Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1849 Page 1
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t 1:1: NO. 6S30. ARRIVAL OF Til" EUROPA. j THE DETAILS OK THE HEWS. j Highly Interesting Accounts from v Italy, Hungary and Denmark. OUR V0RE1G1 CORK KSP0JD81C E, j dir. die. Ac. The 8 team ship Europa, Cupt. Lott, arrival off this port nt 4 o'clock, yerterday morning, 8he left Liverpool ?u Saturday, the I ith in&t., at 4 o'clock j in the afternoon. Our corres|H>tidenoe, received by her, and tha ; detada of th? news tiom our files of foreign jour- j nalu, which we atmtx, will be read with tha deepeat interest. The news is to the latest moment?to the hour of the dc|mrture of the Kuropi from Liverpool. Annexed are the lab st uuul.itioos of Anieilcai. Slate Stoekl. THE Lmkit Losdon I'NICK*?JULY 13, IMf. t'lifted State* ft per cents IHftJ 110 ? ' tnited State*U percent'. IMS8 10U){e ? New York & per cents. lboft IM a 07 ! do 1858 t?5 a 07 do I860 00 a 07 I PenBsylvuniaft per urnta 82 a 83 Ohio 6 per cents. I860. Oft a 06 do 18ftU 09 a 100 do lhtM) 103 a 104 Macsa. hm.ctU ft per cent. (8.a Hoods) 1808 104 a 105 Maryland 6 per cent. (Sterling tiouds) .. . 80 a 00 Misstseippl 6 per c nt 60 a ? do 0 percent. (Sterling Bonds),... 40 a ? New York city 6 per cents 04 a 06 Our London lot r< sponrieiicc. LUNUOIY, July 13, 1840. American Serwiliee in Ike Kuro/jcan Ma'ktti. tfc., <fr. ' Ih'i b? great event of this week, to uie, has been tha impiOTt'intLt in American Mucks, and never hna aomuch limine** done in them for tan years, owing to the ' great investments ordered to be made for Dutch, Belgian, Krenrh and German account, aa stated to you in wy letter by Isrt steamer; and this morning salea were made of l. S six per cent* at 110; thui, with the j exchange. Ft?. placing th< nil), per cent over the last i quotations from New York, and 81 a 01X per cent, ha* ' been refused to day fur Pennsylvania. The Tiuri is much b'ameri by many persons, for misleading the moneyed men of this country, by its ?neerand waul of information as rrgardi the aolmil state of i nuea mini * stooah una i?vis very sore at trie state of public opinion uen- now mu tHin subject and has today au article on Mls-l-slppl stock* and repudiation, by n new writer, to th-ir money article, which you will observe if very ably done and much more lenient to the United States then usual. although It very justly cuts up the Senator from \1is*i**1ppl 1 suppose you will reply to it. an tim in now .1 natioual question Notwithstanding the glut of money, (which is not in any country a proof ot profitable trade.) all persons complain, excepting on-u in office, or the aristocracy; and most of the shop keeper* iu London are bankrupts, and stores to be let in all 1 ho stroets; and the farmers belt) vo that we can produce wheat and deliver It in London for .Via, per quarter, which would rain them all;, aad although the protectionists were beaten w the last debate, it was more owing to the superiority of talent of thiir opponents than to tile weakness of their ; cause. Our Liverpool Correspondence. Livnaroen, July 11, 1940. The Nta tjrom Cfrronrny?Arriral af //err Htckrr and olhmrtfram Aattrica?Si J> Bodnca, the Human Minitlar?Thi Race a, fe. To day's mail from the continent brings Intelligence that the revolution has b?en completely put down in Baden, and that the insurgent leaders have fled In al' directions - many of tbetn arc said to be oonooaled is the Black Forest, and some havrgone to S witterland. The remainder have taken refuge in France. I'rlvste letters state that the Truselat) arny is carrying everything with a spirit of vaudello retribution determined to crush erery vestige of rtpublioauum iu the conquered country. The Cambria arrived yesterday, after a passage ef tbittecn days, without aecijunt. Sliu brought, as passengers. Decker, the (Jetman patriot: krultner, a refugee member of the transfert Parliament: r*ol Mayas Keid (an American officer. I believe ) and several Coil-h ? and Hungarian officer* ?ll on th- ir way to jolo the Insurgent#. Finding 'bat ths revolution haabeeu nru-tied. these officers bars scattered in different directions; but most at th ill Lave gso* Is France. lieeker and 1 v>l Held. I under*: and, will attempt te Ktnetrate lo the Hungarian country. hut they will (lad impassible, ae poor iluugary Is now la an bottled state,so I cannot b,< even r- aobi J by the friends who Would wb-h to pive her llitir a-sl-twnee F.veu t rance, under the dynasty of Louis Napoleon, is every day etrcpgthvnlng her amity villi the league of F.umpetn despots. Thu Ftench general cinimaudlag at Stratburg. ba? l? < a pay lug and r c.itlng visits of cordiality from the liu*-ian royull*t c?mtn sudor vh-i be-niged itastadt. So p< lot- thelndi-s of I r-ueh rr publicum in V 111 will t nil a lull account of the accident of ths V uiopa in the Livrrp-ol paper* The stenm-r is now Itlna in the 11 ?ds. reciivunr the nirc-<a'v lruairs. as Iter Hnum head, bo? . j.nt Xc nria nnieu d*.u?ired by (kf rollMoa f III* E*acll<nej, th<* Barm Bodl-ov Ruraian Minlatcr to your |???TROiciit ?rriT?d hern y*?i?riity in tht Cambria. and took lb* ? *111' --? train tnr Loinl in Hernial h lift' of do- paivhe alao eauia i' amonger* In tlin ? ainbtla with a party of ixiilt |iri>?t>. on th<dr way III till r.d ll;? HII'UI cuuveiuiuu of thilr ordor, to bit b'lii in Oerwuuy The races are at pre-ant go\nf on hera. and thonHDd< are arery day u>?oibN to wltnoa* iln-ui. 1 lia fine weal lice ?f aril a' | r?? nt - x porieuellif; lia? cau--vj an uuueual altrndacae on the tra. k. Oar Irlih torrcipiiiidfinr. Ui atia. July 1.1. I" 1U 1'K* .Slat/ l'ii?<mert? TKiir .fiirrii - friyarilwiii /er Mr ({urrn't Kn // ' ?,? dr. I tellere I ?t?U I it m tuy opinion In Iba tart latter, that ilia Ntale | rirotiin wera probably by that time remortd bnah bnwerer. did not lake plare TUo ?lo >p of war Saift, wfcleb ?a- ordered to aonr/y tha prl?onera to thair destination did not arr're uaill Nnoday Inst. It waa yat-orallT mppoeed I ha' tba eooricta would ham baa a removed librae Jlately. Iloaramr, on Monday moroit^. at It o'clock, an order come. directing Iba pnu nrri to prrpara for thtdr d- parluM; and at 10 a rt-wt arrived to carry aaay their lu*|ia*a. At 11 o'el-ek a cavalcade wan reeu ippr a hni^ e. uipox d ol h?res and foot police and an racort of dragoon* Tba following oddreee ha? appeared la lha Fr/em-m, from Mr. Smith O'Brien and bi? fellow patriate I'll in* CiorrniNii' II your rff r'.t to procure a mitigation <>f ibe peialtiee to >< oleb w? a - ah nit to ba aubji riad bad hei-o e- aucra lul a< yon desired, we ootnd not lam olt? r I to > u none Mnean and giateiul ark a wled .roml' than tboao elitrh wo now tender for rjnip??oj ?uu iwiniiM" ?*h<? ? w??v <j> tu our in halt At tl If mrmi nt while! w? art- hlibllng our taut ?ad Varowili to our n*'t?- land th> r?fl 11 n that ur f t towoouatri otcn hart- U't w|i ii?-?4 with lo.Mf-rne our rrn. tal Iroia amongst th> m. la a aaewt auarea wf nroiaM' II and he ? 'i .11.11 t 11? ??: rubra >< ? I beteafi,r b? a ?>!htf? ailrrtatlai to whatever ?ujrr'agw it tna> In- our li t ten a<lur?. Knv?k| Uiat I'ad.iuf many aha >lo not nennar with u* in political i piut' Dr W' ilo n fe~l oar?Hvia at liberty In offer any ohwrtallunt upon the pull"/ by which Ihia country || go**rani?upon th* paltry a Inch pare occaeli n to our rvl-iauca to llrlil-h power upon lb pulley which now mmoau- u- to exile Vt a ar? ruBipeili d to rcpr??? h?ii a? oaiottoaa wh eh ?a te?l la tr i imp upon the awful con iitlou In which wa Iraia tin land that w- tia?? deeply lov.-J, nor l? I tin a fitting ra na'dou to point ou* tin ui> aue by ehlnh lla Jlta-tor* may b" rvpa'led. but w? I ennui refrain froin Ilia atpte ?|ou ot a hope llai you will not de-pair of your nountrv, and we may r- pwraiit 1 lw "Tor to eur frlli w ci nni r> men a parting iiho tatloa. lhat they will lay arid Uiibwppy Ui- oeioue wbtnh h??a eo Img paralyeod ihr <B'rlii?ia Ntraoatn of tba Irlrh n.itlon wad hcucrf'.ifUi Ineru to lore a iJ c mi la Ic aaah at feat \te feel that It le n<t n< or- ary to ?ay anything to you la alndica'ioii <<f r in uvea i fen thu-? wlii taort caail-tnn <>ur aonduct know that wa Have n I been anlniated by o >a*id-ratl 4 > p r-oual na 'ire. in lia?? (d< up all t hat a a- I- ar to u f.-r ilm -eke . o n nallre land, bat we awe It to oar feellag* to d-nlara that whatever may ha the >acrl: n -< w lunar by d-r,?M lion to It" ir.tTii.te on I I i pi rat I" ii will be a prnycr lor tlia proepatny th? linaor a .il the Independence of Ireland. Wlt.l.Mv S I'ltlllfcN TIIUdAi I' ll V> I* VIKlOflFR. TKKI.M i- B-.l I.' ?V da vt A.TUi. f l I'llII K O'U ) MOldOrl. Rioamawa Paiaaa. Wkia Ifr. Mrtfltf *M In tha pollna van. he atrial mid "I feal a prnu l?r man leering tha no mirvt Ten tbae. Ibiti Biauy wb > r?meln in It;'' and ethartej bin frlendr aot to forget th- old cum,'' hat to per**tiff. Great praparatloae are being made for Ilia Idaean'v tlelt. whlah will'nke pliti?" rail? ia taguit All tha betel" ami eilabll-hmani am h-1 ; (It'e t up \ ta? >l ing baa In eu called by the .Sheriff of Dahlia, far tha i-> J E NE' I ln?i . in nrrf. r In adnnt mnnirei for a fl'tla { )! <pi% n' loyally Ht Ilia a|>Dr<*flhtng ?|.it; an<l it la !\ta I thtt Ilia lord vtayor is to issiia pr Wnoatlnn f >r a c?n -ral illumination It is not iniprnh itda hut that the LoM Veyor will ha omit* a Ramnat. iu nnmnianmratlnn of I tin-(a-ration Kn tha irnai?tp gone Har tlain-t? it t > hi 1 ttriT'ol hy l.'J war steamer*, mounting IU nuns and , 0< mp> rrd of 'i Dial nfliaar*. man. and 'iia'in't I yrlrtr In Irll ytu ibal with all our aiilTarlnfa tha ' i H'lrll <f rihhoni?m in 'till lurking In ftia minds <?f the ' 1 |<?rar ordars. Ona night latal* a Urg? a<<? ilhlnga \ lot k idara ill the aaiehhrtrhttnd of Raade in tha ? nmnl It is calculated of full. nearly all of whom wer? ir n-I with fire.*roi?. awnrde, aa 1 bayonet* rhey caii'? and ^ went in military order id threatened a h idy or solicit who wrre despatched after the n Instant death. if '.hoy ( interfered (Irani;' Inn al'n la no the lti?-ease deve. ( ral earlier*. in the nelghhorhood of R?|lyinwan*t. | pressed thi-ir horses' head* with Orange lilie' Th-?y , wore attacked liy a carry of -ntvi**" wh i. In th-lr turn wore attacked liy a utuuher of Orangein en, and , severely beaten (lu Tur?d?y last.the ceremony of opening the now chuuuvl at Belfast harhor took place, o instructed liy Mr (tajan. afterthe plan* nf Mnuri Walker J; Hornet. ( of l.uniioii Tim firet auction of the work ??" nunpli ted and opened for navigation In lanuary. 1841 and coat about jt'4di>f0. and tin- estimate for the remaining puituui ?a taken at 441 I no I , 'l hehar?ea? proepert* you will h? ({ratiled to learn, ' PeTer were better The arcoiinta from ail pan* of the ( country elate that the potato and other empt never looked mere flourishing. We have no authentic ae- | count* of failure from any part: and a* the p>ttt.o | liliirht couimeneed. l.iet year in the latter eud of luoe, ' i and was pretty general in the first week in Inly, it I* | hoped through the blowing ol the Almighty, this year will escape. ( Our French Correspondence. Pa*ia. July 13. ISII). ! \ Thf Rrrult of the Eltcliatu ?The Cnpi'nlatian of Rnit* ? , *l/,athy in Par it ? M A'n pnfeiin Hannparlt and the it lark j on lUnae? '/'ir/arto/cut I'proar in t'ir -dfvfst/t/, Tr. fr. ' Although the past week lia* heeu rendered somewhat < nieu-orahlu by two important eran s. domestic and foreign the elect toll* lor the vacant suatt in the kasntu- : lily eleven of which belong to Pari*, and the *urren ler j of the capital of I In ist-nd-nn to the k'reneh army?it la, 1 never* heU?s. surprising with what a degree of apathy ' thing* bare gone on. I should say, from observing tha genual tone of society, eud judging by the npirlt breathed through the urgan* of public opinion, that the Ktiprh public is really wearied of political excitement, aud longs for repose. 1 hie wil' explain to you what would otherwise app >ar Inexplicable, if not incredible - namely, the fact that the elate uf siege i* highly popular hern. You are aware that we arc not only in a state of slugs hut that , several exceptional measure*, destruotivn of puhlie liberty are in force ?such a* the entire *uppre?aluu of ( a nuUilier of the newspaper* severe re*trletlou* ?n pub- \ lie meeting* and *o forth. Now all of the** instead of i beirg odiou* to the people, which, In all well connituti d State* they are. aud will be ere here at this mo- j mcnt. undoubtedly popular The people, if I uujrio , speak, bug their chain* aud congratulate themselves ( on being emaucipatnd from the state of anarchy which j bad previously prevailed While I am writing thesa 1 line*, the i lections are drawing to a close, and the mail | which take* this latter will mi doubt, bring you olUcial j confirmation of that which I may safely state by an- | tlctpatioti-tnat the wuule Hot or eleven of the moderate party will be returned to tlia exclusion of the red republican* and socialist* lteturmi of the number of vote* all but official ara known to-day. which place these eleven candidate* above tbair opponent* on the poll, by at hast some ten thousand vote#. iudlvtduelly. f or this party there have b< ?n given about 1 .111 000 vote*, for the red rrpublieau and socialist party abut phSOiO aud It tin old petty ol lbt< jVa'tenui - lb* republican* of llii veille uow called the " tiers parlle " 1 some twenty thousand Tbe party of th* in mtitaln and ultra-democrat* Is aplit ill piece*. baviug put f irth a variety of lists. tbe principal of which have lm-n tbote of tb? democratic and sociali-t oouiuiitlne. tnat of tb* ' setsuuea" of the t oacergerle and that of the journal I- Sirclr Thia dirieioo would bare beeu fetal in any ca-r to the mountain; but even bad It b en i|htr*lr tbe spirit <-f re-aottou la eo pr-ivaleut that the socialist |aity count not h??e succeed !. under any oncumnittice- in laluruhig a single tuoutb -r * proof Ot tbl* it win be found, it the report* already published In confirmed by tbe oflli ial proclamation, that \1 l.i**l< It eux wbone oatoe tup itu all t he opposition ll?f?, 1* sonic t? It tbuueand. u* the poll below VI. botl?llll?r?, who lies tin leaei number of voles of any of the moderate party 'I he pr<<claiiia'ltiD will be made to niorrww, and will do doubt repcb you by elei trio telegraph to 1 t plai d l he Intelligence of tba occupation 'if Itciae by tlia a: my and the measure* con*e<jueut there >u have produii'il do surpilse and little neusallon The only matter ot artoui-llBiept wa*. that it did not take place .toner 1 be di lay. however Is thus explained It one could only be atiarked at one p lnt, with mt ri-king the hi -u union ot Its monuuieoi* of art It h*piieo?d that tlile one point wa* tbe only one at which it wa* stioopiy feriltiid It ?a* necessary moreover, in condlictn k the attack, even there, to avoid throwing destructive missile* In the neigh-cirlinod of place* whi ta valuable wmks of art auu n.oiiuiii -ot* of a illunity mi le deposited It is easy to imagine the diffl Uily which the si luliou of Such a problem presented The initio diali c n-o.|Ucnci * of the surrender for la fart there wa* no capitulation?were that the city wa* d*i la.I'd under tnariiel law All foreigner* wereordered to ijuit ?xr?pl such a* muht receive spinal p. rmissi a to remain I be cltjbs wi re of course closed and the anan bl-t. joui nals suppre*--d. fb? 'aasft r*?{? wa eti a a* erected in wrlnu p trw wa* taken d >?o \occrditg to Ihe riport* brought here hy the Ald-deI amp cf Uiaenlllubliist. who ha* ju*t arrived, tba I r> i rb a. iduiiwci* received with calb ia*ui by the people the window* hi tug tilled with laibea. waving Pauukf rcbtef*. ( ailliHiai li d with 4 000 or ft.OliO of hi* troop* an I, arcoOipatiii d by Vaixint. roiired through tae southern gates, wlile the I tsnch troop* were eiiiarlDg tbrouih the we-tini I hey arc icpuited to hare been pursued by ft division of tb? Kiencli anny, under tfeueral vlneria They look tbu road to tbe Neapolitan frontier, I near the Abruisi Tin re can tie no doubt that limy will be iDteteeptetl by the Neapolitan aud Spaol-h trcwip collected In Ibftt quarter. and will I bus f>? taken Setweeu two th e* thuen of tb^p opponent* an I of tbvir ptnauer* | '11 -e who arn mint rpeo-ed tofiaribvlll and hla troop* ar d to the raus* they espouse, do them th# jut tire to ad m It tuat tbey mads a mm gallant d* fin*, and niy reUred when the defence would hevw b-en impiuifli Luring the la-t two day* preceding tne surrender Maialni exerrtved ritcia'orUi power n >afetird upon him by the people who nad a?*ent>ied around Intii in tbe ancient t rum II* arrested aud impritoto t hi* 1 w colleagues sf tba I'tinujvtiale. wao bau advoratrd a capitulation 'I be gnVet anient here begin* now to he duly sensible rl th- in it sine diPirulu and en h*rra*-ni*ut ait.n ling tha political aad <1tt.iou.aiin pn.1 t..q? tnto ?blch th~y u<' tbnou t>) ib*M. tunia Mith titcMb. tiiliiioi Itarn t nr. I M d<- 1 ir imnUlr u>?; >uUl lt?lt f .r?k It In ilio|alr ninl rlrlaiu" 1l.ata la r.o ffylm ?r.r tar*j inj Kara." To rtmilll IB Homo or to lra<t It am altKa onihaf. r?*< t<K In add to thin d'ttirU'ty, I-. In ti y u main c? *11 J 11 Uia t o - r. all! ? |>t tho into* tout ma, lid iMntl. ik' grarrai I i..r ration b?? la that ha ?ill drtlltit |p4iig In hotua ao loag >< tna capital It <?-on||ru I>J| ibr h ri'Dch at my 'I ha l<< tuan quatlloo bat natuially oxoitad onma rlt.l'nt rri'tu lirra. Km talt<-n an a |rrrt?ll ht ?ooa?, ainl tialitK nail* th? m.uiop ot otmtomonl l >r othi <a >1 Na|.<lf.|j Bona part a lata aii h?--ailor at iladnd, tho ?oa of ilia ox Mt>* laranir and r >u?la nt th? hra d' tit hat jnot put forth a lattor. in ?h <-h ha a tat that ha rolurrd ta Join III tbn To.a ?f I'laati to lha Im rh arn.y b-oaum- lir eoM-iilvra<l tht Komao tu?t?li n lv b? a iii.latnn of tlm aonatltiiU m flit una qU'otluli croatad an extraordinary man# in t h- I a ? mhly n (to day A ropuhliran n turnout ottha a i a- i< <4 a <Jil.?ta on lha <| motion of to.- ttato <> fifgi- li.i land that lha atlttt na R<?na at< a ?lolatl n of the iwaitllnuia I'hin tfattlaraipr hiioj a | - d'tttot " iipr ar Ira ttnirh a- tho ?*p?I ti u la It no l at baaii apata and at am MuPltnttnd mi l ?r?ptntMl by tho t ? i in til y Accordingly lha hra-ldmt oollid Vt I'u< toot too.d. r for doaiartnp that tno nunMltnttoa tn ittla'odhy a ratttro nlttch wlglatltil llli tha A-? Witdy Itaolf I n thtt. At i'linM ropltod ittlh llidrrati'd tuiy that thnra una a puatf ai<oaa tbi Amon.hiy t ainrly tha culinary anil tn thai i.otr< r h? mlulatry aimiil appoal I n thla tna liotdiiii rojoinod that niton tha majority hid d< tlilrd. tha minority ntn-t oiibinit and ralt-d H fi'inhrt to nnliT a or Bd llmo tfrroupmi an n.r .n- t e< It ahlrupn at I h-uid from lha party of iho amaaUla, *he jonod Iron, ail lit b' anhoa that thoro ta< no fi-a dani of dihato aud ralloil to .VI tloohol tn ham tha o I . - 1- - . .? .1... fe O,^ e i ii?|>?'r 1 "i 1-4- ^ de>h h> f'te hltv ? illi hi* rlem-hed flat an exclaim* I in ? >!< I Ihntlrt. Ikl ttaifa <> l'in(*r any fu ndi in In tbn tribune I lii? ? a? 1 .|l???<l hj a fAkha "f ' nl>*bl" fi>nliwl?ii aml<l*t which th.i i reanteut ? ' In II ??' n-atcely audible Mlinnt h?iin< ?i Ir^m bei n i b'aitiid M liu|>t?*r addre?-ed H. U??bri telim* IIIni thai Ii had ca11i'"l him in ufil-r l?i" Ami th?t ha ' how did ?o tbe ililrd hm? l?r harluir r?'-i-il in m* tri < liuin ? ctjr nf fexnli iTAlnai the la? i>l the iaii I fne i PteeMi i.t at ciintlndlj iiiflioin' up n th? iranr the ' ?a haity Ili U'lUI'Ced by Ibe remiiAli 'h? nf Iha I -a-nhlr I lli llirb rt" fimiii'l) ihr fafli-li ma (f ntia hlif III 11'U I rj ? r- |ire??niotl?? f<>r lh? rpane of ni u.ih l liia ?|i ce<ddlt>Kl> can lad 1 hir I* i he brat 11 in a Ihia penalty haa been III tin ted. alilch you tm laire ha> heea r-iabli?n~i# bf ibe n giilatintie the /Uatabl) Iw the prr?i rTaliou nf "fdnr la lit dabatea. ran. inly 13. Mil 7*? /We ?n<f M'fiey Vr Id-- Pa/in ' 'rry / I'urn /fend#? Pb feat ?f Pr??? r* Aa you are well * ?*. the mnntht nf July and An j tart are feneraily a time nf complete ataynalioa . an I liotwlth-iaiiditig the Mirrender of Knme nnd the utaa* tlcna, teiy little change ha* occurred to uiar* tha pa t ?i?k with any remarkable feature,!* la predaee umal W TO CORNING EDITION?SA'J ?.'ti?iry Thi-t" >rm'T Aut lifti pro Iuoed lift's tl?n at tb? Bull'*" hec*u-? in Itwnir it 1ml llttlo to infrre.t tlia rn|ii??|trt? Mid tbi result Jit th? Uttar, in tbs it turn of tint moderate M?t hvl W??n Mitioi i*ViJ by w pre ul at or* hiid tharsfor* hi* produoal littla fl'to iiiunon I ne ronufqui'tioi'i 01 inn lloinan Intervention, M i' much more a subject of anxiety at the Honrce; and a rumor which *t< yesterday current. that the ( '.?>< lieh anibaccndor h id ?cut to the Minister of F ir?igu Affair* a n>te. protecting in th? name of the Hrlti tl government H^nin-t the oocnpat'ou of flame hr the French army. exereicod more InO'ieuce on cuoitallHt* and epreuhitorc ffian have done all the operation' of the tedious and prolong d hick* of 'tome I'hi* nt n >r, added ?o the increasing nere??lty for a loan and l'? consequent prohahili'y ai d the ?alei hv m my holder* pf share* of rile late loan on which tl\"y h*?* paid tip all the instalment* nau-ed a aooicwhit onsid'eah'* fall vcati rday a* you will are hy the iuhjeimd Hat of price* i he tpo't favorite necuet' ls? just now appear to he the Pity of I'ari* t'Oiida. Beside* the Int-mt of about ftve percent paid b? theui they arc entitled nerlodieally to prlr.e* varying tvum M) 0?ki franc*. a h >nd to aunt* fiufl franc* or a certain number "f hond? which are from time to lime drawn, a* in a specie* uf lottery. and their prire? and the Intereat rend' r tliem a security an uiuc'i HiDyht utter that it is very frequent!y dillluull to uataiu thein on the B'Uirae In railway* little or notbimt i< doing The la-t balance sheet of the Bank of France appear* no satisfactory i< to gicc ri*e to con-blera'de purchase* In t hat e> purity The di*coint* are beginnim;. at length, to he augmented showing au ine>. an- in the I ft a ".i it of six million- and that although the pa?'n?'i'* tilling due on tile dlilh of the month Were Inclu I I in the account. This ha* Indu I a belief thit can n -vial atfa'r* arc resuming sotni activity and ll dd* out a ir ?*prct of a butter dividend op bank chare* for I to c 11 of the year. The week's price* are a* under : ? 3 k'er Cento. !> frf l.'rnte. Hank iIhitree. July 5 fit 15 88 15 J.US a fit 15 88 15 2 1'5 " 7 f>4 hO 88 70 a 5'?5 ? 0 fit M 88 76 2 'ioO " 10 fit 15 88 15 2 3-10 " 11 fid 80 87 86 2,300 "12 M 15 88 16 ? Our tirrmtn Corr?a|>on<Ionc?. Behlin, i'lly 10 1849. The Continued S teeeee of the fruiiina Of eminent Troupe over the Revolutionary Party - The Urol of the Rri ohition ? TroiJ'lrs of I'ru?iia?Offooition of .<tuetria end Hot ana tn the Organization if the iier.n in Vtnew. , fc . fc. A short. though tncinorahle. campaign draws to Its olo*e. The Prussian*. after haying oonqnerad the whole north of Bad> n have now advauccd into the louth. and occupy thu principal cities la that part of the Grand Duoby Krlburgh I* In their p >a**M*ion.? On the 7th, the I'ri^e uf Prussia entered that city, whither the provisional goyerauieut had tied from Itadctedt, which, according tu the latest intelligence, wa* about to he b imhsrded As soon as that fortress shall have surrendered, the military operations may bo regal ded a* at au eud. There will *?mn be no enemy left to fight, the lusurjeuts having Dearly all since flej or dispersed. The Insurrection In Baden. and the Herman revolulion, will he all over In the oourae of a few Jays. The affaire of this country neverlhyes.s, era not likely to beeome more entiled for a long |erlod to come. The Prus-laa anus have sucoeelively triumphed over the revolution on the banks of the Kibe, the Hblne. and the Danube. But though h ussta Is at the present mom- nt endeavoring to gain k greater triumph still by obtaiuiug the adbasion of Ibe Herman Siates to the new roustitutien by means of dlpfotnaey, and thereby establishing its supremacy in liermauy, the prospect of the restoration of order in this country, and of its political reorganisation oa a la-ling foundation Is further off ihuu evrr The greater part of the smeller States have, as 1 have Informed you ju a previous occasion signified their intention to the |overnnient here to Join the Pro-elan lo-ague Their keceptauce nl the new constitution however. Is only a conditional one l hey can refuse to enter the rnri'rderation if the pat mm- nt and chamfers iu ibe ditfereul Stales wtl tibnld t li- ir c. lieu l re nee l.alterly they haee n> ally all-bow i ill uiselees disposed to a w?it the re-alt lit ?VI nls sod see a hat alii be Ibe position a<siluieit ?>y Au-tila Mud Bavsrla towards I'ruseta Several of thi m have sop intimated that III the event t the f ir ninth u id a league between the -ouilu ru States, they should prsler tojniu the latter In the nisaiiiiiiie Austria and listeria are using svety effort to induce the u.ier States to unite I I the opposition again l I ru-sia t'hese efforts are not in vain Hanover, which, togithor with Saxony, had plutged I'selt lo |'| issla Boil definitively ennulud da live y ?i'h the latter in supn nt -f th- league ha- of late shown d-nd-d symptoms that it is ineiio J to lavor tlie plan it a dirrctoiy fr ileruiany prupi-sd by Au-tna and baiaria < m-uu-iial l-su-d by the ianoviitau g?vsri-mvut wi-kui the la-t few -lava, plae-? litis bey-.ud a deuht It Is sine.- uotnr -us ibat the view* ot the llaooveriau goviruiu-nt max iia ly -Idler with those of the Prussian a e vernus-Bt In r>|i> d to several Imp-riant p-eets nt III- ci l.-i It ut loo and Ike former Is iu fas. r ot cerla n ui< dit.i atious of the project M urleuiberg It Is s il known, i-opp-.sid *.o Prus-la Whet probability |s liters- then that the pro -sfit state ofdic-rder a-i-l r titiisb n in tlermsiiy win end a?l-u-gas di-uutou wad disk-runny b-twieu the greater -iiates? tl ?ss? the No th aiid M' betaren lb <( alboilc and Prole taut p</Wi re let ween ibe U -i.rn Stati s Inclining .-> replib lral-1-III ai d ItlS I.S-.-m Mates to- llUttl,' to do?poi-iu is u ci-?- it g every d,?y ' i'riis-iais tele unlaid t-> rarry into off-ft the tou-tllulou whti-h pta-ee ii at the h-s-l uf Hsrmauy it is still endeav.wlng to sit lupli-h mat -ih^i i'l by means ol diptum.itic n- g I si I- -us It these should lal It l<a- an army of SoiMHp) aivu at the pns-ni oi.-iii- ot already slatloaed In sv? ry pait ol to una-y I here can be no uisu-ier of | Ion It i be I |i h- lb- h Consider It a doty to d'oiate Iu the suialb r Nisles wbat. In Its opinion is their lolinst as well as I'* nan ami assume a very decided ifliiude lowaid- tl-e larger Stales I have every resell lo b-lli ve t bat the polo*v resolved Upon by ibe * 11 ii sisi. csb-vi cn tin- b-at is a very u-termln? J me I be lirai d- i.tong loiio-iry It is well ta-iwu. lies tl'-t lack the spit It Iu egeoutw any p -III o wl seheiBe. jioiid-d ills pisctliable tin the a-utrary it ? reru'aih b Pa- entirely been mule liy a-cries of the , iin,! ill; inn . * i > j o iii< *?rf cn'tnd nit bf nor in I airiry il *111 alt.a im lulurn tut ?IUi llm m>ii? lirl-loo auu rr-oiuinn It kt< i??u r*pnrt*<j f -r ? :oo limn thai lk? Vlr?' of h- I U | ir* Ari-lillllU ll-llla. I* ftl-ittl to rail-* ol*cllnu? \u b? II a-la for Hi* I i*numi Nrli'bUld, nro rilliii to tnu -on, tit* lion I ?liril t>jr Hi* Null tut! liurmMf I n i* tain mi *?! < am II it ily that tlitt vrrlnliiH* raally in,t Oil- laa tin <> ItiO-pl'aol tun h ??l m h *n il-p i-*d j lb* > at on a! io.twi.lf h? la alill di ci-rimn?l to III! IliUirfltgl ?h* mutlllullou promnl<i'id hj tlia in* Il l? tUtnl thai * roral dn**rnin*nta haro r*l-tt tioif hi Hi to !'? ! Inir.'i r iitiiuiau pailiato-nt. 1*1 l p- ?itlou in thai <atin-ii it to ?t?t-inl>|H m-ooMInf to In- routlliiiU-ii latat-ii k| i rut-l* It it n -t"ll-?- to > boat-rop, that In Hi* yri trnt ?lal? nC ttlat- annlt l riiinlin.iit on th- ( a't l lliao*nlral |t utr amiM b* itilinly ili>rifti4t.i a* ib*la'ioo|* n? Irniftr rpaufilat 4 Hf any ?ia t or p o lion of Lb* ptt<|lt It la g < p-itlj tiipp-oltd by a part ttf Hot ^oittniatgli uf lbs i airt i.ppoai 4 o Prut-la I bo iiii-111401,1 * #* r*i-i l?* from Iht Hit of *gr m llil>l?tf r-atihtr- loti* imfat oral.In b r t'lo rajtt of ha 1 agftra I bo i nit- .I lor-* of i|t iii-ir an ao-l luaolan aruitot ara 4a-ly patimiic a<|t%nta/ -a or-r tha lun*ariaiit. to th*lr la-nj ,up?rt r nunalo ra a .-I a rial 11 lb* in- ol tuipi r hi t fortl ltd p till -at hi Hit*i> aro aiieady lb llit-lr |oaitoa?|t o ,tt t ordinaC t? ba a'oot aa-rouut- 1I1* Irrjtii ilin-iou of '.114 itMiltn arnr raa-adtaatelBK to*ar4> P**ih -roil-i u.a la-iran nay ?a- at-- ut to ttia. k il'* f..rtro? of- .in r? In 0- u?*.|ti#iio? of ill* uliiue- of tlio II11 -ion tmtpi >11 1 otth Kuo-nih a- 4 >bo il laa < ittrgigtti a'l 4rt aay l-'lt ll at an4 mlirvd t-i 4 ^ntin K-wtMlli lad |t-ut il a 1 noiaioation ;u tlia Ho0*1 lao po -i-U. In rb i-fi bo palia up u ail aboa-oai-la w b-gt ar >1- 1-1 ak* pkit In lh> tfru.alo a Mob fororor lain tPoilo It* mailt} of tlio i airari-a rat a Whot?t-r rafn?og l> ak* airat I- to b* noolatoj an onamy of bit r aintry. | III ?|ilt- anil rinag** whtrh It It inp-aailila ?o d*f--ud yt ut tho tfiiifii*tt Bra to b* 4o-o rt-1| lit ' ta* luliabi* 1.It. lb* pi-|t*riy if*?lroyoil ami tii* booft iitial, an liatthiy Oiay not fall io'o lb* hand* ot tlia lailor. \riatrla and lliaii|(arjr. irniTioittR i-*ai ii'i'i.abit up nit ?<m n op tiii hi NOnbiaba? TM? r-iiaTRHPi.tid!) nrrai'it on c * 111.a i.u Ktr np 1 ilk nimraii nfi-ia.rr ai a< a? vaNpai lit op tub im kk 1 ai. Turnip*. ?ri: Via bava HMnd lutrlliif na* of torornl h%l.t|*? oh In bt 1 a-on tlia M uuaat nana ami tha \ 11 *tr j Una j iiao ati-.r Th* tailor lift Ram It an lha '?.Vlh, and almtii-od j it tan uirvlotit on tin- lao rrmjt to >ui 'rn on I bo aaa haii-i an! to 4ttihlw*iM,*iihiirir on tho I tlh*r Profit 11 a lo tho 4*patlur? of th- tr-upa tbay | 1- nio|t?ha-d t-t ilia r-ff ftiantf niton* too boil to frtoa tlntb f it I d riBrobal i.loutonaai tVohldomuib At 1 hot at ao4 t.lf lb* pi rtonal Inlaffnifban -if th- I h |>M 1 till I lilt ' I: IT - in- - I I lit mtl 'II I lia Irwiah ij'nillct nil Iii*- alligi-il grim Oil ?l b<l?? ll iii?if ill-pn'i-d *r il it n iuri-lmi|f ?ynip*:In*" fa? ?r i f Ki**vlh mwl nl frmiiiM *?i |iiiu'*in*il with * ?ir tifiM irf Miign fintltn aiJil which cury >? u' o ni'n lif . *1 Clltli II w?. Of ill, ml Iti |?JI -ithia lw-,1 ? I |f bnrna A frw >hon|ii.u br ilntm baah iwiirt mirllM anu a gnat mam itm- i? ? ? ? ai-n >??i-rih? li-n- ihi'?r?* r i?il i.f llic innl ii"!'"'*"? y>nailj ii?*l of ihi hny? ? lih-?l?c niin>r i?? Ami4m I an ai r-a |<an|i <1 the H?t|?rliiii? on IHnlr mr>?t ?? that'bcr* lttnall| naoird bat ?iwf h?w ln|rr?| i he nii f |mrt ol he mil rmlrrnl Hi' tha Inferior nol at all'Ij ? hu? hung* wan hnmml (town to |n?n tit lti? Vag) aia Irmii bring in ilwct*il in thmr ra. trial. Im lha mori lot "f tha :?0th HnbJmk At' wnh h.t our|m, hara an aaliaa aa? fought, br wbiah 1 RK li ?URDAY, JULY 23, 1849. the rod th.-lr rtr?u?t rh? mighty t.mi|. Hitiit to li*?* hi i-u I .uoht Ht Kporiw*, tin u? out In bn? honn an noti in whiuh th* vaiurutrj of thi liuriUn- h* I ?t'h * HuntaHan corpt l.imo mr.iii*, that ??? rti?'ln?l to niinr th? ratru.t of th* 'iuu, narltli trmji In M Vikol.t/' aid Krk#. I'll* ?iur?n'0. ii ont- and ilolonncH at Xa-cliui an* givpu up without n ronton! aid cm thu Sil'l ult . outoroil thoo* On tho 'jr.ih lh* army * lr iuo.ul f iri.hur t<> til* couth on tho road to l>?th ii.I ?n 'UuL'Tih ih? Ku?. tian brad qeartHm worn at 8t Mikolng ThN plaoo It two dav? hi d a half march from i'eath and Pa-ktewicL sent courier* to Vteoia to hut that ?>n the I-it of .lu|y he would pitch o&tnp ou the llakooay deld before I'e-th The Ciuo'n* Omntte give* the following detail* of a battle which took pi an on tie ?M instant.. huiweeu Acs mui HmujIi iu willed the Magyars ci'iipletnly le. fratcd the Imperialists The following aurnant ?f tie affpir ! * yiibtrrd partly from tfaynsu ? bulie'.lu til the Wirnrr Ztimng. mid partly from the lulu r of an oQIcrr present : ? 'I lie ha* 'It* wan one of thu high >st importtU'ie- Aliu ?jt tf-? i whulu Ai -?trian Danube army, with itu re* rrv, aa l the FuiuuAti auxiliary Corp*. uniur P.tuih'iu?in uU iron '? ). m(J t< fO,kiO M.. n ? v%.. Migsesde (Hi tks ffuagai an 4* ao* orditfC to Ha wan thai? ware from I hat t? .7,1 OM ui?n, with I'll piece* <f cit?uoo, whila the Austrian ar.ilUr/ c ni.t* d iiiar y 5HH# p'tcea. The aim of ho au ??riau^ wa > brine t' ? Mnfcynrn to a daoiuive ha;Ma, and thin to lclva theui l ack ai* t'oinorn A no* km olijnot wag to k*ic p?? sag OII Of tha tcte-rte-porit, which aland* up ?u a uaud-tiill at 0'?s?lly a? d our uoitoi 'tho p?*?*ge; but bdth <la**(a* aoitiplotaly faded Tha .\lniuri had drawu a doubt** lino of a*rou^ tunrcnohaicnts hufort ih* teti-dc-punt froca 0'S . ?lly. Tin Ausiriani limt a'tackedO'Sgollv. The 11 uugarUus luted the in in" tho inwu, w 11* i*o th-y f Mind i > iu I ?e? audd ily iipNid ta tfea ine o tkt k a y gaa> Ivooi Uii an pmq nouts. Pre* fcntly thay made a |-reuipit%to *o<reat. pursued by Ik huorari*. alio laid on with unsparing nnhron. I'pou |hia org ?'on the yeung i'riuce tdotuianataia w.?g sever** r WiMiiided. Viojihwf ilo tho a net. nam uraoked on tha other aide Vj-Srolly. Tlia Parma restraint ?f lufantny toriaed, after it yeral uuf( /tun mo a 'euipt*, l!.e outer hua of entrenchment, hut wore finally dri'cut hack a;atn vi h ijiino .>oi l?i/.> Then tha haftla raaohed thu .eighhorinx viue-hiila, where the Huu ririuu iiu .urn were drnwu up lfie*> *l?a trie I Auatriaua ware heat* n, nlthaur,i) they iiad ke#a ntrotig' h >uud br raihtorcouu ntr. At r^gta t'l-rval. linally the hikii ?? ira fill a ore m<rioua an 1 Idocdy. T a village w te fiur er lira t'ho ta^en alturua el> u: aithar parry a .tli* vrn* ha*o that t u Houyod J?(ttrg t'**llno he Rusiau aawalry of Paaiiitta, and gave t em a ta^to of their ipiali*/. rhd Augfri-tn did uo *?'n u sialic iiu h f ^.r und. ani. o lieu ui^ht f-11. i

a<im ?*a ramaTued m their iortner n ?eiiion. iu tli > Auttr ai InilotihH t|i. 1 hMif ti o in gia'od at eight piouoa ot ens o on aid 260 pi ieo* urn. 'Dim Aunt riaa 1 munt ti a. ? ? baaa varv govern Tl e otilceie who catua wounded to Vienna 1 fitaied .hat half a bat*aliou of I'arma inUutrv h .d been | anber killed or woiiLdcd There ha aUo la in iu tha aoutli a Keren l v contested i flght between the Magjarf and the Nery'iue iinli-r Kincxauiii. at ?' rlaia ou the l.ower Thaimi. Of a whole ballttlioo which the Baa Hour from St i'bom.iH toO'BcMee only ele r* n men returned. I he fell cither iu lw?file or hy the etiol* r* or denertcd. The elcotria tele^iaph reports : ? 11 u' gariahx have nut i|iiittod 'ho lieuka of the Waat The Han had retreated lr iu 'lau?i?<M k Thu Angtriaa <arrUou. at Areb, hud lu en compelled o uuri jndc* that f >rtrau*. Thin la^t i?tateai? ul pr d?abiy gtre rme t ? the report puhli?.ied )j thu /hrn!d on 11? Ufday, t bat ititab hai gun fluloit-d IO l he liunuai iai?n. Prom TranHvlva ua we learn that the Honda i a ?rpi, under Uroti uhvlui aud M?oiier appeared outhe'/lat, b? foi< B'hioiT a. and on the i?'?d afterat?* hie ru-i*tane*, took the loan The tfUHgaitan trrutpe. who were poet* ' rdiii thin pait of Iraii-jixauiv *i*?iic**iitraiad them. telycH. to the amouut <>t Jh.utiO or 2u kmi ui *u at l/eoti, where tbry h ot up a ??ry trong p<??|t|oa b'r-??u the capture frontier the iu wtrae U nnral LlMtrg, ??u the iioth ult mtiraily did attack the Tornoi Pa?* e ha> been ot laic np ricd ai d fore d it. alter a inr>el d?>pciale feel lain e fhc lltiugailanu lo-t ll cannon and ? <d??u. 1 hi n well kn >#ii foi hi.v uie'fial gallamry. icll w ui. l a into the hand* of ihtuo* acne. wb?r*upoii he was cnuy? y? d ui.d'-r their a* jort. to I xcrijowita On the raoie dav. Unocal I Aiders entered i roiuia it The head quarters et the .\u*tro 'luolsa army of the Paouhe were ou the 'id. at I'aO dna t ?e third corpH b.m pushed to igni.gua; another dirlstoo, under tfcnciai Schliok wa? to the iiHtghti ?roooil of KitHer up >u the road from Baab to S'uhl Vet ?r*eubur<. T he nieln eorp* of the armv huaded hf the i.uipwr ? , tumej o|t from baholoa tv?a.'l? .\cu in order Co MflT**nt at the 'ait* r place a pawa*? across th * uanubs in o tin- Maud of Nrhiilt wtth a ?irw of | roaoe.ling toamda Coon rn by b< tb hank* undertaking the firjt of Ibti fort rer-< Itut tlio nridg tud ih? tftr-tic ftmi at lee ?eie rery alrnimly aid renoliai by lh? huugariau-; and irnrgey won tt/are wi'li fO baltaiion* of luHMi'-r). twenty erjnadrrine of uralrji, tail tit'y ph*eer of cannon I h? turner lab-it*. eiu J rtdenid their aey coiii|Uirt of haul) ?trt fur taK.dg there am rrnchnienlk by -'orm J'lie ha'tie ?tr uli-ti hale and tailed ryb1 hour* I t.r \u-troKo <ai*n army wae compelled Id 1*11 bk?l aft r li-nni^ -olfer-d lit at I Leytook, however, from the .ioupariau* allele ha I tny con 1 ting ol eUan p.iuuder* and two tartar-- poll ltd* ra. whn-b reu'u.rj too tat fro.u tf>" t reliction in puroilt and e'l lute ' ha baud* of a r.igluraiit i f light horin lingey m.aitu.nd. d lira In parent) 'I'll* t lap -rer in eald to liaac tallowed nig wit b liia apy Rla*e tb? in >?>n>'ii ? of tbir Reto-ra! wno*a oaiiia ba b i u mi ol.en hi.night te bU aara looounaieu with A u-trim. dlea-ter l b* /l(priMi.'?. at fra-burg. puVt.hee, un lar data of the tub, ibai on the id (tb la i Q. d?v after 'liia anient -tea) there '<e.k place an wbmtuali bi'lia b?fora < . ni ni in alilcM l.nt* at ih llungariam fell Tha Hueeiona lay iiaiui to lint in,' killed .ed lin< at*, aud atfbt p'.acaa ol < ainodi r. ujonol In the ban da of tha Aueiriaii* i be I'reaburg corn pp. o dent of Mat rata ilial **ao llecbtoid ba? labeu Wiepiliu. None of Ib-aa iepon? a-e confirm-d from . tU..r luora iclialil# aaurrca. 'I beta va- a battle alao ou tba road ondptaj by Kobibik on lb?a'J tin ?> ui<t by tin Ituugiriau out ci r. K.apka ai the bead wl Itlowi uav, and .topped in la auiaiiciiiR luriher In < he iiiand ol Scliolt the HunfM-lan ?tra aMU at h)a al In la thr la ba- be n a tactile, too. or rathnr an ou'poal ekiruii-b I'ba tuairla ? ifn ooo atrung, aair-d to aaaiiuie tlr-r oBeo ae i u order to j rlu the n-alil linp-Hal aBf alien It cnraeaa 11? llanuna till thai p,?i V? rtag the avjald aete altil lu p >-ae?<loa af all p< Una. nbd llir Kiiaaian t "0- adit bad adranood II -it. Il.e Niiib ui.tir r in . a fkiaa ??t" >b.ia-dto fall Iraek. ro that l! |a ,e J r Wa n the let laat dil' a lap to bit <dd pet nl d> t ? In tiaUina lldt aliatb.r lhI* rrtnat eat the re ul id arii.tiry on tba l-art t-l t l.e A a*>nn? l? not Known it tit It la certain Uret oi the .in b r-Mur i>? tin { ?a- Inardal )hiij, ai d t' ail eoujtf-tUM U -bat It r Oauio tririo a baiMr at 'I n ntecnin In il.e rou'li Je'la h'. b la .naklnf pr> pa aivina In eriv ?titer to i be right bank id tha Ita i<lbo a' I: \)? and I In It upon tba r. al o llija and t-oiiiya' tO altamja ab np ltin leai uho tnaaida hinliletk'aleaanhurg lie |.? bnaerit to , ? b t)i 0 Ir- op-ol j -ao foi lol inrJ'.'ta | art nl I.I-r <rp In. log man'.led n anial I beie-l at opel iellachlcb "III have to nie.-i wiib n?ny tJI III rait t?? In the r. ur?? id t r- loareb ??4 alitor# aan t r.cape M* llui.a.ian r rp> kkiln ileo. .tuUclt. itatioLedb-ar tba '.altei. ma I nai e. miip the i p? i at n ..f t j? in ian at me to the north ao .1 her bo. el n ba?ao_i - in wotab nnna' -a tbe b ll .allip 'a. ia up 'be f a I I'oia K?<" an to hi. t I. k. r? ihi n aiu a lay |. ml I I * i m ee p? at Neleellii ahe a. I one undii'llio p. r?oaal e nl .ri if arkeaiab, inured it ?iic?o' ? oo to? iitt, tne tilbir nnd.-r ^ ft uiarnied iii ito- direetioo . 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AT I I I A n.j nuinh. it MH nun I, * . i wr nrr? n mnt I'f'iotj* u PW Ma dWW ' 1 i (awttl'l ri.i-la : I'lor it a at i Intjit* a' mnl laip*?*ivi?n?l i 'I that it caaam Iau I in *?ii t m t Hat) Mm i m tf mm ' lb* Mli'?iA| wmu*ioiI* la olfri.iA'ail ia t '. runrumtiI *m "or lanf jraai"* ti* f'Ai haiS I ir?l> ij In*- ol bla Ci A'h Mm htm I lm? for ma- / *"* ? A* a a mil 11.* j . tr is.'.u a* ilamtn 1*1 L ??i-'"it#u linr r? lit* i'aj i* i'trtih*inu dnmi. tb? North .'in?'III All tlalia ? ?Hi'f I III -npl I a-l'iqM it fPTh lii<*. i li aii- all.I I ti ? II1 a I ha ? .?liA. Iil'ir lao.?h? At tS? ; bat fani ilarlw 4 I A' ba tirnij hallai'd in Ih- lli nun ti 1*11 4 In La liAit tbllaa l*n *h?n |i. hi* 'Xlb Jf**t, In* n*ti *i?ia I- n* ?im h|- nam* *'*'1 th* oata Ih&iJ li ft 11*1 hi'iii'f l? i r*ii*yl**iiM aa?-iAl l*n,{*r im riiuinf* Mm |*h)-Ii-iah A * nl* ti-ad til 'MA ai wand it. ijiiiii pnlHH) l'> .??in* ha bad AW' h' f / At It li** " tin ilia f?ilh ot Ho* ?i i"* (! n ati'' ?? li ni'Hf in taul* In ifn haila*t tr* And U*<dtf? liAilh.* hill ahii't' hall I i'. Ill ni imiri %i'J alii tul il * wt fir* ill* ) i ar I"ill W a li a * * within* ? f lnm.f**n*A to add to th* iAUllltann* tri.m itia i a' if ?ar <i"pt? i-J ah ia* ,lari an p*t I-1 Iii anaafl * ilm part f a i Halt 8 'th th? t i*p* if 4*aiad ami i ruari* ?hl<h - d d ?n h th* llui'ia intta In ih* haitl l <i tut hi.*. ?. rt, h/ hi- ittit* aa ?*d and *?'lial in th* *r niu<t ? ti**h < xaruih i - li*8 ai-o tati pia a In "r*-?i ir* til ma li II h- r* <if III'* i i ujiiitaa of till- n*l It-'ao'i* of ihfi ?r?rcr in ramaui'v >!> < ? i io'.i um hnmm nt flu in rUIMn tm bi i? ? ? Mta * i? i ?f tip) P li i. cl In ip k'aih hnng j I*'*i?li4lp||j i.u'Iip i<l' >4 \i hjtr?'?. ?ti? ji*'I* ?.1-J ??i-n pi lit umllpp r? |mii>'IHp fur (ftp 'Miugtl ? p'flnkidt, *? nf ?fc*tr el tit nii-ni'?r< t? *4 rn tij ID IIip H ok* Qntnfr app t - iti* ?ti*-<J k ||!?i.lii if < initial I?i i.Pirh itntaMiif t.h' npt-iait-nai of i?* Hn-piati aim) ip tip nuh fro :i ih? i" h to IN* Jll IDM In Riill Uri'ilK iiiip?i?I?p? oh t < ir?a Hi pl'if an Km n frnia *lmb If 4|i|> ?"< that h^a ? ml hip n-i?ii? ?int at il"i kati " i a in tra*. I>p > i a i' t-ri fpo >nni>t>a Hi ? lr t ni a iiiatautniia niplnat it i*a pnjui. a t?? I a?ii? n* t lit MlPi > >??un, u./ n?1 I ur.nj aait /m?*a tn St .ilarUu; [ E R A ?' it tha other to Ro-iMthere, m?t'lnK vlth barricades of frllid t nil er (i?-fi i!il?d by email guerilla buud?, with whom a few -hot. w. ra lutm-hangi d. OiniMnaki v t> in P??th, wharw ha wan wail raceirad. But thie grant c.imtnaudi-r eeoitis to hava ra signed his post hi tin- lu-a.t of ih" srtny nf tha north. which has ha?u takau by Vt?i*> sky Tin. niotlyn n?s' tor hi. rc.i|m?tlnti ?h. that h? hhi prrinatrd from carrying Into aaarhi On hi. plan of breaking Into (l.tllioia. Peroral *a? ?l-n at Perth and uhar/ad with tha nrgnnU ration of tha crueaila " Tha number of people who liaii j dnad tha crj-ada Is rapurtad at a figure truly iacrt'dlHa Details of tha otitry of Mia It uarlane into Mronstadt i worn published. lu hu oP'.cUI form at Vlauua. an tha i 6 th. | | Wf find tin confirmation of tha great hat Ma between I the Prussians, under Psskicwksrh. and tha Hunuarians under IVniblnkl On tha contrary. w? tlud that Dauibinski has resigned bis cvtuiiiand and is at Festii ] Count I ndhlas Taleki. tha Hungarian enroy at Paris. lis. published tlm fallowing protest, which bs has ri cna. a troui his g .vcrnment: The I Inns* riai asticn. r'ruok 'uthshaart. has triumphed, ' wi'h the am of tho Aimijch'y. OUT a ree< It which a perjured I dynasty liss exrltsd tyaitiet t.t s Isws ssii tha oiusu e'h"i, by intrisnes ami l y rorcB. I'ha ceuutry list art rsa bas'i, as ! fsr is thr frenticr ths A urtriaii armies, who, in order tncp- j press the liberty ami indept mlenes of the nat ou I ?J invatrd i I a I erriIi.rk In ? t .1...... ,i t. in ......... mi 1.1.. e.le tiou, lo virtue of the duty of legitime to defence, the llun.,rv- j riau naticr nouni* ou.<Jv pronnnnct d the fall of tho how?e of , BiNbQii*LottftiBit m ptrJuTid Mid irtniuili Nifir did i ration tigh< in a more oft**)?never wn a ilyne#ty more , Justly punished?never hud ?. nation more right to hope thai 1th tovernvnciit, tho uriatituioti expression of the v ill of 'he people may be able to i tfa< *. by supporting itself on order j hi 1 peace, the ira #e f i lei| despotism U4> MViiilM' lti-e, v\o see rti'hine ou oor fron, ier? In Gallieia and at Cra- i cow armies of the 'tar, ready to invade !luu#arv at the flrr-t cull ot tl r house of Hnphburg, w i*hotit any deolaratma ' ot wi?r. All theie preparations prove t. at tho house of Haps* | burg too? not lies itat.e to call ir the aid of the Russiane, to | r*--e#'ablish its despotic power on the ruins of Unitary ? , The llung'irian nation is r? solved t*? repol thin freth a^res- ' inn. 11 i* decided to shod the eery lav drop ot'i?u blood, r%~ ' lliff tflil r<o vI, ue tor it# MMttf a kin* who i trie mwr- ' dorev of hie people. ?n coming to t!ii? firm resolution, it r*U- ' g:< us y to tievnu in the justice of its cause because it \* t hoi v enn; Vwt it doc# not the leu# protest. in ti e face ?f (Jod tud of ] ill civilised iiMtoii i|kiitf( the tfcb|iiftteee ttteeveetlo# #f j Kiincia: wMcli, m the am reel of a perjured despi', 'rumples under loot the ?i^clit of<uh an I tue iiuf>r<Mcrip< iM? rights ' ot man. Il pro'cp?* iu the ounscioui e*? of the dtrj of it# j ?cM- defer ce to wlidi it line i ?er Teduc<<?l It p fit teste tu the pauie of that eteina) ri^lit of natioiia, whtob has ever bo nine tatr* o f< nnda'ion of th mutt al nlatiore between S a?e* I 1' protean in tie uatnc'ef treaties of d-i-lnrs t h,in and of fui?raiit< ?a, w hich place under the scti* of the sentiment# of | Turtle* common to i ll people the existence of him who is threatened w ith death. It prot ate in the name I the bal- , mm 11 t w#i in b?ftM In th# nani al lib#r< p and oivillmt* . tiou. ii protest# iu t tic unnio uf humanity, and of the inno- [ c ut h)o< u wh?ch writ h for venaeauoe t? the God oi Ju n to#. I Tbi tfumjmrtan notion #onnla on lh# $y npath of #v rp ration which love* rtcht and liheity re-jiondttix to tbte ry Hut w#r? it abandoned by all atron t iu it# ironsuitmce, it I dot - not the lea# de'dr.rt lefi re God, and before men. thrt tl ' will pever yield to ?i.e v idem e of tyrant* and to at it Will j etru# -le ?o iu last breath in the defence . f its rt rhtu u?a<o*t ' tleuMuCh# of dePpotif.Tr. Lot Goo, l?s" the civilised world, I judf.i' between u# and our rprre?eot* 1 (l^inwe) c#unt La* i dill li \tt!i i an t, Minister of Foiei^u Affaire. 1 KDmSL'TH, Governor. Hebrew in, IIay IS. Affair* lit floine. 111K FINAL AS*AL'LT ? M THK * I If -THK CAPI HJLA TIOM* AMP TilK CONI?l rio-IH - 1II i: UKf'KPTlON <?F j 111k FtKNC II TliOOI'S IN I'llK PITY ? aSM.ISHINA- , TH MS?'I UK FkkiJNUN OF i UK KOjlaN 1? JIAMFhOTO of INK foi k. Anncicd arc the purliojUr# of one of the dual anAUitH caiKkiL ot'uivor to thi dimmtkr ok wah li r Aiiql' AkTKits, June IU. ur le Mini*tre?After the hmoiuU of th* hn.-..i ai? wix and ores on Hit 21 I I had Um h i I# ftnfertn iron thai, not w iihatandiiiK the MillUr.t euoeiaa of thai aiTair, we ox* pei Urd to )iave to eoxa|t> in other uomi>ata. The enemy up* peered, in lact, re# lved t?? defvnd e.k< h ho- ion I ?ot by foot. Uu the *rth a vi^oranc ccmhat of artillery had for result the * p iiii;;: of a I reach on t ie left flank ol haetlon \ a true for- I ti?a loniU'Cn.rati -y by trenchea t<> .San t'ietr < uf \foot ?rio. ' APhoiiph tr.e h< rnao x' ii i* r ar-xood marx?iu'*Ti. aad th# , i . ml cr ?.t their can oris very :r-;4t. ur tire had iuatautly a rroat ?u|eri rlty o?i-r that o| the enemy. OutheJHli In# ' I rtai li I am beeoric | ia< ti-n'l< , io-? witov aodiu^ the mlidity 1 ol the rampartr. rn'irdv hnil* of Koui in cement. If permit- ' t? t, iiv t ? ot,imn to Me^ion of I anIio# M, the ocoupwioa of I wi i- h, wI .let ? oh 1 in ' to c\tend "iir -. Ire# <n. Mount Gt.t- ' r ?? lo. (iitirii o to i innai d tlit Hno ramrario <ite ?>r- ; dcr or tho na-Milt w ere iiiitiicdi.itely ;<veu, and four co luniii*, mmcIi 01 i)k m ? of <?*!', wcfi ??I voted for I'm ptlHllOW. ( I I u <J'?pnfoh bfru ?uU<rn 'Dto lint;ti I m of th? roro- ' I l< *'tn n i f i h?> cdmum, wbioh arc without lntnront for 1 U.? k< i?*r*i n ftdvf J At half-|??t i? iu th* m raitiff. the rr<*lln iaarv prapa- I , r? tin uav h* been tiMui?d, ^ II tho oilman* mo* *1 \ >rward at 11 * i?|?|>?mi.i-U ?if n?l 1V j .ir* ik * f thr-e kuui). Tna tirel t ouiuu, na??*r .li? r> < r? ' uj uvuUi.t I. febvre, irrn?4 ai t| ? MitMfinl uf L?> ton n i a tb-up firing u' i. i.rkatrv. >?t t work* tt r ?u up ti?a ?- an.? 'uriuic t f III ;lit, I Oil: u)?tk|> *i > ?peU th lii'Ult if illtt tfUllltUO. ha>t|ir?M dill oni > in roiiitiuun in tt.e o?i.:a<lo. Ti?? nrnt i ? i I ti.i a?tMfa 1 f t r'it to th- bre*. li uu%r!y a I tne de|, r.-'-ri f if o i an ion, but the er-M ir-i I i U.i? narrow uaaaa?i-?iid ?m>' | . v tiur hr?Va a.-ldi-ri from rm mm vim i? te) grcui.rt ?n d advancing. it Vila Uixo-nt ?nnnr an ?nt I cft'livn, of tt?? M'l, iec*Wed % aoitud .ktol |.?ll lla w *? loi- , iiifiniNli rt| iMtd '-j Koiitetu. of theuiih. A dvaptaa1* ^ a? iak? it of <?tii t|, g< miit * to enlarge the pa*? go. i i u.iri??i . i t v iillautj I'ufort, of ilia K i|i'N m ra. will rtr< ck hy tv>o I all*, *hn?i fl?t ia* tlt? f " K*1 tm.a to t.i.**k I tl if dai garonp |>*a- aga fhr olun.n under the >?rilir< of tJo.nD'?n<l? i?t I a ? in M-fln l * *]< a Bfearp dro ?f t.iiMkavrf. 11.? vni'ij ur of b?.'L" ai d tlf ?irn.?<M?-ra fnaVli. irriol. I.ufior, k la? ttiltiiiflVaoitiupiort- <1 by >V' Vi**- ' I.mii m ail, la> nne'ed tie <f?* re. and oontended a^atnat t * Cm rel> ?rd hoi. * a ? ' ich in-emoto'leu cur attack flic ?i vra- < k n?<?r? of tbt *111 ia'* 11 utani rv. th firm to It ate tin vr ?o??a, II# v| t?ft fitMiAkicH b> i. UfurM Ib k - ?'. ' - 1 1 ' i l ret t wo trrr? l of?be ?n?m> fid with iiiuu w .a hr,..| at || io. /if irAfWl / A ^ v I'i yoiftro; if,, u, mmI|| >eer .?,? J ttthhiliaitt' whvli ' *rr*d t-m mouth of the boatioo, tbof roal * ! to a bat i??r> < f nnw p.? t of * nonon. an?4 tu?.n p ? ? 'ti'U of it. I ii-K rip'd admirably ?<mib?u< -I a<tan ! liioi^t#!) tho *ollli4ii *bii. b lull 111 Mill fr 4 by <ho brra? h. ?nd t!.o kh ?r ! ?* * of Ilia baatun lu vim d** nodal Itlfll roiiliri n in-i I I miM li rnntittTf thd??tio* d i t ii,|i?cr?d Tlut hi i it aaa*ak?n, bnt lUylitflu wa* a I iiuif t<tt|Tivtr. a" *La fiouaoM Y??? kin?r on tho na'ti a M't allfd i. ith ib? a?ir117 and tbnjr inarobrd u for?:0 to i? ate thotr u 111 I li- r?? rvo n ? .-a ' 'a/ d r l.t 1 it. t oh 11-1 K>| iitif-e, and tl? i;rtnadlrfa of mi Vi-Ti, u ?lor 4?ita'i? I a* ra u?.ir. prynini 'ia on. 11/ viKorounly, ^ ro1 pnated tt am at ti ? |?v nt wt tho t>ayon?*t o?i r too ataircaaoc a* J the < .'oari"'ooiit. I . tin-u took t? o 'i" 'i-i ?l.ieh c o maoded^tl .:au o* ?<an I'anrratio Too offiu^ra ??f oathtu, tatinp ?d^aotagu of tbi trooc ?e of th oaonay, filar d tie t; lit n 'i. ?t? nrity. Tbt d'fft renV Column* wore rd ? a with r*|tt%l in olhroh-e ami anerc> l?f I. em Col<M>cl It |ibi"i .1 ti 11 e *h' ft ue bat at II on |?la?.d al 1 ha boat' ?if tl m Our trocp* aetcd wltn a *Ifor a?id c?Phttata4di ?Mofi n it) |1T ? n d taelc* i/.i'y hUlr b7 th* b 1 yoi ?t inor? th 1 *t 4t n mm. (/ til of I th pri ntr- h'? r-itiamel n our blind", time aFe IV nfhu.rM of Uifl-jfenv i;ra ''" 1> ir Iota, romporat roll, Ii"m it" be?n rroit; It arn un'O to '} k I'ai, 01.001 mImiPI <t ID ttfta'i; 110 * itindo.t, of Wlmiii ft ?' ' litem Thi* Could ?M?nll an in. "ions* hi >1 il *?? nt mi li"? |<a l i t !! >,# * if 'tral ? 1 .* / lile corleote. ai d one bat' riot afo - 'tu'- 'd tot / tan ruik |l-e t? Mi f t I t ? o u I a 11 n1 1 *>a I* w oiilt' mo: on I tie < 1 v >1 r into ! 1 1 Bidet o? fa 1 ' 1 "t r . ly be ?u,.p .a-d liat it) p v?niaeiit w'ai- ?a. be. v? .11 coat jut ta pr^latif if I. intafwyuaet la the 1 al o# toe ?. mtry. To Iffft a*i> the chant . ? of c?.a a Inn. < 1 ha aa?% lit cf lamrn ^.aad dim at* tin aan?bef..f .? fantara tn tocfi oit ftiattn.k I on'" 'iti v m 1 r .11 biiv tvilbtr bt laa*' a 1 ft >ii I e | |* the P. rta <! ' I'l'i o I 1 11 aittn ute.l wild a %'tod ten I of it; 1 ell:a ?* ?*>) a t olu m ti cmi 111 <i of V r? bat ai ' .ua, a 't'lri) tf rr ..1.0 ,t, and lotir fun? The K??aial Uft I t I' Id lie at I 'aeet .'rlue* iti 1 a ? et n'n^ 11 till f'lii, 'a lake pt'MM'ii ti lb? bfigrhta tehie.'t inoah fie Villa H*r|t.?N II e at ' ?!_> h?d en a- at dalltm h - a u vf<* bc< b#ur I lat < 0 tl>*'li vni 111 r a- to i r oltnc kfv.l r?y a' ,rl, mm pi*, a* bebintl ?>n a ' lit nafa ' tac p 'at. I. la trulletj bay v np * fir* I. mn ' alf p ! C ? i.irae c .?ck | Ir t e n r .let, and e.?u-c* crfer n? a jaAftcr wmao It 'le*?4 It ?* If out of 11 a 1* eh 0 urrt'ack*. 'I he aucmy r#f> ifd rcry d ail ly. bat ?* ,11 *,< t ra *ii na an fo?a In 10 >-r Ci'f V n .b* i !??? nfttf. > im n?tKii? vmw pm?i U.r rliuirli t.f "*1 I i?i, tiirto I til i??l a#?r It ?? ??' ih 4 *a I tUnmi > im.0 ll>l ?njr ? > ??<t jriitl) *?? 4i ,tii?tal tifr. ft'-m ) itlw i? ?l?l a, w 11 ft ?t.a if? ? VM * *?t|a *p% .iArr?at ?! ?? 'oh plart ft. m 1 vi ltl>aJlf*^ill Cvt I? |U j. \? K? !? ? ?ttf?i|?t?4 1*. ?r% o?? tira o'tr ? l?* ?? if Uwif 1 ? ?, fti Ur *%cim ra*? 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K mi ? u 1 iti tit t*a* 01 j ta# a 4* i w ? I..ah ?a ? a 1 t? * u f>' a* l, If. ?i 4 9*t??tjia rl 1U po?i. I ha ffln? i?r?'? a on!. ?hf tt.ti.ti m ? f1, i>rf???t 4* r-o. A. A A 1.10? r l, 4'r v 4*a%* n m?, .>? !? J**?, Mf. 4 7h??t*frM bl?r?o?1 by th* ''m.rV ra lirJ?f m< r*itt s tho "ft i|t , |.l? aj thorn la p-? ao?*' n ?f ti.i tlai h.'f'i t a'ifi <4 ? cou*M*r b o Jot ?t 1 ' i h thf) fttott.*?|f)o?| |r? p- <1 of stioti ofilt/?a tlo Hiitnnt 1 t*t?iiMi nioko lo dt hx3<# fbanti i? w? li ?a r f i Taai of tho l??.ir?iinin, itow 1*1.(ItOf ffffidf H ttarlaaa * hr iyt-f riot llu? ?#f nil it m hn.?n rtiiin<4 *??i Moo f r. ? wntrU la ?it?? ?mir? !'.? # Ij bf*:? ?? h 4 hl? rhifitli. alltt?if?(| t? i-tio ?p? * *>? h ? ! - t if *( j?? ?-f tht tu?njr.O.Ma ?tf l? l ti?r ? n-Mlif il j-??it< ry -f ! h-J? H- f -rtt U ?i i# n oto?i to if V?" an tailor .i?d tha Ii-t dfu r ,|?t i>f lha d< f? iiiria f??i t sru f 1 ho'toy it ?fit at t??* a t ?ry 1.1-t, n?fo (i??, iho 41-a oti hfth aldaf ao-lanTT. ht?? tf. Vfnh a? Of?l frofin<i audvt.? ' itif >aa tbun I m i?r m th? ioijis "a la ? | < ifiiit it r < ' a la I i>H# ih? * a of-U i'?uint< la I tl.i-o rlr. ttt. t?> ( ) i hi* altvtii? !* * )f t rt|illnhtin?. I rr f ? If I l.aiJ m "I % ol a ?ull nt Ihn t ?ot? t-r.- I i l<rn la i tir I'oinMli au'h fill a. a ",u ?at y -al? ?h-?i t lb* I rl,i>f 4" thr ..-1 ul l?n ?r>|* 11 >*.| t't-rn knll i I ll? lialb'f if ?>ifo (r ' any of 'ho IfA-lniif I I ulifi 1 jo.nora ih-ir choir* a.mi.I no ionbt hart t h)ti iliffrr M to- Ho ihliUiit oogbt, i"lliiilkl.k?'t bran y mr??|i< t o o ! * I fiat lilt H. C ibo? bn?? ? i| 'iii ta< i n. mi-ai oi I "a'tri n t?Iu llntllltiiM vwit? yi iinl ia*l M'ght an I it"* > Hanoi" ha? loin Cfirtii I l?y ihtt niilnl' lf*ll'T ?q (lunli.or uliii'li irr mi* K tiilfiii I In- " rmi " f III' fill at'or "III no 0 u II mrnif im? linn' in Hi til ' fi < "? *1 n It titav I < 4i 'i t'paioj a * ?? on vh> f- ?l nhjrci ,.f tna I r. it-h In if n < t?t ' lt? ?|on.o iti'tiMt <) |o#? 14 i'fo afeiak ihoj baaa laaar. t?0 by an Vita a r.iyrlM# ?o' ? n'titbo mty af 'loin, ill'" an i ho "% ?n|pii in ?lill Mlm in fo n')?toty i\ it f IIm b't i alt ?r- aat.fif In art i?hm lh?) ? ul On ah?n tha, han fo? n. ?rr n ia ?t?-.j n . lit 1 l<? Ivll'ialng ara tu? cvaJllUm agrvaU la halaaaa :l D. TWO CvNTS. General Oudlnnt and Ilia delrgataa of tka Cov,i???_? A??euibly of Roma:? ",M" I 1 he f'rebuh army nhall antar Home and oaeuaa ika ?lt<oi i itii'i)' think right. 2. Hie trie p. which, in con'rrt wit h Uonaral Oudlaot Baa Hi1 h? in?i' lulllUrr authoriile*. -hall nam u, the ally, l.i li d rrica with tl.a I'n 110I1 ml ten in tha city anl tna hOtt "f '-ar C ligelo, k 1buK man wi'itary authoritiaa ahall aa al.lnli oantaaiin-i.u fur II e tr?n.|i? that cannot mania 'n tin oitjr. 1 A I c< moun ter lion* wiin Home, wluch ilia Kieaoh army baa iiittrtiu'tad, ahall hit re- opuad. 6. Tl ! pri palatini .ft Mann mada in lha interior ?f tha towii. I avii a in i cal rth nn object, rha'l bu destroyed, nail .ha circulation to every whero re i-atal ltai uii, li. Ii.dit iiliikl liberty and tl ? tnrlolahility of peruana far any pr? vlcoa fact, a* ala> pr party, are guarantied witliouh cxi' 7. 'Ihe National Cmrrt t* maintained in aotire terrioe aacctoing lo the trrtna ol it? iuatitutioa. Kran. e di.ej not occupy itaalf with tha interior adtai* Ulrtlatl't 1 In* following la nil account of tho manner la whiak the rntry ol llin Krau-h tronpa into ltouia, on the M iunt. war rtcnlvrd by tbe people:? About ais o'clock ncveral reglmenta of all arm* crooMiltha Til er ami took up their quart am at tha ilitti n et pnala aretgutd to tlniu. They ware evidently Ho'pick ol ibe h r< uoli army, all (Inn men. with aruia and equipment* in rpb mini order, and each mmiii-ut mercbrd tLri ugh ilii- t nr.n by way of pa.'adiug i heir tore, be fori, the population I war at tha time lu on* of tbe c Hie bourrn ol' that beautiful rtieat. ami wltnrrmtl tin* prneua-iou. and tile maimer lu which it (II rem laid by ti e inhabitanta Kirrt came a aqiairoh of horrit greoadiera. with a Hue band immediately on turning the corner of llin loug alraut, leading Imw the bridge of St Ac grin to lint orro, the head of tha c<'I until war riiiived with a burrt of groan* ho >tlng?, and It on te* of " f'i.'u lu Hrpublic* Atiwunai1' Irotu the promt nude uy v'.m the! oriole at way* crowded at thla n< <11 1'br trumpet* 'nMaotly ptialed a triumphal II uirUh by mi; <1 retpniine There reeuied a tvaug of mutiiu lii- jl.-ixc in lb* note* (bat announced the triumph < f the modem tienl* 'I'll* by itandere la th* HMl. tlic k|u cater* in t hi- ?I ml owe, were evtdeat1,1 p'flt. J to the ({lib it ; I could rend their thought* It thi ir lace*. Next came a liaiteliou of tnfautry ; then dmgill." I?1 l> II iigliittecnt brat* helmet* mounted * Vein i bi)'K > 1 ban i lie Kr-nch aruiv o-mld b**?t of ten yiun a^o : tb*ij lAimniu it ckecei la * rt of hiitearx, but 0 -a >1 -f i illy Ji eared than our own with light cap* i ii tbi lr I axilr mi'1 I ng carbine* or rifle* clung at their bad k) ; ui.d U~ily. uioia 1 ul'antry k aoli oorpa ?aa rccivtd in exactly tbe *nu.u manner, anil each Buttle I lie iiiur characteriattc reply drum* baa ling aiiu uuti pet.? founding I taunt flunk thia triumphal pr mlihi *?? in very bad taete considering ilia nlgiu and character uf (lie t-reiirli aggreefion en I ( toe and exceedingly Ill-judged. if their cidi.mai tier wi-hc? to encourage anything Ilka food feeling l.t en . en hie troops nnd the luh.iollautH of' Helen J ut It i? of a {l< ca willi all the mea-ure* of ( ei-cral, or a? tbe rtrret-hawker* call hiui, ' ardmxl t? diQot lu thu evening. the Kronen patrole, ail v. n ricgle i Pie ta and uien were greeted by the p topic in the ctrecta with aurh pillule a* hr iga-iti ae I unmiHii. The troop* end. Mured to pruecrve *< iu u* ll (Mien lui* ae p >e..ih\? la tb-ir manner. but theydix not -e? ui more than bait romh.i'iaMa uod. r tbelr reception It wa*abittnr no meat l-rthu ltonian*-oaa of tboee mntileui* tbat aluk ib ep into the heart a* I memory of a uatlon Ae I looked on what ?a* pa**ing, I ?a? ton liiMtn.ily rentlu led of Dreuuu* and Alarie. ol I lie i ntry of Vt illiam the Hi laid luto Saxon heud<>n after the rpmagn of lla-iinge, of Napoleon at lierlln Vienna, and Madrid I < Merday wax onu of tbi?e awful inter ml-, In which the I aode of order eud authority are relaxed and *i? oiely i? for a uioun nl anaudoned to the guidance of Iint iil-t* and paeelt n It tlol uot {iae* away without lumr deed* of blued; enteral m?ii were killed in tba rtrttit, and iu open day due of lhe?e waa a priest, who ae .- li.ehi' ii.h m.Idler* w re pa eiiigiu i he 1 oraa, ah. ut ou* o'clock railed out ' Kh ? Pin .%'?*?.' >' ? xJ- / r turti Anothur '?** n man who *a- proprietor er luai a,er of a vln-yard near the gate ot Ht I autirarlo wed e ho le raid ( haee anted ibe part of a guniw and ?j'j f ir Uie trench troope lie *?* ? m the i uutra lotiua at tli-ec o ch-ek, an J iinui-dia ely -urrnuhded hy a pronp of men most of tll.ou 4'ill d by whom ha ?h ile.pairhrd a* the corner of mi adj doing rttei t lie"* occurrence* -p-*k inore foe.lily the a word- a- to (be rentini'-ote of the pn| UU'I 'U It app. are that (Jarlhaldl lute actually left If naa not f?r til-pmp'-e of nuieily t iking up {carter* ineuuw aojarent village but with tile ?l< w uf Invadlug Itxa klugih.m i f Napltte I at (tr>t thoug it th e iinti a aw ah uidifat I oould not believe it; but I dud th* fa it I* not doubted. Ilebatlr iui 2.1KA) l* 3 Uuo ia*ti with mm toe Ircnrli frnnp* now ferm the guard of all fhw public | rp *f in < "tijundi>>n with tbe lloinn rhw* near ih* bridge* have been air- ? iy raiii' il l* It In kaol that timer at Uudiriul bar 'tetwfn,tried to place Hum- in a etatu of Mege, and that aa Older to that -fleet will be leaued to flay I , n I lei' ilia1 be-i.lee the eaeex above uotutlnueil. thro* otner ut n. prieet* or friar*, who had gtveu utlaure ny oriel f .riht I'ope and 'he Kreoeh w?rw killed yesterday The i ouMituvul Atreiably (atiaug- spectacle) e mlinue* It* silting.. Me If iu lint ordinary eourew of thing* an* pa-*-d avotetu dey for granting aiiarnr to lb" faioili' ol thi re hilled of wouuded iu the dw ft (it'll el Hon 'J be I leneh cavalry patfilled th- a'r-et* thl* mo-aleg and were reet Ived wild aitllen Mlenee Nor. a voice ?? ieteed to bid (beni *-lo"iue. au.l individual Kr u?k i R c. i* or ?' ldo-r? -re tinltt i->flly tkunned I fie eight ?1 fori gli t;oop? in tbelr World reoovn d etty t* e bitLie cni) for Kuun-; hut fh? va>|.|Ui-bed melt fi r k II Ho It I* In l*4U. a* it wa* SOitii year* ago i ur mini* |>r?niii*Moa i?? * bo* n I mj?hI uj tbm (riumvlr^ n f ti lr r?<ir?in< ut; K* i' %i i Tl.?Tr ur ? - it* ' %* *..!i df??oW*4 Hanlf. D.? ? U> tUurfet Aaaaui' i? ? iM < lU'un *1#a ?*i I ? ?? th? o*m?t >1 w?.i lit* .\? ? in *>l f, uio.rl 'v tt>? >*>/? r# HI ? Itui* from -Mi- ?on |* riU. aft-r tla an**** oti?i .4 .- ? a by < ? *>. and la i^rii Iht a-.r(H#e ul 9>4tr Ilttl 11 . ' . IM*, * 1 tli? ?*4?lo ?f si?tai ??. Thn iii*n whn h* t 4 ??rn *4 dnrioir ih* inff I' ??r ill liU?l <i( >utni ta ib ?m rmw ilwnt ?o.? II" | n.i a; m?. 'I * tut i U'i'l', I* I ' ? hfm 11 fa* 1. at d 1 In j IuIilmI to r *J*3 it lut?? tl?a haiad* of it* I a** ni ?!/ I 1 *.va and M?Um?-Ton fa?a it** rih *! a p*<* wbinb a '1 1 ? 11 iia ry pr f ,r '! 1 p rt a- d fn-r, y tbai i? pt 'n ' o? -nhirh I ? M r*> ?-.ctrr ??f ???ar rumrn i 1 1 *, 11 1 ?t lnu ?ill ) > abi* t j r b y?u f Vnu i,t fMj tlm l*a|*tWiM if g'nry, and ihn r ??.*? ra'i<>n -?f . f til I 'lit J, III |lt?l lira 11 la ahull dtwai Italy, fh nl i-tdi-f lit f |*.' !j n you ItAi* Ui? n-Mir '?i ? nr ? nuo? # n in ry, niiumm %? I in olbar t n * 1) b 1 nr ? ni ?'h. I n *\d t*r?| pi* I *>j lht ! ?.. ?.f it* in< nar ha. boar trlnnvtrt i? rn'iimm an >111 [ l? ?. 1 iir 1 ) ?!*/ii, ? *r ?* it.'i litm ?npr*wtia *i< iit ' p in 'I. 1 m; ?iih?i ni/** * of pi'r# infanili'ii anil Hit honor >1 Jir \ I nr 11?r 1 a ?ni ? #J?i .?/ '! ai'li your lira *na* action* A 1 I" ' 1* <V?f I- ' 'I ' d y In iw.t) 1 f*mr luta'f and y ?o ; 1 g ? i . 1 11 *1 1 f a a hots r II . n a in > n * t an . 1? * ht f t u I" ? *, >u?ir p. and in fallfi for ?rhich in any 'rf ?' ti . rnjfd ajf.nt? dt?*?* !* f. ' T ni" f nj ?r fr r?t M Mil Vft"fHwt?? t? mil* I } ' ' k<>*< * *fi?Mild 1* 'r-f and am at, and ii will ' nr* m in t a d??i af; ?? a ti- -?y of Mtprr*. * n h ana i'lnli I* tii* at- f 1 - t*n. Wlaar: in ! %ll hint ra ! ant iiiti ir irr.t 'ion ti.f \*?- wf-??n in a %w h/Mf hum, *11* aid t'f thn*n*rlft;n a I. 'i yon Lata "/filly tuff rtd far nvi 11 ail f<aid ?* ' ???ti may I'e-i nmin^r *h# a?t ? I.* 1 at? \ d Jit 4?| r , t? *.l y if h'a ?S-? M* 1 illar 1 h yatir rrn-f- uti *?nti nmrrntr * UI aomWaS Mltad ia f? a?r r iJ iu y-ur am' atOaa. 4u . Ira U? paid h? r trihytn of in tht 1 if ' * f)i* ?f !i?f f rat Hat nhtldma * u Ir-w ill Mar,' | tn It u.' f?f lib an O* %uu?U .f * lio all -a. 11 i>" 11.? lit "" u v( t?i ry oouutry fv#r our aobU aud lafctfill/at^ Maty flaarral OiMhyt yuulidinl <m tba id, thr Mlavlif If. liRlbati u IflaitUial* f iattl '-Tli* aMTiy * % hf Iha frannli I < t" Man in MltN h%* ""tut to ra- ??r al ' *rA?t , rr. a' ? M If ? ? ? t % A f? Mt ntf dtVa m'nr.ri'y La? ? ;."H d ??< t a'.orni \ ?nr r*?ap.rlt.? t? *ra 1. ?t? t? 11 ik? p'*'*, ar f ?i v(ll aa?ai>i:4t ar a- .< a At?. ' tv lifa:'* #! mpat iy #kiai <r-ai ? { i? ir " irir-r ttIn r* tb*-. italini *?? if rn* r *al M" ? %n rtit lia'.*, ft t> ? I . l|? ''1 ft Mara Ipt a, # t?a r? ? 1 l?" ?a* ||y U. p-p" I,at th* P t"T'i' l? iff ? d ?I a vl ft* . '? wi I if *rly 11 W?? aoaftd^u"" ; Ir lb* at*% * f r 1 r \i 1 *?' : *> b alt % t if litl ?aa .nar.if%?* v * a 1 ai?*'*d bra f?r*i*n Ja?l*a ?. r*a* *<1 tli y I b# I, r I In ytflahad la tnl r la glta p*?iti?a aiai / a 1. J.I,i' a itti.f I . ? r*- f?ll"i?|if m*i' 11 -l'i .i ?f ?aIff. a*| !" ?] i? arfutrai 4 ia tb*' ilmn l iry aifirfiy 1?* y I I to hi ! ' It e *11 u-< tri lha mnai ta*l ? l ba * > * 1 2 in nt ah?M ft d ?|-|ri' i* 1 "U t-11 +' t b m rfn1.?an 1 idld ?n ? of 1 * p*al to war arn n** * "it in 'rian lly tba ?l ?n* ?a *pa.i a rltba at 1 {nditi at Ma tlftlka*, Hata *?a I vn nit. AI * a fib *d or th*r nat * ** not ?ri* 1 a? twa ill an t * i pr*ifi i 7 iriyiMM tltMa tb# aaa|t* r.r% of imtiiar* ifib* nal* Tb g*n? r*l of diai?int . IU ?n, ta Rit 4 ! ? ?! 1.1 ,r of H ?ru?. 1 h* ranoral af br 4*44^ in iai, i? nanit 4 C*Ri?M I at I af tba t'ity. ft la latrtf lt? d'plaiti?'l? nrtlai thai Iti-gt AfotanU Hi '? ii" m<?r? NHi>n' i.ry nan ?? atpa4 ad. Ml thai th-,n ? a great p" h-,t)i||ry of tha P ip- rau nlrir l>> li nn In l?-?? than I It ran wnaha , hit >4tr wiH .;rnd Ifii I, ? ay in tWI f ha n>,n%JrtU> lh<* A? 11 prat'aU hf m< an rd. The Onnlah War. A*OI, tART ItATTt * AT Hit ntRTCA, ll*rWKAH ft* nahr-i aRi> *'tl'-Biwrn ?toi.vr*i!ii:itt ?raiffurM 1 t fItK PAT**?Til* l'*Oftr*< T UP PRAIA Tl >tf *l? a t'rrllilr liat'la fwucht at ) aa laHna ? be l)th lli't helaann th? |l?i?' ?an I dnhl-iat* Motnlala fx pa. in ?ni. It tha latter ati(f-ra) trantan.l rt|?la *< tpa ItilrtP' ling particular' o"nna?t?<l with thid arpulnniy e nihat will tin found anon*r<l dtwral lnii ? aim command' <1 tha llntilaii fmaaa dnaa no! n? ntlit! tha anciln r nf hl? tri?ip? lltllail hut ila'aa hat hnfl *er* woimdnU of whom .'II warn offli ara IJOt ? ti( - !* flol>tcln pid-onrrn arrlard at "pnnhng-n m h till m-d * ?ati flfl I p>ae?a fntty 14 no I *?i p mar* a* w M an an l mortara fait In'o ftanaral * Plow's hand thn-ral B?nln. who dtronta* tha irhl?*?l?- ll'ilnlalaafa. ttaten hi* l??n la killed ?1'mill I I prPi tiifr, tobn 2 '**) Ratify a-ninnt pf >aa* .hit tha 'onfliat aaa tarrlbla an* that tha aalna d-?ila^a'lru twilh titan wan anldnin or n -far aurptaaa*. Il,i. tirtory ? fllla 1 tha Dane with ln>la?-rit>*ntp iattiii>i**lii whlln th" #? hlnrwig Hol?1> tonr?, who r-?l in IJ at ha 11: g #0 nnu?pl?4tnly >|afaatad. a ra data rial on* 0 .r. k lha Aral lipp irlnotty of manttng tha Danaa in h? 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