Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 14, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 14, 1849 Page 1
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w 1 11 NO. 5516. NEWS FROM EUROPE. ONE WEEK LATER. AlklVAL OP TIU? STEAMSHIP NIAGARA. BY SPECIAL EXPRESS, FROM Salifax, N. 8., to St. John, XT. B., THKNCK TELEGRAPHICALLY TO THE N. Y. HERALD. Political Affairs in Great Britain. 71IK WflRKIXf! DP TUB FRRMH RF.PIIRUll. Speech of General Cavaignac. ^ flie Roman Republic?-Bombardment of its Capital by the French. IV \ wwvvvvwvwW Commercial and Financial Affairs, Ac. Ac. Ac. St. John, N. B., July 13?1 A.M. The steamship Niagara, Capt. Ryrie, with 89 passengers, and intelligence one week later from all parts of Europe, arrived at Halifax at an early hour yesterday morning, andr/as expected to leave for New York at nine o'clock. She will be due at hsr wharf at a late hour on Saturday, P. M. The Niagara experienced a succession of heavy gales from the west and south-west, during the * hole i<assage. Her freight list shows .?8,000 in specie. The Niagara, as we learn from one of the officers, exchanged signals with a large steamer, supposed to be the Europa, off Holyhead, at midnight, on the 90th ult. Edwin Augustus Rayner, of the firm ot Olney, Cotterill Ac Co , of New York, died at Liverpool, on the 23d of June, of cholera. The cities of Liverpool and Havre are to be connected by a line of first class steamers, under the direction of Mr. Mclver, the agent of the Cunurd steamers. Parliamentary Proceedings. in Parliament, the bill for the removal of I Jewish disabilities has been rejected in the upper house, by a majority of 25, the Minister not venturing to call for the proxies. Huron Rothschild having been rejected for the city of London, has already accepted the Chiltren Hundreds, and made an appeal to the electors. His election is considered ceitain. The House oiCommans has aflirmed the second reading of the marriage bill, which is to render valid mairisges with the sisters of deceased wives. The affirmation bill, which has recently completed its passage through the Commons, has been rejected in the House of Lords, by a large majority. The Smith O'Hrien transportation bill is now an act of Parliament, but it is said to coutain a fatal j blunder, and it is supposed the approaching visit | of Her Majesty to Ireland will be signalized by ex- j tending her royal |>ordon to the Irish State pri- I oners. The French Ilepulillo. Advices from Paris to Tuesday evening, state , that the city was perfectly tnuaquil, and business on the Pourse was steady, and prices have nn up. i ward tendency. Five per Cents closed at 80 francs 25 centimes. The number of persons arrested in Lyons, implicated in the late attempted insurrection, is raid to amount to over two hundred. The French l'rocureur General has prepared another requisition against seven members of the mountain, implicated in the aifair of the lath alt. The greater part represent the d 'p.trtment of the lower Rhine. The new law against clubs, has been already put in force. On Monday, the ministry introduced into the Assembly n bill for regulating the press. M. Odillon Parrot stated that it was intended merely is a temporary measure, to regulate the iiomtion of the press, until the organic law on the subject should be pat-ted. The new law is nearly the same as the law of I^ouis Philippe, and powers are given for the temporary suppression of every journal attacking the constitution, or making an appeal to rms. The bickerings which have been carried on between the 1'resideat uud the Ministry, arc rapidly approaching an issue, which, it in su^Miacd, will lc?d to the certain retirement of aome of the leading member* of the cabinet. The principal cauee of discord is the anomalous fratricidal policy in Italy. In the ccurse oi the debate in the Assembly, on foreign affaire, the minister declared that there was no danger of war. M. de Tucqueviile said, that after having more carefully considered the subject, he had been unable to discover the slightest trace of that new hobby, called " alliance," of which benorable members had expressed such jealousy. In the course of his speech, M. de Tocqueville talked of die " frankness of the Russian government,w an expression that was received with shouts Of derision and laughter. position op oik. cayaiwjuo. During the debate, Gen. Cavaiguac made a most important speech, which may be considered as the Mvmt of the pnnciple of lliat section of the republican patty, which, while it desires peace, is prepared for war ; which, w hile it supports order, insists cn progress lien. Cavsignsc said " I fully ngrec wuh the honorable centleman who has said that a gteat country like France should not remain in a slate of insulation. It was necessary (hat we should get out of that position. It was essential that we should torm an alliance with government; hut the question was, whai government should we select! To whom should ws address ourselves?? to Kussia?? to Austria? Those * i - 111 - .1 two i n? i rs v err ?ngagcn in airoggivs. ? e UKI made ovritvm to a great power? lo lingland?and in doitin to, I think * ? act* d in conformity with the wishes of the Constituent Assembly. It ha* been raid that the I'Jngltsh government on'X ar" cepted cur alliance in order to able the Iretler to watch na. Ortainly, England would not become our ally, had it not been her interest ao to do; hot that interest i* reciprocal, and if Engl in<i has nn infcreat in Watching France, France lot* an equal or.e in watching her?that reciprocal surveillance is the basts ol all alliances between governint nta. In reply to our applo itmn, Kngl-uul accept* d our offers of alliance, end she did so.douhtleae, fn m a wish to preset'e peace | think thai the txpltmnfion I have given will he a sufficient reply to the reproach made against us of giving rise to a new coalition " (Hear, hear ) The g?ilant general then stated he hi d h.s pan in ihe renpcns;h:litica attached to trie order of ihe d.iy, iroti d a loonth since by the Constituent Assembly, end explained, that in his opinion, the danger wi::i in the irrnmtruetinc o| the Northern |*>wera, Hnd in the annihilation of French influence. "It is again-t that twntcld ? v ntn'\continue I honorable gentleman, "that I wish to gn ird th? govern inert. I did not wi*h for ?nr; I ant a partir.ncl peace, of honorable p "ice; .?;r! I hi, E NE because I am convinced that even if all the States'of Europe were in insurrection against this government, they would rather have returned to their foimer allegiance than submit to us. (Considerable movement.) 1 may be mistaken; but you have just seen the repugnance evinced by Italy to accept our intervention. You have alsr witnessed the diplomatic repugnance of Sarainia 1 repeat, that the imlioju >voulJ have again thrown themselves ;iuo tiie arms of their governments, ai 'he first signal of war, and would thus have arrested for fifty yeur9 the movement of civilization, In 1792, in IKK), and in 184.S. various nations were in a state el agitation. Why not leave thai movement to develope i'self! Believe me, there is in the future h more honest and solid guaranty than in nil the etlorts that could be made. (Agitation ) I do not think that war would have beer declared against us; but I think that when the northern powers have attained the object which they have in view, the dilliculties, not of war, but of peace, will commence lor us, which wi^I not be shewn by insult or provocation, but by coldness Hiid isolation ; that is, in my opinion, from whence danger is to be apprehended, and it is against that danger tiiat 1 thought it proper to warn the country. liy sa> ing this 1 do not mean to assert that I believe in war. a\re there no means lelt for treating between State and State on those questiouj which divide them ? If there are, let them be adt pted?demand guaranties, and seek alliance? and when >ou have them, bring them here. 11 ive you alliances 1 If you have, say so. 1 do not ask you to give me a reply to-day, for it is not for m? to show myself so pressing towards the government; but what 1 wish is, that the ministry should be warned, and that it should seek for serious guaranties and for alliances. If these cannot be found, then will commence another order of ideas, anu u win De 10 iukc counsel inereon. I nis is the salutary advice which 1 am desirous to give to the government." Home?Its llombardment. Sic. After a severe bombardment, three squadrons ol the French Army succeeded In establishing them selves within the outer walls of Rome, early or, the 22d ult. They have since been occupied witf operations for acquiring possession of the oulei ba.-tions and defences; but up to the 23d and 2-lth, they had not made much progress. Every inch ol ground was stoutly defended by Garibaldi, who still continues to animate his troops to resistance. The latest intelligence received by the governrrienl from the expeditionary camp at Rome, states thai General Ondinot had so far succeeded in his operations upon the out works, that the city was entirely at his mercy?to spare which, and the horrors ol a frightful carnage, he has submitted fresh term! to the triumvirate, through M Corcelles, which, it is thought, would be accepted by the Romans. It is said that the English government has pre sented a friendly remon.-trance against the bom bardment of Rome, and lias urged on the Frencf government the necessity of coming to un accommodation with the Romans. Affairs In Nrhl??wlg Holateln. The London (llubt, of Friday, on lnlonnatior in which it places full credit, states that tin Fchlerwig alfair draws rapidly to a conclusion, ant that the final settlement may be expected in a fort night. Hostilities, however, are still carried on bj the belligerents, but without any important results The War In Hungary, The Hungarians were partially defeated by th< Austrian troops on the 21st, and were forced to re tire beyoiid the Waag, where, from the nature o the country, they will be better able to repel thi advance of the invading forces. It appears from letters in the Austrian and Ger man journals, that engagements have recentlj taken place betwem the Austrians and Hungsri tm at Kavovar S/red, and on points on the \Vaag Whilst some ascribe the victory to the Austrians others give it to the Hungarians. The German Reformer, which hitherto has beer favorable to the Austiians, says that they havt sustained severe shocks. It is said that cholera, typhus and other mala dies are raging in the ramp, and thnt the Magyan display greater enthusiasm than ever. It wim re;*?rted that the Austrians hud takei RaHb. Kosauth has ordered the Austrian prison eis, several thousand in number, to he employei on the works ol the Tyrolkrok and liebret/.kit Railway. The Russian army, in four columns, ntarchei from Galicia into Hungary, on the 17th and 18th under the command of Prince Paskevitch. Thei last head quarters was at Baslfieldt. 11 ai > Advices from Italy, to the 18th, have been re reived, from which w* barn that Ancona, after i destructive bombardment of two days, hid sur ret.deied to the Austrian general. The terms o capitulation are a political amnesty to the iuhabt t H i J, in c< nprqi:* nrr <1 |?rr posnls of capitufatioi having been made by the besieged. (Jn many, . The accounts from Central t lermany and I'riia eia j?rr of a much nu re pacific character that hitherto Cblna, We learn fron China, that the Fmperor has re fitted to carry cut the sti|Milution* of the two trea t.i s which |'Midt d that Canton ehtiuId be ojiei to loreigners. In the ccmmunicntion of Seu, thi < ovonor of Canton, to Mr. Ilonham, he say* tin I.minor had determined that, a* the people o t ant> n Mill |ierw ted in their refusal to receivi foreigners into the town, he would not oppose thei wi -hea Front the tenor of the proclamation it ii <iuite plain that ilie authorities were prepared to re i let the entrant e of foreigners Info the city. Hut i ureut rucrifue of human lile has liecn avoided, bj Lord I'idiiiereton having siren *(>ecial dirertiom ilint nothing more should be done tban to rejiori the repudiation el the treaty to hint. 'J lie large naval force which had assembled ir the I 'arton river, to oroti ct the interest* ol foreign CJs, had all dispel SCO. Java. Frr ni Vally, the accounta announce a completi victcry by the Dutch. The attack commenced 01 tl 13th of April, rind after thirteen hours hart fj/htirp, nil the fortifications were taken, and th< Nfthei lar d th j w .s hoisted w ithin the walls. Tilt Vallcns, it was said, hnd five thousand killed, Arc. i. hell sol ikf I 'til< Ii about two liundrrr and fifiy. It is con ectured that the island will forthwith, he annexed to the Iftitch possessions. Itlomtsry Affairs. LtvFfcPoor., June 30.?The operations of the pas wei k have been b<<uyant and firm, with an impor tant extension of business transactions in almos every bran* h of trade. Independently of the in creased vitality observable in our corn ant cotton markets, the accounts from the rnanu factoring distriits are cheetmg, and givt good prospects of more vigorous activity. Tin naiional securities huve been firm throughon the week: but the fusda were somewhat dullei yesterday, in conse.|iienre of an excess of stock being throw n upon tns market for immediate trans fer. as well as of the continued misunderstand ing brtween the President of France and hit ministers. ConsoU, which opened at 924 a 924, I* rer'ed to Pl|? 914 ^hf London money market ii ably easy, and discounts fur respectabli ps|er are easily obtained; the stock of bullmi <n the Hank ol<], is now auuui xi.i, (k P,06Q sterling. Ther* ha* hern a good deal ? business transacted in American stock* this we< k I'mtid Nate* Hi* Per Cent* are quoted at 109 i It f?|, ex div.; Niw ^ ork Five*,M a W>; IVnnsylva liih I ive*, t>2 ? t"3; Missarhusatts Fives, 103 a lot Advice* In in Calcutta to the Will, and from ISom hay to llie XISt ol May, have been received, and an satisfactory in the exrreme. The country is re stortd to y rf? ot uiiier, and the commercial report state that at the close of the business season, onl; 1 mail stocks n| good* were left at tlomb.-iy, and ti the iiittrioi market*. Cotton Mirkili t'xing to the unlavotable areounta by the Us An* noun st<siner, ol the growing crop, there ha been an < xtensive business transacted during tie past wi Ik, at en advance of |d. lo jd. For a da; or txo alter the srnval < f the Niagara, the denial* was pHitMulxtly animated ; hut tor the last tw days it has been more m?derate. With art in rt? *m d quantity ?tiering, the extreme sales of ill i efly tall t-f tli* x e< k mi e scarcely sustained. Tie m'? * finve |>e< n 7 I.1IH Idles, of which 'in.lKXI x>r ti l.rn by *|s culators, and 4,t*D for exisirt. Ante n# i t di icripti# ns consist <4 I7f0t*r Upland*, at hi Hift.rd,; ;,ti.M*l t r!< an* ai Afd to 5ja., wnn 4.')0 iii (|d.; la.l t0 Alabetna anil Mobile at 4d.a5|d. f.Mifea Island, at 7y?i a IH41I Fair UuUnd are i .<? f ieUutiu al It I | ? 1,,' i* !' I III- '? qt < (! ?1 HI I " . mil V Iln,.c .. , . r <|il. fit tnitrtlit if qualifies. The hri on Fridn ? n? i i l? (I to li.U it bakt. 'M r n |?.r> t f thr lli vtf market are very f*? t..b!r; tl.r t'tii.ttnti bring active at Uiiprorin litra. Culiftnrt(*rI Milium. Fteribtt fir, Mlu Mt. |)i nr and cof have bre < > t'i r i k il.f w< K, thrte w?? tout t!t 'i ere Ii w nidr llir olfre. I-1 t'tt W i f'rin liim ^hl ?-l? afor >M?rn? i >i' 11 (I (,'ialnifr, llatt^h tome aalra o( lufi-ru t f W YO MORNING EDITION?SA1 i were made at 21a. a 22a. 6d; Ohio 25a. a 25a. tfd; i Philadelphia 23a. a 24a; Baltimore 2:is 6d a 25a. i Corn?W hite baing scuroe, is worth 34s a 35s Kd, ana vfiiow m iiu?*rai supply at 3-ls. a :v>s. corn 1 Mral lbs, & 17s. per bbl; Wheut fis. 4d. a 7s. Id. Provisions?iieef? Demand limited, without a change m' value. Pork?Demand for lo"*r?lquaii- I ty, only Western, haa gone off at irregular prices, i Bac on?Arrivals large, and holders firm. Hams I scarce and inquired for. Shoulders?In fair demand, at 15s. fid. to 22s. Lard?100 toas sold at steady prices. Chkkse?75 boxes, ex Niagara, of ordinary quality, sold at 30s. 6d. lo 31s. fid.; goo4 old, 42s. for small quantities. , Turpentine?1,CXX) bhls. good rough sold at 6s. 8d.; spirits dull at 30s. Rosin?300 barrels common amber, sold at 2s. 1 8d a 2s. 9d. Tali.ow?80 casks fine North American, 9old at 37s. a 37s 3d j Oils? 50 tuns Southern whale sold at ?27; sperm at n decline of ?5 a ?6. IUkk?50 hhds 1st quality Philadelphia Querecition sold at 9s. 3d. Ashes?100 barrels New York pots and pearls, sold ut 26s. a 26s. 6d. Rick?50 tierces good new Carolina have brought 18s. fid. to 19s. Metals no change. Freight*?Very dull during the week, with numerous arrivals, and rates decidedly lower. ] rtwengenare mm, and take* at lower prices, i i To Neiv York, dead weight, 9s. to 10s. p< r ton; 1 fine goods, 15s. ts 17s. od : hardware, 12s. fid. 1 Earthenware, fis. Boston, dead weight, 12*. fid. i to 15s. ; tine goods, 20s ; hardware, 20s.; I i earthenware, 7s. Passengers by the Steamship Niagara. Mr H. and Miss Brock, Mr and Mrs. Kllery, Miss , 1 F.duey, Mr and Mrs Brown; Mr. and Mrs Taylor. Mr. j anil Mrs. Uraadcarge. child and nurse ; Miss Do . Ruyter; Messrs. Barrs. Duuker, Battow. Baliufortli, r llrooko. Bodge. Musy. Barriston. Konig Ueo. Brown, ' Wilson. M are Jackson. Schulns Molar. Seterel, Char- , liolat. Jarkirman. Mortimer. McKenzie, Forte, Marburg Norris, Benj. Firth, Ferguson llublee. Berger, Major Denney, Lent, Lieut. Humphreys ( apt BatI son, Mr. Berkley, Messrs Steers, llazly. Breeze Keinor, . Bisiok, Oliviera, Basilsoul Jones,, Wright. Orot, Macintosh. Leggett, ClesUud, Ksssel Wblts, Morris, ] , Clarke, Wright. Synade, Attrrburv. Montioseau, j p Moaison. Crange, Anderson, Baylies, Balwold, Ali-b", Wliitphrn. Thomas Walps, Devan, Hyghwor, Shaae, 1 Lyons, Diley. Itev. Mr. White. t The Lateat Ship News. I AsTVtlF, June 22? Arr Lucuaia, NVsik. Sid J'Ui, Slado, HYork. Asisti hi * ii, Jua* 24?Arr Minna, NYork: Duo Los- j psla. do. p Ah, ah, April 27?Arr Clotiide, Boston llusinsv. May IA?Arr tin si Britain, Dearborn, Boston * Um vast. Juno 2.1?Arr Jenny l.iud. Bind. NYork; St , I.uwreme, do. Md itith. Constitution, NYork; Canton, do. Biki. t n. Janu 4?Sid Juno, NTur?;??b, l.yuulsau, auJ Bonodlot, do; 9th, KrisMtie. <1?. liATAt i A, April 21?Arr Aldebaron, Benson, Boston; lUtli, " I'liilip." do. . Baai riosA, June 12?ArrOnyx, NYork. Ut'ttiai i, June 19?Sid Twaeonna, NYork. Coas, June 21?Arr Suran, NYork. Sid Uotb, Lucy Ann, Boston. Ch.omstapt, Juno 14-Arr Z D. NYork. CiviiE, June 22?Arr Iludtou, NVork. 2rtth, Adam C?rr, I d- ; Sir W ui Moletworth, (U. Sid 24 111, Brother#. NVork. * (.''tta, April 27?Air Kliia Warwick, l*?t?r?oa. IV*\ ton; Ot< maco, Br?wn. do. * i'af i if r, Juno itV-Sid Sca (Jim n, Boston; Chaae, N York. Cm if, Jun# 12?Arr Emma Watts, Bosten; lOlh, Jonathan i Goodh ue, N Vcrk., Ji.ue 25-Slil Lavinls. Beaton, Dial, 27?Arr 1 adepumlrni's, (initiate, NYork. 811 2S1 h. A o..ianB, Daiaais, N1 <irk, 'Jeta, Piunaar, do. , Vi'iim, Jute 24- Arr Velrone, NYork. kil.MOHTH, June 27-Arr lot. ?. N York. Fi t siri&o KoAoa, June 22?Sid I'otion Planter, NYork. f CaI.may, June 28? Sid kobmt Ale* l'?rk, NYo'k. . (iniHAi.i Al, Jul, 1*1?Arr S*n Franria m, NYork. Una . mi mi. J i! lit- ?W- .- IJ J ii i u i. "> 1 r 0 Livsarooi., June 23?Arr Sarah, N York; 2oib, Caleb Crlmahaw, lit *le, di>; 27tb, Sheridan, Coruiik, Ho; Oxford, Good , inAr eon. do; IWtb, Henry < lay . Hun land. do. " Md, 2llh, Carolina, Uoatss: Jutli. Cnrlua. Dunbar. do: Jvth, i Oei,u Vuieu, l'ennin,ton, du; 2!'tIi, to, preaaa, Scott, do, (>< fure rtrortid for N York,) 23d, I'atr'oa llnnrr, D*lano, New York. J tin P.arlsg, do; 24th, Ilartf.-rd, ilu: Warren, do; 2lilh, * ltnB'p'irry Porington, (liven, do; 27tli, " .Niaitars," do; 2*th, Iloltoke, do. 2S?tl,, Ann Dnehwnod, do; Koaaliada, Simpann. I do; 27th. Finland, Johnoon, Philadelphia, (before reported , tu-N York;) Kala'-aaaos, feulk, rinladi-iplna l.'iiriai, June IS?Arr Creole, I'hilad. 81J 20tk, Alini re. do l.iMKBir'K, June 21)?Arr Fenny. N York. !.< * onufvai, June 23?Art Bunny Kya, NTojk. 811 SB i. Delta, Pkllad. I.ronok*. J on. 12?Arr Jeer|di Bala'a, Wright, Boat"*. 1 (report!d by lest a'.rainerl. i.ra, June 24?Sid Dlogorca. Humlleaa, lloat n. Mtl lllll'l. April 1?Arr Toll - men. N York 1 I'nkTenuv ni. Jnt.e 27?Arr N rt'iumherlend, Uritwold, 1 NYork. Sid iAih. I'rinee Alfcert, Meyer . N Turk. Kamauatr. JuneiB? sld Christian, NYork. , Bri e kiici M, June 16?Arr Btaniiia, NYor*. 1 1 Ah ii Aoun a, June 6?Arr Detroit. NVork. , Tr 11 arr, Jui t It?Arr 4'aruline, NYork. r ?? Tin man Smith and thk CosoxxssioNAr, E mictions ?The follow ing circular, from Hon. Truman , Smith, exhorting the w big parly lo sup|Mirt the ad- I ministratior, is said to have been called iortli by 1 the attack ol the Washington Union upon Gen. Taylor:? Washington City, July 1, 1SI9. " S^ir?I respectfully uddress you on the subject of the a) preaching Congressional elections. It will be admitted that Pi undent 1 a)lor mid Ins adimniMration (night to have a fair trial. This object will be di tedtcd, if a Congress is elected that is 1 animated by sentiments of hostility und opposition to the Executive. To elevate any man to the ' Chief Mftfiftttncy of mm lontry, and eepeciafy j ftich a man as President Taylor, and then turn j " round and constitute a Congress to resist and oi>* wire hint in nil his views of public |>olicy, w ould " tie a irjin uch to the American name and charsc. ter. Tin (' such instability and fickleness would be to bung free institutions into diare^pole. It must, tin letore, he deemed, by all moderale and reasonable men, desirable that the next 1 House ot li'epr# sentatives should be favorable, ' ,Mll,..r ii..... . .4... i-i. ; I I * he time enough to diacurd President-Taylor when : lie b-. ft failed to realize the juat cxja-ctatioii* of the , jieriple. hut the importance of the legislative branch of i the vrirnscnt is greatly enhanced by the avowed sentiments of the Piesioeiit on the u^e and abase * ot the Veto power. These sentiment* will find a ! full expression in hi* conduct. Congress will, until r hie auspices, he restored to the high position assigned to it by the tri.iiier* of the conetitulioB. | ' It the people dreire to have this or that measure or policy adopted, they have, with President Taylor lit the head ol the government, only to will it, and to tnrtiil at ti e e pilot a Congress accordingly. I ! This ta the general rule ; the excei*ton will only ' he law * palpably unconstitutional, or obvioualy ini mature and inconsiderate. If, then, we fail tuhave n satisfactory g? vernmeul during the current preaidential leim, it will be the t. nit ol the p-.oplr tliemI aelvee. I'rrsidt nt Taylor will do ht* duty wohin lit* pinner i|here. |^?t the people do their duty I also. l.< t ibetn ntd to Waehtngton a Cnngre** in the spit it of the great movement which rraulted ao ' ausnicictsly in charging the executive department of tl.e government, and thr n we shall have hIi the iegiflhiitr. that can he useful, and certainly all in' disc tit11 le to the public welfare, t 'it - /in i m 11 | ceit, nn, under bis *uf perytsii ti, to have a liberal, catholic, and truly t nuti< i < I administration Pel hap* there la no man in the louatiy who in so entirely free from sectoral | te tidier i r Idling as l're*id?nt Taylor. 1 her. ti he lowed hi* home at the South, yet he sl.? u'o I e ( i m? d a citizt n of the whole republic. " Ilia public duties having called hint, at different B p? ri? da of hi* Itle, to all | aits r?l the I nitrd States, ' and having cultivated everywhere the most intt niate. lotdiul, and friendly relations, no man ran ? b" no te than he i?, as hi tween the dilferent Stale* ai d section* of the t oion. It will * di.rhtles* be hcpurpc-e to soothe and allay amnion!) everywhere, and to premote the solution of irritating guertions in a manner which will he *atislnctoty to all. Willi a ?iti/en at the head ol our s gtvtinunt so generous und patriotic, there must pr? d< niti ate, w iietever an attachment to our glori ols It ion exists, sentiments of repugnance and abV l.otlitce for the unnatural alliance between the it ptwtsifthe radical d? mocracy and abolitionism new be it g rapidly formed in several of the free Stauf.wtth a view to hunt down the President it *nd hi* administration. The existence of facta an ? i I'll, tot in fay HslMindinp, fhoultl nrnure thr r itiiriiMn lifinr n en every w hem. 1 hey call for v i'mi lici lut \ ijjilnnif fid activity in reference to the i tciiintioMl tbt Urn i? T lii' i < n >-ii n will jnetify the irnmrk, that a nrw i- u ti.u iiira' i n i* inrittraiiied to par* through a aee vere orneal in di.'peiiaing pntmnnur. It ta por-oble e tliat, in Hint- inttnnrn?, Kiia't the Hcc?eeu>n of it I'n mil l t 1'nylor t? i flier, imuafirr h?? been done to ii diviilnsle, cli.para, ifiattr', md itiiiMil of thr I. I'l n n. Ihrciutlijfit tn large, am] theconflicts 0 11 feeling hi d internet arr hi mnnt ion*, Hnd oftrn ; to ti In ii nr. ilint iiiiMt km muet Mid will occur. ii 1 I t > i n i.biding confidence in the impartiality I. and high eei ir ?f jopticf which have ever tmtrki-d y thr nil fturi of thr I resident, ltd I believe that ail will ) rt I - mi tiffin! tfcut they have received a peo> 11 r i pj.n i iatii n at bit hand, g We f,?y tvuy ?? ti*f in t'ne peraonal iptalhiea j c f I'm m'ei.t In induce u? to itinkr i itiatfi rta in v Main him. My fitimata of m* " iharaiu r as a man of purity, good aeiuw, genet? ii.u? itii(i<4fee, elevatid view a, beneficent, inteiw i tii na, nil kiniiiy f? cling, hue been greatly co,r j I *i' i it in a pervitin! hi maintiinrw. We, who ,r IilVc tt lifutu'ttl lu elevate him to Ins present RK H URDAY, JULY 14, 1849. exalted stution (full of harasting cares and dread responsibilities), must stand by him, or we shall be guilty of all the baseness of a desertion from the 1 battle-field of ltueua Vista. ' 1 trust 1 niuy b^ permitted, in view of these facta, to argt you, and through you on your friends, ( the ini|>o]tance of an early attention to the con- t gressioual elections in your state. If tha whig and < republican friends of President Taylor in your ' commonwealth shall now act with iheir accus- j tomed vigor and spirit, I am confident the result :11 i... ?i:i .t i .... ... t win iir miivr tiruiiauic iu iiiriii aiiu uupjuliuub iu ( the whole country. With sentiments of res?ect, I am faithfully and ] truly you in, Tut man Smith. j Theatrical and Mnalcal. Broadway THttTit?Mii'HUiTU'l Soihcki Maui- i Qi'gs ?The last performanca o< the second (trend series of Mr. Macalllstrr's magic entertainments t oolc place last night, before a very fashionable audienee; and the 1 gnat necromancer, whose performances for the past two weeks have elicited testimonials of wonder, appro- i bation, aud applause, were again rewarded with marks of satisfaction from the audience. Among the numerous tricks exhibited by him. one of the most curious was that of the Pyramid of Bacchus, iu which, after having (tiled a decanter with wine and water, he puts it on a stand covers it with a goblet, and. putting upon two other stands two empty tumblers, aud covering i them with goblets, makes the wine pass luto one of the glasses and tbe water in the other But this is not all; | in oider to prove that the wine is really in the glass, be throws its coutents upon thu audience, aud. instead of claret the beholders are sprinkled with (lowers This skillul tour d'adrrne is really surprising The second part of the dream consisted of six other very pretty tricks, and concluded with the Urand Menagerie, to the delight of all present There will bo no perfurmarce this evening. Mr. and Mrs Macalllster being too much fatigued, from their recent exertions: but these fashionable " goblins" will resume their third and last seiies of soirees mugiyue* on Monday next.

Burton** Thktrc?Bcxeht ok Miss Kavkv Wali .ii i.?The pcrf rinances at Burton's to-night are for the benefit of Miss Kanuy Walla ok. on which occasion she closes her engagement, and takes tiuai leave of tbe stage in New \ ork. previous to her departure for the South and West. The piece chosen for the occasion is that of " Hamlet," in which the fair btntficimirt is to sustain the character of the melancholy and philosophic ITince of Denmark. Among the whole range of Shakspearenn characters, that of " Hamlet " is conceded by the admirers of the immortal bard, and the dramatio public generally, to be not only tbe moNt difficult to conceive aud enact, but one in which the most distinguished tragedians have often tailed in pleasing their audiences Having, however, witnessed her representation of the character on a previous occasion, we concur with her nuuierons admirers in awarding to her the merit to whioh her talents aud appreciation of the part justly entitle her Blie combines iu an extraordinary degree, the grace and elegance of her uncle, with the startling effects produced by the immortal Roan ller rendering of some of the most dtflleult points, was exquisite; and the dying scene, w hich was exceedingly effective, constituted the finish of as lino a piece of acting as it has not often been our lot to witness. When we mention tbal she will be sustained in her arduous undertaking by Mr Burton as Polonius) Mr Chapman as thsOraved'gger; Mrs Hteld as the Queen, and that universal favorite. Miss Mary Taylor, as Ophelia, ws think we huvit iiaiii ??nfiiiirh an tn thu intrmwtr* int>rit.a nf the entertainment to fill tin- house. without urgingtlie private merits mi l long public services of the <imiablc lady for whole benefit it iAgivcn. Naiiorai Thaatrk.? It iii a moat *uro sign of tha popularity of thin house, that all through the int a rather, dull time*, and general lassitude and j quietude which every Rpecie* of business Ia HOtf-ring under at this time, that the audience* here continue nightly to he large in nize, and the eotertalnmeutA pan ctf n.ot t satisfactory The addition* that the manager line lately made to hie company enable hiiu to pro- i dure a moat pit aeing variety of farce, drama and local piece*, all ol which are played in a style that cannot be excelled It i* indeed a triumph for tihanfrau that he continue* tn receive aucb fine patronage from the public He ia reaping the juat harveat of hiA indefatigable cuterprlAe in the management of the Natienal To-night the auiuelng sketch of " Moae in a ; Muea" will be played ; alao, " Mo?e in < alifornla,'' and tbe two farccN of " A Day after tbe Wedding " and j ' My Neighbour'* Wife " On Monday uext, we perceive. New Vork a* It la" will be revived, with ita , original caat of character*, aa John Winan* and the 1 young Denina are engaged Cabtlk Oa?dch.?With the thermometar at DO in tbe ' aweltaring atreeta of the city. Iiow pleasant it 1* to rrcape from the heat, duat and all lied air, to the beau- I titul and apacloiiH prouu-nade winch aurround* tliia tine saloon and inbale (he health-giving tea breexea, while (he ear la charmed by the glorious melodieA given forth by tlie mMM band and NBfH) of vocalist* engaged there No city lu the world poeiesaea a hall of audi grand dimension* ami eo tborouglily ventilated; I nor can London or I'aria oiler, fur ao trilling a a em a* tweuly five centA auch attraction-ae are nightly prcrvoiid there It ia absolutely a duty we owe to our s<lvr?. m.d rhiullle*. in ti-fw iiiiim, wnen uria.i i.i iiiKwe dfprnwM th? spirit*, to pass our evening* where the mind uiav b? orcupird and itmu-eil by su nitellec- | tuai and delightful entertainment, while the physical power* gain rear wed *lreugth from the purr and bracing air. W rejoice to ?? ? ao nuaierou* an attendance here on every fair evening nn<l advise our fri ud* in the upper part of the city and th?>?e la Brooklyn, al*o. to attend tb? aunimer fete* a< often a* they can Jerry bate and stage* Kill bring thein directly to the rpnt and tboae who vail a>tla Harden *111 thank u* for the enjoyment of a rich niurical treat. ('Haiati 'a Mi**vari ? will to-night give an A 1 concert. Just At lor a Sat urday evening* entertainment; all tbelr beat tinge, dancea. queer saying*, laughable ooouodruine kc , will b* Introduced, ao tliat we may eay tbelr entertainment will be a tuoat unique one. We commend It highly to our clttaena Cttiaia* Aaaiwai.r Room ?The Italian concert at the above room waa well attended Kignorlna I'atti and Slgnora Valenlinl are great favotitea. Another concert will be given tbla evening The (In mania Band left this city on Monday, In the Bay State for .Newport, where they are engaged for the season. Laik nto.v Hio J'kJankiiio?Akkivai. op tii* IT. S. Hum J'?j nr.?The I . rt brig Perry, in thirty nine and a half days from Itio de .Janeiro, arii ved in Jli nil'lrn Hoods, on Tuesday, ille ]Oth instant. h?vir ^? left Ifio on the lat of June. Our minister, Mr. '1 odd, hau accomplished (be recognition ol the claims ol our citi/i Iia on the government of lira/il, which hnve been for many yeura |iending. Montevideo ta Mill besieged by the army of President Orihe, and sustained in its revolt ac'inst the legal otiveri mint by the naval (orre ot France. ISuenos At lea, and nil the j-orts of the Argentine confederation, are nt present exempt from huropean interference, nod open to commerce. The American steamer Santa Cm/ sailed from lilo aometiflte in May last, lor Sun Francisco, and Mink at aea, a It w days afterwards. < iptain Smith ami hia crew teat hid the coaat in aafety ?Phil /srffrr, July HI. llioT in mathiaarokt, (Ma*.*.)?Ottr correspondent nt Machiaa|>ort, tvri'ipg nnder date of the Nh im-t , mvs:?"The peace nt our hitherto quiet village he a been diaiiirhed, by ? riot between aoine citi/rns of thia town and of Whitneyvtlle. The difliriilty originated in a misunderstanding about a cannon. on the lib. Yesterday several came dow n fit in W. to aettle it, when a light ensued, and some an or eight reet ived a pretty severe heeling, and one it w us thought hud some ol hia ribs broken. A legal investigation will be had, when I shall lie able to give a more pnrtieuhir account of the shameful und disgraceful tragedy."?Al'nt, July IS. Fi">i Antioi a.?Kiraan, ot the brig Falcon, arrived at thin |* rt thin morning from Antigua, w In ner ]? i-hiIxl <n th? 1st inst , reports that the Island Ma/suffer iag greatly on account of long dt< ughl, there having been little or no ruin for six niontha |>nnr ; the |N>nda were .ill entirely dijr, and the nock daily (leriehmg for went of Muter. It Mai in contemplation, unleaa speedily relieved by ruin*, to ht.H to the neighboring mi ind* , forMHter. American |in\isioris rontinued abundant.? Baltim* rt I'att int, July I2//i. notrmtnli of Indtvldwala. Father MatheM- will atop at the Adams' House, while on his visit to Boston. Augustus Litllejohn, the revivalist, died a short time since in the (>hio penitentiary, where he mm* ?ent; under the srsuriita name of Hamilton. I Feat tor SeM-atd mdr wriouely attacked *vith illneaa at ( annndaigtia, on the 10th inet. (.leu Ilenera, minister from the New < >ranadian gov? IImerit to the I'nited Flatee. and linn. John Midsll, late 1'. S. minister to Mexico, are at Saratoga F|'iinge. IXnval In1? lllgcocs. The U. H. Intg l'rny, Lieut. Commanding Tiltcn, day e from Kin Janeiro, anchored in flani|?t? n Ho-ada, ? ii Tuesday night. The folloM ing is a list of her I fliceis : ? 11? I i i m it. I d*ar<l O. Tlltoa; l.tsuteaaat, rhae I)?aa- Aetli t Vaster Oscar I llatlaer; Purser. Joseph t Zidrtitps; I a?ri d Mtlshl| man, .lohn rl Kiw>U; Ae?i*S?M SvttM o 1 dfklit tl KqU lib; < a (vl n li s I I ?rk, (gri(r I' K'll'fr. Art I R Ouum r IdtaMe ully. Art I It r I'l ltKil*. .ii tin Htout ras-enaers-MidVbi|a*e tuna (i. Htrsia and Mi<lslilpai*n N P Trick It ? Kirjclk htrnttm Jilf It. I ItlM tiilk Put! Office A |> polo t tiltlt*. Inn Jt i.v 7i* in Tfft I'/Tff.- Hnih.iiii, (ireene, 1'tii.h Finil*y: (ireen K ver, Columbia, Jerome f ailai d; Cast lion er, (??ltli>nd, J.uther K Uoaej Vtni llntKtti, Moon e, John M Cutler; lla*s hi Ml, |M?! fill, AM-nri If ll'i Mf rhffi I'amtftfh ; < ?mi PuHliet#, J. W ifliy Hnikf; ?i Anirnin, du , Milo K. WinHimmj HnJ link, do., Ji-hn Mtinnm, Oin if, I'Htitt'l I' rVIrr; f< mbn k?. UrncHf, Cv) t Claik; l/Uimviiltfc Ji-lawa/'1, il Ur;!fin [ E 11A Pollen Intelligence* TV Affray al thr Cat lion lloutf ?On the hearing before Juetie.e Lothrop In which Captain llyudera and Altera were charged with violently aeaaultlng Archibald Keynolda The following teatimony waa taken: ? I'liaKi > a, being aworn. cava:?1 waa at the 'arlton Houeo on the evening of the 10th Inat., and aaw the whole of the atTray alluded to in the annexed allllavit of Mr Smith; waa there at the commencement, and remained there until it waa all over; the talk or row commenced about Mr. Korreet; Mr. Keynola aaid I Vat li'i.rra.i .... . * W-- U. ?- -O.. reply that be did not think that he was a d -d knave or a d? d bog. and that any person who said that Forrest was a knave was a d? d liar, or soineting like that; Mr. ltynders did not nay thin until Mr. Reynold's repeated two or three times that Forrest was a d -d knave and a d d hog, ltynders -aid to Reynolds that be did not mean to rail him a liar, but meant ouly to fay that it was a d d lie that Forrest wan a knave; Heynold's replied and said ltynders was a d-d liar, and he meant the assertion for him (ltynders) personally; From this some other high words were used by both parties; deponent cannot distinctly recollect what was said, only that Reynold* personally told ltynders that he could whip him. and would do It if he was worth It; ltynders then laid down his cane, and told lteynolds that he did not think he could; some person (Alderman Kelly) came in between them, and stopped them from anything farther; lteynolds then said to Kyndere that he could whip him or auy one that was with him, and then some person. (Mr. Murray, I believe.) said that h* (Heynolds) could not whip him. and then they got to fighting; ltynders at this time was eight or ten or twelve feet from thorn, and had nothing to do or say witli or about the commencement of the tight between lteynolds and Murray; soou they feuglit from thetront room or from in front of the screen back into the room where the bar is; they had commenoi-d to light outside of the bar room and in front of the screen; Mr. lteynolds got down on the tloor. and I then heard Mr. ltynders say. " Don't hit him while he is down," and tint is all 1 In aid ltynders say during the fight; I saw ltynders try fo get Murray away and off Reynolds hut he was pushed away and could not do it; 1 did uot see ltynders put his hands upon Reynold- at any time during the fight; 1 think 1 saw all that was goiug on; 1 am sure that Kyuders did not strike lteynolds, I had no acquaintance with him; I had seen him in Philadelphia. but did uot know liiin personally, 1 did not know Heynolds either; don't know that I ever suw'hlin before; Reynold* and Mutiny; I am sure that Kynder* did not take hold wt or touehlleynold* while Murray wan lighting him. neither before nor after he wax upon tint door; I did not hear Kynder* ray to any person, or at any time, that If any one interfered between Reynold* and Murray he would knock hi* damned brain* out; Kynderx did not raire hi* cane to strike any one or attempt tortlike any one during the whole time; Kynder* did not ray they rhonld not be parted; Kynder* did not. but Reynold* did at firwt, and while drinking, *howed both by language and act* a dirpo*ition to .|Uarr<l;I raw Ryndei* and Reynold* when they both uiet at tho bar. and tbey met friendly; Mr tleorge M. Smith (prerent) war in the room with me during the whole of the time, and mu*t have eeen and heard whatever occurred; I know Mr Smith pomonally. aud he 1* the only ane here (hat I know personally, there were other* there I hud reen. aud knew the name* of one or two; I knew Mr. Iluru*; alter Reynold* got up from the lloor he told RyDder* that he could whip hitil, and that he wax a damned knave, Kynder* raid to hiui that he war now budly whipped, and that be would ree him (Keybold*) route other time. Mr Ut.oaoi: M. Smith corroborated the above ovidence. Ukcbcb I. Smith. sworn. ray*?That the two perron* now prexent. named (ieorge M Smith and liarle* l.elar. were at the t.arlton !iou*e at the time aud during the occurrence of the row; I raw Lelar take hold of Reynold* and rhove the crowd back when tbey went to part them; I knew thix because 1 wax aatixtied that Lelar wax with them aud helped tbeni; I did not .??* Lelar do anylhing clre particular; I heard l.e)ar ring out tw o or three time* keep away and let theuialoue;" I >uppere he meant Murray aud Keyuold* w.heu he raid. " let them alone;" I do out know that there wax any act dena or word raid by Lelar but wha} I have Mated; I bad never to my knowledge ?oru LeU^Hefore; I don't kuow that he y*A* aci|uainbed with Reynold*, biker thau that be wax in hi* oompauy iu the bar-room; I can t ray that they came iu together, but they were in the bar-reom together and lelt together A* to Smith. Smith was In the crowd with the rext; came in aud drank with iheiu; I don't know that he doue anything in particular but he wax there with the rext; I din t know that ha raid anything In particular; I xaw Smith assault u? one; I heard hiui apeak two or three time*, hut did uot underxtaud exactly what he aaid. Join* UsnanT, of 4*1 Pearl street, (worn depose* a* follow*: lie war at the ? art Low Hxum on the night of tke occurtence alluded to; I wax there with Alderman I' Kelly. 1 hi ma* J llarr aud other*, we went Into the Carl tow House and met Mr Reynold* there; Keyuold* and thore with uie had a drink together; w e iiad finished drinking, alien Kynder*. lluinx, and other* came in; Jiey m id* a a* thru (taudlng nrar the counter. Mr. Reynold* directed a couverxaliun lowurd* Kyuder*, concerning .Mr 1-inert and to the be t ol my knowledge I think Reynold* flrrt gave the lie to Kynder*; nine hot word* followed betweeu the particx, wheu, liually. Reynold* told Ryndei* he could whip liiui and Ry nli r* went and ret hi* caue agaioat the wall. 1 think, in the mean time, a man who, I believe, wax Murrey, in rome way got in between them, aud a fouille * n-ued between Reynold* and Morray; a null ol pereon* caiue Irom the front of the screen to where they w ere hi hind It; the combatant* went to work until Reynold* got knocked down In (lie far end of the room, I raw Reynold* wa* much hurl about the laae; mate owe sal J "Don't kick him," I raw uo vue strike Reynold* but the man tbey call Murray, I can't disunctly recnUrcl any rue et-e touching Imn. I raw uo one elre bate hold ol or touch Reynold* but Murray: I raw Mr Hum* nnd other* interfere but It appeared a* If to meke a ring for the combatant* to tight it out; they crowded iu. aud acted a* if thvy wanted to make a ring or room for Ibi-ni to light, the only person I could rexoigniee wax Mr bum*, I did not know the rest; I did not ree Burn* or Ifynder* strike any one any more than that ; they were crushed like in the crowd ; 1 did not eee either Itynder* or Burn* put tlirlr hand* upon Reynold* though tbey nnght have done It without my knowledge, l saw Murray strike Reynold* and beat him; I did not *ee any one *tnke Murray but Reynold*. I did not hear Kynder* xay that lie Would knock anybody'* brain* out If they interfered; he might have raid en repeatedly; I think I would here lieaid hiui If lie had xald *o; at the time Reynold* came iu, I wa* in conversation with Uarr.aud Kynder* wae standing some distance from me: I did not bear Ryndei* ask Reynold* to take a drink with him; I can t recollect who spoke first to the other, 1 first beard Ryndere sxy (f think) that Forrest wax no kcoundrel, and that wa* what first attracted my attention, was a friend of Mr Reynold*, and wax *<>rry to u s him so abu*ed, and would have Interfered if I (bought I could do no with safety to myaeif, I did not *>e hum* sink* any one, nor did he t w*v ?ny part more than otbtr* present, I do not rem^flbr t > liar* recn Mr. Lelar there, I do not reeognl?? win at all. Os.oaoi I. Shiiii croxe-exauilued by Mr Holme* I wa* standing at >lr. Reynold*' back at the time I.elar wa* there. I att> mpted to relies** Reynold*' hair from Murray * hand, Lelar wax In oloa* coqiaol Willi the c? inhalant*, Lelar wa* thi n keeping the crowd back from getting hold of them to part tbein. the friend- of Muirav were so numerous thai the friend* of Keyuold* could n?t to tiiiii, our boarder* (of the l arllon IIuum) wne there, ami I. alar would not let them get to biui, lirj mldi una aarruunded bjr the Irlendi of Yiuriay, Lilar aaa In cluM contact with Heynoida, ai d I IipbiiI hilar eii g out, * Keep ana/ and let them |lNt|' I M t iij 11 at I l iar alruek Reynold* but be bad hold of hint, I aaw lie had hold ofbiui; I took hold of fa array 'a hand and released It ot Reynold* hair; all* I I Hat I r' Uld not ((et to Ra/BoMa; I 11 all ifl minute. I mppoee. In d?iii( it; .Vurra; wat attempting to bit Key nuid-, It aaa during thla time that l.elar made Ute of thla language, at i lie lime of the fight I aaa l.elar baee bold of Reynold*, It aaa at thla time that I aaa trying to looee Kejuoid* hair from Murray faeufief #/ fAe Cai/Maari Man."-'! he arreat of ? hia mdoi o u- mdtiHlual. .Sauioi'l W illiami or m ft tlWt* altelj knoan a* the < onlul?nr? Van " lute rieated quite an uiiueual curioalty In the cilitena to alta*'M thla man ot ptiMiaaion ah<* pomeaaat the gift oi a p. * cb to eucb a degree that aen dbie men )ra, u en < f biietiieae- bate parted with watch and money b*ridt>, under the Influence of thla Itigeuioua ' c >nLdi nee n an " 'J he term made iiee ot by tbe riguea In obtaining IU< no) by the confidence praeian. I* railed 0 putting tb* in to elrep," ahlrh tbia man haa truly alert edtd In doing, aa man) im n of about thia man baaoblaimd mina ol money era a-bainod to come up and pr< ler any maifMat. tat ^aiu th? i?m wi It down aa a? II In ugbt egpetli nee I hit cnindtiice an baa not r on lined It I a peraiiaaiee pmpr* to thla city all Lut I biladelphia and ftortou ham equa'ty aland lu tbe opeiallona of tbl* gennr*. and t > tlie aelt p* aaetilon aed ronbdence the follow haa In liiiuaril. ae n lalt th> following Incident eblrh l<M>k place In Boaton laat latl between tbia " nmOdeure man and tne ot i lie ahread k alike* a liuring la*t fall, Mr I otitidelire il mi aae In ttoakou, and ope alio, noon lie met with a rui ning I aiiKiv and after the u*tial talk upon contldenec. the I tkkee wa? fairly < might, aa tlie "tiufideiice Man. during the cinirr*alion tin wi d i or.rlUMve I* to the k tin. * (Hal it w>uld lie to hit ll.titepl II all nail) t*i I .u- i utideuce tu Inm, and ut.cer tbla belli I the > ?nk r v alu o?er to the " i >lan |1V which t? lit I are Item paid lot ail 1 he neat day. at It wraa iloWt no rely to tiahliali inn l,it*iiii mini i ?" 11**1 imj i-nni.-, nui n" ( tic* > in " rft?ut il to | *j l>?ck the noarjr 1 >i*t o?> ( ?>? <1 ?c<l o*?k? |>atr*ii on, ?nd jtl it tl dn n? 11 11>? \ alike*'* u. L *) , UM;i o in ** ! i itjml I ?t< I* dlirk. lU 'IU|" J l*Ul> Hauiliug, IU null ill* riij hot * l? ?lim *ho ilnivid tout* into lb* liti III III l-Vit (hi Mttlilll < IHitltM* >i*ta ' '1 In- ) nil Wi*?)*<J kin lirnv lit In tint, mat aith'ni?h ilc?*-*t ail i ii Ml) bu tilt ctilnln b" ninth" iii mi lh* haii |ut hiu. to tl??j>" Nfe*i?? mm? Km ilii Mi*U) kiir* til lb* Uiikn-, 11* ? t ouiidt iii ii > mi ' Ii il i - 11 hli lm tki Idflitltnl l|" ? t-ut lo I lie I-i-tiii, I mi ibt kiutkiti lit* l-air ?ii-m ih" r*:l ?li"u li ill uiIiiit b? ?ti l ii uud il.?t >* of th* Uytir It I iliitiD t'tli Hi ii i h *? I ?)?> " gi?* no' bx*k , I <\l l?. t ti? iii* tli i* *?-v tu t'bnvi** i f i'"r*c* or r* lit*! lit < ue* Nan t-iu lu-ii u* ml lit* l? ? v n ii"? v U * Ii Ii * i-rrMti tumWrnu' l?iii*tlat-i**? to tb* k?l>-* (?li#t> i)n ?-jr lht? tilu* *b-?<r?t ?> t* 111 III a I I 1*1,''^ |u tb* im'li'M taut, Il b'liin. ijtt/' n,*i<iu r. ' All ' ut) o|i| iri- ml, h n vt )i V mi I At lit* tpi.iti lia.P.latlug I-1in by th* haut tku pit ii* , bin a gii|> 11 lb* bupt-ra tlial m*U" tli* I an k** tbt'., I, lit to. iaiil h? ' I nu m I" i"?i*rk ?bl] r p.t aim *ttk? *?- t- loan in* f'.xi | ham || t'.tpiiilt U ) u I * > a-ut" Jin ?lf, but tin** 'b' ji u, I'll ti Ii J-U tin- triiiIi. that I b? latlae. 4 ti l>a b.?, ?uj iNt libit i-l trt tuning )u? tb* uuunj, ac L D. TWO CENTS. ! cording to promiae. I loat it at the gaming table. But I am now in funda, and will aettle wtih you before we t pari Come take a drink." And up they went to the bar. The Yankee called for a lemonade, and the oontldi ucc man for a brandy amaaher. After taking the drinka it wa* about dark: the confidence man .aid : "Come, go along with me, aud I will go to my father'* / houee. and gire you the money, and intercut bealdea for the um>, and thank you kindly beeidea " 'l'hey walked along together through several stre?ta. when a watchman came In eight. Thie rather put the contldence man at a etand for a in.tant. fearful that the 1 ankee should put hint in custody; but. ready a? ever on an emergency, he eaid to the Yankee : "There, do you ace that houee? (pointing to a eplendid mansion on the oppoelte aide of the atreet') There, aald be, that la my father'a houae. and thia watchman ooming along know* ine <juite well, and may think i am on acme gambling apree again, and tell my father. So you pane on a ahert diatance, and don't appear to know me at all, and, aa aoon as he paaaca jou, come to me, and I will go in the houae and get the money. The unauapecting Yankee walked ahead, aud the " Confidence man ' went directly up to j the watchman. and said. " Watchman, what la your name'" " White." said the watchman Said he, " Do you nee that man walking ahead?" ' Yes," answered the watrhmau, 1 do" "Well, then," enid'Confidence,' " he in a burglar. 1 caw him come out of a atora just now, with another man, who stands on the next | corner above. They have been robbing the store, and, no doubt, they have the jewelry now on their persona. ! Ilut mind, when you arrest him. don't let him blutryou 1 oil He may say he la somebody, and give you some re\ spcctable man's name; but that's all humbug Vou scire him fast, and never mind his hallooing, but be careful he don't throw the jewelry he has in hla pocket into the street. Hold hi i arm fast, and take biui at once to the watch house. In the meantime. I will get assistance, and go and arrest the other man. his accomplice. who is now around the corner. In the aext street. : There Is a large reward ottered for both these chaps. They are big thieves " The watchman took the bait readily, and. anxious to use the authority Invested in loin by virtue of his office, followed up after the Yankee, whom he seized at once by the collar, saying | "1 ou are my prisoner." The Yankee remonstrated with him and endeavored to looseu his grasp, but the watchman said " No you don't. I know you, I huve a big bug this time and mean to bold on to you." Hut, said the l Yankee. "My aauie is Nfr ," "Yes", said the watchman "That may do. to tell some green horns, but I know all about you, ao come along " "1 won't go with you" sail the \ silken and quite u struggle ensued between them ! but the watchman on gmDg the alarm soon brought assistance, and the supplie d burglar was conveyed to the watch-h;use and locked up. When, the next morning. the 1 ankee informed the authorities how be had been done by the " Confidence Man." and that it was evident the rascal. In order to ni'uke his escape, had aeopted that plsu to secure him by which lie accompltsh; ed his design, the authorities had quite a laugh over the cunning manoeuvre of the " Confidence Man " but the poor t aukte whs found himself doubly hoaxedy 1 looked anything but in a laughing humor .Many similar tricks have been played by the " < onfidenoe, : Man." during tbe last two or three years, and he has found men ever ready to place couddenoe in him. Ti'is time, however, his race appears to be run and whether he will be able to gain the confidence of the District Attorney,and thus rlip through the meshes of the law, remains to be seen At pieseut he is pondering on his past career in a cell located in thn|Touib*, in i Centre street J/??*U'ey HoShrry. ? Officer Shaves, of the 4th ward, arrested about two o'clook yesterday morning, two men. called John O'Brien and William Davis, ou , charge of kuoekiug down and beating a man by the ' name of John Kennedy, residing at No U40 Water st.a and stealing from his person it knife, a dirk knife, a lepme watch valued at tit), f* In money, a hat and etidiavoiing totake'oll his bunts from his feet. Kennedy, it set ms, was sitting on his own stoopat the time, when the two men accused, aided by several others, knocked bim down and tubbed bun On the arrest of the prisoners. the dirk knife was found on the person of () Brien Justice Lothrop committed them to prison ' for trial I har%t of Urarul l*n rsny ?A young man. by tho rsn.e of Itobert ( ross. was arrested yesterday. ?n n charge of stealing a pocket hook containing from the possession of William Kerenes, residing at No. 64 Oliver street, under the following circumstances : ? Ik seems they are acqiialticauces, and went together to thn Washington Hath, off the Ualtery. for the purpose of bathing. Kerenes undressed himself, and went Into the water, and Cross refused to go in. saying it was too public, but remained In the box. alongside the clothea, which contained the Docket honk end tnonev After a Ivhort time. the H'ruonl left the bus, and took a bath to another part of the establishment Wlwu th? cuat plalnanl left the water and put on his clothes, lie discovert d the lues of his book and money. and undoubtedly suspected < rose with having stolen the sauie ad no other psrron entered the l>?i after he left, aud tha book end money was in Kerenes' pocket when he entered the water. Upon this suspicion, the magistral# committed the accused to prison for trial CAeijfs i) Muidrr ? A man by the uaine of Michael Mslier was arrested yesterday, on a warrant from the authoilties of I lster county, on a charge of murder ; but the circumstances in the case we were unable to learn. He was sent back to tbe above county, to suisw | the charge. Appointments Itjr ?ltr President COLLS) TOSS o? I Ml: CUSTOMS. John I. Rogers. Gloucrstcr, Massachusetts, vice KM F. Stacy. removed. (lideusl Sackett. < ape Vincent. New Tork, vies Paleg hurchard, removed aiititron or tmv. cvstoms. I arson Nash, (iloueeeter, Massachusetts, vice John Woodbury, removed John \ I hew. Havre de Grace, Maryland, vice Robert Gale, removed. kitssiieLS. M ill nun M Brown of Georgia, to be Marshal of the I nlted Mates for the Iilstrlct of Georgia, vice Henry Wllltsins. who declines the office W alter C. Malonry. of Klotlda to be Marshal ef the Fulled States for the Southern District of Honda vica Ji-i pli li hrowne. r< moved avTusat vs. llliam \V llusted of North < arolina. to be Attorney of the I sited States for the dUtrirt of North Carolina, vice W 111 is III II Heigh, who declines the office I W. 4 all Ir . ol Hortda to he Attorney of tha 1 lilted Slates for the Northern district of Florida, vloa < handler! Vounge, removed, i sou own aa* John Dlnkgrave of Louisiana, to be Receiver of Puhlie m> neys at Monroe. Louisiana vice John B l-llliiol, removed Daniel i lapp, of Illinois, to he Keglster of the Land Office at Danville, lllim is, vice William K. Russell, removed Lewis S Lovell of Michigan, to be Register of tha I andGfficeal Ionia. Michigan, vies Beuiainiu Bhsruiaa. removed 1 I.< inas B 1 horp, of Louisiana, to lie Register of the I and Office at New Orleans. Louisiana, vice Louis 9te. Martin, removed Political Intelligence. Thomas J. MrReun hue been nominated by the whig Stale convention of Iowa, as s < nndidat* fur the presidency of the public work*. William Patteiaon is the democratic candidate for the sain* tflirr. The hurikein of Vermont havr nominated John S. Hobineon for < lovrruor, and 1'bilip 0. Tucker lor I.ieutcriant (iovernor. Unity I*<aiiI decline# living a candidate for ( onifti es in ibr A-bland district of Kentucky. 'I li? contest rests between Mo-srs. More head aud Treble. Joshua F. IM1 hasi been appointed Secretary of ?!? - flair ol Krntuiky, vice Hi Undo iirown, relifnii'd. Krituund l>eh-rry i.< the whiff c in lidatr for ConmrM, in llie W district, and f)r Kr?n?, an in<leprndriit candidate lor Congress, in the 4th district, ol Ninth Carolina. The (Irm-cracy of Eastern Mi^tnid ur i|iia> ting the subject ol rrforni in thr generil St,tie |edicy, and es|* cially ihe ieductu>u <d ih? use* The I ><>ni'ct ol a direct tat, tnifo-' I Uy the |egi?Umre < I 1*4.1, wh? repmliai'il in nil ihe ciuatie* where ihe subject i? now under consideration, ami in several inrlanoe* the collector* narrowly MC'iprd with their live*. Ihumtt.-cTtvB Fisa at Nr* ark (\ J )?A fire hri ke out ubout h>ilt jM?t nine o'clock, last evening, in a viable in ihe real ol lacoh Johnson's cense and spice Uctoty, in Mechanic atreet, near ihe corner ol Mulberry. Both buddings were consumed, together with two ad orning, Noa. ft| and 58 Mechanic etreel, one vwnrd by l^evi IXiyloti, llg other by D. E. Noyea. The I'tvi-mx works, and several other valuable factories in close pfotimiiy, were in great danger, being Idled with ory, reaeotied spokes and oilier combustible materials, i .larch John-on, spire tuemry and stable, loaa I fl.i* >, insurance ,450 in American Mutual Fire end Marine Insurance i oni|>any of this city, l.evi 1 l>)loti'a sin |-, No II, Iwi |M, no insurance. ' too I >11 itw, -it s'orv ol th'- above, d idwaiUug factnry, loss f*0 IV 11 Brnnn, 1st story unr huildinf, sllvrr idatef, h?aa ^80 No. #7 was a large l tin e noiy bink Inctury, owned by l> I. Noyen. > whose loss is about ft. OOP on the building, the inr temrcl which only was consumed, insured l,?r 41,tit) in tin' Auiencun Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance O nipany ofihiscitv, and fl.flf*) ou the ; sti ck ur.d tools of nis cinib firtory.ln ired f-HK) . in the ssnie crm(any. John I'olea, 3d story aaine [ building, needle lactoty, loss f2H0, no insurance. I I IIT)'? ?V l: hides, 1-1 e?< > T > Ol til same, shovel tuske rs, lost fit 0; and Charles Doerr, 2d story, ' loss ffl!, no insurance.?JVrtnork (AT. J) yfi/per-, | limr, Aly II __________ I>< t *ll< 9II?( r linn jr. J?hn L? wir, *lMf, h???i An bur ill mr, c< Awnd r-cr |? d from ihr* Mutr prima .it Auburn, ??i ih<? 7ib inM. 1I-. Mainr Conf# ipm ? of <}? >1 1. < Aiurclt fi int.bil nt Aih?>i?m, on tin li b iimt T*n hnritn-d uimI fifty lioti? ? otV- r?-?1 for rmt in Cincinnati, fhrir traaa'a It avin^ rt- *! frw* I rnolcrs

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