Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1849, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1849 Page 5
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I I'lilted State* Circuit Court; Before Judge Nelson. ?. Aran S3.?Judgment firmed?The cut of Neleou C MarselU. who ?? convicted about a year ago for ab' stracting mouey front letters. came up before Judge* of the Cirruit and District, ls-t term, and was argued. It la underetood that Judge Nelson attiruicd the judgment of the District Judge, and that Marselis will be sentenced on his return next week Judgmrnl Krimrd ?The case of Charles Parsons, tried for opening letters, and a special verdict rendered, was also decided, and the verdict set uside Court Calendar for this day. St-rraios Covet.?2h. 115. 123, 129, 1. 11. 117, 140, 57. 58. 59, 37. 25 . 26. 100, 101, 102, 103, 10. 14, 54. 15, k4. 140 422. 22. 147 . 39. 142. 109. 128. 158, 158, 159, 160, 101, 162, 164. 165. 166. 167. 168, 169, 170, 171. 423, 172. 175 8. 64. 136. 152. 42. 89. 21. 60. Movement* of Individual*. Kx-Gov. Seward, wife, and daughter, were ut Philadelphia oil Suudav. m route to the seat of government I Ex-Senator Dix arrived here on Sunday, from Washington. Col Porter V S. A . who arrived in this eitv n few days since, says the St. Louis Republican of the 13tll, brought with him :i splendid sword, which ho hnd received at the hands of the President of thu UnltedStatos, for Brigadier tien. Twiggs, now in command of this military department. Hats.?We recommend nil persons of refined taste t? call en KNOX, in Fulton street, and purchase one of his elegant Hats, which for beauty, elegance, and artistic taste, are superior to any style which has bee* offered this Spring. Knox's flats are too well known to require any praise from ua. Old Wines.? A sale of rich and rnre Old Wines, will he found under the Auction head of this paper, to to take place to-day. A Grent Discovery.?Vondersmlth's Chinese Liquid Hair Dye.?This Dye instantly changes Red or Grey to a beautiful Black or Brown Color, and without injuring the skin or hair. This Dye will not wash off, as the other Dyes generally do. l'rice 0 shillings, for sale only at tho .Bowery Drug Store, 11*2. Scott's Shirt Manufactory.? Persons In want of Shirts, Collars, Stocks, Gloves, Hosiery, Sio., will find it to their advantage to cull at 157 Fulton street, where may bo found, not only a large assortment, but at prices 30 per cent less than usual, one door east of Broadway. Gold Pens and Watches.?The celebrated Diamond-pointed " Iticliclieu" Gold Pens, warranted to wear five years, in Gold and Silver Pen and Pencil Cases, together with an elegant assortment of fins gold and silver Watches, for sale by J. V. SAVAGE, Jr., 15 Wall street. Watches and Gold Pens repaired or exchanged. California!)*, and others. Attention ? Seely's Life Preserving Hammock, Red. and Haft. Again, we beg to oall the attention of our friends and the public to this truly great invention. It is, undoubtedly, for the purposes intended, one of the best articles ever offered in this country, i nd we feel pleasure in urging nil who are travelling by sea r land, to call aud purchase. Fur a Life Preserver, it is in' s sluable, and attached to each lied is a provision and water punch, so that in case of shipwreck, the adventurer can provide against almost any emergency, taking water and provisions to last weeks. Attach them together for crossing streams and rivers, and you can have a raft, ferry boat, or bridge. Hans them between trees, or in shin himrif nm) vnii h.v. a splendid Hammock, free from all unpleasant smell, and every kind of nuisance. We conclude, by advising all who travel om gen, lakes, rivers, or overland, to call ou Mr. Seely, at ldl Broadway. _______ Wigs and Tempers? liatclie lor'* Wig Manufactory, at No. 4 Wall street, is, we believe, the only one in the city where the Wig business is carried 011 exclusively. All know that practice inukes perfect, llis newly invented Wigs obtained a Silver Medal at the Fair of the American Institute. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONEY MARKET. BIoiirtny, April ?3?fl P. >1. There was no change of consequence in tho stock market to-day ; the appearance of things in the streot, however, was brighter, and, for Monday, considerable activity was visible, t'ompnred with those current at the close on Saturday, prices at the first board to-day show a slight improvement. Harlem went up '4 per cent; Canton Co. ; Eric llailroad, X; Reading Mortgage Bonds, ; all others closed at previons prices. The amount of specie in the sub-treasury at tho close of business to-day. was $1,078,704. The money market was decidedly easier to-day, and loans were made on more fuvorablo terms. The steamship Cambria, from Liverpool, will be due at Boston on Friday next. She will probably bring another half millions of dollars in specie. The crisis in the money market has doubtless passed, and the recovery will, we trust, be gradual and healthy. Look out for bills of the Wolf borough Bank of Wolfborough, N. II. Efforts will soon be made to put them into circulatiou.andit is necessary to be on tho g-sard agaiust them. They are not worth the paper they are printed on. The Salisbury Bank, of Muryland, is another dangerous concern, and one of these days tho bill holders will not be able to find the agent of redemption. It is not safe to keep them over night. Even the brokers in Wall street get rid of every dollar of them before going "home. 'Our advice is, not to touch them a' a1!. It Is stated that tlio Lehigh Coal Company intend to I disregard the recent law passed 1>y the Legislature of Onnsylvauin. prohibiting the issue of scrip for the pnymeut of interest, redeemable in coal. The company intend availing itself of a quibble, and set the law at defiance. The Franklin Bank of C'frtc.'.nnatl '"IS declared the 24th and 2oth dividends of five per cent, payuble at the Bank of America on the 25th inst. The value of merchandise, including the amount of specie imported into this district, in each of the first rthree weeks in the month of April, in each of the past four years, is as annexed :? Commerce or the 1'ort or n'tw yorx?Value Or Imports. April. 1848. 1817. 1848. 1849. >'ir?t week $1,616,847 3,175,190 1,812.420 2.W.S36 Second week.... 1,080,549 .8.551,157 2,230,320 2,012,433 Third week 1,973,051 3,147,990 1,589,859 2,2.86,83.1 Total $5,170,217 9,873,207 5,622,593 6,586,592 Of the importation for thejflrst three weeks in 1847, '$2,134,901 were in specie, while for tho same period in ?849, tho importation of specie only amounted to $570,308. Tho importation of specie during the noxt month or so, is likely to be large, and the aggregate importation, of course, much increased. Thus far. it exceeds that for the same period in either of the throe previous years, except 1847. If the receipts of foreign merchandise fall' off, the receipts of specie will more than fill the vacuum, so that we shall liquidate, before many weeks, any balance of trado which may have been in our favor. This movement in specie does not by any means show that 4 there has been, or is, a balance in our favor in our trade with Great Britain or any other country. This importation of the proclous metals Is, we apprehend, more the result of speculative operations among exchange dealers, than nny favorable state of our foreign trade. If such is the case, tho importation is likely to roasc. any moment, and the return movement commoner immediately after. There is no doubt but that quotations for sterling cxehnnge were depressed more by llic efforts of drillers thnii by any balance in our favor on our actual Imports unil exports of merclmndiso The statements made from time to time, that large amounts of specie were coming, Induced holders of produce bills to force their bills upon the market, which, in connection with the stringency in the money market, pressed down prices and forced sales. The principal purchasers at the lowest prices were the regular bill-drawers, and the effect of their speculations is visible in the rapid rise realized in rates within the past week. At ruling rates no farther importation of specie can take place, beyond thnt already arranged for, or on its way: nnd It is highly probable thnt quotation* will he sustained above specie stiipping points. I'nder any cireuin-tuners, the operation will prove prodtnhle. either by an importation of specie in return for exchange, costing from three to four per cent premium, or l>y the advance In quotations for bills from three and four per cent, to seven nnd eight pet cent premium. The returns of the Board of Trade of Knglaml, showIngtlie declared value oftlni exports and amount ol imports of the I'nitcd Kingdom for the month ending March G, 1848 and 1849. exhibit a more satisfactory state of trade than the previous months. CosiMinci: or Great BniTAix?DkcLarfd Vai.ii oi Exports. Unvth erdliifl Mn r<A 6. 1848. 1*19. Inrrtatr, Derremt Butter ?7,427 ?12,!'l.t ?3, 488 Canities 2,799 7,"44 8,17? ? Cheoso 1,479 1,737 238 ? Coals and cutm. . 68,897 SO.199 17,-'tf2 ? Cotton manufac. 1,4.11,899 1..'.SI.ill 13 119.164 ? Cotton yam,... 438,,'.2? 3.31,307 PS.IH1 ? Earthenware.., 59,.Vts) 64,994 8,374 ? ITish, berrinvt.. 1.858 4,477 gpiji ? Glass 18,924 18,! 50 34 llanlwares and cutlery 144,724 1.19,638 ? Leather wrovg't andunwrocght 17,917 22.(12 4 465 ? Linen maniifae'* 228,733 27.s,iot> 49* .133 ? Linen yarn .is.osn 35,232 17,152 ? Machinery...,. 6c,*88 21,780 ? 4'100 Metals.?Iron & ateel 327,8*1 311,402 _ If. 1 Copper sod brn- Ktt.iKI 1.10,990 34,877 _ Tin unwrought 9,51:1 4.938 ? 1 54-, Tin plates 31,917 #9,38.1 21.718 ' _ lend 5.707 17.179 11.793 _ Salt 7.7:11 I 5,37 3 7.M241 _ Silk nianutae's 31.1189 39,2:17 ? 1 if,i Soup. 12 IM 14,999 1.008 ? iMigur, rpttncn. ?o,isi /.soo ? \T?ol, elicpp nml Inmix. .. 20,108 21,3] 4 1,11(1 ? "Woollen yarn. If, 171 OO.lHVi 4.44 ? Woollen 'mn ufactni ei., 413,HI* 4>Vl,M.1 40.i!7 ? Tot*ii xs, : ! :, * 4,mi,aw 402,7x1 71,07 It appear* liy tlili. tlmt the value of merchandise produce. lo., exported during the month ending Marel ft, 1S4f?, was ?'4-41,0(10 over ill? corresponding month l? 1848, and jC.'<72,0,'H OTcr tlic corresponding month ii 1847. There arc only fire Item* lo the lint which liar' fallen off, there hairing been an increaae in all the rent, in *ome of which it ha* reached a eery large per cent The decrraae liae been almost entirely confined to machinery and metal* The importation* Into Great Britain hare largely increased, particularly of breadstuff* and provision* The annexed eompartire table, exhibit* the quantity ol certain article* imported for the mouth ending March 5th. in each of the past two year*, and the quantity taken for consumption in the same period:? Quamtitt or CkRtai.k Impohtrd into Britain. Taken for '0,1Imported. a umption. UV< k ending Ma rch 5. 1*48. IW. 1*H. I set. Grain, wheat, qra . 99.083 818,413 iff,.VII 407,2D Grain of other de*cription*. qrs ftl.StW 132.480 S4,R*9 216.391 Indian corn, qr* 82,8*3 1*1,727 *2,**.! 1*0.111 Flour and meal, ewt.. 194.(120 21*,4*1 191,020 374,3*0 Proviaioa#?bacon, pork. he., ewt 35.815 129.207 Free. Free. Butter and cheese, ewt 38,068 45,117 42,290 4:1022 Animal*. .No ft,*37 10,902 Free. Free. Egg*. No 4,77(1.224 7.H94.247 4,776.224 7.101,217 Coca, lb* 107,166 169,498 818,670 275,(09 Coffee, Britigh, lb*,.. 7H.74I 411,009 2.376,323 2,402.4*7 Do. foreign 403,618 1,204.606 I147.H67 421.133 Sugar?VF. India, owt. 105,682 104,193 211.296 219.351 East India... . !.** , 147 216,166 89,389 121,170 Fureign 54,124 87,398 (>7,172 .'10 .'IS Ti-?. lbs 3,551,812 4,591.022 3,7J?;,T79 3,685,3-9 Kicc, cat 90,155 118,992 Freo. 31,730 Spirits, (tails 596,241 869,041 344,110 307.159 Wines, iiiills 340,021 401,72s 625,03,1 523,162 Opium, lbs 003 4,345 6,496 5.IW0 Tubaoco. lbs 1,008,311 81s,992 2,183,063 2,130,500 Fruits?Currants, Or*, and raisins, cwt. 18,090 04,778 89,034 35,0*8 I.cmonstlurangcs.cli. 71,004 44,179 02,45.8 40,517 Spices, lbs 443.375 194.746 271,250 207.776 l>o. cat 2,881 4,384 374 176 Flux, cwt 40,006 28,819 Hemp, cwt 20,572 20,527 ? Raw silk, lbs 230.005 343,288 ? ? Cotton, cwt 301.534 402.095 ? _ Wool, lbs 1,853,832 3,297.202 ? ? Tallow, cwt 42.741 80,880 ? ? Silk manufactures ?f Europe, lbs .36,288 48.375 35,453 49,068 Ditto, of India, pes.. . 09,981 81,820 8,415 18,218 With regard to other articles, there is ati increase in the import of nil descriptions of dyes and dying stuffs, except logwood ; hides and oils likewise show a large in crease in nil descriptions; in metals, there is a decrease in unwrought steel,and an increase in tin; in timber, as was the case the previous month, there is a decrease in the import of nil descriptions, both British and foreign, but in the qrnntlties taken for consumption there is agaiu u large increase in foreign, with a proportionate diminution in British. Of the various articles of food anl luxury, it will be seen that grain, salted meat, butter and cheese, animals and eggs, have been taken in largely augmented quantities. The consumption of sugar, likewise, shows an increase; but in tl at of coffee, tea, uud cocoa, as well as in fruits and spices, there is a falling off The importation of the principal artieles, the growth nnd product of the United States, into Great Britain, for the two months ending March 5, in each of the past two years, was as annexed :? Importation ok American ProdicE) &r., into Gukat Britain. Two Months ending March 5, 1848. 1319 Increase. Wheat, quarters 181.000 6611,000 485,000 Oats 12,000 33,000 22,000 Barley 14.000 143.000 120.000 MaiM 172.000 302.000 220,000 Flour, cwt 190.000 878.000 670.000 Tallow 148.000 173.000 25.000 Cotton, lbs 524.000 1,064.000 540.000 Hemp, cwt 64.000 47.000 Turpentine, cwt 30 800 55.000 14.200 .Clover Seed 0.420 26,00(1 19,580 Hams 389 1.213 829 Fork 8.689 37.043 23,959 Beef 22,000 63.000 41.000 Chee se 44.000 47.000 3 ooo liiiccn U.U'JU 4S.IHH) .in,OOD The only article in this list which lias fallen off is hemp, while the receipts of most of the others have doubled, triblrd. and in some instance quadrupled. Stock Exchange. $1000 USB's, 1SB3 W 20 HliM Harlem,pref. full f?7V BOO Treas Notes !(*?,; 100 Reading Kit b30 32 BfflO Indiana State B's 100 do .HIV BfflW l'enun B's UHO H2 1)K) E RR, new, full sliO fit11,1 MHO do bit) SI V BO llni'lcm Railroad Ml3. ftHIO do SI V. ISO do ,vo lMKHI do HI1. 100 do slO Ml'. 1IHHI R Mtge Bonds (Hi'a 1IH) Canton Co .HsJ? Boon do al2a 80 25 do blO .'h3, SB sbs Merch Bank lOo'B lilt) Farmera' Trust .Hi'. 10 Itk of Com Serin Ps'j ft) do s3d St!1. 10 N V St N 11 Hit Hf.'? SECOND ROARS). 100 sbs Canton Scrip 2?? 1BO olis llarlem RR bdrt 6<)l? 2ik) Reading RR s3 31V 100 do )>.'{ 00' 1IH) lliirlcni RR W}i ItH) do b.'W Oil3, BO do slit) Bo3.,' 8 Erie, new, full 00 ISO do fi!)?.g 1IH) Farmers' Tru.t .'hi3,' 300 do tit) BO Canton Co US;'* 1M) do htm 00 ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. REWARD. KF.WARD-STOLEN, ON MONDAY AFTEIt1 A / noon, the 23d inst., from 2B1 Broadway, a small case containing five cameo likenesses. Pawnbrokers will please take notiec; the above reward will be paid for their recovery, by calling at 231 Broadway, corner of Murray street. I'll 11,1 bErt borrf.l. SPORTING. Centricvili.e course?trottino.?a purse of $80 mile heats. Best 3 in Bin harness for horses that n.^er won a purse. To come oil Thursday, April 20th. Entries to chi'e li^sdsr. April 21th, by 10 o'clock. 1'. M., at tireen A M .dden's, 1R8 l"!mtt.*m-8treet. Throe or uiore to make a field, and two to start. In I'll entries the entrance meuey to be depotitod in the box with the entry. SPECIAL NOTICES. 10. of O. F. MARINERS' LODGE, No. 23?THE MESI hers of Mariner*' Lodge, No. 2'i I. O. of O. 7. are requested to assemble at their Lodge Room, No. 38 Canal street, on Tuesday, the 24th inst.. at half-past 1 o'clock, to pay the last tribute of respect to our late worthy brother, John Wilson, by order SAJ1WKI. AC LI), X.C1. J AMI'S \l". VI.VWft. Sl?tTPt:irV. Notice,?tub hooks for the subscription to the < n| !tu 1 stock of tlio New York and Liverpool United Status Mail Steamship Company, will he opened at the office of K. K. COLLINS, 71 South street, in the city of New Vork, on Thursday, tho 3d of Muy next, from the hour of 10 A. M., to 3 o'clock, P. M. james brown, KOW Alt I) K. COLLINS, KLIS1IA RIGOS, Commissioners. william S. wetmore, stewart brown, miscellaneous. WATCHES. WATCHES.?A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF Cold and Silver Watches constantly on hand, at very low prices, and warranted good timekeeper*. Patent Lever, Lepine and other watches cleaned and warranted tor one dollar. JOHN COX, Watchmaker and Jeweler, 2.4 Bowery. PIERCE S NEW TWO OVEN RANGE FOR 1MB, BRICK Oven Top.?Thla useful and economical invention is now In operation at 2S2 Broadway, where the public are requested to call and examine It. GEORGE PIERCE & CO. N. B.?Pierce'* Range* repaired. Daguerreotypes of children of any age are taken at LANG EN ii el m & BECKERS', 201 Broadway. instaneminly and without difficulty. SA. PHILLIPS k CO.. SUCCESSORS TO J. WHIT tinghain. 3S0 Broadway, np stair*, will open on Tuesda.r, 21th April, a handsome assortment ?t trench Hats, Caps. Mantilla*, fcc. IJRENCII PAPF.R-1IANOINGS AND CURTAIN MAterials, for rale wholesale and retail, on the most reasonable ti rms, by Solomon Jt llart, LM.'I Broadway?who are receiving, by every arrival from Havre, Papers and Border* of all kiiids.'from the most elegant to the least co?tly, comprising Gold, Silver, Fresco, Satin, Floch, Decors, and other Palters. Also, constantly on hand, Curtain Material* of every de*eription. Curtains made, and put up in the most fa diional.le stile*. SOLOMON lit HART. MS lir .adway. CIAKI'KTINGS. MATTINGS. OILCLOTHS. l'lIII.ADEL' phla.?The immense warernoms of Carpet nail < an vie with any Mock In the Union for price, quality or design of Axmin*ter, Tapestry, Brussels, Imperial, Ingrain ami Venetian Carpets; Floor, Table and Wagon Oilcloth: Window Shades, Mntting* and Mats. Rugs, Ike., fcc.j for cash or city acceptances, with interest added. With much successful experience as an importer and manufacturer, for the laat twenty year*, the undersigned still solicits from the merchant und housekeeper a continuation of the favor* ?o literally awarded to the Old House, Carpet Hall, IS and 20 North Second street, l elow Christ Church. J. SIDNEY JONES. OLD ? K * XJ. t? iliK OH.I.U, lino 1/ni, Tuesday, 24th, at 12 o'clock, within the store. Peremptory rale of the private stock of vcrv fine old Wines, Brandies, fcc., belonging to Mr. William Niblo, comprising Madeiras, from the stock of David Maitland, Esq., Layeock," "Oilespie k McLeod," "Manran," "Coles.' " Wanderer," "Stephen Price," "Fariuhur," "Bloodirood," 30 years in glass: "Juno," " Sercial,' "Juno" of Gillespie and M'Lood, do. of Charles Henry Hall, Esq., &c. Slurries, (in bottle,) compi ising old psfe " Bank Coffee llousv," "Gillespie It McLeod," f " En at India," "Ferdinand." 21 years in glass: " Komano." "rrietf Bnbbnrd," (In demijohns:) do. <.f Lea mm v * Monro, cost in 1*30 S* per gallon; brown "Romano" from ' Monro. Old Rhenish M incs?Rudetihelmer, Mnrcobrunner, Lcovillo. Claret and some Port Wines, selectod by John Wyho. at the London docks; green seal do. Scotch Whiskey, of Cainhli ton's, remarkably fine, 1N2A Also very old pale and hrown Brandies. These Wines have been selected at various times from neH of tha private stocks sold In n . Fork for many > cars, and some of them have been in the possession of Mr. Nil Jo since the days of the old Dank CofTeo No Wines but belonging to him have been admitted to the sale. It will I o packed in boxes for out of town buyers, or it inav rerun in in store till 10th May. Terms?00 days oter 3?IjO, a | proved endorsed notes. Removal?gold and silver leaf, and devtist's Foil Manufactory?The subscriber has removed his establishment from 92 Kendo street to 112 Franklin street, I l>< tween West Broadway and Church street. J. L. WATT,If. IIA RMS. FANCY TRINKETS, lie., FINE JEWELRY j ?...i ?ft ftrl.w St?u'irt manufacturer of yciuine article* only, No. 1.1 Juliu street, ware room op noire. W atches repaired in the holt manner. Fine Watches made np to order. Hood articles, at a fair price, are the cheapest yet. flOI.Tt AND SILVER ENfll.ISI! LEVER WATCHES, I and Watch Movements, of all manufactures, for sale by the importer, at wholesale only, very low for cash. Closs buyers will do well to call before purchasing elsewhere. K v, ROI1KINS, .1A.fnhn street, up stairs. ffl JIROWN, STONE SEAL KNOB AVER AND HER Vf.D J rainier. 2">l Hrnadtray. corner of Murray styt, tip stairs.?t.ris of arms engraved; ladlei' seals; ianet rints; pencil case., engraved witii arms, crests. Me. fonts of arms found and paint'-d, from Sd rpw ards. Hooks of Heraldry with an.fmo nam - Information ui > en In llsrnldry. W'1" MANvrArrtrRRs THE OENKINE WMM-T " Oil Shaving Snap? William .lol nson. I lie inventor Fact' ry . M Frankfort sti.-rt; 17ti Itroadw.ijr. 1'edlnrs uid dealers , si ;.plied. Hi wiser of imitations. | TOAyBMjmr GOTPK. i fcJTATEN 1 SI.AN Is T hRRY.--I.KAV K NK1V VOKK. AT I a n *, I ' iin'! ? o'ulocii. Loavs Vani-rbil. s latud.acat b I 8, 19 1, J, and 9 o cloglt. WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, A .SITUATION TO do chamberwork; if a good washer and ironrr, or to do chamber*ork aad wailing. lias bo objootionf to travsl with a lady. Beat of city reference from the laat employer. Apply at No. 124 East Broadway, rear house, on the .'hi floor. VirANTED?A SITUATION BY A SMART GIRL. TO " do chamberwork or waiting, or would take care of a child, and do plain sewing; in a good plain sewer. No objection to go with a family to the country during the summer months. May be hearu of at 66 Sixth uvonue. \kTANTED?SITUATIONS BY TWO RESPECTABLE " young women?the one aa Cook. Washer, and Ironer; the other a.* Chambermaid, and to do plain sewing. The best of city reference given if required. Can he seen for three day.-., if not engaged, l'leuae call at No. (123 Washington street, first floor, up stairs. 1X7 INT1 D?BY A R18PKCTABI. E YOUNG WOMAN. A Tf situation as plain Cook, Washer and Ironer, or to do yeatralhouse* rk Has no obieetion to a" a short distanoe in the country. Can give the best of city reference. Address -?i Twcnty-t.rst street, between Eighth aud Ninth avenue, in the rear. 1X7 \mi D B\ \ RESPK i \ i.l E. YOI NG WOMAN, " a situation in a sniitll private family, as plain Cook, Washer, and lrorer. 1Ih? no objection to go a short distance to the country. The best references can he given. Can ho seen for two days, at 1W Mulberry street. Please apply at the store. IP \ mi ii- i:\ a RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. T a situation as Seamstress; is capable of fitting and cutting ladies' dresses and boy's cloths. The hist of city reference given it n quired. Please ? ; 11 at 26 Abingdon Square. \LT ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE " KH'L to do general housework in a small private family ; she is a good Washer ami I rone r, plain Cook, Waitress, or Chambermaid. no objections to a situation in tho country Tbe b?-nt >!' city re ten n? c can !> ? given. Address "JIG Seventeenth street, between Eighth aiut Ninth avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Chambermaid and Waiter, or to do the work of a small private family. Can give the best of city reference, having lived throe years in her last place. Address 36 McDougal street, in the rear, I'd floor. WANTED?BY A FIRST RATE COOK, WASIIER AND lroner, a situation iu a respectable family. She can he een at her last place, 2V2 Tenth street. She can give good city ( ..nut I V ramtftt 1 YETANTKD A SITUATION AS COAC MAN. BY A n young man ; has good city reference as tc character and capability. lie can be seen at Mr. Campbell's, No. IS Fourth avenue, l?y inquiring for T. It. il'ami i' by a you no man, well acijualntv t oil with his business, a situation as a > lerk, in an Apothecary r D \ Store. Addreee Y, ZM Herald omoe. nrANTED a si 1 i a i ION, Bl a QIRL. W l i ll QOOD ? references, as CIihiuIm rmwid. who could assist in w uxhing and ironing, or take care of childreu. Apply at 2Dth st., No. 57, comer 4th avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A MIDDLE AGED woman, a* Chambermaid; can do tinn washing and Ironing, or do plain oooking. Apply it isi F ulton st. TIT"ANTED?BY A STEADY, RESPECTABLE YOUNG Y woman, a situation as Seamstrese; and also understands dress muking, would have no objection to assist iu the cart of children, or ?hamberworki oan give go"U referenoe fr? in her last pluce. Can be seen for three days, by applying at No. 11 Spring street. No objection to the country. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE Young Women, with tho best of city reference, one as Waiter or Children's Nurse, and assist at Plain Sewing and W ashing; the other us Laundress, or to do gonerul housework. Apply at 49 Bleccker street. \AT ANTED- SIT! AT IONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE tf Young Women, the one to do Plain Cooking, Washing and Ironing, or to do the work of a small private family ; the other as Chambermaid, or to take care of Children. The best of city reference if required. Please call at At Prince struct, up stairs, first floor. Can be seen for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, u situation as Cook in a ornate family, who thoroughly understands her business,* and can give good city references ; and has no objection of going to the conutry. Please call, for two days, at 116 Dunne street, in the rear. Wavi ED-SITUATIONS BY TWO PEMALES, ONE A middle aged woman, as Cook ; can hake. Has no objection to zo a short distance in the country. Good city reference. The other as Chambermaid, and t?? do the washing or ironing, or plain sewing. Please call at71 Avenue B, corner WANTED?BY A RESPECTABEE YOUNG WOMAN, a Protestant, n situation a* Chambermaid and to assist in tlie Washing and Ironing; would ho willing to make herself generally useful. Please call at 141* Crosby street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, who is a good Cook and first rate Washer and Ironer or Chambermaid, Washer and lronor; can procure good city reference. Can he seen t r two days at 2f? 7 Bowerv. in filestore. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as Chambermaid in a private family. Best of city reference given. Apply at 378 Tenth street, first floor, hack room. \L7 AN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TV a situation as Lady's Maid, Sempstress or Children's Maid. Can give the best of city reference. Address, 7-r? Pacific, near Boerum street, Brooklyn. No objection to go a short distance in the country. \JkTANTE 1>?ON THE FIRST OF MAY, PART OF AN v v Oflice in Wall street, between Broadway and William, first or S'Cond floor. The applicant is a commissioner of deeds, and will give ft liberal rent. Apply to A. BUCK, No. 77 Nassau street (Oflice, No. 4). fXTAXTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A v v young healthy Protestant woman, with a full breast of milk, four weeks old. She is well qualified, and capable eVery way of filling the situation. Can be seen, for two days, at No. 141 Walker street. irr ante i>?a situation, by a respectable v v young girl, in a private family, to do general housework. Is a good p fit in cook, washer and ironer;also u good sewer, and has been accustomed to take care of children. Satisfactory Tefereuce given. No objection to go a short distance in the country. Call ut 02 .laiucs street, first floor. Can be seen for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as Cook, Washer, and I roner, in a small private family?can give the best of city reference. Apply at No. HP Grand street, between Mott and Mulberry streets, front basement. WANTED-BY A JtF.Sl'fccfABI.C Vo(TN(j WOMAV, a situation a, Chambermaid anil Waiter, or to d<> the work of n small private family. Can giro the liv.t of city reference. Adtlresa 111 Forsyik . treet, in the baicineat. Can le icon for two daya. \ET ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRT., vv a situation as Chambermaid, and Nurse; can do plain sewing ill a small private family. Can be seen for two days. Apply at 01 Fourth avenue. WANTF.D?A PLUMBER WHO PERFECTLY UNDERStands his business. Apply at the corn.r of Hudson and Fourteenth streets, for two days, front 7 to tf o'clock A. M.. and from I* to 11 o'clo.k P. M. WANTED.?A SITUATION WANTED BY A RF.spectuhlo young woman to rook, wash, and iron, for a respectable family. Best of city reference given. Please call at Eighth avenue, No. 1.T8. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION as Chambermaid, nml to do plain sewing, or lias no ol>Jeotion to do general housework in a private family; she is < apatite of hnk ing if required. She cnn lie seen for n few days in Twenty-eighth etrcet, four doors west of Fourth avenue, where she van get the best of references as to character and experience. WANTED?A SITUATION BY AN AMERICAN GIRI, as Chnmheruiaid and Walter, or to do the work of a small family. The host of city reference can be given: no objection to go in the country. Addres I'JO Broadway. \MTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. II a situation to do chamber work, and assist in washing and ironing, or to do general housework in a small private family. Best of reference given. I'lease inquire at 75 Ninth avenue, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as Chambermaid, or to do general honsesrork in a small private family, is a good washer and ironer, and has good city reference. Apply Tuesday and Wednesday, at 13 Clarkson street, front basement. 117"ANTED?SITUATIONS BY A MAN AND HIS WIFE, vv with good city reference, the man as Waiter, is an excellent one. and can undertake to drive a carriage and make himself useful: his wife is a competent Chambermaid, or would care children and do plain sewing. They hove no objection to go to the country. I'lease call at 71 Sixth avenue, in the store. "117"ANTED?AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF TEAS, AT If wholesale, throughout the country, for which a per Coutage will he paid. Apply at 2.S Broadway. "IE/'AN TED--BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM AN, vv a situation in a respootuhlc private family. Is. > good plain cook, and a tirst-rater washer and ironer. Best city reterence given, fan he seen for a week. Please vail at 3,'j Third Ac mo . >,p| ...-it< T < inpkin's Market. \ATANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLEPROvv t eat it lit girl, as Chambermaid, or to do general housework in a small family, lies*, of reference given, apply at til Watt street. ANT ED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE i v Kin. iii- " hi-iici ui"i ....... ., ... ... - small private fumil3 : wages nut so an object as 11 peril am nt situation. flood reference (Iran if required. Please to inquire at ll? Mutt street. up stairs. \%T ANTED.?A SITtATION AS ?ET NURSE, Br A TT respectable woman, baring I oat her baby two months old. Would make herself generally useful. Mould hare no objection to the country, i'lcaso apply at 11.1 Washington stieet, first floor, upstairs. llf ANTED.?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITI7"t ution as ( 00k, either in a hotel or boarding house, for the country, or would take rhargo of a dairy. Is a Protestant.. Can he seen at Wflrand street, for two dnya. \JLr ANTED.?IIV A HF.SI'FCTABLF. fJIRI., A SITUAft tii 11 as Chambermaid. and to assist with the washing and ironing, or to do the housework in a small family. She lias lived clot en ) ears in her last place, and ran lie seen for two days. Phase eall nt 51Franklin street, in the rear. A YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUAr r tion as Nurse and Seamstress, or Chnmhermaid. She lias lin-d two and a half years in her lastplaee. The moat unexl eptionnhlc reference at to character, fee. Apply at No. 15 Thirteenth street, between I'nieersity Place and Fifth aVeniiC. "EJLr ANTF.D BY A RESPECTABLE t "I N<. WHMW. A VV situation ni Chambermaid or M alter, or to take eare of children. The best of city reference can he given, t an he seen for two dajs. l'lca; e call at No. Z'> Marion street. 0 in the rear. \]Lr ANTED IMMEDIATE!,Y--A FIRST-RATF. I.ATNTf dre none but the very heft need apply. Also * neat tidj girl as Chnmhermaid. Apply this morning at Noils .Murray Btreet. \\T F.T M'RSE?WANTED, BY A IIEAI.TIIV VOUXfl TT woman who has Just lost her bahy two days old, the situation of a wet nurse in some respectable family. Address Margaret White, nt George Will's, corner of 12th street and avenue It. Can he seen for three days. A Mil ATK1N IIAMI'.nill A RESPECTABLE VDl'NO JY noman, as r Rtir.ii jilnin Washer and Ironer, to do plain ( oclinpt or chnmherwork: bent of city reference will bo git en Mid I n; no objection to go n small distance in the country. Can be aecn for t* o dnjs, by applying at No. 11 Marion ?t. I'lwt call up atalra. A III (HI I. V KESlT.t TAIII.E GERMAN WOMAN. IVIIO Is fully eonipotent of taking charge of cbil(lr,,n1 having d< no to for eleven years in tbe city of Itremcn, Oerranny, it de-irons of obtaining a situation as bead nitrso, in a privato family oryoung ladiea' hoarding school; alio Halo, an excellent plain sewer. t an be aeon at No. 102 Donna street. A MOST ItEvl'Et r VI!I K MM NO WOMAN WISHES A situation in aome respoetal.le family, at Seamstresa and Children's Nurse, or < hambermaid and S.-ainatr- ?; and bane objection to go in tbe country during tbe summer. Nntiafa. tory ref run e git en. Please enquire at I7A Hester atreet. second floor. Can be seen Tuesday and Wednesday. AW F.I.I. IN HtRMKIr VOI NO W OMAN. Will) CVDKRstanda Alio sewinjt at linen, or can sprig muslin and lsee, , v onl I fulfil a situation as Chambermaid and Sewer, or at Nurse, or to assist in a confectionary store also; she ran wash and Iron. Can be seen three days at her pet* -nt em ployer'a, C+l U?tMMn street. Uiidoltj references. WAirrs. AYOUNQ LADY WISHES A SITUATION IN A HE portable School, -r i I* ate family, as te rher of Malic and Singine; ah* ii fully competent, having received her instructions rrvm one of the beet Italian matter*. Shi eoitld aleo inetruot in tho rudimeuti of Freuoh and lira aim Addre*. E. P.. Ilerald Office. A lady, who has for sxverai, years been enraged a* teacher in on* of the Bret Seminaries in the country, is deeirone of ubtaininit tire or six pupils, to inetruot, at her private reeidence, in a central part of the city. Addieite f^h., Ilerald HBice. _ A FIRST RATE COOK.?A RBSI'ECTABI.E YOUNG women wiehel n eitnntion a* lirst Cook in a respectable family. The heet of reference can he given. Can ho seou for two days: hae no objection to go a ehort dietau hi i > country: understands paltry thoroughly. I'U.iee call at 5.1 Duano street. \c.\r.m;i>. tin nt; mom an wants a situation to do ti c rooking, washing and ironing of a email private family, or general house work iu a small family; w old hate no objection to go with a family out of town for the summer." The l.r-t of < itv refer a given. Can 1 f u t.-r t . t;VN s" I'll i- i :i 1! .it I '? rhri.>t v street. HOUSEKEEPER? H A.NTtl) A8 SITII BT A WIDOW lady, eiiher in the city or out. The best of citv rot'i rt tit?? Kt\< it, mm to capabilities. Address a n-?te, Mr.-. E.. | h i which will ho promptly attended to. 110 MX( II AN ICS. WANTED. IT ft INABT \< PIT! . ^ boy, 17 years old, to lourn the Ship or House Carpent?'?V trude, or any other respectable trade, fan giro good reference. Please call auy day this week at No. 17 It est Ttv- il\? i v |'i:t, , front blMDMI. TO FRENCH MERCHANTS.?A YOUNG AMERICAN Gentleman, 17 years of age. wants a situation in a French mercantile house: as his object is more particularly to instruct himself in business, salary not an object. He writes a good hand, and can speak anil write English, French and

Spanish. Apply at 1*5 St. Marks Place. SALES BY AUCTION. DY JACOB S i*i.ATT L. <;. CARRINGTON, AUCJD iioiiier.? Vt utuh.s and Jewelry, Fancy Honda, tec.? G lil sod Hirer Matches, of all kinds, in lots to ?'ii? wnrchisers.and among which are many of the most valuable kinds, u4 w 111 hi sold ik para te t# accommodate individuals a bin] a superior and warranted time keeker for private use: they consist of over l(Hi -eeoad hand Watolios, the whole stock on hand of a Pawnbroker. Also?50 silver and 50 tine IM carat line cased English, French, and Swiss Watches, Anchor, hepine, Patent I.over, Independent Seconds, 'J, 1. fl, H to 30 pair jo we Is. Also?Chrisocal uod plated Watches. Also?At precisely 12 o'clock. J of the highest cost Watches, full and extra jewels; gold dial and cases, double time; d of Minder's stop seconds, Ac., value said to bo from $>7"? to $150 each, and to be sold without reserve. Also?A large invoice of gold and gilt Jewelry, fine silver Ornaments, some line California knives, Howies knives. Ae. Also? Segar Cases, I'anev lioxcs, Ac. Sale to commence at II o'clock, at the Auction Uo on, 2d Piatt struct, and to which the attention of purchasers is directed, Henry h leeds, au< rioxBin.?splendid and Fashionable Furniture, Works of Art, furiosities, Antiques, Hrou/cs, Statuary, Ac., a inagniticcnt collection of about 2tiU t*il Paintings, most of which arc original, and of very great value, the property of Charles Do hit Forest, Esq.. ! lute Consul General of frame.?Henry II. Heeds A Co. will sell at auction, on Tuesday, 21th, and Wediiesduy, 25th, and j Thursday, 2tith April, at the rcsidenecof f liarles I)c I,a Forest, j Esq., late Consul General of France, at 10 o'clock each day, commencing with the Household Furniture, Ac., and followed with the largest and most splendid collection of original Oil Paintings in the L'uitcd States, Works of Art, tec., tec., j Til. : ? . ii.ti.viv r i 1\ . * i i \j f\ r., r,.V Oil IT.. Carved rosewood sofa, tete-a-tetcs, ottomans, divans, chairs, ann anil Voltaire do., covered in brocatclle, purple, and gold ; etergercs; centre, corner, and aide do., in rosewood; window curtains, purple and gold broeatelle; Indian fancy chairs, lace under curtains, French fan screens, Brussels carpets, splendid large pier and mantel glasses, beat French plates; Chinese work tables, ormolu clocks and candelabras, inlaid furniture, costly vases, Dresden and real Sevres China figures; onuolu chandeliers, card tables, antique works of art, curiosities, iltc., some of w hich arc very rare and of great value. CENTRE PARLOR, EN si itk. Rosewood, medallion, drab and blue couches, chairs, divans, Voltaire ana fanes ehalrs, large else French plate pit r and mantel glasses, ri al antique bronze clock, figures and cuiidolahraM, brackets, supported by figures, marble top side tables, Brussels carpets, rosewood card tables, one splendid rosewood piano forte of superior tone, antique jars, tare curtains, ! ormolu chandelier, curiosities, among them a root of a tree representing a dog, Ac. DINING ROOM. Extension dining table, marble ton side do, real bronze cureel In nips, rosewood chairs, covered in brocatclle, silver plated ware, of all kinds, cut glaSB and China ware, bronze figures, Ac., Ac. HFDROOM Fl RNITFRR. Brussels carpeting, French secretary, marble top, lined with satin wood; French bedsteads, carved do, with embroidered muslin bed curtains, lined pink, tind canopy w indow and door curtains to match; easy and arm chairs, covered in satin damask; double and single marble top waslistauds; elegant inlaid ladies' secretary; rosewood couches, cabinets with marble tops, an antique block, inland boxes, clieval glasses, mantel and pier glasses, bureaus, imported from France, togother with a very large assortment of other furniture. PAINTINGS. About 2U0 of the most costly original Oil Faint in?*.sketches etchings, and engravings in frames, to be found in the Fnited States, which have occupied upwards of 10 years to collect and at very great expense?by the greatest ancient and modern artists, among which will be round the original by Morales, for w bich J ouis Philippe offered slO.OoO, representing "St. Francis in ecstney." The celebrated pictures by Cignani, representing Cleopatra killing herself, for which five hundred dollars was off*-red for the privilege of copying; St. Colin, by Van Dyko; Pastoral seono by Omcirank; Interior by "Van Tilburgn;" The Rural Courtship, by Watteau; Sleeping Saviour, by Gnido; also other known originals by P. P. Ru1 ens, Brueghel, Carracci, Sehidone. lsubey, Watson, Mola A Correjrio, Houssin, Titian, Zecarreli, Raphael, Murillo, Boucher, Teniers, Van Ostade, Salvata Rosa, Mount, Wier, Chapman, Gioux, and other great artists. The whole of this splendid gallery w ill be disposed of without reserve. Tickets of admission will be issued by the auct.. neers, No. H Wall St., three days before the sale, for the examination of the pictures, works of art, and furniture. The sale w ill communOv' with the furniture, Ac., on the 121th itM., and the pictures on the 2f>th and Jftith inst.; the Library by Messrs. C'ooleyA Kecsc, at 7 o'i look m the evening ?<i each day. WILLIAM 11. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER ELEGANT rosewood and mahogany Furniture, Wilton, Brussels, I and ingrain Carpets. Pier Glasses, Oil Paintings, A<\ Wm. 11. Franklin, Son, A Co., will sell at auction, on Wednesday, April ten o'clock, at N*. 7sSt. Mark's place, the entire Furniture contained in the above house, (sold on account of the owner removing into the country,! consisting in part as follows;?Wilton, Brussels, and ingrain Carpets, Oil Cloths, ' elegant Pier Glasses, rosewood Sofas, Tcte-a-tetes. and 11. ! ?pu ' covor<*G In Vl'1<k crimson plush: Window Curtains and Corniced, with tinier ilroprf. A O.J hanasodiQ rd.^wpod Arm Chairs, covered with ?atIti d* Intnnand crimson pli sh: Pianft Stool: Divans, covered do., rosewood quartette do.; Sideboards with marble tops, rosewood and mahogany bureau* with marble tops and swinging glass; Rookcast. rcry expensive Mantel Ornaments; mahogany. French, and high post Bedsteads; Locking Glasses, mahogany Chairs, covered with haircloth; curled maple Chairs, mahogany Wasbstand, marble top do.; Uiitstand, Hall Lantern, with stained glass; Stair Carpets and Rods, Child's Swing Crib, Ac. Also, Rome j Oil Paintings. Also, the usual assortment of Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will commence. Catalogue# the day previous to the sale. I TOMER MORGAN. AFCTION F.F.R.?ELEGANT I CR 1 I nlture.?Wednesday. April 25, at 10o'clock, at III Kiihth strict, the entire Furniture in the house, comprising every article requisite f??r Housekeeping. Mont of the Furniture is nearly new, and ;iii ??i ?? in itiparlor ardi r. (111 Ah I KS II. STEllHINS, A POTION EER.?TO HE SOLD J at I'uMie Auction, on Wednesday, April 25. at 12 o'clock, tioon, sit T? mpkinsville, S. I., next house to I) MaiHeet's Coal ami Limit er Vurd. a tine iiHH?rtnient of Household Furniture, and also sm excellent Family Carriage, of a gentleman going South. \JkT A LI EH ORF.r.NOrGlf. AH TIONEER?HANDSOME T Furniture, at auction. ? W, Grecn??ii|th k Co. will soil, thie day. nt ten o'clock, in Warren street, second door from llenry street, South lirooklyn, the entire Parlor, Bed Koora, and Kitchen f urniture contained in the above house. Terms cash. I anknble money. For particulars see Auction head. By J. DEC* EM AN, AUCTION EER. ? WEDNESDAY, April 25, at 9 A. M., at No, 52 Jornlt*mon *t., Brooklyn, genteel parlor, chamhcr and Kitchen Furniture; an elegant escritoire Bookcase. Same day, at past II o'clock, sit No. 113 Clinton street. Brooklyn, si fnrge and excellent assortment of elegant Furniture, of tnc best manufacture, ax good ainew, having been in use hut a short time. Same dnv, sit I o'clock, P. M? sit No. 112 State street, a few articles of good Furniture. Catalogues at the Sales Room. C1 FORCE B. ROLLINS, A I'CTIONEER.?IIOt'SEIIOLD Y Furniture.?G. B. Ilollins Si Co. will sell nt 111 o'clock, on \\ cdnesday. April 25, at No. t*? Hammond street, the large assortment of excellent Furniture contained in that three story double house, comprising Parlor, Dining. Bedroom and Kitchen Furniture. A superior Extension Dining Tnhle. Bureau*, Dressing Tnhle*. Looking Glauses. Bedsteads, .Mattresses, ( firpetx. Oil Cloth, Ouurtette Tables, Chairs, Crockery, Blast Ware, ke. Catalogues nt 27 Wall street. C1EORGE B. ROLLINS, A I'CTION P.KR.?HANDSOME Y Household Furniture.?G. B. Rollins to Co. will sell on Tuesday, April 21th, at HI o'clock, at No. 45 Saventh atreet, the entire furniture of that houae, comprising a full assortment of parUr, dining, hod room and kitchen furniture. A superior rosewood Pianoforte, made by Glem ; mahogany Chairs, Sofas, Couches, Dining Tables, fee.; Dainask, Bru.ssals, three-ply and ingrain Garnets, Oilcloths. Lnmns. CnndWsticks, a large quantity or excellent Bedding, Bedroom articles, he. IM. HOFFMAN, AUCTIONEER.?SECOND SPRING Sale of Refined Sugars.?L. M. Iloffmnn to Co. will sell on Wednesday. May 2d. at II o'clock, at the Commercial Sale Room, the stock of standard refined Sugars, manufactured by Messrs, Woolsey h Co., consisting of Loaf, ('rushed and Powdered Refined, in the usual packages. Terms of credit and conditions at the time of sale. Tiy B.A.CHILTON, AUCTIONEER.?IIOCSEHOLD FUR mj niiiiro, removed lorconvi'iuenre 01 hhic.?< < ?< * i nuion 1 will fell nt miction* on TuphiIuv, April 21, at 10 o'clock, at tloi Store, 27 W all street* n general appnrtment of Ifouneliold Furniture. c*f?nHiHtinK of Mnhofruny Sofas, ChairH, !le?lsteads. Mattresses, and IlccMing, Wn>h Stands, Jitireaux, Work Tables, IIiufm-Ih, Inirain, and other t'nrnets, fci\, one Mahogany Piano (a snnerior instrument). Parlor and other Stoves ; also, a choice collection of Givenhouse Plants. _____ Alt TION MH'ICF VALUABLE PI KMTHtK SA IF., this day at 10*^ o'clock, at No. 12 Wooster street, residence of .Mr. Povey: also, Piano Forte, by Stoddard & Dunham, Syren Guitar, Cremona Violin. Flute, See. &c. TIIOS. RRIih, Auctioneer. Auction notice.?ciiina, glass, and eahthennnre?On Tuesday, 21th April, at 10 o'clock, at No. 296 F.ighth avenue, the entire contents of said store, consisting of White Granite, Whompon, Fixed and Flowing lllue Nankin, London and Irish Tea and Coffee Sets, Glassware, he., he., usually found in a retail .tore; also, Store Fixtures. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer, No. 7 New it. Ai ctiom notice.?elegant fcrniti re, piano Forte, ho. WttaMday. at 109, o'clock, u ill 1)0 aold. tlm elegant furniture contnincd in the home I Hi Franklin street. Fli runt Tapestry nnd othor Carpet,. Pier and Centre Tahle,, Parlor, lledmom. Basement, and Kitchen Furniture, all in line order. Elegant Clock.., Mantel Ornaments, he. he. TIIOS. HEM.. Auctioneer. Si'iendid fi'rmtt'rf,, at afction.?james m. Miller aill cell on Tuesday, April Jlth, at III o'clock, at No. 1* Abingdon Place, north" aide of Abingdon Square, the entire Furniture Contained in the above home, consisting in port of--Rosewood Sofa., I>i\an., Chair,, Elegant Ktagera, very rich ]>am?.k Window Curtains, French liedntcad,, W'ilton't'nrpet, Girandoles, he. he. NEW-YORK IIORSE BAZAAR, .H CROSI1Y STREET.I.. F. Hough, Auctioneer.?Auction eale of, Carriage.. Harne,,. Saddle,, hc? every Monday and Wednesday, commencing at 112 o'clock. JOHN It. GATFI EI.D, Proprietor. FOltKION. . .v . . V . - -.V.'AVW. /WVW Aria? connor h co? commission, forwarding, and Shipping Merchant,, Panama.?Consignments of ships and merchandise solicited, and all kind, of Commission business attended to ou the usual terms. Draft, on New York, Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco, London and Paris. PWBI.ICATIO!?S7 Helen jew cms letters.?the national police (laxette, of this week, will be issued on Thursday. It will contain, besides a great variety of exciting criminal new., a full report of one of the richest eases of divorce, in Dcdham, MnssachusseU. ever published, al.o, several letter, w rittrn by Helen Jewctt to Richard P. Robinson, in IxJkA, never before publisbed. In wbich several gentlemen, now in high standing in society, arc allude I to Tbe.e letters, at this time, are In*. , . .1. ?...?? ?? ,i ...? .... . I . ...... I.. ,).? 1 V 7 f ?r' m "* t?w "v"' ?' 7" Y " ,T ' *" 14 ' "* ADiVSHHRirn. B<m*ET THEATRE?TUESDAY EVENING. APRIL 84th, will be tti u-a ma tr.ouuj ui i "r ilia Death of Rolla? Kolla. Mr. J. VVallack.Jr Alaliba, Mr Jordan; Oroaembo, Mr. Moore; llnh I'rieat, Mr. J. Dunn; Cora, Mlea C. Wrmyae. I'itarro. Mr Otlharr Al .m >. Mr Meeker; Elvira, Mm. J. Wallack.jr. After which Sigaora tl. Cieeca, 1 nad Signer 0. Neri, will appear in a tlrand 111 VKUTISF.I MINT, from the hallat nf Nina. Ta conclude with the drama. entitled MAI.KDICTION?Auguatua 1'iedro, Mr. N. It Clarke; Sergeant Hellrnae, Mr. Stevena; Decuudraia, Mr. Jordan; Madame K. I'hilipino, Miae C. Wemyaa. Donra open befura 7?ourtain will rtae at 7K- Boaee 21 cte^ Pit. 12Va eta. CIIANERAVS NATIONAL THKATHE, CHATHAM itreet?Tuoedav evening. April 21. will bep-'l in- i entire new drama, entitled THE LOST Dl AMON l)S; or, The ltanker'a Clerk?Mnnaieur Herbert. Mr. Uield; Charlea Saville, Mr. Tilton; Mona. Veraeuil, Mr. Oawea; Madame Darhert. Mra. Woodward; Madame Veraeuil, Mra. laherwood.? To be followed by M VST Kit I KS AND MISERIES l?F NEW YORK?Moae. Mr. Chanfrati; Captain Toliin, Mr. W. II. Chapman: Little I.ue, Mine E. Mcatater; leabclla Meadowa, Mra. (1. Chapman. To eonclnde with the new drama of THE HKF.A M OF 1.1 FK?ll< nry Bertram, Mr. Ilinld; Jlilly Swiiele, Mr. W Chapman; (jrace Bertram. Miae Mcataynr. Benefit w miss r mertatbr. atchanfraits National Theatre m...... H'"1 / " performance containing A GLANCE .1 > ! (rcv,v,,l f,.r till, night on!)), with several other fhvante pieces, promises th? most brilliant entertain^Mio'uV:p^?ullyn!^>;:r""<'! "f "" f"'nJ' th? C:,;OSE" UNTII, MONDAY, April Jl). (. hrtsty s Minstrels, respectfully announce to tnetr patrons and the publie, tlmt owing to thi Annual Examination of the I upils of th? " Mechanic Society Schools " ana for the purposeof " renovating the I,all" f?r ,|u. summir season. tin \ will discontinue their I'opular Concerts until Ml in 1)A V EVENING. Auril ilH, when they eUMar, t honor of "recommencing' their inimitable entertainment' with a variety of entirely new features MRS. FRANCES KEMBI.E BUTLER WILL UKVD Tuesday evening, April I'll h, the play of KING JI > 11N' at the Stuyvesant Institute, at IK o'clock. Denra open at i o'clock. Tieketa to he hail of Mr. 1'olinann. Janitor of the Institute, at the .Valor House, the Irviug House. and at Mr. Francis's, iinii Mr. t'rowcn'a bookstores. I'rico $1. (tONCEUT IN BROOKLYN -MR. IUSTIN AMI III-. J Sons having returned from a hlghlv successful Southern tour, respectfully inform the cltiien* of Brooklyn they will give a Grand Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music, lit the Female Academy, on Thursday Evening, April 2f>. when they will perform on their Silver Sux llnrns, a variety of popular compositions. Miss O'Connor, Miss Distin, and her Brothers, will also sing several new Songs, Duets, Glees, Jg,, Full particular* In Programmes. Tickets 80 cents each. Doors open at 7 o'clock; commence at S. SHAK8PXARE READING? AT TIM CHAPEL OP thu University of thu City of New York.?II. Wheaton llewot, at the solicitation of several friends, will have tho honor of giving a puhlio reading, at the above place, of Shaksneare'a tragedy of "Hamlet,' on Wednesday evening, April 28th Inst., at 7'j o'clock. Doors open at ti o'clock. Tickets of admission 5(1 cents; for sale at the followdug places?Aster, Irving, and Franklin Houses, New York Hotel. Union Square Hotel; also at tho Bookstores of Mr. Crimen and Mr. Kerliott, and at the door on the evening of the reading, JOSEF GUNG'L'S LAST AND ONLY CONCERT, PRIOR to hie return to Europe, will take plaoe on Friday Evening, A pril 27tl', at the Broadway Tabernacle, on which occasion he will he assisted by the following Northall, Mr. Selis rfenbenr and Mr. ii. C. Tinim. Tickets, 60c. each. Particulars in future advertisements. The pcsseldokf academy of fine arts.?the exhibition of Paintings by artists of the above school will bo open every day (Sundays excepted), from 10o'clock A. m. until 10 o'clock P. m.. at the large room over tho hall of the Church of Divine Cnity, in Broadway, between Spring and Prince streets. Admission, 28 cents. Seasoi tickets, until 151 h J nue in elusive, .'si cents. Catalogues, I21. cents. Last week.-monsieur adrien, the real and incomparable French Magician, will eontinue his extraordinary Soirees evory evening this week, at the Minorra Rooms, No. 4IIC Broadway, where ho will give a grand Magical and Egyptian entertainment. Admission, 50 cents; children, 25 centa. Doors open at 7 o'clock ; performances to commence at 8. foil s a 1,10. I A OR SALE?A SORREL HORSE; ISA V'ERV F?NE saddle-horse; goes in harness, and a fust trotter; is sound and free from vice. Apply at GATFIKI.D'S, Crosby st. 1AORSAI E?A DARK CREAM COLORED HORSE, SEV EN years old, 18'j hands high ; is perfect in form; of superior stylo and action : perfectly kind and sound, and a tine saddle-horse. Can he seen at Mr. Hnthoru's stable, corner of l.'ith street and I Diversity plaoe. For terms, apply at No. 22 East 17th street. I A OR SALE OR RENT?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY residence, containing 38 acre*, directly on tho Sound, 18 miles from the City, near New Koelielio, U'cvtchestor county, N. t., I.'.i tulles from Railroad Depot. Inquire of David ri. Wheeler, En i., No. 02 Wall street, (where a map can lie seen,) or to Henry Partridge Kellogg, New Kochctlc. N. V. 18OR SALE?LEASH OF PROPERTY, CORNER OF Soventreth street and Tenth avenue, toguthor with tho liar Fixtures and ooutcnto of the Liquor Store. There are two House* and a Stable on tlm lot, all ill good order. A fair business done in the store. Apply to STERLING L WALTON. 119 W urron it. By order <?f the ndmiiiiitriitor* on the eMtate of P. deoemmd. TO NOTAHIES.?A SUPERIOR NOTARY PRESS FOR bale, ut luhi than one-third itriroat. Apply to A. WIlEElsER. 1(3 Wall afreet OYSTER SALOON FOR SALE.?THE WELL-KNOWN stand, corner of Dowcry and Bayard streets, under (lie North American Hotel, is offered for sale for less than half its value. Apply to A. I'. FLORENCE, corner of Mott and Chatham streets, or FREEMAN U, BIRD, No. 10 Wasliingtun Market, 1AOR SALE?A BLACK HORSE, SIX YEARS OLD, perfectly sound and kind; a v?rv tine driver, uhout fifteen hands high. May he seen at IS Ludlow street, l'rico $176. llOAHI>l\(', Ac. Board in the country.?a private family, residing atThrog's Neck, can accommodate n few hoarders. Rooms large and airy : situation healthy utid directly on the water?fine bathing.' Distance I f miles from the city, and j miles from llariem Railroad. Planes twice a day. Best of references aiven and rei|tiired. For further particulars igi|ulre at 12 West Washington l'lacc, IjA IG11T OR TEN BOARDERS CAN BE At COMMODAT 4 ed{?t 1'ort Clicster. a vorv pleasant situation for the summer, uitliin ten minutes' walk of the Railroad depot, Inquire of T. WASHHPCKN, Herald Office, A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN, AND GENTLEMEN and their wives, c an he accommodated with g. nteel hoard, hy applying at 71 Kldrldgc street, near Grauu. Reference required. PLEASANT HOME?A GENTEEL FAMILY RESIDING up town, in a fashionable neighborhood, would receive three or four gentlemen or a small family, consisting of threes or four, to board with them, aa members of their own finally. They would find with them an agreeable and comfortable home. Reference required and given. Address Mr. Swift, box 68), nt the office of this paper. DOAR"D AT NO. 612 BROADWAY?TWO ROOMS ON u second flour, consisting of front t> n <1 hark parlor, w ith lie J room ami pantries attached, will lie routed together or sonarnte. Also, other pleasant rooms for single gentlemen. Apply as nhove. Rooms can of. had for single gentlemen on families, at 21 Park place. Referenoes exchanged. Fi risiied room wanted?for a gentleman his w ife, mid child, two years old, cither with or withou hoard. Iielow Canal street and West of llroadwiay. A fron room on the 2d atory, preferred. Address K. 1'., at Hcrali office. Rooms.?a small private family orcvi'yinf ii house within two minute* walk of the Pout Office cuti accommodate t wo or three single gentlemen of quiet ha hiti with rooms, which are now ready for occupation, f note to W. 1>. 1L. with address, and reference, at tlda office will meet with attention, Board wanted?by a gentleman and wife without children, in a private family. Would take * part ol a house. Address M. E., Tribune Office. Board wanted?by a young man of reskric?1 huhits. in a small respectable private family, in the neighborhood of Tompkins Square, for which a fair eompentien will lie given, and the heat of rcfurence cx< I. Apply at 171 Sci on III street, in t ho at or all tin BOARD OR FURNISHED HOUSE WAN I I EITHER on the line of the Long Island, Now llm n irh in, or New Jersey Railroads. A gentleman, wife, chil l ,?ant, uie desirous of olitnining good hoard in the country, . i [dace of convenient and constant access to New Vork.orn liberal price would he paid for a small ready furnished house. Address iinmediately, stating terms, location and convenience*, to l ex 1,'slH, [l.ox l.tVIs] New Vork Post Office. NEPTUNE 1IOPSE. NEW ROUIIF.LLE. WESTCHESTER county, New York?The subscriber announces to hit friends, and the public that the above house will lie open.t( receive company on the 2ith of April; and I o is prepared ti treat with families and parties for rooms and hoard for tin Benton. Persons wishing to secure good accommodations wil find it to their advantage to call and examine tlie heautifu and salubrious situation of this establishment. Salt watei bathing on the premise*. The steamboat Proton leaves Fulton street, Fast River, ercry afternoon, lauding at the v. liar within a few rods of the house: also, the railroad ears, within one mile, from which carriages will run to the house, on then arrival and departure. Application can he made for terms by addressing a letter to the proprietor. P. F. RICE. TO UK LET. rpti LET?A PLEASANT POTTAGE ON SOI Til SIDE OF X Null street, between Ad and 2d avenues, containing nine rooms and a pnrlor. with four lots : rent Si's' A stable will be built at additional rent. Also, a small neat tenement on tvjth street, in rear ; rent ?tk>. Apply to Mr. ( ROM WELL. IIP Nassau at, rpo LET?A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOM, A in a small private family where there are no hoarders, ia a desirable location, within one minute's walk of Broadway, For particulars, address a note to IV S.. Herald olhce. mil LET \ RESPECT V BEE TWO SI'nKl EltvME A house, w it Ii Easements, attic and sub cellar, No. I.'t Til lary. near Fulton at.. Brooklyn, in complete order. Marble mantels in parlors and front basement: parlors and halls papered. Rent low to a good tenant. Inquire at the Auction Room, No. 1D1 Washington at, TO LET-ONE OF T1IE BLOCK (No. 142) OF THREE storv Brick Store* and Dwellings on the easterly side ot Greenwh h avenue, betw< en l.itli iind Mtii streets. a (treat thoruurbfare. Kent moderate. Apply to .. Mllilt I H I NTFH. ".I Wj 1! -r rpo LET.?A NEARLY N EH' GOTTAGE, WITII GAKJL den of six lots, en Oxford street, near Atlantic street Brooklyn, near tlie residence of Or. Cox. The house hai seten rooms, besides three rooms in basement, stable, Ike.It w ill be put in *ood order, and let low to a rood tenant. Al l'ly to COIIN Kl.l. h. MKAII, No. Atlantic street, Soutl Ferry. Omnibuses crerv fifteen minutes. rpo I.F.T OR FOR SALE?A FIRST RATE TWO STOR1 X and attle horse, with bath?hot and cold?tin* rarden an< (rrape Tinea, No. ?18 21st street, hetween Hth and Vtli avenues newly painted and In tin* condition. Ta bo seen only from 11 to 12, and from 3 to .1. Inuniro of WM. JAY 1IA8KETT, IS Centre street. PFEASANT ROOMS TO I,F,T TO SINGLE OEN n i men, with or without board, at Mil Houston street, three doors out of Broadway. French spoken in tho family. Apply at ."42 llr adway, until Friday, then at the .?!> >? HOl'SE WANTED.?WANTED BV A SM W.I. AND respectable family, without children, a small two story Irons*, or the tower part. itielnrlinR a basement, of a larger one. Th* West side of tire c ity Preferred, not hi*herthan I nion S|uarc. l'leaae address "House, at the letter tost Office, MVSICAls. \ 1 CSICAL inETRrcTION.?A TOgWO t N AG -LT1 lllC?lrd*Cll ?? M' W Hit -Ti" - b*?r?Lin i? genteel prlrate family. whore he roulJgive innrnoti"ii on tin- piano n* pay. Apply, by loiter or othorw iae, to M I'., XB llou.iton otreot. Lomouj giroa at moderate terms; apply aa aboso. MUSIC!?THE PIANO Wll.f, IIS TAUGHT BT A. young l.'idy. who I.a* a t borough kao* lodge of Mualo, and s>he eau giva tr tmM unereeptionablo rofcrrn-ee. Tonag for beginners. |0; those m?r? airaa'-?4, ?15. Aipi r to S- C-, Uorall ?Ots?. AHvnmm. ^ d road wat theatre?e. jl marshall, rbo~ -Uprietor?Tuaaday evening, April 34. ?n, ? Mu>a ihc ,rtgedy af VIRUIN 1 lH- Tirgtniua, Mr. Format: lailiua, Mr. Dyott; Appiua Clnudiua, Mr. Frederick.; 1,'aiga Olaudiua. Mr Shaw; Dentatua. Mr. Varho; Numitori ma. Mr March*** I.uciua, Mr. Moorehouae: Virginia. Miaa F Wvllnek * v Mra. Abbott. To nonolnda vita tlia a** fare* of TOUR IJI E?R IN DANGER?John Strong, Mr lla'.w - ho enbarg, Mr. Vnche; Krakwita. Mr Barnard; Counteu Leae! dorf, Mra. Abbott; Mad. Sohpoonenbein. Mra. ,r?o.1.? Doore oaan at 7; to ooounenoe at 7X. Draaa Cirola and Par gnat te. 7ft oanta; Family Cirola, 2S oanta; Gallery, 12)* emu. Burton s theatre, ohambers street-tubsday evening, April 34, will ba performed the Satire ad SOCIALISM, or, Modern Philoaophy Put la Praotioa? Mr. Fourier Gruley, Mr. Brougham; Mr. Manny, Mr. Mur?on; Barmaid. Miaa Morgan; Mra. Manny, Mra. Dowliaf. ma ndniirad burlatta of I'ERFrCTIO.N?Sir Lawrence IV ragun, Mr. Lynna; Kate O'Brien, Miaa Mnaon. Sam, Mr. iw|???n.;STifl.,M T* Brotigham o conclude wit'. tom it i ii . aM khl< a?Jnmre Uall Troilopa Dirkeiia Graan, Mr. Burton; Mrs. Hawthorn, Mra. Howling. Doora open at 7, eurtail riaaa at 7?. Boa... Draw Cirola an I Paninot, ? centa; Family Circle, 2ft oanta. American mcsevm p t barnum, manager and 1 ropriotor; J. Greenwood, Jr., Aaaiatant Manager ? Eiory day and evening thin week.-Splendid Porformancea. in the afternoon at S, and evening, at l4 before A Tha Manager turn engaged the oolebrated Quaker Giant and Uianteaa; they may b? aeon ?t all lioitra, day or evening, with the Mauinaoth l.ndy. who weigha ,'>7tl poundl. and tliat dimunitira aiK'ciuivn of humanity, Titania, the Fairy Quean. The nalabrated Martinotti Family have beon engaged, and will appear at each entertainment, with Monaieur ETlel?r, in their wanderful fl)ninnatin Perforrnanoaa, laughable Pantomnnee. ludiorona Motainorphoeee, Iko. Alao engaged. Groat Weatera, the Yankee Comedian; Mr. Chapman, Mr. Copland, Miaa Weat. Min Barton, Miaa Melville, Miaa Stanhope. Highland Mam Iiii *11 it i.j. .mm. rr >jv o.i.tine en a. uiti /. I WW1*. Madame Rockwell, the fortune-teller. Admission 25 cte.; children under 10 years. Ill,St ets. At tiik concert hall, in the ciiinkhe mvm-iiiii, Broadway,?Mr. Distin and hii loni bavini returned from a highly successful tour in the South, respectfully announce, that will give two Grand ConoorU an above, on Tuenday next, the 21th, and Wednesday, 25th, when they will perform mi their splendid Silver Sax Horn* an admired funtuiiiaon aire sung by Jenny I.ind. The nolo, " All is loet," and the celebrated nolo on the trumpet "The Soldier Tired," and (for the ttr. t time in New Vurk) their famous "Echo IIvin11iiu Dnet." mi two French Horns. Miss O'Connor will au.g "The l.nst Knee of Sniuiner" and with Miss Distin and the Brothers a " Glee," without aee.impanimeot, and several now Songs, Knots, Glees, Ike. fee. Pianist, Mr. Wlily. Ticket* .'<1 cents each. Doors open at 7; Concert to c.immonoe at B. Tickets may be had at all the principal Music Stores, and at i rl.yu .V Martini. Musical and Dramatic Agents, 4 Uarolayat. IAsT tVK.K.K ? I,AH(JF.ST PAINTING IN TIIE WORLD, J at :rs> Itriiaewuy?Hatchings' Grand Classical Panorama ?f the Mediterranean, covering over four miles of canvass. 'I Ins great work lias been exhibited in Boston and Albany far the last nine months, and acknowledged by the pnblio and press, to be l.y far the most truthful, comprehensive, and diversified painting ever brought out in those cities. Open every evening at 7. commencing at 8. Also, on Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 P.M. Tickets 25 cents?no half prion. Liberal arrangements made with schools and parties. POSITIVELY T1IF. LAST WEEK GOI.. FREMONT'S Nondescript will Ve seen in this city. The most extraordinary of any i]uadrti|ied on the face of the earth, or in California. is on its way from New Moxioo to the Zoological GarJens. Loudon, null may bo seen for a few days more at 2M Hi. ml way. Willi the hump of the droinodary, the tail of the elephant,'liinhs of various uniinsls, and n tine curled wool or silk covering?it is wonderful. Dou't fail to see it thia week. 25 cents only. UrAI.I.IIALLA, .? CANAL STREET, NEAR BROADway? He-opened for tlio summer season, with quite new entertainments, which never havo been produced in thin country; in short, entertainments calculated to surprise every body who will visit the Wallhalla. Performances at 71%. ilexes, :<7Lt cents; l'argiictto, 23 cents. (TASTI.E GARDEN.?TIIE ABOVE WELL KNOWH j Summer resort can now be engaged for evening ansnsamsnts during the ensuing season. For further partioulaHb and terms, apply at the office on the premise*, or by UttdR (post paid) directed to the proprietors. yV 1 FRENCH It HEISER. Muyyiaa. The british and north american R. m. Steamships between New York and Liverpool, between Boston and Liverpool, calling at Halifax to land and ceoeive mails and passengers, are intended to sail as follows:? Niagara, (apt. Kyrie, from Boston, Wednesday, lHth A priL I Europa, ' Lott, " N. York, " 2d May. ] Cambria, " Bhannen, " Boston, " 9th '* i America, " Harison, " N. York, " 16th " Ilibernia, " 8ton?, " Uoatun, " 23d " Cnnnila, " Judkini, " N. York, " 30th " An experienced Surgeon on board. Freight will he ohargad on specie beyond an amount for personal expenses. Aj I letters and papors must pass through the Post Offloe. Passage from New 3 ork or lioaton to Liverpool: Firat Cabin, $120; ocond do., $70. For freight or pnssags apply to E. CUNaRd, Jr.. 36 Broadway. FOR MARSEILLES.-TUB SUPERIOR BARK If AST Ellen, Copt, liowitt. BOYD k UlWCKPf. FOR HAVRE.?TIIE SUPERIOR COPPKREB AMD Copper faatened French bark Armantine, Capt. Estsbe. For freight or pannage apply to BOYD It IIINCKXN. 13OR HAVRE?TIIE SUPERIOR FRENCH SHIP LOUIS, ('apt. Crouior, will sail on or about the 1 nt proximo. Apply to BOYD k 11INCKEN. Directions for pilots.-vessels subjxct~to Viaitation by the Health Oflloer. Every reaael from a foreign port hnviog passengers, and every reaael having had. during her pannage, any case of Small-pox, or infection* ec contagious disease?arriving at any time. All vesseli from any port, in the ordinary pnaange from whioh they mnet peon south of Cape llenlopen?arriving between the thirty-Arab day of May and the eixtoenth day of October. And ell vesseln from any place (including lalaada) in Aaia, Africa, or thn Mediterranean, or from any of the Weet Indie, Bahama, Bermuda or Western lalaada, or from any one place in Ameriaat in the ordinary passage trom which thoy pan eouth of Georgia ?arriving betweon the firat day of April and the flrat day H November. ALEX. B. WUltlNO, Health Officer. Jourual of Commerce, Evening Post and San, pleaae copy. T HE GO LD(0 A ST . 13IRST VESSEL FOR SAN FRANCISCO DIRBCT.?TUB font mailing nnd beautiful packet built bark ALICE TARLTON, will anil in n few daya. Thia vessel ia now tw?ntjr month old only, nnd fitted out in a most ample mannnr. A physician and surgeon ia attached to the vessel, and a limited number of passengers only are taken. A few more will be received if application is inaile in aeaaon. Apply on board At i'icr li'i Hirer, or to 13AAC T SM1TIIj in, ^ g(fo<i frtiR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, DIRECT?Positively I lie first and only regular packet.?To sail May III. 'I lie splendid fast sailing packet bark TECIJMSEII, Capt. N. Richmond, is now loading, having one half her cargo engaged and going on hunrd, will positively sail, as above, her regular day. For balance of freight or passage, apply to Captain N. Richmond, on board, nt Pier No. II North river, or to JOHN COLLINS, Jr., 36 South etreot. N. It.?The Tecnmaeh carries no steerage passengers. Can yet accommodate a few more cabin passengers. KAirtST VESSEL FOR CALIFORNIA?TIIE SIM.EN I J. did A 1. coppered nn<l copper fastened Liverpool packet ship SUSAN G. OWENS, Capt. J. (). Barclay, 7*) tons burthen, sunl but five months old, is now cleared from the Custom House; but being unavoidably detained,will not sail until 25th of April. Some of the most desirable state rooms aal berths are yet vacant, and may be secured by immediate application to I1UFFUM 6l IIANliY, 112 Broadway. IJOR CALIFORNIA IN' NINETY DAYS, THROUGH Texas, via San Antonio and the Gila, starting on the 1st of May?General Worth's Expedition will be in advance.? , Members of the Fourth Carson Association, organized by D. t llou:;h, Jr.for litis cheap and certain route, can now see their t outfit, and one of their wagons in com plots trim at Hff Broad 1 street, up stairs, where also full particulars will be giroa to persons wishing to bucoine members. ; rpiiK SIERRA NEVADA MUTUAL PROTECTION ' J. Company, overland to California, for 75 dollars.?This Company will leave New York for Pittsburgh the 7th of May; from thence on boats built expressly for the torn nan v, to Boat's ' Fort, w here we leave our boats, and proceed bv land a distance of WW miles. The en tiro expenses through, 75 dollars; each maw to be his own treasurer; the expenditures to be mads by Com[ initteen appointed by a majority of the Company; each maa tw pay in an equal amount towards the different items of expense as we proceed. For full particulars, apply at the Buena Vihia House, corner of Grand and Forsyth streets, whore tho 1 Secretary will be in attendance during the day. Company meetings every evening. J.10R CALIFORNIA, VIA CORPUS CBRISTI, EI, PASO and the t.iln,?Tlie Knickerbocker Uold Company is noir i in progress of formation. will sail between the l.t uad l-tth ; May. Cost, through to the mines, outfit, fcc., included, $17V I l' r particulars, apply to J. S. WOOD1IOU8E, President, 119 , j Water street. ! | lAl.lhUK.TIA, VIA (HA InUA, THE UIT V Ur H I v I Mexico, and Maxatlan.?This oompany hare made arrangeinents to nail positively ?u the 1st ot Ma;, in tlia fast i sailing packet ElfUE.NI A, whioh conveyed Captain Button's 1 company of l.'J) in fourteen days to Vera Crui. Certain disJ i < nrnciag Letters which iiave sypiswt in a paper of tin* oity, i are the foul proiiuotiona of a prejudiced mind, (lirented > ii(Tit inst the Vice Consul of Mexico. A few vacancies in th* . 01 mi any remain. Further information given by Capt. BATI TEHS11Y. from 1 to 4 P. M., at 100 Front street, up stairs. j hack ofBce. StrHneers ure rc iiicsted to make up their minds. t so that time may ho given fur necessary preparations. f ft AhirORNIA DAfJITERREOTVPES.?PERSOlf? i a ' about to visit California, and desirous to leave thoir Iskonessr* with their friends, would do well to call at Brady's. I Mas, KM and SOf Broadway, wheys, br reason of raaant na| provcmenti and additions to his establishment, true and faithful likens see may be oktainnd at the shortest notice. MKUICAL. ~ I PCI.MONARV CONSl'MPTION?PRO* ITS IIAVIffU almost always battled tho most skilful medical truatmont, hai very Justly been termed tho "Opprobium of Physicians and, until w ithiri a few years, been generally considered in' curable, alt bough many medical men of tho highest standing. union : at oi we mav mention l.aennocand his friend llavla? loth distinguished authors?admit! that this much dreaded disease inay I c cured, even in its advanced stages, when tha lunn are not completely disofirani/ed. The remedy which we now offer, IViatar'a Itaisam of Wild Cherry, for the cure of this disease, not only emanates frnin a regular physician, hut has also been ?ill tested in all the complaints for which it ia recommended. A physician in Maine says ? I have recommended the use of Dr. Wlstar's llalsam of Wild Cherry for diseases of the lungs, for two years past, and , many bottles to my knowledge have been used by my patients. I all w itli beneficial results. In two cases, where it w as thought C"ii In toed Consumption hsd taken plseo. the WildCherrjr effected a cure. K. BOYDBM, Phvsicaa at lister Coraer. None genuine unless signed l. Ill' I TS on tha wrapper. For sale wholesale and retail by Messrs. A. B. ft D. Sands. ^^^B 10H Pulton street, corner of William: ij:t Broadway, (Irving ^^^B Building) corner of Chambers: William liurg'T. .? Courtlamlt Street, and by the druggists generally throughout the I'nited States and Canada. 1 CIPPERINO 1DVSPEPTICS ARE fil'ARANTIKD A kJ perfect relief, by the use of the Oxygenated Bitters, sold bv the Empire Company, 170 Broadway, and by Kuthton. 1 Clark fc Co. o ( DEMISTS AND DKCGU IS TS.-A N englishman who lias been in this country for some time, desires a 1 situation He would wish to give his present employers a . .port notice of bis intention to leavs. Satisfactory refersnoe ' as to eharactor. compstenejr, fcc., ran be given. Address a. a.m.. care Mr. f.yster, 4* Green street. DK. RALPH. AUTHOR OF THE "PRACTICAL PRIvato Treatise," ke., MR Greenwich street?offloe hears 9 te 12 A. M., 6 to 9 P. M. (Sunday enceptedl. Thosn whs apply in till' esrly stones will be surprised at the rapidity and liltU ^^^B Inconvenience attending their cure. Stricture in every stage ^^^^B radically cured. NO CURE. NO CHARGE? DR. MURPHT, OF S3 GOLD street, is confidentially consulted on all forms of pnvata diseases. Recent cases of conorrhea he ourea in twa t# four days. Constitiiti'-nal debility and impotency sscrsufrlly troatcd by Or. M. No mercury used in any case, or lundranoa ^^^^B from business. Open from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. ^^^^B 4-1 ONI. Y FOR INSERTING REST PORCELAIN 1 Teeth on Pivots. Eatrm tinr, J> cents. Filling with ^^^^B pure Ruld, 7'' cts. to $1. All other dental operations at c?rrcspondingly rcducod charges, and warranted for five years. .'MM Hronduny. ^^^^B DR. Gl?OV ER APPRIZES STRANGERS TIC AT(SIIOU I.I> circ\imstnn< ?-s require) the/ in*/ eoniull a ph/iicUa und ftmge<>? of education and professional ekill, mot* por** erin# and unremitted endeavor* hare rrovri eminently I &uc< e?.?ful in the treatment ai?J cure of a few l?rt a*ling dw oaaee. Hi* office? art in No. 2 Ann ft , (na* No 1-) lrs* en'rnncj thrwgfc the ?atry to the o??- j dot: I