Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 27, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 27, 1849 Page 1
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?! TH NO. 6529. Our Canadian Correspondence. Montreal, July 23, 1810. 77i< Cholera?P<liti< t? National Convention?13 u~ tints*?Madame Lulmrde, frr. Qrc. Cholera and the meeting of the National Convention are now the great themes of conversation with every person. In tKSa nitv (lio f^rrvinr nn 1a Frirlutf l^at Ko? if anything, been on the decrease ; but, since that time, 1 regret thut it has again taken an unfavorable turn, and die reports of Saturday and Sunday exhibit a marked increase. For many days past, the atmosphere of the city has been charged with a strong smell of tnri'ke, and I irge clouds of the sunie have darkened the sky overhead for some time. This bus arisen from large fires in the woods on the Ottawa; and I have been told by several of our most eminent medical men tnat it has hud a most beneficial client in keeping down the epidemic. The numerens thunder-storms we have hud lately have since completely cleared the air, and the blue heavens are now easily discernible. Colonel Holmes, commanding the 2.'d Regiment, in garrison In re, expired, after a short illness, this morning, lie bad been laboring under a slight attack of dianlicea for some days past, but not to such an extent as to cause any serious upprehensn ns amongst his fi aids. He was an old soldier, had se? n much service, and was greatly beloved by thu t Ulcers and men of his regiment. He is to be buried at four o'clock this afternoon. Madame Labnide, the opera singer, was not expected to live on Saturday l ist, having been given up by the physicians, fShe has since, however, ii,o.-t miraculously iccovered, ow ing, it is said, lo a new discovery hi iCe by a French doctor at Quebec, and u.^d by him wuh great success. It consists in giving the p itient large dopes of muriatic in id, or tincture if iiuu, when in the collapsrd state. So greut was the effect of it on Madame La horde, that two liouru after it had been administered she was i nabled to sit up. 1 have been told, however, by several leading men of the medical faculty, that it has been applied in many other cases, and was worse ijmn usi less, producing nothing but terrible vomiting All new tccipes are dangerous, and ought to be well proved before beirg lecommended to the public. Iu Quebec the cholera up| ears lo h ive commuted greater ravages than in Montreal < vmi. The following is a table of deuihs, from the 1st of Julv t.> the 17ih. A coinpleie panic exists, and all pi ices of public amusement and busini is have b en closed. STATEMENT OK IMK!IMfl*TS OK PERSONS WHO HAVE DIF.Tl HY CHOIFMA, SINCE THE HKEAKiV. OCT OK THK DISKASK IN <?! Eiil.C ; ? ju<v * a juij a 11 " ft 1 12 15 >' ? o " ii 24 ' 7 4 ' 14 40 " S 7 " 15 30 " 0 0 ' 10 53 " 10 b " 17 40 In Toronto the plague p.!so committed greater ravages limit in Montreal evt n, the d1" iths one d:iy umounting to n- tinny t.r 53. In Kinjj-t^n the tliieu: e would ti| j our not to have HCi|iureu the mine ' hold, the gieet it number of ue.iths yet being II. j It is tumoured ilmi his excelisncy, Lord iilgtn, h is i been i-utleririg Ifi nt it lor1 some time put, but is now much better. The delegates. to attend the convention, Ironi Lower Cttimds, t??-ii>?y ur Kingston. Mr. iiucku?, whom 1 m< ntioned ttt one of tny forni-r letter? us an annex, tionist, und one of the Montreal candidates, hue. I am 11.< ;?y to he ir, been elected for a place calb d EdwinuM" wn. near the frontier. | lu no euuntoy on tne f ure i f tlie earth are the rites ot tlie IIonMii (.aitholic church so strictly oh- | served hp in Cunm1*, niri where the lower orders . ure to bigoted. Yesti rdny a grand procession | look piece, in wl tc!i all the pomp and dignity of j i'oire lin;h in p' it splendor. It was fur ' 'he purpose of h< :?e? ehiu f the Virgin Mary to 1 drive owny Ihe iljelent. As you may suppi.-*, j great esctieinei t i .vi.ted, and . very soul in the | city naturally turned out tn tosh-t in such a lighteotte can-e. I , >v rdst f IN,000 persons were in the street, nil I Ic,'1'0 at least Walked ia the jroceetion. Tin* -r. at oh.ect of atUation, h>wi-vrr, was a gilt ui ?> of the A*tr^in M iry, about four le< t in heicbili, curried aloft by four men. J uring its progie.-.-, the living no oh kept ch itinting 11 ine ode >ti honor of the holy mother. The c< temoniej alto t'.er oe. npied about four hours. The ? . ht wa% us y< u nnsy s tj pose, imposing and grnnd hi the e.vtn rue. T1 r following . p,\at in the French republican joiili.el. l* 3o el.'i hi'. It I- H ile. criptiiul of the cciitiUM niiiti?iii it no! v ideal in w ii.mi ,a to been- j iruvttu ifcr.ritu.: tiou ni C nutliu? Tai-mei i h . ?ih heru'iia frr<\ sad wilt t>? ?nSd'ttnil i t'i ''ill uioiii tt'ii }<?m I'pp^r ' ana- ' eta wilt lonn ot r trots I irnr i m.nils n ie' O'1, in I f?i-? t.iura wick a ft irrt It.ilepwMlenesof ttis enuntfy '#UI bt "till Sell hj III'. IIS Ot prUtlian mliinMU to tlni {".) nt c uiiti' en by is ii ia nil part.iks and aiMMig ittar by W le n pnorti I iinn'ttaia I."til I lifin w.ll fn rrr pa t h i a I - i* I !. - nt (lovernor of tb? f'late of I *' r ht si ii *111 hi' ii |i in rf Mil |!? n(?, UhaJCttpV* I' II0114 otf tvlh'ol, <! ally unknown to >11 laitlia u-u" " 4,1'n ti. h?ot??. t TP-tin* nuLlherU. as- .a but Z * ' >*". * , <>lt|i'U. althnii. .h b ut. lu '!!' ad* li is Mil* (loii.iv c* aisrter. li e. nil I j. ml.n h w|il c.u. * linn t i l>? kCrai' ill tot a : 1. .1 y l y the a'ninl uanuli iom ?! '?' I tfce |o< I" I'l | ll I l) il a I will U I !) *a<4 | 1 tN 1". it 0'ill.". Mil. il( In Uror of auuoxa tier ahl ttuh I , 1 r il ?l h alt hi.- heart, lit* tiaurti v ill bt 1 - 1 to-1.1 ilo iutu.e t .? ,t In .a?V) ill Ih> < ntit dans ?i I mi. i< 'o j mi.i ? tin lr r?|irii'r|- j l.itin to tin. f . i ii< i i < 11 . ii si hi ll >vn 111i- or bo- ! imvr .1 tint, on IIIU' Jill; ll ifUi'.iliii I lit till' mini III the i ?"l " In ihe con tin tn .I world lit'rr h is not b?ett much (Joint; i i" i?.m l' w wrt'kn. Much int'-ri-iii would I'j'jii i r tn I"' I -i n i'i i\#*w ^"<>tk ho h nihrktt U)T i nr It 11 I.' r. . i .1 I r tli i' iNHwiilirf iiiiJii t> tbr f*.i:j el ?'? 11 i ! ' ,1 |-vird by your governtm tit, oar i.n 'c'. i 'i i'n I it mute prufit iblc to jih)' it iiiiii n .i N w ii rii, i'uii to i i.d tlit tup Iniiliir in I I, tn en ii|K t'j witli tlic Jioliio. I o v- it i it ii n >iMrril iy, who is pcinfr ('< wn to N'? \? Jrth, Iri try nod i-atiblo-hft t'?( 11 liri i1 ij'i . ii m nt.e t - i'i IntnVr fmin l nt ' I Ii t' I ?-t, tlie B.'les (iatitlH lite 1 nit w rrV Kf t? .t ibottt 10,(100 bMi, nt (J 0 i. r i..|iili..r. i \ not ituu-li just g tofa( i.o# fur j .ii*-. j 'J . (Hits, ? *> 51. Fni- no hip vr y luwr. i i "ii low. M nut real 11 ink, 7 J*r ( ? lit bin oiii mil i ilirr luiiki and liuttkiug m I n in i try i i n. Fy mil Irttrr will l?e from Kin r-'tort. K. t or 'mis \riii ''numiii it lot at a f isi mt ? '% riitln. r .I i t- si! nlotiA tint ut ktalHUl" I it. iui' ? riiH ' i on V iliii rWiy rimm* l.n* ? r?,| ? an Ii ill tor tl .i ' ai I r.' , itnl-i tu by Ik r Liit'i-tdr i li.i M il (nil ml |t It < i- ?'"f III* | rrM P. Hok I r r, si. si >t I iHui h ri ;.ubl>At l .0 nciii*. *..4.ii* ? t iii < h Hi' Knrflih north n i.f tin- ill ? i ' t Micudi fc.,r.u*ni f >m tin. f H i,. 11 am , -ut i ti rlt-n r ob-'Tt I.,<t t in. du'-iir. i.i. i 11. 11' in* 1 a|iaratin with mt o ii* li?ii ii hi 1* rr i ! iL"t i l.r ti.alir '.tints hi r* 1 t.iirtl) ill i li i. in a ll$M Bnttr- 'tt- , iiirto tlii i' in a ii i ii. il j?. all n'i Z 'In. ' * r. .i ti lists briii ' rr I hi ailaiui*. ' fli C" '* . i . ..iii . . . km ll * i,t a1* nt i) ? i uu ur hi tig pu i ti 'ti ail f the 'iNMMtl Aatli' u ?V jlfrrc ny. Jtff 21. tain i.iim'k t i < i m ?. u are permitted to pubI * it ? i i i > > Toipilui" l?uit rrcliid 'in la lb) l .i.a.y n I ih(<>u . I **n?*. April 17. 1Sit*. | ll tn7 I'll f l:iM.f t ' <1 Ikr |ii'| l)T ?>M !>? <1 ' ll . )'.> ) | ||| || I . 1 I I 111 >11 I till!" I'IP> .) n? t.i 11 .? (. Ii. r l i . !? tin* I'.i.g i*ti gn*. i nil III '> d an iotrrtl w >nh i I lia i liinr e gorerimr. .Vt IJ. . Ulrttirl. mi d>r oil tli-it I r< it'll n it comt Ij ? .til ILr fPI> ii ir I i ne ttratp, mil" -? h? had ) It.iie In truiti tr> in nii|wr, I he mitt"? "? P l?M to 11)11:1 i h? (i ir |i! if tint I'nip r t > m. '?< ln|'??ilt?t!4t? I' r f inn lit 111" I'll pin " nn. log t,o taferetre to ?> i? i i kill * Nn annmitirril t> t f i ' * ii tl i?t l! i ftt j i . r a- i-pp-ai ii t > hi? it 'if/ ihtoiti city 1 hi' Iimm'mad-large ptc|Mttttt|niiHf r It i i * lb* vl Ic c nt 'ii-i t.' * r. t th fWinc an A f >r"t*n, fliloaitatinl till Him nt t I it.* 4th when ? i <lii ??? I in .1 nt mtiaiii Mit fjlajj all Kifrll-U | ii l^i ( t? ti. i akt i.i .ii i.t f'i ii,c |i f-cii* to i nt'T II cl'>. ll Ii i a i ii .t if. t rtntil in ? *'l r c*tre | 'Ji till' 'n?tM c'1" t if the I an- R'lVcrflOlitat t* i 0- i tit hi rl'J piiT'?|. , )i I.i ul t ii fiorali* t"t all, I til ruler ti e ah i ti ti t t i Ii hero* ij'irrrar-nt TI e be l'.<r <li.?i' I r c i p' ii . . 11.111M they 1 are ?l"?t1) I'l u J In tl. tftti.ip 1lti?(ii4|,| If.ij tarn t rt(( f? tt.e I i : 'I h 'I I. ti i t I hit" ii ' ilnnt t nlll In lu I Krtf tn tltmt tl t?ii(t f c tnif lir. I n in p )? y *, -i it iif't h run ni at , flkM, fcr?'i U 1 s tM 1, 1 Hitnw 11 littlri n a tl' I al fi* the I I I I P 1' ' n*l! nt to giant I.nil H I Nt 0 .'ill rii an ft n a : It t i \ Ii w ami rer lr- < ti> ir rrtdei.t aij. P? ?tiitt ' a I Kr tnterri ?. It if In dmli I i ii ->ii - i 7 ' hat h- * ill * nil a lu .mil it in to ft it* li rriitiitU the wtii |n matter t- Iii ahi J * ' hjio: I't ami mug- the ncti'ti ial ? 1 an t? i il I'h? I ntltah m-rebrt t* bi Id a j- .t i .. In r?ln*i"? In i h? mv*?r imtt'i'ar I te ht?t n iniietni with |mi'n. w.iieh trail* tratelitfiu In nti u? -aneft in armed re- rl< tl* httnlkattrtelai 'air I'rifMMl ilnean aili gf- t V It ?tth a 'hnat tort H bat foreign iteril a liea t " 'ibtfe la lint in- i pltii n Ii ie that 'be h;i*lt-h go. iii nni-:ii * il) ii lit a - r m t fri tut hliaa < l fall 1f . the at a'a ol 1 nn re * tl j -! i! j th'm in wit tnlrawin* trerpa film hrnin It ?i t < j mil ma* a demimtratl'n with ttrrihln ainl bl md/ Unci ?-JtarAcifrr el art.i an. E NE Our Maritime Correspondence, Shi! Okphki s, Pacific (Venn, ) Lat. 45 47, Ion. 7* 39, April 24,1849. $ 77ic Pacific Ocean?Voyage around Cape Corn? Terrible Snow and Hail Storms?Tremendous Gales?Catching Al bat res, 4"c. We nre at lust in what they call the Pacific Ocean, but, in fact, it is as yet anything but pacific. Thanks to heaven we are round that dreaded place, Cape Horn. Contrary to all our expectaiions, we have hud u most boisterous passage. We had every kind of weather off the Cape, and were, from the l?t to the 7th mat , running from the enst end of 8taten Lund to the Islands ot Diego Ramirez, in Ion. (>v; and when we made the Islands, the wind hauled to N.N.W., which was just the way we wanted to go; tMMfMIt^, we lia i 10 stand south. To gi\e\ou some idea of what a pretty place this is, I will c opy a memorandum 1 made on the side of my Hate room. I pity the poor fellows who arc coming along after us, for it is growing worse every day. I think the Oroheus is not one ton too large for a passage round the Horn, a id, as the is not so deeply laden as linny other vessels, she rides the ecu like a duck. In all the rough weather oil' the (."ape, we shipped but two or tnrce ten*, mid tne w iy tltey reared their mighty heads was perfectly terrihe?and perhaps it didn't blow! It really would have required three men to hold one man's hair on. For two or thiee weeks we had nothing hut head winds; it innCe i n difference which way we tacked, the w ind was certain to come out ahead. It seem'd as if nil the demons had been let loose, and were exerting theme' lvi s to the utmost to keep us back. But to ihe inenioriiiiduin. March 17, lut. Ill, Ion. CO, almost dead calm; sea smooth us glass; some <t the passengers, lor exercise, boarded an Lnglislt ship ubout ten miles oil. She was from Loudun tor t'allao. Tins was the only vessel that could stand any chance withes at sailing; 2.! I, hit. -13, we met a " pi.mpero," a tremendous gale, in which the thip was hove to for the first time. It blew " leg guns," but not a very heavy b -i on. It lasted twelve lu tirs. Entail bout on the davits, dipping with every lurch of the ship; pleasant uut 1 hist, tat. 53, Ion. (-2. This day commenced a violent storm, which lasted two days. This was the tits! Miiitl ot Cape Horn weather?snow, hail, ruin, and ship hove to.; sea running like all possess'd, but not mountains high, us some writers have it, only about sixty feet, which is quite high enough to lie agreeable. Ai i.ii. 1?This afternoon saw the eastern point of iriuitn Land, three miles t If. 2? 8now squalls, rain squalls, and hail squalls. h?fcmow slot in: six inches saow ; mercury standing 33. This is the lowest point it reached oh the Cupe. 4?b'tiow, rain, hail, calm; waterspout ubout ten miles < 11. 0?l'usted the longitude of Ope Horn; whipped the black stewuid; taw a m m-of-war hound home. In the evening, blowing like an ISii^lish balk, bo re oow n iiiider our stern, and hailed three tints, '* What ship is that 1" but he being to a hnlwtird routd not hear our captain, although lie fairly \i lied the trumpet. 7? Made l'u vo Ksmirez; wind came out ahe-td; stood south, in company w i?h an Lnglish bri~ iind u Hosti n bulk. f?V? iy pit asapt overhead, hut high head sea. !?-Vt?.fcnt btotm; still standing south when we call sail. 11?i torin continues; l>iand bark both out of siv 'it. 12?Frotni continues; we ran fail a little mdrr c!( e n il' ti penile; wore ship twice during the r i^jlit, el (I pus-ed ti bark twice?bl .< k iu? pitch ? eiu h show ing il;> jiitlit i{, a toich. Thi* uuht wi I' .pt.iiu afraid of ice. Lout time *r wore i-lnp Mi oil X. K. 12? M< i tn con'ii.uii; snow,bail,rain. This tnornll:g Wore i lnii i j .in, 10 a nale; t u a v\ ful; Mnoii It yi ti Mould like to know what it sound* like, when it blows n eutr down here, go into a uristmill, w hi n it is in I nil operation, and you have it exactly. 1!?Mow, blow, blow; wind north. C!ot l> ick to w in re v. e vi re on the 7lh? encouraging; *.t w a ship; caught,three hItalics-?tin-y measured II i'eet fn in tip to tip. These birds, with mother Gary's i hukt n> (u bird tlmt resembles our martin), and (. ape chickens (tlnse look like our doves), hive followed to in pri nt number# since we parsed the Falkland Islands. The hlliatrosa sailing on the w iter lorkJ like a Mu-eovy dock, but ivh "i on hi it'll, we had thi'iii about four tnin s their size. 1C? Part cd a brig supposed tw be a Ciiliforaiun. rmiid n. w. 17 to 20?Stormy, but e> iulinp tip slowly. 20. I?t. 7??S|m kc bulk IVndleton, froin Ca'.lao for New Yoik. 21 to 21?Growing plemuiit rapidly. Forth# last foci o-.ya we have hud a splendid wind lioin lite S. YV., and pomp from eight to ten km ta all the time. At this rate we shall lie in Valparaiso next Saturday I' S ? We errived in Valparaiso nhotif it o'clock P. M . SOth April, wlneh Makes u.? fX? days from New Voik. G. fc. A, Tin. f. ',' ?? Tf ?nr?Showing the rotapiraMTo rnpply ft tli u 11 .i.M I'll" Jear nun i tie e asuaip Jon X <T tint jiariiot fl.r the p-'ru of Baltimore and \atr York :? The Impi lUtton last jiar into the p rt of Xi ? l'otk was 10- 703 bbili Box... l.'M.'J at bears to tha I tut . tcpiiil to . , 4$ 142 " trffi, t'P.( st lit u hiiKii to tl.a hi..1 , ti.ualln 1ft 015 ? "nVli lc th?- to' 1.1 liifiirtatlnn fir the pTt ifNiw % ?rh 171,SM hhdt. 'it - importation I't. the port of I!ut;lrune (ixelUUi of ta les ) for the p i?t yiur. was. 27 000 birds. Yitli j the Imt *' latlotis fet both porta. ]1>H 880 hhj ' J t n atock OB I'diil on the t,r I tnuurjr. 1 b 19: ? tr. New t i 'h ? >. 4 ! 9 hints. I . 14.1'j7. ih ait to 5881 u 102^0 la I.'sl'tBiMe 14cn 11 ti<o "at 'r g the i rtt*e ei tJ"nmprt..ii f. r the , . ,11,11.. .1. It . . .. -I v. IS" >l ft l.t.,1 . I *1 rf m ? t certain*# thr nant? of ih? tfile of tbn tin) elt-ra It l? pnp-rnl I-- ntnlih' ati<l * - bo r far the f?-t f ei-lpta hi >1 prrnat aupply will t, to. [ ' -nil-!} ip* lh<>? waul a n> It l< a wail kii-iwii l?rt that llir anal bulk of I hi- Ji-Iira m(>(ly lm< ba-u IIIc-it.ofrm Ilia |-ri itMiaf anualilm lo tb?-w UH?f I hi ta mil* n< w riinaitiiiK 11 win?titer*hiit ijuanMkmrihi ' inferior" kin-la. hull umi r? i-l> "tin I l l-tm nnj I lain a n.i) - R^Uail, where till* tiiK-l pile* * (retailing I ate crcati-il an ri|n rl llvn ilua Mvait). i oit-lily il ia jMr'l ci'Miniiatlua. ?? taki- ibi an t k in harm in ,\t? or k, Jam aiy 111 1MV. . ... .ill '.IW bl?lf, I)o. in i-hitiln<?) a. >auia p?. 1 toil 1 400 11,000 libJa. Id I--t'*l to-lain "i natal ork, l-|||i.'hu let to j niy lot IMP 101 Ml I At a 41 11. i ijnal to. . , If-41 7 ' Eaaa Mill. ' ... MJ? M 1J<5 4?0 Mi-la. iDipriltlli lit thin ?t?i jort -I ioinra lor MM |i? > iotl ray ......... 17 o - *i I.Yla. Vn'.i i p a total for I- h porta of I.'.'m .? hlnla T< n?i i'ly f-'i tau-1 ti n <f... 1*7 i-'O hti-i-. T1 na *h? ?. i'-r a i|i i rla. i y i f #1- blnla ? it. tl.l ji r'a ripply. i of-' -low th# r -n N ntii. ui -if tra ' t r la kat> inana -.4 iNw yrir. pro it i ttt? <1- | r i - \ .i?-. ,il I- m i I- r.l il.i ale M h'Ihn I r tl.a r> ri i|-ta ian lb |? il a*il nt< 11 k. l-.r i he <tn- utug tlx kit-It:) i'M.t|ti|. niNi-I I hall l-ata a? at tl-i t at trail-ti i f >' ' all tl timm hint* Out at lt? - I't tlii-i a-.Ut pi H n i- ha ht in tha i etrMi tl . 11an. 11 S? t? ? i k i I ka t >r th-- | a t lw-i year* t? r ar> a VH la tl I h-.? at -I It -- i i-. -a-toa a < a lata II a t 11 i v - i u t.i h- . t- ci ? w i i- ? in ini> ana ti il l- rvt- i I kr I i.II II it i our aitaa ii< ilai-ut I* I IV I I U' I?.r ( UlllOMilk. < ikli .tfefi H r t>* N . M I i. | wi >|i gin i i) li r, lliflft!! <u tlTll fl | I :t ?1*> flirt > li m l? r#f?l raf? t tii \ I i r tf> | t t ? I i r.n mi filif. ii't if m.i li'iii I'aKljHur l i.e ?ii. j i - ? lit .it tl | f n i?; 1it : iiImu li I i tl. I n'lirii **; \ VI'nut t\ I irS-HT, I I - ? mil. >, I .1 ' * !* m,l) Mill', it tui . ti I ii ily I#li , .1 I) i lli'l |l ll i . J'IIIII i .'lf. in) i r I mii k t m m - it. i . ji>hu u / u, "I i I ti I hi ?i ji i |i i.i i i li | ti t In 'iiit? iIn,.' i.ii |i Kin h 4 H ' M tli 'if II i irifH* > ij. flit t |or it i,i it" li*lliiii'>r*: t illimn .i ? a ti t.iJ \ t'f i. a I i I ill am i i it h'i W i rnit jilt, t ',1 jr ' an.mi ri'i i lmui|ihtiM. itrnii|i" t ii I t - i ii*l til ; v;*<ii' >sitt Tit- laik in in.' 'iiiriln*- itll If *> I it It r ii lit.i <*tl in tint I iMi I IMcl ro, Willi I fen t. .i ?.i i j . ii t' r : 'i.i- ii l t t Mm. I a. i ?l! * s f" i? ti n^f f I t t V t> r ti i i i tl. I.ntrr, > il . It 1. Iiiikij tf? Ifetstlf V* 'Inn:. Ilrti II' an * |? n tifett* t* lot in th* lit t in nam. ii tlitt l-iih i stit. it, i *iti i t? will frii.ii il it mi it? ran I ifet ci.- ii" A . .1 It lit sat |,i in tt Jr. in '|l?ll II l,i|,|,.y I.i Mil (t . Ii ill. Siiiiii-I I I.ii' il, lU'f. I in Kit, n lima t.i \ tt ki'mmh. ilin m P il ?r?t ij til nil J> y aIIi,, it N r fen'tli*. ami fM?fei n tju'it.- t Mai. m. W YO MORNING EDITION?F1 U(rm?ii Eiulxrailon to America* pRANKeOUT, Julie 19, 1849. I suppose you are receiving in America, this senson, more than the usual number of eniigrsn's from Europe. In Ireland, I understand, the repeal agitation is succeeded hv an agitation for emigration. People do not confute themselves to seeking America individually, in the usual already surprising number, but public meetings tire held to j discuss means of quitting the country in masses, I giving it a political signification In some districts I of that unhappy country, emigration and starvation i together h ive left almost a desert behind. Tru; vellers there apeak of tielus lying uncultivated, of villaires nearly without >m inhuliitn t ua if > lence hud swept the land From Gernmny the I'cie of emigration cannot be much le-s than Ireland. The present unsettled state of the country drives many to s-ek a more peaceful laud Independent of this, the Germans ate taking continually an increasing interest in America and its institutions. This is now not so nint h confined as formerly to the lower classes, but reaches through the middle, Hnd even upper ranks ?t roclety. Already it is surprising what a connection there is between tit- two countries, !>y means of the correspondence of those who hive emigrated, with their friends behind. 1 have been olten struck with the fact, that almost invariably, when 1 speak with any one of the middle or lower classes, and during the conversation 1 am found out to he from America, 1 hear in medianly, " I have h brother there!" or, "1 lime a cousin iheie," or I have such or such a Itierid eillier already there, on the way, or intending to go; and then follow question after question about the country, the b< t parts to settle in, and thu business that best succeeds. An interesting care of the kind occurred to ine recently at llait in, a town of IIesse Cusrel, not far from Frankfort. 1 had stepped into an inn, where I expected to tin et someone, and the daughter of the innkeeper being at the bar, ut.d no one else in the room, we natuinlly begun a conversation. She perceived fit in my accent that I was not a native German, and learning ihat I w m from America, manifested great interest, ovelwiieliiiing nie with questions about the country, puriiculmly wishing to know it it wi le iuvoiable to young men ot the mercantile profession. I whs piling her information to the ' nest of my ability, when some one entered, and observing we were talking about America, let out the secret of the young lady's interest in that country, which was, that .-he had a lover, a young uk icaulile man, who ii.iaou the point ot going th? ri) having promised, if t-ucee-sful in c.-tabli-hmg hlnirelf, to send for her to follow turn. Several ! cases of this kind have come under my observation. In Germany, it is difficult for a young man, with- | out coueidi mble capital, to ectublioh himself in any r? ? , ctable business, ui.d consequently form a niKtriniouial connection. Many young m -it of talent, then fore, arc unable to iisc aliovan ordinal}' cletk's siniutii n, with misty not half sullictenf to rapport a family. Such (hiving ul-o 1 olit n a little c ipil il) frequently quit their country, lruvmp behind a beloved object, as in the above ! case,for w bote lltey hi-' chiefly etuti tl itcd to sick tlieir lottunc, and to whom they swear eterlUll fllfl III!' Mr.l.V nl flu- i -1 ?! -.if i wuy to Anmricn wen' it nut for the ditT-rence of language- which makes ii more dillicult for them to mereril. (>orl. uglinere m at present. however, studied very much aiion^ the mereantil clmi of Cieirr.uoy, and you may, therefore, I thiuk, iii tutute loci, tor a greater number id nuch emigrants. Besides tin e of the chat cter ab >ve d.-icrihed, roiiie rnerei.utile men |ea\e here- with com iderabh; capital 1 know |erton.lly two toother.. .'-'T. us.-e, w I in lift Frankfort lor Arm-noa lot week, i itendli <; to e sti.lilu II in Bnfl ale, or eoine oilier large M eHitii town, ii w hole Beile house for wool:-n goods and Lee. Tliey h tve h f.i'her her.?, in the Ucclh-n trsiete, and a brutlvr ill I ie l;?<;e trade of Fiance, and fiom these lliey will draw ilieir siijsplies. Hut I think it mv duty t<> remark here, that ninny nts ol the mercantile ela-s are Jews, und t! . t iln-ir iiitlue-nee in some e t-en in iy he pre- j judicial to ilie me rr.uitile prole -ion in America. | The Jew.- ot Cie itn.uiV have been till reereutly very Ilil-ch 0| (-re .- cel. Tile y ||,\e b< II di'lVeil, III it tin nt i-i, to in ilerhandej ti iili.ig ami i In atuie', to make a livelihood, .-orne ?>t them. tl?> re lore, ii ive not 11' .It high sense of lloilcr W'liietl We attach to the re pee ', l ie merchant. Tll-y will olte-n t ike* rrlventiige wlmn they h ive op|iortiiitity, and, i:i Older to mi I.e si riieih'm<.r. wIn n they c iiuiot do le tte-r, W ill : e II l.t all t xiie im-|y low pre.-fit. Tlli.e, of ?aiuise, dejtiades trade. Many complainta are made to 1 hit*? llee I lleie. I say tin-*, met to exc te pie cdice against ii people alle.i ty so maeh w re i-gcd, lint enly that Americans til iy In' on ill"tr gi . id. Many.lew - are doubt V- hcnoi. b!>- iii n, but, as a b< dv, in Gcmieiiiy, thev l ave- be en too Militly ununited to ript lily w i: 11 the re ,t of >oci?l), to lie yet e it the K.llie moral level iii till-1r lie i.iirgi. Aunts, musicians, nnd teiu hera form nnotber class, nan b in lined to e nnpiate to .Ann-pen; unit the two former In gili to do ?e>f J b ,r, ^ >a. 1 e-?!r r l b* ? .\ten*t uul (jlt. f i,i:j .ihnn-t ii.-cm r bn'filele e bt Uclc in tin* ilillereace of I,in- ,nr?!e. Ollieiwise tlicy Would e mm ate reuni te in Iy, n? tin.- profession i> lie re v ry much tilled, nt.d veiy |o?ily paid. A tutor here, tu n g'ved fi n i y, who imt lieen to the iTn'vern.y, m l w r.C> ICadr Latin and < ireek almott ue we tl an hit ownlai o. ye-, get* very lotle inot d.irv ih m 4 luted mail on a Ii riu in America. Tim b -I ciniIIa n s* IiihiI If. cktr.s in the in I .likeniiea-el ot I* p-nkfe it?and they ar?* here- pml tu better tit in in inert cilier piuis <1 tli-rm nv- t o .Iy etbo-u ?S<0 n yu r. \\ ith til! - tin v tmi I If..i-l and lie tin I I.e in: < lie , and, if llicy have a family, imp| I'M thief. 'I I.e same rj (Tiddly ill re- pe I t to I IIIKtl-l'.re s( irid I ill" wa) ol pr l> lein *1 aoil literary men Pi me t the?e, however, cmmraie. tin.a a the l e'l tie I'! V I h i - e? ft ' - e r lie' iiiiiil . ll.l til e r i> 111 r Hi'-. I t. tor <h" of nnlrjr. Tli?y lnvf, | ii litili* iiuiii- y, w m ti tn-in* v i i li! lit 11 j: ? i ly it 0 w n irt, but 111 tlii* Writ of Ann rim n ri i-j*clulili (aim. 1 he wnrkii.M ?I. - * if thiwi* ih?t f -It" im>*t intrn if hi Annum, nn<i i lit ni'm iiuninuily. *1 lt< Urm?rf - of ihi>r, wishing to rnng>r f, ii r ill bnuid b> w nfi l' ni''in*. or s hip i> lor hiot.riiBcv. In ootnr f.iti-H rhi* Inwro |>rcMM if llnyinru imm Io n not |n*rfmtn d In* tmliury M it let* in i In - Hull*. 11* im nof * In m oil M I - ivr. II lnMH'tjflt M |?Hl*JOtt (in tin- |?ll r | ??-?:111ft ll ho |im*i | 11 iij in mnnot i , i of it tiorwi nn t y ?< <>ld I ir to in-..,** miiiMiy tfiry, n* in n tin' tl.'iw (l*i ii * id liir i'*?ii>ji('-) r v rv ?hli'I.i ind ' < ui i in n inn f frrvf ii rtiio i aj'h ol* titlii til I III 'mi nlin i II i i,r I .to I'll* fiiitll lfei* tU'ol I I'l'Uir I l|l, II <1 III if llM.l! |I| M-rniij I f'W hnndirtl i.ilmii, i. trnrtiii' to l'h wr t ml h'?v II. till tin II It i'? r* tun* 1.1 I III* ii * l'd\o Willi nrihirp, i - ?'? il m . in it* li-i'Bi fr**t nit. Vi n k? lh? in. tl t> foir. i n I ni'ti'U ill Aniofif, i i I id i.f n n.uii'ii i flmiii itir ldf}'.? I' H'u , ii- I t ikin.'i u,i n.ii u iiinl i iii|Jny fernI, hi Itinit tin cily tor Mir will, i nil mIih hiti hi hi )> I'.rir ?.i>, in i.i i I. ii i in ) l< I' in bu> I.' 'I, ii'I iIn ic MUti'if (Ii " l . l>l ) Im ii iii |.u tin iv i ; i ili/i'ii". I I ifi-i illii iv* i 11 I y I'O*' blr * In mil tfrnirift, tor Ii ) llHVf lid I'll) i III' ?l|rttn'. Hill t'lO III* i!i lit itiil ? ri ni m) if-ci'MMiy to nun il t" ('1*1111111, I .it im v ?ii, fftilfiir U'# tti" fnl in'rlti* j.. ni )( nrkih itu ir rufh r our u fit' * I ( r In i 1.IN 11 Ii.1 I. li v?r w milil rn ; r .V t i OritkMi, I Vri ii,tr i<? I il I iiuf <i Am rii', li il' lie. k't ihh t> ii mid hiiI , Tojrr tli" j>? it m.ti-l.i it * in It iii;: in ih? If ii*, in .Ii* in I I. ii . If li'ff thi r, tli- I iiuT i r? |i. iinMniii'i * iii ?i * ? ?.: h:i r tli* rim T . i ii wi. ( om till,i , Im i >, i , . i'i. w hi.; In j; r 11 r r1, I.J 11 I? I i I I n lull,) ?. I i I, \ III. In 11 til I'll! ill I n iif 11 > . t. n t w Hi ii v Ii cii.ij. it> ' l i flliti <1 v llli ill in. w | i . iii^i I,, . :? -l i'i ii' t tii m Mi ; . i t in i.'i t r i'! it- ii. I I I If Il I ' 11. I ' , I I It t' I H It .1 l. l ; t.? I II (!. L ' I I, If III f1 I !.''f III I. . I ?, . r : (f. .Ill I I I ! 11 . I ' i.i > it tin- v :t. it h" i| ? ii'i ii hi i I i I \ i ii I. tii i n a ii tii . - ii -1 > \ i II . I VI i ll I U' i | v .1 r i | | I I1, .. n! H I" III ?i|? | i. *i >. i tPM'' i I.i ci in ii ' *n> urn in Ii ii t II I l iff II I'l |V> . Hl.ll lull It III."! I Iiw, III4 i II III ' || I II I nil I' I Wil l I1'' I, im I v ' i w i l l j-, ii i > iii n . i > |?i i ' y , !? i i'? I r I'II Mi. ? i i! Ii? mi . ? -.H hi i An 1 n i ,. i <: 11' ? it i . tiir ri ti-ri', i ti> iiir i f tl.? j I. i if lit ii i liii i.i' lln- Ci?:iTi.ii cim^r il *. u>il I il ' ') In* fi ii i |i v 11 tin- ii v r 11 i. ||. if Ji ivi. ), ,f. III I ' I C II ? A I'll ?T II . I it A 111 11' i. I, . V t mm rirl Urn h>- !'i t I. "" wimi, Hi- iii U-M' 11 n r 'ii i < i i i ' A i i I i i i . 'i v f m i i i' ?i' i.i' i i ' i.i i- 111 r n i ' !, v , ( V. : .'f V r "?' If ' I I.I I r'lf ??: '.,1 V. II, I I I W I) ( I 'I ' .. , i I lll.ll.Mr (;!' iljlll'- I I,nli' 1' ill" 1 if 111 I! !l)l|l I. "11,1 j V I I li.'lll I ?V" Vii v i " ' ii -i * r, hi ' i:m hirv h*ii| ih' II i< * in hi I ii? lint n. U'iiliiht?. i'nv v r, i i I if" In li l In if *i fi , in ?hI i I i f N h " i Ii". 'i|i! I; ' t"?|r??M .? i i Ann c.?. (mi, ii !, ii, m ir?f of l -ti i l ? I il i i ti. . i . -10 ill'- ii fi yf %v I . 11 I" l? - i t | in. fi' iM'i-rni iiin i mi in l m\ i?, v.Inin ii, i,? ?frivn,! nitd country, c I RK E RIDAY, JULY 27, 1849. ghe was going with another servant, neither of w Iioiii knew a worij of English, or had a Irienu 111 America, except a servant who had gone over like tli< (natives two years before, and is at present irt Pittsburgh. It must be a great disadvantage to such giils, on arriving in America, tlsit they do not understand English. Otherwise they would be very desirable in American families, ft>r they ate honest, industrious creatures, never refusing to do their duty, und content with moderate compensation ? Corr. of JW waik Adv.

Mlnrrsl Springs of Georgia. I Krom the Southern Magical Journal tor July ] We have had it in contemplation to prepare soim* account of the medical springs of this S ute. In connection with the subject, we had proposed n visit to each one, and through tlie kindness of the chief engineer of the State Railroad, we made w ith him last fall an examination of Gordon's and Kiuiitiv s cpriugt); Having |>r?"VI(>llM1V Keen lit Olie or two others, mid obtained the waters from must of t fit in. lit having iliat some notice, however brief tiud imj>erfect, would do gi?od ut this period tf excin merit regarding the public health, we sub- i nut the lew facts in our possession, with the retrret I that the information is not more minute and accurate in reference to the unulytis of the mineral i waters of Georgia. j I'rohahly no State in the Union possesses greater i mineral wealth than this. Her resources in this i respect, vet unexplored, and very superficially ex- < examined, prove litem to be very various and upp .- t rently inexhaustible, lit Georgia are found cold, 1 seine of the precious stones, mines of coul, lime i and iion; ubo sulphur, tumble, granite, ?Vi\, \'o. t As a conseiim nee to this geological form ition, w e i t have ferruginous, sulphureous, carbonic acid, and , t saline waters. Chalybeate and sulphur springs are , I not uuci mmon in dilleient sections of the State, i 1 and lot years a lew of them have become watering pavtM, and favorite tummr ntmu for a portion i of our citizens. Mineral wait rs aie those w hioh contain so much foreign matter as lo render them unfit tor culinary \ purposes. For this reason many are used for their btip|iosed medicinal virtues. The properties of mineral waters have been classed into tour divisions, viz:?chalybeate*; ferruginous or iron ; aei- | ] dulous or acid waters; sulphureous; and lastly, , saline, or water holding in solution some of the i venous sails. The same spring tuny eontain more ' i than one, or tiiay even |-s all these foreign I no.tteis. Aecoiiiirig to ibis definition and cla ^iliCntion, all the known varieties of mineral waters i ate to be found in Georgia. I JSo iih; lysis of the mineral spring* of th* State i bustvt r bet n made; indeed, this could milv be i uceuiattly (lone at tlieir soar' '', lor with what ur 1 care the water may lie bottled, s iiii" of their i gaseous contents vviit escape. All that is now pro- 1 pmed, i simply an cnuinerutu n ot those no.v ; Known to cxi-U, with an approximative estimate ! of thi ir jualitiiiive and not their i|uunt.tatlv<> pro- 1 parties. 1 One of the oldest miner: I springs of < ieorgia, 1 is the Msdison, eititat d in the county of the mie j i m.nie, being 21 milt - firm Athens, lite s- it oft lie ! University ol Georgia. The water of" tins spring j is chillybeate, II . I mptr.lttire i- 1.2 degrees of I atei,hen, its supply good ; the climate is delightful, i the al l I II.mod.I Ml II - arc Xl't II ..I, mi l Ilif pi.icc accef sible by rallrond us far as Athens. 2 IS si < ana ; ville, hi II lie im'v, thirty inilei fii in tlie Msoitoii'-'prii a-', m the Sulphur . pri^g, hut of liniiicd supply Mill neurir the town is a ; I pplei did hriie ti ne t prin " 'I In- Indian F| i iocs (sulphur) are in the mid- j t tia ot ' it-i ipm, not tar iVoia Macon. The supply ] if the w. ter i- li'Tr suliirii ..t lor cliinking but not for bailin g imposes. The at'coiumnd .nous tire vtry "<>od: lb* can be reached with n a few ini!et> by r.tiiro d Thin I: n lo.ij been one of tli moat !uthe liable ret-orr* .11 our Mate 1. At the .' 'lone Mom,r in in l)e ICalb county, directly on the (.Jeota i,i, is n rliulylieute print', km yet, however, Httrariing htile notiee;? w h n h, itii'i eil, mi y be ei Mtver .1 oilier IVrruginom piings in oilier p t U ut ile .St.ite. 5. The Mi -riwether Spiic; (iliermil) are near the fine Mount .iti, in 11 county bearing th *11111 in m?, uiul me, we beln ve, tin* only natural wuini walci* in (ouigin; the im,?Taluie in al,< ut W) ib green. The nee limn d .tionf for battling at'* I'inil. There are n vert>l oilier rpring* along this rcnite ol mountain!, ucli a the I'huuder Spriur, in I?p?on county, (?o culled ftotn the cnpioiia du( hinge of cmboiiic ucid g.chaly Licate, sulphur, Arc. In Northwestern (Jeornio, known tin the Cherokee country, ti Motion win ** g nio .'ical .- truet iro ie extr . dil yly ilile e 1 i*p, c.\, -! i If 'ft ..I . t Iiiiiicral productions of the State. Here are tli eoil mince, lime kilne, noalble i|itiiritee, iron, sulphur of, Im Ace, < . 'J lie J'cwih r t (.:! _ -. fo n-'tniii frmn tin ir Villi llUt< III d hjdioeeri , .ire in Cobb Citiialy, to t far from Maii< it i( through which pi-"* t;i: Mule iittilroud. They h..vo aa )i t uttr* ted little in Iter. 7. lit wjypd Sprine? rc in CV? co tuty, G mile i In ni die railioud, 1 in! w. a the tu t popular report the part aiimnter. They re tour the iron ore moat I'XIt'loively Worked lit the Male. 1'lie Water is ehaly le.ile. and the i.eeoiiiiu?MtatioOH equal those ol the M (firim mid Indian, their*. 'J he Cehutta Springsare in Murray c<?untjr,hiijh t't? in the mountain.-, near ill" Tennessee line. 'J lime wctei* 1.r< tlron?ly chalybeate, ate very told, vt ry alo.ndunt, end me rituiod in a ruo.-t delightful ( Inn ile. li is u place formerly Ire(|iit nit ri by the In li. ns in ihe rummer. The cont? in, lull d 11 iwh mo or I. m I nne -ee mid b' orpin Kuiliod Mi l |ao.- i.i .. 1 tin t uhutto Sprun.'s, \\ II MI, Willi p < <1 .II I - i j i 1,1 II Mil II | f.rlvi:<i tlic locution, cannot fnil to mak<> j tli> in a iilri.cMnt fi I rent. ! Mi.iii.j |.ithy nr?* v iijiin m lew inil?* < ?<* I ilic inrui* I i>r ill. ,***. ir Itiiilroid, t*v# Ivi* mil. * i In in I .lux*, nii'l ur**,li!:> flu- ( " iiulf.i i#il.? nn.u.iiniua. '1 licy uir vciji liU-'irriHM; l*i>. .k out :a tin* l.i iioiui.r m miii II el i *'. i nt; mill con in mi lime, mljihur iilid ii? n. The t?-ni|?^r?attir?* of thru.' waters ^ in ilie inicrfle of tii- il.iy (d>ni) w.i .Vi 4rg. It) 'II.r (ii iiioii t*'|H n.up* Ml o IK'iif lio- luun**l ivi ll I>?ltoll. I'll.I i or .'limli.! .)'? ol iii I l.? i xtiioin* il :i ii.ill in uy of tin mi it* i il ,?rixtr;? i f < .u rirm. and it-i*d ihmr *? t. iIcr Inn* not i m ii any it... I t Ii ink fui in.-io ? a* , ui .i v . 11 i y I 11 it * tin iiml j naiii-r, wnii.n tii.- -?ui*- g ",{r.ii'l.iri.l limi'e. .' vi r il tin? cold cl, .It Ii tit--|irniT* 1 I I *. II.* I I'll I (J* ytl'l". i I Hill licit', Itlljot W till l.'l" . or tt?o imtifcc J iic ly hh. r gun-d wn i I tin i i.i "hi, ci tnl.iiica w itli il|ihuiit! niiJ c.iftio no t It' (; (fldll Io *1 lllll** II** I In III**! iliclll.It'll), nr.! found w illiii 'Ii- pjvv 11 fori/ y*ndi*; wi.ile nt the tlietni.?.?- o( ImU m luil . .1 |'I . ui i i'iil . rniK, I III 11-1 (I Willi I.l, lllltl * M <J. ' 'I II, to I.fc'l (lit Wltll- ' in ! 0 t* et < I . nether very cold .in-l liti; f-rrni} I,* ii* i nr." Vi huvij tliuu acic-ii' in", ch-i'jbc tc, mit^hii, r riot*,tn tii.-Iii.c *ui<f , itiIiumioc Io-mIiou. Tm y I tie Ml Ihe loot <| Tm) I. r'l* ridu- ?' Iimum: i i . j All ill* re wnl*r? are very al.nuiUnt; iIn ir mi- I n* inlinei k ti? g '1 in* no* u.uiod iiioriH iu,n'ily o in i n t.ia, oiil under in>,.**r i*ir n.ii -ii*, t iij ii v ..Ii in j; | '. ce i. I.tif! t i lie* til one of tt.e c ti i t f Hi* m..M>* in ihr ><iiiih * II. 'I Iii I..ft v in. wi* iiin " are thine* en l.i.t ',t 1.1 M. i.l, in, > re, ' i : 11'.' Ia Mia o| .|>. I , n il tun) I * ii. *i 11* I'"* I.l;.* ? I t !? * i ;<m niiri 'ler.HiM**, ?i*;..'\ '.'lit" h.rdtiy? ^ h? le i* iIn* i*tiiitin.rt I or .** i I. *nro..iJ. nu. the >i c< i. ii,*in ?ii i til i I ii i* mil. i if i i .r V - t n i ?e I ;v r, i .? . In Ii I i i. ' f l.i i 1 ' h*ie Hi It' I i. *. hi w kn i'Mi ...- ih** " c -' i n? Mi I'*.*i on ii ? ii I i | v* ? m i e Kit* t .i loo.' 11 ic. i, ?v >. it ,i r. . i tilt* m m ii ;i iii" i'l , *1 a i.i ! i ... , I. iiin it' (*Ll.i", toil Inter. ii.iit octi'in >1 i coin'ty. a 'i t < nil r?t * c Itly tn.i'li .ocl at. i 'i i Ji < i li ii 111. i ii tin : r i ?-u a i.l 'he i -nu. ? - e ? iiVi r, i.l i i I l|l.*> <>l Io-1 HIM '* fi '.ll l ie a me ' ti e ; r * e * l.i ti j f ?in the f ink ?-t the rivet in J* II.* o.eti . i . Mm IIH Io * '.** I -. to ill i <' >) I It, , II ^ I * *.|. I i , m?l* If' I ill II I .IW .1 , i 11 ei i I ( . o , *nnl ii. . /* . it* in , wi** it I : kr * li into iii. i.i .rr, .r- itui ii'!.:??. file I i ii hi. in ii i i il i ii* il i i iii i -n.,i .cc null t l.ii i ., Mill I. r I MM' "T "0 111 i " li- I IM ' I.I III.* II |? llll I* I. '' I IV ll t ?).lC t III liluilil* ' If III, III. if I i. Ill W*?J I'll I in" I'1 |i HI I li I* lllll'lfrlj i lfi?, v* lllrh i lifilll* i'Vi-l, Mini |llllM m ltd n*l|?.' | ' '11 ?'ii Mi* i??i 'hl Ii.iiim in >* i irmliai hImiiiI lliil . I . II. I'll ill.- ( ll I'l Ill" lll'J'l.l I I HIV llIM ' II. Ill I '? I || i, . t I* U . I Ir ; | I'l It 1 'III llll I'firtl* '/Ml. 1 I'l' Mill i * M ' ''ft Mill] III" , I I I i If m.i I ' i* ll ' i iii. i'i ii ll pin. I ', T | | .J I I. ' i ? I.' Ull'll .... I 41 |( W llll'.| , ] I 1.1 III ll II |l t I llll' I i. II ' ( " 11 '' ''ll 1 '! ' ii ti-*i i mm mi .\i i: i- in r^n i. * mi', jum h.i M I i i> il it,#- li. i i* .-h r a' ".I 'tr .iiii. IV m11 Mil i /> I (. I ('llf ,? I" \*..|l I J |. I. | l |f i i 1 it. i . . it. i ' i | l|i i.i it . , 1 i i i ii i 2-7> if :fa) i i hv li; ifi 1 in,i : i' i " , fl * Ttieif I*, 1ih|?", mil in ti- , I I.i ll II ll ? :l . IIHII' II III llll ?: {Hit III II ill | II ii '. 11 Li i k< i t tin Mil i :i. \i il m.iiiij Mj?iii I .li I i' r I. I ' 1 . ti i , 1 : i ii ' I ' i > . i I il 'I'l ?'k l ' illi ' , - \ ? i'l ' tin* I mm - Kiii?'ik>. ti7i , N in ill i 4 'miiii, I ii i|" , A.. I Hi", mi M I nr/iif. Ymt lonk i.i wtiU| mi mi'iuif iHi* Mill l ill- iilirn lur -I m | i tin 'id fii'iif, III ifi.-hini \ i U: - h ? # Iiuvh-i 'll.i T'liiMtfc t.Yir is rem tw>in *3 lif t>cu?/ [ E R A \ N iukI grandeur for miles <"'[ * }" l1"' ll??'llta?c". Vou see it us it ro.'ls iust below you ; then, as it dashes onwards to the North. nr.,kin* almost a cor |>lete circuit to enter thein (He Cumberland mountains, called the Puca*" The doctor u1m> atafe? in the h'lter the t.ict that /join a register kei>t in IT 12 or '4^. >t w:i8 ascertained that the clifl'en nee in tlie nie.'n temperature be'ween the valley of the river and i he summit of the mountain was (U deg. lower on LcVhout than in Cbattanoi ga. The waters sent us #vero sulphureous and chalybeate, the strongest we have cvt r tr Med. The caiiiiiiori temperature ? the water p'pump and sprin.i) in and about Atigrnta, in t'.j deg. At the l'. y. Arsenal, on our sandhills, 2(X) or in'ore feet above as, is a well 1(10 feet Jeep?its water is Wi deg. There are two pumps irv Augusta of (. ' ! degree*, and a spring lately opened in one of our factories is even a fraction below th: ; the water is pure mountain?probably derived lrom the eiud. The tc tnperntnre of oar up-country witter is HI deg., ? hile hi ilie mountains it is us low us vrl d?-g. and "iti deg. The common temperature of the Saratoga mineial water isf,0 deg.; one of the springs is as low as IS degrees. Wr commend our various mineral springs to the r.otice of our profession; it may be, like our indiimiiouH botany, they are undeservedly too much neglected, on'y visited as 'a.-hionatde resorts, and hm for medicinal purposes An accurate analysis ?f ihem, or well observed eases treated ut iheir sou ices, w ould no doubt enhance very greatly their value. We cannot close, however, without directing the attention of the proprietors of these various medicinal waters, aa we conceive them to he, to the importance of connecting extensive battling establ;.-hnicnts with 'Inm. At Saratn"a nearly every spring liar its bath-house. If good intern.illy, these waters must prove so w hen externally applied. The financial I'o.ltioii nutl llcsotirces of Cunnda. [K-etn the Montreal rt.c. tt?, July 21 1 Such is the title of a pamphlet written by the I Ion. h'rttncis liiucks, and published in Loudon. I tem the tide, we opened the pamphlet in expectation of seeing something good; and the Kngli.-ii people wl o buy it, will most likely do th-: a am, lunc) ing that they will get lrom it a great deal of lilt III II..I ! illll Willi rPsllU'Pl fll ill#* MS I'll I I I > CO. ;ourc? s, nnd capabilities of Cuuuda. Iiut they will be. like uk, disappoint! il. lityond the* tables, tin* information conveyed is ml, u?'.\t to nothing. The opening portion of the 'irodi wit is tilled with such prui;<*ef !< >rd Grey, ind compline tits t<> Lord Klgtti, us a person not iccusti n,od to mixing among such people is apt to jc toiwuid to express, nolens he h.i|>,)fti to he a nun of inuut(' iudcjieiid* ncc ol mind, nnd feels ihnt, wli .tcver his own owuin may have been, liis | Mlli:i|>lrM Itlld conduct, it Commensurate with the In: h position lie him achieved for litae-ell as a mini ler ol the crown?although lor u! ny?entitle htm to crm-ider hun.elfa , ..t'< i:. .m, and should, tin rtdoic, dcf.jii.-c even the a, pi ar.tuce of bring a s)i ( I'hatit. The iniddh , and much the largest portion, is occupied wuh tlr letter which Mr. ITn ks udtlicicd to the Me sr?. Hiring, offering ihem the sttency ot Canadian government nlfiirs in Lonlh i.?or, as old (,'wi ti would aay, to ' 10 ill tlienl o!e i,uiji nt ot the great 1 loose of Usbaldistone M I o." The latter coition contains a notice of the llali. x and tit'' hi c Untlwny. Aa a tin i.uu to iin oh.ect, however, wc consider lie i u(i,. ''let as tot.dly unworthy of Mr Hiirk*. I le i onld done a er< it di id hc'ter, il tie It id do n tin.< to 1 iy out liis .' object acientilicully, and 0 1,11 it C|> |,iojs ily. Him is good, IniwVi i, utid then lore dp wi rcgict tin* titorc tli ai'ore in the execution. Mi. Iltueks may have i.e excuse?that he wiote at a di.-t inec front on he ol uf. n ; nod, in tin . ; down to vvutr, tu v have uij,ui'd that it would be better to giv to li fi rt-. a t I"- had, to n iioiiu at . 11. lo I lis i w, the I mlt of <mi- a n ni ,y tie j, In tied : tint In fti .It i I c? mniiHcton, in putting in that long 1 iter to lilt- li. lliie-. Is not to excnsihle, lor it ; vc) ; no i. i'i in ii, whalt vi r, to i'u' piiidie in .:.J I; i.d, i I l!:t limine, .1 rm,ouices of I a,1.1(1 I, till i uly the f.,c? v\ nh ri peel to lit po.-ition, that I was in ii,in) ot .ni .,.:i m . mid aide to pay lot ins CIVIC' a. I it H.' letter ll.i< il'i! he II |).' ii - d !>y hi ii, 11 '< ( | iii! print* li. Canada, Mr. ilrluch - lit lie * i t the idea th ,1 it would as ton i ,h the people of a itiititd. M llijicks oi i.' i, that what' v .r limy h tic olitlii le late of < 'aliad i, tile puhll'- d ' t will be fait i, 11) 11 i. i I, it; d hy tli j 'oj.!?. L'pon this, ve do not believe tn it tin re is one tit i,t in the roviitce, who t ana I., .i.a uny ld? a <1 ta piiiiiut.ti.r t. -ay, lliote, tli- ic l not one Who Would not I in iff I r It |a t-ojial'y dl honor ?ble toll,.' ii to a I ot that nature. It we wre unable to ii v it, tfi to our ordin try ie. i, j, it woul 1 b II ij^ii io 11cute cxttaJi !iii.iry o us tor the ji irtie. Jfut as our ordiuuiy uiiM tl i vnu me ti ri f t? nt, with jirop' r economy, there is .? ni,- ty |or nt,ear mere, and tli re would h noIcing but the %ii> f I di-:i?"c mid ilislrono-iy attach* in to (vi) (' nudum io thtuk of i-puh lion 'I he followinir statement of tin- d< t an.I iv? is of the province ate given ut tin; do e of the wni| lei:? Itilll i NT V ? IVIMYIAfl Till Kl?A*r!At rOHlllOl OP TIIK r ( *>? >?, oil imk illii or j?* . 114:1 : ? LwbitiU ?. C nvm t C i. u. irrrrM(isiiiiiti?<l I.n*n l.'i'.'oo o 0 ). t .nliiri v i-iliii'ij aland :ntrri*it p iyi.till p I oiajt n 1 7 8 )n., jijtlili in 'audit ( >7:1 ii v c ti ii i I <li t,pul nr. r s; i i 0 0 I In :i(Ji li m M 1U> i 1J 1 it I Mill I *1 CI I Illl. I f I III' ( UUH'IIU.! ti J I 11.1 I unit 2117.1 74 ! a I I Ji III( llntl f ill III ii.14.lU0 10 lO'i i i mi i nnui li.iut\t' li \)J llio 1 ro< 60* vu ji i .? I ?|l' I I I" I;.-(I' ll lljr ? |1 I III |l III Illl pri uil t I iinseili. I: ? or bjnll lltM M It n.Li t: I uiaii 68 Ul b 8 A'.i.2"ti 840 8 II 4 fni/t. CmT'iirjf 47 J "oKiio Wiiikp 4 703'4.4 0 U't 'i l>ii. nn I id on m ">rnl (4 i I'm ial li i i> 410 i) 4 2'i ii iii Inti. J, nml l nUi.i l diii- In (lit linilirf 78 768 18 2'j .in ti. Inn iMi'l'i'i inn I'.r ticbi u< tin 11 I' a i ?t i i pii' ill ra 172 200 13 11 ni'ilin.1 If li" L i I . r. 'Ihi.ii in II In Ilk I'll III- llllb tit tilbLllig I n? ii, h |tr c uiia. fl : r0 8 XJ ."1 OKI 4 il.'i Mr. Ilinckr, in another I tbl \ jr".v ... th<* n in mu ? ? l\ il tl I.I J'l lllll' H' 111 it s, Intl.?it if II *>'i*| inll) in , tili'i li.r tin t i cni'i'iii n in ili? nivih'tijt iiii* ti).? I*- Kt?i( * IiiiiI ill Hl7, nim-n l ion] . ! i " OJ , i. u(J diet* iii?i ui k i i 1.11 i li li't . , tt1 iii l i.vvi (I ii v. iiiiiictl .1 1111 i iii mi, ft?-1 ii if > X21.1.77 li;, M. \\ by ih * ! i > tri.-k Why ?lli' llii 11.i 4 I,.illy Hi (I mImivi* Inn nl ? It ii btuk llii- in-Ill Iii Ik iibi*! Itiiich 11ii.i i. It is beta ( ui CUibli.dl III u'l I iviiii;, 111* I .( i*|. 1 i\y% Iii toilet iir't Cm iv or Attum, N"?*ii.'h J?l| ft, V i 6 David i-ill n ii|'|n I ant. ?? I'll ilium V rriu'lya rt h! . ri"|i in* Ii i 11. ( bi ll ii i i' *! i'i il a t . i* if pi-'ji.i-iy ii i i*titi i \*tty by It ti a i ii-i, In. riU'imifti 4 ' n. 18, 6t iiii |: t.|Hr|i r | 'ii(i'ii' n|'| i rntj .8l.?ll. ti iui - it N|'|. bant* On in .ii u, inlnrt i tc tn? , | nl in I hi-. i m ! I iii-i'.! ?? J .N.i .14, I.l ii A. mil', mint it. in) ii'li'i t. cut limb-ii h-'ilfy, I : uai'i i.i inn 11. n v ulii' i. ? i'l nnil i'111 i u . I. L' i-n! i H .1 I 8* 41 NtMy ill. riti? li- r cut (I It l.o It |ll|i(>i|it. ?u I H*l| II t In * *l. I 11 111*1-1, Iff Hi. I* lit" *|i|it I id ttn mirk am ili'ini-kl. 'i. itn iimml tint tin* inlir a*'|i*Hini Ii u mm ant |.|i??U?. It u.i b Ii 1 it i.i.aJ it tb r No 4) Ait nl r i.i'i'im.t ti i i it.I < iii it i n i-t *1 f'P'iiI? li- i (. iii iili n i 'i'l'llhit tin rniuitt'lu nit t.i r t ft. tilt tn Iblk fk inn ti. i i)kil il ii ill III* n"*t (oral. ' 4V in-' Hvn.i' t'U'lnllU in in' r TP Mblul*' it. i. A. it. 11 ?It ..I til in i* i i l in tn r fin tt J. hit 11 i < r ai d ii I.* t tn)> i iipiiIf. ? < t ' j i.tii nr* ki n ai d ? i tiff# n|i| i liati'.*. N l 61 llnlp I tn, if , 11' Din tit mc *1. i?ii.nil I i fl I.), m f II <(i t N i .ii I m II f 9r hi ^ I'.tbi, v* < i*i k aoi ti l if X| | ? li***. t oi'M fi Arr>?'* Nrtr >?m ?i. Jul? 10?N i 24 w** ' | til llMt )M|< lit J * ? *. * ' ftlHl W?Te C ?!Ua *ti(| Ml *7 lnilMf! A ? Unit ? al. , (> ti ii*t limn-. *?< > r it till iW ? r* ?;??* # fiutl I * ! N.H 4i*l4 U Mil |M ?l ? Hilt ?VH 't I v I AO. \ ?H"?t ?|rW> .*n Il.i on. Sj in i> n !? i U lu 111 I'll w' nn llu r? nitr m V|. . it* ?I| Uti *?l til >11 ?* rwiOlt. i. ' ti I )li> It I tililntlii ' kl. ?- .aim I'. iniir if, |)i frit'** * | ii> ! St# J,. ntgiitxl . n)f- ? lit" I I Hit lit 11 ? it7 I|ii<i?rnlrl >f%ntl Nil . - i limimii I. . t ul'. i M| |i kit .in t ivtur tilt * it #|t uUabt Hit cnlit'i hi'1 I hi ?i((,j.i nt iikiii H In ? I" i.r.i lit :tin ' kin'* i ak inl NO i?k* i HI itm. t|i >i il i i.t i a> <i i?t u.i'h S 31 * ?< III I 11 f I lit It i III b.t t "111 ? l Nil II I * Nt IklUI N 111 nt.. Nil ..ii i? ist iiiiit ktni. Im nt. Ikllll'il kll k I It-1 I I II liu. h ?. t|l|Nllk!ll *11 (It,I i| II il ^i ii^H.t H< i I kI. i ii." 1" i Ikki II hy tin killt Vn 37. 1 I t. ' *iiil.r>i h. t' |tntii| 'hi- llli-hm n.| I liM I ik. I t III p#?i J t I.lkil- am thi*il Kn M it *. Ili- hi * i i IN lit j ik I .1 npki'j a (.(nt 11 n *, -.lit ii rip*? lift lu ..kiit-i itiiil i ru-t l niititkTij ilk nt) l Ut lilt Ik ! kill mi n Ui .J JuljXl.? Si. us wMckbMbl < u i?* ? in>yj t'.u *h lu cf to | i; / ? 55! ! 3 L D. TWO CENTS. la((?a| i'oim?fj Tiik Dkmochatic Con knuon o? Thi Witlint i'miiiuft *?n 'i1* A. il-I.O- i '* I - i? . .-w?% ?nl l,'l - .rtlt* UH.'UDRrtlKJ ' Stale convention of (leoruia the ft'llow.vtw among other resolution*, on well as tlio? o of Virginir, were uuaniI motisly adopted : ? Hi solved, That a strict construction -r the constitution ?.f the Lulled Slates, an t (ual distribution of ! the burthens and benefit* t'f gov. runieiit. in indepen! di nt treasury system a revenue *y.-tein of ti.dlf duties, | opposition to a system of Internal improves!'1. its by tba government, opposition to the repeal or modification of the veto pout r are cardinal prineiple* of the democratic putty, and that their triumphant vindication in the admi Dirt rat ion of J ante* K Polk, bat increased -onfidenre in them and strengthens otir dovotion to their maintenance. ' Resolved, That iu reference to the aubjeot of Rl-vre, ry in our newly ac<iiured territories, we hold the doctrine of non-intervention, which doctrine d-nies to < ongresi the pow er. either originally. or by ratirl.-atlon 1 of the action of u territorial legislature, either for or uguiust the Introduction of slavery into such terrtlnTit* uud holding such doctrine, we should regard the | I'.doptiin tf the Wilmot proviso as unjust and un1 c institutional. and are prepared to co-operate with 1 ?u." triends in rcsl ding its enuctinent and enforcement iiu 'hi basts of the resolution* adopted by tire Virginia Legislature at its la-t session, which we hereby adopt. ' Iter ?Ived, 'I hat den. Taylor, by orgsn'rinaf his cabinet wi til a majority of un u known to be favorable to the Wilt ?ot broth a and by in tor sting hit determination to submit to tlie th-cbl u of that ui ijoi'ity thn policy of 1. i? administration lint giwu just c tu.->eof alaim to Ihe .friei.dt oi Southern rights, which should ixcile In till J'rent of every trno lie.irfed son of tit* Sooth feeling * of the d e| c?t itidi;u:' tiua and the most , determined o| wositiou." The Washing ou (<!a) Oi: t'tr awhlgpapcr alluding to the above rest futiona. says : these ie- dull on. f .r the mot t part. ek,>r#i . the views o| alt Southern men, touching the subjt ft of ilavery all. whether whig * or democrats, unite ' ? a determined red tsnce to t'm exit nrion cl iho Vt Ifwot provi-o to the new territories by set of the uatioiMsf legi -latnro It in eon u d<-re<l utju.t and ?r< ngt'ut "?> - ne great oo partn< r lr> tins gene:at couf< dt racy, and vhould lie resist J by all just : nid honorable moans, Simtd it be at tmnp'.'-d Tue ' gll at dili, ri uce between 'die will ;s is I il. :r uTitl un I this 'jUi-tiOli Is one that 'Hull* ir in the n o ut prnsi(li till 1 i ircliou. I he wll.ira re lieve fast ihi* el .lion Is. at. a'l times fraught wit i itiliieal'y Mid pcrti to our uh ru n- I oion Ami that , -i ile.i d' i-> on no,,*, 1?? rut rita. aid hoatilu pruparat.wn for r rim ?. ar unlullitl I r. anil iuif aoper, t wln-u d"niat.drd. In u rii .'ir Piii' rpmpy. by our in* rc?t and our In ii r V> ii tI'l* hi nr cm ir* n > vrtiiy will nbriuK In in his duly to I:If. ruiiiitrv Hid Liii'S'Mf 1 be result of the lair |.i ? ': tji fliiil nli ctlon I hoy ron-Ht - in ample UH)IIilly iliat Iliu In iiur and the : pits iK he .South will bo ni?i:nui d, at li'ii-1 i r ti.-rui oftlm p run* at rliii'l n I |;l-tl/Ur Hiiyiu.d it. Il is Idle to : u; nn-n thie liiM U. tii u ran tin pro!iretid Tim tv ilnv'.t. proviso euiii.ol 1 I'ounm I lie lav of tun laud at tl;e s.? m1 tirnif liii'i ial Tnjl' r. Is it pxporlod of i'io w lii^a tl 'it they rluiUl br alarmed mid engi.;*ii<i ii> the ti.tauik and si ti'arn of |ir| arail na to n-i-t a aiirjHeUid tr-iirtu ry In a man *b'"ii tlmy have elv v it.i d tu o Hon with tlir iuilrst" raiu-ii of Ids tl J. 111 y ami truth' Surli mi idni Is |iirpo.'iti r 11-, jit tfds t< the j-ooti >u to uld b d is.i rrscy ha* uttei 1 to form the wuig* In ri fririu-r t" tin- ptusriit i 'I hi: nod w'l rr-tsit to (id lU a fi vv io-lauc. - it lias hiccu d- 1 i hi.. I i jiio it II i.i - Tl r lain * peer has of Colonel Cndon I uvr rrviitt d u gr< it rxolti i:ii at unions a p r-? tloncf tlin demon.u-y of Mtn-nnl I'll .v Cant' r '(? ;oit<r. tv?a?ii'K of Ins in .* un lit i. nin r r<? rig that nlri:id> tin- HliiVi'S lii'gi.'i to i-hn v dlse i i? ut a tlnlr oot diiloD. rhiira 's i'o| U wi'V I"'" ml mi-tn ir.l're'ls upi u ibr puopln lo .-uptiri'Hs it bv l.i and lutiiuatus that a rope would li". tin in .tin r.-'iry liiiij; t > stop liin rmu - " 11 iay ?If an aro i' l afi ilitlou st w -re t > rime a ithiu our Li : de? i and proclaim ine ' i .icy d.tatilm i, 1 r t onld tin hmijj hi mi tbe u arest li-uli; and ."ball tto.' who ftoditco -hutlnr r-.citrJu nl and d.soouti nt n ape v lilt entire luipuuity .' '1 lu tnrs il biatr ciiiivru'i n of Wi .'OO'ln is rnlle I for tin* Ttli of Srpti uil r mi as I tlii buiiSi ai' iurontlon tor the 1-th < fti.r ram a mcri'h. (Joy I'ana. i f Vidoe. hn reft! n| to alijn resdutione st- >? I ii -1 tin- rxli uiiiii f alavrry, as a lop 1 by ?'' ? Uego latum of thai ."titr i n a nut o| t'ielr r uitu ulox i piiili ns u;am' 'rlrsliy i ppo-i d to b ha- ulllelally Zpriraid. Th ii i r it f i t ii "hi N I \ rorr. pind'ntof the .1 Iddlrton (N J .) I! on r. of t'm 'l> ttl lust fsp-akii it i.l a iM:;ody which i. > urn d ut S .u'b \n?b i?,* law ih.j.v rlnpr hi which a v r iu r. as s i;ip ad to hi ye lain n utdrri d by I. it 1 i U - band i lyes tin t ! >.. iig icnir l ot.up til* Lurm.i-r'a jury, aid th i ul o-ing m?ii? ft tbr dark do i, il r diaili it ill-* hu?oi 1. tij'h of whom had bvrn m1o.pi.iI tu In'ruijirra p?. atrl frmn tin' i IP 11 ut vilncli i l. i woman'liml It > aI'ols'd, a iM^t tt v.iti.1 Ui liu?haiid'? p'ri itai;tta >n. It ai s i bout do. k In lh?^ wl tt tna iiidiuci' was takvQ.aodb'i . od innrs lin> a ,>sa tl a-i a,' < XtlM audi Ike Mar- I ike I* l!?i '.I r: i ir i" i dt* ? that in a lr ' dark n?a? risible' in t lie on villi ii a n. iiuin! |i hx< p or d that III- '' ?y belt re l.i r tlialli its bit hrr haur and nuliiu I. y .? lr i; ninr tu lotiirr to ibi nl a rain. Sh.- <v :it ibifl. tbiiM i,!!:.:!" I a in !? ftMi b ui I l'.it a'l tl.'ht nt a widow's, who makes hrr lislo.; by nili^ I ,H'r Khp pomplntt 1 during th?i no.dit of l?ei tt olil. aad hi tto iioinllnf irlt t - h m i."?l it a| , ai s va-on her-i a> h olm when b. pi U*tnl hy Ikekftt ai d I ijiio ike atdl u l . ti t ml imii .'t J liuiiiiii t!i* littdir of |io- Jury nid n'a.-t. flviiu i l.r i .' uii'i:'. be heard ut hi * ?. .fw < u. x b t o ihmlaid lo'. ii'd hoder tlm i ' li'io e ii. r. u- citola t. p?r#iil by to tiksi n.-nP" from f.?u I, and the ill n. i,'t.u ' oi c i i 'i' a . a . I. i t r tori iid' iviiiiM in ? 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