Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1849, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1849 Page 5
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i Nii]M'Hor Court. Before J udge Sand ford * All*)!, lfi -('has Stoddnrd and Joseph hirrrin^ t'f. The Island Knilroad Ca?This was an action on the cane against defendant*, as rommon carrier*. It appeared i that the plaintiff* sent some cases of goods. consisting of silks am) other fancy articles, to Adams Si Co.'* express. to tw forwarded to Boston. The Kxpres* ( ompv uy sent them to the defendants, to he cony eyed by railroad to (ireenport. and the remainder of the distance to Boston by water. On putting the cases on board the lioat at <j reimport. some of them went overboard, through the negligence, as plaintiff alleges, of defenslinti' servants, and were damaged to the amount of $1A00. and they seek, by the present suit to recover the sum from defendant*. The defence set up is. that plaintiffs ought to have sued Adams A Co and not the ' jtailroad company. The case was tried before, and verdict rendered for defendants, which was afterwards set aside by the court in bunco 'J'ho cause was not tluishcd when the court ndjourncd. Before the Chief Justice. ,'lninsa llraintird and others vs. liarid . It ten ti'd others.?This is au issue from the Ki|Ultv side of tlie Supreme Court. The plaintiffs are jewellers, vending in this eity. It appears that some time before the year J?4fi. a man of tin* name of Hanks kept a fancy anil jewelry store. In Broadway, and purchased goods froin plaintiffs, to the amount of about $ '*)(! or $700: they afterwards took proceedings against him and obtained I a judgment, upon which an execution was issued; but it seems tlint before any levy was made, the tirin of BHdwin and ( hcvclier issued au execution upon a judgment they had obtained against Hanks, made a levy and caused tho goods to be sold. They were purchased in for Mrs. Hutching*. Hanks' mother-in-law. by the defendant, who advanced out of his own money. $1.42 ), for which he claimed to have a lien. Banks then made an assignment of the goods to Mrs. Hutching*. L'tider these circumstances, the plaintiff's execution became Useless, and they (lied their hill, stating these facts, and charging that tin* sale to defendant and the assignment XO Mrs MlUrlliilL''. were irauuuicui umii rum. as agun-i plaintiffs and tlx- other creditors of Banks, upon which the Supreme Court directed the following issue to be made up and sent to this court for trial First. Whether tlie assignment of tin- stock of goods and fixtures to Mrs. Hatchings by Banks, on the 17th of July, 1840, was utade witli intent Jo hinder, delay, or defraud the creditors of Banks, or any of them. Second, whether the execution mentioned in the amended hill of complaint was issued, delivered to the sheriff. and levied on as therein alleged, and. if so levied, what particular articles so levied on were included in the assignment. And, third, whetlior the D. W. Allen had any interest In, or title to, or lien upon the property so levied on. if any levy was made, and if so, what interest, title, or lien, and how the same occurred and what was the amount or extent thereof, and whether tho said interest or title, or lien, (if any existed.) has been extinguished or satisfied, and if so, when, aud to What extent. Adjourned. Court of Oyer and Terminer. 'Before Justice Edmonds. and Aldermen Adams aud Downing. Arnn. 10.?The court was op. ned to-day. and the jury panel railed over ; but a sufficient number not having appeared, the Judge directed that two hundred adilit ion? al jurors should be summoned for Wednesday next The trials of Donalson. indicted for the murder of Vleighan. in Leonard street, about a year ago. and of Wood, indicted for the murder of his wife, by administering poison to her, are set down fur Wednesday morning. His Honor then proceeded to open the special term. VnltMl State* Circuit Court. Before Judge Nelson ArntL 1(1?Jllfred (I. Serrell, vs. George Crawford.? This was an action for the alleged infringement of a patent right. Tho patent was obtained for a moulding machine. L'nder the direction of the court, the jury found a verdict for nominal damages for the plaintiff. Charles Goodwin. vs. George E. t Warring.?This is also an action for the infringement of a patent right. The plaintiff obtained a putentfora new aud useful invention or improvement in parlor stoves. Verdict for defendant. Malls fur Europe. The mail steamship Niagara, Cuptain Hyrie, will leave Boston to-morrow, for Halifax and Liverpool. Her letter-bags will close in this city at half-past 3 o'clock this afternoon. The Weekly Herald, for circulation in Europe, printed in French and F.ugiish. will be ready at 12 o'clock. Single copies, sixpence; annual subscription four dollars?to include tho postage. Nrws for Cnllfornln. The mull stcHinship Katcon, Captain Thompson, will leave on Thursday next, for Chagres, with the mails for California. The double sheet Herald, of that morning will contain tho latest news from all parts of the world, together with n complete list of tho vessels that have sailed for the golden region of tho West since tho discovery of ilio mines. Single copies in wrappers ready for mailing, two cents only. ' lints?" I kntw Ulm well, Ilorntlo." Now KNOX, of 12H Fill tun street, makes no pretension or wish to be the Verlek of llandet, l>ut all who purchase Itis hemming Spring style of llats must say, " we know the fushiunahle artist well." Satisfactory suiting, satisfactory custom, and satisfactory dealing, please all. A bargain with Knuxis confirmatory of this in the meeting of a moment. Phrenology?Tin- Brothers O. 8. & h, W. Fowler, will continue their Lectures this week, as follows:? .At Broadway llall. (Hope Chapel,) Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday ; at Clinton llall, W ednesda.v and Friday. This evening, at Broadway Ball, the Lecture will he on Matrimony. Rev. Dr. Power'* Likeness ? Harrison & BOLMF.S took the lust Daguerreotype Likeness of this great and good man. F.xi ellcnt original copies may be seen tiv the friends of the deceased at the Skylight establishment, No. 2c'.' Broadway, rooms .'k> and 117. La Farge Buildings, cor Her nenuc imtv. Socialism, Fonrrtrlim?Thu New System Of barter is new in practice: if yon hare got a decent Overcoat or Cloak, or any snpertliiou* article of clothing, we will give you a fair swnp of Hummer clothing, such as Alpaca, TJrap ilc Kte, Cashmarctte, laaen or Gingham Coats: Valentin and Marseilles Veals; Casaiiunre and Doeskin I'ants. A fresh aeeorttnent of them 86 anita, from auction. Corner of Js'nfsnu and llcckman atrcets. Three Hundred Pieces of English and American three ply, superfine and common Ingrain Carpeting. Also, Floor Oil Cloths, Ike., at less than auction prices, wholesale and retail, nt the cheapest carpet establishment in the United States, No. 01? Itowcry, IIIKAM ANDERSON'S. Positive proof is, to visit and witness the immense quantity old and sent away, at lowqtiees. A New California Mt|iedllloii.?Those who desire adventure, and would he glad to rvaliso all the results probable f rom the extraordinary accounts as yet received of the mineral wenlth of the Sacramento country, at a point t only balf way and intermediate, on a direct line to this reJ clou, had better address Mr. WEIlllER immediately, at the American Hotel, ltroadway. Mr. Webber is now organizing, with entire sucee**, a company of gentlemen from all parts of the country, wbo propose, with proper ?rms and equipment, to thoroughly explore th*-mysterious region of the Gila. California Pfreanna.?Jonrph St Hart, 74 Maiden lane, importers, manufacturers and dealers in Firearms, wisli to call til* attention of onmpnnies and others bound for Calif?rnia, to a superior article, expressly adapted to that trade, known as Hall's Carbines ; loads at hrceoh, can be fired twenty times In three minute*: Unlit ill weight, and warranted to shoot balls 200 yards. Tliey are used by the If. 8. Army and Navy, and highly valued by them. This arm can be used as ariflo or shot gnu. It uoed only to be teen to insure it* adoption. The Plnmbe National Dagucrrlaii Gallery, on the upper corner of ltroadw ay and Murray street.stranger* and others should not fail to visit, if they have any desire to seethe largest collection of distinguished individuals in the I'nited States. Few can look through this Gallery without Wishing the fac simile ol *omo friend. The Havana Segar Company are nailing their fine F.xcelsior and Magnum llonuin Segars at exceedingly low prices. We recommend all who wish for a pleasant Segnr. or a good article for the country trade, cheaper than Were ever before offered in New York, to call at iff W all st. St ranger*, go- to Chevalier's Cutlery Establishment, 1M ltroadway, and look at thu very largest assort- | men! thpt can ho seen in any one store in the United States. California Knives selling for less than they cost to manufacture. Gold Penn and Watrhes.-The celebrated Diamond-pointed " Richelieu" Gold Pens, warranted t* wear five Tears, in Gold and Silver Urn and Pencil Cases, together with an elegant assortment of flim gold and silver Watches, for sain hy J. Y. SAVAGE, Jr., 16 Wall street. Watches and (lold Pens repaired or exchanged. Dr. Bontwlrk'n Great Work, and Lecture*, On Venereal, Strictures, anil all diseases of a private nature, illustrated hy many colored plates. A second edition has just been published by Si ringer It Townsond. It can be bad aleo of the author, .KM Broadway. A second edition of the came author's work on Seminal diseases, resulting from improper habits, lias Just been published. The Rev. Dr. lilako sura this bonk should he in tne hands of every father and youth, and be as much a household book a a the New Testament. Liquid Hair Dye ?Ilntchclor'* Improved l iquid is the best in the world, producing a rich Idack or brown color, without injury to the hair, and inoro easily applied i one trial will prove ito superiority. For salo or applied. at llatehelor's Wig Factory, 4 Wall street. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONEY MARKET. Monday, April 10?6 P. M. No tliupof consequence lias been realized in thoj pt'xk market. At the first l>ni?r?l to-day there tens very little business done, nnd prlees were unsettled Some of the fancies advanced. nnd some declined. Treasury notes improved per cent ; Long Island Heading Honda fell off >? per cent; Canton Co. }i ; Harlem '4 ; Erie Hallrond The market, remains trery weak, and there are no purchasers In the street. Holders, who are compelled to sell to rnise money, part with their stocks with n grent deal of reluctance ; and suoh Is the confidence in an improvement in prices, upon the arrl? val of large amounts of specie from Europe, that a difference of one and one anil a half per cent is paid on purcbnses nt sixty or ninety days buyer's option Money has been a little easier in the street to-day, and ithe importation of specie Is now so near at hand, that the relief Is not only likely to be permanent, but will most probably steadily Increase, until the market ho,roues perft etly easy, and enpllal plenty, at the legal rste of interest. 1 be demand for sterling exchange for remittance by tin* supply has been larRe enough to keep down rate* We quote the beat bllU <>u London at 5** to 6 per cmt premium ; billn not ao Well known, but perfectly good at 11 ut to 5lj per rent premium Bill* on Pari* wo quote at f>f 37 S to ,r)f. 35 ; A mi t ordain, 30 to 30^ ; Bromou, 77 to 77 Hamburg. 34'4 to 34%'. The steamship I'roaoont city lonvoa for ( hagre* tomorrow (Tuesday) with a good numbor of passenger*. Slio fakes out $150,000 in silver. principally in small coin. Tlio Fulton Bauk lias doclarod a aomi-aunual dividend of fire per cent. The City Hank lias declared a dividend of four per rent for tin- past six month*. The Union Insurance Company of St. Louil, have declared a dividend of ten per rent. '1 lie German half sovereigns mul German ducats bear the same stump, ami many people of the West consider them of the same value, while the ducat is more than u pennyweight lighter than the sovereign, and worth $2 20 to $2 25-100. The quotations for the local securities of Maryland 'j liultimorc, on Saturday, the 14th instant, were as annexed:? Maryland 6's, 97,l? offered. 00asked; do deferred do., 90 asked; do. 5's, 80 offered, HI'4 asked; do. sterling 5's. 89 offered, 895* osked; Baltimore 6's. 1870.99 offered, 991, asked; do. 1890, 100 offered. 10014 asked; do. 5's. 80 ottered; Baltimore and Ohio ltailroad dividend bonds. offered. 85 usked. Hank Stocks ?Merchant's, 90 offered. 92 asked; Union, tlo offered, (So asked; Farmers' and Planters', 211 offered. 23>,' asked; Chesapeake, 20>? offered; Western. 18 offered. 19 asked; Mechanics', 111 otforod, 14,Vj asked; Franklin. 9S? offered. 9}j asked. Insurance.? American Mutual.75 asked; Baltimore Life. 54 offered; Firemen's, 10'4 offered; Baltimore Fire. 7l? offered. 7hi asked. linaJ Storks.?Bttlthnoru and Ohio ituilroad, 41 Jt offered, 42 usked; Bultimore and Washington do.. 81h.i offered; Baltimore and Susquehanna do. 19 offered. 21 usked; Heisterstown 1'urnpike, i it fered; Tork, 2>4 offered, 11 usked; Frederick, offered, 3>4 asked. The Commissioners of the Cmini Fund of this State have advertised for proposuls, in sums of $1,000 and upward, for a loan of $100,000, under the act in relation to debts due for dumuges on the canals, prior to June 1, 1846, for which transferable certificates of stock will be issued, bearing Interest at the rate of six per cent por annum, payable quarterly, and the principal reimbursable on the 1st day of July, 1864. It Is estimated that there were in store, at the varlou" ports on Lake Michigan, at the latest dates, two million bushels of wheat, and eighty thousand barrels of flour. Of this, 630,000 bushels of wheat, and 18.000 barrels of flour, were in store at Chicago on the 7th of April. There were also in store at Chicago, waiting shipment, 25.000 barrels pork, and 4.000 burrcls beef. The roads throughout the Western States are represented as being In horrible condition, which has prevented farmers from bringing in their supplies of produce. The Illinois and Michigan cansl will be opened for navigation on the 16th inst. ui iiic guiu uuuur pieces nave nocn issued. The law authorising tho coinage ot these pieces expires on the 3(1 of March, 1801, so that tho government huvo less than two years to work in, anil it would ho well to turn as much attention as possible to the increase of this useful denomination of coin. Authority to coin double eagles expires on tho suiue day. 'J'he board for the settlement of claims against Mexico, assumed by tho United Slutes under the treuty with that republic, wns to have met this day, in Washington. It is supposed that the board will occupy ut least a week in framing rules for its government; that it will first take up the claims adjudicuted under a former commission, but not passed on by tho umpire, and that it will then adjourn for several mouths, during the summer, in order to enable claimants to procure such papers from Mexico as muy be necessary to the transaction of their business. The President of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company lias issued an address or circular to the stockholders, relative to the alTuirs of the ro id. XI > stites that it is the inttntion of the management to suspend the work, wherever they have made engagements that will absorb ull the available funds that have been provided, and have instructed the Chief Engineer to suspeud any further contracts beyond a point on the J uniata. twentyfive miles this side of llollida^sburg, the funds at the command of the board being about sufficient to complete tlie work to that point. In the last annual report it was stated that to complete tho road to tho base of the mountain and connect with tho Portage Railroad, would require about nine hundred and sixty-seven thousand dollars, to which must be uddcil about three hundred thousand dollars, at present required to place the machinery in an efficient condition, making a total of one and a quarter million of dollars, us the sum required to bo subscribed at this time. The president urges the importance of such additional subscriptions as will enable the board to renew their labors without delay. An Instalment of five dollars per share must he paid on subscription. The next instalment will he call ?'tl payable on the first of August, and thence five dollar* every dlxty day, until puid. Interest will be allowed from payment. The annexed table exhibits the quotations for tho prinripnl public securities of the country, in this market. at the respective periods named :? Qvotatioss von Skcl'IIitiki. March 31, '49. April IB. 'PI. U. S. Loan, 4 per ecut, 1*53.... 96 a 97 9* ? <iav Do. ti " 1H4?. ... KM a KM1,' 106 a 10ti', Do. 6 " 1*62 1U7? a 1CW 107)5 a 10??? Do. f> '* l*t.7 10f??2 a 109*; 110 a 110'. Do. 6 " 1*6* 11015 a MOV in ? 111', Do. Mexican Indemnity. 90 a 97V 97 a ii* Treasury Notes, 0 per cent 10* a 10*', 10*', a 10*V New York 0 per cent, 1*40 ? a ? ? a ? Do. (1 " 1V?| 101 a 10t> 104 a 10t> Do. fi " l*tXl 10* a 10.*V lo*V a 10*V Do. 6 " 1*61 10*V a 10*.', 10*35 a 108 Do. 6 " 1*62 10*V ? II**1, 10*'i a 109 Do. t; " l*ti7 10*', a 10.*', 10**5 a 109 Do. 5)?' " 1*00 103 a KM 103 V a KM Do. 6V '* 1*61 1UCI a KM 103V a KM Do. r>*5 " 1*05 103 a 101 ? a ? Do. 5 " 1*40-53... ? a ? ? a ? Do. 5 " 1*55-5*... 99 a 99V 99 a 99V Do. 5 " l*59-ti0... ? a ? ? a ?' Do. 5 " 1*61-62... 99 a 100V 100 a 100V Do. 4)? " 1 *19-01... 97 a 9* ? a ? Ohio 7 percent, 1*51 103V a 103V 10371 a KM Do. 0 " 1*50 <KJ a 99V ? a ? Do. 6 " 1*56 101V a 102 ? a ? Do. 0 " 1*00 103', a KM KM a KM',' Do. ti " 1*70 KM a 104V 104V a I0IV Do. 5 " 1*50-56 91 a 93V 92 a 93V Kentucky G per cent 101V ? "ti/, 101V a 102 Do. 5 " K5 a *6 *0 a MOV Illinois Int. Imp., 1*47 3* a 39 37V a .it Do, " Int. Stock... 20 a 22 20 a 21 Illinois Fundable liuud* ? a ? 45 a 17 Illinois Hoods 40 a 41 40 a 41 Do. Mtnto Fives 63 a 63)5 a 64 Arkansas, 6 percent 31 a 36 40 a 41 Alabama, 5 " 63 a (M lit a 61 Do. 6 " ? a ? ? a ? Do. 4 " Sterling.. ? a ? a ? ronnsylva. 5 " 79',' a 79V HO a 80V no. 6 " 91)5 a 92V ? a ? Marylund, 6 " 90 a 9">V 97V a 99V Do. 4 " Htcrliag.. *775 a ** mi a *9?? Tennessee, ti " 101 a 103 ]0| a 102 Do. 5 *' 77 a *0 *0 a *1 Massaclins. 5 " ? a ? ? a ? Miclii|(au, 6 " ? a? ? a ? Virginia, 6 " ? a ? ? a ? N Y. City, 7 per cent, 1*57.. . . 10* a 109 M*V a 109 l?n. I im>i II".. I"*'j * !".?;> HO a lUOyf D?. S " 18S0 Jo.. ? a ? ? n ? l>o. Water I.oan, ito 18.18 Jo.. 99 a 9o'/ jiil a 93'i 1)". do. Jo 1870 do.. a 91', 95^' a I)o. Fire I,nan, do 1858 do.. ? a ? ? a ? Brooklyn 6 per ct, 1805-57-88.... 110 a 1111 ' 101 a loiy Baltimore?a, 1.160-70-90 99 a 99>f 99 a 100'J I Philadelphia 6'* ? a ? ? a ? N. Y. I.tfo and Trust Co 107 a 109 108 alio Farmers' l.oan and Truat Co..,. 35',; M'i .Y>\ a .Y>J? Ohio I.If" Ina. and Truat Co... 84', a 81',. 89 a Bank of 17. 8. in Penn .'l'? a .V4 3 a .I** Camden and Amlioy R. R 110 a 135 ? a ? Ilartford and Now llaren It. It. 99 a 100 100 a 100'a New rorkaid New listen It. R, Ml a M s'.'f a M Hudson ltiver R. R 00 a 01 00 a 01 New York it Erie RR, new stork M a Hat/ .17'/ a r>~\ New York It F.rie K.R, old stock .Vi'. a M .VI1, a Albany St Schenectady It. R... 79,', a 80 7!tti a 80 lltiea and Schenectady R. R... Ill a 1111* 118 a 119 Syracuse and I'tlea It. It.,. ;.. 11.1 a 118 ? a ? i New Jersey Railroad 105J? a ]05"? KIM a 1011/ I Aiiliurn and Syracuse K. K.... 70 a 80 S3 a HI Anhnrn And Rochester R.R.... 80 a 81'/ 8,1 a 83S? New York and Harlem Railroad 57'V a (17.'J 5a'? a .Is*, Reading Railroad 321., a 32ti 30V a .11 Do. Ilonda SI', a M'j 02 a 52V Do. Mortgwre Honda 69JJ a 01 00 a 801, Frio Railroad Honda, lat,,, , 9.1 a itl'j 97 a 971-, Do. " 2d.... ? a ? SO a H8*4 Do. " 3d 7.1 a 77 75 a 78 Halt. It Ohio RR Bonds. InH-5i ? a ? ? a ? Do. Dir. Honda 88'4 a 87 8.W a 8.1 Baltimore St Dtiio Railroad ... . 40 a 4flt, 4I1* a 42 lludaon River Railroad Honda.. ? a ? ? a ? Western (Mass.) Railroad 101 a 102 101?* a !02?? Del St Hudson Canal Co ? a ? Ml a 1.19 Do. " Strip ? a ? 118 a 117 It will bo soon by this table that quotations have not varied materially within the past week; but the change* realised hare been for the better. Government and State securities have, amidst the depression in the uioney market, been very uniform, an?l have varied hut a trifling per cent, roinpureil with stocks of a fancy character. The amount of 1'nited States stock Issued to foreigner* from the 7th to 13th of April, lH4t?, Inclusive, wn* $104,300. a* follow*, via:?Loan of 1M2, $10,000; 1W3. $7,000; 1S40, $1,000; 1H4T, $74,700; 18-t?, $4,000. '1 hi* i?a email dim; hut the government are not forcing any of the balance of thc$a*t loan upon tho market, anil issue upon application of parties possessing the privilege of railing The Issues of previous loans are in plnce of Treasury note*, of the various date*, funded according to law. The amount of the loan ?f 18*8, unissued, i* about two millions of dollar*, and the Secretary has a surplus in the treasury largo enough to meet immediate demand*, without urging the payment of outstanding Instalment*. Before the nutting of the next Congress, the government loan* will he more clearly defined- outstanding Treasury notes will either I hi paid or converted into stork ?and tho actual mount of funded i lei it will he known In the Teassun department, )"*d reported in the innuitl statement _t< Congrct* At IMt tiuin, we have no doubt, the large* portion of thin debt will bo hold by foreigner*. Th< issue* to foreigner* a* weekly reported by the Trea nury ' epartitiont, the ale* nude t > foreign* . * in thii market, and lho remittance* to I ondon and otl.ei European market*, of large amount* for sale are rapidly absorbing our debt, and it is vary probable that the bulk of it will ultimately into ti e ! a els of a italists of other coun rio . There is not a safer seeurity in existeueo than United State* six per rent stock*, and huropean capitalist* show their foresight in itiTesting in them, while they are yet at comparatively low prices. Compared with foreign public securities (which, by tho way, are no securities at all. compared with our stocks) the market prices of United States sixes ura several per cent below points they should rule at. In lie even' of tho p >! tieal difficulties on tho Continent resulting in a general war. foreign capital will seek investment in American public securities, which will tend to an improvement iu prices, and increased confidence in our institutions generally. While Europe is upon tho ova of war, und everything connected with thoso -overiiment-1 hi ?i unsettled slate, we are increasing most ra 1 llv in every element of prosperity; at peace with all the world; and blessed with plenty, conteutuicn', an I, of course, ha > piness, exists among all elassea. Full and rcmuuurative employment is in this country gi arantied to all, ami we can look abroad upon the broils a id difficulties of other nations, so iudificrcnt a to the results, tl at the movements are almost devoid of interest. Stock Exehaiigc. Sl'.nnt) U S 6?, 'OS lit?1, S? sin Canton Co !H 6,000 do H?T?? IfiO do MO ft.tstO do 107?i l-'iO do ;t7*: 1,090 do 107,>2 00 do ;t;i. 10,(**l I! S tin, ISt'A 111 l.W do .H70J l.iXSl do 1*07 110',' SO Mohawk ItR 70': .O-'O do lVsi *10 ltNi ?> do Hi) ,(*?) Treas Note* 10s'? .'SMI llnrlsni Kit tW'V 'J, 1**1 do lost* l'H) do .'10d* OMK ri.OUO do litw ins'4 ll?? do bill ,YU? 10,l**t 111 I. impt Ms, '47 .'(7 IV) do easli .W* 1,000 Kent, fts,pill in N V W )l*l bong Island KK btii) 2H 3.MW City :ri?, IHW H3 100 do oji( 4,1*10 Erie 11 7l>r.ct. Uiia T 36 Mail St luilianup RR VS * li *h? Itk of Atn !f's4 60 Reading Kit Hilt 31 100 I'henlx ltnnk K1 160 ?!. hliO 33 60 ltk of Coin ncrii) !W HI Erie Itlt, new,full 675? 13 llol Ik lliid canal,full 167'. 36 du MO 6II*) Fur Trust 36*. 10 Krio Itlt, ulil stork 66)4 100 do 3'i'j 60 Morrlii Cnuul !) DUO do l?:iO 36 100 do bit 0 SECOND BOARD. 60 ahi Mohawk RR H0>t WO ?h? Far Triut bfiO Srt?: 60 do W3J :**) do 36Tj 60 do Nl?, 260 Reading RR ,60 31 60 do HI1,' UK) Harlem RR 68>j 11*1 do bt*) 81 100 Canton Co 37'., 11*1 Far Trust 365{ 60 Erie Kit, new, full, s3D67l, 11*1 do IdiO 36*| ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY BAY. REWARDS. di 1 AA REWARD Witt BR GIVEN FOR THE KINDyjj JLwvJ iny? "1 the body of Captuin I'. Vandewater, who was lost overboard from his sloon on Saturday afternoon, April 14, off Grand street Ferry, E.K. He was dressed in grey pantaloons and grey coatee. Is about six feet in height. Any information will be thankfully received, and the above reward will be paid on the rinding of bis body, by applying to Klt'H AK1> LEVY IS. 1MI South, cor. Hike st.. New York. STRAYED OR STOLEN, ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON April 15, 1H49, from Hd Avenue, near Olst street, a Doctor'? Horse, Carriage and Harness. The llorse is dark hay, about 16 hands high, and a little lame in the near fore foot. Th? harness is silver mounted, with crests in the figure of a serpent ; the figure of a serpent is also painted on the side of th< carriage. Any person returning the same, to DR. MOURELL td Lexington Avenue, will bo suitably rewarded. T>OY MISSING.?OKOROE ANDERSON LEFT IIOMI 1 I) Sunday, 15th instant; had on a black velvet jacket am I C1LI). I.lark ruMximrro imiltH and boots: lillR llirht linir I.In eyes, fair and health? complexion, aged 8 yearn and II month* Any information will be thankfully received at 211 Bowery or .10 Fulton, corner Water. 0PORTUVO* Ci ENTREVILLE COURSE.?TROTTI EG.?1Til i: us da r J April 111th. at 8 o'clock, r. M., precisely, will come off i I'uree of f.r>0; Mile Heats?heat Three in Vive, in harness Ev art finedecor enters h. in. Julia Ureon; J. Cotiklin outeri b. g. Screw driver; F. Johnson enter* g. ir. Messenger; C. S. Ilurtine enters eh. h. Emperor; S. W. i. enters b. in Mar? Taylor; J. Wkelpley outers b. g. Screws. Admittuuei to all parts of the course, 50 cents. SPECIAL NOTICES] T\JEVT YORK STATE INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENOIIN neera.?The quarterly meeting of this institution, in the city of New York, on Wednesday, the 18th inst., will he held at the rooms of the American Institute. No. 335 Broadway, corner Anthony street, iuatead of the City Ilall, as heretofore intended. F. A. UTTER, Actuary. rpilK A VI F. N TIO N OF THE lM'lll.lC IS K EtJL KSTE D J. to the outrageous conduct of one of the attaches of the Jersey City ferry boats. As several gentlemen were in the act of leaving the boat, (after having been regularly secured to the dork J this representative of a man, in a brutal manner, threw the chain used as a guard, against the legs of a gentleman. and after having heen requested in a gentlemanly manlier to withdraw the same, replied by adding insult to injury. FRANCIS STEWART, II. WAN M AKER. Association of exempt firemen.?tiie membcrs of this Association are requested to attend a regular meeting at Firemen's Ilall, on Tuesday evening, the I7th instant, at eight o'clock. Punctual attendance is requested, as business of importance will will ho presented to the members for their action. J. N. PHILLIPS, See. WAITS. A LITTLE AMERICAN GIRL, ABOUT 13 OR 14 TSAR! old, wants a situation. Would make herself generallj useful, lias no objection to go a short distance in the country. C'an be highly recommended. May be seen for threi days, at 124 1a-wis street. A GENTLEMAN WHO PERFECTLY UNDERSTAND5 the routine of general business, corresponds in English French, and German, and has also a knowledge of Spaniel and hook keeping, wants a clerkship. No objection to g< South. Salary no object. By letter, prepaid, to E. S., hoi 2,756. post office. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS Chambermaid, Washer and Ironer, or to travel with i lady for the summer; can give city reference from her las1 place, where she had liven for three years. May be scei at .'17!* 10th street, .'hi story, buck room, for three days. A LADY HAVING HAD SEVERAL YEARS EXPE ricnft* in teaching the Kn^linh and Ornamental Branched wishes a situation as Governess, or to assist in a young Ladies Seminary. Salary no object. Inquire of Miss Kortkainpf 297 Broadway. ___ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A VERY RESPECTA hie young woman, ns Look, Washer, and Ironcr; sh understands her business well. Can come well recommended and has the best of city refercuce. Please tall at No. 1/2 Mot street, New York. FOlt SALE. 1 NOR SALE.?A HANDSOME BROWN HORSE, SKVE> years old, sound, kind and good traveller. Also, a bar ouche wnnon, with a set of good hurncss. Apply to S. 11 AY CO< K, ?21 William street. OR SALE OR TO RENT.?A COUNTRY PLACE NEA1 New Kochellc,|N. Y., containing about 37 acres, ed on the Sound, and within 1 miles of the New York itn< New Haven Railroad Depot. Inquire of DA VID E. WHEEL KR. Esq., No. 62 Wall street, (where a map nan lie seen.) o HENRY PARTRIDGE KELLOGG, New Rot-hello, N. Y. IN OR SALE?THE PROPERTY ON THE N. E. CORNEI J/ of Avenue A and S4th street, containing from Id to 14 lot! On the i-remises are a Dwelling House, and Carriage l(ous< with other improvements, and Fruit of choice selections.The buildings and fences arc of the best materials and thormig workmanship, built by the day for cash. The above is eligibl situated on high ground, in an excellent neighborhood, oopo wit? the country scat of Win. Nihlo, Esq., and commanding good view of the East and Harlem Rivers. Being in lien repair and free from every incumbrance, this property i deemed worthy the attention of gentlemen who desire a quie residence a short distance out of town. Please inquire o the premises, after 4 o'clock, P. M. (N DO I) CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY.?FOR SALE, / I three story House and Lot, in the bountiful village o Smith Middlcton, Orange county?Lot I.M) by 4f>, clone to tli Railroad depot?? (trout stand for a public house. Price Sl.JhH; i.11 rt may remain on mortgage. Apply to GILLESPIE. Agent, .?* _' Pearl street. "I.AOR SALE?TilK STOCK OF GOODS, FIXTCKES ANI r Good H ill, of the Well established and highly prnfltabl Scirnr Storo, <01 llroadway, tlio owner being about to lea? for Europe. Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock, A. M. aOARDDW, <br. Board at perth ambot?the al>vf.ktisf.i having taken the lar(to and elegant Mansion House an. (tromida of the late Mathiaa llruen, Esq., is desirous of inskin arrangements for families and singlo gentlemen for the sum nier season. The house is situated immediately on the watci and cannot be equalled for beauty of scenery. The plao abounds with the choicest fruits ami flowers, the bathing i unsurpassed. In the house there is a Hne billiard table, wliie will add to the many attractions. The access is very rente nirnt, boats leaving sercral times during the day. tit the lo< price of 12!, rents each trip. Apply at Jb?2 llroadway, or o the premise* Board.?wanted, in or jersey cm an unfurnished room, with board for a lady and smn child, in a prirato family where there are no other boardct or children. Address F. W. J., this office. rouwi. PA?N am a.?each mmok, nelson ft co,, AGENT for the I'acitte and Atlantic I,', ft. Mail .Steamship Com panics, Conimisaion and Forwarding Merchants.Piinama. Re presented by K. ZACURISSON, H7 Wall, corner of Wat. street. ^ MISCKLLANKOV*. I OOKING til, ASS SASHES?TWO I, A ROE SASIIF.t J containing fit) French Plate Glass, silvered, aim 21 in il.ea hy 12, now on rear wall el' store 1.12 llroadway ; for sal low. Apply at 1 lit. opposite corner adore. CTOI.D AND SILVER ENGLISH I.EVER WATCIIR! E and Watch Movements, of all manufactures, for sale h the importer, at wholesalo only, very low for cash. Clos buyers will de well to call before purchasing elaew here. r. E. ROBBINS, 96 John sircet, upstairs. 1V> THE PUBLIC.?PIERCES* NEW TWO OVE' Ranges for ISO. la ia operation crrry day at the store 2' llroadway. The licauty, economy, and new Improvement made, makes it superior to anything over offered. Also, a fu supply of his old patterns, which have given snuh genera satisfaction for the last live years. Pierces' Range rc pal rot GEORGE PIERCE, 91 llroadway. Id IIKOWN, STONE SEAL EN(IK\V KK AND IIF. II \ I.I a Painter, 201 llroadway, corner of .Murray stairs.?Coats ef arms engraved; ladies' seals, signet ring pencil rases engrav ed with arms, crests, Ac. Coats of arm found snd painted, from ?2 upwards. Hooks of Heraldry wit am.(IU) namrs. Information given in Heraldry. Tmie golden pyramid never tires, IICT f (till revolving at I7.'l llroadway, corner of Cnnrtlaml street, where the most splendid assortment of Gold Pen Gold and Silver Cases, ever offered to the public, is now ope to inspection, of liaglcy ft Co.'s and|Smith's unrivalled inauii facturr. Call and look before you buy elsewhere, at Ituck land and Snmner's, who also invite attentlun to their magnili cent collection of Rooks, Stationery, and Faney Article which are ao? cscellr.l In the city, and are selling at from lu 01 per cent cheaper lliau ever before offered ia this countr ? WANTS. 4 |VANTKU~I,Y A KKSl'KCTAHLH YOUNO WOMAN, u Yv n situation aa cook, waalier u4 ironar to a reapwrtahle piivate family, ur would go aa Chambermaid ; can give tin Iwat of city reference Add re ax 464 Hudson street, lat floor ; < can bp aeen for twu days. W ANTED ? IIY TWO S1STKKS. SITUATIONS IN YY private families?one aa good plain Cook. Waalier, and i Ironrr; the other aa Chambermaid, who would not object to assist iu v?ashing and ironing. May he aeen Friday, Saturday, and Monday, at No. 2(10 llleeckor street, whero their roferouce pan he aeen. VLT ANTE It?A SITU ATION, HY A KESI'KI'TAIH.H YY yoiinn woman, to do general housework: ia a good waalier and ironer. (iood city rufereuee aiven; no ulijoction to go in the country, I'lcase call at No. Ml .Stuntou atreet, corner of Hidgc at reel IT ANTED-A SITUATION, IIY A RESPECTABLE YY young woman, ta do elnunberwork, waiting, and haa no objection to travel with a family in any part of the country. The heat of city reference given. lMcaac call at No. S7 Weat Eighteen! h at root, t an lo- 'en for t wo da.ya. Y\* ANTED, A SI I'EKI N TEN DA NT. ? A MAN W'llO HAS Yv bad the requisite experience in the htiainoaa of manufacturing, and who possesses skill in making and repairing machinery, aa well aa iu the management of hands engaged in a faetorv. may obtain a situation bv addressing a note to J. Ilox No. III!'. I'oat (Ittiee, New York, within ten dava, atating what experienee he haa had, and giving satisfactory references, or atating where a iwrwonal interview may beliad. YV ANTED IIY t Kit l> | "Et I' A III. K Vlll'Nll WOMAN. Y V a situation to cook, we ah. iron, and to do chamber work. No objection to do housework in a small private family ; the heat of eitv reference irivcn I'lettse call >it No. fail lloiiaton itroot, up st nii-. first ioovi YETANTED?A SITUATION, BT A BBSPBCTABLI vv young woman, to cook, wash and iron; the host ofreference given. Can bo seen for two day* at 301 Mutt street, between Houston and llleeeker streets. WANTK I)?A SITUATION, BV A BBSPBCTABLI Young woman, as Chambermaid, and to assist in washinn and ironing. Would prefer ti place as laundress. The best of city reference can be given. Please call at 112 Cliutoii place, m ar the Sixth an nuo. WANTED I S1TI \ I ION, BV \ VERY IXPBBIcnced girl, with good city reference, as Cook in a private family. Is a good cook, and first rate washer and ironor. Would engage am laundress. Please call at 71 Sixth avenue, in the book store. WANTED?A GOOD MILLINER. TO IIK PERM AN KNTly

engaged ; also, a few Assistants. Apply personally, before li, or after 3 o'clock, to I). M., 3RI Pearl street. WANTED-11VA VOl N i; PROTESIAN TBI RL. A SITPation as Seamstress or Child's Nurse. Is a good dressmaker, and would make herself generally useful. Apply at Mil Spring street, in the rear, front basement. WANTED A SITI'ATION. IIV A RESPECTABLE young woman. Is a good cook, and first rate washer and irotier. Has no objection to go a short distance in the country. The best of eity reference given. Please call at 06 I Mulberry street. Can he >? . n fof two da>s. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN, BY A respectable steady man, who thoroughly understands his business. Advertiser is a Protestant, and will he well I recommended. Please to address W. It., Coachman, No. IS i East 13th street. WANTED?AT IIIC.I1 PALLS, ULSTER COUNTY, N. Y., one huudrcd Stone Cutters. I STORY, KINO A Co. , BX7 ANTED BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS M Chambermaid; i> a i Washer and Kroner. Can bo seen for n lew days at No. 120 VYaverly place, at her present employer's, to whom she refers. W ANTED?TO DI8P08E OF \ VERY SUPERIOR LOT of Pishing Tackle, consisting of several hundred of the choicest Plies, in Morocco case; London made Trout Rod; i Trolling Tackle for trout, idke, pickerel, peroh, Ac.; together with a large quantity of Alounted Hooks, for bass, weak fish, Ac. The above were made expressly for the owner, and worthy the attention of any Gentleman. Address, " Pish," Herald office. _____ 1^'ANTED?ISY A KESPF.C TAIILK til K L, A SITl A v tion us Nnrac or Waiter, or to tlo general housework in , a small family; is an excellent Washer and Ironer. No obi jection to situation in the cninit ry. Apply at 212 17th street, i between Hth and Uth avenues, to-day or to-morrow, Beat of i city reference. ? VAT AMKh-ltY TWO RF.SPKCTABE GIRLS, ON K AS , " Chambermaid and Waiter, the other as Chambermaid, or to do general housework; she is a plain Cook, a good Washer and Ironer, and has a good city reference front her last place, 5 where she has lived |f> months, in a French family?the other I has lived nine months in her last place as chambermaid and e waiter, l'lcasc to enmiiro at No. 12 James street, between the I. bonis of nine and .r> o clock. WANTE1)t1IY A RESPECTABLK YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as Cook, and has no object ions to assist in doing general housework in a nrivate family?is an excellent cook, washer and Ironer, Kind to children, fite. The best of city references can he given, as to honesty and capability. lMeaso call at Mr. Johnson's grocery storu, corner of State and fc FvnOM streets. SoPth Brooklyn. Can be seen for two days. i "11TaNTEI)?hy a RESPECTAI1LE GIRL, a SITCAtT tion as Chnnihcrtnahl and Waiter, or .Vursoand Soainstress. Good references can he given. Apply at ? "? Fourth i street, 2d door ibove Charles street, first floor, up stairs. My ANTED A 8ITUATI0N, BY A PROTESTANT WOTT man, as Chambermaid, and to take care of children, and to make herself generally useful in the family. Best of city reference given. Please call at I'll Eighth avenue. Can be seen for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECT A BLB YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as Chambermaid, or to do general housework?no objection to go a short distance in the country. Bsst of city reference given* Addrsss 107 Ridge, ooritor of .w teuton street?for one (lay. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPKCTA HER young woman, as Chaiuhermaid, or to assist in washing and ironing, or plain sewing. Please to callnt?S(j Eighth avenue, comer of Twenty-sixth, over the grocery store. ^XTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM AN, A TV situation to do general housework in a small private family, or to take care of children, and to do plain sewing; woula have no objection to go a little distance in the country. The best of city reference given. Please apply at 271 Mulberry street. fan he Seen f'.r tWO days. WAN I ED- BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WON IN, A situation as chambermaid, or sewing, nurse, or waiter; > has no objection to travel with n lady for the summer; has good city reference. Apply at 1*7 flester-st., in the rear, fan be seen for two days. "iy ANTED?AfSlTPATION, BY A RESPECTABLE FROTT tostaut girl, to do plain cooking, washing and ironing, ' or the general housework in a small family. Best of city r reference given. Please call at 175, Sth Avenue. Can be seen ' for three days. Wanted?by a respectable young woman, a situation as Nurse and Seamstress. She understands nlinir 1'itv r<> f <i*?. ti < ? Iu.. 1 I .. t Si.. II ; North Moore sirf t. WAKTID-BY A RS8PKCTALB PROTECTANT W?>. 1 ?T man. ft situation us cook. Has no objection to the country, and would make herself generally useful. Can be seen for a few days at ftHirand st. 1 HIT ANTED?BY TWO YOUNG GIRLS, 81TUATION8-t ? one as chambermaid, the other for general housework, i Good recommendation* given, inquire at 1*3 Ludlow st, Can be seen for two days. ITT ANTED?A COMPETENT PERSON TO CONDUCT ? vv the business *?f a retail Drug Store, and dispense proscriptions. To one who will devoto himself entirely to tho ? business, and can produce'unquestionable city reference ns to capability and character, a liberal salary will be given. Address Box 2tf 16 Post office. BIT ANTED A SITUATION HT A YOCNG WOMAN, TO Tt do chamberwork and waiting, or chamberwork and ast sist with the tine washing and ironing, in a private family. Can be seen for two days. Apply to where she has lived for : two years, 103 Orclrtud street. The best recommendation.* can be given. r W ANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN. ? if who is a good Cook, and a first rate Washer and Irener. Can procure good city reference. Please call at 2f?7 Bowiry, in the store. Can he seen for two days. tlf ANTED? BY A RESPECT A liLE GIRL, A SITUATION * ? to do general housework. Is willing to go a short dist tan*'- in the eoantry. Cu uiv<- the beA of reference from 1 her last place. ( ae be ieea from tea till foar at a. Wheeler's, No. 4 Courtlandt street. "1E7" ANTED ? A SITUATION BY A RESPECT A BLR ? young woman, to Cook. Wash, and Iron,or to do Cham- . berwork. ft as no objection to go a short distance in the conn- I ' try. Can give good city reference. May bo seen at 5 Hester ' street. _ h 11TIA N TED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTEST A NT y f? girl, a situation as Chambermaid, ->r Nurse aad Seam* stress, or general housework in a small private family. Gosd a city reference given from her last place. Enquire at 373,8th 1 street, between avenues C and D, in tho attic. To be seen for !? two days, if not engaged. n IT ALTER GREENOVGIf, AUCTIONEER. ?DAMAGED ?F Flour at Auction.? Walter Greenough & Co. will sell this day. Tuesday, at e quarter past ii o'olock, in front of i lus Wall st. (for aeerount of the underwriters), damaged f flour; 201) hrls. 8U per fine flour, slightly damaged on the voy? age from Baltimore to Boston, and last of the parcel. tlTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN?A ff situation ae Waiter in a private family; has no objeo} tion to m to the eountnr. or t'? tftvil; the beet city refer moo given. May he seen at 71 Mott street, in the r< ar, on the first J floor, for two days. AJLT A VI El>?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SIT! \ it 11.>n to do Plain ( ookJns ?-r Housework. or Chamberfork and Plain Sewlnm or t<. tabs ears oi Children} has I in hi?r liikt iilnco II montlm* Iuki fit w nifnr.iii?u. t pjcaae < all at 49 oTlf< r atreet, for t ^ o fay# ' AITANTED liV AN KNl.l.IMI <ilKI? WITH CITY * V? referetice, ? situation as Numu and Seamstre**; no objection t" t<? tin- country. IsqjBln at 129Greenitnvtt botween Hoti?ton and Prime. * XAf ANTE I)?A N ACTIVE AMI INTELLIGENT I. AD. TT from II to 1 (> yearn of a ge, to do errand* and in a k r himself otherwise useful. Apply ivt Hire Ik Sraith'tt, 727 IIroadn w*2i WANTED ?A SITUATION, ItY A RESl'BCTAIII.R young woman, to do general hoimowork in a private family. Slio i* a tir*t rate wtwther and ironer. and ttuder" stand* baking. She baa no objeotion to going a abort dia",l tani'c in the country, (lood eily rofcrciiee ran bo given. Please rail at .'1H Trinity place, in the roar building, ( an be z. M'en for three day*. 1X7ANTK1>?A SMART, ACTIVE 110V, TO KI N ERTr ran da. Apply to LEAKY & CO., Astor House. 1X7ANTEO?By A VOfNO WOMAN, WITH A FRESH " V? breast of milk, a nursling at her own residence. Inquire ,r at Freeman*# Hall, or III Celnmbia atreet, Brooklyn. 117ANTED?BT A SMART, ACTIVE* INTELLIGENT T? man, a situation an Waiter, ( an give reportable city reference. Addrt mi, P i Pei ild ofllcc ' UITI ATKINS AV ANTED.- A I.ADA' (1'KKV KU S Til II ER departure for Europe.) is anxious to procure situation* i , hei Cook, (wh< hat lived with her three y< me and a half,) and Chambermaid Satisfactory recommendations ean be ^ had by addressing box llfs'i, Lower Post Office. J riAo farmers.?a young man and HIS hike, JL wish to board in tlin country, within *ix hundred mil., fri.m New Yolk city, for which tlicy will pay $<iH per jr. nr. quarterly in ?cl?aiice; tho lady would anni.t in needlework S in tlir family. Aililre.t, pout-paid, to I). Thormn, No. 7 rj Twelfth rnreet, Kimt av? mi.. II A VOUNG ICROI'lAN I.ADT, WHO UNDERSTANDS /V Cainting and Drnwing in their raelonx hranche., woold winli fur ? aituaUou in a auliool, or would tench i-lanci of young Indict. Alio, It l.adjr would wl*h for a nituation a. Oe.ert in a ornate family. Slio would teach Engltili, I) Mimic, Singing, the rndimciiU of French and Drawing. Adit drcM 31 I.I llorton, I*. O,, New York. ? A MOST mrWTABM YOUNG OIRI. WISHES A 11 1X. nituation in num. reupwtable family at ('hiimlwrmftid nid ScamMtrc, or u. child'* nurto; i. a nioit excellent wather and Imncr. Il?? bo objection to go in the Country S ! duMi.|r,tl . HaUafftrtarv city rtfertto. given. I'leaeo I* call at No. I7.'l HMtW utrect, xtalm. " A I.AD WANTED?A LAD, 3'KAMI l.A TO 17 YEARS OF I* 1 \ age, i? wauled ft* mi apprentice, to learn tho bneinet* of n i.u,M-rior ladl.i' hoot ftnd ahou ntaker ; the ftri of rutting, telling, be., will be taught I.Ira, lie will h. treated at one of *> t lie family, ami lilt Interetl ui Brory reiipeet atudiod. On. a * little taualit In the btixlnewa would Ira prvf rred. Apply, from r a... ii -ran?'- wi_ i L?_I a mvskmkivts. dowfht thkatke-trksdat ?viwiv'cf;# A-* I7tl . the performance will commence with fc. ??,.), ir the LADY Or LYONS?Claud* Melnotte, Mr. J. Wa*. y4 J '' Col Dumas. Mr. Gilbert; Beauseant, Mr, N. B. Clark*; , [JwchnpfllM, Mr. Stafford, Pauline, Mrs. J. Wallack, *" Mine. Deschapellcs, Mrs. Gilbert. After which, Mr. lHlk will sink a song. To I* followed by a grand ballet divertie<*? meut, entitled LEA JAKDfNIIRKS, in which Sigoora O. | Clooca, Skpior G. Neri, and Mr. G. If. Suiith, and Mrs. lMinn will appear. To conclude with the comedy, styled )01 K LIFE'S IN DAMiKK?John Strong, Mr. Wiuaus; Jenny. Mute Mary Taylor, Boxes 2fr cents, ft'it \2bj oents. Chan kr a fs national theatre, chatham street Puvsday svuniMg. April 17. t be performances will oommouce with the farce or COCK MEM IN C\LlFOKMA ?Anthony Chittns, Mr. W. Chapman; Mrs. Chittns, Mm. U. Chapman. After which, the drama entitled the DUE AM OF LI FK?Henry Bertram, Mr. Uield; Grace Bertram, Miss Mestayer. To he followed by MOSE IN CALIFORNIA? Moee, Mr. Chanfrau; Sykesy, Mr. Seymour; Mr. Adolphus I'illishroud, Mr. IV. B. Chapman; Lite. Mug E. Mestayer. To couolude with the farce of WHO 3FEAK3 El KST f? Captain Charles, Mr. llield; mm. Militant, Mrs. 1 slier wood. Door* will open at7?curtain will rue at 7^. Mechanics hall, 472 broadway, between Grand and Broome streets.?For throw night* only of the prertoutweek?Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, April lfith, 17th, and lMth.?The original and well-known Christy's Minstrel* respectfully announce to their patrons and the publio, that, owing to the annual examination of the pupil* of the Mechanic Society Schools, and for the purpose of renovating the liall for the Summer season, they will discontinue their Concerts after Wednesday evening, April ISth, until .Monday, April 3l>th, when they will have the honor of re-couimonriiig their |>opnlar entertainments. An Afternoon Coucort uu Wednesday, April ISth, commencing at .1 o'clock. On THURSDAY and FRIDAY, April 19th and 20th, they will perform at MONTAGUE HALL, BROOKLYN. MRS. FRANCES KEMBLR BUTLER WILL READ, Tuesday evening, April 17th. the 44 Merchant of Venice,' at the Stuyvesant I (intitule, at 7/j o'clock. Doors open procurl \ at l> o'clock. Ticket* to he had of Mr. I'olinann. Janitor of the institute; at the Astor 11??uh??, tho Irving House, at Mr. Francis' and Mr. Crowen's book store*?price $1. The anniversary dinner or tub American Dr&matio Fund Association. President. DAVID C. COLI)ENr Esq. Vico Presidents. Hon. Samuel Jones. n. P. Willis, Esq., John ViA Huron, Esq. Simeon Draper, Esq., Philip Hone. Esq., M. M. Noah. Esq., General S. P. Lyman, George P. Morris, Esq., J. Presoott Hull, Esq., John MoKeon, Esq., Doctor Francis, Adam Stoddart, Prosper M, Wotnioro, Esq., James T. Brady, Arthur T. Jones, Esq., Robert Kmuiett, Washington Irving, Esq., Hon. William Kent, Ogden liofltnau, Edmund II. Minor, Theodore Sedgwick, Esq., R. H. Winslow, Esq. And others. The Musical Department will he under the superintendence of Mlt. GEORGE LODKR, and will comprise all the nvuilublu talent Attainable at tht time, including a perfect Glee Party, to illustrate the masterpieces of English Harmony, Old Mai>kiuai.s, Gicms or Choral Mkloi>\, Ac. Ike. The Festival will tuke place on Tuesday, April 17. at THE ASTOR HOUSE. Tickets, (including wine,) $A eaoh, may bo had of any of tho Trustees, vi*:? J. Prescott Hall, Esq., M Wall street. G. Stebbins, Esq., M Wall street. W. P. Chapman, Esq., of Merchants' Exchange. John MeKcon, Esq., District Attorney's otlice, City HalL Thos. S. Ilttmblin, Esq., box otlice. Bowery Theatre. Or of the Treasurer, Mr. JOHN POVEY, 1 / Wooster St. And tho Secretary, .Mr. JOHN BROUGHAM, H7 Chambers at. and at all the Mumc Stun s, and at the Astor House. I AST W1XX BUT ONE.?MONSIEUR ADRIAN, THE J real and incomparable French .Magician, will eontinuo Lis txtrnordinarv SolnM every evening tliis week, ut the Minerva Koonis, No. 44)6 Broadway, where he will give a grand Magical and Egyptian cutertuiniuoiit. Admission, A) Mate; children, lift cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock; performances to oommenoe at w. CALIFORNIA. 1?tOK CALIFORNIA, THIS DA Y.?1THE SUPERIOR HA RK CLYDE will clear this day. Those who are ready to start at ouco can be accommodated w ith good berths, by immediate application on board, or to SCHOVEK Ik CO., 8,'t Wall street. AOR CALIFORNIA, VIA CII AGUES.?Til E UNITED C States Mail Steamship FALCON, will leave New York for Chagres, via Havana, on Thursday, 141th April, with the United states Mails forth? Pacitlo. The Falcon will arrive at Chagres in ample time to deliver the mails uud passengers for tho Pacific mail steamer Oregon. Passage te Chagres in stale rooms ... $1.14) I)o. do. lower after cabin lift Do. do. lower forward canin 100 Do. do. steerage.. 80 Freight on specie to Chagres, on? per cont. For freight or passage, apply to M. O. ROBERTS, 118 West street. I^t-R SAN r It A IS t INt ?), 1; A LI rOKN I A?III E BRITISH f steamship UN l(!OUN, , t?50 tons burthen, will positively nail from Jersey City, ou Wednesday, the 18th ol* April, at 12 o'clock. Trick or Passagk. In cabin. In fore cabin. In steerage. For Rio Janeiro $2110 $160 Valparaiso..,, 3"10 280 100 San Francisco 660 600 300 An experienced Surgeon will accompany thin vessel. For passage, apply to E. ClINARP, Jr., 38Broadway. The Unicorn baa double engines; had now boilers in Glasgow last April; is now undergoing a thorough rctit; and her cabin and steerage will be very comfortable and well ventilated. _ _ _ 13 OR SAN FRANCISCO* TO SAIL ON THURSDAY,? The superior fast sailing bark CLYDE clours This Day, (Tuesday) and will sail on Thursday, 19th inst. A few of the best state rooms and single berths remain vacant. Apply on board at pier No. 6, North Hirer, or to 11. HOLDKEDGE, Jr.. 93 Wall it. IN OR CALIFORNIA, VIA CORPUS CHRIST!. 1L PASO and the Gilu?tlsrough in 60 days, for $176and found with provisions to San Francisco, and for one mouth after arrival at the mines..?Also iucludud in that sum, a complete outfit of every article necessary for persons belonging to such an expedition. Tho Knickerbocker Gila and Sacramento Gold Company is now forming. J. S. WQOPHQUSK, President, 419 Water st. CCALIFORNIA, VIA VERA CRUZ, THE CITT OF y Mexico, and Mazatlan.?This company having made arrangements to sail on the 20th inst., in the fast sailing packet EUGENIA, which conveyed Capt. Mutton's company ol 130 in fonrtNl days to T?f| Cruz. WB dwiri to inform those bound for California, that a few vacancies in the company remain. Further information given by Capt. BATTKKSRt, from 1 to 4 P. m., at UN) Frout street, up stairs, back office. Friday, 20tli, is the day appointed for the members to puy their passage or escort, so that time may be given for necessary preparation. H$R CALIFORNIA* THROUGH TEXAS AND THR Jl Valley of the Gila, via llays and Cooke's Wagon Route, in ninety days, starting by the 1st of May. The Fourth Mutual Protection Company (not joint stock) organized by I). Hough, jun., in now fast tilling up for this sure, safe, cheap, and favorite ronte. Names enrolled, and full particulars given at 80 Broad street, up stuirs, from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M., until further notice. California paoukkrkotvpes.-perso.vs \bout to visit California, and desirous to leave their likenesses w ith their friends, would do well to oall at Brady's, N'os. 21)6 and 21)7 Broadway, where, by reason ol recent improvements and additions to his establishment, and true (aithfai likenesses may be obtained at the shortest notion. mmm. US. maii. STEAMER HERMANN. FOR SOUTIf A MP tou and Bremen.?Tlie steamer Hermann, Captain E. Craktrre, will leave pier No. N. It , for Southampton anil Bremen, on Friday, April 20th, at li I'. M. Fur Pa-sage, apply at tlio ofliuo of tliu Ocean Strain Navigation Company, oil Broadway. 1MIE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN R. MSteamshipe between Now Vork and l.iyorpuol, between Ronton ?nd Liverpool, calling at Halifax to land and receive mail* and passengers, are intended to aail ax follow*:? Niagara, Lapt. Ryrie, from lloiton, Wednesday, l-dtli April. Eumpn,, " N. York, " lid May, Cambria, " Simmon, " Boston, " 9th " America, " llariaon, " N. York, " 16th " llibemia, " Stone, " Boston, " '?M " Canada, " Judkina, " N. York, " Slth " An experienced Surgeon on board. Freight will bo charged on apecie beyond an ainonnt for peraunal cxponaea. All lettert- and paper* muat paaa thronitb the Font Oltiee. Passage from New 1 ork or Roaton to Liverpool: Firat Cabin, (120; ecund do., $70. For freight or passage apply to _ E. CUNARI), Jr., 3A Broadway. TIIF. STE A MSII11' SARAH SANDS, WILLIAM C. Thompson, master, will, for the year 1IM!). sail as follows :-mow i.itkrpooi., prom ?t:? vox*, Wednesday SStli March. Thursday .'(d May. Monday 4th J line. Thursday Ath J uly. Monday 6th August. Tliursday litli Sept. Monday Hth October. Thursday Ifith Nor. This Splendid ship, in the Liverpool and New York trade, ba* hitherto made speedy passage*. and kept her sailing days with groat punctuality. Her eahina are unsurpassed for convenience of arrangement and ehigance of furniture. Passage In tliem is fixed at twenty-five pounds from Liverpool and ninety dollars froin New York. The rate of freight from Liverpool, at four pounds per ton measurement. F'or freight I iir puessge. apply to ROBERT HERMIT, 76 South street. New York. fNOR MARSEILLES.-THE SUl'F.RIOR HARK MART 1 Ellen. Capt. Ilowitt. BOYD k HINCKKN. |??>r havkf. tiif. superior coffered and I; Conner fastened French bark Armantine, Capt. Estshe. For freight or passage apply to BOYD k IIINCKKN. Directions for in lots.?vessels subject to Visitation by the Health Officer. Every vessel from n foreign port having passengers, and every vessel having had, during her passage, any ease of Small - pox, or infectious or contagious disease?arriving at any time. AH vessel* from any p?>rt, in the ordinary passage from which they must paaa outn of Cape Hanlopen?arriving between the thirty-first day of May and the sixteenth day of October. And all vessel* fr-tn any I III'e (including island*^ in Asia, Africa, or th* Mediterranean, or rrotn any or tn wast mum, iinnamn, Hermuda <>r Western Islands, or from any one place ia America, Id the ordinary passage from whieh thoy nana anuth nf Georgia ?arriving l.etween the ft rat day of April and tho tirat day of NcTitnlnT. ALKX. li. WHITING, HealthOfficer. Journal of Commerce. Evening Post and .Sun. please copy. Yacht "secret row sale.-tiik amove yacht ia olforod for sale. She was built in this city during the summer of IM7. of the best material, and in the boat manner, hv an experienced builder. She ia 32 feet in length on dcok, II fcot fi inches beam, II Custom-house meaaiiretuont. She ia sloop rigged, and veil found in every particular For purtieulara apply to W. ACi ATE, foot of SprinK street, where alio may be aeeti. TO LMT. mo LET -THE fOCR EM ALL 0INT1EL DWELLINGS A in lirondwny, between 2Vtb niiil .'filth atreeta. nearly tints),ed, with iniirhle ninutola, water eloaeta. and ( wnt.r. The Hrundwav ntngo* p.i,? the doors, and the ordinance pasaed to pare the street, wliieli ia alrea.U lighted with una. AI so, the two stores, and dwellings adjoining (he stores. Kent. $273. and $.fik). Apply to II. M. Se ll I EFFKI.I N, at -So. 17 Last 1Kb atreot, or U2 Front street. TO I.ET?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, WHERE there are no hoarders, one or two furnished or unfurnished rooms, by the ttrst week in May. The I oration is desirable, within one minute's walk of Broadway. Address a. M., lleraM Office. LET?A THREE STOKY IIOILSE. IN HAMMOND street, with Hot and Cel l Hatha- and una with Cold Hath only, H7'>. sis". '? IUuk street, with Hot and Cold Hatha, $47ft Applcn ^ rifu in -STtH'K. FIXTI KF.S, fcr., F(?K RAI.K.-A A Porter hihI f.editing House, a Liquor Stand, a tiro eery Vl?r, ,Wll i|,to let. also. Rooms and Stores. A first-rate Oyster Saloon for sale Apply to HI I.LF.SPI K. Agent. .V.J IVarl street Persons in want of good stands, or to sell out, may apply ?s alwuSj KOI I.MS TO I. FT, M'lTII STF \M PHWF.K, IN A I VKOE and well lighted brick bulMing, a never- failing well of water , n tli" premises, and n ?n> "trier r.-.iiiisites fur inanufa. II,ring purposes. A part uf a brick dwelling house alsw ta rent Apply at No. 20ti Pwsrl street. MVMOAIa. MUSIC?THE PlANt) WILL IIF. TAlltlllT BY A young l.ady, wha has a thorough knowledge of Mnsia, and who ean give { - ..moat unsacwpiionable rufarwuoas. Tarnts for 'ws^nner'^tO r^uarutj UlOSS more adtagoed, $IE A? amjskbnbwt*^^^ BKOADWAT THE AT KB?K. A? MARSHAL!* f*?prlrtor?Turaday evening, April 17. will b? performed * "JKutacle, in S Mtd, with a prolog**. eaMM*4 the BN ( IIA N T RRSS?<,h?r?f,trr? in the prolog**?Raaaiav Mr. Sernln; Korte llrechio, Mr. Ilunt; Nurun, Mr. iltlmul Stella. alia* 17nllia. Charnotrrii in the opera?Duke d' AijutlA Mr. l.each; tialeaa, Mr Moorhane*. (Jrend Seneaohal, Mr. liruwn; < hief of the Senate, Mr. Hope; Don Sylvio, Mr. W. <1. Heaver. Doctor Mauthanaatua, Mr Vaehe; Kaiuir, Mr. 3*' n; Nuguea, Mr. Ilolman; Stella, Mr?. Segaln. Dreaa Cimlg ?*ar>|uet?e, 7-'? oenta; family Circle. 'i'i oenta; Uallery, UK *UJ * Door* open at 7; cominenre* at 7K. eanta? E * Bhrtok"8 theatre, chambers street -tubsHRTON inR April 17. will be performed the aatire of l aiiwM ?.' Modern I'hiloaophr Mot in 1'roetic*?Mr. 5V ' ,.Ii i . 'r Brougham; Mr Manny Mr. Burton. IlurJourier t.rirley. A Mra. Menny, Mrr Dowlipe. After whieh. THK Timothy Toodle. Mr. fWton. Farmer Harrow, Mr. Kae: Mr?. "5M" 'wrno. To with KORTY W, NKST.i,r ,.slul'f' M'- U. K!i*kty, Mr. Warden; Hutu r;. " ll*Iul1 J""}; Mr* Mr> Torn..!,; Mim Kenelle K. "J1"./' M1" "O- O?i* at 7, curtain riaot at 7X- Un" UroU ?ul1 PTW?. 60 tents; Family Circle, 25 oenf. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATXj*?TUESDAY BTIning, April 17th, the performance w. 11commence wflrt* BRIGANDS IN TIIE BCD?Huron do Bornjolm, Mr. CUi"fc* Bruno, Br. Arnold; Amelia, Miss Phillips. Ai^cr which, thtp farce, entitled a CLEAR CASE?Capt. t rain well, Mr. Amebic Flera, Miss Phillips. After which, the fareo of COCK NIKS IN CALIFORNIA?Anthony Chiffins, Mr. Cunover: Mrs. Chi thus, Mim Clarke. To conclude with the drama of ESMERALDA. ?Claude Frolio, Mr. Arnold; tlunsimodo, Mr. Mckimooj Capt. Phcrhus. Mr. Clark; P.smcralda, Miss Mary Gannon. Doors open at 7. curtail) will rise at 7>?. Dress Circle, 50 cents* Upper Boxes, 25o. OLYMPIC THEATRE MISS i | \RKK. BROS TO ANnounce. that her benefit will take place on Friday, 20th April. Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Walcot will appear in the drama of Vietorine," " Boots at the Swan," uud other entertainrnents. BARNUM S AMERICAN 'MUSEUM?R F. BARNU*, Manager and Proprietor; J. Greenwood, jr. Assistant Manager?Three days only, commencing Monday, April ltith. Splendid Performanoee. In the afternoon at 3, and overy evening at hi lieforo 8 o'clock. The Manager has engaged, for these threce dajs, the celebrated Ouakcr Giant and Glautese* they inn v ho neon at all hours, day or eveuiug, with the Mammoth Lady, who weighs 570 pounds, and that diminutive specimen of Immunity, Titania. the Fairy Queen* The eel*? hruted Murtinetti Family have hocn engaged, and will appear at each entertainment, with Monsieur F.IUler, in their wonderful Gymnastic Performances, Laughable Pantomimes, ludicrous Metamorphoses, &o. Also engaged, Groat Western, the Ynnkere Comodiaii, Mr. Chapman, Mr. Copland, Miss West, Miss Barton, Miss Melville, Miss Stanhope. Highland Mammoth Brothers. Wax Scripture Statuary. Madame Rockwell, the fortune-teller. Admission, 23 cents ; children under 10 years, 12^a cents. I A KG EST PANTING IN TIIE WORM), AT MW BROADJ way?Hutchings' Grand Classical Panorama of the Mediterranean, covering over four miles of canvass. This great work has been exhibited in Boston and Albany for the lost nine months, and acknowledged by the public and press, fca lie by far the most truthful, comprehensive, and diversified painting over brought out in those cities. Open every evening at 7. commencing at S. Also, on Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 P.M. Tickets 25 cents? no half price. Liberal arrangements made with school# mid partial. (1 EN EltA L TAYLOR WHIPPED THE MEXICANS, Y and Col. Fremont took the living Nondescript of New Mexico prisoner. It is bound for the Royal Gardens, London; hut as the vessel is not ready, the public will have the privilege of seeing it for three days more, at 2W Broadway. Thin nnagogcticul animal is the most extraordinary of any living thing. It hears a resemblance to several <|iiadruped*, uud it# thick curly wool is tine as any silk. Dou'tfail to see it. Admittance. 25 cents. Castle garden.?tiie above well known Summer resort can now be engaged for evening nmufltmouts (luring the Queuing season. For furtltor particular^ and terms. apply at the office on the promises, or by letter (poet puidj directed to the proprietors. FRENCH at IIEKSBH. AUCTIONS. Br JACOB,*. PL ATT.?L. G. CARRINUTON.AUCTIONecr.?Auction Sale of Braxicr's Rods.?JIM bundles inch, oftt! lbs. each bundle, will ho sold to-morrow at 12 o'clock, in front of the auction room, j.' 1 I'latt .street, f ir cash, in lots to suit purchasers. BY J AI oil SjPLATT?L. 0. CARRINOTONr AUCTIONeer?Assignees' Sale Continued.?Also, one cask pad looks, I'ur cash, foriaccouiit of underwriters; also, Watches aud Jewelry store Fixtures, Fancy Goods, Ike.?JACOB S. I'LATT will sell this day, us above, at 10 o'clock, at the auction room, 2.'1 I'latt street, the balance of Assignees' Goods, to close sales, consisting of Signs, Counters and Glass Cases, Iron Safes, a large lot of Cologne Bottles, tinted Candle sticks. Lamps, Sad Irons, Baskets, Belts, Selves Knives, and Forks. Pocket and Penknives, Dirks and Bowie Knives, and other Cutlery, Fancy Goods. Locks, Hinges, assorted Goods, Fancy Articles, one cask Hue Spring and Tumbler Padlocks*. under warden's inspection, in lots to suit purchasscrs. Also, at 12 o'clock, a select invoice of fine Gold slid Silver Watches, aud a large lot of jewelry, 8tc., la the whole of which the attention of purchasers is direcuwL Also, to-morrow, precisely at 12 o'clock, SHWibaleik iach brazier's rods, now landing from ship, to be sold in lots t# suit purchasers, for cash. nE. WILLAKD, AUCTIONEER.--HOtTSEIIOLDFUR niture at No. 21)1 West 16th street, on Tuesday. April 17th. llcnry E. Willard will soil at auction on Tuesday, April the 17th, at 10 o'clock, at No. 201 West 16th street, Iho furniture contained in said house, consisting of marble top centre tables, chairs, rockers, carpeting, oil-cloths, oil-paintings. lumps, looking-glasses, beds, bedsteads, silk hodsproadv ke,, with a general as ortnicnt o| kitchen furniture Henry ii. leeds, auctioneer.?ilandsomb Household Furniturq.?HENRY II. LEEDS k Co. will sell at auction on Tuesday, April 17th, at No.MO Broadway, a large and valuable assortment of Furniture contained ?a said house, consisting of hamlsomo .Sofas, Chairs, Divans, Marble pier Tables, Card do, rosewood Pianoforte, made by Bur) more, Looking Glosses, Curtains, Ike., bedroom-Furniture, consisting of French Bedsteads, high post do, Bedding, Mat trasses, marble top Washstauds, Dressing Bureaus, Carpets of Brussels and ingrain. Oil Cloths, Ike. Sale positive. Hv JOSEPH HKGEMAN. AUCTIONEER.?1WEDNESday. April IX. at D o'clock A. M. precisely, at the Sale# Room, No. IDI Washington street, Brooklyn?A general as r??riiiM iiv "i iiiiiii-viiwiu ? iirunurv. ouuif u*y, ttl ( 0 C||?U|, I*. M.f at the lata residence of E. llecny, deceased, between Pacific and Warren streets, near the corner of Hicks street, n Hiiml 1 quantity of |dnin furniture. Auction notice.--salb this day, at halfpast ten o'clock, at No. 241 Nth Avenue, of good furniture, beds, he., he. Wednesday at half-past ten o clock, at No. II Spruce-streot. A moat extensive variety of elegant furniture, piano-fortea, he. TIIOS. llfcLL, Auctioneer. Auction notice? Joseph murphy, auctioneer?H. II. Timpson, salesman?St??re 15 Spruce street. Sales of merchandize, Ike., solicited at the store, and out door sales of Household Furniture of faiuilies giving up hoasakeeping. he.. attended to with promptness and despatch, and prompt returns made. B A.CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.-ELEOANT R08I wood and Mahogany Household Furniture, made to order. COLE Ik CllII/ION will sell at auction ou Wednesday, April 1H, at 10 o'clock, at No. ,V? Tenth street, near the Fifth Avenue, all tlie furniture In the above house, comprising rich carved rosewood spring-seat Sofas, arm and other Chairs, Covered with bine and white sntin do laine, foaming an entire suite; rich mantel Clocks, extra size pier and mantel Glauses. French idate; rich Brussels c a roots, tapestry patterns; dining Tallies with leaves, rosewood work Table; carved rosewood pier Taldes; blue and white satin do laine Curtain* mahogany Buffos; marble tons; mahogany Sofas and Chairs; (Hole Lamps; Curd Tables; Ir??n Hat Stands and Oil Cloth*; cut Class snd China, a general assortment; bedroom Furniture. en suite, comprising rosewood lledstead, Bureau and Glass; Wardrobe; ladies' do, with plate glass door; Washstand, marble top, all to match, and will b? sold together or separate; mahogany Bedsteads and Wardrobes; Muttra*s?*| Iron Bedsteads; Cottage Choirs, he., Ike., together with the kitchen furniture, and a variety of other useful household articles. Catalogues will be ready ou Tuesday morning. 1AM TWO DAYS' SALE OF THE STOCK OK CHAR J Scott Ik Co., 377 Broadway.--.!. W. Brown will sell by auction, on Wednesday, lath, und Friday, 20th instant, thn remains lots of the above stock of Laces, Embroideries, ho., he., in Tots as formerly, suitable for consumers. Sales commence* on Wednesday, at 12 o'clock uoon, and on Friday, at 10 A.M. NEW YORK HOMI BAZAAK 81 CROSBY miVP. ?L. F. Hough, Auctioneer. Auction Sales every Monday and Wednesday, commencing at twolve o'clock* with Horses, Carriages, Harness, Saddles, he. JOllN II. HATFIELD, Proprietor. CLOYH1RO. To WlloI.ESAI.K CLOTHING MERCHANTS TUB advertiser, salesman for several years in a wholesale clothing house In a southern eitv, is dusirous of engaging In the tike capacity in the cRy of Sew York, with a first oTaa# establishment connected with tho southern trade, as he lias a large business acquaintance with the merchants in that section of the country. An engagement could ho rnado to takn effect on the first of August next, as his present term of service a ill have then expired. Address hex 2SP, Charleston* 8. C. All communications confidential, and promptly responded to. tlOKSKTM l>K PARIS.--NEW PATTERNS, LATRST ' fashion adopted nt Paris among Mia moat fashionable Indies. mure comfortable anil graceful fos thu fnrin, as well ii* fur Mm liberty they afford in the morenients uf the person who makes n*a of them. To lie had only of Msdaine ProsIiere, ftfi Canal-street. tip stairs, near llroailway. N.B. Tlio mlies will hml a new stylo, very comfortable for nursing newly armed from I'aris, nt ? very moderate priea. NKD1VAL. Most rEorr.K attach little oXTotTTMPoTTtnnce to the value of good Teeth, until from negleotthey have decayed ao much ns to render thein valueless. This nloMild not continue to ha the ease, whila the defects are * easily remedied by l?r. lint, who ha* a new indestructible uhstnnce for tilling teeth, with which the merest shell can be msde *er\iceahle for year*, ili* office i* at M Harder at. Despatch?Or. I. will remove to Hi Murray street on 1st May Dr. row ki,i,, oculist and aukist. on votes uis attention as usual, to diseases of the Eva sad Car, at 2111 llroadw ay, entrance I Warren street, where vsu be had his "Treatise on the Eye," price 50 cents; also a pamphlet free uf charge, which describes his new method of strsnstheninn weak eyes. Just imported, a Urge supply of Artiflciaf Kyes. DR. W1IKEI.KR, OCIH.I5T, ? OKKE.NWICU STREET, devotes his ssclusive attention to diseases of the Kye, and lias for sale a most beautiful seleotfon of Artifleial kyes. Just received from I'arii. <"Bce hour* from H A M he 1 o'clock I* M A pamphlet aontabiing many remarkable euro* effected by Or. H heeler. can bo hud gratuitously at Ills efflee. IKETIIBrT I.EEt IIKM ' Jtl.UUU I.AIU.K MIXED SW1J dish Leeches, just received per steamship Hermann, far Mule bv UI.EU, ' Importer of Leeches, No. 7 John street. Pr ralph. ai'thor of the " practical priKite Treatise, Re., HP (Jreenwirh street?office hour* 9 to I - t M.. ti to ! P. M. (Miuday excepted). Those who apply in the enrly stage* will he surprised at the rapidity and little ini oiivenienee attending their cure. Stricture ia every stage i ureil. (?I.\M MirriON -THEEE Is. PERHAPS, NO DI8RASB J with which our country ia affected, which sweeps off annually no many victim*, ns that fell destroyer of the human riu e-^C'on?iiHi|?tion. Day after day.year after year, the in* satiate monster hurries to the portals of the cold ;4nd silent tonih, fresh added victims to its conuue?t*. No walk of life is sin red from its Mitch ting influence, No ago is exempt from its death-dealing shafts. The old, the middle axed, and tl * young. ull alike are food for this common enemy of tnankir . The white haired patriarch, whose life of temperance ' J?* rendered his system impervious to the attacks or other j[\ and whose deeds nrcpumd him for the enjoyment of .J Calm evening, finds consumption fasten its fangs up ^ j|fj| vitals, and tearing him away from iv world ever br minds which look coniylaccnti v on days well spent. ^ la there no help for the afflicted?? no prevmtatit 4 of the dingers which heart us in our changahle and fickle c\imAt* p We think there is?Wistar'a llalsam of Wild t'herr ojf,.r04| to a sort* ring world as such it? true value and i? ecllcmc, are sufficient to 44 Waft oa to fame " The mime of its inventor, n a henefactotpf ou' , apwciei. None ia genuine unless signed I. II] rTS. on ft|# wrap|M,r For hale, wholesale aud rrt*il. J>j .. U. k I). 1 On Fulton street, corner of William; IT A^ .roadway Irvinir liulldtag. corner of i: ham her*; llaviland # Keeso i Co 4 Msidra l ane, and the drugglata genera^ j_. |jir,>u-hQUt I' nited State# and Canada. NO 01'BR. NO OlIARJIt.-DR. '^UHI'UY, OF 6J OOI.D ?tr?t, I* ?..?hJ.un?lly 0??.ui AU ou al, formi diM-ftjww. M?<*?t cm?? of mn,r ho caret ! two i<> t??r dayt. , OoBjititut'oatil OotiUty ?n4 Impoienc, ?u . rally treated nj l>T M, Wo a.n'trj ttOMl ia on, oaoc, or liittdrttuM fi'.m liuaineM, Opc? fruft 7, g. M to V V M 1 ' ^

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