Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1849 Page 2
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ODD FELLOWS' HALL, CORN Kit OF grand 1ni> centre STREETS. Brothers verkins. chatf.h i. for the vert liberal patrminirr already extended to them, and whirl felt* exceeded their mi ft Miniruine anticipation*, b*,s leave t< fj U'?l their pI)|VAT[,. strPKK ROOMS fvr the reception ul I ailir- accompanied l>y Uentlemcn, ar mow. for the f'.ret time, mpletc. They are rmilident of their ability to plcaao the moat fa1* ti.'ii. na. eeiitlomen of competent experience and taste in auc natters liarini: aaawrod them that their aaloon i? not excellc |n London or I aria for niavrsiraca, for KtrtaT, for (inKituvi*ma or tireuit anon, fi>r tU perfection of iutoinax, and for ita prompt and poli pttcndnnce. Ita LARDER, J.aa alw%ya eeery (dOile ef the Now York market*: anil addition, almoet daily centriMttiona of lninriea, by all t! ptramcra, from the tropical region* and from Europe, 'l'licii VAl'LTS AND STORK ROOMS fire supplied with the choicest brands of WINKS. LIQUORS AND SUGARS, ftrierted here or uroeured directly hy importation ; and thr Chnr^cH will he found as reasonable as anj restaurant of i 1 laracter in this city or elsewhere. mli^7 NA(?'S HEAD HOTEL, ffo 3 Barclay Street. New York. JWSSE1.I. li'P tn inform hi* frirniU and the pnbl generally tlmt In- lias Ihn above well kim* louse (conducted fur many years liy .Mr. Jan. Byrnes), ar lopes, by strict attcniion to business, to merit a eontini lire of tiio patronage of his predecessor. Tlic Bar trill b# constantly supplied with superior Old ni Jlew Ales, Wines, Liquors, and Scgars. Lodging in clean ana comfortable bods. ap^t-it* TO DA IKY FA 1? M E KS, CHEESE FACTOR* AM) DEALERS. WARHLES ENGLISH AXNATTO is now for the flr time offered, nnd will enable the American t'hee Raker to compete with the finest ilarios in Europe. where ,s ln-cn extensively used for the last twenty years, especial in the counties of ( heater, Gloucester, Stafford Salop. Herb Leicester, Durham. Wilts, and the principal dairy district it im|*rU a rich golden tint, from a pale straw to a dei Orange, and is warranted to retatn it for any period. I'ri Osred by HIGH WAKDLE. Manufacturing t hemist. Stati J aland. New York; and insv b? bad of most of the wholusa lirugjpst* in tlie city, with direction* for use, bearing the pn. yirictors' fae simile." mh?l-4t* TO FARMERS. MARKET OARDENEHS, fct\, PREPARED f.TANK?the Original. I'nre. and Gcnuinoatitnc t'ent |icr pound. Read the followinginirtiflcates:Fmra thr gentlemanly proprietor of tho Aster House, to ( A Kentish :? Sir i used your prepared Guano with turnipi 3 noticed tlmt the early mirt of the crop wan entirely fro tTrctn the Ely, and the entire crop was excellent. I have u Jicsitntion, therefore, in recommending it, as I feel great con Pit, roc in it. To farmers and uurdeuers I consider it liullspona ill If. ~ K. II. COLEMAN, "Astor House, and Matlands, I,. I." "To C. A. krnthh, Esq.:?Dxar Sir?i used tho pre Jnri'd Guano obtained from you, ou com, potatoes, ogg plant, ii'iiialoci, and I found it the best, cheapest, and moa gn.ilv managed fcrtlliler with which I am acquainted. " E. WOOD, Shrewsbury. N. J." For sale only by KENTISH k CO., 40 Peck Slip, New York JA gents wanted in all towns. A liberal communion allowed. uplO ANGLER'S ALMANAC FOR 1S19. A rSEPTTL little pamphlet, of interest to the Angle J\ thttoi'ciiot't tiii axanii.t, containing timenof tide There to fish, statistic* of Angling, kr. Also, a full assort toe-nt of Hooks and Lines, of ull descriptions, for sale by JOHN J. ilKOVf.N k CO, ml>27 Lit At the Angler's Depot, 103 Fulton st. "l^OVEL AND THRILLING SIGHT AT THE MORA ll Centre of the Intellectual World, llii Nassau streetIt',UW volumes of hooks now selling off at half price, en Taring every suhjeet tliat ever engaged the human intellec flora the rudiments of knowledge in the penny primer to tl most extensive ciicyclop.-edia. The literary public, and hot flyers of every kind, w ill learn with astonishment ami grat (ration that the subseriher. after having Just replenulied h itoth hy the addition of IS.iSSl now volumes, is disposing jhp whole at less than half the usual prices. Everv nuth In existence can now be had at this mii<iue rstabfishinen front tlie earliest tnesmeriser to the most profound phllos. flhor, together with many of tlie holy fathers, and likewise a be enthusiasts wlrn iinve broached heresies in overr ago, ri Rlilarly downward from Simon Magus to Joanna Southeot 3bk Smith, and old Miller. The religious public, thoreforo, wi fcc especially Interested, w hilst those dissatisfied with prose. Arrangements, can procure works giving vnlunhlo hints ft ho getting up ?f new sects by the revival of old heresies. I ruth, there is no suljeet which cnunot bo found in tlio Mori Centre of the Intellectual World, which is the great point < Attraction for all the men of letters who visit Now Yorl "( mo, then, the whole army of hook buyers, come on. men < Aciecnce, clergymen, editors, lawyers, doctors, merchants, far Jners. savans, and bibliomaniacs, and refresh your souls wit t>t least a view of the rare and valuable hooks contained i bis vestibule of the Muses. JOHN IMIYI.E, Cheap Ancient and Modern Bookseller, Moral Centre . 1 m!37t* the Intellectual World, llfi Nassau st., N.Y. Blank books, paper and stationery.?pran t IS k l.Ol'TREL. 77 Maiden Lane, manufacture ever jtyle of Ac. ;onnt Hook, and Hell at the lowest ca?h prices gilf-o. Litter. Cap, and Note Paper*, Envelopes, Gold l'eni J'ortfolioi, Scrap Books, Inks, Wax, Wafers, Manifold Eotte "Writers, Copy iiift and Notarial Pre**?*. Fancy and stapl Stationery articles, newest styles. FRANCIS 4 I.OL'TREL, in HIS I hit 77 Maiden Cane. PRACTICAL BOOK-KEEPING, NO. hS CEDAR STREET. Mil, r. M.MISII. Accountant. Authorol the "Sciencco Double Entry Book-keeping Simplified, ' and the " Ar el' Single Entry lluok-kcejiing Improved," continues to teacl lis alone. There tire no classes?each pupil has a desk to himself, is pu (it once to keeping hooks, receive* separate instruction, an Thus become* conversant with all the account books consti tntiug a set, anil also with many important mercantile calm lotions. Persons of moderate capacity, hy this course, heeom ?ouil*!tent bookkeeper* in about a month, and reeciTe ccrti Jrates to that efleet. Prospectuses, with terms, obtained at tho rooms, from !> A toti I'. M. inh.1) B A B Y .1 U M P E K . T11K PATENT INFANT GYMNASIUM. tlsv, HAS PRODI( El) A CONVICTION OF THE ME ' rit? of this novel invention. More than Thirty Thousan ( f thetu have been used without the occurrence of a single ae ident. The most eminent Physicians daily recommend thee ?r the healthful exercise of little children. Every hah hould l>e provided with an article so conducive to its hualt I.nd happiness, MKKCHASTS VISITINU TIIF. CITY fltotild not fail to purchase a lsr*u supply ?>f Baby Jsmpun c?r profit to ttieiuseiTes, and the benefit of thoso otiitomors a fortunate jim to have a baby. Also. IWTFNT SW INt.S for Children of all a?ea, to l?e ha Vhnb'hale and retail, at the established depot of inhS>ltt? (i. W. Tl'TTLE, .'ill llr-.adway. New York. PRINTING INK. JOHN O. LIGHT BODY, IS CONSTANTl.V manufacturing. and lias always on han every description of Printing Ink, from tho finest hl?i nml colored t<> News Inks, which ho warrants equal to at ever manufactured, and at as low prices as can he sold hy ai Itnlti manufacturer. Orders forwarded by steamboat trailroad, to any part of tho country, liy addressing a note pit', at 3* ttose street. P. S.?This paper is printed witli tny N?ws Ink : also a gre many other new spnpecs in thi- city, Philadelphia, liostc linltimore. New Orleans, and other cities and towns in t United States. __ ap.'l 13l DANVILLE BREWERY FOR SALE. The subscriber. expectinc. to removefrc Danville, offers the following property for sale, rij : Jiis Brewcrv, which lie has personally kept in operation 1 It number of years: it is the only Brewery in the place, a done between it ami Wilkesharre, the groat coal region win1 4 *? ? ?f Ate can he sold ererr rear. _Ah to tli? location, there is none bettor in the State, out largo cities, ami in pome respects better than those. It is, ia well known, in the eentrt of the gr? at iron region. In Dai Ville, there ia one rolling Mill as large as any in the I'nio And two smaller ones. Also, five Furnace*, and others in tl vicinity. Any ijuantity of Hurley. necessary for the husine? ran I* obtained at about 62 cents |>er bus hoi. flood Alo h; felways brought seven dollars per harr-1 in Danville. An j>er*on in this establishment. understanding the Jpropcr management, cannot fail of success. The sub.tcribt aIno offers for sale a neatly finished two story d welling hotis* On the next lot adjoining the Hrewerr. The above proiiert >ill 1* sold at private sale. Any person wishing to purcha?? 'Would do well to inuuirc soon, as it will ho sold. Terms wil It reasonable. Apply to the subscriber, on the promises. JAMES II. MATflliy. Danville, Columbia Co.. 1'a. ap 102t * R LAWRENCE, 47 CANAL STREET. OFFERS FO! sale on the very lowest terms, llrussols, 3 1*1 v, Ingrair mnd Venetian Carpetings, <>il Cloth. Drugip'tts, ftugs, Stai Hods, handsome W indow Shades and fixtures, be., &e. Eoo HornixU are invited to call at 47 Canal street. aplO 4t* CANCIIAEAOUA VS. SAUSAPAUILLA."" Dr. TOWN SEND DKNIF.S THAT IIF. 1IAS KVKIt AT initted that tin- California Plant ?.? " far better th.i J<arsan?rilla." Ilia denial, atatementa, and vul;t?r abtiae, wi ?>. duly eatimatcd hy thoae twraona who may feel aufltciuntl Interoatod to call at the lanchalAKun lb-pot, .'hi llroadwa ^rhere mny ho M-en hi* admlaaion in black and white, with ppuriona article manufactured and .odd hy aaid Townaoni tlic lahtda and cnTelojKia copied, word for word, from thai -?acd hy Mr. Hay. apltllt* TOUACIIO, SNI FF AND SEUAKS. if- c. i. F. m o y. MANl'FACTl'RKR of Kino Cut Chewln* and StnoklntTn harco and SnulTa. inrltca the attention of merchant, an ?)<Hloreiu the country, to thrae articlea, a. Iieinz unc-malled i quality, atyle and price, a trial of which will satisfy thoaointe JtaUd that they are the chcapeat and the heat. Alan, Sc-ar n irri at taricty, alwaya on hand, at the lowoat price*. Deal *ra will pleaar call before ptircliuning elaewhere. aplO-lSt* W. C I.E.Mtl.N, 4 Wall it. PROSPECTUS OF TUB I'UKENOLOGICAI J( >l'R NA_L, FOR ISIS. i r.n n> u rv ? i- rv rtmi.r.rt n'Otefnrm Md ouraelve* and our race, ii the mo? J exulted <>f oil work*. To do thi?, we mnrt mideratanc the human constitution. Thi?, Phfcnnloev, I'hyciology, I'hyrtogiKmy, and Vital Macnetirm erohracefhenee fully eapount *1! the law* of our being. end conditions of happinee*. rilKENOI.OCY Korli number will contain the analyeic and locution of mw I'lirenolcwicel furulty, illustrated by un engraving, or un ?r> ticle cm their combinations, with instruction* to loarners. I'll Ysun.t >t;y Health!* life, the great instrument c.f talent, virtue, unci IcUppilieiM, oil Of which it augments, To it* preservation am: j.-deletion, special attention will he given. VITAL MAC.NKTISM, "VI itli practical instruction, interesting facta, and thoan choice trntbt which it unfolds, will is- proeeuted in this journal. YOl'Mi MEN, ffhe Mornings they enjoy, the tnflue they ran wield, an, their preparation for conducting our institutions, will (oru |l. i theniu of u series of art icier, . SEI.F-1 ,M PROV EM E.NT. W he doe# not long earnestly, and would not strive assidu gn sly, to cultivate hie natural powers. and renderhimself bet ti r and tnore happy f To rucli, each nuiuhur will lx> a prouip ter and a text book. ,0|.RNAL >1 ill he publhhed monthly, containing thirtf-two large oc <!.?! pages, on *00(1 typo an<l paper, with ? Titrioty 01 rapti itiuo md mith practical instructions to loarucrs, at the fol J<. ? io* very low TRICE IN ADVANCE. Si Mr. i.* Con, ()*? Ypah SI DO. Sample uutulH'ri of tills Journal will 1"? sent ubatis, wlioi Aesired. i'll aoo address, post paid TOW I.F.RS AND \fET.l.S, io'ij7 Ci.oito* IIai.i., 1.11 Nassau st., Nnw Voaa. M. WISE, OPTICIAN, TKOM GERMANY, respectfully intorme the fttixen* of Now York, am tiir pu?lie tn general, thM \u ha* located himeelf in thii city. ut No. V7 Hkomiwav, where mar he found ? l*r*e am er?l;i?dote aeeortnont of SI'Kr'l At l.fc.S AM) IlKAlHNii !*'? in flold, J*i?\or. and *t?? I frames. Mr. W. would aleo remind tt.e public, to whom he is partiiilW kW'WiJ hy hU annual visit* to Saratoga Springs, for the 1m t ten year*, that ) > hie km.*Icdta of the optical seianco, hi is < naM? <1 to determine the gla?ree euitahle for any oye. Tor poti" with weak ran be supplied witli i;U*?c* which will fpt atl> Rnefit and not strain tn? eight funicular ntt? nti"?i is called to n new stylo of Perspective Ciroi i??l IJIaee, of flic linnet Hint, which, through then high p? lUh. Mid true ground, pviacatl purest vision, and Imvt po<n MgM> reeomnviided n? the heat, in their off ret upon the |m( f?r preerrrltig and improving the eight in c ?n tinned writ Ir.r V.rnt rending fthcrt-rlgliti'd per*? nr, and tlmee ope rated en for ( attract ftn also le stilted. 11(. itiwrrf* r i w fin****, of supenor tjnalitf, in Id frame BJ.U Aollcit* tllC pu troll**! of *11 111 of I.|> artinlc. I.I wpni lit' II 1'f , t . * ?( 1? : r?, OI .1 ' (I r (.,'.1 ! slt'oi. '' U.'i r IU'lIJ lit' ???i^??? Jll ? NKWS PRINTING, BOOK. WRITINO. HARDWARK I AND WRAPPING P\PKH. 1 1* K K SSK A N 1) 1JKOOK S. 1 PAPKR MANL'KAtTl 11KH8 AND DKALKRS, ' Wahiiioi h): 0.1 ani> 07 N\***e ?TN?-rT, N. Y. Mills al lyivilsor Lock*, Conn. t rpilE mi) nriler* have ronetantly on hand a large A<?ort1 uient nil kinds of New*. llonk, lYritiu*, Hardware, mid WraMOUK nutl Trunk, Straw, anil llonnct Hoard*. 1, nt all kiin'a and qualities. auitable both fur the New York ana ,1 Southern market. 'H i* Paper manufactured at their Mill* in equal to any other now* printing in the uiarkut, of HtronR testure and fabric, t(, and i't uniform color. Their nrrmtements with other manufacturer* are euoli a* will enable tliem to till order* for any kind of |>apcr dcxirnd . by tlu-ir euetnmer* at the ehortent notieo. uhl3 Hi '? r.'tiss's cnviiuiiivn i ytk a< "r OK YELI.OW DOCK AND 8AK8APAKILLA. FOR THK C\ UK OK KIIEI'RATISM. SCROFULA. EltYSl 1'K.I.AS, VIMTLES OR Dlir SKASK.S OF T11E SKIN, SAI.T RHEUM, u TETTER, El'Mil AGO, DISEASE OF THE SPINE. M KK( T HI A I. A DISEASE, DROPSY, VENEREAL DISEASE, ND all those chronic afflictions which arise from an impure tut? of th? Mootl, or of tbil 1/ltjNBt Al-o, ft? un equalled im-dicine for Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Bilious Diseases, Tile*. Ike. rJ Tliii trvlj scimtlflc ind vuliuble remedy, not having been *a advertised much, is not an extensively known as tbo various l" "Quart Hotllo Decoctions," under the name of Sarsuparilla. which flood the market; hut its virtuof are well appreciated by hundreds of sufferer* in this city, who have experienced its remarkably Itcncfkinl effect*. It is a very strong vegetable extract, put up in a beautiful i!0 ounco pannol bottle, and is , much cheaper than any of tho advertised remedies' as each % hottlo contain* twice the number of doses of these. In fact, we positively a thru* that a person 9t COULD NOT BUT se At regular prices, tlie ingredients of this remodv, and make "il one bottle at the price we sell it at; and it is only by tnatiu|. faeturiug i" large quantities, and with the anticipation of the . great .sale which its superiority will induce, that we are ona bled to make it so concentrated for the regular price. The ,p remedy was first prepared in the apothecaries'department of ,1 the New York Medical College, and before it was introduced ,n to the public, was used extensively by the eminent surgeon, l0 Dr. V. MOTT, in the cure of those obstinate chronic complaints which from his eminent position he was so often called upon to treat. This gentleman s well known opinion of the superiority of Yellow Dock to Sarsuparilla, or any other popular vegetable alterative, is well known and has often been _ publicly proclaimed in his lectures. This fact, con joined with _ the hitter complaint* of those who have been humbugged, and i disappointed with the efleets of the over puffed sarsaparilla, will induce tho afflicted to eousult their own interest rather , than the unprincipled quack*, and HM a medicine which ha* n received the sauotion of our best physicians. Trice SI per " bottle; six for $5. A. II. QOUGYI k CO., 149 Fulton street. Wholesale Agent*. - GOl'GITS CONSERVE OK CUBK11S, RED HOSES AND 8ARSAPARII.LA. ' Thrtsc who have licen no indiscreet as to havo contracted " Gonorhoca, who suffer from seminal wnkncm or auycom | hunt of the urethra, will And a safis and speedy cure in thia ivnicdy. it in a strung extract of the above medical elements, < oiiihini'd with Homo otherH whose buiioflcial action upon dls1 asm of the mucous lueiuhrane ia but little known to the faculty. It acts constitutionally upon those diseases, removing the complaint and its cause at the same time. It is a safe, though efficient remedy, and is free from ono ohjection to all similar remedies, being free from swell and pleasant to the taste. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by ,r A. 11. UUUG11 St Co., 119 Pulton street, ' Fourth door from llroadway. i* Price 50 per box. ap3-lSt* all who des1h e health, itead ! SItiURlSON'S EXTRACT OF .SAK8APAK1LI.A. "Medicine, at times, is as necessary to lieultli, particular_ ly wlicru the hlood is disordered, as food is ro<|ttirvd to sup. port the animal functions."?Aiikmnktiit. t RTOKRISON'S SAHSAl'Alt 11.I.A.?This is no now article, 1(J J" A nor is it presented to the publicwith a noisy announcement ^ or flourish of trumpets. In liis course of husinuss in the l>rn(t i nud Medicine line, now extending oyer a period of forty years jj itTNtW t oik, lie has prepared this EXTRACT OK NARSA,,r ill LI.A, from a formula much used and admired by our "r dll) standard physicians. t, Ry them it is highly recommended to the public, in alt com> plaints and corruptive diseases of the Rh.od, ,11 Dyspepsia, Want of Appetite, I- Affection of tho layer, Mental Depression, e, Scrofula, Over Cso of Mercury, Ulcer* and Cancers, II General Disarrangement of the System. Consumption, it Weakness of the Uodv, Pains in tho Kidneys, it Palpitation of the Heart, Sourness n Of the Stomach, and Chronic Diseases, and all Complaints. ?i to female8 'f 11 csnnot he held in too high estimation. a trial of an article is better than any argnmeut, and this is all that is required >' in the use of MORRISON'S EXTRACT OF SAKSA PA Kl l<~ LA, to prove to the publio that this is a genuine specifio, for " what lie enumerates, made from puru Rrasil Sarsaparilla, at n n price where oconomy is combined equally with hoalth. The bottles are of tho largest sire, sold at only SEVENTY ?f FIVE CENTS EACH, OK KOCH DOLLARS PER HALF DO/EN. Kcmcinhor the well knowu old establishment, where it ia prepared and sold. JOHN C. MORRISON. 7 Apothecary and Druggist, N'o. fid Greenwich at, ' mhl.VlSt* North lliver Side, New York. i ~ "muIuFay's fluid camphor, PR SPA USD I'HIIKR Tils: IMMKIllATK SUPKRIV TK.V llgWCK OF TII? niM'iivsstH, sin jaiiu MiRitAv. This restorative is one of the most valuaIde remedies derived from the vegetable kingdom, and ia found particularly beneficial iu the treatment of fevers, dysentery. mllllRM and nervous complaints, nausea, loss of appetite, eruptive diseases, sea sickness, and in effectually relieving the > crumps and contortions of spasmodic cholera. It invigorates 1 without exciting the circulation, rallies the spirits, ohcers the '> mind, cotiipo?c* the nerves, ami disposes to sleep those who otherwise would have been restless. ' This perfect and elegant fluid is free from any spirituous adl mixture, and of the proper strength for immediate use?a wine-glass lull, taken onus or twice a imy, is a most euectuai pcsvtntivs against cholera, or other contagious diseases It " bar been strongly recommended to emigrant* to new countries. n< a fortifier of the system against all disorders incidental to change of climate. The above valuable preparation ran be procured at No. 1K3 Uroadway, of all respectable druggists, and wholesale of the proprietor'* agent, 1IKNRY T. ClIAI'MAN. 77 Fulton street, near Hold. N. II.?As a mark and precaution, please observe that the directions on the bottle* of this Fluid Camphor are stamped, i with the inventor's naine, in red ink. JAMES MLiKKAY, 11.D., T. C. D? and Edinburgh, a tnh2H 4t* I DR. JEFFRDSS* ANTIDOTE ~ I IB THi; MOST EFFECTUAL. PREPARATION IOI.D FOR GONORRHOEA AND OTFR DISORDERS OF T1IK SKXl'AI. ORGANS. 0 f ONG cxpcrionce lias proved that it will radically cure J-A any cane. This desirable result is obtained in from two 4 to ton Jays ; and as it neither creates nausea nor offends the palate, and renders unnecessary any deviation in diet or interruption to usual pursuits, sound sleep or healthy digestion, the nuisance is thus removed i?s speedily as in consistent with the production with a thorough and permanent care. Its ingredients are entirely vegetable, and no injurious effect, . either constitutionally or locally, can he caused by its use.? " l*rice One Dollar f?er bottle. Sole agent for this city, inl>27 12t? G. 11. RING, 11*2 Broadway, oor. John st. FOR TIIE PILES. t' J)H UPHAM'S ELECTUARY, AN Internal Remedy, is a certain cure for the Tiles, either internal or external?bleeding or blind. Sold wholesale n and retail only in this city at tho office of the original propri|,u it??r, A. UFIIAM, M. lb, a regular educated physician of j twenty years' experience, confined to an office where Pilos ? and Chronic diseases were successfully treated. Medical Office, IVHi Bowery, four doors al?ove Spring street. Office l^f honrs from 7 A. M. to Si P. M. Advice trans. mh20 l.'ft* CANCUALAOUA TKH'MFHANT! I,d I' THE (1 RAFEENliVR(I COMPANY. re XJ EH YORK. Feb. IT.'. 1*49.?My Psar Sir? Please send mo I" i bottle or tv* of I MNktlsgm. Mf wife bus boon an itiof vulid fur }ear?, uud lis* had the verjr l.rit medical treatment, n. but to no avail. A fortnight ago last Sunday. I told Iter that a- she had beet try the < aucnalaguu; she did, and ha* been tmn. proving rapidly ever slnre. She say* it i? the Canehnlagua liu that lias (Inlie it. and nothing clue. Dealer, though I lie in is. 1'ntcnt Medicines, she will give yuu one of your very beet certs tiflcateii. ller disease was t'lironie Hrnnehitis. ly Truly yours, J. T. marshal!,. h F. a. cat, Ek?. >r fatter from TAomat SAatr, y.sq., one of our oldest merit. thants engaged in the trade with the Western Coast of y America, trell known in tAe United States, from Ais ran\ veetion uitA tAe Ainerican Itaptist Missionary Union. li __ _ Itosroiv, April 17, IH4-S. neon mr?lull inform me nim you um- pi- jji? ? retract from a well known medical plant growing in California, (filled Cnnchalagnn, and request ue to atata what I know in relation to it* propertied. K Having la-en engaged in commercial transaction*, and apont i. many years on tne coast of California, it may bo presumed r that I had become somewhat acquainted with th? plant in question, and I hud known something of its superior merit*. I confess that I hare not given it that attention that many t others have, yet, notwithstanding, I uiay venture to haiard an opinion. A* to its effects, from personal experience, liav. nig never made use of it ; yet from witnessing it* i-ITects on " others, and knowing the high estimation in which it is held by the people of California, and also by many individual* of thia I' country, I hesitated not to say, that in my opinion it is one ' of the most valuable and certain specilic* for Intermittent 7' Covers yet brought In-fore th? public, and as a tonin it stand* |. unrivalled; also as a purifier of the blood it may claim pro!' eminence. Ill this ago of nostrums and specifics for the cure of all diseases, it would seoin of doubtful expediency to bring any now pn partition before th? eouiniiinity, but in tlio Kxtract of Cani halngua there can be no risk, as. ence brought Into use, no family would consent to he without it. That you may meet with the oneouregenn-nt which the introduction of this highly d beneficial preparation deserve*, is the sincere wish of your n obedient servant, THOMAS SIIAIf. ii- li 13 Ct $500 RKWAKD?('BOSS1 8W IKK MIXTURK VOK TilF, I IKK ?>? (iO.NOKKIKKA, OLEKTS, STRI0-T turee and analogoui complaiuti of tlio organ* of generation. j Of all remedied yet discovered for the abort complaints, this is the most certain. It makes a speedy snd permanent enre, without the least restriction to diut, drink, exposure, or change, iu application . to l iu-inces. Vt e give no long nuackish recommendations to deceive the j public. If the medicine does tint speak for itself, no one -hall speak for it. flnr ol-Jict is to notify where it can be had, and the propictor challenges a sin, of recent (lonorrhoea to he brought in which the mixture- will not effect a rapid cur*, under a forfeiture of $.*s*h This is a disease that unfortunately pervades all classes of society?high, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and single. , They are lu re presented with a remedy by which they can cure themselves without the least exposure, in tlio shortest time possible. Farther, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the 51 ix11 re I* taken at night on going to bad when cxpOM-d. Ii is put up in bottles with full direction* accompanying it. at tl a bottle. One bottle lasts a week, wlnufi generally I cuiec?many arc cured iu two day*. hold at the drug aloro, 175 Hroadway, Irving Ilunae, corner of Chambers street. mid?-bit* 800,000 l?OTTI*K3, DR DKWIlT I KKI.1,1 NOKR'S LINIMKJfT. ft | nRAkLv or Have been sold without a mi Ktirit IT IS WARRANTI D IN AM. CASES TO ERADICATE 1 paint of every nature, and heal nil manner of aoren and f rui?oH. Itinpnlnpin large hottlea. it mild, fragrant nod nut onl.lo. Tlio very email 'quantity re'l'1iroil In he taken, rondera it ten tiniaa cheaper than any other Article is the market. At a plain nod convincing proof of ll.u above, it liaa round THOUSANDS of the licit and moit nkillul men in the oonntrjr to lay down all other remediaa uted liy thain fmin SO t" 10 yearn, and nac thin great remedy on all required occasion!, a? the Pent and cheapeat to he found?among ? hnin w? ar" proud of the honor of referring to Hon. M. H. (Irinaell, Hon. R V. ( arman. lion. Robert JI.Morrlt, Br. William t.. Morria, Hot Morht, Mr. I Jiunes Itathgale. In rontinuatlnn. wo hare oar Irringn, (V?ntarr, I.lvlngitOM, llamiltonn, Janrwayn. Depoea. Rays, l,ndf loan, Itradhornta. leirillardt, Sehermerhorna, ke Itc. In short, ninc-tentha of the elite of New York and many other citiea, tironotinie it tlio esiating wonder of the age. Among the world'! brightest, moat expcri?u-ed horwinen, wo have llirnm Woodruff, William Wheel an, (ieorgo Spieer Ik Itrotl ert A (Vnklln, D. liryant, Jamen l.evenn. .In nil Somerenriyki W I. Itenl.jSaml Sagno, W m. D. Sparks, Win Cowan. N. If.?If any further proof wore nccessar?, wo win aua that u u used ! ) ever/ principal stago line the Harlem road, and yiiii/ oth r Ur)(e (om]?iiirHf tho Hull'* Head, and )>y ail the prim I pal livery and ?x< hango stable* throughout the cllv and , country generally. To Le had always genuine of S. INiiKK , ,W(>D t. itliO'l JiKR. VI li<>l"-nU Ih-uggixtA,?f> Pearl street, or of the proprietor, who can 1*? seen at the central depot, TattermUs, 4 W? Hrowdwuy, at all hours in tho day. It can also he had at / M. Quimhy 'a fancy store, It road war; at the llarh fii l<ai)roa?l utficvr*; of Mcmim. Ilarincr, llays k 173 , l'i 1 street, and most of the wholesale saddlers and druggists, a< tl.? r with many wbolrale and retail grocers, throughout 11 * it> an. < <>nlit i v generally?at ? cents; fl per doton; fit |?r i ro> r, ftpio - u? p?Tgross. t **li ar<n'i?-4 can be had >i *?1! parts of the world, 1-y ad sauting ?uo-third cash. I.otitis luUot hv paid. In\ktj 13t CONSUMPTION CURED DAILY. rn.MON AKY CONST MITION OK TIIK VV OUST CI.ASS IS DAII.T CI'RKI) HV I?R. HASTINGS' COMCOIM) SYRl'l' OK NAI'llTIIA, TIIK OM.Y KNOWN ? <>NS!'M!*TION. TIIF. MFHM'AI. FACCl.TY, AM W F.I.I. AS TIIR I'UBlir. arv sliuck willi wonder at the numerous cure? made daily lytlii* entrain dinary medicine, and ia now ackniwli ilni-d ly iniiiijf uf cur moat eminent physicians to Le a certain and i |h i dy cure for tubercular Consumption, in ita worat stages. It line been recommended by that eminent physician, Hr. Mctt, and is constantly used in the Marine Hospital at Muvnimah, Ca., ly 1 >r. Arnold, the senior physioian of the llospilnh The l.ondon l.nnrct. Isiudou Medical Journal, limit hw ait <-'? Ketmspcct. and all other of the l.ondon Medical Journals, bate spoken in praise, many tunes, of the surprising i t!e< ts or l)K HASTINGS' PREPARATION. It ha* been thoroughly tried, not only in the Hospital under the charge ol In Hastings, in l.ondon. but also by all the first physicians ot Knglnnd, and all liavo fully endorsed it a* an unrivalled remedy in Consumption, and all other diseases if t lie I ungs. Tha following uie a few of the opinions ezpreared by Hie Medical Faculty of Kngluud. Dr. Williamson, of Mund.crter, tins writes: I NDEIt ITS INFLUENCE. " 1 bate seen the i mm dated being, on wliose trow death had acouicd to have set liis real, aeuuire invigoration and strength ?nnd exchange Ida early iiiuriilug* of intenso slithering and distressing lough, for the ealin repose which alone accompanies sound health." 1)K. WARE, OF I.IVEIU'OOI,. Says?" 1 regard Hustings' Syrup of Naphtha as nno of the first Medical discoveries of any age, and consider its agency in curing Consumption aa established beyond all doubt or ijtieation." l)r. lloyil, of l.auengter. "Hails it as Ihe great consumptive antidote and cure;" and l>r. Hamilton, of llath, pronounces it " the only known remedy which muy ha frolied on for removing tuberous from the lungs, and preventing formation ot ot hers." A single bottle will prove its eflieaey. All the proprietor ash* is thu trial of one bottle, the action of which will prove to the patient the virtue of this medicine. C'ouglis, colds, bronchitis, declines, asthma, night sweats, nnd spitting of blood are cured in a surprisingly short space of time: the severest colds having yielded to the treatment of the Naphtha Syrup iu the short *|i*ce of forty-eight hours.? James Western, of I'untiau, Michigan, was attacked with spitting of blood, and could obtain no relief until ho tried HASTINGS' NAPHTHA, which stopped it in half an hour. To enumerate all thu ourus performed ny this mcdiciuc would occupy a voluuiu : the accompanying have been selected by the American Agent, from a mass of certificates and letters which have been received by him. N'vACtt, Rockland Co., N. Y., Sept. 5, ln4S. XI A T-* It A u ii u.,is_Sir : I wrilit to inform von of the nf feet your Syrup hits had upon iny wife. Slio has boon afflicted with the worst form of Consumption for two year*, and had levn Riven no )>y two pliyslciaus, when I saw your advertisement of ltr. Basting's Compound Syrup of Naphtha. Being impressed with it, 1 bought oue bottle, which had so beneficial au efleet that she persevered in tho use of it.? When she cumuieueed taking it, she was confined to her hud, hut is now euuhled to ho up and attend to her household duties, and I feci eoutiduot that the uso of a few more hottlos will entirely cure her. 1 would also add, that uiy brother's child hail been afflicted with a bud cough from its earliest infancy, aud I was induced to try tho eflect of tho Naphtha Syrup upon her. 1 did so, and tho use of half a bottle completely eu rod her. You are at liberty to uso this letter at your discretion. Kuspcrtfiilly. JOHN G. PERKY. Head the following, frain one of the first Physicians in tho country. 'J'lie Agent has received the following letter from I?r. T. II. Mason, so well known as tliv leading pliyaioiau of New Orleans: Krw Ori.basi, Fob'y7, 1*49. Mn. M. A. F. Harrison?In answer to yours of thefeth January, 1 inform you that owing to tho high repulatiuu of Dr. Hastings. I was induced to try this Najditlia Syrup (of which you aro tho ageut) in several cases or pulumiiary consumption, and was much surprised at tho result. Incvury case after taking the first bottle, the patient felt greatly relieved, and tho tubercles stopped forming, aud those already formed began to be removed. Every case 1 have uow under treatment 1 consider iu a fair way to recover. In haste, yours, J. 11. MASON, M.D. Principal Office, 111! Greenwich street, corner of Liberty, N. York. Price $1 per bottle?6 bottles fur (3. mhZ7 lot* CHEAT SPK1NG MEDICINE. GAY'S EXTRACT OF CANC11ALAGUA, A CALIFORNIA?! PLANT Of rare medicinal virtues. PUBLICLY ADMITTED 11V Dlt. TOWN.SEND, JIANUfaeturer of " Townaoud's Sarsaiiarilla," To be " Far better than Sarsaparilla," A CURTAIN PRKIKNTIVE AND CURB FOR CONSUMPTION, Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Asthma, Bronchitis, Scrofula, Gout, Khcuuiatism, Neuralgia, Erysipelas, Lumbago, Paralysis. i'leurisy, Juuudico, Dyspepsia, Uostivouoss, Dysentery, Dropsy, Liver Complaints, Piles, Bilious Cuiuplaiuts, Nervous Affections, Cutaneous Disorders, FEVER AND AGUE, Fevers in general, Hemorrhages, Fluxes. Obstructions, Increased Discharges, Depraved and Defective Appetites, Indigestion, and all diseases originating in CONSTIPATION OF THE BOWF.LS, OR IMPURITY OF THE Hl.OtiU. or which tend to enervate the system. It gives tono ami vigor to the Digestive Organs, and Is remarkable for its Animating, Strengthening, and Kcstoratiro Puwer*. Taken in tho spring, or fall of the year, it is invaluable as a Family Medicine, in preparing tho system to sustain thu changes of our climate. As io> mineral siilmtanco whatever enters into the composition of this medicine, it insy be offered to the most delicate female, or youngest child, without apprehension. An immense number of persons have used the celebrated Cnnelialagua of California, since Its very recent introduction into this country by Mr. Gay : and they all coneur iu stating tliut ono of its most astonishing properties is its immediate mid effectual action upon the blood. A freer and more rapid circulation is at once produced, and the slightest wound will readily *prus e how liquid and puro thu blood at once becomes. Its action is felt through every vein of thu body, with thu most invigorating power; it is nut liks bleeding, which>.s the system bv conveying from it only tho purer aud muro 1 i<iuiti limpid blood, and leave* its stagnant and vitiated particle* behind; nor like transfusion and injection, which mid to it a fluidity at the expellee of its quality; but it creates, as it were, a new and healthy blood, and imparts new I to ami action to every part of tho body. 80 long us the blood is pure and healthy, no infection, however malignant, can take deep hold of the system, and the SPASMODIC C II O I, E K A may, through its use, he deprived of its malignant character. 'I oe terror of tuvcr and ague, in crossing tho Isthmus of Panama, and at the _______ GOLDREGIONS, needs no longer to exist; for a single bottle of the Canchalagoa will break up and eradicate this dreaded disease, even if of long standing. A single bottle of tho samo will be found to contain one-third more dozes than a i|uart bottle of Sarsaparilla, whilst, from its condensed form, the freight en tho same will not ho olio-fourth as much; hesidos this, it contains no syrup or ingredient likely to ferment and sour in warm climates. CANOIIALAOUA vs 8A118APAH1I-I,A. The annexed i.etter, from an eminent i.aityer, is made public by the proprietor of liny's C'anehulaf;ua. us a ln*t tribute to the extraordinary virtues of this Caifuruia plant;? Northampton, February 7, 1&I9. Dear Sir?I have long wished to see yon, that 1 might give you tin nccurate account of tho remarkable cure of my only daughter, of a violent case of scrofula. She is now almost three years of age. In February last, putrid sores upon the lips, face, and glands made their appearance, and increased with fearful rapidity; one of her eyes became so badly ulcerated, tliat to all apiiearance it could nover again be restored. This continued for six weeks, the child being a most horrible sight, and the heart* of her parents almost broken. During the whole of this period we used Sarsaparilla in large quantities. but tho disease was not arrested in the least. While the disease was still at its height, 1 happened one day to call at the store of your icry gentlemanly agent in this place, ami relating the manner in which our child was afllictcd. he advised me to make a trial of your Cauchalugua. I took bat une bottle, lift*nig no confluence in is ; out I'lmnncnnii giving it according to your directions, stopping nll other medicine* At once; anil in just tiro days the swelling visibly decreased, the nicer began to heal, and alio improved rapidly fur three wnks, and, to our very great joy, was apparently cured? less than ,twu bottle* lowing been need. Naming this cam to eouie of our incredulous friends, they seonied to think the cure must in part have been effected by the use of the Sarsaparillu ; and it was not easy, under the circumstances, to argue against that opinion: but nuw for the proof. H hen the child appeared to bo |>erfectly cured,w e stopped jiving her your extract, supposing all was safe; but in tweuty-nro days the same eruptions, running at the cyo, and swelling hull nil to return. Wo waited five days to see if it would amount to anything serious. It increased rapidly as before. M o again ronuoeni ril giving her your medicine, and in tiro days, (the same in-riod of tiine as before.) she began to grow better; and in about two works was well ngain. W? continued giving the extract for three or four weeks longer, and then stooped its use entirely. From that day to this, the child has been perfectly well, and is now as hue a picture of health as was ever seen; not a sesr or pit remain* to mar her b -auty. My father, Isaac Hodges, of North Adams, Mass., a physician, came to sec us, with the intention of presorting for her, hut as *>o volr using your medicine with success, and the child improving rapidly, he did not condemn it, hut loft his own prescription to l>e used in case your extract failed. It is needless to add, that we bad no occasion for it, and I am sure lie will now recommend your medicine in similar eases. As for myself, 1 ask of every one who has any affliction of this kind to make a trial of your invaluable ('anohalauuit, and 1 am certain they will be rewarded tenfold. IIOItACR J. IIOIXIES. To Krkiikrick A. Oar, Esip, proprietor of Gay's Canehalagua, Jti ilroadway, New York. From H. II. WmSLOW, Esq., banker, .12 Wall street. Ntw York. Sopt 14.1AM. To Frederick A. Gay, F.sq.: My Dear Sir;?I cheerfully comply with your request In acknowledging with others, the benefit which 1 have derived from the use of your Extractor ('auclmlagua, or California 1'lant. It* ifleets upon my system are evident anil gratifying, and have inilucidme to recommend its use to my friends, and I am pleased to assure you, that in no instance have 1 been disappointed in its ithcaey. I do not hositnte in my confidence in its remarkable medicinal quail ties, to statu that I believe it will be feund to be an excellent remedy in most cases of diseases of the livnr and kidneys, in pulmonary affections, and nlso in the purification of I lie liluoil kc. Unit y our merit iu the introduction of this invaluable plant may be appreciated, is the sincere wish of Yours, Sincerely, R. II. W IffSLOir. (From the Sunday Times.J Ogv'a Can< na 'Aot; a.?If Mexico had never prod need anything more valuable i',? plant from which this preparation is made, we should .7?t inclined tn despise It. for We are satisfied that Gay's Candia?**"?'? <* the moat valu.v ble medicines which has been adi.""' to the pharmaeoprrlt within the present century. Wa menu what we say?for it* efforts have been tested under our own rye, with the most uiq using and beneficial results, in a case of confirmed bronOhitts. DETOT?36 Ilroadway; wholesMc agents, Itiishton, Clark k Co., A. 11. Ik U. Nanus, J. fit IV. Tenfold &, Co., ilaviland, Ke so It To. Sold at retail by the leading apothecaries in Hroadvay, and throughout the lit/. in 13 I3t * HOGLK'S HYPKHION FLU III, ~ IS NOW CON8IDBKP.ll 1>j thom> who nee it, tho beet nrtii le lor the llitir it or inronted, and ii indiapuniioble ot th? Indue' toilet. It entirely Henra the ikin from ?eurf mid dwi- i dmff, nnd l.jr iu tonic nnd etimulnting qunlitiee, enure* it hrnitliy action in the blood \ cruel I, ocrvo, tit., which feed the linir, thereby preventing Imldnni nnd ;;rey bnir. AtTHOHITATIVK P.V'IDr.NcK 1'rom L)r, Wimiow I.iwu, one of the uio*t eminent I'hy icinn* of Ilotton. lion-rot, Feb. 15, 1547. Ilr. Wm. nor.t r. Sir?The preparation Invented by ynn fur the hnir, h?j been extoneiiclj u?*d in my family fur ?umc time, nnd tl.ejr give it the decided preference orer nil other compo- 1 nitione of the kind, 1 It invigorate* and benutinc* the hair, nnd elenrf the akin of ' nil impuritir*. without producing liny nltimnto drietorioul ! i ffcote, w hlch ?re no frequently the renult of ninny well known tented compound*. ' lint ing le i o thoroughly tented, nnd it* p'lmlntion fairly rrfnhlirhed, n> the hcrt nrtiele known for the human hnlr, it inn) le eupertloue, (till I cniinot reiiet the opportunity to ndd j to othrri the name of your obedient eereitnt. WIN SLOW l,K WIS, Jr. Permit, wholcetle nnd retivil by llonvri. A. II. (It I). Snuda, ' Kin Pel ten ttreet. corner of Willmm ; Hurhton L'lnrk, k Co.. 110 nnd 273 Itroedwny. To Im obtained of the proprietor nnd ' manufacturer, |Wm. Ilogle. 277 Waahlngton rtreet, Ikntnn; end of tlie principal Drvggiat* nnd I'erlumor* in the United 1 Hatva and (annua. nifiju iji* (IJHKIWOira VENTILATING OR OOflBAMKR WHIS, SCALPS, AM) LADJKH 1IKAD IUIK.S.SLH, STA M) jrv-ftnincnt hI.??\ n all oUirm in tin* world. An 01* in niation v??11 |?r'?vp tliix no rgntintical bwwK. Thedr pcrulim lt*)it, \* utilutlnu nnrl goiiraiiu'r uliarartrr. tlivir being ? 1 i? 1?d and to tlio I.?-;%< 1 exactly ft > tlio natural liair ruwa mctj hair bitInt Hit iMwuraaei ol lamaing froai tbo fbin, t!.t Ir d u?tlflty. mi|Krlority of material ltd worku**n?M|>; tlieir at>l?? of tininh and mode c?f arrangement, form ?i0h a ?i mtir. iti'<n of Improffmmt*, that all <?iin|?clcut Judge* I n\c )'iniiimnwil t)?em IVfrrt II**?1m of llair. Mr: i im rn : it- (nailed to lns|H*ct them, whettmr from wirloeity, i/r a ?i li tl.o intention to ftorcliaar. I'rif#* wnlerue.

17*' !? !' * '?}, ?| i' Htlto )lo# irvl .? llatcL , ti l.iJ:>C DR. TOWNS END'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OK 8AR8APARILLA. wownm ami hi.kmi.mi or tiik ac.k. TIIK MOST KXTHAORIHNAKV MED1CINB IN TUB WOULD. Thit Kilt act it put up in Quart Hot ties; it ii til timri Cheaper, I'lea tattler, and warranted taper tor to any told. It curet without vomiting, purging, vifkenitie. or ilrljilitatin* thf jmtirnl TIIF. pri'ftt I eauty su|>erliirity ?f this Sarsaparilla over nil ul) 11 medicine, is tliat \? 11iI it eradicates the disease, it iiirigorutis the body. It in one of the very best SPRING ANI) SUMMER MEDIC INKS eti-r known; it not only purities the whole system, and ticiigl eon the person, lint it creates new, pure, ami rich bluml, a power possessed hy no other inediciiie. Ami in thin lien the lira id set ret ?f itn wonilerfnl nuueenn. It han performed within the limt five yearn more than lUU.tWU enren of nerure eanen of disease; at leant 1A.UIM were oonnlderod incurable. It han invid the lives of more tliau S.UUU children during the two pant neanoue. 10,Ub Casks or OmrnAt, Dkhii.ity Ann Want or NtHvoei Knkiiuv. Dr. Towtinend's Sumaparilln invigorates the whole nyatem permanently. Te thoM wke ktM wl lltlr biniIii wm I y the efleetn of medieine or indiscretion committed in youth or the excessive indulgence of the pannionn, and brought on a general physical prostration of the uervottn system, laasituile, wnut of auiliitieii, fainting sennntioun. premature decay and decline, humming towards that fatal disease, connumption, can j.o entirely restored hy thin pleasant remedy. Thin Sarrupnrilla is far ruiierior to any INVIGORATING GORDIAL, as it roucw* and invigorato* the system, gives aetivity to the limbs, and sticiigth to the muscular system, in a most extraordinary degree. CONSUMPTION CURED. Cleanse and strengthen. Consumption cau lie cured. Uroneliitis, Consuniptioii, l.iver Complaint, (.'olds, Catarrh, Coughs, Asthma, Npittiug of lllood. Soreness ill the Chest, llectio Mush, .Night Sweats, difficult or profuse Kxpeetoration, Pain in the Side, itc., havo been and can be cured. SPITTING BROOD. Nkw York, April 2S, 1<M7. Dr. Towsnx?r,?I verily believe that your Sarsaparilla has hecn the means, through Providence, of saving my life. 1 have, for suveral years, had a bad cough. It became worse lind worse. At last 1 raised large quantities of blood, bad night sweats, and was greatly debilitated and reduced, and did not expect to lire. I hare only used your Sarsaparilla a short time, and there has a wonderful change been wrought in me. 1 am now able to walk all over tliu city. 1 raise no blood, and my cough bus left me. Yuu can well imagine that I am thankful for these results. Your obedient servant, WM. KbSSJSDD, ti5 Catharine street. FEVER AND AGUE. l>r. Townscud's Sarsaparilla is unequalled in eases of the Chills and Pever and Ague. The following letter is only one of hundreds tliut we bare received from llio iSuuth aud "West of like character. Osw too, Mich., Oct 22, 1847. Dn. Towmwu-Dear Sir,?i purchased for my wife two bottled of SSarsuparilla of jour agent, -Mr. HoNair, of Kulalusiuu, to trj it lor tli? fever aud Ague. Jlefore 1 hud fiumhed the firm bottle, it appeared to warm the blood, and ever/ other daj, when the Chills and fever appeared, they were lean violent; au<l before alio bad tiniahed the bottle, alio waa entirely relieved, and she uaa mueli better than she had been Lufore ahe took the Ague. A ladj that had been very siuk with the I hills and fever, but had bruke them with quinine, ami was left iu a very weak and diatreaaiug atatu, and trouI led exceedingly with the Ague t ake, seeing the effect that it had on uij wife, ahe sent uud procured a tew bottles, and it restored her iu a few wreeka to complete health. Your Saraapurilla ia, without doubt, uiiuquullcd in diaeitaua iueidout to the Weal, and if you think thut tliia conimuuieatiou will ho of use, you are at liberty to use it na you choose. Yours respectfully, t'HAKLKS 11. SWAIN. RHEUMATISM. This is only one of more than four thousand oitaoi of Rheumatism that i>r. Yowuaend's Sursaparilla lias cured. The most severe and chrouiu eusea are weekly eradicated by its extraordinary virtues. Jaiucs l ummings, Esq., oue of the assistants in the I.unatio Asylum, llliiekweH's Island, is the gentlemau spoken of in the lollowing letter:? Jli.acxwn.i.'e Isi.anii, Sept. 14, 1817. 1 >r. Tow'snkmii : Hear Sir?1 have suffered terribly for nine years, with the Klieuuiatiam ; conslderabla of the time 1 could not rut, sleep, or walk. I had tliu utmost distressing pains, and my liuibs were terribly awollen. 1 have used fuur buttles of your Sursaparilla, uud they have duuu luomure than one thousand dollars worth of good. I am su much bettor? indeed, 1 am entirely relieved. 1 ou are at liberty to use tbil, tor the beueht of the uttlicted. Yours, respectfully. J A M118 CCMAUNUS. FITS ! FITS I FITS ! I>r. Townseud, nut having tested bis Sursaparilla In cases of hits, of course never reeoiumuudod it, nud was surprised to receive the following, from alt intelligent and respectable farmer, iu Westchester County;? Koriihavi, August 13, 1817. Dr. Townskmv : Ihiar Sir?1 have a little girl, seven years of age, who has been several years uttlicted with Fits; wo tried almost every thing for her, but without suueess; at last, although wo could bud no recommendation in our circular, fur cases like hers, we thought, as she was in very delicate health, we would uivu her some el' your Sursaparilla, uud aru very glad wo did, for it not only restored her streugtii, but she has nud no return of the Fits, to our great pleasure and surprise. She is fast buaumiug rugged aud hearty, fur which we feel grateful. Yours, respectfully, JOHN lib'TLEU, Jr. FEMALE MEDICINE. Dr. Towuscnd's Sursaparilla is a sovereign and speody core for lusipient Consumption, Karreiiucss, f'ridapsus U ten, or lulling ol' thu Womb, Costivuuess, 1'iles, Leueurrhura, or tt lutes, obstructed or difficult .Menstruation, Incontinence of I rino, or involuntary discharge thereof, nud for the general prostration of the system?no matter whether the result of luliereut cause or euuses, produced by irregularity, illness, or accident. Nothing can be more surprising tliuu its invigorating effects on the human frame. I'orsous all weakuess and ls?itud?. from taking it. at ouue become robust aud full of ciicrgy, uuilcr its influence; it immediately counteracts thu nervulessncss of the female frame, which is the great cause of liarrcuiit'ss. It will nut he expected of us, in cases uf in delicate u nature, lu exhibit certificates uf cures performed, but wc cau assure the afflicted, that hundreds of cases hare been reported to us. Thousands of cases, where families hare been witbuut children, after using a few buttles uf this invaluable uicdicluu, have been blessed with tine, healthy ufl'.-priug. TO MOT1IK11S AND MARRIED LADIES. This Extract of tfarsaparilla has been expressly prepared in reference tu female cumplaiuts. No female wbu has reasuu to suppuse she is approaching that critical period, " The turn uf life, should neglect to take it, us it is a certain preventive fur uny of the uuiucruiis and hornlde diseases to which females are subject at this time of life. This period may be delated for several years, by using this medicine. Nor is it less who are approaching womanhood, as it is calculated to assist nature, by qnickcuiug the bluud aud invigorating the system, indeed, this uiediciuu is invaluable fur all the delicate diseases to which women are subject. It fiaces the whole system, renews permanently the natural energies, by removing thu impurities of the body, uol su tar stimulating as to produce aubsc<|tient relaxation, which is the case of most medicines taken for fumalu weakness and disease, II) using a few bottles of this medicine, mauy severe aud painful surgical operations may he prevented. GREAT BLESSING TO MOTHERS Sl CHILDREN. It is the sufest and most effectualuiedleinu for purifying tho system and relieving tin sufleriiig attendant upon child-birth, ever discovered, it strengthens both thu mother and child, prevents pain and disease, increases and enriches tbe food; those v?i,o have used it, tluiik it is indisjionsiblu. it is highly useful both beforu aud after confinement, as it prevents diseases attcudiiul upon child-birth?in lostivcuess, files, (lump.-, .Swelling of the Feet, Despondency, Heartburn, Vomiting, fail! in the Hack and l.oins, False fains, Hemorrhage; and in regulating thu secretions and equalising tho circulation, it has no equal. The great bouuty of this medicine is, it is always safe, and the most dcliciite use it most ruei essfnlly; very few cases require any other nimlicino, in sonic a little castor oil, or magnesia, is useful. Exerciso lu tiic open air, and light food, with this medicine, will alwuys insuro a sale and easy confinement. NOTICE TO THE LADIES. Those that imitate Dr. Town solid's Sarsaparilla have invariably culled their stuff a great remedy for females, Ito., Sto., and have copied our bills aud circulars which relate tu thu complaints of women, v ord for word?other men who put up medicines, have, since the great success of l>r. Towusend a I s?rsHi,arilla in coumlaiuts incident tu fuiualus, recommended I theirs, although previously they ?li I nut. A number of tlieso mixtures, pill.', tw, sro injurious to female*, a* tiny aggra>alv Ui.-eu.-i, unit uudcruiiue the constitution. SCROFULA CURED. Tl.i* certificate conclusively proves that thin Saraaparilla has perfect control over the must obstinate diseases of the lilooU. Three persona cureil iu one bouse i? unprecedented. THREE CHILDREN. Dr. Towaswnr? Dear Mr : 1 have tho plea*nre to iuforin you that three of my chihlrcn have been cured of the scrofula by the use of your exocllcnt medicine. Tlmy were afflicted very severely with biul sores: havo taken only lour bottles: it took them away, for which I feel myself uuder great obligation. I ours rrspectfully, ISAAC' W . t'KAl.N, 100 IToostcr street. OPINIONS OF niVSK IANS. Dr. Townaond i? almost daily receiving orders from Physicians in diUrrent parts of the I luon. 'J Ins is to eertily, that we, the nndorsigncd Physicians of thu ( ity ot Albany, have, in numerous eases, prescribed Dr. 'J'owuseiid's Marsaparllla, and bolievo it to be one of tbo most valuable prep.nations in tbe market. II. I'. PULING, M. D. J. WILSON, M. D. It. It. HKIGS. M l>. Ai.axriv, April I, 1M7. 1'. K. KI.JIK.N DOItf, M. D. CUllIOUS CASE OE CONSUMPTION. The following certificates are selected from a large number received this week. Tbe first was kindly forwarded to us by Dr. I'olwell, a respectable physician, of extensive praotico at Oswego, New Turk, llv writes that the Aaraaparllla has performed many turrs, ami the bi tier it is known thu more it is appreciated. His letter can be seen at the other, If any wish to see it. East Dsvraoo, Doc. 10, 1A|7. Dn. Coiwki.l?llear Sir:?Thld is to certify that 1 havs btMin sick number of yenrs with the Consumption, and that tho i ast summer I was so low that my friends thought I onuld not live but a very short time, and by your advice, tliiuking therawasyeta hope left, I coinmono?d taking Dr. Townlend's Sarsapariila, which sooon gave uie relief. I grew better last while taking the Sarsapnrilla. and ain now ablo to be shout tho house and do some work. I owe my recuvery, thus rar, te tho above luedioiue, and l>oli*ve that it saved ine from tbeciave If you choose you uiay forward this statement t* Dr. Townsend. Mrs. MARC.tltKT AftMATRONS. yft, tli* undersigned, an- aoiiuuiutcd with Mrs. Armstrong, tod know Uiv isl ore to be true 4* 11 aii Jans hk.imikiiox, Ki.IXAHKTH, Kmiahkth IIaiilkt, Maht Coos. WONDERFUL CURE. Niw Voit*, Dor. 14, 1,447. Da. Towns** i>~Sir:?Last New Vein*' Day I received as t pieecut two bottles of your .Sarsaparilla. k'or four yean pro Ion* to tliia I on* very ill, ami had not strength to bo ; ibout tlie lioase. I Applied to physician* unil rottld obtain no , elicf, and at t..o tlu.o I uotumcnced taking your 4?rsaparilla, I liad almost despaired of petting uny lietter. The lilood in ny vein* was like rater. I bled stry much at tbo lungs. I , .ail tot ere |>ains in my cheat, and heart, and wish troubled at , anus with something rising in my throat, so that it was Ini- , possible to areak. I diseovord a change for the better, in my , t nlth on Inking 0110 bottle of your isarsnparilln, and In two j seeks aaa ablo to Ivnp about half an hoar at a time, and | H-rscsered in taking your Marsapai ilia. In four wreka I was , 1 lie to go al out the house, and hate bveu ever since remark- , (tlk tig, and attribute the rvoOvery of lilt health vntirvly , 0 y our Sarsaparilla. If this statement will bo the means of j lire. ting others, similarly aflllcteil, to your .Harsaparilla, you ire welc iu?" to uutku it known. Yours, respectfully. II. ttt'MN KK, 7U Vandam street. , CAUTION. 1 Owing to the great success anil imtnenae sain of Dr. Townond'iSaraaparitln, a number of mini who were formerly our I 1 gents, l ate r. inntnoeed making Siu.nnuiilU Hairnets, I '.Iiaira, Ilill. rK, KimM of llook, Stc Tlmy jji n<-r- I ill} |.iil it u|i in ihaMMMi ?h*p? Lotting. and komo orlliain I i?yo ktoli n nnd ru|>ici| our au y?n laanitnU. T1i?j art only rortlilraa imitation*, and aiiould La av.udtd. 1 j hi tt|ml nflitu, \M> 1 ulMin airtot, Sim lluilding, N. V.; I ttuiJii.fe (* lu., f Stair wtrw t, IImUii Droll L. Mom, IU I Sortii >ctoinl nr-nt, II,limitIpliln; JV S. llaiifr, l>ru* vit, iahimor", I'. Ai. i .dan, i Lurlntton: Wri/lit fc < >., I?f < I.Mini til i it .V<>; JtaT> for.tli I'nail atrrot, Albany; mid l ,} nil 'I i j rii.i i|'i'| i.rudKlxia ai d itwrelianla gofiriitlly ' i.r* i I ' tt ti.i I nit. <1 -jini./., II tat Indira ami tlif LM?<l*i , II.lo 1. l? I SCHKNCK'S PULMONICS SYKUP, f ' 'UK (IM,r MKIIHINK WII1CII JIA3 STOOD TUB A X TEST or EXPERIMENT JN AM. CASKS Of fo PULMONARY DISEASE.?'TilK OM.V MB- li DICI.NK or T1IB KIXII THAT CON- of TAINS NO (ALOMEL. OPIUM, OK t; ANV OTIIEK DELETERIOUS tf DKCU.?THE ONLY MKill- c. CINK THAT CAN UK w USED WITIT SAFETY '< AND ADVANTAGE ti JIV CONSUMPTIV E PATIENTS, t? AND OTHERS, Hi SUFFERING UNDER THAT Cl.ASS OF DISEASES, il GENERALLY THOUGHT INCL'HAIIJ.K li IIV THE MEDICAL FACULTY. ti The elements of which this Syrup is composed are simple li Herbs niul Knots, the medicinal properties of which purity tho h< I locd, strengthen the system, Mill give a healthy tune to tho I.units ami Digestive Organs. Its operation upon tho system fr is mild, yet ehcacious; il loosens tho phlegm, which creates so * much difficulty when tight; it reliesos the cough; it assists K1 nature to cx|iCl from the system all diseased matter, by ex- 'I' peetoration, which if retained produces consumption; it ripens ni the mutter in an abscess or tubercle, and then onuses its ox- u| pulsion from the system, at the snuio time toothing the irrita- ?< ted parts, healing tho laceration, and producing a neallhy ao- bi tioii; it regulates tho bowels without trie aid of purgativo medicines; it allays tlie most troublesome cough, without injuring the system as other medicines gem-rally do. > HISTORY OF SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP.?In " one important particular, the incdiciuo hero offered presents stronger claims to public attention than any other preparation * professing to have similar remedial virtue.-.; inasmuch as Joseph H.Schenck, the proprietor of tins Syrup, was actually restored hy it from the last stage of l.'uiisuniLtiou to sound health, ns may be scon from the following abridged history of > his ease. A more particular account of his euro is contained , in a publication called "A History and Description of the j (!' Character and Variety of Consumption," which is distribut- ' I'd gratuitously from tbe i>rim-i|'.il offices Hilda gcuoios of Mr. Schcnck, in almost IVWT pari n tlio country. K10111 tlio facts bore stated and ci rtifiI'd beyond thu p i as 1 - , bility of cavil, it will bo observed that thorn in notliinK merely theoretical or speculative in tlio curative proportion of thin . Syrup. Nothing in titkoii for granted; tlio proprietor offers in advance of a moss of evidence, Ida own oaao, which is remark- , aldo. but bjr no mwi without u iiarallol iu the history of this inodicine; for other euros have hoon performed by it equally .. ruri rising and as well authenticated. It may bo remarked iu passing, however, that the annals of mudiciil suiouoo du not furnish a single inatuiice wherein pulmoiiary disease had boon allowed to proceed so fnr as in the ease or Mr. Schcnck, and was then cured hy medical treatment; in fact, the most mni- w in nt writers among the regular faculty hare stated that such I" n result is impossible, liy uo medicines whatoirer, either re- P< ({ulur or irregular, except Sciikscx's I'ii.munic Sv- | p< Hip, lins such an extreme ease been successfully i ? treated. The reader is hero callod on to observe that hi the testimony offered hy Mr. Schcnck in his own rase and in w others, diflers materially from tlio "certificate system," in "< Kcneral use amonit the venders of patent medinos. Thu per- 1>I sous who certify, subscribe and testify on oath to the merits I1' of this Syi up, are ruul persons, many of whom occupy high t) station, social and political, as will clearly appear frum an M examination of the pamphlet referred tu above, and also from ai wliat follows:? 01 iu the year 1M30, Mr. Sohonck, then rcsidiug iu I'hiladel- te Vhia, was declared by several eminent physicians, among them p' >r. I'lirrish, to bo in one of the obstinate stages of Pulmonary Consumption. The symptoms were appalling, including an w incessant cough, raising of blood, severe pain u> the breast, hectic fever, night sweats, uud, in fact, all' the indications of approaching death. Ilis recovery was universally deemed i in possible, when, with a view tu relieve the distressing syinp- w toms, without presuming to iudulgn in the hope of a cure, ho t,, commenced the use of this mediciuc. Its beneficial effects ,.| were immediately seen. The expectoration became copious, ,., on incredible quantity of yellow matter mixed with clotted t,, blood, waa discharged from tlio lungs, after which bis convalescence was rapid, and to thu amazement of all his ac.iuuiutunces, including the physieiaus, in about thrcu weeks bis ,i health waa perfectly restored. .Sixteen years have passed S( away, and there has been no return of the disease, and Mr. Schcnck is now enabled to attend to his active duties with as much vigor as at any tlmo in his previous lifo. For a more pnrticulur account ot this astonishing euro, sue Mr. Scheiiuk's pamphlet, page S, where thu testimony of many of the princi- _( pal inhabitants of the neiglihorhoud where he lived, including tc members of Congress, Judges of thu Court, other gentlemen v in high office, members of the bar, physicians, merchants, Slu., ito., is adduced to establish tlio whole trniu of facts, so that nut the least doubt can remain in tho minds uf the most skep- ? tlcal. " Tho fame of this cure, which was almost esteemed miracu- i. lous, boon extended to a great distance, and Mr. .Schcnck liar- ft ing become possessor of tho original recipe, and highly iut- ? proved it in the mode of preparation, had so mauy appllca- >. tions for the medicine, that he was at last obliged to devote Jj his whole time to the tuanufaoture. it was fouud that ro- ?i peated oxperiuients, in every variety of pulmonic disease, confirmed all the expectations which the Syrup had raised, and proved that its virtues were muru extensively applicable than liml been anticipated. A great variety of diseases, smno of thein pronounced incurable hy tho most experienced and r. skilful doctors, yielded to the gentle, yet powerful influence of y, the l'ulinonic Syrup. I,] It would require a volume to contain even a brief outline of jf the anmcrous cures which li ivo been effected by tho medicine. The following examples nrc selected from the pamphlet pre- n, pared by Mr. Sehenek for gratuitous circulationj(, BRONCHITIS. <t< Mrs. Sarah Dcnrr, residing at No. 332 Race street, I'hiladel- w phia. about four years ami was attacked by tho most distress- ". nig sy mptuuis of limncliitis?pain iu tho breast, troublesome 11 cough, soro tnroat, etc., ami niter mo lapse oi a yuar mo p disease assumed & most threatening anil fatal nnpearauce. She j" bad severe pains in licr side and stomnsh, ber throat was in a * dreadful condition, so sore that she could scarcely articulate "" a syllnhle. She had a high ferer ovcry day, violent hoadachu, w creeping chills, and profuse night sweats. She was also afflicted with total loss of appetite, costiveness, and general * debility. Her physician despaired of giving her any relief, as no food or niedicino would remain on ber stomach. At this time she Legan the use of Si.'liiiNCIC'S PULMONIC SYKU1', which immediately broko the cough, and was the tirst article . which her stomach would retain since the commencement of her illness. A natural and healthy warmth was restored to ttI the extremities, wbieh hud lately become as cold as marlde, the expectoration was free, and soon ceased entirely. Hut "J w hat surprised every onu was, that after using several bottles nt of tho Syrup, the affected side nnrt breast broke out in JJ] about twenty large biles, by tbo discharge of which the disease was expelled from her system, and she was soon re- 111 stored to perfect health, which she has since enjoyed without w interruption, lier cure was permanent. Mrs. l>earr, whose 111 certificate may Le seen at our office in Philadelphia, likewise u> testifies to several other cures not less surprising than her ow n, wbieh alio has known to be porformed by this Syrup. Shu will satisfy all inquiries at her roaideuce abovo mentioned. This case exhibits a peculiarity of the Syrup, in ?! cleansing the system, sometimes by expectoration, and some- , times by eruptions and cutaneous discharges. The Pulmonic Syrup is prepared by J. 11. SCIIENCK, No. *? .' 2 South Sixth street, Philadelphia. }! BRANCH DEPOTS. Nkw York?HUSH tc I'l.IC'KENEK, 81 Barclay strcot. Norton?REDDING k CO., M Statu .struct. *n JIai.timork?S. E. SMITH. Sun Building*. J( Nkw Oiti.KANfr?J. WKlUlIT k CO., 131 Cliartrcd stroot. I'll ll'E $1 ]>ur bottle, or SIX bottles for $5. mhlS Kit* ^ SAKJlVS SARSAl'AllILLA, tl IN QUART BOTTLES, roll riTRJFYIKO THE BLOOD, AND FOR TIIK CURE OF RCMOVl'LA, MKROI'RIAI. DI8BA8CS, ItHkLM AT18.M, OUTAMKOU8 KM t' PTIOtVf, ' V 8TUNHOJIN V LCI.IIA, LIVkft COMPLAINT, **} mnprrniA, mionchitis, 01 IAI.T RIIM n, OOHM MI'TIOIf, ,H 1 LV I.It 8U1U6, ? COMF1.A1NT8, KRYHIP KI.AH, 1.0*8 OK APPKTITK, PIMPl.r.M, HII.KA, GRNMKAI. DKII1I.ITY, &C. THE ril(?rillETlHlS havuspout much time iii bringing t)iis preparation of >Ht>npanll* to its proM'iit *tate of pur- V feitioii; the cxiwrieucc of fourteen yuara lias furnished ? them the moat ample opportunity to Htuily, in their various forms, thu diAuurua for which it i* ruuonimunded, and to adapt j) it exactly to their relief and cure. Patient* who wish a really t, good Medicine are invitod to giro it a trial, and tatisfy the in- i' *elvenof it! superiority, ar.d the invaluhlo property it po*- T 8U4RC9 of arresting and curing disease. Tho bottle ha* been enlarged to hold cue Quart, and in it* present improved form may safely claim to be thu bent and cheapest medicine of the q. ago. Its progress to the fanio it has attained, may lie traced */{ by a long line of fnett and cures that stand as landmarks aud beacons for thu invalid, pointing; tho way to tho haven of health, and what it has already uone for the thousands who have used it, it i* capable of doing for thu millions still iufferng and struggling with disuase. It purities, cleanses and strengthens the fountain springs of life, aud iufusu* uew vigor throughout the wholo animal framo. DYSPEPSIA CURED. Tho following testimonial, from a gentleman so well known fr' as Mr. Cox, requires no comment, aa it recommend, itself to all siuiiliarly afflicted New York, December 18, 1848. hi Messrs. A. B. It D. Sands:?Gentlemen?Having experienced the luost beneficial effects from the use of your Bursaparilla, it gives me pleasure to add my testimony to the numerous spontaneous eff'uslou* of grateful hearts which you 01 continually are roeeiving. My case wan dyspeptic, or rather I may term it, a weakness of the digestive organs. For more than a year, I was troubled Rl with wind upon my stomach and its frequent eructation, to- T'' gather with producing a spasmodic contraction of the heart, n> often gavo mo muuh annoyance. After tryiug various remedies j?ithout avail, and these, too, proscribed by one of our ?! most eminent physicians, 1 commenced with your Sarsapnrilla. Before I had used half a bottle, almost every symptom of this disagreeable complaint had vanished, anil in a few weeks its hi continued use effected a complete cure. 1 therefore confident- ' ly recommend it to all persons affected in the samniiiannor, and have reason to believe that many who are suffering timler *' a supposed disease of the heart, if they w oulil take your Sarsa- '> < Earilla, in a few weeks would ffnd themselves restored to *^J ealth in both mind and body. vi 1 remain yours, very truly, ou JOHN V. COX, M Lexington avenue. ? SAND'S SARSAPARlLLA IN PRUSSIA. L. The proprietors of this valuable medicine, have lust re ceivcd"an "order from our esteemed friend and correspondent, i lit1 ili i 8. I'ay, Secretary of legation to the Court of Prussia, for the use of a monitor of tho Royal Family?a copy of A which we herewith lay lu-fore our rcadere.?Home Journal. Jl V. 8. i.koation, ii it, Nor. .10, ims. tic " Gksti.1l.wen ?1 wish you to aend two doien Lottlee of ha your Saras parilln, for the uee of hie royal highneee l'rlneo no Vt nlilimir, ol 1'rnsnia, to this legation, n? ?oon as possible. It tic ia neeeaaitry that lie should rucoiee it immediately ; therefore, iu please send it by flrst steamer. The bill cau bo made out in po tho uame of the prince and aunt with it. lie Your obedient aervunt, T1IEO. S. FAT," tin ? or Tho following certificate from Col. Samuel O. Taylor, a gen- clt tlemini of high atauding anil extensive ao<|uaintance through- wl out tho Southern States, and lately a|>i>ointod Conaul to New fin Granada, comuienda ltaelf to tho attention of allcul finw York, Jan. 7,1848. rn JIoMfi. A. tl. It t): RAWM , , fhf Gkmti.smen Having used and witneaaod the enccU df ti t tout excellent preparation of Sarsapnrilla on different person! jce in various parts ol the sonthsrn country, rii:?Virginia, Lout- ilia siuna, Texas and Mexico, 1 feel much pleasure in stating the m high opinion entertained of its great medicinal value. Ia my mi own esse it acted almost like a charm, removing speedily the inu enervated state of tho system, and exciting in the most agree- l.i-i able manner, a tonic and invigorating influence. ch< 1 our Sursaparilla is highly approved ami extensively used sin by the I'nlteil States Army in Moxiea. and my oousin, Ueno- run ral Zncbu.y Taylor, has for the past Ave yesrs bsen ia the i in i. f uaii^i ft, snd reeouimeniis the same; he and myself to i adopted the artielo at tho same time, and it is now cnusiilsred his sn almost imllspcnsnble requisite la tho army. In conclusion ma I would say, that the better it Is known the mors highly it die will le prixed, and 1 trust that its health restoring virtues l.oi will innke it generally known throughout the Icugth and I'n breadth vf our widely extended country. tlol Yours very respectfully eve s. u. TAYI.OR. I'ri United Slates Consul to New Granada. inn I tie roilowinff interratinc cure la prMonlod, ana tne renter to | Incited to lie cireftl porunl. Comment on aueli evidence U mi u unci tor *rynit Now York, April 26, 1HI7. Ini MiftURl SaniiI:?(Imttonien?Having long Oeeu attliited i.i h litii imiirrnl debility, wMknwca. loea ot appetite, Itc., rcceiv- olnl UK no Linolit from tlio variola rouiodio* preacribed, 1 con- 1' I oiled it out throe month* aini'l tc nutke uao of your Mkranpi- fer -till*. I now Into tlio pleoaiireof Informing you tint iti effect* nioi .Hi o Item attended with th? linpplcit reauloa In restoring my li,j i-altli, nnd I nm induced to add my testimony to the miiiy >tl.ei?you already |inmic*a; Mid to llioae desiring further innrmntion. I will personally giro the particular* of my case, II,d the effect* of thl? Invaluable uieilieina, l,y calling it 2-ti f) liowery, New York. Voura respectfully, I' JAN ilTilcINTOSU. ?? IMa eertlfii* that Miss Janet Mcintosh la known to me oi I of tin I hureh, In good stAiiding,niid worthy of eon- ,'"'1 donee. J. S. Sl'KMlKK, ??? I'lltor of aecopd I renliytfriln Cliuruli. lir....kl.* "for Prfi'ftftd HTitl unlit. o lioli"*l<? mill fvt?ll by A. II. k 1). S?nd?, * una I licmiatu, IIW button ilmt, (grin of IVilliam. " Sun Imk. Ji?lil *l?<> by ( riuKiita (morally throughout tli# i.iuil ( lu.ailiu. I riuo frl |?<r hottlu; ?u bottlM or t & , ^i?i nlf> by AiiKiiy fc I'k'kwin, I'hlUddplil*; Ciiiihy k I uitrUoll, l.nli noons K. .V lutnrw>t, W nnhiii|(toii; ll?*il?nd, .1111.1 K In., t l.nrl'fltni ; Hukloj It Co., fxtnr Ot U?n?; (I. *xur, Allni.y, aoil ?. W. Vowlu lloxton. inlil3* ; IMIMM.K VAI.1KRS PRKNCU Pfl.lJI.? I*|i J, \>V/ 'I I ir. i.- in turUftlli a ??ttii ?y i?r dii-ww** of prtin i mi it*. 1 imlnimd} c<n,iiiiliMillw mirttilm l iiii i or I n UiitMr Irotu bu?.i.tMl. 1'iivr pi |h'I box. Mold V I I led/ (Utit. BtiiS7 I3|* DR. FELIX GOURAUD'S ~ 4 TALIAJf MEDICATE!)SOAI'.-TIIIS rALCABLl MfOL ?.n* V nowcommon consent r?te<i A No. 1, as a reniiv ' V idl V'1'l *' ^cur^' ?'*n' Sua .. "?? biw; ?|?nir? "i uiKuionilOl tin; (kin. All competition has boon completely distanced r tins Invaluable composition, the demand for which within ip last six months lias increased more than fivo hundr-d p?( it, and ia still increasing. Tim clearness and freshnsas liich Its uh' imparts to the complexion have rendered it pro rl'lsl as a hcautifier of the Skin; and no dressing room oaa I considered furnished with a proper toilet that lacks GOiJRAUD'S ITALIAJf MEDICATED SOUP. It is also a delicious shaving compound, and can bt need ia lit water?and ia a sovereign and instantaneous romsdyfor the tcs of inaecta. If beauty be, as is assorted, only sai v nuap, ia the more important that the thin oovcriug in whieb lovoueas resides should ho kept in its present and meet attraevo statu. Dr. G. might go An amplifying tbl merits of his slisn Medicated Soap, but he thinks the extraordinary num>r of certificates which have been published throughout ths nion, lit the cost of several thousand of dollars to the Doe tor, om eminent 1'hyaicians, Clergymen, Members of Congress, attains of Ships, Ollicers of the Army, and a boat of distiuitsbed ladies, the original of whioh can always be soon, if rouired, aro, the Doctor thinks, sufficient to couvinco any una jt wilfully blind. If there he any such, the Doctor might |iply to tl.eiii the language of Scripture.and say, "Ifyebolieva Jt Moses and the prophets, neielicr would yo behove though ie rose from the di-nd." AMONG POPULAR ERRORS. There is probably 110 one more mischievous than that which ippnees that cutaneous eruption can he removed by doliwing ie stomach with so called Sarsaparilla. and otlior wishy ashy dococlious, pills, electuaries, Sto. The error is not only iilgar, but exceedingly pernicious, iuasmuch as the slops not iljr cause a largo draiu upon tho purse, but actually tend to igravate the deformity they protend to euro. Tho medical culty have, timo and again, demonstrated that diseases of 10 tegument can only lie removed liy outward application, pocially by washes, and that for this purpose nothing is a? n-ciiiiiirntlv valuable as Dr. Gourai'd'x Italian Medicated lap. Indeed, tho usefulness of this exquisite emollient, ia ftoning, clarifying and whitening tho ruticlu, has passed into iirovero. f tho natural functions of the skin are depressed, aad ths trmony of action which should exist between tlie external rface of the body nnd the vital machinery within, is thus stroyi d, the indications of tho ohango are usually developed 1 the form of I'iuiplos, lllutches. Pustules, or sumo mora spatic form of Cutaneous disease. These diseases being essaa- * ally 1. ical, require only a local remody; and having all af lem, excepting tliu contagious virulent class, a common oriu, one remedial agent will sufllco for tbo care of all PHILOSOPHY OF WORMS IN THE SKIN. Many young persons?especially those of full habits, or those ho indulge in rich food?are vury much annoyed by the ap'sranrc or Hack spots upon the sides of tho noso, on tho up r lip, tlio cliin, the forehead. Ike., resumbliug grains of gnniwdcr sticking in tlie skin. When the skin is roughly spaces I, a small worm like stihstance protrudes, Itaving a blaok tad. The Mipposition, however, that they are in reality orms, is erroneous. These spots are occasioned by an undu 'cumulation of the fatty matter which is separated from th > lood for the purpose of lubricating tho skin, and this overlus chokes up tho poros and concretes. Tho dust fl ittting in ie air adheres to tlie greasy substance, and causes tho blaok >( vk. j niN \i\ ?? ? me i?re a uirijr ana uiHguiiting id the iviueujr of HqueeAtng, so unWertally rcnortou tJ, is nei ilj painful hut frequently u?elaw. Very often the over dialudou of the pores causes intlainmatiou and painful piinTlm only certain remedy for this affection is to trash the faoo nil warm water and CiOL'llAUDS ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP. Mothers should always use it in washing their babes. Iti addcs dolieiou* for sharing, as it can bo used in hard or sail ater as well as soft. It is, moreover, an infallible ruiua d' r scurvy and do t.aliforuiun mould go tu so* without a supy. Dr. liouruud refer* to Mr. Kahiucau, the celebrated prerietor of the Now York suit-water hath*, iu proof of the latCERTIFICATF.S. The following, from Among A hoot of similar testimonial* of ic extraordinary virtue* of (iournud's Italian Medicated lap, are selected for their brevity:? xtract of a letter from Petersburg, Va. ] I)e?r Doctor GovraWp?Are you aware that there are dan rou* counterfeit* of your celebrated IT A 1,1 KN" MEDICATED SOAP, lokt in the South and West. I hare just returned from a VIr. and uiet with niauy pernicious compound* purporting to > "Medicated Soap*"?Heaven save the mark! Surely yow i]ibt to do everything iu your power to put the public ou iu tard again,t the vilo impositions. You will wonder,porhapj, liy 1 am ho earnest in praise of your excellent Soap, hut hen you learn that through its mean* my oldest girl.IS years, is been completely cured of a faeo full of nasty pimples and eckles, her brother and sister, ti and K years, of scald hea<l iiieh they caught at school; and my wife of a dangerous out eak of suit rheuui, which extend.'! from the lingers of ths glit aim to the shoulder?your surprise will cease; I use noliug else, uor wants anything better for shaving. Yours, as ever, JOilX ,M AUDBX. Nkw York, April 17. Dr. CovBAVti?Sir: flrntitmlo moves me to tiiank you vc natch for the benefit 1 liave dorived from your Medioatud iap. Fur the past two years I have been more or less trouetf with small eruptions, irritation on my breast?or chest, you pleaso to cull it so?which tormented mo past all enduriue. 1 applied Poor Man's Plaster, with no effect; ointment id other cheap remedies 1 abundantly?all were worthsf. As a Inst resource, I risked, rather foolishly, $5 for six turt bottles of sarsaparilla. 1 innocently swallowed the bole, aud became duite debilitated, without the slightest latcment of the itching. At length a friend, to whom I meuonod my oaso, exclaimed?"Why don't you get a half dollar ike of the famous Mediontod Soap of Dr. liouraudf" 1 took s advice, and with one cake washed the skin. 1 am not onentirely relieved from the itching, hut also have the pleaire of feeling that there is a briskness and smoothness to the hole surface of uiy skin 1 never before experienced. Please id by tlie bearer naif a dozen eukos, and ouo over, for $3; 1 ant to take them to Jamaica, and oblige. Yours, 11 EN RT JOUXSOX, 40 Wouster street, N. T. Dr. Oourand?Sir?For a series of years, my face and foread havo been covered witli unsightly blotches and pustules, id, to aggravate the mattur, my nose gradually assumed the dues, of a peona; in short, I became an object of disgust to yself, and ridicule to others, inasmuch as my affliction waf tributed to an undue use of stimulants. I have proved the intrary by using your invaluable Medient-d Soap, through le influence of whieh 1 am entirely freed frotn the aforesaid liMlllL-PR. And 1IIY mW??? llM hstPitinn ?u wlillo ? ?.? ?? -- - - as in tho days of my boyhood. I conceive tiiis public tmtiony to bo eminently your duo, and you arn uuite welcome ( nke what use of it you please. Respectfully, yours, JNO. JEFFRIES, I'rintor, True Sun Uuildings. To Dr. F. Oouraud?Anionn the encomiums wliich your inkluablo Soap is daily receiving, I have thought tliat it moler's praise ntivy not be out of place. Your Medico tod Soap is, under Hod, been tho moans of preserving my darling babe out much suffering. I had put him out to nurse, and thruu(h to carelessness of the woman who had liiu in charge, his defate skin, under the arms, behind his ears, and around the omach, was chafed to the redness of raw beef. For a whole outli?during which 1 was absent from the city?the little ur suffered these torments. On my return, I used your denoun soap freely while washing hint, and now he is as plump. Into, playful, aud free from criafes as any child I ever saw. o mother who values the health and comfort of her infant tould be without your soup. Truly yours, K1.I7A lihACKM AN, No. 11 Catharine streot, near Second, Philadelphia. The merits of Couratid's Pomlres Suhtiles, for eradicating [perilous hair, hare been attested by so many thousand pcoe that to eulogise it at the present day seems almost a work supererogation. Nererthless, there may ho some who have it l.ciiril ui its fame; and those are earnestly requested to i.d the following testimonial, seleoted from many Nkw Fork, Feb. I, lH.'t. " I have had an opportunity of observing the operation of r. Felix (Jouraud's preparation for the removal of suporttais liair, and inn perfectly satistled of its singular eAouoy.? Iter an analysis of the composition of those powders, I can, ilhout any hesitation, pronounce them portuutly harmless, id in every way infinitely superior to any preparation of the lid ever offered to the nuhlic. 1 have nieaanm In <ri>in.r em hit recommendation,' being thus fully convinood oP their due. JAMES A. HOUSTON, M. D., " Editor New York l.anoot." Testimony of persons to whom the " Italian Medicated <nt>" lias been eminently serviceable, and to whom Or. DllRAL'D is at liberty to refer Mrs. Curtis, the lady of the Hon. Edward Cnrtis. Mrs. I.awrenee, the lady of the Hon. Cornelius W. haw nee, ex-Mayor of New kork. Bernard Messerole, Esq., Alderman of the Tenth Ward. Hon. K. B. Roberts, Member of Congress. Mrs. Hopkins, I1X Elizabeth street, New York, cured of a d and pimpled face. Joseph Hull, HO Fulton street. New York, of tan and pekles. lieorgu Curtis, 1.1 Henry street, of dark and discolored skin. Felix McCee, 130 Orange street. Now York, of scald head; s three children do. Hannah E. W. Weister, Division streot, of a dark tanned ce and red nose. John llishop, Oil Grand street, of chilblains, and eruptions i the fare and neck. William Nosh, Barber, in the Bowery, of worms in the faeo. Mrs. John 3. l.ightbodv, 62 Ituo Bourbon, New Orleans, ef levere ring-worm on the cheek, which hud defied ordinary medics; and further, the application of the Soap removed I her tan ami freckles. Mrs. Feamhead, of Belleville, New Jersey, of tan and cckles, ke., Itr., fco. Be particular to bear in mind that Dr. FEI.IX GOtTM'I) S preparations can ONl.v be obtained, oktvi.ts, at s depot. 07 Walker street, tirst door west of Broadway, New ork. aok.hts?Bates It Jordan, 129 Washington St., B >ston; >st Si Willis, Kochester; Ives, Kaletn; Carleton, Lowell; Ronson, Cortland; Guild, llangor; Berry, Manchester; Bliss, ringfield; Covill, Hartford; Gaynor st Wood, Richmond, t.; Mandsfleld, Louisville; Cause, Detroit, Mich.; and varis other parts of tho Union. mIS I3t* LTCINA CORDIAL, OR ELIXIR OF LOVE. this is thk Onlv actual rkmiuy rvkit discovekku ron iwrOTmcr, ovnirst. iikbilitv, soctursh bmissiors, ann ai.t. diseasks occ assio.v ed nr cthtals skcuxt haeits. . ND MANY OF THK NOSTRUMS RECENTLY RF.L commended for the same complaints are worthless imitains, whichfits unrivalled excellence, fame mid popularity ve brought into tho market. The medical faculty of Europe d the United States are unanimous in their reeoinmcndans of the l.nelna Cordial, and have not given their sanction a single instance that has hecn authenticated, to anv aomund for tho same purposes. The nature of the maladies revod by the Lucira Cordial are generally such as to leave p publication of certificates of onros out of the question, the proprietor could produce a host of tho most conisivo testimony to show that th? great reantatine lirb it enjoya wa* not aoeidentally obtained, but u aily biuird upon ita poaitive, ?nd apparently iniraloua, airtuea. In nil directiona are to be found tlia happy rente of healthy olfuprlng, who would not have lieen ao but ... -ainarv preparation. And It la equally poUila miiw. . . .. ??nded. Obit in the many dleeaaee for which it ta tion baa been naturally made to the price of l.uoiaa Cord, beoauae the traah that baa been thrown Into the market oppoaitlon to it la aold cheaper: but the fa?t la,- the cordial mot be aold lor leaa, aatl ought to be mnoh dearer, at ny of tlie inaredienta wbioh compote it are flniong the coatit of tiling* in nnturo; wberoaa the othera ard Wade up of Hp drug*. worth but little in money, and leaa (S > I it ie a fact, that at leaat one of the gettera up of nt mixt nri a, makea it n point to add one bottle of the la* a Cordial to a given number of galiona of bit compound, u to give it autnu little tone ana virtue, and thua aolace ctonei'ivnee. We aaaurc the reader that the utmoat reliant y hi placed on the l,ucina Cordial in 'the euro of the mala? mentioned ahovo, and nlno or thoee which follow, via:? a of Muacular Energy, 1'liyafoal l.aaaitude, and (leneral >atiation, Irritability, and all Nervoua Affeotiona, Indigeen. Singgiabiieaa of the I.iver, Uleet and Fluor Albua, and ry ilieeuee in any way connected with tha diaordar of tba (creative tum tfnna, in all of which it will aiford alaoat nediate relief, mid. tl need iu directed, la almoa* rertain jrodme a positive and pennauent cure, l'eraoaa about te rry, if lonaciona of any aeakncM or disability of a oertaia urc, should take this Cordial, aa it will infallibly reatore lib and vigor in a brief period; and whera want of offspring caueo of regret, if rc< onrao be bad to it, the Boat bcaet'results inny be antioipati>d with oonlldanec. rinripal < Mine No. U? l.iherty atreet, Now York. Alee sole lit No. It) North Sintk atreet. Philadelphia; in HalU r. I t Coord W J?h" ? ! ? "-. ?'? it< r'tlty, lTjr tliarle* StottT inh27 I3?* MEDICAL CARD. R MORRISON CONTINUES TO UK CONSULTED confidentially on prlrate dieeaee*, gleet*. itriotnre*. en *1 nicer*. Bnd eruptloa*; lie cure* where other* fail, ent ?e?e? meed In ? &*]* Nerrou* and organic doty be warrant* to cure. Thoee contemplating marriage who miBit from the eflect* of a, ran lie reed to |<rfroi heal tii 1/ Or. ?. letters prepaid, attend* I nd medicine forwarded with adrire. A (?erfeet cure guar cd. Seeghl* Condon diploma in hi* otto*, 'JUIS Kill ton et. apl l ?t e TO A 1XSCBKNINU PUBLIC. Ir Yotl Warrr tub Omr.ifrtL ?m> Oti.t tiuttmi CAMAY'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR e. AN1) TO ATO|V> IMPOSITIONS AND IOUNTKRKKIY8, APPLY AT Tile, WRIKTOb's Ont.i Iikpot, No. 415 llao.ttiw\r. Corner n/ l.itpcnanl Strrrt. II. IMl.LKT, Inventor and Hole Proprietor ?f llnllnr'n V vfirtl I'ain Egti acini. in"til? tJt*

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