Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1849 Page 3
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. - - . TELECRAPUIC IXTELLIGEJICE. Indian Depredations In florllli -8ml Alarm among tlie Frontier Settlers? Bio re Kntcbt rite, die. BaLTiuena. Aeg 1,1810. A despatch from the SecaiMseA Utargiun oAee has keen secured. wliich states that the Indians in Flerida hair uiadc further outbreaks, the scene of their depredaitona bring iu the neighborhood of Charlotte's Harbor, on the Gulf. This hostile movement of the redskins was simultaneous with the one at Indian Uiver. This (bows that the Indians had their operations well concerted. ILe express rider, with the intelligence lie in the east, uiet the one from tho west at Tuinpa. Fifteen Indians entered the store of Mr. Kennedy, at Charlotte's Harbor?Mr. Kennedy being absent at the time?and murdered the rlerk aud uran that was with him at the tiin?. besides weuudliig several men and women They ilundeted the store, and aftsrwards burnt it. 'Iwo military crmpanie# sent from Tampa for the protection ki the frontier, Lave nearly all deserted. The Indians, it is said, are contemplating another dus J*'"" Great alarm prevail* among th? frontier settler*, who are abandoning tbeir crop* anil homes, ret king safety i and protection front the tomahawk of tha savage. The Indiana at lirst exhibited friendship,but their trua design was aoon n: aJe manifest. It ia supposed that there are six hundred warriors iu the Cold' hater from Tcxut-Iittllan Hostilities?-Ttia j Cliclt-ru, eve. Baltimore, August 1,1S49. The rt>aii or rortland atrlved at Now Orleuuson tha 24(b, with artvlre* from Testes to tho ltith ult. The props in Texas are stated to be promising, alibi ugh tain has been lather abundant. A gt ntli man from tho river Gila, contradicts tha report of jt1 Id having been discovered there.' Ho met the U. R. trcopa on their way to K1 Pa-so?all well. The eholotu was ttiigingiit Kn iUrlcksburg, Texas? tliiity pcr.-'Ois huring died frc 111 it. The Texas papers abound with the usual number af rnui'dirg. Hie Indians had attacked a United States trnin of wagons, bi t rei n Bexar end Eagle Pass' kills d Ibiiteen teamsters, and taken all the mules boIcuglrg to the train. A general Indian war w it anticipated by tho MexiaaiiH. Lieut. \V alkcr's lUngers are stationed at San Patricio The Indian* had also attacked a party of Mnstangerx mar Ran Pati'elo. killing two mtuund capturing throe hundred mul'f aDd horses. Mr. Eur ill. wouudrd in a recent Indian outbreak) has bad his arm amputated. Bittti cf ihsjur listen?fatal Ai-rlilritt. N?.w Orlsco. July 28, 1849. Brevet Mejor Gates died < t cholera at Fredericksburg, Texas, on the 21th June He belonged to tho Iih Infantry. Lieut. Brook?, of the fame regiment, wsh aeeliaatally killed a few wt tkr since, by being thrown from his herre, Catiadlan Affair*?Mndumt Laborde, Ac( Montreal, August 1,1819. The convention ha* declared if? If en prrmtmrtut.? The proclamation, calling the rrovinaial Parliament egether,'* to l>e the notice for the contention to aesemkle. The address to the people of Canada has been tarried ui<?t>iineuely. A fracas occurred at Madame Laborde's eoneer^ ?ooni. la>-t evening The French Canadians called for the "Marseilles," and the result was that some of the aCcers and civilians drove them out of the house. Late and Interest I it ^ from the Argentine ltepnbile. Boiron, August 1.1819. The Prussian bark Leopold, from Rueuoe Ayres, June 16lli. arrived here this morning. The Paekrt.ot June fcth. ha* late accounts from tho Interior, which repre sent the state of Bolivia a< most deplorable, tieneral Beltu, after having ccmp'.et.tly triumphed over President Velasco, was. in his turn, attacked by the partisans of Cienersl Bsdltvian. ItcTolutiouary movements having simultaneously broken out iu La Pan. Oruro Ceebabimba, f'otosi, and Cobija, the whites at first wsre vo kucccssful, that Urmrsl Dalllvian was about to leave Valparaiso in the i'Tench steam r Cocyte, for the latter !>luc?, in the expeetation of finding his authority lon.pltWly re-eetabliehid. It hen on the point of sailing however, he received information of a re action, in hieh the populace chiefly figured, and tho elect of bitbwss to replace tienerel Btlau in the supreme ion, maud The mod frightful disorders are said to m<p giru ri ri.c.iiifu. puriu uiany nt ua u, wren be bngiri of nil Ihote Id the IlaKleisu iutereit are tuivd to have been eompi tely tacked It appvara that in the Argentine province of Jnjuy. a wriou* movement bad taken place. but through the m inpt an-operation if the autboritici of Salta, order raa ?pe. dlly restored. The latter pr?rinca wan makrg lapld stride* la the path of social amelioration, in uder to promote commercial intercourse with tho tapitul of tbe republic Tbe government ban U*ued a decree aubjeotlng foeign goods introdueed through any port ait national, o an a .ditional du'j of U5 per cent; and for the pur^v.t of fo-tcrinj; tbe mercantile relatione with the ilenr province*. It had a l.pted elber iat?*ura? equally fleieat. In the capital of Mend at a new monthly periodical bat: lately made Ite appearance. Theepeclmen number ia highly a-< dltable. a* well for the matter It aontalaa ra for the manner in which It ha* been got up It 1* reported tbat in the capital of San I.oil neeeral ibeak*of tu i-atthquake bad been lately felt, canning tenHdi rah't damage to a number of building*, eapaitally toaarwrbuteb We hare aa yet no clrrumitantial detail* In rvgard to thle phen'>tnenon. wh'.oh, It believe, la without a pri cedent In tbe metropo'.ia. At Euanos Ayr** i'.acbangn en tha 1'alltd Statee waa d par. Dreadful Tornado Paliimoik, Auguat 1, 1849. A dreadful tornado oecnrred In Trinceaa Anna 'ev.nlj. \ Irglia on Saturday last. It blew down lanfce. tarn* ia.. and uprooted tnea In Ita course A e are m i aani eof any lose of life. 1'lie Alxlartloii of the pipitnlard flej*. New Obi.cav*. July X, 1849. Te?Wrday. the aziialna'.ion of tha Spanish Consul, heiffd with abducting Hey. the refugee from ? uba, vaa raa< i?ni< t.r-d I lie i < n-nl ariat a daiay. mating f.'trnlt to tha U.*' U i'ip?cti"l to obtain d x-dari.ta from Havana, provicr tba' Kay waotaaay adnata !iy '1 ha < < nit r. fu?. I tha applira'.ii n, an J tha ma ml oath n av? prnaaadad aitb. Tlir Cnahttr of lh? Con It an It It'll ..nut. Aug lint S. 1M0. Ilw N'vw ('rtiam r?P?ta 1 ?' 24th ult.. ftata thai ' Cleanri ara mad* r.U'iva t.i t a < uial lank 'iHlinily. ?dr i rti it ha* bran alr-t" 1 a hiar of tha Marl.i1 .1 and hHrl ani. ?' tank Tlir f lint mm II dM lndlar. i ivciaatri. Antwt 1. IMP llappinrx that Jraaph llrarkat la tha nar.ia <J tha nfI, uiiv t a una citi n? of t lnrlanatt and i'? Ift-i'h Kind a' h. tor* itatnl. Ha ah'a ndad af at tta r i _ ii?"iint'"n foritad notaa (1. 1. Klaanvr AllajtHnny ArrlvMl. BtoiiMoac. ?art 1,1940 Wa ara happy to ?tata that tha V. S. atramar Allahanj atriu'd at .Va-hn>gt<>o Navy lar l. thi-i morn af It aaa fraird that iht waa 1 >?t Tha eraw ara U * all. Palling of tlir Cat a<1 on I a. Boa-row, Antu't 1, IMP. Tha ptaioirhlp < nlrdonia, for l.ivnrpool. I< ft at 11.31, !th 32 paa.i rgara for l lvarpool and 0 for llallfkt f. V Thaaar. of l! ?t- n h mar of daapatrhrt. wa? ona of ha pr?i ara 11.a i did not rn<yy out any rparla. I ll* m? antmp r>iaKaraa a< iimmi, Boaiu*. Auguatl? p. M, Tfc. >l?m>hlp Mv?f?. ft m Nf? York. an i??J at *i.fai i n tba 27tli lilt , at alg'it r. M , and aailad acrtljr af'ir for Llrirp' -I Kali mail Arrlflrnt. rHii.anti rim. Ai|n*t 1, IM0. 4 nan walking on th? railroad tra??. naar Mill ra?k ah?T? Hannynnk, ??< thrown by th? r?r of ilio 1'ratlig train, tkla aftrrn"on llr waa aktd op in??ti?tM?. Ilia altnatinn la rrry p-a?art >ih nrfrtlk f'nnnfy Kallraml. Roiraw. A?(a?l I?I P M. Tba K?rf"lk i mnfy Railroad in again in IraMi, 4 kw I"- n atta?li*d by It* arodttara ifc? Health aad Weather of Hew Orleans Ntn Okiiass, Julj 2?, 1M?. The health ef New Orleans U aosnrpeseed for this seasoa of the year The air is aalubrieae, and the eholera has entirely disappeared as an eptdeaale. The Interments for the week endiog yesterday, were only 7ft. The Weather at Ithaca* Ithaca, August 1, ISt?. A fine ?hewer of rain passed nerth and south of this plsee on Wednesday evening last, with a few sprinkles here. On Tuesday every thing gave promise of rain, but a blight setting sun scattered all our hopes for the same The mercury at uoon stood at seventy, but in the after part of the day reached eighty. This morn, 1 ing we had a clear sky and a glowing sua. The thermometer at noon stood at 75. in the shade. The Southern O'roisa. N't* Ohlsavs, July 23.1819. The growing eotton erops */ Louisiana ami Mississippi are represented a* excellent. The account* fro? Texas are also favorable. The Wheat Crap at Michigan. Mii.wauxie, August 1?12 M. The new crop of wheat is scarcely injured by the rust in the KaMern reserve. but in the Western it has thus far ti taped. 1 here is nothing doing iu the produce market. Heights are without change in prices. More of the JIurMng oif the Stoaiubnat*. St. Louie. August I, IS 19. It ie now generally believed that seven persons met with untuu- ly deaths in the flames of the steamer Algi ma Four of thent were deck hands. The weather is extrenu ly plea-ant. Market*. Xrw Ori i-axs, July 28. IS 19. The fall's of cotton yesterday amounted to 700 ba'es at extr* me prices. Middling ie ijuoted at 10 cents; an if 1 cent on previous rates This week the tales have r< ached 8 800 hales. Hour is firm at an ad- i vance 11 ;-l per hairel. Common brands are quoted at Jo .10, and choice at *7. Baltimore, August 1. 1810. The market is buoyant. Sales of white corn at 02c.; yellow. 6Xc. lted u lieut is held at J1 10; Hour, fcc Jj. The w.ather continues very plea rant. I'liiLADnrnii, Aug 1.1810. There Is a better demand for cotton, and we o >tlc* rales of 330 bilos t plan! an t New Orleans at J n lo'a cts The flour market is lirm with n fair inquiry. Corn has a^ain advanced, and now commiois flic. Ai.naisv, Aug 1?OP. M. Pi celots f iDce yesti rdayi iour, 4 lo.i bble ; wheat, r.ot e. corn.u0.00U buehi Is '1 he flour market is steady, but not active Small ester were made at yesterday s qtn latii us 'i'bere Is but a moderate bu iness d iln ; in co) u. and the -ab s are 14 000 bu-b.. at 3s ',c for round j?llnw and 37c for mixed West era. In oats, about 6,000 bushels changed hands, at 37>?o. a 38c. Bovto*. Aug. 1 ? 0 T. AI. Cotton?Saloe of 400 bale* goo< middling t-? middling fair New Orlrace. at 10c. to 10 '^n . tlx months tiugnr Sa!* r cf'.OO box* !) fair y* lion at 0 \'o . r>t mou'.Hs Hemp ? Sal<a of Manilla at 11'jO . six month). Corn ami Flour?No sale* of not*': no rhucgi- At >t>tcU?:i A.loo bagw of Kio c* lb " wort* sold itt $6 t'iAi a t;\ four and six month*; 100 bags Java, stained, 6c ?7,V- per lb, t?:h. , RUl bUtUiVaMl j Huron, Aug. 1. 1*1?. Arrived?Ship Anglo-.trejrlesn Brov.n, Li. tr;v *1, .1 mo 22. will* 'J cat in. lit ?ooud at in. ami 9'0 ste.'raga parsco ,:t$, all well?hut light Westerly winds all the pai..;ge.> lionry. Shields, Jun** tth. Bark imicis, Must!, Junu 5. Pa? d * IT I"?ir I slo, lid, taik Home from Havana for Cromtsdt. July 17, Capo Itico N> E bo li.iies, iuw several lnrse iceberg*. Hurl.* liurylund, Helen md lisiia. Hal'imnre; l.nconin. rtilal' I; Ir.glMtn, N'Yoii: ? hrs Chanticleer, N'*rth Atomic. with 20' bids rr*-t!n oil; Anj?ri-#n Bulla, II U Klotig and S A Appleror. NYork. B. rk I.ccp*.1*1. liiienm Ay res, J lie 15. In perl Sth. barks lla-' n Buney, for NYerk; Or. anno. Breton; Chiek'tra, do; Kli barn, do , 'Aaiphltrite, do; Ant'innte, do; Alrov. di; trig Col liuwnrd. urn*, Freights t*> I nil*! Stater: ? IIidro dry, $ It per i;:W lbs f alted, $ p"r 'JObO lbs: bale I, ?4>a. DouMooai liigl rat (luring the week, low *'ft. lidtj. f*r*."Jin?E Ders.y. tl nan , lith vl:?left brig Maltal- , lank, for Boston :n H days; tehr Su : n, f*ir do it 12 days. Brut Ann llaria. S-, uu la Claude, 19th ult?loft bark B CbMcl ill. hero lia CI neea'tr, in nxaran'lra; bri ;a Amerlca. tor Hi l ton in 2 do* s: J C Fremont, far New York, f*: l on<|nin, for dj. 2: Algm*iuip, for Havana. B. k? July V, tat if* IK', len *23u, l.ri* Mareellut, from 1'ortfmd for Nusrii*?. I B*his J l.e* luing, Philadelphia: Cotu Kearney. New York. II,and?Br atcar.mMp Cafed* ula Liverpool; barks Fairy, llt.lta, snd Smyrna, .laui'i Hraitb. KInset n. Jot: ship l'a-itwins. I'urt'ii.antb: 1 irk Hem. Philadelphia; brig* Tusker, ' Ban Franoinio; Bulla, Philadelphia; Merchan*. do; Oak, do; ' *>. k-? 11 A Tuf.?. B?,?ni:ali; Andrew Brown, Albany; C?ru*>lia. New York: Alert, do. l'iMiir.ii,i iv Ti< c St cam oh i r Cat anowis. r*Bl,ivisT oi.?lire Folbn, lii.i* Cabot, Meiers l! 11 Kay-non d, T IV Thayer, I ban Follen. Amasa Walker, of Boston; Mr and Mrs N l! ichsnlt.-n. of Warren, Mass: Jul,a Hano i 's, of Providence; W I out Mir, of Now York: lliggin*, of Onio; 3 unm I I'rck, IJi itry Set,It, of faultSt Marie; 'ho* F Aieyn*. ol f>?rbldoea; B uunxals. K A loo. of Cuba; tiisi.rigg, A ll.lliar. of l.iferpool: Coma. D F l.**wls, Charlaa fro-kfor 1. oT Looion; John Me!!, of England: J Cruelly, of Ireland; Hypdite Ln Carette, of Spain; Wei'l, of (iorrian;; Conradi, of Anatr:a; C* ust J *',e Bi*ny, of rasth; and tin* following, ?he.e r-nidi ncra nre not glean:- lira Kiddle, 1' K Starr, 8 Yaullay, t ho* 32. fer Kalifiis?Meetre A C Spoener. J A Stoamt, C fl Nowtll. af Boston: Mre Janice, of New York: T Wiile, of Canada; D Craaor, of llalifas: J<d u Fi x. of N*wforndtamt; Jnlea Marat n, of I'aris; Dr W A Islander, of M;nteo? J. Total. 41. EaarroRT, July it. Failed?Brig Frontier, N'aw Tork; ZTtli. brite I'a.'ra, Alextadrla; It 1'attcrsoa. llaltiou re; 3t)ib, llclle. Pl ilaJelnhla. Hon io it. July 22. Arrirad?Fabr Patriot, Now York; Huth, Bowditcti, Turk* Island. ClvaieJ-SOtli, achra Froip* ??. and Triton. Baltlniora. Barn. July 3(1. Arrirad?Brig Win Purringltn. New A'ork; sci'.r, do. Cltaitd?2tth, bark Aueo lna, Bncaos Agree l'.iaTLaxt), July St. ' Arrirad?Brii Ural, Uarana. * Jaiy 31. riurid-Iilir Mftiy ^ark, Ki* York. Xe ai'iiroiT, Jntr 31. AtriTtd?^rlir* Iric, New York; ILw Ur?Ld?. I'll ladftpbiaj PeiitP . end him?, K. nJio*. II a i t rii, N 9. Jely 24. tl?r?i!-?chr Ore?d, I'hwaiJdrbi*. 9t Johi, X H, Jaly 17. Artieed?Brie* Job, New ITitch frnily. AMtandrla; Wary, B?r?l, and fl ail, n^e. Ntw Yerfc; flltth.enip Cotamodor*. New Vorl;trlK l ady haxw.ll. I'MIimIuIi lua; n-br I'laaeV, New York: ttf?T\ ?hl|i Paeid Cuioa, 4?. Claertd?Brig Elite Mrrrtthew, ProelJtoee. Telegraphic Put, Orri< u or tm New Yoaa, Autar tan Bi-rr at o I TtLLuatrH Co., Auguet 1,1S-W \ ! aecordanre with th* reenmraoa lalioe of the Pro. aljaut of tka United Stater, that Krldty. Ilia 34 inat.' t" chrrreed an a day of r*<ling, hiiiuilletl n and pray r. ilia n flier ? of the Company will be rloatd on that day no ptlng one hour, (front S to 0 p. nt ) whan tha operator* will fca at their poatl for th" purpoaa of van 1hij *' nun nicationa la ca-eaof al~hn?*f or death. T. 9. PAJTTON, PreaiJent. DieoUl} ii Clip Intelligence. A' ai at 1.? II nan or llaai.rrr ? 1'h" Board met par ml to adjotirairt nt Present, the I'ra-idrnt and 41d< ruie n.Ya.-donu'.d, I'eet. Illnman Price, an.1 II ?ritnt. OuKi.nin'i tin jrrrecifrd and trj. iTrJ ?Of Jt T' Mat i. In relation to ti'.:'.*ar.ra on hie i>t ernieae in th i flth ; ward?Referred to Alderman of I'.k ward <?f tnaon Make jr . In relation to tlake'a building* Rnfcrre I to Health Ihyalelan PitMai at A D. WMoak o-iJ j i there to abate nuieence cati?ed hy di-tllla'y. * trnerif ij< rat: men and Kunka atrawU Referred to Alderman cf tin- let ward B, . t I* : ? 1m il f .r one barrel Oteinfrclltig fluid f r the u?a of the ho?p|tal. >17 I?. | ? lit tarred to comptroller tor pevinrnt I #bje?f? ? The Alderman of the iat ward, to wh >ot referred the aubji et of hlaki-'e building*. rep >rt" I in lator (t directing r.wrntr* to cli-an*e the came; and. In ea?e of neglect, that the l re?ld. nt of the Board he dire: t< J to eject *h* b oaote. autJI the I Ity luapeator eliall eau-c the A>nia to he'lone Adopted Jtr tain hen a.?II eeol wed, that the nuieatiee of Howland"* building* in Iorran ateart, he referred to the ( Ity Inrjccfor of IVcrtern hietrlet, with dlreetlon* to pot Ity the * rer to nleanea and b.wd up ea>d building Adopted. Reidtad. Tk*t Um pheeieiao of the Board he anthorl/ed in >-aae or. aehm require it. to din et the burlil if a tYeierk ar at her niwNk Mid that lia '>a r< ijolt i d to t o do. If. In hie i pinion tli" public health, or the health of the neighborhood, It. Adopted. The beard than adjourn* 1. kit area in Klatl**ne.? A man named Phllo Pefer Brek (colored) wae arretted, on .Monday night laet. by I officer Item liegeman. of the town of Klatbneb. eharged with the murder of one Inhn Rider, aleo colored Pro n 1 the adduced from witiic>.?e* who were a? appear* that Bnek challenged Ryder to fight him which Hyde/ refused to do, eayTog. at the 1im-. that he wanted nothing to do with him. Ilydcrtheti went heme, followed by Buek. who had I before Muled that he would hare hi* eietiin'a life Upon bring railed out by Huak. ho Bg?in ealj ha i wai ted nothing to do with bin II* w?< tlnaile per' iwtdo*. boiorr. to > ?? out. wh?n liurk knocked I bim dawn arid tlltld lim i.t r UK M m4 I drawing hia knife, throataard to uta It If Buck ti l ' not p<-away. Buck thru retreated a few atapa. and . lijder turned to go Into hit hon*a. whan nia a ail.tnt adiarnd on him with a club, and atrnrk him ntar tha brad which flac'tired hi< ekt.ll and tretrbr.l him reneelaee aud bleeding on thr ground. Ma lira I about twenty hour* altar the naaanlt. The Cor..n?r of I'Mbitch (Mr Vandarrrr) held an In |nr?t on tb* body of tha murdered man. and altar a patient InreWlf atlnm. thr jury rrndrrrd a terdiot" that the aal l John Hrdwr tame to Mr death by a hlow Inflicted an the bred by a club, in thr hand* of Phtlo l ater Bonk." The t wo >?r immediately te?nrd a watraat far ?ha arrref of the mttrCerer. which wan pi teed In the hand of olllcrr liegeman, who at rented bim on Moa l.ty night at ttnlad abort. Union Cnf.i int.?At the Jale commencement of thia college, hor.oraiv uVg.vea were ct?nl erred upon the ft How mi! iiditiiMii i LI.. I> ?lion titeenat:. I'toneon and lion. iohnC. Fpenecr,of Albany. I> D ? ller. II. .V Blagden pa?trr of tb.a Old South t linn h M = Nn . !!? r tit .1 ' vn tl pa r of the Spring "treat rliitrrb . Ne ? Vork ISrv Datrld ilnr d??k. paeior uf the Itrlorttied Dutch < hnreh Catekill. A Mr Pitman, of Oinlierlond ; Th* W. Held < t W illlam.t ur?h ; Wm. W I tar*, of <h? State Notraal School Sami.rl I. Hooker. of Wvt Vern.rnt j I., t bandlrr tall. K?<i . of Ilooelck k'alla, N V. A H - Jamre N Croaker, of the Albany A"*''""'* i P? ojafu n t ra-.klin. ot I hrmnen eotinty : Hurt n H T"?n rtid. of Uatrrtoara; Lined n A. Merriam. of Nr? Sal.-m. Mae* TeyNr Leela, I.I,. D . pmfeteor of Ureek in the Ne* \ otk rth?nM|. ha* U< a eall?t to a m toiler prn|V?eor, rkip In Colon Cell?-?e. lb* i>ryfe?*or?tilp oforlnnUI litribtnr- it! aix ll'b- d ? artne Court. Before Judge Lynch. Willi*m Boding m U'orf IXlltnghaia ?Thl* Wi? OB action for assault and hotter? The plaintiff. a native of Hamburg, shipped on board the bark Oeorge llcnry, of which the defendant was master, on the 0th of June last, on a voyage to Nassau, from thence to one of the West India Islands and back to the port of New York. On the part of the plaintiff it was alleged that the defendant committed two unprovoked assaults upon him on the Wth and J!id July ; that, on b?lb occasions while the plaintiff was engaged in the of hie duty, the defendant jumped from the wheel house on his back, crushing him to the deck; that be afterwards kicked him while down, at the aatne time making use of gross and insulting language. The defence was that the plaintiff was. on b ith oocaaioas. at work at some of the braces. Th > defendant being each time on the wheel bouse, seeing that the plaintiff was dodging, he called out to him. while hauling the braces, to bend his knees, an 1 put till wbele strength to it. The plaiulilf took no notion, upon which the defendant took liol l of a rope, swung out of it. and then put his foot on pi tint iff'* nog and jumped on deck, but denied thai he kicked him upon either eecasion. It was also nfaled that the Usr a>< suit , was < ctasiencd by the piaintiirs pulling a wrong rope, and letting on" of Ihv sails go. which, if the wiud blew fresh at the time, would be very dangerous. Judgment reserved. A Are Is raging In the woods in the neighborhood of Portland, and at Cape Elisabeth. A large extent of forest is burned over. lier? and others will Ami n coiupleic assortment of Or stin ; i'a. . j, I'um j I'uilory. I'ortBisntesu*. snd all articles h< I 'iiyug to th" Toilet, at the suh i rilers' stores. Hi' sad 7 I. Jtdwry. I'lic Oresjing Oas s in tudi'ui .he most durable material, each ptitsrn o-iifalaio r an it let of c attinwtil .iso an t real utility, in the ra nt nu.ptt't form, urn listed to ptrf'oriii the ilnnes for nhith tLsy are tcvera'.ly oueisoed. 'I. itADNDEtiS J. 1ST Uroadnay, (e <c. of Lihsrty si.,) and djf Uroafway. The I'.ltlulleii llliiiaotid I'ntntitl Gold Pets irmdr and sold by J. Y. M ^ V'Att R, 94 Pulton street, are ti c n.sit titrable ; os hi tlis u,rlJ. J. V, s. t as a lar/e s et), ol It e tlold and Silver O itelies, of nil tie tnostce'ekru'ed e.uker i. r .araiincd to keep accurate time, winnli hs will s< 1 i very low. loiaa IBCUi if fill t. nnilKY MAIlttBY. AYt'dMiaday, Augutt 1?(1 1*. 71. TLtre was more activity in the market to day, without any variation of ritocuueaco in Dries. The 'ilia on time were principally teller's option. and the purchasers arc c: .stly tin short". filling matured oontra 'U. As non as this demand cearev, the market will have to be tuetained by piirebv-i rs for a line, and as they are not plenty, the probability is that prio?u will giro way. At the second board there were large sales of trie and Heading, at prices current in tliemoruing. it is stated (hat the Harlem Hailroad Company propose making a loan f r two hundred aud -fty thousand dollai". tor the purpose of liquidating a portion of Its tli ating debt. This is but the nucleus of a large debt wbieh this company is rapidly running up. The receipts at (be office of the Vmistant Treasurer of this port to-day amounted to *33,033 23. Payments 11. Advices *38,000. Balance M AW,7 39 7-'. A return, lately printed by order of tbo House of Commons, states that the total nnmbvr of pvsssngerj cOBifji'd on all the railways in the I n'ud Kiugdoul of Grest Hritaln and Ireland, during the half year ending Si t of December la?t. amounted to 31 'Ho,292, of wlmm 3 743,C02 v ore first class passengers, 12 101.M0 socond class passengers. 7 184 002>i third class passengers, and 8.430 f>23}? parliamentary passengers. Tho gto?? total receipts from passengers amounted to ?J?SO,3ol, of which sum A" I 033 318 was received from first class paseengers, ?17X0408 from second class pessengers, ?320 SC2 friin third class passengers, and ?307,071 from travellers by parliamentary trains. The receipts arising from goods rattle, carriages, parcels. and tha conteyaice of the malls, amounted to ?2401,002, leaking an aggregate receipt for the half-year of ?1 744 0C4. The stock market is wear, and In a sickly state. Trices for most securities arc steadily settling down, particularly got(rnrucnt and State stocks. We haro heretofire given tks reasons for this decline, and still think tbeTe will he a farther deprerU'ion. The fact Is. capital in this country is worth more th ;a five psr cent, snd these engaged In active business hare full employment. In the regular season*. for every dollar tliiy can command. The Inactive stats of trad) for seme time past, and the easy state of the men- y mart> t, lave given the commercial < lasses au abut lance of id's capital, which lias sought employment la the soundest andsaftst sicurltles. The icsultbas been. Urge temporary investments in government stocks even at tho high prices which have rule I for iomnt'.me past. The rate of Interest realized wa? Is true; but the money was earning something, Instead of ro mainirg (lead capital on deposit la our bank*. The time bat arrived when a change nut take place?when much cf thia capital will be wanted In commercial pursuits, ar d when a portion of tlieaa lneeatmenta mu*t be withdrawn. Thin will throw upon the market more or lesa of the stocks ef the general and State government*, and the reeult will undoubtedly be a further depreeelon In priree. It will be eeen that , wiibin the pert w*ek, Treasury Note* and I'nlted State# ' Sixe* have faili n one end a half per cant, itnd the tendency I* (till downward. The nalci Lave been to aome extent; and a* the eeaeon advance# and bueineee beetles* active, the quantity offered will donbtleex Increeee Kour and Ave per eent per annum d ?? not | aati.fy ev en our mott cautious capitalist*. and loan* are 1 only u ad" at tho?e rate# on ea'l, with the daily expectation of eome change favorable for tlielr latere te. Six per cent investment* ha-* heretofore b iu ronsldrr-1 modi rate enough, an I the time U not far dl?taet when they will again be plenty enough Mhd< y ha* foreometinie been ea*ltr thun be* been known f r years, and we RU't soon lock fur a change. On# of the greateet antlriratej source* of supply ha* been inurh relneod, and n oet of the hope* and elation* base 1 upon the great ae*re?lon to our gold and silver eurreury, from the kiln** of ? allfornln, have b??n In the deep bosom of the eemn hurled. It ha* Mien very often remarked 'u linanclal circle*, within the p#?t three or four month*, that thi re wa* no po?*lbflity of the money market ago In ! < lug tight, a* the supply of gdl from < alifoicla v' u 1 d le rufflrient to meet any demand for coiiiu rrcial purp'se*. To what extent these entitlpatlon* will 1* leallied remain* to he nun; certainly ml to theextiut wh'eli bus been predicted i *l:forola will, from thi* time an Important part of the Ird-D. and the I astern "tn're will flu I n a kel* f c Urge qnanlltle* of their ma iufnetore* and products, hut that hundrtd' cf millions of dollar* in g 11 eatil he extract'd frem the gold mine* of California per em i i we havi greet doubt*. In all the euieu'atlon* we have made relative to the p-ndurtlvene?? of tb-ee mine* we Lave taken data the report'-d remit ef the 'g* for IMS. 1 pr n that beel*. and in view of the rn srxi ? H en'grition, we have made large e<tluia*.ee. 1 he mi .?? bxvr 1 sen r< p-e?eat?d *? inexhaustible yet nothing Iv known to the contrary. It ha* h e:i also r?preernted that the gold wee ea*ily obtained . In 1*-* luin;? end lots, without nmeh labor. Thl*. wa n.v know, i* not only untrue, but that the roo*t robust aid h?rdy men have sserlflceJ tbrlr live*. In their eft rt i re scuter.d against t> . elimaie m. 1 tb- exp *ure n.-craenry to gather tie gllttertn|! do '. t ui'i*t be nol le f.f m lleahle iron to ?t:?n I the vle|**ltu !e? mte**ery to ensure a nrrtnM remit. The four fvasone of the yiar appear to be equally nn'avcrallc for digging the winter, on aecouut of the drep snows- the spring, on account of Ike great fraahrta; the nuininar. 'n are unt of I'# gr< it hent during thr day u >d edi t during tha uiaht and tli> ft?'1 on account of lt? farar and ajrno Aarordlng to thla them arr r bataalca to contend a;aln-t. In d.<!iaart.n tha nv at drt> rinlnr J. 1 harc la. without tin iV, all tha g"|d in thr mine* of' aiiforni* that baa b?? i rapraitBtad tT III' moat a.nngnln* and rutliu Itfllttlnatnrarti; but n* bate lately arrival at faeia r-lotire to oh'a'n rg it, whlell hare heretofore been HtgllW'f rtfittrd. In iha far* hnwaaar, ?f all tha ko ?n i I unknown difotiltla* which will hare t > ba anaountari (t in argiilrinp thla |ir?al' ad tn> tal therenra tbnn>i nit who will, at t xery barard. a>.?t at all rl?k?, davol t themat to dip gilif It in too jf r rut a pri ? to h? given op; and. alilimnh wa thall dunbtlaaa raa an an >rm >,n larrifler of Ufa. a large amour*, i f g >14 ailt p aitrwitd turn (he n il I hat tha product wiU. and?r tha - rfraitdarrra, he Urge erengb to hant the ctraot i >* *#'?fati i! upon thr money tnnrWali < t tha world, wa much doubt: nalthar will imiiienca firton .' he are lo out of tha i alifornia trr.da; hut on tha a intrary. wa epr>r?bred that riurh emb-irra?*r.if ot and difficult/ will ha Iaiparlrnard b/ thoaa who Larr l>ac'>taa daapl/ involr?d |n tba moaatnant. Tba annrxi d atatement exhibit* tba qnantlt/ #f aar. tain ertirler exported from ihtr port f, r tha waak ending July 31. dl?iing<it?blnf tha daatinati'n ani ax'ant of ?hl| mantr to aaah plana CatiMiart a> tub Toar ar Kaw Vm- Wmit l.irtiTt. T? Ivim -Torh. It bble ; tiirpent'ne, k t'O do ; fart .1 . kit . 1 I X at o ,1 . .. I lit Ihi . hwfr. tj.m d" i l?ni?. * * . 4 ?! ?.; wfculrfr'fift, )Si 1*U d? ; lolw". ffi'\oiift*fT*d ? ft 13 7"? - 23 CM t bSI* : 9ffrfc. 131 da ; t*r, 3 >11 do i tor|??n?lni* ft'Kl do; m?ht. ? <1 d ) : "b*l.! ! ?;1 1T1'follofi*: ?orn ft7 lift hn?brl?; *V ll, f? ill d'1 ; ?h? ? ?* * >? Ib? ; tnb*>?4, mtnaMnr 1 1017 d > j 1*<<4 .IT.'O (to j |Jlt' ; :s?Us. <L , *-1* tbu* 84 4o ; orn, 7 190 bushel*; lard, 4,Ml lb* ; gr??M I butt or. 117 438 do.; >UtM. 7 OuO. 7> hilsnd ?Horn, 16.500 hiiihela; flour, 400 bbli. Tu Fimoct ? Stave*. 100.000. lb Porhigal ? 8 par* 99; ttav**. 65 000. To Tm*rifft.o-Si.iki**, 78,000; che?*?, SO ? ; tM. ISO lb. To Gibraltar ?Sugar, 9 boxe*; *tare*, 30.000. To Htditrrranton ? Roain. 1.995 bbl* ; biUain flaptvi, 11 do ; bark, IIS croon*; *ar**p*HIU. 30 do ; logwood, TO tun*: *apan wood 30 do ; llguuinvltie. 20 <lo.; roanwood. 27 log., mahogany, il l d > ; sugar, 177 box*.; jalap. 8 bale; ruui. turuigu. 50 puncheon*; ginger ro?t. 1 645 package*; oil aui*. 8 cum*. To Dumrn .tjrfi,-Fli)iir. 281 bbls ; rum. American, 200 do ; nami .torn*. 248 do.; nee, 400 do ; rioc. 63 tierce; lumber, 318 068 font; xhtngle*. 30 000; elder, 200 ease*; ?llk*. 17 package*; domextio*, 210 do.; drug*, 80 do ; ten. 4 714 lb* ; MUgar, retln?'d. 39 153 d > ; null*, 850 caiks; wick, 200 bale*; (pirit* of turpentine. 00 gallon*. To Io&io\rj, Maracaibo, ,f r. ? Flour. 300 bbl* ; ro*lo, 20 1I0.; tar, 20 do ; ?> a.i. 600 box.'.; domestic*. 40 pkt*. To <\>1 trul .iinrriru. ?Flour. 105 bbl* ; pirlt ISO d bread, 30 do.; beef, 20 do ; mackerel. 30 do ; nee. 5 do ; iluUieKti.H. 72 package*: soap. 100 boxes: sperm caudle*. 7 do.; mould do , 123 do : tobiceo. 1 hltJ ; do . 30 bale*; do tntd.;7*0 lb*.; lard. 1613 do ; butter. 703 do ; otiocxa, 523 do; lish , 6,820 do; cocoa, 10 big*; shingles, No. 20,t00. To llondurm.?Iron, 802 bar*; tin. 30 boxes; oIHe oil, 102 do.; brandy foreign, 4 ' 1 gallon*; spirit* turpsatinu. | 778 do.; tobacco. 11 bab'*; do mfd, 3 500 lb* ; utils 4 ages; cordage, 50 coils; lumber, 12 000 feet; shingles, No. 6 tOO. To Mexico.?Ale, 00 casks; sperm oil. t ilo.; tacks, IS cafes; li.acl.iurry. 37 do; silks. 4 pack 'grs; drugs, 15 do; chairs. 16 d usou; sperm can dim. 12 boxes To Spanish H'eit Itili.i?Au'l c?rliou, 21k) hbls.; ?lo, IS lilida.; iron. 68 buudb's; tools, 40 boxm; yarn. 41 bales; riea, 138 tierces; spikes, 3S im ks; dru;i, 17 patknp * To Ihr.iih tt't it India- Fish. 17 981 lbs; stirar.roi fined. IS 751 d t ; tea. 480 do ; lard 1 l'.fS do ; hums, "01 do; butter. 3.736 <t> ; pork. 45 bids : otmia. 350 it's; mould i until s. IS. In xrc riea, y tiereus; m" il. 2'l p t is To l">< itith I I3#f India ? Flour. 342 bids : a'.e, 10 d meal 545 do.; bread. 25 do; uiaekerel,'25 do ; pork SI do.; coin, 400 busheU; peas. 370 do ; rice. 10 tierces; bums, 6'10 lbs ; butter 2031 do ; cheese 2 031 do ; hay, 80O bales; tobacco. 2 h'nds ; oxen. \o 60; sheep, 30. To Ur lish North ImrrtKi Flour, 4 60S bills ; rya flour, 6;>7 do.; meal. M5 do.; tar. 12 do ; brea I 10 do.; pork, 006 do ; beef, llll do; euro 2 00) bushels; nn S tierces; hemp, 12 bales; tobacco, 10 h'ids.; do. mfd, I 21.027 lbs ; t?i, 150 do ; butter, 11 000 do ; stave.', No. I 3 COO. 'i he segregate shipments < { b reads tufTs, for the week, amounted to 33 678 bbls. flour; 81425 bushels Indian coin; 0231 bushels; 1 620 bids corn meal; and 657 bbls. ryo meal; of which, 27,90S bbls. fl uir, 81025 bu?bels corn, and 9,231 bo. hel.s wheat, went to tircat Uritein and Ireland. The increments In broad-tutfe, 1 during the paat wet k have not been s u -tire a i previ"U ly reported; while In other articles they liaro bsan about the -nine. Nothing has transpired in our n*a, or the markets of Groat Britain, of a character calculated i toperuiuii'ntly cho?k shipment'of bre11'tulTs and the proapi rt ) til favor of large exports throughout tin- fall, even in the event of the harvests of Great Britain bsIrg r<]iinl to n full average. Low price* in our own (hipping ] ort#, put down all competition abrojd. Our j domestic supply 1$ likely to bo ?o large, and no muoh b? yend our own wants, that we see uo probability of prices ruling high. Stock Uxclbingr,

$10003 u 9 ? ?, 1S67 1I V, lo.U U.I.; Mrtf Dealt 0.V, tss.O do ll"Js 50 eko C'uutoii Co 40', 90(0 do time 115 ltd do 1,10 40li JtH?: > do 1'474 2"'F?riner?'TrUii, bid ">"? &00U do ISP'S U N 10 trio UK fi'l'd IWD tie 119k, 75 do bp) 60 H StM Treta Notoe 115 60 Harlem prefrd fell '.'J D IM Ky b's, 1,5 yr Lilt 1PI}? loo Uarlt m Kii Ltun .51 1000 Jo ro do J"5 850 do ,\i1, 2000 Ohio?'?. 1HE0 lOS'w ion do ,3J 4.1 ' AOOO Lrio 7'e, eoiiifb U 5 ITntlsou ftiyer BR 6112 1000 do 81'4 10 N V k N II it Rk yi 3t'!k. do fM) Lonj liUnd Kit ^ llAW Erie 7'i tcnde lOd.'u 1W Heading II11 dl>>2 SECOND BOARD. fl.hltriellR tf'1. 21'1 elu K? a ling Rfl idO ,V.\d 6l. do 1U0 do H;:h ST M t'o 11.1 SOtf 101 do SIV M do Wi O 'k ?H do *9*1 .>> 80 do t:0 6uv 800 <lo Mum m I lik) I.onir Uinnd U1 W Canton Co M0 t)'i ] 100 tUttuIn* KR !WS /tnVKRTISETEMS RKXKWKU EVERY D4Y^ RKWAR?S> 10 ? T ? THIS MORNING, JI I.V UST, FKOU T.'IE J ?ti nolo at Empire Stn.r, from tell Utter. a plain M.ak leather Trunk, tarn* a Irnee plate in fr n\ marital " Hid; die" A eaiinble reward will re tlecn for the evmc, If left with BEAT,?, BUSH St CO.,13 Broad etwee. x< iirjionn. "TlirCMlONS TO TIIB FISHING BANKS. AND FIVR IJ duller* paid, en Taeedny nod 1'ridav, to the pcre-.n who e itehee the 1 aeieet Sua Bate, Black Fielt. or Paede. tteery day in the week, eieept ft-Aturdif, the f .kKiucr HoT.aIj will I |r*te foot of Robhit?a a rect at ? o'clock: Thirteenth ?tr*wt, RV%; I'aaM atrret. n4'; Catharine atrent, ^,4': (lr?u 1 atreat, Pier No. t N. K.. i'V A. 11. Fare, V< centa each war. thk nations i. ra?t l?\y. ? o. or o. r.?in ii. w. urand lothie or tiki 1 e Mate 'f New York, the following praam Me and reeoluticnl err. t'Lauiim uel.v ni.pted ? hareae, the Chief MacMreu of the 1'oion, and the Raaetitleaa of i>t r Slnte and rlty g>e< rom.nla, hate 'tomiut jud Friday nek11<> beoltereadaa a general day of f itting and prat er to Alm'khty it"d. tn ronemnrt'e of the deatr'ietlre poa'tlriioe noe. dure.tetin< the eountry. ard the epreadieg eal.tmUy.trd dmth around n?i therefoie holt Kamired. That thle Oran 1 U ife cordially appraTe of the j alo .reanre I.f that day In the mailt,rr indie a-ad. Iluaolaed, That when title 'Irani I.'dgi adjourn on Tbntl. i adjourn to i net on hatarday ni>ruing net I, at Id v'eloek. By order. nF.NJ tMl N J PENT/. Grand ?ee ?. N'OTICF-FRIDAY, TTIE So INSTANT. (IB!.NO TI1R day ree.mii.m Ird by the CretMmt of the Ciitcd **%tea J m doj f**r laat'vic aad I r*y*fe munVfnft'ii Col ore M?arol Zc?!!aIi am hereby notift- i that their * rn -ie, I i'eittr* or?d VCLi * atieeta. will bw ??i?n tha* <Ut *i | > n' ! <*k, a. M., f r i rayvra to the Alu iiii'), to obvi*?e tUo i duscfcl rra'i?1y wbteh row eUit* our laud. <>i whiah ? ea*??>ij. the H??, Dr 1 ar^i^^r^ will UeliAtr a Jleonrtr. fly ret t. lbefcdatioft of the Trr?tr#? AlaCXAN'DIH KINO, I \la NOT1CB9. iy?*T oirirr. kcw vo:<k. Auonr i?t. iko. Jl K?.t: * la lcr*hy will be ojicn-* I I for the l^lUery of* on Priiay, the o! , (lli? fenac 1 elr f de?iin Rte?l by the Prf itlent of t.j \ n ? ] are dsr of fi.?'*i # acd |ftt?r 1 aly frorn ** to It? .\. M nud fr n Iti ss n t -1 r n mall * . i Ian ikal faj at IV. r. If. fcteu u?t |m|h rj i?Ka?e r ?pr. n . \ . Il?l \DV, P.??t Mit|i?r. I FTT. I* V WH DIRKOriKo, TlVO VAll^Ki A N t> J J oita Trunk, dtfl. reut tnt>-la. Tlie nara % ill pleaa") call at 11 liberty atr* t. a n't f ra% pfpattf, oiJ |>jy e?it?a ? a. |y: vr vowk. jrrv.ii. ? rj.-Minr?KV, nrru 005#! 11 | any Nnti-i-tl linn -1. - Whrr It i.m jifea'c 1 t'.a 1 Alni n. iv lMfj'? 0"r"f eJI tueee to r-'frov fr ? n an >n* I ? ur e?teerrr?J *rio?i I am?1 ro;i o*.. .(<11 io ari', J ..n \ Mil . wr e' l.oo' r? trait-'r'in an arl. iti eu'i im re ee^r ^i i f j the hirb r?catd , * rtaitied f ?a* Mm, au l h<?w Aevt?l/ ?r? lcr.lore tii# I' ? have u toinoj, K< a )lee?l. 1!?at n 4*uti? <>t J ?hn Bulb. e.'m mra %U* [ 1" b of an ?? iii*a'.! f- #?d v -lf a| t ii?n. i* nn I wuh ' |)ip |nWi Mff ' euatK* a?W'?*iatiee> : nH .? * r?w?'. p' lo oraa^ 1 of w l.leh ha ft' rnieU a *??***> ro#wa fatW not w'i I- m> m >r j rrie* ? ' nr rt lit ic;?? ?, > ?, n- : ? *? a d I |??l\r4, Tliai It aer f i>*rta4lr tb? r. lament ??? win Ie ae ever ? f r h? ; rt? I as I l . ?if. ; la is!? 4 |? '*i Km**' d. ae*i w iioRo Ib . ?'o, 1 r v.i?. * wit ? ?.lt< np ii# ^ J* < to rll who kt?ew I'lM the ' a-eora'.?< i lirti lu1!, I uit iiit viual t?.<V t if motiroiny be w ?rn foi J tl ir* f 4a* e. K? olv# J, That the at>< ?e hi f?nMN?ia?l la tha New Y ?r1 Herald, aid U e H lt*ar; ao?l .N ? al Arena e? J e eapy vl 1U4 feiiiet la t- at do '.lit rel*? eer of '? dor. \ rKASKLiN Mllei.Mtn, f i'r' fftiftiv ? BVKTftr COBX1TTSB or 'fffl* h <?# r . flfl I fhOrVt-n %r; . Mr Mv \ ' v. in +' . r * i? mm ti< f? *n O m f II*' *''i. ?v " t it t r? ?t ;J tl t *i ? i v * ?? ?!?-?.>''t?. i. - .I'n* ' i?('fat/y<i ?f y | Hfrtt if a < t !n*t??% mon hm i r y+<* Jo < *." ??? <?, *i* -r^tx-r 1-U),' a ry ovr* 1mm on*? ?r r?- t?? h> U ' hl< ' l?.*x Ir lc VinliiVt tl?U l?.v iwj r*Mit* Ifc# ac'iof tb?"? ? >! ?? , . i ') tr r J f"r th< r 1 *1 r in t" ??,.? '<r i... t . f it< irn? Iff * f* H* f f <*lt I 1 1 r 1 9 rtry iff ' M* I Vv I n. t',t . -?1) Vrrkt 'f : " Off ??< f-fr-# Kr M. i '?! toMM( ?. ' ?!i %! : ? I m t.' i fttMti* Cr If t! I tm vol 0 ?#p,? in t. i i J. # ?> ??I . it.) \ i . . . . i ? C? n B f < II on 1 ' 1 " ! 11.4 I ?M 'V n ? ' ' Ui 'ff in viii?*h I M v < p ? |r t?- ?r( r. ? ? ' I * ? * r?r?? . " inftdtf <? t'flitf U>?r Vv? k r ?. > iiW no;i t? 4 i ' *v* t ' i" ' < i .*? ?i? . : ? ; . I . ' ' \ ' > ( ti n ?in pl?? I IT It, !i? t ? t 1 1c * t! a* > ?; ? 1 H?(. < I 11 i 'vi. I ? A* i 'i I ??>! ! tf?n . rvl < .r- ?1 i *x ? r #, **<1 J tin '!tp?i tlic Mk*i)?or mht IwU iJin (! Ifi'li C???i'Of>\ I 'it ? M r . ' -Mt? ' ' ..*!.? i [ rffh* tr?*r?l t-*T. T'. ?ti4 III :i J ' i ? ?' li < . t . ( . r ?I * N i * \ ?> i V ?c r? J f - r a i U' P .t? 11 "* 1 ' I "\* I J : ?.iifH t?i(?r fr .n Or Ur*r ? f t f"f imfvlrr R*i1 . * ( I' kr N ('V'l I I . r , \ r, w fl ?rj;frr If r? ? I?ic I on nn .? in f <) J Mil* *?? ? %??' fl riiAttfy; ? ; ' it It li "?fv<ri ? N* J 't+'f." ll'hrwf S I 'i>?? fn-itiM'!/ i'n H 1 m i-? v - I( IMV m? 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Tiff* J <!* (it* ?*?'?.! nilll MM I 10 >n, !? """I *'! ?*. ?' > il t> ?1 "? ? * tt tl *',.? >n I I , it * fc*?.u*< Hi' ii"r / rlin r-l'-r ' ut t.rm rt J k * t?Ve. MfWk. A-juotl, iff. JAM** i^U. WANTRD? IN A UK V UOOU3 I KroRTINC CO*wieaion III-um. aa eft.i>n: A'uerioea Sele-unaa. b?\h fieni etook and wmplfl. A yonur aian af jond abilitfaa an I with uaeiaaptionat.lo taetiiaouiale. uay bear of a permanent (Itiiativa, Applleatloae, villi raal a ddreee, will only l>? at taadi d to, elatinc a hero and l ow laet employed, aad with reference# annexe 1. poid paid Hoi? 17.1 Poll olttee. WANTEP A MIT ITKIN As til A U H Kllll At 11 OK Child'* Nnre, by a vonnr woman woo ean m?e uaetcopUonaLle reference. Inquire fur " Bridget," at Id Trinity plica. j 11r A NTID TO PI'RCIIASE-A COOB IUBATANTI1L TT Hurry Home, kind and << utlj ln-b?rno??. end a fair trai tiler, and perfect'? eonnd, to out from SI'XI to $1.10. Alio, a 7f .ono-mini llarncs- and lirht top llur.jy. Addroae, Oipood. Herald ottiee, with poaitiro terma. \r AMf.H-A SITl* ATIO V, It V A RESPEPTABI.B rf i mint v oninn to do the Cuokinr. tVaehinr. and Iroainr of u ?m all family; the it a rood oouh and an ai.'elltint waeh.'r and iioaer. Tl.a heat of reference eaa ho ftiren. ae to oliaraotcr ml capability. ('an be eueu tor two deye, at 2fd iVoet aiet atreat, wiath mwm, __ W' ant3-a situation, by a h iohi.y kbspbutabio young woman, &n ? professed Cook: she tin ierst'uidn 1 all iorU of i ai try, jikui *. bianoui&i |i>i aad isaa ? veiient ) akei -'i briU i 11 ao ' a to - hd ia wa Ma i* Nom 1 | I%. inUuirMi . ? family. In nil it/j has the hot of i eootnmend* t ion fi-mn 1 ??r lust e n Moyer. Can bo lean fur two da v. if not ?ntrn^<l, ?t SI Mulberry street. UT ANTED?A COU N TUT KM SI iiRNC E, WITHIN AN hour's drive from Lit*3 city, oomph* t?*ly furnished and in a healthy fitruliou. Iti^oircat New Y"i*k Hotel. XI/" ANTED?TIT A RESPECTABLE WOII AM. A HI ITYr ati'tii to ?i?> genera) housework, an 1 make hcrsoli genera1 Iv m? I 1. II.-.? no objcotiou to go to the oouatry. Good city reference. M ?y be ween at No. A Dov r street. 117 AN . i:D ? BY \ RE3PROTA3LB WOMAN PROU H Paris, s situation as Chambermaid in a hotel or pension, or as Coolt iu h private family. Has l. ? ohjictioa to into the country. She sp?aks Fr*noh and Gorman, and eoiae English. Bu<|iiire at .'17 Rose street. UfARTlO A BIT17AU10N, BT TWO II 1 TAB B joun j voxneu, one to cook, wash and iron, the other a J | cban.' ertnn dor Maimer. Host of city n sforeuc# oan ho given I by both. Apply in No. 10,'1 Monroe street. ; YV"A>TF??a MTUATIOV IIV A YOUN i MAN, AI i ?v War Kr< per. Cm hri ig the host of i i y rtdcronco from bis last employ. I Can boru in the busings for ^hroa art A|| i? at ilFart itv, | IITANTS A SltrATION-. A VDCNO M\V, OP GOOD V ndilr* m asp u r, cuUr in i dry good# store or *r ic. ry ; w ould be willing to mike himself tonerally useful.-v. i - i i an ,4 i; is , (tuition. 1' i i v. i itu a good hand and figure a little. AiMi'chs j I). K., Post ! OiVce. _ A GERMAN W liOUAN Sl'lil'i |t.K K\?SU I \ V1) ririich language.-*. wishes a situation inn st' Porter, j Oo?.d rt icn ti- > from hin En t piece can bo a4 to oil 1rr?e<er aad capability. Enquire at IS Oeifro^.-. street, i t | the pr< crry store. OARTNI R WAN I RD, IN ONE OF OUR rtRlT-OLASS J HutcU.-Ti.e principal object, being to obianthe (services of an enterprising bnsine*'-m in, of rctpoorablo associations and polite address, but a smnll amount of utni'al will be required. iVinmunieations addressed to box I .fV?l, with real n tine, will be held contidsntial, und, if not approved, will be 1 r< turned. Asm \i 1, 1:01 *e ?> it ivmit or a ijou?k wanitd . imni*?<<t:if.ely. In or near Brovdway, suitable for a i'hy1 #i< Addict? Z. A., ni this utiles. FOR 3. tMd. IJIURN lTI'BE FOlt ^AliE.?THE ENTIRE PL'RN lid'KE . of n public ! li'able f< r tl.e accomiu daU*u of one I hundred and tlfty p.rsm?, ?mn?i? of lied. II d ling, j Kitcbcii 4p|*iaHis, Ike., all of the iirar awaE'y. II in boen 1 but little ucc i, is a 1 y< *d as ne at, and wi?l be i d I at a great | I ari"m 111. I or fur* r r 1 rli !.r.N ai* ly at t , * > 1; 4 \i;i; ( tiANcr. 1:1 1 > >M V.* IP-: MI: ,v. r;f \ /V Pulil,o Uon?e, with bar and dxturre, for ?*!..?, in one of the 1 est stauds in the city, situated on Fourth aveuue, adore 3t'thi*rest. It is or** of the best thoroughfares 111 the city, fur dtdna buttne*s. The rent la v*,ry cheap. The reas m of I the present eeupiar ndliny out ia on aooouut of siokness in j his family; end, haiiry aao'liur plaoo, he cannot attend to ! Loth Inquire at the bar, 2*2,la Bower/, for particulars*, this k dry or *mornw. DO IRUIKG, |R| rwniiF. REV. PR. V. EST. AND lir.bLRVIT.LE.-MULTUM X in parvo, or "short and sweet." Ilcudor? If you w;n!i to make a clear cMupe f*on the cholera, from tlis scorchinx beat, josilc. bustle, dust, none, vexation, dmracti >n, big i " * iiiKi ?r the morning." and fly by railway tlir >n m Jorj.y | fity nod Newark. to the charming v ill ige ?i Ho lo. ill>>, all nit ' t miles front thl? eitr. nr.dSt'roin Ni ark, t'tua'i oil tin llowerv margin of the transparent an I l"?ely Pixtio Hirer, arnl rmkoromtil in wood*, where thn rj*ji iratint vi^ci >f wnliitudinoua II li and game n.oin'to mur I ho volout try lnv nation, " come and take m." I'nt U|iat I bo ?ill a - Man, ion lloute, {landlord Mr. Carui ir, ?I. i? I inv? jn.?t reluctantly lolt.) and if joii do not lind all the tuinfirii of an oli iraut "Ion r." with every extra inlueouaat an l mod'rate el argra, then. I ray, don't a" there again, that's ail; eiropt, N. It., via: that I am not bribed to wiio thi? unties, eithor by money or by the can-jelling of jay boarding acouuat. which l am informed, ie pracMoed el mwliere, tor lnarepaid to the utt> rmoat 'nitbing, and am, tlierolore, under no esproivet or imi'lud obligation, cither lo embellish or enar terete. ' _ U. IT WliT. Ho A Rill Ml.?A FINS SI' I MS OF A FA It I'M E NTS TO l.ct, with p>ri or full Hoar I, private table, with an ' f.i.glith family. Alao, natural tingla bed ro >ukr, with or I ?Uncut brvakfaat and lea. Hot, c d and ahowar batba for j the free u?e ef the ncciipaatr. Apply at Ml flnnatoii A>ilAHI>.-TO l.b.T, H ITII II 1.1. OR l'A It 1 I A I. It >ARO, I I) a larr?, airy, and Wi ll furnished mom, suitable for Afea' t'erian ni d bin w ife. or two aluglc tauUemaa, in a r??|m u able neighborhood. Apply ai 51 lilcicker street. llaUueia | tie houte. /I'll Mid 11 MM I II A V HI. "Ill MM." At A V Mill | boi re. nitnaled III a viliagea fow in laa from tne city, aitd ear1 ef im ly stage and railroad, << vc ml Wilis a day. lti f renee may I e mado to C. Knapp, A'?i It'aei.iugton a r .1, j or M in 1. W oed. W Spring ttr-et. All.H IIMiLK lllM'LEMiN. OB VABILIBA, OAN tie aeaouimedated aiih jdeaeant ruome, with board, at ! HJ Uroadway. nOAhl) MAN 1 hi) - A III: Ml F.MAN A 11"! T I.R \ VIVJ the city ie desirous of obtaining linard and Furnished Avar! lite fur Ilia wife and daughter, MmMMtl/,la a mi mod private family or boarding booso lo the vicinity of it a: hiiiglnn ?'|ii',re or Luiou IV.-k. Address, immediately, | If., at tfcl. offl r. HUM hl.HMKH S, THE NATION AI. I'O LICK OAZETTR, Or Til III WTRK. row nady, contains a foil ant current areeoat ef ihe i eiraw bail ot'vred by the "Contldenoe Man," ard its end r ei nitnt bp an oilier high in antborityi fnrtbe deve1"j?cji.nt*io lie MeCirrta aaae, and ail I) ? ieaiim..?y to it i? urn*, a I Until liar" I p at Sarnt'ge, Martini hits In Id aknai la ' Awful T'ragedy iw tlini iniiati. an la:? resting Chapter ia Om ! Ufa i I I.Han Jcwetk; English. French, tierman, and d iinevt.e ' criminal )aulligeu<? Iroiii all pal Hot Ilia I'ui m and world, <) ar with it? coal amount of inferential! and castling I ai "lit. Ofltre li s Ma?a?e atreet. Hold every where. 1 llli'idi.l'Ai I. INK I UK. i. I".II. it A i .i \SK Will. I 1) c* uiti .*ne? hi t ne-t el their bai-k>ag room. No. 3)1 UrowdI way (Me Ami's Valid tag), on Thursday, 'he tu day of a mast 1 nrti etuia*. 1 ha tMitalmeiiM ta the capital at >?h dut and eatable on day, Wilt h- rm-ctvsd at the Bank Idy order tf I'e Hoard. FRANCIS A. FALMSlt. Fioaideak. 1 i J. I I.VCRITT, raskiar, 1IMN lionilis EDfllVfW, IN CARTONS,Of T llRtT -i psoas. Baeh aarton eonl om it I inpurtsd aad for aula bj I'Kt.i -t h I'.t'HSON, .'I I ,.| xrart. I t~y mionroV, rn"iT r.'ir.uiuv saiui'-iiAhEK, "> N?. 10 1'tik PU?#?, Nif Ynrk, ' fkn4 Ni. Ik H? fnl * Iff ?> fey Niv Orlrins, N. If.?HI1S1 t#f ntftol* i . ?i r iIUi , r tfftffttft t# dry ?irt. S' fll riEtt HOBIN40H, WB')LtiAl.l OOJi 11 f St OH ni r, ' * 1 ' i' "S lfl*rooailfa?. Ifo&i'ftl* Ce'itf, OiM irgiiA MMIP1M It., IfNITIO (TATR9 M%IL If! : BIT COMPAV1 I? r < v t r? if i?? l u/r-?. Tl? 'mw ?i4 ipidi- <i t Ulifli'p OHIO, i i'l ' h|t.?t^' ? \ mr '* ni a, iliiiii'Ui -f in| it*, ?t I frota (M ptVf, I ?f ' milUMIi Nhiili Kmr, i*r<lnr ????r ?o0 fl.' -i ? ?ni i.b. li ?k, f. J4 > ***. ib? (lliin lillii Hm < ( fi'i'ilir nt h ) t'.? nm \ .- B.,,'i i i iui I |VT?rkH^ut Mllll Ibd piMbliFiP ikl ('iiiiM abMH* tr \ i?i r it# tf m FlkMbi \ l nl;f rnin Tl u ,?.?, i i ki ti 1 v nr ?f iL? Oi.iH, tri f %r *<* > 11 uii?? f i ity Ali?rliJl ft-h"r i?t, Snir. ( t? r kt.f f n. r ?J |. cf I m k> r?# j-oh ?i' cue' # n t ri- l?T t' >}. ?rn*i yf r tuff] ?rd ?it-t f? I <* ?tlt in ilif ? ? itMUff wlihl , fit if !? for tl??,. rt **4 f.i KUl ? f I ? | **>??! ?r< m * wn in? t ii ?ia! **! ; is btr fin r pv-i"** i tip, t'l ?<>? ?l #nN*i4ji %m I 9 ?*, tf'onn ,inr n >>inr< ?Ii th" <!!?*' . ?? ?* >>f * Hr it- !%? U??l. hat#? OK rA4?4liK to ' m aw ft *4' ? . J wftrf * ? l? $159 ? %. IV m. ?r I tiurj >?*?? ? > i? 4i?;.. m $m " I $ " 'H?*uV..*.!?.^n? ? < t r>. ?'?r' ht r wii'i ? M' I. inn m n. *t ' ir * . Ml ** I ! ? i :? hit. I ? ii ?. s?r. i'i *< t i it* 1 t t ? ?? 1.1 Ni? Or'- ?> > I - i? It.. I ??r v HI ?kit |?n?H? ! ; < . ?o n?? i. , r "Mt t?u). 4 ll 11< v*U it r f i o " ' ? i ' -fit * ?i ih? In I ill* ill|'%>1 >. M O. KuMk* III. li'itll >tr.*k fflll: or. 1,1 Mil I MM. I o H * IN I -UN I'll. A ?(* iMh ?.f A??n*t?To. i ?w ?o<i *?i**ii4 (I.Mrlii,. WIIIII ITV. lum Klliili, J. II. U'llM*, am. * i r, * II 111! > r '< i - 'In- t. Ir Jt 't... *, I'ltf 2 >. H . on Tli?r?4*jr, *t 3 ?'? ' i., n.* IB >i ( \ i,-,ut. Thi I . rilj |iH<lrr i t* t'hv** ollMnt I m ' nr (tinmen* . m?iI.. ?li >* iHMiriM llikt p* >' "r? l> In* l.ntii.r vill I > ). I'uniiiriu iii tun. lor tlm ii. *. JVitint 4 .M ?r I'.m. * i l l.t of !?;it iiit?r. l'iMT[tlr ill# RfUt nlinii l>?. 4*. Mine* Ii-. I>?i. Rn. fi i *f'l'?li on ja On. in. Imror **i i? t"0 I).i. 4*. ilrt ?k* 9i Fr?l?ht ?? f|"?i* I |i?r' lit. MtriMm' - r >??ni ptfMt Citht ki ln I. rt of li**<ii.* nllnwvd *. 'i r? n ( ? ?? t.?* ; 4 liUt 4o. *|t. tr.J ntrh ??i trtf t patMii-r. <? t ? *, r n *4 nl'ti |?ul fur. An* p r.'n mnlttiojt *>' -li?f l'i* imir' ?f | *?? mono*, run ?*onff *?f It f*t >m fit tr*i(Li vr tuait. -ri ) to j. liovvAUb k son. ji nr>*4??r. i 1,5OH *AS r*AXCI?I O.-T:il RTKAMSUIF CBA1A. , r I' I, \ K F. wi'l ? ?J- "fu .i'h'.I t >r a i r t.4. it Rt? Jir*ir<> tr ( VAlpmi*<i f >r ? ?* ?? i lo I . i p?AK?i ^cfft. on a ?*hk w h m 2 V. M,. ?!? < k. 1 . f I.' S. K ' a U 1 ' ' I Oit ur fit n>>|??lb #1 iHWMififNi to arrirrt fr rii * 4ut*n'#. Tr>o < l*?;4>?alA f* tun* Afi ttfj ?ntiol ft i. Uilt V) UMfelKto rttM* fh?irf|> < iol f?i t *fh* I na<l n? tn n rtlinMr a -1 in* :? Aimrf. or >i ni f tM n:? "nil nd "f t )i?p. mmrjr i'tiiwio. nf i n , w .ih it ' r< ?r. \ t.fh ri i t?I 'n *M If' r?rn orM I < i ? i i dm t> l , ?? ?? ( i !< 1* to ! ! r? . ??!> raf .jr . i?frt owtt'l vif ttcHtt?4 tli5? ? r 4?rr( t ftf .f 10 'Mi r ft - I VII II J t' ? I V' ? ? I " "I'llIII ll'iv ?*1? Hlnrn ii'il, Willi i If lit' |> r a i>f am'l i i r - anla I'tr l? c tl i* ill * ftii I li ii I. I 1 t..i .I- f. f ir |i- 1.1 m aluta, nht- f'i"i -1 ?la-? ">* ' '? t ?, .>lj i* 1." ?. *1 T. !? K fill It H ?ll -1. TMI ?!* fl. A dirt ?! ? -I ip ? 1.1 ' ! %'rl.i 4 I*lj :k A< n'.villra ?v?fr rlil.' ' ?? *' " ?t ' f-Vti T V | " vi, r?. ; p;\' !- ilk lll'gF i. fr ? taili' *. \ >0. I tf* ItHltl, I * ill ?ti| Ml I'.r Vh of ?nfn? . f t ?l !i . r ?, a I i< ?al " | .a frv'.ki ?l Ika I- irll4;ii. I'm f*. . f j aja. , Mil II I .,|l,l I'lff I I. N'.t 1 II I ?* ? ? * ! I I'liH. | It'll'IMl. 1"n inMRMuxrn,thc ?r.t\ r\%<tv;amor 11 ? iM|' I ' laml i %, * >. t a ' ? tli- . 11 f ?a r i a Mia it' it, antiim n|i ?iri la llili haa-i wani?f, tiaif Ma aa) lanlai a-> r. ?* i ir.? na ?I In?- mi ta u an, f liaiUiMiiii lilt L ' ?a4l'>r I :! I . ?'?r ?r. r* ? i? an I* : |aivl1?. I ||I|M tb'mf ! iiai'if ?al,i*??ra? I, w ' |'- ? a?th a la f>,:11 f. n Vri Itif ?vaH * ?? if? I. mi I La' H.ay aa a lib in ain , I n i r* f fat f "I i" a. a a a I ill a>af) adh f,.f ' l? t??' 1 v4 ?i r-P """ * 1 fii|? tl. lain if F? xir I'lark: ' * l? a T M'?,j I ar '-a . II*. t. x, |, n ,r,^ jN? i raTV tlra W<m 11. vfn?, II irj .I'm.-aa, wm. Jimo" JaitN Jiaiun, Janajiii , .liMa?a, .Hi' ia. Viaai Hr. ham* a,| luti'l taalu afiil ! I'apa. p#t' flaf l?ia ??T) ar n tl j If a ll'l 'a I ka I ' ? Tunl V fa la' 1 / ! ?l ' r p V a , ,1 I fi ir l-n -pal I., Mw Vaak l? * fl.llUll - -i. - Niblo r oakl>bn?rnrit<?*r ar?*i*?, as(ott'i. Tliird appeaiaaoe of tha Ratal Pamily Draiaatla Pantomime. (' our Pantomime. Tight Koji?. Prnaeoie lit?tl will appear ia thru eharaelere. Mona Narie'M, la liis ai>nia? deflneatloa of the A. ?. Ti.aoraai.yg'a ititriaiiBNii will C Kutici trult the ariarlura. La Barcrolla. Afiar whlah, Graceful A'hi*\rm*ata on the Tight Rene. iH?i?i bjr the K*?rl Family and l/?on Ja?clll. To ha aitoeeedad by tba eoidic pent .nnme rallad TUX SI LI)I Bit t<>H 1,<> f K -Chiractruly lha Kavat Family, ill Utiaini, Leon Jaeelll. So. fj eon-dude with Jin KO--Th? Ape. J. MatiatU; Pipo. t. Kara!. litlitiSOt'r Duora vpea at :. t? waimouoe at K areetaelr. BlfRTON'8 Til BAT SB, ' II AMBER- STKBBT. ?tPM. K. Bi rtna, I'roprieWr. Ilaixfit of St. JDH1 DUNN Tl.urrJav eveume. An mat 2, will ha nlty-d, KINGS III< II AH I'E VI. riflRDB- R.i har'? Mr. J Tito a: Kiud Henry ye Sixth, Mr. Una, El?a'<evh, Oueen of Edward Il.,Mr<. Dyott; I.udy Ann*. Ml-a llurr Taylor. After wheh ilia farce ot TAKEN IN AND DON E I'DR. Pewitt. Mr Holl?ad; Bindy It-dkin John limn*; Mri Bodkin, Miaa Barker. To eon dude with t lie farce of Mill N DOHlid- Squire Pal la wCeld. Mr. I.ynna: Jaha UoLbd. Mr. Bran (haw; Mr. I'otara alar, Mr. Burton: Mr', Chf aterton, Mix VI. I'lylne. Bum. Drum Circle, and Parquet, 611 read; l*a nily I'irola, ? ran'a. (N IIANI'KAU'8 NATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM IT. J l l.ur.iUv iiemur. Autu J aillio anted, the W'l new farce of A SEPARATE MAIN TEVaSCK-Mi Paa?r Paaai;other, Mr. W R Chapman; M.-a. Pet-r I'cunlfother, Mlaa I. Mcrlayer; I.or.1 Dudley broinpt-n. Ili?? 11 ahop: Sir Tom.laton Toi l". Mrs. Scott. To Lo followed ay A t)|,AN< ? if NEW YORK?Mum Mr. Cliaufrao; Harry lord, a, Mr Jordan ; Oe rm Pnroclla. Mr. Ileroert : I 'm. M.'t E. Urtaycr. To eoncluJu with tho drama of lil. A"K-fi YKD SUSAN? William, Mr. Chanfrau ; Cant, i roijtr.a, Mr. Jordan; Admiral, Mr. Ildlaraj; lllack-epeu Suaan, Mix E. Mutajir, I Dolly Mayflower, Wan Mllee. CN AST1B GARDEN.?EIGHT U R'SKI OF THE T*Iy nini nt.tly anccasefdl Snnrnar Futoa ? Vow Oreriurea, \\ ?!tit ?. Gail..:. , Pot I'ourr.i, I'. mail qh i lriUoi. by Leder'i"r; I'i.iIid Bund. New Scry, Dtieita, Trine and quaetctt.o. by Mll?. I.ovarttoy, Caroline Flitfurt, S phen finch, nnd llevr Stnepnl, eeary night, in tiio PromonaJo Coecerte. Tlt'uo'twenty-live eauta. UaRM M'8 AMERICAN MUSE I'M.?P. T. BAIINU*, Proprietor. : i i d pj forum;, . a In the attcraeen ui J.'t, u.r.4 evening ,.t i"io I.ntiip >.f Gold, weighing oatr aerea l>. ond'. nud hr< u<ht from California .y Lieut. Utile. :iaa ti ro rt" :..I i >r a: h or wc Sr ? Wrxt.aHe Parcra will lr .1,. i ut r : . iti ... inieitt al i . ?.i i 1. Mr I.nka I V\ ci't. t he tulv i I 1) 4ne t iii i p pull* 1*1 incat'T nf K'lio* t'ian Character; Vr Ji.rr* MarryAel I, V ? Harton, Mln-Uanhi pe, litre W?!?t, Mr. CI.aiman, md Mr, Clarke. Vtto AlbinS J.?dv, Living Oram Oom?ii?, a 1,i ?o living Alive,iud*. in Rttrninn* Rett'iiena'co W*? -cript ore Strnv.ry. viuiUeion tn the whole, A3 a>' ! ? <'hil I i" I* '?> mn, 12unou. CI BIN! R AS KM ILVBO HA 3b? HR > Mr \ \ v FU J Frcinih Opera Company, mi I ,!ij I i r > ' i > r? nf M. f? >int. eta;* mai .i.rr nf r11 rri'ir li Theatre Ve? tlrl-ane. f .Hire rhat'ire fat'rvtinii* f! .'.irrndi md M. Ilirtnu. in eli i-Cmie frmn thr-op ptiler apera*. In '4*1tl?r !? Chnprlle, I,\ I nor; Vu lVnpIo ?le Pip*. wnrdi lud ill" ?io hy C'orridi: I,' I) U r, l,\ |i i h?v. n full < ntnine, lime, llvrtun. I'liui i P.niu M.I urr.i.t), itaritot,*; 14. Ii?-rr -n. I'eai.r, from'lie Nm OrSe-we Fp-r> !i "*l who .< ill urpeaff rjr won.ik 11, i.' mil in ? litnn-i up?ef?rl invert. (SHINES B Ml s K IJ U. -Til a OMiV ONE I.N I'HI I'm' 'I -X'J Urn liny, eviiibi'ing t'l" J in Mere, filtt'iiiH. Urlii \r"o nrd S :|..|ioi,i ol f->i:r httndPTd Willi.ej of Chim so. Op it from nine, I II , t <I 'tn. I*. 14. Admittance ?3 rtrla; children, under IJ half pp.>. 1.3 REE CO.MtKTS CVEKl EVEN"IN'J, AT I'llK COYn rt Hull, No. 2b* liuwiry, bui >pv- i Stanton end Kivief tin tin lit. .1. I. V N i' It. Frnpri?r.?r. rpo I lHIOI'lAN SIN i KR- OR MI N i 1'll ELS ? A KEX ally talrn 'Cil and Terpnf.Vile I re ptny of th.u khnr* datiriptiun may hour of, i.y ?i*>.'lying I)Corliyi nil Martin. 4 Ilk p lay atreot. New Vor'r. ?|MIE GREAT BOATING M ATCH AT IIOSOKEN IVILTi Jl l e continued thron .,I.out tha week. Titrec p.iron weru *mi i?-x: rilny. I.y Mr. Andrew Jure-. M r. J.C n < Uv'innl, aad Mr bil. n. The i.r it puri.d i? fur a niuh wrtii $ a'. tha eeci til ii r a told chain wop i * I'. the tiiml for y piiieT aim north SiO. 1 olttr the name | t.iroughntit thi? week. ?. O. c. Pl'.RRF. A oM.ra i l baud will pcrl'nui ovary aUcraooa in ICMdcn. SP?RT1MU. f T N ION COCRSB, I,. I.?TROTTINO-Wtu. COME OFF \J I lit < dity, Aiiitimt Ji. n runt eh t r $Joi. rail* and repaat. 0. 8 liartin# n iniea K Rir iniirr. to karuaa*; U. UiookM t ainea hr. m. I.ittlo Wntern, la caddie. (t e.STRF.VJU.E COL'RSB. !,. I.-TR')IT|NO-f RlDAT, J Aiuuit 3d. i?t .1 o'oluiik. H. M t'.uae S .'ii; $V) to the Cecusd Lest, mile lieu a hunt 3 in 3, in hatno'*; for win. h will , eontrinl l.mly Unit Ik. Lady Sutton, l.ndy M .mow nn.l Polham. At one o'olook thn ranit d ty, aorvn purtn, ax' > barte, I rat 3 in 3, in burnt!*, ketwuau I'aul f nof. King of Tarrort, I'nal I'ry and HI?iT? p. Tha cara will 'tava tlio South Farry, ltrcoklyn, at twelva and half-pnat two n'olm k. returning as loon a* llit tport it over. Far., eauh way, JA oaati. JOEL OONK1.IN, Proprietor. POM TIC Air. STATE OF NEW FORE.?SE'lRETARA"A OFFICE. Albany, July 14, l.c4J ? To tha ShrrltT of tha rlly and county of > rw A ork.?Sir: Vntlea it hurthr given, Hint at the Urnnrtl F.lociloii. tn beheld In Ihii State on tlio Tnatilay em-, toiling tl e lint Mon luyi.f Vim (inker next, tha following fflrere aie to he t'eeted, to wit,.? A Judge ef ll.u Court of Appealt, in tho place ef Freebeia G. Jrrtctt. A hreretarv of State, in the plaoe af Chrlet .pher Korgaa. A L"iiipt" it.r, iu tie pttc* or win'iHittiin Hunt. A Siete Irraaurer. iu lit* pl-ice of Al??li llnnt. An Attorns* L'tasral. in the piece of Atnhrnae L. Jordan. A S'?t? Lu^fncer And Surrey or, in the piece uf Ckerlee H, Stuirt. A i'nnnl Fomaiiseinrcr. in the plies of Nelson J B*keh; nn<l An InroecUr of State 1'tuoiir. in Win plan* af Ijaae V. Cowmen k; All ahcte t?rm? of terrlce will aipir* am tha laat day af Dtrrmlof ue?t. Alio, a Justice af th? Snprc is ("sort, f r the First Ju liitaJ District, in tlir place of <?isu' l Jana*. white tarun af aerrlem mill eipire on ilia laat day of tKwaiahmt unit. Alan, a Senator for the Third Snnste Dietrlak, In the plaem af It iliiarn Ita I. Also, a Senator f>>r O.e Fearth Senate Diatrlat, ta tha plaem af John I,. l.a? rau'e. Ala<>, a F- t.etnr for the Fifth Sanata Dlatriat, in tka plaam of Solum 1 Pp st: and Also, a Snnati r for tha Slath Senate Dlatriat, la tha ylamm a M m. Saaitiol Johnson; All shore t< riua af sarrica will aaplra oa tha laat day af Pat an,I or nr at. Tl>a lollnwieavlBaars are alas te ha alaotad fer aha aaij ally ami county ? A Judys < f tha Caurlof Common Pleea. la tha plat* af Michael 11? htaffcr. A Jiol, c of tba iiuprama Coar'., la tha plaaa af Aaaaa Silteen Umbers ,,f A a-aniMy. A Sharif. in plas< of John J 1 . Wastsreele. A City and loamy Clark, la tha place nf Jtmaa Caaaar; and A Coroner. In tha pleas of W at. A. Wtltera; All wl,taa trruia of aaralma mil expire oa tha laat day af Deoetnl ee t akt. (Tt e blester* tbroojhset the State era alee to ante for ar alio si li e ad 'pti a of the net seiiUsI An Ait establishing froa Satovis Ikroaahout Ilia s a'a," p taa<i Mar-.It 'Jo tSktf.) C II It Is tUr 11 It H MtOil.tN, raroury of Mat*. Siiratrr'a Orrirt, I .Sow Vork. J Ilr 11 ISdP s Th*ater* it ftiHl'shsd r' mit ta the notiaeaf the <** * tare uf S'ale an I tha rsi|? menu of tha atatnla in task aa>a made and (p rtdsd JOHN J V. ITRSTERVILT, Sharif. t y All iha aswap*p.irs o tSa aocaiy will r itlia.i tha atoia mi s 'n as?h -*, ue'il he el" lo.i, and tin* haad In tls.r l.iili f?r adt, rt'ion Hi* ia n< a? Ikat thee ?t,y s. laid ' frre the It ard of Sun ri?or?, aid pissel for pi 'uaal. Sir Kosised "-tatuvs. Vol. 1 t'hsp.o, 'l it I. Article J, Cart I, Pa. ? ItO. TO Bit I.HIT. f|tfl I.RT--l'UHN|Nill|l ROOM 1, WITH fl'LI. HOARD, I er lire kit st sod I a aal>; al, s, a tanJs ini", Inra# haak CtVea. on tee fr?t lenf ho I it pt#il ta a phjmalmt'e of a fir the'a" ties iaaaa. on ea'tlleut stead for lutetaaaa. Apply at No. iiil < 1 atnhera ttraol. TO I II THE SrtBK SO* fSE.ll INO.1l t.tDR kfoi''^ l ine, hit f.?*t froat, IJV fost dean, ,'ifiet rate. Alsn, l ie lof ?, 41 Wmidea Ina J. A pe'y a* II R ?id?n lata. HIOUICAU ~~ D o. bi asRran n tv? n?*orKD (o:*p ufrii ft in N.i, Ihi ta ill C b streat, Art* d ior bel <w tha ' Nafta.a Hit.t. hOi TOR lll.tfUT, fhCfLlsr. vn td'Ulif tr l!ff r os b s ft.. oos ai d pu *?" -.t at, tnrl?c it,a ji intk of Aaii*| hia .In rsailltef a I to J>, o'llask, aa P mii i i<n?3 mAuskiit Poirr RdA, ro t tmi ottrKDCo id lion si It Ik-tee. Can' , sebee. aa I all in-, eta. I - r Ih. a ,ifnci i < f .ttis and Tea. with it p.-ein, at if > nr. Refeieaaow?1?. U. Ilswaef. It's, leetaj II i e. J. I. K tie. t 4 . 1.[0,tm.<tt al U< View fakl Bam| tel. DIARKI IK t AND PVllMRRT.-M ll.l.s, MIII.H R I Rtit ?)<! K t'oafctRtt Alt s> t of Riaa'aocery, toe the ar f>> *Btery and I'laerh m. mtv Ha nvl at Not l^a i i . t nm ieat l '2 t en te rs ctreet 77 f??t lleM? I way. A J. B. ?. i e?r af lmo11 atrast. 1*7 aad Ml flm^iway. earn 4" tilths a sirs -1. In lit t. n at. ,'l ? mtaa straet. a- eaar ad Mir-1 i at srd U odsin street, ?? I It tsrss i-t t Uf't, Atl.itir fr..t. r in I'ii. i, s.| 11 par battle, tfbelmr as i M ,r< - a??. 117 Fn at straat, Jf. T. rpil? MARRIFH trod tN'S K*R IV \ fit M?f>ff ALCOB1 (talon, kt Or. A. M. Ms iHasta, I'nfisatrsf C .etsssef ? tn?r. ;sii?b ad. m. lima., pp Ifm. Pnaa 91. M.M9 ocrma old in tia not tl.a. Vann o| , r-rte, af pfcyatesl aad taental ni,.n'i la any an ?(T *1' mo* w ife, tod r-ena ary difRialtlaata n c kaabaad mimhf Kk ?i> kats- n at a I - ? *i . id sk.ll a > a . > ,t r ar ilrf h na aa? 1 at?4 HPTr?rttr >>! n.'? ba. ban < '?i 11 ?*tii4 Bait r)?; ?i it! hn 1mi? bnta til II aU?H br a tl*t?Ij ^ wwina i'IMi wrb. Il intaa lad I apfiailj 'af '?? >naTla4. ar tboaa M?M|* fdititu I. ..tiaaa, aa I 4ia- ?? '.maaaaaal wblafc h >m<-I ha ba' ?n M i'i?n rani??: ?' T ?. Ta >n whi.?# l> > 'b data t>?? r?' ait af a* latraaaa af fc il*. It ! af a'pc'lal Imfrtarat. Bara a!?a. ta?rr famala-'ba wifa. aba aaat?i?r. tha aH ai'Vr Ind l M la'a m ainnban at tha aaa .* tha Martina af jtaIn ? h" n a atart raatftir'atta an iaf>*ria** a<i?a|?a*a Miaratarlba a<mvt i .a, aa 1 tb? a, at aWrtant ra >'4in?. anf max ?r > i inula aftan, la aaaiy aa?|>i%iai *a arklah l.araai ittabjaai. far ?*l? at ltd It ?4?ay,an<t aa tka fill'tMiu "flat. 1M l?fk*rljf ftr?'t, fi. V.| IJ'Ma tj?w, Ai>a?j; w. B. tfnna, B-irtr.a I'. B. fr'frwi, t? (i aairat itraat. !' I?ifnlnb'at WiHaam rijI rfc fa.. Hal .iB-m; J B Btnaaaal. baatalaani: d 0 i'nthnt>n. katnauab. Ua il.? a*' ift af f t. a a*?f till ba >r.aaailiK4 It aatll fkratfi >*aa* a* ana ?<??* ?f iba Vatva4 B-a'aa lllinitara B f >f ??4x < 4. a-tt-nid. ta n? A. M Banftaaan, Baa l.IB.hf'w VarkaftB. ra^aa tlbUboata ftxt J\JO ( UPf. KO PAV-WB. COBB ITT, I* f?IMW? ST., 1 r~?f la annmilv 4 aa 'ha r??ta:?at af aarata d-Hnat? fivaat' A 11utl?t af atit*aa raara 4trata4 ta tiia traaaBatil >( fill'*ta 4l?aaa-a aaa'.laa l>r. li ta aaratba naiak t r J af tMa ?H*x,#T B? ant ?aa?a ?m4 la ?hr?a 4af?. Ba Wtrf ? aa 4 n. I . t a I " II .a, I M I HI Fart II I r v-.n junta. ;a?t >4 bit pratllaf ? t'.a traaW tetat "t ? ">al r an4 'tfatr "aaaa af a 4allna?a nnt'.tm ? ,a a . at Iba I .t,a,?"-?4 aiaai ( b'l tlaa.a, a*4 ji i i i?ata?a?ni id la ??t .a 1?a JafA a aa>fa?t tnir. ar aa < ab.r*a. . No ft RK, BO CBAtflS. Bit. UrBfBT.Of MtlOID tt.-,? n*4a? trnlly tnnan.tnd aa all liriaa f i, m-m I.,r? . . v.f 4njr? :! ? ! 4(lOMr ?4 tar(*MT NwiAHi tr?v?l A> Ht IL !* Wjrrsij Ml ' n ?i? ?aM, *r tin It?r I fr- l I nni >??n trn*. T A M M D' * MAI TO. A?TU ;* 0? TUB rH*\ VK AlTV?l~ ui'l-rtlM, ft*. T* Mrtmvrh ft S?r??. J I kt II A. M., A1* P. M. S Ant? ? ) Tk'** wN? tff l ' tfc? ?*rlf >?> lunrtid Mi* r*t? ill* 11. 1? !?? '? t ?.** ?? ->r4ht> ???. 1* i? ntMlIf. V-M*?**. tt' 1* * >? h*?* ?tT't i i (V".ft i <t?M of fMplf, | M'.n t? rrt-^Tljr hi* ???*lr*?. I* ??n >?*rt, ft <n i'n 4i?t, ?r ?? It* m?~. ?-)*?? -< ?n<l 'iTtrwrinf ?!** ?.? *< *?*-??*?? *# C? 'tij*.) Sir c p %f.?t4 irnri4, ?? *<!<* tnfftnl if" MVltft, '.? iroiil f>f tlftftMft. tftft |n ??'.?***4 ft? w ?*N?t _ . Arm w AMMAMTipruftOMB n*i r?4t.-??*i*roii l.thtr i'* Fitttlv M iinf I* *??*?'.i*4 t* < ?? *? fi nlr ftwtti in IM ^ " -4?ntj i?e*f.>* *>? *! rf l?? *? ?*. I| ? #*. * ?*.? Ait*! ??.?. ( Vi?* I'titl*. ) Fr*i? *1.* toMtftl *1 ?A** W% * *< ? t? t . Uf?*t MWliftMti 4*?**l t? MMf fttAH I ,rft

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