Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 4, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 4, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. ?537. {Votes flow the Wtttilng PUtei. Initio Island Sobmi, Sachem's Head, ) A 'it'ii ?t 1, 1949. S Hif Sytjrti on Lund ami Hen?Hit CompanvTrip to the Great GmU Colony?Valor of th, GuIII?Evening Jmuternmti, 4*''., 4*<", tfc. 1 must gi*e your readers an idea of the enjoy ments of this retired and quiet resort. I reachet here after a very pleasant ride frem Now York with the intention of returning in a day or so The primary attractions that drew me hither were that part of my family had taken rooms tor th< season. The attractions that kept me, and wil rtill continue to to do, are innumerable. For thi sick or indisjiosed fea\e plenty of good sea air not quite as strong us that of lite ocean, and stil veiy fresh and agreeable. For the strong and hearty, we have all k'nds of sporting, fishing, bathing, sailing, and various other occupations, tending to coiittim the health, and bruce a mm for winter duties. For the romantic or sentimental, we have recks and gloves of the most ajinroved proportion!-, both ol which are often clambered and visited hy^llie young and guy The company, also, are of ill it class who understand the pleasures of life, md one and all join in encouraging rational, riot t ishionuble, dissipation. Yestuduy ltioraing, Mi. Li , Mr. 11., Hnd Mr. M., si New Yotk, went on a tithing excursion,and although the wind was man rly, caught in tin of three hours over titty black fi.-h, weighing from one to lour pounds each; this wAs considered poor sport, us a lew days previous the same party caught nearly lUO li-li in uhout the same h ngth of time. The gunning, al-o, is very good. ?c;-;tal l-ruce of woodcock h ive been killed, t, w ith quite a number of sea fowl. The lao: v. noweyer, rarely enter into eith-r of the above diversions, but amesr themselves by rolling ten pins, or play inn ni utile hoard, for an hour or so after breukfubt ; tiny ihen m-eenible in the parlor, sew, sing, and kill time with the "Woodman," or "Family Failings," or soine other print ot the day. The dinnt r is tei ved at the Connecticut hour of li o'clock, and, although early, is done ample justice to. After dinner, some amusement or excursion is proposed, 01 pre-arrange d t?y the gentlemen; lor example, yesterd , am idinn to the plans of a sell'-consiituted conuiii t-e. consisting of Mr. M., ?f New Y ork, as representative, the schooner llrilliant was chartered, and a party ot ladies invited by the gentlenv-n of the house. We weighed anchor at I P. M ; on looking round the deck, we found our jwrty consisted of Mrs. T-, Mrs. 11, of New York ; the animated Mrs. K., and her sprightly sister Miss 15 , and the jrroniising .Mus T., trom Albany; Miss 11, and the demure Miss V., from New Y ork, were also of the party. Among the gentlemen we found Mr. C , of iron fame, Mr. it., and some others, fiom Albany, and Messrs. II. and the committee man; Mr. Li. and Miss T. also, from New Y'ork; in all we mustered, with Prof. C , i n the violin, something over twenty. Afrer tucking in the teeth of the wind, the ladies proposed visiting Gull M md, near Falknur's Light jleuse : ol course no one objected, so up went the foresail, uud m a lew minutes we were under way, going HI knots; wuh tliree good tacks we came to anchor, leeward ot the spot; in a few moments the yawl was along side, and the ladies seated themselves. Here was somewhat of an oversight on the part of the committee man ; the yawl leaked very badly, and we had about un hundred cards to row. Nothing daunted at the idea of wet feet, Miss 1>. g tve the order to push oir, and away wr went. Alter hard pulling, we came to a landing place, where all ;rot safely ashore except Mrs. 1., who preferred the salt water to the hard landing plank, and ebghily submerged one foot. The squealing, nay yelling of the gulls is beyond comparison?the moment we infringed on their dominion, ten thousand gulls roa- in a body from their nests, and hovered uround us within ten or twenty feet ot our heads. .The ladies ceased talking, slid those of the g* ntlernen who were novices to such music, stopped their ears with pebbles. The island is covered wi h eggs and nests, most ?f which, at this season contain youug birds. Great rest cct was paid to this f ath; red home, and but few eggs w. re taken. Ttrs island, I understand, belongs to the lighthouse h- ej? r at l'alkner's, who fe?,ds these birds for two pumosna*?the one, (or the eggs, who h he eats and s. lis iu great quantities, and the other, to serve him us a guide lu foggy weatln r, their cry being heard for nearly a mile to lneward. (>n our return home, w e came wing and wing, and, of course, hud a dance. Alter numerous songs, puns, conundrum-, \ c , we hauled close, and came up shaking in the wind, alongside of the duck, in ly ; the column advanced with music ahead, all h .tide singing mid jumping. Papas, mamma.-, I dueami .1', gnu ted us with a hearty welcome, while our excellent host provided a meal in place ot our tea, to wiuch, of course, we did justice. i-uch, Mi. F.ditor, is a suniple of the sports of this retreat; something of the kind ia constantly being mooted, and always encouraged by the ladies. 1 he evening i- generally passed in duncin" or playing names <t blind man'.--bull, fox and geese, or lome such country life. In all these games, several ladies w hom i have not mentioned, join, and appmently en oy themselves, among whom are Mrs. C. and M,s IV, Mrs. M. and her charming daughter, of Albany; Mrs I), and hei witty sister, of Chicago; Mrs. M , Mrs. V.^and many others front New- York. Your paper is tr great demnnd, und the tiltcMi copies that are daily received, are read etch about as itiany times Your various eorresiaindence from all the resorti of upper-tendoin. )'Mas-aere Place" included, ha> induced me to claim space for the above, which, although lacking in ninth or brevity, is true to the letter. To*. Pavilion, Rockawat, July 31, 1849. Tit f'/'per 7'm at ll'kairuy?Featt of Horntttan.ih ip?Supptri and Chnltra. We have had a company of Astor House dome, and f> rformtng other f> .11? equally asteuiah ing lo th<* gaping rustics. Like Plato's student ? "Astlo-J passed the iraiini; thni'if. With matehlr** '??? Uiry*d the thong; The Idiot wonder thru el pressed Was praise. and transport to thoir breast." Thing* went on very well, no one disputing th? 11 right ol any prisons to amuse themselves at they toil ht ;io|>rr, 00 long ua tliey krpt within the hnnnda of common propriety. The othei nuht, however, the party above alluded to, man) of litem having taken roontn at staratoga, a de> aerndant "I I AMor tot tip t linal and pnrt 1 tip rapper. The retellrra g ive looae rein to their ap. p'tttea, and the tnhlta having been furnished with all the luxuries of the ir.sun, atumtl and vgrt*. jile, ?olid it tit I liquid, the p.. rtteipMita were soon in a a'ate to dt-criminate but imperfectly between prnd'nre and indiscrrtion, and the conaequence w s a Mttfeii, iudtrcre. t at all times, hut part on la'I. dangerous at present, a? was proven by th? result ot line affair. A number of the comp tnj wi e aei/i d next with a malady much rceem Ming rholera. They were greatly Hlarmed, hu no fatal results hat? aa vet ensued from the im prud'nt courrnandt; ing. hut a lesson haa been ad rn n otrnd. which, it Mto he hop. d, will last to tha teiiat n, at least. . I vtran Statics lloTttt., ) Sahai ua Sent.von, July iW, IHfS. J 7V Sutton Ptogrrutt at Saratoga?DaU?#bo Ha* !? Pi r/<aratiuiit for tht Fum y thru Ball. Thingsare progressing merrily enough here at thi present writing All the best rooms in this houai are taken, and indeed there are but few of an; kind vacant, while the Messrs. Marvin have beet oblurrd to procure quite a number of atiita ol apart menta in the adjoining private house*, to accom modite families who ware anxious to procure par lora and sleeping rooma together. Old Sura tog hrgina to look like herself once ntorr. There ar at present a vrry Urge number ol private equipage here, and the road from the Springe to Saratog Lake, ia alive with h \nd??nie turn-outs, every al trrnonn. nrnl 'me dmne ra lit tin I,ike Mouse hav become quite the rage. Wo had a ball last night, when the new an plrndid dancing saloon was thrown open, and b< came the scene of gayety and pleasure. It i? in deed a grand ball room, being one hundred an five feet in length, lorty-live feet in breadth, an twenty three leet high. It ia lighted hy two super chan?!< lifts, and a soflicient nuinl?er of aide light to illuminate the room. The floor ia all that could r> deatred?the dress tug* rooms are at the lower t ad i the r<* in, on either vide ot a mil which leads froi the gr.oi ! "iloon to the nnrway They ar furnehad in *t)le, and hive cferv coot no nee which Mppmpr n.irly In longs to suon ro suit A balcony extend*, mi itnrr side, ihe ?n'tte l-ng' of the or w building, sud affords t>u opportunity tu E NE jy a pleasant promenade. Tho room was not filled last evening, but there wtre a goodly nuiubar present, perhaps two hundred at one urnr, und three hundred in the course of the evening. The htdie* were dieted in excellent taste?white predomtt dating. There wt re qiuto a uuiuber ol white muslin diesaes, with uuiacrou* tucks, extending from the bottom ol' the skirt to uear the hips. Head " dresses were lew, two or three of tho ladies only appearing with pearl and gold ornaments intor, w oven witli their hair; quits u number, however, woie biniple bunches of (lowers, gracelully arrayed, aud moie thun compensating Te.r the absence of more costly ornaments. . The Mioses blidell of B.ilJ untore, wt re great favorites They are interesting 1 lathee, got>d company nnd intelligent, of rather , dark connexion, with hlsck hair and eyes. They dressed in simple white, with but few ornaments. > Mis. Te lihaiu wo> present, as was also her hus1 band. Mrs. l'e li. graced every circle in which I she appeared. t*he wusdrcsst d in white and pink, ol beautiful material, evidently manufactured for a aretes pattern. Her hair was* laid up neatly but cimply, and needed no urtilieial decoration. Her company was much sought dining the whole eveniiig. lier sister, Miss Schmidt, w is also pieaent; us was Mus Forbes, Miss McCarthy, Miss Film tearing. Miss Gatchcl, und Miss Carroll, of lialiiniore; Mrs. Uedtord, wile of Jir. Bedford, and niece; Mrs, Chadwtck, of South Carolina. Mrs. Kuth ol Philadelphia wus present, but did not join I in the dance; her society however was, as it alwajs is, much sought. She never fails to bring atound her a host of friends. ller conversational talent is admired by all who can appreciate it; and whether she appears in the drawing room, ?r joins in the ptottif nade, or visits the scenes 1 ot gayer fcttivittes, shs is always sought out by a latge nnmher ot admiring friends. Hut to rt turn to tils bull. I cannot recount all nor nearly all oi the names ot the ladies who engaged in the 0. nee: suffice it to say, that all were handsomely attired. Dresses ot the prevalent style were cut with whole waists, moderairly low in the ueck. The ball continued in lull tiguie till a little past midnight, when many of the ladies retired. A number of dancers, however, remained till long after that hour, and two o'clock did not find the " hull deserted." Cieat preparations are making for the gnnd fancy dress ball, which is to come off on the 17th of August. It will, no doubt, be a grand aliair; and, in addition to the usual inducements held out to New Vorkers to come on, 1 ant told that an extra tiain of cats will be run, if necessary, so that those who wish, may leave New Vork tu the morning, urrive here in time for the hall, and return the next motninp, in time for the day boats down the river. A foot race came off, at the race course here, yesterday afternoon, for a purse of 500 dollars; the conditions being, that ten and a half miles must be accomplished in one hour. There were thrte competitors: Jackson, the Amencan deer; Uojd, a Canadian; und Jean Antony, an hidiui). The iwo last withdrew almost directly after the commencement, and the ground was left to Jackson alone. He ran the whole distance, but lost the purse by something like 80 seconds only. Having come so near to winning, the picprietsr of the track remunerated htm handsomely. The wind wublngh, and the truck heavy, and not preputed tor the race. A bet ot $500 has just been made that Jackson will run IQf miles in ?n hour. This race is to come off on Friday next. Meantime, Jackson will train constantly, and the track will be duly prepared. The running man is quite a lion here at present, and when he coines into the bar room of the hotel, is immediately surrounded by an anxious crowd, all eagar to look at bint?some out of mere idle curiosity, others to talk with him, und see if they can gather anything ft tun his conversation, which will enable thein to calculate upon the probabilities of bis success. It is tissught that n good deal ot money will be lost on the result of the coming race. comgkii-s Halt., Saratoga Springs, > July 28, Iff 19. J The Juist of the Mohirane?The S/ring and the In. diane?'JYaeel on F^rt? Railroad*?II title, <J-c. i have felt disinclined for corres|>ondence of all j sorts for severul days. That fwculiar rsnui which | one at times experiences on shipbsard came over me some two weekn ago, und 1 could do nothing 1 with scat or alacrity. Under these depressing in! flurnccs I strolled one day into a shop where is kept the "Tillage circulating library," and the first thing my cyea rested upon was a row of well ; thumbed und dirty Toluines, entitled " Nereis and | Tales." Mechanically I took down the first that presented itself, and opening it read? "Thb Last of tub Mohicans." i Upon the instant a llood of bygone reminiscences came over me. My spirits took a bound backwatd nearly a quarter of a century, to the time when I first devoured ths pages of this very work, and for a ! v* mmmtmfa rt mmmi as if I Im Rtiiraa my vnuth. Cnreleoslv, hut with a heightened interest, 1 turned over the leaves until ray eye lighted upon the page describing a scene that took place at | these, now celebrated. Springs. Premising that the scene is laid in 1757, and that the company ioiimM- of the two Mohicans the wout iVivtd, 1 lev ward und the young ladies, Cora and Alice, 1 will transcribe a? follows. It is the scout who , speaks:? 1 "'It struck ma tt.o Mingoaa mull push for this 1 spring, for tha knavss well know tha nature of its wi' tsr? 1 Is It. th?n, so famous ?' demanded llsy ward, aiai mining with a curl'iiis eye tha secluded dell, with lis i bubbling fountain, surrounded. as It was, by earth of a deep dingy brown | ' 'lew red skins who travel south itnd as.toftha gr< at lakes, but hare heard of its qualities. Will you tasla for y< ursalf V " lleyrmrd took tha gourd and after swallowing a little of the water lbn-w it aeija with riolent griiuacasof di content 1 be ra< ut laughed in his siicut. but beartf< it n ann< r. and sbook bis brad witb vast satisfaction, as be rnnttnu* d? ' "'Ah' >i u want the tlaror that one gats by habit. 1 ha time was whan I liked it as little as yourself but I bare coma to my taata. au<l I now crave it as a dvar does tba licks. Vour high spioad winas are not brtt< r liked tfcan a red skin leliehe* this water; especially whan his natur is a ling but I nrai has made bis tire, and it is time wa think ol eating, for our jouruey is lung | and all before us.' " W hen this neeee-ary and happily grateful duty bad n | erii rnu d. eseh t i ?> l?r> i? r* ?' " ped and took a I long and parting draught at that solitary and sileat I ?| ring around which and its si-ter fouutains wllbin ftty y<trs. tba wealth, hsauty and taieuta of a heini* , sphere ware to ae>i mbie In such throngs, in pursuit of hialth and pleasure " I shut the book, Hntl, paying in advance the custi ii'Hty slips lid fur ita perusal, I h tsirned buck to my hotel. I was st un deep in the Volume. Pre* st titly a new idea possessed me. I determined to visit the difl'fifiit localities described in the work, ard (titer, if possible, into the palliation of the whole stoty, und thus put my cursed eunwr to ft iiht. 1 resolved to do this cost iwat. I would stop at r.a (Hshlotiabie hoiiac, nor he accompanied by tiny fashionable fnend. (would take my gun end a guide, and strike off on a pedestrian tour. 1 hruiigh the kind atti ntion of Mr. t'harles A. I>arliogr, at present the ptincipu! conductor upon the "Miatoge und W'hitdiall Kiuliuad, to whom every ttaveller feels under obligations, for a uniform and r couiteous civility, which doea so much to relieve the iinnleHs nlui rs oi mere tlaVeiiinir. 1 rni bird t? nmik out n churl of uiv intended w.indrrii.a*, iind Ix'tldrr. i??i*i with sullicieiit loc.iT ljnatiori to make everything clear beiore t s'.hiiiijr Inciting <>|| with the celebrated tuinisrn in, Mike I belli*, we struck straight tor the greens wood. 'n the second day, we wrre on the shore of the I lot) l.ake ; and on the third, had passed r into the old quarter- of Montcalm. y My idwnturei ri iglit eke out a r< m.mre, but are not jtiM the thing lor a daily journal. You shall have them all, how ever, the next tune we ait down together at*, with, I trust, your aminhle and accomplished lady for a listener. Suffice it to Fay, that, after* lapse oijllat one Week, with a long beard and *oil?d garment*, mud stained and travel * worn, but hi great bodily healtn, with a stout r hcNit. nnd mote romance in nty feeling* ihan I ? I have h'.id Since Julia refused lit'*, on this Very # | colonnade be.e at t'ongie** Hall, I struck the I railway about five mile* this *ide o| Whitehall, * nist a* the down train wm passing My friend, Mr. Vackenp'laer, the superintendent of the road, and under w noae auspice*, he it *pok*'n, the en* . tire nieii*gi ntent stand* out in striking contrast '* W ith that of the line Moulh of Saratoga, happened to be on hoaid the car*, and, catching sight of uie. most generously ordered a hall, and Mike and I . were forthwith taken on board. You have on idea how the tratno ha* revived me. Knnvi all gone, ' appetite excellent, and spirit* good, while thet)>u^ gi?s* wsler (a good test) tust' * heller ever. 4 The houses here are well filled With |>erminent " visiter* fa "(Nd ( oiigre**" there are yet a few ' n i m* ; but I presume thi* week will till the house. n Hy the way, it i? ?<>iiir-lim>? a iiiaivil to me th it r tin ii and wnmfi, who really hate n doe regard tn einlort, will be tntirfn d ti> pal enld dinner*, nr ofit-pf r, no dinner* al all, at ih- Miata*," where ^ dxK'i nif' it and utiirot hie undergone to perfection, ,r ?luti ilia? (an enjoy f eery lumry, tret f comfort, W JC [ORNING EDITION?SAT and every kind of good cheer, at this tno?t excellent and most orderly house. By heavens, 1 am in earnest. 1 can aflbrd to praise or hlaine according to the truth, and J take it that it in the truth you want. Therefore, 1 solemnly declare that 1 believe I ongress Hall to he the beat ordered establishment, in itn rooms, and in imbeds?in it* ground a, Hnd in its promenades? in its ruinine, anil in its table?in its wine vault. and in its host?that I have ever frequented,out of our principal cities, whether in Eurtqie, Asit, Afiica, America (or California), and 1 have voyaged over the whole five. Shahdt. Sakatooa JSi'kinus, July 30, 18-19, llumbtes about Saratoga?11, ib i of the Hotel?Daneing (SitU?Tunj'eiunre !Art art Ext raord ieeary? (tumbling?Myetnioue I Auly ? Foreign Artiste and Unit I sidy b fundi?Uluttimy?Plwked Pigrovu, \c. fyc. I dan't know from what particular locality I ou ght to data my letter; the fact being, that it ta only a transcript of running notea? mere memoranda? that 1 have taken, here and there, aa 1 have chanced to nutt with incidents worthy of remembrance. You must know tlia' I live at the Uuited States Hotel, because 1 always like to be where fortune, as well as folly, moat abounds. I came here at the commencement of the season, and have been a careful observer of passing events, ever since my arrival. 1 have enjoyed, hugely, many things that, of necessity, must have escaped the notice of your regular correspondents, or reporters, who are only here occasionally, and hence, cannot always discover the causes for results which they may witness. 1 don't know that my letter will be worth a place in the columus of the litriihJ; if not, why just make the most convenient dis|>o&ition of it, and take the will for the deed. I am a participant in, or, at least, a spectator of, all the scenes which I shall mention. JSince the new restaurant at the hotel has been finished, private dinners are given there daily.? These are nice Utile affair*, gotten up with the strictest regard to selectneas and exclusiveness, and are not generally made known to any except the invited. Une of these private dinners was given, the other day, by Mr. Slidell, late Minister to Mexico. His lady is u brilliant woman, and h is been a favorite here ever since she Hist arrived. The Slidell dinner was all that its projector could have desired. Next on the tapis, was a private dinner, given by Mr. J. James to Mrs Little. This, also, passed oil well. The prevalent sentiment serins to be, in relation to these dinners in the club-house, that they will tend towards the destruction of getierul society, by producing and encouraging cliques; mid hence the Lake llouse is, after all, the most oopiilsr place for giving party dinners and game breskfitfts. As far as the proprietors of the United States Hotel are concerned, they are deserving of all credit for the handsome style in which they keep up their restaurant. It is, indeed, a great convenience. Persons are sometimes too late for a meal, or do not want to endure the formalities of the dinner table. If so, they con enjoy all the luxuries that the house affords, and, at the same time, be perfectly alone, or in company with select friends. As a matter of convenience, then, this UUUIUUII ill uir Iiviri is wrii uinur. Among the belles at the United States, are Miss Jaudi n and Misa lirdfotd, of your city, the latter tin excellent singer. Mrs. Miller, wife of the proprietor of the yacht Syren, is, in appearance, a superb woman. Miss fearing, of New Yoth, is a ci.iitatrice ; Miss Messerole, also of your city, is ndmired as a worthy representative of the " Lady Cay" school. She is exceedingly fond of ruling on horseback, and is ae fearless in the saddle as the most accomplish! il euuestrian. Miss Liutou, of Natchez, Miss , is the l>i Vernou of Saratoga. Amongst the rest of the ladies who attract particular attention, are Miss < rroesbei k, of (>hiv, remarkable for her beauty ; Miss Gardiner, of Washington ; Mrs. Deacon, of Boston, and Miss Mercer, of Louisiana, \\ hose father is reputed to be worth (.100,000 per annum. Sutracco has a dancing academy onen here now, and the latest steps and figures are taught by six beautiful gills j a seventh has just arrived iu town, and n ude h< r first appearance driving a pair of bolstailbays on the race course, a U I.Ja Mjntr? It is needless to say, that the fair tutresses have no luck Ct willing pupil.-, who have become apt scholars in the shortsst time. We had a t? mperance lecture in the bar room at 1 o'cloc k. A M , a day or two since. The lecturer was decidedly *" tight,'' and won laurels by su beautifully illustrating the work of the thief thHt"men put into their mouths, to steal aw ay tin ir brains " The lecture Whs received with rapturous applame. Several serenades have been givwn jatelv, and have in almost evtry instance been claimed by at lesst ? doz? n lair inmates of the hotel. This results ftoni the shape of the house, which is, us you know, a h< llow HipiHre. Quite a number of these sen nadrs liave been given, or are yet to come otf, for the laudable purpose of getting up a little good natured cap-pulling _ It has been bulletined here that the Rockaway exclusives are to arrive on Tuesday. Tliey will hnrdly he able to carry Mtraioga. We have a num her of Well stieet bank presidents anAcnsliiers al the United Mates. They find recreation and aeerr to be pretty well content 1 line is a great deal of gambling going on at tin hells, where they keep it up ull night. Them is ? re|airt abroad concerning a fight which c.une of between a gambler anil a New Yorker at daylight in one of these delectable establishment*. '1 here are more private equipages here at present than Iihve i ver been at any one tiue. A race i-t tc come cfTin about ten days, between Mr f'urdy'i liorsc end Mr. Austen's, for(VK) u side. A grinds< n of .loliii Jacob Astor has six horses, and splendid Itbidl *. A n ysterioua lady lis* made her nppeamnce at a prlvhte house, near the Pavilion Spring. Who can sfie be ? It has bet n whispered about that a due nnpht grow out of some nn?uiider*iitudiiiir which f ..s lalt ly arisen between two bloods; jealousy?a belle- and so on. Among the distinguished arrivals is " Lord Gordon," who hi.* been spily styled the Yorick of th? spoiling lire lis and fashionable clubs of New Yoik. It is said that " Lord George looks pale." 1 'lofrator Moore, of bnlumbis College, is here ; as is also Mr. Meiedith, who has one of the beauti' Put r-ttlo.irt-t. in llie itroniiils ol the 1 'nited Slut. . liotel A Hindtrinf pianist is here, with h Isdy friend in hie cijiI diar/fe. A gentleman with wlium I wa* converting, this morning, at breakfast, said, " it la a ruinous tact in American morale, that fashionable singers Mml performers travel all overth* I nit> d Stub a w nh tli? ir lidy friends, put up at the error bol)h,iVc., without iha least inu^ntto or reruuik, when the Iraat trivial iatlracration of AmeriCHtia annihilates them Irom thr hrau monrfr " I <N IIId not hill l?a ? Olivine ??! of the truth o| my fiend's observation. It %*mild not be surprising if people war* to sicken and die fr< in tha eflecte of imprudent rating *11 d rliinkin^r. Inditcrelions of iha table ara oh l ivable on every side. They prevail to an enormous extent, notwithstanding tha cholera exritr. mint. I yesbiday nw a fat woman, itijr tbs-ri-ria ni dinner, aat thiaa kinds of pic, and a dish of ire cteam, after hating already draputched a hearty niaal I man lion this not that it is a singular in tnnra. It in not to. Huch thine* ara ot ordinary occurrence, and may ba seen at every meal Thr truth ir lharaftira manifest, that there is no healthiar plat e than Saratoga to ha found. Thr favorite amust meat of the morning, thit season, is ten-pins It la a splendid rxarciaa fm ma display oi fine forms, bringing into play all tha mutch s, and impartine to Iha rhraks a roseate hue tar ptafrralda to tha French artificial tint so much tin d by our /hi* 1 was shown a youth this mornine who hor? upon his visage 'ha marks ot lain hard usage. Nc wonder, pom fellow ' tic dropped $1.'**' in on* of the halln Ust night, ami the amount will probably lie deducted from his year's allowance (Soardiatis and indulgent parents may as wall ha infiitned that shaiks abound hereabout, and they love dearly to pluck any unwary pigeon that may chance to fall in their way t ?na young fellou 1* fi h?ra in disgust, chi atrrl, as he said, by a double box, out ol $2 6i?0 Afld 1 have been told of another who, during the season, has got rid of abou $7,tit 0. 1 tins we go. Fire hi ba^iUtlU ' ScAi.rxr.. [C<mppi>i)dfiif?ol il? N O fWunu ] l.tfa at lha rlrhamaaa Sfringa f.Jrtliag h'nat Kara J Hatla ly'rrlaing MnnS I'nnra haltraan I ha Hrtita am mia , } IV l>v< Tha Ht 14a i 7V?? Sntar?Tha Hiula |IW ?? <fa ?? ?< > v Tha (iama nj Hahda fr Hut 8ni?i.> ( \?a ) July 10 1840 Ihrnhni fc?r?l?n ?.?? and ?ho?|ff Ha?? wrtitai yru Uforn hut nothing of mtirh IbImMI h?? trana jopterilnj mil that ??? nn? of Mm dip IIIM foot raro im off 4i>tnw riiti jirdi 1 In* to?nrlt?-" r>M0?? h?f?- and oil tho " m o?" tupjio??d him iiiMuo bia, hl? rimpoiltor ova i ttTti'gi r" from tfc# If dlan i>aM< n and h~ ?ni ti.t? il l? h?r?." or nmrly ??: but. h? haekod hlm-.l |?*Wj Pki?tly hrfora the tins* of tartiof. th >RK H UUDAT, AUGUST 4, 1849. . I lauirn ithhi H. PUD* meuiscivca OB III* track The [ ' stranger" bad but two frh-ud* among tbern but they , bet on him pretty freely Tbe lu?t bet I saw made, wa* a bounet against a pair of shoes and a tianiker- . chief 1 held tbe stake* a* I wa* one of the judges. 1 To the astonishment of a large majority of the spectatori. tbe " at ranger" won lite race, tenting Ilia oppounit thirty indie* 1 bare since learned that he beata l all Irdiaua iu tbe nation with ea-e. ami I aui satis'led I , never saw two men pa-e me a- fast a? these did. ualwi they wi re on the railroad behind a Drat-rate loeutnotire. At ally candlelight a wedding came off at tba lower ead of the valley, dn-tant from our hotel or cabin half a utile, This " match" wa* also made io a hutry The duy previous. wa* the first time tbe partie* had ever epoken to each other. The ceremony all over, we started for the ball I poi.ii found thin one of the thing* that you read about " First. we had a red theu all rat down to a sumptuous supper Among the many dishes were roast beef chicken pie. ham and egg*, to I took a cup ol tea and tbe servant banded me a turn| bier of milk, a* ! thought to drink, httl It wa* to put In | my tea I drank it and *oob discovered I had made a ; git at blunder, a* a u umber of the lidic* were laughing | at me Nupper over the dancing commenced again IU I | good rarneet. About 11 o'clock the question was ( ; a.-ked V\ ho I* the best daucer among the gai* ?" (In* I wild. " Ml** Ztllopha Moll ;" another *ung out, " Mi.*?

| l)li ah 1'." Soon a trial dance wa* net. I'hen a little i | dispute arose a* te what tune tliey i-hould dauoe by ( I Mir* P wanted " lioartiig Itiver." or " The Arkansas i Traveller;" Mia* Mcl) " i'bcprettiest girl in the coun- ' try. oh ? 'er " VVhar did you come from?" It wa* i agreed to dauoe the four piece*, and they led off ( Willi "Roaring Itiver," and eloeed with the ' Arkan.-a* Traveller." After dancing about ten uii- 1 nu'ii VK* McD I topped all of a i-uJdcn. and fa i ; ( I out 'Stop the mucin ' The lnucio atopped Ml** , | Mcli then took hi r shoe* oil aud handed them to her brother to hold In a moment she gave the order? " .Vlusiciaiieer* go ahead and the mucio wa* recom- \ un need 'I he time required to dance the match was , forty-five minutes It wa* " a close lit;" but I think Mi** P a little the best at the double shuttle " Mr. 1 McD lot lod on In silence during the whole perform- 1 Ones. A\ hen the dance closed, he shouted out', " lien- , tlcuicu I It be d d if there is any u-e of talking ; if I bad giv' /illepha a whiskey cocktail b-fore *li* I started stu'd have In at that gal-0 bad she uever would i have trh d /Mil ngain " ( Since writing the above I learn that twe or three wag- . gisli ft Unas have been to the bridegroom till* tuorniug and inturuud biin that bis wife ha* a twin sister; that 1 tiny arc so much alike it is difficult to tell them apart, , and that he had married ths wroug one. The poor fei low. withsut paying anything to hi* wife, went directly 1 to the magistrate and wished liiui to " undo what h* i bad done, and luai ry him to the right gal " The worthy squire tolJ him that it he had known this la?t evenj lug he would bate fixed it right; but too much time ' ! Lad elapsed and it wa* too late 1 'I hi re are two billiard table* here; both do a pretty j good business through the day. and on one they play rondo" at night Mr K-?- ? and Billv keep the I game ; It? keep* rondo" side and'lilly keep* f ] "coolo." W ben the better* are all down on rondo." . R slug* out. " t ome down on the outside " Billy says, in a low voir*, ' I have got five dollar* " K ' say*, "< nine down ; you can talk about your California i but bet on "coolo," and yon have a sure thing ; ills better than ttudiug monuy in the street ; f ir here tlier* can be no dispute ; hut If you rind It in the street some 1 man might come along and claim it but here you have the thing certaiu Bill why the d 1 don't you talk , to them tu French* I wish I could talk French. but I can't go French rapt. I* , will you make tin-game? j It's a sure thing this time " " Mr K saysUapt. C how much do you lack of having the game made?" "Captain I want fifteen dollars " Well. Mr. )< " says the I aptutn. " 1 make the gatne." It then sings out. " Roll' the game is mails. " The roll is uiude aud "rondo" Is the result ! < apt C.. much ?iclted. says, " R- , d nit, you coaxed me Into that " R replies, " Well, you came very near " I J"" wnuie oU'' OWI1 BIOl OUgUV to pi?ti?fy any gentleman." Should thin be acceptable to you I will writ* again Youth, wo ever The Denbjr Defalcation. The Richmond (Va.) 'l\nim, ol the 1st instant, i npt-ukinu ot the defalcation of Mr llenbjr, late U. I ! *. Naval Agent, in the miiii of|i; VS.508 t"<, s.ivs:? j j As we beard the story. the navy agency to which Mr. ' Denby wsa appointed, hss no salary attach* I to it, but instead of a Mtlary. $100 090. without interest, is placed in his hands annually He gives security in a bond ot | $2li0,000, to account for all the funds thus furnished bim and is allowed to secure remuneration for his ser- 1 vires by employing the money to tils own ad vantage, subject to a requirement that the demands inade upon him tor government di-hurseuients shall always be promptly let. It appears that in con-ideratiou uf Osborne's proeuiing securities on Denhy's bond, which were satisfactory to the Navy department Panby agreed that Oa borne should receive the money, and apply it to hit ! own use. until it should be called for whether all or I what part ot it. we have not learned Osborne, we understand contends that this agreement was a mer* husiuess transaction and that If he failed to bav* tha nu hey fottboi Ditug when it was called f< r It was only a misfortune such as all men engaged in speculation are liable to Me do not know how much niouey Denby actually received, or to wbat extent if any. he I* a delaultrr. over and above the amount due by Osborne 'i be tact that lb* Navy Agent was regularly permitted to use the funds committed to his charge, certainly relieves Iho rase of the a-p*ot of emhesileraent which is g< m rnlly incident to official defalcations, but it is impossible to justify such a concerte d arrangement as that which we described, to get possession of a large por| tie n of lhe* public funds ami apply iheiu to speculating i cpriations, on a theatre separated by the wide Atlantic from the place i f their disbursement Nor do we think that this compon 11 ling of executive favor on the one hand, w ith the ability to procure acceptable secuiitles | on tlie other, can lull to meet the stern reprobation of the public. W e cannot suppose that the late Secretary it the Navy had any knowle lgeof the objects to which ' I it was desisne d to apply the funds he paid out for Mr. ' I Denby, but h? nod the adiuiui-lralioD with which hs l viae associate d are uui|uestl mably open tu the imputa' tion of couBding Impoitant public tru-ts with too littls 1 : cnutton tu their political fnssdi; fut w? ueed baniiy mention that Mr Denby aud Mr. Usborn* areb-?tb det mortals There ts one remark, which we cannot forbear to . make in view uf lids extraordinary business, Mr (tsj home's total insolvency, if not his peculiar obligations to Mr Denby was of course known to the leaning men > ol business In tills oily otsny months ago and before I i tlie no cling ol the stockholders of ths lames IIIvorsnd , 1 Kanawha ( in puny In May last I'hat tberw Could I have been a ui mbiuatlon of Interests under such eiri snaislaaces. etroi g eueugb to make bis election to ths l preridiiry of that company not only possible, but almost inevitable, and that, too, after the company's r< cat etpenenre ol ibe misfortune or having an erabariesiod preside at is Uli<|U< rtionably one *f Hi* atrat govt tilings tbat ever ireurred in Virginia 'I he lollowipg Irllrr, fiotli Mr. Onbtrtiie, WIS published in ilie lliclimond Ifhi/i, <>l the I-t in-t , trlnlivt to lie implication in the all air s? llo MMMl0 ' ! hI I uly. 1*49 ( rati i sis-"The statements you make in your p*p*r of this tr< rnlrg esll for a lew r? marks from ine which I now tran?mll. snd ask the favor of you to insert ia yonr columns to morrow \\ . thout ntering at this tlrae into a minute account | of how I bernme interested with Mr Deaby, or luy subri qui * t transactions with Iniu permit in* ta say. | y u do nie wr rg when you state I am a defaulter to the government I am no more a de'aultrr than you are It Is ttue I am one of Mr Denhy's securities, aud, when his account Is Anally settled ui?v b c xu* as Vr D< i,by s security a debtee to the government, but I until that lino arrives atol the exact facta am ascertained. I ought. I think to be spared this Imputation It le also true I avti d a- ag'-nt for Mr Dcuhy in this ei utitry. and as such r< ceived and disbursed large ano outs ter him. These moneys I received as bit l agi nt i ay Ing Interest for th< ai and C"U?*qrr*Dlly at i w old be intern d ftotn Ibis circumstance and also by etorcss understanding had the rr-e ot the funds until rnl'4 for. All llie?e Iund* ?> r? In the htmli of rtrlnui I no ^ian ?nd Am>lli iin h ioe?. and. in "n?rt|iiroea of ILeit lalure* my Inr'en worn mi gnat * <? Inrmra ?I wh> Ir mlitp In ruin anil liar# mi de?'tt?ta I lia no nient I a ore Maine,) my fata waa Inrrltahle I rrmttti d l ark v.'n.o, 0 ail the fund* I hail and wbirh I aould rnbiml. to the If may l?i| ? tim nl which I |>r?Mime. Iim Kirn audited. ami h*?? re-ertod and el all | ay to II,a prop, r | arty out of my aa*?t? tlia asn.i |mb tele auioiinl I am at la to pay to my otbrr in-diMr* 'I III* i? all I ran do u,,? th u.-li I ila not d? | air ,f my lifr la prolonged to dl?har|i- III my IndiMidaoi I a<imit It la an unfortunate affair, but (iii? a Inch I m ithi r anticipated nor a< Old prr?,-nt but I have yrt tn arc* r'atu tlal tli-ra *?a- In there tra,Martins* any Impropriety I hate submitted all my document* to li i-?l- and npp,tj? nt*. and a-, ready t > nihil,it tin m ti any tiibnnal alih a perfeol ronbdrnra ray Integrity can in no wi?e bo, Impugned by bonnt ( i j mum* ? It r< n air:a yet to h? ooi wheth, r th' gentleman ymi allude In alien brought to the teat will deny the an tliorily <1 hia rig nature by Mi attorney i may hare, j l.oaaier, nut,1 to ray her, after on thl< *uhje><t It la, hoar tor now a matter of le-? niotnt nl, he. too baring long air,re become tnenleent Itinit wie In ?ay. .nidge Va?< n la In no wlaa Itnpllratid in lb, re matter'. If yos will en,|iitie at tha grn|x r derailment yon ai|| 11 od Ibe warrant* leaned la the tit ua I a ay and a* I,a* b en tlia usage of the governon nt at all tin e? 1 on are wrong al-o in your flgnrr*. an far aa I am eon Mined. > our obedient -errant. CHAKLI It K (iffffflRNK Twarit wmtWnr -Ownnarto the prevalence of cholera in the fill'a of New Yolk and I'lnl nlrl- I (Ilia, a lalgr l-erl of the Western tr.ule hi* l>enn, lot the titnr, divnifd to line city; and in ron?e- j Mietice, while other railroad* are finding large d?MirKri in their receipt* ihrwiigh ihe unexampled dblnenn of the aearon, the Western Ha'lntad, t nu'ad by line increased trnfTir- via the lake*, la d i, n, h I, at Mllert, .1 We on,I, r^tand lhal sever.<1 ih? chm-o of It not a and ahors have within a lirrntfr-iiHtchrtl to Lout a auii otltT ( M > tun citifa, and that altrofiv n Ur^e number of Wratrrn tn? rehnnta have rear neti thiantjr, with i a ?ipw of making their tail purrhaaea.? i lYarrllrr, A+ftytf 2. I A meeting of Ilia plllfna of Montreal, f a . on tha ' r.Cith olt. i.m.ItmI In In-trnrl tha corporation nl that ' pit| to rtiWrlbe t'lJf. ikw? to tha atoctt of the St !.??r*?rt> and AUanila JtnUoad. [ERA The Crops In (he United States. There h no subject, perhaps, of more Interest to the general render, as veil as to commercial and agricultural uien, than the state of the crops throughout the country A careful observer will eery prebaWy come t* the conrluricB that an average grain crop will be made, notwithstanding the loml complaint* which reach us from some of the northwestern State*; and that conclusion U a natural oue, for the intelligence from nearly every other portion of the country is cheerlog. In Ohio, a combination of causes hare operated to destroy tbe wheat cl-op, and throughout the whole State, except a few districts, that grain bits entirely failed In early spring the accounts were tavorable, and errry prospect indicated a large yield; but the tly | and army worm, tbe latter of which is hardly known ! ou the Atlantic board, commenoed their depredations, and, until the jointing of the stalk, prosed Tory destructive. There was still a hope that much of it would recover, but the close and damp wentber of June paused the appearauce of tbe rust, which at once put an end to all hope or expectation. The soil of Ohio is not well adapted to the growth of wheat; being of a slay loam, is subject to be destroyed by freeilng out, ! ?ven should that early sowed escape the fly la the fall; 1 sml every succeeding yuar but adds to the uncertainty | if (he crop. Many of the Ohio farmers hare abandon* j ed the cultivation of wheat, and turned their atten* j (Ion to the cultivation of tobacco aud corn, both of | which crop*, for the present season, proiume aa abun- ! laut yield. There are yet hut few manufacturing es* ' taMhliments in this State, and the whole altentieu of ! (he people liaa been directed to the products of the j loll. There Is ouo thInn. however, which begins to en- ' (age the attention of the farmers, vis ; the raising of iheep for wool, which at present promises to be one of the greatest resources. There have been but few publications relative to the success of the effort, hut what Itave been wade are most satisfactory. In two counties alone, Greene aud Summit, the returns already published show a product of more than fiOOOOO pounds' j :>1 the last spring shearing. If two oountius are so pro- | luetlve, there is a probability that the whole State will i (his year produce as much wool as eoy other of the Union. The fact is well known to all farmers, that uo itock is so destructive to the soil as sheep; while at .he same time, they will subsist nearly as well in the orest as upon the pasture, and those who have large locks find it advantageous to keep these grounds In I hay for the winter slook. and leave the eheep during i lumwer in an open wood to procure food tor themselves, j In Indiana and Illinois, the soil le very like that of : Ohio, but from the fact that it has not been so long under cultivation, may he relied upon with more cer- ! tainty of a crop, though a failure has beea the portion ofthe agriculturists this season In these, as well as [ most of the western States, the overflows of the river huve done much to iDjnre the crops. One of the most important products engaging the attention ef the agriculturists In Kentucky and Missouri is the produotiou of hemp and (tax. Of the former there is much rai-ed, snd extensive manufacturing establishments for its conversion into cloth aud cordage are already in operation. The yield of the present crop, ills said, will be vury largo. Though the flbre of the American hemp Is not so fine as that of Itussia, and its culture not brought to such a state of perfection, there is no doubt hut those States whore It is now grown and those on 1 the Mississippi where the soil is adapted to its cultivation, will yield more than a sufficiency fur the ueceen?ry consumption of the country. Of the latter, hut ' little rare has aa yot been manifested In its production, though no soil in the world is belter adapted to its growth than the newly broken lands of the western ci.untrv. Teiii-ure a successful oron it l< that the < il should be of the greatest possible richness, sud a )t|t)it Iobui Both those desirable qualities era found in the Dew land* of the West and the Max produced ih long, and of a fibre aluioet equal to silk, in delicacy and beauty of texture. In the K astern and Middle Statee, where wheat and roin are the chief products, the bar rent of the former grain baa been an abundant one, and the husbandman will receive the labor of hie hande. In no single Mate, from Maine to North b'arollna. and weetward to the Mi*?i??lppi, earn tboae above referred to. ha* the wheat crop proved a failure. The aseount* from the corn crop* are cheering, though the protracted drought of July has undoubtedly tended to Injure tio in 'J lie anticipation* of the farmer are yet buoyant Vermont. Va?-achti*elt* and New Hampshire have stiffs red Uioru than auj other dtatrs for ralu and the con sequence I* au aluioat total failure of the bay crop, not the b*n*t Important In that region In Virginia the prorpnete are most favorable A niore than average wheal crop hav bum liarve-tod and the corn and tobacco crop* promise well There I* at the present day much more grain cultivated lu Virginia tlian formerly which may beallribul d te the exbauslb u of I he land front frequent crops of tobacco, a pioduet lhat require- a greater strength of soil than almost any other '1 he western porll >3 of the Slate la stvrile and unproductive and It ie ouly iu the valley* nf the Alleglianlre lhat any rati uslvs- planting operations are carried on (lu the Itnauoke and James rivi rs, where, twsnty years ago, nothing but tobaeeo sas grown are now large held* of wheat aud corn, which have Income more eure nf a prolltanle return Noilli and Smith and I It a are from the nature of their soil he I tor adapts d to the growth ol rice and cotton than anything I>e. tliougli in the western pvt of b >th Stales sr> lamlsebleh this year have produced One crop* of win at I he middle and ea-tein sections of Noiih < aiollna are geueially groen In pointer* and rice. I be firmer of which It the ataple product, and oil r ad vires are favi table to au abundant yield Alr-e ly hair lliey appeared In in irkcl of Due flavor and gm d sire 4.l orgli having turned her attention more to mannfact tiring tiler- is very little saol about the crops except coin n which > mined Considerably by the Irosls of April, fr in which it ceni.ot recover, 1 I crop will fall far short nf an average one Alabama ai d Aiteelsstppi the principal rut!on growing State* of thai Dion, pi cestui poor prospect* of a crop Beside* the trust* of spring which destroyed lb* young plant*, the fl< Id* ' et a been mandated by the overflowing of rlvir* until an inI.cli damage has he?n done, that not half a crop will h made The plant* arc r- presrated as small and unproductive We have but llllla urea ft'm the rate flel lk nf Louisiana ar d I eta- though the crop iiiu-t b? ner.-??e-ily short fn m the very backward spring Mncli of the care. hen plaut-d pi 'V< d I o b 'b < iv 1 lutli-p'.li nnd the result wna lhat there wav an ln-ufflcieuey te stand nut for a full crop, had none of the overflow or in ?: "I spring r c-urri I In I m-lana pann-tilarl v. thr crop mil t?ll far b< low an ??. rago oar, though In 1r*a? tthrra It bat hi rn enlliyatrd bal f>ff )ntf?, thr ptoapro ra arr WiiT* farnrablr I'll* cuilllatin vf thr 'i irar rain- haa lor arrrral yram brrn trry atra-rarfolly rarrird on in Klori'la ami thli jrar th am-minta from that Stata ara mort farorablr although thn trolirtl fi nil* groan 'b*-ra lUHirnl irtnel; fr >iu t!> Illrtii >i nl thr 'firing Thr rrnpa throughout Ibo rmintry may ha nnnaid'Trd arrragr one. nrrfl in cotton atnl angar carta for In tin -a Mala* uhrro tin ahrat h?? a ?a(>nl thr lly. tutl anil army aorm thr yirlil will mora than mpply tha di lirlri.rj of tbora Statoa wlo-ra tlia rmp ha? failed; ami rhoiilil tl.r porn umpi' a dt light for two wrakg Iniifi r. thrra la ?ri-iy f>i<it>al>llltj that thn crop will ha frt) Ihtgr Thr Montrral (t a ) OmHit of thr .Hat all, fayi llartrrt i|i r|tlmia arr rommrnrrd ari l arrrral flwl'lw ol iarly win at arr bring rut. fin irrount nf thr l'?i| drought a lirat In I lilt ? elion of thr Protlurr hat bw a lin>toard at it |? nr.dor an nrrrag" MM Thr hay uar?rrt la firtt) writ forward, and a good dual of it bring arcuiid , It la a *rr> rrop (lata. Inrlrj, anil j.. a-i hati Impn t d by thr lata raint and ?nh?r j'i?ii% f dIhI arathrr Filialnra arr looking m il and wa tiara in t hoard a rlnglr noaiplaint of rot 1 hr II I.I toll Trtrflhf. of thr 1-tlntt, aa hatr | ad a glorlnut rain N finning at ahmit 4 o'rlork ,..'.-rtay all or noon nnl mniinuin/ In frntn-nt and i l.n lit > i . I hPi t:o I . I (,u lil-'h I tin Ihlfol* ndrlh dmiik up ?tth 't^irirM tkc limtni-MlBl draught, at.d >a?nra < again Tin drought h?? barn *Itnritr imI u?i t> anil pntata and p. rliapa otbrr nmpo era Itijii'id pp habit la-yond ipuu dy hromeiveral I|lilllrn *? I'lM h-anl of the MMl attendant upon any do ?iat|i?r flraa In the wooda A eorrni|ion lent at I lufitl * r N II arl'f* that tin* drought lit* l)i'?n aotrly i^tattii <1 In that tltmll) I'J n'f??lt? llrtt In thenitla In th* t?wn of W M'attalg upwarda of glUU,K <1 woilh of llU'lu-r laud baa bien burnt oyer 1 lie tlrandrlilo (til< h i fitjofthe itth nil . aaya:? A trip, tbla ?n b thn uph a portion uf iMa town and I he IiiWH uf fie in field pa?e U' an opportunity nt making yanilnm ion ami Inquiry ?< to lb? wto at prop now tili( bai ir led Although imnt fit Ida barn turnail out tilnahiy wt-ll up are aoiry to ?a> that all that pan* titular our tii.llcp. bad tiean mn li Injured by ruat A yetj retipinl inquiry of laruo-ra. tbrtigh"iit thiaenunly li>i alfettd u? ibat thr crop will tall far abort of an atftapi >li li| ftinnlar apcouola tench u? from the it ura Uliailn whant-prnwlnp pnnnty of Inna I'otau?? roro alui other rprliig prop' ham iallrr?l ft nt drnopht, but I hp lata rata" rint lu linr to holp tbrm and tbp pro-pert la now pond for a 'air prmlnnt The Mllwankln (Wla) .tpnriup/ of th# ."-Oth ultimo, raja: - Vt ? entitlr ue to rrertrp rarr JI heerlenlop aan utita of thr t'trtulta prarelenee of th- mot In when! I pw ponuttra I ata eaeapeil whila In Ihe prop la alnuwt n iv al talluri- Oof own rounty. W an'ieahn. iif?ra?n, atdValwirih aetui to hutu ? offered moat urenlp ttaplna, It OP It. tt a-hirpton. Ac . here fared h??t?t$ wbtla Pane Hbi hoypao, ana one or two othara, liava (neaped a totl untouched. Aa far aa wa ran % LP. TWO CENTS. Judge . from the fef.ort* which rwmfb at. the t*fL though ot better quality th.u last year, trill be nearly one-half in quantity. A letter to the Cofojwfut (O ) Jtturnal, of th*80th lit, from Terra llaute, (In), under datn of the 'J3d alt, says : ? f can now speak with more conlMeuoe In reepect to the wheat crop of thi.i regl- n of country, ail I regret to aay that It bat been generally destroyed, especially la the counties of I ant, Terrell, Tippecanoe, fountain. I'acke, Vigo. Warren, and VermilMoa, aac the counties south of this line to the Ohio rl vuv. tree* personal observation. lu com I or through the snuatry from Toledo to this point, a distance of lilt) mi'.ea, by the way of I.ogensport and l.atayette, an J from reliable Information derived fiom parties aloag the route, I bare uo limitation in saying. that in the oouetiae I bare named and tha count ire south of this to the OM* river theie will scarcely be a sample of good marketable wh<at. Mr Wilcox, tbe collector of Covingt<>u (who accompanied uia from that place), said, that he bail been oct in the counties of Illinois, on the west side of the Wahasb river, adjoining W arren, and that lie pa-sed some forty fleldt of wheat, not oaa of which was worth rutting In couiiug down, I passed a great many fields which bad not been cut at all; aad of those which bad been cut, tbe stacks were yet la thw field and seemed to lie of the saiae character. It la believed that if they ran gather encagh for teeil, It Is all that ran be secured in this region from tha crop of this year flour has advanced at Corington and other poluU to $-1 -6 per bbt. In the northern counties of Illinois aud Indiana, I understood tha wheat has not hern allec.ted by the rust, and they wtA have a full crop. The coru crop is abuudaut. l.'p to tbe 2(lth lilt , there had been forty succMaivh days of rain at Mobile. Alabama 1 he Wrant cvunty (Wis ) //ere/J says:?The Indention* at present are. tliat the farmers in this eeoidenad country will be amply rewarded for lb>dr labors VM only are the prospects abundant, but there has bm no drawback. In tbe shape of unfavorable weather, to injure that which will uow he of the heat quality. SihhII grain never looked better and wheat is rapidly being placid beyond the reach of every contingency. The chance tor ooru. for a while, at least, looked gloomy ; hut thanks to our climate. It Is making rapid strides toward perfection All kinds of vegetables am rapidly maturing, aud we have no doubt the expectations of all will be fully realized The I'rairie du Chcln (Wis.) Pufriel says:?The hart vest has fully commenced farmers are uow busy ia their tie Ids. aud their milling countenances, even after a hard day's labor, confirm all ibat has been said that the wheal crop and all other grains, except oora, are most promising and that a plentiful reward Is in praapect for his toll '1 h? weather has been highly fevorable for securirg hay wheat. Ac . and. with a ouuttuaam e a larger quautity and a better quality ef wheat will be cut this year in Crawford oouuty than was aver before The Boiton Juutviuf, of the 31st ult rays:?Tha orougni ii"" prevailing lu inn victim;. 1* ?I inn nvl iiii) aiallcleil severity. ami he? already preved very destructtvc to vegetation. The iirnn in lb? pastures la dry and crispy. and the feed fur tlm cattle la in reaeaqu? hit short Many of tlin milkmen have linen obliged to rui oil a portion of their customers, owing to tha icaieitj of milk. Potatoes and garden vegetable* gcnerally a III torn out very poorly, and the top* art In imii Instance* entirely cut down. Kven tha trees begin to Miller, 'i'be here* of lnauy variolic* have begun to tarn yellow and drop off. To look at mat of them one would think tha month of September bad arrived I nleee epcedy relief i? experienced in the shape of copious rains. the moat gloomy apprehendona ai e entertained for the yield of the approaching barvaat. The (Iriflln (lit.) ll*Ai>. of the X6th ult ?av* Up to thia time, there haa been more or In-w rain in this city every <lay for fifteen day * paat. Thn rata, ao far aa we cuu learn, haa been a general thing throughout the 8tate?overtlowlng luauy ot the larger water couraea. and injuring very materially In aoiue Mentions, the corn and cotton rrupa In the early part of iha season we had do rain ararroly at all and every thing bid fair for a long continued drought, but now the scale* are turned and we have wet weather In abundance. trope, aa a general thing, wa believe, look wad through ibis section. taking tutu consideration the Intn Croat. California Intelligence. Wa extract tbe following Items trout the correepomdenceof the Wasbingtou Hrvuhlir :? H.e Kmo nco, June 20, 1849. aouanxar toMMiasionrns Wa left Panama on the night <>t tha 17th ult , and reached this place on the 4th Inatant. IVa reached San Diego on the 1st instant. and landed Wellar, I niery. and their party. Being themselves to hind tbn date fixed in the treaty for tbelr meeting at San Diegn, they were greatly relieved to learn on their arrival that the Mcxiran commissioner had been equally an tardy In Ina movement*, and that no tiding* of htm were to be gleaned any where. Since our arrival here, we have learned by the Oregon that the commissioner bad railed from Maxatlan, and It I* probable that by thla lime he la lu San Diego He la <>en Oerciei ouda. of Monterey memory. About fifty dragoona under < rutx were waiting at San Diego for the commissioners, n 11 ir e-cort r inery Is in favor of commencing operatlonc on the other aide of the continent, and ooiaslder* It, I believe, almost Impracticable to do any thing on tbia ride I presume be ha* laid hi* Seasons for tlit* oplnlou before the Secretary of State. Ho in anxloti* to distinguish hi nine If. I think. In this undertaking and hi* labor* will prove a most useful eddiliem to our knowledge of that coantry. arm its or levxasiT. The measures wbleh appear the moat to Interest the ( allfornlana are the establishment of a mint, the aatabll ton ut of a eommleslon to settle the claim* of thn citlxsn* of California against the general government which were incurred during the late war with Mexico; the establishment of a commission to settle land ItUoa, and claim* under the two govtrument*. and the disposition to be made of the mineral land*, and the eetabllthnu nt ol custom houses, port* of entry p >?t oflcen and roads, and milttarr and naval noets docks. ha. In relation te the firm named eoauuiealon, I weald state tbat I bar* beard thai entry species of forgery and ra-sallty has been sommittsd to validate or Invalidate the claims <>f particular Individuals tuck aa era-leg ante dating ; and tbat It will re juira tbe closest tiannnation to get at tba truth, la relation to tbe other e> moil ?ion, It I' eel tbat sunt a tribunal will lie accessary bero to decide upon tba rnnfllctlng grant- made under the Meiican lawa. both before and-Inca tha late war. Thee* grant*, In many Inrtanccs, aro very loe? ly glren ami In other Instances tbe authority lt?ll may be '|u-<tl<>n-d. I yon thaeu vague grant* it I* contended by many here tbat wa hute tbe right to mjuat. and that we *bould be protested by pre-emption lavt All of th-ee are i|ue*tlon? lhat will Involve high point* of law. and will repair* not only the hot talent* bat the severest Integrity, aa the tin.ptatlon to -peculation and peculation will be overwhelming A knowledge of tbe Kpaui-h language, and ! Spanish law. will, of course, be oe.-es-erjr, and, In this view of the eaee It would tie well, p-rhape, ta appoint one or two of the commissioners, If the coaauii ? o u be organised by Congreaa from tbe Htate at l.ouietana It ha* been sugg?trd by ?ome tbat the Judge ot the Supreme Court, who will have hie cirealt In this territory, -hould be, m ajvia, one of ibues ooankalon?ra. eerier er rue uot n ?#<.iob I am satl-fled myvlf. end many here oonenr with ma, that tble whole country, from the heed water* of the ktriiaetito to the hio 'ilia, and on both etdea of liw Sierra Nevada. i? one grand depoelt rf gold, hut only of eufl.eivnt itel.nee* in particultr tonalities to warraat mining It bee b en discovered several miles ia the Inlvrlor from San Diego. a- also not far from l.o* tageba Ju-t baf< re our owo quarter* her*. I eaw aa Indian. < n tbe Sunday bef ,re la?t weah out from dirk which he had -craped up from the street In hie hands, titty eint* worth of gild duet In the spas* of half aa hour, blr Harrison tbe collect>r. a few day* aga, pickr d out of one r f the if-tri of th* auatoin ho***, with ti* penknife, tbe amount of fifty s-at* II# lid tbl* to a eery rht rt time for bla owu amusem-nt fk* building i* about Bfleen year* old. *1 ir Bill f ? A rich qulrkeileer inlo? hae b-ea diee e#r#d near Ann's I lane but the pe-eent < en -r, an -.ngushiaan, la unable to obtain hen I- to work It rilcU? wimi-ir'Ti. Tk? fitrtnrdlntr; <lili of tho market* la tfcta errantry ? reported In the n-w.paprr* before I lefk, till riiiU I will mention a tow duvl"t-d la ?t?i < A per on *howrd mo fow day* a hurhel of onlonn of ibo ordinary *iie for which ha |?id fW. an>l which bo wao retailing at a hhltog a |?i? ro. to aril at tbo principal h del hern la ?n p? r day. Kl p? r nock. and p-r n? >n:h S?rrant* biro for |iwi to |im por month , lahirwta from f?i to lift per day. and rueehauio* from ?1? U |.U I had a aian pointed out to ran tho othwr day. aa a li(fht wniron drlror of Meooor* Howard. .VrUu* and to, who rrc'-iroa ?'>o0 por month for driving bla wagon. whon ho furnUhe* nolthor horaa ro r a agon llouraa and lota born aro nelling awd renting at tha moot o* rbiinot prion* lino hnulnd dollar* a for a Ingle room I* tbo ordinary priow. A wooden b' ram In prifeen of emctl^a ?? pointod on! to mo. a fow day* rlnoo. by Mr Phono of Now (IrlaaiM, which I rhould ray contained about four ?mall rooi. Ilo Infernod mo that a gambler had offered to roat It ah V'i a day to f>h l?iO ra*h on bin roat and aa M?>a a* that amount nb?a|d bo abwrbod to adraae* on fho flct of rarli month tho root for that month nr. t* oihrr word* to r?nt tho hon?o at lb* rat# of IUikjii a year. It wo* rrfunod I lie botel hero, a hni*e of urttnary rlio. r? nt? at tho rato of )13l mat por annum ra* l au liter* arr tho iron of woalth la lint oountry and you find tbem, with thrir tablet, in thw greateat ahumdance, nta* T*?rn W? aro baring arrtral* hero nearly ororr wook Th* India* ?a It day* from' hjnn I bollofo that thla country wtll draw mnrh of tha < hina trado from i repo ; and ihnulil w? orar (*l a railway acrooa tn* ?oa* j tiorat, ?r rran arroo* ihn l-thinu* I beliam that wa will be ahto to roll tho t nall*h their tea eheapor than thry raa get It theni-ejve* from < htoa la rlrw of tha importauco of tho t.aot India trade to tbl* country Irano dlately and to tho llnlird fate* at Mm* fntarw day. I hnpo that t ongree* will off?r *"me e?e.?araga? no rt to tho Introduction of I am India good* Into i??f I Torlfe port* It t? Important too. that a dHeron* no? | *nl or eommioolonrr -hculd bo oafrn*tod with Iw?rlean Intororlo In tho Sandwich Hland* th?? l***fu* many y?ar? hern tho depot of onr wh*llng hip* la tha ! I aelfc 1 ho American* predomlnato largely o ror thw | other f' relgt.ero who ham **rfled thorn *?w>ul'l tfea 1 trado holwcr-n Ihl* oountry and tho Kant Indl* i h >ownaa preat. at d. paitlrularly. if It rbonid ho taj *>e?m tnooo lelar d*. * an raftf iv will bo of tha la*? importaaaa Vr Irnhyck tha Into eomralaoloaor, ?* aaw har?t am hi. way It the Halted Statna.

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