Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1849 Page 2
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w magnetic powders. If trrr ? ?n<rd b, ?Dl? ?c tlw BBDbl'GS <> Ot bR'U JOBS. You'll a. d Ihl? twtdy ob?M against rati* ruNU appiocbbl ISMotb**hooid catbar la your olothaa. 4.111 srtitL. )(iuk i uoiccsr (iiiiuvn Dub'i |P?f It nn, hat buy Stok ' ' or - rowo**- h>k tub v ab mints.II lut**u ibou d y nr I Unit datyoy. A M> BAR dORR (IRNTi.B T LOW KM. Should dre"p ud wither by their touch, JUST TBY IM MAUlo POWER. For Ra'c *> d Hi** >e ha* a PHI. MO-T PttTEhT IN iTi aCTIONi Bh'ald tbey uo"T Juat give a da**; 'iwiiii?o?r you but a fraction. EMANl'KL LYON. 490 BROADWAY, It the It venter and Propretorof the celebrated HifiaHo Pawner*. and a I III for the laataotanaoae dea'ruoUoa if Rata and Mm* artielee which have reoeired the high approval ol the aaoat eminei t Phyrtoiane la the oity, likewise the flrat premium of the Amerv-an Ir.tltute ap) It* MliKKAV'S FLUID CAMPHOR, Prepared Under the /eonidiaft SujirriWrndtwr of Ihi Lhicuitrer. Sir JamrB Murray, TU1S re*tor*tve t> one ol the moat valuable remedlea derived (reoi the vegetable kiuadom and ie fuuad particularly ben*. Rcial in U?* treatment of 'avert, dy*entr>. btllitmt and aarroua complaint*. naoaca luaa of appetite. eruptive alaeaaea, tea ateknece. aad in effectually tehortug the orampa aid ooniortiooe of apaamoolo sfaoler*. It lavigot*i*d without eaoktiag the ovulation ranee th> aptrta. oharra the naiad, eampoaea the aarvag aad dhrtoaca to a!e> p thoae wha "therwiae weald have been netlaaa. Tbtt pcrfrot and elegant flu d e tree from an) aptrttaeua t.daaiztuie ai d of the proper atrei gtn for lmmrdlava nee?a wioe-glaa* full tad on one* or t? ice* day, la a moat effeetaal preventative againat cholera. ?r other eoaUgioua dictate* It hat been strong SncomiroMled to tmlgvai ta to tew oouutrlee, aaa fortilar of a eye tetn against all ulaordera laoldeatal to change ot olimaU. The above valuable ptepaiatlea can be preourad at No. US Broad* ay. of all rtapaotaol* druggist*. aad wholeaala of the proprietor'* agent, hbnby T. OHaPMaN. 77 Pnltoa etveet. near Gold. N.B.?Aa a mark had praeantiou, pleaae obaarva that the dinetiena oa the bottlea of thla Fluid Camphor, are stamped with the lnveator'a tuna In red ink. mk2U 41* JaMU MURRAY. MD.T. 0. D. aad Bdiahuiwh CONSUMPTION CURED DAILY. I PtILMONABT CONIUMPTIOH OP THI WokiT CLASS II DtlLlC?HCU tT Du HilTlflul' Compound Smur op Naphtha, Thkonlt known Kkmkdt pok Tukkkcvlak CoNtUMPTION. TBK MKEICAL FACUi TY, aa well u th? public, art struek with wonder at the numerous nutta mtd-i da'ly by tilse?traordinary medmno. mud li now acknowledged ky Bany of oat DHt iBiimt physicist* to h? a oertein and ?|wed? care for tubercular consumption in ita wurat stag e. Ii liaa keen reoomtterded b) that emictnt pi yaiciau Dr. Holt, and ia coaataatly uacd la the Marino Hospital. at Savannah, On., by Dr. Arnold, the tetiot physician of iha Hoip tal 11m London Linear, London Medioal Journal, Brnith >a o'a Rnr??peot, and all other of the London Modicsl Journal*, have spoken in praise many Unwi ol the anrrrit'ng tfb ota of DR HaS riNGS' PREPARATION. Itbaabeen thoroughly triad, to' ouly In tho iloapital under the charge of Dr. Healings, in London, but a loo by all the Brat pbyaiciansof England, and ell have fully indortei It as an uari valied remedy ia Lei sumpMnu. and all othar dlaaaaea of the Lot ft Tha'okawiDf area faw ot Um opioieas expressed by the Medical Faonlty af England Doot r Wiltiameon, of Manchester, thai art tee:? UNDER ITS INFLUENCE, *I bare aeon tne amaoiatad being, on whooe brow death had Beamed to have let ma aeaL avquire invigaratlon and strength? and aaahaaae hie ear y motninga of intense suffering and dietroe singe? ugh, for the oaJm rapoto whioh alone accompaaieasound DR WARE OK LIVERPOOL, Say*-"! regard Boatings' fyiup of Naphtha aa one of the first medioal di*ce?erita ol any aaa. and oni,aider its agaocy la ouring I oondumpUon aa established beyond all doubt or question " Dr. Boyd, of Lanoaitcr, "Uaila it aa the great eonaumptiyo aa tidote aid cure;" and Lr. Ilamt ton, of Bath, protounous it "the only known remedy wh'.oh may be relied on for remoriog tuberclot I torn tie lungs, and prevtating lormation of others" A tingle bottle will prom its efficacy. All tha proprietor aaka ia tho trial of oie bottle, the action oi which will prove to the patient the Til roe of thir medicine. Lkugl a eoloa bionehitia, dtelina. asthma, night awaits and spitting i f Mood are cured in a surprisingly snort apace of time; the severest oelda Tiering yielded 10 tie trratmeat oftboNaphtlia hi run lo the short speoe ol 411 hours. James Western, of I'oatiac. Michigan. aaa atuogi d with spitting of blood, and oonld obtain no relief until ho tried HASTINGS' NAPHTHA, which at pped it iu half aa hoar, lo enumerate all the sum perfcrmaa by this midioine eoold occupy a volnme; the aooom pani In* have been ?looted by the d met lean Agent, from a mass of certificates and let e a which bt'e Uen reoeived by him- I Ntack, Ki eklaad Co. N. V., Sept. 5. 19411. M. A. F. HanmaoK?a>i: I write to inform you of theeffnot your Syron has had upon toy wl's She t aa bean nffltoted with the worst form ol conevniptint-for twnyriia, and had beeagivon on by two nlnfieiana when I taw vour adr. rtiw moil of Dr. Hen. I t ig'eCin pound ryrup cf Nsphllia Being favorably Itnpresaod yrlth it, I bought one bettle. wbioh bad no beuefioial as effeot that ebe I?r>cveie<l in tl e nee of it Wlen et c coinu-eooed taking it, be a at oontUed to her bod, lint u now enabled to b? enabled to be up aid atund o ber household duties and I feel confident tfcat theme it a lew ?nio bottles will en'irvly ouro ber. I would alao add. that my bruiser's otild had been afllirted with a bud eoue! from its earnest infancy. and 1 was induced to try the ?(T,ot if the Itaphiha 8yrup upon her. I did ao, and the un of half a bottle complote'y cured ber. Ton ate at liberty to uee thi j letter at your discretion. Kcapsotluly. joun q. pkskt. tad the follow inr, from one of the flrit Phyiieiana in the eooa. try. The Ave t basrecemd toe toltuwing letter fiotn Dr T. B. Mum, eo well known u the lead ng pliy ? c an of Nea- Orleans: ? Nrw Oiu.gAvi fob. 7. l?4H. Ha. m. a. p. Farruok?la ansaer to youra of the dd'h iaausry, I inform you that o? tug t? thu high reputation i t Dr. Qastinge, 1 was induced te try bis Naphtha Syrup (of whion yen are tl e sgent) in aevtral casta of pulmonary consumption, and was ouch svrpriico at the reeuit. 1" eeery oase after tahi 'g the first bottle the pstleit fell grestly relieved, aud tbe tubercles stopped firming, end th"si alrvsdy formed began ts beremovxL Every oaes 1 bat e noai ni-drr treuiteent I oonsidvr in a fair way to ra cover lb baito, yours, h'<7 lHt* J. B. MASON, m. D. Priuoipa' tfliue 142 Greenwich atrect corner ol inbjrty, New Tork blieu S1 per bottle? 0 bottler for $5, CANCHALAHUA TRIUMPHANT! fKUM THE OFAEEENHVRti COMPANY. NEW lOHK Feb.. -I. hit -<fy Hear Sir?fiease tend me a bottle or mo of Canchalsgiis My wife bar bees an invalid for <cais,and bse had the vcy l>eit medical treatment, hul to ao avail. A fortnight ego last Surd*y. I told her thai she had best try the Canch&lagta she dui.and has teen improving rapidly ev< 81u>iay? it le the Cgnchalsaiia that has d-no it, and noituag else. faakir tboush I be. In pa ant mvdioinai, ahs will eve ym onei fy our very beitoi rilfieat s Her disease was chronic mihitte. Truly Toon, FA.Usv.KSQ. J. T. WARMULL. letter from Ttiomao Shaw, of our olden mtre/iofi'j cwgagrd in the trade with thr Western Coaot of America, well ktiowa iti the United States, frees hie connection with the American Baytiet Mieronarg Union. Bostois, April IT, 1848. Dr*n Sir- Ton inft>rm me that yon hove prepared an eitraet from a well known medical plant growing In California, called Cnnohvlagna and request me to staia wkal I know in relation to ite pro|wiiJ*K Having been engaged la commercial irinaactieri, and spent many yesre on the coast ?r California, it may be preiumod that I baa t?(on e eon ewhat acquainted with the plant in iiueilion, and 1 bad known s< methii.g of ite superior merit*. I cm roe- that 1 have not given It that attention that many others have, yet, rotwithstsi.ilirg. I n sy v-ntureto hatard an op:ni?i.. As to its effects, from pc rsov al nperenee. having nsver mads use ol it; yei from wrn. es nr it* ioot? on others, and imwing the high eviimatieo in which it le heir h> W e people of Califoruia, and alee by many u.div duria of ibis country, I hesitated not to any, that in my opinion it isoneof the most valuable and oe'tain specifics for Intermittent lev rsrit bronsht bnf tw the puulio. anmsat?aie it stands cii-iralle<l; also as a purifier of tha blood it may claim pre iit tin ton. Id (h aageof iiogtruma?nd apeoifl.afer the truro of all dleoaaei. it would arena Ot doubtful exped ency to bring any new p-ep?-atknbelme the community. but io the Extractor Cauohalagua there can he no riek, am, once brought into u>o. no family would otrMBM to he wl lout it That ton may moot the a eiur.geiieet wlinh the introducti' n ol thii hghly bcneSc<ai prapir.toa d?serrce. in the iti ocro with of yuur obedient tervaut. tuhlJ At THOMAS RQAff. dlCit-Dk HL MIR WILL FORFEIT ANT SUM, IN Jp ej\ " trilirg to cure at y cm of arc ret diaeoae t h?t tony ootno under oa.u, no mutter how loyg eiandttig ><r affl oling Pa tioLtn rr? inritud <o tit Unp< t.ttrjt. No 3 O.V-tm afreet. aa thomei dr tt'o eirod yearly, hi hie prvt cnl rtporieiic a*id groat MBedice. Mrangcte aid otbortwhe nave b 'ea unfortunate ia tho retention of a ph)t'ciac, arc uoltoitod to call on the d-otor. Bit hod Droy acta liie niaxic In diicaaoa of thleole-a. Head and rtfltot Tlie afflicted wou d do well to reflect bof t? truatit.g their health, liapp.tieee ard, in many caaca, their Uvea, in tho hanJl of pbyrtetene igi oriu.t ot at la < lane of tualadiea 11 la certa nly tea|<iea Me ! r olo mau t' li deri-tuud ail the ilia the human family ore rnhjtcltn. Ivery reaper table ph.eictao I aa ha ptrtioular hrai.rf it which he it morn lucoentful they hta brother profaeena, and there'ore to tk?t h< devotee mot* o' > ? tttno atd atndr Ir But terie kt.onj, to bo themoel aoiceoafiilpkootlUoncr In the! Jolted Pta'oo. in n orcnrial aid renrronl diaeanea. SI per rial, with di routione ti d amido-wl hunk (ratio Kemooaher thia ia tha only ydere where He greet remed ,Tr Hun'or Med Drop eon he hod it ir now kt own all nrnr tMo eon rtry ao tho oa'y thing that will yeolly cure. Philadeiphie .84 North Seventh atlnet apt It* Midical offh e.-dr jodnson, is duankstkcct near Chatham atrect. i wull known aa the moat lUvoe.e ill praet|;ionci in Nen Tatk. in the ir-otm-t t if venereal diaoMee. The Dootni'r reputatioi, fxrabbl In thoaoold half ouroil eaete that bore ena? d for yeare ia prt eminent GI?ot. atri turn, nlcert opon the body or in the tl rout or aoao, point to the head and tot ea if toe lege, elfe.ttiall cored Conatltu'iotial weakreea, hrotight on ty a georci habit <udt Ued in by young men, otuetng Jewivl. ue drear a and nightly e-niae ona p aitlraly prevented. Kocent ooaee cored In four urn a, without inerottry. No alteration in diet nrptevotition from buaitterg. apt It' IMPORTANT MEDICAL WURR. 1)R RALPHS PRACTICAL PRIVATE TREATI8E. /\N lb.* d teraoa ot tho UeMtol Clriona adapted to the ore of it d viiloil, of to I, ? aea. 6th edition 312 pn Pr?o?$l m.a\ ti i o i'l' sllkh ers. 40 ann struct. , cot tea reoy Io bar ,,f i?a author, bM tire nwich afoot, OlS e" 1 Il'? of pnotaga, by eddre.aiug Bog fr#S Lowgf Pool _ . , _ CONTENTS. V.Vt ri .'w.w' "lnp" tyutptonn program and einee ^..'a arrt rn r? ,1 7k' ? (Ji' 1M "tneoi.a .h 3 !*? IWM inoiit ord ovrr, in the ocuie rti? m the chronic outdo, ine'.aataueoue or piaecnt'eo n>i meat; eh. A Ob ita aovi leetal nr <ert? aym|toma tlulr ,r.raotlon a. d e. r"l Jo thinorrhrre n t.-o tyeo, end 'lonorri mal ahenmotiaia ouro, oh. 6 On Oil.oir! o 0 in Feoio eo, ito natnte Pnculiaritioa mr< AJ vice, which, it generally known aooaeuo 0? w,.ati'pdt oo tad to the d.M'OAe a1 tt.gether; ch. 7, Oa Oloet in notore and corela it |pfe-ti' tie? ch M On certain cemplvinta r lomhuot a not I rhma, in eoaic re,pct U end often mte aaeu ft,r |i i,nt t,,aaJt? d a ! aitief at d inn cci.t at d to wtljh all are liat-la ch 'i (it le. I Whl^i 6? Ftns1s.WAafci.Bs. .? , ? - ? n?nir?, ' OllMMQtTlOtl, ai.d cuic: ch 1W. Oi. St riot we. itn u* ura aid oiumm, oftnaaqueue* rrtredlen, and mnd? ofrn-j cb. II. On Ma?tnrb*it?n,f?? elf pclltiHen; eb. IS. I< eoRBr<|U?i>oee. oh. 1.1 the only t>n? cure, h. 14. Oo Syphilis. Its dis lr,r>nhin* warhe la'urs pro gmi *"d corn, que boa, eh. lb. Its rtt-.dlea; eh Ih On the use sndstbuse of mercery; oh 17. "n 'us l?ner?l pr nnplei of euro with ? o wipetlten of the mrreorlO Ou? nob mnrcims nlnn>; oh. If. lib the trcntment nod cur* of Ohnooro the u e tml .bust of etas'ic, eh In. On tho ocotstoi nl symp omt u hobo. Hi, pre vtnti k m.d curs; ob. SO. On Sore-throot, it* tr.wtai'nt nn4 cure uh 2'. Or Bln'O staid f ru.itioi.s t n thn Skin curs; sh. 71 Or Syphilis In t'o W< so st d Botes euro eh 2.1 On Homii'lal d ktk ; eh, 24. On the effects rvsoorioi di<ui.i?i on p. swritp. "Knot pr. petit cured, it may I t so donnni t !n ih- VM'ltshu, as to kl ov iteslflp vo otter ?'*" t' an n I s m e*r?M? or at 0 eff-ctr oi, t-'ster IP, ff dors bet destroy he 'triO'ita f.onlry altopi tier." lit eradication. f tht p I on fr'in he srse-n.the rrealreit of 8 p ills iu I if* t?; clt. 21 Ui est Bin donatio which neem!'? re ereal and s mitlmrt npp- ?r to arise in ths until lost which are but, and ret, nohe tresied as such, wtU-i t.t tin greatest diesdesi tare endtoeholi also all are ha We. The an bora ho*r> for ct,i.uliat:#n ar. !> to It, A. M ; * tn 9. r.m Oi ri ?) i-?cepte4i: so (jro releb ntreet. eptli* MdO/Mk SIlAlLS' VKM'S rihU-TdkSa kX rKAOSOlt<Mry riliw Will *? ? fou. d t?, ?o.,t*in B cart no and ?*fe nrio Titer of tl itDptiiftfi fuuotio.a ??f life Th-lc lull-Annua on the J.iiroar t)fi tm ic direu-ad t>, tha r*raor?l of oh?w? r.iTo tlons ehnhart ifoaenedby disorders ot hi yennr-tiee oryass. Wkntheteetsftn IctaUr v.,u?e,j, th?, a e r.p oiali* lutended f,r those tset In which the pow.., ?t ,h? 'ratne hore, hy tindne nr l n- atursl extitttneut, It,at. the ,r 41a ni tub nets of life. They hare name-, In Pari** well m rind ? ltbrit.y for the ftltanii a sad tn.tiar n. fluent* t >>aasr n. I.. ?. oe-anra ornani ?t both Braes. All man- ol yensral a cllty her ,u? Irrittbi ity end ssottnwtnt. lndiseetto<. tn*.*uohniy. depn., ?? ?? t,? %[ pir'ltl Mr ??' ?|'!nte ea'iin titiu i f the pt.crU,uTe p .worn, ytoid' as If by fnsplt tn tbe Is flue nt* of th?.? p lis Tr.ey nrs put op in Sflssll fl<*t boxes at d can he s- nt by let or to say part ot the (Jutted flhafee, or Car adae. Pn eO eDdiarptrboa t?a.s>il>?>i'swe si?> " o poiitrd irci X H? Br??d?ay oo.nrr ?' Jnfc* mm i?i uJ.JS ?*? ownt-l of <,1i*rokrra >??>.: 41* fl. .,*,1-...y, Mrnaraf 9n?-4 IV Boy cry con ?t < ? wmicor ?tre?t, aij Or?nd trout ?,.r aroff II.O IUl .n.1 at,, IT-.* 8n..1-?i?: 9j Mm t* tren,< ?in?r of U u. id. opt it* BOGLE'S HYPERION FLUID, I 18 mew owMwl by thooo rrhomxlt. >ho?OB? article ferthahaki ] ertxtartBted^ndUiadlBrtoaebleM the Mwe toilet. It entire. I iy ?leer a Ua akin of ecerf end daadraff aad by it* toaie ul ill I mnletn* qaalitk*. CMMM bOhlty eotiek IB *0 bleed-Toeeeik Mm, he., which bad the half, thereby proronum baldnem ul ""^AUTHORITATIVE EVIDENCE. Feow Da. wimuiw Lawn, owa or thi mo?t Emiwarr PMTmciAwa or Bonan BoaToa, Feb. U, 1847. Ma. Wm. Boci.b-Sir Tlx preparation In Tea tad by 70a far tha hair, bee been taiemeely uard ia my family (or aoiaa time, and bay dm it Wa daaided prufercLoa orar ail other ooapeetUena of the kind. It iaviaaiataa aad beaatiflaa tha hair aad olaan tha aki. of all imparluca, withoat prodacir( any ultimate deteteriotu eCeo'a, r wpaaiy h*qu*"7 u* w**at 07 * >' known patented Baala, bM. UMMMRhiy toaud. aad IU reputation fa'rty eeu bib had, aa tha boat article known lor the haman hair, it may be eapetflaeoa, etill I aaanot real at tha opportunity to add to otheta, tha name ol your obedient Barrent, WINBLOW LEWIS. Jr. For mm wkoMMM Ml rotail by Mi>vi A. 4. It L). Handa. ion Fulton otre?t, eon or of William: Roth ton. (Mark It Co.. 110 and ITS Broadway. To bo obtained of tha proprietor and menu Intattr. Wm. Bogle, XT7 WeRi'ngton etreel Beaton; aad of the principal Druggiota and fferfumere la the United Statee and Canada. mhiO I3l? ALL WHO DE8IRE HEALTH, HEAD! MORRISON'S RXTRACT OF BARBAPAHILLA. " Medioiae, at, la aa ncoewary to health, particularly where tha blood la diaordtred. aa feed la required toenpport the animal funotioaa"?a ana t btmt. MOBHIBON'S BAKHAPARILLA-Thlaleaoarw article, nor la it pteaonted to the pablie with a nctay aaaoaaeeaant or flouriah of trumpeta la hia ooaraa of tualneaa la til Drag and Medloina Line, now eater dh g on i n period of forty ytnrela New Tork, he haa prepared th e Xktaaut or SAaaarAaiu.A, boa n formula, anoh naed ai>d admired by our OLD 8TANDARD PHV81C1ANS. B; then It la highly raaon.mondrd to the public, la nil eomplainte aad eorruptive dlaanaae of tha Blood byapepaia, Want of Appetltn Affection ot tha Moor. Mental Depieaatoaa, arofula. Over Uaa of Maronry, Ulcere and Camera, Benerel Dianrrnngemeat of tbo Svetom, Coneiunptioa, Wanknaaa of the Bony, falna in the Kidney A Fnlpitatlin ot the Heart, Mnurneae Ot the Stomach, and Chrenio Dieeaera. and all Complain ta. TO FMMALM8, It cannot bo held la high enough ai'imaiion. A trial of an nrtiele la hotter than anr argument end thle la all that la repaired la the naa of MORRISON'S EXTRACT OF BARSAPARHLA. to prove to the public th11 hla la a genuine auooiHo, for wnat aa fLumeretea, made Irom pure Braail ianaparllla, at a prlee where economy la combined equally with health. Tha bottlce are of the largeat r*ie, aold at only BRFRNTF* FIVE CENTS BACH, OR TOUR DOLLARS P1R 11A LIDOZKN. Remeinher iha well known old eaUbliahment, when It la prepared and acid. JOHN C. MORRISON, Apothecary aad Druggist, lei fireenwioh ?tr-ot, mhlS-13t* North River Side, New Tork. ORBAT SPRINO MBDIPINA r. 1V'u iTTmrr no muniMi i/nn A C ALIFO It KI AN rUANT Ol rare medicinal nrtnei. PUBLICLY ADMITTED BY BR. TOWNBEND, MANl'FAC>unt ?f " Townaciid'a 8a r> spirilla," To be " Far better than Saraaparilla," a certain frbtkntivk and cork for CONSUMPTION, Coughs, Celda, Influenza. Aathma. Bronohltts, Borofbln, Gout, RheuexatDin, Neumlgin Erysipelas Lumbago Panlyds I'ltnrlay, Jaundice, Dyioepcie, Coetivaneaa. Pyaenbry, Drepay. Liver Coin tlain la Piles, Biiioui Complaints, Nerrooa Affections, Cutaneoiu lieordere, FEVER AND AGUE Fever* In general. Bemorral agon. Fluzea Obstruction!, Inereaaed Dmelergt a, Depraved and Defective Appetite*, Indigestion, and all dlseaaca originating In COHSTIPATIOV OF THE HOW EL*. OR IMPURITY OF THE ULOUD, or wHeh tend to enervate the ayatam. It give* tone and rigor to the Ditoetive Organs and la remarrkab e for Ite Animating, Btrenctlieniiig, atd Restorative Powers. Taken in tha apring or fall of the year, it ia invaluable aaa Family Medicine, in preparing the ay stem to tuatain tho atianaer of our climate, aa no mineral substance wI aievcr rntera into the eompoeilion of at ia medicine, it nay be offered to the meat delicate teniae, or young eat child, without arprehenaion An Immense number of pcracua have uaad the aelebrated Oan etalsgna cf t alihrnia, aiuce it# very recent iatroduotion Into tbia euiintry by Mr Gay: and they all eoncur In elating that one of Ita moat aatotiiafiii $ properties ia ite immediate and arrso to ai. aotnal upon the blood. A flrcer and more rapid circulation i* a t one* produced, and the allghleat around will readily prove bow liquid and pure the blood at onoe beeomea It* motion ia fblt throughevery vein of the bod>,wlth moat invigorating power; it fa nut like bleeding, which roKavee the ayatam by conveying from It onlr the purer and more limpid blood, and leavae lta tagnant and vitiated ptrtielee behind ; nor like transfusion ant injection, whiek add to it a fluiuity at the expeme ot itao iaiity: lut it rieatea, aa it acre, anew aid hen, thy blood, and im parte new lile and aiton to every part of the body. So long aa the blcod la pure and healthy, no infnotion, however malignant, earn take deep bold of tho ayatam, and the 8PA8MODIC CHOLERA may, through ite nae, be deprived of It*malignant oharaeter. The tei ror of fever and agne, in ercaaliig the lathmua ot Panama aid at tta GOLD REGION S net da ne longer to exist, for a eingte bottle ef tho Canohalaraa will break up and eradicate thie dreaded dleeaae. even it of loog etanding. A atngle bottle of the same will he found to contain one thinu more doaea than a quart bottle of Seraapariila, whilst from ita oondenied form, the freight en the same will not be one fourth aa nneh; besides this, it oontatni ne ryrup or ingredient likely to ferment and sour in warm oil ma tea tAHUnALAUU 1%, VS. 3AH9 ll'AKI LL.A. Tub annexed letter, fboh an eminent law> or, la mads public by the proprietor or Gay's Csuohalagua, as juet tribute to tba extraordinary virtues of Ihia California plant:? NoRTHtHPTO*, February 7, IS40L Dxan Sib,?1 hare long wished to aaa you, that I might give you an aceuiatc account of tbe remaraaO'e cure of my oaly daughter, of a violent oaaa of scrofula, rhe la now almoat three years of age In February laat. puirld acres upon ihe lipa. face, and glands, made their appearance, and increased with fearful rapidity ; one of ber e< es became so badly ulcerated, that toa'l appearaico it oeuld never again bo restored. Tola continued tor six weiki, tbe ihild being a most horrible tight, and the hearts of ber parents almost broker. I'urlog tbe whole of tins piriod we used tiatvapariila in large quanti'les, but the disease was net arr-sted in the ha t Wl.Ho too ai rise was still at ita height, I happened one day tocsllat the store of your vert cent'emenlr agent in this rlaie. nrd relating thu manner in which ear ohild was all) oted. t adtired bo to n ake a trial of your Canchntagua. I took but or * bottle, having no confidence in It, but commenced giving It accotding toym directions, stopping a<l other mad cities at once, and in Just tire days the swelling visibly d<creas-d, tba uleer began to haal, and she improved rapidly for iliree weeks, and to our very great joy w?? apparently cured ? less than two bottles having been used. Naming tkia caastosoiant our iueredoloua friends they seamed to think <h? cure most in part have been iffectcdby the use of the SsreapntlTa and it au not easi.ii ,d?r tlie ciTcumatauoea, t? argue against that opinion: but now tar the proof. It EM tlie ohild app-ared to b? perfectly cured, we tiopp d Sivipg ber }tur extract, supposing all was safe: but id tweniy-tiva aya the tsms erupt nee. running at the eve. and aweliine haswn | to return. We w.ited fire daya to tee if it would amount to anytliii georiooa. It Increased r<piilly aa before. ?i a;iia cot n ucced gnii g ber jour medti iue. end ia flee daya, itlie eame pi ri d of lime aalefore ) ate bee on 10 grow better: and m about tao trteka waa well again We con tin od givi<g the extrtot f?r three or four weike lungi-r, end then (topped Ita mc entirely. Yu.m that day to thia tlieohihl haa been pi-rfrcaly ? rll. nn l la bow aa floe a pioiure of health aa waa eier toea, not a j*ar or pit remit)* to marhar beauty. fattier, laaao lloilg-a, of North Adau a. Vaaa.a phyaioian came to He ui. Willi the ta'etfioaof preferr ing for her hut aa we Were uairg yonr medicine witte aueceai ar.d me ohl i mproving rapidlj, he did not condemn it, but left hia oan prescription to bo uaed 10 raae } our e xttnot failed. Itia needle** to add that WW L?i no cc.iaaion f. it. and I am auro bo will now reoimmrrd jour mediolno in etmilar caoaa Aa ior mjreif. 1 a?k of every one who boa aay afll'ctian of tuia ad to make a trial of your invaluable Caaohalagua, atd 1 am oartaia tbej will ba rewarded ia. fold. HORACE J. nODflES. ToFfiKi antrK A.Cav, Fwj, proprietor of Gay's Cauc .alagut, St> Bioadway, New 1 i rk. 1r< m ft. II. W I081.0W, Esq , banker, A2 If all (treat, N?w Yoke, Sept 11, 184& To Frederick A. Gey, laq. : Uy tear fir?1 cheeifally ocmply with yonr reqnnet la an. knew lodging with othere, the benefit whloh I have derived from tin) uar of jeur bit tract cf oanonaiagua or California Plaat lea efie cue:pen my iy?tem ore evide .t end gratifying, end bave if dcted me to r ccmruend iu una to my friend , end 1 an pleaaed to aaiure you. toat iu no instance have 1 b en aiaappointid ia ita tflictcv I do cot husitate, in my cnr.fidance in iteremtrkablo medicinal qualities, to a ati' that 1 lelieve it will be fiuno to be an e*oelieat reme dj In moat euaaof di*eas*a of the liver and hdir ja, in pulmonary Hfltoucna. ai d ago in the pun neat ion of the blood, (ia. H at jourme-it In the inteodui tu u ot thia lnvaluatla plant mat leaptie o uted, iit'ic sincere wish of Yours, ai no* rely. B. H. WINSLOW. [from the Sunday Timer,J Gav'a CArecHAi.aov*.- It Mexico l ad never produced any thit g mere valua*U thai, the p'ant from whieri thee preparation irtrvda we ahcald no< be inclined to d<spiae it, for we ir satisfled that fiaj'e UaNobelarna ( one e< the mo t valuable medimnee winch haa teen added to the pbtrmwopceta wi bin the preaeet century W* neeac what Wu aay - f. r ttu t (foots have been tested in di r our i wn eje, wth th? moat anrpnaingaud beneficial remite, In a rasa of cor firmed Vronchitle. IigfOT? lib Bioadway; wholeaa'e agents, Fashion, Clark It Co.. A. B. k U Sat da J k W Tenfold Ik Co? Uuvilnnd, * Co. Fold at retail by tho landing apothecaries in Broadway, and ihrouphout the oity. mIS MEDICAL NOTICK. AND IIT1ZCN8 efflieted with eny form or re ij itety of syphilitic, mereurtrl or other dleeere. or who hove Wen tnl} tell cored by miioKa, bod better esrelully peruee the fvl owing letter:? Dr.-Joojer-Sir: I.e*t July I eet traded e certele prirete di| fete end iisirrdiete y applied to e doctor. who promised to aura n.e ti? e week. I eootinred wi*h him two moethe hut ?u rrodii. rIly pelting worn I trie J one alter mother-all the advertiwud doelere?end each one ptomtH.d pc>iu\<ly to oore me. I et ei (ib ditcorered ttr oljertof there Dies wee miner, end thet ht T *1re not doet re I oot elu ted to no into the hoepltel where ihed<4'tort hrptm- under e oonre# ot me'oorr for emht wee** rry tt.roet ard i nee wore o oeroted, peire in ell myjoiete end my bedy cowered with ulcere I win e comple'e ah 'et n. the dnetori foneiceied itdrBfteronn at (Wt me. any mere m-dictne. end rd rteed e8<uthein elimato I lift the hoepitel, end by edetoe of r< vr re) fnrnde, pieced n; telf under your oare or the hr.t ofieno* fry let'. I em ? well red ret r>d ?? |>erleet heilth. I with hie puMIrl t<L THOMAS OKEKN, cerpeuttrendJoitor, Merlero, hew Ytrb. t- O'.t rcrerwetmnte to ewre ee??T eeee. no metter how lone i tont inr <t Gleet, Arriettire. end Sen.inel W'erhnret. end mild i eiee of ptlvete u e'rdirt cured in ?H honiw, without interfering wi'h the patient'* hrbite. Dr. C'oeiper'e Ofhoe. 14 Dueneetrect, two doort frt m Chetheai etreet. split* 800,000 BOTTLES* wrrrnr op DR. DKWITT C. KKLLINOF.R'S LINIMKNT Bete hern told without el Ml) UN UN IT 18 WAUAMTID IN ALL CASKS TO IRADICATI * leu tf every nature. end hrel tllmenier of eere* end brw'.eue. L' 11 l'U borllM, l? m i Id. fragrsut *nd Agrtuftbto. Tm c! ri>W'V b* Uk?B. wucmn it ten tins* -ot?..c.ullpto#Tof u"UV:TlhL Al*pU1' w< ?'In i ?**?. .^Vfh '^'T" ln to 1*7 d.wa all H'l. *. II. On.., *11 11% k p'r,1 "f "i hll"1? "f ? ' f Mr. ? ,1 ihiq L. k otrtr fl v i.Hnn- Boh"t B. Morris .in, att<*. w. hare ou, InlMcL,*' 'i?" * '?? *. I" eoZ Jan.**}* km , ?diow? n" H?m.IW)o?. n ?rl,. in*, kr. a 0 Uahit ntna t^h. JV !w ?trillordt 8eh?r r,a many other enter pnon.oalt t ? '?' *"> ?? U o rlda brnao .t. m<ix we harr Bin m Woodrufl William V ,** ^ h?f???en. tb.rr, it. Cnrbiim. D. Riyant, Wa B?v. Kt it, bCVA* * il.aid I. Raid, ban.', la*,,*, ? ?. u hpYrkVw,?^?V' Bj-lf anymrtlar proof were aeoaaeary we win .no th" u U owd by ?y. ry p lot |*l i?r line, Uie f'arlam road and rn'au oil <f Urye o< mpwi) n?. the Burt Head, tod Wy til the dti o ml livery ami eioharya rtabl t ihroiwunat uonly ttd, ?? T tally to be had alwayraenrioe or - INGBRfiLl nniOrHi'n M hnleaaio DrnrrtrU, son Pttrl atfref or of tho p otriraor who ran baaaea at the central depot. Tntteraallr 14-i Rmadwv at tvl hnora in <ha day. It oau tlto b? had tt 7. M Qinnthye fanny atora Slllk Broadway: at the Btrlatn Railroad offlrna. ?f dmrri. I. ! >, r. Hayr ll Co, 273 Paarl tt aad moat of the wholiwate and. d.eia ami drnailaia. fyoth r wl h many wh..|enUo and retail aroennthronpnont tba eltj and ca?rt-? generally?at SO mate; ?4 pardtaaa; tdtvraroaa: bar wat ttf pargroaa. .Mam ?to* ear bo had in al parte of tb. world by adraoaina aea third "?h latiarataatha paid. Bhir ist H5()() CHaLLBROl - cALlBICd PalNOfl rlLlAXunwY -*'?''***1-"'"1** ran edy for ala?ara of a p.lvata sr., !.?'t, anra without aba raatr okaa af berty.t ' boaiaaaa riloc.fl pat boa. Ml IB U SANDS' SA It SAP ARIL LA, IN QUART Born,RS, i for fvriftino the bi.ooi>, and for the cere of wtarvki, mbboweiaj. raiiiin, bhbvmat1m>, (wt???ull| bh option* Btvbbobb uwmfc ijvbb oONPUunr. ' BTaPBPSIA. ?i.o?u(itb, BA1.T BHBW, BOMtUMPTIon, VBVKB kku, FBBA1.B com pi. A f i*TO, BHIIiriUI. I-Oit or ArrBTITB. p xri.n ob>b *l Duiurr. to. ri'UE nurwi iun nave apei t muen time In bringing tun . 1 nepuitin ol SoreeparilU to ili| eaei.t xtate of purhHion; Iti uw i xperiroco *f feurieeo jtut hu fttittM them the meet ample oppartuDl'y to xwdy, in their varf.u, for. x thedix-oeM for whien it ix rtcemmended. e?d te adapt it "Xaetlv to th ur iolief end oure Patlentawhe ?Uh really (nod Medie!. e ore invited to glre it o trial, end eotiafy themoelrue #f itexuperiotity, end the ? invaluable property W poeeeeeex >4 x tract'ng on a curio* dixeexe. t Tlo k> ttle bxx keen onioned u hold on' (hurt, ond in ita praoent r improved form m'J xefcly otelm to to tbo W ond oboopuot modi- ii oino of (be mo. Itopceoreoe to tbo tone it boo otioined may bo traced by o (org lin* of Ixo'xend ooc-o that olond oe londmorko , ond beooots for tiie inrolid. poioti-o tbo troy to tbo boreu of j beoltb, sod wbot it hoe already dene for tbo th coode who hire uxed it. it iooopobio of dolux for tbo milllooe (till eofled g nod ] xtroggling erltb diorooe It part toe. oleonoet nod otrenxtboao tbo fountoio xprlngx of lifb, ond tnfuMO now rigor throughout tbo whole tulool borne DYSPEPSIA CURED. Ibe feilowlng testimonial, frt m o gent ewtoo oo well knows M ' Mr. Cox, resume oo oommeot, M it ttoommendi ltoolf to oil , New Tomb, Dooombor 18. 1848. J Mcewx A. B. ft D. Be nre:-Gentlemen? Baring exportouoed , the meet beneficial tfi.-ctx from the noe of year doreopartila, It i glvea me pleemre to odd my tcxumoi y to toe owmernax opootoneoux efluxiinx of grotoful hearts which ) on oootiouolly on ro oeiving. My twee wot dyxpeptto, or ntber I moy term it, o weoknoor of . the dftcotite oraxee. for more tiioo o yeor. I wox troubled with i wind upon my xton och ond ite freqwooteruomdon, together with producing o xpodmodio uen tract tun of the heirt, often gtre mo much anaoyOBce. After trying vxriuno re mediae witboat oroll, or d tbeee, too, preerribed be one of onr moot eminent pfiyiiotxnx, I ooumenced with yotxr aorxninrillo. Before I had nxed half a bot'le, olmoot trery lymptom of tbtodioogreeable oomp'.xint had o roclxtod and in a few weekx lto oootinaeauoo effected o eomp'orn a onr?. 1 therefore oonfideutfy reo mmead it to all perxonxaffa ited r in the xxtne manner, and hare reoaon to believe that many wbo b ore xuBerina under a xtippoood dimaaa i f the heart, if they would take your Barxnparilla, in n few woekx would And tbomtolro* rex to ted to healtb In both mind and body. 1 remain youre. vary truly, JOHN V. VOX, 98 Lni0|i?n trem ^ SAND'S SARSAPARILLA IN PRUSSIA. [ The proprietor! of tkix valuable medioine borejiui reoolved on I order from our eatemed tr.end ond oorreaiwudent, Tboodoie 8. j. www/ vi Mgiuwu 9v uuuri ui rnwu, mr (iio am 01 v a member < 1 the Royal Faint]??a copy of wbloh wo hero with lay , before euaceaders.?H < m e J ournaL y " U. 8. Lkoatiow, Bxai.m. Not. 90, ltMR. " Oewti.bmbu?I wiah you to send two doien bottles o' your Barsaparilia, for the use or his royal highnets Prince Waldimlr, ot froesia, to tbia legation, aa aoou aa possible. It ia aooeaeary that he ebon'<1 receive It immediately, therefore, pleaae send it by first cteamer The bill oan be made out in the name of the prinoo and tent with it. Your obedient servant a "TUtO.S. FAT." d The following oertifieate from Ool.Samuel O.Taylor, a gentleman of high at ending and ex tea*! re aoquaiutauoe throughout the Bouitxrn Stems, and lately appointed consul to New Granada, *i 00 in mends itself to the attention of all,, _ _ N?w Yoan, Jan. 7,1848. 2 Maaare. A.B ID. BannsS ( baring u?ed and witnrsoed the effeoti of your . ecoellent per | station of MarmpaiiUaon different persons inrari * oua partd of the southern oountry, vis-:?Virginia Louisiana tl Teats and Mexico. 1 feel mnoh pleasure in atating the high opin- ,i ion entertained of its great medicinal value In my owa oaae it acted almost like aohaim, removing epeedily theenervatsd state .. of the eyetem, and exsitlng in the moat agreeable manner, n toaio .. and rating inUuetce. w Yiur Barm peril la ti highly approved and extenalvily used by ij the Unlu-d States Army in Mexico, and my ounsia, General Zechnry Taylor, has for the past five years been la the habit of using it. and recommends the same; he and myself adopted the article at the (sue time, aad it is new considered an almost indisprnshble requisite in the ermy. In oonclutiou I wou d say, that the better it it known the more hl.hly it will be prised, and 1 trust that its health restoring virtues will make itgensrally known throughout the length aad breadth of our widely oa tended tl! oountry. Yours very reeptctfully, v< 8. O TAYLOR, ?i United Stitos Consul to New Grenada. The following interesting esse ie presented, and tne reader Ai invited to its oareiul perusnT. Comment en snob evidenoe is on- to neoeaaiy:? New Yon a, April 18, 1847. Messrs.Banna:?Gentlemen?Having long been afilioted with I general debility, weakness, loss of appetite, ho., reoeiviag no bono ** fit in m the various remedies prescribed, l ooaduded aoout three n0 months alnee to make nee of yourPaTsaparllla. I now hare the ?< pleasure or informing you tknt its eleou have boon attended with the happiest remits in restoring my health, aua 1 am induoed to ?c add my testimony to the many others you already pomobs', and to ~ tl.i sc aesiiing forther information. 1 will portoualiy give the par u> tloulsrsof my ease, and the efleo eof this invaluable medicine, by oalliag at 2BA Bowery, New York. Yours reipeatiullv, JANfcT MoINTOSH. This oertiflei that Mlae Janet Mcintosh I* known to mo ea a member ef the Churoh, in good etandli g, and worthy of oonfidonoe. r J. B. 8PBUOER, " Pastor of Second Preobytertan Churoh, Brooklyn. y Prepared andaoid, wholesale and ret >il, by A. B (fc I). 8ANON, Druggists and Chemists, lbt) Fulton street.corner of William. New YorkT Bold also by Druggists generally throughout the United States and Canada* trice t per battle; aix bottle* f< r {V *1 Sold alee bt Aogney fc Dickson, Philadelphia; ''aobyfc Bart lett. Baltimore; K. & Patttriou, fPaaliln/ton; Banlsnd. Hvrral J* k Co., t harlcatoBj 81eklra> Co.. Bow Urbane 0. Dexter, Ai- j* ban): and r*. W. Fowl* BoeD-a. mhlSilt* SCIiKNCK'8 *1 PULMONIC SYRUP, " Tax ONLY MEDICINE WHICH HAS STOOD TUB TEST OF EXPERIMENT IN ALL CASES OF ULMONAHY D1?MaSB,-TUE ONLY MEDICINE OP THE KIND TUAT CONTAINS NO CALOMEL, OPIUM. OR ANY wTBEE DELETERIOUS drug.?TUB ON- Ii LY MEDICINE IUaT CaN tl DX USED WITH SAFETY ot AND ADVANTAGE BY dj CONSUMPTIVE PA- n TIENTS, AND fr OTHERS. ri BUFFERING UNDER TUaT CI AS8 OF DISEASES al GENERALLY THOUGHT INCURABLE ai by TUB MEDICAL faculty. tl Tho element* of which thi* By up ie i orapoand are e'mplo Berba B and Roota, tbe tnediolnal prnpertia* of which purify the blood. a strengthen the system, and girt a healthy ton* to tho Lung* and at Digestive Organs. Iiaoperation upon the.ayatem la mild. yetef- T floacii ua; it loosens tha phlegm, which oreeiea ao much difficulty ai when tight; It nliovaa the onugh; It as?i?t* nature to expel from hi the system *U dine*end matter, by tcpso "oration, wbioh if r* tained produce* Contnrap Ion; It ripen* the matter in an abeoeaa or tuhereU, and then cause*ita aapnlalen from th* ayatoui,at tha tame timi eaotblng the Irritated part*, healing the laceration. a-d producing a healthy aetioa; it ragutate* the bowel* without th* " aid of purx'itie* medicines; it allay* the most troublesome ooagh, n without Injuring th* eyetem a* other mediome* generally *o. ?I HISTORY OF SCBRNCK'S PULMONIC HTSUr.-la one Important parUcnUr. ti e modiolii* here offered preeenUatroeger J, oiaiint to (Ublie attention than any other preparauon p'ofeasing to have similar remedial Virtue*; iuaauiuob aa Joseph U Schenok, "! tho proprietor of this Syrup, was aotually restored *y It from tho I* last stage ot Coaaumpusa to eouod heslth. aa may be tees from ? tha following abridged history of hla cats. A more particular aoocunt of bia cute i* oontained in a publication ealled "A History ? and Dreoriptioa of tho Charaoter ai d Vaiioty af - onsuraption. ' wbioh if diairtbnted gratuitously Iron tho principal offices and jl agonoiosoi Mr. Sehenck, in almost every part of the oountry. Ftom the tsots bete stated and crtifled biyosd the possibility " ot oavi), it will teohaervos that there is nvthlng merely iheoretl oal or sp< cu'at ve in the ouratlve proper ties of tile Syrup No- _ thing ie taken for granted; tho proprietor offers ia advance of a *I masa ofevidetce, Els own oa?e, v-hlch is remark* de, but by at mean* wiruuut a peraiini in me nil wry er tnia medlolno; ror other b curee have been perform! d ty i- equally in priaing an ai wed ? uihent gated. It rn\y be r<mtried in ptutif hawurar. that the annate el medical acienoe do not laraieh a alugle inatacee r1 wbceeln pulmonary dlaeaae bad been allowed to prooeed ao far aa " in the'caae f Mr. oobetak. aed waa iben cured by medical treat- *j u-nt; ia tact, the moateminout wri'era amnag the renalir faculty , hare atated that eueh a reanlt ia imporaihle. By no medicine* i, whaterar. either regular or Irregular. cioept ScMBicx'e fvL ' momcSvri r I aaauoh an extreme cage l ean auuoeaafally treated. ?J The leadma herooalled oa te obaerre'hat the teitimoay offered *J by Mr. Solwnek In hit own oaao and in otbere. diffira m tonally ^ fn-ni the "cc tlDeatd ?>atem," in general aee among t'i? render* * ot patent medicinie. The p-reoi.a who aortif), aulaer!1* nnd ' te ttfy on oath to the tneritaof tlilg Tyrup, are r al pernor*, many 11 of * bean orcrpy high a cation, |octal and political, aa will eloariy appear frim an examlm tion of the pamphkt referred to above, and alto from what rollout. In tfe yiar 1NW. Mr. Behead*, than retfdlagIn Philadelphia, waa declared by aereral eminent phyaioiana, among thnm llr. 0( Peril:h, to te in one of the obavnat. etagee of fnlmenar/ Con w gumpton. The aymp'oma were appalling Inelndlng an laoamnnt ooogh, ralMng ot blood, rem rain in the bre -et, hrotlo ferar, m| i ignt aweate.and la fact all the Indication* of approxehingdeath. J] liiareoovery waa nnlmraally deemed impoaattile, when with a view to relieve the ti> tree dug eymptome, without presuming to ?l ii do ge In the hope of a oore, be oommenocd the neo af tint modi olio. IU bcnefl.ial iffecte wore immediately aeer. Too oxpeo tore tion be-ame oeploog an taoiedihle qua tity of yo'.tnw matwr mixed with c otted blood wag diaobareed from the laaga, after which hli conra'aacei a waa ripid, ad to the am mentor all m hit aeqnaintaacea, mo lading trr phyaioiana, In ahont lhr>* wtofca Ti hit hot lth wag yerfictly rretorod. fix ceo yoara bare pa>did away and there hae i een no return of the diwnao, nnd Mr. Pchonck ie now enabled to attend to kit active dntiai With aa'i rigor ti at any time in hie pr->vioua lift. For a mere pic- u, tionlaraoconnt of thli aetoaiet ing o-ire, ere dr.Sohonct'i pamph- a, let, p geH. where the leatimony of many oftho principal inhabl- w tantaot the neighboibood what be lived, iaoluding mninbnre of fu Org ene, Jndgee of the Ooert, ether gentlemen ia high < flloo, mimw-ie?f the her. pvy*ieixn* nerehan'e, no., Ao. ia adduced t e?Ub)i*h the whole train of facta, ao that not the loaet doubt oar remain la the mlvda of the moat akepiioai. The fane of this car*. wbiob waa almoet oateomed tuiraonlong, goon egtm ded to a greet dietaaea. and Mr Beheaek hariag bncotne poaaemt-r of the original reel pe. a? d highly Improved It la >? the mode of prepaiitior. had an many application* for tha medione, ti nt he w?* at laet obliged to devote hie whole time to the CI mat ufaoture It war found that reptarcd egpenmsuM. in every * variety of pu'n ouic diieaa*. confirm- d all the rxpeoialion* welch Pr theh<inp had raiMd.aail proved that lt? virtues were taereextomively applicable than had been antio piled A great varietr ofd'traarH at m* of them pronounced iuaiinhle by ti t meet eg p riei ced and iki/fiildootore jinlded to Uio gentle, )at p iworful, intlueiire of the Pulmonic Syrup It would require a volume to con'aio even a brief outline of th? onmTua rare* which here been effected by the medieiae. Tie following eiemg'ea are eaheied from ike pamphlet prepared eei by Mr. Schtnck for grntnltma eirciletion:? C< BRONCHITIS. * Mr*. Sarah Deaar, rnidieg at No \11 Race atxeot, Hqlndel j, phi*. about four yrat* ago - ga attached ny tka moat alatreaalug ayn.p one of bronchitie- pxin in the hreaat, trmibleiome cough, eo.e throat. Mo., and after the lep'?e of a y< ar the cteeaae aaiumad ^ a mint threaten Ing anil latnl eppeareuce She had anvare naioi _ la I rr a da and (limit h. her tl n>?i ?* In a dreadful oondiiion. ?" to n ra tint an* cr.o d eonrclj artionlito any libit Shi h d a ? M?h fever terry dap. noloot htadtona. oreopl?a ohilla, and pro * ??? night aeeata Aha waa tltt afflioteo with ti tal Innt o'appv J? *4'e cnaatvereaa,nnd aenerala.btliM. I'er phpmo an deapairol of ptiriig tier top p lief, at no hm-a or medtoinr w<<nld reman. ta 7. ItT i'iii ith St tint litTit tlit btftn tht n>t tf PUHKNOK'S PUI.CONIC CYll'i*. which immodintelp bribe theonu*h, aal tat Uie flrt' atilulr t hub fcrr aimpaeh toiilil retain atone tht conn n ctnivnt ot hrr Illntit. A natural at d healthp warmth wttitnined in the ca'romliloi wh>?h had lately become at oold " it itarb'e. tht erpMti.ration a at iron, an* toon otund n.tirrlj. Hat what aiirpr'ted every oat waa, that a!Mr tinny ttveral bnttlra of the Syrup, >? nlTrem* ndt aad f ront breheout In ahrat twenty ItrtoMlot bp the dlroharrt of w hich the ditttir vu tift'lltd hr m her intem. and tht wat toon ramrod to prrlort Ietllh, whioh the (at tinoe e> Joted wf-howt. Itfcrt option. tier core wtt permanent Mra Oratr wi nta top. tlficttr D.ty he tet natonr iffiooln hi adetplna llktwlte ham Act to m vtnl othrr 0' rot t ot lera ui'P'itiny thin htrvwn, whioh ili> hit known io ti ytrhrtred hp thii n>rnp She wl I inti fp _ all inqnitloa at hoi rcaidanoa ahnpanitn' ml. Thitoattothlolit M

t pn nliarlty e f tl.o *>r?p. In olenorlny me ipttom. aomatitnea hp j rtft rte a Ion, and aonetlnet by ernpteoa and otitaneowi dip ^ eltipM Tin Pii'biopIc Spun It prepared bp J. D. SCM.NCK, No. 9 I ^ Sowtii ftlttb timet, Philadelphia. ot fib A Null DPPOT8 Iw Kerr 1 o*k-RI'Ri ft Cl.l UM> 81 Barclay timet. el Hi trim- tlDlllhU ft (bl,tMltl ttntt ti RAi.r-iMonit- S t Still II, fun Biiildmyn hi N tw I'M tAtt- J. HHIuNTft <!??.. A' Chartr**tfret*. fo PRICI }l per bottle, ir IX hoitietf V. Wihl3 IJl* DR. JEFFkTks' AN l'lDOTK Of IITMI UK hi > ft. ITU A I' MKPAIATIOH OLD FOR U0N01- M pHim and othki disomdrri or tub L IIIUAL OROANt. <>F?(j pR|?rif|tr? j.ri vtd that il w\U radically cur* tap ?a*? rj|,w dtinrftMo rt-aalt la ab?*li?ad Io froai I wo ta tea ocy#; ?ud a a it t?itlcr orcatac run. a hi r rffddi lha pa lata. ??d ipmlfPft t>. Lno... ?. . ... . - ? - - n. ?ai amvi?%?on in <1 ?i or inatrruprtn t? ay tlmfe rln^ j!?' ^1' ' ifMtftft, th# nntMiiM la tW. uk >.i .^i , * ? oonm?l??it w Id ! ? prodiWlnt of* m rtti c h bik'A* ?p,,r ' r*' h<*? ?o?t fcr M 2 u, l._H KINO. h/THl" ** (i " ,<;niB8, 2 ?i<* bM?,?Juj.aJwtjr.?ta?d. ' ^ .^vnT- J" DR. TOWNSEND'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OP SAR9APARILL1, wohuii aho Lsmne or mi aq*. RE MOSTXXTBAOPD1N \JIT MBUtUM IN TBI VOKbD. rhii Ex met it put up in Quart Battler: it ii rut timet Cheaper, Pleatanler, and warranted euprriar It any raid It curet without vomiting, pne ging, xUkening or debilitating ike patient. rat treat beauty and laperiority ot thii Sareaparllla ever all other modieiae, la tbet m lie it er?dio>tee the totui, it la Igocataf Um body. It it ot e of the rerjr beet SPRING AND SUMMER MEDICINES Tor known; it not only purlftei the wholeeyttem and treagtbea* he petnon. bet it araatre d?* pnre ?nd aioh blood: a poeer p ? enatd by no other medtoioe. Aed in thit ilea the (rand eeorot ot to woadeifo) ruooa u It hat performed within tkr Uet flee ye ire 1UIT W Ml IWMW OUT* Ol levcre UTI "I Q'Mit: II lllll I v UW rere (omlderwi inourmble. It bM aavrd the litu of more Utu ,l!0iJ ohjldaeu duxL g tba two pant eea<?oa. 0,080 Casei of General Debility and fVant of Ntrvoui Entity. Dr Townaend'a Sire* invtgora'ea tb? whele ayitng pot neaently. To thoeu who have loot thrir muerutar nerny by tho ffeo'a ormrdloii e or indiaoretloB eomtsltted in youth or tho ex. waeive Indulgence ot the paeelooa, oed brougt trot gen*-<U phy leal rr< *'mti'>d ot the bottom ayateta. Ja?a>tude want of ambi lot}. fainting eenaatinna premature deoay end dwHiw, hae'enlrg oworde that fatal dteeaae,? on*umd< too. tan be eotl.ehr reatored >y thia pleaaajit rem edy. Thii Saraaparitla la far anpenor to any INVIGORATING CORDIAL, t it renew* asd iorigoratoa the lyitom. g'rea aotirtty to the tin bo, and atioagth to the muaoular oyalem, in a moat oxtraoraitary degrte. CONSUMPTION CURED. Claanae and Strengthen. Ccnatunp'lon oan bo eared. Bronhitia, Cosaumption, Liver Complaint, eolda, oattrrh, ocugha athma. aptttlngof blrod. aoreneae la the ohoat, heetie flush, n ght wrata difficult or profuse expaetoratlon, pain la the aid*, ao, are bees and aan be oured. SPITTINO BLOOD. New Yonx, April H, 1847. Dr. Townaend?I verily believt that poor raraeparilla has been be mean*,through Providence. of aavingmy I fa I have lor aero. al J tar* bad a bad cough. It became woree and worae. At laat raised lain* quantities of blood, had night sweat*, and wa* reatly debilitated and reduood, and did not expect to live. I are only naed yonr 8a?aparilla a ahort time; and there baa a ronderful change be n wrought in me. Iam now able *o walk II >ver tie city. 1 rente no blood, and my eoogb hat left ma fou tan well imag'uethat I am thankful for tboae reaulM. Your obedient aervant, WM. MUSBKLL. 60 Catharine street. pnrr is a urn ? nirp fLTLn Ail is Avur,. Dr. Townaend'a Seraaparllla U nne<|ualUd in otxi of th* ChUIo nd Ferer and Ague. The following Utter u only obi of hanredk that wo have reocired from tbo South and Wool of like haiaovtr. Oiwroo, Hloh.,Oet 11, IH7. Dt.Towrbbrd: Dear Sir?I purohaaod for my wile two betlea of Sana penile of your agent. Mr. MoNalr, or Kalemaaoo. to ry It for the Ferer ana Ague. Boforo I bed flolerwd the flret hollo, It appeared to warm tbo blood, and orery other day when to CbiNe and Ferer appeared, they wan leeo rialaat; and before to bad Hnlobad the bottle ti e wee entirely reliered. end oho wee inch better than ahe had been before aba tooh tha Ague A lady iat had been rery alck with tha Chill* and Ferer, but had broke lent with Quinine, and waa left In a rery weak and d'atrmalng ate, and troubled exceedingly with the Ague Oak* eeelng tha Teot that it had on my wife eh* e?nt and proonnd n few bottlea, nd It roatorod ber in n few woeke to oomp'et* heal ah. Tour trmparilla la, witbant donbt. unequalled in diaetaaa inn dent to ieWeat,andu you think that thiaomnmuaioation will bo of M, you art at liberty to nae It ea yon ohnoao. Tour*, rope* tfuliy, CUAM.ES H. 8WAIJT. RHEUMATISM. Tfcla la only oie of more then fonr thoumnd rnaaa of Rbonmn an that Dr. Townaond'a Seranperilla baa ourad. The moat ae ire and ohronio oaaeaare weekly eradicated by ita extraordinary nnea Jama* Camming*, Kaq., on* of th* aailataata In the Lonntlo i^lum, Rlaokwell'a Inland, ii th* gentloman apokan ot in tho Blaoxwbix'i Iai.anD.8opt. 14 1817. Dr. Towribrd: Doer Sir?I her* anffend terribly for a in* era with th* bbenmetlam; onnaiderabi* of the tirna I oonld it eat. eleop < r walk. 1 had tha utmntt d iat reaming pain*. and y limb* wart terribly awollen. 1 hare naed four bottle* of your .reaparilla and they hare doam ma more than one ttiouaaad illara worth of good. 1 an m muoh better?indeed, I am enrely reliered. Ton an at liberty to nae thie f t th* benefit of ? affiia ted. Youia, rrapeotfally. JAMBS CUMMINQB. FITS! FITS! FITS! Dr. Townaend, not baring taotad hla Bamparilla in oiaa* #f Ita. of oourae nerer recommendrd it. and wat anrprleed to retire tbo followirg from an intelligent and reapaetable farmer in featobeiter County:? Fount am, Auguet IS, 1847. IW TnwMivnn ! nagp ?H? I hano n littia alnl ? ??? It, who baa been aevenl jeara afflicted with Fl'i; wo tried ai* lOtt tvoitthing frr her. but without stiocaa,; at laat, al hough e could find no Roommeadation ia oar circular for oun like ere, we thought, ae ebe wee Id very delicate health, we wuuld ire her some of jour Same pert I la, aad an rerj glad we did, for i net only wstored bet etrength, but ehe hae had no return of le Fit*, to our great pleasure aad rurprisa. She ia fait becoming luud and hcartj, for which we feci graceful. Yeura, reapeorltallr. JU8N BUTL1R, Jr. FEMALE MEDICINE. Dr. Townrend*) Saraaparilla le a aovrnlga and apeedr oura for aoipeent Conaumption. Bartenoeea, Prolapeue Uteri or Fal I g of ia Womb, Ceatirancte, Pilot, LwuorrhoB, or Wtdiea,obatruoted t difficult Heaatruation, Iaoontinenoe of Uriae. or loreluntarj laoharge thereof, and for the general proa'ration of tne eyatem? a matter whether the result 01 ioberrnt oauaeor oauset, proa used r liragularitj, itinera, oraooident. Nothing oaa be mere aar ritiog than ita iorigorating effect a oa the haman frame. i'eraoua II weakaoaa aad* m taking tt at once beoome robuat id fall of energy, under l'ainflueaca. jtimmeaia cly oaineiute it nerveletaatae of the female frame whioh ia the great ot see of arrcnteae. It will tot bo exp. cud of ua. in oaaaa of ?o delicate natnie. to exhibit certidoatea of euree performed bat we oaa ae> ira the afflicted, that bundrtda of oaaaa haea beeo rapartod to aa. bouaanda of eaiea, whore familiea bare been without ohildren, iier ncnga few bottlee of thi* Invaluable medtoiae, have been baaed with Oae. healthy offspring. TO MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES. Thie Ix"Tact of Baieaparilla hae been eapronely prewired ia iferaree to feaele ocmplatnu. No female who hae raxes n to ippoae rho la appioaehtng that nrltieal pert, d, Tht turn of lifa." ion)d negleet to take it, aa it ii a oort tin prevamiva for any of i? numeraita and horrible diseases to which female* ara subject t tt.ia tinia of lita. Thia period may bo drlayed for aarrral tears, t nsimr this medieino. Nor ii it laaa valuable lor thaaa who ara pproeching womanhood, aaitla calculated to aaiiat nature, br nnkinine the blood at d lnviaoretiiig the etetem lodaad. thia ladielne (a invaluable for all the dalioata diaeaaea to whioh woman re aabjact. It tracca the whole ayatam. rarcwa permanently the natural to glee, by removing the lmpuritiee of the body, not eo Tar oti misting a* to produce subsequent relaxation which ia treoaaeof teat mean inea taken for female weaknaae and diaaaae. By aeiog few bottles of thia medlalne, many aorare and painful aurgioaj parationa may be prevented. IREAT BLESSING TO MOTHERS ft CHILDREN It la the safest and moataffactual madioira for purlfyiag the rya im and relieving the auffennaa attendant upon ehild-birth, ever iacoteied. It etrengthena both the mother and ehild, preventa kin and disease.iooieares aid enricnaa the food; these who hare wd it think it la Indispensable. It is highly useful outh before id after confinement, as it preventa diseases atieodaot up>n jl'dbirth?In Ciativeieaa Piles, Cramps, S e lisg of tns Peel eapobdeacy, Beaributn, Vomiting, Sain in the Back and Isilna. alae Paina Bemoirhaga. and In reguiatlng the aeererioat and inaliamg the circulation. It has no aqnvl. The great beamy ol .la medicine ia. ltlealwaja safe, aim the must delicate ma it lost aurof as fully; vary few eaasa require anv other medldoa. la imealiitlecaa oroit, or magnesia, ia useful. RxetcUa in the pen ale, and light food with thia medioiue, wl<l always enaam a ifa and easy confinement. NOTICE TO THF. LAllIM TliCM Uiftt Imitate Dr. Towteend'a Sareapertlle have InearthI) celled their atvff a great remedy for female* to, t&,u? i.aee >pied oar billa and circulars which relate to the complaint* .f omen, aerd for word?other mea who pot up medicine, ears, doo the (rent meceti of Dr. Townernd't .-tar. apart 11a iu eo.oainte Incident to femalei, reoommendod theire, although pre* u?l> they did aot A r umber of tLeae Militate*. p. lis, (to., are Joriiue to bcthlee, aa they aggravate ditoaee, aud undermine leooaatitatlea. SCROFULA CURED. 7hle oertifloata ooeelualvelv proven that thta Hart*peril la hat irfeot eontrol over the moet obatinat* direaaea of the blood, area persons eared la oaa boute ie unprecedented. THREE CHILDREN. Dr. Towrveawo? Dear Sir: I have the pleasant* Inform yea iat three of my children have been cured uf the aci..fula by the otyeureaoellentiredioine. Tbey weft afllloted Very aeeeraly 1th bed eoreai have taken only four bottles; it toon them away, r wluoh 1 feel at yea If under treat obligation. Your* respectfully. I8a AO W. GRAIN, 108 Woeator (treat. OPINIONS OF PHYSICIANS. Dr. Towutead l< almeat daily reooivlag order* horn Phyalelana different parts of the Union. Ti lt ia to certify, that we. the undersigned Phyaioiana of the ty of Albany, hava. In nutneroua onaea prescribed Or To ward's Snranpnrllln and b have it to be oaa of tea moat valuntl* operations in the market. R. P. PULI Nil, M.D. J. WU.80V M D K n. BtllOIS, M D. Ainaur, April 1,1817. P. f EI.MRte .XJitr, H D. CURIOUS CASE OF CONSUMPTION. The following oerHftcuU are elected from e large number re ivee thle wove. The Bret wee kindly forwarded to u. hy Or' ilnelL a rvalue table pbyeteiar, of. atoee vn pract oe at (lewego >? York. He write* that the dnrsepenll* bee p> tf rmed maty tee, aad the better it i* known M * nwr. It leapp eeiated. Hit tur oaa be teeu at the office, If any * i.h to m it. h aer Otwron, Den 10 1847. Dn Coi.wvt.r^Dvar Sir?Th.a i# to eertify thM L.-ve been sk e number of year* with the t onauoption. th.s n.<put miner 1 waseo low that my fr'e d? thoaaht I eould wot ?? it a err) aliort time, and by your aeve* thlntina t .er< vasynt hope left, 1 commenced taking Or. Towuarad Inn* peril*, hioti aoon gave me rel of. I grew beter feet won# tttii.g the ireepetllle, aad am new able to be about the houeaaed do tern* i rk. I owe my reoovtry, thin far. to th? ao-ve media i.e. and iheve that it eaved me from the green. If you chjoen you may tward thie statement to Dr. Tewoavnd Mat MAROARE P ARMSTRONG We. the uedernlgned, Me aoqaaiated with Mm Armstrong, aad tow the above u be true. .. .i. - . u Kli7ar?th ItiTDPimir, Euiiiitn Hiour, Mm Coon. WONDERFUL CURE. NKW TOIK, DM 14, 1847 Dm. Townamnn? Mr?Lmat Now Tear*' Dm* I ranaived ?a m leoont twu bottle* of jour Bmrempmnlla. Forlorn; y??r* piorioaa i thi* I wm* very ill, ana had mot ?'r??*th to b?miout the b?u? applied to phyaiclat* mad o. o'd obtain an re tof. mi d nt > BO I o-wiaeneod taking jour #ar?*i*rill*. I had mliooat d?lalrtd ol dotting *1,} Niter Th* blood la my voma fu Ike iter. 1 Mod *er> tnuoh at lha lunga I had aorere palna in m? itat, and heart, and naa troubled at tuata with aem?thia< r.aing i By throat aoihatltwaa imp aaible to peak. I diannvared a lank* for UO hotter, la my h. o* tabu I on* hntilo ot your ir>*r*rlila, and in two ?a?t? waa able to re up abnu< h >lr an >ur to a time, and p*rm*ered la t*ht>K your naraparill. In nr moaka I waa abl* to go about th* home, aa I hare boon orar no* remarkably at ong, mad mtarlbnto ).# reenror* ?f my I oml.h il.rol* to ti of, r lUriAiwi I >lo If llii. il.lie", ?lll k. ,k. dirMtint other* tlmllarly affllotad, ta your Saroapuilla, yoa a wtlcotno to make It known Y> >ir- raeoenfoily, K. SUMXF.R, To VancUm atr??t. CAUTIOPf. Owlnp to the great faemea ud tmmenae mIo of Dr. Tovnaond* traapail'la, a on to tor or man who wort formerly onr agents, too 01 n tr.ontod making Paraoparilla BjnrnoW, liiitrt, Hitters traota ot Yellow I)ook. ho. Thoy yonortlly pin it np io tho mo rhaprd bottl.t, pad aomo of thorn hero itnlo aadoopied ir adosititomente Tbay ma only wurthlaao ialiaMooa. aad mm to aooldrd. Prlaeipal iffoa, 121 Paltoa ItoooV Vaa Buildis* N T; Rod afc < o? S State atrail atom; I>j?llfct?oni 131 North Somrrat, Philadelphia. 8. 8. Honor Draag'tt hal'lmorot P. M thra, Ctorkaton. B it, kt k Oa, 1(1 < hortraa a tear t N.O; lilt ?tb Pearl atraal Aihaay aad by ail the pr ae pel draoi.m >d merehanta psnaraJly throat Boat tho Uaitod Itatso. *ai la Maad tha Paaadai mL3l3t* DR. FELIX GOUKAUD'S ITALIAN Mll/l ATlli MJ4f. Thia aiaablaeirnHMl if a*w by t/aiDon coital' nut A *?. 1 MtttitMy tor Attained, fiapLa. i natulan. Metf, Tu rreek lie. .Hi. burn ill klndt af tTOMiPun tod every eprclea "f di'.o loratim if tt? akin. Alt o-xn petition bat bMnrogiy'tklji iintMtd by thitiartltAtlt Ma putilb n li t demand ' r ninth Uhit iha Uat n raontht bu iimnerd more than flw hoidred pt> i*nt. and It itili iaortietut 1 ht oil ami a- and iieihn* at valcn tit uta Imparl! m ibt oo?. p'taice have rendered it prova-bial at a baaatillar oflbt ikia s a* (I mi d'ea-ii t rtx.m can bt oocaiterad futniabed nlthaproptc lei oi 'ba? 'arka GOURAUD'8 ITALIAN MEDICATED SO IP. I It leeJto * delicioiie rbavine o. mpoui.d aad oil Hi u-ed in ealt ' well r?>ad i> i ni i(B and InMMikMou rtiMdi (or in Nin of iraro'n If beauty be. M i( eeerrtnd only l?i? mi'.illi m n>< n Important 'bet the v to e?verfi>i In wLiofc Invaliuew remdte iii< old la kept Id luimntiud bixI tttnoiln ntn. Iff. 0. a'gfit|'>oMDpHf)iM tlwDtT tiof iUiHiIim nip, | bui he ihloke that lb*.exlranrdi ary nunbtr of oartiSoet-e which hira boon puUiahtd tfciou*boot the Union, il Iko ootl of aeverel th'ore 4 of dolara to tb# Oootof. from miiant Phveielnae, , ( leigymrn Wrmbera of tkm*r0"e. Capralee f dhipe. Oftloera of tbo Army. tali b<M of Dtatli ru et od 1 ad lea, tbo original uf obiob oaunlwaye bo r-qu<rrd. ito. the Ooctor thinke. | rufhcient to oiinvUcenny oie not wllfull* b I. d. It there bonny i cook the Doetor might at pit to them the laan goof Soriptam. at 4 aay, ' II ye believe Dot M?aae tod the prophet*, neither would je behave thoDih one rrwfror- the dead. AMONO POPULAR ERRORS There I* probab'y ?o ?dk more mieeMrvoui than that trhlek rappotee V at oataDeone eraptioa oaa be removed by dolugiag the atomaoa with en oalled Sareepartila, and ether wlehy warhj do eoeurna, pill*. Icettiarler, ho. The eirur I* not only ru 'gar, be I exceedingly pernlcioue lueemech a* tie tlopi aot only eaaee a large drain upon the purre but aoiually tend to up.nk the od (gain, den onetratad that diseases ut the teguneotaao only be f moved by on; ward appllcatl n, eapeoially by ekes aid that for tbie pu<p<?e m>tb ng it ee preeminently nuvlt u l>r. Ooukudi Italian Medioated foep. Indeed, tike u-efulceas ef thit requisite emwlieut, in softening, elanf>ing and whitening the cot loin, ba* mini into a promo. If the natural rui ct ow or the thin ire depressed. and the Harmon) of atnlon nhlch should ezitt between tan external surf toe of tba tudy and the vital machinery within. It thus destroyed, th" inciostitnt of theobaige age a ually developed m the form of fir plea, B'.otobc*. rnstults, eg rune mora tpanifle f> rm i-i I utaneout disease These diieates be ng otaential v looab require only a local rtmedytatd havlagall or them, exoepttng the onnugkout virulo-1 oiaaa, a oommon origin, one rtmodlni agent will seffleef r the enre of nil PHILOSOPHY OK WORMS IN THE SKIN. Many ytnni pernor ??etpecally thote of foil habits, or then who indulge la rich food?are vera much annoyed by tba aopeartneeol blank sla te upon tbe tidetof the neat, on thoupp r lip, tba ohin, the forehead, ko. roaembling grain a of guup iwdnr sticking in thu skin. W h.-n the skin is rough Is squeeied, a auitil worm ill a aubatanoe pretiudca having a black head rna auppoaiiion, however, thnt they are in reality worms. Is err ineoaa These apt ts era occasioned by an nndua aocumu ation ol the Iktiy muter which la at pare ted from the nlood for the purpose of lu treating the skin, and thia overplna oi okea up the poiae and 001 oret,s. Tie duet floating in the air adheres to <hc greasy aubrance at d rsutee the blaik spook. Hue given the faoe a dirt/ and disgueting appoerame, and tbe remedy of equeesing, so unfvera-H> resored >0, la not on y painful but frequently uwtleaa. V.ry often thaovrr disteuaion of tba porta caueos inflammation and pnluful pimples 'I he only oertalo remedy for thle affection la to waah the Uea With warm w atcr and GOURA'JD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP. Mothera should a'waya use It in washing tk.air bak es. It la keeidea delirious for ahaving, aa It can be used ia hard or aalt water aa vail at bo ft It ia motoover. an Infallible remody for scurvy and no Califotuian should ge to sea without a supply. Dr Contend refers to Mr. Rabiiieau the celebrated proprietor of tbo New Yfrt aalt water bsiba in proof of the latter. CERTIFICATES The following, from among a hoat of aiml'ar toatimoniala of tha jxtrsordinary virtuea of Gouraud's Italian Madioatod Soap are eeJoctod fir ttalr brevity:? [ Extract of a latter from Petersburg, Vx.] Dear Doctor Covraudi- are you aware that there are dangaroua ocuntaifeita of your oolebra<ed ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP aflrat in tbe South m d Wee J 1 have Ju>t letnrnadfrom a tour, n> d met with many perniolona oompounda purporting to ba "Medicated Soap#"? Heaven eave the mark ! Sumy you ought to da everythii g in your power to pnt the public ou its guard axaiust the vilo impositions. You will woLcfer perhaps, why I am an tart eat in praise ef youraxee'lent Snap, bat whan you learn till through ita mesne my oldest xirl. 18 years, has bosn eompletely cured of a fsee fnll of nasty plmpiaa and freckles, bar brother ana sioter, 6 and 8 years, of sealo bead, which they caught as school; and my urlfa of a dangerous outbieak f salt rheum, which extended fiom tbe fh gore oi tbo r ght arm to th? the id or-your surprise will oeaee; I use nothing else, nor wane any thu g bettor far ahaving. Yours, xsavsr, JOHN MARi>KN. Nnw Yonn, April 17. Dr. Gotta atjD?Sir Gratitude moves ma to thaak yon very muohfirtha benefit I have derived from yonr Madioatod Soap lor tba paat two years I have bean murs or leas troubled with small eruptions, imiation on mv breast?or onset, if yon please ? call it so which tormented me paat all audnranoa. I applied* Poor Man's Plaster, with no offset; ointment ntd other onoap re modiea I used abundantly?nil worn worth ess. ban last rtsou-ee \ I nat ad. rather IcoliaMy. M for six Quart bottles of iinm riils I Imocmily swallowed the wbole, and became quito doifitatod. the ?Ugh teat abatement of tb? ltehlag. At length a friend, to whom I mentioned my one. exalainwd?"Why don't I von aet a half dollar sake of the famous dedicated Soap of Or 1 Oouraud 7 1 took h e advice, aad with one oate wtailed the akin. . lam not only entirely relieved from the itching, hut alio have the pleeanta of feeling that thtre la a briekeee* and amoothneaa to tba whole eurfso* of my akia 1 aev?r befur experieaoed Pie tee ] lend by the leant ha'f a dm n cakes, and ona ovar, far $3; 1 j want te tate them te Jamaica, and oblige. Your*. HENMY JOAN SON. So Wooater atreet, N. Y. j Dr. Oouraud?Sir? For a aer*? of year*, my faoe and forehead have leen covered with unsightly blo'ohee and pustules, and, to aggravate the matter, my noee gradually aaauaied the red new of a peona; in short, 1 became an objeot of diiguet te tnraelf, and riulcule e othtra. inasmuch aa my affl otion wae attributed to an 1 uadue uae of stimu'ante 1 have proved the contrary b.i uiing j I our invaluable Medicated Soap through toe influence of which am cailrvly freed from the uf. reaaid nuiaancea, and my atin hea beoome aa white and clearaa it waa waa ia the dayeei *~y boy. hood. I eenoelve thia public teatinn-ny to ho eminantly your due, aad you ate quite welcome te make what uae *f it you ploaae. Haapectfully i oure, JNO, JBFfPIKS, Printer, Tru Sun Building*. Te Dr. V. Oouraud?Among the enooniom* whieh your invnla abloSoep ie dal<y Ttoalvlrg 1 have thought that a mother's preiae I may not be out of p'aee. roar medioteii aoep hae. uudrr Qod, teen the meena of preaerving my darling oabe from muea snfferIng 1 had tut him out te t uraa and Urough the oarelaaiaoieof the woman who bad him In onaiga. hi* del onto tki* under the anna behind hie ear* and around hi* etomaoh. waa chafed to the redneaaof raw beer. Tor* whole month-dnriog which I wae | absent from the eity?the little dear swflfamd these torments. On my return. I need your delcioua eoep freely vhJe ?aching him, aad now ha ie aa pliunp. white, playful, ai d free from chafes aa any child I ever aaw No mother who vaiuee the health and cam- | fort of her infant tbomd be without your soap. Truly yours BLIZa BLACKVAN, 1 No. 11 Catharine (treat, near Seooad, Philadelphia. The merit* of Oouraud'* P. udrea Subtile*, for eradioat ng aupeifluoua hair, have boon altered by so many tboueaad people that to eulogii< It at the preeent day aecinialmoata work <.f su- ' peter ga<ten. Noverhelcre there may l>e MM who have not i beard el ita fame; aad those an earnestly requested to read the following testimonial, selected from many. New Tons. Feb. 1.18IS. I " 1 have had an opportunity < f observing the <>per>tio., of Dr. Telia Ucumud'e preparation for the rtmoval of auperiluoua hair, < and am prrfeotly aati-fi d of its singular tflleacy. Attar an aoalyaia ot tec o. mportion < f those powder*. I cam. without a, y heat* ' tation. pronounce them petfretly harmless, aad in every way i infinitely superior te any preparation of the kind ever offered to the puhlie. I have pleasure in giving them my rooommeodation, being thai fully oenvlaeed of their value " JAMkS A. HOUSTON, K. D , "Editor Now York Lanoet." ( Toottmonyof pcmoci to whom the "Italian Mndlnated Soap" baa beea eminan tly serviceable, and to whom Or OOU KaUD ia at liberty totefcr:? i Mr*, turtle, the lady of the Hen. Edward Curt'* Mr*. Lawrenee, tba lady of the Bon. Cornelius W. Lawrence, ax-may or of Ntw fork. | Bernard Meeeerole, leq . Alderman of the Tonth Ward. I Don. R. H. Bebarta, Member of Uoagreea. Mrs bepkins. No 118 Alitabeth street New Yolk, onred of a red and plmp'cd face. I Joseph ball, MOTulten atreet, New York, of taa end freckle*. < George Curtis. 13 Uenrj street of dark and diaoolereS aeln. Felix MoOee, lWOraage street New York, of soald head; hi* three children do. 1 Hannah B. W. Wei iter, Division street, of a dark taaaed be* I and red tore. I Job* Biahop, S2S Grand atreat, of ehilblaiaa, aad eruption* oa the faoe and neck. < William Naeh, barber, la the Bowery, of worm* ia the faoe. 1 Mr* John 8. Ligh tbody, fif En* Bourbon, New Orleans, of a a* , vera ringworm on the ohock. which had defled ordioarv rsmediee: and fVirther, tne application of the Beap removed ad her taa and Irvoklea l Mr* Fearn ha ad, of Belleville, New Jersey, of taa and freoklaa. . Be. Ae. fern Be particular to bear ia mind that Dr. FELIX QOUBAUtXS ' prvparat'ons can oislt be ob mined, sasuisi, at hla depot W ! Wa>ker street first doer west of Broadway, Mew York, m S lilt* nwfc'^Tr? UBIOB ?uiuuu. iw Hmr^rOB ft D09WH J rotl B Wnna. Rf cheater: I via, Balea; Cariemn. Lowell; Kukloa n. I Pirtlaad ; Ootid. Bangor; Perry, Manoheeter; Bllee, Spnncfl-Id ; CotIU, Barfoid; Qainork Wood. Richmond, Va ; Ma dalle id. i Leulevillt; Coma, Detroit, Utah , and variant other part* of the 1 Union. I LUCINA CORDIAL, OR ELIXIR OF LOVE. < THIS IB THE OMl.T tCIVtt BXMKDT (VII OISCOVCRKD ' t on mroTirrcT, ce.iital debility, won run.VAL I Btlliaio.ll AMD ALL IriaKalM OCCAIIOIIIO BT I rBBTAIIt tKC BET HABIT* { ANDmany of the noetrnmeri'e ntly recommended f?r the nna ci mpUlnU aieworth'eM Imitation! whioh ItauarirUledeaoei. ' leLcr.ian c a> (l pepi lanty hav> brought into the market. Tho medl I eel faculty of tarvieand tte United Matea are unhuimooe in their | leaotnmendatiot a of the Lnoioa Cordial, aad have not given their a tanotlon III ailngle inatanoe that bat beau authenticated, to any cumiound foi the aaaa pnrpoeta. The net a re ot the maladiea re- t lined by the l.ucina Cordial are reneraily eaeh aa to leave the pnhiieatii n of evrtilieatee ot cnrea out of trie (]ueatlon, or the preI rletor ornld pridnee a boat of tha moot eunclneive testimony . ta ehow that the gnat reputation which it enjuie waa net aoeideatally thulred, but it brmly baeed upon I te pool tire, and ap ' parei tly mireculoue. virtues. In ail diraolior.a are to be found ' the happy pi rente of healthy offspring. who weald not have been t to but lor tbia extraordinary preparation. And it ieequally p? c bat in the many dteea>e? lur whioh it ia rcoommeuded. O'jeo j tion haa been naturally made to the t rice of tha Lucioa Cordial. , became the treah that baa bean thrown into the market in tp,-o ' titii n to It ie eeid elteaper ; but the taot ia, the oardial oenao * ba 6 iBoieed lor leee. and onaht to beiLuoh d<anr, aa many of the ' inaiedieLte which cumpuee it are among tho noatiirat of thlogt r in nature : whirena the othtraare made n| of cheap druga, worth * bet little II moLey, and lrea ia merit ; and it ia a fact, that at leietoea of the grturanpof three aema mixiurea matea It a print te add one bottla of tho Luotna Onrdin. te a given number ' ' ol gallon i f hu compound, eo aa to Eire it tome utUe Una end i virtue aid thuaaolaoehleicm-oMime. We aeeuio the reader that lie oin.oat reliance may be placed on tha Lueita Cordial ia the (ore i f the me'adlea inoi tionod above ...o . e r follow, vi Mnreular KnTgy, thtaictl Laoattnda, on J (.*?? i?l PCmatraiion, Irritability, and o'l .hirvoua Affonitona. In d Kooilon. 8u>y|itht?a? of the Urt-r. Uleetnnd tluor Altmi, Old T<ty diMOir >i ony woy connected olth th* disorder of tlio Pro. euotlve Puieliona I: oil <d whlah it ?M off. rd out not in.modU oto ro II f nod, if Bard o? directed, ! a moot o rta'n (o pr dure o piiltne ord prn.anut euro. Pert on about ro marrr. If nonet li uo of on* W'toknooi or dlaobillty of o oortaln toturo. ahoald take ihia Cordial, ae It will lnfa!llh,y reator* luol h >nd *>*or la a biiel p*>l< d ; and w fare woat of oil prii g lo o aouoo of nigral, II recrurre ho hod 10 it, tho Bolt beneficial roiu to may ho anticipated withoni fldoi CO Prlrclptl Offlr.o No. 1M Llhortjetn-ot, Now Tork. A loo, for o'oot No. 90 North BUth otroot. Philodo'phin ; In Baltimore, by Urn. W. Jotiro ood John M. Ltroquo ; In * aohington cur. by thorlcn Btott ?oM7 13t* TO DH HSIMB. 20 DUANB 8TREKT. SIB- I furl it but on not of Jualoe to, ond from o tenre nf duty ood o regard tor u>> follow aiturnn to r turn you my thorite, (niti. ptfmiioien to puhlioh tlio oon r.) I <r tho inrfroi oi d very rapid one you hare ptrlotinad In my too. Prom the indi?tntii>n otyi uth, I, oN ut nn jeero imoo. w?e attack-d with o unei-n Uel eatfoynang men, and, i win* to tho BaO of mo oury. I en t'oeiod riiumotic pur.oii, th' rioit rlo out orui. ' o .elhar w I, a I Duplication of diooaera, whioh in addition to larm running ooior, ro uced mo to ik e ?rrpo of tho gr?re I mi totally hclpl-m, koeitin to bo rnrrod no a oldld. oi d h <d not ihe n out diatoot hopo yf reoeery. Alter tryiig many pluiicane, w: 0 all ap[o.ra t to make ma work I boo tvonB" ended to you. In a? n f wdaje af'or I *?a in d. r tour earo, 1 hrpoa to mend, and tr nn that tl r.? n.yrooiyoty wv like magic. nan wrote rn?m my flrrt kanwlo ire of yon, I Baa a ?rl mar, md am now In the oi l ii.i, a r-.c..*. >*?m. ill MmIWi ft ml aw taaay h?t fc wilt it ail Mam f il?? m p'ftiif to maka a ?f?tan<rat of nip ma* to aay p?r o t dvairrp litoiailni km i? b?it-vl?.i? thit you r?*a at.a i.atrnlaaitin tie tan*!- * f the Aim ?htj, of wain* my lift*. r Toura truly, JUSVxtl; Pfl<lll?TW, ?b77-ti# J37 Botcary. FOK THE PIUvS. { nR . V f H.I M' 8 K I. K V VJi H r, j AW I a urea I Htmady ia a carta n am* f r tbn I'tlaa, altva? j 'Kt'rnai or **tarnal? binadn % **r hlmd a 1*1 wKo'aaola uttl r> Mil on It la till nit) at tha < flan t.f tlm nreual propr atjr, A. h U "ft All WD,* rttytiliuly Oduontail pk>?lman t.f lanutt ? an t axjar ana*, rtiitlnad to aa nttea trham I ilea and Cbroaia diaaaaaa i at** nen*aaft lit tiaatal Madioul'tlTt a I Mi II amy, faur dtiaa , ah* ra Pf*ilf a atraat, 0?oa kaaia Iraai 7 A.M. to I r M A4*rtoa ^ iratla. ?b?U?* f ? a FOSS'8 COMPOUND EXTRACT OP YELLOIT DOCK AMI) < VIH \P HILf.l ION tbs cuss or nbsvmanam. aosortJLA bh Y-1PILA3, riMK< ad Oti DI v ba'bs of tusdlln.dALr rdbltx, tkttsb. utvsaoo oncassur tbs spims, bsscumial oi8sass, dmopsv, vmnenaai. chi bass, AN d nil ikum oirono 111 lotion-, mi |?] ana* Irvm m im ?um of the blood, or habit of uo Alao, aa n.ualhd medion< f.r Dy >pep?ia, li r*r Complaint, Bull una , Hlie. Mr. Thlo truly aciantifie and ralaable remedy, net har n| bora i rvttliOa uoch, 10 not >0 eveaairoiv known a. tha yartona " q. b' ulo Liocootioaa," undtr the aama of earaapariUa, wbteh a th n art01, lu' ito Tlriuao ate wail appiaola *0 by tuudied. uffnerala thi- eltr. ?h bareexperieno.d ito remarked y u boiai tffro'a It io a ?erjr atrony ve<-tabb atraot ait up Iraut fol 20 noe? ptuool h?tt!u, ai.d i< lanob cheaper th tt aa the idvtrined rvaudix aooaob bot t o osteins tor oo th? nun of doao* uf u.tto. lu feet. aa p.oiii?Hj affirm. txat a person COULD NOT BUY At reyu'arprora tie iuoeodioaU of thia ranady. ar.d mako bottle at ti e prioe we n il it at; aoditio only by matnfeotui it. lei ye quia tit>e*. a. d with tho aatoipmun ef the grate i bicii lb roperiority ail1 induce that ?re are on b ed to iaak t* connoatza'fu i'-r th* regular pr ee. Th o remady eat aral c Ieied ib rho apotheoarieif dep,it erst of ft a no* York Hat ol eyr, ai d befo-0 it a?o introduced to 11# pabUo. was a encnsitaJy by the eminent onryioa, Dr. v. mopf. in <d ii.o.o btinute chronic complain'* wnioti It hit in.ti.ent p'nitiuu no waa oo of>on caled upon to tri Thie ytm euian'a wall tuowa opinion of the aupiri.ri.y Ytllnw Dock to mirapanlla, or any other p .polar eejeta al'ila'ive, ieaail anoan and hae been often publicly proctin it hiiltcuree. Ill* auhtha bitter oo en p al of thiae who have been huaib-uged and diaappoiuted wr.h eflbcta of the over puff d arraptr.i at will induoo the afB ty', ci mult ihoir can ii termr rather u an the unpr noipiod quae a> d uie a nod cite which haa rrcoi- od .ha aanotion of oar b phtaaciano. Price (Iprbot >o: oia f> hi a. U QutGB it CO., 119 Pulton atreot * Whunaile asent" COUGH'S CONSERVE OE CIJBEBS, RED ROS AND SAHS AP \RILI. A Thota who have heel ao iudiaeieet aa to have oontrte Coi orho-a. wh'. eufl-r fr.m retinal wcakaoao or anv oomph ,f . i .. _ ii e.,1 - ..i. ..j j- . rtnxdy. Itiaaatrerg nmot of tha above medical elem ? combined witn mid a oihera ? bona hetiellcUl nut oa noon diaea ot iha n ucoun membrane ia but utile known ta the fiaaultv. a?i? coLSiitDiinDaily upon those diaeaaaa. removing the onmpla and it* cauee at. the same time. It ia a aala thoagh etfteient n i d j ar.d is lice from one etgeotion to ait similar remedies, ii g 'too froni smell and pleaaaat to tha taite. troparad and nhokaale and A. D. GUUQH fc Oa., 149 Fulton atnat. Fourth door iron ttroadwni Price $1 BO per bo*. ap3i3f $f(0 REWARD?CROS3' SPECIFIC MIX TURK FUR IBB CLUB OF 0'?hO (KliOla, OliCKT 1, tU'R] tores and a* alogooe c omplaints of Uioorga aof geaemii (fall rvu enier j *c discovered tor tue above ooa. founts, thi the ii oar reit* n It niuhca a speedy and permanontouro, without the leaatreat tluu 10 dot, d ink, expo* re or ohabae lb application to baaua X a give i o long quaes ah leooanLeodatiena to deoaive ike p lio. Ii the ccd on a doaa not a| can lor itself. no one a'lall i p for it. Our objeat ia to notify wi.era i. oau bo hid, and the p firietor challttgia a airglo care tPiei ent Oonorr.uia to be brou r\ witch roe iniatuie will not tffeota rapid ours, under at fe ore of II. Tbie la a that unfoitnnn'ely pervadea all ranks of aooh - high, low riori and peer, uiarriiuouial ibd siege Ihey her< preitnioo with a reimdy by whioh they otn cure thinual ti e b aat rxpe.uir in the ahor eat time porai da. Farther, lie diwaae caauoi enutrao'-.d-t a doaa of theM lore is taken ai night on g log to bod when eap aed. It if put up in hottlea with full directions >o wimpanjieg It, 91 nbortlr. One bottio laata n weok, whioh gtaeraU/uore mau) are lured in two da]a Hold at the drag ett re, 173 Broadway, Irving llouaa, corner. Chambers street. mn77-l3t? f NO CUH MO PAY.-DR. CORBITT, 19 DUANR SfrtCI member of tho hoyal i.ollcge of durg-oni, London, mty oi i aultcd In treatmebt of delioa e diamine. No matter h long you may have had gleet, uleoraupoo the body orlu tha t r or note peine in tho lead and boi re of tho lege. A praot or fourteen jrare, devoted to venereal diseases, euablca Dr 0. to or thi worat form ol this Disease. Here-1 oatea oared m four d? Me notoury uted. Strioturee oared in oue or two weeks, wi scarcely any pain. Those individuala wba have indulgad in coram loathsome habit can positively bo restored to heuth >lb J socitty. ap'i ! ? ? Domettlc Mlicellany. Mn. Hawnrd has been indicted At Cincinnati, 1 the murder of Mr* Smith, tha paramour of her huabac Howard ia in that city. There were 140 deatha in Philadelphia for tha we ending Saturday last. Tha Legislature of Miohigan haa patted by a tw third vota, tba bill to eztaod the tlma for tha payma of tha bond* of tho Southern R. R. Comnanw. The citiscns of St Louts, Mo. met oe the 10th ?t sod fund resolution* again* t disunion. end again the resolutions of the State Legislature favorable to t kddreee *f the Southern member* of Congress. Stephen Jellaeon, late of the brig Levant, of Baf' Me . baa been found guilty of manslaughter on t high tear,IA Charleston, 8. C., and aentenoed to pa; Dne of f 6, and one year'* imprisonment la the oi iail. The Hudson river at Albany, rose one foot frons A. M. nntil 2 P. M. on Saturday last. There have been 12 tons of salmon-trout taken fref Mooeebead Lake during the paet season, whioh are v Ined at f2 000. Sixteen canal boats arrived at Baltimore from tl Pennsylvania canal. Thb Kksolrcks op Wisconsin.?'The your State of Wisconsin, from her geographical p >situ and illimitable resources, must become in the pr ereaa cf t>me one ol the wealthiest of the westei States. With a soil of unparalleled fertility, hi agricultural pioducts will become immense. Hi northern ioreeta will contribute largely to hi wealth ae a State. Her prairies afford rare facil tiea tor the construction of railroads, leading fro various points on Lake Michigan to the interio Hrrtt.eams affording ample power tor mauufai lures, and last, though not least, her mineral r< rouicea, all tend to give ber a position in point i wealth, that may w?Hl excite the envy of many < bar older sisters in the federal compact The Milwaukie Sentinel sometime since state that a bed of rich lead ore had been discovere pome ten miles north of the village of Watertowi The Chronicle, published in that village, says has since learned that it was discovered by a M Van Bloricom, in digging a well on his farm. N thorough search hod yet been instituted to ascei tain the extent of the lead, but it is the opinion < gentlemen conversant with such matters, that ia quite aa valuable as a majority ol those worke in the western part ot the State. Lumps of pure copper were also taken from th lame well. The Chronule pays it ha* been show one weighing a pound and a naif, which will yiel at least 95 percent of the pure article. With th exception of the verdigris, with which a portion o it was covered, no impu'ities whatever were a|< parent. A small piece of it was hammered to tti ihinnessof a Spanish quarter, without cracking and it was the opinion of good judgea that the en tire lump might be worked into any shape with Dut being smelted. This copper was found about three feet belov the surface of the ground. In addition to thi limps spoken of, a quantity of ore, unusually rich lias been brought to light The search is to b< extended, and it is confidently believed that ti<< result will show an abundance of copper in th* ncinity. The Green Bay Advocate savs that a gold ant nlver mine has been discovered within the limit. I nf that village, and that one man has collected o he ore an amount thought to be worth at leasi 120,000.?Buffalo Ezpret*. The Mors* and Bain Controversy.?The decision of Judge Cranch, at Washington, upon the ' question of interfering applications for a pateut" between Prof- Morse and Mr Bain, has just appeared in the New York Tribune, and by the ua uue eagerness manifested by some ot the press, to construe the decision in favor ot Bain, and adverse to Morse, we arc compelled to remind our friends ?f the old adage, "Don't halloo before yon are out of the woods." The decision itself is as much in avorof Prof. Morse us Mr. Bain, and taken iu connection with the actual state ot things, will trove to be entirely in his favor.. Judge Cranch ins dee ded that they are both entitled to a potent or their respective inventions. His decision is in hese words:? ' I am, therefore, of opinion, and so decide ? "That thtra I* no interference In the olalaa* of th?*e ippllcants In relation tu any matter (contained In tlmtr erpective spoelfloatlons) note patentable; and. thereore. that Samuel I B. Morse Is entitled *o a patent for be combination which be bae Invented, oUiai-"l and leeerlbed la bla ep*olflc*tion, drawings and model.? Ind that Alexander Bain Is entitled to a patent for be combination which he ha* Invented claimed and leeerthed In his specification, drawing and model; prodded they shall respeotively have compiled with all the equlsltee of the law, to entitle them to their respective patent#." Now, then, how does the matter stand 1 The udge declares " there is no interference in relalon to any matter note patentable," and in ? pretous paragraph he says i " The question is not iow, whether the claims of Mr. Bain and Mr. dorse inteilere as to matters not nnu> patentable." n these phrases rests the gist ot the whole m atter, iiid it lies outside of the case belore the Judge, loth inventions lor which they at.k a patent are uelets without the conventional telegraphic alihabet, invented and at ret civ patented by Professor tfnist ? a part consequently not now valentable. The application by each of these gentlerin n for it latent, is for a mode of marking theae characters' f Professor Morse's convent.onal alphabet, already talented. The effect, tnerrfore, of Mr. Bain's ;>ient for his mode of marking Professor Mor.-e'.i i haractere, does not give Mr. Bain the right to em tloy these characters. It confers only tins riyr. 1 o witTo any person or p-reons who h ive fir-t ' nirrhasid the right to use Professor Morse'tfeli? trophic alphabet, Mr. Bain may sell the right io iae his mode of marking them. Notiiing more. Jrole?sor Morse, on the other hand, cannot u->e Wr. Bain's mode of marking his own char voters v11hoi.t the purchase of Bain. This rVcis on, h?rehre, we should suppose, was slender enrvvingt metil to capitalists to build rival telegraph hues >n Ham's plan, were there no other intrinsic d'Hiu'ltes in the *vsy.? Pi/u^hkr/j-ft (,V. K.) TV'sjTop!1, March 28. I'kkshkt in nut Put I>km ?An ex'ru from the ^heraw iiuzrtt?, at 10 o'clock on Thn e.1 ey night sst, annrunced n rise ol litteen feet in ihe river it that place The calculation of the wenihe*vise te, thst the same quantity ol water falls every ear. There haa he en n great scarcity in in- Pje >e lt>r aevr n months, and het.oe we tnsy etixct i large surplus and hi|<ti water in that nv-r and he other tributaries, this soring We sha.i proh ily have a large freshet.? fVynaA (V. C.) Obmvtr, MM 28.

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