Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1849 Page 1
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Il & ' 5 TH 1 * NO. 5625. EUROPEAN AFFAIRS. THE DETAILS OF THE INTELLIGENCE FBotroirr nr TBS CALEDONIA. The Wreck of the Charles Bartlett, Ac. Ac. Ac. Our Dublin Corrctpoidenrr. Di'ui.i*, July 0, 1849. 7V Slate Prisonen?The Queen's Visit?llarvtMt Prat, peels, 4"c Ob Mendsy last, Mr Martin and Mr. Doherty sailed from Spike Island to tbeir destination in Van Didmau'a Land; and probably, by this time, Messrs Smith O'Brien. Meagher, MoMauus andO'Donnhoe, bare also sailed, the Swift gunship having received orders to Mil from Portsmouth for Cork on Tuesday last. I understand all the prisoners are in tolerable health and spirits. At a meeting of the Corporation on Tuesday last which met for the first time in the Ilojal Lxobange Buildings, the Crown Clerk read the following olHsial announcement of the Queen's visit to the Lord Lieutenant :? Whitehall, June 27. "Mi Loid: 1 have the sat.lsfact.iou to iufiruiyour Excellency, that I have received the (jtiee-i s command* to inlorni you that her Majesty proposes iu the oourse of the summer to fulfil the iutenlknn which you ara aware she has loDg entertained of visiting 'relaud. The distress unfortunately stilt preval. nt in that country, precludes the Queen from visiting Dublin id state, As auy large exp< i d.tore ir u e e ceremouy, would bo lll-tluicd und inconieuient to her .u ejects V et her Majesty denes not wish to let auo her year pa-* without visiting that part ot her dominion', with which she has for a long time been auxlou * to h- ac<ju tinted Her Majesty therefore proposes to embark in the royal yacht; and to visit in the Hrst instance the Cove of 4,'urk, and then to procevd along the Irish channel to Dublin; after remaining there for a few dajs during which time her \ ajestev b- the gue-t ot your t.x( ellency, she will proceed ahng the Irish c>a-t to visit Belfast. aLdthen cross to ScoiluLd II. GKLY." It is thought that her Majesty will visit, this country about the 3d August, and with the exception of having a public levee and drawing room, she will dispense with ad ceremony during her visit The Marijulsot Londonderry has engaged an enormous suite of apartments in Morrison's hotel, for the occasion Sir Geo Grey is the cabinet minister who will bo iu attendance on the MP'*obn Reynolds. M P . has been chosen by a ma 17 to 13) of the corpoiation to be Lord Mayor . ensuing year, in opposition to ?ldorinan Kini. No one. two years ago, would have iintgiued good fortune that was iu store f >r the great John. ..Idernim Hudson, ill the course of the debate mi the subject, styled Mr. Reynolds the learned geutleinaa, ' on the other disavowing tb it title he was then styled i " the Innocent gentleman." which Mr Reynolds alio disavowed having any preten-i >ni to when aiiol-t tbvrcwrfOT the trmae. nr 11 ml vu 1 .l)ii 1 hl>u tho " braxtn (tt ulltuiau." which tiioKunuu will pi ohebiy fti. K i.. 1 mi Tho heeumherrd Krlttt bill Inn now panel the Houne. with only one amendment ii.iui. I> that wj-u tho am.-unt of lutereat* rhar< able a* a perpetuity d> not amount to one half tho unmoil rental. it in u it ia fumWtt on tho proprietor to noil hi? ert.ite I'hio mnanure in riKHi Jod by all piruea writ ?a;i*faetion ; it will bo tho uioatm of vuahtiug pur-Ion with lar^e rent 1 and nominal i onion to noli their estate* without ' ' e tipoioe ol luruiihin^ il'l * ; aud thu. enable capltaliMn to speculate in land and liml a tlold tor the outlay of their capital whoih. iu a ni iral in lu-t. at aud Intellectual point of alow, uiu-l polar fir tho atnnlinration ol the condition of the poor atarer.g p>* nan try of the noutb aud wont ot Imlaud It I* atated that Lord Llarendon l? doing hi* bw.-t to in-luae the >.ugli?h people to lake up tho oauno and proniinon on the part of the government. to rood r or ry aainaaiii. and it l* Tory probable thai tho London corpora'ion ta< I hinted in my laal) will bn the iimt tu . i til" example. PhTbv linen trade of I. later at il ootitinue* to Improve; tho expoit* duriug the paat week h tn?< C"D idorah.v; and tin re are gnat hupee that thi? g eat trade will be {really Increvet d wheu ronfldi nee 1- lotureC >1 ?-r*. IcAdam of brltant are a' prneout engaged executing in order for a number of large irou lniUi e for . alifonlt. A niieting wan called for la?t week, in Tipporarr. for the aerentb lime, <f the uiagalrate* mil c a* payer* of tho barony tor the purpo* ot electing harour enM collrctor* but no buaineen wa-done o*|ug to the n >uaitendatre ot guy of the pa-tlee. Sir <ichard vtora. Baronet bar b<en appointed bv tin* $ leriff of 1 urk uu ot the city of Cork uildeweh tiuaid Sir <tinha d like auy repreei n'ative* of our one* weal?oy I am lit ? l? tLncd with oi e of the moaned aud moat hum bin of jbllc appointment* Harvacl pro-pecte never www better; a id If the weather ei'Utinui to bold out lor another in nth we ball be rafe Account* fintu ail pan* of tb t n.oiutry epreeent all the crop* t> being mo.t luxir ant aud plentiful. Kven the p <tato ah ml whicu no in my f-ar* are bicn ratted sever look- d biiter. ibey are n <* lltng In our n>aiket at ft m Id to lijil per lb . and 1 Nenagh I era thai are M per etuie n? here had. within* ie lad wet k bioat refrolnug and laaiiog rain*, which h ** * told rery much. Tub , ^pu.lon l> catering about the rate In a d ord ?,Vti'iDr ?bi'?? one of il - ui '*t vl-dent operr, haw 1.('titled bt* tt nau'- thai h> mil pay alt l ia ?' ?wl ewe. oy an am unt raorrd for by tun bone* giring a . eft miAt. the public debt, lio uie. ami expeud turn I Irelaa. Unci the I tnoti Up to ! >? that at th penal ef th# I I'l 'H In mill the lrl?h de >t ?a* I' 27 7>?J "to, ?hn h ?A I.i 111t> Mm ? < toluud III nglend a id 477 PTC In I relnnd I ho tial axiu'ini of iri li b - ! IHH anil ItlK, ted to AlUHl WP.7BI ifwhleh , Kb V7b (bit. was pa d off being an locien-e ot iri-h debt I A'tM) ft.VI taw. nhieh. added to (he or gioal debt, '.ouDlx tu iltii Ml I'll ?Mother acn-uiu' elate-* that 'he Itl'b (li bt bilween 1K1* and i^i' *i< xl ui)5 i:d, , ud A# ?!W MO wa? paid ?lf t'li" total iner-a?' I d- bt "wed In Ireland on ftth Inly let ?. i'll lilt Id e total I lie 'b.o "f Inlaid iron 1*17 tu ItW In- ! r? am >1 fn m i'l 31(1 I7i tnxllnT lit, the expenditure from A'b.bpo It* tu AI3 7 mo'd* iw Hi* 1 bv price* yerteiday in the urn i.xebange fir American dry bacon w. re -lb*, to :?7 e per ret . do ham* 37a to Idn do , d > *bi iildei*. 'iu< tu Kit d>; I and bla id. rod la d. fo" toil* do On Kiidny night Inat ibn iiw hurch in (treat Charlew aliiet, I oiiijoy *quare. *** culiiely ??aoiiu*i. noi inaured Onr Prtnrh C?ri?ipmi4inr*. fame Jsljr n 1<lt | " / Nrmifrtn U?*?- t'??l If la h* (ho I*?e Refifiral M" rmm.'t in 7b? K nti ini -St tmliim? TV 7V?e (^til'iram, f' i ' Nrrtwltbetanding tha * -? approach nf tha dap for * election of air fan muntxTi fir ran*. tba later-ft ifttril by tbtr mraanra I* nJ m<-t wholly effaced by v at of tba Reman qnaatlna, On rue. lar afternoon. mi government at length repaired by t-legreph tba lorg agpeated nava of tha rn|iia>i of tba Unman autherltle* to rapttulata Th.- ila'e nf tha de.put n U Cliltl Veat bla, th# lit ami It nf aouree bring* tha qaartrra nodar tha wall* of l|.>m? Tha late?t dat ill-4 dr.pntrh-? wblab ha?a arrived are rf t he 2ttth an that Ibrra remain lha operation* offoor aiear day*. tha 37th. ttk. SVth and POth. a* matter nf mnjartara k r< m tba hnowledga of lha atata nf tb> t'enaha* and parralli la and of tha breaching ha'tarlaa whlrh were la prepaint Ion. military man h?ta her- g'rea a aort pf an (Iclpafloa of tb? operation* whn h prohaNy took *'?< # on thai# four day*, and lad to the enrrendar oath* loth, 't la aaid to be mint probable. |f not pertain that aa. bar a*?anlt took plaaa on tba night between tba 29th JSdtb whan tba attacking enlwmn* entered within a walla. thorn*h a branch which nut t bare ban eftrd hy tba battrrtea on the praaedlng day Thlf a. ild form theawrond body In .me *;>atlon of th* wall*; nd It ta Mtppoaad that thla operation rendered tba datiaabnp.iaa* and eon-i .juan'lr I d to ha .n.ian.W at la not, bower, r yet aba. Intrly aartaln tbat tba tram of aapltnlation war# agreed upon, and It (a wntraty that w? .hill hara nam bar la patch before tba departure nf ibla letter If h iwarar ma ihanld arrive to night It may r-a-h l.onil >n a. t>y el?rlrl? trlegiapb In tune to i a' n the Llr. rp.ol leamar. It la aartaln. from tha Inform#'I ?*i we hara raoaivad that tba eu(Taring# of the Inhabitant. >' Hnw* an*l hare barn rrry errrra Tha awp.i la. .if pr iriaioa. fr >aa the northern rlda of tha any nod lod-e t. from all 41rrrtiowe aownnanded by the frannb ritn't n*r. hean Waaiaf for a a. n.l.leraMe tnn. ' "..try p .pta warn wnrord not ?? atfampt to tan! ' ? la > 1 ?h aock ttirnpt* ??r? 1M?. lh? p ,nl?i .o- +*r* 1*4 *;k?r* M a want of h ih hr.tad In K-i aIn addition t? < hi* dlanff?atlnat??a d* l-i.> p irarnaant tiad ntdvlj ?prr?<1 although anj opo.i 1- t.f lal: 4 *4 It t?? hp t?rr-r 1 ka National llnrt r*-ru**d ,? ta? ?-> ,<?'t la '.ha that of MlnUiklK *? ! I >11 ol / \ I ion of tha raiabia??rt? *. <> ? a. I a.t ti'< > { ENE' wall*. Notwithstanding this, it is admitted on nil ! hands that tha defence has been most gallaut. The | great difficulty, however, now remains for the French government. Having got into Home, the question is I what they are te do there General Bed a* a was sent there, on Saturday, on a special mission, bearing fresh | instructions, and having, it is Ainderstood. full powers; hot what his instructions are has not transpired The French government professes itself desirous to leave the Romans to set freely In tbo iTinaiiou oi their new government Tbey maintain that the party ahich has held power hitherto in Rome has bsnu a band of foreign renegades and coiUinuri, who have kept the people in terror, bsing sustalue 1 by the scuui of the Roman people Against this others maintain ' that the struggle has really been sustained hy at least the msjority of the K?ui*n people We shall vow, ' host ver. know something more of the matter. As mou i as General Oudim.t has eutirei Itome. there will be no further necessity for the leading families of the gtwrual City to hold back ; all classes will be and ought to be free to ci me forward and avow their eeutimenis. i Will they ncall the Cope ! aud. it so. under wnat con I ditious? At ill tbey impose on his Holiness the necessity of appointing u lay administration.' Will his Mo1,,... ...........t l-.ll.l-' 1. .. -1 1 .I....V? 1 it-i 1... will Indeed,ill*altlrined that I'io Nouo ha* coa*cien tiou* temple* on the subject, Hixl that although He might be disposed to admit laymen to certain depart- i meul* of the Mate, be will iuist ou having the chief of bis cabinet an tcclesiaslic In eh >rt it is the opinion of those who are beet Informed that the imbitglitt U only now commencing I ou may expect fraui wi ek t > Week to receive interesting new* from thin quarter. 'I be pai ty of the niouutaiu here ia almost disorganized ?3^1 of it* member*. including the most lutliieiitial, are either in prison or in exile Beside* IhN, the new regulation* which are being established ia the .**embiy toi maintaining older in the debate* will deprive i i the tail < f the party which ruuiaiue of it* most olb-uI Tr *ua; one. It will no longer b? allowed to consume ; llie time of the Awn lubly by calling for divi > >n after division. each occupyu>g from an hour to an hour aud I a ball; nor can It Willi impunity, oooliuue to create tbeenermeu- uproar hy which it has been hitli -no ancustoiucd to die-II the Tetce of au opponent speaker, aud render nugatory the power ol the l're?id"Ut 1'he : eli no me et f|.e paity ere now in uir?ct eoulliet. The i i liel of candidate- which has been put forth in it* naiue for the coming electh ns. i* repudiated by some of it* 1 leading member*. M I'roudbou liiiusnlf, lias seat out fiom the Conclergerle a letter stigmatiiiug in hit ' ' ter Urme, this li*l aud it*author* and Using all 'he ioflut ? ce he pi *a 8-e-to damage it \ eanwlule, the party l| i winch call* Itself lhe party of nider. have acted with complete unity of syHiem They have put forth but mie li-t in winch they eyre, and which will probably i be carried at Iliu coming election If so the iu*J rl.y I ' in the chamber, large a* it i* at present. *>11 be tender- i 1 ed still mure powerful; in short us you will plainly sec i I hy thejournal*. the re-aotmu is tu the a l 1 base otieu told you in my litter*, during the la t | I twelve uiouth*. that the party i 1 monarchy vi. u it at I all extinguiihed in fiance. I m>w r. peat this state- I i Bti nt. I I It i* the party of monarchy which, without avowing I its niil principle*, constitute , the main t >*c of tho . prcttnt mujority iu the Asseuit ly It is tru-that th y j do net CMiteuipla'e any imuie late step toivar.l, a w>- | ! nurchical reetoialiou. '1 hey I are agrei d for the pre- 1 sent, to keep that question iu abeyant!*, aud to direct | all iheir i Uorti to tne extermination of the pobiic uui- I Mini which passe* uud>r thu name nt *.-ciah-ni coiu- ] munisui. fouriertsui and soon Imhod this tatter , i paity i*, If possible, bated nierecordiahy by th-> sine <ra ' I ' lepnblieaiis ibau by the monarchist* theunelv**. b ? ' ] cause the si act re poblicaus believe it to have been < the maiu tau-eof liielr tall from power, ami of tne 1 chalice* which will ultimately lavor tlio monarchic si party. You will judge of the wheu you 'ellect ou the < position ot the nadirs of the pure repnblicau pa ty Nl. Aiin*iid Mariast. u staunch aud h.on >' 'epiibli- I ran is now i ccupyiug a small lodging at i.ngh i near < 1 aria wl ere be Is obscure and indeed almost furg"ireu lit* name has appeared on uu II?t of eauJida**. either lor 1 aris or lor in. oepar'ineut*. lit* own paity liar* j sunk iu despair, mid the inouarohts'*. tlie social!-t*, i.u.l red republicuua equally abaodon him ilsrnier I'ages. also a sincere staunch re put/lie in and a man j (.1 the most unquestioned pr>>b<ty. *aa pat forth id the j preliminary li-t of candidate* by the mo ierale party and Was assented toby even tto monarch st-; but wto n t L.i? list was sulyi tied to the preliminary ballot which ' lias just taken place, and in whtca 4* Odd votes w- le j drliveitd the hone-1 ri publican was Tsj. rted, mud -it ' of uionari bical aod quean mouareljicai optn ou? w. ra j aub tituted in prefareuee \1 de l.auiailine th>- glorl- j ' >'?' i * uua* r i i ?u> reu iiup aim a Miicre ri-pnonc in al*o roj? ctr d for I'trl*. though it i< f>r bahle hi* may bi 1 elrcli d tor one or other ct ihe department . M Viaria ' 1* iu like Dan ill r rejected by all pal tie* and will not ' be elected at all I I He i* another hnnevt and alnrere republican I it I continue ttat* catalogue much further; but you will 1 by the*e eipDal eiauiple*. from what quarter Urn point. ' cal * ind blow*. Paula, July ?, 1819. j j Tkr Hatirie and Muttry Markrt. We hare bad a week of the moat perfect ataguatio* up to the arrival of the newt of the tieponlaMnn* for a oapltulatlon ol Roma, which wa? received by telegraph , on Tumday. Since tlivu a little more animation i< ooeerv.ble, and more bu.ioe** ha* been deno Capital ' let* appeared romewhat re a*eured. aud the fun U open* , ad on Wednaeday with a eouaihle naprovemeut on tha i cloving prirea of the pravloua day Prteat bowevor, were not Hi?iDtaiii? d and eo eo< a a* arnne partiaa had t made vale*. for tba purpoa* of realialng a pmilt, they j eg kin diclibed Still, however, there we. an laipro.eno tit on the prirea of I ue-day t oueidrrable bielau>i h?i been iltet done for taeh and price* bave waintallied the ?ame quotation* a* thoee lor aeoouut ?li|rh lodicala* an aduudaoce ol capital and renewed coalili t re by rapiulmtn in general A loan la now bi-giuuiuK to be vary openly talked of, and the beat iuf' nurd paitiva on the Uourae are ef upl Ion that the .Niinlvltr la ouly a am up a fa'oreble op* perluntty of effrctlttK it It will it in eaid be made In it per ceuta. I believe netbing la yet decided on a* repaid* the loan, and c ni-e |U, u< ly nothing a* rega-dv l'? o'etatla. ]'he rumor* of the boorae naUat tberwf >re hi lafen a< fmehaduwing what all pound judging tt.iau clal men anticipate inevitable. 1 be pricea tor tha ?i ek ate a* follow* : THt n }*r C?| /tad per Ornt Hank Skam. June 127 MM MM 2 2HA | 2k 1'iM 87.21 SUM) 2b bit 41 bill 2 Sou 30 fnl 20 87 11 2 J'Ml Jnly 2 fid 4k bi 60 2 ?ai 3 bJ IS b? 40 2 270 4 63 80 17U 2 270 Our flat man Corn a^ondenrc. H.ane, July 3, 1?49 Tkr Cmfiavnl Svcrtutt of tkr fruit la i fr ivrmu-'U 7Va#;n ever tkr Jit < elufvonary Reefy - Hmara Uau aj tkr .1m un RifiM - Tkr Intr ntiani aj lit ma <?4 Rruttia - l?/wnnl .?* 111* Hvcwonf Mr liant, ga<%, ft <r gc The operatlona of the Pru**tan army In Wedtern Garmany have be-n attended with veiplet.i *uee??? la leva than a fortnight th? whole Palatinate and tne great vr part of lladea haw been conquered b/ the rru-aiau troop* In my laat report I annouocrd tile vlco.i-v of the f'rn??l*a? near Waghauewl aod Broad* el ; aad > tbe day followlna the latter victory, tha Prlnd of Pi n-ala , at tba bead of the army enlared Karl rube whieli hit been evacuated by the laaurgent* Mleroeiaa-ky u i- < aide to alter any effectual real*tanee. ha I retired from tbe capital with about 10 On) tmop* toward* the Moutbi and tbe provlaiooal government had bean removed to < th* lurum of KuUill rh? former m'h tt ktrlimhf hixkwa reinstated by in* Irinr* of I ru?- , Hi Thu llttrl bin IwMd btliloltB M|n?|,<|.l( ilia Mtriiri Into tb* ripltil According to tht lauwt nasi from th? i**t of war tb* PrnaoiM troop* h*n ?? l?ft th* capital In pu ult <4 Ml*m*lnn*ky. and bar# adr%nc*d Kv atadt A battle bat already lalto plan* dmi thai el?y, , It which tbr I in. urgent" bar* again Hoc a u**<J da* 1 dlriclnw of Praeelao troop* h%? alrau'*! till within a***ral aiilo* ot the fnrtree*. which I* to nC"m|>l*t ly , aur rounded by th* rn*my l b' attack oa 'ha c!ty i? to bw enaarntrd f irtbwlth. and haa, at th* pr*winl moment probably tak*n plar* already. Th? *nrr*ad*r of th* rtty will terminal* th* raupa /n Tb* rratoratlon of th* flraud Dak* of Rodeo aillb* r* ??laMUhm?nt of th* anrie* Wgi n* la *r? rJ part of I <? rrrar y. arc aboal to become a fit itampli dy th* |at?*t adfiowa from Karleruhe th* llrand Dak* tm *? p*et*d toirrlf* in tbw capital ??*ry hour fin bl* raqn**t. It I* *tatrd. a great p?rt of the Prua-lan army la to remain In ftna*o aft*r the ln*urr**tion hai h?n completely ewppreeaed, far th* piirpo-* of presenting fatur* outbreak* The fact, bowenr, |i, that tb* frueriaa*, who bar* an* b**nm* ma-let* of the country will ant bf la a harry t Irar* It eo aoon The Interrrntlon of l'ru**la I* 0ad*n may poeelhly turn out *om*tbliig "imila- to tbnt of Ri.??* In A nutria Whttat It ??aid t> bar* Waa undertaken fr m wholly ili>int*r**t*d m .lima, It I- d * ln*-l t? aoecrepll'h a great political otyeet Th* Intwfrrenc* i.f Rue Ma In An* tela. It I* we I known, haa not b**u nnd ir takra mffflj for th? mppwHoi of rha gri < military |.rr| trait.>u* hlali liara b??-a mi l* hf ir.lti at- piatal/ thtt lh,i l? i?t tin ??; oij-nt { I to *|n? 1 no mat la no Innanr i nth ".I hy >? ).?? ! tba y<rtaai.ant trhil'hiai m of K?l-Un tfi- I | (Inn pa n?pr Kaluga. ni.rt iho ?'?n?lon at lis Mii.i Ida ?in giro n??r alt Smart oi- r <untri?< ani i .? > h 4a r.f tli? 11 '?fn nuthton, tni-litlflna i ur\*j In* lnt> i ii atfc.a af f n.?i* m mwtrrn ttara.arry, tli 1114.1 "i'pr rra'a aril a I ill rp*arif t.oly in 1 fortuany. in for MM. at r'.rr> < < I 1 ft- <1 thai lo pirtatn hum r.h-i atip-amany of f 1 uniti.ii-i a I th? imanor Kioto* of 1 .arua 1/ ta.'tiilt'l li-'ii I rr^ariloii a a thing wto I* alma I; ae sigu i Ik privtu g, k as uu u.dep. ud.<ut power. lh>. breach w.ih 1'russla ha- ol late been wideucd. and at the pr ? wnt moment ! > le-s pro-pect tlrin ever that an agrieUicUt with these Slates will bo cuuie t'l '1 ho govt rnmeut heie ban at lust revolved to rails the Mate of siege iu Ibn capital Within a tesr days, it ik gene, ally understood lbs military rule ill tin* city will c<a-o I be day Wuru yesterday, two laws relal'tig to the pr? ?k ami to the public meetings, which arc to b? put into opeiatiuu previous to th? rising of the stale of siege wire issued by the government. According to the regulations relating to public uiert- i ll.g- twviily-lour hours Uotlce before every meeting til Ust lie (liven In tile police An ollic T of lUe polios is lobe pitsent at every meeting Nu nie. tings in the open air are allowed to be hvld iu an aiea of two tiaruiari mile.-, mar the residence of the klug, or the seat of l he chambcl* litfeuceM which are Commuted Ibrt oph the pre-s against the king public officers or aulhoinii s, are 11 he puuishcd with froui oue to firs years luipi ismiuietit I lie vale of u??i|U(ii ri aiel pineal lis lu I he ?t reels is uol to bo allowed, ex : -pt wilh the perojiK-ion ot the police besides these re- ! itrietii-us wilh regard to public assemblages and the press the laws contain many others of a similar kind. i he I'russiau pleuipeteutiary with the oeulral powir at I- rank tort V.r \ on Kampu who hid remaiued in llialuilv though ol late eveiy diplomatic couiuiunicsiii 11 with the lailei had been slopped lias bei u recall, it by his government I'russia no louger recogiiikv s l lie central power 1 he government of i Jermauy 1 has passed trom the bauds of tho latter Into those of the former 1 he Assembly at flotha has already issued its pro- i grmiiie It is decidedly in lavor ot the oen titullon, which has beeu promulgated by Trus-ia Saxony and Hanover, and prop, ses u- adoption with certain iu li cations, i. gether with the new electoral law Though the mi lute-is of the wseutbiy who were all present iu Hie pai llsuivill ai Frankfort lial a-si-led in Irauilug the constitution lor iho Herman empire tlo-y nave now almost uuaniuiou-iy resolved to adopt the project Issued by I'russia, since tlie cany mg into effect of that Issued by ihe Frankfort tKSembly had bee one irnpossible lius the most emiiieut slalesuieu and prolesmrsof liemiany have rejected as unpractical, a win k. which it bad taken tin ui full twelve mouth* to cuipbte, and which tbey had previously declared laulilesi, by accounts we iiave ju*t received from duuich, we I. am thai a pro|sisition has been made hy Austria, llisl ihu S at. .- . f .South, ru tiertuaiiy rO mid semi pinntpoti miai lev to ilegen-btlrg. in Havana f'-r the purpa se ol communicating on the posttiou they were to 1 suuie towards the I ru-siau league It is stated that li e bavatfau government was lucllucd to favor tus I plan, though It had tint yet given It- approval A r. liannegau. the newly appointed minister of the United Stales to this court was presented to the Kiug >n the day betore yesterday. and delivered his crelet! Mala In consequence of the prospect of the speedy terminal ion ot tlie war In liaden aud the raising of Iho state t siege here, ail the funds have rlseu. 1'bc Terrible l)l>a<tir to the Ship Charles Harriett Additional Partlrulara. We publish) d in yesterday'? Unahl aoine of the aitirulsr* ot the wreck ol the ( harp a Bartlelt ; the dliowing additional details will be reed with intercity 1 he steainsbip hun>|n. ? i|iuiu Lolt, arrived at Liverpool ou Sunday illuming llie 1st instant. at V clock, ?tt. r an t ilrmrdi nary paa*ugu of 10 days and Id liour- Irour boston Mi? had ou hoard 4d persona the di vivure of the pion-cogi-re aud crew of the American ark < Lstles daitlett which vessel the Kuropii ran iowu at see on the iTlh Ult . iu la'. 04 Id, long id do. "Oh to lb a to the westward ol < ape dear causing .he l<e? of 1114 live-, 'I be < liarli a Martlet t, ( apt Harl< it. aae an <ureriran ship of sou ton bnrihea. chi .fly ad. d with had aud cnalt ami lift slug lt.2 eteerage |>a-setffrre. and a' lew ol l i mm from l.uxdon, hound 10 Si * lurk and at the tnuo ot the col ,o Ion u- going at tbe rate ul ahoiu hvc suts au hour e.l ?? bauied mi ti e wind l ue r.uropa wa- railing at the rate of 11>4 or li knots per hour <t the time of lb- coll ion built ves.oU weio itrv.loped tu a druse fog. aibioh previ ided 11.use on board ot either vessel seeing beyond a few yaids Al about half pant three o'clock the look out of the K.bropa auddi ul) |o rrelieo tbe alnp Ilirough tbe oiiat, i end lied ju?l lime 'o announre ibe discovery win a a driaului lolll-lou took plaoe. llie Kui >pa atrikiug the Uliavlee 1 art let t auiid l.lpa and eui ling an aafui ca i-ni lu lis r aide killing w vidal persons ou Uoard I he ha'k in.median ly le pau to eeitlc down and lu a tew inluutea >u bk 'llie en ne during tbo-e few uiiuu>e< was appall* main tbe eatieuir e.owd if luflertng wr< tehee, 11 aud broken by the c delou, lay d'-ud or dying a ibr apoi. ?h re tbe howa o t I Uiopa ha 1 entered. Si u.e i t tbe individual- who crowd -d ilia dec-" appi ar- | sd | ai>ic siriCfti n. oiinTs ran sluleftiug tu aud Iro in list | a r while-onn rushed lorwaid aud eagerly seised upon the opportunities wbira wore prea. utcd ol giving ti ui a chance of -afeiy Tbe lies' airetiuods * rtioua note made on the loft ant by all n h ant 'be s.uropa tor re-cunig froui the 1 Ion. no ul p. lit wld' b pressed upon iloui a> man) iuuisiuuaia n.- pos*ibio Hand buoys aud ropes were tin own uver b ais Wire luWrnd auil every man was bused tu few f. arful iii'uule.r lu rescuing tbe sti uggiilig suflrrera t.'em I be waves Vet with ail tbe rgeitloUs that c uld lie Us d only 41 individdaift were saved, out ol 1*7 who bad receuily been alive ou botrd Hit untor tiaiBle ship svnmngst those preserved were the i n plain of the i li* i is daitleit. llie m coud luaie, and ) viii siam>n ol forty wmueu who were ou b< aid only < lie wa- rescued l>. liana aidable oircuui-iaore that tbcascond mate of the l Paries esillelt and all the uiou of Iris wa eh, alio wete beP w al the time or the collision were saved, whip I the w bole ol the wateh ou deck wit b two eK0> pt li lis p. robed the boat* of ibe s.u- .pa which h 11 lai n lownrd tuiuieoia ly on the colli I >ri taking p.ace, ai d which iisd bei u actively engaged in pirking up llie milorinuate-ult-refs Were user b- lug rag ilplis.l iu ibe vol tea which the sinking ol tke barh ereaied ? No loairia wba:e?e> ran b- imputi d to tlioae lu charge ol the r.uropa Ibe eoilteino wa- purely ace j no ton aii luieaishi or piudeace could bare proveated It, and < a tbe unfortunate eircuru lance taking piara. rv ty rlertlou was made iu save the crew aud pa.cnger? f the sinking Vessel the danisge u-iain-d by the : U|||> wa- very trilling Mb* lias an tain- d the and a sti all potion of the w.-sj work below the figureli*ad. but ud lb- whole ibe damage waa -o light luat the vessel insde no additional wa er 1'fae mo-t fervent ft) ttipei hy and the grealea! eierii ma were u-ed by < ap t a * o P.dt ail his olAcees anu crew, tbe vdinnally ageut ('teot head; aud ail ihe passenger* of ibe Plump* IUiiuedisi>ly alter ibe arcideut a committee war f Hoed il-eiing ,>ir bales a- chairman aud or I'eak>. lit t eP f el k w 1 r 11 as till iHise ?al ulllnp A lalidh.a f ? ?> 10 th- tonniltfilw <1 Itlr ( 'l.tlrulrn and la-ll-a UQ b Bid f>ulvrrt,i'i< ?? t<? lb? moKuut ul anra ti.|!?ct-d on th- Ib-ianl At cm ?4 the eoaiuilttr* mr?tlD|< on board tbo b un-pa lb# totloaii'N ra-ntulton i-a--*d uMiilanjul;:? - 'I ti?i ? b??. a tin? <! >nb fail in*- id inl-u ? mbtnl lb? bold and rapid Bioat-im at" at < apiain buibnt, pf 0< I'd* that bl> ? If a. ilct. H.x and ilmni| imp into It* mk, to rata tba |wwri'|rri u( lha < tiaib - llarli-tt, rnmuiaad* o?i a Initiation and ?? rajotc? that tb?<? d ?(ir vttf p-rlnrui-d by tba atlal <?u; uf tna JBiu-a|Mb><' i , In Int.'-alrp itat-m-nt ha- In-nti plica of thd uufortnnata mill-inn by apt Harm it ? ' 'J bn t ha lf- nai tli-it -a- a Drat lata -b p of i?K) top* r-??-t r hhn h i' tba Un?u- tinm bond u bmod t" Naa imk on ilia I lib nf taaa. aith a ganonU heavy tai|i> <0 about *M tnaa Vi-lpht, and loj pa-aunpcr" In It a rU i una oabiu pa-r"??d?r. ami It -nuh uf tba a had ni.a ?->tiiri aub tiKbl n-icrl) wind*, up I-- iln IHIi b miii ibai tiuia tu tha i7ih had it W biid a. aikdi ami fopay awikn At m it *! arad up a l-ttia oa-irvtd tba lat 6?> to N ,ami aatiiualad tba I- n?i at ib vt all a-ll on b< ant, ami nvacyiblug l.aiu* pri-pari-ba boon attar awwo a o a -a fine "at lu a iml tv by M -lilp bonding tu laa > W . el ? banl-u all . aim -at illume o'clock vidarad a pmid look i t.t In in tha tup p-llaut lurt-edalio , ai-a liirri'-il lb* man at tba ?ha-l to h-tia -haip tu ritilos-d At i .in I 01 . battip on Ilia a ailmr -iua nf tba p -up dm*, I I i ard a t iiuitniiip to aindaard like di-taut thiiinl-r , , turi'i-d my tar lu winua.-nt huh my am tn thi- h-Tie-u 1 ha Bian ai lha Bhaal uutit-i ug 1 liat I a a- lUtaniitp looktd I" aiiidaaia aud i-rn-u ?ul Ami hii I Bl inet iia what I lupp'-ad "aa a-bip about ml- pototforaard t n-ir b-am an out 40U )ti t> di-taut I oid-red tba tn-liu np ibtnHinp -In dm nut dmou-ar in. that r a hit- - tarn lu altar b-r b. lara -ha rutinl et-iaa I I to naniart - Ati baiirtr -hntntd at thi- -am- Unit- to alarm tbo "h p. | and t nttiiTi il rba boll t ? tn- ruop and colled tu Ilia kbtp to - port In r h?l u," a- I -aa that aaa th- only ; abanda nt ? cap* I darn a-m aoarly >*? ba-tdfnd pad- 1 m 11411 - n mc* at III- turf til aaa ol mi a?a:l, tur In i Mr nn I. lit i< I in I ho tl km M'i* tin- -bp -II" a a- II,em b- Ri-tna at tna lata id ta.ltt Hula -main# 11a 1 k!>i> kri ii lb* ait?r n-mii Mirnu^ t im irtrl ?oi i|>? tm iblo He - mailt I aui not al adnata I* ilafcrtb* I %? Mm? ml t<> ic**aiit ?:tn ih. wan at Uia ?ho| I m ni/imlt lu a m om rit kiuuuj fir tuf) imo'iii to v i oft to iht iti a it ?? in?ir >>u .y li pm, i m?ttt iiutil i t a b. < < rhtlu on iii" bo* ail i hull ol a.)oli u,> *' n< ' " ** nra* anal |\**to ipI'?? i haa ham; lia<t to ir?t ?n iha ilouiinV baa anil atitt* < i^ u(. i nolo ?<i that hor box * a- Ikt . Itw ?tH|> ItMn a I m of >! ? i<tl?r Uaiita ami llnl 'M ?w ktirtr t'rif to |i? ?nJo holt lull taxi.') Iwai of k- riluh ?> rtllnti la i h?r? uiu-i har* bon ia art/ bti) b*r' ?* to rt n? iba b'rtlutoii mi l - i . i) 1*1 it< h ?a mailt by a(.ia ? I. It hia oCt". r?, a i.u in* and th* |u iym r ?n a -Ant tr??s tirtarr l'lo h a'? *.? Iiiaairrt w> Mm. atyitiblt l.afot ivuataly i n'y t?i. ?i r? 'a?-rt ay ta* b*ata thi lalai i r a aki?c 11.u ly tbri-x, at ioi aa*ad th?*i ? !?* I j Lai R i<a t.i ttit bu? 1 h* iiuai r lay by tba 111 1 1 ? VV YO MORNING EDITION?M( >m pitched The future dependency of the Utter on ! Pi en in. after they here proved their incapability to tem the torrent of revolution, nod have been saved ns 1 it ir Mid, from ruin, with the assistanee of Prussia. is considered but aj the natural course of events Tbue the military occupation of western Germany t* dust i mid , not merely to quell thu insurrection, but establish a kind of permanent protectorship of Prussia over these State*. Ah the in ad of the new oontederatioo of the larger Slates and exi-roisltig soveieignty over the entailer principalities Prussia should then have obtained tha object it la striving for via the supremacy of Germany. Little, however as it cau be doubted thai iu tbe present state ot things the smaller S ates, unless they become republic*, will sooner or later bo brought under the rule of Prussia, the recognition el' the latter as the bead of Germany, by two of the largn-t Stales. Austria and Bavaria, will probably be a matter of long and dirtlSoli diplomatic uiq otiatious. Austria is uu?tiling to give hp its claims as the bead ot the f' filler so-called , IfelDianlc eoafeileraUiui erlnl?t K??rl? ?I,.? - -** i B K K 5NDAY, JULi' 23. 1849. scene m long m there wne mrrf hop* of *.**'">* ""T Of tbe crew. Mr. Tbnnas I'wrkrr, eft hnvleetb A 8 O., aged TL yean; George V arsons. of I'orilitixd, Mai.18 jHed Jean; and William Rich, of Groveseud. Kngla i year*. were lo?t A Hat of tbe pvwscrrgTa an. ' crew tared will be found in the public prima We Wnr* in. ei hoapilably entertained by the optatn- odlcere, AP? ( naeugera ot the ateauiar " I will notice tbat all due exertion was used- by Oapt Lott and officer* aud crew of the Kuropa ae weii tae all I tbe passengers I particularly observed one passenger , umik tbe luoet noble exertion* I Haw bliu let hiunolf : ovn board aud cleucb a man iu hi* arm*, aud, tin Jin* h'tn dead let bim go I next raw lilui on the bow of a boat, hauling a uiau froiu under water witn a boallmofe. who * a* atterwHid* restored to life on board I afterward* found tbat perHon to be < apt It B Korbea. of lio*t< n I cannot exprea* myself ai I f. el fur the uoble a - d generous conduct of all on beard, In contributing to <be wan a of tile sunivug nUtlcr-T* and fbr tbe sympathy felt by all, particularly by the ladies " 'I be Liverpool Shipwreck aud liuuiaue Society presented 4 apt. Korbea with a gold uietlal in teHtiuiony of adumatiou for hi* conduct on this occasion rapt K. i aecouipauied his acknowledgment of the medal with tbe following narrative of the disaster : ? " At two u nlock at the day uauiud nut being well. I retired to my flute room, in the forward cabin and lay dowu wilb luy c lot lien on on the Hctteo, aud hoou fell asleep I was *uddeuly awakened by a crash and a flock wbicb I could not misunderstand I rushed upon deck aod to the purl bow of our ship, where the appaling .-pictacle prifuuted itselt i'he bow ot our ship appear* d to be '.elf through llie bark having eutel ed her ju*t above the main rigging ou the port nide.

She bud ail rail *et One glance at the ithfai.ed bark Mtlirtn d me that she must in-iaui ly go dowu and that no earthly p <<i r could *ave many of her passenger*. The after hatche* were obatruolad by piece* of broken timber* Tbe in in batch wa* entirely clear and upp< an d to be tilled with Women aud children, vainly endeavoring to get on deck I nhoiild judge that the ladder hud In < n knocked down in lb- general cr**h I lie water at till* liiue was lunhiug into tile vcmicI like a mill race tSieiug that the ouly chance to cave auy wa* to lower our boats, I ru In d aft, taking oil' my overcoat aud luy frock coat a* I went along on luy way and. when near the alter part of the port padd e bi'X I perceived that men were ulroa ly clearing a* ay i lie ijna> ler te al? i stopped to eu Jeavor to clear away the nic boat bu' bi lug alone aud havitg uotning but a fuiall knife to cut the lashing* I raw that uiy cf fori* would not avail iu time. Juet a* I *n abandoning the tilorl. I perceived a woman aud a child, the latter some ten feet from the woman floating pa*t the paddle-box I instantly jumped down on tne grating or fpoiiei n shall the wheel, crying to the many apuitator* about tbe rigging tor a rope 'for God* saka give tne a rope "?hot everyone Heeinvd stunned aud puialy red by the *uodeu aud a* lul acme A manoauie rloaimg along alive, and partially su-i viued by a broken spar I'he only rope tin own over which I should mheiwi-e bain got. was thrown to hiui, be got hold of it, and put the noose over his shoulder*, aud was hau.ed up I lie first part of thin act for the uotucut. loo a oil out attention lrotn the two tloa'iug ami apparently Iua* usililc pi rson* l-e'- ie alluded t? *o thai, by the time the inau was sate tile others had -uuk too lar t > he ri aciied A* tin-sail* ou the mainmast, hail not been hk. kid and the wind wa* on the atai h. uii-il >i?rl?r M,.. ehip forged alna.l aud tu Ire ward at Uir rate of on.* to our ami a ball kuuta huppueiog that the wrecked matter inii-1 b? toMarbnar.l I jumped on deck. and pa-m-d inui.cdiati ly over to tbr i-lurboard paddle box at low mail on I lie spun,on an I could get and jint in lime ( n e a vi ry elout lliau uniting along partly lace down, and lifer the to|i of the water Nrteial porxouit were rollrrtiU on the rail about the mum shroud* t > whom I < al ? d loudiy tor a rope One aaa tin owu over ub tut ti u or (? my fret aiia'i me I icrauibled .ju'rkly tbr ride, and sruiugihe rope, jumped for the drowning man 1 be rope ?u rather rliort. Inn. luckily, the rlnp not being steadied by tbe wherle, rolled toward* Die 1 took advantage id this end got the rope rouu l Ibe man r b<>dy and the end up and twice pt-m d round itx ow ii part, before tbe rh.p rolled to port again ,Vn I war. with thnniau partly under water, anil tbe lium eery rliort. Ibis required effort An the elilp rolled to port, aba jerked in both to tbe aide rather rudi ly 1 cried Haul up buul up;' but it appeared d rub eijllelil i xhiiiInntloll, tUat the rope I had Used vaa the Uiaiu aheel.a lour inch rope aud that the uppei end was la.-L by a mouxed book to tbu ahip'a rule feveial feet b- low tl.e gunwale aud at tea*t light h el below the upper or mookey rail " f heelbct of all I Ula. aud the Ooutinned riffling of tbeetiauier. war. tu drag rnu aud uiy out id ibe water, and again suddenly Imuo r. e u* I could do nothing l>ul eiy ' Haul up," aud endeavor at each roll Into tbe water to abut my mouth in tiuie, aud to try to li ake tl.e more secure a< It gave way a little every tin e ?e neuie out ol tbe water, the man weighing at l> aal al n aud my at It lie pounds wheu dry all of winch was tu be supported by my liauda h .nliug two round turn* of a abort end passed round it- owu pan aud flipping at tach aifMilua! Klualiy some hauda sueeai di d in getting liuld of uur rope aud Unuted u* up ?o tbat my burthen and laym-lf were above water or nearly no. a 11 h la time I nailed to ouead tbe parly to mine uow u aud help me to jamb the turne a? toa mau wax gradually slipping In roii-eijmuce of my weight In lug patiiauy ou him I lie individual imitating my w. dar, put bix foot ou uiy hauda aud uu the turn* and b anog down, eeuaed tbe uiau to eItp out and go down uuderbuard liieveeond Illnw, and appamully ij.ilie iil.-l-a. I or lie led the rope to be let go aud wentkga.u far uiider; but I did not reach tbe borfy. being now nearly exi.auMed I ibought It luur to lake eaie of myself, and liH.k advantage of a Imal which raiue tu uiy relief I got Info her aud took the bow oar the officer (the Ii uilli mate I ihtbki putting Iter head toward* tin pirate of II. attng wreck H ?oou discovered IWu parroue, the Orel I lia?i the plea ure of reaching wub a I. oat - book, bauhd him up on laad aud the officer tin u.eillately acut to work ou him reporting sign* of life, flit olbrr peieou .ujk out al right while we weie getting the tiret on board. IVe eoutinue.i to pull rnuti moo,oe tbe wiiok until there mho. arid mi citanaa ..f racing any nu n nil m ull- ilm.|nt of luring tlimtr *a ?<td unices prupur in>?u- were It Huf in j li if) nil lb* hliip iihurl/ nut ul' eight. unwilling,} gate up tho emicli lor mora, ?oa returned ua In Md haceral bout* elapsed before the inau hooked up wn? brought rniiuil. mi mm to rpi alt, the other li *1 lidil lu the un annme. plckid up number, anil aiming them tin uiau 1 hail In ?b irjiii* tn race \n rMiuman ?tci pling tbla la-I on*. In' hail a wound on hi* bead, ami it was gem ral'y supposed that h? rnorlvhij a l anII11 p blow at the 11 Ilia ot tlin collision tlthoilgh It ha* taken some tiuiH to writ* Ibcaa ilatBil* only una to i na ami a hall minute* wlup-eil from tha Uiiim I flr?t jumped on duk uill 11 (ha rhip Weill down I wmm on I In port hpoiieoii loi i hau that tiuie, and on tbu other Mdi' (Ohj.n.di il to tha man par hap* allngatliar threw or lour iniiiuli h oiore. Had tha poor >iii>u .-i in cited miij ?i|m of life, or Ihw child I could not liace roi t>il the in, j ui-e to go alter tnein, without a tope or any Support abd Ih inii a poor nwiimiier I might liaaa paHalo d, an,id the coiituhiuD and Unlaw, balurw aay aid l'i old linen reaabad ua " I ha lull amp I* a correal II. t of tha passengers narad 111 Hi wrack of thai harle* llnrll-tt Vt 111 am Llure, of |<U|b), dentinal luu Naw I ork, lost l?f|>rlt raced A 14 In UioUey. jailor Puller ol London destination Michigan, |im! baggage, t tw II, money, JLM In plain, and Ibri watches l.u, L ii latin a 1 "hi! k ck.Blle, of London; bound to Bosnia, I *?aUan. lor I bl* bsppage hat lea I alia, 1 ul ti< datwwa; daal inatidn, Itoc had tar, in11 li r; h at liapgapa and Xk. I anlel 1 iari(t?ao, of nrranp; bound to No# tork, a pupal bakir, Iwai baggage ai d till I rideticK Hilar, of Loudon bound to lllinota, where be liar an linaln. by trade a carpenter, loal III- fatUer. niullirt al.d looibera III* lather had a Umaidurabiw aunt if money In notea and gold Thomas hlippnald of London, bound ta Philadelphia, when be ha* a hr ii her, la a buuluiaaer, loat bapgaga and a llttli b obey John linear, ol Kant bound to Maw fork, a nuiler; loat liappape and tUnn mot ray I add vtary of Norfolk dartina'lon Venn mt a ah'iuiakar;! at liapgage and AO lu uniuey and rared XJ <ia b-ha llaJTri ne. of London destination Nww fork, a Inbuilt, loat liappape avd 16 li'a. Jabn '1'iakrn of tiwrmany. bound to New York, a coper baki r ; loat liappape an,I X Ik III lira Holland, of fnm *, bound to New I ork a wl.iilwiight , h,-t hie bappap* and ni* share of Aid, which be and hi* pari uer who I* hud had In money : ainuei liri ene, of l.unilon bound to Hew t ork. aw engineer, lu-t Xiu and a watch aim bt? luggage Ire... ,1 loci... Ue.tiiial.lou llhle an %(H?ul I flrl; Inat aud i-llfl M< flirt lii'ltn n I LimiIi a, V1icht<??, t in l>? lit- rtlaiitna, ItfiUttH' ttd Xik In m may. a< <i A it.U north i.f ?t. ?li uiiln>tirnd, n* ! joiu i ?< ! )>an>lMti>oittir ft b Ilt4 t iwrtttr *li" Mu?ilia tin- Mi Clk jtit Dtrry. i f N J. Ixuuito Nt? fork, a ?ta. an ! ?! liapiiaiff a. <t A At in ai m / , bad harm In'il ?-ft 11<in> a h n| a-./a*n IB ' .n*l*o<l Vim l.'.idllitr III London, bound lu Nn? V nrk. B | ntaf | |i*t litwt|! ' and int In ul..?n-J w m I'aant-B, ui I,w*m?b. laiuail tn I'htladftptna, btit hr bat a brother , ! at bargain ami t4 Ha , I a bnrk'ayi r (.t?r?f 1.' \in,a?*, of Nat- ork, a colnr-d man an A mat it an . ImlilnUM yt I arini. London, bournl ! ? N<-? Yark aa O/iita null It, loat ba|(||afrf and A JO. hat ailuuldor iii?Inran d fan.ft K?t. of t.'iidi n bound I" N?t? t nrk aint oa M.draitir, lift tn natah ami Ionia, aaiuad at AM, baridft Ma baftaaga Vtiih. Im hail** a fitinlan bound to N.-a fork, a fii/ar lat'-r Inat hia Oa**a*? ami tNnil I >a N'fjihi n t!a-| a I n a?? <>a?,.ar? (b.n irr?). St'uhrn IIUMitk J(wtt|.|i lluiock ami Jw/H Hua??th. all of I n .tiir* naaltr* lo linan f.nnit, l al tu n. / a* J o?rrhai dbr. IfliBa Kluelirr, of I trreht. mmohatt ami di tiliar, lot! ? ft anc family and all I ,(? . etui i >?.< T llnfr 1,1 titruiaay, lart ? , twin ; n 'I ihrnun, l'?t bayyagt auk i?.',n.y llnnj Mi uma i CnwriM.klailirr, > l tf/ a|H an>l mi pay Itaa a br-lhar iu N?w i or a if ii Binlj. 11 on my <>l i.option kin tun ta Join bor hu,b?nU lh,.ia, I'ol bag# tga l*?0*4a, ail ii in mo*, y Tba Mlnoli f are lb" name* of the raUna aa?e?l ha. In |i*|i t" fbf- fpa aI Uia liark lAtnni rtortlaik: V iluaai llanlait mytaik: f*lllihu Ulnmi a. cmd tftrai K> amen? Irnac Dam-nra, jamao rriMtf, < >11 -> bill, JOhu< arty, Hunt, William lurry, Jtmn J. i (lap, inba iarhaon. rtarrlMiii ti Whit* cook, a ilarinl >an. Orn Iran up dead; buried i*lb J una at 0 A M I [ERA Important from Italy. srsrKN.sio.N or it oeu urine at ko.vik?reported entry ok tiik french tkeoks into the 1 itt. The Intent Intelligence from Rome la reported to be of the 2<i tnet It appear* front a telegraphic despatch received hy the Kiench MlnInter of Korel/o Affair', and road br Odlllon Parrot to the Aaacmb'y on Tuvnday, that Bonte hat capltolatrd. The detail*are note yet come }) hand The following are the term* of the deepwtch : IilAI) IhtHTriMirfMiirci, Jul* 2, Ite'eloek A.M. Thr t>rnrr<il-in-Vkirf ftkr \li-n ter of : 1 lie atluli taring ilie ntilit <.f the :?th hi.* produrvd the viptuiet reault. Overtures wart mad* t? u* lul rve mn? by tie Eonth u inuvteipaluy. Oar troops eccupy tkn taction h o. 9. The gaUi of St. Paroln, Pertain, nod St. Pan rado liars been apt ned t<> n?. aid ineanirtM are taking for ti e ?ooap... tH>n i t Kotnn, aliieh will be effected with perfect order. The diaciplina of our aoldiery ie ti|n?f to their valor. The Triumvir* bravely defaulted' Konie up to the .?th til? Several breaches had been mvlb in the wails, and iae rrcnen natl gained *11 advaufanrnti* eutraiuuv ft wiut evident that tlin chapter of hotrnrs ?? but com nienfing. an it was to ha written by ihsvirword of (itinera! Oudinnt 'I'he i'onetituent Assembly, os the aforesaid day panned a resolution to the following effect :? Tlia A *|?M) erases a defence which lias become imposeible, hut 1 umuins ut its pes'. 11 clinrg' S tbu Trivuuvirate w ith 1 the execution of the present decree. I'he ( oir.anander-iu t hief of the Rohm army de. 1 mnmlcii a cessation of hostilities and a deputation of < tbs Municipality went overlo the hrcurh rtMup What 1 will be tbe result of this step remains to bo saen The | Homans liare fought with bravery ami hare yielded 1 with honor The event may well- nigh bo added to the most splendid days of its renown and )(lory AatfotUio and Vaudalic was the attack as any that evar disgraced t besiegers of the Kternal 1 lty At the same time wa i 1 cannot help observing iliat this last siege has displayed ; a wonderfully-depraved uioral taste among the turupee t an people They have expvudi d a vust amount of in- j j digestion at the French for destroying works of art iu ? Home, but scarcely a breath was raised for murdering 1 the unoffending inhabitants " I'he Moiiuin.-iils" worn I shouted eveiy where but scarcely a voice was ral.-ed up i j iu favor of the pisir Roman people. Legislative A?m>ui- 1 biles. Houses of Lords and > ouun ins were ready to | break their hi arts for the works of art; but uoue thought 1 of the blood whieh was daily shed The correspondent of the London Tint's says that the suspension of hostilities was brought about by I tlie divisions among the Itomau people I'he correspou- < dent says I We arc told that mistrust, discouragement, and discord 1 tin 1 e I os 11 ter some time st ? erk, ti at 11 was w th diAcuity a I sufficient nun.her ol vi Innteers C'llbl bo iuditcod to ta .e | then posts behind the loop-holed wslis, and t'.at in many , casts lie titniurury luldiers wore forced to fight wi.huiit v II tie. Hie* re; ami that 1 ho ciric guard and carabineers had . u ready de< lii vd pellut mmg any oilier duty than tna* of the 1 interior f ihe otty, and pr toct the pr 'peril** I the .nliabi- I1 taut- against ti e tremo rs 111 the -erv >< e of the reputdio, and p who very I aturally sets much more iiet tTei-tu to the safety u of its great motiiiiiieiiis than were the natives of Kerne itself. \ li is also eto 1 uis- both food and aminuuttioti had lueu no s> nrcu, au evil ?l leh was likely to he ineresse I as the invest- |j ineni <f li t- plaeo I eeaitio uioro striol. The Sl.ilulo ut FIj- ' r?i 00 minus us tltat a sortous dilt. r-ueo of opinion i* e .'itud auo ng the mili ar chiefs and Triumvirs That V journal stated iliat Laribsldi proposed t . stta. x lue Fi"uch ] on their vtry ha-tiene. that the r-d-socialist party wished . to bate tlm' dsiiog eliief military diciai. r: that the eii'tm.os i of Uxiiinl, natives ut Koiue supnorUl Ihostt proteusluus I 1 from Jealousy of asirun. r; and that the Assembly mot in H soi ret tea to consider the proposition to that ufloot, made by S.erb'nl and llonapartai, and which was combated | 0 an d rejected. It is als considered prohuble that the result 1 j ul ti.e ipsurteclion of 1I10 lltth iu I arts, w hieli could n t . much I.Bsct I ' ke| I concealed from the people, produced its elect, ' diteor.t-au o..g the ehiol's, and dtoutslirogcmaat ' ' and distrust nmnng the people, nriuod and unaruiod, existed, I I I.. I sro 1 lor. i no doubt. (] r.elorc the su-pensiun of hostilities fht* fonsuls at * lit in? bad protested against the b.mibardiu.ut of tha I ciij n |tiv)iic n'u? r from noma -late* mat a graud 1 repabliraii frorcitlOD, at the liead of whioti ma ohud O r I'lluce** iielgtoio, bad taken place tu that city, ! t wiib a view to eacita the population to r?*ai*t to tho f Km t i It I* aid that lo the two day* preceding the nu?p*o I ?Ion of a mi * there ??1 H?.m? hard fighting in the ourse of w buh b?.i h b r? i ch and Unman* null-red ?-verely; and that it win in e<?D* quaocw of the hIn un of the 1 inhabitant*- of llniue that the tfiuuivirate at last deter- * ml it* d to abandon the drfetic* ' It In elated po*nl*ely ibat the l- renrh g ivernm^nt I haw received a t.legraphio de-pa'ch auuoiluotug fit 1 eitry ij the /'refit h army to/# R?,itt nn iHe 'Id. and /H if th*y tinre irietttd with ac iumulion* l>y t/r profile The divi- r pion ef Oerlhaldi bad been O 'liduOted to i lvila V e.-eh a, * where ibey aid doa d tb* Ir arm Two divi-dona <?f tho * aitoy would b** lodged maintained at the eap.nne of the Ho man government The fundi rooe on thia I ft' ?o ? Ill ? ? > MK i ' I he London Sfmndmtd <J' Freedom *f the 7th Inst , ' MUUie Up I he wh? le i>4 payi:? On the :*)t I ef June the C.mjtituaT t At tembly of Rome da" | elated thai d* ?no* w?ono longer pn?aiMc. On the 11 of julj : ( OdiJIob Hanoi auiioaac* d tbi? no** iu tlir French f^exial.%tivo A?a*iak?ly. Acw favorable lo vlie Fruited we hivo all along rweeiv, d vary ?peddy. On tl.r .'Kith of April, the French wet? repulsed before and n? two month* exactly 'hoyob'ain po*?o men of it. alter , much mi*ere fighting, aim when t/eir ?rm. ?n.f artille?y had beta ooftjMautlt lun?a?ed, until at laai tba artny am- mitod tu i. I oil! gti.CN tl Turn I < A ? yet nothing ir known of th? rireninHtai-ca? in which the i rapp ulatn n took |*lare. Probably it will he apparent by- , and- Fy 11 at t ).* F ir li < ** 'j n11 r a* ion . r m y 1 to the11 eoniago?to treachery m to bravery Tb? capitulation waa the work of the t one'iOaml A .*..?? rnbly, w ici w.*o ' elected ty vmvrri'al kiiffrage. The Triumvir** were fharg.d with ibr elocution of theirdeciai'*n. J ho VIimioipality had I . i i . . rug Itii i | ii .i a iiotice ibete |>ai t.'calark, bockufto ti e Ab?ulii!ut and Jceut ] J* ureal* are nde?v<*rmg to insinuate that th Municipal an- . ii <?ti* lea differed lr? tn ?no A* *-wbly m r- /ar<l to thi ? apii ulation 1 he falteh. ?>d ilia? ?h- defetico eat owing to '.ho f r? <> t> ad\ < illurtr*-, l in airport a'*le h an excuhc to Ollloa ' llaitot, ai d every pretext ta ? ite*l to hark it. I Fre?u h Kept.!* iu * have I? n u ale I lie im frrnnrnu in | reatorn f tl e K i k of Rome, in d* hat*' e "f the will ?f vi c K- j inan yp'tit. Tbey hav* dovt the work of tho P??p? and tha , I nr 1 lie French Ko| wM e ia ha - I by the Il**ljr | Alliam e than ia the K* man llepiihl ?. hoemiae f rmi a ' ble. 1 bo oipjouiatir eon e^t u*?w becu.a I an vho French l tiow rtfuto t?? r* at ore Pio Ncno, the ?apual 'he? have taken tn hit nan e' What rt*Lt I a*e lliey to d.fler reapectmg tho t* i ma of the reatoraiinn fr.-ui their atliea, t >e ether Cath<d<? I? e em f Owttal illfoti. H to ae i?i. fa to Mtlla iktN p Iiita with Bar al Kadotaky I'ain Napdeon. who r?w?l hie ? nntry t* unixerml aufirage. moat deatroe i? in noma. If ho rotemporal Mltorli) I 11 However, n- w-a d*va, princely porhdie* proaper overywl e?r- in liermany, Waly and Franc.. K.mie . epitulaiei, and I'arla U in a atato of alege ! lice I'Km pert met Tttw ruKnli* In 4r. AXif>l'f JO>AL ADVK kil OF 1MB HaTILKH fiK'l WKK.M TIIK HI H HI \SB A M> Al/*f fttMNM A.Mli flfhOoNMIIt?AlhOTMfcM MKPOBIBII DAFKAT UK 1MB BUIWIAWB?fllB POWfTfon OF TVMtLMW ? BuMMAHDMKtir or VBH -I bur advfcea fr< m Vienna aro of the let ln?t 'I be let' unfa of the 47 th ull liuo a Lite that on thn |>r*rt<t,ii|i day the y -uriK Kuifmrorleft Brkioanhruon tu pine, bunaeit at lliw head of tba army ( ha bead qoaltera of llaynau tlio O'.iiiinander in-chief uf the A Ufttrlan fnrct ft ate .aid to have been re a u red front Pr# ehuig t* 1 r i It le a ided tba aehewltaoh tb- I n-'ian general ba? divided bi* aim J amiI 9Ml4 tiicIDk toward* tha Dnniitx- In two dial-noon, ?ut a*aitoi Urbrtrna t h# ottn-r ?** n?t IV-ih Hob a^toni arcmiaia Inform u? that tlia rl'y of Raab bn> faliaa lain lb* hatiiln of the Aunria- Kiln-tan arm; *1 bla mat look plar* on lb* Wh nil It ? ruin ir*d In \ hint il l.i th* lni|writll*ii had takan It ha m-ault, tlUr t Ja|wiala taltla, It ap|* art, how*?wr that no b ' a* not tha ran I hi- IIunitarian* aaacuatad ihn Iowa in an oMarl; manro r and although th?rn ??< a llltla cann-a*d<ti* In ib* roar of tb* laliaating arm; ihara wa> no ini . In. f ilona ' 1 h* nialn corn* of tha Amtrlan* rnrnuot*r*d no MtMNM nil ihr; RmM \l-l? "I, Kabulta char to Raab liar* tha II unitarian* had ocenpiad tha In Idp* ami throan tip pratt; troop nilrm- tnu-nta 1 b?- An-itun* rnughl to foroa a pa-*a*a wkai.c* ar-?a irnta raanoi.adliiK mi hoth hiIm which Itttoi 'ir Ihtta bi-itr?. ban tb* oorpa if Banad-k mating fro* ina-a appaan d oa Ilia Rank of i h?- Huuga-iao. ahl Ibttaopi ti lafl tbalr *alr*n?hiii*iit* and fall bar* upoa I i?b In tha ataani'aia I ha main r..rp of iha tlarjar* 1 Imd nad haali atoi iakan up a p? Iiiib bo- waaa <>; i a>n aad Aa* l ha Au-tnan angim-ar* noa thr?w a lia h hud** oaar Iha Kabnln to ra placa tba olbar. will h ban Nan d*?tru;*d b; Ilia llunga'taDa and liaa ng umlt d ail. thalr fornaa on tho opp wit* hank, ' man hi d upon Itaah. Mara i to. jr f umj har.ll; an; ra laianr* al all a- I lia ri ar giiaid Mf 'li llnn^tn iti <{oitiadlha all; a* tha A u-trim vanguard aut- r- 1 In* Iha lo-a on aitbar aida wna im-igniflotat Tha tW" pin a# i f artillar; taken b; tha \o-tilaa* wara ] taoolii rannon N longing lo Iha town and qui'* unnnipilka I ha arm; aa? n-i.tii r xitark d l-or | on it. .| i aa uraa wara. huwaaor, lakau lo laata Itaahon iha f hi a.n* da; and attack tha n-w pa*. I inn >4 It.a > t|)tn I ba aonri martial In fllniuta appolnlad to tr; l.laat Hi Id > atihat Itrdinand < oiiut rich;. for Iha aurraadat of \ atilaa wli Imut tlrlk in* a bl"? tu Ita dafauca, haa found ibal a Hainan *uili) and a hi lamm-d linn ' to Iota nf aoairiilaaion p- n-o n daaoration*, ami tha il|b: to wi at foraiga ordar* ami to tan ;i-ar? c-a lnati . nt In a forliaaa I br It ii-mui ganarai (irotanjaim baring no i tad hit oaipa w.tb tb* wi ak Auatriau dl*l*h?u molar lianarai I iH-lirt at d a f i aa culpa of * una tuimirad I r*n*;l- 1 aai.iatia ntt-iar Iha antortttUa ahialtaitt I'rNtn tnarcinol lot tha b Hilar an iha 21-1 Imiii -Vaira ihirua litata troop* Ma ?#d iha frontier la tan dirm-ltm* On* d111 I n dtrn' ii?iit mi ilar i?< h u; an I tnauoa li H i*.! Ilata, whara Ilia llin-aariawa wara ata'tonail aithru plica- ot cmoo-'Ii abailia liata pt a in t inII qua h*.- I whtrh I hi- II .iiig*4 mo* f> II btoc* on ti.trill. ' Ilia taooail am unit aA.niiCrd lliruugti illntianlia. ati am Nutu Bad ai I aadr* .a ilia *t*at inam-ia ati*rpid il.aioaua; < ha !-.*? upou uailbar aid* <*** thdirldatabla iha Huugaiiatt* ratraatad Iter* al-it, aia lb* hatrli-adi of tank ami f*M*d il.nhwr wara oh at?d aaa; both aol itiia will aaiia oaf >r* narrtia It-n. Ibaut a la gaia llipt, a-<U adaaiicw II p?-?iir# lo klauranhorp It p,ih< I aim a iii b uoi man of 11.a i uiirartau- il-n un lot- aida lo rai ra*i to t ?m ih? atom; and aait t iU to* la an* ?* < in t?? b ar of lua totiMiy iu u .k'< ? >n? w hi-* Ho )!U?f ?l|i ihi?<i ilkl ItakMur ' f Hiffc ?i?1 la lanii> I'll Ik la. mi|? ? ?i|o i !> fa-iam icKwi ?.? ri?r>*p> ???>l ana- WW1 m?d?f dali ai fin -l\\S ifni \n?n- (Mi i?h ilu?ia?"?>i? 'mi i IIik Vs K|| ? IVpMI hum ll> 'tl'H'H ? ? '! ? Sihrin IM hm>(?ilill|iirilpH?a < lial? an I an4n IH k?'l -Kill >1 I lull Ijua t*. t'l I4 I> I I''IK k k" uhmKI ni a It * Purl* kafiuf ri-fn?i| i.t alii 'a- nl a h utilaii if|?? UMiiMgh .|m ?ia On ..?M MM Ik-MMn ?? ' i I ll m i? -ai l ! !> ?? d emu 4 in piia-'ijiii nr? nl Nnim'* 1*1 on whii b h) ib? Ky onp|il? lil? ? tiynm i >? ma. lair**' would I uud?r>-<l a ?"-a? lOHIIt ll in LD. TWO CENTS. country by remaining what he wa*, a awina hard. Percicf, according to the Agraiu onrrannitMi to < on?t /oltung has lost the confidence of his officer* and government. and bus been otiligcd to resign "U ri nmiaud to a certain Toth. who formerly commanded a division uiidvr Aim The Austrian* tlnd the o luntry laid Waste and umongst themselves the cholera la isgihg The Magyar corresnondent from I'reshurg ray a. that early on the morula* of the'41th ult. a stroeg cannonade was heard In the direction of tfxer-d and that the Hungarian* bare crossed the Waag to act on the defensive Sines the re appearance of the cholera at Vienna, S03 of the ef tiiens have been attacked by it ; of then* 120 hare died 02 recorered. and 110 remain under treatnw Of the military iu th'e capital. 20) pease > aeieattackbd 174 have died, 1 >3 recovered and 3d under Front the a'my In Hungvy W-have no i ftlclal rrturne, but the statements prove that huo dri ds of thtr soldiers and many officers hare died of it at Semlin AV harlowitx It Is yet more malignant j hut It appear-, ? prevail most fatally at I'eterwardein, where bundredtr of the Magyars (fatly fall victims to it. it appears from a statement In the London papers, that fifty-*: a H itgarlan h issa-s. forming a part of a more numerous body in the ITduv ireee iruij, whir sought safety In flifbt after the flpa* defeat of t bailee Albert. by the Au at M rt.ira, are uorrticiop rd id the neighborhood of KolksioUo. i? Kent, ill clothsdvwithout, food ah*?|<irely penniless bat still gallantly resolved to devote themselves to their impressed couutry. and only anxious ffirthe no ana so rsaeh the acena :i? a ?i ton Kubscriptlcms are being entered into to enLb e rbcui to ivtnrn to tlltdr gauntry. 1 he Lob don Tmn grv-ys the hdlowlng summary off lungarlan afTaira : tiur Vienna papers and letters are of the 1st Inst. Hull enna pit pi is puhllvif i bulletin with a few de alia of I bo occupation of Hash- It appears, from this locuiuent and from the statements of the iVuloiaet Ksifwwf, I hat the united I tape rtal i-t troops arrived on he vvi uiug of the 27th ult . In the rlciuity of Itaab. \ cannonade began almost iuitnvdiatuly and coutiuued luring the uigbt. so as to impress the Imperialist* with he Idea of an ubstinale detent ts being contempt v id [>y the Hungarians Indeed, it was believeit tint a krt at battle would he fought, and the Imperialist urines were coii-o(|ucutly formeii its a foruitdabl i bvtle lino Tbry advanced in tnree large corps Their right wing was led by the Wensral* Oeuedek and VVol/gemuth It proceeded from Knese. and emlearored to fore* the budges of the river Kalinitx and to attack the nicniy'a lluuk and rear The centre, under <>en. Jcbliek Htlvanced from Hochstrass. and tbe left wing iieiched on the lesser island of Nhmt. on the road of Dunash faily on the niornitig of the 21th. the tirst j ips ct mnn iic> d the attack on the batiks of tbe Kahnts, and proceeded to cross that river near Alda, ibeure (he Hungarians retreated aft r ntirning Alia iridge I he iuip> i iuiists crossed on pontoons t he osition of tbe linn ar>ans e oil 1 not be held, f tbe Im> rialists h ie upon their ttauk from t so. uauud Kns-s; utl lb!" was inpmt effected hy the advance of Utti. V ohlg< mulli'a corps. The Hungarians d d. cousau< ntly. aluiiidon their positlous near Alda bridge, lie right wing and the centre of the luiperialisi aruty aviiig (Uvctid a junctional Alda whence they adihci d agntn-t Itaab Thu hulk of the lluugarian army hU alieady tu the course of tlie night, left the city, ud the entrenchments were defended hut for a short line only and merely to cover tiie retreat of the liunaiIan rear gua'd fhe Imperialist* entered Itaab at 11 o'clock. A. M , n the 2Mb I he bulletin states that they captured l.uns. . r *.toilers fh? L ...... .. ?? Wrd Ha iti nt 4 I' vi . and ihn h- ad-quarters of lb* utpeiialicla are now in that town Our coor. Kpond. nl inform* ua lliat, the llunifariaua lid liut little battle but that they did it well, aud that houyli he lh unable to state tin* whole loss ol the luierial let aimy he n> luforuiiHl that the brigade of lien, itrilnrr luul 0 kill, d ami wounded Weaie further inform, d that the allied imperialist rnopc after adranciD* from the Uukovina lino i'raayitania, separated, and went In two columns to tha initltaiid youth in the direction of Nats ul aud Uiarit and that tline two towni ware occ spied after a lie i t combat Our rorre-poudent assures ua that the account of b (attic ah eh the Hli.iaue are a-aerlud to have fought with the 11 uni, annua at 1.p?-rter, and in whh'h tile turner look tio cannons, ta a Raw invention of the ifloiuta tapers which am always eager to oonfiiHe the hi .lory >1 Ihe llucgaiiau warhy uttering fictitious reporta The H'm.irrrr , a V ieUUa paper elate* that a consplac.y in lavor of i he lluugariniia. Iiac h ?n detected at 'li me, aud that come Imperialist <> Hiatal. hare been irrrelid iu that town. I'nuce JouivUIr arrtTi'd at Vienna on the 2Vth ult. E rill, position ot the rorte with res|>W!tto 11 unwary heruuiea eyery day more complicated It la on eeery tide fraught with danger and diiBculiy Hand' of m> mud. ta are continually making incursion. Into the ili.ngar.ati leirlt. ry I wo rap. dltlnna on a large scale - tlir laet constating af an army of |.; 1(0(1 SxTiaoc under 1 he dorovlrh haw already cro-ced the Oanuba, and though they liare b.en on I. .lit occachma defeated and ilrin ii lurk by Ibe .v.agyars, they are prepared to renew tin ir aggressions ou the ilr-t opportunity Many liundrad mileu of the rnrkiuh frontier ia idsoII' al Willi that of Hungary, and the whole line la fr ua roe enlri nitty to the oilier expo-cl to olo'el-lied anarchy and i onrulcion All that the Hungarian* a?k of ibe I'mt.* ia neutrality; but the Porte, pr,.feeing to lie neutral I- com pi lied by ilussia to sanction erery oil of indincl hostility 1 be Hungarian lieail-quarteraare retnered tofionyo, nlilib ia to ally opposite < nmorn It la now b.-eoiue ijuiIc 11idi nl lhat Ibe ranie aycleni baa been adopted hotli by itembitiskl and Oorpsy of declining a deenira letlle f tne obrioua rr-nlt ol ibic plan la mat the *dlal imp HI III l''c fiont the ninth-weal Will be eniU'rlul r> dined in >trioptiIi by the garrisons they will hare te have in rear ami by the Irsquent poata I hey will l.are to establish to k.. |> up Coniiounirai !<>n through a ho ii|e c. UI.Iry with their h-?e of operation* <. Tgey, by d.cliuiiig a baltlaal tlaab and Continuing hi. retreat toe aid. (.rati eid Impose upon the Au-trlo- Hue an army ih- ncceerily of lean op it gti isuf men before ( m rn Nevertheless, (sorgey would ucrer har? abandoro d llaah eieept wilh the intention ol detaching a portion of Id- (..roe agam-t I'aakewtiacli i L<> leporteil il.frat of the Magyars at Fit I'mijiaa ia now cnutlad ei.d ?v.n by the uilalctcrlaf papers 'I he ii'ttner i way reporta that no the doth a battle In. k plan- near Si. In n bneween the Hungarian- aud the ilu.? a . ran*..a d iinuar < federal IImitger in whl h lh" lati.r ware rielorlous I he v agyara had two hat iniidim in m'auiry nihi tnrae iiiadma* ..r Iiikmk; tha Rliftlniin ?i k?(i'ii w>i* two liauallnii of Infantry and k regiment i>f I "?rark? I he Hungarian* lout <U9 killed TIiIn Intelligence in Hi't b? n-m-ivD'i allli caution, m it C'lni'N fruui a *u*pielo i? i|uarter I bn Jlumian aiiny undrr llrmrtl Pauklawltrh pa-and Kp?rlw no Iki' -iii oil and advanced to nithio foar > iiplirh tulle* fii.m Ka*chau. nburra they Ml In allk Ltii' Hungarian awtpnat*. nbiah at tb Ir approach, vara lira* ii in It t* iinn d iliallreneral Paakievilch aotac nil Kaachau althoui m ating any nppnaii inn Ti an- In Iihwn of great hat He nu th* I I d and it'll kb*v* r pi riea Inturm it' ltii?l*ii? undo Oau-ral I eNUajew, a it th* Hungerlanu undi-r Dmilli n-?l ti.* BOrd'tig ti> the I racnn report after tan ilafa nf larribla hlo. dy |t*bHiig Ibi- Hu-?inii- aara tntuulntely beaten. Th* <D(* I'ultrb l.i'Kinn ill-ilugU'tbe.i ik'n* l*?- gr-aU I; I ba Vienna /. '* .{> a/.ku. (>ni/, m tba other hand, abila repotting n|n?ll; a uanguinary i"ii(lllt ini ili'iaain il<|> make-it nui-h in r?i iji id lb* h iitMann, and *iat*o that tba cirpo ikemota -at, ui'.nnllng m J.i (k ii men au ilrifu bu-i, *tk tba |n*e ad ift raum.n Tkn iKkir) aa? b iwnr. b ni(kt ki mi Ininii'inaaa -aerlic* 3 i/inl ltn?Nia>M having laliaa Letter* fr"in l.roib*ig mate tnat a o-a ita*Miau enrp* of Inta*l*n I- ahnul tn |?a*ii*trat* Hungary if na 4 ry. lb* pa -*? nt hii>a' and Ver*oa?a an I fr "O Ihriire gain ibe plaia >d iba I'baiaa through lane re* 1 h'* I* Ilk ii to* 1'n* of march ehirh ?u iak*a in tba rarly part tha year by tiueral hark*, an |.?t naaI ki i d ad In* army b> h-re h* r. mid effect hla re'r*at lb* ht*d luarlam ot i a*kie*icn aara. <>n tba ifttb nt alKai'iau Ikmui-Mk* kain It la *?id paaaliati'd tn Idatuan. and *r?n althia taelre mil** of I r?lb tn i'tdinann* of I'aaklaalab'a. at Kunhtn, run niamJ* tb* d. It wring up of all K mutu bank imt-a ait hi ti or time* ta> oiy l"ur bauro. uud*r paia ut fni|i'til pin I hui*nt I h* V l*ni.a pap*r the Pre,,*, ctataa that from >0 00b li> Iki Otki h uraind- hare ero**ad til mnuntaia* at larl u p"tat? ik ihmr aay in'O i lau-yluania I da unaka-r nf troop. la evidently gr>..aly e uagg. rati d I b* de'allk id lb* hatil* nf i *t*d i u<ht no llrt ara kt lei.tth g??*n I Ii* lluagariaiia. commanded by Itanrgay In peraoa, a*i* ahnui 3 'OtKi-trung *iih at ptcua* "t rtnki'n iln tha *ld* ol tb* auatriaaa tba ah. I* a-a rp? a.f Wohlgemuth, lb- brigade -4 i'ntl and t * ip* "i I" "a ii ha-.ltn aualii trii' under I'aniotin, a. i. brought Int" acllen I lie aligng.-un ut ia<t?d t 'Ut ltr|l%ih* nanriiing till algbt in tha e?*alag liti-gm iiiviim) If tba iung*ria.i*. but lb* run ian?d fi'rn n.auta ahl*h tb*lr ruamji ma i Irani, turn* I ba rale and be fa peat*d ntm in npnn fVred an. r# tba iBiperiallat* aere hart traded did nnt avrrwl Heorg.y, tin r .attaining lb> brunt a* an-neiiy g *a ly eap ri * Id nuaitiera f..r kaelaa h'.urii a* " l tn intrant ii*i r tba it aag breaking "II ba html mm Ha bridge* at karka*d ami N*gg> .1 hu h had bar*a tbr i?n over Jitiii.g Ilia liigbt I he lata* nu b >'h ?lilai* ?? *ee era t I iia-ian cnael and l- ur other liuaaiau iiinaar* fell, and t b* au.tiian m"r kinder kew priuouert a ire mad*. I he Ihfee h, I eing Hat. pa red and mt light Ii g Hut no i be t u-trian id great antivily ??-ri?t hie in tha dt'lacation id I tb* r.goi bank -if tha I imw it rrrMM. rg p nmi .?j win m il v?rv cwkpjui ?! ?> *.th atuch ii-ary mruhn.j a I ?a?ally I'm o? lb* army uadnr I'rti.ij- **al.-?u It. ?*- wmek ih* rleintty of i'?*in ? in* M laatant !?? ! ? * financial niPMam w-r? *nn<>uii#"it t* lh? liPlrtn il> *?rM uf V l>NB* ?u IV .mill all I'h jar* l? Ikt i R< II tkat lk? Dtul ot VaalrU ?ktll t*> ! < * < ? fi ha tmraii Im lapu* (p4m In auppiy lha ii*ii*i*itunw In tb? ?i?liM|H?f, lliai lh? |?im? anati l?<* <um a ?v 111 III II.aha anluniary riinirikunuii< In til* ?*u a J. Hi* S a'*, i hal Ihrm p?r ei-ut ncli i|u?r km11 In It* muual Hi li.Mii am ti<ri?- >ball V i?uJ a it t iai tlif ranrtl rifk-raul ilti iin k-rn^ a*'*aru<l f.mi lli? ti.limtary eiNHitkaiinm i?f in* p ?yi* i.?t? aurpi t*. If ai.%. la lit ft pant .nar ! Ih* ban* lay m n?*? it* Milw In hai aaamtai nbleh aiiall b* p?i i in fr-tm Italy a hail aia ha iftiulia u ' ba ll^ilija I'm ' *a" tl.titaioti* di'bla ?h rh ?h* haiik anil U>* ? ?"?ma??k I a**' ftvliamial; ami, l%? ly Ilia ftririiifttltn* ! Ilia * put if AtiirMa tmii lain l-ari l^n emuMaa. la In ha paftra Hi a I ha ? agj ar iMirraap nJ- nl frnia rrvahurg aay < hit ally ?a > a ift.irntiif .if Ih* ibM *1* a al.ii?4 nana a I ail a *a? ha aril in lb* ur-* in nl laarad. aa I "1*1 hi- liluyultH ktta irwnk Ilta >V a a* i? am. un in# Hnii?t?? I III toil nl Jia*b la ? ?*?*ra bio* |o lha jar a a*

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