Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1849, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1849 Page 5
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Markets. Cleveland. (Ohio.) June 11?3 P. M. ?n "Receipts via Ohio Canal:?Hour. 1.503 bbls ; wheat. 14,076 bushels; corn, 8,Vol bushels; pork, 190 bbls.; wool 833 lbs. BrrrALo, June 11?8 P. M. Receipts since Saturday:?Flour, 8,200 bbls.; wheat. w> ,000 bushels; oorn. 87.090 bushels. In flour Uiere is 110 change to notice, and the sales are 3 000 bbls at our previous quotations The transactions in wheat reach ?2,000 bushels, at 68c. for remmon Western; and 87o. for prime Ohio. Corn is firm, but without movement, at 44c. In freights there is no change. Alba.nt, June 11?8 P. M. Receipts by canal since Saturday:?Flour, 14,700 4>bls.; corn, 47.800 bushels The flour market is without change, and the sales are only of a retail charactur. For corn there is a lar*e <! maud and the sale- foot un 22.00ft bushels, at olc tor round Northern yellow; "bolder* are firm at that figure. Oat* mored to the extent of 12 000 bushels at 30c. a 37c. In whiskey about 100 bbls. fold at 21c. Bostox, June 11,1849. There Is no ehange In the cotton market. The market for flour i* firmer, but with no sales of note. Ohio ?nd Michigan sold at $3, Genesee, $4 60. Corn? ."White is quoted at flOo , yellow at OSc., although small miles of each kiud wore madoat one cent under quotation*. Sales or 2.000 barrels of perk were made for California, at $10 60, four months. A sale of 600 boxes brown Havana sugar was made for export, at 1%, short. In spirits of turpentiu* a sale of 60 barrels was elfected at 35c., 0 months. We notice a sals of 300 barrels lard, JS'o. 2, at O.Mc. a 0>?o , cash. Shipping Intelligence. Bosren, Joasll, 1849. Anlved?Barks Canton, i'ernainbuco, Sth alt; Mary, Philadelphia; brigs CasilJu, Havana; E O Holt, Cardenas; D.n B Roop, Turk* Island; Roduuut, Alexandria; Hearlco, Baltimore; schrs Qulnare, Georgetown; Corbulo, Baltiinora; In- i crease Elliot, Joseph Quest, Philadelphia; Mount Vernon, Vary Patterson, do. Cleared?Ship Brutns, NOrleans; bark Qlcn, Fruaport, to load for California; brigVusta, Turks Island. ' ftGw ItaoroRD, June f, 1*49. Arrived?Ship Lsonidas, lw4Btn Ocean, with 1460 bbls sp; 30 humpback oil. Police Intelligence. The Criminals under Sentence of Death ?The awful day of judgment Is near at hand, when two buiumu beings will sulfur the extreme penalty of the law in the yard of the city prison, in Centre street. The day fixed for their execution Is Friday of next week, the 22d instant?one of these miserable creature* Is a black man. by the name of Alexander Jone*. convicted of arson in the first degree; and the other is a white man, by the name of Mathew Wood, convicted of taking the life of his wife by poison. These two wretched culprits are now closely confined in the Tombs, anticipating the dreadful doom that awaits them We understand that Very great exertions are now being made in *11 quarters to save them from the gallows, especially the negro. Governor Kleh was In this city on Saturday last, and visited the culprits in their cells, conversing with each of them for some length of time; the object of which, or the result arising from aoeh int.,. iew.we were unable to ascertain. The probability is that from the strong exertions made by the abolitionists, the negro's sentence will be commuted to the State prison for life. But how can that be done, without commuting the sentence of Wood, the white man? The judgment is passed, and both ara to be executed uudur the one Eallows. If the Governor is supposed e will pardon the other. Much rumor and curiosity have been manifested since the Governor's visit to the Tombs, to know the object of so novel a visit on the part of the State Executive. A singular request was made yesterday, to Justice Lothrop. by quite a genteel looking colored woman, who asked the Justice's permission to see Alexander Jones, the colored man now under sentence of death. The magistrate wished to know her motive for such a request, and asked her if she was any relation to him? The woman said she was not; hut informed the Justice that she wished to marry him, as she knew he had but a short time for this world, and he wanted to give ldm all the comfort she could before he left, that ho mightydie in peace. At this singular request the Justice was somewhat astonished, and told her that it was not in his power to grant her request: hut informed her that possibly she could find the great personage that married Captain Schinloy, who would no doubt feel happy in forwarding her charitable object. NEWS FOR EIKOPE. 'The mails to go by the steamer Niagara will close in tais city, at half-pant ten o'clock to-morrow morning. The IVetliUf Ueralil, containing all tho most recent news calculated to interest an European reader, will be ?sndy for delivery at 9 o'clock, on that morning. Prico sixpence per copy. llndaen River Railroad Company.?\tw "Fork, June 11, 1K4U,?At an election for Directors of thit Company, held this day, the following gentlemen were chosen tor the ensuing year:? Jtmo Bonrmn. Elliha Peek, Gouverneur Keinble, Jnpliot Bishop, Gardner U. Ilowland, Edward Jones, Thomas Sutfern, John David Wolfe, Jnmos Ilonker, Moses II. Grinnoll, John B. Jervls, Edwin D. Morgan, Erastns Corning. At a subsequent n.oetiug of the Board, the following officers wore olcctcd:? James Bnorman. President. Edward Jones, Vice President, John U. Jervis, Chief Engineer. John M. Hopkins, Treasurer. George B. Butler, Secretary and I.cgal Agent. Knox1! Last ?CV?t Super be I?'To blend the graceful with the useful; to invest tho ordinary appliances ?f pi rsonal comfort with the eliarm of elegance; to convert an article vliich necessity demands, into an exqnisito adnrnuicnt, is indeed a triumpii of art, This triumph Knox, of I2S Fulton street, has a achieved in his Kooky Mountain bilver Iloovi r? one of the lightest and the huudsomest of the summer hats which have h?cn so I ountifully slmwered upon us this aeason. Tlirre is a je tie tain imoi, an indeseribable air of bi;.h fashion in the shape and i t lu of this latest offspring of Knox's teste, which will be appreciated by all who look upon a hat ns sometliiug in -re tiiao a waterproof ONtlluttOl tf fur and siting. Knox's hats of all descriptions, wiethcr of beaver nutria, or straw, for summer or winter?for children or adults?will compare favorably in variety, beauty, fashion and cheapness, with those of any hat establishment in this city. If you want n Unlit Pen, that Will last a lifetime, try one of the Diamond I'cdntsd " Kicholieus." Gold nnrl Silver Watches, such as will he a credit to thu seller and a pleasure to the wearer, from #7 to 8150. Watches aud Gold l'ens repaired, by J. V. Savage, 02 Fulton otreet. The Plumbe Gallery auntalna Its reputation for improvements in the Dagusrrian art. Those who think that nil Daguerreotypes are alike, should by all mean* visit this .justly celebrated Gallery, that they may do justice to the perseverance of its proprietor, who ii the oldest artist In this line in America. "Take herrl, wlilii|>er low I"?There In a i stnrtling rumor running like wildfire through the city, that the moot superb, fashionable, faithfully made (loots. Shoes, Hall--Boot*. Gniters, .No . nro to be had, unprecedented!/ dhenp, at JONES'S,H Ann street. Why hundred* to the celebrated Carpet Warerooms, No, 111 Bowery, Is now fully understood, |y thorn who furnish Cat pets, Oil t'loth, See., they can select from the largest, cheapest, and umst beautiful lot of English Carpetings, (to., and thereby save 2.1 per cent. IA.OOO Linen, Gingham, AIpaca nnd Tweed Coats, 7.''cents to $.'h 2.iH<i pair Pants, fit) cents to $2; 2,IKK) Vests, fiO cents to S2: a yariety of Summer Clothing, very (heap, at th* $.1 Suit Store, corner of Nassau and lieukinan etrec's. A Salesman wanted. Combs.?Ladles are Kenpeetfnlly Invited to examine tho ohoice selection of Dross Cmnhs at the subscribers' store?the variety is beyond all doubt the greatest in the dity, among which will be fnnntl tho open chain pattorn, so much admired. Also, can be obtained, ovcry article appertaining to tho toilet. A. & J. SAUNDERS, 3S7 Broadway, between Walker and White streets. Dr. II. Bo*t.wlck'? Practical Works, treating a certain class of diseases. Sec advertise mcnt in another column. They are tho best books, on tho subjects of which "they treat, extant. 1 COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONK V MARKET. Monday, June II?0 P. M. The stock market was a little mnro buoyant to-day, and prices generally itnprored. There was more activity in the street than we havo noticed for several days, and there are decided indications of an upward ' fnovi inrnt in prices. All apprehension relative to the pr< nd of the cholera has ceased, and the bears can make no more capital out of that. Tho arrival of tho Lexington, with about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of California gold, had a very favorable Influence upon tho market. At the first board, to-day. Treasury Notes advanced percent; United Mates 6"s. 1868. >4'; Obio 6's. '4; Illinois, \ \ Rending Bords, Harlem. j4; Farmers'Loan, 1; Krio Railroad, new, 1; < antou Company, Now Haven, 1J?; Aloiris t Anal, '4. The value of merchandise exported from this port to different foreign ports, for the week ondlng the 7th Instant, tras as annexed : ?Oottenburg, $10,210; Cowes, $37.72.1; Liverpool, $176,487; London, $181,406; FalHiruth, $15,404; Glasgow. $12,100; Galway, $12,181; <'ork. $14 019; Tralee. $17 022; Dublin, $0,054; Londonderry, $7,000; LritLli West Indies, $11,910; British North American Colonies, $18 478; Brlti.di Gulana$10.78b; Gibraltar, $8,Stiff; Spanish West Indies, $15,610; Danish West Indies, $4 697; Madeira, $5,670; RoJihelle, J2.U0; Malaga 7.050; Havre, $185,362; Lisbon, $2482; Kust Indies, $70,725; Argentine Republic, $0,109; New Granada. $14 308; Venezuela, $3,134?Total. $821 717. The following named gentlemen were to-day elected directors of the Hudson River Railroad Company, for the ensuing year:? James Boorman. Gouvrrneur Kemble, Gardner G. Jloabmd. Thomas Sutl.-rn .lames Hooker, John B Jervia. fcheha I' .laphet Bishop, Kdward Jonoi, John David Wolfe, Moses II Grlnneil. Kdwin I). Morgan, -Kraetiia ''orning. $or Inspeorors of tho next election: SAndrew II Mlckle. Silas Wood, John C. Green. Tho earnings of the Reading Railroad Company, for the hji nth of May, 1819, were $202,079, against $170,% 850 for th? corresponding month last yenr, and $112, 130 the year previous The receipt* of the Massachusetts Western Railroad Company, for the six month* ending June 1, 1849, were $560 000. against $572 000 for the eorresponling period the previous year, showing a falling off of $6,000 this year. The Boston and rrorldence Railroad Company hare declared a semi-annual dividend of three per cout, payable, on the 2d of July, to holders of stock on the 20th Inst Counterfeit $10 hills of the Amoskeag Bank, New Hampi-liirc. have ju*t made tbolr appearance; are well executed, aud likely to deceive. A bill has passed the Connecticut Senate, without opposition, chartering the Hartford County Bank. A bill also passed granting a charter lor a bank iu Bridgeport. Money was very abundant in Baltimore, and could he readily obtained at 5 a 0 per cent, on good security. The stock market was very active, and prioes advancing; the quotations tor the principal local stocks, at the close of business yesterday, were as amumed: ? Pvhlic lAtant ?Maryland 6's, 1(14 offered, 104'i asked; do deferred do. 100 tj offered 101'? asked; d > 5's,8G offered; do. sterling 6's i'fl offered 97>i asked; Baltimore 0's, 1800. 101}., offered; do. 1870, 101 offered; do 1890. 103 offered. 100 asked; do. 6's, So1, offered. 90 asked; Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad 6 per cent hind*. 97 offered. loOuskvd, do dividend do ,87 '4 offered. 87 asked. Bank Slockt?Baltimore. 80 offered 87 asked: Merchant*'. Wit % offered. WW asked; Union. 03% offered. 66 askud; Farmers' and Merchants', 30 offered Hi asked; Commercial and Farmers', full paid, :W offered; do., abort, 20% offered; Marine. 26 offered. 28 asked; ( 'aimers' and Planters', 23 offered; Chesapeake, 22 offered; Western. 18% offered. 18% asked; Mechanics', 14 offered. 15 asked; Franklin, 9% offered, 10 % asked; i'atapteo. Ill (tiered, 20% asked, insurance?American Mutual 62% offered. 63 a-ked; Firemen's. 16% offered, 17% asked; Baltimore Fire, 7% offered. 7% asked; Associated Firemen's. 5 offered. 5 % asked Road Stocks. ? Baltimore and Ohio Bailroad. 41% offered 42 asked: Baltimore and Susquehanua do., 16% offered, 16% asked: liaiford Turnpike. 21 offered; lleistertnwn do , 5% offered. 6% asked; York do.. 2% offered, 3 asked; Fl-ederick do , 3% offered, 4 asked. The Burlington Woolen Factory, of Burlington, Vt., has resumed operations, and the three or four hundred operatives who were suddenly thrown out of employment are again fully oceupled. We have several times alluded to tho progress made in tho establishment of cotton and other manufactories in the State of Georgia, within the past two or three years. The annexed statement from the Muskogee Democrat, gives tho names and description of the different manufacturing establishments in Columbus and Us vicinity :? Manofactubiko Estam.ishments or Coll'miius, Oa. 1. Columbus Manufacturing Company.?Establishment three miles above the city. Commenced in 1834 ; the pioneer iu the cause. Amount of capital. $35,060; working 2.000 spindles, 200 of which aro for wool. Two wool cards. ? cotton do , and 86 looms ; manufactures 300.000 lbs. of cotton and 80.000 lbs. wool per annum. Gives employment to 80 or 00 hands Nankeens, striped goods, osnaburgs, yarns, linsey woolsey, and jeans, are the description of goods made. Use a common breast ?>w.. l l,o?? Rll # -..? #.11 1- O -? _UI1 .. , ..?i? 4?.w inn, wiiij o \,i wiiii:ii urn UMIII; nuiu privilege to the Rock Inland Factory Company on opposite side. In connection with this establishment,there arc a saw mill, a grist mill, running 4 pair of stones (2 for corn and 2 for wheat.) with elevators, smut mill, &c.. cmploying 6 to 8 hands. Also, a tannery and shoe manufactory, in the former of which 2,000 hides of leather are made into sole, upper, and harness leather, most of w^lch is made up Into shoes at the latter. TJ)e oflloe of this company Is at John Fontaine's, in the rear of Hill, Dawson & Co.'a store. 2 Coweta Falls Manufacturing Company.?Building 76 by 48 feet, 5 stories Capital invested. $80,000. 2.600 spindles, 24 cotton cards, S wool do., 46 loomsem plojiDg 75 nands, 16 or 20 of whom are engaged In the machine shop, where all kinds of wool and cotton machiuery can be made and put up at less cost than the same can be laid down here from tho North, all expenses included. This establishment manufactures 2.000 yards osnuburgs, No. 5. and 1.'30 bunches No 6 to No. 12 yarn, per day, working up 1,800 lbs. raw material. One of Rich's patent centre-vent double wheels, 6 feet diameter. 10 inch bucket, has lately been introduced, and works well. 3. Col. F. Carter's Building, now ready.?It is 120 by 48 feet in dimension, 0 stories high, and cost $10,000 or $11,000. Ite capacity is sufficient for 9.000 spindles, and will he devoted, we understand, to spinning exclusively. 4. Howard Manufacturing Company.?Capital $16,000. Building 120by 48. xixstories; uses Turbine's outer dis charge wheel. There are now 1,500 .spindles In operation, of the 5,000 Intended: 12 cards of the 48 to be erected, and 36 looms of the 150 on hand and roadv to be put up. About 70 hands employed; product of 24 looms, on 4-4 sheeting, average 800 yards per day: of 12 looms, on 7-8 osnaburgs, 400 yards per day; 700 lbs. raw material used now, daily, to be Increased to 2,000, .with proportional amount of yarn. 5. Variety Work*.?Wood building, 80 feet by 80, 3 stories high; departments rented to competent mechanics. The following manufactures are carried on :? Sawmill and planing machines; bobbin business, tub and bucket factory, sash and blind do ; bedstead do.: lath cutting and turning, and finishing iron work. All the machinery, except the upright saws, driven by one of Hich's centre-vent water wheels?a new and valuable patent, which promises to supersede all other wheels now infuse. Capital employed, about $30,000; number of hands from 40 to 60. 0. Winter'* Merchant Mill?Now in process of erection, eight stories high. The first story is built of grunito on granite rock ; the other seven stories of brick, each story 10 to 11 foet high?the whole -taking about one million of brick?dimensions 50 feet wide by 110 long, and with the machinery to be put in it, costing $30,000. A partition wall is run up In the centre, from foundation to turret, making two buildings in one, the west half of which will be used as the Hour and corn mill. All the machinery is on the ground, and the mills will be in operation in July. when, with four run of stone, not less than 100 bushels of grain rati be ground per day. For this and the factory in the east pnrt of tho building, three of ltich's water wheels, 3>? feet each in diameter, with 13 feet head of Vatcr ami 45 horse power to each wheel, will bo used. Builders. Patrick Adams and Joseph I. Morton. 7. The factory department of this establishment has been leased, and is calculated for 3,000 spindles, and to employ seventy-five hands to manufacture yarn, exclusively. Capital estimated at $31.000. when spindles are all up and in operation, on the 1st of September next. 8. Hock Island Paper Manufactory.?This establishment is situated on the Chattahoochee, two aud a half miles above tho city, now in process of erection. A wooden building 100 feet long, with rock basement, part one story and part two stories high, to contain 4 engines. 1 Foudenir and 1 cylinder machine, and rapnblo of working up a ton of material per day! Will manufacture printing, writing a#d wrapping paper. Machinery driven by two of Kick's centre-vent wheels. 30 horse power Owned by a joint stock company, of n/l.i.,1, I t: Winfi.r l'pi,.iiti.nt .. nu?i,S 1,1,.,,,.. Secretary and Treasurer. Capital $.'iO.OuO. 9. Cotton (lin Manufartory ? Steam power ; capital $40000. Brick building 44 by W hit. 8 itwlM high; employs forty bauds in the various departments. I'ses an engine of l'J horse power; shafting pulleys, drums, Ac , are made of wrought and cast iron, polished and finished in ? superior manner. Manufactures about 13 gins per week, and are prepared to manufacture 50 per week A spacious boarding house, offices, ware-room, Stt!.. attached to the establishment. Israel h?. Brown, the manager and machinist, is partner of the concern. 10. Coluinbni Iron Foundry? Capital $5,000; amount of work turned out annually. $8,000 to $10,000. K.mploys four moulders and two negroes ; manufactures steamboat work, mill gearing, water wheels, gin gear and gudgeons, cast iron railing for gravo yards, fencing, machinery tor factories, Itc. There aro screral largo cotton manufactorien In operation, and in the courso of construction in different parts of tho State, and arrangements are being made to largely extend thoso already in operation. Georgia is one of the most enterprising of our Southern States, and the domestic demand for certain fabrics is already supplied from her own spindles and looms. The attention of the planters of Georgia has been recently directed more to the cultivation of bread-stuffs for their own consumption, and for their immediate vicinity; and the construction of mills in different parts of the Stnto has given the producer* facilities for converting their grain into flour for market. Heretofore the great aim of planters was to produce as much cotton as possible, and for that purpose every ?rr? of land was cultivated with that plant. In consequence of this, every thing depended upon the demand and price for that ataplo. By a division of their operations, or. in other words, by devoting their capital, itc. to the production of a variety of staples, and establiihing maikct* in their own vicinity for a portion of their products (cotton and grain,) they have removed many of the difficulties which have heretofore weighed upon them so heavily, and proved so ruinous to their interests generally. The establishment of cotton manufactories in the cotton growing section of the country is anew era in this branch of industry; and now that the experiment has been extensively made, and has proved luccossful, we look for as rapid an Increase in the business as characterized movements in the same lino in the North. Although Georgia Is far in advance of other Southern Statns In the manufacture of cotton goods, South Uaroliua. Mississippi, snd Tennessee, are hv no means idle At Nashville. Tennessee, a large cotton factory is in the course of construction. It will contain 0000 spindles and 109 looms, and will manufacture coarse woollen as well as every variety of plain cotton goods, suoli as domestics, oenuburgs, rotten yarn. Sic. This establishment will be, altogether, one of the most magnificent nnd extensive of i?e kind in the United States. Combliud with the manufacture of cotton, are flouring and corn mills, which turn out as good flour as similar mills in sny other part of the rountry. In tills way those important branches of industry Is extending into every section of the oountry. and, in a few years, there will l>e no part of the Union predominating over another in tlie production of any article of cotton or woollen uianufseturo. as at presont; and Where will bo no so?tional Interest to protect, ia I ho adoption of any commercial policy, on the part of the government. Stock Exch?*|r. tSn.OM llfi, *01 11(1 V <* aba trie. fall ?'?' i> l*M do 'Ui, oon llili 6-M LHurlaaa UK MM 6,1 (M do ltd 100 <To 06m 3d 6 1111 do tranrU* n:V i:?J ilo *13 63'o SI.!**'Trans No tea 111 330 do 46*. 1.400 Obi* </a,'041 IlKV KM do tlS MS 2.(Mi do 110 l"*l do bJJ -V.V 5.M1I Penn'aG'a hV 160 do 661^ 2,1411 Indian* Mate S*a I'd1. uAtburu k Rook RR d.ri4i 1,000 Ulluuia li..oda, '47 40Ji ft do W, 16 i ha Bank of A in er 1UI IwO Reading IIR bid SOta 10 Hunk of Corn, full 10J 100 do ??,' 24 31or Each Uk. u at, 111 260 da alO 3'^ 460 Fnimra' Truat ,'IOli 6d do 36'. 460 do 36*? 60 do .Vi'T 260 Morris Canal OV KM do UGO Si'? 160 do adin 0 joaW do, bonJa 63t# 173 Con tun Co :? 1000 do 60 60 ilo *30 2000 Hurt do 63 ID Eric, now, full *lo lil'o 2000 da f>H? 60 do ci>K 62 13000 Erio h la. 7a, "39 30 123 do e 62 IOOI V? Nil AiilMIOl'i 100 do 104) 62 >2 30 aha Hud Hirer Kit 07 It# do 1.16 024/ 100 Mohawk KK 67', 100 do L43 02>J 10 N Turk Jt N Hot &>>. SECOND BOARI). Sio.nm IT S (ft, (! 1M 100 aha Reading R R bCO 3f>\ 10.000 Prit'i 6'a SUS 200 Ju 37 6,(It) Erie Knndi, 7'a 103 ldrt da 37'1 2,000 Ul'a Bunda "47 41 3d do 87', 2,(4(0 do 41 1"0 Cant >u Co 31 3,14(0 do 143) 41V; 100 do .Wtf I (44) Erie Hnda, ra.'Stf 100 Norw A Woro KR 3S 3.(la) Reading Mor II a 63 20.1 Formers' l.oau 37 90 ab? N KnI r Rank 01 200 do .i?'i 100 NO Canal R Bk| Co 71 100 Canton Co Sorlp 27, 2.'. Anburu k. Koch It R Ni 200 Harlem ItR 67 10 NAurk tr NUarcn K 00 I'M do 67'a lib' Heading K It 36>^ 60 long Island RR 2')', IDVBWWJEN'TS &KWWEO EVERY OAT. SALUtl UK AUCTION. AC.TUTTI.K. AUCTIONEER-DAMAGED ROODS. AT . tli. corn.' ol' Broadway Mid Dunne streot, on Wednesday, (it 111 o'clock, being the stock lately damaged by tire, consisting sf Hosiery, Ulovus, Ladles' and Gentlemen's under,ertf. Perfumery, Linings, Silk, Cotton and Thread, Inttons, Scissors, Ac. Terms, cash. WAOTK. UNE DEMOISELLE FRANCAISE, VARLANT~ ANglais ??. correcteinunt Francais, saoliant Lire, Ecrire, Coudru, Collier, Kepasser le Flu, desir. so placer Co in me Fcmm. d? Charutrc ou Bonn. d'Eofants, dans tine bonne famillo. Elle a du boos repvndatit*. Ellen's pas d'nbjnotinn de voyager. 8', "V. P."52 Hudson avenue, Urooki?5: WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as Chambermaid, and to assist in the washing and ironing, or as Waiter?one who perfectly understands her business, aud can giro the eery host of city reference. I'leasv call at (-2 Third avenue, betweeu 10th and 11th streets. No objection to go to the country. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN' to do general homework in a small private faintly she is a good Washer and lrouor, aud a good Chambermaid: she has four years reference from her las place city. Plcaee rail at No. 1119 Elm street, in the store. WANTED--A SITUATION AS Nl'RSE AND SK.Ul'stress, a steady, respectable person who undo "stands the care of ohildren; can produce the best of city rcfercuoc: has no objection to the ooul try, er to accompany a family golMg to travel. Please call at Franklin street. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, to do general housework in a small private family: she is a first rate Washer and Ironcr, a good plain Cook, and a good Chum henna: J; she can produco the best of oity reference from her Inst place. Please call at No. 242 Mulberry street, in the store. WANTED?A SITUATION. AS HOUSEKEEPER. IIY an Amriican lady, who will spare no pains to bo useful to hor employer. She can he well recommended. Apply by nets, or personally, to No. 13 City llall Place. Address Honink aapw. WANTED?A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as Chambermaid, or to do general housework for a small family. Has no objection to city or country. The best of city reference given. Please call at hi Seventh street. Can be seen for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation as Chambermaid and sewing, or to assist ia washing and ironing, or general housework of a small private family. The best or city reference front the family she lives with. Call at 100 West 17th stroot. betweeu titli and 7th avenues. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE QIRL, to Cook, Willi, and Iron in a small private family. The heat of city reference given. Apply at 271 Divinlon at. I an ho teen for three days. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women, one to do Chambcrwnrk and Waiting, or take care of children. The other to do general homework; ie a good W aaher and Ironer. Have no objection* to go to the country. Tlio beat of city referonoea from their laac placos Ploaae to call at f>7 C'roaby atreet, between Broom and Spring WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A RESPKCtable woman, who understands hnr buaineaa; would be willing to nnaiat in washing and ironing. With tho best of city reference. Wonld have no objection to go a short distance in the country. Inquire at I4.'l Hester street. "IlfANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A YT situation a t ambermaid, and to take caro of children, or to do the emral housework of a private family. Is a good Cook, Wash r > ud Ironer. Best of city referencu given. No ohjoction to go a short distance in tho eounlry. Please call at No. 2?7 Mott street, 2d Moo , hack room. Can be seen fordeys. ^ WANTED?GOODS ON COMMISSION, BY TWO young men, going to San Francisco, California, on the bark Tocnniseh, taking with them a framo house. Ml feet by 211, sll complete. Freight and passage paid. Any hersnn desirous of establishing sn agency In sin Francisco, oan do o by addressing L. Ik !>., at this office. The best of references given. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN WHO HAS STUDIED at the College for Civil Engineers, London, a situation in an Engineer's office. Direct X. Y. / , 11 Barclay street. WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do Chamberwork, and assist in Washing and Ironing or general housework, in a small private family. Tho best of references can be given. I'lcaso call at Kit Essex street, second lloor, where an interview can he had. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, IN A private family, by a respectablo young married woman, with a fresh breast of milk. She is healthy and temperate; mid lias most excellent city reference as to character and eapahilities. Would goto the country. Call at 74 <ith Avenue, in the bookstore. WANTED ?BY A SOBER, INDUSTRIOUS YOUNO man, an Englishman, aged ,T?, a situation as Gardener, and to look after a horse, llic. Address G. J. M., Herald office. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, A SITCAticn. either as Ladies' maid, Child's nurse, or Chambermaid. M.c has been over twelve months In her last pla-e, and can give satisfactory recommendations ; also, a woman to cook, wash, and iron, or as chambermaid, and for fine washing?or chambermaid and waiting. C'aa come woll re- | commended. Apply at l->* Houston street, between Sheriff and Willett streets. Will wait nails for three flays. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT YOUNG woman, as Ladies' maid and Seamstress, in a private family. She understands hair-dressing in tho lady style. Beet of city reference can be given. Apply at 54 Urecnwioh tree!. WANTED?IJY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation in a rcspoetable private family; Is a Rood plain cook, and first rate washer and ironer; ean hake. No objection to go a short distance in the country, or do general housework in a small family. City reference given, i'leaae enll att Third avenue, opposite Pumpkins Market. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN who has been three years in her last place, as plain Cook, washer and ironer, or chambermaid and waiter in a private family. No objections to go a short distance in the country. Good oity reference. Can be Been for two days. Apply at N o. 2IS Spring street, WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPEC CABLE young w oman, to do general housework, or an Nurse or Seamstress. Best city reference can be given. May be seen at .'KMi Ik'ith street, between Eirst and Second avenue. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework, in a private family. W ould have no objection to go to the country. Good city reference. Please call at.'ll Pitt street, in the store. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Chambermaid, or to take care of children, who is willing to make herself generally useful, and ran give the best city references. Can be seen fur two days. Apply at lb* York street. Brooklyn. \\TANTED?A SITUATION, BY A VERY TIDY, NICE ?I young girl, as N urse and Soamstress, iu a privatofamily, or would do Chsmberwoik and Waiting; has good reference as to character and capabilities. Call at 71 Sixth avenue, in the bock s ere. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A VERY COMPEtent girl, with good city reference, to Cook, Wash, an l Iron for a private family; Is a good Cook and tlrst-rato W asher and Ironer. I'lease cull at 71 Sixth avenue, in tne bookstore. Would goto the country. WA If T K D?A SITUATION BY a R1SPECTABLI young woman, to cook, wash, and iron, is willing to make herself generally useful. Good city referenes. Maybe Kern at A Dover stroot, in tho basement. Has no objection to go to the country. Mail steamer Niagara.?letter bags ror Europe, per the above steamer, will close at thr Broadway Post fMbce, (No. 4111 Broadwsy, corner of Canal street,) on Wednesday next, tho 13th instant, at It) e'oloos, A M. james c. harriott. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PltOTESTANT young woman, a situation aA Seamstress, or Nureo and Seamstress; would have no objoctien to chaniberwork and line washing. No objection to the country, or to travel with a family. Address in the rear of 4S Howard street, within a few doors of Broadway. WA.N1ED-A SMART, TloY GIRL, FROM T W KI.VK to fourteen years of no. to as'lst in the light work of a family of two persons; one who can bring the moat uneveptlonahle rcforrreea as to character inay apply, for two days cnly, between 12 and J o'clock, a*, ,'jvt Greenwich street. SITUATION IS WANTED IIV A RKSl'Ki; I AHl.K yaung woman to do general housework in a small family, or Chamber e ork, and to assist at Washing and Ironing, and hae no objection to go a abort distance in tloi country; can give good refcrmco from her laat place; can he seen for twodaya. I'll noe call at 370 Tenth street, 21 A' or, up stair*. ARFSI'FCTABI.E YOUNG WOMAN WANT.a A SIT lint ion na Seamstress or Chamhcrmaid, or to do fine washing and ironii g; hna no ohjeotion to go a abort distance in the nonntry. Good city reference. I'lcasa call at ,'tlt> Matt afreet, three doira from lllceoker. Can bnsoanfor llircodaya if not engaged. AKKfl'Kt TABLE VOUNG WOllA.N WANTS A S1TUAtion aa Seamstress. in a respectable family; ia a good Drtasruiike r. Would have no objection to sou to a child if required. Ileat of oily reference from her last place. The advertiser can be sceu for 2 daya. No. 9.'? James street, lid floor, front. VUl NG GERMAN, WHO SPEAks correctly the French language. and a iit.ll* English, wishes a situation aa Coachman or Waiter, and wlicr?he can m.ike him ui fencrally useful. Ileat of reference given, for sohrlety and itmeaty. I.Is wife ec u mends herself 'n the b?at manner, for Washing and Smoothing; of which she tnakua tlie neatest work. T'leare address to Wm. Holler, 12A Liberty street, for George Spahn. AGENI \ WANTED.?A VOUNG GENTLEMAN WHO can give any amount of aconrity, and who is every way qualified te discharge the duties of any nganoy, is desirous of obi a in i tig such station, cither in t he oil v or suburbs. A pn'y at the ome* of Kippfc Hrowri, corner of 2tith street and Ifth avenne. IIOTKLE, At*. J SHEPHERD INFt RMS HIS FRIENDS AND THE pi I He, that he lias laken the Fekford Hotel, between Seventh and Kiglith arcnofa i dTwenty-fourth and Twentyfilth streets, entrant e {seventh areniie. lie tan aeooroioo. date twenty-five or thirty hoarder* with good hoard. Also, fine horses are kept for sale at his atablca Mr. Lent's Fnlt n street and Seventh avenue lira of stages runs post the door; also, the Siatk avenue and Kniekcrhocker lilies run nit bin one block of tl is establishment. SIIAFON SPRINGS 1'A VI 1.1 ON.?Till S EST A HI ISIItnent Is row open for the reception ol guests, and wi!l remain open till thk l?t day of October neat. 1.AN HON St GARDNER. iwwwwinrwwwy-.I ata ? n-r? ?>** iw > i . ? JI'HH m at,ft?r . DOWKRT THEATRE-TUESDAY KTENINO. JffVE MJ 12th, the performance ?ill omtmtuot with CLAWDfl JW*AL?fTarlee 2d, Mr. Jamse Dunn; Olnn o DdtiiI, Mr. Sutttx Hirtfa. Mr. hol'trlud; Pfw I'rumi, Mr Hinans: Aunrt Miller, Mini C. lTo'o??it: Mis. lady Ho ward, lire. Jordan To h? followed by M>UK I.I YB'S IN DaN.E It ?Juhn Mmui, Mr. YFinaut; Shpoonoulerg, Mr. tilbert; Jenny, Miaa M. Taylor, To conclude with MAZEPPA, or tlia Wild llomaor Tartar;?Abrter Mr. Doff; M steppe, Mr. Hyd'arUDd; Thamar. Mr. Jordan; lineita, Mrs. Neadhia; Oil oaf a, Mr*. Jordan; Arutha, Mra. Rroadleyi Zeinlla, Mra. Fui herlimd. Drees rirola. .T'c,; upper boxes. 2ftu.; P^J'io CUANFHAU H N ATM >N A I. Til KATRE, CH ATH AM ST. ?Tuesday evening, Juua 12?For tha banaht of tlia Author? will lo. played the II r I K AT 1.A W?Eceklel Homespun. Mr. C. llurke; Dick Dowlase, Mr. liield; Deborah, Mra. (bapitan; Civtly Homespun, Mint Meetarer; Caroline, Mrs. Irhi rwood. Aftecwhich. THREE VF.AKS AFTEK?Moaa. Mr. t hai.trim; Cant. Totln, Mr. C. Burke; Charlea Msadowa, Mr.

Iliald. I.iiejr, Miaa Mei'.ayer; Isabella Meadows, Mra. Woodward; CouManue Shirley, Mra. laherwood. Taooaelnda with lb* farce of the HI V Al. C A I'TA I N8?Capt. Tlialwio'c, Mr. Hawoa; charlotte, Mra. I. her wood. Doora oponatf1*; onrtnin rises v, t. m. BaiaaMota! Hi lilt ata Mechanics hall. No. 472 broadway, bbiwk.em l.raud.ind Bro.,mo streets.? OPUS KVK.KV KV kn I Mil UU HI Mi Til E \V E hk, and eeery uiaht until further notioo, the original and well know a < IIKISTV'S MIN.SrRKl.S? organitod If 12; tho oldest established company in the world ; tl e first to hartuouiio negro melodies. and origiuatnrs of the prevent popular ? > le of Ethiopian Entertainments, whoae succeke in thia city, during the paat three yoara, la inoa' conelnaiee rvltfenre ol tloir auporior murit and attrai tireooaa. The Company couaiata of ten porformera, undar the diruotlon ol E.I'.ChrUty. Doora open at aoren; Oonaar* oommanoaa at eight o'clock. Au aftemoou Concert every Saturday, comeiei'i'iiiR ni three o'clock, P. M. WA LLB A L LA, M CANAL STREET,?professor Hugo iirotiua' celebrated Marhle Statnuu and Tableaux Vivanta, teprssentod by twenty-tiro ladies of unparalleled beauty and grave. Open eeury night. Extra performance on Saturday at 3 o'cloek P. M. Singing, Dancing, Sio. Boxes S7)? aenta ; Parqnette 25 cents. AHTOR 1M.ace Ol'fcKA HOUSE.?Til E ABOVETHEAtre to be let for a term of several mouths from the present tine. For terms. Sic., apply to COrtBYN It MARTINI, Musical and Dramatic Agouti, No. -4 Barclay at. (1A1VL1 GARDEN-!THE SUBSCRIBERS, INTBNDING > to |<i vt a Horicb of tirunl Promenade Concerts on the santo magnificent scale and plan as that adopted by the oele- i brated J ulicu and Muourdin I'arls and Loudon. request mu- i si on I artists of talent and respectability, who wish to eu- | gage, to submit their propositions (in writing) to their regwYarly autborirrd ageuta, Messrs. OorWn mid Martini, 4 Barclay street, New YoVk. FRENCH te I1EISBR. , KKWAHU8. | Lo?t or stoi.en, either in the bowery, eri atham street, or the neighborhood of Fieri. North Hirer, n l oclu t 1 0"U. with tho ovi uer's name inside, containing four hundred d liars, two one hundred dollar notes and two fifties of the Merchants' Bank, tho balance in tens and twontvs, partly C&tnkill Hank. The finder will he suitably rewarded by 1? HvinK It at No. IU Wafer HtroQt. d*1 REWARD.?LOST, A SMALL BLACK POCKETX Hook, uoutuiuiig a few letters. Any person bringing it to tbs address written inside, will roceire tho above reward. Dog lost.?a very small white, with light spots, French or Spanish pet slut. Whoever lias found tho name, and will roturn it to No. 25 Woouter street, shall | be very handsomely rewarded, and hare the thanks of ths , owner. I SPORTING. j UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING?WEDNESDAY, i June 13, will corno off, a Purse of $250?two mile heats, 1 to harneHfl. John Case enters b. m. Lady Moscow; (). Dotnick enters b. k Jack Kotsifet?*r. The purse advertised for Tuesday, j is postponed on account of Lady Suffolk and Mac having an i engagement to come off in Boston, and will not be hero in j time to trot the raeo. M. D. TIRE EN E, Proprietor. i N.I*. The oars w ill leave the South Ferry at three o'clock , on tho day of the trot. I UNION COURSE, I,. I.?A RARE CHANCE FOR PKdeslrians?'I he Proprietor of the above Cnuree offers the following Purse, to come off June JSth, Letweeu the hours of two ami six in the afternoon, vli.: $V>) to the man wlio performs the greatest distance over eleven tnilcs in one hour; JIMP to the eeeend in the MB* race; and Jlillt to the third, provided that each perfout the eleven miles in tho time above pecilied. To close Saturday, the 2'id, at Crounu tk Madden's, IttS Chatham aiiuaro. No charge lor entrance. M. D. UKEK.N'E, Proprietor. " KOK SACK. Ij^ARM AND COC'NTKT SEAT TOR SACK.?A 8PLHNdid Farm and Country Seut, oontainiuit Itil) aoree of good land, well divided Into tneadow, plough, pasture and wood land, situaied two miloe smith of the flourishing village of Sing Sing, and four ntilei north of the village of Tarrytowa, oonimanning an externa ve view of tho Hudson River hotli up and down. On the premises ie a I ergs and oummiidinus house nearly now, built iu tho Grecian style, and very eonveuient; also, a good tenant houee, two barns, and other neoeseary outbuildings ; also, a larcn orchard, together with pear, peaoh, i'Kerry, and other fruit trees. The plane ie in good order, well watered, and In the immediate vleinity of the roeideaoe ?f James W. Wehh, Com. 11. C. Perry, Rev. Win. Croighion, he. Ternte made very easy, and immediate possession given if rei|uited. For particulars, impure of Clou. Aaron Ward, Sing Sing; Henry U. Todd, Morrisania, Westchester couaty, and Mrs. Sarah Ann Todd, on the premises. For sale?a first-rate, handsome bay saodle linrse, eight yes r? old, long tail, and very stylish in nppesranee. Will be sold low, the owner having no further tise for him. Inquire nt the Idvery Stable, corner 21th street and Lexington avenue. For sai.e-a bay mare, eiciiit tears old this mnj, is n very feet trotter, line trotted her mile in two iniuutSH and llfiy-elgbt eeeiinda in harness, warranted sound and kind in all harness ; the reasun of the owner's selling, ie that he hus two horses, aud has no use but fer one; she ran lie seen at 13 Sixth struct, any time after two o'cloek. Fur further particulars inquire at No. 4 Cathurine Market, of al?keh vakian. m '? dei ulu i ? v\x\-vvw.wv\www? OFFICE TO LET.?FRONT BA8EMENT OF 126CUAMbers St., suitable for a Physician or DunList. Apply ui al ii??. T^o let. with steam power.?the third and fourth stories and basement of new firs proof building N o?. 29 and ill Cold strtet, ts lot with ateaia power. The rooms are well lighted. l'ocaeasion given on or before the I at July. R. HOE It CO.. 46 Cold at. TO LET.?THE FIRST STORY OF BUILDING NO. 4* Cold street, well lighted, suitable) for a store or waroroom; will be let very low for the reenniuder ef the year. Possession given on er before 1st July. R. HUE It CO.. 46 Gold street. BOAHD1NU, ebc. SEA BATHING AND BOARDING AT LONG RRANCH. The eubHi ribrr having rented the farm "I K. W. Ilowver, a liirb is beautifully situated near tho sea sliore, will aeeomniodato a few families and aiugle persons with board, at moderate terms. Apply to CORNELIUS LANE, Long Branch. Board?two fink parlors, on first floor, and Parlor and Bcd-*ooiu, on second floer, to let, at 114 t runklin St reet, either w ith or without Board. Board.?a rare chance for a family wisiiing three or live rooms, unfurnished, on tho Bergen Point Iliad two and a half miles from New York; can command a beautiful view of the valley and city of Newark. Inquire at the St. Chailee Saloon, Broadway, New York. A small parlor and bed-room, neatly fi rimhoil, to let to a Mingle Gentleman, with full or partial hoard, if desired, in a private German family, raiding atNn. 1 l|Gollcge Place, between Murray and Warren streets II' ference < iobii|i4. BOABO WAMED.-A SINGLE GENTLEMAN W ANTS partial board in a private family, up town, or in Brooklyn. where are not many hoarders. a line addressed to T. 8., box 90, Herald office, stating terms atd location, will be attended to. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OK TWO SINGLE gentlemen, can l?eaccommodated with genteel Board, at 4-Jb Broome street, two doors west of Broadway. niSOELLAlVKOllS. DAOl'ERREOTYPES,?A ROOM FOR SALE, VflllCQ 1 an been cecu pied for this business about six years, situate opposite tho Park fountain, the present proprietor being ab'.ut to leave the city. Inquire at 2.'tli Broadway. n K.VOVIKi; ? FRENCH VlflBlVrnAL l.iUH VI ??_ I* m? rly 377 Broadway, now 445 Hroadway. near Canal at. Mechanical l.amps of every putern, Vessels, Suspensions, Globes, t kimnios, Silk Wicks, Shades, Sr>orm Oil, ko. Snapenalana, Bracketa and Sttnds. II. DARDON VILI.K. PKOCI.AMATION-MAIOK S OFFICE, MAT 81s MU Whereas, it ianmdo liy law the duty of every practicing physician in the City of New Vork, to make a report in writing to the Mayor, the Hoard of Health, or either ot tho Commissioners of Health, of every patient lie shall liave laboring under any pestilential or infectious diniaae, between the thirty-first day of May and the first day of November, within twenty-four hours after the saino shall have come to bis knowledge; now, therefore, I, Caleb 9. Woodhull, Mayor of said aity, in pnrauaticu of a resolution passed by the Hoard ot Health, with a view to enable said Board to announce with accuracy to the pnhlio, whether, and te what extent, the cholera, or other malignant disease, is now prevailing ia this city, do hereby iesuu this Proclamation, enjoining. under the strict penalties of the law, on all physi- i cinna, keepers of boarding and lodging houses, tho police and cl'irens, to mnke an Immedis'o roport in writing to tho M lyor, the Hoard of Health, or either of tile Commissioners of Health, at the Mayor's Office, City Hall, of the name, ago and residence of every individual attacked with any such disease, within twenty-four hours alter ho shall ascertain or suspect the nature of the complaint. To ensure accuracy, physicians arc requested to complete their reports by stating the recovery or death of their patients. (Signed) CALEB S. WOODHULL. MajW. I tkw nnn ?n bond and m?>rt- ' Oe^*J?"/"/vr gage, to suit applicants, on productive K' at I.eiu e, in this eiiy or Hrooklyn. Apply to S. S. BROAD, No. 11 W all street, in the Croton Water Office, fiasement.. j rfAQ /Wlil TO TO 1,0AN ON IMPROVED CITT ypOjaJv/V Pr-perty, f'tr a term of years, at esven poc cent., tho sum of $.'l,ts*l or $.'i,.VX?. Apt ly after 1 P.M., te nr.vmuri ii/iuiiib. wi/c/ ntreov. i TO THE LADIES.?PITER ROHERTS, .778 BROAD- i i?ay. ha* jiiHt received a lar^e lot of F.tmerald* 1 Coll am at Ik.; I.'kO embrolderfid Honiton do. at 2*., uaual | price 14m.; Itrcaktanf Capa from la.; Valoncieune Collar! and Cm Ah. Lace Cape*. black and white Lace Shawls and Scarfa, cry cheap; Cambric lldkfa, Lace-. Ice. (^i>\T^>S MILL WANTED, A 111 \TION \SSi 1'1'KJ intendent of a Cotton Mill, by one that in practically acquainted with tin* LiMine**, and experienced. Boat of ref*~ K-ooo given. AddreKM J. II., Herald ollioo. ILLINOIS AM) MICHIcan CANAL. -REDUCTION of To lie?Notice to Werners Merchant*, Forwarders and Other*?In pursuance of an order adopted on the ttit'.i of Miiy, 1819, by the Hoard of Trustees of the IIUiioIh and Michigan (.'anal, a drawback of ft) pi r cent on the rate* of toll* a- e. talllshcd for thu year I Mi.', will he allowed on and after June 10. and for th? residue of the season of 1449, <an t he f ?llowing natjj'd article* which rna> ho trnn^por'nd from the Mi?*it*?ippi hirer to the llodmn Hirer, the lllis- is and Michigan Canal, to wit:? Bo 'f. pork, heron, lard, flour, tallow, wool, tobacco, hemp, Lecfwax, for*, and peltrie* (inolodtng buffalo robes). And on the following apeoiQed artl*1.* which uisy be transported from the lludmm Kiut t fho Misi>i**ip|d, ria the Illinois and Michigan Canal, there will bo allow ed in like manner, and for the game period, a draw* back of 2.0 per cent on the rate* of raid tolL a* tehli*lied for the year 1849; that i* to say, mcrcbandizn con*l*'itig of dry goods, groci-rlea, hardware on*lory, crockery and glass w are, cotton l agging, paper, aalcratn*, steel, venturing The evidence which the Board *f l*rv*te??? will reumro ti%t the ? t ctSK tipoti wldeh draw hock may b?> r'niinod nave *c;n*l)y pan d b* t w n the Mi*-m ppiand the ltn"aon,r>r f ice versa, a tb? race met he. w ill l? - I. The invoi? e, or too manifest* rutm cMitniu the name of the cwiaigni ft, the da'o t?f shipment, the srtitlea must he specified, and the weight* *fat-d, v lo e bo nl-Ki'i 11 ?d I y i he < o?.n*f?. r and h*? orn ' h?i i .. i 11 . : 2. The eonalgnoe. in liks ma* a?r, will h? i. wr? <1 to r'c under oath th . flit \r i-les enu n? ra ? I in ho fji?i Invoice wen rct'ivedly Int., m t ultimo a' hioh ?!"-v v ere re. < : ? d .7. Cp ,u j r?? r?' ;Clon of thin evi>. i at the i I t c oi : i leiarv . f r.,e ll ,;u,j of 11 imt .o.i, in Itln >ii, thedrew' M h will I - pud. By <>i in of il i ft .id of Teiiateea ^ ILl.l . V. < C'?I>1 \1, A*, ry. Canai 0>; i k, C'l." it a on, Mr .y 21, 1*49* # 4 J?1%TH. BHOADWAT TI1EATRE.?MR. K. A. M ARHUAIX, PRO- I prietar- Mr. vr. fL blaku. Manager. Tueaday evening. I Jim* Ifth will tx pronneed FOI ETTA, or tlx Enohanted Hell. Vorko, Mod). MonplalMr; Kan-kao-eeo, Mono Corky; Ka-ho-kan, Mona. Grw* i; Poko, Mr. Wright; Takxgka, Mil*. A. Kuxn, Aika, Mil*. St. Clair; F- lalta. Max. Menplaxir, Tlx Vutoa of tlx Genii, Mile. Celaata. Preceded hy I Ix onmedv of 1 li B IRISH DRAGOON?Paddy Murnhv, Mr. I F. Slxw; Mr. Fiagig. Hadawav; Mr. Brownehorry, Mr. Ma- ; he we; Mr Mollowpear Mr. l'opo; Swltolxr, Mr. Si mm; Mr*. Mra. Ilyott. Draaa Circle and Parquet X, 75 oU; family and .'d circle: 24 rla; rnllery, l2Ji eta. _ | Burton s theatre. chambers street.?tijesilav Evening, Jiiua, 12. will Ix performed tlx fame of IIOW TO PA V VOIR WASIIF.RWOM\N?Widgeth, Mr. I Raymond; liarnry Twill, Mr. Kan; Coalman, Mr. Ixvere; M?iy Hhitc.Miaa Chapman. After which, the Overtures ta "Nero " aad tlx "Miller and It'* Mon " To cnneUido wi'h the I bow hallut tailed tlx PIRATE'S, Mr. Frederick; Piriro. Mr t'araloe; Alonai Mr Sohmidt; Rortrand, Mr. I Raymond; Haptiate. .Mr. Ren; Mathlld*. Mine tuguata; *>otavia. Ml** Walter*; I'oun'ota Pigoatelli. Miaa Cooke; Zulima, Mile Kuiiniidy. Ilexn* and Paruuet, .Ml eente; Family Circle, 25eta Ilunra nprn at 7\i: Curtain riaoa at 7\ o'olook. i CAST IK flAtSIN-mMOa fc REISER. PROPRIB- i t?ra.? Stinxxr Fetual?On TI KSIIaV Evening. June 12tb, and eeoh axicc-eelee nvrnina during tlx Sumintr. Sou- j daye exoeptrd, et ill he given* Grand Vocal and Inatrumriital Promenade Concert, to ho followed by a Hal II'Ex, ! or Summer boll, in which viaitere will have tho privilege of [ Joining in the variatie Cotillon). Walttc*. I'olka*. Mut-mrlitta, I Ki d'wa*. fcc.. under the direction of competent aad highly j rifpft table " Matter* of the *?? oniotiiea," engaged expreaaly to neettre e rigid oheervance of the rulee adopted in the host ! couiint< d_ and most fashionable B?ll Rooms in this City | Ti?kefs 26 rtn. Door* ojMiti at t?; Concert to commence at j AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. K.\KNl V, %\\\\r,v.\i and Proprietor; J. Creonwond, jun. Assistant Manager. Splendid performs nces in the afternoon, aft o'clock, and every evening ut 8 o'elook. One week more of the Quaker riant and Giantess. the largest persons in the world. They may he nee?' al all hours. Croat Western, the Yankee oomedian, appears every afternoon and evening. in a now grand comic meinour. Third week of V hite's talented and popular Ethiopian M instrels, the heat hand in the United States.? ' They appear attach entertainment. Also engaged, Miss Barton, Miks Stanhope. Mine \* est. Messrs. Chapman, Copland. i Clark, and others. Wax Statuary. Representations of the Siuincfe Twins. Madame Rockwell, the fortune Teller, can be i.rivutely consulted at all hours. Admission 26 couta; children under lOycsrs, 1cents. 1 The IX'NSKI.DOHF academy or KINK arts, tub 1 nhiV.ition of Paintings, hy urtisia of the above sohool, 1 will ho epen every day (Sundays excepted) from 10 o'clock. i A.M.. nntil 10 o'clock. P.M.. at the large room over the hall of the Church of Divine Unity, in Broadway, between Spring and Prince street*. Admittance 26 cents. Season tickets, I until 16th Juno, inclusive, 60 cents Catalogues l'd>? cents. 8PP.U1AL WBTIUKSS. i UA O. D., f!K AND HOaRI) OF DIRECTORS, 1/. 8.? 1 Representatives elect for the ensuing year, are hereby notified, that the annual session will he convened at the Grand Board Room. No. 46 ami 48 Centre street, in the city of New York, this (Tuesday) evening, the 12lh inst., at eight o'clock. JOSEPH GEO. MASON, Q. Bco'y. EFBRT MAN BIB OWN LANDLORD.?TBI FIRST regular dmsting of the second Amtrioan Building Association. will teho place this (Tuesday) evening, at the Hall, corner of Catherine and Henry streets. The object of this society is to euuble members to purchase their own houses with the money they now pnv for rent. Persons desirous of ' joining should nvail themselves of the opportunity, before the entrance fee is increased. All meetings are public. < 8. J188URUN, Sect* tary, ua Naatau atrsst, i TO J. niAI.KIION. vur ARK IIEREI1Y RK'JUIRED , to answer the complaintol Vhatliew Morgan against you, | 1 which was filed in the otllce of *ho Clerk of the Supreme J Court, in the city and county of New York, on the twenty- j UII.11 U.J ... ??/, IU ill. jn?r uigllicuu Ililliurt'.l HIM IDTIJ IIIK, snd to sorre a copy of your answer 011 us, at the city uf Now Yiwk, within twenty days after service of thla lummnni, ex- < 111 ai ve nf the day of service. or tlio plaiatitf will take indg- I nieut, against you for the inn of twenty-eight hundred dul- . tare, with interest thereon from the fifth day of May, In the ' year eighteen hundred and furty-nino. Dated Now York. May 2Mb, 1MV. BUTLER A KVA RT3, I Plaintiff's Attornuya. j \ SIUP1MNO. THE UK1T1SII AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAI. Mail Steamship NIACAKA will loavo tho docks, at Jerray City, at twelra o'clock, (12)preoiscly, on Vfodneaday, 13th Juno. I TUB BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN, R. HAIL 8teamships, between Now York and Liverpool, between Boetnn and Liverpool, calling at Halifax to land and reooivd mails and passengers, are iutendodito aall an fellows:? ' America, Capt. Harrison, from N. York, Wed'day, llith Haw. Hihernia, Stone, " Boston, " 23d i Caniada, " Jndkina, " N. York, " 90th " Calf-dunia, " Leitnh, " Boston, " 6th Jane. < Niagara, M Ryrlo, 44 N. York, " l.'lth 44 | Europe, " Lett, " Boston, 44 20th " . Cambria, 44 Shannon, " N. York, " 27th " . America, " Harrison, " Boston, " dthJuly. 1 An experienced Surgeon on board. Freight will be charged on apcrlo beyond an amount for personal expenses. All let- ] ters and papers must pass through the Post Office. Passage from New York or Boston to Liverpool:?First Cabin, 9J2US ' ocond do., $7U. For freight ?r passage apply to i E. CUNARD, Ja.. 38 Broadway^ , PACKETS FOR HAVRE.?SECOND I.IN-E.?TIIE 8HIP Baltimore, K. D. Conn, will eail on the let nf July. , BOYD A 111 NCR EN, 88 Wall street. I A OR ST. PIERBES, M ART1NIQUK?THE FKENCH 1 ahip JACQUES, Capt. Vua. For freight or passage apply . to TAYLOR A MERRILL. ' or to BOYD A 111NCKBN, 88 Wall it. FOR SAN FRANCISCO, VIA CHAOHE8-ON SATITRday. Jntie .Kith.?The well kunwn steamship CRESCENT CITY, Stoddard, master, will lease for Cham's*, direct, on Saturday, June 30th, from pior 2_Nortl> Rirer, at 3 o'olook^P. arriving in ume to inoet the I'uclflrHtoamer of July. The Pacific muil steamers Orison and California having "arrived back at Panama, the way is now open for direot and rapid communication with San Franeienn. For freight or passage, apply to J. HOWARD Si SON, & Broadway, FOR CALIFORNIA VIA CHAORfS.?ARRIVAL AT Panemaof tho l'aritie Steamers California and Oregon.? Information has boon reooived of fhe arrival at Panama of the 1 above steamers, from San Francisco, thus opening a direct ( communication with the Ooid Regions in about At days. Tne U.S. M. Steamship Falooa will sail from this port with the Mails for ths Pacific Steamers, en Thursday, June 1 2Stb. Persons desirous of securing a passage should make ' immediate application, as the number to be taken ie limited. ' Apply te M. O. ROBERTS, H8 West strait. ] MEDICAL. J ?FECIIES! I.EEC1IES!?20.000 LAROE ANnTTRESH ] t Swedish I.ccchos, jnst reoeivedlper steamship Hermann, i for ealc by J, F. CLUE, Importer or Leeohes. ^ tR-| ONLY FOR INSEKT1 N(J IIEST PORCF.I-AIN . y/t -1 Teeth, on pivots; tilling witli pure gold (to pastes or < c<ments used) 7fi cents to SI: extracting2.1 oents; all ether , operations at correspondingly reduced charges, and warranted fcr five years. .'tOSHroadway. ETE AND EAR.?A PAMPHLET CAN HE HAD, FREE of cest, at 201 Broadway, corasr of Warren street, describing Doctor Powell's new and successful mode of treating the affect ions of those seesitive and delieate organs. Keoently imported, a large supply of beautiful Artificial Eyes. Just j piiblisbod. a popular Treaties on the Eye, third edition, revised and enlarged, pries 60 csats, by JAMES W. POWELL, M.D. DR. M HEELER, OCCI L1ST, 28 GREEN WICH STREET, , devotes his exclusive attention to diseases of the Eye, and tipthalmio Surgery. Artificial Eyos inserted, of which ho ( has just importtd a beautiful collection front Paris. Ofiice lioursfrom 8 A. M., to 1 o'clock P. M. A pamphlet containing many remarkable cures, effected by Dr. Wheolur, can be had gratuitously >t his office. Doctor a. iiiktis cook., professor of the ' Diseases and Derangements of the Urinarjr antHleiiial ( ' .-yurin. ninj u?? cuiiuut-ii via i ly ruu-ui ini nw or;9 .mi'iin'm urt'Ot, during the day and ?v? ning. The Doctor lias been 23 1 yenrs in this practice, and is practically conversant with all tho newiremodiesand their applicability, both aa it regards tba human constitution and the progressive stage* of the disease. Dr. kelmnger's wonderfil liniment, as a euro of Diarrhoea, and a preventive of Cholera, has been tried by the best of tho meoioal faculty in the oity in th on .-a nds of cases, nrd has not failed in a solitary instance. Sold at lfko, and 50fl.ft bottle, at 230 Pearl Stieet, and at 404 Broadway, one door above (.ran i. It is very safe, and ;ifr rd* instant relief in ail oa?oo?t u? errfain a* it is tnken. Important from canada.?quebec, july" 21.1848. To all vsho are atgicti-d with Asthma? I have at different times been n (Dieted with severe colds, which produced in my case the Asthma I have, on these occasions, used Dr. Wintar's Balsam of Wild cherry. Two yars ago 1 was unite sick, so much so that I could nut- runt at nights. I procured ] of tlio agent in this city, a bottle nf this Balsam of Wild Cherry; before I bad taken the whole of it I felt relieved. I i continued raking it until I bad used throe or four bottles, 1 which completely cured tne. The present season I took another severe cold, and immediately reported to this Balsam, and a j part of one bottle bad the desired effect. I, therefore, cheerfully recommend my friends and all others who need it, to trv this medicine for their coughs and colds, and particularly the i Af'lma. Respectfully yours, WM. mmjitvfll. None genuine nulecs ?ig? ?d I. RTTTTS on the wrapper. For rale, wholesale and retail, by Messrs. A. II. & I). Sands, 100 Fulton st., corner of William; 273 liroadway, Irving Building, corner ol (hanl ra r its Win Bovgi r, M Cortlanut *t , and bv tho druggists generally throughout the 1 nit<d taton an I < 'an 'h. Dr. dk v. awati or mi many tempta- j tions which so easily hewst youth and oarly manhood, 1 in their romance of life, is happy to siy that his long experience and extensive practice with Venereal diseases, in all its stages, have eminently i|nalifled him to treat that class of complaint* successfully, and to warrant a porfoot and speeds cere. Office No f>i Llspenftrd street. TO FIJY8H 1AN8.- A BARB OPI OR I UNITY FOR obtaining an immediate practice. The advertiser, a physician of twenty \cars practice, having two ooiitiguoue farms, Is desirous or disposing of one of them, (together with his practice,) to a man of. hill and energy, who might spec lily acquire a lucrative hnfimns. The location being near the city, is a very' desirable ore. The advertiser would not object to changing for productive - ity property. For further information, teftlid roiornutiiosti"nn, with real name and sddrtfs, directed to T H. Smith. M I)., and left at the medical store, Pearl, near John street, will bo s<-nt directly to tbe advertiser, who vould bo iu town shortly after. *?>d attend t?< tl fi'i l DK. HAI.I'Ii .M 1 hns Ml I II i, ; '( v< I 1, m/itI vntc Treatise."&o., H8 Greenwich street?Office hour*, 8 to 12 A. M.f tl to ! P. M. (Sundays excepted. )?Thc?e who apply in the early stages will ho surprised at the rapidity and little iucbnvuDienctt attending their on re. It ia chiefly, how Ter, tbone w ho have suffered frun a cectain class of people, ' who i Ai< | ro| ?irly appreciate hii service*. In stricture, fr?'vn 1 ita firet, or incipient, to he more advanced and dUtfn*ling stages, (from uncommon advanta^us and a very extensive i practice,) he run afford a rnpid, ca*y ar?d radical cure, which, he has ground* for stating. ran he obtained froca no other levrveio America. I ; At ojfpj i i f PR \? 'i i? m. vvokk on hi:: n \ riritR and treatment of Venereal Discsnc.i, and nil other affeei iriin of tie yen i to-urinary organs of the male and female? 1 Ouarto; illustrated hy a proat number of beautifully colored j Plate*, and many finely executed delineation* <U? woed, .Sto. 8c. II) II. Rostwick, M. I), i'rloe $|i>; 2t ointion. Kx tract fn>a the floaton Medical and Surgical Journal:?"It ' is illrstratrd by cxtraordinaty specimens of eolored lithograph), equalling copper engraving* in the delicacy of thoir finish; and it in a striking evidence of the indomitable perseverance of a man wl u stems to poiteiM an nncon^nerahlo energy that will enaldu him to leave hie foot-print* in society, an that ho will bespoken of w hen the memorials of him aro , only io he found in tl e libraries of those who know not that . be * se both censured and envied while living. Without at- ! templing a mircte comparison of this Venereal Guide with 1* iit? p? an publication* on the fame family of diseases, it may be ?nid, Irai 1e* rly, thnt this is decidedly, and wlthontqualif- J cation, equal to any of them. The plates in |Aoton'a Treatise arc not dpi a I to these. Ily ontrastingthe two volumes, , both the n .\ttir, and the rm nner of giving instruction, in our , I limbic estimation, should ho accorded to the Vew York ? pris*. I>r. Xlojttw i? k has done the profession a good service. f and nothing can prevent this able work from being spread t over tl e Idnd, as the fact can neither he denied nor conceal- j cd, that he has produced a thorough, well- lighted, y*totnartic treatise, which far surpasses anything of the kind, on [ this branch of prnct ire, heretofore attempted ?n tlniooun- j trjI f c urcr on Diseases of the I rinary Organs; Author t.l n.'Treatise on the Nature and Treatment of Spermatorrli c, or N minal Diseases, resulting from self-abuse; 4lmpot"ney, ,o?l other kindred hfleelinnl," !5>l paRO*. 14 ploto,, third ?al- i II.,I. price f I: Author ?f * ??rk entitled "Mint* to loan* j I'l trfoinnri" Author ?t 'The F.miljr I'hy.ioUr}" *n.l At- , to'ilioit I h? hii ion ?nd Surt-'con to the N?w t ork Hcdie?l ?nd Snrtiril Inioitnto, 75 t'huniher. ?lrect?removed to .V)4 . flrondvnv. >'?>r nolo ?t tho pnhli?hort, S'rimrer ?nd Townnd, HKilir"?dvr?3?. *?d of (be author. MX llr??d??3r. Tito I tiMi*' nien'hly report, of tht, InntUntiim, enainerfttiiig mm I t ?.d, , Ul hot he (.bUlM BOMWICS. M. D. I ' L 11 JL I JJVTKIXIVKNfE OT TB RUM Our WuhhigloN CorrrapondtiM, Washington, Juno 10, 1M. The 0u> unities of Politics?The Appeal of tkt Astelligenrer?Both Partia Jealous of looting ths Abolitionists. The times are redundant of jtolitic&l curiosilisss A mere cutulogue ?f the curious doings and pr^ ductions of #ur politicians, within the laat twslrs months, would till a newspaper broadside, bracing all shades and extremes of opinions, from the obstructions of (Jov. Seward to the abstractions of John C. Calhoun. The luteet political curiosity is the prospectus cr protocol of the National Intelligencer. It is very dignified, remarkably selt-posssessed, and circumspect, and, in many particulars, abundantly satisfactory. But why this protocol, at this particular juncture 1 Js it because the Intelligencer apprehend.-. that the new paper, the Republic, to cum* out in three days hence, may shake the constuucy of the old whig phalanx, who look upon the Inlelli gencer as the oracle of political truth '? Nous ver?-<* a Our nnlv mntiva in roiwlincv thia nr/.iA??i?l was lo detect this apprehension, and we thiuk the Case it* made out. We understand that the publisher of the National Hln)' is to have an office, and that the editor will probably he sent out us a consul to some |K>rt in the West Indies, in which case the fVhig gtacefully closes its labors. Without some eucu arrangement, the fFA/gwill gd 011, one of the moet funny political curiosities of ihe day. There is a good deal of jeulousy between thd whip* and democrats, ut this crisis, with regard te the loss or gain of the abolitionists. With u view to effect the elections in the South, each party is churning upon the other a "coalition" with the abolitionists, while both are anxious for their sup* * port. Ilow the elections may terminate, no man can foresee j but terminate as they may, the abolitionists will have a strong voice in the next house, and will doubtless do their uttermost to drive the administration and the South to extremities. Our Baltimore Correspondence. t Bai.ti.moke, June 11, 1849. Murder Trial?Jury Locked Up?Selling Liquor on Sunday?Ojitra Troubles?Commerce?New Wliig and I)emo<ratic Papers?The Markets, tpc. The trial of John Dunn, tor the murder of Jehu r. Brown, was so far concluded on Saturday ;vening as to be given to the jury, who are still ocked up, unable to agree. The killing of tho joy was almost altogether without provocatioa, jut on account of the pistol having been loaded with shot, the Attorney General only asked for a jonviction for manslaughter. Clear as the case evidently is, it is understood that one-half of th* ury stands out for an acquittal. The Grand Jury have again come down on our tavern-keepers, for a violation of the law against the selling of liquor on the Sabbath day, ana yes terday the consequence was that all but two or three were closed, and they were doing a smashing business in brandy Bmashes. I believe that they have come to an agreement that only two or three shall keep open on each Sunday, taking turns, Hnd by so doing, tl.-y can make enough to allbra to pay the line, which does not exceed $50. When there is only a few open, their sales amount to over $100 each. The Itulian Opera Company have again mads a failure ut the Maseum, and are now almost thrown an the charity of the community. A benefit is to be given them at the Holiday street theatre during the week. The theatrical company at the museum laving volunteered for the occasion. The number of vessels at present in the port of Baltimore, is fourteen ships, twenty-four barkB, twenty-seven brigs, and twenty-four schooners, of which five are up for California, and one for Bhagres. I learn that there is a project on foot here to start i new daily whig paper, to be the orgun of that arty in the State, it is proposed to make it about the size, appearance and character of the 7ta/iun?t excepting its various isms, and to he conducted oil the cash principle, at two cents per copy, or a shilling a week. The parties who have the matter under consideration, understand the business, and if they go into it, will make a capital paper, or none. 1 also learn that a new democratic paper is talked oi, me iunoM lorwmcn are 10 dc supplied by a prominent Washington city democrat, who ha* made a fortune 111 that city hy his connection with the press. He proposes to start a young democrat who now holds u clerkship in the Treasury Department, provided he should be removed from jflice. At stock board, on Saturday, the following sale* were nade114 Halt. ft: Ohio railroad bonds, '07,87; 100 ihare* Murine Bunk, 26), ; 41 do. Anier. Mutual Ins. ; 10 de. llalt. it Ohio railroad, 41>i ; 0 do., do. 41 100 do , do. 41 h. In the Baltimore market*, on Saturday, thero war* ale* of 600 blil*. Howard street Hour, fresh ground, at 54 lih.H and 100 choice at $4 75 ; also 250 bbls.. subject o re-inspection. at $4 02>,' The market 1* very quiet. So rale* City Mill* or Susquehanna. Sale* white aheat at 111c , and red at 1I0o Sold yesterday a cargo >f very Hupcrior Maryland white at $1 25 Sale* yellow orn at 65 a 56c , and white at 52 u fi.'ic. Nothing In iat*. We iiear of no Hale* of whiskey. It 1* quoted at .'1 u 21 >(0. in blil*. Our l'lilludrlplila Correspondence. 1 'i111.aiiki.enia, June 11, 1849. Health Regulations?-No!tic Conduct in Rescuing a Child from Drowning?Markets, Sfr. Tin- city and district corporate authorities hare, aitli but the single exception of Moyamensing, po-ojierated with tin; sanitary re<iuiremenla of th* Board of Health, und our streets, lanes and alleys, ire now in a more cleanly condition than they havs been for years, lint Moyarnensing is, if anything, worse; this district contains a locality equal in the filth, wretchedness, und degradation of its inhubi tantf, to that of your celebrated Five Points. Tho sanitary committee of the Board of Health commenced a personal inspection of tlte various hovels and stalls where the wretched negroes and whites ire nightly huddled together like beastH, and will probably order the streets to be boarded up, and the redundant population scattered, while the naeessary cleaning process is going forward. Kvery nuisance discovered has been promptly attended to by the Hoard of Health, and our citizens, no doubt, owe a debt of gratitude to them for their present exemption from the disease. _ James Patterson, a young man residing in the western part of the city, rescued a child, three years of uge, front drowning, in a pond of water into which it had fallen yesterday afternoon. Other persons were standing by at the time, deterred from attempting its rescue by the tilthiness <sf the water, but young Patterson dashed in. though dressed in his Sunday suit for it walk, and bore him out hi Hafety, to the mother o| the child, who just at the moment arrived on the spot. His name deserves to be recorded among the performers of heroic uctions. Tim Hour market in without activity, but holders arti firm, at $4 1''-Vi tor common shipping brand*, at which small sales have been made for export. For city consumption, the Miles are moderate, at $4'WS to $5. Sali? of rye flour at tf>'J b">i. ami Pennsylvania corn meal at 7a. Wheat continue* steady in price, with a moderate enquiry; fair to prime red sella at 102 to 104c., and w bite at lui to 111)0 Small salon or ryo at 67c. Corn i* in good demand. with sale* of yellow at (inc.. in More and 60), to <ilo. atioat. Soutliern oata x-11 nt. ::o to :>]0 . and Pennsylvania at 32 to :u?. Whig key tall* in hogshead* and lmrr< 1* at 21c, We subjoin to-day's stork sales:?Firit Board.?IS shares (iirard Hank. 1-: '0 S11? |iiehaonah Canal. tit 12; <.300 State fig, 89\;<400 do. Hi)'-,'; $000 do. BV'4 ;42 Mechanics' Bank. 2t>)4; >15,000 Wllm'n itallroad Loan, 8?; $3,000 do Ml, >11000 do. Kb; $1,000 do. Kb. *10.1)00 U.S. im. '53, 10O1,; $1,000 I S <1*. '07, 11.1; -'00 Beading- liailrond, t*f>, IK'i; 100 do 181,; f:| ouo S Nay. I.oan, Wj: $9?Ood<* 62.' ,; $.1 0< 0 do 62 ; 100 Morris ' anal. ' ; $6,000 8 Nay. Loan,62 ,'; 51.000 do. h">, 62)j, *600 do. 5r)4 Strand llaard 4 700 Slate i'tf Stl-0.; 10 000 Wilm Ilailrnad lis. Kb; 1. 0 Reading do. 18,',; 26 do. 18'i; 10 Ooo 1 .s l.oan.'07 XI:.: Id i nlon 1 nnnl 11.',: 6 000 Reading Railroad bonds. ; 6.0)0 do OOV.i. It 000 Potts, ?*. 'Ob. I'O. 2 ' < 0 Stale eK '5b, 101; 27)0 Girard Bank, 12),; 25 Vicksburg do 13',; 10 Mechanic*' do. 20)4, 100 Western do. 7)8; >00 Sch. Nav 8V B6. 63.'-; l,000?do. >*: ,; 2 IVnn. Railroad, 3.5; 60 Suxpiebaontt I anal. 12)4. Nkw Pt.aivet.? Another new planet was obBcrved nt Xaplee on the 12th ??f April, it resembles a star of the ninth or tenth magnitude, and its position ex* n> ?r a ?iar whleh appear* on Steinhell'e celestial eliart. in right a cen-ion L2h.bin. 41).* . and in 7 deg (On 0* . and form* No 23.098 in l.alaode'a catalogue 'I he motion of the planet w?* retrograde^ end It wu* approaching the e<|iiator. This is the ninth now body (Including planets and satellite*) which has 3cin added to the solar system within the last fou? rear*. Wamiinotoji Nationat. Mom mkyt.?The iVni(r).<il Ivltllistnrir contiiinn letters trom gentlemen -f \ iryitiia. (n-orgia and South 1 -irolina. tndering to he Hoard of oanager* of the Washington Monoon-iit, dork* of marble and granite from the** State* to bn doeed in the monument. The blocks are to have the latnr* of the States cut upon them. Sai> 11f.ath.- -A little girl, dnugliter nf Mr. VV'm. lubt.ard, residing in Kast Wheeling, loat iier life in a met pitlnlnl manlier. She had gone out after dinner .0 ?a*h her face at a riiu barrel, preparatory to startrig lor school. Ina -liort tium after she had left the Douse she was found in the barrel drowned Her little Vet hid doubtle*,- slipped and she w?* preoipitated head loietnoit. into the barrel, anil with n - out- to Willie** her last struggle.* she had perished.

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