Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1849 Page 3
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Bonbi to California. ANTAOKS of THK banta fe eoutk?ii1bt*uttloj to kmiokants. New Yore, March 26, 1819. Vhile our fellow-cituena are aoxioua to fiad a te to the gold region, and some of them are ipting the most inexpedient measures and 1mcticable routes, I terf it is my duty as an old praicatnpaiguer and Call lorn ia trader, to set them it. Any person who has travelled to the Pacific ware, and will bear me out in slating, that the d from Independence, (Mo.) via Council >ve, Santa Fe. or Taos, ana ibeuce through the at Basin, is the shoites' and most expeditious tage to the Bay of San Francisco. There is no :e Between Independence and Santa Fe where yoke ol woiking cattle or five pair of mules not draw forty-five hundred pounds on a comn Pennsylvania burthen wagon : indeed, I have ten a wagon the whole distance through,containfifty-six hundred pounds, with ease and with ' accidents. The road is generally in good cono.n for wagoning trom the middle of April to first of November, and any company of men amilies ran crnsa fIt* mntinwnf Kd aurfinn ? as the 1st ot July; but I would advise those who od going to the gold region to start as early n this point as the 20ih of April. Companies ot 50 uld be ample protection for themselves, prolog they do not seek to excite the hostilities of Indians. They would find it to their interest ise moderation towards the savages, as they uld. prove valuable auxiliaries in procuring buti meat for their whole voyage, and a few prets, such as bright cotton prints, beads, or blans. would suffice them tor the provisions they uld furnish. But by no means trade with them liquors, as this course would lead to strilo and ation, and would tend to make the route danous to themselves and others, in all treatment h the Indians, I have found mildness the best cy, unless they meet you with a hostile mten>; men a severe punishment is necessary. It ds just as much courage to meet an Indian foe that route, as an organized body of white men. e Arapahoes and the Pawnees are most to be aded. The Camonche seldom meets you on i route. In 1&1S, I met a large bodv ot Pawnees. lie I was in command oi a hunting party, three a in advance of the main comi>auy, a little beid Big Cow Creek, who were bent on hostilii; but being but thirty in number ourselves, we nnged to keep them at bay, and finally setI the difficulty without auy loss, and secured ir friendship and confidence, and a good share heir game. We found their favor better than ir fight. However, tew persons have been moed in crossing this country, which may be conned as sate as the Vera Cruz route, and more editious, as thirty days is the tune occui between Independence and Santa Fe, and iy-five days from Santa Fe to New Helvetia Dugh the Great Basin. t has been said, and stated by many travellers, t this Great Basin is all a sandy desert; that, vever, is a mistake, for there are pure streams unning water in a large portion of it, and what low called Sevier river, is a never failing lam, and takes its rise in the western extremity the Basin. It and its branches traverse the ole Basin, and find an outlet on the southeaat e, after running some seven hundred miles.? lortion of the country on its banks is well oded, and affords excellent pasture for cattle, e Indians that inhabit it are of the Umqua 1 Utah tribes, and a few of several other tribes dering on the outer edge, along the ridges of untains which encircle it, and no danger may apprehended from them, with proper caution, leed, they are less inclined to molest the whites s auy other tribe, and are happy to" trade with one with whom they meet. Mr. Marshall and sen (the gentleman who is said to have made first discovery of gold in the Sacramento val) and myself, went tnrougn this route with ler traders in the year 1843, and found this as od and practicable a route as any. The ly difficulty was south of Lake Pyramid, iere we encamped five days, until we could d a place to cross, during which time we wated in parties of one or two, and conucd our search all day, and encamt>ed at night th ho other bed than a buffalo robe, with no ler shelter than the broad canopy of heaven, and th no other protection than our riffle. We slept letly, without any other disturbance than the casional bark of the prairie wolf. We found a place where, by doubling our teams, s could reach the first rise ol the mountain; from ence we could proceed easily with our usual ams, and descend to the Sacramento valley, hen the whole camp was in motion, we could erage twenty miles a day. Feed, wood, and ater were plenty; and, in crossing these ountains, it is necessary to have your animals od all around, with chains on bsth hind wheels lock. When necessary, parties on horseback ay ascend or descend the hills at various points, king care not to leave or lose sight of the water tursts. Vegetation in many places is good till >u reach the summits of the mountains, producing enty of grass for ttock. 1 have no hesitation in saying this is the safest id most expeditious route, while it affords the aveller a delightful and healthy journey. Many ivalids from consumption aad other pulmonary iseases have been entirely recovered. Ox teams, i many cases, are u?ed, and f >uud equally useful nd cheaper than mules or horses, though tor steed le latter would be preferable, and can be procured nourwiBtern frontiers much cheaper than here, rr even in Texas. The horse is more useful in hunting buffalo than he mule, as few mules can overtake a buHilo. lullaio hunters who are not experienced, would lo well to rein their horses from their game, alter laving struck him his death-oluw, tor they Borneinies make a desperate plunge at the horse in puriuit: and tor the rider to run his horse on in a mrullel line with the butl'do, would place him in jangerot being gored by the expiring animil. 1 would further urge upon those who wish to (migrate to California, the propriety of taking this route, as it is the satest, and passes through the most beautiful and pictuiesuue part ot the world? the evergreen prairie, dotted here and there with woodland groves?aud none who have passed it, iut would aay it surpassed all other beauties ot feature ; and, when lliey arrived at their point of Mrsiinaiion. will nave something to delight their lininds while they live, with a good knowledge of the whole face of their own happy country. I have alluded to Mr. Marshall, m my foregoing remarks; he is supposed and reported to be the man who first discovered the new El Dorado. He is a man about fifty years of age, aud accompanied me to that country, as wheelwright and blacksmith; and I would rely on his integrity and judgment in most matters. He is an excellent mechanic. His son alto, accompanied me in 1843?a young man then about eighteen years old. Several families, consisting of males and females, children and adults, went by this route to California ; and 1 do not remember oi any one co trading a fit of sickness, and not a single death occurred among the eight hundred souls, to Santa Fe, and three hundred to -California, and very few accidents of any kind. Such was the security thai we seldom sought shelter from the weather, other than our tents, and seldom pitched them in clear weather. The distance can begreatlv lessened by a due west course through the Great Basin, and may be accomplished in eighty days, without unnecessary delay, and with a good leader, or commander, which is always necessary on such journeys. I am, tec. tec., R. W. McDouoali.. Tns Etjnriox at run oouth ?The Abbeville <8 U.) Banner^ ot the 24th ultimo, says:?Our district was v.sited, on Satuiday evening last, with a hail storm, that is unprecedented for severity ia this country. It was the heaviest, we understand, about f-'raziersville, where it fell larger in size than musket balls, doing much mischief. A gentleman living in that neighborhood interns us, that filtysix glasses were bronen in his windows, and a pin: forest m front of his house was made limbless in a few minutes; another states that thirty panes ot glass were broken in his house, and several pigs killed by the hail, and that he saw numbers of birds under the trees dead from the same cause. Again, on Tuesday evening, another storm 01 rain and wind passed through the district, above the Tillage, and its pathway has been marked with desolation. Colonel John C. Martin has suffered a severe loss by it. His mill, dwelling, and all his out houses, were blown down, a carriage crushed to pieces, and a fine piano forte and other furniture. Fortunately, there was no loss of life, and the escape is miraculous; his miller, we learn, was the only person injured, and he is so badly bruised, everel of his limbs being broken, that it isthoughl he will |not recover, we have heard of several other houses that were blown down, but no loss ol lite. Much damage has been done to fencing and timber. Wherever the tornado pissed, its footprints may be traced by tallen houses, scattered fences, snd prostrate trees. It was really an aw'ul storm, and we may yet hear ol loss ot lite from it. The wind b ew with severity at this place, hut did no damage, and the ram fell in torrents, {rod grant that it may be long before such anothei etonn sweeps over our land. The Yorkville (4. C ) Mmrellany, of the same dale, Bays:?At length the windows of heaven have been opened, the rains have descended, and we have water in ahundnnce. For the greater part ol the winter, ourstreams have been ext emely lowlower than ever before known at this pirticulai season. The saw mnl* had - Imoai ceased tc wmk, and builders and ca (renter* ha I worn loojy faces, bo long that there was aotne dang-r of then heiog establish* d among its an a p-cuTia" people flut"" such a change " All our ores*-, 0/1 rnurs day last, were full to the brim- many could not b< passed Both rivers have risen coi-id *r-tbly, anc several of our mails have failed to arnve. Ou farmers may well congratulate themselves 01 having ihe ground thoroughly soaked at the com Hiencement of their crop season, otherwise t?~ hot rum o| our summers might hove produce "*n<> (bet ltM?. TMJMllwih.' HHTELLMiKNCR The UtMt rrom %Colonel Fremont. gt Uvii, Hireh 99, 1119. 1 We here received new* from Sv Bt* * * t0 th* 26111 of February. Col. Fremont bad arrir, there, on his way to California, taking Cook's root*. J** lo8t *l,T#n man in the monntains, from the so ear* ty *f th" W8*" tbar. Wa hare only three of the names- "WlM| of SL Louis, and King and Preuss, of Washington. The MB* of the latter will ba raoollaoted, as baring k >,,n fr#" quently mentioned by Col. Fremont in the na ""tire of the first aspadition. C?l. Framant did not reaoh the top of the moan talk 1g> from the rieintty of whloh the last aoeouats raaalrad by Col. Benton left him. Ha was compaliad to return to the valley, where the snows fall to the depth of thirty or forty feat, eorering up all his outfit, and killlag all his mules. Ha than left the valley, and made his way through the hills, from whenoe ha sent out a party to obtain relief, and return within a stated period. Not doing so, Col. Fremont started after and overtook them In six days. He finally reaohed Taos, and the survivors of nis party bring assisted by party Mat ta their assistance, alao arrived at that point. AfUr they had sufficiently recovered from the fatigaee they had andergoae, Col. Fremont wae eupplled with another oatOt by the Quarter matter and Commieeery, and he reaumed hie rente to California, Lieot. Beall wae laat heard from at Loroooo. He wae getting on without difficulty, and will probably be in California within thirty days. Polk'a Arrival?ln< rcaae or the Cholera, dfco. Nrw Oa liars, Maroh 22, 1840. Ex-President Polk arrived yeoterday, and wae reooived and weleomed by a opeeoh from the Mayor ; Mr. Polk replied in a handeomo and complimentary manner. He leaves to morrow, by way of the river and Memphis, for home. The river ia still frightfully high, oanalng a daily destruction of property along its banks. The reports along the river, in regard to the cholera, are that it Is On the Increase?also, that the epldemio is prevailing in N?w Orleans to a considerable extent. Cotton ia firm. Affairs In Washington?A pppolntiuents, <Vc, Waiiiikutok, Maroh 81,1840. There have been no prominent changes to day, and it is thought that none will be made until after the Virginia and Conneotieut elections, ezoept of those whose commissions exolre. Commodore Charles W. Morgan takes oommand ot the United States naval force of the Mediterranean, vice Commodore Bolton, deceased. Mr. Meredith left this afternoon, for Philadelphia. Vise St. Louie Railroad Loan* Cincinnati, Mare ti 80, 1840. The eleotlon held by oar eltisens to- day, to deolde whether the olty shall subaoribe one million of dollars to the railroad from Clnolnnatl to St. Loals, resaltsd in the triumph of the friends of the measure, by a large msjorlty. This sum will be expended on building the road from Clnolnnatl as far as the amount will allow, reserving a balance for the purohaee of oars and locomotives, so as to put this portion of the road Into use aa rapidly as completed. At a large meeting of the oltl. tens of St. Louis, held last evening, a resolution to subscribe half a million for the same object, was passed unanimously. Frightful Steamboat Disaster on tiro Ohio River, and Loss of Lire. Steubenvillr, (O.) Maroh 31,1849. Our town was the scene of quite a melanoholy disaster to-day, in oonerquenoe of the explosion of the boilers of the steamboat Virginia. Three persons have been killed, the son of ths oep tain perhaps mortally wounded, and thirteen others missing. Whether the latter were thrown overboard and drowned, or that they have esaaped and mingled with the exoited crowd, I am unable to say. Two Steamboats Burnt, Ac, Baltimore, Maroh 31,1840. By the Southern mall, arrived to-day, we learn that two steamboats were burnt near Augusta, Ga., and twalve hundred bales of cotton oonsumed. Ths loss Is about $26,000. We fcave the New Orleans mall of the 384, bat K oontaini no news. NEW YORK LEGISLATURE. SENATE. Albany, March 31,1849. NEW YOEX ARTILLEHT. Thu hill to ftmdBil th? SAt tn l?dA?i\ni?afa Mi* Division of the New York Artillery, wee referred, to be reported complete. BUT DOCK FOR SOUTH BROOKLYN. Mr Frost reported favorably on the bill te erect a dry dook in the sonthern pert of Brooklyn. Gil lamp rOSTS FOR BROOKLYN. Mr. S. H. F Hall reported fevorebly on the bill authorizing the Brooklyn Common Council to ereot gee 'imp posts In the streets of said oity. dkath by wrongful action railroads. Mr. Cook reported, with emendment, on the bill providing a compensation for death oensed by wrong ful eets.on railroads. The bill, as amended, proposes to rrduee the compensation the jury may impose to $5,000, and making the offioers of the company liable for misdemeanor. Mr. Kink objected to limiting the prioe on any man's life at $5 000. Mr. Cook thought that some guaranty ought to be taken against the jury when under exeltement, as they might give euoh heavy damages as would ruin the company. Mr. Johnson sustained the bill as originally introduced, placing the limit at $10,000. He considered that there ought to'be a strong guard against the ooeurence of acoidente on railroads. Mr Fink moved to increase the limit to $10,900, which was lost, by y as 7, nays 18. The bill was then ordered to a third reading. ASSEMBLY. Albany, Maroh 81, 1849. NKW YORK AND LIVERPOOL MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. Mr. Varnvm reported, eomplete, the bill to incorporate the New York and Liverpool Mall Steamship Company; whloh was ordered to a third reading. i YYILL of WILLIAM h. TATLOR, Mr. Campbell reported, eomplete, the bill relative to the will of Win H. Taylor; on whloh a long debate ensued, mainly on a peint of order as to the petition. The bill was finally sent to a third reading. CODE OF PROCEDURE. The House then took up the bill amending artiole 133 of the Code of Procedure, and ultimately decided on the amendment to the bill which release* the Attorney General from verifying his pleadlngf, provided they are verified by some one else. In this shtpe the bill was sent baok to the Senate. ESAEDS OF SI'PEEYISORS. mi Diu granting oertaia legiHauv* power* to Board of Supervisor*, wa? agr*?d upon by both bOUMB. Market*. Ntw OiiiiKi, March 28,1849. Cotton Market?Since the receipt of the Canada's adrloee, by telegraph, price* hare declined X. with ealet of 8.600 balre. Sale* of 276 bbia. Western floor at $4 25. The Market for corn 1* beary. bat prloee are nrcbanged. Sale* of 10,000 boehel* at 42o The ealee of pork are email. Bacon ie In fair demand, with aale* to a corresponding extent) price* hare adraooed to So. I The sale* of lard comprise 700 keg* at 8e. Groieriea ? [ Sale* of 8.500 bag* of Rio coffee at 6J? a OV Small talr* of sugar at preriea* price*. Price* of everything are in favor of the buyer*. The demand for whiakey la fair, and price* bar* advanced to 18e. B*tTimor*. Maroh 81,1840. [ Sale* of Howard street flour are at |4 48. Orain and provision* are unobanged. Cincinnati, Maroh 80.1840. The market for grain I* without chaeg*. either a* regard* price* or demand Sale* of 2 000 Obi*, flour at ! 78 .17to $3 50. Groceries?Sale* of Rlaooff** at7X*. for good to fair. 8*tea of 600 bbls. meea pork at |0 p*r ' bbl. Sale* of 400 bbl*. whiskey at 16o. la other rerpect* the market* are unobanged. i Boiron, March 81, 1849. There la a fair demand for flour, and the sale* to day reach 2 500 bbl* . Including common to good brand* Mlohigan.St Louis, end Oanesee, at 15 d*X a 86 87)4 i For eorn, the inquiry le goed. and merkitt tlrm sala* 26 too buehela at 62 a 63c. for whits and 00c. for yellow Hje sell* elowly at 70o ; about 600 bushel* changed i bend* at that flgur* Oat* moved to the extent ef 7,000 buchele, at 33e. a 38c for northera aad southern. Army lntelllgt nc*, ' Died, In Overton county, Tenn., Bth ult.. Colonel ! George W Sevier, In the 76th year of hie ego Col r Sevier wae the son of Gen. John Ssvler. Having received an appointment In the United state* army, be . proceeded with the American army t* taka poaeenalen . cf Louisiana after Ita purchaee by the United State*I and wee afterward* atloned la eommend at fort Adam* f?' *everal year* " aMIlfomla.?To Travedm unit Other*? rue - . roriaMe Ilrrmiog Cses* msnnUoinrtd *y tk? *nb arttx * era mm ' of ik? kled oonteieler neafel artio le <b* meUsst * apace, ail of which ere warraeMd. All. tAOMDIU 1*7 Broadway, eeraer ef Uhettf ttrceh *ad 88f Stvadwd^ C0IIBKC1AL AffAIKI. OHBY KABKBT. lunrdif, SUrcb 3U4 P.H< There ni ft reaotioa to day la the etook market At the first board, Harlea advanced 1 per oeat; Long Island, Hi F trior re' Loan, Ji; Cantoa Company. I; Morrle Canal, F.Ho Railroad, new, X; Reading Railroad, Xi I'enn. S'e, X; Treaeurj Note*, 1. The ealee were not large at the Improvement, and there wae no dlepoeitlon to foroe etook up9n the market. Thle eannot be satisfactorily aooonnted for; but It le probably one of thoie reaotiona wbloh larari^ly are reallied after a fall or an advauoe of several per oe!?t In ae many dajre. The money market has not experienced any relief, and, aa an evidence of the aearoity of oapU t, 'i. It la only necessary to atate that we hare heard of lut'ancea where one-quartev per oent a day baa bean nlid .'or aoner. Thle rnlnou h?? ted to Kr the purpose of carrying stocks from day to dep. Spca ulators lor a rise must bo In tight plaoe to bo focood Unt0 'uoh despsrate measures. The quantity of ooal transported en tbe Schuylkill Canal, for tbe wet'k ending the 20th lust, was 1,027 tons. The quantity transported en tbe Residing Rail* road, for ths week, was 0,320 tons?prerioualy, 131,308 tons; total fbr the season, 187,717 tone. The annexed statement exhibits the condition of the Montreal banks, aoeording to return?made on the 28th of February last;? MonTEXAL Barks. Fkmkuahy, 1840. Hank of Bank du Lin fold iff. Montreal. City B ink. l'euple. CirenlaUoa $1,616,652 $406,213 $14.:, .131 I>ue basks 166423 30 061 48,074 Deposi tss 063.002 68,914 00,773 Do. on intetsst 2-6.617 72,122 81914 Total 12,621,764 $371,330 ~$3?i^ll iaidi. Spools $6tfi,fiH6 $40 4)6 $61,480 Real estate 182463 60 878 62,866 OcTsnmsot securities.. 48,N 0 ST1463 ? Bask notes 87436 67 143 7.387 Due by be like 79.(83 17,172 7.310 Discounts 4,689.099 1,131.103 1,960,4)9 Total $7 696,781 $1,823 467 $1,175,462 gxoeis oi assets $4,974427 $1,246,127 $310,661 This excess includes the capital of eaoh Institution. The Bank of Montreal and Bank du People were pretty well supplied with specie, in proportion to their circulation; but the City Bank was] in a) very unfavorable position as regards these departments?the amount of specie on hand being only about one-sixth of ths amount of olroulaticn. Stock Kxchango* $6009D SB'S. 1862 s5 10714 1)6 ahsCantonCo 37K UidMI do nnniuin IfiOAZ *)K ? ? *** 2600 do Lblic 103% 125 do 37?* lOUOTreajNotoa II7* 160 llailem RH blO 57>4 3.000 do 107X 150 do M 67% 1000 Ohio 6*? '60 99 WO do 67 X 5000 do "6d 101V 60 do 160 61X lOUi do 'GO 1067; 450 do KM 1000 do 7 prota 103't 60 Long Island RK 23% i?00 do ICS 160 do 23% 15010 Penn 6*? 78% 550 do 23% 4000 do 76% 100 do bS 23% 6000 do 7?X 100 do *0 23% 7UOO trie 7 p et Boadi 06% JcONorkWor b60 SI 2000 Moi Cdo 7 p ot bdi MX 160 tiding RR 32 V 100 ahelarmon' Tot bSO 30 10U do b60 33V 60 do 34% 30 Ocnsatoaio RR, now 90 100 do (90 8i% 160 Morris Canal ?X 160 do 54 X 60 do 8% 100 do (GO SIX 20 liia KB, now. tnll 67% 300 do SiX SO do 65 100 do obO SIX Second Board. 52100 N. T. Sta'e Fg. '51 9bX l'U tha L Inland RR 2SX lOjahsBirlem BR Law 67V 100 do bill 24 50 do 67 V 100 do at?* V3X 176 do 67% 60 Morrii Canal 8% 100 do bnw 68 21 Canton Co anw 377', It*) Farmer! loan 36V 60 do b^w 35 460 do blO 3&X UO Reading RR .liu 100 do bGO 3bX 260 do bSO HJV 260 do 130 34 100 Kile RA, now, full aOO 53 250 Lone I aland RR op'g 24 ADVERTISEMENTS REM WED EVERY DAY fooio. wawvwnwwwwvaw'vvvvw't/wwvwwwwwla Found-on tbr bound buohe. opposite am rntown, L. I.. 6 btlaa of Cotton. Tbo ownor can bare the nma bp proving proper'p and raping charges to J. N. AttTAUii. bmiththtowa, Mmoh 29, 1812. LUST. dill REW4RD.-L03T, ON SATURDAY EVRNINQ, yp i " abont 6. o'clock two Silver <* atoh. i, uear the corne* of w and Frankfort streets, in * paper box. directed to Plait A Benton, No. IS Maiden Lane. Tno fludor will receive SID. TBOMAB Qi Ll>, 61 nooeevell atroet, New York. WAWTS. WANT ED?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASU AND IRON IN a private family. The bell of citp retenuoej rtuuiied, as to cspaoity and Mmowr. fail at 1UI West ISta sC I W AMID?A BOY WHO SPEAKS Fi>INCH, IN A I,AWjer's office. A lid of about 12 or 14 feiri, who speskn | Fitnco and English, and can be vail recommended. Addraai w4th lefsvstvce, box Wi Post Office. WANTED?BY A YOUTH Or IS, OF OOOO MORAL character, and tnduatrivus habits, a situation in a pubbsltlag at book store The aovsrtiser speaks the Freuch laugusao with flaency. aud writes a good hand. Tno natural bent 01 his Inclination being in favor of the above occupation h? lee la confident of rendeiing an efflotent aorvios. Address S, Herald ofllo*. TO FLUMBEb8.?WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A J< Ufl aeyman Plumber, thoroughly acquainted with his husineae None other need apply. O K HO WALL, 3* Park low. COPPIB SMELTER WANTED.? WANTED, FOB TBI Montreal Mining Company, a person fully qualified to ua. dirtake the Smelting oi the Ores of the Company at the Braoa Mines, it Lake Burn*, and te superintend the emotion of the no. cctsary fu .-isces. t pplioationa, stating torois and rofereoees, to be addrttaed to tha Hon. James Ferriir. care ol Messrs. Kianard bell and William Melaenlan. Piat'a bnildings, I) an over street, New York. By order of the Bisectors. H D. oockburn, Aottng Secretary. Montr r*i., March Jfi 184M. CT BOtKIbY BUSINESS?WAN 1ED IMMCDIA TEI.Y, AN J aotive young man, who thoroughly ni.darstands the retail and jobbiag Crookery business, In this city. Addrsa BALL, this office. AUCTIONS. Lr. UOlfiD, AUCTION MEM W ILL BE SOED AT PUB Uo Auction, on Wcdaosday, 4ih Ap.ll, at New fork Horse boraar, No 3i Croshr strier, tho celebrated Trotting Horse Black Hawk. Also, a number of Hnrsoa by catalogue. Commenoingat 12 ..'elicit. JOHN U.OaTritLD, Proprietor. Auction notice? household furniture? on Tuesday, April 3, at III o'olook. at 27 Mercer street noar brand, the whole of the Furniture in saio home oonsisting of 1 d!nn> r, centre, and pier taoles mahogat y end maplaoiyrs,* las Brussels ai d ingrain carpota, looking glos-ee dressing bureaus, bedsteads, maturates, fratter beds gittndolen glassware, he. w. A. CaRTEm, Auctlonsrr No 7 New street. rim EALh. Fob sali-a bar room down town.?alw, a tavern and Lodging House, la good busiasss, with a long loses Apply, to morrow morning, Irom HI to 12 A. M? at Mr. WM. MY ERR", 44 Naisau street, In tho basement. I/OK BALE?OK TO LET, ON MODERATE TERMR-A JF first olaaa three story attia tones, faahtonabio hrown stem troDt, on Madison avaaas, between SUtb and Slat streets, ueai Madison square. The house is replete with every otmvenisaoe has the Croton, hot Sbd cold, throughout; gas fixtures, no. The front parlor is 44 fast deep, with an ornamental trust aorosa the centre, with a tea room 16 feot. The aeoond story hat font rooms, extensive pantries, and a bathing room; tho tea room is fitted np for a conservatory. Tho third story has lour, and the filth fiva rooms, with pantries to eaoh floor. Tho houaa Is not surpassed lor eleganoe and worksaansnip oy any 01 itesiio north ' T Fourteen th 1 tree t. Tha adjoining lot, togetlior with one in the MS AMI Kn hail with Utn h/uila I n.isiiv.1 a?' WII. C. CON N R It, IB ABD "troet. oorunt of NUWL The premise* can be m?b by cnllirg at tha adiotnlng bona*. SALEor NEW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD KORITJA it UoDOa.? Ti.e uoueisitned having mada a vanoee on ftuiuxi Rollers al tha at ova nanudlwoda, will offer them foraala to tha high eat bidder, for cub, and a ill receive toa ad propoeaia far the purobaee of the whole, or any portion of tbam. at their oitoa, At w a I tr et, nttil tha 7tb of April, at 3 o'olotk. P. M., at * ioh timo tba bfda will be opened. Ti er* eonda are taohf ir I MM d >Haia ptyebloin lOyeara, be*ritg7 per cent Infcreat, payable a ml an on the lat tf hare i and 8-ptember. la eeoh year and erovred by a mortgage on all tha property of tla t ompaay, to John J. Palmar. Joieph Walker, at d Uriah J Smith. Trueteen A copy of Bond ai d Mortgage, with all oooaaiary information minting thereto, may be obtained at our <fllcr. WARD M CO . M Wall afreet. VIRGINIA LANDS I OK SALE-1 OFFER FOR SALE MT Mulberry Ialaud estate, situated ImmeOta ely upon Uie RapI pahanntxk nrtr, (about eight mi lea a ore lappahaunook ) eon tan,iog 1.796S acrea about ZAU aoree fronting on the river, and <|ual to any land* on the fae# of the earth for agricultural pur poena, aad a good flailing ehor* might be eetahlianed oa it. Tna reeidenc* I* valuable olm fly for Ita timber and wood vw? loenai erdar, oheetnnt, while oa* ho. It baa aiao nnmeroa* tentmenta, the annual rental of whloh it about $25U. It baa been teoeatly alutd by c ntniieeincrs, who hare resided ia ita immediate viola far alt their Uvea at B 10,777. Being in wai t of fnnde, I t4T?r it at S*,i<0, one telf caah, the other in twelve mentta The ateamer Mary Waahingtoa, from Baltimore to Predortekeburg, par era wtebiy by thiaeamtn, and wood land thoan daetroae of eg aialning It npon it, or at Tappahaanook Addrnaa puovptid A. N. BERNARD, Frederiaaabnrg. SPECIAL NUTICHS* Notice-tiib buocks.orb of tbe late" dr. a. b. Sl-orwood having eecered at tboir oifloe t a regular titan dan** of an eaporieauoa phyaioian familiar eithbiepeenliar theerr I aad pvaotlcoin the treat man t ot Chronio IHaejees, are n>w tullr Ileparad to oarry out hie vlewa aad omllnue hla medio*! practice aa hitherto oundnot >!. OfSot honre f?r patient* will nereefter lie front 13 to 3 o'oicok, P. M. B. U. 8H8EWOOD i iuooeatora No. Kit Ckamberaatroot. New York. NEW YORK AND NSW HA>SN RAILROAD CO. SONDE Theeuleonoera will leeelve proposals uatll mallth of april. for Eightv Thousand Dollar* of tha Bonds of thia Oom|?nv, nay able lat Deoam'tr. Ihfi3, and drawiag Interest from the 15th F*V roarylaet at (7 y teveu per centum ptr annum payable let June ai.d remember, with coui-one attaohrd. Seid Bono* w.llbe deliveied to the blgheat bidder on the H?'h April. " """ w i? w?u Itreev ^ k,,^v^o,S. HYDftANTft-THB MOST SUBSTANTIA)? ANDRIst kiad for varda. allojro, r*M build,or., Umwk *o. m thl Bartholomew P. teat -ell ?torr,ug ChiLr?:. <?, ?ut ^rn w niiii.ii k ?* break them, tkey do bol burat Mm .? ...n. Swcd, without dirsiui or Bnildnra, houan a^irta n ,d JoA ota, ibould oontraot. ?lth ike plumber for tho harthohmaw j(iront Moot of tbo ptwabam Barn them. T'O Pai^TIfcl-K. HO* ft ?.?. WOULD CftU, tea a? teuton of Printers t.. ihntr Patent vif r??.i .1 (aid riMMa. one ofwhioh c?n bo seen in optrakoa at uL,r won room. a HOB ft CO .PNao Baa.ra,fte a Hold atroet UU1W IbLANH kCKHk.?IftAVk NEW YOMh ATS O II X ? and ? o'olank laavo ?aadarMl* . lIoIL i !' 10.1. Saari A ' look *" ** * WAIKMMAN B? tlT.ON HIS ftXTUBN JOB g TO %M SMldatn, Now York, tr'm tho South, will roiaoin oi -ju Ar'or Uouoe lor lao dajo All adcreaeea kit in time mil l? Ot'endid to, W A- i'WUIt* It CO, BIJUCJRlSOkS TO i. WHiriivOSarA^r^MoSss^st??"*ai ?r unit Cap*, ManMHaft ho. Ortwc, to*** of Iko koot hoaooo |? Pa<U AMUBIfiuUiRTI. BOW 1ST T H I 4 TRE-MOVDAT RVRNINO, APRIL >?TIm perf ruM* will oomnm with the iubKt ?< t RTF AN U FIFTY?Mr. tilli whit* Mr. U.lbert; In. Ully*HU In OIlViil. Attrr which. fcr the Aral tlmg Id Amintt. MONOK, TBI Bbisr TaMBR, la whioh Mr. Van Arobur*h will iatrduce hit an inn tiled oollaotion of Trained AuimtU, [ eaiorr whioa it a Black Ylper. hitherto coaeidered aatamaabla? Artnaad Doftrd aad Morok, the Bout Tamer. Mr. Van Atn hutgb; Charalier d? Sou><*nao. Mr. Doff; Cenila la Brun, Uiu Wamjaa: tlaurelta. Mica Taylor To ooaalada with the FaBT MAN- Bdward bnfhea Mr Mail; Kate. Mm Waloott: Battr. Miea Ma J Taylor. Boxea 25 oetibr Pit, I2K oeaUt Gallery, UK aaata. ' aera epen at eyt'tloak; eocmtmoe aWK (-5 BANFRAUB NATION AI THEATRE, LATE CHATHAM? J M"i day evening April J, will bs praaantad the taroa of IT L RRYOUE SECOND?Mr Placid. Mr. Chapman; Mr. Geo. L< roll, Mr. Til ton; Km ma Balocar, Mtaa Gordon. Attar which, THE BRIGADIER? Uraeet Bcltoa, Mr. Bleld; Capt. Raaaud, Mr. Paidot: Laaoir. Mr. Tilton; Louiaa St. Erron, Mia. lakerwood. After whieb, MOPE IN CALIFORNIA?Meae. Mr. i'haoftnti; Eyiaay, Mr. Beyaonr; Mr. Adolphna PUUehrood, Mr. W. B t hapmaa: Lixe, Mtaa B. Mcetayer. To ha followed br W^OBI'IaKB FIRST??Captain Chartea, Mr. Hield: Mr. Milt taut. ?' Tlltna; Mra Militant. Mm laharwood; B in ait, Miaa Mllea Po.'W aptn at 7 o'tlock?oartaln riaaa at TK Italian opew\ astor flacr?i?t nioht or thr optra ol BEl.H-a .*I??On Moaday leaning. April 2. will ha era tan tad for tha l.t tl~- DnaUeter. ?? 1- ? ? nwl.I SABIO-Ant?nlo?r?u n? ft j?lo tt7;'ircn?,"n''U? "Sorgheee; Budork, Slg're A v< gedm; Belieerio, tilz NovMll; Alemiro, 8ig. Oortlli; Aiuatinteno. Big. Ginbitei; Eutroplv, Ik. PiamonteeL Prime of edmiMiee; Par quel, lit and Id Tiara, ill Amnhithoatae, * casta. Director ana Ooadnotor, Max Maretwek. Toe Bos Bo*k will be open at tha Opera Houet, Altor Plaoa, froa! 9 A. M. to 12 M.; and at QalTi Mutic Bturea. oorner of Broadway and Park Mace, bom 1 to J P. X. Doora open at 7K?wii wot at I o'clock. B A BRUM'S AMBBtCAN MU3BUM.?MORS BTLBNDlD Voveltiee?Magnlticrnt yerformanora, every afternoon at X and eracy evening at >? before 8 o'aloak. The ttaoasar hue engagtd, for another week,the oclekrated Quaker Giant and Qiao ton. Tbu coloaaal con pie are the talleat and decidedly the largee;1 pair

of human beiagi which the world ever predooee. Alio engaged, i the Mammoth Lady, who weight of# Ike. They may be lten at all hdwi*. with Vitiate, the Fairy Queen. The Maohlmetlle, who eo?pared a lame portion of tbr Navel Partly, hare been engaged for' a abort perioi, and will appear at eaeh entertainment. In thete wendetful Oymsaetto Performanoee, Laughable Panto mlmei. hot he. Great Wet tern, the Yufekee Comedian. Pete Horria, Mr. Chapman, Mr. Gepeland, Mia Weet, Bltw Melville, Mice Barton, Highland Mammoth Bore, W re Koilptwe Btatnary. Madame BeokweU. the fortune-teller. Adnlartm * ettetei ehildrew nnda IB yam. IlX oeata. CMIKBSK ASMSMULV ROOMS. i39 BROADWAY. BBtneea Spring and Trinoe etree'e, open every night during the week, eoicmcBciSg Monday, April 3, 1M9. The original and well known New York Bihiopfea Beienadkr* would Mapeotfully inform tie publio they bare juet returned from their Baetern and Souther! tour, whero they hare met with unbounded auonem, and will etnrmence a eeries of entertainment! at thsaboro plaoa. 1 hey will ham the hoaorof Introduoinfa treat raciaty of new and original mefadiea. burlnn<|uei. aonga, aod eharaetartat o da- oaa. In a mannor fn xwutlv attempted bynumerona imttatera Thla com (way cbeller get o-mpetition in evert drpirtraeat ef EthlepLn rt Tba company consign of ten performers under the dirtotkan of Mr. J. Cooper. Admiaeion :? eenta: < hiidren. under ten yeare of age. half price. Doortwpen at 7 o'olcck; Cuccrt to crmmeme at 8. Appro.triato keata raaerred ftrLadee Uouoeitr e*ery Saturday afternoon, commencing at 3o'ole?h. J. BOOABD178, Manager aad Proprietor. MECHANICS' BALL, an UKOAlJ W A Y. BBTWBBN Grand and Broome street*. Open evary night daring the weak. The original and well known Christy'a Minatrela, organ bed IBtS. the oldeat eatabllahad band in the woild ; who elatm, and oan aehatantiate tha aame, of being tha Bret to harmooiae Negro Melodiea, aad originatora of the prevent popular atyle of Ethiopian eatettainmanta. [A premium of $AUO will be paid te any other Co npany in eziitouoe, who oan produoe evidefcoe of a jnat right to the above diatinetlon. ] Whom Conoerta in tliia eity, for a period ot throe year* have been received with great patronage and farcr, unprecedented in the annale ef publio lnmapmoBtA in thU ?wwt makt?Arw\14? n?J AA..ii.?n ka. winhati received with appro baUon. by large nrd highly reapeotvMe nu/enere,? moitoonvinciue evidence of their enpori'ir moitt ud ettraotivenem The; will here the honor of introducing a great variety of new and ongit al Melodie* Burleoque Optratio Chora* o* nona. Chnraoteriatlo Danoee. ho., In a manner frequently attempted by " numerene imitator*," bat " not with the (am* re nlte" that have orowned tho eflbrte of tble " original" and " inimitable" oempaay, who challenge competition la every department of Ethiopian repreeenutioae. The oompany eenefita of tea performer* under the eirrotloo and management ef E. P. Chriaty, tlia whole oompriaing a oorca of oaequelled TOraatllity and talent. Admiaainn 86 cent*. Children under I<1, half prloe. Door* open at 7?Onoert will oommeaee at 8 o'eiook. An afternoon Conoert on Saturday, oomtnetoing at 8 P M. Townbend and ohk-s mammoth panoramas or the Uudena Hivor and the city of New York, now on exhibition. at the New Large ball, fitted upexpreealy for thea* Paint inaaat No. S96 Broadway, ooroerof Walker atreet. Dooraopen at 7. Panorama will ootnmenoe moving at H o'clock. TiuketalO acuta; ohildien bait prloe. Toketa admitting a gentleman and two Isdii-a $1. There will be an Afternoon Exhibition every 8aturday afternoon, atS o'clock, for the aooommodation of famtliea, eeheola, and thoae who cannot make It ooavenient to attend evenlaga. The great cuinese museum, m? Broadway, between apring and Prinoe atreet* and the oaly one in thla country, aonaiata of a great number of life aiae figure* of Chinee* of *11 elaaaea; at voral hundred Chineae painting*; apartment* in huuaea; a tore* and vcaaela, modaia of pagoda* tern plea and bridge* apeoimeua of Cblneae manulaotnre* their agrloultural and mechanical implement! inetrumenta of moaio, Inntorna. Ho., ho. Open ft on nine A.M. till ten P M. dully; Admittance, 2o O'nte; I hlldren under twelve, hall pric* 1*70 BRdADWA Y.?tXllIBITION Of OIL PAINTINGS, 1 I if by oid rnaaters; till tho Sllth of ApriL Open from 10 te So'olock. Admittance fre* UAL1PUHS lib.. OX^TLITORNI A, VIA OH AG RES.?THE UNITED BUtea Mall Steamahlp Fa LOON will leave New York for Cbagre* via Havana, on Tbnraday, loth April, with the United Stetee Maile for the Paoifio. Tho #aleon will arrive at Chacreo in ample time te dedvor the maile and paenengura for the Paoiflo mail atoamer Oragon. Paaaage to Ohagrea la atate room* $W0 De. do. lower after cabin 1 IS De. do. lower forward oabla 100 Do. do. (tee rage 80 Freight on apeole to Chagrea, ona per cent. Fer freight or pannage, tpply to M. O. ROBERTS, 118 Weet atreet. 1AOB OAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA?TbE BHITISH IT etuiunahipUNICOKN,660tomakurthon, will Bail horn Jeraey City about the Oth of ApriL Phick *tv Pamagx la cabin. Ia fire cabin. In a tee rage, lot Rio Janeiro two $190 ? Valparaiso jjuu ZOII 1MJ San Braneisoe BSC DUU 300 An oipenemied surgeon will aooompany this tumL Wot puaage, pp'y to E. CCNaRD, ji ,38 Broadway. The Unioorn has double engines. had new boiler* Id Glasgow la*t April? ia now undergoing a thorough refit, and her oabia Mid steerage wiH be very comfortable and well ventilated. F< R S/N FKANCISCO. CALIFOHNIA.-TUK SPLENDID first oiass New York built ship ANuELIQUB. Cart. Windeor, will have immediate deepa eh, a* above. This ship has olegniit etete roota ecouiirodati >na on an entirely new plan, both in (lie poop oabin ei d Id the eiaeioue aaloon between deoka, with tlrglu berth* throughout, and supplied with patent ventilators, nort I'glit* bo, to insure ventilation in the warm latitadea Mrs Farnham. with her sasooiatlon of Ladies, has taken passage in this sl.ip. vrliioh renters this an excellent opportunity for mmllirs to make the voyage with advantages and comforts not fontid in any other vessel The well known sailing qualities of the ship will assure passenger* of a safe and speedy ravage. For pas-age or treight apply ou Hard, at pier No. IS East. River, foot oi Wall street, or to E. RICHARDSON A CO. SJsouih at J am eh m' v da m a < o.'s california grand ex prditiin will hold npobliu meetlugatthe buana vista house, 262 oisiu ei., every ervotug tii.til the, Oumpie o U'lgauiiig mixi aolubtd rd n en t? po to the mold region on aliens. the compmy will tnnii h lbs men w th ample vntlit of olothing, prora ona, imp en tut, lor u ining. sad taetensld for currying on various mo i sines operstitns. parsons piylng $isii, and accompanying tie exped t on, wii he cntit'ed to t'ofuli profits of one * ere. hi d one qu .r er of tt e e*r ti e of ono his re lor every extrv SUM. i'trsiirt i ot gnu gin the bx|*dition ntr hold she es. and hare nequa-terof the profits of one tlisre, for ever? sum. panicn(ttswi'h 6" pout or ol lfo|gage. will be taken itnm new york, ill then opaiiwt paid, ai d nuarded one week nftet arriving at ti.s unltl hepions for mw. sim per huudred will be oharaed for i vtra baggage. the < omptny will leave now york thelth .fvsy by the w*y of itteenrgh (torn wninco they will nnhark in booid ol a i rgo double canoe to lie pr p? l?d by eiiiaand poles o the hei.d waters of the plata river, leaving only 100 tt'i es land travel, w i ich|ouri ey will be porfortned in ou days. jan,in ftijd. m'a patu t pt r af-le stloone will ke i eed both on int d nnd on the f'anoes, for the passengers and men to lodge aid cine n (which equal the ralo >ns of seam boats for eonvei'ienee). of ad the l-'en pat-iee wmoh have, or wll eave new yoik tide company will inr excel any foronmfort and coaveui ei re, ai d nn at a of mtkirg money. for further particulars, apply, ns a! ova, from 7 a m , until 10 p.m.?p.s. jamoi buy oam'e patent portable saloons, mad* to order, of any Hit, at the abut e place. _ (t?l1fokma fiwld dust he'lncd and melted at y m solomon a co.'s ( old and bilv r reflcery, no. 46 ann Street; also jewelers and silvsr-miths' sweipa. earths m nerals. metals, and nil known snbsumse* that oontaln sold or silver, refined at the above establishment. n b?cold nnd silver bought. TO ca< ik<>fchlaNS.?a naw a'lvle < a i'tn t uaM ineok lur trwuilurs. fi'.'el for live different purposes, vii., lien tin < k. mat'tees tot, vat u fot n m uie, aud can hsuerdaea ?ik platted over the shoulder*, i'sllfomisi.9 would do well to -aati teethe artrla before purenaridg thoir hammnokae'sewnare. k?r en's, wholttnle aid lotatl, by WM. u. BKAYTON, satkroaker no 176 r u'h street, sole sgrnt. 4 CALIFORNIA DAOl'CRhEUTYPBS.?PARSONS A BOOT X. / to vlatt California and domrou* to leave thoir likenesses with (fair Trm?NR. wwui'i no wen vt can p? Dinnv r, (rob, *tjo eon vu )K"B'!??v where. by reaecn of rocont improvement* an>l ni l ji-db to bin odtBhiy-hn ofct, faithrui and true llkaneseee may bo obtainrd at the ihnrtait notice. TO iALIF(>HNIAN8.-WIT? AN SXPMICNCE Of IS y ?r?, tj e mleoriier onnhd.ntly off-re hi? rmeM In prep?iio? reree. ia amiable package*, to croae the Iethmtie, or for the forge* route Ail attlole* warranted 10 keep Printed eetiaatea for any number it pereooe lornlehed rratnitoni ly A KEMP, lift Vail ttreat, hew Terk. SHippiau. Tot STEAMSHIP "CANADA" WILL BAIL FdOM TIIE doek at Jcrmy City on Wedeeeday, 4th or April, at teelve (I'd) u'eiook prtoleely. Tub unit mil ami nohtu ambkican r. m.steam hipe, beteeen Beaton and Liverpool and botween New Fork and Liverpool,calling at Halifax to land end reoolre maiia and paanengora: Agin Cut C. B. Jadkina, Blbernia.Capt, W. 1. C. Leaa, Afrioa. .. * a. Hvrle, Niagara.. ' J. 8 tone, Amertoe. " N. Shannon, Canada.. " W. Herri eon. Bar* pe.. " E. 0. Lett, Cambria. J, beltoh. Caleoonia " W. D.uglna. Three reeeele carry a clear white llfbt at meat hand, green on itarbonrd hew, and nd on port bow. Canada, Capt. Jndklna, from N. York, VFednoeday 4th April. Niagara, " A. Kyrie, " Boatoa, do 18th " Enrona, - E. 0 Lett, " N York, do fd May. Cam hi la, " N Shannon, " Bee ton, de Pth " An.erire, " Herrteon, " N. Fork, do Idth" ilibeinle, ' Btone, " Boften, do 23d ' as eapenonoed ennteon on board. Freight will he charged on rpeoie, beyond an am.met tor peraona I expenee*. All letteie and new ape pen mo. t paet through the poet effloe, Pxeenge frew New Tort or Boeton le Liverpool, flret oabin, ?1 J0| eeoond oabia. 71' Fi.r freight or pnanaee applf ?? I. OHM A HP. Jr SB Broadway, r p<rln>t*nid French bark Axruenti. , Captain Dt l*. For Iroicnt or ran eao st ply to BOVU* UINCKBK. PA< Kfclh rok BaVhE? ??U)Nt> LINK.?TBI ?B1P Onatda.Joha Millard nu'ti. will ami on tha I at April BOT1 tniNlUN Areata. kW Wail attack r,M<H MA MS 111.LAB. ?Till BUFAKIBH BAKU MAST JP Rllan. apt Be JU BOTP It HI SICKgN. DIk? TI?N BIN FJLOri-VBSSki.8 S(JSJS<;T TO FI8I latino by tha llaai'b Oflleai.?Brary rtactilttoao aforctfa n?rt hernia peaaongtr* aaonr.ry rnaael harm* had, dnrirc hat taoaaa, any oaia ?[ Spiell i -|? yrirra tlinaaa -email* ?tauy t it All yiearla irum any pact la the ordinary paraate fi?m nlnoh tnay Oiwt pa* aouth a) t/ap* ttvalnpeu ar ri\ try ta.lvMin tha thirty Ann day of May and tlia aiitaanth day if thiol or. A no all ?. and" Iroiji any piao* (Inandtn* lalaodo) la seta, Atr-aa or tha Mi-ditetnt'iraii. or from aay of aha Waal Indi.. Bahama Borit.naa or *aatorn I.lands, or froa any p ana to Atni'rioa. inlltu i tdi.ary pieaaao froui which tb*y mac couth of J*'ir?ia- amriae hataeea iho ftrol day of April and the drat day if Nnaip bar. tin. B WHITING. Health OtAoet. J mitral of Oi?io.eree, timiin* Coat, and Sua. pUaaeeapy. KIRK ARTS. ~ " Nt'lilMlli ACAtikSV OF OkSltl ? I UK TWCNtfFoi.iih Ahi.iial lanibitliin will open to >h? j.ub lo on Tonl.iv, t; t dd tf April, at II o clock A. M. By oid- r of thn t 'o luati. J H. 0BKJ1 OUK. or. Vnrotary. PI.All U I. A B B CrU.STT.-HkVBftAti TdOJA^NP pau&da f t aal* ot.cap App y at Ne. Spraoe attack AmJSKMKWTS. , O10ADWrr ?AT**.-?. A- MA?UIAIX, r*?r*I?u tar-Monday arena* April x Will to pwfor?^, iraad ip< ratio ?pec lac I*, in S Hd, with * prolefua, entitled the BNCHaATBRsK?l haraoter* la the prdorn#?Bunfr, Mr. 8# *nie; Fort* Braoio, Mr. want Nuauca, Mr. HoUnaa; 5alla Mia* Waliin Character* la lb* oaara?Dal* ?" Alalia. Mr. Laaoh: Galea*, Mr. Meorhunae; Grand ienaachal. Mr. Brown; ihitl of lh* borate. Mr. Pop#; Don Bvlrlo. Mr. W. B. Rearea: Dootor Maathaaariu*. Mr. Vaehe; Ramir, Mr. Hagnl?; Norma, Mr. Hoi an; Peru Brachic, Mr. Bant; Stall*. Mra. Secuin. Drcaa Cirole ndi'arqaett* 7Soent#) Tamil? Cirola.Moenta; 0*11*0. "X "tola?Poor* opoa at 7; oemmaaoeat 7>i. DURIOVB TUXATRR. CBAMBSBB STRUT.?MONDAY MJ evening, April X will be payed I UK UaMoOCK. UKaUUMT -Imia*, Mr. Ljuce; Pari*, Mr Jordan; Cl*in. Mr Johnatoa; Byp'llta. MitaBill. Attarahieh. drat tin* PORT7 WINKX or. Blunder* In a Bed Meom--Mr. Teblaa Muna. Mr. Burtooj Bon Joacelya* Wolleubutti*. Mr. Jordan; Lieoteaaat riirhly, Mr. ? ardea; Mr. Ppmkr, Mr. ' bri.tiao: Mr* Batter, Mr*. Van. non. To oeaolnda with MR. AND MRS. MACBKTB?Maeb*th,Mr. Brougham; Maodufl, Mr. Johnaton; Ban<|ue, Mr. Raymond; Dun can. llr. BaaUton; Malcolm, Mr. Warden; Lady Macbeth. Mr. Bnrton; let Witch, Mr* Vernon. Drew circle and ParduetteMej Pantile Clrel* Mto. Poor* open at7; onrtala rtae* at 7H. MITCBRLL'S OLYMPIC THlATRK?MONDAY EVBNatng. April X the performance to oommenoe with Sim BLOPR? Beth Slope, Mr. Bill; Belmoat, Mr. Reynold*: Emily Leeion. Mia* Phillip*; Mia* Trainer. Ml** Robert*. Alter whioh. ere act of CUT AND COMB AOAIN?Return Strona. Mr. Bill: wjtjT iu<?er, Mi. icicaittatn; Zephenlak tiopkln^Mr. Conovor, Mr*. Tinker, Mr*. Melvile: Betey lucktr. Mle* PfflUip* To eonolnde with the i*A PtilAN BOM Re? Adonis .Mir* Mary Gannon; v.#**. Hit* Phillip*; Diana, Mr*. Me'.ville; Rsoulaplu*. Mr. Clark; Cupid, MlM Nlokininn; Terpeiobore. Mia* Partington.? Door* open at 7?Curtaia will riM at 7K- Dree* oirele, #0 oent* l'rr?r bnn, 26 oent*; Pit, 1 (killing Broadway circus, obt broadway, near prince (tree*?Band*, Uit A C#, Proprietors?Monday eve-till, April 2, tb* pecf->rnteuoe* to oommenoe with a Grand Kotrae by ho Cum par y. Fighting Ponies, Deaf Bark* and Tom Spring. Infantile Boremanahip by Ma*t. Jew* Panda Cinderella aad T?g> Tknab will go through their wondoriul feat* undor direction of Mr 'anda. Grouping, MouaMn*. aad Posturing, by the livete Faulty. BoietmacaiiTp by Mr. H. Gardner, and til* no eemnliskod jarOMie rider, Master Manriee Sanda Tb* whoto to conclude with PCM Alt IIR MOt'LINlT. Evening performan?* at half paat 7- Afternoon perform an o? on Satnrday, at two o'olook. Admission M oent*?children half prioe npABRBNACLM.?GRAND FAREWELL CONCERT OF I A BotUaiai, proviso* to lilt departure for tendon. Signer Bot tetiol win be aaaiited by Simtora Mariaohl, prima donna (her first appearand in America), Signer ferrarl. Signer Beoeventano, Hguor tarfrono. Leader, Blgnor Bariii. Signer Boiteeinl. by general request, amoDg other piece*, will oxe utus on the Douolo Baa* the Carnival c f Venice. Ticket*One Dollar, ta ke bad at tb* Mneio Store*, Ho'els and at An door. Door* open at 7. ooocert to oontmueoe at 8 o'clock, preolrolv. Programii* in email bill*. Notice-The oouoert will positively take p'ao#on Tuesday evenirg. aa the etcamcr lor Enron* will sail on th* following day. MR. DBMPBTER'd LAST ENTERTAINMENT AT TIIR Tabernacle will be given on Wetheiday evening. Arr'.l 4th, on whioh occasion b* will sing hie favorite eonge:?"?ne Indian'* CcmplainC* "Oh' why doe* the Whiti Man follow my Pe/th?" "J he Imprison vd;" "John Andeiaon my Jo" "Lonely Auld Wilb." "A Brme in the Heart;" "'II* awoet tr Love In Cniidhood;" "Lament ol Ihtr Irinh I migrant," -Death of Warren;" "Bind Boy;" ' Emertld lale." "I'm alone, all alone," ' Tea jer anil Clonk about je:~ "Duncan Gia};" and Ma popular uautata, 'The May Oucan," in three parti. Tiokel* W cent*. Tooommrr ee at 8 oolosh. Mr. bobirt morris, tub ancient bard or tbk Ninth ward, ha* the honor to aunounoe that he will give a grand vooaland initinmental Concert, at the Apollo Room*, 410 Broadway, on Tueedey evening. April ."d, on which oco**ion he will bo ncaiatad by revere! well known perfnnaera Tickets 26 cent a to Itched et ths door, tad at th* principal atu*lo store*. MvKoia.u>?i/Min, IDA KSAL AND INCOM PARABLE French Magieian, wtH ermtlano hii extraordinary Soiree* every earning thi? wouk. at the Mli.crva Hootui, No. 406 Broad way, where he will give a trend Magloal and Egyptian later, tainment. Aamiaeion, BOctmta: children. ttoentA Doori open at 7 o'clock?Performance t? commence at 8. Till ANNIVERSARY DINNER OF TBI AMERICAN D re ma tie Fund Aaacciatloa. President, DAVID C. COLDEN, Kan. i Vioe rreeidenta: Bon. Bamnel Jo pee, Frveprr M. Wetmore, Eat]., John Yen Buren, E?|., Arthur T. Jonea, Ea<i, 1'hilip Boi e Et'i, NT M ilKa Earn. Gercral 8. P Lvmen, Simeon Driper Ken., J. Fre?cott Bell, Erq., M. M. Noah, I?q? Doctor Fraaoir, George P. M orris, Esq., John MoKeen. Eaq, With otbcre whote name* will be duly aaaouncd. The mueioal department trill beneder tho eupirlntendenoo of MR. GE'EUE LODEK. and will compriee all the available talent attainable at the time, incluriiig a perfect Glee Party, to illnetrate the waaterp rcea of Sa?liah U ah wont, Oli, Mahriuaij, Guma or Ciiohai. M* lout, Ac Re. Ibe Ftelivnl will take p'tce on Tnredey, April 10, at TBI ASTUR HOUSE Ticket* (including wine) $3 itch, maybe had ot any ol the Truetie', via :? J. Preacctt Hall, Ban . 34 Wall atrtoi, G. Btebblna, Eaq., 34 Walleneet. W. P. Chapman, Biq , 61 Merchant* Exchange. John McHeon, Faq. Dletrict Attorney, offiue City UalL Ihne B. llamblln Ecu., Box office. Rowerv Theatre. Or of the Treaeurer, Mr JOHN POVEY, 12 Wooeter atreet, A'd the BrcTnlart.Mr JOHN BROUGHAM, 87 Cham here at. CASTLE GARDMN.?THX ABOVE WELL-RNOWN BUM met retort can now be engaged for Evening A mummente during the oneolng eeaeorn For further particulara, and torwa, apply at the Offloe en the premlae*. or by letter (p it. raid) directed te the proprietors TRENCH k BRIBER. MBSIGAL. MUBIO l-TBE PIANO WILL BE TAUGHT BT A YOUNG Lad), who bae a therongfi knowledge of Muaio, end who ean give the meat unexceptionable referenoee. Term*, far be inner*, $9 per quarter?them men adranoed SIR Apply te &. C, Herald odloe. 8POKTIRU. Ct LMI EVILI I, LONG ISLAND-TBE PROPRIETORSOF y the above Couree offer the ?oUo?iog Trotting Purees, te oome off lei ween the loth and Attn of April : ? No. 1?Puree of $30? mile heate? belt3 In5?to wagone, far boreea thet never won a pun* No 2?Puree $80? mile hiate?beat 3 in Bin liaraeee?fur horaoa that mver won n puiee over f.'KI. No. ,'i?func $30-mllo heate-beet 3 in S to 23'Jflb., wagone? for borne that never wee a para* over $30. No.4?Purr* $iwi?mil* heat#? beat 3 in 3?to go and oarry I what >oe pleaee?tor hoieea tnat never won a puree over $100. No. i ? rune mile heat#?heat 3 in 6 in barneev?IPee for all bora**? $30 to go to the aeooad beat?te come off in Muy next. 1 All ot the nOove puree* to eloae Monday. April 2d, by Ibe'oloek, i P. M? at C. H. l-ovejoy'e Telegraph Hotel. 143 Mercer etreet. New Yetk. Three or more te make a held, aud two to atari, h B ? Perat na entering horaoa muat pay their entrance before ! ?( Will un I'lilEU IB ua uaDUS 01 uio jua^ee, to to awarded by then to the winner. UMONCOUMB, L.I.?TdOTTING PURSKOF $30. MIL! heat*, beat 3 in 3, to harnese, will otmo off oa Unadar, Aptil Hth ?U Schantraod enter*. g. Contideace; 0. ttoahrlo eaters, g. n. Anierioau Girl: P. Joni eon enters, g. g. Hai ei ger. Parte nf Jilt*1.?3 mile lieatt to har ens oiuaeu wits ti e following emriet, too<no <(Ton Monday. May 7:?0. 8. Ilerliae enter*. a. f. 1 roitee: F. Job'snn enter* r. g. Meats iger.? Free I rrac of J>*l~mlle heat a. be-t 3 in \ to har.itir, fret for all honaa 10 oome off on May 2'et:?Darid Brjan* enter", g m. Lady Suffolk: John ( aaa eaters, b. n . lad? Keioew; 11. White entera. b ni. lady Sutton. M D. GREEN, Proprietor. T1ARLEM PARK PACING?PURSE $2.1, MILK HBATS J 1 teat ttree In lira, to hnrneaa?free f rail horaea?olotod with the following, to conn off on Monday, April 2, at 3 o'olook, p M Mr them trow intern a g Mauler Maaou; J. Maby entera b y. Broderick; C. P. Birtino entera b. m. Ag<a Do am; U. Girdon outers b g. Champion; J. f. Nodlne eatera a g. Dan Midor. W. FONNRR, Proprietor. MKUIOAii. Qflft HilH BOTTLI3 AND OVIR, OF DEWITT 0. OUUjVvU Ke Rioter's Lir.imti. t have- been aold, without a murmur, rltumatie pama trom 20 to 30 years' standing have been t mod, alao, old fever and mercurial aorta, and liara swell i gt of ewtry PlrttWl UkaiaatbtM knownto lat'smngim mediate relief in all apaamodm afflictions, d arrho a and pains of ovrry return; it la ti.e only liniment nted by tho elite?the Qrlorcl a Irvings. Contara Januwaya. Morrlsra Ludlows, Raea Liril lards Livingstons, Boh?rmorhorns, Btadhnra'a Me., ike., Mo., to g. ther with thrnaandt of other aatouodiog r fnronoo. can be teen at the depot:2.1> Petri street Tattrratll's, Broadway; the Harlem Radioed ofllrea; heading la Co., Ronton of the drogaiata, gra ce-tee,and aaddlera generally fa) conta $t a donn, $41 a gross, 111 gT'.'aat fr.ltie greaa TO PATIMT MRDK INK PRO KIETORS AND OTHERS. Geo W. Cblioe and Co, of No. 1 Ledger building. Third i street, belnw ("keenut, Philadelphia, are prepared to teoeivo the Agenry only rf any Pateat Medicines or other article that the pm| rtetara may taiah ta hare introduced in Philadelphia j and throughout > ennay Tenia. 0, W. C fc Co have erory | feci lit, of introducing peltate, and they pledge themaelTca to give tLe strident attention to anv artlele entrusted to them. Far ; further particulars, address aa apnea. Geo. W. ehilda tt Co. are 1 so:e pr?irietora of Dr. Wi ey'a t'elabratod Cough Caadv, which | ttiey are pre pat ad to supply to the trade on tho moat liberal terms ! DK UOSiBK boaiwit K, LEC.URB* ON DldBASB OF ihu Conlto Urinary Organa?author of a Cmnploto Praotioal V < rU on th< Naturn and treatment of Venetoal Diseases, Ptrit ture, and alld at e*c t f a private naturm Quarto, 77 splendid platea. 20 sd.tlor. Extract ftom tho Bo?to#Mrdical aod orgleal Journa1:? ' It may ba said f<tai'a?ely,io he quat t" ttioord'aor Aot? i 'a works on tlo aame family of d>aess*e and far sonoritr to any thtrg af II o kind over pi,b>isted in till" country. Prioe $10, * uthor < f a work on S mn al In iaalnoa, ItupoteooT. ho., eanaed i by heritor) Vloo. he. o,.d Irtitlon, 14 pl.vee PrleeJI, Fit sal* i ' I'lhf Pu' list ere Stricter * d. Hi Bioatfoay. and by I the Anthov. Nu Brosriwav 1TB* MAHRIFD V OR A N'8 PRIVATE MEDICAL COMpenieo. by Dr. A. M. Mauroeatt Prufeaeot of Diseases of Women. Sixth edition. Ihmo pp. m Prieo EL 60,K(0 tapis* old in ill mot tba. Years oi tuffbiltg, of physical ard mental angaish to many an offertn.tote wife, tad pecuniary difficulties te the hnsbeid, might have been (pared; thsuweada ?w poor would hare e? Joyed oom netence thouaands aow broken in health woald have stjuyo-' It) j hnt dredi now i? their grave* tee* (till alive, by a timely pease* loo i f thia work. It le ir boded especially fur the mamed, or those oon teas plating mandate, a* it dleoioaei tmpertant Menu wbiohehould boknowa to them ptrtionletlr. To these v hove health does not permit of St! Increase of family, it is of sspteial imptwunee. Iisre also, every f.tnale?the wit* th* mother, tlx ens either budding Into wrmanhood, or the one in the deolin* of yssrs la , whom l atere sot template* an Itrpor'ert e' snje?can dlrcovsr the casses. symptom* *?d the moat eflleient te eedioa, and most oartain mode of ours, In every complaint to wbioh her ses is sub(oot. For sal* 1^3 Broadway, end at the Ptiblishiu* OfRs* 129 Liberty Street. N. V ; Little a .# Albany; W. R. Davla, Boston; F. B. Petersen. WCl.esnatitieet, Philadelphia On the reeolpt ot 91,a eony w.II be transmitted by mall, fro* of preface, to any part ot tbe United States All letters must be addressed, prst paid ta Pr A II Mswrioeaa. Bos 1.294 New York fittt. OHl'ft LlO.t'S MAU b'l POiVUFit, .?,< li.'.UADVTAV. Dv this powder we pr eerihe All th< aaxitts inai ot IriU; Btdou* cto.roii'h an *tid tly Fti-b to ta<to~ sod iait'or, i e' Qnirklv. too. It | tita a veto Ua the rae ally Muequi o. Yet it harinr i.ot child or men. W ??T to el] *he Inaeet vermla hate, Thla Powder will thaetuat exti.imiaate. Far lata acd Miea e ha* a Ptll, I oat potaut IB I'l uli>n, Bhotild thay annoy, juat air* a dean; 'Twill M yea aatk fraetian. Mvum. MIS. VAN BOUTIN WOULD INFORM HI* FRIENDS, and Um puhilo annorally. that eh* la new prepared 'o aureate. ardara fur fli e ctin'om made shir'a. 0?>onim and C.IUra. in the lataat and nut approved paiUtna nod at)lea, or aa may be draired. at her SMrt Sure ?ed Ma. nltctt r), hto.MNaaanii atmet. N. B.?Particular attention ia aallad to her new rtyle fail boeum Sennet Shirt. TO lei 1M> LIT OB MA"!?TBI HOIJnl NO. OA UINTRE ST.. lore ooewplid n? n Bar and main* Saloon, for wl.iah It ia wall oalonlared bat wi old aaaa a a flrat rata etaod for a dry (o.kIr tee, or grocery etera. bain* oppnatta (Centra Market. Rent low ta a rood tenant Paaaeotlon itanealatoly. fminlraof " *2?S P. O D >?N No 147 Molberrya>*eet._ 1 '(-.einai ring hi.naakaeplng tha I at of Mpy neat, will ha ant' lit *to lot three laosa antra ateaad atory, farntahad aa ait mi* tcMiad two badroana (peatrtaa adj"<nln*) Loeatio*, SWeokw ttraet, apt Monk treat Breedway Addiaat H. Q, Uaeaii or ^ J 1 INTELLIGENCE IT THE HAILS. P?r Washington correspondence! Washington, Much 30, 1819. 7hi Ixiltr of Governor Srward? Tfit Lcut Struggle for California in Congrett. Governor Seward publishes hia explanation of the caae in this, morning's Initlligtncer. He t.Ue all that is necereary, if not a little more than wu required. We have some additions, however, t? I ouuiim lunoiu a uiorr complete understanding ol the subject. It waa notorious that in the House ol Representatives, en the third day ot March, there were two sets oi deputies irom the Senate, operating for a temporary government lor California. The fnenda of Mr. Polk, consisting of Senators Foote, WVstcott, Hannegan, Mason, Hunter, Douglass, Downs, Walker, and others, were busy in behalf of Mr. Walker's amendment, which, even as a temporary luw, left the slavery question in statu r/uo, standing, to this extent, as a sort ot compromise between the North and South. This amendment was really the production of Southern Senators, and Mr. Walker, as a Northern man, (Wisconsin,) 1 was induced to father it, with the view of conciliating the North to its adoption by both houses. We believe the amendment was iramed by Messrs. Foote, Downs, and Wentcott, in consultation with Messrs. Douglass and Walker; tor, when it was submitted by Mr. Walker, a somewhat similar one, oflered the day before by Mr. Foote, was withdrawn?this being at the beginning of the week's discussion of the subject as an amendment to the bill oi general appropriations. The objceta of the democrats ot the Senate, who were thus active in behalf ot Mr. Walker's amendment, were: 1. To secure some sort of a compromise of the slavery question. 2. A temporary government for Ca!ifornia._ O TU - 1 X?* - -? * ' * ... i iic ut-neiu ui me anointment ot the officers l?y Col J 'oik, the wecessury hat, it ia said, having been made out, including certain land inspectors and Indited agents, revenue officers, and post office agents, *>'c. In the second place, the whigs of the Senate, including Mr. Webster, Mr. Seward, (Senator then elect) Mr. Dayton, and others, ot the North, employed themselves among the members ot the House, together with certain lobby members, on the third day cf March, in behalf ot Mr Webster's amendment, which substantially amounted to nothing more than the recognition of the existing laws in the territories of California and New Mexico, with certain restrictions upon the military authority; and they trrged it as neither making any concession to or invasion of the claims of ths South on ttie slavery question, for the interval to lh? next Congress. Towards evening, however, (March 3d) there was a curient report among the lobby members ot the House, that both Col. Polk and Old /.ack had their agents at work among the members in behaU of Walker's amendment, as it came from the Senate, on the plea that nothing else would be adoptr od ; but more particularly by the Southern friends of General Taylor, because this amendment being indefinite in its operation, might be suffered to exj let as a law till the people of California, in convention, should settle the question otjslavery.for them selves; and that by this means General Taylor could be saved from the perplexities ot any direct issue upon the proviso ; whereas, Mr. Webster'n amendment was a mere transfer of the question to the next session of Congress. We say that it was believed on the floor of the House, on the evening of the third of March, that Colonel Polk and Geueral Taylor each had their agents in the hall, urging upon the members the passage of Walker's amendment The proviso men took the alarm. They feared that there were some individuals in their ranks who migut oe oougnt and sold ; and hence the protracted fight winch succeeded. The proviso men suspected tlmt the powers of the two udministr&tionswere combined, and at work together among the members of the House, and to Bome extent they were right in this suspicion. From the same general motive of evading the slavery question by Mr. Walker's compromise, fouthern whigs and democrats supported it, though, apart from tnis, they were actuated by diflerent objects. It was past midnignt when the House decided in favor of the proviso party, in an amendment enlarging upon Mr. Webster's, so far as to recogn zs the exiting Mexican laws for the time being, which included the Mexican laws excluding the institution of slavery. Tnis amendment being reported back to the Senate, Mr. Webster urged a concurrence as ihe only ho|ie of passing the civil and diplomatic bill to which it was attached ; but the exposure by Mr. Berrien, ol the proviso which, was covered up in it, defeated the experiment, and lelt Mr. Webster the single alternative of asseuting to the expurgation of everything appertaining to California, Irom the bill. In conclusion, from a review of all the circumstances of the case, as far us understood, we believe that certain fi lends of Gen. Taylor wera anxious for the adoption of Walker's amendmeat, a a affording a loophole of escape from an issue upon the proviso ; that the body of the democrats sustained it as a compromise, and as a measure, the cflices of which would accrue to their friends; that the Northern friends of Gen. Taylor urged the adoption of Mr. Webster's amendment, as a sort of compromise with the free Boilers, by deferring the proviso to the next Congress, ana that all tha friends of Gen. Taylor who were anxious for any amendment, were the more active because he had expressly given them to understand he desired something, and because the responsibility of rejecting or adopting it rested with C >1. Pnlk. la ?ny event, whatever might succeed. Gen. Taylor was perfectly sale, for it was Col. I'olk who hud t? sign the bill; and whether the proviso, or a com pri iniee. or the admission of slavery, was passed, thr outgoing President would hive the responsibility oi its approval, and the incoming one all the benefits ol the law. But the tree soil party defeated all efforts at an accommodation of the difficulty, aud Gen. Taylor will be called to act upon the naked question of the proviso, at the next session of Congress. Washington, March 30,1BI9. The of the Day. What is the progress! IIow goes on the work? Any changes to-day? M'Calla going out1. What's doing for New York, and John Y'oung, and Collier, and Lorimer Graham? Any chance for Webb? "Webb appears to be in good lavor?it. he going ta get anything, or are they going to put him ofi by postponement from time to time? He sticks to 'em, does he noil lie is the most consummate quill applicant, hut will he get anything1 What are the chances lor Sken Smith, of Philadelphia! Is it a fact, that there are 25,000 natives coming on to recommend him for the Philadelphia Collectorshipl Anything doing for the Irish, or are they going to be left out altogether? When do they begin with the big fish? Such are a few of the questions with which we were confronted in our morning's walk up the Avenue this morning. The telegraphic wires have furnished the reply. Some cliangea are being mode from day to day. Ilete and there a man is superseded M'Calla. Second Auditor, leaves tomorrow. The whole whig lorce of Mr. Clay's district have protested against his retention for a single day. The big offices 1a New Yoik lie over lor a day or two yei Job* Young and Collier are both to have something, nd Graham, perhaps, has a chance. Col. Webb as lull confidence in the powei ot his merits He knows them to be irresistible. Sken Smith ia fighting agaiuat a heavy com|ielition, and if they i w not defeat him, it wnl not be tor want of a i etermination to do it. Among the appointments of ihs day, we have a Major Hardy, ot Maryland, as Indian Agent for the Sacs and Foxes, equal to $3,500 a year, exclu eive ol perquisites in ihe way <>( trade-equal to $10,000 or $l.r,000. wnh a clever manager of the annuities ; Hint ii Mr. Koaeberg (whig, ol course,) l'oel master lor Pittsburgh ; mid tue Iocofoco Postmaster at Natchez-he wuo lurnnhrd the bill of Bale of cerium negroea bought by Old Zack, to the Iree toilers ol Ohio?ia also nujwraeded. Mr. Collnmer, what aoes ihif* mean 1 Mr. Fitzhenry Warren, what is ihia 1 Do you call thia backing your Irte Miil coad ut< rs in the Mouth ? Furthermore, there is a heary pressure of whig a|>( Jicatiius l?r the poet ol Colonel Medill, CommiM-ioiicr oi Indian All lira; and, among others, the friends of Colonel Lloiu, Iran are pushing him to* the | late. The only charges aaaiaat Medill are, iliui lie in n loco dyed in the wool, and aaworn ei.imy ot the hutk.nera who live by cVatrng me Indiana ot their auniutiea. These huckatera have their agents here, o,rerating to the expulsion of M'dtll 1 hey WHht a more liberal nun in thn Iui'iii*i btnenu We hope, lor the sake ofAba Indians, that these hucksters will hs dtsappoinled. Thomas Hwmg ia Irom the same towa ot Lancaster, in Ohio, with Medill. Hiving known Medill as an upright mnti, and aa a moat IhiiIiIuI ifticer; and it Met ill is superseded, <>ve? when Wis commission expnes, it will be de aisrve at once ol the policy of aiipoiutmeuts, as e.n issue between whiga and democrats, and nothing mom. We recommend to this administration the policy ot tak<ng care ol its Iriends; but the many good remits in behall ol the Indiana, in eaviug thep>Vrtm the rapacity ol the huckatera, and in * stabliehing missionary schools amonn the tribes | ol the lar Woat, induces us to think that AiedtU,

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