton, Naea.:? KOH ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I, tha undereined without the lean healtalion, do leal warItLied in anertii-e that U.e jeNanie artiolae Inreatod by Dr. A. U hratie cuetatn ?er. r.luab * pr p rt oa. paraeulary >n aaaaa ot rtim.1 ton.paii.te. ipaenix-ie|..n? aad irritation of the D.ivft; ale" it. oaaeaot apoplelt atd ?|i ieptia itta. They haOO hten need by many of my pa.ieuU, who uaee r> oeived aaaautlal bent lit from them. I hate onaeitajd with many who na*a dv o ared to me thtr petfet t e rlWimee:1a thair. eepeeialiy ie man m? io kltjc'JOua hliitiotn n:rn?nii!ii itoertamly adiMttvoi tie nti\OM?eh?r?i.t r and it n ink we myt'ttrimiD I fonnte'ltn with ilie tweet of tho human ty<tom t>>at the r-v mtikaMi cfii utf then ?ruol. ? it owii>h. Al'-tiaiun I cannot 'ha rati. na!? < ! ihe Snr9:of I'hnatlc't InTint.iont ?M1 ternary nntli'toi.' cj?? I,aye ton* ondir my notion, ihat wnrn I other?Ire dial* u^. I mnr *iit In?for - teniae it holUriit." Tun to lor?' of ri'jaluloy.V Kan mm y hum: iaary faoU to bo an plained, and then ui? mcd.caJ duoorori I ara am >11* the m ?t ttrnEgc tml ImrorUn'. J. 5. tacM \UON, N. D. Kotos, Beo.M, lfd7. PK1CK8 or OR. CHRlSTIl's OAI.VANIC CTIRATIVKS. Tho Cslvan'.r Beit Thrao Dollart Ttt? lota.e Nokia, t Tar > Dollars Ttie (Saletnic Buret, tt One dollar mod. Tit Mannatle #lu d One Bullae. PARTICULAR CAUTION. B(#~ Beware of npnlnMDri aid wnrhlott tmtationa Th# name of the authtriied -gi at at ti t : o"m nl tbit on it, from ? heai the tannine at' elf# mn al?m? it "baited A . rrdrri 'T lettee yyaMin* it" vet" "r ndnset Or. CJ.iiet e u "i t1 e aid: end '.1 te rn, >?n.?ii?.. ?. * f., Qnntral Attat lor tho (Jutted J'tUa* Mi h?o?Jwagr, fun 7 mA J

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