Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1849, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1849 Page 7
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I % down blessings up heads anl strew your paths With Bowers. Theve remarks -reived with great applause, after which th* Bon <: urned .u'u< die Mav 7?Boahi> i i a .is -Tlio Hoard met at a quarter past 5 o'el Present, the President, in tile elmir. and <1 qo 1 members in their places Mending of tJir Miv I he minutes of tile last two meetings were read n , . ppnved Reporti of Gmnu" rotn the Market Committee, in favor of transfer, i butcher's stall No, 42, k>sex Market, to S May oi'd Vlso. in favor of concurring witli the Board o v ld<-ruieu in several transfers. Front theConinnllei m lamps and lias, in favor of lighting Tompkins -i| wiih gas. Adopted From the t oniuni i n Streets, in favor of paving the Seventh avenue. t> > , 21*1 tollOth street. Adopted. A communication ? * received from llie Street Commissioner. in reply t' resolution of enquiry us to the delay in grading Hroi n. street, troiu Mangin street to the Fast river 1 In ouiinissioncr explains that he was requested by the ow ners of property in the vicinity to delay tlie work as il ??. in contemplation to have a newer constructed through Broome street ; and in case euch sewer sliouldbe iui It the work of paving, at propent, would he thrown away Placed on hie. Report of the Cumin tteo on Roads and Canals, of this Board, on n resolui o n from the Board of \lderinen, for a sewer in 37th street from Gthjto 8th avenues, adverse thereto, and recommending non-concurrence therein. This Board non ennrurs From same committee, in favor of constructing a pewerlin William street, from John to Kultou streets ? Adopted. From the committee <111 street*, in favor of paving nnd setting eurb and gutter stones in "Jotli street, from Ctli toGth avenues. dopted. Resolution!.?By Vsatstanl Alderman IIihiiauu? Resolved. That the salary of Win. Lennox, as one of tbe Visiters of the Uiiih House, be increased from the mini of $500 per annum to twelve shillings per day, from the 1st day of November. 1848 j and that the Comptroller draw his warrant for additional compensation allowed said Lennox by this resolution. Adopt ed. By Assistant Alderman Siiui.t/.?Resolved. That the thanks of this Board he presented to Wilson Small, Ksq.. President thereof for Ills uniform courtesy and the impartial manner in which he has discharged the duties of ('resident of this Board for the last year. Adopted. Resolutions of thanks were also passed to Richard Scott, K.sq., Clerk of the Board; John J. Donne, tho Assistant Clerk, and Nicholas M. Slidcll, Sergeaut-atArais of the Board Adopted. Resolved. That the Mayor he and ho Is authorised to offer a reward of $500 for the uppreliensiun and conviction of the person or persons, who attempted to take the life of Thomas Warner K.-q . of No. 18 City llall riace, by meuns af a box filled with combustibles, on Friday, the 4th of May instant. Adopted. Re.-olved. That a space tiileen feet in width in 44t1l atreet. from the 3d to the 5th avenues, be planked, and that the Street Comiusssioner be instructed to advertise for proposals for the same. Adopted. Resolved, That the Street Commissioner bo allowed a further time of fifteen days, to complete the re-numbering of nil the streets now commenced and not yet completed. and that tho Commissioner notify the proprietor of the City Directory of all streets he has renumbered. Adopted. Assistant Alderman Shultb moved to adjourn sine diei in order, us he said, to prevent too hasty action being taken upon pnpers which might come before the Board. ( Assistant Alderman IIihhard arose to oppose tho motion, but was called to order by the President, under the rule which forbids debate upon the <iuestion of adjournment. The motion to adjourn was lost, but as it became apparent tlint the evening would be consumed in talk, the motion was renewed, and carried, und the President declared the Board adjourned, sine die. After the close of the official proceedings, the President said that he had been requested by the Alderman of the 8tb ward to ask the members of tbe Board, and others present, to remain for a few minutes. The meeting came to order, and Assistant! Alderman Getty arose in his place, and said that lie wanted to take back something which he hadsuid about a year ngo. It was in reference to Mr. Scott, the Clerk of this Bourd. -On the occasion referred to it became the duty of Mr. S. to cnll this Board to order, and take the question on the nomination 01 a president. He deemed unit one aide of the house had the majority, while I, said Alderman <3., thought otherwiRe. What he then Raid in haste lie now desired to take hack, and to thank the gentleman for his uniform courtesy and attention, and the urbanity which he had over received during his connexion witli the Board. Concluding his remarks. Alderman (j.called the Sergeant-at-arms, and sent by him to the clerk's desk, a beautiful gold pencil case, designed as a small token of the high esteem in which the donor held the gentleman to whom he presented it. and for whom he declared he would vote, if Mr. Seott were a candidate for the next term, and he (the speaker) were a member of the Board. Mr. Scott returned thanks in a neat little speech. He thanked all the gentlemen for the kindness which be had received at their hands; Jje had endeavored to do his duty faithfully, and he had met with the greatest assistance from the members themselves. lie sincerely thanked them all. and expressed the warmest wishes for their happiness and prosperity. Several members arose, and made remarks complimentary to Mr. Scott; and this was the last of the last meeting of the Board of Assistants for ISM and '!). It is worthy of remark that the President of the Board of Assistants made no valedictory speech on retiring from his place of dignity. He did not even thank them for their complimentary vote. Board of Supervisors. May 7.?The Hon. the Recorder in the chair. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved. Bills.?Of Michael Shanly. amount $37 50, for cleaning Circuit Court. Ordered to be paid. A.recess wns taken until 8 o'clock. eve.nino session. Alderman Crolius in the chair. Alderman Smith, after the Board organized, stated they had adjourned to receive a communication from one of their committees ; but. in consequence of certain papers not being forthcoming, there was no further communication to make, and concluded by moving that the Board ndjourn sine die. The Board was then adjourned. Superior Court?(General Term. Present Justices Duer, Mason and Campbell. May 7.?The court organized in the Board of Aldermen's Chamber, at 12 o'cloc k. The court announced that no causes would be beard in this court, during the general term, except the transferred cnuses from the Supremo Court, and motions pending in those, cause such motions to he noticed for and made in chambers. A calendar will be made out for this court from the calendar of transferred causes. No causa set down on pleadings and proofs will be heard, unless a set of papers is furnished to each of the judges. The court adjourned to Wednesday at 11 o'clock. Before Chief Justice Oakley and a Jury. Kehimiak Ward vs. Daniel ft. Bulls.?Action on a promissory note. Defence technical. Verdict for the plaintiff $179 89. The Court then adjourned, no other business being ready. The following order was entered on the Court book:? Ordered, that the order limiting arguments to one counsel on a side, be so far modified as to allow two counsel to be heard on a side, provided that each of them will occupy only one hour, unless special permission to the contrary be given before the argument hall commence. Messrs. I.ockwood. Sweeny, and Marsh, have been appointed Kxaminers. to examine all such ns may apply Yor admission to practise as attorneys and counsellors of the State Courts. Only six persons have as yet applied. no dAy is fixed for the examination. The calendnrof causes will be called to-morrow, (this morning.) and the first twenty causes taken up. Court of General Session*. Refore the Recorderand Aldermen Stevens and Smith. B Mav 7 iSfcX.-Tf following is the calendar for the term Assault and battery. with attempt to kill, 1, rsbbery.7; burglary,.'); forgery,!; C('rjury,^; b' grand larceny. 26; embezzlement. 1; ob tai. J nKgooafi oy false pretences, 1; receiving stolen goods, 1; misdemeanor, 2;-total, 49. Indicted. 25; bastardy cases, 2.? Total, old and new cases. 76. Grand Jurors ?A* only twelve of tho grand jurors summoned appeared ready for duty, a quorum could not be formed. The twelve were, therefore, discharged till Wednesday nrxl, #i 11 n ciock. Prtit Jury?Oil calling the petit jury roll, twentynine jurors appeared ready for duty. ptrc of Quilty.?Janice II Brummings, a lad belonging to the naval service. pleaded guilty to a charge of petit larcony. in stealing iat knives. worth $1:1 r?0. from Jafncs P. Pond, on the 10th day of September. 1848. The court suspended judgment., and the father of the lad Agreed to return htm to the custody of the proper officer* of the navy. In (lie cn*e of the People vs. Jarae* Bogardug, the prisoner was *urrend" red by his bail, and committed to close custody, on Saturday nght. It i* now, on motion of the District Attorney, ordered by the court, that said James Bognrdu* stand e . mmltted to the custody of the keeper of the city pri-on. until thenoc delivered by due course of law. There were no raws tried to-day : and after fully organizing. *o as to be ready for business on Wednesday, rthe court adjourned till that day. Supreme and Circuit. Courts?Sperlnl Term. These courts were op.-ned, nnd the following order entered In the court minute*: ? At a special term of the Supreme Court, held at tho elty of New York, on the 7th dnv ol May. I S4f?. present, K. P Hurlbut, Justice Ordered, that' all eiril suits placed upon th? ralcndar of this court fur the present term, which were at issue on the 11 th day of April, 1849. and which arc In readiness for heaaing on questions of law only, or in equity eases, be transferred to tho Superior Court of the rity of New Y ork, to be heard at the general terms thereof, according to tho provisions of the act passed April 11th. 1S49. entitled ' An net to amend the net entitled an net to .simplify and abridge the prretioe, pleadings, nnd proceedings of the courts of this State, passed April Pitli. 1848."' The Clerk of this court Is required forthwith to prepare a list of tho suits nnd causes hereby transferred, and to deliver the game with ft certified copy of this order to the Clerk of the Superior Court. Common Plena? Bloy tlrnrral Term. Belore Judge l,l*hocfer. M*v 7.?Both brunches of this Court orgnnized. In the first branch a jury was sworn in and the calendar called.. The second branch adjourned, no husinesH being ready. Thtodnrt Marlinr i ?. Thomas Darning nod ,ith'rs 'Phis i< an action under the new code, in the nature of an nr. tlpn of replevin to recover the possession ut twocoacho aid two sleighs They were sent to the defendant ! wftrk shop for repairs ; he detained them on the ground o waving a lien on thein for repairs and storage Ad jtmrned to to-morrow (this) morning United Stoles Commissioner's Befern < mnmlssloner Mutcalf. Mat l.? Diatlmrgtd. Aies-rs Alexander and Ncovrll Ctptaln and mate of the ship M It Ho.?ly, arrested or ^ftarate charges of cruel and unusual puuishuidnt or si 7 u?. /Zu thi. morning, thi Supreme Court?t.cneral Term. Pres? nt Justices Jones, Kilmund and ''.<1 wards. May 7 - Decisions in the following can eg argued at tlie last term of the court, were delivered: ? John J Hmjd and A'v tf.irar. t lliK-n- to-it-i*. ?beer e Ot assistant Vice Chancellor affirmed without costs, in taror of either party or against the other. Samuel irnotd and Olhert rs ChinlaH G thert an i Othrrt.?Decree of Vice < hanccllor reveraed except aa to one sixty-third part of the whole estate which is to be distributed as in ease of intestacy, among the next of kin of the testator an account to he t vken of such one sixty-third part of tlie estate an I the proceeds, upon which it is to ho charged before di tribution the costs of all the parties to this suit who have appeared and litigated The court then proceeded to hear motions Court of (Iyer ttiul Terminer. Before Judge Ilurlburt and Aldermen Fitzgerald and McKuiglit Mav 7. ?The court was opened, and immediately after adjourned to one o'clock, to-morrow Court Calendar for Tuesday. Circuit Court.?No- 0. 7. 15, 10. 17, IS. lit. 20. 21, 22, 23. 24. 25. 20. 27. Si rumor Court.?Nos. 7.0. 12, 11. 17. 21. 28 29, 302. 32. 33, 30 to 44. inclusive 40. 41 to 00, inclusive; 20, 07. OS. Common Pi.r.At, 1st part ?Nos. 17, 19. 23. 23, 27, 31, 33.35.37,39 . 2d part.?Nos. 20. 28, 30,32,34,30,38, 40. 42, 44, 40, 48, 60. 52. Naval Intelligence, The following are the uanies of the officers of the Court i\i art ml. convened at Norfolk on the 7t r inst., for the trial ot Commodore Oeo C. lteid and others ? Charles Morris, John Lowndes, Lawrence Kearney, Battle 1 Turuey. M.C.Perry. < harles 8 McCauley. Kit A F. I.avallette. Silas II. Striughutn. Isaac Mayo. Jas Armstrong, Sauiucl L. Breeze, French Forrest?Norfolk Herald. May 5. 1 lie I'. S. sloop of war Plymouth was at WMiainpoa on tile 20th of February. The U. 8 brig of war Dolphin was at Hong Kong, on the 20lh of February. Ti:xas?The New Orleans Picayune of the 2!hh ult , says:?The steamship Yacht arrived last eveI Iliuir from filll VPktnn nrnl fr? f'nnf Tltomnonn u-u indebted for paper* up to the day of nailing The steamship New Orleans. having on board Oen Worth ; and other iiffleers of the ariuy. arrived at Galveston on the 22d. The Civilian of the ddd say*:?' Accounts | trom the country represent that the late frost has j done considerable damage to the growing crops of corn , and cotton. In many cases the corn has been so much njured that the farmers are replanting. The tirst ; planting was unusually forward and promising, being ; waist high and jointed in many places. There is time : enough yet. with a good season, to plant and raise | crops; but the labor is greatly enhanced by the destruction of the early arops " MUSICAL. FORREST AND MACREADY ARE certninly eminent as Tragedians. JACOBS, of 35 Cliatlinni street, anil ISO Canal street, is equally eminent as the vender of Accordions, Violins, Flutes, and Musi* enl Instruments; also, Watches, Jewelry, and fancy goods. The following is u true copy of my sales, certified to by John Smith, und must bo believed:? Monday, April 23?Sold, 5,tXK),(KXl Accordions, 05,000 Violins, 300,1X10gold Breastpins, and 1 Jews' Harp. Tuesday?Sold, one gold Watch, one Flute, one Guitar, one Buugo, one Tambourine, and 309,900 Violin Strings. W educsdsy?Received an order from California for any quantity of Magnifying Glasses, for tho purpose of finding gold in larger quantities. Implicit reliance can lie placed en the above statements. Those who arc sceptical will please call and be oonviueed. Accordions tuned und repaired. On baud, a lot of Violins, supposed to be Cremonus; if so be. wherefore! why not! therefore! No connection with any other storos butSoChatham street, and 19U Canal street. my* It PIANOS FOR SAI.E AM) TO HIRE. AT 7 BARCLAY street, opposite the Astor House, from 8>a to 7 oetavee, to rosewood and mahogany eases. JAMES THOMPSON fc CO., mh27 ISt late Tallman It Randall. agkicvltvralt " for sale, A SMALL FARM, of fifteen acres, with comfortable house and out house, (more land may be had, if required,) well situated in tho town of Westport, Conn., near the New Vorlt and New Haven Railroad, one milu from the depot, nnd one mile from the sea-shere ; good roadsand other advantages in the vicinity J'rice $2,100 ; terms easy. Rent for the house, garden nnd out-house, to a good tenant, $01). Inquire of E. It. SHERWOOD, near the premises. myl 2t* TO FARMERS. MARKET GARDENERS, &c. PREPARED GUANO?KENTISH'S ORIGINAL AND only genuine, at 1 cent per lb.?Moreundoubted proof : ? ToC. A.Kentish.? Dear Sir?Tho prepured guano purchased from you, 1 understand, from the person who works my farm, thnt ft gave him more satisfaction than any other manure ha has ever used. It wns applied to corn, oats, and grass as a top dressing, with the greatest success. J AS. M. SMITII, Jr., Port Washington. N. J. For sale only by the original manufacturers, Kentish It Co., 40 Peck Slip, New York. myl 4t* TO FARMERS, MARKET GARDENERS, fcC., PREPARED GUANO?the Original, Pure, and Genuine? at One Cent per pound. Read the following oertiflcates:? From the gentlemanly proprietor of the Astor House, to C. A. Kentish:? " Dear Sib :?I used your prepared Guano with turnips. I notieed that the early part of the erop was entirely free from the Fly, and tho entire erop was eicellent. I have no hesitation, thereforp, in recommending it, as I feel (treat confidence in it. To farmers and gardeners I consider it indispensable. R- B. COLEMAN, " Astor Ilnnse, and Flatlands, L. I." "To C. A. Kentish, F.sq.:?Dear Sir?1 used the prepared Guano obtained from you, on oorn, potatoes, egg plants, tomatoes, Ac., and I found it the bast, cheapest, ana most aasily managed fertiliser with w hich I am acquainted. " E. WOOD, Shrewsbury. NT. J." Tor sale only hy KENTISH A CO., 40 reck Slip, New York. Agents w anted in all towns. A liberal commission allowed. aplO FANCY GOODS, &C. WM. NEUSTAEDTKR, IMPORTER AND MANUFACTCRER OF S ILK, O OLD JIN D SILVER STUFFS, FOR DRAPERY. CURTAINS AND FURNITURE, No. 409 Broadway, New York. GOLD. Silver, Silk Fringes, Chenellc, Laces, Braids, Cords and Tassels, Stars, Spangles, Bullion and Embroideries, for REGALIA, MILITARY AND THEATRICAL PURPOSES. Velvets for Regalias, in all colors, and a variety of other FANCY ARTICLES. my8-2t? Decorative art.?stained glass for public and Private Buildings, in all its varieties, at QIBRON'S Glass Staining Establishment; apzv 77 White street, NEW WORSTED AND FANCY TRIMMING STORE, 565 RROADWAY, NEW YORK. Mrs. alixe doubet, (late with f. m. peysf,r Kt Co.) begs leave to inform the Ladies of New York and vicinity, that she has opened a WORSTED AND FANCY TRIMMING STORE at the above place, and solicits their kind patronage. N. U.?Every description of Needlework and Braiding, also, DRAWING AND STAMPING PATTERNS, executed with neatness and despatch. New York, May 3, 1810. mySIt* J. GROSS GARELLY & CO., 00 Wit.liam Street. Ur Stairs. Manufacturer! and Importere of Fringes, t/impe, Corde and Taetele, tvmproidcring tlrnide, Uuttone Jor kadiee' Dreetet, HAVE jnst received a beautiful assortment of rttrasol, Dress, and Mantilla Fringes; the nowest and most fashionable styles of Buttons for Ladies' Dresses; China Fram nnd Organtine Silk ; London Dye; Patent Wound; all of which will be sold by the package, at the lowest market prices. rahffO-lSt* NOT GONE TO CALIFORNIA. ANAMH SIMILAR TO OURS HAVING APPEARED in a list of California passengers tome few weeks sines, has led many of oar friends to suppose that we had gone to the Pacifit coast. This is not the onse. We removed from No. 122 Fulton street on the rtrst ef February, and are now prepared with an assortment of Fishing Taokle at wholesale and retail, at No. 103 Fulton street. mh27 13t JOHN j. BROWN k 00. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS, JOBBERS, Sec. LAWRENCE. BROTHERS, No. 50 John street, ARE now receiving a fresh supply of Zephyr and Fleecy Wools, Perforated Boards, Stool Bends and Trimmings, 1 Purse Silks, and the latest styles of Galloons, Fringes, Gimps, nnd Buttons, which they offer at the vory lowest ratss. my 8 4t* LEVI CHAPMAN, No. 102 William street. New York, Manufacturer of the celebrated magic Bator Strop, of four sides; alto Posket Books, Wallets, I Spectacle and Bankers' Cases, in every variety, on the most eatsnsive scale. ( Medium sitae, from $18 to $ft) per gross. I Daguerreotype Cases < quarter, " " 30 " 84 * I (Half, " " 82 " 144 " Mats and Preservers of all kinds. | GEO. DABn\ > , , j mh!3 13t J AS. C'REHER, J Agents. BABY J I M I' K It . THE PATENT INFANT GYMNASIUM. USE IIAS PRODUCED A CWN v ICTION OF T1IK MErits of this novel Invention. Men: tliun Thirty Thousand ol thtm have been uiod withnnt the occurrence of a single ae- ! ident. The moet eminent Physicians dully rccotpmeud tliem for the healthful exsrclse of little ohildren. Every babjr ; ahnuld be provided with an article so conducive to its health and happineee. MERCHANTS VISITING THE CITY should not fail to pure hase a large suppl v of Baby Jumpers, for profit to themselves, and tha benefit of those customers so fortunate as to have a baby. Also. PATENT SWI fc<>S for Children of all ages, to be had wholesale and retail, at the established depot ol mh!fl> I3t* 0. tV. TUTT1.E, ;ill Broadway, New York. IIOTICI.S. & . HOTEL TELEGRAPH. T. D. JACKSON, At No Wit maw Stump, Nrw Yon*, Ma n u facte 11 EH his patent annunciator, or Hotel Telegraph. for the use of Hotels, Steamships, and private dwellings. He alvo respectfully boat to inform the Public, that he will exec ute all orders, and prosecute all iniiiiigomenta of his Patent, with despatch. Orders for machines, or for fittlug them up, may he addressed to tha undersigned. or to Thomas, 700 Broadway. a; 17 Ait* _ T. D. JACKSON. ODD FELLOWS' 11A LL, corner of ORAM') and centre streets. Brothers Perkins, okateiti. for tub very literal patroiiikgr already extended to them, and whioh 1 hasejeeeded their most sanguine anticipations, bog leave to I | say that their I PRIVATE SUPPER ROOMS I for the reception of ladies aerompanied by Csntlemaa, art | now, for the first time, soinplete. Tlioy are sontkdeut of their ability to p!en?e the most fastidious. gentlemen of competent esperienee and taste In fnah I matters having assured tliem that their taloon is nnt excelled i \ in I.rndon or Paris for roAvi viBvcr. for r*Tg*r, tor | i OOlOfOtSVSH ur USCOH ATION, , f. r the perfcelloii ol its ?;t; tsiiva, and for its pi.,nipt an I polite 1 attendance. Its I. ADDER, I has always every edibla of tha New York markets; and In addition, almost dally contributions of luxuries, by all the ! atramore, from the tropical regions and from Europe Their VAULTS AND STOKE ROOMS ' aro supplied with the choicest brands of i WINER, I I ft I Oil AND SEOAM, 1 | ssleeJed here ..r procured directly by importation and tholr ? ah.irgis will le feuod as reasonable el any ief.aarant of its sharnetw in this eity ?r else*hart. mV?f LIST OF LIVTKH5 KKMA'MNQ IN THE NEW YORE Pout Otlieti, May 5, l/v|y officially pi'hi.imiikt> ? riu paptk havh^ thi lak(.mt cimcvutho. l'Kaae mention the dare ?>t cr*<? List in whioh they are advertised LAP. Kb LIST. A Avtry Mrs W A AveriB War. .ret Adair Annndi AtklMMi hiwIlU Ai rill 8?tatan O Aviell Hifll AUrlc Made me Arnold Hannah C A i ken Mr?(ll\ray (l.ippti.urd ?t Andei* u Mury J Ann Sarah B Bute* Small lirownFrancisDoak Belcher .Wary liarton Harriet lio^in 1mdor Utrinish Kohecea A biDniMter Wary Br?>w ueMr?( Green- Uehan Marv Barnum," Ui L wichst But-uahan Mrs Bradshnw Mr* John Bogle\ Mary (Broadway Bnpgot kill pit Buzzard Hannah Be&len Ann Barnard Marion L Burnt* Mr.- (Mill- Boy on Catherine Harnett Margaret terry st Bonuer Isabella Blackmail Tlieba J Byrne Bridget llruck Bridget Baker Rebecca Bradley .Mn?? P lioi?*ou Madame lirovort Mrs Batman Mary Bo wen Sarah Jane Bennett Mrs(Sthst Baker Mrs John Blood Mi a (Green st Beer Man Hrunneu Bridget Hnlthsfer Mrs Bill Eineliue E Bailey Elita J ( Puauo at Begcs Margaret?- Harnett Margaret llorows Miss C H Berlin Clara Bradley Harriet liurk Mrs Edmund Booth Maria I. Bui linger Eliza I* Burn?* Mary Ann Bohn Maria Blaxham AmandaO Burns Julia?2 Brown Maria Benlou Susuu A Bryan Phebe M Brow n Mrs F 11 C Carip Martha G Cooke Mary Catchoart Ellen Calhoun Virginia Crockett Susan Clark Augusta Cuin Naucy Corcoran Hoiiora Castles Eliza Campbell Elizabeth Corran Mary Cleary Mary ( aseudy Rachael Coghlin Catherine Currie Catherine Chase Ann T Cook h'arah Clear Margaret CniponttrCatberine Corodtn Margaret Clmainan Julia ( Mdm Julia Cox Funny Colt Mafia D i uuirliell Catherine Crygier llnunah Coaklin Bra G B ( arolaa May CviiVm Bridget Coegvovo Bridget Crane Mia* E Cullman .Mrs Coonan Ann Charuurd Francis (Broadway Conroy Mary Cargill Mth David Clarke Margaret Conner *arah Casey Mali ml u Clurkson Julia Collins Anne Campbell Elizabeth Clarke Maria Collins Caroline Carter Ann F Clark Mary R Coragan Bridget Clark Eli/a Callary Mary Cooley Mrs (otli Crcnhen Mary Clarke Mary avenuo Cleveland Mrs G M Carcpll Elizabeth Cox Sarah Cliudenn Eliza Caldwell Catherine Connet Madam ChHstopber Mis# II (Dnsitii Kuphemiu Clark Josephine Cuolunan Miss Coyilie Surah Clarke Anne Clune Mary Cooke MrsG Garrison Sarah Colyer Harriet Cont'll Martha Ann Carpenter Esther Cavanagh Bridget m Davies Mrs llenry LDooley Misa (Mott Dewey Mary E Davy Ann C street) Deforest Sarah Daly Sibina Dunn Ellen T Deunv Robecea Davis Jane Eliza Pwyer Mary Diekinson Cornelia j Danby Eliza Davison Mary A Donaboe Catharine | Daley Margaret Davis Mary W Douaghoe Mrs (11th Daly Maria F Dannils Mary street) Dennis Miss E Dale Esther Dooley Mary Dclunev Margaret Davy Mrs John P Doherty llonora Dtaue Mary Davies Mrs ( Rutgers Dooley Mary Dimon Bridget street) Drunn Bridget Dowling Ellen Daley Margaret Dunnlevey Elizabeth D'OrgemontMadamc Downey Ellen Bowling Catherine Dupos Mary ?1 Elleot Emma Emeron Miss(Leon-Elliot Martha Ellison Mrs Richard ard street) Easiun Mrs l> Egun Mary England Jauu Evana Anna Edward Mrs Lyman Earlu Margaret Ellis Mary Eliza Edgson Elizabeth?2 F Flanders Alvira FltzsimmousRo- Fagan Ellin Farrell Bridget senna Feeney Mrs A Farrell Ellen Fields Eliza Fisher Catharine Fanning Mra (17th Ernst Mrs John Field E'ranees A street) Flyun Mariunhouisa Fitzpatrlck Mary Fenuell Catharine E'agan Ann E'itzaimmons Ann Fenaghty Bridget Fanuke Mrs (11th Finck Mary Floodey Bridget avenue) Forlghy Ann Kite-h Mrs S A Farrell Bridget Fair Mary Elizabeth FitzpatrickKoseann ^ Gibson Mrs (Pearl Cough Ellen Gregory Mrs street) Gruloony Mrs Peter (.conge Julia Graham Gertrud jr Gunning Mrs (8d Gibs Ann Culla Barbara avenue) Gill Mre( Madisonst) Gurvev Mary Jane Grillin Mrs (West Oris wold Laura MB Gamble Sarah Broadway) Gough Susan Grub Johannes Gallrey Ellen Gunu Mrs Gerhunn Annjr Gay Mrs Amos W Gulam Jvhannah Griffith Ann Gage Mary P Guard Mrs ( William Gill Rose Gray Mary street) Goulding Mary Ilai kett Sarah M Hiekev Mary Harrington Judy Harris Sarah Horn Hannah TI Hew ard Mrs Thomas llalbut Sophia Ilorue Mrs(l*eurl st llosbeth Amelia Haagood Mrs A II Ilorgan Catherine lluss Mary E Hart Fanny Hatchings Ellen Uiggins Mary Hayes Mrs (Wash- Iluggins Mary J llill Mrs Benjamin iugton st Hurt Ellen 11 oveil Ellen Henry Catherine llemersly Mrs E C Hoyt Lucina Henderson Isabella Hamilton Margaret Hopkins Eliza Uendrickson Eliza- Ilart Ellen Huntley Lucy beth Iluskins Mrs G llurlbut Maria HiggiusMiss(Woos-Haberty Maria llughes Bridget ster st Hart Mrs (Walker Uyland Catherine Uiun Margaret at ^ Irvine Mrs Edward I Jackson Julia A Jordan Rose Jones Ilanuah Johnston Eliza A Judson 1'bebe Jones Sarah Jones Sarah A?2 Jacob Anna Jackson Margaret K Kranich I.ieste Keenan Peggy Kionln Anne KeinAllcn Koncs Louisa U Keating Miss (WooKeane llonora Rating Sarah aterst Kerrigan Melinda Kelly llonora Kirk by Lucy Kelly Mrs Michael Kiogh Susan Kenedy Margaret Kerr Mary Is Lansing Cornelia Llovd Mary Loiter Mornovs A. Lauttuan Mri A l.ockard Mary l.oahy Margaret Laming Mra Jacob Lunell Mary J Loide Mill Mely Laugshuw Bridget Lynch Mary Lathron Mri l.athrop Mary Vr Landcl Mra F Luzier Caroline Leo Maria Lantz Sophia Eliza- Loun Elizabeth Lcddy Mary bcth Lndlow Arabella LivingstonMargarct Langdon Mnry Lyon Henrietta Larhon Elizabeth Larken Elizabeth Lynch Catherine Lloy d Mrs Jurnca O (tilh avenue Lally Elizabeth M Mallnnei Mri Rlchd Moor* Anne Metzgar Phebe Mactin Ann Monugan Ellen Merrit Sarah M Maguirc Mrs Law- Morgan Mary Ann Melville Mrs Geo rence Morrison Miss (B'd-Mingaa Eliza A Manne Madame way Morgan Mrs S A Ma?oire Mrs James Mon "Barbara Morrison Mrs H II Mathers Eligia P Murray Mary Moffat Elisa Maxwell Barbara Murphy llonora Moore Elisabeth Maher Ellen Mullen Bridget Moldenhaner Mrs Mulvany Catherine Murray Roiina John Mallain Hannah Mason Mary Morrison Mary C Meeks Rebeeca E Martin Mia* E A Monaghan Bridget Merrick Catherine Mall Ann Eliza Moran Mrs M L Meniere Mary Mabie Mrs (Hiving- Moore Ellen Mills Kate tonst Murphy Mary Anne Moore Louisa Maguire Mary Munn Mrs (Howard Morrill Helen M Mai ray Sarah it Moulton LconiceMS Mathews Catherine Murphy Bridget Morris Mary Ann Mayers Mrs B Murphy Mrs ( HudMontgomcry Jemi- Main Amelia son st ma Mangin Mary Murphy Ellen Me McAllister Mrs A McKay Johann McDonald Anno MoSteer Mrs John McMannua Hannah McDerinotte Ellen McCabc Elisnheth McMannus Cathe- McEweuy Aney McCantuey Mra riue McUarvy Bridget ( B arren et McMordie Isabella McUoughe Margaret McCarty Susan McNamoe Allico Melntyro Jane McDermott Ellen Quinlivun Margaret McLine Mary McDonnell Cathe- McAvoy Margaret McMeu Mrs( Bloeckrine , MeBride Mary er st McEvoy Mary MeCullough Mrs MeMahon Bridget McCoy Mrs A Elizabeth st McNulty Elizabeth!! McGulreMrs (.Id S7 McCoruiick Ann Mcljuaid Bridget McGuire Margaret N Nevin Mary Niools Bridget Nolan Mrs B Neff Josephine Nuble Miss )LibertyNenl Bridget Nast Madame st Nolan Margaret Nexson Ellen Ncwcomb Mrs R O O'Brien Mrs( Elisa-O'Cannell MrsJohn O'Brien Catherine beth street) O'UaraMrs (Elm ito'licgun Johanna F Pattin Mary Ann Pendergrast Marga-Paige Louisa IV Page Jane rot l"eurcc Eliza Jane Palmer Mrs N Pill Mrs (Pitt st l'ettersun Mary Parker Mary Power Bridget Prior Hannah B?2 Pctric Ann Eliza Pyndron Sarah R Polack Eliza Palmer Phebe l'tirvin Sarah l'ollard Mrs ffm R Rae Mrs Rooney Anne Richards Sarah CII Reilly Clara Rossom Hester Ring Eliza Reynolds Anne Ruso Ann Riley Catharine Recsllunnah Kcmvilles Mary Robertson Mra L Reed Ilctty lleagun llonur?2 Robertson Mra A Richardson Sarah A Reilly Mary Rork Catharine Riley Rose Roddy Mary Ross Emily Robinson Cntha- Kcdfem Mrs (21st Runyer Madame rine P street) Russell Mrs Hose A Robson Henrietta S Sanderson Eliza- Slnat Elizabeth Sehenhcrg Emilio beth S Stocklein Karoline Stern Henrietta Rlnttery Eliza Soden Aun M Sweeney Sarah Shanlv Ann Sullivan Norah Simmons Mrs IVm Shaw MrsAlcxander Sutton Bridget Smith Margaret talM Slaght Mrs (18th st) Sullivan Mary Smith Bridget Sedgwick Margaret Stnart Sophia Smith Sarnli Soxton Cornelia W Smyth Mary Stoddard Mary J SwecncyMrs(.'id ave)Schaeffer Catharino Sorwds Kate Stewart Catharine Standish Louisa Strong Miss M Segersnn Anastatia Shaw Mrs Joseph S Snredor Harriet Speck Martha Stafford Ellen Snllivan Julia Seely llorinda Searbett Margaret SullivuuCittharinc-2 Smith Elisa Steward Mary L Sullivan Margeret Smith Koscana Shelton Jano Shute Sarah Smith Ann Searing Mary A Smyth Ann Smith Elisnheth T Tarin Madame Thomson Margaret Treves Mrs (Char111 Tumor an Catharine Thomas Esther J str,et Tavlor Mrs (Bur- Thorhnrn Mill An- Tiidaln Mra M A clny street ny M Townsend Mrs Tahuke Mrs (31th Trieste Ann (Ucekman street) street Tyson Miss M J Toriena Jsne Tenky Mrs Tavlnr Miss C I, Thomas Margaret Toland Mrs (liata- Tnyler Mary Ann Turklngtou Elitavia street Trexlcr ElizA Jano beth Thompson Mary TryonJano V Van SehornhoTen Vanyhn Mrs (I.ud- Van Deusen CathaCornelius low street rino Van Cott Bridget Varily llonora Vance Miss M J W Wait Mary White Elisabeth Walker Elizabeth Ward Mrs (7th St) Wilson Mrs A II Weymnn .Sarah Walker Matilda Whitney llose Wells Mrs K Whay Mrs Charles Whelan Mary Williams Mrs W II WashnmrcJerushaS Woodward l.i-titia Wilson Elizabeth Wall.tir Anna Wans Catharine?2 Williams Mrs T Wallace Jane Walrh Ellen Whitten Jane Wengert Louisa Walker Matilda White Amelia West Julia A Wangners I.oise Williams Miss( WalWright Jane B P Wallace Mary ker street W illiams Anne Watson Mies (Do- Whiting Mrs Asa Wilson Mrs John minick^troet WorthliigtonRoxana Young Mrs (Monroe street. z Zabriskie Maria GENTLEMEN'S LIST. A Abercromlde Rbt Adams Wm I'ranoisAbrams Ik Johnson Adams Simeon Adams Daniel Adams lienj 8 Adams J ease E Alleles William Aaron Jacob Aid,ot Mr AdamlJamos Achenhach Jacob Adatna, Hopkins & Alum William Addison Mr Co Allan Thomas Alien Samuel AI Hard Joseph Allen G Allin Thomas Allen Julian Aljec James Allen Jacob AllurtisCW Amend Bernard Alexander Jamas Alroek Arthur Allen J O Akritl John O'Neill Alden Alex T Alley Ephraim Allen M K Allen Horatio N Allen I* AmesSamlT Ames Peter Allen II All iuna Thomas M Allaire Thos II Allen William Allen Kobcrt Alexander Chas Angnvoma Caleb Aim John Arel.ergrr Moritz Ashhcnrd Mr Axtell Silas Arttinr Johinet Ik Atwood William A i yuatus Peter Co Andrews Chas II Ajres S II Austin Ellis Jl AssonTbosC Auyannon John Andrew* bedrango Austin <i?org? Andiews Day K Andarson fc Manlay Armitage He* Mr Atterbrny Rot.t H Armstrong Dr Spen- I Ayres Wllllsra II At*ell W m C-3 cer It | Asl mesd Oustv S ArtnuiJ Auynename Mon Aylngg Benj John It Pat en. 1 Mr BnVmrk W R llaeh M I RIsek John Ha. on S J UrndJ-y Henry Hrnev Charles Bacon W m W llrady Edward ] Bra.isbnn tail n*>??.k 11 II H'a okiazoa t'apt Bradley Ilcnry Brangan Nicholas Alexander Baltimore Win G Brunderet Mr Baker W Daman Daniel Baldwin Colin llailey James 8 Baker David Baldwin Henry B rani an Terence Bratihon M S Blatick Aaron' I* Bailev George A Baker Henry Cor- Baldwin Win 1* Bramble George J . nvliua Blakey Dr Doling A Bailey William Bullard O M Hransfrom Eric Barnes E B? 2 Bi.rion B N?2 Barry Gurrit Barber Hubert Dart It 11 E Barkman J W Bartholomew IV II Bartiam Coley Barker Orren Bartlc i J aeph A Banous Jauiea Barnaiiale John Barton William II I BarrSS Barney Simeon W Harriott* Thomas Darnutii E L Bartholomew Barker B liyrou Burbb S Kiehb Chauncey A llauer Morit* Butt a David RayliSsJatnes Baurngartel Gustav Bit'/in Monsieur Bussctt Zeuns Briissol A II Bayden II in 11 Duxter John C Baaaett Luko Baichelder Elijah Datcheldcr Joel lleueu Andrew liuuwy A E.uiber Becker Charles Beadel Her EliniH-2 Becker Clinton Beln A Beach llarman. Beaudon Monsieur Iter by t'apt Lem'l H Beers Isaac 8 Bemoan it Bros Berk with IV ilinrd I Bergsteiu Lewis BeckwithJB Bennett 11 Benuroll T Deri tiger George lllydonburgh Jerh Byrne Mark F Brew Mu had W Benney It Bergiuaim Theo Herrmann JubnDie-Boonoeh J II Bet* John dnch Benjamin D A Berkle George Beniau Jacob Berno Henry Bertola Beter Brewster Capt Goo Breuer John Brennan Bstt Bennett Henry t Hunt John Beunttl Jr Abol Jauiea (' Bergen D II Bennett James Bergen Sl Co Bright Johu J Beats Frederick Briggs D C Bring Charles Briggs Capt Jesse Brick Joseph K Bit Island Tom as II?2 Bristol's .Sarsapnril-Bi.sstdl J W Birtns Joseph la llirge Delos L Bliss Col John Bliss Nesiah Biriln.ilI Thomas Bliss William II Bixby Daniel liiurde Jhuly BloeinersJun Bogert William J lirockott lliratn W ?u*uruiis .1 sines liurlllll .lollll t: li.M'K I.II! liruckf & Fuller Hodman Jr l.uthcr Bode William Boos Jacob II.,land Mi. haul llohan Patrick Brook* Jeremiah Brimcr I. It Blondeuu Juan BolusChoilea D It,.land Juuiui llootii C ?S Brown Robert Buardmiiii 6c Ben- lln.vd George Boyle Daniel nelt?2 Brown Ik Co Wm Bowers Agustus ltoaton Wm Boyd Robert

Boyle F.dward K Buyer J Bovoe .luinea Box ftlr Brown I)atid Blundell J D Brown JrCapt The Brought,m llenry S Brown Urier Boiinguiu \\ in Biiyntun Willium Brown Capt Bnmgaril Joseph Brown Anthony llrownliall II B Brown Rev (In n Bowman Goo Boutwell Oliver W Brown Cliaa W Brown L Brown I' Brown. Clark k Co Bourkr Patrick Brown Win I' Boyle C'harlea Boynton Charles Brown Turner Bronllet Mona'r Brow n Tranoia G llrow n R Co S II Bow ker Herman Bow ditch Goo II lloyiiton Capt AlonBoyTca Alexander llnstwick Isaaic S zo C Bowyrr W T Boyle Noil lliul Dr Bucket Edward Bruce* B in Burelet A Buck A B Buekitighsin John Bueliein Dr Burrkhardt Ed Ituekley John S Budlong Jenlts Buckley W Bull Aaron (> Blunt. Box iiiuker Butler Thomas Blunt R Smith Buriiham C Buxton Capt lien Butler N W Burroughs Silas M Butlar Edmund Butler James II Btinioll Guorge Burgesser Geo Illuming Nicholas Buasey Manuel P Buriiell Gab n Ketnhol Biiriiliam R Butler Kuikt Chax I. G Burke Kev Joseph lluali Richard 1' Burr R Brother Burton John Bunuo Nathaniel R Burkett CuptWm-2 Brush W E?2 Burger Lorenzo D B it 11 ta n l.ntlirop Bush Nathaniel D Butler Francis F Burdirk Wui II Burns J Bryeut E.lwaid Byrne Edward Bryant E D Byrne John Ulydenburgh W F BrlggsCupt Byrne John C Calhoun Geo W Camplln John Clinch Christniu II Campbell w D < i t . Kobt OemamU Alex Cullary Jas Cnuuugs Jolia Culder l'eter Cain Maurice Caldwell llry Calahen Michael Camillo Monsipur Chamberlaiu Wm Champion A L I'huid Klisha E Canticld G Cappcry Mr Cahill Dennis Cantteld Hull son C Ciainl.lilt Chadwick Samuel Clicrovay E B Cuffi Signor Angels Campboll Thos Campbell .Inn A Cuuiblas Cbas R Co Cliaill Jas Chapman W G Mrss j Cstnau Win Cullaghtiu l'att Chatter Cyrus Craig Newton Capt Cadiguan .Monsieur Cad well W E Chandler Abel Cassel Joseph Carney Patk Conncurr Mr (Mott Cnsson Joseph Clarke John st) Carrigan Teranco Carter Shayler Ik , Carey Jeremiah E CarstangJa* Co Castetto It Co K Clark Capt Joseph Clark John E F Case Rev Albert Cnrnct Monsieur Capper T C C'lapp It Co Mrss?2 Carroll John t'arstile II CarruthersA Carr Peter Chapman Jno B Clark lion GF Chapman Rev D Carter Colbert Cassel bury Relid Carney Mr Carter W Frank CrapserJuo Clark Isaac G Chase Irah Carey John Cartwrfght A J Jr Clark D It Clarke D B Carlos Jas Carall Barney > Carpenter Ellslia Clark Smyth t'assidy Michael , Clark It Co Mrse Clarke H S Curmiohael Geo S Carroll Wm 11 Carnation Ik Co M Clark II i Carcton 1. A K--2 Carroll Thos . ClappSamlE Clark Jas F Cassine Edwil , Carpenter Nathan Chase David D t ails J , Casey Thos Clare J S Clark 11P J Crawford Robt Cave .Inn Caverly Andw . Crawford Jas Cassiua Edw Cathorwood It Co II J Clay llry T Catoa David A CleevaJas , Clark Jno Chapele Clienvr Cleveland E 3 Creed Jno Crenarc Horace C Cheeney Mr Clemson Monsieur Clements James Cleary Jno ClelnndJasM Creasy Capt J P Christie Thos D Creveling Dr Chavalier Guatave Chllds Kdwrd Callow IT W Crofts Thos Crippen John T Clifford Tracy Cribe Armand Connor Thus CraistiaGeoorSaml Concly Jno Concngs Uenj Coleman Patk Collar Chas A Conway E 11 D Congen A (Pine It) fennel Jno Coles Albert Connor John C Cobb Zeuns Crolius Edwd CoIIiiiiis Jacob Cobb Dr Conway C J Connut John Connor John Colo Jas?2 Conlon l'utk Coleman Wm Coors Simeon Colt John O Comer Edwd Coachman Jno C?2 Constork IkCo W II Colyer Abraham Colden Thos Coles Wm W Cohen Jacob Conger Clinton W Collins Patk Connor Mr (Allen Colby Janes Croniu Jno street) Croco Ralph V M Conlin Lawrence Converse C Conroy James Compton Wm Collins Win Coffin Geo II Cotnnt Ebern II Coggcrshall llry II Cnbh K Colton C Comstock Jno D Cone P II Collins Capt Geo C Collins Jno M Conoery Hry Cobb Ambrose Cobb Joaias M Coenea F II Capt D Connor Jas D Coombs Captain HiCorncy Michael Colwell Edwin B ram Cooper Gen John Cooper Jas Cross M Ik Co Taylor Coronin Dennis Cook Chas T Corkadell Rirhd Crokor Edwd Cook KC Cooper Capt 8 Cook Lt Edward Crossmati T D CortorJas Cook John Dr?2 Cook Jus Crosby Jas S Corbin B Crosby J N Coughtry Jus Covert Jacob F ConsensRoht Crow Jno Cowan Jail* Conon Joseph Cox Wm A Crotty M Cotter John B Cowdey Geo B Cnttorell N CowTeS Jumiee A Cottrifl Malilun Crowes J J Corel Jus II fovell D W Courting Wua front David Conry Thos formica Jas CruinmerJuo C'nllen Francis Crumby Jno Cunningham Riehd Cuminings Wm Cunningham Jas Curtiss Chas Curtis Calvin Curtis Mr (Hester Currv Mnurien Culver Joshua streetk Cumin Win Curtis Thou II?2 Curtis lisnlB Crittenden D II Crummel Chas A Church Sarnl Cummings Chas Churchilt Chas B CrippenJaoT D De Wolfe ThosR DaSilveira J G Dcmorest John Desrocbes Joseph Deuison Francis Devoe Saml PoMontaguc Am- Dreselver K W Desgrange Mobs treso l>e Mocomble Al- Dri?! Joseph U Dillon James or fred D.1"0" ^jj5S,w Charles Dickson John Difcfian I at k Dick. it Anthony Dickson J II J?illon J'ltnes DitllerJ Dixon Dr Dixon Samuel Dinnen James Doyle James Itoharty r Dole Joseph Dobbin Justus L Dobbin Rich d Doane J B Dobghull Joseph Dolam John Dotey Lewis R Doty E Doyle John P Doyle Patrick DonlonJohn Downey Thos ^ Dow.l John Doux Mons-2 Dowling Christopliar Donaldson John Doolcy J.din Dorklndorff Douglass Fred'k Donovan Thos Dow 1I"r?V/V e x? Donlly Joseph DowdongJohn ?onteolc;rltobtH Debar Theodore DonnellK J Dojiglass W m M Donnvnn Mich'l Duterlev John Di*ly !Mich * p Daily Edw Davoy George W Darling ? Duglin Daniel II Davics John nJ i.?fJ Kobe Darling San.l E Davidson Jol.n E Davis Dr Robt Davis F W Dawson Phillip Day Mm It Danhy Daniel Davey Cbas Day rh?<s Davis Geo W Davis James Davis K Draper Capt Albert l>?vis ?'m W Daniels Lei and p.vjdovu James l)uina? Sam 1 Davidson J 1> Davey Andrew J Davey Capt Sim- * * , Decarso Jules eon Decker Moses J Dealy Wm Dean John Dean B F DeCoin K L DeCastro Jaze D?ely Danl Dean F. Tisdale DeLong B Dc Lamp Henry Deike Herrmann DeBrick Mons Dietz M DegrauwTheo A DellaanJ Dellart Ilenry DeHi Montagnle DekerCarl DeWitt Henry John Dernback Ma- Denany Thos Dcsmongc Timothy thais Dens Hons Dennv Thos Deminick Captain Dresser Cyrus 8 Dunning k Nelson R II Dusenapn G?o Hurling Wm Dugan Phillip A DnnnJolin-2 Duyer James Dudley Albert Dwyer Edmond Durxer Jr. Jacob Ilupuz Cliarles Duryee VV U Dudley Capt John Duryea S I. IJutfey Ebexxczer Duofoe Capt Ray- Dyar Harrison Durant Clark mond Gray DonneU Capt Saml Dunlap Charles n Ilunlap John II T Dudley O D Duleu Den lies B Edwards Ahram F.arl Wm Eagan John Ebbeta John J Edmond Robt W Ka'on Chas 1^-4 Ellen Thomas Ely A H?i Eldred St Sowell Edwards Jno Ebert Monsieur Messrs _ . . Ed wards Thomas 0 F.gncr Phillip E<lwd Enston Frederick Easton James Eldr dge Joseph Eaton Jno II Elmendorr Niehls Eborlinrt '"'J Eager U Ksv'd Easton Samson M Edwards A U Edwards I'roffJP Eaton J II P Earl John Evans M m Ester Jas B Easter I J""1* . Eppetine Ilenry Enipie George II Emory, Stetson ? Evans Csrt-2 Estfing M m Co Engersol Cent Eushinc A English Patk N Evens Edw'd Ervin* Samuel Evans G O EnnisStephen Emerson CaptJnoB Easterbrook Jno H F.stcs All jp, FaeanJas FrazierJno Farley Jas Eraser M Moore Flanigan Dennis **rn" f F[andraw.( ha. E F.n.haw Jno _ f ..v FayJoaiali Fulconnior Frnncie Fanehnwe Henry A Feenay Michl Felton M 8 Freyem J II FeakinaSaml X Feltham lhlward Frotgl I. Frediek J M Fehr Jacob Flotclior C Feala Dnnl Frectnun Saml 3 Fleming Jo* J Ferroir Alex French J Ferguson -fa* M Feyter Mono Joa Fcrrin Chaa D Flellea I>oetor Fnnk Stephen Friacea Carl l'lemin Datid Flnck Theodore Fitipatrick Jno Flnnie Rulit Fitigcrahl Jamea Fitzliurria .Inn Finigim Hut Fiut A Fitzyinnna Plilp Fnii Mr ((boat Fitipatrick Jno Feslier Ik Marm n builder Firman Gen A Meter* Finn Jamea Frtnk Stephen Fiaher Henry Fitrpatrick Oliaa Fflahee Thenphilua Fltzgibbon .lame* Fink Frederick Finnegan Henry Fittgorald Jno Front Mr FrinkJno Folwell C'haa (Orchardatrect) Foatcr Hen) S Fowlur k Co Meaara Ford Geo II Fountain E J Flood Edwd Footer F E Foy Putt Footer Thorn aa Foater Atwell FountainThomoa Floyd Robt T Footer D II, MD Ford J K ? !l Froat Isaac Froat Seliin Forayth Jno A Foaa H'm Froat Jno FootMathew Forthay S W Footer J Froat B F Fortar David J Foy Patk Froat k Sunrd F'orce (.' II it Co Fuller KM Force 8 L Flynn MIcM FruacrJno Fuller I.uther X Flynn Jno FlyeGao Fury Coral* I'arrell Patk U GaffnevJR Grave Hubert Gaff** John Oarran John O Gallagher John Graf Mr-( tilth at) Holding Adam Grahn l< Qaekill Chaa C Gale Anthony GrafortJohn Gramiuaa F A Garat Hat id IV Garliek John Thui Grango IVrn Glaefnrd II F. Grant Clint Havid (1 race I on Ilarrii Gallngher J II Gamhel Thoa Garrey Robert Gardner Henry I. Gray t'n Grave* W W Greer Jamea Green Jnaeph Gregory Saml-2 Green Michl Gegner John Green John Green* Jamea W-'J Green John II Greeley F I. Oraen Jamea Greene ('apt Gen Green M m H GleeacnMm (IregorllnahM Green Griffin Green Jonathan (lenahaw M m F George Edw Gehpv Jolin Glendining John Goer D tf German M Glenan Daniel Geaaela Gerhard Gnffln George C GrtfoaJohn Gilderaleere I) Gilmer John Gilpatrtck laalali Gill Mr (Courtland Gilbert l.uciua L Grigua Jamea M atreet) Glbaon Hubert Orinord l,awr'ee-2 Oiffnn I. Griffith Hugh Gihha Jacob II Griffon C II Griffith ( apt OlhhaGC Gilbert John Griffith k I.arren Giddinga F.dw A Gilford laaac Meaera Griffin Chaa Gilbert t'haa T Gilmore John Maa- Gile* Edw GllderaloeveCaleb D ter Oilman Dudley Oilhert lliram Gilbert I, Gllehriat David Given Thoa T Griffin Michl Giraud Dr Augua- Griaward J P Giruud Criatafe ttia Gooti Mona Loula Criewold Jamea T Glinneti Michl Grot* II < Gt/dard K (. Glocokler if m Gordon Geo W , Geodrfch U W Gordon F A Goodman Peter Gonzales Theo Gorman M m Go?s A P Gorr Alfonzo GouhUinilh Theo Graff John It Gordon, proprietor Good hall Goo Gross Israel of palatini; End of Golmar Simeon Glover Thos A li e World Gunldiug Saml Glover Thos Goodrich Wm Si Co Gorman Gallagher Guard Edward Glynn John Gordon Thoi Guttridae K (' Gurney Rich'd Gutlier G Guiuu I' A Gray Joteph Giineenliuaver T II Gnnn A Collins Guinhi- Im Finn- Hons Gueriu Eieuan Hons co lliohy GuinonMick II llandley Robert Hanasy Kiernan Ifannon John liuanii James llaudleii Daniel II iunehar ii Co Hall David Halpiu Cant Hall II F Ualluck John II HambergC llabrorson llalsor Hall W illiam IIalley m Welli Hall laaae S Hall Perry W llall f.eandei llalstesd & Chamllall Samuel?'J Hamlin l?r T II hrrlain IInmner Rer T I, 2 Hart Is-vi Hsnlev Jsrnos Mallet llenj F Harper Edward llall Nathan II llalateud Dr Harris W llartmann Ernst H llaii'tie Jamea llarkort G Marker Thomas Harris A Nicholas llaahrook l> II Harlow Edwin Ilaskin l>iu id llasliuirdin Jaa llartinuth Max Darker Nl u.) J I. I las a ell lleury U llariing F Harris Thus R Harris J as It llama Rev- Joseph Hart Cant W Harris W illiam llart Murk llnrknright Edwardllart Robert S Harris Thomas Harden W II ay den J F llart Felix llitse William Hatch T I* Harris Alferd Hard Dr Harlow llawes Henry V Hasbrotiek T I, Hazlediiio Tlios llaight K K llazen Edward lliitlitiwae R E Ileinisoh R Hawkins Joseph J Hayes John Heller J llawes J.oinau JC Ilegenl'eldt Thlcs J Ileekwolf Ferdi lloaley John Mealy David Heck Jacob llealey Edward ilcbhnrd Gilbert C llcinricb P A Ileal) J Heath W E Henderson John Heinle Daniel Morres John lleron Georao Heath WllliamUen Henderson William llcudry Kich ry llcrbcr Jotm Herbert Johann llenisty Thomas llerron Thos W Henry Mark Henrv James Hergle Charles Hess Chss Heud'ry Robert llembergrr Frani Henning II MT Hernandez J,no Mallenry James Henderson John ria Otero Ileynitiuinn ( diaries How son l'eter Ilenry l.t J W Higgin Hamilton Mill Carl Merrfc Harlan lliggina A U llieuau James Ilerrick S II lliglubolhaiu Tlios Millard lleorge 8 llickox (.1 (1?2 11 Hill Capt J II llildreth F W Iliggine Michael liu-key I'atrick Hider Artliur Jamas II iggins W kt Co Higher JJ 11iirizioh I'atrick Uirrich J C llildreth Fred llill J 0 Hinds Joseph Hinsdale K II lliggius Foster Hobba 11II llogau John llindmarch Capt 11 oil ist .r\V lilting II II of F Tboiuaa lliy.lo James llodge Clias II Iloellinger John IIornstnfiT Mr llodge* A C Hoffman John Hopkins f.noa Horn James lleorge Houghton David D IIopkiiih Rev J C Uollingsworth Salloward Henry 11 lloseu Isaac F lt-2 muol Howard Norman lloyt Charles Tlookwr E F Houghton J Clark- Ilovey Eber D lloaLina Jainea ?uu ? ' Hovoy J A?.1 Hoiisinan John II j Iluinprh Norman P IIntuliesonAbraham llorey II II Hudson J Trumboll Hubbola Wilson Howoa /ohath I Hunter Joseph Hall Ueorge 1? 11 ughcs Jainea Hyde Henry Huntress Edmund Hunt Arthur Hunt Henry I. Hughes William lludgln Walter Hutching* IVilliam llurd Aaahel llydo F Dana I Hull William Hull William W Hungcrford Payette * lluhard William P lludnon llcnry N Hunt William llall John 11 otcliiuBonEuvvurd lluntoon II M Halo FranklinL t; Hutchinson John ' Ilaas Hauiol Hngemunn Carl lluntoon Charles I Hull Capt Kdwin lluuiphroy Calvin R I Ingham Jonnt'n I Vinson Itobcrt Indig Edward Irviun Mr Irvin Johu lngorsoll William I Irvine W Isaacson K Irving llaniul J Jackson David T Jackson Alir Jahne Arthur it Co i Jncklnnd 8 Jacobs Exhort C Jackson Elias| i Jackson J as Jackson W J Jacobus Ik llcnedict i Jacob! Mr Jackson J U James II It James llrnry Janson C 11 it Co Jarvis llcnrv James it Mnxwell-2Jefferys (Icorge Jennys J LR' Jenkins Solored Jenkins K Jennings Patrick J tuning Patrick Jennings Jas R Jossup W J Johnson William Johnson Geo Jeuks W I' Johnson Enoch Johnson Hcnryl Johnson Robert Johnson llirnm Johnson Charles Johuson Munson J Jocqucmin M'w Joly Adolpho Jonson James II Jones Thomas J Jones Frodoriok? 2 Julieus Adolph?2 fones Lewis J Jonson William Jones William Jones Robert Jones Willinin Jubn Michael Tones Robert 11 Jurden Samuel S Jones David 8 loneaDrAS Jonathan Jules Jones F j lKC?tJli j Iv j Iain Peter Kaak W Kayner Rot Meg's } lay l'att Kaufman S Kaskia Joseph Cnapp Rev II E Knapp liernhard Kellogg H 8?2 1 lellog A Kcaskin Philip Kearney l'att S CellyJohn Keller Paul Kelloy Frodoriok f teeth Daniel KecloyJohn II Kearney Thomas t feeling Johu A Kendry Joseph M KerwinJ s Cenney James Kenedy Thomas Keen C W, cash'r S (eyes Edward Karnduesrge Kenudy Mathew ? tcssir Conrad Kenny Thouias Korioher Mons J tcyholer F.dwd Kempton Wtu R Keen Alfred i Kennedy Alexr Kent Ralph! Kiernnn Thomas < Kiery M Kihber James H Knight 11 M < King Michael Kinua Patrick Kirk James, jun I Kirby William Kirk William King Frederick II I Kincelen Daniel KirkwoodJno King Capt Win Kimball Rob'tD King Charles Klppjobn J KirkOlenaa Kimball Capt (J Kingsley (Icorge Kirkhain llcnry King I> C Kincald Ahram, Kingsley John Kinney Isaac II Kiusey Reynolds K King J It Kontz Htujnmin Koublaeh Cbas Kuncnbly F Rut-nickcr Merits Kugler W Kuber llargarsth la Ladorvrze J B G Loorais Jerein'h It I.ugmann Mr Latimer James Co Lush Sylvester Lambert Thood'o Lunt Mr Lynch 1* Lamly Thomas Lynch Robert Lyman A E Laurence Mr ( De- Lyman J C Lay T H lanoy st) Lyon J M Lande A Loose her r A Lafavone John A Laurence Mr I.aury Paul Lane Thomas Laurence Wil'm Lambert Eli Lar.vinore J Alex l.amkin Richard Lehman C Layman Ceo Langevin A Leech Jonathan Lansbury WmJ Lally Patrick Lee Spencer Lazarus Nathan Lary Dennis Leborr G 11 Latimuun Johat'n LevregeJobn Lobcniood E Lane Alfred J Leggett M M Lewi M i.uavitt N C Labingood Edwd Levy Aron Leo William?3 Lee Levi?2 I?erge James l.eary Laurence Lefort Victor Jtawia James ? Leo Richard Lenard John I Levy Uyman Leigh U IIowcll Lewis Martin I LigfsmiindJohann Livingstons Leonard Mr Lioehtenberger H Lewie Orland Levi Jacob ! Little Omnrs LevuerJolui Lewis Fredk P Lodges? Mt IIorcb Lewis Romeo W I.cutout Ueo 11 ! Lafayette Tent, LcnonJolin Liebhauson Chr'r ! Columbia Lcync Maurice Limerick John Encnmp't Leger Mons Little Nortnaa 1 Knickerbocker LindinmuuNie's LockwoodN Tent Little Dr Slutcon Lowe D N 1 Murritom Loan John Longhry Mark Mechanics Lonsbury Wil J low Kcv D K Livingston, RogcrM Lloyd John F Lloyd KMuusell Co Long James Lowell Isaac I.oiseau Mons Logan John i.oewensohn M LothropJ l.ow John Lyons Lewis Lowder Nicholas Low Gerhard Lynch Thomas J,ow Lewis W Lowell James II Lyon Ceo T J.yands Harrow Lydecker Rich'd M Maekoy Thomas Myers E M Mulhollund L W Mudignn James MacKay William Myrick Jr Josbua-2 Mackie Walter Maekendy Wm Macleod Houald Manion Ilrvan Mare Hamilton Maekay W ( Mantel (ieorge W MagnesEmil Macon William Mafht Dr Wm MaganJohn Harrion James Maher Michael Mnueriel John Malnorie A Magmill John Maholland John Mann Charles Malum Patriek Mahn Miehcll Malony Uuorge Munin Joseph Mansini Francisco Maish Charles Mnriott Samnel Jr Mason Walter MaaneJohnll u u .IVI-...M l .I... V Marsten William Maxiri Rnfaef Mart in Thomas MiiH.m J W Marvin Elian IJ Flasun Sirene Marsh A Marchiseir J U Masterson 1'eter Marshall J W Mason JoHt-ph Goo Marx Jacob Marcgen E Marstin Daniel L Masterson 1'atcr Mund Timothy Martina V B Murk, Mr a Merrill Abralium Matthews 1'etcr Martin Henry Mechanicbus Mr Morritt Isaac N Matthew* Win 8 Meighnn Neal Merritt Wesley Merry Thomas U Mervhant llonry Minuses M Messfngcr I. Mcligi r Frederick Meyer Michel Metzont Chariot Mea.1 William MethirgVitnR MerirholT IIinrieh Mcigban Thaddeua Mayor Franz Xanor Miset August Melnrum James Merriam Mern.ltCo Merit in Daniel B Miehal Thomas Menhart William Mclril George Muigis Warren Mitchell Geo G Miller A E 1 Mitchell Michael Miller DC Miller John Mull George Mitchell Michael Miller Charles Mills Capt George Miller George Mitchell J J Miller Richard a Milne Francis Mills Capt Minor Theron Mitchell A Middletohn John JC Millie Nelson Miller Edward, de- Miller George 1> MilnorJohuU cM, Executors Miller Sr J Mollis Mr Moll Melohcr Molitor Michael Morton James Moueypcnny Jamel Moore B Moshen William Mott Jurmain Mooney James Moonoy Thomas Moore Daniel Moore J Gelaad Moore John Mosher William II Morgan Edward X Morley Alliert I. Montgomery llenry Moses Mitchell Mooney W Robert Montgomery Kiclid Moore St Co Chas Monell Joseph 8 Moss J H Morgan D Montgomery W W Moss Capt D V Moras Lewis n Morony Frederick Montgomery James Morrison Chariot Morriton Tliomat MorandJohn Morris Henry W Murphy M Muller Ileinrieh Murphy Mr Murray John Murphy John Maunsull I'atrlek Mo 11 sii\ Chas Murphy I'atrlek Murray A O Myers Wm A Muller Henry A Murphy William Myers Albert ? Me MeAlister Jas H MeAolife Cornelius MoCarthyJohn MrCiirrau John McDonald Hugh Mecarriek llarth McDunoiigh Emd McDowell Tims McAiisland Thos Met al e Patrick McCarthy Daniel Mcllirncy Jas C McCarthy Andrew McCnraly John McCluroCha* MrArthnrJas McCnltf Jamet McCadoJI, Mcltuuw Jos McArdle John 0 McOrd Nathaniel McCarty John McColluma Isaac McC'tOrey Bernard MoOrren Andrew MoOrarick Rolicrt MeCahnoy Matthew tComriek Tit- VcCariy Fitriok HiAlfli din once Mct'abc Alex MeKeuy Captain Mt'ligut Drnnlt MoUerrot John Wm MeUrath Patrick Mcllcnry Samuel McGiil John McMahon MeNniutht Hola-rt MrFurlitn Alex MclntireJna Mcflauny Owen McKniley Edward MeKene Patrick Mi M. ice Jamce Met.rath John McUloughlan Jno McOee John McGttire Jamet Mcl.acLin f'has Mncnamara Vat Mahoney Peter Mi liary W'm Mi.Martric hsvnl Mi llary William McPhersou f P McKinney Jno I> MeRroy Jamet MeCnre Thna Mcl'inley Then 1' Mi Known John Mi Euroy Patrick Mi Ouern Peter llcfiriyor W in M< l.aoxhlin Danl McKee A HloVii ar John MeEnter Patrick MrKlltrrey Thna Mot-oon Michael McManuna John McMillan John McQueen Tliot McCrtgor Robert Me William Thos McMahon Mr 1* Ntson Patrick Nathan Mark Nalaon Geo rate Neahitt Jonathan Nealo l.awrenee Nelme-Samuol Newton Dan Newell Stewart Nesbitt A Newton llenry-2 Netherwood Joseph Newbury ITm Nelson A B Nicollet I'oter Newell M m Nicholas Cront N'oetrand Coraelint Nicholson George Nivan Theodore M-2 T Naland Bryan Norri? I- S Ncrrli W Noe Michael Nugent John Nugent Mr Nurris Scptimui-2 V O'DonellThoa O'Dwyer P Ow en A I. Olmatod II Overton (I O'Neill Thoe O'Donoyan I) O'Connor Roger Olivitta Rev Father Oliealagar (baa O'l-ang Mr O Donovan Jeremiah Orkney Alex O'Deirne F.dwanl Odell M l> tleo M O'Dwyer Samuel Oil pliant II IV Oakley M'uttle O'Brien Comollua O'Mary Timothy O'Neall lieorxe Ormehcs Joseph C OlcottMr Orrlck Ja-par OakamithSidney (Mirer laaac M Osgood k Crooker Oahnrn Oaltorn F. Owen Alfred Oehorn Finny C O'Sulllvan I'atk Owen John Oaborn J K P Phair Jamet' Ptge Ren Paddon Wm Palmer David 8 Parmelak Bro Paley Beat Park Timothy Pail (leronimo J'hrall llr John Parker Charles I'adet lir?ther? Pa,rcaili Abraham Parlen Thomaa I'arrott Charlea PaI"*' " Parka D Parker Jamea U Partrldrt lira Palmer S VF Pagin Joel '.>r.k" r?P' ,r. ? Palmer H'ni W Parsons .1 Ire. '??" ' ? ? Pat. Wm PayferDr Packard t aptAbner | Papwwrth David Patten A let ?" 'a??ui'... Payne Kelson MlllerPatrlek Mm i Peine Cam Jr Patterson E I atteraon Edward Phelan Jam'aa PtarMtH Andrew Jam., Pelham l.uman Peet Dr ?*,jr c"" i. IMoiffpr ivrpr Pier?* John P I on Jr. I rancif Ptott Samuel M Peek Chwlw P'? ??"'! I'dirkft KeeUr Podan l?a\id I eahod? Jo??nli P Peck 0 R Pell George W Poehtef Martin I Peters V H Pfetaoli Carl Pearee David Perrot Augustus l'rettyman Joseph Pevklna Alfred Perrin Nicholas P PreenTuWna I'ereiiat F K i'reimax I'eter B Pennetnnti John Preaeott A P Preaton John 8 Preaeott Timothy Perkins George Philips O Pick Philip Prince Z U Plrard F I'riaes Ueary Pitman JamtiU 1 1 1'inekncyfc MonltunPrirn Jnhn Prirnmae J.Un K ['lac 1 In Co Pinto Lieut Francis l'ric# Mo?es E Irion Samuel 8 Jacob Pieroo P U I orli-r (!t"rn? B Putter Otis K Peitchard JohnCka* J o?t it Ktia|,i, i'oatoi Charles Poole llenlcl F ? erptndirk R j.0? jr>?i K Potter O C !,' r' _ P?* or ltrrnard Potter Uiorgo i. " n U-'-0 Porter W C Poynor John That lurtul 1 II I net l? W Put vol It lIlfltlDM M in Plunkat Thus Plummer Mr Putuam Judsua A Plum Klchard Putnam l?r I? Qtnnilan Michael Quiun John Quick John Uuin John Quinn Darbey yuinn Thomne A On iin Mir haul R Runuwr John Q Rnnuming Conrad Roy E C Ratu Uitlord Hanson F Kainc Simeon Haddolph John II Rankin llcnry H<>aian John Raymond J W Reed I. F Keel Thn? Roilly Joliu Rvkoii Owen Rood John M Redmond Ja. Rlnuiholt (.'nol HugartKc Reynolds Be w It Reed John R Reding Tiioa Iti nu.el Philip Reed Chan K Keyron Hand F KiiiuuhKJ Reed Edward Renink Folia liemirk leaae K?2 Reed F.lijnhF Rend A I) Reyes J ii j* ii Rood John AV Renniek telic Reynold* Wm Kioteyl'nter Kippet Honry Kccil V I. Rine Edwd Ruraon J im h K Kuiuw John Reni* Mr Richard OthelU Kichnrda Chan J Rir?( Mom Rippai Wn Kio* hr Hiker A bra ham Ripley X Ricl>? U?3 Rice R <* Riloy Ja* 8 Hut llonsou Ridded M S Robert* Wn> L Ring Chan G Roche Jaines Ruo & CimbliB RobertsJus Kockwod N AID Roberta JAR/ Robbing II 1) Roerk Samuel Robinson R E Koripers Win Roeli John Robinaon Wat Robinson Joseph Robertson John F Robinson J at Rohlt' Ileum k Rogers K Robbing <,'haa R Rogers A (i Roberts John Robbing Cornellnj Kohinaen F.dwl Roberta II T Rogers John Roffeon Ahehel Robinson K Roberta John V 8 Robinson Alex Robinson J uo Ed\?d Ruder Frederick Roach John Koaa Henry O Hooney Joseph ,, v' \V'" ^"".r ? ",IM 1 tH|r r\"8?*Kruns j v Kowe, Woo?lrufr& |{opp<*rt Itopord Koouir VVm k n >*' > ? 5oot M K Hwrt ''atriek "ossRev Peter Rose J Ko.rae Mr ^ i r." ? . Koome Wot Ilanry Hoy John _ lEopculmrte Dr Jc- Itoycc N li Bobbins llenrys route C Kyiidor Oliver W Ross John Stewart Ryan James Kyaln Daniel Ryan Charles Rye Wm Ryu John Ryan 1 at rick Rybunn Wm Russell Kobt A Kuascll John .Rue Jean RiluRobtl, Rueh John Ramsey II T Rubens Ch Russell John Runni Ik Co Russell Charles ST1;1 S5. I Kanolfec Hutkdge J R Kaudick Nauraltc 8 'lisnley Micahtel Shannon l'altk Slarger Job shannon l'att Npraguu Zelwilon Schwabs A F itougol Wm Schlugeahaufet Swain Thomas 8 saogaey Jehu Matliiss Schroder floury Johafler Franc Strubnrmr Mom Solinaider Julius itasts J II Sunford Chas F Sewari Lewis 'uinules John Stat,to A I. Stanton J iahaeffer Francis bpraiguo t 'hos Salmon Kinnnutl T Sands J Ilrunsou Stanton Oliver N Sands Joseph shannon lion Wm Shannon Kobt II Sanders joiin Sands John Sbanley Michael Shannon I'atk StaigerJolm Shannon l'att Spragtic Zobulon sehwaheAF Staungal Wm Schlagenbaufer swain Thoo S Saahoy John Matthias schiaeder Henry Sehafler Fram Straburger Mr Schneiders Julius Stall.) J M Sunford Chita t Schnialhoz 'l'hso Samuels Maor Jno Staats A 1. Stanton J Schaeller Francis Sprague Charles salmad Enmti'l l' Sands J itraueon Stanton Oliver M Bauds Joseph Shannon W ilsou Shannon Itobt II Sanders John Sands t'apt John Sharp Hugh Sharp John A Bhaughnssiy John Saunders John II Scharnianu II B Spaulding U Adams StathamTJ Stntmau W'tn Saxon Thomas Sawyer Nathan N Staples Wm II Staring Jonas bourse Kdwd Bauuders David Starks Win Shaw George II Sharp Geo F Stark Michael Kawyur N U StarenHycht E W Sharp James II Spanou Capt Wan Spalding Abul Stratton Erastus Sweeney Mr Speer Martin Seinsortn Jaoub Scarring Daniel Sclineil Carl Snell (.'apt ShuldunWm Sueckhuhn F Steinmett J Seaman Win Sweeny John Sheldon O 3 Stearns Isaac D Stuinkuuips II Seckel Mr Stearns Jonathan Sweeny 1'at Steinberg Joseph Stein Willtelm Sweetser Dan'l X Santon Stephen Schneider AntonO Seavy Josephs Smith Isaac A Sheath Haml Shea James Spear l> Merrick Sledman Jas II ShertncrJuhn Seaman Etra (J Seymour, llroa It C? Steward Garret Stevens Wni Spencer Simon lergunt A Sentell Ik I'ew SperoerJoltnAndrnw tteyons Joshua W Sherman Geo W Sherman It Kraaaf itcrling E S Stivers Danl .V Schneider Foter scroop E llouilinot Sexton Cornelius Stevenson CuptMK iherwoodM 1J liurritStevens J Ignatius Swooy 1'aul item D G Sherman Edwen Sherwood Dr B Ihcrwood James J Stevens Wm W Stevenson llyrd jt 'ontord Jas B Stevens J Howard Stephenson John f ihephord Itichnrd Sterling William E Shepherd Collins Seymour It Johnson Stevens William II Siekels F L iclnuidt Charles Shimm William Smiles John khuiid C Stiles J 11 Hhiddell George Blilibo Abraham Simpson Jonas S SimrilMG Schilling R Stiver W I) ShlndlerJ bright William Schneider Carl Springan James?1 Siekels Daniel E Sieliel Jonas Spiers Robert Silvernan Jacob Sinclair Arch?2 StmHuCharlesJatTiS sunpon Leonard Sims Jnmoi Simpson John Rwift Stephen Sidling Jacob Schipp Carl Rlingerland Rami Stimpton Sau'd Simons H A Sice tV F Simontou Nath'l Hehtndler Zeno Schiller Edward Pticknay Gage Simmons llor'e D Sill Mr Smith Adlsou P ShlomanJJ Sithi.'basR Smith E F Smith George Smith Elian?2 Smitli Thomas Smith E Smith Win 1' Spittle John Smith Itartlett Smith Alfred Smith James Smith J (Grand st) Smith Jnines T Smith Nfeoll Smith Gordon Smith Edwin Smith John Shipmau C C Smith Lewis A Smith John [Ridge Smitten S W Smith Charlca street Smith John C Smith Morti'r A Smitten Saml O Smith George Scrogie Henry J Schoflor Geo F Sodhey S II Sloan John Solen Michael SouerMurian Scotield Jnmca E Poller Joseph Spooner Alden J Stone S fliirtlott Somerville Thoa Scott David Storer U" liafn'o Scott Robert Stone i'ardon M Schlotte Martin Slotosbcrg CnptWm Strong (ieorge Soott Alex M C Stork Peter Strong .lames E Stott Abraham Somcrley Jamaa Sullivan John Sullivan John Hchcmerhorn Wai Sylvester Sydney StuffSimeon SohabseA IV Sullivan Daniel Seiti Christian Speliane Eugene Swarex Thomas Sturgeon James Surtho J IV Sutherland Geo Sehul tluuu Carlo Schubert It Julia* StnbhS Nathaniel Sullivan R Stutlio J W Stuart Samuel Sundy It S Schruli Capt S Sunders M atroscn Suns E Scull Henry Sutton IVm Suits Sanford Sumner !i deed's Sharp Hugh T Talmage Harry Taylor Robert Tracy Win l'hornton iluury Taylor James D Tasriutti Monsieur Talbot .lesic Taylor Thomas P Tapha E Tabor St C'o E'd Traim t'apt C W Tawrley Michael Taylor W'm Tallis John Taylor i.ewis Taylor l'etcr T Taylor Cant J P Taylor Capt A W Taylor Capt N?1 Traey Michael Taylor M Ogle?2 Taylor James 11 Taylor Chas M Tay lor Capt Sol?2 Tappcn A H Taylor W M Taylor N W Taylor George Trecarten John Tealls Oliver B Thein George L Treadwell T Terny T N Terrell Geo Dr Tweedy A E Thcllcy Norma* Therence Saml Telfair John Timpely M Tisdall Fitiger'd TlbbetU Sml W Tins Robert Titus John Till Edward Trim Edward Trimble John Tiernan James Tifton Charles E Twitched B S?2 Tlioran James Turner K B?J Topi Signer Thompson Henry Thompson Jarae* TonkinsGeorge Townel I) F ToolCbasB Tnrner Benjamin Todd Hibliard Tioslcy Edward Thoiupson Kobt?J Topping Josiah Tompkins Kic'dC Tobias Daniel S Towner John 11 Towuaend Capt Ills Town Reuben Thompson Joe'h Tottentino Mr Trow bridge A H Throp John S Towar Jonas O Thompson Jus D Tliornton John W Thode E V Turlith Francis Turk Charles Tyral Edward T"ren C V Ufford Dixon D Upham Chas A Cbclo Gottfried V Vonec Denounce Vlvidu Richard W Villards Carron De Vail K M Verrnom Chas kGP Vincer John S Vlcttec Joly Vail M E Vninosl Sugmune Vklcnt ino TliPOd1or<> Vint'd-nf Vi'rn Vult^n Adam Finieiiaea V'hna Van Nordatrand J Vanburxh J M Vanduien Henry R Van I',-It i.aac ViSiSK Wm V un Voorhis John Van Wick AaroQ Van Valin Geo W w wl t-wa,rick S>rlt Ja?"? " Wannier Chart#. Walker (.eorjre W altera James Walnh Jamn W axner Theodore Walah I'eter Walt" W VVakx Mchulai WaUlie J a met W'aldemari IH II WadeJamea Walter F J Walker AniJm Wa ker Sear. C Wallace E F Wallace I'eter Walker James J Walton John Wallace llrram W?d Adlm01"- u-tr'i*1,1 ?lfE4 W Warnoek John Ward Adam W anl John D Warner Dr L T Wutcrs linen Warren Robert Warner Wm S'fwV ?J.alklll,,fJ I^laney Ward Wm IIS W^r l m W ation John II Ward H'kEU WaUhJ.? W clel, Jarnea Weaver Oeo J ft C? J / !. Weber Adam Welih John (J wldl iuST'ii Webb Edward Whraton WG We I. j I- Whee'er t.?orK? Wheeler L W elle J I IV el la Vt m 8 Weill Daniel WW n Mr0"* W'lealan I'atriok Wehh Itiehard-f K? ? . ? ir Mel.h Capt Weimith Jamea Weston act bulli- Meat James M Wetidvl I)r B P JPB , ^ Wilson Andrew Wiogand H'n Willianuon I D H illlami Mr (Bay- Wilion Rev 8toph?? W- ff n J. ,.. W*,rd nK Wm Jj' " J, w r. Wi son George We?aud F Zr*hJ I 2hn' J.r S!l"un WiAmann F L W mi? fd. *r<1 S fkM , ? Wllllami O C 11- I il .. Ru""?? n Willfvrd John w I M'2 a w!k'V?' * w"*,? * 0l,1|r W lllianii A Wilcox K C William* Tho/li X 1'*!" r!'b2 Wilion Moiei II Wright j iiutlar W? i'i i*> e"?"" t. u-'i!" Pet.en Wllfiatn. John H J" recheldft Sehnabc W ilium* J B Wiixin* Robert Wi' ooVwm M ph L JJ-rtdh* All?rt K W'.fkinioi. George VV leox Wm S WilmnKfcRM William I. W Win tier Arnold?2 Willinnia.S Wickermn larnel Whitney John Willett John R W.tlii W H W tham'wH WhlU Jamel SKhard WhU?h? iSSksE,ri whh'.ttt.e!;rrjrn,l,;,rj'M Wmanti Alvta Wind"androvr* WhiwWmlJ ' White George W Wood |T," Wood ( ln? Wood W J World J K '* Wood 8eth WolfMorit. W'ohhrakr A b drew Wnodall Wai W ood worth Alton Wood Chan P u-?rlWood Smith Woodward W R (' WoalaitonM Wood, Woodward ft IV ood II,.ratio W Woalailon M < 0 Wood Sotli Wardr.erU.ui Woodward I)r M W VV il-onji .hert wciDtr'- vratorDury nm k woim mwiwrc .? Whit* George W Weed, (Mark & An- H'uilcnin Adoipk WoodworthA O <i?n<>n Y Youronn* Paul 8 Yung Adam YV>r*t??h Jame* Y tun tilde ( aeto?2 Young John V?l? 'f* Yard Joseph a Youug (J ' c-ongi Can Z Zekele Bupara Zerrenner Luduig Riatswiek Eugono Ze-uiH i udari* Zetter T M Zabri<ki? Otorge 4 Luawl* HOBERTH.MOHRIS.P II. TOBACCO. HAVANA SEGAR COMPANY. THE wndrreignod having Iwi appointed Agent fur the ull of the c ri lioairn icoik. or tiii HAVANA S E (i AH V U M V A S Y. Ii now prepared to offer th? follow ing brand* at til* IteMiingly low priee of tl/l per M. MAONUM BONUlf, $lo per M. K.M'EI.SIOK. Tbeee aegnra err handsomely nut up in convenient pneknfMb and are warranted equal to the REIT r.TER IMfORTtO The prioM oan l>o m?inl*iiiod at thsse extremely low rata* only by a atrirt adherence to the CASH PRINCIPLE, nreelnding the neceaeity of good euatoniere paying for loeeea Inourrod by tale* to bad one*. to the TRaiir a unnaat. DiacovrtT. A largo mij.ply of aegara of dilforeut branda, direot from tltt manufaetnrera, alwayaon hand. J. S. THRASHER. (lenernl Agunt for the Havana Aogar Company. Km 91 H all etreet. New Terfc. TOBACCO. SNUFF AND SEGAES. w c. l. h: v o jv. MA M'F ACT I K F. K of Mae Cut Chow ing and Smoking Te? baeco and Son ITe, Invite* tl.r attention of merohaata and dealer*in the country, to theae article*. a* tieinr. uns'inalled la quality, etyle and |irio?, a trial of whieh will aatiafy thoaelntereeted that they are the cheapnet ami the heat. Alto. Aegara In y-raat variety, al* aya on iiand. nt the lueeel prieea. Dealer. will ideaae call before jnrohaalwg elaewhere. aplU-lJt* W. C. LEMON, 1 Wall ey.

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