Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1849 Page 3
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I V Yialt to th? Ihlp Yards?Tlaa Wavr Hall Itwuam Obla aad Georgia. ^H g. Is nothing has the progress of thia eenntry be-jn mor Harked then In naval architecture within the lest fei years, and particularly in the construction of steam hipa. Science, ingenuity, competition and enterprise have already produced wondrous results, and the pre eat is bat "the beginning of the end " In the build lag, rigging and fitting up of our merchant marine, wi hare had long the undisputed ascendeuey of the sues In our river steamers, too, we stand unapproashed b; any nation. But there was one class of vessels in whiel we were left fhr behind both by England and France We mean ocean steamers. The attention of our sci entitle merchants and capitalists has been turned t< the fact, and with the go-ahead character of tru< Americans, thsy aerm determined not to be surpassei by any other nation even in ocean steam navigation We have reported progress from time to time. W have now something more to report, that will deepl; interest, if not astonish our readers. A new line of mail steamers was contracted fo some time since by the government with George Law Esq who built the Origon and the "High bridge" fo the Croton Aqueduct, which cost two millions of dol iars. and is the noblest structure in tho country. Tb ontiact was for four steamers, (and a spare one t Beet accidents.) two to run with the mails twice i month to New Orleans, touchlug at Charleston urn Savannah, and two to Chagres, touching at Havana The government contracted tor steamer* of only 1,00' tuna burthen. Mr. Law. by Iho adrico of the board o the Naval Department, has built vessels of 3 000 tons not only first class sUumer*. but so adapted for pur poses of war, that In two or three days they cm b ready for action, and it is confidently asserted that n< war sttamer afloat will equal them. 'i he government are building tour more to vie witl them, one at Brooklyn, one at Philadelphia, one a Go>.port, and one at Kittery, State of Maine; but Mr Law has resolved to show what private enterprise cai do, and to beat the government; andjudgiug from tlx two already built, he has every prospect of oomiug of victorious. Ilis contract for the mails, we have just mentioned, is t'210.000. His estimate of cost for each o his ships was $400,000; but he now Quds the cost wil exceed that sum. The delay in their completion hai been occasioned partly by the skill and care requisiti in their construction, upou the improved plan suggested after the contract, and partly by the delay of theli mammoth engines, which Secor &. Co engaged to han completed by the first of April, but owiug to the amount f work upon them, could not get them completed in that time. The engines of two are now completed ; those of one being nearly put together ir the ship, and those of the other are being got in Mr. Law, who is a scientific and practical mar:, bai superintended the entire work himself. Theru ii not a plank, nor almost a bolt, he has not seen go in There is not an inch in those vessels he does not knov thoroughly, and the use and value of svery bit of iroi and wood in their structure. He has spent some timi in Lnrope, and particularly in Lngland. with a view t< the exsmination of steamships, and oeing a sharp ob server, he has not spent that time in vain. He hai adopted all the improvements he saw, while he has in vented some of his own, that are entirely new. Thesi vessels have been built, too, under the inspection o: one of the most scientific officers in the Amerioan navy Commodore Terry, who has from time to time express ed his opinions, and made his suggestions. We sae him on board one of those vessels wheu we visited them, a day or two ago. it will be recolleoted tbat ht supervised the erection and finishing of that model o! steamships, the Missouri, which was burut en her tlrsl trip, in the bay of Gibraltar. The Ohio and Georgia are lying at the foot 01 Ninth street, in the Lait River. We will now describe wbat we saw. tor there is not a foot of these vessels, from the spar deck down to the kelson, and from i stem to stern, that we have not examined minutely | ' We will make this general observation before entering | into the details of vach ship?tbat they exceed in [ strength, far and away, any naval structure ws havi ever seen. We shall begin with THI OHIO. The hull of this vessel?which is the smaller of th< two? has been built by bishop aud biiuonson Viewed externally, she is a beautiful model, and seems expressly built for fast sailing; and it is only wbsn you go on board that you find combined with that beauty a strength that so far exceeds expectation as to till you with amasemenl. But let us first give her dimensions :? The length of keel 240 feet oymr ucck . . 1UO Depth of hold from spur deck 33 " Breadth of beam 43 ' She will drew about fifteen feet of water when hei coals and all are on board, ller tonnage, before tin par deck wan attached, waa 3,000; with that deok, hei capacity is 3.000 tone. Defrauding to the bottom of the hold, you And a flooi o strong and firm, and ?o close. that if there wan not I plank outride her timbers, ehe would not let In a dro| of water It i* twenty-one inches thick, laid solid, and bolted lengthwise. In moat other vessels, the floor ii open. A huge oak kelson runs fore and aft, laid on th< middle of the flour limbers, orer the keel, fastened with long bolts and cllnohed, and thus blndiug the floor timber* to the keel. Then there are immense cross kelsons at either end, to hold the timbers called the cant Irame winch could not he fastened to the longitudinal kelson Then, to Impart additional strength, there is a gigantic etutre cross-kelson, with a bulkhead, runuiug rigbl ^ acioes the vessel. At the stem and stern there is what it lb esil* d abr? aet hoi-k being scarred pieceot'wood.shaped like the bark of an arm chair and uot made by carpen trr work, but being the natural fork of tha oak, euor inously thick, these are exceedingly strong, fhen then, iiing lengthwise on either side, what is called a biigi keieon. with fire bilge streaks restiug on tt. Here ttii vessel is 33 inches thick. The main object of tbli Strength is to suppert the engines laterally against thi tremendous pressure. With 150 tout of pressure whet the englue Is working, there Is a yielding pcuduced al fliber side, and the vessel is kept constantly straiuiog . unless there Is a pcwriful resistance There la aaothei -nlrivance for keeping the ship tlrm In this direction hen vessels roll there Is always a straining on oni ia. and the deck is seen to spring. To prevent this here are great thick Iron braces from the kelson righi under the deck te the aids of the ship Then to keej her from springing longitudinally, there are iron stayi three inches in diameter, with socrivs and bolts, t< , draw them light, running diagonally from stem tc stern Ksch of tbsse Is capable of supporting 300 t?ni eight, and it Is impossible for the vessel to spring > ugtbwise wilboot breaking these slays The eeillnu the vessel is 7 inches thick, and every plank of about I square yard, contains about M? |r..n bolts running through the limbers and clinched in the piaaks oatside In addition to these they are bolted down edgewise, a bell being run through every thrre, and then tost operI'low repeats d at every sir. ak These bolts can netsr diaw. They ara oiled before they are driven, to protect them from the acid of the limher They are far superior to wooden boit?. There wa? not a drop of water lathe hold of this vessel, th-ngh launche-i slur* last fall. Her floor was as dry as thai of a drawing rum W e observed that her floor sad side* were slrswe.l with klroi.g salt, which Is found to hs a great preservative ?< wood. Her timbers are all of lb* iwst <?k. as alto her ptauk undsr the water. Her up|er strenks are of hie oak. lucast. and cedar. The huge kne?s are of the beei oak. from the eastern ? short o| .t.arjland. tbetiiobergroslr^op ttiv o?i b'ing flido si St d most d'.rat.le I Ley ere not 1.tubs, b it tbc attorn! curve of the root. In most other reseats im< k.iuiU< s. which Is little belli r then ptue. is u-edfor this I I- ,1.-111.1., I. u, IK. k I..,. are I,. II.. I i hri??li r?'r?r '- ? < ?i ? ? ? ? i iret ou th* bir- it* water ??)< i nler ib b**ni lb*l Mippnrl* lb* ?at?r wluwi*. i? to b? i >uad -in i riil* ? bat rblli d " A brae*. bring * * >. of knee* * ) arentibg a khap* nmewhat id of thet l?t ' At III* bottom thoyar* "pn id iV'ii lllr brl mrir Th* othrr b>*ra- are *uppnrt*d by lutiuen-e *? with hmlr nlil knoee u each | h* b-*ui *i nn.f 'lnu ill* ptlmr bln**e At lb* top |i pl.urd with two Iron plat**, liirb thick, It I* ID inch** by 1'J thick, and biltrd and rl vetted In fa*t rirength ap. prar* to I-* th* pareovunt cu'idiiaUn an I nothing that art and money r old do waa epurrj for thu acnim pli-huieal of that object Uraiiall now d-iri ib* h*r a" tni'lo Utl n f.>r pa* eager* Mr I aw claim* th* d*ek cabin a* hi* own Ini nto n for ocean atcaincr* havi*,; *ugg**ted it tc >ir Mi i tan I r tb* I uipir* < Ity, after having <l-<-o|.-il npott It for hi* own t*??*I? after they w*ra ianuch*d '1 he I par deck that *or?r* It In I* lintnr n*e|y rlrong repp rt I hy t t etarr.n*, and havtrn all round "i top n railing to prnlrct th* pa**eng*r* who may wl?h t< cnrati i n t tin' duration Outride thl* railing "ft Ilo k Will In- the rtilp * b *U, I a-dead of aaaraardlj aaaglng by the ride, Th* rt loo dn ? l< *l*rantly fltt* I tip with b*rt>ia 1 feet long and 1 fret V Inch** wt I* I her* t* an *todb lent arraag'tm nt in tin** eta'e ro- ma I'h-y do not op*n dtrrctly Into the raloon, but are entered on the aide by hail? between every two room* Tin* prweant* anyone from peeing into the nmno from the raloun when they are epi n?d I hey a-* admirably w>--*ttla<<- ! Ihy mean* of 1< k"r? that r|. and open at will an I receive the fre*h atr by th* rapid nt iltoo of th* ehip it rung It th* w?t*r I ill* retitila'lon run* from *l?tr h tarn I ha aalor n ran b* dfldel in any propuv f i, by Pit ink i I foldit.g tloora to *uil ladtea or oinen < might with to lie* apart Th* atom roma I* on t deck ln*lea<l of below; It I* at the eidn aad I* op*? K*lnin a* w*ll to admit the air a.* to permit it* Being wa-hi d out I h e l>an i tcelb iil arrangement it ear re thl' nece-ellr of bringing Hinted nrn II,? Idwto n hj winrb sir.deni? fi-n orcur l?be air It It of ronr'e will be better than b- low I he kitchen li m,d w II f.irtfhi-d. It l< lighted Ir m lb* *1 |e Hf a rkj-IIgM eoeered at the tap with wood to kee| out ihe-in. Thr ordinary gl*"* frame* render tin roowm IkM wliii h they admit tin- dir.rt raya of ihi nun. a* In loll mill* ? hut li"U-r? I berw In n noparnti kiirhi n for the crew limn the kitchen down to thi r?btn are two oponlwi- hr whirh breakfa I dinner ?|i(i?t fc i are tut down by dumb waiter*. I noU-nd o being rarrhd down the *' ?ir? to he cooled. or to da*l again.t tb* pa?e? rigera I h* pantry and paetry roon are In harping with the Vltrhen l b* robin I* ot?lib 4 Into two Imm-no room* aiabin i.f dining :!U0 pa*?enger?. Tb* he<| n?ni* off the rabln are of the ?atne ?<>wi aidlona dorrlpttnn a* tho*r on d ek. l'ha bed room ware, and Ira and dinner rertlre*, nrr n tor aery beet dreertptton of rbtua and rut gl?*? 'I heri l? an nreiinimndatlon for iiO (tret eia-e paio-engcr*. be ' d- a rip hty permanent ete>rag> berth* Them I* l K roniu lor the iBrrri in the rear of the boat Thi entrance to the cabin la lighted by a circular iky' fit , wwb ala4* ia the rid*. and darkened at the top Tuera | ia a bath room attached to the cabin. There ia a pri- i " rata pantry for the staward to lock up. i r The water tank* are oapable of carrying 10 000 gallon* of fm.h water, aad there ie be-lde* an apparatua for producing freeb water from *alt if necessary The Ohio haa two pilot room* - on* on the main deck for steering when at sea. the other on top fbr steering In the rirer The helm i? double rigged, so that it one set of chains gives way. there is another to fall back on. This vessel is ealied the Ohio, from the rirer or State . of that name, and bears the arms of the State an her stern, being figures of Commerce and Agriculture hand 1 in hand The figure bead and stem are ait of one piece, which *' is a novelty. combining beauty with utility The eou- d struct ion is such time it is almost iuipo-etblv for the 9 vessel to ship a wave over her bow, especially "he sits high in tne water forward Sh? is a< graceful as j the swan, with tlie strength and swiftness of the eagle. We now come to TIIE OKOIiOIA. s She is constructed, in all respects, the same as the y Ohio with the exception of size and shape, and. theretore it is unnecessary to do more then notice the points of difference The hull of the Georgia was built r by Smith 6l Diamond. ller dimensions are? Length ot keel 245 feet. Length of spar deck 270 " a r Breadth of beam 49 " i liepth of hold from spar deck 33 " 1 p, e '1 he tonnage, nn astiring from main deck, is 2,700,from the spar deck 3.300 tons. , 0 It will thus be seen that, while the depth is the same, . a the Georgia is 5 feet longer. 3 feet wider, and has a f j greater rapacity for freight than the tihio. She now J1 draws but 0 ftet of water, when her tnacbiuery is in, ' with coals. Ike . it is calculated she will draw 13 feet.? 0 The build is also different The Ohio is full forward, f and sharp aft; the Georgia is the reverse; and as the g mutsiiah ot which the two vessel^are constructed ae * the tame, and their engines of the same power, the c failing qualities of ?ach would be fairly tested by expc- t L, riment. and the point about which nautical men are much divided, latisfactnrily settled c 9 it was hitherto supposed that a vessel eould not be fc made sharp without drawing much water; but the c 2 Georgia is aa sharp, stemmed a vessel of her size as was ever built, and yet draws the smallest depth of water. s * ller stem is exceedingly beautilul It is like the Ohio's, rj in ods piece with the tigure head but much finer, ller j tigure bead is the wild horse of Viazeppa. of which, when c unsubdued to the rein, the poet thus writes:? j " Untired untamed, and worse than wild; ' All furious as a favor'd child, t Balked of its wish; or fiercer still? j f A woman piqued - who has her will;'' 1 but of which, when taught obedience by his master, the Mine poet cays :? " But he was hardy a? his lord. And little cared lor bed and board; ! But spirited and doeile too, Wbate'er was to be done would do; Shaggy and swift, aud strong of limb, All '1 uitar-like. he carried him; t Obeyed his voice, aud cauie to call, . And knew him in the midst of all, Though thousands were around and night Without a star pursued her llight. It is only when on board the Georgia, you see her combination of beauty and strength Standing at her prow, and looking back aiorg her sides, you caunot see a straight line of one foot in length. Tho curved line, the line ef the beautiful, continues its proportions gradually from stem to stem. I his vessel is furthest removed in her model from British steamers The k i atr. n?th Inroad of number of amall (>n<>< tlrnt I *>m pill together and are alwapa In the way. Ko wide are tbrae rtrarat-r*. that ) in bare ample room V i" go all round tlia *0*1 n??. an advantage not poaaeaaed by other <rrau ateaniera ' Tha wati r whrela ara 3d feef In diameter, and the *j bu< kat lu fret on the fare Tha Vara that mipprta *' th- m ha* barn already dearrlbrd 1'ha bract and r- ?. n< aih It rmliide la not attached to tba *ije of tha abip In the n t?i aay. but la taataoad to a atrnng Iron knra boit.d to tba bi*t. I la.a tevlatban ateamera ara by no man* deficient i? ' In imamant. but eon-tdertng th? objects for nhlrh thi-j are eon-trueted ornament weigh* but a faatlirr In * Iba balance againat tba stupendous strength that la !! 1 visible In every timber, and kn?a and braca. :tad bolt, :! ni il |.',ank I u I it la txpicted I bay a III ha ready for aaa In about thrra oar ha and than It ? tl ba aaan what American " enterprise lie* arc n pit* hed " I ' * I * j Kiu.pb by Lioiitaimi ? On the afternoon of the tf 1 14ih nit , Mr* iMitiy JUrnett, eonnort of Hubert 1'. j h I Harnett, t>l Prniriarille, *nd daughter of Archer it I lift wn, of Lynchburg, Virginia, aat out, in com- tl p*n> with her nnoc and iieiihew, to viait the b? dai uhler of a friend t?ho was ill. Alter travelling about two milee, they discovered a rlaud nsinz, 1 '' nnd determined to atop at the hoaae of an ncputin- ^ Inner, near hy, until the cloud rtiould p-taa over. ! ^ l ilt at that Rtonrnt it young imin ro<|a up and in- tl loimed them that the young Indy waa not etpected i in lire through the running night. Thit defer! ntnrd Mr* IJ to go on, h hrr niece and ol ' n-|h<w to fol'uw alter the atorm abated. About la ' an hour front the time of their atoppinf. the ntert a< ?i<l nephrw rectirwd iheir jtrorney, una, in nhnnt 1 i? * iniIf, they r?m?- n,>?>n toe dead l>o<1ie? of tlmr w ain.i nltd the young inun, licorge Wrlh, formerly P of Aibeirtmrle roomy, Virginia.toerth- r With their t) 't h<>r#ea, lying by the road aide, all having b -en f) n kille I>y li^ntiiing.? /.*n>hlimf (f"? ) VirgHtMn, 1 t< , Julf 14. $ ' Ten thowand bnrhel* of wheat were recently reeelr- y, ed at karltagton, V t. trout ToUtfn. Ohio. Ohio Is much more like thein. The perfection ef steam- n i ships. we take it, in with the same amount of inachi- *' g D?ry to huTe a larger capacity, carry more freight, and r' attain at least the came speed. The cylinders of the | largest British steamer* are the fame si/.e as the Ueorgiu c. and yet their burthen is only 18.000 tons. The I accident that occurred on Saturday last has amply n tested her strength. A weight of 40 tons fell from a ti height of 20 feet on her rail, which of course it out > through crushing to piecea one of the strong staunch- ? f Ions; but " thus tar could it go and no further." It tl was stopped when It came to the heavy water ways on 0 ' the gun deck. It did not make the alightest impression on them, and though that weight still rested In . r the nick it had cut for itself, so broad and buoyant is the vessel, and so little did she heel, that you would f, 1 I carcely perceive any inclination to that side. Speak| leg of rails, we may here point out a difference be' tvreen these and other vessels. The rail is always cut for 3 " gangways. In them itis uncut and goes all round, which, considering Its strength, is a powerful support in pre- f, ' serving the shape unwarped It is found that no mat- d ter bow strongly the boat Is built in other respects, if ], her rail Is out. she will warp more or less. Vou enter 1 these vessels by a ladder, to the spar deck. Built as _ the Ueorgiaand Ohio are. with a view of being turned, z! I in a week's notice, into tlrst class war steamers, we ? ' may remark that the spar deck is is'tened on by ' 1 nouns of screws, and can be rrmeved at ence. ? In other ocean steamers, for lnrtauce. the iter- ? mann and United States, the gun deck is down ' ' in the body of the ve.-sel. and they should be 1 cut down. In order to make them available for the J. naval service. The water ways, also absolutely neces- J > sary for the support of the guns, are on the main deck > in the Georgia aud Ohio, which is not the cane in ether > stram?rs. * Wo shall now proceed to describe : THE MAi MISERY. I The engines boilers, and water wheels are the same 1 in both steamers, end the same description therefore .. applies to both. They arc built by Secor St Co., who ' had to enlarge their establishment for the purpose, and 5 f were superintended all through by the eminent engi- J ? M??. Mr Joseph Scott I ach boat has two engines. t w hich gives a larger area of cylinder, and double power. . In l.ngland, the power of engines is measured by that , r of hoi res. These engines are each, according to the I t measurement of the eylinder, which determines the > amount of power, what the Knglish would call 000 i horse power. They are low tiresaure, side lever marine engines. The following is their capacity:? ' I f'rtt. Iruhtx. ^ > Diameter of eylinder T 0 V Stroke of piston 8 0 There are four boilers to each pair of engines, weigh- 7 t ing 100 tons, and capable of boiling 1'iO tons of water. They aro worth $b0.000. The Hermann and Washingington have two engines, but have only two boilers. ^ t 1 he advantage in having four is. that while the tires i " t *re being hauled the speed need not be slackened, as I tiillflfc Km f h. r i. ah-rp Ihoru ,r* nnl? Ivn Th. engine* are on the hum plan at lh? Nlaiira'i. but Jj much heavier. There I* no kngliah atoara.-r. large or rmall, without two engine*. Two are not neceraary for ! 0 river ateamer*. bat are of great advantage for the ( 1 ocean. 1 lie kmpire aod other river eteamer* bare two engine*, but they are not connected Tbey act iudc- J prudently. In the Oeorgta and Ohio they are connected aalnthe Missouri .viiaaiaaippl and Kauiachatka. I , 1 he advantage over the aingle engine* |* thi*, that with the latter, when it i* on the centre. If a wave *trtke? the veeeel. the wrong valve will be opened and he will be driTcn back, iuu-ail of forward. Till* cannot take place with a double engine, the utroke being alrernatc. K.very time, too. tbni an engine Iv on It* ' centra, or when the pl-ton la higheat or low**t, there I la a moment In which both valrea lire cloned, namely. ' I after one haa juat ahut and be-fore th* other I* opened ! In that moment, with a alnglw engine, power la loot, aod . ! no eteam la appii-d. With tbe double engine It, i? ,|if. I ferent. for th* ataam in no Inatant of tlin* lu-p-ioli ita w prepelllrg force There are two valve* alway* open, > while two are cloecd. There la mora ataam required ' for a alngle engine, and therefore It la more eipeneive, . [ | It I* alao more dangtrou* .At a*a In a atorm, atcamera mnet oft-n alack down to Ave In the minuta, but no *' i alngle engine ran do that. Single engine* at rain the R boat, double cue* do not. , The bottom ot the cylinder In thcae engine* la caat on the tied plate*, and ihuc ait feet of room In height I* caved The enneeqnence la, that th* cngiuet arc ,, under the deck, and thta la of no ainall imp-iriane* lu , war rtearaera, a* eipoaura of tha machlntry to abot , w< nld aoon diaable the boat. There I* another adran- fl tage In tbir: the weight I* at the bottom, and there . being more ba*c than height there would b* a vaat dif- {' f< retire In e rolling *ea. or In tbe recoil of gun* ; ' Tbe engine* are bolted down to tbe ltnm*n*c thick ,. floor with altty iron bolt* In each b-d plate Thi* t* not tuual 1 he kngllah fa-ten them with wood *eraw*; v but Mr. Law found tbev wauld draw, and war* by uu ? ' mtan* ?o itcure a* the V-ll* Tbey ara not f.iatenrd to tbe aide* of the veaeel but atand Independent In the centre There la a powerful V brace between ^ tbem that ronnrrt* them and make* them one In the ( | centre, and alao raat on the bed plate, I* tha wa- y d-n.-er 'l he boiler*. Inataad of being all on one ti.l*. are two f. re and two eft ot th- engine* aod tbu? rerva . V'IV lm|Kltlaat parpoeea. hcalde* girlrg the cnl glncir an opportunity of aeelng all the flr--men toi g-lher and aacertainlng whether they are doing their duty, while he ran look at tha aau e lira* at hi* glaae goage. without leaving hi* poet, they will enable the I Water wheel to be piae-d aa near tha centre a? poaalblo. ? while Uiey form each, when Oiled with water, a re?l?t- , - aiiee of neveaty toil* agalaat the uplllting fore# of the et-g^nee. juat In the very apot whir# reaiaUDC* I* wauled The Ohio liaa her engine* ten feet abaft of . tbe centre of the vceael? tha Oeorgla twenty feet. ' i 1 hev are aunported with brace* and rod* of great : Theatrical aad Htulcal. Bubton's Theatbb ? Laat i?tDlo| there war a flna ludlenee assembled to witnsss the laat representation >t"Lendon Assurance ''whichhaabeen performed with *eh distinguished aueceae for several nights passed ? 1'he amateur who plays Sir iiareourt Courtley, Alls be part with all that clrganes and judgment which lave been ao much admired We trust that we shall isvetbe pleasure of seeing him in some other part; bis igure. action, fco.. are all most apropos for stage effect f? need .-esrcely make any remarks on the eacelleuoe f the performances of Durton, Brougham., :e . in this piece On Monday areniog a new fares, i unded. we presume, on local events, entitled the < ontldenrs Man." will be produced. It Is said to be [ecldtdly rich and racy. National Thvatke.?The past week hits been one of uccess and triumph at this house and every eveulng the ntertain uients have been most favorably recei ved- J ohu \ inane. the little Denin*,and the worthy manager hiinelf, and all the talented company, have dene their best oainute all their patrons The local drama and farces iBve been the staple performances. Daring the ro'urg vri ik reveial new pieces are to be produced and on ,'uesday evening Mr liaker. the author of" l?l inoe at lew \ ork." "Miseries and Mysteries of New \ ork." nd many other local pieces, takes a benefit. If Mr. Inker gel* what he deferred, the Natloual will uot be srgo enough to contain the crowd that will be there. Tar Benefit ioh ihe Fitiar or tiie Do roiu Ma. tai he will take place to-morrow evening, at the (roadway Theatre '1 be whole professlen Iu the city ave tendered their lervicee, and a nm.-t splendid periirmat.ce may ire expected. We have no doubt that he hi use will be filled to oversowing. Niiilo'* OilDix ? This splendid now theatre and arden will bo open to the publio iu the course of the ieik. Whin finished. this theatre will be (be most omtortable ua well aa the most select plate of amusein nt in the oity. Cubists's Minstbei.s will continue their admirable oncerta during the coming week They have furlisbcd up iheir programme* anil will present a line Ut f eong* Lc , that cauuet be beaten S*c hid Conrmr at Castle Gardes.?The u*ual lunday evening concert will be given here to-uight. hese cocci rt* are t>lway* finely attended, and our ItizeUH rau have no better place to enjoy the good uuiir and fine air, than at the magnificent hall in this lUiltling. The Sai bed Cob, eht at Chivmi Aiiimiilv Roowb, bla evining. will comprise all the mimic from the minus Stehat Mater of Knsmni. and a great variety of ther solectiins In m the most approved master', /tin* Valeniini, Signer <Hub*lei, Heir llergner, aud ilr Dona will all take part* iu it. Casti a Gabnva ?The iliU of our French resident mpulation will hear with sincere pleasure that the alented artis/m freia the New Orleans French Opera rtll renew tlivir charming pcrfor inane ex to-morrow veiling, when Madame tterlon will, with Messrs. 'orradi and Jerton. appear, aud sing neveral choice s'lrctionB froui five dilfercnt operas, in full cnBtuniu. luch an announcement as this would alwne ensure a arge and fashionable audience; but the directors anlounce al*o. ou the same evening, a grand vocal and nitrumriital concert, and a ball How can we then ronder at the crowds who every night, for weeks past, ave thronged this spacious hall aud enjoyed the reresbingly cool sea breezes, while listeulng to the plent'id music T During these trying limes it is abulutely the duty of all who would avoid sickness, to eep the mind amused in a rational an.) healthful metier; and at no place in the world that we have ver visited, can be found so many advantages in this esptct, as at Castle Garden. llellffloua Intelligence. Cai esoab i oh Jul*.?211 d. Seventh Sunday after Trllty: 26 th St James, Apoetle; 20tb, F.igliih Sunday afsr Trinity. Rev. Oiro French, of the Ahmednuggur Mission, 'ith bis lady and two children, arrived in this city on be 19th Instant, from Liverpool. Mr. French went ut in 1839. The splendid stone Unitarian meeting honsn recentf ereeti d by Kev. Mr bobbins'Society, in Boston, ata ost of more than $00,000. has been bought by the Mohodists for $40,000. Conversions In Vale College, to the number of 20 or 0. have taken place during the past year. The late Bishop of Llmeriek. Ireland, lived abroad >t the last sen n years?received nearly $.150,000 for oing none of his duties ae a bishop, and died at last, aving his cathedral windows nnglazed. We are pained to learn, from Tennessee papers of the 5th of June, the sudden death of Kev. Joseph 8her an, a 1'resbyterian minister of Columbia, Tenn., and rofrssor of Languages In Jackson College. He was alu-st instantly killed by the running away and upsetng of the Nashville stage, lie was on nls way to iew F.ngland. his native plaee, with his family. The k.xeentire Committee of the American ami orrtgn Christina Colon. hare appointed the Rev. I)r. llggias. of the Methodist ohurch, and Hot. Doctor l?gue,of the Baptist church, ax flkknelkl secretaries. The Rev. Charles J once Is in New Fngland, ondeaorlng to raise fundi to build k place of worship for emto In St. Louis Atk recent meeting of the New York City Bible 80iety. It wns stated that the distributing agent found t?> families in the tilth and 17th wards, so near to the dble house, destitute of the word of i.od' The resipts of the Society since November last, have been 10 807 an increase of $1,700 orer the corresponding icriod of last year. The following i* the response of the Presbyterian hurch (olii school ) to the President's proclamation, n regard to a national fast:? Pe (As Miniilrrt and Mtmleri oj the Pratbyttrian Chunk n (As United Stain : ? Beloved Brethren:?In view ef the ravages of the eetllence?of our violation of the law of (tod?of the udgmcnts of Heaven by flood and fire, upon our people, nd of the wltbolJing of spiritual influence to so great degree from th? Church our tieneral Assembly set part the'itib of last June, as a day of humiliation, seting and prayer. But still the ravages of the pestilence are Increasing id extending, arid the President of the I nltrd States as appoint'-d the Cret Friday of August as a day of alional "fasting, humiliation and prayer." on which, * a peeple. tbiough Jesus Christ our Lord, "to Imiore the Almighty in bit own good time to stay tho eetroylng band which le now lifted up against us " And lest sny of you should deem the keeping of the lie day a reason for the neglect of the other, en the dvlce of several brethren. I would hereby express to ou bit conviction, that th? keeping of the day set part by our hlef Magistrate will be In entire accordnee with the uniform history and custom of our httrcb. and with the spirit of the recommendation of be last Assembly And I would hereby affectionately advise all onr ilnisten and churches, sacredly and in true faith to ensecrale the third day of August next, to the great tit pares of Its appointment. NICHOLAS MURRAY. Moderator of the (Jeuerul Assembly. F.llzabsthtowii. July II. 184U The slated Clerk of tho Old S-hool Oencral Assemly publishes the following statement? Dutltig the year endtug .May. 1841), fire I'rexbyteries ere organized and reported to the Oenernt As-ciubly, Is White Water Manlce. Wa-hlta. Creek Nation, nd < anion I h?- following statistics present a ?i -w of ic ( htireh as It was In May, IS."!!). the year after the teat rieeseion and as It Is now 1NW. HIP. f , . foods 17 17 A refbyterles P?1 122 2d andldates for ministers. 17'. SA4 189 Ircntlate*.. ., li>2 a.'>2 At) linlstcrs 1245 ]ms<) 417 ladies 2811 2.1* G%9 b ri ser, s ? 7 J ? idlnaHous ? 41 ? islnllatUns ? 01 ? U . dismissed ?? 00 WW hurrlir* organHad .... ? M ? inlalar* f?om < thri chlitchi?...., . ? IS ? lililrtf il'.'inUniil ? a ? Bib* r* Bit Ji4 on aiatnli.atl'n 63"7 *?76 1*9 0 on rajtlfirato 41J7 6361 'J! U dolt* baptlrad 1614 241J 7 S liildrcu - itU MM 2143 hola nunibvr of i oinmunirant* raporlad 116 046 300 110 T 2,716 mount *<'biributfil for rr|'j,t<.u? purpotaa .... 1130.436 63r,0.871 ?2l.i?3* Thou* mult* ab<>w that iba annual ??ar*t* iurraa-a tha t hurrli for lb* past tan yaar* ha? baan, nlibir? 01. rbnrrha# 64. communicant* 7.271. Tha annual r?ia(? lr,cr%a?c In noniniary f n'rlb 'tl >m for tha ma tlicr h*? baan f24 S'.'S Notional Pallllra. I?n* an Si ifiit -Tha l>amn?rr'lr Mata I noaantl ' Iowa mat at lawn ? ity on tba *?th nit whan Ilia llowlnjr raai tiitlon*. ajpraaair* of tboir fian* of ala ry, w?ra ad< pi ad haaolrad 1 bat ? dapraaata any aaparat* and naiv onal organisation In any portion of tha co intra, i*|p? for It* ohj?at tba adrpr?ay of an l*dat?d tint Invoiring fading and not faoi prlda and not pnnpla a* da*trnctl?r to lb* paaaa ap 1 happtna** f tba ropla. and langatou* to tha atabillty of tlia I nlon tionnlrrd. That laaamurb a* tha ?a raW-rlm of N?a laalrn at d I allfornla anitia to n? fraa and ara fraa in* by law It la our daai'r that thay choulj r*ma n rrarar fraa; but that until It I* prop<>?<-d to rapaal tha tw* mnluig th? country fraa and to ar<rt othara In lair ?'iad lor lha rstanal n ?' *m?arf, ?? dram It loiprdli nt and improper to %ld to tha farther dl?traoan of ibr pntltc mind by demanding in tba nama of ia W 11 mot wntlti, wh?t la alrrady anply cor*d by ir lawn nf tba laud Tb> II blir Canraotloo af tba noma Stata. on tha Sfth It *d ft ad tha following rnaolutlon. of Iba *???e *eti*a rd I ??tln< aa tborr ahnra Kraoleed. That wa ara onp<?ad lo tha attention of larare Into territory now fraa, and that we baliara It I b* iha duty Of tha frdarnl gorer-uinim to rallaro aalf ol thr trap' n?lliUlty of that laatltnlion wharai ?r ha* tha aon*tltutlonal am horlty *o to do anil that ia leglaiathm nacan'ary to aflrat th**a object* abould *dop-i d I.attar* from Hot Jabn*ton, of r*nn*ylrania. and i i.orrrnor Raward. ol New fork, to tha eommluee tba rbiladalphla Whig tactical haar baan puhliahed bar nra flllait wiib blaaa of tha dlnnar. *laaary. and ilitlaa generally, bnt do iiot amount to mnah of anyilrg Wiim iiAt.i.aap II i-ti.*m> H aibhoan ?Tha work I mi? ronn n"w r?rrn annari mr(1, and II contract ikm hy H k I) I, Prhnylrr. of Now York rltr to *|iltt? It.riadyfwr nparatinn la ftoptrmhwr. 1SA0 110 rnad to 21 mllr* ln?g. tail l? ? r not *600 000 It

111 he wrwknl by tho Aaratnt* anil Wn*htnRt<ni l nm. any. ?" whr m It b?* hr?? |r?- an.I -llh who?a lino r?nnr?t? At It* nthfr tormina* It oonnort* with ?r Nntiand and fitirllnitnn railway Thi* will h* nna nil' mo*t imnrrtant nf tho aimtr i* rna l? loading >ard fiam Tmy Whon tho Mtuknti lUrrr road I* omplatr.l what a ?1rrtrl> of Iron tr*' k will Iwt pr?*?nti' i rrdlt I* dna to thoar jratl?m#n wh wr antorprlaa a* pvabtd tbla work fbrward. ? Tray Tk? L*U Mrs. ywtliss. A Very Superior DftlMrnotvp. Portrait ?f the Uu Mr*. Medl*?n. r- ? ? #f Preeideut Sadiion taken by Brady. is May l*?t, at Waahlagten. with flu* librae**** of tk* fat* President Polk. Oea. Gaiaea. Gen Worth, i'ol. l>*a*aa, ka? ft*., may b* ***a at kit room*, 2(16 aad i*C Broadway, *ora*r of Fultoji *tre*t. Bthlnrtu'i Matchless Baths Hat, Salt, and Prr-h Water, Pure (.'old S, ? Water, Shower Hatha of all I Water*. Swimming Bath*, beautifully arranged at the foot of I Wethroec* *'r**t; but mneh nearer to erery lady and gentle- < men'* aacnpation. At Ma Bathe at the A*t?r, the Irving, the t Carlton, there ia not only neainesa and luaury combined. but I avrry energy emploved to comply with the recominnndatioa ' of the faon"v. for the regulation of the eonatitutieu ia theae 1 veutful timtt. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. \ PI O W F, YtA HKKT, ) Saturday, July '41?O P. H. | The market was inactive to-day. and price* without j any material alteration. U. S 6'*, 1867. and Tennaylva * nia SV, advanced 'a per cent each; Long Island and New . Haven ltailroad declined per cent each. It i? stir- ' prising with whnt uniformity quotations for ranry ( stocks are sustained; it is still more surprising, when we merely look at the state of the money market, that < prices Jo not improve ; but when we consider the oausas jj that depress the fancies it is astonishing that they are r even 6o well maintained. Money is so plenty in Wall ' street, that loans can be easily made upou third or fourth rate securities Railroad bouds have, under the ( influence of this state of things, advanced one or two j per cent within the past day or two, and it is possible I this improvement will be sustained, so long as oapltal- j lets find it diftieult to get more than four per cent on t better security. I The amount of coal transported on the Reading J ; Railroad, for the woek ending the 19th Inst., was :13,706 ; j tons; previously, 47X250; total, 508.956 tons. On the I | Schuylkill Canal 11.772 tons; previously, 154,836?total, j < 166,608 tons. , The value of merchandise Imported into Boston for 1 the month of June, 1MB, was $1,350,404, against $1,'401,- j j 441. for the same month last year, showing a decrease of (106,037. The amount of duties received for the . u onth this year was (265 913 91, against (297.115 97 j for the same month in 1848. ' A cotton mill, the first established in Northern i Ohio, has recently been put In operation at Sandusky. j The main building is a hundred and thirty feet in t length, and coutaius machinery for the manufacture of ( 2,(00 yards of sheeting per day. At present it turn8 out COO yards of heavy sheeting, equal to the very best I manufactured In New Knglaud The water is supplied , J by springs, around which a handsome little village < ! under the name of Castilia, has grown up within a few ' ' months. * The news from Kumpe is considered favorable, eom- ' mcreially and financially. There had been a slight J j advance In cotton and In breadstuffs. with considerable 1 activity in all deicrtption*. American securities were ' firm, and in moderate demand, at previous quotations. | The Auburn and Syracuse Railroad Company have ] declared a semi-annual dividend of four per cent, j payable en the lat of August. Tho F.rie and Michigan Telegraph Company have j declared a dividend of seven per ceut The tolls on the Illinois and Michigan Canal fur the ; month of June, amounted to (10 371 61, against j (6.772 (0, received last season daring the same month. I The increase lor the month of May was equally as 1 The annual ronort of tha Mail nirar ?/! ! ?!; irri* 1 1 Railroad, contain* a statement of the income aud atpendituref of the road for a period of eleven month*, ! ending Jnne 1, during the last nine month* of whleb the road bad been opened for it* whole length?135 mile* from 8andu*ky to Springfield, whore It unite* with the j Little Miami Railroad, forming a eontinued line from | Lake Erie to Cincinnati. The income of the road dur- I 'ng thi* period waa $147,1(2 from pasaengers, and $151.001 from freight, making $298 165. The expcnaei, including $18,710 for interest on loan, amounted to $137,240, making a net income of $190,919. The 1 ' ro?t of the road te the preaent date amount* to $1,764,- ' < 292, of which $1,400 000 ha* been for *tock paid In.? 4 The number of through pataeuger* transported waa 27.971; way paatenger* 49,832; and ton* of freight about 36,000. Stock Kxehange. $fl0U) V S (?, -97 117 19ehe KrieRR (0V i *0U0 <lo 6*. cou 117 $*??) Head Bond* C-'S I D*>0 r?L?.'?, opg * V 2OO0 do 02^ , 20*0 do aaah ? ??? do 9.1 i 90 aha Mer Hank 111) lt?? Brie Boada, 7e HX 1 90 Phenlg Bank H?*> do MSJd | e Bk of Coin., (erlp ID 1.1 ?h? NV IN Ilaren i 46 Ohio L k Tieat Co VI .Dm Long I aland It K Jl % dilU Far Truat a6u 4' % 90 Harlem RR 80 do 4< U 410 do 51V 1U0 Silo Railroad, oaah Ci>? So do b40 SJ', SECOND BOARtl. $1100 r 8 0*. -97 110% 2S0 aha Frio RR *Cm VW ! JnuM t Ml Bonda 101 MM llerl. m RK *10 HV I 8 aha Bk of Com. fell Ml IS Krto RR 9uU 19 ftarlcn, praffull V>J? 100 Lung tola*4 KB >1 ij 80 Erie RR, bCm 0e% ADVERT1SEWH.XTS RENEWED EVERY D1Y. WAWTSa ^ | Encimir h-antrd, to oo soctii, and take eliarga of a atoaaa Raw Bill Muot nmWelooil making i rtreil*. ko. Addreoo. with r-frree-??. boa 2.R7J Poet Office. A young married man. saxon by niR-rn. i thoroughly atqvaiated with the hnriah, Preach ami riuan l-knguagce and much oapiriraaad la kuaiaeae. la do| annua of aoun- kind of auiiahla employment, either la towa , or country The Aiivartiaer eon *ire tlr?t rote Auerman roI rtar?, n J haa I? ea f at-1 "irely eiva .. il in ilio Torn y L ut- | leiy aao llai'luere huali r- in Knvlend whor- ha ha, re. >lod i npearda of Ate year*. lie i-an i aaall-nl liagutat and arhnlar, , |0ick it an note oritoe a noe hand, ami una acquired t no / ? r urh lai'. iaaa linrina a l-m nay at Pari*. Apply by let- , tef. Max 9, X. V at ihia office. ton s \ I.K. i a A COUNTRY SEAT I II -AI.K I HAT IIIHIlLr Dl- J airnllc pirperi), known aa llio llrali"t> Plnao, la guv f i n, ran Mr ec la. It la ?l i it a i d In Wa llluvlor J < onn , n th# . Iianf' id and New linen turaplae, nenn l"'a mllee fri.iii J N. n liiim, an' one tunc front (lie t i ilr?a4 depot. I h? pro- j petty "ii l?l a of' ? .. rea Of lam), ami the apa.i elegnnt, , k> I oip.-raive kulMlogr < r> led ly A rale.n fllv "p. Into nf , Din llnrcn. ileerefed. Tk ? property h?a Ma* !> '-a eilekrn'id f?r llie 9ne frell grewiot npna it; orepriain* tho ol.< leeet varietiaa la grant nknndeaee; and ita valoa line, , wiliin I i. I.een rreatly enhaoeal hy i Kaplan ttag "f Oil binda af fruit traoe, a nneyord rnntaiotng aotno ' nit,.la if !,' ? I aet a".aplad to wlae nr n.nrhet purpiaaf, J and ever rl?ht thnna-od nnvtaiff plaeta. wh'rb inaua I krgii>niii: to hcur. An ela?an> apring at the hnad of tho J gardoa i?t aepplioe tno heuao and gronnda uitk water, wbloh f la alto logtm'Ualy eoadntted to a roeerroir la a Mao Inadlnx 1 ' fr>m 11.a principal kam aetoaa tho farm, wheruhy coalt Int I* 1 ' ?!U ?. >.' .. ll.l... ---I . I-..- .1.?.... c ? '. at A IV* foaoaa, I" a jraat r -nllt. Tt a aatur*\ ?l- ' tut?tN of tl t? ftt |<r'j, IlKftOTiBWM thai hit* ka?A toad*. a til la aa'la rn t- foi-i'.-l bjr t !??* who ??a tbr 'n. W tioa>rr atallr :bia npp rtnaltp Itn'wi beautiful, kail *1 tl.a ? Inn* a pro It labia rral?1?aa?. will b? >? t akla I ' T pfrr !> I | , TI.W ??,..> * rl It ! *11H 1 Aiala inia. A purl "f lb* purrtiaai-rioarp aas. J If rw-t*'it' 'I. '1 ?? i nr i) I r > >. r ?a*r-. I r k finbrr iwriirniinlanin of P. 1) WillTTH'tV. *n, W ; i Pr.aAatro t. N i W Verb. ?r t'UAKI.KS WUITTRI.Sir. II praui-ta. OAJLOI1VO, Au, | | Boar n IK Till roiNTKY w antiidm* TKA i *' a> 14 I mtIioo.1 ?f ik? alt?, I art* r??m* .it ( > >1 l>o*r I f .r g lifh * lllioral Mlrt will br gltaii Ivr oat ar dpii* ftiQil.t*. I A ddfaa* A. ak I h ia oflka. | ~ nOARD. POt A LADYOt UDT AVI) OENTt.RRA Y. IJ la > nn'lirf tfrr prrofimilf, null aktl iv>?tkii< l.r?1? i j, ? I r? at r?r*r?r*?* an hi trail. AAtiraaa lira. t?kfblMi Nrailkar Pmi Oi'u, hai lYl ^ MHCKbLAiraOia. I. " k? \N "?l I) tt yl tlNT AN f i'T ' I NI I! A' M II I. A- ' n ? ' t kt : | r i . a ' al Ir.-ai i a Ho H t'l |t-a No. I No Vurk p. at UC' p. atatlii, whir- ha ?>? ,r bt hull ky Mi frial. I : . : ? Pf mn tant!" r aiiiim, i fi r yii.mikiirh ,, I ki i? a ! r, ' i>, A on , la? a Mai I larr a*a?rt- k, i. at of a II I,H al.' wl.lta aaf faorr Aril ia* laillaa eta- ' 4, hi a. a?4 Ptb-T ; arta atnlf, * lil.-fi l> i?k?? up t? "rior. In I Alk'rt llflf,?tli'M All ? p r pklr. Alan, auprflor kl .? * ? I in". I >!;? il l >11 a ?< O'U'a lia ? in i.f g( I ?ai . anil <?? m h . i I ooilit i i' Ana atraat. A 11 r ? atiirk of 1'aata. Oaaia at>4 A mii, aaf' u i>ril?raa<l aal talla<l t. will la all. r?4 Iwiaw cat | \1 ORKI8 ( ANAL AM) B A NR I NO COMPA NY-KO- ; k. i.?a bar ? at ran. that Baaka^af AnNaprlptam for f i ?inn Fnii*i ai j "ti'i ?i "?i i i ? tV tra hnaora.l d" tla?? aa<h. with of tan par (tat., , ai f?jahla nail nnaanliy. nnuhan?-d ky tha ?n| pl?m.<ot ? tha |, I I trl?i I ii ?i p..?< Ith F-tn.rf. 1*1), a ill ha I 71 *fa?.?'l at il a ORma ..f amd t ampaay la daraay Ci'T. ?n tm- ,, dar it# Xtd Ji'lt TiMat, ai 12 a'alaak, nana. Tha Mark- ,, haldara af ha nald C' tt pany, trknaa a?-nt? taall ha ?taa4ln* (t tha t ia< ? h' aha af a < ?npaap an tm l*ik af J .lit U- fc, ttan', (whra tha alath haata f 1 >|?any taill haafaand) ,, will hata tha nialnaiaa rtrl.t af anhaart hi 11 ta aa 4 ifrh fay j . 1h? flrat thaaa data from tha apantni af anid h-aha hr ardar 11 nf tha Ronrd af ftiraatara. t. IIAIIAH, r, I'raMdant Mania faaal aad HanhiM Oa. |. 5. aTirnak. CnahitT. a*a a-m 1, Rntad Japany Mty, Oth July, |A(#. (il ri tiflPToif, FIRST pntMin* SRIRT-M AURIC M, a Wh'lfala and raUil. So. ! I'atk Hata, Raw Vark, and Na. f K pal a'raat, h ? (Manna S H "Mr' ?t?nd Ini and ahiakar Tlkn aad toUtf art rata n ada la naannt I II V h x V, Silk, A h fl I \ 1 Ml A VI: K "TMIIk I* " j ( r?4y ?tr?)l ft ' n I \* i ??> I > l*t, a? *11 h<%? r? f t f., hfi >r? V t by t )>. ? . k #r r> " ' . it I *B< Mrvitltllainl in t-i n?i*n- w IBjbnti #f tad tlonif?n iun?, e??? ?f lir'A'lwaj. . Applf ?a ahott, t* W. II K ft ft ft. ^ Art NR.?TOR AeBM.'RIBIR BROS i.eatr to tv- k1 faim Lndian raqmnna any hind af plain work, ahtrO p' making ot hnhr I'nan m all ii> htaaahaa, 'ha' 'fcar aaa ham ah tha Mtna aiaantad la a tnp rinr maanar. and on tha n. -at anadtra'a tatma hp npplytnr t? T. ()., # te-at. a ff Will (Ifro^nirad) ntaand nt I ha ram dan *a af any lady, by tha day at nook. at r|ARt MKMOR) 1)1 It* AI II'I -OP IMPORTANT FAI Ta M oat a< ially n I. n that lint a dt ?"t mfar< nna to lh? poak- an at: ar.d bap-a tha ir an ?n? l.a? ?wtr pxrahnaad a pair nf nnnta. W ?l-at nr ta tara thara, p?ttf furiatr tlit nay I" til.)M l, l? A 1 ? Mraat LI UthTdl'IIAItT TO l.tT BVT PART OF TflR C1TT, J fc?twt?n VIfn Hr.? *n4 Will on? ?! ?r fr^m Brf??lw?v: 30 K^fft Nr 1 r? nl J *r frt?, *?<! n?r# tli? wbftl* hnn*? I1)? Th? ftlUr* ' m At?. ?or|-r,t" thr*? ro- at, ? par tat. Apply at ht LOarij atrett, lata tan 11 and 1. Iu ?MU?KMKNTS. Broadway thkati^?benefit or ran vtido And - hildren of the Ute Mr. V ACIIB ? Monday evmii duly 73, HMF.?The |ierforui*nc*? will o muience with a Be)* lion from MACALLlSTEh'H SOIREES M A<jl< ALU. A ter which, thu comedy of CIIAKI.E8 II t'hur'in II, M Dyotl; Edward. Mr. J. C. Duuu; Capt. Copp. Mr. Ilae*: La<i Cliri, Hri. Cnmer; Mary Copp, Mil* C. Chapman. To I followed by a oR.vND CONCERT To conclude with tl Popular farce ?f THE REV IEU\?Capt. Ileaiisard, Mr Jm Ian; Deputy Bull, Mr. Matthew*: Caleb Qngtem, Mr lladu it; Loony McTwulter. Mr. tlruurham. John l.nuip. Mr. ( Holland: Duhhi, Mr Johntun; Graoa (lay lore, Mrs Vlol.iai ii?j, My. Q Loder, Doer* me A* 7?To Bogewio At f. Burtons turatki, chambers street.?mo\ day eremna July 4'l will be plared faint ilelk levktt vi w n fair i.adv -km? Chart** ii.. Mix* j Jill; ruj Couth, Mr. c. vy. Clarke, DueLc** Torrouuevad. liaa Fanny Wellack: Cennter* i mnnia. Mi** Barter. Afte r icl, u m w farce called the i'oml'idsni r vi vN.?Bra*' lr Brougham; Mr. c'olliwob, Mr. Ilarton; Mr. Stra Idlebu lufue, Mr J.ynee, Sam Peraiuimon Mr Raj; Elita. Mi<* j 1)11. To t'l'ucludo with hon GIUVaNM?Don Uiyvanm liao Marv tay 1 or; li i>rrello. Mr j. Dunn; d.nna aim*, MrIrougl'Hin. Hoxrn. limn ofnia and Pir piet, m>mintj; k t ftily woli. of 8m ond Tiof 2ft mbIii Privili Boxoo $3m<l $' CIIANFRAC'S NATIONAL TilttATRE. CHATHAM ST ?Ob MuiiUrv swiiirk .)iily 23, w ill a?'i J tlio nautica lr?ma of HI.ATK EYED SI 3 \ N ?William, Mr. CliAofran ,'apt. Cr<'i*Kircu. Mr. Jordan; UUok-evnd 8tt&an, Mini Yna A3 nr. Polly Mayfle wer. Mira Mile*. A fur which, MOSEI> t II CSS.? How. Mr *iihitfrni': Mr, W. Clcipman, V(r. VY bapuiun. To ho followed hy thrdraina ofoOK IN I.OV ION.?Jce, Mr. J. VY n ine ; C'Lu .in*, Mi*a S. Detun "o e.irelude with tLe fare# of JoIlN doBBA? Peter Cater lesier, Mr. VY. b. Chapman; I,nor, Wl*? Mile*. II ?,>*, 2. cote; Pit. I2>j cent*, lloore open at T'a, eurtai.i riooa at i |U*rter hrfore 8 o'clock. CASTLE HARDEN.?SEVENTH WEEK OF TIIK SI M iner Fetee?Programme for Monday, July 2.1? Fire 'art : Grand Overture, !>v the full Oroho r.v Sonne, Dane* to., by Mi** C. lliflcrt. Mile. Lcvarney, and olln r*. Hoc un 'art: Grand Overture, full Orchoetra; Sclectlmia from llr i"pi:lar French Opera*. in w hioli Madame and II. r'on Iopi. Corradi. and oilier*, will appear. I mined lately afte if* Concert, the floor will l a cleared for danelu*, wh-cli wil ontinuo till II o'clock. One of tho bo*t lia'l band* eve lenrd in America will play a tplendid and cuiiioly now *e riion ol Dance*. The floor under the direct ion of Mr Par ter. Ticket* cent*. Doore open at li o'clock. PilTI.K GARDEN?SEVENTH WEEK OF TllETItl auiphantlv successful Summer Fetes. Tioketa A'. reut ach. Door* open ?t ti. Concert to commence nt S precisely I1 K EN Cll ol'KKA AGA1N?Mu 1 tmr liorton. M 'tie, Corradi an?l Hone. lierton, lie-engaged tor Three Ni,1V* ?nlv, wil ippear each evening in relocitous from Fire Frenrh ()p?ra< A Grand Concert and a Summer ltall will also bo given ever light. Tioketa Cent*. BARNl'M'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. RtRVb'V Proprietor. Splendid performances in the afternoon a IS, and evening at S. The l.ump of Gold, weighing over .o\ui rounds, anil brought from California by l.iottt. Scale, ha leen engaged tor another week. I.a-t week ..i Siguor Hliti :he Magician and Ventriloquist. Nee laughable Far" eg wil >e raveled at each entertainment Aleo engaged, Mr. Jar y V--riyfield. Miaa Barton, Mine Stanhope. Mine West. Mi, and Mr. Clarke, Tho Alhiuo l.adv, Ufill tirau Turang, u large l.iviug Anaconda. an onornoue Knttlesnnkt Wax Setipture Statuary. Admiaaioa to inn whole, 25 oouta [Ih'ldrrn under IP vearr, 12>g cent*. HI) I! (I K 1; N (ITIII COTTAGE -IVs!' WKSK <> GungTs celebrated Hand, prey ioua to their drpuitur 'or England.?Grand pr?menndo Concerts, 'JO p rformera. o Monday, 23d, Wednesday, Aith, ami Friday, 27th of Jult Joneart to coinmrnce at half-paat three; admittance free. I are of Inclement weather, the concert will take placo nei V: CHINESE Ml'SEl' M?Til E ONLV OKI IN TU I'nited States? Broadway, between Spring and Print itrreti. Exhibiting the diflcrent Classes. Maun, n aod Cut lotus, Neligioag, Aria and Scirncea, of fonr hunilred milliot .f Chine e. Open from ! A. M , until 10 P. M. Aduittaut S3 crntr; childrt u undtr 12. half prii e. CB INESK ASSEMI1I.Y KOIIOMS VKi BROA 1)WAY. tirand Concert tf Sacred Muaio will ha given onSunda Evtninp. July 22, 1MB, by the following c.lebrated Artiai Miaa Valenllni Signor Haillnt. Slgnor Guihilel, llerr Bcr. arr, and Mr. Dona. Thr Stabat Mater of Ressiul will I performed, and several other Piecee will be executed on tl lltgan-llarniooiiiw. Conductor?Mr. Dona who will pr. side at thetlrard Plana Forte and the Organ-llarm .unit Admission 23 Centa. Doore open nt 7, Concert to common at K _____ riMJE STAGE ?MH. STEVENS. STAGE MANAGER C a. the llowery Tktlin,Mtd others of like eelchrity, ha opened a claaa lor Dramatic instruction; therefore, ladi and gentlemen dcilroul of entering the theatrical profosaio can be prepare.) for the ,imit by advantageous practice on tl largest stage in the Fnion. Terme and full particulars ci he ascertained Ly application to Mr. Steveus, at his retidenc S3 Bowery. EXCURSIONS. VW V v\v wvvv wv\ WVW V www NA CAPE MA V.?MANSION IIOl'SE.-lHE MAN810 Home in a large and o<>turuodi"iia building, handsome! --?...-...If- -; ? at. - --? --- ' ...... .. ? | V vMltMOMwaUO. O IIS" Ul VOC Ul-r?ll BIIU > >'011111111 >UI ri-iiiidiiiK country. The are large end airy, end the te blc ia provided with ell the dulicacles of the canon. Th trainer* Penolecol end W. J I Veto leave New York for Phi ladelphia, touching at Cape May. on Monday, Wednesday Friday and Saturday evening*, at Ave o'clock. IIOOPEK it I.I DLAM. EXCCRSIONS TO TBI FI8HINO IIANKS EVRR1 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Tliuraday, Friday an' -unday. 1 lit at earner Buffalo w ill leave Kobinx n etreot a ' o'clock, Thirteenth atreet at "V,. Canal, Catherine, Iraad. IP, Pier No, 3, North Ilivrr, !/'?, A.M. Faro K> cent nrh way. ~liiiipFiHe, PBAFKBT FOR IIAVR1-8RCOND I.INE ?TH SBI1 ONRIDA, J. Will aid, neater, will anil en the tit < lag nit. Fer freight or passage, apply te BOYW a UINCkEN, Ajeata, MWaUat. FOR DAVRR-TI1K FRRNCB SHIP HARMONIC, CAF tain Yaraier. Fer freight, er for mmmii la eobia < Iteerage, apply te MRRIAN a IICNAKO, arte BOYD UBIMCRRN. Broken. 1.1 OR NAN FR A K CISCO, V IA CM AORKA, ACOUSTIC. Ihe new aad epleeidid ateanahip EMPIKF. i ITT. ft," ten# hurthaa, J. 1> Wllien, eenaaaader, wall leave f I>iagree, direet, from her deed, at Pier ft. N. R., Aagnet lilt at > e'eleek. 1 he I.. I . geea 4 re. i te i kMMft e itheet ate! ping at iiiteaaiediale perta, thna laenriag thai paeeeagera I tine ileaaier will reaeh I'aaena ia aeie fer Ihe U. 8. Pall Mail ateanirr J'aaaiaa. ef let Serwesahar. Paetane In Aft Kaleea, $190; I | p?i >aleee. 19 Ferward Selena, $11. I ewae I mh, SEWi Steerage. $W aa areata, I p eeal; Merehaadlae, TO aeate par enhio faat; nghtaahlala til luggage allewed eaeh eat re pMMRgdr, and wieehiefe aaah signage pa-eeeger. Ke aaaeoga seeared anlaaa paid fa Any per* .n remitting ana half the anevaief paeea^e. ei eeeure a heath fee eaa week Fer frrigkt ev paieage a pedy I HOWARD k SON. $4 Bread way. 1.10IR SAN FRANCISCO, I'AI.IFBRNIA - T# Stl Firataf Annat. Ihe anperier, fnei ealliag, A Ne. I hat lilllO, Champiea, master, will p.*.uvolv aail aa ahav. niia vvaeal le superior ta any aaw ap Itir this vayaan; aa Inaarea at thv vary laweet ratoe Par freight ar passage, ap ply ra hoard, at piar I* North K i?r ar ia F It D. ro W1.BR. $ Wait atreeC NOR SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -MR NTPF r iter a* a ship Ml'.i HaNICP OWN, dug teat harthei aptain J. K. Me earn. nwiw. will petu.iety tail fer ah Iliava part aa tka let af Awgnet, her freight i.elng all aa taged aad an baard. A faw ie.?rv eahia aad eeloaa naeeen rvre eaa te aeeewmedaled wiiA eeperler aoeem medeiien Ipply te the eaptata, en head, feel ef Pike atreet, R. R. tioR CALIFORNIA, TOIPHINO At BIO Janf.iri and Valparaiso ? Tl.e elegant, itv, and eohatint'i toaniel.ip < II f..oA I K A K F, under the eominan.i of Ceai lent) llklilwia. ef the C. S. Naey, henn m i?' ihenughl iad amply Sited ent, end will he dlapatehed foe Sen Franftf r on ll.r Nth July. A moat lavnrehla eppottunily It her ireeimti d of groining the danger er aiekeeee. now go proralnn n the verioue everlaed rontre. and alan tot ledienennae af i eng voyage hjr tilling veetela during tha ealme end light wind f eumioer. A llmiied aamber of paaeangera for eaeh of th tire P"T(?, will Lr tehee en applieauoa to ISAAC T. SMITH, 101 Wallet. Corner Front et. A fret eleee ehip will alee he diepttehed ?a Ihe 2*4h inet. n wbieh freight will he reeeivod en epplieatioa aa above. J HIP OCEAN OS FOR CALIFORNIA?PAMABK OMLT V Awe leeael, haviag her earge eoarly all aa board III |>oetUvali rail rr> at Pier Ne. 4. S ervh River, en the flrgi lagaet, at whieh time paetengeva will pl>eee he en heard .rwllt, e ee I r ,OU I. n, II 111 til, -til O-O . e . - - fiiirikll bar ?Mi< all an donk b?r.( nt.rtlr Ota *r,4 ih? ah'p a atrr fuat aotlar. l-o'an l ona r rI'??>' ? ? wiU I amuw * far tK? * ? rr wiUi boraba irply m l R H'rros.M ?ii itmt. aHL -. - . -i Mil [list ri.?m- n'Ki run iiIarrhhu tiit ?rnL> ?m ? f-r Ml* t> 11 laml'iabio plant. ?liioh anay a BMri a Itli Impunity ha adnito. or the aioal ualiona infant, of IM?fll>a?y aoqotra of oar rrtp-ataala yhy?l-inn. T W'M. lf.fei Braodwoy. "Illnl.l HIP -DR. M W BK aW.1 II tIT.tKri AN Of. f ?'. a t.f f.'atol and Rraodvny ( Llr. Man aaldaAaa). I c> nflaiaa lun-a-ll oatircly to aha UNIBtll a< abulara and la I aria diiaoana. f ton 5 maftnktic po w lllt.t tor tii k obstrpcLJ tin* af liadbnfa tarkroorha. tod o I nahnr inancta. i lit far Hi a drafr oat lap of Rata and fa auSaa* paiaon al B I'.mndwar. Rafarnntoa t? l> flnnnrd. fco^ . Irani* at > , J. L. Kaoma. Ban , IvpriaMadMl af Mia h. T. H??itoE ) R tour BMP Ilk VHIOR tTIMi CORIflAI rHU oolf nir.noo.ttit aan laallf noltVr?t-d r?oaatly for a.mal aaotaaaa, impntaoaa. oarOvraol aoaianinoa. wMnti am iifiniiadrtlaaaa nndtboan tad d?r?n af body 4 >a ad annoad by layropor aoarat a a Man af youth Tin Ifly rtalauoo af th? laaa . f man a pbyataol and anntol uopaoltataa h)at far knponna, aooaaty ar matrimony. T ra i oan la lltUa k-.nk?. tad aha p'lla, p dar< 'aayarlilaa, id atlar oaotrnoao. ara af oa a?? ia ahaaa noaat ronap aa II inn ? i?h rnlinf, praonra abla ant I al. It la alio aoly t l bnpafnr yao. It hat ra"arad anoma af pnr*ooa aa ?nlth and hnopiaaaa ?I a hnila, S bottlm f r Bipliait frtiaaa anil topouai m .-? tha marPH ?ot u . a< ? ratty aorh bntiln UAanM M araono !faa If ark. bo. taaa I Ma f and lla tiraao. ohara Pit llaotar la noaanlind rrtaoally. ar by lotlar, p-at paid, and ?ho Cardial aatam-d id ftranidnd la aay par* af ?d?o aonaary. R I A It R lit I A \ * - 11 l . v I N 1 l. k I tdt URATIIR I.A4T " l?f lp Ibid city. Thaoa 'liataaaa art mint lia.-n'y a a raj f I hn MO af * Rl l??, Mil I RK 0 I'KOTtiR r A foiaip mad itraat af lllarbharrr Ma mattar bn* protraatad oraarma ia roao or that IB iMfOd, tbli mo.l.nlaa a? opproprtabb o?4 out at 'ortala to rnro al It it 'abto 11 .. i?>ri atroaf oftMRba bo I bM ifadM ad t rory day > a imp t?y barn oar Or bonwo II fbll la mra iha aa al latntnrnto a. and If it bad baan ad aaialatarod in ton 4 raforrad to Ktno, tba rranll amM bora bono diPomnt. Tbo llroa of rotooda af tbll4r*n tail| boiortd th at> taoar if ihio il it t In fhmiltnn fur tlia parti-no It la aaa p .aad of alaaan ivorral aolripRool roROtabla oitraaia, of *u o ih- llia-n Try Root .a tba baa la. and la ?ntlr?'y tat at at io laa aaiaro. 'a anadlrloa la arnaanata4, aii4 tbo radlara i-a i t Iot a. I to Tiift'i 'I'* n "t,? f ir ' ? 11 r? ,ri' a -,i'n tl ' . n ?l i Moarry; |?I 7*1 Bri'ttif. lit I Uak>n. and HI ndroa ft. la Bf.iokljra. at 71 and tfl Inltna at., Raaknn ro< try. nad tyrant' a a t.'n , Atlanet <t tad r?f?f drrtla .tint and Hndi?a ttrart. a d ky tita prin~pal Uraaart irailioal tha t l> aau taaktry. nn* wn???t a i riTAtr midd ai.po*. L r?laa. hy Dr A M Man i?a?. ?( D .f . ? ? tditlnn. lama . pp. m. Priaa |l. MM ran aid la Ma aiaat lid. art al i?l?rn *. af aad aiaata' aumik ;t many I aa~-vatial> aift, aad P'tnaitrrdifflanltiar ta th? hatband i*ht kar< laaa f a. ? . thanaaa t? aaa pnar wa?M hata aa>?d n'?f :ant?, tkanaanda aaa kraaan la k?a|th aaald i?a a)aa*d It; hnadrrdt aaa la tbair graraa k**a ailU ?Ji*t. r a ttmaly paMtaainti af thu tterk. It ta lataaidad aayaatally far tka aarrlod at tkaaa aant?i??i aa martlaaa aa it diaalntaa '.air?rtaat aarr-ta. aklah lanld kt kaawa ta tkaai pnrtlaalarty Ta tkaaa wk-aa laalt'i daaa aat p*rmt af aa laaaaaaa af daily, It 1t af tap, rial ll?frr ta?aa. Ilrra. a laa, arkry famala -tha wlfa, tha aiathat. thr aaa Ikar hadd'ay lata traacaahaad, ar tha aaa la tha H talma af 1-r. ta ahaa aalnra aafw ri?* iant i? d aaarartha aanaaa. artnptniat, aad tka m .at adlalaat ra dirt, and matt aartata da af aara. ta trtry aatnplniat ta k ah ?? I* ta hi aat. Tar aala a?m Praadiray.tad kt tha PahltAlM OUta, IS Ibarty ttraat, N, V.; Uttla It fa., Albany; tr R. Darin, " 'an F. M Pat-rana, !H tihaatpat ttraat, PkilndnlpMa; 'll'laai Taytrr A Ta . naltimara: I. B. Rantaaai, Watt Orana; J. B. Cakbadya, Aatanaah Oa tka ratalpt ?f (I. a aapy trill ba traaamlttad ky malt tai'f naatnaa ta nay par* af tka Pnttad Slntaa All lattaaa Ktbaaddraaaad p. at paid, ta Dr A M Kaarltaaa, Bat LKtvTapktMy. Mat MMIili) itwtk intelligent: by the nails. * Our 1l'uhln(toii Co nr ea ponrt ? naa. Wahjiinoton, July 19, IK49. * Tht Britiih Navigation Law*? Tlteir Effect Her* Z ?ITit Colonial Tiatle, 4"'' , tfc. r- | An official copy of the act repealing the British ! Navigation Laws having been received here, tho ' | President has decided upon having it published at I once, for the information of the community. It will r I appeur, therefore, in the papers to-morrow. An [] ; the wiiol<- matter will be so soon before the public, * ' it is unnecessary to give a sketch of its provisions; i but there are two or three points connected with i, J it which we desire to refer to. It has erroneously j leen tupi>oseil that it will be uecessury for thePre'. siilsnt to i.-suea proclamation before the effect of the ' repeal t f the British laws can be felt here. This is : ! founded uponihe; n.iposition that the act of Congress j of May, 1828, affects the case. It will, however, be j seen, upon reading that act, that it merely has reference to abolishing discriminating duties of v tonnage, or impobt upon the vessels, produce, * manufactures, or merchandise of all countries, upon satisfactory evidence being produced that the t discriminating duties upon our vessels, produce* i ire , have been taken off in those countries. DlS" criminating duties have not existed for years, til c England, upon our vessels, or their cargoes; conser i quently tliis act does not apply to her. By her naI vigation laws we were prohibited from carrying to her the products, merchandise, or manufactures of any country but our own?whilst her vessels could '. | take any description of goods from this country, or * could bring us goods, not only from England, but , ! any ol her colonies In 1 11? Congress passed a y i law, somewhst similar, as follows:? " Ami bo it. itc., Tha' nf* er the .10th 'I ly of Septem' bsr next, no goods. wares. "r Merchandise. shall be tmj 1 pern il into the Butted States Ir an any foreign port or u jilnce, except In vessels of iho I uited States, or in such * | foreign vessels as truly ami wholly belong to the oltli. I tens or subjects of tbut o-utitry of wbloh the goodsar? 1 the growth, production, or in.tnufacture, or from which ' I such goods, wares, or meichandise can only be, or inost jj usually are. first shipped for transportation; pr ivided, i, | nevertheless, that this regulation shall not extend to i. the vessels of any foreign nation which has not adopted. and which shall not adopt, a similar regulation." I' It will thus be Been that it is by u liberal con? Btruction of the proviso of thin act ihat the trade * is thrown open now to England, who has Been fit, ti after a lapse of thirty-three years, to avail herself { innugtu to prevent, by the nnn-puhitaning oi reports, viz i a panic. On Monday last, the death* were !?, Tuesday HI, and yesterday 21 ; than showing a wonderful decrease for Wednesday, and a treble increase for Monday and Tueaday To-day the report ia mtr-h mora satisfactory, ahowing a further decrease Ilia Kzcellrncy, the (Governor Of serai, haa at laat consented to tha ramoral of part of tha gurifon Tha 7lot regiment have rai tuint d to thair old quart) mat St. Joan'a, I'. K., and tha IHth regiment have gone to thr Island of St. j Helen's. The poorer classes, up to the present time, have ntoatly suffered. although many of the upper individuate of not)' htva likewise fallen victim*. The mt-lligeni e from Quebec concerning ita ravages there, ate auythiDg hut satisfactory, and the lietti r classes of society have ntoetly suffered. The lion. Mr. Chabot, M I'. P. far Quebec, haa died ol it, aa uleo Inn wife. In Toronto we hear it I has htokan out with fearful virulence, and that it la on the tnereaee The Kegieter givea ho tiilrngn of ire * 'listing th> re, an that the dehhemttona of the contention niU not ha interrupted by fearn of ita silent hut ntyatarhvwa workings Tha e lactioi afor delegates to represent Montreal hate terminated as I feared they would. Messrs. Mollktt,Uvf y, Mack, and Motttgomerie, h.?ve been elected, and nrincir. <|iv thrnegh the agency of tha Hritiah Cllb." Mr. Urackus w*s detested by % 11 01 If. - The act just passed in England also provides E that tiny foreign country may trad * between two e colonies, unless the governments of those colonies [i should see fit jointly to puss a law prohibiting it, so which law is subject to the concurrence of her Majesty. It also gives the power to the colonies to A. throw open their coasting trade, it they see tit; but f this is also subject to the Queen's approval or disapa: provaj. It is, therefore, more than probable, if we ie negotiate ut all for unrestricted commerce with the 1,8 colonies, it will be done through the British *" government, us it is perfectly ubsurd to. ask us o? to make separate regulations with all the different _ colonies, and then permit England to abrogate if those she may think we will gain by, and hold us r? fast merely where it is her interest to do so. This * is the amount of the proposition which England, hi in ull soberness, we suppose, makes us. Sup|H>sing iu (Jongrvss was to declure that if England desired to enter into any commercial regulations with the _ United States, she must do so with each State se? purately, subject, however, to the approval of the federal government, what would "her majesty's v ministers" think of it? They would he very apt to ciy out we were laughing at their beards. And I yet, absurd as such a pro iosiiion would tinquesa tionably be, it would be fnrer and more liberal than the provision of the bill just passed by England. ' The colonies possess no voice whatever in the central government. They might all be in favor f ot fr? e trade; but, if the parent country chose, she l could veto it ull; wlal-t if England made coinmer cial regulations with a majority of our States, she e would at once command the whole, as they are 4 part of the general governing power, i It is a singular fact, in almost every commercial regulation with John Bui, ihut old gentl-maa hoe manugeu to get oeei oi me nargain, ana cneat jj uh in come way. It therefore is a matter of the greatest importance, that in any negotiations which msy grow out of the present attitude of II England, the greatest caution should be observed, r The euunt nl gentlemen at the head of the State and Treasury Departments, will have an amide field to display their ubilities, and we have full I_ confidence American interests will not suffer in " their bunds Umbos. v ? f Our Philadelphia Correapendence. JJ The Trotting between Ptiham, /sidy Sutton and ? lAidy Mvtcow?Kdxturial Tramp?Mar kettle. ? Philadei^mia, July 21, 1849. I! The race at the Hunting Park course, yesterday, ? under the circumstances, was better attended than ? might ha>e been expected. The track was exceedingly heavy,from the repeated showers that had ? fallen during the day, and as the attendance was . too small to afford the proprietor of the track any i* hojie of profit, alter putting up a purse of he desired to |>ost|>one it, but could not get those interested is the race to consent. At last, the New " Yorkers, w ith their usuul liberality, made up a * puree of fits) for him, by taking twenty tickets at $5 each, after which the race was proceeded in.? By this time 5 o'clock hud arr vtd, and the horses started in the midst of a heavy shower. Pclham it won the first heat in 2in. ."f'JJs, l.ady Moscow and ' l.ady Sutton doing their prettiest to corns in ahead. In bringing up the animals lor the second heat, * P? Ihum became obstinate, and would not toe the * murk, and after trying for nearly an hour, he was a ruled out by th<- judges, and Iim competitors curled to decide which of the two would be entillej to the purre. The accond heat was won by lately , Moscow, in 2tn. ?1 wc, ttn the third heat, Lady Sutton wan ahead, until ii1 out ten yard- from the winning poet, when l>?de Motcow made a desperate hru?ii and succeeded, i net ording to (tie iIm i f the nidges, in winning the heMt 2in. 31^ eeo. The evening had by this ! tune closed in, and there was a dispute in regard i to line Ileal, winch wk?, however, settled, alter acme difficulty, by the dot not of the judges. The fourth heat was run by Imiplight, t,idv Moscow coming in ahrad, in 2m II sec ; thus winning the pur e. A few members of the editorial corps of the city ' start'd this morning for tlermantown, to partake of the hospitality of Major Freas, of th- "/Wegraph " An omnihoa was provided lor their conveyance, but most of them preferred walking as far aa the city hounds, to keep up the rh iracter of | wliat was got up as a n ir. mn tour ' They had an excuse in ih unfivorable atate of the weather for riding, and all al the party embraced ibe opport uiilv Ih tme proceeding far. As tirrnustoan in but the first st?ge m the tour, it ta not known how noon lb y may be expected to return. Th? kiUMMr's news haa put a stop to ail trannscliona in the Hour market for to-day, and holders are advancing iheir rites. The unfavorable state of ihe w eal her lor out-door bs?tneas has also tended to keep oilier articles quiet. Small sales of gram have been made at yeiuerday'aquotaliona. Th* following ar* th- *ale? or itiaki to day 100 R'tdlrn R II .ll\, 13 P?nn Bank 110; ltd Maohantas bank llg; 4 1 nlon Rank. Tenn ,00; 600 U. It. loan 0'n 1 '61 116%. Sons I -high * ? snv bujq St I.?at* boads f>>. 63. S6 Stat* 6 *. as, SMU It-aim* bontc 634, f I'ean H R . Wife. Our satnal (orrwpanStn**. Mora rural., July IH, IS?. ChtJtra in Canada?Annu al um Alert tag of th* Isagut?Madam Ijibardf, fr. ? The all absorbing topic of conversation in every circle of life, Rt j>reeent, m the ravage* of the cholera. The tudden and frightful increaae of the paa! few daya, haa brouKht on the very thing which the local hoard of health, in their great wi adorn.

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