Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 1, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 1, 1849 Page 2
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^ MEDICAL. JJRANDRETH'S PILLS ARE A SU11E CURE FOR INFLUENZA. Tnis conrr.Ai.vT iias become so frequent, that there arc tew persons who have not bad it several time*. Jt is a kind ol malignant contagious cold attended { witb mncb fever, and great prostration or strength. So soon as possible, swallow si* or eight 1'illa; a large dose is ahsn- j lutrly necessary to relieve the-brain, that organ appearing to suffer greatly in this complaint. VV hen they have operated well, pot your feet and legs in hot water, or tako a hot hath. Be sure and be purged, before yon use any means of increasing the circulation, or your lifu may bo the forfeit. Now go to bed; and. when in bed tako two more nills ami soinu hot bono rt tea, catnip, or balm or balsam, or estn e|?.ttor gruel?any of the.e warm driuki will answer, ami which may be lufi V choice?either of them will help to restore insensinlc perspiration, and this method will generally cure. Should, however. the patient, after the pills and tin's after treatment, not be better in the morning, let him take another six, eight or ten pille or more, according to the urgency of symptoms, and the warm drinks, and foot or general Lath, at night. My experience has show n me that the third day generally Unas ths patient well, w hen this plan has hcen adopted in the beginning. But, in any event, the n-ntinuanee of the treatment is the beet that can he adopted, whether it takes one day or twenty to effect the cure. However had the head inuv bo, never let blood he draw n or leeches applied ; we w ant all tiie blood we have. Instead of losing this " life of our tlosli," let us take more pills, w hit h w ill take the death principle from ns, leaving our iilood relieved, ami ready to rally all its life Kw era for our restoration, so soon as the purgation has left it ) to effect this object. CHOI.KHA. This terrible disease hub rusistcd nearly all the efforts of medicine to arrust its progress, but lin andiikth'h Pills. almost immediately they art* swallowed, exert a beneficial influence; they carry out of the system the irritating mutters upon which the disease depends for its continuance; they arouse the vital powers, and restore warmth to the surface, previously chilled by the coldness of approaching death. There is no occasion for fear, provided liraudreth's Pills aro on hand ready for immediate use; their prompt administration will vanquish the malady, and restore tlie healths l/so them as directed in the diseases enumerated bolow. YELLOW, S!III\ TYPHI'S AND ALL FEVERS? DYSENTERY AND DIAllRIKKA. la the commencement, it is of absolute importance, in view of a speedy cure, that a full dosu of pills be taken at once, because the humors which produce diseases of this class, are always of the most uialignaut, poisonous quality, and no safety to life exists while any portion remains in the bowels or the blood. Should the first dose not cure, ho not alarmed, but reiterate the dose. Should the evacuations be very putrid, of bad odor, unnutural color. &c. tee., besides using four or Six pills twice a day, take also, a tcaspoouful of powdered charcoal, in water, every duy, while these symptoms continue. Let your diet be light, an J of easy dig uion, ftj arrow root, rice pudding, Indian meal gruel; also, sheep's head broth with rice and a piece of cinnamon boiled in it, or calves head broth. Sheen's head makes the best diet if it be boiled until the bones re clean. As a rule, the first dose of pills cures when timely used. sometimes three or lour doses limy ne nooossary. iu?r? urt rases in which it takes weeks to euro; but they do not | occur once in it thousand times. In any event, no medicine or plan of treatment is hotter than that above recommended, j or will sooner cure, So soon an tbo irritating luutturs aro re* ( moved, eo toon you will be well, and not before. Anodynes and astringent 1 have u deleterious etfeet; because they oeca- I aion the retention of tluit death principle which alone eausea dysentery, diurrhuui, ubolera, and all other diseases, aceordiug to its excess over the principle of life. liu t iirandrc th's Pills are opposed to this as water is to tire, or as heat is to cold; and when they are taken into a mail, they go to work boldly to drive this death principle from the body, and all they can do ?bat if there be work for fifty doses, one dose must not be expected to do the work ol fifty. And this truth should always be kept in mind. Let not the patients frighten themselves w ith the idea that they are too weak to bear much purging; hut hear in mind that these mildly operating Pills of ur.Tirandreth puts not j weakness into tho frame, Cut draws weakness oat, leaving Strength in its place, ami gives composing sluop at night, ami ! an appetite to relish any food. OBSTRUCTIONS ANI) IRREGULARITIES PECULIAR TO FEMALES. When yonng wromen are skk much nftor sixteen yoars, and who have not become regular, having either too much or too little?when in too great quantities?there is untiling to be done but to take the lulls us described for eustivouess; being careful to make small doses betaken whoa tbo time is ox- ! pee ted With those in whom the ease is different?namely, who hava not enough, or are irregular, or with whom it is altogether j Stopped?let tbetn follow the direct i ns relative to costivenoss also, but with this difference: instead of the small doses, be careful to so order it tlial the largest doses are taken about ? the time the turn is expected. And if irregularity is not thus j removed, as it may not the first time; the next time, besides taking the lurge dubfs of pills for several days preceding, take It large cup of strong pennyroyal tea, cold, when you get up in the morning of the day you expect. These directions followed, , will be sure and produce the effect. CHANGE OK LIFE. Use the pills as directed in eostlvcness. and all the very unpleasant feelings wilt disappear. Fresh air. and change of ccne, will ninth help in the cure, nut the pills will he til 1 sufficient, il persevered in, to effect a full restoration to health. SPECIALLY "TO MOTHERS The costiveness and the sickness of stomach whioh often prevail at a certain interesting period, aro greatly relieved, | and ultimately cured, by the use of Hn am>i: ant's i'li.t.t, | which should be used once or twice n week during the whole I time. They insure an easy and safe time, and, what is the j Wish of every mother, they secure a healthy, good-tempered Child. It la a remarkahlc fact, that these ladies who liave heon in the habit of using Bhandrkth's Pills, hnvo ultimately become ?> healthy, and the huhit of the system so changed, that no sickness of stomach, or other unplea -ant symptom, haa prevailed more during the interesting period than at other times. Or. Brundrcth has it in his power to give personal reference to establish this proof of the wonderful powers of the Brandreth Pill. Ir cases or Debility, Weakness, Wastinoi, Decline, or Const1 mption approachi so, it will tie necessary to commenre with Binsll doses, Begin w ith one pill going to hod; j next night, two pills; do this alternately fur three or four I days, or longer; if no alteration takes place, then increase a pill each night until tire or six pills are used, then decrease by one pill, down to one pill. Should any feverish symptoms arise, then take strong doses until the fever is reduced. When this is done, the patient may drop down to such doses as their own judgment shall determine; being careful to keep tho drnin upon the impure humors; as these uio removed, so will he their advancement to sound health. ANEURISM, OK ENLARGEMENT OK THE HEART, j ARTERIES. PILES, ke., be. Use the pills two or three times a week, in doses sufficient to purge freely; and w hen a paroxysm comes on, a fearless use of the pills must he made; down with six or eight, and in a little while rrpeat the dose; do this until the bowels are strongly purged. This effected, the danger is over for that attack. Angina pectoris and stone in the gall bladder are treated in the same manlier; and although considered incurable by the medical professii n, arc cured by the nso of>reth's Pills. Piles are cured by Uiiani.reth's Pills. In severe attacks the doses must be t'ull; six or eight for a few nights together will cure the worst ca>es. Hdienever this disease comes on in the treatment of other diseases, it is a good sign: use nothing hut the pills, and. as an outward application, cold cream or lard, ami make frooiient use of cold w atcr locally. Where there have been pectoral affections, as asthma, I consumption, fce., perseverance will be reiniired with the pills to effect a permanent cure. But any other course will assuredly bring on the pectoral affection. Dr. Rrandreth would call special attention to tho folliwing letter from? ARNOLD BVFFUM. THE PHILANTHROPIST. "New York, Third Month, US, 1,1+8. "Dn. Rn AM.kriH?My deai friend?if to ho good and to do ; stood is the highest duty of man : and if to do good is the best evidence a man can give that lie is good, then I feel bound | to address thee as one who has < umo up to thu mark of man's , destiny. "As a testimony that this is not vain flattery, I givo tho J following brief ske'cli of my ow n cxpcricnco: "When I was tweuty years old, 1 was very sick for about 1 months, with what my physician called 'slow-fever,' iuring which time I took much medicine, from that time, for thirty-four years, 1 was very often so k and under the care of a physician. About twelve years ago, I hud u very severe attack of inflammatory Hheunuitism, during which 1 was attended by Doctor Moore, of Philadelphia. I then regarded mvscll as an old man. with a down constitution, swiftly descending to tlie grave, soon afterwards, however, j I purchased a ho* ?>f Urftiulretli'i Pills, and finding thein. on I trial, to he more eflt' tual in removing disease than any medicine 1 hud ever tried before, 1 replenished my supply from time , to time occasion required, since that time I have spent three yeai>SJ the western country, where 1 was very much | exposed to vim^slodcH likely to produce disease; twice I have j crossed the AtlaiuTo Occan.[&nd have now spent the last four i years ia an offite iu this sickly city. Onco, while travelling in the west, 1 was taken suddenly very ill. The friend at whose house 1 stopped, called in a physician, who made a very careful examination of my case, and then proposed to commence a process, w hich, he stated, would so reduce my system, as to confine me to the house for at least six weeks; but 1 declined his prescriptions, took a dose of llrandrcth's Pills, cnlled the next day and paid the physician for bis visit, and pursued my travel; and this is the only instance of my being visited by a physician since 1 purchased the first box of JJrandreth's Pills, twelve years ago. My health is now vastly better than it lias been for thirtyfour years, before I commenced the use of these Pills. They have teen my constant companion wherever 1 have been, byland or by sea, and my only medicine; 1 am now ten pounds heavier tiian I was before I used them; when 1 take a cold now, I have no cough; und 1 attribute all this change, under Ciod, for the substitution of Jirandrcth Pills for the fre?|iieut bleeding and the calomel dosing to which 1 bef ?re subjected. My w ife, too, by the same means, enjoys the s.nne 1 uninterrupted good health. Our doctor's bills, for both of < ns, have not amounted to five dollars in twelve years. When ' We find our health impaired from any cause, we take a dose < of llrandrcth's Pills, and the ditfu ulty is removed; and, i judging from my own experience, I believe if every family should adopt the sauu- practice, the health and longevity of i the coiuuiunitj would be greatly promoted. < Most respectfully, thy friend. I ARNOLD Bl'FFUM. PatiKMTS i cannot be too often reminded that, in nil obstinate cases, i larger <1??<"> and |.TMvtrmi? ?,n air.-, a cure, eaoept 1 in tho?c < aacs where nature i, alt . tl? r eahauitud, hgfure i this medicine ot healing powi-rt was o**d j For further informal..,,, . , iv,,.1.1..t on r,ir;*tlnn. by Dr. ? Braadreth, v,hlch may u had w, i?,?t charge from the agenU lor the hall- of the fill., which |? . . that I i drawing the lm- < purine, out of the frame I.) i?. i ilramlrtth'.. I'lll,, ia the 1 cnlr mean, ul ?ir,h?.t,... II dl.. a.ea: thtu i making ?%ery one who uses tln-m it * , ,.wn pnvsirian 1 The barbarous aud inhuman practice of nii'euiii/ cunning leeching, i. honed, v. .11 he .?-u .M.|..,t,.d, ?? xj!.frten?? hfl ? proved that we have to do nothiier I ut u.e l.ranuri-th'* Pills , phicl, take the imniiritiei out or 11..- v.i, .1 , . leaving the i ood blood to build aud strengthen the body; while, abstracting the Mood take, its good ae w ell a., its h , t parte. VV? oun. in a few lioura, recover from an -v. r-ive purgation ' nitli Brandreth'n I'III., hat it taken v. . ia r, ,l(t It'jin a single blood-letting. Be sensible, and ue,or be bled. ] Tli. firm.dr... 1, Pill. ... ...I.I a, e.u.l v.. . > ay<nt in every town in tho Cnited States, and in almost every city throughout the world. I/Ot all bo rnreful whore th.iy buy 1 or they will obtain n counterfeit. Ituj only of n o wlo..? i characters you know to be above ho niean an notion a. t, ,J a lalee for tlie true Brandreth's Cilia. Observe the fix m^uxturei of Dr. Braudrcth on t-u< li box. READ. | Bt'siiwicK, King* county, f. T.. March 1. Tliil li to certify that I ?n taken ill dnriiu th - ? n i of the cholera, in the year lfi!U, ami continno ( thus until i the spriny of HM2. during ?liich time I wa- tot on ly troo I with dyspepsia, and all ita various tram "f snfl. rimr. I became extremely emaciated, melancholy, and worn out with suffering, so that life itself ee< rneil hiirthensniii*. I. in tlie meantime, applied to a number of the heat physicians. wlio prescribed for me, and many wo re the hitt. r b . f tuodicine that 1 took, but without avail. At luat, 1 yielded to do- ! pair. The Idea of taking the proscriptions i.f tho pliyaiciana any longer was ?i-< 1 < . ami I was utterly njipos, ,| to taking pills. My fro nds I e< , im alarmed ; often Solicited in>: to try flrandroth'a I'lllr, narert in t ! -t they bud derived r. it benolita from t heir use, A ( In-1 I wee ten, ptc : to it ire thein x trial, and it ia but Just to sav . that, alter iieiny tie i ii i ,rt time. I began to recover, and Boon was entirely restored to health; and 1 think it a duty I owe to tb? ?. | ,|f ?|,d to Dooter Jiramireth, to make this pel lie avkuow l"0 . nt. N. UUS3. RIIIP H V KII f'.UHKI). Two brothers in New York lioth had it: one well follow hie doctor'$ rules, and the other took Draodretli'i. I'ill.t. I he brat died in ten du>a front hi* altuok; the oje ... -him that took llrandre'h'a I'llla, attended the fom ral. 11, v? %* ,o l, i usual health In two weeka from ti e time lie was lira' r. ;?d with the fever. A hundred a.nnlar eaaeicould tie i lencil to, numbering among tin in some high profeaaional men. PRINXll'AI. URAM>RET?I1A V OKYICE. NO. 211 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES Of AMERICA. Addrera all lettera < onecrntiig vnoiea er advice, to ( Dr. Brandreth, aa above. All ui h In.'.era luuat lo, p-t paid. . m'M hit* I NKDII'Al.. j FOSS'S COM POUND EXTR ACT. OK YELLOW IKM'K AM) 8AHSAPARILLA. i'OH THE <111K OK KiIEI'MATINM, SCKOEPI.A. ERVSIPJM.AS. I'l M I'l.K.S OR 1)1CEASES <') I'llK .SKIN. SAI.T UI1EUM, TETTER. M'MIIAOO, DISEASE OF TIIK SPINE. MEKI1KIA1. DISEASE, DKOPSV. VENEREAL DISEASE, AND nil tlinnc chronic aftlktiond ? hich nrimi from nn impnrs dtnto of the hlood, or liabit of the ?>?:oiu. ADo, an uncoil filled medicine for D>n>cp?i?, I.Ivor l'ouii>luiut, liilioud Dinciircii. Piled, fcc. I llll trill.V *1 11 II 11 IK' HUH Minium IHIllIUf, nui lint H1J5 inug advertised much, is not *n eMcntiitlj knnvin r.? th? various "ifunrt lint tic Demotion*," under tlie mime of Snrsaparilla, *hich flood tin- market; but ita virtue* uro well appreciated l'jr hundreds of sufferer* in tliia city, who line experienced it* remarkably liencflcial elfecta. It ia a very strong vegetable extract, put up in a beautiful 21) ounce pannvl bottle, and is much I licapcr tlian any i.f tlie advertiaed remedies'as each I otllc contain* twice the number of doses of those, lu faot, ?t positively aflirin, that a person coni,i) not nnr At regular prices, the ingredient* of this remedy, and make one lo t tie ut the price wo sell it at: and it is only by manufacturing in Inrge quantities, and uith the snticipation of ths gn at sale which its superiority will induco, that wo are enabled to make it so concentrated for I he regular price. Tha remedy was first prepared in the apothecaries' department of tlie New York Medical College, ami before it was introduced to the public, was used extensively by the eminent surgeon, ! Dr. V. MIITT, in tho cure of those obstinate ohronio com- i plaints w liicli from bis eminent position he w as so often called upon to treat. I bis jreuilemnii s well known opinion of the . superiority of Yellow Dock to Sursapurilla, or any other popular vegetable alterative, if w ell known and lias often been publicly proclaimed In his lectures. This fact, oonjoinod with the bitter complniuts of those who have been humbugged, and disappointed with the effects of tlie over pulled sarsaparilla, ' will induco the afflicted to consult their own interest rather j il an the unprincipled quacks, and use a medicine which has received tlie sanction of our best physicians, l'riee $1 per bottle; six for $5. A. II. GO UGH Hi (JO., 149 Fulton street, Wholesale Agents. | GOUGII'S CON8ERVE OK CUBEBS, BED IIOSES j AND SAHS VPAUILLA. Tims* who have heen so indiscreet as to have contracted , Conorlioea. who sutler from seminal weakness or any cumplaint of the urethra, will find a safe and speedy cure in this . remedy. It is a strong extract of the above medical elements, combined with somo others whose boneticial action upon dis- j cases of the mucous memlirano is but little known to the family. It acts csnstitutioiially upon those diseases, removing the f-.niplaint and its cause at the same time. It is a safe, j though ctticiont remedy, and is free from one objection to all similar remedies, being free front smell and pleasant to tho I taste. Prepared and sold, w holesule and retail, by A. li. GOUGli III Co., 149 Fulton street, Fourth door from Uroadwar. Trice $1 SO per box.l COUGH'S ASIATIC CHOLERA CURE, AND DIARRHOCA MEDICINE. For Malignant Cholera, as well as Chollo, Diarrhoea and Summer Complaints, this extraordinary medicine is remarkably efficient. It was used with crcat success in 1H.'U, by tliu inventor, and is now oflured us the best and safust remedy that can be used, l'ril'e $1 per bottle; half size, 4s. Prepared by u|>|8- 13t* law A. II. UOUGI1 it I'O., 14!# Fulton street. LUCINA CORDIAL, OR ELIXIR OF LOVE. THIS IS TH1 ONLY a (.'TV A I. RKMRUY EVER DISCOVERED FOR IMI'OTENUY, GENITAL DEH1LITY, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, AM) Al.I. BIUUM ore AHMON Ell BY CERTAIN SECRET HAHITS. And manv of the nostrums recently recommended for thesanio complaints nreworthless imitations, w liichfitn unrivalled excellence, lame and popularity have brought into the market. The medical faculty of Europe mid the United States are unanimous in their recommendations of the Lucina Cordial, nnd have not given their sanction in a single instance that has been authenticated, to any compound for the same purposes. The nature of the maladies relieved by the Lucina Cordial aro generally such as to leave the publication of certificates of uurea out of the i|uustion, or the proprietor could produce a host of the most conclusive testimony to show that the great reputation which it enjoys was not accidentally obtained, but is firmly based upon its positivo, and apparently miraculous, virtues. In all directions nre to be found the happy Barents of healthy offspring, w ho would not have heen so but for this extraordinary preparation. And it is equally potent in the many diseases for w hich it is recommended. Objection lias been naturally made to tho prieo of Lurinu Cordial, because tho tniHli that has been thrown into tho market in opposition to it is sold cbenper; but tho fnct is, tho cordial Cannot be Sold for less, and ought to bo much dearer, as many of the Ingredients which compose it nro nmong the costliest of things hi nutnre ; whereas the others are uiado lip of cheap drugs, worth but little in money, and less in merit; mid it is a fact, that at least one of the getters up of these same tnixt nres, makes it a point to add one bottle of the Luuiua Cordial to a given number of gallons of his compound, so ns to give it some littlu tone and virtuo, and thus solace his conscience. W e assure the render that tho utmost reliuno may be placed on the Lucina Cordiul in (the cure of the maladies mentioned above, and also of those w hich follow, viz ;? Loss of Muscular Energy, Physical Lassitude, and General Prostration. Irritability, and all Nervous Affoations, Indigestion, Sluggishness of the Liver, Gleet nnd Fluor Albus, and every disease in any way connected with the disorder of tho Procreative Functfms, in till of w hioh it will afford almost immediate relief, and, if used as directed, is almost certain to produce a positive and permanent cure. Persons about to marry, if conscious of any weakness or disability of a certain nature, should take this Cordial, as it will infallibly restore health and viper in a brief period; and where want of offspring is a cause of regret, if recourse bu had to it, thu most boneiicial results may be anticipated with confidence. Principal OHicc Mo. I.M lirecnwich street, throe doors from Courtlandt, New York. Also for sale at No. Ml North Sixth street, Philadelphia ; lu Baltimore, by George IV. Jones, and John M. baroque ; in Washington city, by Charles Stott. mhlff lat* GREAT SPRING MEDICINE. GAY'S EXTRACT OF CAXCIIALAGUA, A CALIFORNIA* PLANT Of rnrs medicinal virtues. PUBMCLY A OMITTED BY DH. TOWNS END, MAN'Cfacturer of " Townsend's Sarsannrilla," To ho " Par lietter than Snrsaparilla," A CERTAIN PREVENTIVE AND CURE FOR CONSUMPTION, Coughs, Colds, Inflneoni, Asthma, Bronchitis, Scrofula, Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Erysipelas, l.uinhugo, Paralysis, Pleurisy, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Costivcness, Dysentery, Dropsy, l.iver Complaints, Piles, Bilious Complaints, Nervous Affections, Cutaneous Disorders, FEVER AND AGUE. Fevers in gcnarul, Hemorrhages, Fluxes, Obstructions, Increased Diseliarges, Depraved and Defective Appetites, Indigestion, and all diseases originating in coasrrr.itwn of the dowels, or imfvrl'l'y OF the flood. or which tend to enervate the system. It gives tone and vigor to thu Digestive Organs, and is rctnnrkahfe for its Animating, Strengthening, and Restorative Powers. Taken in the spring, or full of tl,e year, it is invaluable as a Family Medicine, in preparing the system to sustain the nhauges of our climate. At no mineral substance w hatever enters into the oom|>ositiou of this medicine, it may lie offered to the most delicute female, or youngest child, without apprehension. An immense number of persons have used the celebrated Canehalaguii of California, since its very recent introduction into this country by Mr. Gay: and they all ooncnr in stating that one of its most astonishing properties is its immediate and cth ( action upon the blood. A freer and more rapid circulation is at once produced, and the slightest wound will readily prove how liquid and pure the ldood at once becomes. Its action is felt through every vein of the body, with the most invigorating power; it is not like bleeding, which relieves the system by conveying from it ?nly the purer and more liquid limpid Mood, and leaves its stagnant and vitiated particles behind; nor like transfusion and injection, which add to it a fluidity at the expence of its quality; but it creates, as it were, a new and healthy blood, nna imparts new life and action to every part of the body. So long us the blood is pur# ami healthy, no infection, however malignant, can take deep hold of the sy stem, and the SPASMODIC C II O I. E R A mny, through its use, 1>e deprived of its malignant character. '1 he terror of lever and ague, in crossing the Isthmus of Panama, and at the qljj REGI0NS, reeds no longer to exist; for a single hottlo of the Canchalagua will break up and eradicate this dreaded disease, even if of long standing. A single bottle of the same trill be found to contain one-third more dores than a quart bottle of Sarsaparilio. whilst, from its condensed fertn, the freight on the saniewill not be one-fourth as much; besides this, it contains no sjrup or ingredient likely to ferment and sour ia warm climates. CANCHALAOUA va. SARSAPARII,I,A. Tiif. annexed letter, from an eminent lawyer, is made ptiblio by the proprietor of (lay's Canchalagua, as a just tribute to the extraordinary virtues of this Cafilornia plant;? N onritAMFTOir, February 7, 1S49. Dear Sir?I have long wished to see you, that 1 might give you an accurate account of the remarkable cure of my only daughter, of a violent case of scrofula. She is now almost three years of age. In February last, putrid sores upon the lips, face, and glands made their appearance, and increased with fearful rabidity; one of her eyes became so badly ulcerated, that to all appearance it could never again be restored. This continued for six weeks, the child being a most horrible eight, and the hearts of her parents almost broken. During the whole of this period we used Sarsaparilla in large quantities, but the disease was not arrested in the least. While the disease was still at its height, 1 happened one day to call at the store of your very gentlemanly agent In this place, and relating the mnnner In wnlch our ohild was al'.lictcd, h? advised me to make a trial of your Canehalugua. 1 took but one bottle, having no confidence in it; but commenced giving it according to your directions, stopping all other medicines at once; and in Just 11 \ o days the swelling visibly decreased, the ulcer began to heal, and she improved rapofly for three weeks, and, to our very great joy, was apparently cured? less tliim two bottles having been used. Naming this rnse to some of our incredulous friends, they seemed to think the cure must in part liuve been effected by the use of the Sarsaparilla; and it was not easy, under the circumstances. to argue against that opinion ; but now for the proof. W lien the child appeared to be perfectly cured,we stopped giving her your extract, supposing all was safe; but in twenty-live days the same eruptions, running at the eye, and swelling boron to return. W e waited five days to see if it would amount to anything serious. It increased rapidly as before. We again commenced giving her your medicine, and in live days, (the same period of time as before.) she began to grow better; and in about two weeks was well again. We continued giving the extract for throe or four weeks longer, and then stopped ts use entirely. From that day to tills, the child has been perfectly well, and is now as lino a picture of health as was ivcr seen; not a scar or pit remains to mar her beauty. My lather, Isaac Hodges, of North Adams, Mass., a physiian, came to sec us, with the intention of prescribing for lier, tut ns we were using your medicine w ith success, and the thild improving rapidly, he did not condemn it. hut loft ,is own prescription to be used in ciiso your extract failed. It is needless to add, that wu bad no occasion for it. and I im sure be will now recommend your medicine in similar ascs. As for myself, I ask of every one who has any alfliein of ibis kind to make a trial of your Invaluable Canohala ua, and 1 urn certain they will be rewarded tenfold. HORACE .1, IIODGES. fo FnrpvntrK A. Gav, F.sq., proprietor of Gay's C'auohaIsgna, : ?'< llioadway, New I or*, from It. II. Winspo'w, Esq., banker, 52 Wall street. New York, Sept. it, 1SIA. I'o Frederick a. Gay, My Dear Sir;?I cheerfully comply with your request in acinovlcdgiug with others, tho benefit which I have derived i in tiie use of your Fxtrsct of Cnuchulagua, or California riant. have induced me to recommend it* tint t'? tnv friend*, and 1 tint pleased to nssnre you, that iu no instance have 1 been diiKpiniifited in it* efficacy. / do not hesitate in my confidence in it* nwnarkabl* mediolnal qualities, to state that 1 believe it vwill bu found to l#e an > m client remedy in most ca?ci of diseases of the liver and kidneys, in pulmonary uffcotiuus, and also iu the purification blOOQ fct? ' jour merit in the introduction of this invaluable plant liia) be appreciated, i* the Miiceru * iah of Yonrt, sincerely, R. II. WIXSLOHT. f From the Sunday Time*. J Bay's Cawcma i.AfivA.- if Mexico had never produced anything more valuable than the nlant from which this preparation i? made, we should not l e inclined to despise it, for we are satisfied that b'ftf'f Canchnlaaua is one of the m??st taIumbh medicine* whicn ha* been a ided to the pharmacopeia w ithin tlie present century. We mean what we way?for it* effect* have heen tested under our own ey?, with the m-'it snt prising and beneficial results, in a case of coufirmed br-?uebitis. lifcl'OT?36 Broadway; wholesale agents. Riishton, Clark Ik Co., A. 11. It b. Hanus, J. k IV, J'enfold & Co., liatilaud, Kctse A Co. Hold at retail by the loading apothecaries in Broadway, and . 1 out the city i?i.t m, M TO A DJSCEKNINO PUBLIC. if vnt; Want iii? Ohiohai. ami Owi.v (jkrvrvtws DALLKY*H MA(iH Ab TAIN KXTRAI TOR AMI? TO avotl) IMPOSITIONS AM) i OUNTKRKRITJl, aprt.v at thk I roikiktou's Oni.y Ijf.pot, No. 415 Hkoadway, Corner <f l.iipenartl Street. II liAl.V.ET, Inventor and Sole l'rv|iri?lor of Bailor'* Magical 1 am Kairucior. mhlJ iJt* law 9ird1cai.. SCHKNCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP, The oni.y medicine which has stood the TEST or EXi'EUIMEXT IN A 1,1. CASKS or l'UJ.MONAHl DISEASE.?'TDK ONLY MEDICINE OF tin: III ND THAT CONTAINS NO CAI.OMKI., OF III M. Oil ANY OTIIKIt I>I.I.I:TE?IOIJ3 DRUO.?THE OM.Y M E 1)1 CINE THAT CAN l)E I SED \\ I Til SAFETY AND ADVANTAUE 111 ( o.N.s I'M I'll VE I'A TIF.NTS, and others, SUFFFItlNfi I KDKK THAT m.ass ur HUSK ASKS, UENKKAl.l.V TIIOIUIIT INCURABLE IIV THE MEDICAL FACULTY. The element! of which this Syrup is composed arc simple Ilcrbs and Hoots, tlio modieiuul properties of which purify the Mood, strengthen the system, and give a healthy tone to the Lungs and Digestivo Organs. Its operation upon tho system is mild, yet elYeaeiuus; it loosens the phlegm, whioh creates ae much difficulty when tight; it rclievua tho cough; it assists nature to expel from the ayatein nil diseased matter, by expectoration, which if retained produeeacoiiHUinption; it ripens the mutter in nn abeceai or tubercle, and then causes ita expulsion fr< m the eyatem. at the same time xoothiug the irritated parts, healing the laceration, and producing a healthy action; it regulates the bowels w ithout the aid of purgative medicines; it allays the molt troublesome cough, without injuring the system as other mediidncs generally do. IIISTORY or sciienck's PULMONIC SYRUP.?In one important particular, the medicine here offered presents stronger claims to public attention than any othor preparation professing to have similar remedial virtues; inasmuch as Joseph ll.Solienck, tho proprietor of this Syrup, was actually restored by it from the last stage of Consumption to sound health, as may be seen from the following abridged history of liis cose. A more particular account of his cure is contaiuud in a publication called " A History and Description of the Character und Variety of Consumption," w liich is distributed gratuitously from the principal offices anda gencies of Mr. Sclienck, in almost every part of the country. From the fucts hero stated and certified beyond the possibility of rnvil, it will be observed thut there is nothing merely theoretical or s|>cculativc in the curative properties of this Syrup. Nothing is tsken for grauted; the proprietor offers in advance of a mass of evidence, his own case, w hich is remarkable, but ly no means without a parallel in the history of this medicine; (or other cures havo been performed by it equally surprising and as well authenticated. It may be remarked in passing, however, that the unitals of medical science do not furnish a single instance wherein pulmonary diso&se had been allowed to proceed so far as in the case of Mr. Schonck, and w us then cured by medical treatment; in fact, the most eminent writers among the regular faculty havo stuted that such a result is impossible. Ity no medicines whatever, either regular or irregular, except Eohenck's 1' Hv111 r, has such an extreme case been successfully treated. The reader is hero called on to observe that the testimony offered hy Mr. Schenck in his own oase and in others, differs materially from the " certiltcate system," in general use among the venders of pateut medines. Tho persons who certify, subscribe and testify on oath to the merits of this Syrup, arc real persons, many of whom occupy high station, social mid political, as will clearly appear from un examination of the pamphlet referred to abuvc, and also from what follows:? In the year 1KW, Mr. Sehenck, then residing in Philadelphia, was declared by several eminent physicians, among tlium l>r. l'arrish, to be in one of tho obstinate stages of Pulmonary Consumption. The symptoms were appalling, iueluding an incessant cough, raising of blood, severe pain in the breast, hectlo fever, night sweats, and, in fact, all the indications of appr?nching death. His recovery was universally deemed impossible, w hen, w ith a view to rrlieva the distressing syiiintoins, without presuming to indulge in the hope of a cure, he commenced the use of this medicine. Ita beneficial effects were immediately seen. The expectoration became oopious, an incredible quantity of yellow matter mixed with clotted blood, was discharged from the lungs, aftor which his convalescence was rapid, and to the amazement of all his acinaintances, including the physicians, in about three weeks his health was pcilcrlly icslorcd. Sixteen years nave passed away, and there has been no return of the disease, ami Mr. Schcnck is now enabled to attend to his active duties with as much vigor as at any time in his previous life. For a more particular account of this astonishing cure, seo Mr. Sehcnok's pamphlet, page 8, w here the testimony of many of the prinoipal inhabitants of tiie neighborhood where he lived, including members of Congress, Judges of tho Court, other gentlemen in high office, members of the bar, physicians, merchants, &o., Sic., IS adduced t<> establish the whole train of facts, so that not the least doubt can remain in tke minds of the most skeptical. The fame of this euro, which was almost ostcomed miraculous, soon extended to a great distance, and Air. Schonck having become possessor of the original recipe, and highly improved it in the mode of preparation, hail so many applications for the medicine, that he was at last obliged to devote his whole time to the manufacture. It was found that repeated experiments, in every variety of pulmonic disease, confirmed all tho expectations which the Syrup had raised, and proved that its virtues were more extensively applicable than had been anticipated. A great variety of diseases, some of them pronounced incurable by the most experienced and skilful ductors; yielded to the gentle, yet powerful iutluunouof the Pulmonic Syrup. It would require a volume to contain oven a brief outlino of Ihs numerous cures w hich have been effected by the medicine. Tlio following examples are selected from the pamphlet prepared by Sir. Schenck for gratuitous circulation:? BRONCHITIS. Mrs. Sarah Pcarr, residing at No. XJ'J Race street, Philadelphia, about four years ago was attacked by the most distressing symptoms of Ilroncliitis?pain in the breast, troublesome cougli, sore throat, ke, and after the lapse of a year the disease assumed n most threatening and fatal nppsaranco. She had severe pains in her side and stomach, her throat was in a dreadful condition, so sore that she could suurculy articulato a syllable. She had a high fever every day, violent headache, creeping ohillr, and profuse niijlit sweats. She was ulso afflicted with total loss of appetite, costiveness, and general debility. Iler physician despaired of giving her any relief, a* no food or medicine would remain on her stomach. At this time site begun tin use of Sill LACK'S PULMONIC SYRUP, which Immediately bloke the eough, and WM tho lirst article w hich her stomach would retain since the commencement of her illness. A natural and healthy warmth wna restored to the extremities, which had lately become as cold as marble, the exj'octornlion w as free, and so?n ceased entirely. Hut w liat surprised every one w as, that after using several bottles of tlie byrup, tlio affected side and breast broke out in about twenty large biles, by the discharge of which tlio disease was expelled from her system, uud she was soon restored to perfect ilea 1th, which she has since enjoyed without interruption. Her cure was WWHIsMt Mrs. licarr, whose certificate may be seen at our office in Philadelphia, likowiso testifies to several other cures not less surprising than her on n, w liich she has know n to be performed by this Syrup. She will satisfy all Inquiries at her residence above mentioned. This ease exhibits a peculiarity of the Syrup, in cleansing the system, sometimes by expectoration, uud sometimes by eruptions and cutaneous discharges. The Pulmonic Syrup is prepared by J. Q. SC1IENCK, No. .' 2 South Sixth street. Philadelphia. BRANCH DEPOTS. N*w Yon*?TirSIl St CLICKENER, 81 Barclay street. Boston?REDDING fit CO., H State street. Itsi.timope?S. E. SMITH, Sun Buildings. Newt Ori.kans?J. WRIGHT 4i CO., I.'il Chartros street. PK1CE $1 per bottle, or SIX bottles for $">. uihlj lilt* law CONSUMPTION CURED DAILY! Pl'I.MONARY CONSUMPTION OF THE WORST CLASS IS DAILY CI KEI) BY DR. HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OK NAPHTHA, THE ONLY KNOWN REMEDY FOR TUBERCULAR CONSUMPTION. TIIF. MEDICAL FACULTY, AS WELL AS THE PUBUc, are struck with wonder at tho numerous cures made daily by this extraordinary medicine, and is now acknowledged by many of our ino.-t eminent physicians to lie a certain nnd speedy enre for tubercular Consumption, in its worst lages. It has been roeommended by that eminent physician, Dr. Mott, and is constantly used in the Marine Hospital at Savannah, On., by Dr. Arnold, the senior physician of the Hospital. The London Lancet, London Medical Journal, Uraithwaite's Ketroapeet, and all other of the London Medical Journals, have spoken in praise, many tirnus, of the surprising effects of DR. HASTINGS' PRKPARATION. It lute been thoroughly triod, not only in tho Hospital under the ehnrgc of Dr. Hastings, in London, hut also by all the first phjrsyeians of England, and all have fully endorsed it ai an nnrivulled remedy in Consumption, and all other diseases of tho Lungs. The following are a few of tlio opinions expressed by the Medical Faculty of England. Dr. Williamson, of Manohester, thus writes: UNDER ITS INFLUENCE. " I have scon the emaciated being, on whoso brow death had seemed to have set his seal, acquire iavlgoration and strength ?and exchange his early mornings of intense suffering and distressing cough, for the calm repose w hich alone accompanies sound health." I?R. WARE, OF LIVERPOOL. Says?" I Tegard Hastings' Syrup of Naphtha as one of tha first Medical discoveries ol any age, and consider its agonoy in curing Consumption as established beyond all doubt or question." Dr. Boyd, of Lancaster. "Ilails it as tho great consumptive antidote and enter' and Dr. Hamilton, of Bath, pronounces it " the only known remedy which may be Ircliea on for removing tubercles from tlio lungs, and preventing formation of others." A single bottle will prove its efficacy. All the proprietor asks is the trial of one bottle, the action of which witf prove to the patient the virtue of this medicine. Cough*, cold*. lironchitiH, (Iodines, asthma, night aweats, and spitting of lilood are cured in n surprisingly short space of time; the severest colds having yielded to the treatment of the Naphtha fyrup In the short space of forty-eight hours.? James Western, of Tontine, Michigan, was attacked with Spitting of blood, and could obtain no relief until h? tried HASTINGS' NAPHTHA, which starred it in half an hour. To enumerate nil the cure* performed by this medicine would occupy a volume ; tho accompanying have been selected by the American Agent, from a mass of certificates and letters which hare been received by hiin. NvAck, Rockland Co., N. Y., Sept. .1, IRIS. M. A. F. IIarrikon?Sir: 1 write to inform you of tho effect yntir Sj rup has had upon my w ife. She has been afflicted with the worst form of Consumption for two years, and had been given nn by two physicians, w lien I saw your advertisement of Dr. llasting's Compound Syrup of Naphtha. Being favorably impressed with it, I bought one bottle, which had so beneficial un effect thnt sho persevered in the use of it.? Win n she commenced taking it, she was confined to her bed, hut is now enabled to he nn and attend to her household duties, and I feel confident thnt the use of n few more bottles will i ntir, lj cure hi r. I would also add. that iny brother's child had been afflicted with a bad cough from its earliest infancy, and I was induced to try the effect of the Naphtha Syrup upon her. 1 did so, and the use off half a bottle completely cured her. Von nre at liberty to use thia letter at your discretion. Respectfully, JOHN 6. PERItV. Read the following, from one of the first Physicians in tho country. The Agent has received the following letter from Or. T. It. Mason, so well known as the leading physician of New Orleans: Ntw Om.rANA, Fob'y7. 1SW. Mr. M. A. F. nARRtson?In answer to yours of the 2Hth January, I inform yon that owing to the high reputation of I)r. Hastings. I was induced to try this Naphtha Syrup (of which you aro tho agent) in several cases ol pulmonary eonstiniption, and was much surprised at the moult. In every case after liking ihe first bottle, the patient felt greatly relieved, and the tubercles atopped forming, and those already formed began to be removed. Every case I bat o now under treatment I consider in a fair way to rooover In baste, yours, J. It. MASOV, M.D. Principal Office, 142 Greenwich street, corner of Liberty, N. York. Pries $1 rer bottle?0bottles for $A. mh27 I3t* $600 REWARD GROSS' HTKi IKIC. MIXTURE. 13 OR T1IE Cl'RE OF CONORRIMK.A, GREETS, STRICtures and analogous complaints of the organs of generation. Of all remedies yet discovered for the above complaints, this is the most certain. It makes a speedy and permanent cure, without the least restriction to diet, drink, exposure, or change, in application to business. It e give no long auackish reenmmendntions to deceive the public. It lL? medicine doea not apeak for itKolf. no one ahall htitnk for it. Our object in to no til) where it can be hail, and tlm profdctor challenge* a linglornae of rectint (lonorrhoea to he brought in which tin- mixtnro will not effect a rapid cure, under n forfeiture of 't hie ir a dlacnao that unfortunately pervadca all elasaea of f iictj?high, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and ainglo. 1 hey are here prom oted with a remedy l>y which they can cure thenierlvce Hitliout the lcaet expoture, in the ahorteet time poeeihle. larther, the dinearn cannot he contracted If a doee of the Mixture ie taken at ni'rlit on going to bed alien expuaed. It ia put up iu bottlee with full dlrreliona accompanying it, at (I a bottle, fine bottle laata a week, which generally eurea?many tire cured in two daya. Sold at the drug atore, 173 Broadway, Irving limine, comer of Hiamtura etreot. uin37-l3t* law IU! .IKKFH1KS' ANTIDDTK is thf host nrrrcTir a v. prfpa ratio* roll ooifor* r iiit a and otkit PlSOIt likks of thf fll-.xuai. org a ms. rONG experience him proved that it will radically cure J aiiv cam-. Thie <1 < *!rr\?.|?? result it obtained in from two

to tfii iIhvh mill m - it i,f 11 her < wntM in nt,r olfttmirt the palate, and render* unnecessary any deviation in diet or interruption to usual pursuits, round sleep or healthy digestion, the nuisance is thus removed as speedily as is consistent %?ith the production with a thorough and permanent cure. It* ingredient* are rutin Iv VfMUl I". Mid ? injunum effect, either constitutionally or locally, can he oa?i?*'I by it# use. ? J'ricc One Dollar nor bottle. Sole agont for this city, mh'OUf V. JJ KING, lift broad way, oor. John st. NBDICAL. UK. FELIX OOUKAUD'S ITALIAN 1IBDIC ATBD SOAP.-THIS VAI.I/AKLE KMOLlient is now hy oomruon consent rated A No. I, as u remedy lor lllotuhes, Pimples, Pustules, Scurf, Tun, Freckles, Sunturn, all kinds of eritptiuns, anil evi ry species of discoloration of tin -kin. All competition Ims I on completely distanced l y tlii* invalmtl le romp. .-iiion, the demand for which within too last nix months has increased more than live hundred per cent, anil is still incretisinu. The clearness and freshness which itn UM Iniptrta to the complexion have r?t>i1??re<i it proverbial m? a Liuutilicr of the Skin ; umi no dreeing room can Le considered furnfrhml with a proper toilet that laokn COl'BAU D'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOUP. It Is aUo a delicious tdiay iiitf compound, aud can ho used in talt w ater?and is a sovereign and instantuiiooum remedyfor the bite* of insects. If beauty he, as ia assorted, only skin dkkp, it is tho more important that the thin covering in which lovelincsi resides should he kept in its prosent and most attraotisestato. Dr. CJ. ini^ht go on umplifying the inorita of his Italian Medicated Soup, hut he thinks the extraordinary number of certificates which have been published throughout the Union, at the cost of several thousand of dollars to the Doctor, from eminent Pbyrieiaii, Clergymen, Members of f*nnereis. Captains of Ships, Officers (if tho A rmy, and u host of distin- i guished ladies, the original of whiuli t:.u always he seeu, if required, ore, the Doctor thinks, sufficient to convince uny one not w ilfully Hind. If there lie nny such, the Doctor might apply to tlieni the language of Script ure.nnd say, "If ye holieve not Moses aud the prophet!, neieher w ould ye believe though one rose from the deud." AMONG rOl'DI.AR ERRORS. There is prnlmlily no one more mischievous than that which supposes that cutaneous eruption can be removed liv deluging the stomach with so vailed Sareunarilla, and other wishy wnshy decoctions, pills, electuaries, ko. Tlie error is not only vulgar, bat exceedingly pernicious, inasmuch as tlie slops not only cause a large drain upon the purse, but actually tend to nggravate the deformity they pretend to cure. The medical faculty have, time and again, demonstrated that diseases of the tegument can only he removed liy outward application, especially liy washes, and that for this purpose nothing is so pre-eminently valuable as Dr. Gourauo's ltali&u Medicated Soap. Indeed, the usefulness of this exquisite emollient, in softening, clarify ing and whitening the cuticle, has passed into a proverb. If the natural functions of the skin are depressed, and the harmony of action w bleh should exist between the external surface of the body nml the vital machinery within, is thus destroyed, the indications of the change are usually developed in tho form of Dimples, lilutcbes, Pustules, or some more speeitle form of Cutaneous disease. These diseases being essentially lotal, require only n local remedy; and having ail of tlieni, excepting tho contagious virulent class, a cnmiuou ori n,u, VIII iiiuiumi URV..V n... ouiuuo ?..? vu.o .... Pnn.OSOPIIY OF WORMS IN TIIE SKIN. Many young persons?especially those of full Imbim, or those who indulge hi rich food?are very much annoyed by tho appearance of black spots upon the sides of the nose, on tho upper lip, ilia clitn, tho fdroliead, Ike., resembling; grains of gunpowder sticking in the skin. W hen the skin is roughly spneezed, a small worm like substance protrudes, having a black head. The supposition, however, that they are in reality worms, is erroneous. 1 liese spots are occasioned by nn undue accumulation of the fatty matter which is separated from tho blood for the purpose of lubricating the skin, and this overplus chokes up the pores and concretes. The dust floating in the air adheres to the greasy substanco, and causes the black speek. This gives the face a dirty and disgusting appearance, and the remedy of squeezing, so universally resorted to, is not ouly painful but frequently useless. Very often the ovur distension of the pores causes iuflumwutiou and painful pimples. Tho only certnln remedy for this nffeetion is to wash the fuoe with warm water and GOURAUD'S ITAMAN MEDICATED SOAP. Mothers should always use it iu washing their babes. It is besides delicious for shaving, as it can be used in bard or salt water as well ns soft. It is, moreover, an infallible romody for scurvy and no t'uliforuiun snould go to sua without a supply. Dr. Cnuraud rufers to Mr. Kahiuenu, the celebrated proprietor of the New York salt-water baths, iu proof of th? latter. CERTIFICATES. Tho following, from among n host of similar testimonials of tho extraordinary virtues of Gournud's Italiuu Modicated Soap, aro selected for their brevity:? [F.xtract of a letter from Petersburg. Va.] Dear Doetor GOVBAVB?Aro you aware that there are dangorous counterfeits of your celebrated 1TALIKN MEDICATED SOAP, afloat In tho South mid West. I have Just returned from a tour, and met with in tin v pernicious compounds purporting to be "Medicated Soaps"?Heaven snve the murkf Surely you ought to do everything in your power to put the public 011 it* gunrd against the vile impositions. You will wonder,perhaps, why I ain so enrnest in prnise of your excellent Soup, but w hen you learn that through its nienns mv oldest girl, IS years, has been completely cured of a face full of nasty pimples and freckles, her brother and sister, 6 and S yours, ol' scald head which they caught nt school; and my wife of a dangorous outbreak of salt rheum, which extended from the Augers of the right arm to the shoulder?your surprise will cense; 1 use nothing else, nor wants anything better fur shuving. Yours, as ever, JOHN MARDEX. Nxw York, April 17. Dr. CouRAvn?Sir Oratitudn moves me to thank you very much for the benefit I have derived from your Modioutod Snap. For the past two years 1 have been more or less troubled w ith small eruptions, irritation on my breast?or chest, if you please to call it so?which tormented me past nil endurance. 1 applied l'oor -Man's 1'laster, with no effect; ointment and other cheap remedies I used abundantly?all were worthless. As a last resource, I risked, rather foolishly, $.1 for six quart bottles of sarsaparilln. I innocently swulluwed the whole, and became quite debilitated, without the slightest abatement of the itching. At length a friend, to whom I mentioned my case, exclaimed?"H'liy don't you get a half dollar j cake of the famous Medicated Soap of Mr. Otuiraud?" I took | his advice, and with one cake washed the skin. I ain not only entirely relieved from the itching, but also have the pleasure of feeling that there is a briskness and smoothness to the whole surface of my skin I never before experienced. Please send by the hearer naif a dozen cakes, and one over, for $3; 1 want to take them to Jamaica, and oblige. Yours, IIENRY JOHNSON, 40 M'oostcr streot, N". Y. Dr. Courand?Sir?For a series of years, my face and forehead have been covered with unsightly blotches and pustules, and, to aggravate the matter, my noso gradually assumed the redness of a peona; iu short, 1 became an object of disgust to myself, and ridicule to others, inasmuch as iny affliction waf attributed to an undue use of stimulnnts. 1 have proved the contrary by using your invaluable Medicated Soap, through the influence of which I am entirely freed from the aforesaid nuisances, and my skin has become as white and clear us it was in the days ol"my boyhood. 1 conceive this public t>?tiniony te he eminently your due, and you are quite welcome to make what use of it you please. Respectfully, yours, JNO. JEFFRIES, Printer, True Suuliuildings. To Dr. F. Gonraud?Among the encomiums which your invaluable Soap is daily receiving. I have thought that a mother's praise may not be out of place. Your Medioated Soap has, under tiod, been the means of preserving my darling hahe from much suffering. 1 had put lijyi out to nurse, and through the carelessness of tdie woman who had hira in charge, his delicate skin, under the arms, behind his ears, and around ths stomach, w as chafed to the redness of raw beef. For 11 whole month?during w hich 1 was absent fnun the city?tlio little dear suffered these torments. On my return, I used yunr de ncinuH simp irony wnne warning mm. ami now ne is ns plump, white, playful, and free from chafes as any child I ever saw. No motlicr who values the health and comfort of her infant should be without your soap. Truly yours, EI.IZA IlLACKMAN. No. 11 Catharine street, near Second, Philadelphia. The merits of (lourand's Poudres Subfiles, for eradicating euportions hair, have been attested by so many thousand people that to culogiie it at the present day seems almost a work of supererogation. Ncverthlcss, there may be some w ho have not heard of its fame; and those are earnestly requested to read the follow ing testimonial, selected from many New York, Fen. 1, 1843. " I have had an opportunity of observing the operation of Dr. Felix Gouraud's preparation for the removal of superfluous hair, and am perfectly satisfied of its singular efficacy.? After an analysis of the composition of tlioso pow ders, 1 can, w ithout nny hesitation, pronounce them perfectly harmless, and in every w ay infinitely superior to any preparation of the hind ever offered to the public. I hare pleasure in giving them my recommendation, being thus fully convinced of their value. JAMES A. HOUSTON, M. D., " Editor New York Lancet." Testimony of persona to whom the "Italian Medicated Soap" has been eminently serviceable, and to whom Dr. GOt RAIt'D is at liberty to refer ??* Mrs. Lawrence, the lady of the Hon. Cornelias W. Lawrence, ex-Mayor of New 1 ork. Bernard Messerole, Esq., Alderman of the Tenth Ward. lloa. K. B. Hoherts, Member of Congress. Mrs. Hopkins, lis Elisabeth street, New York, cured of a rod and pimpled face. Joseph llall, 140 Fulton street, Now Tork, of tan and freckles. George Curtis, IS Henry street, of dark and discolored skin. Felix McGce, ISO Orange street, New York, of scald head; his three children do. llannah E. W. Weistcr, Division street, of a dark tanned face and red nose. John Bishop, MS Grand street, of ehilblaias, and eruptions on the face and neck. William Nash, Barber, in the Bowery, of worms In the face. Mrs. John 8. Lightbodv, 62 Kue Bourbon, New Orleans, of n severe ring-worm on the check, which had defied ordinary remedies; and further, tho application of the Soap removed all her tan and freckles. Mrs. Fcarnhe&d, of Bollevllle, New Jersey, of tan and freckles, tic., Ike., he. Be particular to bear in mind that Dr. FELIX GOURAUD'S preparations can oni,v be obtained, osscisi, at his depot, 67 Walker street, first door west of Broadway, New York. Age*ts?Bales k Jnrdnn, 129 Washington St., Boston; Post h Willis, Rochester; Ives, Salem; Carleton, Lowell: Robinson, Portland: Guild. Bangor; Perry, Manchester; Bliss, Springfield; Covill, Hartford; Gaynor at Wood, Richmond, Vs.; Mandstield, Louisville; Couso, Detroit, Mich.; Childa Ik Co., Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; l'eirce, Albany; anil various other parts of the Union. ml313t* M. WISE, OPTIC IA FROM GERMANY, MOST respectfully informs the Citizens of New York, and the public in general, that he has located himself in this city, at No. 4.17 Uuoauwav, where may be found a large and complete assortment of SPECTACLES AND READING GLASSES, in Gold, Silver, nnd Steel Frames. Mr. W. would also remind the public, to whom he is partially known by liis annual visits to Saratoga Springs, for the last ten years, that by bis knowledge of the optical science, ho is enabled to determine the glnsscs suitable for any eye. Persons with weak eyes ran he supplied with glasses which will greatly benefit nnd not strain the sight. Particular attention Is tailed to a new style of Perspeetive ft n >n it it Class, of the tlm-t Unit, which, thronffh their tilvh poltsh.and true ground, produce the purest vision, and have ben liiithlv recommended as the best, in their effect npcin the eye. for preserving and improving the light lu continued writing ami rending. Short-sighted persons, and thnic operated on for Cataract, can also he inltcd. lie inserts new Masses, of superior quality, in old frames, and solicits the patronage of all in want of his Articles. lie warrants all Spectacles purchased of him to suit the night for hve years, or change the Classes without eat ra charge. mli'*7 lilt* law BOGLE'S HYPERION KLUII), IS NOW CONSIDERED hy those who use it, the hest article for the llair ever lavented, and is indispensable at the ladies' toilet. It entirely eloars the skin from scurf and dandruff. and hy its tonic and stimulating qualities, cansos a healthy action in the Mood vessels, nerves, Ike., wlnoh feed the hair, thereby preventing baldness anil grey hair. A L Til O KITATIV K KV1DKM K. From I'n. Wihslow I.twis. one of the uiost eminent Rhysieiaus of boston. ItOATOW, Feb. 1.1, 1847. Mr. Wit. Ror.t r, Sir?The preparation Invented hy yon for the hair, tins been extensively used in iny family for some time, and thuy give it tho decided preference over all other compositions of tlir kind. It inv igorates and beautifies the linir, and clears the skVn of all impurities, without producing any ultimate deleterious effects, which nro so frequently the result of iimiiy well known tented compounds. Ilnvin been thoroughly tested, and Its repnlatlon fairly established, as the best article known for the human hair, it may hesnpcrltoiis, still I cannot resist the opportunity to odd te others the name of your obedient servant, WINMl.OW LEWIS, Jr. For sale, wholesale and retail by .Messrs. A. It. k. I). Sands, Um I'ii I ton street, corner of Willi am t Reihtei f lark, & Co., tin and -7-i lirondwny. To he obtained of the proprietor ana manufacturer, IW in. bogle, 177 IV ashing! on street, I ins ton: ami of the principal Iiruggists and I'erfuiners in lh? United States and Canada. nblllSt* law CI.I1UII1 fill's VkNTII. VFIN<? OR OOSSAMKIl WHiM, M Al.l'S, AM) LA 1)1 KB iif \ i> bitiissks. STAND pre-eniinont above nil others in the world. An eiamitintfun will prove this no sgotistionl boast. Their I,.I I >i.i, lit .11... -..a - .1..?Skal. i-.'.-,. jl.HfM-d hikI fitted to tl?f head exiotlj us the li ur orj I'uir I.kmu^iJio epi^erftAec of m?oinr from the ftkin; their eUmkitv, Miperiontv ui m*tcri*l 41 id workman* ? L t| ; 11 fir rt/le of t* nieli nnd mo Jo of ArmiiKtttnont, form ?nnh n *? tnhiviatioti rf improvement*, that h 11 competent Jnd-joe he>?* pronotiM?*?i thttn Perfect I fend* of lleir. tiu>i?tis mo in %?i ?d to them, whether froin,>, ??r with tl.e intention to ptjrclit%:?f. I*ri. < ?,i" l.-nr*. 175 llnmdwAjr, upstAire, oppouHe )J..w/ud? Jiouii. uiitl.i JM* MEDICAL. /WVWVWWVWVW v/vvv v vWW V WWVVWWWWVV\ DR. TOWNS END'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OK 8ARSAPARILLA. woKnrn and m.rumxo or the aor. THE MOST EXTRAORD1NAHV MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. This Kt tract it ptit tip in Quart Bottles; it is skr timet Cheaper, Vleasanhr. and warranted superior to any sold. It cures without vomiting, purging, sickening, or debilitating the patient. TIIF. groat beauty and superiority of this Sarsaparillri over all other medicine, is that while it eradicates the diseuse, it invigorates the body. It is one of the very best 8riUNO AND SUMMER MEDICINES ever known: it not only purifies tho whole system, anil strenghcns tin: person, tut it create* now, pure, and rich blood, n power possessed by no other medicine. And in this Ilea the grimd secret of its w underfill success. It has performed w ithin ttie lust five years more thnn lfiO.Ofidoures of severe ease* of disease; at least 15,000 were considered incurable. It has sated the lives of more than 5,000 cliildreu during the two past seasons. 10,WW Case* or General Debility and Want or Nervous Enkrov. Dr. Townsend's Sarsavnrillii invigorates the whole system I permanently. To those who have lost their muscular energy by the effects of medicine or indiscretion committed in youth or the excessive Indulgence of the passions, and brought on a general physical prostration of the nervous system, lassitude, w nut of ambition, fainting sensations, premature decay and decline, hastening towards that fatal disease, consumption, ean be entirely restored by this pleasant remedy. This Sorsuparilla is far superior to any INVIGORATING GORDIAL, as It renews and invigorates the system, gives activity to the limbs, and strength to the muscular system, in a most extraordinary degree. CONSUMPTION CURED. Cleanse and strengthen. Consumption can he cured. Bronchitis. Consumption, Liver Complaint, Colds, Catarrh, Coughs, Asthtnn. Spitting of lllood, soreness in the Chest, Hectic Hush, Night Sweats, difficult or profuse Expectoration, Pain in the Side, be., have teen and can bo cured. SP1TTINO BLOOD. New Yore, April 2S, 1817. Ult. 'l owNdiNn,?i veriiy uciu-tu inai your saraapanua Imit been the mean*, through Providence, of saving my life. I hnvu, for several years, hart a hart cough. It hvcamo wnrso ami worse. At last I raised Urge miantities of blood, had night sweats, and was greatly debilitated and reduced, and did not expect to live. I linve only used your Sarsaparilla a short time, aud there has a wonderful change been wrought iu me. I Kin now ablo to walk all over the city. 1 raise no lilood, niul my cough has left me. You can well imagine that I ttin thankful for these results. Your obedient servant, WM, Ill'SSEl.l,, 65 Catharine street. FEVER AND AGUE. Dr. Townsend's Surssparilla is unequalled in oases of the Chills ami Ft> or and Ague. The following letter is only one of hundreds that we hate received from the South uud West of like character. Osweoo, Mich., Oct 22, 1W. Dr. Towivsrivn?Dear Sir,?1 purchased for my wife two bottles of Sarsajiarilla of your agent, Mr. MoN'air, of Kalamazoo, to try it fur the Fever and Ague. Ilefura 1 had finished the first bottle, it appeared to warm tho blood, and every other day, when the Chills nnd Fever appeared, they were less violent; aud before sho had finished the bottle, she was entirely relieved, and she was much better than she had been before she took the Ague. A lady that had been very sick with the Chills and Fever, but had broke them with quinine, and was left In a very weak and distressing state, and troubled exceedingly with the Ague I'ako, seeing tho otfeot that it had on my wife, alio sent and procured a few bottles, and it restored her in a few wooks to complete health. Your Sareaparilla Is, without doubt, unequalled in diseases incident to tho West, aud if you think that this communication will be of uso, you are at liberty to use it as you choose. Yours respectfully, CHARLES n. SWAIN, RHEUMATISM. This is only one of more thnn four thousand oases of Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend's Snrsaparilla has cured. The most seTerc and chronio casus are weekly eradicated by its extraordinary virtues. James Cummings, Fsn., one of the assistants in the T.unatio Asylum, Hlaok well's Island, is the geutlcman spoken of in the following letter:? Bi.ackwii.i.'s Isi,arm, Sept. 14, 1.147, Pr. Townsknd : Pear Sir?I have sulferod terribly for nine years, with the Rheumatism ; considerable of the time I could not eat. sleep, or walk. I had the utmost distressing pains, and my limbs wero terribly swollen. I have nsod four bottles of your Snrsaparilla, and they have done me more than one thousand dollars worth of Rood. I gm so much better? indeed, I am entirely relieved. You are at liberty to use this, for the benolit of the alllicted. Yours, respeotfull v. JAMES CUMMINGS. FITS ! FITS I FITS ! Pr. Towasend, not having tested his Snrsaparilla in oases of Fits, of course never recommended it, and was surprised to receive the following, from an intelligent and respectable farmer, in Westchester County:? Foruham, August 13, 1147. Pr. Townskhd: Rear Sir?I have a littlo girl, seven years of age, who has been several years alllicted with Fits; we tried almost every thing for her, hut without success; at last, although we could hnd no recommend.!-?n in our circular, for cases like hers, we thought, as she w as in very dclicnto health, we would give her some of your Sarsaparilla, and are very glad we did, for it not only restored her strength, hut she has had no return of tho Fits, to our grent pleasure and surprise. She is fast becoming ruggi d and hearty, for which wu feel grateful. Yours, rospeetfullr, JOHN BUTLER, Jr. FEMALE MEDICINE. Dr. Townsend's Snrsaparilla Is a sovereign and speedy sura for lnsipient Consumption, llarrenness. Prolapsus Utori, or Falling of the Womb, Costivencsn, l'iles, Leucorrhcca, or Whites, obstructed or difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of Urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and for the general prostration of the system?no matter whether the rosult of inherent cause or causes, produced by irregularity, illness, or accident. Nothing can l.e more surprising than its invigorating effects on tho human frame. Fersons all weaknoss and lassitude, from taking it, at onee become robust and full of energy, under its influence; it immediately counteracts the nerveiessness of tho female frame, w hich is the groat cnuse of Barrenness. It will not he expected of us, in casns of go delicate n nature, to exhibit certificates of cures performed, but w e can assure the alllicted, that hundreds of enses have been reported to us. Thousands of cases, where families have been without children, after using a few bottles of this invaluable medicine, bare been blessed with flue, healthy offspring. TO MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES. This Extract of Sarsaparllla has been expressly prepared In reference to female complaints. No female who has reason to suppose she is npprnaohing that critical period, " The turn of life," should neglect to tnke it, as it is a certain preventive for any of the numerous and horrible diseases to which females are subject at this time of life. This period may be delaved for several years, by using this modicine. Nor is it less valuable for those who are approaching womanhood, as it is calculated to assist nature, by quickening the blood and invigorating the system. Indeed, this medicine is invaluable for all the delicate diseases to which women are subject. It braces the whole system, renews permanently the natural energies, by removing the impurities of the body, not so far stimulating as to produce subsequent relaxation, which is the case of most medicines taken for female weakness and disease, fly using a few bottles of this medicine, many severs and painful surgical operations way be prevented. GREAT BLESSING TO MOTHERS & CHILDREN. It is the safest and most effectual modicine for purifying the system and relieving the suffering attendant upon child-birth, ever discovered. It strengthens both the mother and child, prevents pain and disease, increases and enriches the food; those w ho have used it, think it is indispensihle. It is highly useful both before and after confinement, as it prevents diseases attendant upon child-birth?in C'ostivaness, Files, Cramps, Swelling of tho Feet, Despondency, Heartburn, Vnmitinir I'nin in the Hack and Loins. False l'alns. llctnnrr hage; nnd in regulating the secretions and equalizing the circulation, it has no equal. The great beauty of tliia raedioine ia. it is always safe, nnd the most delicate uao it moat successfully; very few cases require any other medicine, in some a little castor oil, or magnesia, it useful. Exercise in the open air, nnd light rood, with this medicine, will always insure a safe and easy confinement. NOTICE TO THE LADIES. Those that imitate Dr. Townscnd's Sarsaparilla hare invariably called their stuff n great remedy for females, (too., &o., and hare copied onr bills and circulars which relate to the complaints of women, word for word?other men who put up medicines, hare, since the great success of Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla in complaints incident to females, recommended theirs, although previously they did not. A number of those mixtures, pills, Ike., are injurious to females, as they aggravate disease, and undermine the constitution. SCROFULA CURED. This certificate conclusively proves that this Sarsaparilla has perfect control over the most obstinate diseases of the blood. Three persons cured in one house is unprecedented. THREE CHILDREN. Dr. Townsnvn?Dear Sir: I havo the pleasnre to inform you that three of my children have been cured of tho scrofula by the use of your excellent medicine. They were afflicted very severely with bad sores; havo taken only four bottles; it took them away, for which! feel myself under great obligation. k ours respectfully, ISAAC W. CRAIN, 10G Wooster street. OPINIONS OF PHYSICIANS. Dr. Townsend is almost dnilv receiving orders from Physioians in different parts of the Union. This is to certify, that we, the undersigned Physicians of the City of Albany, havo, in numerous casos, proscribed Dr. Tow nsend's Sarsaparilla, and hrliove it to bo one of the most valuable preparations in the markeL ptII TK0 ? D J."WILSON, M! I).' K. 11. BRIGS. M. D. ai.sasy, April 1, 1847. 1'. E. EI.MENDOIIF, m. D. CURIOUS CAPE OF CONSUMPTION. Tho following certificates are selected from a large number received this week. The first was kindly forwarded to us by Dr. t'olw ell, a respectable physician, of extensive practice at Oswego, New York. He writes that the Sarsaparilla has performed many cures, nnd the better it is known the more it is appreciated. Ilia letter can bo seen at the offlce, if aay wish to see it, F.aut Oswroo, Dec. 10,1.117. D?. Coi.wrt.r.?Dear Sir:?This is to certify that I have been sick a number of years with the Consumption, and that the past summer 1 was so low that iny friends thought I could not live hut a very short time, and by your advice, thinking there was yet a hope left, 1 commenced taking Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla. which sooon gave me rolief. 1 grew better fast while taking the Sarsaparilla. nnd am now nhlo to be about the house and do some work. I owo my rocovery, thus far, to the above medicine, and believe that it saved mo from the grnvo. If you choose you may forward this statement to Dr. Townsend. MB*. MARGARET ARMSTRONG. We, the undersigned, are acquainted with Mrs. Armstrong, and know the above to be true. Sarah Jaws: Hrxnsssex. Ki.iza nrni Hahtiioi.omkW, Fi.ihhfth IIadi.ct, Mart Coon. WONDERFUL CURE. N*w York, Doe. 14,1B47. Dr. Towwarwn?Sir:?Last Now Year#' Day 1 received as a present two bottles of your Sareaparilla. bur four yeara previous to this 1 w as very ill, and had not strength to bo about the house. I nptriiea to physicians and eould obtain no relief, and at the time I commenced taking your Sarsnparilla, I had almost despaired of getting any bettor. The blood in my veina was like w ater, I bled very much at the lungs, 1 had sewre pains in my chest, and heart, and was troubled at times w ith something rising in iny throat, ho that it was impossible to sneak. I disonvcrd a change for thn better, in my health on taxing one bottle of your ftarsaparJIln, and in two weeks was able to be up about half an hour at a time, and persevered in taking your Marsaparilla. In four weeks I was ahle to go abor.t the house, and have been e\or since remarkably strong, and attribute tlm recovery of my health entirely to your Sarsaparllla. If this statement will he the rnu.vns of directing others, similarly afflicted, to your Sarsapnrilla, you are welcome to make It known. Yours, rcsneotfullv. JB. SI,WIN KR, jo Van dam street. I CAUTION, Owing to the great success and immense sale of Dr. Townsewd's Harsnperilla, ?i niJinM'r < f men who were formerly our agents, hn>u commenced making Sarsaparilia Kitracta, Ijixirs, Hitters, Kxtruot* of Y ellow Uook, See. They generally put it up in the same shape bottles, and somo of them hm n stolen and copied our anvcrtisementa. They are only worthless imitation*, nnd should be avoided. I'rinci| h 1 ( llico, l-o Knlton street, Sun PtnUdlng, N. Y.: Ifeddfr?: k ( ?., h Mate street, Huston; Dyott 5t Sons, 1.^2 North Second street, Philadelphia; S. S. Ilance, Druggist. lialHmcii*; IV M. Cohen, t barlcstnn; Wright Mt C'o., IjJ ' hart re* street. N. O.; lUft Month I cail street, Albany: and y sll tbe j i itieif a) druggists and merchants generally bi-oii'lout thn lit.Pyd Mates, West Indies and the Canada*. mid Kit law ?r t MEDICAL. MOSf EXTRAORDINARY WORK! 50,000 coriES sfn.n in six months! THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION nv i?n. a. m. maubiceau, ProfcuHor of Iiiroesea of W'omon. Tenth Edition, ISmo. jip. V*). Price $1. run or an rmtiso, or physical tnu mihal akuhish TO M a > v As AfnOTtOUTI wira, AMU I'ecuniadt mrrictn.Ti i a to the hush*no, MIOIIT HATE 111 AS 9 FA It A!) ?V A TIM EOT FOSHKSHIOS or THIS WOKK. IT IS INTENDED ESI'ECI M.I.Y FOR THE M \HHIED, or thnao oouteni elation niwrriAX*. ?? it di-soloae* important aeerota which rhouM bo known to tIn'in particularly. To llinw whose health doea not permit of au iuureane of family, it ia of eapecial importance. Hero, ulao, every female?the wife, the mother?the ooe either budding into womanhood, or the one in the decline of jresrs. niiuiu in.i ure inriiiempiaitis an iinporcxni. unangc? can discover the causes, symptoms, mid tlie mult etflcieua remedies, and must certain mode uf euro, iu every complaint to which her Hex i* Huliject. The revelations contained in its pages have proved a blessing to thousand*. as the iiimimerahli, letters received by ths author (which he is permitted by the writers tto publish,) will attest. Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman in Dayton, (Mio. Dayton, May 1, llM7. Dr. A. M. Mnuriceau: ilv I'i. it Sin:?" I'lm Married Woman's Private .Medical Companion," for which I enclosed one dollar to youraddmss^ caine ealely to hand. I would not have troubled yon with these few lines, but that I am impelled by a sense of gratitude, for myself and wife, to give utterance to ourlsineere and heartfelt emotions. My wife has been perceptibly sinking for S"ine three year# or more, in consequence of her groat anguish and sulloring Souie months before and during confinement; every successive one more and more debilitated.and prostrated her, putting her life in imminent danger, and which was, on the last occasion, despaired of. 1 supposed that this statu of things was inevitable, and resigned myself to meet the worst. At thia time, (now about two months,) I heard your book highly spoken of, as containing some matters reaching my case. <> its receipt and perusal, 1 cannot express to yoa the reliof it afforded my distressed mind, and the jvy Its pages imparted to my wife, ou learning that the groat discovery of M. M. Desomeaux provided a remedy. It opened a prospect to ma, which I little conceived was possible. No pecuniary-consideration can ever repay the obligations I ain under to you, for having been the means of imparting to us the matters contained in "The Married Woman's Private Medical Companion." lint for this, ere another year would have passed over my head, in all human probability, my wife would have been in her grave, and iny children left motherless. UoM tu 's. v., AprllilS, 1317. Dear Sir:?I received your work on the 10th, and it in truly entitled to ho enlled the "Married Woinan'a Private Medical Companion." 1 unhesitatingly say. that it should he in the lunula of every medical uian, on account of the mode of treatment you preacrihe, by which "broken or iniifttnatl lireaata" are impossible of occurrence. In viuw, therefore, that there are thousands thus afflicted at every oonlinemunt, it .is invuluahlc, not only to every physician, hut to every woman. In rcenrd to the great discovery of M. M. Desomcaux, mentioned in your work, I havu known many, within the sphcrnm^ of my own immediate practice, whose health would havo beea^' preserved, and many others whose lives would have been spared, had they known aud availed themselves of it, although, of course, it may bo susrcptiklo of pervorsion, as, indeed, ever are our greatest blessings. HAD I KNOWN. Extract of a Letter. 1'HII.ADELPHIA, Nov. 2!>, 1317. Dr. A. M. Maurlccau:?Had I known of the important matters'treated of in the "Married Woman's Private Medical Companion," some years ago, how much misery 1 might hav? escaped! I have suffered years from causes, which you point out in your hook, without Knowing what to do. Ilut hearing it highly spoken of, I obtained u copy, and found my cos* treated of. 1 trust every female will avail horself of the informatiou|coutaiucd in its pages. Another Extract. , |L* * , Kentucky May 3, 1829. It is my lot to be united in wedlock to a young mechanio of industrious habits, good disposition, pleasing manners, and agreeable features, excessively fonu of our children and of me ; in short, eminently well i|tinliiied to render himself and family and all around him happy, wero it not for tho besotting sin of drunkenness. About once in every three or four weeks, if he met. either accidentally or purpusely. with some of his friends, of w hom, either real or pretended, his good-natura andflibcrality.procures him many, he is sure to get intoxicated, so as to lose his reason; nuJ, when thus beside himself, ho trades and makes foolish bargains, so much to his disadvantage, thnt he has almost reduced himself and family t* beggary, being no longer able to keep a shop of his own, but obliged to w ork journey-work. W c have not been married unite four years, and have already given being to three dear little ones. Under present circumstauees, what ran can 1 expect will be their fate and mine I 1 shudder at the prsspcct before me. With my excellent constitution and industry, and the labor of my husband, 1 feel able to bring up those little cherubs in decency; but when I seriously consider my situation, I can see no other alternative left for me thau to tear myself nway from the man who, though addicted to occasional intoxication, would sacrifice his life for my sake; and for whom, contrary to mr father's will, I successively refused the hand and wealth of a lawyer and of a preacher; or continue to witness his degradation, und bring into existence, in all probability, a numerous family of helpless nnd destitute children, who, on account of poverty, must inevitably be doomed to a life of ignorance, and consequent vice mid misery.* M. W. * This lady obtained Deiomuaux's great Discovery for Married Ladies. Extract of Letter. COMPETENCE AND HEALTH. Lancaster, Pa., Wet. 21, 1817. My Dear Sir?I know you will have the kindness to bear with me in encroaching noon your time, whilo I acknowledge (in behalf of myself ana wife) the obligations we feel ourselves under to you in liuving made known certain matters contained in your most invaluable 'Married Woman's Private Medical Companion.' It has been worth its weight in guld to me. if 1 express myself rather warmly, you will see that I cannot do so too warmly, when I inform you the extent to which I have, through it, been benellttod. I will state my situation w hen 1 obtained your book through the merest curiosity. I look upon it as one of the most fortunate events of my life. I had been married some ten years, and was the father of seven children. 1 was long struggling unceasingly, to the end that 1 might gain a moderate competency, but the results of my utmost exertions at the end left me almnt where 1 was nt the beginning of each year ; and that only with the most stinted economy, sufficing with barely the necessaries of life. Finally, this constant effort was beginning to have its effect upon my health ; 1 folt less capable to endure its continuance, while 1 felt llio necessity ofjpcrseveranee. This constant unceasing struggle on my part was imperative. in consequence of the prostrated condition of my wife (with occasional intermission) for six years, much of the time confined to her bed, and of course incapable of taking the charge and management of housebote affairs. Her condition arose from causes of wnlrh 1 was ignorant. Oh ! what would I have given had I the six years to live over ngnin 1 What would my wife had given to have been spnrcd tho long days nnd still longer nights prostrate on a bed of sickness! All of which would have hern avoided, had I then seen a oopy ?f ' The Married Woman's Private Medical Companion." When 1 obtained it and read it, 1 could not credit the possibility that in a short time my wife would bo restored to health, and myself be enabled to gain a competence. I immediately wrote to you (us you will recollect) for M. M. Pcsomeuux's great Specific for married ladies, for which you are agent, and which yon transmitted by return mail, which was immediately availed of. My wife was rapidly restored to hetvhcalth, and 1 am gradually acquiring a competence for our old age, and .also to leave something to our children. Such, dear sir, has its possession been to me: mny I not bo excused for the expression of the obligation I am under to you 1 I have since endeavored to circulate as wide as possible. and will continue to do so. as I think n? nn? a without a copy. Letters are daily received of this character, unnecessary to present. JW MANY MARRIED FEMALES ARE SUFFERING from year to year, wasting away to skeletons, eyes heavy and dull, cheeks sunken, complexion of bluish hno, countenance without expression or animation, form emaciated, nerves unstrung, spirits depressed, mind vacant, an utter prostration and inability for the least exertion. All this might have been prevented ; or, if these exist, the causes, the symptoms, and treatment are pointed out in ' The Married Woman'a 1'rivate Medical Companion.' IIow many bitter momenta, how much anguish, might have been spared to the sufferer, to her husband, to her relatives, by a timely possession of this little volnme. IIow many are suffering from obstructions or irregularities peculiar to tho female system, which undermine their health, the effects of which they are ignorant, and for whioh their delicacy forbids seeking medical advice I How many {suffer from prolaptut uteri (falling of the womb), or from.tluor nlbui (weakness, debility, or whites)! IIow many are in constant agony for many months preceding confinement f How many have difficult, if not dangerous, deliveries f Some whose lives are linsardcd during such time, and others who look upon themselves as doomed to childless loneliness, will each find in its pages the means of prevention, amelioration, and relief. Here, ton, plain, simple directions are given, which every femule can understand, how a confinement should be managed, if nny emergency nrise, as it often does, that a medical uttendant is not within immediate call, and thus b? the means of saving both child and mother. virimuixo ur nit. 1'ltESS. IT A P P I N E S S THE AIM OF ALL. "Happiness i.i doubtless the aim of nil. Tho i]aenti<m in, how it ahtll be obtained. It cnnnot be denied that one indispensable condition is health, to he possessed and enjoyed alike by the hnahand and father, the wife and mother, and children. The wife and mother ia subject to many complaints incident to her sex, from wliieh the husband and father ia free ; it ia tliua that we see her often drawing out a sickly existence, painful to contemplate. Let the husband, then, as he rallies his own happiness, and that of tho companion of his bosom, and the mother of his children, avail himself of ' The Married Woman's I'rivate Medical Companion,' by Dr. A. M. Mauricenu, in which he will find those matters treated of which be should not be ignorant."?l'a. Inquirer. THF. CHARMS OF HOME. y* "So much of the happiness of home depends npnn tha health of the wife or mother, that nothing, having Us preservation in view, should ho overlooked or neglected. "If the w ife and mother is afflicted with ill health, and the husband and father oppressed With the cares and anxieties of business, home presents a cheerless aspect. Preserve, watch, guard, and cherish, then, the health of the wife and mother; let her know something of tho nature of her own maladies, guard against them, or remedy them when they nor nr. Thia she is enabled to do by possessing a most valuable work, celled "Tbe Married Woman's Private Medical Companion. ?R. I. Star. "THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL Jj COMPANION." This most imporfsnt work is creating great Inquiry and discussion. and eliciting the commendations of the press throughout the Pnion. " This publication is of s delicate nature, but it is one of great importance to the welfare of woman, and cannot fail to be prodnctive of good cffcctf, if placod in the right hands."? N.Y. Mirror. FEMALES IN THE UNITED STATES. ?- IT HAS OFTEN DEES" REMARKED RT TRAVELLERS, tint females in this country do not retain their ago or appearance longfr than thirty, but fall rapidly wliun they ought to l>e in the bloom of womanhood. This is certainly true to some extent. Is it not time, then, that our wives, daughters and sistors. should understand themselves sufficiently to preserve thoir health, their beauty, tlie causes whioh produce certain o (Too la and how to obviate some of thoir maladies, when a work of sneh importance to their welfare, "Tho Married Woman's I'rivsto Medical Companion," by Dr. A. M. Mauriceau. is witbia thoir reach.?Ohio Tlmoa. MOST USEFUL WORK. "THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE. MEDICAL COMPANION."?If every female had tins work, especially every married femaln^we wonld^nol ao^gcncrally^.ser the pale. plaint roperindiiced ?>y o?ti?e? pointed nm in tin on tea. It -nuty, health, ntri-nttth, ftntl ft happy old ii|re. would have him tho lot of thonaanda who ?re now in their i<r*v?j. Wire* and moihern owe it to themsolvea, to llioir children, and to tholf huahftnda, to have thla work, ftnd profit by tha ln\nlnfttil* augacation* it contains."?spirit of the Tinma. To those yet nnmftrriod, hut cotitcniplatinT marriage. or, perhaps, hca'itatlng na to the propriety of incurring ttia r?epenaihtlitieo ?ttrnd?nt upon it. tin? import*not of (minx po?aeesed of tlie rerolntioni contained |in thoa* pate', *o intimatoly intolt ing their future hnppiueai, cannot he apprcciated. It ia, of eonrae. tmpracf(cnldc to convey more folly the rloua an I Joe to tri'ftteil of, na they nre of n nature etriotiy intended for the married, or thoae contemplating m.irriit#. For sale at 222 Hrnadeay, and nt the I'uhtiahing Hilton, 199 Ukerty atreot, N. Y.;l,lttle k f'o., A Ihonr: W. It. Havia, Unaton; T. It. I'eteraon, Oft (jhcatnnt at reel, I'hlUdelphla; tVnr K. 1 ft/lor, llnltiniore. fin tho receipt of SI,* copy will he tran-mlttod hy mull, fro# of postage, to any pftrt of tho I'nltcd States. All lottera must be addressed, poatpitld, to l>r. A. M. lianrionna, lion 1224, New York city. Office, 129 Idkorty atreet. ft|>!7 13t*

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