Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1849 Page 3
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THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR IS NOW, and always has been, iuwi? by COMSTtH'K ft CO., 21 C'uurtlaudt street, and ha* performed tl.e remarkable CtM in this aity and throughout nearly all of this continent. < e certificate* of which have been published, and belong to, and are bow in tffe possesion of Comstoek it Co., .'1 C'ourtlaadt itroot, aad will be exhibited to all who re>iae?t it. The original aud only genuine, will certainly eure bums and odds. e and inflamed eyes, pilen, out*, wnuudd, bruives, urea, salt rheum, rheumathm, chilblains, eryispelas, ftd all external inflammation : but BE CAUTIOUS 1 Don't ran the risk end danger resulting from the nse of counterfeits. If you want the genuine article, buy only at 21 enrtlsnit street, and after 1st of May, at 97 John street. " BE VE FRUITFUL AND MULT1PLV." le a eommind that shotild be cheerfully obeyed hy the child:en ef men.?Fur Female and Male.?Bit. LAK/.ETTE'S JUNO CORlil AL, or Procreatlve Elixir, prescribed as an effectual restorative in ruses of Ocbility, Impotenoy, u* Barseaness, and all Irregularities of uature. It is all that it proteases to be, vis: Nature s (Jreat Kcstorative, aud remedy f r thoee in the married stale without offspring. It ie a certain eure for Semiual Emissions, Ceucral Debility, Gleet, Weakness of the Oealtel Organs, Nerr one Affections, hmssrfbna or M lutes. As a vigoraling medicine it is unequalled. Also, a cerium remedy fur Incipient Consumption. Indigestion, loss Of Muscular Energy, Physical Lassitude, Female Weakness, Debility, e. It is warranted to pleasu the liter in any of the above uuinplaiuls, and ie of priceless value to these without spring. CAUTION. This celebrated medicine cannot bu genuine unless the facsimile signature ofJL'DSON ft CO. (N. B.?the only Ameriean agents) la on the w rapper of each buttle. Sold at 97 Juhn street. A BOON TO AI L FAMILIES AND SUFFERERS CONNELL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. The marvellous cures which have been wrought by this allhealing ntment, and the almost incredible amount uf suffering which has been relieved hy it, are tuo well known by tke public to admit of any doubt of its wonderful properties hi subduing all pain or suffering from burns or seulds, and al Ways healing, in an incredibly short time, anil never leaving any tear, if applied to broken limbs, they heal without pain r soreness. It la sure to cure eyea that have been bore and ialuDed for yearn. By it old aearn are removed, and contracted uorde are relaxed. It reduce* swellings, und elapa mortification. It heals every species of wound', both old and law, and humora of every description are cured by it. Tuu will please observe, it U no " sovereign remedy for all complaints, ' but only intended for external appli ealioni in tho followina:?Burns, Sralda, Frosted parts, Chilblains, Chafe or Galls, Chaps, Tetter, i'iinple lllotoh. Felon, I'lcer, Sprains, Erysipelas, Cuts, Bruises, Eur and Toothache, Mumps, Sore Throat, W billows, Files, Ringworm, Salt ltlieuui. Burbar's Itch, Carbuncle, Eruption, "ore Eves and Lids, Weak Sight, Sore Lips, i'unetures. Biles and Warts, Fever Paias, Tender Fact. Inflammatory Rheumatism. Tie Uoloreux. Ague il Face and Breast, Fever Sores, Old Burn Sears, Prickly geat. Inflamed Skin, Broken Breaat, Sore Nipples, Rough ands, Blistered surfaces, Dressing for Blisters, White Swellings, Cold in Wounds, Sore Corns, General Sores, Small Pox marks, kc. Though we luivc named numerous affections, experience hat taught ns that they are not too mauy. refer to the following well known gentlemen of high uRta&nz, who have used or witnessed only that made by us:? lion. J. Talmadge, 44 Wall street. John Intuitu, Ed. Com. Advertiser. Rev. Dr. Matthews. Rev. Milton Badger, ISO Nassau street. Hon. Alpheus Sherman, 77 Grand street. Dr. R. Nelson, lid White street. Dr. 8. Harris, Health Commissioner, 5 City Hall. Dr. Brewster, corner 14th street and Broadway. Dr. Lee, 78 John street. Mrs. George Eudicott, Ninth street. Capt. Brooks, steamer N'iinr?d, Rev. W. II. Bidwell, Evangelist Office, 11M Nassau itreot, And might add several hundred more. No family should be for a day without this Salve. Buy it only at 21 Court land (tract, and after 1st of May, at 67 John street, and you will be tire of the geuaine. STOVE AND GRATE VARNISH, Pronounced hy thousands who have used it to be the beet article ever known for polishing stoves, grates, and every kind of iron. It prevents rust, gives a jet black pulisli like that of a eoaeh body, which stands on pipes, kc., for years. Sold only at 21 Courtland street, after 1st of May at 57 John street. RHEUMATISM. Comstock's Hewes'N'orve and Bone Liniment, and Iniiaa Vegetable Elixir, is warranted to eure any ease of Rheumatism, Gout, contracted Curds and Muscles, or Stiff Joints, strengthen Weak Limbs, ami enables those w ho are crippled to walk again. L'se this article and be cured, or go without it and suffer, an you please. Certificates of cures by the hundred can be seen at 21 Courtlundt street, after 1st May at 07 John street, N. Y., where this article is sold only genuine. DEAFNESS. Die Dr. McNair's Acoustic Oil, for the cure of Deafness. Also, all those disagreeable noises, liku the boiling of insects, tailing of water, wniuing of steam, w high are symptoms of approaching deafness. Many persous who have been deaf for ten, fifteen, or twenty years, and were subject to nso eurtrumpets, have, after using one or two bottles, thrown aside these trumpets, being made perfeetly well. Sold at 21 Courtlandt street, after May 1st, at 37 John street. HAY'S LINIMENT FOR THE PILES. Tie worst attack of the Piles are effectually and permanently cured in a short time by tho use of the genuine Ilay's liniment. Hundreds of our lirst oitiieus throughout the country, have used tliia Liniment with complete success. It is warranted to cure the most aggravated case. Buy only at 11 Courtlandt street, after.May 1st, at 57 John street. LONGLEY'S GREAT WESTERN INDIAN PANACEA. 1. For Colds and feverish feelings, and preventing fevers. 2. For Asthma, Liver Compluint, and Bilious Affections. 3. For Diarrhma, Indigestion, and loss of Appetite. 4. For Costiveness in females and mules, and Nervous Com piainu. 6. For Stomach affections, Dyspepsia, riles, Rheumatism, he. The great points are, it is not bad to take, never gives pain, and never leavos one costive. Sold only at 21 Courtlandt Street, after Ray 1st, at 57 John street. HAVE YOU A COUGH ? Do net neglect it. Tbonsands have met a premature death for the want of attention to a common Cold. Rev. Dr. Bartholomew's Expectorant Pink Syrup will most positively give relief, and save you from that most awful disease, Pulmonary Consumption, which usually sweeps into the crave Aousands of the young, the old, the lovely, and the gay. Only . flee, 21 Courtlandt street, after 1st May, 67 John street. aplO Ht* law PROF. BARRY'S TR1COPHEROUS, OR IfEDICJLED COMPOUND, rea nxsToaiwo, rnr.scnvi?io, and beautifuwo nam, radicating Srl'hff and dandruff, anb curing diseases of tub sein, GLANDS AHI> Mt'SCLKS, STINGS, CUTS) BRUISES, STRAINS, fce. Sir.. Sic. Itc. IN ORDER TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC OF THE EFfisaey of any curative preparation, in this thinking and reflective age, it is necessary to explain the philosophy of its operation. The process by whieh Professor Barry's Trfcopherous produces such extraordinary results, oannot be understood, without a brief notice of the structure aud uses of the delicate substances to which it is applied, aud in the condition of which, it accomplishes the most salutary changes.? The connexion between the hair and the skin is so close, that the one may be almost doomed a continuation of the other, and hencu whatever renovates, restores, and nourishes the hair, must of necessity have u healthful influenco upon the sensitive membrane in which its roots are fixed. The skin, that wonderful envelope, in which the sense of touch resides, consists of three layers; the epidermis, or cuticle, a semi-opaque, or almost insensible tilm ; tho Hire Mt'coauM. which is a spongy membrane reticulated with nerves and blood-vessels, at d forms a sort of shield to the exauisitely sensitive tri e skin; andltho true skin itself, which constitutes the third layer of the triple envelope. In this tough, flexible and clastic integument, are located the nerves, blood-vessels, fcc., which supply sustenance to the hair, and In the doraagoment of which diseases of the akin originate! The vessels of the true skin supply the sacs containing the roots of the hair with the moisture which sustains the fibres, and the same causes which affsct the health of the hair, also affect the health of the skin. This is self-evident to the easual observer, as well as susceptible of demonstration by the anatomist and physiologist: for in all cutaneous diseases, the hair becomes dry and harsh, and falls out in such Siantities as sometimes to render the patient partially or cnrsly bald. Wounds, boras, fcc., on the skin of the head, also produce baldness on the portions of tho scalp where the injury has been inflicted, tlins proving the close affinity and sympathy between the organism of the skin and the hair. The wonderful restorative and remedial properties of Profostor Barry's Tricophcruns, arc based upon this hypothesis, or rather this fact. It acts through the skin upon the hair, -Stimulating the inort vessels, opening the pores, imparting ?activity to the cirsulation, awakening from their lethargy, { all the vegetative functions whioh give life, vigor, and beauty to the fibres, extirpating cvvry particle of acurf atul dandruff, and soon clothing eTcn the bald or half denuded head, with a thick, glossy, silky, and elastic covering. But this is only one of tho uses of Protestor Barry's Tri ophsrous. The same properties which restore vital and vegetative power to the skin of the head are equally beneficial in all cutaneous disenscs or superficial iaitirics. For cuts, Vnfni. hit nil nf inaneta. utirflin-i- nrviiirill a* lilnfnhma nimnU* rabies, ring; worm. rashes. scrofula, prickly heat, chilblains, (happed hands, rheumatism, burns, scalds, bruises, redness of the sain, and in short all the troublesome and painful external discuses and injuries which are so common in families, and which nothing; but external remedies can remove, the Trieopherons w ill be found a speedy, safe and unfailing curd. By virtue of its double claim as a renovator and htaulifier of nature's choicest ornament, and a potent and invaluable remedial agent, it is entitled to a place on orcry toilet, and 1a every medicine chest. The following testimonials, selected from hundreds of similar import, will serve to show the value of the preparation, and the estimation in which it is held by those who hav* riven it a trial. copy ok A letter from WILLIAM davies, Corner of llicks and Atlantic streets, Brooklyn. Brooklyn, April 1!<, 1849. PRorgsioR BsRRv?Sir: I should be deflcicnt in gratitude to you. and in feeling for others who may he similarly afflicted, if I neglected to inform you that your Tricopherous has entirely removed fr?m my face a painful and disgusting eruption, consisting of large red pimples, with which I had been annoyed for many years. A regular application of the laid according to the directions, for a little nutter than three weeks, completely relieved me of the nuisanee, and the skin of my face is now as free from discoloration as in my boyhood. Yourstruly, WILLIAM DAVIES. COPY of a LETTER FROM JAMES fitzgerald. Siw York, April 12. 1849. Pro?v.s?or BsRRV?Verily, my dear Sir: Your Tricopherous is the Admirable Crichton of its class. It not only relieves the head from scarf and dandruff, and imparts vigor and tcanty to the hair, hut it is I can testify fffftu personal experience, a most valuable application for cuts, abrasions, bruises, aud those vile eruptions which are so annoying to .. children in the warm sensons. I have found nothing to equal it in cutnneous diseases, and if what I say, is worth anything to yon, publish it nnd wcloome. Your obedient servant, JAMES FITZGERALD. COPY OF A letter from miss nelson. Kit v Hotii., Sept. 4, IMS. Mr. Bxrrv?Sir: You have the permission to use my name M having experienced the great utility of your Tricopheroui for dressing the hair. I have found the use of oils and pomatams to occaaion a harshness to my hair, and for three or four yeare it was fast falling off. and much changed in color, but since using yonr Trieopherons. I feel my head always comfeitable, and my hair is grown strong and thick, to the amaaement of all my friends and acqnaiutenccs. I have invariably found it to give the most general satisfaction. Please send three bottles by bearer, who will pay yon. KATHARINE NELSON. rory of a letter from dr. lee. New York, Feb. 4, 1849. Mr. B*rrt?I have no hesitation in recommending an article which 1 can, of my own personal knowledge, endorse a* good: and I therefore state with confidence, that your Trienpherous is what you claim it to be?nn article forcleaning, preserving, beautifying, and promoting the growth of the hair. I find It to be the best remedy I have ever had in my practice for acald head, ringworm, and diseases which the lain i* subject to. T. A. LEE, M. D. "Hie following testimonial is from Mr. Mann, editor of the Scientific American. Comment on such evidence is unnecessary :? Niw York, Fell. 94, 1849. Barrv's TRicorHiRot's is en article that wc take pleasure in awarding the highest commendations. We do not do it apca MM recommennatiois of others, but from our own pereonuiSpw ledge of its effects upon the hair; while It tends to kscp RMalthy, soft and glossy, it also removes dandruff, prevents grey hair, and invigorates its growth in a manner nnequalled by any other composition known to ne. A person nly needs to nee one bottle to he convinced ef tins truth. gold in large bottle*, price 2i cents, at the principal office, MR Broadway. iiiKTe? Anderson, ff07 Broadway; Dr. Smith, 344 Tenth avfnne; Dr. Lyon, 440 Grand street; Dr. Mercer, 234 Broad street, Newark; Mre. Haya, 2 Fulton street. Brooltlyn; R. G. Wright 33 South street, Philadelphia; C. P. Pointer, BalMmore; W. Brown, Washington street, Boston; lleviiand, Marrell fc Ce., Charleston, S. C.; J. Wright, New Orleans; David Chambers, St. Lonis, Mo.; F. Brombary, Mobile, Ala.; (tfaager, Raeine, Wieooaoln. For sale by druggists and porfMMts^morally, throughout the United State* sad Canada. HK01CAL. SAMD'S SA RS A P A R I LL A , IN QUART BOTTLKS, FOR pi'rfftiho t11s hi.ood, and for thi cur* or OllCrilLA, MKHCl'KIAL DISBAABS, HHBt>H ATISM, CUTIHIOIII KHUPTIOXS, STimuiim t'LcaKa, liter cuhplaimt, IIV il' ? PS I A, BIIOBCHITIS, a ALT KHLl'M, aUKSUMPTlOB, FKTI'll SOH EH, TIM ALE CUEFI.1IETI, EHVSIPPLAS, LOSS OP APrk'TITB. 1.Mi l EC., UEBEMAL DEllll.ITY, Re. 11 nr. I'HOI'RI ETORS have spent inueh lime in bringing il ia prspuraiion of barrapAriila to its presant state of perfsstion; a nil 1 lie r?t>ericii?e "f fourteen years lias furnished them the uinst ample opportunity to stuily, in tlieir various forma, tha diseases for which it is recommended, and to adapt it exactly to their relief and sure. i'utienti who wish a really good fictile ;uo are iu \ ited to gi re it a trial, aud sulnfy Lliouiselves of its superiority, and the invaltihle property it possesses of arrestiuft and curing disease. The bottle has been eulurgi d to hold sue l^uurt, and in its present improved form may safely tlaim to bu the beet and cheapest medicine of the age. lis progress to the fume it bus attained, may he traced I y a lonjj line of tacts aud euros that stand as landmarks and teaeotsf'or th# invalid, pointing the way to thu huvsa of In alth, and what it has already Jons for the thousands who huxc used it, it is capable ol doing for the millions still sufferng and struggling with disease. It purifies, cleanses and strength! ns the louiitain springs of life, and infuses new vigor throughout tho * hole animal frame. DYSPEPSIA CURED. Tim follow ing testimonial, from a gentleman so wsll known Mr. t'ui, requires no eomuisut, as it rsoouiuvndi itsslf to all ?iiuilitecl> atticU?1 Nrw Yon, Dotsmbor 18, 1848. Mffprs. A. II. & D. Sands:?Contlsmsii?Having vxpori! sored the most tcnetuia) effects from the use of yoar Sana 1 oriiiit, iv e'vvb mu pleasure to eon my testiinouy to im numerous spontaneous illusions of grateful hearts which jou continual!; arc receiving. My ease a as dyspeptic, or rather I may term it, a weakness of ti e digvstive organs. For more than a yaur, I was troubled aitli vim! upon my stouiavh and its frvquent eructation, together u ith producing a epudmodio contraction of the heart, often gave me much aunnyuuee. After trying various remedies v about avail, and these, too, prescribed by one of eur most eminent physicians, I tomincuecd w ith your Sarsaparilla. Before 1 had used half a bottle, almost every symptom of this disagreeable complaint bad vanished, and in a few weeks its continued use effected a complete cure. I therefore confidently recommend it to all persons affected in tlis same mannsr, 1 and havo reason to believe that many who aru suffering under a toi'poted disease of the heart, if thoy would take your Sarsaparilla, in it lew weeks would hud themselves restored to health in loth mind and body, I remain yours, very truly, j Oil hi V. COX, UJ Lexington avenue. BAND'S SAKSAPA"KILLA IN PRUSSIA. The proprietors of this valuable medicine, have just received an order from oar esteemed friend and correspondent, Theodore 5. Fay, Secretary of Legation to the Court of Prussia, for tiiu use of a member of the Koyal Family?a copy of which wo herewith lay before our readers.?Home Journal. C. S. Legation, Berlin, Nov. 30, 1848. " Cent lew en? 1 wish you to send two dozon Imttlosof yaur Sarsaparilla. for the use of his royal highness 1'rinoe YValdiuiir, of l'russia, to this ligation, as soon as possibls. It is necessary that he should receive it immediately . therefore, please seuu it by hrst steamer. The bill eau be made oat in the name of the prince and sent with it. Your obedient servant, T11EO. S. FAY." The follow ing certificate from Col. Samuel G. Taylor, a gentleman of high standing and extensive acquaintance throughcut the Southern Stater, and lately appointed Cousul to New Granada, commends itself to the attention of all:? New Yore, Jan. 7. 1848. Messrs. A. B. it {>. Sands :? Gentlemen Having used and witnessed the effects ef your excellent preparation of Sarsaparilla on different persons in various parts of the southern country, vis:?Virginia, Loui- , siana, Texas and Mexico, 1 feel much pleasure in stating the high "pinion entertained of its great medicinal value. In my | own ease it acted almost like a charm, removing speedily the i enervated state of the system, and exeiting in the most agree- i able manner, a tonic aud invigorating influence. Your Sarsaparilla la highly approved and extensively ueed | by the United States Army in Mexico, and nty cousin, Gene- I rul Zaehary Taylor, lias fur the past five years been in the t habit of using it, and recommunds the same ; he and myself adopted the article at the same time, and it is now sensidered an almost indispensable requisite in the army. In conclusion ; 1 would say, that the better it is known the more highly it will be prized, and 1 trust that its health restoring virtues will make it geuerully known throughout the length and I breadth of eur widely exteuded country. Y'ours very reepeotfully 8. O. TAYLOR. United States Consul to New Granada. The following interesting case is presented, and the reader invited to its careful perusal. Comment en such evidence is unnecessary New York, Arrll 3J, 1847. Messrs SandsGentlsmen?Having long bssn aftiioted with general debility, weakneis, lues of appetite, Its., receiving no benefit from the various remedies prescribed, 1 soneluded about three months sinco to muku use of your Sarsaparilla. I now have the pleasure of informing you that its effects have beau attended with the happiest result! in restoring my hsalth, and I am induced to add my testimony to the many other! you alrtady po!is!i; nud to tnose desiring further in-~ I formation. I will personally give the particulars of my ease, and the effects of litis invaluable medicine, by calling at 285 Bowery, New Y'ork. Yours respectfully, JANET McINTGSH. This certifies thst Miss Janet Mcintosh is known to me as a member of the Church, in good standiiig,tnd worthy of confidence. J. S. SPENCER, Castor of Second Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn. Prepared and cold, wholesale and retail by A. It. It D. Sands, Druggists and Chemists, MO Fulton street, corner of William, New York. Sold also by Druggists generally throughout the United Stato; and Canadas. Prise $1 per bottle; six bsttlss for $fi. Sold also by Augny k Dickson, Philadelphia; Canity fc Bartlctt. Baltimore; K. 8. Patterson, Washington: ilaviland, liorral k l o., Charleston; Sickles k Co., New Orleans; G. Dexter, Albany;.and S. IV. Fowle Boston. tnhlklSt* ALL WHO DESIRE HEALTH, READ! MORRISON'S EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA. "Medicine, at times, is as necessary to health, particularly where the blood is disordered, as food is required to support the animal functions."? Abi:rnftht. MUKK15UN 5> SAKSAt-AIUI.bA.?This 1* HO tiew article, nor is it presented to the publiewith a noisy announcement or flourish of trumpet*. In hie course of traainaaa in the Drug and Medicine line, now extending over a period of forty year* in New York, he ha* prepared this EXTRACT OF SARSAKILLA, from n formula mueh used and adasired by our OLD STANDARD PHYSICIANS. By them it ie highly reeommended to the public, in all *o?plainta and corruptive dieeaaea of the Blood, Dyspepsia, Want of Appetite, Affection of the Liver, Mental Depression, Scrofula, Over Uae of Mercury, Uloera and Caueera, Ceneral Disarrangement of the System, Consumption, Weakness of the Body, Paina in the Kidney*, Palpitation of the Heart, Sonrneea Of the Stomaeh, and Chronio Disease*, and all Complaint*. TO FEMALES It eanaot be held in too high estimation. A trisl of an artiele ie better than any armimcnt, and thie i* all that is required in the uee of MORRISON'S EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA, to prove to the public that thie is a genuine apeeifle, for what he enumerates, made from pure Braiil Sarsaparllla, at a price where economy ia combined equally with health. The bottlee ere of the largest aise, sold at only SEVENTY FIVE CENTS EACH. OK FOUR DOLLARS PER HALF DOZEN. Remember the well known old eetabliehment, where U if prepared and sold. JOHN C. MORRISON. Apothecary and Drnggiet, No. 8R Greenwich at, mhl3-13t* North River Side, New York. 800,000 BOTTLES, issAni.v or DR. DEWITT ?. KELLINOERS LINIMENT. Have been sold without A MURMUR. IT IB WARRANTED IN ALL CASES TO ERADICATE pain* of every mature, and heal all manner of force and bruises. It ia put up in large bottles, in mild, fragrant and agreeable. The very email quantity required to be taken, renders it ten times cheaper than any other article in the market. A* a plain and convincing proof of the above, it ban caused THOUSANDS f the beat and most skilful men in the eonntry to lay down all other remedies used by them from 30 to 40 years, and uae this great remedy on all required occasion*, as tho beat and eheapeat to be found?among whore we are proud of the honor of referring to Hon. M. II. Grinnell, Hon. R. F. Carman, Hon. Robert U. Morris, Mr. William L. Morris, Gov. Morris, Mr. Jamea Bathgate. In continuation, we have our Irving*, Cottars, Livingstons, Hamilton*, Janewaya, Depees, Rays, Ludlow*, Braahurats, Lorillarda, Scherinerhoraa, A*. Ac. In short, nine-tenths of tho elite of New York and many other cities, pronounce it the existing wonder of tho age. Among the world'a brightest, most experienced horsemen, we have Hiram WoodruTf, William Wheelan. George Splcer A Brothers, A. Conklin, D. Bryant, James Bcvens, Jacob Somerendyke, W. L. Reid, Ssml. Sugue, Wm. D. Sparks, Wm. Cowan. N. B.?If any further proof were necessary, we will add that it is used by every principal stage line, the Harlem "md. *nd many other large companies, the Bull's Head, and by all the principal livery and ciehange stables throughout the eity and eonntry generally. T# be had alwayt genuine of S. INGERSOLL A BROTHER, Wholesale Drnnists, 230 Pearl street, or of the proprietor, who ean be seen at the central depot, TattefeaUf. 446 Broadway, at all houre in the day. It oun slso be Md at Z. M. Quimby'a fancy etorc, 3d3J? Broadway; at the Harlem Railroad offeree; of Messrs. Harmer, Hays A Co., 273 Pearl street, end meat of the wholesale saddlers and druggists, together with many wholsale and retail gTocers, throughout the eity and country generally?at St) cents; $4 per dosen; $42 per gross; S gross at $.% per gross. Cash agencies ean be had in all parts of the world, by advancing ous- third cash. Lettars mast be paid. mh27 13t AE flfMV-C ? u N T R Y MERCHANTS AND ALL JptF.V/X/Vs others art informed that the subscriber ha* removed te the spacious store. No. 273 UsmvicH street, I where he will at all times be prepared to serve the public with | everything in his line, at prices as low, if net lower, than any , other establishment in this city. Uis stock embraces every j vnristy of Parlor, Stand, Reading and Hand Lamps, Chandt- j li?rs, Ac., for oil, camphine. spirit and phosgene gas. Also, , assortment of Table and other Cutlery, Glassware do.. Oil, Cami hine. Spirit Gas. Phosguno Gas, Lamp Wicks, ke. Pugr baser# are invited to eall before making their selection#. m)i20 13t* law CHA3. FUM.ER. No. X73 Ureeawich, between Warren and Cbambere ita. medical notice. Strangers and citizens afflicted witit ant form or variety of syphilitic, mercurial, or other disease, or ? ho have been only half enred by quack*, had better carefully peruse the following letter D?. Cooran?Sir: l.aet July I contractod a cer'ain private iliacaee. and immediately applied to a doctor, who promired to cure me in a week. I continued with hire two month*, but wa* gradually getting mine ; I tried one after another?all the advertising doctor*?and each one promised positi^ly to cure me. I nt longth discovered the object of these men wa* money, and that they were not doetort. 1 concluded to go into the hospital, where the doctor* kept me under a course of mercury |for eight woeks: my throat and nose were ulcerated, pains in my joints, and my body covered with ulcer*. I was a complete skeleton; the doctor! considered it dangerous to siva me any moremodicine, and advised a Southern climate. I left the hospital, und, by advice of several friends, placed myself under your care on the first of January last. I am now well, and restored to perfect health. 1 wish this published. THOMAS GREEN, Carpenter and joiner, Harlem, New York. Dr. Cooper w arrants to cure every case, no matter how long standing, of Gleet, Stricture, and Seminal Weakness; aua mild cases of priv ate maladies cured ill 4M hours, without interfering with the patient's habits. Dr. Cooper's Offloc, U Dunne street, two doors from Chatham street. my* It* "magnetic powder, torn TNC DESTRUCTION OK ALL KINDS OF INSECTS. EMANUEL LYON, INVENTOR AND POSSESSOR OF THE INVALUABLE Powder for the destruction of Cockroaches, Moths, Ante, Fliee, Mosquitoes, Bugs, and various other insects. Also, Pills for the destruction of Rats and Mice, within Ave minutes after being thrown in their vicinity. Warranted without Poison. Price, Flask or Boa, AO cents. This preparation is a Powder, compounded of plants, horbs and flowers, free from any substance which could possibly injire man or domestic animals, and is devoid of any disagreeable odor. It has been examined by the Medical Faculty of France, Russia, Sweden and Denmark: from all of whom he has ample testimony of Its efflenry. They are sold by the inventor and proprietor, KM AN TEL LYON, 420 Broadway. Ihe following gentlemen have used them in their establishments, and have ecrtified to their cfflcaey:? D. I). HOWARD. Esq. Irving House. COI.EM AM k 8TET?hN, Asfor House. THAYER COZZKNH. late of the American Hotel. PRESTON II. HODUE.4, Esq., Carl tow ||0D" J. I,. ROOME, Ksq., Superintendent of N. Y. Hospital. Apt! ninny of the molt eminent Physician* in the eity. likewise the first premium of tke American Institute, my* It* NO CURE NO PAY.? DR. COKWITT, 19 DUANE ST., maybe consulted on thg Irwatiiient of eer'-'v delioat* disease*. A practice of siiteew year* devotad te the treatment of dalioate disease# enable# Dr. C. to enra the worst f. rm of thin di.eiae. Recent luri eared in throe dav* No mercury uaed. myflt* MKDICAIj. IMIOKJANT MEDICAL WOliM. PR MLHWS PRACTICAL PK1VATK TR KATISK, ON Til K DISEASES OF THE HEN IT A I. OROWS. adapted to the um of every individual, of both sete? Sixtli edition, wld pii. I'rice SI. CLAY * CO., Publishers. 4d Ann atrec'.. Single copies may l< had of the author. MM Creenwich street, or )>y mail, free of postage, by addressing " lio* 8(? Lower Post ()tfioe." CONTENTS. Chapter 1. On the nature, symptom*, progress, and consequences of Gonorrhea; ch. 2, Ou its remedies; h. 3, It* treatment and euro, iu the acote st i^e, in the chronic, install- j taneous or preventive tr* itmeiit; ch. 4, On its accidental or occumouul symntows?their prevention and cur ; ch. 5, On ' OonorrLo a in the eve*, and <ionorrh#ra1 rhftimitum cure: eh. <, Ou Con* rrhaain l'? male*. ibutiUA, peculiarities, *ure; ad- , vires which, ifeencrally 1 n .an an ! iv'.id on,would p it an ? I to the discaet ultogt ther; ch. 7. Ou (?leet, its uatuio and cure; ) is it infections? ch. M. On certain c? mplain's resembling goiwrrhu' some recpecte and often mistaken for it,hut tot ally distinct and innocent, and to which all at liable; ch.!'. On Loutorrhua, Whites or Female Wcukne*,its dh' um.p rnsc tuencos, and cure; ch.10. On stricture, its uati're and causae, consequences, remedies, and mode of cure; ch. It. Ou M isturhatioa, or self pollution; ch.12. Its couscqitences; eh.13. The only true cur**; ch. H. On Syphilis, its distinguishing mark*., na' tire, progress, and consequence; ch.15. lis remedies; ch. HI. On the use j and uluscof mercury, ch. 17. On the general principle# of on re, with a comparison of the mercurial and non-tuorenrial plans, oh. IS. Ou the treatment and cure of Chancre; the use and abuse of caustic, ch. I!'. On the occasional tfyiuiitoms, as buho, fee., prevention and cure, ch. 23. On Sore Throat, its treatment and cure, ch. 21. On lllotchcs and Eruptions on the Skin; euro, ch. 22. On Syphilis in the Nose and Hones; cure, ch. 23. On Mercurial disease, ch. 2-4. On the effects of venereal disease ou posterity. "If not properlv cured, it may lie so dormant in the constitution, us to show itself in no other way than in its miserable or fatal effects on posterity, if it does not destroy the procreative faculty altogether.' The eradication of tho poisou front the system, the treatment of Syphislis in Infants: oh. 25. On certain diseases which resemble venereal, and sometimes appear to ftgftta in tin- nub? w a \ but which are not,and cannot be treated as such, without the greatest disadvantage, and to which, also, all are liable. The author's hours for consultation, are 9 to 12, A. M. ; 6 to 9, P. M , Suudays excepted ; 88 Greenwich street. ft|)24 ""'MADAME SIIAIL'S VENUS PILLS, "" toll rHK CURE OK Physical Disyuulijications, Generative Incapacity and IniJ pediments to Marriage These pili.s, each box of which is accomsanicd liy explicit directions, are well known throughout Europe, to botnc most certain and effectual remedy ever discovered for the uurc of nil the varieties of Seminal or I'hysieul Debility, whether constitutional or acquired; and all the varieties of nervous discuses, (whether resulting from disease of the genital organs, an impure statu of the blood, or an excessive use of narcotics,) sucn as Nervous Headaehe, Irritability or Excitement, Lassitude, Ennui, be.; hutnurticularly for the euro of Barrenness, Impntenoy, or the loss of manly vigor. They may be confidently relied en as containing neither mercury, eantliarides, or any other deleterious drug, hut may he taken by the most delicate of either sex. It is, of course, impossible to give an adequate Idea of their magical virtues within the limits of an advertisement, therefore, for full particulars see circulars, to be had ?f tho regular a,pointed agents, w here alone the pills can be had genuine. Price $1 per box. Agents for New York.?('. II. lting, 1!>2 Broadway, corner of John street; 27b Broadway, corner of Chambers street; 4X1 Broadway, corner of Howard street; fs'l Bowery, corner Walker stteet; 284 Brand street, corner of Allen street; 111 Canal street, opposite West Broadway; 96 Hudson street, corner of Leonard. my8 It* PRIVATE LYING-IN ASYLUM.?APPLY TO JAMES Kennedy, 186 Duane Park. "It affords me great pleasure to recommend the proposed establishment as calculated to effect much good. 1 think Dr. Kennedy skilful, aud wcll-tltted to arrange and manage aueli an institution." mySlt VALENTINE MOTT, M. D." FOR THE PILES. IDR. VP HA U S ELECTUARY, AN Internal Rsmedy, is a eertain cure for the Piles, either internal or external?bleeding or blind. Sold wholesale and retail only in this eity at the office of the original propriitor, A. U I'll AM, M. D., a regular educated physician of twenty years' experience, soutined to an office where Piles and Chronic diesases were successfully treated. Medical Office, 196 Bowary, four doors above spring street. Offise hours from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. Advice gratis. snh2U13t* ttfkOO CHALLENGE.?VALIEKS [FRENCH PILLS.? i VP Afv/vf This is an unrivalled remedy for diseases of a pri- i vate naturs. A positive and spend; cure,without the restriction of dist or hindrance from business. Prico $1 per box. Sold 154 Greenwich street, three doors from Cotxrtlandt. mht7 lit* MEDICAL CARD. DR. MORRISON CONTINUES TO BE CONSULTED confidentially on private diseases, gleets, strictures, venersul ulcsrs, and eruptions; lis eures where others fail. Recent cases cured in a few days. Nervous and organlo debility he warrants to sure. Those contemplating marriage, aid w ho suffer from tho effects of a seoret habit, can be restored to perfect health by Dr. M. Letters, prepaid, attended to,and madioina forwarded with advice. A jwrrect cure guaranteed. Seefhis London diploma in hia office, 204% Fulton Street. my8 It" DR. JOHNSON, 16DUANE STREET, SO WELL KNOWN in the treatment of delioate diseases.?The Dootor's reputation for skill in those half cared cases that have existed for years is pre-eminent. Constitutional weakness, brought on by a secret habit, effectually oured. Reoeat oases eured in four days. myH It" CALIFORNIA. A WORD TO CALIFORNIUMS. The most useful and desirable article for emigrants to the Gold Regions aro the India Rubber CoedF, manufactured from Tyer and llelmee' patent, by which the use of White Lead, be., is obviated, and the articles maac or a ngnt coior ana particularly suited to warm climates, as they will stand over three hundred degrees of < heat, and are free from obnoxious smell of other mannfac- i turcrs. Tents, I'oncho's, Coats, Blankets, hoggins, Haversacks, Canteens, Life Preservers and every article in trade, in any quantity and reduced price. HORACE U. DAY, Manufacturer, 23 Courtlandt street. I myl 4t The west india royal maib steam packmt Company for the conveyance of Mails, Passengers, Merchandise, and Treasure.?Tho Steam l'ackots of this Company are appointed to leave St. Thomas on the 1st of each successive month, for Bermuda and New York, at the first of which places they are duo on the tith, and at the latter on tho 11th or the same month ; leaving New York on the 12th, they urv expected to reach Bermuda on the 16th of the month, and meet a steamer by which passengers or treasure can be conveyed to Nassau, Havana, Mobile Point, Vera Crux, Tampico, Honduras, damalca^St. Jago do Cuba, Jaemel, and ports on the Spanish Main (including Chacros.) Leaving Br.muda on the lhth, the steamer last from New York becomes due at St. Thomas on the 23d of the month, and will convey passengers, specie, and merchandise for that Island, Porto Rico, the west India Islands generally, Laguayra, and Puerto Cabcllo. The fares by the steamers from New York are as follows:?To Bermuda, $40 ; St.Thomas, $78 ; Porto Rico. $?6 ; La Ouayra, $106 ; Puerto Cabcllo, $110; Antigua, $106 ; Harbadoat, $120; Demerara, $140; St. Vincents, $120; Trinidad, $130; Nassau, $W ; Havana, $100; Mobile Point, $140 ; Honduras, $110; Jamaica, $140; St. Jago do Cuba, $160; Jacinel, $140; Vera Crut, $170 ; Tampico, (170; Santa Martha, $130 ; Cartkagena, $165 ; Chagrea, $170 ; St. Juan do Nicaragua, (IS9. The freight on specie and on goode is the same as hae heretofore been charged. For further particulars, apply to HAITI,AND, PIIELPS, k CO*Agents, myl 26t 14 Stone street. INDIA RUBBER HOUSES. DAY, 23 COURTLANDT STREET, CONTINU1S TO supply bis India Rubber Houses and Boats. One of these Houses will accommodate from 6 to 30 persons, can be , transported on the back of a male, and only wante to be eo?n to be appreciated. Every article required for California in quantities to suit, and warranted to stand auy climate. myl 6t GOLD TESTS. CALIFORNIANS AND OTHERS CAN OBTAIN A box containing a true Test, with aoids; also Sealoi and Cup Weights. C. J. It W. MASON, 156 Eulteu stent, 3d floor. np813t? C ALIFORNIA GOLD WASHER. BUVFUMS PATENT EL DORADO OOLD WASnER is now completed, nod may be seen in practical operetion at the California Depot, ll Park Rue, New York, in front of the Astor IInn??. This machine receives the golden earth in a revolving barrel sifter, from which stones are thrown ofl with facility; the golden earth is all broken up and mivxl with the water before entering the washing cylinder, preparing it for a dissolution of the adhesive connoction of the goUl and dirt; then it enters the washing cylinder at the bottom, w here it comes in contact w ith a whirling dasher, which completes the dissolution of the adhesive conneotion, before there is a possibility of any particle making its escape. By the application of a philosophical principle, the gold is drawn from the whirling water and dirt to the centre of the bottom of the cylinder, where it is deposited in a onp provided for its reception; while the dirt it thrown with the water into a rapid w hirlpool w ith such force as keeps all earthy matter afloat, go that wherever the w ater goes trie dirt goee with it. A supply of water, mtxeil with the gulden earth, being (ontinued, the water floating the dirt iu the cylinder, rises to uu outlet ncur the top ami passes off. The principle applied in this machine requires u" depend) nee upon elevations to prevent the escape of the gold, for this principle here reduced to practice, renders it impossible, by the operation of the machine, to throw a particle of the sold from the centre to the circumference of an even surfaced cylinder bottom, for the raoro rapidly the whirling dasher is revolved, the mere firmly is tho gold held in the centre, so that no particle can be lost. la is at the eanie Uw MM of the MM simple machines, very compact and portable, and can be operated by a child. It weighs only Al pounds, ami the price is only (30. Come and sec it. ARNOLD Bl'FFt'M It CO. I*. S.?The California Depot is the place to procure passages to California, on the most favorable terms; also, to procure 17. 8. government passports, with all neeossary California outfits, including letters of introduction to persons resident in California. N. II ? A social meeting of persons contemplating emigrating to California, is helo at the depot every Wednesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. All are invited to attend. mS It* CALIFORNIA FIREARMS. AW. SPIES k CO., 91 MAIDEN T.ANE, IMPORTERS and dealers in Fire Arms, invite the attention of Californians to their stock of United States Rifles, Carbines, Musksts, Short Rifles, doable and single barrel Guns, Revolving Pistols, llowie Knives, Pouehes, Belts, tic., tto., having the largest stock of Mtlcles of this description, which thov offer wholesale and retail. ui27 13t PORTA Itl,F, WOODEN CALIFORNIA HOUSES? BUILT expressly for California, and always on hand at No. 90 Broadway, where tho emigrant can procure a cheap and comfortable house, of any demrnniona at short notice. myH It* GEO. FREEMAN k Co., No. 90 Broadway. rORTABLK IRON HOUSES FOR CALIFORNIA The galvanized iron housf.s constructed by me fer California, having met with so muoh approval, I am thus induced te call the attention of those going to California ta nn examination of them. Tho iron is grooved in such a manner, that all parts of the house, roof and sides, Slide together, end a bouse 311x19 ran he put up In less than a ay. They are far cheaper than wood, we fire-proof, and mueb more comfortable than tente. A house of the site can be Shipped, in tw o boies. 12 fsst long and 2 feat wide, and 8 inshss dsep, the freight en which would be about $14 to San Francisco. There will also bo no trouble in removing from one part of the eountry to another, as the house tan, in a fsw hoars, bs taken down and pat up. By calling upon the subscriber, a house of the above site sen be seen. m20 ! 't PETER NAYLOR, 13 Stone street. BATHS. INFLUENZA, COUGHS, COLD.S, MATISM, vVc. PERSONS WHO ARE AFFLICTED WITH EITHER OF the above Complaints can obtain immediate relief, and certain cure, by the use of E. J.CARROLL'S Medicated Vapor and Sulphur Baths, ?! Barclay street. Carroll's Compound Syrup of Sarsaparitla, Yellow Dock, and Hydriodate of Potasss. my H It* VAPOR BATHS.?CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR Sulphur and Iodine Baths, removed to .16 Barclay street,

a few doors below Church. Vapor Baths are most essential to health at this season of the year; they cause the skin to reject a suhstanee that would astonish one who had not "peeled od" the dead cuticle from the skin In one of those delightful and luxurious renovntors. Compound Syrup of Sarsupnrilli, Vellow Dock, and Hydriodate of Potassa. yh It* SULPHUR BATHS, FOR ERUPTIONS OP THE SKIN, RHEUMATISM, &c., :trt n \VC1 ? v MTRF.Vf. These baths have been in operation since 1H2A. They are rcoommended hy our first Physicians? Drs. Mott, Stevens, Boyd, Smith. Dixon, and others. e. J. Carroll's Compound Syrup of Sarsaparitla, Yellow Doek, and Bydriodato of Pttasta fog sals, as abovo. mfl It I ? 0THRNN <*k CLOTH I Ni i A'J WHOLESALE' 1 We ARE NOW KfcADV tVITII A I.AKUK AND ELI- ' pant stool ... lashlmtaMe Clothing, for the Spring and | Summer, sural K I. r Soafhern and fvostern Trait, whieli 1 will he oflereo ai ml. rices as shall iuJuce those whu may . favor ns with a rail I make thoir selection*. Our prices a,t loll tilio u per rent lower than those of time ! brums, and f. r vari- v and styles, our airok will coiiiiatre fa?or?Ui with any other :a theeiiy. 0. & J. UKVI.IN, m30 kit and John street, enrner of Nassau TIMELY NOTICE TO GENTLEMEN. Ir vol' WANT Vol It >1 vim Kit CkOTIl I NO t'I.EAN ED w ithout the OM nt strain or coloriiiy. take theiu to No. li Murray Street, near llroadtvay, whore your coats arc cleaned for 6s. pant*. Ja. Ki-ptuiritti^ done at short notice. A call or line attended to |.> A. I'ORTISS0S, 6 Murray at. ?>!?'* T(' TAILORS, DEALERS IN CLOTH, ice Henry ki.enm i;k?;s i.kavr to announce to tlio Trade, that he has taken lofta No. 61 W illiainstreet, New York, where he has opened, and is daily roeciving, a choice selection ot ( loihs, Hoeskin Casiimvres, Vesting*. Sir., uiantifaeturcd exprusaly for the Tailoring Trade. Also. Satin ?. Serais. Tailors Trimmings, tic,,which he offers forealea ehade under the lowest market nrtoe, FOR cash ok UTROVKD NOTES. Country Ruytr*. particularly, would do well to ctamitte his goods, w hero they have rhe privilege of selecting from a fatah stock, in first hands, fee. HENRI' KI.EMM, mhh'll.'H? No M William, near tdolar street. New York s II I n T S MIDI TO OlIIIR.CVT HT MKAflURK, AID W A II !l A WT IP TO FIT WT MRS. K. C. 11 EM AN, Clinton flail. Ifli Na?*au iitrwt. Naw York. [E?ublinh?d in 1843.1 0 BE REMOVED ON THE INT OF MAY NEXT, TO Mo. 1 After lloiihf, Broad w a v, corner of Voacy itroet? Richardbon and Ow dun's, Saddler Fantou'*, and other Faanily Linens, and York Mills Muslin, always f??r sale. Mrs. B. is the inventor and only manufacturer of the celebrated B fc II A N C O LEAK Stitched Bosoms, the best and richest assortment ever offered for 6ale in the I'm ted States, Itosoina Embroidered, Corded, Run. &r.v<>f more than tiftv different patterns. For Seamstress' Work on Shirts, Mrs. lieinan is paying the highest prices ever paid by any Shirt Establishment in the world. For Linens, Mrs. B. pays as high as three dollars a yard? 6rices rarely paid by any of the royal or ex-royal families in urope. For Shirts she charges from Two to Sixteen Dollars a piece. The most expensive are generally Wedding Shirts. No Gentleman in the world, it is said, wear so rich and handseme Shirts as the gentlemen of New York. At six to twelve hours' notice, Mrs. ii. will ut any time get up Shirts to order, cut by measure, and warranted to fit. aevorul hundreds best Stitchers constantly employed. As |to references, Mrs. ltoinan can point with confidence and pride to her Order Book, ill which are the original autographs of between two and three thousand regular customers, among whom are the names of Presidents and Ex-Presidents of Republics, Ambassadors at and from Foreign Courts, Senators, and Members of Congress, Governors, and Consuls, General Officers of the Arm v and Navy. Editors, Poets, Orators, Merchants, Lawyers, Doctors, and gentlemen of distinction in every grado of Military, Naval, Diplomatio. and Civil Life. mh 13 13t law A CARD.?MRS. BKMAN WOULD RESPECTFULLY INform all her friends and customers that she will remove hsr Shirt Store, on the first of May, to No. I Astor House, corner of Ycscy street, but that she w ill not raise prices on them. She has decided to devote Nos. 132 and 134. on tho opposite side of the street, to a Shirt Manufactory, w tiers also sne will receive ordsrs at rcduccifcprices from those who prefer Nassau street to Broadway : at which latter place Mrs. Human herself will alw ays he fouud. Shirts made to order, cut by measure, und warranted to fit, at her old establishment, 121) Nassau street. apl9 IStlaw MRS. VAN HOUTEN won.B iNronx iii:h rniENDS, and the denfrali.t, TUATahe is now prepared to execute orders for fine sustorn made SHIRTS. BOSOMS, AND COLLARS. In the latest and most approved patterns and styles, or as may bo desired, at her Shirt Store and Manufactory, No.89 Nassau street. N. B.? Particular attention is sailed to hor new style full bosom Summer Shirts. ap!7 St TO CUSTOM SHIRT MAKERS AND OTHERS. A GENTEEL MAN. WISHING TO DEVOTE THE Kremlins to his interest, is in want of some light employment. He is a practical Shirt Cutter, Stc., and could ussist in writing up Books. Address Itox A, Herald Office. myS 11 STANDARD FASHION?WRING 18-I9. LEARV It CO., WILL OFFER THEIR STYLE FOR THE ensuing season for inspection and delivery, March 2d. GENUINE BEAVER HATS. An experlenoc of nearly twenty years, nndsr sireumstanees well calculated to test tlie justness of their views, enables Lcarv It Co. to assert that this unrivalled artioie is peculiarly adapted, from its rare combination of utility, beauty of finish, and artistic taste, to the habits and wants of their customers. L. fe Co., while keeping a eareful watoh over the improvements of the French Metropolis, have rejected every exaggeration of fashion or etyle, and are confident that the perfection of their present issue is in character, ns well with the taste of their customers, as with their house, with whose name a gentlemanly hat has become synonymous. LEARV It CO.'S FINE MOLESKIN S1I.K HAT, n/ ,v. o ..,,t I....? ca.ain- u,n,.?nj.. .it .w. ? recent improvements, and unexcelled by any heretofore produced, will be sold at FOUR DOLLARS EACH. The additional preparations made for the manufacture of this article; the increased facilities enjoyed for procuring from France and in this market the choicest necessary materials, and the greatly extended sales anticipated by L. h Co. warrant them in affording the article as above. LEARY Ik CO., mJO Not. 3,4 and 5 Aator House, New York. SPRING FASHION I840 N9WREADY.?UNSURPASSED by any manufactured in this city for elegance, durability or cheapness, at the one price store, 116 Ciwial street. Every article warranted to give satisfaction. _ nil 13t J. W. KKLLOQO. BOOTS AND SHOES. TIIK LARGEST, CHEAPEST, AND MOST FASHIONAblc assortment for Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses and Children can be found at 367 Broadway, one door above Franklin street. Country Merchants that want a tine article cheap, by the doeen or Case, will do well to oall before purchasing elsewhere. M. C All ILL, 367 Broadway. ml3I3t* FRENCH CALF DRESS BOOTS, &A TO $4 fin equal to those sold at from $5 to $6; second quality, $3 to S3 30, made to order if yon wish; Patent eather Boots; Congress and Buttoned Gaiters; Faney Patent and Morocco Slips; Ladies', Misses', and Children's Gaiters, Buskins, Ties, black and white Kid and Satin Slips; Galf |2 to $2 60; Boys'and Youths'cheap Shoes, 7s. to 10s.; California Boot*. 418 Broadway. aplUlSt* law WINDOW SHADES. 30,000 WINDOW SHADES^ WINDOW SHADES Manafactnred and sold in every variety of style and pattern, and of the best materials, that will not eurl or adhere in any climate, by KELTY h KIKES exclusive Window Shade manufacturers and dealers, nt 131 Chatham street, New York. Merchants and others wanting Shades, or materials for miking or hanging Shadee, can find the largest, beet, and cheapest aeeertment in the United State* as above. Call and satisfy yourselves. nihil lSt* BAR TOL'S WINDOW SHADE WAREHOUSE, 176 and 177 William itrert. one iloarfrom Bothman, New York. LADIES and gentlemen of taste, wishing to purehaee Window Shadee, Gilt Cornices, Pins, Loops, lie., will Ind the greatest assortment in the eoentry, and at the lowest market price. On band, about 40,000 low priced Shades for the country trade?will be sold low. Also, Cord, Tassels, Brasses, Re. 13f law 3AMCEL F. BARTOL. PAPER HANGINGS & WINDOW SHADES. A LARGE VARIETY of tho above goods, which aro en entire uew stock, now opening nt the corner of Grund and Christie streets, will be sold at a very low mark. C. O. JENNINGS, 237 Grand street, myl 2t* only one block from Bowery. PAPER WANOINOS AND WINDOW 8HADE8 AT REDUCED PRICES rpHE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE JC8T > I'D FROM JL the host manufacturers of Europe ai. 1 nited States, a splendid assortment of Paper Hangings and odow Shades; also. Curtain Materials of every deicrj ih and embroidered Muslin Curtains. Winduw Cornices an I rnamente; manufacturers of pure hair and other mattresses, feather beds, fce.. with every article in the upholstery line, wholesale and retail, at prieee 20 per cent, lower than any other establishment in the sity. AM. It R. DA VI US, Upholsterers, ajtB) It* 200 Bowtry and 1(6 Fulton street. HARDWARE, AC. IRON SAFE WAREHOUSE, NO), 137 A Rl) 13? V? A T I n 3TIIIT, SILAS C. HERRING, Dealer in all kinds of iron safes and money Chests, and Manufacturer of the genuine "Talent Salamander Safe." Second band Safes of other makers, such having been taken in part payment for the real Salamander, for sale less than one half iret eoet. mlS 13t REFRIGERATORS. JOHN M. SMITH'S IMI'ROVF.D PREMIUM RIFRIOErator, and Shower Datii Manufacturer, the oldest and moat approved in the I'nited States. Also Children's Self-Esereising Swing, Bath Tubs, Sponge Tubs, Hair Oloves, wholesale and retail. Refrigerators aad Shower Baths made to order and repaired, P6M Broadway. (>|.?n Evenings. apiM Tit ATATIONKRY, AC. Blank books, pater and stationery.?Francis It loutrf.l, 77 Maiden latne, manufacture every etyle of Account Book, end sell at the lowest eash prioea; also. Letter, C'ep. and Note Tapers, Envelopes, Oold Tens, Portfolios. Scrap Books, Inks. Was. B afers, MaaifoN Letter Writers, Copying and Notarial Tresses. Faney and staple Stationery articles, newest styles. FRANCIS k LOPTREL, mh2U ISt 77 Maiden Una. NEWS PRINTING, BOOK, WRITING. HARDWARE AND WRAPPING PAPKtt. PER SSK AND H R O C) K S, rAPF.H MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS, WanitHofst: 86 inn 87 Nsesar sranr, N. T. MiIII at H'indtor lAtcka, Conn. THE snbserihers have constantly on hand a large assortment of ell kinds of News, Book, Writing, Hardware, end Wrapping Tapers, and Trunk. Straw, and Bonnet Boards, of all kinus and qualities, suitable both for the New York aad Southern market. The Taper manufartnred at their Mills is eqnal to any other news printing in the market, of strong textare and labrie, and of uniform color. Their arrngementa with other manufacturers are sueh as will enable them to All orders for any kind of paper dasired by their enstomers at the shortest notion. rahl.'J PRINTING INK JOHN G. LIGHT BODY, J 3 CONSTANTLY manufacturing, and has always on hand, every description of Printing Ink, from the finest blaek and tolored to News Inks, which lie warrants equal to any ever manufactured, and at an low pricos at ean he told by any regular manufacturer. Orders forwarded by steamboat or railroad, to any part of the country, by addressing a note te at m Rfee street. pi* it printed with my News Ink : also a great many etler newspapers in (his eity, Philadelphia, Boston, Balliinors. New Orleans, aad other eitiea aad towns in the United States. apS ISt TRANSPORTATION. VWVWVW.VNAAAAAA,NAA\\\'V\'VWyA\A XVWNAAAWV WILBUR'S DELAWARE AND HUDSON CANAL LINE, go it ISMt. THIS Line leaves pier foot of Jay street daily, at So'elock, P.M. Positively no freight taken after 6 o clock. The following boats rnn In this line:? Steamboat Steamboat NORWICH. niOIILANDEK. Canal boats Canal boata RAINBOW, WYOMING, M. J. MERCHANT. ORROON, ROSE, EMPIRE, ORBIT, UNION, NEW YORK, DANIF.U WEBSTER, SAMSON OCEAN WAVE, JANE FRANCES, MAY FLOWER, COMMERCE, NAl'ANOCK. MOUEOAN, N. B. No other than theobove Boats rnn in this Line, for which R. 11. 8TONF. is Agent, on the Dock. *#- Ul orders concerning the bnsinoss in New York, must be directed to II. WILBUR, 110 Murrnyst. I PUBLIC ATIOWS. HARPER 4- BROTHERS wili. ON TUE8DAY MAV fith, fpiIE INCARN ATION, OK. PICTURES OF TIIE VIIIJl OIN ,\N1> IIKK SON, by Key. Charles Beeeher, with an Introductory Essay by Mrs. Harriet Boechcr Stows. 12m".. cloth, gilt, Price SO cent*. VALUABLE TUEOI.OtilCAL WORKS RECENTLY IT Itl.lSllED. UNION OF CIIL'CU AM) STATE?An Essay by the Ret. Baptist W. Noel, M. A. 12ui?.. muslin, $1 '?> THE KNOI.I Ml M A N'H OKKEK CONCORDA NCE OF THE NEW TEST'AUKNT.? Bring an attempt at a Verbal Connection between the Creek ana the English Teal; including a concordance to the Proper Names, with Indexes, Creek-English and English-Creek. Svo., sheep, extra, muslin, $4 80. JAY'S COMPLETE WORKS?Comprising his Sermons. Family Discourses, Meriting And Evening Exercise* I'orevory day in the yeur, Family I'ruyers, Lectures, Lives of Cornelius Winter ana John Clark, Ate. Author's enlarged edition, revised. 3 vols.. Svo., sheep, extra, %!> !*>, muslin. JAY'S MOKNINO AND EV F.N I No EXERCISES FOR TOE CLOSET, fer every day in the year. Portrait. Svo., : halt in, reeeo, SI ;V0; muslin, <1 DWItillT'S TUKOLOOV EXPLAINED A*N'D DEFENDED? In a scries of Sermons. With a Memoir of the Life of the Author. Potrait. -I vols.,Svo., slicep extra, Sd 80; muslin. 8''. MOSII F.IM'S FCCI.ESI \STfCAI. HISTORY-ANCIENT and Modern; in which the Rise, Progress and Variation of Church Powers arc considered in their connection with the State of Learning urn! PI,,I,,.....ho a.,,? Pnlitienl Ills tory of Europ? during that iK-riod. Translated, with notes, Ike., by A. Slaolaine, I>. I). A now edition, continued to 1826, by ('. Coo tel. I.. L. IL. 2 vols., 8 vo., sheep extra, $160. NEANDEk'S 1JFE OF JESUS CUR ST, iu its Historical Connection and its Historical De\elopement. Translated from the Fourth German Edition by Professors MVlintook and liluinunthal of liiukiuson College. 8vo., sheep, extra, $2 26; uuislin, S2. 1'KlDEAUX'S CONNECTION or THE OLD AND SEW TeMsiuenth?In the History of the Jews and neighboring Nations, from the Declension of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the Time of Christ. 2 vols., 8 vo., sheen extra. $'i 7A. NEAL'S HISTORY OF THE PURITANS, or Protestant Non-conformists; from the Reformation in 1617 to the Revolution in 16hH; comprising an Account of their Principles, Sufferings, and the Lives and Characters of their most considerable Divine*, with notes, by J. O. Choulcs, D. D. With Portraits, 2 \uls.,8vo., sheep. $4; in nil in, $itW. HALLS COMPLETE WORKS?With a brief Memoir of ! his Life, by Dr. Gregory, and Observations on his character as a Preacher, by the Rev. John Foster. Edited by Olinthus Gregory, L. L. 1)., und Rev. Joseph Uelcher. Portrait, 4 vols., Svo.. rlieep extra, $6. POSTHUMOUS WORKS OF THE REV TIIOS. C1IALmers, L. L. D. J2ino. $1 per volume. Five volumes hare been Published, comprising Daily Scripture Readings, 3 vols, aad Sabbath Scripture Readings, 2 vols. The outpourings of a spirit in which simplicity and deep wisd? 'in itr. beautifully confine'.? [I.unil'in Kxuuiiner. 1?AKNES'S NOTES ON THE NEW TESTAMENT, for lltble Classes iiii'l Snnday School.. Map. it nil Engravings. L2iuo., mu.lin, 10 vol.. Price 76 cent, per vol., or $7 on per sot. RI.AiK'S SERMONS?To which i. prefixed the Life and Character uf the Author, by James ITnlaysun, I). 1). 8vo., mu.lin. SI RONNKCROSE'S REFORMERS BEFORE TIIE RF.FGR- I MATION?The Fifte.uth Century. John ilti.. and the Council of Constance Translated from tliu French by Cuinp bell JUackeniie. U A, An Iutrodiiction to " D'Aublgne's History of the Reformation." 8vo., paper, 6*1 cents. CIIAI.MEKS TREATISE ON THE POWER, WISDOM. I AND (iOODNESS OF Ot)l>, a. manifested iu the Adaptation ' of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man. l2ino.. Muslin, (><l cents. HUNTER'S SACRED BIOGRAPHY; or, the History of the Patriarchs. To which is added the History of Dohoruh, Ruth, and Hannah, and also the History of Jesus Christ. 8vu., Mu.lin. $1 7.V A truly fascinating work. Dr. Hunter was a man of learni*p: hi. writing, are eloquent, aid show how well he had studied human nature.?Dr. Chalmers. MII.MANS HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY, from the Birth of Christ to the Aliolition of Paganism in tho Roman Empire, with Notes, Ike., by James Murdoch, D.D. 8vu., Muslin. $1 SO. A work eTlncing great research, and exhibiting profound knowledge of the subject; it breathes a spirit of tolerance and conciliation, which are the characteristics of true Christianity. The author's narratives are often brilliant and impressive, and his researches are, in many inslnuoes, marked oy great ucnteiicss and originality. MII.MANS HISTORY OF THE JEWS, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. With Maps and Engravings. J vols., lSmo.. Mu.lin, SI I'D. SAI KIN'S SERMON'S, translated by the llcv. Robert Robinson. I lev. Henry Hunter, I). I)., and Rev. Joseph Sutcliltc. A new Edition, with additional Sermons, revised und corrected by Rev. Samuel Burder. A. M.; w ith a Preface hy Rev. J. I . K. Henshaw, D.I). Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo., Sheep rxtra, $.'1 7ft. L'PH A MS I.IFE OF FAITH?Embracing some of the Scriptural Principles, or Doctrines of Faith, the Power or Effect of Faith in the Regulation of Man's Inward Nature, and the Kelution of Faith to the Divine Guidance. 12mo., Muslin. SI. VPHAM'S LIFE OF MADAME CATHARINE ADORNA?Including soine leading Facts and Traits in her Religious Experience; together with Explanations and Remarks, tending to illusRute the Doctrino of Holiness. 12mo., Muslin, gill edges, i'si cents; Mu.lin, plain edges, fit) cents. I'PHAM'S PRINCIPLES OF THE INTERIOR OR HIDDEN LIFE?Designed particularly for the Consideration of 1 he He who are seeking Assurance uf Fuith and Perfect Love. Itme., Muslin. $1. I' I'll A M'S LIFE OF MADAME GUYON.?Life and Religious Opinions and Experience of Madame Guyon; together with some account of the Personal History and Religious Opinions of Arehhishep Fenelon. 2 vols. I'Jmo. Muslin. $2. WADDING TON'S HISTORY OF THE CHURCH?From the Earliest Ages to the Reformation. Svo. muslin. $1 76. MOORE'S "MAN AND HIS MOTIVES.?12mo, Muslin. 50 oents, MOORE'S POWER OF THE SOUL OVER TIIE BODY ? Considered in Relation to Health and .Morals. 12mo, Muslin. 60 cents. MOORE'S USE OF THE BODY IN RELATION TO THE MIND.?l2mo, Muslin. 60 rents. VALUABLE WORKS NEARLY READY. HISTORY OF TIIE AMERICAN IIIBI.E SOCIETY-From its Organization to the present time. By W. P. Stbh', one of the Society's agents; with an introduction hy Bev. N. L. Ric k, d. D., of Cincinnati. Embellished with a Likeness of the lion. Elius Jioudiuot, LI.. D., first President of flic Society. Svo. GIESLER'S ECCLESIASTICAL III8TOKV?New Edition, Revised ntul Amended. Translated from the German, by Mamvki. Daviiumin, I.L. 1). Svo., Muslin. SERMONS BY THE LATE THOMAS CHALMERS, D. D. I.L. I)., illustrative of different stages in bin ministry, from 1798 to 1817; being the sixth volume of Dr. Chalmer's f'osthuraus Works. mi?It* (a M. 8AXTON. (LATE SaXTON fct Ml LBS) REMO v ED to No. 121 I ulton street. where he would he happy to see his former patrons and friends. C. M. 8. has on hand, and will furnish at short notice, Theological, Classical or MisII a II.wiVj ? hicli t.u.u I... f..,i?,l in imoki-l! > he huva iiii stock fox cash, lie will suit every book ua'lor the re- I diilar price. mySdt FREEMASONRY. ALIJVS RITUAL or FREEMASONRY, ILLUSTRATED with nnmerom engTaviugs. Alia, a Key to Odd Fellowship. A few copies of the above feerce book, just procured i price Also, a new edition of 1'lato on the Immortality of the Soul?$1 25. For tale by inyt 2t* WM. fiOWANS, 178 Fulton street. N Y. ANGLER'S ALMANAC vOR 1849. A USEFUL littlo pamphlet, of tatereat to the Angler throughout -sir ixuov, rtntaining timee of tftea, where to flsh, itatietie* of Anglln?, So. Also, a full aeeort ment of Hooka and Linea, of ul* -oe iriptiona. hf JOUN J. AAROWN a CO, Uili27 13t A', ?ae Applet a Depot, 103 Fulton at. PROSPECTUS OF THE PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL, FOR 1849. F.D1TV.D BY O. 8. & L. N. FOWLER TO reform and perfect ourselves and our race, ia the meat exalted of all works. To do thia, we muat understand the human constitution. Thia, Phrenology, Physiology, Physiognomy, and Vital Magnetism embrace; hence fully expound nil tlie luwa of our being, and eonditioni of happineee. PHRENOLOGY. Each number will contain the analyeia and location of aome Phrenological faculty, illustrated by an engraving, or an article on their combinations, with instructions te leaxuere. PHYSIOLOGY. Health la lift, the great inatruuient of talent, Tirlae, and happineee, nil of which it augment!. To Ite preaerrntion and reeloralion, apecial attention will he given. VITAL MAGNETISM, With praetioal instruction, interesting facta, and thoie eheiM truths which it nnfoldc, will be preaented in thia journal. YOUNG MEN, The bleaeinga they enjoy, the influence they enn wield, and their preparation for conducting our Inetitutlons, will form the theme of a series of articlei. SELF-IMPROVEMENT. Who does net long earnestly, and would not strive aeaidnouidy, to cultivate liia natural powera, and render hlmeelf better and more happy f To eueh, each number will be n prompter and n text hook. TlfE JOURNAL Will he publtihod monthly, containing thirty-two large octavo pages, on good type anil paper, with a variety of engravings, and much practical inetruction* to learnere, at the fellowiug very low PRICE IN ADVANCE. Sikgi.k Corv.Onx V?*B $1 0". Sample numbers of thia Journal wiH be cent gratis, whan deel red. rime addrtM, tout paid FOWLERS AND WELLS, h27 Clhvtow IIall, 1S1 Naeaav er.. Naw foaa. TUITION. FRENCH LANGUAGE. BOSTON, Sept 6, 1843. ?Profeseor Edward's system of instruction in th? French language, which, an fur a- I hart been able to eiaminc it, la the moat rapid and solid in Its progress and results. EDWARD N. KIRK. Professor J. I*. EDWARDS respectfully invitee thoae persona who arc deairona of studying French, to read hit circular, and after its peroral the moat akeptical mint lie convinced of the superiority of the Professor's system to all ether*. The circulars are to be had at the following bookstores: K. French, l.'t'i Nassau at.; II Kernot, 633 Broadway; Thomas J. (,'rowen. .189 Broadway, and at the Professor's residence, 4.1 East Twonty-fotirth at. between Fourth and Lexington ava. Class every evening. Terms $12 for 24 lessons, in advance. Schools attended in and near New York. Families taught at their own residence. myrffS-nalaw UHOCRItlBfi. ""LONJRJtfTpiaaJ&C SAUCES,^AcC., &C., IN great variety, of Crosse fc lllaekwell'a manufacture, llay Hum. of superior quality, 6 puncheons now landing, per Lucy Spear. For sale by mH It* II. fc W. J. SNYDER, 81 Beaver street. CLARK. F1SK k CO., NO 228 FULTON STREET, ARE daily smoking New Fork City and Country cured llame, Rhouldera. and Beef, of euperior i|uality; also, constantly receiving Dairy and Ohio Butter, Lard in bble. and kaga; wees, Thin Mess, and Prime I'ork; Mess and Prime Beef; Mackerel, Salmon, and Shad, in assorted packages; Dry and Pickled Codfish; Pickled and Smoked llcrring; Oils, Candles, Soap, kc. For sale low, by CLARK, FIRKtk CO., 228 Fultonst. myS It* WANT*. WANTING SITUATIONS.?A LARGE ASSORTMENT of Keleot Family Servants are wanting employment at C. Mason's offices, 130 Bowery and 424 Broadway. Parsons mi takle for hotels, steamboats, manufacturing companies, ke . are always on hand ; also Farm Laborers. Terms, .sicenia a year, otherwise 2.1 cent . N.B.-AU persons sent from these offices are Warranted heaeet. ap24 WANTED, ? A MAN TO BOTTLE PORTER AND SODA WATER.? None need apply nnlcse they are sober, and will keep steady at Work, with good reoommendatIons from their laet employer. Apply to U. EAGLE, lJ<> Fnlton street. in* It* INFORMATION WANTED. INFORMATION WANTED?OF TIIE FOLLOWING 1 persons, who served in the war of 1812, sad resided in or n?>*r v'nrk?P?t?r Firing Benjamin Barton, Lemuel Salter!**! Mo'sV. N^ '^ni.S SlU Joseph Forester, Fvlveeter AWer. Patrick Oreon, JoMph Dicobray* Timothy RUn^s Abraham Prior, George Richardson, Pefcr Oenoui. John Mar pie. The above, or their heir, at la. hy applying to, or addressing. "Mattlson, 1 Nassau street, N. FT, will hear of something to their advantage. myH lt? NOTICE TO CANVASSERS. WANTKD-Ri'MF. GOOD CANVASSERS FOR A NEW aad popular werk, for which a liberal discoant will ba allowed. N. II.?None hut responsible aad first rate haada used apply. Enquire between the hours of 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. at VAN WINKLE kHENRY'S, No. 11 9pruee street. myI2t* ?1 ircTioiM A UCTION NOTICE.?TO THE LAU; K-i-RXTENSIVB 1 r, *' ,,Ty llnods.?Ti> lie sold by F i ' o \notion, at No. "O tliii". i" I following day*. until the whole j? disposed of. Tin- stork uprise* a general a*.ortinentof the above goods, prim d pally adapted to the pre'"duces lh proprietor submit thorn to 1 ?Mic Auction They consist of Wench, Herman, and English V T ?" ' Snttinetsf. lv.otiou ? 1!t io*,ncy v?'ting. Irish I. mens. *heelings, ' and Towelling, satin damask T il.u Clothe. Marseille* y uilts unit Coanterpancs, ?ill, a Ur. r-iu?nt of dress goods, in yard wide ldack, plain, and fane, s Iks. Irish Tabbinets, French silk and wool Il.u. ... . Lustres, satiB stripe Aladoua Clothe. Merinos. Orleans <1 ti? silk warp Alpacoas. printed d'l.alnee, French Lawns Muslins and t alicoee. British and French long and s.(uar Hhawl*. beautiful style and teitnre. with Some very costly embroidered and plaiu Canton Crape Shawls. I.adies' and <ieutl?men'e sillc Scarfs and Handkerchiefs, bleached and unbleached Muslin*, with mnny other articles in the above line. Housekeepers and heads of families will do well to attend the sale, as thij goods will he sold without reserve, in lots to suit purchaser*. Sale to cninmeuce at 10 o'clock \ M., and 2 in the afternoon, precisely. ORLANDO WAKItEX, Anetioueer. inyd it* The cnderaiunkd, av auctioneer or thirtt years experience, will give personal and prompt at ten-* tion to sales of Furniture at residence of families, during tlio season, in Brooklyn, New York, or any part of Long Island, on moderate terms. Sals* same day effected, and solicits consignments at his spacious wnrerooms, Hd Fulton street. Brooklyn. K. J TODD. Anetjnnssr, apM FOR IAUB AND TO LBTs^ ^ REAL ESTATE A l A B UtOAlN. THE SI list KlltEK OFFEltS TO EXCHANGE FOX city property, or sell at a reduced prion, any part, er all of the following parrel* of property, situated in the pleasant unu thriving village of Newton Fails, Truiulmll comity, Ohio, ami lying between the two branches of ihe Mahoning rivsr. and on the Ohio and Pennsylvania Cuual, vis:? First Parcel?A Mill on the Went branch. having a front Ct 163 feet on the atrcct and on the river; main part ia A3 feat deep, propelled bv water power and by a double boiler engine; ecupied for the fast eight yearn an a 1'aper Mill, bnt suitable for a Flouring Mill, or for any factory purpnae requiting A power equal to that of four run of atone Also? A large, handaoine, and beautifully situated Cotbag# House, six rooms on a floor, with hack building, atnbla, an# everything suitable for a genteel family Also?An excellent Saw Mill, in good ordet. Also?A good frame lionee and three acres of land. All of the ahove are eltnated contiguously on the Weetl branch, and have been erected during thu eight yenra, at a goat (independent of value of the w aicr power,) *f... . $8 HUtl lie offer* to rant the whole for $.vm, or to sell for,^OOfl Second I'areel?A Grim Mill, situated on the East branch, 4I> feet square, with a Arm rate water power, (uono better in the county.) three run of stone. In operation, with 13 (bet over? rhot water wheela. The water wheels and running (ear haw* heen all made new during all the last year; the frame is old hat sound. This mill was sold ten years ago, for $19,00(1 It is now offered, together with a small house for the Miller, and two and a hull'acres of land, for the aumof 8,000 Third Parcel?A Warehouse on the t 'anal, site 60x40 feet; three Aoora, with Canal Hasin and Dock, and with a litre room attached, furnished with counter, drawers, shelves, He. Also?A plat of ground adjoining it. containing .10 small lots. Also?A small two story Warehouse or Store, on the Canal* a few rods from the other, not entirely Auished. Katimatcd value $0,400 The H archouse is offered for rent at S2igj. The entire parcel for sale at 3,100 Fourth Parcel?A large Mansion House, main part 48 by 40 feel, with two wings each 20 feet, and colonnade piaiia ef 80 feet. The whole house is thoroughly finished, papered, and painted inside and ont; contains 20 rooms, besides pantriee. closets, bath rooms, and halls: 4 stacks of chimneys and 1$ fireplaces. There is connected with it hy ornamental sldn buildings, a two story rear building, with atone basement 08 by 3d feet; the whole forming a quadrangle, measuring on lb# outside 468 feet, and enclosing an arua or court, planted with wall fruit and grape vines in full hearing. There are, also, extensive out-buildings and sheds, and a Urge ice-house. la the grounds attached, there are, in addition to 10U grape vinea in hearing, over 1,1*10 young trees, (fruit, ornamental, u4 shrubbery). All of the above buildings are new, having beta reeently completed at a cost of #8JHY The whole is now offerud for sale for the sum of fi.UOQ Fifth Parcel?Four squares of village lots, eontaiaing 8a quarter-acre building lots, fronting uu several of thn mold eenlral and eligible streets. Also?Four other squares adjoining, ooutaining about tb# same number of lots. Tho above Mansion lloust oooupits vsral of those lots, and the whole of them, if desired, will b# sold in connection with it. The value of thesa lots, at Ut# present selling price of $100 per lot, is ?,<*? The whole taken together, are offered at 6,00# Sixth Parcel?A good two story house, 36 by 10 fast, with two quarter-acre lots attached; situation central and pleas? snt; prioe $1,000 Seventh Parcel?A neat and commodious two story boas*, with four quarter-acre lots fronting on the public sanarar price $1,600 Kighth Parcel?Seventy-six quurtcr-aore lots, many Of them in the centre of the village plat; selling pries from I10Q to $300 each. Estimated $11,40# fthinth Parcel?Also, 100 village lots, varying in sis* from l to 3 acres, and held at different prices, frous $100 to $300. Averaged estimate $16,00# Both these parcels aro offered wholesale for the sum of. 16,00# In addition to the above, ths subscriber offers to sell, at # rsdneed price, several small houses and shops In the village. Also?A number of large ont lots skirting the village plat* and two small farms in the vieinity, adjoining one another* and containing about 160 acres. Terms of sale easy, and say of the above parcels will be exchanged for city property. Address Du Itnla Ik Vandcrvoort, 37 Water street. New York, es thu subscriber, at Newtoa Falls. mhau 8t? HENRY A. DP BOlfl. FOR SALE, Tnf. uncommonly fast sloop rigged yacht VIXEN, about 39 feet long on deck, built last summer* in the best mannor, under tho supervision of tho owner : id copper fastened and riveted, and handsomely furnished witb cushions, glass, Ike.: will be sold low. Apply to myXit* _ ISAAC FISH, m Water stre?t._ FOR SALE OR TO LET--A BEAUTIFUL PLACE A* Flushing, L. 1. The home is modern, and repleta with every convenience, with guod out-buildiags, such as barn, eoaoh and ice houses, a very fino garden and plenty of fruit* If not sold, it will be let to a good teuant. Apply to myl 3t* THOMAS If. I.EHGETT, 23 Beekman ??. OFFICES AND LOFTS TO LET. TWO LARGE OFFICES, AND TWO UANDSOMB Lofts, clghtv-eight fest deep and eelled. to let fa the new Are proof store, Si). 20 Cliff street, near Jnha St. Apply to m4il3 141* R. S. STEN TON, 47 John street, np stair*. A FURNISHED ROOM. WITH BREAKFAST AND TEA* and dinner on the Sabbath, for two gentlemen, in a private family, above Chambers streot, west of Broadway, 1# wanted. Address P. A. S., Box 2,61s, Post Olhce, post paid* wiyS It* legal notices. " SUPERIOR COURT OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK.? Calvin I.. Cole against Williain J. Kerr.?Summons for A money demand on contract.?To William J. Kerr: Sir?To? i re hereby summoned to answer the complaint in this action* nd serve a copy of your answ er on me, at the city of New York, within twenty days alter the service hereof, caclusiv# of tho day of such service ; and If you fall to answer the complaint as aforesaid, the plaintiff will take judgment forth# sum of four hundred uml fifty dollars, with interest from th# first day of May, one thousand eight hundred and forty-niu** besides the costs of this action. Dated May 2, 1849. THOMAS WARNER, Plaintiff's Attorney, my 8 fit _ IN PURSUANCE OF AN ORDER OF THE 8UKRO ate of tho County of New York, notice is hereby give# to all persons having claims against Simeon I". Vanderveer* lata of the city of New York, deceased, to present the sam# _ l.O I....- .f , I,.., r .ill. .1... v., 'A West Broadway, in the city of New York, on or before tin twelfth day of November neit. Dated New York, tho fourth davof May. 1*49. mfllil* CORNELIUS VANDERVEEK, Administrator. LAMPS, dbc. WUTANNIA LAMPS? NEW STORE. ENDICOTT la Sl'MNEK, AT THEIR NEW STORE, 1M William street, offer for sale their Miniature Solas Lamps; a ( variety of Burning Flnid Lamp*, new patterns. at wholesale anil re tail. Call and examine at 19ft William street. my8 It* MINIATURE SOLAR LAMPS. Hai.l, parlor and store lamps, girandoles. Flnid Lamps, Globes, Wirks, Chimney*, Camphiae Oil and Burning Fluid, wholesale and retail at mh20 ISt c. a. BALDWINS, M}? Rowerr. SOLAR LAMPS AND GIRANDOLES. TIIE SUBSCRIBER would direct public attention te Lis large and extensive stork of clirandoles. Solar Lamps. Hall Lanthorns, llorie and Miniaturu Lamps, including all the new styles and Improvements of the different manufactures for oil, lard, ramphrne. or burning fluid; eroTy srticln warranted as represented, and sold at prices only to be foumt in Canal street, lamps altered, re-ttnished and repaired. Pure sperm oil, lard and whale do., camphene, burning fluid, spirits of turpentine, ntcohol, wholesale and retail, ono*re? than any other utorc in the city. SOLOMON KE1LEV, nifl law 4w Lift Canal St., corner of Laigbt. CORNELIUS' SOLAR LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, Chandeliers, new patterns, in Onnulii, Sllvsr, and Damask; Plaited Tsu Sets; Forks, Spoony As. AS1IEK R. MOROAN, 1.12 William St., ap3 131* Between Fulton and Ann, opposite the Chwreh. MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE TO MERCHANTS AND BUSINESS MEN. DFLAVEL WILKIN, Attorney and Counsellor at L?W, (formerly of Orangeeo., N. Y ). having permanently loeated himself in Nashrille(T ). will at tend to all mnttnr* ofaollection and litigation in Middle Tennessee, for thn mshaatn and business men of Northern and Eastern cities,at the sheik ' est notice and on the most liberal terms, pledging himanlf tW five the best satisfaetion that punctuality and itrietnttnaU?|| o business will warrant. He refer* for inquiries to lfis Excellency Neil S. llrown, Nashville. Ten*. R. J. Meigs, Nashville, Tenn. 11. L. Stevens. Potiae, Mich. Francis B. Fogg, Esq. " Kob't Sitnson, Cineinaati, Q. Edwin II. Swing, " " Hon. C. Borland, Montgomery.N.T, Alex. McKentle, " " " Sam'l J. Wilkin, Goahen, N. Te James Walker, " "John M. Eager. St. Louis, mo. Prof. Jamee Hamilton, "J. II. McWulliama, Merchant, Rev J. Huntington, " [22 Liberty st, N. York otif. Cennmiiie A Alexander, lawyer*. II Naesau at., " Cummins, Collins A Seaman, merchants, 11 Win. St., " Nashville, April 7. 1H49. ap 10-13t? PURE WATER!! DIAPHRAGM FILTERS. Offire r?40 llroaiiv iu, romrr of Leonard rtrttt. THIS INVENTION lias now been four yeara bciore the New York public, nn'l li n?o<l by tlireo-ffthaef thn home keeper! of the city. It will effectually filter the Cro? ton and other river water, rcatnring it to the natural purity of upring water. The Filtering medium I* oruahed quart# rock, and all the internal part ?t the cage i* pnr* block tin. If regularly revered, and need ncoorting to direction., I? cannot get out of order; hot if n"4,e,0.te<!! '? * IKi Sjj? choke, and the accumulated aline "T the Lrotoo, wnich ha? been permitted a nermanent lodgment, will become putreecent; all thi- can be effectually cured by any pereon ia three mint tea time. The amount of animal and vegetable matter which will collect in the Kilter within U houra, any time in inntmrr niuat conrineo any peraon that by the removal of tine foreign matter from the water, the Filter become* one o{ tha heat nreeervativea of health in mimmer. 1 WALTER II. GIBSON, 3411 Broadway, nth lawfw corner of Leonard atreet. DAGUERREOTYPES Or CHILDREN OF EVERY AGE, ARE TAKEN W1THont difficulty, from II o'clock, A. M till 3 o'clock, P. M., at LANGEM1EIM H DECKER S, ail Broadway, j injHH" Agent of Volgtlaender'a Instrument*. JOSEPH GIELOTT'S STEEL PENS, Mfnnvfai tiwcrf Warchimtt, JM John it., Ntro York. A COMPLETE aaaortmeat and large etoek of every kind of thna* well knowa and popular peae, eonetnnUy em hand, 'together with holders, and the ehoaper deeerintlea eg pen*, for eal* to the trad*. oinlSM PRACTICAL HOOK-KEEPING, NO 88 CEDAR STREET MR. C. C. MARSH, Accountant. Author el the "Selene* *f Donhl* Entry Rook-keeping Simplified." and the Art of Single Entry Book-keeping Improved." oentinne* tntmam There ere no elaaeee? eaeb pupil ha* adeak to bimoetf, I* PO nt nnta to keeping boeka, receive* aaparai* thua boeomea eonvtraent with all the aeeoant beofcoooMtltnting a aet, and alao with many imp1 rtAat 'n?r<aatil* anl*>? lationa. l'eravaa of modamte eapaoity, by thia um benomn competent beokkeepera in ahont n mouth, and reeeiv* oertifionYce to that eflvot. . ,,, . - - Pro*|i?*t<w**, with terma, cbtAintd tt the red me, M. u ti P. M. ? ^4

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