Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. mkw??t IVtrn?r or Pulton u<t tuna iU< JAKM UOKDON BBHNBTt, raorKiETOR. THE DA1L Y A I.O? Th rre edition.,1 rente pt reooyt 91 per annum THE MORNINU EDITION u publuhed ( three o'tlmk, A. M .and dietrlbutod before break! eeti ike Ar,< ATTERNUUN EDITION can beh.edo/thenexoeboy. atom o'clock i md the net and 'it three o clock, r. -m. THE WEEKLY HEKAl.D. Jor circulatton on thu ConHment. u every Haturdou, at t)H? eente per ropy, pr A3 per nun am , for circu! etxon In Europe, mid print, d in Vre.rk ?ud Enplieh. it >'? emit per ropy, or (4 per Buntem?the latter price to include the poet,nje. 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Chatham Square.?WAXDtr.iuo Boy??kit Von k a? It il. HI'kton's theatre, ( hamhe" street.?i.ow do h Asivlini k. MECHANICS* HAI.I,, Broadway, near Broomo.?Chbis*t'i himtmia castle uaroen?pmimtsitk ooic**t. CHINFSK ASSEMBLY ROOMS, flruadway.-Ui'M Valastlkl'a Suiki k m< mcjkl.k. SHINER* MUKEHM, tea Broadway.??rom9 A. M. to 19 T. M. Ktw Y?ili. Tiunrtay, July 17, 1S-10. ChoUra Iiitrriikln^-Almost a Panic, The public feeling began to he excited in a very extraordinary drgrc? yesterday, on the publication of the usual rejavrts upon the cholera. This excitement ptew out of the aggregate number ol deuihe, us vv el! ns the character of some of the casualties which are now beginning to ufl'ect the higher classes of society. Hitherto, the great bulk of deaths from cholera took place among the unknown and obscure emigrants from foreign countries?those persons whose habits of life, in some degree, were entirely unknown. Yesterday, however, the report showed an aggregate of 158 cases, fiftyfive death*, and sixteen only discharged. Hut among these caees we have to enumerate the deaths of persons w ho were respectable and well known citizens, both in the professional and in the business community of this metropolis. David h. Ogden, Esq , a distinguished practitioner at the bar; James Hevburn, Esq., a well known cotton broker in Wall street; Alexander WykolT, Esq., Secretary ?>t the Hudson Railroad Company, with some others of similar rank, have been quite suddenly swept away in the course of the last few days. In addition to the alarm caused by these deaths, there have been found certuin die, crepancies between the reports of the Sanitary (\jniiii1frp it rail <?f fli#> fStv 1n?ri?>?'tnr u'lnrli nr?? nl Tether an extraordinary character. From the re port of the City Inspector, we learn that 481 death: by cholera look place last week?nuking almost7C per diem?while theaverage during the same period according to the committee, is a fraction under for ty. These unwonted discrepancies between twe legal authorities, upon such an important subjeel as deaths fioni cholera, huve produced in the public mind a great want of confidence, and have set reports afloat which have led the timid to believe that the casualties by this epidemic are much more numerous than cither of the authorities are willing to admit. In consequence of the above events, the panic increased to a fearful extent throughout the whole of yeeterduy. The death of the Hon. David U. Odgen produced a great sensation umong the members of he bar. and a meeting wus held us soon as the event became known, for the purpose of |mying a tribute of respect to his character and memory. It appears tbut Mr. Ogden wu engag d in a very imjiortant case in court, up to a late hour on Friday last. On that day, ufter the adjournment of the court, he hurried down to the Suien Island ferry boat, on the way to his residence on 8taten Island, where lie resides with his family. Friday was the hottest day we have had in these latitudes for ten years past. Mr. Ogden overheated himself, and, before he left the lerry boat, was seized with a diarthrra, and went to his home under the infurnce of it, and from w hich he never recovered. Mr Ogden was a man much esteemed in this community. He was a native of Newark, New Jersey, and a descendant of the old revolutionary stock of the Ogden family of that 8tate. Some years ago he wae elected by the federal party ol this State as member of Congress, and distinguished himself greatly in that capacity, both as a statesman sod a (Milittcian. Since that time he has devoted himself entirely to his professional busi arse, in which hr h?-Ui the highest rank among the member* of the New Vork bar, and only occasionally intermixed w ith politic*, nt imiif ?t the niinor fMate election*, lie war a man of the highest tnlenf, and wa* generally esteemed to he one tf the first lawyer* in the United States. Ilia practice, both in the federal arid .State courts, was Steoaive and highly lucrative ; hut for the iaet fifteen yearn or more, hi* legal service* were Bi t to lie obtained in common. He confined himself wholly to case* of great magnitude and importance, and to private consultation*, in which hie opinion waa eagetly sought, and was of great waight. For some year* past, he ha* been one of the permanent salaried counsel on behalf of the corporation of Trinity Church?counsel who are engaged in advance for this wealthy corporation, and cannot, therefore, ever be employed against it. Mr. Ogden wn* a man of stern integrity, of considerable profusion in hi* expenditures, and distinguished for a perfect csreloj-nes* about money Mid businee* affairs. At one time he received a* much aa forty thousand dollars in fees for professional services, in n matter connected with some foreign claims, to a large amount, and in lesa than ighietn months, it is said, he had expended the whole amount in various ways, lie held the po*t f Surrogate of this city some year* ago, having been appointed by (lovernor Seward, but lost f by ne of the common revolutions of parties, and was su|ierseded by Mr. McVean, at the appointment of Governor llouck. At the tunc of his death he was 74 years of sge. lis was still, however, an active and strong man, very rrguLr in his habits, and never omitting to take (,,? fimrninir snd eveninir walk Ilf Irivn behind him numerous d<*seend'lilf ?i?d and n Uiff Ktrk by nhnrg hi* value will be duly estimated, and kit loss sincerely iwwrn'd. He resided ?t Port Uichmond, nn furm Inland, where he breathed hi? la?t, within a few hours after leaving the ferry-boat, on Friday k?t. James Heybnrn, I>'i , in another distinguished victim of cholera. Hp was a citizen highly enframed in this community, and well known as nn pztensivp cctton broker, in Wall street. He w is t lf< d about M years, and was b?rn in Irelm J, and, we believe, in the city of Limerick. He firet came to this country in the year 1*517, when he was twenty-two For some years after hie arrival in this country, he resided at Baltimore, w here he married his first wife, a Baltimore lady, who died of the cholera in the year 15.12. lie afterwards married Mi-s Livingston, of thin city, as hie second wife, a few u">, whom he leaves behind a widow He was highly respected and beloved for his energy ami activity in promoting the purpose* ot several tieeful public institutions, lie was President ot the Society of th? Friendly *nts ot ^t Patrick, and Tieasufsf of the- Irish I ri lltr t Sm iety, ill which Capacities he averted hrnnelt wnh trsl, in protecting the friendless emigrant, and the daughter of adversity, from the cruelty and sh-riders of the wealthy and powerful e-ia?? ? ?i<. He wes also chairman of the Irt-h In iitl t UsHUIhr, it ike b aa u< ? of Which I hr took an active and lilteral part. He was a man highly esteemed for the pre|M>nde ranee of J the social feelings in his intercourse with i his fellow citizens. Ilia wit was exuberant ( and overflowinr, and he will be missed very t much at public dinners, w here his merry face < ' and sparkling good humor had a contagious and < catching influence on the persons within reach of I hit* laugh and good humor. H iring the last few , weeks, he betrayed great nervousiiea in relation to < , the cholera, and Was ollen heard to say that he < thought he should die of it at lust. On Friday ' lust, he was seen down in Wall street, apparently ] as well as usual, and attending to his usual business. He complained, however, to a friend, of | weakness from a slight diarrhoea, and went with the same friend to Pchnonieo's, where he took a glass oi Port wine eunguree. lie felt much betj ter, us he said, and great relief, after taking this, und afterwards went home. There, however, at his residence in the 2d avenue, a few hours after his return from business, he was suddenly attacked with the cramps, and, in spite of ull the beat ad- j vice and the greatest exertions made on his be- | half, he died on the next day, or rather Saturday i n ig tit. In the lust stage of his sickness, as a final , effort to restore the lost vitality to the collapsed surface, his physicians caused Ins body to be cog i v? red with hot suit ; but all was of no avutl. Alexander Wykofl, ICsq., is another distinguish- i i td victim of this fatal epidemic, whose death we | are called upon to record. He resided in Fourteenth stri et, and was a citizen highly respected; j he was in the prime of life, being hardly above forty years of age ; was a man of high rcspectaI bihty and fine business talents, and occupied the im, ortant and responsible p?st of Secretary of the Hudson Railroad Company, at the time of his dcuth. He had been to Peekakill a few days back, on oflicial business, and on Friday returned in the steamer, to the city. On the passage down, he was seized with incipient symptoms of the cholera, front which he never recovered. I)r. BrainarJ, of U07 Broadway, a physician in extensive practice, has, ulao, in spite of his own remedies and skill, succumbed to the destroying epidemic. These, and some other cases of d<*atli by cholera, among the respectable classes, inolud. ing even ladies, have all tended to produce un uncommon sensation in this city, and the dread I which is spread upon the public mind tnay be said j 1 i to huve increased to au extraordinary extant. | The Increase in the number of deaths miy j be attributed chiefly, if not altogether, to the sud- j I den and extraordinary variations in the weuther j which we have experienced in this city during the j 1 I jia?i wceK. Tins variation lias amounted to as I I much as u difference of 20 degress in twentyi four hours. Friday was the hottest day we h ive j had fc r ten years pust, and Saturday and Sunday were the coolest days ever known at this season of the year, for some years past. It has ulways j teen observed, that aft< r such variations as theje, ; ! the energy of this epidemic is usually much in- j r ' creased and its fatality augmented, as we have j I found it among us, to a great extent. Other causes j 1 , may he assigned, in connection wit.i the above, ! > i us exercising a great degree of influence. These j , are, carelessness, inattention, over exertion of | body, and, above <.11, fear acting on the mind. It ! ? is, therefore, very irn|>ortant that every jierson who , I is dow in the enjoyment of health, should keep J cool and pluck up courage, and not abandon him- ' i , 6elf to alarms, but pursue a moderate and teinj perate course, both as to eating and drinking,and by I no means suddenly to change his habits of life. | The intensity of the epidemic seems to strike : only particular localities in this metropolis, and, I upon an examination of those localities, they will i be found tn be under the iniluence of'deteriorating ' causes and substances, in vnnous shapes. In the i upi-er part of the city, on the North Kiver, a straw- i ger who has eyes and can read may see stuck j up?"the highest price paid here for dead horses;" 1 | and if lie lias a nose and can smell, he in ty trace, 1 along the wide and genteel avenues, and in the stirets branch ing off from thein, the existence of innumerable slaughter houses. No wonder the mortality is extraordinary und large in such localities as these, w here manufactories arc carried on winch i require dead and putrid carcases for their alimentation. In the lower wards, where the streets are clean, and no offensive manufactories are in operation, the cholera is moderate, and is scarcely even heard of. lleyond the limits of the city, in other parts of the United Plates, the country appears to enjoy 1 'olerable health, with the exception of certain Uti. tudes, such as Pt. Louis und Cincinnati, which api'Ciir to suffer more than any other places. There are yet, however, two months more of sumni'r still before us, and no one can predict what these i two months m?y bring forth. The Px.nwtva (Jonuressionai. Kt.trftovs.?The , | j-olitical character of the next House of Representatives will depend on the congressional ruction* about to ?.:k? |>ln? m sonic of the >S>uthero and Western Mates. Heretofore, *r have been very much disposed to hcluve the result of those election' would place the House of Representative* in a very critical position between the two faction* into which 'he country is divided? j wlng-<%nd democrats ; but '-oinerecent developn.enif at Washington have h d us to think that the , result of those elections will be more disastrous to i the pr? sent administration than w had reason to i expect pn viously. A n? w journal has been recently started in ! Washington, |>tnfereisg to sup5>ort th" aJministra- ' I tion exclusively, ami to teach the wing party, , throughout the country, what they are to believe and what to ihtnk, and what to love and h ite. In nduuicn to tln< newspaper, it seems the old < < mmittee, of which the Hon. Trumaa 9initb, ??' Corm < ticut, w as chairman, h is been revived, and a circular has h?en recently issued by that gentlemen, to the whig leaders and part trains throughout the States wh? re the elections are now pending. All tho<-e movements am hostile to th?r original policy which brought General Taylor into the pre ii|> 10 y, mid spring from the purpose* and objects of men behind the curtain, who are looking ahead to their own future advantage. They indicate design* for the future, and those very indication, will tend to in,ure the prospects of the candidates favorable to Gcnural Taylor's administration, in all the States where the elections are landing, to a much greater extent than pcopir may be aware of This is the way in which we interpret those instters; and we are willing to test on the issue of tltnso sU?i'nai?, to order to see whether we are right or wrong. Twr. Fik*t Friday or ArorsT.?This great and important day has been selected by 1'resident Taylor us a general day of fast and prayer throughout the country, and recommended to be observed as nu ll 1>y our ritir.?ns. The rescript, or proclima- ( tion, making this appointment, has been generally pt bliehsd, and has drawn forth a variety of replies and compliances from various classes of the people. It is hgood thing to fast and pray?particularly fur those who htivr lo-rn 111 tlic lmbit of ruling and wearing too much ; but fasting and praying for onr day can lie of very little service to the general constitnt tion of the body politic. It i? a regular course of homo'pathrcfaeting and praying wrhich can produce essential benefit among a ( hiistian people, and re- | store the tone of mental and phyeical health which w ill iilwaya put peatibnee and pride at defiance. It , ie an amiable, pi<uw,(ioil-feariug, good, and credi- i table thing, in an) chief maL'istrate, to eahibit those ( feelmgi nl rtlni? and piety which the prompting i and (in f ili ation of such a ree< ript naturally indi- ] [ rate ; hut it is etill something better for an intelli- | g? nt, religious, rnornl, and educated people to he l< ft lo th< ir ow n promptings, and their own l>e|- t mgs, in maiters ot pure morals and religion. Tne universal dominion claimed by the originated in ?> luiitary recommendations, similar to ttio<e ( wlneh sometimes issue Irom Presidents arid < lover- , , r? in this country. The PnoronD Expedition in Srakcii op Sir ' foiiN Franklin?Everybody remembers the feel ng and eloquent letter which Lady Franklin a<lIreserd to General Tuylor, requesting the nasi?, ance of the American government, by sending an exploring expedition to Hudson's liiy, in search jf the great navigator, Sir John Franklin, who nas been absent from England for some tune past l'he reply of the President, through the Secretary of State, was prompt and generous. The request of Lady Franklin was complied with, and steps were to be taken immediately to carry the purpose into execution. Inthisrhupe the subject was Liought u(i ill tiie House ot Commons recently, 011 the other side of the water, and the President and the American government were highly eulogized fur ih^ prompt liberality exhibited towards Lady rrutiklm and her application. Subsequent events, it seems, however, have placed this matter in a melancholy and ridiculous position, and nearly hold up the promptitude oi the American government as ludicrous and absurd. We have been informed by the newspapers that no ships are to he fitted out in compliance with the wish of Lady Franklin, or in accordance with the announcement of the President. Tins course, it seems, Ims been forced on the cabinet by the refusal of the Navy Department to concur with the wishes of ihe President, assigning as a reason tit it no vessel belonging to the American navy is fit for such an expedition, and that there is not sufficient time this year to prepare auy that could encounter such u service. Now, we would like to ask who exercises control over the Navy Department! Is it the Secretary ol the Navy, or the three Navy Commissioners! We understand the Secretary of the Navy is u mere locum Uncus in that establishment, and that Jack Straw might as well have been appointed to that important post, as the distinguished gentleman from tlie ancient State of Viigiuia. The Secretary of the Navy, it seems, is a perfect nonentity in his own position. The whole power of the department uppears to be exercised by three respectable and untiquated naval gentlemen, through whose advice and opinion the naval branch of the government has cost the country, for muny years past, at the rate of six millions of dollars per annum; while the same service could be performed, in u better manner, for four millious ?thus tuving two millions, at the least. Those gentlemen assume all the power of the Navy Department; and, although the President and his cabinet egret d to lend out an expedition to benefit the cause of science, as solicited by Lady Franklin, yet the purpose was voted down and negatived by the triumvirale of the Navy Department, on the ground, too, that there was no vessel fit for such a service! What a ridiculous s?Wtude this matter has placed the American government in before the civilized nations of Europe, snd the scientific nvn of :lie wuild! General Taylor's cabinet have shown themselves to be courageous, during the last five or six months, in removing hundreds of postal inters, dtiv.tiis of collectors, and thousands of petty officers, of all descriptions, in the public service. As they have the powt r,cnn they have the courage to re move those obstacles in the Navy Department who have thrown themselves in the way of a high und noble enterprise iu the cause of science and civilization l "Wak ok the Si h-Tkeasi ky.?The Itoston Atla has commenced a furious war on the Independent Treasury system, which the last administration eft as a legacy to the purty now iu |?ower. Tuere may be some amendments that might be advantageously made to the present financial system of the government; hut if it is intended to sweep the system out of existence, there can be no other purpose in view than the restoration of the old bank ryst< in, which has bean repudiated by the people ul the I'tiited Mates. Annexation oy Canada and Ci ba.?All parties in thia country, the administration and the opposition, including ull the slatetmen, appear to be ct-ming out in tavor of annexing both Csnada and Cuba to this mighty republic. The Washington Union, the organ of the democratic opposition, has the following remarks on the belief that Gen. Taylor and his cabinet are in favor of such a policy:? In conclusion, we will assure there new converts to a great democratic doctriue, that both Cuba an J the liritith soluble*, at the proper tune and iu Iks pr..par manner, will ultimately be annexed to the Am-rlcaa I nlon Hut there great men. urea will be effected by the democratic parly au l a democratic aduiinl?tra'i<<o, and not by the whig* It will however, he >h n at tba prnpt r time wlieu It ran he accomplish. d wtlh honor, aud without violating tbe right a of either i treat dritain or Npatn M hen I anadu and her eieter clonl-a ehall haee n ruied their indepewdenre. and when < uba Khali have d< ne the eama. lh.-o will It be time en >ugh f ir iu srttourly to diecuee and nraily decide en th e. que*, tlona I h< n the democracy will admit them to the great eleterhocd of vnteriran State* The dlinluutlTA r'tte-u er uow at the head of alTalrs. who are beatinq aleut tor a platform <f adtniuietratlre p dicy. ready vrtito jump np'in ihatof th-lr epp .neut rau mate no h.ue with the democracy on ihie qn -etlou rd annexation The democrat to party th. y wdl find, will never c. ntend against ih-m ioi tliie question It go., fir It e?lahhehetl In epite of the hoetile p pool t Inn of the whig party, both the d'irtrlne and the p. ||ey of annexation. and It will be the party that will admit la due time tutu this glorl iui I nmub uh < anada ..nd < uha father BJnthevv In Uroiiklyn?Over Nrvni 1 noiiiiKiia iKiirii inr M'lrmgv. Mrt> mill fgurt* bain In i ii laid In f ir* u*. wtii'h d?n>nattat? tha eomplata mrc??- of Kathor Math?w'g nt-al. n in Brooklyn Ih<> following nr? tha ri<alt*?| 0 tba nuinbrro who took I in- (ltii|?, In tha ?>m ut.ii In d to St I'nul * 4 burah:? 1 linr-ditT 1 Old I I >0 Filuiilajr .1.1 hi) i TdO liVDlll] 1 &4K) Tidal 7 ink) TM* numbvr dew not Inrluda Ihni who' nm*i4" ha plt'lgr takau Sid. f and many no doubt. will t?k? t to-uny. but it do** inrlud * itomi- da*prratr rharaeiar* man alio would not hmrn yloMtd to any othar in'lulira aara *ha pir?u?-i?r mild bun** .lane# of the \po?lr r.t Tauipi fanea Ma haa thart fore, prore J hirti-a'.f 1 public b* n? fact* r, ard an undrraland tbat tha rlrtida of tampa-ane in Brooklyn nnd tb? dijaraut ao. ilrtiaa ara eh?ut taking meaaiire* to-day to pay hi in a nbalaitlial compliment, or rather a drbt of gratit'ide, ot hta a'Mirae Thay ara datarmtnad to pay thalr total want toward* wiping away the d' bt ha haa inaurrad n tba caueo of t? lupamnce and raliating hina from the ntidrrabia turth.n ol a panaion from tba Drltlah gorrrnnirut Wa truat tha paopla of New York will adopt tha lamplo tbua aat tin m and organiaa a committee to (airy out thta highly aaninn-ndablo obi art. Thrra ara many who only want tha opportunity of t- titjing t lo ir admiration of tha man and hla nil?al<n in a vary diff.-rinl way from niar? hollow dam n*tratlona ot applatiae, ' full of round and fury Mgnlfying nothing." tha I i rp. iatioii who haaa/i td Katllar Mathew, ahow thatr atnaartty to hiui and tin rauaa by puttii g Ihair h?nd< in thatr poekata. and u*ttig tbafr ialaatia with other* toward* rating a taonimi. nt of dollar* to htm that will inaka hi* old agn aaay. and ml tare him front thora aniwtie* with witiah ha la beaet from hi* latiili aapmdiitira In tha rau*w of humanity A* ha pioraid* to lto*t n on I uaaday nagt. tliara I* no tinia to ba loat. and whatever I* dona ahouid ba dooa qnirkly lie rcturna thla arming from Brooklyn to Naw > ork, at 4 o rlork and will ndnilblatar tha pla.lga fir tb" rw li,mi ij. r 1.1 iiiii we. k, hi bt i?if r ? i nurcii, barclay MmI I)?ilh of Divlil H. Oj;ilrn, Kaq?I'rellmlnarjr Ntrllng of the Bar. Itifnrmnlii n hiiin( reacbnd the city that DmI'I n Opt dm. f ?q . had died at hi* reaideiie* at Port Ftlchuii nd Maim Mand at 7 o'cloek thl* (Monday) moraib|f. a met tin* i I iho bar railed at the Laar 10*ti tutu Hooni". I |ly Hull Mt 1 o'clock On motion ?( Uiiiih'I ' nil. r.*?| . Judjf* F.dniriDil* am rath d to thn chair and Thoiuaa L. Weila, K*f|. i| |i"ilitnt Suretary 'I lie in' i tlifji I* in* Ilia* or^anUnd Mr. Ci aaar aro*e and iiiii lc ihrnni l-mra pr? mnt that la Ron*adiiaace nf th* diath <d their mutual and eeiinrahln frinnd. Dand H. < (den. It had h n th>uaht tn"t t>i hold ;ln< mention, a* pn imtnary to a mote fi'iuitnl in?-tin|, to ha hold beraafter. in telali?n to thl* eubj-ct. II* Bioeid then fore that u coininlt'ce of ken be a|>|f>inln | l>j tbn I ha riuan to make arrangement* for turn ui?etiuf The folloainn (f'Mlf -men acre appointed to art a* a l co.ndtiee of Arrangement* I leranf II* ( la'll M it , llidenl J I, l.aarwicc. Ilirain Kelt-hum and Jno. I.eterirtye Inp On motion the meeting then adjourned, to meet tou-nrr< ? at IlioVlock i, it., at tbn tleneral Terui room tllf Sa. irnm oart Vt c 1< at n that > r cgdf'n died *add 'nly n Mini Intelligence. Vax Mar.tzrk eatlud. a few day- air<>, in the steam *r, for fcurnpe. He ha* taken the directorship of tht Italian opera at the Actor Place Theatre for the ne*( iciidd, and ha* gone to Kurope fur the of en gegin? arli-t* capable of creating a threat eznitemenl 'n the fashionable circle* of tbi* city. It seem* thai he ciidearored t<> make arrangement* with souie of tht artist* mi* in thi* couutrv but thev heiuir DOesee-ted of Dm srveu evil spirits, would come to uo tortus Hi arcordiagiy went to Kurope. nod will probably brlnj over noun- artists of the tirnt order, such as Albuui ant otkmi. The beautiful Tedesco started, yesterday, for Capi May, where she intend* to give one or two ooncorti during the season. if they rau muster coropauy enough in that watering place t<> make it pay. She has usso ciated with her Madame I.eati aud VI. Leati. a selectiot which we think in by no mean* equal to that which sht formerly icade. when ?he gave concerts in the South'ri Statee, with Madame I'icoand Slg. Vietti The heath in point of vocal power, ore by uo rnrau.i equal to th? Viet lie. Madame I'ico in the beet contralto wo hav had iu this country since the time of Malibraa. and in all the finest passage* of modern opera*, she display the power of Tedeero's soprano voice, in the U'gh"* degree Madame I'lco is now in this city, and is wonder full) improved 11 utli and Benneiletti are at present rusticating at th< eoumry bouse of Mr Cbiekenog trie piano-maker, nea Boston A few months ago. they made an engageiuen with Hen to go to Mexico. Peru, and other southeri count rh* fm the purpose of giving concerts, buf, whei tli") react,id Intrusion, or Mobile Benuedetti am fiery quarrelled about some imptriant que eiou?pro balily the diirerence between tweedle dum aud iweedle dee and mi they separated Benneiletti took Trutl along with him and they am now endeavoring to mak ergagi mi nt* with (ihickeriug to get up the Italiai opi in in Eosti u next winter Boston is one of th finest places for rod-fish aud suit mackerel In tie Union, ami we think they will uii-.aced iu establishiu; the opera iu such a congenial latitude. It perl'umu the whole atmosphere. City lutclllgeiice, Ora Ti bi.ic Si iiimu.h. - We were witness yesterday of a sight sufficient to harrow up iho feeliuya of th roort obdurate and bard-hearted It was the speelaol j ot a little child, whose little hack and shoulder nil , blaek and blue and cruelly disfigured, by the hard u.i< > no icili rs h'ows indicted certainly by a demon in bu leap shape for he who roul'l thus brutally ill-treal aud wound and bruise a poor little child, bai dly sevei years of age. must be iu whatever form lie appears, demon at heart This little creature, thus cruell; j beaten aud bruised, was brought to our ufitco, yester da;, by hi* father. Mr Peter Hempel. residing at 35 S.x.b-trirt 1 he ariiult aud ba>t?iy - aud, indeed, i wus a hiittery and beating ot intensity ?u<, i wi weie informed by the father of t he child, perpetrate and committed by the teacher of the 2nd cla-s, in tb ( fctbolic public -rbool. kept in fourth street, botwee j Av> noes A and U. The la'ber staled i hut this was til | Sicotid time his little child bad b en thus though it is i nly foui teen dayi since he first went t this school '1 he father informed us that the legs

authorities had counselled him to do nothing. un> that he could do uothiug iu tiio m ilter. Tnu*, i I seems, that hulling ep criuie. aud h ding tile weak Besses of those iu power, i?. become quite a bnsiuos and a duty among ccitaiu persons in this community Slant las Lxrcoaiox.?A furnace at Worrali'a fouu ; dry, situated in Kim street, between Pearl and Duau I striets, exploded yesterday afternoon, throwing out i large quantity of I he boiling metal across the street , lodging on the roof of a frame bouss, which took tir , from the heat of the metal aud strauge to say, uo per j ion was injured by the rxpkniun The tire was sooi ; extinguished by the firemen, aided by < autain Magnis of the 6th ward police, who was promptly onthespol Eire ?Last night, at 11 o'cloek.a fire waa dl*eovere< ; id tuu fourth story or mo. 1 w?? mrniti, ana rrom m strung blai.e. it would seem as if the whole bulldln) wa* doomed to destruction A few flremeu. allraotei by lbe Marin, proceeded to the spot and two or three o | tbein broke inio the house and rushed up stairs. wbei they found an old barrel of rags oil tire In a print!n; office, which they threw out of the wludow into th< Street. and tbua extinguished the fire. The premlaei belong to Kpencer. Danlortb & HulTarty. bank uote eu graver' There waa a host of firemen and englnea ii attendance in a lew minutea. but fortunatrly their aer I vices wero not required. There was DO injury done ti the house. but if it bad occurred later at night, or if I few u,iuutes more bad elapsed, there ia no knowin, what the extent of the damage might be. Amanit a.?A tire wo.'discovered in the rear houai Of No. 44 Heater street, at ll)a o'clock yesterday mor Ding It waa soon extinguished, with but tritllug da mage. Senior.?The eoroner held an Inquest, yesterday at .No 71 Washington street, on the body of a mai named William .Voore, aged 71) years, a native o Ireland, w bo inflicted a wound on hia throat with a ra (or. which was the rnuee ol death It aeema the de craved has been laboring Under the tic-duloreaux foi irtit lime past, which is supposed to have aiTected hii i reason aud led to the ra'h act The jury rendered tin following veidiet : ? That the deceased came to hii death by exhaustion aud flux arising from a wuuud oi hia throat, Inflicted by hliueelt wl'.h a rasor. | Ciit or Uithiw Wmd.?A pe'.ltien i? being nume muely signed by tbe inhabitants of this city, on behai of Mathew W ood. whese srnteuee ha* b eu respited un til V i ids} next It la to b'ltrauamltt* d loiiued ately t< the (>ovi ruor, and it is hoped the sentence will be com luuti d I nx.nows Maw roi >d DaowtKo ?The coroner halt an Inquest. >? sterday. on the body of an unknown man found floating In the North river, at pier No 4. ii< appeared to be a 'long-shore man of about oi years oi age , dark browu hair, and bis beard close shave 1. Hi was dreiM d la a striped shirt, striped blue eottan pantaloons. and boots, one of them rut acrois the bottom of the foot, lie appeared to have been in the watei about a week. Verdict, death by druwniug. Si oris Attack.?Mr. I'barlrs Mvars full down in l fit int vntre street, aud ?n taken to his redd,-nee. No. 7*4 liioadway, by officer Mitchell, at 7 o'clock 1*. M. (louimini Council. Ttoasn or Ai.rxasi* v. ? Last evsuiug. this body held aversion. Alderman Kelly. I'reMdenl. lu the chair. A memorial was read from Kev L)r krrri* recommending a new systrui of naming thu street* of the upper part of the city, begin nil g at lOlh street ?Memorial referred tot ouimlttee on Miesls The resignation of Stepheu U Urophy. as Commissioner rl Heeds was accepted, aud ileury .dorauge appoint) d In bis steu-1. Keteetivfvetwvs ?Agalast allowing thn Hudson lliver Railroad l cmpiauy. or any othi r company to ruu their rails through any of the street* ?f New l or It - against building a bulkhead on the southern ?i to of Water Street between orl.xr's and taut Strawt -Of lioard of Trustee* *1 HeP-rtiiiU fru-diyterlaa liurcti. again>t petition to prohibit Interment.< In burying groitud on liih tr**t against ttllh tu Kill* belli street - Referred 'J be following petitions w- re rrferred Of manager* of an a "Delation for r?.lief nf respectable indlgut ag?d females, to l.e r listed from asses-im-ir. for paving 3>'tb street aud against constructing a sewer in 3d street, bill of J u. 11ai field. f< r )M4 for flrwwurks, on th-Th of July, at I'< uipain * Square and Harlem ko< extension of sewer tu tilth Street, from --1 to 4th avenCe I'll llgtit liresa street with gas. from Orand to < anat Of rit'xi ii* oi Orern Print. f*r a ferry from Oreen Point to the city of New t ork. Th. f II.,. .,,,?m>,l,< ...#, . L'-nm Ilia ( Itj lupfrfttr in rrlilioii (e tbttbuDi-^bnUlon MtiWshmint* r t emu.. udliu them to tie reinorwd beyond lh? InlkMitJ |> nll?n ii( tlieoity i- mm th* S. r?*?t > urnml?? a?kinyr for an aldltlonal appropriation id fetal. for i xi ciiiiiu 4 the put at III* foot of Liuaiiu elreel Into Hi* North Kirer Adopted. Troiu u?t Mayor, nominating Mfred W Ctaito * encimerln 11m( ro. ton AquitSuct Department Confirmed Kruin tba i mmWIoti.r of N.rewta. for a-ldlng 11 feet to the pier now building at the foot of I ulton ilrnt. .North Utvr. Adopt. <1 The fellow! or report# were wuHniltt*~l ? Of Committee on It. a.!* and i anal*, reeoniin?odlog a e mrnrr' uo with the U>ard of Aaalttant*. for a N*rr in Broom" -tfo*t. from ik-t K!?t to Oilmniiia atreat ? Adopted Of the cpc. tal mmmtttea appointed to eonaid. r tba proportion ?f VV C. I'rrrln. to lay a nttlon of hi* granite block par. an nt In Ur>ad*ay. between lioatic and ( > a, I *tt. > it Adopted Of Committee <>n Sii??t? In favor of *1.1 niug U?y atrvet. fro.-n (ireeti irli to Broadway AdoptaJ Of Committee?n dtrewla, In favor < f aidcnlrz and grading Btooraing.laln r md, frrro Tib ttr. i t to fAMh eireet. and opening and grading 4'tbttr, et fn in Uli "mingdxi 'ro?d to Ath avcnu. Adopted (if the i oMimitloc en Street*. on tb* petition to repair f'utt lith ktrcet. between .Id and 4th atentie*, arall'K to have it referred to thr Cotuntl??iou?ra of Kapa.r and hupplh a. 'I he following report, after *otne dl?eu*?ion. wa* adopt* d l.y a majority ?f 12 to 6 :? The nlnnilttea on l amp* and (in*. to whom wa* referred tlie n-olntion relative to contrarling with (he N.? laitliai LlfM* ompaay for Hah ting the alt/ below (Iranri ttreet with fta. rvtpectfttlly rep .rt: That they have had leeeral mining* In r.-latlt.n to IM? important mhjiet and hava In id eaveral eonfeM tiret v Ith the (Ominlllee appointed on the part-( aid e> n>i any the remit of whlah la eouiaiutd in tli* follnalng " At a mwtlng . f tli# Board of Director* of the New Voik llo I tght I '.oipany In Id SSil June. Idtii It vn l et. | h it the New > orb (tat l.iglit Company agree to make a contract wtih the corpmatlnn of tlie city of New dork, to commence let inly. 1H-4W and tern,mat# the Aih May. ikn* f..r fnmUtiing ih gat and ligclnivipr ami . xtlognltlnnu t'-npulilte lamp* wttbin lit pietent llnilte. oil tliailar In tin and condition* to the contract made wl'h the Manhxttau tia* i Ight linipnny hy tlie corporation of the rity, Ath Mar. IMS and that the fm-'dent he a ilhorlaed tociecuic lame on the | art . f tht* company.'' I hi* remit, the I ooioilltewe would atate, I* widely (HP. rent tr.m lho?e whith were tir*t offered hy the inn IK Mil'o mil iHt'y a r iii|>!i*ii< w wim iim iri|iitntinnlK of tha < ommittaa '1 ha prarant poatrnrt ?lth rahl pnnipany axpiro* In tha 11 ivr ix.'i ) t,j |f h own limitation ami It ia of th? nt Ml llii|i'itttiir? In Ihp rltf. M Wi ll a? to in lifi luitl Ititarirta that a naw pnntran ha pntara I liM bf ani brUirn tl i pity anthortilPK and tha ??lil e inpa iy at. ar i in I y a liny * poa?|h|a. on atmtlar tafma ami ponjtttoaa t'i tl at latply antrrail Into hatwvati tha or|> >rath n ami tlia Manhattan (In Light < omp.ioy. atnl to tohrapp all that fpptltoi of tha city aoiith nf tlia Una i iiihrari it In raid pontrart. In poaplnKloti. your t mmlttpa rnhroit tha arompanyltp proporala nr tha ha*!* for rnch contract ami ffpi n.n ain| tha a<|o|itton of tha folliiirliig Population: ? bmluil 1 hat tha arrompaoy tug prop, aalp t>a mala to tha Ni w I or It ftaa I Ipht t'owpanr an. I If nnraptad hy tham that tha ?atna ha rafarrad to tha ' otinpal of Ilia l rrporatiim a< tha harl* of a Contract ta ha antarr?l Into hatwaan tha May of, A Idriiim ami fomaion ?lfy nf the City ?t Nipw \ or It, and tlia N?? t of It Ua< l.ipht 11 p>| any JOII> W ALLf.*. i r-atatiffpra. hit)HI \ N V1I>KI? J . j T, Dt.VNltt Id I'L LIMA, S 1 The rid contract ?hall W cancelled, and a new cn'rci t entered Into, to continue nineteen yearn from the Ath of Aiay. 1840 Under the new contract, the ' company t-hall tit up and light all the public lamp* rei qui >?d by the Corporation, wherever the pi pea of the company are or ebail be laid, arltbln that part of the city eouiprl?ed between a Hue commencing at the Kaat rtirr. at ihn foot of Grand ctreet. and runuiug through 1 the middle of Gland rtreet to Sullivan etreet, and , through the middle of Sullivan etreet. from Graud to Canal vtreet. and through the middle of Grand and ' l anal etreet. from Sullivan ctreet to the North or Hud-? "? tV>on?,. aliimc (hu Marth ixr lliniunn rlv?P . to the hast river. and from thence along the Hint | river to the place of beginuiug at the foot of Uraud ' street k art river. Si. Korthe light, lighting and extinguishing of the \ , put-lie lamp" within the district above narn-d. tha company shall reoeive tha sum of fifteen dollar* par an1 Mini, for each lamp and for the fitting up of tha same, i the sum of five Uollari. fir each lamp the cost of post, lauti i iis and repair* to bo at tha expanse of the ( .irporatiou as heretofore. 1 3 I lie i orporafion shall liava the right to ordor the i main* of the company to We extended to such points as , th? v mav direct commencingat (irandori anal street, ai d eoutlnulug through each etreat. in regular huc- i i cession to an uuiouut not exceeding tha iium of six ' i thousand dollars, in any oue yar of the continuance | , of thin contract. 4 the no in her of hours during which the lamps ' i ' shall be kept burning in any oue year, shall not exceed s . the aieuigc ii urn bit of hour* during which they h'tvu j t been k< pi burning during the last lira years which is ' Hrcertaii id to be two tbou-and and throe hundred I " , hours. ?hd if a' u y tima tha corporation direct the ' ' lamps to ba kept burning during u greater number of | 9 : hours than the said average above named then the ? company shall ha entitled to claim and racelva a />m * roiu. increased rata of compensation for such greater 1 number of hour* The burners on the publi* lamps | shall lie equal to uu uveiage consumption of three ' ' cubic feet of gus pi r hour. * | 6. I lie ( ompttiy shall hire the right to lay pipes at " any time, within the district nboreuaiiied. upon giving ' notice to the Street l oniruimiouer as heretofore; but 1 8 they sliiill not be called upon to pay any sum to any I I party oi parties for the im per ion of any pavement , 8 which they may huve occasion to replace, to lie subject I , 8 to such ordinances aud regulations respecting pavu- j ' nieiiis. u* the ( onimon Council may from lime to time . i 8 diriet. If) The Corporation sball protect the interests of the i ci in puny by the passage of such ordinances as may be necessary f t thai purpose. | i '? 7. olid it is further agreed, that the said parties of i 8 tha second part shsli aud will mo conduct their mauu- j j 8 factory or inauufaetorie. ut gisso as not to" a 8 null anre. and that they will in all things bo governed 'I by sueh rules and regulations as the said parties of tho 1 first part or their successor*, may from time to thue. | "i pars, ordain anil establi h relative to the opeuiug of ' II sueli sin its or public places, or purl* thereof, and : " laying down the pipes and conductors aforesaid. Y ?. And it is hereby expre-dy provided that nothing 1 * herein contained shall be construed or deemed as granting to the said parties of the second part any tale j ' orexelurive i iglit or privilege, or a* preventing the j 8 vniil panics of tli* ti?i pirt from granting the like '' privih gts a* are h -reby given to the mid parties of the u j n eond part, to any other company, persons or parties n ' what, never. or as preventing an/ pereoa or persons rn" j siding on. or adjacent or neur to. any of the said iitrte In or public, place* or purl* thereof lying south of 0 1 th< line hereinbefore first mentioned from erecting iu 'I i or on bis or tlieir own premises any building or appa' rat us to light with ga* lii* or their own house, at ore. ' ' manufactory er premises. | l?. '1 lie said New Vork Gas Light Company are to 8 I reretve. until the tlrat day of October next, the soar ' ! which tht y now receive fur lamps they now light, an I I fifteen dollars for all new lamps which they may ? t, ' o after winch tluie they are to rtcuire the earn of bfteen a | dollais per yeur for each lamp I 10 The I c rporation shall hare the right to order 0 I the mains of the company to ho extended to such | points below I anal *tioet as they may direct, to au a i amount not exceeding six thousand dollars in auy ono 1 , ! yei.r troin the time of Ihe contract, the company re' serving the right to expend the whole of tlio amiunt 1 in one cr more years. # The question relating to the Hudson River Kail* . way running through thostreets of New Vork having J h< en taken up. there appeared to be a disposition on the f part of some gentlemen not to proceed any further, it j being then 9 o'clock; but a majority wishing to go on , with the discussion, several motions for adjournment 8 were made and lost. ( | The minority, headed by Aid. Schults, then retired I i from tbe room, but there mi ill was a quorum, j 1 Aid then moved that the questiou be fixed for : 6 o'clock, on Wednesday next, to which time the hoard j then adjourned. t Bo*ai> or Assistant Alofkmin ?July 18.1369.?Pre{ : sent, tbe president in the chair, and u quorum of members in their places. B 1 Hruding of the Minute*.?'The reading of the minutes ! of the preceding meeting were, on motion, dispensed 1 with i PfliiiMi,- Of sundries persons, for sewer in 3d street, I fr< m ptli to 10th avenue Referred. ', | Of Alex. Lytel. asking compensation for horse ini ' juri d at.the Astor Place riot Referred, f , Hryvrf of C'ommittort ?Of Committee on Roads and j Cnuals. in favor wf building a well and pump at corner ; of 1 27th street and 6th avenue, with resolution and r ; ordinance the retor Adopted. i Of Committee on Wharves, Piers and Slips, In favor t I of courutring with the Board of Aldermen in resolution s to repair following pier* : Foot of Trey street. N R .at i | an expense of $300 ; pier No 3. K. R , $375 , bulkhead on southerly side of IIroad street, $376 ; pier No. 1U, E. 11 . 6336. 1 his hoard concurs f Of i ommittee on Police, Watch and Prisons, in favor 1 of concurring with hoard of Alderman in resolution to ' j pay John M. Dennett one of tbe deputy keeper* of city , . | Pnsi n two monihs salary, at the rate of $030 per ani uuin '1 his Hoard rnncure. I 1 Of ( ommittee on Streets, in favor of concurring in ! I ri roluli' u and ordinance to fence vacant lot No 381 | J Cli. rry street f. Of same committee, asking to have the matter of ret i Paving of 29th street referred (o the Commissioner of , | ltej airs eud Supplies, and that the committee be din- 1 ? , ebuigi d fiom lurth r consideration of the matter. , , Committee diseliargi d I Same committee, in favor of concurring with the I I Bi ai u of Al Itriuen in a resolution aod ordinance to , ' , Hag side wnik on tbe westerly fide of 6th aveuue, betwei ii 31.?t and 34lh streets?This b ,arl ennsurs l 1 bams commitiee, in tavor of eoonurriog with the I pi aril of Aldermen in resolution and ordinance to lay , a cross-walk from 8 W. corner of Br.vadway and 23d 1 1 afreet, to the N W corner of 6th avenue and 33d * lite t--'I his board eoncure < Paine committee, in favor of concurring, to change i tin t'f IIrv from 24th to *2?>lh itreet? 1 hit I ktMlMMN 1 Of ? oniu.ltt'e on It-.-pair? and Supplier, In f??or of 1 concurring anh llo'trJ of Aldermen 111 an appropria- , tine of f" IDO fur the piirpnee of paying the axpaueo of ' met. tig a l>uil<Jiit|[ for Mo<h ward police station mar I ; Jefleit oil iiaikit at corner of Anion street and Orwn- i VMItMH CMNNldlh I 1 Oft ouinittte* on flrx Dapartaiit. In floor of coneuritng in resolution to girea contract for ball i?>r 1 liiki t III Jd ilflnl, 10 (itu iiurbeok Jr Mr Burbeok I prt poses to ra-t the b? II which la to weigh h UJiyhi ,fnr ( 'i.'i cents p> r pound and to guaranty tbo ball for one ) i mi ?'I his board cow-urn. | I I'apif /???? (Ac Hoard of Jlldrrmtn ? fVtltinn of J. D. I Psi-l -ml clhirs, reporters io tha Board of Aldermen, , for belt-r accommodation* for bearing tha pr >o?adi IiiK* i f ll.a board. Deferred to tha C ommittal- on Pub- ' lie (>thc?? aiid Repairs, with power rtnsb -ardconcur*. >< a< lutlon to raiaa ibn crom walk at tba corner of l*tlnce and Thompson street* fnneurredin Alio concerning tba passage of raaolutlnn. authorising the tilling to of Mghtaeuth atrvet. fraa ita pre aant 11 rmiiiatioo to tba exterior lino of tha bulk bead. I air* ad) built Also, to light llanry. Madiaon and Monro* at rest* t ltli|ia< aua instructing the Superintendent of Latupa ai d was to carry tha iamr Into atfaot forthwith. I hin b< ard concura In a resolution to appoint \bm> ] bam H. Hoxls n Comniiaatonar of Commou School* In j tba t ourtrriith *nrd, lu plaea of Abraham Bell, who ilirlirn to '|iialily Alao a resolution fixing tha aalary of tha second an- 1 dltor lu tha ( ouiptroller a otlloa, at tha rum nf fviu par < nnni-m Tba aula on thla quest loo waa afterward* ra- ] considered. and an motion una e-nurr-d In A r**o- j lulloo *a? I hi u adopt i d In compliance with the for mar rraolnti- n. but substituting Aaalatnat Auditor," j * In plaea of" Srcood Auditor.'' Ilaaoiutit-n calling ou tha Street Commissioner to > put the ri grading and paring of South, between Pike I ai d Vaikt-t atretta, under contract forthwith. Con- | ruirrd In. . j ken liition filing tba aalary of the Map Clark in tha ( StrreM inaiiasioui r'a (iflice at iit hundred dollars.? i wnm d tn. ' keroiutl n to replace tba worn out hsnchr* on tha llailary. i oncurrad In. t o/ /bimaw i Krmarnt - Tha f -Mowing preamble and resolution rama from the Bi-ard of Aldarnicu, and, on i motion, im concurred in : ? W here a*. I ha public hare bean Informacl through ? the eolomna ol tba oleic pre**, of tha death of ha blare and heroin Col. Duncan, whnaa daemon and success. na nn officer In the lata Mexican war. h trc 3 I lair pad him aa one of those Whoa* nam** it I dell leal 1 ?l'h tba history of our country ; a-id aa our city cm- f l ru t ft rgat her raprawntativca. either upon the battle. I ^ field or in tha council i f the nation therefor, be It lluultrd I bat. In keeping a lib tha above expressed ' sereins of tba her-ls dead.and tha high aatimatlon In " nbieh wa hold thn?* acrrlcwa, a eommittaa of three ! | of I hie body be appointed, to hare lite remain* brought j to thla city, and tha proper tactimoulala of repeal bo paid union are uuti in in- pxhiiimi worm and melt a* . a n publican vldor ami cttlien I he committee of ' the lloaidef Aldermen cun-l*ta of Me**r? K mil*, tjard '' ml luger-ol ; ami of tin Hoard of Areirtanl*. Merer*. f< j Inn kite * rano and In moan j A reeolutlnn frmn the Hoard of Alderman. to ?l*y ' j, pron i ijiiiiii* Id Ibn tiMtrr of ilm opening of Waix.r rtrn'l, -. on uiotlou. n rut-ran -urnd in l irmmntiiia/ii'tit ?t A cnmmunle itlon " ! ?* nnlnU from the l ommlmlener, kahmit! ting f r " r.iniltiaiioii and approval eatlmate* for buildi tug rener* In Vth arena* between 3uthnnd;ttth *tr*?t?, ! and in U<1 avenue, between il.ld and dtith street* Ofi d? ri d on Dir. ' A |i|iori liniment li?t? for filling *unken lot* between 31"taud i"t? and 5th avenue. and Broadway. A cr.iiuniiiil a'inii fro n the Street < iiiiinlndnne r wa< N IMrlri il and adopted by the Board of Alderm-n and "tut ihi nee to tin* Board, reporting tbat Um land in . j lidth "trert. betaceii Hitti avenue and llarleru Klrrf, .. ha* been conveyed lo t hi* < nrporatlon upon condition tbai a country roadehould bo wo, kid therein. with ih* revelation to carry th* "ane Into effect The matter war n fi tied to a r pedal committee of three A communication ?ai neetred fr >m tha t'omptoller. a*klng for the appointment of a joint romniitlra on account* to raamin* tb- account* of hi* departmi nt for the montb up. to the 4th of July A ci inniiinicatlon ? ? noticed from tha fity To. "pu lor, in n latu n to the bona boiling f*tabll*hra*nti In the upper pari id tha rity. and other buaiOeaa d.-tri- H nimlal to tin public bialiti. with revolution from lha Braid of Aldeinun to appoint a committee of three froni i?ch Hoard to Investigate the matte, and report Ji immediately Thia Board concur* The eoiniultteo rnnrtvt* of Alderwi. n t lark Jack ton and Hnlton, and Arrlctant t Mermen fit ad y k'errt* and Atnrlevant 'I h? Board anjourned a' n'el ich, fir cant of a l|UI I liUI 1 mcuiiHH' imuvm Ravages ?r the Cholera.? It will be seen by our telegraphic report that the cholera is making frightful ravagea at Montreal und Quebec, and that Lord Elgin, considering Ins position, has refused permission to the troops to retire to a more healthy location, though advised to do so by the medical faculty. The telegraphic report of the cholera in the different parts of the conttneni will be found on our first page to-day. Appointment* by the President, Washington, July 18, 184$. The following executive appointments Lavs been announced to Uuy Nathan Sargent, Recorder in thoUencral Land Offloet vice Laughlin, removed. Samuel Rodger*. U. S Attorney for the Eastern District of Teunesxce. vice I.yon. reigned. Jaime M M'Lean Land Register at Talostine, Hit. noie, vice Harmon Alexander. removed. George Wade. Postmaster at Bridgeport, Cenn., vice Barnum. removed. Nathaniel O .'.'.archill. Collector at York Maine, rloe Joseph P Jenkins. removed. Joseph Oakes, Cc Hector at Alexandria, Va , rice Edward'Ortuu, removed. Tnincndoo* Mi'e In Allr^iinr.y Cltjr. Pittsburgh. July 10? P. M. A tremendous Sro is now raging in U'eghany city, uud already rome twenty-five to thirty buildings are in ashen, including L>r Sc. Ifl's church. It is impossible, at preM nt, to tell where or whenjlt will stop, as no water is thrown to stay i! < progress?in consequence of a disagreement between the firemen and the city councils, who refused the um " -ary appropriation for repairing the engiues. A number of companies from Pittsburgh are oo the spot to r u ler assistance, but the mob will not allow them to work. Thirty houses, at least, hava been destroyed. ANOTHER DESPATCH. PlTTSBl'UOH, July 10?8 P. M. We are sorry to say that the authorities have found necessary to cull out the military, to enable the fire de- " pertinent of I'ittrburgh to)do effective service in quelling the lire ut Alleghany ( ity.aud protect the lives of tlio inhabitants. Great Fire ut .Unucli Clttuik, Pa. Pmi.Asri.i iiiA, July 10, 1817. By the way of Pottsville, we Inaru that a very destructive fire broke out nt Muuch Chunk, about nine o'clock on Sunday mnroiir; The largest portion of the business part of the town was burned?intludiug the court houre and jail, hotel, and thirty stores and dwelling*!.Among the buildings destroyed were Beahm's storo and four dwellings. Dryson Si Williams' d'y goods store, Polk's drugstore, Fisher's store-house, dwelling -Re., Packer Hi Oliver's shoe-store, Judge Packer's store, Sic. The loss is estimated ut $150 000. liiurdtr at Maiitrcala Mostrcal, July 10. 1819. A man named was killed on Saturday last, by an Orangeman umned Fit mlng against whom a vcrdiut was rendered by the Coroner's jury. A Man Murdered. Baltimore, July 10 1819. Mr. John D Puck a rcsp-otable clerk in tho Baltimore and Cuba Copper Smelting Works, was shot through the hi ud lust night, while engaged in writing, lie expiied almost immediately. Thu murderer hag not been discovered. Ai r? at of a Murderer. Philadelphia, July 10, 1819. Joseph Rover has been arrested, at Cincinnati, for tbe murder of Abraham Reed, in Kensington, about eighteen months since. He has confessed his guilt. Kallronil Accident. rtULADKLMIIA, J u'.jr 10, 1840. A man (name unknown) coming up on the ears from Nesheing.1? day. f.-U off and ?i run svit by the train. He was cut nearly la two, and died in a few mlnntee. Jlarheti. New Ori.kanI, Jniy 12,1040. There wae a fair demand for cotton yesterday, though the heavy ralur somewhat restricted traneactlona. The iale. were about 1.4(0 b.lee. Price* taken in fat or of the seller, though without any marked change. We luote middling at 7,t?o to 7fca Freight* continue teady. at $1 60 per bole for eotton to New York; ami ?c per lb to Havre Rate* to Lirnrpoul remain about the same, with moderate engagements. Albany, Jnly 10-1 P. M. Receipt* since Saturdayr?Klour, 17,000 bbls.; wheat, 2,000 bushels; corn, 43.000 do. Albany, July 10-0 P. M There has been a fair demand for flnuv, to-day, and we notice sales of 1..VK) kbl*., including common State tnd mixed Western at ft 60 a S4 <SJ (,; straight brands lo do. at 04 021? a $4 75. and pure dsn**** at 06 12 k $6 25 In wh'-at tbsre were sales of 2 500 bushels . enesee at $1 17. For corn there Is a good demand, [hough the price* area trifle lower The sal ? are 0 000 lushel* tound yells- et54'Ic Oat* are in good danaud and niarkst firm ; about 12.000 bushel* changed lands at 32H a 33c Sales of Ohio and State priaon shiskry are making at 23>?e. Bcksalo, Jnly 10,1040. Rrcrlpt* by canal since Saturday ?Hour, 0.500 bbl*.; ehsat, 7 000 bnshrW; corn. 40,000 do, In flour there la k good burlue*. d< lug, and the sals* arc 3,000 bbl* .at M 24 for common Michigan and f4 37,'. a f44t for doOhio. The operation* In wheat are 2 '00 bii-hel* Ohio* prime quality, at tOn. The demand for corn Is active, knd the transaction* embrace 30 000 bu-hel*. at 43c. n i4e. for mixed W estern. Freight* are, for flour, to A1 lany, 64c., and corn fi'.'c. Shipping Intelligence. N?w Oiliaii. Jnly 11. A relied. 1< th-St? imsr Falcon. New York, fia Havana. 4th--SMi>* IMana. Boston; 1st, Visksbuig. N York. Ths tsik Ni'iiab' Sis nrr ak Galveit n frow NYvtk, sn ihe 7th. Borria, Jaly 10. Arrived?Ship Ailiaaee, Newport, Wales, Jans I; brig* Isstoa. Haifa*, 13th imt, 1' R Ultchhora, And Thomas h. KdwAid, Philsd"l| his. Brig 1!ae.?rn,ar, Bilbo* Ayrse. May It Spsks J ids 4,1st 17 3b 0. Ion 34, bark Wm S-hro Her. frrni Sslem for Rio ir.nde; Wth, lat It .10, lea 50. bark Emma, from Bath fsc larhadees. Cleared?Baits Jrbn Parker, California; I.vsaadar. r a tare a Aleerea. Mfrleans; trig Samuel Pillar, R ilaaiagtsa, Me. At Craaeiadt, Jnna ?>, Na'haa Oinaaa. A rente, and taaloa. for N York. Id j: Medora Attica, Templstaa, and PatnrloAT for Hot. a, bit; M innecinee. ThorailiSie. and 7. D. ana. Bpokta?July ?, Ut 17. Ion 7V ahip Kbol*iu, from NOr HM MMMMM Mi lot 3.1 1.1, Ion ?' t 77, ickr Eliaa. Von Mnkilo for PhliadalpMa; lllh, l*t ?, Ion 71 4S, ahir Darriabutt, htaet far SiOrloaaa. StiM, July It. Arrirad?Srhr Juliaa Pringln, Phtladalphia, Sailad ? Hrl* Hamilton, Africa; achra Southerner, and Dennark. Philadelphia. Mark Clark. NV"rt. )Atb? Arriaed?Bark Artiea, Arm, Africa. May 2?. I,?fl ritf kiiMM'l, fr <m Beaton f t tho Inward?>only Am ?|<?I. trig SBithtteld. for wiodwar.1, lid lllh. Spnka July 10, lat A .17. Ion OA t<\ bna Four Brothora, from Philadalphia for laibadoaa, Joly IS, lai AV l?. Inn AA IA, bark CatlalU. <A day* ram fork for N Vafi. with aaiiyranta, and an; piled htr with raad Nailed from Panda llrad. May 10, ship Rawditrk and bark lata llaatinya. for Boa ton. At St Ja?o, IftU alt, Adrla, from Philadelphia. Ptotinrari, July It. Arrlrrd?BtI* Virtaria, Philadelphia; arhra fa A Pyof>rd. Jitnra Knar. Una Worth, Bait mora; Woreoatar, Datld irarola, Oaora, Arotra, Ninetta. and Samoa) MeDowal), al' ram Philadelphia. Kamblar. R indent; alnop Capital, Albay; I Ac ta, anhra Pahaenok*, Snlfulk. \ a; I. brrty, Philadaihla; Koaa ia Bloom, Rondnat. Sailed?Sthra Praia, Bnlllmoro; Thomaa Fraarr, and FloIda, Philadelphia. Niw llar.roan, July IA. Sailad ? Brig Cyme, California. Bct.t.lTA*. Mo, Joly H. Sailad?Srhr Mad*(aeear, Mefariia, with yreaitc, for tba 8 Dry Dwk, Brooklya. NY., July 7. Arrlaad?Bn? M hlrart, Jaokaoirillt) loth, brig Fruiliar^ If ark. rnirnii.!, rei.ra; llirrtV, ha; Tih. hri* North Carolina, I'; l(Hh. brkft arbiter. llaltiuiore. n?Roo?, Inly IS. Armad - r.?rk t.lencoe, NYork; ?-hr Yankee Hero. Ilai.i.owot.t., inly rt. Arrlead?fehra ( online, NVotk; 12th. Billow. Baltimore. Bona, July II. Arrleed? llriy John * Dow. Parioo. P?n??t, iolyli. Arrierd Briya ( lio, MaUnraOj Ooaen, Baltimore; Rlin. oaun; eehr litietn, do. Nmntfif, illy U. Arrired- Brly 7.?o..bta, BoranoN; trhre Doepateh. an ? to, Philadelphia, iolioA North*, Nondniil RoctroAT, i?ly II. Antred -Behr Nojot Rio?oU. Philadelphia. Boar M teniae, iol? II Arrle?d~S?Lr Toatlo, New York.