Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1849, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1849 Page 5
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# Bill Smith who called up to see SchafTVr at that time On having the*# par tic-, committed. the officer n turnei immediately to Scbaffer's r om which ?a< a very mi serable dirty place, containing an old bod in the mid die. aurrouniled with old trunk-, not* pan- and kettle' dirty platen, bit* ef cheese dried bread, and apparatus Aileil with dirt of all dosrriptuna. A search was nou made, in order, If possible n llnd the money An olf trunk was the first article opened, and under eom< dirty rag* was found a roll of bill*, amounting to noai $200, on the .Men-bunts' i!x<-katige hank This grand discovery opened the eye* of tbe officer, and the waj the pot - and kittle* flew t here ? ?* a eaution; but without further success. until he came to the closet, and there, in a tin cup. lie found $>'< 409, all the same kind ol money tot atolen from the Merchant*' Kxchuugo Ilauk. Thla was enough to satisfy the officer that h? had suspected the right man; an he closed tho room door, uuil waited very patiently until between five ?Dd six o'clock that afternoon, when a light step was heard ruuuiug up the stairs, and in un instant the door was opened by Schafler and no <o-?ncr did he show himself tlutn lie whs seised by the iron grasp of Stepheus. and down they went together on lite door, the officer holding him powerfully by the throat, until he called out "What's thu Quitter ?" -Don't kill me." "I give up." The officer th-n let hlui up. and searched his person. Hnd $28 of the stolen money was found, together with a handsome gold lover watch and chain, purchased with a portion of the stoleu money, lie wa* at once taken into custsi'y. and conveyed before I u slice Osborne, who eummittcd liiin to prison This prompt arrest and recovery Of all the money,reflects much credit on this efficient officer, U'e understand that tlie bank intend to pay a reward of $5?m) for t% recovery of the luoney, and conviction of the thief From a letter found on the accused, or u copy of ono written by himself to one of the magistrates in Albany, while he was confined in prison on a charge of felony, somo few months ago. ho there states that he was brought up from lnfaury amongst the Shaker* at Lebanon, and alwaya taught to be honest, and wus innocent of the charge there imputed to him. This Is the fellow, possibly, who we heard robbed the poor Shakers, and ran away. Arrest on a Warrant.?OlTieer Jenkins, of the Sixth ward, arrested a man by the name of Daniel Prico, on a warrant issued by Justice Lothrop. wherein he stands charged with stealiug a lot of jewelry, valued at $30. Accused was committed to prisou for trial. Arre\t of burglars.?Two burglars, called Patrick Pew, alias flukes, and John Shrran, wero arrested, yesterday afternoon, by Officers VVooldridge aud Elder. of the Sixth ward police, on a charge of breaking into tho shirt storo of A. II. Petri*. No 40 Chatham street, and stealing therefrom about $300 worth of property, such as shirts, silk cravats. ,Vc On searching the prisoners. several of the handkerchiefs were found in their possession. Justice McGratli committed theui to prison for trial. Charge of Grand iAirceny.?Officer Cummings. of tho lower police, arrested, yesterday, a man called John AloManus, on a charge of stealing $35, some few woeks ago, tho property of Edward Guile, baker. No 105 Rivlugton street. The accused was committed to prison by the magistrate. ME AILS FOR BUROFB, THE WEEKLY HERALD. Tbo steamship Cambria will leave Boston to-morrow noon, for Halifax and Liverpool. Her letter bags will close in this city at half-past 3 o'clock this afternoon. To enable the public to send the latest news to F.urope In these mails, wo shall publish tho Weekly Jlerald, mado up, and printed in French and English, for circulation in F.uropo, at 11 o'clock this morning. Single copies, in wrappers, sixpence ; annual subscription, to Include the postage, $4. ANNIVERSARY WEEK. In order to lay beforo the public full reports of tho proceedings of the several religious societies that hold their meetings iu this city during this week, wo shall publish the New York Herald #n Double Sheets to-morrow, Thursday, and Friday mornings. We shall give complete reports of tho proceedings of these socleties on the next morning after the meetings are hold, tad continue to do so till the end of the week. Thin daily issue of a double sheet will enable us not only to meet the wants of our advertising patrons, but to devote a large space to the news of the day. The half price advertisements will bo roocived till 9 o'clock every evening ; the others till midnight. Anniversaries for 184!). Tuesday, Mat 8. American Anti-81avery Society?Tabernacle, 10 A.M. American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society?Tabor" l oaolo, 3 T. M. New York and American Sunday School UnionCentral Presbyterian Church, Broome street, 7it P. M. Foreign K.vangelical Society?Dr. Mutton's Church, on Washington Square. 7X P. M. New York Statu Colonization Society?Tabernacle, 7X r. M. Clerical Temperance Convention, at the Brick Church Chapel. ? A. M. Foreign Kvangelical Alliance?Mercer street Churoh, 7X f MNew York State Vigilance Committee?Church corner of Marion and Prince streets. 73a P. M. Second Advent Conference?Ilester street, 10 A. M. AVkdmesdat, Mat 9. American Tract Society?Tabernaclo, 10 A. M. Institution for tho Blind?Tabernacle, 4 P. M. American Home .Missionary Society?Tabernacle, IX r. m. Americun Society for Meliorating tho Condition of tho Jew*?Dutch Reformed Church, corner Oreenn and Broome streets, 73a' P. M. American Union of Associationists?Lyceum Building, Broadway, 10 A. M. American Society for the abolition of capital punishment, at Minerva Booms. 7,'i P. M American Moral Reform and Guardian Society? Home for the Friendless. "X P. M. Tm rsuat . Mat 10. American Bible Society?Tabernacle, 10 A. M Institution for tho Deaf and Dumb?Tabernacle, 3 r. M. American Temperance Union?'Tabernacle, 7X P. M. American Protestant Society?Mercer street Churoh, 7X T- MKvangelical Alliance?Reformed Dutch Church, corner Lalayctte I'lacc and Fourth street, 7X P- M. American Baptist Homo Mission Society, Oliver street Church. 7>, P. M. American Kducation Society, 7X P- M. American Sunday School Society?Minerva Rooms, 10 A. M. Fmdav,Mat 11. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mislions?Tabernacle, 10 A. M. ? American and Foreign Bible Society?Dr. Cone's Church. Broome street, 10 A. M. Children from Randall's Island?Tabernacle, 7 T. M. Sivipat, May 13. American an<l Foreign Salilmth Union?at Dr. Totts'a Church, Fifth avenue, Sermon by Dr. SprnRue. Hats. ? St rangera, A t tout Ion lit ? Country merchants, nnil gentlemen of leisure, who visit Now York, thia season of the year, would a* noon think of going awny barefoot, as to lease without ono of Knox's Spring or Summer four dollar Hate. They throw w hole villarea into ecstasies, and the Knox hat mania becomes an epidomie. To Capitalists?Went iSiTlioinpson's Patent Clasp Coupling Joint.?The undersigned having accomplished the object of hia mission to F.urope, in relation to this invention, is now ready totreut wi'h capitalists for the sale of the .American patent. As it is the determination to sell in State rights, no application for town or county rights will be noticed. A party, however, purchasing a State right, may, should lie think proper, grant tow n or county rights. Termv cash. CLINTON G. GILROY, Tribune Buildings. New York, Sole agent, (under powers of attorney from llon.lforaco Clrooley, assigns of patent.) for the Inin d States of America. The leading advantages of iliis extraordinary invention are now ho wolf known to practical men, as to render it unnecessary to enter into any details of the subject. All letters mnst bo post-paid, nisi addressed to CLINTON O. GILROY, Tribune linildings, New York. A Cnrtl. ? Mr. P. Mourquln Itiforms hit friends and the public that he hss left " Dr. Rich's Institute for Physical Kduention," and will, under the patronage of his pupils, open, on the lath of May, a Gymnasium, for active training, nt No. .V'S Broadway, helow Houston street. Mr. T. Mourquin. having devoted his whole attention for twenty-Jive yiar.s exclusively to the teaching of Gymnastics, feels confident of hia ability to instruct properly those who may be In seareli either of health or recreation. No exertions ^^irill be spur^l to render Ifis rooms a desirable resort for all ^^klio may palronito him. I'. M will lin found, until the open. at liis rooms at No. .lies llroadway. every .veiling front 1) toi8 o'clock. N. B.--Fencing taught as heretofore Small Prolita and Quirk Halri-Rngllsh three ply. double snporrine and eommon ingrain and Venetiaa ( nrpttinr; flosir oil Cloth. .1 f.ot to 24 feat wide; Rugs, etc-, at the cel.bratod cheapest Carpet Kstablishme nt in tlio United Slates, No. W? Bowory, HIRAM AN DKRHON'8. . Hundred's secure bargains daily. Positive proof is to witness the itnuionte quantity purchased and sent away. Gent* Summer Wf?r-'I,U(HI Llnrn, Alpaca, Ilrap de Kta, Ca.shmeret, Kentucky Jean, and Hummer Cloth Coata, at 7a cents to |li); 3.I1UU pair linen, cassimore, Jean, doeskin, and corded Punts, at SI to Slit; .'i.utHj Vests at 60 eonta to $1. with a variety of ntlu r goods in season. Five D^ir Halt Store, corner Bcokman ami Nassau streets. * Vulcan, Dedal us, Irnrlus, ana Periling, ancient nnd fsmon* Artists, iinve still left s 'instiling for th< moderns to schicve. Some of those are said to have madi *k men?it was left for the modern artist, G. B. CI.AKKE, III AVIlliam stri ct, to mnko Coal < Finest French Cloth Dress oi ^Frook, he charges $1(1 to $2n; Cloth Sack. $.1 to $10. The Plurals* National llngiierrlnn Gallery. lH|o.2M Broadway.upper oorncrof Murray stroet, woenn wit) F^rcoprlety recommend to thoso w ho w ish to procure a faithfu ni n.o and hcautiful ple'nre. A risit to that establishmeni sX' 'J^Hill confirm ill that lias been said l y otbcri and ourselves Ii J* praise. TI Tortablr Writing Desks, Work Boxes t Dressing Cases. Port Folios, Card Cases. Pocket Books, uitl . at ery description of Toilet articles and Faiey Goods. Thi fargkat variety of Porte J1 .unais in the city. | O. R. CUOLU'RLL, Mnnufkctorer, f > , ' 24 Maiden Lane. I aW , Drf II. Hi Sherwood's Magnetic Marhlnrn ' vwpr. Sierwood's Vihrstlng Mngnella Maeliiues, which ari J^wpupsrior 'o any other for iii. JIi al purposes, together with hi, known remedies for Consumption and AorofuU, are pre Ti Si.seed and fold, at. usual, by II. H. s:i KUW OOL'S Sneeessors, 1112 Chambers street, New York. * Dr. BdltWlrk'sUrrnt Work, and Lectures on Venereal, Strictures, nnd all diseases of it private nature, Illustrated by many colore I plates. A nesond edisioi has Just born puMiahed hy Htringor fc Townnend. 1% eian b bad also of the anther, 604 Broadway. A second edition of th luia author's work on Seminal diseases, reunitingfr?m iniprw per haMIs, has Just lieor published. Tim Rev. llr. Blake say ibis book Should he In toe hands of svwry father and yofltr nail bo as mask a hsnscheld book an the New Testament. Wig* and Toupee*? B?tcbeIor*? Celebrated J \fi* Mnn u factory ti at No. 4 Wall nlrwot, urhot* ran found ? ipLntitJ a*aortincot of hi? ntwly-in*oi?U??l Wi?* and Tonpo< 3 TI ey a sil vf r mesial at the Kalr of the American Institute. Strhiiffor? and citu?u? ahoaid oall. auU jud^e tor Uicmaelvea. | COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. i MONEY MARKET. Monday, May 7?6 P. M. Stocks were heavy to-day, and it was literally blue Mouday iu Wall street. There were not more than a dozen sales at Ihe first board, nil told, and not buslueas ein ugh transacted to keep one broker busy. Price* were a little better, notwithstanding the inactivity of the uiniket. Treasury notes advanced per cent; United States S's, 1807, L? ; Ohio O's, ; Mohawk, Krio Railroad. new, At the second board. Treasury notes improved V per cent. There were small sales of moat of the fancies at prices current in the morning. There has been a fair demand for Exchange for remittance by tlio packet leaving on Wednesday, but wo have no alteration in rates to record. The best bills on London are held at 8>4 a S.'j per cent premium, but there are good bills in the market selling at 6 a 7 per cent premium. We quote on Paris 5f 23; Hamburg, 85 a 35 >4; Amsterdam, 40 a 40 '4'; Bremen, 78 S' a 79. The quotations in London, on the 20th of April, for American securities were as follows:?United States 0's, 1808.100 a IOC.1*; New York 5's, 1850 to '00. 94 a 95; Pennsylvania .Vs. 76 a 77; Ohio C's, 1850, 93 a 01; do., 1850 to 1S00, 93 a 90; Massachusetts S's, (Sterling bonds) 1S6S, 102; South Carolina S's, (Baring's) 1858 to '68, 83 a 89; do., (Palmer's) 1866, 85 a80; Louisiana 5's, (Union Bank) 1850 to '52, 87; Maryland 5's, (Sterling bonds) 84 a 80; Mississippi 6's, (Planters' Bank) 1841 to '70, 50; lis 11 * liimi It.n.Ll 111, On. Al,l,.m. ?. 1 flrt'l Sit a r.v . ilo., (Sterling bonds) 1808, 'O'J to 'CO, 00 n 02. The following gentlemen were thin day elected directors of tlie rheniz Mining and Manufacturing Company, of the Stuto of Virginia, for the ensuing year: ? Suinucl Juudon, W. S. Wetmore, Klisha Peek, Bcpjainin T. Reed, Boston, John C. Zimmerman. John A. Stemler, Benjumin Nathan, Myndcrt Van Schaick, David Banks. The earnings of tho Long Island Railroad Company for the month of April, 1840, were $12,015, against $11,271 for the same month last year, showing an increase of $1,344, equal to twclvo per cent. Having mnde several additions to our list of shipniuuts of gold from San Francisco, we again publish it, kuowing it will be interesting to raauy in this country and in Europe. The exportation of gold dust from California has been much larger than we anticipated. Arrivals ok California Gold. Boston, March 20, ship Tzar, trom Honolulu. . .$100,000 " " 20, ship Crusader, from Valparaiso 65,000 Via Chogrcs, by Lieut. Looser 20.000 " " by Mr Curter 30,000 " " lu small lots 6,000 Overland at St. Joseph, Missouri 10,000 Ship Colchis, at New London 5.000 Ship Mount Wallartou, at New Bedford 20,000 Bark Alice, at Cold Spring 4.000 Reculpts at New Orleans. . . 20,000 Ship S. Robertson, at Fnirhavcn ... 15,000 Ship Franklin. Holmes' Hole 5.000 Ship Sophia Walker. Boston 62.000 Ship Tybee, at Stoningion 4 500 Totul receipts $345 500 Arrivals at London up to April 14 300,000 By wlialcship at Talcaliuano from San Francisco 300.000 Wliales'nip Uncas, on the way to New Bedford from the Sandwich Islauds 50.000 Sloopof war Lexington, at Valparaiso 200.000 Schooner at Mazatlun. March 14 240,000 Arrivals in France, reported by French papers. . 4.000 Whnlesliip at Ilio from Sun Francisco 40,000 March 28. British steamer Peru, at Panama.. ., 350.000 April 28. ship Cosmopolite, at Havre 10.000 British ship Calypso, from Muzatlan, for London 80,000 Reported at Sandwich Islands, not reshipped. . 350,000 Am. bark Tnsso, from San Diego, 3.908 oz (13.488 Brig at Plong Kong from Sandwich Islands.. . . 200,000 Total shipments 2,432,988 So far as heard from, tho shipments amount to inoro than two and a half millions of dollars, all from tho diggings of 1848. Tho British steamer Peru, at Panama on the 28th of March, from Callao, had en board $750,000 in gold and silver, of which $350,000 was California gold. The British ship Calypso, from Mazatlan for London, bad onboard $1,000,000, of which $80,000 was California gold. Mr. Sewerkrop's gold is on board this ship. The brig at Hong Kong will be recollected as the vessel, tho crew of which mutinied. Of tho gold on board the ship Sophia Wnlkor, at Boston, $40,000 was the proceeds of tho sale of the ship Huntress, at San Francisco. This statement must astonish those who have considered the California gold stories all moonshine. and be a source of some satisfaction to those who have engaged largely in the California trade, and those who have friends nnd relatives on the way to that distant region. We sec by this that morn than two and a half millions of dollars have been distributed over tho world, in tho space of a few months, and so much added to the currency at largo, the product of the labor of a few hundred men, in a country almost unknown previous to the discovery of its mineral wealth. What cannot we expect when It becomcH populated with the Anglo-Saxon race? The annoxed table exhibits the quotations for the principal public securities of the country, in this market, at tho respective periods named Qiotatioxs i-oa Pubi.ic Seci;ritirs. ? _ April W,'W. Miy 7, '19. b. S. Loan, ft por cent, 1853 98 a 98V 1a 1(10 1>?. ? " ISM 106 a 1(M>0 106V a 107 Do. 6 " 18H2 vr,\i a 107*2 109 a 109V Do. C " 1887 110 alio1; UlVallS Do. 6 " 1868 111 a lilt? 112?, a 113 Do. Mexican Indemnity. 97 a 98 100 a 10| Treasury Notes, 6 par cent 108,',' a 108V 109V a 109V New York 0 per cent, I860 ? a ? ? a ? Do. 6 " ISM 1(? a 106 105 a 106 Do. G " I860 108 V a 108,V 10S a 108V Do. G " 18G1 losji a 109 108V a 109 Do. G " 1SG2 lus'; a 109 109 a 109V Do. 6 " 1867 108V a 109 109 a 109V Do. 6>? " I860 103 V a lot 103 a 103V Do. GV " 1861 193*2 a 104 103 a 103 V Do. " 1863 ? a ? 105 a 105 V Do. 5 " 1850-53.., ? a ? 100 a 100 V De. ft " 1865-ftS... 99 a !?V 10O', a 100V Do. ft ' 1859-60.., - a ? 100 a IO0 V Do. ft " 1861-62... 100 a I0OV 100 a 100V Do. ,, 1819-61... ? a - - a ? Ohio 7 per cent, 1851 103,V a 104 101.V a 101V Do. 6 " 1850 ? a ? 102 a 102V Do. G " 1856 ? a ? 106 a 106V Do. G " I860 101 a 101V 106', a 106?, Do. 6 '? 1870 104 V a KMV ? a ? Do. ft " 1850-56 92 a 95 V ? a ? Kentucky 6 per rent 101K a 102 108 a 103V Do. 5 ' 86 a 86V ? a ? Illinois Int. Imp., 1817 X7V a 38 37V a 38 Do. " Int. Stock... 20 a 21 21 a 22 Do. Fnndalilo Bonds 1ft a 47 12 a 15 Indiana Bonds 40 a 11 40 a II Do. Vtato Fives 61 a 65 61V a 65 Arkansas, 6 per cent 10 a 41 ? a ? Alabama. 6 ' GO a 61 65 a 65V Do. 6 " ? a ? 68 a 70 Do. 5 " Sterling.. ? a ? ? a I'cnnsylra. 5 " 80 a 80V SI a 83V Do. 6 " ? a? ? a ? : Maryland, 6 " 97 V a 99V ? a ? Do. ft " Sterliag.. 89 a H9V 90V a 90V Tennessee, 6 " lot a 102 102 a 102V Do. ft " 80 a 81 80 a 81 I Massarhus. ft " ? a ? ? a ? Michigan, 6 " ? a ? ? a ? Virginia, 6 " ? a ? ? a ?N. f. City, 7 per cent, 1857 108,V a 109 ? a ? Do. 7 " 1802 ... 102V a 103V 102 a 102V Do. 5 " IK'S) ... ? a ? 91 a 91V Do. Watar Loan, do 1858 ... 93 a 93V 91V,'a 95 Tin .In .In 1K7II UfiU ? assr a Do. Fire Loan, do 1868 ... ? n ? ? a ? Brooklyn 6 per et, Is5fl-5l7-fl8..., 101 a 101% 102 a 102% Baltimore fi>, 1800-70-90 99 a 100% 100% a 101,% 1'biinitrlphin 6'n ? a ? ? a ? N. Y. Life and Trust Co HW alto 110 a 112 farmers'Loan and Trust Co.... .15% a .15% 36,% a 16% Ohio Life In?. and Trust Co... 85 a 85% 85 a 86 Bank of V. 8. in I'rnn 3 a .1% .1 a 3% Camden and Amboy R. U ? a ? IS) a 1.15 Hartford and New "Haven R. R. 100 a 100% 102% a 10.1 85% n 86 89% a 90 Hudson ltlvcr R. R firt a 61 .09 a 00 New York 8c Kric RR, new stork 57% a 57% 61% a 62 New York 8c Rrie R. R, old stock 60S a 90* 601? a 61 ... 79% a HO HI}? a K2 irtica and Schenectady R. R.. . 11H a 119 13) a 121 Syracuse and Utica R. R... I.. ? a ? 120 a 121 New Jersey Railroad 106% a 105% 107 a 108 Anliurn and Syracuse R. R.,. . 85 a 84 80 a 81 Auburn and Rochester R.R.... R'l a 82% 86 a 86% New York and Ilarlcm Railroad 58% a 58% 56% a 59% Res dine Railroad 90V a .11 SIS a 1% Do. Bonds 52 a 52% 52% a 52% Do. Morteage Bonds 60 a 60% 60S a 00% Erie Railroad Bonds, 1st... . 97 a 97% 96% a 97 Do. " 2d.... 86 a H6% 85% a 86 Do. " .Id.... 75 a 77 79 a 80 Bait. Ohio k RR Bonds, 1851-56 - a - 911% a 91% Do. Dir. Bonds 8.1% a 85 82% a 89 Baltimore t Ohio Railroad... . 41%^ 42 40% a 40% , Hudson River Railroad Bonds.. ? a ? ? a ? i Western (Mass.I Railroad 101% a |02% 102 a 102% > Del. 8c Hudson Canal Co 198 a 169 157% a l'H) | Do. " Scrip 146 a 117 146 a 147 It will be perceived tlmt quotations for most of those securities linye improved within the past throe weeks, i This we attribute prlncipslly to the relief realised in [ | the money market, by the importation of spocic from ' | Europe, and the large receipts from the interior of this country. Our hanks hare been much strenghtened during the past three weeks, and should they deem it . prudent to expand upon this basis, the margin for a further advance will soon be covered. Government and Stale slocks have, for some time past, been steadily , improving, even in the fnco of a stringent meney mari kit. while the lancies have not moved much elthei ' way. It Is almost Impossible to Inflate ^notations foi this deecrl ptlon of stock security. The brokers, by a com bined effort, may make out to get up an improvement 01 one or two per cent, in aomo particular fancy; but at ' for any general rlso, it is utterly out of the question I Outsiders cannot be drawn into the street, or Into th< t mnihes of stock speculators; they have been cUegnjtrs ' with the faeries, and rannot l>e prevailed o? to tonol an) thing but good, found, dividend paying securities. I Stock RxckADffCi I ilHBflOTrfHwry Now* ItO 30 ?li. Kar-ntri'Tft US .WW sawusfe-a ii2W r* do UM 3i? HSOO Ohio ti?. TU 106*? 24 ('union Co Wvt I 20UI do IU>W ft K.rto KK, now, fall, ti2S .'?> do 7 pr ot? HUi. 1.1 Mohnwk Kit H2W 1<4?> Krlo rcrtlm-ito* 7J??i !>? l.on,; l.luuJ BR 2-1. 10 oh? Arner K*r lionk 101 ;i?. do l>". ?7V, SKCONH HOARD. $1000 Trcos \ot??, Co 110.W M ?l.i I'UnU B?b1c WW **0 do 110 25 Mend* 91., UkOO 1.'. 8. 6'?, 'IS, conn. 11.1 .'II Manhattan Itank !N .1110 do '(7, ?I? 1I2W AO Parmer*' Trust WW WOO Erie 7'*. bon<l? S?'?i 2ft Moliawk Rlt K2 2uk) IDadui* M. Ik>nd? (it)4, .'luO l.on* I aloud 23 W ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE. ^ IjiOR COXSAI'KIK-I.ANIMNC. AT CALDWELL'S, WEST Point, Ntwbnrgh, Hampton, Milton, Poughkoopsio, Hyde 1'aik, Kingston, Harry town, Kcdhook. Bristol, CatslilU, 11 tuition, ami Stockport. The now ami splendid steamer MANHATTAN. Captain Win. 11. Nelson, well leave tlioSteamboat l'ier, at the foot of Chambers street, every Tuesday snd Ssturdsy. at five o'clock. P. M. STATIN ISLAND FEKKY.-LKAYE NEW YUKK AT y. 11 2. 4. and <1 o'olook. Leave Vunderbill's Land in* at R, 10 1. L and ft o'eloek. BTOLEll. The stolen notes of tuk bank of chbstrr County.?The Hank driven yet another caution to the pnblia against rooelrlng any notes of the old issttss for nearly a year and a hail such notes have been recalled by very extensive advertisement, ami warning against their re option* The Hank has redeemed the full omonnt of tho old issue, excepting stolen notes net recovered from the robbers, ltcoent attempts to push such notes into circulation, demand tlie rendition of the caution, that after the great notoriotv of the robbery and extent of publication made, such stolcti^notos cannot be received by any person without a just liability to a rigid scrutiny into tho circumstances, and a defence bciug taken to tho pay n oat i f any sot h notes. Tho Bank, a i hors tofore, confidently relies on the aid of tho community to prevent the ruccoss of all such attempts to impose upon its Mt(.( Llx.lil. rs nr nthM- i.wli v id n.U By order of the Directors. WASHINGTON TOYVNSEND, Cashier. West Chester, Pa.. Mny .1.1. 1X1!'. (JJ | III) REWARD.?TAKKN FROM THE DOOR OP ? .Ev/xy the subscribers, on Thursday afternoon, .'Id Inst., a small case. containing > pieces black satin Vesting, marked ' Nichols, Pierce it Co., Huston." Tbo above toward will bo paid for the recovery of thu goods. ?r in proportion for any part of thom. REN'ARD & CO., llti Pearl street. LOST. |OA RKWARD.-I.OST, ON MONDAV, 7TII INST., ?Ave in going from lice-tor street, tip llroadwav. through Grand atreot to llowory, a Gold Detached Lever Watch, gold cap, No. 1,2111, in cave,* M. J. Tobiaa, maker. The above Toward, with the thunks of the owner, will be given to any per?on w ho w ill deliver aaid watch at 2W Eaat Broadway. LOST.?ON MONDAY, THE 7T1I INSTANT. A SII.K Purse, containing $.Y> in gold, and huoio ailver eoin, tlio property of a poor, hard working meohanio. It ?a.t loat at noon, between Noa. 12 and ?11 Spruco atreot. A liberal reward will ho given, if returned to Mr. Prall'a Printing Office, No. 12 Spruce, or to Mr. llurn'a, 21 Spruce atreot. SPECIAL NOTICES. Anniversary of thf. blind?the annivkraary Exhibition of the pupils of the New York Inatitntion for the Blind, will take place at the Broadway Tabernacle, an Wednesday, May 9th, at 4 I*. M. Tickets 12% eenta, the proceeds to bo" expended in printing for the blind. Clergymen and Theological Students will be furnished with tickets gratuitously; at Dodd's bookstore, Brick Church Chapel, and at Robert ( arter's, 2Sft Broadway. SECOND ADVENT CONFEKENCE?TCESI)AV, MAY s, 111 o'clock A. M., nnd half-past 2 and 8 P. M., at Washington llall, Hister street, fourth door from the Bowery.? sicssrs. mines mid Halo, o! Boston, l.oith, of Philadelphia, Dunham, of England, ami other distinguished brethren from abroad, are expected to be pre.ient.itad preach. People are Invited to attend, and hear those able men prosent the great subjects of the Advent near, the Resurrection. Restitution, *t*d Kingdom of God, Millenium, and Distress of Nations, in the light of hlstoey and prophecy, together with practical sublets. Papers and publications can be obtained of William Traey, at the hall. CROTON LODGE, NO. 78, I. O. OF O. F.?BROTHERS, you arc requested to l.e punctual in your attendance, on Tuesday Evening, May the 8th, at your Lodge Room, to make arrangements to nttend the celebration en the 4th day of June next. By order, RICHARD UOMMEKSELU, N. U. William J. Haxnav, See. Dissolved?tiie copartnership heretofore existing between Hein h l.tieke. soap inanufaeturers. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Charles II. Ilein will continue the fancy soap business on hit own account, at his old place, No. 14 Roosevelt street. LE (.' T r R ES ON PHRENOLOGY.?'THE BROTHERS Fowler will give a course of Lectures at Clinton Hall, continuing every evening during this week. Seats free and a collection taken. THE AMERICAN EXCHANGE HANK.?A MEETING of the stockholder? of the American Exehango Itatik will be held at the Directors'room, on theOlh day of Jnae next, from 12 o'clock to 1 o'clock 1'. M., for the election of Councillors and Directors for the ensiling year. Messrs. JAMES MILLS. ) W. W. III ItLBKKT, S Inspectors. W. A. IIADDEN, ) John J. Fisk. Cashier. Dividend?bowery bank, may 7, ist9.?the President and Directors of this Institution have declared a Dividend of Four per cent, on the capital stock, payable on and after the 10th instant. The Transfer Books will be closed until the 10th instant. N. Q. BRADFORD, Cashier. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY.? Notice?The annual election for thirteen Directors of this Company will take place at their oflloe. No. 2 Hanover street,on Tuesday,May 15, 1849, between the hours of 12 M. and 2 P.M. Tko Transfer Beoks will be eloeed from the 7th to 16th Hist., both days inclusive. By order of the Board of Directors. A. KYLE. Jr.. Secretary. WIDENING DEY STREET.-TIIE OWNERS OF FROperty in Dey street, and those interestad therein, aro requested to attend a meeting on Thursday evening. May II), at half-past nine o'clock, to be held at Parker's Colics House, No. 20 Dey street, to take into consideration the wideuing of the above street. SPORTING* Harlem park trotting course.?will come on This Day, at 3 o'clock, a match of $100; mile heats; best 3 and 6 ,in harness. T. Scott names b. h. Sir Walter; D. Morton names l>. b. Bell Ringer. W. FONNF.R, Proprietor. HOTELS. MERCHANTS' HOTEL, FOURTn STREET, BETWEEN Aroh and Market, Philadelphia. The propWotorship and management of thii well known hotel, (which is located fas the very centre of business,) having this day passed into the hands of the subscribers, they beg leave to state that it is their pnrpose to render it werthy of the liberal patronage with which It has boen heretofore sustained, and hope, by unremitting attention, to deserve the patronage of their friends, who may visit the city oa business or pleasure. V. ft J. McKIBBIN, Formerly of the Exchange Hotel, Pittehurgh. TO nOTEI, KEEPERS?A PERSON FROM THE SOl'Tn, acquainted with the business, is desirous of engaging with the proprietors of an already established house, offering Ills services and long experience as an equivalent for a limited interest or a remunerating salary. The city references he will furnish will satisfy applicants that his service will prove an acquisition to any establishment. Further particulars w ill be made known on addressing A. Z., post office. No objections to the Interior towns. BOARDING, Ac. BOARD?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS W IFE. OR TWO single gentlemen, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms in a French family. Diuner at 6 o'clock. Applyat 87 Walker street. Board wanted?in the upper part of the city, for a young married lady Address B. L. K., at the Ilerwld office. _ _______ COUNTRY BOARD.?WANTED, BY A LADY AND three children, aged 10, 13 and 10, hoard in a quiet family, along tbe Sound, on Long Island or C'onneotioat shore, where there is goo.l bathing on a sand beach. A farmer's house and plain living will be aatislactory. Addrose 20IIS Foet Office. INSURANCES. OFFICE OF TIIF. NATIONAL I IUE INSURANCE CO., 67 Wall street, New Yotk, 6th May, 1849.?Tho President and Directors of tho National Fire lnsuranco Company, havo this day declared a dividend of five per cent, payable to the stockholders, on and after the llth instant. By order of the Hoard of Directors, W. V. KELLOGG, Secretary. 13IRE AND MARINE INSURANCE AND MARITIME Claims of all kinds adjusted, and nautical documents ia * rem i'. oi'unien, nniian nua vriuacnp, irnusi aitoi uj JADR9 liKKOEN, Insurance Orokor, No. 92 wall it. CLOTHING. CI.R1CIITON, FIRST PREMIUM SHIRT MANUFAC* turcr, No. 10 Park Place, New York, and 6 Royal street, i Now Orloan*. T' o ti1k ladies.?pf.tkr roberts, 37s broadwny, has just received from Auction, a largo lot of Black : Scarfs, ?- ? Slinwli, (rioli pattern".) at a tsry low price: alao, K-4 Black and IV hi to Neta, for Mantilla: Embroidered I Cambric Handkerchiefs, Curtain Muslins. very cheap; Chemisetts, Collara, and CufTi, a groat bargain; Valoneienne* l.ace*, | from 1?. per yard; Cape*, (new pattern,) Figured Muslins, Re. kc. FINK ARTS. New engraving?" Washington's inaugitral Addreaa," 17*9, from a picturo by Msttexon, engraved on stuol by II. S. Sadd, Bite 22 by 2* inches, with numerous Portrait*, and a descriptive key. Proofs J.'! JOHN NEAl.E, fid Carmine Btseot, N.Y. Fine akts.-a genti.eman rbcknti.t arrived from Vienna, has brought from there fifteen pleco* of Oil Paintings, all original*, which be intends to sell. The Palatines ran be seen at IH Donne street, from the 4th to the 20th of liny. Only oonnolssetirsare invited to see them, and suoh gentlemen who are able to pay the duo prloe of a Titian and other distinguished artists. REMOVALS. (A II ARI.F.S T. CROMWELL HAS RKMOVKD HIS l.AW VOffice* from Ml Nassau street to 6H Wall street, nest door above the Courier and Enquirer Removal.?m. lkvett. dentist, inventor and Patentee of Enameled Pfatea for Artifloial Teeth, has removed tefiUft Broadway, botweon Houston and Hloeokor *t?. M1NSK1LLANKOU#/ APF.IGNF.1TK Bit A.N I?Y, NOW LANDING. 1'*) half,quarter, and eighth caski A. Seignetto Brandy, of the old and genuine brand, landing from brigs Antelope and Nanine, Just arrived Irom Rnehelle, and for sale by S. T. Nlt'OLL h CO., H7 and n'.t Front st. ii.lows. willows.?wo bundles vf.rv fine French Willows, Just arrived per bark Beividerc, from Antwerp, for ?ale, at low prices, wholesale and retail, by J. P. CLRU, No. 7 John street. Any commissioner of derds wishing to resign, rsn make a favorable arrangement by addressing L. o. 5." bo* ;sma Post Office Turtle soup-a finp green turtle will bb sorviui up this day, (May H,l in Soup and Steaks, at the MerrhniAs Colli e House, No. 15 Beat er street, oerner of New f tmt, joiin Mcdonough I ? FAD AND ZINC PROPERTIES.?FOR SAI K, LO \J rated in tlic Statu of Tennessee, Mines of Lend and Fine Ores, *?14 t" be the richest In thn United States. Any t ' ere elsl ing to invest funds inthi* description of property, will ase addrie x w inset. Herald Office. 1?? JkJFJk HAWTHORN* JUST HhOE.VKD BT Att 1 I cl li.alil firleve. No.5 I hi r eo*. three ynart in, *i.d In rxcillert rendition. WANTS. WANTS I>?A SITUATION. 11Y A KKSI'KCTABI.K yuan* woman. tu il? the plain cooking. warning. and Ironing, of a nspoctahl* private family. The h??t of city reference can be given I'lni. <aJ. at No. 231 Twelfth street, corner uU'lnt aveune, third floor WAM ?!>- AT :,71 BROADWAY. A YOCNti EKMAI.K to attend a l.aee, Embroidery and Kancy atnre, use who haii had experience. Al~>. a stout boy of Hi years. Apply before 111 in the morning or after 0 iu the evening. WANTEIt-a situation bv a younu woman, as < hauibermaiil ami SeamHtresa, or to Mailt in washing ai d ironing; good reference can bo given. Can bo icon for t?1> day* at No. ,'M 10th street. Hr ANTED?BY A KESI'ECTA ULE WOMAN, WHO thoroughly understands her buiinoia, ft altuation aa Cook, tV'aaher and lroner; can givo tho beat of city references from her lait place, No. fH Hudson street, where alio cau ho Been for two days. Wanted-a situation by a youno woman, to cook, wash and iron in a small private family; would have no objec tion to go a short distance in the country; good city reference given. Please call at No. 131 11 th street, hack room. I'd floor. WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMEN. situations in respectable private families; one is a itood plain Cook, tint ralo Washer and lroner, ran hake; the other to do general housework iu a small family, la a very good w asher; city reference given. Call at .'Oa .'id avenue, opposite Tompkins Market; can be seen foa a week if not engaged. WANTED?A SITUATION AS ITBT NURSE, BT A respectable married woman. Inquire at the Catholic hook store, No. 71 (>th avenue. WANTE D-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a situation aa children'* maid, or to do

plain sewing, in the neatest manner. Will he found moat will nig mm uoiinng. iiuh no objection lo go any distance in tne country. Please call at No. 1,2 Orchard atroot, between Hester and Grand streets. t'au bo seen for a week. WANTED?BY A RESI'ECTAULE YOUNO GIRL, A situation to do general housework in a private family. She is a first rato Cook. Washer, Ironer, and Chambermaid, andean produce the host of refwonee. 1'luaso null at No. IM2 Mulberry street, front basuineut. Can be soon for throe days. WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE OIKXa A 8ITUAtion as Cook, Washer, or Ironer; understands hilling; is in the habit of living in tho best of families, fan be seen for two days. Tim best of city reference given, Please apply at No. s Hub street, third story, WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITPAtion as Cook, in a private family ; no other need apjily. Tho heat old city reference can be given. Inquire at No. 'J Jay street, llrooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A VERY COMPETENT girl, with good city reference, to cook, wash and iron for a private family. Would goto the country. Please call at 74 tith A v., hi the bookstore. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS WAITER OR COACHmsn, by a Swiss, who speaks French, English, German and Italian. lie has good recommendations for both services. Please inquire lor P. II., 111!) Greenwich street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTA BI.E young woman, in a small private lainily In the country; to do plain cooking, milking, making butter, and wasting and ironing. Host of refen nee can be given. Can be su n for two days, at 4h!> Pearl street. WANTED?I1Y A RESPECTARI.K YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as Chambermaid; is a good washer and ironer, would have no objection to waiting, or go a small distance in the country. Please cull, or nildrrss a note to Mr. Wilson's grocery, corner 2.r>th st. and 3d avenue. WANTED?BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN. SITUATIONS, one us Chambermaid und Waitress; the other to tuko care of children, und do light chamberwork. The host of eity references given. Apply to UBThird avenue, near Iflth strcot. WANTED?A SITUATION AS BUTCHER, A YOUNO tnsn who is well acquainted with the business in all its blanches. Has no objection to town or country. Communications addressed J. W\, at the stage house, Ilodford, Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation us Conk, Washer or Ironor, in a small private family. Nooldection to go n short distance in the country. The host of city reference oan be given. Please to call at No. 21 26th street. WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation in a small privato family, as Cook, Washer and Ironer, or Chambermaid; has good recommendations from her last place. Please apply at No. 105 llroomo street, in tho basement. _____ | WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation, lo do conking, washing, and ironing, with some respei table family. Can give the best of reeoimiiendatious from her last place. Please call at No. 3d Great Jones street, (No. 2(1 in the rear.) Will receive calls for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUAtion as Cook and Laundress to a small, respectable family. Best of reference can bo given by applying at No. 63 Sullivan at., flrst floor. II^ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A vv situation as a tirst rate Laundress or Chambermaid, and understands French Hinting in the neatest manner, and has the best of i ity reference. Please call at No. PW Ninth st., between the Uovcerv und Third avenue. Can bo soon lor one week if not engaged. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as Cook, Washer, nnd Ironer, or to do the reneral housework of a Htnall family. No objection to go a short distance in the country. Can give tho heat of city reference. Address ISS Ninth St., between Bowery and Third svenue, or E. I.., Herald office. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as plain Conk, good Washer, and Ironer, in a private family. 'I he best of eitv reference. To be soon for a vrcoV, if not fugagod. Apply at 192}i Gr<*eno wtrccf, WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, nx good Took, who perfectly understands her business; is a very good Washer and Ironor, and i? syate- 1 matiffil in her kitohen arrangemeof *. The bMl of nftNBOM ran be given. Apply at 4 Clinton place, where she can be seen for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, Ha Chambermaid and Seamstress, and would make herself generally useful. Good reference. I'leaso call at <?3 Greenwich Ktreet, second floor, front room. Can be seen for three days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as Nurse or Chambermaid ; would assist In washing and ironing, and make herself generally useful, best of city reference can he given, l'icaie call at 318 Eighth St., 3d floor, front room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation a* Chambermaid, or to aisiat in housework. Can be seen for two days at 57 Grand street, .'Id story, back room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation to cook, wash and iron, or do thn general housow ork in a small respectable family. The boat of city reference given from her last place. Please call at No. 283 Mott street, front room, en the first Hour. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as Chambermaid and Laundress ; has lived two years in her last place. Can givo good city reforrcnce. tiny be seen at 33 Prince street, 4th floor. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Chambermaid, and has no objection to assist in washing and irouing. Can be seen fur two days. Call at Iti* fourth street, Ilest of city reference. WANTED?BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PROTEStant young woman, a situation as Seamstress and Nurse. Understands dress making, cutting out and making of children's dresses. Would have no objection to travel, or to do light chamberwork, and i. a good washer of lino clothes. Can be seen for two days, in the rear of 48 Howard streot, w it bin a few doors of Broad way. ANTED.?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Woman, a. Cook In a private family, who thoroughly lands her business; would have no objection to a.sist in washing. The best of city reference given. Can be seen for two days, at No 117 Fourth Avenue, near 10th street. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED man. of sober and industrious habits, a situation as Clerk, who writes agond hand, and is a good acoountant; or would take a situation as Porter. Good reference given. Please inquire for J. D., at No. 2 Ferry street, between the hours of !l o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS SHIP TO LOAD IN.Wanted, a first class ship or bark, to succeed tho bark Tccumxeh, and load in the line for San Francisco, California. Immediate despatch given. Apply to JOHN COLLINS. Jr., 71 South street, upstairs. N. 11.?A lot of fifty now Water Casks for sale. Apply as above. WANTBD-BOARD IN BROOKLYN, SOUTH OF FULton street, for a Gentleman and his wife, and two small Children, ill a quiet family, having no other boarders. Direct to A. K., New York Pest Oltkco. WANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS. BY A young girl, who can produce good city reference from her last employer. Please apply at 73 West 15th street, in front basement. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation as Cook. Washer and Ironer, or to do Chamberwork and Baiting. Can givo good eity reference. Can be seen for two days. Please call at No. II Union Court, in University place. WANTED- A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE healthy young woman, as wot nurse; has a fresh breast of milk?first child. Please call a t 118 Thompson streot. Can be seen from 10 till 3 o'clock. VK7 ANT ED?A SITUATION, BV A YOUNG WOMAN, AS in a private family; ia n good pie'n Sower. (Jood city reference given. Flense apply it 72- W ashlngton street, lint floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, lis Chambermaid, Waiter nnd Nurse. Ilia no objection* lo go into the country. The heat of city rofurcncc given. l'leuae call it No. 37(i Tenth street, front room, third floor. A LADY, FULLY COMPETENT, IS DESIROUS OF A situation, la Housekeeper, or to travel with I family during the amnmor. A note addressed to E. C. Iloae, Ilorild office, will meet with prompt attention. Avounci man, well acquainted with tiie Building Trade, ia desirous of an engagement in a Itnildor's Office; lie la a neat, expeditious draughtsman, understands the measurement of works, would make himtol generally useful, ia wi ll recommended, and would accept of a rinali remuneration. Address U. It., Herald Oflior. Aokrman arciiitkct, fully acqu ainted with all the different parts of architecture, drawing, and eompoeiug plana, deairos employment by an nrcbitect of this place. Apply to Mr. II. limn, No. 22 Dunae at. Ares! ectahi.e piiotesxamt woman wishes a situation, wlio is a good BRWt .tnd lirt*ad-maker, and hits no objection to assiat with the washing and ironing; can produce good city reference from iter last plaoo. Please call ut I At Forsyth street, se ootid story, front room. Ayoiinu MAN lai ely A It ki ted PROM EUROPE is desirous of obtaining a situation in a store, or any re pei table i mployinent where a knowledge of tlie French aud Dutch languages would l,u useful. Plea>? addrosa. staling where M Interview can be obtained, to M. P , ottioe of tin paper. A SITUATION WANTKD--HY a YOUNO WOMAN OF uncaceplionahle reference, as Child's Nurso and plain .niamatro-s, or Chambermaid, and do tiie (Ins washing and ironing. Please call at No. 211 Mnlbrery street,between Spring ar.d Prlnco. Will reotiee calls for two days. Dry OOODB salesmen.- wanted, two who can give good references, and are aciuail w ith I he eity trade. Apply at 42f> Hroadway. I7IDITOK WANTED.?TO WRITE THE F.DITf .tT, ? , ? Fj for a Mercantile Journal, published semi-mon'a,lr i!'. I, use l e a good writer, and well acquainted with ,i, .flairs. Apply, between one anil two u'oloek, or ' II . to A. PALMBB, Pearl street, llou* ( V; p!,*ri it House wanted-, a coxifortap . r ... ... three story House, with the moder- '"J . , e west side of the city preferred, not 1 ,."I, ? .eja Palo 'itiare, U wanted for a private dwell!' **!",' ?li,?1BfcL"'J1 oiratc. Please addrew " Hoi, No. a* . ''"n' . 'sting situation, ffc. W Lftw,r 1 *"* 0m"' HARDWARE?WANTED, A SITUATION AS CLERK ie a wl wlesale or retail '.4#r,,Wttr). n#T, ,,y ? , ,un< e. is axuunii.tcd with II g,,MIMo,e Thibet of refer t d*cn I'll a?e address ~ D., I'.ranch P " office. ' h t" | A MIDI KM 14 NTH. ^ ^ DOWMi^THEATHI.-TUKSnAT ETSNINO, MAY S, J3 will le aotod the tragedy of OTHELLO?Othollo, Mr. lUmhlln; Uffo. Mr Ryder: Caasio, Mr. Stevens; Brabant io, I Mr. Duff; K^-deri^o, Mr. Jordan; Montano, Mr. Dun a; Kmolia, Mm. Jordan; Desdoroona, Mrs. Shaar. LA TARANI TELL will be performed by Mr. CJ. W. Smith, Mrs. Dunn, ' and oorpH do bullet. Thf performance will conclude wilh the | 1R181I TUTOR ?Doctor O Toole, Mr. It. Ryan, in which character he will bin* "The Flaming O'Plnnigaii*. l'he droves | of DUrneT," and will dance with Mrs. Dunn, "The Fo* ICuni Doom open at curtain will rise at 7H e'olook. Dress Circle rale. l'it and Upper lloxcs, 2Ti oentf. CH A* FRAP'S NATIONAL TIIEATRR, CHATHAM street.?1 uesday evening, May 8, will be acted the draj ma of the ENCHANTER, Or, The WDard of the Mountain ? Bohemond, Mr. Chanfrau; Itavuiond, Air. Herbert; Vonrade, Mr. Dawes; Amaury, Mr. Seymour; Mart. l, Forrester; San Stir*. Mr. Hamilton; llaudoin. Mr. Kiuonthal; St. Elbert, Mr. ( oodseault; Walter do Aluntell, Mr. li&rnutt. Uooffroj do , Bean vain, Mr. Thompson; Eustaco Fitsgerald, Mr. Williams; W illiam. Mr. Pardey; laeult, Mrs. lsheraood; Bertha, Miss i Smith; llns-an, Mr. llield; Isinael, Air. Tilton; Saldan. Mr. i W. II. Chapman; Alinea, Miss Afeatayer. Doors eponat7)?; performance commence at H o'clock. i MECHANICS' IIALL, NO.47'J BROADWAY. BETWEEN Brand and Broome streets.--Monday, April and every I night until further notice, the original and well-known Christy's Minstrels--organised, 1842--the oldest established company in the world; the first to harmonise negro melodies, J and originators of the pro-tint popular style of Ethiopian Entertainments, whose success in this city, during tho past I three years, is most conclusive evidence of their superior I merit and attractiveness. Tho Company consists of ten p.?r .vi, unucr trio at root ion oi tt. I*. t.'iiristy. Doors open at ewven; Concert commences at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert every Saturday, commencing it three e'elook, P? M. TBI i?!8TIN8 IN NEW mi, AT THB APOLLO X Saloon, on Thursday and Friday next.?Mr. (Matin and his Sons, respectfully announce two grand Concerts, us above, on Thursday and Friday evenings, the 10th and 11th inst.. v hen they will perform on their silver Sax Horns, an admired fantasia on airs sung by Jenny hind. The solo 44 All is host," and the celebrated solo on the trumpet, M The Soldier Tired," and the famous " Echo Hunting Duett" ou two French horns. Miss O'Connor ill aim; "The hast Roto of Summer," and with Miss Distin and the Itrothors a " Glee," without accompaniment, and several now Songa, Duetts, Glee*, kc. I'ianist, Mr. Wiley. Tickets 50 cents each. Doors open at 7, concert to commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets may be had at the Principal music stores, and of Corbyn and Martiui, Musical uid Brumal i? Agcn'I ILiitLiv ' . New Vork. TBI DIS IINS IN BROOKLYN. THISICILIBRITBD mnsieiaae give their aeeond ab41m1 Comevt In Brook* lyn this (Tuenlny) evening, .May 8, at the Female Academy, when they w ill perform on their silver Sax Ilorns and Sax Tubas; Miss O'Connor and Miss Distill will also sing several Songs, Duetts, Trios, Uc., with the Brothers Distin. Tho programme will ho entirely new. Tickets 50 omits. To ho obtained at the principal music and bookstores, and of Corhyu and Martini. 1 Barclay st.. New York. VAT Ml A11. GARDEN?N R W S A LOON .? FOR SIX Nights Only.?Unprecedented Attraction!?Mr. Maoarthy, the celebrated Delineator of Irish Character, of the Theatre Royal. Drury Lane and Covent Garden, London; aided by Miss l anny Fraizior, tho beautiful and celebrated Vocalist, from tho Italian Opera House, London, who will sing her most favorite Songs?Commencing on Monday evening, .May 7th, and continued every evening this week, with popular Irish Entertainments, entitled MIRTH AND MELODY OF TilE EMERALD ISLE?interspersed with original Songs, Sketches, kc. DoonOMftit7Ki to0onflHnO6at8, TioketiSftotc. No poitponemcnton account of the weather. BLKKCKER BUILDING. CORN KUMF BLKECK BE AND MortOtt street*.?E. Smith, Manager.?Tho Manager bM the pleasure to aunouueo that tho "Fakir of Ava," Slgnor Francisco, will continue his entertaininente every evening thlo wow. On Wednesday and Saturday, i w i i i happy to see such families as cannot attend at bis night entertainmonti, at 3 i\ M. For particulars, senilis <?i the day* ((rpilR CAMPUKI.LS ARE COMING."?MONTAGUE X llall, Brooklyn, Wednesday Evening, May 9.?Tho original and well-known Campbell Minstrels, whoso Concerts at the Society Library were received with tho most distinguished favor and patronage, for a period of overlive months, beg to nnnoiinoo to the ladies and gentlemen of Brooklyn, that they will give two of their inimitable and highly popular Musical Entertainments, on Wednosday and Thursday Evenings, May!) and 10; when they will introduco a programme of their own original music, dancing, kc. Doors open at seven; commence at eight. Admission, 25 cents. N.ll.-Tho I'nmphell* will ooniinonoo a unrip* of their highly pojniUr Concert*, at the Apulia ltooiuii, 410 llroitilnny, on Monday Kvoliiny, Murll. G. A. K1M11ERI.Y, Manager and Director. MUSIC A I*. MU8IG!?THE PIANO WILL HE TAUGHT BY A young I.ady, who haa a tliorounh knowludaa nfMuaio, amd who oan jriv. tr uronat unoioeptionalile referenaea. Turma for beginner*. $9 tvjrnuarter; thoae more advanced, SIS. Apply to ft. IJnrald omen. PIANO WANTED.?A GOOD SECOND HAND O'J OCtave l'iano-Forte, on litre, with liberty to purchase within Is months. Address S. O., llorald office, Hint luff limn* for Mro per month, and price of tho instrument, vvhlcli must he moderate. FOll 8AL.K. Ijtor sale?a splendid bat mauf. kind in all sorts of harness and under tho saddle; is perfectly sound; will stnnd without tyinjr; only li years old; has w in her mile in .1 minutes 111 seconds; sold for want of use. Apply at iVI Front, corner of Hover street. E. ROYI.KNS. FOR SALE?THE STOCK OF AN EXTENSIVE BOOT Wore, to suit purchasers; also tho Fixtures and interest of the House, situate in u tiret-rule locality for hugiuess, 817 Broadway, between 13th and 14th streets. Apply on tho For sale, very low, and on easy terms?ten acres of first i nto land, with cottage house, kitchen, stable, garden and fruit trees, situatodon Princes Bay, .Stolen Island, three-quarters of a inile from Totten's Landing,where steamboats to nnd from the city, touch twice a day. Apply to ALLAN MKI.LVILI.K.' U Wall street. "dor sale, or to let separately, the lami F Hotol r.nd Oarden, 4th avenue and 32d street, with liar Fixtures, fee., being at the junction of the two railroads. Can easily take $1UU per day. Inquire on tho premises, or of A. J. I'EKItY, 8 Wall struct. Hair Seating Factory and Machinery to lot, llSKivington street. TO FRENCH FAMILIES.?WANTED, HOARD IN A French fumilv, (private one preferred,) Ijy a young gentleman desirous of improving his knowledge of the French language. Address J. H. L. II., box 2t>ir#, Post Othce. TO BE LET. TO LET?A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOM, In a small private family whoro there aro no boarders, in a desirable location, within one minute's walk of Broadway. For particulars, address a note to I*. 8.. Herald office. TO LET?FURNISHED APARTMENTS FOR UENTLElncn, comprising single neu, parlor and chamfer; a room on first tluor, desirable as a Physician's office, ail newly furnished, and at moderate prices. Apply at tMs Llspcnara street, 3 doors from llrondw ay. UTOKE, fiSCOL'RTLANDT STREET.?TO LET, A V F.RY l-? desirable store nnd cellar, situated nesr Greenwich street, with convenient shelving, for the hoot and shoo or crockery trade, or for fancy goods. Will be let cheup to a good tenant. Apply on the premises. OFFICES TO LET?ALSO, BEDROOMS, FURNISHED nnd unfurnished?in SI Nassau street, nesr tho Sun officii. Also, the store lifl field street. Apply to EUOEN E FERRIS, 41 Nassau street,in the Hoot Store. BHIPPINU. f f HE BRITISH AND NORT11 AMERICAN R. M. A Steamships between Now York and Livorpool, between Boston and Liverpool, calling at Halifax to land and rscoiro mails and passengers, art intended to tail as follows:? Niagara, Cart. Ryrie, from Boston. Wednesday, 18th ApriL Inn-pa, *' Lett, " N. York, " 3d May. Cambria, " Shannon, " Boston, " 3th " America, " Darison, " N. York, " 16th " Uibernia, " Stone, " Boston, " 23d " Canada, " Judkins, " N. York, " 30th " An experienced Surgeon on board. Freight will be ebarged on tpocie heyond an amount for personal expenses. All letters and papers must pass through the Post Office. Passive from New York or Boston to Liverpool; First Cabin, tl30| second do., $7U. For freight or passage apply to E. C11NARD. Jr.. 38 Broadway. For uavrk.-the superior coppered and Copper fastened French bark Armantine, f.'apt. F.stsbe. For freight or passage apply to BOYI) k UINCKKN. Jb fapt. Grenler, will #ail on or about the 1st proximo. A p- ' ply to BO VP It II INC,KEN. PACKKT FOR HAVRE-SECOND LINK.?THE SHIP St. Nicbolan, Evolsigh, ma?tor. will on tlie lat of June. HO VP h II I.N (.K F. N. Agnnta. K* Wall etreet. Bark guimaraens.?ai.i, persons ark forbidden treating the crew of the above lixrk, av tiio captain and configures will nut be renpnnilble for their debt*. PETER I.AI KOP. Captain WE. THE PASSENGERS or THE BRITISH BARK J on it, from Liverpool, hereby beg to expre*# our cordial and hearty thank* to Ca|>t. Moore, fur hi* kindness nml att. 111ion to our comfort, wliilo on tlio passage liore; and h<i alao wish 'o state our high opinion of hia superior skill a* a seaman, ro fullv shown durinxa bolateron* and severo voyage, u inch, under Providcnco, was tlie nioaiia of bringing in safely to our port of destination. ISOIt SALE-HI EH,"Of ANN I). COFFIN. MOV I.Y intt foot of Burling o|hi> She In i wo and n hnlf year* old, i well found in sails, rigging, and anchors, !.'> tona biirthoti, , drawa wlion laden lour foot ?nt*r. atauurh built, and wall adapted to the conatinXi rirar, or bar trado ; a ftal sailer.-Apply to \VM. E. I.A U KENCI. 32 Cliff at. Directions for piuits.-vkssei.s subject to Vialtntion by the Health Officer. Every vessol from* foreign port having paeeengere, end every veaael having had, daring her passage, any rase of Small-pox, or infeotloai or contagion* d incase? arming at any time. All voaaola from uny port. In the ordinary paaeage from which they moat pern eont'i of Cat* licnlopen?arriving between the thirty-ftrrt day of May and the elatoenth day of October. And all voaaeln from any plaoe (including ialaada) in Aaia, Africa, or the Mediterranean, or from any of the neat India,, Bermuda or We.tern Ulanda, or from any on* place In Ameriea, la the ordinary parsage from which they nana aotvth of Georgia ?arriving between the tlret day of April and tlm firm day of November. AI.EX. B. WIIITINU, Health Officer. , Journal of Commerce. Evening l'"?t and Sun. ploaae oopy. THE GOLD COAST. 1.1 or CALIFORNIA AND oregon, via new orlean*.?The United Slate# Mail Sleamahip Company will deapatch on Saturday, May'Jtih, the commodiou* aad well known atcamehip FALCON,fee Cbagree, via Havana and New Orleana, and will land er receive paaaeiutere at the bar at Charleston or Savannah. The Faleea will carry out the United State* Malta foe tire Peoiflc tea mere from Panama te California and Oregon Paasage to Chagrei U./taU room* gliU Do. do. lewor after oabiu 115 Do. do. lower forward cabin 100 Do- do iteeragu 80 Do. New (Uneciii in itate rmnii 78 Do. |e. lower after oabin JO S?- ? 8e- eteeragw ? no. uagtana in the atato room ]S D?? do. lower after cabin 5? Do. do " For freight to New Or lean*. or paasaee, apply to m. d ROBERTS. IIS Boot "i?OR CALIFORNIA, THE OOLI) REGION.-THK FIRST r elans. A 1, oopperwl end copper fastcaedsWP I HOIIUS. now lying at pier So. ft North Kmr. ?ll ??" trfru rh't tisco on or about the I.Mh ln?t , r .?itiv. tv ' ; nearly engaged, and. now going on \^ut tM?J I accommodate a fww Bret eahin I ' eoond eabin on deck, at f 12s and fouad. lor pa??ag?, aad , the balk of MM barrel. fnnghL w >fk|| ?rr.t, ot i JOHN OUDEN, lid Wall itreet. -?? ~1 war.* aai fr* ncisco. california, DIR10T-po8iI1 tively ?ho tir?i and only regular lj"? fn JJV > The apfendid faet *ailing packet barb TBCUIB1EII, Capt. N. Uivhiwond. having thu the boat p.rt vf her oargo engaged aad ' going on board, i# now loading nt I'ler No. II North Rive*. lv>r balance of freight or passage. apply on board, at Pier Na. || North River, or to JOHN COLLINS, Jr., 7? Soath etreet. up utalra N b.?Shippera will pleaee aend In their birl# of lading [ early for elgnaiuru. l r? by thle vae?el that have not i paid their passages, will plea* call at the off!re of the ageat aad eettle. ia order that their ' ertlui may be eeeurwl. There i I# yet room for a few more rtbia paaeengert. No Moorage passenger* taken in thla vcejel. rjiuekmhnte. , n roadway theatre? e. a. maksuall, pro. ?T u!T'i,.^TTl"*d,? evening. Ma* N, w ill be acted Ik* Haf I Sv. E'<,KI',Kl1 -R'ohAlliw. Mr. Forrest. Louis XIII Mr. I ..itn.' . J"t"u' Mr. Reynolds, Ha red as. Mr. Frederloka; Ch#i, ?i a?"'?1'. Mr> "T011; Hleor de lleriDghen, Mr. I.aateef Jo??pl., Mr. Vacbe; Julie de Mortimer, MiwV.llack; Vtrlot I vftiTu'Ti'i'U u' iu !>'??'"' r" conclude wit h the faree *t | 10UR UIKS IN DANHKK?John Strong. Mr. Ifvlitm;; Mipoonenbcrg Mr. Vaohe; Cn.teaa Lodoft Mrs. Abbott; 1 w'B"X- ?' rirnU TS oeetdl o'oTJrZ ' ?* " *l 7-t# OolumeilCe Al 7)2 a stok place opera iiocsr y, tin,. manaoe*, J\ Mr. Clnp;iendale?Stage Muuur, Mr. John Aofton.? Boxes and Par'iuotto, til Amphitheatre. .'Ulcwuta. Doors opon at 7, otirtAin will risoat 7'ii o clock.?Tuesday evening Mat i will baprMfBtrd the play of KICllELIKb ? Richelieu. Mr. Mucrcadv: Barada*. Mr. Bradshaw; Do Mauprat, Mr. Clarke* Jo-cph, Mr. Bridges: Do Beringhcn, Mr. A. Andrews; llu;uet. Mr *1 umyss: Louis XIII. Mr. Kingsley; Francois, Mr. Arnold. Julio, Mr*. C. Pope; Mari'.n do l.ormc, Miss Klynn. To conclude with tlio farco of SKETCHES Of INDIA?Sir Mat* thow, Mr. Chippendale; Torn Tape, Mr. John Softoo; l.ady Scrags*; Mrs. llonrv; Poplin. Mb, Phillips: Sally. M r*^ M node#. BURTON'S theatre, chambers street.?TUesday evening. .May Stli, will be nerformod ROMANCE AND RK.M.I I V?Aspcr .Mauley, Mr. Burton; Oliver Manley, Mr. I >uin:; Prank Muroditli. .Mr. Jordan; Lavender Kidd, Mr. Raymond; .Incl. Swift. Mr. Brougham; Tom Badjer. Mr Johnatoh; Wtlliaina, Mr Uurloy; Koanliel, .Miaa Chapman; Barbara Msnlev, 5'ia. Vernon; Blossom, Mrs. BroughamjBotw. Mica Cooke; t;uc*t?, bv the Ladles and Oentloimm of the Ballet. The Comedy will conclude with an Epilogue by all thw character". Doors open nt7 o'clock; Curtain to riae half-pact 7. Dress Circle, 80 ceuta; Family Circle, 23 route; Private IIoact, t-t and $3. American museum-p. t. barnum, manages and I'ropriotor, J. (ireanwood, Jr., Aaaiatant Mauagsr.? Every day and evening this week ?Splendid I'erlurinaneed, In the afternoon at 3. and evening, at 'a before 8. The IfauAe ger has engaged the celebrated Quaker Giant and Dilutees* they may ho seen at all hours, day or evening, with that dfniinutivs apecimvu of humanity, Titania, the Fairy Queen. Thu celt brut ml Martlnotti Tamilv have been encarcl and will ?M*n at faoh entertainment, u'lth Monsieur MIUIit, in tl.ett wonderful (lymnartio Terformancer. laugh* blu I'antoniiuicr, o. Alio wiiKiMn <1, Great Western, tltu Yankee Comedian; Mr. Harrison, thu Impromptu Sinner, Mr. Chvitiinu, Mr. Copland Him Writ, MIm llarton, Mine Mulville. Highland lliaitik Irothew. Splendid painting of th? Revolution lit Frxwoo. Wax Soripturo Statuary Wax reproreutniInns ?f tho Sintncso Twin*. Madame Kookwell t>m fort one-tidier. Admission 25 ots. children under lu years, 12!. ota. THE NEW 0Itl.EANS9ERENADF.KS, AND OltlGINAJh liurleH<|iio Opera Company?Opvit Every M y!it., at the Society Library Rooms, onrner of Broadway and (.o at. Tlie oldest onutpany in existence, and the tirat to introdaaa and harmonise Ethiopian Melodic*. The programme ntut.raoaa Craud Scenaa from Norma, l.intln, Enormia Hernia, and tht popular < hortini'H from tho Enchantress. Admittance Vt eta. Doove open at 7: Concert at 8 o'clock. Conoert every S?tarday afternoon, at .'J o'clotk. VOIOTLANDKK'9 M1CROCOSMIO VIEWS. AT TIT* New A ft re u lily Room*. Chinero Muni'u in. Nil Broadway. ?The exhibition of these novel and wonderful 1'ioiurer wfll open at the Chinese Muaotun, on Monday evening. May 7.? Thsy eenairt of reveril hundred paintings on class liy tha nioet eminent artists, rtdlroted through thirteen-inch uoliromatis lenses, upon H transparent. NNtti tMftl feet wida? embracing acenoa in Italy, the Al|.a, Germany, S|ialn, Portugal, Englniid, France, China. Africa, and all pane of the old world, and a eerier of American Views, including Greenwood and Mount Auburn Cemeteries, New Vork Bay. Ac. As. Till aecond part will present full length view* of Tower*'Greek. Slave, portmita ?f Washington. Taylor, Clay and Webstwr, and an entirely new and magnificent apoetacfe rntitled Tka Kalcidenenp". The beauty and imiguiHeonce of there viewa, cannot ba adequately d ascribed iu words. Farq?k tlokaa# ?IJ centa, and reate can be Keen red dining the day from it to d o'clock, by application at the llall. Ailmiadon to all etkor parts of the houso, 25 cent*. Exhibition to couimenca at 7X o'clock. F|AUE DU9SEI,DORF ACADEMY OF FINE arts.- thb JL exliiliition of Tniutinga by article of the alieva aehaal will be open every day (Sundays excepted), from 10 o'oloak A. II. until 10 o'clock V. M., at the large room over the hall of the Church of Divine llnlty, in llroadwny, between Spring and Prince rtroete. AdinUmon, 28 centa. Season tickets. u?? til ICth June inclusive. Stl centa. Catalogues, 121.' centa. CASTEE GARDEN.?THE above WELL know* Summer reaort can now bo engaged for evening am?a uonta during the eneuing reason. For fnrther portioning and tcrme, apply at the oflloe on the premieee, or by letMM (poet paid) directed to the proprietors. french A ncrsEE. 8ALSI BY AVCTIOIf. Auction notice.-varikty half.?this day, a* 10? o'clock, at the Sale Kwini, II Spruce rtreel, comprising Dry Good*. Merchant Tailor's Steer, Watcher, Jewelry, 2m) ynrdr Irish Linen, l.eudon tlnn, 20 splendid Cant** ( rape Shawls, Mimical Inurnment*. and various oilier article*. THUS. BELL. Anctlonoer. A J. BEEKl'KF.R?1IF.NRV If. LEEDS AND U. MOR gau, Auetlonaerr.?City Motel Furniture?The halnnw of Furniture, belonging to tlie I'ity Hotel, a large part of which bar not I , on oflared, including the most bountiful of the Curler Furniture, eu ruite, which war rerorved. Also, Sheets, Oil Cloth, I'illowrami Bolsters; and all tho artlolej not called for at previous rater, will bo dispoaed of at Auction, on Friday, 11th May, nt half pa*t9 o clock, when evorj article must he sold and removed tn<> next day, In order t<? clore the concern. BY JACOB S. l'l,ATT.-E. O. CARRINGTON, AUOTIOWcer.?Crockery, China, Glarr, and Earthenware.--Tomorrow, at 10 o'clock, in the large Sales Room, over the Auction Room, Inrg" sale of Karthan ami (Has* Ware, ar nbova, conalrting of 100 crates Hoed blue, light blue printed, whita granite, edged, dipped, and C. C. ware. Also, fancy articles of treat variety, Mantel Ornaments, Ac. Also 100 barrels Tumblers, and other glimi ware, tirrt and second unality, he. BY JACOBS. 1'LATT, THIS DAY,?L. O.CARHINOTON, A ueiioneer.--As-ignee'r Sale of Hardware, Fancy Good*. Tinted War', Ac. Jacob 9. I'latt will roll this day, at lO o'clock, at the Auction Room, 23 I'latt street, in lots to suit country Healer* and retailers, as well ar other*, 20 casks, easel and boxer assorted shelf Hardware, heing tho stock of a houso unfertunate In btirine**, among which i* floor Latches, Locks. Hinge*. Filer. Edge Tools, nair I'lato Ifinre*. Wno.1 Screws, Coffee Mills, Shovels, Knives and Forks, Spoons, Carpenters' Tools, Itolts, Saws. Iron Weights, Currycomb*, 1'iidncks, Uorkot and I'cu Knives, Scissors, Razors, Combo, Whitewash llrashes, Sadirons, Tailors' Oeesc. Ac. Also new Birmingham Hardware and Sheffield Cutlery, of various kinds. viz., IIuik, 1'crcussian Cups, rotvdvr Flasks, steal Goods, Japanry, Ac. Also, Case UOods, viz., best plated on German silver Table unit Tea Spoons, Soup l.adles, Fish Knives, Ac. Also a largo assortment of uew line quality I"ockot and I'un Knives, on cards, for retailing, to the wholn of which the attention of purchaiprs is dlroetod. Catalogues at the Auction Room. To-morrow, a large *at? of Crockery, China, Glass, and Kartkcnware, from the shelves, In hits t? suit purchasers. HKNUY II. LEEDS, HOTEL Wines.?llonry II. l^ids A Co. will sell, at auction, on Thursday, May lu, at 12o'clock, at the City Hotel, thehalanoo of Wines, etc.| reserved hy C. Jennings, Fsu.. or belonging to the City Hotel, consisting of Madeiras, Sherries, Claret, llocke, Sautirne, old Jamaica Rum, Gin, Hrnndy, Segars, etc., all of which will he sold without reserve. Sample# ready in tiie long room, on the day of sale. No Winos have boon or will be admitted Into th- sale, except such as wero actually purchased for the nse of the house, by Mr. Jennings or Mr, Blancaid. 1 OilN KEESF., AUCTIONEER.?SUPERB AND RARE ?l collection "f choice and elegant Engravings. Gootey ft Kecse will sell on Monday. Tuesday, and Wctinnsda? evenings, May "th, *tli, and '.lib, at 7 " clack, at their Auction Room, 1HI Broadway, corner of l> -y street?Catalogue of the entire collection of Engravings, original Drawings, Etching#, Ac., belonging to Mr. Charles de la Forost, late Consul General of France, comprising over 5,000 of the rarest, choicest, and most beautiful works of art, among which are all the celebrated works sf Rembrandt, Berghcin, Poussin, Ruhr as, Murrillo, Wouvermans, TenJers, Carlo Rossi, Claude Lorraine, Ac., Ac., forming altogether tlio most important anil desirable collection eiver offered at suction in this country. Catalogues ar? now ready, and with th? collection of Engravings, may Irn seun at the Auction Itoum. Notice?the half, of elegant cabinet fuenltnrs, at No. 65 Beekman street, corner of Oold, advertised lor yesterday, th? 7tli, hy Theodore Mallaby, wlB tab" place to-day, at In', o'clock. May*th. VA L U A B I. E H GILDING LOTS. - A NTHON Y J. Illceckcr will iell. this day, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, .".2 valuable lots of ground, situate on Broadway, Fifth Avenue. Madison Avenue, and on 2*th, 29th, hmb streets. Lithographic maps of the lota eaa be obtained of the auctioneer. M1BP1CA1*. ^ Drug ci.f.rb?a young man who speaks French, desires a situation in a Drug Store. The beet ef references given. Address Y. Z. A., at the office of thia paper. Drug c i. b r k - wanted, a young man thoroughly nninnliitod with the retail business. Apply, by letter, to A. C., Brooklyn post office. IN YE AND EAR.?A PAMPHLET CAN HE HAD, FRBB J of colt, at 2<il Broadway, comer of Warren street, da i acrIblng Doctor rowcirs n<'w mid aooo'carul mo,ie or irokiii^ the affections of tlioio sensitive anil delioaw organa Recently imported, a large acpply of beautiful Artificial Eyes. JaaA published, a popular Tr-atiae on the Kye, third edition, rwviaed and enlarged. Cricoid cents, hjr JAMES W\ POWKI.L, M.D. OWEN'S M'Mt.M/ rilVSIOLOGV, OR A IIKIBE AMD rinln Tri atlao on the Copulation taxation, with altoratloai and addition*, hy R. filovsr, M. IF, being a discussion ol the ine'inct of reproduction, with admonition# aud directions for il. proper control. Price hi. E.,r rale at No. JJ2 Broadway, corner of Ann street, and by the author, at Me office, No. 2 Ann afreet. Peraona at a distance, by enclosing hi (port paid.) to bo* I sirJNow York I'oat Office, will reOeive a copy of the work. Wfl'rnm the Montreal Transcript, July ?J. imM.l E Till N K IT HUT III K TO MR. WISTAR TIIAT WB ahould add our testimony to numerotia others aa to the extraordinary merits of hla mrdicino in certain cure#, particularly where the patient ban complained of pain lu the lido, or in caaea ot an astbmatiral character. We art; p. raonnlly af'tnalntcd with many persona who havw ei|wrivnced iinmenac relief from the uae of thit medicine, when laboring under the diaeaaoa ahove mentioned; and aa la the changeable climate uf Canada i heue disease. arc more than uaoally common, any medicine calculated to counteract tlieaa moat be of value. We are a warn that it hta a large and atill increasini aale, ami hae been very generally and beneficently i?ed since ita introduction Into Canada three yeira age. and the *?ry flag* of He having ntood the tent ot three yearn' experience t. proof of Its value. __ We are not in the habit of reeommending patent medloinhe unleea the benefits conferred by theui have oome uader eer own obaerration ; but lu the ore ecu t InaUneo w*"1" roeommond Wlatnr'a Balaam of W ild Cherry. ?a a mediolae worthy of the confidence of the public in dlaoaeee of^tho Choat and Side, and in many aaaea In rhie city sereroCoaghs hare yielded to itn Inllngnce. , . ?,.TTq U,1 m IS. ...?. 'rSBWa !SfT1hlS33 It reel; aid by the Druggiats generally tlir mghenS the UuMt States end f 'anada. I X K fAtHF.IT CAN RF. CON IT RKNTI Al.l.Y OOdffM7 lulled at Ilia oBse, SI I>oy atreot, on all private dissaaaft The leoat obstinate yield to hla mode of treatment, whteh la oa the ana-mercurial priaciple. Strict area cured en the uul approved plan The victims of aolilanr iadulgeaoe earn alaa a apply, with a certainty of cure. Offioe ?1 I>ey street. Nl> (. I KF, NO < IIAKGF. I?R. MUUI'IIY.or ?S(iaih? atrial, la confidentially emualted oa all forma of prtsata disease lb cent ranee of gonorrhea be euree ta two to foj* day", f'on.itltutional debility and iuip<itenoy aucceisfuly treated by Br M. No mercury nae l In any caee, or hiadraaAA front business. Open from 7 A. M. top |*. M. DK. NAI.I'H, AUTHOR or THE " PRACTICAL, KIOralc 7 realise." he., h* Greenwich atreet?Often hoars# to If A M , C 1*9 I* M. (Sunday eteeptwl). Thine who aafAf in the oarly stared will be surprised at the rapidity iwtd litUA inconvenience attendiitg their cure. It is oniedy, howeveg, those who hses anlfered from a ocrtaln olaas ot people. whA oan properly appreciate hla service*. la striotu.-?i, rrcm ISA Bret, or incipieat, to Ita more advanced and distressing "N>*A ('from uncommon advantages and a rery extensive praoilsjbl ho can aftord a rapid. easy end radical cur*, watch, he haa around for staling, can be obtained from ao other soaroe m DK HIM IMA KOFI FROM ST. PfST?IISHURGH, CHI* the American pnKio for Ihelr g-sroa. fcKRion. mid ? ?* ! ?* nnm??mo# that ronmyod & offer frem A3 tlSTambere U, ?l Ihu*3^ am, ,ioi r. ulxM* th? liAA?pit?l. h? will oomtlast hi? vin and lhrf ftfnvrml ratmlfcofion iu r%iiudl < '

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