Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 5508 . EUROPEAN NEWS, f\. WWWWAV\MVA ' ^ A&aiVAl or tii* STEAMSHIP CANADA AT BOSTON. ONE WEEK LATER. IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE. Tremendous Battle in Hungary. INSURRECTION IN GERMANY. IBB CONTINUED SUCCESS OF TI1K ROMAN REPUBLICANS. THE MARKETS, die. <Wr. Ac. The strainer Canada, Captain Judkin*. from Liverpool, 23d ult., arrived at Halifax on the :>d 'nst , at HA. M , left at 12 M.t and arrived at <45:30 on Wednesday afternoon. \ She has !M passengers, among them Capt. N. B. Calmer, late of steamship United States. The news brought by the C. is of the highest } 'Importance. The Canada passed steamship Niagara, for Li |verj>ooi, on v.orK, on me me aim; aim paincu mo Cambiia, for Liverpool, on the 1st of July. The Sarah Sands arrived at Liverpool, on the 17th ult , under sail, having dumnged her machinery. Baring's circular slates that American stocks have been in less active demand, on account of the diminished excitement in France ; but prices are well maintained, and have, in some cases, risen. United States 6 per cent bonds to bearer, sellers at 108i; inscriptions, H'7.}; Massachusetts, 102$ & JOS; Pennsylvania, 81 ; Maryland, 80$ u 87 per vent, ex div. No New York or l?hio in the maiket. Ts the evening of the 21st ult., no news had been received in Paris of the entry of the French into Home. General Oudinnt would not make a general attack before the lbth or 17th, when the news of the failure of the conspiracy of the 12th in France would reach that place, and probably iuduce the Triumvirs to capitulate. The London lilobt, ot the22d, P.M., says, it is generally thought that the telegraph will to-morrow announce the capitulation of Home. The (lazette of Lyons, of the 20th, atatee that a telegraphic despatch froin Marseilles had been received, as they were going to press, announcing to the Prefect the entry of the French into Home. The news is to the 13th ult., up to which the Romans hud maintained their position. The French had used cajolery and threats, hut the Romans sternly resisted all these advunoen, and in the most dignified manner, refused to yield to the summons to sutTender, issued by Gsnerul Oudinot. On the 11th, a breach Was rflected by the French in the walls, and a portion of their troops entered the city. I This re|>ort, which was given out by the rrench, led to the belief that the struggle was over; but the fact ii|i|x'ar?, that on the 12ih, General Ouilino issued a letter to the Triumvirs, nuking u last appeal to them, and endeavoring to throw upon them the re?|>onsihiliiy of the e tins ion of blood consequent upon an assault, in the event of their refusal. The attempted iiisuii'-cnon in l'aris has been followed by a more formidable resistance to the lawn at Lyons. A serious engagement took place in the streets of that city, between the troo.w ami the inch, in the course ol which a considerable number of lives were lo t cm both sides. Barricade a were thrown up, which were not taken until they had been battlhd down bjT the C(UM< The lighting commenced on the morning ol the l.*>th, and continued till n late hour in the night; but a telegraphic despatch, dated Lyons, the loth, at it o'clock in the evening, announces tint the insurgent* had been completely routed, the streets cleared, and the city restored to tranquillity. There are upwards offlO.OO.) troops in and around Lyons No apprehension .of any farther diatuib nce. Great excitement existed intdilTcront places, and it is e\oh nt ihai the COasfUWBJ ol lbs Pans reds extended not only to every department ol France, but to every town. It appears to be the 'general 'opinion, that the failure ol the conspiracy ol the Ihih of June, IS 19, is a greater blow to the red republicans than even that of June, 1*|H. An attempt was nu de to get up a disturbance at Marseilles, but it totally failed. A regiment of cavalry ret all to rights, without a blow being ' brw k. Humors are again current in Paris, that further ministerial changes are about to lake place; M. Dufaure and hia friends are, it is believed, about lo retire. , It is re;>orted that the Abbe Paleotta, private secretary t? the .Caul nal Autoells, has arrived in Paris from Gseta, and that he is the bearer of imjamsnt ile"pdiche? fur the Frvach government, and also of an autograph letter from his Holiness to l.ouis Napoleon, expressive ol his regret at the bombardment of Home. I France, up to the latest advices, wu tranquil.? J-edru Collin has not, a* yet. been arrested. The cholera haa declim d in Paris. *" On the 1 till, au Austrian vessel arrived at M ir*eille? from Trieste, having on board Iti prisoners of war, most of them Holrr, ordered to be transported to New York, but the had scarcely gut out to sea, when the ui,.?oner* instated on being taken to Marseilles, and the captain, having only eight men under hia command, found himseif forced to obejr, but on her coming into port, toe Prefect immediately ordered the ?hip 10 Toulon, there to trait the orders of the government as la the final destination of the prisoners. i'iie new* from Hungary i? contradictory, tome .account* giving tnc advantage ta the Auatriana. In the ronth.rwo actiona hnve haiipentd, both terminating to the advantage nt (he imperialist*. The Hungarian general I'rreiel, from the lortresa of I'aterwardetn, made an attack on some Austrian entrrnr hmi nts, but whi ultimately repulsed, and driven with l?s* into Peteiwardeia, though the Austrian* admit that their own troops suffered severely. The other battle was fought by the Jtsn .lellachioh, and n ia asserted to have been a brilliant victory, but the.Austrian accounts are evidently not trusiwoith). at least as regards theirown losses. The I/Ondon (Hob*, of the evening of the 22), says:?"We have intelligence from Vienna to \June Iff. T he great news is, a tremendous encounter wiih the Hungarians The Austrian* and Kusgtnti in Mid to have been completely defeated, and to have left on the tield the laoulnu* number of 83,000 killed. This battle took place on the T3th, I I'll and I'th, on the large plain l>etw :?t lisab snd Wtesclburg It lasted 61 hours. Tne loss of the Maygers is stated at 8,0(10. The Austrian* wen- commanded by llaynau: the Russians by Kndiger, and the Hungarians by G<ogey Although the news ot (Ins battle has kNI IV* I (reived in private lettera, aingulurly enough no piallude i<> it- Th<* IJofm, of Tirnm*, oontaiM not the moat diatant allusion to it. Another aHair, which niunt not be confounded With the above, is mentioned aa h aving occurred ut Ctornn. A brigade w,n win by MchHek from Oldenburg, uader Gen. Wya?, in that direction.? Gen. W. wan taken prisoner, and the IhlaU Colonel, Haron/esaner, killed. Schlick aent out this brigade to cover hia right llank, aa he w.?a m irching to llaab. It woe beafn on the l:lth ult. Some re|<orta represent thia whole brig ad? aa having been d< atioyed. Othera ?ay that 4,000 men have deserted, rn mojar, tram M? lihck to the Magyars.? What i? certain, carta of wounded, lor three daya. have been continually pouring into I'reaburg. and ti?e places aNiut. A Irrsh recruitment throughout II Aneiria ta intended. letters from Plrlenburg ata'a that a certain Count II , Imperial Chamberlain, and nlhra, in whof-e )*mnepiion a number of passport* of the rebel purty huve been found, hare been arreated. The cniy mention, or rattier allusion, which can E NE I be gleaned from Vienna papers in r?"^.*r?J to the greai buttle reported, in private letters, to have ! taken place near lluui, is lire surmise that ike de1 feat of the Wy-s brigade lias givsn origin to fabu, louaminors. <>nihe <>tlier hand, the authorities maintain that the rout of Wyss was only ua episode j of the other battle. A letter of the 13th nit , front ('rteow, in the j Dret-luu liazett*, mentions an affair between the : vanguard of the Magyars ami the Russians, withI in the Gallician froutier at Jordanow. The K usi stan Colonel Megden was killed, two hundred I Cossacks were cut oil'and taken prisoners. Another letter ol the 15th, from Cracow, mentions, as a report, nit engagement at Eng-Pass, between the i advanced guard of the Russians and Rem. The j Russians, numbering G,000, were beaten. On the 10th of June, there arrived tn the Austrian camp, a yarlvimentare, from Kossuth, who | brought a message to Gen. lluynau, admonishing him that, it any more lluncarianl prisoners were executed, the most distinguished Austrian officers, | captured by the Magyars, would he put to death, by j way of reprisal. In the German Stat?s bordering the Rhine, where a general insurrection is going on, the Prussians have now advunced, and a struggle has ; taken place at Marheim, the result of which was j not known. There is nothing of interest from England. The government steamer President has urrived at Cork, ! having on board Messrs. John Martin and Kevin lzod O'Daherty, who were immediately transferred on board of convict ship Mount Stuart, Klohinstone. It is believed that the latter vessel will be detained in Cork until the government is in a position, by the adoption of the six-cial act of Parliament, at present being humed through the I louse, to send out the other Sine prisoners, without encountering any | constitutional objection. The Augsburg Uazrltt of the 16th inst . states ] t hat it is mhomcd that the grcuter part ot the Uussian guards suddenly halteaon the 10th,' on their inarch to the South, and it is even said that a pari tyol the guards who iiad reached the environs of Kowno have returned by forced marches to St.^ Petersburg. The Poles assert that the cause of this countermarch is, that a conspiracy had been discovered i at St. Petersburg and Moscow. There has been little change in the state of business allairs during the week. The produce I markets were moderately supplied, but there is not such an extemive demand. Holders-were firm and j insisted upon full rates. Cotton continued in a healthy state, and full ! prices paid. Indeed, durin' the last few days, | an advance of one-eighth.or a penny per lb. had been obtained on some sorts. The inaiket closed firinlyjyesterday evening, at an advance of one-eighth of a penny per pound on fair ('rleans and Mobile. For other sorts, the extreme rates of last week are paid. The value of fair Orleans is quoted at fid. ; fair Mobile Ijd ; | fair uplands, 4jd (?) and middling, 4] a 4pi. per I pound. I The corn markets were firm, and morn business doing. IireudstufTs of all deueriptionsjire in better demand at ail our leading markets. The metal markets were in an improving state. Cured provisions meet a fair inquiry at steady prices. The reports of the state of trade are satisfactory. Money was still plentiful, and discounts easy. Havre advices of the 21st Vstate that the cotton market continued brisk ; sales on that day were 2,800 bales ; prices had advanced one franc to one franc and fifty centimes, and even in some cases to two francs on former quotations. There has been an arrival at Liverpool from California, with $60,000 in gold. TIIK DKTAILS OP TIIK NEWS. Oar Londsn Correspondence. l.ONoo*, I'ribat Ernieura, June 22 1110. j Summary aj F.uroj>tan Intelligener, from Saturday, Juno 10, (o Saturday. June 23. Order reigns at Carls; that is to say, the attempted insurrection has been unsuccessful, the leaders hare Crd or hare been arrested, and that hundred-legged machine, a French republic ?a parody upon the name ?jogs on again until the next attempt; for that another attempt will be made, this late affair hasjprorad beyond a doubt That there was a well organised system for a g< uersl rising, in every large town of Francs, seeus certain; and bad the insurrection of Paris succeeded. It is difficult to ray what might not hare occurred At Toulouse, Kbcims, Lille, and other towne ererything was prepared for a rising At l.yons, as yon will see from the subjoined accouut, the fighting was much severer than at t'arls:? THE f.ATK INMRRECTIO* AT I.YOH. [ t rcu> (..alifinuir Niuidiw.] Wa Kit* nlraadp nirrnt.d lb* liMHMltaMI conaactod ? i! ' > uiMI ' mailt ol tha iuaurrrniomrp m yeiuoat at l.jona. H bow continue lb# account. Tha h ip of mmrnutt, who had as fiidap morning dirplaycd the r*d dad, procaaded iBIo tha countrp fur iba double purp <?e of hud ng rtmlia aid af Inducing iba auldiera uf iba 2d light Infantry l<> Jala thtm. Hiat rapnutul had beau ordered out ul l<? ?? tha dap befora, and waa aupponcd bp iba tnaurgauU to he fayorablt to their tanae. Not Hading tha regiment at M Kcinlart, a> tbrp fi pec ted. proceeded toaarda l.iiu"ne?l, diaara.tng i. n.e laolalad p li aa tl>ap proceeded. Tbap till culled Una, ahara It la raid tbap induced a goaitdaraklo auailar of partout to .lata tliem Thep than raturhed tv lying, and attacking all of a rudd-a tha f.oela of tha Keolo Yelartaaire, cinairttn,; of 1.M man of tha 17tb light infantry, an-cocded la in iking tbemralrea irattora of It. liana* diearmed tba enldierr. thap indutcd about thirty of thaiu to joia tba in >eemeat, r< taming tba othara whe refuted nriaouvra. Iht miLi-p uti aboaa ail a rra aatioua to indue# Ilia pupilr if tbaacbool, inaup of wrm:u were prefect at III! drmoaetialioa tba evening btl ra, to Join 11 i , but tl.a iiraa'.ur BBBibor of tba pru| run paaltiyalp refuted. A ' naidcrakla poiiloa of tlwao, who w jio inu-i uliri In thalr opinion lratriai? d, howovor. alth tha inaurgeule, nad J?loed tbalr Krom that toiut tha laturraotiouarp laid, aow about 7UW or fdW atmag, hurrlad onto tha < roll J Komta, win ra tha) aata raaidrad with tha iituioat entliuiinmi bp tl.o popoliitloa of that diatrlot, aiaa/r to noted for tin Ir trailauoy to dianrder. I p to thlt polat tho ailrli of tha luanrgakla had aot dooa uioeli.tbongh tha latirroetioa had In fact baan cotuuianaad, It wat allogethi r leolaled. I.j una. properIp to anllad, being aa pat frta fro it. Tha nail at-p wu to aatahliah n eoam.uBleotloa kataran tha I'rola-koue.-o and i and lot thai | .if n w.n i ary t . I. r o il.a I nI raadiaaa, which war templel-ly a . in man led Ip bp tha ettong harm, k there aitua ad. lo atta. k to alrueg a poem* a ear a haiardoii* allampt. but tba maur^enta or that II ap aniat aot baeilata. Aaondlaglp about hall-paat taa thacilunin IfarLad tha gnard-bo'iae, and daiaaudad a ffaa I a'aapt. 1 ha uSu >r c< ihinacdlar the man tbar* f a a'l. about r li ia 1.1 an bar, lapliad la tha damaad la a toua half-goo J* banotod l.all-threatening. Tha laaurgentr continuing lo approach. Willi n?a of " I Ifa la liana " Tha arc) ia on our aid# tr., tha olBiar attain warnod thaiu to keep oIf Tdep, however, tliaa adtaaaad mora rapldlp, when ta gaae t'ie war J to "fire." aad about Id or Id ol iba lernrgaaU roll, ni.r.allp < r hadlp ? oukdod. Tho rtat of laa laiurreoitunarp bead at i ra d ia every dlrtrlloa. I.ui tha eOeet of thia euniwari'tnanl of net'ial rombet an liu'anlai anua ar, Immediately that ctia rang oat, the cry ' to IfMI bunt forth la tarkM 'piertcre, and harr>,ad?0 train Ihroua ap ia raaeral alrrata, pnrtloularlp ia tha i-raB'Tt nut. Ibt iPtlrr part ol tot tt titnro tiooa wtit atahlp ?<<xiU'l and li 11/ coalr.trj on'p rnr. Is fart, tbt ahur.-k al 81. limit, wiuoa it d tt a n it etiiton It tn angla of tu* itroa'. *t< 11 1 nimabla. A Hrt ?h iBmrliftt 1/ if ar nta fnm tl.t a. od'f. Iiumt-ti'pt tml vraar of tbr nr.>at ttimt iha larra. k of tht li. rni.liu i. to win h li*< tlilitfnia, 1 kt aoldiarr at Brit rrplir 1 with mu kttrp, am afltitant rata..a wit hratalit out aad turuc i aititil tt t and doaa tht kritlt Km. 'I hr military auth?rttita liana* madt ihtlr arr.a<<-n?rnta, ( nil. >1 hot t? d.lap alta.-kia* with aa-rip t..? int j rl>ata al tht principal p unti uf tht in> motion Tbttt w rt the (.iaa.iv hut ai.d tht Hut d'l Mail, tht otbnr barrica.ltt rrrttad at tht.Cnari d lltri.utttllla. tht lirtad t'uit. an I Ik tbt itrtt ta k.lj> lataa tht Jar.iia ?-a I'laktoa, ant bain* it himidkbla, Al. at tau ' lat k a roluma af lafaatrp, kbaak i, I" itr. nil. it pp. rtrd by tlkl.t pirrn >.f raar ia, nuj.r tht r. mm tad . f Lantral fetaut Ik ptrttk, laraa ! thoUr.M R<" to hp tht .papa of tht Manna, aad aatra.l I tht h. (( tht (dual da Sara, c?ia/ alonj tha forum I llarahitb atparattt l.poat fr mi ilia t'r.u-ti.iuaat. tfnra ti.r troopi air.rad ok Uit h?l<ht, tht faatral briallp ad lrttatd tbt tulthra, okllikk ua tl.vua to da Iht.r <lutp, trhl* h wal f> ?|" I..I..I la a lib tcolaiaa'ioaa at I rr.ti u( " Fir# Itl Krpohlk|ir Tbt 17th r- iitntat. aha talt dfplp tht d..(raat"f tl t furt t-.Bhdt I tt thtir itttiradta l>. n.| t ?kaa bp lb* ia<arllaiita, dt mai.drd prrmtMlea tt kttatk ib tbt l.rai li at, whiob draiaad * at atttdad ta. Tbt a'laib tkok ma???r?.|, tht raaaoa plain.* at Mitt ta at. I. harritadt tuo.aia. trip, kad li t laldltrt than rnihtag f.rwarl ai.d f?raia| tbamwubtht bap.mat. Ibt laiargta't hirt mailt uaa af a h?rr bit npadtiH; thrp pltatd it Irani, rl. <*> ta tha barriaadta, la tana in lanota rt>a . a lham, iha aoldlrrt whom i ?p hat m? l? art nart at tl.t pottt aad thtn krad from bah I ad thua Tht Inrurgti.ta malt at lint a daiTiiuntd rr*iatan>'?^|..p'il.n( tht (roaad. I.arrirado hp ktrr.tada, ranatn bain* * uml tt anlodft Ihtm la matt raaaa. Mat tawartd tha r...l t'.ap htritua ttldtatlp ditruaractd, orpin* ..tit la inaup raaaa Ibat thrp had btta daatlttd aad Irtraptd. at tht ariop ti n ? i at ?m rtpraaaattd l.p tn .'ilatt Ibaf wtrt aokiplttalp htataa off, a..ttithttaadin^ that a aharp hra mai ktptup Irom torn t of tha honara bp thatr frttada At tl.a taint tia.a tl.t roluo.n of (Itntral Kittti. tti tiwatinf tha attack in froat. a bkttkltoa rf tbt ttk light Ihfaatrv arfittil till - ii.aA .a nf laptiil.rv hf (h? l.'niM r .al *tt.l DM - unrated Into tha tirand lur k; tM eppoella and, efuntu tlly (ei anna th?ir Jnnr Una Willi tn* mam "nlamn at in* elmna. I r"tn that n?mt nt reelttaap* wai nil gather rain, I"1M tinrdea of it.eur.enii then took tefng* In the |u?rter of ?>< 'ml*, ltd iirrtW two horrlrade* HM*. hut itMt * I o'elnk a hailallnn ol infauirr aitaekeu th?m, an I after 1 fe? dt?< hnrgoo on both ude?, ti ?y wera forred. W Inlet the.* dpi ? ner. taking pare In In* nolghb irheod of the Lit it Ki'iiid*, enteral hnrrl *d*a w?re taken witnaut Itr ititl rnlilitr* An nltempt n?? aim made itmlfnor | * clti'k tn aeta* nn tha Chinch *1 lit. Pui/tia'p hnfarn Ih* limr. *ola >uld eflet t their fnfiodo * Im.iI/ of Inlantrf 1 nin* ' up and invented ?h*m 8-mewhnt Intrr, nn attempt ??t mad* t<> camment# Ih* nketroetiea of I he Rue d? lnnrMa. in lha t,uarl*r Paunch*. A mau brought np a h?r?a and aart, ill* latter tilled with faginte and thnn, rtr; r mlly tuning vm I lha hone, left lit* carl in the middle ol the ?tr??l. tt.naa dragnnne anon alter arrived, and anting nn Uia rarl had It taken to tha harrncka. Tha 1 nniion having dnna great damatre ta the hoti-i ef the Crnla-koaeea. a enneideraloe evavoiirta of peraana began ta am*e tovaana o'clock t? view the aeenc <? timin Tha tirealatma roaa.nacd nnlaifirnplad unii|eig..t He?eit at >raing. trio pre aitlmn ot abutting the gee' of the tiroia- K uitl having Wo a,rr*ly taken At rhat hear order* were gvr?? 1 tn prevent any further eirealatten, eieopt nn hn?ta*?a. Peri luirama aaa given tn all to a* nat, hat ta none in mma la. We fnrgot to mention thai the Ifth behaved with great gallantry, aad brought. la not !* than IM Mmti i. Tne iMntam 1 ah* *>r* nkn primmer. were c m! led to their rare and by Ihotn taken, ah.,01 all a'elnak in aim evening. ta 111* lintel d" Till*. I here having*"** lletiernl t|e>n *n. the addiara mad oat Inadlp. " Vivelr i.rnerall" Wen TBI i?enean then drew near ond aaid: ? ' A..I neri of tne l/th, t?r a a.a uai paat the arm/ had not any rcaian I* he eonaej I W YO MORNING EDITION?] with the manner in which you carried your colore; but your conduct to-day line encored you with *lory : you hnoe rehabilitated youreelrca in the eye of tbo couutrr, aud 1 heroby return you thanka for youraallaut conduo'.'* Thetoldiera >e|lled by renewed cherre. Throe of tho 17th. who had gene err to the iiiauraenla, having been made prisoner*, were iinmrdintely ehot by their iurmtr entnraoea. I r e number or killed on tho part or the insurgents is estimated at l.?. and the prisoners at NOo. On the side of the line, tli- loss if estimated at about 4*0 killed aiul wounded. Three officer* have been killed amount the troop* of the line, ai d three other* wounded. Duringthe whole of the night, after the combat, l.yani wa.i occupied militarily. The bridge were all (guarded by artillery and cavalry; the Prefecture, the Plaoj dee Terreanx, the Hl.n o do BeUeowur. the Hotel do Villo, the Pa'ais*!. PitTie, the Palais de Justice, fcc . were all occupied by the infantry. The house* at the cornere of the principal streets m re ail hold by parties of infantry. The night passed over with the utmoit calm, and everything on Saturday appenred to imply that the tranquillity then cutting would not he troubled. II av <ng thus sketched the general course of oven is, we proe< 4 ten atira i it n> ideate ol i he tin all An attempt was made during the ciuihat to se'ce on the Bask : Lyonf,fttmated near the Barrier* >t. Clair. About a <ioz? ? uu u in blouses attacked the principal entrance, and had already drven in several panel*, when a body ol dragoon* arri?ing. the iu*urguuis took to In the evening near seven o'clock, a woJv of 300 or 4)0 indifitluals, Rttni'd with mil kets, assembled behind the Rue Monsieur i t Madame. and eudeiivorcd to raise the p ipulatioii. Just at that time the news arrived of the defeat or the in.-uru? ntx at the Cruise-Kouaso, and these men then dispersed. rbewl U ftha distriot, and of the QvllleUava. wart otharW ifd perfectly undisturbed tho whole day; at, indeed, were all lie villaccs in the r tighlorhood of Lyons. At tight o dock on Friday evening, at the moment that the fourgru* ot the medical ambulance were j>in< along the streets, etri) >ug the wounded to the hospital of the Charite, some insurgents tired on the men in attendant'* ou them. This act of barbarity, when known, excited the greatest indignation. About 20<) prisoners art confined in the cellars of the Hotel de Ville, and from &N) to tiou at tho Bcrnadiu***. Tho greatest number were taken with arms in thoir hands. Aiuon^st thoin N twenty pupils of the fitortiify Islntli I# u 0 u c-nun'iseioned officers, and acort>oral. General Getneau had the chief command, and ostablished hie hid-uwarttnM tho Prtdnturs. Om rals Masaist4 d'Arhsuvillc directed the operations under iiiiu. and rip ped thcinti'lvi.a >t the I'ruif K.< i; r?c tn the full Nre uf the iu?ur* gents. Ti e dratoi.ns, un lei Col. Je 8k. Mare. displayed groat activity and gallantry. It it uot eaay to calculate the ounber of insurgents out, the eatimatu l-enig < ifftrenl, atme account* declaring thein ta b? n?t tn'Jte than M Ul/U, and othera raising the num'ior ta 'At WW. and errn liU.IIUtl. Th* demeanor nf the inats <?f the population was id guurral aaltu. aud opao-rd m the inovumcnt. It was onl) in the parts wl tell lave always been remarked tor dim flection to the government that tba insurgents found haw. A rreat Biiniher of arreata were Dia Is on Frid ty evening. In the bureaux of the Krpwblirui* and the Pfujilt Snttfrain. MM. I'eyssard, Jeau Voir, favrtl, Kaveyrou, Fraauia, and two o htr,. wiretakrn into cuit.dy. A ritdent atortn tur?t over i.yona in the rtoning, the tliondrr appearing in echo to the noise of the ouunoa during Ilia dev. Tlio tree of liberty of the Crola Ro?-ee reeeired a eannon ball about half- * ay up ita stem. It woe not absolutely ant across by the ehut, but it only I au .1 by a slight piece of wood. The newt from Ike surrounding department* art perfectly reassuring, Marseille*. Avignon. Vab nee, ft. Ktienne, liranoble, and t baton are tranquil. At Vieuue, an attoiapt waa uiade to raise barricade*, but tl ey were at onue overvuraed without a tingle shot being tired. Troopa were arriv.iffc *1 Lyons from all aides, but 'r aid ia unaaeasrary. Ledru Reditu has escape J, aud la probably somewhere in Loudon It is to be regretted, howeyor, that the government of Louis Napoleon should hare taken the measure* that it has since adopted, particularly those against the liberty of the press. That against the clubs la. pel baps, warranted by the urgency of the moment The Moniteur has published a decree suppressing the Pevylr. the Rfjvrme, I Voir RrpuLltyue, Htmocrm'ir t'mci tiifur, aud, it is said, the Sii' lr will alao be prohibited On Tuesday, iu the Legislative Assembly, a government measure was proposed, giving the government Cower, during twelve months, to prevent the assetslags ot clubs and publio meetings. It waa passed iu silence; the Mountain did net utter n word The Montagnards had previously o>me to a resolution that, aa they could not prevent the bill passing, they would rt mklu in silence They voted, however, on the division The result waa?for the bill ,173. ageluct It 131. The suppression of the Paria journals baa caused a great deal of 111 feeling and the journals in question, and all persona connected with them, ere determined to uppoae the government by word aud deed, whenever they can. France is as uaaettled aa ever The government baa. however proved, that it has an Immense military power at its disposal Thi I.a tut from Pttrit. l'aaia, Tin asnav Kvaviwe. tVc are yi t without any hews of the fall of Home At four o'clock the govi ma.cut had not received any intelligence from Italy, either by telegraph or otherwise. It ia still expects dl that, in the course of the evening, the newa may arrive The list of candidate* to be brought forward for Paris by tbe f.'vuon F.lrctorml* ia not yet complete. M. de I.aniartine was to have been the first name on the list; but the President ef the republic having requested that M. Luclen Bonaparte should be atnoog the candidates be has been placed first M the ll-t. and M de Lamartiee second. Tho President also wished that M. liuclerc should be placed on tbe m< derate llat, but the committee lias aerliovd, on the ground that an exeditor of tbe Rational, converted ut the twelfth hour to nn derate ( pinions, had little or no chaure of snore.s and that it would be. therefore. Imprudent to bring forward euoh a candidate General Maguan ia one of the candidate* 1 be red republican* *pcak or bringing Urwaid the Mm ' ( CmIM Um IrilWM of l ucti u 11. uaperto. nod eo will km.en for hi* recent* In Home, h* their candidate They are aim to bring forward >1. Lcaiep*, the preeeut euroy In K MM. 1 he namb'T of permni arretted at I.yon* amount* to 1 SOU 'J h* authorltlea are disarming the people In rery part of F'raace. Nothing I* to be heard of but armt* and d minl.ery rbdta. We riad in the Stfelr :? It I* itaud thai fire t?ttali<>a*. takea from the different Minaret* < t tee t ret Military dielatea ?ro about t<. b? tent to pictt. t the I ink* .,f ih* Kl>ioe. Thole l.atleli'.ni will he replaced at l*arl* by troopa takaa frea ikegarrituaaof the fort* Bed detached petit. The ?.td light lufaotry It te Nave I'aiie te-i'ay forToure. A hattaliua of the I tab l.tght Infaatry left >*etu?.tay for lief rt. aid a *ecc ad hattalloa of the tame r> t folio* It to-day. iiiK ko.MA.1 utraauK?Tiit. M'CcitHar.i ay tiik I.OM.ttl RBPVBLtC. It Is *ald tl at a correspondence ha? been di?coT*r*J bctwtH tt tbe leader* of the red party in I ranee, an 1 the I'rtuiut Irate of Home TbU Hoiuau affair ha* been a blot upon f raucn. They had no burin*** to go to Home to put down a young and promiilng republic. \t hat will they do win n they hare entered for enter they will, at lart ' r. r the dead bodle* of the Roman*' What object will bar* born obtained' I defy a Frenchman to atiwi r. In fact f renchmen are heartily athanied of the whole bu?in**e Hut the blood of the French soldier I* up at being tbu* kept at bay. and tbe acknowledged brarery if tbe men will, with thu aid of heary artillery, ultimately f..rre an entrance luto Hon.*. it wa? tepoited at Carta and copied Into tha Ttmrt and *"me other Londoo journal*, that Home eurreadered on tbe 14th Jun* ThU I* not correct. No ad rice* of the (urrender of Rome hare yet been reeel red I tend you all the official Intelligence of the epilation* that hare been recelred lb* heroic defence of Ri Die I* only equalled by that of the c;ty of tl.e hundred lite*, the <|Ueen of the Adriatic, the ini. lu< r al V lore, where .v.gain 4* to - HiMl-t/hl and hi. aimed l.gkn* 1 he *trugglr ha* Iiecotne ao unirer*al that It I- a war of citi rmiuaiion The hour ha* truck, id the moral delirerane* of a nation from a foreign robe and It I* the forerunner of III iudenendeur*. I lie ia.-?l li.ti llljrtii-* fiuui Home la of thi' 1 ->tti Jan*, The city otili hrli cut. Thin ?n. rtcelretl \>j tola|tk|>h at I'at it [From th* Parit Pap?r? ] The Armada* (Iraa frig*!* amend at T >aloa an Ih* 11th, fr in II Ha t i.ia. w l-tl oo I '.a Dili. .-Iiaba* brought to T .nloi routy-fte* woandad a liln r? from K .tna, aril al.oot f funn attacked with f-?*r. 1 b* latter* fit in Ilia I r. n. > amy at Rama by |ht? ?*a*. I ara of th? *th Tn# /"?*I n i tt a. mi tti- tt'ii i. ? f na rr. ii I - o t?, t> at tbara aira|> i,?n?m.rnt? on tl# dih A.h. nod bib an t that tana of the p aitioaa takia l.y II ? l r?n Ii wet* n-takea ti tht foraa* IB the |ay at lb* Hainan rapablia, but that tba talar of tt.* Frtaa b tr pr Tail> l, and, t i.aii/ tl.ry abtalnrd aarur* pn**?t,ina of thaaa nop.riant p. lata, and aar* taaMrf to fortifr in. m aia'iiat aaw attack a Tba loat <>a tti* aid* of tba Fraaehla aatd t* baa* b*i a c mparatiaal/ ainall. but that of tba aaamr w?t ?o grant aa t* coa p^l tha Iruime ra la a licit a trura ?f f >rtjH|ht h' ora. to bary Ihalr d?ad. Tba ratlaa?..l. alataa fiat an ra ira I 'tail..* la tha aartira of ll.a Trm nrl^a'a la eomfK.aod ot llino huadrnd Irom lia,on. aad of for?lgn*rt who, alt. r i i.r Mil * tb<ai**la>a la tba .diellian army, hara t ?k.-n rafua* n H< n,a. Tina journal a tribotoa ih# dolar la tha ol K.-toa titirolj to tba takah of tkain ral Ha lin< t to aroid tha aaoaatlty of a b. nV.ardn.ant, ahn-h w 'old ha Total t* tba maauwaata of lb* tity, tat tl aft |rrty of poraoaa a Ii* ar? bob uador tl.ay a# <1 a tarbnitat fan i-a, aad would wtlmm# !! I r*m Ii a* dall?er?r*. Tba Aon* ipkira, of W?rBotili . tiataa tbat tba I raarh a. my had braiidol all lla artillery la liaa, and woald b? al ia, ?a tha fth. t# miaaiaaa* ?roratiota oa a rrand aeal*. A lattar, la anatkaor Mnra iiloa Jorrnal, alalia that. alilo>o?h fiaaaral lladtnot alt atill ra*n|aad I a intra II a r|ty, *a ajuth aa loaolfcl*. h* w?a a1 nl t* bombard tht walla of on* portion, a* thai aa antir* battali a might | aa*. Tl.a tioaarrmMt hat Mctlaad tha following ilaapatch fram Otatral Hudmoi, datrd Till* aatnoot, Jnao J ? ' r. i at aa a I. cat i wot torn a win tat aa or wta. " rna .ar I* Bini-tre? In ay dtapaih of tialib I htd lb* honour of gum* yah M tvasant of tha tab n* of tha Villa Pamdll thn onnroh of At. I'anara* and ih* t'oralil Val t.Mai ta.iiUtH at TS? Ik alt t.1,,11 f I'u'd* IP.II irtiBl I Mint* tu indrp. aiatla fur tlir uroif aapp rl nf tii? w rki ?l lltip ii Ih h it; oar |> 'imIdii nl thrtii oar tii ifonil; rtrlimrh, m<i r<-|utrad. donr* tha 4 h an. hit, Ilia mml autira tint *ara rl<a tj trfntl ' { I'ltial1, la a hli'h tla adra* tBaa roBiaiaad anaalaatd) with imr Irn ipr. I hara aaw to aaqoaiat pan with tha pr? ra *1ra ami ra/nf if lioiriil of tha i p la'ion of ?ir^i>, anil tha atiraaaaira In i dm'a a? ar apprnaali tha placa l>a tha half | 1 la llM rratp*. tha Ifnnahaa w?t? np.-nad at a MNtMH boat 3#l matraa float tho aall. Twnlaa Ima Irad ? >rk>aaa a aro taki n to Iho Hat forming a daral pnv-nt ot from I inti m I lM>niPtr-a At tilt part tha truant ir farp nnrfa-v, and rortrrd atih riraa and hodman. Tha ttaaiaft tin- ptfalial and th? i||?lrlbat Inn nf i| a work man a w? rarp rt ilhanlt; oatia* poin'J tilt work maid nat ha nndaitakaa fc-forp inlknijht. At thla ipomrat. and tn dirnrt tli* ana lion of tha ana up, I ardarad lianaral da mi? 1 J-an d t nflp, matiillni tha tronpa at tha Villa I'amflll and at Hi. I'anarta, ta mnko a f. una.! attank on that tlda, ant to nj?<n a(lr? ?r ar HloYlmk I ha raanltof tlila dltorniaa tnrp not mp h?p-i. All tfca off irta of iba ki maat warn tmnrd towarda th- n't nf ft I'anarat. whiah thap mtrht nuppoaa ta ha anrtonalp niaiaird Tha worka of tha parallal am ait hf an tmtaat diaturbnd, and thrra wai ant a wona I-d "k thla p. nt dnrta* ?ha ?t?ht. At dipt tank -oma p hlt of tha ptrtllal a ?ra atilltacomplatai tt waa. how< ???, a ?-ra I thranghnnl. 1 ka arilllarp waa rajaxad during thawhalaof tha night nf tha Ith, In car ttmotini two ha'tarlna; that nit tha left wat la mplp la tha Rta al tha haatiaa Ma. dt thai on tha right waa ta allnnrt tha Urn of Monnt faataain whara tha naanip had mtdo pi opnrMlaan nf 4?ftnaa| It hvl alaw ' a ailanratha h*tt<rp of Jia'iit Ala?(? o? m< aat Aran tl aw 1h? w k of tha A i rago1 larltad tl ' d'tnanntoaa af tha pi rail I. T a hottafp an ?hn lafl opi t ad lt? flra at aia In tt.a morning. an I a na? 1 ><?aii in No A 1h? hattarp nn tha right did aat ooatm n-a ita lira till ' warda anon. I aa . nan a'mwn hp tha In ?rrn? I in af II a tiro nf Mount Toatnoin. 1 ha night of tha *ith waa antfloird la f'rf*rtin( tha lua'h ?nd tha ranrtf nftinn of a a''?rp In too rantra nf tha parallal. T n filial l.'nrrinl and T alrntti. I, oaci plod hp our tro ip * ?ra tha a on-tan I nl.jaoln of tlx kit aaf Kiiaartrp and erra artltlarp af t.i? altp. I ikvaght RK H FRIDAY, JULY 6, 1849. It would be possible, by nicani of torn, worl.f, to ooouro tliia occupation and render the communication* more eaay. Tlio ronatruction of these worka dirooted by the engineera, waa immediately commenced, and will he continued without interruption. The o|ieration* of the aie^e hod alao a regular proline. on the tith. Our batteriea hare alao replied to the em my. They bare authored no injury, and are free in action. The correctneta of our aim roust hare canted considerable |n?a to the curiuT. Our lota i> incomparably smaller, considering the reunite obtained. On the 1th. Vith. aud titli it amounted to only fifty wounded and ait killed. At 1'uute Mol'e the aituation i. considerably ameliorated. Our establishment there ia conaolidatrd without aerioua apposition ; t he I roken arch has been repaired, so a? to permit with ease the passage of columne. Daily reconnaissances are made on the left bank of the Tiber, llm health of the troopa ia exfsIUiiL I Son lit I fit' III MIT lit' uiritillll" Tht< following letter from the correspondent ot the Naming CNunicIt, U iutereytiug : ? Ku?k. Thursday, J nun 7, 1 "49. This it the frill of Corpss Chriati, which the K wain Catholic Church celebrates uith extraordinary solemnity 1 do but know whether thie ii Oodinot's r erun fonlettiug tit alone to-.lsy, but cerium it it that littlo or no tiring hat boen heard throughout the morning. To commence hit unholy w< rk on a Sunday, and then to Intermit it on the feast of ihe Holy Macrauirnt, wold ho qui e ot n piece with the inconsistency w hirh het marked all tho proceedings or >he I'ope't cruraderr, siarn tirtt they eet foot on the Italian ehnrra. It U possible, however, that there may he other reasons lor the inaction of the French, of wi.iuli we are not yet aw are. 1 he French arc now rai l to have liatcen piectt of heavy cat. Port plenteu against the walla, ueai the tt.ito of St. I'sncrnzlc ; they are aleo in poaition over ugaiast for ta San Pro'* on the Delta road, anion the Monti Parioli, litis hill? In the enviroae of tho city, outride tho form del I'opolo. The number that have croeaed th< Titer in all, te not (apposed to xcecd 3,1 tt) at the mort. The government and the inhaldtante, Irout all the indicntiona of public feeling I can gutter, nun bent on resisting to the utmost, though, after ai* week a of hareaeirg suspense end uncertainty, In'erruptiou of bust- I lien, unit aliroit total deprivation ot pleastiru. their spirits ate no 1 nger so buoy an I aa in the nrrt day# of May. Proclamations i-suid yesterday an t lo-day, stare that tamiliea disturbed by the enemy's shot, will bo a"c?inmodutrd with lofgitgs in the pnhlio establishments of thecipital, or the palaces of tho ucbility: and re<|tilre the immediate surrender foil ruoskctaer carbines in the posae.-sii n of individual*, with n view to their being employed in th" defence of the town Various irregular bodUa of aru i d men, squadrons of 1 the Seven liiila, ?nd so forth, are being formed. A uew issue i | of notes of ten bamcclii (3d ,) to the extent of lim.OH) eoudi , ( more than AiA'.iMi) is to rake place. All issues ef .

| bullnii a or notices of military operations are now prohibited I by an r rdtrof this morning, under the severest penalties. Much is a summary of the la'eit particulars 1 have Dean ahlo , I to glean. To-dey the game of war Dststluuary; bo-me crow it may recommence, and be prosecuted wl.h redoubled bit I teineae ' Fhidav, June 1, liM!>, An active rannonnde, chiefly from the bastions near forur I San I'ancrailo, was kept up ou the French lines last evening and thin inorning. lo-day, one disohargo is heard i I eieiy two minutes or so The French appear to be still en- I ! gaged on their works, from which t hey ha ve not yet opeued any regular or contiuuoue tire. It is ilitticull to divine their , ii.tiMiuua from such of I keif proceedings as are visible to | us ; yillim only will briug a solution ol llM fniguia VFn-n < I visited Man farioratio. en Tuesday evening. nothing in the shape of tegular siege works was then visible, but they are said to have made considerable progress by this time. Today an attack was expected, but all the tiring seems to come i from tbt town walls. The entire number of Roman* wounded up to Tuesday, according to ths othr.hI raturn Irurn the hospitals, as givtaln the Monilort, w**.'57t>. It is uot likoly thst any coatidsrabl* > iucrease line taken place on the subsequent day*, i 1 yesterdey evening vieited the defensive work! of Mont* Testaccio. neer the Date of St. Paul, leading to Ustia The 1 weakness ol the walls, which, in this <| lartor, are but til* remnants of the mansions of the old Romans, a jueducts with ' th* arches built up. and tb* like, afford no facilities fur mounting cannon; and a battery has therefore been established on this eminence, which lie* just within the walle, close to the 1'vrumid of C'estiue. Mont* Testnceio (en the Pottery-Hill ) so called from it* material*, lea utound of considerable mm, formed almost entirely of the frag mints ot and jugs of earthenware, latermin J with the soli, wlicli have accumulated in th* course of nces. liuw they can * there is a <|uestiou w hich has puasled th* breine of mauy a learned aali ioary. Oiassrtatlous have keen writi en to account for the esisteuo* of title vest accumulation ol bieken pot* nnd pans; but all endiug wbar* they began. 1 lie bill lie* nt th* southeastern pout ef Rome, at- or a >yuartcr of a mil* froui th* Tibsr. Two J4-p winder* ai d a3ti-| i uoJ bowilser have becu placed upoa it. Fretn the top you Lave n good view of the ouuntry f'sr com* mil** en i the Os'.ia rond, and to th* esrth of it, a* well aa of Port* l'ortese, and the southern elope of the Janiculum, en tiro opposite side of tberiver. A French poet, with n retrenchment, or barricade of sand bag* (I could not dtslreguish any | guns, tbeugb I made out lb* mt>a with.n It very plainly) is established on a little hill, rather more tlisu a wile distant j from the walls (I have passed th* spot la ary walks) Immediately in front of tho Bnsili* of San Paolo /aor i r?uri.? This ?a* th# only thing resembtia* a siege worn that wae ' discernible, and secured but an insignihcaal construction.? a cruetm ih* riw r 1 ouuld i?e Kmnch mldieri I u&hv of th?m cutting torag?) in and about two ar three eil'aa an ttia bank. ! Oet aeiutial mu,kt t ahutf were being Inter huuged batwaaa I I ranch and fcouian fkirmlakera, the letter occupying rariuiia eeattrr.d bousec aenrer tha walla. I ..a *? a.! t at could ba mada oat from thla point. > Tba iaternal atata ot tba city, aa regard, publle <j?lat, if j all i.1"*1 Could ba wiabod. There ar- no a/inptoiaa of moeon.ent by ana oiner Uut? Kepubliuaa piny. 1 obaarra , that a >tor> of three pi!:'?" ?u? up 'nte miace-m-at and ; thrown into tha Tiber, sums time Lai -, baam 4woil up??n in aoiue journals, and teems to have ultra, u a cr,%,,iwtrabla notice. I hap|x>tiad only to hear of tha circumstance through a foreign iuw r i-aptr, or I should of course I % urn y u n omit Vfffloa ? it <>n in |uiry, I find tl ro is this much fvlllAtioa for it (iltbl iMofllft the tiny at war the Ural Irmah aittrk. four tnrn, supposed to bo Frcoch or Pontifical eiiiietarita in tha disguise of priest*, t<?w|i>l to inttituta a reactionary uiot intent it tha I'rastev r?, tha juartar 1 of Ifoniu whose inhabitants hate been generally ocunderel ii Klltacl i ' Pobh I Mi informed that iWnjr tir i i , 11 ai ( n loRti Ova -v i :* tha I imritii-i at J'urta Angelici, which liaa jafl' uuJ?*r tl?a Vatican, and ?? viif of tha p?mt* which tin- I'r. uch had ruggled to carry. In tha eia?|M>r*tii?a af tl a m-Mn- ui the/ ! a. i. m. tnally <j?auhi i on the ai i. an I the .r b edioa ?-a*t Into tlba I ibor. I ttlia? Ibai, aalar tb# atrranaliMvi, ai* milar u tiuuct would pnbatJy have peodiae d a similar result la nioal other cities of tha e orld. There it uotiuug half ii >it)f thi story as thir?? was m a huadre I aaee j t*i of the sanguinary cot tettof Paris, in June last y? %r. I t 1 i.f. nin. i ? i t fiom Cat oral Odinol ''TiilOrMiai. (oamAenieo-ie-Cwi ir or rut Cxmna* IIOtANt lofcPI u> Tilt Mtl'irCilUAjll At VJ TNI Ml a iti?. *4 or VF a n. V11.1.A Saitit i, Jur.t 10, HI*. Ifittt a 1 a MitiiTUi ? Hf ditp iteh of the 7th I hai ti.a hon^r to" lunvn to )ou the map h <f th? opertl 1 in .? u|. l?i tin tf. in Ii ?i?h fth I n t'.a n'tfhl 01 the blh, they d*bou? bed ty a tr?nrfi which hcreaf "f wnl b? In mod io?arot iln hutory 4imt#4 a ain 1 imIm bt.i'. li t c< i.tmnait ailou severed m thn rear by ibn pnrallal hat b*ta tv?iplated. Tt.e works uad<*riaaen at the Yilia t 1 11 1. tuj.i/te the potitien vi the ifwnpeen IS#esif loit, flofn tl.u acta* he, ere being ermd on. Ttirv will be ftaiehen ? ii tho htli. 1 he fifr-<fo-# - I at St. I'aelo will ha alto aa4 arn d to-n rrow. Ju t? e sameflnuht < f the oth, 1 tienri' M l- 1 ... if a lattery IN 11 cut t.da toe I rea< h, parallel ta hi r 14I11 face of la.-r-.i o. Tint balcty is Intend*d t ?it r kanlirf that bnalif, ail I I a'Ur < I r> xrh thn scarp, wi.tch is nn< etvfod I* lit height. Mh -They I j*i c .ntinurd ihe n vitt viy rotoatlaf with ; It n ?> I*i mil.Mr I ? a pl'.r' rf if mi i. All tbftao worm I?i a diim will, ut III* lo># if* aiuitin in**. I'lM Alf Ml I it an.|i'"/id H ?'iltaii>( tiir Hi 11 rh a? i i "in p,n lit. II' f III II li??" linn nn|ir?v?i|. In lint of tha titill'lift ut II. right, fti'prinii liliin rluaa In tl.n baaiiun. lint from inn of I Im tniajri * tins throw down tifn gattlnn ; Ld ft ? r.'i am > f ll.r M kimiuoa r? and ml. liar nf t'ift Ailh, a ho tttl to ?t lln in up fen tin, ? ?! kill*.I Tim artillar/ , ' nimora t" Ihicktn iba epaulatnant of l.allary N" 4. Hut- ' btaaurat arc bali.ff BMdo. hut thraa plat ? ha?a not lt?a put on tl.alr rairiftjra, on account of ll.a run. ft tin !i liaa anftaurI tbr ftfouft l batlrrt bo 7 lua n-paira I ilm ! tiut{a d n u I ly It.# Hit nf tba ifoy Nta p. una liaaa o?#a iin- I niaaki 4 i ft III# prnl'ifttatinn of bottary No, 3. ? w#ll ft# two hi at I allaiiti " tlo lali hank of tfia Tlbwrj th# Rrnt m?r !*t. Alt <ia, fti 1 ll ' cn?d la fr nt nf Tattao' Tina la I a#?ina ta I# in fr a'ltd li r trio# on if.# n nm a f M< ai? Vtr.lo. at lha n.fiiHflt Bln-B ll??nrk n< farina and ft* jpiarda of tli# litnahi ftf# f ftiaing. Itth ? llmjl i.arr daboatCad ua thalnft of ll tiaial 1 arar At. I'aBciaain. ftn l to-ilfld thaw will tar a llila # a.nianiait ion I.; a pine* d'ai on t, w' n h will ' raai on ilia V Ilia I .raini. If tut enamy d ? ant inroa obaia- I flat in Ilia a nf A tnarh, Itat nntrn la laagth, b aa baaa tarridli atilifaotart aajt lenn ilia caaira tnaardt tia i a pit al o| lb# laailna Aa. 7 Tlila rarr important work ki ill' ii mm b aanrwr lha anaat). To-nl(hi ?;'" d*,irat?t III iaalitmpUd to aitaod parallal to Ilia front# of ailook ! Ilia rlrhl and li ft of Ilia at irnailf nf t'i# lma L'ptotbtt mi an ut II a * i.toiy Laa auflrml lha night ?o~ka to bo carried on ?iihoul ial. rruplti a All it dona bp at a >lant, and la ' II a dap lima ttl at oaa barn d'ina iu lh- oitht l? parfa-io i. A ttf |-or lint bat a ttoundod by tlmi, at iba fttlaak tahiak via mftda n lha loft 1 ba Or' frnin Ilia l>ftii>rp Ma. I baa not I . i a "i i . in .|. w '. 11 at thai Iri in t a lin-r.a? on t i l-'a Iftukl.tto b. >f th' rl d .ration. I.Mtory Nn, fbtaant opar ad itt fira A anft-i- Binnaaii had oflkvar "f liili tiliarf I tt I >t t"U 1.1. la Iba Bight of tko bth. Iba ojianli' MM ofbftiiftrp No. I ?tt an mil. tad. Tha rnaak f< r presorting thla lottery fro* atruy th"l (rtap d'aitnry'l liaa kaaa thu kmd, an 1 thraa pUaaa hsaa In an I right into tho kititrj. Tlia Mi l "lit I f 1'iaaoa. frnat tha 4lh to tua ?ih. IBiluaitfIr, ta It' ft'ift-c nrnlati' aad nil' art aid anldiara killad, and 94 ?KUm. J, of li iii four ara utflocra Tliaaia'.aaf ?f II a troop# aotillauaa In bo at' at ttltfat lorj 1 hair conduct aid rata ara allll btiaml ml I pra>a. A Pliant atnria burnt < atr u> la tha alght of lha 9th, Iu> mtlp aftuaaif tBibarraaaaiania, without anr malarial d*m?*c iiUUINOT ||R RF.fHIIO. Tha fnllnaing lrtt?r la dntoil from ncur Rom" on lha 14lb It la In in Ilia Anuiaffia/a da 4f .r..f'/at It rnntuliit a aort of ultima/ am of Oudln't lot!iw l(<>niaii< : ? II rtlg't tri tt, fill .ft 8ft*Tt'CCf. Jan# It. 1M?. My latter of tba |i tb wuld haa# adtna ad In pna lha apaalnaor tbairaaab' a. Siuaa ll at dap. "or prnarna. Hwut Bi t aaiy aoatil lft to tba ayaa nf m- n a bo hftfi not tluditd tha art nf iwaaiftiiK baa aaaartl, laaa lioaa linoana# By lha aaa ad aipht tba rrat parallol, a* yoa ?ra a??ro. op oaf?aa If by Oilrai la. at tba uiataoia of uly .9'' aintraa from tba plaao ? had ftllalnrd lha afta |.rati ritad by ml# flio third n<?ht ft# r aari ra'ad to tha i.praina of tha aaaarod wart, tthlili (laa tlaft an ana nf ma aaalniwa, nod ull itr aa la arriaa la lha traaabaa taltboal baiap atpaai d ta lha (ray with tahlah ' tha aaamy haa notraaaad to oaai r aa (tart ba hat diaooaarftd tha liafttl of o'tr aappinp oparanoao. 1 wo halioriio h?aa baan lotnl liahod bahlod th? f r?? parftl Ial tb' omtl'lad aa, lha followiat alaht, to adannr# la Ilia il(-tara, and alwaya ahaltarad hy iba <( < ha#, la tba iw.? baatinai wbfrb f..rui tha point of attafV. A plop# d onaa. hat ht an n ?rb? d ?at. and haa raadarad it pf? 'tip?Mt for ua to attah'iah aaw plrraa for lha battaria# "f lha woila In ah art, at tlx- in. aant whan I writo ta >' #, haa hotlarlaa liaaa baaa inat Had. ftid.haaa alraada d't'.royad lha porftpai and all Ha nt<nar i.tri of tha aitll of tha i.loaa. flia ball ry of mnriaVa eapri i?IIt Itr da na tl moat" r? mark thl moral rff V< iti-rdat faWMiira hum katl MlifM I f gar tin- Kiiiiim pr?-*.al*d UiMiMltrl ib grrat B'itmIi ra f->? Iht r'panlaii It A boinh fall In tha mi-lti n| theat. i"l Iltft tl at aot S -Inula attempt liaa bran male l? ttihta in; aaoh labor. 11 ? to o moat odtnaned ha trrlrt ara anw hrouiht wOhla Ihadiatnorr of ah'Mit W matrrafrnta th<- walla ; *t ihtll not ! |.? al'lna I'l ro-traa. an-l w aa tliea a|-?a a brrnah prartica11* f r harm, tout, ant artillrrr Oar laaaaa la tha protest (if irn Inilolh ail. S?t?? nrilrjilmra hanl- rn kiilH | In the (ink. aa J ah at forty tiara haaa wouaded ; jbh| tii* I latlft art f'.nr otB-afi. It hilr oar lab.'irri la th?infaatrp wart lhaa lahnrlonale T'j ri'i" h-i.g the walla of tha |lire, th? ll?n?ral-In t hit*, mini had prorionaly ordered an atari etnaiinatlon of tha l<?tali'wa, gnre tha ordera In V i a-t- lioan. naptain of lha I'aS, t? ovotmr ti e fom dry *4 projerltWa at I'orta I Ava Tha' it.' ?r. a no hail alrrady haan 'hat {ail with tha oct-tapa' Itaa of f lamrtno, an initio*! himaelf nf tin* aaar mlooi.n th till I'auilaMf ttal. Hy Sit ord ra i'?rao *ana?? ham ba. ? apltad, mora thon 10 pr Jostilaa, I 'tot Itil- t?am-a *.f pawilar. anaiso Ix' f <aiithi<?a. hv a hen rnrrlrl a ny lit | l>aeap?rtad to Clots raeahia In abort, tha fnitadr) ha* lean rrndtrM vnflt far uaa for aarrral m?a ha to ooina On tl it, aa oa aaary other or* aaroa. tha mama teat our la-id I tri" pa a naali.l and powerful a-?iat-maa I ?nMnta tha order of tha d-y ahich ll'iitial UrJIaail addr-aaed yeaterday te tha army ? atari nr thi nir. Hit t.a liarrt <-t Jmr l.\ Ml*, fni r-tana?Vartatday ynar t.rariry aa<i P"t*aaar*aae enable it n* te e-tahttah on* teeioa at w it In a I r> ia- traa nf thn rampnrta ot h me. Itofnre dire* ily attacking lh? place, I I a> a made th- following Sntlflratloa ? " Iniial-itania of Roar - - Wt did not e -iac her ' la Irlng wtr ' 0 [ERA among you : wo cams to itrcngthra orjor and liberty. The iutenliiia i.f our government hare been iniaunderatood. Tho opermionaot the eiega hero brought ua before your rampart*. I mil now, we have not wiahed, excepting at rare intrrrala, to reply to the (Ire of your liattrrioa. We now hare arrived at the n.amout whou tiie neecasitira of the war buret forth in terrible calamine*. ttpare thoao calamitine to a city tilled with ao niauy glorioua ra> olleutioua. If you peralat iu repulsing ua. on you alone will reat tho reeponaitl ity of irrepuratle diaaatcra." 1 hie appeal to conciliation line not reached lho?e to whom It ? na uour aaed. The goreramet wliioh eppre*ae> the iubthitanta of Koine bare replied to theae word* of peace hy a refusal to liaten to worda liuprinted with ao uiiieh moderation. Soldier*, few houra bavo paaaed alnce your I atteriea hare made the enetny'a bntteriee autlnr iho uioat notable damage. Since you are conatralned ta beriege Kome, wo aliall aocoin link our duly to ita full extent, and our tUtittlg IHMtj H ior cne alngle Inatant doubtful. I'ranct haa her eyoj upon ua. Vou will Juatify her expectation*. In teatimony of hia aatiafacaion, the Get erul-iu-chief diapcn?c* witli all the tligl.i pubiahioentj iullicted in ilia army atuea the lattle of the 3d ol J one. (iencrul Oudlunt haa addrtaaed the following letter to the I'iraidi ut of the .National Aaxuuiblr :? " lIv AI) l/l IKT11K, Vll.l A I'A MPIIILI, ( " June 13. IM!??Fivo o'clock P. M. { "H,e tventsof the war heir, as you know, brought alio French army to the galea of Kouie. la the event of flie galea of the city continuing to be closed against us, I shall he coiirtraineil. in nrdir to pcmlrato in1" it, to employ immediately the means of action which Krai ee has placed at my disposition. Uefure having reeour e to this terrible necessity, i regard it as a duty to make a last appeal to the population, whs cannot have any hostile to, ling to Franco. " The National Art, tnfly, like myself, is ne doubt anxious to avoid drawing sanguinary oalamuiss on the capital of tht I hristisn world. In this couviotiou, I beg of you, M President, to have the goodness to give the enclosed prnolatnaiJon the most prompt publicity If, twelve hours after the reception of this despatch, a reply, in conformity with the intentions mid honor ot France does not reach me. I shall regard niyaeli na constrained tu attack the pla e with main force. Receive, M le President, the assurnnoe of my very distinguished copsidciatiou. (Signed) "Ot'DISOT DE KEGGIO, " the General-in-Chief of tho French Expedition" 'The Trio nvirato remains duaf lu all the propositions which have teen made lu it. " Civita VrconiA, June 15, IMP. "P. S. Garihaldi hat made a sortie I,PS) m n. whs hnve hern annihilated. Tho French anny is lighting v itli unparalleled vigor. The breach is opened, and at the present lutuiunt, perhaps, the assault is going, on." Paiiis Thuridav Morning. "Ti e French government has received no news troiu Koine of later date than that which I sent to you yevterday, so that the late of the Rotuan capital is still unkuown. The assault was to lake p ae? on the l.ttli or 16th, and if it had keen suc? cessful on or before the is | rohable that we should have torn in possession of the news l<y this time. Tht ' oaihluiii'i-Hrl t'alet that at a late hour last night the government had not received any olhctal despatches from General tiudinot with respect to to the operations of the ll'h, of which I sent you an account from the Nouveltiilr. The I'ntrir of last night, states that a tilrgraphiu despatch hat been received hy the government, continuing tho news of tht driest of Garihaldi. when lie made tho sorns on tht llth." i May the god of buttles shield the Human* ' Tie .Wi/us (iiittHt states tha following from Sinlgaglla, sf tlie 7tb ;? "A French courier, who has corns from Marseille, and landed at Leghorn, has brought thoiutrlligeuce that tho French govsrnment acknowledges the Autirisn srtny ts have porfect fre> doui to act in these parts, and aspectally against Anoona; while the French army will limit its operation to sol cuirgstically oa the Tiber." The I'trJmonlrtf fi'dtelfe, of the llth announees that the King of Sardinia is rap illy recovering. The French govornm< nt I ns offered the Giaud links ol Tuscany the Vau'aa siromor to re urn to Ms Statrs In. A oliangs of ministry was spoktu sf at Naples; Count Ludolf was to replace Prints C'ariati. AI'STKIA AND SARDINIA. Accounts have hern received at Paris from Tnrin, which slate that the dcliniuvo treaty hot wee a Austria aud Isrdilis has lean concluded, noiwitlisthudiug tlis cF.ris tua is ky France to prevent it. Piedmont hat consumed to pay oa indemnity ol 70 millions of f ranre, and the Austrians give up the occupation of Alessandria. aillMA.NT?lUNOART?AUSTRIA?T1IK PALATINATE? C.1T1L WAR, KTC. Civil war baa commenced in good earnest in Germany. Tho beautiful banks of the Khiug and of tha Neckar now resound to the sound of artillery iuslead of to the gay song ot the husbandman or tba merry laugh of the girls tending the plants of the grape Mleroalaueki, the same who headed the I'olish rising last ytar, and afterwards commanded the insurgents at I'alernia,has been proclaimed commander in chief of tha rebellion in DuJeu aud the i'alatmato. Whilst Austria has her bands full with Hungary aud Italy, Prussia has amuun u m* lartK 01 [lulling down tun rebellion la toe reat of?irrniouy. It begnti In Hktuny, and lia* now niarchnd it* troop* into the lia tartan 1'alatiuate (llhetnrial I) and Baden. Many ut your reader* bar* doubting* visited Mannhelm. and thu plcturtsiju* town of lioldelberg, with it* brer drinking 'tudrotr, romantic old rattle, tha tin eat ruin In Kwrnpe, after tha Alhauibra, and it* lomly river*. It I* her* that Mteroalawaki ha* Bind hi* headquarter*. Mannheim 1* ouly twelve Kngltnh mile* distant fn m Hrldrlberg. and, with the gU-t on the top of the Kaiceratubl. people on tha Manubtitn bridge cau parity be recognised. The ten dfrrcury publiahid tho following letters : II ami he i in, Jun* ill, l*?. Tli* Hotiin* *cr? real 1 r huaifa back teaitrdity a* l*r * V urn In-no. between Maunliriai lud B *iBi'C'UI. Oar Suldier*, eepecially the artillery, Aght with reeolutlua. Ni-trhaleaburnuahari sen fist u< < urred yraterday, at least, a fearful cannonade ?* heard fur a<.ma time in mat direction., la I.udwigekafea aad on thi* > d< uf Oi* K-iu . the inbi ntii* continue* nlaiuat witloiut cei atiou . Hi* on it onbeut* u* tho other *ole uf th? rlttr, aiol aeverul utirr ouildin**. ?r either levelled wiih Hie ground. ?r are in H.t.u**. 'I lioy ?*/ ti,?t i.udwig-bnlea l* to ho totally duiii Ii I,*<J lur the rake of Mannhtita The llesaiaus be?* euSurcd eeasiderably. Baenheim. J in I I I I '. Viet-rday evening lend bring w*e hesrd in t ie dir cllaa of l adeuburgi the s*m* al*u tine morula*. Mcer the bridg# over lb* Klnu tl ere wa* e In ??y niuuintde fruut l. * iladaa tide. To-lay the Truman* r?tnra the cumpiiuieat witk cannon-1 alia and grenade*, that cum c Itying ml tin e*utr* uf the town. 1 he large atorecnl. udwlg?har-u ta burnt duwa. Thn I'oli.h Urneral ho* declared So tho oargb-r* thsl h* due* not her Hi* i iter mi em my hut rather tl SOW t*e ut* in III* town, and ho* therefor* lind tli* burgher* <1 iterated who w on lei not r rr on the I'mvilaut, and ha> given their assailant riflte to ether*. The tumoral ho* declared that tha Inhabited .tl -or i' r r ? I lima, If neeoa^ary, with thoir ?nh< arte and th-ir hteoJ Martial I W hna h- n prut laie.a I, and ilin N :kar bridge he* Lena undermined ,. ...i knot that ih? Baden Straps have aince r*ieiecd *oiu* hnid bluet near hadnu'iurg. end that the I'm -eiana tl.renlen tn hutnbard Hie town witu reJI ut halla, if the eannonad a aptinat Lud wigah tfin i< nut lt?M'td. Hut tli* To I ah tluntral will, under nu ilrcurattancca,aurrend r. The number uf tb* killed and w.unerd i? already V 'ry great. I it* dead hate been conveyed away at once to tin churchyard. II Oud due* nut In.Ip ua, our ti wn will be ruin J. Theliirnian journal* rontaia confuted lad contradictory retort* of aotiewa enlruiiahea, * me i iaiming the victor* f f tl o minrp'io, i uniaianded ty Mt*ro?law,ki, uthera announcing the an a-lv ndvam cut thu I'rnaaian lru | a all a<< oints yi c# thnl auiiii, eeturr bah tin* lia* taken | U--e la ' he elclaliy I iloiihlu'iin and l,ndnif*lialeii. Ilutkl la ooinplti by lbs rfwsaion truopd A battle I* sl*o reported le hare take* place between'lau nod llermetaiielm, In uuiuh the r"h*i* ei re f-aiplvlely routed l>y the tro<p* under the order* of U?In r?l Hillith 1 he following letter portrays In true character* the present poeiliun of uulorluiiate leeruiaay, The lou* (fit will ni't c nine id* with thu flew* of uiany of our readi r*. but it i* good tu look at bo.h *l<i> of the qucntioa It wit i r, Jun* It, 113 (5> rrr**v l? new Mean J w Ith three oeattal power*? at Blutif ordt, anether at Frankfurt, a third al llarliu. i * Stat hna diotuleed lie Salaed, *t,d leu in hed euatlicwaa ?f trcoaun ogainat the thlr l?the a -uoad dauica thn authority nf the third, and da larea the hrat to s* a raWI luea-raeelulieeeiy ooi rpwl on. Tta tilird laky l Iwed * witk tfc* aeeund le it* tund u i alien ol the Aral, aed witk the nr.t la ila aau u a'>< n ol the mot d. t? bfrt ? have three ruling t?r^ d. njleflht h*al v?l?t. !.< of. nil Mllm| M*i tJUf ajl/ t.?" and thii ?itti<>at mi cr ether i'. i?< rwojuirl r ' l/i)i d l?jr !tv |.<,|>"UU?B( la eeeaaei. N?S la lb* r.earvit aj|tea* b to unit; wMob bvtn attained by lb? phlloae|.|.et ond bread- belemed liberty '? of l>' rmany, ?(.?( I ftcea uiontiio* Ini'Moont thru. i. lhlaie indeed * treat hi b?||> nvn yliBantUn of ' 'the in >unteia in labor.'' A* to tk. I In., nt Matirardt, .1 n u.unl i.n r. I'rve l ute ? Inuir- in amnio. I'm ountl.tliot Vrnii, K.iaet t 4 I'avr rn'.y a ay I t no inuro able to rid U4r t ?a ant l.r rli<ry f t' la m an roan anomaly "ailing lierlf a regency, will i t the aid i t Croatian bayonet*, than Havana ban beet (Babied to rneovar | aoael'.n of lt? luat Ki.-n.n pro? ai ln at PrntelM cannon. It la pom I bit that Bavarian fell") a-ea and Aaatnaa latrgaee may ratard tat mm moat of ov| ' rintua. kul tha day aiaat ati'ia luaa * tea the " a at Treat! rt ai d tha d,-graceful aaaadal at dtmtgar II ta i.t yield to the aeeoaetUre of thorri-ia, an I aabi .n t-> the only line mi.tcli l? a ft' a?to tha vaty in)waa ml icb la a p >wer? Combination a blab |nuwi I..nit, ban I. hand, ?r will to I'Kinl.-imeny fnnn a tat" "imllar to t int ahitb marine, i l eria laal aaot. Tl.a o-atral o.w r whiab rant tatn Ma ia raturday at Berlin. will pioeeed with ?ii ny and |>#r:i-nt uhlty, ainl without Jaaaltlml raw rata, la tb? greet wotkwli. hit ban t tk?a la band It d.e? B"t [rviend to dreg all govcrnmenta "a i -tr < lata not Boo I. It It at. a Individual iltat) fire to cling I* I raukh'rt, T to league with bnnar a. It i.rtou.tara aa I Anatria. ega,nil tha boil la pro* Jot t < f unity. If It aaitathair Int rv it, or g-- r la ?ito t tioir j-aioi.alaa and I. ara; but It tain, t, 1/ colli a|> n all Mat r ta aniin nrtlt'i tt? MBtiuua raoat?tn |?.a to |> .t Ipot < .nt many from tho atataltai la Mil tad "a Ita t. mar and lit character by Iht bwalaa.t, Kaooaan, and oil ?r rctdlew den a. .' ?a, who. nnoarthe prctoatol Herman onnnti ati .aaliarn hate trampl. d up a all law. a|.ua all lib. rty. Bad admit of no right tart that of revolution, anarch,., toi civil whr. Croatia, Hanover and Sttonv, d> nil pr#t?n I tt exact obedience from Havana and tt rt am b?rg, I ut t'.oy Ja demand bnnonty. fa.r dealing, an I a ttrairbtfvrward maaly a .liny. If tl v tl.rvt latter powete Ihmk fit t > prop -,e a , rto'nl aarllkat . a of thoir own oonco. i, ,e. w. Ilaad food. 1 hoy tare tl.o t?m? rial,I to form a triple tlliaa * la the w ath. aa Ua. r r, hex nv. and I'ru aig la tho aortk. bat b.'l?ra thay mtempt letaa.aen Aaatrtt enabled to rye re a doten hattalmne nnt of the (to rnryt d'nrn, r, alnrl. ara 1, r reafetlt ra'a . online* at ? I* l nt to- llavar o nabl.d it n a nte n htr <>* n au| r n.avy la her ov a province# an I Ut a . tee M'artemhern enal led to rid hvr-elf of tlto denatogaee who have eoired (. .aeeaaioa of her capital, had arr itta to It n.rtltva the dla| 'tl nt her artme. anl i rraaar<-? Ifeilbor Havaria. M nrieMibory, linden, nor any >thtr ttale of liar n at.y. can tn.r* pren-nrl to maintainor recover thoir owa alth'.at rraaaian t>?i>tant?. than Aithlt to tanra hor t-e> |>, v a I fr. nt betaj the hea.1- |uarUrt of " Rottolh'a ebildr-n wItl ul Hut, ion auoot.r a> d vvt Havaria end >V?r t-n.hrti at tnwarda M if thrp wrro th? pdotootnn? ifn k Hi of aa andiaputrd Poll--tfcap. tho dlopnaoro nf |i pal, itllaal. and Wall-? inippint ftghtlao man ; and I nuns ? fttp ?i'h a aaitianao itmr and pupal Ron pi tm?d Into anarchy. W?? it nut fur tli? ait'fili ol Mm an'tp, ft.f tho nanan of ratlnnol liberty, (of tha honor ?id at > I for* of IJoramny and tho poni-? of kiimpa, whlah Imprrotitoly rail opi<a I'rotoia In tr-?t intrlnict, efl'nc a and Jcalouaioa arlth riatnmpt, olio "'tit d In loatlnp Bara-ti to flj|hl hat own hattloa, w th tha ao*lataa<-o of Auatrla, and to Inform 1 tin IMa'dird tt abtart that It muat mako tho hoot It raa of ttr'ltioma hod-Mlnwo" whirli it hoi adanittnd into itt pol itii al rltaoiho* tb o hn?o trportt thio dap nf tho Radaa Irr# t rpo Ui:t( pitra a rhook tn tho Mmklaahara hriando adtannlna aoalaat Manakoia. If thio k? tr io, it aill ko a l?ttt.?r pn.of il at ni thiL( ran ko without I'riiatia ? I'rtiorian loldirro aroorcrrwkor? rr.|uirrd. mkntotthilur tbnoo * ho I ann't Hpkt fot thtaiorlrrt, or aid tbnoo who r* *illin? and oianaob, kai too aoat tn p r oan tha da'too allotted!" ilium. Whom it tho Ho<or?o aalf ' Why, llrrrhftld will hato tarpt tho wkolo of ika ptlatlanio oad lot lot d I tffi >ro a Itnrarlim frathrr wiU liao* eroaood tho hhlao W hero la Ito Wnrtemhor* rniitinnona ' Ik I y.l'onokrr oill I mo arnnraad Hai oa, and arritod hofnra Ka.adt. art j a B iirti ml rfo lr?op-f ? III ha*a dra?a hit dtPord. TetBa- | ana and Wi.rtomkori arraoqnaMiliai with I'raoia npon I' rwit tad onaditioaa. Tha H iatr I ollaa 1,'nrroopondoneo I Itarraa t.c'tol li?li?d at Hraalan aad thla piano, ho'o apread a lop t Il ia ti .iinloa of tianal tun aa?? nVaiaai hp Iho llnnpar.aa* nip# ti o fonMnnd daati.aa and Ra?I.aa lot pi'.uh d httlit fdWflit oa tht lath W , i ___ LD. TWO CENTS. mn?t wait to aaa thta ropait ii-promd bjr iiuipla faata; la the m< iintinix it in well known that tliia "iippoaed pitaha4 h t I .nil ilM. at kara hea.i in hi ufaaturad aipmnlr 'u meat tin- anticipated rlutnry i f M. l ed re Rnllln anil lh? ft ll Mountain. wln te rorretpondente and arente raouirad tha " mot dor dr." la.t wu.k. Thaaddreaa of the IJi) m.mbara of Ihe Frani'h Mountain to tba dtmagoguea of Garmnnj Would hare had soma elfeot upon'th?< " bird. of a |r?) father. ' had It not been for th? pitiful Jk uroof tha enaml"* of ordor in Frame. Ilut German demagogue! unit* wlA Gorman oonkerrattree la thl. iuaiauoe. The addreae haa been rei tirad with laughter and uontnnpt. It It tha raMta i f the anaka. drprire.l of it. pole .uooi tang*?l.adrn Kallin living out ot a l in k ilnor to e.u'apa Ju.tloe, and leaving n? other proof of lii. aril doing, than a atata of aiego and ?approaainn of eluba. and auaponii' n of iniiruaU. it mar inaah run for th" aoi ial rapiil lloana of (lormany?albeit tkap tli"iiii*lvaa find no aeoorily, no b<<pe of euooeaj, hut la thp adoptiou of thoao ineaiuree whioli they declare tjiaaaiaa and illegal wlen put in foroa against thouiaalru*. TI1K DANISH tlUKUTlON. 1 be e renins edition '>r c tie < ontlil ultonm*ll? ananas.*! sp?u ?"oJ authority thai th? negotiations for a treaty of p*ana with Denmark hate ao far prnaraoatil thai they wily avail the return of a rouriar, despatched uu I'riJay nigkl hy M. da , Herd's, the Danish eumaiMinmr, t# Copenhagen, ia order la Ohtaia at sent to one or two claims upon which M do Krodto'o instructions were not sufficiently drnaltn. The Jouraal adds that all other barman gusemnaciits |BtsrMted in llio qnee? lion liare eoiitlded their full powers to Prussia. The*? assertions are imrroct; and ?r may therefore ho |wthai in leu Ibaa a fortnight a detinue |<ace. ? r armistice, u.|utraleai to peaoa. will put attend to this most dcplorahls and unitrrtally i?jnriuuanar. The gomrntneata of franco, England, and itusoiu hare, it ia (aid, proceeded to work with vigor and determination. Ihryhave dtolarcd their ultimatum, and tiara contented te certain guarantiee. It would he useless la epeculate upon conditioue. Il is eutncinnl for British commerce to l>o apprised of the main fact. IInatures will te taken by the contracttni partiee ka present the Schle.wig derascrate. eupp>rtcd hy dormant philosophers, frotn Main plunging the whole e.min.rsiat woi Id into a state ol cnihar'assiuont Werejui.lco duly ma rd out, the men who cause 1 this war and those who prouietad and prolonged it, should he made amenable for the louaelt baa en'atled oa merchants and shipowners. II ?d the seat of aecotati it no. 1,?. n removed ft out Lon.l.n to B rlia, oif-.hec nemo t.or durable truce would ever hass been concluded, lannite honor U due both to II. de Keodti and to M. do tinkled? n la for tlie moderation, impartially. and mutual sslf-akaapbtion exhibited by them during thoideliherations, SPAIf. M ssrs. O'SMiea and Company and If. tVelsweillee, ef Madrid, base undertaken to rautil the amount necesiary f r the pay meat of the dt rldcnd on the foreign Tlirea per CeaU *a4 ti at it was to I o scut to London and f arts on U today last. The mener ia aisanced uu the eecurily ef the .|utOsatisar now in the hands ef the g sen meat. Ihe goserament appears determined to c irry tkt new tarilf, notwithstanding the oppouttea shewn te it ia the Cortes. Austria and Hungary. Vienna, dune 17, lSdf. 1 ha arrival hero of tho Bavarian Minister, Van dee Pfurfe, foliow 1 iig upon tho dissolution of the hanker at Munich, has given rise to the report that the fnltiaiivii has twu n taken by that power, with a view to a friendly alliance with Atigir a. There can he no doabt that proposals of acoor1 have been made, sail will ba acceded to. The tniportance af this alliance must bo avblent la all. Austria will be ralleveil from an n.xcnptioanl atata of estrangement to Germany ami Bavaria-dullvorod from tho danger aha sti running of either bung drawn into the vortoi on the lihins, or forced brr will to join the trlumvlrato of king*. The folly of keeping aloof from hi* natural ally moat have been made apparent to tho King of Bavaria. We shall now. In all probability. sea Wurteuiberg auxloas to join on to the Southern I.cogue, K von tha lesaar prince*. who have already given In th-lr adhesion la on* or other of the two great part leu. begin to thai It In a hazardous game Suppose Prussia should soma tiny torn against these petty Stales (exclaim* the Austrian correspondent). in a facetious article, who wMI then come to their aid * They oannot look ta ua foe help, and will be driven to tha disgraceful alternative of throwing theinaolve* iuto the ami* of France. The tunc paper telle ua tbut tha brother of tha F.mparar litis been eetit to Munich. to present King Mailmilia* with tha Order of tha Oolden Ht-eo*. The Oil | /VuMcAs Foil announce*, not without a degree af caution and reservation, that that the Archduke John hua made made up hia mind to remain at Krankfarl for the next two months; hi* object being to counteract the too great influence of Pruaaia, by aaaumlng tha chief command of the armiea of Wattern tiuriuanyla lieu of the Prince of Prueeia lbe operation* of tha army in I'ppar Hungary, ta their commencement confined to out post skirmishing, have been attended with different result*, though without aff< cling the Is-un of the campaign. The latest official Intelligence is the account of a little affair In tha Sehutte which occurrad on tha 14th, and termlnatat ' favorably for our arm* It appears from thi* that n party or llonveda and a hustur division. post-d al (iula, rathe right Wang bank, attacked the Xustrien out pests nt Vnearut. Colonel Derschata malnfslned his poeitlon for above an hour, when ho colleeted hia l triwp* and left Vaaarut for the more advantagaau* i jialnl at Kurth Hera he was joined hy a part of tha brigade Kebchach, sent to hi* aaaiitanc* by feaeral 1 Princ* f'ollaredo j and nut only impeded the further progress uf the rebels, from hi* strong position, bad drore them back toUuta. Fifteen of the enemy were killed. We bad three killed and fifteen wounded Vaaarut wi* then reoveuplrd 'l be gallant Col I terse hala bad a horse kill- d under him. Another viatic ! rious engagement Is described as having eouie off ua the 12th in-lant, at the village of Kipping, beyond tha M as* when a thousand Ilouveds and a number of hae| ser* were made prlsouers. Heine days before this, on tha I occasion of a rec< naolterlng party having advanoed ta K.ered the Austriuns sustained a reverse, and wnra obliged to refn at 'I his is said to have been brought e'ooght about by the treachery of three priests, wha nerved the euemy as spies 1 lie culprit* wer* put ta chains and seat to Pre-burg The Snllutm PrtunJ accounts far Ilia dtsappearanea ofdentrsl Wy*s, In the following manner : Tha brigade bearing hi* nauie eonsistiug of four infantry bahlaliona, two coni| anion of Jagers, three lancer divisions snd tbti-e batteries, was employed ia nosering the riuht fiank of Unneral Scbiick's corps, that on Ida I iih >' gan to move on in the direction of Keen A part of the brigade tea< bed soma on the lftth, a eoaridlrable pottisn being Ml in Mikalyi and kaputnr, ta protect the expoecd flank as uiurb as possible and at tie tame time fiiin a junotion with the brigala < llery statir nt d at Ssirdaliely The fords of tha babnits at Varoalto and Igsvd could not b- properly gnat<liil without splitting up the brigade, l.? nee the misfortune ; for. a- M'yss bad prediefa ed, a fornaldabie hesiile roluinii debaiirlilng oft* wi* ihi in?r p;*i ?. I' II i>|nnm* ilium i i vu* iiiii nripad* 'I h* troop* Ion*hi aittiiil?hiri|jip w?ll aratnab i ?*rpow< ring number* llm population n i -ornalika *lwJ' lnln| Ibi i.?i I m of lli" i oonif \ rHt*?l *11 found nor** ?rp, and horn It ?m that III" llrlptdlar llenrriil I* raid to har* fait**n into th* lian I* of lb* foa, wounded ami after a h?f?# li-il b"?n killed iniil*i Dim. Hamn ZniaT. a roloool of lanr?r*, waa alto raptured he harm/ Imurudenlip -a'arHil i noma In III* belief that tli* |ili*<'? **< rl*ar of th* iiwmf Al far a* w? ran judge frurn lb* I in account- publi-hid it retnia t> he <" rgcp'a ob;?ct to dmdn. If p>anlde th* Austrian forr* collected at Wle.elbiirg and thui raw** a dl**r*|oD to li* uia.l* airoin t I rolia and Sri noma In anticipation of the*. iletipua. thohuaa nf th* I ani<In' and t'rava ar* defended hp t*n battalion* three halt* rl*a, and two aquadrnn* of rafalrf, uudi r in m-ral N*u*l*dt*r, tutorial /lighT* holding in rhrrk tbo*a who ebould altnoipt an Irruptioa lata t ron a hr*ah aurp*?a*a eontinua to attend th* prngreaa of th* llan AtXlM in Ihl I ( ! aiki-t AtltrtCt tha Vlagjara **< r* routed mai prt*< aer* mad* and '11 guua t*k>u b* l aa D number of killed, who Up nn :ba Held. Theetorininf of N.o-ati I* *aid to hate f rin 1 tka ??<( I to thla artioa , the Otlochan replr-ant takiag tl a Hdoubt* Fin Ml'll ' 'V4, which fl>-d in thro* oolumn* niap ha -aid to be brnkvn up in cnn?*'|o*iio# of tb**a dl. aatrra I'ha raTag-* o ran tl*d lip bi i btila 111 the I < l a ki-t tarritnrp hatll* d***ription. and art an outran* to riritlialtun 1 b* town* and rill**** ara all In riiin* I l urch** an I ronai nta aufb r- l alika tr >m th* profane hand of tli* marauder* At Kuril on tha l*!t lianub* bank, wbioh l< lerelhd to th* gr uad, thr** prirata w*ra thrwr Into a wall and a pounp nna w*a found hangup bp th* feet Tha aault* wrrn ran*ark*d and fiaptiient* of human b <dlaa lap *cai*r*d about (In lb* burnt wall* of a rhai>*l I'vrntad bad wrlttrn hla nam*, with tha a Iditl >a. " >1 ar, Dec Ml," ?? mm h a* In *ap, " thla la nip tufioj*." lb* Aintrlau corr*?pon>h'Ut r*poit* from < terna ?ii*. i ft a i rum ii'"i nu? iar* riau aimeE their teat* an I ret out for Morn* The/ intense I I* login the attack on Tran'/lvente (rnm the aide of Iturkcrwlna on the 17th The froatler ie lined ?itb thn l*Mt|a*t arm; who elet/i aiimrtat an luroed front that<|uartir The 7 mper<>r of Itu*?ia arrived hi rieow on the I tth. e<e<mp*nled lij the erown prince and Mar-hal I'aeklevlrt. Thn auguet part/ were met bp the Auetrlnn auth<<rlttea 1 Fie/ then proceeded to I neln to watch the court* of event* Our 7 m per or ha* vent the grand rr*?i of St Stephen, ret in hili -itote to rrinre raekiaviri, and accompanied the gift with a ftouipllnieatar/ eptetle The cholera ruppoml to come with the ttn??iene, ha* niade man/ victim* among thetoldier* It liar ale* appeared here, though In a milder form than in !!?* gat/ Our northern gne*ta are raid to *uifer much In tu Ike rhange of climate The malaria fever, prevalent in (lunger/, I* pla/ing great havoc anting the tnop* In general The horpitel* in and about Vienna, arerroedid I la?t evening .met a long train of wag >n?, full ol dirabird e<>ldi*r?. who bed been put on the eaelf; i few were wounded The p-mr fellow* looked ?adl/ A T/rol paper glvee the form of oa'h to he ta*en hy i the military who are required to awear to oh?erve and uphold tb>- conetltutlon in It* Integrlt/ Thi* ie iha flr-t Infi rotation we have nr /?t received of eucb an imp'riant change having taken place, and It Ie *omawhat rlngular the new* rhould come from n diatenl province A carrier pigeon lately dropped In lt? Sight, In tha circle of Mrndlrch. In Vloravin. a letter addreaeed to tha Nclavnnl'ine on the Waag rupplleetiiig them to *bakn off the yoke of Ko?eiith. and rally round their king. 'I he winged mc-rengcr war eoon after picked np. ltd rtrrngth a a* well nigh rpent The Uchntc In the nrltleh Parliament *n Ihr Canadian Tionhin. f tr< m the London Time* I uno 22 ] The Canadian debate in the Lord* ha? after *11 left J the fUNtitn eeerntlallj hi th? ram* rnndltton II w?? fauad It baa rrrtilnly (lr*n n? the l>?nU|? af bear ng l.ord Brougham In another ??w rha-aetr-r and oa a rf>u>| irali vrljr n*w anhj'Tt It l a? al reo?t|e.| to the eerne of hi* former triumph* the undiminished itieruy and vigorous elo<|iienee of I ord lytidhnrst That It Mtpplied l.ord ' an.pheli with an opportunity of making a|-ine? of remarks In the aor.t pt**jtne tula on lhat ag> d and dilitignishi <1 poor I*, an so-peel matirr en ehirn neither tb? barmd l.i nl n?r ait) af hi-eollrngttra a III be disposed to look bark with -aide la< t ! !? I Tb- prrfl'* remain* inbetantially tbt'tahhfbe

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