Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1849 Page 3
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could have inflicted th# wound herself, without 'nay great difficulty. Cmi MiaiMtiM. ? Alto thinks that he (the prisoner) could hare done it without any great difficulty; thinks if they stood laoe to face that b?. with the pistol in his r right baud, eeuld not hare inflicted that wound; if he bad been in the proper relative position, there is no doubt ho eould hare Inflict e J that wound; science will Bet decide whether he got into a proper relative position, or not; if they were -tandiug up together and he on one side ot her. witness cannot tell whether he could bare so fired as to product the wound. Ds. Mi'srst caanocmam was tbeu called and sworn.? Witness Is a practising physiciau aud surgeon, residing in this city; was. some jear? ago assistant to Dr. Valentine Mott: has been connected with the hospitals in France; witness has frequently had opportunities of examining gun-shot wounds; the mussle of the pistol must bare been within three or fonr inches of the body. Or probably touching the surface, when it waa fired off. in order to produce the wound aud its appearances, witness has seen, in his practice, a wound by a pistol, fired off at a distance less than a foot, where the diameter of the wound was not larger than that of the ball; a person standing two or three paces off could not. In Witness's jildgment so tire a pistol, as to produce such a wound; it appears to the witue-s quite possible for the deceasid. herself, lo have produced such a wound. On a cross-examination by the itiorueyOeneral.nothing was elicited, eontrsdictory to the above opinions Riciiakp William Wakrimutuw, sworn ?Is a physician and surgeon of 'JO years experience; has examiued a good many gun-shot wounds; deceased might hare inflicted that wound herself. Cross-examination.?It is not possible to Ore It off. nor to pull the trigger, with the right hand, so as to produce such a wound. Marv Waddf.ll was then called and sworn?Witness lives at St. Louis; her .husband's name is John Waddell; was in St. Louis summer before last; was then employed in the service of Mr llenry Vlurphy to do the washing and irouiDg at first. alter which witness was chambermaid; kuew Mrs Walker. the deceased, when ebe boarded at Mr*. Murphy'*; whs living there when be came there, and all the lime she was there; attended to hi r bed room; Mr Walker, the prisoner brought her to In aril there; he left her there; was present at their * p iration when he bid her good bye; he shook hands with her and kissed her, and bid her good bye liid you know her, utter he left, to become acquit' nted with any other gentleman? Obj? eted to by the 1)1 striat Attorney, as being perfectly it relevant to the issue. Mr O'Conor said that as the prosecution had shown that Mr Walker left her without paying her board, he Wished to show that it son not improper to withdraw the payment of her board Me Intended to shew that ahe became a* much the wife of auotber man us she was of Mr. Walker. Mr. MoKcott said, that was exactly what he thought. But even if he could prove connection with 50,000 people. it had nothing to do with this issue. The Court sustaiued the objection as being a question which had ouly a collateral bearing upon a collateral Issue; vis that of the marriugu of the parties, which ( issue Itself was very remote to the subject of the trial. Decision excepted to Mr. John Mullin, the gunsmith of William stroet, was again called to the stand ? Witness found one cap wxploded of those five caps which were left on the pistol; the powder was loose inside; the barrel to which this cap b< lougcd whs still loaded; it was the first barrel of the six which would have tired off if the cap had uot burst; the next pull of the trigger would, a* It did. tire eff the next barrel; that whs the ouo which went off, and was that from which the deadly ball proceeded. (Therefore, whoever tired the pistol, first tried one barrel, pulled the trigger, und it inisrtd fire; then the trigSer was pulled uguiu uud the next barrel in order was iscbarged. and successfully, whatever hand it was that dlsehuiged it) The oup was broken by the hammer coming down. Mr Mullin then explained artistically und technically the whole nature of caps, barrels, pistols. &c. l ne ut tence here rested. 1 ho prosecution then called witni sn's to rebut the presumption of deceased herself having fired iff the pistol Dr. Hosaor was first called to the stand, to testify as to the possibility of the act of suicide. Witness should think it was not probable that a person himself, could inflict such a wound upon himself. The reasons are as , follows:?Holding the pistol in tho right hand, there would be a lack of power to pull the trigger so as. to fire it off in the direction of the wound. (1'he doctor here explained, scientifically, how the flexor muscles would liave no ' point d tjrpui.") nattianiki. E. St mi*son was then called and sworn. Witness does business in the city but sleeps at Jamaica. lias received not exactly a gun-shot wouud, but a pistol-shot wound in the baud 1 he wound bore traces of powder upon it The soar of the ball is yet to be seen. The pistol which in tile ted that wound was About one yard distant from the hand. Cruit-irumineri. ? It was a small brass pistol, held in witness" own right hand at the time it went off, and wounded the left band It was loaded with fine powder?not, however, quite so tine us the powder contained in the pistol charges shown in court, aud taken from the fatal pistol Hksrv D. Hill was then sworn.?Witness was living With his wife, at Mrs. Spear's in Walker street, ut the time ol'the catastrophe, knew Mrs. Walker; remembers her showing a pistol to him about ten days before her death; this looks like the pistol, (it was shown ) and he at the time, presumed it to be loaded, for he probed the muzzle holes, aud they each seemed to be one third full; tried to cock il. but could not; gave no instructions to her abwut usiug it, nor did she ask for any. Dr. WniTTAKi'.n was then called.?Witness resides in this city: is in the habit ut making pott mortem examinations; was not preseut at ihisposi mortem, but examined the body aflerwaids; witness s impression was then, and is now. that the wound of winch she died could not have beou inflicted by her own baud, s Mr. O'Conor, by consent, then read two letters from deceased, omittcu bifore. 1 lie case was then closed on both sides, and will bu giveu to the jury to-morrow (this day), after the summing up of counsel and judge. The following letter from Mrs. Walker was omitted among those last published :? Letter postmarked "Boyd's City Express Post, Feb. i!4. 12," with a card stuck on " Boyd's City Kx prfBP l I'Bl. -s ecu in, uuu pnju LHrvctcd ''Mr. T. A Walker, New York, bo* 1418, or 86 Liberty street." Klve lima erased, and then, "Come tills eft-iiia?, or Sunday morning, aud I will do an you requested me the lest time that 1 saw you. 1 will kiep faith with you il you couie. 1 will safe you all mortification and troubles, and end * ? Come " City Intelligence. Darai i-itl Accident ?On j. uesdiiy evening last. about 9 o'clock, as Walter O'Couner. of 41 (Joerck street, was drifing his hone and cart through 1st street, near Delascy, the lioisu tukiug fright, ran away, aud precipitated him to tbu ground Uuu or two oi Ins ribs were broken, his shoulder blade dislocated, and his arui fractured In consequence of these injuries, the unfortu date man Is not expected to lire. More remains to be Cold. Nancy O'Neil. an Irish woman of 107 Goerek treat, aged 115 years, was run over and killed on the pot. while she was on her way to Hoaston street to see her lister. Her body we- brought to the station house Of the district, aud the Coroner being sent for, an inquest was held, and a verdict of accidental death returned. Fatal Accident.?About 5 o'clock yesterday afterBOOB a laboring man, named John Walsh, had his head dreadfully crushed aud umugied, bv beiug struck with a Urge block at the toot of Stanti n street, where he w-as helping to discbarge a load of timber. Three physicians were immediately in attendance at the station house, where he was brought who pronounced his ease hopelt ss. He was subsequently carried to the City Hospital. UsKsowit Men Drowned. ?The Coroner held an inSuest. yesterdey, at the Alms H- Use yard, on the boiea of two unknown men ; one was found in the Kast River, foot of Broome street, about 60 years of age. drtssed in a pilot eloi h tr-ck eont, blue cloth vest and ted flannel shirt, bi ow n 1 th pants with a white stripe, heavy boots. The oilier man was found in the river at pier 32 Kast hiver. about 40 years of age?been in tbe water 10 or 12 days ; wore a brown sack coat, blue cloth vest, cotton shut, with luicu bosom, tlneiy plaltfd, undershirt, striped eatiunett pants, eoarm boots Neither of the bodies were Identified up to a late hour last evening. Verdict, death by drowning. Fish:?About 10 o'clock on Tuesday evening, the atere of Mrs. Kay, corner of 8th avenue and 27th street, was discovered to boon fire. '1 he flames were extinguished with a small an ouut of damage. It is suspected to bo the work ofau iucendiary. CoitH'srtftCE or Ft atous Daivivn ?About one o'clock n Tneiusy. a yoUug Diau named Simmons, in Brooklyn, was killed in Beekniai: nvar < Uff street He was driving very fast and his vehicle came in collision with another cart driven by a man named Barney, and was dasbed wltb such violence to the earth that lis Immediately died. Ttsriiiisci: So. iktt.?The first anniversary meeting of the Seventh Ward Teui| e acre Society, organised on Christian principle- ?? held last evening in Iter. Dr. Harris's cbi rch. Mark? i street The attendance was numerous, and the tendency of the arguments want to dhow that the tenipe anre in<>*cuient bad hitherto only partially succeeded b came it was not to iducted on pur ly < hristlan piiticlpbs and It never could be ttaol roughly successful till the gosp> I of Christ was made its ' foundation, like any other Christian virtue. Common Council. Basso or Assist*.-t Aliiehmc.v, .iuoe 6.?This Board mat. this evening, for tl e purpose of taking action upon the following pieamble and resolution which was passed in the Board of Aldermen, at their last meeting:? is necessary that the room In which Is held the t ourt of General Sessions should be cleansed and repaired as soon as practicable, therefore Resolved. That for the present the Court of General Sessions be held in one of the vacant courtrooms In ths City liall in accordanee with the statute in such cases I oikdc and brovided. 1 be Board of Assistants concurred with the Board of Aldermen in the pussage of this resolution, and the eoart will, therefore, for Rome time to come, be hold in the City Hall. United States Lllairlct Conrt. Before Juilice butts Jtuer 8.?WilliemR was found guilty, after which Bryan and he were called up and eentenoed to pay a fine of ti each, and to be Imprisoned until paid. trxdidnl.? John Caverly, indicted for an aei-aalt with a dangerous weapon, was arrested under a bonoh warrant, and held to bail in 52.i0 Court Calendar for this Day, Circuit Coubt -3 19. 23. 25 28 30, 34, 54, 55,58, 578. 57. 68, 60, 60, 01. 02. 03 61. 05. o0. 07. 08 l/OMMON I'l.itaa.?Kirst Cart? sil 33. 465. 41, 49, 51 65, 81, flu. 71. 78, 76 Second I art- Pi. 04, US, Vti, 10U, 102, 104, 100. 108, 110. 112. 114. 110 118. 120. SurrtiioR Coi'RT ?11. 20 . 32 36.87,41, 43,41,48.40, 60,62 63 68.58 02.64 , 204. 0U, 70, 71,72,73, 74 to 85, 87, 8W, Ul, 02, 03, 04. 00. Coctrna' West Point Hotel.?West Point, Jaat7th, I.--IU.? The undersign* d lias tlie plaasura to inform tlia liubito that his liousu is now open for the reception of eempanj. WILLIAM B. CO/.ZKN3. Tell that to the Mat inea I?'The Kaahloua' 5U boot Mater may tell joe S>7 it tht Inweaa prioe at whicli booia of his uiiallly rsu t.s sold; but go to 30.N BV3, 14 Aaa street. an? he will se.l >oa as ROeu, or belter, fer $4 SO, and gaiters and sheet ia the a?ae preportion. New Tork, June ?, 1H48 Xr. Bdltor i? All good Christiana. la order to keep clear onasoisnoee, should aire the Devil bia due. Having oeoasioa to atop a few dait at wpringfleld. Mass, I put up at Uncle Jerry's, tha Union (louse. and do unhe,itatin,ily pron.unoe it to be tba beat kept bouee la the country. Uncle Jerry la (and an l? hie wife) one of thoae geniuses who wrre predestined to keep tavern. lie gives a man hie eaae in an inn with the aame faoilitv that a dog picks a hone?it oomee ao natural. By giving thia an insertion la your univeraal Herald, you will reader a aervloe to all good liven, and ulnar my couecieaco at the aame time. Toura, SP1CURIUS. In the Shade?Gentlemen who 1mt? no leisure to refresh themeelvea under the green foliage of the Batter? or of the Elyalau Fields, may find a good substitute at 128 Fulton street, dun Building. Knot's Summer style of gentlemen's lists, from their lightness and sgreeahleoeas to the head, give that cool, comtortahle. shady sensation more perfectly than anything of tho kind which we have tried. Combs.?LaMllea are Rmpectftally Invite? to examine the ehoiue selection of Dress Combs at tha eubsoribers' store?the variety la beyond all doubt the greatest in tba city, among which will he foond the open chain pattern, sa much admired. Also, eaa be obtained, every article appertaining to tho toilet. A. k J. SAUNDERS, 381 Broadway, between Walker and Whita streets. laws tm-day?Forty Casri of Boots, or tho finest French calf ekia, at $4 So per pair, at sx-Goveraer Young's, corner Fulton and Nesiau Uresis, wkere may be found alee a variety of the finest sad oheepest Patent Leather Boots, Shoes sad Gaiters, this oity affords. THI DOCTOR. The Qurtlloii arises In the Minds off Hundreds?Why is there such a continued rush to the celebrated Carpet Establishment, No. !?9 Bowery? Connoisseurs and Feonon iste any?There yon will And the largest and most beautiful assortment, at a saving of 23 yer cent to the purchaser. PI tint he's Daguerreotypes Strangers and ethers should sec, particularly if they are of opinion that all daguerreotopes arc alike. The difference between Mr.Plumbc's pictures and any othera is too well known for us to say anything about them. Sec them, if you hays not, and Jutlgo for yourself. California Fire Arms, for sole by Joseph h Bart, 74 Maiden l.nne, consisting of Hall's celebrated U. S. Carbines, California sad other Rides, doable aad single bar ml Duck and Fowling Guns, six-barrel Revolvers, Bosket Rifles, and a full assortment ef Pistols adapted te every trade. Merchant! and Cumsiaiths supplied on liberal terms, and ab law prioea. Imbeciles and Idiots?Dr. H. B. Wilson, Principal of an Institution for the msnagi meut aad sdaeation of Imbeciles and Idiots, will be at Hit American Uebcl en Thursday and Friday, June 7th aad Stb, where he oea be consulted upon the subject. Dr. H, Boatwtck'g Great Work on the la* turn and treatment of n certain alass of diseases; quarto, 77 splendid plates; 2d edition. Kxtract from the Boetoa Medical and Surgical Journal;?"It may be eaid, fearlesdy, tvbc equal to Rieord'e or Acton's work a on tho same family of JiHoases, and far superior to anything of the kind ever published in thia sountry."?Price $10. Author ofa work on Solitary Visa. I Second edition, 14 plates.?Price $1. Forsale at the publishere'. Stringer It Townaend, 222 Broad way,and by the Author, I 504 Broadway. , Tmto Cases of Cholera Cured by Brandrcth's Fills, in New York, on the 4th of June, 1849.?Read un l be convinced : take the medicine aud be uured. New York, June Gth, 1849. Dr. Benj. Brawpreth?Dear Sir:?It uppeara to me to be my duty to make you the fallowing communication, more especially ue souie who are interested in keeping men ignorant with regard to the true principles upou which health depends, appear to question the propriety of the uae of your celebrated Pills, in the cure of Cholera. It is unf< rtunato 9<> little in generally known of the wonderful curative properties of your i'illa. The youni^ man whoae caae I ain about to give, might now have been in hie grave, had laudanum been administered in place of your Innocent medicine; but through the use of your I'illa. under the blessing of Divine Frovidenee, he ia now a living witness of their great eurative qualities. This youag man is my brother, aged seventeen years, a clerk la the house of A. T. Stewart It t o. On tlie 4th instant, about li o'clock, A M., he was suddenly and violently attacked with vomiting and purging, aeeon puuied with excessive cramps in his tow els, aud eev ure pain in hia hi ad. The first object was to allay the irritability of the stomach. For this purpose 1 administered a table spoonful of common salt and vinegar. 1 liia had the effect of settling his stomach; aud 1 then, w ithout m moment's delay, gave him one of your l.ife Addition Fills, and In fifteen minutes thereafter hvd Braudruth Fills. The progress of the disease was at once checked; the srasms gradually subsided, and he was relieved from severe pain. All this benefit had been imparted by 8 o'clock, A. M.; icarcely two hoars from the commencement of the attack. At twelve o clock, M., 1 gave turn throe mere Brandrcih Fills, us be had another turn of vomiting: but thore wae nothing giveu to check this second attack of vomiting. The operation of the pills was full, and the secretions appeared to be fully restored. From the time ?f the attack until seven o'clock in the evening, lie ale nothing whetuvor. About thie time he asked for tomethiug to eat, aud we gave him somo crackers and wiak tea. lie slept well until morning; hut, us hit bowels did not appear perfectly healthy. I gave him one more Addition Fill, and three more Braauietk Fills in half an hour aftcruard. lie ato a hearty breakfast, and, up to this time, appears perfectly cured. In fact, he looks better since the attack, although previously a healthy-looking buy. My little daughter, agvu near three years, was suddenly taken with symptoms of inoipient cholera; her stouls wore of a light drab oolor, and of the consisteneeuf thin yesst; she wasvery much pros-rated. I gave her two of tiie llrandrcth Fills, which operated upon hor bowels in about two hours, aud charged the character of her stools sntiiely. In the course of jivuhours she was entirely cured. SI e is nww, at this writing, quite well. Sincerely trusting that ethers, under like circumstances, may do likowise, I am, iny dear sir, l ours respectfully, t>. B. MJELI.KY, 19 Uroene at. City ana County of Sciv York. *?.: Daniel B. Miclluy being sw orn, doth depose and say that ths statements in the above paper are true. Sworn this 6th day of June, 1849, before uie, C'. 8. W'OODHl; 1,1,, Mayor. Immediately Iiiandreth's Fills are swallswcd, they exert a life-saving power; they earry nut of the system those matters upon which the disease depends for its continuance; they arouse the vital powers, and impart warmth to the stirfni?4?_ iirAviitUtel? fhillitd h? tha nulMnnsa <?f nnwA4i?l,ini* death. Tlx Brandreth Tills ar* sold, with full directions, at 25 cents rcr box, at Dr. Bruudreih's prinoipal office, 2ll Broadway 274 Bo*cry, and 241 fludsuu street. opposite Brooine. The l.ife Addition I'illa arc a concentration of the principles which compose tlx Brandreth I'lllx, and are well known; in Cholera, and in diseases where there is difficulty in retaining medicine upon the stomech, they ure of great value. They hare not been heretofore advertised, and would not bo now mentioned, only that they are referrnd to in the above letter. They have been prepared for the last ten years by Dr. Brandreth, fur persons who could not take large doses of the Brandreth Tills. They can be only obtained iu the United States, at 241 Broadway. New York, June 7, 1M9. B. 11KA NDRLTIi. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HONEY MARKET. Wednesday, June (US P. IH. Stocks wore a little better to-day, with sales of the fancies to some extent. At the first board, Treasury Notes went up hi per cent; U S O's, 1808, coupon, }i; Reading M. Bonds, >*'; Morris Canal, >f; Canton Co., Harlem, %; Norwich and Worcester, 1; Long Island, ,V Harlem still continues the favorite of the bears, and they are makiDg desperate efforts to depress the market price. There was more doing, to-day, in some of our State stocks. The commercial and financial news from Europo does not amount to much, and does not vary materially from that brought by the Niagara. Quotations for cotton and corn had experienced no alteration, and the markets were by no moans active The weather, throughout England, bad been fine for some days, and the growing crops leeked unusually promising. The funds, both in London and Paris, had been depressed by the position of political atfairs on the Continent. The political|intelligence is highly interesting, and particularly Important. European matters are rapidlv approaching a culminating point, and a fair weeks must bring things to a crisis. Tho debates in the French Assembly will ba found Interesting. At the second board thero was a slight improvement upon prioes current in the morning. The receipts at the ofHco of the Assistant Treasurer of this port to-day. were $40,017; payments $63,143; advices $114 000; balance. $1 363 802 72. The receipts of the Krie Railroad Company for the month of May, 1849, were $00 030 67. against $25,031 06 for the corresponding month last year; showing an inorease of $41 036 02. The value of certain articles withdrawn from the wnrcbouse of this port to-day, was as follows, vis: dry goods, $2,604; glass plates. $6$0j rum. $25; gin, $1,206, brandy, $2 688; segars, $096; cinnamon, $122; porcelain, $676, pepper. $733; ginger, $61. The report of the Cape Cod Branch Railroad Company slates that the capital stoek amounts to $300,000, of which only about $360,000 has as yet been taken. The cost of the road has burn about $600,000. There s a floating debt of about $80,000, the rest bolng fund* ed and payable in 1662. The receipts tor tolls en all the canals of the State for the fourth week of the month of May, in tho years 1843 to 1840, Inclusive, and the aggregates received during each ot these years, to and inoluding the 31st of May, were as follows New Yoits Stats Cavils?Awoivt sr Tolls. Cnnal Open. ith Vferk in M iy. Agy remit f. 1643. May 1 $103 440 06 $345 663 46 1844, April 18 95 6 .2 18 696 738 75 1846, April 16 92 210 53 608,962 93 1846. April 16 116.016 22 693 759 91 1847. May 1 1OV 174 01 709.339 21 1848. 6: ay 1 138,226 91 621.255 01 1849. May 1 136.849 39 616.025 65 Tho receipts', thus far, this year, show a falling off <>f $13 363 66, from the largest amount received, to the same date In any previous year. Stock Exchange. $1000 U 8 ?'? T.J cpn 199 lAu llsrlum RR, 55* 131*) Tress Notes II2* 10 do M0 &')'i MJt) C S6's't.7 1IZH KM 4e M0 V>* 21**10 do '67 opg 1I2M 200 4* M0 fc*>* ?00 do 'MM cpn 1 MM 50 4# 53* 1K*HI do irnfrbls 113* 50 do MM 46 '.0 0 do '56 ops 106 .'126 do 55V 12INO Ohio 6-s'56 107* 290 do sSO 55* 21*10 do IUS ? uo ? > 71*ig Ho '(* 108 do ftOUO r?nn 5'* HjJ 1UJ do MJ inoo IndionoSUUr* ?7 3? do ?0# 278>h? BK^of CuB>.. K5) Wlond RR, Sf* in (' ton O ?X '<*? do ro Former*' Tr?*? ?JX Id* *jj? > ? ? ino do. hdOM Deo. 6 j. o. do? d M 100 do. ? *" 2' *3* 100 Mnrrio Ciuidl rfc 21A Brio oow, foil 64 2 1006 do. MortftfO Bood* 64 V in Mohowk Roilrood H4H ?* do *4* 1110 doi Mm idW do *4 ]? do 88 1?*1 *ri. 7. Rood* 108K 28 do ?K :?**) RoodiM RR B4i .67? 80 do 86>f 40U0 do- kdO MV? CBCONO BOAADliemTrooo Nokooro 11 AH loo oho Roodinc RR J(H liOWPt?o?'o 8V 60 do ??* 000 do *H Wl do ^ 11*4)0 do rt liu IAOoomMoU *R(oow)8d UK* do * ?Jd 80 Murrlo Conol _ OH 1)001 do ? ( IW do ?M off *3 i: *+.% a"*-?" .?? uSlwtMliMi 81 noVofBMv'aLorn * M iifumnmrn rwrvd itbt hi. MWAH1W. ffiQQ HI WARD?--LOST ON Til 4TH IHIT.. II* OB w?0 Mar Wall itrMt. a amall brawn aalf akin PeakatBuok. containing ale at SZ.1 la l>aak bills, aad taa ooupans of $3U aaoh ft r tlx months' ia'araat ua Unpad Statoa stosk, payable ia Pk*; the eouaoaa ara numbered tlS. f H, !W>. W, W9. 1 p00t, 1 008, 1.0M. 1.078. l.W?, and ara payable tha drat of July uaxl; alio sundry racer, of aa uaa ta aar parson but the owner Tlie payment of aha osnpona hat been stopped. Aay peisna fludiug tha same. by reluraiisll to tha uwnar, No. N> U'-rchacta', or ta thia offloa, ahall ba autitlcd to all tha monay in tha pocket hook, ana bo questions a.ked. C11 ARMS BURRALL, Nu. ho Merchants' Exchange. Lost-last evening, inithe bowery, between Broome sod Sprieg streets, a pair of Gold Bowed Spootaeles. The Under will reoeira a satisfactory reward, and the thanka at tba owner, on leaving ti em at si|uire Ik Brothera, 2*2 Bowery, or at IN Tenth etreot. WAHTS. Wanted?by a respectable younu woman. 1H years old, a eituation aa Cbaml>ermald, or to taka care of ohildren, in a eeutei I family. Hk* no objeotion to go a alert diataooe in the country. Beat city reference given. Apply at >10 Mott afreet, up atain1. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS Chambermaid, or waiter in a private family: or plan cook, or to wash aad irou. Beat of city roference. Please call at No. 2S City Hall Place WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young wman, a aituation aa Soauiatreaa, or nurae and aeamatreaa. it ould have no objection to do chamber <vork and tine nothing. Haa no objection to going to the country, or travel with a family. Apply ill the roar of No. 48 Howard street, a few doora off Broadway. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN who understands dressmaking, a aituation aa Chan Iter maid und seamstress, or nurse aud ecaniafre.a. Please call at No. lit. Twelfth street, third tioor. WANTED TO PURCHASE.?A K1RST CLASS, H ANDsunn ly tit ted up. ecu trolly sit not ed Drug f tore, doing a good business, either in New York or Brooklyn. Parties who oau satisfy ull these eoi ditiors may hear of a cash purchaser hy heading lull particulars to "i'hurroaceutisl," ollico of tills pajwr. WANTED?ItY A RESPECTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN. A lit nation | is ? good nlllnt :> 11 <1 fro MT and A (Md plain Cook: is willing to make herself generally useful in a family ; has no objection to go a short distance in the country ; un give good oity reference. Apply at !?4 Touth avsnue, between Kith and 17tb atroots. Can bo aven for two days. WANTED?AN EM1I.1S11 ENGINEER. FOR SOME time a draughts!! nu in one of tho principal establishmciits in I )vorpool, making all hinas of machinery, locomotives, marine and other engines, sugar mills, gas apparatus, Ac., r ants a situation, fan show good testimonials of cbaraeter and ability, and can give good city rctcrcnces. Direct to C. S. I,., Ilcrald office. Wanted?by a respectable gird, hud iias lcarred the dressmaking, a situation us Nurse anl Seamstress, or aa Cham'ernmid ; also a girl who would g > for very low wages nnu make herself generally useful. Uoud city reference. Please call at No. Hit First avenue WANTED?A M ELD EXPERIENCED BOOK KEEPER, w ho speaks and c rresuonda in French, English, and German, deui-h to he ell ployeu in an importing house or any wholi sale business. Best city references will ho given. l,o'tors directed lo K, A . Bowery, will be duly attended to. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl; she is a good Washer and Ironer. and can give the heat city reference. Apply at 8, F? corner of Main ami Front streets, Brooklyn, WANTED -BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION as W alter, < liamberiraid, or no objeetion to du general housework. Can he seen at her last place, where she has livid eleven months, at ft Bank street. Tho host of eity reference can he given. WANFEP--A GOOD COOK. W ASHER, AND IRONER. in a private family. None but such as can give good reference heed aptdy, at lfrl Wposter street, WANTED?TO HIKE, A COUNTRY SEAT, OR FARM* within ID miles of New York, of easy access to the oity hum e furnished. Tho ad vcrtiser w ould like to huvu the pi mlepc of purchasing, if the owner wished to sell. Auy person wishing to trawl for the summer season could leave ins place in respectable hands, by addressing a line tu Farin, boa 2,IMS Post Office. WANTKD-A SITUATION. It Y A. RESPECTABLE young wuman, as plain cook, washer aDd ironer: the licit of city reference given. Please call at tho corner o. Pacific and w illow streets, at Mr W igiu-', youth Bro k 1 y?i. WANTED?A TRUSTWORTHY, STEADY WOMAN, AS Cook, and also to Wash and Iron. Sko must bring the best city references aa to cleanliness and disposition, and none but tliosu w bo can do so need apply at 347 fourth st. WANTED-BY A KESPECTA III E YOUNG WOMAN, A sltuaiieu aa Child's Nurse aud Seamstress, or Ohatnborrnaid and Waiter. Tho best of city reference, if required, from her old situations. Enr|ulre|at 111 Twenty-fourth street, t?" doors east of tho fit Ii avenue ; can be seen for two days. Wfl.-MfcU?A SITUATION, AS THOROUGH INDOOR Servant, by a stosdy pintle man, aged 411; ii will ng to make himself generally useful, and can bo well recommended bv Mr. Forest. 82 ,South street. Direct <181, baaement, Green- 1 Wlch street, New Vork. WASTE D-A SITUATION BT A RKSPKCTABLB jcn?E woman aa Chambermaid or Num in a private family; it a good plain newer, and a good lanndreaa. IMeaee oall at 2V Thonipaon street, up stair*. The beat of city reference given from her last-plate. To nave trouble, ae boarding house keepers need apply. WANTED?1?Y A RESECTABLE YOUNG MAN. WHO served, fur a great many years, aa ltar and Housekeeper in Gem any, France, and England, a situation in the aamo branch of business. Satisfactory referonoea will be ?ive?. Inquire at 2l>4 W illiam atreet. Security will be given or hie honesty. WANTED?A BITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, as Chambermaid and Waiter, and te ass at in washing and ironing. Can be seea for two day*. Please call at No. 1 7 Barrow street, third fleor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PERSON, WITH good references, a situation us Housekeeper, either te a small fumily or to an old ooople; would have no objection te going in the country, or as Cook and Washer. Apply at S3 Sullivan Street. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as Chambermaid and fine washing, or to do the oooking of a tuiall family. Has lived four years in her last place. Good references given. Inquire at ill Canal street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS lumberman! or Laundress, or to do oliambtrwork nnd waiting. Has no objoction to cook, wash, and irun The best city reference given. Apply at 70 Bayard street, lor twe day a. WASTE D-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT yunngman, a situation as V\*a>tir. or to take oiere of a horse and w agon, aud to make himself generally useful. The best of city references given from bis last employer. A line addressed to tbe Herald Office, for J. VV., will lie attended te WANTtn-A YOUNG GERMAN' LAD, FROM 16 TO 18 yesn. as Porter, and to do light housework. One who speaks English and German will be preferred. Apply at Ne.6 Morris street. WANTF.D?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, TO GO AS I anndress or Chambermaid; has no objection to g > a short distance to tbecountry. Inquire a' N?. S Wuhingt n square. Best of city reference can be given from her last place. Can l o seen for two iliiye. TIT-ANTED. IMMEDIATELY?TWO YOUNG MEN ACvv customed to writing the mail wrapper" for a no wspapcr establishment. Those competent tun; address A. D. at this office, in the handwriting of tb? partes, with reference. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to cook, wash, and iron, in A private family, or t i do the general housework of a emnll faiuilv. licet of city reforonoes can be given. Please to call at it Hector atreet. Can be seen for two day*. WANTED?A SITUATION, 11Y A YOUNG WOMAN. a> Nurre and Scutnatreaa. la a tirat-rato Dressmaker and plain Sewer. City reference can be given, Please apply at 136 lttli street, in the bakery store, between the Bib and Oth avenues. 117 ANTED?BY A HF.SI'E' TABLE CI KL, A SITUATION v v as Seamstress, and to assist in ligh' eoamherwork ; or to take care of children. Heat of oily reference given. Can be seen at No. 38 Second strec'. WANTED?A SMART BOY. |N AN UNDERTAKER'S atore. Or.a acquainted with the buainceB preferred. A rply at 662 Pearl street. WASTE D?A SITUATION, BY A RBSpE'J rA~BLE young woman, as Cliaml cruiaid or waiter, or to do general housework; in a good plain sewer. The hest of eity reference given by applying at No. 74 Sixth avenue. Can he seen lor I a0 Clays if io I ei raged. A NTS D?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl; has good city reference; would go as lauiuDe-s, or to do general housework in a private family. Ilaa no ohjection to go in the country. I'lease call at No. 142 Charles st. YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A3 Scamstrcsv, Chsniliermatd, or would take care of children. tJoed city reference given. Please apply at 23Uhest-ot etrvt t, second fl?or. AI'hOTESTAM YOUNII^OMTN WAN "Pi A SITU Ation to do chamherwork, or os waiter, or to lake care of children. No ohjection to go a short, distance in the country. She has the hest of city referent*. Please call at No. li Hank atreet, between Eacteryand Greenwich avenue. A ?00NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS PLAIN Cook, or to do washing and ironing, or s.s chambermaid. Pest' f city reference ran be given from hor last place. Has nootjectton to go in the country. Can be seen for two days at Np. .'It 8 Bleeelit r at. ARISPH TABLE young woman is in wantofa situation. She is willing to take charge of children and do ptain sew ing; or as f'hanihertnuid and assist in washing.? I'an he m n for two days at 264 Fourth atreet, oppoiite Washing' cn plf ee. Housekeeper Wanted.-an American woman. an intelligent and industrious one. who oan come well tc< ommended fur her moral charaotsr and tltncsa to aid a lady. or in tale the entire charge of the general affairs of a small family, where there are several small children. In moderate circumstances. Apply by letter, post paid, to hox.YW, I'ostoIBce. ART NEK WANTED? TO TAKE PAhT IN A St'KCUlation which will yield to each party engaged therein a Let profit of $3u,i4X), within ono year. The adver'isur furnishes the requisite en, h funds, and requirea businoss pap?r (till gooa lor Hi *mi, taurine wmcn lime inr oiKnuun can Le clored,) to the ei tent of $ 15, CN", in net** of about $X0U each, I ajaMe to different partiee. Addreee X. L., office of thl? r'ff TO JCiCKN EVM f.N BAR IIEKS.?WA NT BO?A FIR8T r?le Sharer end Hair Dreeter. None oilier neod nt.ply. Good referrncee required. Apply to T. II. BYRNES, until H' nee. Broadway. TO M FRCIIA NTS, BANKERS, fcC.-A OE.NTI.EMAV of integrity and experience, who I M heen eereral yean In one of the nr?t irenantile hetieee in Europe, wieliee to meet with a Clerknhlp : if a good Accountant, and line a thorough knowledge of Dry Good*. No objection to tho country. Refrrettce to *evtral of the llret morchanl* in thie oity. Addren " T. D.." herald office. d>Q RAA IN W ANTED FOR ONE OR MORE TEAKS, OwjUvII at 7 ptr oent internet. ?n lota in Sftuth Brooklytt. worth twice tho num. The hondamnti are pnrfectly good, and will eecure the payment hv other collati rala. if necnaaary. Apply to TA YI.OR BROTHER, 76 Wall atreet. rOR MAIiK. For sale?a beautifim. two horse carriage, toarcely eoiled, eoet $4(10; fan be bonght fer $160; te oe teen at the Iloree llataar No .11 Croeby etreet: bamboo thlfting ecate in perfect order. Inquire of J. il. UATFILD, pmpekwr. FOR SAl.R?A I.IOHT WAGON, WITH TOP NKARI.T new. made to order. In the bett manner, will be eeld low, at the owner hee no nee for it. Cent prion $IS6. Aleo, e eet of tight raineeeof the beet kind. Can be eeen at No. IS Hixthelreet. In the afternoon. The wbele will be eeld together or tcparate. ALFRED TAKIAN. FOR 8AI.E-A NIWFOVNDI.AND DOG, 1$ MONTHS old. any one in need of n good bonee dog, can oall on the ewn-r. 1? Concord it rent, mar lay. B~~ EST CHANCE TO MAKE MONBT.-FOR 8 A IE, A Licenced Tnrern. Poeeeeeien in.mod lately. Rent rnry low. 1 hie le a eure inreetment. I'ertone in want of goed etMde, or to tell ont, may apply teGtlleepie, MS Pearl it roe ^ AM???ITW.^^ OOWKRY THEATRE -THURSDAY EVEN I NO. JUNE 7. AJ IN#, will be repeated the creed equestrian drama eaoiled MIKEM\BTIN, TUB BOl.ll ROBBER AND 111(1IIWAYIIAN?Mike Martin, Mr. Steveae; Jehe Doherty, McFarland; Solomon Dottar. Meore; Barnal.y Root, Wlnena: Juliut Hailstone, Jordan; Cterer, Stafford; Jenny, Mra. Herbert; Haaoah, Mm. Mirherland. Previous to the crtma, will be acted the comedy of 8KETCHSS IN IN 1)14?Sir Matthew heragge. Mr. Milbert; 1 on Tape. Winanst l)tok Milton, Stafford; t apt. Dorrtugton, J. Dunn; Count Glorieux. Jordan; Solly Si r?ct?. Miss M Taylor. To oonclude with the comedy ofFOBTT ANUjrilTy-MrJJUywhiie, MrJJilbert. CHANFRAU'S NATIONAL TUBATRE, CHATHAM ST. ?Thursday evening. June 7th. will he acted (IRANDFATlitR Vt HITKIIEaD-Grandfather Whitehead. Mr. c. Burke; Louisa. Mra. lahorwood. After which, T1IRBE

YEARS AFTER?Moae, Mr. P. S. Chanfran; (apt. Tohin, Mr ('. Ilurke; < harlot Meadows. Mr. Bield; Luey, Mi?s Mestayer; laatella Meadovri, Mre. Woodward; Constance Shirley, Mrs. Isherwood. To cnucludo with the nautical ifftwof UN DSUARKS AND SEAGULLS-Jeck Rudnerly, I Ylr U11I ; Mr. Starrhington, Mr. Dawes; Mra. Sampson, Mrs. | ( Ihanman. Doors oren at 7Sal Curtain rises ,'AheioreS. ! it' xre 2Aceats; I'it, 17}, cents. MECHANICS' HAL.L, No. 473 BROADYVAT, BETWEEN Grand and Broome atreeta ?OPEN EVERY' KVENINO " DURINU THE WEEK, and every night until further notioe, the original and well known CHRISTY'S MlNSTKELH? irganited IS42 ; the oldest eatabliahed company in the world; be tint to harmonise negro meludiee, and originators of the present popular style of Ethiopian Entertainments, whose lacceas In this city, during the pnat three yeara, ia moat oon? duaivo evidruee of their superior merit ami attractiveness. The Company oonaiata of tea performers, under the direction f F. I*. Christy. Doors open at seven; Concert oommcncee 1 t eight o'clock. An afternoon Concert every Saturday, com-. 1 mencii.g at three o'olook, P. M. VANDEKI1KEK SART UNION CONCERT. ON THURSday EvcuIuk. Juno 7>h. at the t hjucae Assctoblv Rooms, Hroud ? a.i, ou wliiuh occasion two superior graud Pisuo For'es, fn 111 the manufactory of John Ruck, of tins 0(1 v, valued at fifteen hundred dollsrt. each, will lie used by the following talented I'lnnista. 11 caged l?r this occasion : ?Mr. Henry C. Tl inn, Mr. Richard II. tin nn, Mr. Gourgo l.oder. Miss Kalo C uidoii, Ml. Joseph Ilurke. the celebrated Yieliust, Mr. John A. Kyle, the acoomplirhed Flutist. In addition t? tho above, tho mllowritig tulct.led Vocalists have hoon engaged :?Madame l,ea'1, Mrs. l uura A. Jon.s, Muns. Luati. Miss Agues Dresler. \lr. W. 1). Comes, Mr. Robert Andrews. Tickets. Ten Dollars drawing, nn the plan of the Art Union, for ono of the grand I'm' i uned on thin occasion, ami valued nt $1,600 each. Every subscriber, except the one draw ing the Piano, will receive, gratis, a handsome Musical Annual, worth aix dollars, and a family Ticket, ndniitt n< two lauius and a gentleman to th? Conceit. Ti e drawing will ho under the direction of a Ci smitten appointed bjr the mbeorioen. A tow anWcripUoa tickets may yet ho hud ut Vuudcrbock'a Music tVnrerourn, t"!' Broadway. The musical wcrld arc respectfully informed 'hat Vandrrlieek ia sole Agent for Buck's superior grand and qnare I'iauos; also. Agent for the celebrated Boston t*ianoa, nunutactiired by Ballet, Cumston it Allen. I'rofesaors, ,\ma'cuis, and those in w ant of a good Instrument, will dud tlieia at this cstahlishtrrut, at factory prices, and warranted to stand the te?l of any eliinate. Now i'iauos to let. tirade hy Buck, Bullet tir IV, Chlckering, ike. Fashionable Music, of every description, eonstuntly for sab ; all the new Music received as soon as puMishcd. Tickets of admission to the Concert only, 60 cents. No postponement on aceouut of llie weather. TUK UUUT CHINESE MUSEUM, 0X1 HBO A IIWAf, between Spring and I'rluc# s'roets,mid the only one in this country, consists of a great nutuher of life sue Figures of Chinese of uU classes ; srveial hundred Chinuse Paintings; Apartments in Houses, Stores end Vessels; Models of Pagodas, Temples. and Bridges; Specimens of Chinese Manufactures, their Agricultural and Mechanical Implements, Instruments ul Muslo, Lanterns, ko. he. Open Irom !> A. M. till 10 P.M. dally. Admittance 26 oente; ohildrem under half price. 8PORT1NU UNION COURSE, I.. I.?TROT11 NO?TOES DA 7, JUNE 12, will come elf a Purse of $2'Si?$ ill to the second lost?two mile heats to saddle. John McArdle enters b. g. Mac; llavid Bryant enters g. m. l.aiiy Suffolk; Mr. Deiuink enters b. g. Jaik Hossitrr. tin the day oflthe above raue the celebratad trolling mure l ady Sutton, will positively bo sold at public auction en the Course. M. D. GREENE, Proprietor. HAKI.EM PARK?TROTTING.?WILL COMEUFF THIS . day. at .'I o'clock, a Match lor $200, mile ilea's, bust tbruu in tive, in harness. C. S. Martins names g. in. Genets; W. Former names br. g. King of Trumps. Barge amounts wero s uked yesterday on the result, as both horses are iu line condition. It is expected that there will be a large attendance on (lie course. W., Proprietor. La BY button.?this CELEBRATED and fast trotting Mare, will positively be sold at publiuealo, on Tuesday, June 12th. at the Union Itace Course, Bong Island. The rule will take place immediately after the first heat is over, in which Lady Suffolk, Mas and Jack Kosaiter, will cutend for a purse of $260. 8PKUAB NOT1CKS. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN GENERAL COMMITtee.?A Regular Moetiig will to held at Tammany Hull, i n Thursday evening, June 7th, ut lialf past seven o'clock. By order of the Chairman. EMANUEL U. HAltT. jam as G. Smith, >a Cviiis Law ton. ^ - Pr? tnrtoH. MASONIC.?THE M. W. GRAND LODGE OF TIIE A I.oil. Ill Ik T, ,1 lion V.l? L--?II. ,.f ! - I _ eil Muslim of tlio State uf Now V nrk, will meet at tho Collect in, -ifiii Broadway, tliiB morning :it ! o'clock. Ily order l(. li. llovn, Gr. Scc'y. JOl^N I). WILLAKD, U. M. Dividend?mecuanics' bank.inu association, New York, June 6, 18411,?The President and Dirnotori bare deviated a dividend of three and one half (3)a) per cent for the last six months, payable on and after the lltli instant. Ti e transfer books wi.'l be closed from the Gth to lltli instant | inclusive. JOHN II. COItN ELL, Cashier. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF HANNAH Adunis, deceased ?To Elizabeth liming.? 111 pursuance of un order of the Orphans' Ci urt, for the city and county of I'biladi Iphia, notice is hereby given to Elizabeth (lining, if living, or lo tier heirs, if deceased sinro Juno 1, 1817, that alio or they ars entitled to a share ef xbeve estate. Any information iu regard to tbc said Elizabeth Mining may lie communicated to WILLIAM JOHNSON, Administrator c. t. a., Newportvillo, Ducks co.. Pennsylvania, or to Ellis Lewis, 128 So. 4th St., or J. 11. Randall, 51 N. 6th st., Philadelphia. PROCLAMATION?MAYOR'S OTnCl, MAY Si, 1M9.? Whereas, it is msda by law the duty of every practising physician in the City of New York, to muko a report in writing to tie Mayor, tlie Hoard of Health, or either ot the Commissioners of Health, of every patient he shall have laboring under any pestilential or infectious disease, between th? thirty-timt day of May and the first day of November, within twsnty-fourheurs after the same shall hsveooinsto his knowledge; now, therefore, I, Caleb 8. Woodliull, Mayor of said aity, in pursuance of a resolution passed by the Hoard of Health, w ith a view to onable said Hoard ta announce with accuracy to the public, whether, and ta what extent, the cholera, or ether malignant disease. Is now prevailing in this city, do hereby issue this Proclamation, onjoining, under the strict penalties of tho law, on all physicians, keepers of boarding and lodging houses, the police and citizens, ta mn k# un immediate report in writing to tha Mayor, the Board of Health, or either of the Commissioners a 11' altb, at the Mayor'r Office, City Hull, tha name, age and rcsidi nee of evety individual attacked with any such disease, within twenty-four hours uflvr lie shall ascertain or suspect the nature of the oomplaiut. To ensure accuracy, phj sitians are requested to complete their reports by stating ll e recovery or death of thoir patients. (Signed) CALEB 8. wood HULL, Mayer. MALUM BY AUCTION. Homer morgan, auctioneer.?furniture. Pianoforte, Pier Glasses, *o.? By order of tha assignee at No. 1150 Bleeekcr street, on Thursday. June7, at 10o'clock, will 1c sold at auction, tlioentire Furniture in the House, c mprislng a good assortment; has been ia use butU months; is of good (itiafity aad in perfect order, and sold by order of he assignee. Also a Pianoforte and Stool, Oil Paintings, Ae. HOTRIil, die. SnARON SPRINGS PAVILION.?THIS ESTABLISHment is r ow open for the reception of guests, and will romain open till tha 1st day of October next. LANDON A GARDNER. PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON.?THIS ESTABLISHmrnt is now in full business, the greater part of the rn. ms being already engaged, nnd many faiui'ies enjoying the delights of this meet h'tlthy spot. There are a few good mites of rooms still nnnccupicd, and parties desirous of spending tho summer in the imiri' d;nte neighborhood of New 11 rk. should make curly application. Tho building appropriated to single gentlemen will be in readiness to reeeiva them in the r.nreo of a few days, when tlio improvements will 1-a completed. The rooms throughout the establishment are more epoetin. lorty, ana airy that those m nny other summer residence in the United Stales. The table at the Pavilion it secniid to none in the Union, and the cellar of VV'ioes is of a attp rior and recherche deserin'ion. Steamboat* tun loiirtiui'sa day.from pier No. 1. North Hirer. Rogers' house, buffalo.?TnB undertigned, late proprietor of the Delavan House. Albany, line opened a new and elegantly furnished hotel called the "Phelps House," located on Maine atrcet, Uulfalo. The understand will spare no paiu* to ensuro the comfort of the averts of this hotel. N. ROGERS. Boarding.?a gentleman and his wife, and two tingle gentlemen. can he accommodated with hoard aid pleasant rooms, at moderate terms hy applying at No. lift Greenwich s'reet, hctween Fulton and Veaey. Board.?two single gentlemen can be acrvmmodated with pleasant hoop s and Board, hy applying st 71 Natsan strict, Brooklyn, threo doors from corner lerrl. Ritcrences cact arged. s German boarding nousE.-a few select gentlemen, with their wires, or tingle gsntlrmen, can he furnished with excellent accommodation nnd hoard at 33 Rose (treat, on reasonable terms. G. F ENDRIS. MlMlilLLANKOUM. The national police gazette of this week is now ready, containing the trial of Thomas A. Walker for the mnrdrr of Ma wife; st ocking expose of the Rer. Bishop Doane's failure, nnd the murder at Kivir Side: a > uriuus list of rewards paid to I'oliae HfTlcers; the last of the series of Helen Jewett's Letters; English, French, and Gorman "riminal pews; as well ae nn nnu-ually large amount uf dnmestio criminal matter <>f n most intensely exciting nature, which, to he duly appreciated, ihotiM ho road by all. Office 10a Veioatt of ti.ul an.I ag.I.l Pvurt'tf llPfP Nortu AMERICAN fire'INSUKANC* OMMPANY. No. (57 Wall atraot ?Now York. Jnno 6. Is49.?Tha I'rtalde.nt and Dlreetora bare deelared a aemi-annual dlridend of EIto per oont, payable on the 7th Inatont. r. w. HIF, e(k F.K, Secretary. TO LET?A SUIT OF ROOM ft ON THE^F-COND FLOOR, to a geatleman nnd lady. with hoard. Ilia r?oma are ?paelotia and handm mrly furnlahed. Three or four gentleman eon obtain fine airy Indginga, with break fart, hy calling at OA l.iapenatd a'reot, three dour* wrat of llroadway. VIOLIN M)K SAl.K.-AN OLI) UEKAA.V flOLIN.TIF plendid torn, having fallen into the hnnda of nno who hai no nan for it, mny be at en, between nine A. M. and four P. M.. it h7 Wall afreet, room Irt, third floor. Nono but good li'daea r eed apply. Prtee R1V6. PATENTS IN I PROPR.?I'ARTIRS Mf I RHINO TO arcnre paienta ip?edlly in England, Franoe. or other foreign eountrlea, ran deao b\ applying to Klegnloy (t Plrason, No. S H all at., where all the dnentnenta required nan be had. I'ora"na going not themeelvea with any Invention, will do well to ho pn terlyp epared beforehand, aa aneh preparation will a we them mtioh lr< uh e and delay when they will neod their time moat. Limb of tiie brst quality. manufactured Irom thella, pot in harreU lor rpiinkling or whitewaah, delivered, free of cartage, it litre timings per barrel. Alao, Land l.ime. fonr rente p.r bnah> I. put on board of reasela at the ahoreeei notlc>. Apply at MO Weat etreet. (ttOO IIJWklllMIAVOV I OMIANII MORTOVIE YPJtOjvVFv/ in eno rr more antne, on prodnotiro real ate in thia city or Bmoklyn. Apply in the Bank Note Fachange office, to JOHNF. CO.SRFY, No iu> VYall ?t AMI HIi AN llbMI*. It I V.KItIK DRESSED UEMI', enltable for twine and other lln" work, for ante, by CUOUICAU, MRRI.R It SAN FORI), >1 Ne? atrect. f ONDON AND DUBLIN BOTTI.RD STOUT FOR IN mnot eminent phyidelaaa hem ?nd in ilurepa, for lt? aatranr iiuarj rrne'atin* and inv'roratin* impartial, imported and f. r tale, in (' original pure etata. and In qnaatdtiea te aait ptirehaeern. hjr <i. ? I t lUBRIDfiK. Afi aid SB falUn ??.. Naw York. KKMOV IMi -fRKhCI MECHANIC*!, I.AMi'H. FoRmarly7 Broadway, now MA Hrnadwly near Caaal at. de.haauAl Taiaya of area* paf-ern. Vrenata. Saennmioni. .Inhan, Cklnmtae Silk M Icka, Shndaa Sperm (til, ha hjpaaatene, Braokata aad Standi. H. DA llbON YIM>I I ^ in^NKnKi'r* I f) ROADWAY THg.ATKK.-MK. E A R AH^UXUTPEOI A* prictor; Mr. W. R. HUki, HtDMar-Thur*dtr uvvaiar June 7. will be produoed, the grand ballet entitled Hi I.K r l\A, [ or tbe Enchanted Boll?Yanko. Bona. MonplaUlr; Kii-kuMe, Ron*. Porby; Ka-ho-kar, Una*. Groaai; Peko.Alr. Wright: Tahinaa. Rile A Halaa; Alkn. Mile 9k. Clair; FnUtta. Mine. | Ni nniulr; The Oueen of tbo 0??li, Rile. (Meats I'reviou* I to which, TUB bARBRK BRAVO-lleotnr the Alth. Mr. Vache; Glmlamo, Rr. Leetor: Gaepardo, Ur. Bernard; Ertninia, Rra Abbott; Gianina. Rn. Vkalta Dree Circle and Parquet, 74 tenia, Family and Third Circlea, ^4 ciut?; Gallery, IiSJ cant*. Broadway tiikatrk.?a card.?tiie bbvrbt of Bona. Mown, aiain.?Rone. Mouplaiair moil n i-pectfullT makea kaowu to tha public that hia BeoeAt will take place on Friday evening, Jaae 9, when the following brilliant ballet attreotiun* will bo proeonted, forming, on the iauto oci aaton, a combination of Novelty end Talent, which he hopee will aecure their patrouaxe. Firet titne thieaeaeon, A/.EI.I A, and the entirely new ballet called l.A JF.l.'N E R AH IN. Roue, and Rme. Ronplaiair wil'linve the honor of anprariux In prominent eharaotora, aided by the foil and celebrated I allot and dramatic strength ot the eatabliabmeiit. N. II.?The box book la now open. BURTON'S THEATRE. CU AR HERS STREET-lUCHSdav evening, June 7, IStD, will be played, the hnrletla of H1S< Ull.F MAKING?Henri, Rr. Rortiuior: Oliror, ilantltou; Sailor, l.evcre; Naeetie, Mies Chapman; Therein, Mixa iiarler. Af'er which, the popular burlemiuecalled VK. AMD. RltS. MACBETH?Macbeth, Rr Hrvngkatn; Hacdelf. Jolinatcu; Ban<|uu, Raymond; Duncan, Hamilton; Phytician, Howling; lat witch, Mra. Iluuhca: 2d witch, Mi?a Barber 'hi witob, Cooke: Lady Racheth, Rr. Burton. Gentlewoman. Riaa Alderman. To conclude, laat. time, with the farue of the SI A MkhE TWIN*-Captain Vivid. Mr. Lvnne; Old For. eps, Hamilton; Simon Slow, barton; Rarian, Mtea llill. Ct ASTl.K UAKllEN ?FRENCH &UE1SEK, PROPRIE' TORS-SlItiMEK FETES !-l>n MONDAY Evening. June lllh. and eai h aueceasive evening during the Suuiiuer, ' Sundays excepted, will be giren a Grand Vocal and luetrnu.tntal Promenade Concert, to be followod by a Bal D'Kte. or Summer Hall, in which vUitcra will have the privilege of joining in the vnriuua Cotillon*, YValliea, Ike. The following uiui-ical talent will appear, under the di'oetlon of Rax \lirrttrk t?Mr. Diatin and hia aoua; llio Uertnania Society; GupgT'n lland; Mr Kicbnrd Hoffman; Herr Stoepel; Vocaliate: Rile, Lovaraey; UieaRorialt O'Connor; Miaa Fanny Fraanr. Tirketa '?> ctg. Doora open at t^,: Concert te commence it S. American rmsepr.-p. t. harm-m, manager and Proptielor; J. Greenwood, Jr., Aral a tint Manager.? Splendid pcrformancna?in tho afteruoou nt SM o'clock, and enn evruina at 8 o'c'ock. line wick in. rn of the (jiriker Giant and Gianteae, the large*! pernon* In the world. Tbay may be earn at all hotira. Great \t uetern, tha T ankec Comedian, appear* overv afternoon and evening in a now fraud emmc ineiaiice. n mo engage a iur anouiur wcsa, <t m e x pepulsr and taleuted Ethiopian Minstrels, the te>t band in tha 1'nitsd State*. They appear at each entertainment. AUo engaged, Mia* Barton, Miaa Stanhope, Mix* West, Meases. Chapman, Copland, Clark, and other*. Tie painting of the French Revolution, Wax Statuary, Representations of the Siamese Twins, can he seen at all hours. Mad a mo Rockwell, the Fortune Teller, can he privately consulted at all houre, A dmlssion 2ft eenta; children under 10 years 12,con's. TUB DCSSELDOKF ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS?THE oxhihition oi Paintings, hy artiste of the abore school, will be opeu every day (Sundays excepted) from It) o'clock, j A.M., nntil 111 o'clock. P.M.. at the large room over the kali | of the Churoh of Divine Unity, in Broadway, hetweeu Spring < and Prince streets. Admittance 24 cents. Season tickets, until 16th Jnue. inolusive, 60 ccnte Catalogue* I2H eenta. i CASTLE (1A Kl'l N ?Til K SI' BSCKI BEHS, I NTBN U1 NG to gi vc a ret ics ut Grand I'rouioiindu Gonocrts on the : aauio uiagnitieent scale and plan as that adopted by the eelo' hrated Jolieu end Musnrd in I'aris and I.ondon, reoueet musical artists ef talent a o J reepcctahility, who wish to engage. to submit their propositions (in writing) to their regularly authorised agents, Messrs. Corlyn and Murtint, 4 Barclay street. Now York. FRENCH It UBISBK. HHIPPIIICh fTUIl BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN. R. MAIL X Steamships, hetweeu New Vorknud Liverpool, hetwucn , Boston and Liverpool, calling at Halifax to laud and reeelve mails and passengers, are intoudod to sail as follows :? America, Capt. Harrison, from N. York, Wed'day, ICtb Mar. Hi lorn i a, Stone, " Boston, " 2Ad " Cuonda, " Jndkins, " N. York, " DUth " CaKdoniA, " Leiteh, " Boston, " (ith June. Niagara, " Ryric, " N.York, " 13th " Fsiropa, ", " Boston, " 2d.h " Catohria, " Shannon, " N.Yorlt, " 27th " I America, " Harrison, " Boston, " 4th July. An experienced Surgeon on hoard. Freight will ba charged on specie heyond an amount for porsoi al exponsas. All letters and papers must pass through ths Post Oflloe. Passage from New Tork or Boston to LiverpoolFirst Cabin, S-120; second do., 470. For freight or passage apply to E. OUNARD, Jr., 38 Broadway. PACKETS Ft i It HAVRE.?SECOND LIN-E?Til E SHIP Baltimore, K. 1>. Conn, will sail on the 1st of July. BOYD It U1NCKEN, ?<J Wall street. j 1AOR ST. PIRRfiES, MARTININIQUE?THE FaBNCH ship JACUL E3, Capt. Vue. For I might or passage apply I te TAYLOR h MERRILL, 1 er to BOYD it UINCHEN, MS Wall st. 1AOBSAN FRANCISCO.-THE FAST SAil.l NU BARK. TF.Cl'MSEH, Capt. N. Riclimoud, will positively sail next week, being full of freight. Can accommodate a few more pasiensers, on immediate application to Hie captain, on board. 1 ler II, north river, or m W. II. IIOWLAND. 1M South street. I Shippers will ph-Bsc send thoir lulls of lading on board far signature. immediately. Pi. II.?Two ladies can bo accommodated iu tb< naloon, with the ggplala i family. For California via cuaorfs.?arrival at j Pnnaronuf the Pacific Steamers California and Oregon.? Information has boon rcooived ol fhc arrival at Panama of the above steamers, from San Fransison. thus opening a direct communication with the Gold Regions in about 91 nays. Toe U. S. M. Steamship Falcon will aail from thia liurt With the lfaila for the Pacitio Steamers, on Thursday, June 2dth. Persons desirous of securing a passage should make Immediate application, as the number to be ta'.tun is limited. A|jp]y tb M. O. RtHlF.RTS, lift West street,. FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA VALPARAISO.?Rill 1' PROBUS, J. C. do Vroia, master, liuviog boon dotainod by the storin, will elcarforSau Frauoisce on Saturday,I'tli. All freight must he sunt ou hoard, at Pier No. 5 North Rivtr, immediately, ss none can he received after tlio shore date. For passage study to ?.11. SUTTON, 84 Wall street; or JOHN OGDEN.lIti Wall street. II OR GREENWOOD < KMETF.RY.-FAKE. 6* CENTS, comment iiigTlurfday, Juno 7.?The low pie.nore stea tier GREENWOOD, I uptniu J. M. Udell, will leaf,; New lurk from Plor foot of Canal street every day, leaving as follows? New York at 1U, 12, 2, 4, and ti o'clock ; firont Greenwood, at II, and 1, 3, S, ami 7 o'clock. MKOICAL. DR. JtLI.IOTT, OGl'LIST, 835 BROAD WAT, INFORMS his friends and patients, that, daring the summer months, his office houru will he from lUEj to 4,L, o'clock, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Dr. L. will attend te Che poor, as usual, after 3 o'clock on the nhove days. Eye and ear.?a pamphlet can be had, frri of cost, at 261 Broadway, corner of Warren street, describing Doctor Powell's new aud successful mode of treating ' the affections of thoso sensitive and delicate organs. Recently imported, a large supply of beautiful Artificial Eyea. dual ' pur lished, a popular Treatise on the Eye, third edition, re- j vised and enlarged, price V) oents, by JAMES W. POWELL, M.D. (a i re OF DISEASED NAILS. CORNS, AND BI.'VI- j J ons --l)r. Shiriakofi, from St. Petersbttrgh, Chiropodist, I (operatorupon tho feet,) hogs leave most respectfully to announce to his friends and toe public that lie has roinoved hie oflice from fill Chambers street to 333 Broadway, opp islte Hrm dwny Theatre, where he will continue his services, and give general satisfaction in the radical extraction of corns, and onre of diseased nails, DR. T. BURMAN, CHESTNUT STREET, PI1ILADELphia, to Dr. L. Mnrtamore, 196 William street N. T.? Dear Sir?I have used your Compound Mixture, for delieats diseases, in my practice, in inoru than 9fi> cases, in all of which, w itL the exception of two intamiterate ones, it effeoted a sucedy cure. Yours, fcc., T. M. l)r. L. M. is in from 8 A.M to 9 P.M., (Sundays excepted.) Advice gratis. DK. L. MORTAMORK. I?.' I'Bl VAT E DISEASES A SINGLE GLANCE ENAbles Dr. Delaney te apply his never falling remedies, and the disease at onee disappears, leaving no taiut behind, but entirely relieving the sufferer from alt trouble. Ilis inedioinexare nmurpaisod by any other ever discovered, and stand before the wurld as one of the greatest blessings ever vouchsafed by the Almighty to erring rnaa. Office, 31 Lispenard street, oae street death of Canal, DR. COOPER, M BUANE STREET, HAS, FOR the last fourteen years, euuiiued his practice to tha treatment of Merourial and other Diseases of a delicate nature. He ran cure the most aggravated cased of thia disease; ami mild oasos removed in two to five dav? A norfoot cure, or ni oharro NO CUR* NO FAY.?DR. COKIiITT, 10 DO AN* ST., maybe coasultod un the treatment of oer?*'-v dellonM disease*. A practice of eixteen yean devoted to the treatment of delicate diseases enable* Dr. C. to once the wont form of thie dleeaee Recent cases cured In three day*, lit mere wry till N(>(T ICR, NO CllAKCK.-iUl. MVRPUT.Or C3UOLB street, it coafldcntially eenanlted oa all forme of private ditealet. Recent oaeee of gonorrhea he cere* in twe t* four | day*. Conetitutioaal debility and iupotcnoy saooosafaly i treated by Dr. M No mercury seed in any ca*e, or hiadrnne* from hu.lnes*. Open from 7 A. M. to B P. U. DR. JEFFRIES ANTIDOTE IS Till MOST EFFECtuwi preparation *?I<J for Uoaorrbire and other disorder* of the scxnel organ*. Long experience ha* proved that It will radically oare any uaa*. Thie desirable reeult i* obtained la front two to ten day*, and a* it neither create* naueoa, nor offend* the palate, and render* onneceteary any deviation la diot, or Intervention to uinal purenit*. seond ileap, or healthy digeetion. the nalsanoe i* the* retrieved ae epeedily ae ie consistent with the prodnotlon of a thorough and permanent I cure. It* ingredient* are entirely vegetable, and no injurien* ! effeot, either eonetitutionally or looally, can be caused by it* u*o. Price $1 per bottle Sole Agent for thi* city, C. H. RINO. Ill Itr.edivsr corner JcAm it. K. FAH CK'IT C AN Til i. O.N MI JCN TIA LI. I COM eulted nt hie office, 51 l>ey etreet, or all private diseases. Tbe n,o?i olmtinatn yield to I,in mode ot treatment, which? * on the noii-miri oriel principle. Stricture* cured on the to vet appn Viirl plan. The victim* of nolitary indulgence can aim app'i will a eerrale'v of ennv nth e ft I |>oy etreet. DR.'11 6 I'KAt.lKAL PRIVATE 1UKATIAKON thu nature, eymptom*, progress, cou*c<|iicnoee. remedies, and core of the genital organs, including masturbation, srrioture, dlst asc* resembling rcneiegl, (giton In no other work,) fco., Re., ads pled to every individual, of both sexus. Thie if tbe only truly useful work on the subject, written In plain I language, ti e recipe* for aH medicine faithfully given. It I* int.* noeu to be practically useful to every one. in every place ?tith edition, 3*2 page*. Price $1. May be had of the author, I 8c (Irotnwii I. street, or mailed free by post; Clay It Co., publisher*. 4.1 At n street. _ Dr. rai.pu, author or "rti* - practical privat* Treatise," do.. CS Oreenwiob etreet?Ollice hour*,I to 12 A. M? ti to U I*. M. (Sundays excepted./? fhosn who apply in tbe early stages will be surprised at the rapidity and little inccnveuirnce attending their euro. It is chiefly, however, those n ho have suffered from a certain class of people who ran properly approeiato his sorvicee. In strUtnro, from its first, or incipient, to it* mors advanood and distressing stages, (from uncommon advantage* and a very extensive practice,) h* can afford a rapid, easy and radical our*, which, os ha* grounds for Mating, can he obt.ain*d from no other source in America. 'I'1"' u"u" BVIUAUV/llaA panton. by O*. A. M. Mauriceati. Frofee*.r of Dineaan* <A W omen. SUt>. edition. iHmo., pp. 1M. Prioe SI. Hi.OT# eoniea anld in ill month*. Teara ot mfierin*. <>f phyaieal nnd mental anruiah to mnn# j nn nlfert lomtie wife, nnd paouniary diOioultiea to the huehead, mUhl have been i-pured ; now poor would hare enloyed competence, thnnaaude nun hrukon in health, would rinveeitjoyid it; hundred* now in theiraraTte heon atill alive, by a timely poaaennion of thl* work. I> I* intended eajtooiHhy for the married, or thoae oonuiapintle a marriage. na it dleoloana important aooreia whiuh should be known to them partlonlarly. To tlioa* wltoew In alt h dooa oot periot* of an inoreaae af family, it la of eapeeial Importance. Here, also, ?t try femnie?the wife. tn? mother, the ene either building into womanhood. er the oue iw the deoliuo ed yeara. In whom naturo eoatemplatea nu important vhaaga? ann dltuettr ti?e caoaea, ayaiptotua, nnd the moat oflkidest re*, ai.d moal pertain moda afoare, in every complaint te whieli her tea ia auhlwl. For ante at K2 Broadway, and at tke i'ubliehing OAeo, IIS liberty atri. t, IS. V. ; little A Co., Albany ; W. K. ban*, Roatee: F. R. i'ttaraon, M t horn nut atraat. ItiiUdelpMaj William Taylor A Co.. Ualttniore. M. Houllemet, MnhiletJ, B. Romootti, Kew Orleana , J. M. On L hedge, tiavaaaah. On tba raoetpt o?f I. a ?opj will bo iranamlMed by malt, fr< o of p-etnae. to any part of the United dtatea. All letnn moat be adritoaaed, poat paid, te l)r. A. M. MaarUoau. Boa ItU, New YwrA oity Otot, IW l-iherty ureet. TKLMftiniC mLUCM. Our PklltdtlpkU VomiptndtM*! Philadelphia, Jan* d, H4#? Rapariad Lata *f tka Bark Lataiaiana?Deatrmatiae Al Tha Markata?Slock Sulci, it a. The Mndi of the paaaeuger* en biwrd the bwk Lornialena, C?pt. William*, the drat California tiimI that left tbl* port after the excitement oommeaoed, warm much alarmed thl* morning by a report of her loaa, raeeired by private letter* from Rio Janeiro. The report la mentioned in Ore or all letter* recelred bare, bag the detalla are ao varied that it b aafeat to denkt tho whole atory until further acoounta are received. One 'etter atatea that Ave men belonging to the LoulalaM were picked up by a whaler, of Cape Horn. Another letter atatea that every eoul waa loat. and a third that twenty-tiv* were tared, when there were bal twenty-two eoul* on board altogether. The American consul did not credit the rumor, and therefore made no mention of U in hie letteea home. The following are the name* of tba pa?aengera on the Louisiana :?-nlra William*, of New V ork , tha wife of the captain ; Meaar*. J. >1 Benuett, ieiij. Reynold*. < barle* Maull. E. Reynold*. Jea Kiehl. J. R. I.aucaeter. liartmau, Stoke* aud Soutllermaa, of Philadelphia ; Br. Reading of Trenton New Jaraey The crew coiisl*ted of Captain William*, two mate*, ooek, steward and nix man. A destructive (iro occurred on the 8chuylktll early this morning, the work ot an inoendiary. Two four story warehoueea, belonging to tho e*tato of Kobe, harp, were totally destroyed. The main building* bad uvru ir?fnu m v> in ??. oiiuiuuH, ?uo was preparing to opi'ti n nn at packing establishment A portion of thn building was occupied us the stable* of th- 8wee'bri?c Ice Company. A eanal boat iu the slip, tilled with ioe, wan abo destroyed The loss of Mr O . is about $3 000. The damage to tho buildings is about >10 000, of whioh $0 000 was insured Property belonging to the U. S. Bank wa* sold al auction last evening, for which about $130,000 was obtained. The nuws by the Kuropa came too late to have any effect upon our markets to day Sales of cotniuea brand*, for export, were made to day, at $4 50 for oity use; the ileumnd is moderate at $4 art1* to $4 0V ft* enmmoa and seleot brands, and $4 75 to {,5 far extra. Sales ot Vye Hour and corn meal at $2 75; holders of meal generally demand an advanoe ou this rate. Sales or red wheat at 103 to 105 cents anil white at 100 to 111 cents per bushel. Sales of RUUO bushel* Southern aud rennsyiyauia yellow corn, at rtO oent.s for Weight.? Southern oats sell at 30 cents, aud Penusylrania at 33 to 34 cents. The cotton market is steady, but aa change in prices Annexed are the sales of stocks: F'rtt Hoard- $50# City 6s,'78. 103; $200 State 0s. 08; $5000 State 5s. 88; $3000 do, 88; $2000 do, 88; 5 0-0 IVno Bank 111',, $0o4 Lehigh 0s. 07.1?; $60u0 Sta'e 6s, 88; $350 < lies tmmks and Del 0s, 90, 00 Snsi|uehanna ( anal 117k'. Srcaid Hoard?f4000 Kentucky Bonds, lis. 100; $2000 Cincinnati lis 92l4 : $10t () Tennesse bonds. 6s,83; $'2200 eh*, and Dei canal lis. 00; $'2000 Heading bonds, 58 'i, $1009 do 68?f; $1IH?0 do. ftttf; $1000 do, 68?f ; $1000 do 59; $6000 do. 6b fi ; $6000 do, mort bonds. 05; $1*2 400 Witmington Hailroad 0s 88; 150 shs Morris eanal. 8",'; 50 Onion canal. 11; $lbOOSu*. eanal bonds. 60; 300 (iirard 12>4; 60 Ruuding Hallroad 17>, ; 3,500 State lis, 98\. : f From Mexico.?We are in receipt of our files o ^ Mexican papers from the capital to the 8th inst., and although not so lsta as previous intelligence r?I'fiveil hy tbu British steamer via Mobile, wo proceed 10 make seme extract*. Santa Anna has recently fulminated from his retreat at Kingston. Jamaica, an elaborate reply, in a volutna of 300 octavo pages, to tho accusation* of treason brought against him iu Congress by one of the representatives. Senor Wnuiboa Tho wily ex-president makes out, as usual, a good ease ; and shows, apparently. that his elTorts during the recent war were fruitless, owing to the want of co-operation on the part of the government, the lack of funds, circumstance* over which be bad no control, etc (le enters into an autobiographical acocunt (fall his exploit*, hardships and reverses, and evidently aims more at making an liar preRsion for the future thup at vindicating the past The Chronica ol Ouajaoa still entertained apprehensions that the country around Taiupico is meditating s revolt and annexation to the l/nitedStates, ltdenounces the plot in the strongest terms. i lie i.cgisutiure ui uuritugo una appropriated fix uvni to ransom its citizens taken captive by tho Indian*. A ministerial crisis had occurred at the capital. I,alt Cuevas. tho M lnister of Foreign Affairs and Arrang >ia, Sccietary of the Treasury dlfTor iu their views r^ spooling Home measure of public policy, and tho dispute runic to pitch a patH that Cuevas resigned hi* otfloa. The port huH been tendered to Vlariaao and Munnt Ledo. and declined by both. It ia Hind tliin ocourrenoa had seuslbly allcrted the President, whose health It feeble. < ongrcss has appropriated $45 000 to construct a light bouse on the bank of Alicranes, off the coast of 4 ucatuu, where the Knglish mail steamer Forth was wiecktd.?Kiv) Orleani Drlla. May M>. Political Intelligence. Gen. Oeorge T. W ood Is the democratic candidato lor (ioveruor, and Col. John A. Orcou the democratic candidato for Lieuf. Governor, of Texas. CITY TIUDB RKPORT. WtDSKstiar. June 0?8 P. M. . The market, was agitated tir.-t by the news published in in Extra I In aid iu tbo torenoua and again by tba Kuropa's news, which appeared iu a second early in tho afternoon The advices taken as a whole, were favolatile for most descriptions of Americun produce, if we except bacon. and some other articles iu the provision line, Holders, especially after tho publication of the Kuropa's news, assumed greater firmness ia their prices for hour, grain, and cotton The sales of flour wi re made t a fair extent, both before and after tho ni wh including parcels for export Wheat was in fair deniand. with a fair amount of sales on terms stated below There were inorea-ed supplies of corn offering, and sales both before and after the news, pretty freely msde. At the close holders asked bettor prices. Rv? flour, meal, and oats, were steady, without material clinrgo in prioes. Pork was heavy, and waa rather scarce, especially city prime, while cut nieata were some less active There was no marked change in groceries with a steady business doing in| sugars. Cotton was lu ld tiruier after the news, the chief salte were effected before the publication of the Ruropa'l news lis i.adsti'vps.?Flour?The sales reached about 8.50# bbl*.. chielty effected before the Kuropa's news had ti suspired including prime at $4 12% a $4 2ft; enmmai State and mixed Western at $4 41a$4 50; straight Slat* and Western $4 00 a $4 00; favorite brand* including COO bbl.s. Village Mill* round hoop at $4 62% a 44 7ft; round hoop Ohio at $4 75 a $4 87%; pure (Jenosoe at 40 a $5 12%; fancy Ohioat $6 a $0 37%; fancy Stat* at $0 a $0 26; extra Ohio at fib &0 a $0 87%; aud extra Genesee at $0 20 a $0 00. Ot the Hale*, some 4 000 or O.tH 0 bbls. were made fur export Sales of about 400 bbls. Southern were made at $4 87% a $0 Rye Flour? Sale* of 600 bbl*. were made at $2 87,% a $2 04. market closing Arm. Meal was steady, and sale* of 300 bbls. NewJJeriey were made at $2 87% and 200 a 300 bbls. Brandywine ut $3. H'Arat was in good demand for milling, with sale* ot 4 000 bu*h. Wiscon-iu (Racine) at b",%c . and 5.000 de mixed Ohio at $1 a $1 0.1. Genesee was scarce, and selling in small lots at $1 27. Corn?The sale* for the dar reached about 65.000 bosh , innatly effected before the publication of the Kuropa's new*, at 52c for heated New Orleans. 58e for Souther* yellow, and 6!'c a 00c for Wentern; Western mixed at COc. tor 4 000 bush iJuvereaui, aud white and round Northern and Jersey yellow at 03c a 64c. Owing to tlic large lots etTcrtng the market closed at 63%*. Oat* were In active demand, with sales of Canal aft 38%o a 40c Hurley was nominal at 00c. a 53o. Xy* was lower, and sales were made at 67c. a 680. Erjwrt, from let to bth Jan*. 1840. 184V. Wheat flour bbls. 11 U9 7,66? Corn hu-h. 130,783 50 1M Cotton ?There was a Arm speculative dein tad early this morning, and about 1200 bales changed hands aft very lull prices. Kmkii.hts.?Shipper* were watting the receipt ot mall letter*. Kngagement* of corn to Liverpool wer* light at 5% a 6d anil of tlour at I8d a Is yd., and of hiavy good* at 22* 6d.. and cotton %d. a 6-32d. I'iiovoiiiins ? Sales of 000 barrels of pork were mad* at $0 87% a $10 12% for common ta extra mess and *1 $8 26 for prime. Beef?Moderate sale* of mess wer* mude at $lo 50 for country me** and at. $11; country |inuiu??n .hi, nun iuip mrnu city |iriuiix?u l?. Cut meats were le-* buoyant. while pr.oes remained about the same with sale* of St*) to 4<8) package* Including shoulder*, at 4t{c a4J4o for dry Halted and at 4*^0 for plnio pickled do., together with dry Halted haiua. at 6 '40., and plain in pickle at 4 it a. Sulew of Western idiort middies were mad* on prlrata terns. Lard wan firm, with .?aliin offlOo barrels and tieraad, atfi'iC a liVjc. for comtuon to prLno. and 43d kegs good, at 7 V|C. Cutter wa* in iuiprwvad demand with raloa of Ohio at 8c a 12c., and Western tub at IVo. a 18c., with Orange county at l#o. a 18c Cheese waa unlet at 4c a 7c Kx/iorli from lit to bth June. 1849. 1848. Ceef. keg* '439 1.401 Pork 1(818 3 4*1 Lard, keg* 1/483 21.714 Receipt* of I'roduce per Hud ion Rierr f.inrt Thie Day Hudson Hirer Line ? 399 bbU H ue; 4, >81 bushels a >rn; 9 bbl?. | o k; 13 do. lard: 21 butter. Old Troy Line? 8o bbl.* (lour, 4,1'jo bushel* com; 40 bbl* a?he?; 168 do cheur.8 r.flllh'H Line?724 bbl* Hour; .Wide pork; 30 da. ashes; 72 do cheese; 22 do butter A hany and l anal Lino- 868 bbl*. flour; 2,410 bushels Wheat; 124 bbl* whlekey; 221 do. che?-e. K. kirhlk I ii'i Line 092 bol* Hour; 10 100 bu?hol# corn; 3 6ti0 do feed; 000 do oat*; 32 bale* w.wi Chenango Lake Boat Line 2 (8)0 bushel* corn; 121 bbl*. whiskey; lo8 b??es ob?ese Kckford * Line?W0 bbl* flour; 227 do. beef, 64 de. Whiskey; 3 babe wool; 26 bbl* haiu* Kultonville Line 2.KU0 bushel* oora. Little fails and New V ork Lino ? 1 1*3 boxes cheese; 12 kegs butter Hi me ami New Verk Line -2 101 buahal* oora. Oswego Transportation Line- 1(8) bbl* Hour; 1.674 bnrhel* corn; 174 bbl*. pork; 163 do. lard; 331 de. whiskey ; 10 do ashee New \ ork. Syracuse and Otwege? 301 bblc. perk; IN do lard American Transportation Company - flOfi bbl*. flour; 39 do poik; 260 do lard; 384 do. Iiara*; 27 do ashee. 8yraeu>e and Oswego- b84 bbl*. flour; 103 de. pork| 1.800 bushel* feed W sclera Lake Boat Line- 2,400 bushels wheat; fl,4M do oora; 31 bid* ashee. Schuyler's Line 2,9(8) bushels oora; 3 704 de. rye; It bbls whiskey. Dura at k Lathrop's Line- 304 bbls flour; 2.491 bashel* corn Silllmaa k Gardner's Line?20T bbls. lard; *3 de. hams. Hoar, bbls I NI Wool, bales M Wheat, bath els 8,884 Ashe., bbls 1M ? om 33,491 Perk l.W Seed bbls 14 Beef *JJ Whiskey 64T Lard 2 Hye bushels 3.TS0 Cutmeal* <P Gate 040 <;hoe?c.......... . M" I'sed 4,304

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