Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1849, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1849 Page 5
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I bank favora. men who nro enterprising. and are en> gagcil in active business pursuits, whose pride is the ' prosperity of their rity , while, in t harleston, a proper distinction is not made iu granting loans; hence the little advantage derived frou banking capital iu a business point of view. The aunexed returns exhibit the movement in the principal department of such banks in the State of South Carolina as have accepted the provisions ot the act of December 18, 1840. at four periods :? liANks or Sovth Carolina. I'tb. {>' u'. Jin. Miirrh. tiuim. IMS. IMS. 1849. 1819. Bank of the State ... tl.2l5.itt 1,139,501 990,121 950,790 Brsnoh at Columbiu. . 905. ?W 920.Kto 883,461 8(21,111 Camden... 380.059 398,039 ? 346.709 Southwestern K. It . . I85.?23 341.024 289.4*4 230,812 1'lauters'nnd lleclii. 1 ,'Hr u'Vi 91.1.185 771.til 719,827 Cuionlta.Ii >47.279 0?5,6*(l 659,11.1 (12 >.152 Stat* Hank 4'.'l,0"6 625.630 4(12,086 4.81,(IKS Bank of S. C 731.>?J 671,285 Sol,681 (KM,104 S ...s86,367 5,515,323 4.530.3W C8M,?? Itaok e/^lia State... 1 ">.H02 87.128 107.V81 155,221 Branch at Coluinhiu. . 43 0(1 3,100 2,620 2,8k) ' Caindtu... .VJSt 4.l>.*l ? 3.071 Southwestern K. It. . . 42.040 37.973 42.321 86. l:>5 Planters'and Mechs'. . 167.481 87.925 161.303 222 927 1 Uioa Bank 59,7(15 61,010 81.291 86,568 State Bank 53,452 42,853 177.866 91.945 Bank of S. C 47,940 54,.877 71,533 74,166 $. >71,502 379,292 586,292 724.215 I'ire ulation. Bank of the State,.. 1,061,115 783.622 913,931 801,309 Branch at Columbia.. ? ? ? Southwestern', 'it33)335 208.788 311,830 315.815 I I an tern andMecb* . . ziw.'.'i> Vnion Bunk 127.23U 75.110 IIM.805 141,8*) State Bank 312.902 171,>2 281,661' XII,.VW Bank of S. C 150,817 111.257 128,182 149,0117 $2,275,885 1,575,507 2,(W3,7W 2,150,212 Drpotit*. Bank of the State.,. 556,887 152,.'177 480,705 520,1.11 Branch at Columbia.. 110.005 01,211 110,303 117.731 Camden,.,, .38,096 2.3,728 ? 28.131 Southwestern It. K.. . 121.100 202,107 260,873 321.,'(70 1'lantcrs'and Media'., 2U2.2KI 127.177 190,727 171.546 Union Bank 178,011 128.710 217,931 207.808 State Bank 230,016 130,321 223,158 23.3,111 Bank of S. C 251,600 105.811 276,218 283,891 $1,920,813 1,358,290 1,790,215 1,880,907 Compared with the return* for January last, there tins not been iuch au increase in the leading departments as appears in the first comparative statement. The pofition of each bank is exhibited in this report, and the fluctuations in cuch item shown. Slock Exchange. $51700 U. S ?'?, 1883, 99>2 30 Ilk Commoroo, full 100 1000 V. S. 6'a, 1807, 11 ? 25 Am Exchange Bank 99*7 75(1) Trcaiury Notes ll0'a 50 Cuuton Company .38'. J500 Ohio ti's, I860, 1II6K 25 do 38*2 7000 do IHOkf 1i|| Erie It It, new, full 62'2 1000 Kentucky Bonds 103 75 do 62*2 2000 Heading llor lluds 60)2 25 do i60 62',, 3000 Eric Bonds, 7's, iH>t? UK) Farmers' Trust 36'', 1000 do 1859 85*i 200 do 36)2 30 slis Ohio Life It Tr. 86 50 Harlem pf 'd.full, ope 99 -100 Mechanics' Bunk 106 30 do 99'.{ .30 I'hcnix Bank 85 280 Long Island RR 23t2 1U0 Bel It Hud Ca scrip 110 250 Reading K R 31 'I SECOND BOARD. $9000 Trcas. Notes, fi's, 110', lis) -Its Harlem R R, opg 59)2 3 shs Bk of New Vork 133 100 * du hlk) ,W'2 150 Mohawk 82 50 do siiO 59*; I 25 Erie R R, new, full 62.',' CITY TRADE REPORT. Tt cap v. \'av 8?0 P.M. Tho weather proved very inclement, rain having fallen the greater part of the duy, which cnockcd all out door business, t'or common grades of Hour the market i was some easier, while middling and good qualities remained about the same, with liiir sale*, including the usual variety of brand* There was a fair inquiry for wheat, with sales of western on terms stuted below. Tho market for corn was easier, and moderate sales were making at quotations given below. Meal was steady, - with fair sales of New Jersey at yesterday's prices. Kye was dull. Oats inclined to droop. Pork was heavy, with free sales on terms rather In favor of buyers. Beef was heavy, while there was some better iuquiry for lard. Owing to the inclemency of the weather, groceries were sot active, and prices remained without marked change. Tho cotton market remained firm, with lair sales at steady prices. Ashes.?Sales of 50 bids, pots were made, at $5 02}?; and small lots pearls, sold at $5 87)?. Beeswax.?Sales of 3,000 bbls. Northern yellow were I made at 22c. Breadstuff's.?Flour?The sales reached about 3,500 r 4.000 lililfi . in wliiflh worn inclmleil Okwi'Ito Trnv nnrl common Stale, at $4 50 a $4 62f 2; straight Genesee and mixed Michigan. at $4 75 a $4 81,'4; Htrnight Western | and good round hoop Ohio, at $4 SI l4 a $4 87**; fair Michigan and Indiana, nt $4 87,'i a $5: pure Genesee, at $6 50 a $5 60'a; funey State do, at $5 75 a $6; extra at $6 25 u $6 623*; and 400 do Canada, iu bond, at $4 50. Some sales of fine flour were reported at $4 25, and of uninspected State nt $4 37 3?. Of New Orleans, 200 bids, good quality sold at $6. In the above were also included 360'bbls. Southern, embracing Alexandria and Georgetown, mixed and straight brands, nt $4 87 >a n $5 03. Hije. Flour?Sales of 100 bbls. were made at $4 873?. Meal?Sales of 550 bbls. Jersey wero made at $2 04. Wheat?Sales of 2,400 bushels were made at 9532'c; and 3.000 do. Ohio on private terms. There were said to be considerable other sales effected 1 on terms not made public. IIye was heavy, and sales 1 of 2.000 bushels were-made at 58)f, delivered. Corn?t j Sales of 1.400 bushels round white were mndc on private terms, and 4.000 do Northern yellow, to arrive in i all this month, supposed to be at 63c, and 2.100 do ] Southern mixed, at 58,'jc. the market closing heavy. There was no white on the market. Harleu was dull at 68c a 60c. the arrivals having increased tne supply on the market. Oafs?The sales embraced thrco or four enrgoes. including Northern and Canal, at 34)?c a 35c, and New Jersey at 31c a 32c. Cotton.?The operations amount to about 900 bales to-day, the market remaining very steady and rather Armor. Fruit.?Tho sales embrace l,000boxes raisins at previous quotations; 50 bales Marseilles almonds at private bargain, and 1,000 bushels Tennessee peanuts, at CO a 70c. cash. Freights.?Cotton was engnged to Liverpool at 3?'d. j Corn at 6 a 6)?d. in bags. Heavy and measurement goods at 25s. There was no change to other ports. Hav.?Sales of 1.000 bales of North River were made at 42 a 60c. Hemp.?There has been n movement in the market, | and about 2.000 bales Manilla have changed hands at 12c.. t mos.; now held at an advance. Lime.?Sales of 1.000 bbls. Thomaston. were made at 85 cents. Naval 8tores.?The market generally is dull, nnd , the only sales reported are 150 bbls. spirits, at 33c. cash from wharf Oils.?Them is no chango in the market for linseed, and about 2.500 gallons changed hands; also sales of selected whale at 36 a 21 He., and some considerable sales of olive at private bargain. Provisions.?Sales of about 1.200 bbls of pork were made, including uiess. at $10 25. with small sales do. 1 at retail nt $10 37%, and prime at $8 37%. Beef was lower, with small sales of country mess at $11 25. and city mcssat $11 75 a $11 87}*. Prime was out of market. Cut Meats?Sales of 350 hhds. dry salted shoulders were made at 03?c. a 4o.; small lots do. hams, were sold at 5 a 5%c. Lard?There was a fair business doing, with some speculation, and sales of 350 ? 400 bbla. were made at 0 aG.'jC. for good to prime; small lots extra brought 6%c. Butter was easier. Fresh tub was selling at 11 a 143*e. Cheese?There was a moderate business doing at 5 u 8c. The stdfek in mar- , kct was light. Seek.?We notice sales of 25 barrels hemp seed, at 1 .$1 75. Sugars ? Sales were reported of 1.000 boxes low iraJcs brown Havana, for export, on terms not transpired. Stearin*.?Sales of 10,000 lbs. good white were made, at 7c. Tai low.?Sales of 7.000 lbs. city prime were made, at 7%e. Timber.?A cargo of Kastern sold at $11 for spruce, . nndat$12 for pine dimension timber. Teas.?A catalogue, per ships Gen. Harrison and Navigator, was tJiis day offered by L. M. Hoffman S; Co., rand a large paction sold at prices fully equal to the preceding sale. Three more sales are announced for the present week; terms, six months. Hyson?10 half chests. 74; 10 do. 38; 38 do 37la; 40 eases, 69. Young liyson?14 chests. 65; 25 do. 68; 10 do. 46; 100 do. 15Hi 43l *'*> <1?- 42,li; 60 do. 42; 10 do. 41; 37 do. on ilu M>- lOilo 3S 111 do. 3734: 10 do. 35%; 50 do'. 36;* 576 do '34Hi itt7'drt.~33K; 00 do. 28; 41 d'.'>. 27, 20 do. 2(4'j: 57 do. 20; 40 do 25; 30 do. 241 j; 70 cases, f>R. Twnnkay?20 j-ache-t*. 18J?; 109 do. 18; 105 do. 43,l?'. OtlQp iwdor?10 }j ehe l?. 70,'i ; 15 do 70; 0 do <lR?t; 6 onsen, 59; On do. iVi',; 20 do. 54: Imperial 10 ', cheat*. 58; 14 do 27; 3(5 do 20 \ ; 35 eases, 50; 5 do. 31; 5 do. 60'*; 59011i boxi s. 31 i* ; 90 do 31 ;|50 1210 do. '5(1; 200 do, 25; 25 or-iv 34 Oolong?10 la chest*. 39; .10 do. 8t51,; 28 do. 32,'-3 , 84 do. 32; 25 11 lb. boxes, (53; 25 Ilk do. 44. Whim.tub lower. Tlio mh s reached about 1.000 'd>U.. including State Prison. New Jersey, and Ohio, at ."51 c ; (50 bbis prime sold ut 21 >ae. ?the market closing it 21c. HAlUiKTR K.b8l<5WllEUlC. STOCK SAI.KS. Iton-ros. May 7? Brukr. Ho 1 i d?.'15 shares Vermont *n!| Wa sachneetIsRsilrovd, li.','; 1" K. tlaud Itnilrcad, 72; I Verio ni i enttal Railroad, .V>1,: in U'reP rn Railroad, lOI1^; 10 Ice ton and -II orcce'cr Railroad, 1074j; 2 New England II orstefl ( 'I avium \. HI'j; In P. v.11 Boston Company. 11 3-Iri; 21 (state Hank, 57 25 dividend* Past Boston Company, No. 5, 17 Sftund Horn in/, May 5?!( shares lloston and Proa idei-ee Railroad. 30; 5 IVeitcrn Railroad. 101; 25 East lloston 4. ontpany, 11 3-lo; I Hoylston Hank, 190,'j; 25 dividends Vermont Central Railroad, $2 05. DOMESTIC MARKET.*, Nra Oui.rtv, April 29 -The excitement consequent on " frost" is fast dying atvay hero. That portion of (lie crop which was above grnuxd, and injured, h is licon ruplant< d. and has had tine rain and sunshine since. Likely enough. on 1st Juno next the frost of J Mil April will have been forgotten. I speak of this section, or rather the country tributary to thin port, ind of which I have informed myself We hare a I 'urge business going on daily 111 the average of Oj?c. for .middling kn ights )?d.; Kxehango fl a 6>?. so that the Xiao in cotton is about equivalent to the fail in freight j mid advance in exchange HI A H1TIVIK I NTKhblUK !? t; U,. Port af Nrw %'orla, Itlny t), I8tu~ ACST HI*** * 51 | MOU.SHISK* 9 15 ucn irrs 7 Si huh ??t*? 10 11 ' . Cleared, Ships?Msrtunk, McMiehael*, Past Indis*. IVelmore Ik C'ryder; II e.-ttuinster (|>kt), Donne, London, J llriswold; I "Men tot on, a (pki). Lowlier, Liverpool, (.' II Marshall It Co; \ Patrick lleiuy (pkt). Delano, Urinnell, Mi 11 turn He Co. Iliirkw?Si Lawrence, Stewart, lldl'ast, (irinmll. Mlntnrn . k Co; Margaret Milne (llr), Patterson, Karhndooe, J MeMiir- ay; ( ?r?< laeu* (Mr), Harbor. St Thomas, I'ersse Ik Brooks; J alnu.oth, 1 riiies, Culin, Perkins Ik Delano; II in Mile* (llr), Pyre. Qnelre, Roche llros k Co. Ilrlgs? Anna, Prnneiaco, Marseilles,.! Attwatsr; Panama, Savage, t elasco, Merrill k Prank; Crania (llr), Martin, West 'nilu.s. Iliilinm?k Union; Hamlet, Vesper. Trinidad de Cuba, Ncendtli k> 11 alsli; Seiina. Collsn, Saranuah, Toeksr ft; (I ni rede ( Hr). < mi pi "II. ( harh mon, Urianell, Mine.rn in Alarm (In ). t si\. I hilsdelf.loa. jicjir:?JUj/kiati'lor, I.teis, Rappshaaaook; Meridian, OU<r ver, Boltirnore, J B Gager. PUto, Hammond. da, Mailler k L-rd; J<sephine, llryert, d?, Johnson k Low den; Jasper, Uiiwci) Uo.ton. Mm t>??Artist, flood, Taunton. Three Brother*. , Bristol, Deep Kith, South* orth, Providence. Arrive*. CSM steamship Washington. Floyd, Southampton, April 20, with mdie, to the Ocean Steam Sanitation Company. Steamship Northerner, lludd. Charleston, Saturday, A I'M, with oMton. he, to Spofford. Tileaton fc t'o. Off llarncirat ? ok" Sw bark Jeannie Gatheaine; paaacil Lnrk Johann Frederick off Frying l'an Simula. New .hip Seine, Williams, Esi-eg. Ct, in balluat, to E I) Ilurlliut k Co. Tlie S waa toweil to the city by the steam tug Sainnon, ('apt fountain. Ou Sunday last, when SB from Stratford lignt, during a heavy pale from KN E, the ship fell o?er and partly tilled: waa obliged to cut away the traits, alter which .lie righted, and was towed into Bridgeport bar, after gett ing assistance, ami pumping her out, was brought t>. the city yesterday afternoon. She had all her spars on end u hen she start! d. w ith about 150 tons i f ballast, The spars of the S were hoarded by the schr M M Klots, and another vessel, and the ripping atlaehed (which was of a superior finish) was cut off in email pieces, with axes, and entirely ruined. Bremen bark Johann Carle, loburg, Bremen, 32 days, in ballast. toOelricha k Kruper. fith inst, lat II Id. Ion 591ft, saw a ship showing a w hitc signal, with a diamond in the centre. hound E. British brig Elirahoth, Coysti, Newcastle, Eng 3d days, with coal, to Barclay k l.ivingston. Br brig Jay, Myers, Sunderland, II days, with coal, to Barclay tv l.ivingston. 3d inst, lal K), lou Go, s/oke Br brig Downs, hence. I ubcc brig Alexander Von Soltw edel. Ililderhron, Bremen, 12 dnvs, in ballast and 1(<3 passengers, bo Punch k Moinik. Belgian brig llortens. Dry den, Antwerp, and 23 days from Flushing, with tire brick and 117 passengers, to A Nottelbtditn. Oldcnb brip Beta, Engels. Madeira. 30 days, with mdso, tc W W lie Forrest k Co. Br brip Trio, Moore, Sydney yla Halifax. NS, U days, with coal, to J Hunter. Br trig Billow, Davison, Windsor, NS, with plastor, to the master. Br brig Helen Mar, Card, Windsor, NS, via Eastport, S days, with plaster, to the master. Schr II N Vox, Oliver, I'liiladclphia, coal. Schr M M Kioto, Chare, Boston. Sclu-Mnry Clark, Nickcrson, Salem. Balled. Brig Larch, N Carolina. Packet ship Mmitciuma, for Liverpool, nnd shjis Warron and Stiriuain, for Glasgow, are at anchor at the SIt Spit. Ilr ship Huron, for Nassau, N1*. also lies at anchor ut the SW Spit, the rrew having refused to do their duty. The captain hue sent for the U S revenue cutter. Mat H?Wind at son-rise, ENE; at meridian, do; at et, NF, with thick fog and rain. Herald Marine Correspondence. Phii.adki.phi a. May S, 4 PM?Arrived?Snip Commerce (Fr), A1 Inrd. Bordeaux; steamer Ironsides, Stewart, N Vork; brie E Adam*. Jnmca, Muyagucr. Cleared?Ship York, Vandyke, NOrlcans; brigs Empire, Crow ell, Boston: E Randall, l ray, ECambridge; selirs Uelaware, Harding. Fall River; Seneca, Hrown. NYork: Invoice, OloTU1, Providence; Elliott, Cook, St John's, PR; Alleghan. II a hi. Iloaton; Triumph, Mason, NYork; Perry. Nlckerson, E Cambridge. Illlacellnneoui. Letter It a os of steamship Isabel, for Ilavnna, will close at iho Exchange Reading Room this afternoon, at half-pant 3 o'clock, and of the steamer Cherokee, for Savannah, at a quarter before 4 oclock. I.etter bags of packet ships Patrick Honry, for Liverpool, and Westminster, for London, will close at the above office this day. at half-past 11 o'clock. The If est India mail w ill close on the 13th, and the California mail on the 19th, as above. Shii-wrkgk Awn Loss or Lira?The Bangor Courier of the 5th inst says;?" A letter received from one of the passengers of the bark Snliote, states that the bark London Packet, of New lledfofd, Timothy llowland, captain, a whaleman, which started from Boston Jan 1, wascast away on the Isle of Man, 2S days out, whiiu lying to in a fug, and four men were drowned." i Pisastit.? Brig Cambrian, Walter, from Bahama Islands hound to Baltimore, w ith a cargo of salt, lead, Ac, ami passengers (two families froui Jamaica), w ent ashore on Saturday night, at 10 o'clock, l.'i miles S of Cape Henry. The mate and one of the seamen were drowned: the passengers and residue of the crew were landed in safety. A survey went down to the wreck from Norfolk on Monday. Wreck?Brig Egyptian, at Savannah 3d inst, reports;?On the 31st ult, oil Cape llatteras, saw a vessel bottom up, with keel gone; saw on her stern. " Warren;" appeared to have been in that situation but a short time; paint fresh. Ship Ashore? Ship Lorona, at Mobile, 29th ult, reports that on the 33d April saw an Ain ship ashore to the West of Sand Key, apparently but u short time in that situation. Ship Wataiia, Tlirane. from New Orleans for Liverpool, put into Newport 5th inst, in distress, with head of rudder twisted off, Peer Isle, 3d inst, sehr Samuel Whitmnre, of 135 tons, owned by Mr Samuel Whitmore, and intended for the coasting trade, to be commanded by Cnpt Lemuel Whitmore. At Sag Harbor, 5th inst, a very beautiful new keel schoonor, of 330 ions, from the bridge ship yard, huilt and owned byMessrs Wade h Co. She is for sale, and w ould make a tine l'acitic coaster. Singapore, March fi?Tlie Kestrel, Bremner, from Newcastle, which arrived here 10th ult, was plundered by a pirate brigaVitine of about 3ml tons, aoid a crew of ubout 90 hands, Nov 23, lot 23 S, Ion 30 W. Whalemen. Arr at New London May fi, hark Clement. Lane, from NW Coast. 3000 bills wli 400 sp oil. Spoke March 19. lat.'MS, l?n tt> OS W, ship Kingston, Fllaven, (13 days out: lat II 19 8, Ion & W, ship Falcon, Kerhy, Fllaven, oil nut stated, bound home. Arr nt Sag Harbor 5th, lutrk Superior, Royce, from the Arc tic Ocean. through Heliring's t?. vin Sandwich Islands, w ith 15UU bbls w li oil. Shipped her hone from the Sandwich Islands. Owing to (.'not K 8 absence from the place w e have boon unable to obtain hie report in time for thia day's mail. C'ld at lineton 7th, brig (.'urncoa, Prior, Atlantic Ocean. Arr Ht New Itedford fith, ship Saratoga, Smith, Japan Sea, via Sandwich Islands, St Catharines March 13, foil cargo. 140t i 1,1,1s w It 20 do ap oil, und Itft.UUU lbs bone. Spoke A pi 12. lat !l N. lou IS IV. Oscar, of aud for Sagharbor, oil not Hated. Also arr 6th, ship Charles, Conn, Pacific Ocean, Hay of Islands, N'cwl Zealand Jail 7. IsV) bids sp eil. I.eft at Hay of Is, Ganges, Nichols. N'ant l!t?"? sp bound ?n a cruise of J mo# mil home; llopc. Tucker, Nil, hove out, and preparations making Lfor repairing her; si>oke, same day off Jo, IVinslow, Simons, N It. 7H11 sp luo w h. Alsu arr ship falcon, Kirby. N IV Const, via Sandwich Islands,600bbl* wh.iu do spall; 760lbtbona. spoke April ". lat I N, l?n .'12 IV. Clement, Lane, of aud for New London, .ism bills oil 10(1 do SJ, oil. Arr at Holmes Hole lit),, ship Sarali Parker, Iltisecll, Japan Sea, 2HU0 bbls (about 230 sp) oil, 214>tl lbs bone, of and for Naat at k?t. 06 Capo Horn, January US, lat SO S Ion IV, Harvest, Tie#, Nan 2S'j. Toneltcd at ITpoln, Navigator's Islands. OctS. Rebecca Sims, Ray, N It INK) sp 2IH) wh : 21st, Narrngimsett, Rogers. Non WOO up came in to lisli here foremast, succeeded, and sid Nov 4. for New Zealand ; Nov IS, Uarclay, Halter, 130 sp for New Zealand. Sailed from Ilonolnlu, Jan 10. Mt Vernon, Corell, of and ror N Uedfortl; had a quantity of gold daat. At do Dec 1, I.agodn. Finch, Nil refitting, for Japan Sea. The report of the loss of the L. is still discredited in New lledfortl. Tito information of her loss was received at Ilong Kong about the last of January, from the Dutch government at llatnvin, who stated that the L, was lost at the port of Decilia, Japan, that the captain and tirst officer were lost in landing, and that the remainder of the ship's crew were in i, ntincment. It is well know n that the Dutch is tlie only civilired ration with whom the Japanese hold friendly intercourse : but if the information bo certain that the L. was at Honolulu Dec 1, n very short time is allowed for the occurrence of the wreck, the receipt of the news ut ltatavia, and its transmission to lloitg Kong. Heard from, aht Dee 111, bv letter from Capt IVheblen, Jas Maury, from N Iicdford, 4ti days out, lat 1237 S. Also beard from, Dee 3, lat 45 1(1 S Ion IfiU'g E Endeavor, Hamblin. Nil SMI bbls; fitb, lat 4t> S Ion 1(13 E Roman, Blaekmer. do H50 writ l.Kt sp : ((lie 11. was reported at I'polu Oct 21, list sp 5100 wit for New Zealand.) Sena s a?Brig .March. H ecks, of Yarmouth, no date, lat 31, ion (If 17, If days out, 15 bbls spm oil. March 17. on Cape Horn, whale ship Martha, Clifford, of New port, bound E. Ship Jcnnncttc, H ost, of NB, 150 bbls spm, Feb 17, lat VI S, Ion (.7 M. Ship Phcnix. Green, of aud for SII, Feb 27, lat I3S, Ion IS tv. Ship Vesper, Clark, for New London. Feb 27. lat 13, Ion IS W. Scotland, Smith, Nan, 22D) sp, In the Pacific, previous lo Dee 1. Spoken. A propeller bark, hound S, w ith troops on board, was passpil 12th ult, I'ernumliuco N'tV distant 2> miles. Hark Elisabeth, 23 days from Portsmouth for , April 2. la; 2 22 N, l"ii 3885 *V (so reported). A bark steering E, w ith a blaek main royal sail, supposed Ibe li> ntington. from Kultimore (.March 15) for London, was passed April 26, laf 44 .'tit, ion 34 Ik ltark Isabella. Fcldhnusen. H days from New Vork for St Parts, April 23, lat 2!' .VI N, ion 63 20 VV. Itrig Industry, New Haven, steering SW by S, May 2, lat 30 W N. Ion 71 H . ltrlg Georgian*, Taylor, from New York (Jau IS) for San Francisco, no date, lat I N, Ion 21 VV. Itrig A listen, of and from liangor for Havana. 4 days out, no date, lat 37. Ion 72. Scbr "Gerto," from liangor for , no date, lat 31, Sehr St Mary, lit 36 !M, Ion 73 11?nothing further. Ilr sehr Gti'illetno, front Jersey for Itio Janeiro, March 2.1, let Ic S, Ion M CALIFORNIA vessel*. Ship Hani Webster, Pierce, from Now York (Feb.'!) for California, March I A, lat iff s, Ion .'! 2A. Bark l.iicy Ih nnimuti. Rlihlcll, lit day* from Itio fie Janeiro tor California, no date, lot 13 W S. Ion Al 2d IV, Bark F.lira, Perkins, from Sulcio (Jan 27) Tor San Francisco, all well, no date, lat .'I 21) S, Ion 11).'#). Stlir I'cmona, Aim*, from Now Bedford (Feb 3) for San Francisco March 2.'!, lat 1U 20S, Ion ."A W. sp.kon nliout Feb 11. u* lal. kc, achrTrcinont, Collins, from Now Bedford (I'cli P) for do, with loss of main boom; saw her agkin 5 days after, with boom ilshcrt, and all well. Sehr Anihrm, Kldridge. IfSnce (Jan II) for San Francisco, March 6, lat .'it! 30 S, Ion fit) 10?all well. Forrlffii Purl*. Artiova, April JO?Schr Joseph William, (of Vienna. Md) Whorf, for Coast of Afrira. AivtwMip, April I2--Arr Rio Crandc, Thomas, Buenos A y res. A mats HiiAai, April 12?Arr F.lira, Viral, Onracoa. Awwmo. S W (.' of Afalca. March ifi--Hrig Tigris, Stodder, (from Salem) bound South, in a few days?only American vessel. Uonnr.M ?, April 1">?California. Robinson Wyburg. Bt'cso, llueno* Ayrcs, march ID?Brig Gambia, Bailey, from|Snlem, unc. Ciiai.i. us, April P?Steamship Maria Burt, for New Orleans: hark Santa for New Vork: brig I'edrain, for do; sehrs Galena, for do; Splendid, for Boston; Harriet Neal, for Hampton; Catallne, for Ournya; one brio and ono sehr outside nt anehor, both from Baltimore; besides smaller craft from Key West and Bclire, Honduras llo,\<i Kom.. Feb Id? Arr Coquette. I'rescott, Shanghai. Sid Jan 2P, Antilope. Wat kins, Shanghai. Mahvi ii.1i . April H?Sid Hollander. Faulkner, Falermo. Mai.ta, April A?Sid Coinmaeui.l, Jenkins. Girconti. IIami i A, Feb 17?Ship Vandnlia. ( o'lnan, from Rio Janeiro, with the cargo of Sd shin Fanna Cnbana, arr Hth, and ndv for China, supposed the only Am ves?<d, Vai iisa, April 9--Brig Osceola, Baker, of New Bedford, ore. Bin Gimnpr (Biasila), March 14?Bark? Mohawk, l.ord, fr in Richmond, (Cam a abt Doe 24) arr 12th ; Mimosa, Kcmick, from Boston, (Jnn 26) arr 7th disg ; Ardennes, Sampson, from Cadis, for Rio Janeiro, few days; I,ilins, Brannan, for Montci ideo, 6: Imogene, Banks, (with New York ( ireu? ( einpiinv) for St Catharines, 30; l.ri^s Russell, Willis, and ( lintou, I'urneok, for Salem, une; Milton, Carty, for Philadelphia, 10da\s. Alfred Hammond, Oreen, wtg orders; Charlotte. Ilopklnn.'dlag; sclis llannah, Woodman, wtg freight; Adolf.. I.oring, lor Castillo*, few days; Forest, Seward, for Montevideo, 3. Bark St l.awrence, Wait, from hisbon, and brig J no French, Jeffrey, from Cadir., arr at the bar 13th. Sr Choi*, April 24--Hrig Washburn, disg. SiMiAPOiiic, Feh7?Arr Frolic, Fauctn. Canton (and sld IHth for Bombay;) 26th, Eagle, l.orett. Cltlaa (and sld 27th for I hileutta ) Sld 2d, Ann Maria, Osgood, Pcnsng; Carthago, lilackmorr, Boston. ? ., 'I nEi.t April 14?Sld Muskingum, Crockett. Cadis. Vai r ahaiiso, March 2?Ship Unntross, , for San Francisco, 10 days. . ? .. _ , Arret do, Feb 2A-Bnrk F Pendleton, Curtis, from NVork (Nov 2tl); sld Fth Iff, sehr Ir.vinoible, Nlssen, San Francisco, wi h coal; 17th, brigs Theresa, (Fr) Pepin, do; Imperial, (dill) Hansen, do; IHth, hark I,ins, (llam) Hnudsen, do; ID. l.rlg (Jrii n, (Chll) Aqnlrre, do; 21st, ship (,'liateaubriand, (Fr) Fginond, no; brig I'a.juote do Cspiapo, Servant, do; 22d, bark l.ncao, (C'liil) Guerrero, do; 27tn, ship Androklus, (Dan) Sehn idt, do. Watchman's Caps:. Patagonia, Fob 1D--Ships Ann Mary Ann, for Sng Parlor, to sail in a low days; Caledonia, for Stoniiigton, do: Russell, M'Ponough, for Boston, 1.1 bark Brighton, W biting, do do; Mexican, for New York, next day. Ilotn? l'orta. A rpoNAi'O, May A Arr scl.r Mary, Gardner, Baltimore. llAiTuesr, May 7 Arr trig Nancy, Dwris, Charlesion; rc11, ( i n \t ?rr> n. t'livl.y, Portsmouth, N||; I atnmawdcr-in(j itl, r.'. tchuu, H \ yrk. l id I ark. Yvrktvwit, Jtvttr, Ma Uovm, achr St Mary, ChAateaa, Valparaiso and Sab Francisco. lion on, May 7. AM?Arr ship Sophia Walker, Wiswtll, Valparaiso; achr Klua Lawtoh, Robbies, NYork. Old ship Khmeut. Me Near. Mutants*. Mr ship Marion, Maylor, Uathurst. NS; aohr Aurora, Brown. Haiti more. May 7, PM?81d, wind NK to SK. hark Ida; aclir Barbados*; the hark probably went to sea, and the achr anchored in the Road*. Max.or, May 4?Arr achr St I.ucar, Could. NYork. Hath. May 4?Arr Irij^ Amanda Parsons, Mullen, Kappahunnock. Hi.vritlt. May 1 (not April 27)?Arr achr Pelican, Trofatter, NYork Calais, April 27?Sid achrs Escort, Smith, Philadelphia: 2lHb, Soplironia. Torrcy. NYork; Globe, Sawyer, do; Lady of the Ocean. Posset t Philadelphia. ('aiiim, May 1?Arr lirn'np lirtLiEmpire, Liverpool. Chaki.isto#. May I?Arr ship* New York, Hull, New York; Java, Perry, ao; Br b?rk Ivy Green. MeCnlloeh, Bermuda via Hampton Honda; Br bark Portland. Stnlker, Liverpool. C'ld, ship Newton, Howe*, London: harks Cherokee, Humphrey, Boston: (Br) Pandora, Wnni, Liverpool; schrs Henry, Reed Baltimore President. Ashley, Newport. Sid, ships America, Dunn. I.ivarpool; Caindon, Sherwood, New York; hark Harriet & .Martha, Leslie. New Orleans; brig Pamuhoo, lloudlette. West Indies; achr Zepnyr, W??od, do. May 5, arr steamship Osprvy. Leeae, Philadelphia. Cld, ships Geo A Hopley, llehrn, Havre; John Baring, lluiley, Liverpool; New ten. Sears, London; bark* Llivin Harheok, Dixen, Antwerp; Cherokee, IIumphrey.Boston; schr Brothers, llaMnao, ^ngun la Ciaudo. Sid, llr bark Paudora, Wtmy.-sh Liverpool. Dam irn, May 4 Arr achrThamee, Sears, Philadelphia. r, May .Y?Arr schrs Juno, Itohinson. New York for Boston; Zephyr, Crockett, do for do; Kndora, Leland, Lcland Kondottt for do; Oraloo, Earnhuiu, do for Calais: Fortune, Spalding, and Hero, Perry, New Y ork for Thomaston; Brook* ville. Cott, Duron for Portsmouth; Gov Arnold, Matthews, $nleui, NJ, for Boston, ISld, schr Susan, Kusscll, Now York. 7th?In port, the vessels arrMh; also schr Equity, Harding, for Boston. Ship Walter Scott will leave port this day fur California, provided the steamer Massachusetts comes iu to tow her out, the wind being ahead. GLOfc May ft? Arr brig Sarah Ann, Tucker, Mari-1. II a iitkori), May 0? Arr bteain ?c!ir Oaceola. Mills, NVork. Sldftth, tteiim sehr Sachem, Thraahcr, do. Lewis, Del, May 7, 4 I'M?The bark Mannaletta, from the Coas-t of Patagonia. and trig Minerva, from Belfast, Ireland, weighed anchor this morning, and stood up, The bark Ralph Cross, for St Francisco; brigs Clement, for Boston, and Callander, for Wilmington, N<\ with quite a licet of coal laden vessels, arc now in the roadstead, awaiting un opportunity to stand to sea. Mom i.i. April 21?Arr ship Lorena, Conway, NVork: barks Martha, Adams, do; Glenn, Small, do; brig Monica, liarko, Philadelphia. SOth?Arr bark Zcnobia. Knowlton, B< ston; brigs Sutton, Pi rkins, do; Wal sega, Smith, Boston; -< hrs Boboooa & Frankis, Nickerson, do: Gen Worth, Oldborry, NOrleans. CM bark A 11 Kiuiball, Sleeper, Boston; brig Eagle, Davis, N Fork* New Ori kans, April 29.?Arr, ships Macedonia, Snow, Baltimore; Akbar, Crocker, Boston: Manchester, Cone. New Fork; Bono, wsston, Boston: W? Badger, ih taias, ?i... kark-i Sasony, Knowlos, Lifsrsost; Hypanan, Parkins, Havana; Telesco. Wiualow, N York via Ila\ana; brie Selina, Nelson, Trinidad; aclir Bratos, Farnsworth, NVork. Went to sea 2l?th inst, shii'S Maryland and Talleyrand, bark Cyane, and behr Water Witch. 27?h lint, bark Sultan and brig Saivadora. New London, May ft and 6?Arr barks Curtis, I'icrson. Watchman's Cape. Patagonia; Iris, MoLain, Patagonia. si-Its Phantom (Br). Tallock, Newport. Wales; liopeton, Luce, Savannah for Providence; K BSmit!), Robinson, Philadel for Nor; Olvuipus, llolt, Philadel. New iIavkx, May ft and 0?Arr John Walls, Jr, Sanford, Boston for California; brigs Russian, Veaiie, Porto Rico; Eleanor (Br). Pratt Sunderland; schrs Uuld lluuter, Wright, St Croix; E 1' (arton. Ellis, I'hilud: Sum Lewis. Burroughs, do. Sid schrs Alexander, Nenle, I'l.ilad; Geo Hotchkiss, Raynor, do; Montcmma, Fairhrother, Brandy wine; Sarah Elizabeth, Smith. NVork; Surveyor, Chapman, do; J M Warren, Chapman, Albany; sloop Opera, Croton. Nfwcasti.i, May 3?Arr schrs l'resldont, Georgetow n, d C; 4th, brig I.eoUh, Stetson, Virginia. ,\a?ti'ck?t, May 4?Sid schrs Susan, Unssell, NVork; Cth, Exact, Norfolk; sloop Triumph, Albany. Nr whphvpoiit. llayfl?Arr sehr Erie, Disney, Work. punt. May fr?Arr ship Watarn, Thrane. New Orleans for Liverpool; brigs Charles Tlioinn-. liray. Philadelphia for Iloston; J Nickerson. Nickerson, llaltlinorc for Boston; suhrs K Wright. Wright, Rappahannock fur Baltimore, (perhaps ltaih;) l.iberty, Waite. V irginia for Cohassel. (perhaps Wiscassrt;) sloop Charles, Rhodes, Providence fur Now Vork. tith?Arr sclera I.ucy Ik Nancy, Ailams, Wilmington for Boston: Cussins, Merry man, Orlund for New Vork; Jane Ik Eliza. Jtoardinan, I'assamaijnadv for Newcastle. Noiikoi.k, May 7? Arr sclera Eliza Jane E, 1'earsol, NVork; Pan Francis, Ferris, do. lee lleemptoee Roads?Sehr Cleampioei, Keen, Ilaltimore, bnd to Nl.t ndon. 1'orti.ami, May .1?Arr brig. Com Stewart, Merrvman, Beeeksville, SC (aieil proceeded to Brue-swiek); Token, I'rlnee, Norfolk. ( Id Sarah, Enrsons, NVork. Sid sehr Alvarado, Lanpher, Wilmington, NO. Bortsmoi'tm, Jlay 3?Below sehr Magnolia, from Iloston for niuchill. I'iiiiahsii'iiia, May 7?Arr brig Allele, Fontaine, St Jago ele Cuba. i t'HOvmr.NCK, May 3?Arr sloop Jeeno. New Vork. Sid sehr Tineo, Edwards. Suffolk; sloop Capitol, Barker, New Vork. Arr May tith, brig l.ydia, Slater. Matanzas; sobr .lueeiata. Smith, Norfolk. Sid sebs Oxford, (new packet, of this port, IW 3-!t3tli ton,) llowland, Baltimore; Holder llordea, Crowell, Philadelphia; Klneiree Rogers, Spelman, Alhanv; sloops Harvest, French, Roger Wllleunis, Sturgis, and .Us l.neeipheer, Kcnncy, New Vork. RrceiMOM), .May (i?Sid schs Bridgewatcr, Mathews. Bos Stoniwgton, May 5?Arr rt( lir Susan, Bray, Philadelphia for Boston; ?loon China, N York for Chatham. Savannah. May 3.?Arr, lmrk H II Mails .Adams, Boston; hrics Egyptian, Oram, NYork: Lowell, Yates, do; schrs .1 II Holmes, Lodge, Philadelphia. CM, Br ship Ottawa. Thrift, LiveriK>ol; brig J Cohen, Hatliorn, Thomaston; schr Lamartine, Turner, Providence, May 4.?Arr llr hark Win Carson, Vaughn, St Johns, NB. CM, ship Georgia, Hills, Havre; brig Eliza Jane, Townscnd. N York. Saj.k?i, May 4?Arr Bchr Globe, Small, NYork; fith, brigi Vintage, Babbidge, Ambrir, S\V coast Africa; Mermaid, Cpton. Bio GiAiide; achra Sophronia, Calais for NYork; 6tn, Welcome Return, and II k Foster, Philadelphia. Sid 4th, thru Mary Clark, NYork; 5th, Leapcr, Nickcrson, Albany. Passenger* Arrived* Southampton?Steamship Washington?Thou Crawford and Indy, Misses Jane and Annie Crawford, and servant. Home; Mr A 1) Iselin, lady, master Adrian Iselin and Win Iseliu and two servants; M A Brisbane, Mile Hlangoy, Mons Desportes, Madam Blauuey, Mr Durand, Mr Turner, lady and servant; Brooke O'Lnngnlin, James O'Laughlin, Mr K.viiukton. child and servant; Kdward Barton, G C Blalien. Mr Dickson, Mr Fry and servant, F B Goodrich, l'liillip Fuchss, Kasolie Fuchsr, Kachael Nuestadt, Dar II Fachum, Zignatz Geritcl, Barbara Gerstel, Keheknf Gcrstel, Moritr. Mayer, F Vianger, Ernestine Mayer, August Mayer, Marianne Mayor, Joseph Bondy, Kva Bondy, Frederick Bondy, Alfred Bondy, Barbara Bondy. Eva Papper, Julie Pauper, Jnhonna Papper, Sarah Papper, Elisabeth Papper, Ferdinand Newmann, lt d Beliroeder, Robert Xeisch, Herman Billaek, Carl Wendt, Mary Stephens. Jacob lliewriehs, T C Itust. llelene Rust, Godfied Itust, Sophy Hunt, Caturka Haake and servant, Elieo Post,A Bern, 11 Berg, Max Lcmherfr. Julie Lembrgw, Geo Sctnoul, C K Doc'pler, Marie Doepler, Lewis Lueasfen, Louisa Orloppe, Richard Orloppe, Mary Orloppe. Pauline Orloppe, Euiifie M irth, Lcddy Wirth, Clara, Helena Wirth, Mary Wirth, Victoria Wirth, F Gncntell, Kdward Koosen, Florentine Schmidt, C Louis Poehler, Carwliue Knoii. Ernst Petri, Joseph Mann, Maria Mann, Aloissa Winkler. Isabella W einzier, Seraphina Paur, Angela Oterndorfor* Franseska MsgoM, Ottilia Osterried, Robert SehoerfV^ ? w Moll, 81gmund Attschull, II G Vic tor, Benno Hofiuan. U G Ueerdes, GovMb Wehlo, Noriti Wtkla Df VtnUti, Dr Brandsrs, Box Aheles, Ludwig Deuihitr. Wilhelm W'clile, Kleanoro Wehle. Finilie Wehle. Annlie Wehle, Caroline J Wehle, Ernestine U ehle, Frederick Deuibitz, Fanny Calmus, Nenn Waittleld, Ida R in st, S a Itti r, ( w lent r, R ;ino Wehle Palis Wehle, Theodore Wehle. Fanny Wehle, Fmilie U ehle, Frederick Wehle, llertha Wehle, Flora Wehle, Josephine Wehle, Ida Wehle, Ottilie Wehle, Merits Michelstatter, Amino S Appleton. lleine 1) liilftrs, Wm Williams, Ernest do Flonry, L de la Pcnicre?141. Chami r.f.ton?Steamship Northerner?G O Grove, II J Fow ler, J C Allen, V Pitray, A F Edjrerton, Lieut Kuttledge, U S N, b Summerheld, C P Holies, Mrs T A Heath and 2 children. Mrs Dyson, Professor Shepard and lady. 2Misses Shepard, Master Slu pard, Rev Mr Young and lady. K L Je.iuronard, lady, child, and servant, Miss J P Hart, Mrs Fisher. Mrs Palmer, Mrs Mead, K Palmer, II Steinhnrt, lady, chila and servant. Miss S M ( allender, Mrs Garthwart. Miss Kollog, Mrs Hall, Mrs Mo]by. Miss Lines, J Palmer, Mr S C Willard, L Morris, D NBontel, S S IMne>n, J Johnson, B DL'ror! tia, R K Johnston and 2 children?J|H in the steerage. mmwmmmm?mmmmmmmmmmmm?m?mimmm?m?mmmmmMmmmmmm Married, In St. Thomas's Church, on Monday, by the Hoy. James Mfllett, Rector of the C hurch ot the Holy Mnrj tyrs, Mr. Hrmhy Billingr. to Miss Hariiikt Mili.ktt, all of this city. DM, On Tuesday morning. May 8th. after a short and so vr-rt' unions, noun k u*i.i.i>i'. ntc" <w years. Tin* fri? nd? an<l itrqunintaiin-ft of the family nre roppcctfully invited tnuttrmt his funeral, this (Weilneiu day) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from liis lute residence, No. 47N i berry street. L'tica jmpero please copy. Yesterday afternoon. suddenly. SrRArinas. fourth daughter of ltiehnrd K. and Klizabtdh S. l'arisen, aged 11 jears and 1 month. 'J lie friends of the family are inviti d to attend the funeral, on Wednesday, at '2 o'clock I'. M., from No. '20'.. Madison street, tier remains will he taken to \\ illiamsburgli for interment. 1 AMEKT1SKMENTS fcBNBWM EVERY DAY. THAVKLLER81 GUIDK. J.AARF, KEDUC ED TO $4.?REGULAR If. S. MAIL Lino fur llont*>n, nnd Lowell, via Norwich and Worcester Railroad, from Pier .No. IH, N. K., ft?ot of Courtlandtatreet.?Steamersof t his line, ( Knickcrbockcr and Worcester,) will leave Tier No. IH, N. K.. foot of Courtlaudt street, daily, Sunday excepted, at A o'clock, l\ M., instead of I'icr No. 1, an heretofore. Passengers and freight f<?r the .above places, can depend upon this line being the cheapest Mil soM spadltioai tij "i NMhiii Boston, Lowoli, Nashua. or any part of Vermont or New Hampshire. States island ferry.-leave new yoke at 9, 11 2,4. and 6 o'clock. Leavo Vandorhilt's Landins a t K, 10 1. S. and A o'clock. STOLEN. <? WW| REWARD.?TAKEN FROM THE DOOR OF j ? lvv the subscribers, ?>n Thursday afternoan. 3d Inst., a small case, containing A piece* black satin Vesting, mirke.l I ' Nichols. Pierce It Co., Boston." The above reward will be paid for the recovery of the goods, or in proportion for any part of them. REGARD k f'O, I Id Pearl stree*. HE STOLEN NOTES OF THE RANK OF HIRSTI R Count?.?The Rank gives yet another caution to the public ngAitist receiving nnv notes of the old issues. For nearly a year and a half skcii not?*< have been recalled by very extensive * <1 vert i sewn at, and warning against their reception. The Rank Ins redeemed the full amount of the old inane, excepting stolen notes n?t recovered froin the rohbers. Re< ent attempts to pn?h such notes into circulation, demand the repetition of the caution, that after the great net-oriel* of the robbery and extent of publication made, snob stoloujiote* cannot be received by any person without a jnst lialol ty to a rigid scrutiny Into the eircuniMtuncev, and a defence being taken to the pnyn ont of any stieh notes. The Bank, as heretofore, confidently relies on the aid of the ooicinunity to prevent the succoss of all such attempts to impose upon its stockholders, or other indi\ id uuls. By order of the Directors. WASHINGTON TOWNSEND, Cashier. WestCbestcr, IV, May Ad, lft-19. ViOHT. d<QA REWARD LOST, ??N MONDAY, % DIAMOND y/^" Breast Pin, single ."tone. The finder will rocei? the ii i \. reward, by leaving It ai the ofkee of theYraaklin 11 A PL REWARD.?STOLEN BY THE CRFW OF TIIF. RR. y/7?" bark .lumper, laying at Quarantine, a yellow painted ,|i lly lloat, with a black streak at the gunwale, about five inches deep. Any one delivering said boat to the ship, or to thi aubitci ibers, diall ro? i> t In- 11 \ i i rd P. W. BYRNES k CO., At South street. Lost?on Monday night, in hroadway. a bunch of Coral and Platina ('harms. The tinder will be

liberally rewarded for returning them No. 7H Naasau at., .'id ctety, front rooms, or to Of Twelfth st. REMOVALS. Removal.?dr. m. lko-woi.f has removed ,, ni N<> I - Br* ad way t \ '? I [> ard r.???t EMOVAli?PHILIP ERNST, PROFESSOR OF THE Roehm and Ordinary Flute, and Oultar, would inform his patrons and friends, that he lias removed to 2M Broadwav, I.sfargc Buildings, (r'*?tne No*. A and G. 2d Goer.) (SJIAR11 ' T C ROM It R1 I II I! R1 M ITER HIE LAW voil i? from 1111 n-'iiu street to Wall sir- et, next \ 4ot > V t'v ?. ' mfi.** elS?P?dI? WANTS. A german architect, TULL.y ACtJUal ntei) with all the different parti of architecture, drawing. and composing plain, desires employment by an architect of this plare. Apply tn Mr. II. llran. No. 22 Dnane it. ARKSI'ECTABI.I WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION an a Chambermaid or plain Seamstress, or to do general housework in a small private family. A good recommendation can kp mien. l'lesse call at the corner of Thirty-second street and Sev euth a\ onue. uiiti Grocery store, the east aide. In form a 1111.\ wanted, or samiki, kki/./ei., it r bis brother M illialii I'rilltl, M lieu last heard I *u in lladdonfield. New Jersey, in the employment of Mr. ! John Mason. If this meets his eye, he will pf i>e direst a Intir t' |H Hudson street. New York, fur \V 'Ilium f'n >, l. Pi.ace vv \ \ t k 11 in It a a ke-h'eit aide girl, with the best recommendations : is it tint rate ink, washer ai d iroucr. l'liaseapply at '<7 I'aiiiic street, i rut r of lint rum. YV AN'l I- I' III V RE>rKt'T \III.K mi St. tV'i i \l \ N TV a situation as Chambermaid, or assist in washing anil Ironing; no objection to general housework. 1'lease cull at rot llroadw ay. tir.?t ttnor, huek room. WdNIM -\ SITUATION, IT A VO0NQ WOMAN, to .mis , co .k, and iron, or to do general housework in a small f iinily . 1'lease call at the corner of Twelfth street and Kirs! ,., > ue No.207- Can he seen for the week, if not engaged. Wanted?a situation, hy a respectable woman, as Cook in a private family. Has no objection to assist will* tlio washing uml ironing. Is a good baker. 1 Clin produce the best of city reference. Please apply at 2540 I Elizabeth street, between Prince and Houston streets, lir^t flitsr, i n? k room \II ANTE i)?A SITUATION BY A KKSPECT.\ BI.K T f young girl, to do general housework in a small private fumilv; abe is an excellent washer and ironer, and a good chain term aid. and has no objection to go a short distance in the country. The best of city reference given. Pleas? call at N 1W Elm street, in the at-re. t an be seen for two davs nr anted i situation by i youboman ha\ m iupan extensive knowledge of horses, as Groom; has no objection to go to the country. Ilis testimonials as to character, are from gentlemen in the old country, lie can he seen for two days. I lease address 11. II., or call at 16 Oliver street, in the basement. ? it- \MK.n BY 1YQUNOMAN YITBOOODRIFKRn ctues. who has had 1l years* experience In the tlpriuU sterv, fancy fringe, and gimp manufactory, as foreman. ??r to work at its various branches; or would go as under clerk in a wholesale or importing warehouse. Address J. O 11., llcrald ot!b e. IITANTKD \ Mil \TIOS. Il\ \ MOST AMIUTI0U8 Ti girl of lb. .*he is neat and tidy , is w illing to undertake the care of ch.ldrcn, chambcrwork, or waiting. Has good reference as to honesty and sobriety, l'lcase call at 5M) Fourth itn t| two day i WANTED lit A KKSPKt TAIil.K YOPSG GiltE, A situation, in a respectable private family, as Chambermaid or Waiter, ami is willing to make herself generally useful ; can speak French. The best of city reference given. Can be seen f< r t w ? day - at No ;;| Monroe street, in the rear. WANT! 1? H\ \ KF.SPFCTA 11 I.E. St DIE R YtMNG woman, a situation,|a? Cook. Washer, and Ironer, in a private family, or hoarding house; understands baking. Can give good city rereience. Apply at Kl Oliver street, WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A KESPECTA BI.E young girl, as t luiiiiberiiiaid and Waiter; understands her business perfectly well; or to do housework, in a small, private family; she i> an excellent Washer und Ironer, and is willing to make herself useful. The best of city reference can be given. Can be seen for three days at IP* Sullivan street, tirst flour, in the bElement. 1*7 ant] d? bk a yol n ' m \ r r!bd woman, with v a fre-h breast of milk, a child to nurse. Is a good dressmaker, lias no objections to go with u family to the country. Her baby is only three weeks old. Can be seen for three days; please to call at No. 17d I.aureus street, in the store. City reference. Wanted i situation b\ a 101 no won IN' us Chambermaid, or to do general housework in a small family. The best of reference* given from her last employer. Call at the corner of Twelfth street and First avenue, No. 207. Can be seen for a week. II/'ANTKD-IJY A K F.spF.o'TA Bl. F. HUM; GIRL. A TT situation?is a good plain sewer, and can do fancy work, in hiiittinir both Mtockinira and edirinirs of <11 ? Iritwla* would act ns whiter, or take euro of a child. Apply at H?7 Washington street, 2d floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG W"MA \. \ situation ns Chambermaid, and washing and ironing, or to do the general housework of u small private family; has no objection to g<? a short distance in the country. The best i?f relercnee can he given.'l at .'ill Sixth avenue, in the rear. 1X7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT vv girl, u situation as children's nurse, or to do general housework. Can be n b for two day at No. I Bank it. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS COOK, and assist in the washing and ironing; one that understands her business may apply at 227 N inth st. "1X7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, v ' vim perfectly understands dress making in all its parts, a situation as seamstress; a protectant family preferred ; no objection to the country. Please address E. J., No. 170 Elizabeth street, (op stairs) near Spring. WANTED?TWENTY SMART, INTELLIGENT MEN, to canvass the city. Apply at 102 Broadway, 2d floor, front room. Also, ten smart boys, to serve circulars. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUAtion m Cook, Washer, or Ironer; understands baking; is iii the habit of living in the best of families. Can he seen for two days. Tho best of city reference given. Please apply at No. 8 bifth street, third story. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAtion as Cook, in a private family ; no other need apply. The best of city refereuce given. Inquire at No. 9 J ay street, Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation as Chambermaid; is a good washer and ironcr, would ha\e no objection to waiting, or go a small distance in the country. Please call, or address a note to Mr. Wilson's grocery, corner 25th st. and .'id avenue. WANTED?BY A RE8PECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN, a situation ns Cook, Washer or Ironer, in a small private fsmily. No objection to go a short distance in the country. The best of city refcrenoe can be given. Please to call at No. 24 ?.r'th street. WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation in a small private family, n< Cook, Washer and Vroner, or Chambermaid ; has good recommendations from her last place. Please apply at No. 1(15 Broome street, n the basement. WAN TED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOM AN, A SITUAtion as Cook aud Laundress to a small, respectable family. Best of reference can be given by applying ut No. 5J Sullivan st., tirst floor. \X7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A v f situation as a first rate Laundress or Chambermaid, and understands French flintimr in the neatest manner, and has the best of city reference. Please call at No. 188 Ninth St., between the Bowery aud Third avenue. Can be seen for one week If not engaged. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, ns Chambermaid and Seamstress, and would make herself generally useful. Good reference. Please call at 63 Greenwich street, second floor, front room. Can bo seen for three days. XITANTED?A FIRST CLASS SHIP TO LOAD IN.? v Wanted, a tirst class ship or hark, to succeed the hark Tei timseh, and load in tho line for ban Francisco, California. Immediate despatch given. Apply to JOHN COLLINS, Jr., 74 South street, up stairs. N. 11.?A lot of fifty new Water Casks for sale. Apply as above. IN8URANCKS. OFFICE OF THE NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE CO., 67 Wall street. Now York, 5th May, 1849.?The President and Directors of the National Fire Insurance Company, have this day declared a dividend of five per cent, payable to tlie stockholder*, on and after tho 14th instant. ISy order of the lhoirdof Directors, W. C. KELLOGG, Secretary. OFFICE <*F NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE CO., f?7 Wall street, Now York, 8th May, 181!'.?At the Annual Flection, held this day, the following gentlemen were elected Directors for tin* ensuing year, via :? Thus. W. Thorne, John J. Derrick, Andrew D. Melick, Gilbert Davis, Win. Van Wyck, James L. Adams, Henry 11- Ward, Ge?rge Dell, John Decker, Martin Hoffman, W. II. Jaoobs. Philin Burrows, And at a Mil < juent meeting of the Doaru, Thomas W. Thome was unanimously re-elected President. W. C. K EL LOU U, Secretary. CLrOTHINU. tv LFIGIITON, FIRST PREMIUM 8IURT MANUFAC' ti rer, No. 10 Park Place, New York, and 5 Royal street, New Orleans. Hhi HIE 1 M'!>. l'l IKK RiiREKTS. TTRKOAJ>M. way, has just received from Auction, a large lot of Black Lace S? arfs, r- i Shawls, (rich patterns,) at a very low price; il#o, 8-4 Black and White Nets, f ?r Mantilla; Embroidered Cambric Handkerchiefs, Curtain Muslins, very cheap; Chemitotts, collars, and Cuffs, n great bargain; Valenciennes Laces, fr m Is. ;?-r yard; Lace Capes, (new pattern,) Figured Muslins, Ac. he. UilCAL. VflUSIC! THE PIANO WI I.I, M TM GIJT It V A aJM young Lady, who has a thorough know-lodge of Musio, and who can give t' omost unexceptionable references. Terms f r beginners, $9 quarter; those more advanced, tli Apply to R. C.. Herald oflloo. SECONDHAND PIANO FORTES.-FOR SALE, TWO second hand Planes, in good order; also, a superior assort incut of ti,l? to 7 octavos Piano Fortes, at SAMUEL C. JOLLIES, .TOO Broadway. rannsRi Arias fc OONNOE, COMMISSION, FORWARDING. and Miipiung Merchants. Pan ama.?Consign men ta of hip* and merchandise solicited, and all kinds of Commission business attended to on the usual terms. Drafts on New York, boston. New Orleans, San Francisco, London and FsN fin. MISCKI'LANKOl/S. AFEIC.NF.TTK RRAN DY, NOW LANDING. UK) half,'|War t. and eighth casks A. Seignette Brandy, of the old and genuine brand, landing irom brig* Antelope and Nanino, just arrived from Rochellc, and f ?r j-;i1o by 8. T. N1COLL A CO., G7 and o9 Front st. AM COMMISSIONER Ol DEEDS WISHING TO EE sign, can make a f.iv rable arrangement by add reding L. O. 8. box .'it .1 Post Office. 1.11NF. ARTS.?A GENTLEMAN RECENTLY ARRIVED 4 t I : Pnintingall originals, which ho intends to 1< II. The PaintiDa oiBbf imb m 96 DvMi vim! from i > theERh ofii) Oilv eoiatlNianii tin md *u h gentlemen who are able to pay the due price of a Titian and other distinguished artists. \T KW WORSTED AND FANCY HUMMING ll M Broadway, New York. ?.Mrs. Aline Doubet, (late with F M. Pcysor A Co.) bo ^ leav to inform the Ladies of New York and vicinity, that she has opened a IV orated and Fancy Trimming Store at tho above place, and solicits their kind patron Ago. N. II.?Every description o! Needlework and Drsiding; also Drawing and Stamping Patterns executed with neatness and despatch. PORTA ? LK WRITING DF.SKS WORK liOXFA. DRESS, ing Cases. Port Folios, Curd Cases, Pocket Hooks, with e\rry dim riptlon of foiht articles. ?nd Fancy Goods. The largest variety of Porte Monnaies in the city. i. R t IIOLN ELI Man Maiden Lane. SM.AR LAM 1 GIRANDOLES, c \ N DELIBRl I bandolier*. Ilall Lamp*, Ac.?A splendid stock of the al ovu in silver and damask, fr?.in Cornelius A Co.'s factory, of the finest finish in the world; also, tea sets, S.'T, $ VI, ami S.'Y>; table fork*, spoons. Ac., plated on tine German silver, f??r sub- by AHIiEK R- MORGAN, l.)2 VV il ha in street, between Fulton and Ann, opposite the church. %\ < LEMON. IMPORTER OF AND DEALER IN T Havana 8*gars, of the choicest brands, invites the attention of connoisseur! to his recoiit importations, which \r* new, and of r*r<> excellence, An examintion will prove i<i k an:agcotis to consumer* T he old ciij?<?mcrs of this store xrc psr'L niarly invited to call. W. C. LEMON, I Weil street. I AHVBEMRm. DOHIKk THEATRE.?WEDNESDAY EVENINoTMAT D 9, will l-e acted Till STRANGKR?Ths Strauier, Mr. I linmldin; Baron ^'einford, Mr. Ryder; Solomon, Mr. Gilbert; Peter, Mr. Winans; Francis, Mjr. MoFarland; Mrs. Ilaller, Mrs. Shaw; Countess Wintersen, Mrs. Walcot. After which, Mum Fanny Dreriur will dance the PAS OK SAVOYARD. The whole to conclude with BORN TO GOOD LUCK?I'aniWn O'Rafferty, Mr. Redmond Ryan; Count Malb. Mr. Stafford; Count Msnfiedi, Mr Duff: Count PlorensL Mr. J. C. Dunn; Counters Moling*, Mrs. Broadlev: Nina, Mrs. Dunn. Doors open at curtain will rise at 7,H o'olock. Dress CiroleSOc. Pit and Upper Boxes, 25cents. (MIAHFRAC'8 NATIONAL THEATRE. CHATHAM i J street?\t r<(n>^dav evening, May 9, will bo acted the drama of tho F.N CHANTER; Or, The Wirardofthe .Vlountuin ? Bohemond, Mr. Chanfrau; Raymond, Mi-. Herbert. Conrade, Mr. Dawes; Amaury, Mr. Seymour. Martel, Forre-itor; San Scire, Mr llamiltou; Random. Mr. Kascnthal; St. Elhert. Mr. Goodeeault; \\ alter de Muntell, Mr. Barnott; Geoffroy do Beanvuis, Mr. Thompson; Eustace Fitzgerald, Mr. Williams; William, Mr. Parde); laeult, Mrs. I*her wood; Bertha, Mi?s Smith; I a?i*un, Mr. Ilield; l.rnaol, Mr. Tilton; Saldan, Mr. W. II. Chapman; Almca, Minx Meatayer. Doors open at 7,Si performance commence at rt o'clock. Mechanics h.m.i n<? 172 ukoa dw a v. between Grand and Broome streets.--Monday, April 30, and every night until further notice, the original and well-known Christy's Minstrels--oriftini?ed- ?nii-i?.?/l company in the world ; the tirst to harmoai?? negro melodies, ami riginator* of ths present popular style of Ethiopian Kntertainments, a hoso sucfess in this city, during the past fhree years, in most conclusive evidence of their superior merit and at tract) vennss. The Company consists of ten performers, under the direction of E. I*. Christy. Doors open it seven; Concert commence* at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert every Saturday, commencing at three ?'olnek. I' M THE D1STIN8 IS NKW YORK, AT THE APOLLO J. Saloon, on Thursday and Friday next.?Mr. Distin and his Sous, respectful I) announce two grand Concerts, as ahove, on Thursday and Friday evenings, the 10th and 11th inst.. when they w ill perform on their silver Sax Horns, un admired fantasia on ails snug by Jenny Lind. The solo " All is Lost," and the celebrated solo en the trumpet, " The Soldier Tired, and the famous " r.? h?> Hunting Duett" on two French horns. Aflisa O'Connor will sing " The Last Rose of Summer," and with Mi>a Ih?tin and the Brothers a "Glee," without accompaniiJiQut. and several new Songs, Duetts, (llees,Ac. Piuia-t Mr. Wiley. Ticket# fdi cents each. Doors open at 7, concert to eomnicuee at S o'clock. Tickets inay he had at the m int ipal inusir stores, and of Corby n and Martini, Muiital and Prumatio Agents, 1 Barclay St.. New York. V"AlT III ALL GARDEN-NEW 8 A LOON.-FOE SIX Nights Only.?Unprecedented Attraction!?Mr. Maoarthy, the celebrated Delineator of Irish Character, of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and Coven t Garden, Lnudpn; aided by I Fanny Fraiiier, the beautiful uud celebrated Vocalist, from the fta!lr." Uuura Dv/pse. London, who will sing her most favorite Songs?Commencing oh 4,1"day pvcting, May 7th, and continued ovary cveuing this week, witli r^pular IriHb , Entertainments, entitled MIKTII AND MELODl o'? 'ILL I EMERALD 1SI.E?interspersed with original Songs, Sketches, Ac. Doors open at 7,Lg; to commence at N Tickets 2ft ots. No postponement on account of the w eather. (CfTHI CAMPBELLS ARE COMING."?M ON TAG 01 A Hull, Brooklyn, Wednesday Evening, May 8.?The origiuul and well-known Campbell Minstrels, whose Concerts at the Society Library were received with the most distinguished favor ami patronage, for a period of over five months, beg to announce to the ladies and gentlemen of Brooklyn, that they will give two of their iiiimituhht^aud highly popular Musical Entertainments, on Wednesday and Thursday Evenings, May II and 111; w ' ? n M?ev will in'roduoe a programme of their own original mu.-ic, dancing. An. Doors open at seven; commence at eight. Admission, 2ft cents. N.B.?The Campbells will cominonco a series of their highly popular Concerts, at the Apollo Rooms, 410 Broadway, on Monday Evening. May 14. G. A. KIMBERLY, Manager And Director. f> LF.ECKER BUILDING, CORN EH OF BLEECKERAND AA Morton street*.? E. Suiith, Manager.?The Manager has the pleasure to announce that the " Fakir of Ava," Signor Francisco, will continue his entertainments every evening this week. On Wednesday and Saturday, he will ho happy to see such families as cannot attend at his night entertainments, at 31\ M. For particulars, see bills of the day. THI DUSSILDORF ACADEMY OF TINE ARTS.--Till A exhibition of PllatilgS by artists of the abovo school will be open every day (Sundays excepted), from ID o'clock A. M. until 10 o'clock V. M., at the largo room over the hall of the Church of Divine Unity, in Broadwav, between Spring and I'rince street a. Admission, 2ft cents. Season tiokets, until lftth June inclusive. 50 cents. Catalogues, 12>? cents. SPECIAL NOTICES. Anniversary of the blind?the anxiyeraury Exhibition of tin* punils of the New York Institution for the Blind, will take place at tho Broadway Tabernacle, an Wednesday, May I'th, at I P. M. Tickets I2ja cents, the proceeds to be expended in printing for the blind. Clergy- I men aud Theological Students will be furnished w ith tickets ' gratuitously; at Dodd's bookstore, Brick Church Chapel, and at Robert Carter's, 2HB Broadway. American institute annual election, \n Election fur Trustees, Officers and Standing Committees id the Institute for tliu ensuing year, will be lie Id on Thursday, tic lllth of Mnv, ut the rooms of tlio Institute, No. 333 Broadway. The polls will open ut four o'clock, 1'. M . and close ut eight o'clock, 1*. M. trirtkes. James Titllmadge, John D. Ward, Slu lilicrd K aaj-p. llunry Meigs, John Campbell, E. t. Backhouse. DIV1DEND?BOWERY BANK, MAY 7, lsifl.-TII P. President and iMrectors of this Institutdon have declared u Dividend of Four per eent. on the capital stack, payable on and after the lot Is instant. Tlio Transfer ltooks will be closed until the lOtli instant. N. 0. BRADFORD, Cashier. 10. OFO. F ?THE It. IF. (SKAN I) LODGE OF THE State of New York will hold an adjourned Session at the Grand Lodge llooiu. National Hall, Canal street, this ( B'cdmsday) F.ienitig. at 7 o'clock. By order, henj. j. PF.ntz, Grand Secretary. IF MRS. ARCHIBALD, WIIO LEFT DETROIT ON THE 2d instant, for Scotland, is in this city, she is hereby informed that her husband arrived at Detroit,on the tith lust. She w ill please call on S. M'rny, Hi? West street. J.OnN RILEY, WIIO CAME FROM IRELAND IN ?I1E ship St. Lawrence, and parted from his sister Ann. in Broadway, yesterday, can tiud her in the t are of Mrs. Smith, No. 7 Union Court, University I'lace. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY ? Notice?The annual election fur thirteen Directors of this Company w ill take place at their ottiee. No. 2 Hanover street,on Tuesday,May is, iktli, between the hours of 12 M. and 2 P.M. The Transfer Bsoka will bo closed from the 7th to 15th lost., both days inclusire. By order of the Board of Dirootors. A. KYLE, Jr., Secretary. SIIII'IMNU. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN R. M. Steamships between New York and Liverpool, between Boston end Liverpool, calling at Halifax to laud and receive mails and passengers, are intended to eail as follows:? America,Cspt. tiarison, from N. York, Wsd'day,l6th May. Ilibernia, " Btone, " Boston, 23d " Canada, " Judkine, " N. York, ** 90th " Caledonia, " Lcitcli, " Boston, " Oth June. Niagara, " Ryrie, " N. York, " 13th " Europa, " Lett, " Boston, " 2llth " Cambria, " Shannon, " N York, 11 27th " America. " Harrison." Boston, " 4th July. An experienced Surgeon on board. Freight will be ehargoa en specie beyond an amount for personal expenses. All letters and papers must pass through the Post Office. Passage from New York or Bosun to Liverpool: First Cabin, <120; second do., 970. For freight or passage apply to J _ E. CliNARD. Jr.. 3H Broadway. For bavre.-tiie superior coppered and Copper fastened French bark Armantins, Cant. Kstsba. For freight or passage apply to ROYD k H1NCKEN. i70r havre?the superior french ship louis, m. ^ apt. urvmer, nut d?u uu ur in* m nroxuuu. i\uply to BOYD k 1I1NCKEN. PACKET FOR HAVRE-SECOND LINE.?THE SHIP St. Nicholas, Evelsigh, master. will nail on the 1st of Juno. IIPVI) fc fllNCKKN, Agents, 88 Wall sirest. Hark guimarabns.?all persons are forbidden trusting the crew of the above bark, as the captain and consignees will not be responsible for their debts. peter la prop. Captain rpo CAPTAIN TIIOS. OATCS, OF THE HENRIETTA. A New York, .May 7, lMJh?Dear Sir : On the point of lm ving your vchscI, w e think it our duty to thank you, ii.h well a- your officer!, for all the euro and attention you have paid 10 ua and our fellow passengers during our voyage from Astwm to thii plice, isi wt wiih] it All prosperity I after. \Veremain, dear sir. your moat obedient serxants, 1I>m<y Phrear, Hamburgh. m. S< iikoihr, Triers. N. S. Di n a nt, Vcrviers. Soimiik it iikodkr, " 1>aa hot, Paris. Joh'nk. He iiiiokdkk, " 11. lit'HOKR, Muncht n. K. SciiKonn.u, " A. (Jfhstmkvkr, Mainz. A. Fo? rmtkk, Cnlinb;u k. New youk, htii may. imx-adduess to captain Williams. of tlie ship iJmibrody, by the cabin and atyoragc Passengers, on board the Dunhrody, from New Ross, to New York. Sir: We, t lie passengers committed to your caro on leav ing the Hi.ores of our native land, fci 1 ourselves called upon to tender to you this, our farewell address, in the port < t Now ^ oik, and to express our gratitude to yon lor having conducted us fafe, under Divine Providence, over tho wid Atlantic, in the very short voyage of twenty-three days ; ull in go< d health and better spirits than when we left home.? \\ e attribute this happy event to your never tirin ; aoxiety, and more than paternal care of us. You anticipated our wants and wishes your urbanity and play fulness of disposition, and your exertions to cheer and encourage us. are above all ?ur praise. iVe ferventl) hopo that your future career xx ill 1 < marked x^ ith the same good fortune; and having vijittd many ports nd foi . inns, tho evening of yonr days may he crowned with peace, plenty and happiness. Signed Lx the Commutes appointed by the passengers, j henry Whitney, george keating, ROUT. W II.1.1 AM CAMPION, PETER DOR.AN. DIRECTION!! FOR i'ii,uh.-u iOMRCT TO Visitation by the Health Officer. Every vessel from a foreirn nort having pansengcrs, and every vesjel having had, during her ptiSHago, any case of bmall-poz, or infectious or oiUfiou diiiMt arriving at any time. All wnw f i m any port, in the ordinary passage from which they must pass south of Capo Henlopen?arriving between the thirty-nret day of May and too sixteenth day of October. And all vessels from any place (including islands) in Asia, Africa, or tho Mediterranean, or from any of the West India, liahania, Iler mii'Jl or M ratern Ifmrim, nr uvm :in/ on* ;?i?.-i m .o mvriow, is Hi* ordinary |>*.> <ara lr<>m ? hioh tliey pa*? aoiKh of (leorgin ?arriving Uiwaii the lire! day of \ and the Aral day of November. AI.KX. B. WIIltlN?, HealthOfficer. Journal of Cnmmnrae, Evening I'""' and Sun. nleaee enpy. TUB CULP OOAIT. J (jv)R t'AI.H'l iRN I A ANI> okkgon, VIA nib or. I lean*.?1 lie United Mail Steamehip Company will despatch ?n Saturday, May IKth, tli* coinmodioua nod well kncwnlteamehip V A I,CON, far I. hay res, via Havana and Mow Orleana, and will land ar r?*ei?e naaaeaanr* nt tlic bar at Charluaton or Savannah. Tli* Falcon will carry out the 1'tiiind Slate* Mails forth* I'aciflo eleamera from 1 aaaiua te Cnlifornia and Ortyon. Passage t<> Chagrw ia state room* $150 Do. do. low or after cabin 116 Do. do. lower forward oaldn 100 !) . do. tleem** BO Do. New Orleans in atato rooin.i 75 P I. do. lower after aabin 61) Do. do. steerage 23 Po. Havana in the atato room 70 Po. do. lower after cabin 66 Po. do leeraye 29 For freight to New Orleans, o- passage, apply to M a Kit H K HTS^ 11A Weat afreet. LK)K CALIFORNIA, THE RMION FIMT * clan, A I, coppered and copper fastened aliip PROM/A, now lying at pier No. 6 North River, will eail for Man Crancia o on or nbout the lfttli Inat., positively bavin* tier frioytit | nearly enraged, and now going on boar/. Can handsomely j accommodate a few tirat cabin passengers: also. about thirty aeennd cabin on deck, at JIJ5 and found. Tor passage, and the bulk of 800 burrela freight, apply to .. K II. SUTTON, W tVall atrcet, or JOHN OflPBN, IW IF all atreat. LTOR SAN FRANCISCO. CAl.IKOKNIA, DIRECT- P'>SIr lively tho brat and ,,niy regular r?.V1k*frT" 41 if The aplendid faat aallin* packet bark I hCUMSKII. ( apt. N. Richmond, having th. the baat part ef her ?"?< 'I***",? "< Coins on hoard, \n now londin* *t I lor No. III Norih MW. , For balance of freight or passage, apply on board, nt Pi*r No. II North "j-^.'ol.LINS. Jr., 74 South street, npstair* N B ? Shlppcra will plcaae ?*ad In their birla of lading earl* fbr signature. Passenger* by thla tee*#! that have not raidtbelr pasaagn*. will plcnae call at th# offioe of the agent end aeltlc. in order that their berth* may be necared There i* yet room lor a few more cabin paaecngera. No ateora.r) piuwenctre taken in this \ caret. AnusBnirrg. BROADWAT TUIATKI?B. A. MAKau21^ril?l prietor. ? Wrdaeeday evening, Mb/ ft, will be noted tAe alar of M ETA MORA?Metamora. Mr roirest ; Kaushlne, Me. Grace; Lord Fiti Arnold, Mr. Fredericks; Sir Walter Vaughns. Mr. Bernard; Mordaunt, Mr. Matthews; Errington, Mr. roauf Walter, Mr. Pyott; Captain Church, Mr. Martin, Oceana, Mas A; Nahmeokce, Misa Fanny Wallack. To oouolude with VOIR I.IFE'S IN GANGER?John Strong Mr Hadawajs hl.ponnonberg, Mr. Vnohe; CountSIS Ludorf, Mrs. Ahb.>ti| Jrnny, Mrs. W?m. Dresa Circle and Parqaette. 71 ?<>? * Fsn.ily ClroU,2S cents. l>??rs open at 7. to oommonoe at 7J{ 0 clock. A STOR PLACE OPERA HOUSE ?ACTINO MANAGER. 1 a Mr. < hipiwintaio? Stage Manager, Mr. John Sefton ? Hoses and I arunctte, 7ft etc.. A mphitheatre, '.'ft etc. Poors enon 11 .r.U.r w ris,-;it7li o'clock?Wednesday evening, Ma/ l;,!'.'.1 l',' M1" 1 tie m F.KKY WIVES or WINDSOR-* r John Fols-aff, Mr. llarb.-tt; Master Ford, Mr. (HI lark Master Pave Mr Kinasley; Pr Calm. Mr. *eftc n; Slender, Mr. ( hippeii.htte Mrs I rd Mrs Pope; Mrs. Page, Mrs. Mueller: Anna Pago. Mi*s M Phillips. Toconfltiile with the fsrro of SKETCHES IN 1 N I > I A?Sir Ma?tliow, Mr. Chippendale: Tom Tape, Mr John Soft?n, Scruggs; Mrs. Henry: I'oplin. Mis. Phillips,Sally Mrs Made*. BURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.?WKDii. sday evening. May t'th, will be performed th? farce eutilieil Ills FIRsT PeCCAPILI.O? Mr. Jon.nlab .linkia. Mr. Johnston; Captnln Furbish, Mr. Jordan; Mint Kosanna Jiukin. Miss Chapman : (Tarn, Miss Differ!. After which, IIHIK N t.NN V ?ili rr Nanny, Mr. Warden. Pan Silver. Mr. Ken Nell Wira. Miss Chapman: Anastasia Fotts, Miss IlifWt. T<. conclude with THE TOPPLES?Mr. Timothy Tno.lle. Mr. liurton: Farmer Acrn. Mr l.ynne; George Acorn, Mr. Jordan; Mrs Timothy Tnmllea, Mrs Vernon; Mary \corn. Mrs. Knight. Press Circle, IWcenU; Familv Circle. 2ft ocuts: Private lloiea, %: anil $"> Poors open at 7 oVIo. k. Curtain to rise half-past T. American museum-p. t. haknum, manages and Proprietor; J. Greenwood, Jr., Assistant Manager ? Every .lay and evening this woek.?Splendid Performance^ in the afternoon at 3, and evoning, at 'g before 8. The Maaa? gcr has engaged the celebrated (Quaker Giant and Uiaatemi they may tie seen at all hours, day or evening, with that dimiuutive specimen of humanity, Titania, the Fairy (Jnecb The cel. brut.-.1 Murtinctti Unuiily have been engaged, and wiB appeal at each entertainment, with Monsieur Ellster, ia theic wonderful Gymnastic Performances, laughable Pantomime^ lite. Also engaged, Great Western, the Vaiikue Comedian; Mr, mi i i?yn, iii?- i iii|<iwiii|iiu ^innur, .nr. mr. i Mihd H'ttt, Mi<u Hurt.Hi, Mini Melville. Highland Mum moth Hi.>tlnm. Splendid piuntniK of tho Revulutinn ia Kraaos. Wa? Scripture Statuary. An* repro.outition* .>t tlio Siam.'He Twin*. M.riamo Rockwell. ilia ri.rtune-toller. Admi-i 11 2ft ct.?. oltililrcn under 10 ymr*, 12^ ate. TOE NF.W oil LEANS SEUENADKUS, AND ORIGIN Aft Ilurl<K.|iin Opera Cuinpuuy?Open Every Niylit, at tha Society l.inrnry R/M\wi*, corner of lln.a.iwiiy and Iiuonard ?*. The (illicit cotnj.nny iii eiUteuee, and lliti flret to iulrvduaa and liarniniiuo Ethiopian kleli'di... The progrmnine omhracaa Grand Soenne from Norma, l.iuda, l.uureiia llorala, and tha popular t'horu&CH from !'>* Cuclinnlroaa. AdutUUnoe it ota. IdoM open at 7; Concert at S o clock. Concert ivory 5" day afternoon, at 3 o'clock. yOIGTLANDER'S M1CROC09MIC VIEWS, AT TUB New Assembly llooms, Chinese Museum, .*>11 Broadway. ?The exhibition oi these novel ami wonderful Pictures will open at the Chinese Museum, ou Monday evening May 7.? They consist of several hundred paintings on gla*s by tha roost eminent nrtists, #HccUm1 through thirteen inch achraniatie lenses, upon a transparent screen* thirty feet wide? embracing scones in Italy* the Alps, Germany, Spain, Portugal, England, France, China. Africa, ami all parts of the old world, and a series of American Views, including Greenwood and Mount Auburn Cemeteries, New York Hay, lie. $la. The second part will present full length views of PoworV Greek Slave, portraits of Washington, Taylor, Clay and Webster, and an entirely new and insgtiidccnt spectacle entitled Tha Kaleidoscope. The beauty and magnificence of those views, cannot he adequately described in w ords. Parquet ticket# 5<) cents, and *ea*s can be secured during the day from 9 to 4 o'clock, by application at the Kail. Admission to all other parts of the house, 125 cents. Exhibition to commence at J}? o'clock. :m; t an\i street. Tin; pcrformancrs at this establishment consist of the Tableaux \ mints, Singing. Dancing. ILo. The Tableaux aro represented by the largest troupe that ever appeared in this country; they stand unrivalled in beauty, elegance and grace, it t i, 2fic.{ Parqnetf?37a. ______ CASTLE GARDEN.-TUB 400TB WELL KNOWN Summer resort can now be engaged for eveniug amusements during the anauiug season, For further particular^ and terms, apply at the office on the premises, or by lett'K (poet paid) directed to the proprietors. FRENCII a REISER. SALES BY AUCTION. Auction notu p.-splendid and blioant fun i ure sale, this day, at lOVfo'clock, in the sale rooms No. II Spwco street, the property of a gentleman going t# Europe, a ?:d removed for convenience of sale; including amnsl sitpciior rose wood piano, and other desirable hoiis^kecpinjr articles. TIIGS. HELL, Auctioneer. Anthony j. blbkckbr will sill, this day (if fair weather), at 10o'clock, at No. It?7 Hleeckor street, corser of Sullivan street, tho valuable stock of the Manufactured Furniture oi Nr. F. A. Ilultior, who is declining ha* sincss. BV JACOB S. I'LATT.?L. <i. CARRINGTOM, Auctioneer.?Auction sale of Crockerv, China. Glass and Earthenware, Fancy Articles, 'I able Kuii? a and Forks, Japanned Tea tray s, ?Jacob >. I'latt will sell This Day, commencing at ten o'clock, in the large Sales Room, over the Auction Store, 'J.'l I'latt struct, several hundred lota, as above, consisting of flowed blue, amory, Arabesque and China Ware; also, light bluo printed; John Ridgway's bust whita granite and printed ware; also, dipped and C. C. ware; a full assortment throughout; also, ehto a Ten Seta; also, 100 bar* rail and ca ea Glass W ira, j irl hj aba pickiw and part in lots, to suit purchasers, consisting of Decanters, Tumblers, Wines, Lamps, I'l&tes, Nappors, Casters, Salts, Bird Glasses, Chimneys, Lamp Glasses, Cruets, Specie Jars, Goblets; Champagnes. Lc.; al so, Mantle Vases, Gallipots, Itc. Tho U.v V^iu?u ,.f ..11 1,1... la ,.f T.,r, 1 k? ,, ll'axa, T... I.*. Wnre, &c., kc.; also, edged warp Plates, Dishes, Nappies, Bakers, ftp.; ftUo, C. F.wor* and Busing, Jugs, Chambers, (tr., lie., the whole to he sold in lota to suit country deal era, gwww and retailer*, as well aa other*. New tork horse bazaar,:? crosuv street.? I,. F. Hough, Auctioneer.?Auction Sale of llorsos, Carriages. Hitmen*. Nudilies, kc., this day, Weduesday, Slth iojt., comuienciug at 12 o'clock. JOHN' II. GATFIEIiD, Proprietor. FOR SALE. 1,1 OR SAI.F.?THE FOLLOWIN'GVrO pXlIT FTIjPn/TA ted on the corner of ilroud street and Washington Park, in tlio city of Newark, New Jersey, extending on Broad street 2(i feet 6 iuches. and 1*1 I'eet along Washington I'ark. To any geiitletnan wishing to btlild. a MM desirable eituation rurely presents itself, n* it unites a favorable eituatioa fur business, and nil the advantages of a country rusldenco. The buildings now standing on the premises will be sold aloM with the lot. lni|uiri' ol the proprietor. JAMES DICKSON, 105 llitli street, New Vork. or of A N ORE W SMITH, Esq., at bin residence, a few rods from Newark bridge, Harrison township, N. J. IjlOR 8 A 1. E?A HORIZONTAL STEAM EN'dlNE. about Ol horie power, IK inch cylinder, 42 Inch stroke, with two boiler* each 21^ feet long, 4 feet diameter, each with two flues, made from No. 1 best l'ennsylvania iron. Ttas engine has not been used a month, and is perfect in every respect; the only reason fur selling it being that water power bas been substituted. Apply to A. K. MOKN, 128 Water street, or to the subscribers. WASBUURN, MOEV St CO.. Worcester. Mass. 1.1 OR 8 A I.E. OR TO I.ET SEPARATELY, THE LARGE 1 Hotel and Garden, 4th avenue and S2d street, with Bar Fixtures, Ac., being at the junction of the two railroads. Car easily take SltXI per day. Inquire on the premiss*, or of A. J. TERRY, 8 Well street, nalr Seating Factory and Machinery to let, 113 Riving ton street. TO DK LET. TO LET?A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOM, in a small private family w here there are no boarders, hi a desirable location, within one minsto's walk of Broadway. For particulars, address a note to I". S.. Herald nffloe. f|iO LET, OR FOR SALE, IN BELLEVILLE, NEW X Jersey, a two story briok House and attic, and garden, for the summer months, rent low, M miles from the oily. ABr Iv to Mr. John C. Lord. Belleville. New Jersey, or to Mr. John Robertson. IKI Water street, Brooklyn. riv (? LET DESIRABLE ROOMS, ON THE SECOND A floor, of the bouse 12.1 Mercer street, throe dovrs abovt 1'rinec street. Inquire on the premises. BOAUD1NO, ?fcc. Ho A It DING -TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN, or a gentleman and his wife, can be accommodated with Hoard on moderate terms, by applying at No. I'JU Greenwiok Street, between Fulton and Vesey. (tool) HOARD, Willi AIRY ROOMS, CAN HE GUI' taiii' d by applying at 2o Market street, near llenry. N# I urns will bo span d to make it pleasant for the Boarders. I hue will he but a limited number taken. Any single Gentlemen. or Centlemen ami their Wives, wishing such aooomIiodationf, w ill please qall. 1V/I ERCIIANTS' HOTEL. FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN ivl Arch ami Maikct, Philadelphia. The proprietorship and management Of this well known hotel, {which is locaoed W the very centre of business,) having this day passed into tho hands of the subscribers, they beg loave to stato that it is their purpose to render it worthy of tho liberal natronago with which It lias been heretofore sustained, and hope, by unremitting attention, to deserve the patronage of theuc friinds, who may visit the city on business or pJutture. C\k J. MeKIBHIN, Formerly of the Exnkangs Hotel, Pittsburgh. MEDICAL. LIVE AND EAR.?A PAMPHLET CAM HE HAD, FKRK M-J of cost, at 2ol Broadway, corner of Warren street, dn oribing Dootor Powell's now and successful mode of treating the affections of those sensitive anil delioat* organs. Recently imported, a largo supply of beautiful Artificial Eyes. Just published, a popular Treatise on the Eye, third edition. reVised and onlargud. Price 60 cents, bv JAMES W. POWELL. M D. INK W IIP.F.I.ER'S OF* HE, 2.1 I, It KEN v? It H > I It LET, A' for tlif cur" of Disea?ea of the Eye. Alto for inserting Arli'i ial kyu, of which ho has jutt import >1 * l.-tuuful < tltecum from Paris. A treatise, with numerous caset of hi# (freat sucocss in (iphthalmic .Surnery, may bo had *rati?, by applying at his othco. Hours of attendance, from 3 A. M. l? 1 " k, IV II DK. JOHNSON, Hi DP ANK HTKIKT, So W KM. K.NoWlf in the treatment of delicate disease#,?The Doctor'# rrpatation for a).ell in thoaa half cured case* that hwva aiuted for year# ia pro-eminent. Constitutional weakness, br ui*ht on by a aacrat habit, effnetually oured. Raeuat oaaa# ourad la four daya. DR. COOPKR, If B U A N E SKK-KTT. HAS, FOR THB last fourteen year*, oonlined hi# praolio* to tha truatI mint of Mercurial and other Disease# nature lie can cure the most syynivated case# ot thia diseaaa, and mild cases romovad in two to #?e daya. A perfect aura, or a* dAwe. M r /Tawi |MWAR1> WILL nn PAID m TUB Jbtf ?UI "1/ Hi "i|i? of any artiala whioh will oura Cbroata i... Toothache, CnU, Htirns, (holla, Sore Thr >aU I Headache, ibcc.. ?|Uiohcr than 1>K TOBIAS' VKMIiTIAtf 1 IN IM f A T. which novor fall# lor sale at the Depot#, ,1 Ku#t Elaronth street, and I Marra street; also by ilm Drunnista and Storekeepers in tha ally tnll throughout the United ^States. Price, and SO oanta. M'arranled. R. RALPH, AUTHOR OF THR "PRACTICAL PRIrato Treat!so/' be., mi lireeuwich atraat?Otlce beared to 12 A. M? 6 t# !> P. M (Sunday axaeptad). Thoaa who apply in the early atayes will be surprised at tha rapidity bad UMH irconrenience attonrfiny their oura. It ia onialiy. howarar, those * ho hara audhred from a oartain olaaa of people, wha oan properly appreciate hi* services. In atrlatnr*. from ltd first, or inoipiaut, to Ita mora adranoad and distressing ilayaa ('from uncommon advantage* and a rery aiteaaive pracMaaJ ha can afford a rapid, aaay and radical sura, whioh, ha had Inund for stating, caa ba ohtainad from no athar aawraa is marica. Dr. convkrs invigorating cokdiau-tiks Justly relehrdlail preparation la now eonaidared tha anly etlioactona remedy for seminal waaknea#. genital dehiliiy. and those sad derangomonU of body and mind eattaad by aearaj iir,proper hnhita of yculha. Dr. Convert' oflloe, a* No. ? Ihird aeanua, botwaen Tautli and Eleventh straat*. N.B.? I'rtf ate consultation* from V A M to 9 P M Prise of Cordial. $2 a bnttlri S bottles far $?; $10 Ml# half doaaw, $10 pad doien No charge for advico to those who the t ordial. l.eticm, |H>St paid Thr Cordial forwarded to any part oi the country. "N'.f; -Strangers desiring audi medical aid iLiuld notice thia advfrtifcaicnt. 0 J

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