Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1849, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1849 Page 5
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Folic* Intelligence. Seenet bt/ort Justice MiV.aih ? Monday morning, at the police court, la generally well Ailed with persons of dissipated habit*. who become with liquor during the da; prevlou- more especially u the cholera la now in the city, aud the uko of intoxicating drink* la resorted to aa preventIre*, and por?ou* addicted to I drinking liquor readily enit>race the opportunity, which cause* an unusual uumh. r of Jruukard* to be cared for by the police. The court room waa unusually close and warm, and the odor arising from forty prisoner*, aome of whom were the veriest loafer* that th.. liuagiuation eould conceive These loafer* aa they were seated 111 court, had the appeaamce of moveable beehive* a* itcnie thousands of Hie* of all deaeriptiou* from the blue bottle down to the common house rty all ba/.xed arouud the head* of these loafer* apparently gloating on tliori'th treat afforded thein Oeea?ionally, during th? process of justice, one or two wf these daring Insects would take flight from the loafer and si ght on the aims of lb* magistrate, who would brush him off and exclaim 1 Officers open the windows, the room ha* a very bad smell " The Justice, however w?? not the only one visited by these troublesome customers a* they ptid almost all iu court a visit, more or less, until th? Loafer* were committed. and then all the Hie* fillowed after the greatest Attraction. In the midst of the crowd of prisoner*, a abort chunky looking litlle Irishman was standing, by the name of Timothy Manuiug. aud by hi* side wore two ugly looking bull terrier dogs of a very fero ilou* appearance. This man was arrested on Sunday afternoon, in the Park, with these two dogs unmuzzled running at large. Officer Gallagher, of the tith ward roqueatcd bini to take his dogs away, a* they were too danffernus a* manv eliililr*.,, w. , ? elavlnts sh.nir -and particularly asftfie law prol>tl>it?-a such dogs from running at largo in the Park Manning refu-ed to obey tho officer, and adzing bim by llie collar, endeavored to make the dog* bite him A severe tussle ensued : but aaaiatance came. and .Manning wa? taken to the station bouse and locked up Mao inhate?Manning, what have you got to aay to thin outragaoua conduct? I shall order both these dogs to be killed, and commit you for triul. Prisoner.? f>h. Judge don't do that! Let mo go this time. 1 would not, for foil, be kept away from my werk. 1 am coachman for i)r Beales in Broadway, and there dogs belong to the doctor; he wool In't take $.30 for them. 1 hope you *ill let me go this time. MiOiartiTt?Vour dogs might have been worth $r><) jetterilay, but this moruing their earn are only worth $1. both together?titty cents each dog; besides, wo must make an example of such men. who assault our officers while in the disoharge of their duty. 1 shall hold you to bail in the sum of $400. to auswer the charge at court. Take him down to prison, Officer, UD't despatch the dogs at the same time. The next prisoner was quite a decent looking man. by the name of t'alib Uodirey. who said he resided at No. 124 Orchard street 1'he officer tcstitled to picking him up from the street gutter in f ranklin street, in a stupid state ot intoxication liis tare was covered with mud. and his clothing considerably deranged Ho was still laboring under the iutiiience of liquor, aud stated tbat he had been taking some choli ru preventive, which got iuto his head. The ju-tice ordered that he should j wash bis face, and tbeu go heme, and not take the preventive so strong the next t line, us the preventive might prove more fatal than the disease (Officer Ncalls next presented to the magistrate, six bard looking females, or more familiarly known as the I flie Nilfit.rtlii r,V fl,.. Cntii.lMl,. II 'PI... II... 1 .1 - ? iTn iuMdvog biddy Laugdon. Sarah kurguseu. Kate Wilson, Biddy Chilian. Kate (iallagber Hud biddy Uempsoy. The officer stated to the court that it was impossible to keep these women from the beaches around the I'ark Fountain; they congregate there nightly, exhibiting the most vulgar scenes possible The magistrate made short work ul the.-r fallen nyuiphs. by sending each for a residence of a... mouths ou HlackweU's island. A number of intoxication cases were ilued. and some discharged with a reprimand and others committed to prison for tire day*, iu default of security. Jl Hoarding Iluute Ext,oii. ? In justice to the parties interested, wo insert tlie following communication: ? tin: Kditor or thi Hi.iialu: ? Sir?Will yout please correct tlie report published in your paper of Sunday, headed ' Hoarding House Expose?" It is true. Mr Milter and wife, as well as Miss Strolhirs, were arrested and held to bail, as the authors of tho letters in questiou. and Mr. Hoyne calls upon Mr. Miller to give the name or names of other parties, who (he says) are ooucerncd in it. that they too may be arrested. The allusion that Mrs. Horton does not lire with herhusband is uncalled for; I would, therefore, state that it is no secret. She applied some eight yturs since and obtalued her dlYoroe, through Smith barker. Esq . of this city 2d? There has been no reports against any of Mrs. Horton's boarders, until these scandalous letters were received by Mrs. H"yne and Mrs Horton ; aud not them alone, but other boarders?Mr. iienze. Mr. beers, and several relatives of the family?have also received them, which the authors will have to ain-wer fur Mrs. Horton does not (as reported) keep a "Lady's boarding House," as your report insinuates; but has, for several years, kept a private boarding bouse, with her mother, which has been beyond the reach <<f slander The Indies have not commenced this suit, but Mr iloyue has, on behalf of bis injured wife. \ our seme of justice, i am sure, will cause you to correct the above injurious reports, for the fake of the very respectable parties re tding at No. HI Henry street, and oblige a friend to justice. 11. Jir.tmynwus Lrttrr Case? The ea?e of Mr. Honry i. Butterfield. who stands charged with being the author of au anonymous letter touching the reputation of Mr. Edward D. tiarcsehe. will be investigated one day this week. Mr. Buttertkdd appeared before tho police court yesterday, with his counsel and staled he was ready to go into the investigation any day the magistrate would appoint. W'e understand that Mrs Pastor, and several good looking young women from up town, will be brought as witnessi s ou the occasion, when some ??ri..iia 111 I 1.. Ue> ..-,11 R? ilijnl,.,n,1 i.Hit est of n TUitf?A. inut) by the nam* of Thomas .Ruike was arrested yesterday, on :t charge of stealing a liver watrh worth *10 together with til In bank biil.i, belonging to Ilanlcl I) Conner. tin the person of the accused was found a daguerreotype of two bays in ono picture, with cups on. also a small pookct-bonk; this property is supposed to belong to some other robbery; uu owner is wonted; apply to Mr Walsh, the clerk of police at the Tombs The accused was committed. Stealing a Gun ?A man calling kirn-elf Win Oruisby, was arrested yesterday, hu a charge of stealing a double 'barrel fouling piece, valued at tl5. the property of John Dulevy. residing at No. 1&4 Anthony street. The gun was found in bis possession, and Justice McOrulh committed him to prison tor trial llurglaty ?Some thief, or tliieTes, entered the dwelling house No. 106 Mercer street, on Sunday night, by the means of a false key. and from one ol the upper bedrooms, the rogues carried oir a heavy gold chain, two gold lockets, a gold mluaturu case, and a gold key, valued in ull at fl60. No arrest at present. Jlrrest of a Female Thief?Officer Hopkins, of tho Third waid. arrested, yesterday, a woman by the name of Anu llitey. having in her possession a siher teaspoon matktd J. M W., which she was endeavoring to <wil ; on being qucsti'sued by the officer how she cuuio in possession, she acknowledged stealing the same from I)r Walters, rosidiug at Caldwell'* handing, up the N. River, with whom, she said, she was formerly been at service. Justice Metirath committed her to prison f >r a further heanug, as. in all probability, she might have stolen considerably morn thau one spoon. Charge of Straling Sueerrigns.?Oliver l'"iltman, of the 4th ward, arrested yesterday a oiau by the name of Rarney llenty, on suspicion of stealing eight sovereigns and a bail, the properly of Thomas Owens Justice MeUrath committed the accuse 1 for a further hearing. "Burglary ?Some thief entered the dwelling house, "No. 18 Varick street, by forcing an enliauce through the basement window. The rascal or rascals carried Off a lot of silver tea and table spoons, a gold breast , pin. and a bank bill, the property of Mr. J. S. Woodruff. No arrest. Intuiting Femalei in the Street ? Thllip Johnson was arrested cm Sunday, for insulting females in the street, and committed by Justice O-burne. Ij nrowtng irwnmge in inr n/rrin ?nniuuim riuniueuu was arrested on Sunday night at half-past nine o'clock, J?y Officer Work, for throwing garbage in the struct. Jlathing ?Two boys were arrested on Sunday, by Officers Hill and Leech, for bathiug at the fool of Spring meet. After a continemout of two hours and a reprimand, tfcey were released. United Sutts District Court, JJef lie Judge Belts. Jowk IS ?frank Cheney u?. The Skip Pacific, her Ta> klc. 4'r.? The libel in tljis csu?c wai tilod to reoorer damages for the alleged breach of a maritime contra 't Tho libel set forth that at tlie time of filing, the ship was lying in this port, within the ehb and llow of the tide, and within the admiralty jurisdiction of this court; that the was beuinl on a ?r>yags round Cape Horn to San Kranclfco. California; and that she was owned by't ibbetts uud Gsilini the claimants, and that Joseph Klssaui was tbeir ag?nt to procure passengers, Jtc That librilaet hearing said ship was advertised to rail for ( alitortiia, and being de-it nits to go there with despatch he, on or about the 2'Id of December, 1818, applied by his agent to Kis-atn in regard to the terms and iccoiumodutlou of raid ship and the lime of her sailing. The said Kis-atn represented to libelant's Agent, that she was a lirrt. class vessel and a fast sailer, and that the cubiu pasn ng'T? might have all comforts, plenty of 11 iioo lor air anil exercise; that the owners engngt d not to take more than 00 cabin pa-sengers; and that by reason thereof, the passage money would t>n S>3hU fur each pas-euger, iustead of flioO. the usual chatgc for such a voyage; that Griffin, one of the claimants made the same, or confirmed the rupresnutatii ins i f KUsara his agent. That freight should not he taken to the inconvenience of the passengers: that the vessel would sail ou the 6th of January, 1849. and that a certain amount of freight and luggage would be Aliened to each prsseiiger; the luggage free of expense, and the fri ighl at the usual prices I'hat relying on said repreet ntatlens. the hbellunt, on the Until December, 1.S4H. paid the owtu rs fiiloii as his passage money. As a cabin ) aseengor in said ship That on the day of Miling. he went with Ins height and luggage to tint Test* I, wbeu the claimants refused to allow him a convenient, pi ice to stow his luggage, or to put any freight whatever on b'>nrd The libel also alleged, that there wrc twenty two additional berths iltl'd tip, in a part of the vessel winch was to bo left |v|? ? ....... .. I- . I. ..1 1. ,11 i im 1111' i. arern d vnrioti* oilier brmrobnt of tbe contrite'., ? To the lib?'l thii claimant* demurred on tha following I -?"lit" ' "" ' ' ' ' ill ttl? i uni. taw unutiaui ?? luiw rfbt'l ?i'A being poli'ly Had oxitl'i-Irel/ maritime. out I F-iontakihip. its appear* oil it* fn-n, various extrln-io "ubltgulloii*. li? not ? contraot entailable Jn Adaiilaity; and nlao, that *ren if thi< contract ewt forth lit the libel bo cognizable In Admiralty. no cnu><o of artl >a 1 :iiat] arisen thereon at the time of iliug. aud that tburo Jl/Tv the libel ought to be di.-uiir-ed?adjourned. Common l*lras. i Jrfir 'IB.?Roth brauchi n of thu Court adjourned | to-day, no bu?itie*8 being ready. TheUlrhelleu Dlainotnl-poliitrd Hold Pens n art anaerpaared I or finenaei, flexibility, or durability. Buy one; it will Ixnt a lifetime. Al-.o, u lar,;.i aaeurtaieiit <>f flaa 'field ar.d Silver Watei.e*. made In the in eqbatanual manner, n I wholesale or retail. >> J V. M A VaUK, UJ i'ulion hi tit it. Watches und bold IV as repaired. Dr. II. Boattvlck'a 1'ioetlual Work a, trowting a eertuiti class of diseases. .See ud vertirt incur in another eolnnin. 1 l ey are the beat books, on the subjected which they treat, extant. Ifntler.-The Naater or Owners of tlic Pari Very llarrin ;t <n, wi 1 art be ro pniiaitila Tar any debt h auntrai'ied by (ha craw NEW? FOR EUROPE. VHl WEEKLY HHR&LD. Tbs steamship Europa will leave Boaton te-morrow noon, for Halifax and Liverpool. Her malls will close in this city at 4 e'olock this afternoon. The Weekly Herald, printed In Frenek and English, for circulation in Europe, will be published at 12 o'clock to-day, In ample time for the malls. Its contents will embrace all the Important news of the week, and oan be had In wrappers. Single copies, sixpenee; annual subsorlptlon, to Include the postage, $4. 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There were large sales of the leading fancies, and any quantity of stock is pressing upon the luaiket. Nothing but the great abundance of money, and the reduced lute of Interest, enables the bulls to inilKte prices at all; and iu the event of any contraction in tbu supply of capital, there must be au immediate revulsion in the fancies. At the first board, Treasury Notes fell off per cent; hrie Railroad, % Reading Railroad. %. United States 5s, 1853, went up >4 percent; Illinois ?s, \?; Canton Company. I V; Har It 111, I'*; Farmers' Loan, >4. Loans aro easily mads at the rate of four per cent per annum, on call; and it Is pretty difficult to purchase any good stock at prices that will net a much better rate of interest than five per cent. The sub-treasury of this port has been largely drawn on lately, and the deposits liavo been reduced to less than one million of dollars. Thl* has compelled the government to issue the balance of the last loan, to put itself in funds to moet the semiannual interest on the public debt, due on the 1st of July, proximo. '1 lie demand for sterling exchange has boon only to a fair extent, for the packet leaving Boston on Wednesday, as yet, but to morrow (Tuesday,) the mails close, and there will probably be more activity. We quote the best bills on London at 9 a O.V per cent; on Taris, 5f. 27 V a 5f. 25; Amsterdam, 40 a 10 V; Hamburg, 05)4' a 35)i; Bremen, 78\ a 79. 'The receipts at the office of tho Assistant Treasurer oi this port to-day, amounted to $100,024 91; payments. $40 850 13; balanco, $963,182 16. The New Vork and Harlem Railroad Company will pay the regular semi-annual dividend of four per oent on the preferred stock, on tho 3d of July. It has been reported that the Ohio Life & Trust Com. pany has been calling in a portion of its loans of capital. None of these loans have been called in, and none can be called in without two years previous written notice' w hile the security is sufficient and the iuterest promptly paid. It is for the interest of the company to continue all safe loans, rather than change them. Calls have lately been made, by the company, upon borrow, ere, principally in Cincinnati, on pledgee of stock, Sic.; but not upon borrowers of capital. The annexed table exhibits the quotations for the principal public securities of the country, in this iuar ket, at the respective periods named:? Qvotatioxs kor Public Stor ritis:*. .W.iy 10. i'J. Junt 13, '19. IT. S. boas, 5 per cent, 1863.... yj* a I'll 100 a 100,i* Do. 6 " 18IS6. ... lot,'* a 107 10#** a 107 Do. 6 " I86S 1M a 1W* 111* a 111'; Do. 6 " 1S??7. ... Ill** a 111 118* a 111,* Do. 6 " 1868 113 a 11.'IK ll'lJi a 116* Do. Mexican Indemnity. 100 a 101 ? a ? rreudiiry Notes, 6 per cent. 110 alio* IIS a HO'-; Mew York IS per cent, i860 ? a ? ? a ? Do. S " 1864 105 a 108 11(1 a 111 Do. 8 " I860 1(18 a 108* 111 a 111* Do. 8 " 1881 108JH a 109 111 a 111 <2 Do. 6 " 1862 109 a loo1; 111 aid Do. 8 " 1807 109 a 1010-2 111 a I I.I Do. 6* " 1860 1(B a 103* 104 u 101 Do. 6* " 18111 103 a 103V HO a I'M Do. 6* " 1866 106 a 105'* 103 a 109 Do. 6 " 1860-03... 100 a 100V 10.1* a 104 Do. B " 1865-63... 100* a 100* 101 a 104'*' Do. 6 " 1850-00... 100 a 11X1V I'M a 104* Do. IS " 14ol-62... JUU a 100* 104,* a 101* Do. 4* ,, 11*49-84... ? a ? ? a ? Ohio 7 percent, 1361 10!!* a 101* 103 a I'M* Do. 8 " 1850 103 a I0>* 103 a 10.3V Do. 6 " I8.i6 106 a 106* l'T7* n 104 Do. 6 " I860 1U?U a 106* 10.** a 110 Do. 0 " 1870 100* a 106,'* 110 a U0'4' Do. 6 " 1850-66 ? a ? ? a ? Kentucky 6 per cent 103 a 103V 108 i l"-', I>?. 6 " 66 a 80V 83 a 8.5 Illirois Int. Imp., 1847 373* ? 38 a 43 Do. " Int. Ftock... 31 a 22 -a 91 Do. Fundable IPiuds 43 a 45 41 a 47 In liana Bonds 40 a 41 41 n 41 Do. State Fives 64)* a 65 71 a 71* Arkansas, 6 percent ? a ? ? a ? Alabama, IS " 66 a 65)* 66 a 68 Do. 6 " 68 a 70 70 a 71 Do. 6 " Btorlinx.. ? a ? ? a ? Pennsylvs.lS " 833* a 83 90 a 00* uo. n a tee a Maryland, 6 " 100 a 1UO* 100* a Ml> Do. 6 " Staring.. W a 92 90 a 97* Tennessee, 6 " 102 a 102* 103 a MS Da. 6 " 30 a 81 85 a 85* Massachua. 3 " ? a? ? -a ? Miuhiiruu, 6 " ? a ? ? a ? Virginia. ti " 100 a MO* 101 a Ml* N. T. City, 7 por eant, 1357... . 100* a 107 ? a ? Do. 7 " 1832 ... 102 a 102* ? a ? Do. 6 " 1830 ... 94* a OS ? a ? 1)?. Water Loan, do 1388 ... 91* a 93 10) a 100* Do. do. do 1370 ... ? a ? 100* a 100* D". rira Loan, do 1333 ... ? a ? ? a ? Brooklyn (i per ct, 1 >>53-57-58.... 102 a M2* lotl a 10.1 1! iltimort On, 1830-70-90 100* a Ml* Ml* a Ml 1'hiladelnliia C-? 101* a 101 103 a 103* N. V. l.ile aud Truat Co 110 a 112 ? a ? Farmer,' l.uan oud Trust Co.... 31* a 33 34* a 39 Oiilo Lite In*, and Truat Co... 30 a 80* 93 a 94 Bunk of U. 8. In I'eun 3 a 3* 2* a 3 Camden and Amboy R. R 130 a 133 110 a 112 Hartford and New Haven K. R. lllf a 108 ? a ? New Verk oud Now Haven R. R. 80* a 00 8a* a 90 Hudson River R. K SO a 00 ft! a <>7 New York fc Erie RR. new stock 02 a 02 * 03 a 02* N, w Ti,rk& Erie R.K, old atock 80* a 01 01 a 01* Albany St Schenectady K. It... 81.* a 82 Ho* a 90 (Jlica and Schenectady It. It... 120 a 121 123 a 123 Syraeune and Utica It. R... I.. 120 a 121 ? a ? New Jeraey Railroad 107 a 103 109 a 110 Auburn and Syracnae R.R....80 a 81 ? a ? Auburn and Kocheator R.R.... 86 a 86* 80 a 83* New York unil Harlem Railroad W a 68* 68 a 39* Re tding Railroad. 30* a ill)* 39 a 30* Do. Honda... 52* a 62 * 08 a 02 Do. Mortgage IM|K Oo* a to* 09* a 70 Brie Railroad DeMi, Int.... 90* a ? * 101* a M2 Da. " 2d 86* a 86 89* a 90 Do. " Sd.... 79 a 80 81 a 82 Halt. Ohio It RR Bends, 1854-36 93* a 93* 97 a M0 De. Dir. Honda 82* a 83 87* a 87* Baltimore b Ohio Railroad ... . 40* a 40* 43* a 44 ndnon River Railroad Honda.. ? a ? 96 a I'D Western (.Mass.l Railroad 102 a 102* 02 a 102* Del. Ii Hudson Canal Ca 12,7* a M0 1CI a HIS Do. " Horip M a 147 100 a 15 J j Since the middle of May. moot of the securities in this ll?t havo advanced several per cent. Government stocks hare Improved more than any others. The quotations now current are for dividend due on the 1st of July proximo, off, which inako the actual rise three per cent greater than appears by the report of prices. Illinois and Indiana bonds have advanced rapidly; but there nro very few on the market. Reading Railroad stork and bonds Lave been in demand, and prices have improved very much, as will ho seen by the comparative quotations. The great abundaupg pi BW.Sy lias created considerable Inquiry for good, sound stocks; gnd sblohfc 4s lbs public mind continues iu its present state, everything of a faney nature will be more or less neglected. The fact is, people are getting tired Mid lick of those slocks ?bJch have no real value, and consequently fluctuate so lately, lrom time to time, that holders know not whether Jj*ey will ever again realise their outlay. Many of these fantffes have been upon the market so many years that those who have had hopes of an improvement In value, have lost all patience, ami the brokors find thelrsupply every day increasing, so lliat ultimately they will have te carry tho bulk of them. Outsiders have withdrawn their capital troiu these fancies,and placed it where it will be earning something, la goverument and other good stocks. Wo do not know what the brokers will do with the fancies, th>-rc are so many in the market; and it requires such a large sum to carry thorn, at the present prices, that the probability is their own weight will bring them down It will be for the interest of the street specula- J tors to let prices down, te lnduoe outsiders to take hold; kit it it our Impreeslon that itm that rata will Ml neenl. We hart, now-a-days, none of that reokleas peculation of former years, and it it with the utmost difficulty that even an adranct of two or three per cent it produced. At an erldence of the feeling existing among outside speculators?those who give life and tone to the stock market?It is only necessary to refer to the low rate of Interest for money, and prioes for the leading fancies, compared with those current la previous years. The leading railroad stock* range fifty and sixty per cent below prices ruling three and four years ago, while the works themselves have been extended and improved very largely. Unfortunately, the extension and improvement have not been attended with a corresponding increase in reveuuo; and in times past, where the surplus earnings were appropriated to the construction of the road, they are now required to meet the payment of Interest. With enormous debts, independent of tbolr immense capitals for every dollar earned double that sum, in some instances, has to be paid The stockholders stand behind two or three classes of indebtedness, and the probability of their realising anything on the investment, becomes less and less every day. This is wue reason why the fancies are so much nrglocted. The (inanres of the State of Maryland are Improving with the greatest rapidity. The receipts into the Treasury hare been larger than anticipated, and It ii probable that the surplus to bo added to the sinking fund will exceed erery estimate. Finances or Maryland?Resources or tiir Treasury I ash on hand $400 000 00 Balance due Treasury 400.1#") 60 Direct Taxes of 184# tiuo ooo 00 Total, 1840 $l.4oO,3oS6? .According to this there will be the sum of $1 4^p,31'5 56, applicable to the demands against the State for the current year; nn amount which will pay the interest upou the entire debt, and leare a rery large balance to be added to the sinking fund, to which may be added the dividends from the various internal improvement companies, which will enlarge tho surplus materially. The annexed statement exhibits the movements in tho leading departments of each of the banks of New Orleans, according to reports made to tho Board of Currency on the 26tli of May, 1849 Basks or New Orleans, Mat, 1849. CaiK I.iabililitt. Circ-n.,. Li(X?"ic,. Total. Usislana Bank.. .1,179.1<>2 2.4(17,728 643,740 4,735.Ml (until Bauk 1,528,690 1,858.0U 100,440 3,056,748 City Bank 821,8111 871,681 461,438 2,154 934 State Bauk 633,21)0 1,419,514 3,6*3 2,05.4,199 Mech's Si Traders. .1,Ot-9,4 0 1,857 721 370.317 3,317,323 Uuiun Bank 25,035 33.976 1,641 63,553 Citinrs* Bauk 254.392 11.979 1*40.835 907.2(18 Cuusuiidaied Asuc. 104,832 1,659 ? liM,d83 Total 5,739]Itti 8,S257tia 2,170,01)5 10,lit), Hi Cash distil. Sped*. Loan*. CashAYiet*. Tot"1 LouisianaBank...2,10*.211 1,688.033 2,(165.098 ' 5,68)1,342 I anal Hunk 1.373,922 1,473 012 2.2)1.3,2 .'. (?? - I City bank 1,163,82)1 1,4.30,(Ml 3,.V12d 3,011,-15 Slate liank 001,011 2,103 168 ? 3,004.472 Mcch's It Traders. 1,< 04.121 1,314,143 1,200,255 4,230024 Union bank 112,664 214,670 36.3,31 13 821,348 Citiscns' bank.... 8,210 ? 408.61H to7,020 Consolidated Asuc. 6,462 ? 10,000 51,492 Total 7,868,236 8,309,933 6,964,604 ?'712,770 Dead U'.iKht. Capital Other Lia- ...... Stock. bilities. di>*ti. Louisiana Bank 3,922.200 00 141,300 00 3,945,593 15 Canal and banking Co.3,163,750 00 ? 2,906,101 91 City bin k 1,074,700 00 363,308 27 972,498 17 LonUiana State bank. .1.734,820 00 ? 331,443 15 Mechanics Ik Traders'. ..1,704,100 00 ? 1,908 407 11 Union bank 2,916,000 00 61,332,29 5,238,719 10 Citizens' Hank -- 6.408,007 21 7,010.383 94 Consolidated Asuociat'n. -- 1,718 475 00 1,3<9.958 43 Total 14.CO5.S70 00 8,955,622 77 23,373,169 99 The (lead weight consists of loans and means not Immediately available, and liabilities not immediately due. The liabilities are for capital stock paid in, and a few other items. The assets am composed ot real estate, publie improvements, loans on capital, on mortgage, on paper, protested paper, &c. 1 be aggregate of all assets, including capital, was $46,015,040 86; liabilities, $25,406 038 19. Excess of assets, independent of capital, oyer liabilities, $5,014,841 67. The leading items in the above statement, compared with previous roturus, present the annexed statement :? Basks or JTkw Ori.rass. May. 1845. Sept. 1M7. July, 1848. ALi V. 1819. Specie 6,864,125 6,Oi.S,n68 7,614,375 7,368,230 Circulation 4,813,917 4.400,6.53 6.114,198 5,739.252 Cash liabilities... 19.. 1)2.595 12,758.475 14.887,119 16,510.415 Cash assets 12,259,862 17,123,122 27.363,206 22,642.779 The excess of specie over circulation, on the 26th of May last, wan $1,628 984. The excess in July last was $1 SCO, 177. Sine* July, 18-18, there ha* beeu a ilecroaso In specie on hand of $270,130, and in circulation of $374 940. The banks were butter fortified with specie at the date of tho last returns, lu proportion to their circulation, than in July last. Stock Kxcltan|(ei $26,000 Trea Notes 11 ti JOO al a Harlem RR bfiO 5H'2 7,000 U S ti's, '66 106V 100 do soO 57V 1,000 do 107 .150 ,10 53 8,5<iO do "62 1111J 1O0 do b.Kl 5.3 800 do do 111*; 150 do bio 61 40.825 do '67 lid'-., 200 oo ?30 57V 16,000 II S Is, fit .'O do 67't ;i,000 II In Im Bds'47 4aV 350 hong 1 filed ItK 27'-? 6.000 Penn 6'? is", poo d.. bOO 22'i 4 <K4) do ! <)>, 000 Readinx Ult .I!)1. 10.000 do b!0 to 300 do b30 SOS, 5.000 do 10 26 Portsmouth D 1) Co 5 10 slit Del It Ilr.d 01 C ll 5 25 do 4", 1.5 Cticu S; 8h?uoct?dy 125 26 Norfe H'rr RR 3s 26 Ohio Lire & Trust < 0. W .60 N V U N It Rlt 91"/, 100 Morris Canal 1..70 !'!-? 5,000 Roadiag Hotels 6,1 j lit) do bOtnon 10 5 000 do *boOds 63 25 Eris new, full bi3 62V 1,000 do (13 160 do 02liJ 3.000 do 51 ort^n;re (I!) 10 do 62^4 3,000 do do 03V 25 Canton Co op* 41 100 Farmer's Trust slid S3'. 1.60 do i.pjj 4l'n 50 do S8,'a 100 do 110 ds 41 450 do 3d XI do tt) da 41 100 da bfiO 361 800 do ops 49, M Yiokehuri? UK TV 350 Hart, m lilt 6o'4 30 New Jersey Kit 110 600 do 5 second board. 6(00 Rea,linn Bonds 07 25 sin Com Rk of N O 21V MX!) Erie 7 ? Bonds 101 115 Canton Company 41V 6000 do. 1860 t0'.4 25 do 41'-, 61(41 d?, 7's 1"2 114) Look Island ISR 22', 8 shs N V & N II RU 1 0 jMVEJHIiMMNTft UL'tliWKO KVKkV HAT. 8AI.1C8 Ob AVCl'llM. t *. norimav. atctionier ? third p,phi no 3J? Sale ( I Relined Utiiinr--1/. M. 11 < fTmAn 86 Co. will aoll on Wednesday, !>"0th, at 12 o'clock, at tlio Commercial Sulci Koi m, ciint r of Bioud and Heaver street!, the st ick of standout hetined Sugar, manufactured III Mcasrs. Woolsey St Co., toneiltiiig of Louf, Crushed, and Powdered Refined in the t'sutil variety of packages. Also, Syrup iu barrels, Turin* at tain. AUCTION NOTICE.?SAFE OF THE STOCK OF A 'llircud, Needle, Dry Goods, and Fanny Store, litis 'lav, at twelve o'clock, at No. 7U W est Broadway, near Franklin street, comprising a great vnrioty of articles in the line, in good lots. AImi, Fixtures, Partitions, Show Casus, Counter, Doric Crates, Aw nitty, hie. Sic. TIIOS. BEI.I., Anctionecr. K KW AliDS. OS R REWARD.?l.OST. ON SUNDAY, A HUM, TERVjftJ rier Bitch, nt out 17 lbs. weigh', white, with yellow sp its on each side of her he id. The iinder wl! receive th? ahovo rtwitid, by 11 lining her to Carroan'a, 77 Fulton et., Ilrooklyn. SjfK RK W A R r>.?l.OST-A SMALT. MEMORANDUM yfitf Book, with a black paper cover, of no use to anv person but the owner. The finder will please leave it at GREEN Si MADDEN'?, lh8 I liaihsm street. Three dollars reward.?lost, on mondat, the I8tli inst., In going from the City Hall to 27th street, a bundle of rapers, of no value to any one but tho ownsr.? The finder will receive the above reward, on leaving the paper* at the office of TllEQpiiK E 3 F.t)G WICK. M Wall at. 10 ST?on monday, IB i II inst.. on third AVEJ nne, hetsteen liellgate Ferry and Forty-second street, a 1.adj's iutftll Carpet Bag, containing about aixty dollars in bills, a broach in a ease, and sundry other articles. The finder will b? liberally rest arded on lenvini the above with thomas ii. maxwem, Mi William at. niMKELAAKOliS. ?3 ATI! I NO.?STOTAM'S BATHING ESTABLISH mi nt, at wie corner 01 urnaawnjr sou n a^nr ntreot, nav been enlarged anil refitted with ever? accommodation that tin coinlort of visiters requires. The neces it; uf bathing daring tlila period of the senaon must l>e ert.ent to erory ono. finer cleanliness it thn turret and safest r-llnnre against dlsea'e. That it It a ltmtry, may lie known h; trial. PORTRAIT OF VERY REV. THEOBALD MATI1EW.? Jutt published, a (aitliful likeness of the groat Apostle if Temperance. Tinted and nulored, SI; colored, without tint, fitioentt; tinted, plain, 'dfieaats; plain email paper, I'loenls ? For tale by COUl'IL, VIItEUT ?t CO,2*5 llroadway. Life insi i banc*.-the British commercial l.lfe Ineurance Company, of London nnd New York, Capital three million* of dollart, eontlnuoa to insure the live* of persons proceeding to California, by either of tha ntua 1 routot. Inanrtntet can be effected any day, between the hour# ol 10 and A. ff k haf MO.V30N, General Agent for thd United States, t?< Wall street, New York, SOT An I. A sit?. 01 RAN DOLES, CHANDELIERS, cutlery, 1 lated IVare, Tea Trayt, So.?J nut opened, a frorh atock of Cirntulolct. Sc.. flnishtd In an entire new style nf dun ark work; alro, in silver, fronts and ormolu. Alto, fine plated Tea Sets, Ate., plated on G rmen silver. fully equal in appearance to pure silver. ASilRIt R. MORGAN, lf>2 M illiam itroet, between Fulton ami Ann, Opposite thn Churohj_ Removing.?fkench mechanical i.aMrs, formtrly 377 Broadway, now 44.1 Broadway, near Canal st. Mechanical Lamps of erery patem, Vc.sels, Suspensions, Olobet, Chimnies, Silk Wicks, Shade*. Sperm Oil So. Suspension*. Brackets aril Hands 9. oARDOMTILLH, Gold i e \f and dentists1 foil manufactory, 112 Lrsnklin street, near West Bros* way. The snHncrilxir continues to manufacture a snp< rlor arii'da of Hold Loaf, equal to any in the oily, and at the verr lowest cash prices, fd 2A per package. Dentists' Foil. $?'> p?tr oa. All orden aooompauitd with oath promptly attended to. .r. I,. wfAtrnir. Otis held. at the irving rhomj.-tul Numerous visiter* ? tlie?e popular Billiard Rooms (with Ift tables), are raspndtfolly informed tbat Mr. Field has returned to bin favorite quarters, 401 Bri adway, eornerni Mailer street. Call aid try his extra Mipnrn r oobblers N il. Vltilrrs who bass been disappointed ,n sot lint a ehniice to play, are informed thai atra^onsnnta ore made for eight mure table*. POKTDia. CINTRRVILLI CO (J RSI?TROTTIBfO.?THIS DAT, fat 3 o'clock, a match for a MM will soma off, two mlla beats, to 250 lh wagon*. J. Con war name* b. a. Stranger; C. S. Berlin* name* b. ui. fun; King. JOEL CONK LIN, Proprietor. A SPLENDID FORTUNE FOR ?10 OR ?3.-Brit*nula Sporting Portrait Ctnb, 25 Oaorg* straat, Plymouth, Eog1*11(1.?B> the dealt-* of aumorana natron* of tha Club, thara will ba issued a aorlaa of angrarad Portraits of all horaaa entered for tha Great Doaosatar St. Lexer Kaoa of IH40. The diitrlbution will ba eonduotad upon the earns legitimate and ! honorabla principle* as thoso whiuh charactariaod tlia raoant I Dcrbr proceedings. Tha diffcrant alaaaea of Portrait! to ba designated thus: Flrat Class-Second da?third da. Each muuibrr will ba entitled to a Portrait. Should it repteaaut j either of the W inning or Starting lloraaa it will aaoura to the holder the amount a* particular!* d below. 4,000 Members to aaoh aortas. First Class Member* A10?Seoond do. jU-Third do. El. To the Member who ntajr hold the Portrait of the? Binning Horse. 2d Horse. 3d Horse. Each starting. 1st Class, E2U.0OU Ed.UtM) ?2.000 ?500 2d Class, 10.1*10 3,000 1,000 ->:4 3d Class, 2,000 400 2u0 50 The above sums to be paid in full to tha fortunate winners. Immediate application tor the vacant Membership* is necessary. All loiters must b* accompanied by a remittance.? Dratts, (to. made payable to the t-oc'y, W alt ICR Jamkk, Kip N. li ?a tin tuber can have on* or more shares in either of the dillereut classes. Kereipt* will be duly acknowledged, and nuuil ors forwarded itistantcr. Full particulars of the Race will bo forwarded to distant subscriber*. Mr. george thompson has the pleasure of iutorming hi* friunds and the that he will give *i i xhibilion ou Tuesday ereniiig nest, Jttuc I'.tth, w hen he will l ure the honor of itittoduoing a dnplsy of talent, perhaps, never before exhibited. T. Hver auu Thompson will wud up the exhibition by a grand display and trial of skill (scientific). The exhibition will take place at Mager'i Concert Hall, No. lul Elisabeth street, oommenoiug at eight o'clock Tickets to be had at the doer. Warts. TO MACHINIST?.?WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A 'espeotable young Iran, who thoroughly understand* ii ai'liini iy in nil its hrani hei, buildtug, drafting, Ate. Served in the Polyteobni'i So I. fa Paris, two years. Call at 421

IV A N T E D- A SI ri ATION, BT A RESPECTABLE ! ww JfOUIVOBU M plain i k Aid VMbia|IMl ironing, j or hnuHi w ork, In a private family. No object! ?n to go * short j die ail . ! . ? II. b#ai oitj f% WIMIOftM bfl ;'ivou. Apply at >18 Sprit at reel, front basement. \I7ANTED-A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE " as Chambermaid or Waiter, or to take care of children. Hai no oMeotien to goiog to the country. The beet of tit y reference. Pu-aso to apply at 67 Crosby at root. i \Y ANTED -BY A RES PICTAB1 B ENGLISH WOMAN, ww a situation aa UouHokoepoi- or Chambermaid, or to go travelling with a lady ; has no ohjoction io go to the country; la full j competent In nil houael old '-i, Lneei, and cm give the bet t referenoea* Plcate call at 156 Madison st., when she can be Men for four days. Wan t \: d?a 8it1 a i ion by a respectable young woman as Cook ; ia a good washer and ironer; or to do chKiitherwork ami waiting, or as obildron'a nurae and do i lata see ing; has no (hjectl n to d > gi n irsi i m iwork In private family. I inquire at No. 238 Weal 21at struct, 1Kb avenue. Can he seen thro a days. WANT ED?BV TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRLS, situations; otto as Chambermaid, and assist in washing end ironing, or general housework, In a private family j the other as Chambermaid and Waiter, or to tak*< cave of ohildicn. No objt -otions to go a abort dia anc* in the country.? lest of city reference. Please to cull at No. JW Riviugton n i. in i be n ar, second goor. < 'an be Mtn for t wo >\ iyt? i \\r a n ted?by \ steady youno woe tn# a si pu \I f f ti?'ii to do the housework of a Htnall private family, or I | lab eare of children. Baa no objection to go a ahdrt distance I i?. the ? ? unity. The beat of city retereuoe given, inquire at 227 had is <n street. U7 an ted-situations for two giri.s. one as Coolt. Wntdicr and Ironer; tPe other aa Cliarbbermnid I or W niter, < r to do general housework in a Htnall family. [ t. <>d city reference given, if required. No objection to go a [ hhort diatuiK e in the country. Can bo seen for two days. ; an t?? call at 27'.' Mulberry afreet, in the rear. Wanted- situations, by two ybry oompetent girls, with good city reference; one to coak, wash and iron fur a private family; is a good cook and lirat rate w r.Hhcr ai d ironer; the other aa w alter or to do chamberw rk, , and to help iw4 lauudreM, ITcaao call at 71 6th avonee, in the j beck store. WANTED?11Y A PROFESSED COOK, A SITUATION | in a good family. Has no objection to go to the conn- | I try. Hie Lest of reference can bo triven. Please call at 173 i 'I!.:r'1 iivi'iiur. To lu' mvu twu WAMED-BV A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUAtiim Hi Scamitreis anil asalatant In the cam of children; uniliiatninii* ilrem-making. Rotors to her present cm? plnyerf, No. 90 East Kin), toon tli at rout. '117'ANTED?BY A RESPECT A REE YOUNG WOMAN, ?' uittuatinii to Un general housework in a small pritato family. She is a first rate washer and ironar, a stood plain cot.k, at'tl has tho heat of city reTeronoea from her last place, fell at No. IElm efreet, in the store. WANTED?SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESPECPABU joung winner?ana to cook, wash and iron, or do geueral hou>cworh; the other to do chaniherwork and waiting. or tnke euro of children. Itast of city reference, lias no objections to g. in the tountry. Pleaao eall at No. 171 Charles at. WANTED FOR TIIF. COUNTRY?A FEW RESPECTAlile men i an hat a steady employment for the summer months, by applying at PS Broadway, 3d floor, room No. 4. Pi rsons w ialiing for a trip into the eountry, unit to clear thoir SI per day. will tin a imnd ahance. IRTANTUD-A SI1TATII..V AS I'llAUUF.RM \ ID, OR YY to do central housework, by a young woman who can allow excellent references in the city. Also, a|man and his wife wish a si nation with a farmer in the c mntry?ho ai Fanner, and she to take charge in Managing dairy or house, as General Servant. Apply at No. 13 City flail Place, for two nays. WANTID-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant Girl, as a Clmmhormaid or Waiter. Good references given, if required. Apply at 43 Jay street, to B. Flnrphy. WANTED.?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young V' icon, us Lady's Muid, or to attend children, or would take charge of an invalid. In an excellent hair-dresser. M< Ht satisfactory references can ho given. Uas just arrived fn in the old country; is a member ot the estublisncd church. Ap|lyat21 lfiLetta lane. WANTFD?A INITIATION AS SEA M^TK E MY A pert on fully qualified; underntauds dress making, shirt nicking, and all kinds of plAtn needlework; weuld have in ohiection to asnist in chauiberwork; id it Protestant, and v. fhhe? to go to the country, or travel. Cud ho highly recom1111 tilled. Address M.S.. II day Ht reel. WANTED?IIV A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL, A situation as Cook, Washer, or iToner, or to do the housework of a private family. Apply at 115 Hammond * i ? ft, in the binasit \\" ' N T F. P? A SITI'ATION MY A ^<>1 NG W'V.l.W AS m Chambermaid, or Nur*e, and to do plain sowing. The hi t of city reference from her last place. Can ho seen for three days. Pirate call at '?J Thompson street, up stmrs; to rt< troovli no boardlni how t keeper i eed Apply* fir an tin?J 8 itu a tlolf, IT a R isp 11 r\".LK vy young wornan, a* Look, who understands her business, at d is a gooa washer and ironcr; also, a good halter. Would i"> a hl-ort distance in the country. Can show the best of c ity i fcitnee. Pleaso call at No. 135 Crosby street, between I' in o and Houston, ( an be sj u f r three days, if not suited btfot#. \Y A N T K D ? A : : tl A 'I'M \ , BY A HI! <PE<'T MILK f T girl, to do general housework. Lias n?? objection to go ij tl a try. li-v lie hi No . oagreM Flaoe. 11* \ Ml V - TWO .i'M KN KYMP.X < \BIN K T- M \ K ers, f f tt? go into tin- country. Apply, or uddros.i postpaid, 10 ". o .'O t>oiham, 2d, Vt ? purl, (Joon. 117 , : D-BY A R >i i < I IBLS \ of NO WOM \ V, vv a situation to do plain cooking, wa?t ing and ironing* r > ??uid do the geu> nil huubawork ol a small private (a nil jr. *<? bjeotiun to 3" a short distune o in the country. (Jan giro j I c h? at of city reference. Addre.n, M Hank Ht.met, second t!<or IITaNTKD? nv A RESPECTAlil.E PROTECTANT WO> f iiti-D, a bit nation :ih Cook i>. a private family. Ji?*at of i v rclcr noes give?. inquire of N?,31 Charles stmoN front U ? C"Mt. VATANTED?BY A RESPF. ;TABLK YOUNG WOM\N, I t a tituation as ('hauibcrmiud ai.d 'A'aitur, or to a-< it In he wuehf^g and ironing. Ha* ti? ohj". i.?u to go a short <! ibnee in tin iountry. Apply at No I3> Crosby street. la *lie .cur, 111 \s( On liouiton ami Prince. Can be seen f >r two \YO! NO WOMAI WANTS I SITVA1 ION A ( > ? . Wiifher mul Irotior, r r as ('liamhoru).iid. Tim best city ?i i fun by given. Enquire at store 211 Bowery. C'au I t ? a for I w o da vs. A i ITUATJON WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE PRO1 \. te-t.iat young woman, who wound under!*!. the charge >i two or three young children, and in Arn< t them In learning; v m;id do plain work if required ; wages are not so much the i i it wards a comfortaldo hoioe. Can ho seen for two days ' ..i 7 CarriH>n st., Front ft., Brooklyn. Also, a brother would | l. I: u ion us Coachman, or to travel with a gent I em nn, i :: etly understands hi b sine** in either capacity; lul objection to tie country. Ad dr. ?h as aboro. A YOtlNO WOMAN W \M' A 8IT0A HON \ PL \ I N 1\ ( ock, is a b.o?Ki wether-tnd ir ncr, and has no objection i po a thoit distance in theuouotrj. flood city mlVrence . Ingulf 468 Fourth M, - i >f*ii?. \ REST ROTABLE A OU N 0 I, \DY. WHO c PEA KS T'remh, Ctrmao, t>nd a great deal of Fugliah, under- 1 ?tmi dm r plain an?1 funoy needlework, abo hiiirdrciing, is ! desirous of ol faiuirg a situation as lady's maid. N <> object.i"i to go in the country. Apply at (>05 Fourth street. \vhmi man wishes a situation, as waiter . t y (Vachman, and is wi'lfng to work in ft garden. Ifj on- ! 0 i > .'amis the (are of horses perfectly well, snJ would pr?ya an iu-quitition to aig lantUmftii who mar r??|iiire his str- j vie I h emo addie-is P. M., Markuy's store, corner of Pearl j mhi Ply mouth street*, Brooklyn. Con I e heard of for threo A COOP ROAD WAGON WANTED?IT MUST BE IN | g( nd order, and from a good maker. Address Bloomingdale. Puald office, giving description, lowest price for casn, and ahrru it < an he eecu. A CLERK WANTED-WHO CAN GIVE GOOD ref< rence. and is well acquainted with the retail Book and 3tati< nory business. Apply at the Book .Store, 223 Bleeckor htitet, N, V, A COOK WHO UNDERSTANDS THOROUGHLY HIS . bufllnesii. aunts a situation in a hotel, restaurant, or 1 a e family. Cikififtl fNaeb Md Rsgilth. Good city le errnco run he given. No objection to go in the oountry. Address C. K., lie raid Office, 4 r.f .? Y WANT ED.?A YGL'.Nd (i KN'II.E \f \ V WHO /V. can give sny nnu unt of security, and who is ?vr.ry v^ ay ,a*Bh<d to discharge the duties of any ag*ney, I* desireua of btsining such station, either In the oll.jr of suburb*. Apply *t lie oftce of Kipp k Brown, comer ol* 2dth ftroit and !Un v?t.ha. ClOACll wanted.?any GENTLAMAN wishing to / dispose of a good Coeeh of modern style, hut little used, ind originally costing (rem MM) r?? $l,tH)U, ru*y hear of a pur i,m it (if s' Id c J, (i 11'). I) K||i|>in^ to ?. u. tianiett, im \ * hi p?i aurally nr by loiter. (101 yon SKINNERS.? WANTED IMMEDIATE LT.TWO J (Cm! mum apinncr?, aober mrn. Th< to harm* fi?mil|( < t i .( t in a D ill, and who run ennui woll rer in-nrnded will ho preferred. Apply to JOUN LOCK WOOD. 3d Liberty at. BOARDING, Ac, Board in a country tillage.-two families aid tline. or f?M tiagldMtlMMi can to a- soma . lalld o uli liimnl at Mm. Ware a, Mlildlatown I'uint, N. J., ou mo,i rato t. rnia. Thn "John llart" run, da'ly, and l"?r??, at J I*. m.. tt.a fmit of Chambara atriet, and returna In tho morning. 'i lio uholera, fevor and ar;ne, n?ri.r Known to aialt thi* place. Private uoard.-a handsomely furnished Komii to lot, with Hoard, to a l.adj, or a Lady with * u niKman, in a unlet faintly, near Itma lway and' anal aunt. No refsronuot r?|Uircd. Aildroaa " A. M. K." Herald IM RNUIIED ROOMS.-TWO PARLORS ON FIRST t'li or, I'ailor and Hidrooro on around; alan, on? liit,l? n m and altio room, to lot at 11 < t'raaKlin a.root, Mtlwr with or withoel board. | ^Miitnm. frJOWRRY TH EATRI?TUESDAY EYENIN^WUNlflV L> will bo porformod J AN! 8UORE?Out* of Oloatar Mr. Gilbert; Ihiuioit, Mr. Storoaa; Lord Una tinea, Mr. MoFarI 'ui d; Bfttcliffi. Mr. Stafford; Jane Shun. Miaa 0. Wniuyaa; a' oil, Mrs. Jordan. To aoncluda with TH SECRET MI SE? Araxa, Mr McFarlaad: Aaaad. Mr. Moora, Hyder. Mr. Stafford; Dotaa. Mr. Gooldaon; Dimtllm, Mr. wiaana; IamaeL Mr. Dnffi Abhuo. Mr. Machoa; Naarod, Mr. Dunn; Nioor. Mr. Roao; /aphyra, Mill 0. Womyaa; ZoHeldo, Miaa M. Tavlor; Camilla, Mr*. Jordan. Oroao Cirolo, 30 eeato; Upp r Hazaa, 23centa; Pit, l*>i cent*. Doori upon at 6%; Curtain riooa at IK o'clock. __ CtilANIRAV'S NATIONAL T. KATRK, CHATHAM ST. J ?Tnraday Ereiing, Jo 110 19. will bo played JONATHAN BRADFORD, or tho Murder at tna Roadsido Ian?Dan Maoraiay, Mr. Chanfrau; Calab Scruiuwaeo, Mr. C. llurka; J>>nathan Bradford. Mr. lliold; Anallraufird, Miaa M-atnyor; Sally. Mra. 0. Chapman. After which, THREE YEARS AFTER, aao<iurlto tha Myatorioa and Mmerioa of Now York ?Moao, Mr. V. S. Chanfrau: dpt. Tobin, Mr. C. Burto; Charloa Meau. J. i i--- ui.. i, . -. - h. " Mrs. Woodward. To ooneluda with ' U i H "V IK ST LOI?Mr. Jonadah Jiokin, Mr. W. Chapman. Doora open 7\ti curtain riaaa boxca Mt! pit M ECU AN ICS HALL, No.?7J BROa?)1TAT. BETWEEN Grand and Broome streets.?OPEN KVEHV EVENING DURING THE WEEK, aad every night uaUl further uotioe, the original and well known CHRISTY'S Ml NSTRElS? organiied 1M?; the oldeat eatabliahad company in the world ; tho tirat to harmoniae negro melodies, and originators of thn present popular stylo of Ethiopian Entertainments, whsan success in thia city, dnring the peat thma yeara, ia inoat conclusive evidence of their superior merit and attractiveness. The Compauy oonalata of ton porfunnera, under tha diraotion Of E. P. Christy. Doora open at seven ; Concert cwmiuuuceg at eight n'cloak. An afternuou Concert every Saturday, commencing at throe o'clock, 1*. M. (NASTLE GARDEN-THE SUBSCRIBERS, INTENDING J to gi ve a aerioa of Grand 1'roiueuado Concerts on thn earns magnihoent eeale and plan aa that adopted by the celebrated Juliea and Muaard in i'aria and Loudon, roauvat musical artists wf talent aud respectability, who wish to engage, to submit their proposition* (in writing) to tholr reguTarlv aathoriied agents, Messrs. Corbyn and Martini, 4 Itar,1*, ..real. New York. FRENCH A 1IEISEK. AG A RT>.?HAVING UNDERSTOOD EROM DIFFSrent aourcea that I am about to open a Concert ltoom In the Sixth avenue, 1 take tliia method of ii forming uiy friends anil the public in general, that I am in no way u inneo'ed with the above establishment. CU MILES Will T K, Lato of the Moloduon, M Bowory. Notice,?the i-remises heretoi-oke known ua the Melodeon Concert Saloon, No. fill Bowery, will bo completely built anew, anil will to-open again on ur before the mat of September, in a style superior to any similar place in the world. ( GABLES WHITE, Manager ami Proprietor. H~ OVt AKU A' HEAfit Ic'AL N o flCR.?0. It. T'horne, having loaned the above establishment. with the intention of openii g tbo mmi ,.n r aboiit tho-dtli of August, respectfully am. uncos to the ladies anil gentlemen of the lirnuialie profession tliat he is proparml to make ITrangsuieiits for the approaching season. Communication* (post paid) addressed in C. It. XitUHN P.. Boston, will roceive imtiindiate attention. | Ndilt E.?BK.ACU S Ithtil' MUSEUM, itl>AT'UN.?TU& uhuve beautiful establishment willepen early in August. Ladies and Ueutdeuim desirous of obtaining tugugomenia, will please make application (postpaid) to CHARLES K THORNB. 34 Vina at., Boston. Tr.lil Ml'sKI M ? 1 lit: I Hi A .it I 1 i I SKA'Hi.N ;iT fills establishment will close on the 4th of July, and for the ensuing two month', it ia intended to give a variety of oator(ainun nts. for which the manager will now receive propo uls from accomplished artists and performers in any branch of auiuieuienla udaptwtl te the place, iddvosa, pre-paid, G. A. HOUGH, kiauagor. SPKtlAL NOTIUICS C10NTINENTAL LODGE, NO. 117, I. O. or O. P.?BROJ tlmrt?You are hereby informed that the Lodge has boon r. moved to No. 8H Canal street. You are particularly requested to attend. 11. 11. SEA ltd, N. 0. Thus. II. h ?uniH. Hic'y. J I KY NOTI t'K. ? OKI ICE OK Til K COMMISSIONER of.fur?re, Nsw City Hall, I'ark.?All person* by law exempted from the performance of Jury Duty iu tint City auJ County of Now York, utid who have not reported their exemption for registration at this office, are hereby notified aeoorditig to law, to produce erldence of tlielr exemption before the Commissioner, in order to prevent lite insertion of their names on the Petit Jury l.tst of the next year. Time f..r recording such exrnipttoes, from Monday, June ISth, to Saturday, June 30th, (iuclueivr.) between V and 1 o'olocU, and between 3 and 5 o'clock, daily. WM. A. WALKER, Commissionerof Jnrori. riM) J. CU ALE RON.?YOU ARB HEREBY REQUIRED JL to answer the complaint of Matthew Morgan u;itlust you, which was tiled in tho office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court, in the olty and county of New York, on tho twentytiftli day of Slay, in the year eighteen hundred and forty-niue, and lost rye a copy of your answer on us, at the city of Now York, w ithin twenty days after service of this summons, rx| elusive of the day of service, or the plaintiff will take Jndz; ment against you for the num of twenty-eight hnndretf dolI lsrs, with interest thereon from the fifth day of May, in the iiarelchteen hundred and forty-nine. Dated New York, la; afth, ItSM. BUT).EH lit EVARTS, j Plaintiff's Attorneys. PROCLAMATION?MAYOR'S OFFICE, MAY SI, IS4?.? Whereas, it ii nisdo by law tho duty of overy practis| ing physician in the City of New York, to make a report in { witting to the Mayor, the Hoard of Health, or either ot the i Commissioners of Health, of every patient lie shall have IwI boring under any pestilential or infectious disease, between | the thirty-first day of May and the Bret day of November, within twenty-fonr houre after the same shall have oome to hie knowledge; now, therefore, I, Caleb 8. W'oodhutl, > Mayor of said sitv, in pursuance of a resolution passed by the Hoard of Health, with a view to enable said Hoard te announce with urcuraey to tho public, whether, and to what extent, the cholera, or other mallgnaut disease, is now prevailing in this oity, do hereby issue this Proclamation, enjoining. under the strict penalties of the law, on all physicians, keepers of hoarding and lodging houses, the police and cltirens, tu make ?n immediate report in writing to the Mayor, the Hoard of Health, or either of the Commissioners of 11. alth, at the Mayor's Offi te, City llall, of tho name, ago and resilience of overy individual attacked with any sncn disease, within twenty-four hours aftsr Its shall ascertain or susprct the nature of tho complain*. 'I o ensure accuracy, physicians are requested to complete their reports l>y stating the recovery or death of their patisnts. (Signed) CAl.EH S. WOOD 11 Wf.I,. Mayor. XTI.W YORK fc HAKl.EM HAIL ROA0 COM I'AN Y.?Tfl E 1* sword dividend en the preferred stock of the New York A Harlem kail Koad (' mpany, at the rats ot eight per cont. 11 r ut num. w ill be paid at tlie office of the Company, No. 3 Tr;on How, in ai d after Tuesday tho third day of July noxt. The Ir.n rfcr hooks of the prefer red stock will be cloud from the 7."d d? v of June to the 4th dot of July. Dat'd Juuo loth, l i'J SAM'l,. M. 111.aTCI/FQRI), Troasiiror. SUPPOf-ED TO HE STOLEN.?A watch WAS Offered for sale to the subscriber, under suspicious clroumt tc.t.ciM. The owner may have it on proving property and paying extonse". Apply to C. MaTUIKU, Watoli maker, hi! Broadway. riMI MU. MJPKUIV I?K A II. It, U'lVB KM IK UK Til IS X AJnih llou e:?Sir?I bar# long felt hti interest in the f abl ath Schools of the Aim* House, and the rtligiou* r>ri ileges and the religions suLmilatb tin atlorJod by the Coimmn Council to those unfortunate people who h.tvo l?c n compelled 1 y misfortune to peek the charity of our cite. Von f -und, on tmiming jour office, a Chaplain, appointed by the Common Council, who had the religious charge of Lho Alms House. To my surprise, or a recent visit to that department, ! I Warned that you had abolished that office and removed the | Chaplain. Mr. Draper, have you ever stood ly the death bed of eneof those unf rtnnan s, in their last moments, and seen the consolation thrived from rcligiou* servicer? If you have not, 1 have. I recollect, not. long since, the last momenta of avomuri, a member of a church, who had 1 een romp-died to seek shelter in the Alms House. She was in a room where tl e other inmates were, like herself, religions. The Chaplain came, and all the little family in mat or of the room kneeled in prayer hefme tl at Being in w hose ayes one of those humble creatures is just ai precious as those in higher stations. After | the religious services were over, in the interval of her dying struggles, she said to the clergyman-4 When I am dead w?itc I to my mother ; tell her I am d-ad ; tell her I died anion j , friends, but do n't * ell tor where I died." 1 wish the whole people of the city could have looked upon that scene. Do you I suppose, sir, lor the pitiful sum of four hundred dollars ayo *r. I ti.e people of tl is city am prepared to deprive ore Person of j tuch consolation ? I think you liavo mistaken public scntiI ir.cnt. The poor have rights and friends in this community, end no law can stand that disregards Litem ; it may ho that itt: at'n ini?tration is in the hands of perrons, who, from their social position, have no sympathy with the common poiple. I Sew York, June 17th, 1 Hif#. SUNDAY SCfloOL. HOTVLSf IM? SHARON 8PRJNGS PAVILION.?THIS E STAB LI 8 Hment is now opou for the reception of guests, and will remain open till the 1st day of October next. lan dow a qakimcim. SFA RATH INC?LONG BRANCH, N. TIIR SL'B icricer will open his Hotel for the rocoption of visiters, Juno UUth. HENRY HOVYLANa. SHIFPINO. ~ Til IE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN, It. MAIL Steamships, between New York and Liverpool, between Boston and Liverpool, calling at Halifax to laud and receive mail.* and paibcugcrs, are intended to sail as billows America, Cspt. Harrison, from n. York, Wod'd&y, 16th May, Ilibcrnia, Stone, " Ronton. 44 234 Canada, u Judkius, 44 N. York, 14 BUth M CaKidonia, 44 Leitch, 44 Boston. 44 6th June. Niagara, 44 Ryrlo, 44 N.York, 44 Hth 44 Europe, 44 Lett, 44 Boston. 44 SIA 44 Cambria, 44 Shannon, 44 n.York, 44 17ch 44 America, 44 liarrijon, 44 Bottom 44 4thJnly. An experienced Surgeon on board. Freight will be charged on specie beyond sn amount for perioral expenses. All letters and papers must pass through the Boat Office. P^jsagt fro in New York or Boston to Liverpool:?First Cabin, 2 JJOf socoud do., $70. For freight or passage apply to E. fifty A HP. J p.. AS Broadway. Packets for Havre.?second line.?the ship Baltimore, R. D. Con n, will sail on the 1st of July. HO VP A HINCKBN, Sft Will streeL FOR ST. PI ERR IS, MARTINIQUE?THE FUN CH ship JACQUES, Capt. Vue. For freight or passage apply to TAYLOR A MERRILL. r to BOYD A H I NCR EN. mm Wall st. FfYHK MAIL 8TFAMLR FAL< ON, FOR CHAGRS4.? X The owners will despatoh this lino steamer, with 'ht government i ails, for < hagr -a, via Havana and New Orleans, tn tuc ZHtn JuiT1 lUHiant. un imp mm roynge, two or mori pernond, who cmhaiked at thin p">rt, etilwutlj for ului^tor I ur|MiXi ?, w? r? tk?* cavje of iioir.e difficulty and dtdny at llavai.a. 'I t auurd airainit a hiniiUr ooourr*u<a in fuiur<\ th# *hip will, mi each trip to rhapre*, and return thenc- ri i New Orleans. On her return voyagn, *he mad-shorter time th in had c < r beforp loan known; fiavin# retched tuis port in 1?- j tl an four r.nd a haif days Sfrom Havana. K? r speed, safot/.and excellent accommodation.*, the r?lr< n ii umurp.mud b> ni.y <? * ateamer ahoat. Tfili oonveyunc nfr.*Ps the most ctesiderable medium of communuatioii w ith tlio f*thmu.* of FlhMM. i'lsmngfts at o distance are rnoommtiidtd to walco tirlvaii'lM a ion for state rooms. LO>K SAN FRANCISCO, VIA MIAQRES?ON 8atuKJT day. June .'*>th.?1 be well known steam 'op OKL.aCE.NT C1TV, Stoddard. master, will leave for Chagrin, direct, on Faturdav, June .'K)tb, from pier 2 North Kirar, at A o'clock P. M., arriving in tiino to meet the I'eeiBoate tmer of July. Th# i'aciBc mail steamers Oregon emt California having arrived back a f 1'ftnomo, the way Is oow open for illf-st and rapid eomnoinioalion with Snn Krnnoisco For freight or pa'aagt, apply to J. HOWAKP k SON. .tlJlrnadway, I/O l{ SAN Fit A N I' I SCO, CALIFORNIA. - TO o \ | f, F slant 1 it July.? 1 he llrst class superior fa?t sailing ship CI I F.N VICTtIK I A, Capt. Wildes T. Thompson, haviegthe creaH-r [art ot her rurno unpaged, will sail ahoat le, July. She Is a remarkably fast sailing ship, ami has aepcrlor accomodations for lot freight or passaga, apply ob board, at I'ler No. U North Kivar, or to F St I). FOWLER, hrt West it., or J. W El, W Kl.l,I. ft CO , 6f Sooth st. CtOk CALIFORNIA. TIA HAVANA. NEW ORLEANS, r and Chagres ? Mail line, Thursday, JStli JurA.? The tonmedioua and ataunrh iloabio engine steamship I'Al.CON, will sail as above, with the United Slato* inaUafor the I'aclHe steamer* from f'anama, In Jnly. Casern*" .% hy the Falooa will avoid unnecessary delay and expeme at I'auama. Passage to Cbagrrs?Aficr aaloun, Slfs'i forward aslooa. $114; lower cabin, tint); atesrafe. pSI) and fo'.nd. l'er?>ua out of the city can aocure a pssonge by for'carding o ie half the amount. The Falcon Is I,"** 'one l urt ,.n, built in the host manner. The sri uiunw.latinos for p .as,-utters of every grade are umiirpai-sed, and null venttlat' si. list machinery hat been thoroughly iseted, and prov uniqoall I. and b' iug double, gives greater assurance of ,pue] and -afuty thiiu can otherwise be found. For pa*uiy ., or freight, apply to j?. 0. UoltKliTS, I IN W est atr d. Panxva"ka oil r'lmodc nelson It co.. ilk nts for the Pacific end At'Anlio U. i. fail h camel ip Comiianies, ( on it i-sion r nd Fhfeaioini M'rolian's. I'ana ia.? Itttcnnli'd ly K y.A'TiIIISFON, 'W Wallet, N?tr York, ouract of Water it. ^T'WW ^ ^^ amvmwmn. ^ Broadwat theatre.?mr. i. a. Marshall, profr)?t?n Mr. W. R. Blake, Mutar -Tiudtj irtilib Jus# 18th, will ha rairfnrniud. fortte 6(h time, the grand ballet j action of tha greer TRIUMI'ilS-TourTille, Maaa. Caraat( Odyeaee, aa old Grecian ahief, Moaa. Ornaai; Odraaaa, hia aaa, Moaa. Monplaiair Thoman, aaoond of Tnurrilla'a raaaal, I Mona. Corby; Helena, Miaa St. Clair; Niaatta, Una. WnaSlaiair la tha eouraa of tha ballet, GRAND MILITARY VOLUTIONS?I'aa Urao hy the whole Corpa da Ballatt Garotte aad a Paa Mme. Monplaiair aad Moaa. Caraat. I raaa Circle aad Parquet, 80 eta; Tamil; aad Third Circle*, 23 ota; Gallery, l 'H eta. _____ Broadway theatre-farewell benefit or Mine. Adelo Mnaplalnr, tirat daneeu,* la chief at tha theatree af Madrid, Milan. Bniasela, Vienna, fco , ka.? Wtdaeeday Evening, Jure aith. an whieu oc- aaioa will ba perform*'' the tir't art of tha grand ballot of notion, QKBEC ThlUMI'BS. with military evolution* ard dances trover fl/iy ladiea of the bulla ; the much admired ballet All ItORA, in which Mme. Monp aieir will appear aa Aurora. Theaa ertainnneut to conclude with tha la?t table an of tha gra'd ballet FOLETTa, with 'he Apotheoaia, in the conraa of which Mme. c d Moaa. Monplaiair, will dance the much admired Zingarllla. Burton-* theatre?Tuesday jcne i?? will dm played BEGONE DULL CAKE?Old Revel, Mr Bartonl Yonna Rove', Mr. Brougham; Farmer Kytand, Mr. Lynn*( Dexter, Mr. Raymond: Bobby Ruttercup, Mr. Johnaton, Boatawain of the Yathn, Mr. Kan; Mrs. Revel. Miaa J. Hill; llama Rylaud, Mrs. llnghaai Fanny Bluonicly, Miaa Cliantnau; llaaiiah Miaa Cooke. After which, a toll id, hy Miaa tliffert. To cot elude with l'OOR PI Ll.lCODDY-Mr. John Peter Pillieoddr, Mr. Burton; Captain 0-Scuttle, Mr. John a tor* Mra. Pillicoddy, Mra, Brougham; Sarah Blunt, Miaa Chanman. Boxes. Dreaa Circle, and Parriuette, 50a.; Faatily Cirola. 2Tmi. Peeraoyai '>*; curtain i1i*?71r* (^ASTl.E GAKDEN?FRENCH It HEISER, PROPRIRJ t, ra.?Summer Fetoa I ?A Frotuunado Conoert!?V Ball! rcgruniine lor i ucsusy, juue lutn. r , ra t i Art'dnii JHbilee Overture, Gorm?ni?; Song, WHo. Lovsrney; (ir??4 tjusrtci ic. Mr. Diatiu and sons; Halts, Gormauis; Bvlad, libs M. O'Connor; Pot l'nurri, Onnania. Scoond Tart? Grand Overturn. German!*; Irish Railed. Mil*. Lararunr. To conduit* with DISTIN'S MII.ITaRY QUADRILI.& Immediately after th*.<'encert, the floor will be cleared far Itnnring, which will oeniinue till II o'clock. Max Maret?ek, Musical Di eatnr. Tickets 23 centi. Dcori Opes alS| Coin it to (eminence at 7'j. BAK.SUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM?P. T. B.UNUlf, Manager autl Proprietor; J. Greenwood, jr., Assist*.* Manager. Splendid performances every afternoon, at SW[, and every t veiling at S o'clock. Due week more of the celebrated, won lorlul, and e> traordinary ljuaker Uiant and [ (iiuntets, the ntoet tremendous specimens of humanity Ut existence, (lioat Western, the Yankee Comedian. Is aUa | ensured for another w eck. l.aet week of White's uolebrat.4 and |?>pul*r hand of Ethiopian Serenadors, the beat onuspany of Ncare .Minstrels in the United States. Also e go-ted, Mis* ] llnrton. Mice Stanhope, .Miss West, .Mr. Chnpiuan, Mr. Coplaud. Mr. Clarke, Ac., Ao. H'na Scripture itatuary. Wa* rep esentatlnns of ti e Siamese Twins. Madam Rockwell. I Iho Fortune Teller. Admission to the whole, 25a.; children I under ton years, l-'t^e. TUX great OlllNKSE MUSEUM. AW BROADWAY, heiwcou Spring and I'nuce si roots, and the only one la this country, ounsists of a .treat number of life eiie Figure* 1 of Chiueso of all classes ; several hundred Chinese Painting Apari tneiiis in Houses. Stores and Vessels; Model* of Pagodas. Temples, and Bridge1; Specimens of Chinese Mannfao? I tares, their Agriculture! sue Meuhauiua! Implements, ln: strunients of Musio, i.anterns, Sic. &o. Open from II A. M. I till in I' M daily. Admiitanoo lift cents; chi'.drun under it. I hull prion. Ask;it PLaCXOPMRa house.--TBR aiiovktubafro to Le lot for a term of several months from tha ' ft re tic. ut tiiiai. For tm ins, Sin., apply to corbyn k martini, Mush u 1 and Dramatic stgents, N<?. I Barclay ut. foh hai.u Ijior sal?.?a bay morse, la hands high, kind in single or double harness, a beautiful saddle nag. aa4 ) &a trotted a mile in 2tn. I'll. ?vtr the Union Courts, Long Island, nnd ran trot. ? mile iu 'Jin. 60s. in harness, or ho rile. Apply at 127 Grand afro t. i FOR 8AI.E?92 SHARES OF NEW YORK, ALBANY and Buffalo Telegraph Company Stock. Trie shares are f50 each, and the company have deufared dividend* at atoat IU p r ?IBt Mf annum llOM its ooma I'lU ' mmit, and Iho business im rapidly increasing. To persona about to in veal, thn opportunity 1m a good ouo. No bid received at less than par. TAYLOR BROTHER, 76 Wall street. House, wagon and harness for sale ?thb borne is 8 yearn old, !.*> hands high, jet black; Is a verj fact walker, free and sty linh driver, perfectly kind, and warrant d sound; will stand without tying. The wagon is ons af Lawrence's best, with patent axles, enamelled leather top. (ti\, mid Into Uei ti lint little ueeu. I lie" Harness la nearly new, liiicl perfect. hold as the owner is going abroad. Application to bo made at .'<00 Houston atreot, before 11 o'clock A. M. TO Btt I.KT. TO LET. WITH STEAM POWER.?THE THIRD AND fourth stories and basement of now tire proof building Nua. T.i and 31 (fold atrtet, to lot with eteain power. This moms ars well lighted. Poaaoaeion given on or before the lit July^. K. nciE A CO.. Ifl Quid at. TO LET?THE FIRST STORY OF HUILDINO NO. tf Gold atreot, well lighted. auitable for a atore or waroj room: will be lot aery low for the remainder of the yua*. Possession given on orbofore lat .Inly. I R. HOE U CO.. 45 Gold atroet. ("lOTTAGK TO I.ET IN ASTORIA.?A COMFORT AIILR J low-built cottage and garden in the village of Astoria, ; aituatod in the main atrcut, near by the sieauiboat landing. 1 TLe house bus six rooms and a good cellar, water at huud anil I cittern at door ; several Isabella grape-vines iu full bearing, I English cherry-trees, largo si/.e,fruit nearly ripe. To a good leI limit it will bo let on moderate terms. Tliehouse husrocontly been repaired. The conveyance to the city by steamboat is six . times n nay. and by the ferry and third avenue every fif eon minutes. For terms, please applv to ?r. FERRARI, 5 Vosof It., Astor House, or of GEO. V. TlIOlllll.' it.N, Astoria. MKUICAE. DR. ELLIOTT, OCULIST, 333 BROADWAY, INFORM! his friends and patients, that, during the summer months, hit office hours will be from 10}? to 4 ^ o'olook, Menday*, Wodnosduyi, and Fridays. Dr. E. will attend to cfca poor, s? usual, alter 3 o'clock na the above daye. DR. WIJF.F.I.EK, OCULIST, 2!? G KEEN WICU STREET, devotes bit exclusive attention to Diseases of the Eve. Artificial Evos, inserted, of which ho lias Just imported a bee nil fnl collection from Paris. Ollioe honri from 8 A. M. to I o'clock, P. Hi. A painph'st containing many ruiuarkable cures elfected by Dr. Wheeler, can be had gratuitously, at his oflioe. CIIOI.ERA AND PR. KELLINGER'9 REMEDY?DR. K. 11. liudd ?This distinguished pruiess.onal guntleinan telle us tlint l y the timely aid of tint great rune ly his life was sivcd from a violent attack of cholera. Mold In bottles ak and Ml cents, at 230 Pearl street, mi l at 4 <1 Mrna.Jaay, one door above Crai ri. Every bv'tle is warran'e I. MHDE fOUOVIMO LETTER IS FROM Mil,.) CALKIN, A Fsq., nnntber beneficiary by the use of Wfstar't Balsam, nod mho was for a number of years Consul at the Saulwiuh Islands. Ni:w York, January 4. 1119. 8. W. Fowr.R?Sir: T am a confirmed astbinatic, havin t i'ten a via tim to tbat drcaoful disease from iny infancy, .'iti years. So i veto I eve beeu tl e attio ks, thai I have rusoriu i to the most pcu(rful uu dii im s for temporary relief, when death seoinod inevitable?Sometimes taking a hundred and fifty drops of I at a single dost--profuse bleeding, vomiting, !ko. i More tlian twn-ibirds ol tlie last twenty years, 1 have i.uja I obliiM-d to sit in a , i.air to sic o and fur seven voars la.k pHut, I hitve not b? *.'! to lie in bed more than ei nionttiM altogether. I l?a??i tnvttriwd sc.* and land for man/ years, and resided tlit. Iai?t clown >rirn in a tropical climate, th* most healthy in the worl?J--the Sandwich Islands. I have, durinr rcmrted to every variety of intdical aid, and found no re lief--lift* booming a burden to ino--uiii,il i v us induced to try your HUttar's ililaam of Wild Cherry, i ha*e used it one month, widen is the ouly in nth i i injr worldlv career that. I have been free from aat.Mraa: and I luve Into able to lie in bed every night for the nu nth. without the slight. ;r?t inconvenience. If the good ertoct of tho iialsna shall prove to ho an last it;; as it has boeu thus far complete, 1 em a made mm. and can look out upon the world a* u deeirahlt pluce of residence. like other men. My c:w?e lias oft? n been pronounced by the best phy?i<juins a< ouo of the most detpi'iute and hnpek.-s, and I have l??ng since aoaiidoued the j last h? p? ol a rm oveMr; and i hardly dare be love iuvo .ta .sn-es now, for tear of another hitter disappouttm *nt. V'?ur?, j leepeetfiilly, MIU0 UAUKi X. 1*. S.--I uni known in Boston by Vassr* i*r? otor Js. km lor, i w State Street, and Messrs. A. I., l)eniiitow Sl Co,. !?.?$ W.4.I1' in ft'on street, who tan inform you of in y standing, abfo&dl i and at home. None genuine unless signed I. BUTTS on tho wrapper. I For whwldralc una retail. by Jkcsri A. 11. 5c U. Sands, i KHJ l i.lion street, corner of William: 27'I Broadway, Irving i liuildiny, eortior of thunders: William Burger, ill Court! landt streut ai d by the Druggists fcunu rally throughout the I United States and Canada. 1i miii.-: 1.1: ecu r.s'-ii'sr kkckivki). rn J t ti ?m. l,fp IKnuaau, it very f.oth mippiy of Sur? li?k I lti ?ht?; I'uf vale by J r. clkij. Importer of l.eeehee, No. 7 John mruet. DK., AUTHOR OF THE "PRACTICAL PKIvate Treatise," Au., HK Orutnwich at rod?Office hour?, 8 | to 12 A U., ItoSr. M. (tfutxlayu excepted.) Those who ap| ply In tl,e early 8'mp.H will he surprised at tho rapidity end I li: tie iueonvemeum attending euro. It is clii.-rtjr, hoirj ever, those who have suffered from a eoMaiu claaa of poopla. ! who ea? properly appreciate hia services. In stricture, from ita tire:, or iucipisnt, to in mora advanced aril distressing eiaj;ea. (from uncommon advantages and a very cvten.iivo ! practice,) he can afford a rapid, easy and radical euro, w'lieh, I ne arniind? for afnttr.g. can ho obtainad from uo ot.ier ' genres in a merlon. A com i.i. i i: pis A' tic w. v. < uk us i HE naitih simI tmatin- nt. of Venereal snd all other mTcotions of the yeni to-urinary org ads of tho male and fcnnle ? Ouarto; illustrated by a great sum ber of beautifully e??I<<rod 1 Mates, or tl many executed delineation j oa wovd, kn fro. Uy II. hoar wick, M. l>. Price frf'b 21 edition. Extract iron, tho Boston llwdical and Surgical Joitrii.d:?''ll it illustrated by oxtiaordinaiy sp?*eiim ??a < f colored lithography, tMiualliii,? copper engravings in tin* delicacy of theit finish: end it is a striking evidence of the indornitaido perseverance of a man who renins to p.>**.;.** an nno? r><(uerahl?j ?nsrry thst will enable him to loavo his foot-prints in so?dsty, so that ho will he j".i cu "f whon the memorials of him are euly to ho found In the libraries of ihotic a ho know n ?t thai he w as both et-nsured and envtod while livln*. Without attempting a sr. inute comparison of this Venereal (.luido with Ktifop, iin publications <111 the ?> n.? family of dinMri, it may b: said, fiarlemly, that this is decidedly, and without qualification. ei|tuil many of thorn. The plat** in Aet"n'? Trentito are not equal to these. Uy contrasting the two volumes, b i!? the 11 :i tor, and ti e nu nuor of giving instruction, in ?ur humble estimation. ah.mid be accorded to iho New fork pru e. I>r. Itoslwick has done 'he profe'slon a good kiii a and r. >thmg < an preveul tliia aM? work from being sprt >4 oyer tlit land, as the fact can neither be denied nor concealed. that he hue produced a thorough, well-digeetcd, 'yit** 11atie treatirc, which lar Mirpa"..os anything of the kind, am this Lraticli of practice, heretofore attempt. d in the enuatr>-" I.ccf urer on Dneamef the I'rinaiy Organs; *nthow ola Treatise on the Nattirr and Treatment of -tjormatorrh,^ ! or aeminal Diseases, resulting from ?elf-ab??e; "Inipu-eacy. i and other kindred a/f. i turns.' ir'l pages, 11 platea, third odl lion, price tl: Author of a work entitled "Ibnn to V" >un| | Phye'oiant;" Author of "The Family Physician;" and At' tenting Physician and Surgeon to tho Maw Vork Medical and ' Surgical i nail lute, 7i Chambers alreet?removed to Itrnadvay. For rale at the pnbliehni, Stringer and 7ownicni, RFllreadwn) end "f the author. Ml Broadway. Thw nsnnl m> nthly reports of thia luatltution, enumerating eaaeg Oiired will aut he published for the present. HOMER HOSTWICR. M. D._ THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MKDICALCOII|,anion, by Dr. A. M. Mnuriceao, I'rofeeaor of Btaoseeaod Vt omen. Sixth edition. Ititno., pp. ISO. Prion |l. 6D.0UR eocits Kild in aix month*. Years of antenna, of nhyntotl and mental anguish to nuf an nileotionwte wife, nnd pecuniary ditflcultlei tc 'he haeban( Sliaht have keen epared ; thousands now poor would have enjoyed competence; tbonaanda now hrolten t*. health. would naveeujoj *d it; hundreds now in their graven Seen still a/lve. Dy a timely possession oi mu worn. It I* intended especially fur the married., or thoM M?UBplntinc m?rria*?, as it discloses important eseret# whtoU hotiU he known to Menu particularly. To those whose health dose not perirje of an Increase of (k> wily, it is of especial importance. Ilere, alio, erery female?the ?sfe, the mothw. the ena either to.Minn ui.o womanhood, e/ the one Ht the decline of years, in whom nature contempt alee an important*e? can dlscorcrthe eansee, sympt-^ns, and the most efficient remedies, at d most eerrata tuo-da ef suts. In every complaint ta which her sei is subject. For sale at 2JX Bionde-vy, and at the Publishing Oflee, 19 Liberty street, N. Y.; l,itt>e Ik Co., Albany; W. R. Pavis, Boston; F. U. Pa'erson, SW Cheetant etreot, Philadelphia! William Taylor \ Co., Baltimore; M. Huullcmct, Mobile. Jb B. Ronsconf, N?,w Orleans ; J. B. Cnbbsdgt. Sa?annnh. On the rocs',rl ?f tl. a copy will lis 'ransmltted b? Mail, free ol post er, to any part el the Bulled Utetes. AUraueM must be '.ihireeeed, ties* paid, te Irr. A. M. Uaeridaan, Bad int. Ji>'? ;wi ol'J. OUlot. IP Uhc."7 1'etM'e.

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