Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 27, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 27, 1849 Page 3
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A (Tain In Ttxu. lUViOATlbN OK THK COLORADO?TRAOKDV AT RI'SK? VILLAGE* ON THK RIO OIIANDK. [From the l.ousteu Celt-graph. July 13 ] Wb are happy to learn th it the effort* that bare been made by a number of the moat enterprising eUisena in the Colorado valley to procure fund* to remove the i aft in tbat river, are likely to be entirely aueeoaxful. The raft i* eonaidered lees difficult to remove than was at first expected, and many are confident that the expense of removing it trill not exceed twenty thousand dt Hare Whtu this obstruction in removed the river will probably bo navigable throughout the year as far as the shoals near Celmmbus anil when there are removed it may be rendered navigable as far as La Grange The shoals in the Colorado are formed bietly by ledges of soft rand stone, which may be easily excavated. The only difficulty to be apprehended is this, that the remoral of one shoal by causing the surface of the river to fall above, mav bring other hoals to the view that are now concealed, fortunately. however, as the bed of the river where these shoals may be found is composed of soft sand stone, they can be removed with little difficulty, and when the water is confined to a narrow channel, the depth 111 ay be sufficient to allow a steamer of light draft to run throughout the year. We are pained to announce that Mr. Rufus Chandler was hilled on Sunday morning, the 10th ult., lu the street of Rusk, by General Joseph L. Hogg. The Rusk Ptovnr furnishes the following account ot this lamentable tragedy ' Some five or six months ago. a difficulty occurred here between these two men which came near re* lulling laially. >'r< m that time until the time of the hilling. General Hogg was n#t known to make his appearance in town. On 8unday moruiug. just after sumiee, Mr ( handler was passing from his office to the tavern; in doing which he had to pass at a right angle with a long row of buildings on the street; just as no pasted the back end of these buildings, from a distance of about thirty steps, Gen. Hogg fired upon him with a double barrelled shot gun which felled him to the ground; three other shots were then tired at him as he lay, liteiaily tearing him tc pieces. Get). Hogg, with two or three other men, armed with double-barrelled shot guns, and who were with him at the time of the tiring, immediately left town. He has since sent word into town that be was willing to give himself up and submit to the law. provided his person could be secure in in a mi o iu ineueaiu n .nr. i minuter. me community has lost a highly esteemed auil useful man; aud Lis hiends have su-taiued a loss which cauuot be repaired. In point c.1 talent he stood high; in honesty, inttgrily and niorulity. he was scarcely excelled. Some two yeats ago he cam* to litis plnce, from the army in Ihcxico elotheless and pi tiDlles*. a long way fiom his natiTe State. (Maine) and iu a land of strangers. By a courte of untiling persevetance, industry and devotion to his profession a- u lawyer, he was fast gaining distinction and reputation at th- bar." During the yeur 1838, the llio (Iraiido changed its channel, mid now tlows several miles soutn- westward of its former course. The old channel still carries a stream of smail size, sluggish and shallow The Mexicans call it Kio Puerto, or Dirty River. The island, formed by the mutation, is ptobably twrnty-hve miles in length, . and fr< m eight to ten in breadth. Kl Pre-idio de Man ^ Lleurarlo, Socorro, mud Islotu, are the names of three * villages standing upon it. The first, as its mime indicates, is the site of a fort which is built of adohrt (sun dried brick ) It is at present unoccupied The Mexican government formerly had a garrison there. When the Missourians under Doniphan approached the place, during the late war, the invincibles of the magnanimous nation sloped. The houses are ol the same material as the fort? iu general, small and low. A pig pen, with sometimes, no more than one small porker tied by the neck, and a puddle of dirty water hard by him, 'au enclosure for goats and sheep, and a stable, are all in proximity to the dwelling, In close contiguity is the rlnefltd and garden The grapes ate fine?they ripen in August. The LI Paso wine is made ol thein Pear, neguh, and other fruit trees, grow in every 'direction about town. Pears are ripe in Sey^ember?are dried and constitute an article of traffic* The better class of eitixens have fields in the vicinity of the town, where wheut. Indian corn, beans and like articles art- grown. Flour is four dollars per bushel, Indian corn the same price; Jrijolit (beans) oue dollar and a half. The vineyards and fields are irrigated; for this purpose large ditches are cut and pass through every street in towD. The levee, erected for preserving the villages trom inundation during high water, frequently gives way. The Mexicans say this is caused by the river beiDg higher than the town?probably not so. The produetiveness of the soil is lessened by small salt marshes, which are found scattered, in great number, in the fields andxineyards. Don Iguaclo Contreras, a well Informed and clever Mexican, afttrms that such was not the case, before the river formed a new bed for itself. He furthermore says, that the place Is more subject to disease than previously. Chills, congestive und bilious fevers, visit them every season. Rheumatic affections are prevalent. The inhabitants are friendly to strangers, and extremely well disposed towards the government of the United States ; they are citizens of the confederacy by* choice. They have been informed of the claim Texas sets ud to the couutrv. and are anxious theState should extend the laws over tbem. They are quite inquisitive in relation to our law*?ark that they should be translated and rent to them. Their alcaldes are appointed by authority of the United States government. The alcalde has a sheriff and other inferior officer*, who are charged with the execution of his orders. It is the bounden duty of |lbe next Legislature to make some enactment in favor of these people. The two other towns are very rimilar in every way to the one described. San Kli asario is twenty mile* below El Paso ; Socorro and Isleta lie abvve the former. The population of the three is four thousand or upwards The A ouches make forays upon them, and carry off every thing they can lay their hand* on. A small squad of these red devils could ?tam/irdt a multitude of greasers. The mongrel descendants of Cortex and|Montrsuiua talkterrlble thing*; buqthi lr cowardly legs will carry off as brave hearts as everfluttered at the rack of a rifle The arrival of the United State* troops is prayed for with fervency. Doubtlnf* half the Satth m in the calendar have been promised a candle to aid a consummation so devoutly wished for. The (ialveston A'rws ot the 14th Instant, says A rent who arrived this morning by the Hoiianee. oiortns us that a man by the uame of Bostwick, was killed in l.a Graug*. last Saturday, by Gen. Mayfleld. The difficulty appears to have arisen out o( a special election for sheriff, lien Mayfleld took occasion to remind bestwlck that It did not become him to abuse one #f the candidate* whom he had to recently been advocating; whereupon Bostwick threatened the life of Gen M., taylDg. among other things, that be should never again see his wife and family The parties ha 1 a persooal struggle, but were separated by their friends bostwick then went for aims U> execute hi* threat, and Gen M. accordingly armed in self-dofenre, aud having done so. he walked out upon the open common, when Bostwick discharged hi* guu at him but without effect, (tea Mayfleld returned the lire with a load of buckshot, one of which took effect in the neck of Bostwick who fell. Gen M. then approached nearer, and discharged the eon tent* of another barrel into Bostwick'* brea-t, who then died immediately Gan. M. delivered hlm elf to tha authorities. The trade between Bexar and the frontier settlement* of Mexico, has been considered diminished by the Indlsn forays, and by the trader* at the towns below Laredo; but this loss hu> been mora than compensated by tho trade with the army. Mnuy of the poets nn the frontier west ef the Colorado, are furnished with goods and stores through Bexar i'rovlsinns are also furnished to the posts by the citUens of that tawn llrnee an extensive and lucrative trade has sprung np between It and the frontier posts and settlement* It is said that more than two hundred porsons are almo*t!c*n*tantly engaged In the transportation of goods and military stores from tha coast to Bexar, and from this town to the frontier posts. lenite Oi tubs** iiv Fi.oatn* ?At th* cine# of th* Florida war, th* Seminole lodiaaa remaining In th* Penlotula war* a**ign*d >* a temporary raeldenc*. a tract of land lying between ( harh.tte Hart>->r and the Lake Okeechot *e General Worth, who ma da thla arrangement In 1MI. reported the number of warrlnn left in the eountry at lea than oua hundred In IM.'i, Captain > prague. who had been acting in I lorldain the atead of an indlan agent, reported the number of warrior* at leaa than one hundred and thirty ; and eatlmated the entire Indian population, of all aye* and aeiea, at aomethlng abort of three hundred an 1 flfiy aonla. Since that time, we do not know that any report of the number of India?* In Mori da haa bean offlaially made The rrrent reported outbreak of the 8*tnlnolca haa ariten from the following clrcntnatanr*: ?tin the Atlantic aide of the penlaaula aome four famllle* warn nettled upon Indian river, nearly oppoaita Fort 1'earce. Four warrior* ei?tted thla arttlement recently, where they were received In a friendly manner. After raeeivlng they departed; but a abort <li?tance from the honnee they diacoeerrd a man by the name of Barker, and another, working In an open Held, npon whom they fired. Beth Darker and hi* companion were wounded. Tkey ran, taking different direction" Barker *u pnraned. overtaken, and killed with knivea The other reaehed the aettlera' bouee*. and auccccded In making hi* eacape, with all tba real, to San Augnvtine, Indian river I* rather a aonnd of the aea than a running etream. and the tettier* made their way te Ban Auguatlna in boat*, where the newa created a great deal of eicitement. The aettlement* upon Indian river are aome forty or fifty mil** dlatant from the tract of country aaalgned to the Seminole* remaining In Florida I torn thla clrnomatane* it la feared that the murder of Darker I# the beginning of a consorted outbreak No other corroborating proof* have reached the government; hat the War Department ha* made preparation* to deapateh a anfflcient force to the aonntrT to repel th* Indtaa* If they contemplate other hoatllit'ea, or to bring the murderer* to juatlee. If thi* la merely th* violence of a frw atragglwn,? Bfmbhc July 2?. IwvaaraTiwo Arceswr or 8**t* Fb.?The Tuaearora, fOhlol jttf,*-"/, hu a latter from flanta t a under of May nUt, firing th* following int?r**ting d*# riptlon of that plara and fkliltf, from ?m of a party of emigrant* .? Santa K# look' Ilk* a Urgw briak yard tka hon#a* Tib# unburnt kiln*. Th# paopla ar# laiy?tb# aountry aronml mountatnou*. and ?o*?r#d with anow?nothing Ilk* a farm to h? *aau Th# Matlaan* bring la a kind . of d?i#d g ra#? that th?y full tip In tha ro?ln?? of th# mountain*, and ##11 a ?ra?ll armful for flftr #*Ut*? I Corn *> nar bu*h*l. toff** 2S rait* par lb. Mo*t of th# ' artlal## for *al# ar# from th# Stuta*. Th# Mailran* ar# now oar roiintrymon. but th?y and th# country ar# no a*qnl*ltloa Th?y ?p*nd tbair tim# In aard playing, drinking, cmoking. and at fkndango#*. W# war* at a fandango at San Mlgual; and whil# thara. our party bad about >300 worth of property ?tol?a. annotating of hor###, mni*a. 1>lank#ta and rob**, ha ho. Th# hlriiaan* ar# grrat thierra. Th?y will ant tha button* from your *oat at a fbndango. or anywh#r# among a rrowd. flout* and #h##p ar# plenty float* milk trig a?nt* par quart, and goat'* milk rh*#?* I'JH e#nt* p*r lb W#od I* brought from th* monntala* on thaback* of donk*y?. andaoid for V> rant# par load. Th#r# ara thirty or forty *tnra? In Santa >'#. kapt principally by Amarlaan*. Tb# #o#l*ty I* d#plorahla. All th# hou*** hat# aarthan floor*, and look nnu*ually m*an and dir. if. Nothing would t*mpt m# tollr* In n#humt?arahlaamntryaf Ignoran**, tuparitltion, dirt and po* frrty. Mlaba*l Pual. ag*d fin y*ar?, wa# r?*antly murdtrrd, at Albroagb, VI, ?y hi* irlfa. who I* Inaau* Tike Weather and the Grape. A correspondent of the Charleston (3. C ) Mercury, ' of the 23d inet., speaking of the erops In that State, says:?"In our own State the deficiency In the orop 1 will be beyond the calculation of the leant sanguine of I our planter* I have but little doubt, that there are very few among them that will realize half as much as they now expect to make, although there are not many who expect to exceed, or even equal, their last I year's crop. The April fro?t and snow; the defective ? stands; the grass iness and backwardness of the crops J from these causes (being three weeks later than usual), , would, of themselves, render an average product c scarcely possible. They had, however, improved so t much in the last four weeks, as to induce extravagant * expectations in the minds of some. But whatever 1 their hopes may have been, the two long cold spells of weather,and heavy Uoods of rain, which we have lately had, have entirely tispelled them, and the fact 1 stands revealed to the most of them, that crops must J be short, and I should thiuk exceedingly short. The a pine lauds will yield little or nothing, aud I have no 1 doubt, that iu three weeks the remuaut of the cotton c growing uu 'hern will be destroyed by rust anil preuia- J ture exfoliation, 'l'be red lands will, perhaps, do some- 1 thing belter. The Marion (8. C.) Star, of the 13th inst , says;?We " ici tctujiiti iu imvi' btfu as pour crwpii. ?ua. wna i the exception of those of our own district and one * pluututlon adjoining in Darlington, we scaroely saw a ^ held wli'ch we could call decent. Perhaps we should quality this. however, aud say that if we had not seen those iu our owu neighborhood, we niiabt have consi- | deled the crops Tery good hut where we have seen | whole fields of healthy cotton two a <d a half aud three s feet in heighi. well liuibed aud covered with blooms, aud then suddenly change to where it would scarcely ' avtrtige teu inches high aud but few blossoms, we might m well say there Is very poor cotton. In corn, we are also Tery fur ahead ; our whole fields aro of that dark, healthy looking green which is geuerally found on good land and shows that our planters attend to their land, without suffering it to become ioipsrerishcd. for want of attintion in replacing, through some means, what had been taken Iruui it. AU"thiTadvantage, wo thiuk, is to be found iu the fact, that our planters generally carry on uu extensive system of drainage, which has alwuys proved a benefit. MaDy of the fields, in other districts through which we passed, were completely Inundated and where this Is the ease the planters must stiller, aud in cotton particularly The St Ki awci.-villc (l a ) Chronicle, of the 14th last , says.?'I he weather hereabouts has been anything but ugreiable for some duys past Soma of our planters conipluin that they have not bad sufficient rain, while others have had more thau is necessary. The crops, both sugar aud cotton, look remarkably well, all things considered. The IJo-ton Traiellrr, of the 2oth inst., says:?The late rain did not reach the potatoes, aud unless speedily followed by heavier sho.iers this necessary esculent will he scarce and dear again for the coming year. The New Oil-uns Picayune, of the 18th lust., says: ? We have been informtd that Messrs. Mauusel White & Co. yesterday sold "Old Zack's" cottouat eight cunts per pound, round. This we consider a tip-top price, and we are glad it Is so as he is one of the greatest sufferers by the late overflow. The Winchester FTrgiufjn, of the 25th inst. says: ? We are beginning to he scorched by persisting dry weather. The pastures and corn sulfur greatly; iudeed. if ratn do uot come toon, the latter crop will be seriously curtailed. We hear of showers at distant Eoints, but none of any account visit our neighborood. The corn on the lumous South Branch bottoms, now suffering greatly, cannot, we are told, under any circumstances, make more than half a crop. Most of the wheat crop may be t aid tube secured and iu the vury best order. Some has been threshed, and we are told, has equalled the highest calculation of tb? farmer. We heard of thirty ?u?ru Pf whit* blue stem giving 1 the remarkable yield of thirty bushels, weighing two pound*. ! v The St Louif (Mo ) Rrpuhlican, of tho 16th Inst, says:?We are pleased to hear that the crops of wheat 1 in the (iiand hirer county are not only good, but the i quantity will be greatly Increased by the additional { amount of land brought into cultivation. The crop* of other grain* will also be materially increased, and as it i* the tinci-t stor k growing region in the State, it may ( be said to posses* all the elemeuta of prosperity and a wraith. The habit of" crop-croaking.'' which is so extensive- . ly indulged in in the IT nlted States once or twice a 1 ) ear?regularly about the beginning of harvest, and t generally aloug In lanuary and February, when the al- , ternations ot frost and thaw are frequent and sudden? . is to extremely ab-urd and so perfectly understood, that we wender It is persisted in People seem to have a most <1 happy faculty of not remembering that the breadstuff* j region of the Unlted States extends over some ten or twelve degrees of latitude, and runs west from the At- 1 lantic ceast to and beyond the Mississippi Valley. In so extended a country as this, and embracing so many { different elevations, and presenting such diversities of soil and climate, the chanses always are that a partial failure of the crops in one or two States, will be made I up by the over product of the rest of the Union '1 he v.inciniLUli (?'u--r//e. in commenting on this subject, says:?The deficiency in the wheat crep of (lhio, < this scasen. it is now pretty satisfactorily ascertained, 1 will be about one-third, or from 7 OOO.OtK) to 8 000,000 f bushels This is a heavy loss to fall upon our State, . but will be shared by the people generally, and also, in somo measure, by the importing points that depend 1 upon Ohio fer a portion of theTr regular supplies of t wheat; for, notwithstanding this deficiency, the State will still export a part of her wheat harvest The loss to our large wheat growers will b* considerable, but by I our farmers generally will be hardly felt. The same remarks will apply to tae growers and consumers In southern Indiana and southern Illinois. ' From Michigan, the news is favorable. The Tenlnsa- I la State will probably yield an average crop, at least ] From central and northern Illinois reports are like- . wise good, so far as received. In the region arennd 1 MmMi the grain is eat. and the Journal status that the yield is more than an average one. Corn la 1 represented ashavtnga tine appearance in that viclulty. Similar intelligence reaches ut frem Iowa, where the J wheat crop la becoming one of some moment. The Burlington Hankryr saya that the farmer* havejnat cut and put away "the heaviest srop of wheat ever grown'' iu that State. The berry Is round, plump, and J unusually large. The same paper says:?"It I* certainly of a very superior quality, and the yield per aere must 1 considerably exceed the average of the laatsevaial years These, taken In eonaeetion with the fact that the amount sown last fall and spring was much greater than that of any former year, tell a most encouraging tale for the farmers " The same paper gives ] a good account also of the growing corn of Iowa Leaving the West, we have good account* from Virginia. Maryland, New \ ork and Pennsylvania. The nirhai'ind H'h>t states that >n nil V irg'.nia. east of the mona'aina, the wheat la generally harvested, and that . though the crop suffered first from April frusta, and 1 subsequently from rust, ret ' It will exceed an average onn Ana viuiuar 10 im?, n ib* oum ?i iu? iiiihimg< nro we have to far received from the other Stetea Mined. IheetrtMl ud Musical. Navionar Tiirarnx ?''Nix, theCebmtn,",wmthe firvt i piece played here lent evening. and much fun it created. Jnlin Winane, aa the eeeentrie Dick Nil. kept the an- ! dlenee In a roar ot laughter, from the beginning to the ; end of the piece ; and. though the farce itself la no great thing bla comical acting served to make it pa?? off moatvucceaefully. Moee then made hia trip tot alifornia. with the earn* tela! that alway* atteode blajournejlnga, and Sykcaey, Liae. Jenny and the reat of the crowd were received moat heartily. Surely, never waa any partlrnlar atyle of drama ao auceeaaful aa the More" ptecaa . here they have been playing them for montba In aucceevion, and atill the folks crowd to aee the*, with aa much gnito aa at drat. The new drama f " Jwe in London." dancer by the pretty little Ml*s I>awea. and the faree of tka ut <>ung Scamp," concluded the entertalnmenta To-night Mr. Winana will take ahenefft. A great variety of pierea will be preaented, and a aumber of favorite artists have volanteered lor the occaaion. Bravon'a Thbatbe.?The entertalnmenta here laat I evening were of a moet aainalng deacrlptlon. aa they ^ eonvlvted of three moat laughalde farcer. In whleh Bur- | ton. Brougham, C. W. Clarke, John Dunn, Miaa Mary Taylor, Mrs Brougham he , took parts, and of course, with aueh actera, everything paaeed off Qnely. In the Bret piece.'Terfeetlon. Mlea I'aylor played KateO'Brlen with mncli vivacity, but what we especially admired | waa. her tinging. She gave the aong of ' f.rto la my Itcma" with alitbat pathos and excellence whirh alie ao well knowa how, and waa deaerredly encored ; we cay deeervedly. for really, aow-a-daya. audiences too often encore where there la no particular excellence ( diaplayed. and when the vaat majority of the aaecmblsge weuid much rather not have it all over again The "t onfldenee Man" and hie taking wave were next brought forward, and cauaed ae mueh fan a* ever. To-night Mlea Taylor will take a benefit ''I?<>mbey h Bon" will be played, the fair beneficiary taking the part of Tootv; Ml*" f Wallack wilt, for thi* night only, take fbe difficult part of Kdlth; whilst the re?t of the tact will be the came that baa proved to successful, via.. Burton, aa ( utile; Brougham a< Bagatock and B una by. he The faree of "A Day After the fair" will conclude the eatertalnmenta. Mr Holland having vo- " lunteered to play hla celebrated part of Jerry In It. i We are vure "our Mary." ae tbe New Vorkera love to aall Mice Taylor, will bare a full bonae. Niaio'e Usance will poaltlvely be opened to the pub 1 lie on Monday next. Nlblo'a Theatre la the moat aparlont la New \ ork. and vo well laid out. that from every part of the honee?the haleetilea and saloons? the rprrtatcr haa a full view of the ctage The deeo- J ration* are of the moat vplendld deaerlptioo? the aeata are all vtuffrd and covered, making them eenvenlent and easy. The bill for the opening night incladea two of the best piece* of the Hau l Vamlly. Mr Nlblo de MftM me mgnesi rreatt mr n*Tir>g in ee snori * spare of time erert. d surh * splendid pier# of amusement, and bringing forward the celebrated Herels. ^ Brerrit ma th* Kamilt or TNt utt Ma. Vn HI.? The manager of the National Theatre has generously j tendered bis theatre for a benefit for this family, on Tuf>il?j evening negt A host of volunteer*. from *11 i rank* of the prannlok, will appear on tho ore**i >n. In a variety of entertainment* (.very essrttnn I* being made to present ? grand ent-rtalnrm nt. j Cristsir's Mi**ts*i.a,?" Tbwiw Is no nse In gilding refined gold." It Is laid; and equally oilers Is It to onlogifo tho eieellenre of this company. It l? ao well known throughout tho lopgth and breadth of this oonntry Th?y aro always tip with the tlm.a. and always on hand to amuse ibrlr army of patrons. To- ] night tbey will give a first-rate programme ? iiiaisi Mt su m?The graadrar at least aeenrdIng to < hlnese notions of tholr mandarins and high f (Brers, tbelr manner of transacting business, their s.irial and domestic manners, and their thousand e irl us manufactures. &e . are all finely displayed at ths rl.tnree Museum, in thla elty. Krery person onglit to ylelt It. Ctevir fissoro ?The mnsle at this establishment la nf the eery best kind The balls are well attended to, atid relteet great err.lit on the manag-re. and erery eiertlon will he made hy them, to make the entertainments as popular throughout the season as they hare hitherto heen. Krery evening a first rat? hill is presented for to-night > amusements w# refer to the adTt TtlS. I", ill Madame Ishrde has reanrered from her attack of sholera at Montreal The (amihell's Minstrels are giving ocneert* at Hartford, l ws. I Tb? Weekly Herald. Tho H'etkiy Herald will be publlahej it 0 o'clock o-morrow morning It* content* will embrace ell be Important newt of the week. Tremendone Kullemcnt.?Tb? Rational uLICK UAihJCTTK oflbie week, eoutaiua all the testimony ip to tbia tine in the MeCerrao eaiae. the fumoua letter of >1. MeCerron ; the unique mural testimony of Ueorcu Clark, he boatswain, and Jauius H ayhall. the carpenter, all of the hip ' 'elumkup.with a ? neial review nf the me,and opiuioaa f the preea on the whole trauaaction. Also, its uaual inanity of criminal newa, fco , he.: alan. a correct hiatorr of the ' Confidence Man.'' Uthue No. 108 Nassau struct. Sold ereryrhcre. Trawellcra and others will And a cornicle aaaortmrnt of Dressing Case*, Fancy Cutlery, Portuantcaua, and all artiulea belonging to tlie toilet, at the aubcribera'at< res, U7 and l>7 Broadway. The Dressing Caaoa .re made of ti e moat durahlo material, each pattern container article! of convenient rite and real utility, in the inout uiupaet form, warranted to perfurm the dmiee for which liey are aevrially designed. Q. SAUNDERS h SON, 147 headway, (cor. or Liberty at.,) and 387 Broadway. When the Alarm Bell at the City Hall ircclaima a lire, thuuaanda rush to tho apot, and the current r|ortof the cheapness, durability, and beauty of the Boots, Ihoae and Gaiters, auld at Jones's, 14 Ann atreet, baa had an Beet aliuuat as powerful and startling. Comba.? Ladlti are Respectfully InrlUd o examine the choice selection of Dresa Comba at the aubaori*rt' atore -the vuriet j it beyond all doubt th? greatest la the ity, among which will be found the open ohain pattern, ee euch admired. Alae, can be obtained, every article apperaiaing to the toilet. A. ft J. SAUNDERS, W7 Broadway, between Walker and White streets. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HONBY HAKKKT. Thursday, July '40-0 P. H. Tbe bear* have things all their own way In Wall treet among the funcios. Nearly every etock in the 1st fell otr a fraction to-day. and the market closed ivavy. When such a state of thlaga exists, with tnoley nt four per rent, and plenty at that rate, what are re to expect when money gets to he worth seven and iglit per cent ? That <iuestlon can be more easily anwered by the bears thau the bulls. The bulls have, rithiu the past (lay or two, been making desperate efbrts to sustain fancies. An effort was made by a party >r parties, located notgfar front tbe Directors' room of he F.rie Railroad Company, to withdraw two thousand bares of Krlc railroad stock from tbe market,for the purlose of putting up prices. 81xty per cent, seller twelve ucnths, were hid for one thousand shares, the stock to > put up. A deposit of ten per cent was not asked for; he object was to get the stock withdrawn from the treet. More than a doxeu offers were made to sell tho [Uantity bid for at CO. seller twelve months, ten per ent up, but they were all refused, and several parties ffered to sell the lot at one per cent loss, on the same ime. which were also refused. At the first board, to day, United 8tates 8's, 1862 and 807, declined M percent each; Harlem, Farmers' .can. >4; Reading Railroad. >4'; Krie Railroad, '?, aad irle Bonds, >?. There was considerable activity at the econd board, at little lower prices. The news from F.urope hat had no particular effect ipon our markets. The financial and commercial acounts continue favorable, and there appears to be a nore healthy state of things generally in commercial natters. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer if this port, to-day. amounted to $71,673 80; payments! 1160,568 21-Valance, $1 401.673 22. A $600 Treasury noto was on Tuesday offered to a >roser in nosion, tor saie, wuicn ouc 01 ma nrrn, upon nomination, supposed to be ipurioui; but,upon further nomination, auil (obtaining the opinion of gome of the >ank officers, decided to cash the game, which wag lene. It turns cut to be a spurious note, and whether he person who passed the same knew it to be so or not, emains to be seen. Up to the 1st of July of this year, 3 523 boats passed hrough the Delaware Division Canal at New Hope, and he tolls received were $6,811 30? an excess over the lame period, last year, of $2,062 00. The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company having (lven notice to the < comptroller of this State ol their vif h to pay, on the 1st of January next, the $300.0<>0 of Itate certificates of stock loaned them on the 2d of May, IH40, the Comptroller has glvm public notice to the loldere of raid rtcck that it will be paid at the offloe of laid company, in the city ef New York, on the 1st day >f January next. The stock is made payable at the ileasure of the State any time after the year 1840. The annexed s'atement, derived from an official lource, exhibits the position of the Internal improve* nent debt of the State of Illinois, on the 1st of June, 840: ' RARcaa or It.i.iRets? Isiasmi. luraot ssikxt Dear, Kordxd arii URrt'Rur.D. Interne/ Improvement Hondo signed fry the Fund Com MS viewers. Amount of Bonds outstanding on 1st July, 1847..$3,155 M " funded to 1st June, 1840 2,704 Amonnt still outstanding 361 Internal Improvement Hondo ngored fry Richard F. Barrett, Fund Coonmieertmer. Bonds outstanding on 1st July. 1847 400 u funded to 1st June, 1847 430 Amount atlll outstanding 54 Slate Houee Bonds Bonds outstanding on 1st July. 1847 02 ' funded to 1st June, 184$ H7 Bonds still outstanding 5 Stale Hank of lllinore Bonds. Bonds outstanding on 1st July 1847 175 " funded to 1st June, 1841 125 Bonds still outstanding 50 Hank of ///inn?s Hon-tr. Bonds outstanding on 1st July, 1847 000 H funded to 1st June, 1840 725 Bonds still outstanding. 171 Sterling Hondo 4225. Bonds outstanding on 1st July. 1847 534 * funded to let June, 1844 60S Bonds still outstanding 25 Sterling Hondo ?100 Bonds outstanding on 1st July, 1847 >3 * funded to 1st June, 1840 25 Bonds etill outstanding 8 Rt< APIV1 LATIOR. Number ond Jlmounl of ike I'susus f latter of TlUnnit Internal Improt ement Sonde. (buttlending June 1, 1840 Sonde. Amount. Total. Int. Imp Bonds signed by the Kund Commissioner 301 $1,000 $301,000 lot Imp Bonds, signed by K. K Barrett, kond i nmmls* r, 54 1 000 54 000 State House Bonds 6 1 000 6 000 State Benk of Illinois Bonds.. 50 1 uotl AO (>00 Bank of Illinois Bonds 174 1.000 174 000 Rterl'g lloDds. X22A and 8 fr'.s'e. 25 1.0U0 27 000 Kterl'g Bonds, 4100 and 8 Lx'e. 8 480 3.840 078 $675,840 Steleenent of II It note Interne! Imtn .rrment Serin. Farultd and Kemnming InfunH'd June 1. 1849 Int Imp Scrip, signed by J. Ho?an and Wm l'r>ntU?: ? VkM Hiii'Mint outstanding July I. 1*47, $707,404 7S M bole amount funded to June 1.1949.. 4H0'>u , ;g Amount still outstanding $320 490 00 lot Imp Scrip, signed by NbielJ*. < arpeuter & Trumbull: Whole innuiit outstanding luly I. 1*47.. $'47 071 41 Whole emount fuudrd to July 1, 1849. .. 14.471 41 Amount *till outstanding 13,4ou 10 Interne! Improvement Scrip outstanding. $440 000 04 SInterment ef I lit rime fn/'oul Imprmememt Hnndt .Srn/i, niirifl4>ri4 lo June 1. 184W. end Inter ft ?? tame, lagetker walk Near Internal hapraaement Stark and Inltreal Honda leaned tkerefar. Whole emnnnt of bond* surrendered.. . . $4,724,409 00 * meant allowed M Kennedy. In c m HI* enee with e lew of the Stete of Illinois, approved Keb 2.V 1*47 14,000 00 Whole emount of ecrip surrendered, $904 477 1 4. less amount taken from principal, er, l| retried iuto Interest bonds, $450 20 $04,010 M tmount allowed M Kennedy. In compliance with e lew of the State of Illinois, approved Keb 24. 1M7. $24,215 44, lees emonnd serried Into interest bonds, $214 44 $4,000 00 Total $5,144,410 $9 W hole amount of Interest on bonds surrendered . 1,029,271 54 t mount ef arrears of Interest on sums allowed M Kennedy 4.040 00 W hole amonnt of Interst on serlp snrr?nrrndt red. $107>44 SR; add amount to Interest taken from prtnrlpel. $440 34. . , 1O0.S23 II t mount of arrears of Interest on earns allowed M Kennedy. $10 701 77 ; add amount lo Interest taken from principal. $214 44 10,077 31 Total ?,970,022 72 for which bare bee* taeued * principal rnrtlflentan '.New 1st Imp Htnaka, amounting to 11M.410 M 1218 Intareat Sonde, amounting to. ... l.ftlMIl 91 Total * 8 270.622 72 The Internal Improrement debt ha? not all been rinded; bat the time appointed by tha I.eglaatora for tba funding of lb* old bonde hae ei ?ired. and )> new arrangement will bar* to M made for thoee aa'.atandlr>i( It li ant known what imennt la ontatanding, but It aannot be large. Tha anal debt will probably be prorlded for la a few yearn by the rerenue from tha llllnota and Michigan, and by ibe rate r.f pnblio landa. tearing tha Internal Improreinent debt of the dtate the only part al tha public In |< bl? duera to be prurldcd fur by dlreat tarnation. Tha payments of Interest on the debt th?i ? ? - have not k* *o large on anticipated, nn?l bolder* ef bo >4< I are b#< disappointed There ia. however, very little tuck up< the market, it being held principally for Invea'iueD The eanal baa don* very well thu* far tbl* year; bi there are great complaint* of mismanagement. Tl Legislature of lllinoie will have to pace a law, eo i to aDnul the elauae In the new oonatitntion, regard!r I the appropriation of the proceed* of the two mill ta: j The idea of appropriating It to the payment* of tb principal of the internal Improvement debt, when tb internet ia eo far in arrears, la ridiculous; and It i* aui priaing to na that the convention ehould have be* guilty of euch a financial blunder. It would be impoi alble to appropriate the proceed* of that tax in tli | manner required by the oonatitutlon. The expeni : of an attempt would be very great, without even tb

: possibility of accomplishing the object In view. The rate of taxation In the eity of Cincinnati for tb . year 1840, ia aa follows:?Kor Stat* purpoaea, 8 milli for county purpose*, 0.W) mill) bridge, 0.12 mill; roa< Oil mill; school, 2 mills; township, 1.45 mills; oorpi ration purposes, 2 55 mills; payment of city bond 3.06 mills. Total, 13 25 mills. Increase over last yea 3*4 mills. The Board of Equalization for the current year n duced tbe old city 10 per cent on tho valuation, an added to tbe lots in tbe lltli ward by general increas 35 per cent. The taxes, therefore, for the year 134 on the old city, will bo Increased 20 per cent, and i the 11th ward, about 120 per cent over last year. Tt lands in the 11th ward huving suffered a special ii crease, in addition to the 35 per cent, will pay ate ranging from 200 to 700 per cent higher than last yea The returns of the Board of Trade of England, fortt month endlDg the 5th of June, show an increase in tl exports ef X'650,543, as compared with June, 1848; month, however, which, contrasted with tbe eorrespoi ding period of the preceding year, showed a decrease ill,122,000. The speoiAo Increase or decrease in ear production is given in the following table, aud It will 1 observed that the improvement exhibited is notoaust by a great increase in a few articles, but that it spread over almost ail ?six only, out of thirty-one item being on the adverse tide. Machinery continues to 1 the one which shows the heaviest falling off;? CeNtiEnci: or Gmkat Uhitain ? W i.i:k i.v Eworts. Mo ii IA ending 5 th June. Incr'n. Dec' Article?.' 1848. 1840. Alkali?vis.: soda.., il\27l> Al8,5ul ltver and ale 41,807 37,1*1'8 ? 7,8 Butter 13,*02 17,138 3.638 Candles 4.542 6,06.5 1,527 Cheese ,,, 1,586 1,611 23 Cuals sud culm 81.1*28 80 252 ? 1,6 Cordsge and caldes., 5.51SJ 10.706 5.10? Cotton,manufactures 1,428,502 1,602,3*1 173,780 Cotton yarn 311,160 41*0,1*04 Id.-,825 Earthenware 48 H25 53.27.8 4.353 Fish 5.17.8 S.72J 3.647 Glass manufactures. 21,406 l!',ti74 ? 1,7 llulerdashery and miUeiicrv 63.522 88.527 25,005 Hardware <t cutlery. 131,3-7 157.170 25,792 Leather 23,7tJl **.631 15 770 Linen manufactures. 205,0111 2.'!.61!) ll'.tvtit Linen yarn 2ti,74l 53,573 21,832 Machinery 47,922 46.130 ? 21,7 Mi tuls., 882,030 616,01!! 33,080 Oil and teed 11.383 8,867 ? 2,5 i Painters' colors, fcc. 13,060 16,197 2.31W f?lt 28.402 24,411 - 4,1* 911k niunnfnctures.. '24,534 4O.W0 16,356 I 8ilk thrown 1.727 2,87t? 1,12.2 8ilk twist and yarn. 828 K,t.2ti 7.798 Soar 10,678 10.525 8,847 Mationcry l.'.77t 3*863 l.WI 8er, refilled _ 32 383 34,321 liWH ? ool, suoep or laiuha 4.VH 41,9.11 4" l .11J Woollen manufact's, 426,I4ri 491'.HID 6(1,962 Woollen jam 46,665 63,?'l 16,6.19 Total ?3,704783 4,355,321] 891, (KM 40,; The total Increase in export* (luring tho Hrst II month* of thw present year, as compared with the fl corresponding months of 1848, I* ?'2,247.329. The fir Crc month* of that year, however, as compared wi the same period of the preceding one, presented a d ertaae of ?2,868.{?46, eo that the rocovnry from tl rfli ct* then produced is not yet quite complete. Stock Kxrhsngt. 88160 u 8 8s, '87 11'V's ill a lis Erie RR 59 4(4 0 do 116 135 do 69 l.V?(l do '96 198V MS) Lone Island RR 81 lino do '6'.' Ill* UNI do btfcl 81 mm Ob lo 6s.'90 Ki.Si 90 de b!?) 21 2INNI do 7* 104 2INI do (13 81 8?40 Prnn 5s, 87J< 10 Stonington UR 5.1 UNNI Indian* State 5* 69 2's> Reading KR V, 1000 Erie lids, 7s 163 50 do s3 I V. 12 ths Mtrchan*a'Bk 110 .90 do s6i .V 81 Hank of Aiutr l""'i 2590 Uarlem RR 61 71 North River Ilk W*J 8NI do MO 61 150 Farmers'Trust 39\ lot do sOO 91 60 Morris Canal 9 90 do *10 61 20 North Ri?*r TIC* 112 SECOND BOARD. (l.VN'O Ptan 5* op( 87\ 590 sh* Harlem RR 5,1 6(?m do p6o ?1\ 3?l Long Island RR 81 10 ski Erie I(R 1st dan 60 ltsi do *10 81 (0 do tCmoa 5n So Morris Canal 2 90 do 59* 90 do b80 V (onarltai RR b#i 54 ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY MW, $Ri\ BBWARD.-L'XT. ON TI1K 21d INbTtsr I ' an East Broadway tlage. or join* down liareli sireftt.. tlio Nrwsrk boat, a I'ookot Book tontainm* b twren $.8?i and 84'*', rnrl.isod in a lady's poekst, th* ty of a poor wid"W. The abort reward will be paid by l*a lag the same at 81 Ilirtalou street, or at this uffirs. 8P0RT13U. f 1 REAT BI'ORT 4IN TI1E SAKATOOA TROTTIN V* Course.?Ths pro| rietors uffor a purse of $8?i to trotted for, on Wtdaesday, Aa*ost8, at 4 o'eleek. P.M.. mi beats, best three la 9ro, la harness-thrto or m<>r? to make t ?ld. and two or m. ra to start. A rune of $8"i. two tnil and repeat, tn harness, to some off Saturday. August ll'h, 4 o'rloek. P.M.?Hires or mors to make % held, and two more to atari. Also, a nurse of tTsl, three miles and renoi la harness, to tome off Friday, August 17th, at 4 o'sleea. M ?three or mora to make a arid, and two or mors to sia Ths eatrisa to clvso Aayutt.VI, at R. I>. Hulia* s Adsli llotsl. PATTEN fc CO., Propriotors Ssasrocs Se*mot, July t'?, 16416 WAJfTW. 1 \T ANTED TO PCRCOASE?TM REE OR FOCR PA of Dualliag 1'ittola. la good srdsr. Apply to tti . yrla strsst. la the rtar. JOHN TRAVIS P. h ?W* ol i. elb n to tee. nd han.l pletols. W ANTED?A BITITATIoN AS WAITER, IN A PI sals family, h? a Prolesiant man. org- as e,,?thm: * Msli situation (is fllltd fnrtlio last eight moatba , kno th* eity well, and It a safe drlrtr; ran asms well rseo mended W'suld go a short distance in tks eoaatry. Can area at 82Twentr-f?('rth strsst, sorasr of dth areane, peso ge. r sn the east side; or a a*?e wdSissswsi vn J. t., tisri oflies, will b> attended to. WATCll CA?E If AKKRA -WASTED TKOCOIH .tint woikrim, to w hem enne'ant employment will ri??n. An It to Baldwin k Co., 170 llred way, turner Maiden l ? WASTED?A HOT. IN *lir DM O TRADE?Ol who hna Kern 4n the hueineee noma liar will l>e j refi n <1. Apply ?' MkKRISON'S Drug Stare, (Imoalah etre WANTED TO IIRB-tN ACTIVE AND INTEL! gen I ynnng Amrrkan lad. r yanna wan, who write '>< 4 aa4 imrk haa4?the ailuati a pleaaaat. Addr Iluaineae, at thla ulAca. Mltl KIJ.ttKOt'S. DO NOT f AII, TO BC'T A COPT Of THE SCORNr Ihla wart. It enatalae an erpoeltina of the l?,ttf Swindler*. En-mlly Datrh Grneeriea. Gambling Hullle., J 4lfial Mnrdera. Eifh and Rary Canf<Haf?irafria all pni of the I nlaw, w lib ehont Em original nrtirlee f farn, K eelim aad I eeloeephy. Price B rente OflW No Id fall, atraat. TO I.F.T -THE FRONT BASEMENT AND RACK Ruo aa Rrat Seor of the hoeee 116 Cbaabere at.. aaitabU for Fhyeielen or Dmiiat- The preaieae hara baan neeapied % thff# pnrpoene 4 or 9 yenri, aid bara cm a aa dad a good bi aJaaeo Hoarding in the cocntrv.-a ncmrer o .pereen tea be aaaofnmodalfd with II tri a) a pleneea' anaai'd fera-hneee a*ar Rnartllle, Smai* lalaad, with aa anaataa' Walk of the laaflia, ohara iwa a.eamboa toaak dalle; about far and a half boar a tall fro* tharit Apple to I aria<a Taa Wlnh'e, af etea**-?at Aat 'ap- fa ?f Kal inaau tin at; ar ba Danial Tlaaat, Eaaaailla. Stata Iilaad. Rare cranci por sai.r?the lraii tad hatnrra of a (Inn and Fiehing Te.ale Stare, a due* a food batlnett. Far nartitaiara In (aire of Mr *lwipa< n. at tfet old artabliehed ataad, IS Spraee at, or i II ijry 1 i [ff. I ' Mr a I ay ________________ WASHING IN THE BOISE, TAKEN IN AT NO. ii fi.h'li a'tnar. at the lewen pn? S KM PIE A ROBINSON. WHO! KAAI.E CONMISSIOI end Ferwardiac Merehnnan. Remain City. California. PlNf JlUlltl AND SIITRR WARE M A N r r faatar*. Na. IS Jeha atreat lap aialrt). Cher lea Stew* off era. at trie leweit yrlaea. a eeleft aefnrtment af Raa nrdeh aaly. Na in tattaaa af aay btad. ArtioMe Seal*. Charm Sr. Pint Waiahe* naada aa ta order, wa'.ehta renaim Rrmaeb at Saratoaw durlnr tne aaaaaa, ta ratara ta Broad aay a? Spring < , "r ft?baa 3d. rl ElOBTOM. FIRST PREMISE SIIIRT H A A Fl a whnleeola and retail. Na. I?rnr% Plaei> New Varl and No Rn/al atraat, S>? Ordenee N B Mra end lag and whiaker eellara. and foliar amenta, aad* ba aaaanr TOBOI.liF.RS OP I M.l NO IS I. A N D I.AND AND OK aeral Ageeey, SfriarRaU. Illlaaia.?ASH k DII.I.F. will attend > payiag t??rt. redeeming Innda nnld fir aiaailnlni tii'ea hnrtna and tallmr lllmaia lead*, and deal aia ia all klada af llliaau iadabtadaeaa HORACE P. A?H, ISAAC R. DIM.PR Rgreannrw*.?Meeer* Wndawnrth k ShaM-m. Saw Tar 1 Fret Hanav A C Pre era ' 1 I Lipr assurance- national mmm fitno mp Atafranre Sneiety ef l.nndna aad New York ; capita d?.DfN?.0a<t. A lurr* guaranty fnndbneneted it N - t T"rh. I the nntnea nf three American irwttaea. Preaent nanm tae?nie fmai American poll. tee. f l.'AfiCn New York l.eaal Diraatora -Acting DireptnraforFaly. Join 1. I'nlmer, Fanning c. Tnakar, (Jnrl in A Worth, Bnehe M*Erere, Willie* Pna II. ok. Henry l.idlam P'yre Who *aet neery Wadaaaday. The Median! UowaN **i datir. na i r. m Medieal Ft am in era. J Kearny Krdgefp. M. D , Aleraader E Hoeaek, M, d., S. S Krene. n D Phlef affaa far Amarbaa. ?1 Wall atraet, New Teak, whei #?r?A **1t at ?>,? ?a?|? ?t |>ramlaia( ?'i?r*..< aaaially f? a h?4a term ?f llf?. J. l.KAVn*R STARR, r.#a?T%] A Mat, aaA SiP#rlnt?n<i?Bt a? tha I'ailad 9tat#? I?a?l RoaH. Th. arnnal rt*rt a? th# ar?f < < < . an "fill# m?atinat.f th faaMtatitm K.U la Ua4-a All Mat, M, ?M h iIMh! , Wall (trait, ul #f a?#ata. in tMlllKMM n ?? DURTON'S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STRirr^B ENE m ** tofMinaW . Taylor. Friday . nlag, Jul* V. will he a played Brougham* ,or.Ion of Dto >'? novel of DOMUEY ANU SON ? Mr. Domhoy, Mr. I.yuan; Mr. Carter, Mr. Clarke: Bf Major Jo* Bagatack, Mr. Brougham; Toot*. Mix M Taylor; ('apt. Cuttle, Mr. linrton; Edith, Miw Wallaek; Sueao Nlple per. Mri. Brougham; Mr* Skew ton. Mm. Dyolt. To conclude with A DAY AFTER TUB FAIR-M'. Sterling. Mr Dow " ling; Old Fidget. Mr. Rae. Jerry, Sum IF?a. inker Squall. Ilill ii? Thumpdon, Madrmoieelle Duuiplino, and Ootavtu* Moonahipe, Mr Holland; Mr*. Fluminray Mum Taylor. Bocae, l Dicm Circle and I'ar'iunt, AUor Family Circle, JSe. l? prRTO.N'g THEATRE, ETC.. ETC.-FBI DAI EVEN ? AJ ing, July 27.?Benefit of Mia* Mary Taylor, on which Occasion will he performed the favorite drain k of l)()II UK. V r" AND SON?Toot*, for this night only. Mia* VI. Taylor. Ilurn ton. lirooyhain. and all the talented oompiny will perform. Mr. George Holland, who ha* kindly volunteered hi* nefvioee, nill appear (for the aeoond tiioa in m yiin) ia In* ie singular performance of a "DAY AFTER Til E FAI It?Introducing a multiplicity of change*, funniiaenta, etc., etc., ie ate. '? HANFRAU'S NATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM ST. ? Benefit er Mr John Wiuan*.?Friday evening. July 27. will bo aoted HOSE IN A MI SS?Mono, Mr. Chaefrau. ie To be followed I v NEW VORK AS IT IS? M one. Mr. Ohan.. frau; Joe. Mr. Winanai Charlea Hatoa, Mr. Sovmonr. katy, ' Mire Meetaver: Ituth. M i.? S liouiu. After wli'ioh, the new 1, drama of J|>E IN LONll()N-Joe, Mr. J. VYinaim; Climbing Boy, Miaa Suiaa Dtnin; Mr Gilbert Tborncliff, Mr. Taylor; Koeallo do Bonneville. Mra. Madiaon. To oomludc with a JACK SH El'PA KD--Jack Slieppard, Ilia* E Moateyer: > Blucakin. Mr. Steven*; Thame* Daricll, Mr. J. C. Dunn; r> Alraliaui Mendea, Mr. II Jordan. C ASTIR HARDEN.-SI UMKK FETES.? SIM-EN Dl I? Moonlialit N iglit*. Ticket* 2A cant*. Entire uhanre and . great novelty. Firet appearance of the Aliune Jaeger Band 111 of Swine Siugera. A Concert and a Ball overy evening. u Ticket* 25 centa. ?' rjAKNVMS AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNITM. D Proprietor. Splendid performances in tho afternoon at 3S, nnd evening at ti. The Lump of Hold, weighing over aeveu in ponndk. and brought from California by Lieut. Bcale. Iiaa been engaged for another week. I.aat w eek of Siguor Blita, ' the Magician and Ventriloquist. New langhable Farce* will ,i be enacted nt each enicrtuinmout Also enauted. Mr. Jer ry Mcrryliuld, Mies Uartou, Miss Stanhope, Una Wait, Mr. ' Chapman, anil Mr. Clarke, Tho Albino Lady, Living Orang ?, Outline, a large Living Auaoontla, an enormous Rxt'lesnoke, M ux Scripture Statuary. Admimi >a to th* whole, 25 ouuts. ie Children under ID yarn. 12K cents. ? /A III N i: > E ASSEMBLY ROOM Ml It O) A l> WAY.? K \ i,. j V^' trumdiuary attraction.? Monday next, the.'Vtth of July, hr?t peturmance of the French Opera. Madame liertou. priof madtittn M Corradi, bariton; M. Barton, tenor, from the ,u New Orl< mi reach Oprrt, will appear in the popular Ope n ra of LA FAVOR1 I'K.aud Ualui y'a Opera af OH A KLES VI . >e (Irnl Spectacle Concert, in costume, under the direction of . llr. Plot. In addition, the celebrated tin tin I H >ud will pcr,a forma grand instrumental Coucurt Admission Ml ceuts. ig Boom open at 7. Concert to cotuuieneo at S. .a, ?? OI1 OK EN -OTTO COTTAOB I \ I WE KK OF XI QuugTs celebrated Band, previous to their doparture for England.?(fraud promenade Concerto, 20 performers, on Thursday, 21'tta, and triday. 27th of July. Coacert to commence at half-past three; admittance free. In ease of inulsluent weather, the concert will take place neat day. 81'ECIAL NOTICKti, ? T?OA*DOF I1EA1.TI!.?THE HOARD OF QFALTII OF tej A> the City of Now Vork do ordain as follows: ? ? | 1. Each and every practising physician in the eity of New ? York shall, daily, at 10 o'clock, report to the Hoard of Health ? of said city the uumber of persons attacked with Asiatic 71) Cholera in said city, or any at her malignant diseases attend ? sd by such physician for the 24 hours preceding, aud the nuin? her of persons attended by such physician who shall have ? dird during the 74 hours preceding such report of Asiatic ? Cholera, or other malignant disease. Such report shall par? Ocularly specify the diss a so of each person meutioood tlisre'Ji in. And such report shall also contain ths birth- place, rsnidrnee, sex, and occupation of tho person so sick or dead (if ? the same ran be ascertained), aud the age of the person so ? sisk or dead. ? | 2. Such daily report shall be signed with the name of the ? physician making the same, and Shall he left daily, and hr? fore the hour ol 11 o'clock each day, at one of the Statieu!?2 houses of the several W ards In this city, with the Captains ol ? rolice, or some person in charge thereof, directed to the Pre26 (Meat of the Board of Health of the City of New York ; and the person so reeeiviag the same shall immediately eauss to Xil ho delivered the several reports so received, at tho ot&oe of the Board of Uealtli. in the City Hall of said city. ? IS. Each and every physician who shnll neglect or refuse to make such report, aud delivtr the same as aforesnid, shall he proceeded against as prsvidsd in and by the sixth section of the act of Juno 22d. 1" tj By order of the Roard of Health. _ JAMES KRLI,Y, ('resident pro tern. ? N. B.?The Board of Health, for the information of rdiysl? elans and others, publish the sixth sect ion of the net or Xunc J2d, lc.T2, now in fores, and wliish is as follows ? tgj 0. Every person who shall wilfully violate any regulations so t<> be made and published by any such Hoard of Te Health, (hull he deemed gutltv of a misdemeanor; and, oa re conviction thereof, shall he subjected to flue and Imprisonment, or both, at the diseretinu of the Court ; such hue not st to eieeed one thousand dollars, nor sueb imprisonment two tb es g- TWOTICI TO KAILKOAD CONTRACTORS ?OFFICE AT Panama Railroad Company, 74 Broadway, New York, 19 July 2.'>. 1Mb?On the 15th a ay of August nest, tho maps, plans, profiles and specifications of that portion of the Panama Railroad, which it is proposed to place under contract, will he ready for exhibition at the sfhee. Sealed proposals, *2 addressed to Frauds Spies, Secretary of the Company, and endorsed " Proposals to cunstruot Panama Railroad." for that part of the work betweea the Chagros river aud the Pa'g etfic ocean, being about twenty miles, (conformable to the *4 plans, specifleatiuns, be., wliieti mar be sxhihited.) will bs received by the Company, at their otoce, until 12 s clock. M., the 15th day of September next. The Company reserves the right of aeeeptiag er rejecting any. or all, the proposals that may he oflered. TIIOM IS W. LL'DLOw, PresiJtut. Ig kit ami is Spies, Secretary. jc BALKS OT AUCTION. '* A BRIAN II. MILLER. A I'CTION EER.--UN ITED States J\ Sale.?Saturday. July 2*. at 12 o'olock, in frmit af the ljarpce Office, Whitehall t..byord*r of If. llaiaell, ? <(. '? C illeftor of the I'ort. th. f nllow inn Lnrtiilee belonging to the toittd State* Marine Seretaa. will be *?ld for < aao ? I copper fattened 1/aunch. 13< Ulorka, Iff luleoellaneoua Flaga, 23 Dead Even, 7 bene* Belaying Pin, .34 eanittere Shot. VJ 12 lb. u Wind Shot, 14?'J SI lb*. Cr?i? Shot, 7n 12 lb fantatera. 40 V lb. Grape, V llammonke, S I'ai'iui Bote*, 2 Medicine 1'heei*. _ 1 Seitant. 3 large treurparent Compaeeea. 2 Boat t eipaaree, ? S old S, alee, in l,eg Gla*iee, 1 bottle Mercury. I oil hree* S| raking Trumpet. 2 Octant Cat**, I old llinnaele, fl Cloth** ' llaee, 2 Jibe ana Jih ItiM.ina, H lb.ardinc Pike*. I Cabin Store, 3 Moobjr llati'lie*, 17 old liattla lantern*, 4 Onarter llatehee. 14 iron Water Taak*. 4 old Deck Awnir**. 3 Lower Otfl, I " bwmgug lloom, I Ml Window Glaae. h?10; 3 Lower Mail V Cap*. 13 Hut lleun*. I copper I'nmp. II role. I.awe ?,f I'nited ay Statee. I l ut I'lloto, I Nartgalnr, 2 ilaeiler'* Table*. 1 e- llaewell'* 2 Sign ( oil**. I Sumner'* Method, lot of CharM, lot r- of old lion, Cnppcraiia l.etd. lie. Wr" A I TER ORtr.NOrOn, Al'CTIONKF.R.-rARrRTS, Ru**. Gil Cb the. Rod*, ke. lie., at miction. ?Walter CrrtBGii*h k Co. will eell, Friday. (Tbl* I>oy.| at t*a o'clock, (without raerard to weather,) at the Store, lit Bow ery, v" ky, rdcr if tL* aeeiprnoe. the entire emrk ,,f Thrie I'ly and In'0 (ram Carpel* Kuy*. Hn (?c'?. Craeb, Oil Cloth, and a largo and b* oittneieo ooenrtmrnt. being worihy the atteatina of Hotel ' * and Boarding Hon** Keeper*, and theae in want of good Car* pat*, Ruga, ke. Term* at *ai*. Catalogue* bow ready, or RXCtnCIURI. Y\ r XCl KSIONK "TO THE PISHING BANKS EVBRY rt. M-J Men dor. Tu.'tdy, Vtcle.edey, Thureday, Friday and >hi Snaday. "ITie (teaiuer Bultale will tear* Kebinet a (treat at h a'eleek. Thirteenth etreet a' 'V. Canal. BWu Catharine. *\> ( read V; Pier Ne. 3, North Hirer. He, A. M. Fare IS eeat* _? <mB way. C1HANGF. I F HO C E FROM ? Tft 7 O'CLOCK. P. J (in ard after Till RS lit V. duly Sf.ih, I Mi. the through IR boat* of the peof'e'a llna, " leane Nrwtne," " Oregon." and II - "II, ndrtk III le?a." will lea., il.c pierbclweea leterty and L Ct aitlaadt (treata. at 7 o'eluck, P. M. ? J.3 0R ?4N FRANCISCO?TIIE htk.IMSilll' CHK'Atn | ! pr an y will he di epm l.?,| tnr Sen Fraaeitco, touching h* at Hlu Janeiro end Vnlparaieo for refreehmenie and to leu I J neeten/cre. nn Wednneday, Anruet Int. at S P. M-. fi-.ia her fs dn<k. rler 12. N. K , hating t,?tn detained till that day at the nrgeat rt |?eet of paM.agea* to arrirn from a dietanen. _ The I hetapeah* ia a aew and very euhntan'ial rneeel. hotlt " by Gi eernnieat for their epenal aerrita. furntahnd and fitted , out ia a relial la aad elegant manner, tnd te nndor the abln * command nf Cba*. Ileary Italdwla. of the I' S Nary, with _ ergineereand oR.cer* eepeeloneed In lb* O?*o??iw*ni eerrl?e. For eeor?mr aad doepei.'i efl rde an . 1 p. rlwaily rarely preeeated ofe?"idlagallhe the 1eog?r of ekr-*- 1 it eo roe. relent by lb* lethmue aed m erlend router, aad nf a ledloue parent* hy calling *.ee?(? dorm th* eetme an I light wmde of . leamrr, Fnr pa.-a?. ae abure, with formal, el a*, amedatieaa eeaplere, apply lo ' l?AAf T. SMITH. IAI Waller eeraf Trent *?. "* A fleet Olaee *bip ta I e deepatrbed early ia Aagaei, wtU reeel re freight, oa ej plleatina a* at-ere. Sail boat it?r SAi r ?is about 7 tons, well f.polated. harieg eylindf re In float her Ska le ar .hahly IN the feeteef r raft oa the North er | .at Kieerr Will b* co'.d ry f'f ???l. Can lr* inea hy taking roe of the It a loat iteama I eta fr-mCt embrri etieet, landing at I'clhaai Jock, ant lata <ie net far Mr Cy. ae. MF-l>IC Ale. M TV'*' VORR irsi r. 1 I r 1 MESSRS, WELLS, . , IN Miller I Fun *- ? t - ?r am dial.arrwa la M?*i o. during th* war. whleh m > an*1 with me after my return ai.d after m'j 'in* my?lf f r three mnntlielo erery treatm?nt that I had Viut to r*.or.r heurBIfro , without any relief, I purehae.d a bottle of y ?r F I C"?P"Wnd Retract "f Blackberry, whleh r .m l-lelr eared iy I me. I ran. wilhnat heeitation, f? omnirad all that ar* afla 1 flirt, d with thle dlaeaee tn procar. and ne. th,. m.ti.lne, ia I beliewlait, from my ewa <(perlrme, thai If i* un.'(iietl? I. j. ii \*.i WDtt#?itlI %., If. T ?% ? ?? ? ? * * ccrb ? a**atreo rnnom i?oi,i ar no. tar 1 a tabard fr'nrb Mii<nr? I* (naranticd li? our* acarp _ aaaa ef prtcate i|l**??? la a f?w dap* N II -Only ofllr* for _ tha wl* of the abort. It No. >ranra rot. *ora*r of Aa* . tboay, ( Pita Potato. ) Pram th.> laealloa of thlc ofAoa. ha aa , : la the loaaat aautbbarbood, ttia doctor can aafely pr ma* a " WW. _ bar COOPER l? Dl'AM btbbkt, HAS. row 1mb " I' lut fnriw* )Mfi, aaa" oad bla praattea ta tha tr*ab_ wiaat of mrreartal aad atbor dluua of a d*ll*ata aatara. _ ana cnr* tha maat nagrarat-d ?*# ( 'Ma dtaoaaa . an d mild cam ram*red latciMln dara. A parfaat aura, at at abarpa ' tab. JO *???. I? DP AN* fTRbft,WO WII.I, WOWf f* 1/ In III* Iroaimcat tf d'lio'* di???ima Tl>a Doatar a ta? aatatita for thill la thaaa half aar*d tao* (> bacta. *'*4 *. for ?*ar? l? pr?-amin?at. Baa M \ tauaaal ?'?la?H branaht 1 ta by a tearat baMt, cdaattaalljr tnrad. kaaaat mat aarad la I- foar day* afwink ronvrns' invkioratinu cordial is * \t til* calf raatady f..r icn.inal aaa? and i > nootur' nal M*l??io*? *1 cetlrr and nriant, ia'ar*cl?atint tba m?a I- fi.r aoclctr. hua.ncaa or ir a'nm'.ny AM th'.aaaad dio.riar* ' of I'dy tad m nrt. cti by aorat an1 'far - t-r tabu* of youth,ar* amadlljr cured by tbla p<-taat roia?dr Itr. CanI rcra ofllco V. .Id aconiia, hatwaa 10th and llth "roata whara R ba la tan?a tad Cardial. (? a bottla; I holtlaa for %%. Im ?. aottaat ramarht to tha mama I and alnrla ana .mi .ay aaab i- l.attl*. V. b. Safale forward*! to tap part tf tha country. TIIC MARRIED DOBA* S PR IT A TR M Bf)tr A I. CO Bptnloa, by Dr. A. II Maarieaau, Profaaanraf Dlaaa?a? f * Daia-a Piatb n. Irraa., pp Print |l M.OPB teplaa tald In tlr pf.r.lbt. 1 Taaratfcnlf* ir *, af phytlaal and maalal an^'h * man* wo bftctlaaalt of-, aad prtealarr dlfflaalMaO" * bn?baad o trtMil bar* *>** ?, arad ; than?aadc now poar amu bare aa" loyad cnmpa.rnaa, th. naandi lot brahaw la health waald " I,.*.Tt anjorcd It, baadra'le not la tha r fratat baca attilallr*, by a tliaclr pnaaaaainn ef thla wrb. It It Intcadcd capaclailt fur U.c marTh d. at Idtnot mat* platira marrHta, at It dlo! almptrtuat tanrtu. wbitb th'-uld bt bnoan ta tham partl'-ularly. Ta thoaa a bone haalth dr a* n"t permit tf aa In er-aea tf Hw It of acprrial in,rortai.ra flara, alat. tcarp fat.ala?tha mlft, tba mtthaf. tha aat t'lhtr naddiag late wtuanhaol ar tha tat la the dacl aa af tanra, In aho.n aator* caatarT.r lato *a Imrartanf ahaada? , M* ?B?I tlN ? '**? ?. *i>H ?-> ? w,v, m~to of nr?. la t*?rj MBfltAt to Whteh Mr** ^ P?t ? !? P*t?drmr.tTi< ? ?* PnWHMnf 19 " U-M|?Wt, M. Y.i l-Ht* b rv... AU?.,y; Wr *. [. T. f> M CWimt ttrwt. Pvi*rf?lf>blB4 WtTlfBwi Taylor fc (V, W?!Mmi>r?; J. *' ion!. N#?Orf?B?>?: J n f nM-#d*?, ?*oannih On th? rrr?l|?t Of Jl B w-ff will Vo tfBnnnlltcd by mall fr?? of |Mtof 0 * te ony !??rt r4 tS? > aiU.! 3ta?a?. All lattor* s takv.'xinsitjruiu .jji?? ? INTELLIGENCE BY THE NULL Our IFatkliiKton Correspondence. Washington, July i2, !84S. 771 Recent Artault on the Servant of the Mexican Mini>ter?An Investigation into the AJair, and the Renrft. t, It is ulr< udy known that on the night if the I7th inst., between ten and eleven o'clock, a violent atfchuTt was made upon Manuel Paralti, a servant in the house of Henor Rosas, the Mexican Minister, neur this government. On Thursday, the police arrested Henry Pleasants, a messenger in tlie Department ot the Interior, and Edward Haft, a hark driver, both colored, as being th" guilty parties; and yesterday an examination was commenced in the court house, before Justices Goddard and (irubh, to elicit all the facts connected w ith the affair. Mr. Rosas, the day after the occurrence, addressed Mr. Clayton, the Secretary of t-tute, a letter, asking for an investigation, and ' said he was desirous of knowing whether or not Paruliti was in fault. Accordingly, Mr. Kendall, the United States District Attorney, w in directed to attend. Mr. Carlisle appeared for Pleasants, and Mr. Rudclifle for Ilull, whose case was the first proceeded with. Two negro girls and a yellow man, the coachman of General Jesup, wen; examined, and their combined testimony simply amounted to thi ? that Hall hud stunned with hi* hark iifur the corner of F and Thirteenth streets, mid hut a huudred yur.!? from (hcMiiuster's residence; that he wanted several yellow girls '* fid? wiili him, and they refused ; that, subsequently tnere appeared to he five mqn near the hack, and ,4 woman, who endeavored,to restrain llall from throwing a stone at somebody, at he violently threat< tied, and a voice was heard saying, " You threw suufl in my face;" that, the "Spanish man." Sitta, the steward, w as there, and atruck 1UII, the hack driver, a violent blow with his fist, hard enough lo kill him, and that Hall was not seen to resent it. Afterwards, the steward absented himself, and returned with a companion, (1'uraltiA and something like a fuss was going on, una a strange jabbering. Neither of the Mexicans could speak English. The fact that Hull and Pleasants were on the premises was fully proven, bat nothing tending to criminate the latter; and on this f[round, Mr. Carlisle eloquently argued for his reease from custody; but the Justices refused the application, because all the testimony lud not been heard. IMeusants gave bail for his appearance tlus morning, and Hall was remanded to jail. Further proceedings were dispensed with, to enable the 1 hstrict Attorney to procure the attendance of Sista, who was with his unfortunate companion when he was assaulted, und is the steward of the Mexican Minister. Accoroing to the testimony of Dr. Frederick May, w hen called in to Puralti, lie found liitn in the garret room. Ins garments drenched with blood; and he must have lost at least two quarts of blood. The pulse wus nearly gone, and the skull fracture! from two and a half to three inches in diameter. The broken fragments were driven into the bruin. A piece wf bone, aB round and large as it shilling, wus knocked out of the centre. The man was in the deepest distress, and insensible ; snored heavily, and had a rattling in his throat. The bone was raised all around, Hnd relief directly followed ; the pulse became stronger, und on the next (lay it had fallen front a hundred and forty beats a minute to ninety-five or ninety-six. Although tin- condition of the tnan is much improved, he is in a critical state, intlammation of the brain being feared. The doctor remarked that he had never seen a wotse fracture for a man to live. To-day, nt noon, the examination was resumed. The first witness questioned was i^tsta, tlie steward of the Mexican minister; and through an interpreter, he said that? lie was coming from Pennsylvania avenue on the night of the 17th Instant, toward* hi* home; and. en reaching the corner where the atore In. he h?w three men nrar a carriage; iu passing, one of the men came forward, and laid his band on and held him; the others said something but he did not understand them, not being acquainted with the Kngllsh langnnge. he believed that the man who put bis hand onhiin was Hall; ba did not know Pleasant*, and has an acquaintance with Thomas, but be was not of the three, one of them eaid one or two words in Hpatiish; Sista did not recollect what the words In Spanish were; he requested the mau to 1st htm go but, uot doing so, he (SUta) struck him and knocked him down; he then went h >me, he saying nothing to the men. nor they to him, afterwards i. ?. i.?1.1 /.i-- -? - - ur .nil urn Will! I main I'll*- miUQWU III II r]) lo pUf rhM? rr|iiti. but did not go Into the store, because be saw the men waiting for htm there; be think* there wrre four, but one held hiuMelf aloof, they left, and bed not creeeeded more than eight paces, whun Paralti raid that th? m< u were following him and hi* eompanion; Sista and I'araltl stopped for the uien to come up; I'arallt asked tbriu. In Kngllsh, what they wanted. Instead of auswarlng they b-gau to stone him; the same men wbo struck Paraltl, threw two stone* at the witness, which he dulg*d. Another of the party threw a stone, and struck hlui on the left arm. he did not know who struck I'sraltl. but the person passed four or flee times befere the minister's house preciously; be looked like I'leasaats; after the aecond atone wa* thrown, l aralti started in pursuit of the man; the witness running after the other two I'aralti, en reaching the opposite corner fell d?wn; Sista went over to him. and thru relumed to Mr. Joyce at the store, and, being unable to make himteif understood, went away; on returning to bis rrsi lenre at the mluinter *. he saw I'araltl sitting on the steps, the blood flowing from bin bend; the witness did nut see women wben the stones wrre thrown; i'araltl. in reply to a que-ttun by Sista. said that the men did not strike hlni. but that he had fallen down and struck bis lo ad as he wa* In pursuit oftbenirn; an hour after, he eontra lifted this, and said that he had been struck; h? was lu a fainting stale; the witness saw Taralti tall not n a etuoe. but on loose dirt, about teo yard* from the gutter, the same mau (Hall) that, in the tlr.t instance. loik hold ol witness, had a cloak on hli arm, but be was not the seme whom Paraltl cha?ed Pleasaal* wa# lb" man who struck Paialti; the witness endeavored to describe hi' dreee. The tsstimony appeared to be a little contradictory, and the witness, although further questioned aud croeequestioned, did not throw much light un the subject. kir K.i ties Sinus said that on the night o< the as. sault, he saw three coloured men upjtosite the window ol Mr Joyce; this was about a quarter before loo; after he had been in his chamber half an h >ur (the bouse sdjoius that of the Msilcon Minister) lie heard a stone strike aflame b"u*e. known as the carpenter's bop. < osvriji s Cl?s*> (colored) tb* e wnluing of the hleiisan Minister, saw Hall on that evening at di O'clock; Hall passed by the home, and looked Into the dining room window; one of the servants asked him what be wanted, lie said nothing, Hall passed by a d ten step* and then returned, he rsp*ut?dly pa**eii ?he mint >r'( bouse; the Witness stayed in th? ministsr'e h' use until nearly ten if'^-ek, be then bade good night to the girls, and when he reached heaueet be taw Hall with a clink en. witness n?ked In in he was doing there at that time and he said that he was play<ng IIam 111 " Mr Stare (the steward) wa* re sail.d and, In raply to a qties tli n aaid that Hall was not the mau wh ? repeatedly passed the minister's bouse: but the man who did pass, was the one who struck f'a-altl; Sista was sitting In the ba>enient dining room with this n achman (I lark ) when tbw man looked in at the window. he serai Witnesses were Interrogated a* to th? color of the ell thee worn by Hall, on I ecsday night, the tints of the aesault The evldeoca was contra l.ctory Mr. arliete. the counsel for Pleasants, and Mr lladclift-, the eonnsel for Hall, seemed t . run counter, one try. Ing to pnt a certain description of clothing on the I other * client, and rste verse, to shift the nppearaaoe of I the guilty one. Ill ass Pi i tetsrs, (on* nf the aeeused ) was sworn j as a witness against Hall, and testifled that he came to the earner of hand t hirteenth streets wiihr.dwerd Hell, who got off hie hack th-fa Two girls earns . aernes the street; tl ev were asked to take a ride, while talking to them William I bain as. (ilenral Jeaup a coackmen,) came np; the girlr sal I they eanld not go; j they crossed to Mr Heed's Corner, other girls wvre I asked hot they refused; the Meiican (Sista) eaate up ; to Hall and the wiince* said, lu Spanish, "let's go,'' I by that time the hteilcau struek Hall a blow; bts'ta then went to the Mrgieaa Minister's, and returned, bringing with him Paialti, they approached toward* Hall, who threw a stone at Sista. and the white hat one ' (distei gave chaee. followed by raraitl the witness ran towards boas, not Irelng aware thnt any perSVII wa* st hie heels, Paraltl was not then etrwek I OMf table Htlsti ls brenght Into the Courtroom a b us run.nor nat which h? thought belonged tu Hall. On the morning of hie arrest I1all a iked Paul Wilson to take hi* clothe* home to ke. p th> nt from being de trtiyed The witness had seen the mat on Hall's baek ' '* ' we*day and had Jurt proeur-d It at the Instance ni ir,? III#(net Alt'tnri f?i i H'ii mny (t'lertdi we* pendneed by Mr Radeltffe tn thnw that the et>at dnl not belong Ro Hall A 1?Mtit n itittl t< to brihtr Hlltog m a tr-v mnn, <1 I hi entitrerj wa? ehnwn, ao he ennld a it tetilfy No fi.rthtr lett.nmiij being offered, the rnee we* *1 bn.itt. it to the J?fU?ta with "it argument. an 1 they elnmat (man dlntely ma t* np th~lr to h Id Hall to bell to xi'ttr the*- of an **i*utt np nt with Ihtt at ti. till. Vlaaue) I areltl the tereanl of the MetU tan ktlmrti r htr Hedelifft etpreaerd the hop* that the am int nf hail *i 'ii be tmall a? the man wa? pe?r, and with ?? fritBtl. and k'r I endali fej lied ttallnc that aueh eeen .'J In rl? he takrti at wi uM eerure 'he t 1*1 of this Itfftaldral ae the k'ei'ran government e?i nutewhat e< itrerned In It I'r tadel ife reapor.ded ai l was on the t whew th1? letti r ?a? fluted f w the mail tlecaa'f ?|i|4**Mle a h- gat at liberty thew being I no tildftna that he teih pet' In the a--anIt and he hev'Og h?ea male a witaeee I r th? t atted Slatee , . fit Ratal letelllianrf. 1 he t ANed *'%?? ? e?emier Vtieliielppl r? Aeh<-d Oth* r?.tn? < *? mntitnc dine ft'>m NorAdl, Ta., r?r??trr H ft klr 1? p. r h- if- (10 mlleeO Ml'I #*tieWAa lf? b?t I Met* tone n| bM ? ulnum e w?l p??r * / Wh*? lh\r i?>rel left 'be t *l??d ?tet>e ehe Area *1 fret A A llobi*. t? lu| i feet 4 4 Incbe* more witter tbAn ithn WA? dettpiv dtp (A'sTJ (t b?r enfiAee were prop rUoneU> thS? bet rnptnee And b"lier? were ?rrAqfed fa Ad tier Ar?<-t peetl -n < f 540 i^HAre fret And When InATlet Nrtfr'h eheliemeteed a eretlnn ef ATA e^imre fret W e Are la* rmeA ?hA? ?A?? *p??d In elew ?4 the aeetirn Iwmemed aid thr ftwl rlpended ie nnftantleliwd In C|r?m n??'??tl-n eirepllnf in the eapent the MW??e?ri, urnt At ?>ibthl at, IbAA

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