Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Temmuz 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Temmuz 1849 Page 3
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Our Canadian Curre?|M?ndtnc*. Momicii., July 3, 1840 Tho Lhoier? in Montreal?Rrcr/ition of tlte IhAernia't Mew, and its Effect? Lord Klein?Burinest Pfootru'o ?Indian Dele eater from l.akt Su/terior?The Wra'htr. Seventeen years have swept on war J into the gulf of tine the cholera ravaged the present capital f the Canadas. The recollection of the ravages caused by it in 1832, is still fresh in the memory of many of our citizens. The population of Montreal at that period was actually decimated; and it was |afterterwards proved by comparative statements, that the mortality in this city, was far greater In tbe average than in any of the capitals of the eld or new world. It is not to be wondered at then, that the recounted of j the numerous incidents of that terrible time, should be tha means at the present day, of oausing a panic j amongst the masses; likely cau-e serious injury, anl | be the means of augmenting the increase of the epi- j demic amongst us. Montreal, by situation, is pecu- I liarly unhealthy, the whole island and buildings ou it j being limestone, aud from accurate facts which have ! been collected on the subject, it would appear that the cholera follows limestone formations. The number of deaths up to the present tiuie are about thirty, and from some conversations 1 have had with several of the# medical faculty, 1 hear it is rapidly on the increase. any of the cases have been very sudden; death en suing two, three, and four hours after the patient has been attacked. The board of health lias as yet issued no report, and I am told it is in consequence of a warm debate which is going on between two parties compos- ! lug the board, regarding the publishing of reports 1 at all. The hags per the steamer iliberniu arrived in town ' last cm mug. The debate in the House of Commons on I C anadian aliairs has caused a good deal of excitement, i and has gone far to exasperate the colonists still more aguiust the mother country. Private udvices represcut things at home in regard to this colony as still j more desperate, and tiiat the Knglish people as a natlon care not one si raw about us but rather desire a sepaiation than otherwise. Since my la-t letter, several matters of interest have occurred. The ..Montreal I lltrald has thrown out a powerful feeler, to try the { strength oi the annexationists in < auada. A pro.-pee- j tus ot a journal for the purpose of advocating the ' separation of the l auudas from (ireat Brituin. has up- . pean d in the columns el the Montreal Courier, the or- ' gan of the hitherto ultra-loyal parly It has created ' an immense sensation and bids lair, if curried out. with ipirit. to become eminently popular. TheIhrultt . and C/izttlt being well known to be lu favor of the ! movement, neither condemn nor approve of it The attacks it in a l&tig winded article, which, after having Trantci ipt, fearing the establishment of u powerful rival. * been spun out to two columns iu length, winds up by as.-eiting the movement to be premature. The I'itnl consideiing the question tuogreul a one to b" made the rallying cry of a faction, rather approves of it The remarks of the Piiot are not in lelerenca to the new journal but more to the question of annexation itself. The projectors of the new journal have sent out canrasters for subscribers in Montreal, and. from what 1 c&n leurn. the citizens as a body are rapidly registering tluir names as supporters ol|.t. In Toronto, Hamilton, aid Quibcc, as also Kingston, in tact all ulong the frontiir, the people are iu favor of it, and agents are to be si nt throughout all these parts The meeting of the Orange Association in ( nnadi, that I spoke of ui a termer letter, took place the other day at Toronto. Resolutions wire. pasted, condemnatory of the acts of Lord klgin ai d the ministry, and u "petition to the t{uitn to db allow the rebel bill, as red upon. The luugmige used is exceedingly strong and an Intimation is given tbat should the obnoxious bill be sanctioned by her Majesty, more may come of it. The Toronto I fatrivt stules anue:.a'i<>u is dl.v dsnd in tvery place of public resort in Toronto, and that the quei-lion In that city is now k popular one His Excelleney Lord Elriu suddt illy changed his mind, aud instead of proceeding to Upper Canada still occupiej the viceregal residence at .Monk lauds. Ills lordship hr.s not thowu bis nose in town since his rapid exit out cf it on the lid May last. The arre ts which the ministers have b'-eti thinking to make the past lew day', still remain in ttalu 7110, and the threats of the strong govt 1 nment are beginning to be regarded as light as as air. business is still exceedingly dull, in fact at a complete stand still, so that our mercliauts. mechanics, Ac . Ac . have lots of time to devote to their own affairs, as well as those of their neighbors. A deputation from the Indians on 1 ake Superior arrived in town yesterday for the purpose of complaining to Lord Klgin re- I garding the seizure and sale to mining companies of their lands by the provineiul government. They justly desire the restitution or indemnification for the loss. They are One lusty fellows, six feet and upwards, dressed in alt the paraphernalia of the dress of Indian warriors. Kv< ry day brings additional intelligence of the iptt ad of the British American League. 1 lie weather ia excei dingly pleasant, the thermometer not standing higher than 70 deg. in the shade. INTERESTING EXTRACTS FRoNI CANADIAN rATER*. [Krom the Montreal (iaxette. July 6 ] Tim Sizes x.m> Sisiei-s.?Nothing can more strongly ll.d<eate the altered feelings of the people of Canada, than the fact that yesterday, the 4th of July, the Atuealeau flag was hoisted ou a flag pole in I)e lileury street, rid there it flaunted for a long time during thu day.? We believe that the sauie thing was also done, at sevexal taverns in the city. Three months ago, there were men in Montreal, tw whose vigor Lord Klgin can testify, who would have soon torn It to shreds. To day, the "star-spangled banner'' may he hoisted not only with impunity, but with the good-will of those who used to boast theuiselvee as British. Our mad ministry are still in such an indescribable state of undefined terror of something or sniueb idy, that the troops in garrison were under arms all day. We are ourselvi s inclined to suspect, however, that they wished to have the military display which the Commander of the f orces had ordered for the 18th of 1 June, to take place in honor of the 4th of July; and thut their tear was only a pretence to cover their secret designs from the soldiery, and from the officers. They knew that they regarded the troops with great suspicion, aad they adopted a rutr to get the gallant fellows out for duty, in order tosnnoy the in and to make them feel that the relets, who issued the proclamation of independence in 1837-'8, had now command over the (Queen'sforce* in Canada. [Krom the same ] We have always maintained, that the decision of the k\cuniiva i.uwfp Din uy tuv oriiiMn |UT?raoifDi wouia fix the wavering minds of men with respect to tho eonUuuance ol British rulo in Canada. We ware sensible that ever since the free trade scheme* of Ureal Britain conrertcd colonist* into foreigner*, and removed the tangible tie of interest between them, themetas physical bond ef abstract allegiance wai the only one that remained. And eo *oon as we m* that l.ord tl ; gin had fallen under the suakish eye of hi* ministry, I and beronie incapable of the exurtlon of eacaplng from ; It* ds-adminginfluence, so surely wa* it pern that ne wa* not the man for the pertlsu* emergency of tho *t- [ tuatlon, and that the only and the iaat hope of the loyalist* of Canada restfed in the liritlih ministry. 'I hey bare trailed ibeir flat The hated?the utterly detestid measure I* not to be iateifered with, and loyalty die* in Canada. >ay more, the iiriii-h minirtry. a'raid apparently j that a alired of lingering flesh should rtill reuia'n to keep up a languid circulation of the life'* btood of tho ' trunk and the lacerated m> inber. the Colonial Secretary deir imini* to lusult the undsrstanding* of the people > utterly beyoud endurance, that nothing can be h It them for desiring to continue attached to their aear 1 he loyalist* af Canada most respectfully petitioned , > their pi rerilgn that the Itcbellion I.o.a*e* Act should ! be di allomd. and l.ord Klgin recalled And how hat* th i*e |o tilii n* bei u arswi red? By the potlooer* being referred to the lie which l.ord Klgin told the people of llastiif*. And a gnater insult could not hare beeu offered to the hundrid tbousaud men wliort name* those petitions bore. It is now too lale Men who rose on Monday morning douhtfuliy as Briti-h snbj.-c'a, went to bed re ..rid in I auadlan iodependeiice And they sorrowed, * while 1 l.i y tossed unra-y on tlielr pillow, th it the Bntiih gorsrntnent hail forced tnem to rn? step l*sae uuehanati the seer lia? f ireti id Lord r.lgln is to be the la?t ?intern- r of Canada [trim the M. utresl flwald. Inly 1.] Tup Iiii are up Jin is \ e-terday public feeling ?as exhibited liy the display of the - stripes aid e'er* ' In two plaees in Mn-itrial one by a suppotter of liberalism formerly an ai lire menib- r of the I.ey at lis peal A **? elation diiidmgtlie time that s K-U'.y # enjoyed the distil gulst ed c of some of her ftlaji sty's preisnt n tnlslire^Pff w is supposed to ba i n II I in ca. ry ing lection* f-ir tl;e liberal Interest /t i't Jehus a similar display took place, the flag hstlttf tpv.*1 {Viont d to the ti l g aph wires, from 1 v hi, I.otr tsT It ?** ?** ? down, by J. j Alc't. Liu . the in ay of, i 1 r . it . , ft . ... hnle. I.KI P.I.. .1 -t.;..I. .1 ....! I we bi :!< ti tlv re wa* acme liitle rowing then up n. but *" Lave at tTrlint ?? tellable luforma'i' u on the aubj.?t <<o dri.Vt n?1 t!.. ;? demonstration* partook more rr liil, ifllir rbirwtrr ol jokn. It I* not long ago alrcc rut h )olu* ? uld bate hd to ?-im*thing *ertou?. ' and the* >. y tilt! hs- the >rrurw? soiaiUi|( ?l< ok enough At any rat*, thiy ihow whg( t?>,>pi* are thinking ub >ut ahnvjtt in. Th* Montrrifl H'i !* n*? i f th* ablest of the tory provincial tnurnxls. tiXs a strong article tn faror ..f reparation from f.nglanil anil annexation to the l'nl? ti d Stall a It t ay s : ? " All thi* cannot be dcutod ; nor it It le*a true that a I large majority in thl* reuntry regard Hie prmnotIon of ? their material Interest* ? Identical with the speedy progress o! annexation to the I nlti'd Slater Thl* mi asure. 1 hey say. would glee I he American" the free nee ol our titer, en that our wharf e? would be crowded wllh their nails, while It would, at the tame time, afli rd our ahip-otrnera reciprocal adrantng*s In Aniiriran watera, without the delay, and eondltiona. and unci rtainly of long dtaan out diplomacy and nicely halann <1 treatlea. made on our aide by negotiator* from (treat Britain, unacquainted with tbe gugrapliy of the country ir the trade of the people 'I hi* mt asure would give an interest In our . undertaking* to American capitalist*, who may ace and JMH'IWIP'BIWITWH IN' enu ill t?n Hay* rnjag* i fiont ill* principal **at? of monetary npi ration* and '' Minlnir ? Ircn a weaty attendant* upon Uritl'h ?j-retilator*. ignorant r.l our rrenurce* and InertdnloiM a* to our good faith It would inrrea** th* facilities and th* nhjeet* of that trad* with th* far U nit, which I* jn*t opening ; It would eecur* to u* permanent!y all fh* pood hoped from the reciprocity Uw?. which w* bar* talnly attempted to obtain from fh* Congr*** at tt a hit gton; it would reconcile th* conflicting notion* of th* ft** trader* and the prutcctloal't*. ?lMiit would reniuee th* harrier* to our cotnm?rr* with our neighh ir*. while It would afford to our manufacturer* th* b*n*flt *> of a protect!** tariff. It would in abort. p*opi* our eltlea : eoutfit our water-fall* into motlr* power*; and equal!** the price* of land, now nearly 100 per cent higher In latitude 4.r> deg 1 min anuth. than la 46 deg. l mia. north. Tbue, whether rightly or wrongly, It if inrnnttftible that tb? great majority of tboae among na who think independently. art- looking forward to annexation as the rrlief from many of our political difficulties, and the high road to prosperity, iltu who have differed most widely, and who perhips will continue to differ on all other questions ereu after annexation shall have taken place, agree at tlii-v moment in desiring annexation as the most advantageous move no nt which w e ran adopt hut while the feeling for annexation is strong there is as strong a desire that nothing should be dune by violence ; ami that it KngUrd will cast off her children, they may yet never bo found in arms against her Hence the importance of the question : Vt ill the British goveruiueut oppose auuexaiiou ? " Let due time be giveu for consideration ; let the question he appr< ecln d in the right spirit, ari l we b >lite she will not i ppose it. The whole current of opilit" 11 ano i g Kt plai d's nni-t intlin utial statesinna is vldenilj tinning inwards that point wlnn they will b ii uditu to the colonies, with w1 -lies f*r their prospnii y und licij.i s for ei n'inued friendship between the two countries?nominally separated -perhaps, to to still no re closely allu d hy good offices and commercial it tereourae I ut it is uot only on the opiuious of her nati smeti that we found our vit ws u( the course which liiiiii. hrilaiu would lake, if < ur Independence were fi i mally deuiaud' il The whole course of our political and com met rial relations with the mother country must go to shew that ('areola is virtually independent, end might he more flourishing herself, and therefore more | re tit able to tlreat biitaioil slio were separated. J tl'BECATION OF PiiOI'EK'l'V IN Mi NTIIEAh. ? YcSten'uy lour cut houses, lour stories high, with iliopts, covering u lot of iKl feet front, L?y l!M> fret deep, were sold at sheriff's suit* for X'StO (t3,S00.) The propetty is situated on Wellington street, Gi iflintown, end belonged to Mr. Tnlly.? '! he trouml alone on which the property is sitiuted cost $1 !<)P, a few years apo. Such is the depression of properly in tins city at present.?.Montreal (Cu.) Uaztlte, June 2t?. The Exnmtiiutlon of 31 Lis; III pintn. The following letter from the he-id of the Navy De1 a. tun nt. iinti no oil p a decision of that Department in n ftui (1 to a princi| le v> h'cli is to govtrn tlie course of the Heard of M anagcrs. has been eominunicateil to us f r publication by cue wbo takes au interest in plauiug it bi lore tlie public :? N*v? Dir*nr?it.sT. June 10. 1S49. 8ih ?t'pon a careful ex a mi nation of tlie question presented in the memorial* of the midshipmen, of the date* of 1841 and 1842. the Department hereby decided and orders that, upi u the final examination of all the midshipmen of the classes of 1841 and i842, the relative merits of those of the class of 1*41 shell be assigned to llicui as separate and independent of those belonging to the cla-s of 1842: end that the relative merits of the class of 1842 shall be assigned to the midshipmen of that date, independently of all others. The dtcish u will bo made known to the Board of Examiners, shortly to convene. 1 am, respectfully, your ohedt. servant. VV'.M. BALLARD PRESTON. Midshipman S. L Phelps, aud others of the Class of 1841, Annapolis, Maryland. Movements for California, FUOM NEW YORK. The fine schooner Francisco, Captain Mayo, took her departure for San Francisco, California, on the ;Jd instant. This vessel is ownedl>y four old nnd experienced ship masters, who are on board, and we doubt not she will have an evneili. tious and pleasant voyage to the gold regions.? The following persons comprise her list of passengers G. B.Dudley, N ITolcros, 8. D<an. R. Dean. W. Martin. Hea.-ant Valley; W. Neil, (V Stratton. Brooklyn; Robert Klliott. New York; W. Williston, Bristol, R.I ; t harlcg S. MeoUy. I'orjepkeepsle. N. Y"., Chas. riersoa Benton, Mara.?Total, 11. CONNECTICUT The New London Chronicle, of the 3d instant, says:?The following is a complete list of the officers and passengers of the bark Flora, for San Francisco. The Flora will probably get oil'to-day. It will be seen that she carries two lady passenf;ers, the wife of Captain Ward, and ot Mr. Douguss, one of the passengers :? Captain William M Baker, master; James II.Roger*, first officer; William State*, second do.; Jobn P. Heinpst?ud.supercargo; Be njamin Hempstead, Klias Heinp*t<nd. Iceland Baxtir. J. P. Wilbur, Robert A.Morgan, Christopher Culver, Jobn Ward, franklin I). Braudegee. M Ll . surgeon. Cabin Pa-senger* ?Nathaniel K. Stoddard. Guy Douglas*, Mr*. Douglass, Mr*. J. Ward, Kdgar K. Karuham. John Culver. George C. Gorham. George I, Boswell. George A. lingers, Frederick A! Bassett. Steerage?George kerchrier, Jonathan Forsyth George IVhittlucre. Gilbert Beach. Jamei Tinker. C. 1) Lyman. Hezekiali Dart. John Dougln**, Augustus Telissc, Guidon Bishop, Lyman Peck ?Total, 33. rrN.NSY I,VAN 1 A. The ship Europe, Capt. I'luinmer, sailed from Philadelphia, on the 3d inat., for San Francisco.? The following is a list of htr passengers:? Cabin Passenger*.?( harle* L. Bache. John II. K. Stockton. Joflah Morris. It. T. Stockton. I T. Harris, James Devin> and lady Sterling, wife, daughter and two children. John \ allier, K. G. Doyle and wife, II. Tilglimnn.I harle* I) Sinip-on. California Gold Mining A**nciatinu ?G F.T St Gar*er.CharlesC Paine. C. W. Field. Aaron Sebroyer. J. B. I Hick, O. Cranharron. John 1). Murphy. John Devtne. John N. Hageny, Robert Morrow It. K Taylor. F.dward J Price, Joseph Smith. Joshua I). ( hristnian. Albert Dowd. A. F I'Utt, ( hallos I). Sin:psoii. M oo llelverson. J. G. Marvin, < harle* turd B F. Holland and wife. John McMeinara. H. Sailor. James A Rogers, M'ra. W. Hevernmn, Ferdinand Bohle, John II. .Vurphy, Lewis lluber, Patrick Logan. K I. Cbrlstman 11 McCouan, David C. Atkin*, John Cianipit.?Total, 61. i.orisiANA. Tho brig Octavla. (.'apt 1 hompsoa, sailed from New Orltana on the IGlh ult . for (Ingres. with the following natoei'gi r* :?Mr. Taillacdier, Mr*. Taillandter (the celihrated vocalist, formerly Mde. ( ailly, on her way fo Valparulso) ai-d dnughti r. Messrs John Langlnfelt, T. Sinclair. G. L. liambliu. M. Nolan. John Bachet, I. S. Mat riiluc. 11 Body. I.. < lark. J P. Tar.juin, W. Darby. Taul Wilson. Luke Garrick. W. Masetell. P. < j Barry, A. B Paul. Domingo Fill*. M Mays, ! Airs Vayaaed *en. J ( laik. L. Stanton, G. 1. Payne. M I vis I k id M'alker T S. wi II. (V Perkins and *1 milt U m lit mi. Dennis I'jHn. | riioinn* Kirk. I) Triry. I' Itjsn. Dr Kdaards, David Lawrid. Andrew O'Ponolio Mr llowland. .Vrs Kowland, Wm It Taylor. H. Los ne, II Aebburny. l Wesley. C. Wvstfsldt, Joseph tJoint. T lliiglie* ? Kvans. T I. KeynnlJ* ami ciMHiit, Ji hn Walki r, K Uugby, William Snipper. K. liuikr. A. 'I urner, I'tltr K< l?rr. Augt Broom A ( ormil}, 11 Stagp. T. Klein Ibiltp Walt*. Jo-i?h It abndy, II trbult* 1'itir Wat kin* K Krrr. S Blosman. I,afajrtte Saundeir. II Stewart. t barle* Stewart, George C'aimrlln. at. J Sjlveater l'lair Total Ti. A Crvmt s Inch fn r ? A singular nnd painful incident oceurrt d at Whitehall it few day* since. A }oung man by the name of Perry died in New N ??tk on Wi'dnndijf. llis body was aent to Whitehall, to ho pari lit*, lo tin* cute 11 a merchant. 'I'll*? merchant knew no such fi.milv in Whitehall wlia had h ton in N? w \ork, hut he did know such a f. mily in i n adjoining town. The body was acrordir.gly sent to that family, who mourned a ton lost. Jlut on opening the coflin, just before burial, the body was found not to lie that of their son. Upon in?jiiiry, it belonged to a family of th same mure at Whitehall, who had not, until the ?IU| news was nnnoun' ? d to them, heard of the illness of their son.?All'any firming Journal, July 2. From C??-or r*.?The regular pasaenger picket schoi'nrr Iona, Ciipt. I^eti h, arrived at this port yesterday from Chngrrs. Hie left on the 16th instant. There were but very t'w p-tssengers on the Isthmus or ?t Psni ma when the lona left. Si* huge ships nnd a number of smill vessels were wailing at I'Hnarnn for passengers, to sail for Sin I rancisco. There was not much sickness at Cnagres or Panama, and not much rain.?A'. O Lhlla, June 29. Hallroart Intelligence. The Hertford. (Conn.) Itmily Ttmtt, of lbs Sth ln*t , says : ? Judge lllntnnn r? centiy laroed an tojunrtinn. on motion cT J t atltn Ks j , against th* 11*rtf.-r I and Providence lliiln < ! < empany. forbidding tUelr operations npnn Mr Catlln's land*, on a penalty of yioA"i4. The company Immi dialely moved that Die Injunction be dissolved, sod lb* rase l a* bvrn heard by lbs Ju !gat New ffaven. lie ordered the company t<> deposits ?U> (Kio In bank, sutject to tha order of the e >urt. ts meet dimage* and then dissolved th* Injunction Th* C? mpany bate torn |lhd with lb* order, ai.d tbrlr ui"D Mr rapiuiy | iinuriK ire whik mmtrgu. Ilnrtmrnli of I mil vlrtnala. ,Vr* C'P'Wf '"I' Jl?" "?"J '.f'P Lrrllat ml>?. of Ky., LaVe lirluil at Newport. R I. Mr. Wordea. otic of the Courmioioner* of the *, 9i?. hi' reelgned hi* 'ITc*. II' tJ t'?T' ^'OvUI>i;ry w,? jr||Trr the Annleeraary AWf" tLa Ami: lean Institute In October neit. (Jen It It Ma*on, late lAoveraof of California, ii in Warhltgtr n. T I,. Crittenden ?nd lady, and It M. frit tendon of Ker.tuely ; lion W I pbam. Hon Solomon Ioot. and ei-(iof?nor falne. of Vermont, are In lloetan Mr* (>en llarrleon I# ealtl to he lying eitremelylll at her rerldmre at Norlh Bend Ohio, with dlarrlia*a Her r* eovery I* roneldi r?d doubtful. William ? opt lard cf l.lmertma, Ala., waa racantly murdered l>y one o| hi* own ilare*. Mr*. Ann M Hernandei. wife of (Jen Joeeph V Hernaniler, di< d In St Ariguetlne (I la ) on the 'Add alt. ( apt Bee, I . S A . arrived at New Orleaa*. fro* Triaa. oa lha nth alt. Political Inlrlilgrnrr, til lonthS I' Kit In rough and lame* W?bb. are Lacurrtd if randtdauafnr tMmor ol 1 tita. .Indpe llngh Mrl.end In candidate fi?r l ogr?M ia llr \\ ritiff diatilrt of Tain*. The Cinpa. The flmliTille. (Wd ) J?utnmt, nf tk> DOtl ill., np tint the hirtnl ha? eminnared in that munty. and aatlalpatea an abundant yltld. 1hmi|ih the amp haa In i n Mrionaly lijnrid within a abort time hy tIn- fly and rrah Oata link wall, and are imjin. vinjt, ">rn, ditln; pra-a. clufar and timothy, Tiry Hon, weather inteiinly bid 1 hn Montreal (' aradal flmrttr. of the 2J Inat. ?ay* : -Itfim all parte nf the frorlnoe We eontlaun to hear 1I<- mm I la citable and rhe-rlrp aernnata nf the (trnwIt n eti | ?. and i f the pfe'ant luxuriant appearand" of I the 11.unit j paneially 1 he fill wheat in Ihedlatrirt i>t ItIIn o la tri) tuny and p.nmi-ea a ijreat and plenj lilnl nap I he eprinp rmpa In that dlatrlrt. hnwen r. an' e< nanli rid light In all the t' wnrl lp? n irth nf I'm t"i t" ?i UTiili t<innil are better than they htTe hei n knnnn t" le< fur a l< np time and an abrniliinl bain-t ia tkrrtfvrc n>u8dt utlj rapected Hew York Post Odlre Appointments. Jrnr 28 ? llallsville. Montgomery Co.. Abraham /oiler ; llaruiony, Chautauqua, Sam'l S. Welch; Oregon, t liautaiujue. A Bloouilield; Jauiesviile, Jo, Alouau Sarrnud. North Blenheim. Schoharie, alte changed anil appointed Munaou Morehouse; Nloansvillo. Schoharie, Jehtel Larkin; Clarketovvn, Kocklatid Win H. Moeliok; Went Bloomfirld. Ontario, Sdou Peek; Spencertnwn, Columbia. Jared I' Clerk: Java Village. Wyoming. U C. King, North Salem, Westchester, Nel.iou lirummou. Aator House, July 7, lMU._llnn, Caleb S. Mnodhull, II ay or of the City of New York. Hear Sir.? 1 Ayreeul ly *" your ri qi e*t, aud in ohedV nee to Ian. we hall clone our liar i n tho Salluth day. M e ate very truly yut-.ra, Ctll.Cll AN k STETSON. Father Matlietv?Two auptrlur Ua^un* rrotyre Portraita of Kev. Tfeolold Vt u the w. (one at full lerpte. tho ollnra I,list.) taVtti ly Crude, on Titer lite, 3d Jul) mat., u. I. v le e?" with mat y other ilit(iut;uish in? die id it* Is, at hi.- root;,.-, -t .A ami ic7 Urosdway, earner ol /el- , ton street. _ The New llnvt-n Apnry for the Herald ' i* at l.ow in a (>h le Building, Church alieet, where suhaeripUc uf aic men id. Tiny have t.'ot It nil Koiiiut Totrn-Aiid ni> man ventures t" del y it ? Oat if youwanta good pair of lloots. SI.ees < r liaitrn., ut a marvellously low priev, the place to yet thorn is JON ES S, II Ann strict. Dr. Bflstwlck, Phyalrluu mid Surgeon, 504 IJioadwsy.? H e refer our reader* to another column, to e-rwlat the Boston Uiiiieul Journal (the tirst journal of the kind in the I'nitid Maim) suya about lila ^reat work, plete Practical M urk en the Nature ami 'l i atrncnt, of a Certain t'hm? if liiseases." Any patient wcnil,f consider a doet, r bemud the times, if he did nut possess a copy of thia areat work Secoril rditii njuet published. CllllBeiii AFFAIRS. MOKKT JIARKKT. Saturday, July 7?0 1*.N. T ho Mi ck market Is giuJually giving way. Ilarlcm Iluilroad dcclimd 1 per cent. All spt dilation for a tiro in tliat stock appeals to have subsided. and it id only wilh great effort on the part of the lulls, that in other fancies the present prices can be maintained. We look very shortly for a considerable decline in many of tliem. The hulls hare been led to believe, in the present easy Mate ot the money market, that they could go cn and buy with impunity, believ lug that a systim of speculation would grow out of the purchases, which w< old draw in a class of outside speculators that would enable lliem to get rid of tlieir stocks at high prices. They have partially succeeded in one stock (Warmers' Trust), aud many have been led into this upon singular statements. We shall endeavor to obtain a correct statement of the condition of this institution, together with a list of a lew of ! ; the prominent buyers of the stock, in order that the public n ay he enabled to judge w hat valuu it really poistsses. and what estimate they can put upon the adTice of those who have of into become heavy purchasers. 1 he N arhun Manufacturing Company, and the Jack- ! ron ( i ui | any. at Nashua, and the Sultnon Walls Company, at Somersworth have each declared a semi annual dividend of 4 pt r ccut, pay able on the I'd inst. ; tbeSu- I r.apte Mills, at Claremcnt, N. II , the same percent, payable on the 1st of August, aud the Monad nock [ Mills at Clar.uiont, theruuiepir cent payable on the Inst. The Vcrchants' Tank of Toughkeepsle has dcclar- J td a si n) dlvldi nd of four per cent, payable on the Kill inst. ; the Long Island Insurance Company four per cent, payable on dimand; the New Orleaus ( anal and Hanking Ci in] any, three per cent, payable at the Hank (f C (mnierce 1st of August. The interest variant* eti llse bends ot tbo Aaguiuck K. 14 , uue on 1 li c 10th it:ft . v ill be J aid on Unit day, at the oflice of ol R. li. li L. Schuyler, In this city. The nuniiir of paarcngira on the Kaatrrn Itnllroad, running tri m Bofton. July 4, ? ? between 10.000 and 11,000 A dit idi nd of 4 jut cint ha* been declared upon the er.ptul atock. payable July 16,to holdure, Juue 30. 1 Ihe Kiriniiu'e liifuranee Company have declared a j Kun dlridind uf 10 per cent, payable on Mon- I day next. The following lathe value of racrehandl*e Imported Into thin dhtrict. exceyting that lent to the wamhouae, and til-o the aniouut of dutlei received during the first alx daji in July, In each of the four yenri: ? IBM, i j47. MB. 1849. Frea C.oeda t2l".973 624M06 MaillS $.'1.4.7 1 Rutial le Uoada 64.'t,5.? 1 .HI 1,011 762,246 1.1 16,91!) i T< tal indre S7UI..WO $1,5H&,.Vj(> $l,(H2..Vi4) $1,1441.166 Speiie 14.476 I12.265 .'S.422 4.1.U64 ta.hi.iivad 110,1.71 312.755 164,740 ZU.lil Rateaat duty 231-tipret 26'., 214-7 Annexed ll the value of merrhandiae imported into thia dietilet, excepting that rant to the warehouse. alao j the amount of (lutte-a received during the month of June, in each of the four year* 1WC. 1847. 1?49. 1?4J. Frtepe.da fl,I*'.??t 401,168 525,(Wf :t|i ,40 Rutia) le guodi ?.M"2.587 6,680.11)9 d.718,404 6,067,27.1 Total ildf?.. ..63,544,671 6.01",4'7 5,241,4!.2 5,401.701 Spe.ic HU22 647 * 13 0'' VI! 122.741 ' Caih received... . l.dM.OOH 1,4421,017 1,14 1,497 1,647.804 i The following ialhe movement in dry good*, during tba week ending < n the 4th inat? Entered IVithrlra ten Entered I a t _ .from for I'mf. // ? /. Wni rhnute. Ware'p. ! llaaufarlarta if ?f?l ISU.UeS 6.862 3<i,22R of rotten 113,.1!<7 15,585 41.1176 " of ailk 221.' 44 8.7WI 26,214 " of tta* 44.712 6,891 12,025 " i I t en | 1,79 147 ? Riaetl'aneoua 49.388 8.2S4) 455 ToUl 620,726 45,5a?5 109,997 Stork Kxeliaiige. $7110 r 8f?, <1 II'U , 21 it,I Erie RR I sotn Tieai R'etea lit* 96 do 0" 14*41 M 1 irk.'a,'58 lr '? 5" Canton Co iww M I 24IHI It diana Siati 5a 47 ', .'*1 do .21', .'.(HO I'enn 5a epK *7', 2?t Uarloir UR 51 It* o Brie Buila. 7* l"-'a l"" do 5.",' ] 4040 Ri ad Bid. 61 loo do alO 52', 4H> ill Farm Tat* W" 4' 66" do 52', 1141 do 4>'fi 1(4) do 5.", | 55 Ohio 1. fe T Co 14 ? 0 do 52, j i 15 rtha k Scbtutt RR 12 ', 1(4) do 14mr>a 52, 27 Brio HK al * 'j 5 N Y k N II RR ! I 25 do f' l-V> Reading RK .'tV, AO do tl5 (O1, 2(4) do 15', 7 do tki^n led do 55 'a ko da I SO M', fi:tOND IIDAIIP. 91(14) V .8 fa, '66 l<?7 160 aha llarli-m RR 62'^ f,l hi I'lmi a.' 0 >1 CO do an or 5k ', 1510 lif io 6a, CO iw.150 do 62t, fodti.i Bda. 7a,'59 ! )', 201) Reading RR a so 50 aha Mi irta Canal >do a! Co Harlem HR 53V 26 Brio MR 0 ", 1(41 do alO 52', AD\LH1ISLMEMH RENEW I'D EVERY DAY. BI'K IAI. >?.| l( KM. I o C?. r.-llir HF.MIIF R* OF HOWARD I.ODCF.. No* I i <i. tt <1 lie i ider (I ttrally, are rt .|u< ate <1 ta attend the limiral of Brother lr> l.lllen, it humlxo Mi'r <f Oomilaya ci only, fn m Oil J I el'to It All, Centre itree t. on Ann day, ?t I nlf- I'M t two o'tlt < h I'. M 1 l<o rt maim n ill l a ta Umnwood, ?i? Canal ?tr- < I tirr>. LDP AHD W al K r.R N <: I N?. ' rN vrnr MAN UIMIRN LANDLORD SB< OND OIFJ rli an Build m? Aiioeiati" n Th nd rer'ilar meetin* of thla aeeodatlon ? ill take place on IV? tlar reentry, July III, ?t the IInil. corner of tnthnitne ni l If nry tire' *li"u money u III he cd to memhen to purrhaaa their own hcuiri. t'lrnni deiir ? of Joiniey thla aaaoalMloa, i.V.uld mil tliemeeleta of thia i fforlDBity, an the rnlULfr foe mil he roiled ?t tho nut rr.otor tneetlry. All meotinfi nr? H?e. 8. Jr.?l Rt.A, He.'y. IIA Nmm.i it. rrni annual nkliiko or AiocKuoLDtRA or M tl.f Bayt ttia Tel. gra| li Company will he held a*, their ifllte, No. f> ll?no?er lirnt, in iho <!ty of Now Vork, on Thuirdty, July ll'lh, it 4 o'clock, I'. M. 'ilios. M. ? I ark, Setretary. I.I \KPI\f., <Lc, Hoard. f.:i i.roadm ay-tn o i a r ; f Room m i in in.all i net attached, fallal le for famili.a or alnyla grn?; it lie home I# in |n rfert rrdcr. hat ina n tier r Inert a, lot, r<ld and ihotrtr tatha. Irantirnt honrtlcra mill to taken for ti e ivminor. BOARD B'ANTKD.?A I.ADT IJt DMIKOLA (jF HRta n r.| board m that natry, a few hum a.ii| fr n tha city. I t i a lir.nt h, Ahrooibnry. oriat nthrr place for Oca Nothiry, n v.M I - rihlv. I Date addmoa " Count r> " at II e "i; r A I* If I Y A 1 ' I' i U I I T It I I III \ 1 I * N I A 1 P V -Tl I- |m| i 1 f. r, * ?l>7 lilt# f 'i, II* h? Hif'flrclt t? l?atrdt'ta, ? cfnllfntti Mil I.I* w If**. ??r two In l<'? of (lif tfti .* foatilr. lli? in'm?r ju ptionaldo r* fotoaf o* mill I pi rati pi <1 n-ijti r? l A(??lrvfP A. II., oflwt, T?tt| ki?M ill*. Maud. KIK1LLAXI Ol 0o CO flfui-Tii* I'RtMhT oknkr or as of.n ypmJfX)VI"/ ottol 1UI am*. wIpIpo it r?tiro. An) ^r* >r I h?ih? tii* it*** *??>?* t. ?r |r<|*?ty of tl.t ?int ?aiao. oaa ol? or tr? m f (At to f d(?H) )t?rly, I y parol *? inr % tor? dttirollo ?t< k of goodp, ard toklny a Mart rttaatrd ta tho hc#t i nit i f tl.o or j. hatiPlor??>r) i m< op m I ho pivon roap? otir.| Iki A|ply to J RTHMKV jEL No 8 John Ptroot, near llr??ad*ay. FVRK IN^f RAM W. -Tl K llHOOK I YN FIR F INSCroar* Baa pat y lilt in? I t-n lo oaty-ft?t v?ir?in nitration o? nt ianot to Isinrt torta.dwolltato and other hnildmirp, r im him in, hea?rk?M fmaitoro, ro*a?lp iti port and tlitir ftrithr, mi it rtiir>iibl| ttrnm to anr pjmitar Inntitnt.? 1/fhorp No. t? Mriol.oi t*a F*rh.ion?\ tl o'l troot, Now York, id 11 I niton i treat, lit* okl> r tt M Kll.Stt OKTll, A i tRi u (I. ?Trrrwa, 5ooratary. Proaidont. Mr. f ir.i.f>R HF?rr? Trri.i.r inform* tub y tint foatl'ivion < ? Now k rk tti?%t tio hap opened a l?ar in tin*1 \A ar Mutton Bath, < patio Oar ion, whefo ho liM ?n hand tho lott of drink* pad ?*}.ar* An , at roa?< naldo pri? ft. |\c I KF\< H V. r II ' M' v I I \Vtl IOR mrrly *77 Broad* ?y. now 445 Broadway, aoar Caaal it. Motl antral lampo if ovrry pa'U rn, Yoaoolo, Simp* nai >na, Glohfp, I liiiMiO)*, *ilk WirKfl, Stadon. Sperm Oil kr. Pup. penriona, Brarkot* on*t Stord* II. DAROOflVIM't. IrK-lr B--ICK-TVIR ?ITi*CltlBK*S HAVING *Elortod tl.t Prut Quality of I * from fatfkill, a ill keopon haadany qaantit * to *rit *ltif | ora, Buttle**, Uroeer*. and Notailorr. * a loard af tho'r Itargr*. at tho foot of Hurri* >n front, a? rere ri drier d prirpp. I ho pnMto will ?lo wo)| to toll. 09 it a ill to no. d lnw. Giaoofp o i * I opto 15 p??r coat ky itllaff. II. VAN B TIN III; NO If A CO. Pll F. Mill K N'iM'N PAN T5 3S 1 j Ann tl root, ia dotorminod to ditpop* of his wh lo Ptcx-k of 0i mattf ; ho will mako I'aatp and ^nmwrrati It Mdtr almaPt aaohotp aa tiioy oan ho kon^ht roody mtdo floatp in want of Potitp, Coat* or V?pfp, will tar? I ) taUing and ! atirp their crdrrtat :Ul? Ann Btretl | ^ AMUBEMKIITB. CHAMKAI S NATIONAL TIJ EATK E, CHATHAM AT. Imll t Mr. Purdfj ?Monday vnlif, Julf 9th? nill | be performed the SOLDIERS 1>AI GU?EK-frank Heartall, Mr. i'. W. CI ark; Governor litartall, Mr. Va< he; Capt. M ooiilty, Mr. Crocker: H id?>w Cheerly, Mrs. McL?ao. After which, THAT RASCAL JACK? Kaac&l Jack, Mr. J. Duan; Granly. Mr. Warden; Lacy. Mis* Meatayer To ho followed by the IK IS II 'II TOR?Dr. O'Toole. Mr. Redmond Ryan Rosa, Mr*. Fcott. To conclude with the MARRIED RAKE?Mr. Mighty, Mr. Jordan; John Mr Guest; Mra. Trictrac, Mitfl Me?ta>tr. l>o? r* will o|vn it 7l.? ami the curiam rise at A quarts? of 8. H? xt* 25eent*, Pitcents. M ECIIAN !( '8 IIALL, No. 47.' DUO A DIVA Y, BETH'REM C \i.v.d ukJ llro"Bie fttioctt.?CO*EN E V KB V EVENING DIKING TliE WEEK, and every uight until further notice, the original and well known I IlKtSTY'S MINSTRELS? ergnniMd 1N2; the oldest establiCied company iu the world; the ti st to harmonize neyro melodioc. and originators of the prcrmt popular ftyle ot Ethiopian Entertainments, whoce succira in this city, during (he pa*t three year*, i* u:o*t conclusive evidence of their superior merit and aUiurtivonees. ThiCompany consifte of ten performers, under the direction ot E. I'. Christy. Doors open at seven ; Concert commences i it eight o'clock. Bu n; v n AMXBICAM MUSEUM P. t. MABNUM, Marnier and Picptictor; J. Greenwood, Jr. A*?i*tant MaLagir. .NpU ndid pcrfo*nii>nct * in the afternoon at and : ? nil . ! v The Lump of Gold, wei hint over as in p und#, . and In 111 t alif> rnia hy Lieut. Benle, had been on- I ftsyed for thin wick. Signer Biifx, the Magician and Veu- i i Appears it sat entcrtainmsar. 'i h t i o t f

Sla.-ht r and Crueller w ill hi- i-naetcd ufc eault i?nrfi?einiM???. I Alio ?Diiiv-i'd, Mr. Jerry Merry field, Mi>n Barton, Miss Statit ? 1 e Mim Mist, Mr. Chsj nuui, Vr. Copland, anil Mr. Clarke, Ti e Albino 1 adv, Livit g Orang Oh'uhk, a largo IJ\ in.". Anon ula, an enormous Rattiest a I e, Vt nx Scripture Statuary. A ('mission to the w hole, &> ccuts. Child rcu under 10 years, K')g < t nts. At., imTS\t 5 l d i ONt ik l w ill bl (.1 v in at faint Nic) (das' church. Second street, on Sunday evei ii ff, July Ktli. f? r the benefit of taid church, by VV. Beige, Organist. v ho will be a Phi.* ted by the follow nig vocal artists:? Mo# \ ah-ntii.i. Miss Klietx, Miss Dressier, Mr. Ehrlein, and other tab nteil sin-it rs of this city. N. B.?Tickets Fifty ceuts, to be had at Mi. Erbm's, 172 Centre street; Dunigau's hvokM< rc, 1M Fulton street Rev. Mr. Buchoiayer's, lir? Second street; and at Vr. Barge's residence, 10 Sixth street; also, of the 8ex?t i s ?>f Cat hone churches, and at the door. Boors t pen at 7 o'clock; Convert to commence at 8 o'clock precisely. HKWARDS] J ( ST.?A GOLD CHAIN, TO WHICH WAS ATTACHED J a large Gold Medallion, and another small one. with a I miniature Penknife. There articles, which ware tied around a belt <f pink ribbon, were lost in Tuesday evening, at the Mechanics' Hall. Broadway, after the performance of ( hrUty's Minstri-ls. A person w as seen picking up tlie above attic )ch, and he is rc(|U< stcd to bring them to ti e otfic-e of the New York Herald. A lii em 1 rewaid will be given, Strayed i ion tuf. premises of the suiiscrt her a tine Newfoundland Dog. The owner will plcuse call, pay expenses and take him away. GEORGE RICHMOND, .TV.) Broadway. K\< 1 UNIONS. I)FEASANT SI N DA V F.XCI'RSION TO IIA RLE ?l AND I Ait< ria.?-The low prosure Ntcnimr, SANTF.E, Cantain J. N. Dilts, having been chartered for the above exeurMon by Caidain Richard Yates, on Sunday, JulySrh. will leave as follows:?Foot of Pike street at 1 o'clock P.M.; Foot of Montgomery street nt I1.* do. ; Foot ?>f Grand street at 1*? do.; Foot ot Dry Bock nt P? do. Returning, leaves ilnrleui atu. and Astoria at 6 .. Fart II ill i way. Stagai w ill l c in rcadinci s * i, arrival c f the host at Harlem to convey passengers to and from the High Bridge and other favorite pis cos of retort. SIIATOQ1 SrilKOI AND NIW TORI TK A V r.Flcts by taking passage in the day boats that leave at 7 a. M., arrive in Trey at'?% P. M , and proceed immediately , en to Saratoga, leaving Tr y at 7 1' M., and arriviugat the , Springs at P. M. rare on the railroad one dollur. \V WI S. Wanted?a situation by a respecablb >cung girl as child's nunc, she is w illing to make her- i self generally useful uhout the houic. No objection to go a j 11 , it dii ;u e in t he - ? \ ntrv. I b?{tiire ut 21 \\ irUs -tr? et. \l,r ANTED A FAMILY, CnSMSllNG OF THREE ! ladies, a pcntlcn an and servant, wishes to board in a j country place, near the city. a private family nr'.cruble. A ay con tuunicatl<>u uiny be addressed t" b*i 7tM, 1 est Olftco. ; P-?cr< t>< es required. 117anted?a partner, to take an interest j in a newly invented Stove, a Inch, ir??tn us cnstruf1 ionv is more useful, ami t an be made to weigh less limn uuy | other stove of the same capne ity and made of the fame mate- i rials. One who ow ns an iron foundry a ill he preferred. A ami. 11 cash capital Hill be required. Address W.C., this cflce, or W. Co foit Office, Nan York, f t j aid. WANTED?A SITUATION AS GARDENER, BV A man who under*tand* gardening in nil its tranche*; cultivation and raiting of ail kind* of vegetables; undeiitando the care nnd management of fruit trees; has souio years experience in this country in laying out new gardens and m a grounds; understand* the caie and muncguiuent of | horses, and has lived nearly three yeara in his last pluce. Best of eity reference. Apply ut 21 Beaver street, new < ti . -I W. Wsllt, I i YI7 ANTED?A RESPECTABLE WORKING SILVER* vv uuith, of good standing, to join with a party of undoubted standing, with good references, who has a valuable ud immediate prospect of introducing the electro plating on the Elkinaton )stem, uhe'her in copper, brans or metal. This is of importance; and worth the attentiou of any party, in a small yet paying business, established in New York or Brooklyn. The system has never >et been introdneed in this country, and. were it fairly tested, a valuable business could be sti nred aiuoug private orders and from the trade. ! As tl is is no pret# nee, n uo uoed reply who are not really v ery respect aide and good workmen in silver, copper, or bras*. . Address, w ith ri al i.aiuv and residence, "Electro Plating/' ? of this paper. "11^ ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vv psiii vomb, m Nurse. ChaniUrmaid ?>r Seams trees. The 1-ot of eity references given, lias no objecti?m to go a abort distance iu the couotry. Please call at 310 Monroe ?tr< et, up stairs* _________ I A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE FRENCH LADY. HAVING met hith a serious misfortune, is desirous of obtaining a situation either as governess or ladies' travelling cotnnanioo. lie I eat oi references giv* n. Add.ess C. V., No. 314 uroadway. A SITUATION IN A TAILOR S AND DRAPER'S ES. tablihimo nt. is nanted by the adverti r, alio is competent tb take the rutting room, sab* room or counting h use d?pernio nt. Address C. J.." box A. Hcral l utile*. A YOI'NG MAN, SPEAKING GERMAN, FRENCH, I talian, and a little English, wishes a ai tnation in an mporting dry | Is hoeee, being wtU a I Ilk All kn.ds ot dry roods of C?rmau and Eiench manufactory. Plena# address "K." id Cedar street. I AW 11 O Tf LADY, < ? RESPECTABLE FAMILY, amiable di>p<?ition, and retired habits, a it bos te get A i situation as hour* kecfer to a small family, widen er, or hafl no el jecti?n? togoing in the country. The best of eity r**fe- j rent*? given a* to < hrrarter and capability. Address all let- ! tcra te J. L<rham, corner ef Eighth avenue and Sixteenth 1 Street. All e?*i . [ AN ami HI! AN LADY, A W 1DOW, OF HIGHLY UKi portable fsunlv, lid vi to adopt her teo children. a ' girl end boy?th* gtri twelve, at d the boy aim* yeer* ?! ar?? I to? me aralthy f. ir.ily. A r<tideu<? in the country would , be pr? Kind. Address all IctUr* to J. D*aham, Corner ef , Eighth avenue and Klgteentk street. All ee mm anient* eat po?f t*eid. and nine l.t# wealthy f m.ili'* need apply. HCI ?E v. ANT Hi ?A SJHI I. UOITAOI IN THE l*P- ! . | ct i srt <>f the city, not than I ortieth street, n^r >.st<l bifthavcDie. Atyote having fwrh a hoo?e tc let, will pbftae addreea "Ileuee," Herald, stating location, rlie si d frice. HBOUtl WANTED SI ^ MALI FASIL1 (SO . <1il?lr?n)in a v???4 n* ifhhnrhMNl, upper port 1ilie my, mil ald?- t?i Itnadnuy. I'urt ??f a ti?n*r might |?'rh4|'> au*nr. Adon m, ihrMuli llif |><>it offcn, ** llonaa.* ItAIMtOAIJ*. I I I'UPON S1VFK KAILKOAD MOM It*.- I'NIiCR Tiff J I |?ii 1*!on tha 2!*' nit.. f ?r tin file of 0.1 Hi of ilr ,N"r'if?^ and I w *rtlbl- B >w\* of lb# C"tnI ???>; W' I in '? ii K IJ nl par for * > ?. |- r rmti, and a 1 |in f iriiiMH I'tii-t for *i* i?tr Fwljf t?? ? l>r?l' ri^ .#r i *? r | ? r eeat. nMr;, ! i-rtlnr with the f'HI i**lf ?r?ierly ?<*ld, | tl.e m tii ! |>l 27?Md'0#?| ti e aiifh ri *1 1?jr Ian io bt [ leaved. 1 In ll? ?r i ?ft |*n*aat#d Irnw eti tar ta lata k f?r >p - i ti???? f? r tl a r?n? liriw n m of I l,7*dUH?, oainr t?* tn? rL'htt I totl>t |'Mr-1 ar*-it "I th? hrti ' *?-- liat ie*?-ri a- I (i?k rtt. during t( ?<?it ain * hat a it. Mint could be contrtc'* 4 f r. Naltra ia, thenf* re, betel y fivm, lint ifur lit? IMh I ir.ftant tht lioitd ?lll boM Un met) rea At lilcrtt t* enter- I tain and a? t u|? n f r< | ? ?. ? ? f r t t!.* nh U i f tl.e Mid remaining aim af M.7 .' "of tha ru.lh i?d?. on j tb# tevma and ot tiie aJtirtloeritat *?f tha flat nit., ar tn H e p*rind? f?r taking and pnving f r tic p?t?. or : f?r*reh patt 'h?T?"f, an may in t fr I hef#rt that ter < d ly tht Mtcvtlf laid f rr-fi.i|?ti\a i?M<tpte; and aneh 1 ! ? i ; ' r. ' \ i * i ' ; , \ '' ii 11 >%t 1 thikfflua af (k? |iri?ilf|(? of engaging tliHr rwpfrUiI if f' tii- raia tl m am i n tn of I\7.V< <?,<? it l. .r? tha I nl, (I rlr iigi.ta tad< - a i rrd terminated. J II Hoi hl.N , Tr inu'-.r. Near 1 orb. JaljS. , i>anama kaii.koad?orrirE or the i\%vama M fa I toad Coinf at v, New \ orb, duly 1 l*|:t ?At a aire it>Kaf lie direct* r? nf thia eomaany, brla tbia day, T hwinae H . Ii.oli a ?:i I?- if. I ./ . I trpinta ' Vice-President. Itaaci* ?|?if a aaa elected ."ecratafjr. Tba \ rvtl(Mt|ai af rati# All?n,ae a HirrMur, an a ' ' ?r<l tie r*-|irfjr fuco i , ?' - I ftloi of 5??i,l P IT wrl??, , ' li. ittlo All** v.'#.U<'?J rcnrrllii , Ka*it <?r f tn' '.-Mr?n). Or.lT' I. 'lint lh? ??? n i In.talm.Ht ?f t.n 4 .llitr#. | < ? ??tli .ti.ri of the f?t .'Til t'n y, I, t? le |>?M. ?l t).? t f ,f Ik, No. 7" fir .o4ir?r, HI the I rtl d?jr if At, nl Htl f.irwlon ?Willi,m U. Aeplnwall, 4,ba lo ( : ?!).,<. Ilr". n, ( I'nstllu U U?ntitiU",u U. Dt.14 Ti.omn?ot>, Jo,.|'lt II t itni m, ."Amrol F. II lin<l, 1'io'pcr M. M ? ii.ok , td* ib I'ari!.", Ft mo I II F ntiN. TIU'M tS *? I I lll/>W. Prf ?|ili nt. JOHN I.. SI tl'Jfc.NS, Vic I'rtoiOat. ti tmtPntt, G*e'tUTf. OirilROI THK Ai ni- UN AND Rot'li?TEH R. R. ' Co.. f '.n*oit?l no, l!iik J ii?. IIM9 ? A ?'mi - AkiUl Tfd;nd of l-or f *r cat on tfr roMtal ifo-kif tM. I htr'Mo Hojrl.en dic'or.d, f-?,oO, to ih, Ft'rknoMrra on tl.e l?t tl Aoffttt <?!.< a: of the net pmf.t, of th? enrtttt on c endinn on ihot <f.-jr. f.UtVl ol.l r, mill if* , Rmiea lk*t? I . i t t f <1 ( Til ?FF t 3 Olf Ct' ' k If 11 I OH f? . IS *lt ? l ? th? Pink of Ike 8'n't k't w V. r?. la ihe 4 (tjr af New Ttik j at lie (f.el ff Vtfora J. I. Thay?f k firothee.ia R??t< ; and at l!.r a of tht Trta-nrcr in mil ;>' >?. The Trapeftr ll'ikf will it cl'tod f<r t?a <l?.i t rr?? tooi to tht In' dir ti Intut ???'.. CHAR ?tl *()!'? '> . r. 'Ull I I \<J. N'OTH r. TO*.?CrSTO* l|(H SR. Sltf Ytrk, CalleMat'i July A. Kit.?Tk. lightship at Mratfi rd l'"lat, i tig loland A< t o 1, till) I ii?l> 'titn I tt I far tt pair*. to orik ot thr otli J iily let la a'. |Jr? n tlee ta ill he given when aha ia prttarad to ret' te her alati?a. II V i \ H i I I I olltrt ,T NlOflCl TO MARIKCRR.? < IRTOM HOURS. HIV V<i k, foil# Il0<f, July*. It1. ? Tht l.iglit ll"tl itai.<n"t 'fl Nerdy II ?V. I.rokr front her tr ring* on tl.a ntaM of the dtfi inatai I. Prompt tweaewrro will l? nk. n to I'll..' I tr at rnrly t i w I.. al II. H \ X II Kl.l.. |)*i ki r iiiR h vviti i. <i\11 11\i inr. smr 1 ('M'lig, J. W illnrd, iraattr. ?ill ail ?a tht lat ?f Anatiat. I < f freight < r pat fact apply to llOl I) k HINCKEV, t f* Wall al. FAOR CAl.lfORMA. rs'RAi.r ONI.T FIRST I I.SRR thip <>( fcA NI A, lyity at plat Ma. 4 North Rlter, to tail n,tk? lOtk latitat, a few l.?nh? rtm?ia. Al*a. t?? a tup M A N I I.I.A. at fitr No ?N >.rth River, tt follow tn* o.ranaa, and anil an lit litb. Apply te K K HI ITo.V *e. M wim metl, J I " K HAN I I \N< IBt l>. ' Al ircRNt t -TO ? all. OS Ml IDr l&th af July, tb? rapt rt< r, fill UI||??. C. |.f r-d and rof j ? -fariantd, A 1. rhip. ?<i ? n Papain T. 1 ht>i*pa?a, lia?ln* *11 ii?f *ar*o annai-d, in I fiuK on board, will y< rltlicii rail an ?b For raaaayaoaly. (ha'lo* ru|T<r ao<?ndnttnn?) apply to lh? Captain onboard, at pit r No. V, Knt11 Ritar, ?>r r. k D. rOWLIB. M ir??t atraM. r? II!' 1 Mil HlR ? \ N I K AM 1*1 O AMI I IIP. I. Ill t? Ti||ot ?, Iht Bra ?"P?or- HiMonod aad noaly ?'.fp?i?d parka! lark Fbilan#, Captain Santa, harti if all ir <Ht at d Morrr ?r Vnard, will ' I* ar |M> day, and p^allHoly rail on k.artay an rata*. Jul) Bi h. Can a> . . inio . data a fr .r raMa pat rrnp, rr ait h rtat?. rimma or barton in tba p-n rabin. Tim l liliiiu r anti.mi datlnaa ata anpn' lot to Ibum nt any ihip ana t.p fof I'allf mil, aad pa*ra?r.r< nra ro-nin of r'inr In Ira a ill t tit any drlay. Apply to thr Captain an board, a* tlar No. 10 Nirtti Kitrr, or to ' jr. k I>. IUH LEK K Writ Hftrt. AMIHEMK\T8. Broadway theatre.-tue "public are *espcctfully informed that the nest series of Grand Magical Soirees tf the Great Necro maimer, MACALLlSTEK, will commence at the above tpl?ndid establishment en Monday Evi iiing, July Uth 041'. The fatigue consequent on the past two weeks' performance, and preparations aecch.ary tor varying the comma entertain meats, rendering it imperative that Mr. aud IIrs. McAllister should not appear until then. N. B.? Fnl) f articular* in future bills. Th? Theatre will he closed until Monday evening. C1A8TI E G AII01 N HIE SI MSI EH Mil * i It I t mi.pliunt. Tickets 2A cents. Attraction* rc-douh!ed. Selections from the most celebrated French and Italian 0|>crn*, performed l.y one of the Grandest Orchestras ever heard in this fity. ?< iimm lug of forty instrumentalists, of the very tirst talent, led l?\ Mux Muretn U and Goorgo I.uder. Ilerr St -cp.-l, the \*y h'cordecnist; Mile. I.ovnrucy, Miss Caroline liiHcrt, Mr. Stephen Leach. Attractions varied every night. Tickets 2.1 cents. rrai stage ? mil itivins. stage manager or A the liowery Theatre, ami others of like celebrity, has o|(ned n Clat-a for diumatic instruction; therefore, ladies mid pint 1? idv ii tit sfreiit tf entering the theatrical profession ( an 1 e prepnied for the mine hv advantageous practice on the laT)i*t Mage in the Union. Terms and full particulars ii. i? I use# i-taim d hy ai plu ution to Mr. Stc\ ens, at his r- sidince, X\ liowcty. (Ml IN h>K. Ml SI I M. IJKOA OW.M . HE! WEEN Sl'iMN'G J t?iiit f'lince street*. the only one in the United State*. ()| en fr< in !) A. U. till 10 1\ M. Admittance 25 cts.; children under 12 halt' price. TFATKO DELCIHCO, IN HAVANA. AM) ELTEATftO da t.i uLttl aeon, iu the Island of I'ul New Vork, I'. S., Jun? Z . ? I have this day appointed Mcssi . \V. t'orbyu and I.. M. Martial, of t'.is city, my tpc< i*l iiud duly autho'rir. t d 21^. ?ti t m for the ?l.ov e establibhmei.ts, and all enpu -emonts nude lv tl em in that or pat ity, will he duly n?kuo\v!cd ;ed utd fulfilled by me. DON MICH EL Mb! V FoNS, Prop ietor. Vork, July ft, 1>'49.?Artists of acknowledged talent and respectability, especially vocalists. instrumental performers, duueers, equestrians, n<rohats, &< ., Sic , wishing to engage iu the ahovc csiuMitkniciita, will ? ddrcss COKIIYN fc; MARTINI. Mush a 1 nn' Drr.ina t ic A^ent",! Barclay at., New York. N. 11.?A11 letters n.iit-1 he piepaid. ft PORTING. f|3WO DAYS' T*OTTIN<l.9T!I AND 10TII OF JULY ? X 1 i ion Ci.wrn', I . 1.?Two of the largest purses ever given in the I uited States. Amount of juries, si 0J0. Mo ml ay, July l!th, at 3.L, o'( lock, will come oil a pur.-'o for $VJ0, mile h? utr, I est hrrc iu th e, to raddle. 'J la uagoto contend are tl e fas-tc st in 11 e w? rld. I>. Bryant enters p. in. Lady Suffolk; John McAtdcl uteri br. p. Mac. Tlrs spring, in Boston, Lady Fuiloll; ai d Muc icntri.ded for a purse. The time made a*d< iiihhed u 11 sporting men. Tbatiuio u ade first heat, 2:31 l.y, ieco?d|2:2 ; tl rd, 2 17 I urtb, 2:29 '? b 111 a.?s won by Mao. Tin mI.iv. J i? 1 \ K'tli.?Forte two mile heats to saddle. John * i Ardei enters br. p. Mae; 1>. Bryant enters p. u?. Lady bullolk; O. Dimtniek enters b. p. Ja de Kosstter. Tho earn, iu 1 oth trots, will leave Sontli ferry, Brooklyn, ivt 2 and 3 o'cltuli, and raturu as soon as the sports are over, Grand itaxid, $1; pu\illion and held, 50 cts. N.ehar.'e for ladies. M. D. Gil BENE, Froprietor. ]Al)V M'TTON.?Til Ifl BEAUTIFUL LITTLE TROT* J ting Mure w ill Le sold to-iuorrow (Monday), July l), at 3 o'clock F.M., at. public sale, on the I uion Track, I. I., to closo the estate <?f her deceased owner, Mr. Harvey White, liir wfli?n and sulkey will he sold immediately ulur Iter sale. ) ady button is a mare too well kuown to tlie public to require any comments on. We will merely mention some of the trots she bus made on tho turf, and that she is warranted tound and kind every way ? i'KNTK KVII.1.K TllOTTINO COPRBF, L. I. Friday, May lis. 1M I'urse of $300. Mil<* In uts. in humeri. James Wliclply, l?r. in. Lady Sutton 1 1 3 3 3 1 David Briuut, gr. m. l adybuftolk 2 2 I 1 2 2 John l ate, br in. l^ady Moscow .3 3 2 2 1 3 Time, 2.33, 2.33, 2 33, 2 37, 2.3\ 2 3d. I'mon Cot*n?K. Monday. October 30, IM*.?-Furse of $200. MiV heats. 1 est 3 in 5, in harness. A. Conhlin, br. m. Lady Suttt 2 2 111 L Hunt, b. g. Jack Itosaiter 1 I 2 2 2 Time, 2 33. 2.35,4 4. 2.1 H, 2.43, 2.42. ( i NTHri i Li. k. Cot* it sr.. M? nd.iy. July 17, 1*43.? Furse ??f $2's?. Mih heats, l est 3 In ft, iu P. Bryant, gr. m. Lady Suffolk 1 1 1 J. \\ helplv, br. m. Lady Motion 2 2 2 Time, 2.31, 2.32, 7.32. Fwion For fmi:. WedcffdaT. April A, 1*4*.?Batch, $1,000 a side. Two mile heats, in harness. J. Wliili'ly, br. in. Lady Sutton 1 1 A. Conklin, br. g. Yoh auo (pacer). .1 2 Time, ft.St1, 5.3ft. Union Cor it he* Monday, Fepteml?tr 27, IMS.? Pnrie of $200. Two mile heats, in hirneM. J. Whvlply, l?r. it. Lady button 1 1 William Kinp, ball 3 2 11. M oudrufl, k. k? Urey Kaffir 2 3 Time, 5.22, 5.2ft, I'NION CO! RBK. Monday, May 31, 1P4R. ? Mile heats, belt 3 iu 5, w;tn war* ns, the wagons to weigh 250 pounds. J. B htli 1y, 1 r. m. Lady f utton 1 1 1 A. C oi.LLn, b. h. Black Hawk 2 2 2 'lime. 2.40, 2.421*, 2.43. Lady Futton beat Moscow at Saratoga, two miles and repeat, in harness, for $200 aside. Moscow won the first heat, l.aoy button win the other two. Time, 5 Fh Time of the other lu atf net reeolUcftd. Lady button baring tl?? scratches very had at the time, August and September, 1W4J. llesidea many others that ue?d not be tnumerated here. HOTBLI, ^r. *TAMiio>nnfn?K, kkvrour, n. j -mr sunscHilrl her would inform l?U friends and the public generally, that hi a spleadid Mansion House is now fitted in the beat style, for the reception ot boarders aud visiters, llie larder and wine cellar is stocked with the best that the market afforda. The rooms arc airy and cool, and no cit rt shall ?? I ?r?d to rrudcr the stay of guests agreeable. Na better facilities for sea ba'btnK ean be found in the world. The steamer John llart leaves the foot ef Chambers struct each day, at 10 A. M., and 4 F.31 JoU.Pll MFKFII V. Froprietor. (MINORKHS UAI.L. CAI'R MAV.?THE SIMISCKI UKR J leg* Im? to intiTiu hi* friend* ami the travailing community that he Imi lea-.d the aha*. named well hn?wn held, which In new ready Inr tlmtica 'ptwn ul ri.itnra. The uperh rlty of it* l*< *tt?n. the un'.l.eiruce I view i.f th* ? . * from nil per'* of ti c hotel, Arc hnthtrs ground*. the quality file Iwrdcr *nd will* dcllnr, recimr tin* hotel a doirahl* etitumor rmidanee. Mr. J. M. X-nlth, latn *l Hotel, I'lltladeI|II in, will neiiet him in it* umuMentwot.* three lioio* ? wick, tv end Ireta Vorlr; daily to l'hiltttlel|'lii*. II I Mil.1.1 I. PAVII,ION, NKW BRIGIITOV-Till PROPRIETOR hey* l<t itoi'trm |ter*r?t,* who are de iron* * f yetting into tie tintitry, durine the lot wfother, ti*t two h.nloone eoiteo I npertii > lit h*\e Jf-t Ion lootel l.y prtiec who h**e o" t.e t rat elllar. nntl that he hoc alow a lew separate dnul.le rv?'iii t<>r fumilie*. > BDU It, CM ( Llfti I II. .? \ < BASKET. (WELL KNOW N At / th? F fi Bin,".) fca> ir.g pe?n with re^ri' the v***.urtt of tha i )inl? rn, tul cm ti p f rt unity toinfarn. l?i- fri* nd* anil tha I it lift i. ?t lirir, that lir if bow frcparc I t<> fiiraili tlr ? itli lit irr?ii? In* f, the Mint )? fo am?*t a t Tn 11; nrd in ill cia i doting tlio tw*jr*i of ihatf'trfdl diaeaar, doting tbcycan IviJ and 1>. 4. Iir t bahert. durir.L'rrtcnl yi -irr n cid- n< * in Atii, difCOM r- 'l tl if valuable A tit idot**, ami \* now f?r-| ar-* I ta rnve to the world that it in the only ecrta n HfUifdjr for this f? avfrl dtaearc Ilifft.rceM during the lad tin )hi? of I'ho1< ra ib tl in eit.v. if mllit lent j root of it* eiararyr. The h;iI?rto ) <<* re?t' te4 the ? florts of 1*1 yeiciatf a:.d Mrhenef to ci.t t k 11p |tr?"rvif, I ?.t in no ? u?< did thi.< medicine fail v I in t Jin In admiBiftf r? 4, ae 1 v ii y t b< or ami* t an Bow teatlfy. *11? i.Mir* efflux n.e I Hue, combined wiih th* n?a af hlft Ant ililioiR I'd la, i* fit i-li tint ItnWi a hraafteinl ii.fln em r. in a t? a mlaMra after 11lot admInntared, and ITee tn? II) hanialat tlit 4iaoBi by rcetarfag ctrcngth ami int? /! tin a holt ayah m. Tic fjoctor aNogtiiimnttg x that If liia ? di*ii.?rar? ?ii %4 accord lug to tho dlnctl ?o* accompanying tin mr thin fearful dircHh' will ho daprii ed of it* fatal influence. Om doM-daily fdn.iL mtercd a III effe< toilly pre err# any frf-r ? ii, m rnatlerho'a miioh t*j -t4 to l n nttark. (Vrlitieati . - 1 t ! |<MM Hi? ir???L i f ili? nl-t'tf ??*< rti< n, flid i' I wo'l known that lii" m.i" * v i) - ? l,i<erj from lluiic to leoi.iiiuia, a< ' h# only fi ,Mt<r''f ti i? f> aiful and alarming ti.afad\. It la than * fori tie duty of tiery mdividial to u-il thoDoc'ivf of a ti ?lii t? ? v*' di ?t?i? f fo mi eh im 4. ti * ?. er? and i aptaiof t m ifrant am* 11. r iio*l?, if they ar? iron- ..f rurirr the lualth ? f |ii?m?i??h and rr?w, ami Btoi I ng the da* lay f n a?i< i d l?> ?|i'f fuattne. ouglit not to go t<? a without it. *11' i.l mi rii? die inef hava aUu hem . .f# |W u?*d in C MC -1. I 1 er lie I'rt-r I* iii it t b4bbo# it ll? <fha*. Nc. t Mdf' ftnet, corn* r of C?rand cti? rt, mgl t n'idday.? I i \? ! * I I I I A .N 44 : tii and ftiiit|Brw aumhi-r), oi t nit'a m Mnry'a t bntcfp Nt* Vork. nn < ? "i f n if ia am if/', ii i on i nc la?t fourt? *?i } eara. tor.fned kla yratUci to th? traatI I'll Pat Ije ran cttra tht ai? ?t u:,; u\ati d cwoa tf tl.ia 4i?*af?; and ntld < uu** d la two to lie da>a. A fcrfrd auxu. or a Bfcafga. PRIVATE MKOICAI. OrriCB. RANG! ST., < a#tablftflied aver thirty year*, f r the run of di*- j ef?f af a | rnate nature liortor l.atard'? In'iifh Virtr? i? ??rratit?d to e?r< Mrr; mr in it* tr*t ?<?<??. I'rw $1 , f Ulll?. h II ? Tin# lHTatn?tl? D>?<l;cibe Mb l> btam- ' Hat *o *th<r y-lact ia th? mr!i A< "MI I I , I I'll A < Tit .41. tt a KK <>N THE N AH EC and ir<*i?ii ?>t Vanaraat Dim ? ?, and *11 othar ?9aeI '< ? nf ll a cnaito-nriaary ***** of tl.a tt-alr and*.? i un- rfn; llln?tr*t> d 17 a *t. *t ana tar of U???il?|ly t .| rad rial'>, ai <1 ma 17 h*< I) tarant.d d. tit,**'lot >a od, A a. fen. li) II. I?< *t ?! *, M D. Trim tl' .Si idi'lon. 11Ifint tr-iu lh< I!?.? < at li'dital and *'.t*ic?l J. araal:?"II U llltitnlrtl 1-7 nirwrilait; apn'laicai ?l tolortd lith*- j r?T ''7. *1' -Hir* rr 11* r M.irai inra In fhaiMiiaat of ihalf Cr.l*h. and it la a ri\ia( atidoata nf tha iudoa.i'al la p?raa- , ? ?i?a al.a went l? f i mhb un "itf?nhla mariy that ?ill anu'da hirn tn lanta hia loat-f.i in:* In *. i?t*, a.. *lli he ? i!l It >r kan nf ahaa'ha Biatnoriala nf h'tn ara el 'J 16 '? ro??a in '1.4 111 ra?i?a of tlio** who km* r?t thai ha a ar Ioth n nanr?d and ant It 5 ? Ma liiltf. Vtlih at att* fain# a a it.atta ror tf.arir n of tl ia vcoar-at < aitfe Fuf paan | n|.|i< atioaa ob Ihaaama fwilf'! Ji raaaa it nay fcr mid. f> at laxly, that (hit ia dcaidi ?ll7. and ?ithoat qn il.tiatt>. n.a*unl in a?> *f them. Tha plain* ,la A t-? Tracttin* ara not aqnal to tl ?ra. B7 aont -*?'tnjtf>* Ian tolamafet ) kulMba laaiur, aaf Ua viaaif nf (lrl?f utrvntl a, la oat hnmhl* antlamlion. nl.anli! h# aac.rdvd to tha N#w Vo.fe ptora l?r II at* lafe ha* dona t'ia |.rof*?fi-ji a * "d ?it?lc?, aed nothing can prataal thin al I* wark from Itmi >|?i Htf tha Ian I. M tha fact caa Bal'l,. r ha dai.i*d but <*! d. *1 at h* ha a r* dm ad a tk?r"*ffh, * '.f-dtR< ?t-d. ayai?aaa- ( ti* traafma. ?i>ab far anrpaaaa* aaythiny of I ha hind, * 1 fhia branch < f praeli'a, I cratof.-ra atinnif'.nd ia tha ton*- ! tn." l aainrirT. D taaaaa nf tha I rmry Orrani Aalhot i nf a Tranli a on tha Natarn and Treatment nf hp. rmat-.rrh?, 1 ar ftinainal Di.ianan, maltlnt fi< m tnlf-ai.'-*; "I* pnt??fr, and itl rf nftioti'an, 2*1 ' P>?te#, third adi- j ttoa, PTtet tl; Anihotnf a w..r* an lit ad 'Hint* tn Ynnnf 1 I'livniaianni Antl.ot of "Tha famila I'lifilnlct;" and At- ' tan'diff f hj nari-in ai d doraaon to tha N. ? v. rk td di. al and (U|?|! lraiilute. 7t larnhnr* n't-a' r-'naaad in ?H | Ri. ad car. Tor tala at lh? f lhllahrti, f rinfi and Tana- ' t'fci', KJ llram'nay. and of tha ao'hor, Wt Rioafaaf. Th? a nial m n'My raf?ft* nf Ihta Ina'.liitl'p, aamaaraliPd aaana nrad, will net I* fntlialad f"f ll.a t r-aint. Hi'Ml K HOnrWItE, . D. ri'HF. ti iiti if 11 tt nv v\ . v.t ' y ' 1' tl. rot 1 | anion. I t In A M Manr'aaan. Tr-.f. ia?f nf Ihioaaaa nl ' M<n..a hiain adit -f. I Mia' . IT i'?' Irna tl. tllJ'V 111, ,? ,o),i in *;> month*. 11 ?i? of m far ley. a f (l,vai-?l and oiaatal antnlah ta m mv an affi 1 mi ?ia h if a, at d ! ' naiaar difltaaliia* to " * htuhaad fulfillt haaa In * *f ar-d ; 1 lion.a*. l? now po..r would h t>a an* i. jid r<ai|*fatia- Ih' onaad* now hrhaa In h*?lih wnnld Vn*? cnj' and It; hat dia l* now ia tha r arai ** ha a ?tiil Jica, I t ? iinxlj |>? *<a?rion #1 1)1* ? rk. II in ifiitt.noit r>|<rii,Mv FtiT II.* in ?r '"I. nr u ?? > "fiplotm monlopo ? i' ? lni| m?m which .l.cnlil l ? Vi *11 in il'im twrtlrnlorfy Tn ill ?? ? In ?* huth <c ? Mi.I pur mil of on in*ro*#o of f?. mil j. it i? nf it p. riot ?lfn. t\mrf frtno'r??l.r wi'?, the mn!li#*t tho on* rllhir oncitii f ioln ttnw.oi hcnj, of tin owe in Uio .loolino nf 'tin. III *ln m miiiKH'iippliln ?n lirpnffoot ohnii:*-" i i nr il lowtttlho ron'oo, *) i we, ?<! tl>o m II *rtr ioni ron i ?'n?. oi rt it < irio ? in. do of ?r?, in eiory roaiplitiol to *li.|> hot OI ? |0 I' hjecl f . r folo m 2?2 f mo* ?*?, o* < ! il.? PoMieMn* 0*1 *, 12* I ilort* 'irooi, N V I .1 I* k l?., Allwni; IV R. l> wi?, lit., i nf., I II Ivt-rx.n. * * Ih???nt itr-ot, Phlli lotph'W: V ll'tom Tojlcr * t'o , I?oliinicfo; i. II Kootenai, Now iirl?#r?: J. R l'iillw>!fi| fliflllh. Hn iho iof of fl.w < >! ? "ill Vf ?r?o?mitto?l hy mvll ffoe (f troino tn ?i.y p*n of '?* I'tlioil Rl?f*e. \:| lot.or* Hi no I I * orfitroMeil, i o?t poid In Hr A VI If itri * '!, II .* MM. Ntw Vcrh lily, tiifcc* 12* L>t>*rty ?tr?n%. INTELLIGENCE BY THE HAILS. Our Washington Correspondents* W asiiiwqtov, July 4, 1840. Canada and Cuba?Tkr. Potition of tlit (?utihon?.Ittitudr of (kt -1dnnnutrallon. Whilst the commotions and upheaving* of the nation, of Kurope engross in a great measure the attention and sympathy of the American people, there are still other matter*, nearer bom*, which may be of as much importance, and certainly of a* great interest to us, as uny question wliich lias attracted our attention of lata years. Since the duy now seventy-three years ago ? when the thirteen States declared their independence of British rule au<l colonial tyranny, the d ''tiny of this couutry has hourly been growing brighter and brighter. The problem has been satisfactorily solvod, that the people are capable of self government ; that, to rcudcr a natlou glorious, powri ful and happy, neither anur.nointed king an hereditary atistocraey or a Slate religion, if mccsrary. in no couutry under the face of heaven does to much prosperity, so much real happiness. exist as iu the I uited States. We have also satisfactorily demonstrated that our prosperity has not been caused by any uiagic iutlucuco in the circumscribed limits of the old thirteen States, for we have more than doubled their numbers, whilst our territory has been increased in a still larger degree-. We have l'ouud that our constitution, drawn up by men whose wisdi m was as gnat as their patriotism was exalted, is adapted as well to the expansive and great nation wbhU tbo I ulti d Statu* h?vo now bt roue, at It wat to the comparatively small and lot tile power for which ,t was dtilgned. Can any man look bark at the past pugi a of our history, and bcliove that wo have yet attained our full gruwlli, or that the limits which now inaik the territory of this I uiou are destined to remain stationary.' Wo have been led to those remarks by observing the feeling of discontent which is rapidly spreading in two counttiia closely approximating to our own, though differing widely as to locality. Wo allude to the Spanish po seieiou of I oLa. ou the one baud, and tbo liritlih North American provinces on tbo other. The cout ietii n must force itself upon every reliocling aitnd, that both of these possessions are upon the ere of au important change We have little doubt but that, tbo tiu.e is tot tar uistuut win u the. inhabitants of i.ubi, will be kin eking at our door tor admission iuto the t nlon, und we euu doubt as htlle but what the people of < lunula ?ill. eiu long, uiake u similar demand. We do not eousid, r that the recent disturbances in l a inula will illher tend to hasten or retard that event, und weft el im desire to enter lata the merits or delneiits of the controvcr.-y. A much more enlarged view is necessary, in order to a proper appreciation of the posilion ot that proviueu it was formerly the Intel est. lis well of hug laud us i f I auada. to maintain r ho count etion huglaud b und in i sushi market for her liinaulactures, and olllees lor her place hunt- rs ; I Hiiada enjoyed u protection in the Urill.-h market for litr products. Tins is all done uway with now Coder the Ine Irade system. < uuadian wheat commands no adtautagr* in llie Cngllsh market over that of other countries ; under the rami- aysteui, the Canadian* nay, if they please, purchase our iniiilulartures. the imperial duties having been tuken oil in Canada, and too Canadlun aulborllles having the power of admitting American goods duly tree, if thiy desire it. l.'udcr ' responsible government," KugUtid can no longer feud the poor relations of her politicians to the province* to till the olllees. 1 here is. therefore, no* no bond of interest existiug between the two countries, and tin y hang together trrnu a sense of pride on tho one side, and from liabit on the other. This is, after all. a meie rope of sand, which the slightest circumstance might easily destroy. There are teasons, and strong reasons, too, for believing that the Canadian people are upon the eve of a change, Irrespective of the considerations we have touched upon. As they become uiore aud more acquaiutid with the prosperity ot this country, so must their dl-et uti lit at Ihtir own buekwarduuss become gn ali r aud more irresistible. They have been deserted by Knglund. aud have now uolhiug to depend upon but their owu exertions. And under what auspices U ? they commence government upon their owu hook ' Occupying a country w hich, fiom the nature of its position, 15 exeiuueu iroin tue oc< mi mr more limn mil ot mo yiar, having no market u|?in this continent for their productions; involved in a large debt f ir internal iinproviiuiut*. such us canal*, coutracteii under the billiftbat hngland would continue her system ol proIt ctit n, by which means the produce or Ibe western Males might have beeu induced to pas* dosrn the St. Lawrenee but which hope Is now blast! d. unless some other system is devised, paying a (loveruor a salary laig< r Uian we pay our I'rvsitleut, and paying their minor i ftieiala usually exti avagautly; possessing no stability, at.d consequently ltelng a commercial Wltcleatrim to capitalists, avsided a* a country totally untitle ! r investment*, po.-ersiug no nationality, and limiting tin- abilities and genius uf her cllixen* aud politicians to the petty liunts of a province, iuslcal of tlie i xpanse and woild wide ci h hrity of a nation, < unadu offers but a poor tit Id of anibiliou, either for the klaleriuiin or the tin reliant, lite farmer or the inecbintc. W e care not wiiat the Ural politic* of the people may he ?be tbey conservative or reform, tory or radical tbe mere uounless word loyalty, offers but a paltry rceompt Use for ail the disadvantages we liave enumelatid Prejudices must fad dnappear, when interest so plainly points the other any A portion of Ibis I nu n. It would at once take if* place a< one of the mist Important Klates I apltwlista would lively Invest lln ir funds In It; railroads now unknown there, would liiliirvrtil at every point; tiade would revive, and ( unadii tnsti ad of slauding still a-she now doe*, would advance with the same lapiduy as we do. 'J here aie sever*! tiasons why tlie annexation of CaLada would be b< Helical to us. iiud not the liasl is the faet that It wottld tend a-au offset to Cuba 'J here is not ll'au in tlie I lutedS ate*, who knows anytlilu? i f th< subject, bu> will concede the necessity uod a IiiDii|is if our pessessmg tlie key to the tiuit of k.rxtro, if Spain plvvs It up, and u > person can deein It.rh an event ioiprotwbie. who glance* at the distuibcd state of t.umpe. I in re are other reaaon* why tlie acquisition ol i nnadi would be alvantageou-. Nature never Intended it should be asepars'* country fiom ours, for half the year it is the natural outlet, to Ibe ctean. of our Northwestern Slate*, aud I >r the bait no* Vl the lime the S'ate of .New I orb is tlie ne'dlal i utlet o* '.amid* Uo'h coon tries are injured by the repartition "inevitable destioy" that th*y should be united ai d J'1 ^ ?Pi"-|tion in tba world can i nly postpone that eveu*. t W e belle ve tbe present a iuitoi 'trallon would Ih-ow IIO obe'arle* In the Way ol lUoh > diam irmrnl TM I ir 111'lit g> nth limn who.* duly It ! more particularly to advise tile exi Clltile op ni our forniirn p stiltJT, Is of loo ci Urged a mind to be b hind public opinion; mi l the nthi r members of the cabinet would doubth"* b ? < mi I iy In favor of such a move. It will he p ipul ir Willi the country, and will inuik a brilliant paje in t'li history of the aduiinlstratjou under whose au plum it I* bri tight about Wo will take occasion to refer to this subject again. In the picM-nt letter, tlie important pilritahuvo merely been touch, d upon I lie , object is one of vast Inteti?t, and aid well bear beiug dwelt upon, 0 41.U I. Wa?himoid*, July 2, HIT '/7.r f In!, > a?77,r Pi.tltnatlir UrnrrtU ? Camf,*l? Juilpr Yivpg and hi* Smmimr?TriruUt at Hit Piniti atmrjr?tytutltimi I'i j'uuitdni?C'oiut A'iwrry?77.? lull Mr. PUk ? tMd H'l.itry. As ji t, there Imvr b< n no case* of cholera t-fl cislly |e| i,it. i| by flic llouril of ll '.ilth ol ilna tity, but their i.? little doubt tli it it ix in our midst, kmI h i * !??<11 lor tin- list month. Sine* the JJ'h nit mo tin if |,HV* l?fi nl? ir ci?r.?, although the dm ton dimgne i:> to fume of tin- featurraol the (is> * < . \ fterduy their ? h?n<" at tlo-|.oor house. Sev< ml deaths li.ivr oecurred, kiiA' this, by fir th* L'i i utrr |hu i/ii of our cm/ens li to**n k< i>t m ignoraM-e. Th? > , however, n- ?-d not be nluiin'd, it tiiev but observe cleanliness ami sere* uity i I nunrt. V<V?hin:*'oa t? ?'| *rrr <1 liiih now tli o ii it Im- lu-en tor I to* l.i.'t lit teen yen rx '1 Im k'> i.tleini n ?ho were removed by the Post l!?' tei < iein ml on Saturday. ti ivf If en c-nufortrd ky the es-iitMiice of Mr (Jolt hiit, th it they wern lurin d i ut to ? :ii?e tlifjr ?.-re deni'i rats, nnd for no other ir o n; uud to il the |irex*nre from with[ ut constrained hint to uke tin* course to provide lor hie |>olitic>iI frteruJe. Judge Yountr, on reining from th? Lind?bTiee, ix the ('orntnieeioner, sddre.-srd w farewell inter 'o the e!i the. A rex|ionxe * ** prepared, and si.rned ?V th* democrat-*, but the wWux tieini^ reho int o stipend their netnes,held n meeting this morning n the room of the Itec rd r, nnd r?me to ttie deerniinntion to join with their fellow* in a persons! vieit f?? .1 tn'pe Voittii? to tiid h'tn i;m>d-hyv, and a txli hint h rule return to lux limn* to lllim-i". Mr Hntteifield had no sooner entered ii|?m the (titles < I ll.e ( flier, hundreds of ti indie* ef ?|i|i|i( Htionx for clerkship* met lux eve on the table, lie bus a month's work alrexdv before him The removal of clerks is so common now.?-davs, that it is mnsidi itd an event of little or no moment. The Ins| refers of the Penitentiary and Mr. Kitsam the wiinirr. are at war They h iv* directed , . . | , i s . C .L J '??> t - nun iu cim?n mr n.imurr i?i inr gUHrfi. I ri? peremptorily refuses to do, and throws hum-lf bi Ht tin* btond panoply ol ?h?* Uw. Ilr ro,n|il4ini rf h? ing trrnti d impro|?rly bv them, and the etuee et disagreement lias been laid before Mr. Goring for rsttl> nient. It is stated, tint s Secretary ranwd two l?*tl?'rf to lis addressed, me to * chief clerk and tits othsr to sn oidinnry clerk, d'nu crsts, asking litem on what gr< und* they expected to hold on to their situation*. t 'its of tb. 111 w as stroni(!y backed !?yr a cabinet officer, and the other replied^ that Its relied for a continuums hi pi ice on his nlnhfy to perform ths duties entrust* d to him. Alexander D. Ibtche holds two offices; ons, snpr rinlendcnt if tin- com it survey,, at a s?l iry of ff.fiCO; the other, in*,-rotor of w sigh's and insasnrrs, rabty fl.f.fO; n .'ether, ths sung sum of fti.i i,(i. h'? ins jd'-n is sntsrt.iinsd hy ths Ssrrstory of ths Tts?>-i rv, ot r< nferring ths lessor office oa mother gentleman. A preacher, last n; ! ', infinn* d his congrsgn* tion, in ths course of his sermon about ths l.iteexPresident, thai he hod hsen inured by a gentleman of opimsite politics, that Mr. Polk, in his private intercourse, exercised a greater mural mtlu

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