Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1849, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1849 Page 7
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MEDICAL. FOSS'S COMPOUND EXTKAUT. OK YELLOW DOCK AND S.VRSAPARILLA, FOR THE CURE OF RHEUMATISM, SCROFULA. ERYSIPELAS, IM.MH.ES OK lilbF.ASES OF THE SKIN SALT Kltl.Ull, TETTER, Ll'MB.UJO, DISEASE OF THE SIMNE, MERCURIAL DISEASE, DROPSY, \ ENEKEAI, DISEASE. AND all those chronicafflictions whicharise from an impart state of the blood, or hnliit of tlia system. Alao, ??u?niuaDod medicine for Dytpepsia, Liver Complaint, Bilious Distant'*, Piles, Ac. Thit truly scientific and valuable remedy, not liaving been rdvertiaod nurb, isn't so extensively kuowu as the various "Quart Dottle Decoctions," under the name of Sarsupartlla. which flood the market; but its virtues are trell appreciated by hundreds of sufferers in this city, a ho have experienced its c.'tmarkahhy beneficial effects. It its very strong testable extract, put up in a beautiful 20 ounce punned bottle, and is nurb cheaper tbtn any of the advertised remedies'as each bottle con tains twice the number of doses of these. In fact, vre positively afiirui, that a person COULD NOT BUY At regular prices, the ingredients of this r< tnedy, and make one hot tie at the price we sell it at; and it is only by manufacturing in larjre <|uantities, and w itli the anticipation of the great sale which ita superiority will induce, that we are enabled to make it so concentrated for the regular price. The remedy was first prepared in the apothecaries' department of she New York Medical College, and before it u as introduced to the public, was used extensively by the eminent surgeon, l)r. V. MOTT, in the cure of those obstinate chronic cninyilaints w hich from his eminent position he was so often culled upon to treat. This gentleman s well known opinion of the superiority of Yellow Dock to Sarsnparilln, or any other popular vegetable alterative, is well know u and ha* often been publicly proclaimed in his lectures. This fact, conjoined with the bitter complaints of tliote who have been humbugged, and disappointed with the effects of the over puffed sursaparilla, will induce the afflicted to consult their own interest rather -than ?!.< iinTtrin<'tr>??ii iimti kk ftTlfi UMi* ll in ? : I i f * i 11 u liiiill lilts received the sanction of our best pin'icinn.-". 1 Vice $1 per bottle; six for (5. A. II. GOUG1I & co., 14U Fulton street, Vt holesnlc Agents. "cough's conservk ok cubebs, red roses and sarsapar1lla. Those who have been so indiscreet us to have contracted Gonorhoea, who sutler from seminal weakness or any complaint of the urethra, will tiu<t u safe and speedy cure in this remedy. It is a strong extract of the abovu medical elements, combined with some others whuse beneficial notion upou disease.-, of the mucous mcnihrune U bat little known t.- t ho faculty. It nets constitutionally upon those diseases, removing the complaistt and its cause at the saiue tiiuo. It is a safe, though efficient remedy, and is free from one objection to all rjimilar remedies, being free from smell and peasant loth* taste. Prepared and sold, w holesale and retail, by A. H. COUGH lit Co., 14'd Fulton street, Fourth door from Broadway. Price $1 60 per box.l oodoh's asiatic cholera cure. and diarrhoea medicine. Por MalignantCholera, as well asCholic, Diar+hcea and Sumtntr Complaints, this extraordinary medicine is remarkably efficient. It was used with great success in ISXJ, by the inventor, and is now offered as the best and safest remedy that can be used. Price $1 per bottle: half sire, 4s. Prepared by aptH-I3t* law A. if. GOCG1I fit co., 110 Fulton street. XiUCINA COIID1AL, Oil ELIXIR OF LOVeT THIS IS THE ONLY ACTUAL REMEDY EVER DISCOVERS* TOR IMPOTENCY, GENITAL DEBILITY, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, AND ALL DISEASES on: ASSIGN ED BY CERTAIN SECRET HtlllTS. And many of the nostrums recently recommended for the same complaints are worthluss imitations, whiohTits unrivalled excelleiicc, fume and popularity havt brought into the market. The medical faculty of Europe and the United Status are unanimous in their recommendations of tho l.ucina Cordial, and liave not giv en their sanction in a Dingle instance that Ims been authenticated, to any comE)und for the same purposes. The nature of the maladies reeved by the l.ucina Cordial are generally such us to leave 'the publication of certificates of cures out of the question, or the proprietor could produce a host of tho most conclusive testimony to show that the great reputation which it enjoys was not accidentally obtained, but is firmly based upon its positive, and apparently miraculous, virtues. In all directions are to be found the happy narents of healthy offspring, w ho would not hnvo been so but for this cxtraoruinury preparation. And it is equally potent in the many diseases for which it is recommended. Objection has been naturally made to the price of Lucina Cordial, beoausu the trash that has been thrown into tlx market in opposition to it is sold cheaper; but the fact is, the eordial cannot be sold for less, und ought to be much doaror, as many of the ingredients which composu it are among the costliest of things in nature ; w hereas the other,' are made up of cheap drugs, worth but little in money, and less in merit; and it is a fact, that at least one of tho getters up of these same mixt nros, makes it a point to add one bottle of the Lucina Cordial to a given number of gallons of his compound, BO as to glv* It Horn* lllUU toils ami Yirvuu, ?uu ium WIUUI fail conscience. We assure the reader that the utmost reliane may be -daccd on tho Lucina Cordial in 'the cure of the maladies mentioned ubovc, and also of those which follow, via:? 1,051 of Muscalnr Energy, Physical Lassitude, and General Prostration, Irritability, and all Nervous Affeotions, Indigestion, Sluggishness of the Livor, Gleet and Fluor Albas, and every disease in any way connected with the disorder of the Procroative Funotiens, in all of which it will :.lford almost immediate relief, and, if used as directed, is almost certain to produce a positive and permanent cure. Persons about to xnarry, if conscious of any weakness or disability of a certain nature, should take this Cordial, as it will infallibly restore health and vigor in a brief period; and where want of offspring is a cause of regret, if recourse he hud to it, the most benetieial results may be anticipated with confidence. Principal Oifioe No. 1M Greenwich street, throe doori from -Courtlamlt, New York. Also for sale at No. UO North Sixth treet. Philadelphia ; in Kaltimore, by George IV. Jones, and John M. I.aroque; in Washington city, by Charles Stott. mh27 13t? GREAT SPRJNG MEDICINE. GAY'S EXTRACT OF CANCHALAGUA, 1 A CALIFORNIA* SLANT Of rare medicinal virtnes. PUBLICLY ADMITTED BY Dlt. TOWNSEND, MANUfacturer of "Townsend's Sarsaparilla," To be " Far better than aariaparilla," A CERTAIN PREVENTIVE AND CURE FOR CONSUMPTION, Coughs, Colds, Influents, Asthma, Bronchitis, Sorofula, Gout. Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Erysipelas, Lumbago, Paralysis, l'leurisy, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Costiveness. Dysentery, Dropsy. Liver Complaints, Piles, Bilious Complaint!, Nervous Affections, Cutaneous Disorders, fever and ague. Fevers in general, Hemorrhages, Fluxes, Obstruction!, Increased Discharges, Depraved and Defective Appetites, Indigestion, and all diseases originating in constipj1tton of tjif. bowels, or impurity of the blood. or which tend to enervate the system. It gives tone and vigor to tlio Digestive Organs, and is remarkable for its Animating, Strengthening, and Restorative Powers. Taken in the spring, or fall of the year, it is invaluable as a Family Medicine, in preparing the system to sustnin the changes of our climate. As no mineral snbstance whatever enters into the composition of this medicine, it may be offered to the most delicats female, or youngest child, w ithout apprehension. An immense number of persons have used the celebrated Canchalagua of California, since its very recent introduction into this country by Mr. Cay; and they all soncur in stating that one of its most astonishing properties is its immediate and effectual action upon the blood. A freer and more rapid circulation is at once produced, and the slightest wound will readily prove how liquid and pure the blood at once becomes. Its action is felt through every vein of the body, with the most invignrnting power; it is not like bleeding, which relieves the system by conveying from it tnly the purer and more liquid limpid blood, and leaves its stagnant and vitiated particles behind; nor like transfusion and injection, whish add to it a fluidity at the expencs of its quality; but it creates, as it were, a new and healthy blood, and imparts now lifs and action to every part of the body, go long as tlio blood is pure and healthy, no infection, however malignant, can take deep bold of the system, and tbs SPASMODIC CHOLERA may, through its use, bo deprived of its malignant character. 1 ne terror of lever and ague, in crossing the Isthmus of Panama, and at the 0 C) L I) R E G IO N S, needs no longer to exist; for n single bottle of tho Canchalagua will break up and eradicate this dreaded disease, even if of long standing. A single bottle of the same will be found to contain one-third more dozes than a quart bottle of Sarsapnrilla, whilst, from its condensed form, the freight on tbs same will not be one-fourth as much; besides this, it contains no syrup or ingredient likely to ferment and sour in warm climates. | CANCHALeAGUA ?s 8AR8APARILLA. TnE annexei>Cetter, from an eminent lawyor, is made pdfalie by the proprietor of (Jay's Canohsla Ea, aa u just tribute lu lue extruoruiunry virtues m hub v.uui iiia plant:? Northampton, February 7, 1849. Dear Sir?I have long wished to aec yon, that I might giva you an accurate account of the remarkable cur* of my only daughter, of a violent onse of scrofula. She ia now almost three yeara of age. In February last, putrid Bore* upon the lips, faro, and glands mado their appearance, and increased with fearful rapidity; one of her eyes became so badly ulcerated, that to all appearance it could never ngaii. be restored. This continued for six wecka, the child being a most horrible 3ight, and the hearts of her parents almost nroken. During the whole of this period we used Sarsaparilla in largs quantities, but the disease was not arrested iu the least. While the Jisoasc wns still at its height, I happened mio day to call at the store of your very gentlemanly agent in this place, and relating the manner in w hich our child was alUicted, he advised mo to make a trial of your Canohalagua. 1 took but cine bottle, having no confidence in it: but commenced giving t according to your directions, stopping all other medicines at once; and in just five days the swelling visibly decreased, the ulcer began to heal, and she improved rapidly for three woeks, and, to onr very great joy, was apparently cured? less than ,two bottles having been used. Naming this esse to some of our incredulous friends, they seemed to think the cure must in part have been effected hy the use of tlic Sarsaparilla; and it was not easy, under the circumstances. to argue against that opinion: but now for the proof. When the child appicarcd to lie perfectly cured, w e stopped giving her your extract, supposing all was safe ; but in tw enty-five days the same eruptions, running at the eye, a'nd swelling began to return. Me waited five days to sco if it would amount to anything serious. It increased rapidly as before. We again commenced giving her your medicine, .nd in five days, (the came period of time as before.) she began to grow better; and in about two weeks was well again. W"e eontinuod giving tho extract for thru? or four weeks longer, and then stopped ita use entirely. From that day to this, the enild has beon perfectly well,'and is now aa line a picture of health aa was ever seen; net a soar or pit remains to inar her beauty. My father, Isaac Hodges, of North Adams, llao., a physiciau, eamc to sec us, w ith the intention of proscribing f r hop, / but as we were using your medicine with success, and tho ohild improving rapidly, lie did not v ini''inn it, hot loft iiis own prescription to he used in case your extract failed. It is needless to add, that we had no occasion for it and I am sure ho will now recommend your medicine in similar cases. As foe myself, I ask of everyone who has any affliction of this kind to 111.ike a trial of your invaluable < anehalaTua, and I am certaiu tlioy wiN hi r warded tenfold. HORACE .1. IIODCF.8. To FRCtiraicK A. Cav, F.sq., proprietor of Cay a Cauckalague, IK Ilroadway, New Vork. From K. U. Wlisjnow, Ksq., hanker, 82 Wall street. Ntw Von*, Sept. 14,1848. To Frederick A. Oay, Eso.: My Dear Sir 1 cheerfully cr mply with your request in ?oknowlodging with others, the benefit which I have derived "rom the use of your Fxtraotof Canchalngua, or California J'lant. Ita effects upon my system are uvldont and -ratifying, and iave induced me to roeganmend its use to mv friends, and I im pleased to assure you, that In no instance have 1 been duappuinted in its efficacy. I do not hesitate in toy eonfidonoe in Ita romnrkablo medicinal oiialities, to state that I believe it will le found to be an ixcollent remedy in most cases of diseases of tho liver and kidneys, in pulmonary affections, and also in the purification of tlie blood be. 1 lint your mwrit in tlie Introduction of this invaluable plant may be appreciated, ia tlie siueem v. iali or Yours, siueorolr. R. H. WlN'SI.OW. [From tha Sunday Times.] diT'i C/wtwiAi a Of a.?ft' Mexico had never prodnced anything mere valuable than the plant from which this preparation is mado, we should nolle inclined to despise ii, for we are satisfied that Cay's Canehal?.;nais one of M.? most valuable medicines which has hoen added to tho pharmacopeia within tlie present eonttiry. We mean w hat vva say?for its effects hava been tested nndor oar own eyo, with the most surprising uud henohoial resulta, in a case of oonhrmod bron-ahitis. DEPOT?SB Ilroadway; whole sla arents. Rnahton, Claik k 1o? A. II. k D. Hands, J. U W. I'eiilold Jt l.'o,, Uavilund, OSceae k Co. Sold at retaj] by tha lending apothocaries in Broadway, and roughout the city. mKllSt'rro TO A DISCERNING PUBLIC. lr Vow Wtar tiii Obioihai. axp Owi.t <Jki?wi>? DA 1.1,1.Y *8 MACK AI, FAIN EXTRACTOR. a s u to a yotn LAI TOS IT IONS AND COUNTERFEITS, AITI.T AT Tit g OR's Om.t HKPOT, NO. 435 IiROADwrAV, Corner oJ Liipenarii Street. U. DA I.I.FT, Jarewtor and Sole I'roperator ef Dalley'a IfagioU rata Bawaoto*. mhlff IM* law ^ medical. vvww BCHENCI'8 PULMONIC SYliUP, ] The only medicine which has stood the j TEST OF EX FEU IM ENT IN A I.I. CASES OF I PULMONARY DISEASE.?TH K ONI.V me- I DIC INE OF THE K IN I) THAT CON- c TAINS NO CALOMEL. OPIUM. Oil I ANY OTIIKIt DELETERIOUS t DltriL?THE ONLY MEIH- c CINE THAT CAN ItK t USED WITH SAFETY t ANDADVANTAGE I DY CONSUMPTIVE PATIENTS. . AN1) OTUF.IIS, , BUFFERING CNDF-R THAT CLASS OF D1SF.ASES, ; GENERALLY THOUGHT INCUKAULE 1 IIY THE MEDICAL FACULTY. t The elements of which this Syrup is composed are aimple j llerhs and Rente, the medicinal properties of which purify the ) hlood, strengthen tho system, and Rice a heallhy time tn the j Lungs and Digestive Organs. Its operntioa upon the systora f is nuld, Jet eticacioiis; il loosens the phlegm, which create* so t much difficult v * hen tight; it relieves the cough; it assists c nature to eapel from the system all diseased matter, by ex- ,, pectoration, * hieh if retained produces consumption; it ripens n the matter in an abscess or tulTrcle, and then causae its e?- B pulsion from thu system, at the smue tune soothing tho irrita- u ted purts, healing the laceration, and nrodtu ing a lieallhy ae- 0 tion; it regulates the bowels without the aid of pilrgatirs medicines: it allays the most troublesome cough, w ithout injuring the system ns other medioines generally do. HISTORY OF SCHKNCK S PULMONIC_SYRUP.?In J] vin' in|i<>riiiiit particular, uie tueiiieme hero oiioreu presents [ stronger claim* to public attention than any other preparation * professing to have similar rouicdial virtues; inasmuch as Jo- v soph II. Schuick, the proprietor of thia Syrup, was actually 0 restored Ly it from the last stuge of Coneuiniition to smiud J1 health, as may tie seen from the following abridged history of ~ his ease. A moro particular account of his cure is contained " in a publication called "A History and Description ot the " Character and Variety of Consumption," which ts distribut- {! ed gratuitously from tlie principal offices anda gencies of Mr. ' Schenek, in almost every part of the country. From the facta here stated and certified beyond the pogsi- a bility of l av 11, it WIN be observed that there is nothing merely . theoretical or speculative in the curative properties of this " Syrup. Nothing is taken for granted; the proprietor offers in advance of u mass of evidence, his own case, which is remark- r able, but by no means without a parallel in the history of this " medicine; tor other cures have been performed by it equally ?! surprising and ua well authenticated. It may be remarked in j! Passing, bow ever, that tho annals of mudicul science do not . furnish a simile instance w herein pulmonary disease had hecn 1' allowed to proceed *o fkr as in the ease of Mr. Seksaok, and was then cured by medieal treatment; in fact, the most eminent writers among the regular faculty have staled that such w a result is impossible, Hy no medicines whatever, either re- pi gular or irregular, except Schknck's I'ulmohic St- j>i k us, has such an extreme rase been successfully p< treated. The reader Is here called on to observe that ei the testimony ottered hy Mr. Schenek in his own case and in hi others, differs materially from the "certificate system," in w general use among the venders of pntcut medines. The per- ai sons w ho certify, subscribe and testify on oath to the merits bl of this Syrup, are real persons, many of w lioin occupy high pi station, social and political, as will clearly appear from an tl examination of the pamphlet referred to above, and also from S| What follows;? ai In the year 1830, Mr. Schenck, then residing in I'hiladel- oi phia, w as declared hy several eminent physicians, among them te Dr. l'arrish, to he in one of the obstinate status of i'nlmonary pi Consumption. The symptoms were appalling, including an incessant cough, ruisiug of blood, severe pain in the breast, W hectic fever, night sweats, and, in fact, all the indications of approaching death. His recovery was uuiversally deemed impossible, when, with a view to redieve the distressing symp- j,e turns, without presuming te indulge in the hope of u cure, he ? commenced tlie use of this medicine. Its beneficial effects fn were immediately seen. The expectoration hecumo copious, D| an incredible qunntity of yollow matter mixed wiith clotted blood, was discharged from the lungs, after which his ounva- [e lcsccnce wne rapid, and to the amazement of all his acquaintances, including the physicians, iu about three weeks his health was perfectly restored. Sixteen years nave passed away, and there has been no return of the disease, and Mr. L" Schenck is now enabled to attend to his active duties with as much vigor as at any time in his previous life. For a inore particular account of this astonishing cure, see Mr. Scheuck's pamphlet, rage 8, w here the testimony of many of the prinui- " pal inhabitants of the neighborhood where he lived, including members of Congress, Judges of the Court, other gentlemen a" in high office, members of the bar, physicians, merchants, &o., to lie., is adduced to establish the whole train of facta, so that be not the least doubt can remain in tke minds of the most skep- ou tieul. gu The fame of this cure, which was almost esteemed miraeu- wl lous, soon extended to n great distance, and Mr. Schunek hav- wl ing become possessor of the original recipe, and highly im- ha proved it in the mode of preparation, had so many applica- fr tions for the medicine, that he was at last obliged to devote w I bis w hole time to the manufacture. It was tound that re- br prated experiments, in every variety of pulmonio disease, ri| confirmed all the expectations w hich tho Syrun had raised, th and proved that its virtues were more extensively applicable than had hecn anticipated. A great variety of diseases, some of them pronounced incurable by the most experienced and skilful doctors, yielded to the gentle, yet powerful infiuenoe of the Pulmonic Syrup. r; It would require a volume to contain even a brief outline of the numerous cures which have been effected by the medicine. hi The following examples ure selected from the pamphlet pre- " pared by Mr. Schenck for gratuitous circulation:? ai BRONCHITIS. ? Mrs. Sarah Dearr, residing at No. 332 Race street, Philadel- qi phia. about four years ago was attacked by the most distress- y ing symptoms of llronehitis?pain in the breast, troublesome al cough, sore throat, &c.. and after the lapse of a year the ti disease assumed a most threatening and fatal appearance. She ci had severe pains in her side and stomach, her throat was In a h: dreadful condition, so sore that she could scarcely articulate lj a syiinoie. one nan a nign icvcr every uuy, violent iicauaene, at creeping chills, and profuse night sweats. She was also w afflicted w ith total loss of appetite, costiveness, and general s? debility, ller physician despaired of giving her any relief, as w no fooa or medicine would remain on her stomach. At this time she began the use of SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP, which immediately broke the cough, and was the first artiele which her stomach would retain since the commencement of her illness. A natural and healthy warmth was restored to hi the extremities, which had lately become as cold as marble, ai the expectoration was free, and soen ceased- entirely, lint rt what surprised every one was, that after using several bottles m of the Syrup, the affected side and breast broke out in at about twenty large biles, by the discharge of which the c< disease w as expelled from her system, and she w as soon re- t) stored to perfect health, which she lias since enjoyed without n interruption, ller cure was permanent. Mrs. Dearr, whose w certificate may be seen at our office in Philadelphia, likewise ir testifies to several other cures not less surprising than her n own, w hich she has known to be performed by this Syrup. She will satisfy all inquiries at her residence above mentioned. This case exhibits a peculiarity of the Syrup, in elcansing the system, sometimes by expectoration, and some times by eruptions and cutaneous discharges. tl The Pulmonic Syrup Is prepared by J. EL SCHENCK, No. h it South Sixth street. Philadelphia. ft BRANCH DEPOTS. t! Niw York?BUSII U CLICKENER, 81 Barclay street. li Boston?KEDDINC! & CO., 8 State street. si Baltimore?S. E. SMITH, Sun Buildings, b New Orleans?J. WRIGHT (St CO., 151 C'hartres street. d PRICE $1 per bottle, or SIX bottles for $5. mhl.113t* law li CONSUMPTION CURED DAILY. * PULMONARY CONSUMPTION OF THE WORST CLASS * IS DAILY CURED BY DR. HASTINGS'COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA, THE ONLY KNOWN REMEDY FOR TUBERCULAR CONSUMPTION. TnE MEDICAL FACULTY, AS WELL AS TIIE PUB- ? lie, are struck with wonder at the numerous cures made {, daily by this extraordinary medicine, and is now acknow- " ledged by many of our most eminent physicians to be a eer- , tain and speedy euro for tubercular Consumption, in its worst stages. It has been recommended by that eminent physician, Dr. Mott, and is constantly used in the Marine Hospital at t Savannah, Ga., by Dr. Arnold, the senior physician of the * Hospital. The London Lancet, London Medical Journal, ! Brnithw aite'B Retrospect, and all other of the London Medi- ' cal Journals, have spoken in praise, many times, of the sur- ? prising effects of ; DR. HASTINGS' PREPARATION. J It has been thoroughly tried, not only in the Hospital nn- y der the charge of Dr. Hastings, in London, but also by all the first physyrians of England, and ail hare fully endorsed it as an unrivalled remedy in Consumption, and all other diseases of the I.ungs. The following are a few of the opinions ex- g pressed by the Medical Faculty of England. Dr. Williamson, ? of Manchester, thus writes: UNDER ITS INFLUENCE. " I have seen the emaciated being, on whose brow death had r seemed to have set his seal, acquire invigorntion and strength ?and exchange his early mornings of intense suffering and distressing cough, for the calm repose which alone accompanies sound health," r DR. WARE. OF LIVERPOOL, Fays?" I regard Hastings'Syrup of Naphtha as one of the f first "Medical discoveries of any ago, and considor its ngeney in ouring Consumption as established beyond all dount or question." j Dr. Boyd, of Lancaster, "nails It as the great consumptive antidote and cure; ' and Dr. Hamilton, of Bath, pro- f nounccs it " the only known remedy which may bo (relied on for removing tnbercles from the lungs, and preventing forma- 0 tion of others." A single bottle will prove its efficacy. All the proprietor asks is tbe trial of one bottle, the action of w hich will prove g to the patient the virtue of tliis medicine. - I,oughts comic. nroncrntis, declines, asthma, night sweats, s and spitting of blood arc cured in a surprisingly short space of time: the severest colds having yielded to the treatment of the Naphtha Syrup in the short space of forty-ciglst hours.? James Western, of Tontine, Michigan, was attached with spitting of blood, and could obtain no relief until he tried HASTINGS' N A TUTU A. which stepped it in hnlf an hoar. To enumerate all the cures performed by this medicine would occupy a volume; the nooompanying have been selected by tho Amcricnn Agent, from a mass of certiticates and letters which have been reoeired by him. Vncit, Rockland Co., N. Y., Sept. 8, IS+8. M. A. P. TTarri*on?Sir: I writo to inform yon of the effect your Syrup has had upon my wife. She has been afflicted with the worst form of Consumption for two yenrs, and had been given up by two physicians, when I saw your advertisement of Dr. lliisting's Compound Syrup of Naphtha. Being favorably impressed with it, I bought ona bottle, which had T so beneficial an effect that she persevered in the use of it.? J When she commenced taking it, she was confined to lior tied, e hut is now enabled to be up and attend to her household duties. c and I feel confident that the use of a few more hottles will C entirely cure her. I would also add, that my brother's child had been afflicted with a bad cough from its earliest infancy, t: and 1 nil induced to try the effect of the Naphtha Syrup up- li j on her. 1 did so, and the use of half a bottle completely cured i< bor. You are at liberty to us# this letter at your diacretion. s ! Respectfully, JOHN 6. TERRY. f Read the following, from one of the first Thysleians in the country. The Agent lias received the following letter from Dr. C T. 1?. Mason, so well known as the leading physician of New r Orleans: L Nrw Orphans, Fcb'y7, 1SII1. Mr. M. A. F. Harrison?In answer to yours of the 'J-tth i January, I inform you (but owing to the high reputation Of Dr. Hastings, I was induced to try this Naphtha Syrup (of 0 whi< h j ou arc the agent) in several cases or pulmonary consumption. and wns much surprised at the result. In every I ease after taking the tirst bottle, the patient felt, greatly re- j licved. and the tubercles stopped forming, and those already f formed began to bo removed. Every case I have now under ! treatment I consider in a fair way to recover. In haste, yonrs, J. B. MASON, M.D. Principal Office, 1(2 Greenwich street, rornor of Liberty, N. 1 | Tork. Trice (1 per bottle?0 bottles for $5. mb27 1.ft* \ J ! ffiOO REWARD ( ROSS' 8TKCIKI0 MIXTURE ' FOR THE CURE OF GONORRIHEA, GREETS, STRfC- ' tures and analogous complaints of tha organs of gonora- ' | tion. Of all remedies yet discoversd for the above complaints, this 1 \ is the must certain. It makes ? speedy and permanent cure, without tha least ' restriction to diet, drink, exposure, or change, in application | to business. 1 t\ e give no long onackish rscommendations to deceive the public. If the medicine does not speak for itself, no one shall ! speak for it. Our object is to notify where it can be bad, and the prcpietor challenges a single case of reocnt Gonorrhoea to be t brought in w hich tho mixture will not offeet a rapid cum, un- < dcr a forfeiture of ' This is a disease that unfortunately pervades all olasses of society?high, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and single. < They are here presented with a remedy by which they can ' cure themselves without tho least exposurs, in the shortest I time possible. , Farther, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the Mixture is tuken at night on going to bed when exposed. It is put up In bottles with full directions aoonmpanylng it, 1 at (1 a bottle. One hottlo lasts a week, which generally < cures?many are cured in two days. J Sold at the drug store, 173 Broadway, Irving House, eonter of < dian.hers street. mii.5-I'lt* law DR. JEFFRIKS' A NTIDOTE ' rn TtIK MOST IPPSCTUAI. PHHPAR ATION S" 1.11 von CONORRH<KA AND OTg R NISI, H IIS. Il H IIP THR | Lskxiiai. our.ans. I ONG experience has proved that it will radically cure i . nny ease. This desirable rosult is obtained in from two I te ton days: and as it neither creates nsoisoa nor nlfends tht pillule, and renders unnecessary any deviation in die or Interrupt ion to usual pursuits, seund sleep or healthy digestion, the nuigance is thue removed as speedily as is onnais- ! tent with the produetion witk a thoreugfc and permanent oure. Its ingredients are entirely vegetable, and no injuria** effect, either constitutionally or locally, can be ceased by its use.? Tries One Dollar per bottle. Sole agent for Mils city, nal.27 lit* C. II. RING, IN Bceadway, ?<. John it. MKDICAL. DK. FKLIX GOlTRAUIVs* ITALIAN MKDlCATEDtiOAP.-linS VALUAHLKRMOLI lient is now hy comm. u consent rated A No. I. a* * remodf or lllotrhes, Pimples, Pustules, Scurf, Tan, Freckles, Siin urn, nil kind* of eruptions, and every fpvcie* of discoloration if the shin. All competition bus been completely distanced ?v this invMuablo composition, the demand f*?r which within he Inst nix months has increased in ope than tivo hundred per cut. and in at ill inereaaiiig. The clearness and frftShueaf iliich its use imparts to tbo complexion have rendered it pr?>crbial as a U antilier of the SLiu ; and n?? dressing rooiu can le considered furnished with 11 proper toilet that lacks GOURAUD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOUP. It in also a delicious dialing compouud, and can be used in alt water?and is a sovereign and iustantaneouj reiuedyfor the ?itceof insects. If beauty bo, usi.4 asserted, only skin* dklp, t is the more importnut that the thiu coi ering in which I ?veinets resides should he kept in its present and most attracive state. Dr. G. might po on amplifying the merits of his talian Medicated Soap, hut he thinks the extraordinary numft of ocrtifleatea which btvi bees published throughout the Tnion, at the cost of several thousand of dollars to the Doctor, r< in eminent Physiciana, Clergymen, Members of Congress, 'uptnins of Ships, Officers of the Ariuy. and a host of distinuished ladies, the original of which can always be seen, if reuircd. are, the Doctor thinks, sufficient to convince any one ot wilfully blind. If there be any such, the Doctor might pply to tluiu the language of Scripture,and say, "If ye believe ot Moses and the prophets, neichcr would ye bclievo though tie rose from the dead." A MONO POPULAR ERRORS. Thero ia probal ly no one more misohievous than that which apposes that cutaneous eruption can be removed by deluging m stomach with *?> osUm Bursa partita. ai4 iumt irishy ashy dccoetions, pills, electuaries, Slo. Tim error is not only ulgur, but exceedingly pernicious, inasmuch as the slops not lily cause a large drain upon the purse, hut aotnally tend to ggrnvato the deformity they pretend to cure. The medical iculty have, time and again, demonstrated that diseases of lie ticirumcnt can onlv be rumovad bv outward mmlioation. ipeoially by washes, nuil that fur this purpose nothing i? no rc-cuiiucnlly v uluablc as I>r. (lou u aud's 1 talian Medicated oap. Indeed, the uscfulnese of tliia exquisite emollient, is iftening, clarifying and whitening the cuticle, ho* passed into provetb. If the natural functions of the akin are depressed, and the armony of action w hich should exist between the external o-rfare of the body and the vital machinery within, is tints octroyed, the indicatioua of the change aro usually developed i the form of Pimples, lllotchos, Pustules, or eoiue more spetic form of Cutaneous disease. These diseases being ossenally local, require only a local remedy; and having all of fcin, excepting the contagious virulent olass, a common ori,n, one remedial agent will suffice for the cure of all PHILOSOPHY OF WORM? IN THE SKIN. Many young persona?especially those of full lutblts, or those ho indulge in rich Asod?are very much annoyed liy tho aptarance of Muck spots upon the sides of the nose, on the up>r lip, the chin, the forehead, (to., resembling grains of guniwder sticking in tho skin. \Vhon the skin is roughly spucat1, a small worm like substance protrudes, having a blaok sad. The supposition, however, that they arc in reality ortns, is erroneous. These spots are oecasioned by an undo* ^cumulation of the fatty matter which is separated from tho loud tor tho purpose of lubricating the skin, and tliisoverItin chokes up the pores and eonuretos. The dust floating in iu air adheres to tho greasy substance, and causes the black )eck. This gives thu face a dirty and disgusting appearance, id the remedy of si]ueextng, so universally resorted to, is not tly painful but frequently useless. Very often the over di?nsiuu of the pores causes inflammation and painful piiues. The only certnin remedy for this affection is to wash the faco ith warm w ater and COl'K AUD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP. Mothers should always use it in washing their liabes. It la aides delirious for shaving, as it cun be used in hard or salt ateraswcll as soft. It is, moreover, an infallible remedy r scurvy and no Californiati snould go to sea without a supy. Dr. Gouraud refers to Mr. Kabiueau, the oelebratod proiotor of tfao New York salt-water hatha, in proof of the latCERTIFISATF.S. The following, from among a host of similar testimonial! of c extraordinary virtues of (Jouraud's Italian Medicated ap, are selected for their hrev ity:? [Extract of a letter from Petersburg. Va.] Dear Doctor Gouraud?Are you aw are that there are danroue counterfeits of your celebrated ITAL1EN MEDICATED SOAP, loat in the South and West. 1 have Just returned from a ur, and met w ith many pernioious compounds purporting to "Medicated Soaps"?lienven save the mark! Surely yon ,ght to do everything in your power to put the publio on its iird against the vile impositions. You will woudur,perhaps, ty 1 am so earnest in praise of your excellent Soap, bub fen you learn that through its means ray oldest girl, IS yosra, ,a been completely cured of a fuce full of nasty pimples ana ccklet, her brother and sister, <i and 8 years, of scald head liich they caught at school; and ray wife of a dangerous outeak of salt rheum, which extended from the fingers of the 5ht arm to the shoulder?your surprise will cense; 1 use nong else, nor wants anyttiing better for shaving. Yours, as ever, a JOHN MAKDEN. _ _. _ Knw York, April 17. Dr. Gouraud?Sir: Gratitude moves me to thank you vef much for the henetit I have derived from your Medicated oap. For the past two years I have been more or iesa trouled with small eruptions, irritation on my breast?or chest, you please to call it so?w hich tormented me past all endurace. 1 applied Poor Man's Plaster, with no effect; ointment ad other cheap remedies 1 used abundantly?all were worthies. As a last resource, I risked, rather foolishly, $5 for sig nart bottles of sursnparilla. 1 innocently swullowed the hole, and became quite debilitated, without the slightest batcmcnt of the itching. At lengtli a friend, to whom I mononed my case, exclaimed?"Why don't you get a half dollar tke of the famous Medicated Soap of Dr. Gouraudf" I took Is advice, and with one rake washed the skin. 1 am not onr entirely relioved from the itching, but also have the pleaire of feuliug that there is a briskness and smoothness to the hole surface of my skin I never before experienced. Please ind by the hearer naif a doseu cakes, and one over, for (3; 1 ant te take them to Jamaica, and oblige. Yours, HEN HY JOIINSON, 40 Woostcr street, N. Y. Dr. Gonrattd?Sir? For a scries of yeare, my fare and foreead have been covered with unsightly blotches and pustules, ad, to aggravate the matter, my nose gradually assumed the idness or a peona; in short, I became an object of disgust to lyself, and ridicule to others, inasmuch as my affliction w of ttributed to an undue use of atimulants. I have proved the intrary hy using your invaluable Medicated Soap, through le infiuenco of which I am entirely freed from the aforusoid uisancen, and my akin has become as white and clear as it as in the days of my boyhood. 1 conceive this public testilony te be eminently your due, aud you arc qiitl w elcome to lake what nse of it you plea?e. Respectfully, yours, J NO. JEFFRIES, Printer, True Sun Buildings. To Dr. F. Couraud?Among the encomiums which your inaluahle Soap is daily receiving, I have thought that a motier's praise may not be out of place. Your Medicated Soap as, under tied, been the means of preserving my darling bnbe om much suffering. 1 hnd put him nut to nurse, anil through he carelessness of the woman w ho had him in charge, his decale skin, under the arms, behind his ears, and around the tomach, w as chafed to the redness of raw beef. For a whole innth?during which I wns absent from the city? tho little ear suffered these torments. On my return, I used your decious snap freely while washing him, and now he is as plump, 'hite, playful, and free from chafes as any child I ever saw. 10 mother w ho values tho health and comfort of her infant hould be w ithout your soap. Truly yours, ELIZA BLACKMAN, No. 11 Catharine itreet, near Second, Philadelphia. The merits of Gournnd's Poudres Subfiles, for eradicating nperflous bair, have been attested by so many thousand peole that to eulogize it at the present day seems almost a work f supererogation. N'everthless, there may he some who have ot heard of its fame; and those are earnestly requested to read tho following testimonial, selected from many ;? New York, Feb. I, 1(U3. " I have had an opportunity of observing tho operation of )r. Felix Gournud's preparation for the removal of superfluus hair, and aw perfectly satisfied of its singular efficacy.? ifter an analysis of the composition of thoso powders, 1 can, without any hesitation, pronounce them perfectly hnriulcss, nd in every w ay infinitely superior to any preparation of the ind ever offered to the public. 1 have pleasure in giving hem my recommendation, being thus fully convinced of their alue. JAMES A. HOUSTON, M. D? " Editor New York Lanoet." Testimony of persons to whom the " Italian Medicated onp" has bora eminently serviceable, aud to w lioia Or. lOL'RAb'D is at liberty to rclcr Mrs. Lawrence, the lady of the Hon. Cornelias W. Lawcnco, ex-Mayor of New Fork. Bernard Messerole, Esq., Alderman of the Tenth Word. Hon. R. 11. Roberts, Member of Congress. Mrs. Hopkins. IIS Elizabeth street, New York, cured of a ed and pimpled face. Joseph Hall, HO Fulton street, New York, of tan and reckles. George Curtis, 13 Henry street, of dark and discolored skin. Felix McCee, ISO Grange itreet, New Yerk, of scald head; lis three children do. Hannah E. W. M sister, Division street, of a dark tannod aee and red nose. John Bishop, 523 Grand street, of chilblains, and eruptions n the face and neck. William Nash, Ilnrber, in the Bowery, of worms in the faco. Mrs. John S. I.ightbodv, 02 Rue Bourbon, New Orleans, of severe ring-worm on the cheek, which had defied ordinary emedies; and further, the application of the Soap removed 11 her tan and freckles. Mrs. Fearnhead, of Belleville, New Jorscy, of tan and reckles, lie., he., ho. Be particular to bear in mind that Dr. FELIX GOUlAUD'S preparations can osri.v be obtained, genuine, at lis depot, 07 W alker street, first deor west of Broadway, New fork. Agfnts? Bates & Jordan, 12!> Washington St., Boston; *nst Si Willis, Rochester; Ives, Salem; Carleton, Lowell; Ro- ! linson, I'ortland; Guild, Hunger; I'erry, Manchostor; Bliss, ] Ipringfield; Covill, Hartford; Gnynor ? Wood, Richmond, n.; M&ndsticldj Louisville; Cotise, Detroit, Mioli.; Uliiida It io? Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; Feirce, Albany; and villous other parts of the Union. ml3 13t* M. WISE, OPTICIAN, FROM GERMANY, LYOST respectfully informs tlie t itizensof New York, and JL the nublio in seneral. that lie lias located himself In this ity, at No. 4.17 HruahwaV, where m?v ho found a largo and emplcie assortment of Sl'?CTACI<?9 AND READING II.ASSF.S, in Gold, Silver, and Steel Frames. Mr. W. would also remind the public, to shorn ho it parlally know n by his annual visits to Saratoga Springs, for the ast ten years, that hy his knowledge of the optical sclenr.e, he I enabled to determine thegUMM suitable tor MJT eye. 1'erons with weak eyes can he supplied with glasses wrliioh will reatly henetit and not strain the sight. Particular attention is called to u new style of Perspective '.round Glass, of the fittest Hint, w hicli, through their high inllsh, and true ground, produce the purest vision, and have icen highly reconmiuuded as the best, in their effect upon the ye, for preserving and improving the sight in continued writng and reading. short-sighted persons, and those operated on for Cataract, an also l>? suited. He inserts new Glasses, nf superior quality, in old frames, ind solicits the patronage of all in want of his article!. lie warrants all Spectacles purchased of him to suit the sight or five years, or change the Glasses without extra charge. mh2713t* law BOGLE'S HYPERION FLUID, [S NOW CONSIDERED hy those who use it, the best article lor the llair ever invented, and is indispeneahle at the adiee' toilet. It entirely clears the skin from scurf and and by its tonic and stimulating qualities, causes a icnlthy action in tha blood vessels, nerves, Ike., which feed ,he hair, thereby preventing baldness and grey hair. AUTHORITATIVE EVIDENCE, from Dr. Wisilow Lewis, one of the most eminent Physioians of Boeton. Bonrow, Fob. 15, 1M7. Mr. Wat. Boots, Sir?The preparation invented by von fer ;he hair, has t.een extensively used in my family for some time, ind they give it the docidod preference over all other coropolitiens of the kind. It Invigorates and beautifies the hair, and clears the skin of all impurities, without producing any ultimate deleterious iffects, w hicli are so frequently the result of many w ell know n Itnted compounds. Having been thoroughly tested, and Its rennlntlon fairly istahlished, as the best article known for the human hair, it may he superfious, still I cannot resist the opportunity to add Lo others the nuuie of your obedient servant, WINSI.Ow LEWIS, Jr. For sale, wholosale and retail by Messrs. A. B. Ik I). Sands, 1(g) Fulton street, corner of William ; Kushton Clark, It Co., Ill) and 275 Broadway. To be obtained of the proprietor and nanufacturer, IWm. Ilogle, ZT7 Washington street, Boston; ind of the prim ipal Druggists and Perfumers in the (Jnitod States and Canada. mh20Ut?lnw ILIREHUGH't VENTILATING OR GOUAMBM WKiy, SCALPS, AND LADIES HEAD DRESSES. STAND pre-eminent above all othen in the world. An ?animation will pruvo this no egotistical boast. Their pemliar light, ventilating and gossamer character; their being

ihaped slid fitted to the head exactly as the natural hair trows, every hair having the appearance of issuing from the ?kin; their elasticity, superiority of material and workmen ship; their style of finish and mode of arrangement, form euoh i combination of imprevemtats, that all competent judge* lift* pronounced them l'eufoct Heads of Hair. Strangvre are invited to inspeet tlieni, whether from curiosity, or with the intention to purchase. Prices moderate, 17V Brpadway, up states, opposite Heward's Hovel. UJ lit* MEDICAL. THE ORIGINAL ANU GENUINE MAGICAL l'AIN EXTRACTOR IS NOW . aud hw been. inndo by COMSTOCK It CO., 21 Ceurtlandt strict, anil has performed the remarkable uure* in tliis eity anil throughout ni-arlv lilt of this continent, theHrtiflsstM ni which have heen published, and tieloag to, ?nd are now in tITi- possession of Comstoi k flt Co., 21 Conrllandt street, ami will he exhibited to all who rei|uost it. Ths original and only genuine, will certainly euro lurn* and scalds, sore anil iiillanii J cyel, piles, cuts, wounds, Lrulses, feycr serve, suit rhriini, rheumatism, chilblains, uryispelas, and nil external intUmiuatiou ; hut BE CAUTIOUS 1 Pon't rnn the risk and danger resulting from the use s taterfeit*. If you want the genuine article, buy only a U ourtlunot Mrs t, sad after 1st of May, at 47 John struct "BE VK FRUITFUL ANO MULTIPLY." Is a ooinmand that should he cheerfully obeyed by the cbsl en of mru.?For Female and Male.?Bit. 1,.\ KZfc.T t; J * J I NO COKDI Al,, or I'roereutire Klixir, proscribed as an feetual roetorative in eases of Debility, 1 uipotcncr, or Barrenness, and all Irregularities of nature. It is all lliat it professes to lie, vis: Nature's tfrsnt Kostoratire, and remedy for these in the married state without offspring. It is a certain eure for Souiinul Emissions, tfenural Debility, (fleet, Weakness of the (feuilsl Organs, Nurrous Affections, l.ouoorrluea or W hitos. As a rigorsiing uiedieiao it is unei|iialled. Also, a certain remedy fur Incipient Consumption, Indigestion, lose of Muscular Energy, Physical Lassitude, Female Weakness, Debility, to. It is warranted to idonse the user in eny of the nhoi e oouiplaints, and is of priceless raluo to those w about offspring. CAUTION. Tbis cclvbrnted medicine cannot be genuine unless the facsimile signature of.I li DSON St CO. (N. II.?tho only American agents) is on the wrapper of each bottle. Sold at ,'?7 John street. A uuuiN Til Al.l. FAMILIES AND SUFFERERS CONNELL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. The man cures which hare been wrought by thin allhealing ointment, anil the almost limllbll amount of suffering ?liich has been relieved by it, arc tnn well known by the publiu to admit of any doubt uf its wonderful properties in subduing ull pain or suffering from barns or scalds, uud always healing, in an incredibly abort time, and navor leaving any st ar. If'applied to broken limbs, they heal vilkont pain It ta aura to cure eyue that liuvo beun aoru and inflantrd for yoara. Ity it old scars are rumovod, and ndetracted rorda are relaxed. It rcducea swellings, and stops mortification. It lioala every aperies of wounds, both old and new, and humors of every description are curod by it. You w ill ^lonse obaervv, it is no " eovvreign romody for all complaints, ' but only intended for external applivations in the followina:?llnrtie, Scalds, Frosted parts, Whilhlains, Chafe or Calls, Chape, Tetter, 1'implo Blotch, Felon, Cloer, Sprains. Krysiis las. Cute, llruises, Eurand Toothnche, Mumps, Sore Throat, Whitlows, I'iles, Kingworm, Sale Ithoum, Harbor's Itch, Carbuncle, Eruption, Sore Eves and l.ids, U'oak Sight, Sore Line, Punctures, Uiles and Warts, Fever Pains, Tender Feet, Inflammatory Klieuniutism, Tic Duloreux, Ague in Face and Breast, Fever Soros, Old Burn Sears, Priuklv Meat, Ititlumed Skin, llrokoii Breast, Sore Nipples, Rough Hands, Blistered surfaces, Dressing for Blisters, White Swellings, Cold in Wounds, Sore Curus, General Sores, Small Pox marks, tie. Though we have named numerous affections, experience has taught us that they are not too many. He refer to the following well known gentlemen of high Standing, who have used or witnessed only that made by u*;? lion. J. Tulmadge. 44 Wall street. John Intnnn, Ed. Cum. Advertiser. Kev. Dr. Matthews. Kev. Milton Badger. 1.10 Nassau street. lion. Alphrus Sherman, 77 Crand slroet. Dr. R. Nelson, Iki White street. Dr. S. Harris, Health Commissioner, S City Hall. Dr. llrewster, corner 14th street and Broadway. Dr., 71 John street. Mrs. George F.ndiuott, Ninth street. Copt. Brooks, steamer Niinrod, Rev. W. II. lHdwell, Evangelist Oflioe, 120 Nassau street. And we might add several hundred more. No family should be for a day without this Halve. Buy it only at 21 Courtland street, and after 1st of May, at 57 John street, and you will be urs of the genaiue. STOVE AND ORATE VARNISH, Pronounced by thousands w ho have used It to be the best article ever know u for polishing stoves, grates, ami every kind of iron. It prevents rust, gives a Jut black polish like that of a roach body, which stands on pipes. Itc., fur ycurs. bold only at 21 Courtland street, after let of May at 57 John street. RHEUMATISM. Comstock's new es' Nerve and Bone I.iniment, and Indian Vegetable Elixir, is warranted to cure anv cuss of Rheumatism, Gout, contracted Cords snd Muscles, or Stiff Joints, strsngthen Weak l.iuibs, aud euahles thosu who are crippled to walk again. Use this article and be cured, or go without it and suffer, as you please. Certificates of cures hy the hundred ran he seru at 21 C'uurtlandt street, after 1st May at 97 John street, K. Y., where this article is sold only genuine. DEAFNESS. Use Dr. MeNair's Acoustic Oil, for the cure of Deafness. Also, all those disagreeable noises, like the buzzing of iusectl, tailing of water, whizzing of steuiu, which are symptoms of approaching deafness. M any persons wlto have been deaf for ten, fifteen, or twenty years, and were subject to use enrtrumpets, have, after using one or two bottles, thrown aside these trumpets, being made perfectly well, bold at 21 Courtlandtatreet, after May 1st, at 57 John ctroet. HAY S LINIMENT FOR THE PILES. . ?uimhi>u> ui tno l ues are cnuoiualiy and porrea1 neatly cured in a short time by the use of the genuine Hay's Liniment. Hundreds of our brst citizens throughout the country, hate used this l.iniinent with complete success. It is warranted to cure the most aggravated ease. Hoy only at 21 Courtlandt street, after May 1st, ut 57 John street. LONGLEY'8 GREAT WESTERN INDIAN PANACEA. 1. For Colds and feverish feelings, and Preventing fevers. 2. For Asthma, I.iver Complaint, and Bilious Affections. 3. For Diarrhrra, Indigestion, and loss of Appetite. 4. For C'ostiveness in females and males, ana Nervous Complaints. 8. For Stomach affections. Dyspepsia, Piles, Rheumatism, fee. The great points are, it is not had to tako. never gives pain, and neverleaves one costive. Sold only at 21 Courtlandt street, after Kay 1st, at 67 John street. HAVE YOU A COUOH ? Do not neglect it. Thou*ands hare met a premature death for the want of attention to a common Cold. Rev. Dr. llartholomcw's Expectorant Pink Syrup will most positivijly give relief, and save you from that iqost awful disease. Pulmonary Consumption, which usually sweeps iuto the grars thousands of the young, the old, tho lovely, and the gay. Duly oilier. 21 Courtlandt street, after 1st May, 87 John street. at.IU l.'tf law TROF. BARRY'S TRICOPH EltOUS, or MEDICALED COMPOUND, Fon rf.stoh1nq, rRElERTINQ, and reautifying 'heir, eradicating scuitff and dandruff, and curing * diseases of the skin, glands and ml'sclf.s, stings, cuts, hri'ises, strains, fee. fee. fee. &C. IN ORDER TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC OF THE EFlicacy of any curative preparation, in this thinking and reflective age, it is necessary to explain tho philosophy of its operation. The proecsaby which Professor Barry's Tricopherous produces such extraordinary results, cannot be understood, w ithout a brief notice of the structure and usos of the delicate substances to which it is applied, aud in the condition of which, it accemplishes the most salutary changes.? Tbo connexion between the huir nnd the skin is so close, that the ono inny be almost deemed a continuation of the uthor, and hence w hatever renovates, restores, and nourishes the hair, must of necessity have a healthful influence upon the sensitive memhrane in which its roots are tixed. The skin, that wonderful envelope, in w hich the eense of touch resides, consists of three layers: the epidermis, or euticlc, a NH-SHm ?r almost insensible fllm ; tho sen Mt'cosrM, which is a spongy membrane reticulated with nerves and blood-vessels, aid forms a sort of shield to the exquisitely sensitive true skin; and (the true skin itself, which constitutes the third layer of the triple envelope. In this tough, flexible nnd elastic integument, are located the nerves, blood-vessels, fee., which supply sustenance to the bair, and in the derangement of whicn diseases of tho skin originate. The vessels of the true skin supply the sacr containing the roots of the hair with the moisture which sustains the fibres, and the same causes which affect the health of tho hair, also affect the health of the skin. This is self-evident to the casual observer, as well as susceptible of demonstration by tin anntoinist and physiologist : for in nil cutaneous diseases, the hair becomes dry and harsh, and fails out in such quantities as sometimes to render the patient partially or entirely bald. Wounds, burns, fee., on the skin of tho head, also produce baldness on the portions of the scalp where the injury lias been inflicted, thus proving the close affinity and sympathy between the organism of the skin nnd the hair. The wonderful restorative and remedial properties of Professor Ilsrry's Tricophcrous, nre based upon this hypothesis, or rather this fnct. It acts through the skin upon the hair, stimulating the inert vessels, opening the pores, imparting activity to the circulation, awakening from their lethargy, all I lie vegetativefunctions which give life, vigor, and beauty to the fibres, extirpating every particle of scurf nnd dandruff. and soon clothing even the bald or half denuded head, with a thick, glossy, silky, and elastic covering. Hut this is_only one of the uses of Professor Barry's Tri eophcrous. Tlic same properties which restore vital anil vegetativc power to the akin of the lieail are equally bcneticial in all cutiinenm diseases or superficial injuries. For cuts, burns, hites of insects, sprains, cryeipilns, blotches, pimples, cables, ring worm, rashes, scrofula, prickly heat, chilblains, chapped hunds, rheumatism, burns, scalds, bruises, redness of the sain, and in short ull the troublesonio and painful external diseases and injuries which are so common in families, and which nothing hut external remedies can remove, the Tricoplieroui will he found a speedy, safe and unfailing cure. By virtue of its double claim as a renovator and bcaiitifler of nature's choicest ornament, and a pntsnt and invaluable remedial agent, it is entitled to u place on every toilet, and in every medicine chest. The follow ins testimonials, selected from hundreds of similar import, will serve to show the value of the preparation, and the estimation in which it is held by those wbohav* siren it a trial. COI'V OK A LETTER FROM WILLIAM DAVIE8, Corner of Ricks and Atlantic streets, llrooklyn. 11 It on k 1.1 y, April It', 1*19. p* offflfior r4rpt?Sir: r flhould bo deficient in ^rutitudo to yon, and in feeling for others who may be similarly Rfllictod, if J neglected to inform you that your Trioopherous lias entirely removed from my face a painful and diMgusting eruption, confcisting of lar^e red piniplor. with which I haa been annoyed for tunny years. A regular application of the fluid according to the directions, for a little better than three week*, comf?k?tely relieved me of the nuisance, and the skin of my face is now as free from discoloration ns in my boyhood. Yours truly, WILLIAM iJAViKS. COPY OK A LETTER KROM J A MRS FIT/HERALD. Nrw York, April 12. IKItf, Proff.mor Ba rrt?Verily, my dear Sir : Your Tricopherous is the Admirable Crichton of its class. It not only relieves the head from scurf find dandruff, and imparts vigor and beauty to the hair, I nt it il I tftfl t -11 fy fr in ptf iQtl experience, a meat valuable aj j !i? ation for cuts, abrasions, bruises, and those vile eruptions which are so annoying to children in the w.arm seasons. I have found nothing to equal it in cutaneous diseases, and if what I hhj, is worth any- , I thing to you, publish it and welcome. Your obedient servant, JAMES FITZGERALD. COPY OF A LETTER FROM MISS NELSON. City IIoiri., ?5ept. 4, ISIS. Mr. Barry ?fir: Ton have the permission to use my name a having experienced the great utility of your Trieonherous for dressing the lialr. I have found the ueo of oil, nml pomatums to occasion a harshness to my hair, anil for thre. or four years it nan fast falling off. and much changed in color, but linro using your Trioopherous, I feel my head always cioinfortsble, and my hair i? grown strong and thick, to the aniarotcent of all my friends and acquaintances. I have invariably found it to give the most general satisfaction. I'leass solid three bottles by bearer, who will pay you, catharine nelson. ?OrV OF A LETTER KROM Dlt. LEE. Nr.n Yonn. Feb. S, I'M#. Mr. Darrt?I have no hesitation in recommending an article whioh I oan, of my own personal knowledge, endorse at good: and 1 therefor* state with confidence, tiiat your Trieopli.rons i* what yon olalm it to be?an article forcloaning, preserving, beautifying, and promoting the growth of the hair. I find it to lie the best remedy I have ever had in my wractise for scald head, ringwurm, and diseases which Hie skin is subject to. T. A. I.F.R, M. I). 1 he following testimonial is from Mr. Mnnn, editor of the Scientific American. Comment on such evidence I* unnecessary Nrw York, Feb. 24, 1H4#. raRRt's Trioophrrou* la an artiule that we take pleasure In awarding the blglest commendations. We do not do it open the recommendations of others, hut from our own personal knowledge of its effect, upon tho hair; while it tends to keep it healthy, soft and glossy, it also removes dandruff, pre; rents grey hair, and Invigorates its growth in a manner nneqnalled by any other composition known to us. A person only need, to use one bottle to be convinced of this truth. Hold in lerge bottle*, prin* 2fi eenta. at the principal office. 13# Broadway. AciRRTa? Anderson, fltff llroadway; Dr. Smith, 2M Tenth avenue. Dr. Lyon, 440 f'.rand etreet; Dt. Mercer. 224 street, Newark; Mrs. Ilays, 1-2 Fulton street, Krm.Ulya; R. U. Wright, iH South *treet, Philadelphia; C. P. Pointer. Halllmora; W. ilrowa, Washington street,; Havilaad, Harwell It Charleston. 8. C.; J. Wright, Nsw Orleaeet David Chamfers. St. Is.uis, Mo.; T. Bromhery, Mohtle. Ala.; Btorgnr, Kaoinn, Wisoosuln. For sals by druagUta sad per- i frimeragenerally, throughout the United S4*vtp* and Canada. MEDICAL.. M 0*TEXT\I1AOHUI N* A irY~wiTRlcT 50,000 COPIU SWIJ? 1M SIX MMNT1IS* THE M VltitlF.D WOMAN'S Mil VATE MEDMAl COMPANION nv r> K. A. Jl. UAI/KICIAB, 'Professor of liiacaece of Women. Tuith thUtioa, I'eiu. pp. 2M. I'rice $1. Tun or HirimMD, or rnirsiwAL am. hhitil a.t opmii to many an Arrtcrio.1 atk wirn, aai rrctiftittiT mrricui.Tir? to tub hiiahato, four m i v k mkbn ipaiiid mt a timely _ POA.rft.HIO* or THIft lull. IT IS IN TEN DP. I> KM' I'.CI AI.LY FOK THE MARRIMt ? "r tin ? out,miilatinn uierria '? , n? it dinclenia important carets wlii li should be ku Hii to Uinn particularly. To those whose beam, ,1 ,,, ,?,t permit ol an morcuao ol family, it is of especial itnrxirtaiice. llere, also, every tumuli?the wife, the mother?the one either pudding into womanhood, or the one in the decline of years, in whom nature nt,implui>i on imp rtmit change? can disuover the causes, symptoms, unit the moat etAclent remedies, and moat certain ui>>de of cure, in every cumplaiat to which her sex in subject. Tlie rev rial ions contained in its panes have proved a blessing to thousands. as tlie innumerable letters received by the author (which lie is permitted by the writers'to publish,) will attest. Extract aj a letter from a Gentleman iti Dayton, Ohio. _ DATrtm, May 1, 1817. Or. A. M. Man rieeau: Mr Ih.iu Sib:?"The Married Woman's Private Medical Companion," for which I enclosed one dollar to vouraddress, cante salely to hand. I would not have trout,led you with these few lines, hut that 1 am impelled by a sense of gratitude, for myself and wife, to give uttvrauue to ourlsiucert ami beartfelt emotioea. My wife has been pcreentlbly sinking for some three years or more, in consei|uenee of Iter great anguish and suffering some months before and during confinement : every successive one more nud more debilitated,and prostrated her, putting her life in imminent danger, and wltielt was, on the Inst occasion, deans tred of. 1 supposed that this statu of things was ineritnhfe, and resigned myself to lurot the worst. At thia time, (now about two months.) 1 heard your hook highly spokea of, as containing some matters reaching iny ease. Ob its receipt and perusal. 1 cannot express to you the relief it afforded my distressed mind, nud the jey its pages imparted to uty wife, on learning that the great discovery of M. M, Desoineaiix provided a remedy. It opened a prospect to me, which I little conceived was possible. No peenniary'oonsideration can ever repay tho of,ligations I am under to you, for lia\ing born the inrstis of imparting to us tho matters contained id "The Married Wontau's Private Medical Companion." Hut for this, ere another year would have passed ovor my hoail, in all human probability, iny w ifo would have been in hor glare, and my children left motherless. From a Physician Kosif:, N. Y? Aprilfl.fl, 1817. Dear Sir:?I received your work on the ItHli, and it is truly entitled to he called the "Married Woman's Private Medical Colli),union." 1 unhesitatingly say, that it should bum ths haa,Is of every medical man, on account of the mode of treatment you prescribe, by which "broken or inflamed breusts" arc impossible of occurrence. In view, therefore, that there aro thousands thus uttlictcd at every ounttnemcut, itjie jinvaluahle, not only to every physician, but to every woman. In rugurd to the great discovery of M. M. Desuturaux, mcntioiu d iti your work, 1 have known many, within the sphere of my own immediate practice, whose health would have lioen preserved, and many others whose lives would have been snared, had they known and availed themselves of it, although, of course, it may he susceptible of porvereion, as, indeed, ever are our gruatest blessings. HAD 1 KNOWN. Fx tract of a letter. Phii.auf.i.phia, Not. 29, 1S47. Dr. A. M. Msurloeau:?Had 1 known of the important mattersltreatud of in the "Married Woman's Private MedicaJ Companion," some years ago, how much misery I might have escaped! 1 heve sull, red years from causes, which you point out in your hook, without know Ing what to do. ltut hearing it highly spoken of, I obtained n copy, and found my ease treated of. 1 trust every feiualo w ill avail liorsull' of the In lormatiuugooiiiuiued 111 its pages. Jinothcr Extract. |1.? * * Kentucky May S, 1H29. It ! my lot to be united in wedlock to a young mochanio of industrious habits, good disposition. pleasing monitors, and agreeable features, excessively fonu of our children and of me; in short, eminently well qualified to render himself and family and nllarouud him happy, were it not for the besotting in of drunkenness. About once in every three or four weeks, if he met. cither accidentally or purposely, with some of IWs friends, of whom, either real or pretended, his good-nature andfliberality,procurca him many, he is sure to get intoxicated, so ua to loso ltis rsnson; ana, wlton thus beside himself, he trades nnd makes foolish bargains, so much to his disadvantage, that he has almost reduced himself and family to beggary, bring no longer able to keep a (hop of his own, but Obliged te work journey-work. We have not been married quite four years, and have already given being to three dear little ones. Uuder present circumstances, what can can I expect will be their fate and mine? 1 shudder nt the prospect before mo. With my excellent constitution and industry, and the labor of my husband, 1 feel able to bring up those little cherubs in decency; hut when 1 seriously consider my situation, 1 can see no other alternative left for me than to tear myself away from the man who, though addicted t<> occasional intoxication, would sacrifice his life for my sake; and for whom, contrary to my father's will, I successively refused the humi and wealth of a lawyer and of a preacher; or continue to witness his degradation, and bring into existence, in all probability, a numerous family of helpless and destitute children, who, on account of poverty, must inevitably he doomed to a Ufa of ignorance, and consequent vice and misery.* M. W. * This lady obtained Desouieaux'e great Discovery for Harried l.udies. Ertract of Tstlcr. COMPETENCK AND HEALTH. I.ancastvr, Pa., Het. 21. 1*17. My Dear Sir?I know you will have the kindness to boat With me in encroaching upon your time, while 1 noknowledgl (In behalf of myself and wile) th( obligations wa fool onr(elves under to you in hnving made known certain matter! contained in your most invaluable ' Married Woman'a Private Medical Companion.' It has been worth its weight in gold to me. If 1 express mystlf rather warmly, you a ill sec that I cannot do so too w armly, w hen I inform you the extent to which I hue e, through it, been benefitted. I will state my situation when 1 obtained your hook through the merest curiosity. 1 look upon it as one of the most fortunate vents of my life. I hud been married some ten yoars, and was the father of seven children. I w as long struggling unceasingly, to the end that 1 might gain a moderate competency, hut the results uf my utmost exertions at the end left me about where 1 was at the beginning of each year ; nnd that only with the most stinted economy, sufficing with barely tnc nccessurics of life. I'innlly, this constant cITort was beginning to buve its effect upon my health ; 1 felt less capable to endure its continuance, while I felt the necessity f perseverance. Tins constant unceasing struggle on my part was Imperative, in consequence of the prostrated condition of iny wife (with occasional iutermission) for six years, much of the time confined to her bed, and of course incapable of taking the charge nnd management of housebote affairs, ller condition arose from causes of w Inch I was ignornut. Oh I what would 1 have given had 1 the six yeara to live over again I W hat would my wife hud given to have been spared the long days and still longer nights prostrato on a bed of sickness! All of which would have been avoided, had I then seen a copy of ' The Married Woman's Private Medical Companion.' When 1 obtained it and read it, 1 couia not credit the possibility that in a short time my wife would be restored to health, nnd myself be enabled to gain a competence. 1 immcdintclv wrote to von f>> von will fb.ett for U U Desomeuux's great Specific for married ladies, for which yon nre agent, and which you trannmittuil by return mail, which wan immediately availed of. My wife wan rapidly restored to hsrLhealth, and I am gradually acquiring a competence for our old age, und .also to leave something to our children. Such, denr sir, has its possession been to me : may 1 m,t be excused for the expression of the obligation I am under to you ? I .have since endeavored to circulate as wide as possible, and will continue to do so, as 1 think no one should be without a copy. Letters are daily received of this character, unnecessary te present. **- MANY MARRIED FEMALES ARE SUFFERING from year to year, wnsting away to skeletons, eyes heavy and dull, cheeks sunken, complexion of bluish hue, countenance without expression or st.imstion, form cinsciated, nerves unstrung, spirits depressed, mind vsennt, an utter prostration and inability for the least exertion. All this might have been prevented ; or, if these exist, the causes, the symptoms, and treatment nre pointed out in 'The Married Woman's Private Medical Companion.' How many bitter moments, how much anguish, might have been spared to the sufferer, to her husband, to her relatives, by a timely possession of this little volume. How many are suffering from obstructions or 1-rregnlnritles peculiar to the female system, which undermine their health, the effects of which they are ignorant, and for whioh their delicacy forbids seeking medical advice? How many Jenifer from prolnjitui utrri (falling of the womb), or frotnyfuor tilbvt (weakness, debility, ar whites)? How many arc in constant agony for many months preceding confinement? llow many have difficult, if not dangerous, deliveries ? Some whose lives aro hazarded during such time, and others who look upon themselves as doomed to childless loneliness, will each find in its pages the means of prevention, amelioration, ami relief. Here, too, plain, simple directions are given, which every female can understand, how a confinement should be managed, if any emergency arise, as it often does, that a medical attendant is not watfiin immediate coll, and thus bt the means of 6aving both child and mother. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. HATPIN ESS TIIE AIM OK ALL. "Happiness is doubtless the aim of all. The questioi is, how it shall be obtained. 11 cannot be denied thalont indispensable condition is health, to be possessed and enjoyod alike by the husband and father, the w ife and mother, and children. The wife and mother it siiblect to many comfdainta incident to her sex, from which the husband and sther is free ; it is thus that we see her often dragging out a sickly existence, painful to contemplate. Let tha husband, then, as lie values bis own happiness, and that of tha com nnni"n of his bosom. and tlio mother of his children, avail himself of ' The Married Woman's Private Medical Companion.' by Dr. A. M. Mauricetui, in which he will find those matters treated of which he should not be ignorant."? Pa. Inquirer. THE CHARMS OF HOME. So much of the happiness of home depends upon the health of the wife or mother, that nothing, having its preservation in view, should ho overlooked or neglected. "If the wife ami mother is afflicted with ill health, and the husband and father oppressed with the cBre* and anxieties of bnaineaa, homo presents a eheerlcss aspect. Preserve, wstch, foun', and cherish, then, the health of the wife and mother; et her know something of the nature of her own maladies, guard against them, or romedy thorn when they occur. This he is enabled te do by possessing a most valuable workcalled "The Married Woman's Private Medical Companion. -R. I. Star. "THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION.' This most important work is oreating great inquiry and dinmission, and eliciting the commendations of the press throughout the Union. " This publication is of a delicate nature, hut it is one el neat importance to the welfare of woman, and oannot fail t< ha productive of good effectf, il placed m the right hands N.Y. Mirror. FEMALES IN THE UNITED STATES. mr IT HAS OFTEN BEEN REMARKED BY TRAVEL LEKS, that females in this country do not retain their ag or appearance longer than thirty, but fall rapidly when the ought to be in the bloom of womanhood. Thin is certaial' true to some extent. Is It not time, then, that our wives, daughters and si step nould tin demand ttionuiolfM sufflniontly to pronerve thai health, their beauty, the causes which produce certain effect and how te obviate some of their maladies, when a work o suoh importance to their welfare, "The Married Woman'i Private Medical Companion," by Dr. A M Mnurieeau, it within thnir reach.?Ohio Times. MOST USEFUL WORK. "TIIE MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION."?If every female had this work, every married female, we would not so generally see the pale, siefcfy, debilitated wife or daughter straggling with some complaint superinduced by causes pointed out in its pages. Beauty, health, strength, and a happy "Id ag*. would have been tna lot of thouannda who are now in their graves W i7os an I ntatliera owe it to Ihemseivea, te their children, and t" their husbanda, to have this work, and profit by the invaluabl# suggestions it oontains."?Spirit of the Times. To those yet unmarried, but eentomplaiing marriage, or, perhapa, hesitating as to the propriety of lecturing the re ponsitiilitles attendant upon it, the Important)*Of being possessed of the relatione oontalnsd fin these so matmately involving Uieir fntnre hnrptnese. cannot W ajpreot* Wis of eenrse, impracticably te convey mere fully the various subjects treated of, aa they are of n nature stnatdp in' tided for the married, or those contemplating marriage. For sale at 221 Broadway, and at tka Publishing Offlfle, 118 Liberty street, N. V.; Little ft f!n., Albany; W. U Davis, Boat?mj T. M. Peterson, <KChaatnut street, Philadelphia; Was' R. lav lor. Baltimore. (la the receipt off), a oopy will be transmitted hy mail, free of postage, to any part of the United States Ail lattort must ha addressed, peat paid, la Dr A.M. Maurienaa, Reg 1M, New York oily. Office. IIP Liberty street apW IJi* DIKIHCAIi. brandketii's pills are a surecurs for influenza. THIS COM PI. AI NT HAS BECOME SO FREQffENb that there are few permma who lutve not had it sever? tint' s. It in a Wirnl iif malignant coutagioua cold atteu iud Willi mil. It favor, mill ft rout pi .nitration o? otrcngth. So eeoa a? poeeitde. awnllow Hi x ?r eight fill*; a large done ia abaaliitoly ii" os-ury to roll.vo the I.ram. tliut organ appearing to ruthr grially iu thia complaint. When they have eporated I'll. I "! >"ur fi i t ami Icga m hot water, or talta a hot bath, lie aura ami In- purged. before you use any moan* of increasing the rlrciilutinn, or ji.nv life may b? tha forfait. Now go to bail; ami. n lira in bci take tun more pilla anil aoroe hot bono, pet tea, catuip. or bnini or balsam, or wu I'lwatnr gruol?mmf I of there warm drinkt will answer, and which may he left to choice ait her of them will help to restore insensible perapi! ration, ami thia iiiethoii will generally cure. Should. bowever, the patient, after the pilla ami Una after treatment, not be l et tcr in the momma, let him take another ?i?, eight or ten pilla or more, according to the urgency of symptoms, and the Mitrm drinka. and root or general bath, at night. My eaperirnce has ahown mc that the third day generally ttnda tha patient urll, when thia plan haa been adopted in the beginning But, in any event, tlio continuance ol tha treatment ia the beat that can l e adopted, whether it tokos one day or twenty to effect the cure. However bad the head may be, never let blood be drawn or leeohea applied ; wo want all tha blood we have. Instead of lining this " lite of our llevh. le* eta tnl-n wwrvr* rat 11 a wliinl. u-i 1 I ?nl* fcHdb rtsa. o?l.? r-~? UR, leaving our blood relieved, and ready to ralf^ all its lift potter* for our restoration, ao soon as the purgation lias left id tree to effcot this object. CHOLERA. ft Thin terrible riincase ha* roniated nearly all the effort* o mcdicinoto arrest 11h progress, but IIraitdrbth'b 1* almoNt immediately they are swallowed, exert a beneficial influence; they carry out of the system the irritating matter* upon which the disease depends for its continuance; they arouse the vital powers, and restore warmth to the Surfaei^ previously chilled by the eoldness of approaohing death. There is no occasion for fear, provided Hrandreth's Pills are on hand ready for immediate use; their prompt administration will van push the malady, and restore tfie health* UN thein as directed in the diseases enumerated below. YELLOW, SHIP, TYrifUS AND ALL FEVERS? DYSENTERY AND DIARKIKKA. In the commencement, it is of absolute importance, in view of a speedy euro, that a full dose of pills be taken at ono^ because the humors which produce diseases of this olaaa, am always of the most malignant, poisonous quality. and na atety to life exists while any portion remains in the bowel* or the blood. Should the first dose not ctire, bo not alarmed* but reiterate the done. Should the evacuations bo very putrid# of bad odorr unnatural color, be. he., betides using four or six pills tw ice a day,'take also, a tcaspoonful of powdered charcoal, in w ater, every day, while thrum symptoms continue. Let your diet he light, and of easy digestion, as arrow root# rice pudding, Indian meal gruel; also, sheep's head broth with rice and a piece of cinnamon boiled in it, or calves head broth. Sheep's head makes the bent diet if it be boiled until the hone* are clean. As a rule, the first dose of pills cures when timely used. Sometimes three or four doses may be noocHsary. Thtre aro cases in which it takes weeks to cure; but they do not "* occur once in a thousand times. In any event, no modicine or plan of treatment iH better than that above recommended# or w ill sooner cure. So soon as the irntatiug mattors are removed, ho soon you will ho well, and uot before. Anodyua* and nNtringcnts have a deleterious effect; because thuy occasion the retention of that death principle which alone cause* dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera, and all other diseases, according to its excess over the principle of life. Hut liraudreth'sl'ill* are opposed to this as w ater is to fire, or as heat is to oold; and whon they are taken into a man, they go to work boldly t* drive this death principle from the body, and all thoy can do ?but if there be work for fifty doses, one dose must not b* expected to do the work of fifty. And thi* truth should always be kept in mind. Let not tho patient frighten emselves with theth idea that they are too tvonk so bear much purging; but hear in mind that these mildly operating Pill* of Dr. Urandruth puts not weakness into the frame, but draws weakness net. leaviaa strength in its place, and gives composing sleep at night, and an appetite to rolish any food. OBSTRUCTIONS AND IRREGULARITIES PECULIAR TO FEMALES. When young women are sick much after sixteen years, and who have not become regular, having either too much or too little?when in too great quantities?1there is nothing te be done but to take the pills ah deseribod for coBtiveness; be lag careful to mak. luiull dote* be take, when the time ii expected With th<?sc in whom the case is different?namely, who har? not enough, or ore irregular, or with whom it is altogether stopped?let theui follow the directions relative to oostiveness also, but with this difference: instead of the small doses, he careful to so order it that the largest doses aro taken about tbe tiiua the turn is cxpeutod. And if irrogulaxity is not than removed, n* it may uot the first time; the next time, besiden taking the large doses of pills for several days procedin# take a large cup of strong pennyroyal tea, cold, when you est up hn the morning of the day you expect. These direction* roll owed, will bo sure and produce the ullect. change of life. Use the pills as directed in costlvenese, and all the eery wnpleasant reelings will disappear. Fresh air. and change ef scene, will much help in the cure. But the pills will be allsufficient, if persevered in, tu effect a full rastoratioa te health. srEciAi.LY "to mothers The costlvrncss nnd the sickness of stomach whleh oftem prevail at a certain interesting |>eriod, are greatly relieved, and ultimately cured, hy the use of Kit aisiir kth's Fii.l?? which should he used once or twice a week during the whole tiuie. They insure au easy and safe time, and, what ie the wish of every mother, they secure a healthy, good-tempered child. It Is a remarkable fnct, that those ladles who have been la the habit of using lln a.nuiikth's I'ii.i.s, have ultimately become so healthy, and the habit of the system so changed, that no sickness of stomach, or other unpleasant symptom, has i prevailed more during the interesting period than at other times. Dr. llrnmlretli has it in his power to.give personal 1 reference to establish this proof of the w ouderful powers off the BnAWultt.TH I'll.!.. ! In cassis or Dihility, IVsakwkss, Waatinos, Dicusg or C'OMSi'MPTio.v approaching, it will be necessary to comnienro with small doses. Begin with one pill going to ned; | next night, two pills; do this alternately for three or four days, or longer; if no alteration takes place, then inorease a pill each night until tivo or six pills nre used, then decrease by one pill, down to one pill. Should any feverish symptoms arise, then take strong doses until the fever is rediiood. Whem this is done, the patient tnny drop down to such doses as their own Judgment shall determine; being careful to keep the drain upon the impure humors; as these are removed, eo will be their advancement tu sound health. aneurism. or enlargement of the heart, arteries. tiles, Ac., &o. Use the pills two or three times a week, in doses suSoienl to purge freely; and when a paroxysm comes on, a fearless use of the pills must be made; down w ith six or eight, and In a little while repeat the dose; do this until the bowels are strongly purged. This effected, the danger is over for that attack. Angina pectoris and stone in the gall bladder ard treated in the same manner; end although considered incurable hy the medical profession, are cured hy the use of Rsasdrvth'i I'ii.i.s. I'ilcs are cured by Bhaniireth'i Fill*. In severe attacks the doses must be full; six or eight for a few nights together will cure thu worst cases. Vtdienever this disease comes on in the treatment of ether diseases, it is a good sign; use nothing hut the pills, and, as an outward application, sold cream or lard, and make frequent use of cold water locally. Where there have been pectoral affections, as asthma, consumption, Ac., perseverance will he required with the pills to effect a permanent cure. But any other oouras will assuredly bring ou the pectoral affection. Dr. nrandrcth would oall special attention to tb? follewing letter from? arnold buffvm, the philanthropist " Ni;w York, Third Month, 23,1(H8. "Dr. Rn antirsith?My dear friend?If to he good and to Is good is the highest duty of man ; snd if ta do good is the beet evidence s man can give that he is good, then 1 feel bound to address thee as one who has come up to the mark of maa's destiny. "As u testimony that this is not vain flattery, I give tht following brief sketch of my own experience: "When I was twenty years ohl, f was very sick fnrsbonfe two months, with what my physician called ' alow.fever,' during which tune I took much medicine; from that timo, for thirty-four years, I was vcryoften sick and under the care of a physician. About twelve years ago, I had a very severe attack of inflammatory Khcmnutism, daring which I was attended hy Doctor Moors, of Philadelphia. I then regarded myself as tin old man, with a broken down constitution, swiftly descending to the grave. Soon afterwrards, however,1 purchased a box of llrandreth's Fills, and finding them, on trial, to he more effectual in rumoving disease than any nedicine I had ever tried before, I replenished my supply from timo to time as occasion required. Since that time I have spent three years in the western country, where I was very muolx exposed to vicissitudes likely to produce disease; twice I has* crossed the Atlantic Oi*i!an.|and have now spent the last four years in nn office in this sickly city. Once, while travelling in the west, 1 was takun suddenly very ill. The friend at whose house I stopped, called in a physician, who made n very careful examination of my case, and then proposed to commence n process, which, hu stated, would so reduce my system, as te routine mn to the house for at least six weeks; hut I declined his prescriptions, took a dose of Brandreth'a , Fills, called the next day aud paid the physician fur kis vl1 sit, nnd pursued my trawl; and tins is the only instance of my being visited hy a physician since 1 purchased the first hex of Brandreth'a l'tlls, twelve years ago. My health is now vastly better than it has been for thirtyfour years, before I commenced the use of these Fills. They have been my constant companion wherever I hare been. f?y I land or hy sea, and my only medicine; 1 am now ten pound! I heavier than I was before I used them; whun I take a cold | now, I have no cough; and I attribute all this change, under 1 Cod, for the substitution of llrandreth Fills for the frequent blooding and tlie calomel dosing te which 1 was before subjected. My wife, too, by the saine means, enjoys the same uninterrupted good health. Uur doctor's Mils, for beth of us, have not amounted to tiro dollars in twelve years. When we find our health impaired from any cause, we take a doe* of llrandreth's Fills, and the difficulty ie removed; and. Judging from my own experience, I believe if evory family should adopt the snuir practic e, the health and longevity oif the community would bo greatly promoted. Most respectfully, thy friend, ARNOLD BUFfUM. PATIBNTS cannot he too often reminded that, in all obstinate mm larger doses and porscvornnce will nnally effect a cure, exrwp? in those cases w here nature ie altogether exhausted, befora this medicine of healing powers was used. For further information see pamphlet on Furgation, by Dr. Brandrrth, which tnny be had without charge from the agonM for thu sale of the pills, which proves that by drawing the impurities out of the frame hy meant of llrandreth s Fills, i* ih? only iMuc ilde means of striking the root nf sit .li?uu cH?, ni?Kill* every one ulio uses them their own physician. 'i lie hurharuua mid inhuman practice uf blooding, ouppinm leeching, ia honed, will he soon exploded, as experience has proved that we have to do nothing but use llranareth's I'EI^ which take the imnurttiea out of the system alone, leaving the ood blood to build end strengthen the body, while, abstrealing the blood tnkee iti good as well ai 11? bad parte. Wa aoon, in e few houra, recover from en exeesslre purgation with llrendreth'a I'illa, hut it taken woeka to rooorer from e tingle blood-letting, lie aenaible, end never be hied. , The Brandreth Pills ero r,.ld at a# rente Der bog, by ens agent in every town in ti e United .xtatea, and In almoat ovory city throughout the world. l-?t all be careful where they buy or they will obtain a couutrrfoit Buy only of men whom charnotera you know to be above eo mean an notion aa to aafl a falae lor the true lirandrath a Pills. Ubeerve the eta aiptaturea of Dr. lireudroib on tech bog. ! READ. f Rt/iHWn i, Kinga county, Is. f., Maruk 1. Thit 'a to certify that I waa taken III during the season i, of tba cholera, in the year l-Vtt, and oonMnued thus uall , Hie spring of 1*12, during which time I waa aevereiy troubled a with djeimpaia, and all ita variooa train of (offering. I bef came extremely omauiatad, melancholy, and worw out wltA i (uttering, ao that life itaelf eeemed burthenaoma. I, In tba i meantime, applied to a number of the beat pbyatoiaaa, whs prescribed lor me, anil many wore the bitter doees of medicine that I took, hut without avail. At laat, I yielded to despair. The idea of taking the prescription! of tha pbyaiciaaa any longer waa naeleaa, and I waa utterly oppoaed la taking pi Tin. My frienda heuame alarmed ; often aolielted ma to try llrandretli's I'ilU, assorting that tlmy had durtvad grunt benefits from their uae. At laat I waa tempted to giro thaaa a tnnJ. and it ia but Juat to aay, that, after uaing tnem a abort time, I began to recover, and aoon waa entiraly reatored la health; and I think it a duty I owe to the world, and to Doetor llrandreMi, to mako Una publie acknowledgement. N. BUM. SHIP FEVER CURED. Two brother! in New Turk both had It; ona weald Maw his doctor'a rule*, and tha other took Urandreth'a I'illa. Tha llrat died in ten days from hia attaok ; the aeooad?him that took Urandreth'a Pilla, attended the funeral. Ha waa la km ntilal health ia two weeha from tha tima ha waa Biy* warn with the fever. A hundred similar uaaea oould be re mured it numbering among them eome high prafraalaaal mam PRINCIPAL BRANDRRTHIAN OPP1CR, NO. M BROADWAY, NRW YORK, UN1TBO WATBJ1 O* XMERIAA. mi- Address all letlera eeaoermin, agesaiaa wr adrlea. t# Dr Brandreth, aa above. AH ucbUtteo muut kajgaajji*

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