Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 18, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 18, 1849 Page 1
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/ I np = = NO. 6f>20. LETTER FROM GENERAL CASS, RELATIVE TO ' The Wilmot Proviso, Internal Improvement*! A Protective TarifT. A?. [From the Washington Union July 17 ] DkthiAi July IO,18(P Di:a? Sir:?I hoi much obliged to you tor the extract* you hate cent uie. aud tore*.ting my alteutt >o to the remark* of si-me of the whig paper* upon a I. tter from the editor ot llm New \ ork Caurtrr and ftayuirrr pub llahed iu that journal a rboit time fine - and ill wbi-h au eflert i* mude by those paper* toeouvlr.L uie of iu- I sincerity I am rure you wlil bear uie witness ihit I i hare beeD heretofore pretty patient under similar at- I tucks, aome i f thein a-- return kahle for ttu ir rlrubointi M for their false bond remarkable even in this couutry, where political investigati in ?r-- so pr?mi t-> degenerate into personal abuse; and < had ?ui>p -s-d. n th-i motive had parsed away with th? oc- a inn that I should be allowed ajreasonsblc m-asure Ofjutlee b, OUT' pponcuts, eteu if uiy opinions or course ahoulil h? deemed worthy of ezauniiuilnu but the re-uit shows 'hat I liare been deceived; and a* no ooiisldi ration* of propriety connected with my posit 1 -u now loih j me from defending my consistency I cbn.-se to do -o in ihe present instance not only became the chugs In speciously priferred. but because it ls calcula ed to place ine iu a false position belt re the public. i hare delavtd writing to yeu for aonio -lay* a-vaitiu-r tlie return ot I el VV'ebb who ba? g -ne on au excursion to the I. i-p< r L al: a- I did uot w-stl to refer to htin tbue publicly ? ^ t a previous conversation with him; hut be liar et returi a), nor do I huo-.v when I be will, and He I a. unwilling to bo ?uhj"Ct to such Imputations, without applying 'lie proper corrective, I have deterniined to delay tbir auewer bo longer I have , known Col Webb trout bin boyhood, ami hare never ciared to enleeui hii-i Our pers ual r> la'iom have always been kiud. Divid-d iu politics, we have not ceased to be fi h r Jr, and be will be He much surprised Wr I war nt the di- trigeminus efforts to convert bis letter If to the proof of luy laconalrteucy a.1 lieu. 1 am jruiv. that n> vcr occurred to biuj Not hi ,g I rum ta this letter will be culled in question bv Colonel Webb; and 1 uiay ndd that Mr ore-ley'* r-n.ark- are written iu no unjust spirit; and tbougn I oanu >t -.iiuiend hi* care to at>cerialu the tiutli i do not condemn the spirit tf his article Whatever his brethren of tbo *vhf? press tpiy do, I believe ne is disposed to do 1114 , jot-tlce. I am accused of inconsistency, amounting to disho- , r.e.-ly in my opinions coi.cer.iug a protective tariff. Internal iu.piow mi ut". and the ex'eu i u "f slavery ( The first I shall dismiss very brielly but very explicitly. The Baltimore revolutions uouiaiu my senti.iieots on dhe subject of a tariff; ai-dmi her to ol. Webb nor to any oilier man have I utteri d a wor I inc -n-u.scent -with tbi m 1 voted for the taiiif of lS4o. aud though thire were some things I should have He u glad to sea otherwise, (and wheie are there uot 111 such compli- i grated qntetlor.s .') yet I gave It my hcattv xupp ut. I Offer t xchi pfcd a woi(1 with ol. Webhou th.< subject of a pr-tbrtlve tariff in n y lifs Nor d ies be say I did V by be supposed I tavored it 1 know not II la enough te say lie is In error, a all are who form a similar opinion. in the course of conversation between Col Webb and myself. I referred Io the la-t I'resblenlisl context; and to tbe palpable injustice which ha' beeu d?ne mu l.y the whig press and politicians, iu holding up my letter to the I liicago convention as au evliteuoe uf uiy hostility to all improvements, however geuerd and ueoussary, hy Cwugre.,* uDd lo my letter to \lr Nich >l?in, as evidence ot ray desire that alavery sh ml I he established in the territories CI led b.T Mexico to the L ulled Stairs I calhd these elf.-ris the humbugs -if the day, as they were, aud must now be confer ed to have been by eve 1 y candid nan In ueithei ot these letters. Is them to be bund one syllabi- lavorabh to the cunM ructions thus put up 11 them Ihe I-iter te ihe < hie ago convention makes Dot the most distant allusion to Ibe que-tion i-t internal iiuprovninenis. A person may b- ibe greatest laniiidi'ia ihu or the strictest constrnctlai.ot, and yet have written that letter with pirfect consistency, simply bc-au-e all it does is toiiecline being present ou that occa-ion. Tbe letter to N-r Nicholson exa-i-uu a an-J deuiea the power of Congress to |-as- the Wilmot I'roviio. and eudeavoia to show that tbe mea-ure woul-l oe inexpedient and unnecesssiy 1 vi n if It ?i re c 11s it 'hi-Is its extent There i* not In It tr--ui begin- log to end, one word going to show my oplnb-n was that slavory would he established there or my wish that it should be cetablhhrd thi re Ml this w'lii surprise many go-id men whoyet retain the lmpres i->ns they received during a period of excitement, and which they gained from the press too often pursuing its object without regard lo the nigber considoratious of justice Let him who tlOtlUl* riiai | rij (III me suujct;!. (M IU--W tiitih. Iulu to tlicm and read lur hiuivlf t'u the lt> uui tu the teatlmony. I will now a?k Mr (lr*?l-y ? f<T I respect hi-cmdor ? what liar iny it tter to a gertlriiiau * h luvi'.ej iue to Attend thr i "Llor?^?> convention. todowitli my opinions upon tht subject of internal inprurruiril)! I was asked t# attend liiat |uair|lii?; and lhat *a?all I was Ark* d I answer* d I (li >ul<i U 't ai'ei.d. a id i hat was All I anawi red. And yet this an*?i r, nr I hare stated, war circulated from one and of iho I uton to tile o her, during I lie lale presidential contest a' C 'iieluMre evldenoo of my hiaitllity to any 'uiprot-ui.ut be the general government la* the of the hj -ct what it nnpht I had suppo*. d that the device nad ?ervod ita purpose and was h.h tig 'he thing- t tat hava h< en I.itt'e did I antlci,'sti that a in.u at .'r urealey'a Intelligenre at d reputation tor Integrity would retire thlr exploded rhacge and would refer to that letter As lurni hiug any Index to try rauliinanta ?n tbir subject. or Any ground to convict ma of Inconsistency iu ray act* 01 opinion*. I did not go to the Chicago convention b aeu-e I did not think aDy good would tevuli tin.a It- lab .rr I did r.ot beli* ve nor do I now believe. 'hat roc i b idler, in period* of political vxrlieAisat?peeliapa Ind-ed. at aay period?either by the concentration o. pub.ic opinion or by the diffusion ol inforniAtlou eau I-ad to Any u?eful plan of action. Invited a* the member* of ttat eonventlr-ij were, from every portion of tbe Union. the Sphere of ( peta'.ion waa far too rxteurive fur alec and 'cautious drills ration and deiisioo t'her* were too many interest* Involved II general propositi.m only Are to lie lanl down in such a couventiou the nbieot ta not worth the i ffort ; tor In tba divided i>te'e of tho public mind upon the question. platform might be adopted the opinion at partial, and generally of individual*, would remain the ante If A general plan of operations l? to be proposed and pr-med up in ' otigres*. the olij rtion- are palpable and grave 'I be membere are under ll'tle responsibility; and aa each section ?f the country will beve Its uwn ob Jects to attain. the*c n.u-t lie aitaib-d by coueeeelooa to the objects of others, and the rtsult will furui-b evidenee of a mo tin. I spirit of accommodation rather tbaa A eautlcu* rtgard for the general latere-1. Such an atrtn blag.- ia a vtry ditf- rsut thing trout the attempt to conet ntiate opinion and action in later of any Irnprovi rasnt afT* ctlug a particular portion of tha Onion, vhere there lea r'-tuniuulty of luf iriri .ten and interest aid where there 10 no weighing ?f one proj-at against another, nor any sacrlttoes to tnture the d-aired re. ult And I am fully confirmed In n>y previous anticipation* cramming the* hte?go t no utl-v I imagine the first n in I yet to be found who will ventbie t***y that any Mfvantag- ba? re-alted ft >111 its tabor* Hat I bed yet at..Mb* r rraom for < lining to attend that aonventinn. I did aoi tike n* origin t'he earliest notice i f It whb h I >* s?- ia*H t. ?f with th* BiOisa of ?< me well kntien whig* p I lent poll, t irtan* of the city of New \ or it a id I h-lleied and I have yet no reason to d' tiht that a* g?ae'. obj tl vm to injure the docrstir part * t.? ta-ln* a-lvautege of tbe eiottenient which pr tatlesi to r- r'a u getlwa* of the country In eon?*t|U*n*?e of the fa line of two r.iocevrlve ints rnal Improvewient bliU and I ha*? slice tJDdi th -ugh I rami ? ..rh ( tr lb.- la dial uab waa 'h' arl ial Intent..-a and that tha uio^-t-dlog* of tha mniantl-n i.J ni>> a- uniad ? parly character and b'?n dir..-tcd to ii.i* it;*-- l.t i i,ul tha <li -Ign haan fruatrateit by th.- of iba dtaii.M latlc mi n-bi-ra | Nim b-r llraalfj will uiid>r?tinj whr I <1li1 not alKnd tbla eunrmiloa Hut I ?r*.int on.J lit iwki mj i pltil- n< on lh|a In my tattar, whlrti la wholly ail nt .-n 'ha *?j . t an I o.. in my paarh" ? anil antra in Ilia ..n.ia nf 11? kl''d 4'ataa. I Militant abig po.l'.rlau* ah in I miiM u?m< nut thai ll Would ba to d ?>>. war? iimia l to at* tar.d that hlcagn r oncanth n hut tin. h. r nioarrd nor at'andad I lb-light It Ilua lolaa a*i"l* "an a U" Inwl'rit Bia |n ackU'.wlrdg i hi* at'-?l "n a nl did ?o. An.l th?? ?. t f n uili *t ai itra ihi .uly diflaranra Imtwai n tny?a f and ntm r- h*. b an inaua tba ta*t Inmli wkikri n.y n'mi- ai - 'n b? >1" dui -d, I and l y ali'.h my It-r -n 'l-l--m-y i ?> ? - a...I () tba quaatlon of tba poaar of tin I hlla.l * a.**Omr the ?ahjirt of imp irtrant*. my ul'iu -nti rain arm'dama alth ih- ? >.f i h? < <1-hio a in party, and am fully a?pr.--i?a.| iu ilia rat'dth -u-. of tlta nailimora " nrentlnn In h> w.inl? i ana ..f tna.n r*> ?f.lut|i>n* I b?llata lha' tba anWaittulliwi w n-.ta > far on Ilia gonial gntarnm.-iit tna po?.a torn nmauna nd rairy in a g*naia|.y t nt wl ia?--riial liwgr .ra *n> nt no mat. lirli.g ba* tin. r-gtil t?. gain?ay tbla am nfiiD tlut at lha .an.a lima I Intra uaraa <llaprint tba right it > nngr* w to -mpr..?a *n on of lua grant hatt.i rr and rlmt i(4 takag nf tba I ll-a national la ibrlr rharactar, and tm.i ttmit In ih-o.iagnrtca and anma nt than t > tha <|. f. u?r of ..iir country \t hilr tha datum, ratio pary d< uy I hr pa War M dat|a? and rarry on a ?n*t ay?t. n. >-f '.par ?i| .n. wb-.-a |.*rtiniary oliant no ma a ? and Miimii wratf, whiwo air, a--* m- m. i| in lint l-al-. Itllirf *> OUt III tl I Kill. I ?.. It. 111" III,Ml * iinwn apprt haunlm thaymat n*j, r y . I that pnr'j, In dud marl) all nf il ha? nit . ,i. i r |, ,, H, *?,,r(v prtaii<na ja-tiliad t.y th* ,i?uwt-i?nn-? ,.f podli-ia and tin portal, m* 'ImoM at Ih* iuif tmm th?i | la. clatad my adhmlob l? tin- r+" ?t?? 1 n- .f ih- Baltimore CiatratlM I ?iiti-1 alili I-Ijiial ? ,<tl it III f,,r lm|, iu th* ftanate providing f'<r 'ha m pr .? amat river*, and harbor*, rtid laka- and ?<|t* ? al b> It p ? ?%*. In my ?*at, ai d thm In praalaalj ?r>* matin why | arnuaa many nf lb? whig papar# and poll'lrl 1 n , id di-in^anuuu-kiia, or rti> hlng ai r a In t nrllo^ 11,1 my I hiragn ! lirr. wblrh nikldwil nut a * ,rd at* it,# *ut>Jaat. *0 proof at mi h?till!) to a" ih* Irllnl of i n*. gr*?? In ?b# Vtrj fai r nf my nfAfnai amir-a a id nf my I'Obitrly dirlarod tiphhiM. iini my im? lima ?? Hunt i t Mont nf lb* prnminaut man of nwr party who abila Ihi) bald to 'ha dnattliia* nf tbn r*aola<l?B# h-ld li*o*la to tha p.,war nf apaaial lapl>iatn.n and antad fur fha lama Mil* I dn not kitnw. ludi-ad <k*l ihnrn II pfagl* ifarator ?hn tit am* to ( ( ? * all n??#r l i l? , gtaiat* ar?r tbla waiter lartaiaiy Mr. ' alboun data a W YO VIORNING EDITION?WEI E NE ] i.ot ?bo adopts thr wlioli'inmr doctrine of strict const-notion I am i?ui ll is difficult tod-aw a practical line at all t irnes beta-ecu objects that ought aud that 01 gbt not to engage the attention of Congress; audi thiak therefore. looking to Ibe abu-e to which the whole subject Is liable that the effort ehnul.l be to uarrow and not to t d large. the circle of powers and such 1 understand to bo the ro ws of tho democratic party 'J'lie ctb< r proof of iusim erity. as I hare already slat. (i. is drawn from the fact, that iu my letter to >tr. n I took ground against the H'llmot proviso, cxrludirg slavery by law from th? territories and now btlirte that slavery, with or without that restriction, will uot be established there Anl the wond-r Is giavi ly expressed how 1 could write that letter, and the letter of three lines to the Chicago convention, and y<t cluiiu the character of an honest man! It is a moch uraver wotiut r to lae how intelligent editors of public paper.-, whose iutluciice ou pu lie opiuinM is so pi at. should venture ihu-to d. el. or. n Willi a political o| ponect in litter <Msri paid of his true position It will not surpiitc you hut it win uaany who bare viewtduiy course only in a party aspect to be told that in that very letlrr to vlr Nicholson I expressly stated so) opinion tob.. that slavery would never extend t >California or .New Mexico ; and tliat ' t be inhabitant* of those regions, whciher they depend on their ploughs or their herd.-, can uot te< .1st .holders " I quoted with tuil hppiobulion tho opinions of .ir Buchanan a id of Vr t? siktr, the former of whom *ay? : -It is morally impossible, tl.i refore that a majority of the emigrants to thul portion oft be territory south-if 3d deg hum in will ever re-eatabii.-h slavery withiu its limits'' ilr Walker maintains that, "beyond the llio del Norte slavery will not pa.a tint only because It is loi hidden liy law, hut hccuU c the col. r. d ra. e there preponderates in the ratio i I I. s to one or. r .h" whites and holding as thy il?. ihf govei nmsiit and most it iho others in their porse*sl?u. tbi y will not permit the enslavement (it any portion of the colored roan which m*ko* arid executes Iho lawn of the country." Ami to tbtse remarks i add: The qu< ition. it will thereftie he Min on examination. doe* not regard the exclusi< n if slaviry fioui a ri glnn where it no.v exhi*, bo' a prohibition it s in trod nation where it doe* hot cxi.?t and wlicin. from the feeling* of the lulivbi'ants and the law* if nature "it is morally luiposeible." a* Mr lluchanan says," lhai it eau ever ruj establish itself " I have never uttered to a bv?"lt being a sentiment in oppoMition to i hcsi) r!((1 J Subsequent eVeDt*? the event* lu>lbt>?!. of ovury day? confrw their justice, and render it itnpoisible that slavery th-uld bv te-cUbll.-bed in thy rtv'.n Ct ded to 'd* i>y v i xico Such i* the geUerui opluien in the nonhlMYv;?<4oil'g ?mvft iui Mhairv m?ot nunc lied to the d f pi utilises of the coustituliou ami mo.t du'ermintd to lna.ntain them; and I do not doubt but that there arc many persona ill the Southern Stale* who roust the W iluiot proviso with ail th' ir power, a* offensive to the ti cling* and injurious to the rights, of iha South hut who (till believe it is a question rattier of principle than ol action, and that ctrcuin-laiioes are preparing au exclusion which Con^rct* baa uo right to pronounce. In the view beta taken, the effort to engraft the Wilmot I roviao upon an act of Congress even if Congress had the requisite power, is a Useless attempt to direot the it "islam n of the country to an object whiah would he just a* cer'ainly atiaiued without it if Cougresa have not the power, a* I believu they have not, io common with a laige portion of the people, it brcuiues worse than useless by beeoniing uncuustuutioual ? /ud ih udditieu i* peculiarly offensive to one-half of the State* of the L'uion. who see iu it an atli nipt to circum-cribe their rights uud to mortify their pride of character. No man cau look at j the signs if the times with >ut Icing satisfied that the prosecution of this question is prouueiug the worst state of feeling ; and though I trust that Impp'-n wLat may our southern brethren will slid cung to tha Union equally their ark of safety and ours, still 'here in evils iholt of a separation wlnoh every good uilixsa should srek to avoid He should in k to atoidalloo. caslona of unfriendly feeling*; io avoid a* far as uiay b( the agitation of questions hostile to the *< ntimeuta or iuterests of different section* ot the country, aud thus tending to ariay one of them against au->ther. 1 h< re is enough paxsing in th? I >ld World ?aud if ttiura were not. tbeie is euough passing around u- to teaoli us the inestimable value of our institution* aud that the e oupht not to be bazuriled by ititerua! disaeusiou*. a" unnecessary in their origin as they are portentous la their conreqnepci S 80 niueh for tlie expediency of urgiag a measure thus adv 1 rated and oj posed But beyeud tliis question is a still more important one in a constitutional government, and ihat is the power 1 f Congrri* to legisiato over the rubjict; and this must be setll> d al/irinatlvi ly before the propriety of legislative action ran be .... I .... ..... n.'.r 11... .. . m lit I have already tuurhi J upon It iu nij letter lo N,r Mcholixin. attd I vhall probably have to u^p ir> t nit j of iprtMiPK my Brniiui< nt j uiore fully ?i tba nt'll lenl'it of Congrvr* I rtjHil content myself with presenting a fair gex-ral Mi *i Ks here a* the subject Itaii lu my way There la oue Impoiiaat aoncldi-ralion which meet* ui at the T?ry threshold ot tbia Inquiry; ih?r? I* no egpr.-aa power iu I uu;rr?i. to legislate OTer tb*, t* be found In the cnstiiuiion, for I believe it i? uu* generally c"or? <1i <1 ui indeed it must kr the pi.itcr to di*p< no of and make ueedful ruler and regulation* tor ibe territory and otlier property of iba L nit. (J 8tafea, contain* to grant of political power our perron* upon ruck property, either within or ? 'bout the respective State*. And if it doe* In the oue. it n.u.t in tbe other, tor tbrs# word* are eijualiy applicable to the territory and otLer property ol tba I nlied Slate*, wherever eituaied But thi re are *oine fire or tlx pro*ieleu* lu the eoualitutiou whence tba power I* sought to be deduct d ? *oine perron* deriving It frdu one claure. a. d et.we from auolher, bile acb I* more fortunate lu almwiug where It d >e* not than where it doe* ell*t Tn*e**rct # of a great political power like tbl* by a kgialalor*, deriving it* existence from a wrltti u lu iruuit nt ought not to depend on ?tirb loore eonsliuclioti* Nothing *bow? tb* w? li-gn und< d d< ubt* revpcctiug thi* power better tnaa the very uncertainty In which we are law l?ed in tb* endeavor to maintain It hy an eiprrw con-titutiwual grant Ai.jl uu wonder that bow, when pi cullar oircu instance* bring i bl* qucrtiou more forcibly (ban ever b< Itie the country the true foundation of tb* power *].< uld l>e lev .rely inveitigated (g. i bo*e who maintain tbe right of t nngre** to paar the YVIlniut proviso. murt maintain not only the rlgnt of b< dy to eetabheb government*. and lo provide tor tin lures* ill on ol legislation oyer the publm territory, wfilih Ir utie Ihiui;, but aim tbe power to direct all lb# Internal tetrltorlal legislation at It* plea*ure. without regard lu the will of the peopt* to b* ulb . led by It, wbicb I* auolher and ijiilt# a different thing I vhall not euter Into any *ubiiatl*? touching tbe condltloii of novrreignly. or the right*it bring* with It Dial Mibjrrt was a good deal d-bated at the la*t Muk n of l ungrer*; but It bad baeu already exhausted In lb* diecuerdou* previously to our revolutionary etiupgle We are sovereign. Hard the llrttieh govei nr.i nt to tbe colonies and way legislate over yen a* we pl< w*e I ou are worn i*n said our father*, and may establish governm* nt* . but you bare no right t* Intertr le by your legislation. In our Internal eoucera*. Swell IrgiMBiion without reprw.entat.on Is the eery e*?r nre ol despotism 1 bl* dispute divided ewe woiplra u* take oare that a similar a -uwptiuu of power d. i e i ot illvti.'v another Here I tngis-es any power t? legislate over the tcrrltorlrif 1 raid in my lrtt< r ta '.ir Nicholson. How lor an eil.tii g nrcierlty I: ay have operan d In pruduoing thi* ligreiatn n and tliu* hy ratuer n violent IBipl ratloB. power* not directly given I know net. put certain III* that the principle ot should m t b" cartli d Lr yi.O'1 tbr u ceesary iBpllration wblcb produces It " lb* gi.ur.d of nic>*?lry i? that upon which Mr Madl-i.ii | law it the action of tb. old c ufed. ratron in l?.sii'| tb* ordn.apce of 1T*7; nod if I do not wi*nndevrfetid the lale r. Ju*Hcv hi, cy. be euterta n.-d Ploirler vl?w? when he -aid that ar.|iii<*d territory ' li.wst le oncer the don>ltil< n and jUiisdie'lou of thw 1 no ii i t it would be without any pvumsiil at all " If to avoid this latter rou-e.tu. nre .* eaaieis* a j.i ?fi ii'ii iilk>r?lx t<> be d'loud'il that pii?rt *ti--uld i> limited by Ike mO'l'iij ..f the Mi <lm k catM It lot ik To piotrtt lho p> ?? of moI-I) -ulw tbia gr< uml of tup|?rt no iuti-l p. at la-t tliora i- ha no to nood thai m |to>i >k< i 14 <uti4 1011 bo i?|oUlioa ot tho Torrlti riM it an that tk?j ?m>uid aandupl ikt I o o I -1 at I- n of \ Itglbia or ?f Mat-ai lilolU It la < nough that Ihi j ahould oryaala- nutmauion'- aud t! * n tlio iKnall) fir tbolr I ilertereaaa noaaaa A ml tho rrault pmaea tin ; l?r the Im-ai govern omnia 4a it anape tba Intornal rmip-rtia of tho lerrtlorta- la m?ot raooo. ami aouid a- ?ai- ly la all. If aot ra>train> 4 by rontrea-limal Ibletpnalllnn. and if ougra-a > aa |>aoo b*loa4 ibo pnoi-r to mgamae go*err meat* ih?y it a; rui< a territory at thoir plea oat a aud pr ?trata attty Unlit of fr?ed- ta '( a. I haio hare|.>f<-re -a 4, they ran tigulaleihi relation of uiaotor an<l aervant, what hut tbolr own aill la to prevant thaai lr>a regulating the nth r relatione i f lit* I he rotation of huaI'Hint and aifa. and ot parent and ohtld, and lndoa4 all tho okjoota alilrh b- long to lh? roaial ita'- f I bora It no man a ho . an >k?? the alight* at nerm-eity f.r ihta lat? Ilerenoo Ot iba |>atl (if l||o (aaettl g'irrrtMal aid there la aonoi i^uon'ly no a?a tvbn ean ahnw that It ha* any right to iniartmo . n tba gr- unil of Ite my ir Inn. Tba panpla of tin torn turn a ar? lolly t>t ptin< lacowltrt th< ir ami affaire, and trier ry (Irrt principle of out aoeial ayalom damabde tba limy eh- u d bo |iern>lti> d to <lo to ' H li rlorrr may b< the a urra." ?ay* rhmf luatloa Ma--hall apeak tog douhifmiy of tho origla of ihi< joiiaohthn whence thl* pnei-r may ha u<-rtved tha |, of It la n!.iuo?tlonable " tie la "g ating f tho poaer of g-verriiiirnt , and an ilrviht It I.a- keen pi a-< ?ei| hut It h<" aio *eiy Imp riant to a-oe tain how and hi-w tar o (tor lid'J -illy p.aio?r4 it n i nut t aroerta n to extent I; Hid) In- nr-pi-rf In nln.< ?1 Mil I In lb Tt- I liia> *MT ?M m? ?BU ? ?)? III ?up|> <rt llf ill* ?"? l?f I iMfcM?? ill IPtfl-iiMtll (irr i im) afnr rnarMvnrliig tagii-iy in if-il-ioa If l>i m iouim rlaiiMn or mhnr n< ihn onii-tltii >u? llir | rii ripnl ri I in bra It Ml lM-? ilpm thr aaitkn lily <1 llii- ir* In lai.rM i f It- nuei-t '? br * -nn?t In llm Matnta l> *ih? Authority ami pr--? -di-nt bxi rriim Mint might in h..n> hum VHlilll ? t? itnntiifnl qmitinu*. bill I iru-t ihrrp ?n> lr? In li? *oi |.it ?l n to pii pari-il in ilml thr imnatitiitlnn. liit in w rk in lk> | tarl'ta i.f Im (tn.irnijirnt thi-fniiaumiIi M Itr pn?i-r . anil biitm nprrlilif ?hn aa In ni l Mai thr I Mll? lr*l-lnt ? pfiK-i i-il 11 t- parent im ha-a runt t* hilbar rlthiiil nbjieiliin or Inquiry. Tb., n n.itii ivi it by ihi tim?l-l?n Attn oral >i pi-if tin- nl'l pi-mi inn-nt in lh< MilniitiMiraimn nt thi in w mi* Mi d ilia* iniplnilii r?rnf nii-lii* thu *-trlii?!' It nf i|a*iry >! in bar* |nni i>a itlanlly anil Iii qi i-tli i rit fm )i|ii I litin nib haif lima In took lick i a a?n nam lha htll prml>ri); but I MirN 1% ll U fntitid that ihia p? ?l-l I a- lirrrt h -r* i-?i-r?l?r<( thru- ibrrr ?aj a uniird (pptluaai i ppi-itnm ta It. Precedent may weigh utuah in the consideration of a doubtful question where the whole subject ha> hi t 11 ikiturily considered uutl many uilnJs here beeu btooghl to hear up-n its adjustment But as the 1' uuualiou of political power, a praotioe thus introduced is of little value particularly whun it ooines to iuvolve grave questious seriously affecting the Union V\ e turn then iustiiiclirely from what has bceu done to what ought to be done from the authority of precedent to the authority of the omialitutlon These are limes whub try such questions. Who eati wonder, that with the views entertained of this subject by the South an appeal should be made to the common charter of the country. or llat alatge poition of our oitir.elir should be satisfied with u? answer not derived I front It ? 1 hut what lias been must continue to be. ia a ptinciple which has done more to perpetuate abuses H su ml the oitnr causes whiuh irate operated upon poliiivai institution*. Those who advocate and those who oppose the WtlDtot I roviso occupy very different positions file former utgc Its adoption as a matter of expediency, in oilier to exclude slatery from the newly acquired territoritie* where it does uot exist and where it canrot be dsnii d liiat tins exclusion is as morally certain witiiout it as with it; while the latter all oppose this 1 ip. ssure on the giouud ol its uumnslllulioiiuli'y and 1 n Imige portion of the Union on the ground also of its I intnf.ri nee with their rights and feelings. The con' test to wInch this subject has given rise, ha* already ' been productive of the worst consequences, for two years it prevented all legislation over most important 11 gions and has lelt litem without govern1 no nt and in a state of social disorganization, to our own n prom h and to t he suprise of the world { I Oo uot hem ve tliere is another country on the fsca I of tbe earlh which would bare permitted lUcil a state of things Anu how long is it to continue ! Is UaliI ! ruia to become a prey to intestine disseuslons in the absence of all law. < r is it to be driveu to separate fro in us betaltee wc ueglect to discharge one of our Hist duties- a duly of necessity?thut of organizing a povnuniiut tor tbe people who luhaliit it ! t'liose whoippise the W tlaiot liotiso on the ground oi it* uuconslitulioiialily. can never surrender their opinions, and vote tor it '1 boss who have heretofore lilvi eaten its adoption may well abandon it. oonvineed, es H:c-y must be that their object will be as well attetmd without it ns with it It appears t? me one of 0 c W 1-t ba-rcn qtiestjqp* that ever divided aoountry: barren iu W.'lta, but dangers. I treely confess that I look with a.nazemi ul upon the f al and pertinacity dis|iluyed iu urging litis loeae'Dit' under trese circumstances, aud augur trout tlii'iu the worst oon.-< qucuce* These are mj beutinicnl* They will kit* offence to n.any not will expose me to much obloquy. But i do not hcsitnte thus openly to avow thrui ; lor every ] ill lie IIIIU alio la not pteparcd to take a decided part ably to Ilia conviction* ill tluica like these. t* not pteparcd 10 discharge one of the tliet duties whiuh helot p;* to hie position. ' |'o insure domestic tranquillity," in the woi ds of the constitution was one of the great motives of the people of the United Slates iu the organization of thckr present govcruui-ut ? Mea-uie- whu h may endanger that lram|iullity should be surutiuir.ed with gnat caution, ami never adopted but in the last necessity, and Ibeu with groat reluctance J sin, dear air, with great regard, truly your*, LKW. CASS. Thomas ill iciiik, Ksq. Atadtiny of Muunt St. Vincent? Fattier Ilathtvri Yesterday afternoon, took place the distribution of premiums, and the crowning of the pupils at the Academy of Mount St. \ inceul, under the direction of the Sisters of < harlty The building is situated on a rising ground, nest of the Harlem Hallway, about 100th atrret. This spot is delightful - rutal iu the extreme, airy, and commanding a Hue view of the Kast River, Harlem | and the surrounding eoeuery. The academy Is a handsome wbita cdilice of cut etona, surrounded with pleasure grounds The robool room is large an 1 sjaeious, thoroughly ventilated, and opening into a sweet garden. It ie supported by a row of pillars running through the reutre, which were taitefully feete< ued with evergreen* It was also decorated Willi very paintings, a* we may call them, wrought Iu worsted with the nei die, and known in the old country as ' Jlerlin work " They were, the Angel tiabriel." by Miss "1 o?le; " Pius IX ," by Mire O'Keefe; "Christ crowned with Thorns," by Miss russ.Ju; aad ' Ksther btforc King Ahasuarus," by Miss McNeipie.' This last was a noble work of art. The wtage of the room, and the passages outside. Were tilled with spectators of both sells most of them the patent* and relatives of tne pupils 'I be pupils themselves presented a goodly array and their musical performance*. both vocal and instrumental, reliected ei|iiai honor upuu them and Ik* c mmuuity of bisters who have charge of their educalo II The Apostle of Temperance?' the observed of all observers'1? was present, and added iuterest to the scene He sat Ueit to Hishop Hughes who presided on tiie occasion, aud distribute d the crowns mud the premiums. Vt e also observed on the platform. Bishop Byrne*, of l ittle Ilock, Kev l)r Pise, of St I'etere ? Lurch. Batrlay street ; Itev Mr Rchneller, of Brooklyn , lie* Mr Baity Kev Mr Mtarrs, Hev. Mr Hhaw of Boetou, Rev. Mr Ceuroy, of Albany ; Hev. Mr. t^uade, .*> sdi-en New Jersey . Hev. l)r < uuimiugs, Rev. Mr. M?iMNffc| Hev f ellx Varcla aud ftev Mr. I.jsiiifliliii. t irar tieneral of the diwcess 'I be following piece* of uiutlc aud non(i *rr? tlina pertnrioid with great Ml and effect :?' Orwwk IV with " (two piano*) I'eter* ; * Hod HUw America." (rlioim) bird ; " U< hkut." (trto. two piano*) < army; the K)<i*?r of Dumblane." (v*ri) i oupucki ; " Here* a 111 alt Li to Mweet l.rtn " (vein) Sleph.n-oo , ' V lira the bay with Rw> Light " (duo. two plan*) IluLten ; ' O, W bat I'leaaura, What Mirth," (ohoru*) Halt. " Hrre'a a Health to Sweet Krlo." waa ?ung with all the pathoe ol an Irlih voire, and waa loudly applauded. 1 he laet *ong vat aleo much adnnrrd. '1 ha donning and di.tribulinu of pramium* waa then yrt-ceidid with; tba rrown* being beautiful rhaplete of flower*, placed upon the head* of the viator* by the band* ol the Biehnp The premium* were pielly book* medal*, and other fanny at tiele* not of priat Intrlnelo value, but proudly rem in d a* ludtoato>n* ol un lit The wreatha w*ra all different, and were made up with e*qut*|te facte. The neat plain performed wa* ''Hondo lalandaia " by KungniuJIer. I he eierutlon waa very flue, and the performance loudly applaudad. .VI** O'Ketfe, of Vt <>rre?ter. Marra- lio-ett*. about 12 vmra of age then cam a forward with a bouquet of great In a*ty. and appropriately tied with a greea ribbon, ci Uipiimeutary to' the l.merald firm of the Oeran " k aking a low and gracefnl curte?y to I- vttaer llathew aha priri bled him with the garland and aocompanlad the act with the following addreaa : ? " Accept, ili ar lather, three mm pie flower* a* a trifling mi menio of oar deep regard and afli-ctmn: tliey aie trail and pnrUbable aod like all of thla earth leauiy their liagtance wlU have *onn paa**d away? but the trraeur* which you have acquired by a lit# devoted to the aervica of llloi who rrgaid* the l*a*t actl'di, Ir not -o evaoracrnt? and when your bark, freight d alth the gold of uiany an action *een ooly by tba bill** k)l will bate moved ob the blinaful eliurw of ateinity. the qulckeand* and tern,-eat* of life aerurrly pnoo may you irretve from Hiui the inunlflceut r# nibinder a crown ot unlading glory, a* the fund prayar of ? ur children." line bib I ao dree* which waa wall delivered, waa received aith lond applauaw lather Math-w then r ?*a. and ?ald : ' Dear young lado * - 1 ou have taken ma quite by *urprl>? on tbia agrarian j I did not eipect (hi* tribute Irufn you I receive your beautiful bouquet with gratitude and ai*e the *eui|(ueut ot the addieM that accompanied It? every line of It brialbe* eloquence I hi. Ouquetlc an u.b.i ui of your purity and virtue* I an *ure I eprak the aentinieut* ot every one prevent, wh. n 1 *ay that we l.ave all In ard wlih heartfelt pleaaure the d* ligbtlul maulfeetatn-b ef a high mualeal talent and have wIlMawed In the reward* conferred the evidence* >t *01 am mi nt In other branchea ot edueatlna I'ne piugri** yi u have uiada I* highly creditable It the Ken rind Mother from whom you have luibih-id the pine ii,ilk of virtaa I al.o enngratalate the cum nu-,? U 1 h-tr l.k.r. I.oil * .Iiil-nt In Hi* |M?cr? dloga of tbia day Thalr IkdI raward ll In tha pli<riou? e< naclouaaaaa of training up fulurn inoIIihi a-o tuatinoa. lh>lr pmaant anf-guard of hooor aidtiflua lur n)H'lf. I ranml flitfr* my fa-ling* In )nut kiodnaaa . but I -hail tlntji pra-arra thia Ih ui|U. t a> a i?i ii.' iilo of thla day " (l.oud ape uu?> ] I La fi-ilnnlng pla?a? w? ra tban parfomiad : - 'On tha bat-kail tba (?uNilulf]uivrr, (auto; M-cha* j ' Niiiir'a t I"-run," (dun; llama, " I'aaraf ol ara Iba night aloda Matin f " |duti), i ?? rny ; 1 La I aaarantolo" Mara; l mwl \ a* ' (>art two ptinw) t.oppooka . " K?m ligiyinna K- a ' ("In ru?). I'anlol. ivacfnlara tba i. fcb' wiuda " and tha l.feilnf Hymnai.S.a' am lh? lainrilni Ab'thrr diairtholi"ii of pruaa t?< than iriind'd alth ?bii h truai thr Kr>at numhar and tha I It-a ll t empo d app-aiad trkaoma to anma of Ilia auHhttn i but it rotiiii not la avmdad Tha following pi-fa* wain tin n Minn and |> > <! Tyrolean" (aan. i?o plaiiiia); * i hon art Ruua liorn my n*ia," (?aa), Mb la) . "Haul Mat' r k ay." (duo;. Harnett, ' Marc ha ua ili;ara da I aadrilloa '(two planoa), ('gamy, "1'ha Olpay'a Llh" be. (<-hoTua). Ilmd j Coronation I l>ih" (uuo. two |Hano?) i u-rny tiai oh 11, ot HniM ?r Ma?? , th?a ad'lraaaad tha auobapa ib a law brial aabtabcaa. la which aba thaokad II.iu. lor I ha lull rati thay look la tba wallara of iba pti| ll of iba aataNI-bmant. i l.a ti lloali.g |.oa.a of mnala war* than p?-rfnraa4 anh mat oariicularlt tha A o v.aria ': ? " A?a I? lilt " (li < ), I rrtelto " (ijuar .) Kinsley, (.rei'urt de L'Opeia O'ADtcreoa. (duo, t#u piano*.) I In nitiiil ll.i ?.i Mf l.fri eonnlndi-d. ahleh wat Ml In bo lilt.. |I? ini.p, on the pnnalpla lltat ?t mkiimI il t"tl ItHtl I I* In K*? lir llroHtt thea the pupil* h? ?io Hi* r?aardt hat* been now distributed and J Oil httr diliphud u* all "iih )"tr musical p. r ! in !?< ** 1 kr vmllr tud t-l- <) -nt roine lhai epofea il. ) m i aim baa right litihtali) iaierpret?d my e-a nu In nler*ii?* lo tbt* Inatltulion and It *?ald b. Hi p< anbir other aontim. at* n?uld animate me, *1.11.1 ruiolebet that tan yrart *?< thlt beautiful .pit aa* a tan** grennd, or ratl.i-r roek, (further*

*a- noel i?l tliat a|.|.ai*at); and eben I reflect upon a the ? !. ability. ai.d peraereranpe, of Iha nligH.aa laoie* la year edueailoa It ealitiud l.ata a< ci.mpiu.brd oa to bleak a field. IRK I DNESDAY, JULY 18, 1849 To itijr. they are surrounded with a hoit (if young ' ladies. who eiliildt, not only in Ilia progress they j linve made In scholastic studies, but in nit their da- | nn liner, the value and importance of n religious eduent ion How. therefore, could I but be delighted ' It Meins nn if thin little spot ware nurtured with the spontaneous dews and sun-light of heaven. no rapidly baa it grown up- underfthe fostering hand of i'rnvldcuco 1 on will now eeDarntr: but iu heart aud soul you will be one \ ou have on* true faith, wliwa beauty you bare hurt the opportunity of Hoeing in thin institution; autl around tlin ultsrs ot that faith you will iiieetiu spirit. though separated in body: just a* every part of earth 1.* t-at bed in the light of the hub. no ma tor how tar remote from oaoh other? the rata that nhine upon nil have a coiiiuinu oentreinthe luminary of the world. ; So in it with the Catholic faith I fool I ppeak not only j my own sentiments, but the sentiments of the clergy I by whom I am surrounded; aud in their respective j flocks, tliey will hereafter, bo ahlu easily to trace the 1 many points of dilloronce hotweeU those who lisro en! joyed the blessings of thin uradcniy and those who j haienot. In the name of religiou, iu the name ofedui cation, in tbo nnmo of the hopes of the Chtiroh of (rod ; ill this place, I return you my thanks and tho thanks < of all who have now witnessed the crowning of your merit for tho paut year ; The exercises having thus concluded the pupils and audience then separated The entire proceedings wore highly creditable to the institution. The Late L>uvl<l II. Option, Ksrf,?Meeting of the Bar. j A numerous and resportablu meeting was hold yea. terday morning, in the room appropriated to the Suprime Court lu the City Hall All the iatluonlia1 an tubers of tho bar, at present iu town, wore lu attendance. The meeting was convened to pay a suitable tribute of respest to the memory of the deceased, and to condole with bis bereaved futnily On motion of tierurdua l larlt. Ksq , tlie honorable Snniuul Jones, one of the Justices of the Supreme Court, was appointed President, and the following gentle men weieappointed Vice I'nsidi uis : ? 1 he Honorublo'I houias J Oakley. ' 'i he Honorable Ogdeu Edwards. TJ)f DoBoraH; J?bu W Kdmojldl, '1 be ]iouoia\iles Wui. C. SicCoua, and Oeorge W. Strong, Letf. John 1.. I.awreoce. William Kent. Thomas L, Wells, and Vt illiaui 11 liarrlson. sent appoiuled Secretaries. 1 he I iiuhmis bitctly opcued the proceedings lie raid their late venerable friend, to do livimr to wliou no mory tliey had met was one of his earlle.t friends mid associates. They gradsated together; through life they continued <n the nio.-t intimate terms, aud oun of the last voters he lieaid inj the profession was et hts lamenlid fitend. in a ease which ho argued before him on I-riday last, with ail that toicu aud acuteunss tor which lie wa-> umivalled Hiuam. K en in x Ks ;., then rose, and spoke a? follows : ? lie regretted the place assigued to hiui could not be occupied by ( in- of ihn earlier associate* at ttio bar of the venerable di ceased I suy an, said Mr. Ketchutn, lo cause lu tlieai he was known at a lime when lie tilled the tirst rank in bis profession and it Is tliey only who could do full justice to his merits, but I regret it uiueh inure beraure there are so lew of them still remaining amongst us There were some ot tlieiu still auiougsl us. win ui lie ricognised v lib pleasure, aud may the day be far distant When they shall bo railed away Darid B Ogden stood before this bar as un unworthy competitor ol a Kent a n irl a llenry a Vau Vechlen. a Hoffman, a Williams, a Hamilton, aud a host of others; hut they are all nvw departed from amongst us. and nothing remains of them but tho remembrance of thslr emiueat talent ai-.d great learning, their keun diseriuriua' iou, their burning eloquence, and their personal virtues Vi e caiinot say, however, ot our deceasud friend that he was prematurely taken Iroiu us We rejoice that we had lor so many yeais the brDetll ef his precept ami rcena. he has gone down to hi* grave lull of year* and honor*, and we cannot belter cherish hie memory than by imitating hi* character aud virtue*, lie wa* a man of the inoet peculiar simplicity of manlier, and wae always opposed to auy thing like display or pieteiiMion Hi* intellect, like In* torui. wa* ui yeslio, bin I bat uieje-tic laMlNttM lldM with i in,nl -11 y III* diepoeltlou was mutable aud kind-to hi* friend* cud hi* profe**ional brelhruu be wae all fraukue**. In the domestic circle he wa* a*l twnderuaa*. aod to the** in that circle he wan Indulgent almost lea veikn*<?. I To hi* client* he wa* ever faithful their luteroHl* never I eulfered in hi* hand, and had kn been a* careful of hi* own a* he wa* la-lbful to their*, he would not (a* he had Ihm n) be obliged to lab >r at th* bar to lh* very larl nii oii ut of bl* lile 1'he learned gentleman then drew a glowing picture of tbe tor< n*ie ah title* of th* drc?a?id. aud nlaled that be wa* a epecial favorite of the late I bief luetic* Marshall who considered him iiteul the most profound eon*iltutional lawyer* of tbe present age. Mr. Ktlchum oontluued, be wa* known to u* a* a patriot, and like all good ciltien* ho wa* outitely oppiaed to demagogueiaui lu ail It* form*-like Kent '1 bonipKoii and dpencer he wa* a believer iu the rhrialian religion- be wa* a true di*ciple of the crosa, and dmiued it no diebunor t wor-hip at the fw.ully altar and in tbe church. Mr ketchum concluded by tifli ring the tour tlr*t revolution* : ? Iteeoived, 'I hat the New k ork bar ha* heard with deep sensibility of tbe decea** of It* dlatlugillehed ort-ann ot. Ilavld II. llgden. the veuerable cltiaea, the professional lawyer, the warm hearted friend and tha devout ( hrntlau. tte*?4ved. 1 hat throughout along professional career, cur lamented friend ha* ?el a bright eiampln to hi* professional bretlnen of all tbo-e viriue* which gave ulgulty to the profea*lan aud respeotabtilly to it* ui.< tabor*. Hesolred, That In thla afflictive dispensation of ourclty, Hiate, and country are ealied upoa t# momu the low* of one ?hme fain* wa* ci*"iteu-iv* with our I nlon and whose departure troui among u* will leave a mi lam-holy void not only lu tb* douie .lie curia, but lu all thee* relation* which identify a good man. an ablejuti-t a Ul*inlare*ted patriot, with tha age id which be lived Heeoived. 1 hat tba bar of New Vork moil cordially r) mpaihii* with lb* twuilly of the dnoeaeed In their wttiiet.iig benatement. and that aa a tribute of raepect lo the memory of cur venerated friend wo will wear the usual hailgo ot mournu g for thirty daya. lain i> It Tili ou, f.vq . eerooded th* resolution*, and. In doing mi, eaid he wa* loug and intimately acquainted with their lale lamented associate, hn wa* before Inni alnioet dally and In the inoet trying eltuatlon*, | and. lb hi* nplululi. a# man possessed more eglenalva ' ligal knowledge and greater depth of thought than bo did nor more untiring **al fur the lutereel* of hi- ell oil. lie eacrlled In all the courtesies and ameultir* of life, and hie klndneaa and benevolence were proverbial In ilior* he poe*?**> d tbe filghe-t power* of mind, tb* no-el untiring leal and the fto.-?t inteliectiiall'y. IV.r Hchwina. Jun'r. also addreaeed Hi* meeting In a Very feeling epeerb lla raid that ?luce he wa* a boy, and altetwatd* In lb* profession be had looked no Mr Cgd-h ae one ef the pureat light* uf tbelr profession; hi* c< i.uuct and reputation warranted hi* (lb* speaker'*; devotion HI* eplrlt ha* lied but hi* bright egatnple i* mam* amongst u* to emulate hi* virtue* All our brethren ef ike h*r knew our lafe lamented friend, and can hear their unqualified testimony to th* go d res < f hi* head and heart hut lie po-se*-e<i another virtue whlrh rail* for our profoundest admiration ho wae a tin* < hrisllan He began llfelu r h?- right course; followed In the right course, and ha* paes-d aeay iu purity having us a brlll-ant eiainple Mr Lit a** .?**? In olfriing the fifth resolution raid that Vr Ogdeu'e Ice* would be felt all over the I nlon; but It wa* In tblaclty, where he wa* kuown, and hi* { taieate and virtue* were appremated bl* l?** would h* : a.isl severely felt. Mr. tiuascomb* coueluded by ufI lerlng hie resolution le-ol-id I hat th* proceeding* of thla mating be I til.11-in <i anil ir>>! ?i ir a r??>iiin?ti? o* by til* iflf. r? III lb* tin i lini; and iranamiltad to tha family <t th* liriwrd J"MHi Hi par tldriiMil (h> m*?ting briefly, ant rpi h* <4 tk> itKrimd a* ahlo lawynr and upright UlM. If l)iiMi?ti m'T?d tba la>t raanlatloa without ai t nnniki llrtoltiil That lha bar *111 attand tha fnn*ral mrvim id th*lr ilar-aavd hruUn at Trinity Lburch at Id ii rln-k tn day. lk? Irivlml. tii win than pat and paaaad unamimnuily, and Iba maatitig wljnurmil. Tim nmuui. or david n nan**. Tha rllaa nf tba i piicupal ( buri-h anprnprlata In tha burial of tha drat wan parfvroiad or*r tba raoialaa ot tha lata Dai Id H Oadan. Lr j at I rluity Iniri b, jcatirday lat 1'i o'aloak n? whu-b oenaaion many nf tha old atid prumiDilit ?m inh*r? of tin- bar w*r? pra aant Iba bar Mr Ab*rcrombia. ?f Ml Andrawa, lira. T?r lltghhi and Har I?r Harrlan, nf frtnlty t burrb nfllciatad in tha patfnimaiina nf tha ord*r uf tha burial nf tha diad. In wliloh th-y nil tnnk part lha arena *aa Impnaalra In tha aitrmna krrrral othir rlargyman bwaidna tbi?a ahnra namrd taking part in tha mtnnr ifltaaa Aflif tha aad rltaa hnd b*an rntn Indrd Uia anrp-a waa bnrna to St alark'p oam-tary. at <1 di pmitid bar Ida tba ramalna of bli ancaatnra and family rotampntailaa Tkiaalrltal and Mailrtli Bt RTon'a Tnrtraa ? Laat arming thli thaatra wltBaaird anothar lull attandanea. J Latdot Aaawranen," that popular and faaliinnabla romady waa again plnyad ith gnat p<>*ar and atilllty. Mr Rrnugham'a Dairla waannrlby of tba wi ll rarnad fama nf tha' gantlaman, and Mr Nrinn't Mark Maddla (a lawyer), waa what Bitght hara baan atparlad frnm nna whn hnlda an high a tank lb hia profae.lnn Ml?a hanny WnMnoR aa La dy t.ay Sl unk* r *a? In every raeprat eqaai to hot part; id Indeed. all mummed did th?lr du'y, and the fact *M libirtll; init ulljr art nn?|e<1?ed by the auilimre Mr Hnrun atlll faithful to hn ?id policy,? th?t iif riiftllgnall; presenting to I he public auaeltiea ? ha - Id r? hcari?i a in? farm entitled Johu IMibbn ' Krom the am** tha character i.f t he p|. cc may oe gathered with tolerable certainty If it did not poeee.e aterlll W merit, Mr. Burton weuld not fire it place on hlj eUga hitman Tmitii The entertainment* hera. last arming, aiBino-need with tha Interaetlng drama af tha - Vt andrrlng Boya" and wa Barer w? It mora h-autl folly played than It waa on thla aacaalon Tha M lama Denla. thoea charming ynan( actreaeei took tha part* of tha too orphan hoya, t haaflau that of tha count da I roleaay Mr ^ liian* ? # l.nhln. the brtdcjmom and tha reel of the ehaiaatare nera oell (llied tha lienlna etamuch applauded. Mica Rata aa tha bald young [ERA Paul, ami Mi** 8u-an an the retiring. *teady JuKtin, ware indeed fully entitled to all the applause that could he given Mlsa Kate'* descriptive mnir of the Uvea of the "Two poor Orphan* from 8*ltlcrland." was mo?t I athetlcally given John W'inaii*. ax I.uliio tha bridegroom. wax ex r?niiral ax lie usually i*. hntxan iimiieiixo favorite at tha Nutionnl and we trust he will play a 1< ng engagement tlilx time. Mr. Chanfrau played lha part of the Count with that evrellency which dlRtingulxlie* all bin performance* Tha great pine* of tho evening however was -Now York an It la," the revival of which. with Ite original ca?t has heen uio*t heartily welcomed by the audience*. "Tlmateem* toKtrwngthen not efface" the popularity of thi* epecle* of drama aud the < ecentricltleii of the gallawt \|iim. and the varloua life like rcene* of city life a* it really I* among us, mil aiways couimanu a out) audience. To-eight. 'I'aul and Virginia," "New York an It Is," ami tha- College Boy." * < iikistv's Mihsti<ii:i.3.?The gaily sounding tsmborlim. the jovial banjo. th? rattling bones. tUo merry violin. pluiutivp sounding accordeon. ami all the elegant >hii ty of music vockI mid Instrumental. without spooking of tin- dancing. &c . of tlinw unrivatle I practitioners in the '-colored school" of mu le, continue to sttmct the Ueinil i icclleut audiences en eh evaning? There in no plai-o in the eity where one can Ond more immcme lit than at Christy'* concert room at Mechanic'* Hall. 4sii v: <iAiins:s ?A most fashionable and Intelligent umlietice ngnin assembled here, last evening to lieten to the admirable mm leal entertainment- nightly furni-hed by the spirlti d uuiiisgcnieiit, who really give, for one quarter of a dollar, a concert more varied, rtrh'tih* and rich in musical gent*, thau has ever befora hi i n olleri d in tbi* eity. for four ttinca that nutii Tha introduction of selections from popular French operas, ha- proved eminently tucreio-ful. and tin- fit it ot our Ktench population are now conrtant in tlielr attendance, to enjov tlie really admirable performance* of Madame and Monsieur ticrti n. and Monsieur Corradi, who have. 011 each evening la ell received with ncclamillions of applause Madame Helton ia at once a beauty and a mort charming ringer; there ia nn archIteo and naivtte ahon' all she does Ilia' In Very fascinating. and rhe ie already highly popular To night, this trio of tali at< u mlitlr* appear in a variety of rceHiia from the mn.-t. popular French i.pi rae among which we may nv uie' l.a 1-ill? dtl Ki-giuieht." "L'K.clalr." l)i mino Noir." "J.? a Fi lien Anioureiisea " and La t 'haJat " Jit-idee this. we have a vocal and lustriimcial conci rt with George Loth r and a rplendld orohostra and a capitally arranged hall. Much enlartainmeuta muet e 11 elite a continuanre of crowded saloon*. rarinkwoktiiv Movkwi nt There is tn bo a meeting of the numbers of the theatrical profes-lon today at the lin adway theatre, tor the purpoeo of getting up an 1 xtrsorditiaiy amount of attrartive entertainments, in the shape of a benefit for the widow and orphan cLlldreu of the late lamented Mr Vuclie. <iiim.iv A 1st mill, r it ohm 1 ?l.ast evening there wns a considerable at'i-ndum-a at these Tery agrccatAe'rooms. The entertainment* were In hi t ping with good ta-te, fact,a inure lalloual recreatiou cannot l>e found In tbe city There was a display of undoubted talent which sum* tube duly appreciated by the audience. We have already remarked upon tlie advantageous locality in which the rooms are situated, which contribute* in *1 me di gree to till them, as those who breathe the vital air up town do not like to walk far uvcu to bo amused CiunrsK Vtiiais ?Not the Iea?t wonderful among tlie thousands of I hltuse articles to be seen here are llie great iiumb-rs of pictures, giving ui-st accurate views of the varii ua processes of manufacturing tea, the different modes of piiuisluneiit adopted, and uiany of their most curious customs and habit*. The whole exhibition is one tbat cannot fail to lutcrost every intelligent 111 i lid Mapsmk Ai oi srs. ? We would offer to the consideration of Messrs Kiencli & littleer the propriety of adding to the atlraetive leanirr* ot the French opera, a light and amusing bullet, under tha direction of the above distinguished rfunsrute. evidently the most graceful and ti uly accomplish! d artist tbat has ever appeared in tbi* roll lit rv Mm Iim.m Ia fiiwnrit ? f li ruiiirhniit. 1 h** IJ nmn and every tin aire in which slio ha* performed ha<g-nerally been viriI <I by the ffr.-t circles. ml by nil those wV.o d< light in Im holding the IVrp?irbori an ?rt displayed in the uioHt rhasleund beautiful style of the profession For instance there could not b<> better opportunity ot introducing the spltiuDd opera and ballet of " I.a Bayadere." than with the pro-cut company. AVo hope our hiuts will bo taken by souie manager Kiososisi Bnai.inceg ?Thin Inimitable vocalist. by whom our scores bare been eo often charmed while alia br< allied forth, iu mi up the uiu-io of Uollinl, Douluitti, and Knssinl la now In our city. What are manager* bout when they might with great increase to tbeir ci Bera. avail theimelves of such sterling talent.' We lope the bint will be taken and an opara company foiuird ot the splendid materials uow within their ri aoll. Madame I aborde and and Saffonulii are in Montreal, ai. J M an tba l\ llmirie fiiioilT Police liifcllfgr nee. Till CASK OK CAfT. M'< KKKk.N, ?>M TIIK CIIAROK OF ABOUtt riUN. B< fore Justine Titnpsnn at the 3d District Police Oflnna. The proceeding- eooiuienced at 11 o'elnck but the attendance of spectators was not eo uumeroue a* on the previous day* The first wltneea railed wee Dr. Met arron.on the part of the defence. V li i*M Mo< aaaoe, being duly sworn, raid?I reelda at No 1K4 3d avenue; I am a physician; I know a Mr. Dully; I bare seen hi in in tbie court. lg- It ere you present at any conversation between btiii (Duffy) and i apt Mc< erreu, in relation to tba coui|i'atnt of I li/a Dickson ' |T be question objrotid to by the counsel for the pro rrutiou j Yr for the defence, offered to shew. by thie wltne-e that he wae present at a conversation between Mr. Duffy audi apt oc< erren. on board the ship beIt.mbue after tide complaint wae made aud that, la the n urer of thia conn r-etf m vir Duffy elated thai the complaint could lie eetlled tor money, which the ( plain rrtussd logire and avowed he ?>< ready to go Into a full iureeiigaliou of the matter, and I tar her (fler t? prove, thai at the rnjuvit of Duffy, he (the liictoi). supposing he via to be inlroilucvd to both deter* wae Introdueid ta the elder deter alone, aud that at this int< rview. her conduct and levity In relation to the affair completely surprised Dr Mc.i erron I offer t? show that the eider and Duffy were leagued with rath other and oomplaiiiant for the purpoee of eili rting money Irom the detenilant The anener wae overruled by tlie magistrate, under Die protest of tlie da fondant's counsel Jama ( I,ovinias being sworn say*-I reside at No lot tiouth Harond street Williaiusburgh ; I wae the second Uiate of the ship I oliimbu- on her U<t pas-age te U>ls country; I km w Hire Dickson aod bar euter; they wi re passengers am board the ebip <g.? Did you at anytime during the voyage, aud when, offer Ihtni or Mire Dickson alone, employment In jour family, wben the ship arrived iu this euualry? II* II Stale kh*l passi d b tweon you. Directed to lit Mr Vt lilting Here a long discussion look place between counsel oa both sides Mr Oraliam. for the defence, contending tl at the evidence see ndmis>lbie, that the declarations made by the slater, In the presence of f.llia uncoatradnled by ber was good aud proper testimony vtr, V biting argued against the admissibility of sunh testimony sad concluded by saying that they mint oonnna tb> met lire to facts end sets of tbs ootuplsinent. and not the mere deciaialione of her sister, said la her pro 1 lie MsoirrasTe ruled that If they could show by the girl herself any lewd remarks, they may -h-w that as c< mlng from herself as such ri marks or improper sou ? ?ld lend to show a want of cba-tlly iilintu to miiiw iijr inn i|iirM|un ami Minor*. mat inn wiinar* oflin d K.Iir* lurk?>n ml liar alatar mli-n t? Dllki r mployui on thatr arrival li thiamunlr;, m l 11 ?i i n* i'I I hi in ?It I on t tli>- 'li??out <>f th* ottn-r, In tha (irmtM of tb* i.thi-r darllnad to wcr|>l tha f>(l< I nil Ut tikid that tha) dnl not com* to thl? country to work, but to lend gay nod fa*blouatila 111* 'I ha MaoirrraTB orarrulad tha quaattnn, bnt l-uid-ol thai in; etanrialloa oilb l.llu iileknon tolmpaach l.i r (ration# taatimony on wbl.h tba .|iii-ation I* baa ad, nil.) bo tnliodocid H l???ir tba la-t quaalioa only ao far a* K.lian D.rlmn I* conearnad A boino four or Ova day* out nf l.itarpool, I aA.'d K.llra nlid Aim both. aWibrr thi-y had any Irland* or retain n* on boaid of tha oil I p ; il? raid ikn had not ; alwrtliat, I a-brd Kliaa If aha or kar *iatar bad any trada , lhay both raid not ; I tbi n a*k*d tham ahnt tiny ?ir? n<lng to do or follow. abm tha? got hara , tin i Id* r Mr tar r? niarkad In tba prwa. ana of Mlia? Ol.jirlid tub) ait V? luting bir. (imNin mat* tad on i h? an* war If what tba alatar raid ?a> not ui**atit*d Iroiu by i.lna 1 ha biaoiai aai a i ant tba wituri-a mnat r on Ana blaif?il to what l.llu raid \% n*? ?a raid tba aider alatar aald ao , F.liaa did not t) atiyiliiiift but did not di#-*ni from It 1 lei nai.l a cmiiiim i liirlati d ua tha nnawar. Otarrulau bj tba a.annual* Unaraa. K.lir.a apoka roiaa word*, rha war fa lb# ooriianai ion l< \t aaa tha nania nf lb* boat# a al a of tba ably' A iii* latin- la fleoig* i lark t^ l id yww obaarta any Inn* batwaan K.M?a l)lek*oa and tli* bi airaala' ana. II >o, atata what it wa? A I raw theui *aiy landliar aiih In in oapaelally l lm I l it* nan loin do* n at than b< i th* at I ami 4 o'clock, ai d frequently at <br -ama hour in tha mornIt p ?|ib I|?m oil d*ok, anil hate ml) loin haudia tin ni In an kmi'"|)r' autrr a* I thought, for vlnuoi* lin tin to ba handled I liar* aa?-n bun haadla tltwtf btiari* and iitkn yiarw and thay did not app-ar ta rtrrnt it (d. lod you not ri pmta him for taklac, or auffarlng, Mirb familiarity with or on Iha pail id tlia plrln' i*. I did; both I'd lab in* and rtidariug aueb taiaillarltlra H l)id you ator order thoao girl* off tba quarter dark? A I ha*a air O h bu m da rod tin to do an? A I ?|>t IV ?' ai ? nrdan it in# in do m (> ? u???iiiwii ? I ba>r b? an mihhi4 mata of thla kif iliiet Ihf litb ut a>lh af iinch, I rail from thia |rv?I la I and hark, I tbali gundl lit hrr ?*im a? hial a.ala, If i dan't. I rhall gat ruma otnar tidal alia la lakib| In rard'i Hud, I |n-ifnria ta? ? n.?id n<alr dull at jiti rant, .Vlf Jiilmml ?at nur t.rn it a * out, I aii'd a- lirn mala tha nrralur fiart id 1 hi ) hark tint, I ki nw h<>w iiihiina rami. la ha?? I hat aa- baiarin thr i attain and Jahnann. I I an- hi>d ihr |ti<mh*ut Iwii-k nr-t ataia b-iora in? thi|iian.t lb, tl?? lapiain'a hr thar in ia? aaa out af initio) ah> n % < am? In and ba aaa placad aa ehn-f L D. TWO CENTS. ' mate; D. h K Kii?R?land own Mm vernal; I am not oartain that the captain ia part owner; I haw beam i? funned be wa?, the boal.wain'* u?mu ia (ieorpe '.'lark; the captain ba* a private oflhie on board, where ha aleepa; that wax the only room occupied hy tha naptain; thla room ia located on the larhoanl aide; it pr^jecta above the berth deck; it ia what la called a break deck; very tew vcaeela bare it; the captain'* room i-attached to itin naloon u-ed toe auiokinp; all tile inalruinuuta fur the lire of the vaanai, auch a* <|Uadranta cbronoaiutera chart* Ac are in the capialu'* room the captain u*n*lly tundn the nburratiuu; a Mr tiUinorehippcd in Liverpool a* llrat maiai, , but wa* tmable to do the duty; hi* room war nppo-itr the captain'* on the atari) mid aide aft, I don't itnow wluthi r he compared obnerlatum* uitn the captain; the tirat mate ua? not reduced in atari n during tha vojage, I did the duly of firm mate a tew day* after we nailed but only pot acoond inale'n pay, he had hia watch toil the thud mate did the duly; my roeaa wan torwaid of the cabin between tne firnt and necond cabiu; the orlop deck extend* ail of 2j or :W feet; ay r.i in Is lipbti d by a nkylighl; the chief mate'* by a window look in i; uu t be deck; the capiaiu'n ru >iu ?iad?w look, on the deck likewise . I don t know 1 lie nam* of tin1 ,teward , I (luii t know the name of tin on >k ; wo cull liilli the (lo ut; they aro both white uihii. "IpgItihiucu ; I iluii i know the elcwurde-a, her uma* 1| .At.u that k all I km wr ; the nidp in lying or Tier No 5, Norlb Mvci , the totawiMii'ii Hatch we- in uif wa'otl, the Mai b< aid watch , I cannot ?ay if lo- |- married ; I bi lie if ho ?? going to be married on In, ai rival . ho klcepfi tiu board the Mi p . h? I, going i .it with t(i? *hip fllli ; I tlou t know it be ia to be promoted ; -varied | tour lady puraeuger* and two ecrvanl* in tli- ilrat I cabin i i have ntn then* two girl* In tlm dr,t cabin, I reiving: I think they wcto Making eovere; I il>o'i Know eht 'lor lor tbu ahlp or the parealigei-* ; I n..vnr raw tlo 111 down thole mora than once , if they wero i down more Ibau that war uukuown toiae; they wero laiid eecoud cabin pa-,ei.ger* , they wero lint w hiiI we call recoiid cabin pa - -eugio- nu chip li el; Ibelr hctth aiih located .No If. ou tint larlioird rlda, ODiiU-lnp iu Ibn lower hcrthr; the berth, were two tie*, I no di or to tboMt tic)tb.,; two uivu occupied lite upper I b> rib* over lln ui ; I don't know their ni ne, ; I tuvo | never teen tbu uieu Hupp the arrival oftberhtp, I ta? a blanket or a quilt hung up In fr-iut of iioir ; 1 erl li in Che day I line . I have been d.iwu In tin* cabin Itimti half a dnri-u iltue* at u glit time with a dark lantern, to mi biter th- men ; I gcuera'ly rent tbo biatrwain for tb<in , I c -utd but l.eep iheui-uup: their (jun'lcra aio forward; when we could not mid tin in In any other part of tbw rhlp ; w? tn-ver went do* u together ; I tiave been down toere and caught him, (ihc boat .walli; there with the men, I found Dick down then with liiui; ho I, on heart tho rlnp now ; be did uot appear to be ckulkiug I don't huow what buaim-K* lie bad I hero, I found lha 1" atrwnin ou tbu rtarboard ride; be wa, alone ou a rhirl; Iliw oliert wu- iu trout of ?li?* Dlcltann'" berth; I don't know it it their nlicet but. tbo ladle* acre iu tlie berth; bo wu* ,lttmg oil the i ho t; he wa* a awake; i lo ver iaw h iu but or * on tile atiort. that wa* lha culy limn I li uud turn MUlng ou 111" eh?i?t; oil cr lime, be bad eonoi -?t the uicu wtih illm. I ?u"l< rend biui down alter the uu u and lie would not ouio up mioii enough; ttieli I would go down after bi>u; tli me arc the only tune* I raw tun ibere; we had bee a out at n a Miine two my day* wlieu I ?i? him m'tiug on tlie chert. It wax at niglit, between the hour* of twelve aud lour; It may have h en ju-t alter two o'cl ek: no blanket wa* up, Iheu. Ii-fore the girl,, I tliinfc Ibe girl, were then boib aw*ke; lie ?a< laiking ' to them when I went down; I did not wb if ho raid; I the two nun wlio rlept above the girl* in the berth win-at llil-liuie not in ibe herlb, they were on d< ok keeping watch looking to the prcerva' iou of the *hip; II know tbie, becau,c win li ih y were not in th* berth, tiny were looking out for the praeerva>iou ot I he obip; the parn tiper* dividid off a id lw -k turn* In thi* way, , leakn g akindol police on board till* wa- done oy ino 01 (lei * ol the eaplaltl. Ille chert III' ilO'ltHWaiH WOO aiding en wa- c|o*e up again,t vii** lio kxnn * b-rih; lie woe ie-l|i g Id, hi ad mi hi* |,and and hi* clb iw ou the heub b' aid, I went dwr.i ou tha iarb d -i lo I gangway. I eanie afi lowu'd, him and raw hi* bad iret; per,on, who kept wale i during ibe night o ml I -u through ilie gangway: ttaero w r *tatiooarv I gblo toligbi up I bat gangway. lha lig it wa* ah >ul tun of ! twelve lei t Irnni Ail** Dick,on * Innth the hlai, wafl biokria out of the-e laiopeon ibe pa,-ago homo; I iua lo no entry of tlie bnat**aiii In lug down tvolow, I told hia I would tell ilia c,plain if I ever c? .glit hi u I >wa there again; lie waul he lien-r would b- oo'lght lUoro again it i did not tell the raniatu, when I found him down then again willi one of the men, I reprimanded him and toldlbi captain, tho vii*,oa liickaou were very late in riril.g of a Uinming, I never ,HW iheui oil deck before 10 or l'i o'clock on an average durlug tho voyage we have otli li bad childicU on boald, I never nutlet d tin ui on deck a- ( any a* M u chmk of a in ralngI aui unite *ure nf that; I bad on uiueh to do that I did not ui tice them much; they wero not cfnldi-h or playful on dick they were not aU*gelhcr *o!?nr or xcilalo iu llielr wanner they wore uoi. iu a gienl many re*p eto; I'll beard nt the hln(i in thn henoud plana lliey would ' throw IbcmtrlTM in thn ??y ut tin* uivu and ol-mri; I harrhi.d Hum try lodraw ui.v attention in ooaveraatl > I vi lit n I had other dutire to perform; Ihn; miiii ? g > >d many tiling"; they viiuM a k me hue l?i.g I thoaght It would ho bofura wi- got in and lUe onnverratl >u I Had wltli tin-in u??i*i aumunli-d to anything a? I ill I nut want to liu draw n ml** cuiivereaiiou atler the flr?t oon' nr*atlon I had with them; they avoided i*ia atl?r that noma hut nm actually, they tricl frequently t> g?i ma lulu ciiUter?atioii. liny would enuie ami a-k tu*< coma inquiry about the* hip hnw fact ?hr *a.* g. iug &o , I In ?rd them ray I bey airbed t? gat a fair wind and many hurlt f{Ueeti?u?; tliih watnfter I refrained from baring any cabveraatloa with them. I wn not afraid ! of Ibmt; I barn hh-b thn buatawain handle them about the maioDia-t (oerer nn tba quarter deck i by tha batch ahalt the niaiiimaht there were tuur ba'ch"* on board, tiny flood abalt the rmniianinn way gong down loin tba recoud rabiu, I wan ab >ut f-ar (area from tlnui other pa-acngora wera ataujiag around. I *ae talking to a married female at the tuna; I don't know auy of tba pceaeoger* name* on b >ard tha abipeinpl the two girl", tba feoiaia war a married woman herauee ?he (old ma *o. ar **ha wa< eery jrnatj and tier huchand wae very old which made me remark It. abe drew my attention to the liberlire taken hy tha b' ale wain with I be girl, abe made nine remarr about it Lut I don't know what eheeaid. I ue the h*>al*waia put hi* baud on the brvaat of r lua and hi-* arui around tier want, hugging her, thie wae ah~Ml 7 o'clock III tha aftornmin, the nm wae not down. I did not i tha other airier Hon be poeeibly held on to her 44i ar fiO ei conith. or |n rhap- a minute, i am a married me a, and lieee one child, I did ool hear hill! any anything; I and tine lady were talking, cbe did md appear to j ueh bun aaay. lb*y were boMi htaudiog up at the tune: I did not notice their action* any ruuher, that a iba only time I ever raw bun bug her. I oa?e e.n them otteu talking together. I hare never ?ecu hun take any further lite t ty with her tliar. <*bat I have ab ive a at* d; I l.are ner* r talk* d with the bo*?iawaiii or any otaeg |>< leon on thie n.bject elm e the arrival of the ehip; the gtiU did wot occupy the *en*t.d cabin, th-y wera In what la call*d the tut* rmediate cabin Cim nianiaium I don't kn*-w what prte* they paid for tb*i> pa-* a*,. , thy were railed aenond nahm paeeetigerh hy rotue |mre< neon b ard tbn -tup I d *u't b* liete I tvrr to ar t toe racialn call thetn eeo >ad cabin pactet.gcra; w* had four tda?e*a on boa d - tba <abin. intermedate cabin, cerond cabin, ami eLeeragv; the rabin wae tha tlr*t da?. Ilia luiernied.atn Oaitin trci't*d clach tlie cicoud cabiu third nau and Iba eerage fourth elata. I hbould think (he pla-e aa tign*d for and iretun entof ihe tiieeoa war act that of the leeotid eabin, I Caiuod reiiieioli r t le - tela id tlie w* atli* r at the tune tlie boal<*a?tu bad lile aria ari'tind t lira, we ha I a winter pa ??ge pretty union all the way over; tha wind a* moderate aolug ah nit lira knotc lull and bye Willi ail call act; there uiay h ?va h.. u twenty or lifty pervma naudlog ar uud at tha tune tt?* ra luigbt hare been .aliuudred there wera tbiity-two P*r-oto ore o pi, d the Intel mad I ale <?h*n * At the ronelinii.ii of line wltue?* a taailm<*uy, tba court adjnuru* d the caw tier until elevau w Clonk aa 1 buiaday atvwM "/ a fVyMw - Officer W H Staph* n< of tha m*ir ffi iirp ?tt*?iio j.nri.iaj it joints man lay iii? I.slur of linn H Mlehir '11 Ikr rl.s.r of to log ft fiiftl tlrr from I litlaili l|>iuft h?-in hi* stand* oh??n?* I ?ilh falir pirn on ll irrm m>iiii- tl?" stnatr ih-arai-rd knti'?r4 >.?.n ft-oni a ?ir ? It ll-kin n...lrr I'll- iir?. li-1 rr <if |ft>tti?r ft >i'li< ainl 'or tkl* |.wn ho tars htft rhark, ?h. art in of th? banka, for tftft hum lilil 'Ihr a-tnc* Oft" MIH |>ft'.l ftud atrr*nl *M ion (I (17 Ihr ftu'k Hllri of I'litia ! Ipttia for III* iriil Tor i.ltlri-r ilriro'nl Ibr arru-a-d on b ?rl u( tin ilian.ililii I iui>irr ?h. ri b? bad tas.n pa- a{? to I alitor* 1a ili- ?lll ?rni 1 ark I >r trial turrit /N? *7?wfr?i? ? On (lift rrturn of Ihr tUilar* at b i 1 III."in i.n on.lay alio atlraiuj llwr* M Kiiim Ihr annual 11..11.on orrinrul of at. John's Cadqn'tra ir.-sil i-rial 1.1 mo a - *<11 no i .*?t tl.i *all? tlhK ? r? a 1111 uiIn r ..f light Aogrrad gnnr/, r. tiftM I) rail! d ylrk|!.rbill nil.- of tOrso rusui. rat.ill bill ?aoa <11 iloii-rtril in hi-a-iuf <|ra?iaf flio I)|. p.-ckrl of Mr < Jrmgr I liittshrrgi-r a pQrsa n tali.bug ion<aa 914 but s?. isl^bl b?fu.a ts son* d- 4 In ralimvihg ll.r tr<-iii tor pm'ki't I'rs'l.iti M llils b'.sni r Ib.r Hott h. rgrr hail ix no rona.-d b/ mo olhri ptokporkait 01 bi- aaiirt, eoiiialam* s-ni ta I tank bills a (i.lil rh-ns sal nr.I at fii and a n >ta fa* 9/41 hi AIrtrt h |. Sft. rfti.l . su ral 1 ft. sii.til-.-il tn ft# arrrsti d am alaai Irni>rla ft hiat' a h it* arrnaad ah.. Is our of ihr -aim pr.ifb.-lnn on >11 plan >n a.| t a in* an arnoinpltrr Moth of lbr>? m-n ban naaa rin iniliirt bj Ju-ilra Vci'iralh for a fur that n.-ari ai.iitrn-t ?iii j..>. ..Inly tx a* d 1 bitek tr? tVinTlir>t<v t u.ia t) for trial. V?.??A .mart -(Hlr'ni Dn?|m| and i?rl??4 ?f tint til. ward nrr?tad ?i<-nt :i < <<t .?* n?jiaItg two old H?? 1'olnt ibirti-d, r?|w,| ??<lrn on I f>?orn* ratuda. ob Bahama at at. a1.114 a Irn ik ?>b taiiim* at army ap|>arn anil fit in m?urf. it i .nan* to ' hri-nati >110 r ri-nln.* at No In hiw ?? .i talindlu all ti It urmnl that ill' -r r?-nlml ? <ii to tlx foundry that tiiirnr<i il'iwu l?-t mm it <u i tin i< pin - ? hIKi J ln?- 'ho hoo.e and sarrr <i ?ff t?? trtmk ft< M I ha |iftmU>. Into the War ?i .X? Ili tinaaa f'rr. t ahrir It aaa found by nlbe- r dlrnn br >kan opaa tohbi tl of It* rout* ?i? i hr ?bo?>* iiMa-n m? ttia n*tna ailh a lunula it'-h nadar Ihalr arm* la intinny atrial toar Nriwil*iy, a> <1 -u?|nYiilnj In toij lot k iham both into t namly tmlili* tM# ?< |iti ? tl to t>r i hat of vir ?.irtar taki-a front than-aak aa at* ta r'alt d. J Mrtlra Vctlratn o. mi hi 11* ii >tk ?Ba ftrrtiM d yarilm to |?rl?i a for trial ?.tiaiI ? ti.?> n ' ogadail arf?-lad hj ..tll??r % r tk aid for rti aliiig a lot ot toot, and nin nln. ry iatnaa l.rkry of it Imayth atrial, falaad at tlM. t i a.nniini h* JUatiea I lino-on d ( fit. at Kii.lth f..ond a l?rya looking yla-d jaaiittlay morning in Pani-I alraai, mar lti..a4<ay. u|>|xiaad to ha atolaa. for abirlt an oauaf la aauMid.