Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1849 Page 3
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I 1 AUCTIOWS. JOHN KEESE, AUCTIONEER. . BY COOLEY k KEESE. Ktnrt No. 101 Brondvuy, corner of Dty etrnl. V. k K. will give personal attention to muoo of Yurniare ol the dwellings ot families. Literal raali advances un all goods consigned for sal*. COOLEY It KEESE devote particular attention to the sale ' public and private Libraries; their facilities for the aran?inent, exhibition and disposal of literary property, cani0t be surpassed. THIS DAY. At K past 10 o'clock, at No. 22 East Broadway. CINTEE1, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE? Furniture of the hove residence, consisting of a general assortment of I'arlor, ledroom and Kitchen Furniture. Catalogues with full particulars on the morning of sale. Tills EVENING, at 7 o'clock. 'alnable and splendid Jill Paintings, at the studio of Mr. Boisseau, at No. leei Broadway, corner of Walker street, (over Stonpani's Baths.) OIL PAINTINGS?A valual.lo collection of ancient and lodern (til Paintings ly celebrated musters, exquisite drawage, fcr., all of which are now ready for examination. The ale will he positive, and offers to ohe lovers of art and the ublic generally, an opportnuity seldom met to furnish their alleries w ith pieaemg works of art. Mr. Boisseau. celebrated San artist, being shout to travel through the United States, coders it important to him to close this conceru, aud to 'hich public attention is respectfully iuvited. THIS DAY. _ At 10 o'clock, at No. 4'J 12th street. IIANDSOM E Fl'RN 1T1 RE?AII the Furniture of the above "use, consisting of Brussels and Ingrain CarnetaJChairs, Tales, Sofas, Bureaus, Beds, Bedding, Bedsteads, he,, together rith a large assortment of Kitchen Furniture, with which the ale will eoinmeuee. FRIDAY MORNING?April 20. At 10'J o'clock, at No. M \\ arren st. GENTEEL F1 KNITURK, AND OIL PAINTINGS?The furniture Household contained in tlie above house, oonistiag of tliu usual assortmeut of Parlor and Bedroom Furiture. Also, about twenty very fine Oil Paintings. R1DAY AND SATURDAY EVENINGS?April 20 and 21, At 7 o'clock, at the Sales Room. THEOLOGICAL LIBRARY?Very valuable and extensive Ecological Library of the late lieV. Dr. Hugh Smith, emracing nearly 2.000 volumes of the rarest and choieest works k Theology, Divinity, the Classics, Biography, History, kc. TUESDAY?April 24. t10 o'clock, at St. Peter's Rectory, the residence of the late Dr. Hugh Smith. HOUSEHOLD FITHMTI'RE?The entire furniture eon lined in the above mansion, consisting of a general assortlint of Household Furniture, TUESDAY EVENING?April 1H. nd the following evenings of the week, at the late residence of the ow tier. No. 24 West 15th street, at 7 o'clock, 81.'PERU AM) UNRIVALLED COLLECTION OF H01CX AND ELEGANT BOOKS?Thi intin Priviti Lirary of Mr. ('buries Delaforest, late Consul General of France, omprising a collection of over 4.01)0 rare and valuable works i the French, English, Spanish, Dutch and Latin languages, bgether with a vcrv extensive and costly variety of illustrated forks in elegant bindings, including also nearly 5.900 original rawing* and exquisite engravings hy distinguished artists, nd some rare and curious manuscripts, illuminated missals, c., fee., forming altogether an unique and unrivaHed collecion of the choicest works in the walks of literature. Catalogue* will !? ready mi Wednesday of this week. THURSDAY MORNING?April 26, t \ past 10 o'clock, at No. 0 Spruce street, on 6, 9, and 12 months' credit, for approved endorsed notes. VALUABLE PRINTING MATERIALS, STEAM EN^ Ac.?A large and valuable collection of Printing jiateiMs, including one donble medium large cylinder Printwag VAs, lately made by Hoe A Co., in perfect order; two f/.pL piper Royal Power Printing Presses; one strong dou1 '^MuTtiiii standing Press. A1!. , one small Steam Engine, w ith James's Boiler, in good 'dcr, together with a large variety of Types, Cases, and ther printing materials. Catalogues with full particulars, i the morning of sale. ON THURSDAY EVENING?April 25, At 7 o'clock, at the Auction Room. LARGE AND VALUABLE SALE OF CHOICE LONDON OOKS.?A large and hue collection of Standard and Miscelneous Books, mostly London editions. Full particulars, ith fatulouges, two days before the sale. ap 19-It k C. TI TTLE, AUCTIONEER.?LARGE STOCK OF w. Mahogany and Rosewood Furniture, of the manufacture f )J. Allison, at his Ware Rooms, 46 Vcsev street, ou Thursay. 19th, without reserve, (as lie retires from business.) A. . Tuttlo will sell as above the entire stack of Mr. Allison, or the past 25years known as a celebrated manufacturer,) rho is retiring from business. The sale will be peremptory nd witbont reserve, and comprises a large nssortineut of osewood and Mahogany Parlor, Hall, Boudoir, Cottage and mcy Furniture, of the most modern stylo. Terms cash. ap!9 ?7ILL BE SOLD, THIS DAY, (THURSDAY,) AT 10 rv o'clock, A. M., at 95 Avenue C, between 6th and 7th reels, a general assortment of Furniture,of a family givingup ouscUeoping, oonsiflting in part of Mahogany 8ol chairs, ables, Dining do.. Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets, Curtains, reneh and lligb Post Bedsteads, Looking Glasses, Curtains, il Cloths, Bathing Apparatus, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Ac. ale will take place, raiu or shine. By apl9lt* WM. McCORMICK, Auctioneer. FOR 8ALE AND TO LBTi " REAtV KSTATlV ATA HAKCAI.V. PHE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS TO EXCMANCE FOR I- city property, ?r .i ll at a reduced price, any part, or all f the following parcel, of property, nitnatod in the pleasant nd thriving village of New ton Fall,, Trtunhull county, Ohio, nd lying between the two branches of the Mahoning river, ndon the Ohio and Pennsylvania Canal, via:? Fir,t Parcel?A Mill on the West branch, having a front of 13 feet en the ,treet and on the river; main pnrt ia A3 feat Mp, propelled hy water power ami hy a duuhlc boiler engine; tcupied for the lust eight year, a, a Paper Mill, hut suitable >r a Flonring Mill, or for any factory purposo requiring a ower equal to that of four run of stone. Al,e?A large, hand,onie, and beautifully ,ituateil Cottage loune, six room, on a floor, with hack building, stable, and rerything suitable for a genteel family. Also?An excellent Haw Mill, in good order. Also?A good frame hou,e and three acre, of land. All ef the above are situated contiguously on the West ranch, and have been erected during t lie last eight year,, at a ,,t (independent of value of the water power.) of... ,$d,H00 le offers to rent the whole for $.100, or to sell for 6,000 Second Parcel?A (irist Mill, situated on tho East branch, ) feet fqnare, with a first rate water power, (nono better in tie connly,) three run of stune, in operation, with 12 feet over en all made new during all the last year; the frame is old nt Round. This mill ?u sold ten year* ago, for $19,(4)0 t in now offered, together with a email house for the Miller, and two aud a half acre* of land, for the amn of 8,000 Third Parcel?A Warehouse on the t.'aual, sixc 00x40 feet; lrve floors, with t'aoal Itusin and Dork, and with a etoro oom attarhed. furnished with counter, drawers, shelves, tie. Also?A plat of ground adjoining it, containing SO small lota. Also?A small two story Warehouse or Store, on the Canal, few rods from the other, not entirely finished. Istimatcd value $3,400 be Warehouse is offered fur rent at $200. The entire parrel for sale at 3,900 Fourth Parcel?A large Mansion llonse, main part 48 by 40 set, with two w ings each 20 feet, and colonnade piaitn of 88 *et. The whole house is thoroughly finished, papered, and ainted inside and out: contains 20 rooms, besides pantries, Insets, bath rooms, and halls; 4 stacks of chimneys and 13 replaces. There is connected with it by ornamental side nildiur'. a two story rear building, with stone basement 08 y 36 feet: the whole forming a quadrangle, measuring on the utsida 408 fert, and enclosing an area or court, planted with rail fruit end grape vines in full bearing. There are, also, xtensive out-builaings and sheds, r.nd a targe ice-honae. In he grounds attached, there are, in addition to 100 grape vines a bearing, over 1,(4*1 young trees, (fruit, ornamental, and hrulihery). All of the above buildings are new, having been eetntly completed at a cost of $8,277 "he whole is now offered for sale for the sum of 6,000 Fifth Parcel?Four squares of village lots, containing 33 nsrter-acre building lots, fronting on several of the most entral and eligible streets. Also?Fonr other squares adjoining, coataining about the ame number of lots. Tho above Mansion House oeenpies semi of these lots, and the whole of them, if desired, will be old in connection with it. The value of these lots, at the resent selling price of $190 per lot, is $9,600 'h< w hole taken together, arc offered at 5,000 Sixth Parcel?A good two story house, 30 by 20 feet, with wo quarter-acre lots attached; sanation central and plensnt; price $1,000 Seventh Parcel?A nent and commodious two story house, rith fonr quarter-aero lots fronting on the public square; rice $1,900 Eighth Parcel?Seventy-six quarter-acre lots, many of hem in the centre of the village plat; selling price from $100 o $309 each. Estimated $11,400 khintli Parcel?Also, 100 village lots, varying in site from 1 o3 acres, and held at diffsreut prices, from $100 to $200. ivfrnged estimate $19,000 loth these parrels are offered wholesale for the sum of. 19,000 In addition to the above, the subscriber offora to sell, at a educed price, several small houses and shops in the village. Also?A number of large out lots skirting the village plat, nd two small farms in the vicinity, adjoining one another, nd containing about 190 acres. Terms of sale easy, and any f the abOV pari < It w ill bo enchanted for eity property. Ailress Du ltois & Vandervoort, 37 Water street, New York, or he subscriber, ut Newtoa Palls. Wh20 8t? HENRY A. PIT HOIS, ?LAWRENCE, 47 CANAL STREET, OFFERS FOR sale on tbe very lowest terms, llrttssels, 3 Ply, Ingrnin, nd Venetian Cartietings, Oil Cloth, Druggetts, Rugs, Stair lode, handsome W iudow Shades and fixtures, fcc., 8tc, Ecoomists are invited to call at 47 Canal street. apIO 4t* rO LET?STORE NO. 199 FULTON STREET, TWO doors east of Broadway ; n first-rate stand for auy busiest. Inquire on the premises. TO LET, rllF. three story brick house, No. 179 Reade street, well situated for a store or boarding house, it being iti front t the Dunne street Kerry. Apply to RICIIARD JOUCOT, ireenwich street. a!9 3t* OFFICES AND LOFTS TO LET. rwo LA ROE OFFICES, AND TWO HANDSOME Lofts, eighty-eight fret deep and coiled, to let in the new ire proof store, No. 20 Cliff street, near John St. Apply to mlil3 141 R. S. 8TENTON, 47 John street, up stairs. HABDW \KE, AC. iron safe warehouse, Nos. 137 a n n 1.39 Watkr S t It kit, SILAS C. IIUK KING, Dealer in all kinds of iron safes and Money ( bests, and Manufacturer of tho geuoine "l'atunt atwiiiamh r Baft." Second hand Safes of other makers, such having been taken u part pin incut for tho real Salamander, for sale loss than one lalf first cost. m!3 I3t KITCHKN RANGES. IT ITCH EN ramies AT twenty DOLLARS AND UP Ijl to forty dollars each, set up fit for use and warranted; mrlor, bedroom, and office Urates, of the newest natterns. Sin ware, plain and japanned; Ranges, Orates, lloilers, and V'urnaess set, ami nil description ol lire works put up in the mst manner: suiokey Chimneys cured and warranted; Masons ilways ready to do any description of mason work. M. J. OILHOOLY, aj))7 2t* 78 Nassau street. CORNELIUS' SOLAR LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, ChandulitTH, new pattern*, in Ormuln, Silver, and Damask; Plaited Tea S?t*; Porks, Spoons, 40i AS1IER R. MORGAN, 1A2 William at., ...1 111* III tu fill Knit..11 fiml Ann iKa UI,.,so t, ; ?n - TOBACCO. ,VVVV HAVANA SEGAR COMPANY. THE undersigned h.ning teen appointed Agent for th< ialo of ?)> rrf.EMIATKD SMJARt OF TIIF. If A VA H A S /: (I A R CO M f A V Y. i aow prepared to offer tlit following brand* nt tht eieoed n?lr low prior of *7 fl.'iBor M. MAfJNI'M IIONL'M, }l> prr M. K\t Kl.SIOK. Three ?rgnre nrr haudeotaely put lip in convenient ptickiuwa, had nrr warranted v<|nuI to the i pert ever importer. the pritt? run In maintained nt these eitremely low raiet ?nl? I y Uriel adbcrenre to llir J ' < ASH PRINCIPLE. precluding tht ncet*?lty of Rood customers paying for losses uenrred by tales to l,nd oura. to Tiir Tutor * i.iukual macovwr. 1 A lartr attpply of segnr* of different brand*, direct from the Uannfart'irrr*. ulwayaon hand. J. ft. TllltASIIEIt, i Central Agent for the Havana Sugar Company. | nfiifl ST WAN Street, New Vork. [ TOBACCO. SNUFF AND SEGAR8. w. c. /. K m o ff. f ANrFArTI UER of Fine Cut Chew ing and SmnkingToBT kttOQ and Son IT*. in vi ttt the a I lent ion of merchant* anil Traltrain the country, to these article*, oe being unequalled in raallty. style anil price, a trial of which will satisfy thoaointe,|UWUI>1 U..J are the eheaptat and the beat. Alto, Segarl <a rrtat variety, alwavt on hand, at the Itwtti prletf. DtalMf will please toil Wort purihaaing tlttwhert. W. C. UCHUM, i WhU M. Clothing, Ac. WE ARK NOW RKADY WITU A LARUK AND XLIgant itock of Fashionable Clothing, for tbo Spring and Summer, suitable for tho Southern and Western Trade, which will be offered at each price* a* ihall indue* tho** who may favor u* with a tall to uiake their (election*. Our price* are full Cfteen per cent lower than tho** of time bou*e*. and for variety and etyle*, onr atuek will compare favorably with any other in the city. D. It J. DEVI,IN, ui20 13t S3 and 35 John (treet, eorner of Nassau. CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE.?LADIES and Gentlemen having superfluous effect* to di*po*? of, ean obtain a fair price for them by sending for the subscriber, through the l'o?t Office, alio will attend at their residences. Ladies attended to by Mr*. I.evenatvn. ap!7 2t * J. LEV KNSTVN. 4Ai Broadway, np*?air*._ TO TAlI.nRS, DKAI.KHS IN ( LOTH, fee. Henry ki.emm begs leave to announce to tl e Trade, tliat he ha* taken lofta No. 61 William street, New York, where he hua opeuud, and ia daily receiving, a choice (election of Clothe, Doeskin fa**iineree, Votings, ate., manufactured expressly for the Tailoring Trade. Alan, Satin*, Serge*. Tailor* Trimming*. Ac.,w hick hu offer* fur aale a ahadu under the luwest market price, FOR CASH UK APPROVED NOTES. Country Buyer*, particularly, wonld do well to eiatnine hie goods, where they have tli* privilege of selecting from a fresh stock, in first hand*. Ae. HENRY KI.EMM, mlilS 13t* No. 61 William, near Cedar * treet, New York STAND A RD FASHION?SPRI NO 1*49. LEAKY A CO., WILL OFFER THEIR STYLE FUR THE ensuing season f..r inspection and delivery, March 2d. GENUINE ISKAVEK HATS. An eapericnee of ueurlv twenty year*, uoder circumstanrea well t ali ulutcd to teat the justness of their view*, enable* Lb A k v A ( O. to a**ert thut this unrivalled article i* peculiarly adapted, from it* rare combination of utility, beauty of flniab, aud artiatic taste, to the habits and w ant* of their eu?toiuera. L. A Co., while keeping a careful watch over the improvement* of the French Metropolia, have rejected every exaggeration of fashion or style, and are confident that the perfection of their preaeut ieane ia in character, as well with the taste of their customers, as with their honse, with whose name a g#utlemauly hat haa become synonvmoii*. l.EAKY A CO.'S FINE MOLESKIN SILK ITAT, Of the finest quality and latest fashion, embracing all the moat recent improvements, and unexcelled by any heretofore produced, w ill be sold et FOUR DOLLARS EACH. The additional preparations made for the manufacture of thie article; the increased facilities enjoyed for procuring from France and in this market the choicest necessary material!, and the greatly extended aale* anticipated by L. A Co. warrant them in affording the article as above. I.EARY A CO., m20 Nob. 3.4 and 5 Astor House, New York. SPRING FASHION 1849 NOW READY.?UNSURPASSED by any manufactured in this city for elegance, durability or cheapness, nt th* one price store, 1 Its t'aual street. Every article warranted to give satitfaction. UilO lOl J. " . M<LliUUU. A CARD.? M RS. HEI1AN HOI' 1.1) KESl'KCTFI IJ.vTTform all her friend* ami cuptomerg that *he will remove her Shirt Store, on the firnt of May, to No. 1 Aitor !Iuu*e, corner of Vewy street, but that *he w ill not mine prices on them. She has decided to devote Nob. l.'Ci and 134? on the opposite side of the street, to a Shirt Manufactory, where also she will receive orders at reduced prices from those who prefer Nassau street to II roadway ; at which latter place Mrs. (Ionian herself will always he found. Shirts niftde to order, cut by measure, aud warranted to tit, at her old ostablishmuut, 12D Nassau street. a pill 13tlaw MRS. VAN HOUTEN WOl'LD INFORM HID FRIF.NIW. AND TIIK PC HI.IT <JKNFRAI.LT. Til AT she ia nuw prepared to execute orders for liuo oustolQ lMHtU' SHIRTS. BOSOMS. AND COLLARS, In the latent and moat unproved pattern* and styles, or an may lie denired, at her Shirt Store und Manufactory, No.85 Nassau atreet. N. 11.?Particular attention is called to her new style full bosom Summer Shirts. apl7 Ht ROOTS AND SHOES. Tiie LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and most fasiiionable assortment for Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses and Children tan lie found at 387 Broadway, one door above Franklin street. Country Merchants that want s fine article cheap. Ly the doten or Case, will do well to call before purchasing elsewhere. II. CAIIILL, S>7 Broadway. ml3 13t* PUBLIC ATIONS. ANGLER'S ALMANAC FOR 1849. A USEFUL little pamphlet, of interest to the AnAsw - V thhoi'choi't Til,: SKAsoN, containing times of ti&s. where to fish, stntintirs of Angliug, he. Also, a full assortment of lloohs and Lines, of all descriptions, for sale by JOHN J. BROWN it CO, mh27 Lit At the Angler'* Depot, 103 Fulton st. Novel and thrilling sight at the moral Centre of the Intellectual World, 148 Nassau street? 80,000 volumes of hooks nuw selling oif at half price, embracing every subject that ever engaged the human intellect, from the rudiments of know ledge m the penny primer to the most extensive eneyelopiedin. The literary public, aud book buyers of every kind, will learn with astonishment and gratification that the subscriber, after having just ro[deni?he<t hie stock by the addition of 18,000 new volumes, i* disposing of the whole at less than half the usual prices. Every author in existence can now he had at this unique establishment, from the earliest mesmeriscr to the most profound philosopher, together with many of tbc hoi v fathers, and likewise all the enthusiasts who have brourhed heresies in crcrv age, regularly downward from Simon Magus to Joanna Southcote, Joe Smith, and old Miller. The religious public, thereforo, will be especially interested, whilst those dissatisfied with prvseut arrangements, can procure works giving valuable hints for the getting np of new sects by the revival of old heresies. In truth, there is no subject which cannot bo found in the Moral Centre of the Intellectual World, which is the great point at attraetion for all the men of letters who visit New Vork. Come, then, the whole army of book buyers, come on, men of iciccnce, clergymen, editors, lawyers, dectors, merchants, farmers, savans. and bibliomuniacs, and refresh your souls with at least a view of the rure and valuable books contained in this vestibule of the Mnses. JOHN DOYLE, Cheap Ancient and Modern Bookseller. Moral Centre at mlil37t* the Intellectual World. 148 NnssanSt., N.T. PROSPECTUS OF THE PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL, FOR 1849. F.DITF.D BY O. 8. & L. N. FOWLER. TO reform and perfect ourselves and our race, is the most exalted of nil works. To do this, we must understand the human constitution. This. Fhrenologv, Physiology, Physiognomy, and Vital Magnetism embrace; hence fully expound all the laws of our being, and condition* of happiness. PHRENOLOGY. Each number will contain the analysis and location of some Phrenological faculty, illustrated by an engraving, or an article on their combinations, with instructions to lc&rners. PHYSIOLOGY. Health is life, the great instrument of talent, virtue, and hnppinees, all of w hich it augment*. To it* preservation and restoration, special attention will he given. vital magnetism, With practical instruction, interesting facts, and those choiee truths which it unfolds, will be presented in this journal. young men, The blessings they enjoy, the influence they can wield, and their preparation for conducting our institutions, will form the theme of a series of articles. Mfcl.*-larilUV LX EN T. Who dots not Ion* earnestly, and would not strive assiduowdy, to cultivate liis natural powers, and render himself better and more happy f To such, each number will be a prompter and a text book. TIIE JOURNAL Will ba published monthly, containing thirty-two large octavo pages, on good type and paper, with a variety of engravings, and much practical instructions to learners, at the following very low TRICE IN ADVANCE. Siwoi.e Copv, YkaR $1 00. Samrde numbers of this Journal will be sent gratis, when desired. Tleuse address, post paid FOWLERS AND WELLS, mh27 Ci.iwtow II a Li,, 181 Nassau sr., Nsiw Tore. STATIONERY, ?fc< Blank rooks, taper and stationery.?frant lS it I.Ol'TREL, 77 Maiden Lane, mnnofaetnre every atyle of Account Rook, and sell at the lowest eash prices; also, Letter, Cap, and Note Tapers, Envelopes, (lold Pans, Portfolios, Scrap Rooks, Inks, Wax, Wafers, Manifold Letter Writers, Copying and Notarial l'rcssos. Fancy and staple Stationery articles, newest styles. FRANCIS & LOUTRKL, 77 Maiden Lant. NEWS PRINTING, BOOK, WRITING. HARDWARE AND WRAPPING PAPER. PERSSE AND BROOKS, TAPER MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS, War Kit or si: 60 ami 67 Nassau strkkt, N. Y. Mills at IVindsor lAtckt, Conn. TIIF. subscribers have constantly on hand a large assortment of all kinds of News. Hook, Writing. Ilsrdware, and Wrnpping Tapers, and Trunk. Straw, and Ronnet Hoards, of all kinds and qualities, suitable both for the New York and Southern market. The Taper manufactured at their Mills is equal to any other news printing in the market, of strong texturo and fabric, and of uniform color. Their arrngeinents with other manufacturers are aneh as will enable them to fill orders for any kind of paper desired by their cuatomera at the shortest notice. mhl.1 13t PRINTING INIC JOHN G. LIGHTBODY, IS CONSTANTLY manufacturing, and has alw ays on hand, every description of Trinting Ink, from the finest black and colored to News Inks, which lie warrants equal to any ever manufactured, and at as low prices as can lie sold by any regular manufacturer. Orders forwarded by steamboat or railmnd, to any part of the country, by a<ldrea?ing a note to nio. at 3* Bom street. I*. S.?Thia paper ia printed with my News Ink : also a groat many other newspapers in tliia city, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Now Orleans, and other cities and towns in the United States. apt 13t FANCY (JOOUS, <te< . J. GROSS GARELLY & CO., 90 William Street, Up Stairs. Manvfaeturer* and Importer* of Fringe*, (H.-np*. Cord* and Ta**th, Emproidering Braid*, Button* for La die*' Oreite s, HAVE Juat received a beautiful assortment of Parasol, Dress, and Mantilla Fringes; Hint newest and must fashionable styles of Buttons fur Ladies' Dresses; China Fram and Organxint Silk ; London Dye ; Patent Wound; all of w hich will be sold by the package, at the lowest market prices. mh .HM3t* STRAW GOODS, STRAW GOODS, Tne SL'BSt RIRER BAR ON HAND A LARGE RTOCK of Spring Goods, of which he will offer some as an indnecment tor the public examination, consisting of Straw Goods, Ribbons, Flowers,Yisettes, Mantillas, Jenny Lind a Sacks, die. nib20 fit* S. I). HAWKINS, No. 30Ti Grand street, between Orchard and Ludlow eta. NOT GONE TO CALIFORNIA. A namf. similar to ocrs having appeared in a list of California passengers some few weeks since, hss led many of our friends to suppose that we had gone to the I'neitit eoast. This is not the case. We removed from No. 122 Fulton street on the first of February, and arc now prepared w ith an assortment of Fishing Tackle at whulesalo and retail, at No. 103 Fulton street. mh27 18t JOHN J. BROWN fc CO. LEVI CHAPMAN, No. 102 I Villinm flrert, New York, Manufacturer of the celebrated magic Kamr Strop, of four nido.<; alio Pocket- Book", Spectacle and Bankers' t'asor, in every variety, on the most extensive scale. ( Medium aims, from $13 to $??0 per grots. Dagnoireotypo Tascs < Ounrtcr, " " 30 " F4 " ( Half, " " tt " 144 M Mats and Preservers of all kind". l-1t JAR. VKEBth, | Ar"nU''_ II A I! Y J UMPKH, U THK PATKNT INFANT GYMNASIUM SF. HAS PRODUCED A CONVICTION OF THE MErits of this novel invention. More tliun Thirty Thousand ol them have been used without the occurrence of a single accident. 1 he most eminent Physicians daily recommend them for the healthful exorcise of little children. Every baby should l.e provided with an article so conducive to its health and happiness. MERCHANTS VISITIHti THE CITY should not fail to purchase a large supply of Baby Jumpers, IfortuBktc u* It bat. A baby. """ AUo, PATENT SWINGS tor Children of all a#M, to fco had 'isriuf *? | I CALIFORNIA. KNICKERBOrKER GIIJI AND SACRAMENTO GOLD COMPANY. THIS COMl'AKY WILL UK COMPOSED OF ONE hundred member*, who must all furnish good referen-f* | upon application to join. The company will tail on or about the 10th of May. for Corpna Christi. Fpoa arrival at tuat I place, borne* and mules will be furnished sufficient for the [ party, who a ill then proceed forward t? El l'a*?o; thence | through the valley of the Gila. to San Francisco. Previous l to departure from New York, the members of the couipauy will divide into section* of ten mcneach; these to form joint stock companies, if deemed advisable by the person* composing them. The following estimate shows the entire cost to each member, through to San Francisco, including a compleis ; outfit of every article necessary for persons belonging to such I an expedition, with provisions through, and for one mouth af! ter arrival at the tuiues. From New York to San Francisco, [including the outfit and provisions,) $137 *10; mule t,.r the baggage of two members, cost to each, $1- 50; one Mexican horse, i r mustang. $~??Total, $173. tTi?on payment of $137 3d, (satifactory refercn< c being furnished.) to ifenj. F. Monlton, Esq.. SI Cuenties slip, consignor of the vessel, a certificate will be given, entitling tiie hdaer to apassage to Corpus Christi, ana found to provisions from Corpus Christi to San Francisco..and for one month after arrival at the gold region, to each ana every article enumerated in the outfit furnished to each individual member. And to ouc-tuuth of each and every article enumerated^in the outfit furnished to each section of teu members of the Knickerbocker, Gila and Sacramento Gold Co. It is presumed that the advantages of this company will be self-evident to the class of persons, of w hi<*h it is intended il shall 1 ' mpi sad. Th< uts ad i i givt a certainty <?f a sure and speedy arrivulat the mines. The number of the members esensur protection, both on the road and after arrival at the placers. The means employed to ascertain who ami what the parties are applying for membership, warrants proper associates. The outfit provided, comprising, as it does, every article neeesary for thu successful pmsecutiou of ihe enterprise, uftures the members of this company of being fully prepared ! for immediate operations upon arrival in the gold regions.? The division of the party iuto sections gives an opportunity for persons of similar tastes, habits, etc., of drawiugtogether, being suhiuct to no other rules, regulations or by-laws th an those of their own framing, thus lessening the material for distension, with decreasing the numerical strength of the party. The route up by lanu givos the members the benefit of their*inules, horses, etc.. after their arrival at San Francisco. In short, it is confidently believed that the company, by its organisation, is possessed of real ad varages, and respectable partles desirous of proceeding to California, are oordially in\ ited to Join. The follow ing is a list of the provisions furnished:?flour, bacon, coffee and tea. sugar, rice, dried fruit, salt, pepper, saleraitns. lard, matches, candles and soap. The entire outfit,which will he delivered to the members as soon as their name* are enrolled, may be seen by applying to the i'reI < U' i, r. <11. <><< ., Cd.l A1Q U" ? v... ?:n -i.. . I P.UV..V, ?. " "VU..V..OV, ?s?j., ^U.' V. n??l WUV ?... ftlTV any further information defired, anil who will aUn (th?? rec portability of the applicant beingaaccrtained) furuiah an order on the consignor of the vowel for a certificate of membership. The following articles comprise the Outfits:?Outfit furnished to each individual member?1 ^punish saddle, bridle, martingale, halter, spurs, etc.; 1 half rack saddle, 1 hammock, 1 bowio knife, 1 belt for aruip, i 1 water proof suit clothes, coat, pants, hat cover, I etc.; 1 cloth suit clothes, coat, pants, hat, etc.; (the uniform is grey, faced and trimmed with black.! 12 Hamilton check shirts. 2 pair overalls, 2 flannel shirts, 2 pair flauunl drawers, 1 pair water boots, 1 pair blankets, 1 military cloth cap. 1 canteen. 1 bowl for washing pold, 1 water proof bag for ! packing. 1 pick, 1 spade, 1 miner's shovel, 1 bund with the i letters K. G. S. G. C. in gold upon it; 1 V. S. protection outfit 1 furnifhed for each section of ten members; 1 water proof ! tent with double roof, extra fly, etc.: 1 camp kit containing I plates, cups, knirts and forks, and all the cooking uteusilH I necessary for a party of ten; 2 Jamison's submerged gold washers, 1 washing machine working w ith mercury, 1 crowbar, 1 axe, 1 saw, 1 chisel. 1 gimhlct, 1 lantern, 1 water filter, 1 flag, 1 medicine chest, 1 thermometer, 1 compass, 1 water proof bag for packing, with tishiug tuckle, nails, pikes, r<>poa, etc. These articles are all of the very host quality. In addition to the outfit furnished as above, parties can, if they detm it Advisable, take a few estn Articles "i clothing, and such firearms as they may see fit to carry; the whole, however, should not exceed twenty pounds per man. 1'arties approving of this plan and desirous of joining the company, should make early application to the President as above. "Taking into consideration the tedious and expensive delays to whicn parties arriving in town to take snipping from this port have been subjected, in consequence of tho vessel in which they were to embark not sailing on the day Advertised, (And fkeqwenilj not until eeveraiweeki After*/ the officers of this company have made such arrangements as will insure the sailing of tho vessel on the day stated, which will be between the 1st and 15th May. Duo notice w ill be forwarded to every member of the company of the day appointed ; And, should any unavoidable circumstance prevent the vessel from sailing on that day, members arriving in town will be comfortably boarded at the expense of the ! owners, until the vessel (foes sail. Persons iu the country desirous of Joining the company, but not wishing to come to town till near the day of nailing, must forward their names and references, with their measures, (taken by a tailor); und an instalment of $10 to tho President of the company, upon reception of which ati outfit will be provided and held in readiness for them. apl9 It* GOLD TESTS. CAI.IFORNIANS ANI> OTHERS CAN OBTAIN A tux containing a true Tsat. with arid.; ulna Scales and Cup Weights. C. J. it W. MASON, 166 Eullon stect, 3d doer. apB 13t* CALIFORNIA FIRE ARMS. AW. SPIES & CO., 91 MAIDEN I.ANE, IMPORTERS . and dealers in Eire Arras, invite the attention of Callforniana to their stork of United States Rifles, Carbines, Muskets, .Short Ktflsf. double and single barrel Guns, Revolving Pistols, Bowie Knives, Pouches, Hulls, itv., tie., bavin* the largest stock of article# ef this description, wrhioh they offer wholesale and retail. inZ7 13t PORTABLE IRON DOUSES FOR CALIFORNIA. T1IE GAI.TANIZED IRON HOUSES CONSTRUCTED by me for California, having met with so much approval, I am thus induced to call the atteutiun of those going to California to an examination of them. The iron is grooved in swell a manner, that all parts of the house, roof and sides, Slide together, and a house 2Pxl5 enn be put up iu less than a av. Tliev are fur cheaper than wood, era flre-np..?r .ml .nnoh more aomfortnMc than teutn. A house of the above uixe can he shipped, in two boxes, 12 feet long and 2feet wide, and 8 inches deep, the freight on which would he about $14 to 8an Francisco. There will also be no trouble in removing from one part of the country to another, as the house van. in a few hours, he taken down and put up. By ealliug upon the subscriber, a house of the above size enn be seen. m2U Kit 1'ETEK NAYLOR, 13 Stoue street. HOTELS, Ate. NAG'S 11 EALM lOTEL^ No. 3 Barclay Street. New York. JRUSSEI.Ii begs to inform bin friend, and the publle generally thut be has purchased the above well known bouae (conducted for many yvura by Mr. Jaa. Ilyrnes), and hopes, by atriet attention to business, to merit a coutiuuanee of the patronage of hia predecessor. The Bur will be conatantly supplied with Miperior Old and New Alea. Wines, Liquors. and Segara. Lodging in (loan and aoiufortable beda. ap3-4t* HOTEL TELEGRAPH. T. D. JACKSON, At No. 132), William Street. New York, Manufactures iiis patent annunciator, or Hotel Telegraph, fur the nee of llotela, Steamships, and priv at* dwellings. He alao reapeetfully bega to inform tha Foblie, that he w ill execute all ordera, and proaeeute all inringementa of hia l'utent, w ith deapateh. Ordera for machines, or for fitting them up. may be nddreaacd to the underaigned. or to TuoaiAs C'hai.meno. 7UU liroadwav. ap!7 261a y T. D. JACKSON*. BOARD IN SOUTH BROOKLYN. ONE Oil TWO (SENTI.EMEX CAN HE ACCOMMOilated with well fiirniahed lloonia, in a private English family. Breakfast and Tea. Charges moderate; five minutes walk from tl?' ferry. Apply 110 State street. up I'd It* ODD FELLOWS' HALL, CORNER OF GRAN# AMI CENTRE STREETS. Brothers perkins, grateful for the very liberal patronage already extended to them, and which hns exceeded their most sanguine anticipations, beg leave to Bay that their PRIVATE SUrrER ROOMS for the reception of Ladiea neeompunied by Coutlemen, ara now, for the first time, complete. They are confident of their ability to please the moat fastidious. gentlemen of competent experience and taste in each matters having assured Ihcin that their saloon is not excelled in London or Paris for cnsvi airvrr, for extent, for Gonr.Eovaxi ?a or decor atiow, for the perfection of ita cviaiai, and for ita prompt aad polite attendance. Its LARDER, has always every edible of the New York markcta; and in addition, almost' daily contributions of luxuries, by all the teamera, from the tropical region, and from Europe. Their vaults and store rooms are supplied with the choicest brands of wines. liquors and 8k.gars, selected here or procured directly by importation ; and their charges will be round as reasonable as any restaurant of its character in tliis city or clsew here. mb27 HD8CELLAHBOVI. W?ntedT~ Ahoy, is years of age. w ishes to apprentice himself to a jo< <1 tr:i?i??-in:i?-iiini>t. jeweller or plumbi r I preferred. Rent or city references given. Address Z. T., n.t i ffica. epi'.t It i NOTICE TO MERCHANTS AND BUSINESS MEN. DFI.AYEI, WILKIN, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, . (formerly of Orange eo., N. Y.J, having permanently located himself in Nnahville(t.l,w ill attend to all matters of collection and litigation in Middle Tennessee, for the merchants and business men of Northern and Eastern cities,at the shortest notice and on the moat liberal terms, pledging himself to give the beet satisfaction that punctuality and atriet at tout ion to business will warrant. Ha refers for inquiries to Hia Excellency Neil 8. Brown, Nashville. Tcnn. R. J. Meigs, Naahv ille, Tenn. II. L. Stevens, Potiac, Mich. Francis H. Fogg, Eaq. " Koh't Simson, Cincinnati, O. Edw in II. F,w ing, " " Hon. c. Borland. Montgomery,N.Y. Alex. McKentie, " " " Snin'l J. Wilkin, Goshen. N. Y. James Walker, " "John M. Eager, St. Louis, Mo. Prof. James Hamilton, "J. II. Me Williams, Merchant, Rev. J. Huntington, " [22 Liberty at, N. York city. Cummins it Alexander, lawyers, II Nassau at., " C'nmmins, Collins k Seaman, merchants, 11 W in. St., " Nashville, April 7, 1MJ. ap IO-13t* JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS, Manufarturrr't fVarehotur, 91 Juhn ft., Hew York. A COMPLETE assortment and large atoek of every kind of those well known and popular pens, eonstantly en | hand." together with holders, and the cheaper description of pens, for rale to the trade. mlil3Ht Notice?to ship master**, hotel and hoard ing House Proprietors, Private families. iic. Domestic Dried fruits of every description, vii.:? Dried Appier, Dried Raspberries, Dried Quinces, " I'enrs. " Blackberries, " lomnti, " Peaches, " Whortleberries, " Cherries, " Fluinr, " Strawberries, Pitted Cherries. Also, a general sssnrtnicnt of first quality of Groceries, Stinkers' Sweet Corn, English Split I'eas. itirdscede, ke. Wholesale nod retail, at tlie Domestic Dried fruit Depot, 410 Pearl street. inlil3l>t* NOTICE. TO AM, WITOM IT MAY CONCERN-CAME OX stiore on the south side of bong Island, in the vicinity of Montnuk Right House, on the 1st tnst., a vessel's Dong !*aid boat is seventeen feet in length, apparently nl.ont two years old. eliglitly store, lint otherwise in good condition. Bihl.'i 6t UEORtiE HAND, Wreck master. LKGER FRER]E'S BRANDY. 1ANDING. AT PIER !' E. RIVER. FROM BRIG SIT AS, J from Rordeani. Wpackages " l.afayctte" Rochelle I)randy. Also, from hark Rnbeck, l.'IO do. of Cognac, " Reger I lere's." " Star." nnd "llenry R. I.. Chntanett's ' Brands, for sale from the wharf. Samples at tt ; uine? of n|-H?H? dEVRT I'.EtiER, lis) Wall street. PRACTICAL I?KIK-KKKPINO, NO. RH CEDAR STREET. MR. C. C. M A liStl, Accountant, Anthor ot the " S, iente of Double Entry Book-keeping Simplified," and the "Art of Single Entry Book-keeping Improved," sontinues to teach as above.

There ore no classes?each pttpil lias a desk to himself, Is put at onee to keeping books, receives separate instruction, and thus heroines conversant with all the seconnt honks constituting a set, and also with many important mercantile calculations. Persons of moderate rapacity, by this course, become competent bookkeepers iu about a month, and receive certificates to tlint effect. Prospectuses, w itii terms, obtained at the rooms, from 9 A. M. to ft P. M. mli3t) M rs. (fitrevs agency foe FEMALE domesticsNo. MSS Broadway, permanently rslablished under the most vests-i table patronage, R r the purpose of supplying families with the be t class, A stewardess wanted. apfl>2t* Pianos j on v m.l \:;n to jura, at 7 xay street, enpeatu the Aetor Manse, from *\U>7 eeMvee, ta reeeweed and MhefOky eaoer . JAMBS THOMPMW k CO., mL2J rn MM* TaUbm k lukE AGRICULTURAL. TO FARMERS, MARKET GARDENERS. SC., PREPARED (ll'ANO? the Original, Pure, and Cenuine? at One Cent per pound. Read the followingeertiflcatee:? From the gentlemanly proprietor of the Aator Uonee, to 0. A. kentieh :? "Pear Sir I uied yonr prepared C.nano with turnip*. I noticed I hat the rurly part of the crop waa entirely free from the Flv. and the entire rrop waa excellent. I have no heeitation, therefore, in recommending it, aa 1 feel gTeat confidence in it. To fariuera and gardenera 1 conrider it itidiaponeable. R. B. COLEMAN. " Aator llnuee, and Flatlande, 1,. I." "To C. A. KruTiiH, Em].:?Dr.ah Sih?1 ueed the prepared (luano obtained from you. on corn, potatoee, egg plant,, tomatoee, Ac., and I found it the heel, chea|**t, and inoet eaeily managed fcrtilucr with which I am acquainted. ' E. H OOD. Shrewsbury. N. J." For mile only hy K ENTISll ic CO.. 4(1 Peck Slip, New York. Agente wanted in all towns. A liberal commission allowed. aplO NEW ORNAMENTAL FLOWERING TREES AND SHRUBS. RI SSELLS AMERICAN COLLECTION OF HYBRID Rhododendrons. Yarigated and Sweetsceuted Hardy (harden and Ureen house Atalias. Climbing Variegated and Sweetsceuted Cottage Ho ten, Cinerarias, Pc largoiiiinne, and other desirable plants, are now ready for sale at the (iarden, in llenrv, corner of Amity street, near Atluutic street, South Brooklyn. Bouquets tastily made to order. Allordcrs for New York and Brooklyn delivered free of charge. "WINDOW SHADES, 80,000 W1N1 JUW ^SUAUK8. ^ WINDOW SII ABES Manufactured and sold in svsry variety of style and pattern. and of the best materials, that will not curl or adhere in any slimate, by KELTY Ik KIKES exclusive VI iudow Shade manufacturers and dealers, at 1.11 Chatham street, New York. Merchants and others wanting Shades, or material* for making or hangiug Shades, can flinl the largest, best, and cheapest assortment in the United States as above. Call and "Biffy yourselves. mhlS lit* PAPKR HANGINGS AM) WINDOW SHAMS AT RKDUCKD PRICKS. Tiif subscribers have just received from the best manufacturers of Europe and the United States, a splendid assortment of Paper Hangings and Window Shades; also, Curtain Materials of every description, Ladies' embroidered Muslin Curtains, Window Cornices and Ornaments; manufacturers of puro hair and other mattresses, feather beds, Ulc., with every article iu the upholstery line, wholesale and retail, at prices 20 per cent, lower than any other establishment in the city. AM. & It. 1)AVIES aplO 4t* 200 Bowery and 105 Fulton street. MKDICAli. GREAT Sl'RING MEDICINE. GAY'S EXTRACT OF CANCHALAGUA, a californian plant Of rare medicinal virtues. PUBLICLY ADMITTED BY DR. TOW NSEND, MANCfaclurrr of " Tnwnsend's Sursaparilla," To bo " Fur better than Sarsuparilla," a certain preventive and cure for CONSUMPTION, Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Asthma, Bronchitis, Scrofula, Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Erysipelas. Lumbago, Paralysis, Pleurisy, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Costivtness, Dysentary, Dropsy, Liver Complaints, Piles, Bilious Complaints, Nervous Affections, Cutaneous Disorders, FEVElt AND AGUE, Fevers in general, Hemorrhages, Fluxes, Obstructions. Increased Discharges, Depraved and Defective Appetites, Indigestion, and all diseases originating in CONSTIPATION OF TIIE BOWELS, OR IMP VKIT Y OF 'I'llK BLOOD, or vrhieli tend to enervate the system. It gives tone and vigor to tho Digestive Organs, and is remarkable for its Animating, Strengthening, and Restorative Powers. Taken in the spring, is iuvaluuhle as a Family Medicine, in preparing the system to sustain the changes of our climate. As no mineral substance w halever enters into the somposition of this medicine, it may be offered to the most delicate female, or youngest child, without apprehension. An immense number of persons have used the celebrated Canchalagua of California, since its very recent introduction into tiiie country by Mr. Gay: and they all concur in staling that one of its most astonishing properties is its immediate and effectual action upon the blood. A freer und mure rapid circulation is at once produced, and the slightest wound will readily prove how liquid and pure the blood at ottee becomes. Its action is fell through every vein of the body, with the most invigorating power; it is not like bleeding, which relieves the system by convoying from it only tho purer and more liquid limpid blood, and leaves its stagnant and vitiated particles behind; nor like transfusion and injection, which add to it a fluidity at the cxpenceof its imality; hut it creates, us it were, a new ntid healthy Mood, and imparts now life and action to every part of the body. Bo long as tho blood is pure and healthy, no infection, however malignant, eun take deep hold of the syBtcm, and the Sl'ASMOIHfl CHOLERA may, through its use, be deprived of its malignant character. The terror of tevcr and ague, in crossing the Isthmus of Panama, nud ut the GOLD REGIONS, needs no longer to exist; for a single bottle of the Canchalaguu will breok up und eradicate this dreaded disease, even if of long standing. A single bottle of ihe same will ho found to contain one-third more dozes than a quart bottle of Hursaparilla, whilst, from its condensed term, the freight ou the sume will not he one-fourth ns much; besides tins, it contains no syrup or Ingredient likely to ferment and sour In warm climates. CANCHALAGUA vs. SAHRArAHILLA. The annexed letter, from an eminent i,awycr, is made public by the proprietor of Guy's CivnehalaKua, as a just tribute to the extraordinary virtues of this Caforuia plant;? Northampton, February 7, 1S49. Dear Sir?I have long wished to see you, that 1 might give you an accurate account of the remarkable euro of my only daughter, of a violent ease of scrofula. She is now almost three years of age. In Fehruury last, putrid sores open tho lips, face, and glands made their appeurance, and increased with fearful rapidity; ouc of her eyes became so badly ulcerated, that to all appearance it could never again he restored. This continued for six weeks, the child being a most horrible sight, and the hearts of her parents almost broken. During the w hole of this period we used Sarsaparilla in large quantities, hut the disease was not arrested in the least. While the disease was still at its height, I happened one day to call at the store of your very gentlemanly agent in this place, and relutini the manner in which our child was afflicted, he ad vised Hie to make a trial of your Canchalagua. I took but cue bottle, having BO confidence in it; but tninincnced giving it according to your directions, stopping all other medicines at once ; and iu just live days the sw oiling visibly decreased, the nicer began to heul, nnd ehe improved rapidly fur three weeks, and, to cur very great joy, was apparently otired? less than .two buttles having been used. Naming thia case to some of cur incredulous friends, they seemed to think the cure mu>t in part have been effected by the use of the Sursuparilla; and it was not easv, under the circumstances, to araue against that opinion : hut now for the proof. W hen the child appealed to he pel lectly cured,weBtopped giving her your extract, supposing all was safe; hut in twenty-live days the same eruptions, running at the eye, and swelling began to return. We wailed five days to see if it would amount to anything serious. It inorcased rapidly as before. We again commenced giving her your medicine, nnd in live days, (the same period of time as before. 1 she began to grow better: and in about two weeks was well ugaiii. We continued giving the extract for three or four weeks longer, and then stopped its use entirely. From that day to this, the child has been perfectly well, and is now as fine s picture cf health as was ever seen: not n scur or pit remains to mar her beauty. My father, Isaac Hodges, of North Adams, Mass., a physician, came to see us, with the intention of prescribing for Tier, but as we were using your medicine with success, and the child improving rapidly, he did not condemn it, bnt left IiIb ow n prescription to he used iu case your extract failed. It is needless to udd, that we hud no occasion for it, and I am sure lie will now reeoimneud your medicine in similar eus*s. As lor myself, I ask of every one who has any affliction of this kind to make a trial of your invaluable Cunehalagua, and 1 um eerlaiu they will he rewarded tenfold. HORACE J. HOnCF.S. To Fnrngmc* A. Gat, Esij., proprietor of Gay's C'uuchalugun, 3fi Broadway, New tort. From K. 11. Wipsluw, Esq., banker, S2 Wall street. New l'ona, Sept. 14, 1848. To Frederick A. Gay, Feci.: . "J Hear Sir:?1 cheerfully tomply with your request in a?know lodging w ith others, the benefit which I have derived from the use of t our Extract of Canchalagua, er California l'lunt. Its cflcets upon my system are evident and gratifying, and have induced me to recommend its use to mv friends, and 1 am pleased to assure you, that in no iustaace nave 1 been disappointed in its efficacy. I do not hesitate in my confidence in its remarkable medicinal avail ties, to state that I believe it will be found to be an excellent remedy in most cases of diseases of the liver and kidneys, in pulmonary affections, and also in the purification of the blood Ike. That jour merit in the introduction of this invaluable plant may be appreciated, is the sincere w ish of Yours, sincereljr, K. II. WINSLOW. [From the Sunday Times.] Gat's Cakchai.aoua.?If Mexico had never produced anything more valuable than the plant from which this preparation is made, we should not l>c inclined to despise it, for we are satisfied that Cay's Cacchalagua is one of the most valuable medicines which has been added to the pharmnaopu-ia w ithin the present century. We mean what we say?for its effects have been tested under our own eye, with the most surprising and bencfieiul results, in a cute of confirmed bronchitis. DEPOT?36 Broadway: wholesale agents, Rushton, Clark & Co., A. It. & 1). ?andu, J. At W. tenfold At Co., liuviloud, Reese & Co. hold At ret nil by tl?e leading apothecaries in Broadway, and throughout the city. ml3l3t*rro 800,000 BOTTLES, DH. DKWITT C. KELLINGERS LINIMENT. Haie be< n sold without A MLHMI K. IT IS WARRANTED IN ALL CASKS TO ERADICATE pains of every nature, and heal all manner of sores and bruises. It is put up in large bottles, is mild, fragrant and Agreeable. The very small quantity required to be taken, renders it ten times cheaper than any other article in the market. As a plain and convincing pi oof of the above, it has cuiwd THOUSANDS of the best and most skilful men in the country to lay down all other remedies used by them from .10 to 40 years, and use this great remedy on all required occasions, as the best and cheapest to be found?among whom we art* proud of the honor of referring to Hon. M. H. (Irinnell, Hon. R. F. Carman, lion. Robert H, Morris, Mr. \\ illiam L. Morris, Gov. Morris, Mr* James Ilathgate. In continuation, wc have our Irvings, Costars, Livingstons, Ilamiltons, June ways, Depecs, Kays, Ludlows, Jlradhursts, Lorillards, Schermerhoras, he. tkc. In short, Bint-tenths ef IBs slits of Eton ^ -ru And nuuir tlmr cities, pronounce it the existing wonder of the age. Among the world's brightest* most experienced horsemen, we have Hiram WoodruiT, William Wheel an, r Spicer It Bfothers, A. Conklin, 1>. Dry ant, .lames Ilevens, Jacob Somcrendyke.W. L. Rcid,Saml. Hague, Wm. D. Sparks, Wm. Cowan. N. 1*.?If any further proof were necessary. we will add that it is used by every principal stage line, the llarhun road, and many other largo companies, the Hull's Head, and by all the principal livery and exchange stables throughout the city and country generally. Te be bad always genuine of 8, INuXflPOLL at HROTIIER, Wholesale Druggists. 230 I'earl street, or of the proprietor, who can be seen at tiio central depot, Tnttersalls. 44b Broadway, at all hours in the day. It chii also be had at Z. M. Onimbv's fancy store, T'l't Broadway; at the 11 it rl fin Railroad offices; of Messrs. Banner, liays At Co., 273 1'ohii-I street, and most of the wholesale saddlers and druggists, together with many wholnale and retail grocers, throughout the city nnd country generally?at AO cents; $4 per dogen; $4J A mn.ka , CO! imp irm??. rush iii?*?ii(*icrt can be l*id In iifl part* of the world,'by advancing one-third cuaii. I.ettcra inuat lie paid. mli-7 I It FOR TIIF. PITaESwn v r 11.1 m' s r. i. k c T t rJi w r, AN Intvrnnl Remedy, i? a certain cure for the 1'iles, either internal or external?bleeding or blind. Sold wholesale and retail only in thiia eity at the office of the original proprlitor, A. I'I'll AM, M. It., n regular educated physician of twenty yearn' experience, confined to an otli.o wuero I'ilc* and Chronic disease* were successfully treated. Medina! Office, l!H'> Hon el v, four doors above Spring street. Offlco hour* from 7 A. M. to# P. M. Advice gratia. tn'iJl I3t" DR. JOHNSON. IflDl'ANE STREET, SO WE T.I. KNOWN in the treatment of delicate diseases.?TI.e I toe tor a reputation for skill in tbone half cured caeca that hate existed for yeara ia pre-eminent. Constitutional weakness, brought en by a aecret habit, effectually cured. Recent caeca cured in jfcr in ye. No orhe mi i av 11k. c (ii;iin r. in hdane rt., may le eontulled on the treatment of certain delicate diaeaaea. A practice of aixteeu yean devoted to the treatment of delirato diaeaaea enahlca Or ('. to cure the worat form of thia disease. Kovunt oaace cured in three dayi. Ne mercury used. Dr. cooi'ek. ii hi'ane skeftt, iias, row the last. lueuuma ) .nd hi* pr.aitivc to (fee UmVment ef Keren Had and other IMeeaaee of a delicate nature. He oaa enre the moot aggravated oaeea ef thie dieeaee t aad mild caeee removed in two te ty? A^ya. pwfect m% n M ?bmb UK DIC All. ^SXNPTs A R S A P A R I L L AT' " IN QUART BOTTLES, POE PrKIFTINO IUJl BUK)D, AND FOB THE CURE OF CRoruLA, HlltCl'llAL IHIrAIH, IHtl'MiTII*. Cl'TAItKOlfl bruptioni, ATI IIHOHN ILCIII, LI V Kit CI) M l'L A IK T, dysi-xi-sia, brow cnitir, ALT It II r CM, CUKITKfTIO*, rtvn aoHKi, kkmale uumplaikt*, IU vii P KL Al, LUIS ur APPKT1TB, PIMPI.I N. MILKl, lilKIIAI. UKHILITT, fc?. Til F. I'KIH'KI ETOH8 have ipout much time in bringing this preparation of Sarcuparilla to ita present state of perfection ; rniti the cxi*rieti.e of fourteen venr. bin furnished them the most ample opportuuity to study, in their various forms, the diseases for which it is rerommsudsd, and to adept it exactly to their relief and cure. 1'atieuts who wish a really i good Medicine are invited to giie it u trial, and satisfy them- , rehesof its superiority, and the imalulde property it possesses of arresting and curing do-ce. The bottle has been enlarged to hold one tjuurt, nod in its present improved form may safely claim to be alio best and cheapest medicine of till I age. Its progress to the fame it has attained, inny he traced i by a long line ol facts aud cures that stand as landmarks and , beacons tor the invalid, pointing the way to the haven of health, nnd what it has already done for the thousands ? ho ' hate used it, it is capable of doing for the millions still sufferng aud struggling with disease. It purines, cleanses aud I sbreugthens the fountain springs of life, and lutusej new ngur I throughout the whole uniiual frame. DYSPEPSIA CURED. ' The following testimonial, from a geutlemau so well known as Ur. t'ox, reunites no comment, as it rccomuieuds itself to ' all timiliurly ultlicted :? I Ki w York, December 18, 1848. , Missrs. A. B. It D. Sands:?lieutletnen?Having experienced the most beneficial effects from ths use of your Parsapaiillu, it gives me pleasure to add uiy testimony to the numerous spoutuueoiis .Humous of grateful hearts which you coutiuually arc receiviug. My case wan dyspeptic, or rather I may Urm it, a weaknciis I of the digestive organ*. For iuor? thau a your. 1 wan troubled with wind upon my stomach aud its frequent eructation, together with producing a Npudmodic contraction of tlx* heart, often (^avo m? much umio} unce. After trying various remedies without avail, and the**, too, prescribed hy one of our most eminent physicians, 1 commenced with your Sarsaparilla. Before 1 hud used half a bottle, ulmost every symptom of this disagreeable complaint liud vanished, and in a few weeks its continued use effected a complete cure. 1 therefore confidently recommend it to all persons affected in the aume manner, and have reason to believe that many who are sufleriug under a supposed disease of the heurt, if they would take your Silllnanlla, in a few weeks would liud themselves restored to health in both mind and body. 1 remain yours, very truly, JOHN V. COX, yd Lexington avenue. SAND'S SARSAPA~KILLA IN PRUSSIA. The proprietors of this vuluahlc medicine, have just raecived uu order from our esteemed frioud and correspondent, Theodore S. Fay, Secretary ol Legation to the Court of 1'russia, for the use of a member of tho Royal Family?a copy of which we herewith lay heforu our readers.?Home Journul. L\ s. l.KUATioN, Berlin,, ist8. W-." ? i M inn JVUIU reilu mu (IU1VD DUIIII'H OI your .Sursaparillu. for I lit use of Inn royal highness Prince W uldiuiir, of Prussia. to this legation, an noon us possible. It ia Mlllluy that he should Mttn it immediately ; therefore, i please send it by tirst steamer. The bill can bo made out ia the tame of tin- prince and neat with it. Your ubediout aervaut, T11E0. 8. FAY." The follow lag certificate from Col. Samuel 0. Taylor, a gentleman of high stunding and exteusive acquaintance throughout the Sontliern States, and lately appoiutud t'ounul to Now Gronudu, fotuuieudn itself to the atleution of all :? N aw folia, Jan. 7, 1818. Messrs. A. It. & P. Sauna :? Gehti.kmen :?Having urcd and witnessed the elfecta of your excellent preparation of SarsaporUla an difmat pmeei >u various parte ol the southern country, tie:?Virginia, l.ouisiunu, Tcxus and Mexico, 1 feel much pleasure in ntating the high opinion entertained uf itn great inodioiual value. In my own ease it noted almost like a charm, removing npeudily the enervutcd state uf the system, and exciting in the luoet agreoable manlier, a tunic and iuvigornting iutluenec. Your Suraaparilla i? highly approved ami extcnelvely used by the United States Army in Mexico, and my eouciu, Gcuoral Zucliary Taylor, baa for the oast live yeura been iu the habit of using ft, and recommends the same ; he and myself adopted the article at the same time, and it is now considered an utmost indispensable requisite in the army. In conclusion 1 would say, that the belter it is know u the more highly it will be paired, and 1 trust that its health restoring virtues will make it generally known throughout lb* leugth aud breadth ol our widely extended country. Yours very respectfully S. G. TAYI.OR. United States Consul to New Granada. The following interesting case is presented, and the reader invited to its caretul perusal. Comment on such evideuee is unnecessary :? New York, April M, 1817. Messrs SAivns:?Gentlemen?Having lung been attlicted with general debility, weakness, loss of appetite, Ne., receiving no bvuetit Irom the various remedies prescribed, 1 son- i eluded about three months since to muke usoof your Sursapariiln. I now have tie pleasure of Informing you that its efforts liuvv been attended w itli the happiest results in restoring my health, and 1 am induced to add my testimony to the many others you already poseurs ; and to t hose desiring further in- ' formation* l will porsonally riTOthopartiotUAroofmjrOMOt 1 and the effects of Ibis in\almible medicine, by colling at JbA liuwery, New Yurk. Yours respectfully, JANET Me IN TOSH. This certifies that Miss Janet Mcintosh is known to mo us a in tin her of the Church, iu good standing, and worthy of tontideuce. J. 8. SPENCER, faster of Second Presbyterian Church, ltrnoklyn. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail by A. II. Si II. Saudi, yrujiaiMB uuu * iuiuibvp", iw r utton mrf'Qi, corner 01 ?? imain, N?v i??rk. Sold nlno by Druggit*tti generally throughout thu United StuloK anil CiinaUae. Price $1 per bottle ; tux bottle* for Sold alpo by Augnv Ik Dickson, Philadelphia; Canby fc Ilartlctt, Baltimore; H. S. Pattenum. Waahington; llavilund, llorral k Co., < li mi est on ; Sickles k Co., New Orleans; O. Dexter, Albany; and S. VV. Fonle Ronton. mhl3 I3t* ALL WHO DLSIKL HEALTH, READ! MORRISON'S EXTRACT OF SARSA PA RILL A. "Medicine, at times, in as necessary to health, particularly where the blood is disordered, as food is required to support the animul functions."?Amkukfth v. MORRISON'S SARSAI'ARII.LA.?This is no new article, nor is it presented to the publicwith a noisy announcement or flourish of trumpets. In his course of business in the Drug and Medicine line, now extending over a period of forty years in Nil fork) be Mrs prepared tins EXTRACT OF BaMA* KILEA, from a formula much used and udtinred by our OLl) STANDARD I'llYS1CIANS. Ily them it in highly recommended to tins public, iu all eompluiuts uud corruptive diseases of the Wood, Djriftpiil, Want of Appetite, Affection of the Liver, Mental Depression, Scrofula, Over Use of Mercury, L'lccre ami Cancer*. Ceucrnl DimmammUlt of the System, t 'oiisum ptiun, M'cakness of the Hotly, I'uin* in the Kidneys, I'alpitation of toe Heart, Sourness Of tb? Stomach, anil Chronic I)i*cn*e*. and all Complaint*. TO FEMALES It cannot he held in tco high estimation. A trial of an article is better than any argument, and this is all that is required in the use of MORRISON'S EXTRACT OF ?AKSAPARII.. LA, to prove to too public that tUliiaKntiMipMUhW what be enumcrntcs, made from pure Itraiil Sarsaparilla, at a price where economy is c.uildneu equally with health. Tlie bottles are of thu largest size, sold at only SKV F.STY FIVE CENTS EAC11, OK FOUR HOLLARS PER HALF DOZEN. Remember the well known old establishment, where it ii prepared and sold. JOHN MORRISON, Apothecary and Druggist, No. 8b tlruenwich st, mhl.VlSt* North River Side, New York. MEDICAL CARD. DR. MORRISON CONTINUES TO HE CONSULTED confidentially on private disease*, gleets, strictnrns, venereal ulcer*, and eruptions; he eurc* where others fail. Recent esses cured in a few days. Nervous and orgaaie debility he warrants to rura. Those contemplating marriage, and who suffer from the effects of a secret habit, can bu restored to perfect health by Dr. M. Letters, pmmtid, attended to,and medicine forwarded with advice. A perfect curs guaranteed. Secfhi* London diploma in his office, 201,'. Fulton street. ap!9 It* LEECHES! LEECHES!LEECHES! JUST RECEIVED, I'ER STEAMER HERMANN. FROM Ilrcnien, a fresh supply of Large Swedish and German Letches, for sale at moderate prices, by G. A. & II. WITTE, split It* 30 John street. PRIVATE LYING-IN ASYLUM.?APPLICATION FOR admission must be made to Jamos; Kennedy, M. Is.. IM Dunne Park. " It affords mc pleasure to recommend the proposed Establishment, as calculated to effect much good. I think Dr. Kennedy skilful aud well fitted to arrange and manage such an institution. apl7 2t* " VALENTINE MOTT, M. D." Domestic Miscellany. An Irishman nnmed Seal, who had but recently nrrlvcd in this country, was scalded to death iu a brewery at MottsvlUe, a short time since. The ice wits reported out of the Straits of Mackiuuc on the 12th inst. A society for the reformation of convicts lin* been formed at Trenton, N.J. May it succeed in attaining in'- iiouie oujcci lur wijicii 11 nas uccu cuiieu iuiu i'xistencc. The pine woods near Hanover Furnace, West Jersey, have been some days on lire. Counterfeits on the State Bank of Ohio may be detected by the omission of.tho word Bank'' on tho bark of the note. Michael Dohony, the exiled Irish patriot, has arrived in Boston, and was to have lectured last evening upon the enuso of the late attempt ut revolution in Ireland. During the past week, ending April 10. 4.VJ|pasKcngers have arrived in Boston, it is said that these emigrants are composed of respectable farmers and mechanics, and that almost immediately after their landing they proceeded to the far West?a wise determination. Such arc the consequences of British misrule. 1 n a short time the colonies will become a desert, if the uutocrats in Downing street do not look about them. It Is snid that C'ajit. J. M. Walker, of Mobile, has been appointed to the collietorshIp of the port of Baltimore. The Uockrillf (.Vrf. ) Jmirnal. of last Saturday, says :? "The weather is line?wheat looks splendid?farmers are husy getting their oats in, and preparing for corn. We anticipate plenty to eat, and some to spare this year." Colonel John lllrhardson. one of the most respectable inhabitants of Auburn, died very suddenly a day or two ago. Col. It. was among the earliest settlers of Auburn. Whilst living, be was esteemed by all who knew him, and his deatli is lamented by a largo circle of friends. The banking house about to be established in this city is to he conducted by Mr. Jaudon. formerly cashier of the Bank of the United States. The success of Messrs. Corcoran k Klggs will no doubt embolden capitalists to enter into operations here if the nub-Inn. mi) rjlli'm fli<>ulii undiugu any lni|X>rtiiut nmillllniitlon, there may be much room fur tluaiicial arrangement* with the government.? Wash. cur. of Haiti marc Sun. The steamship Niagara, Captain Ryrle, cleared this forenoon lor Halifax uud Liverpool. Sim hat already one hundred and one names upon her passenger lint. 8he tukes out no specio.? Huston Journal . l/inl 17. Tiie Hon. Samcki. D. Ingham, for many years an honored Member of Congressman Pennsylvania, and subsequently Secretary of the Treasury, his iriends here will he glad to learn, intends to resume his residence in New Jersey, and for thai purpose has put chared, as we loam by the (iazette, a f nndy residence in Trenton.?Boston Bee. Hr.Liotots KnfALiTV in Massa* in st its.?In the Massachusetts House of Representatives, on l*rtday, the majority of the Committee on hducarton again reported against ineor|s?rating the < atholio College at W orcester. A minority ot the committee reported a hill to incorporate it. Ti \ir t ham r: ?The sons of temperance eonteinplute having a naticmil teinporanee jubilee at ' incir.mtiui the P5tb <t May. The great apostle ol temperance, Fsther Mathew, has been invited, and it is expected that he will be present on the occasion. i1 Brooklyn City Intelligence. Kimci County Court.?The criminal business rocs, menced yesterday morning (It was erroneously stated, from a misunderstanding of our reporter, that nothing would be done until Friday morning ) William Heed was arraigned on an indirtment for selling lienor without license. and pleaded not guilty Abraham 8. K.ldert was arraigned on the mini rharge. and pleaded guilty. Judge Moore sentenced him to pay a fine of i'lb Dudley !iauks, indicted for burglary in the highest degree, in having entered a house in Strong plare, Soutii Brooklyn. was put upon hie trial and found guilty of petit larceny merely, lie was sentenced to six months hard labor iti the county jail. John Dolun. indiated for burglary in the third degree, wafl acquitted of the charge Mary Neary, ( has M Kenny, and James West, were brought into court, and disrbsrged. no indictment having been preferred against them. Daniel Iicgan and John M Laughlin were then [nit on their trinI. charged with stealing lumber from the yard of Mr. Johnson. A nolle yroitqui was entered 11 favor of M Laughlin. nnd he was retained a* a sit ne.s against Iicgan. The ease was not coucluded at t late hour. Pouri ?Before Justice (iarrison?A man named 'arquhur M'lUu. convicted of an aggravated assault no! b.'.ttory on one Ml.aughlin. was sentenced to tha O.lllltv lull Col- toil ll.HU oil.I to " ? 0"" <,n * ditnd committed till the tint- in puid. hi ii.dim; in accordance with a resoution adopted by the Common leuticil on the 16th of February lant. to ascertain the number of buildinga erected. or In process of erection, during the yean ls-47 mid 1K4H, the committee to whom the subject was referred engaged the ?ervlee of Mr. Robert llarvvy, at this city, for that purpose, who baa made the following report, which a|ieaka for itself of tlie rapid growth of the "City ol Churchei?I'ublic schoolhousos. 2; atono stores, t>2; brick stores, 22; brick dwelliuga, 1.117: frame dwellings. 740; lecture room*, 1 atone, and 2 brick: cliurclica, 3 (tone. 2 brick, 1 frame; factories, 8 brick. 3 frame; breweriea, 2 frame; atablea. 7 brick, 2 frame; engine houses, 0 brick Total number of buildings erected, 2.004. Diplomatic NmuggUng, Koitob or t?i?; New Yoiik IIkr.h o: Sir?I perceive in your paper of yeaterday. an artirld attributed to tile London Morning Chronicle, and ropubiiahed. Willi commenta, into the Iloaton Courier, reflecting upon certain reatrictioua which thu Belgian government intend, aa it la aaid, placing upon the burgage, parccla, und jiackagoa, carried liy foreign cabin its messengers. That article ia calculated to create an erroncoua impression, as has been the case with the Uoatou Courier, and I ask leave to auhmit a brief explanation. In the first plnre. aa every one, at all acquainted with the subject,had easily perceived, the international usage, or courtesy, doea not require that luggage of cabinet messengers, oc couriers, shall pass without being examined. the despatches and parcels bearing an official aval being only entitled to such exemption; such id the usage especially in Kugland. where luggage of cou rit-rr, or uonrfrn in iiespaicnss, arc always examined, tliry having only the privilege to pass first through the custom-house, before the private passenger*. As to tho insinuation that Belgian ministers, anil other diplomatic uifunt* of the same government, have abused their official immunities in foreign courts, it is vaiu and despicable ; which, before an intelligent public, can reflect discredit only on the writer who utters it. without being able to sustuin it by a single fact. The charge la absolutely false ; and the Kn ;llsh journal, proclaiming that there are abuses, accusing others to protitby tliem, and at the same time eondemning measures that aro intended for their redress, has no right to reproach any one with bad grace. 1 am, sir. your uliedient servant, ACOUSTIC MOXHF.T. Consul-Ocnerul of Belgium. New York, 18th April. 1841?. Board of Kdueatlon. Aiim. 18.?Robert Kelley, fc'.sq., l'resident, in tlio chair. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. Twelfth H'aid.?Report of Finance Committee, la favor of appropriating $1,022 to supply the necessary Iegnl deficiencies in the schools of the Twelfth wardadopted. Of same committee, in favor of appropriating $1*0 for school expenses in the Fourteenth wardadopted. Of same committee, In favor of appropriating $62U to meet school expenses in the Inst mentioned ward?laid on the table. Of same committee, for ail ippropriation of $1,000 for tlie fitting up of a new school house in Clark street, in the Kightli ward? accepted. Of same committee, in favor of appropriating $4,000 foe purchasing the interest of Franklin Kenuey, Esq , in iols Nos. 42 and 44 Trinity place. First ward, for tho erection of a new school house in said ward?accepted. Fourteenth Ward.?Report of same committee, in favor of appropriating $14,000 for the erection of a school house in the Fourteenth ward. It was moved and seconded that $14,000 should bo strickeu out, and $12,000 substituted in Its place. After some debate, the amendment was lost. The original question wait then put; and twenty having voted in tho affirmative, four in the negative, the report was accepted. Rr sn/uttuas?To deposit with the City Chamberlain, the school money apportioned to the Board of F.ducation for school purposes, to tho credit of the Board.? Adopted. Kvening Free Schools.?Mr. Fci.lows presented arcport from the committee on evening free schools, giving the statistics of the schools from the time of their commencement to the present time, from which it appeared that the number attending them last winter was 7000. and the average attendance is about 4000; tho committee have no doubt of a further increase during the present year in the iittenrlnuee of scholars. In consequence of the new and improved arrangements introduced by the committee into the schools, and, from present appearances, they anticipate tire happiest result from this institution, amongst the poor und humble classes of Die population. The report was ordered to be printed, and an extra number of copies strurk off. The Board, aftvc some further uiiiinportunt business, adjourned. IV n ? -? v?fi?? < ui urnrmi BMIIonii Before tlie Kecordcr, unit Ahleriuun Fitzgerald and Hatfield. Avhii. 1R.?Smlniffi.?Joseph Corson, who was yesterday convicted of petit larccuy, in stealing clothing from a sailor in October last, was this morning sentenced to imprisonment in the city prison for thirty days, and to pay u tine of Samuel ('onion, heretofore convicted of receiving stolen goods, was sentenced on two convictions. Sot the first, he is condemned to serve two years at Sing Sing State prison; and on the second conviction, thu same judgment was passed?time of secoud term to commence nt I lie expiration of the first. Adam Smith, convicted of obtaining property bv falso pretences, was sentenced to serve six months iu tins penitentiary. In passing these sentences, the Recorder remarked at length upon ttie enormity of the crimes, espuriully on that of receiving stolen goods. He said that the law-makers had held this offence to bo so great that w hile the theft of uuy sum less than twenty-flvu dollars would not subject a man to imprisonment in tins State prison, tile receiver of stolen goods?even to tins amount of one dollar?might, in nccordunco with the law, he sent to Sing Sing Thus those who made tho law considered the receiver more culpable than tho thief. Trial Joy Gtan <1 I.,in my.?William Hoile and John Casey, were put upon their trial, charged with having stolen in gold coin and bank bills, from Margaret ( allagbcr, while at the store of Henry Heart, in Canal street. Catharine Oallagher tin* complainant, stated that on tins -idIt of May last. she whs attending an auction salo lit. the store of lieury Hurt in ( anal street, having at tho time, in her pocket, a purse containing Whilts the sule was progressing, she felt a pressure against her person, and soon discovered Hoile in the act of abstracting her purse, lie accomplished ills object, and a third purty who was present, and which proved to ho Casey, took her liy the throat, when she cried out that she had been robbed. At about tlin same time at which she made the outcry, some person left the auction room, and she believed that ho was an accomplice, ami had been entrusted with the money. She tried to follow him. hut was prevented by another man. who said that, as a robbery hail been committed, no person should leave until all had been searched. On searching the persons in the room, nothing was found of tho purse or money, and Mrs. Gallagher has never seen prosecution, nil corroborating in tliu main the statements nut do by the complainant. The prosecution rested, nn<i the defence opened through their counsel, when the Court a<U"urncd. The cute to be resumed nt 11 o'clock, on Thursday morning. Mupcrlor Court. Before Judge Sandford. Aphii.. 18.? '!. .1 Hag ley rt. Gerritt Rl^nr Smith.? Tills wits nil notion on the ense. It appeared that )ilnintiff mid ilefendnnts In 1840 entered Into a copurtnership in the innnufiict lire and sale of gold puns, &e., to continue for four years, under certain conditions la the articles of agreement mentioned. The plaintiff's stork in trade, fixtures, &.< .. to be valued at $4 000, and the defendant (Jeriitt to put in f>8 000, the defeudnnt Kdgar $1,000, the plaintiff and the defendant Gerret each to draw out $].!i00 a year, and the defendant Kdgur $500. In pursuance of those articles thit business was commenced in 1H40. and continued to ho rntried on until 1H4H. when defendants published an advertisement in some of the morning papers dissolving it. upon which the plaintiff tiled a bill, ami obtained an injunction against the defendants, enjoining them from collecting debts, Ate., and then brought his action to recover dumages. Ailjourni d to this morning. Before the ('hie! Justice. lhvinaid. 4'c. t'?. Jtllm.?This cause was given to the jury yesterday evening. Sealed verdict to-morrow, (this morning.) United States Meruit Court. Before Judge Nelson. Aran. 18.-The new District Attorney w?< sworn into office this morning, by Judge Nelson. Court Calendars?''Tills Day. flrpKSioK < ociit.?I"-'. !'" ?"' ''! Hh> 120. 1. '!> 30 82 44 117. 138,144.107, 57.68.50. 37.78, 3. 24, 25, of,! 87! -a, 50. 75. "81. 101. "'2. 103. 105. 122. 10. I I. 54. 15, 20. 60. 08, 84, 74. 118. 28. 07. 30. 140. 120, 422. 22, 147, 133, 71 111 110. 30. 33, 154. 121. 140, I oMMoiv I'l l is ?Tart 1st. I, 10. 30 407.73.77.70 si s'p 87 I'art 2d.- l'Jtt. 110.118,34, 10,,46,, Snow in Vermont.? W r learn from Montpelicr, Vt., that snow fell in that neighborhood, on !r>u:t(lay, the Ifttli. to the depth ol about live inches. The oold was quite severe, and tlin sleighing in the vicinity was pood. The stages running to the railroad de|wit ut Northfield were on runners; thu ?' fanners were busy nt lopping and drawing wooJ, mid the lads and lassies i t sleigh-riding, as in mid-winter.?Boston Trnrr'lrr. Nr.u pi RYpor.T Mam t'.vt roHiES.?Wc are gratified to learn that one of our mills, though th>'V * havi been obliged, for the last six months to s.'Il their goods ut prices lower ihun were ever befon? km wu in the country, yet find on the semi-annual litvestimation ol UMtn atlaus, that they are able to make a dividend of three per cent on the hut half year * buemese,?iV?u>6wryjsA-( Utrald

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