Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 3, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 3, 1849 Page 1
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r 4?= t ' - ' NO. 550C * * THE RECEPTION Of FATHER NMTHEW BT THK AUTHORITIES OF N?W YORK. I GRAND DRBIONSTRATION I OF Till r TfJnpcrancc Societies, 4c. die. die. WxfiM i! I ; w . :i (Imt (if urntiil tri nmnh la tTic , apostle of temperance, Homage wis ollered to this simple friur by the people of the United States, Ii which the mouurchs or nobles of the earth might J veek for in rum. It was the willing homage of I free hearty?a tribute to mor..l worth - to the higli> est order of hr.mun benevolence. Ju. t as in the [ old country, men of all political creeds and of all h religious dt notninations vied with each other to do him honor. Yet he sought not honor from man. P ' He sterut d rather to feel oppressed and humiliated by a sense of his own uuworthincss; but for the sake of the enure and the principles for which he I > so long struggled, he patiently bore with what would otherwise he intolerably painful to him. / Nothing :s more opposed to his nature than pomp of any kind?his great ambition is to d > good, and, P** ii potnible, by stealth Yet, no matter how stealthjk. tly, he " finds it fame." At two o'clock the Sylph steamer was in attendHk an re at Castle Garden, to take the Common T Council to Sta'en Island, and those who were invited to take a part in the excursion. Long before [the appointed hour, the boat was nearly filled with ladies and gentlemen who hid procured tickets. The Common Council drew up the rear in procession, preceded by the sergeants at arms with the insignia of office. Each member wore in his breast a white satin rosette with a golden star in the centre, and one of the ends of tli ribbon hearing the intcriiiticn :?" Reception ot h'ev. Tlieo l.aM Matthew, oil his arrival in tlie United Slates, by the municipal authorities of New York, July 2, i 1SI9," nr.(I on the othrr the names of the committees, as follows:?"Committee of the ltonrd of Aklermcn: ltobcrt T. llawre, Dennis Mullias, George 11. Franklin, James Kelly, President." "Committee of the l'oard of Assistant Aldermen? Edwin J. Meicer, Kobert A. Sands, Samuel P. \ Futterson ; Edwin D Morgan, President." The follow in u are the names of the committee 1?f the Sons of AI W. 1'. Diniel 11. Sar-I, P. G. W. P. and P. M. W. S. lohn K. ("liver, P. G. W. P. George IIill, O. \V. P. Joseph Smith, G. W. A. William Edwards, P. G. W. A. Stephen 11. Keely, P. (1 (V. A. anil P. M. W. Chaplain Warren Kothwell, P. \V P. Dunlady, P. W. P. Wakeruan 11. Dikemm, P. W. P. Thomas Leslie, 1*. W. P. Win. J Spruce, P. W. P. E. Jacobs, P. \V. P. John Murphy, P. W. P. Alex. McCotier. The representatives of the National Division wore bashes of blue, trimmed with gold, and those of the Giund Division, crimson, trimmed with Iver. Other representatives of temperance societies ere, Adam C. l-luriugan, K. A. frazor, President f the Ten'li Ward Society, a most active and old lemher cd' the society; An?ou G. Pnelps, Presi'nt of the American fempcraiice l uion; N. l)jff, evident of ihe Washington Tern,?ennee Associaf >n; Jan.. - l.a'haui, the first in n who signed the ni(>erance pledge in New York; W. K. Dodge, 'pretcntiug ihe Ameiicari temja-ranca societies t. gynerully: Mr. Jennings, of F.iihi r Maihew dof. hety; m; <:. E. Fluu, of the Father Mathew ociety. The tinman Catholic Temperance So> cty, ilic liechiihites, and tlits Good Samtriians, /ere also n pii.tuti d. The P.ionkU u temperance L societies were r< pteseuted by Messrs. Lnlw, Hall. B?mdHoIt B Asityi ths oilier gMUlt-inea prewns wore Oea Bt ?'aldridg<\ Intc of the P. S A.; l.'ol. Hrskclt, Bj apt. M. M 1 reft, late of the Me v. n war; Iter. n .r I iMvlin r lulhnr of : hr. !, I.r.. re.l iv..rL < ilaa .1 !m {(jiiiunj.-iu; I?f. Palmer, Brooklyn; Ui|?t. Hunting, |l . f ibe AtibLurti'n; I >r. liter, W. J i. Uoliin.-ou, Tom I teillv, of llif Filth U'trd Huii'lj ei-Mtjor Oitrkr, , I ilr 1'fHt, I >> if and I'iiiii!) IiiHitiiioa: \c. ?Vc. | I i>f th< l lea n .Ilr J AnUi II, .Mm Savage, l?. Mebony, li. I. i'r. 1'i-r, end Jilm MrClrnuTian. I < A I. < . . Miller, nf the 12th w ,r,'. ii i) charge k of Mtc-lKi. I join e iioiu the bin, Ut'i, l.iili, tad I I7lh Viui.'t. to piesene order mi b?Mru the boat. k'ept Mdhi Woithy Patriarch. B t ? H The ?: I bring ili?- i-te tinT bore nwif l>lill?l ( ti-t hw bl iht ttiemhled multitude at H the Balbry and in the Celtic Garden. Kvrn at V this cm J) 1 "it th -re *<rr two we t.rceoflhe irmI | t'n.iH r :. < citta pre mnt at tlif Pa'tcry, with their Liud.s at d 1 tiinnit, tn give nil J tti tii - drmnnntraI lion t 'u I > niil the boat et an l>iin Icelebrated m Wu.'.ii:ii i i ii I'.r t li.m l, wine ) p-ilornd ntiK nerrt'.t i . uonal and Irinh air* with admirable kill. The day way beautifully Ii ?e, and bracing W ' tin ' t at. i.t't w , i ; ? I T enjoy i::? lit. I It VU . li i'.:inntr (imMMM for l .ttlin Mir , lie W it I. ti t llit ft. tlikt lite d.tjr w.t?t Ni I'tiol ?llie J C0ipcn.ll m l.i i lilt down iii i.l I ..i ' I1 - i f I londit "I mtiwy whiteue** floated in tlni aiino*" hero, mill I' i?t i-oltni'Mi to the m ii-; whil* the . iriekbru mi ihe wiiteu anil tlm tliouitund aaila ' hat moved lo uud trn, guvc the chami ol variety, 'ho day* a i'>t euch a day a a Father Mather li^lit e*|-: rt lo iff iii hut own n lutry, were lie .ere row Moi-t people wore their ->piing mmead i ilieir Mrtnnr r clothing. In, hull an hour the .Sylph rem h'-d th f iriher , t noiiig at M I n lr! nil, and Alibi nu lit we* I J nil Uihere of tin* con.- .:went on P ore, toroiidnrt Fallot Mniht-w ou; every I r *Y/V strained in catch a tiglil ot It int. Hat itjr toor reitm.aL w' I ""i loo. .. 'Wance <' t itairt d )'< buui put It il Inr armi't Uwlut,uml lit (kit ip tie nl teniperaaci w ?ti.iih ecuiiir k f the Qnanntuie landing, whither the Sylph 'esined aw a jr. J he 'J.-ltnd Htiir" dieiiion rf the .' .in* of lemrance, tmd milittilu .l ineintier- ot iti? tlran.ta i ;d Fort Un luuond di*i?ii n>, nil .i . ru h.ltad, jd, in tin- meantime, eac?tt<ail Father i! ibew otn Mr. Nennilh'a re-itlenee lo( 't|.tain'er' ilt'e, v.oire he partook ot a collatioa iwrvid np I ihMMn tyla. They tiieiiaaowtrd ImnMthe |l jnnrnnln mik, accompani'ti by ,'vl,)at:k'? '-efi an hra*? helid, Wil l h perft.'m >1 ? irr..| d Awtidl tur?, wnii aim . Fkihrrklitlwa I lpira-td'lf much gratified. v\'ni M"r?e M n* I?rn r. .1 M.uehnl ou the m f iv ?. i a J Willi r.t T rottn Inn id. Thia p?"ty Cant" ou hoard th? f oat, bnd nfitrwarda aceompaoird the procoaaioa, i iik rkrcrrion. i Ttf ct n.:: ;t:ct having 14am ponn o? ahore for ' ather Mail t w, rrtarnrd this tone with hiin, mid^t inni'Tidi i? cheering from ih Sylph lie r .v-t rordncied by Apeia'?t,i Alii, mii n Alrrcer, 11 . . 111... tt .. ... , u.. -i. -C > 1 /i kiriiimii i'h'n in, - .iic 11 i i i ( i .?! i' ii.i i. i! mr d iii /,|... ( in i.i h i h . t wiiii, nktnA hint cordially by the hand on the pirt o| r II (Villi- ll. til en HC I li! ill .IS '.It.* ? t * - til, ( ?:r*-. I, of the rill ' Ut (Li ?. : arrat. hi. ir I r v.. i r r-rnp. ' H t. I ? 4 lif'J II I . . f I. I ii If a wsl?-mn anil In the ssm? ? ( ih? < mn m i nun | j i ' tin r ' I Ni \ i - * in t . ! f i y - i ii? h pi' 'Jllra 'I b'Miyh new for I lie Unl tljje ;?u tread our T. . ' I * J. M are 1. . I'. IM I I Mr : i . ar i 1 11 d ?? t. ii , vl r nf that 1 l.v.t nil.I t it I.f f.. I nn.l ? %?. i. 1 ? " I .urn pirn tie t ? n ? I yatir (! .rut (In - iti n i.f ih.- r. ii . f ..Mr fellow. an I the n ulfa wblrh hare fcitbt rto rtowoed thoaa t? trllh infh atonal iiiw-m- ritun l??.ti the aJmlra n ami raMude r4 our whole people Nut only in pi tta; e of the peasant but a- ? II In the msneiona thaene'l.y and re flu vl hate yriir lab <tt ail lulu? In r. i' . I aril IIII11? i., i- I a?i| y.Hi I ? - I nil -i.i dully a ..1 u- ,r- bIihi-I? we w 1,1 t not I he It ia pre i nun. ntly .motif the ehlef ' j? j i.t. ' t. irt. re and pi. an ., . * i.f the > Tl'iir lira la-fore jm In thlr niir ln*'ily ftt ip-d jatry. a t? -I" tlid ratend-d Bel l of u--li|lweae la fr< at rat.-r of Tunpi ranae, In >li.rh you liars i t >o lord tllnlingul.hej at boui- nu-l while we el-t to t fl at Ilie piayer of rrrry ?II cere patri->t and r ,t i.. I r , . 11.? I. t I.I. hi... - I . I I r - I.lore Ilpja ||?I. . - ii A tin rifane In. Mli.(t ... . r 1 . iii ik- .el? Sfiil baH'laerS of oar fettuW a >nalr>laea we reIn t>r | io-|?rt that bi-re. a> abroad your labors * /be?l- ul - i.r.^ra'w. .1 j .11 i.f up..a aat- "" 1 1 a<aln hid )i>ii e jji. arodial tfelt *< lr< m? t? Ami-rira ithcr Wtihew then renptindt <1 in a aubdurJ llr .*" i-l? Ira ?*pr.?-ion i,,T te if< for the ^ i Hi..I ilire).lion ymi In. tin. Mt *|raa \ I . . . ir ; litni lid lor o n t tj . fan a I totally ?adeeerrlna. Ilnwert-r f 't the eata of ...... Ill |>. r .1 r I Sec*,.: I lie . , I ... lit Ir ' ( (? |Hr i vt? lul f r it I f.-. I e I .? M In <nf b M .< I thii h i I *' I l?i'C ' 1 r ? ? I lltfii Hi' frnm "I ' ? ? '? W *? <? I f ? >kt<n "unlr/, I *??l. i?u lb? ? f E NE | your kiudtu ?a. an.1 of alt I have seen. that I may rsvivn their drooping spirit*. and obesr their heart*. I will tell tin iu of tlni happitiea* aud free institutions thoir follow countrymen enjoy in thin country, that they may be induced to roine hero aud participate iu those bleeeirgl- for this great laud secuis destined in a peculiar warmer, by Providence, as a refuse for the desti. tut*. uud an aeyluur for a broken aud ctuahed nation ' (Hear, hear ) lie ooiu ludi d, by again thanking them for the honor conferred upon htm, when Aldertn in I la wee introduced him to the rest of the council, with whom I > cordially shook hands ; they then C inducted hint on board, the hand striking up " : Columb't" and "Patrick's Nay," in succession. A circle was formed by tlie police, en the noun dock, for die Common Council to receive their iiuest. Alderman Kelly, oh President of the Board of Aldermen, then took him by the hand, and said, as welt as we could hear him, amidst the pressure of the crowd and tlm "darkness visible" would allow its to take note.* :? Votir history through life is wi ll known. You ars no btrMu'i r to 114 thoiit'h \v<* n >w iv? von \\rn j h< mi tily welcome you on y our arrival in this city. The I Mayor will welcome you on behalf of djOOGO lahaliltents. \ , ii will be w-lcouie in every part of tho lulled State.*; anil ymi will bo convinced tint there ii ample provision ifl this country for the destitute of every j clime a country where tho honest uiau is regarded as the noblest work of (Iml and the men of labor are raised to the highest positions in the state. The Apoetle of Temperance then replied, he vaid he could not clothe lil.i language in elonueuee, or give adt junto expression to his feelings, for the honor cob* ferret upon blm. lie did. however, feel deep gratitude and humility for their kindness. lie hop-J it would cUmulate him to greater exertions, for tfin welfare of Ids fellow men. and to purer virtue. !t was the prou Ie-t dey of his life lie never had dona anything but his duly ; l ut whatever Sacrifice* ho had made, and what: ovi r i I! rrs ho hud exerted, h# now felt repaid for all i ((. heers ) The reverend frrntleman hnyins; thus concluded, Alderriuin Kelly introduced him to every uieiiiher . of the Council. Mr. \V. E. Dodge, on tho part of the tem.wrance societies ?t large, next addressed Father Mmth< w. lie said:? You sir, are no stranger; there is not a town in the 1 nil, (I States whi-re your name is not familiar as a household wwrd. It has been heralded through the whole length of the land You emu a conqueror, but not with the spoils of tho battle held. Your victories are moral - achievement* over vice You have , overthrown intemperance, ('beers) This Is a proud era with us V,u will lind friend* everywhere. You will fii'd your fellow countrymen i ujoj nig free institutions wilh us You will find them in plaees of tru*t and h<>n<T, thousands of them, becau-e M ay hare tak<n the pledge at your hands. Aud fesasaads. I through the >ain? ble.-oed sgi-ncy. have sent hinis money to bring out their relations to enjoy the same freedom and pro pertly with themselves And. Irion Is, we do well to welcome Father Mat he nr. What honor would j we not confer upon the man who would bring u* a specific tor tho pvstilence that is now raging ' ilut there is a greuti r, a more destructive disease than that. It is intemperance, which is computed to slay from thirty to forty thousand a y ear. V cu have a panacea for , that one that nt vtr fails. No matter la what collapse stage it fmds him, its elltrary is certain and all-powerful (i beers ) We erect to day a monument to you 1 at tier Vethuw. it Is a monument of gratitude in our htarls. When I taw you four year, ago, I si. id let thouI tends of your countrymen come among us; there is room en rgh for all and to spare; but let them com* with the pledge from you. Many a poor emigrant has c< tno to there shires friendless, who touud that hu bad that in his heart which was bitter than mouey- the pl< dgo, which is thu passport to employment aud pros: perlty. tsiiisa Mitiuw then responded. Ha said he wss sincerity gran tul for these too generous sentiments I towards himself. He was sorry th?t so many of his fellow. counliyuien. ?ho were living In misery at home, >? > r.f h, rain .is* 'II, ?r. ihf.. m.lllnni f I ,...t ..,.11 in Iri *u.l pining la aunt. who would * >oa I>r happy la tlil< Una ct freedom and pUuty. lie uarur had luuah di&iulty ia piicuaJing tin in to taka Ihn pledge, nod fc? a an (pad to flaJ that when they came orur here they were ru luecestful. llu trusted that when he went heme, cr ?rat* h me, thoueaud* would be luduovd by M? n presentation* to emu* t? America, where they would be lure to nap the rewi.rd ol their later, itud cat bread in the rw> at of their brow. TUX XKTttRW. The Apostle of Temperance hawing tfiux concluded, he was conducted by Alderman 1 la wee, Rhd the committee, to thr pilot room, in order that he n-i' ht hnve n wicw ?>f the bay. Only a lew wrrti adiuiitcd, end bting fo: innate enough to be mM(. (| in 1 Ji tf<m l-y 1. nhi r w? b-xnl In 111 etprcMt hie admiration of the buy. lie on id it was truly 11 Lie, and reetnetl tilled with einotione of delight. lie was not allowed lull^ to enjoy the scene, It r t ne ufler ur.otlnr eanie to the commutes to b - inlioducrd to h in, and lie was noi allowed to levk ? n for u single ininuie together. Among the '"troclui?d. was rx Me) ix (duke, fir (her, Cob nr! f'w*r, Mr. James !.ath?n, Mr. Uaki-r, Mi. K. V I ihmt, Mr. \. 1'ulf, 1'r. i'aPner, Mr'te, A e., ?Vc. A'r- i .uw Hawks introduced Captain M M. ( rot', t ? i ne of ihe Mexican heroes, and as one of the Aiuei K'ltm who went lot rummer to Ireland. Cut. Cj: rr remarked that when he we.-. in Ireh.nd, lie h til *? . n n cousin of Father Math**'* in I'ullin, fix**. Mr. K?-arnev. u l'rotrutent Clergylimit " Vi s."raitl l ather Mathew, 1 recollect your rune, lie wiotc to me about won. Why did you noi ct inr t<> the South to we me 1" 'i he I") | h had now got nihil*o nil* near the i?hq?{ .g to pier* i.i a 1 ne \ iew ol it, and when it Wee pom:, rl < ul :u Father Moihcw iie aaid tlieru are ,<o many t l> ' t t* woiihy of ediuimiiou, that ihw attentii.i ir q ilc dialracted. "The star Spangled lento r,' end "F rm i-my Home," were among the ei - ifortie d by I'limk-'a l> tud. Meantime, n t. ni|'Thi.rr ntett i ., on smell oc?le, wee held oniht d' ik, ai.d Mi Ctorgs 11. l'liun, of the Father Matin w St iirtv, idtiic- <1 tinier on board oti bt In !l of 'hut body, Ituvii been deputed to do hi. And the following ri ng was sung hy Mr. 1 tifl': ? TUK IT WIT AT I OX rr i. *. h. J.I trip TO t* IU..C MATIiK W He"t !' tbc Hi ro frein the inir .-In of Krin, H la. It ft heme end euvti'ry f >r thr land of tb* free, ?"i f i iii wmii k n 'if *? n i'i <;i?r wi m " 'n; u piirFnr?)j And lui-kr th? vellilti ring with 11 r?-> Uu-i '.bra# I ?r avrh b> ur n< !> cau-a lather > ?i!n ? out < >|h ui4 At J r im ul < ur I uli.ti of bu ?l lil.erty 'Ihi? lat laeh pen sin) i| .unlit, r Plpa lh? Pledge 1<I * ul') H Birr, An ! a to fri m tba Ptunler vl.i ihi a be ?-l (ct? I hi n let tl.r irilin ring And ?ii will M'f tDlhru ping. Van ft'in tba tyiaul In happy and In*. I i tia l)M ihi?? rnme ikl n|R ll Mir imllit aalf, Aii.I l?t up rwlTi bun wiih lu.i'lra* rlnser*. A <1 in in ibr tin airy t nil J join ia tba happy throng, A! ) I'll' I 'M ' (i"n? I list hi* epi'lU wtil b? ?i \\ i-'ll t hi ii let t he A |M?lia kuna, TI:0V|k lnt< nip. rat re I. cur gn a teat *ea, V ara Ar?iij Im unit Ur ijraut topubJua. i b n let fair I'.riri'p Ma Try vhBt ran b? d?nr And jc'a la iba lank? ol lb.- n? bla and fr-a I hi n let tba velkln ilog. .*.? (.ur ran/a It I' gaining anil tli" tyrant l? snaking, tin I rr > ilkta l? liir# Bitb pleUgv In band; f lv * n it yilrt i|. a't Pmul there w.perlnf i - iff a t a rbao#a fl at ar not In Ilia laud. Til n l*t ll,r pti ((;i g.i f. I -lii r Vatfci '* rp i||h jjr.miif, AII crgir and pt*n ll a ho nr.- N mh| te bu frae, '1 h< n lit tin Bail* ? ? i.n? ? V. r all tor I'i dip uatp .f, At ] *111 tha lirant o'trinrnv a'tr *e glee >r '] hi n let thr ?i IP In il-g. be. lib'.itig j one op the linat Ui?er t?? the iViey A ant. i ! ibe other thing* worthy of note >? tiw f*M i-iei.d abnfc, ll*' rl< uM' r put about at >n? I ? ? ' 1 I'?./ k, 1&4 Rtttui CM lv ikl ? I 11"k I?tp, n ... ;c t..r in > - mi.J pIiiji T.irta were tbJjih'f d |o ti -r. On rwoJit;; the r**t? ry. iba rghtwi mnfnifir.l?it luer.illy 'litre with bunitt briiibud tli' ircbnn n ul< tba welkin ung. luvirc aternirij up :>.? fur "* llnliokfl, and ?hii*?n I ath?r MmIIi'-w thr <orih Rieer and that ride of 'hr city, with ite-hipping, the Sylph returned and tv<' h? 'l ihe Battery e*.i?-T'y ai ToVldc'i. Ihtrh'trinj whoh greeted h , yi wu? Ion 1 and lorg. The Ca#lie t.nideg. 'lie Battery, and nM apH. e fi'.'tid to the f? rnep. White (lull atrret, and pBroudway were den?eltr ct>erred with ej??rt tii p. at it.ue lo go'. glinipfe of " the nbaerved of all tkMntp." We rlinulJ mention that ti.e ship* about tha llMtlery were all hilly deeorate.l with lUg*. partirtilurly the Aahbttrton, which bad ?m mg mb-T fliioa a k'"n utd white one, encircled with a thi mrtck, which wa?pr? rented tul ayltu Hunting in Llnrfodl. I 111* *? lPTlo* IT I'HTI.r Okgpng. If Tinting been announced. in the programme of tho rrrr[?ii(>i?, that Father M.ithcw would he roc?;nd end welcomed to th* c irr hy tin M ifor, nt Caetle tinnier, wr found llioW bristifiil pUce crowd" d at aa early an hoar rren n* 'hn-c o'clock, although ho wt not?tpect? d to reach there in tch btfrro f>e. The thousand* who wera prdrent rcannrd intttntalf (Trtf Mruailiiid that fame it|? he le y fiom the direction of Stati n Island. At h rgth, and when they had nearly concluded th it it would he a full henr before the hoi t in which he wae 'ormhark Would airivi , the .Sylph cam ht-' itn:rgup the bnrhur Crowded though *li? ?t?, it W YO MORNING EDITION?TU; was uncertain whether the Apostle of Temperance l was on hoard of her; but soon it was whispered that he was, and, hs she gracefully turned the point at the barge olfice, the band struck up a lively uir, snd the boat lieailed for Castle Garden. In a few moments, all doubts were removed : that celebrated Catholic divine, who has been so eminently successful in relieving millions ot his countrymen ftom the thraldom ef intemperunee, was on the soil ef the city ot New York. Atior landing, he ' was rondueted to the stage of Castle Garden br the Committee of Arrangements, who, through Ahleimsn Kelly, of the second w.ird, introduced him, in n very huppy style, to his Honor Mayor Wood hull. As toon as the introduction took piece, the Mayor thook Father M tilinw most cordially by the hand, and uddressud him as follows:? In the nana of the Common Council, anil in behalf tl tlio citiaaus of New York, I welcome you to those i hoi ee, anil invito you to accept tlio bu.-piialities of bur fit* 1 hsugh ? personal stranger among us. yet tint fame (f your labor* in llmt cau ? in which you bate boon ' worthily styled an apostle. ha* rendered y?>ur uamo so | fnliiiliar to ( ur hi arts, that wo greet you not only a* a ! In ut lactor of our race, but also a* a well known and long cberi-bid fiici.d The history of your n >)>ie deed# and bencvi li nt effort.* in tho rau-n of humanity, ! bu n treasured up iu tho affectionate riiiimuoraii.'t . ot those now gather* it hi re to extend to you a welcome I to their hearts and their hotuo. Tho story of your life i ha* forerun your arrival, and will i-. curu to you. a her- I iter you uiay go throughout this aide country, Uio high sjpr.oiatiou of good citiscns, for the eminent Milieu you have rendered to tho noble cauee in which you have bien so long and no F\ioco*?lully engaged. ()u thlv spot have we bet n accustomed to revolve the I luort distinguish!d m. n of our own and oilier land*. I 'i he states uiau. bearing the highest honor* i f tr.* niiioh ' 1 veil country, and tho victor, freak from the hold of tie proud luumph.*, have hero be. u greeted with I tin salutation* of the moat elevated in autnority. and wuh tli" gen oral welcome of the clliucu* of IhU metropolis ' but you. sir. couie among u* with a diif. rent ? d peculiar di*liucti >n. The honor* which y.m wear have bit n aeroith d to you by tbo?e who revere you tor your teed* of love and beuovnleuoo lour title* art writti n on the In arts of the uncounted masses win in your bereic perseverance iu the humble art* ot mercy and good win 1 avu eav< d from a tate even mot., dreajtul than the giavc 1 our victnriu* are uot made up of tho dead and dying left behind iu your path but ol living thousand*, win ni you have rescued from a fate mora remorseless than the c. Uijuoror's match l our trophies are seen iu the smiling tacr* aud happy home* of the counties* multitude* whoui you have won frmu the deepest abyss <>1 wteUliednee* an.ide-ptir Theeu.-uiy with whom you have grappled, is en* of the direst of the huntau race, t riglntul are ravage* ot plague, anil vast the prrpuratiou* to atay it* de*olating curse, hut the destroying angel of iniempcrai on baa entombed 1 more victims than any pestilence which ha* ever afflict* 1 <<1 the hiiirim family Ail scu..on* are it* own. and no pbysiciun ran I attie it* downward progress ifui.-autinea and sauitury precautions euunol merit it* earner, j 111 there Is one human power that can subdue this en- { il l ot ninn It is the moral power of a persuasive, earnest aud hi m voirnt In art. that summons all it* affection* end with heroic sublimity councii'-rate* all its energies to the single work to be accomplished It i? this pow r wh'rh you buve so successfully ejetcUtid. aud by which you have attained such atoni-hlng results. Id Ji.ut f iogres* through our country, we wish you hesllli and pli asure. hut especially we desire t? fi o your subume efforts promote the great cause ts wb'. h so n.uch of your life ha* been devoted and with the uiumat* triumph ol which the dearest intarosU ot mankind are blended. The bands, in attendance, immediate I jr after lha delivery til the addreep. ployed St. l'atnck'a Day, end when it concluded, end when three hearty < In em were given, the Apostle replied : ? Aflir t-lprc.-siiig hi* gratitude to the Msyor for ths brncr conferred upon him. lie sai l belong wished to enjoy the privilege of vilttng New 11 rk ami seeing lbs eilvr. n* of this gieat metropolis of the we.itern world. l'? liud n'?cml time* tea ic up hi* ininj to gratify b!mM-lf in tbi* particular, but through tb? dUpenaatioa of an a'l'?i?o f'rovijt nc* be wa* prevented from fulfilling hi* wishes. !>, however, wn at length Union- thrui, and to Mi hrnor the .a a)or, tbe elect' I (^preventative of the people i f .New fork, lie begged to express hiv loiriMl gratitude for the honor conferred on him. Hi then -?ltl that the objert of via vl.-it to the l/niled Stat, a vim principally to vee the t.'Uita of hla ventur labori ra in the rau-e of tumperanee, for the people of the t sited Stale* wife hU tathei* in the work lie felt i j nrt.ri.lail/ tenor*,I in being made the gueat of tha rit/ Biore inthi.n he ever Waa belore in fill life He ran,ii to the t niti d Siafe* to witueaa what bad been |<? tie v? I L e g| v a a I r?nu.?, Irt ?ia? I law | P *?y?* at J uf Itl'd gnat rcuntrjr utidi-r it* free institution* and te behold with hla own ejrra the wnrklrg* of our adoiirabla tnoial. octal industrial, and i durational evtahliahfieblv, wbieb l air produced m?h woi.durful effect*. 1 e iht u /poke of the toeiity auil gtaodeur of the bay f New > oik covered ?? it ?> , be raid, with the hip* j < f all nation* freight* 1 with the produce of all ciimea, in J concluded ly again thanking the Vayorfur the I ouor conferred upon him In bt? reception and up -in. giilng for in t pi taking li tiger for tile iutt a?ny f hi* v . at i tude pv.vtntid him tiom giving utterance to hi* JvrliDgV. The Committee of Arrant;-vucnts, hi* honor the ' Motor. hikJ ie\< ral tllircra ut ii injatranee aocictiea, ink a dunk (ol wafer from ? pitcher on the table.) and then proceeded to the flattery, where the pi coercion w?? icrn.i tl. U e cunnwt help eat ing that the i?,*nt!riiirn cornpr, ii# the ( i* e t.f Airung"iueiita were verv r? miaa in r. -1 making suitable anungriiirnia for I the ores# i-n this occasion. Tim proprietor* of Dullr CiHrilcn, with their naual rare, did *11 in I their power, and placed a table at the di<-i*i?ai oi I flie rejnirfi : *. in a g? od position, but a? ci?on n* 1 l utlier Mathew wua looJuct-d to the Mage, the j luce where they t?i ,e located wn? violently taken |ot?r*eion of by pet sons attached to the company w'uo culiie tiji w tilt the Apostle, and who acted a.? tl tlmy tlicu lit the gentlemen ?d the prca? were not tililletl to tvon common courtesy at Hit tr baud*. thk irocRsaton. The ;?roce -ion then formed and proceeded an vtatr d in tic ptogrktmne. Su vol a multitude has rurcly been witnevard in Now Yot'v The win* diiw* wer- filed with ao t iuton. along the toute, 1 mid ladies waived thnr It tndhcrchief* in ho s >r oi the mora! rejjeiiriutor. 'nr ntt.t.. Thi Park was filled with an immense body ol i nien awaiting hit nppri urh The procession en- , tertd tha I '?iern Kite, ami Father M i-h, w bpins assisted out ot itie fmi.-nors* Carriage, iu which lie wet ai ci tiij .iuii'd by llirv Mayor and Oti tniittc, wua the* roiiducted into the Jovemoi'a rc"iti in tiic *'ity Hall; and ap( caring on the balcony, was greeted with enbmii.tstic cheering, 'i he dilleteni t'lnigerancs I socjilies th'o pa-Mil in review belore him, and t left tbe Pu:k hy th \V t tjate. When pro- ? gc - .n coi el ded, Father >lalhew ail tressed a tew wot its, tl .nki, g ih pe ,>! ' fof th'- lioiioi they hi d dote him, and upologigth.; to tbeui tor nt?i | tirino utiti* til I b ! . - HI Willi i v Von I* ? ' ! le ifirn withdrew r?? ih Uv*cmor'a room, when j he M?)or hi.. mm', and Mr. M itwrll, ( oilers or of ti.e I'uM; ?!??> m%rr J other leatfe* mi I lr whu then mlri rfured (< tcmal Udin. who were riiunj *1 (he other i-wJ , ( ;he ad fcntioui for ll?*" 1< n- i if nh.tliir<! i mil* Willi hint. Inr*e d,n? *f r witun. 1 mu b mi ly |o *?? ..m! a (' tind shak' ii.m.U with u'i? rnin. Mint * T< (Aiiii iit> t to i..l?e U'.i r* -n i t <111 i <?t it he fjurd. rtt' :rr:>? it >t ni . Tt! cin^ m? 7 o'c "tk he w - tnnidictej hf the PI?y? r and ( Yinri.t t ('< ui.i'il t'? ti n tu4gn <Mte?i ;*e if !(>inii pnitiifeil fur Irm in the lr?nii| ' Uouee. \*)*u enter fi<' h ill, n iii<ii{ii<titvit( l.liw j : kr tie ntiri;' nf I'rtthr r MatheW nice-* jnw rjrr hI f < r rthrr end, ritfht cm <- the b ir; < d it the l<<l?l-y vit. d.w. in ( ) |jr brhin I, Ami a 111* '|J i'-f*" ?!.f M H LlCAU'iful vhl" f '!? L-?i-J, v . it this tt ?:iptiwn, "Itlory l?e to ttfll Ul j tub, trd in e?rtit i* .,ce t<> mna ??l ip< > t ;** *i. :i ;ii . ! > i" lemrntb, Ih * Wind *' 1 etiipe. r t,i At fin i i I lhi? i? an i" iteitely punted v i i-th ' fowl r?, v?,ih father I*'!!*-w'n antu trd|h, in larpe h?nd, in tho centre. The anitn ?f n i ni? nt" i n :im ' card thw, and n nii l o| fait ?a i' I't.m parlor, a ur.i? ih; mow, and a l?ed ti in, nil i'ti thn miik iMtge, uii cotiiniunicatinc with each, I'Lii a iliiiing lona at liie other aide o'. | the hail. Ihire rrrniK * ? all elegantly furri-hed with ! the we,i and rche?t farninire, *nd in rtie mnet | n < ) ?ti ?t)le ?f tn.-hion The labtea, chair* and n>' -if flu hn? -<t mna?iTe rrwewood ; the carp' te, ] 'Mi*-try. Ki'? ta, M ' aeryihittg i l-ie in kee,nai{ I Tlie liedatend m . ' .< of iuj. and ha* <? 11114aitic* a' li ce cun ,>y. TWP M?m, Atright o'tlixli ii t!?* earning thr ('ornmoa Oinnril rntrruin*d t!i^> Itrfrrrnd if*') flamta at I'innar Tl r Mayor pt^aiilrd ; on hia a*? tlir riiatiogwiahrd IWoIr* th<* nifMl**ra ?*f ifcr (Yutxil, wr nitir<<) ( :ijjuin Bunting, emrnnttdw of ih?* Aslibntton, Kt *. J?r. Mr. M Ct 11? r:nr of thr I'm! of New Yo k, Mr. I > < ?*.vf r . Mr. T> ml ii?ou, Mr Sr ?tt, Mr. <'ornrliaa it. Mai ot'V. A < . Itg 1 I ? .* .n? ri w oiil W !>< d n loa ty in iita-? 1 f | urn ' t ri'ion ' Irak phllamlm F"t I ?' ' r ? alWa I r trilat* <1 lim> a p.aiilar a ?-r in that nh*#li , indlto .l|in?tt- ( I'aiiparaaan a Ol'i wH* Mkbfl'y o-.ild he piirrio 4 ay Knrar? I a* i tl* ft at III it. all I ah -** on 'a lay. I ?< < liini in cim IM< aiil anthiiaia-iir a wain m* iiiNii Mum* r l? fi ply Ma nht-rfni thai Ilia fci rrrna n*n( dip-uti m-ti-a ? laaaia wHnH hn rn. I f tin i fniu (he bra* ami liuapilabH' ynpl *1 Ania' a???????????? RE H LSDAY, JULY 3, 1849. rlca. on thin day. w ubl a'-ver be effaced from hi* memory. and tlionuh hi* impaired stato <*f health wnuM render impossible those unceasing exertions formerly n>ad* by htm. jut throwing himself on tllu ludulgun** (I hi* mend*. hi> would do all In hi* pnwor to gratify their wishes 'I bora ts *? much sincerity continuad tliu Hot gentleman. iu water as in wine and I bog to give in a full bum par of tbia pura liquid the health and prosperity of thu Mayor and oitiiensof Vot York. 1 Mr Mnwii.1 heped thai tho rooul of hi* labor* hora would bo a* brilliant as in Uuroue Ho trusted tlod would give Wim increased streugth to work iu a Hold of lalior peculiarly hi* own. and spread on orrery side the

pur* and peaceful principles of moral reform Alderman Kai i.v proposed the health of Mr Vesmith. who kindly tendered to tho Apostlo of Tamp ranee the hospitalities of hi* princely mansion, bu Stateu [ Island. Mr Tomiiuot begged to return thauks on behalf of ' Mr Ne.uiilli; ho rejoiced at tba demons!ration uiada to day, it was an indux > f Auierloan hospitality, and was lavishly bestowed en a tutiu. not only an or ..anient to bis rounlry. but4 to humanity; mid even the lui'i bloet in poor Kriu can boast ?f virtue* which must be rcverenn d ofti a had he observed the hard working domt stic ratir.r dollar alter dollar, to -.-ml to ? brother or kUli r. \ n l oppressed us Ireland I*. lal : it be renumbered that bhc possesses the full nytiipitliy of the Amerlciia people. We will guard the national [ Jewel that -lie has entru.-tcd to our o ire. and restore him in safety and honor. 1 now propose the h alth of ( apt Hunting, the gallant commander who landed him ell our i-horea. Captain Uuennii roue, am Id loud cheer." and pre- ' ended to s?y. that he wax fairly taken a back ; tiiat he fi ll it more diliioult to make way against this headwind thau if it era ; that, being accustomed only to s|tak from ihe quarter-deck. he hoped they would excuse him ; that he lcll honored in bather Muthew being i i,trusted to hi" care, and that he returned them all bin hi arty tbouks. Aldiiman proponed. In most complimentary trims. the health rf that honorable and yrlooedy tir in. Mruri (Jtinnell, Miutrrn ,V ( o, for their kiudutM* In ottering a t'tco pan-age to father Malbew and hit suite. Mr Roairisov returned thanks. and alluded to Instance* i t the kindness of that flrm which came under Lis own ti goi-aucc. \s an Irishman, ho was proud of the 01 nionetrulii n of t -day, which will be gratefully 1 remembered by the bumbled Irishman, andconoluded by proposing the bealih of their host, Mr. Howard. j Mr. How sen returned thanks. The reverend guest then retired, much gratified with the evening's pioceedinga, a feeling shared , bysutl present. Washington, June 23, 1319. lifter Office, There are few members of the press who have resided in Washington, who will not at once recognise the wiltcr of the following "petition;" end there are still fewer who would not rejoice it the prayer of the talented, but aged author were granted. A more worthy, or a better tn in, could not be the ircipient of official favor A PETITION TO Ct.AVToN. ItuJe Mister See, ye'U no uip?e A piauk'd epistle, Kr? auld warld foik. wi' g<>u?ty poke, /. toum's a whistle. I n' like ye'll *?y 1 am nae blate, T? nidi w r mini: ters o' Stale, An' bauldly speak? tlut wind In wanie t? dnure to bear, An' in tbs puiirh 'tis dourer, far, An' ^ars mensi|ueak. So y -"11 for pie. mi' tn ar trn' ins 1 bis wee bit line, \ti\ aibiiiu mind lotus friendly cracks, \, Luu at St ( harles we touk our sua*ks. An' ioked. tana ivnr ? ? ? Wi' pow fu' bald. reporter auld, 11m icribbled long In fcullh yur hall* through unco hqaall* An' ninny n bang In denki'd In Id, tkli etalwarl cblnld Anr>* wielded (.en. blidatttet*. an' tire nu' miinilev diro 1>I angry men; 1 hrouyh wouud* nu' xmoke, no' latin itrok*. ill' grey.cure piumo No'tr '(i.nilej her ttikt*t lur hottoit tight. Hut d*ur'd her doom Wool?flghtln's done; the bell in won, Tim day a our nin; < oiif. Heiii(t bent they eound letrrat Tliro' a' the plain. ! rlfplu warm Muli. tin lltua lien a broad Are erow. uly^rowlng, W bile, to the rowel*. In < nna'a bowela W hl|i *pur? are jrloelni' Now pautin' eiilr proud ohieu appear I ra' I attle hot, Yt ipe the Dualled brow and trenchant at**'. U Li lie trumpet* biay and uauuou peal, Yt I' ealvoebot Then, 'neatli war |Uce, tlie leaj?r'? ,aa In council met: To wriatbe o' Inlr.e ll.ry clalaa, An' grant breret. Waal? fhma'a awarded; plume an' alar An' a' the bauble a 'nrneii,by war In deadly tower; Aia* ' can lion, r pomp and nab* Itapay wi' a' her gaudieet t?y* For hnitiU'a aweet hour ' But now. (I round It In your lug) Than battle'.. t< 11 fu' border tug I* yet to try; To hungry no u tbe leave*, ye kc% An' lilUa B'bei. Ttan a' tbe fanu for wbilk full* di* Are di arer di.abea Na? wunner that yonr dor* ye bar, At bide ye fra the wordy war, An a' the rout ( ' ohlrlda w ha c< mr to maV a leg, An' ooat an' rutria, wUla<* au' b-j An J bolt 'im out. N*e doubt they tell ye roony a lie; VI | u .id. ii n feign to eiy OVr bairn? an' wlf?; Hnlrr.H Blux, ofuourxn wlfa riik (?U ??b?, I tbu writ*, warrant*, "mj aura* That dnrlo n? Ufa. \ rt I bin k nil think y- man of ppwrr, I hiok. la thii proud airl y?lui/ haur, A bi- trua. VT1' 4rot>pltr wlf* what'* huniaa Ufa, Ari' dun at door ' ir?a i plan- a gait* |hy lonoa taan, Aa' drm*gogn?? llialr c uutry a baaa. In lu-t n| |."?aa ') " Ju If* a- I " (y* ki Sib* tcit) yra?aa' tbair Iwla, A m' gin It'a i?*?. T' *o ?|>i'i< th- pallor* ? tirl Via aalj It togin" an' dr-ml** a to real, AO' l*t Viu ruf. hit ,iow b*llr* y* II b* ta a?k " Vt bat Imam Hit rrnun' ;i? a dail*d Mtr, to Jaur th* la-k Ta tcacll ihi* throu* Wirt-I'ia admit. yrn giH*d rhair, A bi rr hiaior ? lnt? rtwirn <1 ai' are, An' aimi; a thorn. II |>owi r'* Ifatunr a|' ;<>u alon* It Jl*a In kill; * it, ju >t a* l. ur, it liaa wi' yon I k plaer to fill, Tt? n. y?'r* King. la ' at y?wr fat* ;vl tn-fif pow. au<i ?i11j i'ifht, Awaiting ?l ftar katiti tli tat*, AM auhl man b-ml*. W ha a ) > a' fu'm ny a yr??, ? c4 now iin>t-t |,<ng *ought *lci'?r/'a ahaat. Im a ant ?| trlm-l* "I hay lauSd to* whrn the b?ll? w ra ringing tu' whig '/> fkxri loud *?** Kinging. h-y day ?a> c- in* Tint Jour ai d tw. niy l*b"r'ng y-ora W ira lain *nnwgb I , baaiKit l*ar* I of t?ai| an' b- nir Anil y? t, tb > mltr** tl.lrk ar* raining, bly gud* atiM dam- la atlll c unptlug .A on* ?**ni to III A brad in midnight fill grown gray, AAbilah-ya mw lavor-'l. win th* lay An' twr; alt. I ?*k*d n dram lit-man a hum 14a ?!?*? A mi brought to K*lt( A papar hall tha It.-nnta , A uolbnr 'ra Ki- frtand j All K* ?' lilm ahnwlnf Rt map* ami piana ami A'lama' lira 4, 1 hat I mill 4ra? (nn?? b"In* nal.t lla 4 llilnk llt.Vr." t>r mr nth* ha * thought i? tkiakiof pet Out ba'er Jiaaiu* ran I gat, 1 ill ho lliiukn mora Vianahil. a |n>t wan natar hot H ithout coma limn tor nplt t<> b ant at aiaal t* r >a*t Ko?>? rath raquiraa ml ' tnim hjr all hin g t< ban ??<*# '1 ha lintin* <! l.a'aa hr ll giro aa mora Till tilua t lplri * 1 ban, might/ Alia* n' tha Htata, 1 hcu ailotar ' rltrk*' antata, An' rliarga i| alTaira 'a, i.ika Jura fia lilun OI/mpu? hrighV i rtt (town thy wid*-*ur*t ylng flgkl On tin la In*. Andatioim ii-nk or ntool, or hair In urar'i haalow \ juiut. < o?ny. aoamn drat lo aaug buiaau. natal (iilrlll^rnrr. II S IrliiatH he. l.r.wrauo?. I in tinr thamptaa far tha I'alt te Mrkntrt at tlm ktrk il Ihriln nlMa laatt, 1 Ivth mt . and ran i/i tha South Iorala n4 l,ith ^ Hn ll h *lm*y utaar I Ilk a Atlaml nail a.I fro** Rimta. oa rt'ari.Hf. fir I'.inrll U it nliaip iA*? mi ?ria. noiitmaml* r Mahal*. Ik ,-n tin kn it'll train aa a?i 111 d at * nyal 4th alt. all anil tii.' ii uibiu.u in pot 11 a Ikr Alt, aotl woanl aa' , ,,,xt 'lap tap ^an V ?rfc [ E R A Affair* of Ucrmuny. PK0CI.AMAT10.K OK TIIK VH AIl OK Till! KMKIliK, UK 111K QEKMM RKOENCY, All) OK Til* 1*1(1'.TSMIil'KO QOVRKNMKNT. The "central power" in Frankfort lia.v addressed the proclamation to tlie people <>t linden: Id order to put down thearmed insurrection in lisJen against the lawful government of tHot omntry and against the imperial executive, tliu requisite military force has been collected, and It is now ou the poiut (?('/ < in Bfgrifft) of marching into the grand duchy, l'ho measures of severity which must follow the entry of lh? troops will be sunouueed l.y the competent authorltUs, and strictly carried out luhahitautH of Ita leu ?I silUl fulhl the duty imposed on uie of strt-uglhuuiug the law, but, as the guardian of peace ami the friend of fatbi rlaud. I express the ardent wish that you will listen to my ;>i aceful exhortations. Already has public opinion declared In so positive a manner against thv moveuieot in Baden ami the I'alatluate, that when | con.pare the general enlightenment and edueatiou of the people ot lladcnwith the notorious character of that roudeninable and impetuous movement, I cannot abandon the hope that by malting nu appeal t? the gia d feeling anil ouitlvated intelligence of the iiilnbitttiits. 1 shall contribute to the a> >idin* of immoa-urable ui.happiness It is only necessary to strengthen ( the noble powers of lladen iu order to prevent the tbrcatciud unnatural contest, or at leant to limit the { ranks ol the Insurgents to a ft w who are not indigo. , nous to the toil i t liertnatiy. or who have tor ever , ahunUr ncd the path of law and of honor. I'toplaof lladen !?Vou cannot have forgotten that ' It is not to the legally expressed wish of the majority, ! but to the despotism of congregated masses, that tlie jiri'.nt unhappy condition of tiuden unit of inel'ala! . tlnate is to he attributed It is necessary to arrest in^nediately the progress of ruin. Vour own honor r? <aivirt s that your ouee free and prosperous couutry shall no longer present to the people of (mi many a threatening image of diiapidaliou and ruin i'tte origin of the lisdt u iusurreotlon. Mac tliu proceedings of Us li does not possess any moral bu-is iu no ' wsy were the freedom of the citixoii*, the national i rights, or the interests i f the country endangered. , '1 he in urrectlon was obliged to assume the bypoerltl- , < al mask ol a contest for carrying nut the constitution | ot the empire, in order, that it uiighl not appear a , bi usrluss and crimlual mo v. im nt evru to the blindest , minds I us teaii, however of forwarding that constitution the unbounded i xcesses committed iu lladen and the Palatinate form (to the great grief of all pa- ( triots) the most dangerous of obstacles to the gr nt object of (lie reconstruction of (ieiuiuny in-a lo.xaaur worthy of its peop'.a. Kvery tirrman who liai a near! for hi* countrymen, must ha tilled with shame ami grltf when he ri-Uects that it i.i not f-reign foes but ( eruians thunselvts, who are laboring at the de. trueIian of tbe |?|Wi| hopei of fa- ( theitand Man* of Your uresent ornunanra nf i jx'wir. who have al*ay* t)w word " freedom" In their mouth*, have. iu (nut no country; but the pimple, In llinir belter feeling. lie) not eeparato failuilaiid from libel 17, mid the mm* of Baden will b<- o mvinoed thai it in dlegi in elul to bi 1< ng to ft horde uliwa riit'leador* do not ehi 10*1 from invoking foreign nid in an internal struggle for acoui-titutb u. Nuvornliould .such a horde dure to rail ll-clf an army i f freedom, f r the faUfl j'jii Cation will be scouted by general Indignation Inhabitant* <d Baden! ? I uui convinced the ccnecleocr if the people. although it May bo blun' d, cannot be tor any length of time. HUppreiee I. I.iatt n to 11* voice rather than to the call of ajjbitiou* batterer* -til Hcrmany expect* that you wilt return to the political virtue* of moderation and eouad nncm. without ahirh uo progre * I* poaxible, nor the prtxe of the efforts and euttering) id la t year attain vble. 'J he (Je: roan army, which i) 1111< riugou your territory, will protect the empire and restore to you the comtitutional rule of your good prince together with tli* blessing* of freedom and of true liberty | concur* you to promote tbe bloodlc * attainment ot that object, l oite your etienplh iu order to avert t'roui your huiu.<* tiiv tui fortune aud diagiaee of civil war. (Sigutd) 1 ha Vicar wf the Knipire, AUCIIMUKK JOJIX. The freddent of the Imperial Ministry wirrnKNjirKiH. t ilven at Iraahfort the 10th day of June, 1119. The lollowitig i* the i.ote addressed by the ptenipotentiarlce of crural Herman Sin'.e* resident in I- rankfort, to tbe tuiuiater* of the empire aud the auewer ot till' utter.? licccftl evrnea datrrmlu* the undersigned plenipnteutiariee to ill irand tiftuk explanation* on the pari of the miiu.-iry of the leuual i'ower on different <jut'*tloii* if the grratekt luiportance The uud<rtig tied had In ped that two ooufereuce*. which they fully txperti'l to have had with the miuUtry of tlia Vmpiie. would furnish them with an opp >rtuuity of coming to an t:n!i r*lamlliig with it Tilt* hope liavlng been deceived bvv?u*? the conference* were ' counterman led, they lui 1 9 no other way left but that ; Ol U'ablllg k.MiVD by ?l>l?* ikaU Ur.i > ..! evllrui** ind 1" e ana 1I10 ministry, and of indicating at III 1 suuir tiiuc all the kuljoct* to be dlacuxecd dining tbl* ' interview. It 1* Known that by the departure of the Nntl ?nal Aim nihly, the 1 i ntra! I'ew, r t* deprived of tba , tuornl M'pp< rt which wae lent to it. and which 1* not vuPli iently neoudi d by the great Herman elate* Moreover, I'ruanin, th 1 king Join ?f Saxony, and ' \ llanover, have juit c noludrd a incoul itllUoi ?, , the common alfa m of Which will he directed by I 'tat- } !a, it i- known, laatl/. that there hate teen nagoli-i- j llon< 111 dinrM Mtun relative t" the change* about t to be introduced Into the central power In t n? ?rtujl ( critical altuatfon of tlermany, It l? but natural t? mt If the reu'.ial power po??<i the re|iiir|t? iioan? , ruitalrly tli.-c hai gtng it* function* 1'ho und?r*lg tied plcnlpot* title' it" are bound to ijire to thu <|U elmi an j alt< utloii by >ii muob the m< t? wrieaa, that no uiHcial a J mci' nation Hum concerning the n'teir* of tltelr common country, wblcli arc really of such grrat importance and that thu tmnittrjr f the tuipiia ilea n >1 Cool, r with tin ui a* the law ot thu USth of Juan llit, I'lOcrikn, The special poverntnrnt* there It no need for pro?Ii'ictt l?a?a nut i nly th# right tut ere errn biuud, te procure | nit-in ' riaaliou reiailte telhn artualeitualion Qf the c ilrul power tin; wad il" Ire tj lean ? attitude the raid power iuteud* loasauuiw towarda the r pi rial alliance contracted between I ru-ia !t.i tony, ant lh"' tit, what it hat the |eiwi r a i I thu inteuliii to tutii ie u'i a?*y the Hortna wrl 't ineut ? thv count 17 In ut within and without; wh-iher it p > ?. <<-o the ue an-, and what they are. for oMetrloualy di*chargtt it lunation*; and how, Dually, it ri-gird* ito porilion n latitu to Uia National Aoutabl/, alter the decree *hnh trauoli ra In Mmtpardt the eat of till* laili i body, In com '|iie?iee tl * uii tan lulled appeal tu the Picai- j dent of lli'i i ouncll to gl ru thmii, on the p ilma Indicated (tank explanation* In a oonVrwmtu, wninb the .lml-tty of the e mpire will hu>e the grodui-A* ta Ux a* ovu a? pot ihibicaecMiLe, llcicii, Jornu, Ki.hixht, Iiear, Imtio Kaaataw, Moaia (for the f iraad liuohie# of ! Saiic-dinar and Oldenboii g;,i moor* the Karoa tU,,v-.\v;v-..',V'.VVr!.Tr:.' .. t ... \ii"" I'll an *ud < nHlienj, f.i aaa, b ait-t, k t* iikwm toaa, I Kranhlort, dune S, IIM *> -w ka up ma MiateTRr up run < ucibk. I The pienipntratiarit*i at thine liwrmaa a alee wha I etc t? |dio| Hie i i iietilutioa of Hie empire air #ted by the National Aeeen hly bare aipreaaed III the a lie aadreem d to the underei tin d on lhe.;d la I a de-ir* terotiler,In c >1001011 wiilt lite inlui-lry ut (lie enipirn, I pel i|Uertion? leferied to id the raid o it* I eiin ij ?'it * aa it do-?, iu ihia de-ire, the mini-try | of the uiptn iln la rt regret* to und ia toe note hj , ailuriou Ii/ tlillk tli* oniere i-of appear l? .* pr> acb the luiuMrt, a> tigar lt tho-u i|ua*lioiM, eith having d' lay-d Coining in an uaderttandiug with the p n lumen'* of the i.-i.imu Heat-, rim- ' foiUiably with the law if ibe > mpire of m- '.tun Jure la-t Ibe under lain d lak?? (be liberty at t ebetreing that the uonidiy of the enpirw will t Ititailibiy ' eubmit to a amum n d'<ou.?i n with , the government i u eeeiy ui.a.ure which. , in rittue of the autd law, ugbt tu h? auMniUvd to-uob i dpcarrha, and which eh all be author utiy prepared, being f:rin y oonvlnei d that au eager aouo urr-ncr be- ' twi < u the individual government# and tho roatral ' foe r ran alone lu-ure an ! advenue the well b-i ijuf ihe ? oio ion in p In title eunvia.low it will atwaye b - a 1 a ore In Ibe Vllldelry of tile r.uipire to c . ,, It* *l< lull to IHMII lti|a lb* lluJrr<l<lir<l itM-t-l c* I'l yon tbo iltiutnilt rtltnt-U to in tbo Bt-ta of Jun?3 ' | "J b? flrrt rilatoa to tbo n'lll i l? wh! h tho ''?iic .1 ;??it | ropi ?a to toko tltli r>|it l to tho in a.ura ia'i-i) li'flid by tho rrooao of I i i la my oi l ' tlii.i'Vrr it will n?t too dr'loull mi ?a??n-c iht. coi'ltnir to tb |*iccifU? ?l jmUiio right. I b? tbr?o I gin ri on uta lu ijor.uoo liato iii o . ii-ti?i?of tbo hti. nt atalo of i?iioir-. o-im luJ--t > 1.1 u t>o <lli>u.-n, Ilil tl or, ftibuilttrii to llio in-rii m govocaiunni a j i jiat tt t nmttimi- ii. ? ikt iit? to <>. ? tu it >it.:.-i-iah<Jti a i?? to It* areop ai.c'i bo rtgbl to riitriuilo auoh an alllanrr |j dorlfod fn Di Art. It ? ! tlio lidtral Art mil rob not bo oonl-.l d by tbo trtitbltMlbrainu Ibttr. ?i.iik ho taboo I tbo iitaro > t tho tirimanlo I'lot any in ro than It aou.4 1 to by t bat Ut-t noting t not It to imf t?n tbo ? ipira'.lna of Ur I rtMti faarr H at tko ?t? tbrtaaa p .tim lar ontoia Hit" ti.rao, nod I till tfc"ti tba <>i>i gublie m a tuii. t iMTiittnly ri iiiiiiit la vigor, unl -a an li-gal tta In ton a tho liorMa .tatoa i? to bo di -iroyml Aa to tho pi'tiirl of a ii?? ooBntilulloii. It ntlrri tt ibri rto that, in virtno ot tbo tow ?t tno tnk Jumw laat, I hi < i hi ml I ? r haa ui'thinic to (In ?|i h il ml i* only i lutri i "tnl ihrrBlu to far a* Mm raid pi-in-i mail M-iai to ?> lllrlliillit III null*. Bint C<?aa?i|?r|iU/ In lllr timi n| It* luntlnha 'I li* Mir In wb.rh IhU projurtkhiil ho rrMmd | bp t h- otbi r llcriM (uTrNimi nt?. ?IU f>f* ahrtlmr or not il mil ronii iu tbta pn'int, lr?n un'|i-r.<li(ni-d. Ihitili**, lirfi iImi lb? fniitli'iiviii obo i|{n<ii| tb? not* | tiki It lllll , I* llBTB III' Kl/ till'O In ia*r ImtfUB* tl< u* from thrlr *?> niirii nU in tfcM mprct, ail ci hiOiiiiiicoti- tin ni to him A n*coiiit nutation n maiml In lha miIiI no'c c >or tno the Hub i ci nuurl ? I ji h in- i mini I'uonr mil * Il pt III i(iUf?i|Ur'?cB of ?,0# National V'<('u;My hniii< UauoltlltU Ita mil to '(litigant Ti > uni|cr*i|ttiii?l <1 tint In ?ltan It Ai tkpj that tin' imp riai r.u.uatr? f?unot ri cngbi.a tko iVatioa-l AaaBMOlc'a riirbl nftavnit ?b?Ji b n i-aaMb, W i-tug Mat in the il -.'fi-i-i of tha iliBt of h an b <Vl Bird April 7 I't la-t j ar IrailMi i* 'T, '"" ) tVii Cati -I a- lllr imt nl tUr ,t ?.i ill f.a*i n.bij, *uii that 111 I>||*1 aUiitjM i air 4-rm<l In in tki > tfitlMt, Umnii riant In i an l? /oii'l tbc liniita wl lit itwUi*. antlttrM m roil.-n nl a turn to f au ,r tli.n in-1 >> mi t imai < J-i-Ulatl-n 'ri tn Oatnlgi'4 ilnnia to tW? btnr I ? toll H?k'r a tb n- ?t- i ba | avBrnmi-nu v '? 11 'J t/ tin r. ! i. ,u" Hi I ivnc ' lir ?u h-'iri lb. m >c-a. up ;tti- j Ic . | It I al* HI/ \k* (iT' tu.i. ul? ?o".b ring renin," the "Knob* n ted Bottle," the ".Magio .miking <;iai>*." the "Wreath* for tke I.adie*," tha hewllchttl object* from the audience," the "ilovl of bate," Sto , were greatly appreciated, an 1 therefor* heir /?n>'ur ?w rewarded with hunt* of applnuae. ndoubtcdly every observer ii aware that deception |? oat tired, but at the rant time they must admit thai hey are performed with tuuch ektll. graje and daa* erily. M. Maoalllster will rartainly tind it to hie inerert a* well a* to bie fume, to rouaeut to r< main for a i rgi r perb d among in than we bear he contentjitataa. le te now it may bo raid In the ?y?,tb uf hit reputaion.Hndhe ii no doubt Battered by having nightly ti< It latge audience*, cepeeially in the a cholera lime*, lumber otrer Mngi.yu* Inkia place this evening Unitton'i Tiirirua ? TUa patroar of thle theatre ef slighter and merriment will be glal to learn thai It ;.eue en the Koutth No doubt liruugbata ha* been iard at work, In order te produoe i,>me new and laereating piece*; and Burton, atway# Indefatigable la imaging the beet comedian* in the country, will aarirkeu Ida nuuterout patrone with the novel fealurM Uioh be ha* arranged for ihoir enjoyment. Nat ten at. T Hat ma.?Thero U but one atory te ba told of thl* Uctue nightly, and that U, la the utidal of dl tho dull time* of taUiutnaier, when almost every ither plaee of entertainment I* much curtailed in tha imoiint of patronage bemowed on it, the National neatinueii toh.v. Iia hoao* ami pit tilled ta over/lo?iag, Ltul in doing not only a paying but a very prohlabla iiueineei. the loool drama ta the grand attraction, i d the vailnu* character* lu it are flli?d to pert -eilea by the mumbor* of tho company Wo perceive thai tide evening ' Jonathan Bradford'' will bo played. It U no of tha moet intereeting dozaeatlc dram ?* on tba itage. and I* admirably played by < haufrao. Burke, Itield . IJodh, lr We are very glad to ?*e that vfr. Booth i* one# more able te resume hi* avocation* Ha la* been <juite sick, we bear, but now that he ha* gofe ill. wo hope ho will hoop ?o. a* tha National aodltucet rau't aflurd ly mis* hia jovial face " I tire* L ears After " and the " Trumpeter'* WeJiioa." vil '<>rm thr rc?t of tha nlerlalameat*. <in?t forptr*' lon* ara making foe tha afternoon anil arruiug par. 'orroancn touioirow < iitifTT'i Mmrraaui ara waitng pitriotlr, a? lk? fourth draw* nigb, *n.l purpura tlila evening j(iaa pUcilld conceit Ip winch will b* Inrludrd all (hair wat aong*.dance* ike uot forgetting tha Vny*{* \|nIcala wbirh I* a* r-ry a* rer On (ha 4th lliey wfll ;l?o a grim I afl?rn?ou aa wall at an arralng aoawi C'aari.a tiaaora ?Thi* h?autilul amphitheatre I* halted nightly by tbnuMlla Thi* la n it anrpruiag, where ran na repa r to I r health an I piea-nre, ia hi ir lull arm# inwte than within tha pr omeU of thla i.i banting l?atiou' I ba U?( < reuiug wa ??f? there, it? ry thing ? emrd *o charming that ?? aliuoat forgek ir w ia I.-IT. .trial Intah.'.auti, Tha ?i?w of th* in*;. ilfln nl buy with thr in* < u and atari ahr<l ling a ? r*ry nitre upon tba calm, unruffled watrra ? tha little pla*. .lira h'-w* paaiiug to and fro with many of tha la r aad la am If n I li habitant* of our eity -lha halrony vr*wg*4 allh all Uo -a who delight "To aiai-t by laennl'ght alone." hila tha i-wt-rt aud u ? all >u? tauai ol thr Hank bugle* an 111ua throughout tha ra?t ampUlth.-alr < aad i-? I o rrj.i at H',( thr ?ntt and harotoulou* *train? at tha i.) i o.K.. al <||. of tha h?y all r? p a-rj the ill In 1< aad thrilled Ilia hear' of tha ti.ittira, that tbay uuapaad* In I he language of I homna Moure ? I'hay took a li'ght Toward* liaarrn that night. And left dull carta brhlud thru ' T?*?xatl S*i.o * ?Thi* beautiful aiiramer r?traai ia now oprn retry evening tfrrot pr'-a?rati ?? ara w.'A vntiH "ir I'wkrr. 'Ibi pro e of aduii-.ija ? - - - au??. Tha admire.on to tha garden lo ing only nna eh Ilia*, wr rhould not br atirpri-ad to ai r both lb* lo?* ?aa ( rdin trow Ird In rrary d?p? toout T. draco, tb? charming vuralial, I* In lawn > An.burgh Menagerie la in llotiu IdTtimra swi?ii>i ivu?f >i? or about mtnliin*. !?y, Ztl?t ultimo, u(?w mi ol Cli),fN>) wa* a b (trailed rum ilia l'mamcul chr l, by aputy ol man, di#? rutMii a* |i fi-litor . .mil who, wra regret to if. I TC 111. finidr oil Willi thi'ir booty. ftoiil-* l.-tl.iWi, luppored fo he pert cf ill- pang, ware a<*rU ill" tame n u n/, on ho.ird the Ij e urc boat, an I others tare muor to rn truoeii to lipfwr *Ztri ad a. We ti*? hr.-fumi that one of the aet, called (oiurhnn. narowly rarapr-d hetui( Uk'ii, stifpteioa hiving lie-** e.trti 11 * f11 * rodi itvornu to c i*ngt * teu dollar M.rniurr, ><t Sorrl. On briii< iut--iuinrd how na wrinr rd ot m ntu.Ji umn^y, lie a?id ho tot it fr<?m it i;?nllrmni named ?Vtch-tend, no.I an Hi? r% >.inatioa wao fooliably allowed to leparL !r w.m a Kti<*r?M?| MWfii|'r, mid a r*in rk-.Mf ilW inn/ oW?Vo4 In* (Cxiv?/>if Hrtl > IPrif, fu>* U N'm? ^iraataa.? A li-ttrr ft?in M ?!t% " tlw* United fialra mm-w nlr uner Allo!mny, C?|>t. Ilunler, arrived in-re on tli- -tl-t of Mny, from Turns mid Tripoli. Tin* ?t'-ai4or, a n w upon a new i>rinc, was Until n ikr buck wixidt ut America. ti|?oit the line*, and under tin* direction ol her k ?!lant commander, whai it I mi invented the Mtrew. The ven?el wit altarWat da "cradled " to the Miaaianippi, ll > tt -d 2,.190 riulia down ber water*, thence to New iirlnna The American government awarded Oapt II tutor the sum ol 80.UJ0 dollura for bin invention, and . itave h.iri 'omniHnd of thr atramt r, wi h a t.>iuua? i-ommiraion to try eaperiinooia Th AHejhooyt ttill l-avr in a few day# for Venice aid I'liitata. Sir Motara Monh-fiorr and ladf ramo hrr.-iatW, Mi-ilin, and -till remain ? /-to/on Thr \Vrather anil trie ( nipt. The H> mi on MaU, "i the Jl in?t , ttyt-7 ho ram* of 'art week bare put the finishing l0^ upon lb<- ha v rr??|W in thia a'Ction of country, ,,a4 1 hut crop will be unuau illy lar^e. Corn look well, thru ;h a little h o kw .rd Potato, a are tolr r.klf flout inhin* though in aomo localities th? ainM bromTo (jtta tnt-iirtrni indi?aiioa?ot diataae , j{.^ ana aula look light. Tho cmpa of fruitaprara and y-Hrlira will be e-nall Ha tit . * 111 appi ai lu t wo or then ooiuic pwiUouiinee. i nert will alku bo gorgi-oua firework*. eupurkor to anything ever before exhibited iu t ho Kurden We need scarcely nty to the e who ham alr-aty seen thu ItarcU. '.bat the/ will receive a rich treat by a tI.hII to Nlblo* oa the 4th. Uiioaiiw ar Thi tTHE ?Sin >t Ai-ratH**) t in M Hitai.i mm.?The Broadway Theatre was attended lath renins by a vrry numerous audience and all appeared ligbly delighted with the enchauting performance* and out i if maci* of the wonderful r?? ummtewr The ''hi i "* L D. TWO CENTS. buvanot recognised the constitution of March 2K. thab have declared th? position lUpj would take relative t? the National Assembly it U desired to know If tha central power baa the lnti utl' n and llio in an* to eternise those fun?tiona which bam been ooulerrej upon it The mlnlati Tit of the empire believe that the central power baa never given aujr motive for giving rite to any presuinption thnt it hat not thu tlrm will to discheege i11 dutie.t. It bis hitherto possessed the means and thurn la no ground for sup|?o-tiig that. It will not hava thaat similarly for tha t-turo. Tlia State* which have the constitution voted liy the National Vsseuihly. eaiinot. without being guilty ofgrossly contradicting their past conduct, refine those mean*, and aa for the other Stutea Austria and Bavaria have prami-cd <|uitu rooently to place at tba disposal of tha central power a ctuiHidcrH'.lc force; as far as regard* Pru-eia. which ba* raised a colossal army, she hat acvac wiilidrawn from her federal duties, and it would ba consequently unjust to suspect that her govoruiu?nb could rifii'c lier co-operation to a power on which, indcpi ndently of the law of thelMth of June last Prussia rc b ss than the other tiermun States conferred tha attributes of the (lerman diet \VI I' TUKNSl'KIN. 1". S With respect to the -.'otnature t? the mot? of thn .'lil of Jun last. thn ministry of thn empire ttkM the liberty of putting a question Between thn nam? of M. Sternenfols. the plenipotentiary of thn Wurtomherg government and that of M Jordan, plirnpoWw. tiary lor Electoral lleesta there isthc name ot Duroh. If a* th? uiiiilnti rs of the empire suppose, this name represents tlin Halm government, thn uii'tereigaed thinks It hi* duty to remark tint, up t? thn present moment. full power* tor this gentleman have not been transmitted to thn teiuporary ceutral power wirraENSTEif*. Thcatrlenl nusl Musical. B -wkbt Thkstbr This old and favorite establishueut will open on th? fourth, with a company of thn nont sterling tali nt In the country. Ilamblln. always in thn ulert to please Ills patrons, rrgardlews of ex. i? me. has made selections of ihe first ortlvrof histrioai? alent for the summer ss ason When we are inf >rm?<l f the respective artists engaged, we shall present their names belorn th? play-going folks i f the llowerjr. Nmio'f (lutis.?This spacious and beautiful establishment will open on the fourth of July, with tka llatfl 1'arolly, now 22 in number; th? principals having recently arrived from fiance and South Ainsrloa, with a host of talent, engaged at great expense They tlir .< n, *.!r.? f?r, I# f*?ri iMe to IW HP prn or farmer. T?:r < rnrrrd (N II) ' Ah Alt.. 'n*y?A :;' ntl?-iiian <>! thi? town inform., that the h' 't on 'I hnridny :u.<1 l'iid ?r w?m <? ^ Sl *-1 <tr?, iliut it fairly thtkril the run mil And p ixma 'jerripa , in ln? Iii^h'i. t'ufn and (wtitire* tip to h.iT* but little; rm*? m?"? ?-? p,r|y, KPtwrilly, lo<?k? nnUearuUy. I hep irroitir iiintli from lh< Mart, ' Vm h tfri |?f? At * i>' ly iy fiuit, iliho'ich friend fmift alii a?y- I11.1 p .<iii tirri in ?"f I '?.kp*l b ti' r, - ??? ^n> m a ti 1 1 1 >ft | ??H (Alri'lUp .Thli 1 m < " 1 , 1 1, fir v. . < ,<11* the V l?f U- *>. ? l?. |T .lull' p<' ' 11'*