Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1849 Page 2
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rk iwtoi W4 Mm in; with the pit>ii> tMidw by tbo treoM of the line accompanied by toma guards of the tth legion (hear beer) at the orders of the upttla who hoe given me tbe account, and whoee reeetnte ond patriotic conduct ta truly worthy of the free teat eulo gtw "Otbi r barricade*. In the Rue Aumalre, Rue dee Oraviltlora, Rne Transoonata. Rue du Faub ourg du Temple, Rue N otr? -Daiu*. de-Nasareth, ond other treeta. were carried almost ae soon oa raised At tucked in flank front aud rear, none of them could moke O serious residence to ?ur brove soldiers, whose iodeecriboble ardor would hare triumphed over very different obstacles ' Everywhere, seconded by the cordial co operation of the National tiuard our troops maintain in order weenIhufluarters where our adversaries reokuu the greatest number of parlieans " The following is tbe position of ths troops : (some voices?' No ! no : it is unnecessary The report then mentions the posts in the centre of Paris and neighborhood. where the troops were placed, and goes on to any : " Tbe division Uunlabert, specially oharged with the guard of the Assembly, keeps besides twslve battalions In reserve on ihe i'lsce de la Conoorde. " The brigade called lb? reserve, at the oriers > Oeueral Dulac, occupies the I'ointe St. Eustac is and the Butte dee Moulin* and six battalions are in rosurve iu tbe court of the Pulleries. t. Ti.i.ti slw sn limit niim tarts iliinnipd hi t.tia Ii'maI* Mtlitaire. the Huai d On ay aud TutlerUs " 1 ipht sguadrous manoeuvre outside the barrier*, on the t>?d> luihf nor hi rMt and south. to pravent coninuiuicaii?us brttwk I'urie and curtain villages of the llanliru, which in luoe lui Dished a oomiderable contingent to the iusurn ction " To judge by the number of the faction* composing the column which I broke at half past twelve on the iJoulevaids. and by the ms*-e* which the several Generals met in their way H i-certain that the anarchist* were compost d ot eery eon-tderable fortes, the efforts of which are at this nrrruo nt paralysed. "The forte and batracke ol St Deuia and Courbevoie remain tufflcieuiiy occupied heceiee NoUrieur ! I resident du Conseil. the aaeurance ot my high aud elleeliwuate consideration ' t it t M> V General in-Chief." A discussion ot n<> iutereat then took place aa to the hour of the met ting next day, wheu it wai tixed at 10 O'clock. The Assembly rone at half past eleven. During the suspension ot the sitting tha Assembly retired into its bureaux to dt*cu?a the urgency of taking into consideration tin- proposition fur declaring 1'uris in a at ate of siehe lire courmiltee formed by by tbe bureaux decided unanimously in favor of the Ereposition l'bo c-unulilee was composed of MM. lubert de Lisle <>a.-e. iduiiral Ccoile, Victor Hugo. Piscatory, le Ueoeial 'i arias, Gustavo de Beaumont, Li pelletier d 1 auna.v de viontaleuibert. General liaraguay u'llilliers llening de l.aucastel, Gueutiu liaucbay t. t resnau auil Geuerul l avaiguac tieneral t'avaiguae was clmer u i'resideut, M. li ineau secretary. aud .V tiusUie du iJeauuiuut. reporter of the committee. The Luteal Ii.sur.action In ParliwTha KngJIih Vliw of the A flair. [krom the Loouou liuies, June lfl.J Another collirioii bci ?een the red republican party and the Krench government, at the head of the legal majority and the tneuds of order, had lung been loreaeen to be inevitable I he last general lection demonstrated the existence ot the two parties in their full strength, uud in lireel opposition, and It was evident from the tirst proce, dings of the mouatain that this conflict would not he coullm d witbiu tbe wails of *n Assembly, or to the lurtn* of d< bate I nluckily for the government as it at first appeared the injustice and the blunders ot the !(<>uiwn expedition gave the opposition a strong ground of attack, aud .VI I.adru Roliin himself bad tor once the advantage of being in the right but this auvauiage he speedily threw away, either by tbe impetuosity ot hie pa-sioiis. or by a miscalculation of bis forces In the presence of tha Assembly Itself be raised ibe cry I'o arms,'' whilst his agents, asd ail the revolutionary associations of the capital, were laboiing lu rouse the population ot the faubourge to insuirectien. Tbe result has been a signal failure The mass of the workiug classes, though dlrcontented wnb ibe government, lire nevertheless so dispirited by the miseries they have already eudurtd aud by the pestilence which is ravaging their homes, that they showed extreme reluctance to obey the call of the professional agitators. In all probability the machinery and preparations for a great insurrection were noi les-complete than they had been in tbe days of June; but the most essential element of rebellion was wantiug I here were no otilieri nattoiiaur to supply an army of lawless combatants; and tbe delusions which bate so ofteu Served us rallying cries to the more fanatical pmtion of the tuob, had ceased to amuse or betray their victims There was a want of novelty in Ibe scheme ol excitement. The old trick of shooting a soldier in oid< r to provoke the tire of the military on the people, and the ridiculous pantomime I of fraternization betaeeu the dctruder* of order and tbe mountebanks of revolution had ceased t* Hud dupe* Ihu t bangarnier charged the ileuses with cavalry, and a few sabre ill* dispersed the thickest gathering of the new revolution. I boy dl-persej, indeed, with tbe ory -Jiut and three barricade* were thrown up on the uioet frequented part of the Boulevard de* llalten* 'I he troop*, however, advanced steadily and rapidly acroe* these impediment*. No Prolonged rt sislance ?* attempted, even in the rue 8t. Martin. wbere?tbe l-ou-ei vatnir* de* Art* et .Metier* served a* the temporary head quarter* of the Mountain and there a considerable number of the leader* were at once aireeled V* ithiu *K hour* it became evident that tbe aflair had miscarried; no (enulne euthnsiasai or passion aa* di-played by tbe anarchist*; tbey had not even time to bring their arm* and stores Into play*, Ibe i aula urg St Antoiue rrmalued quiet, and many a hero ot the barricades ilunk home Irom the inglorious day I be coudurt of the lower rank* la several legions of the Netioual i i uard w?* irresolute and dlseviuiaging and ihe spirit of the ( I vie trtlilerv was ?o daogercus that the first measure of tbe President, in tbe exercl e of bi* extraordinary pov was to pronounce It* di>?olulion, but. ou Ihe olb< maJ, tbe gentlemen of the Naiionei t.uanl shewed she c urage and alacrity of Inurhmen la tbe sealous discharge of Ibeir military duties. But. although ihls b og expected attack on the ?tisting*-ut of Uj? ivpublio vi< Ill-coo I ill coDuurt* d. aii?t ill ?upporl* d huvtt no doubt that it ?uAci?oUjr furuiMlftbU to bav? ltd to ? rj ttriout codim <|Urii?> a and to h*e cost a large effusion ol blood if tbe military < p< rations of oeneral I hangarnier bad uot been car lied on with amasing promptitude, ahilful furetbougbt and an overwhelming force. Between 11 and 12 * clock in the inormng. tbe mob began to collect ou tbe boulevard St Martin, and to move up tbe buulnaid Al half past 12. (Jeneral < bangarnier placed bini*elf at the head of four battalions and eight squadrons, wbieb charged the column of insurgents in tlauk at 1 o'clock and at ones put them te flight At ball past three, the (ieueisl dictated bis report of this rkiruiish but the contest else where >as not over In tbe afternoon. a considerable number of barricade* were raised in the neighborhood of the rue Transnonain and of tbe I'swipls, which were instantly attacked cud ranted by the troops In the meantime, seven brigades. < f from b UUO to lo oot) men each, occupied th* wboii oily la a connected oham of Strategic ai post Nine battalion* garrisoned the llestcl de\III* and the ar and kept opwn the communtraiii t) f" tr> the reiilrai point with the corps In tbu circuiule rente ol I nris I be fourth brigade commanded lire I a as "I i be Meiue at the Uastllie. ant the fill h posted in gr< M Imoei n the heights of the I'anthwou on Ibe letl Inns anil a park of artillery. CI mpieted tbe line of c miii' alraio tss Iruua tbst side to the Hotel do tile '1 ? Cive bsi.sLsnis of reserve r salad on the I'late sfe la < j*orde and si* more In the Court of the 1 uiierls'S I otly-teo squadrun* id horse were manoeuvring on the outer harriers to out off the communication with the dieaffeeved parte of the tewiscee I'h* whole of this ear ami scieuiire op ration of war was eaeauUd in a few h wr* with perfect order ; and it I* ynainfuvt lI.bI n m tu&r ?. 111 h r *- k OfkiiM kava a eKanea of driving tbeee romm uiescee ot troop* from aaah Eiltien* ? l?t | > th.y *u?..i flrui to their dil; pplly th. fr?ling not only of the army. bat of lh? great bulk of lb' population. van entbu'tasliaally atpraam d oa be ball of legal authority and public ordar , and Graeral I hangainirr hiweif m chnaratl with Ik* (nttnl slilma. ion Assuming t ??a* ih?? tail tary operation* hav? proved gaceaaalul and that the* -r toilet* bar? aa-talnsd a defeat far Mora Indicative of ti? ir real inferiority of strength than tba terrible battle ot June, ibe political n-p-.t of the republic bee * ? the chief subject af Interest la the first place Ibe rec.nrenaa of real danger ha* powerfully contributed to elisor tba Incipient dissenaions of the ui.-delate pa ty I lis I'rssldent baa darfvvd tba fall ad>au<aae we had anticipated from a ministry e"tn|--?g of men of >urb undoubted liberality of oplaioa that ibey ran take tba atrongest measures without being arrue. <J of r< untar revolutionary deelgti . and l.? aeial a?aigno? hioiself. with grea raraeettiers and-louU'?< e gs<s hi* *eaar>oabla *up port to tb# anthortiies of the Kioto i be Parliamsn tary countenance i t Ihe opposition tar contemptible Scmo were openly conspiring coma were already fu glilre* a* Ltdiu hoinn alio srar to hai# bad no taste for oituesstig Ibe aci-ompll<hai nt of bl? own en terprl?e- romc ?ere bus-ly Ineenl>ng a *y*tam of fraud and (jnibble to avert th< to 'heir una head*; aad among I here were the bid Lagrange, the artfal Cremieua and the biiotispaite* Ihe Aa?embly. ably Cealdi d over by *1 Irupia took an account of tbesa lllna* inlerruptb nr l.ul pioeecdrd to vote by large majorities abalever nee. ssary for tba eafety of Iba Stale One a> reenMatlon wn? la etura for Odlllon Parrot he eh.. h?d veheiarntly oppnaed tba atale of Siege la June I*. I who Voted agonal It la Jane 1MI li?d to pr .pova it frora the tribuae of tba A seem My la Juar lh*t? There I' gnat reason In b >|.e that these avsnt* may break tbaatrengib which the rc.l republican minority In the Assembly bad alrmdy displayed and as that party appeal, d in laeurrecllan again-t the goeernaicat. the gov. i will ml pntahly appeal to the Judicature of the pnabirj aaai. sorh . pp.meat* Thcra ?r? now *w1Hci?iit ui<>?!?. ? tul -ufflriml nni< for rr toring that l> gal i> m roi ot.rtbf nbn-Mnf tli? pr?*? 4 of popular right*. without which the rial *?.| ra IntW'ti|iiU U a tier nation off hmhumI with ilr tmctlon Ibr u I- b un I hp e?rty duty to pmarrd rigor. ui-ij in l ? pninahiaeat of the gnittj Wit the prut-Hi ioi> of ?ir'|.|ir - A f .1.1 not ill. ?n. by Ibr gtiUtjt. thine Mill <| ) notion I.f pnh|i|t |?<rg?. rlly et..J fai"- pr ini't at. . or- t.M* n? ly|*tta Hi* wtl4?*t ho|>r* and Urn i sl.j ft >|eepair. ra'hrr tb'w* who liin eniiiritnil. d to rr luff th? population to tblr condition anil * . k |n * peculate on thi del ue I one thrj bmi p-. | a. at.d and the mteery th-j hot* ranted If Ihrt-uet <f mop* or* to b? proninf from 8m and elaughtrr if rlrllltrd mofcty t?to b* pr> It aw 4 ft n. tul' i r t r<- irk. d and una* oral than tbat of hatl at'oio the part/ oin.-h hat heed by then* outrage* muel h- eared libit, tn.idoien or astirpnt.d life* pirate- hi hi low a. d tinltnitr th>r* ran ti? no truer and no rr- -promt. : the on* mu?t destroy thr obbtr and . eoin'-ily hop* that justice of tba ct iintt) olll tf'c'ito it r?l 'ti "Mirtitr to thr law*. ablUt Ui? taw* ti rin~l am ?.> Irani..I a* to protect thr gnat latere- : * of *oe|t 1/ Rrw link Pd*at Itlftcr h p|wi|nt monto. Jttwa IT ? o?t >a-it 1 *1 ftrn f. M lllnin*. tarkellle. ) 4?*r(| ' efetijorf. Hagaman ? Millk, btrmtgomriy. Henri awl.of. i antra Sherman t bautai?|tir W ai k'feoni-o l.?-?rene??illr, St Law rrt.a* hdgar Wbitinf, Mi.|l'tMtn. Ht Lawrence. 4. bang* ?lto and *ppot*>? J Heoj.v/. I an*, Quaker Mr net KtbrBielk'l; ft' witr.-r L wtmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NEW YORK HERALD. Iwimm Ctoraar mt r?iun iad Hmmbmi* JAMBS OORDOH BKNNKTT, PROPRIETOR. THE DALLY HERALD?Thr** tAiHons.l c*nt? ptrcoyy: |7 Mf annum. THE MORNING EDITION it pubUeheA I Am o'clock. A. M. and distributed be/ore breakfatt; Mojlrot AFTERNOON EDITION eon to had of tho newelowa oI one o'clock ; 'tod the eecond at three o clock. P.M. THE WEEKLY- HERALD, for circulation on thie Continent, u publiehod overy Saturday, at 6.H4 cetUe per copy. Or U per annum , for circulation in Europe, and printed In French and Englith, at cente per copy, or th per annum?the hitter price to include the pontage. 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MiotM.iitrr'a niciiiimintic kkti NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham Square.?Wira for a~ llo- r?Jout the 3r artas?Tmrkk Tkaba Arrm ?Who Srtmi fun. K1ANICI' BALL, Broadway, near Broome?Cm riarr'l Mihrtrkl*. CABTLB 6ARDEN?Promkwaiir Cohorrt. CHINESE MUSEUM, 538 Broadway.?I'rom 9 A. M. toll) P. M. New York, Monduy, July 'J. 1M4M. TUB DOVULK SHKKT. The double chert Sew York Herald will be publiched, an urual, to morrow morning. Advertiser* wiU please baud in their notices before nine o'clock this evening. The News from California. The intelligence from California to the 18th of May, received through Mexico, by the Clyde, at Mobile, is given in detail in another column of this morning's paper. The accounts of the riots at San Francisco, of the want of power of General Smith, and of his seeking shelter on board the ships of war in port, have been generally discredited ; hut it will be seen by our private advices, that there is some truth in the reports from Mexico, and that General Smith has been compelled to leave Sail Francisco by the riotous proceedings of a portion of the inhabitants of that place. Our correspondent at Washington has seen letters from Ma/utlun, containing intelligence from California to the IHih of May, written to Mr. I'urrott, our Consul at that place, who is now in Washington, confirming the statements made in the Trait iTUnion, oi the city of Mexico, and apparently placing the matter beyond a doubt. The letters to Mr. Parrott give the reasons for the eutbieak, and throw the whole blittne upon the last Congress, whose conduct, in not establishing a territorial governm? ul iu California, was not only reprehensible, hut utterly disgraceful te that body ol politicians. It is not improbable tint these accounts may he more or less exag gerated ; Mill, ?? are nut at all surprised that there should be a great deal of anarchy and confusion in California. An immense population hus been suddenly poured into the territory; and though many of the immigrants are of the highest order of intelligence and respectability, ye1 not a few are the very reverse. It is goad order and the laws will, ere long, be permanently established in that rich region, through tho instrumentality of those of our brethren who have gone there, who know the blessings of g??d government,and the means of founding and maintaining it; but fears are expressed that this trouble is but the beginning; that without any regularly organized government; with the embittered feeling of the Americuus against the numerous foreigners rapidly pouring into that country, the most iwinful accounts of bloodshed and distress, of anarchy and confusion, are to he expected. The next advices from the Pacific will be looked for with increased interest and anxiety. The Next Knroptsn Advlres. The Washington and Canada are the next steamers due from Europe. The former was to have left England on the 20th, and the latter on the 23d ult. The last trip of the C was made to Halifax in nine days, and her news reached N'ew York in ten days from Liverpool. The same speed will place us in |>o#ses*ion of one week's later news to-morrow afternoon. The |>osiiionof affairs in France, in Italy, Hungary, Hussit, and indeed in all parts of Europe, will rauae the next accounts from ths other s,de of the Atlantic to be read with the greatest interest. It will be pleasant to the citizens of this great republic to read the particulars of the continued success of the rej uhlicans at Home, in Hungary, and in various parts of the European contineot, on the morning of the Fourth of July?the natal day of republicanism on this side of the Atlantic. The speed of the Canada may enable as to spread her advices befora our reader* on that morning, and we hope they will be of a favorable character. Meanwhile we refer the public to the debates in the French Assembly, published in another column Nxw Postal AaiAMiaanrr?Orm Postal Tna*ty with Cheat BaiTAi*.?We give, in another psrt of to-day's paper, an official document, tasued by the Poetmaeter General at Washington, containing, in full, the details of the postal treaty recently entered into between the United States and Great Britain. The particulars are arranged in chapters, under appropriate heads, and comprise the regulations between the respective office* of exchange, regulations respecting the exchange of correspondence, progressive rates of postage, Arc., letter billa, acknowledgment of receipt*, account*. <Vc., dead, tni**ent and returned letter*, and a table of instruction*. We would recommend all our reader* to poet the document in their place* of business, for they will find it a valuable reference. Out of evil, it i* **id, good tnmei. It ha* been particularly *o ia the ca*e of our forejgn poatal relation*. Mr. Cave J?>hn*on managed to knock them into pie, and, by hi* bungling and mismanagement, rendered a treaty necessary The result i*. that our cituen* can now *end a letter to any part of the world, with the assurance that it will reach its destination, and can know to a cent what the portage will be. " Swarr ark thk U*a.a or Aovkmitt."?The democratic party of this city now present a most delightful picture of fraternal affection, love, harmony, concord, union, or, at least, of tha desire to accomplish all these excellent object*. " t'alnn." th? snog*, unUa " the floods, " L'ntna,'' the litis* mountains ring Thus far, nil promise* fur. The bsnn* have been duly proclaimed, and in due time the espousala will Ire consummated by legal and fitting ceremonial. Really, the democratic party ia a grrat party; great at spouting, great in self-government, great, gloriously great, in pursuit of "the spoilt " In administrative talent and knowledge of the people, the democratic lesdera are far superior to the whige, and it will now be seen hsw the seine men can conduct ao opposition The game opena briskly. Much fun ahead Fkoh Post *n Psinca - Hy th* arrival of the tf llftftliPr IlprrnUan ?"s?ai.,l . . w* k? ? - - - -J ? . - ?.? ?V .(.9 / ' "<- Kinj, ?*r nuTn HUTIC^l fr?m I'ort an Prince in the 16th of June, at which time everything waa quiet. Humn^M waa very dull?flour w lling at $6 35, and heel at $10 AO ; coflee waa very aearce. Tklmkaphic Imtuxjobmck.?We informed our readers, the other day, that the New York and Boston Telegraph Company declared a dividend of six per cent, payable on the lat inat. That wan the first dividend declared by that company, but we hope that, now that the ice has been broken, the good work will go on. Other companies have been more fortunate. The New York, Albany and lluffalo Telegraph Company baa been in operation since the 1st September, 1846, during which time it has declared five dividends, as follows:? First on February It, 1847, of 3 per oent. Second " October 1, 1847 of 4 " Tu Grand Jury and thi Astor Plac* Maisacbr?We are Mill somewhat in tha dark with regard to the action of the Grand Jury in relating to the tragedy of Astor Place. It is true, that we have been informed that a number of individual" have been indicted, and that acme have been hel l to bail, to answer for the crime of inciting to rtoi on that occasion, and participating tn the disor derly proceedings which took place on both tli?memorable nights at that theatre. We are al<o told that indictments have been found against other persons, whose names have not yet been given to the public. Now, who are those persons1 A gread deal of interest was excited in the public mind by the announcement which we first nude, that during the novel, secret, preliminary investigation before Judge Edmonds, it had come out thut several of the individuals who signed the famous card calling on Mr. Macreudy to conclude his engagement, despite of all opposition from any quarter, and promising to Biipport him, actually distributed tickets gratuitously, on condition thai those who received them should proceed to the theatre and sustain their darling actor witu physical force, if necessary. Here was a most astounding developement. lias it been acted upon by the Grand Jury 1 Again, what has been the action of the Grand Jury with regard to the police and the authorities! It hus been alleged, we do not say with what degree of truth, that some of the police were actually among the rioters on Monday night, or, at least, uided and abetted them?gave them " aid and comfort." llave proper measures been taken to get at the facia lu relation to this strange feature in this strange and tragical business 1 Ami yet again, have the authorities, who shot down t wentyfour citizens, und maimed and wounded upwards of fifty more, passed beyond tbe limits of all investigation, all inquiry, all punishment, if guilty ! Is there only one side to this aifa.r 1 Are those in authority to be regarded as immaculate and infallible 1 Are the individuals who are now shown to have distributed tickets gratuitously, in order to encouruce a breach of the oublic peace, also en hidden things ol darkness be dragged to the light of day. There is a great deal of mystery involved in this business. The public know but little of what lies beyond the curtain. But the public must one day know all. Desperate efforts will doubtless be made to conceal certain facts, and direct public indignation against, it may be, the innocent, and only a portion of the guilty. Can this be permitted! This is a matter of deeper import than many might suppose. Dark, mournful, and bloody us thin scene was, there are connected with it associations and influences of the gravest import, which excite still more serious reflections in the minds of right-thinking men than those awakened by the slaughter itself. The minds of thouiaads in our midst are engaged in earnest thought on these subjects; and all the ellbrta at concealment? all the sedulous avoidance of u discussion of the case, or an allusion to it even, in certain public journals of this city?all the attempts to raise false issues, and lead the public attention to topics altogether foreign to the case in hand, will tail?mark it, they must fad. The lives of oar fellow being* are not to be sacrificed ; the pvace and order and good name of this metropolis are not to be put in jeopardy, and yet they on whose shoulders the responsibility rests, be 6Utl'ered to laugh at investigation and defy just judgment. It was but the other day that the Couritr ami /.'m/virrr, of this city, in commenting on an article on this subject in the Ijomtlom Timet, endeavored, with lhat marvellous cunning which characterizes a certain silly bird, to divert the public nnnd from the real merits of the case, by pointing out a new and atrocious criminality of which we had been guilty. It held us up to the reprobation of all Christendom, because we had been so abominably incorrigible in our wickedness as to be the instructer of the Ismdon Timtt " in all matters pertaining to American affairs!" -The Courier and A'al/utrer, with an indignant pathos, represented the Timet newspaper as bring " in the habit of deriving its ideas on American affairs from the ?? Turk Herald." Really, the Timet ought to be ashamed of itself? and, then, what punishment do not we deserve 1 Proceeding in its singularly adroit attempt, our amiable contemporary in Wal| street, who has not yet got his mission, went on to denounce us ss an atr<<cious and desperat# friend and ally of the mob?ss the foe of the aristocracy of white kids and patent leather, the bankrupt nobility ol Astor Place. Now, in ihe name of the codfish aristocracy, or the codfish democracy, or anything else yon please, what has this to do with the question 1 The l-ondon Timet derives its views of American affairs from the JVrw Vork Herald, and, therefore, the authorities, and the police, and the distinguished committee who signed the " card," are all immaculate?free from blame?did r! 11V n>Kl ,n .k,f-..- -.1. zens, and wounding and manning upwards of fifty more' It wh meet that the atrocities of the JVIric York Hrralri should be expiated ; and what better way to do it than by ordering out the military, and while the valorous Mayor took to his heel*, shooting down twenty-four citizens and wounding and maiming upwards of fifty more! The Ijondon TSmrt had derived its views of American affairs from the ATeie IVit Htrnld, and it wa?, therefore, just, christian, wise and good, to redden the stones of Astor Place with the warm reeking gore of our fellow-citizens* Ilesides, the chivalry of the New York West End was thus vindicated, ennobled, baptized ! Verily, a baptism of blood, for w hu h all who participated in it must anawer before heaven and this psople. We will have no dodging ? no concealment?no shifts?no contrivances?no avoidance of juat responsibility, in this woful busiflrim A " nil curiotia developments ; or. as the angel said lo the prophet in liia vision, " turn th<m yet ngain, ana behold greater abominations than these Fanai St. Cboii.?We have received our files of the St. Croix Avii, down to the 14th ult. They are barren of news. Movementa of IndlvMaali. A Bonn the arrivals yesterday, at the Irrlox House we notice tbe following distinguished persons ?Oea Mason, ei Oevrrnor of California, U 8 A, and lady; Rilg Oen Thomas Child*. U 8. A , Hon. D 8 Olehln eon Blnghampton,' apt CnUnm. It. 8 Engineer*] i f O'l.eary, Irrland; Rev f?lin lioran Ireland, Rl*h?r<t W I,lent Col i unnyughami. Hrltl'b \r my. th* Hon. Mr* < unnynghame Leaden; II <II?a*a t; 8 ( on-rl to filagree, Major WtlliS'fts. U 8 ? ol A t> ?l-.o, Ms Mo*' o '.) O'Meor*, I's'tier Math- a'g private were'sr* tirely removed beyond the pule of judicial investigation and judicial sentence t Since the adjournment of the Grand Jury, a great many singular statements and rumors with tegurd to its secret proceedings have been afloat. The conduct of the authorities did come up as a 1.1. liia* /il rliurnauinrt If U/nii I n f r* w I it I fitr fli.* ruuj?v. ? .... ...? puipose of obtain nit; an official endorsement of the i-hooting ai'<l maiming, by the Grand Jury. A long and excited discussion was the consequence It is said that this attempt to whitewash the Mayor and authorities was prolonged for three whole, mortal, hot, teaming, eventful duys. Ten members of the Grand Inquest contended that the authorities did perfectly right in shooting twentyfive citizens, and wounding and maiming upwards of fifty more Six of the number, on the other | hand, strenuously resisted this uttempt. The resuit was, that the expression of approbation which was sought was not obtained. Are these th'ng* sol Did the room of the Grand Jury indeed present such nn extraordinary scenef We have good authority for this statement. Time may develope still more singular things. There must be a thorough sifting of this whole business. Whether the < Jrand Jury has discharged its duty, and its whole duty, or not, one thing is certain, and that is, that the great body of the people of New York will not rest satisfied till all these Third " May 15. 1848. of 4 " Kourth ' Novem'r 20,1848, of 5 " Kiflh " May 12.1840. of ? " This is certainly better than the Boeton line haa done; but this ia not all?for, besides these divi

denda, the company has expended, out of .the earnings of the line, $12,000, in putting up iron in place of copper wire the whole length of the line. Much haa been said about the irregularity of the telegraph, and its uncertainty, but both are greatly exaggerated. Between New York, Albany, and Troy, during the year 1848, (not including Sundays,) the line worked three hundred and thirteen days, not losing a single day ; between Ulicaand New York, with a loss of two days only; between Syracuse and New York, nins daya loss ; between Rochester and New York, twenty-six daya loss; between Eufliilo and New York, twenty-nine daya loss. The whole length of the line is five hundred and ten miles. This certainly is something to be proud of, and is as near perfection as we think possible. Still, however, the business of telegraphing is only in its infancy. 4 Troubi-hs or tuk Codifieks.?The new code of legal practice appears to be made up, all through, of trouble and vaxation. After bothering and annoying the public by their mode of reform, which is as old as the locomotion of the crab, or Irish bulls?that is to say, it is a reform backwards?the commissioners very naturally set to work to torment and bite one another. A very mysterious communication from John C. Spencer, one of these commissioners, tins been going the rounds of the papers, setting forth, or affecting to set forth, the reasons which impelled him to inflict upon the State the terrible calamity of a resignation of I119 office. There were only three of these commissioners; but they could not agree? nay, they could not keep their temper ! They were, in fact, lawyers; and even the marvellous new code could not teach them the propriety and wisdom of the advice of a transcendently illustrious poet:? "O! little children never let Your angry pMsloaa rise; Your little bauds vera never made To tear each olher's eyes !" Hence, Mr. Spencer, like a prudent man, cuts the whole concern. We hope that peace will go with him, now thut he is free of " the code," wh ch is preity generally regarded as one of the greatest humbugs of the age. The Fi.iTrKRi.Na at the Custom House.?There was a good deal of fluttering in the Custom House on Saturday, and there will be a good deal more to-day. Mr. Lawrence has retired from the Callectorship, and early this morning, Mr. Maxwell will come down from his beautiful residence at Nyack, and enter upon the duties of the office.? We understand that, for a start, there are to he about one hundred and thirty removals. Among those known, are the four deputy collectors, and the cashier. The white palace in Wall street will present a scene for a painter to-day. Indian Incursions on Frontier.?Should not the government of the United States adopt very efficient measures lor repelling the incursions of the Indian tribes on our frontier! Every day accounts of the atrocities committed by the savages are reuching us, and excite the most painful apprehensions. A strong force should be immediately despatched to the scene of these barbarities, and an end be speedily put to the incursions of the Indians. We earnestly press this matter on the attention of the government at Washington. The Enoi-ish Mails.?Who has charge of the English steamer's mail when it reaches Jersey City I We learn that two bage of papera that arrived there on Friday night, did not reach the Post Office in this city till six o'clock Saturday evening. There should be some change made in the carrier of the mailt acroee the river, ta order to prevent a recurrence of the delay. Sporting Intelligence. Tiottivo.?Cbwtbivillu Couan.-Thtr* will be an exceedingly interesting and busy time on Long (aland thia afternoon, when the great oonteet between Lady Suffolk, Lady Moecow, Pelham and Jack Ro*titer will take place. Large amount* are pending on the reeult. Lady Saffolk la freely backed againet Lady Meeeow, not withe taadiag Lady Moecow'* tueceee in their laet match The betting on Pelham and Roe*iter ie aleo large. W? learn that the boree* yeeterday were in the flacat condition poeeiblc ; a great many persona went out to Suedekar't to aee them-and com* alao vtatted the track which le represented to be in moot euperb order We may eapeet one of the beat raoea that haa ever been made in the country. See advertiaement, for particular*. _____________ Cltjr Intelligence. f la*. ?Laat evening, at S o'clock, a Are oeenrred In a table altnated in Spring atreet. between Mott and Klt abeth street* The flremen ware qnlekly on the apot, and astlngwtahad th* flam** Damage trifling. Fiat.?A Ore waa discovered about hxlf-pact three o'clock yeaterday morning in the building known a* the Adelphl. in < hethem Square, the opper part being oecupled by a freeze of model artlatee. the lower part aa an auction atore. by I Moriarty Th* building waa completely gutted. The police rendered everyaaaietance In theTr power Aellver watch waa found during th* Or* by aergeant Langdoa Civv Or sin ?It will be seen by referent* to th* order.ln another eoluraa. that th* order for th* para le of thia company (to-morrow) haa been countermanded V or sol to El Dobsdo Tiiaorow ma Ai?*?Who intend* to ** the wriel chip start from Am boy on the feurth of Jnly? vertciei't Faiae*.?A woman named Jan* Sim pan a was arretted on Saturday evening, on a charge of stealing tern*clothing from M3 Bleecker atreet Several pawn ticket* were found on her person, and ah* ia sup poaed to b* th* party who recently robbed aeveral ball* Areaa Roaatar.?Th* atore of Tho*. Martin. No T4 ! Orange street, wa* broken inte a few nlghta ago. and a urn of money stolen from it. Arena* It i *rs# ?leabelle Hamilton, n woman about fifty years of age fell in a At on the sidewalk yesterday. la NnrfiJll atreet. corner of Broome. Sne waa brought to th* atatlou houee. aad aent thauc* to th* , Alma lloue# Among thoee who visited Father Mathew at lawood, th# residence of Mr. John 8 Neamlth. war* Bishop Hughes. Rev I'r rise Rev Mr Raster. Rev .Mr Wins low, Dr. Whiting. Dr. Stswart. fuho B Dillon, John Snrnf*. Alderman Kelly, ? Kranklln. Captain Do Peystor, ( aptain Hart. Mr and Mri Shaw. Mr (itegnry Dili on, lie TinianU far CalUhrnla, raon NIW toik. The bark Tecumarb, Captain 1). Richmond, sailed yesterday, July 1, for San Francisco. She is consigned to Messrs. LountA Dillon, San Francisco. One of the firm, Mr Dillon, goes out in her as supercargo. Annexed is a lot uf her passengers : ? M*s J. B Wlngsrd, J W. Petty jLoue Lults. W. L. Oust I a Win trench I. t. Hawkins, Jonathan Wlleea, Wm Uaseert Psrld Oreen R < I.Dcnmb, It Pisrey. ( harles T Draper. W Thomas. W O Draper. H W Draper. Adoslrsm Aldrtcb K.dwls Richards, Oeorga H. Richards, Lewis Sbephardson Oaorg* Downs, Harrison 11 "lines D M Wheeler. Alexander Cor but, John Rykes. 2d. H W. (iray H P lloyt (wife aad four ehll drew).* harler Knspp. Htratton t outer, Charles Hotter I.arm U Brhoanhnven, t?. Piatt. Haary Jones, tl IT Psuldlns. Oeorge Flarnhart L. B Br?ad C A Mairs, John Jones. Robert Lynch. < has Aujer I' A ll-e.|-r, C W Meyer. W Wood R Hennett Samuel Bird Herman Arehnrt, T Dorland. W H ( oat*. R C. Dard?n. P H J. Cants, John Sykee 1st; Dr Pish <? Spear. C 8 Coon. (Jeo Coon. J N Wlng?rd, Mrs Jehuson and son, M. Dillon. H W (Jray. Total, fti MAMACmrnBTT* The ship ('onatantme, Oapl. Winsor, cleared at lloaton, on the 30th nit., for Hitn Francisco, with the following passengers:? Meesrs Albeit Warden, of Boston ; Jo* T Walker, of Hosbiiry JB 8. Mansnn, of Sfllluate; t m<>? I. hae?, lr . of New Bsdiord, V H. Toviar. of Waithann ')tis Son I, n? n ? idhii ii i/uinirj, ^ngu-inu/. >1 o >r?, Vril lagtoa, VI j J. A Hall, of N?? Orkan* ? l otal 9 (' art Calrnrfar for Rlnnifajr. rammo* Part l?l - 1. *. ft T ft II is, 1ft, IT i? ai. as. w v n. si. ;u. m sr. m ?i ?t,? it ##, ftl.ft* ft* ft? ftft. ?l ft* ?V S7 aft, 71, 7;*. 7*. 77, 7?, at ft*. M. ST. *? VI ft* n? ft7 jart a<l * 4. ft ft l<?, IS, 14. Ill II 2ft 8S 44 22ft. 30 aa.S4.Wl .11. 40 42 44 4ft. 4ft i ' hi 61 .ft ftft CO oa, C4 Oft. ?ft 70. 72 74 7rt. 7ft, *UH HI. ftft. M, V I vi 04, e?, #ft. urn TKLKfcHAPHIl' MTKLLUiKNf& JJ Hcmtr&li and Appointments. !* WiiHiniium, June 30- P. t" M. The following removal* were made to-day by the I maater General C'lerka?Dr. Towle, Kuim iM Montgomery, Baaa. Warne, Block. Sibley, Kendall, Bohrer, Martin ; Watchman?Jonea ; Muaa >ng?rs? ^nl Payne, and O'NIel McDonald V The twelve hundred dollar aalaries of clerka have* il been reduced vo one thouaaud; and the fellowing aypointmenta have been made: Clerka?Hendrleke, of I Indiana; Alexander, of Wisconsin; Buok, of North H Carolina; Morgan, of Missouri; Wllllama, of New York; Sht'dd. of Vcrment; Walbridge, of .Yew York; Hop. kins, of TenneMee; Bown. of Pennsylvania; Koaten of Massachusetts; Boylngton, of Conneetieat; Washiw.ffnrt rtf Lfunhinkv AVaiohmnn ? M/irpU fltflM* or U* Oholen. in this crrr. Mitoi'i Orrioe, Nbw Tore, July 1, 1348. The Sanitary Oommittw of thla olty report SI new tun, and 11 death*, of cholera, ae having ooourred during the last 24 hour*. euMMsav. Cases. Btatkt Dinh'4. In Centre etreet Hoipital T I S In William street Hospital 10 0 ' In private practice 21 T 0 Total 38 10 3 in other places. The Jfietisstppten, of the 22d ult , says We learn that Gen. quitiuan has lost thirty negroes by oholera. ; The Columbus (Ohio) Statesmen, of the 20th ult , says ;?Mrs Dnnlgan,an Irish lady, living la the immediate neighborhood of the Jeeett property, on South Rich street, where the other deaths by cholera occurred, was taken with the promonitory symptoms on Monday night, and died last night Tbo immediate neighbor* of the deceased knew nothing of the attack until late yesterday afternoon, nor was medical assistance called in until the patient was too fkr gone to be resuscitated This makes the ninth death by cholera since Thursday, when the disease made its appearance in this city, and all of which happened in the immediate neighborhood of the dwelling where the oholera made its first appearance. The first cases of oholera, this year, were reported to the Philadelphia Board of Health on the 30th of May. Up to Saturday, the 30th of June (31 days), the whole number of cases reported was 27T, and BO deaths. In 1832, for the first 31 days, the total'number of cases in that city was 2,122, and 710 deaths. The population in 1802 was not over 180 000; now, It is about 300,000. The St. Louis Aew Era of June 21st, contains the list of interments lor the week ending June 18th. It occupies two columns of the paper, and the entire number of interments is 310; 404 of oholera. Kor the following week, ending June 24th, the telegraph gives the whole fiumbers* 7b3; 580 of cholera. The following table shows the number of death* by cholera iu some of the prluoipal American cities and towns in 1832, while the disease was raging with most violence:? Dtatht. New York first 58 days 2,214 ibiladiiphia " 43 " 743 Baltimore " 43 < Boston... " 50 " 24 Brooklyn " go " 101 Albany. " 01 >t 400 Ltica " 27 " 177 Buflaio " 55 ? ]45 Rochester " 48 ? 130 1'ougbkeepsie 11 28 " 102 Sing Sing " 50 " 102 Ogdt-nitburgh "02 " f>8 taughnewaga "33 " 08 Norfolk, Va " 49 " 40S Portsmouth, Va " 38 " 185 Richmond, Va ' 15 " 40 Washington City " 31 " 168 Wilmington, Del "24 " 38 New Haven, Conn " 60 " IT Newark, N.J " 6U " 04 New Brunswick, N. J "47 " 42 Bergen, N J ? 60 " 80 Quebec, Cauada " 80 " 2,050 Montreal, Canada. " 85 " 1,842 Toronto, Canada " 62 " 172 Kingston, Cauada "72 " 91 In some of the above places, the cholera continued to prevail, though in a mitigated form, after the table was prepared from which the foregoing was taken. In New York, the total number of deaths by cholera, in 1832, was 8,613. pollca lalalilnma Daring Rohhrty -Officer* Walling and Holmetcd, attuchn at the I hlef ' office arretted. yeatrrday, two young men, by the nam-#uf Henry Uautier and Ueorg# Kane, alia* Charle* ll?i??r, oe a charge of ileeliog ??veral gold coin*, tng?lb?, with a gold locket. a gold pencil, a gold linger ring, a peine of *llk, a eilrer box. and many other article* of jewelry valued Id all at $14(1, Ibe property of aUertnaa lady by the name of Margaret Van llifil. r< aiding at No. 61 ( hryetie atreet. The complainant, It modi, wa* boarding with Mr*. Oautler, mother of one ef the prieonera. and on laet Friday. the boy Uautier. and Harper, had laid a plan to rob their mother'e boarder, aa follow* ?During dinner time on Friday. and, a* all were Beat ml at the table, Uautier left the table, and opened the front door and let in hi* accomplice, llarper, who wa* *hown the room of Mlea Van Clifft Uautier immediately left him and returned to the dinner table, fearful that hi* abrence might create ?u*plcion ; he hurried through hi* dinner and Joined hi* accomplice up etaire, where Harper bad broken open Miea Van Clifft'e trunk, and wa* packing up the above mentioned property Ju*tat thie time the *ervant girl ran up atalr* and detected them in the room. The bore, finding them *elve* dlecoverej, . _n up etafre to the ao utile, got on the roof, paaeed along and down the cuttle of the next houee, from whloh houee they gained acre** to the etreet. The pereon oooupying the prrnhei raw Ibtun go out. In thie way they eecaped with their plunder. On the robbery being ducovered, and the fact* communicated by the tervant girl, euepielon at once reeled upon the eon of Mr*. Uautier. more specially a* be did not return home that night Search wa* made by the officer*, and the reeult waa the arte*t of both part lee On their portion wa* found *oinn of the gold money, together with pawn tioketa for the gold locket, pencil ca*e. finger-ring and a piece of *llk. which article* were recovered by officer Brown from the pawnbroker, Mr. Cudllpp. No 301 Hudaon etreet wbo Identified the boy* uader arr*?t a* the pareon* who pawned the article* claimed by Mi*e Van ( It Ift a* hor property. The accused partiea were taken before the ( hief of rolice, who committed them to priaon fur a further bearing '1 he whole of the property will, In ail probability, be recovered. ,frrnl t/ a >Vgilii*?Officer Ladd, of the td wprd. arretted en Saturday night a young man by tbe name eft barle* look, alia* Wii*an on a charge of mealing f fl in money and a lot of wearing apparel, valued in *11 *1 mt i>ropmj 01 treorge irriia-naw, r??ldin; la Boston. In the p<?*c*siou i>f tha prisoner were found reviral coats a el<?k end other articles of clothing I law books marked Hi;m<<nil M Tyson. 2 p rifi?n?j? cc atnlniag law paper* '1 bc?e article* are supposed to be siolen tor wLieh an owner l? wanted Mr (trim haw oausel the prltuuxr't arm*, fro njih Vfnct #f * ', up him blow hl? no?? on ona of tba Ilk handkerchief" >(i lm fr< Ui bis poaaerrioo. Tbr accused was detained for trial Clai'11 rf Grand l.wrrny.- A black man by tba name of 1 b< uiaa too par was arrested. yesterday. for stealing a rllnr watcb and cold chain. valued at (IS. lid a cat nod hat warth $14. In all $3(1 belonging t> at,oilier colored man by tha nunie of liarid Cham rs?l llrt at No 146 ( hurrii r'rri t Thr proptrty was re poii rod and the around committed to prison for trial ttiT* ( ] a //tappet ?Officer Vlartlndala. of the 3d waid arre?trd yaulerday twof How* called John K?lly alia* Mounter, and Matthias llurbank on a charge of c< mmg the pocki t-hook drop game and obtaining $3 from Antoni Umirrlrb. an Italian luatlca Mpiiiath on milted litem both to prlmn for trial M ?'1"K a S/iy (illat.? An o|J thief eallad Vlika Mr L>< Maid. ?ae ranuht In tbr art. )r.l-ril?]r. of rating a ?py place froni the cabin of the hark lll> < trend* lying at 1'ier No 43 tart river the property of Samuel Hold but. Iba eaptaln of the va-?el I he gla<* wa* worth t'.O Juatiea VeOrath committed the rogue to prlaon tor trial f 'Aai g? af BuefJatw.--A email boy. of 10 year* of age by tha name of l.ewls Pika wa* detected lu forcing an entranra thtougli the rear window of the grocery alore of Thomas Martin. No 74 Orange atreet. and stealing from the till 76 pennies which money he Intended to epvtid in erarker* on the 4th nt July The hoy waa detained for a further examination jtrnrt a/ an fled 7**i>/ ?A woman calling haraalf Jane Simpson waa arreetad yesterday by officer Hammond of tha Ninth ward on a aharga ufiiteallng aavoral artlclae of clothing belonging to Mr. Jonathan B Shea No 3*3 Bleeekor street On tha per?on nf tha acrn*ed wera found elity etght pawn tlckata. for averal artlclaa nf wearing apparel evidently tba prreeeda ol bar dlahnnaat career, for which owner* arc wanted Apply to the officer* at tha Ninth ward elation house Tha accurad was committed for trial ( aj StaMina ?Officer l.aech. of tba Klghth ward, arretted, on Saturday night, two men by tha names of John Beatick and William Baatlck. on a charge of violently assaulting Oeorga Roublatta with a knife stabbing hire in a vary dangerous manner with Intent to take hte life Tba magi "irate committed them both to prlaon to anewor tho charge DamMtle Nlaeallany. There ware MB marriage* In Lowoll, Mau during the yoar ending tha 1st of May last Tha wholo number of publications was Ml Two negro man wera reaantly burned nt tha atnka In Montgomery county for tha murder of a lady Lyneh law. of conrao There were M deaths In Boston for tho wcok ending f rtday Inst A resolution panned ths Rhoda Island House of Representatives on Wad need ay Inst, restoring Thomni W llorr to his sivtl and potltionl rights It was laid on tho tablo In tha Senate Tha corner atone of n new Methodist church wa* laid nt Wilmington, Del , on the 27th nit. A negro woman has been sentenced to be hung nt Richmond, Vs., on tho S4lh of Augnst nasi, for arson Karal Inulllgsnre. Tha U S sloop of war John Adarea waa to haro 'i nn naturUav est from Boston tor Braail. Wa |im ? llat of bar ofHrsrs a faa days ataoa M*Mt'r*(ttkk* it Gxoroia.?That Georgia ia destined to take the lead in the i^outh in the business itf manufacturing, aeenia evident, tthe haa obtained a position in advance, which, aa regards thin branch of industry, lenda to progressive tmprovement and certain success In almost every l?art ol her teni'ory an industrial movement in thta direction ia viaible. Columbus, Georgia, haa aome 12 manufacturing establishments, with a capital of about fWO.OOO. and a Hour mill ia about going up. Willi a I suits I of f 100,000 There are several cotton nulls, an iron foundry, a cotton gin factory, manufacturing about IS gins a week, a wool company, dtc.?Lharlrttim (9 C.) Ntwt, J?nt 25. Navigation or Hon* Laxk, Txxa*?From the fgertiOM being made in ibis and neighboring counties wc hnve strong hopes that Soda Lake will be by the comnicurrmetii of the next aeaaon freed from every oUstiuction that at present intercept navigation I hiring laat winter and spring, at camera of a Targe class were constantly in the lake, and all the eetton at the different depot* has been carried out. When once thoroughly cleaned out, boats msy navigate the like whenever tbey can ga to The subscription* for tins pnrprtM hnve slready hern very liberal?M'trtluUi ( fVr?.?) yfe/?i?/)/KTin, Junr H f Meeting of German Patriots-Mnrtnn Intel- H Ugenee. Ac. H New On.iiiii, June 25, 1849. ? The tteanifihip New Orleani, which left thU part yesterday. took out 66 cabin and 7.') deck paaee M The ehipe Austria, of Philadelphia, and Pact,. Boston, went to sea on the 17tla. A large meeting of Germans was held last night, and^ a society organized to assist the German patriots la tj^H their struggle for freodom. Cholera In Philadelphia. rHii.snai.rHis, July 1,1849. There have keen 23 cases of cholera and 20 deaths sinoe last report. Sickness In Baltimore. Bsli imork, July 1,1819. /tf1 Ki-Governor Tallmadge. of Wisconsin, and Captain Levy, of the United States.Navy, are both sick hers iH with adisease very similar t. ch<>lura lH Markets. New Omlhh, June 26, 1849. |H The ootton market was <iuite active, and the salsi yesterday reached 4,000 bales, at docidedly better prices. Freights.?Rates are better, with an upwaid tendency (M A bark was taken up. to load for Liverpool, with cotton T at Kd , which was au advance 6 000 bbls. Hour war* 1H taken for Liverpool at 3s. sterling Nkw Ohli-.avs. June 27, 1849. The cotton market continues brisk The sales, yss- H terday, reached 1.600 bales, and prices were very stiff. |H We quore middling at 6\ a 7 ',c. Snipping Intelligence. H BoiTen, Jnly 1, 18491 Arrived?Ship Mount Washington, Liverpool; barks Isa- JH holla. Galveston; Macedonia. Mobile; Laconia, Philadelphia. Brig Comma>;uid, Messina; saw June 2Jtb, 25 ntiles K of " Georgia Shoul, steamer Gambria, for New Ycrk. Brigs Halifax, from Halifax; Amethyst, Pearl, Thomas, * Edward, and Rush, Philadulphia; Seience, do; Frederick, New Orleans; sohre Fawn, do; Atlantie, Frederioksburg; Tennesee, Charleston, SC; Croton, Statesman, Pbileaa, , Truxillo, Faloon, Edward, and Kenduskeag, Philadelphia; , Daniel Webster, Rondout; A Stevens, and Sagaaaw, Albany; Fairfield, Norfolk; 'Q L, New York; Com Kearney, do. Outside?Ship and bark unknown. Windh'W. Bailed yesterday?U B ship John Adams, for Brasil. UaLir ax, June V, 1819. i' Cleared-Schr Emily, New York. Nnw Oblsaws, June 2G. 1MB. Went to sea on the 10th?ship Retrain, Boston; bark Charles D Evans, New York. 22d, bark Philadelphia, for New York; Hanson. Treat, (probably Trieste, meant.) I Nnw OsLitNs, June 27, 1849. I Arrived?Ship Klfred, from New York. 1 Tiik Crjevasse at Suavk's.?Sinister reports 1 were current in the city yesterday, that the water 1 wan rapidly undermining the works that had re- I cently closed the crevasse at Suave's, and that I there was every probability that the whole of them I would be carrier! away, and the overflow again be 1 upon us. We took considerable pains to ascertain fl the facts of the cane, and regret extrem-ly to state A there ars well-grounded fears that an unfortunate result may he expected, unless the most prompt and IMIMlit CMVUMM are made to arrest the evil. ^ We should suppose, the river having been once ' A mastered, that the completion and strengthening 1 of the Works Would be a matter nf piwi..r.ii.. j ease, particularly as we understand the water has ' kfl enurrlv lett the grounds in the rear, no that no Bfl difficulty occurs in filling up with sarth against the I works on the land side, which would afford an B amjle and solid sup|>ort to them. It would, we I should also think, be a verv si??ril#> - I dn*e an additional ">w 01 1", a 8,u?rt fl behind the present work, and till in the interval with earth and faecinee, which would not only strengthen the works so as to MHM them, bu' at the same time stop the heavy leakage.which we . are told is undein ining thr-fCTJlTT' which cause the preaent danger arises - V <* fl Dullttin, Junt 23. fl The City or Boston in Limbo ?We have al- fl ready mentioned that the shipi>ersof immigrants to fl this port?in consequence of the decision of the fl Supreme Court declaring our alien passenger 1 iw |fl to be unconstitutional, so as relates to !i-ad afl money?wert taking legal steps to recover wlnt fl head money they have paid under the law. For fl about a year, the head money has been paid into fl the Stale Treasury, and suits, as has been men- fl tinned, have been instituted, to recover back the fl amount paid? ssid to be tin 000 dollars at least. But, for ten years previous, from 1837 to 1817, the 1 head money was paid into our city treasury; and now, we understand, a trustee process has been fl served upon the City Treasurer, to recover back what is declared to have been thus unconaiitu- I tionally paid to ths city The amount fur which the city w ill he liable, under this new order of |B things, is said to he 200,000 dollars. It N reported rfl that 2f> per cent of w hat is recovered back, is to go / to the distinguished lawyer who is to manage (I these suits ? Builun TiavtUrr, Junt 27. Cot ntkrfieit Coin ?We have just seen in ri- fl cellent imitation of an American dollar in bane me- 1 tsl, which was detected, yesterday, at llie Meclia- 1 nica' and Traders' Bank. It purports to In- issued | from the Orleans mint, and is dated ISVI The execution of this counterfeit is unusually good, and although, on narrow inspection by the MHNWV, en absence is |>erceptible of that tlearnes-i of cut in the outline of the figure in the genuine dollar, it *H may well deceive the unwary. It is lighter than ^ silver, out not sufficiency so, unless compared | with one of the real metal, to excite remark. Our 1 friends, however, will bear in mind the date. 1814, snd the mint mark < >, in taking specie, for ths 1 counterfeit has been made from a die prepared as the model of a dollar struck at New Orleans ia that year.?Ntu> Urltant Puayunt, Junt 21. Fab* Fish anntibtijm.?The Bingham (Mass.) correspondent of the Boston Jcmrmil, of the 2tith , J inst , sinking of a visit to th<- hsh i-oni of M ?s M Thomas, nesr thst place, saya: ?we took the ^ younger members of the party to visit Wear Hive- 1 Iron Foundry, and the pond near it, and Mm I Thomaa'a pets?the fish and turtle in it. This ] child of nine years hss fed these fish four years I with bresd. She wss first amused by throwing J the crumbs into the wster when she eat her meals I on the stones of the hank, snd seeinir the fish d*r 1 for thrm ahc mm took an interest ia tbe ftak, and I hfls t?-H them regularly since Strange a* it may m rem, they know her voice (in our WMWiM V her to feed and call them, she did ao, and railed ' turte, turte, turte," several time*; direnly w?t H could see the turtle [Kipping their heads tip not j^B the pond, then swim t* her and take the hre<d IB from her hands The fish did the same; several lH hundreds of whirh, consisting of large hlack pouts, IV six to eight inches long, shiners and'minnowa of VB all sixes, flot ked around her, perfectly tame. Tho f I turtles were <>f two kinds, "snappers" and the >1 common yellow spotted ones. This was a most 11 interesting sight, and well wonh a long ride to see IB it. The distance is but half a mile from ih? < >ld JM Colony House and depot of the railroad near it. The taming of theae fishes shows what kindness m and regular treatment will d?, sided by a gentle B voice, in taming animals which have bora considered stapid. Law Intelllyenes. Impobtsitt Dvrmos ? Sows time sines, Judge l.awla, of I.aneaster, Ts . deolded that s testator could sot prescribe snadltlons tn his widow la rvfcreaes to atarrlags la devising real e?UU to her. The eaaa was carried np to the flnprame Court of this State, a ad after an elaborate argument, a decision has been gives reversing that of Ju.lge l ewis Isowe and Pirrnlsgr. applied to the Ins- fl pr 'smefit ?f Offarrin*. uv lu.oat imp riant -tir-M'-as andlW B twagaatlrne ? bats ??? ? t?ncarali s the m?et latpnrtaai r? B la ieae of life Bj O S. Foaler, pries tfi seats. MsrriagoB reqalres tbe fulfilment nf trrersl msditioae, ia order that it Hi B atsr he realty the ranee nf mninal hecplne-f CesU tba I B eeil which aneere the nrlsln of Snaisetie wretehednaaa ? I ^ n*M. aad it* tran aonrra In arory mataara diaoloaa*. la haw 1 I > 7 coal* It ha trarad to phyaical dtaqna tScatiaaa an* I tl rlr attat dant duappiotmmta kiraaaaa ara alwaya la- I Jarmaa, tha nift which, ? h?nwiM>d ia moderation. I* fraught I with adraatac*. haromaa. whan ahtia-d. tha prnllRa aaaraa af I wtenhtrf, and ' iroatar or l?? Injury to tha rnnatltatlaaal -J aad vita1 powara Tha par-irolar meaaaaa, an tha aatara aad [ ronanqnrnca of which thia Trattiaa profraaaa 'a dilala. ara II prndui'tira of aroatar trrrrily of marry to tha hniaaa fraiaa K than any othar to wctch it la antyaet t11W I.BR t k WBI.Lt, rohliat ara, Clinton Ball. Ml Na-aaa atraat. Wka sells good Clothing f O. a. Clmrhw, . II* ttilltam atraat. Whe aalla choag? t'lart. Wti will J mat a a haadaoma Mark aloth draaa or frwat Cant fur I a?nti Ifit (lark. Brranaa ha hii ja liia ( . da Tor a* ah. aad 1 aalla for tha aaiaa. W h? haa a taaatifal aaaartaiant ?f raadf I madr garment* f Clark haa. I Rtrwngrra Vlaltlng otar (imat latranalla, aad atatlng to aaoid taa fatlaaa af ahoppiai fa? Bacliah Thrna-1 ly.Dnnhla Bnprr. or aowtnaa lagrain 1 arpitiai, Itao t? |i oil,a hr almild (a dtmat to thr relahr*-.. <1 'Tiatyaan rarrrt katatliahinnnt In tha Uaitad va'ea Ha. tl Bovary, ninth iNUIRtiih'S, whara'hat alll aara Mnttadivna taraty-Bra par aaat an arary ertleU.

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