Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 6522. Important Free Sail Convention In Ohio. The Free Foil Convention of l >hio met at Cleve {and on the 12th instant. It whs h>*ld on day in commemoration of the p.lea me of the ordt nance of 1787. Kx-Senator Tappan was ch >aei President; Harmon Kinnahury of 111., F. D. 1'arisl of Ohio, Htid Henry L Ellsworth of Indiana, Vic {'residents ; and Joel Tiffany of Cleveland, am ii it ..c p: : tjcui^c iiuauii'i ui v/iiiL iniiaii, Annexvd are the must interc-btiug parte of thi ]>roceedirig8:? In the morning. Mr. IIenbt L Ellswosth. of Indians was rallt d t? the stand lit-gave a glowing aocouul o the free noil party of Indiana and claimed that the; had " achieved a greater moral victory than any othe ciuce the time of ( brist " lie claimed that they bai dictated term* to both the old parties. and held the ba lance of power there, and they would u?e it for eomi good purposes. Mavery via not an iu>titutien froa ueaven but from hell, begotten by the ileril in sin. aui dent up t) this world an a bantling to ncatter deBtrac tion and horror on earth He spoke of the evils of ma very, autl chaigrd the North and Northern men witl tho guilt of sustaining it. if they did not aboliah i in the District of < olunibla ai-d he advised It* aboli tlon there, or the removal ?t the reat of government t< free territory The tree roil parly have no loaves ant fishes, and don't ?*i?h for any Kree boilers tight fpi principle J W Tavlok, Esq . of Sandusky. via called for. am after informing the audience that he felt good a standing on the loath of the Ke*erve, proceeded to di the eloquent for the convention He thought thi events ol the past twenty-tive year* were tlat. stale and unprofitable and lie bad outlived the priuclple* ol thoee years.which ware nut a great uiauy pumpkins ' in the opinion of the orator He al?o asnaz"<j when bis searching rye discovered that Weiieral 1'ayloi had surrendered himself to his cabinet, the cabinet hac surrendered them-elves to i ougrese, and Congress wai working on the people in favor of slavery Mr. T rang the cLanges ou coriuptton and all ttiat sort of thing proposed to drive slavrb'ddiug "oligarch*" into th< Oull of Mexico; and in bis (lights soared entirely " ba ycnil the jicisdictiuii ot this court '' At the bllernot n session Joliu Van Kuren addressed the Convinliou. and ipnks nearly two hours Mr Va* Burkn said, that he came iu answer to a re. quest to atti nd a convention h re he cam- with pit a sure to visit eiir beautiful city, exempt from dlseasi when the country rouud was almost do?o|ated by pes tilence lie Murn>b?i>d his la t visit iiere. aud thi gathering thai greeted hun th. n; atui not now. a* then was he trammeled by personal embarrassment. Ho father wus no l >Dger b. lore the pe -pie aud n lougei could be be charged witli acting uu n r the iuHuenee o injuries to be redressed rather than that of principle In the last election though they were beaten. great good was achieved by tbe free soil party, tor both poll tical parties were compelled to acknowledge the muriti mt their principles 1 he present ?a- au approprlali time fi r a convention Eu.harra-'ed by no rrwstdcu lial contest, it could act from principle aloue; and tin the ltioei ve, so distinguish! d i't Hi" last campaign was the appropriate place for its me ting Undei the ordinance of l"t?7 hud been built up Ave o] the gri alcsl Slates ol our Luton and tbey owed theli prosperity to the exclusion of slavery He spoke o the intention of the tiumers of the constitution, tha slavery should soon be done a'vay with He said tha the Declaration of ludependeu ieelared all men fret and equal; but where slavery existed in the .stales tin ignore and Irnuiers id the cmi iuui.oii intruded ti jeave It gB it we* a"d mjo r^ tr-ct i'- farther exten *itn, nreir frttail'f lAul to day thtrr couJu Ic ? ft the Uniltd Statu, or that the ei 11 wo. Id ct.fiijjsr th iSrtwn The same ideas were teoogui-id uutit on thi introduction of the v\ iluiot Proviso, tlie duu'h r >m up us due man to resist its principles, aud c >.ajl*lict the North ro yiild tke pi int lint of the noininttio: for tlie Preslth ncy, of two men wh i epp ).<? 1 thi prin cipie grew tbe free soil party He end ifsed tile cour.o <1 David 'A'rirj it. who. though ho was deuouue-d hj tbe eirgau and ailuiluistratiou at Ma hingtou and l>j the liaders ot iiis psriy at home, yet stood tlriu i'ha K'T Hi X WerKH previous I" tun if. H'.U '.l.-tl a Vll'n III (V\ llinot) b?14 lh? |ti'?l Sut? <>' I'rLUsytTauia in tin hollow of hi* hand. I ttlas ?n some with the w?rU on bin shoulders but we iloo l tdiuH be would ilare In enter the ring *1 ki .later Wiim >t. at wi thin nix wink-' feat ] and had ho oh n?u to h&f< supported i a?n. might hovo elected him [thin was limn to those ?ho won* not before aware o tile powerful iuilneiice of Mr WilraottQ the Ivcystous Mate.) Vr V B. raid that at the l.ite election be would hare preferred the election of Taylor t* thai oft am though he refused tuebooM between two eriln and stood by free ewil principles I be inont importiint reannu of bis preference ???. that a-n had tie en an ardent friend of the provmn until thu 8 ntlh refused to support him, whew ho chanced hi* position, and wan uoniiunled lor tbe prreineuey , and. uuUol such circumstances. Mr V 1) ti Id it iudo*|>eusa< hie to the maintenance of the party Heneral an should he UitenleU He congtai ula'ed the C'tiemiiior cd tbe gnat r hinge going on in tne public utind, am] which hint brought out < oinnel Uenl u It wai grati tying te find him. the leader of the < am party taktiif a eland which deuioll. hed lh? whole i an- platform f)f Mr lieiiton'e Tult to New V urk la>l maimer ami ltd effects he raid:- the democrats ol New 1 urk liaii been proscribed for their principle* ; they had riser en mattr anil when Mr beutun caine anionic thent they knew bint an tbe last friend of 8da* it right - a an bonwet man- and he did in t doubt .r H.'s vlsltgavi Mr I ane niont of t he vote- he rrceired in New 1 nrk Mr .llenton bad declared the Wiimnt prevlno a Oootrorsrn] alHiut goat's wool ab -nt nothing an abstraction I this wan true it wa? strange that diseovery nhouid ju? he made at Jrfler.nn < it j Tue prorlno i ante up tnrei year# ago, received the sauction ot eleven leg statures and war discussed alt irrr ll.e country, and It ?? stiange If the men who had been lift a' bouie for the! opposition to it nhouid hare written upoa their loaibi by t.ol. benluu, "Vrms4 is gnat's wool And dirdvf an aorl,?,ti?s." What In there to present the cupidity of man takini laves into the new territory without the appliratioi Of the pri'TinO I be HoUtb c u'eud lis'st should g' there. New Mexico and t alitornia are cou|iterei countries uwdwr the rule of a military power and nlase holding governor. and Mr V H believed'hat It it In tended to Introduce shivery there that the po pie It Ilia territories have ho power to i xitlud'* slavery am when they become H ates, tlie United Htate. itann-1 He wi>hed to compel there territories to freedom wiih tber tbey wonid or uo fine course of letting tblug alone was like telling a father your I# iy is ruutaiuj cuuv.d with a had set of b ya but don t check him, T ventiou iVr [Hot.ii citiai'il Ilia' th> pa of Ihi pruviao, If unn cee-arp, al7>rd-d ammunition I >r >|r < alb* uti b.r \ B wae peifceilp willing 'o ljr*l<l ammunition ft r may man *M c?u>d dulroi lltfrt) and make mi) l hlii* <>t It lie r?pt|ei to lh? riiiim<iit thit I onfff ? lid n< pi*> t" abolish ili'trp. hp elating that Id the Stat* of I 111 Bole (?i> thoueand ilairt "ale irt iriM- bp tbo orainam* of >7; Dinl the r? imc'ton of !? > pi nnm .n^ tin- in Iroduclh n if iltnrj in low* and On^m fre tip the onHiitDUr, ??? t mlBi l ut precedent fur th uuir fdurm 10 irjfiiii in i allfuruia and >?m Mesiai kt Wi Huien ui.l uot il?D"Uue- politician* ii? h* alwaya art. <1 with the demon a le partp Mnt|| U-l y, ? and thi n If Ihrtii waa all) purli pa. tp h? (li t n it kn ?( it. Ibr national ilru' tiatle of tbr I ting n di*?<|?ed l?-t fall lip the action ?l tin* S >ulb bp tb appltciitinn of a1i ?t and he t lii? * d the f >rmi'l h ut a national partp on ih?- puttooi ?f freedom ifhn |ir Ivuki d ht>l to Virginia and i meinberrd that a V lr gintati flamed Hie t>ec titration a V irgiohtn penned tf>< ordinance if i",it Mem-il tint * mm nml rm ftom tint Slate Ilk* Ma M??|nti nr Henry, to thr u til* tnplil of bin gigantic pn?i r again t aiavwrp Mr tan Hun ii war d' * n on K< her H llohtc an I the S nub ttn I ontenlinu, and evt r> ?w etauied tn feel, " kit 'en aaaln Ikrf tupi t tm friend* " He did not think th principle a pnod one, that mi ilati holder ibnuld bar ofhre. be t.< ter had advocated nu n a pituclpia am neter a tild. He quietly rnhheil the knuckle . ot th ultra" to Itifnriotiig them tliat a iv.-h ider drew th Inelaiatn II ' I Indt petitionee, and lie -nlluane* ?f *7 He raid that the opinion- Hpreoetl hp Mr. lap am blirttl I ? Hnnn that tfceLrtetilct of . "Iniuhia * ttl< not ha?e loen o. ded mth- in ?i c nr it \ f'w later/ wer< In hi" opinion wrong tor hall a d"?*u ?p*o|al e*eep tl<n* wete made In the rr>?l o but n t on* ll regard to ilatery lle?nle" the ordinance. whlel ehiiwed Marplaod and Virginia the p ?|tiou of th Country In regard to thi* main utom waa pa*-ei In I7b7. and tbw reeaiou ?i< uol made uulU I*VI Mr \ an ilnrm define I h>* own po-ohm. aping I board no tine hut hliw?elf but tn the e orr-w h- markei be *na cmmiltid noil f until it fulfilment tie would rapport f..r the I'reaideucp a man who did not believe slavery an a imtt-d evil, ant vkr weti'd Pol Iut nil rwectlii'io'iaf / woe '"ilia II He would not only cheew clever/ hut eaterminah if bp eui rounding t h" Bla ea where ll rxlaled *ltu ih vital air of fm dwm which thep moat brwath* n uff< rate He thought the pr.-ticn wotrd not p?a? tin It ?a the free deno-cae) coiapeiled IltrK n-oa and 1 an llrlght and VV alaer to obey tile tu traction* of thei I.ogi-l?tuier Mr Heuloii "aid C'dapruniiee waa Jead f aihi tin had killed It It wa? not on ttteuipta ha b< en made and would be mad* to romprnnlw I would be Ibe effort in I oogree- u>?i vtnter an I It warned itie tree driiifiM) ??lch It II ami |?rvent It Mr ? ? iin<ri|lli.|t the c institutional i)ii??llo of flttftj or lnmlcni elmuM ( I the supreme C?ui Of lb" I IllUtl Mole* ItM M-ltlcUl- lit IlK frrtt MtWrkra In lb? Supreme iu-'lr>> ?ml tfi? -tout! in portion of tbo (n-i.rh iti>nbt< iue one whot In- did not name [ W It nd(r ' ci.e-m ?ho-e rhi ranter 'and- pori ? iinhirml Ind ' to tol,; >V bury tin-unit t< l b m hi? fnh-r emrii-to I the tret lit) id ikf nnlioi J llo cl.-ed with a declaration t bo attachment to tlic Lnlna eloquently ripnmird Annexed nrr letters frtnn .VI trim Van IJuret and Henry Clay l.tspttnwai.n, July T, 1X19 OtHTi r?f :-l hare r.celre I the Invitation wit irblch yoti ha?a hoio r.'I mc to with in* f...?m? (I the lionn la ci u I" : in* tltel inUni lo-ai nlrcrtnty of the pa ?pi- * ' 'f"1 f'rtllunnae ut 17?7. an *e?nrn you my Itent thanke Mf tht? pr.of of your p .perl and ci>tiinli Oca It "ill not be In my power to comply with your r quest, ami it can ?cacreiy be nere?*a'y to -ay to yc hi w po'dtaily and earnestly I concur In the policy tbi irrrat ii -lire y ii ||- Ire In mi- ? That the Ordinance of 17a?" lie-at the of the ?n.?lh and prosperity of the peoole and d'at of the Sorthtrect that tha vigor and Vitality tliey pu eeea. la'jactly attrihotaMe to luaetloa that thaexcli E_NE eion nt vlavrry by that act, from thia territory?all then | held by tbe nation - declared the original, and atSrincd j i be futur. |iolicy of tbe American people : and tbat the , influence of the government ahould be kept, natively end perpetually on tbe Hide ef freedom -are opinion* widen OeKorvK. and will, i doubt net. at no distant day. [1 meet with the heartfelt concurrence of the uuuaa of j the people of every lection of our extended confederacy i Sincerely wiahing you eueoeM In your patriotio efJ fort*, 1 am. gentlemen. Very reapectfully. your obedient aervant. i MARTIN VAN BURUN. I e Asiilaivd, June 16,1849 Gchtlemxr: I received your otHcial letter, In behalf l of the freemen of the Keaerve inviting me to unite f with thein. at' leveland in celebrating the anntveraaf ry <d tbe paarape of the ordiiiaimn ol 1787. ou the 18th r of July next. I concur entirrlr in opinion a* to the 1 wiadorn of that great uieavure and I am glad that it bae eecured to the State*, on which it operate.4, an exi cuiption front tbe evil* of *'a very But the event of l the pavfage of the ordinaece bar never within my 1 knowledge been celebrated In any one of the aixty oue V* 5*1*8 WilW'h LaVH nwnnAJu.l fm itiH lirst time to cemiiieuorate It It in impossible to d- guise the conviction that thin purpose originates out of the question, now unfortunately agitating the wbole I uiou of the Introduction of slavety iuto New Mexico aud > aliforiila Vt hint no one cau he more oppose j Itntc i k.ui to the extern ion ot 'littery into tho.-e new territories either by tlio authority of Cougrees. or j l>\ individual eiitsrprUe. 1 sh ul?l be uuwilllug te do aiiytb>ug to increase the prevailing excilemeut I hope tbat the question will bo Uiet lit a spii it ot caluiue.-s and cauutr, aud dually settled iu a uutuuer to add , strength aud stability, instead ?f briugiug any dauber, to the existence of our L uion lu all our <||>llllll of opinion. we should never cease to remember that wa are fellow citizens of out- ooiuuiou aud glorious country, j nor to exercise mutual aud friendly farbearauco ' Hut. gentlemen. waiving all other cuu-ideratiOBi. indispen.-ahle engagements wul preveut my attendance j on (he occasion to which you have done ine the honor to invite uie dVith great respect I am I our friend and ob't serv't. II. CL \ f. The following jiieuiiiliJe and resolution!* were I repot lt d, and uueniinoualy adopted by the con. ventiou:? RESOLUTIONS. I W herca' the early history of the republic establishes | the It Howing farts j '1 hat The was Jefferson, in March. 1784, introduced I into the ( degress of the < unfed-ration, ' a plaa fir ' the temporary government ofl be IV esteru territory ' the provisions ot which ? tu braced oil the territory ceded, . | or to he ceded b) I 'm iudivulual Stales to the L'nlt-d . States.'' aud expressly including the Slates of Ohio, Indiana. Michigan aim Wi.-c?nsiu? i Tbat, prominent auioug it< terms was a proviso, | "'I Vul alter Itie yi ar IMHt of the ' bristiau era. there shall he neither slavery nor any iuvoluntary serviiude in any of the said States, otherwise than in piiuth" | kieut of crimes, whereof the party shall have been duly | convict! d to have been personally guilty " ' i 1 iial this plan, new a-certuined to huve been drawn , aud engrossed by Thomas Jeffo-sou only failiug of I eiiBctmi nt by uue vote (recetvlug the votes of six . Slates out of the leu present iu > oagress) ; but subsetp i). ly on the tilth of luly, 1787, an ordinance for the government ot the North-west territory was uuauiincusly iieml. which prohibited slavery or invotun' taty st ivltude. almost iu the words of the Jelfei'soa : j proviso t-f 1784? 1 bat. simultaneously with the extension of the ordi" I ii a new of 1787 to all the territory in the possesion bf j the A nieilcun people, their delegates In the convea' tu n 10 trnuie the constitution, adopted an organic la* ' which contt mplaled an extinction of the slave i raffle, J ' Mid mtn otmr pets and evidences developed a deign | by lhe men of the revolution I" limit, localize. aud dtsi courage slavi ry ? And ' ; \\ heieas. '1 he cittxens who liO# enjoy the fruits of the ordinance of 1787 are sunimoui d by every Cuiisidela'iou of huuia-ity and patri- ;ism to rear* and perpell ale the proviso of freedom over our Western t'eri Hi ries. I he District of Columbia aud all other portions ot the I'nion within the exclusive jurisdiction of Con. gicsii? Therefore. . i. esolved. 1 liat we. t he ell izen? of ttie Ki wtoa tortn,*d from Hit iNoillmtkl I'eriilory having met lu emiirnt tion. ?itli our f'rii mi* from other Mule-., to nelrb.atu ti e < mry of the ordinance of 17*7, hold iti grataf till r* no mbrance the authors of thai oidinanc- aud ( ]<ai ticulat ly I botna? Jefferseu who tiret dratted the clause lu forever prohibit thu iutruducti >u of slavery 7 Into I hi* Territory Unsolved. Thm wg believe, with the father* of thu re ' public that buuiao slavery I* a moral social, aud political evil, that the neutral government should relieve iisvlt In ni all Mtpilllllbllll) I T i . rilUlllM aud that ' I the lull Constitutional power of the government, to pre' vebt llie spread ol this evil, ahuuld be exerted an*, aa III 'buuld Lave been from the Jrllvrsouiau ordinance of 17*7 i.caolved That we abhor the policy of parti?au poll. to ens w ho, lor political availability have so loug <* crllo ed. lu national coovi nitons. the best interests of In i dour anil huaiamty ' Jirseieeii, that I resident Taylor, hy allowing his . I name aud Iuhueuce to be u ed lor the benefit of the I 1 Slave poaer. at the close ol the late -essiou of > ?ngr<v?s, ( lias not only violated the spirit of hi- pled** not to inti tleie with the action of < owgrvsss. but hy ibrea'cQing ' thn tiah his offluial organ. to vl-lt the free soli p irty t with hie luillsiiant frown." In raw they ah >uid do what Sooth. rn no aibt re of I ongiess have <r tne without ii.t nirmp any such Irowos. tins ahuudantly shoen that . the cause of Ire- d.-ni lu the n<w free lerritoriea of New Tuexiro aud I allforuia has nothing to hope, but much B to fear tr m the present national a liuini-iratlou llesolvsd 'I hat to protect this great inteiest and to ' lbs ore lu other respect* a round u imlui- of public sflalrs, it la ludispeusahle that there ehould be a unl' n of all those who love their luutry uiore than ' ; mere party, upon the great pi indoles of humau rlgluv promulgated Iu tlie Declaration of luJepeud. uce, aud set lortb IU the inaugural addre-s uf Its aiin r Ilesolved. 1 bat in the t pint ot the c uiipsclsolemnly * r-taldished by the Ordlnauos of 17*7 between (he ?>rt1 gluat Stales and the people of tbe Nortuwe-lera I'erri' tory. we recognise tlie duty of i rngre-s to r.<*l*t the ti letatlou >f slave terrlt-riesand the admission of slave Stales and to i ulTer no chanae lu the eouiplrxlou f i he t inted Stales Senate, except In favor ol tr< ed m, aud " ne addlllou to the slave representation In tlie II one ol Iteprest illative* whatever may b? the pretext of Ijongresslonal eoiupromise, stipulation, or |iiece l> ut Ilesolved I hat theexistence of human slavery at the seat ol government is a foul slain up >u th esouteheun ' of stir republic, aud u? elf rt should b- spared sb elect fteriators and llepreseulatives to I .ingress who will vote unhesitatingly lor the abolition of slavery aud the slave ' trsde lu the nistriet ift >>luriibi* or the reiao<at of the seat ot government lm place con-ecrated to free soil Kv.-i Ived 1 hat this conv utiu approve the pla'form of I he free d> mocrecy which wa? promulgated at lldlfaloin August IMH anil wbob ba-siuee b-eo sauitioo-d r by ev r> S'a'e slave or free, where the free democracy have b? en organised * Kee. lv. d I hst lbs fhee democracy, In lie efforts to the mistrial poliey of the government .>o th* subject of slavery are only carrying out th true de * niocratlc principles in their Isgttliiia e application a d 'j we therefore I a'l with tile gr. ate t sallsf <n. ion I lie eflr rts u> w leasing an.I ?. lejmceto a l 1. -u ee-sful1 ly m?ee in \ < ruiotit an.I s-me other H a > in bring ' up tbe ol.l d. ne ci art to the plat Infill >.f Ire drill end 1 dissolve the bonds ol Its unuatuiel alliance wtio tli* " sis > i power 1 Ne-oived. That we witness wl'h gr- at sati'facilon 1 the triumphant appeal which Ih-o.a- It ft.-ot-.n is n-aklug to the people of ul-sourt su-taiu'ng fd'ly >u? * of lbs great principles of ihe d in i ?. ? ?'ll the c> nsSl'ullonal poser r.f < to l.-gi lai* lor free' d-in even to the evcltt .Ion >.f slavery. * AcriDicvr on nil Chuimria (Pa.) Kxii.? >*d.? ? An arcid> tit t citirrcd <<n tin - toad uii .iitui.lsv, .it * ni't ii, in er I'dult. I n" paasv odcr train limn* 1 faciei was prici'rdni|| at u rapid rulr, when a t?nrs ll.t n ir?m w as t-nnniiK toward* II *> i 1'ic nltirr s ., . L .. J .. . I., - ? s.,?1 ..f b uihrn cur broke, by whn-h i' w.m thrown on J me other track. To rln|) ih? locomotive w^^uut , of the question, and the engineer, r-verm tig me engine, and abutting oil steam. retreated pr-ripi* lately to the lit at car, followed by tb-- fir- hi iii ?n4 i otbvti. Th** cvM'invinn w?h ircno'iidoiiv, noil toe lot i motive wm? miih -h? d N?me oi ib<' |uivit||?n or hand* were hurt, but Mr Burke, State Ait-nt, who w hd Handing on the pint tor in. |tirii,ied otf, followed by another man, by whirh both were m nrr<i; Mr. li *uataiaiaf a fruetare of the collar ft >ac, h' d throe or more aevere cat* of thr fir-; the other escaping with a rbulit injury of thr wri?t.? f nhidtl/>hm Ann, July 17. A Mr cm it H rvoi.otionar v Pa tutor Gotta -Departid tine life, on thr aeventy-third anaiveratrv of American Inpeyendenre, Mr Hanni'h Iboik *. nns who braved thr peril" of the revolution in tb? ' i ntra that tried nten'e eonte," and was engaged in many a eanirtnnary battle for hia country'e food. He lived to the nee of !Ni yeara, lacking 2d days, nrtl expned when ottr land wo made voual with the tour of cannon and the rhoui* of trerm-n over ' thr indrpriidrnce he eo nobly ueinled to an'tieve ! , lie wae born in Co inerticut, and emigrated uf'rr thr revolution to Vrrment; thence to New York, , j and in the year IflOU, nettled in thia town.?Vim' nrout (/V) Rrpt*trr, JvJv ti ! KiMtaM Can on Vm* ?On the nieht of thr I2'h instant, neat Catiatdota, Nrw York, thr meea-uger of Grrrtie Ac Co 'a exprraa discovered that thr car wae tin fire, occasioned by ai>?rk* from the enginr. Hr inmiediatrly went forward and informed thr engineer, but they were then three inilea from a w mooning olace. and had no Water to epue. VVuen the imin arrived >tt the next nation th* fire waa n. inimrdifctely extinguished, and, we are informed id hy Menem OreetreAr Co , withhut trifling dainafft ? to the good* in their rhirge. We believe thii it the Ami accident that has occurred to the property * placed m the cnre nf thene genii' men. of A rtmn named WiMmm Walker, *m found in n starving rendition near Annapolis, Md., m few day* since. lie *m very mysterious, mid gave no ami** ^ tHctnry answers, ether than ihat he wa* Irani Sew York .and preferred death to dishonor. W YO MORNING EDITION?F Canadian Politics. [From the iwoutreal Pilot. July 17 1 Speaking of annexation. thn New York Herald nayi : "Ob? thlug in certain. that the tna?utiiia of Canada will involve ali>o ibat of Cuba " Probably the Herald in right. Not, indeed that we think either event likely to happen. A great deal ban to ba done before tha quevlion ran be plaaed before tba people of tbe United State*. Kngliubmnn inuet be Americanized; they mint be *o enamored of a republican form of government a* to prefer it to their own liuir-houorcd communion; tin y uiu-t tear from their heart* thoae feeling* of at lacnuieut n> country uv wtilnn lliey have he.-u e :n l Deutly distinguished and rnu-i ui to regard Britain as ft foieign nfttian; they muni renounce the ohtvalrous love ol freedom, to characteristic of their race ; and tho.-e of their numb, r who hold that religion should be supported by the Slate, must become willing tw ally tn< uiselvc* to a eysteiu wbioh u'terly repu Hates that idea We nngbt also reter to the view* and objects of the KreDch Canadians, and show that ere they causeek annexation, they muslagroe to lo?e ihelr nationality, and be supplant. <1 ami scattered abroad by the restless, uterp-isiug \ aukeee All thu we imai(iae. will not bo accomplished but with great difficulty. and alter a long struggle Some ties are hard, very hard, to be severed. In the heat of misguided passion testy man may call upon his fellows to juiu hiui la dissolving an ancn nl uuion. but as the lime fur the pr>p >sed separation or even for the consideration of its propriety, appn aches, former attachments begin to rekindle ? they gather strength?lUey overcome opposition and in the issue, the chaiigo which at first appeared so desuable becomes less aud lots attractive lilt at Inugth it is no longer iought But even should these ob-tneles b? surmounted, and ft majority of the pe. pie id tliis prorinoe deensro tlieir willingness to seyarule front Great llritaiu, the sueoess of the project is by no menus certain I'ho S .uth must be propitiated. There must be a new a.ljustnient of the balance of power. I'he freeineu ot Ca.iada most be coun'eibalanced, and checked by the slarebilde ra and slave d-alio s of Cuba Will the Morth ci.Dm nt to t his?to the addition ot three hundred thousand to the slave pnpuiaiiou of tile L'uited Stales? Will American freemtu allow the stars and stripes ta wave over and ; rot act the world's grea' slave mart! W ill < ausda cousent to be united with > uba' ild^o placards appeared on the walls uf our city la*t week, ai.d on tlnui was print, d thu well-known sen triice?" briteus never will be slaves " dot if the wishes it Souie should be accomplished, they will be flute.-- slaves to slavery itself May it nut be! Let Canada be awaiu id junction with I uba1 The tllot at lit. Jolin. The St Johu iMiwnmg Aru t of duly IS. speaking of the lint in thst place, says: I he riot occurred on the 1'Jih of July, u day commemorated by ihe ifraugeiaeti, in Ifeuioiy ot the lauding of tile I'rince of Orange in b upland and the buttle of Ibe lioyne ,\ nuinh-rof Orai.geuisu came to t he city from the upp-T country, with banners aud emblems 10 inareh through tu.i streets in pri eesslon. Sum- of tlie party were armed Willi luu-kets doubtless a win. i pal lug a disturb.tune The procession siarled Irour Nstbery s Hotel about II o'clock Some persons of ..ppo-ile In lings Im.l erected a given arcli across \ ark I'oiut, so that the Oraugeiueu would either be obliged to p*?s uod-r or demolish the siructuie which w. uld be tin signal for wtr I'he pri cession passi d under, with iut disturbing the arch The Mayor proceeded t? the place and. in stti-iupiiog to have the sreh r< moved, was struck on the back of the head and otherwise seven ly handled, sil l lis raoin over to the Clly lileeilmg The procession lltial y passed along the point. when an axcitauieut ??? eiva'ed ttonea ai.d piatol ?hotr wero tin U; ? vera! per* >n-. were wounded. but null* mortally IV ith th- exception of tliix rkirmi-h the proceaaioo cr >.?.?d the bri lge utiuio l?ated. The aulhcritlv* no* interfered ami a until pan V of about rigij meu wa- uiarcneclup n-OM tB? b%rftckr, au<J rrationed ou the pla'fui in. wn.-r* hall cartridge. %ere M-rved out ltduee not *pe>ar however that in* military fired a abot I'bc .V?*r? couituue. the aocouut aa Ivllowa;? Ou the return of the prnc. mon, aad when n< *r Haokih'* bakery. ntinil*r of guu. ?-re dred. up. nerd* of fifty ahot- at leant were U- ard wlnrb roiult d in kcuie ten or a d >xeu prr.on. being Killed iiunivdi.v*ly. and many uiore wounded 1 hr.h ita Were Ured into the Oraiig) men. and by the Orangetueu again into the Cload; hut from whence cam* thn tlrat abut we could Dot leain A mi ue ?f datli eouedtoo born Ida to aeeui like a reality for a civilized city like St .lobu. It in luipoe.-ihle now to get a atai enn ui of Ihn number ol death* A perron of veracity however, inform* u* that he raw ten corpsee Inuirelf S .inn ray there were at Iraat twelve killed, but we put the number down a' ti n. The proceaaieu paond nil lu'o toe Market 8quaie The military were rtill ou the platform. direetly oppnaile Another aalul rh uit w?< here raired by the crowd After eoine little tliue the proce-fion paired up King atreet every rixth uiau carryinK a nun The city continued in a duturhnd at it* tlin ughout the ri maiader of the day V uumbor of arreeta were made In the c nine of ' lie afternoon No lint of the killed or wounded In given The JVr.?, of Ike Ifith aay*: A man war Keen picking up a etoiie, a per. in with a pi rod in Uia hand purrued him, the mau riumbli-d beiuuJ a pile of ruhhi.b ? hi. pur.uer placed the plaint at In- hack and .not biui through the heart V man w ar Induing up an* of the port, that .udalued the green twig, placid along ltock etnwt? he war marked and ?h .t dal ou the rpot Aunther mau war ae. u lying ou tha Portland N arket tiouae platform in the agonier of death having tb> rattlea In lit. thi nal agun rhot wouyd war In hla bri art it waa C"tnui"ii tu are perrou- la Itoca atreet lead thrir guiir and lire a* they weut al nig the wonu li were ar bury ar the men in gathering tiriokbaU and atone, to ina.e u.e of. A mau atleuipted to .*.*? one of the bauuer. tu the proceartm and we are Informed a perron eotiueeied with it. drew hir .word and eeverrd ho arm unuiph t> ly tieiu In. body K.-verai women. in paa.lug aim g m ar V org COtut received hall, tliiougb ill* lupa id I heir hunueta W herever .louee wreie .. en to c. nut freui guu. were diicta irg-d intuit direction A field piece war diawn up oy a e uiipauy of the royal artillery. at 1U unlock at uigbt ami placed at the foot ol iiuck .tree t, nearly opponte vir. auarp'* di ug .tore, to be ready In care of emergency to rake the i ntire .treel A mau daugerou ly aouuded. <M taken into an apolh.-cary . .lore mid wuiie g-l tug hil wound* dretard k perron Went iu and ataied that two ni re had ju?l heeu rhol, th. w.unded man. iu tour, ol eiuitaitou cried out "Iti.d prolong my ml-ny until I nu hear of ? doieii mora ." It bat uiurl he In the heart ol .uch a man ? I. them no rel gi >u* nialliin elieri-hei heief Ah> lit halt pa t h o'clock aom* Itnnd got OVer Ihtol'ehvrt) Ik i.c I avli ha yard ami dellberaiely rtre.l a guu lulu lb. hi.ek window ; th* hall p?*-ed loco ih* flout atore and helgrd there A llltln li >y an. .landing on the platf. rio near the aoldier. a rU tl w*< nred licau the crowd oppoail. and t-r-k effect ou tne boy', foot, ao that h? Will ha a Ipple for Ufa. f.vnry h >dy t. puttied in know what e the ?oldi r. were when hula ware heme eoulinoa 1) nrrd hy t he crowd toward* theui ..a .ding at .a eall ill- time \ ark Point aio.uld hav b. en tb* ..a'too fur th* aid* dlerr. 11 a> u. Or' be railed out. I'll* uilulli-r of d< adly .hot. I red are .uppwud by p raoa> redding iu the rlcltiity of I I Ik l*i>lut to h at lea-1 liveliuodr-d and wr hilieia It will never be cariee'-ly a*e*ri*lund bow many weie kill-d ami Wounded. I'll* hi .*1 ?f th. people I- till le.tliiig and we h Ik** the troutne |? not yet uv?r. At l<a- on* hundred o >u.ia'il -a ought to h* aninll< d l<> prortert th* city for a week to (- in* III* ageeileury the l.i ut I veronc. tii* >it my at ?J twdH Itor tleuvral*. cam* > from k'r*4*n*fcton on Satui day mmnlng. to in.'late a otnu.uie.iwu of Inquiry. ntij.-ii lor- igu ttnirl** ?t th* Uo?t >n ?n?ii mh.u*. unit.* U? f?ran<ioa of th? I'i'h lu.t, laic* r iiUiiiUr than it> r tn-torc *nt.-r. <1 in uo i day 1 ha woollen n.lll at Tin (ton -? ?a- ilMnlroyad I.J trr en 11.a 14th ii,rl I.OK raid toll" il>l Mm A I'ontibcnl \ ??. ??? H. tintiil it key-Kill*. N i. on M raoi'Mla) la i Iti r' lnui. io..r?iM.n of the daa h <>f I>* l.r lut.t the patron uf mi lift >.e toanall. of tluvipait-h 'lh? diNuWM ?? ilnlin>r?vl bj th* Kt lo t liifhop Mel,! *>? y. 1 It* abv la <|uau'liy of wool putrha-i't In II ir*nna, Ohio, up lt> the amnuuKil to I'll W.'U A potion factory l;a< l>. on put In ojnMI n at IV' la'.ia l ilno It I* Urn ' nly um in lh? uorlbaru p ?rt of thai Stat*. I b? Iiiino of which ' c.| Human ilonl, at Moblla la n..uti>>btd In till archly NyultU that lily a> Itor 'I h* i nglnrrr ami fireman of th* mlnml from \lbmj t< Hi Halo ??re klilxt on in* nth la*, i.t r >>t*?i|.irlcl if ibeitaln running ?tt lb* track at N' ouitt, .N \ Tin- Inhabitant* of Vitwauki*. (Vt'i* ) ar* preparing fr>? l-ai ti. I., or*- "a tb* lako rhora f ir th? aee >ia*oditivn of tli* emigrant* arriving at thatclty for lh<- pttrpcra if eh aning out. tb* *?t. r ha* ba*ti l!ia?l nil ft in lb* I b. ?*|?al* ami Ohio a .a4. an I Lavigatiou *111 b* *urp*nd?U on it until about tha ut Of A UgU-l Tb* l'r**bl*at ba? r*rogal*r?l Mnlll*rm? lluhin \ lea i rni.ul of iha Republic oi l'*ru for tb* port of .tan Iranrl.rn. I alifi.rt.ia 1 h* ab?l* amount of pronura wltlrb pa.?-1 through thi *.l( h he* of the r*nal at Ituehmter lot tb* a-..* t iling th* 17th inc., dour, 4* 47'. barrelaj wheal, 17 H.I bu. In I*; cm. J7ti -!?l rot <] \ an wan ninrdi rad at <o.ghaawa*a on th? I4ih tint b) ?? H. \ no Mnrna. who wa? mri-alad mini In-Id to bail In the mud of fl.1 ooo 'I ha Indian of nirhtm fid V? hnva in-wad a raip ia?t tfu?? all tha Imfi?o nf t liptola w?ar up.m th- I f'l arm a l>o? of blank ribbon foi tli rty day*, a a trihjta of no pact to tha maon ry of l ha Into nr Hadi-m A matting will hi- b- I'l at I'roy. N V on tha 'flat inat to FMiiairlar tba propriety of timldm* a -?.p eaual fiom Iba Si l.anrrui " ilm to I.aha Ishaiuplatu Tor i air. Hoaoaaai.i raiuiwat LtNanThn B>m l?>0 Jtttiti.ll of tha Iblh tio-l , rp. akin* of tha lata In n I h'-od'-t* I.Tinaa ray- ' Ha wa? h? r?In Noat'tn. tab lb 17b;. lla aijoy-d many otltraa of triKt and rontiUaaea in fhia city Ma aa? Miinr ilnriag -h< )tar? It. 4 and IIU, and kt< rrph>"*lr4 th> rl'y lu both biai cbot ol Iba i >-?biatnra I n m>*t of iba pwh Ha rhatl'it. ha (a>r ho r aio?? aonia>r' parfictilai ly to iba farm Kohm i of which inailtui im ha wa- r*rad ill lit at lha tluia of ho- d> c aaa Ha wa- alni t'm-tlaat of iba I'llfon Dtanipllnt d.atitj fII 'lia p air lia waa a trna f 11 a i i| || may b- raid with o iiifldaun* that mi public la a a In floatoti vt-t atgoyad a larg-r -tiara i f popularity Horn i r Lyman r l.yntaa lao-iy raturiiitl fn in a Umr abroad, la faahla haailh th ugh no inimatl aia apprah?uaiouaJ|w?ra tutt-rtaiutd of no iptedy t rtaiiit. ? IRK I RIDAY, JULY 20, 1849. Poller Intelligence. ABDUCTION CASK AGAINST ( ATTAIN MVKRIIKN ? TUKTIIKK PAKTTCULaKS i?K THE investigation.

Before Justine Timpsou The Above rase wax further continued yesterday or the |?rt of the defence. The following U the lexti in on j:? Joint I.KvaMoit. being iworn, xava he resides at No It axhington xtreet; 1 am a native of Wales; I vu i passenger from Liverpool on board the xhip t'oluiubili on ber last voyage; I wax a steerage paaxenger; t kuoa tile two girls. Kills aud Ann LMcks.u; i occupied th< same part of the xhip with the girl* n - I?irt you ever observe any familaritie* between Kliza Dickson. the younger sister, and the boatswain ol the slii| ; if so, state what they were, and all other particulars? A ? k>urlng our passage from Liverpool to New York I had occasion repeatedly to come on deek from 11 tc 1J and 1 o'clock in the umruing; I have sueu the boatswain of the xbip Mr (lark, with bis ariu around thr waist of tho.e young ladle* at difterent times, with then lo ads pretty clone to each other a* if kissing togctuer; I did uot see them kissing; It wax not my business tc exainiue so close as Unit ; I was unite surprised to see young ladies of tin ir upp, arauee at that li mr on deck, aud not only myself, but the whole of the passengers remarked it '1 he witness was going on to state what the othei pa-si ngerx said in relation to this eonduot, wheu tlu evidence was objected to by Mr Whiting Mr. Oramam. for the defence Inst-ted on the answer because it Is uvideuce of th? conduct of the girls while on shipboard '1 he msgisfrate ruled a.s before, fliat be had already decided I hat. the evidence uf other passengers could .. i i... ?.i.11 ...i Withers proceeded: During tho pa-xa,r?, 1 ?*< employed in.anlking th* vessel, 1 hav- prerimi-ly been a ptii )>l>ii 11.1 i>r at Llandovery. I arinarlhens-hlrn S >utii U ale*. I hare rem the tlis* Dicksnti* 'n tact every day tiu-y were utl on the quarter-deck, I h ive seen lllem eifuutime* -tun-ling clo* to the wiml >?re of tile sal <?>u wliieh are a* high an a table from the deck in a very improper pom lieu. I have been in the (Miplaiu a elate. r>tim umi should think that, standing in the position that lliey were agieat p rtinn of their persons could be mo d under their clothing Now, gentlemen yog m it - C reii t mher I am here to tell Hud'* tru'.h I am a father, and Ion e a la-go family of my own. and dang In tern and I eould uot wi.-h lo ray any I hiug against oi dlsrespef ful <1 the.cyoung ladie- without. caps* but I thought the eight quite disgusting, It wi- the Upp*l . ill t k w here 1 raw theui. I raw i h> in with the boai e? tin | hi the nndule of the chip, aaagimral thing, uuue o| ' the pa-auuger* ?< re on the deck at that hour of tin night, when 1 raw i hem liny wero rilling at it men, I lime rteu tin in together on deek fire or six tinier; I caniod ray how uiauy several lim o at ell event*; this was between eleven and Iweivt o'clock at night. fiiiir-cja ?i>i ilnoi. -I left Wales on the llith of day; I did not bring uiy fau.ily wnb me I ha.e two daughter*; one ie 7 year* end the other II; I have aUn lout gnu*; I ihtcud to take up my residence ui New y ork or route part of America; I li el no letter* of lutrodun lion to any one iu tlii* city I could wi m get uiy rote renew to <>eorge .lonea h rbb, ship iwin-r, Llandovery ttoulb VS aler; an arrived hero ou the 'JJd of June; war not *tek during the voyage; I wa- w-ll all 'he I tile u-y herih wa- n>ar the ha'chway going down on tin ilaibourdnde tie tiiud balenway Iro n aft; there wa one hatchway ful wa d uf Ulat. wluoli led to the st-m age. thiough llie ga lev. my beilli wa* numbered 47 o 4ft one or thi oilier, the .waiu'- quant re wa- d-iwi the tii'rt hatchfcay fioio thecatou aft. I know hit berth Iht recoud mate and carpenter --erupted the s* n rem! I did not le long toany wa'ch on board; tiler war no watch i u hoard that belonging loth clliccr* and no n; In, eupu d a berth with another uian lii* name > *< law**, i d- n't know bi* other tin n-; h aa* a Scotchman, il.ig-d iu that berth every nigh doling the | a -age; I ie nt to lie J a' H or U o che li. am clept i-iinl h or 'J the next morning *..uietiin * I woulLave occa*i< n to get up ana go uu deck .luring th night j I never cam* upon deck except vh-u I ha J or caai. b; when 1 d:d it .?- occa-mn l liy I .-if*u?** n tin I. wel*, frou. til- Jtnth of xiay to 1 he ltd -4' luti wa> the n.rt time I had ncca-iou to go up ->n Jerk, aui lor the ekm* cause *? trial day* after, and the tuir lin?- I webt lip i>n piirp-MM iu see wha I omul **?, hail le t then ionaaneaa of lb* bow- la; and uigtit aftei niglit I went up in ?ee wli-it I could ??, the itrst twi Oct avion* was ill consequence of loosen* a of Vh? liow el*, n.-t after; I nevwr invited the Hootch man tog up with Ui* to **a what w* mull *?w I hail a water Willi u.i c uld sen til* time I went ou deck the "lh*l time wcut on de. * i.-i a - *>I of uaior* g-nerallv ah ml the same hour. I do ?he same now altine mv arrlva on abioe, I alway* went op the third ha'ch-vay on deck. *11, tr-hi ll In 1 o'clock I >a? t||* vh.-i Lh'-krnii* ?|fb the h-.?i-wxiu at t hat hour of nigh', on deck, they weie M-U1-'lines *taaOiug and wouietltn-ea aitting talking togetlo r. mini i,m? one ot the girli wa- wnb, and oib -r ilui-es boib; I n*v?r -? tin girh alone uti deck, at that lion, of night w h rut lb< b *1 twain; I have ****il them singly with the b i*taw am several time* to or Hire* time*, I bare aeel each of lh* girl* a'on* with the boatswain that |* Separately; I u.ean to say I have -esii Hieoi h itll **pa ti. ' It with tho beat-WHlu; ' billet* they arc n .nil of .<n? rise; I ktioer H was not the wine one al the I line by I lieir feature*. I bave*eOkeu to on* uf then - the reddish tac-'d -lie; I a-ke i it tb -v wi-ro going In reii.ain iu N?w t oi k and if they am frtead in relation* in Naw >ork; I lie*, r sp->k*> lu tIn- oth r .-n* I r.uld not he po-itlve t list to two lie t lliu?e I went on deck that I saw n eb lh- girl* together I an u>l pn-pati-d to anewrr th* qttcaltiwi to lh* b ?ei of uiy i.a-ile-t I Mill li as I II tu tfli I t|M Mini * tilling lllit t I??i tiu'h J mu eure I fhi* h mi -? tin ? inn around Mil 11: ^Ti*ral uni ! ha* a aeao hm ?m *i ln? a hi AK'UI (1 l? ??la of then liUt Hut a lit* -?>U lUU't. I liaM KfD lift* aim arowodwb of th"iu at ??feral tl'*?? ? lliey ti-r* tog*'h* r at linn wltan I til* a-in around the u aem*tlA*>? tiiti uthar wa? pr*?i*nf and a' oth??r ft ,n"< ehe nut; when thi* ?mi done to the pf-'-noa u| the other flaler, they were fitting on par* on .? r . on tli* larboard aide | cannot ray bow often i have mu u tbi m togeib*r ou dick ?dih the bi?^?ftio'? arm an uiid ihi in. onca I I rant rwwilct anj mora I think tli?a tiret lime I Went ou deb. did tint rr* them do anything el*e; their lo ad-* ten |*ietty eli'fO, I Kn a u *th t?g utorw, Hi-y w ?r* tatKinj t('|iUirr. th* y w?fw on bmb aida*? ?d ibr I ea? tin ui Mlting I ? !? or t tin * 'Hum Aulth h?iai*n? atand u.g I al ayn foitiid tin boa'<*aiu with th-nt and u * ti r raw utiy I It r man wnh tin in when I *?u or drrk to h <i tlial I oould m c I ?a? witii n eight or i i l?etof VIfar* bl* fc?uti. and ftitKHi Ifoiu b?n W nn ml nutf ar>d rfrtnwt (no longer; mhim lun i hall ui ij hi j erha'o<i aouiati . a In front wf tn*ui a other* I w>uU pa** hy tl rin. wiifcu I wai taking a 'air I?? ?It a. tli?*m they were titling i|??*aji toward rn*. I irarer ei??-u *o near aa to **%arhear then*uti*<4, tli / e >ui J rei ine at ihi* time. I went no - nd rk 40 an" alia' t id ol W?a> her It wae; I nmi-r ?niit U|it) MW I he IgIrta: 1 never went up (1 tin ir arn?*ubt. 1 hn*? r told iriw rap tain what I hadaeen. I batregeea ilia Din Ulcfetuiti moling hy the rtat* m 011 ta ? n ?m low, pertiap halt a do*. U Hun ' ? (1 , I 14W ttio u ?fldltlg ? itfurj hii* day; uu H are <0**1*0- 1 to r*p alu a. llama *a en dn k v a a 1 nyr the nVti; at other I 11* wa? In t'i ab.i , of at other duties on tleek. fnuMia ? ib" girl * uld atand lu tin- |*o*ui**u f r an innir, I bi < < <-a it u wntftl tiiu-o to a-a tu in t> w?ji away, *4 they weta in my war I uwrrr *a? tin 1 aptaia rp?aJnt>tf to them tie* ht-r part c the wind* w ?m ?ix u?" etgdi n<'*nwa from th d?rk, 1 war heter m the n i?w?n alien trie girl* ?to >*l b; tli* ? !<( w, 1 aii"* that I lie rap'atii <1*1 ru tbn raluoi al t|.e tUiie tb* glrlr ?t*W'd l^r* , i mw him filer*. a? ?! 1..IK11 n be d**rll m Wa- -tiling J 1*11, I m(? tnu thf h, li tbe |owe t fall ? !? 'tan la* b ar*l aide, t legtrl w?ra auding w 1 ibin a I <ot *?r offline Inlor; tti?; w* If dri -m 11 *.? t?li at?f ? n?i ru I* wt d > lie *f*i^ The a* ft whio ml d a,? th. a *?r th b?r?t rwalo of the >hi|? ami a t?o eon Ml-m tiln ta I a lid I * n w! 1 p *i?d ah ?ut thnt when ii te it.* <l t rj ctialig* deielf |>c*t w old he gifeil ^Ulte a faaUe* it ten hi to* made t?y th*?*H t*i r *u?t lu *ler V * bet pen their aara and pr?*eiire a g ?*t wad 10 b*af t b< fir t.hi* tl) I lata o a %ery 4 ?d*l**oa?? * ynntig in 1 with a pi* a III* r titiirttmil*, ani ga?*- ma etidenei ti lt I r*e.?| ?|e*| f?f ?l|Ui M *Hy It ! '..Il iWp UtimaR t i?a?. being rw*wt?. mm ha wa-* b t f 1. hunt Hi* tu*' oli.iithu-on het 'a?t ra?aaia ln?u l,?f#i p? * ! to New loib, that tm my br-i pa -Age, am twenty 1 ?tir y*??f age | ki.o? l.l <i and t 11 llplHW. Ihty Wi re pan ef.ger* ri hard iln hip, th? K* n b occupi* d by th?ww > wo pit la ? ** toward- 11 tin U'b<?ld |id?. thft I aer h? 11 h ihe lilin her "f fin b??fb ta* ae en; tt-n mns**oJ b*-rth f m furaard aaa roa?Mfrt b t?e< n Vh< ?e two girt- ani a ma** p%a aeigtr that no pr<'l* ft.t ?*naa.? * 1 -I h- gmity if I htat t e.k notice of ii?e|r being girl* of n.l clia fa* I# r atli f ** had united ah 01 a wei*H t'ou I, veif?w>t. ab?>iii t wnifty day f. ?im n*>iir*fl 1 Aj*If oirudttwl. a? ah *e* t t rr*d in ?l u 4 iiah eit(.cr, It wa# at loll -I went djfu ibt"* it th h 1 die aatr* I.# ?* If I rewtl-1 1 "I a?NWe of th< III* n llieie | ml -M (i fit t fie iler k . I fi hi dp t*f I h?* '? -i d Whet* Hi* gnu* w*re a..d tfiiwd a w*i* iu b-d ?tl tl.ftn right be I wenp th* two I na?i w dtfa l4nl?i?t n ny Paid, I itpwwed it and 'hr w it IH laid ;hn heith a? i|U-cli an h?* |tbe n m. j ?aw 1 t ,.?! a in, if in my naud | he 1 tilled tbe b#tf eint.ifea ufwr hi* tieml, I *atd tto'iiiiti I ? l ..* ?... ... 1 ft < m.f. ,l' ibry rev utMf mid h??ih no oi? 0 ?f *r?*< U| tlotr I %4" llli lb** tr<1 loth * 1*1 hp **k?i9lo *!%' *ha< *u.?- f. t tnid< ha ?<b -? n l ?||? U' li t' H f*u m - i II Ut |? . k ?t i k>r,i\, l.iff-i )?( < I H? UMITI* l.ucil I h** wiltn' * till I rtakrtt th'li Vhll part ? ! ih* r nf?tr? ?. y in *? to n<> to. ii *rrt? in* m \?# V t*t H. In*/ ?r*r? hoi h p ^ i i ai ! !* 'tiu , Ml .? t i < . 1 i tDal ii-j w? r? rMiiltf ,S?-w - . rk. t?* i * KV*/ ' 4? I t">4 ?i ?t I'D* rat o r * h?" r tint % for ' lia' a-> I ^?*rn .?a^ p'nitj 1 of h? ii* alia?i5 j *h*iii?*n nm'i iHt*r** t?? not litiu lik* a id a toratga ouumrj, i Ui-n Ui 11 i in t'i t il th? r iitl, i ??? * i rail ifo#u in fc'|..|| hr r h * fro| niiMy at. i tylil In ? to ?i it ??a* i n< l Hidli' WKl" h llllll ip*? f ?? tl i J mu J 4 *'Dt"ofc ||| |||? dk'imo*; , oodihm iioimI down III :< ah >?it i.-n nai aft* r i? aviiipt I l?erpn<i|, t n ? ?! o aitin u* no about otifD f?* ri mho i?!ft t, i*i 'h*-,* wat.-.*, i Difot $\ ?o*i an> f? m*?l ih? ut in t*^<f at Ua-a iim of it: ton |1 *?r. , .r# .n t?. u .< % ?-?, Ii u if, >j tori* ml id b*(t flo j Ui rat |(>"jf*iail> w i a ki tmjc <?t 11 ? Htla of Ihoir h^n II r.a a ?*h* i tiavi *i:**u tin Ti "li lh? rh*?t t? ?l h or*- ?t and ilmli * - ! in to tk*ir D'pliV ri< th*?. on *"Oi* ?f h * *??*<i ?ua I ).*** $ i.t th* r* pot inj arui u h ? i. . a-oi khorj tlii it* t?oitv th* n * ' >h * r'nH ami .u k. ! W mi* *'ii*ti ?.** jtm anmf mi' * A. I b*t ? tMiin i ft. nlda.'t -At IJ Ah.ut k<.? uflen ? > I !< tinl Mri >l*tr how iiiaiij tllt??? A ' a Iiiu?a hut I i au i t? I iiu'' i) i " n tub r ti <!- i am?? Nnm<) t'mi ' h t I rutiuo* ?tn a jr Ao*?ual u ho* IIIth) tlBiXA I h ?? <l n? li I ERA Q. Did anything wise pm? between you and tbaiut , girls on any of thewe occasion*, and if to, NtaCa it par- , ticularly 7 f l lm answer glveu to thl* question wa* uuob too , , Indecent for publication.) W Did you sea or feel anything on the parson of tha eldir sister near or below the brsast. and, if to, deI acrlbc what It was * , A. Not <>n tbs elder one, Kllsa Dickson, but on tha , younger oue there was a piece of sticking platster r there, ?lie en Id it was caused by a blister; tt was just , under the right breast. I both fait It aud saw It id How came you to see It 7 I A I asked her to let tile sea it; she unpinned her f nightgown and opened it and let me see it; I epened the del k lantei n m as to liars light to see liy Q. VVuichof tbiaugirla did you suppose to be tba oldest 7 | A.I took Hisa Dickson to be the oldest. Q. Was not Mizn Dicksou takeu to be tha oldest on , shipboard 7 Objected to by Mr. Whiting; orerrulcdby the rnagls! , tiule [ | A To ma she looked to ha tha oldest; I asked her, I i she told me she was: I asked, becaus i I didn't believe . tilly W1 r# sisters; 1 believe Kliza was takeu generally tO be Ibe eldest | td llare you met tliese girl* on deck late at night; and it se, about how often f ,| A I hare, I should think, seven or eight different I time* id. About how late, gt nerally 7 A. I should sey, between Ibe lioura of eleven and three o'clock , I (j. Did any familiarities pas* between you and theie i.... i? - ?" - I g.<is'?i 1H0 i'ill0 mm ii Ml u>'scrilie lliein j \ I used to generally hi*asking them where they ??n , going and ?hut they Mure going 10 do. Klir.a tol l iua , the ll?ed in * street iu Dublin; I don't recollect the ! nsme of thr street now; that was generally our chief coii?? r-at Ion Ciu$$-*xaminalian - I ??< born in Vlhtnv; I don't know what part <d i he city; I *i< b>ru iu the city; I | have not resided there for 1H yearn pa t; I hare resoled wiilt toy Intlier uu'il IV years pant, my father lived ( th' ii 111 l- ollon thin state during the pant I'd i yearn I have been following the leu; before I wan with , < api. Act errt u, I ?a with ('apt. ebb, in Iho SiJduis; [ before that I wan in ihe brig ( opalu l oin, ahe nailed from New \ ork to ( iiba I have iii' ioniotanei n in New \ hi k ?b? have known me; Jaunn do tenuis In well I acquainted with tue; I don't know where ho liven; he wan a giocer; toa mate of the Siddo.ia, Mr 3li >ppy, and j ( apt iMol erreii Mr Loviuier. who haw been second f n.a" of the i olunihu* also oue Mr Johuuoii. lie wan , chief Diale of the < olumbos on her pannage to I.iverponl; I I know ,or I h llobin.-oii who resides in ttosevell street; kevpn a sailor boatdiog-houi e, I have known liiiu and , lie kuown tin for neveriil yearn; I have ne Irala , except I follow iha vea; I know sir I'owell. m Liberty; lie viirt* liuril t .r a living; I couM g> nu and In p y u writing lor a we. k giving you name* of per? us who know mo, I could not give you (lie name of , anv ooe who kuown tue Iu Albany. It is eo long nioue I lelt, I don't ku-w the uauoi uf the limn I saw ill lliu ' berth villi the girl*. I < say whether ho wan dre.aul or uudieened, be wan under the clothe*; be waa lying on lunhaek; I saw tun face first; I can't say how I tin- girls were lying; I can't tell whether they were lying uu their bucks or on tltclr sid. n I suw their facer: ' I ranuol say a be I Iter their eye* were o pen or closed, I f did not h> sr llieui sp. nk leawibe man once in tba bei ih wii h theui and only tbit tune; this iu in win a r pes eng. r. be wen on b >aril the ship, and bad the t stup'r allowance the same an the rent of Ihe ptsserver* did; the man -ad dark I.air, lm had wnis^ kers 11 a datk color; be war ?ery tidily dre-a-d, u lucre no than llio oilier pa sengers; liu war auout (lie f. el ten inches iii height. I did not kn >? Ilia Willi In- occupied, ' 'bought be was a pa-*engcr; I belb ve bo b loiiy"d to one ot ih" b rths on the upper peek; it wan about the middle of the Voyage I saw film I in llio le rtk; it was dark below except toe glimmering I light f.a' the batch; Ihere w in only one light on each t sole 'Ik dirk; I don't think a per on on th> ir tuck in that berth could sec me e iiue d urn 'he wav I cam* f down, I rome ll.ri ugb a small hatch over the wiri.ilann, , (ui the hr-nrd pait ot ih-. vessel, I then went on th? starboard side until I got to the berths; I then crept I over on my bauds a d knees, on purpose to look iuto the berth where the girls slept; I expeo'eil to tod a . uisn ih. re. I wus toid before I left I lie deck ? ( dr. \\ luting objected to the wii u-.s giving hi, reason ) ,N ago I rale overruled the objection '1 he Witness pr Weed-Us foil .ws:'I here was a tall slim Irishman cainc on derk and . told me it I w? lit to lbs b rth of those gi-ls I could . tie s sight as tIk rn ews a mail in the berth with I llo in pretty lm i(y eugawed. that was all lie said; I vis' down accordingly; I don't kuow where this lii-liinaii ranic from, Ireland (laughter); 1 runnel sny how ottwii I raw this man tuat I saw in tha , girb berth but I saw him afterwards I did not Inqiilie his DAine I never troubled my head with It; I b> eer ask a the girls w h? he was. I caunoi tell wnwlUer be was an In biiiwu, an hugli*huiuii or a Scotchman, I bad in. curiosity; I had riirio?ny enough, I had tha dark lantern in my hand, I took it oil tue after skylight; I never put it out of my hand. ! was a J ..iMa ' Ismp, so I lint tut niiig the lop ha.I round it shows I a " bngbt ligLt, I k. pt |1 peifeetly dork uutil I got rloaa I up to the berth, tliw lamp is ab >ul six inches high; when t lie II.All 11 111! f ha* lit I'lifiirtili 11.1 f:ii If Ili.iLiI a I va it 4 | | h t > o>li ?k r?d if lli.i cnun-i-l lind ImiD i'i nnnri. at . , *'11 a ll'? ' r\ ami ri'^urtrm. -InOa tn.f |i* t ID t f,V'" k. ?1tl i ut f n,l ih*j . .>?. Itid>"l t'i o?ar ui.til 11 o'i lifk i lii? f?*it if * hi [ .in "i ? ? lirk IVmrrmm -i)fllii,r fi r-?a. on* flioi birf'a laitMhl* aH* nr. 'i.-.i ifti'll) ? ?? I , bj tl.n i*- of <tmi it li* i on liaam ?n-ian? I I '?nl I.) Ihi* I nut of .">?**? n-. on * > Initial n?>i| *li. i.m '.V iii>t.? !* ,<|* ?hni|('it wiib in?tr** *.i t !t"ii|f.*ni M Wnriiif at'.l ?*IWnm O' inigwr, alio * i iiapiiarj, on iti* o"i>i|nal.ii -? Hoil'ln laikrr radioing in (lh* kl":p ! ' nriniift wh i rn*rfl.-? t,-m i -ill ri.ii (tiring 1 ( fth * It thi- ? n p ? of .if *T<iin.( I I m (V alki tt "<it of iw<"< prapaf ly Pi tha amount of inar | Jit if o ! b? cnnipli la' *i*? in?il? *4*111.t all tba , , |>i'Hiriljr -klUtrd, iml ?! ( upon drck; I Uid not ray . anything to tlir 1110.11 but I 'I.J to tl.egir'.H, but I itnl lo t at (but tim<* my ti.)'thiii(t >lhii (irb thnri) the ! lint ill) I dlil; I raid I had uougli' llirin In * protty [ iiriillriii.ii nt I hi l night; I r.p-atrd it to ibrin mpir?t?. , l>; I t"l'l < m i n mm nd I Itr gangwiy, HikI lh? nilnT , on tlir olhrr; on.- did not hr?r mwi I raid 10 th? otuar: i It Hit* kb-.Ul ' o'clock lu tbr morning; I hhI doivii unci ! told < lit- Hit It than tut iinr Hiid told Ilia ithrr, I oau, tut it) |k?IiIviiI) which i told tn?;; tlui i'irnt our i told pair no h flight rlap oh tin* larr 1|.- did uot -?jr anything; I put in) h: in Hround hrr m-ok, Hint klwal In r; | tlir oihrr I intol 'lir mnir way; ah" did not al.ip ma on j tlir Urr nor iiuik" no ki.ji r.'ply 11 - Hid y< ii kie? hrr. or atir )ou' A ? Well air ll wa? a little ol both. , (4 ?I dd ?b" kla- jou' f a ? Mi" did at ibr rainr tiiua I kU?"d hrr; at thla I tiuir oiir of thrui ? < aitting with har farii |.i*tr<l< hrr , I., lib. and tlir othrr to aitling alongaide tha b<nti; . lli? ) t'lr bo: b in thrir night clotbra [ * I' d you rtrr hata artual intrrcourir wit!) elthar ot tliore girl*. your ell * A - No air. I nctrr did , If \i lot you put jour honda upon thrlr naknd 1 paraoua, a- you ham alalrd. what garment* ba 1 they on ? r A Thi y bad a pi'ttlcoat. a night gown and a night I rap; alio a rhatutr* U Lnd y-u put your hand' up >n tlir tinlird p?r?one I of th' -r girlr, at any other plauo uu board of that rwaI art eaoept in that Ir ilhf A rr, nr. I did. tj \t a it h boo or after yon aaw lha man in tba birth 111th then.? , A I cannot rat , l<- l>o yoti 11,ran to awrar that you cannot tr|l wh?, tfcrr you Ifidrltratrly luinllol thair par--ua bafO'a T0H , raw thr man tn thr berth with tham ar afterward-' ? A I lit not ray ^ if Ho* aft. n did yoti handlr thrlr prraona wh.-n ttla/ I w?ia la tha lirtlh t> gelbrr? ( A I don't kura hot ruaay tioiaa , Ij Win thry both In h'< bi rtn together t?han yon handled thrlr peraoae Ibrnf ,J A.I bay trif not 4 f?ld you ro h mdir th- Ir p. rronr m ira than one", t tbrj tiny arrr III ihr berth ab-n thry ware both In I tba b? r>b tnget in ' A \a?.alr, I did mere thin twloa ? mora tbt.i thru* t timer jut tour t m-r I,. lir - did you kn a it awjmt four Inn -a* A BrraUMi . hey a?tr botn then- when I .lid it h III.a niuau lluii rlap-rd ray lay- tba-a timer ! A I Ma bandit, g tha glrla ta< all altlnu thrrr or ' fi ur day a i f h othrr Wttanw aaatmiirdi I ha traraga pararairri m?a m ad togrtfc. r. I ranuot ray alio I ill, pa-amger nir a I b- ured to 'ak" parMatilar c ira iu drug ' th' (wilty for th two g>rl? ; lie u?*d I take ilia ftaat fbum tfe" g rl". tab* It M|i. and C"t It a > ikad 'or . tli at. at.d tin u bring 11. down t. nt. I jia'l ki VIM I tier t Fie girl- k n? nun <> not t la y n -. | i n llinlir til" bl?aita- I'T tl t ||Na Willi lltl'l hi* II ~.l t'l III i<? I.UIttll plait) ln-i* with U?lll iii <lll?f flan pal I t'll? a ? .ill n 'n the (Ctrl- v t I ti?(r III. ?)?, during Itta rrj hi I in t? r t'H.k much notion -(thrtr intlniaoy with nlNi-r par>n|.a diiriiifr Iba flutUlii'* Ibi-r.* urn two >ii In ihi- * ?rk a i aii.l i*r> .mil. I wa la ttim ?tarI. a lt w.lrli, II lia; tn- n?r|l ur h U .lav ari'l nig It: II,a. Iir ht ft. i i fti-rj f nr li'.ur , at i*ho fim ptri fi I lltf Wtl) *pr I hi r'.t l- I li ' ?r I It tl'1'14 lllll.i fnill part wf their h. iiit I ku i? li"n th?y wi-ra m n <! | riaiti i il m at in 11 hm lb ,l??-f ir I <t* tha m >i t u I i aiib II n. hnt I call ant ?? bn? of . a. I pi til h-..i gb Hi- hAi?"?? In ibrlr ti Tth, I ntr.f hI-i-i d lb< in wri.H t > "ri-i opting >'Hi tngrth-r .? .b' i lint, I iiviwr t. Iii tti. ii "l llicapt u a roatlncl Icukitlp Ibr itraudwt; I imrnr t< ii ili. ui III-cap atu inli-l i|i i| in Ink iiiii. ril the.ii a* ?lr a aril"* i, i n irr ?dTi-tti flu in In It- ?.aata nf In captain, n it of the ii Mine lth? ilAp t ratiii f irtl'.iirtii hi thct wljrii the girl I n. il i ?- n nlpiw Hi- h 'f pia?lrf hi-r rlater Waa piirant n lint. It wat In ale at an irrb ( tare, j tie mil mil lake lln- ,tt a >t nil r ) hi# long if ft ad I tan ti; I iiiiiin* i .j aii-ili r thla look plica t. f tra I m* i|ii man in hi-fi .lib i tic in i>? not; It *?i liafo-a " ibr tlii|iarnird. I fl m'i * mm ?b.. 'be fam tin ? a? that I'l pt Willi ilia a'rlf during f ha flr-l pad nf iba |i?t<?p|f I c a t kbnw hi w lai>k be riafit "I it thmii l ni ghl Inlil tl ra|iiai'i ah 'Ui the I" ing In hail wr.O th? ulrla hnl n t mill I n? tha ahtrft pub I It In d in lha iirw.|inpi ft itcaiift i.ha npialn, I l ata m t li-atl ilia new pip. rt from lay In lay k- the pr< e-artibpk ware going no, I hat* fatal that I did a Iir Willi I" road ffc- nawapaaTu all Mil it, ti at Hi kt-rp mi liti tl fri ? anil ui.h v - >- < I I il iut kniiw if I afcall g'i nil 'n ih? ??i-el nf n it I don't kfi"* tha lan.a I I he ?ti? ard ? ajoep' nn; I h t 'a ?ina? tha anltai 11 iir In p. txuepf tha tin ? laat data, aP-pt on >ii?tll tha tl lp A 1 11 i n .iia 'I Inn nf I III wi t na tit' l rati tnnntr It la I itW LD. TWO CENTS. four aacneed partlea, before J untie. Otborne, In May, 1846, and a warrant waa ireued tor their arreat on tha 4th of June following and planed in the baud'nf .table Joeephe for eervice Two of that, partie*. Wilcox and Warner, were arretted at the time and tba matter ?a< adjourned nrer for a hearing; an In (lotroent wee found hr the (irand lury on the '4oth of July following attaint! all four of the ao<-u*ed partie- Warner the next day wa. brought t i to court on a bench warrant and gave ball in the ruin of V- MIO for hi* appearance The Hame amount of bail wa. then Hx*d by the court iu the other throe emc; but by enme m?ana they were never arrerted Ve.ter lay however Wll cos was arrnema ifn me ociicu warrant. ?nu neici lO bail Id the Mini of $1000 to answer?Mr. lame* Tarney jr , hardware merchant. of No 10 l'ine street, becoming Iiih secu:ltv Charge of False Pretenses ?Officer Vanderherk. om of the valuable officers utraehed at the lower polioe arrested. yesterday a man bv the name of Andrew H. 1'owell. en a warrant issued by dustioe Mc'ira'h wherein be stsnds charged with obtaining three cask* of lamp oil en the lid of luly. from the firm of William I. Baker No ltl.A Maiden lane The oil WII va'ued at $170 which <n bouirht for raah, and th? same day. after the accused obtained poa-eaalon of the oil he disposal of the fame at a much reduced prion for cash. ta a Mr V an Voorhl? in Front street The acouaed waa committed fur a further hearing Theatrical and Mualeal. Ninio'a Oaanrit.?OfKNino Nn.Hr - The long looked for and anxiously cxpectvd eveut the opening of Nlhlo'a Garden, will take place on Monday evening uext. Ever since it wan aououucud that the indefatigable Nibl i would, phu-nix-like ariee from hi* a-he- and reconstruct. on a more extended and comprehensive ecale than ever hie much fuvored temple of auiuiia tie nt the puhllo and hi* legiou of admirer* and friend* in pxrtirular were extremely anxl >u< that it should ha opened at the earlieet moment possible They hava w mi ted patiently and Ilia day or two that Hplnndid place of eutertHiumunt. new fieni the foundation to tba roof and arranged throii|(hout in a tno-t gorgeous manner will be thrown open to the a price whtuh, ci urideijng the rutcrtainmeuts which will be gi Ten. ia merely nominal We have given a description of the new NlbloV on a former occaNino. together with tbe fiinif n*i'?n- of the building arid dilated at Hums length on tbe prospect of comfortaud enjoyment which our citiseiiN iiad before i heui It in unnecessary to amy more How, exeepl to repeat, that no step has heeil omitted to make ' Nlblo'n" one of t lie most agreeable and attract!re places of amuremeut in the city, ac well In repaid to the description of performances as to the quiet and order, mid the character of the entcrtainlim nth which will he furnished VVe understand that the whole of (he celebrated llavel family are engaged, ami will appmr on tie opening night .Monday uoxt, in three of their own peculiar piece* Ul a topi's Tmkaimk?Alter a most successful run, ' l.ondon Aaaiiran'-e" Is withdrawn for this evening Tbe entertainments will consist of three of the moat laughable farces now acted ; and as Miss K Wallaek Mi s Maty Taylor. Mrs brougham. Burton, Brougham, Kedmond ltyan. Stc .will take parts in them, we baxard in thing in insuring a most delightful evniing'eauiu**uient to all who patronize Burton's this evening Tba houre is finely ventilated and is as cool and comfortahle as any one could desire, for Burton and Brougham know mo well how to aec inm dsie the public . to leavn bh)thing undone to make ereiythiug, both on and off tin: stage, as pica ant as pn??iblu the company now fitTs-.'Iv-:! ! tUc bouse Comprise same of the most e*tablislud favorites of tin'I hi atre going population of New V oik and though the past, seasou was as brilliant, and I rohtable too. (we should think,) as manager could desire, Irom the way I lie present one opuii* the proepei ts aie that it will he better still Natiosal. Th*atrv.?The performance*, last evening, parsed ell flurly. and the utmost hilarity we* eviucid by the audience a* the variou* piece* werw pi itermed 'I he fact i*. that everything 1* done so well at liou-e. that th'sie who retort to it cannot tail to be pleased with the doings there. To-night wa hop* to ace a full audience. ac Mica Mile*?on* of tha ni<*t Rt11 nt I y e and hard-working of th? company ? Iak> x l?r benefit We ha** often oli-*rr*d Htn M ' a-xi-fully nod talent* ; *he I* R capital actrwaa, toil very pleaxing aingar; Rod ?? nh* U one of th* farortlea of tha National audience* we are mire they will rally atroog lu number to gt?e her a benefit Indeed The mmaiitl* drama of - Ivanlioa.'' which l? played with eo inuwk aplenitor. will be performed ftrrt , af er which aingtug by Mice Mile* and Mr. Seymour , then will cauio ' 1?? > i rk a? It i*.'' worn aiiiging by r. <1 Booth, and dancing by Vlw Dawn* | and the new farce of" John Vobba" will conclude the entertainment* We thiuk tin* lea bi'.' no one nu complain uf a* wanting lu Intureat or variety lieerriT ma tmk W'iiiow or tiik i.rtr Wm A V*<na. ? We underxtaod that all the uecew-ary arrangement* for the b> unfit of the widow and chiblren of 'he lata and lamented a m A Vac he one of mirbeetaad in *1 talented comic actor*. hare been com plated and that It will take place at the H road way Theatre on vlondag evening m xt. We mncerely truet that the play-going nubile ai d the frieuili of humanity In general will not li. kuktwl in coming b r? anl on tM* oer**|.>n dr. V ache yiar after year eonfribu'ed more th?u bi< abara to ! lie aiuureuieiit aid eutettaioun nt of Ihe public; ai d many a night when be contained tla audienna with hi* peculiar inirih bin b 'art no doubt wa? wrung with the can e and trouble Imlicpen-able Ir m hit profe?rlon fie wa-< takeu a?ay auddealy, leaving a with and family la indigent clreuui?taoc*a That wih and family will not want, a- 1 nig a? there la a apark uf gene rone fe< ling in the hreaita of the people of New \oik to aboiu Mr. Vache waa ao wi II kn iwn i gaarda i f fifty niemb>r? of the dramatic pmfmxiou h*?a roluuiiered their aertlceg. gralultmiely on tbia oecaai iuj ai d It the play going public will nuly coma aut a? they ought to do the lenient will produce a liandeoue lor the widow and cbl dren of vir Vacba. 1'iiaicvv'a Mineral i a ? Thoee eroakera who aay all New \ orker* have dexerted our city m-ed ooly go ? Mechanic'* Hall any evening it itm week, to he conelnred thai all have not letl n ?r near all for tne room |* erowflrd nightly by our rnoxt r?*leciahle cltiacna, who lb ck there le be aniu-ed to the genuine way which < briny'* band know *o well llow to ill To night tiny will glee a fine programme Vi? Vci **7i*l'a Mnaien. leirnrr, at the ' hlimad Jrn tnlny limine arc the 01 oat plea Ing "dI alum aut* we liav- attended for aouie time I ho mucin la of the berl kind and Vil?a Vaientlnl algnor IJldbeli. and i1r. hirgner who p? if' rui it have prored Ib-iii el vac 11 bw till U'Ugll muelciaiia Ihe C'Uip I illone of vIoRtrt, Wallace lielllnl Verdi fcc cr render- 4 by I hem with grew' i fleet 'The refrv lim -nlc, ko . to ba obtainwd at the nc mi are ol the mo t *upcrt>r (ort < mi I i.vvotv wn ? r. <mrin* wiv fuloiuiltti u( thi* mIwIIiiik fr"B tin I-reach Ujwrt, v e i b'Uti d that .^kiUiiii* Burton ?m i>rtil>atl; vufTerIn* from Indivpo.ltlon, yet. wi'h the ?l?h to hoc |'ii-h the te-k -he had undertaken ?h? f?r???>rnl and concluded the von* train I .a Dmnlno Nolr " Mr 'lore hvn then claimed the Indulgence of the audieva fir lie lid;. ?b? ?< Kiiffi niiK fr m a vudden and r?r* affection el the throat Wedvme ih-n allh great vuirlt, a lenipled bar part lu the trio Salut a la b'ranoa "and a- tvij favorably reeelfrd by the vary numeronv and fa hl< nahtv audience prevent ?'i l< arnv<| virh rr<M, n our atlral at C a-tlv < larilen I art I'trnlnt tnat tna fair and ta|va'< d ?nl?fr/o ??< villi an vevercly indio|i< ?dtm?br unable In appear hut tha -tr n< at'rantool - villi in rvrertv and admirably kiod hy tliv t ?nai and In-tiuaivt'tal arlivtevof thv vmhli-li incut aft >rdvd tm.-lloyid njoyno at to a ? ry full audience To-nlghl arotlirr rich P 'gramme I- announced and ?e hare m il' ul t that Onrli * ibv aootlnaaiiC'i of Ihlv r?% ly dvIivl<i'iiI wathvr a-tlv Harden ?tll ronilnuv to ba rioadvd l o-m rfv vtvoihr, wv hvllwa. da laiaa ItfUn ai d ilia oih r member* of thv branch Oyrtt tr< 0|ia a ill ra-appi ar V lev Brl? nil and Mr Manrar* araat tha lloyal theatra. Kltiit-too, l a Trnfll and Ilvn. dvtil hare ni*ife<l ronai at Manymrt aid ara > xpac ed voon to glee eoaearla at that lavhinnalda rvirvat Mr I-1, mil,* la glTln* ShakapvrUn reading# a* < letelat.d t hio TtMrnU aallfnrala. mawa' mi htm Thv arhoonrr K." tnnhn, (J ,t?t "Valley, cleared at |Wt?.n on tlir 17 h inm. fur -Stn Franeiace, nrilh tb? fttlltna in* latvi'inf'Ta : ? V\ ai \ Hlivllvy llanry Will ante Will am f'a|v, tee. M J< ?!?!! hiiatlati Klrkotvop I'h'llp IV IIv | i haa. I lllllnirii M K K?Itvvtar It II V Ualliip and laaea I.aowaril iif UnMott, Henry liutv of iiarloloaii i>viit*v Bartli it nt Klng-loa; b'rvlerln Morton loba b. Hvvvr and Itnaavll Bourne of tlymnu h, '-Via ii J'vralyti of fvinhrokv: l avrvn - I anion of Milton: John f. i naliln*. of llani.T' r. I|enr> II Bar-t n * b w* tar; fbiioov I'ettenfill and Warren l*?ltvn*ill, Jr., tf .Ntilth Londonderry. N II ? Total 21. Intrlllernrr. r unit or Arrant N awo M Hllf 11 \t tha i pvnli * of lha c nit a motion a?< tntda to diaII,laa lha appeal In I il at at atalnvt I'll-dy at al ham* No 06 on th? calendar ?i-aii m radeted. ? 1 ba paper* by tba a oirt t came nit nn tha calendar rtl-ml-airt nn motion k motion ?o? lh?n toad, for II BTe to put a ' a a on thv calendar ao No *14. (Ifanfvd. lha cove of Harrla ?a llalpti 1 lark ot al . thv argument of which ?a< eomntvnev t and coieln led the avtne attvinoon I he court IV n ? it hai-k t tha rvgola* call < f the calendar alle l and p >wed Na fc Wtillani II S 1 m"iir tv Hilov odd ?a? eTttieJ and in* *""uri oiijmirii* ?i. Mmuiditi la y It No ntirl"<on tt mi rpnad ifrer whi-h Nj 9. iKawirg* W Itavn.itdi n, t>iar.*a HuM?ll rt St.. ?w rallanl and ir(naf Nia V*?? Pun Orrtr* Arf .nraatri ?Jwi* It. ltf < tid'ltnn Hmnttngm nmnlj -Hiram H Idlo* I oilnth -? ?'<*u? John R no .*ht *n lortu a aBJln Mhahlligii'ii NIcholM H a rt< n l>*? rtujlof, !> Kl?? Ran Mrdaall. Mlidilf, Ct'lari?f*M ami* r Kir* n WlniTilln. h?or*'**ljr ?V iilia L I ?iM?>nr h|?4w<r Mr**nui? *nn-miiih Mull Cim?! * Ulnar Rrininr Miara n?lt*r ClllfKilta <*>> r*? - aii'hmaa ..mrgj llyratllU 4rh harlr nt*irtha?| wl to Wral I U'I'in " |X, ? IV.T fiHin. Karam ianai< Ju If U. IM' Hi* II lUrrtu, Minburgh Oatrn. Saratoga. fMoph L.luoW; N*? lliM- o. John MtUroo