Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1849, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1849 Page 6
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- ? ? -ifr -w -i .. ? -? ? Titles of Acta FASEED BY THK LEOIM-AlITtE OF THK (TVATI OF FEW YORE, AT THE 72n SESSION THEREOF, 1849. CONCLUDED. An act authorising the executors and trustees o Thomas Poole, formerly of Brooklyn, deceased, t J sel tcrlain portions of his real estate. An art further to amend an act to provide for th< oustruction of a railroad from Attica to Buffalo, passei May 3. 1836. An act authorising the Commissioners forloanlus ertain moneys of the United States, of the count/ ol Ulster, to release from a mortgage given to suid c.oinmissioners by Van Gausbeck Wenohel. Jr.. a portion ol the lands so mortgaged, to ltirhard Allen. An aet to extend the time for county supsrtntendents of the poor elected in November, 184*. f execute and Ble their official bonds, and to lake I111'oath of office An act to amend ' An art to estub""/1 'ri'e schools in district number live in the town Hushing, passed March 10,1848. IA .... An act to iiinend the charter of the city of Albany in relation to the number and manner of electing the assessors for the said city.' ... An act to enable the village of WiUuitnbnrgh to improve a part of the Williautsburgh and Jamaica turnpike us a village street. An art in addition to and amendatory of the aet en? .. a ittf i lis. ri'liff of thi? ProHldtMit. Diri'flopii and Company of the Brooklyn Buuk," passed April 29, 1840 An art In relation to the Recorder of the city ol Troy. An art authorising the county of Eric and the city ol Buffalo to erect a public building for city and couuty purposes. An art fixing the foe* of Sheriffs for transporting convict* to the State prisons. An art for increasing the number of Justices in the Superior Court of the city of New York, nud for extending tile jurisdiction of that court. An act to establish courts of civil and criminal jurisdiction in the city of Brooklyn. An act to authorise the construction of a plank road in the town ofCanton. An act to authorise James Peck to extend and otherwise improve the old dock in the town of flushing. An act to authorise tlio executor* of the lust will nnd testament of Isaac Moscr, to make a sale of certain Rinds. An act to amend an net providing for the incorporation of the Cuuandaigua and Corning Railroad Company. An act to incorporate the I.cwiston Suspension Bridge Company An net to uiucnd the charter of the St. Lawrence ountv Mutual Insurance Company. An act in relation to the removal of convicts from one State prison to another. An uct authorizing the Inspectors of State prisons to administer oaths and take affidavits in certain cases. An net to amend an art entitled " An act to organise Md establish a Recorder's Court in the city of Oswego.'' passed April 12. IMS. An art to amend an uct entitled " An act to incor poratc the Farmers' .Mutual Insurance Company o irie county," passed May 14.1845. An act to confirm the official acts of Hiram W. Jackfon, of the town of China, us superintendent of common schools. An act to authorise the Board of Supervisors of Oswego county to make certain assessments. An act to fix the place of meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the county of Ulster. An act to incorporate tlic Life Saving Benevolent Association of New York. An act establishing free schools throughout the State. An act in relation to Sing Sing prison. An act to authorise the Kultonvillc and Johnstown Plank Road Company to erect a bridge across the Mohawk river, between Kultonvillc and Fonda. An act to authorise the city of Schenectady to borrow money for the purposes mentioned therein. An act in relation to the Marine Court of the city of New York. An act to amend the charter of the village of I.auaingburgh. An act to amend "An act to improve the Cayuga Creek Road in the county of Erie." passed March d!?. 1848, An art to amend " An net. to incorporate the Trustees ?f the Yorkville School, in the twelfth ward of the city til rsew nirK. passed April zu, iw. Aii art to amend the " Art to consolidate and amend Abe charter of the village of Watertown." An act to confirm the official acta of Sylvanus D. Thompson, as justice of the peace of the town of Savannah. An art to establish a Court of Special Sessions in and for the city of Alluiny. nnd to confer further judicial powers upon the Recorder of said city. An act to amend ' An act to incorporate the villago of Lyons." passed April 10.1831. An act to incorporate the Saint Vincent's Orphan Asylum in the city of Albany. An act to confirm the official acts of SylTestcr Reed, ae a justice of the peace of the town of Brownville. An act to require the town of Norfolk to pay the town of Louisville certain school moneys. An act to authorise Moses Randall, executor of the last will and testament of jAmes Roberts, deceased, tc convey certain real estate. An act to authorise a tax upon the town of rotsdora to rebuild the bridges ucross the Kackett river, in the village of Potsdam. An act relating to the erection of u town house in the town of New Utrechf. An act to deflne the boundaries of the towns of Ballston and Clifton Hark. An act to authorise the commissioners of highways Of the town of Waterloo to borrow money. An act to uuicnd the Revised Statute* relative to commissions to executors and administrators. An art to close and discontinue Oiugonal street, in Ibe city of Albany. An act relative to the compensation of tho treasurer Of the county of Monroe. An act to authorise supplying the loss of evidence of proceedings for the incorporation of the village of Corning. and to constitute said village a separate road district. An act to annex a part of the town of Sparta to the town of North Dnnsville. An act to amend the act entitled '' an net to authorise the trustees of the village of Williamsburgh to raise money hy loan or tax to pay certain debts, and to provide for the speedy liquidation and settlement of certain disputed mutters utid claims in suid village," passed May 13, 1845. An act to amend an act entitled " An act to consolidate and amend the act to ineorporate the city of BufIfnlo," passed April "JO. 183'J. and the various acts amendatory thereof, passed April 17. 1843. An act to regulate the salary of the district attorney ?f the county of Columbia. An art to legalize the proceedings of the trustees anil electors of the village of Ulster, in the county of Ulster An act to authorise the coinmisiuners of loans of tin county of Washington to transcribe certuin records Ie aaid county. An act for the relief ot I.yman II. Philips imd Zebulor Moore. An act to pay Joshua B. Van Duscn certain sums ol money for fines, costs and expenses paid hy him in MMfMSM Of taking Barney HlefS, an escuped runTkt. An act to drain the Spring Town swamp in the town of New I'allz. in the county of Ulster. An act to provide for the appointment and payment of a clerk or clerks in the office of the Surrogate of the county of Kings. An act making appropriations for the support of coinsnon schools for the years 1S49 and lk.'if. An act to provide for the publication of certain documents relating to the colonial history of the State. An act to amend " An art for the relief of partners end joint debtors.'' passed April IS. 18HH An act authorising the supervisors of the county of Oswego to raise money to construct a free bridge over the Oswego river An act further to amend the acts in relation to insurances on property in this State, made by individuals and associations, unauthorised by law. An act to incorporate the Syracuse Savings Institution. An act to correct the tax hooks in the Comptroller's office, and authorising extracts from records in his office to be taken therefrom and read as evidence. An act authorising the Canal Commissioners to build a bridge across the Krie canal in the village of Medina. An art to amend an act entitled "An act to incorporate the city of Oswego.'' passed March 124, 1848. An act for the relief of Zchiilon Moore. An act to amend and consolidate the several acts relating to the city of I tieu An act to amend "An act concerning the District Attorney of the county of Albany." passed February 31, IMP An act to authorise the supervisors of Monroe county to raise money to build a Surrogate or Couuty Treasurer's office. An art to amend the charter of the city of New York. An act relative to the Stair arsenal in the city of New York An act to authorise the inhabitants of joint school district number five |u {lie town of Attica, county of Myoming. und town of Alexander, county of tienesee, to ruise money I An act to prevent the throwing of offal and other filthy substances In the streets ..t the citv of New lork An act to rel. as.- the interest ,)t tl?. Sut(, C(.rUin lands of which David Darraii died possessed, to Susan I Parruh his wife I An act to provide for tlie collection of it)r unpaid I taxes for the year one thousand o.-i.g hundred and I forty-eight In the town oft uchcctun An aai to amend the.revised statute* in rotation to I summary J.rocecdings to recover the possession nfian.l. H An act to vest in the Hoard' of Supervisors certain I legislative powers, and to prescribe their fees for c. rH tain services An set loan-tend "An act for the more effectual pre. edition of flr. s in the city of New York, and to amend the acts heretofore patsed lor timt purpose." An act granting certain lauds under water in Diil Huetowa, hutwn county, to taMdi Phiilipe and others. An ad lo ll.e \lne.?i-.ic 14-il of the city of Brooklyn I" erect port* or other flxlun H in ()? (nitili' (streets of raid city for lighting the city with gar A ii act t - I iimi-ml tin- flmrlcr of the city of Troy. mid t" provide for the ertahliabment of free school.' in mid city An art to incorporate the villain- of Knndout An art In relation lo .certain expense* incurred in excavation of the harm and the toll receivable tliereon at the rantern termination of tin- Krie and < hamplaiu canal*. Anact to incorporate the New York aid Havre Stcmn Navigation Company An act tori Vive till power*of The Hrdding Society of the f-rrt MethodiMt Kpiacopai i hurcli in the town o'f 4nyuta. county of < heuango ' An act to AUthorir-e the town of JAttle Valley, in the conty of Cattaraugus. to raire money for the relief of 1-yman 6 Pratt An net to atltjiorixc the settlement of a r|aiin of the trustee* of the village of < uuandaigtia. on the town of (andandaigua. An act for the payment of William Turner, late Wealth < oinmirrioner.'of the umoiint in arrears and due $ij liim for hi? official sprviceS A.n net to Htncnd " An act In relation to the k'-efiing f gu.r'po?de^. nltpetre. and certain other other substances i" tile ?ltj of New York," )>n?ed Why Id. J Ml. An act to abolish the offlee of county superintendent ' Of the poor in the county of Albany. An act to annex a part of the town of Rockland to the town of Liberty, in the county of Sullivan. An act authorising the erection of docks in the ge, venth w?rd in the city of Brooklyn. act to amend an uct entitled " An act in relation to ?be city of Troy.-' passed January '28, 1848. j An act to amend the charter of the Nautilus Iusurauce Company in the city of New York. An act to amend the charter of the Williamsburg Fire Insurance Company. An act in relation to the Cayuga and Seneca Canal. An art in relation to the Oswego canal. An act in relation to the canul debt fulling due on the first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine. An act in relation to the Black River Canal. An act in relation to the Krio Canal enlargement. An act in relation to a lock on the Crooked Lake Canal. An art reappropriating certain moneys to the Black River Canal und Krie Conul feeder. An act in relation to the canal debt and the maintenance of the canals lor the fiscal year commencing October 1,1849. An act in relation to the Oneida river improvement. An act to amend ' An act providing for the improvement of Coiichur and other lakes, or either of them, as reservoirs to supply the Genesee Valley and Krie canals with water." An act to pav Zadieus P. (illicit for damages sustained by the failure of titles to luuds patented by the ' State. An act to incorporate the Syracuse City Waterworks I omniinv An act to nettle the claim of tin- Cnnal Fund upon the General Fund, according to the provision)* of the Constitution. An act to enforce the responsibility of the stockholders in certain bunking corporations and associations, as prescribed by the Constitution, und to provide for the prompt payment of demands against such corporations [ und associations. An act re-appropriating money to the Genesee Valley canal. An act in relation to claims upon the Canal Fund, [ and expenses not provided for. An net in relation to the Gencsen Valley canal An act to amend ail act entitled " An act in relation to tlie funds appropriated for the canals," passed April 10. 18-18. An act to alter and settle the east ilnc of the town of North Hudson. Kssc\ county. An act in relation to debts due for damages on tho canals prior to June 1. 184(5. An act authorising the Canal Board to lengtiien the locks on the Krie Canal between Syracuse and Rochester, An act authorising the Cnnal Board to change or alter the mouth of tin- Krie basin in the city of Buffalo ; to settle with Kdwin II. Munger, William A. Sutton. and Henry Barnes. An art to amend the elmrter of the Watertowu and Rome Railroad Company. An act to amend tho eharter of the city of Syracuse. An net to release the interest of the State in certain real estate of which Patrick Word died seiied t" Sally McAvara, Margaret Murphy. uudCuthariue Burns. An act relative to the town records of the towu of Mount Hope, destroyed by fire. An net for the relief of Nuthnnicl Mather. An act to provide for the appointmentment of commissioners to ascertain tho compensation for taking private property for public use in the city of Troy, and to regulate the proceedings iu taking such property for that purpose. An act to authorise the trustees of the West Point Foundry Association to sell their real estate. An uct for the relief of Campbell Harris. An act authorising the appraisal and payment of certain canal damages sustained by Klius Wilcox. An act to incorporate the American Female Guardian Society. An act for the relief of Jesse McKiniey. An uct to provide for the government of the Department of Alms und Penitentiary in the city und county of New Vork. An act granting certain lands under water in Phillipstown. in Putnam county, to Ward B. Howard. au act 10 erect me town or .Morris, iu the county of Otsego. An net to incorporate the Buffalo Dry Dock ami Marine Railway Company. An act In relation to plank roads and turnpike roads. An uct for the relief of George VV. Murray. An act to amend the charter of the Buffalo and Niagara Kalis Railroad Company. An art in relation to the Utiea Female Academy. An art to amend "An act for the organisation of the first division of the New York Stato Militia. An act prescribing the fire limits in the village of Newburgh. An art to amend "An act. requiring compensation for causing death by wrongful act. neglect or default," passed December 13, 1847. An act to continue in force an act to incorporate an , association for the relief of respectable aged indigent females ill the city of New York, passed March 10. 1815. , An art in relation to suits by and against joint stock , companies and associations. An art in relation to the railroad from Niagara Falls to Lewiston. An art in relation to the erection of gas light fixtures in the city of Troy. An act to designate the holidays to be observed in the acceptance and puyuicnt of bills of exrbauge and promissory notes. An act in relation to certain highways in the towns of Snmers and North Salem, in the county of Westchester. An act to regulate the expenditure of the highway tax in parts of Essex, Hamilton, and Warren eounties. An act authorising the Governor, Comptroller, and Secretary of State, to audit the accounts of counsel in the cause of Smith vs. William Turner, in the Supremo Court of the United States. An act to declare the public use of a railroad from ' I'lattsburgh to the l anuda line. An act in relation to the Natural History of the State of New York. An art in relation to the Fabius Select School in the county of Onondaga. An act to incorporate the Sand I.ake Association for mutual protection against horse thieves. An art for the benefit of 1.ydia Harden, an Indian woman. An aet to amend an act entitled " An act incorporating the University of the city of New York," passed April 18,1831. An act to amend an act entitled "An art to au1 thorise the formation of railroad corporations." An art making an appropriation tor thr payment of charges and expenses lor th? removal of wreeks Irani the Albany Basin. 1 An art to amend "An art for the incorporation of benevolent, charitable, scientific and missionary aoclei ties." passed April IS, 1S4H. i An act to erect the town of North Norwich from the town of Norwich in the county of Chenango, i An act to remit any liabilities and forfeiture," incurred by Benjamin W. Corwin, of Mount Hope, in the county T of Orange, by acting hs a Justice of the Peace, i An act to enable the supervisors of the city and county of New York to raise money by tax. An act authorizing the board of supervisor* of Columbia county to purchase a piece of land. An act to prevent the manufacture and sale of slung shot An act winking an appropriation to the Buffalo llospital of the Sisters of ( harity An act making appropriations for Clinton prison An act to amend "An act to incorporate the Buffalo Savings Bank." passed .May 9. 1H46 An act to protect the woodbinds in Suffolk county against destruction by fire. An act to amend the charter of the Cocliecton Bridge Company. An art to incorporate the I'anainn Railroad Company. An act making an appropriation for the western House of Refuge. An act in relulion to Common School* in thr village of Medina. An act in relation to the village of Hamilton. An art giving assent to the erection by the United States, of a Marine Hospital at the old fort military of parade ground at Oswego. An act for the relief of the heirs and personal representatives of John I,. Bigelow. deceased. An act to amend " An act to authorise the formation of the Niagara Suspension Bridge House Company, pussed April 11. 18-18. An act to annex part of the town of Westport to the town of Moriuh. An uot to incorporate the Rockton Hydraulic Company. An net to incorporate the Mariners' family Industrial Society of the port of New York. An act to declare the {public use of a railroad from some eligible point in the Saratoga and Washington railrond to I'lnttsburgh An net to declare the public Use of a railroad from I Sackets Harbor in I lie county of Jefferson, to Adama | or kllisburffh, in the lame county. An aet relative to expenses incurreil in enforcing Ilia law and preserving order In the county of Dutches* An act in settlement of tho claims of the first < lirintinn party of Oneida Indians. An net to nid in repairing and improving the road loading from the State road in North Hudson to Kill Brook in the town of Moriah. | An net to provide for tho appointment, of commissioners to lay out a mad from the town of ( raveseiui to 1 the city of Brooklyn in the county of Kings ! An act concerning the library of the late Court of | i hnncery ami the Supreme ( ourt, and for locating and I increasing the snme ' An net appropriating the revenues of the literature and l ulled States dcpo*ite fund, i An net to authorise Nozlah Bliss and others to erect and maintain docks in the town of Ilushwick. county of 1' Kings. An act to abolish the Mayor's Court of the city of Rochester An act to pay krancis Hate* eertain sums of money for tines, ci -i? and expense* paid by him in consequence of taking Barney liters. an i" raped convict. An act to amend an act entitled " An act to Incorporate the Orange < ounly Mutual Insurance Company," passed .March 16,1WI7. An act to authorize the election of local officers to discharge the duties ot eounty judge and surrogate in the counties ot Orange. ( hautaii'jue-. ( nyuga. St Lawrence, Tioga. Oneida Je fferson and Oswego. An net making further provision for the organi/.a11 >n "'I the militia, ami toainoiul tin- art passed May j.'l |s^7. entitled " An net to provide for the enrollment of the militia, and to encourage the formation of uniform i ompanies. excepting lti?- first military division of til* Stale. An aet to provide* for the incorporation of insurance / cmpaaii'H. An act to provide for the estajrlislinn'nt of hospitals at Sandy J look An act by relation tojrwrdon*. An aet to alte r the/.(uimiissioner'i map of the- city of Jlre e'eklyn. An art to appoint comiaiMioners farther to revise, r?Ti rin simplify and abridge the rules. praeiice pleading' fi rms anef proee e eiiiiff* of the courts of recorel of tic State ami " Ce/inmlsshine rs of the Cod?," pursuant to the se ve nte e nth faction of the first article of the constitution. An net mnenilntnry of tho art entitle'd "An art to authorise' i),c business of banking," passe d April IS, If.lH. and the riBts amending the same An lee I te. Ill -- i 1 ".mi ac t to prori'lt | fur the incorporation of village*, passed December 7, 1847, so fur us relates tu the village of Cohoes and Kul- i tonvillo. An act to incorporate the Williamaburgb Ferry Com- < puny. An act to provide for the appointment of brigade in- < specters, and prescribing their duties und compensation. 1 An Ret to amend "An act relating to the New York and liarlem ltailroad Company," passed May 7. 1840. i An act to raise money by tax to purcliusu, improve, ] and make free the Oswego Kails Bridge. An art to amend "An act to incorporate the Liberty Normal Institute." passed April 12, 1848. An act to amend nil act, entitled "An act to incorpo- 1 rate tbe village of Pulaski, in the county of Oswego, passed April 2ti. 1881. i An art to amend an act, entitled "An art for the protection of emigrants arriving in the State of New York," passed April 11, 1848. An art to allow the President and directors of the Knstern turnpike to sell a part or all of their road, and to form a plunk road from Albany to Saudluke, under the act passed May 7, 1847. An art to incorporate the North llavcrstraw and i Grassy Point Bridge Company. An art in relation to tile site of the county jail to be built in the city of Oswego. An art to provide for supplying the city of Brooklyn with water for the extinguishment of fires, aud for the use of its inhabitants. An act to amend the act, entitled "An act to alter the charter of the village of Rome." i An act to change the time of the annual meeting of , the board of supervisors of the county of Wyoming. An act to erect the town of Cupe Vincent, in Jetfer 8011 county. An net to declare the public utility of a ruilroail from Troy to the State line of Vermont. I An uct to provide lor the settlement of the claim of the estate ot John Jacob Muug, for laud taken by the Stale. 1 An art to amend "An act for the better regulation 1 of the county and State prisons of thu State, and consolidating and amending the existing laws in relation ? thereto." passed December 14, 1847. i An act in relation to the collection of taxed in the eighth and ninth wards of the city of Brooklyn. 1 An net in relation to the Court of Appeals. t An act in relation to the Frattsville turnpike road. An act granting to George F. Von Beck the right to < establish a ferry across the Kondout creek. 1 An act to amend the charter of the Fallsburgh and Liberty Turnpike Itoad Company. An act to amend un act entitled "An act for Increasing the number of justices of the Superior Court of the city of New York, and for extending the jurisdiction of that court," passed March 24.1840. ' An act to pay James H. Clark certain expenses in defending a libel suit while in the employ of the State. An act to amend an uct to incorporate the village of I'otsduin. passed Much 3, 1831. An net to regulate the police of the city of Troy. An act relating to highways in the town of Green burgh. An act to amend "An act to incorporate the village of ralmyra. in the county of Wuyue," passed March 2U. 1827. An aet to authorize the settlement of the claims ot this State, against the buil of thu late county treasurer of the county of Onondaga. An aet to incorporate the Nowfuno Centre Buria Ground Association. An act. to release the estate of David Burt from the payment of a judgment held by the State. An act to confirm the oftieiai acts of Jucob Van Kenrcn. a commissioner of highways. An act in relation to copartnership styles. An act in relation to raiuil contracts. An act to umend an act entitled " An act to incorporate the Fulton Academy." passed April II, 1842. An act to amend certain acts concerning passenger* coining to the city of New York. An aet to authorise the sale of certain real estate held in trust under the will of Joseph Weld, deceased. An art in relution to the canal and rnnul damages. An act to amend un act entitled " An act to provide for the construction of a railroad from Attica to Hornellsville." passed May 14. 1845. An act to provide for laying out and constructing the Wurren and Hamilton county road. An i.-l in i-nlulinn ?n ?l... .......... In.11 "" ? v ... ...v - ..J * **? iiiinui.iri., ] An not to provide for transcribing the docket* of judgments. and for making new indexes of deed* and I mortgages, iu tin- office of the clerk of the county of I Krnnklin. I An act providing for compensation to the county treasurers of this State for services rendered by them under the act of April 12, 1848, relating to funds and securities in possession of the clerk of the court of appeals. , An act in relation to the trustees of the village of Oneida, in the county of Madison. An act relating to cluiuis against the county of Albany. I An act to amend an act entitled " An act to provide i for the election of county treasurers, and fix their j terms of office," {Missed March 27. 1848. ^ An act to authorise the appraisal and payment of ca- . nal damages to .Mary Murray. John H. Murray. Murray J Hoffman and Mary M.. his wife. John It. Murray, jun'r, John Murray Ogden. I.indlcy M. Hoffman and Susan, 1 his wife. Kliznbcth Giles and Harriet K. Ogdeu. 1 An act to amend the General IMauk Koad Law, as far t as it affects the county of Sullivan. 1; An act for the purchase of muteriuls and tools for t the ordinary repairs of the canals. ( An act to authorixe the Governor of this State to revive by proclamation, if in his judgment it shall be deemed expedient so to do. the act entitled "An act for ? the preservation of the public health," passed June 22, uas. r An act to authorise the superintendents of the poor, t of the county of Ksscx. to enlarge and repair the county { poor house of said county. V An act to renew and amend the act entitled "An act { granting certain lands underwater to the Hudson and Berkshire Railroad <'omjMiny," passed May 7,1831. < An act to amend "An act to consolidate and amend . the act to incorporate the city of Rochester," passed ' Ap*U U,ISM. < An act making mi appropriation for the support, iu '. 1 art. of certain incorporated Orphan Asylum* iu this ( Itnte | An art for the removal of the Hallenbnkc Burying Ground, in the city of Albauy. An net for the relief of Helena R. Kearney, administratrix of the estate of tile late t baric* Mcknight. 1 An act to authorise the town of Lyme to build a ' bridge over ( hauuiont river, and to borrow money for that purpose. An art to regulate the sale of keg oysters. An act to amend "An uet in relation to certain ' trusts." passed April 15. 183U. An art to provide for extraordinary repairs nnd im- i proveinents of the canals. i An act to amend un act entitled "An act for the more ( effectual protection of married women," passed April 7, , 184k. 1 An net relating to a street called Navy street, in the , fifth ward of the city of Brooklyn. ' An act to amend an art entitled "An act in relation 1 to the Marine ( Curt of the city of New York." t An act in reference to the new government of the l o<-ii< n iimioii <11 muiaus on me v aiarraugus anu \lle- ( gany Reservations. . An act in rotation to the collection of fine* and for- ( feltures in the county of Monroe, and the duties of certain officers in relation thereto. ' An net to amend an act entitled "An act to amend ' the Revised Statutes in relation to summary proceed- ! ings to recover the jKissesslon of land," passsed April 1 8,1M0. ' t A'n act authorising tlio commissioners of highways of j the to* ns of Marbietown and Koscndale, in the county of Ulster, to complete laying out, and to opeu a road in ( snhl town*. An net to amend chapter four hundred and eighty of ' Session Laws of 1847, entitled " An act relative to ' tlie town superintendent of common schools, and ' amendatory of the Housed Statutes, entitled of public t instruction." passed December 16,1*47, t An act to create the Croton Aqueduct Department in ; the city of New York. , Authorising the appraisal nnd payment of canal i damages to I'erkins K. Hayes. To erect the town fit Kichmondvillc, in the county of Schoharie, ' Kor the relief of the Indian owners of lot No. 3. ' Oneida purrhnsc of 1842. 1 To repeal the act incorporating the village of Ovid. 1 in the county of Seneca, passed April 17. 181tl. . To amend an net entitled "An act in relation to suits agnin?t district school officers." passed May 1, 1847. , To amend an act to incorporate tin- Roman Catholic J Orphan Asylum Society of the city of Rochester. I To cede to the United States sufficient land in the ' Hudson River, near Tarrytowu Point,on which toercet n beacon light 1 To enable Mary McNulty and Jane Coughlin, to 1 take. hold, and eonvey certain real estate. 1 Authorizing the Comptroller tn receive the returns of certain upnid taxes oil non-restdent laudsiii ttic county It of Uortlandt. for the year 184(1. * Authorizing the < anal Commissioners to build a bridge over the ( hamplain canal, north of the guard T loek. upon the lands of Jonathan Polly, in the town of u hltahall. ? To extend the time for the collection of taxes in the town oft astleton. in the county ot Richmond. ' ( oncerning the salaries or compensation of the superintendents of the poor in the county of Kings. ' To amend an art entitled "An act more effectually I to provide lor common school education in the city and county of New York." passed .May 7. 1H44. <| To extend the time (or the collection of taxes in the 1 to*ti of Ticoiideroga. in the county of Essex. To provide for the appraisal and payment of canal ' damages to David Van Alstine. I'o prevent fraud in tlie returns made tothet.'omp- 1 troller of sales at auction. j '

To provide for the payment of certain expenses of the government. * Making appropriations for 1 lie State Library for international exchanges, and for the salary of the Secretary of the Regents of the University. 'I o authorize Gilbert Smith, ami others, to surrender 1 their old stock of the New York and Eric Railroad, and to receive new stork then for. Further to amend t lie chart er of the eity of Roehest er. 'I'o amend an act entitled " An act establishing free schools throughout the State." passed March 20, 1849. To amend an act entitled "An act concerning passengers arriving at the ports of entry and landings in tJiis State." passed December 10. 1847. '1 o provide for improving the upper waters of the II ml'on river. To incorporate the New York and Liverpool United r mini* .mmII Men no Inp < onipiiny T" authorize the K.ast Hamburg Turnpike Jload' oinpany In alter tin- construction of their road, and to incri use the capital stock. To incorporate tin- People's Halhin? and Washing Association in the city of New York. " T<> pay Jenny lloxtaUT and Sophia Denny, Indian w< inen for tin ir interest in Oneido land* M IteouiriiiK steam boats or steam vessels, driven or pro- " pelhcl I?y steam to carry small boats for the protection c (if life, in rase of acriih nt In relation to the Bfth brigade of the militia of the < State of New York, for tin establishment of a workhou-e for the em- P1 ployment of persons eommitteil to the citv prisons and " almshouse in the eity of New fork 111 Vii atithorir.e and direc t the surrogate of the city and tl reuiitj'New York, to admit, to probate and record ' the Inst sill and tcslinient of William II. Taylor, deccHScd. An act to anthoriie Isabella Gilchrist to hold and 50nvey real estate. An net to provide for building a bridge aeroen the outlet of Crooked Lake. in the town of Milo. An net to authorize the appraisal and payment of canal damages to John King. An net to ainend an act entitled " An act to provide for nick nml disabled seamen," passed April Kid. 1831. An net to ainend an act entitled '' An act to incorporate the Monroe County Mutual Insurance Company," I passed March 21. 183(1. An act for the benefit of the Indians. An act to legulize the acts of the Trustees of tho Buptist Church and congregutiou of the towus of Southport and Klmiru. An urt authorizing the Commissioners of highways of the town of North field to lease certain town property. An act to rhnngc the name of the Washington Manufacturing Company. An act to authorize Edward Mitchell to build a dock in tlie town of North lieuipsteud. in Queens county. An act in relation to the Oneida Lake canal. An act to incorporate the Watertown Water Works Company. An act to incorporate a seminary of education under the iiume of "The Academy of the Sacred Heart." An act to amend an net entitled "An net to incorporate tlie members of the New Vork Institution for the instruction of the duuf and dumb," passed April 15, 1817. To amend the net entitled 'An act to simplify and abridge tlie practice, pleading and proceedings of the courts of this State." passed April I'd, 1848. Making appropriations for the support of government for the fiscal year, commencing Oct. 1,1849. To incorporate the Albany Hospital. To amend an act in relation to emigrants arriving in the State of New York. To incorporate the Gihoa Aqueduct Company To amend tin act entitled "An act to authorize tlie formation of railroad corporations," passed March 117, 1848. To regulate the taking of oysters, clams and other hell fish in the bays and harbors in tho town of Hemp iteutl. Qurciis county. To amend un net entitled "An act to amend an uet 'or the cptublifihmrnt and regulation of the police of the ity of New York.1' panned May 13,1840. To uincnd an net entitled "An uet relative to un Iniiueil Imnk dividends and deposits, panned May i*, L830, und for other purposes. Our St. LonU Correspondence. Sr. Lot,'is, Mo., April 6, 1849. Municipal ? ltd ton?Railroad Question?Coiled Sesssion of the Illinois Legislature?General Shields?Politicians at Faidt, tfc., 6r<\ The inunicipul election in this city, which took >lnce on Monday, was scarcely a fair test of party itrength, yet terminated favorably to the democrats. A short time previous to the day of elecion, the two branches of the democratic party? reesoilers and radicals?agreed, for the time being, o bury the hatchet, and throughout the canvuss icted together with tolerable harmony. The ickut opposed to them was native throughout, but ,vas very generally acquiesced in by the whigs. rhere was a lukewannness, however, on both ides, which prevented a lull development of >arty strength, which is a thing very unusual in his city. The democratic majority for Mayor, luditor, llegister, and City Attorney, averaged ibout one hundred and fifty. The whigs carried heir cundidate for City Marshal by a small maority. The City Council is equally divided?that s, seven democratic and five whig Aldermen, and ive democratic und seven whig Delegates. The nuugurution of the Mayor, James CL Barry, takes luce to-day. lie is a man of moderate ability, jut highly esteemed us a citizen. According to an act of the last Legislature, granting to the city of St. Louis authority to subscribe naif a million to the Mississippi and Ohio lluilroad, if a majority of the voters should be in favor of the scheme, a test vote was taken at the lute election, and the result was favorable to the loan. The question was by no means a party one, as the majority in its favor?nearly three thousandproved. The vote on the question was larger in ihts city than in Cincinnati, where the population in some thirty thousand greater This railroad is an important link in the great Atlantic md Pacific road, and the people of the Western rulley look forward with much anxiety toitscoiudetion. It is thought that there will be an extra ession of the Legislature of Illinois during the oming summer, during which the right of way vill he granted. The people of a large portion of hat State ure dissatisfied with the action of the ust Legislature in refusing the grant, and are deemiined there shall be an early expression of pinion in its favor. General Shields arrived here yesterday, looking veil, and immediately departed for Belleville, 111., Die impression seems very general that he will be e-elected to the Senate, to fill the vacant seat to vhich he was deemed ineligible. There has been i decided reaction in his favor?the people of the vest thinking that entirely too much was made Kit of that implied threat against Senator Brccse. Much anxiety is felt among leading, or, rather, ed politicians, in relation to the Hon. Thomas H. tenton's talked-of visit to his constituency. The niestion is, " will he come?" and, if so, " when?" l'hey are at n dead loss to know what to say or do >n the vexed question of free soilism, and arc sailing in alj patience for their cue. Our city is filled to overflowing with Califorlians, and hundreds arc daily arriving und departing. Poor fellows!?they will have " seen the lephant" long before the buffaloes. Anous. Horace Greeley in Maine.?The Hon. Horace Itetky, editor of the AYic York Tribune, reecnty visited Bangor, and gives an amusing account n his paper ot his trip from that place to Waterside, on his return. The journey occupied one day, during which there was a copious spring a in upon deep snow drifts. Every one who has ravelled in the country, under such circumstances, mows that such a journey is not one of the most i(pri>i'i(HI(( rkiriwlcr "\lr I Irccliiu liniu.n'(,r lie best foot iirst, and relates, in a good-humored nanner, the mishaps of his fellow passengers, and imong others of one gentleman, who is spoken of is "good two hundred.'' I nfortunately, Mr. ireeley forgets to narrate his own misfortunes, an emission which the Bangor Whiz supplies by the following ludicrous picture furnished by the "good wo hundred gentleman" :?" Now this gentleman is one of our neighbors, and he wishes us to reinest Mr. (ireeley to state the circumstances of he ripping oft' the sob; of his own New Vork boot ?his falling in love with, and purchasing a pair of lown-east lumberman's boots, weighing fifteen xninds, and the purchase of a pair of stockings xtrn, at a farm-house to steady his feet in them ; tnd hIso the splitting of one leg of his pantaloons "rorit the bottom to the knee, and the figure he cut is the loosened cloth dangled between his legs, or pread out like an otter's tail, while the leg went lown the hundred drifts to drink, as Mr. (7. made leadway for dinner. Our neighbor says that the Mirious multitude importune him to relate these ireiimstnnees, as rightfully belonging to the jourley, and he wishes Mr. O. to give them to his nun<*rotis good-natured readers, and thus save htm rout the frequent repetition of the story."?Rmtim tour Hal. Tim Exkmction Law or Michigan.?The folowing are the items set forth in the late law passed >y the Michigan Legislature, which are exempt rom assessment and taxation : Sep. 1 Be it enacted by ttie Senate and House of lieireaentativea of tbe State of Michigan, That the following property shall be exempt from assessment anil axation :? lit. Household furniture, lnehullng stoves put up and ;ept for tine in any dwelling house, not exceeding in nine one hundred dollars. gil -Ml spinning wheels anil weaving looms, anil nplaratlls not exceeding in value fifty dollars. .'id A rent. pew. or slip occupied by any person or fnriily in any house or place of public worship. 41li. All cemeteries, tombs, ami rights of burial, while 11 use as repositories of the dead fith. All arms and aeeoutretuents required by law to >o kept by any person ; all wearing apparel ot every >erson or family. fdh. The library and school hooks of every Indivilual and family, not exceeding ni?c hundred ami titty lollars. and all family pictures 7th To each householder, ten sheep, with their IceccH. and the yarn or cloth mniiulaetuml from the iimc; iwo fnwN. five swine. nnd provisions and lin-i lor he comfortable subsistence of such householder unci amilyforsix month!". Sec, '2. 'I'hln art tnke effect anil lie in force from itnl after it.- passage. The Shrevepnrt (La.) Journal of the .list nit., ays i?" A fight nunc ofl'on the 21st ultinfn, at 't>int < hieo, I'annla county, Texas, reminding the iuzens o| those |i;irtn of the days of the regulators inn moderators. A dispute arose between a l)r. Saul and a man named Mitchell, the cause of vhieh was a gallon of whiskey; Nuul stabbed Mitchell, and al.-o his brother, who attempted to iart them, wounding the lutter severely, and then atnosed to an adjacent swamp. A younger brother if the Mitchells being sent for, pursued Nattl, and vertaking him in the swamp, shot him down. llonrfl off SnpervLiors. Aran. 1".? 1 lie Honorable the HeWirder in the chair Tin- mi nates of the preceding meeting were reset and piirorcd. 1'rlitimii of various persons for the correction of taxes coo presented and referred, snd from person* to lie |.|io|ntcd clerks of the Murine Court. Heforred to ouinilttee on county offices. ('vmmiiniia.'igni.? Krnin .l/uiiee C'innor. Ks|,. County lerk. informing the ituaril. tlint In consequence of the Iteration in the Murine Court, which deprived it of the (,wer of naturalizing citizens. that duty devolved on 1C Ollierf.oiirts ; thstlt would lie necessary to employ u additional clerk in Ills office to innke out naturaliznoil papers and requesting the Board to fix a proper un to he allowed him for hie services ; referred. After tne oth? r mi important linslness. the Board adjourned i Monday next. Our Chagni Correspondence. Chaohks, (N. G.,) March 12,1849. Trip to Chagres?The Health of the Place? Deaths, Spc. After a voyage of nine days from New Orleans, i in the Alabama, 1 find myself again on teira Jirma. TheAlubama is a noble vessel, and her master, Cupt. Baker, is a fine sailor and a perfect gentleman. \Ve arrived off Chagres to-day, at three o'clock.. I was agreeably disappointed in the ni>pearance of the place. 1 low persons of common perception, with any candor at all, could write back to the United States such descriptions of Chagres hs I have seen going the rounds of the nepers, is more than I can understand. t As to its being "the sickliest place in all creation," 1 can see nothing to warrant the assertion. True? & Mr. TownsYey, of Ohio, lost his wife here, a few days ago, and he himself is considered upon the verge of death; and Dr. Smith, also of Ohio, is almost hopelessly ill; but ull these misfortunes are not chargeable to Chagres. The lady alluded to was wrecked, and in getting to shore was prematurely confined; and her husband's sickness originated from exposure &c. Dr. Smith was ill when he left New Orleans. Our surgeon, Dr. Chamberlain, a scientific inan, has made a close scrunity of the plain and the situation of the village, and reports that he can discover no cause why it should be a sickly place. The plain upon which the village is situated, is ouite circumscribed, and is hemmed in on ull sides by high mountains. So far from its being swampy, it is a hardx and, in most pluces, a rocky bottom. The natives are well disposed, and ouietly behaved. The females are dressed very clean, und wear fine linen, as clean and white as snow. They have ouite a passion for jewelry and trinkets. Capt. Tucker, of the steamer " Orus", has been here for two months, and lie savs he lias found it us hcalthi' tiu New York. C. L. \V. Trade on The Isthmus.?We received yesterday (says the New Orleans Crescent of the 4th inst.,) the Panama Star of March 17th, from which we make extracts. The following relative to vessels trading to Panama and Veraguas. will be interesting to ship owners, and those who intend to go to California by the way of Chagres. It is the law of the 5th April, 1848, and shows that.self interest has taught the government a lesson in political economy, which we entertain strong hopes that all the advocates of " navigation laws" will one day learn, although other parts of the law show them to be but little better informed than their neighbors:? of the 5th april, 1848. Regulating trade with the Provinces of Tanmna nnd Veraguas, and with the Territories of the Uocas del Toro, San Andres, Dnricn and Caquetn. The Senate and Houso of Representatives of New Granada, in Congress assembled. Decree?Art. I. Mercantile and mail vessels moved by sails or steam, may enter and remain indefinitely in all the ports of entry in the provinces of Panama nnd Veraguas without paying any tounage duty, although such vessels remain in said ports loaded or unloaded. Art. 11. No vessel can be subjected in the ports of the provinces of Panama nnd Neruguas to other duties than those of visit and pilot in those eases provided by the law of the 14th of June, 1847, regulating the import trade. Art. 11. All foreign merchandise or products imported into the ports of the provinces of Panama und Veraguus for internal consumption, or for exportation, shnll pay only a duty of five centimes of the real for each Grunaduin pound they contain. Art. 4. Goods destined in transitu from one ocean to the other, may be imported freely without paying nny duty by the ports of Chagres und Punuma ; hut the cargoes will be weighed in the port of importation, and in that where they are re-embarked. In case there lm not presented in the last port the same number of pnekuges with the weight of pounds they contained when re-embarked with destination in transitu, there will be recovered from the importers or consignees a duty of twenty-five centimes of the real of each pound wantine. nnd which are to be oresented within the limit the Executive power may establish, having consiiloration to the diHtanee end slate of tlio ways of couimuuication. Especial Fnragrnph?Merchandise destined in transitu from one sea to the other, inay be weighed on hoard the vessels thnt introduce it and passed to the vehicles reudy to contuin it. without the necessity of carrying it to the custom house stores, in the same manner may be considered and weighed whatever is destined for consumption or re-export. Art. S. Brandy and liquors imported by the ports of of the Isthmus of I'anama, und destined for the consumption of the provinces of l'unaina and Veraguas, shall pay the duty established in the tariff of the 14th of Juue. 1848. Art. 6. Brandy or liquors will pay no duty if they are imported to be kept in deposit, with the design of re-exporting them. The deposit in such cases will be made in the warehouses of the Custom House, paying the correspondent rent, or in those of private persons. with the precautions the Executive power may determine. Art. 7. The territory of Duricn is embraced in the dispositions of this law. and in it may be freely sold whatever goods and commodities that may have been imported by the ports of the provinces of Panama and Veraguas. qualified for importation, and that may havo paid the duties established in this law. Art. 8. The deposits in the ports of the provinces of Panama and Veraguas. ure limited only to the goods mentioned in article six. Art. 0. Vessels proceeding from the Isthmus of Panama. and entering loaded or unloaded, into any other ports of the republic, will puy no tonnuge duty. Art. 10. Foreign merchandise proceeding from tlio Isthmus of Punama. and imported by other ports of the republic, shall pny the duty of importation as if they had proceeded from foreign countries. Art. 11. It is prohibited the transit, by Ahc Isthmus of Panama, of leaf tobacco, segues, sugar, chocolate, coffee, raw cotton, that are not of (iranHdian production. When said goods are imported tor internal consumption, there will be observed with them the dispositions correspondent of the law of the 14th of Juue, 1S47. regulating the commerce of importation. There will also be observed the same regulations with the goods prohibited by said law. Art. 12. When the company, to which has been conceded the privilege of opening a w ay of communication by railroad, from one sen to another, across the Isthmus of runonin. enters, agreeably to the law conceding the privilege, into the use and enjoyment of the ports of the one and tlie other extremity of the railroad, there w ill be observed in said ports tlie dispositions contained in the privilege, mid thus far will be carried into effect in those jairts. the dispositions of the present law. Art. 18. The territories of the B'leas del Toro, of Sail Andres, anil of Caqueta. will continue in (lie enjoyment of those privileges conceded by the decree of the Executive power. Juiio 'JJ. 1x47. alter the conrlusion of the ten years, to which the Executive extended the concession. Art. 14. This iaw will be in force after the first of o<-|nt luut-r <u mi' ycur i'lguiccn liiimlivil hikI fortyeight. I>iit <( in Bogota, the 3d of April. 1K4.V I'rvshlent of tho Senate. Junn ('liramo Ordonez; President of the House of Representatives, K.iequiiil Rojns; Secretary and Senator. Jose Alijel Santos; Sccrctnry and Representative, Juan Antonio Halve. Bogota. 6th of April, 1H4H.?Executed and pulilished. ?T. de Mosquera.?(L. S.)?Secretary oi Finance, Jose F.usebio Cure. Mi'mficknt Bervksts.?The will of the late John IlofV. " a citizen of South Carolina, and of the State of Pennsylvania," who recently died in this city, has just been probated at the Register's office, lie leaves to his widow the interest of $15,000 worth of stock, during the term of her life. After ln-r death, he gives $3,000 of this stock to the Pennsylvania Bible Society, located at Bhiludeliiliia; $3,000 to the Methodist Bible Society, South, located at Charleston, S. C.; and $3,INM) to the Bible Society ot the Protestant Kpiscopal Church, located at Charleston; from the interest of which sums each of these associations is to annually distribute Bibles. To the Brineeton Theological Seminary lie bequeathes $2,500 "in perpetuity?the interest for scholarships; conditioned that those who embrace the benefit of this bequest do form themselves into a corresponding association to achieve the object of this appropriation, as well as to prevent more than one address to lie delivered or published annually, under the supervision of the Theological Seminary at Princeton?the discourse to embrace a plan of education to he adopted in every State of the Union; the schools under which plan, male and female, rich and poor, shall be compelled hv law to attend six hours per day?to he taught the Knglish language, Are., and receive an education similar to that which the beloved father ot his country, < leorge Washington, enioveil." The testator also leaves to the Murine Church of Charleston, S. ('., the miiii of $10,(KM), on condition that it shall obtain a charter, and with other i provisions, not important to be mentioned, lie lias also left $10,tKKl to the Pennsylvania or other colonization societies that shall succeed in establishing a colony of free colored persons in Africa, ] for the purchase of a tract of land, and prescribes I that the site, location and territory so purchased and settled on, shall he designated the State or ' District of 41IIoff."?I'hi/. ,\. American, April 11. i Ti:xas?Choi.kra at Port Lavaca.?Hy the ar- ' rival yesterday of the steamers Yacht and Portland from Matagorda Pay, (says the Oti/rfhton AYie* of (lie 31st ult..) we have the sad intelligence of the ' cholera having appeared in Lavaca. Mr. (Jeorgo I Peacock, Mr. S. Seguie, chief clerk in the Qtiar- 1 termaster's Department, and Mrs. Chroncrite, are among the victims to the disease. At Indianola, j Mr. Word, Mrs. Word, and W. ('. I'errin, her | brother, died of cholera. The origin of the disease at Indianola is supposed to have been from sea- ' weed, which collected within a breakwater at ' Cook s wharf. The breakwater has since been 1 cut loose, when the rotten weed floated off with ' the tide, since which time no additional cases ' have occurred. At Seguin the small pox has en- 11 tirely disappeared. No additional eases of small !' pox have occurred at Victoria.?.V. O. Cretant 11 April 4- <1 The Galvnt<m Srwt of the 29th ult., snys:? y " Our city is in good health. We learn of no ad- j diticnnl eases of cholera within the past three or four days. The total number of deaths for the week ending on the 27th instant, is ten, including two children. Of these it is possible one-third a ihny have been from cholera morbus, but we think b nor more. They are all foreigners, except one lady p frcm I<ouisiann, who died of dropsy." v, Addrcai of Col. Benton to tike people o California. > _ The treaty with Mexico makes you citizens o the United states, Congress has not as yet passe( the laws which should confer on you the benefit of our government, and considerable time ma< elapse before they do so. Until such is done, however, your situation L anomalous and critical, and calls upon you for th< exercise of your most mature discretion, and th< most exalted patriotism. The civil and militar provisional government established among you b\ right of the late existing condition of war, is at ai end. The edicts promulgated by your provisiona Governors, (Kearney aim Mason, both of them ig noramuses,) as far as they refer to changing th< laws of the country, arc null and of no value, am were so from the commencement; because th< laws of a country remain in force always unti they are altered by a legal legislative authority and no such authority has aayet altered those law: which existed at thy time of the conquest. Th< laws of California still remain what they were, am they are sufficient for your present protection, wit! some slight additions made of your own freewill Hnd administered by officers of your own election Having no legal government or legal officers, yot cannot have any except through your own acts you cannot have any one put in authority over you except from your own consent. Your sanction must be the will of a majority. I recommend you t to unite in a convention which shall provide for a simple and cheap government, and that you thut lake care ot yourselves until congress siirtll look after your inte rents. You require a Governor and Judges, some Justices of the Peace and officers ol militia ; this is about all you require. The Roman law, the basis of your laws, is both just and wise, and only requires to be administered by honest judges (Alcaldes) whom you ought to elect. Avoid new codes of laws until they are introduced by permanent authorities. You require but little now in uddition to what you have, and this you can give yourselves at your convention, to wit elections, trial by jury, and courts of reconciliation. These last are to terminate disputes without litigation, by means of a Judge ; they can be easily engrafted on the Roman law, which you have already, and which favor amicable arbitration and adjustment. It is founded on the declarations ol Scripture?"Agree quickly with your opponent, whilst he is ready to do so, fee." They exist in the north of Europe, esjiecially in Norway, where the third part of the disputes are arranged in these courts of reconciliation, Arc., Arc. Thos. H. Benton. The Coal Trade for 1840. [From the Miners' Journal.) The quantity sent by ruilroad this week, is 7.162 07 tons ; by canal. 3.096 10 ; total for the week, 11.447 17 tons ; about 300 tons less than last week. Dnring the corresponding week Inst yt-ur the shipments from Schuylkill county were 34.1N7 00 tons. The quantity sent to market from this region, this year, falls short of the supply to same period last yeai^ 03.000 tons, in round numbers. Including this deliciency. after allowing the other regions all thyy claim, it will require an increase in the supply of this region of at least 300.000 tons, to supply the market. This increase, we believe, it is impossible for the region to. furnish with the present means of transportation, and if coal should advance next winter, the purchaser will have to thank the " middle men " at Philadelphia. the pets of the railroad, who are endeavoring to control the trade, und who are engaged in distributing circulars throughout New Kngland, advising purchasers to hold back, on the ground that the coal moil in Schuylkill county cannot hold back much longer. We ran assure purchasers and consumers abroad, that if they had witnessed the enthusiasm displayed at tha last meeting, and the immense applause which followed the unanimous vote to continue the suspension, by not only the meeting, hut the large number engaged in other business, dependant on the coal trade, who were present, they would entertain different opinions. We firmly believe that tho trade will, at the meeting today. continue the suspension again?yes, and until the middle of the season, if necessary, to maintain their position in obtaining fair and reasonable prices for our commodity this season?not only a living for themselves hut also for the miners and laborers in their employ, and those dependant upon the business. If prices shonld rule high, let those be responsible who would endeavor to rob us of our lubor and industry. The Railroad Corajinny has advanced their rates,?the Canal Company lias advanced their rules, and compel us to pay them; und is it not unjust, improper, yes, infumous, for tlioso connected with tliem and their pets, to oppose a fair and equitable udvuucc of price to our coal operators, to preserve them from ruin also? Let them beware in time; there is a determination and spirit abroad in Schuylkill county, that will uover submit to such injustice. and they may be made to feel its effects when least they expect it. '1 he men in the employ of those in this region whocontinue to ship, ought to demand udvanced wages. I' they do not pursue this course, they may reap the advantages which others brought about; but, to their shame be it spoken, they cannot lay any claim to haling aided in bringing about better times. Better live ou breud and water for a few weeks, than to submit to und place yourselves hereafter in thy power of those who are hostile to the interests of this region, and would rob you of the fruits of your hard labor. The committee appointed by the coal operators, to publish the shipments of coal from week to week during the suspension, report as follows:? Shipments by non-subscribers to Richmond. .. .0.544 18 " Broad street. . 779 00 " " per canal.... 791 13 6.01.5 10 By subscribers 150 00 5.105 10 Wc have not been able to obtain the accurate amount sent from Tainsquu, but believe it does not differ much from one thousand tons, principally sent along the line. We are happy to inform the trade that since onr last report, several of the large shippers, who have not hitherto been with us, have i-utirelj ceased shipping. Dr. Hteinberger. who pledged himself to cease shipping, is still at work; so are Henderson fc Harlan, of Tamaqua. Mr. Hell, of Tremour, has ceased his shipments. Ueo.H. Potts, 8. Sillyman, V. McDonald. Wc have received the following letter from John Wurts, Ksq.. president of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company :? Office of tiie Delaware and Hvdson Canal Co. ) New York. April 10,1849. $ Dear Sir?I noticed in your last paper, the remark, Dint it i? wl.irut... ..I Dm l)nl?>ar. lln.l.n.. I'.n.l Co. will commence its shipments of coal ou the 20th Instant." If. by this, you mean shipments from the head of the rnnul. it is a misapprehension. We do not intend to let the water into the canal until the 25th inst., and navigation may be delayed a few days longer. We have not named a price for coal to arrive by canal this season. Very truly, yours, JOHN WORTS. Amount of coal sent over the Philadelphia and Read- j lug Kailroad and Schuylkill Navigation, for the week ending on Thursday evening last : 1 KAII.ROAD. CANAL. . I Wet It. Total. Wrek. Total. ' r. Carbon 1.860 13 60.269 14 1.422 14 3.129 18 Pottsville 2.244 16 25.941 03 1.306 17 4.491 15 8. Haven 2.255 17 49.435 15 493 (Hi 891 08 P. Clinton 1.091 02 27.393 03 772 19 1.269 01 7.452 07 153.039 15 3.995 10 9.782 03 9.782 02 Total by ralir'd and en'l 162 821 17 To same period last year, by railroad 241.558 15 " " " " by canal 19.617 0* Total 201.175 19 Extraordinary.--A curious case of elopement took place in this county last Monday. The parties are married, and when wc take into ( uiifiuriuuuii mai uoiii leave tamiiirs bemud, we are lead (o call ihe elopement one of an extraordiniiry character. The woman who eloped is Mary Edwards, of St. Clair ; the man's name is It. French, also of that place. The particulars of the case, as we have obtained them from an authentic source, are ns follows : .Tonkin Edwards, the husband of Mary Edwards, is an industrious and honest man ; hut having tnet with an accident some time since, by which ne was deprived of the use of an arm, and the sight of un eye, und being unable to obtain a livelihood by labor, he was compelled to seek relief by asking assistance from strangers ; and while upon such an ex|x'dition, French, who is a married man, became uiton intimate terms with Mrs. Edwards. Mr. Edwards x returned last week, and brought with him a considerable sum of money. Mr. French, loving Mrs. Edwards more than Mrs. French, and Mrs. fidwards thinking more, perhaps, of Mr. French than Edwards, they conceived a plot of eloping. This plot, last Monday, was put into execution, and both parties came to Pottsville as man and wife, wc presume, obtained passage in the morning train of cars, and started for parts unknown. Mr. Edwards, missing his w ife, was immediately upon the ilert, and suspecting something of the kind had recurred, as tlicy nad been seen wending their way to the depot, took the necessary precaution hv which to arrest the party. A telegraphic di?ptteli was sent to Heading ami Philadelphia, putting tho mlice of those places upon the watch for the rnniways. They escaped detection. A full descriplon of the lady was sent to Heading; with tha lind of bonnet she wore. The. cars arriving at leading, the police Were on the ground, but no ady whose appal el corresponded with the deacripion to that given, it is suitposed that she ( hanged ier bonnet before starting from the depot at this ilaee, and left the cars, either at Heading or hebre arriving there. As yet, nothing has been ieatd of tliem. Mrs. Edwards leaves Mr. E. with family of several children ; and Mr. French paves a wife and several children also. This is adcrd a curious case, and one which show* the egrec of depravity ot which sonic persons can bo uiliy. It may he proper to state that Mrs Edrards took with her one child?a daughter.? ? *otttviUe Advertwr, April If. 11 oman States.?The minister of foreign affairs t Hume, has announced to the Constituent A seemly that I he Tuscan government had concluded u alitienl and commercial treaty with Rome, which mild speedily be published. I

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