Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. iHIIWill Corner of Pulton m4 RiMU Itfi JAJUI UVKDOR BKNNKTT, PROPRIETOR. THE DAIL Y HEK A LD? Throe cditione.l eonti pereooye 7 Mr annum. THE WUKMAH EDITION u publiekt* OI three o'eloik, A. M., .mil dietrihuted belore breakfaet; { ke ftret AFTERNOON EDITION can be tad of tAt natettoy . "I ?i" o'clock ; a nit the eecond at three o clock, P.M. | TIIE H'EERLY IIERAl.D, for circulation on U,i, Con- I kinrnt, u publiehed every Saturday, at 6\j cente per copy. Or SS per annum ; for circulation in Europe, and printed \ i-i I'reneh and RnglieK, at 6^ rente per copy, or ti per On:.m??the latter price to include the poetaye. ALL LETTERS by mail, for eubecription?. or iW?A nderti,entente, to be pirt-p tin, or the pottage tMil be deducted Tom the money remitted. VOLUNTARY CORRESPONDENCE, containing important newe, eolicUed from any uuarter of the world; If ueed. trill he lib-, rally paid for. NU NOTICE taken c.f anonymoui eommunlratxone, WA itrver > intended for inecrtinn er.uet be authenticated " --a .. an tnr publication, but at a guarantee of hi* food faith, Wo Cannot return reirrtrd communication*. ADVERTISEStENfS, (rentiaca every morning, and to be pvbliihed in the mo mini anil afternoon edition*,) at rea tonti ble price*; to be written t' ? <i plain, legible manners f\o proprietor not mvrntib/e for error* in m mweript. ' PKISTIX<1 of all kind* executed hcautij ully, and with despatch Order* received at the office. Tilti HERALD ESTAULISIlilEli Tit open throughout I he r.ipkU AUUSK1LKNTS THIS EVEIvlNQ. WATIONA I. THFATRE, Chatham Snoare.?P*i?t. an? TuaiMi-HiUiNM) llotiiiai-Mw \oa* AS It if. | BCRTOV8 THEATRE, ChamUri ?treet.-Lo.-?DO? AaIvban* e. MECHANICS' nALL, Broadway, near Broome.?Chuis*V'? MlMfTRKI.f. OA8TL1 6ARDEN?FaoiuicwAB* Cowciar? Frisch Villi. CHINESE ASSFMni.Y ROOMS, Broadway.?Miss TaUNTIM'l SOIK t r. II fICALK. t'niNKbi MUSEUM, bX> Broadway.?From 9 A. M. to 10 r. M. Sow York, T!\nr?<t?y, July l!i, lil'.h _ Ncw? from r.urojie, The news by the steamship Caledonia ia now i due over ihe wires from St. John. General Cast and III* Accouchenri. The long letter which (Jen. Cnss has written to Washington, on politicp in general, and Webb and Cireeley in particular, is nn extraordinary and queer one to be produced on such an occasion, and to come from such a man, in the present junc- j lurr Di political niciiit-ro. Mr. Webb, of this city (we don't call him I Colonel, for he never was a colonel of the regular ' army), after heing disappointed in getting a mission to (Spain or Merlin, consul, d himself by taking a trip to the Upper Luke*, tor the purpose of locking after speculations in trout, or something else in that great region. On his way to those lakes, he stops a tfev days in Detroit, visits G n. Cu.-s, the defeated candidate of the locofocos at tlie last | election, dines with htm, drinks a few glasses of 1 wine, talks with great lluency, and listens to equally tluent talk from the General, on all the topics ot the day, and, immediately afterwards, sits down and writes an account ot this gossip, mixed up with the wine and the walnuts, for publication in the racy columns of the Courier A'ayttirrr. On this, Master Fourier Greeley makes very sober and philosophical comments, endeavoring to show from this after dinner version of the opinions of General Cass, as compared with some former letters of his, that the distinguished excandidate of the locofocos is a very inconsistent politician, a very insincere man, and almost as double-faced as some of the distinguished statesmen ot New York, such as Martin Van Maren or W. H. Seward. To correct thos" aspersions on liis character, General Cass, in his cool moments, deems it necessary to come out in a long and tedious letter, endeavoring to show the consistency of his political notions in all times past, and the errors, both in narrative and inference, which had bern made by his visiter, Webb, and his commentator, Greeley. Here was the error which Genenl Cass committed?to give any consequence at all to the. alter dinner recollections of uti editor, who thought more of the disappoint meat which he received at Washington than of any jiohtical opinions or any consistent notions with regard t? public questions in any quarter whatever. It Mr. Webb deemed it necessary to pick tip the political ideas ol General Cass, while the latter was entertaining him at dinner in Detroit, he should at least have abstained to a certain extent from taking too much wine, in order that he could recollect those ideas correctly, and report them with accuracy through his columns to the world at large. But we rather think that this system of dining with a distinguished politician, picking up his notions, and misrepresenting them to the world, is not exactly the thing, although in the confusion of inind which disappointment in obtaining a foreign mission may create, such things may sometimes be exacted, excused, and apologized for. Mr. Webb has therefore a valid excuse. At all events, if it were worth the trouble of explanation at all, General Cass lias now done it effectually, and must have mitisfied every person that his political opinions heretofore, and at the present time, are us consistent, and certainly, in comparison with the opinions of other political tn'-n, more consistent than those of in iny others who make a greater noise in the world. On the ] tariff and internal improvement questions we have nev?r known General Cass to entertain any other Opinions than those which he has now enunciated. As to the matter of the Wilinot proviso, lie stands in precisely the same attitude whieh he has here- ; tofore occupied, and what is more singular still, it is exactly the same as that which Mr. Denton holds in Missouri, notwithstanding all the nsise that has been made about his coming out in favor of the non-extension of slavery to the new territories. But all those issues are becoming old and stdc. ' If General Cass remains on the platform which he has sketched in his last letter, he will soon he left behind, and be lost sight of, in all future political movements. Throughout the free States of this republic, the question of slavery, looking to the Inmate abolition, is beginning to be broached, discussed and talked of by all factions.and by some of the leading in? n of the day. In this State Mr. Van Tiiiren and the barnburners are gradually coming ont and taking the same ground which Garrison and the other nnti-shvery agitators in *? i l i L.u r ? . i Airw nneianu n??e nriu ior vomf yam pirn, Senator .Seward and his rtiqu* hare for some tiinl*?st occupied a strong anti-slavery ground, looking in the tunic direction, and are only wniting for an opportunity to nuke another dmtinct step in advance. In Kentucky and Missouri, a apeciea of the aame agitation ?nd the same general subject ia now under way. Henry Clay and Howie-knife Clay in Kentucky, are also engaged in the name matter an that which occupies in a different shapthe attention of Mr. H? nton in Miaaotiri. In short, the political men of the free States, m order to accompliah partial triumphs in their several localities, are stimulating, exciting, and rousing up the anti alavciy feeding among all rank* and all classes in this republic--a feeling and a movement, which will iillinint'ly cruvli, destroy and annihilate the Southern States, throwing them into the same condition a* that who i now desolates the Hntisli West Indies, or crimsons the beautiful region of Hayti. The public mind in this part of the country is losing its prueticsl charscter, and becoming more and ni jte 11natical every day on the subject of slavery and the social institutions of the r-ojih. l*n principled, nmbiliour, reckless, mercenary, and grusping rn n, in order to accrmplirh their loc?I purposes, are driving onward in this career, and ali th?s- mole, rate counte|s, end practical Compromises, and wise forbearances, which marked ih* history . nd tharscler of the great men of the rsvolutio.i, an I the staler men trho immediately succeeded them, are row being given to rhe winds, and u nra code of political finaticiein is about ro o< issued, that will end in nothing hut,as we h ,ve Mid before, t?ie desolation and destruction of the South. The name and lost writings of Thoin?s Jefferson are preen ed into this service, and everything reveals anew step in advance on this question. General Cues, therefore, is getting & little be hind the age, and behind the present movement! in the political world, if we judge from the goo< sense and practical tone of his recent letter, cor recting the gossip which Mr. Webb, our cotem porary, picked up at the dinner table in Detroit published in his columns here, and which has beei misrepresented by Mr. Greeley, another cotem porary. General Cuss must be content to go inti retirement, if lie do not choose to become a fan a tic, an anti-slavery man, a m m that will sit dowi coolly, and ;uke ground against the extension o slavery, and give it as his opinion that the time i; rapidly approaching .wIipii slavery and the socia system of the Southern States must be entirely am completely abolished. General Cass must here after go into retirement?and his fugleman here John M'Keon, may have to follow suit. The Coalition Movements of the Nf.w Vori Democracy.?The democrats of this State?th burnburners on the one side, and the hunkers 01 the other?are very busy, about these days, electin delegates, to meet at Utica on the 15th of Augut next, for the purpose of arranging a caalition am union between the two factions at the approaching State elections, and by these means endeavoring t< ucquire the ascendancy, and the spoils again, ii this State. < >n Tuesday evening, the burnburners held a [ire liminary meeting,and selected their delegates fron each Assembly district. Yesterday evening, w believe, the hunkers, whose head-quarters are a Tammany Hall, met in the same way, for the put pose of electing their delegates.. Each factioi sends an equal number ot delegates, from ever section of the Stnte, to the convention at Utica and there they will consult together, deliberate up on their position and prospeO, create a new plat form of political faith, and endeavor to unite to getlier, like brothers or robbers, for the accom plibbment of their own purposes, if both thesi parties should manage their cards in such a way a to lie able to coalesce, the conventions which liavi been called by each faction, to meet on difl'eren days in the month of September, will be headid ofl and not be held. The 15th of August conventioi will then nominate the State candidates, and agrei upon future measures and principles, and unit' their forces lor all future raids upon the suH'enm people. Some doubts may he entertained whether th two factions cun unite, down to the rank and lile throughout the State. Hitherto, the points of sepa ration have evidently been those growing out o the dispute upon the Wilinot proviso, and on tin question of slavery. These, however, are but i pretext, to a certain extent. The late presidentiu election w as the real cause of dispute, arising fro: the discontent of Mr. Van Duron and his friends at the nomination of General Cass by the Dull more convention. The defeat, therefore, of Gen i Cuss, hut removed the great obstacle front tlx minds ol the barnburners; and that faction wi . now be ready to make a coalition, for the purpus I of getting the ascendancy, as a united democrat: , hereafter. They will probably m?t care mac i tlx at the means, if they can only attain the j object. l>ut from the manifestations we see uround in we are persuaded that the barnburners of thi frtute, and in the other adjoining States, are pre pared hereafter to go the whole figure in favor < ; abolitionism; and they will do this in order to o! 1 t- in a complete ascendancy in the various move mrnts w hich are to take place in various States II. therefore, the hunkers Wo not take care at thi August convention, tliey w ill be swallowed up b the barnburners, and made hewers ol wood an ' diuwers of water for a tlipie of politicians wh w ould not scrnnle to violate the constitution, am to int?rferr with the social institutions of lb i South, in order to be able to carry out their owi pviposeson a future occasion. John Van Huron heretofore, hi s been the great gun of the burn burners, and John McKeon the pocket pistol c i the huukers. What position will they hold here | after I nt.r ack'no the s<h i u.i*T*.?The lettc; wuittf n from the different watering places rccuntl) appearing in our columns, and describing th taste, fuehpui and accomplishment* of the elegaii society which assembles in those places of faiduoi, able resort, have, it seems, produced unm-nsf an noyunce, and caused a terrible disturbance anion our amiable friends, the socialists, the red repuL licurs, and all that description of person* who wea cow hide boots and old hats in this neighborhood The Honorable Maesa Greek y is so angry at ou an'limited and poetic description of ladies an drei- es at Saratoga and Newport, that he isalmos r< udy to jump out of his old pantaloons, to far i 1 it ci a his old drab coat besides, and to trample i the dust his old while hat, which his been re vamped and touched up by Knox, at leas hall a do/en times during the last three yean " In ufferable pi:p|?yism," "indignity, gros-ly til fm ive," " outrage upon decency,"are som-of th moderate and elegant terms w hich our modern re former* and modern philosophers apply to un ele gant and accomplished description of elegant, ac coti'plislicd and well-mannered persons at our we I conducted watering places. Well, well. We are sorry that the nerves ol Massa Greeley and his socialist coterie are s? inmh cites t in,,os? d by our descriptions. We think if society at Saratoga and New-port could be per mailed into the fashion which prevails among tli< socialists of l'aris or of New York, all trouhh would be removed from the sensitive hearts r tbos? who bow complain. If young ladica, inalc.i < f waring chvi'tunJ accompli-bed habiliment* wtold *tr?ll titroc^'li the streel* of Saratoga o N?wport in old shoes down at the heel*, will faded bonnet*, half awry on their faces, or witl th< ir garment* thrown over their l> idies, withou ar.r regard to propriety, deceoey or ti*t??then, wi dare to sav. the ta?t? of these i'nurieritca wmil | 1m r.e|ily : r ? 11 fi? 1. arid tlntr expcet.ition* wo.ild fx r. -i (I. that it liMf! tlioT happy d iy? were ronuni w in n the community of property, of peisons, ant of *eies, would all be tenlixed. The letter-writer* belonging to this ettalliah i ml, .who write front the watering; place*, ari pci.t' men of tn' te, refinement and eap leity. Tir] > e r.o peculiar advantage in cowhide untanne< boota, nor do th?y expect t'.at much attentioi wi dd he Httraeteil by a description of person* w-h< WHiidi r about the wotld with one leg of their p?n taloone inside their hoot* and the other leg out side. CVsT'Xt H< I *K ?The bustle around th? whlti buildit g h:e greatly decreased. We do not eee *. mnny anxioua faeea now in that vicinity. It i said all the appointments to he made till Sept?mhe have been made. It ie rumored thxt eonie of tb tiew appointed officer*, tired of the hot weathf i. id I ?ir on mu* duties, have applied to the C >l IrrlMf (,.r ..r ..I. .n..? 1...I ?t. ,! . P- I ' I < tii| t!> refit?d. Thi? i* ?<>m -thiu^ quite n?? to the twphii * of the White Itouae, and w hitf r.o tit nbt tii.. Iimt will bo tiken. It h,ii hem t?>o nun h the eu?tnm, heretofore, for officera of to cm t? imp to 11 tt ir iiint' mi th- watering pl-icoi i: pti'Hi! iif attending to their duties. Ti?e reion wei- prently required IIf.'.L-??TK Srn\> n 'T!?- IJ-l'-gate Purvey winc h pr* . i'd ff , !y year, under LieJt I'oin r, U to h< i ' ii . len d tlua } >..?. I.irot. M u will Wronhull, row uttuli'd to 'lie United St itr Conn Survey, i# ordered to thi* Mtvice. Tto w otk ir one oi greet- i-T?|e>r?nnre to our m-mi'Mi.! in'i i-n Wr ute g|?d tori ne it co nniin Ji ig ih< attciitii u of fovemmerf. I'nmMoa t agiHtl, t???n n tfir la |'h" II >?*d of Al it>rn a ailj'uioeit tri tn tbeir B etii c on Muni ? ti l?'t i ???,li i! a*. & " ?1 et. anil at er the la^?? f h.'ilf a hour, a i'u'rum m t luting pre.-ett, an a ljo?ruia?l tct k j iacr ml Mrntlay. i Par dom no or Comvicts.?The other day, the Governor commuted the punishment of death, in the case of Jones, who was convicted of arson, to a imprisonment for life in the State Prison, and 1 Muthew Wood, is to be hanged on Friday next. - Now, we do not see why Wood's punishment - should not be commuted likewise. It is true, he , is an Irishman and in some quarters that may be i considered nn aggravation of the offence, and he - is ulso a white mun, which may likewise be conj sidcred an aggravation in the present state of the public mind in regard to anti-slavery. Put 1 taking every thing into consideration, we think I hip Liovemor ought by all means to commute the j sentence of Wood, und treat him with the same I benevolence and consideration as he did the case ! of Jones. There was a great deal of blood shed - in front of the Astor l'lace Theatre, on the tenth , of May last, and as the sacrifice of life on that occasion was applauded by many of those benevolent individuals, who have been soliciting the K commutation of the sentence ol this culprit, we e think this should be another inducement for the 0 kind Governor to exert his prerogative and to try ^ and strike a balance on the red account of blood, | according to the ethics and morals of this city, as adjudicated upon by men in authority. Persons % collecting around the Astor Fluce Theatre, 011 the " particular night referred to and crowding in the way, might be shot down freely by the soldiery called out for the occasion. Such courage, bravery, raid determination, as were exhibited on II that melancholy occasion, brought forth the apc pluuse of all Europe, and therefore it is light and 1 j proper, that ulthough the chief magistrate of the j " ! city filled up the goblet of blood in the Astor j j Place riots, the chief magistrate of the State should , ^ I now, that lie has [the chance, fill the goblet i ' j with the milk of human kindness and let the poor , Irishman escape. We hope the Governor will ex- | tend mercy in this case. . I Father Mathew.?The Apostle of Tempcranco has administered the pledge to about fifteen hundred in a Brooklyn, since our last returns, making in all about ; nine thousand in that city. He yesterday visited at ] Manhattan, the establishment of the Sisters of the 8a- ! | crid Heart, in company with the Right Rev. Dr. ; > | Hughes. This morning he commences the administra1 i tion of the pledge in this city, at the lurge school room ! e | attached to St. Patrick's cathedral, in Mulberry street, i e ' the Bishop having invited him thereto. His intention 1 n i was to hare given the pledge in St Peter's church' | | Barclay street, and to have remained at the b?use of e Dr. Pise during ills stay in this city. Tfats arrange- J [ cent has been altered, and he is to stay at the Bishop's I till he leav es fur Boston. f City Intelligence. B ! Tnr. Democratic Mertiwos.?District meetings were held lust evening in the several wards, preliminary to I the union of tli" sections of the democratic party upon , ,1 the platform of Jefferson In the foil owing districts, I we ar? Informed that the gentlemen named were seII lected ? 1, 1st di.-triet?lstand2'l wards. . .Alexanders fohnson. I * ; 2d " ?ltd and tith ' . , .John Van Buren. j 4lh * ?Mhward leliti A Kenii'oly. 1. j 11th " ? Uith " Thomas K. Downing, j , 14th " ?loth " ,. . . Kdmund J. Porter. 16th " ?17th " John Cochran. j Tnr Tirseo ? It has been for several yearv, I c I the l??liion. with some Ingenious young gcntlem ;n, ? 1 wlien they lire run out at the elbows, to replenish their i * 1 exhausted exchequer at the expense of Uncle Sam. it Tlie mode hit upon if this ?The young truant projr 1 euros a friend: tboy both go together to the next mill- I I tary depot; the friend in'rodures the postulant as a I young gintlemanof family and education, having a , ' /tinhatii for the rervlce. willing to distinguish hlm-elf, * : and do honor to the couutry, representing him at the 1- | same time, to be ef the proper sgn. Upon these r?pre- i .. ; rentations, the bargain is itruck,and the young gen. tli mati is enliste d Tlie friend recives $1 for the in'' troduction and takas hini nlf off. The recruit recclvee i- his bounty, clothing ntid rations all wliich amount I generally to from f 15 to $25 This gaino h is been carried on successfully for y#er?. as we stated abive, and I. | i nrle Sum fleeced out of aoine th usand < of dollars. 1 he t?o last cases cauie up on Tuesday and Wedneg. day. I'll" first was that of M. < antrllioa, a young , y Krrneht bevaller, who enlisted at Governor's Island ?u | the 11th in-taut Having received. In mouey. clothing, (p , (18. lie procured a writ of habeas corpus, and had i 0 himself brought In fore < liief Justice Oakley. claiming _| hia di .charge on the ground of hie being a minor The other wan that of Mr J Irish hair," who !* enlisted on the 12lh Inst , having received about (11 of !l I ncl# Sam's money. He was brought before J udge Daly. , The Judges. having no alternative, were necessarily 1 obliged to discharge them llut it seems the public I antherttli e hare become wide awake to these practices, I and <f rourac aulirlpnted the decision tha Judge* ' would be c?inp*lk'd to uiakii '1'hev procured warrants - to be keut d eg.iinst < anlellion and Mrkeown for rai?, ing money under falre pretences; had them arres'ed the motri nt they were discharged and couveyed to the .. IV at'bul'* olilce. from whence they were transmitted to the United States prison nt Brooklyn. there to await the tender nterclc* of the I nited State* District i owt t. at the approaehimt September term. A few more such unlucky cases will he very likely to put a stop to this it very novel mode of raising the wind. I- SisSiHowt ' alherlne t ox was struck with the sun on the day before last, at the corner of Amity and Thompson streets. She was taken to the hou<e corner If Of 12th street and hirst nveiitts, >- Tub Cam os Maviirw Wopo.?Ws understand a deputation went to Albany last evening, to urge the swmalalll 0 Of Wood's sentence to m prisonm -nt for I. lii'i- Having 1m so rryrirved twice, It would be a rur flt>< nient of cruelty to eieeutc him bow. s Tnr llaiavii > ? Hnrkmen on board the steamboat*. or PI the coining In nt the ears daily, from I'hilads-lphia. it have become so b listen u.< and ins >|cnt that passvnger? begin to otgect to rooting by that line 8 >n? of the barkmen ye?terday threatened to throw a rt pnMti'i gi r overboard who resisted th-ir importunities. The conduct of tho hackmcu at thi* landing la disgraceful to the rlly. Tsui iuk'ssii r a |)s att Boi r Ifulte an excitement I, occurred lust > rlday evening In the vicinity of Pearl r sties I arid Broadway, in conai <|iienee of a d<-ad body In a colli is remaining In a bears*. In front of .Vlr Oilte-1 pie's (unilrrtakrr)door The neighbors Informed a poll e officer if the fiet, and requested him to bavs It reluorrd '1 hey informed bim about half pa<t eleven P. M ; but it set m* he did not do as requested hirially, the bi dy was grti irg worse and weos. when tbey undertor k to remove It themselves and about half-past ' toe removed t be kody up to the l ark in Iront of the d<ail b<>u>e. It was ous of the h*tte<t day we have . bad this year, rind II Is soan lalnii* that such u thing ' she old he p< tmitUd to remain in the street 1 Ktsr asn Kvri e-iow.- On Tuesday evening, ahont 10 . o i leek, a whs dlse.ivs r- d in the rectifying distillery of so iltiaer and t'oclidge. lofi at.d ltss Sheriffstreet lietes eii Ktenli n and lloua'on stre< t? 1 he whole of the ? boil ling was r <murned, though the Pre engnu were a?on on the s|m t 'lie. pr< vented however, the extension s-f the Ram a to t * ?i!Join'rg building*. The (lie f tr? occasioned |.y the explosion of a atlll e uitaioing . . spiiiis by whii I. a man and that, worked In the ' ' e?tabllsbtorpt were badly burned and otherwise hurt i 1 her were diivin a Con-ddcrable distance by the forr? ' of tl?e i xplosion The woman, it I* said. I* not likely to live. 1 Kias.-The bekery at 1*> Avenue r.trok 0'e. and, ' 1 after the roof ol the building was |aitially destroyed, j the R?ni<* were estluguisbs d Damage iruling l iesAbout 0 a'rloek on Tuesday alght. a Are was discos s red in boui* 100 Kim street canei-d by a win low curtain tekiug Pre from a lamp which a toe i on a table berldr it. The Are was ceen by the police, and extinguished without mueb Injury. I Kirs ?A file broke nut *t 12 a'rloek Tuesday blgbt, J In a Isrlek stalde. between Mrst and St md ascnuea, la 24lb street. It ?n promptly extinguished Chii p Hi v Osaa?Maiy Monti II. a small girl, was tub or*r cm i in "tar. lu tlia fourth ward. b/ b bakrr'a ? ??k"? Sin *?? not frrloualy hurl. . I I mil I>*orn<i. - A fmilr fhild wa* found In tha ' " ?r?? "i iba brRM if Nir MMlkm No .t i llatoa 1 j Filer, ll 10n't|i?k Tuarday arming It traa hr "iijilil to , tti? rtntinn Ijuu-i' and | laard in cliargn of a nnraa fur tb? Bight. 1 i TmuMii'i Ratii ?t f'*?Ti Oaarrr.?It m ty not, - I Brrlijr bi ktmra I* rw dUMM that Mr TbtMBWt'a I Lathing rtobltfhmrut at t hr Rattrry. noar I Uinlill, I* IN' moat rjtanrlra and I rat ngu'atod affair ol th? bird no tha eoatiiirnt. and, fritipr. In tha ? world In ailill'l n to a r?r%rinu? plnng- both for . grbthnicn t ilbrb'ftb of ll?r h't. thrfr In atU'brb n in tta r-tnhli I n.flit a rwhnniing f.liool for b*?yf. H whrr? I hr rlil>| grtirratlon la taii|(ht to anim and i final at d rut ap *11 inamifr of antira In thf aqiirnua f i flfii i nt uiidrr tha a?r?rrlalo<i and l-irtruotion of an r rtp' ili Bond of th? art But tha monl iial.,?io I fraturf of 'I hi m??> l.oth* If tha ladl?r' d-partmrnt, ' 1 wb?t? thr fair tag ara tauitit by Mrf Thtnit brrtflf, |. I to dtta and ?wlm and llo it and trmd tratrr. final to | in ) nan (tlror tlit- nf tabllrhmf nt ill opanfd Mra ! 1 lii'iuaa f aa pi rfurtad npwa'da r.f tan thnuaand la Ufa y ; In tha art ' falwmiig aim fioro tiny barf graf I dvatfd hara wltbont frar nf harlta'lon Jamd vh? aurf I of i or fh"lil< naM? oatrrlng jt'.aora lh? fra fhora n I limit i f rf hendrid I" :l?f. martial and flfrfla. i f - | itlta ivlat tbla mafoi *ltbiB|b ll I Ir t> I r, a-id flt? huntr'd mar# will la all | n l aliillty yrnditata, hrfora pi M 'author. rim noq unity if ladl?? aad gfatlfniffi. gl'lf a-ol h'>r?. h*ing 1 ablt* to pwint ir to app-ran', tha* it n??-da na trtnuk fti? itf. bnt thorn aba bar* n >t yi-t !> n itiltlalod, j a arnnlg rofornttifttil In barf an lu'rrti.-w with Mr. t ' who. no raflfr ho* nrrtowa th-y mar hr. I, will not If tIn m pn away until tliay ran awim lib.- a Ptli and (!'? Itko a r r* N tary ona abut Id hatha ' fin ly In rnioft.i r It fhnnld na It I* In tha }.a*t, ba a 9 patttf r.ur t?ligii n to do ro r I n ii i? A pMirnt at tho gfnltfnt'arr wa? all In tad , tailiii llfc'iir ? tti./l , -.0 #if tl ,0 *?*i itai.f - I pro" rilwd lita'Mio bf Monti* Thi* *i?l c .nUitilnf't r ? h | .if c 1 in h In A'r .1 ! . f. II . ?>, | ?m ploh? <1 l?j a ft'T'On .in tho <nit?.d?. who. look to? Ml It. it ? ?" l.rnndj nn-1 d-ank of It and cll?d In f'nn iju. nt?. _ 1 hr collector of thin port h*r Irmd an ordor mjnir1 Inn tlic i no pro left anil olllel ila at th* warohouacr to fco ' " l? I | i ?t ft A 'I In 'dor t<i r. Iloro th.. lab ror ' froi.i th r hinry toll during tbc bra! of tho da/. | Tike Progreu or Uke Cbolero. IH THIS CITY. Mayor'* Office, New Yore, July 18,1849. The Sanitary Committee of thi* city report 100 new ease*, and 40 deathe, of cholera, a* having occurred during the last 34 hours. VMMABT. Cases. Deaths. DiicK'd. In Centre street Hospital 9 2 3 William street Hospital 9 7 1 Lunatic Asylum 0 0 0 Colored Homo .....0 0 0 Blackwell's Island A 1 0 Penitentiary 0 0 0 Bellevue Hospital 0 0 0 Thirteenth street Hospital 9 4 0 In private practice 73 2A 0 Total. 100 40 4 I twill be seen that the deaths by cholera in yesterday '? report are. by eleven, fewer than on tho day before, though the cases are three more. It does uot, however, include any case from the hospitals out of town, with the exceptiou of Ward's island. But if it be true, as we are informed, that lit) cases were brought in which were |M late to be included in the report of the day before?their proper place?there appears to be on tho whole a considerable diminution. The weather has been more genial and temperate during the last two days, and that circumstance may have produced a favorable influence. The greater number of cases is still to be found in tbe upper pnrt of the city, vis : from 29th street to 46th. which is exceedingly llltby and abounds iu nuisances. and shantees inhabited by tho laboring class,

who work much in the sua. Besides, in a large proportion of this district there is a want of Croton water The pipes, however, lire now being laid. The proprietors of the bone boiling establishments in the upper part of the city have refused to comply with the directions of the hoard of Health. Warrants have been issued against them, and the nuisances will be immediately abated Tbe epidemic, however, is assailing alt classes, and ' iu every locality. There is scarcely a person you will I meet, who does not complain ot the digestive organs being completely deranged, or at least a sensation of ' roust an t pain and uneasiness iu t tie region of the stomach aud bowels There is undoubtedly some influence iu the atmosphere that alb-cls almost every one more or less. There is one siuguiar fact to which we have already adverted There lias been na thunder this year, nor even what is called heat lightning iu the evenings, always regarded as a salutary aympton in tbe atmosphere. Tho sainu absence of electricity was remarkable iu 1832. A Jin UK me uiosi recent victims is ur. omytn, one 01 . the physicians appointed to the .'Id ward station house. { lie took ill at bis residence yesterday morning at two o'clock, and died yesterday afternoon at one o'clock. No doubt this case has been the result of exhaustion in attendance on choleru casus, iu addition to other practice. Mr. Absalom Weeks, hired carman of Messrs. St urges & Co , died the day before yesterday after thirteen hours illness, lie was GO years of age. Mr. Moulton. lute bookkeeper at the Carleton House, whose death by cholera was announced in the Herald yesterday, did not die at that establishment, but at Stateu island, where he bad been staying. There has bi en no ease of cholera at < arleton House, nor at any other respeutable hotel in the city, us l'ar aim have b< ui d The daughter of John Marenner, of Suffolk street, r? p. rtcd as dead, is recovtriug from nearly the last stage. I.N BROOKLYN. Orrirr of tiie Board of 11kalth, July 18,1819. Since jestfrday, twenty cases of epidemic cholera have been reported to this oilier, thirteen of them terminating fatally, viz: Thomas (liiligan, aged'JO, ilond et; Hannah Fldn d. 03 Degraw st; 11. It. Johnson, 4') Columbia st; a run of Mr. Dysen, No. 'I Bergen stj Mary Fogarty, 3(1 kurman st; Catharine Foley, 36 John st; Mary Hudson. 26 I.ove lane; 11 8 McMullin. 0 John st; Isaac Bell. 4 Myrtle avenue; Mary llinck. 29 t'arl st; Surah J. Murphy, ill Stale st; Henry M>>rril, Franklin avenue; Michael Sweeny, 70 Fourth place C. K J. UOODltH li. I'hysiciun of the Board It will be observed that an alarming increase of the epidemic is prevalent in Brooklyn. BY TELEGRAPH. Alcasv, July 18?0 P. M. There have hern thirteen cases of cholera anl one death reported since yesterday. Burtai.0, July 18,1810. The Board of lHa'th report thirty-nine new cases of cholera and thirteen deaths for the past twenty-four hours. This report indicates an increase, since the report *f yerter<lsy, of eighteen cases and five deaths. PlIILADELrHIA, Jyily 18?4 P. M. Tbs report of the Board of Health to-day shows an increase of cases, and a diminution in the number of deaths since yesterday, the number ef eases to day being scti nty-six. and the deaths twenty-two?of which nine were from the Alms House? makiug but thirteen deaths in the city and districts. Baetimorb, July 18,1819. Six new cases and eight deaths from cholera, hare been reported as having occurred at the Alms House) since 9 o'clock yesterday. No cases are reported In the eily. ANOTHER DISPATCH. 1!ai.tihor>, July IS?6 T. M. There have been been eleven new eases and twelve , deaths at the Alms House, since 7 P. M. yesterday up to 4 o'clock this afternoon. The total number of eases has been fifty-nine, and thirty-Ave deathr, ilnce the appearance of the disease among us. ANOTHER DISPATCH. Baltim?hk, July 18?P. M. M> lorn that at the Henrico Toor House, in Vlr glti'.a, there hare been i ts deaths In one day by cholera A schooner fr >m New York, with fifty Herman operative* in board, designed for a Woollen factory, has arrive!, having had seven deaths by cholera on board during the passage. riTTMuaaii, July 18?7 P. M. The Board of Health report seven new eases of cholrra for the last twenty-four hour*. Ricmmuwd, July 18,1849. We are happy to say that only two convalescent ra<es of cholera have occurred for ths last twenty four hours, ending at noon to-day. Sr. Loris, July 17?P. M. But little variation lias taken place, for the past few days, In the number of interment* from cholera, and It is hoped that the epidemic has done Its worst. The whole number of interment# from Monday to Tuesday noon, was eighty-eight, of which sixty-en* wereftrnt cholera. 1 he weather la cool and bracing. Tos-toe, (Ohio,) July 18,1849. I There have been fifteen deaths by cholera In this town within the fast twenty-four hours. Ths number of cases eannot be correctly ascertained. MesvacAL, July 18?P. M. The report of interments Is. we are gratified to state rather mora favorable to day, it exhibiting but thlrty?!x it wbirh number twenty-one were victims of the (hi lera. AN 'TitKit DISPATCH. Most* vac. July 18. 1849 We regret to state that the cholera continues on ths Increase in this elty, Quebec and Toronto. 1 be number of deaths In this city, on Monday last was thirty-one; and yesterday the number aunounced was sixty-one. (B Y T II K MA U.S.] at ai.iiasy, J?. T. Ths tlheny Kt-entssg Journal, of the 17th ln?t . gives ths following eonipsrativs estimates of the cholera In 1832 and the pressnt time : ? In 1832 lb" first report was made on ths 3d July. In 1?4U the first report i? dated 7th June. This, then (luly la), Is the fortieth day of the continuance of the dbease amongst us to 13.1*. In 184.1. ; Tor Ihc (lis! tea dsys there died .V 10 , " Real<rn days .. 77 7 : " seat ten days.. I'll 1* 1 " nsat in dsys 71 43 Total 1*7 Ta rrj the dsavlis fee ti e sin reeding ten daj were.... ft) t?r ths arat tea <lsy? is for the neat even days PI wh' tl the disease, after having lasted slaty seven days ceased entirely- the total deaths amounting to 417 In 1*32. the population of Albany was only about 80 I>01 at least one filh of wh"tn fled the eitv It is now noafly, If not ijiiita. 60 l'<K). icry li* or n<>no nf whom havo loft tho fly It will bo thmi Mtl that. to far no tbo opldomic ha? prng-totood tho mortality In Is32 wni. about tight tiinoo |ruttr than It now bar beon. f'W Til* 111 TV) t RI \ KM RAILROAD. Tho AH?any of l ho l'th ln?t . toy* On Friday l?ft. iho rbolfta broko out irnini; ih* laboror* on Motion 24 of tklo toad, ntar I'ooktklll Thoro waro ton dontbr; but Ih? lab-roro took fright, and aomn .;oo abatidoiifd I bo woik. and flod IN HARRACIIfAltm. At Natlrk. on tho 141b ln?t , ono cato ooonrrod. *Mrb j.rotnl fatal. 1 l.o MptlngfL Id fi'o;o?6fi>?n. of tho 17th Intt . ray" At lladlry on Itlobinnn. apparonlly woll on Kunday mmn'nit. ?a? atlm-kt-d about ft oV|<>ek with all tha oya.ptrnit of rh'lorH and dl?d abt-nt 4 o'clock An Irbbnoinan. In tlio tamo obauty. ta< takon d< wn ywa. tortay morning In the tamo way. and dlad toon anor. wai-lt A thud now nn?ln< ?cry low. Tlio phjrtlciaiio | it thooo eatoa eh-bta AT REMARK, II. ,l< Wo hrft'd of no now pa-en of cholora In Now,irk, (N. i ? run'c:m mi ir.>rp uait i.Mn U" luitlirr ili'ilh'. ?e boli?T*. allx a Sntilay Ai T VI til VB, It. J. In the rleinil J i f fater-on a* learn that rerrral e??ea bare rerrrltd Ar? Mita Aon olfe of John lltit lle, of r*t< r? n. ?? attacked mltb It on M?nday niaht and dl< d rarly 1 today m<mine Sin w%* about 30 yeara '! ?*? *ir AI>:alintn (iartabraat, r?rl.llna txtaeen Paferaon andPtitr II'tire I Ulna ?a* attar k -d on I ri.lay Uat at 1* I'tl'fk in tbc murnlny, and di<d in abrut three L' uia afiar. at" t r. The T ft. tan (Jtirlrit the JMh ln?fan? ?ay? 1 Too in the anli'trha of thin t<ty"n 1 t 'Iri iu ?ar rupporrd to ba the rh' lera In both of the cum the men bed been very imprudent, end bed been victim* of severe diarrhoea fur seveaal day a put. AT hew BRUNSWICK, H. J. At New Brunswick 6 death* are reported, u having occurred on Sunday. in New Brunswick. 25 case* and 15 deaths were reported to the Sanitary Committee during the week ending on Monday evening. The dea'hs were mostly confined to the *auie street, and in the lower part oi the city. The New Brunswick Fredvnian states that since the change in the weather, there have been but few cases, and the disease has almost entirely disappeared. AT MIU.VIF.LE, V. J. The Bridgetnn Chronicle, of the 16th Inst., says:?A Mrs Smith being alarmed lest her children might have the cholera, took them on Saturday, to the residence of her brother, some miles out, for safety. On Sunduy mi ruing three of the four were taken with the nhoiara and lay in the embrace of death before n ght. They had eaten profusely of green apples, and other fruit the (lay previous. at bensai.em, ra. The Doylstown (Pa ) Democrat, of the 17th instant ssys We are lufonned that a case of cholera has occurred in the vicinity of the Iiurot Tavern in Bensalent township. The person was Johu Porter, a respootablv farmer. At the time ho was attacked by tht disease, he was bu>ily |eugnged In his hay field. in a few hoars afler, he expired ia much agony. AT WILMINGTON, DEL. The Delaware Gazelle, of the 17th inst , says:?Tht health of the city continues to be very good, notwithstanding tlio occurrence of some ten or twelve sporadic cares of the cholera, wilbin the last two weeks of which four or five have proved fatal. There have been great ravages by the epidemic among the initiator of the Aim.- Iloube, which lies on the very edge of tht city, far remote from auy occupied pertiou, even of tht subuibs. AT CHRISTIANA, DEL. The Delaware Gazette, fit the 17th Inst , says:?Wt are desired by a responsible gentleman of Christians Bridge, to stale that the cholera morbus has be-n lire vailing to a very great extent in that place and neigh borboud. for the last three weeks. It has now abated and the bilious dysentery. to an alarming degree, ha' taken its pluco?scarcely a family hut sudors from it. AT CENTREVII.LE, MD. One cane of chtdera occurred near Centrerille, Md on the 11th inst., which, however, did not prove fatal AT SHIRLEY, VA. The Richmond Whig, of the 17th instnnt, says:?Wi are gratified to hear that the violence oi the opldoiuli lias greatly abated at Mr. Carter's. On Saturday eve ning be hud lost thirty, and not thirty-eight negroes, ui wa~ reported, and all that were then sir k wore consider id convalescent. IN KENTUCKY. The Loultrillo Journal, of the 13th instant, says:?Ii Jefli rson county, we hear ol throe cholera deaths?Mrs Robinson, near Oakland; T. I'. Johnston, son of tin late Judge Johnston, of I.ouisiana: and a negro belong iug to Mr Hnucock. Mr Hancock and several of hi, blacks had been attack'd with cholera; hut they are ii a lair way of recovery. Mr. Johnston died at Han coek'e. where he had arrived only a lew days previous fiom Georgetown College He was attacked with cho lira while at college, but survived By last night's stage, we learn that Ave cholera dentin occurred at Krankfort on Wednesday?two adults ani three children. One ol the former had just nrrivei. there, sick, on the Cincinnati packet. At Lexington the disc ace had somewhat abated. The Moysville Herald. of the 10th instant, report: three cases of cholere. in the previous forty-eight hours all blacks The cholera was ijuite had in Bracket county. In Augusta there had been three deaths. AT NASHVILLE, TKNN. At Nashville, on the fctb instant, there wore threi deaths by cholera. IN MISSOURI AND ILLINOIS. The St. I.ouis Organ, of the t'lh instant, says:?Thi alarming disease Is gradually extending Its circuit ti the in bl.boring villages ami settlements that surrouiu our city, where its appearance creates a great deal o alarm; and ita fatality, in several precincts, has prove; very greut. On Oravola Creek, in tliiscouuty. and i place calls d the " Biggins." a few miles below the city It is said to he vry bud. Out of some two hundred am forty persons at tue latter point about fmty have died Id Illinois on tic Mississippi, below this city; at Ce liokia. I'rairir de Ri cher, and at other points abort Chester, as also through the country, vew understam its ravages haro been to an atarmlug extant, Iti fatality having been increased no doubt, from the wan of proper and tinuiy nodical old At Lbestir and vicinity, the number of deaths an reported at 14: at I'lutrie de ltocher at it; at t'ohokii at 7-all from cholera. The Glasgow Timer says:?Two fatal cases of rhoWi lia I occurred at Marshall, Mo .and that It was reportei to have broken out at Warerlry. Lafayette county where twenty-four persons had been taaeu down by i on Tuesday last of whom a nuinlter died. Several casm occurred at Brunswick ou the tame day, but only oni death was reported. At Camden. Mo . the cholera Is rnglng with great violence. It has also broken out on the stiaairr Monro" a rending the Missouri with New Vork recruit*, uudei ( apt 8tymour; and several deaths had occurred. At Alton. Ill , there were twelve deaths on Friday tire on Saturday, four on Sunday, and lire on Monday from the prevailing epidemic. AT (OLl If BUR, OHIO. The Ohio Atwtcsman. of the 14th Instant says Jnmra Rancher, one of the guards at the prlsan waattacked with cholera about 3 o'clock thi< morning and died at 11 r'elock to-day l.ast craning he was or duty as one t>! the prison guards, anil was stationed or the roof cf tke main building and took with him i large pitcher, with near a gallon of lee water. At! o'clock this morning lie had druuk the ice water aiu caine down and reported hiinnlf sink, aud immediately c muenrrd vomiting, uud in a few h->ura was a eorpse Br Latbrop, who has been suffering for son" dayi under a severe attack of the Asiatic cholera. Is out t>; danger, though still very feeble. Br I., i i the oh v,i clan ? f tlie piinin. iind bad ju*t recovered from a *eTirt attack of cholera when lie again resumed duty in th? prison hospital unit ?w soon after proetrute] will, ? n rood attack The whole number of death* lotto j r.-on 11> cholt-tb eince the both of June, it ninety-one out of 4'.6 prisoner* Serial other* are d*ngeruu?l> ill, and we fear the llet will he further increased AT I I.KVELAMD. 1 be Cleveland I !?>n I'm'*r. of the 11th in?t . *ay* 'i he three toy* w b > died at the choli ra lieepltat ye iterdey wcie fouud In the rear <1 a little miaerable Dutch tatern 1 bey bad heeo left by the "trainer Troy oa the dock durirg the n;cht The ehlhtrm w.-re known to have iLc rholrla ai d wrre it fa?eu adu>litanee Intc any if llie kounr* about I h? re. In tht < condition, they ??> out In the open ?lr all Bight. tl pi rem* not daring to have tLno pati. i ly waiting the munltiK. wkni ' white fwlke" should lie about 1 hoy bad money; all tin} wanted war a place to lay their head*. It wet lale the next nioinlug before they wrre found by l>r llealtt who Initio ub.tcly wrapped tin in in blanket* i. nd a Hi d pi i in me ton to tulo- the in Into the tavern until be could find a place for them The keeper refun d rren to hare them carried through hie hotter end they wer? talo n lu the aririe. and carried around a back any to tLe etrart Attempt* were made to get h diay to carry them to the hospital but uodrayinan would even lend hie cart for curb a joirpoee The d tot?.r appealed to ecrrral of th< Ir oiru countrymen (for thry ?ere fori I*nera) and reproached them with tnliun anlty. to let et ch (In- boy* uie lor the want of a little timely a**l*Unr*. It wa* (near an hour before the cblldrta wrre get to the hoepttal; nun e n* In the coilepecd etale. the other two uot eo bad The doctor admlnlati red to them, the hoepltal phylcian being ah?ent. lie then lift them to attend te other patient*, t ut cent hi* nodical student with jireerrlpeton*. to attend thiio durltiK hi? By a atrenge ?en?e id r of cat tonal Ctlijuette the hoepttal keeper refuac.l to nave Dr lleelil'* pre scrip tine* filp.w. d np. mil < rnermted In liy the regular ho-pital physician or until It could l?e ascertained that Dr llealtt would make do charge to the city for hi* *?ryicee Dr Hewitt ta-'og a I a* it hi- c'rrk could Dot answer for him lit t hi - particular ami an the regular pk?sieiau e im in en cr I hi* treatment without knowing what medicine ha I bean givi n Wbll* tlio*e malter> of etiquette were pettled Much prerlou* time *m loft,nod the three boy* during the day. died. At V? Bttgr. CA. The Qtieber <**rewwe/e of the lath tnafant ?ay? Tberw were a number "f death* yesterday, which fear la* mat-rlally cwwggeratrd W e hare ne correct Information on th? rubjtct tint In a .lay or two we tru?t tw be able to giyc a c< rri-ct report, which will tend. In * g i at imaetire to rrlletc the public m od Hhou'.d thetc be a chapgw of Wvatlicr. We Would earnevtly recommend the pntllng on of flannel* and warm clothing We irgrtt to Data that Mr* < liahot, wife of Jean thabet, Lei] , M T. P., died laat night. at movthkai., ra. The while number of death* by cholera, reported In M ontreal. for the week ending the 4th iait.. Wa* 47. AT TORONTO, CA. In T< rento. for the week ending the 14th Inat .the totel aoiulwr i f ea*e* wa* IB; death* 1J Out of the uni'ir nuinocr 01 cmrrp. 14 wrra migrant" TVK rilOLKRA II TAHU Tba rbolrra appear*. by tha la*t arcnnnta, to b# on th# di-cllaa in I'rrlr Tm maHiar. d oritur thn weak prrodlnu thr lima ? f ?4ilin? of till pMUlrr, M h?com# rool tul dry. ami thr numl ?r of r?<n had illnilnirlrd n.?l> -rially. Tho dlMM waa al--'> a mild#r fotm. and th# mortality wa? grratly I papain- I, a* I* aknarii by tho following labia of (Path#, fiirniahrd by thr mrdiral MlbsflllM. unto thp 2"th alt : ? In /Viral# Ciill Mlitmry f>r'r. I'rattU*. Iloir,' tali. Haaintafl. Total. J un# 14 2-0 1)3 2.1 ? .7 ' 15. 1AA lift 23 80"i ' 10 lift 1*1 1A 210 M 17 1*3 T7 If til ? )A. lt?7 AO Id 1*0 " If ?l 41 li PA "20 74 44 ? 121 MB Ml 108 1*7m Itrnohlyn City Intelligence. or i in < iit brook I j a #an. un liubte lit. be callol on# of ill# h*?lthla?t eitloa in tha United State#. i ordaining an It do#?. a population of nearly lOthftW ? ulP, ai.'I a large proportion of tuat population f .reign ark. alo ar? not tii# ol#an#?t or mort temperate rttla n? to be tart alth. It I* a fart whieh mnat ki.ifc. ...... ona who lakaa thn lan?t nalieatn rrcard U> ttip awnttary rf ndltli n "f tba [ iai-a. that ?n fur i|>alh? wnr tfrkly In nrdlrarc araaona, tomtnar and winter, thn nnnihrr f dearfi" doea not aiaee.l V> a weak and ?m?. liini a It I* a? law a* * . or ona death lit J *00. Thla will e'nipnre famralily with any plaee The pr*atert nomto r < f rt?ath? a weak, by rholern a? yat reported, I* 43. an<l thla nlao la about ona In 3 000. a??n allowing Mr r i"'? wl rh lure not baan raportad aa cholera. of which, tiod nbtcdly. there ara a number. Kmc A fra broke ont. on Tneedny craning laat In the machine chop helnwftng to Mr Samuel Bonne proI" ator of lVa < athartna (treat ferry It waa quickly ktlnyulahad however aftar doing trifling da'D.tfa The ftirnan w*ia promptly an (fan tpot. T~ V TELECIUPUIt LVIELLIGUXCE. The Recordershlp of the General Land Office. WimifiowJaljll lid. Mr. Nathan Sarg<-nt. lately appointed Reorder In theGeneral Land Office, now fill* the office of Sergeant-at' Ansa in the House of Representatives. and by law cannot vacate it till a successor is appointed. t The Attorney General has been consulted, and is of opinion that Sargent's acceptation of the Kecerdership will not iaterfere with his present office, as the last House of Representatives lias ceased to exist, Calhoun's Address to the South. Cm lion ton, July 17, 1849. Mr Cslhouu's refutation of Colonel Ueuton's speech 1 on the Wllinot proviso was published this morning in the Charleston Courier entire, nod Is a very interesting document. It will riarli us in a day or two. Removal of the Troops from Montreal?The Result of the Kit ctIon Funeral of the 1 Murdered Cloonun. > Mortrcxl, July 18,1849. A complete panic pervades the Inhabitants of our de vot? d city, iu coasequeuce of the spread ot the all-perxadiug epidmiic amongst us. 1 The Seventy-first Regiment has gone to St. Johns, J uid Lord Klglubai consented to the removal of the i Nineteenth Regiment to tho Inland of St. Ililcus. > The delegates return, d for Montreal are?lion. O. ' Moffatt, Col. Gugy. and Messrs. Montgomery and Mack. The funeral of the murdered man, Cloonan, was at? tended by upwards of three thousand Roman Catholic k Irl.-b. The body was covered with a red cloth, emblematical of Tengennce. , No sensation was created by the news brought by the s last steamer from K-ngland. The weather continues quite warm. ) From Mexico?.General tialncs' Instate? Maesatic of Cuilfo.nla KurlgranUi New Ouueanh, July 13, ISC. J An arrival from Mexico at this port, brings intelligence that I'aredcsbad declared in favor of Sunta Anna, * und that a levolutiuu in favor of the Independence of i Sierra Madre was also expected. by the will of the late Oenerul Gaines, his property t is to he divided equally among his wife and two sons. The reported massacre, by Indians, of New Vork emigrants from Kort Smith, Arkansas, has been confirmed. i From the Far IVctt. Sr. Loi rs, July 17,1810. ' Mr. W. L. Tarvin reached this city, yesterday, from the Plains, and reports the California emigrants getting < along well, and grass plenty on the Plains, owing tofre| ' quent rains. The companies beyond Kort I.aramle had , I sutured but little from sickness, while those this side I had endured a great deal of inconvenience, both from * . cholera and small pox. j A Mormon train, compe. lng -100 wagons and 5,000 persons, was ero sing Council Dluds a few days sinee, pre. parutory to commencing the journey to the great Salt > Lake. Later from Venezuela?Attempt to AlUlll* 3 note President JHorisges Defeated* ? Boston, July 18?P. M. Letters have been received here fro a Venezuela. I which state that an attempt bad been mads to assassinate President Monages. but that it had been timely I discovered, end consequently defeated. Poet OOHC9 Appolntmente^In Philadelphia? The Weather, &c. PniLAoia riiiA, Jane 18,1840. Postmaster White has appointed about twenty new letter carriers, and about the same number of clerks. Of course the dismissals will keep pace with the ap: poiatinents. j The weather continues cold, and woollen clothing does not feel uncomfortable, even in the middle of the ! day. Aside from the cholera, our eity is unusually ; healthy for this season of the year. The Hobbery at W ashington. Washington, July 18?8 P. M. The package of letters stolen from the Post Office on Sunday, supposed to contain some $3,000, belonged to Latham A Co.. brokers, ot Ohio city. The robber ha* not been discovered, i The Fire In Allegheny?Determination to Be*or|tnlx? ilk* Fire Department, JMi rirriBuaaH, July 18, 1849. The disgraceful conduct of the Allegheny firemen, at i tbe recent conflagralUn. U loudly condemned by the ' citizen* of both Pittsburgh and Allegheny. I Tbe City Council* of Allegheny met la*t night, end 1 unauimouely paased the following preamble and reeo' lutiona:? , ' " Whereaa.thc firecompanle* nfthlecity. by arecolur tion of tbe a**oclation, and, atlll more pointedly and J dl*a*trou*ly. by tbelr eonduct on the 10th, hare de, clared tbtmaelTca and apparatua eut of aervice, theroi fote ' I ' lleaolTed. That tbe Vayorand antlieritiea take poe! *e*iion of tbe four engine* and houm* owned by the city, and place the name under tbe beeping of aultable peraona. " It etclved, That thank* be paeaed to the Wa?hington I'.cglne Company, and other companiea for their a**isi tance In esttnguishing the fire, and maintaining order 1 ''Rrrolved.That the Mayor be requeated to call a meeting, for the puipose of organizing, forthwith, a fire company in each ward; the *uperlntcnd"nt to be ap| pointed by the Council*, to take entire charge of the apparatu*, with full power to employ the neceaaary puce; tbe name* of the member* and officer* to be rei ported to the Council*, andapproved by them; no por| aon* to be admitted under a certain age and all diior, derly perioa* to be eicluded." ' j A rpeclal meeting 1* te be held on Thnreday, to hear ' the report of a committee appointed to form a new organization of the lire department. The Council* are determined to abandon the precent j?trm, and have the fire apparatna under their own control. M. A. King, captain of the Wm Trnn engine company, who wa* arreetrd yefterday on the charge of areon and rict,wa* brought before Jndgn Jone*, to-day, , on a writ of kakttt tor put, and admitted to trail in tbe run of three tboueand dollar*. IFeeeral additional arre*t* were made to-day. The weather 1* now very plea-ant Bueine** centi | | buff dull. I'lr* *1 ? auaUeii, ft* *1* rmLADtiPMi?, July IS, 1M0. i IWr'r hair cloth factory, il Ctm l-u, N. J., wa; de1 ttrnytd t<>. night by lire. [ Another d?*|at?h, forwarded from Philadelphia at the fame time with the ab >ee (9K o'clock P M.), etate* that a Urge fir# wa* then racing at Camd >u. enppited to be In the Canidcn and Amb y Kail road depot or tho hnt? I adjoining ; and that the fi rry b?aU would not i eroa? the rlrer (from Philadelphia) on o"c?unt of tba orowd at the whartee ] Destructive Kir* nt Wwtcrvlllr, Mr* oerwe, July It, IMA A meet destructive fire ha* occurred in Watarville, Maine destroying reran raw mill*, thie* of which belotgtd to Mr. Mitchell, one to Mr M" .re, one to Mr. Rhfldon, and one to Mr jleddingtoii The quan'.lty Of lumber destroyed wa? about four million* wf feet. Tho lore I* feme $ro t(C, loured for 12 'Jt)0 l arge number hate bn n thrown out enipl yineat b,' lhi? calamity. Dtolh of ben. Tlir.ifloe f.ymin Boavow, luly tt-P. M. We regret to announce the death, thi* morning, of fleneral TluoJore Lyman. Ill* diet ire eat consumption. falling of Steninahtp Canwftia. bourne, July It, 1940. The eteameblp i anada left at twelve o Hock to-day 1 with 13* paner gere Pbe rarrlee no merle. A ir org the passenger* were baron A de Rothschild} Trerldi n'Mahan (?f Oherlin Inttltnte, Ohio,) a delegate to the rati* I i re t encentinn 11,,.. ll. - ? , Kiomlir Harrow, of Loalrlaiiit ; J C. B. l>n?i? Snrratary of L?Ration at London ; HiliiM V Xh and tha VUnnolat I Child ran Tlx roll., i In f(.la W'nfr NrwBcaoM. (.V. V ) Jnljt 18 I P. V. I (tart ad off In pur-nit of a fhowar foryou, m raquaatj i ad, bnt mat with no ruer t a In the waatarn fart of thir Slate tbarr ha? been ttoma wild lightning but no" era mpanird with rain. At Dlnghan.ton lb* wratber ha? bean tary warm and nltry ; no rain f >r two week a. At ithaia th< re baa t rn a no- lightning, but no aaln At Panftllh? Vtalhrr clrar and ?> ry warm Ail radon a Mtt.mrly warm end opprenalte ; na tain In a lot g t,n a Tin 8ottihirn .ilatl. BtltlNnar, iMly 18. PdO The Southern Vail, tonight. bilnt,i i < ibtn; Item b?J o| d Chnflai tC J.