Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1849, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1849 Page 5
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A Card?An article, published In Satui bj'i " Scorpion," referring to ft gentleman of " ft respectab ad wealthy fftmilj in Albany," fti being a fro | urn tor Hearn'i Gambling Saloon, has duno tho gentleman in <iue<ti< great injuative, and 1 nm eatiitied tho charge. 10 far a* ha Concerned. ia groundlwiii. A full explanation will be giren I tfclft week'x "Scorpion." C. 0. URAliAM JE. 'ttaMii Turtle Soup, at the Battery IIou?< all ttaL? week. Soup and Steaka xereod from 10 A.M. till 1 X.U. P. M BAYARD, 11 and 13 State etroel. -Paten*Knickerbocker Hang*, (newly eoa Mruotnd,) com bluing all tbe let* improvement# for ew>?a lp fuel, and Una perloruiauce uf all cooking or oulinary op* X* lion a, with ca*o aud aatiat'actiou. For ?*lo bj 1*. KOLLI1AUS, 213 and 250 VFater ftreel. -Gold Pens and V^atchoa?The Celebrate* Diamond-poiu Ted Kicholieu * Sold I'm*, warranted to wea An jrc mm, in Cold anil Stlvor I'en and I 'unci 1 ('nana. toi<ulha With an elecant aaaortmcnt <>f Hue Hold and Silver Watohea ffrenleby J. T. SA V AC K. Juur , Hi Wall ?. Watohea am <Jold l^orui tvf*aircd or exchanged. The Plunilie Gallery, on tke upper eornei of llruadway and Murray atriet, stranger* and othera wil find la one of the moat attractive plncea in the city. Tbe ool lection of Daguerreotype# ia tbe largest in tbe world, aud b; Uf oldcet ertiat in America. a id Toupee* Holchrlor'a Wljj ManU' ftetory, at No 4 Wall it root, ia, we believe, the only one ii the oity whtre the Win buaineea ia carried on oacluslTely.AU know that practice makea pcrfeet. Ilia nowly invents* "Wig* obteined a ailrer Medal at tbe Fair of tbe American Institute. California Plrearm*.?Joseph A Hart, 74 kaiden lane, importer#, manufacturera and dralera in Firemrm*. ami. to call the attention of companion and other hound lor California, to a aupcrior article, expressly adaptoi to tbat trade, known an Hull a I arbinca ; loada at breech, oat .1* flrcd twenty timca in three minutea: light in weight, am 'warranted to ahoot halla 2"0 yarda. They are uaed by the C S. Army and Nary, and highly valued by them. Thiaarm oai be uacd aa a ritte or ahot gun. It need only to be aeon to inaun it* adoption. We Would like to draw tke attention oi our readera to tbe adTcrtiacuieut headed "The llowery Saringi Store." COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS^ MONEY MARKET. Monday, April ??fl P. M. The stock niHrket opened buoyant this morning, and 'quotations for nearly every fancy in the list advanced a fraction At the first board Harlem improved 1 ^ per cent; Long Island >4'; Canton Company, Hi Farmers' Loan, >4; Morris Canal, >4; Reading Railroad, Hi Treasury Notes, >4; Indiana, U. S. 6's 1048, H- Tbo sales were to a greater extent than casual, and operators appeared to be more confident ol a. steady advance. The money inarkot is slightly easier. The newx from Europe has had a good effect private accounts being full as favorublo as thoso of a public character. The low rate of Interest ruling in London, and the difficulty experienced in employing money profitably, will, it is presumed, turn the attention of capitalists to American securities, and improve the market value of our storks. Wo hardly know when to look for another arrival from Chagres direct. The Kale on is nearly duo at 'thla port, with severul days later news; but, as we 'Lave no account of her having arrived at Chagres, she may not ho along for a week. She is advertised to leave here on the 19th instant, for Chagres. As the California was hourly expected at Panama whon the Northerner left CliHgros, it is probable that the Kalcon will bring several weeks' later intelligence from Sau Francisco. Largo amounts of gold uiuy arrive at any moment, and when least expected. Wo seo by the London Tint? that a large amount of California gold was received in London on the 22d of March. A large portion 01 mo receipts 01 precious metals in England t>j the West India lino of steamers, Is In gold from California, and large sums are on American account which are realized here by bills of exchange on London * Tho Augusta (Ua.) Cotton Manufacturing Co. hare realized a profit of four per cunt on their capital within tho last three months, notwithstanding 110 more than three-fourths of the machinery of tho establishment has been fitted for work. A dividend of thro? per cent on tho last quarter's business has boon declared, and a surplus rotained to meet contingencies The stock of tho company is above par in tho market This is the way tho South is going ahead in this branch of .industry; and in a few years there will bo in thai -flection of the country, large manufacturing villages 01 towns, tho same as at tho North. The'entire stock ($30,000) in a new cotton mnnufao turing establishment, proposed to bo eroctod near Me Mlnnvillo. (Tennessee.) is subscribed for, and measurei are to be taken for procuring all the requisite material: for erecting tho nocossary buildings. It is tho inten a tion to run 2,000 spindles and 00 looms. [? The lower house of the Pennsylvania Legislature hai passed a general manufacturing bill, ft will proably pas .the Senate. The bills ro-chartering the Bank of (lorman town, and the Monangaliela Bank, of Brownsville, Pa. wore each considered and passed. A number of othe hank bills wore also passed. The receipts of the Harlem Railroad Company fo each of tho first throe mouths in each of tho past fiv years, were as annexed;? Nbw Yohk, IIahlbm asp Albakv Railroad. <1iron Receipt?. IMS. 1848. 1847. 1848. 1845 1 Jaanary $10,<M3 11.309 13,088 21.330 27,72 Jahrusrj 7,125 ,8,7113 12,597 10,012 28,81 Hatch 10,750 12,010 14,017 20,172 30,10 ITolals $28,220 32,022 41,202 (10,515 88,04 The receipts of this road aro increasing with mos rapid strides, for the first three months this year th gross earnings were nearly fifty per cent larger thai for the sumo period last year. This lo?ks well, and i (Judicative of good management and a prosperous posi tion of tho company's afTairs. The receipts for th month of March, 1840. were nearly two thousand dollar larger than for the first three months of 1845, am nearly as large as those for tho first three months 0 lOAA It must hnmnr ho Vwn-n. in ml,,.I IV.. ... ceipte this year are from the business of thirty mile r an ore road, anil from tliu traffic of the N'ew Haven flail road Company transported over a portion of the Har lent road. In the event of the receipts for the remain der Of tho year continuing at tho samo rate, the grog income for 1849 will not vary much from four liumlro and fifty thousand dollars. Lust year?1848?the gros earnings amounted to $320,000. The extension froi Ooton Kails to Dover Plains has only been open, an in active operation, two months of tho past throe, an } the receipts, compared with last year, have not, then for*, been so favorable as we have reason to expect the "Wilt be during the remainder of tho year. The summe travel on this road will bo very great; and as tho sec tion of country through which the line passes, become Adapted to the traffic of the road, the freighting busl new will he large. It takes two years at least, for th people of a section of country truvorsod by a rallroac to regulate their operations upon a railroad basis. (The receipts of the Macon and Western lluilroa Company, for tho month of March, in each of tho par two years, were as annexed:? . Macon *nn W'tsriR.n Railroad, Grow earnings for March, 1848 ... .414 002 J .<* /or March. 1849 ,Jjj Increase, March, 1849 4 7,379 1 This Increase is equal to 54 percent. Of the reoelpl in Starch, 1849, $14,834 28. or more than two-thirds i ib* aggregate, trtro from fricght. The commissioner* appointed at tho last session I the Legislature of Now Jersey to investigate thn alfaii of tbo Camden mnl Amlmj Railroad Company hai fairly commenced operation*. Thn resolution undi Which they art, extends not only to an oxnminatlo into the rariniu charges preferred against the ini , Vingvr*. but riH|uiro8 an investigation of all matter*, < whatsoever kind, in whirl) thn State and thn people ai Jhtoreou-d It embrace* all thn relations of the con pany, with tho various subordinate coin panic*?tl TrOOton, Napoleon, Camden ferry, Union trausporti tlon, Trenton bridge, fee., fee. Their report will 1 anxiously looted Tor, and we hope it will be full, fa And comprehend . Tho wsge* of the operatives in Lowell liavo bee ^alecd by the manufacturing corporation* to what the Were six months ago, when, in conaeijuenco of dn 'time*, they were reduced. Till* is a farm-able syui torn, ?* these companies hare not made such a mof uncut voluntarily without duo consideration. "1 he Ilnltiiuore money market was rather lea* strii gent at the close of tho last week, but good busino paper was selling at 1 a 1 >? per cent per month. Quot tlon* for stocks lu Baltiuiora on Saturday wero as at nexial Maryland 6>, 97'* ofTered; do. deferred d< 96k, offered. 90 asked; do. 6'*, 79.S offered, 8i askei do Sterling u'?, 89 offered, 90 naked; Baltimore O's, >7 offered, I'tH, asked; do., '90, 99V? offered, 100 asked; do. &'?, HO offered; Baltimore and Ohio llnilroi 4 per cent bonds, 91 offered, 90 a?ked; do., new, I offered; do. dividend bonds, 80offered, 87 asked. Bar Stock*? Baltimore/ K.T offered, 87 a?kod; Morchanb 9U^i offered, HI }\ asked; Union,0O,S offered, 01 Si askei 'Comiuurniu mm rhiiih th unitTi, oti-t'ii , ,n?nu "28 <.ff?ir*d, Kh-iihth' and I'liintori', 23 V? aakud; Wfntor t ' IB oCerrd, IV aaki-d; Kranklln, #<4 offnrvd, ai?k?* I Farmer*' Bank of Md., 45 offered; I'atapooo Bank, .offurvd. Iiumrance?fireman'*, 16 ^ o(T?red. 16*i aake Jinilbnoro Klro, 7 Hi offered. 7 a*ki>d; Aaoolatod Kjr nin<?, i offnrvd, &S lutkivl. Ilnad Stock J- Baltiino and Ohio Railroad, 41 >* offered, 41\ aaked, lloMiao | r" and Washington do ,82 offered; Baltimore and Sunjur. le hannn do., 10^ offered, 20.S aaked; Harford turnpike, ot 20 offered; Keiatrrtown do., 5 offered; York do , 2^ ,n offered, 3 asked; Frederick. 3S offered. 3S asked. Mia- t li cellanroua?Ciaa Co., 88 offered. 102 aaked; Water Co., * 0 80 offered; I'niou Madufucturing Co., 18 offered; 9m quclmtilia Canal, 12 offered. 15 asked. '' t I The returns of circulation of the Irish and Scotch * 1 banks for the four weeks ending the 24th of February f, ult. when added together, giro the following as the are* '' _ rago weekly circulation of these banks during the past ^ y mouth, cis:? n Average circulation of tho Irish banks ?4.560 060 Average circulation of the Scotch banks . . . 2.952.177 K | Average circulation during past month ?7.512,257 ^ r On comparing tho above with the fixed issues of the f|| ir several banks, tho following appears to be the state of 41 tho circulation :? 1, Tho Irish banks are below their fixed issue. .?1,794,414 l,! r The Scotch banks are below their fixed issue, 135,032 Total below the fixed issue ?1.929,446 ai r The nmounts of gold and sliver held at the head '' offices of the several banks, during tho past month, have * been as follows :? "1 - field and silver b<>ld by the Irish banks ...?1,676.939 1 Gold and silvor hold by the Scotch banks. . . 1.032,033 ? Totsl of gold and silver held. . .?2.711.013 ^ 1 The above statements complete tho returns of the 1 ~ circulation of country notes in Fngland, Scotland, and ' Ireland, for the month ending the 24th of February. w } These returns, combined with the average circulation of tho Bank of F.ngland for the same period, will giro ~ i tho following results of the total circulation of notes In I the l.'uited Kingdom, when compared with the previous j" f month :? Ai 1 ClRCUI.ATIOlV OS VMS U.VITHD XlSODOS. _ Jan. 27, Feb. 24, v ' IML 1643. Inrr. Deer. 1 Ilank of F.ngland ?16.2?7..'Wi l*..*?.!?? 176.811 ? i? 1'rivate bivnks, ; 3,881,107 3,Vf7,3|1 ? M.79S J," ouluv-sluca duu, . , . i.w.hii ? jo..ioi p( Total in Bngland ?24,487,917 24.542.433 64.516 ~ v Scotland 3,032.872 2.952,177 ? SO,893 t I Ireland 4,671,73# 4,MO,(NO ? 114,6ft# ?r I United Kingdom ?32,196,928 32,054,690 ? 140,838 Showing an increase of ?54,510 lu tho circulation of _ notes in England, and a decrease of ?140.838 in the r circulation of tho United Kingdom, compared with the previous month, ending the 27th of January. f?i i The following statomont will show the poaltltlm of "i; f the currency, when compared with the same period last ^ ' yearrei Circulation or This Unitmd Kinghom. -* Frh. 26, Feb. 24, * 1 1848. 1849. Iner. Durr. * , Bank of England.... ?18,479.766 18,383,976 _ #9,790 p. I'riTate banks 3,633,141 3.567.312 ? 65,829 I Joint stock banks 2.512,059 2,591,145 79,086 ? -|; Total in England 24,624,966 24,542,433 ? 82,533 Scotland 3,032,320 2,952,177 ? 80,143 !l Ireland 5,220,080 4,560,080 ? 660,000 gll United Kingdom 32,877,366 32.054,690 ? 822,076 V Thus showing a decrease of ?82,533 in the circula- . * , tion of notes in England, and a decrease of ?822.676 in to tho circulation of the United Kingdom, whon compared "1 with the corresponding period last year. * Tho average atock of bullion held by the Dank of on England, in both departments, during the mouth ending ^ tho24th of February, was ?15,209.280, being an Increase ~ of ?254.527, ns compared with tho provious month, and \ an increase of ?930,045 when compared with tho same *'? period last year. The stock of specie held by tho Scotch and Irish ? banks during the month ending tho 24th of February, * whs ?2,711,013, being an increase of ?51,646, as com- JJJ! pared with tho previous return, and a decrease of Oi ?57,880 when compared with the corresponding period ad last year, * Stock Kxrhangr. ) $1000 U S C's 1807 110 10 shs llousat RR old 34 4.? WOOD do 130 U0t; 210 Can ton (jo 38'; 21100 do 1SC2 coupon 108 100 ds 3s'' T 15O00 du 1868 lilt; 175 do 38\ V 1000 d<? 1806 104'iJ fill Harlem RR blO 50'; IP 11**10 Trean'y Notes bCO 11W itOO do 50? re sumo do lust; m a# bio .'?o'< Hi 15000 do Iftsv: :a<) d? 1,3 592 ? IIK?I0 do btm 10H?? 50 ds ?30 59?4 V 4(?)0 Kentucky fi's 1011, 350 dt M'J 40l? Indiana .State 5'a 0,'Itj 100 ds 1,30 00 CI 5000 do atS?ds 0.5 100 ds 50t; of 40 shs Leather M. llauk fJ UK) ds sGO 5'i'4 10 Hack of Conuucrcs !>7 350 Island RR 24 \ 10 do 97 W 100 do 1,20 24 'J * 50 Morris Canal 9'i 100 do stiO 2314 } ; 200 Farm. Trust s30 3, 100 Reading n R iGO a30 33 ki 200 do 30'; 1.50 ds 1>.'I0 33 50 ds 36 50 do sJO 32 V *>' too ds U10 3i'; ,50 N T and X II R 11 H4tJ Ki IIS) ds bl.5 30'.. rs) ds sliO 65 _ 100 do ls'lO M'i 34 ds not; 1 18 Ohio I.ifo k. Trust Co. 85 25 do 85'. 10 Utios It Schnec. RR 118J-; $.'1000 Reading Bonis 53'4 w Second llostrd. Tl $5000 Tr Notes C's stmu 108'; 50 shs bong Island RR 24 5000 Kentneky C's 101>a 200 Harlem RK bl.5 00> ; 1 25 sbs Canton Co 39 .'UN) ds 00 < 150 do 39'; 200 do Wod COt; si 50 do 13 ,'?l4 50 Farmer's Loan b3 3H1; t* 100 do 89 >2 lit) do l>5ds .30'-; 150 Long Island RR 24'. 100 Reading RR 33 1 100 do b$> 24 100 do 3274 , 600 do b6i) 241: 50 Eric RR, full bCO (? " r 50 do 24'J 50 do W0 60 * ' 010 do opg 24 S, ? i "aptertlsemts rkmewbd etebt day7 3 THE CHARTER BL.BOTION. ^ Eighth ward dbmocratitf rkfoblican it bum- w lag N sminations :? F 8 For Alderman, 6 nXNRT Ell Biff. 1 For Assistant Alderman. ' 7 IRA BURDGE. a . For Asssasors, pi I Dimt Wilson, Utotss Smith. 1.' e For Constables, ri Basjims Lsaor, Wii.i*iam C. CaRprrthr. di II For Sehsel Commissioner, a Ghorgr Harriot. 1 For Trustes, ' Simon W. Man waring. si For Inspector, ? 0 William Maoali.ioott. C " T.3 0RM OF TICKETS FOR AMENDED CHARTER:- 1 1 JT On outsidr, r Anisuiii CiiARTrn. 1 Inside, Hi In Favor or Amkmi>m?:nt? to Chartrr. ^ TO THE ELECTORS OF TIIE ELEVENTH WARD?A ' report having been circulated that 1 had withdrawn my 01 name from being a candidate fnr Alderman of the Ward, I 01 hereby publicly contradict it. Under no circumstances will I consent to withdraw my name, and any notices which may ' appear to that effect are forgeries, if purporting to be signed , s bv roe. WM. GAGE. ?' j April 9. 10 o'clock I*. M. *! - rpilB l'KOI'LB'S CANDIDATE, d X r?> ALU! HOUIN (lOVKIIilOri), rt COl. WM. B. MOORE. 1 (l lV/f es?RS. EDITORS WE FIND IN TUB COMI'TROE- K j ItA ler's Office, a contract fur the carpenter's work for building a Small I'ox Hospital on Illaokwell's Island, *- amounting to between S1S.UIHI ami $11),(**), by a partner of the _ present Assistant Alderman, George F. Clark, of the 12th ' Ward, ami who is again a candidate for Alderman of tho said >r Ward; nnd that the said George F. Clark is now chairman of the Committee for 1'nblic lluildingg and Repairs of the Hoard of Assistant Aldermen, by whom all oontraots are mads and >g given out, and bills for the same audited; and by reference to the city charter we Had that no Alderman or Assistant Alt' dernisn shall he directly or indirectly interested in any ooatract whatsoerer, and, thorefora, wo cannot rote ftir the present candidate for Alderman of the 12th Ward, and weds 1, most cheerfully recommend to our follow citisens Charles II. Hall, for Alderman, who has pledged himself to a committee to oar re gut a thorough reform iu our oity government. d v.asv wuiu v(Piers wf mil twelfth ward. 't * CARD.?A LARGE NUMBER OP CITIZENS OF TUB 1\ tenth ward, of all parties, hare expressed the opinion ih ronrersation, and otherwise, that William S. (lonely WM the best man for School Commissioner. As, notwithstanding Ins |] nomination hy both partios, wo tind some strong partisans will .. j -renribe him. wc desire to state the reasons for this opinion : ' Ll]?t 'Iu has bc?n foy several years, at a sarriftco of uoarly a - hundred donahs 4 jrekr, ill End laborious commissioner J (without any emolntnent), ami is thus woll acquainted with >. the duties of Ills station. 2d. He was one of the first originators of tho Evening Schools, now so successful and useful. i?l .'Id. He lias neror appointed or sanctioned the apjmintment of tenchers. on political grounds, and for this lie is proscribed, stti .Hr- Coliel* is respected and beloved by all the officers yf niW teachers of school. ,? *\rJ' ??. *hom ("um# 37 iu J nmnUr) V* *[11 join ti* ?- .. r* ^ : I lETEW YORK, A<'HlI/7. IM?.?t WIH1I IT I'fSTINijTlsT 0 IN understood |,y the Whig Electors of the Fifth Ward, *r that my niune is not bwfwfd thiyji as .t for Al<l? JOll l R()Yl!?. i?!0 (Jrtftfl wioli ntrent. k. WK ARE NOT (' AND11)ATjftl*AWR THE QTtlCM (}Y V Aldnrinnn And Aaatxtant of t! ** Jw*Ui WaVd, OUT nittfiei \ " having been wwd without our knuwloitg* consent. I (Bigned) /WKHJ.KK. j JOlty. J.X'ISUO. | T'* IIK DKMOORATH OF TIIR l.VTII WARD, ii*YH MV initialed f?r Alderman, .lumen I.m, and lor A?*tilaUtr John J. Ciaon, a ticket which, if clouted, will confer f*n<,r ( ujH.n the ward and the city. Tlio True Sun waa in error yt>' j >o terdtiy, in |>nVlinltithe ticket for Charter Officer* of tliie i I ward, hilling given the barnburner* fur the rcgnlitr tiukft. He are now plcarcd to make the correction for euuli dietiu- ' guiehed men n? have conaentcd to head our ticket in that ward. t p I V LWf, 1 " conn RKWAKIi. ?I.OBT. Off BUN DAT, IN CHATP" bam street, $1,4U0 iu bill* of $100 each, belonging t u. to tli?> Hint* I l?aik of Now Vorke Any pern on rr turning thH ( money to J. & M. All way, Orotnr, foot ,of Warren ntreot, will recoil* tl?* liberal reward of $300. 1 ^ , BOABonei Am-. ; a- IIOAnP.?ri.KABANT ROOMB, 11 ANDSOMRI.r KIJR13 ninhed, suitabU for gentlemen and wItm or flingl* gentlemen, mny be bad with good board, at (JO Warren itreot. Warm y and mdd bat La in Die honee. j 'i DOARD IN IIOItOKEN.?A I'ARI/lR AND IIKDROOM J ^ 13 fi r a g< ntl< tnan and lady, or two or three gentleman, with Hoard, raa 1* had a I No. ft Newark utrrat, Iloboken, a 7% ftw wtwfK finti the ferry* I kJ IlmiMSON IIROADWAr WANTED?A fOUPl.g OV If reoina wnnteil hy a purty of about twenty gcutlein.>n, for a club The location mum he above Itroome itreet. Addroiu , " Ur l l-'H I 1 "lire. J UKOADWAT norm,. ? TIIIB IIIIUSH, rnoa ITS JL# w rj tl?*Jrul>lo lonttioa, t>t?iii? opposite the City Hall, the , ' I aik iiinl Fountain, and 111 the hnn.< .Unto f u inity of all the , pjfu of htihiue?H :?n?i nmmoHiinntH, itfl'nnU to etranjer* ri*H- j n if!^ the city, * lioUior on tomiiovut or |?loA.-tnrn( morn e<lTiknte- . ' gt* thltn |?**iImpe leu/ oilier llotol in the t hy. Chftrgivt Am ( il; luutlvretts ttnil i-ver; Attention imitl to our ]9 J M TUCKER, J J. rflO KAMIMK.HAM) r.OAHiMNll-lintlSH KKErF.^iS ? X A yot.m; Kiu'l?.?h whlow, of rrs|?? <Mal.i1i?y >%ii?i ohiL;in? ft- i, ,i, in ilmimt'* of obtainin/ n .<i tm ion, either in .1 Im iiniii?R " <%r l-rivti ? htni ly. .t' it in nifr ifr nvnuu ration, M o is h itf Iti nt-itilf, un iT?t.nnl.< mi , >.ol tonji ' rf iniii** lot.-t-li gt iurnily e.utul. AUUtcen, Al. A. C., iht.M t tftcti. ^ WANTS. ^ WANTED? LY A KKSIECTAULK YOUNG WOMAN, A fitnatinn: t? ft drat-rnt. o??k, (fond *?rtw ?nd Iron.r.? licut of city reference can Iw *i?en; arnily at IU We.t xneneenth street, hot,,,eon Sereuth and Eighth Avenue*. C'au ho *M for two day?. WA N T K I>?A SITUATION BY A RKSI'KCTAIII.B young wi innn, tci eook in > private family, or chambernain <1 laundrcaa, or work in ? am nil family; <>r nurae and ..? ?*" ?. -?fcrred; no objection, to tmvvl withaladr. '"ji .w ?tr-T ' ?" in her Inat place) can ho aoea .ft, i J reference (two 9. 27 lloomrvelt at. near C'hat?r two uajri. iNunec call at No. .. am st., ftfcoud floor. ' " ULT ANTED?11V TWOItK8PECTABLB YOUNG WOMEN, , "T, one as Eeamstre**, aud understands Dress ig, mid ironing. Has no objection to go to the country, eat of city reference, ran be seen for two day*, Please call t 132 Fourth street. in the rear. yffAXm A SITUATION?A YOUNG MAN, LATELY rY arrived troiu Ireland, ai Classical Teacher in a private kinily, or assistant iu a Seminary; ia also acquainted with :ie sciences, and an accurate accountant, lie is willing to igage in any other respectable business, whore bo can make i in self useful. Terms moderate. Address J. F., 32 Trinity lace. [17 ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM AN, rf who thoroughly understands Dross-making, a situation i Seamstress, and to wait on a lady; a Protestant family referred, lias no objection to go in the country. A line adreseetl E. M. T., No. 13 East Thirteenth street, will meet ith prompt and re>peetful attention. [17ANTED.?A SITUATION, BY A NATIVE OF IIOLr V land, speaking his own language, and a little acquaint1 with English. Wishes a place to take care of a horse, and iiike himself generally useful. Apply at No. 868 Broadway, few doors North of Union Square. ANTED?A SITUATION BY TWO KKHPBGTABLI rT young women* ott to do oktnWiofk of waiting, ov M 'alter, has lived for tire years in her two last places ; has 10 I cat of'city reference if required | ibOOthOf tO do chamhorork, or plain sewing, or chamborwork and minding a baby, an produce the best of city reference. Please call at 1/8 ott street, between Spring and Broome. 17 ANTED?BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, A SITUA'f tion as Teacher in a private family or Seminary. Has td experience in the business, and can teach all the English anchra. mrluding higher HUthWfttiML PhlloMHdlTi and strouomy. Best of reference giveu. Address G. S., Herald th< e. XT A N T K I>?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE v young woman, to do plain cooking, washing, aud irong, or general Housework in a private family. The host of iy reference given. Please call at No. 222 Twenty-First reel, between Eighth and Ninth avenue. VANTED? A SITUATION AS LADY'S MAID, BY A resectable young French girl; she will take care of ono two children. The Tiest of city reference will ho givsn. qdy to No. 16 Eleventh street, between llowery aud Third ?nue. 17ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN v a situation as Cook or to do general housework, is a od Washer and Irouer. Pleaso call at 214 Mott street, sou that corner of Prince street, in tho grocery store; can be seen p two days. Good city references given. 17ANTED?IN A GENTEEL FAMILY, A SITUATION V to take care of childron and do plain sowing, by a i ncrican girl. 14 years of age. who has recently .lost her pa nt?. Apply at SK> Eldridgo street. 17ANTED?BY AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG PROv tcntant girl, a situation in a Kanojr, or Confectionery, Baker, or Millinery store; no ohjection to any of them. MM cull al 4hl Rh rttreot, near tlie 1st IVIDlll. |T ANTED, UY A RESPECTABLE CIRL, A SITUAT ti<.n an (' 1111 d' a Nil rite and Seamstress in a private faly. Best ?f city reference given. Can he aeuu fur two ys, second dour from Sixth avenue, in ifIth street, east of li avenue. Vr ANTED?A SITUATION, UY A RESPECTABLE AND good recommended girl, to do cuoking, washing. and >nlug; or rhamhcrwork, waiting and Hewing. No objection go in tlie country. Please call at 22.T Bowery. y ANTED?A SITUATION I1T A VERT COMPETENT T girl, with good city reference, to cook, wash, and ir"n, rapritatc family, or would do all tho housework whore ly one girl is employed. Please call at 271 5th arenue, near J street, in tho shoe more. N. 11.?Calls attended for two ys, if not employed. yANTED? itr A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, T a situation as Chambermaid, or to do the general housenk of a email private family, licit of city references can given, l'leasu call at No. 79Crucnwioh street. Can be en for two days, second Hour, hack room. y ANTED? 11Y A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, T a situation to cook, wash, and iron, or ehamhurwork, id do the tino washing and ironing in a private family. The at of city reference given. No objection to g > a short disnee in tho country, l'leaso cull at .17 (on corner or) Tliirenth street, cast side of tho llowury and ftli avenue. The Ivertiser can Le seen for three days. y ANTED? DY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WOMAN, a situation as (look in a private family'. Host of referees given. Apply, for two days, at .Vi Irving place. y ANTED?A SITUATION IIY A SCOTCH HOY, WIIO T understands tlie care of horses, and is a good driver, as no objection to go a short distance in tho country. Good commendation if rc<|iiired. l'leaso inquire at No. 31 East roadway. Can bo seen for two days. VANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young women, situations, one as Cook, the other as inmbermaid, or to do general housework, (.'an give the best city reference. Address, S2fi Broadway, for tliree days. V ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A P.MROY DARK GREY or iron grey Horses, from 5 to ti years old. to bo at least bauds high, well matched, blooded stoek, void of tricks, nd in harness, and perfectly sound. Three Horses of tlie nvs description would u preferred, as the purchaser wants i extrn horse that will n atcli. Apply at the Irving House, roadway. ? ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO ?do ehauiberwovk, washing, and ironing, and would lie itling to make herself generally useful; and she can be well commended from her last place. Please call to No. 153 bird avenue. y ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Fv Protestant young woman, lately from the old country; ic is willing to engage in a respectable family, on reasonable ruin. Can lie seen for two days, at Mi fourth street, y ANTED?IN A" SMALL FAMILY, A.N ENGLISH Ft or Scotch woman for general housework, she must he first rate Washor and Ironcr, with good references. Apply ; No. .'I Nassau street, room No. 12, this day, from 12 to 1 clock. yANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE FT young woman, to do ehamberwork, or Seamstress, or to avcl. Tlie best of city reference given. l'leasu call No. 112 rand street, third floor. y ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE F? young woman, totakecare of children, or to do chainberork or sewing. Has no objection to go in the country, lease rail at 112 Grand street, third floor. y ANTED?IIY A YOUNG WOMAN WIIO THOROUGHFT ly understands her business, a situation as Cook ; aise, girl to do cdinmlierwork, to take care of children, or do lain sewing. The best of city reference given. Apply at 36 Ith street, between tith and 7th avenues, up stairs, front >om, first floor, or E. D , at the office of this paper, for one ny only. yANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE FT young woman, to do rooking, and to assist in washing nd ironing, or to do the general housework in a small private imily. The best city reference given. Please call at No. fid armine street. 2d floor. Can he seen for two days. y ANTED?A SITUATION, UY A RESPECTABLE FT young woman, as Chambermaid, or children's nurse, be best of city reference given. Please call at No. 68 Cariine street. Can he scon for two days. y ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE FT young woman, to do good cooking, washing and ironing, r genera) housework. The bost of city reference. Please til at 1KI Mulberry street. iy ANTED?A SITUATION, BY TWO RESPECTABLTi FT young women?tho one as Chambermaid, or minding liildren. No objections to go n short distance into tho counrv. Tho other to do general housework in a nrivate familr. he best of city reference, if required. Can be aeon for two ays. I'leaso to cell at 73 Greenwich Avenue. > 117"ANTED?BY A KKSl'KCTA BI,R YOUNG WOMAN, | FT a situation aa cook?ia a good plain cook, can bake nod, and ia a first ratu waalicr and ironcr. Tbe beet of city rforenco given. l'lcaae call at 3>? Third Avenue, oppualte . ouipkina Market. 117" ANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG MAN AS FT J'orter, and ia willing to make himself generally useful; i acquainted with driving if required. Advertiser ia a young i?n without incumbrance: writes a good hand. Advertiser lould nocrpt a chance to California if offered, to act as waiter, 'or further particulars address W. 0., at the office of tliif aper. 117 ANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO KESI'ECTARI.I TV young VMM, one to do general housework and plain oeking, washing and ironing, and the other aa seamstress nd chambermaid, or childrens' nurse. The best of oity reercnces can be given, Please call at 239 Mulberry street, in he rear. FIT ANTED?BY TWO RSSPKCTABLR YOUNG W0F* WW), A situation, one to cook, wash and iron, the ther aa Chambermaid, and to assist in washing and ironing. Joori city reference given. No. 24 Twenty-flfth street, bewIS O Xth and g-th [if ANTED? BY A RESriCTBM WOMAN, A SITUATE tion to wait oa a lady or take charge of an infant; is ully capable to do so, also make its dresses. Please apply at Co. I Great Jones street; can he seen for two days. IVY ANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A TV young man, has good city reference as to character and apsbility. and ran be seen at Mr. Cammell's, No. IP, 4th ave>ue. hv inouirint for J. K. 117' ANTEV?A SITUATION 11t a PROTESTANT T T young girl, u N'prte or Chambermaid, in a respectable .rieete family; good city reference from her last plaee giren. 'Inw rAll in 12th street, between the lit nnd 2d avenues, 5th louse, north side, from wtwd avenue. eecond floor. 117 anted?a situation f(t a respectable TV young womin. to do the general honsewerk of it small smily; is n good plain Cook, and an caoollont washer and Ironcr; ha< lived 15 months in her last situation: has no obeotiona in going to the country. Inquire at W Eulton itrcet, private door. . S17 ANTED?BT TWOTOUNO WOMEN, SITUATIONS, ft pne M Cook aad to assist in the Washing and Ironing, he othrff A* Chambermaid and Walter, of housework; good oferenrpe i'AU he given from thoir last place. Apply at No. 3 Ztli etreet. ? ._ 417antei>? \ siroavipx, nr a yqvno enuiisii ?r tilrl, M Chambermaid A* Walter, In n private family; 10 objsojlop to travel. Apply tt l?J7 West linedway (new umber)/between White unil Yranktirt. Can be seen fur all hi* wock. |17 anted- *a.Situation hy a very competent TV giil, with go"i|,city reference, to do tlm housework of a mail family, or wWtl do rhainhorwork and waiting. I'lmde all lit 7t tith avenne, V tin book atore. iifanted?a rorrht max that can i.oan his TV employer from $50 Wf??, cm meet witli a g d sltiiat..n, or will bo taken as a paiTo-nr. Apply at the .Vgenuy Ofee. '.i Husiie street. |^y ANTED?A SITUATION. +??^C.O Tt) 1,1 VEftl'OOl,. T ? l?y ? T'Minn ?T omnn o< rr.i|ircuimiU7f n i roi*?*c%ni, W()* timid be viTjr willing to wait upon a l.dty fbr her pmaro, or ?dy and family, who would ho going to nrt^Lind. She i* not uljwt to th? least sea sir knew*. Kxoellmt <*f#roiico given, If -o^uired. Please call at'Jitt Sixteenth atreot, H*twcen Kighth u:il Ninth avcnuea < vn I -c for <>ne wcnk, if ?*.w rug ig.'.l TO llltKIV KKS, WIIOI.KSAl.R LIQUOR MK>, See.? Tlia advertiser ha* a good connection in this city, want* t situation a* Salesman ; would hato no objection to to l.e country, having had many rear* exportation in the al??v* ii?o, or would j? in a j?er.?on in the busiticM. lie mtdcrstairifJ ;) r manufacturing <d cordials, liquor*, &o. Please .0l.lrc.-4 to \ 11., Herald effitf. ___ mm itllONS WANT?I> HT TWO KUPMlTiHIil ^ tiirL?m.u to c? ??k. wnrh and iron, ha* lived A* iu her ur,t sitiiallofi?tho mhrr a.* < hituberni.tid, a.^ix wlt.i ,h ?ug ru.d ironing, or to lake care of idiildrr 1, or to do plain ? wing. < ity rvtrrriuo also. Please lo rail at N ?. Spvs n t., rortit r of .S11Ilit an at., up atair*. ( an l>o seen for .1 da/-, if |M?t Stilt I'll. ^ _ ______ |) v 1.1 1 1 w \ TKI> \ (iKNTUMjhN Ul MWP I *1 ility, hating fUMWi, may I ear of nit opp rwunity of ml aid i /in tin Prttg and l? o Niufl* hn*lne<, (*i* -on pMLhed,) l?y addfe**ing IV l\, at tin* otftae, which will ho 1 ri$iiiii loiiLdtiiiiall}. jyAWTS. J A LADY M1SIIMS TO OBTATX FOR A sVBYAVT A itnatioa in a reapcctal.le family u Laundreoi, or f harnociniaid, or to net in both capacities. Apply TuosIot between one and four o'clock, to Mrj. Davidson. No 7i) ) ! adway, I ppo?it? Now Vork llotcl. A RESPECTABLE YOI'NG MAN WANTS A MITCAtion n? Walter, in a private gentleman's family. II* un(lerMand* hia business and can be highly recommended by hi* former emph jer, and 1* a protectant. Can he seen for two days at the office of this paper, or by note nddresscd If S Herald office. A s COOK IN A SUA I.I. FAMII.Y?A GENTLEM AN IS , rE anxious to obtain the advertisers situation; she is qua- ' - . " *"-nects, and only loft on account of the family t lihed in an . '-m? or call on Mary llrady. J6 Jauios t going to Europe. a??.. otrcct. . \ A LADY AND LITTLE T<? OIITA1N f J\ l>onrd in the country, in ft emu.. neYa?* peod school, and near xftU water suitable X"*. 11 "JJ* ylJ" 1 dre**. with terms per week, which rnustbe mo.'1"*11?' w* s*? l Umud oftei | I A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AaS WAItor or Chambermaid; best of city roforencen; can be ioea i for two day*. Apply at 2K2 Mott street, three doors from ' ltlcecker. i A STRICTLY MORAL PROTESTSNT FEMALE WANTS ! a situation as Chambermaid or Nurio ; would assist in , washing and ironing, or do plain sewing, flood city reference ] given. Apply at No. ltW iltn avonue, near 24th itreet. , SPKCIAL. NOTICES. 1 IF THE TWO GENTLEMEN WnO ASKED AND RH- ' reived permission to examine the hark l.AI RUNS, then lying near the foot of Clinton itreet, K. R., loniowliere hotwi en the 14th aud 2Nlh March, ISi*. will call at. or send their , names to the other of O. HOFFMAN, Jr., No. 10 Wall itreet, | New York, they will confer a great fa Tor. j MECHANICS' INSTITUTE.?A meetiugof the Institute 1 will lei held at the Solioolroom, 12 Chambcri itreet, oa 1 Tuesday arming, April 10th, at 7.4, o'oleck, preeiioly. Mom- 1 ken are re<|ueited to atteud, as business of importauoe to the 1 welfare of the luititution will be tramaoted. J NRW YORK AND NBW IIAYIN RAILROAD CO. * Honda.?The lubieriberi will reoeiye proposals until the , 0th of April for Eighty Thousand Dollars of the lloadt of thia Company, payable 1st December, 1*63, and drawing interest ' fbom the 15th Felirnary last, at (7) seven per oentum per annum.

payable 1st Juna and December, with coupons attached. " Said llouds will be delivered to the highest bidder on the 10th ? April. WARD ft CO., 54 Wall itreet. { AUCTIONS. i BY JACOll S. PLATT.?ASSIGNEES' SALE OF HARD- r ware.?An entire stock, consisting of tho usual variety of t Hardware and Cutlery, and other goods, to bo Hold peroinpto- ? rily to-morrow, 11th inst., at lOo'olock, at tlio Auction Room, ? where tho same is now arranging. Catalogues on morning of e sale. t ? I HE.lWILI.AKD, AUCTIONEER?ROSEWOOD AND 1 Mahogany Household Furniture.?Henry K. Willar 1 will i sell at auction, this morning, April 10th. at 10 o'olock, at No. o Cut) llreadwny, the Furiiituro contained in said house. Sterling j Filver, consisting of Coflbe Urn, I'itohcri, Tea Set, Gobleti, 1 Ac., will be sold at 12 o'clock. t BY JOSEPH 1IEOEMAN, AUCTIONEKR.? WEDNK8- , day. April 11th, at 10 o'clock A. M., at No. 217 Atlantie v street, llrooklyn. Genteel l'arlor, Chamber, and Kitchen J Furniture. Catalogues this afternoon, at the Sales Room, No. 1P1 Washington street. 1 1NLEOANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURH.?APRIL 10, at 10 ^ J o'clock, house Clinton street,fid door from Warren, will bo sold the entire furiiituro, almost new, comprising Couches, Divans, mahogany !'hairs, center, card, aud dining Tables, llrussels and ingrain Carpeting, Rugs, Curtains, Solar Lamps, Hat Stand, China aud pi a si Ware, French lledstoadl. Hodding, Humans, Wash Stands, Crockery, Kitchen Furniture, rpo TIIK LADIES.?J. W. ISROWN WILL SKLL BT ! X Auction on Tuesday, lOtli; Friday, l.'ith, anil Saturday, I Uth iust., the entire stock of 0. Scott St Co., No. 377 llroad- , way, consisting of every description of Lacoa, Embroideries, ltnliy Linen, Millinery Goods, He. He., put up iu small lots to ' suit ladies. Open the days preceding sales for inspection. Sales to commence at 10 u'olock. For the aocommodatioa of | purchasers, arrangements will lie niado to deliver lota and reoeivo payment, when they are sold. 2 Homer morgan, auctioneer.?household s Furniture, Elegant and Valuable Oil I'nintings.? a 'I hursday. April 13, at II) o'clock, at II llarelay street, the en- c tire Furniture, comprising a good assortmeut of Furniture, 1 Kitchen Utensils, He. He. Also, a few valuable and choice t Oil I'nintiugs, by the most celebrated musters. Also, au t elegant cure of Stulled llirds, English Game, He. Auction notice.?one more sai.k of j Mm Furniture in the old Church, corner ot' William and c Frankfort ftroeta, on Wodneeday, ut 1 a o'clock, in con- ^ riM|iiencM of a large end valuable aaaortineut of elegant Furni- ? turn having arrived from families removing, 8ie., comprising j a most deiiiruhle variety. Also, a splendid Ro.iowood 1'iano ?, Forte, Hook I'atte, Teto-a-Tcte Sofa?*, 8tr. THUS. HFsUs, Antionecr, J Roses at auction.?a choice selection of ' ltourliou. Ten, l'erpetual, mid Moss standard Roses, with \ a variety of Cretuiiousc I'lants in bloom, will be sold by A. II. Mnller, Auctioneer, No.7 Wall street, corner of Now st. i The roses were selected with great care, without regard to ex- . pense. and are well worthy the attention of amateurs of that j most beauteous Queen of Flowers. To be sold at half-past ten, , on Tuesday, April 11). MUSICAL. A CARD.?A M ATEURS OF M US 10, AN D THOSE A BOUT purchasing I'iano-Fortes, aro requested to examine the Loudon I'iccolo I'inno-Forte, a new iustriimont possessing all the qualities of tone nnd power of tho old fashioned , square I'iitnn, whilst its portability and oonvenienee at once recommend it to all wlto hud it necessary to economise in j rc on) nnd money. The proprietors will uxliibit them for a few days at F. Kilt y's Music Store. 3!<7 llrond way. MUSIC!?T1IE I'IANO WILL HE TAUGHT BT A young Lady, whe lins a thorough knowledge ef Miisio, ' and who can give t' wmost unexceptionable roferouces. Terms for Istginners. S!) s-rquarter; those more advanced, $13. Ap- * ply to S. C., Herald offico. | MUSIC.?A YOUNG LADY WHO UNDERSTANDS Music perfectly, and has much experience iu teaching, wishes to liuvo a tew I iipils, ana would attend at thoir resideuce if required. Term# moderate. Address, IHi Sixth avouuo, . between H averly place and Eighth street. HI8CELLANBOU8. ' UNB URJIOISEM.B FHANfAISK, PAHI.ANT 1MJKHment sa langue et 1'anglais, ot capable de l'enscigner au besoin, et saehant bion ooudro, coiffer et repassor lo linge fln, dfsire se placer comma fumme do ehambre on geuvernante. I Elle neut dotiner lee meilleurs reniiuignenioiits. S'adroesor Canal street. No. 42 (du c6t< du Gasoui&tro), au premier. Tiie double acting rotary churn.?in bringing this effectual and simple Churn into use, the proprietor#, feeling confidence in it# capabilities, do not hesitate to pronounce it the best Churn ever offered to tho public. This Churn will be on exhibition at tho Agency, No. 2 John street, 2d story, corner of liroadway, N. Y. And in order to convince the incredulous and satisfy the curious, at 12 o'clock daily, a churning will 1?? made. The public are invited to call nnd examine the machine, and see its utility tested. It combines the following valuable qualities :?1st. It produces butter in less time than any other Churn, making it and gathering il from sweet milk in from three to eight minutes, nnd from cream in much less timo. 2d. It produces more butter from tlie ssme amount of iuilk or cream, than the ordinary method, ns it dies its work in n moro thorough and scientific manner, .'kl. It is the cheapest, simplest, and most convenient Churn ever invented, embodying the true philosophical principles of butter-making. 4th. New milk after being churned is sweot and suitable for faintly use. 5th. Instead of feodiug tho calf With milk direct from the cow?churned sweet milk will answer every purpose. Hy this process tho butter is all profit. Wo offer it upon tho following terms :?1 f the Churn does not prove as recommended, it may bo returned, and the money will be refunded. A liberal discount made to those wlm buy to sell again. Orders for Churns, (postage paid) or application for the right to manufacture and sell in Now York .State, addressed to ^ T. DOUGLASS, Agent, No. 2 John street, corner of liroadway, will meet with prompt attention. MR. A. S. MARVIN, AGENT FOR RICH ft CO.'S SAFES. Dear Sir :?In answer to your inquiries as to the condition of the books and papers in a Safo purchased of yon, I am most happy to state that notwithstanding its oxposure to the tire during the whole of Saturday night, the papers and books belonging to the estate 1 represent, of great value, including bank bills and notes of hand, were takou therefrom, without having recciveu essential injury; ana so iar as i nave noon auiu to examine, every line in both bonks ami papers is legible. Yours, very truly. EDWARD FlhLKY. To NEW spaper publishers and capitalists.? The advertiser, who intends permanout location in busiuess of trade at California, desires to sell bis intorost in one of the oldest established and most prosperous leading Journals of the United State?, located in an adjoining city, and doing ' an excellent Imsiness, being an opportunity rarely offered. I Communications should stale real nainaa of parties, and, un! less known, references. Capital required would be in the ' neighborhood of $JD.ISS)?a proportion oash, the rust soured, j Address j. w. w., ltox 2.imm, Post Office, New York City. BI.A I R'3 PATENT PREMIUM SOFA IIEDSTF.A 1)5.? The subscribers are the only manufacturers of the colobiated unrivalled Sofa Bedsteads, whioh received the premium at the late Fair of the American Institute, together with a large and superior assortment of Cabinet Furniture, at wholesale and retail. PHELPS Hi KINGMAN, No. IIS and 120 Chatlinin, and 412 Pearl street. AC. IIIMIUBNIN, NEW IMPORTER OF WATCHES, No. 1!) Beckmau St., New Turk. Gold and silver English lbvhr watches, and H atch Movements, of all manufactures, for sals by the importer, at wholesale only, very low for caah. Close buyora will do well to call bnfore puroliaaing elsewhere. R. K. HOBIIINS. .*W John street, up atalra. All I AS CONNOR Hi CO., COMMISSION, FORWARDING, and Shipping Merchants, Panama.?Consignments of chips anil merchandise solicited, ami all kinds of Commie I oil.ri limine.* attended lo on m? 11 hiim lerm*. itwi ..ew i York, Uotloa, New Orleans, San Kraiiciaco, Loudoa and l'aria. STATES ISLAND FKRRT.- -LEA VB NEW YOKK AT 9, II 2,4, nr.n 6 o'clock. I cave Vinderldlt's Landln* at ! h, 10 I, 3, and ft o'clock. SHIPPING. Notice.?iiek iikitannic majesty-*^uonsin late, New York. April U, l*4fl.?Tlic undersigned desire* | t<> giso public notice, that lirr Majeety'a Oovernnien t offer* a | Jtcwaid of Twenty Thousand Pound*, lo In* givcu to auoh prtVu'? ?Wp, or distributed ainu,., p,,,.*. shin*. of nr* cum try, a* may, .,l wjii'l^tnnil of ibp Hoard of X.fmIraTly, hav# Tftlue.'t'd cflicicnt nrtiZ'ZZl? Sir John Franklin, Ida *hip?, or their crews, and may tin** *"??rlltiited directly to oxtrlcato them from the Ice. in the AWttaVy?11*' ANTHONY H.JLA*. Iler liritanntc Majesty* \J225r. ^ TDM BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN R * Steamships Id ween Now York and Liverpool, boOweoJ? Lesion and Liverpool, calling at Halifax to land dhtl ruootro mall* and paeeongw*, aro In loaded to tail aa follow.:? Niagara, Coat. Ryrlo, from lioston, Wednooday, l*th April. Lnrcpa, " Loll, " N. York, 2d May. I anilria, '' SLann.n, " llo* ton, " Ink ^ America, " iianaon, i'. totr, tow im.rrinl, " Ktono, HoeWin. Oil Canada, " Judkina, " N. York, " :*>th " An eaperleneed Surgeon on hoard. Freight will Wo oharged on apeoie Iteyood an amonut for poroonal enpeouon All lotlnn and papora moat para through Iho Pom Olltua. I'iwhi from New York or flooton to Idrorpool: Firm Cabin, SI3i; aori.nd do., f7". For freight or uoaaage apply to B. (T;>,Utn,Jr, ? n rood war. lAOU ll\TKK.-TII* SUPERIOR COPPERED AND 17 < . oner faatonod French bark Artnnntine, Copt. Brtaha. tor frr'tV? or |w?p applj < IIOVD It lllSUKK.Y, |M| 1AIWUM.-TII SUPERIOR BAKE MART ff Uow.fapt. Ilowltt. BOYDR HINOKRN. DIKK.TIONS Fl?R PIMYTS.? VB.S.SRI.s SIIIIJRCT TO lidtnliifii 1-7 the Iteal.h Otfioer. Erorj vote*] from a foreign i?'rt having paeaenicrra, and erory a panel having had, dating eer paemgo. any t?o of Small-po*. or inlWioaa or oonlogiona dteeaan? arriving at any time. AH roanoU from any port. In tbo ordinary pae-iage from whioh tlioy lunat pan* renin of I'apo llenlopen? arriving between the tdiirtf-dral I day f May and Oia-dgteeuUi day of <>uiot/?r. And all riwonla front any plane (iaclnding lain da) in Atda, Africa, or tfio Mediterranean, or from any of Iho We at India, llaimiiia, Hornnolaor Weatorn Iriaada. or from any ono pls.-t In Amarien, ! in ti n orilinury paoaago Inm whioh tlmy para aontti of f teoegla i - arriving I r. ween tl.e Aral day of April and tlio Hrat dwjr of IS,.vernier. Al.FX. It. WlllT'lNC. Ileal hDffloor. Journal of 'oatmervw, livening Puat and Knu, pleoM ropy. AMUSKMKMTS. * - <A" - - > * - BOWKRT THEATRE?Tl.'KSI?AY KTKNUU, APEII. Idih. th? iK*<Wr??m>? wram?ic?? with Uw of u? i'OWEK OK<.'h?rK?, tnuj v( Mr M>vr^. Mariiuin ?* lir?!n(?nl"ir:h, Mr. JonHii; la??o H -ii S?ui i.-l, Mr. Gilhort; KuLtr Ming Mitrxtirrit*, Mr*. Il?rb?rt. To l* fo||uw?l wikli th? "MUFXTINO A TUIU'I.E ? if"1, *1 urtle. Mie* U ary f I' IIU 1j1' \ i is U i V?l'ivuit T. .-..n.ludu ?itll 111# draiuA a f v i, / Vjli .. r.^rd Uwieof Flanders, >1 r .Moore; Vane "'.i" ,'f Mr. J. II. IUU; Frani, Mr. Winn* [> on> open ut t,'a?curtain will riie at 7.H? 1 ' " ' I'it, 11"; f* 11 ANFR.tns nation \It TI IK \ T It K ? <' 11 \ T w.' h-.' ati-ret?luwilijr Hvetiin^ April l<l, tlir iirtrfurmiiiiMa will (eminence with the drama of tliu IIKKJAHIKH?Krurnt llel011, Sir. ( liaufrau; t'.iptaiu Kniaiid. Mr. I'ard-y; Nimnt, r ''er'.iTt: l.oiiine St Kvron, Mr*. Islirrw I. \fter whch "NE CAE I FtillN 1 A? Mono, Mr. t'hanfrau; Sykesy, Mr. 'eymour; Mr. Ailulptiua I'llliidipiuJ. Mr. VV. II. Chapman; 1 t.iie. Mt?i K, Mpamyer To conclude with tliu faro? of VOUR lit S JTS DANCER?Jvhu Stroll?, Mr. Iluvtli: lltirpmut- | iiattor Nchpoouvnbcrg, Mr Heh'ort! Ohtthii-M LtunWd >rf, Hrxi Nhorwmid. Doori will upon at 7?curtain will rice at 1 ''a Boxea. 25 e*nt?: l'it, li'ij centi. ' ft.'lANFRAU'S NATIONAL Til K\TIIK, I. VTK (Ml AT- 1 L' huiil^-"t'KcHt of 17)1. H. CHAPMAN? <>m We.lneeday J text. April M? 1SW?Oa which occasion he trum tins mi tar- t aintucuW offer? 1 Mill meet the approbation or hi> friend* and J ilia public in general. Mr. ITui. Mitchell line kindly consented ' to ap|H>ar in a favorite character. Uy permission of Win. U. Ilurton, Kan.. Miss ('. Chapman will npnoar in hsr celebrated ? diaraeter or the French Spy, performed by her in all the prln- 1 tipal cities of the Union. Mr. F. J. Chanfrau will a|i|e>ar in t ale celehratcd character of Vim, in MOSK IN OALIFOK- I N IA With avarioty of other entertainment*, that will ha < >xproceed in the bill* of the day. i ITALIAN OPERA, ASTOR PLACR.?ADMISSION : TO I'aninet, let mid 2d Tier*, $1; Amphitheatre, 24 cts. Doors open at half-past 7 o'clock?To commence at S. The inx lionk will he open at the Opera llouee. Alter Plane, from I A. M. to 12 M., and at llall'i Music Store. oorner of Park I'laie and Ilroadway, from 1 to 3 I*. M. Third night of llelllario. Wtdoetday evening, April 11th, will be proionted, Do muettis celebrated opera, In .1 dOtH, HKI.1SAKIO?\nto- I una, Signora Fasciotti; Iran*, M'lln. Horgliese; Hudora, Signra Avogado; Belisario, Signor Novell!; A lainiro, Signor Co elli; GlnstiuUnn, Signor Ululiilcl; Kutropio, Signor Piaiuone?i. Director and C'onduotor, Max VarMwk. MKCIIAMI'S' HALL, 471 IIROAI'ffAY, BETWEEN Grand and llroiima street*. Open everjr evening during hu w<>rk. The original and well known Christy's Minstrels, irganiied 1MI. tha ulduat established hand in the world; rhn rlaim. and ran nuhntnntiate tha name, of being thaflmt te larraunine Negro Melodies, and originator* of the present popn- 1 ar style of Ethiopian entertainment*. [ A premium or $AW aiii he paidtenny other Company in oxietenoe, who oanprolace evidence of a just right to the abovedistlnotion.] Whoen 'onrarta in thia city, for a period of three year*, hare keen eotiTed with great patronage and furor, unprecedented in he nunala ef public nuiuaementa in thia great metrenolia, nid tontinu* to he nightly rereirud with approbation by large ind highly respectable nudionuea, n moot couvinoing eridonoa f their superior murit and attraotivene**. They will hare ha honor or introducing a great variety of new and original ilrlodlea, Ilnrle*i(iio Operatic ('horueoa, Song*, Charactcriatio dance* fcc., in a manner frequently attempted by " numeron* nxitaters," but "not witn tha aamc reaulta" that hay* ! rowued tha olforta of thia " original" aud "inimitable" Cum- I lany, whe challenge competition in every department of I lthlopian repreaentationa. The Company oonaltta of tea lerformcra, under the direetion and mauagoment of R. C. | 1 :hriaty,the wholeeoniprieing a eorpa ofunoi|ualled versatility ind talent. Adiui**i?n 25 centa. Children under 10, half e irlce. Door* open at 7?Concert will commence at 8 o'clook. t la afteruooa Concert on Saturday, eommenolng at 3 1*. M. j |<fRS. FRANCES KKMIll.B BUTLER WILL READ, in. at the Lyoeum nuilding, Waahingtou street, Brooklyn, in Tueaday evening next, (April 10th.) at 7>? o'clook, " The , Kerry Wive* of Windeor." Ticket*, tino Dollar each; tab* 1 lad at the Mansion lluute, the Globe Hotel, at Mr. A. M. Wilier'* ltook-atoro, and at the door upon tiie evening of perormanoe. \ CARD ?MR. MAX MARETZEK MOST KKSPECTFULil ly adverliae* to hi* friend*, the patron* of the Opera, and ike public generally), that lie will take his BENEFIT on Thurcday next, April 12, on whlchoecasion will ho performed, | i'erdi'* grnnd mid celebrated Opera of ERNANI, aud when iignorina Truth and Signor Bencdetti witl apl>ear for tho ! lonitively laat time in thia country. | COLONEL FREMONT'S NONDESCRIPT WILL BE exhibited all thi* week, at 200 Broadway. Admittance, 15 cent*. In producing this nnitiml, nature exerted nlf her ngenuity; nnd, Uuuhtle**, thi* ia her last and moat iiatoniahing | pciiuien. I here ia in it* composition a greater variety of the ( niuml creation than ran he found ill any museum. Tho ruwd of viailcr* are astonished at this most curious creature. I "o he seen this week only, a* it will sail for Kuropo, to take he chief post in tho Zoological Gardens, London. Admit- I | ance 25 cent*; children half prico. | < jtuytesant institute?second course OF t ' lliil'a lectures and entertainments?Mr. Ilill, familiarly a nllod " Yankee Hill," rcspcotfullj announces to the publio r hat his second course of humorous entertainments will omn- d nonce on Monday ereninp;, April U, 1H4V, at the Stuvrcsanl p nstitute, and bo giveu orery evening during the week, whtm i to will bo aided by the superior talent of the much admired I ocalist, Miss Fanny Fraxcr. Tickets, to admit a lady and s ;outl*im<n, Extra ladies' tickets, 2.V.; gentlemen's single . loktil, fiOc.; children under 10 years old, 25o. j J TO TUBATRICAL. MANAOERS ?FOR SAI.l, TllH WW- ' 1 expired lorin of the I,case (four year.1 and a halt ) of tha , front atrcot Thcatro, llaltiiuore, rcoeutly ri'tlttrd in tho hr.t itylo of elegance, equal to any other theatre in the Union. It i in tit for iimtuut oranpation. Tho rent i? paid by a per ceiitaga )m the receipt!, liiroot, prepaid, ltox 2,431), foal Otlioe, New Turk. UALIFOllNIA. T."lftK SAN TRANUTSrt), CALIFORNIA?TUB niUTlSH J ateauiidiip liN It'OU.V. list) ton! burthen, will positively ail from Jer.ey City, on IVodnemltiy, the Mtli of April, at 12 i t li cit. I'H ttiH or i'a*!*'>>:. In eahin. In fore oaliia. In ifeerage. far Rio Janeiro $2W) $130 Valparaiso 'Kh> 230 1.70 Suit KraiHiiaoo lift) Si!) ;toO An experienced Snrgeon will aeenmpany tlill refuel. W*r passage, apply to K. CU.NAHU, Jr., 3S Uroadway. | I lie I. iiio?.i n rum iloiiMe engine*; had mnr heilor* in Olita[ow last April; in now undergoing a thorough roflt; and her ivhin and tftearago will bo very comfortable aud well Ton-ilatod. I * riOR CALIFORNIA, VIA CII AOItRS.?Til H UNITED I State* Wail Steainahip FALCON, will leave Now Vork or Chagrofl, via Havana, on Thtirmiuy, ltfth April, with the United Staton Mail* for the Faeitie. The Falcon will arrive ' it Chagre* in ample time to dolivcr the mail* and plunger* > or the Fnnifin mail eteamer Oregon. 'uhhage to Chagrea iu xtttle rooms $1A* Do. do. lower after cabin 115 1 Do. do. lower forward cardn Hit Do. do. steerage MO ! Freight on n|?ecie to Chagree, one per rent. For freight or : pan.Hr.fro, apply to M. O. KOIIEKTS, VC8 Went itreot. 1 1.1011 <11 AGUES.?T1IE NEW A. 1 HARK ONYX, FOR Cliagreii, i.1 now recciviug cargo at Fior H North River* She has superior cabiu and saloon accommodation*. For freight or charter, apply to SCHOYKK it CO.* 82 Wall street. j CALIFORNIA, VIA VERA CRUZ, TUB CITY O# s Mexico, and Mazatlan.?Thin company having made arrangement* to aail on the 21Hh inst., iu the fast xailiug packet EL'GEN I A, wlii oh conveyed Capt. II ut ton's company or l.'Sit ia fourteen days to Vera Crux, wo desire to iuform tho?e bound for California, that a few vaoaneie* iu the ovvmnanr remain. Further information given hy Capt. HATTKHsliT, ftroin 1 to 4 F. M.t at 10) Front at rent, up stairs. FOR CALIFORNIA.?THE HARK CLYDE IS NOW n ady to clear for San Francisco, having all her cargo on Imurd. A few berths can vot he procurrod if applied for at t.l Sf'tlflYRK Hr I'll KO IV. I I or at l'ier No. 5, N. It. FV)R CIIAGRES-WEDNESDAY, 11TII INSTANT?THE nnp?*rior packet bark IIECIjA, Cant. Soil per, can yet aowmmodato a few more nasaengcrti, and clear as above. Tliia vi*a??l was built 01 prowl? f.?ra packet to the >Fo*t ladies, and has a flue air? cabin on deck. IVrsons going this route, are invited to call ami exAtnino for thoin<0)lvos beforo engaging in other vessels. Apply to _K. C. KK.\ I). 27 South at. IjllRST VESSEL FOR CALIFORNIA AND THE GOLD Diggings.?Any person wishing to obtain a passage to ihe gold diggings, or join a tirst-rato company, would do well *o call on board the Rochester, foot of Roosorolt street, where they can hare the best accommodations, at a low rate. Vessel to sail on the Mtb inst. First vessel for san francisco.?the sefbrior fast sailing hark CLYDE is now receiving her store# and has a few state rooms and single berths vacant. Apply on board, at Tier ft, North River, or to II. HOLDREOB, Jr., 93 Wall it. LJIRST VESSEL FOR SAN FRANCISCO, DIRECT.? The fast sailing and beautiful packet ALICE TAKLTOIT, will receive a few hundred barrelj more freight, if offored immediately. Passengers will do well to examine the staterooms of this vessel, her accommodations being unsurassed. A distinguished physician and surgeon will go out in the vessel. Apply on board, at Pier 10, East River, or to ISAAC T. SMITH, 101 Wall etreet. First vessel yon camfornia.?1the splbndTB nf* Liverpool packet sliip SUSAN O. OWENS now hu nil her freixht on hoard, and will sail ?n th, Hth instant for Sun Franciauo. The nowa by thu Crescent City shows that tliia la tliii only snfe route, nnd tliia vessel often the bant acceininodatlnns <>f any yet up fur that port. She la 7TVI tuna burthen, hut A muntb. old, ban a library of AOtl volume*. bath roornn, patent ventilator., and every arrangement far the health, comfort, and safety of natweaitor*. For passage euly, apply te HUFFHM fc IIAXIIT, lli Broadway. For $ioo, and found.?a few tickets for san Iranoiseo, California, in a Drat olass ship, to leave this wi-ok, ran be bad if immediately applied for to SOUPYKR It CO., H2 Wall at. PANAMA TICKET WANTED?A TICKET FOR SEoond trip of the Oregon from Panama to San Franrlaoo, for which an advanee will lie *ivcii. Apply at Clinton Hotel. CA I.I FORMA D AGU ERR ROT YPBS.-PF.RSONS ABOUT to viait California, and ileeirona te leavu their likenesses wltli their friends. would do well to call at Brady's. Nea. jos and 3T Droadway, where, by roason of recent Improvement* and addition* ta hi* establishment, and true faithful likewesve* mar henhte'nee *t the .bert#** n#?iee, CALIFORNIA MINERS' DEPOT, 349 BROADWAY.? W. M. (Ilb*on, proprietor, manufactaros, and eflers fhr sale, Jenni?on?* Pelt Maobina and Submerged Whirling Pan) and decidedly tlw best Miner # Pump to he found in Mia city j all tlie prodiictina of a Ion* aad praotioal minia* sxperienee. JVMES HUT DAM fc CO.'H CALIFORNIA (IRANI) KXpeilit ion will bold a public meeting every evenln*. at tha Huera Vista House, Urand stroet. llavin* nearly completed onrsuin* .ADD abln bodied mon to *o to the *old re*ion? on slmresof profits, only a few more will be token, except those that vrirh tv raj Hw, wluvh fill tntitlo tlirtn to t he full profits of one share, and one quarter or the profiu of ono aharo tor .'cry $1W Mflfc I'tMW not going may hold shares, and IihvV AM quarter of the profits of one shnre for evtry glial There has no company left New York with the Convenience and means of makin* money whioh this company will have, for particulars, apply aa above, from 7 A. M. until io P. N. N.lfiR SALE-A 8PL**Din S.M)1?L*_^^D HARNESS J* Uoffix yoara oin. wn?w ??? hihui |1?H- *4) AW. * Ml Of i?lftt*d gig hftnitM, two rlditvi *ftd. ht!) (lo>?n brlil l*?, *11 mnilr In l,ondon. Tin* I* ? vtd nbonld b? embraced. To I* hooii ?t Hip T?Mttfoffc-rt Or^t, Third Atonuo. tr.r ofl.r.. ind lL*? IW* A"""- " ? ufj WITH.?FOR SAI.I, CHANCE SKI.DOM TO 1~ "JEJL ind Uquor Siort. the Mock and fixture* of a i i* ??t?M?<l in ono of the now doing a gn<?d canli Imaine**, anu , Hnii>f>M?torr ronton* kcet 1 oration* to be found in the fit; '^|drt** L. M., Herald given for telling out. For particular* ? I "ffll? ? ? 'moth mvr- : RWFOVNDl.AHD POPS?TWO MAS. naUMntlnnry i i roiinaannd ropa ror aiun. par* ? > lv?jitj1_Ai.i,|y et^ZTO ^**T? ?*"*' of r*,u>m- M0SX Tm siib??'riii?k orveiu r??r mxi.b mis aupyly of flowor ? < Ton'tnUo Sood*.l>Tninnont?l w_ IhruMiry, Groon-hnniie I'Uoto, u*othor w>U>? nrtaent of Fruit Trent, tail othor nrlirlM In thnt lino. " T. DIJNI.AP.a8* Br.i?d?rny. <JI,OTHINM. AK/iAni"w^KNO?^NOTi(:?,n?<jiiNTi,iji?N WHO CKOUv w ant thoir old dot Hon to look llko now.?Coll >1 . tT? < li-miinf, IItWkil Tailoring, and Rraairinn MtnblUliaoak No. Mi (Mil ntrrn, wlior* you tu not nil arraM oxtraetod W tfco nl-crtonl not loo, by J. II. NOAII, aplU Ci Old at. too do?ri from Hickman at. New I oik. i niijiaa?? ?? II AMTSKM19FITS. n ROADWAY 1HkAT*C-ft. A. M A RSI! AM,, P*?prietor?Tlieitdaj evening. April ID. will b? performed Ikt Brand i.imratir anectade, iu .1 wU, with a prolog-*, ?oUll#4 tt.? KM IIANTllKSS?Character* ia the proUrn*? Itatair, Mr. Seetiia; Porta llrachio, Mr. Hani; Napm, Mr. II dtnanj Stella, Mi-i Wallia. Character* in the opera?Dake d' Alalia, Mr. leach; Calcaa, Mr. Monrhenae; (<r?n<l Senaaohal, Mr. ltrown; Chief of tha Henate, Mr. I'?|>a; l>aa Hrlvlo, Mr. W. II Hwui; Doctor Munthannutia, Mr. Yache; Ratnir, Mr; Miguei, Mr. Ilolman. Stella, Mri. s?|jaia. Drea* Cirela and l'ur<|tH tte. 75 centa; Kamllj Circle. 2ft centa; tlallery, UK cent*?Doom open at 7; corainenone at 7^. ?? Rfift :v THEATRE. CHAMBERS STREET?Tl/BS ?'K' J>r'V0th\ *!> '* P*r'B'm?i| the drama .f 'I t?. w i(. i T!!""tV TnoUU. Mr Burton; Farmer Harrow Mr Kuc. Mrr. Timothy T,?.dl?, Mr?. Vern..n. After wliu li, nn or.Jn:tJ s*lifr' ?"? *?."? called SOCIALISM, ?r, Philnaophy . llt.,l_n f?9?'??-Mr. 'eari.r Cruder. Mr. Brougham; Mr. Mennr, *. "urtoB. he oeaolnde with ('OR. rr WINKS?Mr. Mum, Mr. ""Mnn; Lieut. Flight*, Mr. R arden; Hatter, Mr. Hamilton: Mi.'- UatiJ'. rarnou; Wire Camilla flighty. Mine Hill. Dunr* PP*n ??., ?art?.^ leee at 7^. Ilnxea, lirraa Circle and Par iuet, Odeenta; rt. uiljr Circle, SB cent!. lyflTi HKI.I/S OLYMPIC TUlATRB.-TUK.HDAr Ev ElTI nine April, lOtli, iho performance will commenca witK he KINO OYTIIE PEACOCKS?Ar?ua, Miaa Clorkei Priaao learnniT, Mr. l.evere; Fniry Faithful, Mian Nickinamt. A fur rldoli th? celebrated I.KVATKK I.HB will appear aa tha 'Sprite or the Ilutthi." To he followed with the fare#, eutlled a Cl.EAK CASK?('apt. Cramwall, Mr. Araeld; Fler* liaa Phillip! Aftar which, Maatar E. I.RH will appear ?a he Rolling Clohr. To conclude with tka hurletta. omnia* Ail.A Mil.NTES?Cnniit MtifTeuuff, Mr. Nlokineou; Cutha ine Kini? r. Mma Cannon. Duora open at 7?eartaiawill riao it"1, Ureaa Circle. AO eotaj Upper lloaea, Jtc. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM ?MOKE SPI.ENID Nuvaltiea.?Magnificent perTormancea, crerr afternoon, at A, ami every evening at Vi before A o'vlooh. The Manager haa if*ki-iI. fur another week, the c eleN rated Quaker (Slant and (iiaiiteu. Thia coloeaal uuupla ark tba latitat and decidedly the Urgent pair nf human being* wMeh tlia world era* me waiiunotii Lady, wue weigw >7n lbs. Thoy maybe soon at allhours, witli Titanla, ike Fancy liueea. The .Martinettis, wlm composed a lama portion of tlM Havel Family, hate heun engagvd fur another week, and wtM nppcnr. at euch entertainment, In their wonderful l/yianaslte I erfortnances, l.iiuglialdo Pantomimes, he. he. Great Weekeru, tba Yankee* C omedian, I'ntu Morris. Mr. Chapman, Miy ('upland, Mien West, Mis* .Melville, Miss Itartun, Ikgblaad Mammoth liny*, tYax Scripture Statuary, Madams Keekwsll, the fortune-teller. Admission, 25 cents; children und*> 11) year*, lii1-, cent*. fpilK ANNIVERSARY DINNHR t)Jf TI1K .YMRK10AH X Drauiutio Fund Association. 1're tide nt. DAVID C. COI.DEN, Esc|. iue 1'reaident*. Hon. Samuel Jones, If. 1*. Willi*, Km., John Van liuren. Km. Simeon Draper, 8*1., 1'hilip Hone, Esq., M. M. Noah, Ran., General S. P. I.ymaa, (ieorre I* . Vf.rr'., la,, J. Presentt Ilnl], Esq., John MoKeoa, In]., Dootor Francis, Adam Stoddart, l'roapcr M, Vi et more, Esq., JameaT. Rrady, Arthur T. Jonea, Esq., Robert Kmmatt, Washington Irving, lu., Hon. William Kent, Ogden Hoffman, Kdtnnud U. Millar, Theudoru Sedgwick, Esq., And otliera. 'he Musical Department will be under the superintendence of .MR. GEOKGK LODKIt, nd will comprise all the available talent attainable at tfck ime, including a perfect Glee l'arty, to illuitrate the nulsrneues of Kngi.ihii II a itNO.-vv, Upii Maiihioai.s, Gnstl or hob at. Mai.out. Jto. ho. The Festival wilt taka place en Tneeday, April 17, at THE ASTOR HOUSE. Tickets, (including wine,) $3 each, may be had af a ay af the TrasUies, via:? J. l'reeeott Hail, F.sii.. M Wall street. O. Stebbina, Esq., 3d Wall street. W. P. Chapman, Esq., of Merclianta' Rxohange. John McKeen, Esi|., District A ttorney's office, City HalL Thus. S. Hainiilin, Kan., box office, Ilewery Theatre. Or of the Treasurer, Mr. JOHN POV E V, 11 Wooster at. And the Secretary. Mr. JOHN UltOUUIIAM, .17 Chamber* it* and at all the Muaio Stores. Town send andorr's mammoth panoramas or the Hudson Kiver and the City of New York, now oa azliibition, at the New I,urge Hall, tltted up expressly for those paintings, at No. 3D6 Uruadway, corner of Walker street.? Door* open at 7: panorama will commence moving at S e'oloek. Tiokots 25 cents. There will be an Afternoon Exhibition every Saturday afternoon, at 1 o'olook, for the aoooinmodatiea eC families, schools, and those who oaanot make it ooavenient It ttteud evenings. The great mi/skum, s.? rboadwat. between Spring and I'rinee streets, and the only one ia his country, consists of a great number of life (lie figure* of ,'hinese of all classes; sevsral hundred Chinese paintinpg ipartmonts in Ileuses; stores and vessels; model* at pagodas, etnples and bridges; gpeoimen* of Chinese manufactures, thalr gricultursl and nieohanieal implements, Inetmmsata ef nunc, lanterns, he. he. Open from nine A. m. till ton p. m., nil v. Admittunee. 25 cents; children under twelve, tall iricc. VJONSIKUK ADKIEN, TIIR REAL AND INCOMFAR"I able Krunoh Magician, wilt eontlnne bit oxtraordiaany loireea every evening thU week, at the Minerva Rooms, No. Mki Broadway, where he will give a grand Magical anil Egyp;ian entertainment. Admission, AO oenU; children. 28 tenia. Deere cpen ut 7 o'eleek; performance* to oemiaence at 8. C ASTIR tl A R DSN.?Til R A BOTE WRLI, KNOWlC Summer resort can now be engaged for evening anueniont* during the enHuing aeaton. ror farther pertienhnML end term*, apply at the office nn the premises, er by lettai (poet paid) directed to the proprietor*. VKKNCH It IIRUHK. to let. 1AURN1S1IED ROOM to NEATLY FI'KNISHed front parlor to let, without board, on reasonable termal location No. 41 Mercer atrcot, between Grand mid Brooms Mtrcct*. Itefercnce given and required. Furnished rooms to let? uaklor and bbdroom*, auituhle for singlo gentlemen, or a email genteel family, in the immediate neighborhood of Union t'nrk aaA Grace Church. Apply at Ml Broadway. STOKE TO LET, FROM 1ST MAY NEXT?AN OLD RStnbliahcd Stand for a Wholesale Grocery, corner of l'eak Si p and Front street. Apply to Woydell, 3d Dover street, or 34 I.night street. TO let?a COTTAGE, SOUTH SIDR OF (jbTH street, Yorkville, leading to Hell-gate Ferry, now repairing Will bo made to suit a good tenant. Contain* XI room* ; rank |L7A. A ntnhlu can be built at additional rent. Also a small neat tenement, rent S7". Aiiplv to C'Tl. T. CROMWELL, 1M Nassau street. TO LET?TO A SMALL FAMILV, PART OF A MIA* Cottage, containing three or four roome, plemnntly ?1lUHtril <>n tlio lilooiuingdelc road, between Forty-fourth fto4 Forty-fifth etreets. Stage* para the door every few minute.", fare aix (.out", rent very low. Imiuire on the premuee, or of J. P. TRA VERS, Hj Maiden Lnno, New York. TO 1.HT?A THREE-STORY MOUSE, IN MAMMON* treet, with ilot and Cold llathi?$500; and one with Cold Hath ouly, $175; ulao, one >n Hank atreet, with llet MtA Cold Hatha, $-175, Apply to ALEX. M. QRRIG, 1 Hanorer atmt, ritO LET, IN BROOKLYN?TWO SMALL COMMODIOUS X three atory brink houaea, and *overal email convenient two atory and nttfe frame houeee. Kent of briok houaee, $91% frame bounce, S1 SO. The above houeee are eituated witfii* fifteen niinutee' walk ef Fulton Furry. Inquire at lliB Uridflk atreut, Brooklyn. TO LET.?THREE TIIKEK-STOKY BRICK IIOUSIL with baennent and uudor cellar, No*. 20, 22, and 2% Bridae atreet, Brooklyn: built laat year. Rent $910. Apply te DAN I EL WRIOHT, 25 Jobnaon atreet, between the houre of 11 and 2. Ul'-TOM'N FACTORY TO RENT?THE FOUR STORY brick building in 27th atreet, between 9th 10th art? nute, now occupied by the Manhattan Pianoforte Manufacturing Company. Apply at the Albion office, 3 Hare.ay atreet. PAKK TMEATKE LOTS.?TO BE LEASED FOR A term of year", the lota lately occupied by the Park Theatre, being 7s feet in front, on Pnrk Row, and running throudk to Theatre Alley, on whieh they are IJtl feet in front. ItC term", apply to No. 87 Prince atreet. IIEDICAL. DR. WHEELER, OCULIST. 29 GKKKNWICH STREET, devotee Ida exclusive attention to diaeaaes ef tho Jiy*. and 11it* for sale a most beautiful selection of Artificial Eyas, just rccoived from Pftriji. Offtoe hour* from 8 A.M. to 1 o'clock I\ M. A Pamphlet containing many ramarkable curat (.fleeted by I>r. Wheeler, can be had gratuitously it his oflloe? DU. POWElaU OCULIST AND AUKIST. DHTOTHS 1IIS attention ait usual, to disease* of the Epro and Hac, at 'ilil Broadway, entrants 1^ WnrroD street, whore can be lmd Mm "Treatiae on the Eye,'* nrico 50 cents; also a pumphlet, free of charge, wInch describes his new method of strengthening weak eyes. Juat imported, a large supply of Artificial Hjrs, I J 1 FTV THOUSAND PERSONS 1)1 K ANNUALLT Itf England of Consumption. In the New England State*, tho proportion is one in four or tlve. In Boston, probable, one in four. In the city of New York, sixty-seven died in two weeks in December of this disease. It is less prevalent in thu more northern latitudes, am Russia, Canada, and among tho Alps of Switzerland, where tho winters are lend and severe, and there are fewer sudden changes. No theory can he more welcome to tho human mind than tho one which establishes on good grounds the hopo for prolonged existence; if the allegation* of those who aroal I cask entitled to veracity may ho believed, there is a preventive and a remedy. Tho Great Author of Nature has provided us with a remedy for Consumption, and tho diseases loading thereto, which art so fearfully common in our country. Has he left us te Had relief from that fatnl sconce, by ransacking other lands f tl.o Lest Nature's own Remedy is at our hand??ho \Fild Cherry and the Pine furnish us a cure where a cure i* possible. Ono of the moet important uiMaavmo* or mo age. 1 n ameiierating tho condition of thin largo olaaa of mittering humanity# im Dr. Wiat?ir'# Balsam of Wild Cherry, which h;u heou hofore ho public ?oine ten year#. Thin valuable medicine wa# tir#k discovered and introduced in the year 1^, si m e which time it* aiicccs# linn constantly incrcAscd the demand, until it hu become one of, if not the in out popular Remedy for Conmnnpti? n in it* incipient atnge, ever known. None in genuine.unle?jm aignud I. tiUTTS. For hhIo wholesale and retail I./ A. 11. Si D. 3 on 4^ 100 1 niton t?t., corner of William; '27'i Br<>adway, Irviaf Building, corner of Chamber*; Penifdd k Co., | FUw< ).** ntreet, and by the drnggijt# generally throughout the United State* and < amd* Doctor you***!,*, for a urns, ur miahsot the peoket Eeculapiua, ur, over/ one hi# own ph/*i<ien# 2Uth coition, with upward* of one hundred ongravinga, showing private dlsenacM in every shape and form, and malferiua>tioua of the generative system. lly W. Young M. D. The time hat now arrived that person* suffering from *eorel <R*? ea*ett need no more become the victim of <dn*ckory, a# by the prescription# contained in tiiU book. ho may our# Mmmm without hindrance of hti#ine#% or the knowledge of Me meet intimate friend, and with one tenth the nhuaTeapeitfe. * addition to the general routine ef private dfaeaeehj i> Bwlf explain# the enure of manhood'# early deoline, with tion# on marring*? benidee ?? ?nany ether d it would net b? proper te enumerate in the gublia frlalj, Aiu person fending twenty-live cent*, moUM lahUMi| will rceelve one *ei?y of thle hook, by mail, or Ave oepiee # b? .out for ?lie dollar. Addr-M (p?.? P?ijU w TOV;iQ No. lit Sprue* ,?rooi. !'hil?d>lphl?. D-r MORKIWW* CONTINUES TO Ui <X)NS?I.T1? ,oB?il#nO?lly on prir.4* OmMM ??. ] ill tern and eruption# he cure# where ether* fail* lie f.w d.?. N?rr,?. ?d urgnnlo d.bilit# format* to 0.1 r*. Sm Li, London dipl*mn in hU ]W^ rai>?n...? The makkjfh woman's pritati mrdioai* Comiianhin, If l>r. A. M. UHrlcMi, Profnaaor if |)U<-a*M ill Woinrn. Slxtii edition. IKtno., m. "Ml. Priaa At MI.IU) c-optra ?<>lil In ?i? Miimth*. * Yenra of Mifr. rin*. of pl.y.lral and menial anrulah t* ?--r an adwdli-nat* wife, and ix-wuitar* dirtPulliaa to ah* hnabaaZ might h??* kern ?|>*r*d. thonaanila now poor would hart mioy.d ounwuxid tliouaanda now lirokan in lieaUh wanld >.av?*nj< H It; l.iindreda now In Uitlr *rarra boon (till alia* lj a timely pnaiwwaion of thla work. It k intended e#**eiaJly f,.r the married. er theae oeatea. I5. niJMTinitf, .1* It di?etoft?i imporUat i?or?u ?Wil hot.Id Ip known to thorn particularly. To tiu-he mImm>?' health doee not permit of aalncreaae of family. it U of m|H*ctal import an or. ^c?e, bIws wiry frniaic?the wife, the met her. threw# rliTof lyldmp into wimanhwid, ?r th? one la tha doeliaa m year* in w frith muirn contnmplatwa an important ohanpa? KU rtla?-..?..T (),f '<an. ' ajrmptonw. and (k? moa* ioiaut ra, Xf'"-, ?' 'I In.*! ' "f curv ? * V"* All V>aJ, it."!*ty**'1'~ . . ' ''lakini 0?ra, up p, nam at ?Itn.adwny, and at tfiw rfc, 'I. I>.,,a l.ilrri, i 17 i. * IV. AlUi.rr ft. . Koaton; ' ' , 1l'lrl*i,?. t'lwlaal <uwk rtlladalRfc (ill lie . Nrolpl of $|. a ("Py ?dt WmflL Nn of porta,? ? any part ?f Ik* United SMter, AIMetTaaw n.ti.t ir?d.fn Vfd. I-..1 mild, la Dr. A M Maurieeaw XT l,Jli. Aon lwh ?t>. DflU. 13 liiUrly (treat. * *

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