Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1849 Page 2
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cut STf. a fine. in keg* ?n*l barrel*. 86?. a 36*.; (icd.l blh . 33a a 34?.; ordinary to middling, 32*. a 32a. td . Interior and grease 20* a 31a ( tin i . (dutv. 1 S .'.a per rat. p. P. *'-M pier, wt. (duty itald ) 10* a 43- middling. 30* a 30a JiuTTia. (duty. 1 S 10* ) ; ' cwt, Ii. I*. 2*. ltd.)<;rct>e M>rt?. (duty frv*.) 2->? *->51 T*uo?. (duty. I M-lMTCWt, B. r. Id ,) per |.ut tiititT paid * 34a. ? o*s (duty 1- per "(uartiT.)?ITnltel States' red, par 7?? lb* J<'<1 a C*. 4u ; do white and mix?d. (la. ,'d a (' - I'd : Canadian red. 3a. lid a 6a. 4d.; do. white, el- lid. a 6a "d. I>ot a Western canal, jter Imrrel of 100 lb?., 23a. a ii'is 3d ; Philadelphia 'J.l 3,1 a'.'1*. Od.; Baltimore. 23*. rid a 24a.; Ohio, 24c. a 26a.; aour, 23a. a 23s. 6d.; Cauatliuu. 23s. a 24a. Jm>ian Cos*, per 4S0 lb*.?Yellow, 31s. a 32*. Cd.; white. 30s. a Ills. I sol a* per barrel ofliib lbs . 14 a. a 15s. 3d. Oats, |? r 46 lb*.. 2a. 2d. a 2*. 4d. f'kis. ptr 604 11., C.juiiidiau. 2-a a 2Pa. lt? as*. per 4vO Ilj- ?White or ( nlavaucus, 30s. u 30a. hiaiciu Cut. per ton. A'f> u X'O. Hriara, den. Hull A Co.'* CI re ill nr. hit unroot.. April 27. 1840. We were a little slacker on Monday, iind probably some lower sulcB wtre niudii In qualities of American, varying from ;i?, ,| to 4d . and the same depressed feeling continued during t lie early part of tlio duy on Tuesdry Since that time there has been more activity, tho trade who are nut of stock taking a moderate supply cheerfully, and with iu rer.ring confidence. Exporter* are also ]urcha-ing alitllo utmost everyday Thuac fluctuations arc very flight, and we close the week with cur quotations ranging just a < they were ou Friday last. A scttlcnient of the German war would set our exporter* of yarn at ease, and have an immediate hearing on n;ii; i? i in IUU uiiu1111mr luav vurj iiu|i"ruiiH branch cl' the cotton manufacture Is under considerable check. Upon tho deeply iuli resting subject of American crop we hate nothing now. Should it turu ii;> that the cotton lias. front tL? unusual facilities of tian*port. been urged to market earlier than aforetime, ond tiiat the total crop falls any tiling short of 2 OIK) 000 bales, It a 111 be regarded Lv holder* as a ground of confidence. seeing iliut the quotation for inidilliug quality is only 4d. per Up. 2 &0U Am riiau have been taken on speculation, and 3 4i>0 American, 80 Surat, and 00 Peri am for export. The* suits of the ?col. uiuouut to 33 740 I alt s. lloltcrt Proetei'a Circular. Livi.rfooi., April 27, 1(549. There has been a largo arrival of vessels from A nicies the last two days, and they bring upwards of34.032 quarters of Indian corn, but u 4 much ot auy other rticle of tho corn trade. At to-day's market there was a good consumptive demand for wheat and flour, and fully the prices of Tues< ay were obtained. Oats and oatnn al met a slow pule, ond were rather easier to buy. Barley, beans, uutl peas were without change of value. and iu limited request. 1 here was a fuir sale for Indian corn, at a decline since Tuesday of Is to Is. (Id. per quarter. White corn was selling at .'40s. lid. t<? 31s., up to .'12s. to 32s. fld. per 480 Bp. for yellow. Liverpool Hikes Current, Fon i iii: WtrK i-Musi. Ai'Iiil 27. 1849. Arranged by a Committee of Brokers?T. M. Mvkrs, Secretary. Si.'oaii?There being lie II. P. at market, the sales of this description me lot worth notice; 4 00(1 bugs Bengal sold at PSh. (Id. for low yellow. -11s. to 42s. for middling white, and 49s. 6d. for fine white I 'u.- .-dpore. being former lirices; 4,000 bags Mauritius on tbe spot at 30s. to 41s., ond 0.000 biigs to arrive at ;!! *.. round, being a decline ?f Is. per cwt. Foreign 2'sj cases and 2,000 bugs .Brag II have been sold at rather lower prices, brown from 17s. to L'Os. (id. in bond, and v hlte , at 40s. (id. to45s. per ?-wt., duty paid: 30 hhds.. f>0 brl-. Porto Kieo brought 41s. to 42u. 3d. The market continues very steady for molasses; the only pale is a enrgo of clayed Cuba, price not named. Oofl'eo 'Die sales ure trifling, being confined to a few bags I.agiitiyru and Bio. without change in prire. .Nothing done in cocoa, ginger, pepper <>c Pimento. Jlfce?There lias been m?ru inquiry; 700 fees. ( aroJina and 10 ooo hags Bengal sold; 7s I'd to S. ,1 fi.r Ion lo .roo.l I ,i ml 04 til flu for ordinary to good middling white. There lias been rather more business in rum this week. mid tlio sales e mount to 230 pmie. Douicrura, at rather lower rules. Tra?A better feeling exists for Congous. and there is a littlo more doing, at previous prices; greens continue heavy, and rates barely supported. About SO chests of indigo have been disposed of nt lis. to OS. KM. per lb , bvii'g prices, ty} ?.f liver shell lae , at 4C.-... ft few toils tlucul at 39s., trifling parcels ol'Bengal safllowor at ?6 5sr. and 4'M1 bags of .-ago Hour at ISs. to ]ss. fid. per cwt. The only tiansaction in saltpetre this week, is 2UU bags. line, at 128*. 6d. to 28s.: of nitrate of soda. 200 tons have been taken at lis. fid. to lis. I'd. per cwt. In guano, about tons havo been sold, at very stiff prices for nil hinds. Hi; noons?The rales reported are 160 tons Cainpearby logwood, principally ul ?>> 5s ; 80 tomp l.ium Nlcuiagun wood at CI*, and So tons Cuba fustic at ?7 5s. to ?7 10s. No sales reported in turpuutiue or tar; some few parcels of common American rosin brought 3s. Of Montreal and Stule pot und pearl ashes, 200 to 300 brls. have been sold, the prices ol which are not reported. 8eeds? Any business transacted iu cloversecd or linseed is trifling; the market Tor the former is dull, and the sowing season drawing towards u close. The market for hides is dull, und at the public rales on Tuesday only a small portion found buyers, but without any material change in prices. There has be< -a an improved demand for brimstone, ?ud upwards of 500 tons sold, from ?5 7s. fid. up to ?5 15s. per ton. But little has been done in Argols beside# 50 casks t tporto sold to arrive, at full prises, t.iclly sumac goes otl'steadily at 12s. perewt. OfPer;<i<D yellow berries 2? bubo brought ?fi las. perewt. Olive oil continues in limited .demand, the snles of the wee.'; being only about 3it tons, at rather easier prices. I ish oils continue dull at previous prices. There is au -cnprovcil demand for linseed oil. and about 30 tons have been sold nt 2fi*. to 27s per cwt.. the latter being now the lowest price. Small lots of rape oil have ioali/ed 41s. per cwt. 12 tons foreign spirits of turpentine are n ported at 31s. to 31s. fid. perewt. The business in palm oil is confined to about W tons brought 1roin Bristol, v lileh sold at ?34 to ?35 per ton. Nothing worthy i: notice has taken place in Baltic hemp. 800 l aics Jute realized ?14 7s. fid. to ?17 per ton. Tallow is dull of sale: Petersburg V.t'.at 3Us. fid. to fids, in small parcels; about 200 casks and boxes South American sold by auction at 24s. 9d. to 3fis. fid. per s-wt. The sales of lard nrc ab"Ut 200 tons, at 33s. to Ids. per ewt.. being previous rates. (ii sin?Wheat is in lair rojuest, at a decline of 2d. ]e r 70 lbs. Western canal und superfine sweet Canada lour commands 23s. to 23s fid. per barrel. Indian < rn in good demand. ut nn abatement of fully Is. per luarter. Indinn meal is without change. Irish o.ita li ive improved S'1. per 15 lb?. l'.gv ptlau beaus24s. per 480 lbs. The Corn Trndt- of lilurope. {From the London Mercantile (Luetic. April 27 ] We cau notice no Improvement in commercial affairs; Indeed, many branches of business hare exhibited symptoms of further depression, aiuong which may be clashed the corn trade. The adtaucc in prices, which the probability <>f the supplies of grain from the northern ports of Kurope being interrupted by the war between the (ierniaus and Louts gave rise to. lias not II en maintained; t Injun uguiuc view which holders wore ?t first led to lake of the effects likely to bo produced thereby, having since undergone considerable modification. An opinion n?w prevails that the dilHculties between the belligerent parties will be settled soouor than was nt first expected, and though the reports from llie seat of war hardly warrant that conclusion, the belief has hud some tr'eet. The latent accouuls from America, advising u? of n fall, on the other side of the .Atlantic, in the value of flour, and of an alteration iu tlie exchange- of a nuturo to eueoiiragc au export ot I ullioii from lieucc, lime also had some influence, it being deemed likely that shipments of breadstuff* will be made from the Vnlted States to Ureat Britain with u view ot obtaining a return iu gold. These causes, and the somewhat favorable change which lias taken place In the weather, huve had the effect of cheeking the upward movement; Indeed, at many of the principal provincial market a r portion of the recent advance hint ugain been lost: the bttrinevs done in wheat during the wreck having been at prices Is. tolfs. per qr. below tlioae obtained soon after the news wan received of the renewal of hostilities on the part of Denmark, in reference to the protracted Schlcsvvig-ilolstcin question. To venture on an opinion as to the probable future range of prices would, under the existing circumstance*, be unsafe, much depending on the turn polilii hi affairs may take <u the continent, aud still more on vho character of the weather next mouth. W'e may, ], never, state it to be our belief that, if nothing should cccur to give riac to uneasiness in regard to tlio crops < n the ground, that the chauce* would be against, rather than in favor, of uu advance in tho vuluoof agricultural produce; being convinced that, even with the baltie clr sod against us, lree trade will ensure supplies frein other quarters more than adequate to the ? xti n'. i f our wants. The arrivals from abroad liavo, 1.0wcvit. b<en i n a more moderate scale this week than J.>r a consiili table time past; still us already remarked, Iheterdi nej f prices lias been downwards. At .Mark .i.ane. on Monday th re was a rlightly increased show < f wheat by laud carriage, samples from the home ? ouatirs. and tie >ugh the piuliiy and condition were getter than on nny pievhius occasion this year, great Clffleulty was experienced p, effecting sales St previous V\ liii ?j vii? ni hat in more ronucpt Hum rod. mid the ilaacx supply was pla. i d without factor- Mug compelled to suhiuii to lo*er terms ; but this can ? arcely be ,-nid to have bu n the case iu r. fercucc to 1 he Kent supply, the prices at which rule w i re made Jydng scarcely equal to those current on that day a,. k fa Wednesday, business remained la the satno dull fate, and we can notice no improvement UiU niornin~ Xho trifling nature of the home supply bus how. ver, j re vented liny quotable dccliuo. foreign wheat lia-, giotwithstunding the sniallijess of the arrivals, been joorc prcssingly ottered, und the country deuumd l aving falli ii eff, buyers hav? hud the turn in tlioir favor. 1 lie transactions on Monday were not by any Xot'uni extensive, and the operations have since brcii en a Terv restricted scale. Comparing tho price* at V-hlch sales have been made this morning, with the ? xU'tme rates obtained lu the commencement of last "v ' k, the In!I nniy be safely estimated ai Is to lis. per qr. J he recent advance on Hour has this week been paid > i'.h evident relnctanre, and the millers report acone I'Tfibly diirini to d demand. Ilarliy of home growth i is come to baud sparingly, and the receipts from t bri ad have been only moderate. On Monday an alt mpt was made to estublish n smalt advance on fine f>. mplcs of f.ngli li. a nd though this could not be uec i.j',..h<U tin- paucity of tbe suj ply enabled factors t obtain fully tormcr terms. f oreign birley. being f- li plentiiul. i.i.inly sold so well, and (his morning l'S -t grind 11.-g "its lnv" b"en offered at 11-. to Us. J r 1r-< v1 / "iiing umch attention. In uialt V ' ! "en I tv! p? - ug. m.d its value ha re>i,ai.itd ii" ' unaltered Tin itrrivul* of Ho" oats lilivc In li I ..'.I. wl.u-h lu. failed, however, to iiup.irt 4 ' nfid" f.ce t. ,| - <r a 'I I tlu trade has been rem.irkf i"ijr inactive. . actor, were not gen, rally Inclln. d. on JMcnday, H : ' ' I ' I money, r.iul purcbu rs h ing vow iUmg V' 1 ! > i iin r pi lets, the trnusaelioo- were < a ic-tuil n ?'e ; since l Inn n reduction of ub >ut 0d j.<t quart(r has. In parti 1 liotsncv.b en a reded to V ithout leading to mnre Hxletiaivc operations Beans > .v quoti d Is , and peas 1?. to lis. per quaFtvi higher 1 the bi!,Inning of the week, hut the advance ) rtiv . rted to day A continued dim aud for iikii/u <' ' n . a Ivi h aet.oiirit has fi'tisi I lull t rm to ?.< d< u. an ' ? l'.i- floating targ't- buh bete and ,. ipto. Course of Bxthtagr la Kurope. f llaMarauH, Aran <4.1849. i Amsterdam. . .2 months 35.36 slivers for J p. Purls .3 " 180 cents for 1 p. I , .. u inii'.v > marcs aad shillings London 2 " 13t?SaX { uaaeufur ?1 *tg Oihm 3 44 llK)!f cents for ?1. I Leghorn " 241 Li 'i fo* 300 marc* banco. Paris. Apuil 2i> J Amsterdam .3 months 200*1 ton In lor 1 florin. Hamburg.... " 181 rents for 1 p. bunco. , Londou " 25 20 fra. and eta. for Xlstg. i Genoa ' 97*i (rati fnr 1 lira uuora 1 Lighoru... " ? oeuts lor 1 lire. amki kkham, Aran. 2-1. i Paris 2 months 56*,' grotcs for 3 francs. ( I Hamburg.. 44 317i do. for 1 p. 1 j London.... " 11.19 flr. arid stiver* for ?1 stg. | Genoa. ... ' 41 cents of Us for 1 lira uuora. J I Leghorn... " 36do. lor 1 lire. London, Aran. 27. Amsterdam. .3 mos. 12.2 ) ? ... , . Hotterduui... ' 12 8>? j flrH stl vara for ?latg. Antwerp.... " 25.72 francs and cU. for do. i Hamburg. . . ' 13.12 inures and shll. b. do. Paris 14 2o.C2>i francs and oonta da. Lisbon CO ds. 53 ponce wig. for 1 milrca. Genoa 3 mos. 25 80 j Ura na.^ and cents for ( Leghorn.... 44 32.50 lire for ?lstg. Billion rr.a Ou.ncit. 8. d. Gold, standard 77 9 i Silver, do 4 11 Tn South American dollars 4 10' { United States do t iwwi-?i?fc ' Spanish do Spanish doubloons 76>i ul t Bogota and Mex. do. ) Q ' '' Popajau do. ] v The Bank of Hncland. An account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, 1 . Mi. :e> fnr till. week erutins- Aiiril'21 ISSVIC lUCMDTHKItT. Notes issued ?27,70!V'i> Government Debt. ?11,015,100 Otlirr sconrilies... 2,14144,'JOB Gold Colu and bullion 13,446,055 SUver Bullion.... 323.5W ?27.7'?,<?? ?27,709,035 AKKI.1U IIS'PaHTWKNT. Pmpriotors' Capi- Government Seen till ?11..Vv'4.l?s| ritiei, (inoliiding Reel 3,121,4.-7 deud weight an- C ruldiu Deposits, nuicy) ?1.5,902,211 (including Ex- Other .Sueurilis*.,. 10,017,0,41 I cheiiucr Savings' Notea 8,091,(W0 Italian. I'ommis- U"ld and Silver sinners of N u- Coin 710,265 ( tionul Debt, and Dividend Ac'tb.. 2,M>0,717 II | Other Deposits... 11,HO,217 Si'veu iliiy and 0 i other llills 1,1M,1)C9 ?33,431,520 ?.5.4,431,620 v Dated 20th April, 1819. 61 MARSHAIX, Chief Cashier. Market a. Londo* Moa?:r Markkt. April 27,184P?Two o'clock I' M.?There has been no addition this morning to the ] amount of business which has been transacted in I'ub I lie Securities. the extent being pretty much the hmiip 1 i us that which lius prevHlled during the previous days n I of the current week. Consols hare been done at 442"<, j and (12 for the account, end 4'2'i and 442 for present j payment. indicating that the opiuion held as to the fa- i turc is not very encouraging to the spcrutator*. The I Three per Cents lledured were done at IN)?* >4, the j Thrce-and-n-Quarter per Cmts. 91 fi 3?*. Bank Stock I 14:4 2>?, India ditto 24H, Exchequer Mil.- 44 47, and InI dia Bonds 70 t58 pin. A good ileal ot business in small ] amounts bus been done in Fori ign Securities, and the . I state of the account has in somo instances operated in j effecting a slight change in m>iih> of the prices. Mexl- I ran Bonds have been done from ,'il \ to 1/24), with the ( coupons, and 21'9* with the coupons detached Peruj vian Bonds <io, Veneauela Deferred 7 '', Granada Defer- n red 3,s?. Kquador 4. Brazil Old 7!' i. Now Ditto 78. Pur- ., tuguese l our per Gents 28;'j, Sjiani li Five per Cents 17.V Duteh Twoand-a-Half per Cents //.and the f Four per Cent Certiflestes 77',. The general tune of the iiailway Share Market has been much affected by the result^ of the investigations which hare recently '' been madts and prices, generally, are lower in conse- y iiueuce of the publication of the report relative to the Eastern Counties Iiailway. w t^VARTta at.roat; Tiintt;,?ConsoU for Account. 929 B ,j J 11 ?i sr. A en 11- 2S.?C'oTir-f?As we prognosticated in r I 1 - - ~ r IV.. 11.1. I..I A .1.. .. Iha .I...I1?. continued to encourage purchasers to a large extent, ^ until Thursday last, and ax wo did Jnet receive on that 11 day the i xpeeted advices of the 4th Inst., per Canada, our muikct became very dull and heavy, and wiles did not exceed 1.001) bales per diem for the rest of the c week. On Suuduy these advices reached us, nnnounc- . ing only 8 new ships loading: for our port, with a slight fall in prices, counterbalanced by the rise in freights 1 and a continued difficulty of negotiation ; and as they ^ were favorably interpreted, notwithstanding the Liveri pool circular, received that duy, announcing a fall of'?d| t I in consequeuce of the complicated state of ulTairs in ^ f (icrmany. which paralyses the trade in Manchester; and. notwithstanding, also, the considerable receipts n 1 in the different ports of the United States, which reach ? I already 2.100.000 bains, our market did not lose ground, . and the smalluess of our stock, added to the certain- " ty of trilling supplies for some time to come, hus pro- (. duccd some activity, purchases tor consumption being , regular The sales (in Monday reached 1,900 hales, with steadier prices, and yesterday again 951 bales changed it hands, at prices which denote an improvement of f X ou last week's quotations. The sales of the week reach about ''' 9.128 bales, equalizing the receipts, which amount to 11.343 hales, leaving us witli n itMk of 34.184bales. , as per statement at loot. The following were the sales effected, via.; fr 3.770 bales New Orleans f6S . . to 81 .. 1.587 " Mobile 64 .... 78 60 P 2,814 " Upland 66 .... 97 56 CI 15 " I'eruauibueo ? . . .. 8# . . 837 " To arrive ? .... ? .. 9.128 bale*. ft Ashes ?Notwithstanding the paucity of transactions, which only reach 22brl* New York I'stash at f 53, this article is in a more favorable position. C-.v-al remains ' always nominal at f 40. 1'carlash is dearer, and would fetch to-day from f65 to 50 per 50 kit. duty paid. Our stock is very trifling. Arrivals?8 brlsfroin New York, per llavro. Beeswax?Nothing doing; but prices ex- ii ccedingly firm at our lust quotations of flG5tol?2 . per 50 kil. duty paid. Stock on baud very small. We 1 have received from Lisbon 10 cakes brown, end 21 ll cases from New York, per Havre. Lard continues neglected, and prices still on the dicline. The only ' sales effected were 14 brls at f4!' per 60 kil. duty paid." tl Wc have received 139 barrels froui New Orleans, per J. (] 11.4Hidden. Oil?The fall in priccs]not!ced in our last, ou account of the arrival of several whalers, has nu( H made any further progress; on the contrary, they are a much Jlrnnr, for. after haling paid 38f,"purchasers were fouild at :i8f. 50 for 100,000 kil., and even iil'f. 50 and 40 for lit!.iOO kil- With regard to palm, wc have 1) no new vales to untie? sincu our last report. Wc quote 45f. to arrive, and 47f. 50 for stock on hand No arri- ? vais. Quercitron bark for tlie last week has not been cl quite so firm, and although wc hnve no positive decline . in prices to notice, yet they arc languid at our last quotations, and we th'iuk Baltimore could be obtained at easily at 18f. and i'liiladelphin as 15f. per 50 kit . duty i paid W'e have received 30 casks Philadelphia and 331 '* Lags Baltimore, per Havre, from New Y'ork. Hice?In at the beginning of the week the inquiry was exceedingly active, owing to the presence of the cholera in Paris, where an order came out from the Minister of the In- a! terior. prohibiting the Usage of peas and beans in the hi hospitals, sub-1ituting rice in their stead Notwithstanding the arrival of fresh supplies, the whole of our stock pretty nearly passed into second hands, with au h improvement ol if. to 3 in our rates. The sales reach 409 to 609 tierces ( arolina rice at 27f. to 28 75; 1.750 s' bags l ast India at l-lf.. which establish on tbc latter a vv vise of 2f. Within the last two or three days the , accounts from Paris being more satisfactory respieling the disease, which is diminishing gra- ni dually, buyers have withdrawn from the market, and there is a greater desire to sell on the part a of holders ; in eousequenee we are pretty nearly tli on a pur with the prices of the e oinmeuceincnt r of last week The arrivals of the week reach 649 tierces. 60 half tierces Carolina rice from Charleston, tl by I'll. J. lingers, which hail passed into second hands ? on their arrival, with the exception of 200 tierces sold previously to arrive. Our stock Is estimated at 000 to T "no tierces. Tallow remains very dull, and the only !() sale we have to notice is 34 casks New Orleans at 54 f. .. Ituselau remains quite nominal at quotations. Wc " have received 172 casks and 406 eases from Buenos t., Ayrcs. by Parana Whalebone ?Since the commencement of the mouth, this article has undergone u sensible depreciation, occasioned, in a great measure, by is the arrival of considerable supplies by Kreneh whalers, as also from the I nit< dNtates; ourrates in consequence pc nave lost ground \ mi 01 rrcncu n?nery. ny i osmo- ca jiolito. about 14,000 kil., was disposed of at 226 f., after ! iwhich 6.000 kil. . expected by ViucdeRmnes, have been i fMlkcdttnif. NoUriagdoing in whatetone?ra? the I or l lilted States, and prices remain nominal at '22!?f to | ... S23of for north-wextern, and 240f. for southern bone , per 60 kit., duly paid. Our stock is valued at 00.000 dt kil Mr have received 0,000 kil. per Havre, from New ((1, York. M oods. ? Notwithstanding tbo limited transactions of the week, ilyewooda remain in a favorable po- fi' ait I on; we have realized 14.000 kil: Fustic (Thmpan) at te Rf 74. 00.000 kil.; ' olocoro at 10f., and 02.600 kil.; St. , Domingo logwood at Of 60 per 60 kil., duty paid. C ablurt woods continue neglected, and prices heavy No nil arrivals. M J.a 11 r. t i;om St. Thomas and Bermuda.?By the pc nrrivnl >? rterduy morning of the BritisJi royal in til la steamship Tluiini'tJ, Cupt. Abbott, we have received cl tlulea lrom St. Thomas to the 2d, and from Bermuda to the Hth inM. '1 he I . s. -loop of war Germantown, Com- T' thunder ( hu?. Lowndes, was ut St. Thomas on the 2d iiibt. ll< \\ t Juts. received the Be tnuiiuin of the 2d, and the Ruyal hi tittle of the 1st inst., both published "r at Hamilton. Bermuda, but they contain no news. '1" -? if ilty Intelligence, i,r Kinr - I n t evening, at!? o'clock, there ?u a Are in Beekutati street, and it baring been suspected |,? the Ml police authorities that the h-?u?o was act on tire with sc H e intention of ;lving nn opportunity of rttacklng the h i: ot the Mayor, which la the In Immediate vicinity the police were naeelllbied in large force, with their bull u . to ri jo 1 any attempt (if that kin I Tbwe was ('e r.l-ou large party in the Mayor's bouse. The Bre ??< w soon extinguished. m'i am hoi . All 111 NT ?A little girl, aged two years, dau.ihti r of ) lie hard Long. No. 13d Norfolk street, w.n ni drown" d y e-lii day allernoon while oro.selug the North |? 111v> i- with In r psrcnls, the boat in which they were . having be. i cnp-lacd in consequence of having been 41 run Into by a barge. The body has not bean reoovered. Hnpreine Lonrt?(leneral Term. si Tm -i nt .to?tio<-s Jones. hdmond* and I duarils Ms Th. court opened this morning and the argui i nt if f.o, '..l na- proceeded with ; it will uot be bl I, wuclud'.dbifota Mwaday fc VEW YORK HERALD lurtbwe?t rtirnrr nf Kiilft?u hikI IVumi ma JAM*.* UOIIIHIN HlSNNUrr, FHOfKIETolL TH4S It A11. V Hh'H hl.l>?In,,, rifiriu.n. i lentr per copy -$7 trr atinvm. TH E Ml I It S l\l i 1.1)1 EUtS i. v.,hl*rh<t <i(S o'clock. A. IU-. I"<1 tHrt rlbufei' hcloit brcihl'ieti ht Jtr.f AWFKSOny KMTIil\ h - >, ,A oj 'he ne?uoyr lit I o'rlo, k. and tlu. acionA at A o'rloi-h. I', hi. THE WEEK I.* tnrnrrn' imiii im rtu wm(ntut, II pnhlirheA m ry Saturilay. i/f !>>., wnf. /ht i<>/y, >r R3 per 19999111111;/<"* circulation in Eo rope. unA printed ?i French drill Enpluh, at 'l4 cent* per copy. or C4 /? ''' "nmm, the latter price to inrhiAe th pantaqe. dl.l. I.ETTF.RN I'V mnII, for tHhnrriptionr, or north adIrrftimtiiti, to he port p int. or the pontage mill he ilretHotei 'to991 the money -emitted. A MI'S KMC NTS fO-NOMMHT KVEN1N0. BOWERY TUEATKE. B?wury.-Kirtc Johh?Tauino tM?. PLkl.OB. UKOAIl W A V TUBATKE. Ilrnttd w?y? yi < \ T? -1' III -TO. NATION A I. THEATRE, Chuthim Bqnu?.?Porn** i he )t'k?ti<>s?(.nchaatik. Bl/RTON'8 T1IEATRB, Chamber* atroet.?Pivi. I'Ar? Ikbk Namii, MR' IONICS' HALL, Broadway, near Broomt.?Chairrv'a HiaiiRim. CHIN&bK MUSEUM. 66iillri.adwtty.-CHiMfiECfBi.nlriB*. AHHEMIILY ROOMS. 833 Broudw*y-YoiOTi.aifi>Bii,a MiIBfOI'RMIC VlKWR. APOLLO ROOMS, Iiroadwitv?C?n'hki.l'r MiwsTBBI.* I1K0, KI.V.V, Montague Halt?New ClgLEARi tjBkBVBliU. T.l-NlliHT. castit. garden?sackbf oiki-kiit. New York, 8uiiiU|, Nuy 13. Ih*?. The Foreign Nrwt. The moils of the steamship Hibernin arrived in his oity, last evening, at un early hour, und we are onsequcntly enabled to lay before our readers full letoils of the important intelligence which she onveys to us from the old world ; and which is me week later than what we were previously in lossession of. Cur limits prevent us from giving is much us we would like to lay before our readers, tut we shell continue publishing extracts and corespondence, until all the interesting portion of it hull have been before them. It will be seen from this intelligence, that the luro|>enn continent is far front heiug composed; hat the Austrians are meeting with severe checks, ind that u general European war is not very imirobable. Cur space to-day forbids our entering nto detail. The New York Appointments. ]$y our telegraphic despatches from Washington, lublislied in another column, it will be perceived hat, in regard to the New Vork appointments, the ong agony is over, and the highly respectable >fliee-sei kers and politicians with which the city bounds, may at once cease their limbic, their imortunity, their intriguing, ns well as their ubuse of ucli other. These appointments were not expected to be iken up by the cabinet for a week yet, and they /ill, therefore, surprize our politicians somewhat. It /ill be perceived, as wc indicated a few days since, lai neither Ex-Governor Young nor Ex-Mayor Irmly, has got the office of Collector; but that it ins been given to Hugh Maxwell, Esq., the gentle nan whose name was last mentioned in connecion with it. The rival cliques probably abused each ther so much as to induce the President to give it 0 a third parly. Put if neither got this fat office, >oth have been given other government situations, villi a view, perhaps, on the part of the udministraion, of conciliating the cliques to which they ropecfively belong. Ex-Governor Young lias been nude Sub-Treasurer, vice Ex-Governor Bouck; nd Ex-Mayor Brady Postmaster, rire Ex-Mayor lorris, the present incumbent. This policy ofconiliating the rival cliques may fail if Mr. Young iiould decline the Sub-Treasury, of which there 1 a rumor. There would then be fat in the fire in arnest. Our politicians,who, in their own opinion, constiitcthc whole country, will breathe easier and more eely now that these appointments have been diseased of. The gentlemen appointed are all good itizens, highly honorable men, and well qualified > discharge the duties of their respective offices. V'c have no doubt that they will give general satislction. 'lie ( tly Authorities and the Theatrical Kxcttcment. C Hir new Mayor and Common Council have been a office a little over a week, and a very exciting irne they have had of it. The Mayor, Mr. Woodall. has shown a great deal of firmness in suporting an actor, and forcing him down the treats of the people, nolais vol ns, on the stage of le Astor Place Theatre, at the dictation of a few idividuals belonging to the highly respectable ristoeracy of the upper portion of the city. In conducting this business, our new Mayor and is co-laborers have, no doubt, shown a great deal f firmness, and we hope that the same spirit will haracterizc their administration of our municipal Hairs, in other respects, during the year. Let us e in what manner they can advantageously disay this spirit. This at once suggests the reels. For some years past, our streets have ?en a disgrace to our city ; they have been nee-deep with mud in rainy weather, and nee-deep with dust in dry, which* when agited by the wind, penetrates the clothing ani tugs of the inhabitants, and injures goods in ores, to an incalculable amount, every year. Now, e submit to his Honor, the nsw Mayor, and to le gentlemen composing the legislative departlent of our city government, that the streets open field for their enterprise and firmness. Let them isplay those qualities in removing the mud and 1th which, at the present time even, lie in our iroroughfares, engendering disease, und emitting stench that none but New York nostrils can stand, hat dreadful scourge, the cholera, is hovering round us. It is approaching the metropolis, and we escape its visitation it will indeed be a mer/. Let us not invite it by dirty streets. Then, again, there is the subject of the taxes. It well known there is no necessity for their being ? high. Surely the government of a city like this in be condncted at a less expense than three milins of dollars per annum? Hut there is no use in lumerating the catalogue of grievances which the ifortunate people of New York have suffered un r for a number ol years past. All we wish to y is, that we hope the new Mayor, and the whole ivenimrnt, will show the same firmness and dermination in cleaning our streets and reforming e abuses of our city government, as they have lown in extinguishing the excitement caused by r. Macready |>erforming against the wishes of a >rtion of our citizens, and supporting htm by a rge military force, at the dictution of another ass of the community. The Military Arrangements for To-Day.? he w hole of the First Division of the Utate Milii has been ordered on duty to-day. A requisiin hue been made upon other portions of the miaiy of the ?tate, and the United States troops e in readiness on Governor's Island, with the arine corps at the Navy Yard, Drooklyn, to reond to the call of the city authorities. We aprhi nd no distuibnncr ; but are happy to find that eh ample precautions have been taken to prerve |>eHce and order. Nine Tons of Facer!?We can assure our rears, that during the week which has just closed, e used in this establishment nine tons weight of inting paper, by actual measurement. This > > i-orni incredible, but it is a solemn fact. It will ? recollected that we published several double north within that |>ericd. Arrival of the Stkam.miif Trnnbsse*.?The [(t.mship Trnnesaee, Capt. Collins, arrived last veiling from Savannah, in u very short passage, ringing us papers one day in advance of the mail, c which we are obliged to Cupt. C. t THE TRAGEDY IN ACTOR PLACE. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. !U !? The Inquest 011 the Dead Bodies Ewuniiuilioii of the Muyor and lien. Sand for i. I N ( I U E N T M , Ac. A*. Ac. BCKNES ON PltJlMV NiOIIT On Friday afternoon, application ?u nal- to Mr McCullogh, of Water afreet, tj men to k< connected with the mob, for the loan of two thou-axl : stand of Inltcd States musket-, in hi* p--.?ioi, | 1 key offered security tor their safe return, tut Mr ["' McCnllogk refused, and inade known the fact of Die ,,, application to tke Mayor, ?lie immediately had tin u ?i removed to the arsenal for safe keiplm; lest lite lumn | J1" which contained them should lie attacked. ,,, After the adjournment ef tbo mn-iiuij ii the I'm ou Friday night, a larj/o portion of the ni .l> party a? sentblcd at the Optra House, where it wa? snppnaed f., uuotker demt-ustration would bemads. Before th it ad tftlirnmerit linu, v>.r lhi? mllilsrv i> ,-ps i.ln 1.0 . , it. 1'* ground, and the mob Mint nut troin tin- bHM| <<r nl least, so far that no possible chance wa* afforded lb :u to commence ? serious attack upon tli<* j>r opart/ About five o'clock in the afternoon the tro p? I w.k up )(i, their pobltion in Washington and Tompkln< Hanaro Ik to prepare for tlie work of the night and in g.eij tiin<< | moved to the lute scene of the riot. The whole milltary force numbered about two tliou-anl, romp .?rj of n portions of the fourth, tenth and twelfth region nt* ' of Infantry, besides four eiiupuilie* of artillery mot cavalry, together with the whoje police force, of nine

hundred men and one thousand special constables ll About M*| o'clock the military eoiiiplcD;/ aur- 1 rounded the place, mid cloud the afreet*, the noli at the sumo time hooting end thrc?t. uiog on attack *" The city guard wn> drawn up in on line Fourth uremic, and large tires built. fj 'J he National (in y*. Lafayette Fusileers. and one or " two other companies of iufantry, were posted ill La- 1 layette Place, right on Aster I'lare. A-tor Place and ' F.iglith street were supported on the cast by the coinpanics of the eleventh regiment of Infantry. and the ' Lafayette Guards (cavalry). 'J1 Ihe lleiieon Guards, e.uard Lafayette, JelTersoii !* Guards. Jefferson Kueilcer*, and Monroe Gourd*. were posted in Broadway, while six piece* of artillery and a ' how itler were placed so a i to protect c-rery street leadiug to the theatre. These Were heavily charged with ' grape and < Mini ter. The movable property of the theatre had been removed, and tlie police put in possession of the house, ' H which was entirely closed, save one entrance which led M' to the rot ins fitted up for the reception of the di ad and wounded, should an engagement take place. The *! largest portion of the mob at this time were in Uraad- ! way. and though Mich a large number of troops were J": posted in that street, for a time there were strong and probable apprehension* of un attack. The very air , was rent with thi ir yells and oath* of vengeance. The police wa* brought, and, rusbirig among the crowd, . arrested several of the most prominent leaders, which. .. for a time, had the effect to quell the probability ol }}}' attack. * The mob then changed their position to Fourth are- , nue, where an attack ws* made with stone* upon the City C luard, from the marble yard near by. and w hich afforded them plenty ol luissiles. Several of the soldier* jy' were then struck and severely hurt. Mr. Stevens, ot the J'1 City Guard. Mr. O'Hallorau. of the Montgomery Guard, 111 and Mr. Coy le, of the Montgomerv Troop, were struck and seriously hurt, especially the former, who wu? . knocked senseless to the ground, the blow having a 1 been received on the head. These were immediately re- J" moved to tlie theatre, where surgeons wero iu attend- J, and their wounds were dressed. ' The mob was partially repulsed, but about nine *!'( o'clock urnin rallied^ iiutl CViUUeuccd the at tuck from . thv marble yard, utter having thrown up a barricade , across the strict. Thi* stormed, and the police J11 succeeded in clearing tlie marble yard and arresting conn twelve or fourteen of the rioters. 'I he attack on the City Guard was renewed, when 'J" they w i re ordered to charge their piece*. Amid the re- Bj; peatrd warniogs. the stones flew thick aud fist, and ciasetl not until (he military hud raised their muskets, Jf1' and tlie Itecordir proclaimed that the next stone *!? thrown would be tollowed by a fire from the troops. j* In a very short time the crowd began to disperse, *j!' many having been arrested, and partial quiet was again restored; and. at the hour of midnight, all fear of a re- "c; aetien was at on end. iu that quarter, though it. was ' supposed an attack would be made upon the house of the Mayor, but the necessary precautionary measures J.{ pn rented the outbreak. ? SCI 'Jilt; ASPECT YESTERDAY MORNING. On Yesterday lucrnlug, the troops were withdrawn ftom an tin theatre, and quiet prevailed. A few policemen were still there, but the crowd had entirely dispersed, save a tie ft v. ?t men anil children, who had assembled to witness ! H'i the < fit ets of the riot. B There wire groups gathered on the corners, In different sections of the city, who spoke of the affair. some "" with approbation at the result, while others indulged in 1'* the language of vengeance: hut the spirit of retaliation hi: tei incd to hate almost entirely died out. dit At noon, ycstciduy. the general impression seemed to <a he that the trouble was at an end, though the necessary 1 precautions will be continued to maintain the peace of cm he city. on Amcng the wounded in the mrlie on Thursday night, 1'# and taken to the Hospital, was George A. Curtis, who w.' died at two o'clock, yesterday morning. di.SCENE AT ASTOR PLACE l.V THE EVENTINO. ^ About seven o'clock iu the evenlug of yesterday, the cci niilitary ordered on duty, appeared at the scene of the "1' late occurrence, which have occasioned such painful j,e excitement. The disposition of the armed forces was lie certainly most judicious; and the efforts of the police had prepared the way for carrying thein fully and cr, piacenbly into effect. Karly in the evening, detach* o'c ments of the police, acting in accordance with their ,l" thief, Mr. Matsell, were employed in dispersing the lt1 crowds which began to congregate in the Bowery, A' Broadway, I afayette place, and other avenues leading "" to the As tor I'lace Theatre. In the performance of J" this duty, on the part of the police, various scenes of 'i;i more or* loss interest recurred. At the corners of the streets adjacent tothe scene ofthe tragedy of Thursday <c night, numerous groups were collected, engaged in ellscussing the occurrenci s of that memorable occasion. It was rcniaraable that in all those assemblages, tlio J"' suljeet out of which these lamentable occurrences ori- >n ginated seemed to be almost wholly forgotten. We l? did not hear the name of Mnoready or Korrest menttoned more than twice or thrice nuaong all the little l"1" knots of citizens whom we passed In our tour through fri' tlie now lionized portion of our city. A deep, earnest, Jut but at the same time, a sober spirit of inquiry into all *'p{ ttio facts of the case, which has now assumed so tnte- "'I resting n character, appeared to animate the gather- 1'' ings of the people of all classes. ,a< All these groups were peaceuble. As the poliee ofllct rs approached them, and requested the peaceably dts- V posed to disperse, the crowd, on all aides, was at once jj(V broken up,and In a short timethe immediate neighbor- J'" hood of the theatre was quite deserted. Iu the Bowery, >"1* at a short distance from the building, there were const- ,vai derable uumbers of lookers-on. who seemed to antiei- son pate disturbance, and hundreds of per.-ons were seen jlrt proceeding up f,roadway, towards Aslor Place. A rumor that Mr Maeready had been shot in Boston, au' which was promulgated ubout nine o'clock, caused con- *rl' sldi ruble sensation; and. running like wild fir'1, of al'f course furnl-hed another topic of excited conversation, in the streets and all places of public resort. The hope con wa? almost universally expressed that this rumor was tar; false. In this connection, it is proper for us to state. 'nK that amid all the melancholy, distressing, and unprc- the cedented scenes of this week, in which we have min- a,,d gled?and onr columns will show that we have been no Ihh inattentive or partial observers?we have not heard a ' single expression which could be construed Into a ttxod '"rl determination of any portion ot our population to in- "'I ' tllct injury upon the person of Mr. Maeready. ')aT Karly In the evening, a number of soloinn consults- "*e tious were held amcng the domestics,white and colored, of I.afayette I'lace neighborhood. The discussions or Ihe the parlor and drawing-room had found au echo in the V(T| kiteiien and the pantry. While the rospeotablo and 'nff comfortable occupants of those magulticeot and ele- Butl gantly furnished abodes of opulence and luxury were engaged iu conversation ubout tho occurrences of the ?? ' week, the " domestics'' also talked the matter over, ex- of " pressed tlieir opinious. ntid drew their own coiieluslons. -A On the whole, so far as we had an opportunity oljudg- the tng the good sense, the sound judgment, and tho rove- wnr renee for tho gr at principles of justice, which '*i t characterized the deliberations of the kitchen, were at *lut least fully equal to the council- of the drawlug-room? * t for all were unanimous that they lived in trying times 'I w and a very dangerous neighborhood. m?i mipobrnoN or the military forte. o Broadway, at its junction with U uverley place, was oeeupled by three companies of the " V\ itsliinglnu m I Urevs." under the command of Colonel liordi n The aWH <-<'inn:?tkJiihin of companies on duly wore captains *n"r I.yous, Van Itykc, and Little. Cap lain Browne, of tho 'est pame regiment. wax also on the ground, rendering clll- *"'J' clout fen Ice. mid to lilm and 'hplain l.lttle we express """ our iickimwlr dgnicnts for polite attentions. At this f"u: point a piece of ordnance was placed, facing down 'V?'1 Broadway. The ground in After place, in front of the ,hc tin litre, wax occupied hy the seventh regiment Na- U.D<J tloual (iuard.?, ( olonel Dtiryen. Kour twenty-f >ur K|vj pouuderx were ulso here, and a detachment of artllli rymen from Colonel tales' regiment (the 11th.) anil a company of the' Veteran Corps." Lafayette r^J place, at Its termination on Astor place and the ^icl llowiry, wax p tin riled hy a strong body of police. 'or( l.lghth xtrnt. in the rear of the tnialre. and at its hUJ'' junction with Broadway, was held by tho ninth regl- r0'(' no nt. under ( olonel Ferris. A piece of ordnance was placed In Broadway, opposite Kightk street, aorved hy ""J11 a di tin linn lit ot " Washington < treys," under Captain , ' Varian. J Me notlnd on the ground Col. Vales, 11th llegt ; (11J aril ( ol Hplcer, 2d Kegt ; with it'ier otfleeri of the n,,j' li\ix|on. I nl. Nplccr had b< en on duty at the Arsenal r,,|' on the previous night, with tho Scottish compunieg, TP under command oft apt t'axtle. it will be pien thai tlien- was a large forco on the ('< gn tind, fully prepared for any emergency likely te New arise All wax perfectly quiet. The theatre was I ' gunrdcat by a strong body of police Inside; anil the lx a military not en duty were In readiness to obey, at a row moment's notice, the Himmons for their presence. ton When the military made their appearance nt the to b scene <4 lh< ir duty, Ih<r?? wm hooi? *lioutitifc; but It I (lib sron snbsidisl, and nothing, up till midnight, ?ceurred and to di turb the ft Illness that prevailed broken only liy Use the trnmp of (he soldiery, or their conversation Mthey the btvouticVid lu thy dc trued street- |?1?| mr '"f ?* m> n?ii> "f Arn<>llitl*af|<4iiim**t IW ( trwiir r?H; jutfi ^ nitaiitf ?dth< Mia ring |?-a 'tnctl mrf ? < r*i Id a* jaror* l"f li t- | ?ry<w of in Ml| nlmr lfc< 4??tU k'?>i n -l ?1 th Ji, tUcn i y TI i '4*y ctaing l?-i Kjivij or THr ii.ri, 1 Jo ? U fw>i>i nfor lifiki M l C wir, ml lnj: li'-u S I H Kilik.ll -I. * i Jrf, lirak t ltd t ; .?< . I h II l< I likll. f, 1.1 rj V\ Ul lata ft* til a 4'? H4 ( anal rlfwai. I. J?k.i? I f O' I 'If* (?l' II- 4i ? Hm 11 Su>illt j?*' II* *"?*) T K M?-?nr"r r. tlmr fcl ft??i j > K I . HaMa ! *. I.?f.iwin* III linarif l" I lull ?n..L. : 1 . I k.rr. - t Ill tu.gil.,? I 4. mi l ow. ly It 1 h< tim? N Mi liar. 4 r y t ? m4 ? 1<i liri < i* irk kf 13 tt in tlallafh fri<' -fit hrnrWrt trwrt I.1. J ? lluda.a himllu. , > ? CWII? llf'Tt. 14 I. IV Mo i.f j, I . (? II Wlta**. dottier. Ijn Jo ' w? B'-r Ik. ft"<i4 'I lit . ?r> .??> t .r Ike f in ?r (4 tikiit Ikr jur) t* ?l?? the bd? ulilrk < f lug >i' ??'! '4?k? Tltf At k*lf pad Hi* I <rk itm lamagaa ?.i. tiw. ik4 tk> tr4 |n?4.ili-d *i> tl<? I ity It'i?ll4i Hir< it wa? rtyirk<'t I >4 but* 4ri4 ki*lj . i ut tw'ti a t h whleh. tour wtt i f lit tlx- are ut it. ill three kaitan '" I .li" Ik d't |.rr? i ? l>t M liiHilt a trey .Lit'a: mrfnn n MfAkkJ tbe lot ?<i t. mtrili k .Jm kill ri hum the i.'Uiili 1 "-orge A l mil'. ar 4 33 inti Inn la I hitna.iu niily, printer I > l ait*, ik't llir %k ikrlii?4 III.n Vrth.nald a . J If \ nr. b> ra In If lani, rk m ugh tin* l>< a?! lM-rri I Ikrill |||4U ft .re a pp. ar-J tabra aaituf <>t in Hi.- il.4'a>iii ! In mar A j la an! ? jr~4 1'? I. rt Ik liklllat. rlrrl iii)nkk( kin miiiiJ Nk-'il hall la Ikr Ikifl ar tin- knee K.. H kit* llr frarliiri lint am*** Itoti an tin in. J k.f. ow| an J in tlx tMnylrll'ik , i ?|h ulimi Ilir | at at J' I I'll- m-it (iliri. ??> Ai hirt iiriat ak-f notl.y km n? 'I4)i ar* a | rial. r. oar lying lh> liai tig I ... 1 t l.i iI i.. Ill _ I k.- r .< ?1 ry i-l< mm- an J faarru, ran in;; IL hi tv I? inj ul i?lrr. IIi iii i lutrn Wk la \en lark (r.rrr. a li <J nilU hi' father f rrurt (4 Hratrr a an irrokar ret 4 'J he I-all lia.l pi - I Ikroutrh Si bread In 1.r||e VI -.1 ) . ar le-m in It. tin 1 ! rk iirkei lalt |.i.-id tiirin I. bit i ft 1 it 1 ; I he laid II. at til 1 fit.) lire, t Wiln.on |<hiiii, Jl y it. barn In Se? k i rk, aki iiirr.P? bullitaa air I , -lawk lb.-. u.-b tka 1 t( aibb . 1- bead lii-M|i" W T.i)lor, '.t year* tern in >e? Y'-rk.heiirpeuli r; akel tbrwv ;ti tkr l>n a?t, afi, ;l.- man. b art a) II.'. Yurie It olivet Dhiii Ituri.-. '.'4 year*, burn In Ireland, a e art man i.t through the hind ; body lay at >1 < harte* -ire -I 1 tbe r<-ar) , ringir man 1 be r m-it drort- up to Ihi b. no Nn 111' mi! en atrii t. liarln, Im 11 Interim 4 that Inbu s lone i* lying dead. dn knocking at the tloor a good-took IT young mnn rauie opened it and walk- I out en th op. '11)1'coroner Mated tliat lia rami- t" m-i lb. bud; .Jol.11 S Jon w Well." raid the young man " bei III." "1 i n." raid tbe c< toner laughing. - but I I r til. ill ail Ion. a." " 1 am the only .lone, here," an erid Mr. Jonea. "ami. 11* lor niyrelf. I feel <iultr well mi wag ? yotMH k? browgkl Imc* altokuj a 1 . but be I- doing quite well, runt lu uo d inger of dy ;" Title incident created quite a laugh. The jnr.. t.k their kcnt* agalu iu the 1 rirria;;.---, ou t te l.'itb ward atollon-hoUM*. i iiiuiiu) ituuiiiiu, ii jtarf, im?ru in itvmiiu ri'???ri'r ( t through the neck. Neil <?i?y 27 years. The musket lull pa ? rectly through the In-art ; hit a wife and one rlill.l in deceased was a ucphcvr to ex-A rm.?n Nrll Uraj the loth ward. i'ke coroner then dr re to No 1 17 ltd avenue, wheri was raid John Mckinley was lying dead; however c-Kiulry was not dead, hut he wa? uot expected t' e. us the wound was considered fatal, the hall lit* r pas red through his abdomen. It Wa- expected hi aid not -arrive until this tiii<ruing. Ash K. Collins. 4o years, horu in tlii- State, bu-lnc-i liouso ligent. The deceased received ? bull iu tin ek. as he was descending from the railriad ear Mr 'llins owni d a small house and lot lit 41st street Ueai avenue. 'J lie scene in this hollar was io?-t liui'-nhie ; the wile and six children weeping at the -udder fiction. wu.? truly H sorrowful affair. William lluiiuuu. 1J years, a hut-her. w.i, broughi the Belltvuc Hospital curlv on 1-rid.iy Morning. ha* 4 received n hall In the abili men ; he lingered unti iir o'clock in the afternoon, when death relieved hii rthly suffering. 11c was a native of ?t. Johns, Ni l unswick. riiomas Keiirnin. 21 years; 1>orn in Ireland; a waiter id intlic right elirek. I lie hall passing into the hrain i wus residing with liis brother, lttfJ h.ili street lis man was supposed to hare been the t!r?t peraoi led. us lie was picked lip immediately after the tir<i charge of musketry, and taken iuto the Opera H"u?< ad. Vlatlhew Cuhill. 2Gyi art; brrn in Ireland; laW-r r; t dower; shot through the right breast; one i-litld ic body was at the house where the deceased hoarded tinted in 12th street, near the 1st an nuo. A rurioui ?nc was here shown. The body was in a rcflin, an. the eoflln was u couple of plate.', filled witli tobacco d several short pines. Around the coltln win .cat. . ree motherly-looking fat women, with red faces, nurs < fat babies, and on a small tabic were too empty hot >s. A funny litllo Irishman was roiisidemldy ii uor, and became very ni isy. aud yet comical al ough on the solemn occasion of death, riiiiotliy McGuilt, lu years; labour Thi? youn in was the support of his aged mother, and received i 11 in the left side. The deceased wns residing will s mother, in the rear of No. 107 West liitli street, ant d soon after being brought home. On the t orouei lling to view the body. he was iufrmied that it ha<! en taken to Willi'imsburgh and interred, on a ccrtiti tc given by L?r. Wagstufi. This singular movement the part of Dr. Wagstaff, which was supposed ti ve been done more through iguoiiinco than any thin, Iful, will cause much trouble, as the body must b< interred by the Coroner at Wllliamsburgh. ocorge W. Gcduoy, 24 years, hern in NcwYcrt t oktr, resided at No. t--' 7th street. The deceased re tved a musket ball directly through the brain. Ii pears that on the evening of the riot. Mr. Oedmj d his wife he wa< going out n little way. and wouU buck soon; but. uniortunntciy. like many others wi nt up to the theatre to sec the fun. as some termed and met his death, as above stated. This being the ls?t call, the Coroner directed the'u urso to the Tombs, and. it being then ha!f-pi?<t our ''ock. the coroner lold the jury to take n reci'-' fi t teen minutes for dinner. At tivoo'clcrk they innsred again, and proceeded to the Court of Sessions i officer wa? then despatched to the Mayor, It reorder d Genernl Sandford. stating that tie- coronir win idy to receive tlieir testimony In the course of If an hour hishouor the Mayor. Recorder Tullmndgo, neral Sandford. and General Hall, arrived. The urt room, by this time, was crowded with speeta s, witnesses, and friends of the deci nsrd parties. I lie lirst witness sworn wns Mayor Wordhull, and next. General Sandford. wliose testimony we give full, knowing the intense anxiety felt by the pttbllo know the facts in this terrible affair. \s early as half-past tun o'clock, there wus a Tcry ge assemblage in tho Hulls of Justice and in the nt i f it. awaiting the arrival of the Coroner and the v, who had goue to the several houses where the ih. < of the slain wero lying, and which could not lie erred without a permit from the proper uuthority. o crowd in front of tho door was densely necked, li person composing it being anxious to be tnc first ?in the room where tho testimony was to be taken, e riot nt the theatre, and the conduct of the nutburl'. in ordeilng out tin? military and commanding m to fire, were tho subject of warm eoniment anddee whilst tho pooplo In and around the Tombs were itiug for the arrival of tho Coroner and his jury. By ao. It was bitterly denounced as uncalled for and un cssary. and, as evidence said, that tho appearance of . mtlilu-- t.,.1 II... I.. , 1.- ....U, ?t,.. ..wpiuiu WIIT 1.IH. lllVllfclll liir hsr.ties desired to curtail them of the right of ?sibling?that no di -turbnnee took place till after the ><m unco of the soldiers ; while, by othi rs. the course the Mayor nnd Itecorder was. with equal warmth, nnicndcd. The one class asserted that. If the nilliv had not appeared, there would have been no riotnt nil ; and the other, that if thee- had not been on ground, the theatre would finv?? been sicked I fired. Nor would the rioters, in the opinion of i hitter rla-s. have been 'ntisfied with the destruction he Opera House. In their opinion they would have reased in confidence nnd numbers, and after doing the damage they could to the theatre, would next e proceeded to the hotel In which Mr. Macready d. have destroyed that likewise, and perhaps dei i il the residences, and, In nil propnhiiily, the lives of city authorities. Such were the sentiments expressed v warmly by the crowd tbat wa? in the Tombs, awaitthe arrival'of tho Coroner and his jury, and the arii nts by which they were sustained. The disputants, ever, of Votli classn, deplored the lamentable poena diursday evening Inst, and lamented that the lives 0 many innocent people should be sacrificed. t length the carriages, containing the Coroner and jury were announced to be in sight, and soon afterds they drew up. At two o'clock, or a little before hey arrived at th* Tombs; but, inasmuch as their ies in the morning had teen rather arduous, and hey had partaken of no refreshment since morning, as deemed expedient not to commonce taking testily 011 the inquest befi re lialf-past two o'clock, n reaching the Court of Sessions, at a few minutes re three o'clock, wo found the I :nroner and the jury hi ir seats, and a largo audience in atteudauce. iting the presence of the witnesses, whose testily was looked forward to with a great deal of InteVery soon afterwards, his Honor Caleb 8 Wood1, Mayor ol Now \ ork. <lenernl Sandfurd. General I. and his Honor llecnrder Tallmadge. entered the rt. nnd took seats near the Coroner. Mr. Woodhiill ;id tired nnd exhausted: he bore visible insrks of mental anxiety nnd physical exertion which he erwent during tho two days preceding. While ng his testimony, his voice was so low as to be inIble nt n distance of ten feet from where he sat evidently deplored th# end and melancholy scene* hurstlay evening, but felt conscious that what ho do was. in his opinion, for the best. General SanilI. too. appeared to be much east down; his face was burnt a great deal, and his voice was hoarse, from a 1 which he contracted In the discharge of hi* ardumllltnry services. During the taking of the testily. notwithstanding that the conrt room was filled, iiil silence prevailed; the falling of a pin even could li-tlnetly heard in any part. Kvery word which rent Ihellpa of the witnesses wa* i sgerly caught; in case any one present Imperfectly hoard a partiir sentence or a partleulur word, no immediately li?d lo the person next to him for a repetition of it. t length tho tcstlmouy was commenced. it s.a 8. WooMU-i.i., Mayor of tho city and county of r \ ork. sworn was informed on Thursday last, there wa* likely to disturbance at (he theatre, in Astor placa. and In sequence of which I sent for the Recorder to come ly rfflce at 11 o'clock; I sunt for several gentlemen e at my i fflee at 11 o'clock; tho Recorder, Sheriff, ft of Police; General 8andford. the Police Justices, Mr. Niblo; tbeee attended about It oolock; Mr. kett ciime with Mr Niblo; I inquired of Mr Niblo, proprietor of tho theatre, whether Ihey intended to at U?e theatre on Thursday night; ho itatcd to ? I lU'IJ-W-L' WTt?WHWI1 ""??_? tin- I hi j bad put out their hill* and proponed to do s?> .. I then iiajuired of the pciitlrnun pri Knt what pr ihv hiluy tin re wa? uf it disturbance that eventiifc; ?f It i in thought th< re would In a dUturbunre; the (.'Uie' i- , ul I I it- in purlicular **id lie thought i( mljjiit b - a " emiou* i i.i' ; a cinternaMon thru pam-ed la'iwuen tlii j ri > ul j- In tlii- beat metli ?l of ni|i;n'ivi-iir^ H; I i , -ill of 11 ( luif if the civil force w uid b? 111'l < lit lie ' sill he thought it would not; I then untied | I r u Mi j I if the military would bo required; It* t n I tlimn bt it would; I tbcn put the queiitioj to lbi j. i|iti'H |ip 'in!, whether. und?r the uirouiw u oilier should be inued; they nil nuawered ' in the i.tHrivative i xeept Saodlard; General > lu ll ul walked tiint it una nut for him to any ?l. . i they ah- old lie ordered out ur nut; it w*a bi? 11. hi tn u)? ) Ike or dura; the order wo then ufierii - .tiii ui.d harid'-d to Gem ral Sawlford'a auo; i i iiirr a.. - a k< n. rai order. un to the number to bu <K< <1 my?elf tor Niblo. ami Sir. llackott h*d I r'i * r "ii .ii respecting the ringing Iho tbuatru; tul?< ; V. Niblo. us n ins/i'drate. tint I thought I La ' o i In lit to with bin establishment, bit .. t |. 1*1. .i w?ru that hi' should close Inn thrwiro ! 1 in* 1 t. lin y s.eiiie.l in tItinit they ought nat to j r < i il ii'?t lb- miitblnii'jr ought to |>rote?t tbuu, ? hi i w< < ?n. - in tin c mil'Iu*n*ii b- nu altcriiutivu. to Jo r . in ?irr|it??t t tliu I bitf of Police anil ] i ii *i Landlord Ik tuke such measure. and net a. , i ??.?*.. ii I i|U?i i il, I wiiil tu the opera bullae uboul li," crlwrk in lb*- ivcnloe; I went in und in, i|uir-wl i r lb" tteroi t.-r hud Chief of I'elioo; I saw , ci ' I* I i iii.- ui til lit tides of puople; 1 iniilc my- . I Limbo b ti n door nml went into the house; I ii , un il i ! t '.i Hi ruriler. < bii f of Police. and fili -riIt, wlit th y bits il Ii:/. tin' |-"ii-ml uii.iivor woi, LUure v* b i .'in culsiJr, they stated tliut tlio wiudows ,1 I inl 't the door- w.-ro broken in; the military I i r * '.t ..I.-, ii ??? iidi.l In the Chief of Polioe that ft i J nu i li) Bus to be eut.rlalued hb to lumping , il .to 11 in b eg Into ilie hoiise, with the force lie II u i .J In wual irful tin y would surooed. as his men v- r .In i*t nil the) rti.ilii do; after I had been there ii. nl 11 n..nun i < < in rai Hall stut.'d to uic that unless ,, | I u i iiiJ ii(?r hi men to lire, his m. n would leave | tl i i "!!i I inv sues or Bin. lint yet Oetierul, let US ?oe; ? li.-?. dli l.i. i i..m n struck wil b stones on bis head and r , I ?fy I tin I* * mil at this time was running down tile I I I* ... 4 Ins Ian , li repealed twice or three times * iI'M I o.* i' w villi i.nt stand to he atoned to death j with rtn iii tie ir hands; llnally he stated ta ine, VI III? I 1.1 t he or.t. r to tire, or my ui. u will I ' ilt* Id my answer was again,'wall a little;" in tin / pic d again between the lieuurnl and myself; i . . t i i > r I did I t give the o.der la , tu. lb- rs a. . un rr<e ainatIon read to the people by I me, I waa inside, there - BW PCM hMMtlon UWMi by ,, 1 ne t lit I day , I Celled n lie I. cause I n?s not sufficient,f j I? Inl me I i i III" staie 1.1 lai ta to deem il liceesiinry; (be no-ana taken through the day was precautionary: # 1 about t' a after (ieuerml Hall left mo, I uotiaud I .tusthi ? * untfert that I was g"iug tu the New Vurk 1 an I should remain there to receive any ct. mm line sit n they bed to make, I then left, In rompauy with my bi* l In r, ami went t<> the New Vork Hotel; Ibl. was in ? e n. Ik the Ci lug of tile military; I renialued at the lot- I vith l.ovrraor li-li until after 11 o'clock, and , tin n wi nt to iny house, the dlsturban.e then appeared to be over. e The neat witness was (ieneral Sandford, who, on y le tug six iu in the usual form, test Hied ?s follows ; ? e My name Is l liarles W Hand ford. and I am Major to u rid r tiiuiaiiding the military h.rresof this county. Ileasr stale what you know of the suhjett mailer af this In juiry Hetw. rn rlevrn and twelve o'clock, on Thursday lait. I received a message from the .Mayor, rr<|Uc*tlng me to att u I hiui in his office I proceeded there, and fouud s :<ll tin magi'tratrs mi ution.d by the Mayor aa-emUled. 'J be Mayor luleriued un of the object of uijr 1. tug sent ; ft r :.ud he hm stated correctly my reply. when my opinion was a*k*d. After It wa* derided ti> Uxue the 1 ordir for the military to turn out. It wax understood by till' magistrate* |i|?m ?t. tbat the effort should be mad* r by the civil authority to preserve the peace, anil tbat the military should uot b<-railed out until that effort i* Irtll' I I ne.'ieed. In Cua'DfueWe, the following order, aftir I Uft tbe Mayor's offlrt Mtvoa's Ormci , citt II111 , May 1A, 1110. Having reason to :ippr*-ht nd a serious riot, thisevening. a bleb will require more force to preserve the peace , titan I* poesi -? d by the police, Major (Jeneral Knndford i? re.|U<?t< d to hold a sufficient military force lu read!ru xx to Uiret the apprehended t mergeacv ; t. Woonlli LI., Mayor. After receiving the ahore order, I ordered on* rcgl1 rut tit to a << mhle at I heir drill room*, and one troop of light artillery. with t?o -Ia pounder*, to tvtmUr at ' tie* Artt nai. with a , uiall detarliiueut of iufautry to J protect the |der< i. l oaomu?What wrre the Bauer of the companies * orJebd ? ' I order 4 one reglm* nt. rousi-ling of r!;tat compnniea, numbering three or four huudrrd men, on parade; but a* the notice was short and late in the day. they numbered only a little orcr two hundred at luustriilig I ordervd out. also, the seventh rcglmeut. ' or National (iuaid*. a* they are known to the public. I went my mii In the evening to the artillery drill ruoaa, and lutormed the magistrate* thai I would be there to await their order* I understood there *ai to bo a 1 large police force at tha theatre, which many of Ibn iiirgi-trutca I bought would be sufficient to preserre '' order without the military. The infantry war camJ uiandtd by Colonel Uuyree. who wae preaeut when I * entered the drill room* In answer to the ( orouer. he eaid?There are right | 1 rnptalnv to that regiment , hut whether they were all pi cm-nt or not. be r<>uld u<4 tell -Captain hliuutway, < aptain I l.d< rhill. I aptain Pond. Captain Trice. and 1 I do not at pri seat recollect what otbvrx, were there, We remain) d there until I received a veibal menage from ulio was at thr llua'rr. the purport of ' whu h war. that the mob had attacked the tbuniiv, * had driven lu the police force, and were assailing the j building, lie re-iucicd uie to route up aa .mva as possible. This was. aa well as I rau recollect, between i right and nine o'clock in the ereuiug After re* ' eeivlng the message, I immediately ordered too * regiuirnta to get ready to mareh to distribute 1 timr nuiniui.non. and tuov 1 lie nii'.uiuuiliuu ' CMolsted of oue thousand round < of ball-cartridge. | | at the snuie time sent order* to the I aid lor ' the horse bi longing l? tbU rvgimcut. aud a auialt nu.uIs r it bom ol auotln t reguueut as. em bled ill re to c.'inc 1 in front of the drill roolns and nia re it ulih u<lotbe * ground 'i here ?> no ammunition given to the h >rse: tliey had nothing but tbvtr sabre* The troop* wtre . put tinder mareli aud moved rapidly up II rood way to Artur Place I ?*< not aware uniil I got on the ground [ of llitf Mount ot the mob. aud aupposvd that a small ' military force added to the police would be sufficient to mttintniu order. Hefore arriving on the ground, I mounted and took c!'?rge of the cavalry, winch were in ' advance, consisting ol at.Mlt f?rtJ' hareviuen. directing tbe infantry lo Mb w close arler It* I ordered the hcr>e to form a Iruiit of fr??n live to ten men in cuter top A 'tor Piece, 'l hey i.dvauccd in that order till they got neaily . ppi cite toe centre of the Opera Mouse. Wo r were as.-aibii ai thi* poiwt by a shower of stone* and brirk-bnts by w hirb almost every man was more or lev* hurt aud tin- burse* rendered aino st uumanagi able. The uieu pu-lo d rapidly through A*tor l iaco. aud were rvccivid'u: the whole distance with a show ( r of si on-s. Tbe inlautry followed llinm. There was a d< nee mob at< nding the whole distance to the Dow cry. aud as far a* I cuutd see to tbe Third Avenue. T1>C BM-UBtcd IMd h. lug i "ii p ruoiis marks. r<*ceivod nnat ol the stones and were ilrtvi-u off the grouud. I di-in. tinted, returned through tbe mob aud took charge of tb< ilitanlrv . who wen halted In Moo acroas the opna apace beyond the tlieatre.with a dense mob ou both aide* i < 1 tin in. who wore a>-ailiiig ttu in with all sorts of opprtbrious rplUiela, and frequeul volley* of slour* I ordindiid Puryi a to loroi a eulumn i f division* for tbe purpose of I.i t clearing Ho grouud lu tbe rear ol the tin nlre. Intending ?llerward? tu go to llie front The eoliili'U wan h>rui"d promptly, and moved forward thiuugli the iiioli until stopped by an raravalieu iu the ground, wbii h vta- uot eceu, owing lo the dai kuesa a the night Wi .hen no red aud died round thi. broken groui d.and cleared the rear of the theatre, by sweep lug the m"b before Us, without a charge liny retreat ing before u*. I stationed, at this iiuo , tw.s b >dle? u troops at inch end of tbe tbialle. extending arrn** thw street, and sent into tbe lb< a. ru for Mr Matseti and I h* Sheriff. who rauie out to me Mr Malscll furnished Iiufneieut pi ire lo replace those two line* of lb** military , and the whole wrre then put lu march round bill el reel end down llroadway by the (lank. ibeNberUI hi my riqlii-t, to company iii* us w? Msiwl down AMor I'lai"', through thi mob, and a close lu lb. theatre hn we could get I he mob partially rotreais d toward* ll.e middh and o|.|>osile part of llie street, aud c >m mt need aw attack uu the ir -cp. wiih paving si?uc? hood, lor the purp".- ..f laying waler pip"- and bmldllill t wurr >> I ?ra* Informed; I linn ordered the r? glmcnt to l*> divided; and I' riu in luu liam mi?< U< kttrct, tin* right wing i> toward* III* b.ueiy and the left toward llnaidway. with a rlew oi drtnng the nv b each wee fr'tn tli? lr >ut if lh? Ibralrr Our in- tki- period. the no ii coo-iantly walled O' troy* with -bower- id -:?no? aud brickbat- aud nuaji w tbmiwrri' -criou-ly hurl. A number of ibr rn-a u> ar nir. and tleneral Hull, wire -truck at Hi* nmr aud ionic <>( I hem rrry ||-in, rr?ai-ijr Injur, d After girtag the ord'-r. I admnc d my-df toward- itar middle ul ikn idrt ci. by the-hlrof < apt Hbuniway. who (, J in* fir* Corspant. and t o|nnrl liuryeu wb? wa? by bla -M- unlM 1 weyt lit mlj la -third- ?< tbi' way aer.? the -tan* 1 be Kill ria jnut behind At tfcl- tua. we wrrr aa- | 1 kill d by a toll.y of itnao. by wbu-h more tbau iwa third- in tin' front rank were morr or lainjured Uw j c]>tp. 1 >1. lb* C"lon< l and my-? If b tng -truck, loo, eigni out of tiio elevr n no u ruu-lituliug ill* Irouv lauk were more or le-- Injured M t li I - tlaaa a pttol wan find by -?Ui' mau la tba mob wakm a lerj' tbort dlrtancr of tbc tro p?, |>y which t apluin Hhuuiway ??' wuaadrd in tl" Ilk kud a I belief il. Hall la 111 lace altb.jgbl did a u hear it till afterward*; prmlow- to ibi>, lb- rruwd bad been repeatedly notlt,?-l by t-cu. rnl Had au-1 my-all. and by other |ier-' na, ab'-H t "tore I did not roe ijmo lhat Ibey mu-t dl*pcr*e, or lliry would b fired upon, i war parity knocked down at (hi* tl'ii and ah a I rotu', found three or four af the lr?at rank d >aalik< wire, and tin load "f lie r Iuuin foreed buck tawa 1 til the Opera llou-ej lb* -how.r o| -t at tin- time boiDff Ince-aant, order* were th-n given by my-clfaad re|kiilvd by tol. Huryea, to cbargw bayonet-, taa att< 1111't wan made, bin llie mob w?. -o rlua* up a lb troop*. prcMlnc iip< n Ibent. that there rti an r-na fr tbn troopa to charge, and tome ,4 the ia> a bad Urn r rciiK-d by tba rrowl lb- troop* by m.time were fined bark t" tie l b'-walk, I -tai d ta the He 1 iff that It w*? lm|"~-iMe for a? In BtlMtla our poeiliea without firing I ?? rai tlm?called out to the rrowd. that tbey inu.t bold back or we -..wit lire. After* arda. tin bin rill gate Ibr orj r to fire (lenerat I trail, who w:i a -b >rt illitanee I rata ia- ea rlaiiuid. "Hf orer their In-ad- " lb. 01 J r ij Hit wa- repented by my-elf and 1 eloi. I t'nryia and lb rnt 11 fired orer tba head* of th" mob, again t ib' aali ef A1r?. Liiuilen'r hwwt A -bout Ibrniuad- by the mob " 'I in > bate only blank cartridge- glrr It tlb' in again!" mid another volley 01 -t?i,< , raur m-ianl ly. 1 be troop* wi re then c rd. red by tbc c> lunci find my-i If to fire again, f?en llall raying, 'lire low," and ilu n. for the tir?t tltnr, the mob bi-v-u t" glrr way Tn- , I reap* lien moted forward and cror?dtb" etrc l. Jrlt Ing the t rowd hi torn them, until the troop* g,.; n?ar ta thceorn-r of l.afayett- Mart. 'Hi . r.iob her- rtlli-d at the comic of l.ktny< tt? Place on otm ida, and at tba rornrr of Ihetheiilre nrul on ihr broktn ground, at the opp' -ltr ride, and ttdtaor rd again wl'.h fre-t -howera II lion? on tba troop* K.-n raj rf tlie military wrra hurt tovuvi/ M ;bl* ttf.uJl fitthek, ? < etdvi* won

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