Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1849 Page 3
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1W . 1SI# Nnwi of Bamk>. iMyt.tit. .V^v. UfmfVt. , flkitlerd . tfu.C Vl\i3S *7X7U ( FhealB 2 7 I.Hi 4MM >I.7HS 5',7? 4 Count-till out River... 42.733 l.V'54 5.1.500 13.0 * .. Iki,u? ii-v? is),110 ii7,w? si,*? ?i hmrr' >u<l Mruh.'e. I>.^7 t?i,V<7 4..10 N.Vll.vcu *M>\ 31 17? 07,7V) 21.015 ( X'itT li ft,' I'i IV.ilflS VI 175 1V.57S " Meek* nice' 14V.425 143,455 114 5)2 119,541 f' New ll??e? County.. 23.0,1? 4?i MM 23,2*1 >? Middlelew* 4V.565 33.145.1 ftO.M? ? W > Vlddlerei t-uniy... 3ft 175 U>.*M 2*.gjS ' ,r N or w it'll V-.iwd 14.312 7.2,678 12.0 6 ? M ftS Iti z *?*? W ?:?n A 4,L?'oti"et. . W2.067 74.311 hi..'.* 25.121 ?" New lXwdou ... . . . IW.'.S I 4.741 11,627 #.W r? ( uioa 24.1612 7I I.'.0 5.11' ' . aj.rv i?.MM 7,*U ?>? W jmilium H.tMO 4.'&)2 4,1*4"? Windham i ouu'y.... lO.CUfi 0.?n? 'i.'WJ #,570 0,, 10.7-7 4.417 1\IHT #,>*> g t un Held Coeiuy. . . . *1.462 O.tMK lV.7'-? 17.Mi T Daubury 13.770 b.tfW K.7<M 11 >>;! W Stanford 26,210 0,235 30.344 9.773 ? Harideo 13.487 6,3.1 7,*'# 7.4it ?< Tollaud foamy 4(1072 13 Wd 4.3,643 13.43/ r* 'it.ompcon H Jr.', 3.027 3,61.1 6..3M1 [t Irt n .. 31,714 5 4'K) 31.094 13,371 > ' tlntio 11 747 2.731 5.133 " Jew ett City 2,44.4 1.W72 2,bb2 3.733 Eaetlladdan 21,23d 4,317 >4.283 7JW ? I'll fcrnok ? " 17,J44 0,415 I'l viurbury- - ? ?? Mg s* llaiiuiaciurera' ? ~ 3W3 I. Sviyttod $617,733 $2,10.1,273 ?379,d7rt ? The aggregate mdveuieut. In the l'-ading department* C( of tha bank* ot Connecticut, in tiacli of the pa*t threw = year*, waa"asannexed:? Banki?u or ContiiCTici/T. * Hoc'., Spu it. Cite. Capital. 1 183 7 tl3.24b.143 $413,3d $3,91(0,323 $.4,714,(1:17 ti, 183 8 tf.7bb.287 333,14,4 1.92(1..V.2 8.731,4 T T. 183# 12.280.1-47 6(12.1 U .(,987,815 8,832.223 184(1 1(1,428,(211 4!(l'.0.'f{ 2.323.#(K1 8,-<74,213 1 1M1 10,144,1.73 461,298 2,744,721 8,873,'327 ? 11-42 10,683,413 471.234 2,633,(138 8,67b,31.4 ho 184 4 10,ML',!.'"5 4.15 ,i;tl .S,l'JI.!Ki3 8,242,238 184 5 12,4I7.I:?> 453 4,102 414 8.37,6.718 V 184 6 13.032 600 4M.*7 8,47.',,O.I0 ? 1M7 12.781,'.''7 * 2 103 4.4.t7.4i3l 8,60.1,472 I.n 1MB 13.424.?i.'>4 7,17,7(0 4 VI,20.1 H,72li.3Sl dr 1(40 . ... 13,740.301 67-VI.76 4.7,11,.'>71 8,085,017 at The whole amount of b inking capital paid in on the v first of April last. ??, eight million nine hundred eighty-fire thousand nine hundred sixteeu dollars seventysix cruts, (exclusive of the amount In the Winsted <1" Bank,) which will be increased the present year three yj hundred ninety two thousand one hundred aud twenty ?tj dollars, by the amount sub-cribud to the four banlta til ye: chartered at tbo last session of thelieueral Assembly, so po that the whole amount of banking capital in the Statu paid in, will be $0 37b U36 76. ? 1 here la about two mid a half millions of chartered fl, capital located in dilh reut parts of the State, that has ^ not yet been taken up. aud which the directors or ? tockholders now huve the right to add to the abore * amouut of $0,378,036 76. 'A. The whole amount discounted for directors of banks t In thla State, appears, by the returns of April 1st, to be f|| *'286 Mi'i in This r?.,? ulii.? h.nb. ? maoaged by men who art# not both lrnderi and borrow- J'*, WT9, to anj vury cotiMduruble extvat. I*" The aggregate circulation of the banks at three dif- ? ferent periods of the year ending April 2d, 1849, Uai \ follow*:? an April 1st. 1848 $4,891,205 06 ? October 1*1 1848 4023.236 06 tl .April let, 1840 4.511.571 06 ? Showing a dt ercase -T circulation betwuun the two first re] periods above nanitd of $.805 OliO, and between the two Cl last, an increa ecf M88.24tt. and at the last mentioned V period $879,094 less thau April 1st, 1843. th| The aggregate amount of loans and bills discounted hi during the same periods abore mentioned, Is as follow*, via.:? \ April 1st. 1848 $13,424,653 99 I < October lit. 1848 13 381 u?3 33 <"> April 2d, 1849 13.740 591 07 t'J Showing an Increase of loans and discounts since Oc- V tober 1st. 1848, of $350 497 74 and slnee April 1st, 1848, wu of 9315.V87 08, which increase is abontthe mmeauouat el as that of capital aud additional surplus made the past ? year. \ The system of par redemption in Boston, causes al- ?> most the entire circulation of the banks InConnoctiout ? to flow to that point, where it is redeemed by the Suf- Y folk Bank; consequently tuuds have to be placed by b the Connecticut banks to meet such redemption, to an "J, equal amcuut, or dishonor and loss of credit follow.; tr therefore the real strength of a bank f?r its redemptions if" is required at that point. All thu bunks in the State redeem their entire circulation at Boston, oace in v About sixty days,exce) t the very small amount redeemed at their counters, and exco, t a portion of those in Y Fair held county, who redeem about one eighth in New- Ibi York. The public have uo cause of oomplaint that this J* salutary check upou bank issues exists, as it aocom- ho jplishes what no legislation ever has or emu. and at the ftI same time, compels all the bunks to keep their disoount Y line within a heulthy limit, which is not only beneficial hn to them, but to those wbo bin row money at tbeircouu- ?*' ter, and as it enubles the customer to obtain facilillea IV instead of capl'al. Although the system, at flrst view, v appears semnwhat arbitrary, yet the practical operation ^ of it is of the greatest udiantagc to the bauks, aud of en Almost perfect rucuiity to t'- ? bill holders. The law of last session re ,? ring ten per cent specie ^ Jn the vault of the bunk upon the circulation, has Rt bten complied with aud il also appears that more spe- ? clo is received at the counter than is railed for in the v redemption of the bills of the bunk at tliut point, which proves that teu per cent is fully equal f?r all demands R from that quarter; a?U alito pitrtially proves that tho J public prefer bills tor ordinary business tran.actious, to *' peoie. Htwi k fc.x< limine. "* $300# U S ?'?, '07 111'. IVunsylS'i blO S5>4 ? 500 do 111', HKd) <lo 85?S t bllO do lli'a Jain Am Ko'li Uk W"*4 j. IMO do '03 lli'l4 100 I trman' Triu* 3d llf 10U0 do '1)3 ll">* 123 t'an 375* ? loco do 'Ofcotipon lift Z> l?iio ilR, n foil, blO 62 V* lftlio do 'OtltriulM ll.'i',' to do op^ 62 or 21*0 do "96 lOr'a 2.1 do *L> 617* |l( 811)0 do '56 loo** 300 do old itook 61'^ 10OON Tork 6'?, "61 liC' DO MorrU Canal 8*4 * 1000 Hhlo 0'*,'1.0 10 X 10 Mohowk Kit b3 8214 1 1IH0 III! Ilit iuilithdl, '47 3o)i 350 Harlem UK 51 ?r 13000 ludi.ra St 6'., 67 150 do slO 53 n, fiOflO do 2H P o. 25 2'0 do bid 51>4 aim Erie lid. 7'., 59 *5 <kkl do *30 51 | 2600 do "07 90'*' 5'tO I,on* l.Und RR 21 *4 " 21110 Reading Mtg Bda t?3 60 M <'ii lilt 0-4tn* 53 oi ltd*) do (iij* l.D Reading lltt 31 in IHOO 1'onn 0'? 85>i 6 N V?rk Ik N Huron toJi w SECOirl) HOARLI. $3500 U S fi'i,'56 I"-,*6 5o ohr Ilnrlom RR b30 67>4 Cl POO do Id"!* 50 do *13 6??, 5500 do 111) I'd do *30 57-* | 5000 do '68, coup ll.M* 50 do 67 ", 1 8500 Tr Note* 6'o I lift 25 Canton Co 37;'i f? 16(d) do 111*4 50 do 37 111 5>ddi do 63 11174 21 do b60 37'* in 51H1) Pern 6'a N| 50 oo .60 37 2(d) *h* II orlem RR 677l> 60 do bSO 37'* 1 2011 do I'Ni Roudln, RR SI ^ } f, ADVEK'I IM.)li \ IN atofiWIUI BVEEV DAY. ;> KKWAKUH. M STOI. FN-TbF. IM)tU. F.Mlu.NEI) NOT K3 A V D \ Aictptaii(?F I a^e i eon m? I??n from our otiioe. Notice of ' tt e feci is hereby tfivt* a. they nmy n t bo dhj; itiatuJ. ni Notice ha* eleo bo?p gnrii to ti e Jiuwitn Md ocoep'.om, H tlih t I bey in ay not i o jm 1 to ?.i !;er 1 loii tbe or iginal uii(l?r*nm. 4J $110 17, Oil'en & ."inith nrd?*r Uill.crt Fror*-. (l&ie I Now T1 rk, A ugt ?t 12. Iw4*>, a? 12 mo ' h dire. | 1 vab'e in vf??b 1^ : \ f.WtKT. .1 II < . rl* GiP-.-rt l' erer, Ju e l \*w Vo k. * jtb Mnrcb. Ir40, at 4 tonmbe' : >4'?M>7, K. Diiliet, ord r ' Gillert Fitrtm, doted Now York. )'> li FcN arv. IM 1 ut 0 ' motithr' 1 ? e; $110 14 10 Hid r.-' draft, dated New York, 10th Pehm.iry. I 40 ?? nnd ril ' y U.i'crM. V llroilier. ^ of Mnhile, pe.i ?> It-ntll im nt hr -I . t A<< mip e i-mi-urd will 1 ke Kivru fur il.rir riti i y. i ml t if the tlii.-f. , IJUVI't III.Vi KEN. J MNIMTIIMl, y CENT^* Villi: COI h?E.?TfcuTTINO.?TBI* Da?, J" M?> i tli. ti'olw k. IT' < Ty I'nrM, -$.H' to j, tli?.ec?Ml !? ??lit ||*.I .1 111 A, in hurm-*,. 0 lliynnt j r - nlirt ft. ni. I.n-ly ; J < :t -it.-r-h.rn ; Sir. l.inniiK-k It .Itit.-k r. The .-art. will Imvi 1 H- ?..?*>. I-... t. r . 'iii-rrtt At 11 A W .if. S I'. II . re- ! " turning olsar tii ?|>or . . f the 'ay. Fnr. efh way. Haeoto. ?i Jit i. < ii.nKI.IN, Pto^rtiWK TOTRKftPOnrt to FORLIC-fillCALL TUB WIU 1 ti"i. n fADt tr tin* V ?. ' l.?"y Siittnu" ??n "Cain- m bridge Ctrl " will both he.oldat prtvato sale, In aim- n aquaa*. ?f the drii'h of thvir nwuaff in ordar I" ol"n? tin oonvarit. "f liie nat . ' I' r ten. , ?t"i I'm rt.har particular., n ppl) to \ /.M\ vt ii; rl, W n oory, Niw York, " H"t".?;itL tirni Kt. POST OFFIt I, m:\v ttmic, MAY IMS.?U. s. . t1?. f I f-.r <;? ' ?i i I".ri till ii ?. ' '!.? ' .?ti *. i u ?f ?Tlit- M ,iIN hy 1 h? ilmmiT 1 AlhAl'A will, nt II,(5 ,.|Ti.-.j on Wudneein)', the mill inn. i III o'clock. \ V. l.fK.rn l1* England, T Ireland and Srnil.v ,1 rm hi prepaid or nut ; Ilnlif.iv miut he prepaid t conn : in th? I'nntla.nt "f Europe. niiii tin prepaid.f> cn>?. Newspaper., nta . n. li, must l,e prep lid. J All lettora nntl newsp.-prrs must pass through ilia I'oat 1) H.?. WM. V. IHtAPy, P. M. Tl| tCWAHICS INoTITUTB ifnin tKK vow open J.?l at lift Inweiy, ? I ere ? r ,!?r nmi in,, of the Institute / will he I rid. thin m eiifn., - I 1 1 it-ei-cn e'cluclt. Men) its tlrw r : n 1 w?11 rt't|ni ttiad I attend. .11 busiut'ti of Impor- J Kin ? will ba tram-ai 'id. ! "XT Hi M I?THE IVlKKAdl i?S TUB Uu\ U.i Of TUB ^s tl. 11!our If r. t'i 11 , *i.J v ill hr pal 1 at til." nfTi.p i f tlia ^ C-iPpany, No *1 Ni-a (tiaat mi anil afur lor June nasi. , n.ii il In, n-r? Oiuii pr in' ti. i II. uda with legal authority, | ,, to re?e|\( t' i iu'rt . i ti n. lb N?w V 'ha, V*) ifn I I I Itl tj K TBOBASs tOO'F. ? To J. I IIAII.KOV Mil tkl l.-'IKHY It Elf I IK E D | 1 to at vrr'l* < .? ii u M*r?:iv) a fat viflt jroti, i *hieh?? (i I.) in tl . t. ? "( ilit Clerk of tho Su|?r?ni? J ( (11 Ft, if* n ritj and >-t? f Si u ^ ork. (in flit twontj- I ( fifth ?li?j " in lU \ear i mit(?*i. bnndr-?l And f.irty-ni o, ' tid t r> a- v y nt t ..ii . i, , a er <>n i.f .. t. ihc i y of Sew i A rh. wdlhin l v.. pi j flrty - -if'. i i \ k -if 'Mia t- . .nn-na. ox- J fdutdvo of tl.o dnv ? ? Mwiico or the |>lnInfi F wil' 11V0 Jul'? | t% ment aprai yun for ilie ;mtn of tu< nty-ci '?* I 0 liirti, nl'ti laUrcwt th^mm fr<ini *b? fifth ?i > ' ' v. in f. t# | h ymretghtern -uudred and I rn-nin v Datr.l \ v Vork, 4lay ^Mh. Mth ttni.F.R ^ f \ A d I'laintIfl Aft, "worn. | PaorntAts roi aMAOiNu.-nRALFO PTocuiAtc I wi I l.r n i'ii i s rd. m III .1 inn r i.nt Kill, j ~ wslks, and ir i ' tl . rr uniii, of th. v .i i rh I i mi. ary, I nlinatii n tl . Ili r. an tuau, I?? ?iul a hall ml in. hnli.w Jer.i'1 I City Tli. r-i.rvayur l? now ?t . m out ilia arm nda. i J A MET 1. LM1K, Sovr.tary,?Oill a, |ui llranlvra/ I RAVKLI.KR** QUTDB. 3TATEN ISLAND FERRY NOTICE?LIAVBS NIff U 5 \? - 7. R, S. III. II oV'wk. A M., And I J. 3. 1. 4 i? 7 ^ .|? k, .M. Siaicn 1-land?7. ?. 9. 10, 11 ooWok. A.M. Ml I'd 1,2, 5, 6, 7 o'clock, P.M. Mr ? ,el )PPO*ITI0N r.HAT FOR AI.BaNT AND TUB IN- Mr termidlate l.andinaa.? Fare. oent#.? The i aw sad Six l< udiil Strain*r "?an' at 'an," Captain W. B., will Mr> lit! 'ha Staimboit Fier aft the fwd of kuitimaa itnrl, BE ery 1 i?f?d?y and Saturdai, at lis 'elnek, F M.; rniara- an* f aill I, avi! Alhaiijr every Monday and Friday. Frsigh' I'irt It'll at reduced raIt'a For Faaaage, State-roome. ar Dm iei* hi,apply ' n hcerJ i he boat. !_L_i /~1 i/| .TlUKI.I'SNkM TRA V ELl.EK'd U Ul UK IIIROUUII II (hit I'ni'td Slate*. ooulaiulti* tie principal eitlot, In,' eon, Ac. al|>l abelically arrai nod? together with >he rail- Tn | i*d. itir, *'eauU>at. and canal i Ml tee, with the diatanrnj |i>n nil. fr< 01 plat e to plaoe, lUuatiated by aa aoeurata map of > ' 11 e Fulled Stale# g?? "Thtewerk la rmiliar in deelun to Mitchell'* Trarellcr'e Milt uic*e p'tl li/hed t* elveyt'ara aiut-e, and uiurenateneivoly nir- DII dated than any book of itaole?ee*?r printed it thia oniintry. Sad I a ,tral d leaiurei.f the book i* the map ftlie Ui itod H a ea. Mr* i ii olm hy 30. in which all ihe rume* are awuratnl* deline- opei rd, with reference letter. in the luargia, by wliioh a plaoe a) he found in a few .enonda. Aa a book and mapnfrvfu- lil a< e. tiii# win t>e rput d extremely convenient nut only for ITJ w*] k r*? but oounting h?u>o?, ho tele, insurance om^ea, L>U inks, &o. In fact, ever v gentleman should haven c<?pyoon- the *i?tly l)ing on hie desk for prompt reference. The great org* iTit of the map I* the si/?? and die tnrtncss of the lettering. the hit h render r he e?erch for a place a pleasure, instead of a pre* linftil ta>l, as is the fane with most pocket n ana. In all succ -poets the New Traveller's Guide is uarivaked.' ? Godej'e olus id*'* Book. The hiichell's Gnide to California. Mitchell's Pooket Maps, ko.. of I o.. tn hhshed ard for sale by Thomas Cownerth wait Ik Co., ate ft Market street, Phil\delphia; and for sale by Leavitt & men 9., Ml Broadway, corner of Oey street. New York. ? CANTKD-A SITUATION, UV A PROTBSTXMT v young woman, ss Nurse and Santn**reMt lias no ob)no- . ^ >u to go in the country. Inpuire at 242 Third avenue, oor. !, sentieth street, for one day. 1LT ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED COOK, WA.SUER v "c * .nil Ironer, with ref'erenoe; aim. a Oirl for goiiural ?> usework. None but Protestants need apply. Call from ",r* .o ft o'clock. I* M., at No. II Rutgers street, for two Iw4. rT** ? ? co< I V ANTED?A SITUATION IN A GEN TUBMEN'S EUR- ? ' 1 mulling Store, !i* a young man who ha. bern In tlio x ?inom. Can give the neo.ii.arjr reference,. A line ad- M " tend te " B.' Herald Office, will meet with prompt crnl tinlion. , iod V ANTED?A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE PRO- rp testaut y< ling woman. Is a first rale Cook. Washer and JL niter. Ti e liest of citjr reference can be given. Pluaie call will No. J6I Sixth avenue, bate csn ltiih and 17th street,, first a M ur IP i w. of tl yANTED?BY TWO RCoPECTA BLB YOUNG WO? uter, situations. oue oh Chambermaid and Woiler, the __ lirr aa Cook, Washer and Ironer iu a small family; nn oiijec- ?-? u to go a Hiuall distance in the country. Ilam llred tire I art iu their lout place; best of city reference! (tivaa. Ap- - , i ?' I7H I h in ens street, in the rear. y rt.NH O?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A = " situation an Nurse and >euipstruss; oan givejthe heat of y rcfinyps Apply at 30 Hudson avenue, Brooklyn, tint or, hack room. ear y AM EI)?A SITUATION BY A STOUT, UKALTUY , v young woman; she in a good plain Cook, and a good saber and Ironcr; understands general housework. Site has '( ,j I'd city relcrence I'loase call at A00 4th street. Has no ', i i c I ion to s11 i" the country. Can lis seen for two days. Ilar VaNTED-UYA SOBER, HONEST, INDUSTRIOUS j'1' young woman, a situation to do general housework in a _ii! mil private family; is a good washer aud ironer, plain ouok; <y( would go as Nurse and seamstress ; is a very neat sewer, p no objection to go in the country. Has the nest of re- |BU,. s.uirudaiions from her last place. Please call at No. ti | uil t tr street,nuar Chatham square. The advertiser will wall i un I's '"r a II,, yANTE ?1N A SMA 1.1, PRIVATE FAMILY, A NEAT "I1,1* v German girl; she must be a good o"ok and a good slier and ironer. No oljectton to a neat colored girl, oue 'fj tli good city reference. Apply at No 7ii5 Croenwtoh st. * V ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation as Chambermaid, or to take oars of children. rl > objection to going iu the couutry. The heat of city refe- r, nee Aptly at No. 4S6.H1 Broadway, a few doors below iJ. and st, In the store. . ___ tner yANTED.-A YOUNG MAN FROM EUROPE. WELL "d. v acquainted with horses, and perfectly experienced in L* , at line, would like a situation In some Riding School, or J,1"1' very Stable. His terms oasy Apply to A. B. by letter, . 01 d to be left at this offloo. iT'\v _ hot? yANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE ^al Y young wumen; one an experienced < o?k, Waeher, aud w-,, aiter; the other as t hambcrmaid, nnd to assist in the wash- It ;. Have the test of references from thoir last plsaes. Ap- . y at CI Crosby street. J1 I If A NT ED--BY AN INDUSTRIOUS YOONG WOMAN, aiv ? a situation in a small priva'e family, 10 do the cooking, ishmg mid ironing: or as Laundress. Satisfactory refercc will lir mien. Please call at No. 147 Oioenwicb direct, JS j tuird, third floor, front room, Que \7 ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A * C1 ? ailuu'h n a* Chambermaid, and id willing to aksistin MM " islilng and ironing; hns no objection to the country. Ap- out f at ."Si Greenwich, corner Beach ; can bo seen forS dayit. ?SB V'AM ED?BY A YOUNG ( IKL, A SITUATION TO c ok, wash mid iron in a respectable family; or chain- rr> maid, l iid.-idi in the warhingand ir nlug, or to take oare J children, and to assist in the fine sewing, with the best of t ,]e y reference. Would have no objection to go in the ooun- j-or y with a family for the dimmer. Please cull at No. 321 ? irt 12 th stnet, on tbo third floor; can be seen for two daye it: not cnyaged. J; IT ANTED?A SITUATION POR A GIRL TO DO TUB t genera' h> uscwork of a small family. Por character, ; an-D a' ^8 R...i streot. * V ANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG WOM AN, A rl cation, to cook and assist la the washing and iron- w (nfmnial private fsmilj; or at Chambermaid and Laun- f t en; is capable of bring a child'* nurse. The best city lercncegiven. Please inquire on the first floor of the rear ai.m use, in .ill Wesley Place, between Houston and Uleeckur ti.e reels. fan be seen for two days. Pob V ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, Cd a sit atiou in s private family, to onok, wash, and iron: tT s no objecliin to do the general housework of a small nsily; iindersiands her business perfectly. Can procure the ink it of city references. Pan be soon for two days, at No. U the hiiehall etrcet, second floor, front room. else IT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, "i, v a si tout ion, ss Chauiberinaid and Waiter, or Cliildren'* ? iirso at d Seamstress. Gan procure the bee' of city refer- MN ce. on i>e seen for two days, at No. 42>e flam'ltnn street. f ~JL ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE 97?? v young women, ns i hauibertnaid; she is an excellent __ ashsr ai d Ironer. 1 be belt of ci<j refsroLoe given. Apply K Fourth steiine, between Eighth and Xlntli a'rnet. VA N T F. D?BY A RESPECTABLE PUOTESTANT Q' young womnn, a situation, ai plain oooking, washing, l3 J 1-^-1 J in. .mill .11 lily. 0*11 at 110 Grwene str,?t. cad VA.VILU?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, Luc * xit 11*lion. as Ch.mhtrinoifl, wr to il.i tli? huusawrk of Alb It all latnily. l>u ami tli" boat of city rcfercuoc. adilross \n%, be fiunie hoUKe, Sta'-* street, opposite Garden street., niaj rnnklyn, tirst lluor, back room. Can be seen for three 'ti JC< I/ANTtD-nr TWO YOUNO WOMEN, SITUATIONS; W' ? one I *11 do plain Rocking and Is a first r*te \V tsher and '' oner; the other would go as ChainHrrmnid, and take care children; best of city reference from their last place. Also, ^ | youig man, a fir't rate Hook-keeper, and understand. J5, rj Coi dr and Grocery b??lnesi, or would go as Waiter, lor iin> o<l er butii ess w' ore he could make himself useful to ?0) . iiiell.*i r i'h iin- <? I at 1 ; /? Amity sir>ot, j>|, V' AMID.-IIY A Rh^rEi 1'Altl.E YoUNG I'BrfWSN, tcu' jvhi arrived from the old country, a situation iu a fanny dr goodsstore. She has beer accustomed to auoh busi'S* for over fivo years. Address E. Ii. llerJdotWoe. V A N T K D? B T TWO RESPECTA ISLE YOUNO * women, Protestants, situations in private families, in C ie as Nor-cimd Scan stress, who understands dressmaking vim d millinery, or ns Nursery Governess; the other as Cook, end asber, and ironer, or Chambermaid. The most unanes- Ihb nna> le citv references given as to charaotor and capability, m b? om their feet employers. Please apply at m Amity street, pen mer of Sullivan street. L'AMH-IIY A UK'. PEt'TA lil.B YolLNO WOMAN, g v 'v a si1 uail' li, i no t. do genital bouivork in a small n ily, and to assist in washing and ironing, or to do oham- (jHl irworlt Good reference tan ho given from her last place; j,c.t qnlre 127^ 1 hi ropmn street, for a low day s. tin, \T AM Elf? A SITUATION, BY A VERY COMPETENT \'"L 'v girl, to cook, wash and iron for a private family, is a > d cook, and first rate Masher and ironer?would do the c|tl useMork?f a small family. The advertiser lived in re- j^o1 iec nhle ?ituatioon tn London, England, for the term of 18 eJu. sr*. and has good reference bore for character and capabiies m an Id go to the country. Call at 180 18tb stroot, near h avenue. ' inn Vameh-iiy a respectable young giri-, a situation as Cyok, Warner. And Ironer, in a priva eft- Jul My?I.ns no objections to gu a short distance in the country. e best of city reference ?iven. fan he seen for one day at* M him r Pan e, corner of avenue li and 7th street. j ^ J I'AM 11>?IJY A KCSPECTABLK YOUNG ENGLISH i J1* v Mouiuii, a situution as Chambermaid and Hcamstrcis, ? d vili iinh hersuli feudally useful, in a snail rcspuuta- | e family. Good city referenco given, Address S. Ii., at l.'kJ I J' onatrl. near* outre Htreti. | jj] VAMKD-I.Y a RfcbPhi lAlll.R WOjia.N, a SITU A- I ti it iih competcLtt ook. Wash, r and Jroner, and would ; A,'( ive no objection fo go a elmr; dierauc e in the country# Ho- j *al ee al.lo reference^"an l>e had, and the a-ivortiaer^enn for I Irce days. at Oft Fr nHin >*r?et. | ^ \t a n i b l> - a - i l i .\ i It > ii i \ ik4phcrabll ^ \ ouitg woman iis Cook in a private family. Has no oh- 5-L' iMon to assist in cashing and,;. The hcn? of city g-y i< rn fc Liven. tan be been for two days at No. 209 Mcrcur I j "rl *' t,UT I No V.\ N1 h D? BV A VOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO j *' take rare of a child, or t^> act as Chambermaid. Can be ? n at 20b Mercer street in the rear 17 A M K U?ItY A KRAI'ICTaDLK I'KUTESTA NT * '? ftirl, uMitun ion as t huiubt rmaid, Washer ami Ironer, Hll< pla n *>ewtin , or to travel with a lady. Good city leior- Ma ice siveu. i' coll at 60 lloratio street, third floor. '*?.< I in J^ANTID A 8I1UAUON AS COOK, WASHER AND r? Ir? m r in a private family; is willing to make herself Mrrlly useful. N ? objectu n to city or ceumry, or to A a- 1 ai lit. ady. The I *-.| id relerejii .Mcae begive.i. Hay & ict n a. i4 Oak Mr- ft, second floor. *** .17 AMil-i;v A 701 NO PE0T1 ST A NT WOMAN, \ tU r? aiiuuion ni plain Cook, Waaher and Ironur, mi a small yot i vate taiiily. Ii? <*t ??t rc lettuce ^iven ir in uoi* last pl*e j. k i . call Cannii nd floor. 41 VI AlMI K, WHO (H'l ITIES TWO I* I.?. \ h .\ \ T OK- in *.. a ?i. v\ uli ftitrt. u Ihhc.i t?? let one of thoin t<? a a*' - e-.t n nil "1 rlic | r- f -i n v*l. . transacts uu Atcr i'-y l/Uiiniott.-. .1 ? ' h#?iv," \l'llil.|linM\'.\VllvA\ WANTS A SITU- li lion np ( I ami <Tin-?iU. and I o u^a'aI in takih" <? *r?> i ||( ?ii,? i* ii. or I iimI LaundicH#. Tl-e i?-"t of ohy ( , i-h rviiM'H fcivfcn. Iii*i|uiie I."?l VVoouiorstreet, third hou.o- hi I ( i? ii 1. \v??i ,\n man, who undbustands '* tlif it-full ,hni ri IiiiaUcmi. Imvn * i.|icnt mi yr. ,rt m JL i e i f II u t.rft iHiiii |i?huiiii..? of ? W o.torii cit;, i i Mi'-jrum . , ! ' I milling u - > 111 it * uu ii h ri i|" I it' 1 < Iriimi . T i itfi. I in lu in in, t mil, u m t ( I'ii"f . uiiil mak* hi.iitn'f I-1.i i *1 If |( ( mill Hrat of ejtj j-t farnrw c?n be giti.ii. Addio ? Ui* m. ' itt*td i ffi?. |,, \nni AT ION am -F. AM .-'I'll lis.- HV A jo"' t ?mi nn to a fcnti cl private fitniiljr. Pl??*e in- 1 I.Ill >1 I'l, >11 III' I, Mil, i. Ii \? I N i > WAMI.II. A fill Ml l.i.MI r.ffl'i Mill ' < i iii (Ii r my nno i:hi of x-i urit/, urn! win. it c*?f; ?*/ 1a ? 11' fl 10 (lite I ati i' f 1. ?* dotiidi (if ii tiy %prnny, i.-t (If at TO '?# of I ' j) i' ^ m r)? MMion, fiilirr in U<? city or nbuvv Airily t 1 I t olrct of K*|*l* * ii, corner or 2(ith and 'ill 11 >,H- 11 f ihUjMlH Tin I.OWIH PART OF Tlfl m/ ?it v, v ilii live kinIW and <rriarc room. * KU'* h OO., 10 Wall nimtL | n Kv iiniiN M \ NU J . OII.N HIMMV. M'.fo 1 i loti I im i|h ol in tin y ? IK-*/ for N- w V irl* lly ??!ilr II 11 , ' * *i&?, bvvr \ ik 1'iMt < Hlto", hti u?*y obtu'ii in- j y ^ ^ ^ ,wwwv lUWKKT TUEATKE.-TURSDAV EVENING. MAT 29. Ill he performed Sheridau Knewle*'* l.oeatl'nl plee of 1 ELI.? W illiam Tell, Mr. I lain Mm; Albert, Maelliti l.|<n; Mrl>hlal, Mr. Gilbert; The 3tr?axer, Mr. 8'e> : Michael. Mr. MoPariaud; Jagbeli. Mr. Ouau, G**?ler. Ryder; Saruem. Mr. liufl; Itrain, Mr. (law; Emma Mre. iw; Ak?c?, Mtw Weuiya#; Anuell. Mice Taylor; Thereea, . Herbert T? conoludo with the oemedy of the DOUBLE I.DEI) ItOtlM?Mr. Dulcimer I'ipee, Mr. Uaee; Major Ml. Mr Moore; Mr*. Deputy Loirax, Mre. Gilbert. Dree* rle, .V) em l? : 1'ope*- Imxi-*. 2* cent*: Pit. I'ilJ cent*, r* ojwn at (la; Curtain will ri*e at 7t? o'clock. II ANTRAL'* NATIONAL TMEATKE. CHATHAM ST ? Tnerday Eteniiix. Mky 2!>. taill be noted ihn COLI.EG8 Y? Dabrtur, Mr IT. B Chapman: Penny, Mia* Mealayer. tr followed by toe IRISH LION?11m Moore. Mr. B. Wilin Mr* Pitt*ix. Miw K. Meatayer. After which, the'arc# PRIGS or 1 ft EL IN D? Pa ly Murphy, Mr. II William*; tail, Mr Herberts Ju'ia, Mr*, lshrrwool; Marr Mi'* *. To conclude with the farce of IIIS PIKST PIICCAI.O?Mr Jonadab Jinkin, Mr. VP. Chapman; Mr. Slymaa hoy. Mr. Pardey; Ko*aana Jinkin, Mr*. Iiherwood; liar*. . G. Chapmen. Boxe*. 2A rant*: Pit, 121* tteta Doer* i at Curl uin riae* at 7\ o'clock. ECU AN ICS' HALL, No. 472 broadway, between Grand and Proonie atreete.?OPEN EVKKYEVRNINQ lllki: mrutiv ...a ....u. .._,u .....>. origin >1 Tod w ilT kno w nCll RflSTY V MIN sWe L*?? inixed IM2 ; the oldest established company in the world; tint to harmonise negro melodiee, and originators of the wot popular etjle or Ethiopian Entertainments, whoae 'tn in this city, during the paet three years, i? moat ounlite evidence of their auperior merit and attractiveness Company oonaiata of ten performera, auder the direotion E P. Christy. Door* ojien at tevcn; Concert cominenoea ight o'clock. An afternoon Couoert every Saturday, oomicing at three o'clock, P. M. ESTIMONIAL TO MR DI3T1.N AND 1113 SONS. IIT ihe following Muaical Artiala, who have, in the kindest iner, volunteered their valMahle aid on the occasion his, the las* Vnnesrt to he given in America, kv the 1)1*iS. at ti e Tabernacle, on Thursday evtbinr, Slat Inet.? trumontaliate.?The culehrated Dniiwurih's Cornet Hand, Joseph Burke, Mr. R. Uotfinan, Mr. II Timin, Mr. John e, Mr. Deelie Ikelbeimer. Mr. (1. holer. Ilerr Stoepel, ko. ulists:?Mrs, K. i.oder, lire. I.aura A. Jones, Mile LovarMiae Moriatt O'Connor, Signor Novell!, Mr. JohnJonee, Autiin I'hilllpt, Mr. Freda Lynter, Mr. WT. II. OroatoMr. H. < YmUn. The programme will comprise tnaay Ice mttiieal gems. Mr. Dletin and htaSo?a will play aovenf their tlneat arrangements on their Silver Sax llorna and Tubes Conductors:- Mr. (Jcurge hoder and Mr. John ley. For full particulars, ten programme, Tloketi, VI s, to be hed at all the principal muaie stores and holole, at the doore in the evening. IIK DL'SSELDOKF ACADEMY OF F NE ARTS?Till exhibition of Paintings, by artists of the shove school, be open every day (Situday* oxoepted) from 10 o'clock, ., until 10 o'clock. P.M.. at the large room ovor the hall to ( hurch of Divine Unity, in Broadway, hetu eon Spring Prince streets. Admittance 25 cents. Season tiokete, il 15th June, inclusive, 50 oenta. Catalogues I2)? cents. RIVATE THEATRE TO LET.?THE LARUE ROOM in Cothlo Hull, Broadway, with the Scunery, Benches. Fixtures, as lately occupied hy a Private Theatrical eolation. Apply to LEWIS TOToN, 685 Pearl street. KOH tAlilfi. OTICE.?IN CONSEQUENCE OF It KINO OKI'RI VKD uf 111 y privilege ou tin Jersey City Feiry, ui heretofore, te undersigned, will retire from Him to mmt other buai. I Will therefore olTer lor sale uiy establi Jiuicnt, outing of Piano Forte (cost $276), llnr?c. Cart, Express ffij(liuilt by Mr. Itruniard, uf South lisstun). two iota of ness, aud Saddle and llridle, all in ouiupluie order. They . be anld, at private rale, between this aud Mm firat of l.'. at l.V? Cedar aireet, by R. II. CLIFFORD. )R SAI.E CI1EAP?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT, pleasantly situated wltliln one mile of ti.e steamboat i>p, at the nourishing town uf Hushing, I,. I. The dings consist of a Grecian Cottage, Greenhouse, Ire, luge, H'uod.'ulid fowl lluure, together with a Stable and irn, whith, together with the fences, are In good order, place is perfectly healthy, and greatly adunred by all havuseen it. Two acres of (round acoumpany the same? * if reouired. For further particulars enquire on the uses, or b> mail, of VFM. I). TITUS, Linden Cottage, Flushing, L. I. UDSON RIVER.?FOR SAI.E, THE COUNTRY SKAT at Fort Clinton, four miles above Caldwell's l.andiug, sis miles south of West Point. On the premises is a t octagonal cottage; also, out liotise?, an orchard of sninaud wiutor apples, tiue cherries, peaches, pears, plums, I other fruits, within tlve hundred yards of the dwelling e truly beautiful l.ake Slniiospiuo. well stocked will the water it of groat depth, and as clear as that of Cake i rge. In the vicinity aro stream! abounding in tine it. This property Is within four miles of the large >1. lately erected by Mr. Coxtens. Apply to Mr. FELL, 61 II street, from 12 to 4 o'clock. HR SALE.?THE LEASE OF A BLUE STONE QUARrv, together wi h the U>rses and Carts, Ujuka, Tools, nil other implements necessary for quarrying purposes. 1 quarr> is situated at the loot of 47th street, on the East tr, aud accessible to vessels of &nv size. ROUT. UcltRAll). Ill Waterst. >wing machinery can kk bought or bonN'EMj 81 l-i'MAN, 111 Canal stroet, at gnat bargains. Li* Saw, one large Rip Saw, one A foot 3, and onei feet rcular Veneer Saws; 3 in. and 4 in. liuee of shafting, with in* and pulley* oomplet*. All the Saw* liar* their eelmachines. and overj other part complete. TO Bit LET. 0 l.ET-A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOM, in a Muall private family where there are n* boarder*, in airalile location, within on* minute'* walk of Broadway, particular*, add run* a note to I*. S., Herald office. 1 KM Ml ED ROOMS TO LET?TO SIN OLE UENTLEmen, at No. 773 Broadway, I'arloresnd Bedroom* eom uating, with or without breakfast and ton. A fine *nit nnint on the ground lloor, would be let alao, to one or tw* tlemen. BOARUINO, die. OUNTRY BOARD WANTED, FOR A LADY AND gentleman, with a family of email children, during the month*. A litnation conveniently acceeiible from ciiy within an hour, will be preferred. Addre** box 106, t Office, with particular*. __ tNDERSON'S COl.LEUK HOTEL, J8 MURRAY ST., New York ?Thi* nuw and beautiful miniature llotui, n ssly adapted lor the accommodation of families, situated lurray street, within a hundred yards of Broadway, on College ground*, and furuikhed in the most costly and ant style, with all the modern improvement*- hot and I baths, and water closets, tie. Jtc. on evory floor--i*uuw ly for the reception of visiters. LRN1SUED ROOMS.?TWO OR THREE GENTLKu.en can be accommodated with handsomely furnished n.s. with or without brtakfast, with a private family, at Judson street. hihuellaa eous. I.ECT SCHOOL, AT RED HOOK, ON THE NORTH River?Eight Young Ladies ere thoroughly instructed in the brat dies needful for a sound and accomplished Kdu on, including nunc, areucn una limning, icrini, yiau uihud, no chaige being uikde fur extraa. There will be ittaitj iln Brat week in June. Viaitera, by taking the KB) morning bunt, may return to the city the aamc evenby landing at barrytown; and Carda, with particulate, r Le had at 4b VI cat H aabington Mace, hew fork. ) iUUt TOLOANO.N BONO AND HORTOAGK, \JVJ\J in one ur mure auuia, in tliia oity or brookApply in the Bank Note Exchange Office, to JUUN F. CON KEY, No. 80 Wall atroot L\ EKED GIhA.NHOl.ta AND SOLAR I.Alli'.X, DA, aak and gilt Ctimdeliera, Caudclabraa, Ac., fruut the facy of Coriielin?|ktCo., well known to be the tineat liuiahod k in thie city. Alao, Ivory Handled Table Cutlery, led Forka, Spotna, Caatori, lluakcta, Traya, he., at acid pruea. A Mil tit K. MORGAN, 152 William atreet, between > ultou and Ann eta., oppuoite theohnroh. l.OLR FOR tXl'OHT ?Tilt UNDEKslGNKD OFFERS lor aale the lollua nig lot ut 1 lour, twu uf tlie beat nrauda lau.aua, and well known in tnglund, Scotland, the ? re.ea, heat Indica, to., via:?4,hid bbla. Merch.tut'a Milla, 1 546 do. Union Milla; aey ti.UW barrcla made during the l month, at St. Calbariuea, from the boat <|uiitity of aouud tat and will keep. The attention of uivrcoanie aud chipi ta invited to thia lot of Flour. CALVIN I'll ELI'S, 101 Cham here st. mi t of the Washington coal co., of cumbtrlaiid, New Vork, May 25, IM'J.?Clieanpeake and Onio ml 1 reimportation. I'rupotala will lie received at Itllof* in, to i ho it-Ill of Julie next, for tlie truiiMiortatiun ol lifty u mi lid ton* of Coal through the t, ht sap. aau and Ohio Cu, tr? ill the Immu at the loan of Cumberland, Maryland, to Hi.iii^ioii City, Alexandria, or Georgetown, during the he months tin tutdiatuly succeeding the completion or said ul, ta> U iviet ii the let of November, IM'J. and the let of vtml-er, iNrO. lite proposals muat elate the price p. r ton, Ineive of toils, from Cumberland to Vt aHhinri(.jn, alexauft, or Georgetown, aistuigui thing between each of Hi so hte. bonne. with Rood security for the falJiful per forked of the contract, a ill te required. 'ihe proposal* mart mot to this office, post paid, on or before Hie ?"?d day ol ic next, diictted to the undersigned, No. l>7 W ?. I at. II. II LohMh, Secretary. IHlfi OF NATIONAL FIKJC INSURANCE CO., C7 WuJibiKM i, ,% >* Fork, 8th Mb/, 1848.?At tht Annul ctiou. I.old this u?y, the lollop ii?;; ^eutlcmou were elected titers lor ti e < usuing >car, >11:? boa. W. Thome, Jonu J. lierriok, Andrew D. Meliok, uitri Ouvia, V\ hi. Van Vtyck, James L. Adams, ei.ry li. Ward, Gcoign bell, John Hooker, art ill lioliiiiun, \V. If. Jacob s, I'ninp liiirrows, John Vtin ito-kcrck. t ?t & subfeqtient meeting of t fie Hoard, Thomas W. Thorno i unanimously re-elected l'residcnt. W? C. KELLOGG, Secretary. I.LI(.11 ION, HIO'I I'll KM 11 \1 SHIKT M \M F.\C .uier, No. 10 1'ulk Place, New \ ork, and & Hoy ?i Ht., " Or.eMti.". t>A l..-JOHN Mill WISHES To INFORM IMS Itltiida and the public, that nc ha* taken the Coal \ ur?i .( I Attorney sticcl, lately oct upieu by Mr. John J Gaum, 11e ht Uoiiii hand all kinds ol i oal, of the beet puaitty, iv.h he is pre pat oil to at 11 at the low? Ht market prices. I.KNLH PAl'iR HANGINGS, I.A<t C UK TAl MS. kc. ? ;?i|i>iui it k ilui t, Hi i?uuv% ay, uttor tor .i*lu, ? holutnJa i rotuil, tL* iLOat Inaniiiul iMurtmont of Kim ch I'. |<^r li Hi* 10 tin: city. I linaiitly oil llMMft, t-utio Alnt>liti CurtalOH, Vlim.-w smxtJurf, i. uriuiu luuloii>, and I pl.oUuiy Uuuda ? > ail Mud*. SOkuMON &. U.iflT, 2I.'I flrmd wat. lull LHlhVtSS BIRD SIORK. A JOHN VTKfct T. l iLc olutul in li.u i.ity.? An Ley cmii now ollur lliu #ru?s vu I i?i.y ol 11 0 follow ?itK < |iuii:i: a rtl? ha over pre*. u ., 1 ?o jiiLlit :?tivu & i r 11 an u 1'oiiiLB, treiuiu ital i li n?ii*ni \< ? ir ht ibbitii lk out ^iiii.y, Joal ; ?u ?i UK Aiitt bttktifll 0*1 ? n a . , . i . i i.iuii. { L>? g. ? s pallid:, King I'iiarh UJ jHiui . , i.n r? I ... i a, i i . . y ? i : A iiiy Iniile, together mtli % vario'y ? i Aeo.l*. \ . n>?<) H oima. G'?)d Pinhif Mid, in l?M, ? itoik duI to tie mi. d M) tliN ll firivt) iid i . A ItCtlKY Ghl KV John Atru? t. , .m k v\ m m II |>I : 'jim. 111.I It d1 kb, 101 I v ' llaile, U'tkirt, 'lal/lr.i. Lr-'H* Dt.iiauft, VVarii c* iB. ii <.? miiUA, CJ.aiiHMi r.MHora, IHtoiritiii#, Mi r , Li I , Mai.oB. Crila, liooKi iiKoit, <>ia i?< a<U: i'l?, v .iy ' * . i-iirBiiiH 'JnbiiB, Bi n tu?, hi J Miri<-n? HtyleM, tec. . ntii- <r, 6c. ;n)J ol u \? *j i an tti M i i,, una ?i.r tttc jiriMit wlUml ?l?ii i mt . . 'v.: ?ls J J y TUM . :10lt(UM(. Ilk v J 1;aH( A I N s !-> H> Mil fcMBROi Ml.HI S, I A . i) A in.-' ill Ml, U< U? IIJ I HI : .i tl* I in. li.o K? uloel liil'KAiaA in f lit nl? . e da ?.< .u.ii >ork, JJ?|ht coi.t. ii><u of imp rrtn-m ? io. i ? n . t Mn ?.n 4. M?awI*. Hum ry, iiloves Liu ?. i iK kg, A*. 1 11 TIRO '.).! J5IIMI I MITCUIIiLAKIT f t J. k N, i.'? Nli*i i i himot * i l ' a .-tli i.?iati'i . aiu I utto to lio I'lin 1 it iliiJt* >u li) ill i ra. irl.O), u ub -lit i.iu r, ai j at i lir l j?n r M' ?': u rear M i h? > mm. (ikr li^ht liri|'f.ii), v4 rr: m si ii.*u;! aout. nd t?? other in tl ? s j mil l-i j. Mintf. I t H MM.-IHJN' V V/CI '.Mill. I A \ rs. K' Ri inr)) In iiroftri v ^, n 4 </> )'r< ?rti ay. r "a( ('Mti.n ?t t l hi n n I Mi | ? ol uiiij t.'itorii. V . .- | ? mi -}.?.(.< nil. . f ?ii 1 r, Sill V* i. , .".!.??4 , i i.:.' M* )ti,ia I loMmnth i.,?. II. ii.ijtDms Vil.i K. l| Al.\> A I J LAY Of MAMJtHr KOI Yl'kS.?is 01. > ' I I 1.1 |{M H<mAy. roll! i (.! t HMct 1b I.G 1 RT A. CLARK, ARIlaT, WiUt I'hkAAk im1 mi ..I Ami r ?i?'. 11 AJiVSMMMVS. T) ROA H W A T TU EaTKE ?MR. I. A. M A R SHALL, FRO1? printer; W.K. Blake. Meiiag?r?t?u Tun-day mtln. Mat will k? irulnotd the nut UlUt entitled fOLETT lI ankn. Hun*. Munplaiair; Ran-kno-ee?, k?w Corby; Ku ha. kmn. IImi. Orouii Feke, Mr. Wright; Trkingka. MIU. Hulam; Aikn. Mil*. St. ('lain Folelta, Mm*.; Queen ef th* Ocaii Mil*. C*l?*t?. I'rvTl'iui to which. YOUR LIFE'S IV

AaNGCR?Job* Strong, Mr. Hadawaju Shi>i>o*onborg, Mr. Vaclie Krackwiti, Mr. Bernard; t'euoie** l.onadortT, Mr*. Abbott; Jenny, Mr*. Watt*. L>r*u oircl* and I'ar>|u*tt*. 75 cental Family and third oirol**, J6o*nU. S*at* may b? i'red in advanca. BUkTOA'S T1IKATKE, CIIAMBRRS STREET.?TU Hiday evening, Mat 211. will be performed l.ogaa'e popular bnrle'ta of CHLOROFORM?Atninadab Sluooni, Mr. Logan; Edward Slormu, Mr. Lyane; Flak I'atter, MiatCkepiaati, Sephia. Mie* Bill. After which, the farce of FOUR i'll.Lll ODDY?Mr. John l'eler Filiiootldy. Mr. Burton; Captain C'Scuttle, Mr. Johnston; Mr*. Fil|ie?ddy, Mr* Brougham; Sarah Blunt. Mi*> t liepotan. To conclude with the oo.nio piece, entitled the SIAMESE TWINS?Dentil* O tlllb. Mr. Ricughtui; Simon Slow. Mr Burton; Marian, Mi** Hill, Sally, Mir* Chapman. Door* e|ien at. 71"*; ''urtain rieea at7Ai. Bo*** and l'ar<iuet, SO eta.: Sucend Ti?r, US ct*. _ BAKMJM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?F. T. BARN MM, Manager and 1'roprietor; J. tlreenwood, Jr., A**i*taat Metiager.? Spliudid performance* in the afternoon at 3. and in the evening nt K o cluck.?One week more of th* celebrated Quaker Giant and Glai teu, the largeat neraoi* in the world. They may l>e ?*ru at all honrr. Great Weatoru, the Yankee comedian, appear* every afternoon and evening in n new grand rnmic melange. Alau engaged for one woek. Vi hita'a nopular and talented Ethiopian Miuatrvlr, the heat band in llio If. S. They appear at each euturtninmont. Alto engaged, Ml** Barton, Mir* Stauhope. Mir* M'eat, Meura. Chepoian. Copland, dark, and ni her a The Fainting of the French llerolution, H ax Statuary. Keprceontaiion of the Slameae Twine, ean he eon at nil hour*. Madam Rockwell, tliu fortune teller, can l? privately oonaulted at all huura. Admiaaion 23 Coat*.? Children under 10 years, I2>< rente. TilK CHEAT CHINESE MUSEUM, MS liKOA I)Vf A V, between Spring ami Prince route, and ilia ouly one in tliie country, coneiste of a great number of life aiiu Yigures of Chinese fall classes ; seveial liuutlrud Chinee* Paintings; Apartmentsin Uousie, Stores and Vessels; Models of i'agotlue, Tuniplua. and Uridin e; Specimens of Chiueeo Manufactures, their Agricultural and Mechanical Iinpleiiiunu, Inairunienta of Music, l.anterne, fcc. 4tc. Open troiu 'J A. M. till 10 I' M. daily. Admittance IB cunts; children under I.', half price. SOCI El Y l,lBRABV.-ONK NICIIT ONI.Y,?THR KM. niiate Family will give one of their unique and plon-inf eiiteilainniunts in Thursday evening. May SI; Mies Flint a| pruritic with the elegant toned harp, aud in brilliant i) an tea; Mies Kmnia, the young prima dou, a and people's favorite, iu her moat popular operatic and other pieces; I'otite Knuly iu her amusing characters; and Mr. Kiliniete with violin and voice. Admission, 25 cants; commencing at fight 'clock. C'ABTLB GARDEN-TBISUBSCBlBBB8, INTENDING > to gi ve a series of lirat d I'romenade Concerts ou tlie same nispuihccnt scale and plan as that adopted by the celebrated Jnliaa and Musnrd iu Paris and l.ondon, ruouoit uiii; ii si artists ot talent and respectability, who wish to outage, to submit their propositions (iu writing) lu their re, ularly autliotiied agents, Messrs. Corhyn and Martiui, 4 I arclay street, Nsw York. FRENCH kt IIEISKK. BALES UYr AUUTMM. AC. TCTTLR, AUCTIONEER.?ASSIGNEE'S SALE s of the stock and lixturusof the l.umbur Yard at the coiner of IMh street aud lllh avenue, on Wednesday at Id 0*? lock, worthy the attention of dealers, builders und others. Also, with which the sals will commence, the unexpired term ot lease of the premises of IU yours, together with the, Sheds, Oflice Furniture, tig. forms? under $IU0 cash; over $100, approved notes at l>0 dvys, satisfactory to the Assignee. Auction n-tice-thk sale of splendid l'laled Ware, this day, at lll>? o'clock, in tlie Sale hcoins, II Sprin-e struct, us already auiiouncod, will bu found ris.ervliw To, r I ii'ii I ii r ,. I i n 1.1011 : uls,i. I.uuu, ifnl K >/so. v tnirs and Paintings, Furniture. Ac. At 11% "'clock, the balance stock ofchoice VI Iiioh and Liquor* from aiimt clans hutol, aud other valuable articles. TliOS. HfcLL, Auctioneer. By Jacob s. PLaTT-L. 0. caaaimoton, Auctioneer?Auction Sulu--Uard ware, Cutlery, Fancy Loud*, Looking Classen, Teuiray.i, rouse Lumps, .Mummer.*, Re.?Jacob 8. 1 1 att will sell Ibis Day, at 10 o'clock, ut tho auction room, 23 !*latt street a* above; also, Hat and high bia.'f? Candlesticks; 8tair Rods; ivory Combs; Watch Chain* ttiid Key a; key Kings; Locks; lliugcn; Brace ami Bit's; daws; Ko| ; Spittoons; Oil .Stone; kdge'inol*; 501) d??a. table knives ?ud Forks; a hand.*ome invoice of pocket aud Penknives in il< aciiH and ou cards; Pistol Kuivot;; American Bowie Knives; Bread Baskets; American Docket Cutlery. &o., to which tho ittiniionof purchasers ia directed. Catalogued at tho auotlon room. WE REQUEST TUB ATTENTION OF CAPITALISTS and other* to the title this day, by Anthony J. Bleeokur, at 12 o'clock at thu Merchants' Exchange, of the va'uable li?al Estate ou the 8th aveuuo and on M9th aud 90th street*. Lithopt-nphio Maps of the lots, with the terms thereon, can he obtained of tho Auctioneer, No. 7 Broad street. snirrinwi rpilE B. k N. A. K. M. STE A USUI 1' "CANADA" A will leare tli? Dooka at Jeraey City, on Wedac?dny,30th Stay, at 112 o'clock preolaely. MA I I. CANADA, FOR LlYERl'OOL.-Lettei-haga ">' por tho abort. IMWW, will clour, at tho Broadway I'oat office, uorner Canal atreet, tomorrow morning, at a quarter before ton o'clock. Upataira, for a few daya longer?entrance 011 Canal atreut. J.tMKi C. HARRIOTT. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN, R. MAIL. Steamahipa, between New York and Liverpool, between burton and Liverpool, calling at lialifaz to land and recuiTS uia'lk and paaaengcrt, are Intendod to ea.l aa follow, :? America, Capt. Ilarriaon, front N. York, Wcd'day, Kith May. tlibirnia, " Stone, " Boeton, " 23d Canada, " Judkini, " N. York, " 30?h " Caledonia, " Leiteh, " boa.on, " fitli June. Niagara, " Kyrio, " N. York, " 13th " Europe, M l.o tt, " llorton, " 211th 11 Cau.bria, " Shaanon, " N. York, " 27th " America, " Harrison, " Itoaton, " 4th July. An experienced Surgeon on board. Freight will lie charged on rpecie beyond an amount for puraoi at expeuaea. All letter* and papera muet pane through the I'oat Otfica. l'ua?aga from New York or Iloaton to l.iverpool: ? Firat Cabin, $120; aeoond do., $70. For freight or puaHago apply to K. CI NAKI), Jr., 33 Broadway. 13 OR MAKSEIM.KS.-TUB WI.LI, KNOWN BAKE I: LKI'ANTO. llagar, mentor, wi'l meet with prompt diapateh. For Freight or pna,age,apply to JAM KS ROBINSON, orte BOYD fc HINCKEN, WS Vt all at rent Packet for Havre?second line.?the ship St. Niohclae, Kveloixh, mauler, will aallou the lat of June. BOYD Ik (iINCKF.N. Acenta. S3 Wall atreet. FOR ST. P1EKRES, MARTINIQUE?THE IKKNliH tblp JACQUKS, ( apt Vuo. V or freight or passage apply to TAYUfll & merrill, or to BDYi) It II1NCKKN, 8* Wall at. Address and testimonial.?to captain mckkvitt, Macierot the ship Seraphine.- Sir : We, the uaucrcigned, in n aire of tho cabin, second cabin and steerage pu<-fe?'iigcrH, beg leave respectfully to express our grea est oonf del oc in, and reaped toward* you. na well a* our unauibici a una sincere thanks, together ?ith lost wishes for your welfare. Our experience, during a passage of thirty day* fruit W alien Point to New York, has taught ua that ?ou, u* a remiian, are possested of natural abilities of the highest onhr, which have been improved b> long experience; and our f XpericiiCO, too, during that time, has clearl> convinced or t) at, at a man, vou are kind and attentive, sol*r, active i.nd precautious. Owing to your (skill, although by iiueuy I'ortiary winds assailed, our passage has been aliorl: and lo cause of your having had strictly put into operation the avt of Pifliaarat toy pmirrlu orotr, iaf navfiBgalalaltMH aod ventilation, on board of passenger ships ; and b came of your kindness and attention to those debilitated from s<mficki.s us. we hh\e all lanced froe from diseases, and in perfect health and strength. Thus, sir, have you merited our esteem and confidence, and convinced are we that all who may have the good fortune to embark in the vessel of which you pre commander, w ill have overy reason to respect and Cllllldeln you. ABU niW, lir, m? >I limn an uou.i proHtvrd and (rotcctcd In omening ilia wide ana ocean, wo tmrot leavo you without exproaaing our moat ainoere > you may be brought buck again. In xafuty aud in l.inlth, to the Loeein of your dear family, relatives, aud acquaintance.; anil, tin a token of our rcapect and gratitude, aa w ell I a an evidence of hi w highly wo apureciate your worth ai d f neral conduct, we beg your aocuptauco of thia Dresains-i rac. Mra loraytb, Newry; Rev. W. S. Mnrrlaon, A.R., Fanlragoo; Join Preaton, NcwtnnhatniHon; Patrick MoOonalil, L'arllng<crd; John McKeowne, Nowry; Win. Parr, Armagh; At Crew Irvine, Panic lllaney. THE (MILD COAST. Pacific waii.stramsuipcompant-tbeunited Mi'.iu Muil Steam Pa'keta, The PrtNAMA, Ulo7 tuna, < aptain David O. Ilalley; 'Ihe Ul(E(;t)N, I'Wf ton., Captain Hubert 11. I'ear.on; 1 l.e CA I.I 1 OHM A, HViO tuna. Captain Thomas A. Iludd; are iniended to form a Monthly Lino between Panama and Porta in Califort ia. Pamwngtr* in the after cabin, are furnished budding, hut mi wiaee aad liquor* aad will be allowed spaoe for per eon al levgure free, to the ex' cut of ?110 I be. weight, not exceeding in uu ant em en t ten cttbio feet. Freight on extra baggtgo oi ioi ichandiee, when taken, $ ? per ton, and one ami a hall 11 r tint, on apecie. 1....L ...... ?i,?iil.l not exceed 12.i lhi. weight fur mule ear ri line. Cabin. Steerage, Pannage from Panama to Ran TUaa or Ma/at Ian. F-'Ar> $' " ' " Sn.t> Diego "'*) 12.1 " ** " San Friboitoo .'#*) I5<J Pa.aengera in the steerage are found only with such ratio* ? on are furnished to the crew, mol muat prut id? their own bedding. No stonm to be landed will l>o taken ah baggage. All personal port charges, including health Teen and boat hire. t-> 1-e paid by the panM*ngerH. No parage secured until paid for. Apply ittMoflNofthi ('"inpany. \rv? rork?Mfleyth il? pc?li CALIFORNIA VIA CllAGKK*.?AKKI VaL AT r I'nnunuof the Pacific Steam* r? California and Oregon.? I uf* m.atioit linn been received of tlie arrival at t'unaiiiu of the Hl*)\e steamers, from >? n Franci ?o, thua opening a direct communication with the Cold Region* in about JOdtj*. Tie U.S. M. Steamship Fal* on will sail from r i. i 4 port with the Mai In for tl*? Pacific Steamers on Thursday, June SlMh. Perm ! h desiiousof securing a p.t-ooue should make in.11 ediatc application, a* the 11 umber to tie taken i? limited. Apply to M. O. K??llKKTS. I|.*> Woet struct. I?OK SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, VIA K.o JAr ooiro and Valparaiso, to sail no*.-re the loth Jn. i?'iha fast-sailing superior burk PlilLEN A, ('apt. Swaim. JLracc? mniodatioiie for paaaenircrs are superior to those of *1 v vessel in port. The tare a?ll be e?|Ual to any brat o.hkh |.t ? krt. For apply on board, at pur No. Jl, s .,rtb k.v.-r r ??> V a I). FOV* If u ** Want .> >??. |AORSARftANCIIll OAil fOIN I A?FIRST VI Ml L r foi the above port. 'I be superior, fast sailing bu d. I KC(rM>KII, Papain Richn ond, will poritlv* ly sad cm ..r about Im of Ju|?, h?\tiigbten unavoidably detained For bulk of "HHJ bar.rela frcig.l t, end passage. apfdy t-, v\ 11. Aid it i.ANli, Ifis South siioe.; or on hoaru, of t.apt. N, ILcumi fed. I IVl ll9 N 1 r t) 1 iv. r. N. R ? An expeimured Physician accompanies this ves MKBlt:\i.. Dit .1KFPRItA AVi 1 COTE IS THE Miif KPFKOtnjil |?t fid i nti n I t I i* *r <1 ii dm r ler* of the Actual organ*. Long e Xpert em > h&* pruvci t Im it w ill r*di rally cure any cast fiila doairaMe remit nohtoined ?n I nt tvi- t" ten days, and ua it neither ere it<n i .niaon, nor ?>fT>ade the |*alate, and render# unto cvaeary any deviation ii diet, or Interrupt:on to f>uruuite, Mvund rdecn, or htr.hhy uifiMtion, the i# thv- ivmnud ** x|?eedily -m it ??.?hiKtmi ei'h production ?d a tlwrotfo *ttJ pi'inanont i ure. Iti iiigreditn a ere entirely vAtfetaMc. ami in-inhi/iona I'ffli't, c! c?"?retit 'tinni l.v ? I -.ill'. ?. he *j by \ i uw. Crlce SI r*M t ottlc. Sdo \gcnt (Se thi* city, ('. II. NINO, 1.',' liri ad way, ri.< r .1 ?hn nt. ni;. K M It. AI 'II . o I ' I ?< 1 III nu \ ;>??' 'I eAtiiw.' N n . hrt ( '*. < n? ? h t r ?el?< >fttce hour , S lj A. Mm toil I'. M. (hin.duye < :.? p J.)-l no *vb?? it*1) m tin ar'jr ntaf <.? w .11 < Hirpri- >1 nt the ipidltj tnd ittlo Inez iiVtMeiur alter.dine enre. It ia chief./, Ii . *. v*r, tf,o.- n v I o hav? a-f* ret from a cert iu !a-*<d pc*!*!*, . m 11 i ly apfiu ti h'? M- ii r??c< In 11ri M,n?t f * ro is f.irt,*r iiitpi ?'t to i mt?r<* advanced und Vtre-**<ni (rptn liiu- . I mi-'i n1. unfa -a uint a vc \ -*t?>r*W* I r? \ 'Ur,) be v. ft a fiord a rai J, caay and radical euro, \? neh i I *a en-undo f? r ?u 1m- uhlan cd iroia n > ut.iut ur< ? It ii * ri- a VI I t?< Ah... 1 Ii h 1 HaV RI I.LhS M ROHM L Cifll OK Jt 1 I y haiph Mc*?t, M. I'.. c tn'n in i r ? H fur i iawi ?? n,eranoti'i tnrndvc a ihliiniMe, <xU?i,?*lf odi-r i : ?J? r the lihtua vT ' hnti'iT^ H I l?i p." ai d < v. ?ar1 r.l | | At nti<>. Hi i?' <? h? r e h > At aldr Inforu. ition, fuel , auld I 0 ki. v. n to ?ll wt o I a'? n* cm hon for *i?oh A a'orll I i ? \ \. V - il?* > > 'ho Am I ?r, at hid -tit Alo :l ( ?> * i f. | A bti Mr* 't, e hero ho ui^y bn oofiAUitod oa all J in I oa. *o 'ij< r* referred t* I nOICAL. f\R. ELLIOTT, OCULIST, U? BEOADWAT. INFi | AJ hi* friend* and patiouM, that, during tk* : month*. lilauffloe beura will ha fpam US ta 4)5 o'olook. { nay*. WrduMltn, sad Friday*. Dr. b. will attead I poor, a* initial, altar 3 o'oh-eh no aha abova daya. pri a,n'U kak.-a pamphlet cam be iiad, j I Cd of ouat, at J?1 Bruadway, oornar of IF arron atraa I acribfng Doctor I'uwall'* new and auooeaafnl moda af tri lha afleciiona of thuaa aatfiitiva and delioata organ-*. Hoc j Imported, a lame aupply ot beaulifal Artificial Krea. | pulliahed, a popular Trcaliaa oa Clio Kya, third aditioi riaad and ealamed, prioa flb oont*, by | J \MES W. POWELL, M TIJK CHOLERA AMULET ?IT Id A SURE Si guard and preventive egaiaat the attack of Ch< Lvere uit-dieal tnun approve* ol it? um externally a* wt mterually. Cuneideritig ilia trifling expena*. it i? but a i piemtuai for a lifa inmmnoa. Prepared and for aalo b Lewia Ftuchlwanger, Ml Broadway. JS.U.?Alao, Dr. Ft tw anger'* DUinfeotin* Liquid, need and recommended b Board of llealtli, and employed in orery diatrict of tbt of haw Y? >k. Asiatic t uoli.ka - int. w iikklkratreatisi tbi* terrible direaaf la attracting great attention ooinprieM tbo hiaiory. tlie ayinptoiua, and tbo treat requieitr for it* cure. It ie tliu ruenlt of long cxuertenor w< n " *1 Idea opinion*" from tlie pre**, and la well calou fur family uae. For aalo at ?1 Droeawieh alroet. I'rl cent*. Mb Kill K ? T II K MUST HEART LESS AND WU murder tlial man can be guilty of, ia to let a f cteat inn dm of Cholera, when a certain remedy ia in the I have the extract of Indian Hemp fCaonabi* Indira, no pel eon ran i oanildy take the < lo lera while any of it iht syati in. ai d euro un?i certain if ailmiumtcod within hi urn if er attack. Aak for H atla'a Ncrvoiia Autidoti Nii.Trail alroet. (ifin 4 Wlik BOTTLES, NEARLY, IIA VF. IIP.F.V S oUUjUU" ?f Ur, Keilingur'a wonderful l.iuii ?it bout a failure; it ia n uleor, beautiful Huid, nod pleatant; ii iievtrfaila in atopping liinrrliira; if carta tu n -Hint relief in BilHtilU boilf ItliMda, it lath tei nal mid external applieal ion, ntlordiiig inaiant r Solo in laige botllca, U) oeuta, ai ->U l'eail atreot, an Bioadwny. rvn. lit: i.anf.y of ai lispenakd street v IJ street sooth of ( anal street, solicita a call from al 11 ay be affected with any diabase, and those mitiering fro I mi . fl.cta of mercury iticout tneuity administered, or quack adiniMstt red by ignorant euipyrica thus nfllic'ed may rely vpon r? ady i elief from their eufTo Almost crazy:?dr. s. p. townsend's sa; enparillu baa, and is daily curitig tho uioat obstinate ! ot disease, ai d especially in diaeafas of tho bleed. Th< | low tug in a case reported thin week:? ERYSIPELAS. Di, Towuimp? Sim Stif?, Sept. | Dtar Sir:-- \ our Saraaparilla ha* cured mo of ike Ery las. of the worst kind. It canto out all over my body, ai tin its, i via Almost criufi It ?m ii bud, I took tho , acciuth dioI tw.i of our otsl phviioUiif but thi| did m littlu or no good; but your medicine ban entirely cured for wl i< Ii 1 am vit) thankful. Everybody that ia tro with thin complaint, should use it. Youra, truly, JOHN DOVTN1J SICK HEADACHE. Dr. S P. Townacnu'a Sarsaparida el, anses the atomao protuoteH digestion. 'Ihi* ia a certain remedy for thh trcaaing complaint. To. Du. '1 oWMiann-D?ai Sir --I am constrained to acknowledge to you, it tioe to yourself, the treat beiielit 1 have oxpcfieucod in )oni Sursupanlla. 1 have neeu troubled with a ?ick I ache lor a great portiou of the last ten years of my Ii: would be attacked so severely at times, t?at it would *e though J should go craxy. I he advice of a friend im tue to buy a hoi tie of the Compound Extract of Snrsapa 1 was surprised at its disc's upon me; and though 1 di place n uch reliance upon ii at first, 1 l ave now become pietali cured by using it. Ibis i would raoommaud a use ot nil aftlictnd with tho same complaint. You cau pose of thia ooinmuuication as you see tit; Your moat obedient servant, Nfr.w York, Jan. 17, IMP, JOHN WILLIA Principal otbee. I Jo Lull< n street. Madame siiail a vf.nus pills, now so v known, is the only aotual remedy for tho euro of I tenev, barrenness, kr., ana all that claaa of diseaacs .ul,'.l,..r I ,nl,.r u, ?.f tli.i J ,.r r.. fri th youthful indiscretions. All who have used thcut, in the highest uf them, for tley givo oleirii^it I menial faculties, elasticity to the limbs, and invigor* whole fulfill. One trial will convince the mon>. ace that they are everything they are represent d to ho. t\ jurticnlaii boo circulais, to he had of tht regular n| pi tt^ontb. a hero alone the pills are to bo hud genuine and t from rirti. Prife Si pot bo*. Theyom bcsentffby muil t pun of tJ I hitod Statei or ('annua. Agents for New Vo L. II. Kin*, 11/2 Broadway, vomer of J<?ku at.; 273 Broac oornei of Chamber* street; 433 Broudway, comer of lin street; Bowery, corner W ulker atieet; 2M Grand 0 o?mer of Allen street; 1U (.'anal aireet, opposite Weat Hi way. |AIV? PLAIN TRUTHS VS. PLAIN FACTS FUR JT I'eoplo--Truth No. 1~ Thousands afflicted with di cot traottd by indiscretion, increase its vtrulvnce hy deli to use a proper remedy. Truth No. 2?Any attempt to preta the disease hy powerful mercurial amenta, such a* auriul " Droph," ho., cann?t fail t.o lead to after consequ of the most serious and alarming nature Truth Nu There in no mecivii e belote the public which has been so vointlly succestful as llendiicKnon's Auti-M0rcuri.1l m.d Golden Magi etie Pilin, hole at (i5 Ann street. Trut 4?'1 hat persons from tlie use of " Mercurial l>r or other preparations of the poisonous oxides of men u well an the victims of Syphilis, can bo curod by the 1 named preparations. Truth No. ft?No one who hai tried tie articles will refuse to endorse the above 1 mcDtn. TO THE LADIES.?THOSE SUFFERING Ul general debility, wsskucH*. Ike., should refer to the 1 tisenjontof the subscriber, in hut and next Monday's II MRS. S. H OODKUFE, Ah West Hroadi Cupping and Leeching. C'ON'SUMPTION.?THIS TEKKIBLE DISEASE IS ' ni< lily attributed to our climate. litar if the oilman to hlamo, the disease would have been indicted upon tin not upon the people. Wo think the fault is in the peopl that if the people would ke?p the skins of thuinsclve their children properly wa.lied, and abstain f'rotn glu pOlS< 11, and idleness for a generation or two, consuix would be no more known. However, consumption prevails as matters are. and off the Leat aud prettiest of us in our prime. In this at ihitipH we must do the best we can, piece and patch on web of life, with Journeys, voyages and medicines. Of a medicines we know of, l>r. M if tar's Balsam of Wild C iswhai we first recommend. We liave in our office a I proof of its efficacy, who, but for it. would have been he the sod long ago. The inventor of this medicine, Dr. W was a man of science, of humanity, and undoubtedly pi ed the remedy in its bent form, and the public mar 1 ely Mr Fowlc for the genuine article.?Boston Daily Chioiu Jan. IM, IM7. None genuine without the written signature of I. R! Fir 1 ale, wholesale aud retail, hy Messrs. A. H. & D. ? ICO Fulton ?t., corner of tt illiam; 273 Broadway, I Buildings, corner of Chambers street; Peonifold 81 Hotelier St.. and by the druggists generally throu the l.nittd rtuies and Csnada. DK. CONVERT* INVIGORATING CORDIAL, FO? uitul Debility, Impotency, Incontinence, or N001 ImMoIL lie., ho.?line jiiHily HlslUMd cordial ii considered the only efficacious remedy for those sad dor mints of body and mind, caused l?v early iudisorcot i habiisof youth, or inordinate indulgence of tlx) pasai riper yea if. The following are sonio of the effects of tin lar i<>ii of the laws of man's physical and social being:? trution, nervous ness, dyspepsia, pain in the Iiead, and di Of vision, WMkMMOf tlio hack ftlldlowif MiNBtiUeii tci'i y, or premature and total decay of virility, weaku memory And power for mental application, dejection, av to society, timidity, self distrust, and love of solitude, and middle uged men may hole learn wliv they are d?c in health?why the) become pale, eye sunken and lustre why they arc losing their youthful apnearance and 1 hit invigorating and renovating cardial ha.* restored ?.i per ona > bo I tva Ignnrontlf Injured themeelree b pollution. N. 11. Compounds of sars.ipariila, dock, and noatrumu, have no effect iu these cases; nor is tho firth, POD DM wbieh often IppMUl in wonderful Little bui ihis subject of an) use to the patient. Voting man, i would avoid Die turning with caustic, hlisiciing. pill powdns, &.c.. wliich arc u&uallj prescribed to nnptirpost cum tiiis cordial?it is the only anchor of hope for you. can lire it without exposure, or f iudrance iroru bnsiue home or travelling?and he restored. N. II. Those inv fury 1104 turnnl emissions, which arc so h arassing ai sirm litc, and productive of so much mischiof to the m liiiupnoiating the man for physical or mental ti u, will It speedily removed hy this cordial. Mark rnrdinl contains no opium, mercury, or any o her mini . lUnmc substance, to expose or injure the patient, hot'h of the genuine has " J>r. Couvers'Invigorating disi" I lowu on the blast*. I'riec $2 a bottle; three hot*. ? "?; fclU the half dozen, or $'J' a d >zen; important rcmu i.w n.urritd ui.d ,single with utnplo directions accoiop each li'ttlc. S? 1?J u holcsa'o and retuif, hy J. O. F lY, ? Fulton meet. (Lump store ) Sun HuiMings, New Vorl h) I>r. ( ('M EKS, at Ids slime, Wi Tliiru avenue, he 10th hi d |.1th street*# New Y? rU. N. IV. I'crsonsin theci can I.k\c t) c Cordial and a letter nfadvicccarefullyforv t?. tl.tUi, hy addressing a.? above. Notice?Married 1 uho. ij c< njugnl relations have w t been pro lm*tive, am coin 1 mplatnig marriage, conscious of physical in&hiln c.i runted above, may confidently commit l)r. t personally, or h. letter. | st paid The necessary advl ineoicine, for the speedy rctn >v.t) of such disability, sltly I 1 warded to 1 e mriur's address. r DM V All MSRAS1 Cl'RCD IN l*i HOURS A (in ory Madison street, has discovered a 1 which li? J ^ ijitiod Aoi a Mills, lie warrants a | orre hy tl so of this medicine in from if I ( ? 72 it imIi it. the 1 silt stage. >. tin time.* >nly 2. hut neve ) 1 l.aii If doses con he required. IDK. MORI ISDN ( ON TIM "Ed To III; CON SIT (< > l d? nt ally on I'r va'e Pi-catee. tiler's, Strif \ 11?reel I leers and Eruption he cure t where others fall ? e 111 is.-c s ei.rt <1 in a le * <i. ) &. Nervoiis and 1 >rganic I'< he v anmits to cure. Nee 11# J.ondon diploma in his | ?n>* i nit,,n n __ SEMINAL UEAKNK&ft. hil'Olk.Mfc, tv.-UO Kaiph'b I'ruOtical I'rivut* Tru?iiM. deeply iukrv *.r o ???i 1 true t rent men t ?? u curt . ^ ttli rtxdpen, tin living. ?< ., A.(?., f'aHhfoliy gi . i?. bib e<litiou. M2 pp. $i. IIaj u- tift-.i-I fir avt W flritiflw a treat. P'/St. ?* ?? i ? ?' f ? <? rlMlE MALHII I) VI OVA.S I il v.\ I E WEDmaI, * |ani'i?, ly Dr. A. Al. AJutui-.m, 1'ndeM rot liiaci VV . tm n. .*o at J* ?ot?it i?. I* mo., pp. iiV). SI. < !>!?? mid in fix months. i ? ;<rn ( ) Mitlvriim oi i-fiyeical a i d m? ntal ancuiah to aii hi \ (tici.sat? o iff. ami ?,, -. '.Ik utiles to the Inn n iji Mm ? ? ?! rj xred; ? ? no* p.or would ha 1 Joyed c< n-f cN in o ; thotifRiidi ? broken in health, f I a vt e? ji li d it,; hi ni.trd* t ir in ? r:r.ive.i i^n mH] 1 j a timely fio^ossiMi of hi. u?.i K Ji i? ilium td o*pc<iailv for tho . nrrlcd, or thnno co I 'mii ft UiHiriin . a* il ?!D<Iom- n p. riant aecreis n|o I o km.v ii to tin in | ari i iiori \ 'I ii t In >? wt ci*? I'm! * Ii doe ? not f r .lit, of an increase ;> '1>, ;l ix <! nrpotial impoi iuii liti?V aim, mry l<.n u'o? '.?? t Ctho mother, tl itjii 1 i.t'dii ; fiit ? women hood o- t j one in Ins <! c1 ) if, i whom i :i? ni . ut mpiutc n important elk ti Hi."c< ti r f i ni?s4-?, ajiiiptI I t tin oiotfi ellli i, i i-iliia* d m< t rertam mode of cm t in every coin pi * hu h !m ie\ ii / ' I jct-t. E< r ale at Zil liit ail.voy. ami at tli 1'ublijthlnx OfTl I. ill v*j :.f lief V V. ; Lit Me K ' o., .t'i.MOy ; It. I I I - I oil, '.IH I h Hilt treel. I'lillitti' W ill :mi 'I > i. r At Co.. lUlthin r"; .V. lloullomu , VI . h h'v . Nt w OrVaim ; .J. H. Cub . <*, Savannah ( i ?1 c ret fi|? of SI. a o yy will bo ioauiitted b i "f | .!jr* ti?a?o l^rt of the Cult,*,'. State*. All Hi- I* aodn* oil. p. et pal l to lir. \ M. vtauriucu */i. >iw \ 11k itv. Mfflra. 1J1I i ib?riy r.o-t. nh. EAMCI.iT CAN ?VR 1 O.n KI Dr. N Tl A I.L V '.Itnl at M^fflt e. T?l l>?y sire ', in h ! privtfie dti ?b?r i i h ' i.alniaie y it Id to l.n. noo'c of " itmcnt. ?*' ii tin. r i - Hit rt nrial | i uviple. Strlcfon tired mi tin fin. j Ittn, Ibo v I < i mi nf litar) i iloiuo ?a -il v ^ 1 n ? ? mi> IJ ore. offl ' Hm UK. C?K*PI h it ) ? ?Nh 5JHE.f i. fA*. ? In- t nil. ,. . .A 1 ff? ' r ' of V UMir'td an i 11 or fMsenetf '/ s b licatu u Be .)};(> T*f- ii > 'rT.'*?"d ca*ef * diie.jiM vilcl ? r.MV r irtoved In t *o nee days. A o* loot enrt, OH JilHMiON. It>h' A N t ETKUfcl, .HO Ki t EE iota tieatmen fel.i ate dlseaees.?1 lit Doctor's 5 tnlio.i ' " '' Hiosa ' If <'\ir ?l t,ust ? -vn exist ? i f ie i ?,ni n f iHMfoiional wee .' . broit? ? | . * ?#.? r? e?/nta ?llf ?et^| Hero* -i van eui ' Rn <ifi iL Kl i.UNS'a .hem ifd; mix " ft r tl curt i#t ii'iiiorrbn-a O ill roinodii k V i-i.t i" M r ll.e ul oi- o<wplaiiit, tl< is ' it in.'k ' * "i" > and iK-rioaiioi i etir. niilrtut tin l.-a ? )?t i ?i In du-i, dunk, ox)> *% re, or ohaans In appln ai 1 H vnetf*. Tl pri'oi i* t r ? i.n a eiij^li* itistaiioe e? : i (ion* nho a t?' b? I r >Ov bt mnh the mixture wl ' oi ,* nndii forltdtore o ?- /?). Many are on red in la< % M al tl?i* Ifiif u?ra. t*'i llr^xdaay, lr^iaj; Bj'JJ", of ( bam hi: eti-%st. nTVL,J<ieNC^ 81 Tuk M4,l,h "WW Car Wt ? m?po.rtl?ii*. WjiiUitMTiM, VI iy 27, 1819. A (111 , * ? , , "mnt? to the U<it! K/iiittn. The Ovrrtnnd , , , r . . '"J? The following ? a tab* 8 ?f ^ !* dence, Mhwouri, to Nv eVI| *,rl*e,u' or 3u** "j"!J ! tc.'s Foit, in Culilomia. t.y fcj""1 Brya'U: wh'C> * " we find in hia volume of " W"L u 1 ^iW in p ! foinia." The distances are accord*. tC''l* tf?- I estimate* of the marches of ihe compfe^y 1 h*" WHM H member, in 1nJ?. The rem irk* l?*reuMmitl ; thesis ate our own :? y Dr. Uikklihd Tnr. V * moh- Krom Independence. Mi> ti> Kurt I.arainie, (the ' t'1* buiTalo ifgliin?rich prairu?) .9*" icity Fn.m Pert Laramie I ? I'uoitto Spring*. South I'ss*. (iliri'iigh fr> <j ii'iit mountain gorgo,_ iOM n niii III Ill ' 11 Kri in lh? South Pawto l*'??rt tlridger (we?iof the " "i liockj A ounialiiK? rough) laud i From sort Brtdgcr I > the Halt Lake l?l oe M From Salt Lake to Alary'* Hirer. (deecrt) Sit Dowu .Vary'* Hirer to i h? Sink. (de*?rt) X74 ~ Kiom the Sink t<> Truckce Lake (desert) 1J4 nlow From 'I ruckce Lake (eastern ba?o of Sierra city. Ni vada) to Jobnaoa'a. (on the western aide? I and grass wood and water) Ill is in Kr< ni Juhtisou's to Sutler's Kort (through the K?'4 r,K"m) TottliYom Independence to.Sutter'a Kort... Iiwl ueot> From nil the information we luve received,the Very number of eiiiigiaiiis thai will go out by this route in te tills season, Irolli independence, Fori Lc.l Veil Worth, St. Josephs, end other points, will amount to d 4rit foice of 10,0(10 men 111.(1 20,000 animals, nearly every company being encumbered with a w.tgoa IK8T trctili. I whn For the first seven hundred miles the journey ui tka will be a carnival; 50,000 men and their animal* lr"'.l| could lie subsisted on llie oriuriea. Hull,does, unI t?l?..-.u a,., i n i f . ..? ....* 1 USA- river ('',r f'fatte) deliuuig the hue ol imroh, and amies "? obstructions to the wagons, are the advantages > Col- of litis oi cticn of the pilgi image. 1 he next live hundred miles are among the motiiitum.-., wtih sleep ascents nnd descents, n*r?t|K row nnd iock> defiles, gr.o-s scanty, mid in patches hi at remote Irom rueh oilier; good water, being ttte i''but only oll-bel to lite formidable ob.-tacles for u waI me, gOli train. u'i?a Fioiii the Suit Lake to Tuckee'e river?that is to <0. ' ?<?y. tiom the eastern hide of the Cerent Desert i Litihin, tij the deviouh. though tlie tuo.-t direct, route ,1*.ni ol ihe N. Mary's lliver, ucroas suid hum to the foot >1 the hieiia Nevada?there are some700 miles | ol absolute, irieclailliaole deaeit, of volcanic rums 'J??- | and depurates, to be crossed. i Ly mis route a |>urty of tifteen or twenty met, te. I with nothing but their pack mule*, may push ?>? *? lliiough the desert. A laager cotnptny weul*l frills! prohubly lobe a portion of their animals for want of a Hut gia.-s. How, men, are 20,000 an mi ila to be subbibted on tliib desert Jornada ol 700 miles] "dU- seiioiihly apprehend, that although the mules and oxen of this immense emigration may improve up to the "South Pass," they will be exha isted thence in the hard service aud scant pasturage to ihe Salt Lake, and that nearly all the wagons hu?\- snd nine-tenths of the animals that penetrate t.ito wtnoii the (_<reat liasin will be left there, to s iy nothing ms, ur of the chalices of human life. We have the inost i-t?5 seiious apprehensions of the must dieadlul duastt< th* tern among the multitudinous caravans pushing iitioal forward to reach the gold mines, or to perish in iouod the desert. The Warhuigtan City Company, from ilreot i>s excellent organization and experienced captain, ??n/ cannot fail to g< t through ; for they will promptly rk ~ ; sacrifice their wagons when it is necessary, and dosit forward ; hut there are others who will ses treat, the elenhaiit in his wmst sort of temper ; and Cod ru?d- gnmt that they may escape with their Uvea I W. run Washington, May 21, 1849. rjn'J 77i< Office! and O/fire-serkert?California?'Hi* mar- Cabinet and tlie 1'rctident?The Organ! and th* not)* . T i. 3 IJixum. Fluid The cabinet have been working like dray horses II v*;; since the inauguration. They have been clearing rjr "ms the fedetal of!;.ces, great und small, from P.iasaLitwiTO mnmiftililv tn iKp Hrtiwnft?-from thi* lYium il SvTAina t0 the ltuckcnsack?with till commendable activity; -- and yet the cry of the outsiders, like the wail of idTcr- the duughtsr of the horse-leech, is, "Give, give I Why don't you turn 'em out, and make room for us 1 Why keep us standing here, all these days, com- idle 1" ?t?nd A new demand is made upon the cabinet. Just ?' ilia before the Virginia elections, Mr. George Loyall, iptlou Navy Agent at Norfolk, (democrat,) was recommissioned by President Taylor. Now, striae pick* the election has gone ull wrong, then; are several it'ta# patriotic gentlemen here demanding the expulsion .11 tiio of George Loyall, as a sort of punishment to the 'jerry locofocos of the JJimhuI Swamp tor disregarding neiiff <'h'niency of tin* administration in his case. ii<ur, It is demunded, on the ground that Loyall is tho upar- lender vf the locoes in that benighted region, and (type* 'hat. us such, he is bigotted, and impracticable to ' kmd |ierruutions. The appointment, however 'TTS. having been made, we are inclined to think it will r?ing etaiid good. The eircum-tnnce goes to show tho C<> ,4 extent of the pressure upon the departments, ghoul Sines Saturday last we have beeu expecting the cilicial publication of certain despatches, received i UK- by ihe War and Navy Departments from C ihforma. arnat We have every reason to suppose that despatohes ate in hand, und that the cabinet have good ground itoril upon winch to congratulate themselves and the i" Piesident on the pros|H ct ?f escaping the proviso, Pr??- by the uction of the penole of California in estamoeo* bmhing a government una a State constitution, for impo- the consideration of the next Congress., oriion South Cuiolina, we understand, is tho only Voniig | State ficnt which there is not now, and has not liatnx i m.eii ori i.flire-ket Uer Vie re since the 1th of M irctl. ?"?r. I ^'r* Harvey, of the N<nth American, is a South aorit* Cuioliiiiiiii, und expects in receive, uiid is qualified 'ih?" to fill, it post abroad; but he has not, fur m iny hi ?"5 jeats, been u resident of (he Stale, and h tils now >k? nn more |iin|M'ily from i'luladelphia than from lf >"" Charleston. " ilro- I' ,Wllh 'he p'-m ?f Mf- Mnnpum, if the Wilmot T?u provieo should he enforced, for the Smith to refuse o'u" nil federal oilices, and us f ir as lois.-ible to avoid all iVc'to- ' inteicouiee with the federal authorities. This irvuiti j plan, he thought, would w on bring the North to "thii ' 'heir m n,e ; hut, excepting the Stale ol South iral ur Carolina, the South ti|ipear to have no notion of Kaub | giving up the flct.h pots tf the Treasury for ti l??r'* nt;k? u abstraction Tne whites, especially of Virrks t? I I'initi, Noilh Carolimi, Loui.-iana, Tennessee, and tn>in< I Kentucky, seem to it is best at present ? " i'i'? I gel H"'he ollices ihey cuiw, and let the proviso tw^uii | i'one ustil the proper time conns round, inniry . Tluue is a pie ut ileal of plain old coinnon sense in (nr lmt ih's courre of action. j Tin te are rumors again ol the withdrawal of y fr?m Mr. C'luj ton from the cabinet. If he should withlio *?S dtaw,11 Wl" he for the more easy position of ?iilb? minister ut the C'*urtof St. James. and in tint j event Mr. Webster tituy be again called to the Do I i nnnit tit of Sit ie. -fJK- 1 The war between the organs, pro ttmptrp% pprfiioi 1 and the fmiV-w, waxeth hotter and hotter. I'roiuri. if f r ription is 'he text, and mutual abuse is the st tpla raws of their arguments. W. I TKD ' Our Unlllinore C in ri-s|?oinlcnae. rtiir?-?, ' BtLTiMOM. May 28, 1840. shinty Ifra'ih of 'he City?Military Vtril? Hrdmm'i I'race man uflio?, ?MuiiUi irtJlmlznril? I 'nmmrrct?h'utal Railroml .'Iff1 i cideiil- Thrutricilf ? Murkrtr, \c. unit* Our city In altll hrallhy, ami. dnapita all rumor* to de of thi* uoiiiniry, there are no *fgim of cholera here, unleaa 'or"'by thf (Iiirt lin if ih? forerunner of it. The IiiiIi pendent firey*. nun of oar rery ln*?t di ?( < DM- pltm d military corpM. cniuuiMndeU by Captain Hall att 'fri.OOU im etli.g held on hriday night, reRolred upon rioting New \ i rk. Mrrnnip&uird by I heir hand, on the appmarti* ihmtia, '"P I Ii of July, remaining there two day*,and flopping "odd I biliidelplila on their relurn They noiitempata alien, carrying about tifty-IIre uitieket* and with the baud mom- nil i ffloi r* about eighty uniform*. They MOinvtiuiaa eliioh pontile one hundred Uiileketa aud are no ? hollered t? be diuldiilly ibe beet tirilliil eoinpauy in lllenl'y. <>fr?- I I he IniproVi d Oiiler of Heifiiiru hare a grand pr?. uno cere Ion to day wiiha number ?t * pleudid haunera. rieli lion of It |ihltn, mi il Meriilupanieii by MOOie nun iinieic iaelnliiig .*ta<o ? tl i ii n il hand h m V * hiopton Au ration wni ha .in r?- I diiite e.l Indole linni by Jo-i ph 0. Uoyd, at I O...II*. d i.k> On ,va uri'ay morning, John Dunn and ) >bu friew, ic?, lay f?,, , i i or in:- nt inuiilin i> were arrant .rd no tine 'Iphi*; I lly ' on". I nun it will b. renu mbered, allot a b j l.ilr; j! i Mile d elilibriM M who wae aorryliig Iniu at Ul* door. vt inlet tie Itidic. Uieut ?? being read tn Iiiui. heap* V in ervntif a* entirely In he ah. to ?tand Ilt? '"'b"* "" ' *ctDil lr men and. in a moment of " t:'t I.a* tione I hat wnieh will at lea-l oou Igu bint to . le p> i.t i ntini y lor life. CON 'II,, o bi r pel em r arraigned, lolin i'rica, for killing ,"'h**e Oeotgel ampbvll. put on a -uO.iuid a nl rath-t -aunt 1ii'neo' U" It 'UHutr l.e tl* ?b ti* mi feet. i*u or three u al.s tot he - an I * f i. h* al'Out two Itu el nil pound* il a ii w. it-ili ?i Ii pi il nod llmly formed man. about thirty - y i ?r? e) ate Willi a fine forehead; hdt III* f-cC? 1* ?,.ft trea'i- aLu IJabbJ. with la h i a h yi 't appearance. Alien atnre. ' 'lin br ph ad gulliy or not guilty he rep.i d, >: *nd '( emit no li, In I' ie ii.y ?>od I can -ay I h.*re n i r u >1or n* n ci ii ti of ti. I. e Ihi i add* d, lam not guilty." It wilt be fi On tub* ri d that he shot Campianl about *ij( DlfJI '"eke-I le Inn Infill r-po- ' be number of \ -mel* now in Ihi* port, exnludra of ?4 toi lay tuili i* 14 *liip?,TJ bark*. vi bin* and Jd -oOiinlii. !. e e- 1(J.nihil y.f which number H aro lip for the tViial r"' ' i 11 11* ft h r lllo Ji.neiro. 4 tor allforula J f ir Ireland, J for Jiiinniru undone leehfr I ir*-rpool. ileum t'aII) UK i pi ii a i I ,li hue lloiti rdkhi. Haibailr***,' ?rk l.ouduo, * yiit i hiipri *. \ nipaiai-n. I ,a? a in and tVriiRii.buro riain ' ,\ t a I in II i ad acrid* 11 occii. lel la*t evening at ru- tin- Vol.lit l J i , ill pot of t n* Bait mere aud Ohio Uailt? i (lad i jhii * i i, eady. hue of (be briae*uien of tli* II aot VtMeiili ali ?hu ' Huuidlng on til * lower *trp of > dayj. m e of IUe far- anil looking ha k i:a mi la couUot wuh eernur lie galu prat, aod ?ae llietnutly killed. ie*. hi d 1. aiiaine Labia Je, aanialod by Talfaneli aud \

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